PR Lessons From Time Travelling Pasties & Other Transfer Gossip

No sooner had Sky Sports We Make Up The News As We Go Along put the story out about RvP adopting a Rooney posture than the Daily Heil reckons that Stefan Jovetic and Robert Lewandowski considered most likely as his replacements. Wow, two names whom nobody else had thought of! It’s a hard life being a football scout, travelling the world, expenses paid hotels, watching football matches and then picking up the paper to see who we’re being linked with. All in order to submit a report that says, “Quite good, scores a few goals, good passer, treats the ball like a friend. You won’t be interested but he can head the ball as well“.

At Arsenal, the first pictures of pre-season training emerged somewhat tardily given the link that Big Al provided yesterday; has football ever been away? The beautiful couiffoured locks of Mikel Arteta barely straying from their place, even when running. Pre-season is a time of optimism, when the quirks of fate that the coming thirty eight weeks bring are not yet manifesting.

As if to underline that, Abou Diaby joined in training. Of course, he could just have been posing for pictures to make it feel like he is part of the squad again. Pre-season is his danger time, many a campaign of expectation has been wrecked in the six weeks leading up to the ‘big kick-off’ for the Frenchman. Let’s hope this time it is an altogether more enjoyable time for him.

Interestingly, Sebastian Squillaci was at the club. Reports from France linking him with Bastia have been quashed. The Corsican club’s president noted that they could not afford him. He will no doubt be disappointed that having hidden from successive US governments, Geronimo has had to break cover to tell us that next summer’s transfer crisis will no doubt revolve around Squillaci,

Sebastien Squillaci is an extraordinary player who plays for Arsenal where he has [a] one year contract.

I expect the Frenchman will let us know his plans as the season progresses. I am thinking of using it as a scare tactic with the kids: “If you don’t behave, Squillaci will be Arsenal’s first choice centre back next season“. The thought of that scares the living bejesus out of me, so it must do the same for them. Surely?

He is not the only maligned centre back at the club of course. Except I don’t think Johan Djourou deserves the abuse he receives. Last season’s performance levels dipped, a point the Swiss international freely admitted to recently but in his defence, even he struggles as an emergency right back. As a fourth choice centre back, I feel that he is a decent squad member. Even in the defensive midfield role, he is a useful player with his international experience gained largely in that position.

Versatility is often cited as a curse for players and to some extent that is true, particularly in this instance where he plays an entirely different role for club and country. It is strange when you read comments from people demanding that the next tier of players in the squad should be internationals, denigrating Djourou in that context without realising that he is exactly the type of player that they demand we sign.

Of course he needs to take his performances to a consistently higher level if he wants to usurp any of the first choice defenders. He knows that and naturally strives for it. Yet that comes through playing on a regular basis so is a little of a chicken and egg situation. However, the flip side of that is that the consistency is required straightaway, to promote a seamless transition when the team change is made. The eternal quandry of football.

One thing I did like in the interview was his rubbishing of agent’s claims but also his discretion when questioned about the conversation between himself and the manager:

Blick: You’ve extended your contract with Arsenal until Juni 2015. Wouldn’t it have been better to start anew at a new club?

JD: No. Arsenal have chosen to extend my contract because they’re counting on me. I did have a bad spell. However, I’m convinced that I will get another another chance and that I will grab that chance.

Blick: Why are you so sure about that?

JD: I held talks with my manager.

Blick: What did Mister Wenger tell you?

JD: That’s between the two of us.

An object lesson in PR. I know Djourou’s future is not as an emotive topic as that of Robin van Persie’s but in terms of managing a situation, there is much for him and his representatives to take note of. Perhaps they can ask Cbob if they can borrow his time-travelling flying pasty to go back and restart this process from the beginning.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. First?

  2. One puzzle is why the story “Mancini ponders move for Cavani” has not surfaced as the Uruguyan seems to me at least as capable a striker as Robin. Citeh suffered his quality in the CL first hand and at 25 is surely a better investment

    I believe he will be appearing for his country at the Olympics so perhaps the conversation is pending

  3. Nice YW – Bob’s time-travel pasties sounds like it would make a great kid’s book. 🙂

    From before…

    Fins – only if it is clear – and it frequently hasn’t been, least of all on UA – that it is a small side point, rather than something important behind RVP’s statement.

    Given the chance UA would have us believe he is an unwitting victim of a conspiracy.

  4. i agree that djourou is about the best 4th choice CB you can have. of course people will be slamming him for preferring to just hang around and earn his money rather than show some ambition and be a starting CB elsewhere.

    well you can’t please everyone.

  5. Given the chance UA would have us believe he is an unwitting victim of a conspiracy.

    He has got the chance, he’s got dozens of little PR-bots like CP droning round the blogs doing just that.

  6. I don’t expect any of the protagonists in this affair to act in the interest of the greater good, Cb. I am just very happy to have a go at Kees Vos because he is not an Arsenal player. I just think that RvP as an individual is the lesser when it comes to culpability. The whole rotten world of football has never been there for the ‘greater’ good.

    If RvP goes to the Little Mancs then there is a mother of a conversation to be had. Although I understand that you, Jonny and Moopay will be off.

  7. Not really actually been much interest from City for RVP (so far) has there?

    In fact, apart from the joke bid, it’s been quiet thus far.

    Long may it continue.

  8. Morning Jonny. I cannot deny that there was a smelly concurrence between a statement released on that site in question, most probably by the agency that runs the site, and the statement from Orangina holdings. Why? I don’t know. I think his has all been commented upon before. In short, this story is not just about RVP.

  9. Djourou’s always conduct himself classily. I’d quite like to see him in the DM position at some point, he’s disciplined enough that he won’t receive the abuse Song gets for straying too far forward and if he does make one of his errors then there’s still the defence behind him to get through. Makes more sense to me than the lunatics who keep saying Vermaelen should be played there.

  10. Hope beyond hope that he doesn’t go anywhere but least of all there, Jonny. Having said that if that were to happen it might in some way make it all easier.

  11. “Although I understand that you, Jonny and Moopay will be off”

    Frank – I don’t know that you mean to but you’re putting words in people’s mouths – the three of us predicted that he might leave – other than that I said I would strongly consider the point of it all (EPL football) if he left for City.

    I’m pretty sure Cbob and Muppet said nothing of the sort.

  12. pedantic george

    If Robin did not red the statement before it went out he would not be the rat I took him for .He would however be the most stupid person imaginable.
    I visited RVP’s personal site before the statement was announced .
    He announced its launch on twitter about 3 months ago.That’s my recollection anyway

  13. Well, I must admit fearing the worst whenever Djourou stood in last season.

  14. There have been several references to a pub conversation about a sort of ‘doomsday’ scenario in terms of supporting football. Apologies if I am wrong.

  15. You are straying in to supposition there Fins – this is about RVP. Last I checked he is an adult – and a strong minded one at that.

    He is not a child who cannot determine his own future – he has the purpose of mind and wealth to control his destiny and manage his public image as he chooses.

    I’m willing to hope things turn round but absolving him of blame for how he has treated Arsene the club and fans – as though he has been led astray or used like a puppet is taking it too far.

  16. I would love for all of our current players to remain at the club. However if RVP is to stay, I think he should be relieved of the captaincy. The honour was taken off Gallas for doing far far less.

  17. pedantic george

    FFS Shoot,is the correct answer.

  18. Perhaps ‘blame’ is the sticking point between us all. A tricky word.

  19. Notoverthehill

    Yogi, a very nice post apart from the Squillaci perhaps?

    As yesterday’s missive was held in moderation, I filed a copy just in case. Needless to say, I departed the site for the day. During transmission, the opening sentence became – garbage. Please accept my sincere apologies for any distress caused, it was completely unintended.

    My point was that Mr Ivan Gazidis at the time of submitting his proposals to MegaFon, was aware of the change in ownership.

    Once again, please accept my sincere apologies for any hurt caused.

