By George! The Greatest Manager Of Them All?

Another guest post after Consolsbob’s marvellous piece yesterday. His name’s George and he’s an AKB and proud of it

Although people intend it as an insult, it’s a badge I am happy to wear with pride. It will come as no surprise to most that I believe Arsène Wenger is the best football manager in the world. My opinion on his achievements at Arsenal but by no means solely on these.

In his first full season at Arsenal, Arsène took us to a League and FA cup double. For the next 7 seasons we never finished below second place. We were on a par with Manchester United, the biggest football club in the world, a club with vast financial clout compared to Arsenal.

Not only did we compete on equal terms, we did it with style and flair never before seen in England, the pinnacle being an unbeaten season. Something many people – expert pundits, former players and managers – thought to be a foolish pipe dream when Arsène suggested it may be achievable, some two years earlier.

In this 8 year spell he changed the game in this country forever. United had to spend hugely in order to keep pace, other clubs followed; diet and fitness improved. For this period alone he has claim to being the greatest.

With the planned move to the new stadium things changed. Arsène had to work within severe financial restrictions. Big players were sold and the fees helped relieve the pressure of the move, in what turned out to be an unexpected recession. The reduction in the wage bill must have done no harm either. History had shown that a new stadium usually led to a rapid downturn on the field; relegation beckoned.

I would have thought that our aim would have been to stay in the league in the early years of the move. However, Arsène kept us in the top four, guaranteeing Champions League football and further reducing the financial burden with the revenues generated.

He has only recently let it be known (as if we didn’t already) that he could have left and been paid much more money elsewhere. He gave up that financial gain and personal glory for the good of the club. I think that this period is a greater achievement than his first 8 years of on field success. It is a staggering achievement. And also could give him a claim to be the greatest.

All of the above is nothing new; it is said time and again, written about by better people than me. What I want to add comes now. The other day on Twitter I asked people to briefly write what words they felt best described Arsène Wenger. I am listing some of them below. It should be noted that I did not get even one negative word in reply.

Genius; unique; visionary; a dolphin in a sea of sharks; a genuine ‘special one’; loyal; dignified; progressive; passionate; winner; hero; devotion; intelligent; inspirational; revolutionary; absolute magician; he lives and breathes the club;

In January 2011, the International Federation of Football History & Statistics v0ted Wenger ‘World Coach of the Decade’. The organisation aggregated the results from each year of the decade, and Wenger had narrowly beaten Alex Ferguson and José Mourinho for the honour.

Now here is my point. If those two are his modern-day rivals for the accolade – and they likely are – how many of the descriptions of Arsène could equally be applied to them? Not many I suggest.

For me it’s Arsène’s standing as a human being that sets him apart from his rivals. Of all the people I have ever seen in football, he is in a class of his own. I respect him more than any person that I don’t actually know personally.

If I had to choose one person to run the country it would be Arsène. One dinner guest? Arsène.

Now I accept that him being human he makes mistakes. How many and how bad they have been we have speculated on endlessly on this very blog ,and we will never be well enough informed about the clubs business to know the extent of his errors. What we do know is that he has gotten a lot of things very right, against a few that seem a little wrong.

To conclude my words to best describe the great man is” honourable and trustworthy”. I truly love the man.

A fine bromance indeed. ’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Me woke up from 3 day flight wid the news dat the mainest man RVP has flipped the coop. Me is no student of istory, innit ? but iz of the opinion that arse is the greatest team in the whole stellar universe. Weze may be have been having a trip, but how many cups did we ave in the trophy cabinet b4 all the rats jumped off the sinking ship ? weze won the world cup, the inter-toto cup – atfer ze dog from da wizard of oz innit ? and de european main man cup, which we won gainst the italian ganstas innit ? checkit.. we ain’t goona win anything nowz unless we have some hard readies in ze brown paper bag. Me iz of the opinion dat we need Bob Diamond to give some tweaks to ze strategy of how to knick the main men from ze other tribes.. fix the inter-transfer rate innit.

    Me is contemplating the finest columbian chronic when ze news filtered through that the russian main man Guz wrote a cross letter to the mainest men in N5. We woz sketchy wiz ze details.. but ze upshot iz dat we need the hugest brown paper bag to arrive in ze hands of some of the finest ball players in ze world. Weze is appy with this thought as Guz controls the entire distribution from Georgia. Its going to be a beautiful season

    Me crapped in me pants when Dempsey came up on the street corna. weze not sure bout the street of a yank coming from the Fulham projects. Moses iz also a whispa on the corner. e iz in dat book innit ?

    Anyway.. laters. woop woop.

  2. Nice one George 🙂

  3. Well said george.

    I fully concur.

  4. As for you Muppet….bloody hilarious.

  5. George – Nice post.

  6. Sensational Arsenal

    Very good George. Much needed.

  7. arsenalandrew

    Perfect, George. And I fully agree – I’m hard pressed to think of too many individuals I admire more.

    I live a mile or so from the Great Man; if I ever bump into him I’ll point him in your direction for dinner, maybe?


    Muppet, stop it. You can be too funny you know; you’ll end up being syndicated somewhere if persist. Like the Arsenal match day programme … hmmm …

  8. Bradys right foot

    Well said PG.

  9. Nice one George,
    You’re getting very good at this writing business 🙂

  10. This was from yesterday’s thread…

    Thanks for this quote Billy Boots:

    “I’m still in negotiations with Arsenal, and it’s
    going well – in a very positive atmosphere,” said
    Van Persie.
    “There are further meetings planned.”
    He added: “Financially Arsenal’s last offer is fine,
    but that isn’t everything for me. It’s about my
    ambitions and how they can be fulfilled.

    “The club and I want the same, and it’s our
    intention to achieve that. We have all the other
    factors in place – fantastic stadium, dedicated
    support and money in the bank.

    “Now it’s about making that final push. In the last
    four years, I’ve only won one prize, the FA Cup –
    and that is too little. I want to push through to
    achieve more.

    “That is something I feel in my mind and my
    body. It’s difficult to explain, but I certainly feel I
    can play an important role in taking Arsenal to a
    higher level.”

    Remember how much pride we all exuded when he made this statement? I take it these are his own words and not agent speak?

    I’d like to point everyone’s attention to the part where he says our financial offer was good enough. This is consistent with his recent statement which I still think was inapproriate from a PR perspective.

    However, it’s clear that RvP (rightly or wrongly) sees himself as more than just a player for Arsenal.

    I don’t quite know exactly what to make of all this yet, but I’m not so sure anymore that this man is ‘just another money grabbing player’.

  11. pedantic george

    Thanks Henristic .But to be honest.When I write them they do not read as well as they do after Yogi has done a bit of work on them.
    Thanks for that Yogi,and the platform.

  12. The point many people overlook, but you George have not, is the potential effect of the stadium move. Many clubs who’ve done it experience an alarming drop in results in the immediate aftermath of a move. Don’t ask me why but it seems to be the case, but somehow Arsene kept us eating at the top table.
    How he has done it with the sudden destabilising effect of the silly money that has come into the game is more of a miracle. Now of course he has also to cope with the pressure from inside as short sighted ‘fans’ scream for Arsenal to be bankrupted or bankrolled so they can bury themselves in the same filthy trough that Man City have drowned in.
    A true great, a giant among the classless Lilliputians of modern football.

  13. Incredibily, Andy Dunn of the mirror is also scathing of the whole situation and had not come out with condemnation of Arsenal:

  14. good to see what Wenger means to Arsenal being put out there sick of fairweather supporters always ready to whinge

  15. Superb looking dressing gown YW !

  16. There are still your thoughts George, and you deserve all the commendation you get for that. Besides I’m sure even the work of best writers in the world requires editing.

  17. What doomers?

    “Only a year ago, 42 per cent of 1,000 ­members surveyed believed Wenger had taken the club as far as he could, with 40 per cent disagreeing and 18 per cent unsure.

    But Sunday Mirror Sport have ­obtained figures that show the AST will confirm about 80 per cent of members now believe Wenger is doing a good job and remains the man to take Arsenal forwards”

  18. Just Another Luke

    PG. Wenger would have blushed on reading your piece. However, I agree that he has done much to admire.

    Well said

  19. What a nice read , sensible and reassuring in times like these. No matter where Robin goes we still have Arsene so we are always in with a chance.

  20. mattgoonerknight


    Yep, the boss is the best and his eventual departure will be more stirring than that of any player. Hopefully he we be allowed to hand pick his successor; an Invincible would be a fans’ favourite, I’m sure.

    However, a bone to pick I have. The suggestion that you “…would have thought that our aim would have been to stay in the league in the early years of the move.” is over egging it a bit much, don’t you think?

    Had we merely just stayed in the league, and had we not been challenging at the right end of the table, the boss wouldn’t have had the opportunity to show us all how remarkable he truly is. Would anybody else have been able to replicate such consistency? We’ll never know but in probability no. Nevertheless, an Arsenal operating for any period of time either around or mid-table would have made a return to the upper echelons almost an impossibility. While perennially achieving 3rd or 4th is outstanding, we only need to fall back a few positions before we our in minimum requirement territory. How low could we go? 7th or 8th?

    Top four every season and the odd final to boot since the move has been an excellent achievement, especially when considering our own economic restrictions and the exorbitant lavishness of our rivals, but to suggest a prerequisite of Premier League survival is hyperbole at best.

  21. Bananas

  22. Wonderfully put PG.
    Agree with steww( I usually do) @9:50. People just gloss over stadium move when they begin to criticize the manager.

  23. Thank you for the stats, Henristic. What a player,could be the very best we have had but for injury. Might still happen. I hope so. Great players are often strong, gutsy and tricky. Plough their own furrows. Interesting characters. Many people don’t like that. Look at the stats though, Robin is certainly a team player. He is an Arsenal player too. His recent actions have not been taken lightly.

  24. mattgoonerknight

    meant say.

    around or below mid-table.

    before we are in minimum requirement territory, not our.

  25. Nice one George, no surprise to me that you are a happy clappy badge wearing Ay Kay Bee-er, man.

    The move to a new stadium is a massive one, but for me, more in terms of the impact it has had on available transfer funds. Basically that money dried up and AW has had to wheel and deal, not always successfully, but still, to keep us top 4 against all the odds is remarkable and it won’t be till he has gone that he will be truly appreciated, ackowledged and respected, especially by those of a darker disposition.

  26. With many of our top players leaving to other bigger, more successful clubs to go and win trophies it has surprised me that Arsene is still here and not done the same. At a club that is willing to spend on the best players in the world he would certainly build on his own trophy list again. So I ask, how long before arsene gets fed up and leaves too?

  27. The best blog on the net and the best article I have read about le leader.

    I truely believe that no other manager on the could or would have achieved what Arsene has during these last few years

    Well said

    Come on the gunners

  28. Wenger is genius… waiting 4 new signings. Gunner In Ghana

  29. Well said that man! “Dolphin in a sea of sharks” Love that quote

  30. Arsene is a great manager and I hope that he sticks around for many seasons to come. Arsenal have done the right thing by making him one of the highest paid managers in the game. Certainly in the EPL. My real hope is that he and IG have not given RvP the message that he is expendable. AW is generally very good at keeping players if he wants them and those who have left can be taken individually. Patrick, went when we wanted him to go. Henry, form slipping, divorce. Cesc, needed his mummy and I believe that AW engineered his exit against Board (through IG) demands. Nasri, nasty, greedy bastard…..

    RvP is his biggest test. I trust in Arsene. Carmon, Arsene you can do it.

  31. So, in a nutshell, Arsenal are in an incredibly strong position, and a big part of that is arguably the finest football manager in the modern game. Yes, I agree. I have a hunch Wenger is preparing assiduously for this final push van Persie spoke of then. Recent decisions (in the last 2 seasons or so), mainly but not only around the calibre and type of players being assembled, their ages and profiles and roles, strike me as deliberate and strategic. As for van Persie’s position, I really wouldn’t worry. Fabregas’ departure with Nasri was our death knell, remember, and Cesc couldn’t be replaced? Well, we did a little better after they left, and while I wouldn’t compare Arteta since he has different attributes, the effectiveness of our famed midfield remained intact, and quite often superior. I’m looking at players coming in and returning, and knowing the team is strengthening this coming season. We may be surprised it is an even stronger team-ethos approach.

  32. Beat article I have read this summer.

    Arsene is Arsenal.

    Regardless of RVP comments I have every faith that Arsene knows the best solution.

    I’m proud to say that in 50 yrs time I will be able to take my grandchildren to see Arsenal mainly because of Arsene and the groundwork he has created for this club to be successful for years to come. Can man shitty. Man utd or chelski fans same the same and be as confident as I am. Wait until your plug is pulled. Hello Portsmouth.

    In Arsene we trust.

  33. pedantic george

    In the wake of me being unable to turn Andrew around to my way of thinking I now believe RVP to be a Rat not beyond reasonable doubt ,but on the balance of probability.
    This is the only scenario I could make me stomach his staying.
    Ring ring
    RVP” hello,Robin here what do you want?I am about to eat dinner”
    KV”Looks like Arsene is prepared to let you go after this year .He wont give us £200k pw over 4 years.I have written a statement to push things along”
    RVP”What does it say?”
    KV”oh the usual,you know,money not important ,love Arsene and Arsenal ,blah,blah,Nothing much”
    RVP”Ok,You are the agent,do it ,Must run.Speak when we get back””

  34. Happy Birthday ZimPaul!!

  35. Saw that on the last blog George. I think that’s exactly what occurred! Verbatim man.

  36. Frank;

    In my opinion (that’s all I have to draw on, given the lack of info), I think cesc forced his move through, against the wishes of the boss. Probably really fucking hurt him too. Whereas nasri was probably sold by the board, again, against Wenger’s wishes who would have rather seen us keep him and then if need be watch him leave on a free. But keeping him for that last season, things could have changed.

