Rosicky Back In Team, RvP Back Home & The Old Boy Network Proves Useful

A breather in the Euro2012 schedule allows the media to turn its’ attention toward the transfer market very briefly and this morning, Hatem Ben Arfa is the lucky chap to get the flirtatious glances from the right side of north London. That Chelsea are also interested should in no way be construed as an agent or two feeding stories to the press in order to improve any offers received. No, sir, not in any way, shape or form, is that the case in this instance…

Robin van Persie meanwhile will be reporting back to pre-season training on 9th July just like everyone else. That has caught this morning’s Daily Heil by surprise but I am not quite sure why? He has a contract and it is well-known that the club want to hold him to that, even if he should decide not to sign an extension. And they read enough blogs to know what the fans think of it, as well reinforcing the view that the Dutchman should play out his final season if there are no suitable replacements.

The club will give anyone who plays in the latter stages of Euro2012 an extra weeks holiday before returning to pre-season training but let’s be honest, the prolonged involvement of England, France or Czech Republic beyond the middle of next week is not expected. Indeed, it will be hugely impressive if any of them survive their quarter-finals. Which just leaves Germany with Lukas Podolski and Per Mertesacker in their squad. Who would have thought that Germany would do well in a tournament?

In all likelihood, Tomas Rosicky will not make tonight’s match from the kick-off, at least. He has returned to training with the Czechs but they will surely want to take it slowly with their captain given his injury record. Even if they don’t, Arsenal will and it strikes me that Rosicky’s pre-season might be gentler than that of others if he has suffered any gah, tweak or knack during this tournament.

All of which points to a strong Arsenal squad making their tours to various parts of the world. Normally pre-season training is a welcome relief from two months of boredom. With an international tournament finishing just a week before, it is a seamless transition between the end of the last campaign and the beginning of the new. It also marks an intensifying of transfer gossip as media outlets seek to make up for the quiet spell. I wonder if anyone will be clamouring for his return?

Elsewhere, the Old Boy Network closed ranks on Alisher Usmanov yesterday. Premier League rules relieved him of the responsibility of signing off material financial transactions when he formally reaches the 30% shareholding threshold. Officially he is at around 29.5% but is believed to control other shares that take him closer to the golden figure. With a major shareholderin situ, the Premier League decided that he was in fact no more entitled to be given access to privileged information than a normal shareholder.

It is an inconvenience to Red & White at this moment in time. They may try to challenge the rule via legal channels but I am not sure whether it would be successful; it seems highly unlikely provided that Premier League regulations were met in implementing the change.

What does it mean for the club? Essentially, nothing. They would surely have resisted any attempt by Red and White to access the books which might have been messy. Too much was expected of having access to this information, too many people seemed to think it would allow Usmanov to bring information into the open. He could of course, have done that and in an instant, would have broken several company laws. That would not have happened nor would he have fed too much to the media since I am sure something would have been given specifically to him to test him in that respect.

He would have had leverage to make more extravagant claims about how he would invest in the club, how KSE are not and wow, look how much money they are making out of Arsenal.

I have never bought into him being offered a place on the board for the size of his shareholding. It is not logical on that basis alone. He is a successful businessman but so are KSE who have a touch more relevant experience. The whole premis of his involvement at that level has been about him investing cash. Talk is cheap and easy when you don’t have power; any politician will tell you that.

As it is, I do not think he will stop buying shares for the moment, nor unfortunately are he or Kroenke going to disappear from the club in the immediate future. Why should Red and White? After all, they have invested their money in the shares and all the while the club’s value rises, they profit through doing nothing. He ought to talk to PHW about that…

’til Tomorrow

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  1. Early start Y W?

  2. It’s difficult for us fans. We never wish disappointment on our players and yet we want them out of these tournaments and home safely as soon as possible. Especially TR7

  3. Steww

    Yeah. Junior is off on a school trip

  4. Cannons of Rhetoric

    Hoping Theo and The Ox score at least a goal each, even if England has to go out against Italy. Neither England nor Italy has anything to lose so I think that game might be electric to watch for the neutrals.
    France will probably beat Spain and blow the whole tournament wide open…at least, that’s what I put my money on.

  5. Can we assume from the ‘reports’ about RVP that, with, or without an extension to his contract he will still be here after August 31st? I suppose from his point of view, the loss in the pay rise will be off-set by a signing on bonus, and give him 5 months to asses whether the club are in a challenging position come January. Then he can start looking at options elsewhere if the outlook is not so good.
    However, the only advantage I can see the club, is getting a breather if a big offer does not come in before the end of August. A chance to assess how new signings gel. Perhaps 5 months while he plays himself into the shop window( as well as doing his best for Arsenal, of course). They will also look strong in the market while still tying up any other additions to the squad. The downside will be, when we need our club captain, and the rest of the team to focus on whatever the run-in holds for us, his head will be elsewhere … as I think we have seen over the last few of months? Not to mention any incoming fee.
    Although AW may make public positive comments about him staying, I think the reality button will click in by the end of August, to the point where he signs or goes.
    Well that is my view, I just hope he signs sooner rather than later.

  6. The crass implant of Russian money bought the champs league to Chelsea last season initially I was 100% against any involvement of A,U with more billionaires wanting p,l clubs as toys we are in a place were 99 % would want to live for the day S.K is not a fan and I doubt A,u is either but if we are to go this way I would rather structure a deal with the guy who wants a toy rather than run the risk of being raped and plundered

  7. I’m gonna put my money on where my mouth is, on the Czechs causing an upset over the Portuguese. Any takers?? No?? Alright. It’s not like I had lots to begin with.

  8. If Mr usmenov is so keen to reach the 30% target why was no effort made to obtain lady bracewells shares they were on the table for months

  9. Samson adekunle

    Mr wenger should sign Ben Hafar

  10. Christ he’s out of his cage again. Yogi quick the pepper spray.

  11. Samson adekunle | June 21, 2012 at 8:21 am

    “Mr wenger should sign Ben Hafar-”

    Really??? Alright, where’s my scissors at?? Looks like someone needs his hair cut off!

  12. Hopefully van Persie will re-sign, but I don’t think it does the club any good to hold him to his contract if he won’t. Come January he will be pre-occupied with finding a new club and it would be entirely possible that he will, even if it is subconsciously, not be throwing himself into tackles for fear he’d get hurt and scupper a deal. Much better, imho, would be to sell to the highest bidder and get a replacement if he hasn’t signed by mid July. I don’t hold out much hope for this though even if the club did set a deadline, they seem to mean nothing as we’ve found out with many contract negotiations over the years.