  20. If RVP leaves I think we should definitely relieve him of the captaincy.

  21. How funny Frank – I was thinking EXACTLY the same thing as I read it back.

    I should perhaps say I hold him responsible for his actions – ‘blame’ is a little stronger than I would like.

  22. Notoverthehill

    Yogi, correction. My point was that Mr Ivan Gazidis at the time of submitting his proposals to MegaFon, was UNAWARE of the change in ownership.

    Such slips, cause a certain blogger to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee?

    Sorry to you all.

  23. Yogi, fine post.

    Good morning all.

    I like Dj, as a person and for the quality of his play (technically and tactically). Given a run of matches he has delivered performances.

    From my perspective, Vermaelen and Per have made as many gaffes in defense, yet receive a small percentage of fan criticism. (imo)

    Our real terminator is Koscielny.

  24. The option of inverting the midfield triangle at times is one we should look at utilizing more often. Changing as the situation merits from a 2-1 with Song and Arteta expected to hold, to a 1-2 with them given the freedom to go forward and be devastating. We have 4 top-class centre-backs, and with the exception of maybe Mertesacker they are the perfect candidates to come off the bench and hold in front of the defence. Djourou’s international experiences puts him top of the pile tho. And the fact that he is usually on the bench anyway. It also means that a substitute place isn’t taken up by a strictly defensive midfield player.

  25. Maybe not as many (% wise) and the upper level of their performances mitigate those mistakes to a larger extent but I’ve always rated JD.

    Excellent level of back up to have at our disposal.

  26. Classy that from Djourou. I remember the season before last, his partnership with Kos was amazing and we went on a run without losing any matches he appeared in.

    He lacks to pace to play at right back, but then he did a decent enough job of playing there this season. Djourou for a fourth choice centre back is very good. Our centre backs are extremely talent, it is the collective defending tactic, that needs to be addressed and I am sure Arsene knows.

    If we can replace RVP adequately when he leaves and if our new players hit the ground running, we are in for a very good season. I am hoping for one as well, as my dream of watching a match or two at the Emirates is close to coming true!

    About the PR stunt by Red and White holdings, I think both the billionaires are causing some problems behind the scenes at our beloved club. Whatever stuff it is, it is to be resolved, but as Anicoll5 pointed out yesterday, it is going to go one way or the other, an entente cordiale is a far fetched option.

    There are lots of things being said about how Glazers indebted United a lot, but they also contributed a lot to growing United as a brand all over the world and thereby augmenting their revenues. Silent Stan can do more on those sides than he is currently doing. Maybe I am wrong, because things might be changing even though we are not aware of it.


  27. Jd ‘s obviously a decent fella and a good choice for back up at centre half,just hope the fickle fans at the grove get of his back. We need to sort this rvp business out sharpish otherwise when he returns to training next week he’s gonna be like the weird uncle at a wedding that no-one’s sure whether to talk to or not,mind you our cuddly left back would invite him to join in oops upside your head on the dance floor,I’m sure.

  28. pedantic george

    Markus.Congratulations on not only a very good post but on steering us back towards a meaningful debate.
    I had never really considered the effect on the sub’s bench.

  29. Arsesession

    Very true that. Last season, Vermaelen made a lot of errors in defense but was subject to lot less criticism compared to the others! Maybe because of the heart he shows on the pitch or something, but from his first season, he has received a lot of adulation from our fans. Koscielny’s hopes for fan love are changing, but it was the grave error he made in the Carling cup that set him back in that quest. I hope he grows in to a monster of a player this season and adds more and more strikers in his already full pocket!

  30. If we can just keep the players which we currently have and ensure that our players esp. Jack n Diaby are fit, then we are in for a wonderful season. I hope Sagna comes back stronger than ever. He makes sure Theo performs better in every match he plays in.

  31. George,

    How have you been? Its been a long time, even then, your martial arts video was so damn cool. You have a “Huh? U attacking me?” attitude that is a killer really!

  32. @ Markus | July 11, 2012 at 11:47 am
    Sounds good, and we have the personnel for it

  33. Will Lukasz Fabianski stay? Who is our back up goal keeper?

  34. hard to say, Sriram – Fabianski wants to go but I don’t think he’s found a buyer yet, and I haven’t heard whether or not AW is prepared to release him. Martiniz (18 yrs old) is being promoted, Almunia has been released and Mannone is going to Hull. Probably.

  35. Like most people here, I hope RVP stays, but definitely he is not to be the captain if he does for the way he has handled the contract situation. I hope either of Arteta or Verminator is named as captain. In my eyes, Arteta would be a great leader to look up to. Some one who is cool when it matters the most and he has an amazing hairstyle. I am sure that counts! 😛

  36. FunGunner- Pretty tough situation ain’t it? Whatever happened to Craig Gordon who was released by Sunderland.

  37. I think Gordon is still floating around but his injury record is not the best, I hear.

  38. pedantic george

    No top Goal keeper wants to be no.2. especially to a keeper who is going to keep improving at a rapid pace.
    It will not surprise me is Wojo is regarded as the best in the world 5 years from now.
    Hey Sriram ,nice to have you back .

  39. Yogi it just goes to show what people want isnt necessarily best for them, remember how highly recommended Squillaci was just before we signed him? People were clamouring for a mature centre back with experience and he fit the bill perfectly, look how it turned out. Not that he is a bad 5th choice centre back to have in our books. 😀

    As for he of the statement, when the statement went up many here thought it was a fake until it was linked to his twitter account so there is no absolving him from the blame. All this culminated because it was associated with his name, if it hadnt we would all have taken it with a pinch of salt and classified it as the “usual media bullshit”, last I checked ignorance was no defence.

  40. Afternoon, YW. And throughout all of the recent “shit-storm” postings over the last 10 amazing days or so, I haven’t mentioned what a great (and valueable) job you’ve been doing. So thanks!

    JD is a fine 4th choice centre back, of course. But as you rightly point out, each time he’s called upon, he needs to be hitting the ground running. As for Markus’ suggestion of using the cbs as dms when needed. Surely Le Coq is the man.

    OK, I’m monopolising the non-populist subjects now. Yesterday’s non-populist (and un-commented upon) comment from me was about the mono-racial make up of the Ladies football team!

    Today’s one is the following!

    Let me draw your attention to what I saw on the bbc website about Wales manager Chris Coleman aksing Aaron Ramsay about Shawcross….

    “Ryan Shawcross, Ben Turner, Angel Rangel – these are good players and players that could possibly strengthen us,” said Coleman.
    “But if I was going to go down that road, the first person I would speak to, especially in terms of Ryan, would be Aaron. I’d have that conversation with Aaron first and foremost because there are issues there.”

    Now is that not an example of just shit management from Coleman? Speak to Aaron about it first ffs! before speaking about your plans to the BBC. Then, if Aaron is against it, at least he has the choice of keeping that decision between themselves.

    OK…I’m bored of that already.

    Look out for tomorrow’s “opinion of little consequence”.!

  41. This would obviously suggest that Arsenal knew for some time that RVP was going . . .

  42. Jonny,
    Please check my recent posts referencing Gallas’ last two seasons, RVP and stuff. For me the statement by R&W is for me the bigger story. No need for any ducking and diving.

  43. Thanks George,

    But if we brought in a veteran goal keeper who is happy to teach the kids, some tricks and be an able deputy while called upon. Wojo will continue to improve, there is no doubt about that.

  44. But if we brought in a veteran goal keeper who is happy to teach the kids, some tricks and be an able deputy while called upon, it would do us a world of good.*

  45. Yeah, blame is the wrong word to use when we are all ignorant of what’s going on. I’m happy to hold fire for the moment. Need to keep that Arsenal well stocked.

  46. The thing about this pre season is that, we have improved our attacking options from last season and we have important players coming back from injury.

    If we can hold on to the players we have like RVP/ Theo or replace them adequately with Arsene’s nice eye for signings, then I don’t even see the need to have such a gloomy mood about the season.

