Rumours Become Transfer Fact As Ramsey Carries A Health Warning For Jack

It’s a strange time, is the calm before the storm or are we in its’ eye, the centre awaiting the wrecking winds through London Colney and The Emirates as holidays draw to a close and thoughts turn toward pre-season training. There are echoes of the past, Arsenal On This Day carries the news of yesteryear and this morning’s story is not dissimilar to times now.

Seemingly straightforward transfers are drawn out affairs although the signature of Olivier Giroud is apparently drying on his contract with Arsenal if the chairman of Montepellier is to be believed. Louis Nicollin wished his ex-striker well as he settled into his new office chair made up of €5 notes, all 3 million of them. Had he held out for a fee of €20m, he might have been able to construct the La-Z-Boy Gizmo chair equivalent but the designers ran out of money. Quite literally.

The Rennes chairman is altogether more savvy about getting his new chair, realising that getting Arsenal to buy two for the price of, well, two, is a better way of going about it. Yann M’vila has apparently been spotted at London Colney as well as the Bethnal Green branch of Lidl whilst his team-mate, Abdou Kader Mangane, is the subject of a £4.1m bid from a mystery club. Quite why it is assumed that the mystery club will be Arsenal is unclear although fair play to Sportsmail Reporter for being the first to link us with the player. Well, the first one to link him that I’ve seen.

Transfer circles need to be complete and when a vacancy appears, it has to be filled. Speculation is part and parcel of the game which is why it is surprising when people get upset. Some of it genuinely does not make sense. For example, Aaron Ramsey to Fulham. This makes sense from the Fulham point of view if it is cast as a loan deal; it is nonsensical for permanent transfer – they would be wiping out their transfer budget for two seasons on one player.

As it is, the basis of the rumour seems to be that Arsenal will have competition for places in midfield. That is genuinely a good thing and is necessary. Especially when injuries strike and Ramsey knows all about that from the last two seasons, personally and from observation.

Once people have moved on from Squillaci, Chamakh, Park and Diaby, Ramsey is the next in the firing line. And given the previous quartet do not play that often, the young Welshman receives criticism frequently. Too many expected him to return immediately at the highest level, full of vim and vigour whereas he plateaued. The tail end of 2010-11 saw 8 Arsenal appearances; that was not enough to get him entirely match fit. As such, 2011-12 was key and understandably it was a season that I felt saw continued improvements in his overall performances. Yes, he had games where he did not play as well as he could but that applies to all of the squad; it isn’t unique to Ramsey. He must of been doing something right; including substitute appearances, he played 44 games last season. His return of three goals was not as good as you might have expected but again, that applies to the rest of the midfield.

Moving forward, I expect him to continue to progress. We know he as the ability and in truth, it is hard to see the benefit of him going on loan. I constantly read that Jack Wilshere will do this or that. I doubt he will be doing much during the opening month or so of the season with his match fitness being brought along gradually. From then on, injuries and suspension will play as much a part in choosing the starting XI for all of the competitions as form.

The criticism of Ramsey carries a warning for Wilshere. Arguably he has greater expectations on his shoulders than Ramsey has or had. It becomes enhanced when the media hype him as the saviour of the nation. The fallout from that will not be pleasant if he does not prove to be love child of Pele and Cruyff rolled into one. Mind you, the sniping tackles suggest that a bit of Nobby Stiles got in there somewhere, the thought of which brings a chill to the spine.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. 1st…. Interesting as per usual..

  2. Robbie Savage hier soir sur BBC Radio 5 states our Jack is the way forward for the England football team- team has to be bulit around him..

    Never had any time for Savage but he spoke with clarity(for him) and conviction.. Our Woy is sure to come calling….

  3. Good Post YW. Re- Ramsey: You said it makes sense from Fulham pov, but what about from Arsenal’s pov??

  4. Oh wait. No need to answer that. I re-read it. Damn it. I need to stop looking at the girl across my desk. 🙂

  5. good thing about roy is that he and arsene wenger are on the same wavelength. unlike that idiot pearce. so wenger will advise him well regarding wilshere, and he will heed it.

  6. For yesterday’s thread…

    Ramsey was further ahead in his development? I guess so, because he was older and had featured more for the first team. I just don’t remember thinking he was a better prospect. I hope you see the distinction.

    Alas, this time you read me totally wrong.

  7. I see the Ramsey matter has spilled to todays’s post.

    I agree with YW, that Ramsey played well last season, to the extent of his ability.

    He played like I’ve always remembered. A great engine, some ball skills, and an eye for goal/key pass. He was also playing well for his country and could easily have scored 5-10 goals last season with better composure/luck. Considering the fact that he was returning from the type of injury that ruins careers, it’s understandable that his composure will take time to return.
    Other than goals, can anyone tell me what changed in his game before and after the injury? How was he any worse?

    Like Theo, I think he the victim of the hype and pressure we tend to put on our young players.

    Wilshere’s talents justify the hype a bit more, but I share Yogi’s worry that the burden of expectation (club and country) may be too much for his young shoulders.

  8. Very little talk about outbound players, apart from Squillaci and the talking up of Bendtner of course.

    I suppose this shows that we are really just into the close season whereas my brain keeps telling me that the new season is just around the corner.

    Something to do with this god awful summer I suppose.

  9. I just dont see Ramsey even going out on loan. The likes of Ryo and Frimpong, yes but it seems to me that Ramsey is firmly lodged in the first team setup, and rightly so, what with him being Wales captain an’ all.

  10. And who better to learn the midfield game from than Arteta. Both he and Jackie would do well to take as much from Artetas game as they can.

  11. bergkamps other leg


    There’s a girl across your desk?
    Blimey at this time in the morning!

    On a serious note-WTF is with all the Ramsey baiting. what exactly has he done wrong!
    Can someone please enlighten me. Or just as usual Arsenal fans needing someone to blame-after getting sick of blaming our little podgy Russian.

  12. Why waste time & energy on a pointless argument about who is ‘better’ between Ramsey & Wilshere.

    It is easy to reflect on how great Jack is/was as he has had 1 season with no obvious decline in form. Aaron (pre-injury) was a young player who at the time some were suggesting should be starting games such were his performances, the memory of that form is clouded by both time and also the drop in form last season.

    Why not just let both develop and learn and then think about the possibility of them in tandem in a few years time – one right, one left, both schooled in how we want to play, almost the perfect balance in the middle.

  13. Olivier Giroud is an Arsenal player. It has just been announced on the Arsenal website!

  14. By the way, I am very excited by our new acquisition, he is class!

  15. Don’t see Rambo going out on loan. Ditto Diaby.
    Certain players are deemed key talent and home improvement’s the best way to go.

    We are not part of the mercenary foundation, we groom and give the best of the crop ample time and experience to grow, heal, improve and increase in value. Brand Arsenal’s present ambassadors need their home comforts to reach their potential.
    AW knows best.

    Considering how well he was doing @ Wolves, if Frimp had not gotten injured again he’d probably be in this group and we might not even be “considering” a Yann M’V.

    Welcome to Arsenal Olivier Giroud.
    May you have an exceptional career at our great club under the tutelage of the best of them all .

  16. Can’t imagine Ramsey on the offload list,lots of potential there with guidance from Arteta.
    As for Jack ,he has Peter Storey DNA. Nobby Stiles was a Manc.

  17. ASNLthruNthru

    Jack has Peter Storey DNA. Are you kidding. Please explain?

  18. Notoverthehill

    Yogi, I congratulate you on your support of Ramsay. After a long spell out, an EMERGING player, will take a full season to recover his composure.

    As for Jack Wilshere, 1 full season as a first team player and 1 full season OUT! It will take Wilshere a full season of first team football to recover his composure. Just like Ramsay last season, Wilshere is Teflon-coated for 2012/2013 as far as I am concerned.

    RVP for example, will have noted the short memories of the quislings, the ball-watchers, and of course those who are only interested in Arsenal winning 5-nil in every game. AA23 suffered because first Wilshere, then Ramsay, failed in their defensive duties! AND that is last season alone.

    Young Walcott has no brains, if he did say “England were unlucky”. This was a quote on that he apparently made? To guestimate the Arsenal gate revenue will be even harder as the club intends to grade the games. That was the reason I was looking at the site and to confirm that Giroud is an Arsenal player, from the 1st July 2012.

    Yogi, you are dropping your “aitches”!!!.

  19. 2 in, 2 more to come..”we” hope…GK + YM’V?

  20. Welcome Giroud to the home of football!I’m so looking forward to seeing you in the red and white in August, this summer is so long, cant wait for it to end and to think it is only June!!!

  21. Finally some of the good news that Ivan was promising about.

  22. ramsey will be sold, hes a nice lad who tries his best, unfortunatly for him it isnt good enough, i dont know what games you were watching with ram playing well? get a grip, it wont kill you to tell the truth once in a while, hes average to sayn the least, what evidence do you have to give that opinion , you and le grove have more ion common than you think

  23. Yes, great news!

    Just wondering if this is Ivan’s good news or ‘just’ good news!!

    Impressive work from Albert for a Tuesday morning at work; also, for having the presence of mind to update his status on ACLF.

  24. Interesting rumour about Ramsey and I would be sorry to see him loaned out for three reasons;

    a) I think he is a decent player and at his age has time to develop into a very good one.

    b) That since his injury he has been one of the fittest of our midfield players (and because of that was probably overplayed last season) – he is not a player who crosses the disciplinary line – players who have a good record of availability are the last ones we need to loan out.

    c) because it will encourage the boo boys to go after another victim.

  25. Good point about taking it easy with jack for a while-but the same bozos that got on Ramsey’s back last season will be the same ones shaking their heads as jack strives for fitness and form in the opening months,what did John lydon say about jack to wrighty?-he’s half jack Russell half jack Daniels!, and he will be again, now, where can I buy 60,000 pairs of kid gloves?

  26. @ bergkamps other leg | June 26, 2012 at 10:10 am

    From where I’m, when Yogi posted – it’s already an afternoon.

    And yes, I do have a girl across my desk. Don’t every office’s do?? 😉

  27. on this day. June 26 2012 @ exactly 10:57am, boomer unequivocally says: RAMSEY WILL BE SOLD.

    Let the words of our esteemed colleague be noted and recorded for posterity.

    The floor is now open for debate….

  28. arsenalandrew | June 26, 2012 at 11:01 am


    I apologize. I should have known better. 🙂

  29. bergkamps other leg

    @Albert | June 26, 2012 at 11:03 am

    Morning/Afternoon -still a good piece of work.
    I’m definitely in the wrong job.

    Welcome to Giroud. Good work if its Ivan’s good new or otherwise. Very welcome addition.
    Like to see a GK in there somewhere. but all in all a happy N. Ireland Gooner so far…..


    the blue on our home strip really pisses me off!!!!!!!!
    wtf are we now…Arsenal USA??????????
    I hope they TAKE THAT SH*T OFF IMMEDIATELY come May 2013!

    ..might have to start a petition against it if one is not already active…..

  31. Lets see if Ramsey to Fulham on a loan deal is good. The only way to find out if a player can play is play him. Fulham sounds like a logical choice. Then we’ll know for sure if Ramsey is any good or he is just blowing smoke.

  32. ..such superior logic there, thegeeman…

  33. Albert – oh well, if it’s the afternoon where you are that makes it PERFECTLY normal and acceptable!! 🙂


    I think we should sell Wilshire whilst we are at it to say the Doomers the trouble of turning to him once they are done with the rest of the midfield.

    Dear oh dear.

  34. So the best way to see if Ramsey is good enough for Arsenal is to loan him to Fulham? Hmm..

  35. Ah. I see the bastions of sense have arrived in the form of geeman and Boomer – where is USG to complete the triumvirate of the thick-headed?

    What’s going on with Fabianksi – surprised we have not had some interested suitors.

