Arsène Tugs At RvP Heartstrings, Offers Giroud Hope & Some Transfer Tattle

A good morning to you all, particularly those from the USA!USA!USA! who will no doubt be celebrating today. Having conducted extensive research into this area last night, I can advise that an excess of alcohol will lead to an increase in your consumption of painkillers tomorrow morning. The jack hammer has stopped its pounding but the residual dull thud has yet to lift its veil of sluggishness from me.

Of course, I am not the only one with a headache. This morning sees Nicklas Bendtner weighing up the options of where to play next season. According to reports, he has a choice of the sun-drenched Andaluz coastline or the banks of The Bosphorus with Malaga and Galatasaray set to do battle for his services. If he chooses the latter, he may well team up with Andrey Arshavin who is reportedly of interest to the Turkish club. Someone who is not apparently passing them at the revolving door is Hugo Lloris, despite the media drumming up interest in him.

The usual guff surrounds Robin van Persie‘s future with more talk about future meaning that we know less. Other than the new contract is not agreed. Or it might be and this is just not the right time to announce it; perhaps Ivan has a vested interest in finding the Higgs Boson and does not want to detract from the work being carried at CERN. There is a familiarity about Arsène’s tugging at the heartstrings, he used the same tactic with Cesc; it didn’t end brilliantly if I recall correctly. Rumours are surfacing that there is a tape that has the manager doing his best Tammy Wynette impression whilst warbling “Stand By Your Club” into van Persie’s answering service.

At the same time, the manager offered his assessment of Olivier Giroud:

The first time I saw him, I found he had something intelligent and dangerous. I always said he could score goals and assist his partners. Our game is based on cooperation between the players in the offensive phase and he will integrate easily. I don’t like simple goalscorers, they must also add to the collective. He is good in the air which is rare. He is quite complete and has a great room for improvement.

His view about out-and-out strikers has changed from the opportunist attempt to sign Robbie Fowler when he had fallen from Anfield grace; the Liverpudlian was simple and a goalscorer.

Having attacking options is something that Arsenal lacked last season; Podolski and Giroud seem to have solved that problem although the downplaying of Giroud’s talents in the final sentence suggests more of dampening supporters expectations than the reality. Too often in the modern game, a player’s reputation is decided within minutes of their debut. Promising is the minimum expectation although that has to improve in the subsequent game otherwise he is written off as useless. Anything below that sees them discarded with disdain.

The formation employed relies on the ‘cooperation’ as he called it yet its failing is the reliance on van Persie. Actually, that is not the formation more the natural human tendency on a football pitch to rely on your best player. It is a point that the manager has sought to address, to have alternative striking options available when opponents have parked their fleet of buses. Those options are a necessity for draws being turned into wins and defeats to points of any sort; the cornerstone of a successful campaign.

That ties in with Aaron Ramsey‘s comments about the need for a good start to the coming campaign. We saw at close quarters what happens with a poor start to the season last time around and if the squad is to take the step up to become title challengers, that scenario cannot be repeated.

The Welsh international observed,

The important thing is to get off to a better start than we did last year. If we do that and get ourselves into the mix, we can compete for trophies. We had a fantastic run from February onwards to get into that top three – even though a lot of people doubted us. We showed character to do that, we showed how determined we are to do well. This time we want to get off to a strong start and if we do we can have an exciting season.

Frankly I would settle for the dull monotony of three points being won every weekend as opposed to an exciting season. If by the time the trip to Eastlands arrives in September Arsenal have taken maximum points, I will be heartily impressed. It is a tricky start; the visits of Sunderland and Southampton ought to be won whilst it will take strong performance to obtain wins at both Anfield and The Britannia Stadium. That trip to Manchester follows on from the first Champions League group match; Arsenal will be hoping for a home game against routine opposition. Which probably means that they will end with the longest away trip possible in this season’s competition.

Whatever the case, the squad showed great character following an appalling run in January which seemed destined to continue when Spurs took a two-goal lead at The Emirates. That mental strength will need to be switched on immediately the first whistle is blown in anger this season. And at this stage, there is no reason to believe that it will not be; the eternal optimism of the pre-season.

’til Tomorrow.


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  1. I think AR could be a massive player for us this season. A Song type break out. Nice one YW

  2. Wish the season was starting this weekend! Can’t wait!

  3. I think in this sentence

    “the eternal optimism of the pre-season”

    you capture one of the crucial characteristics of the football fan. Nothing that has gone before can ever poison the well. We start every season fresh faced and with the virginal naivety of our first ever game.

    I honestly can think of nothing else in my life that I approach in the same way.

  4. pedantic george

    Someone on twitter last night said Robin had not tweeted about AFC since the talks and had changed the background picture on his account from wearing an Arsenal kit to Dutch.
    Things like that worry me.

  5. I can’t wait either but in the mean time, Olympics!

  6. george – Maybe thats because he went away with the dutch national team for some reason, like a big international tournament or something 😉

    RVP either goes or stays. For me having already signed Lukey and Ollie means im actually not too worried if he does go. Dearly want him to stay of course but the 2 we got in really has settled my mind quite a bit.

  7. George,
    Robin in oranje colours speaks of self-mutilation.
    Forget Arsenal, I’d be worried he’s trying to kill himself….

    Good one YW…
    I “hear” Rennes waiting on serious offers for M’Villa..??
    They’re about to price themselves out of good profit.
    Oh well.

  8. George – after their dismal showing at the recent tourney he’d be vilified for quickly changing his Dutch picture back to the Arsenal one don’t you think?
    It’s a coin toss, he’ll go or stay and no amount of hand wringing will change anything. If he stays and stays fit that’s great. Given their ages and the fact that their best years are just around the corner dare I suggest Theo and Alex are bigger resignings?

  9. PG

    Wouldn’t get too worked up about anything twitter based, be that positive (ITK transfer exclusives!!!) or stuff like this.

    Even more than the internet I believe Twitter has given keyboard retards a licence to spread complete fantasy and bollocks.

  10. pedantic george

    I will try to stop fretting then.
    Steve,did you just call me a keyboard retard?

  11. Life guarantees change…i am prepared for whatever, and I hope Robin gets it.
    For his style of play and temperament there’s nowhere better than Arsenal.

  12. Notoverthehill

    Yogi, once again spot on! Apart from AA23, that is!

    I would suggest at this stage, PG may have to switch in allegiance to “The Royals”. A certain player has switched from Fulham to the now 51% owned (Russian/British) thanks to Dad. Now that Dad is well in with Vlad Putin and has now bought up the bankrupt American battery company.Ener 1. Boris Zingarevich once upon a time, employed the ex Russian President and now Prime Minister Medvedev. A very strong St Petersburg connection with training facilities in London, according to Pavel Pogrebnyak. Pavel and Andrei have past form, so I would suggest that this a more likely outcome.

  13. Nice post YW.

    Interesting comment by AW “I don’t like simple goalscorers”; for years many thought we needed the fabled “fox in the box”. Judging by his comments that was never on the horizon. That said, the days of that type of player seem to be behind us now. I can’t think of many who would fit that description in todays game.

    An interesting debate nonetheless though. In years past we have created numerous chances which may have been converted if we would have had a poacher type striker. Eduardo was close to being that type of player and IMO would have continued to score plenty for us had he not been broken at Birmingham.

  14. PG

    Now now, you know I didn’t. Let’s not squabble so early in the day especially on such a topic.

    Needless to say I am not a fan of twitter though that could simply be my luddite leanings, I would accept it also has very good uses.

  15. I wonder would a formation similar to Italy work for us?





    Kinda narrow through the middle but with the width provided by the fullbacks backing up Poldi & RVP spinning wide. Both Poldi and RVP start deeper behind Giroud but both able to interchange to make a front 2 with the other in the no10 position. Or indeed all 3 pushing up on the opposition defence. The midfield 3 can keep it narrow or spread across midfield with Poldi dropping back to left side midfield, Arteta right. Any of the midfield 3 can cover back while 1 or both others join the attack.

  16. Thinking about it (my previsou post), the game has changed to most teams playing with one striker which requires the striker to have a more all round game. Meaning the death of the poacher.

  17. george,
    you are a retard’s favourite retard
    in a world of reversed polarities

  18. Deise – That is not a million miles away from what we play anyway. Just with our two “wide” men tucked in. It would be interesting to see.

    The width we employ is to stretch teams oppsed to making rooms for a cross, so it does not matter who drop wide to stretch the opposition back 4. It would be nice to see some more crosses wipped in though with all of that front 3 more than capable of attacking a ball into the box.

  19. deiseg,
    looks good on paper but no one knows yet how well the new boys will mesh with the squad.
    Their apparent unselfishness points to positives though

  20. pedantic george

    Last night in the wee small hours I watched the City game I had saved on Sky+
    It is very different when the result is know .You can appreciate it better without the emotions that take over when you watch it live.
    What I did notice is how Rosicky really drove the team forward,He is a wonderful player .
    Also ,in truth ,we absolutely out played them in every area.
    They may have finished 19 points above us,but that was just about our first eleven,and they are not a better team.

  21. All this expense hunting for ‘the God particle’ would it not have been easier to get hold of some of DB10’s dandruff?

  22. George – I would agree that they are not a better team. Where we have struggled is consistancy. Some of that was down to injury and some of it down to the team make up. If one word would sum up our problems since 2005 it would be consistancy.

    The Man City game (as was the Chelsea game) was a good example of how we have no need to pull our punches against any of the other top sides.

  23. Jonny – Very good point.

    And I wonder what they actually plan to do with it should they manage to harness it?

  24. I think one of the most important improvements last season(first few weeks aside of course) was our attitude and performance in “those” games- you know,the games you find yourself a few days before shaking your head mumbling”can’t see us getting anything there”-everton,villa and Sunderland away,we won all of those with a marked Improvent in our attitude compared to recent seasons,if we keep that up and keep our captain and our dreaded injury luck changes then I think our season could be very interesting.

  25. The only side that we pretty much always struggle against is Manure. They have a an effective pattern of playing us. It is no coincidence that Ferguson has this, as he is the only manager to have faced AW’s sides consitantly over the years due to his longevity.

  26. George @ 10:19 am. In an end of season questionnaire I voted the City match as our best performance of the season. Even better than Spuds and Chelsea. It was a very different performance. Not as exciting, but it was a great disciplined team performance.

  27. Not sure they can or indeed intend to harness it. This is a major step towards prooving the ‘standard model’ of the universe. There will be alot of money changing hands in the physics world today and quite a few physicists will be crying into their hands as they realise their life’s work and belief has just been picked apart at the seams.

    Great stuff this is what science is about – proof.

    I love it.

  28. @Steww,
    Your Wedding night?

  29. George “They may have finished 19 points above us,but that was just about our first eleven,and they are not a better team”

    Depends how you define “better team”. Consistency and winning things are usually the marker of the best teams. Over the season they scored more goals, let fewer in, won more games and lost fewer. Was our strike force better than theirs last season?

    We can look very good sometimes against the better teams as we have plenty of skill and talent, but sometimes we don’t turn up mentally against teams we just expect to beat (i.e. Wigan, Fulham, etc.)

    It’s looking better though. We are assembling a decent squad and I am encouraged by the experienced players he is adding to the squad. We just need to go out there in the right frame of mind every game.

  30. True, a comment like this ‘We underestimated them’ sigh.

  31. Markus, I agree with you about the city performance and I also agree with pg about our first eleven and tr7 driving us on in that game, it really is just a case of us using that as a benchmark and not capitulating in certain games against certain teams,although having no fit fullbacks for two months didn’t help!-I’d still have Kompany,Yaya and aguero though.

  32. Jonny I’m very cynical. What I pick up on in the Higgs story is the fact that they need more money to continue with the experiments, and they announced this as yet unverified “discovery” on the 4th of July.

    “There will be alot of money changing hands in the physics world today”


  33. Mel | July 4, 2012 at 11:22 am.

    I’d take Balotelli over any of them if his wages weren’t so high.

  34. Jonny – That stuff can be baffling though. I watched something on it a while ago and every time I thought I understood what they were talking about, they threw something else into the mix.

  35. Markus – Really? I think Aguero is much better and has far less baggage.

  36. Steww

    Yes, the pure blind optimism of pre-season seems to be a rare thing these days. Probably not aided by the 24/7 news feeds and SSN. Sinbce I was a kid I have had this sense of wonder about what COULD happen next season what players we might sign, what kids will come through etc etc.

    Its just a dam shame that thanks to things like the net, the non-stop doom and gloom stories, we are not even allowed this opportunity to actually LOOK FORWARD to a new season.

    I think this lack of anticipation and naturally occurring positivity has been lost and perhaps that is what the boffins in Switzerlad should be searching for, not some made up imaginary particle, smarticle 🙂

  37. Markus;

    Just like the hone game with City the previous season, last season’s home game vs them w the oily mancs was awesome, completely outplayed them, but in an extremely professional manner too.

    Its true, if we can add this consustency we will win something. Of course one factor behind that will be better luck with cursed injuries.

  38. Markus, you can keep supermario we’ve had our share of those kind of characters in recent times and I think the professor has as well!.

  39. Andy, I know I know, but for all his faults Balotelli has world class talent and the kind of physical presence that marks out a top PL forward. At 21 I wouldn’t worry too much about the baggage.

    It’s a very odd comparison but with Balotelli I’m always reminded of a young Mike Tyson. Troubled, but with the ability to channel it into his work to devastating effect.

    But enough of talking up our rivals…

  40. …Here is a fantastic video of Arteta. Some of the passing… Goddamn

  41. All that said, I would not swap RvP for any player in the lge.

  42. Yogi-Talking about the Higgs particle on ACLF!-sometimes I feel like you lot were in the hall sitting A-levels while I was still making my bird box in woodwork!

  43. Notoverthehill

    Johnny, this is only ONE universe where the Higg’s theory is relevant, so we are told..

    We have the Survival of the Fittest, then why are there millions of different living organisms? Some even in the deepest depths of the oceans, in the cold of Poles and the heat of the deserts. Not all are co-existing peacefully, as the human species have proved over the centuries

    Cbob’s slab of slate will prove that by retaining the heat of the mid-day sun, slate and granite were indispensable for the creation of living organisms! Who needs scientists, when smallholders hold the key to survival of the fittest.

  44. pedantic george

    Mel,I was sat outside the headmasters office waiting to here how long my suspension was for.

  45. Notoverthehill – “We have the Survival of the Fittest, then why are there millions of different living organisms?”

    But millions more have dies out (over 95% of anything that have ever lived). Hence survival of the fittest. The species most adapted to its surroundings with outlive the ones that are not.

  46. Anyone having Arsenal withdrawal check out that guys other vids.

  47. “I think this lack of anticipation and naturally occurring positivity has been lost and perhaps that is what the boffins in Switzerland should be searching for, not some made up imaginary particle, smarticle :)”

    I know it’s early, but I vote this POTD. Can’t see anything surpassing it.

  48. nicky | July 4, 2012 at 11:04 am
    ha ha, no at none of my weddings have I had the same conviction of total guaranteed success that I get every single August.

