Adios, RvP Talks & Love For The Club Never Dies

This is the BBC from London. A great Arsenal career has ended, the king is dead. Long live the king.

So Carlos Vela has left Arsenal. Did he ever really arrive? The flicks, shuffles and shimmies that offered a glimpse of a bright future have faded as he became something of a forgotten man – aside from when the party invites were handed out – and found a life more suited in Spain. Real Sociedad have announced his signature, Arsenal that he is in final talks. So long and thanks for the chips. His replacement might be M’baye Niang for whom Arsenal have agreed a fee with Caen. It largely depends on whether the lad’s head is turned by money on offer from Manchester City or the relatively real prospect of appearing in first team action at Arsenal.

It is a morning of interesting contrasts, nu skool and old school footballing love. The media is obsessing on whether Robin van Persie is going to have a meeting at Arsenal over the next few days or not; on whether Arsenal has booked a seat for him on the flight to Asia at the weekend or not – have they even applied for a visa; on how Arsène will deal with the topic when he faces the press for the first time and the subject comes up. My money would go on, “He is an Arsenal player, captain of the club and I know nothing else other than what I don’t read in the newspapers“. All this from a player who loves Arsenal Football Club. That’s the love of today, the sort that gets under your skin but never into your heart.

Although a reported £130k per week will obviously make the situation more attractive but is it enough? Do you know, I don’t care. Whatever the outcome, Arsenal have to look after their own interests and support the manager’s view. He probably still believes that he can change the Dutchman’s mind if he wants to leave. The club should support that and forgo the financial losses (or opportunity cost). If Arsène believes that van Persie can provide a season of 40 goals once more, let the manager keep him as that player and try his damnedest to coax an even better season out of him than last.

It is an easy observation to make from the sidelines but in this time of money, there is a danger that the sporting aspect gets overlooked in any decision-making process. What is best for the football club? Whether you like it or not, that decision has to rest in its final sense witth the manager. He is the one who has to manage the squad, the inter-relationships within that group; he will know if the Dutchman is a destabilising force.

And yes, turning down £15m or whatever the club might have received is a difficult decision. It is not easy but a line has to be drawn with the money men. They cannot be allowed to consume every single policy at the club. I am sure that some of the hierarchy feel betrayed, are dismayed by the statement on his hastily reconstructed revisionist website. Those same people bemoan the old school love of the player who came from the terraces.

If they want to know where that love has gone, look no further than the Reserve Team Manager, Terry Burton,

It was difficult to leave Sheffield Wednesday because we had a very successful end to last season. We got promotion, winning 10 and drawing two of the 12 games we were involved in and it is a big club in terms of where it could go.

That’s what he gave up. Why?

But the fact it was Arsenal was the pull. I supported Arsenal as an 11-year-old, and stood on the North Bank and occasionally went to the Clock End. I came to the Club as a 12-year-old, when Billy Wright was manager, so there is an association there that goes back a long way…It remains a fantastic club and I have always felt that. It is great to be back.

There you go. A bit Jumpers for Goalposts but that is what is sometimes missing from today’s football. Wearing a replica shirt is easy, anyone can do that. Having a club get into your heart is an altogether different matter. Yes, today’s players tell us of their love for a club – any club – and it seems that now it is as easily transferrable as themselves. A lack of sincerity.

Burton‘s advice to youngsters and reminscing of the Billy Wright era dovetails nicely with Vela at the beginning of today’s post and also of the post at Arsenal On This Day. Talent opens the doors, hard work is the wedge that keeps them ajar, application of both propels you through.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Vela had the talent, yet like your final statement not the hard work to keep the Arsenal door open long enough to impose that talent. while with his loans to get a permit did he ever get the feel and chance to grow as an Arsenal door player?

  2. Yeah,I had to. 1st.

  3. *door* not sure how that got in my closing sentence…blasted smart phones! What peoples views on Vela had he be involved this season? Would he fit our current system/formation?

  4. Blimey Yogi! What time do you call this?

  5. I predict that you guys will fend off a couple of bids this window in the 15-18mil ballpark, and that RVP will still be with Arsenal this season. He will put in a good effort leaving you nicely placed around Christmas, and come the january window you will let him go for a figure in the 10-15mil range. Which I suppose wouldn’t be a bad scenario.

  6. The final decision on Rvp should rest with AW. If AW wants to keep him, the management should back AW. I personally would like to keep Rvp even if he doesn’t sign the contract.

  7. Darn, indecision. Vela never really got a chance at arsenal but, oh well.

    Football is really annoying right now? Especially Van Persie. For now, I look forward to the Olympics.

    From yesterday, stewart Robson is bitter. That’s why Bobby Gould set him up and got rid of him when he was Robsons manager.

  8. If RVP believes the £130k a week is not the reason for him leaving so be it,I still believe that “Soldier go,Soldier come”.there has been Arsenal before RVP and there will continue to be Arsenal after his departure. I only blame the Board for not spending more on quality players which have let the likes of Fabrigas,Nasri,clichy, to look for greener pastures,but on the whole Arsenal,Gunners made him what he is today.

  9. Aw do everyting to keep rvp

  10. YW, I loved those quotes from Terry Burton they are a welcome antidote to the prevailing mood. The final paragraph put me in mind of the author Stephen King who famously said
    “Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work.”

  11. I am with you at this point … I don’t care, or rather, I don’t want to care. The disappoinment or joy is out of my hands. What happens, happens. The are pluses and minuses to whichever is the outcome; He leaves for Juve, the plus is he will not play against us; He leaves for Man U, the plus is it isn’t Man C; He stays without signing new contract, the plus is we may get 4 – 5 monthts of real RVP play … before he starts trying to avoid injury, and it gives us time to ‘bed in’ the new guys; He signs new contract, double pluses all round.
    If Walcott has any sense, he will sign for what is on offer first, otherwise I can see AW getting ruthless and cutting him adrift prior to the Asia trip … and making him wait until after the tour is over before discussing where he may move to!?!

  12. I am convinced neither Robin or Arsenal will allow September to come with this stalemate. He will either sign and stay, or be sold. Both parties risk too much entering a new campaign without security. To be honest, I wouldn’t want it any other way. Do we really want to force him to stay, the press and pundits would slaughter us all season, every fall would be blamed on it, our captain staying against his will! And what of the honest (well for the time being) players who stay and are fighting for their club, their careers, what message do you send to them with him as your leader! You thought the Gallas issues caused problems…this would blow that one away!

  13. sahil

    i would keep van persie too, whether or not he signed the contract. there is only the small problem of the fallout from the statement. is he going to address it? does he want to stay or would he force arsene’s hand? what about the players, what about the captaincy?

    personally i feel that wenger won’t really care about that statement. and even if van persie gets on that flight, it is by no means certain that he is staying. if we have to sell, sell him as late as possible. why do them a favour?

  14. men like terry burton are a dying breed.

  15. Might stay. Probably not. Doesn’t matter they are just contractors. No more heroes anymore….

  16. What was Terry Burton’s role at Wednesday? It will be interesting what impact Bould has upon the setup after his promotion. Does anyone think this by any means is a step towards a possible replacement for Arsene?

  17. I would be surprised if RvP does not travel on Sat.

    Whilst he has said he wants it sorted as soon as possible, the onus is on the club to do so. If it does not get sorted and the season begins, he is the one that stands to benefit from that situation. Come December will be able able to negotiate with his next club for a massive signing on fee.

  18. ekure chukwudi

    i rili lyk dis article 2ru luv is 4rm d heart nd players this days dnt av dat 4 d luv of d money

  19. Frank – You have changed your tune. Only a week ago you were convinced that RvP was holding out for the good of the rest of the players and trying to improve the club. Now he is only a contractor?

  20. Yes I have, goonerandy. I learned something yesterday which shook me. I will never trust another football player again. They are all just contractors. As I said… no more heroes anymore.

  21. Arsenal HAVE to take a hard stance on RVP. Screw the money. We cannot keep allowing our players to leave season after season. We have to draw the line and unfortunately for RVP he has to be the scapegoat. Keep him and lose him for free and show the other players that we will not allow them to dictate terms. Walcott must sign or go. He was never that great but we must not sell him to Chelsea. Let him go to Liverpool if he wont sign. And please if something doesn’t happen from a positive angle soon I’m going to shoot myself. I’m tired of all the spud gloating going on in my office. Not even CL football is keeping them quiet.

  22. YW, I’ve so admired the strength of your posts and the guest posts of late, rejecting all the rabid consumerism, sense of entitlement, corporate “sport industry” greed that globally markets our beloved football – clubs and players – as “entertainment brands” and the growing player greed and snobbery of this modern football juggernaut. The interest is football, yes, but the implications are far beyond.

    But my appeal to Frank, and others, is to look beyond the way the media poses these issues, and recall that there are “heroes” at Arsenal, and other clubs too, but one has to look more closely now – they may not be the obvious ones. That’s my view. Maybe we should celebrate players who show their worth and principles, and not worry too much about stars and starlets, media darlings.

  23. Well, if you had just taken his initial statement at face value you would have been at this point when it was released. Not everything is cloak and dagger mate; sometimes things are just shit. And this is one of those times.

    He is a great player but does not want to stay. I trust Arsene will manage this situation so the club comes out of it as well as possible.

    On a personal level I am just disapointed with the whole affair. Disapointed in him for wanting to leave (understandable to a point though) and disapointed that the club cannot keep hold of our best players (for various reasons).

    But still optimistic and excited for the new season. The only worry is what the effect will be on the other players. It must be dishearteing to see top players leaving every summer.

  24. I am too old for football heroes, ZimPaul. Just finished my very last one.

  25. Walcott will be in for a shock if he moves I think. AW has showed remarkable patience with Theo. Even his most hardended fans have to admit that he really can be bad at times; many managers would have just stuck him on the bench.

    He should be careful what he wishes for. Chelsea? Does he really think will be playing ahead of Hazard and Mata?

