RvP: At Last, The Truth We Already Knew, Is Out

In a statement which reeked of agentspeak, Robin van Persie confirmed his intention not to renew his contract with Arsenal, as is his right. Amid the acrimomy, let us not forget that he remains an Arsenal player; he has not yet left. Whether he takes to the pitch against Sunderland on the opening day is another matter.

In the statement on his personal website, he claimed,

it has again become clear to me that we in many aspects disagree on the way Arsenal FC should move forward

Money is not the root cause. Sorry, Robin, I don’t believe you. Like all of us, your head has been turned by the lure of fantastic riches. Like all footballing heroes before you, a mere mortal not a giant among men.

Presume for one minute though that amongst the double-talk, the reason he stated is the truth; he does not agree with the club’s philosophy. It is late in the day to decide this and if he really did disagree, he was not giving his all on the pitch as he claims. He was unsettled which meant we did not get 100% effort; 95% was pretty good, as it happens.

What are those differences though? At club and international level, he has seen first hand the success 4-3-3 can bring for the Spanish sides whilst the failures of Arsenal and the Netherlands are painful for (us and) him. Did he want the pragmatism which influenced the Spanish this summer, to be more prevalent at Arsenal? Would he prefer 4-4-2? That seems unlikely unless his admiration for Dennis Bergkamp led him to believe he would be more usefully employed in a similar role?

Did he want named individuals in? A player cannot dictate that. He might not like the signings the manager makes but he cannot demand his best friends join. Those reasons do not add up. Once more, the circle ends when you reach money. To paraphrase Scroobius Pip:

Samir Nasri? Just a player
Cesc Fabregas? Just a player
Robin van Persie? Just a player

Am I disappointed with the decision? Of course. Am I surprised? Not in the slightest. Everyone knows where he stands; we all know that this is his last season at the club, presuming of course that he is not sold beforehand. A late sale in August, no more than two days before the window closes, would be hugely disruptive for his new employers. The international break starts on September 2nd, inconveniencing them in trying to integrate him into the squad. Above all else, it has to happen when Arsenal are ready.

There are wider issues to be addressed, which is where the truth becomes unpalatable. van Persie is one of the game’s top strikers and he wants to leave Arsenal. I am sure that aside from money, a prime motivation is in wanting to win silverware. His statements about respect are guff. There is none. It is what he has not said that makes more sense, underlining the sheer lack of self-awareness.

I have always defended van Persie when he was called a crock but the desire for medals at the end of his career illuminates how costly his absences have been. Injured in equalising at Wembley; missing for most of the 2007-08 season when the club should have won the title. He scored seven in his fifteen Premier League appearances; it is not inconceivable that had he been around for fifteen more games the necessary points might have been secured, vital goals scored to regain or retain momentum. He will never admit this; he cannot for it identifies his own contribution to the collective failures.

Arsenal reacted in a manner you would expect.

We have to respect Robin’s decision not to renew his contract. Robin has one year to run on his current contract and we are confident that he will fulfil his commitments to the Club.  We are planning with ambition and confidence for next season with Arsenal’s best interests in mind.

They have been planning for this all along. My own suspicion is that they have one major signing to make and there will be one another whom could best be described as a squad player. More importantly, the club has to tie down Theo Walcott’s contract to give some stability to the remainder of the summer. Too much speculation surrounds players at the best of time.

Equally they have to manage contracts more efficiently. Consecutive seasons with players being allowed to drift into the latter stages creates uncertainty. It leaves the player with the option to invoke his right to rundown the contract. Wages will become an issue that I am sure the club are beaten with but those who choose to make such a point show their lack of grasp in the economics; Arsenal cannot compete with the £200k salaries quoted. Even if you remove the ‘deadwood’ as they are disparagingly referred to, would the club be better in deploying that money one player or on two of say, Podolski’s level? Is Podolski at a lower level than van Persie? That latter question will be answered over the course of the German’s time at the club.

The final issue on this comes down to the captaincy. It must pass to a player who is committed to the club; van Persie is not and therefore should not be given the honour. For Arsène, it is an unimportant role; he wants a team of eleven leaders. But there is a symbolism for fans and that should not be overlooked.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. 1st..it was quite evident he was not going to re sign

  2. jumpingpolarbear

    Another hard blow to Arsenal when it comes to the transfer market the last couple of years!

  3. FUCK RvP!!!!!!!!!!!!

    well said earlier Gadget.

    Woke up and realized again…we could lose Theo as well.
    I hope not but if so, how do we replace them both?

    Time to fill the space(s) men:

    WANTED: a CF/winger type who scores & assists, has a lot to prove, who’d complement present squad, 2-4 year contract, hit the ground running, EPL experience?, ….

    initial OPTIONS:

    P.Odemwingie (2 years)
    V.Moses (4-5yrs)
    A.Lopez (4-5yrs)
    Rodallega (2-4yrs)
    G.Rossi (4-5yrs)

    ..lets exit the RvP downer guys…fuck him…WE ARE THE ARSENAL!!!!!!!!

  4. We improved our league position without the best midfielder in the league
    We will improve our league position without the best striker in the league
    Forward we move!
    Morning YW.

  5. The new recipient of the captaincy is an interesting point. The logical choice based on character would seem to be Vermaelen, but if Mert and Kos are fit then I’m not convinced he’s even a starter.

  6. Clerkenwell Gooner

    Onward to a six-man midfield! Strikers, who needs ’em?

    Bacary for captain!

    This is for Alex Song:


  7. your positivity is to your credit but ffs show some intelegence. this is down to the people who run the club, its going to get worse in terms of sucsess, im sorry for you if you cant see that and continue to be in denial, if there is no anger in this from fans and the same way the club behave and the continued direction then you have to be the most passionless people the world has ever seen, just like the ones causing this problem in the owner, this is not a good way to run a club, wenger pull ya finger out or fuck off

  8. Assuming RVP is going, our striker line up for the coming season is (currently):


    I am assuming Vela and Bendtner are following RVP out of the door which leaves us with 3 strikers plus maybe Walcott and some juniors to cover all competitions.

    Should we not be in the market for another striker now?

    With two strikers lacking Premiership experience and one lacking confidence its going to be an interesting start to the season. Perhaps we should be looking at some of the other Premiership clubs for a replacement? Would Dzeko work better in the Arsenal set up as a regular player rather than a rotational striker? Is there a swap deal on the cards?

  9. boomer

    Thanks for the insightful comments. Looking forward to your next contribution.

  10. ^ you fuck off!

  11. khalifha | July 5, 2012 at 9:50 am
    Yesterday the news of Rvp’s refusal to sign a new contract did not sink in, partly because it was so unexpected and because there are more important things in life than crying over leftovers.

    Van per*ie has not only managed to screw us over, he has insulted everything arsenal as a club standfor. The comments he made were mindboggling despite his supposed ‘love for the fans’. Those statements will not only put doubts in the minds of fans and media as to what arsenal’s ambitions are, it will cause unrest among certain sections of Arsenalsupporters, just unbelieveable how he could be manipulated by his advisors into making such harmful remarks.

    Look, just remember we sold our Greatest Ever Player at the age of 29 yet here we are, still fighting for trophies, still in the championsleague, this guy has had 1 full season in the 8 seasons he has been at the club – nothing to write home about, no one season wonder can derail us, he is not Messi, neither is he Ronaldo and if Adebayor can score 30 goals in a season for us then i bet you another Striker can step up and do better than that. We could even use the money and buy a quality AM or M’villa, luckily for us this is just July, there are many viable targets in the transfer market.

    The team was built around Rvp and not the other way round, now we can invest in someone that will not leave us panicking whenever he goes down under a challenge, so many positives here.

  12. That was to boomer@ 10:03

  13. a very bitter pill indeed!i always thought he had class and brains,but he proved me wrong.Doe’s he have better plans for Arsenal than Arsene?he can run like the coward he is to where the sun shines brighter and like you said Yogi,they will never try to take responsility for the club not winning stuff,forgetting that after all is said and done,it is their job to deliver on the pitch!by the way theo can go with him too if he like’s…The ARSENAL MOVE’S ON

  14. The manner of his annoucement is nothing short of idiotic. Had he have left it to the club, I would have been sad, but felt no real disappointment towards the player. But my, how reality offends.

    Why do it so? How can one profess love and yet in the next breathe compel action from the very thing you say one loves? As much as I think Cesc engineered his move, in public, he conducted himself with dignity. The same cannot be said of Van Persie. That’s the most disappointing thing. I am very guilty of thinking him dignified when perhaps he never was.

    In my opinion, his words leave no chance of him staying for one more season, they make his position untenable. He has to go, and as I said yesterday, I really don’t care where, but it must be said, this affair has driven a fair amount of cynicism into my heart.

    I think what makes things somewhat worse is that all the Van Persie love came at the expense of our other strikers. Bendy left, vowing never to return while both Chamakh and Park languished on the bench. Truth be told, last season was possibly the worst in terms of rotation I’ve ever seen from Wenger and in the future I hope he does better. I hope both Park and Chamakh get consistent game time from here on.

    It would also be great to get some new regarding Walcott and Song. Given their youth, these two have longer term benefits than Van Persie, and I think it woud be a greater loss if any of these two left us. If they’re not renewing though, it would be great to find out sooner than later.

  15. ‘your positivity is to your credit but ffs show some intelegence’

    The irony of that comment is clearly lost on you Boomer.

  16. We’re going to get a lot of trolls like Boomer on here today, I’d advise not acknowledging any of them. I predict the usual outpouring of ‘bring back David Dein’ and other such nonsense.

  17. how do you sort out contracts before the last year as many people believe is the answer when the player is not interested in doing so,

  18. Let’s not get carried away here, the club is bigger than Van Persie. The tabloid press has jumped upon yesterday’s events as it’s a metaphor for the all of the problems they see at Arsenal. I agree with YW, RVP played a culpable part for failures in successive seasons to close out good positions in the league or win a domestic or even the champions league. This is the ironic part of the story that nobody cares to mention whilst throwing an apoplectic fit at the board and the club. He had one influential season out of eight.

    A player that nobody in the press touted as being vital for us during previous seasons, was suddenly the player that we couldn’t afford to lose if we had any ambition. That is absolute nonsense that has equal rank with the view that Nasri was an influential player that we “couldn’t afford to lose”, as he was a player who made his name at Arsenal. Nasri was a similar player in that he had one influential 6 month period in 3 years. Other players who have seemingly left the club for better deals like Vieira and Henry, did in reality already spend their best years at Arsenal. Yes, we lost Cesc, but any club in the world would have done to Barcelona, given the circumstances.

    To me, this is ultimately about the level of expenditure and investment that the club is prepared to commit to winning trophies. I don’t agree that RVP wants to leave because of the money. If we take what he says on face value, and I don’t see why not, then it’s about his perception, however right, that the club is not investing enough in marquee players of the ilk required to win trophies. That to me, is the battle ground. Will we get to where we want to go to without the billionaire benefactor ? Optimistically, I say yes. But eventually, once some aspects of financial fair play come in, and we are solvent and have better commercial contracts. Realistically ? I don’t know. Football has become a dirty business and it’s not for angels and widows. City, Chelsea, Real Madrid, Manchester United will continue to pump in hundreds of millions.

  19. We have signed 2 younger, international Strikers, who are both honoured and happy to be joining the club.

    We sell (maybe) 1 injury prone 29yr old, with 1 complete season in 8.

    Might actually turn out to be good business in the long term.

  20. Just like the Chewbacca defence, RvP’s statement does not make sense.

  21. Arteta was leading by example all last season and was the heartbeat of the midfield. Also by all accounts is a well respected guy at the club. Arsenal will be his career swansong so what a way to top it off than by captaining the club…….just a thought.

  22. Good post YW you have summed it up correctly, however RVP tries to dress this up its greed, end of story.

    Lets get him out of the club on Arsenals terms no softly softly approach, we don’t need his presence at pre-season.

    One more quality signing,

    Arsenal upwards and onwards.

    RVP just a footnote

  23. Well said Gadget
    On the topic of captain, Vermalaen looks like a leader but I am not sure about his place in the starting X1. Both Sagna and Arteta could be good choices.

  24. Vermaelen wears his heart on his sleeve and his commitment is plain to see to all. He refuses to be beaten and never hides on the pitch. Just signed a new deal extension and has previous experience at captaining a club. He is already vice-captain. Another candidate.

  25. Ah, Robin, you could have been a legend. Ah well, sell him and move on. Thanks and good luck. Unless you stay in the PL.


    Podolski – Theo – Gervinho

    That’ll get us started. Give Theo his chance to play central. See if he can turn those 11 goals into 20+. Now I sweat on Theo and Song. Anyone think we might hold onto Bendtner now?

  26. Sagna for Captain for me.

  27. Gadget

    I think RVP knew exactly what he was doing. He knows that he has put the club on the back foot and that there is no way he can be allowed to return to the dressing room. The initial statement from the Club is the only one they could make and it makes a statement that WE decide to sell him, but clearly RVP has started the process.

  28. By the way:

    “it has again become clear to me that we in many aspects disagree on the way Arsenal FC should move forward.”

    He is talking about the wage cap. Nothing more.

  29. Gadget has said it, Van Persie’s position at the club, never mind the captaincy, is now untenable. We need to get the maximum amount of money for him quickly and get a replacement in. The hope that Chamakh, Vela, Bendtner or Park will pick up some of the slack is misplaced imo, I fully expect to see all four leave either permanently or on loan. Podolski and Giroud I hope will be good signings for us and two strikers in to cover Van Persie’s departure should be cover enough, although I expect to see at least one more when those four leave.

    Also, as well as Walcott’s contract situation, it’s interesting that Song’s contract is mentioned. Not so long ago in this comments section I mentioned it and was told not to worry as he has two years left. Do we really want to go through this again next Summer with him? I can’t remember who it was who said that, but two years out is where we should be renegotiating these deals now, if they don’t re-sign then we should have a transfer in place by the beginning of the following Summer so proper planning can be done and replacements signed. The players have a very short-term view, the club needs to lengthen theirs when it comes to contracts.

    The only absolutely guaranteed starter, Szcesny apart who I think is too young, that I can see is Sagna. I would like to see the captaincy go to him.

  30. Harry Flowers

    Alas that we cannot all show the depth of, er, intelegence on display in that post Boomer. Well you said total fucknugget you.

    And well said YW (not quite up to Boomer’s masterful levels of insight yet, but keep trying and maybe you’ll get there one day). At least an attempt to look at this rationally and what’s best for our great club in the long run. Well done. He can’t ever wear the shirt again, that much is clear, I don’t give a fuck who we sell him to, as long as we get the best price and as you say “it has to happen when Arsenal are ready”. Amen.

    I still feel utterly disillusioned with the whole nest of vipers and think I need a break from football for a while (well at least until the season starts…….). Sigh.

  31. Exactly clark, Rvp refused to sign a new contract for the past 11 months, next season will be the last year of his contract, that sums up to 2 years.

    In an interview with l’equipe(?) Wenger mentioned that last summer half the team wanted to leave, now i won’t be surprised if Van per*ie was among that lot.

  32. You are right this is his choice but it is always about money and securing his future for him and his family. Yes, he does want to win a title. who doesn’t? I have a sense it maybe time for a change at the top. Here in the states if a coach doesn’t win the title and he gets close they bring in someone who can ge them over the top. So we will see.

  33. So, when is Thomas Vermaelen being appointed as Arsenal captain. At least he has 5 more years on his contract.

    Good morning ACLF from the East African highlands. I hope you’ve all been behaving yourselves.

  34. YW – Nice post as always.

    Muppet (@10:16) – Excellent post sir.

    Those trying to dress this up as a bit of a blessing in disguise are deluding themselves. RvP has certainly not covered himself in glory here, but to try and make out losing one of the best strikers in world football at his peak as being OK is just daft.

  35. I sensed that RVP was off the moment we signed Podolski – though Frank and Darius didn’t agree with me. Is Podolski a direct replacement for RVP? Wenger doesn’t think that way! Who would have thought as RVP as a replacement for Henry? Hope he doesn’t join any team in the epl. But with a Moroccan wife the Etihad sheiks would love to have him. Something that people from the developed world would find hard to understand. Benzema would be their prime choice but they’d take RVP if they can’t get him.
    For me the main point will be first to retain Walcott. Lose him and expect to lose Wilshere, Gibbs and Chamberlain in future! Its one thing to lose your good foreign players and quite another to lose your good local players! The second point is whether Walcott is ready to play at a central role. If he is we’ll soon forget Van Persie and maybe even Henry. Nothing sells like a local star!

  36. Good post Yogi, and considering the circumstances, a very measured bitchfest indeed.

    “Wages will become an issue that I am sure the club are beaten with but those who choose to make such a point show their lack of grasp in the economics; Arsenal cannot compete with the £200k salaries quoted. Even if you remove the ‘deadwood’ as they are disparagingly referred to, would the club be better in deploying that money one player or on two of say, Podolski’s level? Is Podolski at a lower level than van Persie? That latter question will be answered over the course of the German’s time at the club.”

    If Podolski performs as well as RvP did, then he would also want the £200k. I’m pretty sure Theo and Song want more money too, otherwise what are they waiting for to sign new contracts?

    The way I see it, we will probably have little choice than to look for a way to pay our star performers closer to market value, in order to ‘compete’ better than we’ve been doing.
    This certainly means clearing off the so called deadwood. It might also require speeding up the pace of our transition from a flat wage structure (Ivan said we are already looking to change it).
    For instance, giving a pay rise to potential like the Ox (assuming the reports are true), after his first breakout season may not necessarily be the smart thing to do any longer. Its not as if there is a serious risk of losing him at that stage? If anything, it might get to his head and make him think he’s also made it.

  37. pedantic george

    I said all along that if RVP was laying down he law he should be shown the door.
    His statement is designed to cause upset and dis-rest among the fans.And I will work.
    It seems to me that he is upset that his influence has been lees than he expected.I feel he expected his needs to be accepted,and his directions followed.And he is upset at being told he is no more than a player.
    He has simply put the boot in.
    They say you can only be really hurt by the ones you love.Cesc and Robin have proven that to be true.

  38. To those unusual suspects who are indulging in some cheap jibbering.
    Please refer to the title of YW’s fine post: “The Truth We Already Knew”. Anytime, thanks.

  39. NotCryingAtAll

    The only player that arsenal has so far lost is Cesc fabregas. he may take over from where iniesta leaves (maybe). but the rest have never been genuinely good enough. Which team in the prem will give RvP the build-up that arsenal does? is Adebayour a 30 goal a season striker? this has been arsenal’s move, despite what everyone says. wasn’t it strange we have the best striker in the prem yet buy two proven strikers?

    Henry in his prime, was he not better than RvP? i believe theo will get the central role, relish it and make it his. The ox, gerv, jack will be pivotal this season. song and arteta are already established, m’villa would be a good addition but not the end of the world if he doesnt come.

    frankly, it was my wish for RvP to be sold. takes the pressure of us, provides the money, he becomes someone else’s injury problem (1/8 are really not the best odds. anyone for 11 goals next season for RvP? You dont believe that? we’ll see). sounds like sour grapes i know, but ain it teh truth?

