Arsène, It’s Good To Talk & Aaron Gets The Olympic Spirit

A wet and sodden morning in dear old Blighty has been made brighter by Andy Roxborough, Uefa’s Technical Director, claiming that England are twenty years behind Spain. Which, as it happens, is a lot closer than I thought they were which means that the day has started positively at least. Whether it remains that way, will only be known as the hours unfurl.

Having been relatively uninterested in anything vaguely akin to a transfer rumour for the last month, the media are waking up to the fact that Robin van Persie has not signed a new contract or made any comment whatsoever; keeping schtum indeed. Apparently, Arsène is going to arrange to meet with the Dutch striker. I wonder if he will be more successful than Spike Milligan was in arranging to meet George Martin:

Courtesy of the brilliant Letters Of Note,

The fabulous fiction that underpins the transfer window surfaced into public view with an apparent bid of £8m from Juventus drawing derisory comments. Except that there has been no bid, according to Peter Hill-Wood at least,

As far as I am aware nobody has made any offer for him and he is away so we are not in any dialogue at all. We’re not in the remotest bit interested in selling him.

Such is his distance from the machinations of the club, he is adding his own provisos in conversations. Never let it be said that he is not self-aware.

It was supposed to be a Summer of the Long Knives as far as the board was concerned; that seems unlikely to happen en masse. As far as the investor / owner is concerned, why should he divest himself of a group of people who are growing his eventual return quite nicely, providing an income and not asking him to part with any cash whatsoever. Not a bad little number for KSE and entirely in keeping with their sporting philosophy. But at least they have one rather than relying on the cheap politician tactic of opportune PR comments with no substance behind them.

Elsewhere, Aaron Ramsey has been called up into the Olympic Squad as part of TeamGBexcludingScotland&NorthernIreland (or Team Whatever, as it is going to be known). Whilst the timing of the tournament and the refusal (arrogance) of the Premier League to revise the season around it, is a pain in the arsenal, it is also churlish to deny Ramsey the opportunity to appear in the final stages of an international tournament. The Welsh have not appeared in any finals since 1958 and seem unlikely to do so in the near future, Ramsey surely should not be discouraged from taking this opportunity.

Arsenal have emulated Team Whatever; they have got off relatively scot-free with selections confirmed thus far. The only other ‘casualty’ is Park. There are so many cheap shots to take, it is almost cruelty to do so now.

Ramsey’s absence might be an inconvenience initially but much of that will depend on how injuries and fitness are when the Big Kick-Off happens. The triumverate of Arteta, Song and Rosicky might well be favourites to start although Denilson is returning to the club at present, whilst Andrey Arshavin in the advanced attacking role might offer an alternative to the Czech if his fitness needs to be managed. You could arguably include Diaby in that list but that is another cheap shot I will resist for today.

But I do not see the necessity for Ramsey’s Olympic call-up to offer a basis for signing new players; it is nonsensical to sign someone on the basis of a four-week pre-season absence. At the latest, Ramsey will be back at Arsenal around August 9th; it’s a British national team (of sorts) and we do not go beyond the quarter-finals. He has had his holiday and arguably competitive football is better pre-season training than a series of friendlies. And that still leaves Arsène and his staff a week to erase the bad habits that Stuart Pearce will have instilled in him.

Finally, Joel Campbell has reportedly failing to obtain a work permit from the British government. It is not that surprising since Costa Rica had a whole year without an ‘A’ grade fixture – generally the qualifiers for international tournaments – and this would have counted against Campbell. Equally whilst his season in France was promising and marked his potential out, reports that I have seen suggest he was not at a level where ‘exceptional talent’ could be applied. I have mixed feelings about this loan, Spain has been fertile ground for developing players but not in making an Arsenal career. Arguably, it is a shop window for the club to look to offload those who fail to adapt to the English game but there has, at some point, got to be someone who bucks this trend and why not let that be Campbell?

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Ah, Dear old Spike. A comic genius.

    Good stuff YW

  2. Yogi i once asked a question. Concerning some tech arsenal acquired some time back that monitors players performers on the pitch which which helps to reduce being over played(i cant remember what’s being called). Is it working yet?

  3. Nice post YW.

    Just got back from a (long) music fesitval. Have I missed much around these here parts?

  4. Juat the usual old bollocks andy, intermingled with a bit of wit.

  5. I think you mean GPS, Love.

    Or I might be wrong, Dear.

  6. Love

    GPS? Yes and they use it. It’s the ‘red zone’ that AW refers to quite frequently.

  7. GPS. Better known as Orwell’s Big Brother

  8. The only downside to Ramsey in the “Team GB” setup is that he looked absolutly shattered towards the end of last season. A full pre-season would have done him the world of good.

  9. I thought Orwell’s Big Brother was Reg?

  10. Bob – Ah, as expected then.

  11. I hope your wrong about our likely midfield, it was the players you mention that cost us and had idiots believing we had a poor back 4, we didnt we had a poor midfield and ramsey was a big part of the problem. So your right we shouldnt be looking to bring in new midfielders to replace ram with for 4 weeks , it should be perminant. If diabi stays fit we have a decent mid in jw the afoe mentioned and mvilla, we need to improve the midfield not stick with the sam cause your going to get the same results, no no

  12. boomer | July 3, 2012 at 9:50 am

    we didnt have a poor team. we just have poor ‘fans’

  13. goonerandy

    i agree in the sense that i would prefer him to be with us than with pearce.

  14. I shall be watching Aaron in Cardiff against the impressive Uruguyans on the 1st August – sold out which is not bad at all for a team that is made up of youngsters mainly.

    I guess Arsene might also have his beady eye on the tournament to spot the emerging talent from around the globe

  15. is denilson really returning?

  16. anicoll5

    nah, doubt he would be doing his scouting at events like this… too much attention.

  17. Notoverthehill

    Yogi, what on earth is “when they visit the carsey”??

    Carsey-Werner Productions?

  18. Certainly yes. Deni is coming home.Plenty of reasons to be cheerful!!

  19. Notoverthehill

    I am still pondering on the implications of Cbob’s reckless discarding of his “slab of granite”! I understand that the”god particle” may or may not be revealed some time tomorrow.

  20. boomer

    I see your decent post yesterday was a fluke and you are back to spouting negative bollocks again.

    The midfield of Song, Arteta and Rosicky was solid as fuck, the fact we couldnt win a game when the spaniard was absent shows how important he was to the cause.

  21. carsey:

    Cockney word for toilet, generally an outside latrine.

  22. Ah, there’s where you are wrong Noth. I wasn’t discarding the slate slab, I was locating it to a herb garden for consolslel.

    All in place now, just waiting for the rain to stop so that I can build the beds. I can always pot on the 90 odd plug plants I suppose.

    Carsey means toilet. Anglo Indian term, if I recall.

  23. Arteta was anything but average in his first season with us. Excellent player, and brought a good balance to the team I thought,

  24. People seem to think that Arteta will be the one to make way once we get either everybody fit, or make some new midfield signings. I think Arsene will always play him if he is fit.

  25. Andy;

    Hey mate, hope you had a good time at your Oompah Oompah festival dude?

    I agree, Arteta is integral IMO. Fantastic acquisition, pity we couldn’t get him in a couple of years back. He can do everything, but his disciplined performances really impressed me, his ability to hold everything together in central midfield plus his eye for a goal is not to be sniffed at either.