  26. korihikage- I just feel that with Rvp in the team, the new additions to the squad and a bit of an injury luck we could be in a very strong position come January.
    This time the decision should be left to AW and not the management like Nasri.

  27. I rarely take anything at face value, goonerandy. As with all things I had to prove it to myself. I looked in every corner. Evaluated all that I read. Talked to several people. Weighed it all up. Rehashed it. Resifted it. Revised it. Then yesterday someone spoke to me about Dubai.

  28. Frank- What have you learned yesterday?

  29. We could do no better than start with Rosicky, recall that Vermaelen openly says he wants to end his career at Arsenal, understand usually quiet Sagna better and his performances, and even Arteta who apparently took a pay cut to play at Arsenal and the football reasons for that. We may appreciate Ramsey more, and Jenkinson too; perhaps Wilshere and Diaby to whom the club has been so loyal. Never mind the “football spine” people refer to, there is another type of “spine”.

  30. @GunnerGuru,
    You talk a welcome bit of sense. Surely we have learnt from the shambles of last year.
    This whole business must be cleared up by the end of this week if possible.
    At all costs, RVP must be transferred in order to preserve harmony within the Club.

  31. Frank – Fair enough. By Dubai, I take it you mean M City? No surprises there I suppose.

    I would like the club to take the following stance:

    “if you want to leave, that is fine. Our valuation is £xxM. You can go for that price, however you will not be sold to one of our competitors (ie.e any other PL club)”

    The club would save some face, not strength a rival, and still make some cash. If he is not happy with that, he will have to see his contract out and we will have some excellent forward options for the coming season.

  32. Sensational Arsenal


    Could you tell us what was it you learned that shook you?

  33. I am referring to his holiday in Dubai

  34. And was it all night long?

  35. Your wording and timing are wrong, goonerandy

  36. FFS , now is the time to make a stand. Now is the time to stop acting like a marketing oriented firm, and more like an actual football club. I love RVP, i really do , but i’d rather have him stay one more year at the club, happy or not, to send a message that we will never ever be bullied again, neither by players nore by other clubs. I do realise that not matter what explanations we come up with, or however we try to analyze it, we have absolutely no idea what “Wenger, RVP or the board” have in mind. All that us fans want, at the end of the day, is to kill the notion that our club is weak, pathetic, feeding other clubs with their gems. We want to be giants again….we want to be feared and respected. And it doesnt matter who gets to be made a scapegoat in the process, even RVP….

  37. Sensational Arsenal

    Ah.Well Frank, remember that piece by Consolsbob? He talked about AW still standing amidst all of this. The players might not be a grateful lot, but we still have the main man crazily loyal towards Arsenal. How many clubs can say that?

    For a brighter perspective, we are not the playstation team for some infantile rich guy and being managed by Mark Hughes. Not yet atleast.

  38. Frank do you mean his mid-season break? Who did he meet up with out there apart from Maradona?

    Raul, I could live with your scenario as long as he does not go to the mancs. It would allow time for the new boys to bed in and he will have to play well to get a contract.

    “Talent opens the doors, hard work is the wedge that keeps them ajar, application of both propels you through.” Hear, hear!

    I think we are moving away from the flashy talents and going more for the hard-workers. I suspect we will have more success with them as they seem to be mentally tougher and willing to roll their sleeves up when required rather than blame their team mates when things are not going well.

  39. Frank – Which bits?

  40. Yes I do, Passenal. I don’t know exactly who, I am trying to find out more.

  41. Frank – If he has met with City officals, he is no better than Ashly Cole in that respect. Which will be a real shame as I am a RvP fan, but my opinion will swiftly change if this turns out to be the case.

  42. didnt sagna go to dubai recently as well? please keep our players away from that cursed place.

  43. Sensational Arsenal

    Sagna went for rehab

  44. i think rvp is a gone case if even frank has given up.

  45. Sensational

    i know he went there for rehab. but better safe than sorry, keep our players far away from that cursed land.

  46. The obvious reason to go is guaranteed sunshine, especially in the English winter. However you only have to look at reports regularly coming out of Emirates 24/7 to see which way they swing when it comes to Arsenal. That particular organ clearly has a Little Manc agenda.

  47. Passenal

    basically i think basically van persie doesn’t need to play for a contract. i think the contract from other teams is already there. he just needs to make sure he doesnt suffer any injury to sign that contract. i don’t think shitty will retract their offer if he doesnt score. unless the next big thing comes up of course…

  48. There should be no place for the current Little Manc set up in football. Let’s get the bastards.

  49. The current situation with this particular player is a cynical attempt to destabilise Arsenal

  50. I reckon RVP will travel on the tour, otherwise its basically saying we are ready to let him go, right after saying hes going nowhere. The club has got to stick to that if they want to get a decent price for him – because i reckon thats where we are right now. If no one offers the price he is worth in the clubs eyes then he goes nowhere. He cant stay as captain though…

    I wish Carlito all the best, hes a decent player probobly best suited to la liga. Sometimes it just doesnt work out at a club.

  51. Excellent piece, Yogi. Strong words, calmly written.

    I think, this time, that you are onto something real, Frank.

    Destabilising rivals has always been a business tactic of the ruthless.

    That this would be attempted in football, which is becoming a tool of the ambitious mega rich in a far wider battlefield to become top dog, would seem very likely.

    In the meantime, while the embers still glow, Zimpaul gives us a viable means of enjoying the game for a few more years before it implodes.

  52. I don’t think it is. M City are loaded and simply want the best players. It just so happens that we chrun out lots of class footballers.

    Why would they try to de-stabilise Arsenal? We have not really been a threat to any side challenging for the title for a while. I think by saying that M City trying to destablise us, is giving our club a bit too much credit. I doubt they are really concered what we are up to when they have Manure to contend with. Chelsea have been making massive moves in the transfer market so they again will be a threat. We are the least of their worries.

  53. Not the mancs per se, andy. Think Dubai. Think big, bastard companies and big, bastard oil states.

    Football is nothing in that world but a pawn.

  54. Bob – Really? That seems a bit of a stretch.

    It is simply more likely that we don’t pay as much as other clubs. Hence more players go to those clubs (or want to), hence those clubs are becoming more sucessful. Rather than an act of sabotage, I see this as more an example of greed in human nature.

  55. Limestonegunner

    Excellent, sober points, YW. You’re even mentioning opportunity costs now! (though keeping him is less obviously forgoing opportunity costs, I’d say, than selling him for the quick cash).

  56. From a football perspective there is definitely something nasty coming out of Abu Dhabi and Dubai. They may see it as emulating the RM Galactico model and they may think they are playing to the same rules. Some Spanish clubs have been using the press and media to destabilise other clubs for years. Why shouldn’t the UAE. As for Arsenal… producer of the sort of players they like in the team and more vulnerable.

    We have to get these fuckers. That will be fun over the coming seasons.

  57. If RVP stays his ego will force to score and play well. This is to prove to the club and for those he is auditioning for in Europe. It’s contract time andhe has to prove he’s worth the big bucks,

  58. It was clear a couple of seasons ago that Vela did not have the right attitude to make it in the premiership. He had the talent, but not the application . He is not the sort of player that is going to battle for you on a rainy wednesday night at Stoke. Spain should suit him fine.
    As for RVP, is it really the manager’s choice if he stays or not? I don’ think it was the manager’s choice to let Nasri go last season. I’m pretty sure the decision to sell Nasri was a financial one made by the board and not AW’s doing.
    I think Man City’s silence on the matter speaks volumes…

  59. slowly my conspiracy theories are becoming a reality…

    the bigger issue is that alternative business constructs will not be allowed to exist to offer alternative beacons of hope for “the people”.
    Values outside material definition and control are a threat to the ‘new lords of the world and must be crushed.
    As long as everybody has a price, bankers* will run the world….

    Spirits are being broken every day…
    don’t let them take yours Frank!

    * actually the employers of bankers

  60. Actually my spirits are very high, Aman. This helps put all the despite into one bag. Always a good thing, and convenient too.

    Let’s get the fuckers

  61. So Frank, you admit that you were WRONG and Rvp is not the second coming of Herbert Chapman, good to know man.

    I agree with the notion that keeping Rvp would be best for us, he will be 30 next year, hopefully few clubs would want won’t touch him even with a barge pole(considering his injury record/potential wages) and if he decides to sulk we smack him around a bit(literally), but i doubt he would do such a thing, surely he has too much ‘respect for Wenger and the players'(in his own words) even tho he has shown no respect to the fans(like Frank).

    As for Vela, despite the fact that he failed to get into the Arsenal first 11 he looked too good a player to have a mediocre career. I see him getting at least 15 goals in La liga this coming season, comprising of 8 chips, 2 fries and 5 nutmeggs – Just the way he likes it.

  62. Cut out the ‘admit you were wrong stuff’. It’s unnecesary and pointless.

    We have all been wrong at some point and quite a few of us have made complete berks of ourselves.

    We are the Arsenal.

  63. I had a dream last night. Was having a chat with Robin and he told me (exclusively) that he was off to Juventus.

  64. Personally I would like the club to hold him to the final year of his deal. Selling him for £15m should be weighed against the potential loss in terms of chances of success as well as financial loss if he is sold.

    I would also like Andy to stop slating Theo. he seems obsessed. Very odd behaviour.

  65. I thought you were supposed to only dream of George, Dex?

  66. Speaking of RVP – “The full has never been told”.
    Buju Banton (a fallen hero of mine) was prophetic in his “Untold Stories”:

  67. @consolsbob: “In the meantime, while the embers still glow, Zimpaul gives us a viable means of enjoying the game for a few more years before it implodes.”

    You mean it hasn’t already?

  68. bergkamps other leg.

    wow. Inteligent people talking about football. where have you been all my life.
    thanks guys- Frank et al.
    informative reading. this place is being bookmarked.

