D-Day For That Deal, Bould Thinking For The Defence & Transfer Gossip

The world and his wife are waiting for baited breath, the announcement that Malaga have paid off their debts before the passing of today’s deadline along with Santi Cazorla signing a new and improved contract is surely due around lunchtime. The unhappy marriage of player and club has been resolved through mediation and negotiation with the suitably contrite message from the player that he has never said he wanted to leave, just that it was time for him to make clear that he expected last summer’s promises to be kept. It’s a weak defence mechanism, I know, but we have been down this road so many times before that it is only natural to prepare yourself for the spectacular fall.

Any failure to land the deal in what are being portrayed as ideal conditions is going to bring forth a welter of criticism; it is inevitable. Even if the player decides to stay, it will be Arsenal’s fault; you know that the agendas are set in such a way that the good news is almost a fluke, the bad is the expected level. A good season might alter that but views are entrenched and it will take more than one season to change them. Arsène said that he wanted to avoid last summer’s supermarket dash; perhaps this week will see him stocking up on supplies. Question is whether or not the sales have started.

Other deals are bubbling under. Less than twenty-four hours after reportedly walking away from any deal, Juventus have apparently found enough money to make Arsenal an offer they cannot refuse. Can He do the same? In such an atmosphere of speculation, little wonder that any news is treated as gospel. Since that statement, the captain and his advisors have remained the quiet, the hand of the latter can be seen behind some articles, the hand of the club behind others. You wonder if the prevaricating from Turin is actually their negotiating stance or Arsenal taunting their Mancunian rivals, daring them to spend next week’s pocket money today.

Wojciech Szczesny offered an interesting insight into the possible sale of Him,

It will be disappointing if he leaves because Robin is our captain and he’s our leader. I’m very happy to have him at the club. He’s still an Arsenal player and we support him all the way. At the beginning for pre-season last year everyone was saying it was doom and gloom with everyone leaving the club. No-one’s left the club at the moment. We have new signings, we’re stronger defensively and so we’re in a better position.

It was a bit different last year because we all knew Samir (Nasri) and Cesc (Fabregas) would be leaving but now we believe in the squad more. We’re more confident that the players we have are good enough to play for this club and challenge for trophies. Those who were lacking experience last year have that experience. We have a couple of signings, more players who can score goals.

The reflections suggest that the players believe last season’s captain will not be here come the start of the new campaign. But they also hint at an inner strength emerging in those who went through last summer’s unsettling debacle. Whilst the Pole appears to be one of the, ahem, more confident members of the squad, he was disturbed by 2011s transfers and was not the only one. Now his words indicate an inner resolve, more unity and less reliance upon one or two players. More belief which ties in with the changes on the coaching staff.

Steve Bould’s appointment was heralded as the dawn of a new era for the Arsenal defence, the man had to have a plan to improve the deteriorating goals against column in recent years. The expectations are still there yet they need to be tempered; any decrease is to be welcomed but to expect too much is folly. Of course there needs to be a benchmark for reduction, the manager and coaching staff will have identified a total they want to task the defence with achieving; it is ludicrous to expect them to do nothing in that respect. Public utterances of such a target will be allusory rather than made of stone.

His involvement has been welcomed by some of those who went on tour with Szczesny talking more frequently about the impact than others,

We’ve done a lot of [defensive] shape work in training, work on when we lose the ball and a lot of defending on crosses. It’s all very sharp as well. Steve likes to shout at players and keep them on their toes – so it’s looking positive.

Surely I am not the only one who read that and thought that the infamous rope had made a return to London Colney? It will need some more slack in it to allow Thomas Vermaelen’s forays upfield to continue in open play.

The key to all of this is held in organisation. Each of the players needs to know what is expected of them in set and open play; they need to understand their roles more decisively than before. Zonal marking requires a defensive discipline that was often lost last season with ragged passes punished by opponents of all standards. The start to this season is tough; a few clean sheets would do the club the world of good, on and off the pitch.

That is the common theme through today’s post. The people most affected by the summer shenanigans are supporters. This is the time for new hope and that seems to be noticeable by its absence. I don’t know why; I do know why. The contradictory stance is because of the wait for the inevitable departure. Martin Keown spoke yesterday about Arsenal signing world-class players who can have the impact of Bergkamp. That is too high an expectation, the club is in a different place today than 1995. As much as we need quality players to challenge at the top, for me there is a change to mentality required.

Arsenal have signed two players already. As Szczesny notes, they improve the goal output of the squad currently. Podolski and Giroud are not forgotten men but they are being overshadowed by this uncertainty, by not having seen either play for Arsenal. That might have been the miscalculation over the tour of the Far East and not having a replacement for the cancelled match in Nigeria. But it is what it is. Not long to the first kick-off of the new campaign and then we can eulogise all we want. Hopefully.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. First? Are you kidding me? Nice article YW! It’s scary that we might lose out on Santi, but it’s not our fault, we haven’t had a person to negotiate with at Malaga. Let’s hope for the best!

  2. Don’t you think there is a lot of pressure on Steve Bould at the moment already? More so from Arsenal.com and our own defenders, with them talking him up.

  3. Morning all – I’m off to see the basketball this morning.

    Was looking forward to strolling the park in the afternoon but the weather is horrible!

    Good post YW – crossing everything for some Santigold news today.

    Then we’d be unstoppable!

  4. Such an early post YW- 6:45 AM? I am thinking you wrote it last night.

  5. Morning Jonny, enjoy your basketball game.

  6. Excellent Yogi.

    I haven’t got (too) excited about the Cazorla business.

    Stick to the trusted mantra.

    Expect nothing, hope for the best.

    As in football, as in life.

  7. we are prayin d deal shd be done b4 done

  8. Bob – Me too. Plus, if we are looking to strengthen with that type of player I would be surprised if AW does not have other options in mind.

  9. I am sorry Bob, I am not as wise as you. The heart expects, even though your mind calls for stopping the expectation.

    But I feel, to let your mind free in imagination about the talent on offer is a beautiful thing. Can imagine Santi Cazorla scoring a beautiful free-kick in the red and white.

    Disappointed I will be if we don’t get him, but the short term happiness, while imagining is just like a drug addiction.

  10. I think that given the situation, it would have been far more prudent for Geroud and Podolwski to have trained with the team and be ready for the new season than for Arsenal to have gone on tour to China. Wenger is reputed to have now said they won’t be ready for the first opening game at least. He’s the bloody manager! It was his decision! He can’t now say it’s unfortunate. That’s like Nick Gleeson saying that it was unfortunate that there was a glitch in the stock market! With NO Geroud, NO Podolwski probably NO Van Persie, who’s going to score against Sunderland? Chamach?
    Martin O’Neil is a manager that I would welcome with open arms if Wenger were ever to leave Arsenal. I’m positive his pre-season compaction of the team is going to have been far superior to Arsenal’s and many other teams too. In the event of a draw or the disaster of a loss on their opening fixture, the loss of 2 or possibly 3 points will lie not only at the feet of the Arsenal tour programme organiser, but also at the feet of the manager who didn’t veto the plan. Was it really necessary to play Man City? Who cares who won or lost. I’m just hoping that an extra week abroad won’t now be the catalyst to last year’s opening four games.

  11. The point I made the other day still stands. Getting caught up in speculation about non existent transfers is fine if its just harmless fun. But if and when the totally made up transfer doesn’t happen people get angry, disappointed and blame the club. It’s just about the most ridiculous aspect of supporting a football team.