  26. pedantic george

    Who said Arteta was average?
    Our problem ,as I see it,is we have 5 nailed on starters when everyone is fit,for 3 places.

    Bill,you know I like you ,but really ,this gem is as stupid as it gets
    “I dont know how the man really thinks but i suspect he never once thought how great a defensive team Spain is and how that contributed to their success”
    For those who missed it ,the man Bill refers to is Arsene himself.

    And Yogi I liked this a lot” that still leaves Arsène and his staff a week to erase the bad habits that Stuart Pearce will have instilled in him.”.But it does rather beg the question.Why is he in charge in the first place?

  27. pedantic george

    Also ,can people stop poking fun at Dexter.He is a sensitive lad,and might go to ground.
    Then who would we laugh at?

  28. good post..

    campbell to betis? i dont like the sound of that already..

  29. That was a great letter. Funny and satrical and as all get out. I hope aaron Ramsey doens’t get hurt. This is always a concern.

  30. JJ;

    I don’t either man, hopefully it wont be for the half a decade most of our other recruits stay in la liga for. If it’s only for one season then fair enough I guess, although I wonder why he couldnt have stayed in France TBH?

  31. George;

    Thanks for your concern, although I do realise it is brought about merely to mask your own anguish from one too many thrashings. I can feel the pain in your every syllable mate.

    Chins up.

  32. I agree Arteta will start many games but I also think the intention is to have the ability to rotate a little. Injuries, lest we forget. Arteta will pick up a niggle here and there. A rest to drop down out of the red. And in this instance Denilson might be the better player to have around then some other possible signings? M’Vila sounds like he could create some stories, good and not so good. If he’s bored sitting on the bench, and not getting his groove on, chances are that he might be stricken with a bad rash of the Nasri’s? Then again, Denilson seemed to have had enough of the Nasri’s in his last season, and that also meant that he didn’t play. Fair enough, who can blame him. Would he be happy to wait for his chance to play? Unfortunately none of us are in a position to know. We’ll just have to rely upon the judgement of the likes of Steve Bould and his old gaffer. Terrible, isn’t it?
    Coquelin? I wouldn’t cry if I had to watch him play football.

  33. And George; Have you started on poor DEFENCEless Bill now too?

  34. id have left him in france..

    this is what puts me off signing players like campbell..

  35. pedantic george

    Kyle Bartley ‏@kylebartley22
    Has been my goal/aim to become a Arsenal regular for many years now and hopefully this season will be my season. Thank you for the support.

    Will that mean the young Spaniard will be going out on loan?

  36. I think we’ll be seeing a lot of Francis, Fins. He will be deputising for Bacary for the first couple of months of the season at least. Unless Jenkinson is deemed more suitable. Either works for me.

    I still don’t see Denilson playing for us again though. I think he will be off to Brazil.

  37. pedantic george

    Dexter ,your idea of a thrashing and mine seem to be opposite.
    I am claiming a handsome points victory.

  38. JonJon;

    I personally have a real issue with us signing players from other continents who don’t have European passports (legal or otherwise) who then need 4 or 5 seasons in la liga etc. My beef isnt even to do with footballing reasons, it’s morally bankrupt in my opinion. That might be a little strong, but I dont like us moving young players 1000s of miles away from their families etc and then leaving them in various european cities for years at a time.

    If we could integrate them over here straight away that would be better, but it isnt always possible and therefore, I wished we didnt bother.

  39. well there is that finsbury..nobody seems to give le coq a shout in all this..he probably deserves the chance…
    not meaning to upset shotta, but denilson needs a squad number first, so keep and eye out and see if he gets one before he gets in anyones team..

  40. arsenalandrew

    Is it just me or has the world just become a slightly odder place?

    ‘Arry takes Tot to 4th in the league – an achievement which in any other year would have earned Champions’ League qualification (stop sniggering at the back).

    He’s replaced by someone who’s recently parted from a side that went on to win two cups but, whilst he was actually still in charge, were struggling to score in a brothel. (I said no sniggering at the back).

    No idea how things will work out for AVB in the long term (though for him, that’s likely to be measured in weeks rather than months, one suspects).

    But a career writing books about interview technique will always be something he can fall back on.

    Exactly WHAT is he saying to these people?!!

    Or is blackmail somehow involved?

  41. pedantic george

    I would rather see Denilson return ,that pay all that dosh for M’Vila.Who may or may not become the player Denilson was in 09.

  42. George;

    You should work for Don King dude!

    I hope Kyle does get his chance man, and Miquel would benefit from a loan and he has already been linked with a move (to Brighton I think).

  43. dex, thats how i feel about the whole work permit thing..

  44. AA;

    I honestly think AVB will be a success, sooner or later. Hopefully, if he does end up as the spuds new boss, it is much much later. He got a raw deal at the chavs, with the older players having the owner’s ear and telling him how to run the club.

    He won’t have that problem at the shit hole, so I expect them to do well under him.

  45. pedantic george

    I would back the Skipper.

  46. pedantic george

    “We want to keep Robin van Persie at all costs, because we depend on him offensively,” confirmed Wenger.

    Good .We want to as well .As long as it does not mean being held to ransom.

  47. arsenalandrew

    Dex – do you not think there’s a decent chance of Tot player power rearing it’s head at an early stage of the season?

    Let’s be honest, most people seem to think the Spuds over-achieved last year so even a slight deterioration in effort by their players could see a disproportionately rapid fall sparking panic in Levy Towers and a new manager in by Xmas!

    And Spurs have been there several times before; they even have history in firing their more successful managers.

    There’s a reason they are generally mired in mid-table mediocrity and I think 2012-13 will see a return to that form for ournearest and undearest.


    They did, however, get Bale to re-sign in a tidy and orderly fashion …

  48. Well that’s blindingly obvious George, well done. I was considering we pay him £300,000 an hour to you posted.

  49. I wholeheartedly agree with george at 11:11, although I also doubt very much Denilson will play for us again. But the M’Villa hype is unreal. If we did sign him he wouldn’t be a first teamer for me. Besides there are two very good reasons why the deal may never happen. Coquelin and Frimpong.

    Unless we lose Song…

  50. Dex – Not oompah mate. Twas a rock one.

  51. hope to see le coq playing in midfield in pre-season, so he can show wenger and us what the hype is about.

  52. if miquel goes on loan, i would like to see him play at a higher level.. hopefully in the premiership?

  53. at least iggy dont need a work permit..
    we’d never see him again…

  54. pedantic george

    Dexter,and after me looking out for you.You are dead to me now,Et tu, Brute?

  55. i do think AVB is a decent manager and person. thinks he has too much class for chelsea and spuds.

  56. Morning all. Yogi, I am always grateful for the reading matter you provide but for making me think of Spike today you get an extra special, super shiny gold star.
    Welcome back from the mosh pit Andy. We’ve used the Euros as a debating point in your absence and more pertinently in the absence of real football.
    The thrust of the debate has been the difference between the perception of boredom in the individual and the existence of boredom as an absolute condition. Oh and pasties. There’s been mention of pasties.

  57. Miquel looked very accomplished when I saw him. He could definitely do a job for a PL team, IMO. Although a decent Championship club wouldn’t be too much of an issue.