    Boardroom shenanigans, meh, no interest here. Kroenke has it all tied up with a nice pretty bow, Usmanov is merely a minor irritant to him. Indeed, Usmanov probably did him a favour, he has full control of the club and Usmanov refusing to sell when he took over saved him nearly a third of the purchase price.

  13. I was very worried that AU might have gotten access to Arsenal’s VAT returns. Seems we have avoided that for now.

  14. “He has a contract and it is well-known that the club want to hold him to that, even if he should decide not to sign an extension”.

    Is it? Or is it assumed based on media conjecture but without any actual knowledge, I genuinely don’t know. Football clubs are businesses after all, would we really turn down 15-20m for an asset for which we could received zero in 12 months.

  15. zi

    He did, she refused to sell to him.

  16. The RvP situation is virtually all conjecture, isn’t it? The only information we have is that he has had a meeting with IG and AW and we know that because he told us. He even mentioned having coffee. Nothing has ever been said about the content of that meeting or even that contracts were discussed at all. We know that RvPs family (Dad, Mum, Wife)have expressed a desire for him to stay at Arsenal longer term, but we have no idea if that reflects his view or not. IG has stated that the club would like to agree new terms, no revelations there. Apparently Young Mr Grace has said that the club cannot stump up Β£250,000 a week, with no mention of RvP requesting that amount. Apparently AW has said that RvP will not go to Juventus…but he probably did not say that.

    No-one who is not a protagonist has any idea . If they say they do they are lying.

    People just don’t know how to be patient anymore.

  17. The font

    You came close to being kicked off the site permanently yesterday. Tone your language down – nothing in football compares to rape and anyone is uses that term in a footballing sense, is a fucking idiot.

  18. And there’s the pepper spray. thank you!

  19. Frank, you are trying to talk sense to people who would rather have a heated argument about a piece of speculation the source of which they do not know, and in a manner which suggests they each individually are the keepers of a holy truth passed directly from Yahweh.

  20. I know, steww. The odd reminder now and again. Gets it off my chest anyway.

  21. As Gazidid reminded us recently player contracts are money in return for future performance. In other words definite cash for an uncertain return.
    What we know is that RVP will be 29 at the beginning of next season and 30 if he left at the end of his current contract with us. That situation would mean that he was of less value to us but also makes the risk of signing him much greater.
    Given that the days of the vanity purchase seem to be coming to an end and it’s been proved that trying to undermine Arsenal by buying it’s best players doesn’t seem to work either the indicators would point to Robin taking the bird in the hand and signing a new contract with us. The fact that he cost us peanuts in the first place merely emphasises our lack of need to sell.

  22. Btw, did you see Consolsbob’s cock yesterday? Magnificent specimen.

  23. I could have watched it for hours Frank. He’s a lucky man. Hope his wife appreciates it.

  24. I thought this was a site for opinions tell me the reason I was near to being kicked off your site I don use expletives freely but you seem to think you can use them to justify your views I had one view yesterday which was in my opinion song would leave if we signed m.villa how does that qualify for being thrown off a site

  25. Talking of CBob’s cock, he must hate running around chasing it. It has a mind of it’s own you know.

  26. The font

    Yesterday: ‘spag bol land’
    Today: ‘rape’

    Not the most auspicious of starts.

    Also, try punctuating your comments. Life is so much easier if one does not have to guess where a full stop might be placed.

  27. To “The font” –

    I’m guessing it was “When mvilla signs songs off to spagbol land” .

    Given your puerile views, and your crass methods of expressing them, don’t you feel you’d be better off posting at Le Grove? I think that’s what it’s for.

  28. I’m not too sure that Cbob is going to happy with you chaps discussing his cock’s habits.

  29. Trivia question as it’s a slow day. Who provided the assist for Dennis Bergkamp’s last ever Arsenal goal?

  30. No cheating. Anyone gets it right I ‘ll know you looked it up. Just guesses please.

  31. Disagree regarding Usmanov. I’ve got not great feelings about the guy, but at almost 30% shareholding he does deserve a place on the board. Hell they can easily outvote him at every turn is that is their desire. He isn’t the knight in silver amour that some proclaim, more the devil in disguise, but it wouldn’t do the club any harm to have a potential disenting voice on the board.

  32. The Font

    Am sure you meant well and was only trying to add humour to your post but choice of words man, not good at all.

    Besides, you don’t want to get into an argument with this lot, real feisty bunch i tells ya.

  33. I know this is comparing apples to ornages but in the NFL a player in his final year of the contract will try and get a long term deal done. yet at the same time he’ll make sure he has a great year because he is auditioning for other clubs in case his club can’t sign him, We have to sign him.

  34. Hmmm, it was against WBA so I’m going with Pires.

  35. “Am sure you meant well” to describe using the word rape in a football context and a bit of casual racism in a previous post.
    Tells us all we need to know about you as well khalifa.

  36. I would have gone Pires but as it wasn’t him somebody less obvious, Gilberto.

  37. For God’s sake let me be steww.
    ‘The font was explaining himself in regards to the comment on song. Why would i say someone meant well when it comes to rape.

  38. To thegeeman – please don’t start on again about the bloody NFL – nobody here cares; it’s a different game, with different rules, in a different context – and as such doesn’t have many relevant lessons for proper football.

  39. ffsshoot

    sad but true!

  40. No more Nfl, please anything but Nfl or marketing.

  41. Agree with Block4 at 8:52am. You rarely get good value from a player who knows he will be leaving. So it’s sign or cash in for me. No point holding them to the final year of their contract.

    Steww, just to be topical, was it RVP in one of the domestic cups?

  42. Markus

    Home to West Brom, Dennis Bergkamp day. Could not have been scripted better.

    Well unless it had been in Paris when we were 1 up.

  43. Markus

    No his last goal was on Dennis Bergkamp day against WBA in the Premier League

  44. Steve, i still remember that goal vividly.
    Typical bergkamp, outside the 18 yard box, he curled the ball over the WBA’s keeper …. Hmmm, good times.

    Was there an assist? Am thinking hleb.

  45. The assist – Frank.

  46. Assist – Cygan?

  47. As regards being patient, I tell myself the same thing, plus all that about “I’ll believe it when the club announce it”, but I still get hooked on all the speculation.
    Must mean I enjoy it – innit?