    That last one sounds very familiar. I think AW wants RvP to stay, see out the last year if need be too. If he is sold, it won’t be the manager’s decision.

  37. I also have a sneaking hunch Frank might be onto something. I doubt van Persie is actually going anywhere at this moment.

  38. Rubbish. Complete and utter rubbish.

  39. That last comment was for george.

  40. Bit of self flagulation going on there Frank? Well, you have been beating yourself up for a few days now.

  41. Dexter, there were reports shortly after Cesc’s departure that AW had tried to get the Board to agree to Cesc going earlier in the summer. Presumably because he realised it was a dead duck and he wanted to bring in a replacements.

  42. Yeah, I think george has got it completely wrong too. I am sure Robin wasn’t having his dinner, nope, he was in a rush because he was playing Scrabble with Rusty Lee and Felicity Kendall and Jim Davidson

  43. Snicker, snicker, Dexter, snicker, snicker. Scratch your arse, squeeze a spot and take another pot shot from the sidelines. Maybe have a quick wank first. Snicker, snicker.

  44. There’s a difference between RVP staying and his statement being acceptable.

  45. Frank;

    You could be right. BUT, I still think (again, just my opinion) he must have felt let down as he probably saw Cesc staying one last season. When it became clear that wasn’t going to happen, he probably would have doen what you say. That’s the kind of gent he is after all.

  46. Limestonegunner

    A fine paean to our fearless leader. Well done. Certainly reflects what I gave been saying the last several days on that score and which motivated me to ask that we allow AW to make a football decision, hopefully, and leave off the RvP must go stuff until things are clearer. Ver are obviously still in negotiations and the club has lots of work to do. Stand by that man.

  47. You know when the chips are down I don’t really care whether people find his statement acceptable or not, Cb. After all I find many of the people who find it unacceptable, unacceptable. With exceptions of course. I just want him captaining our side for several more seasons..

  48. Oh get off your high horse Frank and lighten up FFS. You are making a Hugh Jass of yourself, even bigger than George’s.

  49. Can’t resist can you, Dexter

  50. Frank;

    I think you’d find (if you stopped your one man crusade for 5 minutes) that most people want him here next season too.

  51. Frank | July 8, 2012 at 11:14 am

    Snicker, snicker, Dexter, snicker, snicker. Scratch your arse, squeeze a spot and take another pot shot from the sidelines. Maybe have a quick wank first. Snicker, snicker.
    I can’t resist? All i did was make light of the situation, with a bit of humour. What do you call your post?

  52. Robin Van Persie…clickclickclick

    Robin Van persie….clickclickclick

    Carmon captain. We need you

  53. Lighten up,Dexter,ffs

  54. Oh Frank, you are awful…

  55. Robin Van Persie…clickclickclick

    Robin Van Persie….clickclickclick

  56. Well done George you’ve done it again, great write up about a great man-would love to know the actual stats regarding clubs who have moved to new stadiums in recent years,I know that wenger will have out-preformed all of them.

  57. I try to be

  58. Still fighting the good fight i see Frankie ….. look we all love RVP as a gooner and would have loved him to sign a new contract, but he was out of order with that statement and its stung the fans. Its stung to the point where some dont see him staying for even the last year of his contract. We can accept players leaving. We can accept players airing their views good or bad after they have left. But the captain of the team spouting fundamental differences on how the club goes forward just helps him out the door to a lot of minds. And to me it seems that was the point of the statement.

  59. I wish people would stop sulking about RvP’s perceived ‘naughtiness’. We need the spiky fucking genius as our captain and the club needs to do its complete and absolute damnedest to make sure that it happens. All of this ‘oh it doesn’t matter if he stays or goes’ nonsense is just bloody anaemic. Cross that bridge IF we need to, but we are nowhere near it today.

    Carmon Robin…Carmon Robin

    Sign him up, sign him up, sign him up….sign him up, sign him up, sign him uuuurrrup

  60. Deise;

    It’s not beyond the realms of possibility for a player to sign an extension, then leave, so that the club that helped his development gets a better transfer fee. Nasri did it at marseille, apparantly. The (public) refusal to sign a new deal puts massive pressure on the club and leaves it in a very weak position and with fewer options.

    Now, this is all just supposition and nothing at all to do with RvP you understand. 🙂

  61. “We need the spiky fucking genius as our captain and the club needs to do its complete and absolute damnedest to make sure that it happens.”

    Well we also need said captain spikey genius to be onside with what the club is doing and not make statements through his advisors about how he IS NOT onside and in fact will be leaving just as soon as legally allowable.

  62. Muppet;

    Great post before man, nice one.

    I have a question; You said Dempsey to AFC was the word on Twitter. How do you find out that kinda shit? Who do you follow for example?

    As you can probably tell, I am new to Twitter, having resisted the urge for ages!

    Thanks in advance.

  63. pedantic george

    Dexter .send me a dm on twitter please .

  64. Dex; What’s your Twitter account?

  65. Ha! I dont have one YET! Am still considering it. Not sure there’d be much point to me getting on it, TBH.

  66. pedantic george

    sahil ,what is yours?

  67. If RvP plays there is no doubt that the club will benefit, Deisegooner. By definition. Otherwise he won’t get picked.

    Dear me, here we have a club that puts up with Stuart Gobson on its own website for years and yet one difficult to interpret post from the captain and the club falls apart. Rubbish.

    Robin is brilliant because he does this stuff and vice versa. All part and parcel of the same character. Bloody love him. Clearly most people on here don’t.

    Don’t you think that AW understands exactly what is going on. Do you think that AW and RvP are not talking at this very moment? OR do you think that AW has walked off in a fit of peak, in high dudgeon, calling his captain a bastard rat thing?

    If you love AW so much , then help him do his job. get behind him AND RvP. Supporters driving the lad out of the club because they don’t understand his actions is not a very good way to support AW.

    Burp, burp…burp,burp

    AW. ‘That George?’
    George ‘ Oh my god, yes your royal highness, you grace worshipfulness’
    AW ‘About Robin, George’
    George ‘Oh that scabby rat arsed fucking splitting cunt, your majesty!’
    AW ‘Well…yes, George’
    George ‘ What about him, King lordliness, sir royal gloriousness of universal fame? Shall I rabbit punch the cunt?’
    AW ‘No, George’
    George ‘What then oh light of all lights’
    AW ‘ I want you to be supportive here, George, I want you to understand that this is a very difficult situation and both Robin and I need the supporters on our side. Can you do that?’
    George ‘Well of course universal creator of all footballing fabulousness’
    AW ‘Then do it, George’
    George ‘ Robin Van Persie clickclickclick…Robin Van Persie clickclickclick’
    AW ‘ Thank you, George……keep it up, please’

  68. Limestonegunner

    I pretty much hate twitter. Can’t have a real conversation. It’s hard enough on the blog here sometimes when complicated subjects like those of the last several days are being discussed.

    Much prefer a face to face conversation. Maybe in Wigan this coming season George and I can reach full understanding. Either that or he’ll paralyze me for life with one of his throws! On second thought, if I make it over perhaps it would be better and safer to meet up with the gentleman farmer, Cbob!

  69. Limestonegunner

    Thanks for reminding, Frank. Ding dong the Robson’s dead!

  70. LSG;

    That’s how I see it too, although I am wavering! 🙂

  71. Limestonegunner

    Initially everyone was a bit hysterical about the RvP statement. And it wasn’t great to make this a public gesture. But there are worse things and Arsenal players gave said worse. lots of assumptions were being made about what it meant. Also the idea that the player should have no input. True, the main man is AW, no question. But is he being allowed to pursue the football path his genius tells him is best? How much is he constrained by others’ more conservative calculations? I don’t know but I do know that if it is a question of trusting RvP or Kroenke/Gazidis, I know who I go with. RvP is sel-interested like Kroenke, but I do believe he wants Arsenal to win with a passion. Believe is too weak–we know he does because we just saw it last season.

    Interesting thoughts from AAndrew, Frank, Fis, Henristic and many others. I feel the tide has turned and at least here on ACLF people have come to grips with the fact that it is a very confusing moment with so much ambiguity. It is best to discuss in a measured way without foreclosing possibilities right now. I encourage AW and the club to make the decisions that will allow us to build on last season and compete while AW is still under contract for the league and CL ahead of 2014 commercial possibilities. Even if that means getting tough on RvP fulfilling his contract. Lots to do this summer. We need to ask also if we are doing what is needed to re-sign AW. How long is he to martyr and sacrifice his ambitions? Still lots of creative things to do, some reasonable risks to take. I feel our role is to encourage AW and the club to do what’s best footballistically. If AW genuinely thinks we will be better of without RvP at this point then fine. But PHW saying it’s not like we were relegated and passing over the millions board members made selling shares shows that there is some imbalance that needs to be rectified.

  72. Limestone;

    It’s taken the club long enough to get rid of that tool. Shame it ony came about thanks to Matt and your endeavours. It obviously shows that none of the big wigs listen to the commentary, then again, I doubt they particularly like football.

  73. Limestonegunner

    Well, Dex, I am just too wordy for twitter. Some on here have a gift for the pithy line. Duke, Cbob, George. So I suppose they can make it work.

  74. Limestonegunner

    It’s become a sound bite world. It is very difficult to challenge conventional thinking and the presumptions behind it in sound bites.

  75. Limestonegunner

    Dex, when did that creep join Arsenal commentary? Perhaps he was a sort of curse that gas now been broken–portends big things this coming season!

  76. Limestonegunner

    Gas=has, apologies. Typing on iphone

  77. LSG; Yep, a sound bite world and when you only have a small limit of how many words you can use, it means you go for the more and more sensationalist to grab the attention. Case in point Piers effin Morgan.

  78. Limestonegunner

    Quite pleased with Serena’s victory. Looking forward to the men’s final. I’m behind Federer, a just reward for a magnificent victory over the Djoker to return some class to tennis. But of course would be pleased for Britain to have its day with Murray, a Hibs admirer of Arsenal.

    Head to head favors Murrsy, but on centre court at Wimbkedon after smashing Djoke? Edge to the Fed.

  79. pedantic george

    Perhaps Robin was insisting Robson get a new improved deal and IG was intent on sacking him.Maybe Robin felt he had to stand up for this bastion of tactictal awareness.
    I mean he should be the one making such decisions,being club captain and all .Right?

  80. Not sure hw long Robson has been on the books. I don’t know why we can’t have someone like Charlie george, or Kenny Sansom? Not sure they’d want to do it actually, as it’s usually the ones who are a bit tedious and boring that excell at it!

    But at least Charlie and Kenny are Arsenal thru and thru and not chav fans, like Robson. I’ve bumped into them both on the tube going to games.

    Oh and Perry groves too. He’d be a good choice. The thing is, they wouldn’t be afraid to critique performances if they felt it was warranted. BUT they wouldnt do it all game, every game.

  81. the greatest manager on the world by far
    top post..

    what i will say is that for all wengers offers and his loyalty to the club..
    hes been well compensated, which kinda goes hand in hand

    i really struggle to see why the people who are involved in running the club are all paid rather handsomely as well as picking up bonuses and the manager is one of the best paid managers in the world..

    yet we cant offer our players, the people who score 30 goals and the people who actually get stuff done on the pitch more than what theyd get at liverpool……

  82. Very mature post PG. I guess its only an extension of your astute comment yesterday about the importance of character, not the superficial attire.

    Its Arsene’s character that embodies ARSENAL.

  83. Limestonegunner

    What about Winterburn? He’s usually pretty good. But my support would go to having Keown.

  84. Limestonegunner

    George, Judo chop! 🙂

  85. George;

    Can’t you see what’s really going on? Wake up and smell Doris the tea lady’s Tea urn man! RvP is clearly upset at the lack of money. That’s right, he is upset at the tightening of van purse strings, which has lead to us having to shop at Aldi’s instead of Waitrose.

    This has lead to a serious decline in quality additions. Something that is very close to Robin’s heart and stomach.

    Because you see, the whole statement is in fact a very public cry for help and for a change of ethos at the Arsenal catering department. The standard of pies has lowered to such an extent that he and his family cannot envisage themselves ever munching on an Arsenal chicken balti pie ever again.

    It’s very sad.

  86. The Arse in The Gamb

    A fine and fitting follow up from yesterday.(shame it wasn’t Friday)

    It is worth looking at the greatest English Manager to see how Arsene compares. Cloughy of course, and he never believed the hype either… Wenger he made his great players…..or should we say he made his players great. You decide, but Wenger will continue to make them and the fact that they rarely go far when they leave is testament to the team, the Manager and the ultimately the Club.

    Clough turned a very ordinary team into the most successful in Europe……. without vast resources, it is about management.

    Good luck to the Blue Manchester and Chelsea they have won the Mega-hype Lottery and can fish in the Mega-hype pond, that must be better than mid-table blues for them at least. But Arsenal represents something totally different, we cultivate and we craft, players and teams, and we do it at the top of the League.

    Arsene ‘n al consistently show that there is still plenty of hope without the hype.

  87. pedantic george

    Keown would be ideal.

  88. Winterburn would be a good one LSG. A bit random and prone to the knee jerk reaction, but still a good one.

    I think keown is happy doing the more high brow analysis pre- and post match TBH. Although I would love him working with the players.

  89. Jon Jon;

    Can you link to the articles that say how much the employees at the club earn and their bonuses please? I am completely in the dark as to how much they are paid, AW too.