    Coquelin just has to make it with us, I have been a massive fan and just won’t be able to cope if he ends up being surplus to requirements.

    I’d end up being as over emotional and irrational as George if that happened.

  58. Andy; I know it wasn’t the oompah Oompah you were into dude. That shit’s too underground for you man. 🙂

  59. le coqs going to make it..
    you can tell when he plays..

    he just needs to play more now..personally i think he’ll nail RWB at some point..

    so we could still do with a midfielder..

  60. Carsey is apparently derived from casa…house in Italian

  61. From wiki:
    “An alternative derivation … states that khazi derives from Army slang used by expatriate officers of the British Empire who took a dislike to the habits of, and steaming rain forest inhabited by, the Khasi people of the Khasia hills on the northern frontier of India.”

  62. pedantic george

    Well which is it.
    I am unable to cope with uncertainty.I need a definitive answer.
    You have not helped at all Steww

  63. Well I am glad we have gotten to the bottom of the meaning and origins of khazi/carsey.

  64. JonJon at 11:10 am
    “…not meaning to upset shotta, but denilson needs a squad number first, so keep and eye out and see if he gets one before he gets in anyones team.”
    Nice one JJ. Payback is a bitch. Ha, Ha, Ha!

    Denilson is still a divisive figure even after one-year of Mikel who is simply Denilson-Mark II, more mature, more experienced but still the same emphasis on ball retention. AW described it as offering “technical security”. The same persons undermining Deni’s potential are the same ones who are decrying the England’s lack of technical proficiency and “love for the ball.” Only George, Passenal and a few others seem to have a clue.

    PS: The slagging of Denilson went as far as picking up a few negative tidbits from his early days at Sao Paulo to slander him online. It boggles the mind.

  65. George Frank is correct in as far as anyone can be arsed to find out but etymology is an inexact science at the best of time.

  66. Shotta please include me in the list of Deni lovers. How we could have done with him when Arteta was injured.

  67. pedantic george

    I think Denilson is disliked by fans because he shows the way the game is heading .And they don’t like it .
    Apparently it is boring

  68. Steww – Heh, a man in his mid 30’s should be nowhere near a mosh pit. So i look on with facination. Festivals in Europe tend to be easier to get to the front as well. I watched Jack White from the very front row. And quite superb he was too.

    Dex – Word.

  69. Steww’s spelling and etymology is the one I am familiar with. Mum told me – so it must be true.

  70. George – Or, some just don’t think he is very good. At least not good enough for our great football club. Our manager appears to also be in this group or Denilson would not be out on loan.

  71. pedantic george

    Well it is a possibility Andy.I accept that.I don’t think it though.

  72. Andy we did the many different possible reasons for loaning a player and the many who have been loaned and come back to play for us so I’m not revisiting the debate.

  73. George – All good then. 🙂

  74. Steww – Yeah, we did you are right. And it is a never ending debate so as you say it is best left alone I suppose.

    Now, what was this about pasties? I am quite partial to a good one.

  75. Deni was good – definitely had something but did not quite kick on as one might have hoped. Everyone’s ‘performance arc’ is different – too soon to count him out.
    Perhaps Wenger will want to run the rule over him in pre-season and see how he has progressed and matured. However it is hard to see him as a first team choice and I think his early years of being such have made him impatient about being second string.
    He wants to play (excellent) but if he does so for us he’ll have to be a little more humble and bide his time.

  76. pedantic george

    I have tried my best to stay out of this debate ,but I have to say,I have never had a pastie(pasty)that I could call even half decent.

  77. shotta,
    to be honest, i never actually had a problem with denilson..i just dont like him as a first teamer
    hes one of those players who you’d bring on with 15mins left when your 2-0 up and tell him to keep the ball..
    but hes not a player who id start the game with..his games too negative..

    techincall security is one thing, but wenger pointed out the negative play of the spanish and thats denilsons game.. all the time..

    i dont think hes arteta mark 2, thats unfair on arteta. denilsons too one dimensional, the short crisp passing is what hes got..whereas arteta can do the lot..
    its not just about passing it 5 yards for the sake of it..
    its about moving the ball with purpose, long and short, looking for the goal..
    otherwise it turns into negative possession, thats ok when your 2-0 up, but when you need goals it gets frustrating..
    watching people like theo hanging off the last man with his arm in the air, waiting for the first time counter pass, and denilson passes it 5 yards to someone else only for them to hit it 50 yards across the field for theo not to run onto, because hes now marked by 5 defenders cos the ball didnt go in first time..

    thats what used to frustrate me about denilson..ive been banging on about positive and negative possession for ages and wengers finally jumped in to help me out 🙂

  78. We have a shop known locally as Cottle’s Second Hand Cake Shop and they used to do a potato and cheese pastie to which I became rather partial. Instead of the usual plastic tasteless cheese the pastry was filled with a scalding sharp cheddar and lashings of cracked black pepper. There was a seam of pastry like a thick handle running along the side and it was gorgeous.
    No good for meat eating throwbacks of course, but what can you do for the under evolved?

  79. George – Not even a Steak and Ale one?

  80. Rather than jump on the feeble (utterly false) cliche about Denilson and his passing, I want to ask fro help please. I have to choose two tracks from HMHB’s Actung Bono. What would you pick?

  81. Steww – That sounds lovely. I do prefer some dead animal in my pasties though, I have to say.

  82. pedantic george

    JJ,he was originally thought to be another AM,and had a great shot.Perhaps he was doing a job.Because he certainly changed his game.
    And if he was following orders then he should be lauded not derided.

  83. Hmmm, can’t really help you there Steww. The only song of theirs I have heard is something about Joy Division and oven gloves.

  84. Denilson does have a good shot on him, I will give him that.

  85. If we at Arsenal have no patience for technical players whose emphasis is ball retention rather than blood and thunder tackling and wayward “hollywood” passes then despite all the gnashing of teeth and nattering in the media and blogs I fear there is little appetite in England to develop a team of Wilsheres no matter how grand the plans are by Gareth Southgate, your FA’s head of elite development.

    PS: Much of the fierce opposition to Denilson’s potential reintegration in the Arsenal 1st team come from the same crowd who argued up to last summer for the signing of Melo, Hangeland, Cahill and company. Coincidence?

  86. how can denilson be negative when he took long shots and scored a couple of screamers?

  87. Andy – I was listening to Joy Division Oven Gloves as you posted that so it’s in. Thank you.

  88. Is it just me or has transfer activity become more compressed into the latter end of the window – generally speaking?

  89. Surely one of the problems with Deni was that he was frequently deployed as the DM and he is not ideally suited to that role?

  90. Shotta – “If we at Arsenal have no patience for technical players whose emphasis is ball retention rather than blood and thunder tackling and wayward “hollywood” passes”

    Don’t let the fact that nobody has said anything close to that stop you incinuating that they have

  91. george he was an AM..

    but AW deployed him deep like he does with most of his other AM’s..
    problem was he stopped playmaking..
    he lost his place becuase of it…so im unsure whether he was doing the job he was told..

    song has that problem at the minute
    hes been making plays for fun, but he stopped defending…

    if AW wants a fluid system he needs players to do both or the whole thing wont work..
    if he cant get them to do both then ideally hes better off structuring the midfeild and giving them all different roles but he hasnt tried to play that way since about 08..

    itts going to be interesting because as it stands i think midfeild is the only problem position we have left…

  92. Like I said yesterday, at least the Sao Paulo fans know what they’ve got.

  93. pedantic george

    Jonny ,is Arteta ideally suited as a DM ? Is he even playing in that role ? Do we even have such a role? Perhaps we should refer to them as R&D (Retention and Distribution)players

  94. I don’t mind Ramsey’s inclusion in the GB team, hopefully he can regain his confidence and score some goals.

    Now, Denilson or M’vila?, Redknapp or Wenger?, Adebayor or Rvp?, so many questions but if i was forced to choose then maybe, just maybe, i would choose M’vila, Wenger and Rvp, Gawd! It doesn’t get tougher than that i tells ya.

