Protecting Interests In The Transfer Merry-Go-Round

A bright morning here, something of a false dawn no doubt with the rain on its way. The Greeks will know all about false promise; utterly outplayed in the first half and fortunate to enter the interval with a single goal deficit, they dared to dream when Samoras’ equalised on fifty-five minutes. It was shortlived, of course; Germany were ruthless in their destruction of the Greek defences in running out 4 – 2 winners.

The term ‘efficient’ is often applied to their performances but last night, they were as good in possession as any of the top nations at this tournament. There was an expansive side to their game which echoed of 1972 at Wembley in their destruction of England in the quarter-finals of this tournament. Of course the Greeks made it easy for them and that should not be forgotten but you can only beat the opposition in front of you.

The winners of tomorrow’s quarter-final between England and Italy will meet the Germans with in all likelihood, an Iberian derby in the other semi-final. France are very much a work-in-progress and to be honest, I do not see them beating Spain or indeed offering a great deal of resistance. Like the Dutch, unrest is reported in their camp and when that happens for the French it is a signal in recent years that implosion is not far away.

All of which is a pity for Laurent Koscielny. It will be good experience for him this evening in the middle of France’s central defence and opportunity to show the good form he has shown for Arsenal last season. A pity that Laurent Blanc did not trust him earlier; his omission against England was both surprising (he knew the players) and not (Blanc picked his first choice pairing). Whether Koscielny would have prevented Lescott’s opener is a moot point but tonight is a chance to split that partnership and take his career to another level.

As he does that Tomas Rosicky is considering his options with regard to international football. It is a point I have raised a number of times before and sensible that he is thinking things through. Even though he is only 31 and could continue playing for his country, he has suffered injury problems in the past. There comes a point when he has to weigh that honour against longevity at club level. There are precedents for this decision in every country, some borne of petulance, some necessity. For every Carragher there is a Scholes.

His form in the second half of the season was as good as he has displayed since joining the club. This was aided by his fitness levels; easing the strain on his body by reducing the number of matches he plays in is surely a sensible option.

Rivalling Rosicky in midfield is Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. Having sold some property for £25m, Arsenal are intent of spending it quickly. The youngster is apparently to be offered a deal that trebles his current wages, reported to be £15k per week. The money does not bother me in terms of the size of his salary; supply and demand, etc. The club is in an invidious position; do they sit and make him earn an increase or do they give him parity with other members of the squad?

Presumably the manager has agreed with this course of action. It will no doubt be a stick to beat the club with, criticism over perceived salaries but given that his performances at club level have led to a call-up and widely praised appearances at Euro2012, is it wrong for the club to take this course of action?

There is a lot of conjecture around at the moment, mainly driven by Robin van Persie’s contract negotiations. Or lack of them although it is hard to envisage that one meeting is the sole interaction by the club and player’s representatives. Marouane Chamakh is reported to believe his future and that of the Dutchman are intertwined. I am utterly convinced they are not; Podolski and Giroud are ahead of him in the queue for a place in the starting line-up and Chamakh offers nothing different to either of them in terms of playing style.

I still believe that he, Vela and Bendtner will alleviate the pressure on playing spaces in the squad for strikers by leaving this summer with the latter duo likely to face each other in Spanish football next season. Chamakh? I find it hard to believe he will stay and fight for a starting line-up place. He has wasted a year of his career on the sidelines at Arsenal already with opportunities restricted for the first team. There will come a point where this affects his international career, with younger players featuring for their club sides on a regular basis challenging for his place in the national team. And you cannot blame a player for moving to protect his own interests in that sense; the club will do similar and that is too often forgotten in the transfer merry-go-round.

That’s it for today. ’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Viva la arsenal

  2. You speak as if Giroud is a done deal YW. Is this so? I have missed the goss

  3. steww

    Arsene spoke of the deal being 90% done which is good enough for me.

  4. Me too. That moves beyond the realm of speculation.

  5. Not sure that the arrival of the property money has anything to do with players contracts or transfer funds which come from a different budget. I reckon that cash inflow will be set against the mortgage on the stadium and will serve to reduce its impact even further over the long term.

  6. pedantic george

    Perhaps Arsenal could sell some memorabilia to fund RVP’s wages?
    Dont worry Yogi,some of us do get your humour.

  7. Going to be interesting to see what happens with young Joel Campbell now. With two new strikers coming in AW might be tempted to leave Campbell out on loan for another season rather than try to integrate three new strikers into the team, although I think his being a regular pick for Costa Rica now should allow him the necessary work permit he needs.
    With Podolski and Giroud being the more experienced players Campbell might find game time hard to come by, although there must be a temptation to get him in and give him the chance to star in the Capital One Cup (f*cking stupid name).
    Maybe the best option would be a run in the cup then a loan deal with another Prem side or a Championship side in January get to him used to the rigours of English football.

  8. pedantic george

    Wavey.I suspect he will stay out on loan.

  9. I personally would have waited a year before giving AOC that sort of raise, I would like to see a little consistency before all youngsters are given massive increases. I will be glad to see the back of chamakh and bendtner but did have real hopes for vela once and am disappointed in didn’t work out at he clearly has talent. If RVP stays we will have a really strong forward line. M’villa will add some steel and an exciting season awaits.

  10. That seems the most likely option. Could see our loan players abroad coming back for another pre-season with AW so that he can school them in the Arsenal way. It might be worth heading down to Boreham Wood for the pre-season friendly.

  11. I really feel bad for Chamakh. He was playing decently when he was given a run of games and it all dried up as the Dutchman took back his place with a bang. We all know the “ifs and buts” about him (- that is not to say I’m an expert on him, I’m just assuming we all do -), so I’m going to leave it to that.

    I wish him well, wherever he ends up….. or not.

    Now, how much do that shisha pipe actually costs? Any ideas?? Anyone?? 😉

  12. The big question is still Robin. I think all this stuff about holding him to the last year of his contract is a load of balls. Firstly, Arsene has previously said you can’t keep a player who wants to leave. Secondly, £20 million now or nothing in a year? Agh, my brain hurts!
    The only hope is making him WANT to stay. According to the Torygraph, he’s been seen sniffing round the Chesire property market (but when?), which if true would make it look more likely that Podolski + Giroud are replacements rather than supplements.
    I just hope that no-one wants to buy Dzeko, Adebayor, Santa Cruz etc so City are stuck with paying their contracts.
    The Premiership becomes more meaningless every day.

  13. Szescney

    Sagna Kos Mert Verm

    Wilshere Arterta Rosicky

    Aoc Giroud Podolski

    1. Martinez
    2. Gibbs
    3. Djourou
    4. Coquelain
    5. Gervinho
    6. Miyaichi
    7. Chamakh

    No imaginery signings, no leaving out our vice-captain out and yea Song/Rvp/Walcott can fuck off if they decide to leave, its all good.

  14. pedantic george

    khalifha.I like your attitude better than your team.

  15. pedantic george

    dk.the chances that Robin has been house hunting in the North West is frankly ridiculous.

  16. @yogi,any concrete gist on M’villa?

  17. PG, am starting to warm up to that team. Defensively solid and offensively sound, DS/OS combination.
    Where is your beef with that First 11?

  18. khalifha

    Vermalaen won’t play left-back except in an emergency. Gibbs is better there (when fit).
    Where’s Santos?

    Still a weakened team. Podolski and Giroud unknown quantities in PL.
    Pah – why do I continue this?
    City are going to buy their way to the title again – and again.
    They have that corrupt stadium-naming deal which UEFA have OK-ed (when they should have KO-ed) and which gives them so much financial muscle, it’s just sick.
    The PL is sick.
    I’m going to watch German football next season. Somewhere where there’s a level playing field. Who plays in red and white (not Bayern)?

