In With The New, Out With, Er, Um…

Arsène Wenger has outlined Arsenal’s transfer policy over the coming years. Speaking as the Far East tour draws to its conclusion with the final friendly against Kitchee, Wenger put scouting departments at the top clubs on notice by telling them how good our younger players really are. Adding in their ages allows the likes of City, United and other European giants, to plan their purchases for the next five years,

We have some young players who are already experienced, for example if I tell you Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, you will tell me he is not young but he is 18 years old. Jack Wilshere is 20, Aaron Ramsey is 21 and we have some more young players who might push up this season.

On tour we have Chuks Aneke who has shown quality and of course Ryo. We also have younger players who are 16 or 17, who are not with us on tour, who will certainly appear this season. We are faithful to what we want to do whicih is to promote young players and give them a chance at that level.

Phone calls have no doubt been made to their respective agents already, ensuring the players know that whomever the current incumbent is at whatever club, he has always been a huge admirer of their abilities. Too cynical? Possibly but it didn’t stop that uncomfortable shift in your seat for a split-second did it?

As the club reportedly fend off intent from Southampton to re-sign Theo Walcott by opening talks with his advisors, transfer activity is expected to pick up in the next seven days with media-imposed deadlines heightening the expectation over Cazorla and Sahin whilst Celtic’s Victor Wanyama is the new kid on the media speculation block. It deflects attention away from the weight of expectation on current midfielders.

Jack Wilshere’s injury has been the subject of much speculation and it is a concern. Understandably the club wants to avoid putting pressure on the player and rushing him back. Headlines this morning that he is out until October fit in with how I understood the comeback was being managed in the first place? Maybe I missed the memo where the manager said Wilshere would be fit for Sunderland in which case I can see why October might be considered a setback. As it is, there is too much sensationalism around the player’s fitness. Is it perchance due to the paucity of talent in the national squad?

One who will know how Wilshere feels is Abou Diaby. The French midfielder is perenially classed as a new signing by the manager, every summer brings the fresh hope that he will be fit. Every autumn, the hope fades.

It is a crucial season and it is really important for me to be back strong and have a very good year

The player is acutely aware of the damage being done to his career, more aware than anyone else. Constantly struggling with injury means that as time ticks by, other clubs – as well as his own – will lose faith in his ability to stay fit. Few in this money-conscious age will be willing to take a chance on him, certainly not at the salary level he is accustomed to. More importantly it is the psychological impact upon the player? How will he be affected by another setback? It is not just the supporters for whom pre-season is a time of hope.

Elsewhere, the hawking around Europe of Nicklas Bendtner continues unabated with Spartak Moscow the latest cash-cow that his advisors are seeking to exploit. Andrey Arshavin is a continued target for Fulham who will no doubt look to revive the image of Tommy Trinder with their cheeky £1m bid for his services.

Football this afternoon for my youngest, will be a welcome distraction ahead of a busy couple of weeks off the pitch before the Cologne friendly.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. First

  2. YW

    Is the game this afternoon or at 10am?

    On the opening page of it says pre match show starts at 12.35pm but once in the site it states that it all kicks off from 9.35am?

    I suppose I’ll find out in about 7 minutes!

    arsenalandrew | July 29, 2012 at 8:42 am

    Strangely positive! Definitely making all of the right noises anyway….I’m getting a good feeling about this!

  3. Matt – kick off 10am show starts about now.

  4. YW – Is that the first ever mention of Tommy Trinder in a football blog do you think?

  5. Thanks Steww, I’m on it!

    Strangely glaring mistake on the usually spot on website. Oh well.

  6. pedantic george

    £1 million for a genius? They can fark right orft

  7. MGK

    A strangley glaring ommission rather than mistake.


  8. pedantic george

    Yogi.You have been very quiet of late.Are you well?

  9. Steww, hasn’t just an iota of excitement crept in about the potential of brining some of these players in? I know they currently belong to other teams but in matter of days they could be ours.

    If it isn’t patently obvious, I’m getting giddy at the thought of it 😉

  10. Yogi’s Warrior | July 29, 2012 at 9:46 am

    ? Just to clarify, I was talking about

    Isn’t putting the wrong time on the homepage a mistake?

    I repeat, oh well.


  11. No not really, sorry matt. I could of course, easily get excited just by suspending my disbelief, but as every close-season is full of gossip and 99.9% of it invented why bother? It’s why I’m more excited about watching our youngsters in a pre season warm up. They are probably no more likely to become first team legends than any transfer target real or invented, the chances are slim. But they are here and now. I can watch them in an Arsenal strip not on youtube playing for someone else..

  12. PG

    Very well, thank you.

  13. You’d have thought that Southampton, having survived Redknapp and the following inevitably journey into administration would have learnt a few lessons. What the hell are they doing bidding £15 million for a player with the wage demands that will go with the fee.

    Either that or the worst case of lazy journalism for a long time.

  14. MGK

    Two usually reliable websites making glaring errors on the same morning? Must be something in the air.

  15. Also Matt, we have no idea whether any new signing will work out; become the next PV / TH14, or get kicked out of the league like Reyes or injured like Santos. Once they sign, yep it’s an interesting moment, the possibilities stream out before us, unfulfilled and exciting.
    But then I felt like that on each of my wedding days and look what happened there.

  16. Thought as much : )

    For the record, I think this particular rumour (the two “targets” appear to have been intertwined into the one rumour), has got some legs.

    PS Giroud and Podolski look good on youtube, but agreed that I’ll prefer to watch them against Cologne 😉

  17. Steww

    It’s like a teenager getting excited about the possibility that a girl he likes will accept his proposal of a trip into town or to the cinema. The fact that she might say no to his advances, that it doesn’t transpire, only intensifies the excitement. And the fact that even once on the date the relationship is ultimately statistically doomed to fail shouldn’t lessen the temporal feeling of enjoyment.

    There is, after all, only one Dennis Bergkamp..

    Right, game time.


  18. pedantic george

    I love Arsenal.
    Ok ,so I said it first .

  19. In all honesty, I am someone who doesn’t get excited about rumours. Couldn’t care less about M’Vila, but the Cazorla thing seems like it’s really genuine — especially since it’s has now been reported that we’ve made an official bid etc. — so I can’t help but get a bit giddy about it. He really seems like a top class player that could help us with Rosicky and Wilshere out.

  20. And believe me I watched the youtube clips the moment they were officially announced. I just can’t get excited because someone whispers to someone else that my wife might buy me a Porsche for my birthday. What’s the point?

  21. Robson is such a massive tit. He should be well aware that Chamberlain is destined to become a central midfielder and shouldn’t be so surprised at the fact that Oxo is playing there in this friendly.