  90. And how much have we offered RvP? Cannot find conclusive proof anywhere of those figures either.

    I think we have to have a ceiling on player wages, otherwise you end up in a situation akin to John Terry and lampard’s at the chavs; where they have to earn more than any other player, regardless. The cost implications of that would seriously hurt us and if I am honest, I don’t want us having to pay players £250k a week just to stay in line with clubs that don’t need to worry about silly things like breaking even.

    Plus, there are ways around wage caps/ceilings; bonuses etc. But anyways, it’s not about the wages is it? it’s other stuff.

  91. Frank mentioned that fans are spoilt, well we can thank Arsene Wenger for that. I am one spoilt mutha because of Wenger, how many times have we watched Arsenal under Wenger completely outplay a team with amazing football, why do we ask ourselves why can’t they play like that in EVERY match, we’re spoilt! Thats why, anyone who thinks a different manager would have kept us in the top 4 after the move from Highbury is a poor deluded fool. Sometimes i woner if i love the man more than Arsenal, crazy innit.
    Err Frank, since we’re all giving opinions here, i think you’re smoking some sort of inter-galactic weed, how in God’s name can you not see the harm that Rvp’s comment has caused Arsenal, even a criminal like Usmanov has come out to take advantage of the situation. Instead of looking beyond your support/love for Rvp you choose to roll over and play dead. Notwithstanding, i still want him to stay! As long as he issues an apology of some sort, even a ‘my bad or shit happens’ would be good enough for me.

    I’m finding it hard to get excited about the coming season thanks to The Cunt, Serena Williams got the blood pumping for a bit yesterday in the wimbledon grand slam so hopefully today’s final will be a 5 hour thriller! I will be expecting slide tackles, headers, stunning goals e.t.c

  92. Ah, Well done George.

  93. That last para was funny khali, but hold fire on calling the captain a c*** just yet man. Nothing drastic’s happened as yet. All bluff and bluster so far, IMO.

  94. Dex;

    If we are to believe the reported contract that was offered, it would have made Rvp’s salary equal to AW.

  95. pedantic george

    I really annoys me when you find something unpalatable and people say “oh that just how it is these days”..Do people not realise that it is because we shrug our collective shoulders and say”oh that just how it is these days” instead of saying “no.fuck off ,that’s unacceptable behaviour” that it becomes “just how it is”
    You can only accept people with no values ,if you are prepared too have no values yourself.
    Parents accept bad behaviour from there children If they too exhibit the same poor behaviour.
    Someone has to take a stand against the way the game and players are heading.
    I hope it is Arsenal that take the lead.

  96. Sahil; Thanks mate, but that list is from a sports media source, basically guess work. Not facts. That’s my point, this is how rumours get turned into facts. Someone produces a very official and impressivce looking list (based on educated guess work, but still not 100% factual) and before we know it, it’s gone round the blogosphere and being used as ‘evidence’.

    I have no doubt managers earn good salaries and I also think it’s an important caveat that the list you kindly linked to includes endorsements etc. Given that AW among others does loads of extracurricular work, that will add significantly to the overall earnings.

  97. Dexter, okay he is Our Cunt, any player that pulls the same stunt as Rooney must really be an arsehole. Am really sorry man but i don’t buy this ‘he is still our player’, so what? – The shit always hits the fans, not Rvp or his moronic advisors/agents he really embarassed us(wenger, club and fans) .

    It is only fair that Rvp be refered to as
    *Robin Van Purse strings, ha! (which our royal highness Dexter suggested) or
    *Robin van Per**e(surely his name has to be censored around this neck of the woods)

  98. Dex,

    The club accounts will have some of the information you are talking about. Look at the full results, not interims, in the notes to the financial statements.

  99. Different values are different to no values

  100. pedantic george

    That is pure speculation from 7am Kick Off.
    I saw an other article recently that said he was on £3 million pa and only 4th best paid in the PL.
    That too was speculation.
    He should however be on considerably more than our best payed players.

  101. Thanks Yogi.

    Khali; It’s perfectly fine for you to take any stance you want regarding this shit man. It was just a suggestion. I would just rather see what happens and how things develop, hopefully sooner rather than (midnight August 31st) later.

  102. Yes George, I too read that AW was on about £3m a year too. He could of course be earning a couple of mill more with TV/Media work and other endorsements. But, it’s a red herring, not an issue for me.

  103. We all agree that the only man to be trusted at Arsenal is Wenger, yet Rvp has basically implied that he doesn’t agree with the way the club intends to move forward, which our manager bought into about 7 years ago!

    Now do we support an ‘arsenal player’ that just released a statement stating that he would sell his nuts to leave Arsenal(okay, slight exaggeration)

    Rvp – i do not intend to renew my contract with arsenal i.e plan on leaving

    Frank – lets support Rvp, we don’t know all the facts yet i.e i.m smoking some good stuff, miya caramba!

  104. there’s only ONE Arsene Wenger
    and only ONE ACLF pedantic meerkat!

    I enjoy being a spoilt mutha, khalifa

  105. dex
    do your own research..

    its there if you bother to look…


  106. I just shifted a good chunk of my supporter’s shares to RyO just in case…
    btw who do u think gets the #10 if Robin exits?

  107. what if rvp decision isnt just about rvp and its about theo walcott..

    what if theyve sat down and told him theos being cashed in?
    a year after cesc and nasri

    id tell them to shove it up there arse as well…

    but we’ll know more when we get theos statements..

  108. On other words jon jon, you havent done any and are just throwing around misinformation and rumour as facts.


  109. 7. Directors’ emoluments
    Sub total
    PD Hill Wood 65 – 2 67 – 67 75
    KJ Friar OBE 302 350 25 677 – 677 1,016
    DD Fiszman 24 – – 24 – 24 25
    Sir Chips Keswick 25 – – 25 – 25 25
    Lord Harris of Peckham – – – – – – –
    I Gazidis 1,026 601 2 1,629 100 1,729 1,818
    ES Kroenke 25 – – 25 – 25 25
    1,467 951 29 2,447 100 2,547 2,984

  110. Ken Friar and gazidis earnt a fair chunk and the only 2 who received any kind of bonuses.

  111. That is all well and good but even the great ones get fired or move on . This maybe the time for Wenger to go. Just a thought.

  112. Player wages (all 70 on the books) stands at (for tax year 2011) £109.5m.

  113. Thanks, George. Brilliant!

    Why the need for maybe’s?If there are issues, keep it in house, and don’t put the team on blast.

  114. For the 5 or so years that I have been posting on this blog I tried my level best never to slag a player wearing the shirt, to put the club and its footballing leader, AW, first and foremost. There have been stirring battles for the “hearts and minds” of fans in the bloggersphere notably countering the demonization of Eboue and Adebayor, the anti-doomer blog wars, the 2 year Cesc affair which was conflated with both his and Nasri’s departure in 2011. In between was the kerfluffle in 2009-10 if it was right to give RVP a new contract despite being alwast injured. Remember the doomers mantra that RVP was made of glass. In all these virtual wars Frank earned my respect and admiration for his uncompromising support of the players wearing the shirt and the manager.
    However I see something different about today’s Frank. Make no bones about it, RVP’s statement was an attack on AW and the policies that he and IG are implementing. The thrust of his statement is we cannot win trophies with the current policies. By implication it means not with the current players. How is it different from the attacks the club and AW suffer from the hands of the gutter press and doomer blogs who are in the thrall of the Russian oligarchs and oil sheiks who are pumping the EPL bubble to a level is comparable qualitatively to other financial crazes of recent times? Because RVP is super-talented, he is now bigger than the club and above criticism?
    Like all the other craziness before that many of us have grown weary of engaging only time will tell. In the meantime RVP may still wear the shirt but I for one have lost a lot of my long distance illusions of him as a person

  115. Out of curiosity, because I have never ever seen you post a reply to anyone before. Why geeman?

  116. pedantic george

    JJ, so not only are we to believe that they did NOT discuss Robin’s contract,but we should consider that they DID discuss Theo’s situation.Before they spoke to Theo?
    I blame PHW .Its all his fault.He should give all his money to Robin.

  117. When are talks with Theo taking place?

  118. Sahil;

    2pm (Greenwich mean time) Tuesday 10th August, Hendon services, Happy Eater restaurant. 🙂

    Seriously man, I haven’t got a scooby? Sorry

  119. Thank you, George! Brilliant!

  120. no dex
    your just assuming..
    it seems you just dont read good..
    it would be misinformation if i actually stated random numbers like others do

    but i didnt…i just made a point that the suits and boots are well paid, they do get bonuses for hitting certain critea, although i have no clue what the critea is seeing as though success on the pitch hasnt happened for a while, and wenger being the top top man he is also gets a good crack..

    not really rumour is it?? when its true…so i dont really understand why your acting like my nan…but i would recommend you read the accounts, if you have time, it will light up that dark room you live in, and then maybe you’d be able to understand what people are talking about..

  121. Aman, we all are.

    I’m glad we’re not buying into Rvp’s bullshit.

  122. You are funny Dex. 🙂

    Aman; I guess maybe Olivier.

  123. In my opinion RvPs message was aimed at IG not AW. In fact I would go so far as to say the message went out of its way not to disrespect AW. It is certainly not clear to what he was referring when he spoke of strategy, policy etc. Reading it is a bit like finding one page from the middle of a novel and trying to understand the storyline.

    I think that those who are trying to dig a trench between AW and RvP are digging in the wrong place.

  124. I agree with Frank. He’s still an Arsenal player and an incredible one at that. I think he will stay with us for a few more seasons.

    Didn’t find anything wrong with the statement. We have no idea what has been going behind closed doors. The board, manager, transfers, wages and the rest. Frank is right, given what we know of RVP the statement that came out shouldn’t be read as most have so far. And I personally, didn’t find anything offensive. If anything he could have been asking for a 4 year deal and wasn’t offered one? Maybe Arsene wanted him to make such a statement to put pressure on the board over ‘something’? Could be related to him asking for better salaries or better parking at the ground? We don’t know in what context those comments were made and the contentious issue that has led to such a course for now. People have been over reacting for the past week, as far as I am concerned he’s still an Arsenal player and there is a bigger probability that he will stay unlike Nasri and Cesc.

  125. Yes George, we will create all sort situations to absolve Saint RVP of any responsibility. Whatever the situation, keep it in house!

  126. no dex
    your just assuming..
    it seems you just dont read good..
    Hahaha! You are a one JJ, like a child sometimes. you don;t quite get it do you? You lash out with no real focus or an idea who you are supposed to be angry at. Looks like you have a real issue with Wenger’s salary today, as well as me simply asking where your evidence came from. That seemed to touch a real nerve, didnt it?

  127. george we dont know what to beleive but i dont think for one minute the club havent been talking to theo and rvp until this summer..

    this has been going on for 2 years mate..

    im sure theyve all been talking to eachother between then and wait until now would be foolhardy…so yes i think rvp and theo already know the sitaution and they knew it last year which is why they havent signed up..

  128. I’d give the #10 to AA for 2 years, then to either Poldi or Jack.

    I hope to see RyO & Ox flying this season

  129. Those supporting Rvp are a very small minority, thank God.

  130. pedantic george

    Ateeb ,you can’t see that the reason “People have been over reacting for the past week” is because it is clear that there is a lot “wrong with the statement” ?
    One action brought about the others

  131. nope
    there you go assuming again mate

    read the post…i have no issue with wenmger earning a good crack, i never have…

    stop making stuff up and talking shit..

  132. Limestonegunner

    George at 1:02; agree entirely. Make a stand Arsenal and don’t give in to the quick sale of RvP. Make him play his final season and do what’s best for the team. Offer reasonable contract, get the players and re-sign theo and Song because it is best for our chances to succeed. Much better to pay wages than transfers where necessary.

    If you think RvP needs to be taught a lesson and is trying to force his way out, why give in for a few million?

  133. a statement aimed at IG = a statement aimed at Arsenal in my books.
    Why do it at all when you can quietly negotiate behind closed doors?
    We are the Arsenal NOT the Oranje!

  134. I don’t see why we need to have any divisons about this? He is an Arsenal player, we support the players and manager don’t we? Till we hear any differently and to try and maintain internet friendships, I think we should just accept the one fact we do know; RvP is in the employ of AFC.

    Otherwise things will get even more messy and spikey on here! 🙂

  135. pedantic george

    JJ ,Yes of course .That is way RVP’s nonsense about the contract NOT being discussed is such a crock of shit.
    But I don’t for one minute believe they have discussed Theo’s contract with Robin.That would just be plain wrong.

  136. People seem to be ignoring the bit in his statement where he said he did not want to extend his contract. He will be here for pone more year tops unless he has a massive change of heart.

    It does not seem to be about what he has or hasn’t been offered; more that he does not agree with the future immediate prospects of the club.

  137. I don’t agree with you Ateeb but you have a right. The problem is that Arsenal did not these sort of attention that it is getting. How has it helped positively? Will players second guess coming?

    If Wenger is a man of honor, why would he stay with Arsenal and endorse IG. Why not leave and make money elsewhere? Surely, the man is in agreement with the values of the club.

  138. A statement aimed at some part of Arsenal, Aman. Which part is not clear.

  139. Great post George. Thanks again.

    I think arsene has done some great things in his time with the club. Others who know the clubs history better then I could be more definitive but I suspect that the first 1/2 of his tenure were the best years from the standpoint of results in arsenals long brilliant history.