  69. I prefer to see players as contractors now. No more heroes. Feet of clay. But I feel the same way about our fans, Kahlifha. I have witnessed stuff that I never thought would happen in an Arsenal stadium over the last few seasons. Arsenal fans are no better than our players when it comes to supporting the ‘club’, whatever that might mean these days.

    For me this has now become a revolution. We have to bring down the Little Mancs. They must be exposed. It starts with beating them every time we play them.

    As for me being wrong. It was ever thus. Being right has never been one of my strong points. But then it is not something I crave.

  70. Frank is perfectly entitled to change his stance with regard to RvP. He still might be wrong too, hopefully! However, the abuse he gave george was very unneccesary, very funny, but unneccesary, nonetheless.

  71. The Little Mancs must become the pariahs of English football

  72. Nightmares Yogi, waking and sleeping nightmares man.

  73. It’s just a game.

  74. Dex – You dream of grey haired men? 😉

    I don’t slate Theo. I just give my honest opinion of him.

    Frank – Yup, I agree with that.

  75. Frank;

    never thought i would despise a club more than the Roman chavs, but Oil city are vile and their fans have changed too. Once they were witty, good humoured fans, now they are as arrogant and disgusting as their manager. Going to their still council owned gaff is an eye opener I tell you.

  76. Ok I apologise to snarky george, YWs pet monkey, for calling him ‘snarky george, YWs pet monkey’. And I refuse to comment on his achieving sixth dick in rabbit punching. Refuse flatly.There it is done. All friends.

  77. No expectations = no disappointments.

  78. No heroes; no gurus.

  79. God bless consolsbob at 11:00 am:
    “Cut out the ‘admit you were wrong stuff’. It’s unnecesary and pointless.”

    While we are at it, how can a well informed military person, in an era of “full spectrum warfare” by armies and mega-corporations where disinformation and destabilization is just as important as drones and rockets take things at “face value.”


  80. Andy; I am pulling your chain man! 🙂 Seriously though, had a very vivid dream. I was in a pub and RvP was there, we had a good chat, left shaking hands (no other body parts or appendages!) and he said he wanted to fuck off to Turin.

  81. Many City are simply the latest version of Chelsea. A club going nowhere, bought by a gozillionaire and then follows a period of domination. All bought of course. And I doubt they will be the last club.

  82. Dex – If he is going to leave, I hope your dream comes true. Well, the bits that you dare share on here at least. I would wager that there could be more to your dream than you are letting on 😉

  83. So, Expectation + Disappointment = Life

    How sad.

  84. I think there are different reasons for the Chavs and the Little Mancs’ ownerships are there not? One is a rich man’s plaything, the other is part of the major economic strategy of a nation. Building a presence. A bridgehead. Similar reasons to the building of Qatar’s abominable splinter in the middle of London.

  85. Sky would quite happily suck football dry, watch it implode and even report on it in a faux sincere, hand wringing sensationalist fashion. For about a week, before moving on, leaving football in tatters and then hyping up crown green bowls, or some other past time.

    They are as much to blame as anyone for the current state of football in my opinion. Great coverage, etc, but still they are as much of a cancer as agents, sugar daddies, glory hunting know it all fans and apologist hacks & greedy narcisistic, racist, arrogant footballers.

  86. Indeed it does, dkgooner. You can’t and mustn’t insulate yourself. Take the rough with the smooth.

  87. I hate cities systematic dilution of our playing talent. It has left me feeling like the Ajax team of the mid nineties.

  88. Sliver, not splinter

  89. “I really like Arsenal. But you, Do you really like Arsenal? or just Arsenal with trophies?’- DB10

  90. Well I like something and I call it Arsenal. Not sure what it is though, and it might be different to something you call Arsenal.

  91. Ah Dubai!
    Wonderful isn’t it? Wasn’t it? Hanse Cronje, Danish Kaneria, every Godfather from Karachi and Mumbai chilling next to some half built buildings, half buried beneath the sand. BCCI, Jimmy Cricket, the grand Durbar with the Maharaja of Qatar mingling with the great Gas Khans on the Parisian and London property markets? (someone had to keep the market in the black!)

  92. Nope consolbob, i must savour every victory, Although this one leaves a sour taste in the mouth.

    Hmmm, i just can’t accept that Rvp is leaving, am i the only one that feels that way?

    2009 – Opening match Arsenal 6 vs Everton 1


    -Sagna Gallas Verm Clichy

    -Song Denilson Cesc

    -Bendther Rvp Arshavin

    How many of these players will start come 18th August? What happens in another 3 years? Am i supposed to enjoy football any longer? – So many questions, yet the most important question is When do Arsenal play next? …. Err, seriously when?

  93. Go to the website and find out you fucking lazy cunt

  94. khalifha my point exactly systematic dilution of playing talent, we will win nothing so long as it continues ……

  95. ‘I must savour every victory’. Rally, khalifa?

    Many on here disagreed with Frank on RVP. I doubt anybody else sees his change of mind as a ‘victory’.

    The sour taste is all yours.

  96. Ha! I feel lazy today, turns our you’re right about something Frank.

    Dexter, i doubt your dream is going to come through man, one thing i noticed is that any dream i seem to remember after waking up never comes to pass! And there have been some good uns, i can tell you that 😉

  97. Sell him, re-invest the money to improve the squad and have faith in the remaining players. We’ve lost better and more important players than him in the past and will probably again in the future, it is how football works.

    People shouldn’t cloud over or forget the specifics of his statement, a fundamental disagreement with Wenger on how the club should move forward! Quite frankly decisions on how the club moves forward are f**k all to do with individual players, they either share the vision and want to be part of it or not.

    If he stays and some want to fool themselves that the whole thing was in fact the sole work of his agent then more fools them. I would imagine the same people will have used every expletive in the English language plus a few made up ones to describe Wayne Rooney when he did his no infamous u-turn.

  98. Yogi – superb write up, especially your closing sentence.

    I prefer to see RvP leave, but certainly trust our manager to decide what is best for Arsenal.

    Arsenal cannot invest in another season where the team is so reliant on one player’s goal production.

    Having an attack from a variety of fronts will make us a better team.

  99. Consolbob, then how do you explain this warm feeling in my belly after reading Frank’s comments today? Ha, am joking man, although i disagreed with him i wanted him to be right about Rvp, i still wish Robin would just apologise or something.

  100. I think you’ll be waiting a long time for that, khalifa.

  101. Bob @ 11:41 – My thoughts also.

    Disagreements and debate is what makes this place such a draw. Sometimes people are right, sometimes wrong. It is not some sort of battleground with fans on either side of the divede (not for me at least).

  102. Doesn’t matter whether he stays or goes. He is a contractor. If he stays he needs to do his job. If he goes then I couldn’t care less. If he goes to the Little Mancs, then he will become a pariah like them. If I were AW I would keep a very close eye on TV.

  103. Corr @11:42 – turns out.

    I posted a link of a scouting report on the Niang kid a couple of days ago, hopefully he will be worth the transfer fee.

    Silver gunner, thats it man, how can we win trophies when we keep losing players, someone here has said it before, it is a catch 22 situation.

  104. Steve – Good post. Bang on as well.

    Silver – Unfortunately so. Every summer we add quality players; of that there is no doubt. But as long as these players are replacing rather than suplmenting current first teams members we will struggle to improve. The Status Quo remains.

  105. Bored with this RvP thing now. But, as is the nature of these things, the circus will probably continue until the transfer window closes. Unless of course RvP signs for someone before then.

    Bring on the Olympics!

  106. “Talent opens the doors, hard work is the wedge that keeps them ajar, application of both propels you through. ”

    I had goosebumps when I read this. Amazing, Sir!

  107. No, dont sell him. Its bad PR to sell him, what messages are we sending out the other players and fans. Its not good for the club.

  108. I think Gazidis and Wenger have decided to take a firm stand and say “No, you are under a contract and be a professional and play out your last year”.

  109. Arseblog linked this. I agree with him about the final paragraph nailing the whole affair.

    “My advice to players who are offered an inordinate amount of money (or even are just aware of the potential to earn it) to leave a club where they have been successful and have a good relationship with fans is this – tell the truth. If you have a chance to earn more money, say so, openly. Say that playing football is a job and that you have been offered the same job for more money and you are going to take it. Don’t ever say that you are one of the fans unless you are. And if you are, never leave. Because that’s not what supporters do.”

  110. Jeff | July 18, 2012 at 12:22 pm

    The message we give out should be on the football field by winning games.

    We’ve signed two very good players, okay we could lose one but the money for him could (must) be re-invested and as a whole the squad could and should come out stronger.

    The only thing that should come from this is a firm policy within the club with regards to player contracts.

  111. Ahem Steve, again this is not Kfc, we’re not flipping burgers here at Arsenal, so you also have to consider other factors .

    It is more difficult winning trophies if we continue selling our best players, we will still compete next season(am sure of that) but with Rvp we will have a better chance of winning, don’t you agree?

    Also, i would prefer keeping Rvp than replacing him with another striker, i feel we would be taking a risk going into the new season without any striker that has Epl experience, even Adebayor was around before Henry got sold.

    I say we keep him regardless of those statements, whats done has been done, even if we sell him those comments will not vanish into thin air, we can’t change that now.

  112. Yup. If a player said that the cash offer was too good to turn down I think people would (albeit begrudgingly) accept their reasons.

  113. The UAE strategy of promoting the ‘country’ by creating a presence in football requires them to be at the top and stay at the top with the Little Mancs. Of course if it turns pear shaped they have a lot to lose, not just an unsuccessful football club…

  114. I don’t doubt any of that Frank. A shame that they decided the PL would be hte place to set up camp.

  115. Can you still get a pint at the Etihad? I read somewhere that the shard would be a no alcohol zone due to the ownership.

  116. Both PSG and the Little Mancs are now owned by countries. Abu Dhabi (UAE)…the little fuckers. Qatar…PSG. Not publicly of course, they are both owned by ‘Investment Companies’ but both companies were set up as vehicles specifically for their governments to own those clubs. Totally cynical. In the former case it is undoubtedly true that Dubai Media Inc (Emirates 24/7) helps to spread the word. It is probably the case that other media outlets some probably in England have had their palms greased. What a shambles…and we have a stadium with that fucking symbol on it. They must be laughing up their sleeves.