  19. RvP in Cheshire? Smacks of City Twitter wishful thinking if you ask me.

  20. pedantic george

    Well trodden ground .No need to go there again.I will start to sound like Jibber.

  21. @khalifa,the front three ȋ̝̊̅§ highly inexperienced…AOC has A̶̲̥̅ few good games and suddenly he,s our saviour…Something tells M̶̲̥̅ƹ U̶̲̥̅̊’ll be the one bashing him wen he comes up short which he definitely will

  22. Dkgooner,

    With a midfield 3 of Arterta/Wilshere/Rosicky a strong and defensively solid base is needed so Vermaelean will LB whether he like it or not and if Rvp leaves, Giroud and Podolski will still be part of the First 11 so thats a given.

    PG, ok then.

  23. Yogi: RvP in Cheshire? Smacks of City Twitter wishful thinking if you ask me.

    Hope you’re right. Could also be an estate agent – what’s Mrs P been up to while Robin’s been in Eastern Europe?
    I’ve never quite been able to get the professional footballer/loadsa money/loyalty equation to go up.
    And as for what his father said, my parents never had a fucking clue what was going on in my head.
    All in all, I still think Podolski+Giroud+£20=Goodbye Robin.

  24. khalifha
    Are you dyslexic?

  25. Aguero, is that you?

    Kun, you can substitute Aoc for Gervais is you want. That formation is based on a worst case scenerio i.e Song/Rvp/Walcott leaving.

  26. pedantic george

    Here is my prediction.If RVP leaves,Arsenal will finish outside the top four ,and we will have shown a lack of ambition.
    Well, when I say “my prediction” I mean my prediction of what the Soccer Saturday panel and The Sunday Supplement will say.
    I am with khalifha on this .Sign or go ,is what they should be told.

  27. What a load of fucking bollocks

  28. Dkgooner

    Thinking about our 3 star players leaving is not allowing me to think straight.
    So no, i am not dyslexic.

  29. PG, if i learnt anything from last summer its don’t trust these fucking players, ne…ver.

  30. ‘The thing is to tell the truth in so far as we know it, and not to speculate’….some would do well to heed this advice, especially those with backbones of jelly.

  31. Giroud is a done deal, his wiki page says dat his current club is arsenal

  32. But speculation is such fun Frank.
    Not for you maybe.
    And I don’t think it’s speculation (or evidence of a lack of backbone – more disillusion) to say that a club with the amount of money that City have distorts the game so much as to render it meaningless. The only contra to that sort of wealth is to give in to the likes of Usmanov. If you can’t beat them, join them.

  33. Who updated his wiki page?

  34. And since I can’t stomach the prospect of joining them, I prefer to decamp to pastures new.
    Bundesliga here I come, with no affiliations, just the pleasure of watching good football in a league where the outcome is reasonably open.

  35. Speculation would appear to be no fun at all for you, dkgooner. It appears to make you miserable. I suggest you stop using Newsnow. For years it has demonstrated that ‘news’ about Arsenall is 95% negative, 95% of the time…and 95% fabrication.

  36. pedantic george

    “especially those with backbones of jelly.”

    Are you talking to me Frank?

  37. @khalifa…lol

  38. pedantic george

    This type of posting really pisses me off.

  39. Frank, no one is speculating here. I think it is common knowledge that Walcott and Rvp in particular are yet to sign new contracts, or did they sign when i was not looking?
    Some people here may say i hope they sign, well i hope they F-off if they don’t want to, it has nothing to do with ‘backbones of jelly’, probably a culmination of years of disappointment from certain players.

  40. Arsene says rvp is staying , thats good enough for me.

  41. Give you a rope, Khalifa

  42. Bananas btw

  43. pedantic george

    When did he tell you Duke?

  44. Bullshit.

  45. Wake up and smell the coffee Frank.

  46. Funny really, when city became the richest club in the world I never thought we would be the club most effected by it,certainly in the short term- is that true about uefa giving them the thumbs up for the stadium naming rights? , if so that’s a worrying development.

  47. Now you are dangling

  48. Upper Street Gooner


    For once we are in agreement. Sign or go the club can move on. Last summer the issue wasn’t that we sold nasri, cesc, and Clichy, it was when we sold them.

    Personally i think they will both stay. I cant help but think they will look at the squad upon their return with m’vila and giroud signed on an think that we can 100% challenge in multiple comps. They both have highly advanced roles in the squad and are coming off the back the best seasons in their careers. Whilst we cant offer city or chels money we are in a position to offer excellent wages to both plus loyalty bonuses

  49. ‘sign or move on’…what did RvP, Theo or Alex do to deserve such phrases?

  50. The media lay the bait and people go for it every time

  51. Limestonegunner

    Looks like Nasri is the cause of controversy in the French camp. He thinks any criticism is directed at him. Clearly an insecure egoist.

    I think Spain have a breakout game to impress the skeptics tonight–but don’t ask me the starting eleven. Even Del Bosque has admitted doubts among his staff about whom to start. I think Fabregas is better than Silva. Every time he’s played or come on, he’s created something. Silva is riding on the prestige of starting for the PL winners, not on his actual form, I think.

  52. pedantic george

    Song has two years left.He is not an issue.
    RVP and Theo should make a decision ,no dilly dallying and leaving us last minute shopping in August.
    I don’t really mind you thinking they should be allowed to take their own sweet time and leave us dangling ,but I object to being called a coward because I would sell them and move on.
    They are causing dis-rest and uncertainty.And although they are entitled to negotiate as good a deal as they can ,when it comes to the point where next season is put at risk ,I say its time to make a decision .One way or another.

  53. @frank,dats kinda true..the media has been making A̶̲̥̅ fuss too many about them…

  54. Only because you can’t control yourself. George. Get a grip and stop squealing.

  55. Limestonegunner

    Whether our top players sign extensions or not, the club is better prepared this summer by purchasing replacements early on so they have a full preseason with us. If Rvp stays but doesn’t extend past next year, Giroud and Podolski are in place with a year to adapt. If they all stay we have the attack to sustain our threat in 4 competitions.

    No matter how you look at it, bringing in top signings early in the summer is good for Arsenal. Right now that’s all I need to know.

  56. pedantic george

    “The media lay the bait and people go for it every time”

    So we all said last year.How did that work out.
    The Media did not go to the Euros with a contract unsigned.The Media can speculate all they want .But the fact remains that Robin and Theo have not put pen top paper.
    Blind optimism did me no good last summer .And I wont get fooled again.As Roger Daltrey once said.

  57. pedantic george

    When your emotional involvement in the club extend too the players ,,you leave yourself open to bitter disappointments.
    Fabregas and Arshavin have taught me that much

  58. Limestonegunner

    I think the club should forgo the transfer fee for RvP in any case. If he is motivated to captain us next season, it is worth it. One extraordinary season with him leading a title challenge and deep domestic and European cup runs could lead to trophies, greater commercial revenues, and greater attractiveness of Arsenal to the best young players. It is a better gamble to go for the glory at this point in Arsenal’s development.