  12. Nice write up today by the way YW. As always 🙂

  13. http://www.football365.com/f365-features/7940164/Johnny-Al-s-Olympic-Football-On-TV

    A fairly funny acticle on the Olympic football, but I especially liked this bit:

    That despair is multiplied when Mark Lawrenson appears. He has the look of a bin man who has been stung by one too many wasps. Sadness follows him like a dog follows a butcher on a bicycle

  14. @Steww

    It’s harmless from my side. I think there are a lot of stars that have to align for a transfer to come through, if the process is to be done prudently.

    Getting angry comes to nothing anyway. It’s only going to get you depressed with yourself, in the end.

    Can’t wait for the first kick off!!! Let’s get the football in and the transfer can play in the background.

  15. Steww – All very true. We don’t even know if we had made any serious approach for him. All we have is media speculation from “sources close to the club”.

    As it goes, I have not seen too much of him, so am a bit meh, about the whole thing anyway.

  16. Bollocks. One of my teeth just cracked.

  17. Anyone know if you can mend a tooth with gaffa tape?

  18. highbury lament

    Excellent piece Yogi i don’t think anybody is holding their breath on Cazorla, as you rightly say we have been down this road before many times with other potential targets in the past.

    Bouldy working with the defence is music to my ears as we have to improve in that department. We concede far too many to compete with the others.

    One decision i hope he makes is to tell Arsene that Andre Santos is not a left back as he simply can”t defend. Very good player on the ball, technically gifted but should definitely be played further up the pitch. Would score a good few goals for us as well as he possesses an excellent shot.

  19. @Andrzej

    You lost all your respect when you said U would welcome Martin O’Neill over Wenger. OMG! Are you really serious about yourself?

    The players who returned from the Euros could not get themselves fit for the trip, hence they didn’t go. Arsene is trying to organise a behind closed doors game. So, they will be okay to play for around 45 mins. We can use two strikers in the opening games to get them back to competitive speed.

    But like Verminator said, with the plysical fitness that they have gained, Our strikers will be sharp when the call comes up.

  20. Black nasty and glue Steww. Alternatively a trip to the dentist I suppose.

  21. I wonder if I should pull it out or leave it dangling? If I pull it out we might might sign Pele. If i leave it in we could get Rudi Kroll. Decisions, decisions.

  22. Andy, dentist is a dirty word in our house. Like vacuum cleaner.

  23. @Steww-

    Haha, Steww! You are always a breath of fresh air around here!

  24. If you pull it out yuo may leave a nerve exposed. The you would have to go to the dirty dentis on account of your unberable pain. Lovely Novocaine for the soul.

  25. Drink some cold water to numb the teeth first. Then consult a dentist, best thing to do.

    Dirty little dentists can give you immediate solutions.

  26. Damn. I was hoping to be able to afford to send my daughter to university. Now I have to go to the dentist instead.

  27. You need more commercial revenue Steww, sell your shirts online 😀

  28. With no team bonding game time for both Podoldski and Giroud since their transfers to Arsen
    l and two mediocre draws against Chinese/Malaysian opposition and a loss to Citeh do the fi
    ckle Arsenal fans really think the club can break it,s seven season trophyless hoodoo,i don,t
    think so,so why haven,t the two new srtikers played any friendlies as of yet,answers please ,n
    ot childish rants ?

  29. No childish rants.. yes.. read those last words of your post again and again Samuel!

  30. @Steww,
    Hold fire. Send daughter to uni for a fast-track degree in dental surgery. Problem solved.
    In the meantime, constant dousing of dodgy tooth in Famous Grouse will suffice.
    (It would have worked for me but unfortunately my daughter gave up dentistry for woodwork. I’m still on the Grouse and am in no pain!)

  31. Andrzei Kuzcys has posed some rather interesting views and even dared to suggest a new
    coach,one Martin O,Neill to take over from Arsene Wenger sooner rather than later,and how
    do the fickle Arsenal fans respond,with the usual childish bs not so Sriram so try posting a de
    cent comment instead of nonsense ,please ?

  32. Please can we get more FIT players??

  33. Brilliant nicky. Thanks for that. Wife refuses to let me fix it myself so looks like it’s Dustin Hoffman’s chair for me.

  34. Why do you keep calling us fickle fucker?

  35. George,

    There are some people here that you have to beat away! 😀


    Not worth any views.

  36. Your postings are childish,every single one of them Sriram,so try again but post something
    clever,for once ?

  37. Do you folks know what fickle means ,yes or no,otherwise look it up in the Oxford dictionary?

  38. Aman,

    Belated Happy Birthday wishes man, couldn’t wish you on that day since I was skimming thru the posts.

    May this year bring you lots of trophies 😀

  39. Do people think that the possible departures of RVP, Bendtner, Chamakh and Park we will see yet another CF signing? Or will we have Podolski as a proper CF like his successful role at Colgne? Does anyone have much insight to how he played there and whether he could do the job for us?

  40. There will be no deal for Carzola and we have signed our two players for the season! Arsene knows how to blindfold some stupid fans. He is a master of it and seems to have done it again!
    Until the board is changed and probably the manager, we will keep trying to prove everyone wrong by playing Arsene’s ill-informed purchases. Imagine the ManC players compared to ours and you begin to see why RVP wants to jump ship! Do you blame him? No I don’t! 7 years and we are still waiting…

  41. Yes, you have made your rant Samuel. Now piss off.

    The door is that way. ➡

    Or was it this way??

  42. I reckon Giroud will be the main striker and Podolski playing from the left as he does with Germany.

  43. Fickle:

    Changing frequently, especially in regard to one’s loyalties, interests, or affections.

    inconstant – changeable – unsteady – variable – mutable.

    Only a minority of fickle fans on ACLF, I’m afraid Samwise. Do you mean foolish? Foolhardy? Fervent Arsenal fans, perhaps?


    I know you’ve been asked this before, but what is up with the deranged formatting of your typing?

    It’s bad enough that the substance of your posts are vitriol, but at least have the decency to attempt to stylistically gloss over them.

  44. gloss over them stylistically, even.

  45. goonerandy

    Yes that makes sense – but should all that bunch move on, in terms of cover I would think Podolski would be the option for CF when Giroud injured (hope not), suspended, rested or rotated. Did you see much of him there for Colgne, in terms of link up play, making the right runs, holding the ball up? Because I’ve only seen him on the left for Germnay.

  46. GunnerGuru – Yeah, that would be about right I would think. Podolski could just as easily play through the middle as he can the left.

    From what I have seen of him over here, he is a solid player with a good work ethic. He is quite a spikey type of bloke so expect to see him in a few arguments with the opposition. He is not a “tricky” player, but can be quite an explosive one. A jackhammer of a left foot and a superb finisher. He has a good scoring record, but I would expect to see him score more in this Arsenal team once he has settled in.

    He reminds me a bit of what Reyes could have been had he not have been such a big minge. Neville and Scholes would certainly have not kicked Podolski around the way they intimidated Reyes.

    I think he will fit into our starting 11 very nicely.

  47. @Gunnerguru

    Podolski can play on the left and in the centre as striker or behind the striker. He is versatile and has performed well in these roles for Germany, for whom I have seen him play.

    Giroud will be our first choice with Podolski/Gervinho/Walcott as back up, in that order, me thinks!

  48. Good post with fantastic projection. Surely, Arsenal is not in year 1995 and what this translates to is that people should not expect us to sign ‘loud’ names as most regard as ‘World class’ players. Arsenal is moving well now and the end expectation is trophies-laden season. Believe.