  117. Steve- Having Rvp play down his contract would show a firm policy from the club, I think.
    The squad is much better with Rvp in it than without him.

  118. Putting up a new building and not serving alcohl is a world away from stopping serving it at a football stadium. I would imagine the beer still flows freely at the Etihad. plus it will be a large part of matchday income. Cash over morals I would imagine.

  119. Frank – True.

  120. Juventus was probably a blind

  121. I agree with Frank’s posts about the posturing by Arab countries especially the one @12:53pm.
    Another question I had regarding this was about the Qatari Foundation, Barcelona’s sponsors. They claim to be a non-profit organization and they can still afford to fork out 34 million euros a year to Barcelona. What’s the need for a non-profit organization to do this and where are they getting the money from?

  122. If M City do sign him, it is hard to see past them for the title again though. What an amazing rota of strikers they will have.

  123. You do know you can get a pint in the UAE cheaper than in UK. The only rule is you have to be non Muslim.

  124. Blimey,franks “no more heroes anymore just contractors” line is one of the sadist things I’ve read on here-sad but almost true, we’ve still got the professor frank, city could never buy that man and what about corporal jenkinson doing a little jig with his dad outside wengers office when he signed,the heroes are still there mate, keep the faith, up the arsenal!

  125. The players are going to have to prove that to me over years, Mel. The time for branding a player a hero is at the end of his career when we can see what he has done.

  126. Qatar is an absolute monarchy ruled by a sheik. The royal family own everything, including QSI which owns PSG and the Qatar Foundation which sponsors Barcelona. The bosses of all these organizations are siblings, cousins, uncles and aunts. Same goes for Abu Dhabi (Etihad) and Dubai (Emirates). QF might be a non-profit, but the money comes from the same source – oil.

  127. I guess Saudi Arabia are next in line to buy themselves a shiny new football toy!

  128. khalifha | July 18, 2012 at 12:36 pm

    Funny you focus on the whole trophy issue, you see for me it’s not all that important. Yes winning one would be nice and how we enjoyed those in the past, but not winning one won’t make a jot of difference to my support for the club.

    I don’t like what van Persie did and how he did it, that’s good enough for me.

    That’s not to say I dislike the man in any way, or wish him ill, just think we should focus on those that do want to play for us and get on with it to the best of our abilities. Another 15-20m in Arsene’s hands would go a way to helping that.

    You never know, we might even win something without him.


  129. Red kangaroo you are nearly right. Abu Dhabi Investment Company trades one trillion dollars a month globally. And they have been doing that for atleast the last five years. That’s without touching any oil revenue. I suspect that’s what the rest of the other oil rich Arab nations have been doing.

  130. Maceo, but it came from oil originally. As somebody else pointed out above, with the advent of ‘peak oil’ they’ve all been desperate to diversify in the last couple of decades.

  131. I read ACLF daily, but rarely post simply because I don’t have time with my young family and long hours. Love Yogi’s work though and the comments are always great. Thanks to all.
    Case in point – Manc C and the middle east invasion. When you reflect on the past few years, it’s obvious that we’ve seen an increasing interest in the EPL from the oil rich. What hadn’t occurred to me was that what we are witnessing is part of a diversification strategy. Oil is finite. These countries must diversify to survive. Exposure to the EPL is just one thread in a strategy to spread their risk. It scares me though because I don’t think labelling ManC a ‘billionares plaything’ is realistic. This is methodical and strategic – I don’t think we will be seeing anyone get bored anytime soon.

  132. Heroes, schmeroes. That is the fantasy fabricated to emotionaly bind us to the game. The players have become as mercenary as the owners that employed them. I hold no ill will against any player that wants to leave. They may want bigger wages but like all pursuits of material items there is no guarantee that there will be happiness. We all make these decisions swayed by societal ideals of ‘success’ but do we all find happiness? Some are duped by the lure of success be it trophies or money but who knows if that always brings happiness.
    I like Raul’s point earlier. Personally I think we should sell Robin ASAP if we can get a good transfer fee,that allows us to buy someone and strenghten the team long term. However if the offers are 20 million or less then keep him and his price will probably still be the same around January which means we’d get a half season out of him and time to bed the 2 new strikers.
    Robin is in a tough spot. He is 29 now. A year from now he’ll be 30 and signing a long term contract at that age is more difficult than at 29.

  133. What I’m saying is that Abu Dhabi does not and have not needed to touch oil revenue since they dumped the British and American oil companies many moons ago. Yes it came from oil, but now, not so much.

  134. Great post yogi. Thanks again.

    I want us to keep both RVP and Theo unless we get a good price and turn around and reinvest that money in other good players, but in the end I know the decision will be made based on the amount of money we are offered. I hope we don’t sell either on the cheap. Events of the last few years indicate that the club feels it needs to make a transfer profit in most years and so far we are about 20 -25M in the red. Vela probably brought in a couple million but who else other then RVP and Theo can help us make up the difference unless we sell someone that none of us are expecting. Same thing next season because both players will be financially worthless. Holding on to them to make a statement would feel good but would be a hollow victory if the club decides its hamstrung for the next few years to make up for this season. My own opinion is that the club has been overly conservative and I still believe that, but since no one in London colney cares what I think, I expect we will sell one or probably both to the highest bidder and I suspect both have already been replaced.

  135. pedantic george

    So is it RVP who is now a “twat” a “cunt” and a “snarkey Little Manc,Monkey” ?
    Oh good .Glad it isn’t me .

  136. Good post Philmar.

    There have been some really interesting points made today, I can see the logic in selling RvP, but also the damage that could potentially cause too. Not just the media spin etc, but it could have repercussions further down the line too.

    Its unbelievably frustrating that we are in the exact same position as last year. Of course things are not exactly the same, the individual scenarios differ; Cesc was always going to go and Nasri was always going to take the money after a half season of good form.

    If anything the situations with RvP and indeed Theo are potentially a lot more damaging/ RvP has been with us for such a long time, has always said the ‘right things’, always came across as a Gooner, hell, he even supported AFC as a boy. While Theo just doesnt seem the sort of man to follow that well trodden path of demanding crazy money because he sees himself in a very strong bargaining position precisely because of what happened last summer and the club’s desire (you would imagine and hope) NOT to see lightning striking twice.

    I really want to blame someone for all this shite! But who? Oh yeah, Khalifha! 🙂

  137. If the King is dead, and now it seems there is credible evidence that the palace is simply holding back an announcement until the time is right, what is king-maker AW’s next move?

    Going by last year’s shenanigans, If we are going to move RVP, it will be very late in the window, a la Nasri. For two basic reasons; first, to get the best price out of the suitor in-waiting and secondly, to have the option of a new signing at the 11th hour, giving very little time to any other deep-pocketed club to gazump us by initiating a bidding war for someone who has the AW seal of approval. If this is the likely scenario let us hope we get another EPL-experienced, battle-hardened warrior to take on the Oil Sheiks, the Russian Oligarchs and the spendthrifts at United, Liverpool and Spurs.

  138. pedantic george

    Who would be happy with players like Jack,Jenkinson,Frimpong and Gibbs? Proper gooners,and seasoned pros like Santos ,and Arteta.
    We would likely be mid table but perhaps we could trust ourselves to love the players again.

  139. “I would also like Andy to stop slating Theo. he seems obsessed. Very odd behaviour.”
    C’mon George. Don’t take it personally. Sing along with me: No more heroes anymore, no more heroes anymore.
    Not even Theo. Nice kid though.

  140. Fuck the seasoned pros George, lets stick the kids in and slash the ticket prices.

    “£10 a game who wants one? Three for a score, win lose or draw!”

  141. Next seasons lineup;

    Yennaris – Bartley – Miquel – Gibbs
    Coquelin – Lansbury
    Ryo – Afobe – Arshavin(c)

  142. Whoops, forgot Jack! My bad, then again, he might be off too come August 18th.

  143. pedantic george

    I could get behind that team Dexter.I could.

  144. pedantic george

    But why have you left out Jenkinson and Frimpong?

  145. OnMeHeadSon – All good points.

  146. This for Khalifa. “As facts change or emerge, I change my opinion. What do you do Khalifa?”.

    CBob is right. Frank is on to them. Anyone who imagines that in a half-billion dollar (new) investment that decisive steps are not planned and taken to sabotage or undermine the competition is a bit naive. As naive as to think bankers don’t deal with drug-money and arms smugglers or to imagine Arsenal are not now being perceived as rapidly on the move and, realistically, amongst the main competition in the seasons to come. Ah, there are no Wenger-doubters amongst football owners and advisors you see, they deal with facts; they know who they are dealing with in AW.

    The decision to retain RvP to the end of his contract come what may now comes into crystal clear focus. It may well be the same for Theo.

  147. I don’t think it matters if a player is a “proper gooner” anymore. Cash speak a lot louder than tribal affiliation.

  148. Zim – You are presuming that M City see us as competition. The likes of Manure and Chelsea would be on their hitlist if that were the case. They will see us a treasure chest of resources, fresh to plunder each time they need a good new player.

  149. Grit your teeth and hang on; this may be the most adventuresome roller coaster for a long time.

  150. thatsmyviewpoint

    Reblogged this on That Is My Viewpoint.

  151. pedantic george

    Fucking hell,Its not like we are asking these bastards to play for peanuts.
    I tweeted this the other day
    “City have sucked the life out of the game and spat it back in the faces of real football fans.”
    How it is being allowed to happen is the sad part.

  152. Vela looked promising at Arsenal, can’t say really what has happened with that one. I thought the season-long loan might have helped him out a bit, but perhaps Wenger doesn’t see that. Good luck to the guy.

