Pre-season Straining Begins

As London Colney reverberates to the pounding of limbs and straining scales, pre-season training begins for the majority of the squad. The manager has had much to mull over and I am sure Steve Bould is chomping at the bit to get to work on organising a capable defence which was breached too often last season, even excluding the eight goals ceded at Old Trafford.

Whilst the focus has been on Arsenal’s strikeforce, the defence has probably been equally taxing Arsène’s mind. He knows he has some outstanding defenders who are more than capable of dealing with Premier League strikers. However, last season’s thirteen clean sheets in the Premier League signalled a problem. As much as this, that the team conceded two or more goals on seventeen occasions will be a major concern. Looking at those games, one less goal in each would have yielded another ten points. When you look at the final table, the gap to Manchester City and United would have been within single figures; it does not seem such a big leap mentally to make for a title challenge.

The coaching staff can get on with that, Le Boss has other matters to resolve. Robin van Persie has split opinions, most are disgusted by his actions in realeasing an ill-timed and ill-informed statement – who knows perhaps on his flight back he noticed Ivan’s seat was empty on the plane as the CEO was at work. However, whilst he is wearing the Arsenal shirt, it is inconceivable that he will not have the full backing of the crowd. It might be the adoration he is used to but on the pitch, for the 100 minutes of the game, everyone has to pull in the same direction, to back the team in achieving a win. Lucky that the morals of a football supporter are so flexible…

As well as that, Theo Walcott’s advisors have publicly been pressing to meet with the club and this should be a priority, especially since it is a volte face from their decision to walk away from talks last autumn. Arsenal need to capitalise on this desire and tie the England international to a long contract.

Walcott is in some respects a more testing negotiation for the club. van Persie garnered the headlines with his goals and rightly received personal recognition for that. Yet it is often overlooked that an injury free Theo Walcott also had his best season for the club, capping it off with his first England goal for four years in the summer. At 23, Walcott has his prime before him; van Persie is at an interesting juncture in his career. His potential is realised, his injury-free season shows what might have been and might still be but at best he has five years left at the top. At best.

Walcott has double that. He is the longer-term option and his contract will tell us more about the uncertainty at the club than that of van Persie. Were Theo to leave, it would not just be established stars, it would be the up-and-coming stars who are unhappy. Arsenal cannot allow that to happen. There now needs to be some strong leadership from the club, a modernising of the Arsenal way. KSE can sit in their Ivory Tower for only so long in that case.

There is speculation about others whose contracts come to within their final twelve months next summer. To try to impose current events on them now involves more supposition and speculation than is apparent with van Persie and Walcott; it is counter-productive until those players say anything about their status. Hopefully their agents have looked and learned, noting that even with the goodwill which Robin van Persie had, it can all still go horribly wrong.

Elsewhere, Arsenal are looking to bring in Stefan Jovetic which dovetails nicely with the stories of Marouane Chamakh going to Fiorentina although a loan deal to Valencia was mooted at the weekend whilst an unknown French forward will be having a trial at Arsenal this week. I am sure that all the ITKs will tell us about M’Baye Niang.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. YW – Nice post as always.

    Bob – Was you last post yesterday directed at me? If so, I think you may have gotten the wrong end of the stick.

  2. Roland C Rozario

    Honestly the Van Persie and now Walcott episode must come to a close. Arsenal will and always have survived with or without the supposedly ‘star players’ whome mind you have been given this status by the fans!.
    HERE is the opportunity for all other GUNNERS STARS to shine … the young gunners and the ‘seasoned’ first XI and not forgetting the newbies!
    They will show, those who have ‘deserted’ the club that they are even better if given the opportunity to shows their skills! [Period]

  3. Interesting, after years of injuries/underperformance when both players begin to realise their potential they want a juicy fat contract, who says there is no loyalty these days. Smack.those.boys.

    Err YW, fourteen cleen sheets in all comptetitions? I doubt that – We kept 13cs in the Epl, four in the Ucl(Udinese home, Marseille home&away and Milan home) and one in the F.a cup(vs Leeds), i think that sums up to 18cs.

  4. Missed the ECL one’s, ta khalifa. 13 in the PL isn’t enough. Which as that is what I was talking about later in the para, will now be the text.

  5. Definately YW, a newly promoted club in swansea kept 14cs in the Epl, we should be doing better than that.

  6. Robin is just not worth the trouble; after all the club had done for him,please go. Thanks for last and only season that you performed. Anyway,he is due for an injury crisis. He has played over 80 games without any injury!!! Weird. Maybe he knows and he his trying to earn the club a significant pay check by signing for another club and ending his career in and out of the treatment table. Thanks.

  7. From the previous post , It is not really a matter of taking sides, I agree with Consols and Andy, he could have left quietly and maybe we would have been angry and overreacted just as badly as we have when other players left with unfinished business but that STATEMENT is what grates most of us. Whichever way you look at it he had ulterior motives in releasing that statement and you are kidding yourself if you think they were in the club’s best interest.

    Maybe he will stay or go but whatever the case some like me will never be able to look at the man the same way. If he stays and gives his 100% to the cause I will cheer and defend him like I do all Arsenal players, anything less and I will have my doubts given the events of the last one week.

    Good to hear pre-season is kicking off coz that means we are closer to the season beginning, all this summer drama is becoming too much so we need our ARSENAL back and soon. As any optimistic fan out there I am looking forward to the new season with plenty of hope and belief that this may just be our year.


  8. No andy. Not you. Frank.

    Just loves a fight that one.

  9. Bob – Ah, OK mate. Lost in t’internet translation 🙂

  10. I have been wondering about the Walcott thing. We all know he wants to play as a striker. Wenger has told him that one day he will play as a striker, perhaps he just wants to play in the position he prefers? Personally I think he will make a great striker, despite some opinions on his finishing. Whether he would be a good enough striker at Arsenal is open to debate, but I am not sure he would be happy to sign a contract without some assurances that he wont always be deployed as a winger.

    On top of that he has Oxlade-Chamberlain challenging for his place in the team, and let’s face it Ox has more to his overall game than Theo.

    It will make for interesting times over the next couple of weeks.

  11. On the subject of Theo as a striker, Wenger made some telling comments recently about strikers. he said he does not like strikers “who just score”. They have to be able to add to the collective.

    With that in mind I really really don’t see Theo starting as a striker whilst we play with just one striker. He really only offers pace behind the defence and would not be that effective at linking play or holding the ball up. Also whilst out wide he can also do a job stopping a full back getting forward.

    There is not enough to his game to play through the middle in this formation. In a 442, maybe. But not as a the only striker.

  12. Some interesting and thinly veiled words from Le Prof.

    What can he do when we invest all the time and effort into players for them to show no loyalty to the club? I hope that players like Wilshire, Frimpong, Ryo, Jenko, and Gibbs will show more loyalty.

    I also hope TV5 sticks by his statement that he wants to stay at Arsenal for the rest of his career!

  13. A timely reminder YW that football is about grass and footballs and goals and defences, not just egos and money.

    I am sure Wenger feels rather more comfortable with the players and coaches around him than as the focus of 24 hour meeja obsession.

  14. Pre-season begins…yay!!!!!!!
    need some Colney pics asap
    especially of AA…(can finally take off his jammies)

    hope we do re-sign Theo on a long termer.

    who needs a striker when we can have 6 MF/CF/winger types?

  15. TV% for captain, anyone?

  16. maybe if van persie leaves, wenger will pull a rabbit out of the head, play theo in the middle.

  17. I hope not.

  18. ‘Hopefully their agents have looked and learned, noting that even with the goodwill which Robin van Persie had, it can all still go horribly wrong.’

    Yogi, unfortunately the agents won’t care as long as they have the money. they don’t give a shit at all. in the end, it’s the players who have to deal with the fallout, and they will just tell the players, well look you are earning more, you are ‘winning more’, and you have new fans!

  19. personally i believe theo’s best position is as a wing forward. then you have an intelligent centre forward who can drop deep get the ball and release him.

  20. At last FIFA agrees to test goal line technology in this year’s club world cup.

  21. Korihikage – “personally i believe theo’s best position is as a wing forward. then you have an intelligent centre forward who can drop deep get the ball and release him.”

    Same here.

  22. arsenalandrew

    Good post YW; especially like the opening line describing the likely scenes at London Colney as the footballing equivalent of FatClub!!

    One wonders what the day will bring; can’t see the current stand-off continuing indefinitely …

  23. Theo is our Pedro.
    Hope he buys into it

  24. David Dein was on SSN; going on about how Arsenal must be fucking things up by ‘allowing’ these players to leave.

    Glad he didnt let his agenda or ill feeling towards the board get in the way of having a dig.

  25. What is the problem wityh Walcott? Sure Van Persie is out the door. Will his contract problems be a cancer on her club? Our back line needs huge improvement. Modernizing how?

  26. pedantic george

    If we sign another striker for big(for us that is) surely that means RVP is on his way?
    After he has saved the world and all that.

  27. First day at Colney, No Euro participants, no Olympic participants, no injured players, no players in contract disputes… that’ll leave carl jenkinson playing keepy uppy

  28. David Dein is the head of red and white holdings so we know his agenda is to destabilise the current board – he wants to ride in at the head of Usamovs horde… If Usamov gets Arsenal David Dein will be the new chairman…

  29. I was at a big BBQ last night, about midnight we ran out of booze, it was terrible, all we had was a few bottles of Evian… Then this really nice man, with a funny akshent arrived out of no where, he took the plastic bottles of water, poured them out into the newly emptied glasses and you wont believe this, but it was wine, delicious alcoholic wine.

    A miracle

  30. its better to let them go in time such that we try our best before the end of the transfer.

  31. Was it Steve McLaren?

  32. Ha! Good one jon.

    I think he might have a few mates tyo play with;

    Gibbs, Song, Santos, Vermealen, Miquel, lansbury, Bartley, Ryo, erm.

  33. I am sure Jenko will do those keepy ups with real love for the club though! GO JENKS!

  34. Oh Andy. You need to get with the programme.

    It was RvP, the saviour of the universe, soothsayer righter of wrongs remover of stains and the man to change all that is wrong at Arsenal. 🙂

  35. pedantic george

    “Lucky that the morals of a football supporter are so flexible…”

    Its hard when an employee is outstanding at his job,an asset,yet he is a moral liability.
    But I suppose the fact that the likes of JT an Joey Barton have huge long term contracts ,despite being serial offenders,gives us the answer.Sadly.

  36. Morals are no part of football on or off the pitch. If they were, the corinthian spirit would prevail.

  37. Dex – Are you sure? He and McLaren sound very alike.

  38. What I want to know is, when is the new ACLF coming Yogi?

  39. It’s times like this I want a time machine, I’ll whizz forward a few years and get Mr Wenger’s autobiography, that will be ‘must read’

  40. pedantic george

    YW,that is a bad thing ? Right?
    We should seek to correct that situation.

  41. We’re working on it, drew10. We’ve got the site, exporting the content across which will hopefully be in the next day or so. Then we work out on the layout. Aiming for the end of this month to launch.

  42. PG

    What’s a bad thing? Corinthian spirit? No, that’s good.

  43. Soldiers go soldiers come

  44. pg,
    i say we sign FOUR newbies if Theo joins the exodus…..and we sell Chamakh, Park, NikB.

    My picks: G.Rossi, H.Rodallega, V.Moses & Y.M’Villa

    1. 25, >10m LTC, a crocked-will-heal super-talent, double goals+assists, slots in easy.
    2. free, does it all, has a lot to prove, epl-vet, slots in easy, STC…(a fave).
    3. a brimming super-talent, about 10m, epl-vet, LTC, replaces Theo & frees Ox from wing.
    4. >10m, adds steel, covers Song if DDeined also, LTC.

  45. pedantic george

    I take it you are being “flip” Yogi.
    Lack of morals and the accepting of that said lack,is a bad thing

  46. YW,
    hope the new site restores our avatars?
    I miss my guy

  47. George;

    YOu seen that Koscielny is to be offered a new deal?

  48. smart Dex…tie down Kos LT!

  49. It’s very important we give Laurent a new contract. His contract only lasts until 2014, so getting him to sign now until 2017 (as it’s being reported) would be very good.

  50. ..i’m waiting for Colney pics…hurry up!

  51. Good news about the new site YW. This is by far the best place for us Gooners to come and be amongst brethren!

  52. Whilst reading the Martin Samuel piece, bear in mind he is a West Ham fan…

  53. pedantic george

    Yes Dexter. If he declines it with 2 years to go IG will get shouted at next year.Is how it works.Right?

  54. Ah – just when the issues of morality and Corinthian spirit are raised so the news headlines are dominated by that exemplar of all that is good in the game Mr Terry

    More seriously are “they” less moral (or more immoral) or is it just that 20-30 years ago we were just that much more ignorant of the behind the scenes screaming, bitching and financial chicanery that went on among those who we revered?

  55. I’m worried about our cuddly left back,someone’s going to have to tell him about yossi, drop the robin bomb on him and then introduce him to his new sports teacher Mr Bould.