    As for the managerial merry go round am not sure Avb is as good as he is hyped up to be.
    I hear he is Tactically astute, well who plays a highline for 4 months with defenders as slow as Ivanovic, Terry and Alex, it seems like he refused to adapt his ‘tactics’ to the personnel at his disposal instead he tried forcing his ideas that were not working on the players, didn’t we beat those mugs 5-3, good times, agent Avb did well.

    He won portuguese league with porto, so what? Porto have won their mickey mouse league 7 times in the last eight years and also won that league last season despite losing their top striker(falcao) the season before last.
    Andrd villassh boash( there goes my tongue) also had 3 strikers playing for him who contributed more than 100 goals, falcao scored 17goals in the Europa league alone that season and 50 or so overall, Hulk scored more than 35 and varane 26,again mickey mouse league.

    He almost convinced me with that crouching tiger shit he has going on, even the post match interviews( anyone know what semi-block means?) i was thinking wow! This guy must be a the secret love child of Wenger/Mourinho and trained in the ways of the tiger by sensai Pg, but no! He stayed at porto for 1 season with an established first 11, hit the jackpot and deceived us with his Giroud like looks.

    Conclusion, relegation with spuds in 2 years tops, carling cup semifinal if he is lucky and arrest for smuggling coke in his trench coat and beard into shite hart lane.

  95. But that doesn’t change the fact that he did lose form for us. He lost his place in the team because of injury and couldn’t perform when brought in after that. He wouldn’t be the first player to need an extended spell in a side to get back to his best.

    When he was good, I think his best attribute was the ability to win the ball without diving in. He was a good tackler, in an understated way. He was also really good at winning free kicks – knew how to shield the ball and draw fouls etc.

  96. Shotta – “If we at Arsenal have no patience for technical players whose emphasis is ball retention rather than blood and thunder tackling and wayward “hollywood” passes”

    Spot on.

  97. arteta missed the first 5 games of last season as well as the last 5 and he scored the same amount of goals in the games in between than what denilson did in 4 seasons…

    he didnt have all that good of a shot.

    ppl were just suprised to see him shoot..

  98. Yogi

    another gem, thanks.

    Other than at dm, I thought Denilson was an excellent midfield choice. Only as dm did I see him play an over abundance secure passes and at his age, he was not the dominating ball winner we needed at that time. Maybe the inordinate amount of safe passes were more do to other teammates not reading the game well, poor movement w/o the ball? imo

    I believe RvP, Theo, and Nasri missed large portions of seasons during his post at dm.

    Tactically and technically as good as Arteta, just not the physical presence.

    At the same age as Ramsey, he was just as good an attacking option.

    I believe (just my opinion) that Denilson will (or would) benefit playing with Rosicky, as I thought Arshavin would have benefited from Rosicky’s game.

    When healthy, we have a stable of talent at midfield. Anxious to see how Arsene handles this talent.

  99. Really though JonJon. Denilson only had a season and a half in which he was getting regular first team football. And that was at a far younger age. I don’t doubt that Arteta’s the better player, but it’s understandable because he’s much older. Denilson could have been an important player for us, but it seems unlikely that it will happen now.

  100. Ugh, and I hate to bring him up, but Busquets is the master at what we wanted Denilson to do for us. He’s probably the best player in the world at his role – rarely jumps in, plays simple one-touch passes etc. Absolutely vital component in spain’s d-fence.

  101. Nice post Yogi:

    Having Ramsey away from the squad is unfortunate. He needs to be with the team during the preseason for his own confidence and for the boss to evaluate him. Still lots of question marks with regard to our mid field regarding Aaron and Jack and Diaby. Much better to have everyone there for preseaon training.

    Denilson discussion again. All we can do is wait and see what happens. The boss is not affected by negative fans or negative media and he won’t block Denilson unless he does not think that Denilson can help the team more then the other players we have. If he thought Denilson could have helped the team last season he would not have sent him on loan. If the boss thinks he can help the team this season then he will play him. If Denilson does play then I hope he does well and helps the team.

  102. in that season and a half arsenal had 47% wins…
    we had to buy arshavin because although we werent losing games we werent winning either..

    artetas been a class act since he was 22..
    the difference in levels is nothing to do with age artetas just a superior player..

  103. Not sure you can blame that on one deep-lying midfielder. I’d tend to look further forward. I don’t think Nasri worked out as we wanted – there was a guy signed to replace Hleb and he offered very little creativity in his first two seasons. Bendtner and Vela got a fair bit of game time but didn’t really settle.

    I don’t know why I always get involved when it comes to Denilson! Still, I do accept that Arteta’s better and there probably isn’t much space in the squad for a player who needs to be playing to be at his best.

  104. I don’t know where the notion that Denilson is an attacking midfiedler comes from. Certainly in his time at Arsenal he has always played in a deeper role, and before we signed him he had only 13 professional appearences to his name.

    He is a decent medfiedler, but no more than that. If he were he would not be on loan, and the fact that there were no offers from any ogther club of stature tells its own story. Denilson himself said he wanted to play in Italy or Spain, so the fact he ended up back in Brazil has nohing to do with homesickness as some have suggested.

    I wish the guy well. But Arsenal FC deserves better players than Denilson. For a while ww were known as quite a weak flakey team. this is the period where Denilson played most of his games for us. I am not blaming her for that, but for me he is a symbol of where our club losts its way for a while.

  105. Bill,

    “If he thought Denilson could have helped the team last season he would not have sent him on loan.”

    maybe Arsene believed a loan was best for the player?

    Not sure any of us will know the real situation.

    Neil Young:
    “Blind men running in the light of the night”

  106. Heh, and please ignore my numerous typo’s in that post. Typing too fast for my brain.

  107. Yea Denilson is a good player, he is brazillian afterall but right now he is on loan in south america, which i think is more suited to his game, along with spain.

    One of the reasons he left arsenal was because he wasn’t getting enough game time, i look at our midfield now and the players similar to him are Coquelain(yes) and Arterta, one younger and the other older but they both have 1 thing in common, they are better than Denilson, talk less about Ramsey, Wilshere, Song e.t.c.

  108. I apologise if started another Denilson thread. It doesn’t help even now if people declare that he always played in position X even when he did not. My advice? Leave it. Just leave it!

  109. pedantic george

    OOU,post that video you found once showing him at his best.It is a reminder of what he might achieve.

  110. Talking about Denilson is like watching Jeremy Kyle.

    Once you catch a glimpse, he can’t help but watch for 10mins even though you know exactly what will happen and that is will be a pile of racid turd.

  111. Denilson does lead into to another of today’s threads:

    Stuart Pearce and the D**M of Mancienne. Oh. The horror, the horror.