    The club has shown ambition this summer and shown they are learning from the mistakes committed last summer, that is just what you have to ask from the management.

    We are living in a world where we have to compete against giants – money wise. The job we are doing currently is commendable. But imagine, if we are able to just run that extra mile and get a trophy this year against all odds, it will be the sweetest ever and one that the Blue Mancs or Chelski can never ever enjoy.

  47. I read that article too, JD Gooner. It does not say that Gilles knew for some time that RvP was going. It says that Arsenal were prepared for the possibility of him going and so bought some insurance in the shape of Olivier Girou the Elf Army. Great article and very sensible from Arsenal.

    However it also says that RvP has been made an offer. So what will Kees Vos do next?

  48. “but it was the grave error he made in the Carling cup that set him back in that quest.” My boy didnt make the grave error Sriram or atleast that’s my opinion, I thought it was the keeper’s fault but that is all water under the bridge now, I am just happy my man Koscielny is getting recognized for his game. I agree with stripping off the captaincy from the incumbent even if he stays, leaders are supposed to lead by examples and many can agree that was far from being exemplary.

    I have always been amused at how people measure players spirit and commitment just by looking at their body language/gestures, not everyone wears their hearts on their sleeves so it is abit unfair to judge people by this perceived emotion.

  49. Aman about the colour inthe training kits I thought it was blue not purple,I kinda liked it other than the mismatched red strips on the sleeve/shoulder.

  50. Firstlady

    I am buying a shirt with Koscielny’s name on it this season, just to let you know, the level I keep Kos in my mind. I think it was a collective error, because of a lack of communication at the back. It is easy to point fingers, but it wasn’t an individual error in my opinion.

    Your point on perceived emotion and wearing the heart on the sleeve is very much valid. Sadly, that is the way it is. I personally feel, there are a lot more players in our team who give it their all than those seem like doing it.

  51. Aman,

    It is quite easy for people like me who don’t recognise the difference between purple and blue 😛 haha!

    All that matters is the red and white. Someone was mentioning yesterday that Adidas would design our kits from the next time, as the current kits stay for a couple of years. Isn’t that a poor business strategy, if a fan buys a shirt this season, will he buy it again the next? Most probably not, because it is the same shirt, isn’t that losing out on some shirt sales?

  52. You guys have the same problem we do here in the states. CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, LSMSD, and the rest make up the news and print lies all the time. Here they even invent quotes and take sound bites and cut out the key parts. This is why it is called BS news. Both sports and the fake news that is printed and seen everyday on TV.

  53. Sriram @ 12:02 pm

    re: Kos
    “it was the grave error he made in the Carling cup that set him back in that quest”

    I for one would like to forget that moment in our history. From my perspective, Szcz was responsible for dictating the play…..but that was a topic of endless debate.

  54. Bob’s Timetravel Nipple Tassels kids book? Sounds at least PG

  55. Arsesession

    I am sure I would want to forget that moment too. It was a moment when we came so close yet we were so far!

  56. Siriam, re: shirt sales. The club has a policy (not that they seem to stick to it all the time) of keeping each kit for two seasons. Buying new home and away kits every season would be expensive, especially for those with kids who want the latest version, so this is a mice move on the club’s part. They might miss out on some cash from this, but at least it is showing some little consideration for the fans.

  57. “purple rain..purple rain..and the new blue band..oh purple rain”….

    I still see a double regardless of how they colour it

  58. everything on “newsnow arsenal” reflects everything YW’s posted here….what gives?

    is there nothing new in goonerdom?

  59. I read that arseblog article too Frank. Don’t they refer to RvP as ‘Robin van Pissypants’ or something similar?

    Anyhoo, the website is not the real issue as most have suggested, but it’s still an interesting angle and I agree with Finsbury here, so there! 🙂

  60. jonny,
    apart from Craig & Sanchez who else is on the transfer list?

  61. I have the utmost respect for Djourou, he is an excellent player and a very decent chap judging by those comments he made.

    We keep hold of a decent player and he isnt ambitious enough, a decent player wants to leave (allegedly) and the club isnt ambitious enough.

    Aint football grand!

  62. Dex,
    what time will they unveil the new away kit?
    i’m “feening” over here..

  63. @ least we still “have” AA, Dex

  64. Sriram

    Agree about our attacking options. We only need lady luck to show up.

  65. Sorry Aman, man, no idea! And yes, we still have Arshavim. 🙂

  66. I think Djourou knows that he has potential enough. That he wants to stay, in my opinion, is not a sign of lack of ambition. Why would be leaving for a lesser club a show of ambition?
    During his run with us two seasons ago, when he was regularly paired with either Koscielny or Squillaci, he showed that he knows a thing or two about defending. He often outshone the magnificient Kos during those times, too. Then he had an injury, was out for a while and came back to play at right-back which is a position he just isn’t suited to. But Koscielny didn’t do much better when he was forced out right, same as with Vermaelen when he had to play as a left-back.

  67. Long story short: if we’d judge our centre halfs by their ability to play as full backs, we would be in desperate need for new defenders.

  68. I think it’s very true that vemealen made a number of big mistakes, yet hasnt received a fraction of the abuse dished out to Johan.

  69. Sorry misunderstanding. I don’t read Arseblog. Haven’t since the Adebayor row with him on here.

    This is the Gilles Grimandi article I read……

  70. “If RVP leaves I think we should definitely relieve him of the captaincy.”

    I disagree. The though of him playing for Shitty and simultaneously encumbered by the media responsibility of being Arsenal captain would be hilariously entertaining. And his travel to the Emirates for his media work would be taxing and thus reduce his effectiveness for his new team.

  71. I think think of many squad with a better rota of CB’s. Djourou as 4th choice is an excellent option.

  72. thats because the Verminator plays with cajones the size of a T-rex!
    his will to win is very strong and he always seems to be giving his all….plus he scores GOALS!

    rewind the last minute goal vs (?) and feel free to shed another tear of joy..

    I love Arteta but TV or Sagna for skipper..

  73. Maybe Wenger’s sales pitch to Djourou was that he’d get a few games in at DM when Song is away for the African Cup.

  74. All very tongue in cheek, but it actually raises some decent points.

  75. Good question Aman.

    I read recently that those two would be listed and I think I recall Botelho was likely off to Levante also (do these permanently on loan players ever come through?).

    Obviously Ozzy has already moved – and Ben Glasgow too.

  76. Another good question! This time from Deise!

    I aint gotta clue man? Chuks Aneke?

  77. mingus | July 11, 2012 at 12:37 pm

    I’m thinking more along the lines of changing the shape mid-game with a substitution. I’d hope that Coquelin would be starting more games this season rather than coming on as a sub. But yeah he is an option too. Thing is if he isn’t starting then it’s unlikely he’ll take up a place on the bench, whereas you always want to have a backup centre-back on it.

  78. Frank

    Kees Vos has started a new RvP website with a personal statement on it:

  79. YW – Please don’t start him up again.

  80. Frank at 2:04 pm
    H’mmm. Most of us were dismayed at your initial attempts to find an alternative explanation for that unfortunate statement by RVP on his website. I share the opinion of many on this blog, that the statement was a misguided and unwarranted attack on the club, management and even AW himself. However it is becoming more and more apparent that there is more than meets the eye. It appears RVP has allowed himself and his Ego (thanks to Fins) to become a pawn in the hand of his agent Kees Von and the Sports Entertainment Group. It is very troubling to me however that to date he has not made any sort of apology at least in recognition of the the damage the statement has caused, especially to his relationship with the supporters of the club whom he claims to love. and done some form of apology. Says a lot IMO.

    However thanks to you Frank and the new information being revealed about Messers Alex Kroes and Kees Vos, and their MO I have come to the conclusion that we should not join the mob being stirred by the mainstream media and certain nameless bloggers who are in a hurry to hound RVP out of the club. As you emphasized earlier, he never said in the “statement” that he will not serve out his contract. Why should we want to get rid of our best players? That has been the accusation by the doomers and the enemies of the club.