  48. I’ve looked it up so I have a red card πŸ™‚

  49. Frank wins it was EE president Emanuel Eboue Dada

  50. Young mr grace-I love it!

  51. Khailfha thank you for your kind words it is humour with me
    Yogi spag Bol is not a racist remark it is a positive it is one of the most eaten dishes in the world and is associated with Italy of which the Italians are very proud of. I apologise for the using the word rape it was thoughtless but I must ask why you feel the need to pull me up on my punctuation not everybody has the opportunity to be educated to a high level it seems that some that point the finger need to look closer to home And as for having an argument I’m ready unless you banish me steww you have to ease up there must be somthing underlying with you why attack khailfha when you fully know what he ment

  52. @The font, because he has to moderate that mess. The rest of us can just skip over it.

  53. not everybody has the opportunity to be educated to a high level

    If you can’t be bothered to even try to punctuate your “thoughts”, why should anybody bother reading them? Oh, and you don’t need a degree to attempt punctuation, I teach it to seven year olds.

    And if you can’t see why your ignorant, xenophobic drivel might not be welcome everywhere on the Internet, then you are indeed as stupid as your (non) use of grammar might suggest.

  54. Markus I have read a few of your blogs you must be nearly ready to say something

  55. Fffffshoot I hope I have spelt your name right

  56. What markus said.
    And ffsshoot too.
    There’s nothing elitist about attempting to marshal your thoughts and present them coherently. If you have a learning difficulty that of course is different. My son is dyslexic and his writing is necessarily idiosyncratic. If not it’s just laziness.

  57. The font

    Thanks man. You can say that steww is the big bad wolf around this woods and am just a little kitten mee..yew, ha! Just kidding, the guy has issues.

    Are you new here? If you are then welcome to aclf, real classy joint we you found here and very entertaining i.e when we DON’T talk about NFL.

  58. Good post Yogi.

    To the hell RVP stays and then we win the PL!

  59. Hallo ACLFers,

    I’m thinking to watch a game from the 2007/2008 season on Arsenal Player but can’t decide which one.

    Any suggestions?

  60. The font

    I dare you to walk up to an Italian and say, ‘How are things in Spag Bol Land’. I’ll wait for your answer on that practical test but I’m guessing that it will be some time since the NHS will not be able to fix your broken body that quickly. If you still don’t see what you have done wrong, it’s probably best that you leave the site now with your dignity intact.

    If you stay then I understand I am trying to help you assimilate into the comments section and its’ culture. Punctuation is important. If you don’t put any in, your comments are impossible to read and doesn’t take long. It’s nothing to do with education. You don’t speak without punctuating a conversation. Read your 11.52 post – After ‘very proud of.’ there is nothing to indicate a pause for breath. It’s part of life; if you want to engage with people, to talk, make it easy for them to read your post otherwise most won’t bother beyond the first line.

    Also, pulling up others on the content of their posts when your own are unintelligible is a pretty stupid thing to do.

  61. If you are black white or green as long as your arsenal you are my brother

  62. To whom it may concern, i don’t bother reading your comments either. What a coincidence :O

    Just to clear things up apart from a slight misunderstanding on a certain day YW does not moderate any of my comments here.

  63. *lies back on couch* what are my issues then?

  64. Probably get shot down on this but if the term β€œspag bol land” is deemed to be racist then the world is fucked.

    Silly, childish, puerile, mildly insulting – yes, perhaps. Racist – no.

  65. “slight misunderstanding” ha ha ha Nice try.

  66. Just to underline that – I don’t moderate many comments here but when I do…

  67. Yogi this is my last post on your site.
    iSEEMTOBEGETTINGALOTOFRESpONCE . Tosomeonewhonobodyreads

  68. The world is fucked because people get pulled up for disrespecting and belittling an entire nation with a casual comment. No I don’t think that is what’s wrong with the world. It’s one small step in the right direction, that’s all.

  69. On the basis of his contribution so far, I doubt I’ll bother beyond the first line, even if he does discover that most elusive and magical of skills: punctuation.

  70. See Font, what did i tell you, am sure you learning the ‘basics’ on aclf already.

  71. I have three cocks actually, as you all seem so keen on discussing them.

    Shall I post vdeos of the others? Bertie the Pekin isn’t very big but Victor, the BFG Vorwerk, is a beauty.

  72. Bob, do you find yourself stood watching them for much longer than you ought to?

  73. Steww – How was your relationship with your parents? Take your time and think freely πŸ˜‰

  74. Yea steww, when was the last time you had ‘fun’ *plays soft music*

  75. Upper Street Gooner


  76. Upper Street Gooner


    How are things in the land of fish and chips?

    I think if an english person punched you over such a thing the bloke is a complete idiot. Its not racist. Sure the lad shouldn’t have used the term rape calling him a racist makes some on this blog come across like the political correctness police. This fine if these same people dont go and shout there own bile which they often do

  77. Wow! Nice going guys. The Font could not stand the heat in just 30minutes #newrecord.

  78. I do, steww, I do.

    Great time wasters. Wouldn’t be without chickens now.

  79. Best post yet by USG at 12.24. Ever. 😎

  80. GA –
    I’m obviously missing something here, but as you seem to be interested here goes. Apart from a period of about a year when my father and I didn’t speak (he disapproved of my decision to leave the mother of my children, in hindsight I can see he had a point) we got on pretty well. I still respect his memory and think him the kindest and wisest man I’ve ever known. He was much more tolerant of fools than i am, I get that from my mother. She and I have always enjoyed a stormy relationship. She was very strict and I felt struggled to cope with the fact that her children became adults. She struggled to let go and so I suppose I in turn resent the implication that I am childish. As is often true in life she has been proved correct where I thought her most wrong.
    Since my father died I’ve tried to support her but she is a stubborn woman and resists any moll coddling from her ‘little boy’. I think ours is a mildly dysfunctional relationship but we have our moments. Nothing really dramatically odd.
    Hope that helps.

  81. Forget it USG, ‘spagbol land’ was clearly meant to be derogatory. No humour there.

    Racist? Zenophobic? Arrogant? Parthetic?

    Choose any three from four.

  82. Bob I recall wandering into my wife’s domain and Big brother was on the television. I assumed she was watching some cool arts programme as the screen showed a man staring at chickens for 15 minutes solid. It was so very compelling i couldn’t tear myself away. I can see why you’d like them.

