Malaga Can’t Find The Santi Clause, Sahin What & More

Transfers are simple, so the logic goe. You want a player? Just walk into the office at your new club, slap your suitcase full of used fivers on the desk and bosh! Deal done. Couldn’t be simpler, could it? Well, OK, obviously you have to walk into the right office, it would be quite embarrassing to hear, “Thank you but take the stairs to the next floor, turn right and fourth office on your left” with the thud of the suitcase on the desk barely clearing the room. Presuming of course, that the person you are speaking to, knows who is dealing with the matter. And at Malaga, that is apparently not clear cut by any means.

Which is why this morning, despite everyone’s hopes and ambitions, Santi Cazorla’s transfer has still not been finalised. Arsenal hope to announce next week that the Spaniard has joined, especially as he is widely reported to be playing next week in Cologne as the pre-season preparations draw to their conclusion.

Cazorla has reportedly been signed for anything from £12.5m to £20m, the disparity of estimates is staggering even given add-ons. Hailing him as Arsenal’s most expensive signing is perhaps premature; the money has to be paid on the clauses for that to be confirmed. Malaga will, of course, tell us how much the total deal might be worth when they brief the press whilst Arsenal will just call it as it is: “undisclosed”. It is infuriating for the observer to see this frequently cited transfer fee. As understandable as it might be during the window, there is no reason why Fifa cannot extract the data from their transfer system and publish a list of deals post-September; I am sure this is all part of Sepp Blatter’s new transparency plan.

You have to laugh otherwise you launch into a diatribe about how crap Arsenal are at managing the process of transfers. God, I hope he’s worth it after all this…

Arsène isnt’ finished. As Ivan Gazidis quaffs his champagne, savouring his elevation to mover and shaker in the English game to accompany his pan-European duties, Wenger is giving the company credit card a battering by tempting Jose Mourinho into parting with Nuri Sahin. You can almost sense the hypnotic spell that he has woven around The Not-So-Special One with the Madrid manager’s words,

He’s a young boy, he wants to play every match. We are not an easy club, because we demand a lot. We have great players, and when you don’t start well, it is difficult.

The full quote was more damning,

If he stays, he’s not a problem for me. He’s one more solution. We are leaving the situation in his hands.

It isn’t exactly an advert for the bright young things in the game, is it? Don’t come to Madrid because we’re an impatient bunch who think nothing of casting you adrift when you turn out to be not quite so good as Messi. Oh and by the way, I really don’t care if stay or go, you solve problems either way; stay and I have options on the bench, go and I have options on the bench.

Stockpiling players is all very well and good since it prevents your opponents from buying them but it creates its own problems when those players want to move because of broken promises. That’s Madrid’s problem, Arsenal once more looking to take advantage of the very nice mouth which the gift horse has.

Hmmm. The unexpected end of week is morphing into a weekend of the unexpected. Hints, nuances and the hand of agents are everywhere in the media, particularly concerning the future of Robin van Persie. The Malagese Soap Opera is amusing to an extent whereas its Dutch cousin is frankly tiresome. The opening credits were dynamite but like many a Hollywood blockbuster, its overblown, overlong, not saying much of interest and massively over budget.

According to The Daily Heil, van Persie decided he would go to Germany. What a good chap he is. Of course, the small matter of contractual obligation had nothing to do with it nor the realisation that his transfer to Juventus might take as long to arrange as Cesc’s did to Barcelona; several summers. Arsenal’s hand apparently strengthens each day it drags on without resolution. I understand the argument that Arsenal should cut their losses and take whatever the Turin club offer for the sake of stability but I disagree with that notion. And there can be no countenancing of any idea of selling him cheaply to either Mancunian club. None whatsoever.

Arsenal are keeping the door open, massaging reporting angles to make it easier for the player to swerve the awkward position which his website statement put him in. Pet paper of Peter Hill-Wood it might be but Daily Star reporter David Wood has given the Dutchman the perfect backtracking path this morning, making it seem that the player is impressed and has got his own way…

Finally, the new site will go live on Monday morning. Further details tomorrow as the final step is migrating the email subscribers over.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. First? Morning everyone, disappointed at not getting Cazorla yet, but it still looks like were close to signing him which is a great thing. Sahin would be another great addition but I wouldn’t pin my hopes on anything Mourinho says.

  2. riproarringred

    Nice post

  3. You see without you YW I wouldn’t know any of this stuff. I suppose that more than anything is why I come here

  4. Good post – interesting to see the Daily Star helping with the u-turn ground work …

    Looking forward to seeing the new site, as well.

  5. highbury lament

    Excellent article Yogi as usual, the point that worries me is that we are starting to stockpile players as well as it seems we can’t seem to get some of them off the wage bill which is a concern.
    Unlike Madrid who have great young things to call upon we have players who have not made the grade in the team who are probably on a lot more money than they are worth and therefore causing a huge stumbling block when a club wants to buy them.
    Chamakh being the supreme example who came for free whose salary is greatly inflated because of that and will probably see out his contract as no club will go anywhere near paying him what he is earning with us.
    The heartening fact is this has not put Arsene off buying world class players with the hope we will go to Germany next week with two more additions to convince our captain the best place for him is at the Emirates !
    I told him to listen to his Mum !

  6. Well I am down with fever but your posts always cheer me up. Thanks YW.
    Looking forward to Monday morning.

  7. Arteata..rosicky…and even our “new” signing santi are at their peak…4 to 5 years max…hopefully more.

    Sahin would be a good addition with our young midfielders coming up ie ramsey, jack, coq, with no pressure on their shoulders. Did arsene saw this malaga’s suitation coming when he went quiet regarding m’villa?