  56. Mel – yossi already told him he wont be seeing him unless he has a photo of him ! 🙂

  57. martin samuel’s article is a joke. trying to appear intellectual by using economic theory, examples in the business world? i am surprised HE hasnt been rendered obsolete.

  58. Great post – as usual! Walcott MUST stay! Loosing both RVP and Walcott would be a bit tooooooo much!

  59. Thanks George! 🙂

  60. YW,
    Martin Samuel is a SEP United member…..sellouts, egos & paychecks utd.

    a fan of West Ham or any other club!

  61. Football is near, Football is near.
    Repeat adnauseum.
    Unfortunately I don’t think this will be an incident-free pre-season. RVP’s standoff with the club coupled with the uncertainty of Walcott resigning will be resolved one way or the other. If RVP has larger goals for the club than simply a big pay check, as Frank has speculated, then it could become really interesting. When saying so, there is no real evidence to suggest that any major reforms in club policy have been proposed but we shall see.
    BTW: Good job these past two days by Bob and George. Nuff respect to YW for attracting some of the best and brightest supporters.

  62. pedantic george

    Martin Samuel has done what many averagely intelligent people do.They think they are smarter than they are and wander into the company of real smart people.Open their mouths ,and make complete cocks of themselves.
    He says”Nobody saved Sony when their technology was overtaken by Apple. Nobody rushed to protect Polaroid as it was being swept away by Nikon and Minolta. ” which is true .He fails to understand though that Apple were not backed by the wealth of an Arab sovereign state that payed all of Sonys designers to move to Apple and then bought all the Sony patents,and simply built on their work.
    He is comparing Apples to Sony Oranges.And if a person of distinctly average intelligence,like me ,can see that ,then it shows that he is a dullard.
    Some people insist on seeing the obscene immorality of financial doping as a good thing.


  63. “He is comparing Apples to Sony Oranges”.

    Rather well put, George. And true.

  64. Those doubting the sanity of Arsenal’s financial “caution” (and what RvP seems to be asking of the club) could do worse than closely read at least the summary and reports of the public offer of Man United and the figures that go with it. Even after paying 500m pounds in interest and costs Man United still owes 423m pounds, and the only way to finance it seems to be the public share offer, that offers investors zero returns (since financing the loan will take all the profits), except when and IF they can sell and the asset (shares) may have appreciated, or not.

    And then there is Rangers.

  65. thanks pg….

    corr: Martin Samel is a dullard SEP!

  66. Aman

    Martin Samuel is a West Ham fan.

  67. the best part about martin samuel’s bullshit is how he likened man shitty to creative destruction. schumpeter must be turning in his grave at the abuse of his life’s work.

  68. “please send us a link Mr. ZimPaul…..we the people of average intelligence implore you to”.

  69. I’ll take your word for it YW….but a SEP none the less.

  70. In a nutshell, Man United is facing the same general predicament as Arsenal; how to pay the debts and running costs and still compete. Only they have a massive debt overhang to resolve. They might be able to sell 423m pounds of shares, except that the actual trading accounts don’t look too healthy, and control of the club is not up for grabs. Man United PL will by the way be traded on the New York stock exchange.

  71. Afternoon YW. It’s been particularly awesome on ACLF over the last two or three days…since the storm broke. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. SO thanks. Yeah. Great stuff from Frank, george, one (or both) of the andy’s, Dexter, Limestone, Fun and many many more. Brilliant stuff. In fact a bad distraction from the work that badly needs to be done!

    My take on it is, the “star” players know their time at Arsenal (unfortunately?) coincided with the transition to the Emirates and the time of the paying off of that huge cost….and so either consciously or unconsciously (and bad luck to them on the timing) they know that they have been part of the foundations but not the glory days. Those glory days are to come. But for now, they know they are part of the transition era. So when they feel they’ve done their bit, they feel entitled to move on. Having helped the club as best they can, to set those foundations, to grow, or at the very least self-sustain. But yeah, if Theo goes, that sends out a completely different message.

    van Persie’s statement? We shall see. I hope (was it andy? or perhaps Frank) is right and it’s about larger matters than just himself. Wouldn’t that be too good to be true! (I suspect it is too good to be true, but there you go. Let’s see.

    And nice one Dexter, welcome to twitter! 🙂

  72. btw ZimPaul, 12:50 was in made jest….lol

  73. Aman, I read it in the Guardian online, the football section. the comments are really interesting.

  74. Maia was right about Amy Lawrence. She’s kind of toxic, kind of dumb (as in “a little knowledge is ..”) and kind of “populist”. I seem to recall Maria suggested a running kick to Amy’s mid-region, slightly above anyway, and I feel Maria just instinctively knows where.

  75. Maria

  76. ZimPaul 12.47

    I’m not sure I’ve read anyone in recent days questioning Arsenal’s financial caution per se.

    As you say “.. what RvP SEEMS to be asking of Arsenal …” – THAT’S the point; we don’t know exactly WHAT he’s asking.

    An (admittedly) small minority of us have argued that in the absence of hard facts, we should hold off condemning someone who might actually have the club’s best interests at heart.

    I’m moderately confident that the very last thing any of us (on ACLF, at least) would want is to follow the Rangers/Man U schools of finance.

    Suspect the next few days will prove telling …

  77. pedantic george

    Here is an extract from the stuff Bob linked

    “Sheikh Mansour could buy Lionel Messi if he so desired. A £100 million should to it. .

    No one would dispute the fact that this would constitute ambition—ambition to win titles. This, though, is a shallow definition of ambition. It insults the effort of all other clubs, the ones who can’t afford (for one reason or the other) the exorbitant sign-on fees and the resultant astronomical salaries, which the so-called ambitious clubs can afford.

    As long as this shallow definition is the one that holds sway, Arsenal will remain a by-word, a club without ambition. But this can only be so because of lazy journalism, made up of writers who are simply parrots, content to advance ill-digested narratives that have little or no substance.”

    Now that i some nice writing!

  78. Yes, the glory days will come, and even so, these days now, (if not quite the glory days) are pretty effing special. Other clubs are having their own issues, right? Or is it just us? Surely other clubs’ blogs are having their own “centre of the universe” debates? Surely?!

    ZP, Amy Lawrence used to be great. I haven’t read her stuff for a while now. I know she has (close) ties with the Dein family. Whether that has had an effect on her recent output, I don’t know. Just saying.

  79. on hindsight, it is quite amazing how we actually got to july before all the talk of crisis and end of the Arsenal world began.

  80. Chaps

    I met Martin Samuel in the departure lounge at Manchester airport. We had a brief chat. He said he would not describe himself as a West Ham fan although he does follow them (because of proximity during his youth). The quality of his article has nothing to do with who he supports.

  81. what has amy lawrence been writing? i always thought she could be counted upon. but i havent seen any of her stuff lately. she’s left guardian, hasn’t she?

  82. My brain seems to have reached a conclusion on the van Persie saga. It woke up this morning and said it has concluded that the young man lacks ambition, or at least can no longer match Arsenal’s ambitions, to win on a sustainable model. It’s a shame, it’s happened before I know, but Arsenal cannot be expected put its ambitions on hold for one player.

  83. I know I shouldnt believe anything i read but been hearing very bad things about Wilshire having a major setback on his injury, I hope it is all bullshit.

  84. Dearest Amy Lawrence describes our club as dysfunctional.

  85. ZimPaul

    i don’t know. as andrew said, let’s wait and see.

    but i agree that i laugh whenever players talk of ambition when they join a club like barca, real or shitty whatsoever.

    if you have any real ambition, you would want to lead YOUR team to victory, against all odds.

    maybe it is just me, but whenever i play, i don’t really give a damn if the teams are imbalanced, if i am on the weaker team (maybe i am why we ARE the weaker team). but i just find more satisfaction in beating the odds.

    there was once when i was on the supposedly weaker team, and the striker was complaining and asked for a reshuffle of the team. i just thought 1) he was weak 2) we wouldnt have been getting thrashed if he had put away the chances he’s got 3) that was just massive disrespect to his teammates

  86. pedantic george

    ZimPaul | July 9, 2012 at 1:20 pm

    You are “the” man Paul

  87. Is it established or hearsay that RvP was offered a 32m pound 4-year contract, incorporating a 5m pound bonus, the largest ever offered by the club? Is it also true, YW, that the Emirates stadium project is the single largest sports infra-structure development (since I don’t know, ever, since 2000?) in Europe financed entirely without state money or loans?

  88. why would someone want to play on messi’s team. if i have any guts, i would want to play against him, beat him. that’s real ambition.

  89. Firstlady,
    try replacing the words, “Wilshire” & “injury” with “van Persie” & “contract negotiation” and voila..the end of the world is deferred again.

  90. i thought 3, 4 years ago, someone came up with a really wonderful article on our emphasis on youth etc. thought it was martin samuel. shame how far he has fallen.

  91. good post. i agree with what you say about kse..
    jovetic wont happen, although it would be a real coup, i think its more like fiorentina are in talks over chamakh and thats it..
    i seen an AW quote somewhere, think it was a french tv station and he said fiorentina had enquired and then bid for chamakh and hes thinking about it..

    i just read what martin samuel had to say and i dont have a clue what any of it means so i think hes talking shit as well…

  92. Joined the mob, ZimPaul?

  93. kori,
    MS the PEP fell along with his team but is making a “strung cumback” with the help of Fat Sam.

  94. pedantic george

    Its hearsay Paul.Apparently Money and the terms of any contract have not been discussed .Because Robin is not interested with such trifling matters.No no no,he has the greater good at the forefront of his concerns.

  95. …and here we go again…….sigh.

  96. Snicker, snicker, george. Got any nasty little comparisons like the one you made yesterday for us? I see YW deleted it for you..

  97. You spend the morning throwing out insults and innuendo in the direction of an Arsenal player and as soon as someone responds to it it is…’here we go again’ ,Aman?

    What has this site become? It was better when the doomers were let in

  98. Cbob @ 9:37am,

    “No andy. Not you. Frank.

    Just loves a fight that one.”

    …do you mind keeping the gloves off today please?

  99. Just read the pompous statements you guys are making about an Arsenal player.

  100. YW,
    can you let in some doomers please?

  101. Yes that patronising remark was from one of your number, Aman.

  102. pls YW,
    we need the real enemies

  103. I’m bleeding Frank…please stop!

  104. You don’t need to bleed, child. You need to support the manager and players.

  105. These comments are beginning to read like the letters page in the News of the World, as was. Witch hunt.

  106. pedantic george

    Frank.Are you seriously calling other people Pompous ?

    At this rate there is going to be no room left next to me in the corner marked shit fans

  107. Sensational Arsenal


    The fuckers at Guardian are intent on distorting everything into a negative when it comes to Arsenal. Even the ones at Mirror and Sun wrote articles backing Wenger and why Rvp is acting like a tool. The guardian, which ironically is supposed to be a liberal media with brains and reasoning capability goes with the most lazy and brainless stance that Arsenal is dysfunctional.

    I used to read political articles there regulalry, not anymore after seeing their sustained negativity towards Arsenal.

  108. Splendid write up Yogi.

    Theo’s status is a concern.


    I believe there are greater concerns about the club at the moment, than RvP. (concerns that Arsene has with others in power, and their agenda).

    Admittedly, I have no facts to substantiate this comment. But I don’t buy into ‘money as a motive’.

    Without facts, the obvious is not always black and white.

  109. I support the living values of the manager, the manager, and players that support the manager & values as well as you Frank, my ACLF bloodbank, my senior comrade in the trenches…together we’ve fought many & won….the past few days are not what I enjoy the most about ACLF

    …why continue?

  110. If you support the manager at this stage you will support RvP. I don’t suppose for a minute that AW wants RvP alienated and is trying to sort it out with him….rather than trying to stick the boot in you might try to find out what has really happened and how can it be retrieved.

  111. the man utd school of finance is actually a very good one and they absolutely rake it in..

    the reason they are in the shit they are in is becuase a certain amercian investor bought the club with loans and IOU’s and then he burdened the club with all his debts and he didnt do it slyly..
    this is the thing with these investors who dont really buy the club, or look anything like they are here for football, you start to see your debts pile up or half your first team walk away and fans start getting the hump and start wearing there green and gold scarves, or black in our case..

  112. Frank, are you on crack? RVP has stuck the boot in, not anyone else.

  113. Dear Frank. Having considered all sides of the argument, I defer judgement except I think Robin needs to clarify what he means by not extending because he doesn’t agree with Arsenal’s future direction (ie policies) before he gets the benefit of the doubt. I say this because he put out an obtuse and objectionable statement, open to negative interpretation, seemingly joining the chorus of media that Arsenal can join the ‘big boys’ only by breaking its financial model and/or that the current players are not up to the task ahead. The last comparable statement was from Nasri, and before that Adebayor. I would like to see him clarify this, or perhaps retract it but either way thank Arsenal.