  22. I love how the HK fans always get genuinely excited when Theo gets on the ball. I’d love to see that back at home, too.

  23. I try not to get excited about reported transfers because of the amount of bullshit in the media, but if it is a player i know of or i’ve watched then that just intensifies ze excitement.

    I mean if i told you that 2 seasons ago Sahin was the best player in Germany, and Cazorla is the best spanish player in la liga NOT playing for Barca or Madrid, i bet you would get excited at the thought of players of that caliber sporting red and white jerseys.

  24. was robson given the espn job so he can just spite his former employees, hes ruining the game for me and im one of those ppl who can’t watch a game without commentary

  25. walcott looks serious

  26. Kitchee’s sponsor should be Arsenal’s man; Canon.

    How awesomely apt would that be?

  27. How the fuck have we managed to let another goal in?

    Not good enough.

  28. When I have watched the Asian tour games I have become increasingly impressed with our rising stars as well as the quality of the esablished ones. In particular the likes of Jenkinson and Miquel coupled with the return of Diaby and (not to be rushed) Wilshere.
    With the signing of Podolski and Giroud (plus others) Van Persie must be mad to want to leave. He wants to though and the quicker the better so that all the blending can commence with those whose loyalty is beyond question.
    I feel that by the middle of August we will be a stronger side than for many a year and real contenders in all competitions we enter.

  29. Bet having to speak in positive terms about Theo’s goal got stuck in Robson’s craw.

  30. Would still like to see Walcott and Ryo swap wings. Ryo looks much better running in from the right hand side. Djourou giving Gibbs a bit of grief early on, looks like the young lad isn’t quite with it yet.

    Commentator on ESPN is a complete knob, already writing off Arsenal’s chances of getting in the top four if RVP leaves. Doesn’t he know we have signed two strikers this summer?

    Well tucked away Theo!

  31. Morning all•
    Goonerkam in the house UP. THE. GUNS!!!!!!!!!

  32. Poor ol Chamakh, he looks lost, even in the pre-season games.

  33. walcott scores, told you he looked very good

    Dexter, miguel looks very good but he was caught facing the wrong way for the goal, hes body position was very wrong

  34. Commentator on ESPN is a complete knob, already writing off Arsenal’s chances of getting in the top four if RVP leaves. Doesn’t he know we have signed two strikers this summer?
    Exactly my thoughts there Wavey.

  35. Oh dear, very sad

  36. All over the place defensively.

  37. Dexter | July 29, 2012 at 10:30 am

    Two goals now.

  38. Just a bit lax at the back again.

  39. 2-1 to kitchee

    very makeshift defence here, positioning is wrong again, but it is a friendly and these players are second string anyway.

    But seriously, not good enough in defence. but COME ON GUNNERS!

  40. What a complete and utter cunt that man is. Now trying to for his comments. How many of the first choice back four are actually on the pitch at the moment?

  41. Using iPad and the poor typing speed plus auto correct are playing havoc at the moment.

    Now he’s slagging off Denilson, why? He isn’t even there.

  42. Wavey

    thats what i mean, i think he lacks brain cells or is purposefully taking the mick.

    TV, koscienly, sagna, mertasacker, all the defenders missing

  43. Pair of jokers these 2. I guess ESPN have to make out this is a proper game as they don’t have the Premier League any more.

  44. So now he’s having a go at the midfield. Waiting for him to say we never really replaced Alan Smith next.

  45. Khalifha – you are permanently excited.

    I too try to ignore most transfer rumours (including those surrounding our own players!) but the current 2 for 1 offer is hard to resist if only due to the current ‘unfortunate’ circumstances of the Malaganese.

    Should this go through it’ll be deliciously ironic that we, of all clubs, with our weird views on sustainability and evident lack of ambition, should benefit from a club whose ambition caused them to cast aside all semblance of independence, let alone sustainability.

    But let’s not go there …

  46. Gibbs still being caught out a bit. Ryo trying to cover, but they do seem to be targeting our left side at the moment.

  47. Its what happens when you televise meaningless pre-season games. Usually we’d be away in Austria getting ready for the new season. The club got slated for not going on money spinning foreign tours. Now we are doing that, tthe club are getting slaughtered for it!

  48. miyiachi needs a loan spell again, only because he needs to defend better, gibbs not getting much cover

  49. Ox is playing a bit too deep at the moment as well. Needs to get a bit closer to Chamakh. Chamakh is likely to get stick after this one for not doing a lot, but he is a bit isolated at present.

  50. Wavey

    chamberlain i think was told to play there.him and coquelin are deep

  51. Robson showing his lack of knowledge of cazorla as well as his contempt for Theo in one sentence there. He must feel so good right now.

  52. This is what Robin is throwing away when he leaves us.

  53. defence getting a caining again…

    its the midfield though, we aint controlling the game…lots of loose passes and balls going over the top
    im expecting diaby to start controlling things abt more..

  54. oooohhhh there you go..
    more of that please abou

  55. Moe

    I think you’re right, but I’d like to see him and Diaby swapping roles every so often. Diaby is still a bit rusty and Ox is a great ball carrier.

    Nice run there, could perhaps have gone left rather than right but wasn’t a bad effort.

    And that knob is at it again!

  56. Pre-season or not, this is pretty dire.

    There seems to be zero pressure being applied at the top of the pitch, and the midfield keep standing in a straight line – one decent pass and they’re completely bypassed.


  57. MGK

    It is a deliberate ploy by the manager and coaching staff. They have instructed the players to piss about as it will look like we havent been working on shit. Then once the tour’s over they can concentrate on making the team fucking amazing!

  58. Wavey

    yeah, but good to see diaby putting in a good performance. I think wenger is trying to get chamberlain some experience or game time in a deeper role, see if he can control the game there and to improve him as a player, probably his vision and so on.

  59. A bit one sided so far this morning. However. None of us know where these particular players are in their prep or what they’ve done this week. They look knackered. Do we know if they’ve been run into the ground over the last couple of days as part of a fitness building regime? No. Are we likely to see a defence including Djourou, Miquel and Eastmond with a midfield including Le Coq and Ryo? No. Its a warm up, relax and enjoy seeing the boys having a run out.

  60. It seems to me the players were told not to press too much or only close down once they’re in out own half, maybe a tactical exploration? i don;t know, but i can’t for the life of me understand why we didn’t close down 90% of the time.

    Trying to have some prespective here, youngsters and all. But if any of these players have aspirations for first team, need to step up. COME ON GUNNERS!