    If it is..its classic. Besides personally i’ll still pick m’villa ahead or any DM ahead of sahin. We’re all suddenly too attacking. Its scary. Lol.

  8. With the injury record of our midfielder barring song, I don’t think it it unrealistic to add Sahin to the squad even though it may seem like an overdose of midfielders on the outset. However, wouldn’t it be a charm to add someone like Leighton Baines to the squad. In my humble opinion he would complete the squad.

  9. And i forgot to mention dont be suprised if pet..sagna or podolski gives us a new dance step when they score this new season. Its fun having them in nigeria.

    My cousin happen to be there and he said pet is a very good dancer and quick with his feet. Huh…quick on his feet? That got me thinking

  10. All hail wenger,santi carzola and probably imminent arrival of nuri sahin.trophy for us.up gunners

  11. Mr Vos is learning the market value of an injury-prone 29 y.o. striker. Events at Juve will probably help the turnaround strategy too. If we are top of the table in January RvP will re-sign.

  12. Just glanced through the laughable tripe that the great mass of the uninformed are spewing about our captain on twitter. Now that the press are telling them RVP has changed his mind they all swim off in a new direction.
    Am I really the only person on this planet who is content to wait until the new season starts and see who is in the squad then?

  13. Funny really, yogi briefly mentioning Barca and Madrid made me think by their recent standards how quiet those two clubs have been in the transfer market this summer,ffp?,the banks not rolling over for them for a change? Or the realisation that nearly 25% of their nation are unemployed?,whatever the reason when those 2 clubs are changing their behaviour it’s makes you realise how well run our club is.If the cazorla deal comes off you get the impression that along with podolski & giroud’s signings we’ve crossed some kind of threshold and if we get the young Turkish lad from Madrid that would really be sahin something (couldn’t help it -sorry),I wonder if rvp thinks we’re going in the right direction now?, or maybe he’s thinking he should have kept his mouth shut.

  14. Nice one there YW.
    anywhere you are is home for me…i’m packed & ready for monday.

    Get well soon Sahil…should be an exciting week ahead.

    Mourinho always tells it as it is.
    He only lives in the present as do his employers.
    Good to know Santi’s NOT their kind of guy..Sahin’s learnt a great lesson.
    Hopefully the likes of Goetze, Reus, Neymar & Ericksen are paying attention.
    What we do with Sahin* could be more significant than ever!

    *if we get him

    understand the envy,
    we have AW.


  15. Any one else think that Cazorla looks like what you’d get if you fused Fabregas and Nasri using that machine from The Fly?

    It bodes well.

  16. Love,
    “And i forgot to mention dont be suprised if pet..sagna or podolski gives us a new dance step when they score this new season”

    (Mr or Mrs) Love, the man’s name is Per not pet!

    ..i’d suggesting adding something to your moniker there..its going to be difficult getting responses to your posts with a name like that…(or maybe its just me?).

  17. The problem now with the rvp situation is some people will not change their minds if rvp changes his mind, my mind is made up that im not changing my mind if rvp changes his mind. mind you in my mind im thinking maybe it was all mind games or maybe rvp is trying to twist our minds now.

  18. Paulie Walnuts


    The new season starting won`t stop most of the transfer guff – it`ll go up a notch until deadline day when it hits fever pitch with Sky reporters at every premier league car park.

    Only after that will we know our hand & a few days later the January rumours will begin.

    Leaving the actual football aside , I`m not sure I could stand a whole season of RVP tittle tattle if he does stay.

  19. a special THANK YOU goes out to irishgray for those guardian articles yesterday.
    i really enjoyed them

  20. Paulie,

    Well I for one think transfer talk adds nothing to the pleasure of following football (whatever the precise day it ends) and I am staggered that others find it in any way worthy of their time. I saw one guy who actually went on twitter begging for transfer news in the middle of a foreign holiday. Cost him money for the connection and he was supposed to be on his holidays.
    I have seen similar insane, obsessive behaviour only from people in AA.

  21. Paulie,

    I wouldn’t care about any tittle tattle if we are unbeaten going into 2013……

  22. steww,
    ..I have seen similar insane, obsessive behaviour also from people who love AA!


  23. Limestonegunner

    Things could work out very nicely indeed. As far as RvP, perhaps the situation will turn around much as I hoped and argued for. Keeping him at least through Jan. and making the moves the team needs (not just in bringing in his replacement), thereby making his statement an absurdity.

    But if he does come, Gooners will have to learn how to pronounce Sahin’s name. Very poor on this front so far!

    Already this has been a positive summer; it could be a terrific attempt to build genuinely on last season. Let’s go, Gunners!

  24. I think Man City will wait until the last minute to bid for RVP, buy him now and Arsenal have £20 – £30 million to spend leave it till late and we have cash in the bank with no chance to strengthen further.

    Personally I’d prefer to keep him, after that sell him abroad as for Man City set a deadline before the season kicks off and stick to it no matter what.

  25. RVP backtracking? I wouldnt buy that. But if Arsenal arent selling no matter what then it may be that they are easing it a little with the for RVP’s and the clubs sake when he saunters out onto the hallowed turf at the Grove? RVP’s statement really was a complete ballsup on his part wasnt it? And if he does stay without signing a new deal, we will just have this bullshit all season long.