  49. Off-topic. I found a report of UEFA’s manipulation of live coverage of the Euro’s nauseating. What a corrupt morally bankrupt organization? For example, after Balotelli scored on the Germans, there was a picture of this female fan crying, which I was eager to share with my non-footballing family. Only to find out it was a fake of Goebbels-size proportion. Click on the link below:

  50. Shotta – I saw that as well. Crazy eh?

  51. Certainly not on the wedding night.

  52. “The species most adapted to its surroundings” thank you Andy for actually explaining what Darwin meant by fittest. Most appropriate, best fit. Not strongest, physically fit as so many people seem to think.

  53. pedantic george

    I like Goebbels.He just got bad press.

  54. pedantic george

    I thought “fittest” was the sexiest . Where did I get that from then?

  55. GA: I stopped trusting tv (and the printed media for that matter) a long time ago. But I never thought they would go so far as to manipulate live coverage of a football game. Should know better though. For example, NBC’s coverage of the Olympics is universally despised in Jamaica for untoward manipulation of everything American and to belittle the successes of small nations. Is this what football is is coming to?

  56. Steww – Exactly. I think sometimes people envisage a celebrity deathmatch type scenario on hearing the phrase “survival of the fittest”. Evolution is a simple process once you get what it actually means.

    I have had numerous converstations with people asking “when will a creature lose its limbs” and suchlike. I find a good way of giving an example is that of a snowmouse; a white mouse in artic conditions will be much harder for predators to spot, and therefore eat. Thus, the darker colored mouses will be more likely to be prey and therefore eventually be wiped out. Leaving cute little snowmouse as “the fittest”. Until a whiter ones come along, or its enviroment changes.

  57. pedantic george at 12:17 pm – Bad press indeed. I wonder what you think of Platini in all this.

  58. “..heat of the mid-day sun”,. Now i know that Noth is on something.

    I’m working at midday in a thick fleece.And my spuds have got blight.

    Told you the price of potatoes would go through the roof.

  59. George – You are actually on the right lines to a point. The sexiest (or fittest) are more liable to reproduce due to being more attractive to the opposite sex, and therefore their gene line will continue. Hard to believe if you go around Doncaster town centre on a Friday night, but it is essentially true.

  60. Of course you can also believe that God made everything as it currently is, but that is a differnt debate.

  61. Arsene has a way with words. Vague but exact. Here is a striker with complete attributes we can build on; naturally he requires development. Or, he’s good and can get much better, because he’s intelligent. As for AR, he is stating the obvious, but perhaps more importantly, he’s not going on any silly loan, he’s right in the mix.

  62. pedantic george

    Shotta.Platini has such little grasp on reality it is almost beyond belief.
    He has been infected by some ailment that seems to turn normal people into a Stalin like being.

  63. George, let me guess you were suspended for taking out classmate’s with dodgy soulspins in the playground!- you should’ve seen the state of that birdbox though

  64. pedantic george

    Mel as it happens I was eventually expelled for taking out the woodwork teacher.
    It would be funny if the reason was that he tried to make me build a birdbox,sadly it wasn’t.

  65. George – Where did you take him? Greggs?

  66. Passenal; Thanks 🙂


    You went to school?

  67. pedantic george

    Yes Dexter ,I did .It was a good one too,It was “approved”

  68. Ah yeah, know it well. It was called Hard Knocks, innit.

  69. Beekeeper Bill

    I find it curious that now that the Eurosare over, there is NO Arsenal news yet. Everyone out on holiday?

  70. ‘Natural selection’ is the correct term

  71. Frank – Indeed it is.

  72. Ironically, or is it, Michel Platini was a phenomenal player. Those days of the “sweeper”.

  73. Fine post Yogi and good day to all.

    With the signing of Giroud and Podolski, our manager seems to have a revised vision for the team needs.

    These additions may reflect a fresh approach for the front line; just as with the departure of Cesc, the Arsenal mid-field moved out.

    Giroud seems to be the future central striker and regardless of RvP’s decision, RvP will find himself in a different role: which may make him more valuable to the club in orchestrating a more dangerous attack.

  74. Zim – Platini was not a sweeper.

  75. ZP


    yes, MP was a fantastic player, but it seems that leadership in any organization has its moral sacrifice.

  76. Andy

    Zim is only referring to the era, the popular system of play.

  77. Zim/Arsession – Ah, right you are. My bad. 🙂

  78. Andy

    Agree with your comment, taking Aguero over supermario.


    in this Euro I noticed a flaw in his game, that I see are not easily fixed.

    Many times in the Italian build up, the final pass for him, he did not see coming; caught flat footed.

    Maybe (just maybe) at 21 there is time for him to improve this aspect. I have found that technical stuff can be improved, while tactical understanding is like some subjects. You’re either good at it or its a struggle. For me its foreign languages.

  79. Clerkenwell Gooner

    Re: the defensive battle that was raging on here the other day about Spain, here’s the view of an ex-pro:

  80. pedantic george

    Ha ha Mark (not so)Bright.
    I will give that a miss

  81. If I remember correctly Mark(not so) Bright said “Liverpool would win the league last season”. I may be wrong.

  82. To answer your question from yesterday Bob, ‘Jimson Weed’ I reckon and not just a recreational dose. 🙂

  83. Mark Nice but Dim? Pfffft. I’d rather listen to george’s ramblings about how good he is at Origami thanks

  84. Isn’t a sweeper someone who sits behind the back 4? Wenger was a sweeper in his playing days. A position no doubt made redundant by the off-side rule I guess?

  85. Markus – More often a sweeper would be part of a back 3 with wing backs playing further forward. The third centre back if you will, but often one which was good on the ball as they would bring the ball out from the back without worrying about “leaving their man”.

  86. ” George – You are actually on the right lines to a point. The sexiest (or fittest) are more liable to reproduce due to being more attractive to the opposite sex, and therefore their gene line will continue. Hard to believe if you go around Doncaster town centre on a Friday night, but it is essentially true. ”

    However in this new age of reproductive control (due to modern contraceptive) you might find the attractive are more likely to get laid but that doesn’t guarantee they’ll reproduce more often. Attractive people may decide to stay single and enjoy the sexual liberties that come their way. In my experience the uglier ones settle down sooner and reproduce more often as they retreat to the security of family life.

  87. I think most of the ladies will agree that many of the cutest guys are gay. Now homosexuality is more more accepted by society. In years past many gay men hid their orientation, still married and had kids. Today they can live openly as gay men and not be pressured by society to marry and reproduce. Things could get VERY UGLY in the future – pun intended.

  88. pedantic george

    I think ,that for the first time in history,due to advances in medicine,the gene pool is being diluted.
    Darwin in reverse if you will

  89. pedantic george

    Back to football quick I say

  90. Philmar – That is true. But we were discussing Natural Selection. Not so sure about your last sentence, but if it were true for arguments sake it would be the beutiful people that would die out in the long term due to their new enviroment (in theory).

  91. George – Fair point. The Jeremy Kyle show is a good example of this.

  92. Dammit. Back when it became clear he would leave Sporting I kinda hoped we would land Moutinho. If he ends up at the spuds or manure I’ll be pissed. If only for the fact that he’ll most certainly strengthen their midfield. Tidy player.

  93. “Of course you can also believe that God made everything as it currently is, but that is a differnt debate.”

    I’ve heard many religious people say that science can’t explain how something was created from nothing. It proves to them that only a God can create something from nothing. I usually counter with ‘how was God created’? Surely He or She was an example of something being created from nothing.

  94. pedantic george

    Yogi creating this blog is the best example of creating something out of nothing I can think of.
    Perhaps he is God?

  95. Philmar @2.28 – thank you for introducing me to genuinely novel experience: Agreeing with you.

  96. George – all the ass licking in the world won’t get you out of YW’s bad books.

  97. “but if it were true for arguments sake it would be the beutiful people that would die out in the long term due to their new enviroment (in theory).”

    They don’t have to die out completely. The environment just creates a preponderance of uglier ones like what happened in Doncaster.
    But with plastic surgury, liposuction and other advances we may all become more beautiful.
    Ok when is this peircing and tatooing trend gonna die down? Or will it increase and we’ll be seeing it in the board rooms of our companies?

    Yes, slow footballing day. I’d be interested to see if Bendtner accepts a move to Turkey. I know in his mind he expects to be starting on a top club in a bigger league.

  98. goonerandy | July 4, 2012 at 12:28 pm
    Or you could believe that the Universe was sneezed out of the nose of a being called the Great Green Arkleseizure.

  99. ” Philmar @2.28 – thank you for introducing me to genuinely novel experience: Agreeing with you. ‘

    steww – give in to that impulse more often. The world can be a beautiful place.

  100. What have they put in your medication today George, Calling YW God, telling me you love me?

    Is that really you, or an imposter?

  101. Philmar – Yeah, good points on both posts.

    Climate change could also begin to have an affect. Individuals with whiter skin tend to be more prone to skin cancer. If cancer research does not beat climate change to the punch, we could start to see the end of the caucasion race in the longer run.

  102. Nice post as always YW. And yes I see myself needing a couple of painkillers in the morning , as there is a long day of drinking and eating ahead of me 🙂

    As far as The Arsenal’s first champions league game goes, I personally would like them to be playing either a Greek or Turkish team for the simple reason that I will be in that region around that time. Selfish I know but what the hell, why not?

    This video had me laughing :

  103. Steww – Heh, exactly. Although the argument to that of course is that there is no proof that this is not exactly what happened.

    I have a couple of creationist types regularly wrap on my door trying to convert me. I know I should just ignore them (as my wife often tells me), but the argumentative side in me always makes me open the door and debate with them on the doorstep. It is frustrating as their arguments fly in the face of pretty much all evidence, yet they still believe what they do.

    I may yet open the door clutching a can of mace until they bend to my way of thinking.

  104. On a very serious note my country was changed forever by the two Supreme court rulings. I know many ex patriots who came to this country to get away from state run healthcare. We lost all of our freedom. I would appreciate all your readers read my blog. We as a nation learned much from Britian. With that said RVP will probably have a knockout year for he is playing for a ton of money, This will bod wel for the guys,

  105. Fucking nutter

  106. Platini was part of the best midfield I ever saw: Platini, Giresse, Fernandez and Tigana. This midfield almost won 2 world cup titles on a team with average defenders and poor strikers but for poor referring (non Red card on the Schumacher assault and battery in 1982) and the fact the team was utterly knackered after beating a fantastic Brasil team in the quarterfinals.

  107. If people find it strange that people are upset by being forced to purchase health insurance, I know people who are still upset about being forced by the state to purchase compulsory car insurance.

  108. Very interesting article highlighting how UEFA manipulated the live Euros games with prerecorded footage. Worth a read:

  109. Probably be inserting prerecorded goals into live footage next, Irishgray. Thin end of the wedge.

  110. @ thegeeman – ” I know many ex patriots who came to this country to get away from state run healthcare” – You have got to be kidding me!!!? Who the hell flees their native land to try and get away from state-run health care? The usual diatribe from a republican no doubt. Fact is everyone should have health insurance IF they can afford it. Now they can. As Philmar said, car insurance is compulsory so why not health insurance? The very same people who are against the universal healthcare are the very same ones who bitch and moan about people not paying their way, well now everyone has to pay. What the hell is wrong with that?

  111. ” If cancer research does not beat climate change to the punch, we could start to see the end of the caucasion race in the longer run”

    Either that or an increase in hat sales. Caucasian ‘race’ is already starting to become less numerous here in North America as mixxed ‘race’ offspring is less uncommon than it was 100 years ago…and increased immigration.
    To some that is a worrying event, to me I welcome it as it means better restuarant selection. I’m eating Ethiopian tonight and having Vietnamese for lunch!!

    And how fucked is FIFA? Just when you thought they were at their pinnacle of stupidity they have England ranked 4th in the world today. Italy is only 6th after the Euros. England ahead of Brasil, Argentina, portugal, Holland…?
    How does FIFA make money off of these rankings? – surely they must benefit somehow by ranking England 4th or can they possibly by that crazy?

  112. Jebus!

    First of all notions of what constitutes ‘beauty’ vary enormously globally and even in more localised geographical terms have changed dramatically over the ages.

    Secondly two ‘ugly’ people are perfectly capable of having a ‘physically beautiful’* child just as the reverse holds true.

    Ditto intelligence – Einstein’s parents were nothing special after all.

    The question of whether we are polluting the human gene pool or have entered a period of devolution is a thorny one. We are adapted well to our environment because we have managed to change the environment to suit us – in the respect through our intelligence and ability to communicate we are perfect adherents to ‘survival of the fittest’ (as correctly defined earlier by others).

    One could think about “bad eyesight” and the idea of the causal genes being more greatly proliferated because of the introduction of glasses. But it doesn’t quite work. Humans (homo sapiens, not counting our ancestors) had gone through a few 100,000 years of evolution by the 17th century, when glasses were invented, yet bad eyesight was still common among humans. If it was such a bad gene, it would have disappeared a long time ago.

    Human’s have always carried bad genes – in fact the Y chromosome is absolutely littered with them which is why men get much more disease, worse eyesight, die younger etc than our pulchritudinous (or not!) lady friends etc.

    *as defined by the current paradigm of media-driven Western society

  113. Frank – The way Ireland played, that might be a good idea!! It would be very confusing to those at the stadium but I am pretty sure we could stick in the odd goal and most fans would not notice until the next day’s headlines 🙂

  114. Philmar – Heh, excellent view on things. There is a great Vietnamese near me as well. Amazing noodle soup. That said, Italian and a bottle of wine for me tonight.

  115. thegeeman @2.43

    That has to be the most ludicrous suggestion I’ve ever heard.

    “Let’s emigrate!”
    “Because I hate the NHS”
    “But it’s free”
    “Fuck that, I’d rather pay for it”
    “Yay, makes sense to me”

  116. Responding to the geeman is like a pencil without graphite – completely pointless.

    He pops in, spouts reprehensible shite and disappears like a fart in the wind.

    Never once seen him attempt to defend his ludicrous bollocks – he remains best unread and ignored.

  117. YW – He then goes on to say “We as a nation learned much from Britain” He wouldn’t by any chance mean universal healthcare for all would he?

  118. Not too sure Irish but it strikes me that the warmongering of British monarchs through the centuries has been learned and taken to a whole new level by successive US administrations 😉

  119. A deadly riposte YW, methinks that should have killed off any argument from his end. But I do have to confess that I just read his blog……WTF!? No surprise he is a religious nut, and one in bad need of an editor aswell. What I did find funny was his referring to the Supreme Court ruling in the US that outlawed prayers in public school, which was then followed by this:
    ” The ideas upon which this country was founded are these simple yet wise axioms- individual freedom, freedom of choice, private property rights, the people are sovereign not the government, separation of powers, the freedom to worship or not worship God, and free enterprise.”

    As usual with the religious zealots in the States, they just cannot help but contradict themselves at every single opportunity. He rails against the ban on prayers in public school (Christian prayers by the way) and yet insists on the freedom to worship God or not to as the case maybe. He fails to get that that is the very basis of outlawing prayers in public school as that infringed on the rights of students who either did not practice any religion or practiced one other than a branch of Christianity.