    Like you, I am beginning to hope that there is a way out of the situation and to support RVP as an Arsenal player until determined otherwise. At ACLF we did the same for Cesc and Nasri. I urged the same for Adebayor until he was sold while he was being trashed by Ablogger et al. To do otherwise at this time would make me a HYPOCRITE.

  81. That’s NunChuks Aneke, Deise.

  82. Yes! I guessed right! In your face Jonny! 🙂

  83. Chuks it is though enjoying a passable resemblance to a young YaYa Toure -)

  84. Ann’s done another article for Untold Amusement. Just saying.

  85. A real promising talent that one – I won’t big him up too much though.

    Not after we sold Ozzy and JET failed to fulfil his promise…

    Wonder who the breakthrough talent will be this season – Frimpong? Afobe?

  86. Thanks guys. Hes a bit of a monster aint he?

  87. Chortle Dex – good job. You must be very proud.

    Anicoll – didn’t AW actually compare him to Yaya a while back?

  88. We are arguing footbal? yes? Thank god,im not going to lie, i’ve been quietly observing the much more knowledgable members of this blog argue business over the past few days, just patiently waiting until an opportunity arose wherei can contibute SOMETHING. As i had business is not my cup of tea.

    People have to remember that Vermaelen was carrying an injury during the period he was playing shite, so im not absolving him of all blame but just thought i’d put that put there.

    Football is nearly back, i can feel it in me bones. 😀


    I gurantee you it will be young Nico Yennaris, from the time he came in to the first team, i have been thoroughly impressed, this guy has unbelivvable potential.

  89. And has anyone seen the new kit? im still trying to see any offcial pictures..

  90. I whooped you big styleee Jonny, eat my dust, sucker. Wooop! 🙂

    I think Connor henderson could do tings with us too, but Coquelin is the next to make a big(er) impression, IMO.

  91. Dexter

    Coquelin, Yennaris, Miquel and Frimpong i think could break into the first team this year

  92. Moe, the new away kit? I kind of think that the training kit colors gives the game away and the leaked pics of it being purple ans black/navy hoops would be it

  93. Nice post yogi. As always well written.

    Hope we can keep Johan. He is probably as good as any 4th CB in the league. Besides he signed a new contract not that long ago so it will probably be difficult to find someone willing to take on his wages even if we wanted to sell. Squillaci, etc etc in the same situation. Perhaps we can loan out squillaci but I am sure we would end up paying a significant part of his wages, which is probably what is happening with Denilson. Our wage ladder needs to be sorted out so we can afford to give our top players more money. Water under the bridge at this point but whomever made the decisions and negotiated the contracts the last few years probably needs some help. In American sports different jobs are compartmentalized. The field manager has input but he does not have the time to negotiate contracts and decide how much players should get paid. No one person could do all those jobs. The general manager and his staff negotiate contracts and decide how much to pay individual players etc etc. No way to know but perhaps the situation we see right now might not have happened had there been a few more checks and counterbalances in our system. Oh well just something else to worry about I guess.

    Glad the preseason is starting. Still lots of business for the club to take care of yet this summer so hopefully we can get it done relatively quietly and quickly. Lots of work to do on our defense this summer and arsene and staff need to concentrate on that rather then being distracted with contracts.

  94. We have an amazing defence being constructed before our very eyes (Bill), comprising 7 first choice or regular international players (France x 2, Brazil, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Belgium/captain). Quite how we built this level of defence on a comparatively smallish budget is the stuff of legend, especially purchases initially of TV, then of Kos, Santos, Jenks. I rate it as the best in the EPL.

    Before we say “not good enough”, consider that of these, two joined last season and lost a few months each from injury, Sagna lost a few months, Gibbs and Jenks had time out, Vermaelen was drafted in at left back, and Djourou lost a bit of form, especially at unfamilar right back. It’s a fabulous line-up at the back, adding in Gibbs and Jenks, plus Skilly and or Miguel and maybe Bartley. Only one thing, #2 keeper.

    As for Robin, all we know is that he remains Arsenal for the season from current information, and that he has a capable back-up. And that is fine with me. I doubt this will change. I read somewhere that this transfer window has seen the least movement (whether in players or money spent) for many years. With Arsenal’s natural inclination towards improvement (Jack, Diaby, Ox in his second season, Ramsey probably back to his best I hope etc) we are in a fine position. One more to come?

  95. DeiseGooner

    Thats……terrible, but suffice to say i’ll still probably buy it.

  96. Twitter has just reminded me of another young player who i have high hopes for; Kyle Ebicilio. Young dutch lad, midfielder, very very skilful, obvs!

  97. @Dexter
    Let’s just hope he doesn’t have a chat with RVP anytime soon. Last time RVP chatted to one of our Dutch youngsters the player ended up leaving us.

  98. And can i just say that idiot Coleman has backed Ramsey into a corner, Ramsey now cannot , for the sake of his own image, refuse to have Shawcross in the team.

    This is the most obvious PR tactic i’ve seen in many years, Ramsey cannot refuse on the grounds that the whole Welsh nation will feel they have missed out on having a “Top Player” because of Aaron’s “Feelings”.

    Its a fucking disgrace what Coleman has done, whether intentionally or not, its a BIG No No, you just dont do that. Talk to the player first then the media.

  99. @Moe
    Full agreement. Another case of making something public and going behind the back of someone who should be consulted first before making such a statement.

  100. I have this excitement building to see Diaby and Santos on the field together. I like to think they might compliment each other brilliantly.

  101. In other news, Wenger turns down yet another national team’s effort to coach them. This time Brazil. We really should feel privilaged to have this man.

  102. Chris Coleman was never a very intelligent man. His pathetic comments about asking ramsey about calling up the twat Shawcross should NEVER have been said to the media. Idiot.

  103. I think I will buy my tickets for the Koln game when I get home. May have to spend the night there and have a few Kolsh as well.

  104. Evil

    Football is starting to stink, horribly.

  105. Evil;

    Oh it’s OK, Ebicilio is now being represented by dannyboy Dein. All good

  106. A player shouldn’t have any say in who can or cannot play for their country. Nor should the manager be stupid enough to publicly put on the spot his captain, asking if its ok. Nor should his FA have allowed such a question to be posed. A mess all round but Ramsey will be the one under all the pressure because if it. Idiots!

  107. Bill, didn’t IG say the club was working on restructuring the pay scale?

  108. Moe | July 11, 2012 at 3:07 pm

    I thought the same thing when I heard the comments from that tit Coleman. Unless Shawcross declines to play for Wales (again), which he should probably now feel obligated to do, then it puts Ramsey in a very difficult situation.

  109. It seems that either kees Vos or R&W have removed that site, YW. or at least, Virginmedia won’t allow me to have access to it. Very patronising of the fucking cunts if that is the case.

    I agree with Shotta

  110. Heh.

  111. Limestonegunner

    Doesn’t Shawcross have an England cap? I remember that Capello called him up the month after he broke Ramsey’s leg. People were shedding tears over how unfair it would be for the “controversy” and “criticism” to overshadow what should be a proud day for him. How is he eligible for Wales?

    The best thing for AR to do would be to put out a quick statement claiming that he would never expect to be approached by his national coach about team selection and would refuse to express any opinion on such matters as that is the coach’s decision which he wouldn’t expect to influence. He could further say that the current Welsh team under his captaincy has been through a great deal emotionally through their previous qualifying campaign which was going well for the future, Gary Speed’s tragic death, and the disruptions around the choice of a new coach but had come through with a strong spirit of team solidarity. Further he hoped that this team solidarity would not be further disrupted on the eve of WC qualifying toward which the team had been working for the past three years. He is proud to be captain and the work he has done to insure such strong fellowship and spirit in the squad.