    Arsenal, as usual, put out no statement about him, only reiterating their desire to see him stay, or the last, to stand by his contract. As we always say, let’s deal with facts, and these are the only facts available.

  114. JonJon, I was saying this yesterday. American owners dont give a flying fuck about football.

  115. pedantic george

    Can anyone think of a circumstance where someone would want to invest a billion pounds in a business in the hope that the will lose a further billion pounds ,trying to win a tin cup?

  116. Whether he has stuck the boot in or not is a question of interpretation. I don’t think he has. I think that he is desperate.

    ZimPaul, seems strange to only give someone the benefit of the doubt when you are in no doubt.

  117. couldnt we have picked a better colour than black?
    black scarves isnt something associatied with footy..kinda makes us look like thugs..or the mafia..

    i think it would be taken more seriously and more people would catch on if we had a nice stripey lil number…

    and not red white and blue…
    it will defeat the object, as well as making us look like toothpaste..

  118. Frank,
    all reactions’ been based on the single public statement made…
    I’ve stated I trust AW’s decision on the matter…
    I’m waiting for that decision like many here and spiritedly trying to move on to other topics.

    …the infighting’s stinking up the place.

  119. Then stop childishly dising an Arsenal player just because he has a problem, Aman

  120. Great Post Yogi:

    I focused on your paragraphs regarding our team defense. The fact that we have excellent individual players in the club and our defense is still inadequate and has been for many years is just simply unacceptable. Our coaching staff should have made defense a priority many years ago. If we actually did make it a priority and we were unable to fix it then we need some new people in the coaching staff. Simple as that.

    Losing Theo would be another massive blow to the head and neck. RVP is more important from a football perspective. However, losing Theo would suggest that the idea that we can nuture young players into life long Arsene/Arsenal devotee’s who will stay loyal to the club forever is probably not realistic.

  121. i said earlier,
    here we go again..
    the old divide and conquer…
    ….like toothpaste???

  122. Hence, based on his statement (the only one available) I conclude he lacks ambition. I don’t buy into the conspiracy theory: that vP is really with AW, and the two are fighting a battle against Arsenal’s too-timid financial strategy that takes no risks, with AU backing them. I cannot imagine Wenger not fighting his own battles if this was the case. I also think Wenger is the author of this financial strategy, or at least has publicly defended it and is not averse to saying what he means. But what does Robin mean? No one knows, yet, except it sounds like what other players who “left for glory and money” said, before joining Man City etc.

  123. show me today’s diss Frank?

  124. yes fenton i agree..
    they know fuck all,..

    if its a stand off between players and baord then i know whos side im on…

  125. aqua fresh..

  126. more like shit stale, JonJon

    u have your own agenda

  127. korihikage | July 9, 2012 at 1:27 pm – a great description of ambition! Have never understood the ambitions of the likes of Nasri, for example, wanting to join Citeh ‘to win things’.

    No you don’t Nas, you just want something put on a plate.

    Now if I wanted to join Citeh – or much more likely, in my wilder dreams, Arsenal – then THAT would be ambitious ‘cos I’m a rubbish footballer. And people would rightly say they “they admired my ambition”.

    Genuine ambition is all about overcoming stuff – hurdles, expectations, the odds. Simply joining an already successful side is closer to a cop out.


    JonJon | July 9, 2012 at 1:58 pm – what are you OnOn? You say “the Man U school of finance is actually a very good one” and then provide three EXCELLENT reasons as to why it’s not actually a very good one at all!!


    Oh sorry, silly me, it’s Frank who is apparently on crack for suggesting we stick by our players, our manager and our club until we have real reason, maybe a smidgeon of evidence, even, to do otherwise.

    Keep taking the tablets, Frank.

  128. Was this already on here? — L’Equipe reporting this morning that we’re in discussions with Laurent Koscielny about extending his deal – which expires in 2014 – for a further three years, bringing him to 2017.

  129. pg,
    i say we sign FOUR newbies if Theo joins the exodus…..and we sell Chamakh, Park, NikB.

    My picks: G.Rossi, H.Rodallega, V.Moses & Y.M’Villa

    1. 25, >10m LTC, a crocked-will-heal super-talent, double goals+assists, slots in easy.
    2. free, does it all, has a lot to prove, epl-vet, slots in easy, STC…(a fave).
    3. a brimming super-talent, about 10m, epl-vet, LTC, replaces Theo & frees Ox from wing.
    4. >10m, adds steel, covers Song if DDeined also, LTC.

  130. smart move Deise…tie down Kos LT!

  131. Robin may well be desperate and sincerely believe Arsenal stand little chance unless they change their ways and seriously up their game or player quality and one can only assume their financial model. That doesn’t mean he is in he right. It means to me, he’s given up THE fight. The big one, not the trophy one. It sounds exactly like he’s looked at Barcelona (my personal theory) and said “I want that, that level, that football, that kudos. Do Arsenal have that ambition? I don’t think so. Not with where we seem to be going with the players on board”. So, he needs to clarify that he doesn’t mean that, or he does, either way. He needs to say where he stands and why.

  132. Frank;

    You have decided that RvP’s statment means something different to most on here. That’s fair enough, it’s your opinion after all. However, the manner in which you choose to disagree with people on here is pretty over the top.

    It is like you are intentionally trying to pick fights.

    You are letting your support for one player, get in the way of supporting the rest of them and the manager and club. As well as making this blog the friendly light hearted place it usually is.

    No one knows what is about to happen, although almost everyone seems to think he is off (when I say everyone, I mean, in the meeja, including David fucking Dein!)

    We ALL know what you think, you have laboured that point to death. As have others (no names George).

    For the sanity of me and the good of the majority on this blog. Can we all just drop it?


  133. Anyway, I’ll leave the Robin discussion. I was wrong about Cesc (I was convinced he was staying, right up to the end).

  134. I think this line is quite interesting from Arsenal. Unless I am an idiot, the statement was to rebuff what RVP said.

    “We are planning with ambition and confidence for next season with Arsenal’s best interests in mind.”

    In others words the team is not in agreement with what RVP said and thought the need to clarify. It seems to they understood it the way most have.

    Whether he is some one man crusade to save the “poor” players from only getting 80k/week and Arsenal from being relegated is irrelevant, to me. He put out a “vague” and ill-advised statement that is being used as a stick to beat Arsenal with. As ZP has said, if we are misunderstanding him, he can clarify. I see no need to make things up when the man can speak for himself.

    Also as far as changing the pay scale, IG all ready said that that is in the works. It would seem that RVP would be the first to benefit from it.

    With that, you guys be blessed!

  135. ZP; I think that saga is what is clouding the views of a lot of people I guess. Lot of wounds needed licking over that one! I thought he would give us one last season.

    But that doesnt mean the same thing is written in stone. Nothing has been deicdied

  136. pedantic george

    The trouble is Andrew,we have a lot more than a smidgen of evidence.We have a statement on a personal website ,we have previous similar behaviour and we have several precedent cases from previous players and captains.

  137. Though I made that statement, I concur with Dex about moving on. I cannnot remember the last time we brought in two big named players but yet the one that wants to leave is dominating the discussions. You have to go to battle with those who are both present and willing to fight with and for you. If players want to leave, for whatever reason…DEUCES!

  138. “Oh sorry, silly me, it’s Frank who is apparently on crack for suggesting we stick by our players, our manager and our club”

    And in which order should those three be in coz going by the facts and facts only he doesnt look like his is on the club’s policies. Most are here going on and on about how the club is greater than anyone why should he be exempted?

    Keyser put on a very good point yesterday, if this shit had been brought up by anyone else we would all be baying for blood!!

  139. Dexter

    i agree with your appeal to Frank.

  140. Hey Mingus! Thanks dude! 🙂

  141. Rubbish,,,you have no such evidence. What you have is gleeful high dudgeon.

    Btw Paul-N, the ‘team’ did not put that message out. The Communications Department did, and in my opinion it is very poorly worded and defensive. I don’t suppose the ‘team’ had one drop of input to it. Frankly I don’t think that AW did either.

  142. This is a qoute from RVP after the world cup in 2010

    van Persie said: “People criticised us for our playing style. It was not as pretty as it used to be with Holland.
    “But my question is: Getting results and reaching the final or playing the beautiful game and getting knocked out in the first round — which would you choose?
    “I know how difficult it can be to play wonderful football and not get the result you want.
    “I see it at Arsenal more than I want to. When we play the likes of Bolton and Blackburn we dominate the game, we play attacking football and they score from a lousy throw-in or an odd corner-kick. Then we end up chasing them again.
    “The criticism Holland got in the World Cup I recognise from what we get at Arsenal. It was a final. You don’t give up without a fight, do you?”

    No one doubts RVP’s committment when he is on the pitch. Must be extremely frustrating for him to work his tail off to score a goal only to see it cancelled out because we lose concentration or organization on the other end of the pitch. I still think his biggest concern is the whole money issue and the wage scale and the fact that we are losing our best players year after year, but the things he talked about above have to be part of his frustration.

  143. It doesn’t mean it is right to insult him when we don’t have all the facts but it is understandable going by the evidence here by named “the statement”. Don’t we have any lawyers on this blog,maybe they can explain what I am trying to get across in a better way.

  144. Dex,
    This is what Frank does. His reaction is ALWAYS over the top towards those he believes are are criticizing AW or our players. Of course its mostly doomers and ‘realists’ who’ve been on receiving end of his barbed tongue (or is it fingers?).

    Interestingly enough, I’m sure he’s been commended for that attitude in the past by some of the same people criticizing him now, but alas, that’s the way of the world.

    I do remember questioning him on it (the over the top behavior) a while ago and he admitted its mostly just bluster, part of his online persona. So my point is, poster’s really shouldn’t take it all too seriously. Underneath that foul mouth is a warm cuddly old man, I think 🙂

  145. Depends on your definition of club, Firstlady. I have never hidden the fact that I have no time for the Board, the major shareholders or various departments at the ‘club’. As for policies there are many I disapprove of….corporateness of the stadium, ticket prices, wage structure, communications strategy, partnership strategy ( I will only call the stadium the Arsenal Stadium if I can help it).

    I have all the time in the world for manager and players, all of them, and think they have a tough job.

  146. I hope the reports of LK being offered a new deal are true. That would be great news and a top way to start the week, after the way last week ended.

  147. Anyone remember Van P saying that he would love winning things with Arsenal and that winning anywhere else wouldnt be the same? What happened to that dream?I cant be assed to look through the archives but I do remember reading something like that when afew players were jumping ship!

  148. Well, as someone who has been accused of going OTT and a bit rude and aggressive, praps I should hold fire on throwing any stones then? 🙂

  149. Your faux position of standing on the sideline and commentating on other posters dialogues, Henristic, does you a disservice. It is an unpleasant and slightly sneaky characteristic

  150. Poorly worded and defensive? Really Frank?


We have to respect Robin’s decision not to renew his contract. Robin has one year to run on his current contract and we are confident that he will fulfil his commitments to the Club.

    “We are planning with ambition and confidence for next season with Arsenal’s best interests in mind.”

    Now to me that seems a fair reflection of the situation as a whole – ie RVP is free to make his decisions about his future but he is also obliged to fulfill his commitments to the club who disagree with RVP as they believe they are confident their plans are indeed ambitious.

  151. Firstlady;]

    Yes, he has said similar things many times.

    But so did nasri and Clichy.

  152. That dream is not yet dead, Firstlady, that is the point.

  153. OK, Frank. Arsenal football club put the statement up, since the communications dept is part of the whole. I am also sure that they did not just up and do it without someone’s ok. Point is, If the establishment did not agree with it, it would be down.

    Ironically, THAT statement was worded poorly.

  154. so kozzers getting himself a new deal as well?
    thats good news, i think its getting to the point where we are going to have to renew our players contracts every 12months to stop this shit from happening..

  155. Anyway I am tired of discussing him,infact from today he is “he” I wont be calling his name until he clarifies what he meant by his statement or it is confirmed he will be our player next season.

  156. Frank

    RvP has not got a divine right to sainthood. Even if he did not write the statement, it was issued in his name on his website. It was poorly worded; it observed that he did not agree with club policies but avoided specifics; it contained an outright lie in that Ivan Gazidis was not on holiday as stated.

    Personally, I feel let down by his handling of this matter and do not believe that he is acting in the best interests of anyone other than himself.

    You have berated people for criticising the actions of the man. We’re out of season so nobody can be berated for not supporting him as a player; the man and the player are different aspects of the same being. I expect everyone to get behind him if he plays for the club again but I don’t think the adulation will be there.

    You complain that people are speculating about his intentions yet speculate yourself about how he is standing up for the team.

    Do you not see the inherent contradictions of the stance you’ve taken.

  157. I think Frank might have some kind of social disorder. He’s nuts. Very funny though to a casual reader like myself.

    When he kept calling that guy ‘child’, ha ha.