  120. Poor eyesight probably developed after people became highly socialised. Friends and relatives probably pulled the unfortunate myopic from under the feet of a passing mammoth in the nick of time. Just because they liked the fellow and didn’t want to see him squashed flat. The incidental consequence was that he got to have the shag that immortalised his ‘weak’ gene. All of this implies that the ‘charm’ gene out-trumped genetic weaknesses…and continues to do so to this day.

  121. Surely the answer the court needed was to have voluntary prayer sessions, different rooms for different religions. Bit of a problem with the increase in public expenditure though with all the building works needed to accommodate these rooms but that would be more than offset by the rise in corporate and personal taxation receipts. Indeed it could create a construction boom that contributes toward alleviating poverty by employing more people.

  122. Frank – I have been living on that ‘charm’ gene my whole life, don’t knock it mate!!

    And now it’s off to an early BBQ, icecold cider, a little bit of whiskey and lots and lots of pretty girls that I shall completely ignore ‘cos I love The Girlfriend 🙂 Happy 4th to all, including you Geeman!!

  123. YW – Sounds resonable.

    Even as a kid I used to hate the way we were forced to say prayers in assembly and suchlike.

  124. YW – Logistically impossible to do I imagine. Not to mention the perceived insults when one religion gets the ‘good’ room and another is forced to use the basement!! You know that would happen.

  125. Quite often I attend a training day (nothing to do with relgion) at an establishment which is run by chaplains. A very good facility it is too. However, when lunch is served you have to stand whilst the chaplain bloke who runs the pace says grace. I refuse point blank to bow my head or engage in this in any way but I am not disrespectful, I just stand there silently and look around the room. But I still get dagger looks from many of those who are relgious. Very irritating indeed.

    That said, the food is superb so I don’t really care.

  126. *runs the place, not pace (I doubt he is much of a runner)

  127. Ain’t that the truth Irish, ain’t that the truth. I suppose you could get the respective churches to contribute to the cost to make them to the correct standard. Maybe even construct new buildings in the school grounds with identikit rooms, in a single story building. I dunno but who’d have thought religion could cause so many problems.

  128. Philmar

    “Platini was part of the best midfield I ever saw: Platini, Giresse, Fernandez and Tigana. This midfield almost won 2 world cup titles on a team with average defenders and poor strikers but for poor referring (non Red card on the Schumacher assault and battery in 1982) and the fact the team was utterly knackered after beating a fantastic Brasil team in the quarterfinals.”

    My favorite also and agree with your point about the officiating. They deserved more.

  129. “I suppose you could get the respective churches to contribute to the cost to make them to the correct standard” – they certainly have the money.
    The Church of England alone has an investment fund of over £5 billion..!
    A staggering accumulation of wealth to sit on, though the real shock is what they invest in. In 1999 they disinvested over £30M in British Aerospace & GEC Marconi. Because it was pointed out, on television, it seemed a tad unethical for a church to invest in companies that make weapons.
    These days they are big into hedge funds – I am sure Jebus would thoroughly approve.

  130. I found the whole US anti-NHS thing bizarre and proof that the big corporations run tings.

    There is NO possible reason to demonise a universal health care system that looks after everyone, even the most vulnerable.

    Given that large swathes of the US (and the UK soon enough if we follow suit) are akin to third world countries, with an underclass whom rely on quacks, the internet for any medicine and health care, you really have to question the priorities and philosophies of this so called ‘Dream’?

    Health Insurance, and Pharmacutical companies are bloated tyrannical dictators and have most, if not all the politicians in their pockets.

    Truly and utterly scary shit. And it could be coming our way before we know it.

  131. The church is no different in many ways to Scientology; and that is widly accepted my most people with half a brain to be the biggest scam of the century.

  132. Dex – Good post.

  133. Dex

    Never knowingly understated 😉

  134. Anyway, off home.

    Laters 🙂

  135. “The Church of England alone has an investment fund of over £5 billion”

    What is that fund for? Is it used to pay current salaries as well as future pensions? Or is there a separate fund for that?

  136. It is simply their investment portfolio – it is not used to ‘pay’ anything!

  137. Legal fees and compensation.

  138. ” There is NO possible reason to demonise a universal health care system that looks after everyone, even the most vulnerable. ‘

    Other than uninformed narrowly defined self-interest. Many working Americans who can afford health care imagine that if free health care insurance was extended to the unkempt millions of poor that they will be footing the bill through higher taxes. This assumes a state run scheme similar to what exists in Europe and Canada. The only acceptable alternative to these anti-taxers is what they’ve come up with: a scheme that forces everyone to buy insurance (rather than everyone qualifying for state run insurance). But of course that seems to offend their sensibilities about individual freedoms being eroded as Big Brother forces one to buy something. It is the same people who decry increased government gun control laws as excessive Big Brother regulation yet they don’t seem to see compulsory driving licences as Big Brother invasion of personal liberties.
    And you are right that much of the anti=health care rhetoric is being spread and funded by pharmaceutical and private insurance ompanies who stand to lose/benefit the most under the current schemes.

  139. Markus

    No, that’s the Catholic Church.

  140. 6 of one

  141. #We love you Arsenal we do
    #We love you Arsenal we do
    #We love you Arsenal we do
    #Arsenal we love you

  142. That’s a lovely song Graham. 🙂

  143. What a massive mistake he’s making there. Unbelievable.

  144. Thanks Andy, haver a good evenin man.

    Yogi; Subtle as a house brick me, well thats what me ol Nan used to say.


    Health Insurance is being sold under that pretext; that its only right and proper that hard working people should benefit from good health care, while work shy layabouts get to be left in the street dying from their injuries like the measley dogs they are.

    Rather than its those same heralth insurers who spread this, abely assisted by politicians (in their pay) and rabid right they can clean up.

    The fact that alot of health insurance aint worth the paper its written on is a completely different topic altogether innit man.

    I would rather pay higher taxes, knowing that everyone is taken care of. This ‘me, me me’ mantra has gotten us where? In the shitter thats where. case in point; the effin great depression era style recession caused by wankers (no, that wasnt a typo!_ and greedy bastards.

  145. Thank you Jonny.

    Not sure we love RVP as much as we should do right now.

  146. OOU; Who is?

  147. now is the time to win some trophies. make those weaklings regret.

  148. kori;

    That’s a fake site innit? I can’t access it regardless! 🙂

  149. i would let rvp rot in the reserves.

  150. Van Persie flushing his legacy down the shitter, Dexter.

  151. Dex: it apparently crashed.

  152. Shame for him. Could have been a legend, instead, just another flash in the pan.

  153. Erm, I wasn’t aware RvP HAD his own website? Never heard it mentioned before. Twitter account, yes, wensite, no.

  154. It’s a fake, the quotes are re-hashed from old news stories. If he isnt re-signing, why say this;

    “As soon as Mr. Gazidis is back from his 2-week holiday in America further meetings will follow and I will update you if and when there are more developments.”

  155. Robin van Persie ‏@Persie_Official

    Update for the fans

  156. sorry dex, but its on his twitter too

  157. Devastating news

    Sykes a huge favourite

    As for the Dutchman please put up your hand if any of you thought we would pay him the £200k his heart desires ?

    None of you ?

    Ok let’s move on

  158. Not devastating but definitely a reason to feel sorry for Robin. He could have made a name for himself which would have rung down the ages but he’ll just be a footnote instead.
    The Dutch experience ought to have shown him what life away from Arsenal might be like.

  159. I am shocked and disappointed. After all the club has done for him? Not much more to say really.

  160. …and so it goes
    ..and so it goes
    generations raised on material wealth
    have little clarity regarding what really matters..
    says more about the times than our unfortunate Robin.

    we’ll enjoy him for one last year at least.

  161. the most irritating thing about that statement is the ‘for 8 years I’ve wanted to win trophies for arsenal’ etc etc etc, and we probably would have had a few had he managed to stay fit for more than 2-3 months at a time (apart from last season). Dont know why I hoped he’d be different, seeing as we’d supported him through all those months/years of absence (and YW has many times pointed out the fallacy of this argument as the club are not always loyal to players that dont live up to their expectations) – but is just typical of late to have a great player like RvP, finally get a year out of him where he scores and stays fit, and he uses this ‘success’ as a vehicle to bugger off into the sunset. Also worried about the knock-on effect this will have with theo and song

  162. “We’ll enjoy him for one last year at least.” I’m not so sure about that now

  163. Et tu Robin…it seems

  164. i think he’s just burned all bridges. think he is forcing wenger to sell. can’t wait to start earning the 200k, i suppose.

  165. I genuinely trust we will not “enjoy him
    for one more season”

    If a player wants to leave then off he goes

    I do not care who he is – or should I say who he thinks he might be

  166. echoes of Nasri – inconsistent and largely ineffectual, finally finds his groove and off he goes. Tis highly annoying to say the least – really hope we win something this season to stop this rot, as getting more irritating each year that goes by (although to be honest, after last summer i vowed to not invest emotionally in any of our players re-signing…says a lot of the state of things these days that reading that statement has inspired a feeling of resigned irritation, rather than anything stronger)

  167. Frank,
    we’ll be ok….

  168. Sadly the romance in football died long ago (around 1993 I believe) along with my friend’s pet hamster who was rather appropriately named oh to, oh to be, oh to be a gooner.

    I have good feelings about next season, as it will be my last as a season ticket holder. I have had enough.

  169. I’m really looking forward to seeing how Giroud works out this coming season. Hugely exciting prospect, leads the line, scores, creates, if he settles quickly we will have a really exciting season. Oh and of course I’m not forgetting Lucas Podolski, but then we know how good he is already don’t we.
    Can’t wait, wish the season would start tomorrow.

  170. I wanted to believe that there is some loyalty left, some hope for football. Aaah how naive was I.
    Imagine being Arsene.

  171. I do really wonder what his expectations were. We have done our transfer business very early signing supplements for the attack and we seem to be in the market for a midfielder. What more does he think we need?

    In the end I am massively disappointed that he went behind the club’s back like this. He claims to love Arsenal and then decides to make an announcement like this. Judging by recent comments coming from the club it seems like we were expecting him to stay for at least the duration of his contract but his statement smells of “Come get me”.

    If he really does as he claims he will see his contract out and not move to a direct rival. Let us see if he really “loves” the club.

    Onto more important matters: who should become captain?

  172. “I personally have had a great season but my goal has been to win trophies with the team and to bring the club back to its glory days. Out of my huge respect for Mr. Wenger, the players and the fans I don’t want to go into any details, but unfortunately in this meeting it has again become clear to me that we in many aspects disagree on the way Arsenal FC should move forward.”

    Oh fuck off!!!

  173. Are we sure that this is not a hoax…

  174. Tommy V must be captain. I like centre backs as captains. Robin knew there wasn’t room for him in our new look attack. Jumped before he was pushed. Everyone will feel differently when he gets injured a week after we cash the cheque!

  175. RVP needs to be sold now im afraid…….ah well, what a pity.
    I wonder what was said in the meeting about how the club goes forward because thats why hes going it seems. 2 strikers bought to help him but that seems its not good enough for him!

  176. the devil’s in the Dein-tales…..they’ve pilfered another one of our best.
    @ the end of the day, though they seek our “destruction”
    as long as we have AW, the sky remains the limit!

    we love you ARSENAL
    Oh yes we do!

  177. Something tells someone will be on the next flight back from his “two-week holiday”.

    And that Ornstein bloke from the BBC just said that nobody knew this was coming.

  178. Frank – it’s possible someone has hacked his twitter and website I suppose….Either way bring on the new season I say, and get Theo and Alex Song signed.

  179. OR if we decide to keep him, then the captains armband needs to be taken from him. But i reckon we will sell, despite what Le Boss says……

  180. “tells me”

  181. Evil; I don’t think our Vice Captain is a nailed on starter. Would be interesting to see who becomes the captain.
    I hope Theo and Song resign. Let the season begin and lets move forward to brighter things.

  182. One thing I will never do is try to guess why he wants to go. Anything he says will be dictated by a PR company and as such to be ignored. please don’t repeat the bullshit reasons as only one person knows and none of you are him.

  183. His expectations were £200000 a week

    And that expectation was not one the club were going to move “forward” on 🙂

    Now I wonder where we might send Theo on to ?

  184. Don’t matter. We WILL still Manage.. with or without RVP.. Good wishes, wherever you end up… or not.. Who’s with me??

  185. well now we can give the money to theo and song.

  186. “we in many aspects disagree on the way Arsenal FC should move forward.”
    ….whose words are these??
    reeks of Judas

    Song’s represented by Judas too.

    Who represents Theo?

  187. We don’t buy superstars. We create them. Or should that be monsters.

  188. Jibbs(not jabba)

    Lovely write up yogi..been reading for a while …first time poster..
    Found this comment that acutely describes the “song conundrum”..on another blog…hope you don’t mind…

    “If we are going to continue to play with a staggered central midfield three, Song will be best used as the most central of the trio, not as the deepest of the three as per the last two campaigns.”

    I swear I don’t understand what people are watching. Last year it was clear as could be that Arteta was the main holding midfielder. He very rarely moved ahead of Song during play, and he positioned himself brilliantly to stop attacks (like a holding/defensive midfielder!), so unless Alex was just going rogue, one has to assume that it was Arteta’s job to sit in front of the defence and Song was playing further forward. I know you mention this, but I don’t think Arteta once played a different role, Song was always ahead of him. Perhaps we would have suffered less when Mikel was out the side if Song had been played in that position, but frankly I saw no evidence of that.
    The year before, it’s more debateable which was Song’s main position, (whether it was him or Wilshere who would play more defensively), but I think they were able to share the burden to allow Fabregas to take the reins when he was fit. What WAS clear was that when Diaby was available, he played BEHIND Song, so even he was used more as a holding/defensive midfielder than Alex. What’s more when Denilson was available, even HE was playing behind Song.
    So when you describe Song as a box-to-box midfielder, you are correct, and that’s how he’s been playing. Perhaps in the early days, Song did play a holding role more often, afterall Wenger did say that he didn’t think he had the stamina to play midfield, but since we switched to 4-3-3, Song has played ahead of a DM MUCH more often than he has played the DM position himself. The idea that he is a DM/holding mid seems to be based on the fact that he has played that kind of role before, and that he’s our strongest and most physically imposing midfielder, rather than how he and the other midfielders actually line-up on the pitch these days.
    So, to describe Song’s apparent lack of positional awareness as his major flaw is just wrong. People think he lacks this ability or discipline because he doesn’t play the way they want him to. To me it’s like criticising Koscielny for not crossing the ball enough. I’m quite sure he’s just doing what Wenger asks him to, otherwise I doubt he’d be such a fixture in the side.
    IMO Alex Song is criminally underrated by Arsenal fans. He’s been one of our most consistently excellent players for the last 3-4 years, rarely letting the side down and personally I doubt we woudl have stayed in the top 4 in that time had Song been a lesser player. If fabregas had managed 11 assists in a season as Alex did, without taking corners or freekicks, we would have called that a solid season, and Song undeniably contributes more to the defence than Fabregas did.

  189. If this is true, the press, media and doomers are going to think it is Christmas

  190. If he doesn’t want to be here, what is the point of keeping him? He will be like a poison eating away at the club from the inside. His friendship with Na$ri and Cesc should have been the tip off, whatever his ‘excuses’ for leaving, the bottom line is the money is too good to resist – I guess he is just human after all. I’m sure that if we offered to match the ridiculous salary being dangled by manshitty, he would soon change his tune, but since we can’t c’est la vie. At least now the unfounded hope that he might be different is gone and we can focus on the players who do want to be here. I still feel optimistic about the season ahead.