  83. USG

    WTF has English got to do with it? I dared him to speak to an Italian’s face the words he had written. It certainly wasn’t funny. It certainly was racist. It took him more effort to type ‘spag bol land’ than to type: Italy, Serie A, Juve, Juventus. It was utterly unnecessary to type and you can be damn sure he would not say to someone’s face. He knew it would provoke a reaction, he’s got it.

    Quite simply, if people don’t like the rules, tough. The exit door is thataway. ➑

  84. Steww – Hmmm, interesting. However I declare you normal. No issues after all.

  85. “Frank, you are trying to talk sense to people who would rather have a heated argument about a piece of speculation the source of which they do not know, and in a manner which suggests they each individually are the keepers of a holy truth passed directly from Yahweh.”

    That has to be the comment of the week.

  86. steww

    So pretty much, a typical family then.

  87. Bollocks. Thought I was finally going to get somewhere.

  88. Sounds depressingly ordinary doesn’t it YW. But he asked…

  89. Firstlady, I am honoured by your comment.

  90. Almost too normal….

  91. Nah, comment of the week is one that just turned up in the spam bin:

    “Is it working?”

    Obviously, since said comment ended up in the spam bin. πŸ˜†

  92. O the thoughts and minds that make up ACLF. Truly inspiring but I’m not sure if thats always a good thing.

  93. If it makes you think, it isn’t a bad thing.

  94. Upper Street Gooner


    You dared him to say to an italian, spag bol land? Which is one of their most famous dishes.

    Just imagine the consequinces if an italian dared another italian to walk up to an englishman and say fish and chip land, would they really be in danger of there life which is what your saying.

    No it wasen’t funny comment…guilty but calling the guy a racist makes some of you look uttely ridiculous. I mean imagine if you ever watched an episode south park, family guy, mock the week, or anythign else with a tiny little bit of humor in it.

    Lest be perfectly honest Hunter said far far worse things for weeks beofre he finally got moderated and some of the guys raging a war on racisim now never uttered a sentance in anger against the guy who was doing their fighting.

  95. YW – That not true all of the time though. Hunter made me think. He made me think he was a tube.

  96. Cosolbob, if you are alluding to my literary pretensions and in any way attempting to suggest that I have fabricated that potted biography, then I shall ask you kindly to recant. Write what you know. love , write what you know.

  97. It’s not really USG
    “American (and British) soldiers passing through Emilia, ate tagliatelle al ragΓΉ and liked them. Back home, they asked for the dish and Italian restaurateurs created the dish we know today, with spaghetti. ”

  98. I sort of agree actually on the “Spag Bol Land” to be honest. It is not really racist. Is Italy not the land of Spag Bol? People are a bit too touchy sometimes and will jump on any comment which is not 100% PC.

    That said, it is YW’s site and what he says goes.

  99. USG, C’Bob really did answer all of that when you posted it before. Why keep trying to change our minds with repetition?

  100. No GA it isn’t the land of spag bol and it is casual racism not much more. It’s childish and pathetic too, why would you use such terms? Who would you hope to impress?

  101. USG

    The subject is closed. No discussion on it is now being brokered. I made a point; it stands. If you don’t agree with the culture here, feel free to follow him out of the exit door. It’s thataway. ➑

  102. Upper Street Gooner


    Thank you for the correction.

    If i walked up to an italian and said yoru from tagliatelle land it makes me a an idiot but not a racist. If he turns around and punches me he would have a very hard job convincing any court i was being racist. Even then the law favours political correctness the average person in the street would think your barking bad for calling someone a racist.

    People were yesterday talking about how the ”business” of football is a bad thing. So is political correctness gone to far and this is wonderful example of that.

  103. Spagbol Land, mildly racist. If I were an Italian I probably wouldn’t get offended, but there are less laid back people than me I’m led to believe.

    Is the font being moderated? I wanted to ask him what blogs of mine he has read so I can go and search for them too.

  104. Upper Street Gooner

    I had already written that beofre i saw yoru post yogi. apologies

  105. Steww – Personally I don’t. It seems a bit of a child like label. But I really don’t think it is offensive either. People are to easily offended nowadays, and I would go as far as to say that some people seek to be offended to they can have a good moan about it (not directed at anybody on here, just a general observations).

    Good point on Spag Bol not actually coming from Italy though. You learn something new every day.

  106. steww; It is what he does. Unless you agree to his point, he will keep repeating.

  107. Ahhhhh. Dennis Bergkamp. (sigh)

  108. The Font was a good man, but ignorant(on spagbol?) and misunderstood(punctuation).

  109. pedantic george

    I don’t like Italians ,they helped Germans,who I also don’t like ,attack the French,who I do like.
    Then I remember how the French helped the Indians who murdered the British,most of who I really don’t like, that left Fort William Henry with the promise of safe passage.So fuck the French also.
    i do definitely like Spag.Bol.however.

  110. Might clear up later though.

  111. Cue George illustrating perfectly how both xenophobia and poor punctuation can be delivered with humour πŸ™‚

  112. Back to Football.

    Is YW the only one that thinks England will be easy pickings for the italianoo …yes?
    Its hard to see where the italians are stronger.
    -Goalkeeper? Buffon – Hart, both on form.
    -Defence? Chiellini is injured
    -Midfield? Pirlo and Gerrard are having smashing tournaments
    -Attack? Rooney, Caroll, Welbeck, Walcott, Lescott all have one thing in common, they have all scored in this tournament.

    Now take away John Terry and Milner you have a winning team.

  113. A Finnish magazine published jokes about Finns told by foreigners living in Finland. I still like this one… Q: What’s the difference between a Finnish wedding and a Finnish funeral? A: One drunk less.

    This one, on the other hand, was a bit crass: How do you freeze sperm in Finland? Make love to Finnish woman.

  114. @Khalifha

    Yes I think the Italians will beat the England. You say defence but you forget how De Rossi is playing. He is single-handly stopping every attack truly amazing and a real joy to watch. You say midfield but forget how well Thiago Motta and Christian Maggio are playing, not necessarily scoring goals but constantly on the attack and pressuring everywere and one thing that England struggles with is a high pressure midfield. Attack, all Di Natali does is score massive goals during massive matches and Balotelli for all his madness(I actually like him very interesting I must say) he can produce magic at a moments notice and is very skilled not to mention has pace (one thing tha Ukraine should have used more of against them) and knows Lescott.

    For all that we talk about Ibra and Balotelli, they are 2 exceptional talents and both of their goals in their last matches were truly a joy to watch with such skill.

  115. khalifha

    The Italians have a far superior defensive concentration whilst England are struggling to defend to save their lives. That won’t help.