  158. George/First Lady – but that’s exactly my point; it’s not REALLY evidence is it?

    It’s a statement by RvP which is indicating his intention regarding not re-signing followed (and preceded) by much which is at best ambiguous, open to interpretation and that raises more questions than it answers.

    Simply pointing to players that have left in the past and highlighting their motives isn’t evidence either. That’s history; there is nothing there that informs the future with anything like the certainty to which you seem to be ascribing.

  159. Arsene Wenger!
    Arsene Wenger!
    Arsene Wenger!

  160. “We are planning with ambition and confidence for next season with Arsenal’s best interests in mind.” see, Deisegooner, if I was in charge of communications I wouldn’t have said that. That is the minimum you would expect them to be doing, they don’t need to state it on the website. The first paragraph was all they needed.

    Frankly I would not have said anything until this was sorted once and for all. RvP is a amateur when it comes to communications skills. But Arsenal should be absolute experts. I thought the message was poor.

  161. Dex and we all know how that ended 😦

    Goddamn him, why couldnt he just leave quietly without stirring this shit up!!

  162. maybe van persie didnt know about the statement? his advisor/agent (whatever that is called) asked: robin, i think you should update the fans, tell them that so far you haven’t signed a new contract yet.

    robin: good idea.

    and then the advisor/agent ran with the ball and produced that crap.

    so the best way this version of events ends would be that van persie clarifies it, sacks that advisor/agent, signs a new contract and declares his undying love for Arsenal.

  163. Fenton..
    “that guy” is watching you very closely…click!click!

    Arsene Wenger!
    click!click!clickArsene Wenger!
    Arsene Wenger!
    click!click!clickArsene Wenger!
    click!click!clickArsene Wenger!
    click!click!clickArsene Wenger!

  164. Arsene Wenger!
    click!click!clickArsene Wenger!
    click!click!click!Arsene Wenger!
    click!click!clickArsene Wenger!

  165. I like the statement. At least one position is “clear”.

  166. Are all of the players who have left in the last 5 or so years represented by Darren Dein?

    If yes how many of our current players are represented by him?

  167. Arsenal is doomed when they do and when they dont, Frank you’d be here criticizing them if they hadnt countered his statement. Infact I think their rebuttal was directed at the part where he specifically mentions the club’s way forward/policies.

  168. So, I see the question is still….

  169. Surprised at you, YW

    You know full well that I believe that we should support the players….every player, whilst they are Arsenal players. He is an Arsenal player, and may well still be for seasons to come, we don’t know yet. I have asked for him to be given the benefit of the doubt.

    ‘Speculation’..yes of course. I would prefer ‘counter-speculation’. My speculation has always been to show that there are alternative explanations. I am giving him the benefit of the doubt because have no idea what is happening and this is the best way to keep one of the best players I have ever seen at the club. I suspect that AW and he are in deep conversation as we speak.

    ‘Sainthood’ is the snarky term coined by your pet monkey, george, in order to pour scorn. Use it carefully.

  170. I think alot of people at arsenal have gone nuts. Have lived in a bubble for too long. The situation in football is actually very simple. Its kill or be killed, spend silly money or dont win the league. What could be more simple than that.

  171. “We are planning with ambition and confidence for next season with Arsenal’s best interests in mind.”

    Frank, I agree that it is the minimum expected and need not be stated explicitly under normal circumstances. But under the special circumstances created by the club captain’s statement on his personal website, I believe the club had to absolutely make this clear in black and white.

  172. ArsenalAndrew, I don’t believe the statement raises more questions that answers. I believe we are trying to go too deep. He believes the club is not being ran to his liking. I can only think of two things, money and players; unless Dex is correct and he does not like the pastries anymore.

    However, the big problem is the negativity (that we don’t need) that is surrounding the club, yet another pres season. I don’t give a backside if he does not like the running of the club or wants to leave (at this point), the club does not need what is happening now.

  173. i think rvp contract is irrelevant at this stage in time now anyway..

    its been about theo walcott for the last few days now really..

    it will also be interesting to see how many players do get contracts this summer, but as long as its the majority of the first team its all good..

  174. JonJon;

    I think it is almost getting to that stage where we need to get players to sign new deals every year. I think there have been mistakes made in terms of length of some deals; nasri signed a 4 year deal, not 5 as did Koscielny, although with Laurent I can at least understand the caution shown to him.

  175. Fenton,
    we’re still very much alive despite not winning “the league” for EIGHT years.
    Take yourself & your simple views away from our “bubble”
    and go back to the “real” world u came from…

  176. rosicky signed one, TV signed one,
    there were rumours that arteta was being reviewed..
    le ox
    if we a doing kozzer id expect song to be on there as well..

  177. Compare walcott now to van persie at age 23. walcott has more appearances goals and assists for both club and country

  178. Irishgray,
    until proven otherwise, more like:

  179. pedantic george

    Lol,I am a “snarky pet monkey” I have a mind to swap that for “pedantic” I love it.Really.

    Andrew.We are going to have to disagree here.Because for me,on the circumstantial evidence and the written evidence,the balance of probability says he is not acting in the best interests of anyone other than himself.

  180. bc,
    so who do u compare to Theo if he “opts to walk”?

  181. Aman, sorry child, but I dont understand what you mean.

    We still aspire to win the league though dont we, cos thats what were used to, winning leagues. Theres only one way to do that nowadays. I dont think this financial meltdown everyone talked about is going to happen. Not in the next ten years anyway.

  182. psst Frank,

    …..while you’re recycling this “thing”, the doomers are popping in one after the other without fear ON ACLF????

    ….after the wars we fought last season???

    what gives, el commandante????

  183. Aman – Maybe but how about this one, especially for Frank 🙂

  184. who’s this “we” Fenton?

  185. “we can’t go on together..with suspicious minds….”

    yes indeed Irish..

  186. pedantic george

    If only Glasgow Rangers had signed RVP in 2004 .They would not be in the state they find themselves today.He would have steered that old blue ship to safe waters.
    Vision he has that boy .Vision,I tell you.

  187. Aman, are you actually a child? I thought frank was being patronising. I didnt realize you were 12. Sorry.

  188. pedantic george

    Aman,He will take your olive branch and stick it up your Jacksky. Dont belittle yourself.

  189. We certainly cannot go on together. I would have thought that that was patently obvious.

    My ownly concern is to make sure that RvP and Arsenal do go on together.

  190. leeching on a legend is frowned upon here, Fenton
    be a man..

    (i got u, pg)

  191. Fenton;

    But we cannot spend the ‘silly money’ you crave man. We can spend what we make, while chipping away at the debt. But I don’t agree that is the only way to win shit anyway. We make a couple more astute signings, have better luck with injuries and a few players step up again and we are in with a great shout.

    maybe you might want to change your allegiances if you expect 100s of millions to be spent? Just saying.

  192. we need to keep theo, even if it cost a little more..
    when you consider that sturridge an milner and downing and young and carrol could be potentially getting paid more than him at other clubs and hes looking at it and thinking, hey, this aint right, im better than downing, im better than carrol..
    and the thing with theo is because of this, if we get him on a 5 year deal until hes 28-9 then hes worth what? 30-35mil? for the next 3 years

    with one year left hes worth fuck all and he cost alot of money to begin with weve invested alot of time and money into his development so it would be wise to not let him walk away really..

    not only that but hes a good player so we protect our investment off the pitch and on it..

  193. Hmmm, like this one strangely enough…

  194. George – I have no problem in agreeing to disagree.

    As First Lady attests, if there is a lawyer in the house they could possibly clarify how much weight one would put on circumstantial evidence (in a UK courtroom, not a lot, I believe) and whether one would convict purely on the basis of the balance of probability.

    You may be absolutely right, RvP may not be acting in the best interests of the club.

    But equally, there are other scenarios that are equally likely to be in play here.

    So, on the basis of the quality of the evidence you consider acceptable, feel free to write off the club captain if you think that is the right thing to do.

    Me, I’m just not at all comfortable with that approach and would prefer to be proved wrong in due course once we actually know a bit more.

    It’s not hard, is it?

    And if people are finding it hard to stomach his website comments that’s up to them, too.

    But as we are talking about someone who has been around the best part of a decade I think it’s a tad unbecoming to rush to assume the worst in a long standing employee of the club.

    We’ll see, soon enough, won’t we?

  195. “We certainly cannot go on together. I would have thought that that was patently obvious”.

    ..are you suggesting YW change the moniker to ACFL, commandante?

  196. Dexter, I dont expect it, not at all, im just saying thats how it is. Im a realist. I definitely dont take it all as seriously as some people on this blog. I’ve never seen this level of scrutinizing in my life. To be fair, alot of what has been said on here the last copule of days is complete and uter bullshit. Entertaining bullshit, but bullshit all the same.

    Footballs a simple game, and humans are simple animals, thats all im saying.

  197. Agree JJ, Theo has to be retained, the lack of news is a bit worrying, athough given the ‘news’ from RvP, perhaps it is best this way? 🙂

  198. Fenton is a simple animal, thats all he’s saying.

  199. Paul N @ 3:07:

    “He believes the club is not being ran to his liking. I can only think of two things, money and players;”

    Look at the quote from RVP that I posted at 2:47. You don’t think he might be frustrated with “Wengerball” the 433, and all things that he and many others have percieved as the reasons the club can play “great football” yet see other clubs consistently get better results and trophies. Lots of speculation on what RVP meant but perhaps he asked the boss at “the meeting” if he had any plans to modify our playing style to hopefully improve our results and the boss told him that his focus will always be on attacking football rather then results. That would certainly qualify as a disagreement regarding the “direction of the club”.

  200. Aman, can you confirm how old you are? I dont want to get in an argument with a 12 year old.

  201. I am guessing we have a last-year Modric scenario on our hands, well that’s what the current facts say. RvP is staying obviously for the coming season, but in staying he is sending a “countdown” message. Next year, after we win the EPL, we will sign a 2-year contract extension, or not. I’m very excited about the coming season, but need to see Theo extending and Alex too.

  202. Feel free to make up stuff yourself Bill, everyone’s doing it!

  203. I’m waiting for Walcott to suddenly become an amazing player in the eyes of the press. This of course won’t happen if he signs a new contract.

  204. U know it Marc!

    dig into as much of the ACLF archives, starting from last summer.
    It’ll help you understand how “seriously some people on this blog” take Arsenal.

    ..see why we need Hunter13 & G69 here Yogi.. say once a week?

  205. Oh if Theo leaves and goes to the chavs say, then and only then, will he be lauded to the effin skies, no doubts about that.

    And if he signs up again, he will be plain old Mr Inconsistent

  206. No Bill, our problem has not been 4,3,3 but injuries and players leaving the club. At the end of the day, he still has dealt a blow to the clubs reputation. Thought I dont believe thats what he meant, If that is what he means, he should clarify and stop the blasted tornado.

  207. Dexter – Nice one! Try this:-

  208. pre-season schedule:

    July 14 A’lecht & So’ton
    July 24 Malaysia XI
    July 27 Manchester City
    July 29 Kitchee FC
    Aug 12 FC Cologne

    5 days left…..can’t wait.

  209. pedantic george

    Andrew you said
    “But equally, there are other scenarios that are equally likely to be in play here.”
    Which is your opinion and as I respect you so much I am tied to respect any opinion you have on any matter.However,understand that I would write it as ,
    “But although there are other scenarios that may be in play here,the chances of that are remote”

  210. Probably not wise, but I decided to re-examine RvP’s statement. The core of it is:

    “Financial terms or a contract have not been discussed, since that is not my priority at all.
    I personally have had a great season but my goal has been to win trophies with the team and to bring the club back to its glory days.
    Out of my huge respect for Mr. Wenger, the players and the fans I don’t want to go into any details, but unfortunately in this meeting it has again become clear to me that we in many aspects disagree on the way Arsenal FC should move forward.
    I’ve thought long and hard about it, but I have decided not to extend my contract.”

    As a statement which is intended to let you guys to know what’s really going on at the moment it’s riddled with ambiguities:

    He has decided not to extend his contract without having discussed it.
    He wants to bring the club back to its glory days, yet he’s not extending his contract.
    It is again clear to him that we disagree on the way Arsenal should move forward. (My italics.)

    A few questions:

    If he hasn’t discussed his contract, can we conclude that there is no contract which could persuade him to stay at Arsenal?
    When does he believe were the glory days to which he aims to bring the club back?
    Does he believe that not extending his contract is the best way of achieving this?
    By move forward does he mean (i) win trophies, (ii) bring the club back to its glory days, (iii) both or (iv) something else?
    What are the details he’s sparing us on the way Arsenal should move forward?
    Who are the we who disagree on this?
    If it has again become clear to him (that he disagrees with somebody), when was it previously clear to him?
    How much of this is actually true (given that he is an interested party)?

    Many of the responses (here and elsewhere) seem to assume answers to these questions in line with the views of the responder – and it appears that these assumptions can lead to conclusions portraying RvP as anything from the devil incarnate to the saviour of the known universe.