  61. mgk
    its just to see what works and what doesnt…
    whos fit and who isnt..

    at the minute its looking like fitness levels and combinations need more work..

    but thats why its called pre season…

  62. pedantic george

    Oh FFS its a friendly warm up game.
    With perhaps one first choice player in the line up .Two days after the last game ,Poor pitch and thousands of miles away.
    It doesn’t matter a fuck.
    Lets just enjoy the sight of our players

  63. Moe | July 29, 2012 at 10:57 am – very good points. Nice to read a sober calm and sensible reaction.

  64. steww

    calming voice as ever 🙂

  65. new team for the 2nd half.?

  66. Hong Kong is an awful place to play football in. I was on holiday there last August and played a bit on the municipal football fields and the humidity is killing you. I am not surprised at all that some players seem tired, considering that the last match has been less than 24 hours away with a flight and just one preparatory training session in between.

    As for Chamakh, isn’t it Ramadan? I can only imagine that he must be feeling especially grand playing in those conditions.

  67. evil..
    does ramadan last two years? 😉

  68. jonjon

    i’d expect so.

    Did any else notice how good walcott looked, he looked like he was taing more responsibiity, more shots, more dribbling inside, being abit selfish at times. I thought he looked excellent.

  69. pedantic george

    Evil ,are pro players not exempt ?

  70. jonjon

    ‘i’d expect so’ for a new team coming out second half, not chamack fasting for two years 😀

  71. yeah theo looked hungry..
    very sharp as well…
    no problems at that end..

  72. @JJ
    Haha, probably.

    I wasn’t sure, but didn’t Wenger also once talk about this in relation to some of our muslim players?

    Yeah, but I think that maybe him wanting to impress the crowd is also playing a part. For some reason they seem to absolutely love him there.

  73. nope george, it’s actually encouraged that people partake in physical arduous activity so they feel the hunger more keenly.

  74. How are you all enjoying the London empty-seats Olympics?
    unused corporate allocated seats????…… absolute disgrace!!!!!

  75. So will Aneke take over from Diaby in a like for like, or will Ox push forward?

  76. Weird camera view of the fans’ feet there

  77. Wish Gervinho had shot

  78. oohh unlucky afobe…

  79. gervinho is a beast

  80. Nice read as usual. Just thought id mention your on media watch on For your analysis on the man city game. You probably already knew. Keep rising.

  81. aneke looks very big, actually alot of the arsenal players have bulked up

  82. i wish gervinho would back himself more…
    be greedy son…shoot..

    i would..especially if it was my hard work to create the opening in the first place..

  83. Thought he would have beat the winger to that.

  84. put a muzzle on it robson ffs..

  85. Santos needs to focus on what is going on behind him rather than in front of him

  86. That goal in the Euro’s has really given Walcott new confidence. I am sure that if he does the right thing — stay and sign a new contract — he will score 15+ this season.

  87. walcott has to put one of those curlers away one of these days 😀

  88. Dexter | July 29, 2012 at 10:57 am

    Yeah, just as long as we remember to turn it on when the season actually starts: I think we forgot all about it last season : )

    JonJon | July 29, 2012 at 11:00 am

    Yeah, am aware of that mate, and I realise that’s it’s just pre-season – just commenting on what I can see, which ‘aint great at the mo. When we start doing some things well, I’ll no doubt comment on them, too, and it will still only be pre-season.

    BTW, how poor a performance would merit a comment which had a hue of negativity of it?

    3-1, 4-1? Would 5-1 matter?

    We’ere looking much better in this second half, or does that merit commenting on?

    Anyway, off to work so hopefully I’ll miss a few goals; I’m sure I’ll read how good they were when I get in 🙂

  89. if gervinho had theos confidence when theres a glimpse of goal he’d be some fucking player..

  90. if gervinho had verm’s confidence when theres a glimpse of goal he’d be some fucking player..

  91. KitChee now getting numbers in front of every ball and looking for the long ball out.

  92. sorry to say but theo’s not a 100k per week player….75’d be about right.

  93. sweet cross Ox…bad miss Afobe

  94. Afobe was really unlucky. Ox showing Gervinho how to pick out your man. Gervinho is dragging them all over the place. One final ball on target is all that’s needed.

  95. Come on GRAVIS
    RVP isn’t on the pitch — your the main dude
    Take a chance — shoot FFS

  96. Nico!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  97. poor afobe not having much luck infront of goal, but what a good player.

    and chamberlain was excellent today, really really good.

  98. yennaris at center back, really? isn’t he tiny? 🙂

  99. afobe isnt having as much luck in front of goal but its promising he gets in those positions.

    never worry about strikers who miss easy least their shooting..

    worry about the players who dont even get in the positions to begin with..

    gimme afobe over chamakh anyday of the week..

  100. Love the camera man focussing on pretty girls in the crowd.

  101. So easy to switch off from the commentators when all they talk is bollox. Haven’t heard a thing they have said for about 25 minutes.

  102. i am worried to be honest about how many matches we’ve actually played with our first team.

    we look really behind on our pre-season in terms of first team playing together.

    i mean just one match together before sunderland, really?

  103. 2-2

    i love gervinho, hazard looks up to him did any of you know that? 😀

  104. it depends aman on how you value the price of your success..
    we made CL last year thanks to players like theo putting chances on a plate for rvp..

    whats the price of CL?
    whats the price of a player who helps you achieve that status..

    no players worth 20k a week nevermind 100 but when you look at the financial rewards and the prize money involved in todays game then you have to look at the players who help you achieve it and say heres your slice of the pie..

    id give him it..if thats the figure hes looking for..

    not only that, but theo walcott on a 5 year deal becomes a 30mil player minimum anyway..

    i think hes worth the investment and to be honest i dont care what hes long as hes paid..

  105. gervinho causing chaos out there

  106. super crazy legs gervinho…

  107. That was the final ball I was looking for

  108. and if its true weve banged podolski on a deal worth 100k a year then if i were theo id be banging dick laws door down…

  109. Gervinho, looking really sharp going through players like they ain’t there and getting his up. Eisfield, Ryo, Chucks will do good things for us this season.

    Ain’t RVP papers come through yet? When is he f-king off?

  110. Didn’t see the game. It was just too fcuking early to watch a friendly. Last night, my time, I tortured myself watching another of these meaningless games, PSG vs DC United. I could only conclude that most of us football fans are really suckers, especially those punters who are paying. Glorified scrimmages.

  111. After your comments, I might be arsed to watch some of it on Arsenal Player. Here comes the highlights.

  112. Gervinho looking ominously like he will have a very good 2nd season.

    Shit, Robson said we can challenge for the title, IF we sort the defence out.

    Usually at this time of pre-season, its all about building fitness. The players get worked really hard and tactical stuff is worked on later. We have a 2 week break now and i expect alot of defensive, positional, set piece and other tactical shit to be worked on heavily, once they return from HK.

