If It’s Good Enough For Freddie, It’s Good Enough For Me

Football teams comprised of clones of the talented players is the stuff of third-rate sci-fi scripts which prop up the wonky leg of the Warner Bros Chief Script Editor’s desk. For England, it might be some kind of reality. Taking care to eschew the mad professorial garb, Gareth Southgate proclaimed that he was just weeks away from perfecting his cloning experiment and that England would have seven Jack Wilshere’s in the team, including the real thing.

The youngster was deemed too short to goalkeeper or central defender material which will be a welcome relief to the rest of the World as it is likely that this will be the weakness that stops England dominating world football. As for the central striking duties, Southgate is keen to pursue a cross between Andy Carroll and Wilshere, genuinely giving the forward a good touch for a big man.

It seems that the love-in for Jack extends beyond the Arsenal kingdom; the national team is the damsel in distress and Jack will arrive on his trusty charger to rescue her. It was tempting to use the analogy of Jack and the Beanstalk with the English game represented by the giant but not even Jack can slay that foe when neanderthals like Pulis are still gainfully employed.

Wilshere is a reason to be optimistic about next season, not that you should need any at this stage of the close season. If you cannot be optimistic about football now, you never will be. Arsenal have completed what appears to be the majority of their signings although I still feel that one more major transfer into the club will happen. That leaves the business of Arsène taking his secateurs to the squad and pruning judiciously those whom he feels have fulfilled their Arsenal duties.

As things stand, there is a competitive squad at Arsenal and with the usual proviso about luck and injuries, one that can take the step up to the next level. Enough has been written about retaining players but with those at the club now, I am not convinced that losing a star player is the problem it was last season. Obviously you want the best players at the club but with the strikers added, there is depth if van Persie remains, there is cover if he does not. Crucially, there is time for the club to measure its’ reponse, rather than rushing.

Of the two contracts to be negotiated this summer, Theo Walcott is the one that concerns me more. Whilst van Persie is key in the short-term, Walcott has the peak of his career still to come. Often derided for his performances, his consistency is overlooked by blinkered abuse. So long as he remains injury-free (relatively speaking), I expect his contribution to the side to continue increasing. This will be his seventh season around the first team, a span which makes people forget that he is still only 23. Imposing the consistency of those four years older on him is an unfair basis for comparison.

Freddie Ljungberg is positive about the squad,

I enjoy watching the current team – it’s a young side and will hopefully get better and better. With the addition of one or two good signings, things look bright.

Since the interview took place, Olivier Giroud’s transfer was confirmed. This summer has seen the club take steps forward in winning the PR battle; signings before sales, if there are to be any departures. That is the key. It doesn’t always work that way but with football deals usually being protracted affairs at the top level, rare are the occasions when the club should be caught out.

Ljungberg is of course right to be optimistic. There is plenty of talent that is now a year older, a season further along in finding consistency of performance. Some will take the step to the next level of playing, developing from precocious talent to very good; world class is a few seasons away yet. But with the likes of Gervinho more settled in England, you hope that the consistency which brought him his transfer in the first place, will emerge and bring its’ due reward.

Yes, the squad is not the finished article and with Bacary Sagna out until the autumn, injury is already challenging. But beyond replacing players who leave where necessary, the squad is not in bad shape and capable of defying their critics once more. Reasons to be cheerful, indeed.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Well done YW, post as I’m putting a brilliant comment up on yesterday’s why don’t you?

  2. steww,

    This one?

    Oh no it’s OK. In a typically bird brained anti Arsenal Daily Mirror headline there was a claim that Andy Murray ‘confesses’ he’s an Arsenal fan. Not ‘confesses’. As if supporting the best club in the world is akin to stealing or bestiality or scrumping apples whilst cheating on your wife with your brother’s girlfriend. What a weekend that was. Anyway the point is even in their own artiocle the best quote they had was this

    And the Scot admitted: “I’m a Hibs fan but Arsenal are the team I like watching most.

    So note again ‘admitted’. Supporting Arsenal and criminality activity linked again. But he clearly states he’s a Hibs fan.
    Phew, don’t need to support him now but can admire his views on who plays the best football.