    Then if approached by Coleman he could say, that’s your decision. Perhaps you would also like to replace me as captain and drop me from the team. That’s your decision too. I can’t make up your mind for you on those difficult decisions that are your responsibility, but of course I am sure you are considering the team ethic, mix of players in the squad, and how well we will jell together on and off the pitch.

  112. my Olympic prayer is for Rambo to come back in one piece and Usain Bolt to reduce the 100m record to 9.4s….Coleman can swivel ..

  113. Limestone – That is a good point, and I think you are right. I am not sure if he actually played though. And I am not sure if that still means he is eligable for he Taff’s.

  114. Aman – i want Bolt to run so fast that he travels back in time, leaving behind burning foot prints …………

  115. this is for FunGunner and steww and anyone else who might be interested

  116. LSG

    if only you were doing the PR for van persie.

  117. Limestonegunner

    I agree, but as you’ve seen over the past few days, sanity seems to have left Agents and advisors, lets hope Aaron’s people have some common sense and dont stumble into a PR disaster.

  118. Zimpaul @ 3:02:

    ” We have an amazing defence being constructed before our very eyes (Bill)

    “I rate it as the best in the EPL”

    We do agree that we have some good individual players and we did show some signs of having the potential to improve during the last season.

    As for the rest, especially the last sentence in the first paragraph, I truly admire your optimism.

  119. I absolutely do not need an air freshener for my wagon, korihikage

  120. Frankly it would be good if he never played for Wales again. I would ban international games altogether. Too much trouble.

  121. Captaincy shouldn’t be used as a carrot or a stick. It should be based on how a player is viewed by his fellow teammates on (and to a certain extent, off) the pitch. It should be his leadership qualities as viewed by them and his effectiveness in said qualities, not how others view him.

    If RvP stays and still ‘has the team’, he should remain captain. If this episode has undermined that (not based off our feelings of it’s effect) but by the actual locker room itself, then yes, he should lose it.

  122. Limestonegunner

    Or he could say something like: I would like to publicly thank my national coach for publicly concerning himself over my feelings on his team selection. This shows his extraordinary tact and sincere concern for me, and I appreciate that greatly. However, it is misplaced in the case of Ryan Shawcross, who would not himself want to join Wales after seeking an England cap, knowing of the great patriotism of the Welsh people. Moreover, Mr. Shawcross would not want to join a team that is so united under my captaincy, as he harbors guilty feelings for breaking my leg, which made him cry publicly. He doesn’t want to repeat that or run the risk that other players might take matters into their own hands to teach him a lesson about how much they appreciated his reckless challenge that kept me out of the Wales national team for so long. I want Mr. Coleman to know, however, that I personally support his authority to make any squad selection he chooses.

  123. I agree with Busch…only I would have said ‘changing room’

  124. Frank @ 3:36 – Yup, we are agreed on that. It is simply an interuption of Arsenal’s season.

  125. I also agree with Shotta. Good comment.

  126. Bill

    I think he meant individually our players are the best in the league.

    This is my take on it.

    The problem has never been how good our players are individually, no the problem is the system we play exposes our defence way too often.

    If you watch Gael Clichy now at Man City, he is not any better or worse than he was at Arsenal, but he’s defensive weakness is hid because of the system that Man City play. It doesnt expose their players too much.

    And this is why i belive that it has never been about how good individuals are, but the style of football and the defensive system we use allows for very little errors or lapse in concentration.

    So yes i would agree that our defenders are the best in the league, but our DEFENCE is certainly not.

  127. Notoverthehill

    Yogi, bin if you so wish!

    With the demise of James Sanderson’s Young Guns, I would suggest that Jeorge Bird seems to have a new site, Arsenalyouth. Jeorge Bird did have a connection with Arseblog last season. Best write yet so far of what is going on at London Colney now!

  128. It’s not optimism Bill. I just study the facts. The intended or at least desired defence variations never got going last season. It was new and barely time to prepare pre-season (and Arsenal debuts for Per, Santos, Jenks, plus Miguel and Yennaris), and then it was hammered by injuries on both flanks.

  129. Busch

    I agree totally, only problem is 99% of the time, this kind of decision WILL affect the changing room. Players opinions of him will change, especially the ones who are commited to Arsenal until the end (looking at you Vermaelen)

  130. @Moe
    Fair point. Clichy is still probably one of the best left backs in the league, but his inability to play the offside trap properly did pose many problems in his last season with us. City don’t play such a high line so it’s obvious that they are better able to mask the deficiency in Clichy’s game. And otherwise, he is still class, just not suited to the game we are playing.

  131. Heh Frank,

    36 years in the States after only 5 in Germany has had it’s effect on much of my sports vocabulary.

  132. Zimpaul @3:45:

    Hope you are right this time.

    No doubt we have a potentially good defense if it finally all comes together. They need to stay healthy and the coaching staff can figure out how to keep them organized and agressive but not reckless. Wojo also has to be a lot more consistent. Thats a very tall order but anything is possible.

  133. ZP, I agree with you regarding our defence. Our main problem was injuries but when we had a balanced and settled back 4 (which was rare) we were the real deal.

  134. Thats OK, Busch. It is not like any changing room I have ever known. No smell of horse liniment, sweat and unspeakable things. No boots with grass growing out of the sole from last weeks game. Just rows of shirts like a gentleman’s tailors shop and a hint of aftershave.

  135. Locker room, yes! Lock them up.

    I doubt captaincy is any major issue right now, especially in the AW system of collective responsibility. The coaches will see what they see in the preps, and AW will take a decision. My guess is Arteta.

  136. I would have thought TV5 as seen as he was vice captain. A bit of a kick in the teeth for him if not as well.

  137. GA, didn’t that happen when Cesc was made captain?

  138. Jeorge Bird’s site is anything but new! He’s been writing on his own for a couple of years at least.

  139. Paul – I can’t remember. He took over from Gallas? I can’t remember who was vice captain to Gallas. Maybe Almunia?

  140. Anyway, off home. Going for a Greek tonight.

    Laters. 🙂

  141. More like 4 or 5 years I’d say YW.

  142. goodbye & good luck to Gavin Hoyte.

  143. Kyle Bartley – Over the moon to officially be an Arsenal first team player. Thank you to everyone who has supported me. Hard work starts now!

  144. Did any of you guys see this from yesterday?
    120 million big ones according to a statistical study.
    Apart from a rights issue guaranteed to give him control of the club, would UA put up that kind of cash without lashing the debt on the club?

  145. Paulie Walnuts

    Poor form from Chris Coleman on two counts – Firstly going public BEFORE speaking to Ramsey & secondly even considering Shawcross for international football.

    The only cap he should ever get is in his ass

  146. Right on Paulie.

    David Silva refusing to sign a new deal at Oil City. They obviously aint ambitious enough.

  147. pedantic george

    Shotta ,the problem is that the other clubs could simply respond by spending even more ,as their pit is bottomless.
    I disagree with what you said earlier BTW.You initial thoughts were right.
    We don’t have to abuse RVP ,but we can still think he has been stupid and selfish.Which he has.

  148. Dex, maybe they need to change the wage scale at City?

    hee hee!

  149. There is no doubt in my mind that he would go to RM or Barca right now.

  150. pedantic george

    It never fails to impress me how many CEO’s of huge global businesses post on this and other blogs.
    I am told that almost every poster on Le Grove are better qualified to negotiate contracts and plan club strategy than that chancer Ivan

  151. It’s looking more like Real madrid Paul. But just because it is said he won’t sign a new deal…


    Who are we fighting today buddy?

  152. I think he’s going to China, Paul-N…just like AW when he retires

  153. Shotta:

    Thanks for the link. I thought what UA had proposed was a rights issue. Someone much more financially savvy then me will have to correct me if I am wrong but I thought that means you print a bunch of new shares of the club and then sell them on the open market. It does allow AU to buy more shares and it decreases the value of a the shares of the current stock holders but does not add any debt. Sounds like it might increase the friction in the board room but it could sure get AW a lot of money to help him catch the big boys without any long term debt on the club.