  113. its worth watching just for gervinho, shotta..

  114. can’t argue with that JonJon… a “lucky” generation i guess

  115. OMG OMG Someone on twitter just retweeted a link to a spanish website that quoted the daily mail saying that we just signed someone omg omgh ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmgggggggggggggggggggg

  116. Glorified scrimmages…agree with that Shotta.
    It is summertime after all

  117. Anyway returning to earth. Eisfelfd continues to impress with a calm assurance about his play. Gervinho could almost be saying to George look I know you are pining but don’t worry I can do it too. Oh and to Le Boss, I know you’ve signed Lulu but just look I what I can do too.

  118. Indeed Robson said it! I may be bias but, I think the guy has a good point. If we can steady up at the back and get top class rival for Song then it’s on. Song just looked really knackered already as he did towards the end of last season.

    Defo worth watching Gervinho, Ryo.

  119. It was interesting to watch, but as usual pre-season is full of experimentation and it’s hard to see what’s down to fitness, tactical tinkering etc. If we approach Cologne and still have our full backs forgetting that there is this thing called “positioning” I’ll be a bit worried, but I don’t think that at this point in time there is much point in trying to look at negatives.

    I just hope that Arsenal are going to shedule another friendly before Cologne. I just don’t think it’s a good idea to go into the season with just one match to try and integrate Podolski/Giroud.

  120. Gervinho’s got nothing on AA, steww…..lets “be clear” on that…

  121. Best part of these friendlies is the bickering, about football.

  122. Heah YW is quite a star these days. Yesterday’s blog is being run on the dot com. A second time in the past couple of weeks. Haven’t we been saying that he is the best?

  123. Agree with most,

    And Theo is looking very good. Since when has he started taking three players on with calm and success? I think he’s keen to secure a central striker role this term and with a little more accuracy on his shooting, who knows.

    Good to see Bould on the bench discussing issues with Arsene. Early days but much to become hopeful about – Bill.

  124. Shotta – The best thing about these friendlies is that they mean real football isn’t far away.

  125. Yogi, u’re a (star)
    Might not know it now
    Yogi but u r, you’re a (star)
    U don’t want to stop, ’til u reach the top
    Sing it (We are all a star!)

  126. Been longing to see Bould, closer to Wenger on that bench. Would of been nice to see that with Pat still about but, no job better man to replace him than Bould except for Tony really. Our defence should be performing much better with Bould, about the place.

  127. Did you hear the women screaming above the crowd when the cam focused on vermaelen? Shit that must of felt good.

  128. AA to Fulham on AW’s watch is a terrible move…
    in fact AA to any PL team is absolutely unforgivable in my books

  129. The Verminator’s a dish goonerton..”everybody” sees that.

  130. I can’t but help in thinking how excellent Arsenal seem, pre-season so far. Is it just me? I’ve been very impressed with Diaby, Gerv, Aneke and Ox; also impressed with Jenks, Walcott, Eisfeld, Bartley. I’m not interested in the little mistakes.

  131. Regarding the clamour for M’Vila, there is an interesting blog on him today:

    Shotta – For me, any chance to see a game involving AFC is one to be appreciated. Even though I fully understand your disbelief in some of the reactions to the results during the preparatory excursions. Friendlies also give us a chance to see some hitherto fringe players.

  132. watching gervinho in that form is a thing of pure class..
    its old skool wing wizardry at its finest..

    he doesnt just take out the fb’s when he sprints towards the line, when he cuts it back he takes out the entire defence and the gk..
    there no way to defend it really, once hes in the box you cant even try to tackle him so he makes it look easy..

    we saw it last season lots of times before acn especially, and if he could grab a few more goals as well then what else can you say..he’ll have to shoot more to do that though

    i admire his ceative instinct when hes coming round the back but when he goes through the middle id like to see him put his laces through it..

  133. Zimpaul,

    No it is not just you.

  134. with the inexperience I saw on show today, AD2’s slow recovery + Jack & TR’s injury return dates, even if we get Carzola, I expect us to keep AA.
    We need him.

    Song & Arteta should not be the main creative options.
    Last season was an aberration.

  135. pedantic george

    I agree with Aman.
    I just don’t get it.Why would you let him go when he is a better player than any of the new signings and any we are chasing?
    Unless Arsene wants to get up to 80%+ possession and never take any risks.

  136. aman
    good point..

    i think in all the talk for us to sell the ‘deadwood’ ppl are prepared to see them leave to anybody, just to get rid..

    but your right, selling to PL clubs isnt really a good idea, even for our ‘deadwood’
    arshavins a massive coup for fulham he could come back to haunt us, id rather sell him to someone over the water..

    but if fulham are offering the only way out, i think weve gotta take it..

  137. the pre-season’s been ok.
    great experience for the lads and all
    but not much for me to “over-titilate” about.

    would have been nicer if Poldi, OG, Kos, & Per were with the team.
    I hope management’s able to add 1 or 2 more friendlies before the war begins.

    impressed with so far: Gibbs & LeCoq
    see a future for: Afobe, Eisfeld
    already dug: Nico, Miquel

  138. pedantic george

    JJ .How can our most creative player need to be pushed out.
    At the Euros he created more chances than all our other players combined.

  139. JonJon,
    “but if fulham are offering the only way out, i think weve gotta take it..”

    for a player of AA’s calibre
    Fulham cannot be “the only way out”!

    selling him at all is plain stupid!

  140. pg,
    “At the Euros he created more chances than all our other players combined”.
    ..says it all really.

    based on the info @ hand @ the moment, if AW sanctions his sale, i will doubt his judgement for the 1st time ever.

    bottomline: to keep playing him as a winger OR ELSE is as bone-headed as it gets.

    i’ll wait and see…

  141. i agree george..hes a top player

    i think hes an option for us in the centre..he fits russias system on the left but he doesnt suit ours..we play different styles arshavins job is different in the russian team..
    i think he needs to play in the centre for us now for him to be creative but AW doesnt see him as an option..

    he was special for a few years but he was dropping down the order and its not like he’ll be getting a new deal at his age would be better for all parties to sell..

    unless we have a total meltdown and rvp and theo are sold and we dont make anymore additions…

  142. JJ,
    he was special just over a month ago and has 2 years left on his deal with us.
    with Jack & TR out, even “the Universe” is trying to tell AW something…

    …maybe like u things need to get worse?
    …no Santi? no Diaby? no Rambo?
    …would u get it if we sold to Fulham and went with Aneke instead? or Ox?

  143. corr: …maybe like u things need to get worse for Arsene to see the light?

  144. Bill,

    This is Arsene’s post match response:

    “I think defensively we looked fragile, especially in the first half. In the second half not so much because we were not challenged. Defensively we have a lot of work to do as a unit to do much better.”