    The last 7 years have been more of a struggle. Certainly from a long term historical perspective the results have been good but for a number of reasons not in keeping with the first part of arsenes tenure. Even with arsene we can’t continue to lose our best players every season and expect to compete for the trophies that arsene and all of us desperately want. Just my opinion but i have always thought that arsene is being undermined by overly conservative management of our clubs rrsources. We have a unique window of opportunity because of the incredible ability of arsene to evaluate talent and get the most out of financing he is given. We don’t need to spend like man city or Chelsea but we do need to do more then we have if we want to get off this roller coaster. We have already lost one whole golden generation that arsene built and I would hate to see another fall apart. I honestly don’t know if arsene would spend more if he could. Part of me believes that Arsenes own convictions iare part of the reason for the ultra risk averse management that we have seen. We have achieved alot by staying in the top 4 on the budget we have used. No way to know for sure but I firmly believe that we could achieve greater things if arsene was given more freedom in the use of our clubs resources.

  140. JJ;

    No, not assuming anything, wouldn’t want to make a (even bigger) ass of u and me now would I! 🙂 It was the following sentence and then you mentioned his salary again;

    “i really struggle to see why the people who are involved in running the club are all paid rather handsomely as well as picking up bonuses and the manager is one of the best paid managers in the world..”

  141. Well Paul-N, you will have noticed that AW seems to be in all camps. That is the part about him that fascinates me the most. I certainly do not believe that he is not supporting RvP.

  142. Wenger has a massive say in how this club is run. RvP’s statement was as much a dig at his vision as it was IG’s.

    As I have said, I hope he changes his mind and stays I really do. But he really has misjudged the situation with this statement. It is not a case of who’s “side” you are on. The situation is transparent; it is a case if you agree with RvP’s assessment of the clubs future or not. i.e, whatever it is, he does not think it will be enough to challenge for silverware.

  143. other words I do not believe that AW would support the judgement that you or george or khalifha’s apparent majority have made, Paul-N.

  144. Andy;

    It all depends if you take the statement at face value and beieve those are the real reasons. Personally, i think it’s pretty run of the mill agent speil. Ultimately empty meaningless words.

    What the real question is, for me anyway;

    What is the motives behind it, not the content.

  145. In all camps? I don’t really know what that means. I am sure Arsene will publicly support his players, but will be feel let down that RvP does not want to stay.

  146. Frank,
    aim nothing at any parts of Arsenal if you respect how things are being run. He clearly does not and said so; Arsene has confirmed there will be NO change in policy, ie, fully supports IG.

    summation: dumb move, if u really want to stay or if u are made to see out your contract…brilliant move if u’d rather be elsewhere.

    I side with AW.
    & don’t really believe Robin

  147. Dexter – Maybe so, but RvP will have given it the OK to be released. Maybe there is no cloak and dagger business, and he simply wants to try pastures new. Not such a stretch to believe really.

  148. Dearie me…I..actually I don’t think I will bother for the moment

  149. Anyway, going to settle in front of the TV with Sunday lunch to watch Murray get spanked (hopefully).

  150. People have such narrow horizons

  151. Like I said Andy, it’s the motive behind it. The wording is pretty facile man. Blah blah blah would have sufficed!

  152. Now now Andy, Murray’s a Gooner! 🙂

  153. Andy;

    I think Frank is referring to AW being part of the playing side and board room too. He has a say/ a role in both.

  154. very good dex
    you can take half a quote and use it for your own agenda..abit media ish though..

    now finish the sentance off..

    add the part where i said i was confused

    and then reaslise how stupid youve been and say your sorry…

  155. Frank, I think he respects the rights of the players. That is not agreement.

    My point is that you and many others seem to be putting blame on the leadership but while players come and go, Arsene remains. My question is why would an honorable man work for people who he does not agree with. If he is “dolphin amongst sharks”, why would he go against his values? It makes not a bit of sense.

  156. washing our “dirty” linen in public is a sure sign of selfishness, Frank.
    there’s no excuse for it,
    especially for someone who is not a board member or ex-employee
    and has been with AW for EIGHT years thru many ups & downs.

    i still smell a Dein here though!

  157. Still not sure about what RVP meant by his statement. After the world cup in 2010 he made it clear that he was frustrated with arsenal working hard to play great football yet not getting the great results. At this point in his career I suspect he would be happy if we could win things even if it means sacrificing some of the style and flair and focus more on results. however,I suspect that his main concern is the fact that the club has lost an entire generation of great players mainly due to financial reason IMO and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight at least in the short term and RVP’s time horizon is short term. He can’t wait to see if FFP will work or if we can sort out our commercial contracts. The first come up in 2014 and I suspect it will be several years after that until all the current contracts expire and we are able to significantly increase our revenue. RVP can’t wait for that if he wants to win trophies.

  158. george
    the contract details are not important, why would they be..
    all that needs to be asked is if theo is staying and if he gets the answer hes not looking for or a load of IG spin then i could imagine a situation where he thinks fuck it..

    rvp has been playing cat and mouse with this club since last year..
    posting pictures of himself with ‘suspicious city people’ , not signing a deal and scoring goals for fun..
    he did everything he could to give himself as much ammo needed and im struggling to see why its broken down..

    unless weve all missed something in the podolski and jiroo not actually being additions.but replacements and robins turned round and said sod it, im sick of this shit you can replace me as well then..

    i dunno, clutching at straws maybe but im not giving up just yet becuase i have the feeling a can of worms has been opened and we are going to find out a whole lot more about whats been going on..

  159. “”I could have left 10 times to join another club but I didn’t because I have worked with the same vision and philosophy at Arsenal for the last 16 years – and that won’t change”.

    “”Besides, money was never a motivation for me. And, in a similar way, people like Cruyff don’t put all their energy in building football teams with young players just for the money. We all do this because we want to give something back to football.”

    – AW

  160. Exactly. It is hardly a great move of loyalty trying to put pressure on your employers with that statement when it is time to negotiate a new contract is it? If there are ulterior motives behind his statement, fuck him (and I like him).

    Nothing good could have come from releasing this, and ultimately it being released is down to him. He has put Wenger in a very difficult position.

  161. JJ;

    You really are pathetic mate. How does adding the last bit about paying RvP more money change anything? I am not tryng to manipulate what you said, I read it as you having an issue with wenger’s wages.

    But I agree about you being confused. That’s clear.

  162. another round in the,

    How-to-force-change-at-the Arsenal-

    chapter 3…buy their best players at any cost by any means necessary.

  163. He would not support you saying the club may have offered him a poor contract. Again, you need to get off of your high horse.

    All I have said is that his comment was I’ll advised and that I am dIssapointed. I could fully well see Wenger agreeing with that.

    Also since you called him out, just as bad as anyone else, you can take no moral high road because you have now “seen the light”. Guide others to the light, if they cannot see it keep trying. You are like an ex crack head calling current crack heads fools. Remember from whence you came.

  164. boy george that was a good post…almost as good as bob’s yesterday!

  165. andy
    maybe the difficult position is not wengers..
    its stans..
    and maybe thats what rvp was getting at..

    alot of players have left for the same reason and all those players have become cunts but those cunts where key players for us and we miss them..

    and they are leaving in their droves..are they all wrong??

    somethings not right..
    either A we attract the wrong kind of player, the merc
    or B, the owners just love to sell….

    judging by the way everyone talks these days they must think its A which is a knock on wenger and the scouting system

    i think its B though…cos theres nothing wrong with wenger or the scouting system, not really…

  166. pedantic george

    You are like an ex crack head calling current crack heads fools. Remember from whence you came.


  167. dex you could bore a glass eye to sleep when your this way out..
    it was a nothing statement,a statement that expressed my feelings about how we pay our players..
    whats pathetic is you going on and on and on and on about it and not letting it go…

    isnt bingo open on sundays or something??

  168. JJ’

    I asked you a simple question about where the figures could be found man. Just see Yogi’s reply to iit compared to yours. And you;’ve acted like a wanker since.

  169. stop being a pompus prick you went straight after me with a smarmy lil dig with the question you posted..

    youve gone after me a few times over the last few months calling me a wanker, tosser, pathetic,, etc etc and ive let it slide becuase i didnt want to make a cock out of you..

    but im not in the mood today so stand in the corner and be the cock you are…


  170. JJ – Its Wenger who is left to deal with the aftermath though.

  171. Wow, you really do have some serious issues there man. Talk about paranoid. Ive defended you from loads of stick and thought we got on?

    Fuck was I wrong about you.

    You need help.

  172. Dexter, i can’t believe you fell for Frank’s and Rvp’s BS.
    Seriously Frank, you will look so stupid if Rvp leaves, stop embarassing yourself, jeez.

    And what part of ‘i would rather sell my left nut than sign a new contract’ do people not understand.
    RVP SAID HE DOESN’T WANT TO RENEW HIS CONTRACT WITH ARSENAL, is there some sort of weed going around that i don’t know about? – this is getting tedious.

    Stop defending the cunt, i really want to smack some people around so bad.

  173. Take a step backwards, inhale, count to 3, exhale.

  174. Khali;

    It’s not about buying anyone’s BS man. It’s more about just waiting till something concrete happens. That’s all I am doing with this shit.

  175. Khali – Exactly. If he changes his mind, all well and good. But until then, he is a big boy and has to stand by what he has said.

  176. Yogi;

    I think a few people need to follow that advice.

  177. Dexter, i get that man but can you honestly say his comments have not had a negative effect on Arsenal? Are we not under enough pressure to win a trophy already? Our captain just came out and said he doesn’t agree with the way the club intends to move forward and WILL NOT SIGN A NEW CONTRACT, after we bought Giroud and Podolski, sigh. Come back to the light man, Frank is smoking some good shit, don’t take him seriously.

  178. It appears that AW and RvP are about to meet with IG. May or may not be true. If it is it is unlikely that they will be adopting Khalifha’s approach of smacking each other around.

  179. “I think that those who are trying to dig a trench between AW and RvP are digging in the wrong place.”

    As are those who imagine that ‘Our beloved Ego*’ has never told the manager or anyone else (including Doris) how the club should be moving Forward. For years. Even before he was Captain. So, by saying the kinds of things we all know he’s been saying for years (er, it’s The Ego we are talking about here!) in public is not so big a crime for me. Sorry. It just isn’t.

    * The Ego is a friend’s long standing nickname for RVP. Any game that RVP gets subbed off early to milk the applause would be met by the exclamation “Great management (& it was!), look at the Ego lap it up” although strangely this rarely happened whilst he was Captain. Now, what rational reason could explain that? No, not that other players on the bench are incapable of running. The answer to that one requires a little imagination.

    As for making a ‘stand’. Well. Gallas made some errors. some big. Some small. Lost the Captaincy. But before his body said ‘enough of the PL dude!’ he still gave Arsenal one final, top top season. His performances were committed, he gave his all whilst he was injury free. In spite of the usual experts being blind to the levels he played at in Vermaelan’s first season. But then, many expert fans thought that Koscielny was rubbish, so why would they have acknowledged that Gallas left with some dignity after his performances upon the pitch? He gave us a parting gift for the Spuds too, they signed up a player to an expensive contract when he could only manage to play about a third of season (a slight exaggeration). Thank you for that last laugh William.

  180. Goonerandy, yea definately, he dug his own grave with those comments, why should we support an arsenal player that says he want to leave?

  181. btw ‘Khalifa’ is on another wind up mission.

  182. Dex

    The next bit of advice is:

    Take a step backwards, inhale, count to 3000, exhale if you are still with us!

  183. Hardly a revelation that great players have big egos is it, Finsbury?

  184. TH14 some feel was the greatest player we ever had. Ego the size of a planet. Without the ego he would not have been the player he became. So it is with RvP.

  185. It seems that doomers come in different shapes and sizes these days don’t they, Khalifha

  186. ‘Finsbury’ gets an attaboy for that discovery.

  187. oh bollox
    my apologies dex..
    you are one of my favorites on here, i saw red..
    i didnt mean to tell you to stand in the corner..that was wrong of me.. 🙂

    yogi, the amount of personal battles on here is escalating out of propertion..

    can we please have jibba back and the rest so we dont have to punch eachother??

  188. 'desi'gner gooner

    That was a fantastic article Pedantic George………..I have also followed some of your comments on Mean Lean’s ArsenalVision blog and I have to say I am proud to be the fan of such a great club which has such incredible followers and yeah as you mentioned managed by the classiest guy in football at the moment. Yeah I am a big big fan of Wenger, infact as someone alluded to in the comments – I am not even sure whether I am a bigger fan of Wenger or of Arsenal!!!

    The gem of your article was “I respect him more than any person that I don’t actually know personally….” I completely agree to that and let me tell you there are a whole lot of arsenal fans who feel the same way about the great man. And yes he is the main man as far as I am concerned. So we must already get the papers done to re-sign him for at least 4 more seasons beyond 2014. It would be completely unfair to the man if he were to walk away just when the purse strings are about to open. He has done an unimaginable job over the past 7 seasons to keep us in the mix and it is only he who deserves to manage us after the financial restrictions are over in 2014….

    I mean if the red nosed one has gone on for horse’s years, I see no reason for us to find someone else when our best manager ever is at our disposal(unless ofcourse he himself wishes otherwise). If Wenger stays for anywhere close to what the red-nosed one has done, he will leave a legacy that would be impossible to match….considering how commercial the game is becoming and how fickle fans and owners themselves are.

    Salute to the great man………….

  189. pedantic george

    Khalifha.come and stand in the corner with the rest of us shit fans.

  190. I would prefer it if you socialised with George too, Khalifha.

  191. You could smack each other and rabbit punch each other to your hearts content.

  192. i cant really see khalifha getting the upper hand in said situation

  193. pedantic george

    Frank you keep mentioning this “rabbit punch”.As it happens I see you as the type who would take pleasure in hurting defenseless little furry animals.You certainly seem mean spirited enough.

  194. not when george can do that thing that turns your hand into a swan..

  195. Jon-jon @ 3:26pm – “can we please have jibba back and the rest so we don’t have to punch each other” LMFAO! Great advice.