    Even if we did add an extra 120M in debt, didn’t we have quite a bit more then that at one point and have paid it down. Interest rates are now very low and we have a much better revenue stream and turnover, additionally we will be getting a TV contract windfall and we will be renegotiating our commercial contracts which will significantly increasing revenue in the next couple of years.

    The bottom line is that we probably could add lots of money without adding a huge debt if we wanted but even if we did bring in some more debt we should be able to handle it much more easily now then we could 8 years ago.

    I say we take a little bit of risk and go for it. What do you think?

  154. I reckon I could take you & the rabbit-puncher on Dex…….

  155. “George;

    Who are we fighting today buddy?”


    That tickled the heck out of me.

  156. …maybe in my next life on our chinese blog when we all move with Yogi when he retires…..

  157. But, George is correct. You would think signing a player was as easy as buying a bag if gunju to blow wow!

  158. …we’ll leave Frank here to watch over the fort

  159. Aman; That be fighting talk where I come from man! 🙂

    Oh it’s dead easy signing players, keeping players AND selling players. I do it all the time on Fantasy Manager.

  160. George is also correct that we can call the RVP situation as is. On the other hand, I agree we should wait and see what happens. My view is, if he wants to stay so be it, if he wants to go NOW, lets not twist his arm to stay; sell him and buy someone else. I am not letting my emotions get in the way anymore. It is what it is.

  161. Aman, I see. It seems the big money is in China.

  162. pedantic george

    You,if you want Dexter

  163. Limestonegunner

    It is going to cost us more to get into position to fight for the league according to that model once we lose AW. A lot more. Maybe 100 million more if we end up with an average manager rather than a genius.

    I think it is important we make the most ahead of those commercial contracts of having AW. Eventually he is going to retire or tire of doing this service of keeping us in CL but not actually able to compete very well for the league or CL titles. Winning a title would really boost our attractiveness to commercial sponsors.

    As far as how to get the money, there seem to be several ways that don’t require debt. But obviously there needs to be a strategy the club is comfortable with somehow. Right now ownership is divided, the board is a proxy for Kroenke. Once AW goes, good luck to us on this model unless there is a protege who can match his feats.

  164. pedantic george

    At least Bill is prepared to take bigger risks.With someone else’s money of course/

  165. I’m looking forward to seeing Kyle play for the Arsenal at some point. Interesting prospect. He was asked to D**M about a little for the extinct club, Glasgow Rangers, because he was one of their better players. If any find that offensive I’d like to share the observation that out that of all the former Rangers players who have left Kyle has ended up at the biggest club.

  166. Put em up george, ya big girl’s blouse! 🙂

    Bill is forever spending the wife’s money on his hair brained schemes. Those chocolate tea pots didnt really fly off the shelves did they Bill? melted on them more like.

  167. Limestone @ 6:10:

    Well said as always.

    Not saying we should do this but adding an extra $100,000/week to RVP’s pay above the 130,000/week we reportedly offered him would cost us about 20M extra amortized over 4 years. Most of us want to keep him this season even if his contract runs out which means we surrender about 20M in transfer fees (guesstimate). I know its a bit of an apples and oranges analogy but wouldn’t it make more sense to spend that 20M on a player like RVP and get the benefit for the next 4 years rather then get a “lame duck” RVP who we don’t know how he will react this season and will probably walk away for free next year?

    Bottom line is I agree with your point. With lots of revenue on the horizon perhaps this is the time to take a little more risk and spend some money. AW won’t be here forever.

  168. George @ 6:11:

    No secret what I think. 🙂

  169. Bill;

    By going down that road, of paying our players what the financially doped do, instead of saying, woah woah woah there! Is crazy, no club can sustain this kind of wages over the long term. That is what FFP is supposed to bring into force. BUT regardless of the FFP, it should be pretty obvious by following the lead of clubs that can simply write off £100s of millions EVERY season, is folly and the type of approach that will ultimately end in disaster.

    The club, apparantly, have offered him £130,000 A WEEK and a £5m signing on bonus. If that is not enough and he wants more, then I am sorry, he can go.

    Although we are lead to believe contracts and wages have not been discussed and it’s more about the ‘direction’ the club is goin in.

    I didnt realise the club was on wheels, but there you go, thats progress I guess.

  170. Dex

    I understand all that. I know we won’t and probably shouldn’t offer RVP 230/week. That was used as an example. I doubt he would resign for 130/wk but i suspect we could resign him for less then 230/week. There are several valid arguments for why the club should be more agressive financially especially trying to keep our best players. Again I agree with limestones sentiments, he has been making that same point for a long time now.

  171. I am really looking foward to seeing some of the young players over the forthcoming pre-season games.It would be great if bartley steps up, he might have to go on loan initially, but still, that would be fantastic for me.

  172. pedantic george at 6:11 pm
    “At least Bill is prepared to take bigger risks.With someone else’s money of course.”
    Sounds a lot like jon-jon to me. Let us take a punt on the banks. Ha, Ha, Ha!

    Too many posters pretend that Rangers and ManUnited have and are unraveling before their very eyes. Maybe they believe ManUnited is too big to fail. Wonder how many of their lenders will forego their loan payments to keep that turkey afloat.

  173. i think JD will come in useful at some stage..hes a good lad, he”ll be set for a testimonial at 25..
    we know hes a good CB, he was probably our best after we let gallas go and he got unlucky..
    a couple of bad injuries which required him to come back quicker than required and thrown into an arsenal side that should have never been allowed to go to OT that day..
    we sent those lads over the top in that match, everyone was shit that day..
    and then he ends up playing at RB..

    his best position is CB, i dont happen to think hes that versitile to be honest..
    he hasnt played DM for us since he was in the kid team with muamba and he didnt really leave me star struck at RB either last year..

    hes a CB. and a decent one too..a run of games will see him good
    we didnt sign vertonghen because we didnt need him..we have four good CBs and it looks like they will all be here for the next 4 or 5 years

    after seeing them all play over the last two seasons i think they can all play together as well..
    which is important, its important to have great combos, not just great players..
    and that has be right the way through the first team into the bench and the rest if the squad..

    i think weve sorted the CB problem, we have enough, and to be honest i get suprised when ppl still talk of defence as being our problem..
    blinded by distraction statistics, yes the record looks bad and is getting worse but its not the back 5.. its the 6 in front of them, or the 3 in midfield, depending on if you like it fluid or structured defence..

    as for squillaci i think hes irrelevent.. the two stand out youngsters are more important now and song can play CB when required..

  174. Try this:
    “Too many posters seem to be in denial that Rangers and ManUnited have and are unraveling before their very eyes. Maybe they believe ManUnited is too big to fail. Wonder how many of their lenders will forego their loan payments to keep that turkey afloat.”

  175. Bill;

    You clearly DON’T GET IT though mate. Otherwise you wouldnt keep endorsing that very same view twice a day and four times on a Sunday! 🙂

    I agree that the wage structure needs changing, and so does Gazidis, but the figures bandied about, like £200k a week? Pfffft. Nooooooooo way my brother.

  176. The previous head of FIFA Jauo Havelange and his assistant took bribes from a marketing company IBS (I think thats their name?) to the tune of £15m from 1992-2000. And of course even though he was there at the time and worked closely with that very same company, there is no evidence to suggest that Blatter took a single cent from them.

  177. Limestonegunner

    Btw, I linked those articles of Zach Slaton a year or so ago because they challenged an important principle of common assumptions following Soccernomics’ thesis about wages. I suggested then that there might be a better way to predict final league position by creating a total net spend category which somehow included wages and transfer spend, which is quite similar to the total team value that Slaton has calculated. Such a figure would give a better way to judge where Arsenal was and how it was competing relative to other top teams.

    At the time no one on here was even remotely interested. I did discuss this idea personally with Simon Kuper at a conference we both were attending at Cambridge last spring on the trip that allowed me to see the home v. Aston Villa match. And I posted about that conversation last spring in these comments.