  3. Well, yes, but you, know, it lacks context on it’s own and now I reread it looks like my proof reader has been at the sauce early today. Anyway in response to today’s post and it’s musical reference

    18-wheeler Scammels, Domenecker camels
    All other mammals plus equal votes
    Seeing Piccadilly, Fanny Smith and Willy
    Being rather silly, and porridge oats

  4. Oooh those clever bastards have done something so if you paste a bit of a lyric from their site it puts a link at the bottom. Didn’t see that coming. Swines. Now no one will think I just remembered it.

  5. I like the look of this Giroud…i think he can fill rvp’s boots very nicely.

  6. If they want to advertise, they can pay for it.

  7. not meaning to be pedantic..
    but players are not really a year older… may to august isnt a year 🙂

    the pre season will be key, its all about a settled squad..

    get them in, get them settled and ready for the season..
    if a bargain becomes available near the last day then obviously it changes things in regards to having everyone in before the season begins but one player isnt the same as 5-6..

    i think IG and AW are not only clever men, but also proud men..

    last year was abit shit. we got caught with our pants down a little and made to look a tad amatuerish in the transfer window..

    the thing with ivan, is that for all his business brilliance, hes no david dein when it comes to wheeler dealing and i think last year his pride took a whack, as well as wengers..

    so this year it was kinda expected that the club would make a mends.. ivan did some serious homework over the last year and nobodies messing about this time round…

    so far so good, the signs are positive and to be fair theyve been positive since last season when we qualified for group stage of CL and signed podolski about two month before the window opened..

  8. Thanks YW – and apologies for the inadvertent advert. How much do you charge by the way? It’s just I was thinking of placing an ad for my show on Somer Valley fm this Tuesday at 8pm which people can listen to online via http://www.somervalleyfm.co.uk/ but obviously I don’t want to do so without going through you first.

  9. sorry but walcott better sign or else just fuck off,he has no touch,eratic finishing and he just doesnt do enough in 90 min do deserve a starting spot,

  10. “sorry but walcott better sign or else just fuck off,he has no touch,eratic finishing and he just doesnt do enough in 90 min do deserve a starting spot,”

    Comedy gold!

  11. so i guess theos on the average pile with arteta then??

  12. Looking forward to seeing players like Jenks and Coquelin getting more game time this season, neither of them looked overawed when on the field last season and they must be going into this pre-season feeling fairly confident about their chances. A shame that Frimpong picked an injury so early in his loan spell at Wolves and I’m guessing he will be out on loan again.

  13. JJ

    But this article will still be here when they are so I’m bookmarking it and will on their next birthday, be pointing out,

    “See, they are another year older.”


  14. Interesting to see how Gervinho turns out this year.

    He strikes me as a confidence playwer, he didn’t really recover from a poor ACN last season. How will he deal with not being a first choice which seems likely given the amount of money spent on new forwards.

    A squad player? Probably won’t suit him.

    Fascinating season in prospect.

  15. arsenalandrew

    I think RvP’s somewhat over rated, too, so he’d better hurry up and sign up as well.

    Steww – did you mention the repeats of your show on Friday evenings? What’s that – from 8pm? Or are you going thru YW first?


  16. Good morning Left-Footers. Another excellent post YW

    Steww, stop advertising your show on Somer Valley fm this Tuesday at 8pm which people can listen to online via http://www.somervalleyfm.co.uk/ on YW’s blog.

  17. arsenalandrew – I didn’t want to mention the repeat as I like to clear everything with YW – he gives fly posters short shrift on here. Actually my repeat has been moved, and I’m not sure where it’s going to end up, but I will mention it (once I receive clearance) when I find out.

  18. Of course neither will I mention the listen again page http://www.podcasts.canstream.co.uk/svalley/index.php?cat=Stew%20Black%20Rides%20Slow%20and%20Dirty because Yogi’s patience only stretches so far.

  19. After watching a bit more of Lukas, I get excited about his likely impact in the EPL, which he seems suited for. Essentially attack minded but hard-working, fast and no-nonsense in defence of his flank, he has a decent cross and a good eye for goal, with either foot it seems. I compare him to the once-excellent Malouda, an under-estimated key in Chelsea’s brief glory seasons, but stronger, faster.

    I’m surprised nobody wanted to talk much about Balotelli’s goals, mistakes by Germany yes, but you still have to put them away. I must say the lad is growing on me, and I’m not surprised by Italy either, who benefitted from the underdog tag, but were in no part of the field or the match outplayed. B’s histrionics are annoying, but a 21-year old boy who grew up in football to racist chants explains a lot of that.