  153. Why is everyone so glum? I am rather surprised that so many intelligent eloquent adults here bought in to the myth of hero worship of atheletes who kiss badges and have publicists to coach them what to say or tweet publicly.
    These former gooners who are now cunts, twats, Judases and moneygrubbing glory seekers were no different when they arrived here. They all left their small wage paying club for the big wages and bright lights of north London.
    Except for Santo Mikel who took a wage cut to be able to bask in the aura of his holiness Arsene.
    Problem now is that dirty obscene money has entered the economy of football and there are alternatives to Manure and Arsenal. More teams are being bought to be play toys of rich owners who can run the teams without regard to financial sustainability. I can only hope it is not beyond the tipping point and that the rest of the teams can impose real and effective FFP rules.

  154. There will be a counter reaction to the big money trend, and we will see more clubs like FC St. Pauli.

    And if they can’t be pure of heart, honesty would be refreshing. FC Contractors, anyone? Or The Mercenaries. The Whores, even.

  155. GA, I am absolutely 100% certain that Arsenal and Wenger in particular is perceived is a primary contender and competition. We take too lightly and loosely trends and facts those in business quickly spot. They are not fooled by media idiocy of “crisis”. This is Arsene Wenger, courted without question by serious money, Real Madrid and PSG amongst others, and a track record. He is building fast now, from last season. Consider only the main purchases in one year: Podolski, Giroud, Mertsacker, Santos, Gervinho, Arteta. Add Diaby and Wilshere. Consider their level, six established internationals, two highly rated. This is serious movement. He took a team in some crisis from 17th to third. It is not to say the others are not top competition too, but you have an opportunity to poach an RvP, you take it.

  156. Forgot Ox.

  157. While I was one that had hoped for the best in regards to RvP this summer, I would have thought the whole City destabilizing, “build us up while tearing down our direct competition” plan was obvious from the start. (I had hoped it was done now that they’d won the league)

    Ade was easy to see after they took him, used him for a year and nonchalantly swept him off, and for me the kicker wasn’t the (insert favorite insult) Nasri, but Clichy… who quietly packed off to join the devolution while leaving us a few years before Gibbs was ready, but in a pickle about getting a replacement who would upset Gibbs or a backup when, to me at least, Gibbs wasn’t exactly ready.

    RvP would just be another in the line… even if he can’t see that he’d be a nothing to them, other than a pawn to be discarded at their whim. My worry is who else they might have already gotten into the ear of, because it seems while they take 2, they always have one laying about biding his time and probably chatting up other players.

  158. Also, if we are going to go midtable youth and not care… but at the same time make City public enemy #1… why not try to send RvP to United?

    Some reverse sabotage of City’s ‘parade to greatness’.

  159. Vela – i have been to Mexico and to London. I always wonder how difficult it must be for some South American players to adapt to life in London. It is a different culture – the weather, the food. I think Vela is one of those people better suited to life in a midsized Spanish town like San Sebastian rather than big cold impersonal London. He struck me as someone happy to sit on the subs bench and collect his wage knowing that when the game was over he could go party in the night clubs with his pals. He was like Ronaldo – a confident young macho nam who probably fancies himself a lady’s man (probably is too). Ronaldo had a burning desire to be the best player on the pitch, Vela had a burning desire to earn a high wage. There’s less pressure and scrutiny in San Sebastian and probably less off hour diversion.
    Not sure why but I get the impression African players settle in to the EPL easier than south and central Americans.

  160. Zim – But they will be poaching RvP, not to de-stabilise us, but to improve them. That fact that it weakens us is just a bit of a bonus. If they were trying to de-stabilise the competition they would be bidding for players from Chelsea and Manure. We finished 17 points (I think) behind them. We are not immidiate competition.

  161. Great stuff Yogi!

    Some food for thought from Frank.

    OnMeHeadSon, welcome and good comment!

  162. @Dex
    That’s because Andy IS obsessed with Theo. I can still recall the teeth gnashing from him after we had our full-backs back and Theo returned to be his old scoring and assisting self. If Theo signs another contract I am sure that the young lad will be responsible for a couple of capacious humble pie servings for Mr. GA. If he doesn’t … well,…

  163. This talk of city always buying our players simply to destablise us is more paranoid nonsense. As fans Arsenal are at th forfront of our footballing thoughts; but this is not the case for other fans or clubs. They do not go to sleep at night thinknig how they can weaken Arsenal football club. We are a side that realistically has fought to finish 4th for the past 5 or 6 season. We are not some sort of unstoppable force that can only be defeated if destabilised.

    It is like saying the Tories are spereading lies about the Green Party to destablise them; why would they bother?

  164. Its a bit rose colored to think that Man City has been specifically targeting us for destabilization because they are afraid of us. We have not finished above 3rd place for 7 years. If they were going to hatch some secret plan to destabilize anyone it would been the Red Manc’s or Chelsea. They have targeted our players because we have quality EPL ready players and we have been willing to sell those players. No other team meets those 2 criteria.

  165. Evil – I hope he does serve me humble pie. It is the tastiest kind. There would be no teeth gnashing from me when he is playing well. I gnash my teeth when he dribbles the ball out of play wunder no pressure 😉 I want all Arsenal players to play well. What a strange statement.

    Anyway, I am off.

    Laters 🙂

  166. Bill – That was what I were trying to say. Only you said it much better than me.

  167. @Andy
    But you’d be happier if he was off or consigned to a bench role as an impact sub, that much has become clear from your statements over the past several years.

  168. GA, why Arsenal players? how many Arsenal players does City want?

  169. Andy @3:39- Chelsea finished behind us last season. How come you think they are better competition to city than us?


  171. City have money, what on earth would stop them from persuing United or Cheslea players.
    If players want to leave, it is not about a willingless to sell, unless we are going to have a bunch of players at the club that don’t want to be there. That would be great.

  172. Paul N @ 3:58:

    “GA, why Arsenal players? how many Arsenal players does City want?”

    Why Arsenal players? See my post at 3:53.

    City wants as many good players as they can get. They will lose Ya Ya again during the ACN and if Aguero gets injured or loses form they might struggle to score at times. Who knows what strangeness rolls around in the head of Mario and Carlitos so they can’t really count on them with certainty. RVP is the most complete striker in the PL in terms of being able to score and assist. His importance to their squad would be considerably less then ours but he clearly would improve their team more then any PL player other then someone like Vidic and and unlike Vidic RVP is available so why not target him?

  173. Bill, I don’t agree with your post at 3:53. RVP is one player out of many.
    However, there are other teams in the PL and in world football.

  174. The simple reason why Citeh do not buy Man U or Chelsea players is that both of those teams pay high wages already. Don’t forget Looney was given a large increase to keep him at united

  175. Paul – See Bill’s post.

    Sahil – Because they have the resources to strengthen more than we do (and appear to be doing so).

  176. dups, why would that stop them? they don’t seem to have an issue with paying over the top wages.

  177. Paul:

    Perhaps it was City somehow secretly engineering the Rooney a couple of years ago. Did not work but if it was them but it was a nice try.

    I suspect City is afraid of ManU and having RVP gives them a better chance to hold off Fergie. There is no one remotely close to the value RVP would add to their team for under 50 – 60M (that I can think of) and even they want to get players for as little as possible so RVP is the logic target. Clichy improved their team. Nasri had an up and down season but was in their starting line up at the business end of the season so he helped them also. Ade was just part of their shotgun approach to building a team and he looked like the best PL ready striker that they could get at the time.

  178. GA – see my post.

  179. I think we are looking at the same thing from different ways.

    You say they target our players because they are good and we can’t compete wage wise as opposed to United or Chelsea, but they aren’t targeting our players specifically and they don’t think of the benefit of weakening one of the teams that has only finished 3rd or 4th recently.

    I say they target our players because they are good and we can’t compete wage wise as opposed to United or Chelsea, and they specifically target our players because of that and do think of the benefit of weakening one of the teams that has consistently finished in the top 4 for over a decade.

    I don’t think it’s a huge stretch. Maybe not some diabolical plan that was hatched like in a suspense novel, but I do think there is a method to their madness and it isn’t just ‘easy pickings’.

  180. Paul
    Chelsea & Man U are already paying well over the top wages.

  181. Paul – I did. I still agree with Bill.

  182. Bill, I get the RVP deal. I am talking about Toure, Ade, Nasri and Clichy. It seems they have a thing for Arsenal players. So, if this happens for ten years running, it is because Arsenal just love to sell their players to City?
    Arsenal is not the only team with good PL players.

  183. “How many Arsenal players does City want?”
    Stop feeding into the paranoia of the situation.
    City have signed 4 players from us – Adebayor, Toure, Nasri, Clichy. Forget the likes of Stuart Taylor who is bizarrely added in on occasions. Now at least 2 of them were welcome pieces of business, we did very well out of them, thank you City. That figure would be 3 depending on your stance on Nasri. We should almost be grateful to City up to now, they didn’t take players from us, they took them off our hands.
    If they are now in for van Persie it is because he is the best there is and is available because of the way we have managed the situation, “managed” or “made a balls of” depending on your view on the issue.
    Now in recent years we have taken 3 players from Chelsea (Gallas, Diarra, Benayoun), could have been 4 if horrible rumours about Kalou had been true. A horrible comparison that shows they shop in Waitrose whereas we shop in a pound store.
    United have taken at least 2 from Spurs – Carrick and Berbatov. It is what happens in football, bigger clubs take players from other clubs. Bigger as in financial muscle, not necessarily stature. Footballers will have their heads turned by money, we all would. You can throw around terms like feeder club but that’s just silly. It is simply the way football operates.

  184. Chelsea have signed a grand total of one player in this transfer window.

    dups nails it. Looney would have been playing for city had it not been for the generous 200k or more that he is being paid despite united winning “trophies”, remember that city had not won anything at the time Looney was demanding a move.