    I dont really care how much Cazorla costs as im sure the club have got the best deal they can, its us spending money so they are always careful.

    @Dean – “Any one else think that Cazorla looks like what you’d get if you fused Fabregas and Nasri using that machine from The Fly?” – I was thinking similar but it was a splice of David Silva and Iniesta…….

    I reckon getting Sahin would also be a coup especially if we managed to get him permanently at the end of the season. Cazorla takes over from Rosicky – Sahin takes over from Arteta and we still have Jack, Ramsey, Le Coq and Oxo coming through to learn from those 4. THATS how it should be done.

  26. Clerkenwell Gooner

    I believe Santi will be worth it, YW.

    He’s a player with a lot of heart, and a phenomenal work-rate.

    He’ll play his heart out for us, I’m sure, particularly as we seem to have saved him from the clutches of Mourinho.

  27. Clerkenwell Gooner

    PS Why are you moving from WordPress, YW?

    I thought it was the business as far as blogging goes.

  28. Clerkenwell
    ..and from the clutches of ol’ red nose who’s probably thinking,”damn, why didn’t i think of Cazorla”, before he plunked for Kagawa.

    not too sure about loaning Ryo out this season. If we had to, I suppose Wigan with Roberto Martinez is as good a place as there is but i was looking forward to seeing him in our team.

  29. For the first time in a while I feel genuine excitement over the state of our squad. With Cazorla we now have an experienced generation of players running through the team and all our exciting young prospects which will hopefully bring the balance back to the squad that we’ve lacked for a few years. Sahin would be a sensible move looking at Wilshere and Rosicky starting the season injured and Diaby remaining a high risk and of course injuries to other players are always likely. To be well stocked will be a strange feeling but I’ll get used to it.

    We saw the difference Arteta made last year – he’s got no caps for Spain but is just a wise and experienced head, Cazorla will bring that and quality to our creative play – Ramsey had too much responsibility thrust upon him last year, this season he can be used in better ways and hopefully regain his confidence, plus playing under someone like Cazorla will only improve Ramsey and all the other young midfielders football in general.

    I don’t want to get ahead of myself but we could do with winning a league or FA cup this year, over the past two summer we’ve spent around £90 million on new players, that’s a huge investment (money generally well spent in my opinion) but if it’s not going to result in trophies the pressure surrounding Wenger and the club could get far worse.

  30. But then again keeping RVP and signing the players we have / are about to really does make a statement – we need to get the dont fuck with us attitude back after we got fucked over last summer

  31. Steww – agreed on the obsessive behaviour, it’s a sick disease like alcohol addiction and personally I’d rather have your pity than condemnation. Until we stop demonising addicts and start to focus on prevention on cure these problems will only get worse.

    Anyone got any news on that Sturridge for Walcott swap deal we heard about back in April?

  32. Congratulations yw on the new site
    Hope you have less headaches & easier time of itl
    good news all around
    Rivals should be concerned
    morning all

  33. its so good to see that Tomas Rosicky was the idol for the likes of Sahin & Marco Reus.
    another reason to respect & be attracted to the Arse.

    well said Deise,
    “I reckon getting Sahin would also be a coup especially if we managed to get him permanently at the end of the season. Cazorla takes over from Rosicky – Sahin takes over from Arteta and we still have Jack, Ramsey, Le Coq and Oxo coming through to learn from those 4. THATS how it should be done

    add Messrs. Song & Diaby and it’s
    …..”OMG Arsene, what have you bully?”

  34. “”Tomas Rosicky has always been my favourite player. I always tried to model my game on him,” – Marco Reus

  35. Paulie Walnuts


    Ha, yes a sort of OCD by the sound of it.

    If Ryo goes out on loan I`d be confident of Theo signing a new deal. But that`s just me-o

  36. We boss the transfer market on our own terms. Teams who bend over and pay the asking price are fools. Any other opinion is incorrect I’m afraid. Bye!

  37. steww at 10:10 am
    “Well I for one think transfer talk adds nothing to the pleasure of following football (whatever the precise day it ends) and I am staggered that others find it in any way worthy of their time.”

    – According to one wise guy on this blog, it is killjoys like you who are the problem. But I get your point. Too many have been conditioned by the media and the billionaire clubs into thinking transfers is the be all and end all of a professional football club. They pay little attention to the vast amounts of money wasted on an inflated market as these clubs stockpile players who no well run club can eventually afford because they are on obscene wages (see Adebayor for example). Or the many transfers that never work out (our own AA is arguably one of them).

    Don’t get me wrong. I am very excited to see my club strengthened by making some good deals on the transfer market and am looking forward to confirmation of the signing of Cazorla. But I am long enough in the tooth to know that those going overboard about our signings will be the first to stab AW in the back should any of these transfers fail to live up to the hype. Chamakh anyone?

  38. Great headline Yogi!

  39. I don’t blame Wenger for Chamakh, I don’t even blame him for Squillaci because I can understand the sound logic behind bringing him in – we needed experienced back up that didn’t mind spending time on the bench and when was called in to cover injuries would provide reliable cover rather than a young player covering the gaps who could prove to be a liability – sadly Squillaci proved incapable of dealing with the pace of the EPL and it didn’t work out.

    As I said above, we saw what Arteta’s experience brought to our team last year and Cazorla continues that direction of transfer business. I don’t want to see Wenger abandon his youth policies at all, but the sprinkling of experience we have in players like Atreta, Podolski, Cazorla etc should hopefully have a tangible effect on our fortunes.