  191. or maybe this is just a big joke thought up by rvp, gazidis and wenger.

  192. Now before, others slag me off, I’ AM DISAAPOINTED.. and I’m not even drunk this time.. oh well.. a lil’.. but as I said..

    Albert | July 4, 2012 at 6:13 pm

    Don’t matter. We WILL still Manage.. with or without RVP..


  193. dein is a poison.

  194. Been trying unsuccessfully to get onto the RvP web site.
    Is it real

  195. Where’s Frank? Hmmm.

  196. Devastating indeed. I did expect it but seeing it in print still is sad.

    I never thought he was going to re-sign. I saw Podolski as a replacement. This was my first post on the board. Naive as I was. I don’t really put much stock in the ritual badge kissing of paid employees so i never really believed the talk that Robin was different, a gunner true and true. Most anyone can be bought, including myself. I’m glad Robin has stated his intentions early and this hopefully gives the team a chance to sell him. I don’t know if they’ll get much for him. It is a small market of teams he’ll go to so they can demand a small transfer fee for him or simply wait for him for free a year later.

    I know what I wrote previously wasn’t popular here but I think the board will decide it needs to sell him and get something for him. They won’t let a few million pounds of assets walk away for nothing in a year’s time. Even if they make him stay who is to say there isn’t a lot of risk in him injuring himself this year with his history. Then we get no return this year and is that worth forgoing any transfer value this year which could be used to fund a useful player like Mvila? Furthermore Robin will play gingerly and try to avoid injury because he has his big pay day ahead and if he is injured he may not get that big future contract. We may not get the best out of him if he stays – and what effect will that have on all the other players?
    I’m also worried about what this does to Song and Theo’s desire to resign. If they decide they won’t resign then maybe Arsene will have to find roles for Arshavin and Bendtner. Interesting times. Wenger’s summers are never easy anymore.

  197. What is Dein’s involvement?

  198. “Imagine being Arsene.”

    That man is a saint in human form. He deserves so much better than constantly being stabbed in the back by players he has turned into stars. There’s just no gratitude and appreciation in this world anymore. It’s all ‘me, me, me’ and ‘show me the money’. This is why we can’t win anything because every damn season some greedy footballer jumps ship and the rebuilding begins again.

  199. Now its all anti-RVP.He was a hero yesterday now some are sticking the boot in.Pathetic

    RVP was Arsenal last season.He was the best striker in the world.But sadly the lack of ambition has cost us

    How many more of our best players are going to leave?Walcott? TV ?

    Finishing 4th four times since 2005 is not ambition.

    What must RVP have felt watching players not fit to lace his boots win the CL with Chelsea,watching Nasri and Clichy win the league

    Blame Kroenke and Gazidis.Arsenal once again are a selling club and only interested in profits

  200. Well, if there’s an iota of truth in there.. I feel really sorry for Wenger.. Wonder how he feel’s like?? Year in, year out, his best player’s taking the easy way out..

  201. ..what a test for morale this preseason.

    if Adrian Lopez is signed soon then I’ll know AW was in on Robin’s decision
    and us fans will always be the last to know.

  202. i can imagine wenger calling rvp now, asking ‘robin, what’s the meaning of this?’

  203. surprised was my first reaction as i never thought he would not sign…… however, I dont know what he meant about his comments on the discussions and maybe he should have held his tongue, but it saddens me that there always seems to be some drama, and it tends to have negative undertones . I really hope that the club respond quickly with signings . Certainly the list of world class players leaving is growing and that does concern me into what my expectations are supposed to be, they used to be always very high , agree or not this is not good news, fingers crossed and wait

  204. arse or brain

    dave should be our next captain best player last year never stops trying

  205. Well.. Passenal put it up more… umm?? Whats the word?? Eloquently ?? 😉

  206. If we decide to sell him, I would only do so on August 31st. Let him train by himself until then. Why let him have time to acclimatize and have pre-season with one of our rivals? It’s a dog eat dog world out there. I guess I knew when he said “no matter what happens I will always be a gunner”, but I foolishly pushed that thought away. It’s always the hope that kills!

  207. Eh look, i tried to ignore this but no way.

    Goonerandy, Philmar, I thank God(yes!) i was not here while you two rat bastards were writing shit, i don’t know which imbecile among the both of you wrote ‘the church is the biggest scam of blah blah’ but am sure it felt nice writing that behind a keyboard, its no wonder you both consistently spew drivel here, old habits die hard, innit.
    Yea, your neighbour is very patient also, i think i would wake up every morning and take a shit on your door step( ha!, lucky the dog would have some explaining to do) why bring up something of this nature up on a football blog? Attention seeking trolls.

  208. Disappointed but not surprised. Mixed feelings on whether we should cash in or keep him to give the new signings a bit of time to bed in. RVP cost us £2.5 million so the only major loss would be on the transfer fee we lose, Man City will make the biggest bid and I’d rather we made him see out his contract than sell to them. I’m not worried about him under performing, if he has a average seasons Man City will be after someone else in 12 months so he would have to perform. If we can get a decent bid from abroad circa £18 million then sell him provided the money is spent on a replacement.

  209. “money, money, money, it sure ain’t funny, in a gooner’s world!”

    “money, money, money, must be sunny, in a rich man’s world!”

  210. If all of this is true then I agree with Passenal

  211. Leave it be Khalifa. Chill. We have other matter’s at hand. 🙂

  212. brilliant from passenal. the team won’t really be at colney, with the tours and all. we can tell him: sure we will negotiate with the clubs when we come back. meantime u stay here and sweep the floor.

  213. sincerely don’t know what are you foaming about khalifa.
    Are you offended by what i wrote about Robin or what you think I wrote about the church?

  214. Please ignore my last post.

    I hope and pray Rvp will remain with us at least till the end of next season, if he doesn’t want to sign a new contract that’s his own cup of tea, i won’t lose any sleep( going to cry myself to sleep for the next 3 days, yup first tear drop on the keyboard) , We are ‘The Arsenal’, we have 2 Rvp’s in our academy so i refuse to panic.

    Goodnight, am off ;-(.

  215. The silver lining to this if true is that Chamakh will now stay says his agent.😉

  216. So Goonerandy was right after all – rvp will leave. Devastated…No point keeping a player who has his head turned…Damn those agents!…How much is he worth?…30 million?…I just hope we don’t sell him to City.

  217. Paulie Walnuts

    Disappointed with the RVP news but not surprised. It would seem loyalty for Robin is not a two way street.

    Despite his decision I actually believe him when he says he loves the club & it`s fans – Just not enough to stay earning £100K per week as captain & with less chance of honours than some of our richer rivals. If I was his missus I woudn`t let him out of my sight.

    So be it then. Bring on the new season – & the new IMPROVED Arsenal

  218. Make him train alone until 11.55 on the 31st August Passenal ?

    That would not leave us very long to spend the fee before the window closed dyathink?

  219. i think that I will reserve judgement on all of this until I know the next stage. If RvP stays for a season, and I can’t see how he can after his ‘statement’ then I want him in the squad. Can’t see how he can be captain though…and then it begins to unravel. If he goes to the Little Mancs then my opinion of all professional footballers everywhere, will sink to an all time low.

  220. I forgot Dein’ son is his agent. Still, has anyone actually go into the RvP site?

  221. Hectic few days,recently i havent had too much time to read anything online even though every morn i open ACLF with the intention of reading but before i know it,it is too late and i have other things to attend to so imagine my surprise on logging on to fb afe mins ago to find out van p has left,i dont know what to believe anymore.just read the post let me go through the comments and find out for sure.

  222. Calling on the scouts at ACLF for an RVP replacement:
    C – Brazillian League and Serie A
    OOU – La Liga
    ? – Bundesliga
    Khalifa – Ligue 1
    Johnny – Insider Info…

  223. Dein’s son is not his agent.

  224. pedantic george

  225. george, absolutely brilliant.

  226. LOL PG…

  227. peacefrog, we already got them. podolski and 9iroud.

  228. %90 Goodbye RVP….Click Click Click…

    I know we fans look at things and players differently, but let’s face it, the world has changed. We had him for 8 years, we paid 2.75 million or less for him, I think he paid for that and we can make %1000 return on our money if we sell him now.

    I know players say they want to leave because they want trophies, we can say the same to them: You’ve been with us for 8 years, you didn’t win us any trophies. So good luck, that generation of players almost all gone….time for the new.

    I hope we get some reasonable money for him and buy one or two more players in different areas. I just hope they don’t sell him in the Premier League, although that’s where most of the $$$$ is.

    No hard feeling, No more legendary status…Makes you understand that people like Thierry Henry and Bergkamp are not repeatable.

  229. Robin can’t hide behind an agent on a decision like this. If his statement is true then it not only erases him from the club, but it looks as if it has been designed to do massive damage to those who stay behind. All of us. If it is true then I think the young man will live to bitterly regret it, no matter how many trophies he wins.

  230. It is worrying that the captains armband is now becoming a key to the exit door.

  231. What a superficial little cunt you can be , george

  232. Love it George..

  233. Quite possible korihikage…especially Giroud…since the deal was done very quickly…

  234. “

We have to respect Robin’s decision not to renew his contract. Robin has one year to run on his current contract and we are confident that he will fulfill his commitments to the Club.

    “We are planning with ambition and confidence for next season with Arsenal’s best interests in mind.”


  235. pedantic george

    Go fuck yourself Frank.

  236. i wouldnt have minded him staying with the captain’s armband without signing if he had issued a statement with the club.

    this statement burns bridges.

  237. If the club are refusing to sell then this promises to be a very, very unhappy impasse

  238. Positive thought. Great time to keep an eye on the odds for a top 3 or top 4 finish. B-)

  239. Likewise, george

  240. I sense a certain desperation from RVP, not having won anything significant with the international team and the Arsenal. But considering we had a good chance next year…

  241. As Arsenal fans we need to show some class on this and not let it get to us.
    We need to go forward with unity. Just try to remember the good times he gave us.

  242. “Robin has one year to run on his current contract and we are confident that he will fulfill his commitments to the Club.”

    That would be the worst thing to do, SELL HIM NOW.

    Still no hard feelings, we just have to make the most of him by getting at least a 20 Mil and avoiding a player who’s mind is set on leaving, what good can he be next season? He will play for 6 months and be out the other 6 like all the players who left before him.

    The only downside to him leaving now is that Giroud and Podolski are both new to the PL. So, I guess I will leave it up to Wenger.

  243. pedantic george

    I really don’t understand that post at 7.06 Frank.
    The only explanation I can think of is that you really are a miserable twat.And I got you wrong all along.

  244. RVP gives no interviews during or just before the Euro tournament after a chit chat with his club.
    Makes statement after the Euro tournament
    The odds of this statement being a surprise to people concerned as very, very low.
    In my humble opinion.

    I don’t know many who expected RVP to re-sign but that didn’t mean that they dismissed other options and considerations. The captaincy as mentioned above will be tricksy if he stays. Maybe. Maybe not.

  245. Paulie Walnuts

    G4E @ 7.04

    I totally agree

  246. G.Neville ‏@GNev2

    @piersmorgan the Tabloid reactive mentality rears its head in you at moments like this! Relax you’re in LA and Arsenal are a well run club!

    gary neville. is he secretly a gooner? always saying nice things about us.

  247. fins

    Not forgetting we signed 2 strikers as well

  248. Oh yeah. Forget them!

  249. You cracked a joke in the room in which we have just switched off the life support system, george.

  250. < forgot.

  251. pedantic george

    Mikel Arteta should be captain.
    Does anyone think that Chelsea and City have not fuck the game ?

  252. It seems that a lot of these players that AW showed extreme loyalty to have a nasty, selfish way about them. Poor Arsene

  253. vermaelen will be captain. at least he just signed a 4 year contract. not that it means anything. sagna for vice cap?

  254. A quick look at Twitter suggests that RVP may have completely burned his bridges. The club may want to keep him, but it’s going to be very difficult as there are some strong anti-RVP feelings out there. I wonder if he’s trying to ‘do a Rooney’ and force the club to match the dirty cash on offer from the blue mancs? The manure ‘fans’ managed to get over him holding their club to ransom, I wonder if AFC fans will?

  255. Latest rumour is that a deal with Citeh for £22 million has already been done.

  256. …and I agree with your comments @7.21 and @7.29, george

    I am sure that I will assimilate all of this in due course, but at the moment I am absolutely fucking gutted.

  257. Why was someone earlier reviling Dein as though it was his fault?

  258. …devastated in fact

  259. pedantic george

    That is pathetic Frank.
    Really it is.
    It’s not my fault you have emotionally attached yourself to a Judas.And have lost your grip ,not to mention your sense of humour because he has let you down.

  260. Fucking hell the way he has done this could not be worse. I thought RvP had integrity. Looks like he has turned out to be just another football prick.

  261. The Arsenal put the gag on RVP so as not to effect corporate, club level and season tickets renewals. And it worked.

  262. As I said, george, you are a superficial cunt.

  263. Could he be positioning himself for the post Wenger short list Kori ?

    Too horrible to even think about !!

  264. pedantic george

    Passenal.I dont think there is any chance of the club caving into him.
    Or of the fans forgiving him.

  265. rvp of all people should know you have to think twice before playing poker with arsene wenger.

  266. pedantic george

    Well Frank as long as you always new that I wont have disappointed you.At least not in the way you have disappointed me.

  267. Fucking hell, Arsene doesn’t get many breaks, does he? So soon after he talks of his hopes that RvP finishes his career at the club, this shit happens?

    I knew footballers are daft but surely he’s sensible enough to know the potential PR damage of this sort of announcement?
    I mean, Cesc doesn’t strike me as particularly smart, but even he knew enough to be tactful about his statements. Or is RvP trying to prove some Rooneyesque type point to the club?

  268. somehow i feel rvp has made the fans turn against him, and will say the fans made it impossible for him to stay, as much as he would have liked to.

    talk about engineering your move indeed.

  269. and that would be lapped up by the pathetic media.

    Arsenal Football Club will always be the bad guys.

  270. That statement from the club makes perfect sense. What else could be expected? A slanging match with RVP? An invitation to clubs to bid? They have tried to make it clear that they don’t intend to sell, so any buyer needs to stump up the cash.

  271. Paulie Walnuts

    Gary Neville is right – we`ll be OK.

    The most important man at Arsenal is still there.

  272. Henristic Robin is just Dutch. As a nation, they call it as they see it. Just look at national squad outspoken to man, even down to the tea lady.

  273. From a Man U supporter,

    “can you tell arsenal fans to relax. giroud, podolski, chamberlain, ramsey, wilshire, walcott etc… your future is bright.”

  274. AFC stated:


We have to respect Robin’s decision not to renew his contract. Robin has one year to run on his current contract and we are confident that he will fulfil his commitments to the Club.

    “We are planning with ambition and confidence for next season with Arsenal’s best interests in mind.”

    So poker it is!