  59. I was looking forward to watching lucas last night, tuned in late so didnt know why he didnt play. For me, AOC, due to his inclusion in the England squad and his good performances for us does deserve a rise, but by three times, not for me. There are players who have contributed more ( partly due to having played more ) over the season. £15,000 is very low in todays standards for a player with his potential so this increase spread over a couple of seasons seems more in line. I have some confidence that RVP and TW will sign new deals, I havnt heard anything yet to suggest otherwise. Giroud also looks positive, the managers recent comments would look a bit silly if it were not, and when has he ever done that re a new signing. I too like Vela and I would be looking to re sign him. In a way the euros are keeping negative press to a minimum so if we do the bizz as quick as we can then hopefully we can avoid any early negativity , the club, the players and us could do with without that in the coming season. have a good one

  60. Limestonegunner

    Cashing in on Nasri was clearly good business and helpful for the team spirit and solidarity. Rvp is a different story. Losing Nasri hasn’t hurt us; it was the loss of Cesc that proved damaging early on. It is vital we have a good season that builds on last season’s recovery from the summer sagas. That is worth more than 25 or 30 million pounds. Short sighted thinking.

  61. Limestonegunner

    Good point about Euros helping keep the media occupied and manage the media environment. If we can announce some news soon about Giroud and a decision re: RvP’s standing for next season–quite apart from contract talks, that would really stave off the frenzy created last summer. We’d still be able to work on selling, loaning, and signing M’Vila and a veteran keeper.

  62. pedantic george

    It depends on how much the fee would be LG.
    Would you say that if it was your own money?

  63. Upper Street Gooner


    you were steadfast in your assessment last summer all would stay look how that left the club.

    hopefully we have learnt from our mistakes.

    both the players in question owe arsenal allot more than the 3 players who left last year. we stood by rvp through his countless injuries, walcott likewise.

    they should at least treat he club with respect now. that means declaring their intentions so they dont harm the club which has stood bt them

  64. pedantic george

    25 or 30 million pounds buys a lot of rebuilding

  65. pedantic george


  66. So AW has confirmed Giroud is signed,

  67. The media has nothing to do with this Frank, they are useless and everyone here knows that.
    Rvp has had 9 months to decide if he will sign a piece of paper? Bullshit. I won’t lie, i desperately want him to stay but if he wants to act like nasri he knows where the door is, don’t let it hit you on the way out.


    Euro tour… Silva, Assists:3 Goals:1
    Cesc, Assists:0 Goals:2, hmmm.

  68. agree with th point about le ox

    hes now a fully fledged international..if the club decides hes worth more then they are right to invest in him..

  69. arsenalandrew

    Do we know when RVP is due back from his holidays?

    For Robin the Euros have sadly been and gone and yet the media blackout imposed to allow him to concentrate on that competition continues.

    Presumably to allow him to concentrate on his hols?

    Then there’ll be pre-season to focus on.

    And the tour.

    The continuous nature of this unusual media lock down is consistent, in my view, only with creating a space for him and the club to negotiate the best price & package out of North London.

    It’s sad on so many levels but the rate at which key new players appear to have been recruited would seem to support the idea of Arsene cracking on and, indeed, moving on.

    If all the above is true then it’s doubly frustrating to both lose his skill, talent and attitude as well as missing out on an opportunity to build rather than replace.

    If we end up building then I’d honestly expect great things for the club next season. If we merely replace then I have no doubt we will again be competitive and quite possibly very successful.

    It’s a subtle distinction in terms of expectation but this is, to me, what Robin represents for the club.

    NOT the end of the world or the club if he goes but how exciting if he stays?

    If we lose Theo then in some ways I think that given the nature of the threat he brings to the opposition, he might be quite a bit harder to replace.

    Of course, Theo is still in the Euros so we wouldn’t reasonably expect movement on his contract.

    But Robin?

    Time to decide.

    And if a decision – or intention – has already been reached, then it is surely now time to share the little secret.

  70. Upper Street Gooner

    with regards to the ox contract it shows consistency with what we have done with others at a similar level.

    wilshere and ramsey were offered improved contracts very quickly after they had established themselves as outstanding young first prospects.

    we have a band system which relates to squad position and international profile, it makes sense to do the same to aoc.

    issue being this is meant to produce loyalty from there side, we arent seeing it returned from theo yet

  71. we dont know what the delay is over robin..
    like i said before i think its over the duration of the deal, which isnt a massive concern..
    arsenal are known to offer reduced years when a player gets to a certain age…

    theo i think has been told to play for a deal and hes not doing too bad..

    song still has two years left so the club has more control in certain respects..

    nasri was gone at xmas..we all knew what he was doing and we sold cesc about two years after he wanted to leave so we knew he was going as well..

    its different scenarios this time

    rvp is a credible capatain, and even if he does leave he will go after giving the club a fantastic return..
    unlike the others who stopped playing as soon as they knew they were going..
    rvp has been our man for two seasons. so none of this sign up or piss off business..

    we are quick to see money as the devil, wages fees etc…
    let us not jump on that bandwagon as well as soon as the future of the captain is in doubt and ask to take the money for him..

    he is contracted unitl 2013..he will stay whether he signs or money can replace him and if its true city are offering 15-20 he will not be sold and should not be sold..

  72. Arsenalandrew, bang!, Nail.on.head.

    ‘Presumeably to allow him to concentrate on his hols’ …. Had a little chuckle there.

  73. i seen a headline the other day
    ‘city will not be held to ramsom over rvp’

    haha…hang on a minute, whos fucking player is he?

    have we kidnapped him from city and posting a finger at a time until we get 40mil?

  74. The Arse in The Gamb

    Limestone. 12.55

    I could not agree more. Nasri is probably the divisive person in the French camp who complains to cover his own shortcomings. I am hoping that Cesc and his colleagues send him home with a proper lesson in quality football tonight. Usually I would be supporting the team of the current arsenal player, and I like Koscielny, but my dislike for that insipid weasel is too great.

    Chamakh can’t stay at Arsenal, his pride is becoming damaged which is the death blow for a striker. His fate was definitely linked to vP when he first came and he did well, but the fire that Robin started since he returned from his last injury has stolen the Moroccan’s air and he asphyxiates in front of us every time he plays. What is more If he was vP’s replacement now, the Blue Manchester would have already offered him a contract.

    Rosicky should look into his heart – for some, playing for their country is what makes them tick and he strikes me as one of those. Remember Samson, he was nothing without his hair.

  75. Jon Jon, that line has daily fail written all over it.

  76. Sensational Arsenal

    RvP will know more than us how good this team is, how the team played for each other last season and with the reinforcements coming in, Arsenal are looking shit hot for next season. Same goes for theo.

    After last season, the vibe from the players seem that they have a genuine sense of togetherness.

    If the players use love, loyalty, pride or reason to make a decision, it will be Arsenal every time.

    I think as supporters, we should be optimistic after seeing this team play last season, but be prepared for the eventuality of players making stupid decisions (aka leaving Arsenal).

  77. I am not too pessimistic about van Persie and Walcott, I think it more likely that they will sign new contracts than not. I do agree though that if they have decided to leave they should be sold as quickly as possible to help all concerned prepare for the upcoming season.

    George, I would rather see the club open negotiations with players two years out, al la Song’s position, rather than leaving it until the final year of their contract. We seem to have one or more senior players coming into the last year of their contract every Summer with all the speculation that entails. It would be better to get contracts sorted much further out, especially for key players in their mid-twenties with no real injury history like Alex. We’re going to offer him at least five years, no harm in getting it done now.

  78. khalifha i wouldnt be able to tell you mate i only read the headline..
    kinda missed who wrote it and what it was about..

    i would have been inclined to read it but i was too busy gluing chunks of corn back onto the cob whilest singing along to my jedward album..

  79. Looks like the chickens are coming home to roost for Nasri the rat.

  80. JJ

    I might believe you about the corn but Jedward is going to far 🙂

  81. i wouldnt sell van persie

    the thing is, city set a kind of precedent when they paid 25mil for nasri..

    it made sense for us to sell.

    so if anyone wants robin it would have to make sence for us to sell..

    15mil is nonesense.