  20. Stew – No, don’t mention the listen page (@ 9.48, just before the post at 9.50); not worth getting into YW’s bad books, especially with his views on surreptitious advertising so well known, no Sirree.

    IF he DOES give you clearance to mention the new time for the repeat show do be sure to post it here; am keeping fingers crossed you get a weekend berth!

  21. It’s amazing how David Dein has turned into some kind of transfer wizard in his absence. He was operating in a very different market, who is to say how he would do today?

  22. pedantic george

    Well i cant imagine there will be any bickering today,Seems a straight forward post Yogi.
    I do believe RVP’s signature is becoming more about making a statement as to where we are in the pecking order than about footballing necessity.

  23. i agree with george

  24. rvp signing is first and foremost a message: you don’t mess with us

  25. consol

    you wish gervinho had the confidence of nicky b!

  26. @PG
    Exactly. We coped with losing the best central midfielder in the world and managed to improve in his absence. Losing RVP might be a set-back, but it won’t prevent us from finishing in the top 4.

  27. Christ,I forgot about gervinho,every time someone jots down their starting 11 for next season he’s nowhere to be seen,I recall superbob having a similar start to his arsenal career before…….

  28. I wonder whether Wenger will adopt a kind of broad dual-team approach to the season, and all its cups. I doubt it, way too rigid, but if he did, would it look something like …

    TEAM A
    Sagna Kos TV Santos
    Song Arteta
    Rosicky (fully fit)
    Theo RvP Luke

    TEAM B
    Jenks Per Djourou Gibbs
    LeCoq Jack
    Diaby or Ramsey
    Ox Olivier 3Gs

    Specific CL Youth/ early FA rounds
    Don Vito?
    Jenks/Yennaris Bartley Djourou Miguel
    LeCoq Jack
    Ox Olivier/Afobe Ryo

  29. True Evil,
    But surely we got to have more ambition (oooh, that word again) than just making 4th place?

    BTW, keeping RvP is also vital for footballing reasons. He’s the only proven goal scorer we have, experienced in the PL, as skillful as anyone else, and our best captain for a while. Heck, what possible way is keeping RvP not as important for footballing reasons as anything else?

  30. pedantic george

    JJ ,because the same could be said every time someone “big” leaves,
    We would cope.
    You are a short termist

  31. pedantic george

    oops ,sorry Henristic.I cant imagine how bad being mistaken for JJ must be.

  32. Jack Wilshere is a massive reason to be optimistic but so is Jenkinson if he can stay fit.

    As for Freddie, I always see him as the cause of Merse being ousted, so red stripe was never a stalwart of mine.

    I liked this jovial article. It’s a breath of fresh air this Saturday morning.

  33. pedantic george

    I will have that cat.I have marked this as my territory.

  34. Arsenal1Again

    FL8 wasn’t the cause for Merson leaving. That was his own stupidity.

  35. Paulie Walnuts

    Podolski likes getting on the end of things at the back stick, so to speak. I`d imagine he`ll get plenty of chances to do that with Theo in the side.

    On the right back issue whilst Bacs is laid up -I really like the look of Jenks & think he`ll get first chance there whilst Coq could easily do well as he`s so versatile. Either way we`re covered.

    So Andy Murray likes watching us play does he ? Is that a back handed compliment ?

  36. Zim

    “I’m surprised nobody wanted to talk much about Balotelli’s goals, mistakes by Germany yes, but you still have to put them away”

    Zim, for me, the assist is what caught my attention. Cassano’s tactical movement to beat his defender and then technical ability with left foot – was a moment of brilliance.

    The type of movement and execution I might expect from DB or RvP.

    Yogi – good stuff this morning.

  37. If this doesn’t give you shivers nothing will

  38. greetings all,
    up to spec as usual there YW

    I’m stating that if they* all fall in, this time next year we’ll still be celebrating our DOUBLE!
    AW is “quietly” constructing one of the most potent squads anywhere in Europe.
    I can’t wait to see the final assembly, come August 31st.

    if its good enough for Freddie…hell, its good enough for me.

    (*you know who they are..if u don’t…?)