  49. I had a tooth fall apart a couple of days ago but have no fears over my dentist who is very laid back and gentle.

    In fact he said, as he usually does ‘ It needs a crown really or I can bodge it, which may last a year. As I worked on it a few months ago, thjere’s no charge,.

    My advice steww? Move to devon.

  50. @GA

    Super analysis of Podolski. He is one hotheaded player, not easily intimidated at all. If you guys had seen this photo

    Haha, welcome Nuri Sahin 😀

  51. @CBob

    Where do you get those kind of dentists? Lucky!

  52. Terry Henry interview on Sky Sports


    He talks about Wilshere and Jenkinson being Arsenal fans, it is very clear he is a fan as well.

  53. Goonerandy & Sriram

    Sounds like good stuff. I was just a bit worried from the Euro’s he can be easily marked out of the game out wide and unless he can get into the box or be given the right ball to get him into the box then we might not see enough of his left foot, in tight compact games. Plus I heard his reign at Bayern was out wide which is why he failed and when at Colgn as a CF he started again!

    I do like the sound of Podolski, Giroud, Gervinho, Walcott, Chamberlain, plus maybe Ryo may stay. More concerned about that BIG role in the HOLE?

  54. Dont think the link I posted is working very well. Best to copy and paste it

  55. Sriram

    Please don’t do that…I thought the deal was official : (

  56. Podolski looks to have the most flexible nose ever.


    When I had a crown fitted, the dentist was busy so decided to inject the painkiller, let it take effect and deal with another patient. All was going well until he decided that the painkiller would get into my bloodstream quicker if he moved the chair up and down. Having done so, I got up to go and wait but felt a bit woozy. His nurse, about 4’5 and 1 stone, held out her arms to catch me – bless her heart – to which I said, “Love, if this one goes, just shout “TIMBERRRRRRRRRR!” and get the hell out of the way”.

    Never went back to him again, although fair play to him, the crown is still in place over a decade later.

  57. Wavey

    I think its the two commas which is confusing WordPress. Link works when you cut and paste.

  58. YW

    I think you’re right, at least you can see it by cut and paste

  59. Bcak to ‘The Football Industry’, this in response to the latest float plan for the the mancs in the USA.

    ” We have more than $1 billion of debt due within the next 220 weeks that we have no means of repaying. All the assets of the club have been mortgaged against these debts, including our training ground and even our interest in a small freight warehouse.’

    Since July 2008, we have paid $792m in interest and other finance costs which is more than Sir Alex Ferguson, our distinguished manager, has paid for all the players he has purchased during the past 20 years.

    Our legal structure ensures the Glazer family, our main shareholder, will maintain absolute control over the company after the offering. Between 2001 and 2009 our club paid the Glazers a total of $25m in fees and gave them a $15m loan.

    The competition for player and management talent in the Premier League is intense and our rival owners includes Russian oligarchs, Middle Eastern sovereigns, Indian chicken farmers and American hedge fund managers. Some of these have access to cash — which, unless this offering is successful, we do not.

    Our business model is to help the Glazer family, our controlling shareholder, stay one step ahead of the banks. We employ a variety of approaches to achieve this including:

    Raising ticket prices. Between 2005 and 2011 we were able to raise the average ticket price by almost 6% a year, which was almost double the rate of inflation in the UK during the same period.
    Increasing sponsorship revenue. Guests of our corporate sponsors, such as Nike, DHL, Aon or Turkish Airlines, will soon be able to view our players’ private training sessions. We used to conduct these activities in strict privacy.
    Boosting merchandise sales. Our new team shirts (which differ for home and away games) sell for $85. We sell many other branded products including car air fresheners, short nighties for women, four-poster bed canopies and a special men’s fragrance — Eau de Sport.”

    I pinched this from a well known ‘other’ Arsenal website. Sorry, couldn’t find the source.

  60. GunnerGuru – Well that is true to a point. He does have quiet games, but is still quite efficient even then. His time at Munich was a big failure. Maybe too young? He did play on the left, but it was in a 442 as a normal winger. Playing on the left of a front 3 is a different kettle of fish.

  61. @Matt

    I hope the deal is official too mate, Sahin is one heck of a player to have in our squad.

  62. @Cbob

    Original winger if I am right? Just read that post yesterday, poor little Mancs. Their IPO has been rated a failure by many. Let’s see how it goes.

  63. @YW

    Haha, I don’t know what happened between those two but a lot of pictures showed up when I searched for this picture.

    N everyone has got a story of their own about their crowns. Yogi, you got ur crown that day, did you break anything else?

  64. http://uk.eurosport.yahoo.com/news/schoolgirl-meilutyte-claims-shock-olympic-gold-192640273.html

    my missus is now banging on about how they have more golds then us now….come on GB FFS!

    excellent stuff from this girl and its funny how we are trying to claim a bit of glory as she lives in the sleepy city of plymouth!

  65. goonerandy

    LW in a 4-4-2. Well that makes much more sense why it didn’t suit. I like the idea of him, I can see goals from the left cutting in, running in the back post from right wing crosses and cut backs (Walcott), and dropping off the wing and finishing off 1-2’s. We’ve always been a team fearful of too many shots from distance, which I’m fine with when we don’t have the players who can score from that range. But with the likes of Podolski and Arteta I’d like to see some efforts from distance, and would expect it to make opposing defence think twice about how to deal with us, thus having to press out of their box a bit and make space for others to get in behind when they don’t shoot!

    Like I said before, its the man in that HOLE I’m more concerned we need looking at…

  66. Haha, let’s all get depressed about a failed deal that never existed in the first place.

    Wavey, I thought Wilshere was a hammers fan?

  67. Markus | July 31, 2012 at 10:08 am


    Who? Where? No.

  68. We are finally looking on the up transfer wise. So this would be my squad for next season at the beginning when were without whilshere or sagna.





  69. We have plenty of options for players in the hole (the most advanced midfielder). Diaby/Rosicky/Wilshere/AOC. Ramsey at a push. If we get another player in who can fill that role, great. If we don’t we have enough quality there.

    The main concern is the fitness of Diaby/Rosicky/Wilshere. It is more than possible that all 3 will be out at the same time for any given period. That would leave AOC, but watching him play I would have no concerns with him playing there for a sustained period to be honest. We have the likes of Podolski/AA/Gervihno could could play there in theory, but AW never uses a forward in that role so is unlikely.

  70. “Like I said before, its the man in that HOLE I’m more concerned we need looking at…”


    This is why I think we are looking at Cazorla! And about distance shooting, don’t forget our defenders – Vermaelen and Santos.

    Jenkinson showed that he could take a few shots too in the friendly against City.

  71. MGK

    I think Thierry was talking about how Jack acts around the club. Has been there since he was a lad and is Arsenal through and through by the sounds of it

  72. @Goonerandy

    Unfortunately most of the players who play that role are in the treatment table (Rosicky,Wilshere) or not available (Ramsey) or returning from injury stricken season (Diaby) or inexperienced (Ox). I would love it if we could add to this area of the pitch. We can continue with Diaby and Ox if Arsene is confident about them. He knows!