  36. arseandrew,
    i say we re-sell Giroud after his amazing display during the pre-season!
    we’d make a bundle off one so pretty..

  37. Why am I in moderation Yogi?

  38. No need to reply to thegeeman. He has filled his quota for today, won’t be seeing him till tomorrow.

  39. Giroud signed and rumours of Ramsey on loan. Perhaps an occassional tweak in formation is on the cards with VP slotting into the hole behind a powerful centre forward? I mean he didn’t shine in that position for the dutch, but then no dutch player shone in any position.

    Don’t buy the Ramsey rumours tho, but my feeling is that he offers us more from a wide position anyway.

  40. Jonny- Did you use the magic word?

  41. I am with you Aman, the blue sucks.

  42. OG:
    21 goals in 36 games = 0.58 goals per game.
    damn good numbers
    hope he signed a 4-5 year deal..

    sad for Marouane though….too little chutzpah
    Park as well.
    good guys

  43. Giroud made more touches inside the box than any other player last season in Ligue 1 (223).

  44. What is this magic word Sahil? I have not been on the site for a few days.

  45. i wonder what our away strip will look like….
    ..anyone in the know?

  46. Doesn’t mean we shouldn’t sell him Jonny.

  47. Light blue top, dark blue shorts with a dual tone-blue hooped pattern on the socks.

  48. Jonny- If i use it i will enter moderation. 🙂

    It is the name of the poster that keeps on repeating and repeating and repeating, ring a bell?

  49. more touches inside the box, eh jonny?
    reeks of Gomez…
    hope he’s as potent

  50. Jonny – 11.36

    The unholy trinity won’t be completed…

  51. GUS’s maiden name, jonny

  52. Ah has he been banned again?

    With a little rearranging, what I posted was –

    Ah. I see the bastions of sense have arrived in the form of geeman and Boomer – where is GUS to complete the triumvirate of the thick-headed?

    What’s going on with Fabianksi? Surprised we have not had some interested suitors.

  53. Jonny – I stuck a J in front of abbaracadabra (the magic word) and was sentenced to Moderation for what felt like minutes yesterday.

    Can’t mess with magic.

  54. I trust Arsene will know what is best for Arsenal and players.

    Sometimes it appears his decisions put the player above club; this does not surprise me; it separates Arsene from his cohorts.

    Arsenal are blessed with so much midfield talent (on paper).

    Experienced: Rosicky, Arteta, Diaby, Song

    Potential: Frimpong, Coq, Wilshere, Ramsey, Ox

    Arsene has a plan for all of the above.

    Excited for the transfer of Giroud.

    Maybe this is a continuing process of a new plan A.

  55. Ha! What happened?! Did he just get all too much for you again Yogi?

  56. YW – “..this morning’s story is not dissimilar to times now.” I would imagine you are right as always good sir!! Interesting that everyone should pick up on the Ramsey to Fulham rumor, personally I think it is pure drivel.

    We have signed Giroud and Jonny is in moderation!? A very good start to the day!! 🙂

  57. I still maintain that Ramsey was played out of position for large parts of last season. I see him more in Arteta’s role, starting play from the midfield hole and arriving late in the box to smash one in from time to time. As previously mentioned, he can learn a lot from Arteta about how to watch the game, but he also needs to be a bit more disciplined in his passing (and stop those silly flicks he keeps trying).

    Three midfield roles we tend to work with could be very interesting this season, especially if we also bring M’Villa in:

    DM – Song/Coquelin/Frimpong
    Midfield general – Arteta/M’Villa/Ramsey – Rosicky could also fit in here
    Attacking midfielder – Wilshere/Rosicky/Ox/Arshavin (if he stays)

    WIth Gervinho, Walcott, Ryo and Ox (plus Podolski potentially on the left as well) as our wing options the forwards will have a fanastic supply line and now we have two more players up front who know how to finish.

  58. Aman

    I agree on the blue as well, had to buy the shirt anyway though.

    The new away kit is out soon and “is set to give the Club a striking new look on the road for the forthcoming season”. What colour is it going to be? Purple? Is there some other colour we can loosely connect to Arsenal’s history?

  59. Jonny

    No man, you didnt say Wilshere was the better prosect at all. You saod something like ‘Oh I dont recall Ramsey being seen as ahead of jack, etc’

    He was at the time, end of, move on.


    I agree, its a pointless debate, but some people, *cough* Hen *cough* ristic *cough* keep dredging up stuff you know! 🙂

    I see Theo may well be replaced by Aaaron today in the slating game.

    And finally; Welcome to AFC Olivier! Here’s to you banging in the goals and causing mayhem in opposition penalty areas.

    And as Aman says; 2 in, 2 more to follow and we are done for the summer. Ace!

    Up the Guns!!!

  60. Giroud has scored 14 goals in his first season for each of his last 3 clubs. Lets make that 4 clubs.

  61. Sorry, meant Henristic, not you bad boy Jonny! 🙂

  62. For all the talk of Giroud being an aerial threat which he is, he only scored 1 out of the 21 goals last season with his head. Good to see he has multiple dimensions to his attack.

  63. btw if AW really does sign Adrián López i’d be over the moon
    I view him as “the next” David Villa.

    but w/o the game changing to 12-a-side, goal line technology normalization, Blatter voluntarily retiring, the US canceling all defence contracts, closing down all weapon factories & the world’s most powerful bankers apologizing for their criminal policies and giving people back their money and power..i don’t see it happening

  64. pedantic george

    Henristic,I am sorry if I misinterpreted what you were saying.

  65. I see England’s plan ‘B’ also failed but then again, no need to make a mountain out of a molehill, now is there?

  66. Aman;

    I bow to your far greater knowledge on Lopez bro. But I seriously don’t see any truth in that rumour man.

  67. pedantic george

    Aman ,you sound like a Miss World contestant.

  68. George;

    Do you think the signing of Chamakh mkII is the good news Gazidis was harking on about?

    Whattaya think homey? Don’t leave me hangin’.

  69. We’re talking cross porpoises Dex – as you say move on.

    Thanks Irish but rumours of my incarceration have been greatly exaggerated – much to the chagrin of some. 🙂

  70. The amazing Flamini is staying with Milan for another year.

    Ramsey going out on loan makes even less sense this morning as the title on a D&G blog demanded he be loaned. So, there you have it. It 100% will not happen.

  71. Jonny

    Read the subsequent post man! It wasn’t meant for your world weary eyes bruv!

  72. pedantic george

    Dexter .I really hope not.
    The good news I want involves RVP ,Theo ,and a certain magic pen in Arsene’s top pocket

  73. pedantic george

    Jonny,stop hectoring Dexter(Yogi,did you see that ,eh?)

  74. Giroud official. I know we knew but I can never quite relax until it’s on the website.

    Come on, Robin, see how easy it is? Do it.

    @ IrishGray
    Nasri has always had what Northerners call “side” to him, but he definitely seems to have gone downhill since he left us.

  75. And I forgot to mention – M’Vila is also in the frame for punishment.

  76. George

    I would love that to be the case about the good news, but I aint so sure amigo. Oh and thanks for looking out for me against that big bully jonny too.

  77. people need to take a step back and remember how young ramsey is. he is only the 30th oldest player currently on the books. lansbury, eastmond, botelho, gibbs, walcott, szcesney, mannone, vela are all older than him. yet how close are any of them to captaining their countries? in fact how many of them are even first choice for their country?

  78. atid

    Good point, well made. Doubt the haters will take any of that into consideration though dude.

  79. ssehrawat..
    does 1 of 21 mean pretty boy prefers not to ruffle his hair?

    i’d like a full body part per goal analysis of OG if u have it sir….lol.

  80. i smell as good too george,
    do u think i’d win?

  81. Must ‘of’ Yogi? From you of all people. I am stunned. I heard rumours you had a good proof reader, must’ve or maybe must have been all lies.

    Anyway apart from that we have a new signing I see. And from Arsene’s comments he sounds like a replacement for Big Nic. Always liked NB so it’ll be a shame if that’s true, but we have to move on and try to accept other teams’ players as our own. It always takes time but I’ll sure we’ll adapt. After all if we could accept the likes of Pat Jennings and Sol Campbell (look where they came from) then I’m sure we will learn to think of LP and OG as Arsenal players.
    Strange how those gagging for other teams players are never satisfied. Instead of doing cart wheels over the early signings of established experienced players they immediately start saying hope we get two more, and where’s the DM we’ve been calling for. I suggest a clinic where your compulsive disorders can be properly treated.

  82. atid,

    who’s the 23rd youngest?

    would the 16th oldest also be the 16th youngest before or after you factor in our new signings post July 1st?

  83. Limestonegunner

    Henristic, re: Ramsey discussion last night, I do appreciate the distinction, certainly. However, both development and pure talent need to be kept in mind because a year away to injury at their ages has a big effect. Ramsey was overplayed to some extent last year as was Wilsjere the year before. Wilshere’s situation contributed to his I jury whereas Ramsey’s long run in the side followed his. Both players will need patient support as it is far too early to predict with confidence the course of their careers with Arsenal as they are in the process of building and progressing after major physical setbacks.

  84. No Dex,
    I said, or at the very least, meant that I don’t recall THINKING that Ramsey was a better prospect.

    Now we can move on…

    Giroud eh? We’re amassing attackers like crazy. Heaven knows what Arsene’s plan is but its sure got me stumped, in a good way. I can’t wait for the season to start now.

  85. There is no Ramsay discussion as far as I can see. Well ok you lot are having one but I mean there isn’t a basis for it. He’s a young man, development cruelly interrupted who just went through a rehabilitation season.
    Not much to discuss there is there? Jack is facing a similar prospect.
    That’s it.
    What will you talk about now?

  86. steww,
    really hope u deem me not a “gagger”.

    my Lopez post was originally sent a week ago
    it’s the mailman’s fault i tell ya..
    .its why i subsequently qualified it as illusionary in my closing paragraph.
    c’mon stewwie… re-read my 12:11

    don’t label me a gagger,
    pls steww..
    i’m a raser, not a gagger damnit..
    tell me i’m not on that list, pretty pleeeassse!!!

  87. Fairly silly arguments about who is better, Jack or Aaron, the other day. But it proved the point, both are really very fine for their age. Left-footed Jack tends to stand out a bit more and is so good at keeping a move going, alone or with a pass. Aaron is a little less forceful in the middle but more alert for goal around the edge of the box. Aaron seems to have a big-game mentality. I think they compliment each other well. I doubt Aaron is going anywhere; he’s too good.

  88. Aman, I would never label anyone a gagger. It seems such an inelegant expression, but you do seem excited by footballers who don’t play for Arsenal.
    At the very least I find this curious behaviour.

  89. I think Nasri must actually enjoy being the pantomime villain. Why keep a Twitter account at all? It must be almost entirely abuse anyway!

    I reckon he feeds on the negativity and gets riled by it and then when he scores a goal he feels vindicated and can put two fingers up to the world.

    He’s a bit of a Liam Gallagher – so clearly at the right club all round.

  90. Good old steww, the voice of consistency! 🙂

    Henristic; Erm, well if you did, you went through a funny ol process of trying to convey that thought man.

    Our new lineup/squad is looking in very good shape and despite what spoil sport steww says, a back up keeper for the soon to be world numero uno (no pressure son) is the next piece in the awesome, title challenging (let’s get) Jiggy-saw.

    I think that AOC will get more and more game time next season, either on the left or directly behind the main central striker, while Theo (despite what the clueless John Barnes said) is a certain starter, with not much competition as far as I can tell. UNLESS the intention is to play RvP on the right hand side as he was soooooo successful there for Holland.

  91. LG,
    Certainly agree about both been given time, as my comments about too much hype shows.

    The overplaying is something I (like others) hope we address this year.