  39. OK, Yogi – point taken about Theo. I promise to keep my big mouth shut.
    4 more years! 4 more years!
    As for Freddie vs. Merse, I’m afraid Freddie wins hands down for me.
    As for Balotelli, what a pass from Montolivo for the second! And Balotelli saw the possibility about 6 months before Lahm registered the danger.
    I know he’s got crossed wires between the ears and he plays for City, but he brings a smile to my face.

  40. Oh and Yogi – not its’ – no apostrophe.
    There’s it’s (it is) and its.

  41. pedantic george

    I admire your spirit,but question your common sense.

  42. Good point about Theo Walcott. He is only 23 and has lots of footballing years ahead if he stays healthy, He has great pace, ie quick and fast, he has good concept of the game. Wenger and Sir Alex have this in common, they both built teams from the ground up, they both have a good eye for talent and they mix young and old and mold them into a team. RVP was the key last year. This is his final year of the contract and he will be gunning for bear to show the guys and the rest of the world what his real worth is. At least he’s not a distraction.

  43. so what happens if we don’t sign M’V and Denilson bosses CM during pre-season?

  44. Limestonegunner

    Yes we coped last season. Two season’s in a row? We’re doing better at least by having replacements in early already improves our business somewhat.

    But perhaps we really want to do more than cope this coming season. If you want us to challenge legitimately, you’d like to keep RvP next season whether he signs or not, in my book. Remember that Giroud and Podolski are new to the PL and Arsenal, so you can’t realistically expect to get the best from them in the first season. If Podolski had come last January when we wanted him too, he’d already have made the adjustment. It takes the pressure off the new signings and gives us the depth to keep our attack going in all competitions the whole season.

    You are right that the signing of RvP does carry some symbolic meaning for supporters, but let’s not ignore the genuine footballing importance of having him with us at least next season. And if he goes to a PL rival, they are simultaneously stronger, making it harder to challenge and win the league, which would be a worthy goal for us after last season’s “coping”, I think.

  45. pedantic george

    there will be a lot of very smug ACLF’ers, Aman

  46. Limestonegunner

    Thanks, YW for insightful remarks on the Theo contract. It hasn’t been getting the attention it has deserved. We’ve heard almost nothing about it from any side, so hopefully negotiations are proceeding well and quietly.

    Theo is exactly the kind of player who would burn us on another good PL side, with our high defensive line and his space, he would be a great outlet on the counterattack. I certainly don’t want to see that and would much prefer to watch him scoring around 12 and assisting 10 each year for the next six years at his peak in our red and white.

  47. i might be one of them, pg

    @ 24, having recovered from a 2-year back injury, if he’s rediscovered his mojo..why not?
    why “overspend”?

    again, a 3-headed DM backup behind Song & Artetamore just could work.

    M’V’s a beast but stacked up against DeniCoqFrimp in the EPL?…..he whimpers. Would need a break-in period too.

    but ONLY if Deni returns @ full strength.
    I trust Arsene knows…

  48. AW’s really going for gusto this summer:
    Emiliano Viviano?

    who knows anything about this guy?
    Italy’s #2 ahead of Salvatore Sirigu??
    wow… that good?

    info anyone?

  49. oops, sorry Viviano’s NOT Italy’s #2 @ the Euros. De Sanctis is.

  50. ..ok, slinking away now.
    feel like i’m all alone in a termitarium
    “aisle b bach!”

  51. When did this become a free bloody advertising space? At least steww and the others have the good bloody grace to contribute to the site. Fuck me. Well, it won’t be happening when we move home in the next week or two.

    For those wondering what this was about, a blogger decided to put up a post and advertise here. Never contributed to the site and then had the temerity to complain about me complaining. Hence his comment is now deleted. Dups is still trying to flog his Megane Scenic if you’re interested.

  52. pedantic george

    Please look at my latest Martial Arts Video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SL……………. oh .sorry.

  53. For Sale

    2010 Renault Megane

    What? I can’t sell it on here?

  54. pedantic george

    what mileage?

  55. Wrong colour for you, George. Don’t go near the damn things, battery is under the bloody driver seat. And dups? Well, I’m not sure that he’s going to do much of a deal on the price!