  73. Diaby and Ox for the start of the campaign*

  74. good morning good post

    we have to assess the situation logically…i do beleive we are in for carzola, but weve taken a chance, a gamble if you will…we are trying to take advantage of another clubs situation to get our man..
    if that situation improves at their end in time then the chances are he wont come.
    he can be determined to leave malaga and join us as much as he wants, but if malaga sort their finances out they then have the power to ask us to match his release clause which we cant afford..

    the club is doing exactley what all ‘doomers’ wanted them to do….using their financial muscle to take advantage of a depressed european market and sign a big name..

    at the minute malaga are depressed, come the end of today they might not be, and then theres fuck all we can do…

  75. Diaby/Rosicky/Wilshere/AOC can all play in that role, but at the start of the season two of those are injured, one has just come back from a very long injury and one hasn’t got much experience in that position.
    I’ve got an idea, let’s keep AA until January and then if we have to we can sell him. He’s not in the last year of his contract anyway and if he performs well and really wants to go we will get more money for him. Or we could let him go now and buy another player for role which a lot of our players can fill when they are fit. Buying Cazorla as an alternative makes a lot of sense because he can play on the wing as well, but he would come in without Premiership experience. For choice I’d buy Cazorla and keep AA.

  76. We do indeed have 3 fitness concerns in Diaby/Rosicky/Wilshere – the worry with Diaby is that he might break again – Rosicky injury is a new one but is again another case of him breaking when we need him, so i think he will most likely see out his career as more of a substitute – Jack is the usual uncertainty after a long term injury, when will he be back to his top form.

    So it makes absolute sense to get a player like Cazorla in permanently and look to get Sahin on loan (although would be nice to sign him up fulltime too) Either or both can run our attacking game from midfield and get the best out of Gerv, Theo, Poldi and Ollie not to mention being there to help with the development of the likes of Jack and Oxo

  77. I think Wilshire and Ramsey are better deeper. And yes the injury concerns across all these names are huge!
    Diaby is the key, if he can have a strong season in fitness terms I think he could make the role his own.
    He isn’t the technical player of Cese or Sami, but he has a trick, a burst, a knack to slip past anyone at anytime. And if that time is infront of their backline more often than not, rather than deeper in our own half, then goals and assists will follow. He’s good in the air, and strong enough to get in batte if needed. I would LOVE it to be his season, and feel sorry for the lad and get fedup of ‘fans’ calling for him to be sold just because he’s been out. Are they the same fans who would have offloaded VP 2 years ago!

    But it would be a risk not to find someone. I understand Mata and Hazard have been outside of our budgets, and maybe Cazorla will or won’t happen. But there must be other options.

    My prefered choice would be Robin stays and plays there, but thats a new subject much covered this summer!

  78. GunnerGuru

    I agree that Ramsey seems better in the deeper role, but Jack has only played deeper for us. When he was out on loan at Bolton he was much more of a ball carrier and demonstrated a much more attacking role than we have seen in the first team at Arsenal.

  79. We will find out fast enough. Lets see where the chips fall.

  80. Cbob@9:40am – Seriously funny take on the mess United are in. They are owned by the banks. All that neo-liberal dosh about the virtue of leverage and debt. Sold their soul.
    Anybody can post a link?

  81. What upsets me most is it’s the tooth I used to keep my spare peanut in now it just flaps uselessly. Ah well, I may try the Tom Hanks approach from Cast Away.

  82. if the carlzola deal falls flat then theres always sahin..

    real are said to see him as a direct replacement for alonso, which is probably why they dont want to lose him permanantly
    i suppose he could always move to spurs as part of the modric deal but something inside me says the lad wants CL football, he had it at dortmund and then at real, spurs maybe a step down so the rumours of our interest could have legs. its just being held up becuase we want an option to buy him..
    besides spurs are going to need every penny of that 35mil to pay ade his wages for a week or two. ha. good old ade, upto his old tricks.
    we could have told em he was a wanker, but nah, it was more fun letting them find out for themselves…

  83. I see thegeeman had a Chinese takeaway last night and that little nugget was in his fortune cookie…

  84. Re ManUtd – Original site of the post please. Don’t link me to that other “Arsenal” blog.

  85. Bob, your united story was from the Sunday times business section, an astonishing story that’s floated under the radar,mind you there is a little soirée going on in Stratford!,I suppose we should be releived that stan hasn’t wrapped a load of debt around our great club.

  86. I’d rather see Ramsey play deeper than Wilshere. Although neither are ideal in that role, Ramsey is a bit more mature and understands that you need to cover your midfield partner from time to time. I see he was playing a very deep role for TeamGB.

  87. YW – pleasurable read. Thanks.


    Teeth / gum issues should never be taken lightly.

    Every dentist / doctor that has raised this subject, confirms that infections, in these areas, are ‘potential’ high risk. The infection has a short path to the brain, where it can do potentially (even fatal) damage.

    The mentioning of Hoffman’s chair and Hanks……interesting how some visuals from movies end up being indelible in our minds.

  88. Mata was not outside our budget, we were eventually blown away when Chelsea interest materialised but an initial deal was in place with both club and player, for whatever reason we delayed and it fell through. Some have suggested it was due to our refusal or inability (depends on if your glass is half full or half empty) to move on Nasri.

    It was only at that stage that his agent dealt with other clubs, we were the initial preferred destination and had offered a deal which represented a huge increase on his previous deal with Valencia or whoever it was.

    Now I’m not reporting the above on the basis of pretending to be ITK, I am not, I would suspect none of us are. It was reported in quite detail in the Sunday Times last summer as there was a general disbelief at why we did not or could not close this deal. It was of course seen as another issue in a summer of mis-management by the club.

  89. steve.
    the way i saw the mata scenario was that we had already bought two players in a similar position to mata for 25mil.. le ox and crazy legs..
    and we still needed a cm and cb and a lb so 23mil or whatever it was for mata, got us those 3 players..
    chelsea didnt exactley blow us out of the water, we just had different priorities maybe and decided to go get them instead and chelsea nipped in..
    turned out well though in the end i suppose

  90. Thanks for that Mel. shotta was beginniung to give mw daggers!

    The original whinge, Sriram? If so, yes, but today.

  91. Here we go, Vincent Kompany gushes about rvp to the press, what a classy club city have become, the good news is that this blatant tapping up manoeuvre -along with Mancini’s recent fluttering of eyelids about our mutt of a captain suggests the end is in sight,go to city robin, you’ll feel right at home there.

  92. Your very welcome bob

  93. Mel,
    But Arteta gushed about Cazorla to the press also

  94. Raphael Honigstein chose to tell ESPN (Why? I don’t know) today, “Speaking to someone very close to Şahin today, I get the feeling there is a loan deal very much in place.

    “I think the club they are close to is playing in North London.” So, not Tottenham.

  95. Sriram@8:59,
    thanks for the birthday wishes man. Purple double all the way!!!

    “it was more fun letting them find out for themselves…”lol, it sure has.

    Thanks Cbob,
    imagine that for the “most valuable” sporting franchise in the world:

    “Guests of our corporate sponsors, such as Nike, DHL, Aon or Turkish Airlines, will soon be able to view our players’ private training sessions. We used to conduct these activities in strict privacy”.

    ….this’ll eventually retire ‘ol red nose.

    “We sell many other branded products including car air fresheners, short nighties for women, four-poster bed canopies and a special men’s fragrance — Eau de Sport.”

    they’ll soon be selling some Vidic & Evra steroid-lubed condoms by the look of things.
    …so this is what you get when you sell your soul?
    ..they can stick their damn trophies up their commercialized “inputs”

    In Arsenal We Trust

  96. samuel;

    Not only are your posts fucked up to look at as well as read, you do not know what fickle means (I suggest YOU have a look in the Oxford Dictionary before being such a pompous twat) and you also don’t even know how Arsenal did on the meaningless money spinner Far east tour.

    So, taking all that into consideration.

    Fuck off.

  97. Mel;

    Not really gushing and I saw the original interview. It was the usual; keep asking the player/manager about player X, till they say something that can be twisted into a story such as;

    Kompany says RvP will be a great addition.