  92. bergkamps other leg

    @steww | June 26, 2012 at 1:17 pm

    Could talk about how nice Monica Podolski is.

  93. jonny

    Its funny you say that about Nasri putting 2 fingers up to the world. Did you see his goal ‘celebration’ vs England? It was as if he was silencing all his critics by scoring that goal.

    Even though his critics have been because of his appalling behaviour and distinct lack of class, morality, humility, soul.

  94. I’m not sure there are “certain starters” in 58+ matches in a season, are there? To get more game time on the left AOC would need to replace I assume Podolski and 3Gs. More likely he starts 25% of games on the right, and is on the bench much of the time, lapping up the fringes of games, and sometimes the great chase. Theo will need to rest sometime.

  95. Nasri is young, a little stupid and most likely a big-head too.

  96. It’s way too tranquil. There must be an Arsenal crisis somewhere.

  97. I honestly don’t have the remotest clue what a ‘gagger’ or a ‘raser’ is.

    For me Bendy burnt his bridges as soon as he started slagging off our club – you can’t invite that kind of attitude back into our happy-knit fold. Also he’ll never be satisfied as ‘team player’ and has been involved in numerous off-pitch incidents that hint at a troublesome character.

    I feel Bendy has to be a regular starter wherever he plays – the fall out would be in the papers pretty quickly otherwise.

    He would be behind RVP & Giroud (and possibly Podolski) for the berth in the middle and he hated being played on the right (where Wenger frequently stuck him) and I’d rather see Theo start there anyway.

  98. Spot on Dex.

  99. ZP;

    But AOC, like Gervinho are far better on the left than right. I don’t see either playing right side. AOC will get more game time as he can play in 2 positions (as I mentioned above). I see alot of movement in terms of player rotation, but most on the lefthand side, centrally and in the ‘hole’.

  100. lol aman but if you insist, 16 from left foot, 4 from right among them 2 penalties and 5 from outside the box, courtesy twitter. 🙂

  101. Jonny

    I can see Bendtner being a hit at a club like Sevilla in Spain, or Lazio in Italy. He could be a proper cult here for them, instead of being a proper c*nt for us.

  102. Zimp – if we hold on to our players and have even a fraction more luck with injuries, I feel this season we really will have the depth to rotate much more freely than we have in previous seasons: which is as it should be.

    Agree about AOC on the right.

    In addition to holding onto the obvious key players, I’d a still like a DM plus a GK – then I’d consider this transfer window almost immaculate business.

  103. Billy's Boots

    Get rid of them all, that’s what I say! All our players have had bad games, and therefore, they are useless and should be shipped out. Why, Ramsey even broke his own leg (apparently). Wilshere tried the same thing, but he couldn’t get it right, so he ended up with stress fractures. By the end of the season, he was resorting to injuring his own knees. Van Persie – ha! He didn’t score in more than half of our games last season. Everyone knows that other teams have all the better players – we should get them. Giroud and Podolski, that’s a start. They are our saviours… until they have a bad match; then they are dead-wood (or malingerers, or injury-prone). Get on with it, Wenger and Gazidis!

  104. Yeah those clubs sound about the right level for B52 – he is the only one who thinks he belongs at Barca!

  105. Limestonegunner

    Steww, that was exactly the common error that I said really annoyed me the other day, so reading it in YW’s typically carefully constructed prose was more than a bit jarring to me too!

    Must of just been a momentary lapse–it is so easy to loose concentration every once in a while…

    An otherwise splendid post from YW, it must be said quickly, lest we be utterly pedantic–that’s George’s territory and he didn’t mention it!

  106. Must have just been… 🙂

  107. was just having a larf @ 1:19, steww

    yes, i definitely get excited by good footballers.
    its what attracted me to the Arse in the first place.

    nothing curious about that..

  108. Limestonegunner

    Excellent work from the club to get an early start on signings. It isn’t even July and we have two important additions to our team.

    I think at this point, we’ll have to see some going out before there are any coming in, but who knows what tricks are up the sleeves of IG and AW.

    Like many, I’d be most eager now for retentions and extensions.

    Is the Ox really better on the left? He played there more often because Gervinho was away and out of form, Arshavin went out on loan. His first few games for us were on the right, I thought, and that is where he played for England U21’s too.

  109. Limey;

    They are only my musings on the matter man. I think he is better suited to the left wing or in the hole. He might well be deployed on the right. It would be better for the team if he or someone else was deemed good enough to challenge for that berth anyways.

  110. yes, tell ’em Billy’s Boots,
    I’d further suggest YW stop kidding himself, give in and sell off ACLF to le grove.
    They’d make the perfect parent blog.

  111. I think Oxpot will mostly play on the left – Pod & Gerv will battle for the right.

    Down the line I think he’ll be an option for the middle too.

  112. …and also get rid of that useless Big Al, ban the kung fu meerkat and have GUS do fridays!

  113. Limestonegunner

    Better if good enough to challenge for which berth? The right? I would agree with that because we really only have Walcott playing there typically. Gervinho can do it but I do think he is better on the left and that is where Podolski often plays for the Germans. Rosicky or Ramsey perhaps, but I’ve never been impressed with those central midfielders playing in the front three up to this point. Long term we know the Ox may play centrally, as AW has mentioned this, but next season I’m not sure we will see that very often just yet.

    Btw, I do understand those are just your musings, Dex–just as these are just mine! Posing the question just allows me, at least, to further my thinking and understanding through discussing the point–it isn’t meant to be at all disagreeable, my man. I’m glad to trade views.

  114. Its that time again, for yet another prospective, speculative Arsenal line up;

    Sagna – PerM – TV5 – Gibbs
    Song – Jack
    Theo – Diaby – Pods
    New GK
    Coquelin – Djourou – LoKo – Santos
    Arteta – Ramsey
    AOC – Rosicky – Gervinho

    I think both those 11s look really good, especially that ‘New GK’ chap. The 2nd team has Koscielny and Djourou as a pairing because they have been excellent as a partnership previously and it doesnt mean I think the pairing of TV and PerM is our best line up. I am also aware that both lineups call for some artistic licence; hoping that certain players are fit and that others can perform in a different position.

  115. Limestonegunner

    Jonny, is Theo in your picture? But, really, I differ on you there–Gervinho almost always started on the left and that’s mostly where Podolski has played when not through the middle. What leads you to suggest they will compete to start on the right (which again is where Theo has started all last season as well)?

    But I certainly agree with the view that we’ll see our young phenom continue to get games in several spots–the occasional start in the league, in domestic cups, and off the bench.

  116. Limestonegunner

    Dex, I think Kos starts ahead of either Per or Verm. For me the question is who pairs with him?

  117. who’s the clever boy then?

    zis is vhat happens vhen you opt for incompetence….

    ..”worried he might not start” must suddenly seem less important than worrying he might have opted for the dimmer-witted brand.

    “dude, better inform your agent to go plead with AW and pray someone breaks a leg in asap!”

    (f’shits ‘n’ giggles, steww, fs ‘n’ g)

  118. Giroud – A textbook Arsenal purchase, a striker from the French league at around 12 million. Let’s hope he is more of a success than the last two Chamak and Gerviniho (although the latter obviously needs to adapt to the premiership).
    Hopefully, he is a good back-up striker who will able to cut it in the premiership.
    It worries me that we are constantly looking at the rather mediocre Ligue 1 for our players though, I thought Wenger had an encylopeadic knowledge of world football. Where are the African gems he used to come up with?

  119. Limestonegunner

    I also don’t think Jack is an automatic first choice over Arteta, and I am hesitant to define a role for Diaby either until I learn more about how his rehabbing is going and playing looks during the preseason. Both Jack and Diaby are so far from match fitness due to injury that wouldn’t it be more likely to put the in the second group?

    Perhaps it is too early to pick our opening match starting eleven? Lots of questions still to resolve, I think.

    Either way though, our front attacking group looks deeper than it has in some time.

  120. Dex,
    Or maybe it just takes you a while to get the point? 😉

    Jonny and a few others seemed to get it quicker…

  121. Gervinho played a couple of times on the right as far as I can recall and was pretty ineffectual. He switched over in one game (was it Norqich?) and was much much improved. I think we are more than well covered on the left and centrally, with that slight concern about the right side.


    Thanks mate, I know you werent suggesting any kinda trouble was a brewing there! Just wanted to emphasise I am as clueless as most about player positions and am simply thinking out loud, so to speak!

    We sign a couple of players and I get carried away man.

  122. Dex,
    wheareth art AA…in the 3rd team..the alternates?

    Jenks-Bartley-Miquel- ?
    Campbell some love man.

  123. steww

    Me a crap proof-reader. Must of been sumone else you thunk when typed you commnt

  124. I am happy for the new addition but for some reason I have a bad feeling about the RVP deal, could these two very good signings be a lull before the storm(VP leaving)? I hope my fears are unfounded!

    Aman you have a thing against “pretty” boys? You have brought it up afew times today and I must say from where I am standing it sounds derogatory.

  125. Aw can’t you trade punches instead? 😀

    Primarily I’d like to see the Ox as a regular substitute for Theo and as a starter in the FA Cup games and maybe some of the lesser Premiership games.

    On the left I’d like to have Podolski and Gerv sharing duties – time will tell who makes the spot his own for starting the big fixtures. I think loaning out Ryo makes sense but a large part of me would like to see him in the R&W – playing in the LC games. A tricky balance as a season in the reserves is perhaps too much of a step back.

  126. Limestonegunner

    Gervinho is African and may become quite a gem. Chamakh is Moroccan, and was a gem for half a season, but whose shine has faded from sitting in the jewelry box and might need to be re-set in a different piece. Both came from the French league which combines technique with physicality greater than many other Continental top flights and so is a good stepping stone to the PL. Right now Newcastle is powered by French league recruits. Chelsea similarly picked up several Ligue 1 players. True, right now the Bundesliga is a hot recruiting ground as well, but the player has to be able to deal with the rough and tumble of the PL.

    Who are all the other African gems? Kolo Toure (defender); Vieira was French, though born, I believe, in Senegal. Adebayor, I believe also came from ligue 1, as did Song. I’m forgetting the other African gems, please remind me, as it seems they almost all came from the French league.

  127. Limestonegunner

    Jonny, not with PG in the house! Too dangerous…

  128. Welcome abord Olivier. May you be in the box many a time for a Theo cross.

  129. Limestonegunner

    Jonny, I think Ryo might need a half season loan to get some games. Last year was a bit of a step back with all his injuries and he just got started adapting to the PL with relegated Bolton. Would Swansea take him? That would be exciting.

    I’d love him to stay with us and get some games too, but now the front three spots are looking quite crowded.

  130. BigM

    First off, let me congratulate you on a toned down (for you) post, without half the usual moaning in it.

    However, you fell straight into the well worn doomer trap of belittling players from the french ligue 1, when it has served us and many other clubs so well and currently boasts this summers must have (if you happended to have a spare £32m burning a hole in your sky rocket).

    Who pray tell would you have us sign? Let me guess; Cavanni.

    And isnt the signing of Podolski worth a mention? He isnt french or from Ligue 1.

  131. @YW: “He must of been doing something right…”
    Write out 2,000 times:
    He must have been doing something right.

  132. Henristic

    I answered your non-point last night, in one single swoop. Not my problem you like to drag things out for an eternity.

  133. no Firstlady,

    if you were standing where I’m standing u’d be clear that its strictly humour
    I have absolutely nothing against a good looking man
    why its a term I have gotten used to being called meself…lol

    ..wish i trusted enough to post my mug on here (i know minimal karate)
    can’t even get me old icon watchumacallit back.

  134. Whoops – steww’s already been there.
    Sorry, YW.

  135. LSG;

    Gervinho will hopefully be more settled and play a bigger role next season. But he will also be missing come january, so cover on the left hand side is imperative innit.