  56. Laurent Blanc has stepped down as France coach. Is he off to the spuds instead of aston villas-boas?

  57. Aman at 2:17 pm – Surprised, shocked you would bring up ND, again. Didn’t you get the memo? He is “deadwood” no matter what happens at Sao Paulo. Until a big club is willing to spunk up a big transfer fee he is nobody. Capiche.

  58. Paulie Walnuts

    Why all the negativity over the Tom Cruise split – Torquay isn`t that bad a place

  59. WTF has Ljunberg got to do with Merson leaving the club? They never even shared a gram of charlie in Stringfellows, never mind dressing room space at Colney island.

  60. Denilson isnt fit to tie MY shoelaces, never mind Doris the Tea Ladys.

  61. Paulie

    Boom and indeed, boom

  62. Good day all. Insightful post as usual YW. Thank you for absolute quality everyday.

    Honestly, I hope Walcott re-signs with us. It makes perfect sense to tie him down to a long term contract. His peak is yet to come. Theo has all the ingredients to be a great footballer. He’s really developing fast and his game will soon find consistency. Though I’m RvP appends his signature to a new contrat with The Arsenal, I’m less disturbed about his refusal unless he signs for another English side. That will be devastating.

    Aman @ 2:03

    Wouldn’t it be a fairytale?…
    The discarded stone, turns out to be the cornerstone.

  63. Yea it looks like Benayoun is off and erm Walcott has to stay at Arsenal for his own good/career, Zzzz.

  64. Err, that was a bee buzzing at the end, zzzz.

  65. Buzzzz

  66. Wtf! How did the bee get there Dex.

  67. Yogi – my posts were entirely tongue in cheek. The show I do is for a non profit making community station where I am a volunteer. I apologise sincerely if I have in any way pissed you off and I promise to plug ACLF on every show.
    (which actually I already do!)

  68. Rolling up newspaper as we speak

  69. I heard a fantastic show on the radio the other night, Steve, stew, oh sod it, can’t remember the fellas name-good though…

  70. steww

    I don’t have an issue with your plugs – I’ll drop you a note about your other point in the week.

    I had a massive problem with some twat coming on for the first time and the only comment he made was to say “read my post”. It’s hard work to build up a blog, God knows I understand that, but to just turn up and make a sole contribution of plugging your own site without offering to join in on any discussion is just fucking rude beyond words. To then moan at the blogger about a sarcastic comment, is just fucking stupid.

    And I know you plug the blog, it’s appreciated, although I suspect half your listeners must sit there wondering “wtf” whilst the managers of the station are probably thinking, “Oh FFS, not football again”. But then, if it was good enough for Peel, it’s good enough for you.

    Apostrophes in the right place for you dk? 😉

  71. pedantic george

    Wow.Is Paul Daniels in the house?
    Someone is making posts disappear.I wonder if that magic would work on khalifha?

  72. Um, well I’m glad I haven’t pissed you off. If that’s you not pissed off then I don’t want to see it when you are. As to the etiquette I agree, it’s polite to ask. At the very least.
    I think everyone who contributes to the comments section here is in awe of the work you have put in every day week after week, year after year, I personally am staggered by it. the novelty would’ve left me after a fortnight, three weeks tops.

  73. Advertising? Meh.

    Since the season ended i can count on one hand the number of articles written about Koscielny.

    I don’t know whether we are underestimating his importance to us winning a trophy or it is already common knowledge how vital he is to us.

    As far as our defence is concerned the pocketeer/rabbi/boscielny *open bracket*any nickname you prefer although i like the sound of ‘The Cunt’ wait!, think about it for a sec or 2, any striker coming up against him will be thinking ‘o no, its The Cunt!, there is no way we’re going to score today’, ah its starting to make sense now, no? well i like it *close bracket*

    Err, sorry about that. I was about to say that Szescney apart, Koscielny will be the most important player in our defence. Sagna will not be available for the start of the season and we can all agree that the remaining spots in the defence has no guaranteed number 1( Coq/Jenk, Mert/Verm, Gibbs/Santos) so i wouldn’t mind a bit more praise for ‘The Cunt’ afterall he has come a long way from being derided to our only first choice defender.

  74. I saw that PG, good one.

  75. Very Sad Keith

    Sorry to be an arse, but “comprise” can’t be followed by “of”. You could say “football teams composed of clones” or “football teams comprising clones”.