    Unless Walcott plays, the English attack is bereft of pace on the right but with Glen Johnson likely to go walkabout at any time, it is hard to envisage Hodgson being able to accommodate Theo.

    England are well-organised to counter that and if Carroll plays, Italy will struggle to defend a good cross to him. But given that Gerrard is the only one delivering decent crosses aside from Walcott, it’s a bit daft playing The Deluded Ponytail.

  116. Yeah and, according to previous accusations, supposedly one of those people who didn’t censure Hunter was me – even though I did and do.

    You’re a joke USG – you make splatter gun false accusations backed up with grievances at the way others have spoken towards you.

    You’re like a kid who pokes a hornet’s nest with a stick and then complains when he gets stung. Read the rider at the top of the page – if you don’t like it…

    well YW already pointed you in the right direction.

  117. I too think Italy will have little problem in brushing aside England. But. And it’s a big but. Two buts in fact.
    But (1) If Roy picks a side that can hit fast on the counter and has great technical skill (we all know which two players he needs to pick for that to happen) then England’s chances suddenly increase massively.
    But (2) I thought France and Sweden would beat England with ease, so what the hell do I know?

  118. I would have banned the font for saying Song was leaving.

  119. Upper Street Gooner


    It will be close but i think the Italians have more ways of beating us than we do them.

    I think their height and organization negates our set piece advantage, and i think they they will be perfectly happy playing an unadventrous possession game which limits our ability to hit them on the counter.

    The achillies heel of teams that play 3 at the back is usually that they get exploited in wide areas but are milner and young in the form to exploit that as i think cole and johnson will have to be very cautious im not so sure. If starts with theo or ox that could be a different story.

    I also think the italians have a number of guys who can strike it well from range and we seem to be allowing allot of shots at the moment.

    That being said i think if we go with rooney, welbeck, walcott and young we can scare them goign forward and if we get a little lucky who knows.

    1-1 out on pens

  120. Heaven forfend that i should doubt your family history steww. I was merely wondering if anybody with such a normal upbringing could really be, well, normal.

  121. @Markus

    I agree but thats why someone much more wiser and level minded run this blog not us!

  122. Upper Street Gooner

    Jonny | June 21, 2012 at 1:22 pm

    zzzzz go fight your crusade somewhere else, yogi told us to stop talking about it.

  123. I reckon the game will be dull as hell. Both teams setup to defend and both teams with average attacks. This has got a 1-0 set piece goal wrote all over it.

  124. Very well said jonny. splattergun. I like it.
    C’bob. Define normal.

  125. Is it living in a valley, growing your own fruit and vegetables, raising chickens, geese and ducks, making cider and wine,never going to a city except to watch Arsenal and Argyle, fighting off grandchildren and never watching soap operas or much else really?

    If not, I’m completely on the wrong track.

  126. There is no normal

  127. erm… *second attempt at getting attention*…ahem..*cough*

    “Hallo ACLFers,

    I’m thinking to watch a game from the 2007/2008 season on Arsenal Player but can’t decide which one.

    Any suggestions?”

  128. I received a number of text messages just after the final whistle when Greece defeated Russia. They were from my Italian buddies…. “Bravi cucci”, “Well done the cucci”. I loved it I responded with “maybe the cucci will meet the cucci in the final”…Incidentally, cucci (pronounced choochi) is a southern Italian colloquial term for donkey…

  129. @Henristic

    Feeling a little left out over there mate. Just watch all the victories and avoid the defeats!

  130. So a colleague here at work (it’s my lunchtime) joked that when Greece play Germany tomorrow we should look out for the Greece national football team shirt sponsor which is….Germany…Ho Ho

  131. Upper Street Gooner

    was that 6-1 everton opening day cant quite remember, glorious!!

  132. I just commented that after my light lunch I’ll probably feel hungry again by around 3.30 pm. Another colleague quipped…”so you are sympathizing with your fellow countrymen?”…

  133. I wonder how far they would get on here?

  134. I have the Italy vs England game down as a draw. Probably 1-1. Once we get to penalties who knows,but I would obviously like to see England progress. There are a whole bunch of ifs though as stated above, Rooney has a game under his belt and will hopefully get better, Chiellini is out which must weaken the Italian defence, will Hodgson play more offensively now we’re at the knockout stage (I doubt it), will Italy play 3 at the back again as they’ve been alternating between 3 and 4?????

  135. Yep that sounds as normal as they come to me C’Bob

  136. C @ 1:17 pm

    I agree with your analysis of Italy, but we have seen Chelsea play ugly against favored Barca and Bayern and survive.

    Roy seems to be building belief with these players and Rooney has the talent to be a wild card for England; just as Balotelli can be for Italy.

    I would enjoy seeing Theo and / or Chamberlain make a valuable contribution in an upset
    victory for England.

    Pulling for remaining Arsenal players perform well and avoid injury.

  137. Henristic
    most of the fall matches (’07) had a healthy roster (our pass and movement was exceptional) vs. the spring where injuries hampered our playing style and results.

  138. HA! πŸ‘Ώ

    You know if that refers to you…

  139. It is thursday after all eh?

  140. @Arsession

    Yea I agree with you 100%. The thing I think that for me works in Italy’s favor is the scandal. Here me out: for whatever reason they seem to thrive when the world is against them and when everybody says o well they can’t do it because of this. Right they are playing for each other and playing at a high level I haven’t seen them play at since they won the World Cup. Their main players are playing up to their talent, De Rossi for me has to be 1 of top 10 players in the tournament and it just seems like every attack ends up with him breaking up play and then spreading the ball to Pirlo, Maggio and Motta and they are bossing midfields. For me I think Cassano should start on the bench and have Balotelli and Di Natali partner that would be truly devasting but either way we have seen the class of all 3 strikers(Di Natali’s 1st touch of the tournament was a goal!!!!).

    I think if Italy decides to allow Balotelli and Maggio and Motta to make runs in behind and at the CB’s England will be in major trouble.

    I do think that Chiellini will be a blow to their defense but Italy always seems to have very good defenders even on the bench and if it wasn’t for Casillas I think Buffon would get a vote for best Goalkeeper in teh tournament.

    Should Theo and Ox play it could make it very interesting but just dont see that happening!

  141. C

    Am not quite sure but don’t the Italians usually tail off towards the end of matches?(Spain and Croatia springs to mind) imagine Hodgson bringing on walcott, chamberlain to run at their already tired defenders. England/Spain semi final.