  40. Sadly predictable despite many convincing themselves he would stay, myself included. Foolish perhaps on our behalf given the events of recent summers. In hindsight if he was going to stay then he simply would have signed before now.

    A rather aggressive statement I thought certainly aimed at forcing the move.

    Perhaps the catalyst was the comments in the media yesterday from Wenger regarding the need to keep van Persie “at all costs” or whatever the exact words were. I know this gave hope to a lot of fans, perhaps a completely false hope given what we now know occurred at the meeting with Wenger + Gazidis at the end of the season.

    If he made his position clear in the same tone as he has stated in his press release, then I don’t see the point in his involvement in our pre-season.

    I don’t blame the club, I don’t necessarily blame the player either though his comments are unnecessary, just fucked off with what could now be another summer of disruption in N5

  41. Vermaelen is the only candidate for captain as far as im concerned. Why does it matter if he’s a nailed on starter or not? There is no doubt that he will always get games.

    More importantly he is already the vice-captain. Why risk upsetting him and/or creating divisions in the team by passing him over for the main job? There must be some reason he was made vice in the 1st place?

    i would also make Arteta the new vice-captain. He ticks all the boxes for me.

  42. i still don’t think that we would sell RVP tho. The statement the club gave out assured us of that. Boy, has RVP made a real scandal over this, he has acted stupidly, he has given the media so much to write and speculate, damn you Robin, damn you.

    Still i insist, just like the board have, do not sell. I would be bad PR for the club to sell, it sends a bad message to all fans, players and media.

    In my opinion, IG and Arsene sit with him and say “look Robin, you don’t have to sign if you do not want, but you are going to play out your last year or contract and behave professionally and leave after the season”. Perhaps, he should issue an apology like Rooney did for the sake of the image of the club.

    And pls strip him of the captaincy, give it to Arteta.

  43. Shut the hell up you thundercunt, of course i mean you goonerandy, who else spews drivel as much as you.

    The only reason Van per*ie is ‘one of the best strikers’ is because of Arsenal. The team was built around him to maximise his talent, why doesn’t he perform for Holland? They don’t play for him shithead, thats why.

    ‘Peak’ my arse, the boy is 29 and just won the PFA award, trust me the only way is down.

  44. pedantic george

    Some good things to have come out of this.
    Darius,Gadget ,Muppet,Kennyan,Harry and others have come home.

  45. Nowhere in you column Yogi do you address why our best players leave each summer.Only a blind man would say the signings in the last 5 years have been top quality TV yes Kos yes but Santos Squillaci,Silvestre,Gervinho,Chamakh and Park?
    I also question that is all about money with RVP.At the moment he is on £80k a week he earns £100k less than Greedybayor a player who couldnt lace his boots.
    We will never ever win anything again as long as Kroenke is in charge of the club.Wenger is trying to manage the club with both hands tied behind his back who every summer see’s his best players leave

    Can anyone explain what Kroenke’s plans for the club are?Since he became owner we havent kept anyone whose contract has gone in to his last year.

  46. What is a thundercunt ?

  47. i just dont understand all this shock and horror. just like last season wenger HAS prepared for rvp’s departure (giroud), in fact he has also prepared for walcott’s departure (podolski) and is busy preparing for the departure of song (mvila or another DM)

    Last season, he knew that cesc and nasri were leaving, so he signed gervinho and chamberlain. when it was obvious that wilshire and diaby were out, he went and signed arteta and brought benayoun in loan. he replaced clichy, eboue and traore with santos, jenkinson and mertesacker, plus he bought campbell to replace emmannuel-thomas. he replaced bendtner with park. he also loaned out vela and denilson, because he felt that coquelin and miyaichi who were impressive out on loan could replace them

    As well as covering the eventual departutres, this season, he believes that martinez is a capable 4th choice keeper and that miyaichi will probably cover the loss of benayoun. the return to fitness of wilshire and diaby will mean that denilson and probably frimpong will go out on loan.

    remember there is only 25 places in the squad for players over 21, as it stands even without rvp and denilson, we still have 28 players.

  48. Folks on twitter are saying the club has to sell to make profits as we break even, in that case for the sake of the club image, lets make a loss just this year.

    i have no doubt that if RVP stays, he would act professionally and play to win, as he claims he wants to win. You cant tell me that if we start the season strongly and are looking like serious contenders, RVP would not want to be part of that.

  49. Henristic – Yup, agreed on that. And to be honest, I think TV5 will play if fit anyway.

  50. Frank,

    £100 to a charity of your choice old bean.

  51. In all honesty, I though Song was also at 1 year too. In any case, whether we negotiate at 2 years or 1 year, none of it really matters if the player doesn’t want to stay (but I think the club prudent enough to begin preliminary-to-proper negotiations when there are two years remaining on a contract, despite all noise to the contrary). The only thing that matters is how the club manages all the furore.

    Personally, I think the club has handled this whole Van Persie situation the right way. Silence is the key. For all the impatience of people, we’ve got players in, and we’re were almost at a point where we could have actually announced Van Persie’s decision and looked very comfortable. It has been a significant difference from last year, but Van Persie threw a spanner in the works and I cannot stress my disappointment enough.

    The very melodramatic part of me thinks we shoud just scorch the Earth, get rid of everyone and rebuild from scratch, but as I said, that’s very melodramatic. I’m actually not that worried though, because it gives us yet another opportunity to put to bed that whole myth of us being a one man team (as if the Euros didn’t already do that). That was a really annoying thing about last season. And to make things worse, this very morning, I had a spud attempt to compound our misfortune with quotes of our wage structure being equal to West Brom. Fucking spuds. I took great pleasure in asking him about that gap

  52. silver gunner

    I’m sad but not bitter the man is 28 and has always seemed to give his all when called upon when fit.
    I think we can do well without him however I fear the domino effect this will have on the likes of song and theo who both have not renued their contracts yet.

    When he does leave, will he really join Man City? I think that would be tantermount to betrayal, I would rather he joined Madrid, Juventus or Barca.

    Like Cesc my underlying feeling is that they gave a hug chunk of their playing carrer to our club and that I am happy, remember that sick volley against Charlton 🙂

    Good luck whereever you end up so long as its not City then I hope you rot away like Toure and Adebayor.

  53. The question I want to ask is: What the hell are we going to do about Darren Dein. This fucker has built a niche specializing in ripping apart the Arsenal team as if in revenge to his father being kicked out of the board.

    RVP will be missed and he played a massive role last season, but its time to move on now and the faster we get used to a new dynamic in the team, the better.

    Vermaelen for captain – that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

  54. I cant see him stay for the remainder of his contract no matter what the club statement says. The animosity from the stands at Ashburton Grove towards RvP will be such that he has to go.
    Arsenal, in my humble opinion, should put him on the matket and see who comes up with the highest offer and start negotiate a sale with said club. Now ofc there is a chance he allready has his eyes set on a club and if that isnt the same as the one with the highest bid..well he will probably oppose the move. I f that happens he should be told that he isnt the 1st prio for the coming season and thus has to come 3rd behind Giroux and Podolski. Time for Arsenal to be a Hawk instead of a Dove.

    I am sure another goalscorer will emerge and put in 20-25 goals a season. We have seen it before and we will see it again. What really hurts this time around though is the fact that this has actually been his break-through season as many others here on ACLF has pointed out, and when that finally happened he decided he was to good for the club. Well he could have been one of the greats, but now he will be a mere footnote, another one of those money-grubbing vultures.

    I will loathe RvP, like I loathe Nasri and Adebayor simply because they put money before anything else.

    Anyway time to move so here goes:
    Thanks RvP for almost nothing during your tenure at the best club in the world.

  55. khalifha – Heh, I like that insult. I am going to start using it 🙂

    If you don’t have anything to say which makes sense, don’t say anything at all mate. You are just making yourself look silly.

  56. George,
    Or maybe he was throwing a hissy fit because he felt Arsene reneged on their media lock- down agreement?
    If he’d already told the club that he wasn’t going to be extending his contract back in May, and then Arsene went on to break their media lockdown by talking about how he hopes RvP will spend the rest of his career here, I can see how that may upset an egotistical, immature sportsman.
    He might think Arsene was taking the piss and/or playing mind games

  57. Darius, don’t let Frank catch you dissing the Deins.

  58. sell the cunt

  59. Look, if Rvp is willing to knukkle down and work for the team i will not have any problem in keeping him, it will be too risky to rely Giroud and Podolski, they need an adaptation period in order to acclimatise to the weather, thugs and teams in the Epl, even Drogba found it tough in his first season so lets think this through.

    Having said that, i wouldn’t mind a swap deal for Torres, he knows the league well and is a proven goalscorer but that just sounds like fantasy manager. Hmm, who would have thought that of all people Rvp would be the one to screw us over in every position.

  60. Arsene Wenger really deserve this, you bring up players, stick by them when no one else would and then they bit the finger that feeds them. Shame

  61. theres ways and theres means..
    if he wants to leave fair enough, but hes still under contract and that statement is basically saying im off now..

    i was all for him playing out his final year no matter what but the little gobshite just fucked it..

    sell him..

  62. in fact..
    fuck him all together…
    hold him to his contract, put him in the reserves, see how many fucking teams with ambition want him when he hasnt played for a year…

  63. *really doesn’t

  64. Muppet my friend. A thunder cunt is a genital device that not only shocks the hell out of your erect penis, it also electrocutes your testicles for good measure. Recommended by Amazon, Madbid.com and other good retailers as value for money and a girls best friend on a night out. Guaranteed to protect the ladies from sex pests and horny drunk fuckers.

  65. Goonerandy, funny. Why don’t you use your two brain cells for something more productive, maybe finding a blog where people enjoy reading your nonsense, just saying.

  66. First and foremost – great post Yogi.

    Now for the part where I act like a jilted 14 year old girl (I admit it)………

    The ungrateful little pri*k. You can take the boy out of the streets but you cannot…….

    Make him play out the last year as a bench striker in support of Giroud and Podolski.

    He would have to perform or he wouldn’t gain the wages he could ask for now.

    Let him feel the derision of those who would have pushed him into the pantheons of the greats.

    Do him slow.

    The great irony would be if he had a sh*t season and yet we still won some silverware! 🙂

    Then we could feck him off to Galatasaray with all the other retired team mates.

  67. pedantic george

    Yes JJ,sit him on the bench and make him warm up in front of the fans ,home and away ,every match.

  68. i think we should sell him. personally i would sell him right at the end of the transfer window, and i won’t let him train with the squad or go on the tour.

    question is: will it be like fabregas again, where we could only sell to one team at a cutprice?

  69. screwing him slowly will be great as well if we can do it without affecting the squad morale.

  70. Maybe Arsenal should actually bid for Torres. Sell RVP of course, but why not go for the Spaniard.

  71. still can’t believe there are idiots who think it is Arsenal’s fault, who think it is Wenger’s fault.

  72. as has been said on another site “i think the club knew he was leaving when he decided not to sign an extension when they offered him one, and when he decided to be non commital before the euros. Podolski and Giroud may have been the team bracing itself for any eventuality”

  73. If pay is the problem with RVP, why can’t you introduce bonuses linked to performance. Like if the club win FA cup then a particular amount like that. May be.

  74. pedantic george

    khalifha .Andy is a good contributor to ACLF.
    You don’t have to agree with him .But he does not deserve abuse.
    We should save abuse for the likes of Martin

  75. hes made most of us look like idiots..
    defending him at the euros..
    turned out this wasnt really his home at all..

    the club showed enough ambition to stand by him when he was getting arrested for rape and we stood by him and paid him when he was doing nothing for months on end..

    no wonder the dutch hate him..hes a tit…

  76. Steve @ 10:54am and many other posters. It’s never foolish to expect a good person to do the right thing. A lot of us gave Van Persie more credit than he deserves.

    Jeff, we have to sell. Saying we want to keep him just raises the bidding higher.

  77. ballotelli..
    20mil and balotelli…

  78. pedantic george

    Torres would take a pay cut Darius?

  79. Khalifha

    I think you are right that Chelsea could be a destination for RVP though. He gets to stay in London and would cheaper than Hulk. Unfortunately I think that only the Premiership clubs are going to be willing to write big enough cheques. So do we take, say, £12m from Juventus to ensure RVP doesn’t play in the Premiership, or do we take the bigger money and accept we are strengthening a direct competitor?

  80. I’m inclined to agree with JonJon. In the past people have said we should stick players who want to leave in the reserves, and I thought it was all a bit bitter, and not too smart either. But none did anything approaching what RvP did yesterday. Not even Anelka or Cashley. It was a whole other level of disrespect – to everyone. Manager, club, fans, the lot. You can’t have players merk the club like that in public, least of all the captain. Money shouldn’t be our biggest consideration here – we should think about our reputation and principles.

    I think he needs to forget about a transfer and get his head right for Arsenal XI’s trip to Boreham Wood in a couple of weeks. Big fixture. Dartford and Chesham after that.

  81. It’s disappointing news but it was waiting to come. This could be an incentive to rebuild the team. I think Walcott will be going as well but we will need to get rid quickly

  82. On endorsements it’s TV for captain!

  83. pedantic george

    darren dkev rogers ‏@kevsat1
    If RvP Goes to city i will Call him Robin Van Pursie

  84. Love the reference to Thou Shalt Always Kill. Your musical tastes are as impeccable as your reasoning. I’m glad this is over. If he’d been going to sign one suspects he’d have done so. We move on with younger more hungry players.

  85. korihikage | July 5, 2012 at 11:20 am

    When the dust settles there is possibly reason to ask questions of the club in relation to how again they have allowed the contract of a top player to reach this situation, a situation where increasingly there appears to be one outcome.

    Bizarrely in this case his extra season may have seen his value appreciate.

    Wenger personally not sure how he can be criticised in any way. I would like to think his somewhat naïve public statements about being convinced a player will stay are simply media soundbites which he is obliged to say.

  86. Darius – thanks for that piece of education. You learn something new every day.

  87. Poor Robin.

    His cover story completely blown by our having already bought Lucas and Olivier.

    But why does he need a cover story? Why shouldn’t he try to find a sugardaddy to pay him off through the twilight of his declining football years?

    As to whether we keep him, it depends on the offers we get. He has made a financial calculation, as is his contractual right. So should we, as is ours. Fix a price. If someone meets it, sell him: if not, don’t.

  88. @ Wavey

    There are nouveau riche in almost every big league in europe. Malaga in Spain, PSG in France and Anzhi in Russia…..

    Come to think of it..sell him to Anzhi..hahaha

  89. With you on that one Matt @ 10.25

  90. I don’t agree Markus. I think the club really want to make a statement of intent and show players they can’t just do what they want. He would be told to play out his contract and leave on a free i think.

  91. Truth be told Robin should leave ASAP. If he stays for another half or full season the fans will get at him, he’s hardly likely to perform at the same level, could become injured long term, or just lose form, making a top deal with another club unlikely (not better off than he now is).
    If he goes now he can negotiate a contract worth up to £40million over three years compared to our “paltry” offer of £25million. Can you blame him?
    I really think we’ve dodged a bullet here and can invest the money we’ve saved plus anything we get for him in the squad, but that doesn’t include paying Walcott or Song super star wages.
    There are still some top,top strikers out there as Newcastle keep discovering.

  92. bibin

    Because the players are greedy and do not want performance related pay. It’s that simple. Don’t forget the £140k reportedly offered by Arsenal was a basic wage, as is the £225k from City. They are getting bonuses on top of that!

  93. BTW am I the only one who feels RVP coming out without the club’s prior knowledge suggests a woman scorned? Hell hath none and all that? Could it be Arsene was already planning to move on without him?
    Whatever at least it’s given us something to chat about while we wait for the season to start. For those of us who took a long time getting over the departure of Frank McLintock this really doesn’t have much to cause us sleepless nights.

  94. Muppet. Glad to be of help.

    George, Torres might consider a pay cut if the nightmare he had aatChelsea can be erased. For him, I think its about wanting to play to regain some face and self esteem.

    Saying that, Podolski, Giloud and the youngsters might surprise us.

    Funny, last season, Wenger and the club werr ridiculed and given shit loads of abuse for letting Nasri and Cesc leave before finding replacements. Now, they go ahead and sign Podolski even before the season ends, and Giloud, and folks still bitch.

    If there’s one thing I learnt last season, its that Arsenal showed team spirit and a hungry determination to work as a team. RVP’s goals were only possible because the team worked hard to provide the chances for him. Granted, RVP took most of them, but let’s not forget that scoring goals was his job, and he gets paid for it. No need to thank him that much – it will be like thanking HMRC for collecting taxes.

    Arsenal is bigger than RVP.

  95. L’Equipe saying we have agreed a deal for ‘keeper Hugo Lloris! – How odd, if true!

  96. Jeff, the team has to do what is in its best interests, we cannot afford to let him leave on a free transfer. We have brought in two strikers in the window, make some money off his sale and add to the squad where needed.

  97. I agree with Markus and Gadget and others who point out his future at the club is untenable.

    Left in the squad, RvP would be brutalized by fans at every match and too much of a side show the team.

    Something Arsene would never let happen!

    The sooner he’s sold the better.

    Moving on the club has many excellent options as captain. Arsene is predictable in selecting someone with seniority/ years with the club, which likely will eliminate Arteta.

    In no order of my choices:

  98. side show ‘for’ the team.

  99. Luke, willingly. I have doubled it and given the £200 to an organisation close to my heart. Centrepoint. The youngsters need the money now that the privileged Etonian is doing all that he can to take their benefits away casting even more into the streets. Of course these kids are at the other end of the spectrum from the bloated spoilt brats we call footballers.

  100. Deise, Lorris would be an excellent replacement for Almunia – don’t you think?

  101. if we wouldnt have signed podolski and jiroo id have probably been giving AW and IG a good mouthful for this..

    but this is all robin..

    hes done an ‘eden hazard’ and put himself up for auction..

    i wonder if theo will follow but maybe this could be a chance to play lead striker

  102. I agree with Jeff, and disagree with those who want to flog ole glass knees. It’s why I referenced Drogba a few weeks ago. When the best players are around the age of 29 or so and are on such relatively high wages, more and more players will play out the last years of their contracts before moving on. The ridiculously high wages that the top top players are on mean that even when both club and player want to part, they can’t. Look at City. More and more players at the big clubs at the same stage of their careers will do a Drogba or an RVP.

  103. For what it is worth imo the bastard van persie is now toxic and should not be allowed within a million miles of an Arsenal training ground or dressing room.

  104. This could sound stupid, but the person we should go for is – Ballotelli, he’s got balls.

  105. so whats the general feeling then?

    are we all fucked off or what?

  106. Robin van Purse-full

  107. Darius @ 11:02 – Yup. I agree with all of that.

    khalifha – I don’t know what your problem is mate. I have not really said anything wierd or outragous. You seem to be over reatcting. Just a tad.

    George @ 11:24 – Cheers bud.

  108. Great post yogi.

    Not a bit surprised that RVP wants to leave and I agree that the money is the key motivator. He has become one of the best 5 goal scorers in the world at the club level. Players at that level want 2 things money and trophies in that order. Just like anyone else he wants to be paid somewhere in the same ballpark as other players at his level. All of us would feel the same way. He knows that will not happen at arsenal. Call it greed if you want but there are probably none of us who would not do the same thing if we were in his situation.