    So SB and Arsene are aware and active. Hopefully, that gives some reassurance.

  145. Arshavin hasnt done it consistently for anyone in 2 years now. Tosuggest he is better than any of the new signings, or the players we are linked to is too much, even for his numero uno fan, George.

    He’s a loveable, fat, lazy cheeky chappy!

  146. we’ve been lucky to have found each other….

  147. That’s AAs real position, the centre. He’s played there all his life until he came to us hasn’t he?

    Then he comes to us and get’s told to play on the wing. That’s got to like be like being forced to write with your left hand after 26 yrs writing with your right hand.

  148. aman
    to be honest, the ox took AA’s place last year..
    gervinho kept him out, as did theo..

    now we have podolski..

    so he’ll have to play in the centre..
    i dont see it happening buddy..

  149. I totally disagree Dex

    re: TH14 in his last season with us

  150. Arshavin’s only viable option is to play behind the main striker. BUT AW hasnt considered it for our lil Russian as yet. I have been touting this for a while now, along with others. But we can say it as many times as george wants. It still won’t make it happen.

    And I think AOC is looking like getting the nod ATM.

  151. that u don’t see it is ok, JJ.
    its AW and the team i’m worried about.

    we are just fans at the end of the day

  152. Goonerton;

    AA played on the left for Russia. As JJ already stated man. I think he has never had to put in a defensive shift in his career, till he joined us. That IS the difference.

    The team would need to be built round him for him to play well for us consistently. Unless he was used less often. Personally, I would use him sparingly, say 20+ games a season. I am sure we would see the best of him and in big games, he could well be the difference.

  153. Ox does not have the experience, guile or football IQ yet.
    Its like choosing to play Theo @ CF!

    sorry..not ready & may never be.

  154. goonerton
    AA’s been a left sided player for since forever ive watched him play

    doesnt anyone remember watching zenit when they destroyed everyone in the uefa cup?
    or whent AA destroyed everyone in the uefa cup?

    or when hes played for russia? hes on the left..

    its just a different set up to ours..

    it worked when we played 5 across the middle but now we play 3 uptop and he doesnt fit that becuase he has to defend and he doesnt like it, even though he does it, it hinders him, where as in a 5 man hes given the freedom to be totally creative and he steals the show..

  155. Dex,
    “Personally, I would use him sparingly, say 20+ games a season. I am sure we would see the best of him and in big games, he could well be the difference”.

    I totally agree

  156. AOC has ALREADY shown he can play that position. Sorry Aman, your AA blinkers need removing, they seem a little tight and are stopping the blood flow to your lil brain dude! 🙂

  157. Well, at least we have managed to agree on one thing today Aman! 🙂

  158. if/when we lose Robin do u think our system will not change JJ?

  159. Kudos to KitChee. In the 1st half they outplayed us at our own game. 2nd half a different story. My god! if Gervinho plays like that this season, also Walcott. We just need to work out a way not to let anybody into our half so we don’t have to defend!!!

  160. pedantic george

    “The team would need to be built round him for him to play well for us consistently. Unless he was used less often. Personally, I would use him sparingly, say 20+ games a season. I am sure we would see the best of him and in big games, he could well be the difference.”

    Yes and only for 60 minutes at a time so he can do a bit of pressing and chasing.

  161. aman
    another good point

    originaly the team was built around cesc.. 5 man midfield
    he fucked off
    it was then built around rvp..3 man attack..

    if we lose both and we dont sign anyone then the team has to be built around someone and it would have to be arshavin but i dont think it will come to that..

    and i dont think hes going to be happy playing bit part..he wasnt last year

  162. Ox has not shown shit yet Dex…you are the one getting too caught up in the hype.
    He is still learning, he’s shown a little something playing WITH RvP in front of him but without that calibre of CF in front of him (& Theo), I worry..

    would we be scarier with or without AA?
    thats the question..
    I say YES we would be….
    add a Santi and we’d be TOTALLY UNPREDICTABLY F**KING SCARY!!!
    especially if Robin remains.

  163. Many players come with great potential but many don’t live up to the hype. This is all part of the business. Take for example in the NBA Greg Oden. great player in college but once in the NBA injury after injury killed him. young players are a crap shoot. Some make many don’t or the famous Bible quote many are called but few are chosen.

  164. JJ,
    “if we lose both and we dont sign anyone then the team has to be built around someone and it would have to be arshavin but i dont think it will come to that..”

    the team doesn’t have to be built around “someone’.
    the invincibles were NOT built around TH14.
    It should be about maximizing the talents of every player.

    its one thing grooming for the future, its another thing mis-playing a genius ffs.

  165. ———francis

    beleive the hype aman..beileve it..

  166. aman
    your correct again

    the invincibles where not built around henry..

    it was built around bergkamp..

  167. building around someone might work for a 5-man game like bball but not football.
    …Barca IS NOT built around Messi
    Ronaldo has so far failed the Portugese…and its no one-man show @ Madrid either!

  168. Well what is everyone saying then, he just lazy or what? I don’t get AA. He’s got it all there when he turns it on but, something ain’t right with him at the moment. Don’t want to see him doing what we know he can for another team. Especially another PL team. That would be stupid.

  169. “it was built around bergkamp..”

    AW time-managed DB superbly and never needed to start him in every game.

  170. goonerton,
    “Don’t want to see him DOING WHAT WE KNOW HE CAN for another team. Especially another PL team. That would be stupid.”

    my point exactly.

  171. barca are built around messi..

    denis featured in as many PL games as vieira..

  172. corr: AW time-managed DB superbly and never needed to start him or play him for 90 mins in every game.

  173. JJ,
    “barca are built around messi..”

    …then you know not football, buddy

  174. Barca (& Spain) are built around a specific type of football best expressed by a certain Xavi Hernandez. The likes of Andres Iniesta & Messi were moulded to fit in.

    They’ve mastered & moved tikka-taka forward and are a testament to Barca’s academy.

  175. Aman;

    I havent said AOC IS currently good enough to be the main CAM. I said he is currently looking the most likely, given who we have available.

    You AA, George say AA, I say AA, but AW he say NO WAY! 🙂

  176. Arsene’s been trying to do the same thing @ the Arse but its been tough with the new stadium & all that’s come with it (interest rates, sponsorship deals, rogue oligarchs, thieving agents, etc)…BUT

    after last season
    I feel we are over the hump…BUT

    our captain’s opting out, a couple of our brightest talents remain injured, the young require as many of the experienced like Arteta, Per, TR, as possible…
    we can’t afford to be letting go of a genius (AW’s words) like AA now..
    we very much need his “loveable, fat, lazy cheeky” ass around, happily playing with mucho joi de vivre, entertaining and “leading” us to
    our PURPLE DOUBLE!!!!!!!