    I wonder what Psycho’s reaction was when Serge Peekaboo tried to twine his way betwixt a few Defenders as Spain dominated a game, might have been the last one. On consideration, I don’t want to know what his reaction was.

  112. George – Because a youtube video tells us all we need to know eh? Ian Dowies would have looked a good player on youtube (a challenge I know, but still).

  113. He had a blinder away at Man City last season, PG, but I can’t find that video. Probably his last really good performance for us – it didn’t convince a few people then, so it won’t now.

  114. pedantic george

    Yes Andy I fully accept that ,but the on OOU posted was all from just one game. That is not so easy to manufacture.

  115. George – Hell, I reckon I could unearth a youtube vid of AA looked knackered and portly, but you would dismiss that without missing a breath 😉

  116. There are lots of videos that show all of a player’s touches and challenges over 90 minutes, GA. Not perfect, as you don’t get movement and sense of positioning, but they give a good overview of a player’s performance. I wouldn’t write them off just like that.

    Compilations on the other hand…

  117. Good morning. All.
    Hilarious letter YW. I suppose one reason why JOEL is being moved to Spain is so that he doesn’t get too attached to his loaned out club. I am really disappointed a working visa wasn’t acquired this year. Hopefully this year will be different. what is the longest period ARDENAL have had to wait for such a visa to get a player in and working??. I seem to recall with had the same issue with C VELA. what a shame we didn’t get to see more of that one.

  118. Anyway, for me Denilson’s failings were more about what he didn’t do as oppsed to what he did do. Too much ball watching, too much not tracking midfield runners.

  119. OOU – See my above post as to why I don’t pay too much attention to such video’s. They are like stats; they don’t paint the full picture. I have no qualms with Denilson’s “safe” passing as some seem to however. There is nothing wrong with that; especially in a side packed with more creative players.

  120. denilsons a good topic when people stick to the fucking topic and dont take it as a personal assualt..

    if we are looking for a grimandi type player, but with a spanish. negative possession, defensive, samba twist… then yeah, bring him back and tell him to do a job..
    but when you consider all the young midfielders we have coming through as well as the senior players we have already, its not like theres any room at the inn is it? so i dont think hes gonna be too happy not even getting in the team..

    if he plays in an ultra defensive set up maybe, then yeah he can sit tight and give it and go, but if your asking him to sit tight by himself and let the rest do what they want your asking him to shit bricks and build houses..

    saying all that, yes, with the state of the english midfield i think the FA should be applying to see if they can get denilson and arteta playing around jack..

    but he wouldnt be in my arsenal team, nor on my bench..
    we simply have better players..

  121. When he was in the side there Denilson videos from the weekend’s match posted every week on youtube by people trying to point out what he brought to the team – never shying away from misplaced passes or missed tackles. The don’t paint the full picture but they give you a bloody good sketch.

    But seriously, fuck this conversation.

  122. Clerkenwell Gooner

    ‘Arry is 1000/1 to take over at Barclays (at 11:49am in this link:, although Arsène’s prudential habits would have been preferable these past few years?

  123. pedantic george

    Yeah ,and more specifically ,fuck Andy and JJ.

  124. I like these Denilson debates. Can never get enough of them so don’t stop guys, argue (or discuss) away.

    For the record, I’m not sure if Deni is technically on par with Arteta, especially wrt long passes.

    Secondly, going on loan at his age and experience level is rare. Even rarer that a player returns from such a loan, for any club.

  125. In the nicest possible way of course – nothing to do with participants, but the topic itself.

  126. Filling in for an injured Song, I recall Denilson having an outstanding match against Barca, winning possessions, disrupting their play. (maybe 3 seasons ago)

  127. pedantic george


  128. george,

    riddle me this, who would you rather have back…arshavin or benny?

  129. How much truth is there behind the reports that Denilson is feeling well in Sao Paulo and would like to stay and that they would prefer to retain him but our club is adamant that they want him back? Because if true, he must’ve done a whole lot right during his time there.

  130. OOU @ 1:38 pm – Is this what blogging has come to? Everybody playing nice, “why-can’t-we-just-get-along” types. In that spirit, fuck it.
    A parting shot for all of us on either side of the divide; Arsene Knows Best.

  131. No, I do feel strongly about it shotta, it’s just the sense of deja vu, even though I agree with what you say about him. Plus it’s harder to argue the case for someone who might not be part of Arsenal’s plans. Like Evil, I’ve heard stuff about Arsenal wanting him back, but it might just be some kind of recall option.

    Better topics are AVB at Spuds – wondering if Chelsea were too impatient to get behind what he was trying to do. Then there’s thge Spanish Olympic team. Was watching this guy last season – if Malaga’s owners turn out to be jokers we should jump in! At 19:

  132. Arsesession @ 1:11

    “maybe Arsene believed a loan was best for the player?”

    Unlikely given how short of players we were last season but I guess anything is possible. Hope springs eternal.

  133. Reposting my question from earlier as no one replied!

    Is it just me or has transfer activity become more compressed into the latter end of the window – generally speaking?

  134. George “is Arteta ideally suited as a DM ? Is he even playing in that role ? Do we even have such a role?”

    No, no and no. Defensive midfielders are for negative teams. We have central midfielders with defensive and attacking duties. Our lads can play.

  135. In past windows when it’s been quiet I think AW’s often said something about waiting for the big teams to move first, probably as they can afford to make new signings and then work out what to do with the players they don’t need. Although, that said, ManU and Chelsea have probably done their biggest deals already. As usual, lots seems to depend on Man City and their unwanted nether squad.

  136. Discussing AVB’s abilities is an exercise in hugely uninformed speculation.

    For all the talk of over achieving Spurs have a decent squad and should have comfortably finished third – that they did not is down to the woeful managed January window. Of course they were assisted by Chelsea’s poor performance and our summer of discontent and consequent chaotic start but they blew it big time.

    AVB is rated by those who have earnt their badges alongside him as a class apart can he translate his vision into the EPL and get the players onside – who fucking knows but it’s an interesting appointment and Harry and his dog can fuck the fuck off.

  137. “No, no and no. Defensive midfielders are for negative teams. We have central midfielders with defensive and attacking duties. Our lads can play”

    Somewhere I can here the hoofs of Bill’s horse galloping towards this one like Desert Orchid jacked up on crystal meth.

  138. Thanks Al!

    But am I right in thinking across the board that the flurry of activity is more pronounced and the quiet that precedes it. I’m asking because it’s a gut feeling without evidence and I could be imaging it.

  139. Another Denilson debate? Things must be quiet on the Western front then. I had to laugh when I saw an article on the BBC asking which British players would have made it into Spain’s record setting team. Especially that idiot Andy Townsend who had this to say:

    “TEDDY SHERINGHAM would have played the role filled by Cesc Fabregas better than the Spain midfielder. He was just as good with his link-up play, which fits in with the Spanish style, but is a better finisher and better with his head.
    Spain proved they didn’t need to play with a centre forward but Sheringham would have provided the end product.”

    Teddy Fucking Sherringham!!!!!? Yes a very good player but better than Cesc? Not in a million years Andy!!

  140. “how short of players we were last season”
    Due solely to unpredictable injuries.

  141. Exactly steww. Those who bang on about the 49 goals conceded should take a good look at the amount of injuries last season, mainly in defense.