    I suspect the trophy thing played a smaller part in his decision. I am not really sure what he meant by his statement. After the world cup in 2010 when he was asked about Holland abandoning their history of playing great football and moving towards a more physical style in order to get results and he indicated how frustrating is was to play for a team like ours that worked so hard to play great football but not get the results because teams like bolton or stoke get the odd goals on throw ins or long balls. However I agree with markus and I suspect he has seen the club lose its best players for years because we can not or will not pay the market rate for our top players. Even with arsene we can’t win if we constantly lose our best players.

  109. so the club have said they are keeping him but we all want to sell him?
    funny its a scenario i wouldnt have imagined when i woke up yesterday..

    its going to need an apology i reckon..
    let the club reword his statement and say sorry and one more year might be all it needs..

    i dont think he should be captain though, and im unsure of TV as well..

    sagna or arteta..

  110. If Dortmund can build and develop a squad of players with unfamiliar names, and are able to dominate a club like Bayern, who have a star cluttered line up………..

    we should expect the same from Arsene.

    I see another year of over achievement, others will step up their game.

    RvP’s goal production will be picked up by others.

  111. I would not make Sagna captain. He’s too important to us and he also will be coming to the stage his career where he might want a better chance at winning shiny things.

    Rosicky, is also a good shout though, as vice captain.

  112. ‘If Dortmund can build and develop a squad of players with unfamiliar names, and are able to dominate a club like Bayern, who have a star cluttered line up………..

    we should expect the same from Arsene.’

    I doubt dortmund would dominate man utd, man city, and a spending chelsea though would they?

  113. JJ – I would not pay too much attention to what the club says about transfers. Last year Wenger was quite certain that we would not lose both Cesc and Nasri. Then sold them both. The club said what you would expect them to say; if we say outright we want to sell him it is likely we would pick up a lesser fee.

    I agree with what many have said, I can’t see him staying at the club for the remainder of his contract.

  114. Usmanov/R&W Holdings enjoying the situation and uses the occation to throw more shit into the fan today. Attacking the board/Gazidis /Kroenke – all over twitter now.

  115. Arsession – “we should expect the same from Arsene”

    That is unfair on Wenger to be honest. We nicked a CL spot last year, and have lost our best player before the start of the next season. As Bill said, even with Arsene around, we just can’t afford to keep losing our best players.

  116. YW,

    Very well put. It leaves me little to say.

  117. Darren Dein is such a little toat.

  118. ACLFers,

    Thanks. Was feeling down and lonely but this blog and the posts have lifted me. Onwards and upwards!

  119. the fallout from this will take up the entire summer..

    robin, what have you done?

  120. Steww,

    “BTW am I the only one who feels RVP coming out without the club’s prior knowledge suggests a woman scorned? Hell hath none and all that? Could it be Arsene was already planning to move on without him?”

    To be honest, it did cross my mind but ‘if’ it is the case, the less said the better (£££).

  121. Heh, I meant toad.

  122. Cross between a toad and a stoat is rather a nice idea though, GA.

  123. Limestonegunner

    TV captain; Arreta Vice-Cap.

    If big offer from foreign team comes, 15+, I consider selling. But we don’t need the extra few million we might get by selling him to City or Chelsea. Instead, he apologizes and plays out his final year. That gives Podolski and Giroud time to adapt. Maybe he gets injured in January but Poldi and Giroud would be ready then.

    As far as fan reaction, let’s not exaggerate. If he scores some goals we’ll be glad. We don’t have to sing his name; that’s fine. But abuse? Have some self control and self-respect.

    We should buy a good midfielder and veteran GK.
    That’s what I would try to do, I think.
    Rvp was my favorite since 2005. Very disappointing on many levels.

  124. Deise – They are not daft. They know full what that is what plenty of Arsenal fans are asking. They are trying to gather support.

  125. merlot – Heh, I suppose it is.

  126. Whilst I may be more polite tomorrow in the post about it, Usmanov can just fuck off. Although thanks for confirming that you are an opportunistic little wanker.

  127. I agree that the best thing o do now is sell RVP for as much as we can get and move on. I don’t know RVP really thinks or meant by his statement but just like cesc I think he knew exactly how it would be interpreted. I suspect he told the club after the season that he was not willing to re-sign and the club may have indicated that they were not anxious to sell him. If he plays out his contract he has to play for another season on a low wage and his agent does not get part of the transfer fee so it’s in both of their interest that he be sold this season. Just like yogi I think the statement was agent speak. It’s disappointing but not surprising that it has played out this way.

  128. Bill – I highly doubt he is on a “low” wage. And in any case, his signing on fee as a free agent would more than compensate for the financial hardship of the coming season for him 😉

  129. YW,

    About your mate Usmanov, this is probably a better link – from arseblog:


  130. Limestonegunner

    I feel for AW.

  131. Andy,

    The club is not destitute. There are players to sell, funds available to make improvements, and our status to leverage. I do see Arsene (and expect) being able to make adjustments to address our weaknesses.

    Our most obvious weakness last season was the lack of goals aside from RvP. If Chamakh can step in from day one and produce goals and assists, I see no reason why Giroud and Podolski need time to acclimate. For attackers, forwards, strikers its much about your mental strength.

    Lost Cesc and Nasri we saw a different approach and the squad achieved. We never won anything with RvP.

    There is so much talent in the global marketplace and isn’t that the purpose of our scouting system.

  132. Limestonegunner

    A pox on both biilionaires. While we bash Usmanov, let’s not forget to thank Mr. WalMart for all that he has done for our club.

  133. This is a very tough situation, negotiating a contract a year or 2 before it expires never changes what a player wants to do, in the modern day game players usually make up there minds when they want to leave, and must times they run down there contracts and leave, its up to the clubs to devise ways of sensing this. I hope arsenal learns a lot from this as a club,
    this seems to be a trend now every season.

    The club also has to stop playing the emotional card if you offer a player a contract, two, three times without the player clearly stating his reasons for refusal of the contract offered the club should take that as a sign and ignore or put the player for sale, they don’t have to wait for them to buy time for themselves, for example: I will talk after the season or we will sit down and discuss after XYZ tournament. It’s only postponing the evil day.

    The club also needs to assess its approach to injured players who give most of their best years in the treatment room, then after lots of patience from fans & management, this players come out have a great season and then remember that they don’t have a trophy & disappear. As i can remember only Rosicky has shown to be different from this scenario.
    With the number of players who have left the club, by now we should have had more than a trophy, current set of players should be made to understand that winning trophies is not the job of the board or the fans but that of the players who don the jersey of arsenal football club, so if they intend to win medals let them do what they have to do. Afterall the likes of Montpellier & Dortmund did this without superstars.

  134. This is getting absolutely disgraceful, our beloved club who in our eyes is majestic, beautiful and the best CLUB in the world, is being constantly undermined by players. What the hell has happened to players being privilaged to be at Arsenal? Why do we have to grovel after a player who wants to leave? We are Arsenal, we have to remmeber our pride, our sense of worth, our stature, our commitment to the players. So why is it players always feel bigger than the club? Why? Where have the players gone who have foresight, who think deeply, who realise their worth compared to that of the club. Van persie has been injured so much, that it is like taking a sick leave from work constantly. And we still payed for his wages, the food on his families table even though he was utterly useless to the club at this time. So what happens, he has one exceptional year with no gurantee that he will do so next year and he decides that his worth has elevated beyond that of the debt and gratitude he owes the club.

    As much as some people say we need Van persie for next year, i would hate to have a player who everyone in the dressing know will leave, and the underlining reason behind his leaving is like a little poison.

    Think about it, Nasri left “to win trophies” Van Persie now wants to leave “to win trophies”, that my friends is like a slow poison going through the club, telling the players subconscioulsy that Arsenal cannot win trophies, that we cannot challenge and are not ambitious. This is why i would not have him in the team next year, i do not hate him, i just have taken back my love and are gonna give my support to players who are deserving.

    Question is, would you have a player like that as a constant reminder to all the players that we as of yet have not won anything, and according to van persie are not likely to do so?

    I for one, would not.

  135. Hang on. Remember the banter between AW & TH14 in his last season (I think), given through their press interviews?

    Hack to TH14:”So what did you think of what AW said (about transfer gubbins)?”
    Th14: “Va-va what did ‘e say”?
    Hack: “blahblahblahinanetransferstories,nextseason,whatinthebleedin’eckisgoingon.Eh? Something like that. What’s your response?”
    Henry smiles ruefully: “Arsene, you cheeky bastard”.

  136. What a hero Usmanov is. The bewinged walrus flies in from the horizon, proclaiming his well-intended concern for the club he so dearly loves in these times of distress. Sadly, a dishonest minion of his has leaked this document which was clearly meant for the boards’ ears and eyes only.

    I am sure it is only a matter of minutes before a statement will be released where he urges the fans to stay calm and united behind the club.

  137. Arsession – Yeah, that is true. But even when we do buy, if we are not retaining our best players we are not really improving the side to any significant degree. We need keep our players and add. Not just keep replacing.

  138. Usmanov can do one. It’s very simple, make Kroenke an offer he can’t refuse and then he can pay van Persie et al anything he likes. Until he puts his money where his mouth is he should keep it shut.

  139. Limestone @ 12:20

    The reason this continues to happen year after year is we can’t or won’t pay our top players at the market rate. That few extra million we could get for RVP could be used to pay that sort of market rate wages for another player. To me it doesn’t make sense to say we can’t afford RVP but we can afford to pass up the transfer fee. I suspect the club believes that without RVP we will not be competing with man city or manU for first next season but we will be competing with spurs, Liverpool, Chelsea for 3rd and 4th. Selling him to man city does not alter our chances to keep our CL spot.

    Realistically it will be difficult to compete with the Manc clubs until we are able to pay the sort of wages that will keep our next generation of great players like the Ox. That is not going to happen without Stan or someone willing to put some of their own money into the club or until we are able to renegotiate our commercial contracts. I doubt Stan will be chipping in any time soon and the first of our commercial contracts start to renew in 2014 and it will take several years after that to really build up the revenue stream. I suspect we will end up selling RVP for as much as we can get no matter who the buyer.

  140. Great post YW, as always. Kudos on the Scroobius Pip reference – maybe Stew can play something of theirs next Tuesday? 😉

    As for RvP? He was always a rascal, and has shown his true colours once again. Arsene will know what’s best to do, so I shan’t worry myself too much. No player is bigger than the club!

  141. I’m not sure what the market rate is nowadays. We clearly aren’t able to compete in paying £200k+ per week for the top players, but are we competing at the market rate for the tier of players below the top? What kind of wage is a Milner or a Clichy on?
    I think Gazidis has already made it clear that the wage structure needs to be rebalanced as it appears to overpay players who should maybe be on a lower tier compared to others in the club, but does that mean we pay too much for our “average” players compared to other clubs?

  142. Andy @12:27

    Bill – I highly doubt he is on a “low” wage. And in any case, his signing on fee as a free agent would more than compensate for the financial hardship of the coming season for him

    His wage is certainly a lot lower then the other goal scorers of his level. Lots of possible ways like a bad injury that could derail his big payday if he has to wait another season plus he is older and therefore somewhat less valuable. Its clearly in his and his agents best interest to get this done sooner rather then wait for a season and I suspect “the statement” was meant as a way to force the clubs hand.

  143. On the club captaincy,

    I agree that it’s untenable for RvP to remain ours, should we be forced to hold onto him. Here, let’s remember that the £m’s that we are likely to get for him now can increase our ability to strengthen even further. It also means that any instability that his remaining might cause can be avoided. I say we should let him go with our blessings: on the assumption that ‘HE WILL NOT JOIN ONE OF OUR RIVALS’! Incidentally, I have seen no such reassurance to date!

    I think an instinctive replacement would be TR7 or TV5 or Sagna. However, I think it might also be a challenge. Our ideal replacement captain will need to:

    1. Be a likely presence on the pitch for the majority of our fixtures;
    2. Be commited to the club in word and deed;
    3. Be strong of personality;
    4. Have been with the club long enough to earn the respect of his colleagues and fans;
    5. Be likely to lead the team for seasons to come.

    I know there are other criteria; that Arsene prefers to lessen the significance of one leader in his teams; that it is difficult to see beyond their words to glimpse their hidden desires (Nasri, RvP, Flamini etc) and that the issue of nationality might be seen as essential to some. However, I think that the ideal captain for many gooners would be in the mold of a McLintock, Adams or Viera. Hence, the list.

    I realise that the first and last points of my list might limit the chances of my favoured choice (TR7) getting the role. I only hope that Arsene does not try to use the captaincy to hold onto a player whom he believes is likely to leave. As an inducement to loyalty, captaincy of our club has not managed that trick for some time.

  144. These statements are so blatantly manipultitve and entirley dishonest.Is this confirmation that there is little to no integrity left in football?

    RvP and Walrusmanov must think we are total blithering idiots.

    Still I suppose the targeted Doom Birgade and media will lap it up like its’s going out of fashion….so not that stupid really.

    One thing is for sure, the pressure is greater than ever on Arsene, the coaching staff and the team. I hope we start well and show them all and ourselves, that what happens on the field, away from all this ugliness, is all that matters.


  145. kenyangunner

    Maybe Mancity should rename themselves Arsenal City!

  146. Taking everything into consideration and a sharp re-evaluation of things tells me, that Cesc gave us a shit load more service than eother of the other 2 mercenaries.

    I thought RvP would buck the trend, but turns out he is as greedy and arrogant as the rest of these modern footballers.

    However, saying all that, I expect him to see out his final year with us, like Drogba. The money we get offered for him now, wouldnt even get us a Bendtner.

  147. Bill – He will get a far bigger signing on fee if he is a free agent.

  148. Not only do we need to re-sign Theo and Song more than ever, we also need to get Koscielny to sign on the dotted line and most probably Bacary too.

    What the fuck is Gazidis’ purpose at the club if not to try and make sure players contracts are not allowed to run down? Once or twice is fair enough I suppose, but we could be talking about 5 or 6 players now.

  149. Bill;

    Up till last summer, RvP couldnt go a few months without serious injury or lay off. NO club, apart from those with limitless pockets would entertain the idea of paying him the kind of money he could currently earn.

    To even think the club shoukd have offered him money far in excess of it’s current ceiling is quite clearly retarded. He holds all the aces because, once again, a player has had a miraculously good season when entering the final year of their contract!

  150. Mark I played Scroobius and Dans Le Sac’s tribute to Tommy Cooper this week! Only remembered there was a ‘fucking’ right at the end and had to do a live censor cough into the mic at the right moment.

  151. I don’t remember Drogba making statements about his contract or the future of the club, he quietly did his time and then said it was time that he went. Much as I hated the guy, at least he showed the club some respect.
    RVP cannot sit across from other players in the dressing room week after week for coming the season with them all knowing that he doesn’t want to be there anymore. Just the thought of him being there will make some players start to think about their own futures. Footballers are impressionable animals, don’t forget all of the Barcelona players workin on Cesc every time he was away with Spain.

  152. Is Jonny OK? I am concerned about him. His comments about how he’d fall out of love with football even more if RvP went to City echo mine and if he is feeling as shite as me, or worse, then I hope he gets his ass on here pronto.

    I need a virtual hug man. 🙂

  153. Wavey

    That was the thing tho man, no one even questioned whether he’d stay or not, well not to the extent that we get it at Arsenal. Then again, its probably due to the fact the chavs can afford to let all their players run down their contracts.

    I have no issue with RvP seeing out his deal, its his right, afterall. I would rather that tbh, UNLESS we sell himn to Anzi Mackalalalalala for £50m!!! 🙂

  154. vp 10 “current set of players should be made to understand that winning trophies is not the job of the board or the fans but that of the players who don the jersey of arsenal football club”

    Yep. It’s too easy for our players to use the policies of the club to justify their greed and lack of bottle. We should probably stop being so respectful to players who make the club look bad to save face.

    And we should probably be wary of any player who takes up with Darren Dein. I realise this includes Song. Next summers big loss maybe.

  155. Dex

    and are you happy with the influence he will have on the dressing room?

  156. So who is Kees Vos?

  157. although it would be really funny for Gazidis to say “suck it up c*nt, you are under contract until next year so we decide whether or not you go”.

  158. Yogi; Yes Usmanov can indeed fuck the fuck right fucking off. Glad you too can be as subtle as me when needed! 🙂

    I also founf RvP statement about how he’s wanted to win things this past 8 seasons fucking nauseating. The deluded, selfish fucker WAS as much to blame as anyone.

    *These pathetically selfish arrogant footballers want the obscene wages AND guaranteed trophies.*

  159. Wavey; It shouldnt be an issue man. The only factor is his desire to work hard while he is here. If he does that, all good.

    Players dont give a shit if their mate’s going to stay or leave. They all say the same bland tripe anyways.

  160. Drogba is not a good comparrison. His best days were behind him, and to be offered that type of money at 34 years old is unreal. Nobody begrudged him that. RvP was the fulcrum and captain of our club. And he is in his prime. A completely different kettle of fish.

  161. Maceo;

    Some blood sucking leech of an agent I guess?

  162. Dex

    There is no doubt paying RVP as much as we needed to keep him would have been a risk just like a big money transfer or signing any player to a big contract. The club is obviously not willing to take those sort of risks under the current management. Losing players like this is unavoidable as things stand. Hopefully either we will find a way to be able to bring more revenue into the club or have our ownership start to put some of their own money into the kitty.

  163. GA;

    Of course it is a good comparison, given that my point was about how Drogba ultimately performed last season and the results he helped to achieve. Kalou was allowed to run his deal down to the wire as well and he played admirably (for him that is) while there too.

    RvP won’t get us anywhere near the figures bandied about, selling him makes little sense to me. Unless he is really really disruptive and that would make him look like an even bigger c*nt.

  164. Bill;

    No it is completely different to us signing a new player. UNLESS we intened on spending £30m on an always injured player. I cannot stress how wrong your point is.

    Think back 3 years ago, when alot of people were suggesting we DITCH RvP, not re-effin-sign him.

    NO ONE would have agreed to that.

  165. but they do all fall into that trap of believing the grass is always greener. Is RVP professional enough to keep schtum in the changing room? Well he wasn’t professional enough to keep schtum in the press. Its not about whether your mate is going or not, its whether the things he says whilst he is still there end up effecting the others.

  166. 2 years, not 3. Sorry.

    Bill, what you are suggesting looks great, in HINDSIGHT. If we have this same issue with Koscielny in a year, then I will agree with you 100%.

    Tieing him to a new improved deal is as important as re-signing Song and Theo IMO.

  167. Dex – Sorry mate, I also have no doubt that RvP would perform. My point was that the fans didn’t hold it against Drogba for leaving at the end of his contract. It was 100% understandable, and even debatable if Chelsea would have renewed it. I really think many fans will turn on RvP if he plays for us next year. Simply because it would be a build up of frustration of yet another top player wanting to leave. It won’t make for a happy camp.

    Also, as other have mentioned, what will the other players make of it. RvP has bascially questioned the manager and the board’s ambition. That is undermining them.

  168. GA

    was responding to the point that we could have RVP see out his last year like Drogba and as you rightly say, “a completely different kettle of fish”.