    As for my earlier lineups, I purposely put Jack and Diaby in the 1st one and Arteta, Koscielny in the 2nd as I wasnt trying to second guess our strongest line up, just trying to show the potential strength in depth we’d have with players fit and raring to go.

  136. I see the media are trying the old pincer movement on us again. RvP won’t stay unless we sign players, and when we do sign players they must be replacements for RvP. Fucking cunts.

  137. sahil @ 1:45,
    thanks for the stats.
    interesting to see OG alternates feet for penalties.

  138. I think you have it spot on LSG/Dex – Ryo would be ideal to go on loan in the first half of the season (though not necessarily all of it) and then come back before the ACN bites in.

    A good mix of experience and playing time and then provide cover for Lpod (along with AOC).

  139. No aman he has scored 2 goals from penalties, i don’t know which feet he used.

  140. This has probably already been noted too, but it occurred to me that Arsenal now have three predominantly left-footed strikers (RvP plus the 2 signings) although the evidence is that all are capable of scoring with both feet.

  141. Limestonegunner

    Dex, agree completely about Gervinho–as we saw with Kos, and many other players previously, it can take a year to adapt to the PL and players of quality have a terrific sophomore season. Same for Merts, btw, I think he will be even better for us this coming season. Cover is key–also for Song btw, for the same reason. I feel bad for Gervais because the ACN will disrupt next season and bring back some difficult memories–hopefully he can put them to bed and gain confidence for the second half of our season with a good tournament.

    We certainly will have great depth if the injury returnees can come back to form and match fitness. Perhaps a slow start for some of them will give us a fresh set to rotate in and inject some energy in the second half–would indeed be very deep if we have all these players available and keep Theo and RvP.

  142. Jonny

    It will be very interesting to see what happens with Ryo man. Southampton have been linked and that would be a decent loan in my opinion, but I really want to see him playing for us asap too! 🙂

  143. ” I can see Bendtner being a hit at a club like Sevilla in Spain, or Lazio in Italy. He could be a proper cult here for them. ”

    If spending too much time on the beach wearing a yellow Paddy Power Speedo is a culthero then I’d have to agree. 😉

    There are few clubs that could/would pay him his Arsenal wages.
    Good news is that Anzhi Makhachkala is rumoured to be interested in him.

  144. Limestonegunner

    Frank, the way to fix that is to bring in a couple in positions neither RvP nor Theo play–of course that will lead to speculation that Song/Ramsey/Diaby are on the way out or Squillaci/Merts/Vermaelen are departing or Sagna/Gibbs/Santos—so, no way to win with those malcontents!

  145. @ Dexter
    I know I say this every year, but those look like two excellent teams. I hate this time in limbo when you don’t know who’s definitely in the squad. But Kos is number 1 CB for me. And I would swap Jack and Diaby with Arteta and Rosicky, seeing as the first two aren’t fully match fit. At least you haven’t put M’Vila in the squad.

  146. Frank | June 26, 2012 at 2:56 pm

    It’s their job mate. If it upsets you that much then perhaps you shouldn’t read it, or take it seriously.

    It is surely a fact beyond dispute now that we have too many forward / attacking players, incredible thing to say given the paucity of options we had last season but at a quick count there is 10 players going for 3 positions. Some have to leave, some will leave. To the media the obvious one is van Persie as there would be a queue of clubs who may want him.

    Besides a lot of Arsenal supporters assume him to be going, why would the media be different.

    Best is to ignore it all.

  147. Limestonegunner

    Dex, there might be some symmetry to that link–Ox comes to us and Ryo goes there on a short loan. Nice!

  148. Frank

    Yes, I noticed that too. You could also see it with the signing of Per Mertesacker. We were crying out for a freakishly tall CB apparantly, then when we signed one, he was TOO FACKING SLOW according to the geniuseseseses in the medling media.

  149. @ Aman
    Vertonghen sounds very childish from those quotes!

    @ Frank | June 26, 2012 at 2:56 pm
    What do we expect? You just have to laugh, really.

  150. It does not matter if the front 3 are all left footed. Nobody is concerned when all the team are right footed.

  151. I honestly believe that some of these pundits got Mertesacker muddled up with someone else and can’t admit it now because they would lose face.

  152. Limestonegunner

    FG, played in France’s two losses, didn’t he? Perhaps the bubble is bursting there.

  153. @ LG
    Who? You’ve lost me.

  154. Limestonegunner

    Most of them have never watched Germany play through the last decade, it seems. They also don’t seem to have a handle on Podolski’s qualities either.

  155. Steve;

    Not sure you get the point of this blogging lark dude. We moan ALOT about the cunts in the media. Thats what we do! 🙂

    Fungunner; Glad you like the lineups! Also hope you noticed I said the 1st wasnt me attempt at a strongest lineup guesstimate too!


    Again with the wages thing? If Sunderland can afford his wages then why on earth can’t teams in la liga, serie A or the bundesliga? According to the oracle that is Phil ‘Tangoman’ Brown, the german league pays the best wages around, relatively.

  156. Limestonegunner


  157. @ LG
    M’Vila, you mean? The earlier comment was more to do with not putting into the putative side players who are not Arsenal players. I was congratulating Dexter on not succumbing to that temptation.

  158. Limestonegunner

    Tangoman seems a pretty unreliable source though, wouldn’t you say Dex?!

  159. “What’s going on with Fabianksi”

    He’s injured

  160. Limey;

    Loaning Ryo to the Saints would be good for the Yin and Yang, karma of it.

  161. misunderstood u sahil. glad OG’s definitely 2-footed though.

    yes FunG,
    beginning to sprout feelings of glee he’s joining that bunch.

  162. @ LG
    We got there in the end!
    Speaking of idiot pundits, this made me laugh my head off, or ROFL, if you will. Someone posted this on Goonerholic:

    “Phil Brown Radio 5 “why hasn’t Pirlo played in the premiership, is it because he’s homophobic?” meaning – he thought – afraid to leave home.”

    I am awed by the man’s stupidity. Take a bow, Tango Man.

  163. LSG;

    My thoughts exactly mate, I guess he meant in terms of tax paid? Not sure he’d have the first clue TBH. Just wanted to point out that the premier league may not be the only place to earn a decent crust. 🙂

  164. Fuck off, Steve

  165. Dex

    I don’t give two fucks about the media in the same way that I would not give two fucks if somebody wrote something bad about us in the Beano.

    Applies to all written media / BBC / Sky etc. The latter two I don’t even listen to. I don’t actually listen to Arsene Wenger either for that matter.

  166. Limestonegunner

    I got that FG; it was a clear point. I was advancing the point by suggesting it might not even be that likely a link anymore as interest overall to hype him and link him everywhere is cooling. Whether that means anything for Arsenal’s interest, which has been unclear since the beginning of these stories this season, is neither here nor there surely. If he is a good player in AW’s book and the fee/wages are okay, it could happen. But there is certainly no point following the “links” in the media as there are inevitable ups and downs, as you know. France’s Euro failure and his perceived part in it are taking the air out of the inflated reputation.

    The bubble bursting, paradoxically, may make it easier to acquire him. Best time to buy is when the market is down after all!

  167. Reprise

  168. Frank | June 26, 2012 at 3:23 pm

    Esy now. No need for that.

  169. Limestonegunner

    Okay, disregard above, FG!

  170. Well deserved actually. Every need for it.

  171. @ LG
    ok, got you. Finally.

  172. Limestonegunner

    LOL! I am amazed and confused why Phil Brown seems to have become a bit of a regular on 5 live–what a joke!

    It was ridiculous enough to bring on Savage, but what is this supposed to be about? He’s been on pretty frequently during the Euros and some occasions late last season. Low quality analysis and awful radio, BBC.

  173. And now I’m supposed to disregard it? Stop playign with me, LG.

  174. Limestonegunner

    AW is actually a superb pundit–but that would be obvious to anyone.

  175. Limestonegunner

    FG, just posting too slow for the quick turns of your mind and fingers!

  176. Frank | June 26, 2012 at 3:26 pm

    So i suggest you ignore the media and you tell me to fuck off.


  177. Don’t like your tone, young fellow

  178. Its that time again, for yet another prospective, speculative Arsenal line up;

    Sagna – PerM – TV5 – Gibbs
    Song – Jack
    Theo – Diaby – Pods

    Dex, You’ll probably never see that lineup, ever. Szczesny, Song and Podolski are the only 3 durable players on that list. Everyone else on there has missed large stretches of games the last few years. You should substitute Rosicky for Pods and substitute Frimpong for Song and you have a Dream Team; you’ll only see all of them healthy concurrently in your dreams. 😉

    Seriously though. How can you not put Arteta and Kos on the 1st team? they were the glue that kept the team together until Wenger was able to stitcjh it back up in to the force it became. Jack and Diaby who played a total of a few minutes combined last year are first choicers?
    Luckily Arsene knows, better.

  179. Limestonegunner

    FG, on another topic: If we did no other business other than to send some of our loanees away on permanent deals and announced RvP and Theo were staying next year (lets put aside the contracts, but we knew they were playing for Arsenal next season), what would you say about the state/balance of the squad?

    I think we would look quite good. I also don’t think we have to have a new reserve keeper if Fabianski recovers and is willing to stay–I think he is a fine keeper.

  180. ..enter, “Philmar”

  181. Limestonegunner

    On the .com to partake in the happy news and to welcom Giroud, inspired me while there. Just renewed red membership and junior gunnership for Limestonegunnerinho–groovy times and like Arsenal doing my business early in the summer! Making sure to have a full pre-season preparation.

  182. agree with your 3:33 Limestone..

    but, i’d rephrase ever so slightly:

    “If we did no other business other than to send some of our loanees, except Arshavin, on permanent deals…

  183. @ LG

    I would be fine with that. It’s always possible to strengthen a squad, as even Man City are trying to get their dirty mitts on our lovely Robin, but although we have a couple of “thin” areas, we don’t have “weak” areas. We’re a bit “thin” in the TR position – there are potential backups but they are recovering from injury/inexperienced, or both. Fabianski is not an ideal backup, because he is not temperamentally suited to it (and quite frankly it’s a bit unfair on him, he’s too good), but he’s fantastic competition for Chesney. Arteta and Song can be backed up by Coquelin until Wilshere and Diaby get up to speed.

    Another important factor is that we’ve got such great variation of physical build and styles in the squad now – and almost every single one of them is a really good technical footballer, at least compared to other players in their position. Injuries will of course have their effect and stuff up our plans, but yeah, I’m quite relaxed.

  184. There you go, Podolski and Giroud in the bag, hopefully i won’t have to see ‘Rvp’ and ‘ambition’ in the same sentence.
    Speaking of Rvp, at least now if him or Walcott refuse to sign new contracts we will know why, £££££££££!

    Aman, you mentioned that you feel bad for Chamakh, me too man. Its so unfair that he has to sit around and earn huge sums of money you know, o and smoke the occasional shisha pipe, terrible.

    AA, that was funny yesterday man, *whisper this* i also admire you and Zp’s style of writing.

    Dexter, you’re begining to see the light gee, Wilshere and Gibbs in the First 11 is the way forward. But Diaby? Errr, good one.

  185. corr:
    ““If we did no other business other than to send some of our loanees, minus Arshavin, on permanent deals…

  186. pedantic george

    Stop squealing about the press Frank

  187. Nope, I think I said media, George, sir. Pay attention.

  188. ” I see the media are trying the old pincer movement on us again. RvP won’t stay unless we sign players, and when we do sign players they must be replacements for RvP. Fucking cunts.”

    Actually I see it as the media doing what they usually do: Speculating on player movements. Until RvP signs on the dotted line the media will continue to speculate that he could be moving on. History shows the team sells off at least one sometimes two of it’s established stars the past few summers (Henry, Adebayor & Toure, Fabregas & Nasri & Clichy).
    History sometimes is a guide of what the future holds and speculation sells papers. They’re just doing their job, not engaged in any conspiratorial 2 pronged nefarious plot.