  40. Excitement in the air!

    Yogi another insightful read, and an early congrats on your new arrival.

  41. Santi claus has come to town…

  42. No one’s perfect. Win some lose some.

    The need for experienced players was something I have NEVER felt AW was averse to. Our financial reality based on a shiny new stadium was ALWAYS the determining factor in why we went primarily with youth mixed with a few veterans. That it hasn’t manifested in silverware is disappointing but much less so given we’ve never missed out on CL qualification.

    Its been 7 years of hard work & creativity by AW, his staff and the board. Kudos to them all.

    Now with the worst of the belt-tightening over, ’tis time to FLEX.

    The New DYNASTY begins NOW – PURPLE REIGN !

  43. Great post yogi

    I am very excited about the transfer activity. Getting sahin and cazorla would be huge. I don’t think there is much chance of keeping RVP and somehow we will find a buyer. If we bring in and keep RVP we would be spending about 40M with very little selling. That just does not seem like a realistic possibility given our past history but I would be absolutely delighted if that’s what happened. Fingers crossed.

  44. Aman

    Thanks for posting the article abt Reus / Rosicky.

    It was obvious from last season, that other clubs (Newcastle, Spuds, Pool) will be investing
    to gain CL berths as City continues to buy its way to success.

    To compete for a top 4 finish and any silverware, as rabid supporters we have witnessed depth of experience has been our achilles heel.

    Arteta’s arrival and the availability of Tomas are examples of the contributions of maturity.

    Our new experienced additions will allow the manager to rotate through out all competitions with a more seasoned line up……..consistency delivering a new level of performances.

    As far as RvP, any scenario is still possible, even that of him signing an new extended deal and the possibility that the center striker is a given.

    I went out to dinner the other night, and on one of the pub screens Fox was replaying our loss to ManU at Old Trafford. The reminders of the match ruined my dinner.

    As much as I want to see Arsenal find success, I want Arsene to find enjoyment……smiling with pride through matches.

  45. center striker, not a given.

  46. Highbury lament

    Your post was in the main, lamentable.

    The tired old bollocks about wages. Chamakh is on £70k, SQuillaci about £40k. For a top flight club, that is not too excessive. Its all obscene amounts to me, but not in the crazy fucked up world of modern football.

  47. Dukey

    Stop messing with my mind man! Mind you, i didnt mind your post.

  48. Borges Spinelli

    Just imagine, our first team line-up could resemble this:

    Podolski                            Walcott
                  Sahin                Song
    Gibbs                                        Sagna
                Merte         Koscielny


    Podolski                            Walcott
                  Sahin               Arteta
    Santos                                    Sagna
                Verm         Merte


    Gervinho                            Oxlade
                  Sahin               Arteta
    Gibbs                                       Kosciel
                Verm         Merte

    Bring on the new season; I can’t wait for Arsenal’s campaign to commence. For I genuinely believe us to be realistic title contenders, for the first time in years. WE ARE BACK, GOONERS. Whoo hooo!!!!!!!!!

  49. you’re welcome Arsesession,

    “As much as I want to see Arsenal find success, I want Arsene to find enjoyment……smiling with pride through matches.”

    Yes sir…if he smiles, we smile

  50. we seem to be buying players with something to prove. that’s good, because you know they have the stomach for a fight.

    if van persie makes a u-turn, i would suggest that we as Arsenal should show our class, that we are greater than him by forgiving but never forgetting.

  51. No matter what happens with RVP big props to the club for getting its buying done first. From the standpoint of club and player and fan mentality this is soooooooo much better. Great work.

  52. Loving it..Borges Spinelli…abundant permutations

    against Sunderland, i expect

    Gervinho Walcott
    Arteta Song
    Santos Coq
    Verm Kos

    subs: Fabianski, Gibbs, Mertesacker, Podolski, Arshavin, Diaby, Giroud

  53. hear hear Bill…..AW& IG flipped the vibe back to positive.

    f**k off Kees Vos!!!

  54. The additions we are making, coupled with the fact that RVP may still be with us, gives our squad so many possibilities that I can’t figure out exactly how Arsene is going to use everyone. In the past it seemed pretty clear what our best options were all over the pitch. I am not so sure now. It is definitely a good problem to have.

    I just can’t wait until the football starts. There is a lot to look forward to this year!

  55. shotta | August 4, 2012 at 12:12 pm
    It’s like a whole separate sport with it’s own league table, myths, heroes, villains and scoring system. And it’s all utterly meaningless. Look at all the ‘massive’ names who have failed to make any impact all over the history of football. The last truly amazing signing we made I’d never heard of and just as he was getting going he got kicked in two at St Andrews.
    Killjoy? Anyone who thinks that can go fuck themselves, I’m not killing anyone else’s joy I just don’t share their hysterical vacuous interest in this nonsense.

  56. Ohh Steww…you are forgetting about the wonderful impact Andy Carroll and Fernando Torres made for their respective clubs…massive signings those two…massive.

  57. Clerkenwell,

    The new site will be wordpress based but standalone in that sense.

  58. Aman, what about this line up…

    Arsharvin(trickery/creativity) Gervinho(crazy legs/trickery)
    Arteta(the glue) Song(strength/vision)
    Verm(fighter/commitment)Kos(Mr Arsenal)

    subs: Fab, Gibbo, Mert, Giroud, Rosicky, Diaby, Walcott, Ox, Rambo

  59. I thoughyt the RVP deal was signed sealed and delievered. So much for what the idiots in the press report. Too bad about the English gals losing to Canada.They played tight. They played scared from what I saw on the TV. So what’s the hold up on the deal? Two weeks and counting until the season starts. i can’t wait.