  82. lol dups

  83. Germany sliced and diced the Greeks. Germany should meet either Spain or Portugal in the finals. Rosicky is 31 that’s old in athletic years. His body is breaking down. too much wear and tear on the body. It all catches up with you.

  84. Germany, Greeks, Spain & Portugal. Then Rosicky. Can’t see the connection there.

  85. that reus is some player..
    he looked dangerous the whole game and that goal? wow

    i wanted us to sign him at xmas but dortmund got him and it looks like bayern may not win the title for a few more years yet..

  86. Upper Street Gooner

    The difficulty with the club opening negotiations 2 years in advance in some cases is highlighted by nasri and flamini situations.

    2 years out both players didnt deserve new deals. they then performed in there contract years. flamini was excellent at left back and nasri proved himself to be one of the top players in the league up until january.

    The club has then got to offer players the opportunity to move to an improved pay band without proof that they can consistently play at that level and most importantly improve on it. We pay players on there promise as well as the level they currently play at. we were right to hold on both. we must be run like this wages are the most important aspect of the club to keep control of. if this coms back to bite you, so be it.

    song has clearly demonstrated that he deserves an improved contract with 2 years left. he is durable, can play in multiple positions and counts to our homegrown quota. he can also clearly get better with the right application.

    this puts us in asinificantly stronger negotiating position than with nasri. we can go now to alex and offer him our top offer for the next band as we are confident in his ability to consistenly perfrom at that level for its duration and improve on is by the time he 27 and ready to renegotiate. Nasri we never had this. why offer him the increase when he has only shown in tiny patches (at that point) that he could perform to that level (who knows about improving it). when he did start playing consistently well he was in a position to have his head turned.

    song will sign on as we will offer a great contract at a time where clubs cant really turn his head unless they offer us monster money. song woould fetch 20-25m at least for me

  87. i hate evra and na$ri, but i hate busquets, pedro, pique as well. so i hate more spanish players. so i am rooting for france tonight.

  88. Upper Street Gooner

    would love france to win. i marvel at spains football but i find it incredibly boring to watch compared to say the germans.

    busquets is my least favourite player in the world.

    kosciellny as a wonderful opportunity to show europe what arsenal fans have seen consistently in the last year. many other clubs fans lazily think tv5 is our best cb

  89. Had a quick google search on that City headline and it appears to have cropped up on a number of sites at the same time about three days ago with the article flagging that City wouldn’t pay more tan £15m for RVP. Seems to be a City leak which has been passed around to a number of friendly “journos”. Nice to see City adopting the well-trodden path of scum bag clubs like Barcelona who like to do their negotiating in the media. Next they will be trying to make out that CIty is RVP’s spiritual home and it would be a disgrace not to let him play for them and I can’t wait for the articles in which that sh*te bag Nasri begs RVP to come and play with him at the title winners.

  90. Now that is interesting, Wavey. Out the bastards.

  91. ..expose the pigs for what they are

  92. City destroy players’ careers because they have the money to just keep buying the next hot player. If the players they bring in don’t settle in quickly they are consigned to the scrap heap and end up being bit-part players. I thought Edin Dzeko had looked to be a quality player when he was at Wolfsberg, but he hasn’t really had much of a chance to settle in at City. The Premership is probably the toughest league in the world and for some players it takes a bit longer to acclimatise. The good news is that they end up with a stack of players they can’t sell on as the wage deals and the length of contract is too good to go anywhere else, the bad news for the players is that they are likely to get very little game time and therefore very little time in the shop window.
    I’d love the Premiership to bring in a rule which stops players being loaned out to other Prem teams and especially if the parent clubs are helping to fund the player’s wages. If a player’s not good enough for your own 23-man squad why should you be allowed to effectively have them playing for you in another team’s colours?
    I appreciate that it is useful for youngsters to get some first team playing time at another Prem club, but I think I’d happily give that up to stop City from putting players like Adebayor out to loan at other Prem clubs.

  93. I enjoyed selling our unwanted/leftovers to City while we walked away with wads of cash carried away on our shoulders.
    Adebayor – £25M For a shit Henry
    Nasri – £25M For a shit Arshavin with 1year left on his contract, lol cunts.
    Toure – £16M For Quality player but past his peak *Yea we also used the cash to buy Vermaelean*
    Clichy who? – £7M = Santos

    We have consistently screwed them over, am even starting to think the sheikh is Arsenal’s sugar daddy.
    Man city or Chelsea winning trophies doesn’t mean shit to me, what joy will spending 1billion pounds on a trophy bring? Nothing but debt and eventually administration, amen.
    Even city and chelsea fans will know that this artificial success will not last so they are trying to enjoy every pound of nasri until the grim ripper comes and sends them to the conference leagues, amen.

    I will continue to enjoy football and every thing it comes with until the day i see a player like Rvp, Wilshere or Gibbs leave arsenal for one of these sugar daddy clubs Chelsea, Malaga, City, Anzhi e.t.c

    And then it hit me, two words, 1 cunt, 1 sugar daddy club = Cashley Cole. Ah Shit

  94. Upper Street Gooner


    Its only to our advantage if the money is spent on improving the side and that is reflected in results alone.

    99% of clubs operate like this. Develop talent sell it for a great price and improve the side.

    Unless we are paying the most or winning the most some players will always look to move on.

    We failed with the proceeds with Adebayor and Toure. the money was spent on improved contracts to players who didnt ellivate the side.

    The early prognosis with the cesc, nasri and clichy money is the opposite. the squad looks stronger and the new additions look like they can help spearhead a significant increase on our on pitch performance over the next few years.

    excellent latest entry to swiss ramble talking about how the new tv deal will increase every clubs revenue. come 2014 with our shirt make and sponsor deals included our revenue will increase too 300+.

    rvp agent should take not of this. the new tv deal has altered the landscape this is as yet with the foreign deal to be negotiated. 1.7 bill a year is a good estimate.

    with these funds the premiere league as whole will move up a level. this will be reflected in our ability to compete on a european level. If he wants to compete outside of real, bayern, psg (maybe) barca the best chance to win will be at an english club. The best chance of wage inflation will also be the prem

  95. USG

    I agree with you to a point. We did not fail to utilise the money gotten from Ade and Toure’s sale. Did you not see where i pointed out the signing of Vermaelean as a replacement for Toure?
    AW always buys if he sees it fit, so probably he felt we had enough players to cover for the loss of Adebayor, everybody makes mistakes.

    Also, you said ‘99% percent of clubs operate like this’ Yes, ‘use the money to improve the side’ No. There are so many examples of clubs selling a player without being able to replace that player with the same quality, aston villa, everton, liverpool have all sold players for huge amounts of money but replacing those players and maintaining their league positions have been the difficult part so the fact we have still been able to compete means the management team have done good.

  96. As for the tv rights deal, meh. It will just give citeh and chelsea more lee way in how they approach ‘The FFP Bullshit’.

  97. ‘We failed with the proceeds with Adebayor and Toure. the money was spent on improved contracts to players who didnt ellivate the side’

    thats not entirely true..

  98. I agree with Wavey. Maybe the loan system can have an age limit like say 23 so young stars can still get some exprience at lesser clubs

  99. RVP should not be sold. It would make the media say all sorts of things about lacking ambition and wether you believe it or not, the media messes with players heads.

    Players would now get the impression of arsenal as a steppin stone, like some football academy or something.

    Besides RVP is the best striker ( not sure ill believe that if he leaves), I strongly belive we would win something with him next season.

    Man city, out
    RVP, in

  100. What Jeff said.

    Jon Jon

    This should make you happy or sad, which ever way you choose to look at it from.