  196. Aman @ 2:27

    The statement about not caring about money is a bit ironic. Arsene is certainly well compensated for what he does. We dont know exactly what he makes but i suspect he is on the level of the worlds other top managers. I know he could have gotten a bigger wage by moving butto doubt even he would stay for a wage that was 1/2 the market value of the managrs of his level. I don’t begrudge arsene’s wage at all because no matter how rich or how poor the club is he deserves to get paid on a similar level to the other great managers in the world. He has earned that. But he wouldn’t be getting paid what he gets if he hadn’t asked for it and felt he deserved it. Players feel the same way and just like anyone players want to be paid at a similar level to other players they feel are at their level so it’s seems unfair to criticize players.

  197. Frank, you’re showing blind loyalty to Rvp, the sad part is you can’t see that – He could have easily played out the remaining year of his contract and leave on a free transfer or get sold for a decent amount of money but no, our captain chose to embarass the club in public. He stated in that BS posted on his website that he doesn’t intend on signing a new contract, is that the player you expect us to support?

    I’m definately in PG’s corner on this one Frank, supporting Rvp doesn’t make you a better fan, just a deluded one.

  198. He is an Arsenal player. You should support him.

  199. Arsenal players have gotten themselves into all sorts of bother in the past, Khalifha. Including wanting to go to other clubs. Supported each and every one of them, until they were no longer Arsenal players. After that…each to his merits. I know someone else who does exactly that too…..Arsène Wenger.

  200. Not when he causes me so much unhappiness.

  201. pedantic george

    If RVP ever takes to the field again wearing an Arsenal shirt I will fully support him as an Arsenal player.
    But as a man? Never again.

  202. I don’t support anyone as a man…that is perverse

  203. JJ;

    Ha! Let’s call it quits man. If I was a bit arsey with you, then apologies mate. There’s deffo no need for us to fall out. If you have a beef with me, just tell me dude. Its only the internet at the end of the day. Not life and death, just differences of opinions at the end of the day.

  204. Fuck me, what quality guest posts we have these days.

    Moop-Moop – your comment mid yesterday was as good as any that have graced these pages – it was a timely injection of level-headedness too. Such composure and deftness of touch for a big man.

    PG – you speak for us all there or, at very least, the only ‘all’ that I care for.

    Arsene Wenger – click, click, click.

  205. pedantic george

    That is because you are being superficial, Frank

    Edited at request of poster – YW

  206. One battle down, one to go.

  207. I totally agree with Cruyff – and I won’t change,” Wenger is quoted as saying by the Sun. “The only sad thing is that sometimes your work is destroyed by others. You want to see a player in his prime doing it for your club. But it does not work like that all the time.

    “I am a victim of that. I lost Samir Nasri, Gael Clichy and Cesc Fabregas at an age where they should have been playing their best football for Arsenal. But I never left the club when I could have. I could have left 10 times to join another club but I didn’t because I have worked with the same vision and philosophy at Arsenal for the last 16 years – and that won’t change.

    “Besides, money was never a motivation for me. And, in a similar way, people like Cruyff don’t put all their energy in building football teams with young players just for the money. We all do this because we want to give something back to football.”

  208. This is not a case of a player getting injured or losing form Frank! We’re talking about someone that has just stated he wants to leave, don’t you get that?

    Again, i want Rvp to stay but for now am angry and dissappointed with/in him.

  209. Possibly, George

  210. I found it interesting (AKA sad and predictable) that those quotes from AW were twisted by some media sources to say that he won’t spend money on transfers.

    Where in that does he say such things? His philosophy at Arsenal is about signing players and developing them. When he was at Highbury he spent what we had, so this idea he refuses to spend cash is preverse. And used as a stick to bash him with.

  211. Your issue appears to be more with me not supporting you not supporting RvP than you not supporting RvP

  212. George;

    Di you think we have had Gazidis’ good news yet?

  213. dex..
    theres no beef mate..there never has been..we’re cool bro..

    besides, we dont want to steal frank and georges thunder..

  214. George you are a star, Wenger is my hero.

  215. pedantic george

    No Frank,My issue is with RVP’s statement.
    I would be lying if I said that your personal attack on me did not disappoint me .They did.
    But now I have seen you for what you are,I will not be disappointed again.

  216. Good then let that be our natural position. Miles apart and charged with despite, George. I am comfortable with that.

  217. Aw c’mon JonJon I wanted to see you bitchslap Dex like he likes it.

  218. Haha! Yeah JJ. They don’t wanna share top billing with anyone. 🙂

    Ding Ding! Round 36…

  219. Fuck off Jonny!

  220. yup..
    wengers philosophy hasnt changed at all..

    hes doing the same things he was doing at highbury, buying players, selling players.. only difference is he cant keep them together for longer than 5 mins anymore and he doesnt sell them on his terms..

    and i dont think thats part of his philosophy..

    he gets a pasting, hes always got a pasting but gradually more and more people are seeing its not actually him..

    42% last season
    80% this..

    wengers got the backing…no matter what the media tries to paint..

    i wonder what the figures would be if they asked the same question of the owner?

  221. pedantic george

    I wonder what the results would be if the questions asked by the AST were not designed in order to get a negative outcome for Arsene.
    They must feel as disappointed as Frank currently does.Of course they too will deny it.

  222. Oooh! I love it when you get all clever with your sparkling wit Dexter.

  223. I’m on tenterhooks at the mo.

    I’m going to see my favourite band of all time this evening (FNM) and I’ll be looking after a friend who is emotionally held together by bits of string and prayers – presently going through the most heartbreaking divorce.

    I’ve had but 2 hours sleep and I know only one thing for sure: it’s going to be an emotional evening.

    Life is far from dull.

  224. Billy's Boots

    Good post, George. A nice dose of positivity in this time of uncertainty!

    Muppet – thank you for bringing back your friend, innit? Inter-Toto – priceless!

    We have been flogging the RVP statement horse pretty hard the last few days – is it dead yet?

  225. Nope. I blame the placenta.

  226. No Billy and it won’t be anytime soon it seems.

  227. We need some football. Jeez. This place is in desperate need of a game of football. When otherwise sane posters are teaming up with the likes of khalifa to attack a 100% Arsenalista like Frank you know the world’s gone mad.
    Can we all not just wait and see what’s going to happen? What happened to patience? Out of fashion?

  228. so supposing robin hasnt met with IG yet..
    maybe his statement was a sign of ‘im fucked off hurry your arse up’..

    he said he’d talk to them after he got back and they told him to keep his mouth shut while he was away..and how many times has rvp done as he is told during his career?

    maybe now hes back hes become impatient with the club, (IG on holiday or not?) and its another part of his cat and mouse game..

    lets face it, finsburys bang on about the ego thing, and robin is the type of character who posts pictures of himself with ‘other clubs’ on his website..he has no fear..he never has had..

    we made him captain because of such abilities..

    this club has been given critisism in the passed for not being able to handle players with egos and the thing is that most top class players have egos, so isnt it more a reflection on the club that all the best players want to leave, rather than the players themselves?

  229. Agree wholeheartedly with Steww @ 4.50pm.

  230. MGK good to have you back. How was the break?

  231. Someone here was suggesting a winter break a few days back. No please no! The summers are torture enough.

  232. why do we need football when we can watch the ultra exciting indoor tennis..

    or theres beach football on espn..

    russia v spain..

    kinda shocked to see a russian beach football team..kinda like a cool runnings vibe..
    but they are winning..

  233. Oh Jonny, you want sparkiling wit? You can’t handle my sparkling with i tells ya.

    Have a good evening man. What band is that BTW? Ahh, Flippant Ninja Mangoes. They rock.

    Have a blast

  234. Billy's Boots

    arsenalandrew | July 8, 2012 at 8:40 am

    Thank you – Google helps a lot as an aide de memoire. 😉

    Yes, as Steww says, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

  235. Billy's Boots


  236. Steww

    I am sorry but having a pop at Khalifha is a bit poor form man. He hasn’t posted here that long, but I think his heart is definitely in the right place when it comes to Arsenal. Differences of opinion are allowed.

    I agree with the spirit of your post, BTW.

  237. Billy's Boots

    Dex, I believe Jonny is referring to Faith No More, a popular beat combo, m’lud. Remember “We Care A Lot”?

  238. Billy’s Boots;

    Really? Oh they are well shit, not a patch on the Mangoes.

  239. Billy's Boots

    … and here was me thinking you were down with the kids…

  240. Bill @ 3:43,
    AW’s been more than worth his salary.
    If RvP wants to leave because we cannot pay him what you term market value, he can leave.
    Why publicly drag down the club that raised his market value?

    Policy is policy.
    He is a great player but we’ve had greater and didn’t change policy to accommodate them at the expense of the club then either.

    He needs to grow up and accept he can’t have it both ways.
    He’s made a decision now he must live with it.

  241. Billy's Boots

    I think the Mangoes are the support act.

  242. Everybody please follow ‘C’ in the following:

  243. Really Andrew? I think the idea of people ‘teaming up’ is a bit specious – Frank is perfectly entitled to his take on the RVP situation but the comment you are endorsing seems to dismiss other people’s individual views as an act of coordinated bullying – whilst simultaneously enshrining Frank as a ‘true’ fan.

    Though I can see where it comes from, I’m not sure what that makes the rest of us – let alonf the maligned Khalifha.

    I am not really convinced either comment is fair.

    We do however, ‘need some football’.

  244. Dex – Khalifha’s calling the Arsenal captain a c*nt may have something to do with Steww’s remarks.

  245. steww i think you’ll find it was old franky that went on the attack because fellow gooners have decided to attack our dutch ship jumping attacker.

  246. pedantic george

    Andrew,Whereas Frank calling me a cunt is OK.Me not being the Arsenal captain and all.

  247. Billy’s Boots; Hahaha! Well, that’s OK then, although it should be Faith No More supporting, obviously! 🙂

    AA; Khalifha’s choice of noun for the captain is his preogative, I pulled him up on it, but respect his right to be pissed off.

    But we should all Calm down, calm down.

  248. an Arsenal captain who whilst contributing heavily to our empty trophy cabinet of late now holds the club responsible.

  249. Oi reckon these are just the kind of stoopid arguments Gallas & Nasri would have had in the dressing room.
    And then Gallas said some even more silly things. In public. He lost his armband and the club gave Gallas a second chance in the last season of his contract. And upon the field of play he did not let the club down in that last season. Mayhaps if RVP had more consistency with those injuries he’d of got the armband before Gallas and Cesc-F Word, maybe not.
    He has it now, and he’s still the captain.

  250. Come on Dukey! We are attemptong an agreed cease fire, and a no fly off the handle zone man.

  251. Stoke the fire there Duke! 🙂

    For what it is worth I think calling a player a cunt is more acceptable (in then right circumstances) than a fellow poster.

    Other than Dex of course but then he loves it. 🙂

  252. arse or brain

    another great post well done george

  253. “For what it is worth I think calling a player a cunt is more acceptable (in then right circumstances) than a fellow poster.”

  254. I take huge offence at that remark Jonny.

    For your information, I think you will find that I am a right cunt! Got it?

  255. rvp is trying to tarnish the clubs name!!

  256. Rvp is also saying that he has more ambition then wenger?? surely not!!

  257. Dear oh dear oh dear… is very simple really. I don’t really care if you think I am a fan or not fan. A good fan or a bad fan? The single point I have been making is that Arsenal supporters should support Arsenal players and the manager. There is clearly an internal issue at the club about which we are agreed that we know nothing. If and it is a big if…any players leave then they are no longer Arsenal players and as supporters we can deal with that as we choose and as we see the relative merits of each departure. BUT……and I mean BUT…no-one has left the club. It is therefore very, very unwise to call our best player and captain a CUNT. Very unwise indeed. because at this point in time he is an Arsenal player and he may well still be when the season starts…and he may well have good reason to be in the position he finds himself.


    Now here’s a thing. I think that George and Khalifha and DukeGoonem or any other cunt out there is a better Arsenal supporter than me. But if you want to maintain your exhalted positions in the eyes of those who like to commentate on the dialogue, my advice to you is not to keep dising the captain. Quite simply because every time you do you don’t seem like good supporters to me and you might not seem like good supporters to them.

    There you are and just to finish. Franks a fucking cunt.

    Robin Van Persie…clickclickclick

    Robin Van Persie….clickclickclick

  258. You’re always right Dex. I forget that sometimes.

    Have we set a new record for use of the c word today?

    If not…Stupid cunting cunts. EVERYONE!

  259. DukeyG;

    Not tru, he is actually trying to varnish the club’s name, and crest on his back yard fence next to the canon water feature.

  260. OK now it really does get contentious. I think that it is much better to call a fellow poster a cunt than to call a player a cunt. Basically becauase some of my fellow posters actually are cunts and I don’t have any interest in supporting them at all. I am here because I support Arsenal not because I support posters.

  261. Sorry I forgot the main purpose of my visit this time round….

    Robin Van Persie…..clickclickclick

    Robin Van Persie…..clickclickclick

  262. Frank;

    Sorry, I am not sureyou have made your position clear enough? I think that pudding could do with a few dozen more eggs.

  263. I think it is time some people started to act as adults.

  264. Sensational Arsenal

    Can anybody tell me how to embed a youtube video here?

  265. Here’s a ;itt;e tune I just wrote, think it kinda sums up the mood at the moment… Here, check it out y’all;

  266. I haven’t once dissed the captain but I’ll comment regardless.

    Question – does RVP remotely care if we seem like good supporters?

  267. SEnsational;

    Just copy and paste the url (I think that’s what it’s called) and hey presto!