  142. “Better topics are AVB at Spuds ” Maybe on a general football blog but hardly on an Arsenal one. Don’t care about him or them, Some of you people are so cosmopolitan.
    If you don’t want to talk Arsenal talk Pasties or The Wire or music or politics or religion or cricket or anything but please never ever Chelsea (Bill we’re all looking at you) Spuds or ManU

  143. Bill @ 2:21

    At the time of the loan, I’m sure Arsene did not expect Jack to be out the entire season – nor Diaby.

    Anyway, as fans we’ll just have to sit back and see how things play out.

  144. Fucking right Steww.

    Anyone watched any Breaking Bad yet. Knocks The Wire into a cocked hat.

  145. I know the answer with Denilson, and why the debate. So obvious. There are in fact two players with the name Denilson. One had a heroic season, was 06/07 maybe 07/08 or thereabouts, tending a midfield as a 20 year old with a nineteen year old Song. It was late January through early April, and cold, hard matches against cold, hard teams. Many players were injured. Cesc was. These two guys single-handedly kept the Arsenal ship afloat, game after game, punching way above their weight. At one point Denilson took and scored a fairly spectacular free kick, he had an eye for a goal that’s for sure, and confidence to try.

    The other Denilson arrived a season or so later. He looked similar but this was deceptive. One underlying problem for him was expectation, and comparison to a then towering midfield pilot called Fabregas. This Denilson had the misfortune to suffer a back injury, some sort of spasm I would guess, and simultaneously be asked to play game after game (as he was a reliable sort). He made some blunders, the fans got on him, his confidence sagged, but nobody knew the troubles he had. He may have said some things out of character. But he needed some sort of new start, a way of rebuilding personal confidence, and one assumes the guvnor saw it the same way.

    One of these Denilsons is, I sincerely hope, returning to the fold.

  146. Still think the goals issue is largely in front of the defence (though season start chaos and the great fullback drought did contribute).

  147. Yes jonny the whole team as a defensive unit certainly has room for improvement. But with the first choice and their back up fullbacks out for a considerable amount of time i expected the team to ship in more goals than usual. But if someone expected the defense to improve under those circumstances its their fault.

  148. “Conclusion, relegation with spuds in 2 years tops, carling cup semifinal if he is lucky and arrest for smuggling coke in his trench coat and beard into shite hart lane.”

    Why not just throw in that he accidentally burns Three Point Lane down to the ground in a free-basing accident and is caught with a ballboy under his trench coat.

  149. Jonny;

    My mate waxed lyrical about Breaking Bad a few years ago, I still havent caught any yet. Saying its loads better than the Wire is a bold statement my friend.

    Oh Indeed as Omar would say.

  150. Thats what I feel the goals conceded thing is; getting the balance right ahead of the back 4. I feel, that when fit, we have the personnel in defence (Bill would agree 100% I have no doubts, none at all, no siree) and we briefly saw the benefits of having a disciplined CM infront of them in Arteta.

    When he wasnt there, we could see how vital he was to the team and the defensive solidity. Perhaps that is why AW is keen on signing a specialist DM?

  151. Indeed it is and of course it’s incomparable but it’s the best TV I have ever seen.

    Charlie Brooker said the same thing after finishing season 4 and that should add weight to my entirely subjective proclamation.

  152. Sahil – yup.

    We had to accept a transitional season – the growing pains are more acute for the angry children.

  153. Denilson’s time at Arsenal is over. I do not see him coming back and I think he will end up back in Brazil again.

    It’s a shame, but it happens with young players full of potential; they look like world beaters, only for their development to plateau and eventually stall. He is a decent pro and had some excellent games for us, however, the last of those was ages ago and that is why he was loaned and indeed, he was loaned because we failed to sell him.

    I know, Denilson has many admirers on here and that is a fine trait to have given the abuse alot of our players have received; Song, Diaby, Eboue, Theo, Ramsey to name a few. I saw Denilson, along with Diaby bully and dominate the midfield at various tough away grounds, in fact he, Diaby and cesc looked like the makings of a supremely talented, powerful and dynamic combo, only for that never to materialise.

    It’s time to move on, imo.

  154. I would love for Deni to come back. I hope he does well inspite of the fans. I’m sure that will win them over.

    I heard on twitter that Barcelona want Ignasi Miquel for their B team. If not this season, next when his contract runs out.

  155. Notoverthehill

    Cbobs, thank you for your contribution to this planet! IF there was a Big Bang, then someone or something, had to light the touchpaper We will not go in to what went before that event. With all that heat, no living organism could survive, right? With the cooling of the planet, what were the best mediums for the creation of microscopic living organism? Granite, slate? If the slab is facing east, south or west, I would suggest that the pro-creation of the original living organism could not exist. Therefore it had to be the northern side and shade, in the NORTHERN Hemisphere. Cbobs is creating his very own Garden of Eden on a slab of slate, for a very bountiful supply of Nature’s own herbal delights.

  156. twitter shmitter.

  157. Notoverthehill

    It seems that Denilson signed a 5-year contract in September 2009. In 2010/20101 young Wilshere usurped the Denilson place in the XI, because of the latter’s recurrent injury problem. The question is, can Denilson regain his old position?

  158. Notoverthehill – cut back on the herb dude!

  159. Philmar @3:15, ha! I like your sense of humour. Whisper this, a little birdie told me Avb is so evil he plans to kill all the squirrels in shite hart lane and anybody who touches his ginger beard gets some sort of out of body experience, :O right, i know.

  160. Khali;

    I know I’ve said this before, but you crack me up man. Funy dude. 🙂

  161. England U19s are playing Croatia today. Is Afobe playing?

  162. the story i read about denilsons return claimed that sao paulo were not keen on matching the fee, but were keen on denilson, so they would be looking into another loan, as it stands he was on his way back though..

    the way i see it is that AW will try and find a club that will pay for him..if not, he’ll send him back out on loan until his contract runs or a price is met.

    and its not just denilson is it..
    theres players like lansbury coming back..
    wheres he going to play, are we sending him out on loan until hes 30?
    whats the point, just sell him..

  163. Whats the point?

    The point is, you need to hang onto SOME of the younger players man. You can’t get rid of them all. That is something that has hurt us in the past; not having players who could come in when we suffered the inevitable injuries. Players like Bartley for instance should be assessed properly.

    I am not saying Henri is good enough, just that if you look at other clubs, they have players aged 21-24 who have been loaned out to domestic clubs, then been sat on the bench and they are given a chance and do well.

    That is the point.

  164. Ha! Dex, same here, you’re also a funny mutha.

  165. Clerkenwell Gooner

    I’ve always been perplexed by Denilson, partly because Wenger always set such store by him, until he had that niggly patch with injuries and generally seemed to lose confidence as a tidal wave of criticism bowled towards him in the last season he played here.

    Perhaps AW sent him back home to sort his injuries/head out, and now that he’s recuperated, wants him back? And with Santos now with us, perhaps AV thinks there’s better prospects for him this time round?

    I’ve always had a strange feeling about him – that he would end up being a world-class manager in the Wenger mould (no idea where that came from). At times, his passing accuracy was 100%. And yeah, sometimes stats lie, but sometimes they don’t.

    @ Jonny – I’ve watched BB up to the bit where the young business partner’s in rehab, at the end of season 3? It’s extremely compelling but so relentless that it left me with practically nothing.