  169. Wavey; Well according to every player’s comments this summer, not one of them knew what his intetnions were. Him saying he is going/staying shouldnt make much of a difference man.

    But the club will probably want to see some financial gains from this scenario, as they did with Na$ri.

    I am getting numb to this shite.

  170. Wavey – “but they do all fall into that trap of believing the grass is always greener”

    Because it often is. He has seen the likes of Nasri/Clichy/Kolo/Flamini/Henry/PV4 all leave and win silverware. Cesc didn’t win the lge last year but is playing in one of the best club sides on the planet.

  171. let the bugger go – we will manage without him. he will more than likely be injured early on next season anyway.

  172. Only at Arsenal it seems, is it unthinkable to countenance a player actually seeing iut his contract. The chavs tried all season to get him to sign up.

    If the ‘fans’ turn on him then that’s pretty counter-productive and if he continues banging in the goals, then they will look fucking silly! 🙂

    What now needs to occur for this to happen, is for Mr sincerity himself; Robbing van Purse Strings to say he is staying till the end of his deal and will work as hard as ever.

    That would do me, in fact I said many times on here, I would be happy (enough) for him to leave on a free, if thats what he wanted to do and he gave us a good send off.

    It some how feels better than seeing yet another player leave us because their stock has risen after ONE stellar season.

  173. GA – and it so often isn’t. Can Nasri really take much credit or feel part of a winning team for instance? He’s not quite as bad as John Terry pulling on the shirt after other people won the match for him but he isn’t far off.
    Anyhoo , who gives a fuck what happens to players who leave us like this? I care about Bergkamp and Adams and follow their post Arsenal paths closely but we shouldn’t waste too much time on what happens to them.
    They are our ex’s we have a club to support.

  174. Piss poor pronounage there. The final them refers not to Tony and Dennis.

  175. Kolo; Not even a sub, Clichy; fair enough, no one begrudged him going; Nasri; not a regualr starter; Henry; again, didnt begrudge him going; Flamini; Hahahaha! ; Vieira; Went to Italy and got his medals took off him. Plus Henry, Kolo and Vieira gave us their best years

    I think you need some better examples mate! 🙂

  176. Dex – they may not have known what his intentions were. I am questioning whether he is able to stay quiet in the dressin room now he has made his intentions clear.

    GA – and if RVP remains in the dressing room for the coming season it could well lead to others starting to believe it as well.

    I don’t doubt that RVP would perform on the pitch, I have never questioned that. My contention is that his statement has made his presence in the dressing room untenable.

  177. Steww – Yeah, I get that. But in all seriousness that whoever RvP goes to he would be pretty instremental in the setup. Maybe he has looked at the likes of Nasri jumping abuot with his PL winners medal with frustration knowing that he is the far better player. Who knows?

    Dex – Yeah, maybe that will happen. And in all honestly I would not mind that being the scenario as well. I just want the best players playing for the club. Who knows, if he stays and things click he may actually change his mind. I do fear he has burnt his bridges though.

  178. Robbing van Purse Strings – now thats funny

  179. Dex – Still, all of those examples have left the club on gone on to win things. These are the facts. That little twat Nasri didn’t seem to disheartened picking up his medals did he? The point being all the players mentioned went on to join clubs that won competitions. And ultimately that is what any top sportman wants. And loads of cash obviously.

  180. Wavey;

    I dont think you give the players credit for having much intelligence there. You are probably right to do so! Players won’t decide to leave because one of our (better) players is running down his deal, IMO. Players move on, its an increasing fact of football life.

    Course it’s frustrating, but the fucker’s been with us 8 years, most of them spent recuperating it has to be said, but still 8 years in footballers years is like 30 years to the rest of us mugs! 🙂

  181. That little twat Nasri is such a vindicative little fucker that he had to have a dig at Arsenal on camera rather than just celebrate his success on the final day of the season.

  182. Excellent post, YW. On your point about tying players down, the refusal to renew at the two-year seems to be the first sign of wanting to leave the club nowadays, doesn’t it?

    Fantastic comments yesterday, gadget. Well said, sir.

  183. Andy; Nasri is hardly gonna admit being pissed off about being a bit part player is he man? He even tried to suggest he was a better player from playing LESS! You only had to see his goal ‘celebration’ vs England to see how up his own derriere that pathetic merde is.

    And the facts are, we are going to have to get used to this untill we either; have a team full of 100% committed happy to stay forever players, or we win something sharpish!

  184. Dex
    its not the fact that he is running down his contract, its what he will say in the dressing room. RVP has been involved in plenty of disruption in the dressing room at country level (although he didn’t seem to be the main protagonist at the Euros), so do you expect him to quietly do his time in the Arsenal dressing room? He has said in public he doesn’t agree with Arsenal’s way forward, do you think he’s going to be quiet about it in private?

  185. Dex – I agree 100% with your last sentence. And there is the parradox; if we were winning I don’t think players would be as keen to leave. But said players are part of the team that is not winning. Are the players around the better players not good enough? Team setup?

    Who knows, but the truth is that over the years we have easily had enough quality footballers to win plenty. Yet we have not, and the better players then go on elsewhere.

    Mainly they move for wages, but also because for whatever reason we have not been able to mount any consistant title challenges.

    So frustrating.

  186. Dex
    is that like dog years? So Walcott has known Van Persie since he was a baby

  187. RVP I guess should be one of the top earners at arsenal there is no point holding onto him and paying him a years wages plus bonus when he is not going to resign, the best case as some have posted here is to start the season with a positive mentality in the dressing room and to preserve it & that can’t happen with a player & ex-captain who has made his mind up not to be with the team still there, his presence alone can raise doubts in the minds of others, IMO selling him looks a lot better option, even if it means for as little as we can get, unfortunately the hand of the club has been forced into a bad position but in the long run we would be better off for it.

  188. Wavey; I am not sure what he could say that would upset, disrupt things though? “I am going next June, so none of you muthas try and stop me, ya dig?!?!” Not sure how that would be too bad TBH? 🙂

    Some players might react, but I dont see what the point would be in him doing that?


    These players that demanded to leave are also part pf the reasons we havet won shite, as well as other factors too. That we have discussed many many times.

    The sad thing is, I really think we are closer than we’ve been since 2004. I truly believe that, even with all the (unfair, doped up) competition.

  189. this is getting messy. really messy

  190. Wavey; Haha! Yeah (dirty) dog years man.

  191. Right, that’s enough naval gazing, I am off.


    Up the Guns!!!!!

  192. Dex – I thought we were close as well. Our 2 new signings accompanying RvP in the squad would be/will be excellent. As I have said before though, we won’t makes significant strides forward when we keep losing our top players. We are buying players alright, but because we are not retaining current players we are simply treading water.

    For example, can you imagine if we had retained Cesc/Nasri (I know, I know)/RvP and still made the same additions as we have in the past few seasons? That is not an unreasonable scenario. I would be more than confident that we would win things.

  193. Dex

    Because of his injury history and age RVP is a higher risk then someone who is younger but he is also high reward. A goal scorer of his caliber would cost us a huge transfer fee on top of his wages. With him we are a lock for CL for the next few seasons and perhaps even have a shot at winning if the Manc clubs slip up. I still think we will make the CL without him but it will be a fight again. Giroud and Podolski will have to adapt quickly and stay healthy. We don’t have much quality depth at striker and probably won’t be rotating much. Keeping him even at a higher wage could save us a lot of money in the long run but it is a risk.

  194. GA; Just keeping Cesc for last season could have been all the difference we needed man.

    Oh for shame!!! Laters dude

  195. Aye

  196. RvP, as Yogi alluded to COULD hvae helped us win shit a few years back Bill. BUT, he was in the sick bay. I don’t recall any big clubs hovvering around him then and us having to swat them away.

  197. I couldnt sleep last night, that is how gutted I was by the Van persie news, atleast having read all the comments today I feel much better.

    I am torn between selling him to the highest bidder and letting him rot on the reserve team as his contract runs down, what a despicable twat!and to think we all thought he was different!!!As it turns out he is worse than Nasri,Ade and Flamini put together!!! If he was a man of honour he could have atleast let the club break the news through its official channels instead of mouthing off by releasing that statement, alittle part of me died last night from that betrayal. Now whatever the club does we are going to lose something,1. If we sell him since he has made it apparent that he isnt going to extend we wont get as much money for him as we could have otherwise. 2. If he stays the team wont be the same with him in it as we all know he doesnt like our policies so thanks again for screwing us both ways van persie. Ooh well, we are The Arsenal and we have been through worse so we will get through this.

    Afew have mentioned we will keep losing our best players if we dont meet their market value, who decides whatever their market value is?If it is the likes of mancity with their bottomless pockets then we dont have a chance, Van persie’s value may have rocketed over his one great season but where were these valuers and suitors when he was always crocked???huh! WHERE THE FUCK WERE THEY!!!

    A silver lining in all this is Gadget and Darius reappeared after such a long break.

    Upwards and forward we march as gunners.45 days to go,this is going to be a very long summer!!

  198. @ g clarke | July 5, 2012 at 10:15 am
    An excellent point. Takes two to tango.

    @ Jeff | July 5, 2012 at 10:55 am
    Exactly. Plans may change, but the statement from the club says that we are not selling and he is expected to do his best and not sulk.

    @ JonJon | July 5, 2012 at 11:10 am
    ha ha -I know how you feel

    @ korihikage | July 5, 2012 at 11:20 am
    Beggars belief, doesn’t it?

  199. Will I agree completely that the timing of their letter strongly suggests R&W are trying to take advantage of our current ‘crisis’, I tend to agree with their criticism of Stan and the board. Its not the first time we’re hearing those arguments anyway, Jon-jon has been banging on about it for a good while now.

    My sentiments are with LG regarding both our billionaire owners. Fuck em both.

  200. Will = While

  201. Whatever we do we need to finalize it quickly. Worst thing that could happen for us is that it drags on and no one knows the final outcome until the end of August. If we are going to keep him then don’t even listen to offers and tell him and his agent now. If we are going to sell then get it done ASAP.

    In my mind we need to sell him. If he is willing to make a statement like this then I can’t see him wanting to give 100% to the club, especially after january since he will probably be negotiating a new contract. Is he going to avoid the pre season tour like cesc? We won’t have any idea how this will all play out if we don’t sell him. Besides our history with keeping players 1 year longer then they want has not been good.

  202. Bill – Yeah, that is pretty much my thoughts as well.

  203. Limestonegunner

    Bill, lots of sense in your comment. But, if you are right and the club doesn’t expect to rival the Mancs for the title, isn’t that a big part of the problem? I’m not opposed to adjusting the wage scale. Maybe an extra year at 140 or 150 would do it. But my point about keeping him next year is that our best chance for trophies and breaking out of this sense thAt Arsenal can’t compete with the top clubs and has to settle for CL participation. A league title is worth 15 million. With new increases in tv revenue just announced, to my mind it is worth taking a risk. If the boss feels RvP won’t be at his best or will disrupt, then fine, he should sell and use the money quickly to add quality to make sure we can go for it. He played last season with the cloud over him and both our replacements are new to the league and there are doubts over Chamakh. Rvp is our only reliable PL ready goal scoring striker. I just don’t think the knee jerk reaction that we must sell is correct. I don’t know why in US sports players in their last year have great seasons but in football players and teammates can’t be professional? We have until January and he needs to play for a future contract. Sell him in Jamuary for 5 million but buy space for Podolski and Giroud; for us it becomes a free half season with the small fee covering his current wages.

    I just don’t see why we should automatically buckle for financial reasons. 2014 isn’t far away; think of the commercial possibilities for a title winning club versus one that is routinely identified in media and players the way Arsenal’s image is becoming. We know it is actually great but commercial partners and advertisers may be less convinced if all they hear about is that our best players leave, we haven’t won any competition for x years, that Swansea(!) are most associated with good passing style (when was the last time we were talked about as the proponents of the beautiful attacking game–it isn’t our key identity post Fabregas it seems). We can reverse this by being tough with RvP and demanding he produce for Arsenal if he wants a big new contract elsewhere and by going for it this season. We save his signing on bonus and big wage increase. It is worth exploring, and I hope AW is free to decide what he thinks is best in competitive terms and not just financial ones.

  204. The clip of the arsenal fan ranting made me feel much much better, I laughed so hard I shed tears. As Fungunner pointed out in the previous post that statement makes it easier for us to get over him, I think I am already getting there!

  205. As suspected, van Persie’s posting on his website is part of a planned and concerted dirty tricks campaign by Fat and Ugly to undermine the board. I knew Dein was involved in writing that crap. He lost the battle but is still fighting the war. Will be interesting to see what Kroenke’s response is – if any. He can of course just ignore them – he has a massive majority shareholding. Nothing The Slug can do except whoop and holler on the sidelines.

  206. Well this is depressing and quite sobering. The question I am now asking myself is should I help to pay these people. Who can you trust? if there was ever a footballer who seemed true it was RVP. His celebrations and appreciation for his team mates “seemed” unparalled.

    So Drogba left CHELSEA for one last big payday? think about it.

    As GA said there is no comparison between RVP and Drogba. Drogba not only wanted to win things but did his part throughout his and lead the club to trophies. He was not injured througout his years and did more than his share, RVP cannot say that. You cannot blame one for their injuries but DAMN!!!

    I think he should leave and not because he wants to leave but because of his comments. They are poisonous.

  207. Between Lebron James, Eden Hazard, Wayne Rooney and now Robin van Persie, one could point and say there’s a growing trend of athletes disrespecting their clubs and fans throung the media. While it may be premature to call it a trend, I still think it should be nipped in the bud and discouraged before it becomes such a thing. There is enough drama and tension in the ‘will he, won’t he’s of the transfer windows without players getting involved and using it as a tactless outlet of disrespect.

    Although, were I a publisher, I’d be throwing money at Arsene for his memoirs. He will make a fortune revealing his inner most thoughts about these despicable times

  208. Im just thinking out loud here.

    If usmanov run us the same way city and chelsea are run, that would mean he would be responsible for honouring all contracts and debt, not the club.

    Yes we would be his play thing, but arent we Stans money printing machine at the moment?

    Surely as fans we’d benefit more from the former.

    Im sure theres things I havent considered, Im just throwing that out there as im interested in your views.

  209. I do understand that players are ambitious, they want to win trophies, but when the said player has not contributed enough to the cause whether through injury or lack of form. Then they most definately cannot take the high ground and think themselves a superstar and think they deserve better or can win somewhere else.

    I agree with Andy, players see other teams winning trophies and want to move. I did not begrudge Fabregas, because he was consistently great (most of the time) and he sometimes carried the team, and he did this for more than ONE season, and he did contribute his bit to be honest.

    So no players that want to win trophies do not make me angry, it’s a part of life to always look for the better more immediate option, because it’s easy.

    But please, you have to earn that right, you have had to bleed and fullfill your full potential with the team before you can even consider saying “Ok i have given my all and have been here for years and years, its time to leave” Even then i might still be angry at the player, but i would not be able to keep that resentment for long.

    Sometimes, the essence of loyaltly is hard to understand, loyaltly is born out a love for the club or a feeling that you owe something to someone, but when you obviously do not love the club enough to stay or do not feel you owe anything to them then there is no loyaltly at all. And that my friends is what RVP is like at the moment.

  210. pedantic george

    Are we still talking about Judas ?.
    I am more concerned about whether Arteta and Rosicky are going to be fit for the start of the season.

  211. I suspect Arteta might be given the arm band. I’m a little surprised by van Persie, but not overly. One expects players to embrace the vision at the club, but that quality is now rare. This is about Arsenal unable to break its wage structure (differences). Have we forgotten that amidst this and also the Nasri/Fabregas drama there is a player who fulfilled expectations as a person and player of stature. His name is Tomas Rosicky. Sing his praises and forget about van Persie please.

    One can’t say it’s of no consequence, but it is not make or break by any means. Players come and they go. The rest is up to Wenger. We have options, including a swap or purchase or keeping him on contract for a season of transition, and a late sale. I agree that if this is City money talking, I would like to see Balotelli in our ranks. If it is Chelsea money talking I wouldn’t in the slightest object to Torres, whom I have admired on the whole. Or maybe this is the making of Walcott. But let’s see shall we. We might move rather quickly to talk to Newcastle if Wenger has appreciated what he saw there.

    It only makes it more exciting and appetising for me. Goodbye van Persie, I enjoyed some of your goals but also noticed they dried up in the tail end of the season. Arsenal is much better than you are.

  212. Limestone.

    Lots of sense in your comment also. It depends on how RVP would play this season. If he is willing to work hard and play well then it may be worth it to keep him. Even with him at his best it’s going to be very tough to compete for a league title next season. 2 – 3 years from now when jack, Ox mature and Podolski Giroud adapt may be different but next season is a very tall order even with Robin at his best, so keeping him for 1 season and losing the transfer fee is a risk If he does not play his best then we have no chance and he might be a negative influence. If he is willing to make a statement like yesterday then what makes you think he will give his best.

  213. pedantic george

    I expect Arteta will be, he’s tough as nails that guy. And maybe future captain.


    I wouldn’t mind seeing balotelli as well, only problem is can Mr Wenger control him. Maybe he could as he uses the carrot than the stick. Balotelli might respond well to this.

  214. I suppose in the big scheme of things, players do not have the same affection for a club that lifelong fans do. They may “love” the club, but not like a supporter.

  215. Limestonegunner

    I like the Balotelli idea too. But his wages are probably too high for us too, if he is on even 150k.

    Arteta took a wage cut, Vermaelen felt he owed the club for his injury season, Rosicky refused other higher paying offers. Good men. We have to hope Gervinho and Merts have good second years and that Poldi and Giroud can be above average in adapting quickly.

  216. Also, Philmar, never say that everyone can be baught, even if you can. We have a manager that has proven that wrong, no? Not everyone has an undying love for money.

  217. Bollocks to Balotelli, he’s a nutter and a liability, no doubt about the talent. If we’re doing a swap deal with City I want Aguero. Other than that, if he goes there, it will have to be a huge amount of cash. There’s a premium on proven Premier League quality, they know it and we know it. If Van Persie really does want to go there then he and his agent will make it happen and we’ll get our money.

  218. Arsenal builds, others destroy; it’s the way of the world, expediency of principle. But don’t forget all the good and fine things and people at Arsenal please.

  219. We are not going to be swapping RvP for any of M City’s players. Wages are one of the main reasons he is leaving; any of their decent players are going to be earning far more than we will offer.

  220. here’s what I just wrote to Van Persie on his official web site:

    Dear Mr. Van Persie,

    I’ve always thought you were a special player. The form you showed for Arsenal this year was phenomenal so I’d like to congratulate you on your excellent play.

    However, I’ve just read your statement regarding not signing a new contract with Arsenal. You wrote, “I love the club and the fans, no matter what happens. I have grown up and became a man during my time with Arsenal FC. Everybody at the club and the fans have always supported me over the years and I have always given my all (and more) on and off the pitch.”

    One problem here is that the first sentence quoted is clearly not true. If you loved the club and fans, you would stay.