  60. Adetola,
    nice line up.
    Only if Poldi clicks straightaway with Arshavin would I start them both & even then i’d save it for the 2nd half and let those that’ve been together and know each other begin the campaign.

    Also good for Gerv & Theo’s egos to start for i fear once Poldi gets in sync with the PL’s tempo, they might have to share playing time with the Ox +/- Ryo.

  61. GGGreat post Yogi and congrats om the new place, dont forget me!!!!!!!!!

    i am excited but witu tempered heart as I wait for the start of the season and to see who is donning the beautiful red & white. I would love to see RvP stay because above all he is a great player who would help us win and still seems to be widely respected as Captain of Arsenal.

  62. hope beats despair all day, steww..

    i miss Frank.

  63. We are very lucky to have Arsene Wenger, the man is a genius. I don’t want to wait till the great man leaves the Arsenal to appreciate him….. Take a bow sir

  64. pedantic george

    I dont.Aman

  65. interesting how Carzola starting is a fixture in EVERY line-up posted so far….he better sign!

  66. Borges Spinelli


    That lineup and sub-bench will scare the jeepers out of Sunderland. That’s how teams ought to feel, whenever they’re about to face the Mighty Arsenal. Big or small, whowever they are, we’ll turn them over.

  67. pedantic george

    Is he in the lone up if Rosicky is fit?

  68. i do miss him,pg.
    stubborn man..took almost 3 weeks to realize he needed some space to really get over Kees-Robin’s mess…
    i felt he needed one a few days after “the statement” but he felt otherwise…
    RvP and what he stood for really meant a lot to Frank.
    enough to go kamikaze on RASERS here….

    ..hope he comes back soon,
    “my commandante”..

  69. steww | August 4, 2012 at 1:36 pm
    “Killjoy”. Those are my words Steww which is the nature of the response I received when I urged a little restraint in response to rumors/speculation/hearsay about Cazorla et al.

    “Anyone who thinks that can go fuck themselves, I’m not killing anyone else’s joy I just don’t share their hysterical vacuous interest in this nonsense.”
    After that little blast I wonder how you must be feeling about those, here and elsewhere, who, after jizzing themselves about Cazorla and Sahin, want the signing of another right-back, left-back, central defender and so on.

  70. its PURPLE REIGN time, B.Spinelli…Arsene’s tired of being disrespected !

  71. @Aman

    The only qualm i have mate is that barring injury I doubt at any point Ox and Theo wouldn’t atleast make the bench.

    I think the fear factor is back at the Arsenal!! Whilr i am a realist, i also believe that the 19 pt gap was due to our terrible last summer and that I could see us striking fear into the hearts of the PL with a thrashing of Sunderland!

    Cannons raised! Old and New light your cannons! Ready, aim, FIRE!!!!!!!! (Manshitty will burn the fastest with all their oil lol)

  72. You have to laugh otherwise you launch into a diatribe about how crap Arsenal are at managing the process of transfers…..that is totally ludicrous statement….AFc keep their cards close to their vest at all times…very astute of them….and the management of transfers is done so well that it keeps all of us on bated breath….fun!

  73. This Konate fella playing for Senegal looks like quite a handful out there for the Mexican defenders…

  74. Weedonald, substitute ludicrous for astute – it was dig at some of the fanbase – those who are overly fond of slating the club at any given.

    Spot the nods and the winks.

  75. i agree with korihikage @ 1:15…
    icing on my cake would be taking a risk on G.Rossi @ 7m euros
    after successfully offloading our supplemantaries @ close to peak prices…

    i know it’s irresponsible on the short term since he’s crocked till feb.’13 (someone’s prognosis) but on the long term his “crockedness” gives Poldi & OG more room to make their case, blend in, and possibly help raise the bar for CF position.

    Competing against a certain RvP for time can’t be the easiest but just imagine our 4th striker being Giuseppe Rossi ???
    ….no team on Earth would relish playing us

    finally, a G.Rossi covers for the possible loss of AA in Jan/July?, Robin in July?,and Joel Campbell, if he’s refused a work-permit again next summer.

    YES…i am a dreamer.

  76. weedonald,

    understand the envy,
    we have AW!

  77. Whats going on with Song, he has 2 years left on his contract and someone must be putting those Barca rumours in the media and it definately isn’t Arsenal. Can’t believe we have someone called Dick Law and Order working for us yet we seem incapable of sorting out contracts.

    And err Welcome back C, its nice having someone here that writes about Football.

  78. add to my 3:06,

    finally, a G.Rossi covers for the possible loss of AA in Jan/July?, Robin in July?,and Joel Campbell, if he’s refused a work-permit again next summer.
    we would not need to buy ANYONE in the summer of 2013.
    now how good would that feel?

  79. Aman @ 1:28:

    Not sure what I will do if I don’t have anything to complain about with regard to transfers, what fun is that. Now if they fix the defense then I am really in trouble. 🙂

  80. Borges Spinelli

    Can’t help feeling that this forthcoming season will be a tumultuous one for Chelsea. Despite recruiting some of the best young talent in the world, that money can buy, there’s bound to be a lot of bruised egos by mid-point. Which in turn will unsettle their squad; particularly if the likes of Lampard, Obi-Mikel & Michael Essien see  a diminished role time, week-on-week.