    Rubbish tabloid hackery, nothing malicious man.

  98. corr: “it was more fun letting them find out for themselves…”lol, it sure was.

    if we do procure Carzola, i’d have to agree it was for the best losing out on Mata, JonJon.
    Santi to me is the better player.

    ….I cannot wait to see Jenkinson score his first goal for Arsenal!

  99. Jeff, fair enough, I suppose more than anything it’s journos shit stirring, funny thing is I’ve never met a city fan I didn’t like but I am developing a growing hatred for their owners and board-financial doping at its worse.

  100. Almunia has signed for Watford.

    I wonder if Fab or Mannone will move on this summer?

    If so we will need someone new? Is Gordon still a free agent?

    The papers keep claiming we are in a £15m fight with Spurs for Loris – I can’t see that one being true.

  101. We didn’t sign a decent keeper when we actually needed one, I can’t see us splashing out on a keeper now that we have a good No1.

  102. Arseson
    I am making light of something which i do actually appreciate to be serious but that’s just because I’m really fucking hard and in no way scared of the dentist.

  103. Well you should be scared. As has been explained………you could die!

  104. When did you last go Steww? I managed to avoid dentists for almost two decades following ‘routine’ dental trauma as a kid. But these days they have pretty good anesthetics. Combine that with a nice, compassionate lady dentist and you’ll be fine.

    Broke, but fine.

    Will you be able to broadcast with teeth hanging out? Can’t be easy being in pain and trying to settle down to concentrate on your spontaneous ad libs?

    Suspect I know the theme of tonight’s show …

  105. Tooth tunes Andrew? Now there’s a possiblity. But I’m a trooper. Like Arsenal I may have to wade through a lot of bad press and negative reactions but I know I’m on the path to righteousness. Hallelujah!!

  106. First song you should play tonight is:

    Eels – Novocaine For the Soul.

  107. Ha! Nice one. GA I was thinking Ate My Teeth by The Hunches.

  108. Sensational Arsenal


    A really nice article. On the same wavelength as this blog.

  109. Arsenal make a signing:

    Gnabry signs professional contract

  110. arsenalandrew

    Bob (9.40 am) – yes, that was a somewhat tongue-in-cheek article from the Sunday Times two days ago. What I can’t quite work out is exactly how tongue in cheek.

    But my gut feeling all along with the Glazers has been that their over-leveraged model will only work for as long as the club are winning. The only surprise has been how long it has been able to go on for – now doubt the formerly under-priced seat tickets were one of the ‘opportunities’ the Glazers recognised as being ripe for exploitation.

    How quickly things unravel remains to be seen but having a ‘bad’ season is for them far, far more damaging than it is for us, these days. Qualifying for the CL is crucial for them above all else, but their propensity to exit at an early stage is proving hugely damaging.

    Coming second in the league, albeit on goal difference, has effectively relegated them to also rans in more than just the sense of being runners up in the EPL.

    Certainly many of us will recall how quickly Leeds collapsed once things started to spiral.

    There will be some who will doubtless argue Manure are ‘too big to fail’, much like a bank.

    But banks DO fail, from time-to-time. And the ghost of Rangers’ past will be causing increasing levels of anxiety from the Manc fan-base who must be wondering how exactly they have got themselves into this situation.

    And anyone who doubts any of this only has to take on board the fact that Man Yoo are no longer in the market for the top players commanding the top prices. They are already reduced to citing ‘value’ as the reason.

    But affordability – and the lack thereof – is probably closer to the truth.

    And for how much longer they can ‘afford’ the Glazers is one question.

    That the Glazers quite possibly can’t afford them is no longer open to question.

    And it’s starting to become glaringly obvious in all manner of ways – as the ST article highlights.

  111. I don’t know about tunes for you stew but may I suggest a DVD for you to watch after tonight’s show; fatal extraction starring sharon stone and Michael Douglas?-ouch!

  112. Theres just been a piece on ManU on SSN. The floatation in NY will only lessen the debt they owe by about $100m, meaning the interest repayments will reduce by almost £5m a year.

    All the money rasied was originally inteneed to reduce the debt, but only half is. Where the other money is going? To the Glazers, not the club anyway.

    That Times article seems pretty on the money, so to speak.

  113. arsenalandrew

    Dex – The ST article was by Michael Moritz, described by the paper as one of the top investors in Silicon Valley and a Manchester United fan.

    The article was his rehash of the share offering (the ‘float prospectus’) but using language based on his reading between the lines (hence the ‘tongue-in-cheek’ reference.

    But the gist of his remarks are supposedly, as you say, on the money – or in this case, the debt. That Manure, directly, appear to be benefiting so little from this exercise must be deeply depressing for all who care about the club. (Takes out onion).

  114. arsenalandrew

    Finn – suspect Steww is in lock-down mode with his army of script writers …

    The Steww ‘Media’ Black black out has begun!

  115. The Glazers blatently selling off bits of Manure for cash (in their pockets). Nice. but also a stark reminder that complete foreign ownership is not the way to go. Investors are there no make a profit; no more, no less.

  116. @Dexter 12.04 – that was very funny.

  117. Not many film buffs know this but Samir nasri makes a very brief cameo appearance in fatal extraction sorry attraction, it’s the bit where miss stone…..oh you know what bit it is!(and if it’s not Samir then it’s Geoff from le gripe).

  118. Another great article yogi:

    I will be very disappointed if the cazorla deal does not work out. We are very light at AM right now and the team has not played well in the past if we don’t our AM is not in good form. That position has always been the creative fulcrum for the way we play wengerball and we need consistency. TR7 brought that after he started to play well. If Cazorla does not come then we will have to get by until TR7 returns or someone else steps up but that scenario is less then ideal.

    It’s good to see that Wojo has the cajones to admit to the teams and especially his share of the responsibility for what happened last season on the defensive end of the pitch. You can’t get better without critically analyzing your own performances and then making the changes needed to fix the problems. Hopefully the new Bould regime will yield some different results. As you say we can’t expect miracles over night. Hopefully we can get our goals conceded down below 40 this season and then next season get it down around 30 which is the level we really need to challenge. Wojo is a talented and very confident lad but he was not consistent last season and his goals/shot on target ratio was not good. He certainly was better on set pieces then anything we had seen for several years but he still has to improve and hopefully this season will see that improvement.

  119. At some point I expect that an oil shiek or other sugar daddy will buy ManU out of their spare pocket change and the glazers will make a nice profit and the debt will be gone. I am a little surprised that it has not happened already. Doubt that the red Mancs will drop off the face of the earth any time soon.

  120. For anybody stll awake, here is the jist of the response from the ‘Complaints Manager of the Editirial Complaints Dept’ to my third tier complaint about TFW Gary Lineker.

    She considers that Gary’s description of “the world record attempt for the largest ever Arsene Wenger impression” was a light hearted affair.iIndeed Lineker and Hansen laughed at it and said it was “playful and good natured” in contrast to the earlier booing of Ramsey which they condemned.

    She believes this to be ‘editorially justified’.

    She goes through the entire episode in detail, including quoting Linekers parting words and ‘impression’. She says, “Taken as a whole, I’m left in no doubt that Gary Lineker’s intentions were to tap into the humour of the situation and to mirror the playful nature of the crowd’s original imitation of Mr Wenger, and reflrcted the style of humour for which Mr Lineker is familiar in his wider public persona.