    The US has become a very sick society – millions of kids living on food stamps, injustice and control fraud at every turn – such that I don’t really understand why anyone would want to emulate it any more, particularly in terms of private-only healthcare.

    Legalise drugs, provide public health services via national insurance system? Problem solved, yes? These are obvious solutions, but the US right wing, which is truly insane, rules them out.

    So it pisses me off more than somewhat that we now have a US oligarch – Mr Wal-Mart himself – who is a player in the lunacy that passes these days for a global economic system – in charge of our club. It represents a very backward step in my view, and BB made me feel sick that it depicts the way we’re all going to go unless we fight back.

  166. What do you think he’s on jonny?

    His next post made sense.

    It seems to be when he responds to my posts that he becomes unhinged.

  167. JJ;

    I just dont think Lansbury, Bartley, Afobe have been given a fair chance at the club as yet and this pre-season will be the perfect opportunity for the boss and coaches to run the rule over them. Hopefully we will get a chance to see them too in some of the pre-season friendlies.

  168. CG;

    I concur man, not seen BB, but the rest of your post about the US, us following suit and our majority shareholder.

  169. JonJon | July 3, 2012 at 1:36 pm
    EXCELLENT post. You have it nailed. We should be able to talk about any player’s strengths and weaknesses without the self-declared uberfans getting insulted and throwing emotional hissyfits.
    Denilson can be a class player. His early years were great. He received plenty of playing time and he looked to be a future star. It seemed to unravel, probably played injured, and he wasn’t as effective (and let’s leave it at that lest his defenders blather on about cliches and/or doomerism).
    He would have a place on my Arsenal as a quality bench player but that is immaterial. I haven’t seen him play lately. And even if I did I can’t with certainty say it will translate to success in the English league.
    Furthermore as JonJon says, he isn’t going to want a spot on the bench so unless he starts he isn’t going to be happy or effective. Arsene will figure that out. He loaned him out before and I suspect he will again (unless Arsene determines his game has matured and is ready to be a starter).
    If he isn’t good enough to start then we’ll look for a Spanish team that wants to pay his wages. I’d be surprised to see him on the bench. But maybe he has grown a pair and now is willing and confident to fight for a place as a squad player. I’d like that.

  170. These people didn’t like it.

  171. I have no idea what BB is or represents, but I agree with everything Clerkenwell Gooner has to say. I have no doubt we are witnessing the inevitable decline of America, and it will turn nasty, because they have a vast storehouse lot of weaponry and technology. It’s where hey’ve invested, not in health. The new era of warfare has started in earnest, a guy sits in an office in Virginia, say 23 years old, piloting drones over Waziristan. He catches sight of a group or people, some donkeys, carrying baskets or boxes. They look armed (it’s a dangerous area, people are armed). He asks permission to strike, protocol. They watch a bit longer and decide on a strike. A family is killed instantly. Collateral damage they call it. Another youngster in another office in say Carolina, this one 24 years, is installing computer virus’ in another country, maybe Iran. Target: the electricity grid, the bank system, the national registry. He’s having fun.

    Americans I know give me much hope however, mostly younger (30-ish)and travelling. While they are ignorant of so much of the world, and much of their own country, they are aware of something – the crazed right in America is a great danger. America must change and change fast.

  172. pedantic george

    JJ.Are you mad?
    Who did you think I would want back?

  173. Philmar – if only we were just over reacting to a simple honest comment when we leap to the defence of our players. But in Denilson’s case us uberfans (love that nick name – thank you for inventing it and then modestly describing us as self declared) are as you well know responding to months and months of viscous and unpleasant abuse. The player himself was abused by alleged arsenal fans.
    But of course you know all this and once more are just hoping to provoke a reaction. I shan’t give you the pleasure by insulting you, I’m sure others will oblige.

  174. ZimPaul | July 3, 2012 at 3:05 pm
    Denilson related post of the day. take a bow that man.

  175. pedantic george

    Am I an “uberfan”?
    I do hope so ,I don’t care if it is meant to be an insult.
    I cant see much wrong in that post from Philmar,but generally he is a moaning cunt.So I don’t mind being the first of the “others” to step forward.

  176. Hey steww, meant to ask earlier but are you doing your show tonight at 8pm on Somer Valley 97.5FM? The one that we can all listen to on the interweb?

    And what was the catch up link where people can download the show in two one hour convenient sized chunks?

  177. I genuinely despair at times.

  178. I would very much like the football to start now

  179. Clerkenwell Gooner

    *SPOILER ALERT* @ ZimPaul – BB is Breaking Bad, a US TV series Jonny alluded to. It’s about a down-on-his-uppers high-school chemistry teacher who’s diagnosed with untreatable cancer and who is then hit with private medical bills so vast that he turns his extensive knowledge of chemistry to more pharmacologically inclined pursuits. Plus his family fortunes have already been drained by paying for care for his disabled teenage son, and he has a new, unplanned baby to support for as well.

    Cue lots of revolting hardcore violence with Mexican narcotraffickers, and enter stage left an already decimated population of minimum wage/unemployed/long-term addicted youngsters without hope, aka the customer base.

    It satirises the US cult of entrepreneurship (and its self-help flipside, AA-style “interventions). It’s a picture of a hugely unequal society – the wife tries to get the cancer sufferer to beg for cash for his medical treatment from rich friends – riven with pettiness and foolishness. It leaves a very bad taste, no doubt because it’s so close to the bone.

    It places the barbarity of the US for-profit health system – legal drugs – and the US’s long-term, ludicrous attachment to prohibition – illegal drugs – front and central, and the suspicion is that the latter helps maintain the former, as the heavily sedated are not usually noted for mounting effective political protest against such injustice.

    It’s truly depressing but brilliantly constructed piece, and says a fuck of a lot more about the current state of the US polity than the usual vacuous airhead TV shit.

    And right on cue:

  180. Clerkenwell, what does legalizing drugs look like and what drugs should be legalized?

  181. I also agree wiith Frank. This no footbal is getting kinda boring. to say the least.

  182. Shut up about Breaking Bad for chrissakes I’m only on episode 3 series 1!

  183. Si ameen to dat, senor Frank..

    hello ACLFers,
    only the best Deni can return to us. AW will know via pre-season. We’ll see…

    Campbell to Betis is a shame that simplifies further who gets to play. Looks like Ryo’s the lucky beneficiary with Bartley, Deni, Ignasi & even Vela possible considerations for studio time @ Studio Emirates 12.13.

    ZimP & Clerkenwell, loved ya earlier posts….LEGALIZE them ALL, the water will settle!

  184. I can’t take credit for this as i saw it written elsewhere but it concerns the hiring of Villas Boas:
    When the Levy breaks there may be good times, bad times, but the song will undoubtedly remain the same. Expect mid table mediocrity to be visited on the spuds.

  185. George I would call you many things but ‘uberfan’ is not one of them.

  186. pedantic george

    Philmar ,dig in mate.

  187. It is quite possible Denilson never puts on the Arsenal jersey. Wenger may already have his mind made up. Asking him back may be a way of forcing Sao Paolo’s hand in to coming up with some sort of transfer fee rather than allowing them to continue to get him on a loan. If they won’t pay a transfer fee maybe someone else will. We should get something back in return for our surplus players. If we don’t they’ll eventully leave on a free.