    The bigger problem, though, is one of mentality. Michael Jordan didn’t get along with Jerry Krause or even Jerry Reinsdorf (General Manager & owner of the Chicago Bulls) and his team went through 7 years of “trophy drought,” as English fans might term it, before he won a championship. Even in 1990, tons of people thought Scottie Pippen, Horace Grant, Bill Cartwright and the other Bulls were too weak to back Jordan up and win a championship. But he didn’t say, “oh, well I don’t agree with the club’s management so I’m going to leave as a free agent for greener pastures.” He wanted *his* team to win, and dragged them to the pinnacle of athletic achievement through amazing skill and sheer force of will. That’s what champions do.

    Did Larry Bird or Magic Johnson or Paolo Maldini or Alessandro Del Piero or Le Tissier or Baresi or Tony fucking Adams ever say, “I’m not on the same page as the management, so I’m leaving”?

    Do you think Ryan Giggs or Steven Gerrard or Francesco Totti or Javier Zanetti or Carragher or Casillas are about to desert their teams? Remember when Buffon, Nedved, Del Peiro, Trezeguet, and Camoranesi all stayed with Juve even when they got relegated?

    What champions do is seek to elevate their team to the level required in order to win. After reading your statement, the performance of the Dutch team in the Euros becomes more understandable, as does your own relatively lackluster display. A champion would have dragged such a talented team by the scruff of its neck; by contrast the type of players who desert the club that stood by them through *years* of injuries are exactly the same type of players who let ego and lack of chemistry ruin the chances of an extremely talented national side.

    So in the “who are you” box above I put “a fan of Robin Van Persie” but the reality is that even though I still think you’re a fabulous player technically, a more accurate descriptor would be “a former fan of Robin Van Persie”. And please don’t think I’m just a rabid Arsenal fan. I’m American and didn’t start following futbol until recently, in my mid-twenties. I’m not really attached to Arsenal, but I liked the way you all played and the way the club is run (no oligarchs or sheiks, no unmanageable debts) so I started paying attention to your team. I really thought you would be the kind of guy who wanted to drag his team to the summit, not the kind who wants to leave in search of easy money and a stacked team.

    So have fun at PSG or Man City or whoever’s got the dirtiest money. I won’t ever be able to look at you the same way after this.



  221. I expect RvP has already been told that he’s staying another year come what may and he issued his statement to try to force a sale. Tough luck, sunshine.

  222. Balotelli? he does not seem like a player Arsene would want (I wouldnt). His head is way too big.

  223. Josef

    well said mate!

  224. First off, if RVP is sold and a top level attacking midfielder bought to be paired with Giroud up top, the team might well be better than last year regardless. So while I am gutted that he is leaving, this isn’t all doom and gloom.
    But what I don’t understand is the vitriolic personal anger people have towards him. Given his statement, it seems pretty likely he told AW and IG that he wouldn’t resign before the Euros. So what is the club playing at saying things that “pull at the heartstrings” like that? The man made a decision and abided by the agreement to stay quiet. It was the club who were in the process of making him look like a jerk publicly (albeit probably wihtout malice, but rather in an effort to get the highest fee possible.)
    I am just amazed that fans continue to blame the players. One twat, two twats, maybe three, but how many have to follow the same path before we recognize that the system the club has in place is what drives this behaviour. I wish it weren’t so and i wish that the club allocated its resources differently. I believe it would end in better, more lasting results.
    But there is a chance to win this way and AW is one guy who could make it happen. And people who defend AW and this method of team building need to stop villifying players whose actions are a natural outgrowth of that system. The misplaced anger is every bit as destructive as any traditional “doomer” talk.

  225. “I expect RvP has already been told that he’s staying another year come what may and he issued his statement to try to force a sale. Tough luck, sunshine”

    Come to think of it, that makes more sense than any other explanation I have heard so far.If that is the case I sure hope they keep their word and not sell him, see how clever he is afterwards!!

  226. Interestingly he never mentioned in his statement that he wanted to leave this transfer window. It may well be his intention to see out his contract so he can get a big fat signing on fee this time next year.

    There is the chance that he thought his statment would be accepted by the fans and he would get the same treatment Drogba got in his last year. If so he has made a horrible misjudgement.

  227. Josef,

    RVP has replied, he says –

    ‘Dear Jo,

    Stick it up your arse..

    All the best, Robin Van Persie.’.

    Bit rude.

  228. Why are these mercenaries given so much benefit of doubt? Anyone else notice a trend here? Those that are quick to give it to these players are also the quick ones to criticize the club/manager!!

  229. There will be no making hit sit in the reserves or any of that garbage. Essentially he has done nothing wrong, so he can hardly be punished. Plus doing that would only be to the detriment of the team.

    We don’t need to “teach him a lesson”, we need to do what is right for the club given the shitty circumstances.

  230. Ledbury, no matter how the club allocated resources we could not keep up. The club has obviously tried to offer RVP more money but they just cannot pay in the 200 thousand a week thing. Players have left for clubs that can pay much more money or have punked out for what they thought would be easy trophies.

  231. @ Firstlady | July 5, 2012 at 3:25 pm

    Why are these mercenaries given so much benefit of doubt? Anyone else notice a trend here? Those that are quick to give it to these players are also the quick ones to criticize the club/manager!!

    that is a good point, which has not been lost on us

  232. Football is riddled with disease.

  233. Limestonegunner

    I agree with , FG. Obviously club said you’ll be staying and he is taking matters into his own hands. So he thinks. Sorry, I expect the club to fight for what it thinks is best and to have confidence in its position rather than prioritize making a few extra millions. I am not going to lose my head because I’m disappointed. When he realizes AFC is serious, he is welcome to issue a new statement clarifying that he has never demanded a transfer and is ready to play and win trophies next season, even if it is his final season with the club.

  234. If that were the case GA (3:”3), I would have expected the tone and the content of his letter to be entirely different.

    The old tried and tested: “I’ve been here for many years now, and I feel the call of pastures new”, works like a charm, especially if followed by, “but before I leave, I will give my all to repay this fantastic club, its management, my friends, my team, and the fans, exactly what they deserve. My all to lift a trophy as an Arsenal player…”

    It’s not unimaginable that he will stay for another season, but the choice of words in that statement are damning and purposeful.

  235. “Would Dzeko work better in the Arsenal set up as a regular player rather than a rotational striker? Is there a swap deal on the cards?”

    No swap in the works. We can’t afford to pay Shitty wages to their players. If we could we’d be paying Robin’s.

  236. Who is giving anybody the benefit of doubt? I think everybody seems in agreement that he has shown a distinct lack of loyalty and that cash is a huge part of all of this.

  237. Gadget
    “Although, were I a publisher, I’d be throwing money at Arsene for his memoirs. He will make a fortune revealing his inner most thoughts about these despicable times”

    My same initial thoughts, but then Arsene doesn’t appear to be a kiss and tell type.

    you are right about losing our best players, but the climate in football at the moment makes our business model impotent when it comes to holding onto its better players.

    Until we pay off the stadium debt, increase our licensing, sponsorship, and media revenues we must accept the risk of losing our better players.

    If Arsenal were able to win one major trophy, league of CL, then maybe the club has improved leverage in resigning players.

    Based on his comments, I don’t believe anyone can see RvP as part of Arsenal’s future. As for holding him until January, I prefer to give his playing time to someone else.

    After his statement, I can see a number of clubs outside the epl showing interest for his services.

  238. It would be much easier if these shitheads came out and said “I got offered more by a different club, whcih Arsenal couldnt match and being human I have decided to take it” Atleast we would call them greedy but respect them for their honesty!

  239. I agree firstlady, its as if the players have no responsibility at all.

    “Everybody at the club and the fans have always supported me over the years and I have always given my all (and more) on and off the pitch.”

    Well has was hardly on the pitch but why the need to say (and more)? Arsenal have also done a lot for him on and off the pitch (and more), and so hase many of the support. When other said sell due to his injuries, many of us supported him.

  240. Gadget – Yeah, maybe so. That is what I meant him being badly mistaken though. The Dutch do know how to set the cat amogst the pidgeons eh?

  241. Seriously though, what’s the fucking point of supporting a football team anymore?

    ‘there are no more hero’s’

    Then whats the fucking point? Sports all about hero’s.

    Fuck football man, fuck football in the ass.

  242. Arsession – All very true.

  243. Paul-N, I actually disagree. The club cannot afford to pay the wrong guy 200k and thus the risk in doing so is judged as not a reasonable gamble. Just as the club could afford to buy a 30m player, but instead chooses to buy a 10m, a 12m, and use 8m for wage increases. There are dangers in both methods. But the danger inherent in the first method is that the club will almost certainly lose the RVPs of the world. And it is really difficult to hld onto the Cesc’s as well becuase things have to break just right in order to provide a platform that meet their expectations. One day, it all will break just right and the club will be champions again. it may even be this year. But until then expecting the club to benefit from their choices, but not pay the inherent price sets up for nothing but disappointment.

  244. “It’s not unimaginable that he will stay for another season, but the choice of words in that statement are damning and purposeful.”

    The moment Giroud put pen to paper and signed for us I had a bad feeling Van persie was on his way out, I could have lived with that, afterall giroud and poldoski are great players.Van persie could have left quietly and even though it would have hurt,it wouldnt have been this much. That STATEMENT really did it for me,as far as I am concerned he is no longer one of us!!

  245. A quote from Usmanov’s opportunistic letter to the Board:

    “In our view it is clear you are trying to distract attention away from the more fundamental issues facing the Club, and which indeed many of the supporters discuss through social media and other forums on a regular basis.”

    I rarely read other Arsenal blogs. But even here on ACLF we have suffered in the past from posters (now mercifully binned by YW) who have been able to devote a day or more to a continuous stream of negative and abusive invective following any setback.

    We have tended to dismiss them as having an over-developed sense of entitlement, but the quote (and its context) provokes a more sinister question.

    To what extent are these posters part of an orchestrated campaign? How many posts – here and elsewhere – originate directly or indirectly from supporters not of the Club, but of R&W Holdings? I’m guessing it would need only a small well-organised team with a modicum of PR training to exploit the opportunity provided by any disappointing result and provide enough fodder for the sheep to come running.

    Perhaps I’m just a naive soul and everyone else understands full well that this is what is happening. Or perhaps it’s just another conspiracy theory. Either way, I find even speculating on it quite disturbing.

  246. Ledbury, and how much do the other important players get?
    So, wait, if we buy a player for 30 mil, how much do we pay that one? and what happens if that one is injured?

  247. Bored of all this guff. The sooner the season start (with or without him) the better.

    Off home, laters.

  248. Much as I would love to think we have some degree of control over where RVP plays next, we are still in the position that the player has to agree to go to the club we want to sell him to.
    Okay, he will be 30 next season, but he will also be a free agent so some of the wages he may lose in not moving now are likely to be made up in the fact he will cost a transfer fee.
    If he decides Man City is the best place for him he might be willing to wait the season out and join City next summer.
    Not sure when he can sign a pre-contract, but if its January he might be desperate for a move now as he can’t guarantee Man City will still be there next summer.
    I think he is really trying to force a move now and is hoping that his antics will make the Baord sell him.

  249. @ Ledbury
    The question is, what is a “£30 million player”, though? Is Gary Cahill an “£18m player”? There is no point in paying £30 million for a player if he’s only worth £15 million. So we don’t. It’s not playing safe, it’s playing smart. We are prepared to spend big money occasionally, but we can only do it occasionally.

    @ merlot
    You are not naive, nor are you alone in your suspicions – goonerholic has said something similar today, as have the UA blog.

  250. and i meant not cost a transfer fee

  251. Dex, my friend – been trawling the comments with a real mixture of feeling but just don’t feel I have anything useful to add.

    Bob, Muppet and I discussed this, way back, when we met up and all agreed we thought he would leave. I did not imagine he would handles it so terribly if/when he did.

    Part of me is still optimistic about next season but I think the real issue is the increasing divorce between players and fans – I find the anger understandable but hate the spiralling levels of bile and vitriol and bitter chasm between fans and mercenaries posing as heroes.

    Virtual hug winging your way.

    Music Thursday innit?


  252. Another day that Arsenal command the news for all the wrong issues.

    Where is the music ?

  253. Higgs Boson goes into a Catholic church.
    The priest says, “You’re not welcome here.”
    Higgs Boson says, “You can’t have mass without me.”

  254. I think the topic of astroturfing has come on here once or twice as well. Have to say, that was the first thing that came to mind when I read the letter.

  255. FunGun. Ledbury’s way cannot work because you cannot pay one player 200k/week and then look at players like Sagna and Song and pay them 60. So, if we bring in this 30 mil player and RVP is getting 200k/week, how much are we going to pay the one coming in?

    The players at City are making more across the board but we cannot do that so we have to use wisdom.

    The team is trying to change the pay scale and was giving RVP good blasted money. To defend a player that was set to make 140k/week? is sickening to be honest. We have lost it.

  256. merlot

    His PRs have been very active in the past, recruiting the disaffected to make their case. They are still very active on Twitter.

  257. PaulN @ July 5, 2012 at 4:06 pm
    you’re preaching to the choir

  258. Denilson has extended his loan spell at Sao Paulo for another year. 😦

  259. “To what extent are these posters part of an orchestrated campaign? How many posts – here and elsewhere – originate directly or indirectly from supporters not of the Club, but of R&W Holdings? I’m guessing it would need only a small well-organised team with a modicum of PR training to exploit the opportunity provided by any disappointing result and provide enough fodder for the sheep to come running.”

    I have always believed that R&W employed people to go round the blogs sowing discontent. There was a definite change in tone after that organisation came into existence. I think RVP and Usmanov have seriously misjudged the extent to which the doomers represent the majority. They may be the loudest (as critics often are), but I still believe they are not the majority. But Yogi is right, Usmanov has some key people on Twitter with lots of gullible followers, who are seriously pushing his agenda for him. Interesting days, I just hope the relatively good guys win for the sake of the club’s long-term future.

  260. On the other hand Merlot who can say if the apparently plausible “Arsene knows best ” brigade are in truth a set of Kroenkistas, as Stan resists the Uzbek fingers pawing his corporate bauble ?

    No doubt a large shed in Colorado would hold all the answers !!

  261. Paul N, so true. Fuck football man. Im sick of it.

  262. I know FunGun. That was really for Ledbury.

  263. pedantic george

    “Philmar | July 5, 2012 at 3:38 pm
    “Would Dzeko work better in the Arsenal set up as a regular player rather than a rotational striker? Is there a swap deal on the cards?”

    No swap in the works. We can’t afford to pay Shitty wages to their players. If we could we’d be paying Robin’s.”

    And if people think RVP will quietly slope away to a club that is not going to pay him £200k+ pw they are still fooling themselves.
    The way he has put the knife in shows us he is not interested in treating Arsenal with any respect.

  264. @Paul-N – Don’t want to get too deep into criticisizing the club’s current policies because it isn’t really my point. But, other important players also get paid market wages. And yes that means having to do a bettter job of identifying who stays and who goes earlier. There are different ways to skin a cat and while I don’t think the current choices are optimal, they can work. But they do come with limitations and blaming the players for those limitations isn’t beneficial.
    And sorry, but your point on Sagna and Song is kind of nonsense. Are we more likely or less to keep them with RVP leaving? This is world football. Song and Sagna will want to be paid what they think they are worth and what they can get elsewhere, regardless of whether RVP gets 80, 140, or 200.

    @FunGunner – While i have some ideas on who is a 30m player (the real quality, young but mature attcking midfielders for instance), I won’t pretend to be a better judge fo that than the club personnel who get to do this for a living. But I do believe that sometimes overpaying is worth it. Signalling intent. Just getting guys excited about who they get to play with. It has knock on effects. Regardless, the choice the club has made is more in the 10, 12, 8 style than the 30

  265. Josef | July 5, 2012 at 3:14 pm

    Great letter.

    I’ve always been uncomfortable with over-reliance on one player for goals. Even in the Henry days. I was sad to see him go but ultimately excited at how our team might evolve as a result. Same feelings now. We will be just as strong or even stronger. No player is bigger than this club and if Usmanov got his way we wouldn’t even be a club anymore, just a branded plaything.

  266. George,

    The fucked up thing is he thinks he’s doing us a favour, speaking for the fans, saying arsenal should be winning things.

    It shows how badly footballers are detatched from reality.

    Also, I wonder what his fucking fat mum thinks of all this?

  267. Markus,

    But arent we just a branded money machine at the moment?

  268. The club had probably set a price that after the euro’s performance is no longer realistic.

    rvp has probably realised this, and is trying to make the situation untenable to force a move even if the price is lower. He’ll be 30 next year, and his chances at a mega-wage packet will drop like stone from there.

    If he’d been a touch more digified about this I think we might have just grinned and beared it, especially if he had just said much earlier he didn’t want to stay. He must have known how much grief this would cause, the way he’s now done it.

    The club should stick to their guns. If the right bid comes in, then sell.

    If not, then make him train on his own, play him in the reserves from time to time, use him against stoke and other shit-kickers to avoid any injuries to our more valuable players.

    He’ll have to try or his value will also carry on dropping even more.

    The fans giving him tons of shit will just add to the fun.

    If he gets injured badly and no-one wants him at the end of the season (including Arsenal) I might fall off my chair laughing.

    As for dein, how much does a hit cost over there? Surely that’s something the club could afford?

  269. Yes of course, it’s just wishful thinking re Balotelli. Just that I like the guy, can’t help it. He’s an original. Probably be a disaster or Arsenal anyway.

    Anyway, too bad. Sounds to me van Persie is staying a final season, maybe a late sale in January, and Arsenal has several choices in the matter. But YW is right, the focus now switches to Theo.

  270. @ Ledbury

    And my point is that “£30 million” is not shorthand for “quality”. £30million is just the price.

    Also, overpaying has negative knock-on effects as well – you set a precedent and you can’t go back.

    @ anicoll
    The AKB do not carry out co-ordinated commenting using multiple names with the same IP address pretending to be different people.

  271. Fenton, I feel you bro. I am putting some serious thought into giving this all up. A bunch of millionaires trying to get more millions, while others (most) are living paycheck to paycheck.

  272. ” Still i insist, just like the board have, do not sell. I would be bad PR for the club to sell, it sends a bad message to all fans, players and media. ”

    No, no, NO. It would be even WORSE for the club to let him and his transfer fee walk out the door for nothing in return. It would be worse for the club if we were to have yet another disinterested player on the pitch along with his salary being paid.
    If this incident teaches you anything it should be that football, a passionate diversion from mundane lives to us, is a livelihood and big business to others. And the people who have their money and time invested in football will make the decisions in their best interests. The board will sell him and IMHO should sell him. His heart isn’t in it. He isn’t going to play to his best if he knows a career injury ending will deprive him of a future contract. He won’t be the same player, he’ll be a cancer/distraction for the team and his teammates. It is pointless to demand he will stay. I can’t see the people who stand to lose a few million pounds in transfer fees foregoing that to have a disinterested distraction on the team. Especially when there’s a 100 million pounds still owed to banks.
    C’mon. He’s history. He saved our season last year and that was worth his transfer fee and salary the 7 other years. Thanks for your service Robin, enjoy your millions, we’ll find someone else now instead. Arsene will make someone else a star and hopefully you’ll become the great star that others that left after one decent year in an Arsenal shirt became: Flamini, Nasri, Anelka, Hleb, Adebayor ect.