  268. Sensational Arsenal;

    Do you want to post “Give Peace a chance” or “All you need is Love” or some other hippy anti-war song? 🙂

  269. What an utterly unbelievably tasteless comment, George. You wonder why I call you a cunt?

  270. this is the sort of statement rvp should have come out with franky…

    it would be good for wenger to buymaybe a couple more top players for us to compete as i need to be winning silverware.. i believe we have a chance now what with our new additions and as i owe the club for paying me so much money for all the time i have been out injured every season except this one i could not leave this club as i feel i need to repay them for the patience and faith they have shown me and i am their captain.

    thank you. rvp..

  271. Lol dex – a few dozen more cunting eggs I reckon.

    I think if we can agree everyone in the history of ever is a cunt – including all of the Arsenal players and that Ghandi cunt, then we can all just be copasetic.

  272. You are too late, Jonny. I am not prepared to debate that now and it is tangential.

    For what it is worth. It is very important to RvP that the players get great support…I would have thought that was obvious from watching him on the pitch. Frankly the reactions to him of some on here disgust me.

  273. Sensational Arsenal

    @ Sahil & Dexter thanks.

    @ Dexter: hehe, no. Something more relevant to today’s post. Most of you might have come across this one.

  274. But if RVP had said it it would have been fine yes? 🙂

  275. Snicker, snicker, snicker, Jonny….give it a poke. Go on.

  276. really frank!! the reactions disgust you!! so rvp can come out with whatever the fuck he likes then if he is still an arsenal player…utter bollocks. so all the excact same daja vu bollocks we have had every summer from our jumping ship players counts for nowt then…..

  277. The argument over whether RvP made the statement himself, or the comment was the brainchild of his Agent, is to me a moot point. The Agent is a hirling of Van persie and there has not been any countermanding statement by Robin and subsequent firing of the Agent for stepping out of line. The major blow delivered by Van persie was his blatant disrespect for an adoring Arsenal fan base. For this, it would take a lot of persuading on his part for me to forgive him.

  278. pedantic george

    Now we both know each other for who we are.Frank.

  279. You think that it is OK to use the murderer of two 11/12 year old girls to score points and just get a laiugh do you, Duke?. I actually haven’t got a word for you or george or your brethren at this moment

  280. You have no idea who I am, george, you can be sure of that

  281. we all hoped rvp was different and was to come out with my rvp statement frank.

  282. Murray loses to Federer.

  283. pedantic george

    they are,even

  284. Ooh, who are these brethren of george & DukeyG?

    Eww, bet they are right cun… 🙂

  285. I am so glad my attempt to quell all this in-fighting has been such an unqualified success.

  286. Lighten up eh Frank?

    Federer is a class act in victory – Murray utterly distraught. Great scenes.

  287. Dex I’d vote for you as the next UN president Dex. That Kofi is a right cunt after all.

  288. diplomatic dex

  289. No, Jonny, this is not the time to lighten up. Your timing is all wrong.

  290. have to feel for Murray now dont you.

  291. You demand sympathy and empathy when you feel you need it,Jonny. In between times just play it for points.

  292. Oh and….

    Robin Van Persie……..clickclickclick

    Robin Van Persie……clickclickclick

  293. Frank – “The single point I have been making is that Arsenal supporters should support Arsenal players and the manager.”

    I support the club Frank. Managers and players come and go.

  294. PG

    That was not funny and bang out of order.

    A few people need to draw pictures of each other, pin them to the dartboard and get the bitchiness out of their systems.

  295. I’ve never ‘demanded’ anything – least of all sympathy. If I choose to share personal things it’s because I feel comfortable to do so and a warmth towards the people on here – almost all of whom I consider ‘friends’ virtual though it may be.

    You will note though I have poked at your argument I was not one who denigrated RVP but I do understand the deeply hurt feelings of others and why they would react with comments borne of pain.

    I do see your point but I’m not playing points – I have made some comments in a jokey fashion but the pertinent ones were made clearly enough. Just didn’t want it to be so serious but I accept for you it just is.

    Each to their own – I’m certainly not demanding anything of you – if you feel I have then accept my genuine apology. Tone is often lost when words are written – especially true when emotions run high.

  296. Point taken, Jonny. I have no wish to offend you.

  297. Going back to yesterday’s brilliant post – for mister Bob – (from my dad)

    “Many thanks for the link – just great! I forwarded it to brother Ian.

    Money is a funny thing – excess love of it is a curse. Curiously I thought that this was so when I was a nipper – 1938-9. By then I was an Arsenal fan and I was disappointed that they were buying Bryn Jones from Wolverhampton for several thousand pounds – in today’s money read millions. Of course the war ruined BJ’s career in football and I believe that he ended up as a small shopkeeper.

    Then there was a spell in the sixties when they capped footballers’ wages at £20 per week – perhaps £100,000 per annum in today’s money. Footballers ended up doing a variety of ordinary jobs after they finished playing – such as running pubs, running small store. What the hell do they do today if they don’t get a job in football. What disturbs me most is the oligarchs who take on a club because they think that it will make them money ….. including Alan Sugar.

    In a way this why I supported women’s football – good win last week against Chelsea”

  298. I can’t say I often agree with Frank when reading posts, but I am 100% on his side in regards to RvP.

    I read the statement… went, “Huh.. interesting.” and moved on.

    For as often as people are railed on because they claim to know what someone means or says or is doing behind closed doors that we don’t know about, there has been a massive rush to demonize and draw and quarter RvP.

    I till like RvP, still want him to stay, and will cheer him whether he is playing out a contract or signs a new one. Heck, I don’t hold the venom most seem to have for our ex-players (except Cashley). It’s a business for some players, a passion for others, and rarely just one or the other.

  299. If, on this site of all sites, long-standing members of the Arsenal playing staff start getting labelled c*nts then no-one should be too surprised that there is going to be a reaction.

    And whilst I find it deeply, deeply regrettable when posters for whom I have nothing but the highest respect, regard and no small amounts of affection, also start being labelled in the same or similar terms,then, again, I’m not all that surprised. I don’t necessarily endorse that labeling, I’m just not that surprised by it.

    There IS a fair chance RvP may be acting with the worst of intentions.

    But we don’t as yet KNOW this and there ARE grounds for believing – regardless of whether we agree with his methods – that he is in fact, and at some personal risk, speaking out on behalf of the players, the club and the fans.

    Whether that is right or wrong is of course up for debate.

    But it is categorically not grounds for the vile abuse he’s been picking up on here today which has been expressed in the most lazy, casual and vile of ways.

    To be honest, I’m really quite surprised at the speed with which many have rushed to judge a player who, in the last season in particular, very clearly did nothing but give his all to the club.

    Yes, surprised and disappointed.

  300. This whole argument should have been put to bed ages ago. I don’t know why it is still being dragged out. Frank, george and Duke are to blame.

    Let’s get ’em…

  301. AA – Well if he is doing that, he has completely undermined his manager who is integral to the way this club is run. And why did he have to go public if that is his view? He could have easily said the same to AW and IG to prove his point. All this has done has brought the spotlight on our club in a negative way.

  302. Oh shit, I forgot, I am the UN Peace Envoy. Erm, please desisit this horrible beastliness forthwith. Ahem.

  303. What if the statement was not given by RVP but by some journo quoting “exclusive sources”? How would we have reacted?

  304. like i said andrew we are in this position every summer so its no suprise to me that people are quick to turn. im suprised people are suprised.

  305. And here is the thing (for me at least) with statement. RvP may well be right; the clubs plans may not have us challenging in the next few years, who knows? The issue is him going public with it and undermining the club. This helps no one.

  306. oh i see what your doing now andy…moving the argumentitive goal posts.

  307. pedantic george

    Have I missed the vile abuse RVP has been getting?
    Kali called him a Cunt.I cant think of any more.
    People are creating the illusion of vicious attacks.Unless my idea of vile and vicious are askew.

  308. Keyser

    That’s largely irrelevant but given the outright wrong statement over IGs holiday, it would probably be ignored.

    But the issue is clouded by his decision to publish the statement on a personal website. Others have used .com to make declarations, etc. Why did RvP choose not to?

    Just because he has decided he is leaving does not mean he will not be supported in the shirt. Look at Nasri last season vs Liverpool. Despised because it was clear he was going, he received universal applause for his performance.

    On the pitch he will get support but that does not mean he has to be supported off it.

  309. Very difficult to discuss this with a baying crowd but here goes….

    I think that it is likely that the issue at stake at Arsenal at the moment is the salary cap. I also think that it is likely that RvP is another type of captain, one who represents his squad. It is possible that he has taken the stance he has in support of certain players as well as his own position to name Theo and Alex as two examples ( I think TV falls into the category too even though he has a longer contract). It is a very difficult and probably messy business because he is taking on an institution…almost single handedly…so far.

    I have no problem with this whatsoever in fact there are several footballers who spring to mind who would probably also do this, however they play for other teams and I cannot name them because there is a pack of howling dogs abroad as witnessed on this site.

    If this turns out as it should do we will have an even more fantastic squad lead by a brilliant captain and genius of a manager. But there is a risk…..and some supporters are part of that risk.

  310. It is on his site because he is using it as a weapon. Arsenal are not taking him seriously. The stakes are very very high.

  311. i agree with frank..

  312. For gawd’s sake, this is ridiculous. There has not been any vile abuse, there is no baying crowd. If anything Frank, you are fanning the flames here. George has been rebuked for his comments, as has Khali. That should be an end to it now.

    Make your points and arguments, but I wish people would stop with the incendary bitchy comments.

  313. pedantic george

    I have not needed to be rebuked on ANY RVP comments.

  314. FFS George, pack it in already. Do I need to remind you of that comment earlier? Where you mentioned a vile child killer?

  315. Goonerandy – HAS he undermined his manager? Really? Is AW that fragile? That one player disagreeing with the club can destabilize one of the most established and respected managers in the whole history of the game? I don’t really see it, to be honest.

    How do you know he hasn’t already said the same (as he wrote in his ‘update’) to AW and IG? Maybe he thinks, for the good of the club a spotlight needs to be brought on decisions that are still in flux.

    Duke – it’s a pain – but a price most big clubs have to pay – that players come and go and I doubt that will likely change in the near future. It’s quite possibly worse for us due to the nature of the stars AW creates and the oil clubs which have an inflationary – but ultimately unsustainable – impact on player salaries.

    But NONE of this warrants the labeling of RvP as a c*nt and hardly justifies the mob mentality currently gathering at the gates of van Persie towers.

    I’m surprised that you’re surprised that I’m surprised.

  316. ‘The likes of khalifha’? hmmm, I’ve been practising the art of not giving a shit, after reading your comment stew i think i’m getting the hang of it.

    No Frank, its disgusting seeing Chelsea and Liverpool fans support John Terry and Suarez regardless of what they say or do, now you are asking for people to support a player that told us he doesn’t want to renew his contract? Aarrgh.

    I won’t be calling our *cough* captain *cough* a cunt anymore, that was a result of old wounds. I don’t need to write the names of players that have betrayed our trust in the last few years so anyone telling me about supporting another arsenal player that want to leave need to get their heads checked – Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me, okay am done, over and out.

    Wait! One more thing, Federer done it again, he defeated murray to win the wimbledon title! I think he has 7 of those bad boys now – what an amazing achievement.

  317. Frank;

    That is an interesting picture you paint there. It would require an enormous leap of faith for it to be believed (by me anyway). But I would be prepared to give it a try and hope that the truth is along those lines. Maybe AW is in on it too?

  318. pedantic george

    No ., Dexter You don’t,So why did you?That is why I specified “RVP”. Did you not get that?

  319. Just watching BBC4 right now; It’s about an enormous giant fat tortoise trhat was found alone on the galapogas islands. It’s the last of its kind and they think he is gay.

    He’s called Lonesome george. It’s a really bitter sweet story.

  320. Oh jesus George, stop being petty. It is related to the whole bullshit argument isnt it? Fuck it, Kofi anan and Banksy Moon can have their old jobs back.

  321. pedantic george

    Dexter ,
    It was totally unrelated to RVP.It Frank .And well you know about

  322. Sadly Lonesome George died a few days ago 😦

  323. tony adams went to prison
    he was the captain that overseen the transition to the modern arsenal..

    theres now a statue of him outside the stadium..

    rvp could very well be doing what frank days and leading the club into a modern era..
    and one day there could be statue of him outside the stadium

    whats a prison sentance or a few words on a website in between?

  324. pedantic george

    Try again
    Dexter ,
    It was totally unrelated to RVP.It was about Frank .And well you know it.

  325. pedantic george

    I am out of this debate for once and for all

  326. Whatever George. You made the comparison to demonstrate a point related to this stupid argument. That Frank’s support of RvP showed that he would support a fucking child murderer.

    It’s rather sad you would rather make a meal of this, than simply trying to move on.

    The pair of you deserve each other.

  327. Oh FFS! Now you say that! 🙂

  328. Oh AA, you’ve spoiled the ending now!


    That’s a fair point regarding Adams. maybe George Graham was ahead of his time and a bit too maverick as well? 🙂

  329. @ pg
    Fabulous post, good to remind everyone how lucky we are.

    @ consolsbob | July 8, 2012 at 11:14 am and DeiseGooner | July 8, 2012 at 11:29 am
    Absolutely right.

    This is what he could have said:
    Dear all.

    After eight great years I have decided that the time is right to move in to a final challenge in my career. I do with regret and fond memories of my time here. It had been an especial honor to have captained the club in the past season.

    Thank you for your support and I wish you all well in the future. (thanks to Catalan Gunner)

    Comes to the same thing, nobody’s offended. Easy peasy.