    Since not knowing these answers pretty much rules out any rational response, we are left with our own emotional responses. For me, those would be disappointment that he intends not to re-sign, frustration that the content and manner of his statement has brought down a stream of contumely on the club (and dissension between its supporters) and concern that his decision might run counter to his stated aim of bringing the club back to its glory days.

  211. YW,

    ‘You complain that people are speculating about his intentions yet speculate yourself about how he is standing up for the team.

    Do you not see the inherent contradictions of the stance you’ve taken’.

    Yes, he complains and argues because it goes against one strand of thought taken by the majority of looking into the RVP matter in one particular way. Frank and others have the right to voice their view. What we’ve noticed is strong opposition to such a view. It is interesting that no news media has investigated this matter further but toed the line of ‘RVP being a whore’. I think it’s much more to that, since we all did establish that he has class. That class was not restricted to football on the pitch but also his character in general. I think as a captain of the club he should be supported in his decision and this matter be investigated. I think that there are splits within the spheres of power that lie in this institution. The board, Ceo, manager, and players have their self interest at heart. But that self interest cannot only be monetary. And there can be cases where monetory interests are not in clash with the general interest of the club that seeks to compete and win. We can’t discount the fact that we are leaking players of high quality and as supporters we do everything in our power to stop this trend. This also means that regardless of how wer interpret RVP’s statement, we as supporteres should complain to the club to stop this trend. The idea shouldn’t be to sell them and buy new players, but to keep our very best. We should be in revolt and strict opposition to the establishment and demand that most be done to keep these players. There should be accountability to this process, so we know the facts with regards to club’s internal matters. We should demand that whatever talks have gone we be informed of them. So far, only Arsene has tried to keep his best players on his own. I think we should support him as well as the players, because they are the one who play the football. So if captain is unhappy here, we should do all in power to support him as long as he makes clear his demands. Until then we don’t know shit. What the fuck happened to unconditional support, even temporally? We want to keep him, so let’s support him and put pressure on the club not to sell our best players.

    Khalifa, Dexter, and the rest have the same opinion as the mainstream media, which should be taken with a lot of caution. As supporters are tactics too should be different, we should support as well as demand our right to know. Mere name calling is useless and a big fucking waste of time.

  212. Ateeb;

    Thanks for telling what I think, even though you are 100% wrong. Please dont lump me into your half arsed, half baked monotonous bollocks again.

  213. And it’s telling you choose to name Khalifha and me, not PaulN, ZimPaul, George and Yogi.


  214. Ateebs comment is an example of what I mean.

    What the fuck is it all about? Name me one set of fans that act like that? Have ever acted like that?

  215. Paul:

    I think that the differences regarding the direction of the club are multifactoral and I still suspect the biggest problem is losing players and I suspect he thinks this will not end soon enough for him to win the trophies he wants. However, based on what he said I think he believes that on the pitch our club focuses on substance and style to a degree that hurt our results. Our results have not matched our talent level for many years and its clear that at least in 2010 RVP did not blame injuries of referees or any of the other rationalizations we have used and I doubt his opinion has changed.

  216. It is not a legal statement, merlot. There are obvious inconsistencies including the timing. It reads as though it were written days or weeks before its publication. It is also somewhat disembodied.

    Did he write it? We don’t know.

    Taking in the round he is an Arsenal player who is expressing a problem which is leading him to question his tenure. The nature of the problem is unknown to us, but as he is an Arsenal player we should stick by him.

  217. Frank;

    Seeing as how he was/is on his jollies, I doubt very much he wrote any of it. As I said the other day, it smacks of pure agent spiel.

  218. What a star you are, Ateeb

  219. …or he wrote it and it was posted a week later, Dexter. Nothing is clear. Wouldn’t be surprised if Kees Vos wrote it. But maybe he didn’t. Who knows? I just want RvP as captain of a fantastic squad in a few weeks time and hopefully for seasons to come. At the moment that can still happen.

  220. pedantic george

    Ateeb you asked us “What the fuck happened to unconditional support”

    Should it not be Robin you are asking that question of?

  221. Yeah, me too. Again, as I’ve said many times since the statement was released. No bridges have been burnt, nothing is set in stone. And I heard some agent type saying it was part of the bargaining process as far as he could tell.

    So, all to play for still.

  222. RvP is not a supporter, george, he is a player. Until the club feel that he is too old and cast him adrift.

  223. Ah, Jon Jon those toothpaste/blackscarf comments were hilarious and err Rvp not signing because of the way the club is being run = bad pastries ha!, good stuff.

  224. Sorry Khali, I cannot be seen to associate with you. YOU are a bad egg and therefore I must distance myself from your noxious gases.

  225. You’re right, Frank, it’s not – though it may have crossed his lawyer’s desks before it was published. Given its obscurities, I can’t begin to guess whether I agree with any of it. It certainly doesn’t help me much in working out “what’s really going on at the moment”.

  226. Frank @2.54

    But Arsenal had to respond, to say nothing was worse. And TBH, I don’t see anything wrong with the club’s statement.

  227. Been in a meeting so have missed todays no doubt cordial banter. Has he re-signed his contract yet? Or at the very least halted global warming?

  228. Will we be able to watch the A’lecht and So’ton matches or are they not on tv. Cos i’ve seen that ESPN has all the coverage for the other pre-season games.

    Does anyone know anything about this?

  229. I doubt it, merlot. If I were to guess I would say it was a message born of frustration and anger. Striking out.

  230. Its the latter Andy, so we can all throw away our cagouls and wellington boots!

  231. Ateeb,

    first, only someone as beloved as RvP can have this type of effect
    on GoonerWorld…the love-hate line’s thinnest at the top and demands much responsibility.
    His statement was irresponsible.

    “That class was not restricted to football on the pitch but also his character in general. I think as a captain of the club he should be supported in his decision and this matter be investigated. I think that there are splits within the spheres of power that lie in this institution”

    He’s practically thrashed our perception of his “class”. If he really cares, he should have put out a corrective statement by now.

    “Unconditional support” is reserved for the season… i.e, when all those representing the Arse are clearly defined and are in battle, fighting for the cause.

  232. The timing of the statement was interesting though. It came close on the heels of AFC/Wenger stating that they will do anything to keep him.

    Wonder if that has anything to do with it?

  233. It’s amazing that people who complain about being provoked or picked on or wound up, are amongst the worst for provoking themselves. I posted a comment at 2.52 and yet at 2.56, a comment that cannot have taken more than a minute was posted which I think is provocative. Isn’t it, Aman.

    So here’s the warning, I’ll moderate people if they cannot control themselves.

  234. Frank – “RvP is not a supporter, george, he is a player. Until the club feel that he is too old and cast him adrift.”

    Or until he decides we don’t match his ambitions and refuses to sign a new contract. Whichever is the sooner I suppose.


  235. Frank, Ateeb, You sound like neglected wives sitting at home alone wandering why their husband is so late back from work again. Telling yourself it couldnt of been lipstick, it was tomato sauce.

  236. As far as im concerned the whole issue here is how much does Van Persie actually owe the Club. Alot, thats how much. If he had been here 8 years and given us unbelivable goals and assists during those 8 years, i gurantee few if not any of the fans would feel disrespected by Robin.

    I actually feel more betrayed by Van Persie than fabregas, at least fabregas altough also injured alot gave alot more to the club in terms of pitch performances.

    And there we have it, i seriously would not have begrudged Robin (who is an aging player and in need of some material success however empty or hollow it may be) if he had left with 8 years of good performances.

  237. Has he had a new contract to sign then, Andy? I thought they had’nt reached that stage?

  238. Ateeb,
    our summer was looking ever so bright till ONE statement by our classy captain threw it all in sh*t!

    ps: i’m writing all this because you’re ACLF thru & thru, man.

  239. Right off to do some work on-site, enjoy the rest of todays banter ladies and gents!

    I think this song kinda sums the whole mess we are in:-

  240. Arsenal have stood by a player who was seen as ill-tempered and who has been injured for most of his career. I believe most teams would have cast him adrift by now.

  241. Frank – And they are not likely to as he has decided not to renew his contract has he not?

  242. gotcha YW…i’m all clicked out.

  243. Fenton;

    But they went to the McD’s drive Thru on their way home, thats what they said anyway.

  244. ..not one picture from Colney,
    i’m not happy.

  245. pedantic george

    I too am disappointed in the statement the club released .I wanted it to follow these lines
    “AFC are deeply disappointed that our club captain has chosen to undermine the club and its manager by releasing a statement on his personal website.We have reminded him that is is a player and not a policy maker. We see this as an act of betrayal and he will be dealt with accordingly.”

  246. Ever changed your mind, Andy?

    He has announced that he is not renewing his contract. The club have announced that he will stick to his contract. At the moment we appear to have a year to go.

  247. And wheres that good news we were promised?

  248. Vieira had left Arsenal for Real madrid in 2004, he had emptied his locker, said all his goodbyes and was virtually on the plane to Espana, only to change his mind.

  249. its had to reshuffled considering, Moe

  250. Frank – I hope he does change his mind, I really do. But that is not the issue (for me at least). I am a little disapointed in him that he wants to leave, but hey, that is just the supporter in me. I don’t think it is benifical to have come out questioning the clubs “way forward”. It helps nobody, especially the manager.

    To argue that there is some cunning plan which will alter the clubs strategies and polices behind his statement is grasping at straws. He has said what he thinks in public, when he should have kept that opinion between him, IG, and AW.

  251. Now Frank’s comment is spot on, the 4.07pm one about RvP being a player, not a supporter. That’s a distinction that needs to be made.

    And Dex, you’re right at 4.06pm to an extent. If he re-signs, he’ll see out his career in the top flight here. Bridges are not burned, charred I think but not beyond repair.

    The crux of the matter is that he should not have released the statement in the first place; it serves no purpose and was the match that ignited this. If it was a bargaining ploy, it was unbelievably crass.

  252. Dexter @4:10, distance away man, to be honest you’re cramping my style, ya dig.

  253. Fenton

    It applies equally to you as well.

  254. You are being selective, goonerandy, lots of scenarios have been suggested. They are all speculative. Maybe none are true. I am sticking by him because he is an Arsenal player and because I think that AW would want me to at this stage, but hey, that is the supporter in me too.

  255. pedantic george

    Yogi,Do you not think an employee has an obligation to “support” his bosses and his employers?
    He may not be a “fan” but he should be a supporter.

  256. The problem is that if we keep him, and he has a mediocre year, man city will decide they dont want him, so he may decide to stay with us.

    Whats the point? He’s obviously not the same player.

    This is whats to dissapointing about his statement. Can he ever be a true Arsenal legend now? I dont think so.

  257. Doesn’t matter what he should and shouldn’t have done does it? The fact is that as far as we know he is discussing this further with AW. It won’t be the first time that a difficult situation brought out into the open created an even stronger outcome. Catharsis is sometimes a good thing.

  258. No, PG, he has to conduct himself in a manner that is not detrimental to his employers and perform to the best of his abilities. I do not think there will be an issue with the latter; he is too much of a professional. The former seems to be exactly what this argument is about. I happen to think his conduct has not been particularly brilliant – I’ll be polite – and he has not acted in the best interests of his employers by his actions. I’m not even sure he has acted in his own best interests by permitting the statement to be released – I’ll be polite again.

  259. You a butler, george

  260. Frank – “You are being selective, goonerandy, lots of scenarios have been suggested”

    Errr, no I am not. I am “selecting” the one that he said himself on his own personal website in a statement that he authorised to be printed or even drafted himself. I am taking him at face value. Rather than speculating, I am simply commenting on what he said.

  261. The decision Arsenal football club has to make has to be based on Financial, the image of the club and the dressing room chemistry.

    Sell Van perise:
    The good

    We make money from it to strengthen other areas of the team
    He doesnt disrupt dressing room

    The Bad

    We are known as a selling club potentially damage club image
    Other players consider leaving
    Potentially less goals next year
    Potentially joining a rival club would damage our own trophy aspirations

    Keep van persie
    The Good
    Goals next year
    We show strength to keep players, good for club image
    He might win us a trophy
    He might reconsider signing for us again after we won a trophy, ever thought of that

    The Bad
    Dsirupt dressing room
    make no money from it
    potentially let him go free next year

  262. Frank

    I don’t see anyone saying that they won’t support him if he is an Arsenal player next season. It goes back to the point I made in the post today: you have to support him as a player but you don’t have to agree with his actions. Those are two entirely different issues.

    I am sure that there have been plenty of Newcastle, City, QPR fans who don’t like Joey Barton but on the rare occasions he is on the pitch, they will support him. The same for Chelsea fans and John Terry, albeit the sane ones are a rare commodity. The rest of the neanderthals think he is the best thing since sliced bread.

  263. ‘To argue that there is some cunning plan which will alter the clubs strategies and polices behind his statement is grasping at straws’…this is what you said, goonerandy

    My point is that there have been several counter- speculative scenarios presented, not just the one above.