    If England can limit a star studded french Squad to pot shots and just one goal while defending deep i doubt the Italians would pose more problems. But it depends on how Roy sets the team up, if they defend deep lescott and terry are going to thrive but if they play anything that remotely resembles a high line then cassano, di natele and balotelli are going going to have a field day. Definately agree with leaving carroll and milner on the bench, its italy for God’s sake.


    History is on the Italian side but So far hogson has been adapting his tactics to the team he has come up against. I see Roy springing a surprise and starting walcott to stretch their defence..

  142. Nice post as always YW. As for The Font, good riddance I say. We already have our fair share of annoyingly idiotic posters we don’t need another one. Anyways, enough about George. I don’t know who was asking about what match they should watch from the 2007-’08 season but for me there can be only one game that really is a must see and that is the 2-0 win at the San SIro. Milan had no idea what hit them. It remains to this day one of our greatest victories. I remember the week leading up to it very well, as everyone I knew told me The Arsenal had no chance of winning there. In fact, until then no English team had ever won at the San Siro. Just one more record for The Arsenal. In the end we should and could have beaten them by double figures. It was arguably one of the most dominating performances ever by any Arsenal team.

  143. @ Henristic – Sorry mate I forgot it was you! Great season the ’07-’08 one. If we had only managed to beat Man Utd in April then we would have won the league. We were literally that close. 😦

  144. @Khalifha

    But even if their defense does start to fade just a little Buffon is playing like the Buffon of the World Cup winning side. The thing that England have working for them is they know Balotelli but that also works against them ecspecially with his pace because he knows Lescott and Terry lack it terrably and we have all seen Pirlo dissect back 4’s for years and this tournament he is playing like a man on a mission. Cassano is the wildcard for me, he has enough pace to beat the back 4 and makes very unpredictable runs and is tricky with a good eye for goal but he is even nuttier than Balotelli and sometimes doesn’t always play hard.

  145. USG

    History is on the side of the italians but so far Hodgson has adapted his tactics to the opposition faced. I won’t be surprised to see Walcott playing on the right to stretch their defence.


    If England can limit a star studded squad like France to just one goal and pot shots from distance then i doubt italy will pose much of a problem.

    Now if Hodgson sets the team up to defend deep then Lescott and co will mop every attack up, but if hodgson makes the mistake of playing anything that remotely looks like a high line with defenders as slow and incompetent as Lescott, Terry and Johnson then the italian attackers will have a field day running in behind them.
    Definately agree with you in regards to carroll and milner, they complement each other, football wise? I don’t know.


    If am not mistaken the italians usually tail off towards the end of matches ( Spain and Croatia springs to mind), imagine Oxlade coming on towards the end to run at tired defenders. England/Spain semifinal is my prediction.

    Let me just say i think the team that scores first will win.

  146. I don’t see any obvious or clear winner in the England/Italy tie, complete opposite of the other 3.

    I was unimpressed by Italy on Monday night against us, moved the ball around okay and of course still have top drawer talent in the middle in Pirlo and de Rossi but lacking a stellar talent up front. Ireland were the poorest side in the competition by far but still managed to keep them to 1-0 until the last minute, no reason why an organised English side could at very least do the same.

    Having said that England have been equally unimpressive in terms of quality of football but are still alive, I can see almost a β€˜fear’ factor being predominant in the game.

  147. :-).

  148. @Khalifha

    Going to keep posting the same thing until we listen HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.


    I was agreeing with you up until you said Italy dont haev stellar talent upfront. I guess Balotelli and Di Natali are considered stellar talent upfront?

  149. C @ 2:07 pm

    Yep – agree with all of those points, but I would say England is a bigger underdog. Italy has too much tradition and quality players for this match up.

    “Their main players are playing up to their talent.”

    Wish I could say the same for England, but anything can happen (as you know).

  150. C

    I am not dismissing them but equally wouldn’t bracket them with players like Gomez, Benzema, Ronaldo, Torres among the other main challengers.

  151. My two cents.
    β€œSpag Bol Land” is a silly stereotype but hardly racist. It is not a negative stereotype. If it is racist then we need to gather and burn all the Asterix books!!!

  152. Thanks for the responses. I picked that season precisely because of the awesome football we were playing. Gonna start with the Spurs away match, I think.

  153. I’ll be backing Greece all the way Georgaki.

    If ever a country has been shafted by the power seekers in Germany and France and then done over again by a gang of corrupt politicians and get rich quick merchants, it’s Greece.

    Ti na Kanoume?

  154. OOOPS – just read the 12:51 comment Yogi. (wiping sweat from brow)Disregard my previous post.

  155. Philmar Yogi asked us to move on, everybody has. Just in case you misswed his post.

  156. oops sorry Philmar – as I was typing you posted….

  157. @Arsession

    I completely agree.

    Unfortunately on the international stage does that EVER happen for England?!?!?!?!?! like you said anything can happen!


    Balotelli has the talent of all of the players that you have mentioned and we have seen in the PL and in his last match that he can score from anywere and at any time. Di Natale is a striker who just scores goals. Again on his 1st touch of the tournament he scored!

  158. Henristic – just do not watch the Cup game between us and the Spuds. I still get some stick for that game. Not as much now though as we returned the favour this year I think. Another great game to watch would be our record setting humiliation of Slavia Prague, 7-0 to The Arsenal. Ah hell, why not just have a look right here and now at some of our other big wins, enjoy πŸ™‚

  159. “Let me just say i think the team that scores first will win.”

    I think the team that scores more often will win πŸ˜‰

  160. Irish,
    Thanks. I can’t count how many times I’ve seen the AC Milan match. One of my favorite games post Invincibles. I thought I should go with something else for once..

  161. C

    Ha! I could not see the first comment so i posted an almost identical response to the points you, Yogi and USG brought up.
    Patience is a virtue man.

    Again, it all depends on how hodgson sets up, high line = Defeat cause cassano, di natele and balotelli are good at making runs behind the defense as you rightly mentioned. If England concede first then its going to go pear shaped for team.

  162. Penalty shootout with Joe Hart saving 2.

  163. Henristic – There was a game with Sunderland that year that we won 3-2 which was pretty good. A bit scrappy at times but very entertaining. We also had a 2-2 draw with Utd which had some of the best football that year. Both teams were playing exceptional football, with The Arsenal the more cavalier of the two but definitely worth watching.