  273. Just music – right name though.

  274. Fenton, the people who run the club say they cannot afford in the 200k/week.

    You comments are shortsighted. Sagna and Song play for Arsenal, they understand that Arsenal are not City or Chelsea so they don’t expect that kind of pay BUT, if you single out one person and pay them 200/week, it sends a message that you can afford to pay more like the big clubs. What do you think is going to happen?

  275. Not Fenton, lebdury.

  276. The Arsenal Ladies are playing tonight. They at least never let us down, eh?

  277. Fungunner, that may simply be because Kroenkistas run a more sophisticated operation from a technical standpoint than the crude Uzbek model

    On the other hand of course it may be that the allegedly orchestrated R&W social media diversion is in truth planned and financed by Stan and Hill-Wood, as a means of blackening the Usmanov name through association with such skullduggery

    Remember Oliver North after all

    John Le Carre eat your heart out

  278. @ anicoll
    quite possibly so, in la-la land.

  279. One more comment. Isnt there something wrong when we expect Arsenal to play players in line with like of Chelsea and City. We have lost the plot and it is sickening.

  280. @FunGunner
    If your point is that AW and the scouts still have to do their jobs and find the best players and not rely on the price tags other clubs put on their guys, then I think everyone would agree. Silly not to. But I would also guess it is a bit naive to think that the very best player we could buy is being valued closer to 10m than 30m. So the choice is being made to buy multiple quality rather than the very best. And that choice might have merit, but i am simply pointing out that I think the other choice has merit too.
    (and naming names would be terribly unfair. I could name you quite a few players we might have been able to buy over the years that might have prevented RVP from wanting to leave. But that would be done with the benefit of hindsight and without regard for whether or not they had any desire to play for Arsenal.)

    @Paul-N: Don’t know what to tell you mate. What evidence do you have that your scenario works in any way?

  281. Now you’re getting the idea 🙂

  282. Currently one of my favorite players to watch is Pirlo – sublime silky skill. Able to make the killer pass calmly, long or short pass. Not a pacey player. Economy of movement. Before him it was Bergkamp. In between the 2 was Riquelme of Argentina who is calling it quits. His honesty is a refreshing antidote.

    “I’ll be forever grateful but I feel empty and I cannot give any more … I cannot play at only half-capacity. I’ve been playing for 16 years but I have nothing left to give the club. Now I just want to go home, hug my kids and eat asado with my friends” – Juan Roman Riquelme

    Farewull Juuan. Enjoy your barbeques!!

  283. Notoverthehill

    Yogi, I must take my hat (Canadian Tilley) off to you. My take is that RVP has a mate in Barcelona, that he wants at The Arsenal???

    PG, now you know! The translator has no grammar and only one meaning for a word.

    The Red&White Holdings letter is obviously “black propaganda” by someone who does not know the legal requirements for a Limited Company letter heading in the U.K.

  284. Ladbury, The pay scale can be tweaked a bit but I don’t believe to the extreme that you want.

    Only a few teams can pay the crazy money but somehow it has become THE norm and the going rate. The same greed that is driving the players to leave is the same greed that may have the players wanting more in house. What is the difference?

  285. PaulN@4.55
    Problem is that a few Arsenal fans and Jabba’s PRs (one requires a heavy dose of Suga before dealing those ginormous football brains) have been spreading that bile about competing with the wages of $iteh for a while.

  286. @ anicoll
    The actions of the doomers are concerted and organised. Blog owners have proof of it. Your remark about the AKB or so called Kroenkenistas is just speculation. That’s the difference.

    @ Ledbury
    I get what you are saying. But the trouble is that the vast majority of players are not worth £30 million in terms of what they can bring to the squad. Very, very few players can just be brilliant in any team – most of them need the set-up around them to be right to enable them to shine. RvP struggles in the Dutch side for this reason. So why pay more than the £10-£20 million they are worth to us? All it does is raise expectations about the level of fee that can be prised out of us thereafter.

  287. The standard way to counter any conspiracy theory – however plausible – is to associate it with the many thousands of implausible thories.

  288. “You cant tell me that if we start the season strongly and are looking like serious contenders, RVP would not want to be part of that.”

    I CAN tell you that he would be playing without a contract for future years and that injuring himself could deprive him of millions of future earnings. If that doesn’t affect his play I don’t know what will. Then he walks for nothing after that year is over. I’d rather have his distraction gone and done with and his transfer fee used to buy a future legend.

    I remember Zidane’s last year with Madrid was piss poor because he was saving himself for his swan song the World Cup 2006 when he was brilliant.

  289. In other news, Denilson is staying at Sao Paolo


    Can’t say im not sad, but good luck to him for the season.

  290. The proposition of an organised conspiracy working through, among other channels, social media presupposes that either that either Kroenke or Usmanov actually give jack as to what fans say, or think, or don’t say or don’t think for that matter.

    I feel that probably overstates their interest or their respect for the fans. Why would they bother ? What “power” have fans got ? The only power we have is to stop spending – and neither K or U would find that remotely beneficial

    I am however perfectly happy to believe there are nutters, holed up in a book depository perhaps, churning out claptrap under multiple identities. The notion of their activity being organised is however stretching the matter too far.

  291. silver gunner


    Who did RVP want at arsenal, Cesc?

    I don’t honestly know why there are so many p’eed off people yes he is world class but after 8 yrs at a club he is entitled to want pastures new after all that is the beauty and ugliness of a contract.

    If they really wanted to keep him then they would have had to bend to his will and sign players based on his vision…… that is no way to run a club.

    I say sell him thanks him for all his hard work because few can argue that he gave his all when fit for the club.

    My team for the start of the season

    ——-Olivier Giroud, Podolski
    Gervinhio, Song, Arteta, Walcott
    Gibbs, Vermalen, koscielny, Jenkinson
    ———–Wojciech Szczesny


    Podolski, Olivier Giroud, Walcott
    ————AOC or Rosicky
    ————-Song, Arteta,
    Gibbs, Vermalen, koscielny, Jenkinson
    ———–Wojciech Szczesny

    Maybe time for 442 ???? But the 433 still looks good

  292. silver gunner

    I think we could play the 4-4-2 against weaker teams with a weaker midfield.

  293. We could play 4-4-2 but Podolski would have to be the forward who drops deep.

  294. So Man Shite is the club who sets the wage-bill by now. Only a few handful of clubs world wide can follow their wage policy. Even their mediocre players earn more than money than most other clubs top players.

    Fine lets say we could have offered RvP 200000 pw. That would mean from now on every contract we have to renew will get a massive increase in wages. In the long run we will end up with a yearly deficit like the one Shitty has every year; around 100 mill pound. Only the few clubs that has sugar daddies can run with that and we are not and should not be like that.

    Its really odd though that Man Shitty target Arsenal players more than they target players from other clubs. I bet next year they will try and get Theo and Song in the same manner as they have stripped us of players every year since Toure. Even Manure has never done that. Wasnt Stapleton the last player to go from Arsenal to Manure? And that is some 30 odd years ago.

    The club also has to take a good long look at the Agents behind the people who have bailed ship and left for Man Shitty. If all those players are Darren Dein run, well then maybe they should just stop dealing with players he has all together, cause it really seems like he has a grudge towards Arsenal.

    I just hope we can take home some silver this year to stop that hole as an argument from players. I would even settle with the League Cup if that could do the trick

  295. It is a little outlandish, but wonder if usmanov has been speaking to van persie!

  296. Silver Gunner, he has been at the club for 8 years and gotten 8 years pay but the club has not gotten 8 season’s out of him. Its not even near as simple as you have put it.
    Also people are not just upset because he wants to leave, it is the disrespectful manner in how he chose to do it.

  297. Hello Everyone!

    It has been a long time since I have posted, but this sad occasion is forcing me to get off of the sidelines and join in. The current state of affairs in world football has made it so that I can not even get upset about news like this anymore. There is just the heavy feeling of disappointment. I cannot muster up the anger that others are showing.

    I had been clinging to the fantasy that there are still some “old school” footballers out there that genuinely love the club they play for, but that notion has been thoroughly put to bed after the last two summers we have had to endure.

    The only bit of solace I can take is in the hope that the club actually held their ground with RVP and told him that they were not wiling to mortgage their future on an aging, injury prone talent that had one year of amazing production.

    The future is still bright for the Arsenal, but the last vestige of belief I had in players’ love for the badge has been firmly extinguished with that pathetic announcement from our former captain.

    COYG! time to move on…

  298. Limestonegunner

    Notoverthehill, wise choice; the Tilley is indeed the hat for the great outdoors!

  299. Just had a real hard time on the FB page of the Arsenal’s Supporters Club – Delhi. They all have fallen like a pack of cards straight into Mr Usmanov’s net.I am a sheep in a herd I am told, looks like we all are.,

    I used to think of Frank’s (& others) evaluation of modern fans as OTT, but now I know what a sorry state we are in, all over the world.

  300. anicoll5, I like the cut of your jib…and avatar too.

  301. ” fuck him all together…
    hold him to his contract, put him in the reserves, see how many fucking teams with ambition want him when he hasnt played for a year…”

    And forego a potential 20 million transfer fee. the people who stand to lose this money probably don’t feel the need to be spiteful to the tune of 20 million quid – they can pay someone (trailer trash Tonya Harding for example) a few thousand to whack him on the knee. More cost efficient. just do it after his sorry ass has been sold to the financial dopers.

  302. “COYG! time to move on…”

    It’s not that easy unfortunately. Losing players like this is akin to grieving any loss. There are many stages to go yet!

    1. Denial — “I feel fine.”; “This can’t be happening, not to me.”
    Denial is usually only a temporary defense for the individual. This feeling is generally replaced with heightened awareness of possessions and individuals that will be left behind after death. Denial can be conscious or unconscious refusal to accept facts, information, or the reality of the situation. Denial is a defense mechanism and some people can become locked in this stage.

    2. Anger — “Why me? It’s not fair!”; “How can this happen to me?”; ‘”Who is to blame?”
    Once in the second stage, the individual recognizes that denial cannot continue. Because of anger, the person is very difficult to care for due to misplaced feelings of rage and envy. Anger can manifest itself in different ways. People can be angry with themselves, or with others, and especially those who are close to them. It is important to remain detached and nonjudgmental when dealing with a person experiencing anger from grief.

    3. Bargaining — “I’ll do anything for a few more years.”; “I will give my life savings if…”
    The third stage involves the hope that the individual can somehow postpone or delay death. Usually, the negotiation for an extended life is made with a higher power in exchange for a reformed lifestyle. Psychologically, the individual is saying, “I understand I will die, but if I could just do something to buy more time…” People facing less serious trauma can bargain or seek to negotiate a compromise. For example “Can we still be friends?..” when facing a break-up. Bargaining rarely provides a sustainable solution, especially if it’s a matter of life or death.

    4. Depression — “I’m so sad, why bother with anything?”; “I’m going to die soon so what’s the point?”; “I miss my loved one, why go on?”
    During the fourth stage, the dying person begins to understand the certainty of death. Because of this, the individual may become silent, refuse visitors and spend much of the time crying and grieving. This process allows the dying person to disconnect from things of love and affection. It is not recommended to attempt to cheer up an individual who is in this stage. It is an important time for grieving that must be processed. Depression could be referred to as the dress rehearsal for the ‘aftermath’. It is a kind of acceptance with emotional attachment. It’s natural to feel sadness, regret, fear, and uncertainty when going through this stage. Feeling those emotions shows that the person has begun to accept the situation.

    5. Acceptance — “It’s going to be okay.”; “I can’t fight it, I may as well prepare for it.”
    In this last stage, individuals begin to come to terms with their mortality, or that of a loved one, or other tragic event. This stage varies according to the person’s situation. People dying can enter this stage a long time before the people they leave behind, who must pass through their own individual stages of dealing with the grief.

    Replace death/dying with the image of a greedy self-centred footballer selling his soul to the highest bidder and you get the picture!

  303. Keysers0ze – not that outlandish – Dean Sr had/has ties to Usmanov/Red&White and Dean Jr has ties to RVP

  304. “so the club have said they are keeping him but we all want to sell him?
    funny its a scenario i wouldnt have imagined when i woke up yesterday..”

    The club wants to sell him. Public posturing to declare they will keep him. If they state they will sell him then the price drops as sharks and vultures circle the Emirates. The club will publicly wish Robin well even if they hope he breaks both legs.

  305. Passenal @ 6:13, I think I’ve skipped right past stages 1, 2 & 3, right into depression.

  306. “the fallout from this will take up the entire summer..

    robin, what have you done?”

    The entire summer? Where do you live? Alaska?
    I’ll be over it before the end of this week. Watch….
    Robin? Robin who?

    Hmm, sooner than expected. Onwards and forward. C’mon Arsene find a creative midfielder or Mvila and unleash Song forward.

  307. we should sell him to anzhi. let him freeze there with eto’o.

  308. Limestonegunner

    Philmar, after RvP’s statement, hasn’t his price dropped precipitously as he tries to force a move? And why is he trying to force a move? The likely scenario is that the club wanted to hold him to his final year whether he re-signed or not. Of course, if everyone clamors that he must be sold, or he gets massively abused by supporters and the club is put under pressure, as seems to be happening, doesn’t that also help force the club to sell and since this is all happening publicly and being reported by the media and so on aren’t potential bidders going to come in low?

    So how much can we even sell him for? Is it actually worth it, unless it is clear to AW that RvP won’t be professional? He might try to avoid injury but he also has to play well until at least January and possibly until the end of the season to actually score the big money on his next contract.

    It is not so black and white. It also isn’t so clear cut financially. Where are the offers? After the Euros, his value might have dropped as well. And even if we do sell, why should we strengthen a domestic rival for a difference of a few million?

  309. Love the blog and always read the comments but rarely comment myself…..what would anyone say to a cheeky bid for Rossi of Villareal to come in, wouldnt cost a bomb and is techneqully sound and is an out and out goal scorer with pace, just throwing it out there

  310. Very true Passenal!…lol…I think I went through those steps incredibly quickly from the time I found out yesterday until today.

    If I had to describe my emotional state today it would be a strong sense of detachment…

  311. LSG

    unfortunately, i think his big money move is secured- to man shitty.

  312. Just scanned through the not unexpected negativity being fanned over the proposed departure. Everyone seems to be seeking solutions to our ‘losing our best players’. We have those who will not accept that RvP has made a decision about which the club could do little and those (often the same) who blame Arsene, the CEO, Board and AFC for this.

    It crossed my mind to wonder, ‘how many of those critics who so diligently seek a solution to our losing our best players in recent years’, have turned their gaze inward?

    For example, I believe that the childish negativity that has beset the Emirates since our move and related changes (booing, gasps and the rest) have created an atmosphere that plays its part. No player/human wants to be felt unloved. No one wants to go to work and try your best only to be slaughtered should a competing worker outperform your best efforts. No one can play at their best when the supporters induce fear – fear of making a missed pass in the high-paced environment that is the EPL. No player can perform to their optimum continually (injuries, exhaustion, personal distractions not withstanding) and to witness what happens when such an underperformance is unavoidable for a colleague must surely put them on alert that there simply has to be a better place to make their crust.

    I know that the quality of support improved massively last season – as did our performances at that time. However, with the club doing all it can to address this issue whilst maintaining long term club security, maybe we supporters will do likewise from here on out: once the season starts of course.

    I am not dismissing the many aspects that can be tightened up, only addressing one that is far too easy to overlook but far to costly to ignore.

  313. Anyone got a stream for the Arsenal ladies match against Chelsea tonight?

  314. steww unfortunately it isnt being shown.. u can follow on twitter though.

  315. Limestonegunner

    Kori, how do we know? And why does the club have to sell to them? We don’t. If we do, I will certainly blame the club for prioritizing short term cash over competitiveness. It is becoming undignified for this great club to be a feeder for ManCity. It was fine early in their rise or to dump players with inflated valuations, but now they are a title competitor. We might as well say we aren’t a title competitor; in which case we validate RvP’s disgraceful comments. Sell him abroad if we must. It would be irresponsible to feed the beast, unless we don’t genuinely plan to go for the title this season. I think we could have and might still if things go our way the rest of this summer.

  316. Mr Robin van Nasri.. that sir is the door..oh and it would be much appreciated if you could leave without talking absolute bollocks..but since you have already done that..

  317. Limestonegunner

    Well, I can’t be that categorical–I would be disappointed in the board’s decision, wonder whether AW was overruled, think about whether it was worth the extra money and wonder whether it could be used to make us much better, and feel as Jonny pointed out the other day that something was broken to the extent that caring about football for me could be affected. So blame is perhaps too harsh and reactive a word.

  318. Limestonegunner

    Anyway, following Arsenal is getting excessively political. Its tiring. Is it like this for other top clubs? If I wanted to think this way, I’d give up on football/sports and think even more about social issues, international affairs and genuine politics. There’s more substance at least to these matters it terms of what the consequences are. Football should be a fun past-time and create an enjoyable community of passion for the club and game. Instead, here we are dealing with spin and counterspin, with accusations and agendas and even conspiracy theories.

    Both billionaires disgust me. The players are a disappointment. The game is being ruined. While he isn’t perfect because no one is, the only figure I respect and admire is Arsene Wenger. He does his best for the club, he promotes proper values, honours his contracts, and conducts himself with class and dignity. He deserves better from his players, from the fans, the media, and from his board.

    Perhaps he can pull another rabbit out of the hat and despite everything put together a team that can win or actually get close next season in the league or go to a semi-final or final in the CL. For once it would be nice to give him the opportunity to build a team that can and does fulfill his vision without such disruption and discord. I think the club really needs a fresh narrative and no doubt AW would love to do more than beat back Spuds, Liverpool, Newcastle for 3rd or 4th. But he soldiers on. That’s something these days.

  319. Usmanov’s open letter really says it all, gunners wake up, can’t win anything if we keep selling our best players, I don’t really know about Giroud, and also podolski played his best at germany or may be not. but i know is that someone has to get hold of things and push this club forward…some players really need to follow RVP; chamakh, diaby, and squillaci,

  320. pedantic george

    LSG who abroad ,that might want him ,and to whom he might agree to go to,will pay him£200k+ pw?
    The answer is no one , So that is that then

  321. Limestonegunner

    So then don’t sell him, George.

  322. Don’t start slagging and dissing him because he said our club has no mentality to win big. We heard it all before though haven’t we? No truth in it whatsoever is there?

    The reason we sell all our best players after being held to ransom because nobody bothered until their contracts had a year left. Naaahh that’s all cos the players in question are all cunts aren’t they?

    And our current board are the best in the business aren’t they. Love the club so much don’t they and always re-investing aren’t they? So much so we can all see clearly the vision Kronke has for the club can’t we.

    Yeah lets all start slagging RVP the money grabbing tosser.

  323. Limestonegunner

    Just because RvP is ready to prostitute himself for the money doesn’t mean AFC has to. Just tell him now. No sale to City. You have two weeks to find a club abroad able to meet our valuation of 25million or whatever it is. If you can’t that isn’t our problem. After that window, preseason starts and we will not entertain an offer from anyone and you will prepare for our season. At the end of it you can re-sign or go as a free agent. Hope you have a good year or no one will be in the market.

    As FG put it, sorry sunshine!

  324. Billy's Boots

    Steww, I’m trying to embed audio – did you ever get it to work?