    All in all, good news for Arsenal, if we can capitalize on any slip-ups from them.

    Vying for Chelsea’s wide berths alone are: Ramires, Juan Mata, Sturridge, Hazard, Marin, Kakuta and possibly Malouda and Benayoun. Astonishing.

  81. ..with Brazil around the corner,

    Arsenal 2013/14:





    * might be gone (add Afobe)
    **might never be (add Afobe)

    ..not too shabby

  82. B.Spinelli @ 3:20,
    and they still want to add Victor Moses????

  83. U could complain about why we only won 2 trophies not 3, Bill.

  84. @khalifha

    Its great to be back!!!!

    Song rumors are just the Barca cunts being cunts probably. Anyways we have the potential to have the most dominant strikers/wingers in the PL and arguably all of Europe.

    If we have even a decent run of health in our midfield outside Song(knocking on every piece of wood I can find) we could easily challenfe for all trohies. I mean our midfield and strikers for FA cup and CC ties could be: Ox, Giroud, Gervinho, Sahin, Ramsey, Le Coq. That alone excites the hell out of me!!!!!!

  85. Aman

    Good point. It just goes to show It’s always something!!

    (Anyone here old enough to remember Gilda Radner as Roseanne Rosanna Danna on Saturday night live?)

  86. the headline would read:

    “Penny-pinching-Wenger re-unites Cazorla & Rossi for under 25m!”

  87. followed by:

    “Purple Reign Retires Fergie!”

  88. Borges Spinelli


    I guess, to some of these thrifty club owners, soccer players are expendable commodities. Thus, stockpiling players, as if they were disappearing pawns on a chess board, means not a thing to oligarchs whose M.O. is to achieve instant success and the adulation of their peers.

  89. and

    “Citizens Sacrifice Mancini After Purple Haze!”

  90. shotta;

    As happy as I am about the transfer rumours surrounding the club right now, with Cazorla as signed as could be possibly be for a player, without it actually being ratified, it amazed me, especially on tw*tter and other Arsenal blogs how often i read Gooners clamouring for us to sign a LB as well as other positions.

    Some people are just never happy. Some of the comments were pathetic.

    I think SSN and the internet have taken all the fun out of transfers and rumours. I remember when we were linked with Overmars and I read it in one of the sunday tabloids. As I had always been a fan of his, i was giddy at the prosepct of us signing him, even though, in typical tabloid hack style, they tried to pain his as a risky signing as he was on the way back from serious knee injury.

    Now, because of the instant nature of the media and resultant rumours, as soon as one transfer is either done and dusted, or quashed, then its right on to the next one. INever satisfied man.

  91. George;

    If Cazorla shows what he can do for us, then I don’t see Tomas displacing him man. TBH, I have seen him deployed deeper anyway; in Arteta’s position.

  92. shotta | August 4, 2012 at 2:38 pm
    Nah – I don’t believe for a minute you’re wondering about that! I’ll bet you know the answer. Let’s wait until anyone new – and that includes internal promotions as well as imports – has a first season under their belts and then we can get the Kleenex out.
    It’s so stupid getting excited about unknown quantities, and of course merely heightens expectations which inevitably leads the misery brigade to put the knife in if these players fail to live up to the hype.
    I get excited at the start of every new season because the team I love is about to start playing again not because some drunken half wit at the Sunday Sport has talked up some unknown player from a team I’ve never seen.

  93. B.Spinelli,
    after SWP @ Chelski, i understood better why hoarding is deemed a sin.

    but are we not going down that oliver twist road ourselves?
    times are hard, looks like we’re going to be getting good bargains for a while.
    look@me, pining for G.Rossi?

  94. Manshitty already at odds with each other. Dzeko says he wont accet bench role and will make public complaints about it. He says he is warning Mancini that he better play more or else!

  95. see:
    “”I lost my rhythm. I joined City in order to play in matches. I never imagined that things would turn out the way they have. I am too good for the bench. If I continue to sit matches out, then anything is possible.”

    Eden Dzeko't-accept-bench-role-at-manchester-city?cc=3888

  96. I can’t wait until we play those Man City punks and out play them in every area of the pitch this year. It will be very satisfying…

  97. Borges Spinelli

    These maladroit fans, all over the net, clamoring for Arsenal to sign 7,8 & 9 new players in one season, while simultaneously cutting 11-14 ‘deadwoods’ from the squad are living in dream land. Not only is it disruptive;takes a lengthy period for a team to gel; unrealistic; not to mention, Arsenal already has adequate cover in every position. Furthermore, even more salient, is that mass acquisition of players without a justifiable need, clashes with Arsene’s longstanding philosophy. 

  98. Vice, I wouldn’t be surprised if Arsene turned Carzola into a centre-forward.

  99. Goons_with_Guns

    Well written. Again. Write more often with the same quality and we’ll give you a place in our Startling XI.

  100. Nice post YW.. Nd by d way uve been gettn a lot of nigerian audience lately…r u sure u weren’t part of d dancing party dere recently…

  101. YW – Nice post as always. You mentioned moving to a new site, what changes will there be (if any?) or will it be the same format, simply upgraded? Or are you simply fed up with WordPress? Intrigued….