    Moreover, she doesn’t think that ” it can be viewed as something that tapped into any existing stereotype that was of itself harmful or offensive, or as something that was casually or purposelessly included. In fact the reverse is true, and Mr Lineker’s actions seemed to me to be no more than gentle and good natured mimicry of mr Wenger’s somewhat melodramatic reaction to the refereeing decision”

    If anybody is still awake after that, I’ll tell you all about the BBC’s attitude ti impartiality in sport, which she has also kindly filled me in on.

  121. Yeah. Manure will get rescued by Raja McRoubles from the Grand Duchy of Crudekistan, which lies somewhere bewtixt the hidden vales of Tagore & Kipling. When he comes to attend the next Jubilee.
    Just like, Mmmmmm…Malaga?

    Seriously. It is like well funny. Innit. Can someone remind me why Santi might possibly heading onhis way to N.London. Oh yeah. That’s right. Their Suga(3) daddy has run out of suger.

  122. From being quite keen on ‘Team GB’ after the Danny Boyle show, am finding it quite funny how we’re not getting any gold medals. Let’s see how self-deprecating and ‘ironic’ this country is if we keep messing up.
    btw: Anyone know why Ryo is not in the Japan team?

  123. Attacking midfield is our best stocked position… Ramsey, Diaby, Rosicky, Ox, Podolski, Wilshere maybe. It’s experienced cover for Arteta and Song we need. And an experienced predominantly right sided full back, capable of playing on both sides.

  124. If we were to get shot of Chamakh, Park and Bendtner… then what about going for Ba? I would think grabbing a striker with EPL experience would be a good step for the team in the event we lose all 3 aforementioned front players.

  125. arsenalandrew

    I was a bit surprised that no-one popped up to buy Rangers or Portsmouth and that the Sheik who bought Malaga turned out to be not all that.

    Certainly the sums involved in Manchester are mightily impressive, if that sort of thing floats your boat.

    But right now, THEIR boat is looking somewhat rickety as those loathsome Reds are mired IN the red for the foreseeable …

    Being a Manure fan is going to be challenging given they have had a diet of more or less unbroken success for so long.

    I doubt they can actually handle failure. (Takes out 2nd onion).

  126. consolsbob, did she happed to comment on his choice of words, or just defend the impersonation of a Frenchman in general. I wouldn’t have given a shit about Lineker’s crap joke if the words had been different.

  127. I mean, if he’d said “If you don’t like it, then C’est la vie!”, with arms outstrethed in the trademark Wenger protest pose, it would have detracted nothing from the “joke”. But the dismissive hand gesture and use of “Au Revoir” was both disrespectful and xenophobic.

  128. Markus

    Don’t doubt that we potentially have a number of players who can step in to the AM role but, as already mentioned, we don’t have many available to us for the start of the season for one reason or another. I have previously stated that I feel Ramsey isn’t a ball carrier and that he is best suited to playing deeper and making the passes and I think he is more directly in competition for Arteta’s position. I’d love to see him playing more in the role he played for GB in the first group match, although I was impressed at his versatility in popping up on the right wing in the second game. Not sure Podolski is suited to dropping back into the AM role, I thought he was more a left winger or striker.

  129. arsenalandrew

    Bob – Interesting.

    So if, at next season’s home game v Manure, we were to organise a counter-world record attempt at impersonating a manager by having everyone wear a red nose, we could safely anticipate a ‘playful’ Gary joining in with the spirit of the occasion with a red nose of his own and to see Hansen chuckle away merrily at this?

    No, can’t see it happening either.

    It is quite remarkable that the BBC elected to make light of the poisonous atmosphere at that game despite acknowledging the seriousness of the crowd abuse of Ramsey.

    A bit like condemning a granny-bashing yob on an ASBO whilst praising his good work on the subsequent community service.


    And hugely unsatisfactory.

  130. Newcastle have signed a defender from Melbourne Heart on a SIX year deal. That’s just crazy isn’t it? If he can’t adjust to the Premiership he has a nice long contract to sit out.

  131. As each day passes, it looks less and less likely that RvP well be leaving this summer. I think holding on to the lad for the final season or at least the next 6 months of his contract would be hugely beneficial for those coming in around him like Podolski and Grioud.

  132. Limestonegunner

    George, I’m enjoying my bisquit; butter and jam for half and dipping in delicious gravy for the other. Thanks! Of course, Barca took “bisquits” which was part of my point. The other part of my point seems to have eluded you this time. “Ambition” is a vague and relative term. For Toure who had already won everything but played a smallish part in the Catalan express and as a second fiddle confined to defensive work behind Xavi, Iniesta and so on, might have wanted a new challenge and a more prominent role in a new league where his power and physicality could be relevant and his skill more prominently displayed. When he came over the English journos talked about him as a DM. He isn’t talked about like that anymore, is he? He is the driving force and all around midfield presence, a leader and clutch player in a trophy and title winning side. So his “ambition” may have been to be handsomely rewarded by a club that could offer him the chance to show his qualities in ways Barca wouldn’t allow. That’s what I meant. I didn’t say that money wasn’t a major factor. I was pointing out in the discussion we were having that it wasn’t such a great analogy to the RvP situation because of these specific factors.

    This is from yesterday, so I apologize, but I only got to devour my bisquit late last night and wanted to thank you, George–it was very tasty! 🙂

  133. The Irish olympic team have just arrived in Beijing!

  134. “Here we go, Vincent Kompany gushes about rvp to the press, what a classy club city have become, the good news is that this blatant tapping up manoeuvre ”

    About as blatant as Arteta praising Cazorla?

  135. uh, good post Jeff @11:54 (yeah you beat me to it)

  136. Limestonegunner

    Nice comments, AA, on the ManU financial desperation. It will be interesting to watch whether the wheels start to come off competitively. Kagawa looks like a pretty good purchase but they are otherwise quite thin in midfield, so hopefully they decide to go with cheap options of Cleverly and don’t want to swallow the loss by cutting loose Anderson. That would be a transition that we could exploit if we can tie up some loose ends this summer.

    The Cazorla situation is a complicated one, so I am eager but understand fully that it might not go through. I asked at the outset when news of this first was published in the Guardian, does Arsenal have anyone to negotiate with given the confusion, untimely demise and departure of much of their leadership? Take our money, please!

    Sahin (reminder, pronounced Shaheen) has languished in Madrid. Is he physical enough to play in our league and has he recovered from his injury last season? Otherwise, you know he has quality and a strong attitude as he was captain at Dortmund, I believe.

  137. Hello, Ponyboy. Have you become a revolutionary in your long absence from ACLF?

    No markus, just over educated piffle.

  138. Miami

    Would be fantastic if RVP stays for the season to help smooth the “break in” for the new guys. .

  139. I agree Bill, I know he won’t be happy but he is under contract and we need to look at the bigger picture which is putting the best team available on the pitch.

  140. “We didn’t sign a decent keeper when we actually needed one, I can’t see us splashing out on a keeper now that we have a good No1.”

    Maybe we still have Lehmannn on speed dial….We still need cover. Nobody expected all 4 cbs to break at once last year. Nobody is expecting Szchesny to be injured this year. Injuries always seem to be our downfall. All teams have injuries but not all teams have sufficient cover.

  141. Oh, I agree we could do with another keeper (if Fabianski goes). I meant I don’t see us buying anybody like Lloris. We will just need cover for Szchezny.

  142. Yea, wheres our No 2 Gk? T’was on my wishlist.

  143. Limestonegunner

    Ponyboy raised a good question. That is puzzling why Ryo isn’t on the Japanese Olympic team. Good for us, since he already has a UK work visa on “exceptional talent” but it does seem strange.