    [audio http://www.box.net/shared/static/z6y8ib6q3k.mp3%5D

  325. George – But who has said he wants £200k p/w? The red tops have said that is what M City are offering him (because they would obviously know). There are plenty of clubs abroad who will good good wages for him. £200k p/w….who knows? But that is just a made up figure anyway.

  326. I don’t post nearly enough but always enjoy the read. I just can’t wait for the season to begin and hopefully we wont have *him in the squad. Chin up and let’s let the football do the talking.

  327. Billy's Boots

    Bah! Let’s try that again…

    [audio http://www.box.net/shared/static/z6y8ib6q3k.mp3 ]

  328. Billy's Boots

    Back to the drawing board…

  329. Limestone – “You have two weeks to find a club abroad able to meet our valuation of 25million or whatever it is. If you can’t that isn’t our problem.”

    Heh, if the Cesc saga proved anything, it is that what you suggest is 100% not how we operate.

  330. pedantic george

    LSG ,because he is now toxic.
    He has made it that he has to be sold .And will only go to a club he has likely already chosen.

  331. pedantic george

    goonerton.I knew you would break cover

  332. pedantic george

    Andy ,and 100% not possible.
    Even oil money is real.

  333. Goonerton

    Am I correct in assuming that by matching his ambition, you mean signing players he considers necessary

    In which case, we can just dispense with our scouting system. Just ask the guy in the last year of his contract..simples..

    Oh and we can also give the scouts wages to said player in the last year of his contract..Oh and AW does not have to read those long scout reports, travel to watch scouted players, or watch hours of footage of talented young players..so we can halve his wages and give it to said players in the last year of their contract..

    And these players can also ask for the club to show said ambition by just paying whats demanded..for if said player believes a particular player should be signed, a club with any sort of “ambition” would not haggle over price, contract, wages, and other such triflings. We can let go of all the backroom staff responsible for those things, and halve Ivan Gazidis wages too..my god this is getting better by the minute..

    Oh and we can dispense with the youth set up too..who needs them, a club with “ambition” signs the best players in the universe..no questions asked right???

    Why ever did we not think of such a set up at Arsenal FC

    Sack the whole lot……..

  334. Billy's Boots

    Very good post, YW. I’m surprised how different I feel about this episode compared to the Cesc/Nasri departures, but I guess those sagas made RVP’s position all too predictable (even though I thought he would stay).

  335. “Think about it, Nasri left “to win trophies” Van Persie now wants to leave “to win trophies”, that my friends is like a slow poison going through the club, telling the players subconscioulsy that Arsenal cannot win trophies, that we cannot challenge and are not ambitious.”

    I know he didn’t leave to win trophies, i know Nasri didn’t leave to win trophies. YOU know it. Of course the players know it as well. Don’t worry what effect this bullshit public posturing conjured up by agent/publicists has on the current players. they have money greedy agents/publicists as well that advise them to say the same things and when to kiss badges, when to declare undying love for the team.

  336. Limestonegunner

    The problem last summer is that things were unclear. Let’s be clear. How did Tottenham manage to hold onto Modric, who played well and did not unsettle Spuds?

    I consider it a bargain. We’ve paid him 80K a week season upon season during his injury. Why should we worry now if we only get half a season on that wage until January when he can ink his next deal. It isn’t a legal contract now and if he doesn’t play well August to December, do you think ManCity is going to honour their verbal commitment or will they be off entranced by the latest hot little striker in fashion?

    The main thing is for our club to be clear on its priorities–footballing success in a sustainable (not profit maximising) way. And the decisions about football should be Arsene Wengers and we should do what we can to support the only honorable figure in all this to have the freedom and space to make the best decisions for the team.

    To me that means not demanding that the club sell RvP. The only thing we should demand is that our club have some bottle, some guts, some principles and be strong. Strong in deciding to sell because it is genuinely best for the team (not the financial accounts) or strong in refusing to benefit its rivals against its football interests. Sometimes selling is the right thing and sometimes it isn’t. And on this issue, the calculations might be more complex, financially and “footballistically”, as AW would put it.

  337. Oh btw…hello everyone..long time since my last post 😛

  338. As far as I’m aware the only actual offer made was an £8 million bid by Juve, a fairly realistic bid for a player with only a year left on his contract who wants to move. The fact is that £8 million is not a can’t refuse sum of money for Arsenal. It’s clear that Man City will put in a huge bid that will swamp all of the others (unless Chelsea get involved). The question is do we identify and sign a player who can replace RVP and use the money to strengthen further in other areas as well or do we make a stand that we cannot be bought every time they come knocking?

  339. pedantic george

    Hey BB,
    Its not as bad is it? Not football wise .
    He is just more disappointing as a human being

  340. to be honest..The moment we signed Giroud I sort of knew RVP would be off

  341. Limestonegunner

    GA, but we seem to have adjusted to last summer’s saga. We brought in replacements early. So why can’t be make things clear and be firm? Last year we undersold Fabregas to Barca and let it drag out while we tried to negotiate a better fee. Save 3 or 4 million, if that’s the difference and get a quick sale abroad. Or say forget it–you can be free after this season. You’re an Arsenal player until then.

    George, toxic to whom? One statement that was ill advised but also can be read many ways. Where did he demand a transfer? If the club fights back, a podium can be found and cameras arranged for him to make another statement; or he can post it on his website.

    The standard is only one thing: what works best for Arsenal. Finance has parameters but not dictates within those parameters.

  342. pedantic george

    LSG because Modric does not go for free now,One year on.RVP will.

  343. “my point was about how Drogba ultimately performed last season and the results he helped to achieve. Kalou was allowed to run his deal down to the wire as well and he played admirably (for him that is) while there too.

    RvP won’t get us anywhere near the figures bandied about, selling him makes little sense to me. ”

    Dex, selling him WOULD make sense to you if you were personally pocketing some of the transfer fee. Chesea are financial dopers and don’t care if they lose players on a free transfer. The people that run Arsenal operate under a different business model.

  344. Limestonegunner – I think this view that players will always play within themselves or under perform is misguided. Yes there will be players who do this but those that have genuine ambition, whether that be financial or trophy’s will perform to make sure that they get the big deal. Flamini is a perfect example, in the modern climate of short attention spans if a player wants out he must realise that if he disappears off the radar for a season a new target will soon be flavour of the month.

  345. I agree with Limey @ 7.18.
    As for the following I think I’m in the minority: he’s staying this season. I am not in a position to be or not to be in favour of that decision. Just a hunch.

  346. If Jack and Diaby regain fitness and form..we could do a spain..4-6-0, we have the talent and the players to pull it off, and we could possibly get that extra 6-8% possession that will allow us to become defensively more solid..

  347. Although, unfortunately I don’t think AW makes all the calls. Reading the groaning twits above with their cutting comments about AKB’s and Kronke and Usmanov I’m guessing that popular mythology is still popular with the simple ones.

  348. To me I think it is pointless trying to decalre who the next captain should be. Factors like lockerroom behavior and training ground comitment come in to play and we know nothing about this. can Arteta inspire in the locker room? does Song push people to train harder? does Vermaelen convince teammates on the road to foresake a night of fun on the town before a big match?
    We don’t know any of that shit – Arsene knows.

  349. Key differences between the Drogba and RVP situation –

    1. Drogba actually carried Chelsea to various successes in his time there, and did not just whine about the lack of it. The fans were obviously more understanding of his situation and him wanting to move.

    2. He actually played many seasons for them, not just a season and a half, have spent long periods of the previous six and a half injured.

    3. He is older than RVP.

  350. Philmar @ 7.35

    Spot on…

  351. The real idiot in all this, in case there is any doubt, is RVP himself.
    Ignoring Arsenal, he went into the Euro’s tired, but still in the form of his life. That is not an understatement. Looked like he took his eye off the ball at times. And that was probably his last chance to win something with his national team. To be a star in a national tournament. The plonker (The Dutch will not win in Brazil).

  352. What I do not get with our “star” players leaving to win trophies is that – as “star” players and captains and such they are more than an integral part of said failure to win trophies. They are equally if not more responsible for the lack of silverware than anyone else.

    Whats even more unbelievable is that some so called “fans” actually buy this garbage and blame the manager, CEO, chairman, injured players etc, for something which is actually primarily down to the players performances on the pitch..

  353. Limestonegunner

    Yes, but that was reason for Modric to be toxic. He would have to wait 5 years if he doesn’t become toxic. RvP only has to wait one year. He already waited this year and played well.

    If he realizes he isn’t just going to get his way, maybe he can be professional for a year.

    My point is that AW deserves to make that call. Not the accountants and not fans who join a knee jerk clamour for his sale because they are disappointed in RvP’s apparent rejection of Arsenal. We all have our opinions and I have articulated some of mine in detail that suggests the financial rewards of selling him have to be very substantial to make it worthwhile and a few millions more isn’t worth selling to City to feed the beast.

    Sorry, we need to be more mature and a bit stronger than that.

    What are your points and those of others? We need to sell because he is toxic and there is money to be made selling him now–how much?… Next season, he doesn’t need to be captain, he just needs to play well to allow Poldi and Giroud to bed in by the second half of the season. He needs to play well to go somewhere else anyway as I pointed out. Right now he is on 80k and hasn’t accepted something in the neighbourhood of 130 or 140. So we save 50-60k on him for next season. No signing bonus.

    Maybe I am wrong and it wouldn’t work out. Well, you might be wrong to throw away the chance to build on last season and its potential long term benefits.

    In any case I hope AW makes the decision on firm footballing grounds. But of course will the board allow that?

  354. regarding drogba

    i don’t think the chelsea fans are that disappointed wahtsoever because they knew he was in the twillight of his career, and won’t be going somewhere to strengthen their rivals. obviously that is easier to stomach.

  355. ” why should we strengthen a domestic rival for a difference of a few million? ‘

    It isn’t my money so I could not care less for a few million. but it ISN’T my money and the people whose money it is HAVE cared in the past. Cole, Nasri, Adebayor, Nasri, Clichy all sold to rivals.

    My opinion (opinion) is that the board will sell him even if it is to Shitty. The board doesn’t think it can spend to win the league that has 2 mega-financial dopers. Not with our current debt. Our team’s captain realises that. They can’t afford to pay their wages. So they are competing for 3rd place or 4th place. they’d actually prefer to sell him to Shitty who’ll outspend us for first arather than sell him to a rival for 3rd place like Spuds or Newcastle since that might land us out of the Champions League money.
    Just my opinion.

  356. Limestonegunner

    Two good posts there Marc that put the issues in proper focus.

    The calculation is what sort of player is RvP? To me that’s the crux of the issue and the man best placed to make the judgment will hopefully have a free hand in making that decision.

  357. I don’t ignore Frank’s thoughts at 11.53, past form has been consistent! I think Limey explains it all better then I can.

  358. Limestonegunner

    Philmar, all of the money is Arsenal’s money and it is self-sustaining; tv revenues in the new deal are up massively–30million, we are guaranteed group stages of CL, we recovered from a very difficult period for the club; we lost players last summer that affected Arsenal’s image. New deals commercially are coming up in 2014–what kind of position should Arsenal be in to capitalize on that opportunity? Will reversing the narrative and winning/challenging for trophies improve Arsenal’s worldwide image and brand and commercial possibilities after 7 years? There are a lot of financial factors involved. Will RvP help achieve that?

    No one is spending their money on the operations of Arsenal. They are only investing in shares of the club as a whole. And they have already bought these shares and if they don’t like the direction of the club they can sell them. Most of the board has no stake involved financially and the others only have shares whose value will increase with the value of the club. Right now they have to ask, will the value of the club be increased or decreased by AW’s football decisions?

    Your point about it being someone else’s money is a total red herring in the way you conceive of the issue. Kroenke is not paying RvP’s wages nor is he gaining any money by selling him. If selling him damages AFC, he is losing value on his shares.

    The difference should be crystal clear.

  359. Some good news. Bac recovery is ahead of schedule according to his Twitter account:
    “Back to my life in London after time off/rehab in middle east. I started running again without any pain.”

  360. so today, i saw two guys wearing Arsenal jerseys (one with Henry 12 and one with wilshere) at my uni in munich. heartened to see that. like defiance.

  361. Good news indeed on Bac. Also welcome aboard Terry Burton.

    Read this from another blogger, and i agree i have to say. ‘At what other club would a 24 year-old midfielder spend a second consecutive season out on loan? We appear incapable of getting Denilson permanently off our books.’ – a 19 year old learning his trade but a player of Denilsons age and games played IS a bit worrying……..

  362. Limestonegunner

    Also, Philmar, this board needs to have more belief in AW than what you attribute to them. Arsenal can take the league. Losing RvP or his commitment certainly won’t help. But we’ll see. If they don’t back him fully, they haven’t learned anything from his time at AFC or from last season. Now that would be as disappointing as RvP’s statement.

    AW isn’t going to be around forever. Now is the time to support him as fully as possible in making football decisions within our self-sustaining parameters. It may even make some financial sense to take a couple reasonable risks and gambles if it will help us take our chance.

  363. Limestonegunner

    Fins, a pleasure doing some Arsenal blogging with you.

    But now I am tired. I meant that post above. It drains much of the pleasure away constantly approaching AFC in this “political” way.

    If folks could get a grip–but anyway I’ve said enough on this unhappy topic.

    Time for some unity. UP the Gunners!

  364. ArsenalLadies losing to Chelsea at the mo – 2-1. Half an hour to turn it around.

  365. Come on Ladies, we need some good news to cheer us up!

    I’ve just seen that the Nigeria game is off. Our fellow supporters in that neck of the woods will be mightily disappointed.

  366. FG

    so i have seen on twitter. apparently chelsea had chances to kill us off.

  367. The Nigeria game has been postponed.

  368. Game’s not over, korihikage. Another 20-25 mins to go.

    Pity about the Nigeria game but at least the principle has been established, as it were, and it’s postponement not cancellation.

  369. kelly smith!!!!!!

  370. Kelly Smith does the business – 2-2 now. Go girls!

  371. kelly again. what a return.

  372. Smith again! 3-2. 10 mins to go.

  373. Hold it together now, girls. Keep that lead.

  374. 4-2 Kim Little. Turngn on the style now.

  375. 4-2 now. stuff of champions.

  376. That result was a tonic. Well done, ALFC.

  377. 8 points clear, half the season gone.

  378. Nostrathymus says,
    after all is said and done..
    I STILL SEE THE ARSENAL DOING A DOUBLE in the 2012/13 season,

    “…let the fools be hating
    peace be to you if its worth the waiting!”

  379. Excellent! Well done Arsenal Ladies

  380. mattgoonerknight

    Firstly, as it currently stands, I’m massively disappointed.

    However, I’m with LSG, Fins, JonJon (In particular the change of heart at 12:05 pm) and several others who’ve suggested that he stays and he plays. He is still our player; he is still under contract, and he has not explicitly stated that he wants to leave, so I for one am not willing him out of the door.

    Has his conduct been reproachable? Of course, but I don’t rule out rule out a resolution of sorts which involves him staying. Deluded? Perhaps. Optimistic? It’s my preferred disposition.

    For me, the whole sad affair smacks of what Rooney hit Man Utd with two years back. Admittedly, Utd have had to dig deeper than we could ever do to keep their man, but if our “ambition” is increased slightly, would he perhaps suddenly become convinced, as Rooney did, that IG and SK are equally as ambitious after all?

    I really think the two scenarios are very similar:

    We’ll be more than fine regardless of the eventual permutations.

    Roll on August 18th.

  381. mattgoonerknight


    Great news about Bac! Running without pain sounds hugely positive.

    If we go into August almost intact (with or without a certain someone) we’ll be sorted.

    Well, I defy anyone who doesn’t believe that we’ll have a better start to this season than last ; )

  382. Limestonegunner

    MGK, a very pertinent link and a fine post. Hopefully resolved soon and whatever happens that Arsenal is ready for the fight this season.

  383. Limestonegunner

    Kori, I wore my Arsenal shirt at the gym today. Similarly feeling a bit defiant!

    Must be big Bayern territory there, so props to the gooners flashing their colours proudly.

  384. mattgoonerknight

    Drink from my Arsenal mug every day in the staff room and wore my Arsenal shorts at training this afternoon.


  385. Bradys right foot

    I wouldn’t have begrudged RVP a move, infact the descision to extend his contract was never black and white. RVP is an incredible talent but with a worrying injury record, the last two years saw the club and then the player hedge their bets on an extension as age, salary injury and ability tilted the scales in favour at different times of the player and club. If RVP was minded to go then I wouldn’t have stood in his way.

    The statement issued yesterday however was so unRVP like, it was disrespectful and has put the club under immense pressure. He could have walked away with his head held high and made sure that the club co ordinated and conducted its summer business in the best possible way before leaving. He’s chosen an unecessary course of action, one that deliberately damaged the club and has tarnished his legacy for no obvious reason.

  386. pedantic george

    Bradys right foot .There is a good reason though.In fact perhaps about 50 million of them over the next 4 years.

  387. Interestingly enough, if he stays the final year at his current rate, the club saves just over 3 million pounds in wages, and the 5 million pound bonus, so that’s 8 million pounds saved compared to signing a new deal.

    If you then consider that his original purchase price would have been amortized over the first 5 years with us, as an asset on the books is concerned, his residual value should be zero, so from an accounting perspective, keeping him for the last year is quite a bargain.

    coupled to that, how many seasons would the club have realistically wanted to keep him? Another 2 max? We probably were offering 3, maybe (but unlikely) 4.

    So, we avoid a 3rd possibly costly loss year, and we get value for a compromise single year.

    Is it inconceivable that the club was relaxed about RvP not signing and seeing out his final year so his agent is panicking?

    I think it would make some sense for the club to play hardball this time, and to provide a bit of a wake-up call for any players who might be thinking of following his path in future.

  388. Hello, Lukas. Hi, Olivier. Great to meet you at last. Let me introduce you to our captain, Robin. Robin will make sure that you guys are looked after, introduce you to the team and some of the staff. He wants to leave and doesn’t think we are bringing in the right players, but don’t worry he’s very professional.

  389. Well done, Arsenal Ladies

  390. Or…..well thats everyone now, Olivier, and you too, Lukas. You seem to have met everyone. Thanks for showing them around, Thomas. Nice one captain. Whats that, Lukas? Who is the bloke scowling in the corner? Oh thats Robin. Yes thats right he is still here. He thinks you two are shit but don’t worry he is very professional.

  391. Notoverthehill

    LSG, you are so correct, especially in the wind-swept wilds!

    As for RVP, he states, inter alia – I will say this only once -As soon as Mr. Gazidis is back from his 2-week holiday in America further meetings will follow and I will update you if and when there are more developments. Why conclude in such fashion?

    I was actually thinking of Ibrahim Afellay! Contracted to Barça until 2015. Salary €3 millions.

    The Red&White Holdings missive is a “spoof”, with the postmark, Dublin.

  392. “What the fuck is Gazidis’ purpose at the club if not to try and make sure players contracts are not allowed to run down? Once or twice is fair enough I suppose, but we could be talking about 5 or 6 players now.”

    It is the star players whose heads have been turned by high wage offers from financial dopers who want to leave. Outside of learn a few ju jitsu submission holds what else can he do? The Djourous stay.