    Cazorla is apparently done and dusted, I for one never doubted it for a second!! Sitting in Starbucks (I know!!!) at Brighton Beach, too fucking hot out for my pasty white Irish arse to be sat on the beach. The Girlfriend is off swimming a few miles with some friends, strictly coffee, hotdogs and cigarettes for me I am afraid. Looking forward to the game on Sunday, Podolski’s old team should be well and truly up for it. I would imagine the atmosphere in the stadium will be fantastic. Anyone from ACLF going? Sorry, could not be bothered reading posts today, too FUCKING hot!!!!!

  102. Markus, I wouldn’t be surprised if Arsene turned Arshavin into a centre forward.

  103. Just had a read through yesterday’s comments.

    is it just me or have one or two valued posters lost their brains or gone through extreme personality transplants?

    NOTH – never particularly inveigled my conciousness but has become increasingly opaque and unpredictable. Much head scratching.

    However – to address you directly – even if you -or the REAL journalist you have bought into – are correct (a point In concede is possible – though I believe unfitting with the manner of defeat) why would you then stop watching all cricket and be baffled when others do.

    There are examples of organised duplicity in football and yet here we are.

    A rotten apple does not mean the whole barrel is tainted and if you used ton have some love for the game and have denied yourself the pleasure since the early eighties then you have lost out on some of the greatest sporting moments imaginable.

    Summer 2005 was so enthralling that cricket virgins were glued to the screen.

  104. BOOBS Irish. BOOBS.

  105. whats up folks.

    I am not sure about the players coming in, automatically taking the places of those who were with the team already. We need to ease off that kind of talk.

    Podolski, already has Gervs place and this new Santi dude has pushed Arteta to the bench! Not in my book, they will have to prove they can do it first.

    Give me last season’s team healthy and settled from jump street and I would put us in contention for the PL Title.

  106. Hey PaulN, my brother. 🙂

    Cazorla wouldnt take Arteta’s place. He will be taking the vacant CAM position man. At present, he is the only new signing with an almost guaranteed place. UNLESS Diaby gets the nod there.

  107. Agreed – healthy competition all round. The newbies will be given chances but eased in. If they show some magic they can usurp but this is about a squad and, one suspects, rotation is going to be more of a feature than seasons of late.

  108. Mates you know the best part outside the fact were talking futbol again and not just transfer rumors; its the fact that we have a plethora of options when all are healthy(which for the most part at the moment they are) that can easily be the best at their position or atleast arguably the best in the whole of the PL. Ffs we are saying Santi could start when Diaby is universally thought to be the 1st Frenchman on the national te sheet whrn healthy at one of their AM positions.

    The season canc’t start fast enough!!!!!!!!

  109. Mi Bredrin Dex, what it is?

    Thanks for the correction but some people make it seem like we had a team full of “deadwood”. Lest we forget,, we were quite good last season.

    How many players have not panned out or needed time to get acclimatized to the PL? quite a few.

    On a different note, Gervs, Ramsey, The OX and Walcott are going to have huge season’s for us. So mi seh!

  110. Exactly, Jonny. Its about the team, no need to bench anyone.

    Arteta will be even better this season.

  111. bogus red card for Honduras. I suspect Neymar will be a Barca player soon, good acting.

  112. I agree paul…i am really looking forward to sein gGervinho this season more then anyone else.

  113. Vice

    correction: outplay them and thrash them 5-0. (result counts as well, otherwise you will hear those pundits and journalists gushing over the championship form of those oil shit.)

  114. The 11 before anyone was signed would be strong enough to get at least 3rd again. Hopefully the new signings will push on again.

    This 11 is pretty dam tasty;

    Coquelin – PerM – Koscielny – Gibbs
    Song – Arteta
    Theo – Diaby – Gervinho
    George’s boyfriend
    Subs; Podolski, Giroud, Cazorla, Ramsey, Vermealen, Santos, Fabianski (or new keeper)

  115. Knew I’d forgotten someone; AOC!

  116. Let there be witness – I thought Gerv looked fabulous pre-season and i’ll be thrilled if he shakes his front of goal jitters. If he can start to finish he’ll be extraordinary.

  117. Dex – have I told you to fuck off lately?

    You know it’s always quietly implied, right?

  118. How fukin good are we on the bikes!!!

    unbelievable how good we are. literally blowing the rest away.!! great stuff.

  119. nearly lapped the yanks!!!

  120. I heard george’s boyfriend was moving to blackburn!!

  121. I know jonny, I know. C U Next Tuesday. 🙂

  122. 😀

    Duke @ 6.11. That is truly obscene. What on earth were you thinking?

    Tongue transplants are not cheap.

  123. lololol jonny….

    duke, blackburn’s not swanky enough for AA…u know this.

    Barca playing a friendly against PSG dressed in yellow & orange????

  124. Not AA, RVP!

  125. Prostitution on the rise in crisis-hit Spain

    its going to be a very tough few years in Espana.
    I hope they make the revenue sharing more equitable or else more clubs will be in dire straits.

  126. oh RvP to Blackburn?

  127. pedantic george

    Aman ,he is not lodging with me.

  128. pedantic george

    Andrei can have my bed ,however.

  129. Posters losing their marbles?

    Who can he mean?

    Terrific display by Pieterson today.

    Makes me regret having bad thoughts about him. Why do I feel, despite his figures, that he has not deliverd his potential?

  130. Mighty gracious of you there George…i’d do the same too for our ‘lil geniuski..

    seems Ryo really might be off to Wigan and I’m the only one “anywhere” not too pleased by it, R.Martinez or not?