    As far as a backup keeper–I like Fabianski’s skills but he may still want to move on, now that he seems fit again. I’d prefer an older mature player who could help WC learn more on a daily basis in training. Either way, we are ok and I am glad WC understands that there is room for improvement in his performances last year. There were some shaky games. His kicking is better but not a strength, and it affects his distribution. Fabianski was very good and playing the ball quickly to our forward players and seizing a counterattack opportunity, so WC can improve there. Also, he was misjudging when he could come for the ball on some occasions. He’s a good shot stopper, though there were certainly some goals he gave up that looked saveable, yet he also made some absolutely terrific saves look routine. I agree with Andy that his presence in the box on set pieces has been very helpful and allowed us to concede fewer set piece goals, or so it seems to me–haven’t looked it up. After some big problems in the Euros, perhaps some humility was in order after all. I think he is going to have a terrific season and some self-reflection while maintaining confidence is the ideal combination and attitude to have. He’s a talent we are lucky to have. A bit of seasoning and a mentor to train with would help him achieve that potential faster, I think.

  144. We all wrote our transfer wishlist and sent it to Wenger right? Right?

  145. Interesting idea turned up by Glazernomics of tying “key” employees with deferred equity awards/arrangements within the club – to be exercised, presumably, up to ten years hence.

    Hmmmmm – these boys know their tightrope

  146. A bit off-topic as such but a nice aticle that compares RVP with Giroud. Comes with a few nice videos too, even if it is from TalkShite!!


    C’bob – Surely you are not surprised by the Beeb’s reaction to your letter? I know I am not.

    Duke – Very funny! 🙂

  147. “As each day passes, it looks less and less likely that RvP well be leaving this summer. I think holding on to the lad for the final season or at least the next 6 months of his contract would be hugely beneficial for those coming in around him like Podolski and Grioud.”

    I suspect the team is just holding out for a better transfer fee. Let Mancini spend more time with nutters Tevez to remind him how he would be spending less time in his presence if he had Robin.
    The ideal thing would be to keep RvP for the first half of the season, ease to new guys in and sell him on in January for a whopping fee. But i don’t know if we’d get much for him at that point. And of course we don’t know what his effect would be in the dressing room. Arsene knows the lad and is the best person to judge if RvP’s continued presence would be beneficial or detrimental to the team.

  148. Hello there Consols – still somewhere evolutionary i’,m afraid, and as for the 42 on the end, mere wishful thinking. Have become what seems to be known as a lurker. {I think this means that i read other’s comments and think “Bastard! Wish I’d said that!”} Or perhaps it’s simple humility which comes with age. Good to re-connect old chap!
    Still wondering: Where is Ryo? The ex- (JP) tells me he’s not even in the squad, but no explanations.

  149. A whopping fee for a player that is free in 3-4 months time and is cup-tied in Europe?

    Van Persie’s departure is being held up partly by City’s inability to move on 2-3 other forwards, 2 of whom must now be seen as dressing room risks by most coaches or managers in football.

    Notwithstanding this morning’s exclusive in the Mirror it could just be that at his age and with his injury record the fees being asked by both us and his team are causing the other teams involved to wonder if he is really worth that amount or just a player who is the latest flavour of the month after a truly fantastic season just past.

    The last bit I robbed from a Sunday paper.

  150. Ryo is one of a few players that were expected to be picked but left out of the Japanese squad, couple of domestic and a few European based I think.

    No need for explanations, just the coaches choice.

  151. @dukegoonem,
    My lawyer will be in touch regarding a ruined Bond Street shirt after a coffee spill, following the reading of your 3pm comment. Have some sort of consideration for others.
    (Actually, the shirt came from M&S but you deserve punishment)

  152. Limestonegunner

    Steve, why did the coach choose not to take Ryo? That’s the reason we are wondering.

  153. Lurking, eh? I often wondered what your offence was Pb. Stealing knickers from the line just once too often, I suppose.

    Still, a chap deserves a second chance in this fair isle.

    Surprised andy? No. Just relieved that it was us that was wrong about the episode and not the dear old Beeb.

  154. No idea mate. Why did Pearce pick half the players he did.

    It’s the Olympics, not a real football tournament. Perhaps the selections are more political than simply picking your best players, certainly would appear to be the case in the UK.

    Perhaps he just didn’t fancy Ryo. Perhaps people who aren’t Arsenal supporters don’t think our players are the best there is.

    Perhaps Wenger asked him not to.

    I have no idea. I am not the Japanese coach.

  155. “A whopping fee for a player that is free in 3-4 months time and is cup-tied in Europe?”

    Not too likely but it is still ideal! There is always the possibility that a rich financial doped club could have imploded and be in crisis at that point and in desperate need of a striker. Or perhaps all their strikers went down the came way all our FBs did last year. Imagine a Shitty with Tevez in exile again, Balotelli banned for doping, Dzeko and Aguero both injured …then we’d get a decent fee for RvP at that time.
    It is not out of the realm of possibility, but it would be the height of foolishness to expect it.

  156. yeah its just the olympics, i mean who would pick the strongest most professional team they could get their hands on…oh yeah the yanks Basketball team….full of NBA stars…pah.

  157. Hello agaion y’all.

    Back from my Olympic jaunt – a jolly day out. The site is fecking mahoosive!

    From today’s 5iver – (excellent stuff).

    The Glazers are the naffest magicians in history. Abracadabra! Watch hundreds of millions of pounds turn to dust. Hey presto! Watch Cristiano Ronaldo disappear and return a year later as Bebe. Shazam! Watch the Glazers trouser half the money from the IPO that was supposed to ease the club’s elephantine debt. Yes, Manchester United last night announced their listing on the New York stock exchange, but with a twist: it seems half the money will be going straight to the Glazers’ cavernous pockets.

    In 1999, plain old Alex Ferguson said: “When an Italian tells me it’s pasta on the plate, I check under the sauce to make sure.” In unrelated news, Sir Alex Ferguson recently said the Glazers were “great” for Manchester United and that “the majority of real fans will look at it realistically and say it’s not affecting the team”. Yet the Glazers’ latest magic trick raises one particular point that even the Fiver – a U at Business Studies, and that was second time round – can see is of vague importance.

    Sixteen million shares worth $288m will form an equity plan, the purpose of which is “to attract, retain and motivate selected employees … through the granting of share-based and cash-based compensation awards”. Attract, retain, motivate, and don’t nobody say nothin’. If Ferguson is part of that scheme – and if he’s not something is amiss, as he is by some distance the most select employee at the club – the credibility of his comments about the Glazers would be obliterated faster than you could say ‘the Govan department of champagne socialism’.

    At the very least, Ferguson is guilty of wilful ignorance and/or a certain moral ambivalence when it comes to the Glazers’ impact on the club. And if it is the case that he will make a significant financial gain from this latest manoeuvre, it will be hard for anyone to credibly dispute the suggestion that he has been complicit in the systematic violation of Manchester United Football Club. Were that the case, even his beloved “real fans” should struggle to forgive him.

  158. now for Gb in beach volley ball , c’mon girls!

  159. Jonny, in very simple words..what are you really insinuating here about the honourable Sir Alex Ferguson?

  160. ..a simple sentence will do

  161. although i wouldnt mind seing this italian team get to the final!