  164. It’s hard to underestimate Italy. Somehow they seem to consider playing for their country, and winning, a very big honour. They’ve turned tactical defence into an art form of sorts, it doesn’t really matter if one or two players are out, the culture of team defence is strong; they will see their game as making Rooney ineffective. Mostly though they pace international games well, they bide their time content to keep the game ding-donging in the middle until risk-free chances come. If they go a goal down, they are capable of switching to attack with speed and break down the opposition. They are not better than this English side, all considered, but Italy too often win when others draw, draw when others lose; when it matters. If england are patient for 90 mins, not all helter-skelter, believe in themselves, play good football, they have a good chance.

  165. @Khalifha

    I agree with you, ecspecially on playing any type of highline like they did against Ukraine because Balotelli, Di Natlale and Cassano are better than those strikers and they were getting quality shots. So if Italy does score first and England open the match up, it could get ugly because Pirlo, Maggio and Motta not to mention Di Natale and Cassano play counterattacking futbol for their respective clubs masterfully and we have seen Balotelli on the counter!

  166. Henrisitc – If it is goals you are after, then look no further then the Derby game. We won that one 6-0. Easy! Easy! Easy! πŸ™‚

  167. Spag Bol land is maybe not overtly racist, but it sure is juvenile, which Asterix comic books are not.

  168. 07-08 was the most painful season I have ever experienced. We were so brilliant that year – it always be the what if season? Not just the Eduardo travesty but that fucking CL QF against Liverpool.

    We were so fucking robbed in both legs plus we had Bendtner clearing a goal off the line for them.

    I watched that with a Liverpool supporter friend and nearly killed him – the myopic berk couldn’t even admit they didn’t deserve it.

  169. C.
    Had a little chuckle at ‘it could get ugly’ remark.

    Heres a question for you, who scored a hat trick twice against the same team during that season.

  170. I think Bill would say – it’s the team that concedes the least…

  171. Adebayor?

  172. Ti na kanoume Consolsbob? Oti boroume….Don’t worry Yogi no insults traded….

  173. Upper Street Gooner

    That Liverpool ties were horrible. Toure pen was one of the worst moments in my gooner supporting life, right up there with gus caesar in 88 and nayim in 1995….terrible terrible times.

    We were great that season and the milan away game was one of the best performances in the aw era. Completely outplayed the European champions.

  174. Alrite Pizza Faces!

  175. @Khalifha

    I’m glad I could bring you joy!

  176. Music Thurday you say?

    The Pxies for me today. Great live version of Caribu in the last vid. Superb band.

  177. @ Khalifha – I have to agree with Jonny on this one and say Adebayor.

  178. Farking hell, I thought this was a cookery blog.

    Penalty shoot out looking.

  179. Speaking of hattricks, can you tell me against which team did DB10 get his one and only hattrick for The Arsenal?

  180. 07/08 was a football masterclass. Rosicky Flamin Cesc Hleb has to be our most fluent midfieild in recent times. It was a serios case of injustice for us not to win anything.
    Rosicky was a joy to watch, the may he gildes with the ball with the breeze blowing hiar. Let’s not Forget Hleb and his deadly touch and skills.
    Football masterclass if you ask me.

  181. Irishgray;

    Vs Leicester in an amazing 3-3 draw. 1997/8 season.

  182. I Chianti see us beating the Rissotoneri if Roy plays John Terry.

  183. mdgunner – I would not call what you do ‘cooking’ mate.

    goonerandy – You like the Pixies do ya?Nice choices mate

    This one is for USG –

  184. Cbob’s normal life

  185. md – Ha, excellent stuff. Although when I do try an play (not a banjo mind) that is the type of Benny Hill music which is going on to anybody watching more than likely.

  186. That was too easy Irish – what a hatrick it was. Not many better.

  187. Irish – Yup, great band. I have been lucky enough to see them a few times live as well.

  188. Or this one Irish;

  189. And if we are talking The Verve I prefer “History”, “Weeping Willow”, or “This is music”. Another good band.

  190. Dexter – Bravo my good man. It was against the very same team that Mr. Sulky Pants himself, Anelka would get his only hattrick for The Arsenal. Now that I think of it, I quite like playing against leicester City πŸ™‚

  191. Why you gotta no respect?

    Ahh shuttuppa ya face!

  192. 07/08 was beauty at its finest but was just as heartbreaking. The most beautiful futbol 1-2 touch passing and moving so fluent while making defenders chase shadows. But the heartbreak for me was crushing!

    Mozart came back to life this season and showed us all that he is still true class. The steel tackles that always seem to end up with the ball at his feet, the sudden bursts of pace to beat defenders, the close control to toy with them not to mention the way “he gildes with the ball with the breeze blowing hiar” and his passing always seeming to have a string coming from his foot to that of another Arsenal player. *drooling all over my keyboard*. The best thing is that Mozart can teach Young Jack how its all done!

  193. Greatest ever hattrick is without a shadow of doubt

    The quality of the goals was one thing but the context and occasion make it beyond compare.

    Last day of the season and Barcelona needed a win to qualify for the CL, against Valencia, who merely needed a draw.

    “His first goal was an unsaveable free-kick that swerved and dipped late before flying in off the post. Then, after Ruben Baraja had equalised, Rivaldo hit a low 25-yarder with such fury that it knocked him off his feet and brought the Nou Camp crowd to theirs. Baraja equalised again but then, with 90 seconds to go, came the crowning glory: a staggering overhead kick from the edge of the box”

  194. Jonny – Agreed, very easy. Here’s one for you then. When was the last time two Arsenal players both scored a hattrick in the same match? No Googling!!!

    Goonerandy – I saw them live years ago in Ireland, they were awesome. So were the mushrooms πŸ™‚

    Dexter – Too funny mate, that genuinely had me LOL

  195. Jonny – The best Arsenal hattrick for me had to be Kanu’s against the Chavs. We were 2-0 down with about 15 minutes left, I thought for sure we were doomed but man did he turn it on!!

  196. Enjoy the day folks. I am off to do some shopping and then date night with The Girlfriend. Laters πŸ™‚

  197. Rivaldo was a class player, I really liked watching him. I remember he was doing it for Real Betis (I think) before his big move to Barca. He scored some great goals and was pretty prolific too in a much stronger league than it is now, IMO.

  198. Irish – Pires and Pennant both scored trebles against Southampton in a 6-1 (I think!) win just before we played them in the cup final. Would that be it?

  199. @Jonny

    Rivaldo is one of my favorite strikers ever. It boggles my mind at times to think about how many great strikers Brazil has produced: Rivald, Pele, Ronaldo, Zico, Romario, Luis Fabiano(before he went mad), Adriano (before he got fat and lazy).