    ….and u say pay Theo 100k/wk???
    pfttffft…for what?

  177. “You AA, George say AA, I say AA, but AW he say NO WAY!

    AW needs some smelling salts.
    “They” say he’s betting on Sabti…
    we’ll see what The Universe says….

  178. corr: “They” say he’s betting on Santi…

  179. Another nice post yogi

    We have a lot of young talent on the team but that has been true for many years now. Other then Ox who appears to be a unique talent, I don’t think this group has anything over the last golden generation. No one in this group like cesc. Hopefully the thing that will make a difference for this group is that arsene is now mixing in some more experienced players with them. Perhaps it will give this group a better chance to succeed then the last. It would be nice if Aneke afobe ryo and frimpong could all go on loan to a PL team. Ryo started brightly for Bolton last year but i think and he needs more seasoning. Miquel looks like a good player and his versatility and ability to play on the left is helpful but I think he would also benefit from a 1/2 season or a season of PL full time experience. He is not going to be playing much so it would be nice to get a better idea just how good he is and let him make the mistakes that young players inevitably make somewhere else.

    Sounds like another entertaining friendly today. I guess the team is waiting to try all the new things that Steve Bould has been working on. No need to practice anything in games now since we can always turn it on as soon as the season starts. What fun is defending and preseason games are about fun and fitness. Besides why tip our hand and let the rest of the world know what we have.

    I am glad we brought some more help at striker. Chamakh just does not look like he is ever a real threat to score. I think he needs a change of scenery and to be part of a different system

  180. Dex,
    “I havent said AOC IS currently good enough to be the main CAM. I said he is currently looking the most likely, given who we have available”.

    so was a certain Rambo once.

    …suddenly i’m really curious to know what RvP’s main gripe with the club is IF its not money!

  181. I’d take Ryo out of that group Bill,
    With 2 seasons out on loan under his belt
    He’s good & ready.
    The rest can go.

  182. u know at the start of the summer i was one of those who felt we did not really need creative help in CM with Jack & Abou coming back.
    I take it back.

    we need it badly…2-players-badly
    luckily we already have ONE
    …Andrei Arshavin.

    fingers crossed we get Santi..

  183. i rest my case.

  184. oh yeah..and a happy birthday to me!

  185. Aman

    Perhaps keep ryo should stay but I don’t see him playing much with all the players we have ahead of him on those 2 outside spots. Gerv, , theo, Podolski and Ox are arshavin if he stays are all ahead of Ryo I think. I thought his playing time at Bolton decreased near the end of last season which would argue that he still has some things to learn. He is still very young.

  186. corr: “They’ve mastered & moved tikka-taka forward and are a testament to Barca’s academy, unfairly-low lending rates and La Liga’s unbalanced revenue system.

  187. Bill,
    “Gerv, Theo, Podolski and Ox and Arshavin?”

    an injury to either/both Gerv & Theo immediately alters our options.
    Podolski’s not really just a winger, especially at 27…
    AA’s definitely NOT…
    I actually rate Ryo a BETTER winger than Ox….

    Bolton overplayed him…CY Lee was injured or recovering…
    they had no one better

  188. corr: I actually rate Ryo a better PURE winger than Ox….

  189. Aman:

    True about injuries. Ryo is a true “winger” so your point is well taken, so in the end my guess is that he will stay. I realize Ox is not a classic winger but do you really believe ryo will be more effective on the wing?? Yeah right

    I like ryo too but how do you overplay a young otherwise healthy player for 1/2 season at Bolton? It’s not like they had CL, long FA or CC runs or other fixture congestion. Still think he has a ways to go.

  190. Anyone else think gervinho has a touch of the Archie Gemmil about him?, and does anyone else own arsene an apology for moaning when paid Dortmund under a million for Eisfeld rather than £30m for supermario,I think we may have found one there.

  191. What i saw today was a title winning team.Diaby dominated the midfield and even Chamakh looked sharp.
    At LB Gibbs looked really shaky today but Santos made us look much more secure at the back.
    We are 10/1 to win the title.Its like printing money

  192. i was going to leave it at that but ive got an hour to kill so i’ll explain what i mean in more detail aman.

    what we had with the invincibles was a collection of players who had been together for a few years, reaching their physical and technical peak at the same time, but essentially lead by one man for the previous 7 years..


    wengers whole era was built around him..they all reached their peak in that one amazing year but have no illusions that denis wasnt the leader of the arsenal revolution and THE key player in any version of wengerball….

    their should have been a statue of him outside as well…

    as for messi and barca..they defend by attacking..if you take a 60 goal and 40 assist or whatever it is striker out of that system how the fuck do you score the goals that help you defend by attacking..

    of course its built around messi..otherwise its just a bunch of tippy tappers who lack consistency over an entire season

  193. Looks like we’re in with a real shout of the first GB medal in the women’s cycling – gripping finish.

  194. Sorry Aman, but Ryo is going out on loan I think. I knew this agreeing thing wouldn’t last! 🙂

  195. s’ok Dex…if he goes, he goes.

    “of course its built around messi..otherwise its just a bunch of tippy tappers who lack consistency over an entire season”

    u mean the same tippy-tappers that’ve just won back-to-back European cups & a world cup?

    now I’m worried about u, buddy…

  196. aman
    hence the reason why i said over an entire campiagn

    over 6 games is diffrerent and to be fair the last one they won was the first they did it without using strikers properly..

    it could have been a one off…like when greece did it with 11 gks that year…

  197. “wengers whole era was built around him..they all reached their peak in that one amazing year but have no illusions that denis wasnt the leader of the arsenal revolution and THE key player in any version of wengerball….”

    i must never forget you are ENGLISH.
    the whole divide & conquer, “there must be a king or queen” thing is an absolute reality for you.

    sorry, but he leader of the revolution was…AW

    we had a captain…Patrick Vieira who led by example..grit, passion, cajones
    DB led by example. Though he rarely travelled by air, he was accommodated.
    TH led by example by his goal efficiency

    all thats being asked is to accommodate AA by playing him in his best position.
    too much to ask so far i guess….

    with Cesc & Robin as focal points, we’ve won …NADA!

  198. JJ,
    “over an entire campaign??”

    The world cup is as tough as it gets followed by the Euros.
    Its a fairer yardstick to measure team tactics by than a league.
    The richer teams usually have the edge in leagues.

    as much as i don’t drool over their style of play,
    Spanish football is the best football on Earth right now.
    its 2012..u must admit they honestly outplay everyone at the moment

    watching players like Carzola is as much a joy as watching AA doing his thing.
    i’m seeking a hybrid

  199. wtf has me being english got to do with anything, aman
    bergkamps dutch..

    bit of a low blow there dude..

    i still disagree.bergkamp had a huge impact on how we play now..