  185. There is also the possibility that we are the only top team willing to sell our players to Citeh.

  186. Paul – They have bought players from other sides to mate. They don’t buy exclusively from us. To improve their side they need top players. Not just good ones. Most sides in the top 4 have these type of players. It just so happens that ours are easier to tempt due to the other sides winning stuff and paying more wages. Ours are easier for them to sign.

  187. I here you dups, but City could pay more and it seems they have no problem with doing it. RM paid 100 mil for Ronaldo.

  188. Sahil – Marin and Hazard is two mate. This Oscar chap to follow by the looks of things as well.

  189. GA, why would you even make such a comment. I know they buy from other teams. My question is why would a club want to buy so many players from one club, year in and year out. Arsenal is not the only team that has good players, of that I am sure.

  190. The more annoying part about Citeh is the pure stockpiling of players. They buy a top player just for a short team gain. Then look around for the next ‘big shiny’ purchase

  191. Paul – Read the rest of my post. I say why I think that is.

  192. GA, you make it sound like there are only 2 other clubs in the world apart from Arsenal and City. I don’t think you get my point.

  193. By the look of things Mvilla, Niang, Ganso, Paulinho are all set to join tomorrow.

  194. Maybe not. But you are not getting mine either.

    Other top clubs pay more and win more than Arsenal. Therefore there is less incentive for their players to leave. Which makes it easier for City to temp our players.

  195. I was under the impression Marin was signed in January, my bad.

  196. As part of how we need to “get the fuckers”,

    We (the gooners) need to know each players contract situation so we can keep an eye on the player & prepare for all possible eventualities
    They can keep the exact cash figures, we just need contract durations.

    Now that we know we are in competition with parasitic billionaires, that never really worked for their money and have a flimsily-careless disposition towards crucial human values, we must up the PR battle against them for the good of football & protection of those values (& for the babies).

    contract sign-on date:
    initial contract length:
    name of agent & company:
    2-years-left-on-contract date:
    1-year-left-on-contract date:
    special tapping-up PR picture page:

    would work like a super petition…all the evidence you need
    we could call the site or page…”CANNONBALLS!…….all guns blazing!”

  197. Paul N @ 4:37:

    No other team has had or still has as many players who could help City and can be bought for the right price. Although they are not obsessed with it even they want to get the best possible value and Arsenal players have represented the best value. Its simple, no need to invoke a conspiracy theory.

  198. One thing that really gets my goat is the fact that Ade, Toure, Fab, Nasri, Clichy, RVP, Walcott, Arshavin, Wilshire (before injury), Rosicky, and the list goes on, played together in the same team, right? But they didn’t really manage to win anything together. Whose failure is that? None of them in this list can complain about lack of playing time. Why are they described as world class as soon as they decide to leave ( I don’t hold any grudges against Fab by the way – he really is world class). Do these players want others to do the hard work so that they can celebrate as champions? Who is going to man up and take some personal responsibility for their failure? If, in fact, the last few years have been described as failure.

  199. GA, yeh, lets leave it alone.

    Bill, so no other teams have any players that could help City. The Arsenal players have not been that important to City winning. I am not sure what the hype is around Arsenal players for City but none of them are big stars at City, not one.

  200. Aman; How do we get that information?

  201. Getty, good point.

  202. Getty,
    the last few years have NOT been failures!
    I disagree completely.

    Which other “big” team could have lost such a large number of players, built the 2nd largest & BEST stadium in the UK in LONDON and has not dropped out of the top 4 in FIFTEEN years despite not having sponsorship deals when compared to other “big” teams????????

    f’get the BS, we are an anomaly,
    Arsenal defies logic
    Arsenal defies the lies that presently run “reality”
    All things considered, we are the absolute MOST SUCCESSFUL football team on planet Earth!

    fuck all naysayers, doubters, doomers, thieving billionaires & simple lemming-footballers
    who by virtue of being spineless don’t see the terrible consequences of their ott-material outlooks!

    don’t u forget it
    stop peddling that “failure” crap!

    …understand the envy,
    we have AW.

  203. Paul @ 4:58:

    “I am not sure what the hype is around Arsenal players for City but none of them are big stars at City, not one.”

    I guess those players were never really that great in the first place and someone in the City front office has the same prescription for Arsenal colored glasses that we use. If the players were not that good anyway then we have done some great business and we should be thanking City for their generosity. Perhaps they are actually trying to destabize ManU by overpaying for our players and helping us pay off the debt sooner so we can compete with ManU again only this time for 2nd and 3rd place. While thats happening they use their money to rise above both us and the Red Mancs.

    (Just kidding)

  204. ..they had their best shot @ us last year and WE STILL DID NOT FOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    AW, IG & Young Mr Grace were ready this summer,
    losing Robin’s still painful but we’re covered, we’ve got OG.

    if Theo schmucks up, we’ve got Ox & Ryo..
    and can still get 1 or 2 more.

    (i am so fully-loaded..bring it on!)

  205. Aman, Getty did not say the last few years were failures. He is saying that if these seasons are looked upon as failures, by the players specifically, do they own up and take the blame?

  206. The funny thing about most of the posters who deny that Man City target our best players for purchase are the very ones who during these players tenure at the club routinely damned them as not good enough for the Arsenal. When they become employees of the Sheik they start belly-aching and complaining that we didn’t do enough to retain them.
    My head aches.

    For the record, it is my opinion, that like any good head-hunching firm, they target Arsenal because it is crystal clear to them that AW has made most of those he has signed into better players, as verified by the results over the past 15 years, and that these players are vulnerable to a head-turning offer because the club is determined not to pay silly wages.
    Who gave the example of Google targeting Yahoo when they needed talent to grow their search engine?

    IMO, next up for grabs is Alex Song. Sweet irony for all those who continue to slate him.

  207. Paul-N, thanks for clarifying my point. That’s exactly what I was saying. Aman kind of jumped the gun. I’m simply puzzled by constant bickering among our fans for what others are saying about the club and management. We shouldn’t demand players to be loyal, but expect them to take personal responsibility for their actions.
    It’s a very similar situation when the media criticizes Rangers FC for mismanagement that doomed the club and in the same breath they criticize our club for implementing a financial sustainability model

  208. arsenalandrew

    “I’d put on that RED shirt and run through brick walls for Arsenal”

    Ray Parlour

  209. Notoverthehill

    Yogi, once again proving to be above the average blogger!

    If initial reports are accurate, then Frank is par excellent.

    IF PSG are paying someone €2.75 mlns per week TAX FREE. The version I came across was in UKL (£)???

    It is now, that we can foresee the consequences of universal car ownership!

  210. The truth is that Man City has been great for AFC as a business entity. We could never have gotten close to 40M for Ade and Kolo anywhere else. Great bit of business. In the end it was the same with Nasri. I am not sure Stan knows or cares who won the PL last season and who Man City are but I am sure that he does not hate them anywhere close to the way we do.

  211. pedantic george

    Arsenal is a “top club” City is a “rich club” That people are not able to see the difference allows them to sit at a table they are not actually invited to.

  212. Getty, no problem. Aman meant well,he just misread you. Many are sick and tired, like yourself, of people talking nonsense.

    I am afraid that your comments make too much sense. The only thing that matters is trophies and the manager and board are at fault if we don’t win, not the players who are actually on the field. Strangely, these same players are wanted by another team every year. They simply cannot see how good they would be, if they stayed the course!

  213. sorry Getty..i did jump the gun..
    but i’m glad the safety’s off…
    …been a bit reluctant lately.
    must be the “absence” of serial doomers here.

  214. pedantic george

    “We are not some sort of unstoppable force that can only be defeated if destabilised.”

    I would say

    ” We are not some sort of unstoppable force that can only be defeated because we were destabilised.”

  215. Players have to take personal responsibility for their actions, so do the management, board and ownership.

  216. Maceo, but the players don’t. That is the whole blow wow point.

  217. If management, board or ownership don’t then why would the players.

  218. pedantic george

    WTF are you on about?

  219. Well, Wenger has full well taken responsibility for failures, did you know? However, when players who have been responsible for the club not winning things (since hey are the ones who actually play) should they not own up?

    Fact is the management and board are the ones who are sticking around to right the ship.

  220. pedantic george | July 18, 2012 at 6:03 pm
    Arsenal is a “top club” City is a “rich club”

    surely quote of the day.

  221. It is a mix of things. Over the years the team has had problems defending set pieces and has also been vulnerable to counter attacks. That is down to team set up. But there is nothing Arsene can do about the numerous individual errors that have cost us down the years.

  222. Players, managers, management & owners are all publicly decried when things go wrong…… can the AGENTS escape the public’s ire with the BIGGER crimes they commit?

    they are the ones totally enslaved and enslaving by money
    AGENTS are the real snakes….
    their identities & clientele should be made PUBLIC!

  223. dig that pg…i guess that makes

    Arsene a top club’s manager
    and Mourinho, Mancini & Fergie rich clubs’ managers!

  224. “The truth is that Man City has been great for AFC as a business entity. We could never have gotten close to 40M for Ade and Kolo anywhere else. Great bit of business. ”

    I think you are on to something important there Bill. And that is why we sit here and wonder why the fucc the teams aren’t banding together to enforce some kind of meaningful FFP rules. Teams like Aston Villa, Newcastle, Blackburn and Wigan probably don’t stand a hope in hell of winning the league so they don’t mind if financially doped owners enter the league. From their perspective the Shitty and Chav money has increased the transfer values they receive. So they sell off their Barrys, Lescotts, Parkers, Duffs, Milners, Roque Santa Cruzs at higher prices. It forces Manure, Spurms, and Liverpool to overpay in order to keep competitive so the Carrols, Downings, Ash Coles, Valecias, Berbatovs, Carricks, Keanes and Palacios are sold for far more money than they’d get from any other league.
    The Chavs and Shitty bring in the expensive foreign stars Robinho, Essien, Ballack, Robben, Aguero, Balotelli, Shevchenko, Mutu, Carvalho, ect. which increases the value of the TV contract which benefits the bottom line of these clubs without a hope of winning.