  189. Definitely is a plot. They almost all have the intention of making every Arsenal supporter as miserable as possible. It is unthinkable that they have simply fallen upon that objective. And you may say that they are just jumping on the bandwagon. And I will say to you that the bandwagon is not a benign thing, but a subversive device. We will be neither bowed or cowed by this though. We will simply call them ‘fucking cunts’ with impeccable timing when each opportunity arises. Today is just such an opportunity. Fucking cunts.

  190. I mentioned it in the actual post and twice after yet philmar STILL was unable to decern that my 2 lineups were not team A and Team B, but 2 lineups. No hierachy, nothing, zilch nada.

    The less said about the snide remarks about the players, the better.

  191. LSG – it would still represent the most confident I have felt about going into the season in a long time but I would feel MUCH happier if we signed a DM also.

    If Song can find a better balance defensively it would be less of a necessity but, on the evidence of last season, I am unconvinced he wishes to limit his role in this manner.

    Furthermore I am not yet convinced that Coquelin is the answer as a DM (I like him as a squad player but he is certainly no ‘out and out’ DM) and I worry that Frimpong is not yet ready – especially after 2 consecutive seasons with knee injuries.

    If Song was to suffer a poor injury that could significantly disrupt/damage our season all for the want of an experienced alternative. Furthermore having a disciplined traditional DM would free up Song and allow him to further blossom into a more rounded midfielder, which perhaps better plays to his strengths.

  192. Jonny

    Oh contraire mon frere. Francis most definitely IS an out and out DM. A potentially excellent one at that, IMO. He is also more than capable of playing RB as he did in the yutes.

    I would go as far as to say he is a typically tenacious, all action DM a la Makelelelelele, but with a bit more technique.

    However, I do agree that he isnt quite ready, although pre-season will be a far better place for him to be judged.

  193. Dex, LSG

    i am still amused by all the Gervinho talk.

    utterly convinced that he will score goals and create goals, plenty this coming season.

  194. And another thing…

    Frimpong’s injuries have seriously curailed his development. Its so sad man. I think he would be a main stay in the side if it wasnt for them blooming injuries. And he’d be as hyped as Jack to boot.

  195. one more midfielder and i think we are complete. right now, we have ramsey, arteta, song, coquelin. frimpong, diaby and jack coming back from injuries- i would be patient with them. and rosicky’s record isn’t that good as well. so we might be a lil short in that area.

  196. I bet Olivier is a skier par excellence being a Savoyard and all.

  197. i thought frimpong was a monster in that home game against liverpool until he got sent off.

  198. Have to give it up now though if he hasn’t already. Professional footballers do not ski.

  199. Big thigh muscles I should think

  200. Well said Frank.

    Now, who asked for players capable of scoring at least 10 goals a season? Well enjoy.

    Player Matches Goals Assists

    Rvp 48 37 11

    Walcott 46 11 12

    Podolski 38 18 6

    Giroud 45 25 9

    Obviously Rvp is da cream de la créme there so i hope he signs the fuckin piece.of.paper, but thats by the way. A total of 89 goals were scored between them last season with 38 goals assisted, also all four players bring a different variety to the team i.e Speed, Technique, Playmaking skills, Aerial ability, Power and most importantly beauty….ful goals. But seriously, are we starting some sort of modelling agency at the club? wtf.

  201. Like i said yesterday Dexter, the guy’s looking for fights.

  202. the drivel being spewed out about Ramsey is annoying. he has bags of potential and at least he was one of our few players last season who stepped in most of the time to play – even out of position. this anti arsenal brigade have too much access to the media. LEAVE RAMSEY ALONE and lets ee him deliver on his potential.

  203. Hmm – maybe he can grow into such a player but from what I have seen thus far – I see le Coq as versatile, utility player – time will tell.

    I watched quite a few of Wolves’ games and Frimpong was starting to look very commanding prior to the injury.

  204. Nice infogrimps…intograbs…pictures on this site which illustrate just how RvP and OG complement each other….

  205. Dexter | June 26, 2012 at 2:47 pm
    “I answered your non-point last night, in one single swoop. Not my problem you like to drag things out for an eternity.”

    Did you now? So you’re not slow after all? I’ll let George be the judge of that 🙂

    In any case, it takes more than 1 to tango. I’ve only being responding to comments aimed at me (surely it’ll be rude not to?), rather than intentionally dragging anything out. I suppose the long gaps between my posts make it worse.

  206. “Again with the wages thing? If Sunderland can afford his wages then why on earth can’t teams in la liga, serie A or the bundesliga? ”

    Economics, my dear Watson, economics. EPL TV revenue is much much greater and shared equitably. The EPL pays higher salaries than other leagues.Google “Deloitte Annual Review of Football Finance”
    Arsenal has the 5th highest wage bill yet it’s highest wage is relatively low (which precipitates the departure of the likes of Adebayor annd Nasri). So the mid’-level players like Rosicky, Bendtner and Arshavin must be paid a lot.
    A good analysis and Yogi-approved source is:

    Not too sure that that Arsenal didn’t subsidize Sunderlannd just a Shitty subsidised the Spuds with Adebayor – but hat’s pure speculation on my part.

  207. Trouble is Oliviers infogroin reminded me of Kevin Davies, which is a horrible thought to get into your head. Bit like having sex with your grandma…oh fucking hell no.

    Anyway he is much taller than him and has more hair and is more handsome and he can ski.

  208. A good tip for any lotharios out there who want their partners… well.. you know. Think of Kevin Davies…that should do the trick.

  209. like sex with your gradma? I disagree. He doesn’t remind me at all of Rooney.

  210. Speaking of whom did you see the fat bloke fall over in the box again the other day? Looked like he couldn’t get his trousers on. Over he went, legs in the air.

  211. Since the club looks to be in such a player signing mood, I would ideally like another creative midfielder, to backup Rosicky and in case neither of Ramsey/Wilshere are able to make the step up yet.

    Of course it could be that Arsene is banking on Song continuing his creative form, in which case, I’d like to see a more defensive minded midfielder as insurance for the DM/Arteta position. I dont think Ramsey is well suited to that role (given his lesser ball keeping abilities), and Coquelin, Frimpong are both untested.

    I certainly would also like to see an older (as in experienced/reliable) backup GK.

  212. pedantic george

    “So the mid’-level players like Rosicky, Bendtner and Arshavin”

    That you class Bendtner the same as Rosicky and Arshavin ,then suggest that those two are “mid level” tells me what a stupid prick you are.
    No offence ,of course.

  213. pedantic george

    If RVP stays Henristic,the need for a creative MF will be redundant.
    He will make them ,score them ,pre assist them ,and put up the posts as well most likely.

  214. Limestonegunner

    Aman, but of course–I am on record with you and PG in hoping AA comes back and gets a chance to show his quality, perhaps more centrally since, as FG has echoed my remarks, we are somewhat thin behind TR in creative attacking midfielders who are ready to orchestrate our attack in the PL and CL level of play.

    FG, thoughtful considerations and I think an interesting point about variety in physical types–one overrepresentation seems to be left footed attackers, but not if you count Rosicky and Ramsey along with Theo and the Ox.

  215. HenryNorrisDialSquare

    Giroud is a good signing and I’m looking forward to this alleged front 3 of RVP, Giroud and Poldolski. Makes you wonder what the midfield will be if we did have them as the front three? Could employ 3-4-3 with 3 centre halves in Koscielny, Vermaelen and Mertesacker!? A midfield of Arteta, Wilshere, Song (or M’Vila fingers crossed!) and any of the following (Rosicky, Walcott, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Frimpong, Gervinho, Coquelin) and hope the likes of Gibbs, Miyaichi, Joel Campbell, Jenkinson and Ignasi Miquel can kick on for a regular first team place. I’m actually excited about the up and coming season!

  216. Philmar;

    The likes of Roma, Sevilla, Stuttgard have a higher wage bill than Sunderland. Leverkusen have a comparable one. If Sunderland can afford NB’s wages, so can they and other clubs in their leagues.

  217. Frank,
    be careful with the word “handsome”.
    it could be misconstrued as “pretty”

  218. Limestonegunner

    Kori, I think the question is what sort of midfielder–attacking creative, defensive minded or all around box to box? I know the way we play doesn’t allow for precise and definitive categorizations like that, but I think you know what I mean–what functions in the team do you think the right midfielder would enhance especially?

  219. So effectively your 4:43 pm post is a load of bollocks.

  220. Bendtner will get his move. He’s a bloody bargain.

  221. Did Giroud sign?

  222. PG,
    Maybe Song more than RvP? I was just thinking, what are the odds of Song matching or bettering his assists record next season? Anyone willing to bet on that? Its simply amazing that he got more assists than Theo and even Rosicky.
    Is it a fluke? From 2 assists to 11 in the PL is a huge jump by any standards. But there is theoretically no reason why he shouldn’t keep it up, especially if he’s still got RVP and Theo to feed the ball to.

  223. Really it depends on how much the club are prepared to let Bendtner go for, in terms of transfer fee. Any buying club is likely to want a reduced fee against his wage cost.

    Arsenal may have to accept that, in order to remove him from the books permanently, they will have to take an overall loss on the player. Perhaps they can work in a significant percentage of any resale but one suspects that all things considered – this is not an easy transfer.

  224. That you class Bendtner the same as Rosicky and Arshavin ,then suggest that those two are “mid level” tells me what a stupid prick you are.
    No offence ,of course.

    A few years ago when the contracts were signed Bendtner was supposed to be the starting striker just like Rosicky and Arshavin were to be starters. The top level players were Nasri, Cesc, Robin. It’s arbitrary I guess to rank them anyhow, and stating so hardly is worthy of the derision that a 8 year old blurts out when in disagreement.
    Am I offended by your language? Nah, coming from someone like you I’d say that only being called a stupid prick looks like a clumbsy advance. Sorry George, I’m taken 😉

  225. If Bendtner goes anywhere it’ll be for first team football guraunteed. And for a player who I believe is easily capable of 20+ goals a season (he got double figures for us playing infrequently and frequently out of position) I don’t beleive his (reported) wages would be inflated at all if he is playing regularly.

    I’d be very surprised if we didn’t get at least 8 million for him.

  226. Limestonegunner

    It’s interesting that we have lots of midfielders but no one you could count on to do what Rosicky does at AM or Song does defensively as DM, though his assists show he isn’t pegged in one midfield role. Possibly, potentially but not with surety because of lack of experience or due to current injury concerns. Even TR was available for action only a bit over half the season.

    We have many more who have played like Arteta does–holding possession, linking, and sometimes coming forward–a box to box player alongside Song. But even here, does anyone do it better or more reliably? JW coming back from injury, Ramsey less experienced than Arteta and likes to go forward more, Diaby isn’t as disciplined defensively and has had inconsistent play due to persistent or recurring injuries, Coquelin is wonderfully energetic but more a defensive player but very inexperienced right now.

    Our midfield is a complex and multifarious thing–lots of questions about how it would work, but my starters are TR with Song and Arteta behind in our opening match.

  227. Limestonegunner

    I’d take 6 with 20 percent of the sell on fee/signing bonus. Thank you very much! Surely there is a Bundesliga team impressed with his very good record for Denmark.

  228. Notoverthehill

    Philmar, you are a fool, Sir.

    That article is so full of miscalculations and misunderstandings of Standard Accounting Principles, plus blaming the AST for any errors!

    That person is NOT an Accountant, therefore no credibility.

  229. i dont think anyone with half a brain cell will think jacks going to turn us into spain all of a sudden..

    we still wont win fuck all, but what it will do is allow us to be more flexible than a long ball 442..

    we would probably still have lost to italy even if jack was in the squad, but the way i see it is that those stats, that make england look technically shit after every game, will improve by about 10%

    england do need jack, if they want to look better, even in defeat..

    but wales rely on rambo just the same..
    wales arent expected to win anything either, but having rambo makes them a better team too.