    I am glad to see that Slaton has continued his work and 7am’s write up about it is terrific. There are many uncomfortable realities to face. But the biggest one is that AW adds a huge amount of value–second only to Fergie according to these statistics–though we are about to see Fergie tested more than he has ever been. With FFP, the sugar daddies will have some difficulty sustaining, perhaps, such levels of direct cash infusion. It already is having a minor effect on ManCity, and Chelsea are looking for bargains/value though they are still splashing big too. The bad news is that the huge spending and success of those clubs have also boosted their revenues hugely. Even if they only spend what they make, they would be dangerous at this point, but not in Arsenal’s class with Wenger. Without AW, there is not guarantee even with FFP that things would go back to the duoply days.

    The other big point is that Arsenal have been big spenders in transfers and wages during our more successful first half of AW’s career. So even the genius needs the resources to work with if we are to win. I guess we can decide it is over for Arsenal at the highest level or find a way. If we are to find a way, we might want to do so quickly because AW is an advantage it is foolish to take for granted.

  178. But Bill, according to not RVP’s words, a contract was not dicussed.

  179. Dex

    We could argue all day about this since there is no right or wrong answer. I agree there has to be some top limit but to me $130/week for RVP is probably not there yet. Don’t know what it would take to get him to sign. I agree that we have to change the wage structure or losing our best players is inevitable. I don’t think we should wait 3 – 4 years or more until we have renegotiated our commercial contracts to start changing things. If we really want to change the wage structure what better chance to start then with one of the top 5 club goal scorers in the world?

  180. shotta, rangers couldnt find a buyer, they fucked up

    i cant see it being that difficult to sell UTD to be honest..
    the glaziers came to england to do one bleed englands richest football team dry..and then fuck off..

    UTD have been looking down the barrel since those guys took over..a percentage of the fans took to wearing different colours in the ground to show their disgust at what had just happned to their club
    and some even resorted to fucking the club off all together and started manchester fc from scratch cos they knew man u was fucked..

    everyone knew they were fucked about 3 years ago..even their own fans..
    rooneys kerfuffle was because of this as well..but they paid him 250k to shut the fuck up..

    its not that big a suprise, but they will be ok becuase manu is a global brand, it will find a buyer..

    if stans lucky usmanov might buy would cost usmanov less to pay off utds debts and take control of the club than what it would to buy the rest of stans shares…

    UTD are fucked but they have a 350-400mil turnover when ran full anyone with any real money can pay those debts off now and make their money back quick time..
    they’d need to be quick before fergie goes but i have a feeling UTD will be ok regardless..

    i hope they are not, love to see them drop out of the pl and maybe having to rely on manchester fc in the londis gold top milk conference league, i would join you in a hearty chortle if this was the outcome, but it aint happening bruv..

  181. Limestonegunner

    I have expressed my concerns about Kroenke in the past–and he does get a bit of an easy ride in some quarters by not being the ogre Usmanov because of the silly doctrine of the lesser of two evilism–but I am glad that he hasn’t acted like the Glazers in his takeover. Of course, he thinks the Glazers are great, so I probably should congratulate the previous board and Fiszmann in particular for insuring that KSE didn’t load the club with takeover debt. We’ve only paid 4million in actual costs for the honour of being taken over by Kroenke. There are opportunity costs, but those are disputable and hard to quantify.

    Hopefully Kroenke won’t sell us to someone who will do that. No guarantees there, I suppose.

  182. Here’s a recent quote from the little giant that I enjoyed. It’s in reference to people, mainly in Russia, attempting to understand and therefore blame someone(s) for Russia’s exit from the Euro thingy:

    Q: Summing up: what would you say to the fans who will demand an explanation for sure?
    A: You know, it’s useless to say anything now: every man (et les filles Andrey?) will find an explanation he wants to find.

  183. Bill; The new wage structure isn’t linked to the new (hopefully) far more lucrative commercial deals and increased revenue streams (Jeeeez, I never envisaged I’d be using terms like ‘revenue streams’ when discussing Arsenal!), no, it’s more to do with the previous contracts either run out, or are mutually cancelled etc. Now, the length of time that takes is depenedent on how long each individual contract is and the likelihood (or otherwise) of player(s) agreeing to have their deals changed.

    Now, for those being asked to reduce their wages, I cannot see much success, can you? 🙂

  184. Dex.

    The other thing to consider with RVP is the cost to replace him. how often does any club get one of the top 5 goal scorers in the world? It almost always costs more to buy a player of equal quality then to keep the one you have at any position on the pitch.. That is especially true with goal scorers who cost much then other players. Not dissing Alex Song in any way but I suspect replacing him thru the transfer market or even from our youth is much easier then replacing RVP. It would certainly cost far less to replace Song with a new transfer then finding a player anywhere close to RVP.

  185. Bottom line is, we don’t know how much the club are offering our top players, or how much they are prepared to go to. It is all media speculation.

  186. Anyone seen the new purple stripey away kit? I like it. Reminds me of the one from about 3-4 seasons ago. That was one of my favourite kits.

  187. Bill;

    I would keep RvP regardless of him signing on or not. get at least one season more from him and see what happens.

    But that’s me being simplistic.

  188. by christ the new away kit is a travesty

  189. Dex

    If we are ever going to bump up the top of our wage scale then a player like RVP is the one to do it for IMO.

    This is an Interesting and very relevant discussion but it is one that has no right or wrong answer and depends on philosophy and we will never agree on that. Since no one at the club listens to me I suspect nothing is going to change anytime soon.

    I think we should sell RVP if we can get a “good” price AND we actually spend the money to strengthen the squad this year. If we can’t get a good price then we should hold on to him. I suspect in the end we will sell, but only time will tell.

  190. Are you f*cking kidding me? Who the hell is in charge in Nike’s design department? This is the worst Arsenal kit I’ve seen in living memory. Past kits at least had some kind of connection to the past (even the hoops of this year’s home kit have been done maybe 20 years back or so) but what is this purple one all about? And the GK kit is even worse. I feel for Szcz.

  191. Evil/Deise;

    Ha! I like it. 🙂

  192. I am sure it’s no coincidence that this new away kit has been revealed so shortly after RVP’s statement. Surely R&W have a hand in Nike and arranged all of this!

  193. Will you all lay off my Aaron Ramsay story. It was mine, I tell you. Around mid-day today. And it was marked as one of my “opinions of little consequence”. Like the racial make up of the Arse Ladies was too. (I forgot about Rachel Yankey….but thanks to that clip Korihikage, I was reminded.)
    Dex, I’m sure you know anyway, but Kyle Bartley has been given a squad place for this season. No new loan for him. He stays.

  194. According to the AST meeting RvP has been offered the biggest deal in the club’s history, but we are missing the point. It is NOT about wages, it is about the ‘direction’ of the club and the ‘ambition’ it is showing, or otherwise.

    Personally, so far this summer, I think the club have shown good ambition, have SPENT serious money already with the promise of more to follow.

    perhaps, Bill, you should put out a statement on your own hastily created website saying how unhappy you are with directions and ambitions etc? 🙂

  195. Mingus;

    I do apologise for stealing your thunder man! Yeah, I was aware of Kyle’s new status as a 1st teamer. However, I do think that this may still see him loaned out, although if he sint, then that would represent a great show of confidence in the young CB by AW.

    All good

  196. Is that the new away kit? ohhhh, now it is clear to me why RVP wants to leave.

  197. “The bottom line is that we probably could add lots of money without adding a huge debt if we wanted but even if we did bring in some more debt we should be able to handle it much more easily now then we could 8 years ago.

    I say we take a little bit of risk and go for it. What do you think?”

    I think, you think, indeed many think it is a good idea. But it isn’t the Stan way, if you judge by his past history with other sporting franchises.

  198. its official..we are going to be lifting TWO trophies wearing TWO of the most awful kits ever!

    this “avatar-looking” away kit sucks!!!