  275. I do love all the discarded spouse routine

    If Robin had been a footballer interested in other things but money they would he have quit Feyernoord ? Of course not – he would have rejected the much higher wages at AFC, stayed with the club who brought him up from childhood, and presumably tried to win trophies with them.

    Nasri a mercenary ? Heaven forefend – he would never leave Mareseilles

    The Ox quitSaints? Are you mad !

  276. Wenger’s man management has been suboptimal for a while now, and the RVP saga is another sad sign of a great manager failing to come to terms with the modern game and modern players.

    You are wrong on health care. Your views are coercive and misanthropic.

  277. @Henristic
    Unless it’s his intention. But you are right, Cesc went a lot better about his business. All the background machinations aside, obviously, to which we all aren’t privvy.
    And neither did Nasri go out and make a statement on his website about this.

  278. Its been a while mates and I come back to RvP deciding not to sign. Personally as the days grew longer I truly felt he wasnt and I have come to peace and dont have any negative feelings towards him other than our Captain is leaving us again and he was such a brillant captain. I do feel that we are in position to exceo next season. We must sign Song and Theo!

    Onwards cannons, ready set fire!

    I wouldnt mind a switch for Aguero or Ballotelli personally i feel both fit into our system. I read about a flaw in Ballotelli but we must also not forgey that he is only 20-21.

    Mates I’m off again I have to start grilling and find a job. I have been reading post and comments everyday!

  279. Dups, that Man U supporter is right – I’m still optimistic about our future with or without RVP. Doesn’t stop me being disappointed about how he has chosen to go about things. I was hoping for a drama-free summer for a change!

  280. Yes I would imagine it has been a huge kick up the personal finance bollox for Giroud to leave Montpelier to join us

    Respect the man for that sacrifice I say

  281. And now the club has responded. This doesn’t look good.

  282. Rushing here, but there is footage of RvP as a teenager saying that his dream is to play for Arsenal or Barcelona, Anicoll5. Now he’s leaving the club he dreamed about and eventually captained in the worst possible way. He’s done it with PR English; bland on the surface but crafted to turn fans against the club and weaken Arsenal’s bargaining position. The statement alone is an massive body blow to Arsenal’s reputation. Fuck him. Would love to know who helped him do it. I think he’s mates with that Beasely bloke.

    I agree with the rest to an extent though.

    One thing that’s sad for football, and Arsenal, is that fans and players have never felt further removed.

  283. I agree with Big Al

  284. If he stays he’s in deep shite,
    how does he celebrate scoring ?
    who’d celebrate with a traitor?
    and who exactly is his agent if its not Darren Dein, Frank?

  285. Was this the exciting transfer news Ivan Gazidas was talking about? RVP to City!

  286. pedantic george

    The trouble is Robin was our last hope that players could be more than employees.
    He was meant to be a cut above Cesc ,Ade,Nasri.As it turns out he was worse than them all.He has taken much more from us than his talent.
    He has confirmed our worst fears about where the game is now
    All we have left is Arsene.
    In Arsene I trust.No one else.

  287. pls proofread to ok..oh i see ur on it….

  288. After this statement, RVP staying for a year is unthinkable. He will be sold to the highest bidder. Of course in the end he will regret it, but so will the fans.

    May be this time Wenger will put more thought into choosing the club’s captain. The series of the last three captains has been an embarrassment.

  289. lyers the lot of em…football is in the gutter. bollocks to this shit. i m not hanging around watching city take all our players ,fuck it.

  290. As long as Arsene is here, I have little doubt that we’ll make top 4, so not really bothered about that.

    Its just that we are clearly a better team with RvP than without. Same goes for Cesc, Hleb and all the other chumps. Haemorrhaging our best players like this is no way to progress (get beyond just making top 4).

    And I agree with Frank, this is about the worst way RvP could have gone about this

  291. pedantic george

    SV ,At the end of last season every single one of us was saying how good a captain RVP had proven to be .
    So fuck off with the hindsight shit.In fact just fuck off your snipping is not welcome

  292. I hope Arteta will be our next captain.

  293. no! we cant lose him aswell.

  294. The heartbreaking thing about this is not the prospect of losing the exceptional skills or the exceptional goals, it’s that it proves how monumentaly naive I and many others of us have been in thinking we had an exceptional character in Robin Van Persie, a throwback to a more romantic age. A man of principle, intelligent enough to recognise that the very reason he still plays for Arsenal is out of a rare institutionalised trust and patience scarcely afforded in the mercenary age. Part of what make Arsenal special.

    It just highlights with greater morbid clarity than ever that football has become a game for the cynical doomers whose mantra is “there is no room for sentiment in football”.

    How stupid, ill measured and damaging that statement is would take hours to examine. Not lease because it underminees with great disrespect, the talents of two recently recruited Arsenal players which apparently don’t meet Robins ambition. Signings which include a 100 times capped German international and Ligue 1’s top goalscoarer.

    Arrogant Twat Robin. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

    Well i hate to be a big jessie, but a bit of football has died for me today. A massive, massive disapointment.But perhaps I was a total idiot to think things would go any differently.

  295. give it to bendtner

  296. pedantic george

    Henristic ,I agree .
    But I don’t agree with the dipshits who are blaming Arsene ,the board or IG,
    The money has corrupted the game .It is that simple.
    Arsenal are doing the best they can .Against all fucking odds.

  297. well yogi it has been agreed all along but they hadn’t the b***s to tell us and it is the right time to announce it so he can find another club before the start of the season but only the most naive arsenal fan would think that hasn’t been sorted already.

  298. are they though george? can they really not invest in big p;ayers? can they really not let usmanoz invest?? really? tell you one thing this is utter shite watching this exodus of good players every year.

  299. Yes, our captains are hexed, but so are most that leave us, yes?

  300. Disagreements about how the club should move forward,their future strategy and their policy = pretty clear what’s going to happen in my eyes = RVP has just announced to other clubs he is open for a transfer. If im honest Poldi and Giroud was the writing on the wall for him wasnt it?

    So so disappointed.

    And the bit about waiting 2 weeks for Gazidas to get back to get the situation sorted – Ivan needs to be on the next fuckin plane to London.

  301. I’m afraid that I always thought he would go. Money is god today. Very dissapointed though, I hoped to be wrong. Denis really was a one off.

    Sell him for the maximum and move on as ever.
    Lots to be positive about.

    As always, if someone doesn’t want to wear the shirt, fuck em.

    £200k a year for three years is about £31 million. £149k a year for three years is about £22 million. I hope he enjoys the other £9 million, plus, of course all the sponsorship and advertising and ‘perks’.

    Who the fuck can care about someone that rich and greedy?

    I couldn’t care less,

  302. I don’t see the point of having a go at other supporters at this emotional time.

  303. The moment someone like Uzmanov comes along to “invest” is the moment I stop caring about football. What’s the point in supporting Arsenal then? Could just as easily support Man City or Chelsea, would be the same thing.

  304. What??

  305. There’s no replacement for robin. We just change the way we play. Arsene knows. I think podolski and Giroud were part of that plan.

    Marc, I can’t see the board NOT selling RvP. They have their own money invested in their asset RvP. It is easy for us to be spiteful and emotional and demand RvP train with reserves or see out his contract but the Board will do what is in the best interests of their own bottom line. Sadly even if that means RvP being sold to a rival. We can’t compete with the financial dopers. And we’ve sold our best players to them in the past. As I mentioned before to unanimous condemnation the board will sell him to the highest bidder – even if it is a rival (see Cole, Clichy, Nasri, Adebayor, Toure ect.) And even if he is sold there’s no guarantee that the money will be used for more players like Mvila. I wish it were but the board and Arsene may still think they can get to at least 4th place with what players they currently have. Then RvP’s money will be used to pay off the near 100 million pound debt. It may not be popular with people here but I believe the team is in a holding pattern as it pays off the stadium debt. They will invest only to get themselves to at least the Champion’s League. They’ll pay off the debt as soon as possible rather than assume more risk by investing in players to get them to the top of the league. They don’t want to do a Leeds.

    Keep in mind that Arsenal’s most valued asset is NOT RvP. It was not Henry nor was it Cesc or nasri. It is Arsene Wenger. The board trusts him to pull a rabbit out of the hat each and every year despite losing our best players to the financial dopers. Few if any of these players replicate what they did in the Red and White. We still have Arsene and the board know he is mpore important than RvP. Sell RvP now for as much as we can and hopefully they’ll let Arsene further strengthen the team. But don’t be surprised if they use it to pay off the debt.

  306. @ times like this,
    as complicated as “the conspiracy” seems to be
    its usually really quite simple
    someone’s wagging the dog
    creating chaos for some self-serving purpose

    can’t “over-blame” footballers
    the sheer amount of physical focus usually cuts into energy available for mental overviews of their truer place in the scheme of things
    they know not their “people power”
    alas, our Robin’s not special
    Like we like to think Dennis was.
    Public life is not easy
    One wrong move and you’re de-listed by millions.

    but why lose faith?
    it is us who create our heroes
    If the club is bigger than any individual
    what’s bigger than the club?

    my answer = the right values.
    relative in a lot of respects but fundamentally untouchable,
    and always available to everyone.

    Arsene embodies the right values, so I support him
    If he doesn’t, I won’t.
    End of…

    (but this hurts)

  307. pedantic george

    Duke ,City and Chelsea disgust us and you want us to be like them?
    If you don’t have your dignity you have nothing.
    How can you even contemplate it?

  308. Gutted at the news. I thought he would resign as well.

    Really disappointed in RvP, the club stuck by him through all of his injury problems and now he does this. Also really disappointed that the club I love simply cannot hang onto its best footballers.

    Yet again we will have a summer where the incoming players are no more than replacements for our better players that are leaving, so the status quo remains. The squad rotates but never significantly improves due to the fact we lose some of our better players each year.

  309. “…it underminees with great disrespect, the talents of two recently recruited Arsenal players which apparently don’t meet Robins ambition. Signings which include a 100 times capped German international and Ligue 1′s top goalscoarer.”

    Absolutely! It really is a kick in the teeth for our new players.

    Deise, RVP is mistaken, Ivan Gazides is not on holiday. This has been confirmed by Arsenal’s Director of Communications.

  310. Seen the Club’s statement, but can’t agree. He has to go now.

    He is the captain of our club at the moment, he obviously can’t stay in that position. He turns up at pre-season and Ox asks, “Why Robin?” What does he say? He claims he doesn’t agree on the way the Club should move forward, is he going to tell Ox why and get followers behind him causing friction in the dressing room? Does he admit that it is all about the cash after all and lose all respect from the players around him? And the new signings are going to look at him and know that he does not want to be part of the future of the club, that must cause hassle in the dressing room, surely.

    I’d love to know what he doesn’t agree with, but out of his huge respect for Mr. Wenger, the players and the fans he doesn’t want to go into details. Why didn’t he afford us that same respect by announcing through the club? Why wasn’t he willing to sit down at the table again post our signings and discuss issues? If he was so much in disagreement with the club how was he so reserved about the whole thing that he was able to keep quiet until the transfer window was officially open?

    Did Juve get wind of this before hand and throw in a low bid hoping we would sell to anyone, but Citeh? Do we hope they nudge their bid up a bit (to say £12m) and let him go for that rather than sell to City for £20m?

  311. Evil

    I agree 100%

    Without a full apology and aknowledgement for how cowardly and stupid his words were I wouldn’t want van Persie anywhere near an Arsenal shirt next season.

    But ultimatley I suspect it’s up to Arsene who I fully expect to tell van Persie a few home truths upon their next meeting.

    Hopefully he’ll be man enough to realise a few things and do the right thing for the right reasons.

    That would be a serious turn up for the books however. And I wont be holding my breath.

  312. This is a shame.

    A disrespectful statement from RVP.
    How does a player not take on board that the team stood by him and how can a player who is always injured lead the team to the glory days, back to? Can’t he see the stupidity in what he is saying?

    He has essentially crapped on everything Arsenal. He has told the team that they are not good enough, that after bigging them up all season. He has told our management that he knows better than them. This is why I hate people saying that teams should show ‘intent’! The whole world knows we have brought in 2 excellent players but what, RVP? Not good enough for you?

    The team should sell. RVP has punked us all.

  313. ‘Keep in mind that Arsenal’s most valued asset is NOT RvP. It was not Henry nor was it Cesc or nasri. It is Arsene Wenger.’

    one of the really few things i would agree with philmar on.

  314. Very true one of us – the truth is though Robin’s dreams at 29 have altered from those he had as a teenie or as an aspiring footballer

    Would I be different ?

    Wheres that badge !

  315. with a statement like that, without a public apology, he can’t stay.

    players like ox and wilshere look up to him, and he’s basically told them they are not good enough for him. tell you what, he wasnt good enough to clean bergkamp’s boots.

  316. rvp thinks the way forward for arsenal is to pay him 200k, arsene doesnt agree. that’s all.

    i agree with arsene, btw.

  317. Oh and what will Poldi and Giroud have to say to RVP now that he has said they’ve not got his seal of approval?

    Well, actually thinking about it, his decision was most likely made before either of those were signed…maybe.

  318. Actually….anyone else thiks this smells disgustingly like that whole Rooney debauchel a few years ago?

  319. @Passenal
    What is the point in Robin lying about something like that unless it has the purpose to make the club seem “unprofessional”? Seeing him get that bit wrong in his carefully crafted statement only adds to the disappointment.

  320. I think Wenger and Ivan knew he was not going to resign so moved quickly to get some strikers in. That would tie in with RvP agreeing not to talk to the press.

  321. @Deise
    Well, Poldi was signed long before Robin had his preliminary talk with the club.

  322. If the rumours about Theo waiting to see what RVP would do were true he must be freaking out now. What does he do? He tied himself to RVP at Arsenal and now his captain has left him. Will he panic and try to leave as well, or be a grown up and stay to watch the new Arsenal emerge?

  323. Imagine how older Ajax supporters feel. Due to the economics of the game they went from a world powerhouse to a feeder club hoping to make money developing the Ibrajimovic, pienaar and Vermaelens of the world. Certain to lose their best players.

  324. Sounds about right goonerandy.

  325. If we sell now and get a good price then isn’t that OK ? He’s a great player but this is RVPs last chance for a big move, why begrudge him that ? For many seasons he’s spent most of the time out injured. We were lucky last year but who’s to say the luck would continue ? I’d have liked him to stay but it always seemed unlikely. He’s devoted many years to us and we’ve enjoyed his brilliance, he’s simply decided to move on, it’s not a betrayal, it’s not the end of the world, it’s football.

  326. Oh and what will Poldi and Giroud have to say to RVP now that he has said they’ve not got his seal of approval?

    I think they already knew rvp was off and they would actually play before they signed on the dotted line.

  327. So, this meeting where he disagreed with the clubs future plans, he must have been told he would be held to his contract, this statement feels llike he trying to burn some bridges to force a move – would he do such a thing?

  328. Seems we wasted a full days debate yesterday then trying to work out how they would all fit in the same side.

  329. Why not? If he decides to go behind the club’s back to release such a statement, I do not think that he deserves the benefit of the doubt in that regard.

  330. dfb

    so if its about money why lie about it? Why make comments about a disagreement about the club moving forward? If AW is looking to make more signings this summer having your captain say he doesn’t agree with the club’s vision for the future is not going to help.