  131. A nod, a wink and doff of the cap Bob. 😀

  132. Aman – Ryo is off because he plays on the left wing. Right now we Gervinho, Podolski, AA (for now at least) and apparently Santos. Ryo is still a kid so it makes sense to loan him out for one more season. Maybe when this U-21 PL starts, we will no longer loan out players such as Ryo but instead play him every week on that team.

    Jonny – B 🙂 🙂 BS (the proper way of spelling it mate!)

  133. Irish, Poldi & AA play across the front 3 and based on what he did @ Bolton, Ryo is good & ready to play LW for us as Gerv’s cover.
    Santos might need to focus on LB but hey he can cover if needed.

    Ok Ryo, have fun @ Wigan.
    oh & forget playing him in the U-21s…he’s past that.

    in other news, friggin’ Spuds could scupper our Sahin move..greedy twats.
    Is Modric really worth 33m?

  134. And Mo Farrah wins gold. Fantastic to see!

  135. Go go Mo Farah!!

    Albero Salazar what a coach; Gold and Silver

  136. Great pelanty Rambo! Phew.

  137. Cant fault Rambos bravery anyways

  138. Yes, after scoring one and missing one to still go in and take the first in the shoot-out. Surely a player that won’t go into hiding when it matters for Arsenal. Still, GB out. Park has scored one, too. Interesting to see what they will do against Brazil.

  139. I guess we all knew who would miss the penalty – another in the long, long line of players who think they’re the cat’s whiskers but in fact are crap. Take a bow, Daniel Sturridge. Hope you get to play regularly for Chelsea this season.
    And thanks too mate – now we can have our Rambo back, in form and still in one piece.

  140. very interesting stuff about the bent referees in the EPL. Imagine if we had unbiased refereeing and were treated fairly. They have quoted another independent website’s findings on debatable decisions. Fantastic read.

  141. Yesterday someone mentioned Fran Merida, after some searching around I found this little piece. A very sad yet I think somewhat inevitable outcome. It really is amazing how few players become successes when they walk away from The Arsenal. IMO it just reinforces how good AW is at getting the best out of players.

  142. and this is why Aaron Ramsey is the welsh captain. Missing a pealty, then in the shootout steps up, takes the first one and scores.
    Damn, thats hardcore after having missed one earlier in the match!

  143. Balls of steel – well done Aaron, bad luck on the final result.

  144. Irish – great posts earlier today btw, interesting reads, thanks for attaching the links. Hope you’re enjoying a cider and sneaky ciggy and a view to die for!

  145. Andy – Quite the opposite in fact! I was designated driver today, so strictly iced coffee 🙂 and then it was straight home to do some work on our new apartment. Followed by a night in with The Girlfriend before she flies off to LA for a week………and then it will be time for cider and all sorts of shenannigans 🙂 Aaron Ramsey certainly does have a pair on him, doesn’t he? Always liked him, not just as a player but when he gives interviews he comes across as a pretty sincere and well grounded young man. Not one to be pushed around or intimidated I think, a good lad to have in any dressing room. A few more years experiance and he will surely be itching to be given The Arsenal Captaincy.


    I have to hold my hand up and say that out of sheer frustration I was one of the fans who wanted Big Al to be replaced after that WBA game, how quickly we forget! He seems happy now and I wish him nothing but the best at Watford. He says himself in the interview that his dream would be to return to The Arsenal with Watford, maybe in the FA cup. Best of luck to him and I for one will never forget those first 20 odd minutes against Barcelona. They were unplayable and ripped us apart time and time again but Big Al was just as unbeatable. Shot after shot produced save after save, again and again. I remember watching that game and marvelling at how one of the most maligned GK’s The Arsenal have ever had, was suddenly having the game of his life. One of the best shot-stoppers the PL has ever had IMO, and no that is not just nostalgia (and a small bit of guilt) talking.

    I remember the game against Utd too. We lost it 1-0 but it should have been at least 6 or 7. We may never forget the 8-2 hammering we received last year but were it not for Big Al that day it would have been just as bad, if not worse. And it was not just the number of saves he made either but the quality of them. Absolute brilliance at times. Watford I think are in safe hands, again best of luck to a player I always liked and now realise, albeit belatedly, I admire a lot more than most.

  147. I see Arsenal’s new headshots have been released. Apparently JW is so good he is in there twice. Arshavin has something on his lip, must be what Russians think is a ‘tache. RVP and NB52 have had their faces photoshopped onto Per’s shoulders. And poor Squillachi looks like he died 4 months ago but nobody noticed or cared.

  148. Irish, that Almunia interview got me a bit emotional. What a class player. Isn’t it strange that he was the goalie for our best team since the Invincibles? and he place was well deserved, he had an excellent season.

    He never moaned, never said he did not like the direction of the club etc, even though he never played. That guy is class and I really hope he gets backs to being a good goalie.

    In every interview that I remember of people associated with Arsenal; when asked who the best goalie at Arsenal was, they would say Almunia.

    Again, he is a class individual.

  149. Evening/morning

    Was out and about tonight and got chatting to a Man City fan who tells me that the wages city pay are AFTER TAX. He was adamant that is the case. So, the reported £220k a week RvP has been bribed with is what he’d take home!

    Cristos, if thats true the wage bill must be enormous innit! No wonder Adebayor, Bridge et al refuse to leave.

  150. Dexter – He is wrong. Even with only 10 players on that kind of money, the club would be paying close to 200m in wages alone. Really Dex, you should not be allowed ‘out and about’ on your own.

  151. Comments are locked whilst the site undergoes maintenance. Be back soon-ish!

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