    There’s a lot of teams who gave up any pretense of winning the league long before the financial dopers arrived. They stand to lose little but gain financially with the financial dopers in the league. maybe that is why FFP seems doomed.

  225. everyone’s sucking off the money bags but many are doing it without any care for the long term viability of their parent clubs & leagues.
    Leagues many honorable people have sacrificed much for.
    that is the real issue here

    but you know this already Bill & philmar..?

  226. George:

    Arsenal is a rich club compared with the rest of the PL outside of City and Chelsea and possibly ManU depending on how you look at it. Even in the early post stadium years our wages to players have always been in the top 4 in the PL. I suspect our manager is one of the top 2 earners in the league as well he should be.


    There are very few teams that would benifit from FFP. Arsenal probably stands to gain more then any club in the world if it works but FFP does absolutely nothing for the large majority of teams that never have a chance to make the CL. In an ideal world every team would pool all of its money and then divide up equally, that way a team with a small stadium in a smaller town would be on equal footing with a team like Arsenal or City.

  227. shotta,
    “IMO, next up for grabs is Alex Song”

    ..who’s next after Song, shotta?

  228. Huh? What’s this rhetoric about honourable people? sacrificing much of what? We still talking about football, the art of kicking a leather ball around pitch for entertainment’s sake?

  229. “There are very few teams that would benifit from FFP. Arsenal probably stands to gain more then any club in the world if it works but FFP does absolutely nothing for the large majority of teams that never have a chance to make the CL.”

    That statement assumes the club is more interested in winning trophies than improving their bottom line. I am not sure if that is the case when Mr. Kroenke is the owner. He may enjoy selling his matured assets to the oil sheiks every summer at 10 times the price they were purchased though it drives me, you, others and Arsene batshit angry.
    Maybe Robin has come to that conclusion.
    Football is eating itself.

  230. Q2: are Lille the “Arsenal” of Ligue 1?

  231. ok Philmar,
    remain cynical…
    wait till your grandkids are left with nothing but porn for entertainment!

  232. I wrote here a few weeks ago I felt Arsenal are superbly well placed to ride the oil wave.

    No-one can compete with sovereign wealth aside from other nations but if the more conventionally funded clubs are clever enough to help the Sheiks and Oligarchs to redistribute their ill-gotten gains then that’s smart business.

    Let City et al clear our debts while we have the opportunity and don’t do anything silly in the meantime such as start paying salaries at a level we can not afford.

    That’s a judgement call only the club itself can make.

    The downside is that whilst we may be secure fiscally, we become ever-more reliant on one man. And herein lies the irony.

    The weakness of our sustainability model is that ultimately, once AW leaves, it is likely to prove unsustainable.

    As a club, we may annually set ourselves the target of a top four finish but that becomes a harder trick to pull out of the bag each summer we are unable to build, but end up, instead, replacing the latest batch of Wenger-modelled talent.

    Once he (AW) goes and we are reduced to having managers that are merely talented as opposed to miracle-workers, well, that’s when our challenges really kick in. If AW’s contract is not renewed in two years time, that’s the point when things become really interesting.

    My guess is at that the club may find itself with little option but to pay more in order to retain key players. Simply replacing the departed becomes harder and represents a significant escalation in terms of the gamble and the roll of the dice.

    But until that day arrives, should the club decides it’s current objectives render its ‘ambitions’ out of kilter with the likes of RvP, then expect the annual ‘cashing in’ to continue as we successfully siphon off the surpluses swishing around Oil City and beyond.

    Far from making us weaker, we gain from the likes of Mankini paying massively over the odds for all manner of players that were ‘once stars at Arsenal, who become merely streetlights in Manchester’.

    The profits we are routinely making from these sales are breathtaking. And they contribute to making Arsenal are a pretty huge business.

    And whilst as a club for the time being we may not be especially glorious in purely footballing terms.

    We ARE a pretty SMART business.

    And whilst AW is around to keep the side playing the most attractive football capable of at least appearing to compete, it’s a SUSTAINABLE business.

    Unlike Citeh.

    It’s been suggested that Arsenal have become a feeder club for the Mancs.

    On the contrary, they are feeding us.

  233. Philmar- Surely winning trophies enhances the bottom line better than selling players.

  234. Philmar, players have been leaving way before SK was the majority owner.

  235. ‘wait till your grandkids are left with nothing but porn for entertainment!’

    Aman,serious thing! look at the many of the “music” videos.

  236. Bill, what is your opinion on the NFL model where the teams who do not perform as well get a little help. First picks, etc. Does it make a difference to struggling teams?

  237. Philmar @ 7:21.

    I love to slag Stan also but in reality he has changed nothing.

    European football is coming to grips with the same reality that hit American sports, especially baseball and basketball in the 70’s and 80’s. Wage inflation went crazy and still is. A few European football clubs have failed and a few more probably will I don’t think football is eating itself. The reality is that the none of the major European leagues has every been competitive and only 2 -3 clubs ever have a chance to win. Football will survive just like American baseball and basketball because people love sports and they are willing to pay dearly to be entertained. Unfortunately Arsenal are suffering from the new world order and we will continue to suffer as long as we keep our current self sufficient business model I suspect. However, in the grand scheme of things there are still 2 -3 teams that will fight for titles which is not really a change from the way things always have been and will probably continue to be.

  238. We have sold to city as much as them nicking our players. Basically we have made a shit load of cash from them. Its only Nasri and potentially, but not definitely (I had a dream you know!) RvP, that we could say have been poached without our blessing.

    All the others went with little fuss and in Ade and Kolo’s case a few high 5s as well. Especially in the boardroom at Highbury House! 🙂

  239. Kroenke cannot be blamed for anything that is currently going on at Arsenal. he was brought in, simply to stop AU getting the club and he was happy to buy up the shares offered him and keep things as they were.

    I dont like him being majority shareholder, but he shouldnt be blamed for simply leaving things as they were.

    The sadness people have for what is going on with football, instead of simply shrugging their collective shoulders and going ‘meh’ is because it is the long term health of the game that is in real jeopardy, plus the fact that even more vastly and ghastly summs of money are changing hands AND at a time when the world is supposedly tightening its belts.

  240. arsenalandrew, I would only add that if we are resigned to losing certain players I’d rather we sold them after having extending their contracts.

  241. Dex, they did not nick the players at all, the players (for the most part) wanted to go and we made some dinero. My issue is that they seem to gaze at Arsenal every blow wow year!

  242. PaulN;

    That was my point. BUT in Nasri, he is the only one, currently, that I would say hurt us. Of course we were well paid for our pain, but still.

    I do think the knowledge we dont pay as much as the other top 4 teams is a key issue here. Although it would be fucking nice if someone, anyone, bucked the trend!

  243. “ok Philmar,
    remain cynical…
    wait till your grandkids are left with nothing but porn for entertainment! ”

    Then you are more cynical than me. I fully realise that there will always be a good football game to watch even if the players were allowed to pick their employers at the beginning of the year and even if they were paid 10 times what they are paid today. We go to watch the players incredible skill with a small ball. I’ve sat down and watched a beach game on Copacabana beach, a game of teenagers in the sweltering humidity of the Coata Rican rainforest, a dusty game in Morocco in a old quarry, even in downtown Rome I enjoyed watching kids playing in a narrow street closed off to car traffic. I don’t need millionaires and big names to enjoy it. Just a bit of skill and desire. That the current set up seems to create an unlevel playing field such that Arsenal are less likely to win the league won’t stop me from watching. they still play entertaining football, even if I realise most of the players are mercenaries the minute they left their former club to join us.
    How do you think Fulham or Bolton fans get up each morning?

  244. I hear you bruh!

  245. Bill,
    “Unfortunately Arsenal are suffering from the new world order and we will continue to suffer as long as we keep our current self sufficient business model I suspect…


    “However, in the grand scheme of things there are still 2 – 3 teams that will fight for titles which is not really a change from the way things always have been and will probably continue to be”.

    untrue. many won the league pre-skyy.

    “European football is coming to grips with the same reality that hit American sports, especially baseball and basketball in the 70′s and 80′s. Wage inflation went crazy and still is.”

    might have something to do with FOREIGN ownership, maybe?

  246. arsenalandrew

    Markus – I strongly suspect the club would prefer, in the main, to not be making these sales. I also suspect that AW and the board are sufficiently clued up to do the obvious in terms of re-signing key players at an early stage.

    I can’t prove that, btw, but if our starting point is Le Boss is non idiot …

    My point (and that of others) is we are making huge profits on these sales.

    Now if we were doing the opposite as evidenced by Liverpool (Carroll) and Chel$ki (Shevy, maybe Torres in the future), then that would be an entirely different matter.

  247. Players are not mercenaries simply because they choose to leave a club. No one is calling Drogba a mercenary for leaving Chelsea, even though he is making more money.

  248. Shotta @ 11:06 am,

    A true spiritual classic. Many thanks

  249. Dex:

    Is the health of the game really suffering? TV ratings and international exposure are up. People still come to games and spend tons of money and always will if what happened in America is any guide. Many think the PL title race was the most exciting in history this year and it was great world wide theater. Title race in La Liga was tight and exciting again. Some of the small clubs are suffering and a few will fail but in the global scheme of things no one has ever cared about that. The majority of smaller clubs will continue to sell to bigger clubs and they will continue to get players who are not good enough for the big time and pay them accordingly and survive while fighting to avoid relegation. The competitive landscape of the game has not really changed, its just that the teams with owners that are willing to spend their own money and overpay are now at a big advantage and that hurts Arsenal.

  250. Philmar

    Most people on here are happy that we play good attractive football. It isnt all about winning stuff for a lot of Gooners. However, it seems more and more players demand not only to be well paid, they want the trophies too.

    Add to that the clamour for this Arsenal side to end its drought, with accusations of exorbitant season ticket prices as well as sneering hacks and media pundits and it is a recipe for disaster.