  331. “I think they already knew rvp was off and they would actually play before they signed on the dotted line.”

    If thats the case duke, then there musnt be any truth whatsoever in the Theo stories about him waiting to see what RVP does. Surely a current teammate would know more than a potential one?

  332. @pedantic george
    You were the one on this blog insulting Arsenal fans who were expressing concerns about the RVP situation. And now, that instead of admitting that you were wrong, you continue badmouthing your fellow gunners, is breathtaking.

  333. and what is a big move? Juve? City? That’s not a big move its a move for money.

  334. sigh……one must prepare…

    worst case scenario:


    DEFENCE: Jenks, Djourou, Bartley, Ignasi, Gibbs,
    MF: Coquelin, Frimp, Ramsey, Jack, Diaby,
    STR: Gervinho, Ox, Ryo

    OUT: RvP, Arshavin, Walcott, Vermaelen, Bendtner, Chamakh, Fabianski, Mannone, Squillaci, Denilson, Vela, Park.

    IN (after today): ???

    …one must prepare…can’t diss the weak for now,

    (sorry dear, just polishing the old bullet-proof vest, you just never know….)

  335. What a dumb comment from the man.

    The man who has been injured for most of his Arsenal career wanted to lead us back to glory but leaves after his only full season? Smart.

    So the players we have and whom came in are not good enough for him? Well, isn’t he full of himself now.
    This why supporters need to stop saying the team must show intent! The whole world thinks we have done well but I guess RVP would like us to get Messi in.

    He has also said that he knows better than Wenger! Silly young man.

    Sell him asap and move on.

  336. Aman why is TV5 going? He has a 4 year contract

  337. If he goes to the likes of City, Manure, Barca, Juve, Madrid, the chances are he has more chance of winning something. And as a sweetner he will be on more cash. That is the reality of the situation.

  338. FUCK OFF SV!!!!!

    gloating time is only allowed between the end of the season and July 1st!

  339. pedantic george

    Deise.He would and he has.
    I think you have seen it exactly as it is.

  340. Wavey,
    “they” say Barca’s interested…
    u never know…

  341. highbury lament

    If this is all true RVP has done himself no favours, he will now be hated by every true Gooner.
    No point in keeping him which i think is the reason he put the statement out as he knows his future is untenable in terms of staying with the club.
    Get as much as we can hopefully to a club abroad, I personally have lost all respect for him and hope he never returns either as a player or anything else.
    .uck Off RVP i am bitterly disappointed in you !

  342. I just hope he moves abroad. Him going to a rival would be bad for us in a double whammy.

  343. Aman

    Going to play the “bring him back home” card again then? TV5 was stolen from the Catalans as a child and they want him back

  344. pedantic george

    “@pedantic george
    You were the one on this blog insulting Arsenal fans who were expressing concerns about the RVP situation.”
    SV,I have not.
    My only concern has been for Arshavin.So stop making things up.And you and your ilk are not my “FELLOW FANS” and never will be.

  345. Wavey: Don’t know. Maybe he was expecting to be offered more to stay, and was pissed off when that didn’t happen. Who will ever know ? I agree it might have been presented better but then shit happens. Yes, by a big move I mostly meant money, but then, in reality, some teams probably offer a better chance of him winning something before he finally packs it in.

  346. Puyol announces that Tommy is his long lost brother and he wants to bring him back in to the Barca fold and help him to take over his big brother’s position. Looking forward to seeing Tommy in a hippy wig.

  347. Wavey | July 4, 2012 at 8:48 pm

    I hope it’s not true about Theo. Surely this is his chance to be a striker?

  348. “some teams probably offer a better chance of him winning something before he finally packs it in.”

    I’m sure he can ‘win’ a tainted title with Juve, until the authorities catch up with them and they have to give all the medals back because they’ve cheated again.

  349. Most Arsenal fans agree with RVP, It’s only the Arsene fans who don’t & I see already you are trying to paint him as greedy. Well, what else can you do? Face up to the truth. The direction of the club is a joke. It has been for the last 3 years and will be as long as Wenger and the current board are in control. Today you got conformation of this, not from just another doomer, but from your club captain.

  350. Let me get this straight…..

    You guys are upset that Van Persie acted “stupid” and now taking the blame away from Arsenal & Wenger? By doing what he did, the Club and Wenger appear to be the victims.

    I’m glad he did it this way, it’s his choice. It shows that the club is at no fault, we raised his wages, offered him a new contract, bought two good players up front, what more can we do?

  351. RGC – Whilst I think that is a bit overboard, what is clear is that this cannot continue to happen. For the future of the club we cannot keep on relying on Arsene to keep us afloat. Football has changed whether we like it or not. Or choice is simple; do we change with the times, or start to fall further behind.

  352. Harry Flowers

    At my age I should no longer be shocked and disappointed at such things. The eternal idealist in me can’t help but feel utterly betrayed at this moment though. Such a lack of loyalty is par for the course, however I genuinely believed that maybe, just maybe, this guy was cut from a different cloth. More fool me. Perhaps more fool any of us who believed otherwise.

    That seemingly mendacious “statement” is possibly the worse thing he could have left with. It’s wording gives fuel to a certain cancerous section of our “support”, and the wankers in the media will just revel in it.


  353. Harrow Gooner

    Its all about Wiltshire now

  354. “That seemingly mendacious “statement” is possibly the worse thing he could have left with. It’s wording gives fuel to a certain cancerous section of our “support”, and the wankers in the media will just revel in it. ”

    It seems RCG has just proved your point.

  355. pedantic george

    Andy ,what the fuck is “change with the times”?
    Lose between 100 and 200 million pounds a year and hope some gangster pays it out of his back sack?
    Stupid thing to say.Do all the clubs in the league have to find a gangster ? Or prrhaps just Premier and Championship?
    Where does it end?

  356. yeah its a lovely county.

  357. Hadn’t realised there was such a huge difference between Arsenal fans and Arsene fans and that Arsene fans were in such a minority. I must have missed all those chants for ‘Wenger out’ at the Emirates.

    So if RVP does leave now I am a bit concerned about our start to the season again. Two forwards who need to acclimitise to the Premiership (and let’s face it even the best need some adjustment time) and little in the way of experienced/quality back up to fill the gap. Bendtner might have to stay to provide the experience, what a scary thought!

  358. “Looking forward to seeing Tommy in a hippy wig.”

    Surely you meant neanderthal caveman wig, even the hippies were better manicured than Puyol.

  359. OK, he’s gone now (cries like a baby).

    We may be short a quality striker, unless Wenger decides to play with 6 midfielder like Spain. One way or the other, I hope for some strengthening in the goal scoring department until the end of the summer.

    And Vermalen for the captain.

    And thankfully no CL qualifiers to play.

  360. Harrow Gooner

    Why did he have to say that ‘two week holiday’ bit? Thats the bit which makes us look like a fucking shambles

  361. Notoverthehill

    Yogi, I have researched Mr Andrei Arshavin, very extensively. Russian football reporters ask the questions that most British football reporters, do not!

    In fact, Russian reports always give the source, and the source of the source. So one can dig quite deep!

    What has this to do with RVP? Well, it seems that RVP had a gripe with AA23. This interview happened in Warsaw and was published in Sport No.26 (907) dated 2nd July 2012. The interview had Avram Grant in attendance and the reporter knew Mr Grant and this ledt to being introduced to Mr Wenger. An interview with real depth.

    I would suggest that the key is the following, which the “internet bores” will concentrate on:
    “As announced earlier this year I had a meeting with the Boss and Mr. Gazidis after the season. This was a meeting about the club’s future strategy and their policy. Financial terms or a contract have not been discussed, since that is not my priority at all.”

    This extract is from the RVP site.

    No comment from me, as a lot has not been said!

  362. G4E, I have never questioned the team. The wording and how he did is terrible and yes quite stupid.

  363. George – Yup, I know exactly what you are getting at. And I do agree. But the point remains; if we stay as we are, we are inevitably going to carry on falling behind the other top sides. And I am not complaining, I remember Arsenal in the 80’s, we still have a wonderful club which I love to bits. But our expectations are going to have to change.

    If things had gone to plan, our move to the stadium would have eventually seen us be the dominant force in British football. But since we came up with that plan the footballing landscape has changed. We can get on our high horse about it all day long, but it is what it is.

  364. pedantic george

    Please help a dumb fuck like me and decode that post

  365. Fuck, don’t give the armband to Tv5. look at the pattern for our skippers.

    Denilson coming back maybe no bad thing. Make him club captain I say. 😉

  366. I just told my five year old son to forget “that” song, we are singing now “lu lu lukas podolski”

  367. RGC

    The fact of the matter is, there is no problem at all with the direction of Arsenal football club. The problem is with people’s perception that we have to spend 100s of millions to win trophies…where was this perception between 1996 – 2005 when we were winning trophies without spending hardly anything?

    In that case, it makes RVP statement and any player statements before him about the club’s direction is just an excuse to deflect the attention from their own failure to win anything with the club in 8 years.

  368. Deano

    I think Ray is right on Cisse, he really put Ba in the shade when he turned up in January and looks to be a potentially quality striker with the right club. For a striker willing to run along the line and look for every ball we can provide plenty of goal scoring opportunities. When Adebayor was busting a gut for us in his 30 goal season (as opposed to the following season when he stood on the last defender with his hands on his hips) he missed more than he scored, but with the ammo we provided he was bound to score a lot of goals. Cisse has that work ethic up front, but looks to be able to take his chances better. Could be a real goal machine if loaded with ammo from our Arsenal.

  369. G4E – The footballing landscape is completely different to 1995-2005, times have changed.

  370. Hey Paul-N…Happy 4th my friend.

    I know what you mean, I’m just happy he took it on himself to take the blame by making the stupid comment. It’s his choice to end his career this way, it won’t have any effect on Arsenal because a few players said the same thing before and we are still one of the best Clubs in the world (The best in the world to me, taking Bias into account).

  371. G4E

    Unfortunately money has made a massive difference in a short space of time. Chelsea hadn’t won anything of note since the days of black and white and were only good for the odd Carling or FA Cup before they started rolling in Russian cash.

  372. Harrow Gooner


  373. Hope he goes to PSG and Montpellier smash it again.

  374. So…where to. M City is the obvious one, but I really hope that does not happen. I can see Madrid getting interested. He would be their best striker there.

  375. Goonerrandy…..It changed to the better, I hope?

    Since times have changed, I think I’m going to go out tonight….Max out my credit cards and who the hell cares if I default? Times have changed and it’s 2012 cool to be bankrupt.

    I think we are spending money every year, we bought Gerv, we bought podolski, we bought Giroud, we bought Vermaelen. I’m not clear on how people measure buying players these days? Do we have to spend 200 million in one year to keep up with the Joneses and be cool?

  376. ” Most Arsenal fans agree with RVP, It’s only the Arsene fans who don’t & I see already you are trying to paint him as greedy. Well, what else can you do? Face up to the truth. The direction of the club is a joke. It has been for the last 3 years and will be as long as Wenger and the current board are in control. Today you got conformation of this, not from just another doomer, but from your club captain. ” – RGG

    I haven’t been posting here long but are there a number of people that worried about RvP’s possible defection and were badgered, insulted and bullied away from the blog? I see UpperStateGooner disappeared. Are some returning to say “I told you so”?

    RGG – I wouldn’t call the direction of the team a joke. Unlike the financial doped teams they MUST run a self-sustaining business. The top players are offered mind spinning wages elsewhere. People, myself included, can be bought. These players are acting rationally. The people who feel stabbed in the back are the ones who have been deluded the last few years by ignoring the economic realities.
    The board has little choice but to take the current direction. They have enormous debt and in these times of inflated EPL financially doped salaries, during the greatest economic downturn in half a century, I believe they are acting prudently.
    Perhaps you feel they should assume more risk, adopt an unsustainable business model, buy more players and pay higher wages, increase the club’s enormous debt and resultant interest payments. Ask any Leeds supporter how that direction turned out.
    Though many supporters genuinely love Arsenal you must remember that the Arsenal board is making decisions about their own money not our hopes and dreams – and they will act in their interests, not yours.

  377. Clerkenwell Gooner

    Knew it. Sell him immediately. The writing was on the wall when his wife attended the last game of the season away. Last game in an Arsenal shirt – can’t imagine the WAGs go to away games usually (do they?), especially if they’ve got young kids.

    Giroud and Poldi were obviously the replacement strategy, and I doubt AW would sign them with deception – that is, they would know exactly what the true picture was re: Robin, and it would’ve probably encouraged them to come. Look what happened to Chamakh, after all, who didn’t get a look-in during RVP’s 30-goal season.

    I’d like Sagna to be captain, once he recovers from his latest leg break. Guy has earned it for that goal vs the Spuds in the 5-2 alone. He has been with us since 2004 and is a mature head, at 29. Not sure why the Verminator got the VC spot over him, tbh – the Low Countries connection with Robin, perhaps?

    Otherwise, give the captaincy to Jack. He’s said he’ll never leave, and I believe him. Might as well start him off with it now.

    Will Theo go as a result of this? It wouldn’t surprise me, as he does not appear to have that many close friends at the club now. He was very good mates with Gael Clichy, and look where he ended up.

    The one I’m really concerned about, though, is Song. Please don’t leave, Alex. (If it was Thursday, I’d post Stevie Wonder singing, “Please don’t go”. Please, please do not go, Alex.)

    The huge fee we get for Robin, please can we put in the tin marked “Saving up to buy Mats Hummels”?

  378. highbury lament

    I think it has Notoverthehill, that statement said it all. He does not want to play for our club again.
    Get rid of him now to some club abroad, good riddance and lets move on.
    Arsene obviously knew what was about to happen which is the reason he went out and bought two strikers.

  379. pedantic george

    “I haven’t been posting here long but are there a number of people that worried about RvP’s possible defection and were badgered, insulted and bullied away from the blog? ”
    Complete bollocks I am afraid
    Philmar .Your last paragraph is very well thought out .Well said.

  380. Anyone who believes Robin when he says he’s leaving because he wants to win trophies is deluding themself. He’s leaving for the money. Who here has worked for one employer their whole life spurning substantial wage increases from other companies?
    He’s got an agent and a publicist who comes up with this shit (lies). The same guys that convinced you he was a true gooner and concocting badge kissing photo ops.

  381. “Otherwise, give the captaincy to Jack. He’s said he’ll never leave, and I believe him. Might as well start him off with it now.”

    And the cycle begins again.

  382. G4E – Not what I said at all. I am just saying that if we continue to lose our best players, we will find it increasingly harder to compete. We have to attempt to find a solution to this (whatever that maybe). We can’t just sulk and say “its not fair”. Well, we can, but as I said earlier Arsene won’t be around for ever to keep digging us out of holes. We need to come up with something for the future.

  383. About that comment on Gazidis being on holiday, was that RVP having a moan because he expected Gazidis to be available to sit down again as soon as Robin returned to the UK? Did he in fact put this statement out because he is still a petulant little boy who thinks the adults sitting at the big table don’t take him seriously and he wanted to make them listen to him?

  384. Harrow Gooner

    What a Cunt

  385. Harrow Gooner

    Wavey, thats exactly what happened. There was no need to make us look so disorganised.