  264. Aman

    “its had to reshuffled considering”

    ahh i guess so 🙂

  265. pedantic george

    I said quite clearly that if he takes the field in an Arsenal shirt he will have my full support whilst on the field.
    What is the problem with that ,Frank?

  266. Many businesses would take disciplinary action against an employee would publicly criticized the organisation.

  267. Moe,
    I suggest you leave the outcome to AW
    and i care for those who still proudly wear the red & white.

    …i’m especially looking forward to seeing Podolski & Giroud show off their new threads.

  268. Frank – I know that. Is it so outlandish, that he simply said what he thinks? Why does there have to be some sort of cloak and dagger code written into his statment. He does not think we are going places fast enough and wants out. Maybe he will change his mind, maybe he won’t.

    Either way, I am starving. And my appitite is far more important than the son of Kalel. 😉


  269. There are plenty of people not supporting him as a player at this moment, YW. Looks to me like a guy that needs a bit of encouragement. A bit of support. Not getting a lot on here and he is had some pretty nasty comments levelled at him.

    The support you give to someone in adversity particularly at times of personal difficulty is a million times more useful than the support you give them when they are thriving.

  270. It is always ill-advised to make a public statement about not agreeing with your current employer while you are STILL EMPLOYED BY THEM. You take your concerns to the employee. Is that not correct?

  271. You clearly have not read the comments about the ambiguities in the statement, goonerandy.

  272. corr: and care for those who still proudly wear the red & white

  273. The obvious answer to that, PaulN, is that there is no answer to it. Context is everything.

  274. “The support you give to someone in adversity particularly at times of personal difficulty is a million times more useful than the support you give them when they are thriving”.

    that applies to a parent company too doesn’t it, Frank?
    …in a world of peaking globalized inequality

  275. Frank;

    Oh come on man, that is a stretch too far! You have to be on a wind up! 🙂

    RvP is in adversity now? Any #adversity# I imagine has been brought about by publishing that statement.

    I can see it being used as a bargaining tool, to force the club’s hand, to make his own position stronger in terms of his perosnal contract and that of others, either at the club already, or future signings. But to suggest he is somehow the victim in all this is hilarious.

    I cannot take this line of argument seriously, it really needs putting to bed, it is getting even more ridiculous.

  276. And just to thoroughly confuse things, I do still have a hunch Frank might have a point. This is more historical. He’s been too often right over the years to discount his “instinct” in the matter; being argumentative doesn’t change that. It remains a feintly plausible theory that Robin is applying pressure, sincerely, for the club’s benefit in the context of various contract negotiations. Except there are no facts, yet, to support this. No doubt the facts will emerge.

    Something somewhere is happening.

  277. No it applies to individuals, Aman, parent companies don’t have emotions or personal anxieties

  278. Not terribly intuitive or empathetic, Dexter, I am guessing?

  279. Frank

    Sorry, he brought this on himself. I agree abuse (which he shouldn’t get) achieves nothing.

    If he wants to leave, just say, “I’ve been here for seven years, I want a new challenge in Spain / Italy” or whatever. To openly state he disagrees with club policy (and not explain why) just smacks of “me, me, me”. He isn’t speaking for the rest of the squad on this matter, he is speaking for himself. It’s not an open letter signed by everyone, it’s a contract renegotiation or termination.

    However, in the same way he is voicing his disapproval of club policies and decisions, I and others are voicing our disapproval of his decision. You’re not acknowledging that people will support him on the pitch, just presuming that the dissension will manifest from the stands.

    This is reminding me a lot of when Frank Stapleton left.

  280. Jebus – are we still on about this?

    Everyone is being speculative so it doesn’t help to point at each other and accuse them of such.

    Some people feel he has let the club down through the way he has handled things and I think to an extent that is unarguable but as he is still technically our player he deserves the chance to rectify that mistake.

    That is not to say fans do not have the right to feel upset – but it should be tempered with respect and should not disintegrate into abuse.

    Even if he does leave I doubt I’ll be calling him a c*nt but I suppose a lot depends on how he conducts himself from here. He certainly needs to show more wisdom and better judgement with future statements and how they are released.

    Best I can say is thus far it has been disappointingly handled.

  281. but their fans do, Frank…

  282. You guess 100% wrong Frank, hopefully your guess about the captain will be a alot more on the money, so to speak.

  283. Jonny;

    I have no idea why this ridiculous argument is continuing TBH? As you say, there is nothing but specualtion to draw from.

    Almost everyone would love him to stay, either for one more year or longer, and a few think he has done nothing wrong, while a few more think differently.

    That is it. No need whatsoever to keep hammering the same point over and over again.

  284. Dex:
    at times like this you just wish someone “dear to us” would just fake a heart attack..
    just for a few days…
    OR’d put out some Colney pics

  285. I agree with Yogi. If he can voice his disapproval to millions around the world, we havea right to say we dissaprove. Anything else is a self righteous stance.

    Frank, you are making me get emotional about poor old RVP. Strangely, he can put a stop to this baying for blood (seemingly) at any point, just as he made the initial statement.

    I think the clubs statement says it all really; They don’t agree with him. To me he is bang out of order no matter what he is trying to achieve. If all of what you say is true I will feel the same way.

  286. ..i wanna see Ryo, Gibbs, Jenks, Song, Ox, Szcz, Nico, Ignasi, Poldi, Mert, Verm, Kos, Mikel, Abou, etc…in shiny 2-D images….

  287. If that statement was written and released during the summer of 2011 i would have been more understanding cause of the mess we found ourselves in last year.

    This is 2012, new beginnings, we improved our league position and points tally, purchased 2 international class strikers and potentially 2 more players to be signed yet the guy doesn’t agree with the way the club intends to move forward, sigh.

    Rvp has his own personal motives, be it wages or his head has been turned, nothing to do with ‘the clubs best intentions in mind’. I still want the legend cum arsehole to play for us, but don’t ask me to support a player that has caused arsenal fans including myself so much unhappiness just because he is an still an arsenal player, am sorry but thats nonsense. We have to draw a line somewhere and in my opinion/majority of Afc fans what Rvp did was wrong and nobody is obligated to support him Frank/AA.

  288. C’mon, RVP and his agent released the statement because they’re worried he’ll be held to the last year of his contract, surely? With the reported piss-take offers we’ve received we’d probably get more value from holding onto him and they know it. The statement is designed to force a move. I’ll be very surprised if we don’t sell.

  289. And now for something completely different…

  290. No thats right, no one is obligated to support an Arsenal player, Khalifha. I have seen and RvP has too Arsenal fans not feeling obligated to support players on matchdays many times over the last few seasons. Bloke behind me booing Denison felt totally obligated to call him a cunt constantly through out one or two games.

  291. Since everyone is throwing around opinions like ‘betrayal’ and ‘selfishness’, I will say that what I got from the open letter was a man who feels he has given everything to the club, wants to give everything to the club, but is frustrated at watching the core of what was being built going away the last few summers.

    I think he bought what Wenger was selling (Youth, grow together, team chemistry) and feels, for whatever reason (and this is the sticking point.. RvP has a way better insight into this than anyone on here or any other blog) he feels that the club (board, non ‘team’ management, etc) have, for lack of a better description, let it fall apart.

    Do I think it was self-serving? Sure. But that doesn’t preclude it from being an attempt to get the club to where, or back to where, he wants it to be.

    Was it wise? Probably not. It, unfortunately, seems elementary schoolish.. which is one reason why I read it and didn’t blow a gasket like he committed a sin against my dear mother.

    Could it be a Machiavellian plan between him and his agent to get out now so as to make as much dastardly loot as he can because all he cares about is himself and the last 8 years meant nothing to him? Sure… but that isn’t going to be my opinion until I have many more facts or clues to believe that.

  292. I can agree with that Busch

  293. Thats what you don’t seem to understand Frank, Rvp is not injured or losing form, this is the pre season and our captain just told us he doesn’t agree with the way the club is moving forward and wants to leave! I will NEVER support such nonsense.

    Maybe i would be able to understand your opinion better if you answer this, do you think Rvp’s comments have helped Arsenal in anyway? And i’m not talking about the part where he implied we cannot match his ambitions or the part where he said he does not want to renew his contract. Silly me, what else would be left!

  294. My overiding emotion in all of this is disappoint. Disappointment that again it looks likely we will lose a top player. I don’t think Rvp is a cunt or anything approaching one. I can understand his reason for wanting out. Don’t think his statement was a great idea, but there you go.

    Disappointment. Again.

  295. silver gunner

    In his statement he praised AW and the fans and if you read between the lines his attack is at IG and KSE its that simple I think.

    AW will never publicly critical of the the financial running of the club as can be seen by his often obtuse rhetoric over the past few years surrounding “big” players being sold.

    I guess we will not know his true feelings until his time at the club comes to and end. I for one will be interested to read that autobiography.

    My guess is that RVP has asked how long will they continue to dilute the playing squad to supplement debts associated with the stadium move and they probably quite rightly told him to do one.

    So as is his right he will either see out his contract or be sold, but my question is would we as supporters have been happy if he kept quiet with respect to seeing out his contract ala flamini or has he done the right thing in highlighting something fans may not be pre-vie to. I am in the later camp, it would have been much easier for him to keep his mouth shut and see out his contract.

    But having the courage to come out and try and give a reason regardless of how ambiguous it may sound has made him a villain in the eyes of many.

    I don’t agree with a lot that Frank says but I am with him in as much as we should support him whilst he is an Arsenal player.

    On a personal level however I thought the signings of Podolski and Giroud showed a change in strategy in terms of signing established stars and these were signed before any 1st team players were sold.

    Interesting times ahead indeed…….

  296. After a terrible start to the season, Arsenal recovered to finish in their highest eague position for several years. They signed 2 excellent players, in areas that the team needed strengthening in, with last summer’s additions ready, more settled and raring to go. with long term injured players eagerly expected back, not to mention one or two very exciting young players hoping to step up and play a more significant part.

    Added to this the expectation of further signings, this was shaping up to be one of the most eagerly awaited seasons for Arsenal FC.

    No wonder RvP wants out! 🙂

  297. Lets wait and see, this is too tedious man. I’ve even begun to bore myself, now that is never a good sign.

  298. pedantic george

    I will try again.
    I said quite clearly that if he takes the field in an Arsenal shirt he will have my full support whilst on the field.
    What is the problem with that ,Frank?

  299. Notoverthehill

    Yogi, your excellent discussion of the opening day for training for the new season, has by-passed this throng of bloggers.

    I will admit, that with one foot I would kick RVP and slap him on the back, with one hand for suggesting measures to improve the team and with the remaining hand slap RVP in the face for not keeping his differences (?), private.

    In simple terms, I do not know if Frank is being frank or Pedantic George being pedantic in his pursuit of “justice on our terms”, regarding the the good guy/bad guy RVP!

    SO, let us all support THE ARSENAL, regardless.

  300. pedantic george

    Dexter ,you conveniently left out the pastries in order to make our glorious captain look bad. You are fully aware that is his priority and by omitting them it makes his look shallow.
    Poor fan,poor fan.

  301. pedantic george

    I like dogs.Almost all dogs.But not the ones who bite me.Them I kick up the arse.And if some extremist animal lover calls me names ,I don’t care.

  302. Finally, someone else that would enjoy smacking Rvp around a bit.

  303. It all comes down to the crossaints, pan au chocolate and balti pies george. My bad for trying to skirt over the real issues again.

  304. Why is RVP ‘desperate’ Frank?

    Sorry, there are desperate people in the world, far too many. A football player at his level and with his salary isn’t one of them.

    As to all the ‘possible scenarios’. I couldn’t give a monkey’s.

    The one indisputable fact is that he has brought the shit down on his club.

    Merlot’s dissecton at 3.46 was excellent.

    What are the odds, he wants more money and to play somewhere else, or he is trying to change Arsenal’s financial policies.

    Occam’s razor would settle pretty quickly on the hypothesis that makes the fewest assumptions and offers the simplest explanation of his action.

  305. I don’t know whether his situation has helped or hindered Arsenal, Khlaifha. Too early to say.

  306. I was surprised at you too ateeb, my brother.

    We must rebel? Really. What, black scarves?

    We must keep our best players. Really, break the bank, throw away the only sensible approach to football finance at the top level.

    We fought off fools who were talking language like that not so long ago.

  307. I agree with silver gunner

  308. England U19s just did to FranceU19s what a few teams have previously done to Arsenal; score from their only effort after being completely outplayed and dominated.

  309. I did not support Ade’s nonsense when he was an Arsenal player but I supported him when he took the field, because I am an ARSENAL supporter. Supporting a player on the field is much different from supporting a players actions. Mind you, there should be a point that we question supporting our own player. Should anyone really support Joey Barton? really?

  310. pedantic george

    i will try yet again
    I said quite clearly that if he takes the field in an Arsenal shirt he will have my full support whilst on the field.
    What is the problem with that ,Frank?

  311. He was desperate because he has had disappointment after disappointment. I though he was running on empty at the end of the season.