  230. Frank at 2:56 pm
    Not just media my friend. Our beloved AA blogs wanted early signings. They get two, now they want another midfielder and defender. What is the club going to do with all these new players plus the up and comers. Don’t tell me a team which finish 3rd as all deadwood.

  231. bonjour mr jiroo..
    welcome to arsenal..

  232. what if benny was the midfielder, shotta?

  233. ” The likes of Roma, Sevilla, Stuttgard have a higher wage bill than Sunderland. Leverkusen have a comparable one. ”

    Sahil, Are there teams that can afford him? Yes, but the few that can already have strikers that I rate better than him. The ones that would consider him an upgrade can’t afford him or see him as too risky.
    Sunderland only had to pay his wages. They only had the risk of his wages for one year. They didn’t also have to pay a transfer fee on top of that. They didn’t have to assume the risk of a long term guaranteed contract for him. So it is easy to find lower risk one year loan takers for Nicklas. It will be more difficult to find long-term transfer takers for him as they’d have to assume the risk of a longer term guaranteed contract as well as pay (hopefully) a transfer fee. Are there teams beating a path to our door to offer a multi million pound bid and guaranteed longterm contract for a player who has off field problems: missing team bus last year, history of crashing his Aston Martin, police arrests with Clattermole and onfield assaults by his own teammates?

    I just think it will be difficult to move him for a decent transfer fee. I’ll pray the Russian team takes him.

  234. 8 million for him Markus? I’d consider than good business.

  235. LG,
    Funny asking but I really wonder, is Rosicky really an AM (ie a provider of assists)? Or is he like Hleb, the assister’s assister. Or perhaps more like a box-to-box midfielder ala Diaby (they both have this ability to turn and burst through players). Maybe a bit of both? Its clear he’s no assist machine like Cesc.

    I will say that his game is very easy on the eyes. the quick passing, running with the ball, and slide tackling is a joy to behold.

  236. Notoverthehiil, If I am a fool for linking to a blog that Yogi W lists as one of the ones that he reads then so be it. I am in good company.

  237. and swap you defender for a goalkeeper if the worst comes and i think 4 players minimum this summer sounds about right maybe,

    i think we could have upto as much as 12 players leave..weve already seen contracts expire with 7 (i think) and theres a good few available for transfer..

    i agree though with the general point that people who demanded strikers should shut up now… same goes for the ppl who wanted early signings because weve got 2 and these lads are not shit, so onwards and upwards..

  238. Philmar | June 26, 2012 at 4:43 pm

    “Again with the wages thing? If Sunderland can afford his wages then why on earth can’t teams in la liga, serie A or the bundesliga? ”

    Economics, my dear Watson, economics. EPL TV revenue is much much greater and shared equitably. The EPL pays higher salaries than other leagues.Google “Deloitte Annual Review of Football Finance”
    Arsenal has the 5th highest wage bill yet it’s highest wage is relatively low (which precipitates the departure of the likes of Adebayor annd Nasri). So the mid’-level players like Rosicky, Bendtner and Arshavin must be paid a lot.
    A good analysis and Yogi-approved source is:

    Not too sure that that Arsenal didn’t subsidize Sunderlannd just a Shitty subsidised the Spuds with Adebayor – but hat’s pure speculation on my part.

    Philmar | June 26, 2012 at 6:14 pm

    Sahil, Are there teams that can afford him? Yes,

    Is it just me or does something not add up in those two posts?

  239. In some ways Rosicky is the opposite of Theo. Relatively consistent performer (over the course of a few games), high technical ability, glides past players with ease, but not very productive in terms of goals/assists.
    Theo, on the other hand, may find it hard to get past his marker, may clumsily get the ball tangled up in his legs, but is liable to get back up again and smash an accurate shot past Cech.
    Its a good mix of talents we have.

  240. pinky grabbed two against portugal..that was long enough in the shop window i reckon..

    i would imagine a decent return..

  241. “Is it just me or does something not add up in those two posts?”

    Not when you take one of them out of it’s context, no.

  242. Whilst there are those who would seemingly be quite content if our transfer activity was done with the addition of a GK, surely everyone would be happier still with the addition of a midfielder? I don’t know why it should be considered sacrilege to express the desire for greater depth, experience and quality.

    What does annoy me is that if we do get our business successfully done this season, buy a DM & GK in good order and then we have success next season the AAA brigade will use this as evidence to bolster their argument. They will feel they were right all along. Mark my words!

  243. Limestonegunner

    Henristic, I think he is an AM but can play box to box or, less effectively, in the front three. He’s versatile, but if you say he isn’t the AM, then we really don’t have a proven one. I would say he can orchestrate our attack in an efficient and quick way that keeps possession in the final third and sets up the plays that lead to shots even if he isn’t always the final provider. Part of this is because our front forward play has become more pacey–Theo gets assists as does Gervinho and the Ox, and Song has done so principally through excellent long balls over the top or diagonally into the box.

    So TR isn’t like Cesc in those statistics–goals and assists–but he can run the attack as the forward AM of midfield. Ramsey wasn’t as quick about distributing it but I think will progress in this position and as a box to box player if he can work more on the discipline of his defending.

    Do you think we need an AM? Some, PG, suggest RvP can drop back or Arshavin can play there. I think that’s possible too with a slight adjustment to a 4231 with Song and Arteta behind RvP or Arshavin. Or do you think we need another more defensively minded midfielder more?

    I feel good about the front three and pretty happy with our back line, so it seems to me midfield is the area for the most interesting thought now.

  244. Another great post yogi.

    Myself I would not be against a loan spell for Aaron. I for one thought he was going to be a more effective player then jack because he had more of an eye for goal. As you have pointed out many times we need more variety in our goal scoring and I thought Aaron would easily be a double figures goal scorer playing every game. Some of the goals he scored and the power in his left foot before the injury suggested great things to come. Unfortunately last season didn’t work out. The team was not as effective with him as the most advanced midfielder. He has a great engine and works hard but when the boss outbids fergie and spends a relatively large sum for a young player you expect goals and assists. I had hoped for the next frank lampard or Stevie G and I think that Aaron could still be that sort of player. A season of playing every day for a team like fulham gives him a better chance to develop those skills. Either way we will have a better idea of what sort of player we have after another year and I think a loan spell gives Aaron the best chance to find his game and reach his very high ceiling. In my fantasy manager mode I would love to see fabianski, bendtner, squillaci moving permanently and Bartley, frimpong and Aaron on loan to fulham with Dempsey and schwarzer transferred to us.

    Really happy about Giroud and very glad to see us do this much business early in the window. A DM and backup GK and keeping our current players would make a great summer

  245. “pinky grabbed two against portugal..that was long enough in the shop window i reckon..”

    I hope you are right and that teams look only at those 90 mins against Portugal and ignore his off field problems: missing team bus last year, history of crashing his Aston Martin, police arrest with Clattermole and inability to endear himself in the hearts of teammates in a team sport precipitating in an onfield assault by his own teammates before outlaying a contract for several millions of pounds.
    Due dilligence anyone?

  246. jonny
    good point..
    but to be honest..if we smash it next season i couldnt give a fuck what anyones arguement was..

    and yes, mvilla would be nice.. 🙂

  247. Billy's Boots

    Forgot to mention: good post, YW. Bananas!

    The fact that both AW and Sir Alex were after Ramsey tells me all I need to know about what kind of prospect he was. I have a lot of optimism that he will eventually surpass the level he was at before the leg-break. Isn’t that the criticism directed at him: that his surpassing is too slow?

    I wonder what will happen if, as some are suggesting, the England side is built around Lil Jack Wilshere, with AOC, Theo and Kieran Gibbs also in the team/squad. Will Arsenal reap any of the ‘favouritism’ from which United are perceived to benefit?

  248. What was the point of your 4:43 pm post?

  249. philmar. you said the same thing at 6.44 as what you did at 6.something.
    i know my name is jonjon but that doesnt mean i have to be told everything twice over as well.

    yup hes a bit of a tosser..

    but from a footballing veiw hes scored goals at CL level, international cup level and his goals to starts made ratio is decent enough for us..

    i’ll be honest..i’ll be suprised if all you say what makes him a tit stops anyone from buying him.

    theres managers that build their entire teams with tossers and tits so i dont think pinkys gonna struggle to find a new home..

    7.5mil would possibly be a good deal..

  250. Limestonegunner

    I think Ramsey got too many games too early on last season. I don’t think he needs a loan; rather I think he needs to play 30-35 games in all competitions, including sub appearances next season and practice hard on his shooting. He started 35 times with 9 subs appearances, very heavily in the start of the season. A consistent start in CC, FA cups and every two or three PL and CL games is about right. If you look at his previous pattern he jumped from 12 starts and 17 subs the season of his injury to 35/9 on his return. Just too much to expect him to handle coming back from injury–but we needed him. Remember, he is still going to start every game for Wales, friendlies and qualifiers. That’s plenty.

    I will hope JW also gets something like 25-30 games this season as he is brought back to fitness slowly and carefully. Likewise, England are going to play him every match they can.

    We always have big matches clustered before and after our CL fixtures, so there are plenty of big games in which a bit of midfield rotation and front 3 rotation wouldn’t be a terrible thing.

  251. Sorry, sorry, jon. Can I blame my version of Lotus Notes not playing well with WordPress?

  252. Billy's Boots


    Out: Emmanuel Adebayor, Emmanuel Eboué and Manuel Almunia
    In: Olivier Giroud (new signing) and Johann Djourou (renewed contract)

    My sources are telling me that all Arsenal scouts are on the lookout for a fat, short, grumpy, balding zionist with a penchant for older women and the occasional spectacular goal. We already have the Jewish Iniesta. Apparently we are after a Jew Roo!

  253. Limestonegunner

    BB, we probably will, especially if JW inherits the captaincy by the time Euro 2016 rolls around. If we could have one more English player, so that there were 5 in the squad with two or three in the starting eleven, I think some of that favouritism will come our way. Particularly once Fergie retires, hopefully after next year.

  254. “Theres managers that build their entire teams with tossers and tits”

    Good point. But I don’t think Spurs and manure want him 😉

    It’d be fun to see him on the same tits and tosser team with Al Hadji Douf, Bowyer, Suarez, Rooney and Barton. It would be like watching Viz comics’ Biffa Bacon Football Club.

  255. Billy's Boots

    Good point, LSG, about Fergie. In my mind, I picture him going on forever (not in the J*bba sense).

  256. Biffa Bacon Football Club (mis)managed by Roy Keane of course.

  257. Billy's Boots

    Ironically, Arsenal may be England’s best hope of fielding a few players who can actually pass the ball!

  258. Paulie Walnuts

    I agree with Jon Jon about Nicky B,

    The game`s full of tossers & tits plus a load more nobs & twats. Joey Barton`s all of these & he still finds a club.

    Now then Giroud. For starters were going to have to sell Big Johan as the commentators won`t have a chance there, but what I`d really like to know is how quick is he ?

    I know he`s a big bloke who is good in the air & can hold the ball up but will he be able to get on the end of through balls – something Chamakh for instance couldn`t really do. I realise I`m describing the almost perfect striker but pace is a must for us.

  259. many people have suggested that AW will be the one that improves the culture of the england squad..

    you simply have to be able to hang on to the ball..
    cant defend against 30 shots game after game..
    its why i was dissapointed v italy, i fully understood why roy was being cautious in the groups but we did well and we finished top and we had nothing to lose..
    i expected us to go for it in the knockouts and i was dissapointed we didnt..

    i realise we dont have the players but we had the options to play more attacking than we did and we sat back and defended our fucking island..
    it only works if someone jumps in to help but when your on your own you need to start swinging back..

    wengers developed the players to do so..its upto the manager to start picking them..
    as for the other clubs, they should be ashamed of themselves that they sold their acadmies down the river in order to spunk millions into the foreign market and theres fuck all talent coming through at any of the top clubs anymore..