    Oh, and it’s “seven Jack Wilsheres” not “seven Jack Wilshere’s”. This one is known as “the greengrocer’s apostrophe” because of those signs greengrocers put up saying “apple’s”, “pear’s”, and so on. The late Keith Waterhouse used to rail about it regularly in the Daily Mirror and started a Society for the Lost Apostrophe to provide a home for all those unwanted apostrophes scattered on greengrocers’ stalls and Arsenal blogs.

    Yes, it is sad that I know these things and possibly even sadder that I care. The trouble is that you can’t unknow something. Once you know how to use the verb “comprise”, or what apostrophes are for, it leaps out at you like a rabid werewolf whenever you spot someone getting it wrong and – much like being mauled by a rabid werewolf – tends to distract you from what you were doing. So it gets in the way of my enjoyment of your blog. Shame.

    I don’t know if you come across that online arse who writes speculative transfer stories and regularly refers to managers being “loathed” to sell a particular player. I can never read his stories. As soon as I get to that point I just think “twat” and move on. I would hate to think of you as an uncultured left foot.

    Finally, as they say on the ten o’clock news, how dare you compare style icon Tony Pulis to a Neanderthal? Not only does every human being on the planet possess Neanderthal DNA, Neanderthals produced the earliest known art, were capable of spirituality and seem to have had a religion, cared for their sick and lame, and buried their dead. They possessed many human qualities, entirely unlike Pulis.

    PS As to your phrase “its’ due reward”, it’s “its” when you use it in that way and the word ” its’ ” doesn’t actually exist. Think of tits and you won’t go far wrong (never did me any harm).

    PPS Ah, but your sublime ending ” ’til Tomorrow”. Not since the late great Jonathan Swift (1667-1745 as any fule kno) has anyone written “till” correctly as ” ’til ” because it is an abbreviation of “until”. He also used capital letters for all nouns (as the Germans still do), so your rendering ” ’til Tomorrow” instead of the usual “till tomorrow” is literate English at its purest. Obviously you meant it. Thank you from the heart of my bottom.

  76. Khalifha, let’s not call him that,let’s save that for the mutt who rubbed his head after the freak winner in the carling cup final-he’s a great centre half who’s gonna play for us for years to come, the day he signed he was offered the chance to train with the reserves or go to his hotel,5 minutes later he was putting his boots on-I love the fella

  77. Hello everybody. What’s news ?

  78. Mel, ah if you say so. I know i hardly mention this but i always had a thing for centerbacks. Apart from goals nothing gets my blood pumping more than seeing a defender win a tackle or an aerial duel during a match.
    Honestly, during Vermaelean’s first season he was my best arsenal player, i thought here we go, another great arsenal defender, he was so dominant(in air and on land) but it looks like Koscielny is the better defender and i love watching him play.

    Kosser has to be one of the fastest players on our team, i think.

  79. Yep.. Koscienly fastest player behind Walcott and AOC so I’ve read.

  80. Mel ‘he was offered the chance to train with the reserves or go to his hotel,5 minutes later he was putting his boots on’ – ha! What a player.

  81. Khalifha Tv5 will come again next season but I know what you mean about kos,how he didn’t start for France I’ll never know,still he’s nice and fresh for us next season to pick a few pockets

  82. pedantic george

    Khalifha.It is actually better than that. He was offered a lift to his Hotel,but asked if he could train with the reserves instead.It was his idea.
    Proper player

  83. Muppet, wow, that was just a wild guess. I remember him giving the blackburn game last season and he outpaced their striker despite giving him(yes) a headstart.

  84. Vermaelen may not be a better defender than Kos, but he carries a greater offensive menace. He’s got a cracking shot and plays with his heart. The winner he scored against Newcastle was one of our most vital goals last season and he won the game for us by being prepared to sprint the length of the pitch in the 92nd minute to create a goalscoring opportunity.

  85. PG, you’re right, even better! The man is a warrior on the pitch, the makings of a great defender.

    Ffshoot, yes that is one of the reasons i want Verm to start but people here are telling me Mert is a better defender, hmmm am really confused about that, if only we could combine the two together.

  86. Verm could be the difference between us winning a match/1 points and Mert could be the difference between us losing or keeping a clean sheet while Koscielny is FIRST CHOICE, aargh my head hurts.