    @ JonJon
    can we please have jibba back and the rest so we dont have to punch eachother??
    ha ha ha

    @ pg
    On the AST poll, a blog published the questions – think it was He Blogs When He Wants – and they were very loaded! But I think the larger point is that the survey was responded to by only a small percentage even of the paltry 800 or so who belong to that organisation, so the results are of even less value than you might think.

    @ Billy’s Boots | July 8, 2012 at 4:43 pm
    Hi, BB – where are those quotes reposted by Henristic from?

  330. GG was so maverick he started his own agency..
    just didnt tell anyone

    could have been worse he could have set it all up in his dogs name..

    knew how to drill a team though..i’ll give him that..

  331. I could not agree more. Arsenal must stick to their philosophy and not be bended by short term glory. The current crisis will be overcome and I really believe we will go from strength to strength. Please be to god anyway as my other team is club 12 and I’m sure you know what a mess they are in with reckless spending and poor club management

  332. JJ; Yeah and I think Bould joining the staff will add a new dimension to the team and how we shape up defensively.

  333. Rvp’s statements also ….. I joke, i joke.

    So what do we discuss now, lets talk about van pe*sie’s goal against Everton, twas beautiful right, but was it better than Arterta’s free kick against Aston Villa?

  334. Arteta’s best goal was the one v Man City at our place. All his own work.

  335. pedantic george

    So where are we with who is going to be Captain?

  336. @ Dexter | July 8, 2012 at 7:27 pm

    Just watching BBC4 right now; It’s about an enormous giant fat tortoise trhat was found alone on the galapogas islands. It’s the last of its kind and they think he is gay.

    He’s called Lonesome george. It’s a really bitter sweet story.

    Just seen this – for some reason, I find it hilarious.

  337. dex..
    the 91 team, we all know it was the shizz but wasnt bouldie the man that year becuase tony was locked up?

    maybe wrong, but SB is a good choice..
    knows the style we have to play, hes been coaching the kids for years, and could freshen it up defensively maybe..

    the english national team is crying out for coaches like bouldie right now, thats for sure..

  338. That goal vs City was awesome, so was the atmosphere in the ground! Brilliant night!

    Haha! Thanks Fungunner.

    JJ; I read some quotes attributed to Bould about how excited he was and the input he was hoping to have and the ideas he was coming in with. Really gave me a tingly feeling man. Like something really good was on the horizon.

  339. Dexter,

    How to find out about Arsenal news on Twitter ?

    You just search for Arsenal, and it brings back people’s tweets. The first search it does brings back the most frequent tweets that have been retweeted – known as top tweets.

    90% of the time the rumours are bollocks. Usually without a source or any background and with the immortal line “deal to be announced in the 48 hours”. When you see that line, you know it’s complete bollocks. When was any deal we ever did announced in 48 hours. They might as well say “I’m lying my arse off. hahahah”.

    Otherwise I just see the regular tweets on my timeline. I follow at least 1200 arsenal fans, usually blocking or unfollowing those who blaspheme against the Lord Wenger.

  340. Ahh thanks Muppet. Cheers.

  341. Fun gunner, ah i love that goal, definately the best. Remember the one against wigan away or blackburn away, he doesn’t score ugly goals.

    Also, guys remember when i said i was going to check out the archives? no? Well i did and guess what, me likey.

    There was one hilarious comment there about Rosicky’s celebration, i will copy and paste it here when i have the chance and err i checked 2007, passenal, aman, duke, G4E all made cameo appearances while the blog was still in its infancy, but twas a dark time, so many idiots then, no anti-wenger tho. Funny enough Arterta received a red card against us, lets just say the comments directed at him wasn’t filled with rainbow and sunshine.

    Now if you want to get a feel good factor about arsenal then 2007/2008 season is the one to read, i really enjoyed browsing through that one – Some things never change tho, our injury problems then was worse, Rvp was no where to be seen and Rosicky’s injury woes started with ‘a slight hamstring problem’ that would last a couple of days. I think the match against milan was the best, but after the birmingham match and Eduardo’s injury it started to go downhill, infact the mood in the comment section was that we could win the Epl and Ucl titles, we were playing that good!

  342. I think that AW is a part of this. I hope he is. He is a clever guy and he knows that he is leaking great players. I would imagine that the issue of parity with other teams has never been more acute for Arsenal…AW is not stupid. He supports the party line and he is also very careful with money. He needs to walk a line between keeping his best players in the game for Arsenal and bringing on the youngsters. In my opinion the pendulum has swung too far in one direction.

    Look at it. Mikel Areta came from Everton….yes Everton for a cut in salary. At a point when Cesc and Samir Nasri at a ctirical time at the beginning of the season left the club. We were in dire straits. RvP must be ultra aware of that….and he had to captain a side in an 8 fucking 2 defeat to the Big Mancs. Not forgotten in a hurry I would imagine. I certainly can’t forget it and I was not on the pitch.

    If I was RvP I would swear to myself that this would never happen again. But here’s the point….AW feels the same way.

    Now what happens towards the end of the season? Theo reckons he might not re-sign. Alex Song says the same. Several players hear that they might be much better off elsewhere. Robin is asked to consider a new contract. However his response is..I am not prepared to even talk about a new contract until you tell me how we can stop losing our best players. He knows that several players are about to leave for better money. he knows that they want a semblance of parity with the top clubs. What he hears is…don’t worry Robin we are bringing in other players. He may well be delighted with those players, but he also knows that it is just a short term fix becuase even Pods and Jiroo will probably want out next year once they have had a good EPL season with Arsenal. Here is the crunch he knows that he has one bite of the parity cherry. After one wonderful season and as captain AND as a man about to be asked to renew his contract whilst his stock is high, he has never had a better chance to do what he believes (and you may not agree with him but I do) to be right.

    NOW…how can he do this? He speaks to AW. AW is understanding but tows the party line as always. IG can only tow the party line….he is just an employee, and when the original meeting was due to takew place and RvP was all fired up he probably was in the US. What can Robin do? The club won’t even move past first base.

    I will tell you what he does…he puts his career on the line, he publishes an open message on his website telling us all that he will not be re-signing. The club have to talk if not then they will lose him…and if they do he will tell the world why.

    If I am right this is absolutely massive.

    We can talk about the merits of football players earning large sums of money if you like, but one thing is for sure, if Arsenal STARS are required to earn significantly less than other STARS we will lose them…and we are doing just that.

    Get behind the captain, please.

    If I am wrong well…everyone already thinks I am a…(fill the blanks in for yourself)

    Robin Van Persie…clickclickclick

  343. …and there is more…

  344. Robin van persie…. Lets wait and see.

  345. Please Frank, no mas.

  346. Frank – I’m pretty sure you have nailed it.

    My gut feeling is Arsenal are at a cross-roads and it is, as you suggest, massive.

    Comment of the day.

  347. Fade to black, credits come up and end theme tune starts…

    Next week on Norf Londoners; Doris the tea lady discovers PHW’s been at the battenberg again. 🙂

  348. If we have to match the obscene wages of Man City, like manU had to with Rooney, then I would rather the players left. Not sure i can stomach that. But that is where football is heading unfortunately; oblivion. hell in a solid gold mock tudor hand cart.

  349. This is what Ramsey had to say when asked about our 4th/5th ‘crises’ “There is no need for me to get involved in that. I don’t know and we as players don’t know what is happening so we will just have to wait to see what happens,” he told Press Association Sport – With that we can all sleep like babies now.

  350. its the players we support at the of the day..
    we dont support the owners or anyone else..
    ive never seen anyone walking round with stan kreonke written on the back of the jersey so if this is a player revolt against the wages then good..
    its about time and good luck to them cos the board stinks..or the owner stinks, whatever way you want to see it..

  351. Good post as always.

    To say that after the move we were expected to fight relegation battles is a bit rich though.

    For me, the real indication of the greatness of a football manager is the healthy state the manager leaves his club in. In those terms, the jury is still out on Wenger.

    The notion that his achievements will be truly appreciated only after he goes is almost a threat that the club will fall apart after his retirement. This does not sound optimistic and hints at a system where too much is concentrated on one person.

  352. I’d forgotten Murray was a Gooner. I feel a bit bad about supporting Roger now. He did brilliantly to get to the final, though. Big step forward for him. Perhaps next year.

  353. pedantic george

    Oh FFS

  354. Stan Kroenke was convinced by the Board at the time he came along that this club was very stable. Which it is. Sustainability! (thats enough of that bit I find it sensible but boring). They wanted an owner who could buy into their very conservative way of running Arsenal. One of the features of Arsenal is that we have a wage policy. Thats OK because our US commenters are always telling us about drafts and salary caps in the US. SK knows all about them.

    Whats more if SK runs the club it keeps any other foreigner with horrible dirty nasty money well and truly OUT.


    Here’s great thing. We needed a CEO. Ivan Gazidis pops up. MLS. Used to dealing with contracts for the whole league. Price control. Abso….fucking…lutely…perfect. G&Ts and cigars all round.

    All neatly wrapped up.

    Except it isn’t perfect is it?

    We are leaking great players.

    RvP is a football man. I believe him when he says it is not about money for him. He knows he will get enough anyway. He wants trophies and he wants them at Arsenal. But he knows why it will always be almost impossible. AW pulls off miracles every summer, but there are no guarantees that this will continue. No-one has any idea which players are going to be playing from one season to the next.

    Is it any wonder that RvPs anger is actually directed at IG? If IG is worth anything at all he will be able to ensure that the club is able to keep its stars and at the same time stick to a sensible business plan. I think that it can be done but if he can’t then he has to go…and maybe SK and maybe the Board have to go too.

    BUT…it is essential that AW stays…AND it is essential that we keep RvP. He is the best captain in the EPL and maybe even the world.

    No wonder RvP lacked focus at the Euros. The young man had a lot on his mind.This guy is spitting, kicking and using his teeth to make some changes.

    If any of this is even remotely plausible we should at least give him the benefit of the doubt.

    Robin Van Persie…..clickclickclick

    Robin Van Persie…..clickclickclick

  355. Oh contraire JJ! I wear my Stan Kroenke replica handlebar moustache and Peter Hill-Wood cumberband with pride every match day.

  356. pedantic george

    Dennis Bergkamp “I fear for Arsenal the day Arsene leaves”

  357. George; Looks like Dennis is as melodramatic as you man! 🙂

  358. Billy's Boots

    FunGunner, the quote is from around the time of RVP’s previous contract negotiations. I found it here:

  359. I doubt the board actually wanted Kroenke TBH. One only has to recall PHW’s regreattable comments about him. But they needed an investor sharpish to head off DD and his aliance with Usmanov.

    As Dein had already, secretly, sounded out the american about buying the club, he was already primed and ready to go.

    That’s why they went with the silent one.

  360. I don’t think we have to match the Little Mancs. I think that in exceptional cases we might need to pay much more than we do now. The key is the differential which many people have been pointing to for ages.

    Some how you have to balance the youth policy with a policy which allows compatible great players to thrive and stay at the club. We probably do need to lose middle tier players more often.Not easy….and everyone has their own favourites or at least pet targets.

  361. The fallout from DD leaving has had an enormous effect on the club. When we needed stability we had anything but. Plus there was a vacuum that was only filled several years later, by gazidis and TBH, he doesnt perform the exact same role. Maybe there is still a position available for a more (English/European) football experienced director?

  362. Oh so rvp just wants to bleed us dry ala terry….thats ok then..rvp click clack clonk.

  363. pedantic george

    I am beginning to feel sorry for Robin now.
    Single handedly fighting the axis of evil from astride his orange Charger.The poor lad must be knackered .What with all the research into cash flow, projected incomes and future commercial deals.Yes,no wonder he was found wanting in the Euros.

  364. No that is not what I wrote, Duke, and if you read it that way then I am not going to bother responding to you. if you want to discuss this seriously then fine but if people piss about then maybe we should have the discussion over the next few days elsewhere.

    This is the biggest change since we moved to a new stadium. Nothing less than the life of Arseanl as a top club is at stake here.

    …..AND on top of all of this the ticket prices have to come down. So someone up there had better get sharper at doing deals.

  365. Frank 8.55pm – not only plausible but probably sitting having a drink in the last chance saloon!

    So much we don’t know but my gut feeling is that there are likely to be Arsenal players not after parity with those on oil-salaries but nonetheless want something closer to their market value.

    So, for example, if Theo is after (and I’m making these numbers up for illustration), say, £80k per week, is currently on £60 and is ‘only’ being offered £75k by AFC, but £175k by the Chavs then RvP is very likely going to be pushed into relatively extreme behaviour to get this challenged.

    As you say, if he’s got wind of this being the case with several key players …

  366. ACLF and consolsBob’s piece gets a name check over on Goonerholic.

  367. I think i will agree though frank to cool on this rvp situation untill we know for sure that he is really jumping ship and leaving us up the creek and doing the dirty on us coz he might stay as you say,.

  368. He is bound to have inside knowledge isn’t he, arsenalandrew, he apparently runs the social activities etc. They are going to talk to him. Look who we might lose next…Theo, Alex Song, TV. They seem to be his best mates. Remember the comments he has made about Theo? We know he hangs out with TV. Oxo loves him to bits. As does Andre Santos. he knows exactly how the players feel and he knows what they have been or are likely to be offered by Arsenal and by other clubs. Not rocket science. The disparity is massive in some cases.

  369. pedantic george

    I am beginning to think some people are just on a wind up.

  370. Thank you, george, very insightful

  371. Now, lowering the ticket prices is something I have felt was needed for along time. But if we are going to be paying the players more, the board won’t be doing both things any time soon!

    Andrew; The rumours were that Theo and his ‘people’ were demanding £100k, a figure that a few haters decried as lunacy. Not to me though. In the current climate, given his status and importance, that figure sounds well plausible, absolutely abhorent and disgusting, but plausibnle nonetheless.