    Herb Chapman’ll be spinning in his grave

  199. ” I do it all the time on Fantasy Manager.”

    What is that? Some kind of alternative lifestyle blow-up doll? Please don’t tell me you have the Sir Alex version! 😉

  200. Looks like I am sharing a forum with colour blind fashion phillistines! The new away kit is chic, it’s magnifique!! 🙂

  201. Philmar;

    Well my version of Fantasy manager involves wearing a sheepskin jacket, a lit cigar a rolled up copy of the Sporting Life, a magic sponge and half an orange.

  202. Dex @ 8:17


    BTW. A little smiley face does not count so you got the last word in again. 😉

  203. only KOS can make these purple stripes look good..& maybe Robin

    look & weep folks,

  204. now we are onto kits? whats the crack with addidas?
    i read we were lining them up as soon as 2013..

    anyone got anything on this? the sooner the better really looking at that piece of shit

  205. Dex, maybe if the background was one colour; too many blinkin stripes going on at the same time. But purple?

  206. PaulN;

    I loved the purple/blue stripey away kit from a few seasons back. One of my all time faves TBH. This one isnt as good, but not as bad as people are making out IMO.


    I have been hoping for years (basically since Nike took over) that Adidas would be our kit supplier again.

  207. Nike must be outsourcing…

    Man U had the blue/black horizontals, now we have the purple/black horizontals…with the red tip ??
    well, i hope the kids like this.

    wonder if it glows in the dark?

  208. Maybe it glows in the dark Aman, will save us money for night games won’t it! No need for floodlights man.

  209. I quite like that away kit…in the same way I like the London 2012 logo. Meaning I DO like it. No I do! It avoids ticking all the boxes marked “good taste”. And in case you didn’t know it (although I know you did), good taste is all too easy and all too prevalent these days. Bad taste, on the other hand…..

    Kyle Ebecillo, how effing exciting is that….to be in AW’s serious consideration. A year too soon perhaps, for Jon Toral (our very own JT poor lad!) and the immense prospect of young Serge Gnabry.

    As it always has, our up-coming youth prospects keeps me from giving up this ugly sport. (Come to think of it, football doesn’t tick any of those “good taste” boxes either!)
    So whether or not RvP goes to City, or the Fat Slug takes over… there’s always the prospect of Serge or JT or the Kyles…;or my mates 9 year old who’s also on the books… keep me from packing it all in.

  210. dex your talking my language
    nike are ok,but adidas are the bizzles nizzles mate..

    much better quality..

    if they pay more for the sponser privilige, then double whammy.. 🙂

  211. dude its adidas all the way with footwear especially.. 🙂

    thats vids cool
    see adidas are about the stripes, the stripes i love, but they keep it simple, three stripes, no more no less-shit hot…

    too many stripes gets messy..starts looking like a child scribbled all over it..

  212. Im with dex, the kits are kool.

  213. My fave all time Arsenal kit is Adidas; mid – late 80’s. Gorgeous!

    Mingus; Yes man, loving your stuff and without wanting to tread on your toes, I think the yutes are possible one of the major reasons for me too.

    Watching the likes of Wilshere, Frimpong come through is immense. Hopefully a few more. It is so fucked up that even our promising kids have to have such wretched luck with injuries.

    Wilshere has lost a year of his development and god knows what he could have done last season? Frimpong has suffered 2 long term injuries and I feel we wouldnt be chattting about M’Villa or anyone other DM IF he had have escpaed those long lay offs. And Connor henderson was another tipped for good things until his injury, and there’s Afobe too.

    Here’s to the curse being lifted this season!

  214. The horizontal stripes on the socks should go away but otherwise the kit is OK .

  215. So good news for Kyle Bartley, especially as he hadn’t been getting the greatest of reports from Rangers fans who had seen him at close hand last season. By all accounts he started his loan spell really well, won over the fans there what with his spirit, his committed style and his commanding presence and shouting and all that. (Would you say that was kind of un-Arsenal?) But then his stock fell…possibly coinciding with him being moved in to a defensive midfield role apparently. And it was starting to look like this northern lad had the mentality but fell well short when it came to skill, and technique.

    SO if he does in fact take Scillacci’s place as centre back No.5, he is going to learn so much this season. Particularly from Mertesecker I think, but also from TV and Kos. No wonder he’s happy.

  216. @Dex
    The kit you are meaning — one of my personal favourites I have to admit – was blue/red (very much Barca-esque). And it looked fantastic. But this year’s away kit … just no. I just don’t like purple as a colour. The only thing good on that kit is the red hoop around the sleeve

  217. Evil; I might have slight colour blindness then because I am looking at the top I have and it looks purple to me man! I think the thicker hoops look better than the thinner ones and it is ‘more’ purple in the new kit true. Not saying it’s amazing, just not as bad as some of our previous kits. Oh, I won’t be buying it BTW!


    It is difficult to gauge how bartley, or any other returning loanee will do man. Gibbs had a pretty pants time on loan, hardly set the world alight and he looks like a very good LB now.

  218. I think Bill could be right about losing the striped socks. I find myself getting dizzy if I stare at the kit too long.

    My favorite away kit for a while was the blue pin stripe stylee! The red and blue did look well nice still.

  219. What is this about Wenger declining the offer to manage Brazil’s national team? Is it true or yet another urban myths on twitter? Talkshite moron Durham in his ‘Daily Arsenal’ was wondering that there are 6-7 million ‘reasons’ for Wenger to not to leave Arsenal and accept this position!
    I must clarify that I am not a regular Talkshite listener but make it a point to listen to ‘Daily Arsenal’ . I always laugh to myself during these three minutes much to the amusement of fellow motorists stuck at Gallows Corner roundabout.

  220. Dex, I believe this is the one you are talking about?

  221. There will never be a better kit then the currant red with the large O2 on it. Very distinctive and recognizable. I don’t know which company has the O2 logo but I wish they would pay us $100M per year directly into arsene’s transfer war chest and we could have their logo on the front of our jersey again.

  222. Thats the one PaulN, fab innit!

    Bill; Ooh Nooo man, unless you are being satirical? 02 are having massive probs right now in the UK! 🙂

  223. Paul @10:35

    My second favorite kit . Still wish for the O2 logo on the front but the colors of that kit are really nice. My grand kids all have one and so do I.

  224. Dex.

    No idea about O2, dont know what type of company they are or how they are doing. Just liked the logo because it recognizable. Even people here in Texas who know just a little about English “soccer” recognized it as Arsenal. The Fly Emirates is less distinctive

  225. Ahh man, I hate the Emirates branding too, although my fave was JVC.

    02 are a mobile/cell phone company, they are having real problems in the UK atm.

  226. My favourite was Sega, for very obvious reasons, having grown up in the times when you were hard pressed to find a child without a Mega Drive waiting under the tree on Christmas Day.

  227. JVC for me. Liked the Mega Drive one too. Refused to drink Holsten Pils. For obvious reasons.

  228. I think Sega was on the away shirt. Dreamcast was on the home shirt.

  229. Gotta say the ‘Dreamcast’ one was pretty apt too. 🙂 Got that one somewhere too.

  230. Can’t say I like the horizontal stripes, off the cuff, remind me of prison attire.

    Visually will make our players look squatty.

  231. Apparently a myth, Arse.

    Actually they make you look slim.

  232. Best thing about Holstein was the 1987 FA Cup Final where Tottenham had half the team with the sponsors names on them, the rest had clean shirts. The following morning, one of their rivals ran an ad campaign that said “Should have had a ….” mocking this.

  233. Don’t really like the new away kit. It does remind my of the drak blue one we had some years back, and that grew on me in the end though.

    I always prefer it when our away kit is yellow. Not the crazy yellow we had in the Aders Limpar days mind.

  234. Apparently it depends upon where you wear the horizontal stripes.Shirt…thin. Socks….skinny. Shorts…very fat arse indeed. So I can see why we have gone for plain shorts. We would not want our competitors laughing at our players bums.

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