  87. Btw, 1point.

  88. To be fair mert gets a bum deal from critics-both in and outside of the club,people seriously underestimate the calmness he brings to the side and his positioning is top class-Jesus I’m repeating myself-I love the fella!-someone ask me my option on nb52-that’ll even it out!

  89. 🎥😄

  90. i will remind you next year YW

    passenal, your right..different eras its not really right to compare, and to be honest i wasnt trying to throw in a sly dig at IG..
    but i reckon DD just edges it in terms of ‘footballing matters’..
    IG is more of a business bloke..
    DD wasnt too shabby either, very clever also with many good ideas, but was more swayed towards the football side of things…

    i cant imagine IG for example, having the same amount of contacts of someone like Dein..
    and contacts are so important in trying to wheeler deal..

    gazidis and wenger especially seem the types to tell agents to go fuck themselves, whereas i can see someone like DD having a phonebook full of numbers..first name terms as well..

    just my take on it..

    and shotta…i hope denilson does come back and make it..just for you..

  91. Shotta @ 5:02…that was a tad brutal!

  92. et tu Dexter @ 5:20..?

  93. JonJon at 8:05 pm – Smart man JonJon. Didn’t I say yesterday that recently you’ve been chatting some sense and now you are even stoking my ego. Smart man.

  94. Aman @ 5:02 – Brutal? You haven’t been reading most Arsenal blogs. ND is the devil incarnate. Like the CPSU, everything prior to his back injury in 2010 has been airbrushed out of history. Deadwood!

  95. Nostrathymus on M’Villa:

    “the colour red make M’Villa too aggressive. Him get many cards of same colour if him become gunner. Probably better off with Real Madrid or Spuds. Neves much better suited to life @ Emirates”

  96. I only play @ Yogi’s, Shotta.
    The average fan’s probably made up of deadwood dna.
    why bother?

  97. the deal for mvilla is another jiroo situation..

    we are the only ones in for him, everyone else are going after felliani, so ive been told..

    his future at rennes, well there is none, he wants out and they want him out,

    wenger controls the market on this one hes driving the price down… theres no way we are paying the 20 mil quoted..
    it could be as little as 12 due to all the circumstances..

    if not, its fingers crossed with diaby, and we go with le coq…

  98. or denilson

  99. I think someone has hacked JJ’s account 🙂

  100. Nostrathymus says,

    “the blue band on new home jersey inserted to cool down the red….if Yann focus on blue and be less angry, just maybe Le Prof can bring the best out of him….Deni have a lot to prove to all his old coaches. Must be strong”

  101. in preseason

  102. nah…jj is just in a happy place now! long may it continue.

  103. and where has all this Murray is a gooner lark come from…alll i can gather is he supports his dads fav team Hibernian….or worse Chelsea. …this is an important piece of info as it will define whether he is just a bloody boring scott who we want to lose, or a bloody boring scottish Gooner who we want to win.

  104. Khalifa, I hope your attempted nickname for Kos does not take off.

  105. ZIMPAUL @1103
    spot on and again spot on. Two teams. A& B fighting it out on four fronts with fluid mobility for players to move between the two. Have been thinking and wanting this for years now. AW won’t go with this but I think it is one way to go. I can see success on all four fronts.
    @ kalifa Ben sultan ibn el Mohammed.
    Why KOSHER nicknamed a rabbi??

  106. Did goonerandy win at center court??

  107. Billy's Boots

    I thought Barton or Bellamy already have that nickname!

  108. Billy's Boots

    Good post, BTW, YW. Its quality is undeniable! 😉

  109. Beekeeper Bill

    As usual, great write up, Yogi. I can’t wait for the new season to start. I see Gervinho and the Ox as our super subs, running at defenders with 20 minutes to go in a match. Both have a full season with Arsenal under their belt, so I look for bigger contributions from them this season. And I will welcome Denilson back to the squad. He is a good player and person. People forget that he is only 24 and the year away probably cleared his head. He seems a serious young man and also was a little homesick two years ago, I believe. And with our happy Santos on board to lighten his mood, I think Denilson can be a contributor to Arsenal’s success this coming season.

  110. redwhitearmoury

    I agree with Freddie on this one. We have been unlucky this past seasons with injuries, but with AW bringing in world class players, there will be more depth and competition for places in the squad. When we have our full squad, we’re unstoppable.

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