    What are the odds of his position between somewhere between the two positions you suggest, Bob…or in fact on a different plain altogether?

    His actions may not have brought shit down on the club in the long run, quite the opposite. We just don’t know do we? I haven’t seen any more crap in the press and the media than we normally get frankly.

  312. 3m Faizal Perager Faizal Perager ‏@man18united

    My mate has now switched from supporting Arsenal to being a Manchester City fan…


    6:24 PM – 9 Jul 12 via web · Details
    The shape of things to come.

  313. ‘Out of my huge respect for Mr. Wenger, the players and the fans I don’t want to go into any details’

    silvergunner, i agree..
    the statement was the petulant side of rvp in its full glory, yet this part of the statement is often overlooked..
    and its pretty much obvious to whom the petulance was directed..

    i dont agree rvp has attacked the football club as such, hes going after those at the very top. and i think they are knobheads so i agree with him…although i agree the way hes gone about it has been very foolhardy and has caused a shit storm..if hes aim is the shock and awe tactic hes not doing a bad job of it..

    i bet the club knew what he was going to say though, or why else a media shut out? it gave them time to get podolski and jiroo in whilest the euros distracted everyone, before he spat his dummy out and caused all this shit..

  314. JJ; I too have no love for the board/CEO etc, BUT you, just like others are reading things into a sentence about the Arsenal captain saying he aint re-signing with us, and you are reading things you want to see man.

    best left till we know what is going on for real.

    Basically, all this conjecture, speculation and imaginings of events is beyond bizarre mate.

    Surely we have other things to discuss? The weather? Eastenders?

  315. This is madness. So spoilt millionaires run to a few clubs who can pay them double what Arsenal can offer and/or give them easy trophies and somehow Arsenal must keep up with these teams. Mind you, we respect none of these clubs that the players are going to. We know that these clubs have vasts amount of money or spend what they don’t have but yet we must keep up and pay the players more in line with these clubs. Somehow it has become rational to us over these last few days that the few paying these amounts are the norm.

    I have faith in what Arsenal is doing and most of all, it makes sense; what the others are doing does not.

  316. I’m also getting tired of the abuse of posters on this site. I don’t mean the nasty little racists of long ago, like Howard, or the occasional troll, but of people who post here most days and manage to make some points and, sometimes show a bit of wit.

    Not often of course as we, in our saner moments accept that we do not have a clue what goes on at the club.

    A poster doesn’t deserve to be insulted because he/she disagrees with someone, because his ‘speculation’ is less worthy than someone else’s.

    Unnecessary and unpleasant. What’s the point?

  317. i choose not to see this as a Buridan’s Ass but for the sake of peace in the ACLF…
    .why not wait and see?

    as agreed 3 days ago.

  318. pedantic george

    I find Lucy Beale hypnotically attractive.I am ashamed of myself.Dexter

  319. Crabtree’s Bludgeon..anyone?

  320. Bob,

    What about prudence at times? I think when you’re leaking your best players at their best, you need to be a bit flexible. Well pressure has to be put at all directions. Sure you can criticize his actions (which frankly were levelled at the club, Arsene and Gazidis). And if we distance ourself from the situation we can’t ignore that we have possibly lost some really good players in the last couple of years. That is why I was suggesting that we need more transparency to this process. As for criticism, a player has as much if not more right than a supporter, given that he is the one who actually puts in both time and effort into developing the football. Unlike Frank, I don’t think he’s just a player. I think he is also a supporter, just like others were, Henry, Viera, Bergkhamp, Pires, who left when they were past their best and continue to support the club. I think of RVP in that category, rather than Hleb, Adebayor, Nasri e.t.c.

    This recent trend of losing players and sometimes being one or two players short because of injuries has been detrimental. I think the club has faltered at times and we need to be flexible a bit. Arsene has shown that by being experienced players in the last season while keeping the youth project intact. I think some flexibility or prudence would do us good, if we manage to keep players. For Arsene, every season his main objective has been to keep players. I think he’s learned from his mistakes as well. Nevertheless given that we don’t know in what context RVP levelled the criticism at Arsene and Gazidis.

    If he had levelled his criticism at Gazidis alone, that suggests that both players and management are against the board, within a year of the takeover. There are already fissures if you consider the comments made by Usmanov. Most of this is conjecture at the momement and would get clearer with time.

    What needs to be explained is the silence concerning Theo and Song. Is RVP as a captain leading a player revolt and for what purpose? Is that in strict opposition to the interests of the club or Arsene? There could be a lot more than what it seems at the moment. I think we shouldn’t rush to decisions and slander our captain.

  321. Ateeb,
    “What needs to be explained is the silence concerning Theo and Song?”

    aren’t negotiations best done in private anymore?


  322. Think this is needed after all that;

  323. Which one’s Lucy george? The blonde chick? Would have thought Dot was more your style?

  324. from Ateeb ‘It is interesting that no news media has investigated this matter further but toed the line of ‘RVP being a whore’

    i am surprised the media are saying van persie is a whore. i haven’T read much only a couple of articles posted here and there on ACLF or twitter. i would be surprised if the media toe such a line, rather than laud van persie for being ambitious. in fact, i think the media would be more interested in slamming our great club than focusing on van persie.

  325. Bob – I agree 100%.

  326. Just reading a few bits from the AST meeting. They are in favour of DD returning to the board (72%) and Red & White being given a (extra large) seat on the board (82%).

    Thank fuck these self interested fools don’t have any sway. Well, maybe we need the fat uzbek’s money now so we can move forward?

  327. Kori;

    because the media arent portraying RvP as a whore that’s why. They are portraying Arsenal in a shit light, as usual. Selling club, no trophies in X years blah blah.

  328. Woah how weird, consolbob i was checking out the 2007,2008 archives, am pretty sure the Howard you speak of is the same one i saw. He was not a big fan of ‘foreign’ players taking the space of English talent.
    Hmmm, were you by any chance using the name veteran?

  329. pedantic george

    Dexter,Dot is not more my style ,yet likely more in my pulling range.

  330. korihikage | July 9, 2012 at 6:56 pm

    You hit the nail on the head, most of the media are siding with RVP. It is Arsenal who are in the pressure cooker, not RVP.

  331. I see they got their pastries at the AST meeting Dex

  332. khalifa. No, I have always been me.

    Sorry Ateeb, got dinner to cook. Will read and reply on the morrow.

    Dex, I voted no to both of those.

  333. Yes, me too Bob. Enjoy your evening (and dinner) sir.

  334. Isn’t portraying Arsenal in a shit light until they abandon their self-sustaining policy and join the civilized world not one of the official policies of “the markets”?

    i could have sworn it was.

  335. Dex, Paul-N

    like i said, i haven’t read much. i only read the martin samuel shit, and 1 from the express and 1 from des kelly. incidentally the last 2 both said wenger is the most important person at the club.

    maybe van persie loves the club that much, and this is his last throw of the dice to get the club to change course. in this case, you cant fault the love, but you can fault the method, the logic..

    i am sure some of those people who want to see us miss out on champs league football so that wenger gets sacked/so that money would be invested love the club as well… love the club so much that they would rather see us sink to the bottom so that we can climb up again.

  336. pedantic george

    I randomly picked a day from this time last year and my first post was this.
    Frank | July 30, 2011 at 10:18 am
    Arsenal have a superb squad, with or without Cesc. I would like him to quietly fuck off now. 20 odd year old men who want to return home to their mums have something missing. Anyone who thinks that it is understandable that he wants to return home at his age has very limited horizons. Makes him a bumpkin. So go home, Cesc.

    goonerwife | July 30, 2011 at 10:19 am
    Cesc is weak. We should now move on. As long as Barcelona pay what we want. im sure Ramsey has a stronger will to succeed with us at the moment. Im over Cesc. I dont want him to leave but i wasnt aware he was this weak. He has let the club down and himself.

    Shame on poor littl cesc.

    george rodger | July 30, 2011 at 10:26 am
    Hold back with the Cesc should just slither off shit.
    Our best player least we forget.

  337. …self-engineering Murphy’s Law….
    i’m bored!

  338. George;

    Come on man, don’t be so defeatist, i reckon, with a bit of work (botox, heavy make up, cumberband) you could set your sights a bit higher than Old Dot.

    Is pat Butcher still there?

  339. kori,
    “i am sure some of those people who want to see us miss out on champs league football so that wenger gets sacked/so that money would be invested love the club as well… love the club so much that they would rather see us sink to the bottom so that we can climb up again”.

    but they might be on that viagra

  340. what a difference a year makes. eh pg

  341. Limestonegunner

    Marco van Basten and other Dutch commentators who have expressed positive ideas about RvP staying at Arsenal during this last year’s discussion of the issue have said that he would use this contract renewal to try to push the club to improve the team.

    It doesn’t seem outlandish that he is trying to negotiate, either to be sold because he isn’t convinced anything will change or to keep the issue alive and give him a stronger position. Unfortunately it was a bit of a clumsy move that seems, especially, initially to have backfired. But there are many twists yet to this tale. If RvP does want to use this moment to spur the club to re-signing players and/or bringing in some more quality (and not just in positions that make it easier to replace him but in defense and midfield to create chances and preserve leads) and even playing with greater tactical flexibility or different formations etc…., we can say he shouldn’t presume. He’s just a player. But what made him a good captain is also that he takes an interest in other aspects. I am uncomfortable with just saying he should know his place. He is in his rights to raise whatever issues will help him make his decision. The club doesn’t have to kow tow to him but perhaps he has some legitimate points to raise. Certainly I trust him over Gazidis, over the current board including Kroenke when it comes to football. From my perspective, if RvP loses in his negotiations (and perhaps it isn’t going so well from his point of view, hence this ill advised and desperate seeming move) the team’s chances for success next season and perhaps beyond will suffer.

    We’ve been playing the long game for 7 years. AW has two more seasons on his contract if it is up in 2014. We have to make the most of this. Last summer he didn’t want to sell Nasri or Fabregas but he acquiesced to Cesc and seemed to go along with the club’s view on selling Nasri. That’s what it seemed like to me. I would be encouraged if the club showed some flexibility and further creativity on its strategy and recognized that losing the best players, having a wage structure that is an obstacle to keeping the best players, and always adhering to a very strict conservative policy isn’t always in the best interest of the club either.

    I hope RvP clarifies and recognizes that this was a risky and possibly quite harmful move. I also hope that the club makes some moves to improve the team and that we can have a united and strong team heading into this season because I think we can overhaul the Mancs if we get it right and overcome this controversy. Naturally, AW’s judgment should be supreme in these decisions.

  342. For all of those talking negatively about the Board and the RVP situation. I feel the need to remind you that it this said board that has backed Arsene and his belief in RVP. It is this same board (not Arsene) that has paid him for 7 years while he may have played for 3. So, no matter how you dice it and no matter who you think the daggers are aimed at he is still out of damn order. Arsenal is the name of the Club. That is one establishment. You would have no Arsenal players if not for an Arsenal board, etc.

    One cannot tell me about standing behind the captain and then make an assumption the the board and owner are pure rats. Its that why TV signed a long term contract? is this why Per speaks so highly of the club and helped convince Podolski to come.

  343. According to AST meeting, Gazidis has said things won’t be changing in terms of monies for 2 further years, when he expects the club to have roughly £70m more due to new deals, sposorships etc.

  344. Limestone,
    you’ve just confirmed that I need to put in more effort to understand the Dutch better.
    …a quite fascinating world view

    Q: are we operating the greater fool theory at Arsenal?

  345. Good points LSG/PaulN; Thanks.

  346. And now for something slightly different:

    There I was thinking that poor old Per had lost his starting berth to Hummels this summer, what with Clerkenwell and the rest of the world swooning at his every touch.
    And then came Cassano.
    Per, Vermaelan & The Boss for me over Hummels. Any day.
    The Dortmund player looks like a good modern CB. Arsenal have two that are better. And a classic stopper-ish type CB to boot.

  347. Me too Fins. Not sure why anyone would suggest we sign a new CB TBH? Then again, I dont play Fantasy Manager or FIFA12

  348. @Dexter
    Which is absolutely in line with what posters have been saying on here for years. Until we can sign new sponsorship deals no one needs to expect us to splash the cash, simply because we don’t have it.

  349. Me three Fins,
    but I’d trade Djourou for Hummels in a heartbeat
    though I support our #20;
    Our present longest serving player

  350. This should cheer everyone up, and before i get attacked, it is light hearted

  351. OK I’m tired of this.

    Moderation is going to be implemented and when that happens, you won’t come out.

    Grow up.

  352. I agree with Dexter @ 7.37 – a tiresome topic has just been lifted by two thoughtful, considered view points (well done Paul and LSG).

    Nice to see people using their brains moving the issue it into new areas – the back and forth was leading long-term decent posters into unpleasantries whilst advancing the topic not even a jot.

  353. Aman
    I don’t think Hummels would want to be 4th choice at any club. The current mix is just about perfick.
    Two sparkling young ‘uns to mull over as well. I’m happy to speculate that old Stevie B* will enjoy making that decision (which one tto let go on loan for those all essential minutes, which one to keep?)