  386. Philmar – “Anyone who believes Robin when he says he’s leaving because he wants to win trophies is deluding themself”

    Really? I have no doubt the extra cash will be nice, but why is it such an outlandish statement if he states winning stuff as his reason? We have not really threatened to win the lge since he broke into the first 11 (for varying reasons). He is currently in the top 3 stikers in Europe and in his prime. Of course he wants to win things.

    I would argue that solely blaming the money issue is deluding themselves that there might be more than a grain of truth in what he is saying. Not excusing him as I think he should have stayed given the clubs loyalty to him, but still

  387. Clerkenwell Gooner

    We may be short a quality striker, unless Wenger decides to play with 6 midfielder like Spain.

    SV, god, I would love it. We can go back to be boring, boring Arsenal, the kings of 1-0, and then smash the opponent to bits in finals – bring it on.

    And Notoverthehill – no link? Are you saying AA23 is the root of the problem, and that £££ has nothing to do with it? That Arshavin is indeed coming back. WTF?

  388. Notoverthehill

    PG, do you really, really want to KNOW?

    First, after a certain game, Ferguson sent a postcard to Mr Wenger on the following day stating: “Sorry, we will be more considerate next time!”

    Second, after the return meeting WHO was responsible for Mr Wenger flinging a stool against the wall in the changing room, after the game? Mr Wenger had to pay a fine!

    No, I cannot go on, sorry – извени!

  389. How’s that stadium of yours coming along, James? I remember you were bragging about it a few years ago.

    Seen any good films lately?

  390. Harry Flowers

    We know that Phil. However please forgive some of us rose tinted idealists who can’t quite accept that such cynicism is all that’s left. Not EVERYONE can be bought y’know fella. Even at this late stage.

    I agree with Harrow Gooner at 9.38. With big shiny bells on.

  391. This is just further proof that parents never – ever – know what’s going on in their kids’ heads. Nor wives in their husband’s.
    Sad really.
    That statement reeks of Dein. “… disagree on the way Arsenal FC should move forward.”
    Didn’t David Dein leave for the same reason?
    He’s going to City – for the money. Simple really. Ray Parlour is absolutely right – Arsenal FC can’t afford to let him sweat it out for a year – it would be a cancer in the ranks. And what concerns me is there could be further fall out from this as others follow his lead.
    Not unexpected though, even though I do lack backbone (allegedly).
    Oh well, I was off to the Bundesliga for next season anyway. This just strengthens my resolve. The only way Arsenal will be able to compete in the future is to let the slug take over (or some other slug) – this goes for 90% of the Premiership too. It’ll soon be covered in slime. It’s not a sport any more as Manchester United’s owners made crystal clear today. It’s all about selling the brand and making loads of money. And the fans picking up the tab.
    Pass the sick bag.

  392. I understand Goonerrandy, but like times have changed with crazy money spending, also players have changed. There is no way for a club to keep a player against their will unless they sign a 10 year contract and even that can’t guarantee it will hold the player down. Also, the club can not allow itself to be held to ransom by players.

    We football fans have to change too, no player is that loyal to one club any more. We have to evolve our player expectation from a lifetime loyalty to just give a %100 during your contract period.

  393. “RVP had a gripe with AA23.”

    Would not surprise me at all. I also saw a Twitter rumour that he practically had a stand up fight with Aaron Ramsey as well.

  394. chamakh will bang in the goals while podolski and giroud acclimatise. he banged in the goals while rvp was out injured, remember?

  395. Don’t saddle JW with the captaincy – just rotate it from game to game.

  396. G4E

    nope, it’s contract period minus 1 year.

  397. ” Really? I have no doubt the extra cash will be nice, but why is it such an outlandish statement if he states winning stuff as his reason? ”

    Good point. I guess I cannot state it with certainty. Examples escape me but there have been examples of players in North American sports that took wage cuts to allow their team to pay the wages of a few expensive incoming players, thus increasing the chance of wining a trophy. I doubt that kind of offer was made by Robin “OK Arsene, I know we are not financially doped so i” eschew any wage increase if you use that money for hat Mvila chap”. And I don’t get the impression RvP would take a lower salary to win with Dortmund or Montpellier.
    I suspect he’ll go to the team that offers him the greatest wage.
    I may be proven wrong.

  398. korihikage

    I hope so, but he was been so low on confidence. AW will have to have a huge Chamakh love-in in the pre-season to get him back onside. At least he now knows there is something to stay and fight for, he most have thought his time at the club was up when he saw the Podolski and Giroud signings.

  399. Perhaps the reference to Ivans 2 weeks holiday was because the statement was written a while ago, presumably when Ivan was on holiday?

  400. Needed a sec to cool down, now i need my aclf familia. Seriously there is no where else to go.

    PG, loved the Arshavin pic, humour is the best right now, so nice one.

    Someone asked if ‘this was the exciting transfer news Gazidis told us to expect’ too funny man.

    Look if Rvp came out and apologised or make another statement like ‘ ah fuck, so sorry guys, i love this club and i honestly thought today was april fool’s’, forgiven.

    This is not the time for insults(Rvp is a cunt), van persie helped us achieve 3rd place in the league standings last season(he can shove his PFA award up his arse), personally i will continue to love him(if he jumps off a cliff).


  401. Philmar – True, but whichever club that is I would also wager will be one which will 100% challenge for every competition it enters with a realistic chance of winning it. I believe it is a bit of both. He wants to play for a better team, which in turn will bring better money as a byproduct.

  402. Henristic

    I got the feeling that Gazidis had been working hard since the end of the season and during the Euros to get the signings of Podolski and Giroud completed and had now finally had a chance to take a break.

  403. Sorry if someone’s already posted this, but the statement, addressed to the fans, is clearly designed to make it impossible for the club to keep him.
    I’m such a mug – expecting honesty from a professional footballer.
    Fuck the lot of them.
    “Most footballers are knobs.” Just because it was said by the biggest knob of them all doesn’t make it any less true. Except replace “Most” with “All”.

  404. This is disappointing on so many levels as well. RvP was one of the fighters in the side, many of the other player have commenting on what a great skipper he is. He is also pretty important to our style of attack (Arsene said as much recently). That means changing things. And that means more transition. Again.

  405. Okay, okay, i know i said humour is the best but ‘chamakh will bang in the goals? – Korihikage comeon, this is depressing.

    My biggest regret is not calling Rvp a cunt before he made this statement, wheres Frank?

  406. RvP’s statement has sabotaged the new season immeasurably.

  407. PG, we’re free, don’t be shy, say it.

  408. pedantic george

    I think RVP and Arshavin would not have gotten on because Arshavin would not have looked up to him .Seems he was right not to.
    Perhaps there is a good reason he is not popular in Holland.

  409. Paul Ponting ‏@PaulPonting

    TO YOU ALL… in times of austerity when people are finding things hard, don’t cry over a £200,000 a week footballer

    I agree with that. Whoever wants to leave our great club just piss off.

  410. I still think we should keep Rvp regardless of his loose tongue. Strip him of the captaincy but please he should not be sold to city, surely he has more class than that.

    And err, Squillaci for captaincy, you know why.

  411. I am trying to look for positives in all of this, but it all boils down to losing our two best players in consecutive seasons 😦

  412. Arsenal & São Paulo reach agreement for Denílson to stay in Brazil for further 12 months

  413. Agreed dups, i hate the fact that arsenal has so much control over my emotions, i should not be getting so upset over transfer buff and millionaire players.

    Just check out today’s post headline, read and weep.

  414. dups – Shame, I was hoping he would come back and get the captains armband. 😉

  415. Crap day at work as well. What a shitfest.

  416. ‘Not unexpected though, even though I do lack backbone (allegedly).
    Oh well, I was off to the Bundesliga for next season anyway. This just strengthens my resolve. The only way Arsenal will be able to compete in the future is to let the slug take over (or some other slug) – this goes for 90% of the Premiership too.”
    Not true. We have a big stadium but big debt. If Wenger continues to conjure up his magic pulling a 3rd or 4th place Champion’s League spot despite selling his older players then once the debt is paid off we will be able to flex our financial muscle. This was foreseen when they dismantled the Invincibles and went to youth development.
    But the rest of the EPL are fucked and have been for a while. For example, Everton won’t win ever again unless major restructuring happens.

    “It’ll soon be covered in slime. It’s not a sport any more as Manchester United’s owners made crystal clear today. It’s all about selling the brand and making loads of money. And the fans picking up the tab.”

    I think it was that way the minute the Bosman ruling happened.

    “Pass the sick bag.”
    i am not sickened. it is business. They may all be mercenaries but it is still a beautiful game to watch even if they earn enough to buy snimal islands in the Caribbean. Even if I detest Ronaldo or nasri or Rooney it is stil a joy to watch tem play.

  417. pedantic george

    The saddest part of today has been the reaction and absence of some people on this board.

  418. pedantic george

    Philmar.I don’t always agree with you.But you do deserve a good deal of credit for your contributions.

  419. The only person am interested in hearing from is Arsene Wenger, am sure Dexter is fixing his nails or trying out his new baby blue jimmy chang stilletos.

  420. If Arsene didn’t know this was coming (which I doubt) he must be fuming.

  421. Billy's Boots

    Just back from an evening out and catching up on the news. Well, to state the bleedin’ obvious, I am disappointed to hear about van Persie’s decision and statement. On the bright side, at least now we know! It stinks to lose our best player again; my strong hope is that the club will only sell him to a foreign team. If I were betting, I would say City; my hope is PSG.

  422. Clerkenwell Gooner

    So is the picture emerging here (via Passenal, Notoverthehill) that RVP was criticising AW over continuing to deploy underperforming players such as Arshavin and Ramsey?

    Was AW shipping Arshavin out to Zenit a move to try to placate RVP on this front, to get him to re-sign? (The mind boggles if RVP was indeed trying to dictate decisions on personnel – would he go that far?)

  423. Billy's Boots

    Maybe this will turn out like United selling C Ronaldo to Madrid – the club gets a good amount of money, and other players step up (and we win the league).

  424. Would Barca be interested? Possibly not. I can see Madrid making a bid though. Can’t see him going to Italy, and certainly not France. I hope Madrid do come in for him, I can’t bear the thought of seeing him at Manure or M City (who will both make bids without fail).

  425. Clerkenwell Gooner | July 4, 2012 at 11:05 pm

    If he’s saying he doesn’t agree with the direction the club is going, it sounds exactly like that is what he is trying to do.

  426. first passenal then frank having a pop at george. tut tut. out of order.

    well thanks rvp for shitting on the club that has payed you wages for 8 years when you have been injured for a large chunk of it….no fukin morals..

  427. Billy's Boots

    There’s a rumour on Twitter that it was part of a deliberate ploy by Wenger to get RVP to leave, creating space so Arshavin can come back and play as number 10!

  428. Billy's Boots

    Well, when I said Twitter, I actually meant ACLF…

  429. Thanks for the memories RVP, but please don’t ever consider putting on an Arsenal shirt again.

  430. Billy's Boots

    … and when I said ‘rumour’, I actually meant my post.

  431. I am both absolutely gutted and at the same time indifferent. And like most people, it is the indifference that hurts more.

    I see that picture of van Persie above the statement on the official site and I just think wanker.

    It’s still finger tips. But I’ll move the goal-posts. If The Slug takes over our beloved club, THAT is when I’ll pack it in. In the mean time, I’ll dumbly hang on by my finger tips.


  432. pedantic george

    Haha Billy .well it would make me happy if no one else

  433. I was just going to ask, could someone explain notoverthehill’s theory to me?

    Disgusted with RvP’s statement and its timing. I think they are planning to keep him for the last year.

  434. If (when) RvP leaves it makes sense to hang onto AA.

  435. I suppose in keeping him he may change his mind if we are doing well. But his relationship with the fans will be fucked by then. Thats said, the Manure fans soon forgot about Rooney once he started scoring again after eventually committing to Manure.

  436. I say we keep him….if he plays shit we drop him or reserve the slag. fuck giving him his dream move.

  437. Actually now he’s successfully killed romantic notions of football for many of us…make him stay. It’s just a job after all. He signed a contract. He can do his job.

  438. Billy's Boots

    I have it on good authority that what drove van Persie to leave wasn’t the money or the lack of trophies, it wasn’t clashes with teammates or a disagreement about the direction the club is taking. He could put up with all these things, but what he couldn’t take any more is the universal health care in Britain.

  439. pedantic george

    Billy ,thats funny if you read every post ,which I do so Haha farkin har

  440. this is worse then the cesc getaway. rvp owed the club.

  441. pedantic george

    You should not have fallen for his charms Duke.
    Never catch me doing that.

  442. Billy's Boots

    George, apparently RVP does, too. He read thegeeman’s comment du jour and followed the invitation to gee’s blog. A few hours later – boom, he comes out with that statement. You know it makes sense.

  443. if he has any dignity or respect left in him he would do the honorable thing and go abroad.

  444. alas we canot sell him to city either, if we allow that we are just as bad.

  445. After a crazy season, I’m very sad to hear VP’s statement. Thank you for your contribution Van Persie!

  446. pedantic george

    Duke ,he has neither ,Its petrol dollars he is angling for.

  447. Billy's Boots

    Good post, by the way, YW – very prescient. I think there will be many people waking up with a different kind of ‘veil of sluggishness’ tomorrow. The RVP news seems certain to test your ‘optimism of the pre-season’ theory for many. Personally, I’m disappointed, but I have faith that AW will figure something out (actually, I reckon he already has it figured out) and the team will rise again.

  448. Billy's Boots

    The CERN scientists published an update to their earlier statement. Apparently, the secret of the universe is not, in fact, Higgs Boson – it’s money.

  449. I almost never leave a response, however i did a few searching and wound up here Arsène Tugs At RvP Heartstrings, Offers Giroud Hope & Some Transfer Tattle A Cultured Left Foot.
    And I actually do have some questions for you if it’s allright. Is it simply me or does it give the impression like some of the responses appear as if they are left by brain dead visitors? 😛 And, if you are writing at additional online sites, I’d like to follow anything fresh you have to post. Could you list of every one of your social pages like your linkedin profile, Facebook page or twitter feed?

  450. pedantic george

    No its ambition. Billy.

  451. I agree with Harry Flowers.
    Spoilt brats, the lot of them. Or should that be spoiled brats?
    Karma would be be an injury plauged season. My bad.

  452. I’m generally not a doomer, but think Rvp has every right — as does anyone else — to speak his mind, and to be upset about both the direction of the club and the money.

    First, the money. Reports were he was offered 130k/week for three years. That’s at least a 30% discount for a player of his level, and would put him in a position where his contract would expire when he’s 32. The market is what it is, and in the context of the market that offer is an insult. We can’t expect to compete if we won’t pay stars market wages.

    FFP is a joke and it won’t impose any meaningful limit on the clubs that will be competing for trophies, and we certainly have the resources — if not the desire — to compete on the terms the market requires. Kroenke is as rich as anyone, but chooses not to invest in the club — he’ll likely sell at a hefty profit when he thinks the time is right, with or without trophies. Usmanov is even richer, but the club has chosen not to tap his resources or do the kind of rights offering that would give us even more to spend. Our commercial revenues are far lower than our rivals, and we were way behind in making money on international tours (and still haven’t come to the us, where we have a huge fan base and where our rivals have spent the past several years making money and generating additional support).