  188. pedantic george

    Arshavin @ Euro2012: 5 key passes p/g; 3.3 successful dribbles p/g; 1.3 accurate through balls p/g Only Sneijder had more key passes and through balls at the tournament than Arshavin. Only Ribery topped him for successful dribbles.

    Just saying

  189. George – he was one of the stars of the whole thing form me. Can’t believe they didn’t progress when teams like England and Greece did.

  190. I dont know how anyone could say Arshavin is surplus to requirements at Arsenel. It just beggars belief if you ask me.

    We will need him to try the new range of pies for quality control purposes won’t we.

  191. Arsenal moment coming up on the show

  192. if u had to choose between Park & Chamakh to remain, who would u choose?

  193. Oh george, dig in for what? Internet hostility. Yawn. It seems that no matter what I write in this board you seem to ignore the substance and intepret [GEORGE] it as antagonistic, inflammatory or hostile.[IS A] it is almost as if your brain sees [SHRILL AND] words that are not there. Almost like it creates this tension and [UTTER CUNT] hatred out of nothing. Try rereading my posts. It’s [AND PUTRID BELLEND} almost like you see imbedded insults in my posts. I can’t figure you out.

  194. (long day) corr: if u had to choose between retaining Park or Chamakh, who would u choose?

  195. pedantic george

    Dexter ,this is something I stole
    “I genuinely despair at times.”

  196. “It’s truly depressing but brilliantly constructed piece, and says a fuck of a lot more about the current state of the US polity than the usual vacuous airhead TV shit.”

    Not since the Cosby Show

  197. pedantic george

    Philmar,I did say I could see little wrong with your post,That is a start ,Is it not?
    And that last post is quite funny.As it happens.

  198. pedantic george

    The 8.50 one

  199. yes it’s a start. That’s why I decised to humour you. But with you and dexter it always turns bad without warning just because I mention something lacking in a player. yet to my knowledge not even the Pope is infallible.
    i could be wrong and i do admit Arshavin is a better footballer than the pope.

  200. pedantic george

    Haha .Good one
    And I am with you on Dexter .He is a vicious queen.

  201. I’ll smash ya face in with my pink patent leather stilettos George ya biiiiiiitch!

    Philmar; Don’t drag me into your funny little fish wives cat fight. You get pulled up for spouting bollocks, nothing to do with any slight critique of a player’s perceived or otherwise lack of abilities.

    Like the nonsensical obsession with wages. (Lets not go there again FFS)

  202. But you are right about george, he is a putrid bellend.

  203. Yogi – is there any way of moderating my previous message. I just remembered that mixing the pope and football can result in dire consequences. Just google “Hugh Dallas”

  204. Sorry Aman, forgot to answer your question. Well, you will insist on asking football related questions. On an Arsenal blog? What were you thinking man?

    I’d keep Chamakh, purely as I have seen his shit, not seen enough of park.

  205. Well to my mind stating a player’s wages are too high is a relatively small critique. I don’t begrudge a player from negotiating as much money as they can. But sometimes it makes it difficult to move the player later. But if you consider wages nonsensical I thought we could just agree to disagree rather than watch you launch in to histrionics. Even if someone were to declare the player to be undrpaid I definitely wouldn’t call that poster all manner of expleted deleteds. It’s only opinions and it’s only football.

  206. I’d keep Chamahk. Park won’t sell us any jerseys in Korea which is the only reason i’d want him around (unless he feels like bulging the twine for us).
    Manure own Korea now with their Park…not an insignificant revenue stream

  207. pedantic george

    Yes Dexter ,quit bullying.

  208. and send me some fuckin flowers too

  209. Just curious – are there any female posters on ACLF?

  210. Philmar;

    You asre a funny geezer and i wish you’d stick to being humourous instead of your holier than thou tirades man. It was your inability to take on board little things like FACTS and the noise from the trucks drvien through the HOLES in your argument must have woekn up the whole wing of your secure unit, yet you still pontificated on things you know NOTHING baout as you and I are not privvy to the FIGURES.

    But its all dom peringnon under the bridge as far as i am concerned, keep up the funny shit man, although you still need a little nudge in the right direction, as geirge STILL does embarrassingly..

    Was that patronising much?

  211. Philmar;

    Are you looking to get laid?

    If you aint fussy and take your bifocals off, george’s man boobs can be rather deceptive, apparantly.

  212. George;

    I blame your bad example man, you have lead me ashtray.

  213. pedantic george

    Philmar Yes a few like Passenal ,Fungunner ,Maria,and goonerwife,And they are all smarter than us.And know considerably more about football.

  214. Aint that the truth George.

  215. yeah… GEORGY PORGY… out of sight…? caught in the very act of forgetting me? tut tut

  216. pedantic george

    And that is what happens when you do AWOL .

  217. excuses… excuses… maria has been on awol for a while too… i know cos i read even if i have not been posting

  218. pedantic george

    She has so posted she even got a new name Major Maria.

  219. thanks for the George recommendation Dex. As alluring as his physical attributes may be I confess there must be an emotional connection as well. I am not sold on him yet. Do you know if he has the goddamned common courtesy to give a man a reach-around?

    My apologies to the ladies.

  220. Talking of pasties, the premium pasties survived the power outage with much help from large blocks of ice introduced into the freezer. The others, well, more doubtful, but I’m sure I’ll find some needy customers outside the cooling centres…..

  221. My wife recently made us catch up on five series of Mad Men by purchasing them at $2.99 per episode. I wonder if we will have to do the same with “Weed”? Thank goodness The Borgias are free.

  222. Hahaha, time for a group manbra shopping trip ,you three.
    MD, glad you saved the patsies. Having never had one I must ask. Are they anything like a burrito?? tnx in advance..
    Nice teamspirit in ACLF these days. I’m glad everyone is getting ready for the new campaign.

  223. ” Manchester united seeking initial. IPO in the united states”. Yahoo news

    Wellwellwell. And a happy fourth of July to you too.
    UP. THE. GUNS!!!!!!

  224. Goonerkam – NO!

  225. For once MD and I are singing from the same menu.

  226. AVB is a good move for Spurs. Away from the tribal (Gunners v Spurs etc), Spurs has had a decent reputation for attractive football without recourse to leg-breaking tactics. Twitchy got them nowhere, quite fast. The tactical continental approach of AVB will suit them, and hopefully bring a bit of zip back with his youth. Actually this post is not about Spurs, even without rivalry issues it’s a “forgettable” team of A-minus grade players and egos, but about AVB whom I like and whom Chelsea didn’t deserve. Football needs that.

    On a side note, today’s front page “Daily News” (Zim) revealed more details of what we call here “Asiagate” match fixing/betting syndicate scandal, in which around 35 national players were banned, some now rehabilitated but not all. The paper got hold of relevant e-mails. Oh, my it’s juicy, and goes right up to Sepp Blatter’s private office.

  227. Keep us informed ZP.

  228. ZP – they must be mistaken. We are continually being assured there cannot be corruption in the game. I myself have been advised to wear silver foil on my head to block out such delusions.

  229. I have to admire any sportsman, in this instance a footballer and a team player, who wins the Professional Footballers Assocaition award as the top player, and the Football Writers Association award for the meeja

    Clearly here he needs to take his career forward elsewhere


    Ta Ta

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