    Apparently Wenger told the F1 studio/pundits/media he is working with in France for the Euros that arsenal tried to sign Reus before he agreed a contract with Dortmund. So i guess you were right about reus’s quality JJ, although i had an idea also.

    Wenger also said the two most talented players in our academy right now are Germans, can anyone guess who they are?

  101. pedantic george

    What is this Ade and Toure money I keep reading about?
    It is the clubs money,they spent it as they see fit .If that mean a new directors bog ,then so be it .
    It has fuck all to do with us.

  102. Upper Street Gooner


    did vermalan introduction lead to the defence improving. We have been poorer defensivly each and every year we sold toure. The fact that he left so we could keep gallas also highlights the mistake as he was released a year later.

    the rest of the money was spent on renewing contracts for the players who did little afterwards and most of whom will now will not be at the club after this summer. that consitutes failure in my book. Look how newcastle have transformed themselves with the 35m sale of carroll.

    your right everyone makes mistakes. the key is limiting them.

    clubs dont have to directly replace players. all they have to do is improve the team with their money. newcastle spent money on cabaye, ben afra and got ba for free. they later added cisse. we wont directly replace cesc but if his money got us mvila and giroud i think we will be stronger overall

  103. Upper Street Gooner

    khalifha | June 23, 2012 at 3:59 pm

    but your completely overlooking its ability to help us outspend other european teams just like the juventus.

    we dont just compete with english clubs for potential new recruits or keeping existing players.

  104. arsenalandrew

    The financial model of a typical top football club is about as complex as it gets.

    In stark contrast to the grasp that the average football fan has on financial models of any kind.

    Hence the loose bandying around of phrases like “the Adebayor/Toure/etc money”.

    Whisper it, but it really doesn’t work like that. But I’m still braced to read the first “Queensland Road cash …”.

    It WILL come; it’ll just take a few days to percolate through …

  105. Oh for FFS….. there is a stadium debt to be paid, where does that money come from. How much bullshit can someone spew?

    khalifha; i am guessing one of them is thomas eisfield.

  106. Upper Street Gooner

    eisfeld and gnarby. gnarby by all accounts is a wonderful talent only 16 but a beast of a winger forward we got hi from stutgart last summer


    the club must spend 75% of any transfer fee on either new additions or new contracts for the playing squad. if the club makes a decision and it doesnt work it absolutely right that that should be noted. we love the club we scrutinise its every move in the good and the bad times. You are happy to note when the club makes a great decision well this is the other side. and by understanding both aspects of the club your in a better position to talk about the club.

    as i said the club appear to be doing a great job this time. we need a higher number of first team players who are capable of performing on a consistent level in 4 comps. santos, mertasacker, yossi, aoc, podoslki, arteta, giroud, m’vila all provide excellent first team options.

    the sales of cesc and nasri will have been used as a mechanism to improve the team and thats exactly what a front office is there to do. this is exactly how american teams front offices are judged to an incredible degree across the pond.

  107. Here we go again………

    I suggest we all migrate to America. The rivers are filled with honey and milk, i have been told.

  108. pedantic george

    Well they will,Always ,Every new deal can be used.
    So the Ade/Toure money was used .It never existed as an entity in its own right anyway.
    Why some halfwits think they are qualified to talk about the clubs finances ,with an air of knowing authority,is beyond my comprehension.

    I am going to assume that any 75% rule is designed solely to prevent directors from selling assets and sky rocketing the funds.That is a guess though.Because I am a dimwit.

  109. Upper Street Gooner

    sahil sehrawat (@sahil_sehrawat) | June 23, 2012 at 5:11 pm

    the money wasnt used for that as its not allowed to be. Im not being overly critical its ok to admit the club makes a mistake every club does and we make far less than 99.99999 of clubs, but we make them nevertheless. a mistake would be to admit that there was no mistake.

    It was glazidis who said that investing in the current squad is also just like spending money. we know the money has to be spent due to our contract with nike. we look like we have learnt which is exactly what a well run club does.

    successful individuals or companies arent afraid to make mistakes. by making a mistake you have tried something which should be applauded, the key is learning throughout the process.

  110. pedantic george

    Yogi,if you need any help finding your keys.Give me a shout.

  111. Upper Street Gooner


    People are perfectly able to draw conclusions on the club just in the same way that someone can make an assessment of a any companies performance. You worki in education i assume you meet some intelligent people. Would you not choose to listen to their opinions on any matter unless they were within the upper echelons of topic they were talking about?

    If anything the fact that the highlights of arsenal are for all to see and much easier to analyse than most other companies. By watching the product on the pitch there is a tangible way of seeing how the management decision making and whether its good or bad.

    Why would nike want the club to have its assets stripped and they to be suckered in to having there brand splashed all over and average or worse team

  112. I assume you know the name of the players whose salary was increased using the so called ade/toure money because in your 5:02 post you declare most of those players will not be with us?

  113. Upper Street Gooner


    Your insecurity is quite incredible. Nothing domer about the comments. If your understanding isnt quite there no need to start crying for knight in shinning armour. Just say you dont know and we can move on to the next topic

  114. pedantic george

    sahil sehrawat (@sahil_sehrawat) it seems he knows everything by watching the team on the field.
    Good trick that,I say.

    Jabba,teaching people how to kick the shit out of someone is hardly “working in education”.I have no such illusions of grandeur.

  115. Upper Street Gooner

    sahil sehrawat (@sahil_sehrawat) | June 23, 2012 at 5:33 pm

    glazisiidis said we had given 17 contract extensions over the course of the year at the agm.

    Cesc was a massive one with the massive signing bonus as well. But take your pick from most of the first team guys who have been here over that period. Allot of those guys we’ve actually funnily enough not been able to sell in recent years due to the size of those wages……go figure

  116. pedantic george

    I don’t know,but neither do you.That is my exact point.

  117. Upper Street Gooner

    o i thought you were joking when you said you were a martial arts trainer. its the kind of thing some people on the internet might lie about.

  118. pedantic george

    Speculation is not fact.

  119. pedantic george

    That is why I said use Google.

  120. Right george, how does watching the team on the field make one an expert on finance i dont know?

    Upper Street Gooner | June 23, 2012 at 5:33 pm
    You worki in education i assume you meet some intelligent people. Would you not choose to listen to their opinions on any matter unless they were within the upper echelons of topic they were talking about?

    Dexter hit the nail on the head. You have serious self esteem issues.You are basically trying to say you are intelligent and we should respect your opinions.
    To quote PG, ‘self praise is no praise at all’.

  121. Upper Street Gooner


    Finances is one thing that every single person with a computer can look at with the club. We can all listen to glazidis comments at the agm. so yes those who choose to read and listen can have an understanding of what goes on. no not the full picture but a decent one.

    in todays age ignorance is a hard thing to justify. No we dont know about team selection but we don no about the clubs finances

  122. USG

    Criticising over decisions is easy, putting constructive arguments in the comments is the tricky bit.

    Reading the posts today, it is not hard to see why you wind people up. Hectoring is not a good technique for making your points.

    On the cash side, of course the club make mistakes but they are only apparent with hindsight. At the time of the sales of Toure and Adenayor, renewing contracts looked an effective path to follow since the youngsters had done well all things considered.

  123. pedantic george

    Jibber,As you seemed to insinuate I am telling lies.this is me,

    I suggest no one wastes their time watching.I just don;t like to be accused of fantasising.

  124. Reading about the clubs financed is one thing, understanding them is another entirely.

    And so many people who tell me they know all about the finances, don’t have a clue what they are talking about.