    Podolski and Giroud are great signings, but they do the same things (better) as players we’ve signed and found lacking or let go over the past couple years (Chamakh, Bendtner, Campbell, Park). They’re signings that make up for prior mistakes. We’ve done nothing to address the creativity in midfield we lost with Cesc and Nasri. Wilshire has been out a year, will miss the start of the season, and generally played in the deeper role now occupied by Arteta. We really need a creative midfielder, and it is far from clear the club recognizes that — it certainly didn’t address the issue last year. We also need help defensively, as Sagna is coming off a broken leg and Jenkinson showed last year he is not up to standard (at least yet). If the club told Rvp it views the current squad as adequate and that it is not going to address those needs or do what it needs to do to keep others like Theo and Song, what he said about ambition rings true as well.

    Hopefully the club will prove him wrong, and I’m doing so will bring him around.

  453. @ Billy’s Boots
    “Personally, I’m disappointed, but I have faith that AW will figure something out (actually, I reckon he already has it figured out) and the team will rise again.”

    Yeah, well said. I so feel for the man, though. Bad things happenign to good people. The silver lining to RvP acting like a twunt is that it makes it really, really easy to get over him. The club should now do whatever suits us best without regard to what RvP wants.

    He had so much love from us. After this, we should never build up and stroke our top players. All that happens is that they get big-headed and think they are too good for us.

  454. Billy's Boots

    “And after all this time to find [he’s] just like all the rest ..”

  455. Clerkenwell Gooner

    Passenal – Wow, that would really take the biscuit.

    A captain who was injured year after year, and the club stood by him, criticizing a relatively youthful colleague in his first full season back since having his leg badly broken in a vicious assault? Was this the reason for Ramsey’s confidence being in the toilet last term?

  456. ^I’m horrified, if that’s the case.

  457. pedantic george

    I am more disappointed with Frank today than RVP.
    Turns out all you heros let you down in the end.
    Best not to have them .

  458. Billy's Boots

    Yes, FunGunner, it must be more of a blow to AW than anyone. It seems that his biggest mistake in recent years has been to have faith in people and belief in concepts like trust, integrity and loyalty. Sadly, those things don’t seem to matter much any more. Having said that, I would much rather the club fails* doing things the right way than succeeds by doing things the wrong way. Gaining success by abandoning one’s principles is a hollow victory.

    * by ‘fail’, I mean fail to win trophies, not fail as in the Glasgow Rangers sense.

  459. Maryland Gooner

    As much as I hoped/prayed/pretended to myself that RVP would be a loyal Gooner, I think he and his agent are acting rationally in this financially-doped environment. As a Yank, the thing I love about the NFL is the hard salary cap. It makes teams really compete, and shrewd judges of talent win out every year over billionaires with deeper pockets .

    The EPL…. not so much. I simply don’t trust M. Platini and UEFA to have a meaningful enforcement of financial fair play. As it is, Roman and the sheik make a mockery of it and RM and Barca are scarcely a step behind. The game is rigged boys, rigged. We love the Arsenal, but we’re striving against shameless thieves and schemers.

  460. Wow, never expected the manner of this announcement.

    Some wise commentary above. Doubt we will ever know the real truth and circumstances. What’s done is just that.

    After the departure of Cesc and Nasri, our manager resurrected belief with players and fans, we should expect more of the same.

    We are Arsenal.

  461. pedantic george

    I wonder if Rangers thought they were moving with the times?

  462. @ BB
    I agree. You may or may not win trophies, but if you do the right thing, you’ll always be able to look yourself in the eye.
    We’ve all got to stick together now – stand up for our club and our players.

  463. Billy's Boots

    George, I remember reading the autobiography of an American sports star of the 60s, and he described when parents (usually fathers) would come up to him and say they wanted their sons to grow up just like him, it bothered him, because he thought, “You don’t know me. For all you know, I may be a terrible person.” Seems as true now as it was then. We like to think we know these people, but really we don’t.

  464. Billy's Boots

    Yes, spot on, FG.

  465. Billy's Boots

    Right, off to bed! ‘Night, all.

  466. I just rolled home from a busy night at work.

    This is a kick in the teeth for everyone hey?

    The tough times are where we need to find unison and the commonality of support. I think the torrent of emotions everyone feels create a blizzard of outpouring.

    Be patient this too shall pass.

    Let’s see what RVP does in January when we’re fighting on all 4 fronts and top o the league 😀

  467. jonnyneale:

    let’s see what he does when we win the league, and he is lyin on the treatment table in italy or spain, or wherever.

  468. A terrible article crystallising the level of misunderstanding in the media and the way football is perceived. They should all be crying about the tightening gyre of all that is wrong in the game but they can’t break out of the prescribed truth.

  469. Bitter Kori. Bitter.

  470. I would like to say goodbye to the man I once proudly called my captain, but it appears that man never actually existed. He was a mere figment of my imagination projected onto the figure of a real person. All his priniciples, in reality they never were. His sense of honour and loyalty, none of it was real; just all in my head, an idea as wispy as air.

    The real actions of that real person have reverberated down to the fundamentals of my relationship with football. It’s my fault really, but the dream is dead. Three players in two years. Three players whose names I have sung untill my throat turned raspy and sore. Three players, each of whom I thought would have lead us to greatness. Three players, my memories of whom are tainted with bitterness and regret. Three players who should have become our legends. Gone, like tears in the rain. And each of them carry their own brand of dishonour.

    There is no place in my heart for dishonour nor is there any in my heart for hatred.

    But there is a place for vengeance.

    Let us see off any who would leave, especially those who would leave in such a low and dirty manner. Send them to wherever they would choose, be they domestic or European rivals. Send them wherever, and let us have our vengeance by being successful, against them, their new teams, and everyone else.

    Arsenal is a symbol. For me, it is a symbol of strength, valour, and determination. The very name speaks of warfare, and we have fought for everything have we not? And that is exactly what we must continue to do, fight, because really, what else are we going to do? Weep in a corner? It’s not my style.

    If Walcott and Song want to follow suit, then let them, the club will still be here. Our legends will still be here. The others will be consigned as mere footnotes filed under those who needed the path of least resistance. Hopefully we still have players who will grow into legends rather than leaving with dishonour.

    Victoria concordia cresit. You know what it means.

  471. well said, Gadget, well said.

  472. rvp isnt a legend. i hope when the club adds to the benches outside the Armoury, they won’t put rvp and fabregas there. would be a massive insult.

  473. Of course they won’t.

    Starting with a nonsense idea and then calling it a potential insult is a little odd to me.

  474. this hurts more than last year but we will move on

  475. Knew there was a possibility of him leaving, but the statement on his site leaves a bitter taste in the mouth

  476. At least there will be no more speculation with regards to rvp’s intent to stay. Now the club has time to act

  477. See ya RVP!!!! Though I am disappointed, bitterly so I admit, let the bidding war commence. old Red Nose himself wants him, as does Mancini and a few others. $25 million?, $30, $35? Either way it seems we can now afford M’Villa and Loris 🙂 All because a guy who spent 3 years in the last 8 on the treatment table only to be fed goals by Theo, Gervinho, Arshavin in one season wants to leave? Fuck off then and may the door hit you where the good Lord split you!! He could not do shit for Holland at the Euros or the World Cup final 2 years ago because nobody would put the ball at his feet 8 yards from goal. I do not remember who said on ACLF that we cannot replace RVP, but they could not be more wrong!! Nobody, not even AW himself, is irreplaceable. I will laugh and laugh and laugh if he leaves and gets injured again. Good riddance!! Now where do we spend the money?

  478. Often a door closing is just another door opening somewhere else. I am not sweating his departure. We can’t predict the future and who is to say that sign him would have been the best move for the club? With his injury history I think it quite possible that he may still be injured frequently in the future. Maybe his departure will force Wenger’s hand to buy a creative midfielder who can be the next club legend. Unfortunately the best young ones like Goetze and Hazard just committed to long term deals. As has Marco Reus.

    And thanks for the kind words George.

  479. Irishgray – RvP will be the one writing his own ticket. He’ll decide where he’ll go and because of that I doubt we’ll get even close to market value for him. As he has one year remaining he can refuse to sign with whomever we want to sell him to. That team won’t buy him unless he agrees to terms with them. As a player with one year left in his contract he won’t net us 30 million unfortunately.
    I imagine 20 million of it’s to the Chavs or Shitty. Maybe Manure will make an offer since he’ll go relatively cheap. Barca are broke. Real Madrid don’t need him and would only buy him if it looked like Barca were about to. Juventus reportedly offered 10 million. The sharks are hovering around as blood is drawn. Whoever gets RvP’s interest will be the one negotiating with Arsenal. He won’t be auctioned off to the highest bidder. He’ll go where HE wants to go. Sadly it may be in the team’s best interests that he be sold to the Chavs/Shitty financial dopers as they represent the best chance of us getting a half decent amount of money for him. Christ iI forgot about Juventus and Viera. We’ve been bleeding talent longer than I care to remember. But Arsene will find a gem somewhere. It’s amazing how little he paid for the likes of Toure, RvP, Adebayor, Cesc, Song, Viera, Henry, Anelka (heck even Bendtner) ect.Problem is he is being emulated and the great young buys like Hazard are now being poached at ridiculous prices. And players we could have in the past gone for like Ben Arfa and Cabaye are now bought up by rivals.

  480. Just received a text from my buddy Mark the Spud:- “Hey mate, just heard the news about RVP. I am sure you are upset but look at it from my point of view – you lost Nasri, Fabregas, Clichy, Bendtner, Arshavin and now RVP but you STILL finished above us and are in CL FFS!!! And you have one of the best stadiums in Europe, def the best in PL. Suck it up Goonah!!”

    I hate to say it but he does have a point 🙂

  481. Philmar – you make good points but at the end of the day, a player prone to injury finally came good when we most needed it. So off he goes and we already have a direct replacement in Giroud. Podolski I see as a replacement to AA (sorry PG). Fine if we only get 2o million, better than nothing.

  482. Writing here after a long time.
    You guys are left with no option but to sell him. May be if you can get RM, PSG and Malaga interested, then the price could go a bit up. Barcelona don’t have the money to afford him nor that position is the priority now.

    I can hear a lot of “we have Podolski and Girroud, so let him go to Hell” kind of comment. It’s quite strange how people react here. Two months ago you guys were saying RVP is just next to Messi and now you don’t give a damn that he leave? Whatever money Arsene gets for him he needs to put it back on a big player in the market. You definitely need to buy because in your last two season you have lost your best player of the season. Now that’s not an encouraging sign.

  483. I already hate him. And desperately want him to fail somewhere, maybe even pick up a season ending injury. That may seem mean and vindictive but I feel horribly betrayed, like someone I loved and believed in for so long just ran off with someone else and insulted me on the way out. Go to hell RVP you lousy fucking mercenary.

  484. Gutted, absolutely gutted. An incredibly sad piece of news to start my day.

  485. RvP has decided what many of us expected: he’s off to pastures new.

    I say, good luck to him. Is he irreplacable or the best at what he does? Obviously “no”! Do we have a right to expect him to stay with us despite his views and beliefs on what is best for him and his loved ones? Hopefully, “no”!

    I did say that I felt he was a luxury player who was not physically strong enough to hold up play or withstand close physical pressure. What he was great at is finishing in the box: even his free kicks and general long distance shots have not been as effective since his last bout of injuries. We must be able to replace him!

    Nevertheless, his criticisms of club policy and ambition might be something that impacts on our season – by the time the media and its fodder have finished interpreting all things AFC with the support of RvP’s comments. I obviously feel that those comments were in no way helptful to those he claims to love.

    So as I said, RvP’s departure should be no big issue. Remember that only two seasons ago his ongoing absences precluded his name from those players in whom we pinned our greatest hopes..

    Good luck Robin and thanks for your services.

  486. I agree with, gadget

  487. …and ‘heroes’ has got an ‘e’ in it, george

  488. Matt Scott (on paper review on TalkSport) has got me all excited about Giroud now. Cannot wait for the season to start. C’mon you Reds!

  489. From a footballing and financial point of view, I can actually understand him doing this. It is his last big contract and he will move to a club with a more likely chance of silverware and will get more money into the baragin. From that point of view it is a no brainer really.

    I am more pissed that we simply cannot hold onto our top players and it would have been nice to see a bit of loyalty after the club stood by him during his numerous injuries.

  490. Right. That’s it for me. Football as I knew it is well and truly dead. Bunch of spoilt brats, owned by a bunch of spoilt brats, watched by a bunch of spoilt brats and discussed by a bunch of spoilt brats.

    Other fish tio fry….

  491. ….iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  492. I can’t believe how this cunt has treated Arsenal. He’s judging the club for a lack of ambition?? 6 seasons on the bench due to injury, another club would have offloaded the bastard. We stuck with him through and through. He turns round spits in our faces stating a lack of ambition?? Really classy Robin.

  493. Frank, speaking as a recovering alcoholic I know you don’t just quit like that. Not for a man with an addiction as deep as yours. Start by taking an interest in a lower league club, ease yourself off them by watching a Sunday league team then cut down to as kick about in the park.
    When you are down to a game of keepy uppy on your own you can think about quitting all together.

  494. Frank,
    you CAN’T quit like the spoilt brats you loathe
    once a gooner, always a gooner
    I know an RvP defection would hit you hardest..but fuck him,
    the club tried their best
    ultimately undeserving of our love

    Take a break and come back mate
    we need you here, there are fires to put out before the season starts
    U are ACLF true & true.

  495. Yesterday the news of Rvp’s refusal to sign a new contract did not sink in, partly because it was so unexpected and because there are more important things in life than crying over back stabbing bastards.

    Van per*ie has not only managed to screw us over, he has insulted everything arsenal as a club stand for. The comments he made were mindboggling despite his supposed ‘love for the fans’. Those statements will not only put doubts in the minds of fans and media as to what arsenal’s ambitions are, it will cause unrest among certain sections of Arsenal supporters, just unbelieveable.

    Just remember, we sold our Greatest Ever Player at the age of 29 yet here we are, still fighting for trophies, still in the champions league, this is The Arsenal!, no one season wonder can derail us, he is not Messi, neither is he Ronaldo and if Adebayor can score 30 goals in a season for us then i bet you another Striker can step up and do better than that for us.

  496. well said Gadget.

    Woke up and realized we could lose Theo as well.
    I hope not but if so, how do we replace them both?

    Time to fill the space(s) men:

    WANTED: a CF/winger type who scores & assists, has a lot to prove, who’d complement present squad, 2-4 year contract, hit the ground running, EPL experience?, ….

    initial OPTIONS:

    P.Odemwingie (2 years)
    V.Moses (4-5yrs)
    A.Lopez (4-5yrs)
    Rodallega (2-4yrs)
    G.Rossi (4-5yrs)

    ..lets exit the RvP downer guys…fuck him…WE ARE THE ARSENAL!!!!!!!!

  497. Hasnt Stewart Robson alreadly left Arsenal TV saying it ‘conflicts’ with his other media work ie slagging us off?

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