  200. pedantic george

    Aman,who is this Corr person you have been talking to of late?
    And a very happy birthday to you

  201. i’m seeking a hybrid:

    World-flavoured wengerball + some authentic tippy-tappy sprinkled with some russian roulette
    wrapped in purple red & white!

  202. happy birthday you loveable little idiot 😉

  203. JJ, english-in-philosophy not personnel… PG, thanks for the hbd

  204. Aman;

    Happy birthday.

    YOu are crackers BTW. 🙂

  205. i must never forget you are ENGLISH.
    the whole divide & conquer, “there must be a king or queen” thing is an absolute reality for you.

    what thee fuck is that all about old chap.

  206. Thanks JJ….my co-idiot @ Yogi’s (smiley face)

  207. Happy Birthday Crackaman. 🙂

    And well done Lizzie for getting our first medal of the Olympics. 😀

  208. “i must never forget you are ENGLISH.
    the whole divide & conquer, “there must be a king or queen” thing is an absolute reality for you.”

    What next? All Africans are physically strong but lack discipline. Latin nations have a hot temper. Scots are mean etc etc etc etc
    Talk about lowering the level of debate. Jeez.

  209. dukeg..
    the whole divide & conquer thing, “there must be a king or queen”….

    means… that EVERYTHING must be broken down to the individual….

    not the team, group, bunch, bloggers…

  210. does anyone really have a stiff upper lip?

  211. forgive me guys,
    please omit the ENGLISH in that statement.
    it was the wrong illustration in these PC times..

    i apologize.

  212. no worries Aman, us english are a forgiven bunch!

  213. forgiving i mean.

  214. corr: it was the wrong word to use….

  215. ‘Scots are mean’

  216. thanks JonnyCrack….

    I need your forgiveness too, steww… a RASER?

  217. pedantic george

    Ha ha Aman slipped into Hunter mode for a moment.
    Come on FFS .People are so PC these days you cant say fuck all without someone flinging their toys .Especially you ENGLISH bastards

  218. Thanx Dex, u know u sell me the stuff

  219. piss off george you sweaty sock.

  220. possibly i miss the bugger, pg

  221. or was it just JJ?

  222. I blame the Romans stew, I mean what have they ever done for us?….

  223. i’m still waiting steww….

  224. no probs aman
    slip of the tongue hey old chap.

  225. all good JJ,
    would just love to see our russian stay, purple-double and retire with us…
    like TR.

  226. ok you can keep him.

    but you cant keep chamakh, park and can only save one.

  227. Jack’s not back till October.
    poor chap….but he’s strong one
    he’ll come good.

    thankfully no injuries in Asia.

  228. Jonjon, John major-he had a stiff upper lip, like a ventriloquist dummy in fact-the English bastard!-sorry

  229. loads of empty seats at these olympics…none at the beach volleyball though for some reason.k

  230. U forgot Squilly JJ…
    Eastmond’s forcing a rethink…
    Lansbury’d better be friggin’ Pilro against Cologne (and in training)

  231. corr: Pirlo

  232. john major always reminds me of spitting image..
    he looked the same in real life as he did in the show..

    what an upper lip.

  233. pedantic george

    JJ ,I think Duke is a big Major fan.

  234. sell Bendtner, Chamakh, Park, Squilly, Mannone (+/- Eastmond, Lansbury)
    add Carzola (+/-DM?)
    loan out Aneke, Afobe, Ignasi, Yennaris, Eisfeld, Henderson + Frimpong

    keep RvP*, AA, Ryo, Fabianski (+/- Eastmond, Lansbury)


    *unless someone plunks down 30m…that just might do it.

  235. *and if someone plunks down 30m…
    “hello Yann M’Villa, hello Giuseppe Rossi”…. name’s Nostrathymus and welcome to the land of purple, red & white!

  236. Koscielny snubbed Barca to stay

    Laurent Koscielny has revealed he snubbed interest from Barcelona to sign a new five-year deal with Arsenal.

    The 26-year-old blossomed into the club’s outstanding defender last season after arriving at The Emirates from Ligue 1 side Lorient in 2010.

    His improved displays were also noted by the Catalan outfit who are seeking to reinforce their defence before the start of the La Liga campaign.

    However, the France international wants to stay at Arsenal, where he has “everything”.

    “I am so happy to have signed a new contract until 2017, it means a lot, notably that the club has a lot of trust in me”, he told L’Equipe. “In 2017, I will be almost old.”

    Despite failing to retain their La Liga title and falling short in the Champions League last year, Barcelona are still largely regarded as the best team in the world.

    When asked if he was aware of their interest, Koscienly added: “Yes of course and frankly it is flattering. But at Arsenal I have everything; I have a great training centre, a wonderful stadium and an amazing group.

    “I really want to grow here as Thierry Henry, Patrick Vieira and some others did.”

  237. FFS Shoot:

    Great news about the kos. Certainly was a great player for us last season. Would be interesting to know how any wage offers that barca might have leaked to his agent compared with what he got from us. Bet they were close.

  238. pg,
    corr = Nostrathymus (my spell checking soothsayer) name’s Nostrathymus and welcome to the land of red & white and purple!

  239. Bill – also interesting is the £220k that the Express says RVP is demanding to join Man United “so he can win trophies”. Apparently he wants parity with Rooney (so no wage parity inflation there…). Whereas City will only stump up £150k, which is only £20k more than we offered. Funnily enough, Juve were supposed to have offered £190k but have walked away cos they can’t afford the fee, or because Arsene won’t talk to them.

    It was never about the money of course, just ambition…

  240. pedantic george

    FFS,you are starting to sound like me.
    But don’t forget that we actually “know” nothing about what Robin actually wants .I mean Dexter is 100% sure that his main concern is the pastry fillings .

  241. Of course we don’t know George. Perhaps RVP could use his shiny nearly-new website to keep us informed? Seeing as he spoilt our summer by blurting out his come-and-get-me plea on it. Do you think he’ll be interviewing the Chief Executives of each prospective bidder to see if he approves of the direction of their club?

  242. pedantic george

    For the record I totally agree with you FFS

  243. Happy Birthday Aman.

  244. thanks sahil…
    to think while i was on here posturing with JJ
    the Brazil match was on…caught the final goal though.

    Now 10-man Senegal’s 2 up on Uruguay….

  245. I hope that whoever signs RVP if he leaves will know about the hands-on approach Robin likes to take. They better not be having lazy CEOs that take holidays. Robin can’t stand slacking off!