  125. Upper Street Gooner

    sahil sehrawat (@sahil_sehrawat) | June 23, 2012 at 5:46 pm

    because its those finances which directly impact what goes on on the field.

    do you think the manger wanted to breakup the premiere leagues best ever side at record pace or did he have to because the club decided to build a stadium.

    why are leeds now in the chmaponsip and why are city now champions. what was the catalyst…..finances.

    you can look quite freely at our finances and you can look quite easily at our performance on the field. Its quite easy to derive and opinion as to whether the proceeds of the sales of adebayor and toure improved us or not in the same way it will with the cesc and nasri…………….nothing could be simpler to draw results from.

    You sell your second property and invest in stocks, in 5 years i would be able to make a pretty good assesment as to whether that was a good decision or not as could anybody

  126. Upper Street Gooner

    Yogi’s Warrior | June 23, 2012 at 5:50 pm

    Your absolutly right. From reading the comments today its also very easy to see insecurity.

    I am not having a go at the club. Im declaring in hindsight that its now apparent that we made mistakes and appear to be learnign from them.

    The people im arguing with are either saying no mistakes were made or thats impossible for me to see these mistakes.

    Both are incorrect. There were mistakes made its very easy to see them.

    I’m not having a go at the club i’m saying we have learnt from our mistake and adjusted which i sated is what well run companies do.

    Its a perfectly rational and informed assessment, the issue is with people who cant admit the mistake now in hindsight or think that even in hindsight you cant see these mistakes

  127. i agree with jeff re loans for players u23. that would restrict clubs to loaning young players out for experience

  128. Brilliant PG!!

    Jabba now do you have any proof that you have worked in football before?

  129. Upper Street Gooner


    ha that has brought a smile to my face. All this time thinking about what i would do to you when in the heat of an argument online and it terns out you actaully are a martial arts expert. Guess its lucky for me you are up there and you dont frequent bars around the ground.

  130. Sahil, i think you’re right re best academy players.

    I hope to see Serge Gnabry in the carling cup next season. Shit i almost forgot, is it capital one cup? Wtf


    The problem right now is you constantly take your opinions as fact. How can you make statements like ‘we spent the money on renewing contracts’ or

  131. Oh my Gawd!! I bow to thee’, oh great warrior George!! _/’|’\_

    No one mess’s with the Meerkat. Well, I did.. But I now know better. 🙂

  132. Upper Street Gooner

    khalifha | June 23, 2012 at 6:48 pm

    Im not doing anything other than telling you exactly what our own chief executive told us 3 years ago.

    Our chief executive said that just because we had 40m and a duty to spend 75% of it on improving the playing staff that doesnt just mean transfers in. he expalined we had awarded 17 new contracts to the first team squad. he explained that that to was investing in the side as it was with the belief we were safe guarding on keeping players who would get better and spearhead us to glory.

    This is all freely available to you if you ever bothered to concern yourself with the less exciting but just as important side to arsenal which you are free to.

  133. pedantic george

    Ivan was merely pointing out to people who thought they understood the club finances ,That in fact ,they understand nothing.
    Seems you were not listening

  134. pedantic george

    khalifha,Do you think you will now spend your life trying to understand the working of the club with only a fraction of the information required?
    Or shall we let the highly paid professionals get on with it and we can do the important business of pretending we understand football.
    Jibber seems to think we should broaden our horizons.

  135. Upper Street Gooner

    pedantic george | June 23, 2012 at 7:10 pm

    There is an incredible amount of information out there. you can go and look at arsenal financial record over the last god knows how many years. There is also huge amounts of evidence everywhere which shows our front office decisions ie transfers in and out plus contract renewals, and there is is even more evidence which shows the results of all these variables on the playing side.

    There are millions of examples around the world where people with less information that is freely available to them make much more important decisions or assuptions which are respected.

    What you are suggesting is is that nobodies opinion matters on anything unless you are directly involved in the event…….which is ridiculous

  136. Thank God for Frank.

  137. Upper Street Gooner

    pedantic george | June 23, 2012 at 7:05 pm

    no george ivan was actually defending the club against accusations that we didnt spend the proceeds from the players sales, which is the whole fricking reason why you and khalifa dont have a leg to stand on…….?

  138. pedantic george

    No ,He was telling the likes of you how you don’t know anything.
    Which is why you don’t have……..

  139. Upper Street Gooner


    ha nice come back.

    it must be hard having know idea.

    enjoy the game

  140. pedantic george

    Not knowing or understanding things that I can not effect and have zero effect on me is normal behaviour as far as I am concerned.

  141. Upper Street Gooner

    ”have zero effect on me”

    right george so how arsenal performs has no effect on a guy who spends more of his day commenting on arsenal than he does nearly anything else. You do support arsenal right.

    The rest of what you say in the post is fine but it more than likely leads to you arguing against people who do try to understand these things……invariably in life if you fail to prepare you prepare to fail

  142. pedantic george

    No Jibber .” how Arsenals Finances work” has Zero effect on me.

  143. Upper Street Gooner

    Thats great george but its a fact that they are without a shadow of a doubt the joint most important variable that affects something that you care greatly about.

    I care about that just as much as you so i and many thousands of other people choose to read and learn huge amounts about the thing that we love most, it is after all very easy to find out huge amounts about this.

    This puts us in a much better position to discuss these things than fans who choose not to look at such a crucial aspect of the thing they love so much.

    I’m afraid sir thats one of the crucial reasons why we disagree on so much

  144. pedantic george

    Look,AU has bought about 300 million pounds worth of shares and he cant get enough financial information .So what makes you think you can?

  145. Upper Street Gooner


    what financial information is it that you want. we release a full report on our fiances everything is accounted for and this is scrutinised by experts. UA wants to see the accounts on a more forensic level. He is looking for something to bite at SK with but in reality as our club tell us at every meeting we are more transparent than any other club. there are no skeletons in our closet.

    Go read the info look at the decisions that have been made in relation to what has been self seficently produced and then compare that to other clubs from around the league and europe and decide whether you think we have performed brilliantly in the last 3 years since we have been able to significantly reduce the debt through our property portfolio maturation or that we are doing whats expected of us in reality.

    its the single biggest reason why you and i argue. all the questions about improving the playing side come down to whats happening on the profit and loss accounts and how it affects our ability through our front office of improving the product on the pitch.

    You dont find many fans who look in detail at our freely available financial information who suggest we are doing over the last 3 years.

  146. Thought Kos did well.

  147. USG

    Financial statements on their own are limited unless you know budgets, forecasts or what comprises the actuals, then you are talking in generalities about the club’s finances.

    Let’s face it, we can’t talk in detail about the wage bill because we don’t know the detail of players wages, admin wages, pension contributions or payroll taxes. You don’t know what any player earns as all conversations are based on speculation.

    And having worked in that field for a number of years, I can assure you that the financial statements tell you fuck all about the real state of a company’s finances since they are generally 6 months out of date.

  148. pedantic george

    “You dont find many fans who look in detail at our freely available financial information”
    Yes because it is a pointless exercise.
    As pointless as me picking the team without seeing training ,knowing fitness levels or understanding a fraction of what Arsene knows.
    Each to their own I say.

  149. Upper Street Gooner


    But a transparent club like arsenal its much easier to determine how the next 6 months have gone.

    our revenue streams are much more predictable. We know what comes from tv as we see how many live games we are on and where we will finish. We know the % dished out to the 20 clubs. We know how much our club generates from season tickets and we are even more aware at who we buy and sell.

    Unless you can point out whats happened in the last 6 months that would significantly affect our 227m revenue i can give you a pretty good picture of how it looks now. In fact we can even make some pretty good predictions on our fiancial picture in 2014 form looking at historical date and precedents from around the league much more so than when you were an accountant looking at companies form different sectors

    This is also why reading our reports over years allows you to derive trends in our company profile. Looking at historical trends and analysing how that might affect the future of a company is exactly what i do so we can both speak with a degree of understanding.