  393. Bradys right foot

    But PG he didn’t have to shit in the nest before collecting his money from his next club.

  394. A song for the person who helped Robbing van Pursy with his statement.

  395. A tune for the person who helped Robbing van Pursy with his statement.

  396. Bradys right foot

    What about this pre season games against Man City in china, that should be fun. Can we sell to Man City?

  397. more like this frank…hello olivier do you want to sign for the Arsenal?? sacre bleu no you have rvp when vill i a play! dont worry rvp is fucking us over for all our loyalty we showed him you will be our new main man….show me where to a sign le boss..

  398. Gael Clichy
    Samir Nasri
    Cesc Fabregas
    Robin Van Persie
    Nicklaus Bendtner
    Theo Walcott (possibly)

    These players were the very heart of our team for the past 3-4 seasons.
    All seasons in which we seriously choked at some point.
    Finals, Semi-finals, Quarter-finals all bolloxed up for one reason or another.
    And THEY have the balls to say they are leaving to win trophies, not for the cash?
    I think I would faint if any of them had reall balls and admitted that together as a team they were just not good enough.

    Before this group of players we had The Invincibles.

    This group should go down as The Inevitables.

    As every time they had their chances (many of them) they Inevitably buckled under the pressure. In hindsight, it explains why AW always mentioned mental strength, he knew they did not have it but was determined to try and instill it in them. Was it thrilling to watch? Of course it was!! Hell, even the Spuds fans were watching the Arsenal-Barca games. And to think of all the criticism Almunia got for his mistakes, when all along he was surrounded by talented but non-believing players when the chips were down. I will never forget those first 21 minutes against Barca when they ran us ragged, only to come up against arguably the most villified Arsenal GK of all time, and he stopped everything they threw at him. Again and again and again! Big Al stayed and fought for his place no matter what and not once came out and talked shit about the club.

    Sagna Kos TV Santos
    Arteta Song Rosicky
    Ox Giroud Podolski

    Le Coq
    Park (why the fuck not!! even if it is just to confuse the opposition!!)

    Robin Van Who!?

  399. pedantic george

    BRF,he did if Arsenal had told him they wanted him to see out his contract.
    I think they did .I also think he was told he did not dictate policy,and he was miffed that they didn’t see him as indispensable.
    He has thrown his toys out of the pram in order to get his big money move now.Not next year when his stock may have dropped.

  400. the implorables!!

  401. I would also like to see Yennaris given a chance to play in Theo’s position at some point. He has really impressed me when he has played. Not often I know but he is quick, a very good passer and likes to run with the ball. Homegrown player aswell I believe, so he won’t affact the squad limitations.

  402. The Implodables!

  403. And what is RVP going on about not having won any medals? Does he not have a World Cup Final Losers Medal? Greedy bastard!! How many medals does he want!?

  404. pedantic george

    Robin peeked this year.
    He had a year like Dennis had in 98.But he is not Dennis and it lt will never be seen again.No matter where he plays.
    He was outshone by Rosicky in the last third of the season.
    We will miss him ,but don’t be fooled into thinking what we will miss is this years model.That has had its day.

  405. ” Also, Philmar, never say that everyone can be baught, even if you can. We have a manager that has proven that wrong, no? ”

    Sure Paul and there’s that jesus bloke, Buddha amd Mother Teresa and that Gandhi guy who I understand was rubbish at heading the ball. Too bad we didn’t sign any of them when they were available. 😉

  406. George!! What are you slating one of our players for?
    Surely there are other players on our squad that peaked , oh say 4 years ago and were outshone by Rosicky the WHOLE season.

    Just pushing your buttons, relax 😉

  407. pedantic george

    Well you may be kidding Philmar,but there is a deal of truth in your jest.
    And it saddens me to admit it.But the truth was there to be seen by all .Even me.

  408. Billy’s Boots

    Many good posts this evening.

    @ PG, sorry for the delayed response to your 7:19 pm comment. Yes, I would agree – I am much less angry about the RVP developments. It helps that the club has given the impression that they are far more in control of events this summer compared to last. And you’re right, it was the thought that RVP was a better human being than Fabregas and Nasri that had me thinking he would stay, so that aspect of it is certainly more disappointing.

  409. LSG

    well, people here are only bayern munich fans when they are winning.i mean aside from the other gooners i know from the pub, i have seen quite a few people with arsenal merchandise. like the polo tee, once even a duffel bag. and once a little girl in the jersey. .

    and come to think of it, i have never really seen anyone wearing stuff from man utd or liverpool.

  410. FG, Passenal

    who cares about rvp. we have Kelly Smith.

  411. Billy’s Boots

    In a strange way, this whole saga of us losing one or more players every year reminds me of the interesting discussion earlier in the week about survival of the fittest. With the football landscape having changed so dramatically by the oil money, Arsenal’s biggest chance of success may come from being the best to adapt to that new environment. If the new reality is that we will lose players every year (in some fashion) and, most years, we can sell them for a huge profit, then I think we can adapt to that better than most clubs. AW has arguably done better than any other manager at consistently unearthing gems. I can still see the club winning titles and trophies, just not necessarily regularly. Of course, it may be that the “gap” in salary level compared to the oil-financed clubs is reduced after the stadium debt is cleared and perhaps if FFP ever begins to bite.

    I recall some comparison of optimists and pessimists in a study. It turns out that the pessimists were more accurate in their view of the world, but the optimists were more successful. Food for thought!

  412. Wenger is a liar & Gazidis is a snake. Hill Wood/Fizsman/Carr & Bracewell-Smith left the club 300m in debt & sold out to Kronke, leaving the fans to pick up the bill. We have to sell our best players year after year & Kronke doesn’t have to invest an additional penny hiding behind the cloak of self sustainability.


  413. Good and valid points Limestone, I agree for brevity’s sake my position is overly simplistic.
    Bottom line is that the board probably has asked Wenger if he feels keeping Robin for one final year will win us the league. The fact the team/Wenger have bought Giroud and Podolski suggests to me that the answer was ‘no’. I honestly don’t think the team is trying to win the league but trying to ensure Champion’s league position until the debt is paid off. Every time a star player come to the wicket to renegotiate they are sold. the team can’t/isn’t willing to match financial dopers wages. The team hasn’t risked losing the transfer value for any of them even when we were closer than the 19 points we are from first.
    I don’t think we are close to winning the league. We need to makeup 19 points on BOTH Manc clubs. Purpleface Manure always comes back strongest when he’s been bested and Shitty have shedloads of funds to buy even more players this year.
    I suspect Arsene the economist and the board have deemed the best interests of the club are served by cashing in on Robin. Keeping him might get us within 5 or 8 points of the top spot but would we beat BOTH Manc clubs? i doubt it. We can’t even guarantee Robin next season won’t be more like his first 7.

  414. Billy’s Boots

    I’m sure that study meant “in general”!

  415. I see that thick c*nt has appeared for his 1 evening post.

  416. Billy’s Boots

    It will be interesting to see what happens with both United and City this year. It wouldn’t come as a shock to me to see United decline (further). They have an amazing will to win, but I don’t think they have strengthened enough. City could run away with the title, or they could just as easily implode. I think Arsenal are in with a reasonable chance.

  417. pedantic george

    I think RGG in in need of some serious help.

  418. Limestone.

    You and I have always agreed that the club should start thinking about football results and spending money to improve results is money well spent. However the time to think about that was when we were making contract offers to RVP. Keeping a player who clearly does not want to stay has been negative in almost all cases. Had we offered him an extra 100,000 per week for 4 years it would have cost the club an extra 20M. 20M is about how much we could probably sell him for. Wouldn’t it have made more sense to keep him for 4 years and spend 20M rather then give up that much in transfer fee?

  419. pedantic george

    Bill ,so by your maths that is 40 million for a 29 year old injury prone shit stirrer,sorry striker.
    Plus his existing wage 16 million so 56 million pounds for 4 years from him?

  420. The Arse in The Gamb

    So vP will be off if someone can offer some money, which is not 10 or 20 million. ….pounds. More like 40 unless it is the Blue Manchester and then it is 80 million. Double is fair for them.

    There is no hurry, we don’t need 20 million for him and he is worth that for a season as long as he stays fit, it is such a big pity that he was not able to stay fit for more seasons as he is an excellent player.

    What about his choice of club? It must be an emotional attachment as I don’t see them winning that much in the following years that he leaves.

    Goodbye vP this year or next and thanks. Giving our best player away last year meant we finished a place higher in the league with a better squad and Given Spains success without strikers……

  421. Limestonegunner

    Of course, Bill. We have tried to pay top wages for young talents but that hasn’t produced loyalty and has exposed us at the top end. Transfer spending is inefficient compared to wage spending, as Arsene knows. That’s why he made those comments last summer about wages and the problem with competing at the highest level without being able to come close in wages. But the club wouldn’t or couldn’t do much. That was the time to make a big offer–maybe they did, but we don’t know.

    Transfer spend helps other clubs while wage spending goes straight to the player and helps attract them up your club. During our recent heyday we offered the highest or second highest wages in the PL and we won tons of titles. Now we can’t match certain clubs but our flat wage structure had tied our hands further than was optimal.
    Keeping your best players is the best way to succeed and spend efficiently. No doubt about that.

  422. Limestonegunner

    People are often under the mu’s impression that AW would not spend so much on wages for players. He doesn’t have such qualms if the player gives his best to pay what the market requires. Sure ge’ll bargain hard and try to get the best deal for the club but it isn’t a matter of principle if you listen to remarks he has made on this–he doesn’t begrudge the players their rewards because they create most of the value, obviously. No one needs Kroenke or Gaxidis to enjoy the beautiful game– they only need players and coaches.

  423. Limestonegunner

    Misimpression, rather.

  424. LSG – Good points as always but you should also remember that our sponsorship deals with both Nike (kit supplier) and Emirates (sponsor) run out in 2014. Nike already extended their’s a few years ago and prsumably would like to do so again. I am sure the Emirates would be open to an extension deal too. Between the 2 deals we earn 13.5m a year. Nike $8m, Emirates $5.5m approx. Compare that to Liverpool who earn $20m from sponsorship and have a $25m kit deal with Warrior Sports. That is more than a $30m annual gap in income. Or to put it another way, a player like RVP every year (wages included). Just like when it comes to RVP’s contract, were we wanted to open talks before it ran out, I am sure both companies would like to do the same if they wish to retain their status with The Arsenal. I won’t even mention how much money we could be getting if we renegotiated the stadium sponsorship aswell.

    I do not think it is a coincidence that after 12 years absence, we start playing in China again. Talk about product placement!! The one country in the world right now that can afford to throw money around like there is no tomorrow and who shows up but The Arsenal. Playing the reigning PL champions no less. (Bloody good move that!) With all the billionaires in China these days buying up football clubs and former star-players (Anelka is a prime example), I wonder if any Chinese companies would be interested in slapping down $30-40m a year to have their name emblazoned on The Arsenal’s jersey? And if memory serves me correctly, most of the world’s textile businesses are in Chine these days so supplying the kit deal too might make a lot of sense.

  425. I preferred ‘under the mu’s impression’ myself 🙂

  426. I would also point out that with the new TV rights deal, The Arsenal would stand to gain an extra $30m in that area alone. (approx.) And as we, unlike almost all other clubs, operate at a profit this money would be available for new players/contract increases to existing players. The future is very bright fellow Gooners, very bright indeed.

  427. Limestonegunner

    Excellent thoughts, Irish, on the China question. Can you imagine what that game would be like if RvP goes to City?!?! How much would you put down that Frimpong, if fit, plays and goes in hard on RvP, Chilellini style? Sorry, oh he’s out for 4 months? Oh my!

    But regarding the sponsorships, commercial income and new tv deal, I refer to those above in my comments suggesting Arsenal can afford to prioritize football success and take a few reasonable risks to position itself to capitalize on those deals. CL finalist and league winner? Let’s go for it. Sign Theo and Song and bring in some midfield talent–a creative attacker. Make RvP play for us next year and so on.

  428. LSG – RVP has to go. He personally released a statement on his own website, virtually forcing AW to sell him. Totally classless. I am still pretty shocked he did it to be honest but what is done, is done. With a midfield of Song, Arteta, Diaby, JW, Rosicky, Ramsey, Le Coq, Frimpong I think we need a creative midfielder. M’Villa was looking to be the one but his off-field antics put AW off. I still think we may need another striker though. Dzagoev from Russia would suit me fine. He is only 22. Plus Denilson looked to be on his way back but then that reversed itself and he is staying another year at Sao Paulo, to me that might mean we have someone else coming in. Time will tell I suppose.

    As for Frimpong taking out RVP, will that happen before or after he upends the little bitch himself, Na$ri?

  429. PG

    His therapy is about to be written.

  430. Having heard all sides and opinions on this, once again, absolutely amazing site I am now convinced (a) Arsenal was planning for this and has made its contengencies (b) the sums had been done, it makes financial and maybe football sense if we run down the contract compared to an 8-10m bid, unless an offer in excess of 15-25m arrives (c) vP was leaving anyway, this season or next (d) vP is under immense pressure because Arsenal won’t release him.

  431. Irishgray:
    “I would also point out that with the new TV rights deal, The Arsenal would stand to gain an extra $30m in that area alone. (approx.) And as we, unlike almost all other clubs, operate at a profit this money would be available for new players/contract increases to existing players. The future is very bright fellow Gooners, very bright indeed.”

    But what’s the guarantee that it would be actually spend?

    I think you should install comment plugin from http://intensedebate.com . It will be very easy to have a debate using that and answer to specific post. Just a suggestion.

  432. Bibin

    YW will be moving away from wordpress soon, so who knows what little tricks he may employ.

  433. This is the crap we can expect thanks to RobbingVP

  434. “But regarding the sponsorships, commercial income and new tv deal, I refer to those above in my comments suggesting Arsenal can afford to prioritize football success and take a few reasonable risks to position itself to capitalize on those deals.”

    Isn’t that what they are doing? We’ve bought 2 players already and it’s only 6 days into the Transfer Window. Rumours are rife that this is not the end of it either.

  435. In any other business, what he has done would be gross misconduct and he would be sacked without notice. The tabloids must think it’s Christmas, dups!

  436. Passenal

    They just love exaggerating whatever’s going on at The Arsenal

  437. Bibin – Unlike you mate I don’t need, nor do I want, a guarantee that The Arsenal will spend every penny available to them every year. It is simply the idea that we could have an extra $30m every year, plus another $30-35m conservatively from renegotiated or new sponsorship deals re kit and Jersey name rights, that makes what the likes of RVP and Usmanov are doing truly laughable. This is the reason Usmanov had that letter published, if he does not try and get Kroenke out now before the next round of sponsorship comes in, he never will and he knows it. Can you imagine The Arsenal having $75m plus to spend every year on new players and/or better contracts for existibg stars? I can and so can a lot of other people. For some reason most of them are not gooners but are spuds, Chavez and lance(both blue and red& and it scares the shit out of them!! As well it should)

  438. No one is asking a guarantee of spending every year. But you need to spend this season, and that too very badly. When Cesc and Nasri left last season, RVP stepped up his game. But that’s a guy who has been playing in EPL for sometime. Podolski and Girrourd will take some time to adjust regardless of their talent. So at this moment, if RVP leaves(holding on to him is a no-brainer ) then you may need to spend some cash. Will Arsenal do that?

    Again the 30 million additional revenue is a double edged sword. I mean if you have 30 million extra, then ManU, Chelsea, Spurs, ManC also have similar amount of extra money available. Which will only help in driving the price of players upward and actually may not help you in signing more players.

  439. Nope….I can’t do this. I can’t stand behind a player for 8 years and then just give it up.

    I have to back both AFC and RvP until I know the real truth behind all of this. Something smells very fishy.

    One last chance, Robin…clickclickclick

  440. Frank – Unless his account as been hacked (which is unlikely as the club have responded) you are really burying your head in the sand there mate. The truth is he wants to leave. For more money and a increased chance of winning something. As an Arsenal supporter that is shit, but it is the truth.

  441. Good for you Frank. That’s the kind of never say die spirit we like! Bit more of that on and off the pitch this season and who knows what we might achieve. If RVP isn’t flogged off and we have a blinding season, then who knows?
    Anything is possible.

  442. Got to be more complicated than that, Andy. If he wants to move, I want to know why.

    What was he offered by AFC way back at the end of the season? Why are his family’s remarks at the time so out of line with his current position? Very odd for a family man.

    Who wrote the website piece, because it reads as though it was written by a ‘communications’ person?

    How come R&W Holdings put out such a comprehensively damning letter which was also produced by a’communications’ person and would have taken a long time to construct….within hours of RvPs website entry?

    What is the connection between those two events? Is there a connection between RvP and R&W? Because it looks as though there is.

    What is AWs position in all of this because he seems to sit in two camps.

  443. Something very strange is happening at Arsenal and it is being played out in the media.

  444. Amazingly reliable happy hacks engaged in some disinformation? If true, regarding AFC, it wouldn’t be the first time. Nor the last.

  445. It is possible that Robin is sitting in the middle of maelstrom which has been brewing for some time and is not necessarily of his making. Maybe he is the agent of change, the catalyst.

  446. No I don’t think that the hacks are doing anything other than reporting. They are delighted to have the column inches and air time. The main protagonists are all connected to Arsenal, Finsbury, and some of them are very happy to use new media as a weapon. Fans and pundits are pawns, so are the players…and so is our captain.

  447. Frank – All decent questions. And you could well be right, there may be more to it than meets the eye.

    Personally I believe that he belives at the stage of his career he needs to move in order to win things. The upshot of that is the huge wages he can now command which he won’t get at Arsenal. I really like RvP, but am really disapointed that he has not really paid the club back after the stood by him during his numerous injury problems. But that is modern day footballers I think.

    I would imagine AW is both hugely frustrated and feeling let down in equal measures.

  448. All this rubbish reminds me of Amy Lawrence’s exclusive: ‘Footballers argue in dressing room’ I was shocked. Imagine the pampered and inflated ego’s of the likes of Gallas & Nasri, Balotelli and a few blades of grass and Tom & Jerry arguing? I was as distraught as I was when I read the, er, the ‘statement’ by the Lion of Uzbekistan.

  449. Interesting Frank. I remember thinking yesterday that someone must’ve pulled a serious all-nighter on that R&W letter, otherwise it wouldn’t have been possible to get it done as a spontaneous response to RvP’s statement, considering that was published towards the end of office hours anyway. After the initial emotion dies down, it’s true; you wonder to what extent it was orchestrated.

    Were R&W expecting more outrage? Demonstrations outside the stadium?

  450. This is bigger than one player and bigger than arguments in the dressing room or a desire for medals. The battle royal for AFC has started to hot up. I hope that RvP is not the first casualty.

  451. pedantic george

    Its a bitter pill to swallow when a man turns out to be nothing like the picture in your mind.No,sadly someone we all hoped to be a great captain and an example to the twats who had previously let us down .Has turned out the biggest cunt of them all.A combination of Brutus,Judas and Samri Nasri.

  452. Limestonegunner

    Passenal, yes, I think that is what Arsenal are doing in fact and it is why I have been fighting the corner to suggest that they might keep RvP for next season.

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