  260. mattgoonerknight


    What does AAA stand for? I agree with your comments BTW (shock horror).

    For the record, I love a bit of football voyeurism if it involves others that could potentially be ours; after all, very few of our players (more than most, but still relatively few) rise through the youth ranks, so what’s wrong with eyeing up the talent?

    Very happy with the summer thus far.

  261. Limestonegunner

    BB, no irony; it’s the master plan! Hatched by AW after watching the favouritism. It will be his second big legacy to English football.

  262. I agree with Limestone @ 6:59pm.

    Jack & Diaby’s absence, TR’s slow boil and AA’s retreat to LW-indifference forced AW to overplay Rambo last season.
    In the end it was too much for his young, healing body.

    Similar experience with our skipper but @ 28 he handled the pressure and gave everyone a standard to emulate.

    With that experience I expect a better Ramsey next season.
    Ditto everybody else.

  263. mattgoonerknight

    Billy’s Boots

    I don’t think it’s unrealistic for us to anticipate four or more Arsenal players regularly playing for England over the forthcoming years; I’d be surprised if at least three were not nailed on starters: (potential) happy days!


    Is this picture on the Huffington Post real? The guy behind the goal with his underwear around his knees obviously didn’t try hard enough (excuse the pun)

  265. mattgoonerknight

    Just to clarify, I don’t give a monkey’s how many English players we have in our squad, but I would love it if the national team was full of gooners!!

  266. Limestonegunner

    Any good youtube compilations for Giroud? Time to savour what the new kid can bring, besides looking very good in Arsenal shirts and warm up jackets.

    I have to say the new warm up jacket looks pretty good, almost as good as last year’s–the bit of blue is tolerable as it isn’t at the top of the collar, unlike with the jersey. Sorry, obsidian (tm, Nike).

  267. Limestone.

    Aaron got the run of games we always talk about that players need to gain top form but he was not able to grab hold and make the spot on the first 11 his own. I still think he will be a top player but it may take a few more years then we had hoped to reach his ceiling. The injury certaminly interrupted his development but nothing can be done about that Wouldn’t you rather send him on loan to develop his skills more quickly and reach that ceiling sooner rather then have him develop in starts and stops going thru the struggles of inconsistent playing time and inconsistent performances that typify young players like him. We need to get 19 points better to compete with the Manc clubs and how much time will Aaron get to play if he doesn’t find top form quickly next season and how can he find top form if he doesn’t play regularly?

  268. Notoverthehill

    Yogi, I have been far too harsh on Kieran O’Connor and must apologize to this worthy “gooner”.

    As a guide and basis to my VHO, I would direct you to an article by this supporter dated Friday, May 7th, 2010. In particular, a calculation on PAYE and NIC on a weekly salary of £60,000 a week.

  269. ” The game`s full of tossers & tits plus a load more nobs & twats. Joey Barton`s all of these & he still finds a club. ”

    Albeit for a paltry 4.9 million pound transfer fee to Newcastle and on a free to QPR. Tits and tossers don’t garner transfer fees comesmurate with their talent.

  270. sahil; Thanks man, you were right about philmar. His posts start off stating his opinion as fact, then he simply changes it and hopes we wont be able to figure out what he has done!

    The Bendtner wages thing is a red herring. Its a pointless topic, which only leaves me surprised Henristic wasn’t the one who brought it up.

  271. mdgunner

    Good job that guy was not reading this morning’s comments, what with, “touches inside the box” and “a girl across the desk”

  272. Limestonegunner

    Bill, yes he did get a run of games and he did do quite well in the early part of the season before hitting a wall physically and mentally; he was carrying a massive burden for the team. He played well especially in our CL games–scored in Marseille away, held his own v. Dortmund. I think it was too much responsibility and he played too far forward. Initially, I believe Arteta was to orchestrate our attack, but he ended up sitting deeper. So I don’t think AR actually played in the deeper position he would normally have started. Just like JW played deep for a season, you would figure that it is much harder even for a very talented player to assume the creative burden of our forward midfielder.

    We are talking as if he failed in his job. He didn’t. He held the fort under extreme pressure when no one else was ready to play where Cesc/Nasri was to play and after JW went out with his injury. He wasn’t ready perhaps to play the hardest position on the team twice a week for three months with the team in turmoil. I can only think of one player who has been that good for us that young and managed to avoid injury or form problems–Cesc Fabregas. We can’t judge all our young midfielders by that standard.

    A loan now would be a big setback for him. So he would get to play, perhaps, fairly regularly, but he doesn’t need 40 games playing with less technical players. He needs, imo, to hone his skills and refine his game through 30-35 total starts and subs without the pressure of having to lead our attack virtually alone.

    Ryo, Frimpong–they seem like perfect candidates for a loan. I even thought the Ox could benefit from a half season out. So I am not opposed to this as a principle at all. But I don’t think that’s the case for Ramsey. He needs a season with us. After next season, Arteta will be a good candidate for fewer games and Ramsey needs to be ready for that. Diaby and Jack are just returning from injuries and Rosicky hasn’t played at the top of his game for a full season in a while. I don’t see why we should send one of our box to box and creative attacking players out on loan unless there is a big signing on the way or a major change in formation that will allow RvP or Arshavin to play in a central creative role. I can’t think of who would be the AM to start and compete with Rosicky whom we could bring in.

    That’s how I see it.

  273. twats and tossers, lets see;

    Cashley Cole, John terry, Drogba, Rooney, Gerrard, Suarez, Carroll, Bentley, pennant. Plus numerous players here and abroad.

  274. Limestonegunner

    I agree, Bill, that we need to make up the gap on the Mancs. But we have signed Podolski and Giroud which will help. Gervinho should be more settled, though the ACN is inconvenient. The Ox will contribute more and JW should be available for this season.

    We aren’t quite done in the transfer market either. A veteran GK to back up and push WC should help. Perhaps we will get an AM–I’m not opposed, but I think we might get a DM which would free up Song or allow RvP/Arsh/Podolski to play behind the striker.

    We don’t have the full picture yet on the personnel and tactics for Arsenal yet, so I am going on the current situation. As the squad stands now, I see games for Ramsey and think we will need his contribution to make up the gap on the Mancs.

  275. Jonny

    I agree with you man. The new signings are fantastic and kudos to the club for getting on with the neccesary. And again, there’s nothing wrong in getting hyped about more signings, espeically when the manager himself has been in for one of thos very same players (no names!). It’s oart of the fun during close season for me. I mean, there’s only so many different lineups I can come up with! 🙂

  276. MGK;

    Man, I would love Arsenal to be responsible for half the England team! Just as I would love our 1st 11 to be made up of youth teamers; Miquel, Djourou, Szczesny, Jack, Gibbs, Coquelin Afobe etc.

  277. In all the Ramsey talk, I see little or no reference to the major personal loss he would have experienced over the death of Gary Speed. To then have that compounded by abuse on his Twitter page from inhumane morons could not have helped his frame of mind.

  278. “Good job that guy was not reading this morning’s comments, what with, “touches inside the box” and “a girl across the desk”
    Yes Dups, he could have tapped Hart on the shoulder to dive in the right direction.

  279. pedantic george

    Passenal.Not sure about how much the loss of Gary Speed would have affected him.
    He was neither a family member nor a close personal friend.I have no doubt he felt a loss ,but I don’t think it is likely to have been a form effecting trauma.

  280. Limestone.

    I hope you c are right. I see Aaron as a very high ceiling player who still has a way to go to reach his ceiling. When arsene took him away from I think the plan was for him to be a regular first teamer, best at his position in the league player (similar expectations to the Ox.) Th.e sooner he reaches that ceiling the better for the team. I think playing every day even for fulham is a faster way to develop a player then playing occasionally for us. I think jack and arteta and song if we get m’villa will take nearly all the time in his best position next season.

  281. Limestonegunner

    Maybe, Passenal. It did coincide somewhat with the period when Rosicky displaced him as starting AM, didn’t it?

    The main point remains, for me, that he did a very good job for the team and shouldn’t be sent off on loan to get games, as he should get plenty with Arsenal, even if he isn’t the first choice AM.

  282. ” The Bendtner wages thing is a red herring. Its a pointless topic, which only leaves me surprised Henristic wasn’t the one who brought it up. ”

    How wrong you are. Actually a player’s wages is always an important factor when transfers are being arranged. In fact, they often are the impetus for the transfer (eh Cashley?). It makes no sense to suggest his salary is pointless in a Bendtner transfer. Notice how I don’t try to punctuate my point my hurling churlish childish insults – that’s how adults exchange opinions.

    I agree with your list of tits and tossers except for Drogba. What has he done above and beyond destroying Senderos?

  283. pedantic george

    Drogba. What has he done above and beyond destroying Senderos?

    Err, let me think.Oh yes now I have it…….He is a driving cheating bastard.

  284. Limestonegunner

    I can see your point, Bill. But don’t you think it would be demoralizing for AR to be sent out on loan? Sure, sitting on the bench can also be, but he knows he has a chance to start depending on his work. One problem we have had is players being injured and overplayed–what’s wrong with a bit of depth in midfield that allows some rotation to keep the players fresh?

    We play 38 league matches, are guaranteed 6 CL matches (but typically play at least 8 because we make it out of the group regularly), generally play 3 or more league cup matches, and 2 to 3 FA cup matches with the possibility of replays. The minimum is 46 matches in our 4 competitions but the realistic average is 50 to 55. Then add in 10 qualifying and friendly matches for the national team in question and you have 60-65 matches. Ramsey, by my estimates of 30-35 appearances for Arsenal would be averaging a game a week with his Wales matches over the course of the season.

    That’s plenty of football at a high level plus training with our squad. I think he’ll reach his ceiling naturally and contribute to a successful Arsenal season. I think we will need him for a good number of our 50-55 matches next season.

  285. Limestonegunner

    Besides, is there a guarantee he’ll play every match at another PL club? It’s easy to fall out of favour or style of play too. And don’t we want our players to continue to have experience in the CL?

    We’ll have to see. I would be sad to see Ramsey out on loan, but of course delighted if he prospered and lit up the league in the fall, ready to return to us in January for a title tilt.

  286. Paulie Walnuts

    I still think Ramsey is psychologically affected by his injury.

    Even more than two years on he no longer throws himself into challenges as he did previously. It`s not that he no longer tackles – it`s almost as if he thinks about it first – but until he removes that barrier & subsequent inhibition I don`t think we`ll see the player he could be.

  287. Philmar

    Its a non-story because you, like me, have absoluterly no iea if his wages or how much any other team will want to pay him. The fact that you consistenly make ludicrous statements is your look out though.

    You regularly get burned by sahil and others, but conveniently gloss over that.And change track. case in point mentioning cashley. Completely different to the point you wanted to make originally; yet another load of baseless bollocks about Bendtners wages.

    And Drogba is a vile, cheating, diving arsehole. Not surprised you fail to recognise that.

    You must be related to GUS, you repeat the saem shit, slate Arsenal players, ignore posts that smash your arguments and come back saying the same shit, time and again.

  288. George;

    We are wasting our tike with this one.

  289. I’ve seen it reported that he earns around 50000 a week. I have not been burned by sahil or others, just taken out of context. A player’s wage IS important and if I bring it up and you don’t like it, then too bad. Please DO explain how my point about Cashley is contrary to my original point. I only slate those who deserve it. I am hoping to see the backside of Bendtner, Arshavin and Vela so that the funds can be used to buy useful players. I suspect you’ll see this is the same tack Arsene will take.
    I know there isn’t an Arsenal player whose shit you wouldn’t enjoy the smell of but I am comfortable mentioning deficiencies in the squad and certain players. If you don’t like it, tough. Maybe you want the site to be a massive circlejerk of people who cannot accept certain ideas and opinions but I think even you know by now that your churlish idiotic childish inaccurate and unfounded insults won’t keep me from saying my opinions.