  150. Upper Street Gooner


    But by understanding the financial environment that these front office decisions are being made in it puts you in the only position to judge whether they are good decisions or not. This is where we argue. i feel we haven’t done as well in the last 3 years as you. I’m basing my opinion on the realities and opportnities that our financial gives us. You are basing your opinions on watching what we do on the pitch. What happens on the pitch is determined by coaching and front office decisions.

  151. He did Finn, not that the Spanish cereal striker put him under much pressure. 😆

  152. pedantic george

    “What happens on the pitch is determined by coaching and front office decisions.”
    Neither of witch I can possible know enough about to form an educated opinion on.So I don’t bother

  153. But you’ve been talking about wages not revenue.

    Revenue for 2012-13 is in no way more than 75% predictable since much of it is performance related, e.g. CL split, tv revenue, PL prize money.

  154. You’re not in any position to judge decisions on whether they are right or wrong since you are ill-informed and using hindsight.

  155. Upper Street Gooner


    here let me help you.

    How about you as football fan of arsenal fc decide whether selling adebayor and toure and toure and then investing much of that money on contract renewals for 17 first team players in the belief that they would take us onwards and upwards. Now you can either choose to look at our performance the respective 3 seasons in the league or you can look to see where the vast majority of those 17 players are now, maybe even try both if you want the full picture.

    Now look what we are doing with cesc and nasri money. Look at those front office decisions and tell me whether you think the club is doing a better job with the opportnity that we now have.

    Look what newcastle did with there 35m. american teams live and die by their drafts and how many picks they can get for trading older players.

    we had had a poor draft in 2009. we look like having a stormer in 2012. those 3 years in between are where we argue the most

  156. Which 17 players were they? Let me know and then we’ll judge it.

  157. Upper Street Gooner



    prize money goes up 850k per position so we get that increased next year.

    we know from previious years exactly what % take we would get by being one of the last 2 english clubs in the knockout stage. we know the previous tv deal allocation of live games, and final league position. It will be only a couple of milion different than last year unless your saying city who came third played in 30 more lives games than we did this year… they didnt.

    Our football operations revenue has remained stagnent for 3 years this is for all to see. you are arguing over minor millions as our onfield performance in cups and league position deviates so little.

    Si we are in an excellent position to know where we are at from a football perspective financially. The only things we cant project exacty is how much we will spend and how many years the contracts will be for but we know very well how much we have and how we allocate it into our accounts.

  158. Since 2012-13 revenues are based on an unplayed season with no guarantee of anything, you are basing your whole tiresome rhetoric on supposition.

    Now I asked you for the list of 17 players whom you have been berating the club about. You’ll appreciate that I need links to reputable sources for proof of contract renewals

  159. Please shut up up about the f**king NFL. What’s the draft got to do with transfers?

  160. pedantic george

    ffsshoo, I don’t like Yanks either

  161. ffshoot

    You wait your turn – I want the list of 17 players before he answers anyone else.

  162. Koscielny best French player in my opinion but it just wasn’t enough.

  163. George – don’t mind Americans; just don’t want to hear about their tiresome games.

    Sorry YW.

  164. Evil

    Agree he had a good game. France were cautious in the first half. They might’ve got more with a touch of adventure.

    SO LIMP…..

  166. Some tidbits about Koscielny:
    Most shots blocked and interceptions of all players, most tackles and successful clearances in the French team, most offsides won of all players, etc.


    ‘s alright – I am entirely bored by him wittering on about how bad the decision to renew 17 contracts three or four years ago. Unless I get an answer, he ajn’t going to be posting here again.

  168. Upper Street Gooner


    Just before we name a few of the guys who we know signed new contracts in that time period, you understand that IG said those words at the AGM. So you know that the club told its supporters that it was untrue to suggest that the club had just sat on the money rather than spend it as we had signed a number of players to long term contracts…ok lets name a few of these guys.

    Cesc, diaby, denilson, bendtner, vela, djourou ….

    here are some of our signings with the cash as well, andrei, chamack, tv5, kosciellny. Has our defence improved since the decision was made to sell toure as he like many of our team hated our capatin so much. the fact that that captain was then released a year later as well. Where will andrei and chamack be in august. that to me looks like a front office bust even without taking into account the sustained trend of declining perfromance on the pitch until these adjustements were made last summer.

  169. Yeah Koscielny played well.

  170. Could somebody translate “front office bust” into intelligible English please?

  171. Upper Street Gooner

    ffsshoot | June 23, 2012 at 9:31 pm

    the number of draft picks a club position themselves to have through selling older players and the position these come in reflect the exact same environment that our front office have to make there decisons in.

    If a club trades 3 experienced pro’s for a host of picks how those picks do is exactly how you judge there move to sell those players.

    Our front office is judged by how it allocated those funds. Did the players that we bought and kept improve the side over a period of time.

    The players we kept didnt elivate their performance and the players that we singed didnt improve our position. Many of these players are not or will not be apart of our future. The decisions in hindsight went badly for us.

    Yogi talks about hindisght and yet if one pointed these things out at the time they were told they were a doomer.

    We look like we are doing much better as afront office with this opportunity.

  172. pedantic george

    ffsshoot I don’t like front office busts either.

  173. pedantic george

    Give me those keys will you?

  174. Upper Street Gooner

    ffsshoot | June 23, 2012 at 9:52 pm


  175. You said 17 renewals and wanted us to judge where they are now. You’ve banging on about it so I want the list with proof that these were the 17 IG referred to. No postings on any other subjects until you’ve provided that list.

  176. And don’t underestimate how serious I am about this.

  177. Upper Street Gooner


    you run this blog your meant to know stuff. go listen to glazidis in 2010 speaking to the supporters. go listen to him talking about the 17 renewals, then go look at every arsenal player to sign an extension at that time.

    im suprised you didnt watch it a couple of years ago.

  178. pedantic george

    Ha ha .
    As if?

  179. Limestonegunner

    PG, if the fee is 20 million as some expect, it isn’t worth it it my opinion. If it is over 30 there might be something to think about, but to me it isn’t a foregone conclusion. Even though RvP won’t, I think, have as great a season next year, in all likelihood, he will still be irreplaceable as a top PL ready striker and captain. That is if he is committed to serving as he did this year. The new strikers aren’t familiar with this league, so having RVP to learn from and get us across the line for a year is worth a great deal. Besides re-building isn’t progressing and that’s what we need at this point. Winning the league, which I think we can with the right reinforcements to last year’s team, is worth quite a lot in prize money, commercial revenues and for our new deals and for our global expansion.

    As far as if it were my money–that’s a pretty silly point actually. Whose money is it anyway? It’s a self sufficient club which exists to play and win football competitions while insuring future health and survival of the club. So what I am advocating is my opinion about how the club should spend its resources–it has to decide whether to make some quick cash for RvP if he isn’t ready to sign a long term extension or, if he isn’t militating for a move away and would be as committed as he was this season, whether keeping him for competitive reasons might be worth it for the longer term value that might come putting Arsenal back in the frame of the top teams and even winning a title. However, in an alternate world where I was one of the billionaires owning the club, I’d do exactly as I am advocating because it wouldn’t be my money either, just like none of it is Kroenke’s or Usmanov’s. Neither of them have put in a single penny to improve Arsenal competitively. In fact Arsenal paid four million or so to pay for the privilege of Kroenke taking over the club–thank you Stan, you’re the man! But if it wasn’t a self sustaining club and I had the billions to own Arsenal, you better believe I would tell AW that he should make no compromises on the team he fields next season out of pure financial considerations. I’d tell him: you are a genius and I trust you–use the resources of the club and if you want to take a gamble here or there, there is no one in world football better suited or more prudent than you to judge, so don’t worry about those extra costs. We’ll make it back as PL and CL double winners!