  162. Well, the olympics inspired at least one Brit, jonny.

  163. Barcelona already prepping us up for a possible Song purchase next summer…..????
    or is it his agent?
    …hmm, wonder who that might be?

    still waiting on u, Jonny…

  164. Limestonegunner

    No need to get indignant or impatient, Steve. You entered upon the question with a facile answer–coach’s choice. Well, almost everything related to football decisions comes down to the coach’s choice, doesn’t it?! You offered quite a few reasonalbe possibilities now and that is what we were wondering about. Does the Japanese coach not rate Ryo? That’s worthy of remark. Playing well for Feyenoord and Bolton while training with Arsenal might seem to make him one of the contenders for an underage tournament. If, AW didn’t want him to play–that would be interesting to know, as it might suggest he wants him training with us because he might be playing in the first team this season. It’s a blog, remember. We’re just talking here about one of our players.

  165. Aman, as highly as I rate Song, I don’t think he’d be a good fit for Barca. I’d worry more about Italian or English teams poaching him. Inter maybe.

  166. I’m not insinuating anything – merely providing information from another source. 😉

    ‘Inspired’ might be a tad strong Bob but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

    The volunteer staff are all heroes in my eyes.

  167. Serge Gnabry has signed a professional contract with Arsenal the club have confirmed.

    The 17-year old midfielder, who joined the Gunners from VfB Stuttgart as a scholar last summer, has now penned a senior contract with the North London outfit.

    Last season, Gnabry scored six times in eight appearances for the U18s before playing six times in the reserves where he scored twice.

    Sounds promising this Gnabry, I expect Barca to make an offer soon.

  168. pedantic george

    If I had the keys to this blog ,anyone who suggested replacing Arsene with Martin O’Neil would be binned permanently.
    What does a dimwit like that add to any debate?

  169. Jonny @ 5:21:

    I thought you were a conspiracy theory skeptic. I certainly would not be shocked if something like that was happening. Lots of money involved and unlike a lot of the conspiracy theories we have talked about on here, it would only take a couple of people to be involved and it would not be difficult to keep it quiet.

    BTW I thought that “real fans” never question anything. 🙂

  170. @ Dukegoonem – I see you have your funny hat on today mate, so in rturn this little video is for you! 🙂

  171. I can’t quite get a handle on a man as busy as you, Irish, who can find time to trawl for adverts about Ireland. Aren’t there any bars open in NY?

    Incidentally, I saw a feature today showing London empty as everybody avoids it.

  172. pedantic george

    Look at this shit on “Newsnow”
    “Zenit St Petersburg Closing In On Arsenal Top Target Yann M’Vila
    Russians could beat Arsenal to midfield anchor-man…”

    So the fact that Arsene has said we are not in for him is not even a consideration.I get proper fucked of at shit like that,
    Every day 3 or 4 Arsenal targets snub us and choose to go elsewhere .Good job they don’t all choose to come ,we would have fucking hundreds of pieces of deadwood to get shot of next year

  173. Bill eh?

    As I said to Aman i am merley posting the words of others. This does not really strike me as conspiracy theory territory though – it has been reported in a few places.


    London is far from empty. I have been to Camden and Tottenham Ct Rd in the last few days and both were heaving. Smells like clever editing to me Bob. A fabricated non-story.

  174. LSG – yes, and thanks for the back-up (!:)
    – it’s puzzling both the JP press and arsenal. so – either the coach (Takashi S. ) doesn’t rate him – apparently not a prolific enough goalscorer, or Arsenal refused. Not sure of the rules, but this guy is a superstar in Japan, so there’s some weirdness going on.

  175. C’bob -The video was forwarded to me by an old friend of mine in London, apparently it is an official Tourism Ireland video. As for being busy, that I am but I always seem to find time for ACLF! And yes, as I type this, I am trying to decide which bar to go to. Do I go to the one with the really sexy bartender, which has a lousy selection of beers and even lousier service or do I head back uptown to my local? Great selection of beers and great service but not much in the looks department? It’s a real dilemma! 🙂

  176. What, the BBC making stories up, Jonny?

    Whatever next?

  177. The beers, every time.

  178. pedantic george

    PB.could it be the Beckham effect .They didn’t want a “Superstar” to cause a circus?

  179. C’bob – You’re a mindreader!! As soon as I posted that, I knew exactly where I was going. Keeley’s it is then, just hope I don’t have to sit through anymore Olympic football! 🙂

  180. Jonny

    I guess I misunderstood. Thought you were suggesting that Fergie was taking money under the table to cooperate with the Glazers.

  181. don’t see the japanese team struggling without Ryo so whats with this prolonged curiosity about such a non-issue?

  182. He was Bill.

    England v. Brazil, Irish.

  183. indeed. But once again: it’s not MY suggestion! Jebus! 🙂

  184. They seem to be wearing more clothes than usual at the beach volleyball contest. It must be the British weather.

  185. arse or brain

    reports on twitter saying carzola is an ARSENAL player i know it just twitter but eh you never know

  186. arsenalandrew

    Cracking show on Somer Valley FM with our resident shocking jockey Steww; watching the England v Brazil game (excellent) on the telly (set to mute) and some cracking tunes and japes coming out the ‘puter.



  187. Er, GB v. Brazil.

  188. And I’m on the wireless talking about ACLF and posting here. multi freakin tasking

  189. arsenalandrew

    Sorry, yes, Team GB v Brazil.

    Clearly not multi-tasking.

  190. andrew – has she worked out what you did wrong yet?

  191. “They seem to be wearing more clothes than usual at the beach volleyball contest. It must be the British weather.”

    Wonder if we’ll ever see a women’s beach volleyball team from Saudi Arabia – the whole country is a sand bowl so you’d think they could parley that natural advantage. Oh!

    The Olympics is definitely sexier than it was back in the day. The diving competition places underwater cameras to get a different perspective on the healthy bodies. Even the prepubescent gymnasts get tarted up with makeup to appear older.

  192. arsenalandrew

    No but she DID laugh at that extraordinary joke you told. Not for the first time tonight, either.

  193. Heh! Anyhoo, we signed anyone while I’ve been waffling?

  194. arsenalandrew

    Seems not but Team GB just beat Brazil in a game we came to dominate in the end. Excellent effort.

  195. Snoopy says – the Dogg is dead, long live the Lion!

    “The rapper says he underwent a spiritual and artistic rebirth while in Jamaica where he’s been working on his next album. Rastafarian priests reportedly inspired the name change.

    “I went to the temple, where the high priest asked me what my name was, and I said, ‘Snoop Dogg’,” he told journalists on Tuesday. “And he looked me in my eyes and said: ‘No more. You are the light. You are the lion.’ From that moment on, it’s like I had started to understand why I was there.”

    Snoop is hardly the first musician to find religion or change his name mid-career, but unlike P Diddy or Cat Stevens, Snoop is also switching genres. Calling rap “no longer a challenge” Snoop says he’ll devote the rest of his career to reggae, beginning with his appropriately titled next album “Reincarnation”.

    “With no disrespect to other rappers, but they can’t fuck with me in rap. … I’ve won every accolade you can get in rap, they call me ‘Uncle Snoop’ in rap. When you’re an uncle, it’s time to find something new. … I want to feel like a kid again.”

  196. Snoop Dog is not what we need. He is a left winger and not what we need at all. Cannot believe Wenger is wasting our limitied resources on a light weight, profanity loving west coast rapper. Typical Arsenal.

  197. Dexter – Just in case you were wondering what Snoop might actually look like in an Arsenal jersey………

  198. Sorry to hear ’bout Mr Gore Vidal

  199. I see the too-injured-to-play-for-TeamGB Gary Bale plays yet another game in the USA last night … So injured that he scored, in fact.

    So good news for the Spuds there.

    Fingers crossed for good news of our own today – feels like the Blog equivalent of the calm before the storm ..

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