    Things would be far better all round, including for the likes of Scunthorpe, Grimsby, never mind Bolton and Fulham if things were on a level p(l)aying field.

  251. That said, I can’t bring myself to go watch the local team Toronto FC, even when they had Danny Dichio.

  252. Bill;

    Gates for games are down, prices are up and the drama of last season is mainly Sjy fed hype man.

    I know you yanks dont have much history, but when I saw long term health, I dont mean in 5 minutes time! 🙂

  253. saw = say*

  254. Philmar,
    “How do you think Fulham or Bolton fans get up each morning?”

    ..i don’t know…how do they get up in the morning Philmar?

    i get it that the game is bigger than Arsenal, but without heroes whats there for a kid to aspire for? or anyone for that matter?

    its like saying to an orphan that if he does not conform and be part of a regular family immediately he’s nothing but an organ donor

    but this same order” sanctions discontinuous unions??
    go figure ……

    btw, thats quite a lot of places you’ve watched the beautiful game in u lucky travelling man u!

  255. corr: might have something to do with irresponsibly-greedy FOREIGN ownership, maybe?

  256. Though Frimpong is my hero, I do think it is better for “hero’s” to be people who you know well and not some sports figure or singer you only see on TV.

  257. For the record, it is my opinion, that like any good head-hunching firm, they target Arsenal because it is crystal clear to them that AW has made most of those he has signed into better players, as verified by the results over the past 15 years…

    Absolutely, Shotta. After all, who would be in a finer position to appreciate the value of Arsene’s Superstar Academy than a graduate like Vieira?

    City target our players because Vieira understands that Arsene knows.

  258. lol Dex….”I know you yanks dont have much history, but when I saw long term health, I dont mean in 5 minutes time!”

    c’mon Bill,
    ’tis the ‘ol stick (up) & move…then “on to the next one” routine
    ….e-m-p-i-r-e !

  259. c’mon Paul-N,
    do ya really need to KNOW Jesus..

    …or Jesus Navas to dig their game?

  260. It’s simple PG. Maceo thinks that because the manager hasn’t been sacked for underperformance, the players won’t accept their responsibilities either

  261. ffshoot,
    “City target our players because Vieira understands that Arsene knows”.

    pV’s a lazy twat parasite…perfect Mansoor employee…
    …rich without sweat.


  262. I can get with that ffshoot. PV tapped up Nasri for crying out loud. I am still shocked by that.

  263. pedantic george

    “Aman,serious thing! look at the many of the “music” videos.”
    He hasn’t got the time Paul,he is too busy posting here whilst watching internet porn on another browser .Like the rest of us.

    WHAT???? Yeh ,course you lot don’t.

  264. “Things would be far better all round, including for the likes of Scunthorpe, Grimsby, never mind Bolton and Fulham if things were on a level p(l)aying field.”

    Trust me, I completely understand where you and Aman are coming from. Your perspective from the point of view of the fan is commendable.

    What I am trying to say is that the people who make the decisions about the game: the owners, the twats in the FAs and FIFA and UEFA and even the players don’t share that point of view. They look at the bottom line, their bottom line and decisions are made in their interests rather than mine and yours.
    A competitive set up with FFP would help the fans of Fulham but I don’t know if it would help Mr. Fayed. I doubt if Mr. Fayed concerns himself any more about a level playing field. He probably welcomes Abramovich and the Shitty oil riches since their involvement in the EPL has brought increased TV revenues (through their purchasing of big name players) and increased transfer fees. He gave up trying to win after Steve Marlet cost him a ton of cash. Now he’s content just to compete remain in the top league and collect all the money that comes his way. Sadly it’s their game, not ours. They let us pay money and subject ourselves to immense corporate advertising for the pleasure of watching it with them.

  265. Maceo,
    “Players have to take personal responsibility for their actions, so do the management, board and ownership. do fans, Maceo…so do you.

  266. Aman, obviously enjoy the skill and like whatever player you want. I am good with that. They are not hero’s in my book…apart from Frimpong that is.

  267. I don’t blame Vieira any more than any other player who’s head is turned by money.

  268. lol pg…i imagine aclf helps with the ebb & flow of the rush somewhat?

  269. “pV’s a lazy twat parasite…perfect Mansoor employee…
    …rich without sweat.”

    OR he’s working in the best interests of his employer. Any chance if he were employed for us doing the same things you’d be praising him?

  270. ooh you know the Frimp personally Paul?

  271. PV couldn’t work for us Philmar…we don’t pay enough.

  272. agree again, ffs. They are both culpable. Its just that PV is seen as an Arsenal legend, while the others are not. Surprising.

  273. Dex @ 8:33:

    Football will always be around. People love sports and will pay for their entertainment. Wages will continue to escalate as long as more and more money comnes into the game. Thats free enterprise. If we limit what the players make and we don’t limit how much money can be generated then all the money will go to the owners which to me is the worst possible scenario.

    Eventually it will reach some sort of equilibrium, but who knows when or where or what the game will look like in 5 or 10 or 50 years.

  274. “..i don’t know…how do they get up in the morning Philmar?”

    One foot at a time Aman.

    Except Manure fans who fall to the floor calling for a penalty.

  275. think of his commissions on player purchases…..hmm
    i imagine they’ll tap up our groundsmen next.

  276. Philmar;

    Again, good points and I tend to agree. Its a shame the Sky fed monster has to go down the big name foreigner route because the english players are either shite, or shite and vastly over priced! 🙂

    As long as a PL team gets to the champs league final, or somehow wins it, that means we have the bestest league in da world, na na nana nar! 🙂 And to hell with the other trifling stuff, like clubs going bankrupt.

    Ho hum.

  277. lol..philmar

  278. Aman, no, but I did read his twitter posts about Nasri and know he wanted to give a right hander when we played City. If anyone is a hero, it is he.

  279. Bill,
    “Eventually it will reach some sort of equilibrium, but who knows when or where or what the game will look like in 5 or 10 or 50 years.”

    can see them serving up live porn @ half time….sex sells!

  280. Bill;

    Thats the thing though, the bubble will eventually burst. Sjy will walk away, or refuse to bump up their already outrageous contract with the Premier league. If no one were to come in and its very narrow minded to think that could not happen. Especially when you see what is happening in other leagues across europe.

    Plus, no one is talking about wages in general, they were already sky high to the likes of ‘normal’ folk. What the issue is with, is the artificially doped wages that a bottmless pit owned City can pay. Which has skewed the wages across the board. meaning, in the short term, that clubs have to increase their salaries in order to keep players happy and in the long term, bankrupcy, or clubs holding out vain hopes of enticing a billionaire of theit own.

    To simply say football will always be around is churlish man. It will be around, but in what context and how many clubs still in existence is the point here.

  281. Philmar; You are a funny sod man! Ha! 🙂

  282. Got to love Boris Becker even more tonight.

    He has tweeted that RvP has signed a new 2 year contract.

  283. Yes Aman, I understand the need to have heroes. They inspire us. But I just think there are much more deserving people we should identify as heroes: doctors, organ donors, firemen, even dirt poor fucking rice farmers in 3rd world countries who perform backbreaking work 365 days a year for a dollar a day to help feed the planet. I remember when SARS arrived and medical professionals knowingly risked their lives to contain the virus. Many died. While this went on I was subjected to American war propaganda about fallen heroes coming back from an imperialist invasion of Iraq. It was the medical people dying and risking their life to contain SARS and bird flu that did more to save me and civilization than any US soldier shooting up a neighborhood of Sunni shopowners in Fallujah. And football players? Heroes? nah. They are like great singers and musicians to me. Individuals of incredible talent- many had to work tirelessly to become so immensely gifted but I don’t see what they do as heroic.

  284. In football heroism is a marketing tool.

  285. Anyway, where is Bendtner going?

  286. Philmar, Real Salt Lake.

  287. Excellent post Philmar.

  288. Dexter – he’s full of shit, a big fan of SAF too.

  289. He has previous apparantly, in tweeting potential deals before they happen.

    We shall see. I like the dude anyways.

  290. Philmar;

    You need to ask Boris becker. He knows stuff.

  291. Real Salt Lake.

  292. Yep, excellent post!

    Steww, you good?

  293. Nah Philmar…what a name though?

  294. Agreed Real Salt lake is a rediculous name. Almost as funny as Argentina’s “Newell’s Old Boys”. I always imagine a team of kids who have the misfortune of having progeria (premature aging disorder). 8 year olds playing with those metal walkers.

  295. pedantic george

    Never have I been so wrong about someone .
    Philmar ,you are an excellent poster and addition to Yogi’s wonderful blog.

  296. Boris Becker…yeah i remember him. I used to have an immense irrational hate for him because I had just lost the love of my life to a German bloke at the time Boris was winning majors.
    Seems like a decent chap now that my wounds have healed.

  297. Well, maybe scabbed over. Never quite healed.

  298. Now that i love Arsenal

  299. Oh my god, maybe I only replaced alcohol with Arsenal!!!

  300. Sorry guys. I’ll just think about Bendtner again and bring myself baaaaack.

  301. Yogi, please don’t put words into my mouth. Sacking the manager was further from my mind.

    What I was trying to say, is that no one takes responsibility in football. Never have. That’s why football is in the state we find it.

  302. George;

    I cannot believe how wrong you were with regards to Philmar.

  303. “Never have I been so wrong about someone .”

    Thanks George but seriously, NEVER?

    Surely Andrei 😉

  304. Or Tony Blair!

  305. Or Cesc.

  306. Or Mata

  307. pedantic george

    Was right about you though Duke.

  308. Maceo, Wenger takes responsibility to a fault. I have heard many managers blame themselves. Its the players who believe they always need some more players, while they give us half a season worth of excellent play and the likes.

  309. Dexter

    Boris Becker only tweeted part of the contract. It was a joke tweet the other day.

    RVP signed a new 2 year deal…. with Vodafone

  310. Paul-N, I did say and do think that the players have to take responsibility.

  311. Dups; It was a fake account! 🙂

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