    AW wanted to keep Nasri and even said as much. I think RvP is more valuable to us in several ways.

    Of course if RvP actively wants to leave this summer, that’s a different scenario.

  180. george i do like your laid back style martial art.

  181. You’re the one asking us to judge the players – provide the list or do us all a favour and take your warped record rhetoric somewhere else.

  182. Duke

    Tomorrows guest poster is… George

  183. pedantic george

    Laid back?
    I call it “halfarsed” Duke

  184. Limestonegunner

    I think Kos was very good. Blanc made some poor choices–Revelliere and subbing Debuchy off for Menez. Plus Nasri was ineffective as well.

    I think Debuchy was France’s best player this tournament. Might be rough for Sagna to reclaim his starting position, but I am sure he will ultimately. The right side was givingSpain real problems because of Debuchy–the pressure was released as soon as he was subbed off. I thought it was a bad move right away.

  185. Is usg boring and ill informed?? rhetorical question.

  186. Better than carntbearsed

  187. pedantic george

    LG .I feel resolution is required .Dont fancy a year of limbo

  188. Damn! This is like a bad dream that won’t go away, still beats talking Nfl!

    Koscielny was outstanding today, he did not put a foot wrong A+. Did you guys see the baby giraffe beside him? That guy and his partner with the hidden tapes of laurant blanc were the players keeping Kosciely out of the team, unbelievable!

    This spanish team is overrated, they have created an aura about themselves that teams have become too brainwashed to defeat them, yes that is their best talent. Why else would the french team be shooting blancs? Malouda, two rightbacks and a baby giraffe were all in the team to stop the strikers from scoring. But come to think of it, what strikers?

    I guarantee you, any team willing to attack the spaniards will see their defence buckle, i just hope the portuguese coach will be brave enough to allow their attackers have their way with spain.

    No prize for guessing which trouble making cunt de là bastard was on the bench for le bleus, £££na$ri£££! now thats what you call ‘deadwood’.
    Best £25M arsenal ever got.

  189. i do hope george isnt going to just bang on about the big england v italy game in his post tommorow.

  190. Upper Street Gooner


    All we can do is take IG for his word at the agm which you can listen to if you choose to.

    To a question by fan asking him why we haven’t invested the money in improving the squad, he went at great length to expplain that indeed we had invested it into improving the squad.

    He said keeping young talent which we expect to progress in the next few years and nurturing it would produce a better arsenal team in the furture. He actaully said those comments to beat down what you would call a doomer for asking where the money had gone.

    Now we can look at the players who annonced contract extensions between when ade and toure were sold and this agm. I’ve just named you some you can go find the rest. What isnt in question is that he said those things.

    Like is said unless you listen and read all these things maybe it doesnt put you in such a good position to argue with someone who has listened to this freely available info years ago

  191. pedantic george

    Yes,Yogi pay attention to readily available stuff will you?

  192. Upper Street Gooner

    khalifha | June 23, 2012 at 10:24 pm

    How do you attack a team without the ball.

    How do you not leave them space if you attack in numbers with intense pressure to win the ball back.

    France were woeful but teams are deciding that its better to keep the game close on the scoreboard and hope for a chance rather than open up and try to go toe to toe with with them.

    I think portugal have the making of a side who can beat them. Excellent defence with key players who are very well schooled in how to try to stop tika tika in pepe and contraeo. They have midfielders with bite who in transition can get balls out to nani and ronaldo. They also have height to take advantage at set peices. Thats a recipe to give the spanish trouble

  193. USG

    You asked us to judge where the players are now. I want to help with this but your unwillingness to provide the list of names prevents it. Therefore, I presume it is because you think that providing the list will undermine your arguments. Which is fine but not acceptable.

    If however, as I suspect is the case, you want to make your point and not allow any rebuttal, that is fine. But also, not acceptable.

    You had been careful to keep most arguments ‘generic’, not specific. But this one you made specific, now I want answers especially since you have taken to hectoring people who disagree with you. So until such times as you provide that list of players and proof that it is the list of names Ivan referred to, you won’t be allowed to participate in any other discussions with comments held in moderation.

    And that is final, with no discussion on the matter countenanced.

  194. I’m inconsolable… F**kin Spanish.. Where’s my rum at?? {Sniff}

    And boy do I feel a strong sense of Deja Moo.. Wooh.. Or is it just me??

  195. Wasn’t the bronze of Chapman in the marble hall a ‘front office bust’?

  196. Nice smell of fresh air in here now.

  197. For a sec, I thought it was only moi..

    Ah well.. Cest la vie.. 😉

  198. No Albert, it’s cos Yogi resisted the Borg.

  199. And the sources for each of these names as well. I can list 17 professionals just like ghost.

    What was it you said? Aah yes, the information is out there if you look .

  200. I think yogi is doing his virtual throwing a coat over usg’s head then throwing him to the floor and stamping on him.

  201. @ffsshoot

    I didn’t know what a Borg is. So I googled up and the first two hits that came up was –

    “The Borg are a fictional pseudo-race of cybernetic organisms depicted in the Star Trek universe…….They operate toward the fulfilment of one purpose: to “add the biological and technological distinctiveness of other species to [their] own” in pursuit of “perfection.””-


    “Björn Rune Borg is a former world no. 1 tennis player from Sweden”.

    So I’m guessing, and please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, it’s the former. Ya?? 🙂

  202. Yes Dups, always good to open the windows once in a while, let the bad stuff out …

  203. Goodness me. ACLF has gotten rid of its DEAD AIR..i mean deadwood
    ……… AU will be wery dishpleased.
    Borg was one of my favorites in the world of tennis. Such an artist. Now a days, men’s tennis has become all about power, power and more POWER.

  204. What a freakin relief! The guy is a fraud. Shown up first by George (btw excellent vid old man) and then by professor YW. Name the names or get the feck out of here.

  205. Just finished watching the World Soccer Masters ‘Bacardi Cup”, being played in Miami. “The what?” I hear you asking. Well it was an exhibition game organised by Messi to benefit his childrens charity with some of the best players playing. Including our very own Andre Santos. It finished 7-7, very entertaining and I think there were 3 fouls throughout the entire game, two of which were penalties. Messi, Alves, Cavanni, Nene, Rondon, Drogba, Mascherano, Lavezzi, Falcao, Forlan, Clint Dempsey, Luis Suarez, Diego Milito, Seedorf, the list goes on. If it was not for the Euros I am sure Ronaldo would have been there too. Maybe even RVP. The teams were coached by Dunga and Fabio Capello. Apparently they want to make this an annual event that will play in a different city every year, maybe even more than once a year. If you get a chance make sure you watch it, some amazing goals and all round play. And yes, Messi scored a hattrick and had 2 assists. Fantastic stuff, if only every game could be played like this one.

  206. “World Soccer Masters bacardi Cup???”….eh?…
    and their intention is what…charity?
    …i’m muchas sceptical irish…
    looks more like an all-star soccer game to me.
    soon it’ll be the best euro 22
    against the best americas 22
    then africa, then asia,,,
    then countries get replaced by continental unioms,,,blah, blah

    some bs that brings the “one-world” bs much closer.
    I dig diversity, smaller unions, smaller allegiances that closer responsibility invariabely channels into ONE LOVE!
    A world not owned by anybody but tended to by all.

  207. Here here, looks like were active in the market atm with some (half) decent signings coming in. Arsenals future could be shaping up.

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