  372. pedantic george

    John le Carré would be proud of this plot

  373. van Persie will be well gutted to lose Theo and Alex, it will be the last thing he wants.

    They always do a smashing BeeGees medley at the weekly Karaoke nights.

  374. I agree with Dexter’s last paragraph. We have to take bigger risks.

    On the ticket front it is not just about players wages etc there have to be better commercial partnerships in place. If existing contracts are too cheap then it is probably worth getting better lawyers. Or get AU to put some horses heads in a few beds.

  375. pedantic george

    Oh well if its Robin’s aim to force down ticket prices.Count me in.
    Lets ask if he can do anything about these bloody money lenders in the temples,while he is at it.

  376. maybe rvp knows who else wenger has been having it away with aswell.

  377. Oh george! You funny fucker!

  378. It is one thing moaning about not being rich enough but it is another not being clever enough. We should be the cleverest club around. We have the cleverest manager…and captain at the moment.

  379. and the cleverest fans frank

  380. the wages are only seen as a problem because we have too many players and have done for a few years..

    we have a high wage budget but becuase we have 70 players we need to level it out..

    im no businessman but even i could see that by condensing the 70 players down to 45-50 we could utilise our budget better and offer our stars more without actually bankrupting the club like ppl have been lead to believe by the spin of the ownership..

  381. Frank – I get a strong impression RvP takes his responsibilities as club captain more seriously (possibly ironically, given AW’s view that the whole team are captains) than most people would probably imagine. So yes, not only would he be aware of the individual circumstances of at least his closest colleagues but he’d also know exactly what they are ‘worth’ in the eyes of rival clubs.

    Dex – I wasn’t aware of the Theo rumours re: the £100k but it sounds like a credible figure. So, for a Chel$ki side desperate to rebuild, an offer of even £120k pw would aggravate the situation.

    How much did Cashley go and earn at Stamford Bridge compared to the final Arsenal offer – I don’t know if it was THAT massive a gap (can’t recall the exact figures).

    If Robin can see his key teammates being picked off for relatively small sums then …

    Well if this is true and I was him I’d certainly say something.

    And if I was ignored and I cared enough for the club I just might start shouting about it.

  382. OK, george. I am bored with this. Pearls before swine. I am off.

    I will put something up somewhere else over the next couple of days. Meagre as it may be I don’t want to take stuff away from YW so I won’t put up a link.

    Robin van Persie…clickclickclick

  383. JJ;

    I dont think it’s the money man. It is the amount some are on. It’s all abit of a socialist enclave down at the grove man. 🙂

    The real issue is the ceiling that inhibits the club paying it’s top top players. That has been something we, as fans, mostly have lauded the club over. Now, it seems it’s a bit old hat.

  384. this is a very black and white situation regarding rvp.

    he wants us to spend spend spend and Arsenal dont.

  385. pedantic george

    Oops .Was it the money lenders thing?

  386. Pathetic

  387. @ JJ
    They are going to remodel AW’s wage structure but the contracts currently in place have to run their course first. You can’t reduce someone’s wages unilaterally.

  388. But it’s clearly not black and white, is it, Duke?

    There are always choices.

    I’m in no position to know whether the club can afford to ‘spend spend spend’ not least because we don’t know what the actual value – or cost – of ‘spend spend spend’ is.

    It’s quite possible RvP doesn’t know how affordable any of this is to the club, either.

    But if he’s as excited as we are about our prospects next season but then sees that all crumbling away in front of him, should we be so quick to condemn him for trying to do something about it?

    Even if we don’t approve of the method.

    Are we in danger of simply shooting the messenger?

  389. well yes it is…rvp wants us to bring in the players city are bringing in…he looks at them and wants a piece of it….clearly , what other reason would he disagree with wenger over?? money! the root of everyones fukin problems. except dex as he is into peace love n unity man!!

  390. Pathetic…..

  391. Sorry Duke, you’ve lost me.

    “rvp wants us to bring in the players city are bringing in”

    Does he? How do we know this?

    You don’t think the issue of player-retention has any part in all of this?

  392. Training will start tomorrow morning at Colney.

  393. pedantic george

    Yes Frank,It is.

  394. Yeah, saw that Muppet. Bout time an all, lazy good for nothing so and so’s! 🙂

  395. It should also coincide with some news, good news, obviously.

  396. RvP does not agree with the clubs planned future progression and wants out; simple as that. He may have some very valid points too (different debate), but I don’t think he is playing mind games with the contract situation. He dopes not think we will be challenging and wants to go somewhere that is. I can live with that to be honest. It is nothing many fans have said anyway.

    It is the way he has gone public I am not happy about.

  397. Robin van persie: I don’t need a hose,in this weather the garden will water itself!

  398. pedantic george

    Dexter,I cant imagine a good news story that would redress the balance.Can you?

  399. Yes Dexter, rumours are hotting up. Lot of hot air at the moment. Moses, Ganso, Jovetic, M’vila, Capoue blah blah blah

  400. pedantic george

    We were all as happy as pigs in shit until 3 days ago.

  401. fungunner i agree, point taken, we did witness the start of it last year..

    but that still doesnt mean we have to lose


    potentially, in one year, as part of the remodel..

    thats a PL winning attack gone in 12months and thats abit iffy, dont you think?

    dex i think we should break the ceiling if need be..until the other contracts run..

    we had a discussion the other day about salary caps and many agreed that they dont work..
    its not worked at arsenal for almost a decade and its getting to the point where our top dudes are questioning whats going on..
    we have to remember these guys are getting into cl every year..they are the reason why we are 6th richest team in the world and they are the reason why we are the 3rd best in england, 1st best in london..
    and we want them to stay loyal for a third of the wage they could get elsewhere for their brilliant talents, never mind half?

    id be asking questions of the suits and boots as well..
    give rvp the hammer i say..let him smash through that ceiling and get some of his pals in on the action as well…

  402. @Frank
    So, by far the best player and captain of a football club decides to leave this football club, and this player apparently has the best interests of this football club at his heart. Nice intellectual equilibristics. I admire your positivity.

    RvP is still an Arsenal player, but only nominally so, as was Fabregas who did not play a single game in the final part of his last season under the excuse of fake unjuries. Surely the last thing those judas deserve is Wenger’s public protection?

    But who knows, may be Wenger will still pull out a miracle and convince RvP to stay, and everything will be forgiven (nice dream).

    And IG is just a muppet. The buck stops with Kronke. He gradually realises that to keep a business in order actually requires some efforts.

  403. George – Heh, I know. it would not be an Arsenal summer without some sort of crisis. I don’t think I can remember the last steady summer we had.

  404. puppet
    IG is just a puppet…

    muppet might be a better term used later on, depending on how this summer plays out..

  405. clap clap clap clap

  406. that was to sv by the way not that your comment wasn’t any goodJJ!

  407. George;

    I think there are lots of possible good news scenarios that would counter balance this temporary blot on the Arsenal landscape. I can think of one straight away in fact!

  408. we swap rvp for someone more loyal like tevez!!!

  409. in fact, id go to a stretch to say you could even put song behind that lot and look at it and say its more than a little iffy

    in this scenario, the first question id ask at the thingymewhatsit would be; why has half our first team, that gets us in cl every year, that weve been developing for 5 years just fucked off?

    and they’d have to do better than man city..they really would..or id probably be thrown out for my response…

  410. Billy's Boots

    It is being widely reported that Tottenham have tied up a deal for Vertonghen, subject to a medical.

  411. Muppet;

    I am watching Santos (Ganso’s club) vs Gremio. Not seen Ganso yet! 🙂

  412. duke;

    You read my mind man, that is uncanny dude!

  413. pedantic george

    JJ is gross ,no criminal, mismanagement.
    We know this,right?

  414. Dexter,

    Now some idiot is claiming we’ve bought Eriksen from ajax for £24m.

  415. Haha! Wonder whose next??? Twitter must make all the football hacks’ jobs even easier!

  416. pedantic george

    Jeez Muppet ,how will we pay for them all?

  417. Knowing AW, it’ll be someone no-one has so far mentioned …

    Night folks!

  418. very easy PG… we get rid of the deadwood 🙂

  419. we cant…their on too much wedge!!!

  420. And of course first pre-season fixture is…next Saturday! Woohoo!

  421. think i might get down there and boo rvp..

  422. @ Dexter | July 8, 2012 at 10:22 pm

    I think there are lots of possible good news scenarios that would counter balance this temporary blot on the Arsenal landscape. I can think of one straight away in fact!

    Go on, what?

  423. pedantic george

    FG i was not going to encourage him

  424. It involves the captain FG! 🙂

  425. pedantic george

    And moneylenders Dexter?

  426. Yeah, and loaves and fishes.

  427. pedantic george

    Ah,the catering as well

  428. Well, as I said earlier, he wasn’t happy with the catering side of things at Arsenal.

    That’s his main Beef.

  429. pedantic george

    Quite some guy he is turning out to be

  430. George, you are one funny dude!

    Come to think of it, my wife does not cook or clean how I like and she does not make love to me whenever I want. I tell her time and time again that I don’t like too much starch in my shirts and the blasted woman will not listen to me!

    So, since I love her so much, I am going to update my facebook page letting everyone know that I am going to divorce her because I don’t like the direction of our marriage. That is to get her to understand that I am concerned and that my way is the right.

  431. Wouldn’t it be poetic justice and hilarious if ManCity became victims of a colossal tap of their manager by Russia? The rumors are piling up. I bet if that happens, they will try to get Guardiola on 20 mln a year then.

  432. pedantic george

    Paul.That’s only a good tactic if you think you know how to cook and clean better than her.
    And that a girl is not waiting in the wings for you.

  433. In keeping with todays apparent theme…….what is hairy on the outside, warm and moist on the inside, begins with the latter ‘c’, ends with the letter ‘t’ and has a ‘u’ and an ‘n’ aswell?

    Give up???

    A Coconut!!! they grow on these thingys —> 🌴

  434. PG – A very nice post by the way. Really enjoyed reading it and a worthy follow up to C’bob.

    YW – Enjoyed having the weekend off did ya? 🙂

  435. Yogi

    That was sort of my point also. If this was thrown around by a journo we would not have got behind the journo, we would have rather said that he is trying to destabilise the club. Hence RVP making it on his website also needs to be taken in the same light, it destabilises the club. That he is a player doesn’t make the effect of the statement any different.

  436. For the owner of a club who considers himself as a businessman before a fan of the club, you are likely to see a lot of profits being made. Sure, Arsenal have a great financial plan and all that, but it’s true that we have leaked some really good players over the last 2-3 years. And not the ones who were past their time. Losing the best striker in Europe would be a catastrophe for any club, more so ours, given that we lost one of the best midfielder in Europe last season. I also doubt the claim that RVP wants to leave because of money. If you remember, Cesc didn’t leave for money either. I think Frank makes much more sense than the usual ‘he betrayed us, so lets curse him’ mob. It’s too unclear at the moment to come to any conclusions, but needless banter against him would do more harm than good.

  437. I also don’t think that it is (100%) about money. RvP obviously does not think the club are moving in the right direction and wants out. He may be right, he may be wrong. Even if he is right, he should not have gone public with his thoughts.

  438. That’s still about money, andy.

    Maybe he isn’t bothered about his personal money, maybe he just wants the club to spend more.

    Doesn’t matter. Not his business.

    If he doesn’t like what the club is doing, just move on. Going public is going to, what, exactly?

    I can’t see this as some crusade to preserve our standing as a ‘top club’. No.

  439. Bob – Yeah true. I meant money as in wages, but your point is also true. The going public bit is my main gripe with him. If that is his opinion, fine. But keep it to youself and leave the club.

  440. Yeah. Fans can publicly call the players what they want. Boo em on match days even. Fans can try to bring the club down, attack the manager in public. Fans can deliver bile on blogsites, twitter, radio programmes, amazingly on this blog even. All because the holy of holy fans ‘pay’ and they will have what they want.

    Player speak out…in measured tones it seems to me.

    Fans scweam and scweam…blue murder.

    Meanwhile our best players are leaving.

    Maybe if you scweam loud enough about how it was better in the old days they will stop leaving. OR maybe just maybe one of our best players is wrestling with that very problem.

    Some of you people….well. I will leave it there.

  441. Frank – I agree with you 100% that it is a problem that our best players keep leaving. The club need to do somthing about it. I have no idea what, but this can’t continue to happen or we will never move forward.

    But I also don’t believe that RvP is flying the flag about all of this. He is just another player leaving as he does not think we are going to be challenging any time soon. As I have said in previsou posts, he might have some valid points, but he should have discussed them in prviate with the manager. Not splattered all over the internet.

  442. Been waiting for a post to have a go at Frank?

  443. It is not really a matter of taking sides, I agree with Consols and Andy, he could have left quietly and maybe we would have been angry and overreacted just as badly as we have when other players left with unfinished business but that STATEMENT is what grates most of us. Whichever way you look at it he had ulterior motives in releasing that statement and you are kidding yourself if you think they were in the club’s best interest.

  444. Very well said!!!

    The bottom line is this….every single team in the the league would love to have a new state of the art staduim, that is a FACT. The question is then, why are none of them building new stadiums? And the answer is because generally building a new stadium has serious and severe consequences.

    Also remeber that if the owners of the super rich clubs lose interest or have to pull out for whatever reason, (USA invades AbuDabi) the super rich clubs will very quckly cease to exist due only to the figures on thier balance sheets.

    If Financial Fair play ever comes in, which looks like it is going to, we will be smilling all the way to our overflowing trophy cabinets!

    In Arsene we Trust!!!

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