  246. PG @ 5.33pm

    But everyone seems to have their own theory.

    Perhaps the aspect of Arsenal’s policy he baulks at is the unswerving support we give to players who have frequent spells of long-term injury when they are unable to contribute to the club’s progress.

  247. FFS

    I thought the rumour was that we offered him £130k plus £5m signing on fee. On a 3 year contract that £5m is equivalent to another £30k a week.

  248. lol Evil…

  249. FFS @ 5:22

    Money is the root of all evil. RVP will get a big pay day somewhere somehow I suspect.

    Very happy about the Kos. If RVP is not around he is the first player I put on the team sheet. Be interesting to know how his and TV5 wages fit into the wage ladder. Top wages for defenders not on the same scale as goal scorers so it’s easier for the club to swallow paying them “market rate” I guess.

  250. Uruguay v Senegal game is incredible. Both teams trying to outdo the other for fouls and dives. Suarez is moaning about everything as usual. Looks like Senegal will take the 3 points which will make GB’s game against Uruguay very tasty if we beat UAE.

  251. Here on A-C-L-F radio the tunes just keep on comin’ down the track.

    Here’s another one for all you hep cats and kittens…

    This one goes out to Santi… Santi Cazorla. Take it away, Louis…

  252. Thanks, Louis. You stay cool…

    This one goes out to Robin Van Persie…

  253. I agree with george form earlier, we should make this site a more pc free zone.

    Glad them spiks got beat by senegal.

  254. arsenalandrew

    Presumably YW’s new blog site will launch soon – do you think he’ll tell us where it is?!!

  255. @andrew
    I guess he’ll make a statement about it on his official website.

  256. pedantic george

    He will likely leave us all here .
    Us not matching his ambitions.

  257. I heard yogi is selling some over priced t-shirts and all sorts of aclf merchandise now for his new site, apparently he wants to reward our loyalty by bleeding us all dry! keeping in the football tradition.

  258. Arsene on today’s game

    “I think defensively we looked fragile, especially in the first half. In the second half not so much because we were not challenged. Defensively we have a lot of work to do as a unit to do much better.”

    FFS Arsene, it’s only pre-season, what the fuck are you whining about!!

    Hope Rambo has a good run out tonight, nearly had a dream start.

  259. GB vs UAE is on. Now you guys will have something factual to comment rather than RVP and his ambitions. LOL.

  260. Mark lawrenson is one of those people you invite to a party at 5 in the morning so everyone will go home,can’t believe the bbc employ him, Rambo looking sharp earl doors for gb

  261. arsenalandrew

    Thought YW had another cracking season last year, can’t believe he’d do that to us!

    (Put me down for a couple of XXXL ACLF T’s Yogi – Yogi? Y O G I ! ! ! !)

    Right – on with the football …

  262. Nice post Yogi. Comments have been enjoyable as well.

    I do find it chuckle-worthy that every year so many feel the need to point out the non-relevance of pre-season performances. Its a football game people. Doesn’t matter that its the reserves or whatever. Don’t see the big deal in making observation on how so and so performed. Even a pub kickabout or street game gets commented on by spectators.

  263. PG,
    Les Atilleurs is bang on the money….”Will Arsene Wenger, a known Arshavin admirer, surprise us yet again by giving him a run of games in his favored position?”

    we wait & we wonder with or without Santi.

  264. pedantic george

    Its a nice read Aman.

  265. no is the correct answer to that little riddle aman.

  266. pedantic george

    What do you know about football Duke? Eh? Eh?Eh??

  267. Matt @ 7:47:

    We really could have kept a clean sheet if we wanted but it’s all part of a wenger master plan to lull the rest of the football world into complacency.

  268. pedantic george

    Bill,are you quite sure you have picked the right club to support?

  269. Strange game today.

    Negatives – Obviously the defence. Against a really really shite team as well.

    Positives – Gervihno, who looked really good. Theo played well also. Eisfeld; looks a very tidy player.

  270. Kitchee have beaten both AC Milan and Juventus in the last half decade. Pedigree… Giant killers… Underrated.

    Didn’t see the game – how did Djourou, Eastmond, Miguel and Gibbs fair as a makeshift back line?

    Should Kos, Per, Verm and Bac be looking over their shoulders?

  271. Limpar – Not really. We were all over the place in the first half at the back. No communication at all by the looks of it. Miguel looks like he will develop into a pretty handy player though.

  272. Starting eleven v Sunderland: Szczesny Jenks Santos Kos TV Arteta Cazorla Song Ox Podolski RVP

  273. Khalifha – you are permanently excited.

    You think so AA? Maybe it’s because i try adding sunshine and rainbow to this blog – Fly pretty birdie, Fly.

    Now seriously, its about time clubs like Malaga start paying for their sins and what better way than cherry picking their best players? Karma is a bitch.

  274. RVP will stay for one more year and go on a free next summer.The buying club gets him on a free and RVP gets a massive signing on fee.And we get the best striker in the world for one more year.And everyone’s a winner

  275. LA

    Djourou was his usual shiteness,Eastmond has no future at the club and will be loaned or sold,Miguel needs to be loaned out,Gibbs is a miles better LB than Santos but is too injury prone to put your hat on.LB is a position in which we really are weak

  276. womems football played by real women


  277. With Santos playing higher up the pitch, do you think that AA place in squad is under more pressure?

  278. pedantic george

    Elvis is clearly not much of a football man.

  279. I’ve never liked elvis.

  280. pedantic george

    Just because a King trumps a Duke I guess?

  281. Good to see Aaron getting fit with the GB team. He looks to be in good form – industrious and good movement as usual. Final ball wanting a bit maybe. Even if he’s not likely to start, he’s a very useful player to have on the bench and as cover for injury. Still loads of time for improvement – only 21.

  282. do you know meerkats are vermin and should be fumigated!!!

  283. Limpar – thanks for the Tim Hardin vid earlier. Such a shame he pumped so much H into his veins.
    Here’s another with an appropriate title:

  284. I see our lad Park banged another goal in. His situation at Arsenal is so strange. He hasn’t really impressed when he has played for us, but he has hardly played so he hasn’t really had much of a chance. Does AW just see him in training and think , “No way”?
    I don’t really get it.

  285. Wavey – It is strange, you are right. He actually looks a very good finisher, but has not had a look in at all. even when we have been chasing a goal and he was on theb bench. There must be somthing in it.

  286. On Park,

    It really is strange. I can only imagine that we did not take into account compulsary national service when we bought him. The realisation might have put Arsene off making him too essential to the team, knowing that he will be off shortly.

    Just a guess from available scraps

  287. :-@ %-)

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