  290. Evening all – just home from a night at the theatre. Jersey Boys – about Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons. Had free tickets in stalls – face value -£85. Pretty good as it goes but not at that price!

    MGK – AAA is the Anti-Arsenal Arsenal – D&G mofos by another handle! 🙂

  291. Limestonegunner

    Maybe Paulie. I think the part of his game that hadn’t yet come back is his decisiveness with the ball, especially in the final 3rd. He was more dynamic going forward, but this will return with his confidence after a difficult and exhausting season.

  292. Limestonegunner

    PG, couldn’t load the video on my iPhone for some reason. Will try again from laptop.

  293. mattgoonerknight

    Dolce & Gabanna or doom and gloom mother fuckers?

    Went to see Jersey Boys earlier this year, enjoyed it although the faux Joisey accents took a while to adjust to. Good show but I wouldn’t dream of going if it wasn’t for my girlfriend taking it as a personal insult if I was to respectably decline her invitation. My argument that I’d rather use the money to see the Arsenal just doesn’t wash.

    Do you think we’ll get M’vila? (I know he belongs to some one else but I get these uncontrollable urges to imagine what could be) 😉

  294. Frank said this earlier, but here is a hamburger for the conspiracy people.

    Pirlo chips the keeper on a penalty and it is f**king golden.
    RVP chips the keeper and he is a bully with no class.

  295. Philmar

    don’t see how ideas can be accepted if they are utter bollocks.

  296. pedantic george | June 26, 2012 at 9:04 pm

    You’re assuming that only the death of a family member or close personal friend can affect someone? We don’t know how close a relationship they shared. Gary Speed was a big deal in Welsh football and not only did he pick Ramsey, he also made him captain of his Country. Why would you dismiss the possibility that Aaron may have seen him as a very important person in his life, maybe even a mentor? There was also the fact of how he died, which can sometimes have a more devastating effect on those left behind.

  297. mattgoonerknight

    billturner90 (and Frank),

    While I agree it’s cretinous punditry, I believe a difference in the penalties does exist.

    Wolves were bottom of the league, and as a result of giving away the penalty, were down to ten men for the remaining 81+ minutes, against an Arsenal team who were flying (33 games and FIVE points clear of the spuds).

    Pirlo’s pen was in a European Championship quarter final penalty shoot out.

    Of course they were talking shit calling RVP a bully, and the penalties are similar in style, but they are in no way comparable in context.

    The lazy, moronic accusation could not have been made at Pirlo.

  298. mattgoonerknight

    mattgoonerknight | June 26, 2012 at 11:11 pm

    Respectably = respectfully

  299. MGK – I’m exactly the same – I feel as though he just might be the final missing piece.

    My gut-feeling is that we are still interested (after all not a huge deal has changed, in that area of the team, from last summer and our interest was extremely tangible then) and that it is all down to valuation. The player is making noises that he wants to come to the club and we don’t seem to be in a tug of war with any other premier league clubs (yet). So it might just be a bit of a Mexican stand-off.

    Hopefully they will drop their price and we can find middle ground – or we find another target who fits the bill and Wenger’s valuation. If Wenger feels we need a player for this position it would be as much of a risk, if not even greater, to just settle on what we already have – for the sake of a few million pounds.

    So to answer your question I have no idea! But I suspect the deal is far from dead yet.

  300. re m’vila

    saw on twitter that ‘reliable sources’ claim wenger got tired of the recent headlines caused by the player.

  301. i don’t think it is down to valuation, but maybe wenger might be playing poker with rennes, as he always does. and wins.

  302. mattgoonerknight

    Great minds, Jonny!

    Let’s get M’vila.

    Off to bed and away for a few days so catch y’all at the weekend.


  303. It is down to valuation! We want to pay less – unless you think Wenger will eventually acquiesce if they don’t alter the amount they want?

    As great as Wenger is at this he does not always ‘win’ but then no one does.

  304. mattgoonerknight

    korihikage | June 26, 2012 at 11:42 pm

    Let’s hope your use of inverted commas sums it up!

    Night night

  305. Limestonegunner

    Sounds like M’Vila has some real problems–arrests and scrapes that remind me of Bendtner or worse. Bit of a hothead and runs about with prostitutes. Not sure we need such a potentially disruptive or distracting sort of character. Disappointing to hear about these issues.

  306. Oh – that had passed me by completely – where did you get this?

  307. Limestonegunner

    Jonny let’s hope this is unreliable rumour, but some of it sounds verifiable.

    Maybe a bargaining tactic too.

  308. Eh Philmar, you lost credibility after calling Rosicky and Arshavin mid-level players, didn’t think that through right? – First off, those two are captains of their respective countries and putting them in the same sentence as Bendtner is wrong in so many ways. Secondly, although Arshavin may have regressed a bit, how in God’s name can he be termed ‘mid-level’?, we’re talking about a player that had every Arsenal fan shitting themselves when he signed for us, comeon man get real.
    As for bendtner, he is better than most mid table strikers in the Epl so i think he is good enough to command a fee of £5M and above.

    I have given up fighting the thirst for signings, whoever improves the squad is fine by me, just remember the creme always rises to the top. Case(s) in point, Rvp, Rosicky, Song, Koscielny and next season Gibbs or Santos. No matter how many players we sign or how expensive/cheap they are the players who perform best will play in the First team, what more can we ask for?

    AM or DM, tough choice. We have 3 in both positions but only Song has played in his own position for one full season, the remaining 5 players are of a high quality but have a question mark hanging over their head, whatever happens tho i won’t complain. I still don’t buy this idea of Rvp as an AM, behind the striker in the bergkamp role? YES a probability, but as a midfielder? That is what that position means you know, attacking MIDFIELDER, no fuckin way. An AM in Cesc playing as a striker ring a bell? How did that work out, that is an example of playing a player out of position to accomodate other players.

  309. Thanks for the link LSG. Hmm – that does not sound good – sounds like Pennant!

    Still if anyone can tame him Wenger would be a good call. Maybe he just needs a father figure?

  310. Just checked that link LSG, looks like my boy M’vila has a bit of the pennant’s’ as Jonny mentioned, but i don’t trust that bullshit at the end that wenger may pull plug on transfer, err says who? They were even running a story that affelay dash arsenal hopes??!, more bullshit ma man.

    I have seen the boy play and trust me he has never had any on field issues or spats, not even yellow cards for bad tackles or mouthing off at referees and thats almost good enough for me, i just have a wee bit of hope cause am a huge fan of his.

  311. Limestonegunner

    The idea is RvP behind the striker in 4231, not that he would play attacking midfielder. Not the same as you are arguing against, I think.

  312. Once again ,welcome to ARAENAL Oliver. Wish you the best and hope you lift many trophies in your time with our club. You will be playing your trade with some of the best footballers in the UK. alongside captain of many captains ROBIN VAN PERCY. A team of lionhearts one and all. Especially AARON AND SAGNA. Young men full of heart ready to sacrifice body time and again. Hope we get to like you as much as the rest of our GUNNERS. I know some of the resident ACLF LADY GOONERS are already head over hills for you guys. LOL. nice photos FUNGUNNER. your are the best.. you and LUCAS are GUNNERS now. Hope you become in time GOONERS too.
    I guess my opinion on RAMSEY would be we encourage him for his superhuman efforts this past year. Keep him. NO LOAN. he pick us over manure for the same money so that he could play for. Us not fulham . If what our good friend. LIMESTONE reports is half true regarding M’VILLA is true then this must be a diversion. We have cohesion and brotherhood established with our team. Why risk bringing a loose character like that now. Why not take the opportunity now and make a cheeky bid for J vertoonhagen.?
    Seems like his move has stalled. He is desperate and would love a move to the ARAENAL. I know he has said things in the press about his love for other teams but if we do step in ,I believe he will seriously consider that move. LOL. it will another dagger in the hearts of you know who. That would be awesome.
    As far as AM, it all depends on DIABY AND JACK ,NO? if they contribute, I think we are good to go. if not, GOETZ ia still available. Maybe his price has come down too. I know he is itching for a move to play for us. 15 to 20 mil or there about.
    Ni one would be able to challenge us. That is a tour de force team. A juggernaut. And oh. Regarding the backup goalkeeper we should try to keep FABIANSKY and not go shopping . It would be a shame if he decided to leave. WOJO us a good goalie with a lot of potential but he still has to learn alot through playing more and more games. Sorry for the long winded post. And

    UP. THE. GUNS!!!!!!!!!

  313. Ha! Irish.

    LSG, the player in the middle of a ‘3’ in a 4231 formation is a midfielder?, i think. I don’t know more than most people here when it comes to formations but am pretty sure all these formations; 4231, 451,4213,433 all make use of 2 wide forwards/wingers and an AM. Think of all the work Rosicky and Ramsey put in when playing that position as midfielders, hard to imagine Rvp running around like that you know.
    The only way i see Rvp playing as a 2nd striker is in a 442 and i doubt wenger will take us back to the ice age with that one except we’re chasing a game.

  314. god damn this autocorrect.


  315. Sorry. One more thing. DENNY is more than welcome back to the club, imo. He deserves another chance. He hasn’t been disappointing . The doors should be open for him. Let hum play out his contract. Who knows, he might hit some of the heights from 07/08.
    That’s it. Have a great one.

  316. DON’T try to fix something that is not broken. RVP is one of the most feared strikers in the game now. Let him do his thing. Maybe in a year or two we can utilize him in the AM or ‘hole’ role.
    With the extra talent he has around him now, who is to say he won’t match or surpass the accomplishments of this past season. In AA we have the perfect play maker to play the hole. He can open up anything.

  317. I prefer the name Olivier to Oliver, although they must be closest of cousins. Somehow Olivier conjures up great atheleticsm and a certain amount of courage, whereas Oliver or the awful “Ollie” is the male to the female Olive, a name I have never felt at home with. I always preferred the guy who ate spinach more than the wife, although no doubt she adored him (who wouldn’t). Of course Oliver Twist would be welcome, but it needs the twist to make the Oliver a courageous little lad. Lucas is an old favourite, or rather Luke, nothing biblical, more Cool Hand Luke, smart, lucky, gutsy, rebellious. Welcome Olivier and Luke.

  318. It means ‘elf army’

  319. ..from the German ‘alfihar’. This is all wrong, it obviously means ‘alf army’. An army of alfs is a terrible thing to behold. Don’t mess with alfs is my motto.

  320. What does Frank?

    My number two Grandson is called Ollie. He’s a cracker but I’ve never taken to the name. Bloody modern parents, lumbering a boy on Dartmoor with a stupid name. Mind you, there are more stupid names on Dartmoor these days than you might imagine.

    Yummy mummies everywhere.

  321. …or georges for that matter

  322. Oliver does, Bob

  323. I have heard two people refer to the sons in recent times as ‘Tiler’ or ‘Tyler’. There seems to be a trend naming children after trades.

    ‘I name this child, in the sight of god and all who bear witness……Brickie’

  324. LOL. OLIVIER IT IS. and he certainly is no elf.
    Supposedly he was the best in all Europe last year in winning aerial duels. A staggering 75% of all Aerial s won by him. Can’t wait to see him and POLDI in action. Come on summer, hurry up and be over.
    He is also best of friends with KOSHER. he is going to fit right in. A classic target man. . Good on his feet and in the air.

  325. Frank

    God help the son of a sewage worker.

  326. ZP

    No-one is comfortable with the name Olive. Blame On The Buses for that.

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