    *Sssssshhh. No one tell Stewart Robson he’s working with his old kids, in the first team ( a crazy manouver, unheard of in the history of Football). We don’t want to make him appear to be a plonker after his nasty poorly disguised xenophobic rant that was aired on a national radio station, do we.

  354. Great to hear the latest and last of the Nolan Batman films received a standing ovation at it’s advance screening.


  355. Don’t worry, YW, I seem to be the problem, so I will volunteer to moderate myself.

    Enjoy the archives, george, especially the Doomer Wars and the Beveren affair. Check out Poliziano if you can. I am fucking off.

    Robin Van Persie….clickclickclick

  356. fins,
    Hummels for JD was purely hypothetical.
    Looking forward to see Bartley. Never really seen him play

  357. jonny,
    can’t wait to see it. Nolan’s a genius

    gd’nite commandante..don’t let the bb’s bite.

  358. No need for that Frank.

    Whatever happenned to Pz?

  359. corr: Looking forward to seeing Bartley

  360. Some interesting titbits amongst the rather alarming survey results from the AST meeting.

  361. Cbob,

    Pz? His mask dropped and his true Hunter self shone through.

  362. c’mon dex, fill us in with ya titbits already….

  363. oh well…adios.
    till 2morrow all

  364. I don’t want to be filled in with Dex’s bits or his tits – but each to their own Aman!

  365. ‘What right as a player does van Persie have to say Arsenal is not heading in the right direction?’
    He added:
    ‘He might be looking to move, but I don’t think United should touch him with a bargepole.’… Tommy Docherty…manchester united former boss

  366. Speaking of movies, I just watched “The Help” yesterday and I recommend anyone who has not watched it to do so. It is hard to watch since it is dealing with racial issues but It also shows the beauty of putting such nonsense like racism off.

  367. I have fabulous bits and gorgeous ti… Erm. Anyway the AST meeting was interesting for the fact that they really do have delusions of granduer! Demanding meetings with SK, AU, Gazidis etc. Plus most of em want an injection of cash from Usmanov.

  368. PaulN;

    I read the book a whiles ago, really enjoyed most of it.

  369. pedantic george

    Dexter I preferred A Hard Days Night,even though it was in black and white.

  370. hey guys, been a long time since posting,/reading/watching/knowing anything about football. i feel hollow…

    I’ve been catching up about a years’ worth recently on aclf and goonerholic and you have reminded me what beautiful places they are for us positive gooners. thank you yogi and all other contributors.

    mainly wanted to say that cbob’s piece the other day was amazing. exactly echoed my thoughts when i read that. nice one.

    rvp? just another to pass through the bastion of footballing honour: The Arsenal. i loved him while he was pretending to be gooner through and through, i was gutted when i saw what he has been saying/doing, but we move on and look forward to seeing our other players mature and become better playters than they ever dreamed under the tutelage of the greatest manager of all time.

    good to be back in the football world! festivals, new job, new home, massive changes are all exciting, but without Arsenal in my life, none of it has been fulfilling…


  371. Haha! Thought you’d be a magical Mystery Tour man, George.

  372. Thought he was more ‘Head’

  373. Bollocks Yogi!

    Pz and Hunter?

    Opposites surely?

  374. yogi, whats the moderation stuff above about?? people are being naughty?

  375. In response to what George said, I was going to say “so is the help”(in black and white). Just wasnt sure if people were going to find it funny. Don’t know but I am cracking myself up.

  376. pedantic george

    geo . welcome back

  377. pedantic george

    Paul I thought that myself when I wrote it.You must be as mad as me!

  378. Too many things are black and white on here.

    I suppose that is at least better than 50 shades of grey.

  379. Geo, good to have you back bro! nice!!!

  380. No one is as mad as you oh Mad King George.

    You made Frank pretty cross mind.

    I blame the conservatives.

  381. *Conservatives*

  382. The madness of ‘kin George

  383. pedantic george

    Jonny ,it was never my intention,well not originally,to annoy anyone.Least of all Frank.

  384. pedantic george

    Dexter ,check you twitter DM’s will you

  385. Oh I think Frank enjoyed it. When I said words to the effect of asking him to chill out, he told me to lighten up. It was all jolly japes that went a tad too far, IMO.

    Nothing major.

  386. George; What are they and where would I find them?

  387. pedantic george

    are you on a lap top? Dexter

  388. Seen it now

  389. Yeah man

  390. Not my intention to suggest otherwise dear fellow.

  391. George, I think you have me beat on the madness but I can go off my rocker on occasion.

    No intention to stir or re stir anything up but I want to big you up for this . I could not stop laughing!

    “Oh well if its Robin’s aim to force down ticket prices.Count me in.
    Lets ask if he can do anything about these bloody money lenders in the temples,while he is at it.”

    Now that is what I call FUNNY!

  392. My pleasure, Dexter. Now wouldn’t you know it, I am not the real Charles…. but what’s with the Wansel bit? Surely not?

  393. Mingus; Didsnt you know i was one funky synthed up mutha?

  394. pedantic george

    Mingus,are you going to tell us your twitter name or what?

  395. And Limestone, you’ve hit a rich vein of form at the moment. (Is your contract up for renewal or something?)

  396. I’ll do it again george. (I keep doing it ffs! ) Stand by your nest.

  397. Dexter, in your dreams mate!

  398. Hahaha! Yeah LSG must be after a fat new deal man.

    Any hoo here’s one of my better efforts;

  399. Its Charlie Mingus George.

    Have some fookin respect man.

  400. pedantic george

    what you keep telling me who you are? Mingus? I am waiting right now

  401. Yeah, like I say. In your dreams, dude!.

  402. I just tweeted you one, pg.

  403. Hey charlie, maybe we could jam one day? bring george along too. You do realise his surname is Clinton?

  404. pedantic george

    No Mingus .I have not got one from anyone that might be you

  405. Billy's Boots

    Dexter, that looks like a video diary of an AW scouting trip! He might not go for something that funky on the car stereo, though. If he did, I could just picture him with that little smile, nodding his head, tapping out the beat with his hand on the side of the car!

  406. Could be Clinton? Could be Duke? Both welcome.

  407. Anyways……

  408. Arsene Wenger used to be part of a prototype euro break dancing crew back in the mid 70’s. His Wiggly Worm was the talk of Alsace, apparantly.

  409. Billy's Boots

    Nice post, YW. It will indeed be interesting to see what happens with Walcott.

    Re RVP, I think we have missed the whole point. What he has done is, clearly, performance art, a “statement” whose message is in the eye of the beholder.

    As a service to ACLF readers, I have scoured the internet to compile a digest of quotes from reviews of this masterpiece of ambiguity.

    Just listen to what the critics have been saying:
    “staggering in its audacity”
    “displays unrivalled ambition”
    “with this latest work, it is clear that he is channelling his inner rage at Holland’s impotent role in the global banking crisis”
    “this groundbreaking statement signals that he is moving into a whole new – and amazing – phase of his career”
    “an artist at the peak of his powers – when he is on this form, no-one can live with him”
    “incredible, what a country we live in!”*

    * (I may have mis-read this one)

  410. Billy's Boots

    Dexter, you’ve obviously forgotten what AW told those reporters not long after he arrived. “I don’t want to hear anyone talking about my Wiggly Worm!”

  411. So it isnt an homage to 1960’s American Beat poetry then BB? Shame, I could just imagine RvP reading it out, cigarette hanging ut the corner of his mouth, wearing a black beret and poloneck jumper, Daniel Dein playing the bongoes behind him.

  412. Billy's Boots

    It’s actually the first in a series, Dexter, that RVP is producing to entertain us during the off-season.

  413. Billy's Boots

    You may be right. I can’t imagine him growing up in the Netherlands without some of that coffee-house cool rubbing off on him.

  414. pedantic george

    Careful Billy,Any dig at RVP and you will be standing with me in mugs corner

  415. RvP soent most of his holiday working on his goatee beard daddio;

  416. I mean him no disrespect, George. It was a light-hearted (light-headed, some my say) attempt to poke a little fun at the absurdity of the situation and how, in the absence of any real information, the statement is being interpreted so differently.

    Better go to bed before I get myself in trouble!

  417. Lime @ 7:22 pm

    enjoyed your perspective.

    Paul – N

    wonderful movie

  418. Well after days and days of blah blah blah, a couple of good things came to be:

    1). Geo is back!!! Yaaaaaaayyy!! Finally some logic (sorry LSG but he does have the market cornered!)

    2). Yogi is tired of ‘it’. Now what that ‘it’ is exactly I look forward to finding out. I am sure I am no part of it, no sir.

    3). C’Bob misses Pz, only to find out he was Hunter. Priceless!! And all after he deigns to join us after he makes dinner!! Forgive me C’Bob but……..snicker!! snicker!!

    4). Irishgray fervently hopes YW was not kidding and point number 3 holds up!!!!

  419. Limestonegunner

    Nice comments from folks; much appreciated.

    I’m not in it for myself, guys; I just want to spur ACLF and its posters to match my ambitions!!! 🙂

  420. Limestonegunner

    I must say, however, that while I was trying to open the possibility for alternatives against the RvP must go tidal wave of reaction at the outset, I did think George was sometimes hilarious.

    Some very witty, if cutting, remarks sprinkled across his posts on this. Had me cursing and laughing simultaneously!

  421. No way is hunter poliziano

  422. i think frank has been more hilarious lately.

  423. that gag about rvp trying to get his fellow employees pay rises, priceless.

  424. Frank wins in terms of hilarity (but I’m a long standing fan, so might be a wee bit biased). George comes pretty close though. Dex has been on a roll too.
    All in all, gotta say these past few days on ACLF have a blast to read, which is amazing considering the circumstances.

  425. 50 Shades of (Seeing) Red

    Hi YW

    I posted a spoof piece earlier this morning in response to Limestonegunner’s lighthearted remark at 4.31 am.

    It went into moderation – I was wondering if you intended to not release it? You have since released a later comment of mine in today’s excellent post.

    No problem if so, it was only meant as a bit of in-blog satire, but I thought I’d ask; things got pretty heated yesterday, so it was written just as an antidote to that, really.

  426. 50

    It didn’t come across as satire in parts. I could edit out the offensive bits if you want…

  427. 50 Shades of (Seeing) Red

    Limestonegunner | July 10, 2012 at 4:31 am

    “I’m not in it for myself, guys; I just want to spur ACLF and its posters to match my ambitions!!!”

    Can’t tell you how disappointed I am in that comment, Limestonegunner.

    You SAY your ‘ambitions’ but we all know what that really means. I just can’t believe you are prepared to undermine Yogi and WordPress in this way. Not to mention dissing your fellow posters –

    “Nice comments from folks, much appreciated”

    Oh please. Talk about faint praise.

    Well I for one am not buying it. We’ve been here too many times before and I’m just sick of the self-serving, serving themselves with little regards to the blog and everyone associated with it. How must the new posters be feeling right now?

    Well hear this.

    This blog is bigger than ANY poster (except YW) and will be around long after you’ve gone, Mister! Oh yes.

    Just can’t believe you’ve done this, why Lime, why?

    No doubt I’m starting to go through the different stages of grief and I’m feeling very angry right now but I’ll never forget the season you just gave us. Brilliantly incisive posting, witty, urbane, how we laughed – and cried – with you.

    I’ll never forget how you took on the mighty Stuart Robson and against all the odds, emerged victorious.

    Your finest hour!

    There must have been 60,000 of us cheering here and countless millions worldwide. Something special, we all knew we were in the presence of posting genius.

    And how you were the first to big up young Matt and his generally under-appreciated role in all this. Heaven knows he’d been having his own issues with fellow posters. You didn’t have to do it but YOU chose to highlight his key assists and how you’d have been half as effective without him and his petition.

    And now this.

    Well, I’m sorry Lime, you’ll just be ‘He’ to me from now on.

    Why oh why did you have to release that update? Surely you could have tweeted YW or something? You’ve undermined the entire blog by your actions – all the other blogs will be laughing at us now; talk about feeding the anti-ACLF agenda.

    Okay, I know you haven’t EXACTLY said you’ve left yet – and I’ll be sure to carry on supporting you should you end up staying for one more season. But I can’t promise to be cheering.

    I’m sorry if you find that shocking.

    You may even find one or two deluded souls arguing your case – not sure why they’ll bother, they’re sure to get howled down. The balance of probabilities and all the posters from the past that have come, stolen our hearts and left dictate that 99% of the support will NOT be fooled by your greedy self-interest.

    I just hope you don’t go to another UK blog.

  428. 50 Shades of (Seeing) Red

    Please do edit, thanks – there was no intention to offend anyone.


  429. 50 Shades of (Seeing) Red

    Thanks Yogi.

    I may repost on today’s thread if Limestone posts something later! But it all seems much calmer today so maybe best to let sleeping dogs lie …

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