  200. Irishgray; I remember that game, we looked like finally relinquishing our unbeaten record against the chavs until Kanu came up trumps.

    Enjoy the shopping!

  201. One last thing. Check out this little tidbit of info. (George you might want to look away)

    9 – Tackles by Andrei Arshavin for Arsenal in the Premier League last season
    5 – Tackles by Andrei Arshavin for Russia in Euro 2012

    Maybe the little fucker just wasn’t bothered? Bring on Podolski I say, he works his ass off for the team unlike our little Russian friend. Gifted certainly but still a luxury we can do without. Sorry PG! 7amkickoff has the stats but I did lift this one straight from Arseblog.

  202. C;

    But would you class Rivaoldo as a striker though? I kinda felt he was a mad cross breed of an attgacking mid, winder cum striker hybrid personally! πŸ™‚

  203. winger even, sorry

  204. @Irishgray

    George is going to have your head for that swipe trust me I was dealing with it yesterday! But I do agree bring on Podolski I read somewere(I’ll find the link) that his percentage of shots on goal that are on target is 50% at the Euros, that tells me that he is shooting and when he does 1 out of every 2 shots are on target. Thats what I want out of my striker/winger. For those that think its not a good indicator, look at Benzema this tournament, many of his shots aren’t even close sailing way over or way wide.


    I would as a striker/foward because in many of the systems that he played in he was the 2nd striker/foward. I remember at Barca nd ecspecially for the El Selecao he played both striker and AM.

  205. Khalifha this is for you! Stat Attack on Rivaldo:

    91-92 Santa Cruz: 26 matches 16 goals
    92 Mogi Mirim: 31 matches 13 goals
    93 Corinthians: 22 matches 11 goals
    94-96 Palmeiras: 97 matches 60 goals
    96/97 Deportivo: 46 matches 22 goals
    97-02 Barcelona: 235 matches 130 goals
    02-04 Milan: 40 matchs 8 goals
    04 Cruzeiro: 10 matches 2 goals
    04-07 Olympiacos: 94 matches 43 goals
    07-09 AEK Athens: 44 matches 15 goals
    09-10 Bunyodkor: 77 matches 42 goals
    11 Sao Paulo: 46 matches 7 goals
    12 Kabuscorp: 2 matches 3 goals
    Total matches for all competitions: 770 matches 372 goals 2.1 match to goal ratio. Thats the kind of striker/winger/AM I want!

  206. Jonny, Irishgray, well done. You guys get one free atta boy from me.

    Atta boy.

  207. C.

    You know i love me some stats and wow!, i have never seen such remarkable stats from a winger.

  208. It’s a different world in the Ozarks.

  209. @Khalifha

    Yea winger/striker, he was alot better and more of a goal threat than many people realize. He was a phenomenial talent who always seemed to rise to the biggest occasion in the biggest matches. I remember watching him and Ronaldo in the 2002 World Cup and those 2 were simply unplayable a true joy to watch!

  210. Great player, huge cunt though.

    My abiding memory of him is this:

  211. Andy is right, Rivaldo is the Godfather to players like Bale ,Drogba and Young.
    I can just imagine him sitting on his chair with one of his body guards ordering bale to kiss his ring.

  212. pedantic george

    My laptop struggles when all this music is posted.
    Dexter.That Joe Dolce seems like a bit of a racist to me!
    I mean ,if he walked up to mt Godfather and started with that piss taking accent,he would be sleeping with the fishes.

  213. pedantic george

    Yes C ,but how many tackles did he make?
    We all know that is the measure of a good wide player.Is that not right Irish?

  214. Bale isn’t fit to kiss Rivaldo’s bunda.

  215. @PG

    Why am I on your shit list when it was irishgray who brought it up! This is bullshit! He made a couple of tackles, fine send him back to Zenit HAHAHAHA

  216. C’bob – Very nice picks there sir πŸ˜‰ try out this one from The Frames, in my humble opinion one of the best bands Ireland ever produced. Brilliant video too.

  217. PG – I said he is a very gifted player but he has a bad habit of dropping out of games. I like the little Russian but I would prefer to have a player who works his ass off like Podolski and can score goals than having a luxury player like AA. He would be nice to have on the bench but I doubt he would be happy with that role.

  218. pedantic george had two digs at the little Tsar yesterday and,AND,FUNKING AND,rejected “Pocketeer” as the best nick name.

  219. That’s excellent Irish. Not heard that before.

  220. @PG

    He just happened to get caught in what I was posting about. I have repeadily said that I would want him back and to play centrally but I doubt he does come back. I rejected Pocketeer because I didn’t like it!

    Come on mate I’ll buy us a round and we can laugh all this away!

  221. I just read that Joe Hart is willing to step up and take a penalty if it comes to it. Could you imagine? We would never hear the end of it!!! I mean it was only about 2 years ago that the English stopped talking about how they won the World Cup in ’66! What the hell would it be like if they beat Italy with a penalty taken by Joe Hart, who then saves the next one taken by Italy to put England through to the semis!? I hope England do beat Italy but not like that. We’d never hear the end of it!! EVER!!!!!!

  222. pedantic george

    If FIFA introduce goal line technology,will we lost the star of the England shirts?

  223. Billy's Boots

    @ Frank | June 21, 2012 at 9:20 am

    People just don’t know how to be patient anymore.

    Too true!

  224. No, because we won 4-2.

  225. Notoverthehill

    “Can we trust Wenger to his philosophy?”

    I was looking at Charlie Buchan’s Football Magazine and saw this headline dated 5th March 2009, in another section of Arsenaltimes..

    I quote: The glaring weakness of course is Van Persie. who has yet to develop an understanding with his teammates and somewhat make me feel that bulk of his goals are due his individual brilliancy and not created by teamwork.

    He is an enigma.

    Will he ever fit into an Arsene Wenger team …….

    This was written by someone calling himself Merlin96.

    This character is at present very anti-Wenger!!!!

    It is no surprise that so many follow the latest tittle-tattle and forget what they were thinking a couple of years ago.

    As for Mr Arshavin, when was he ever a defender??? Were Stanley Mathews, Tom Finney, Cliff Bastin, Hughie Gallagher, Charlie Tully, Denis Compton, Joe Hulme – defenders? Of course not!

    No wonder Arseblog has so many foolish subscribers! Β£10 a season for a talk-in. So many mugs out there amongst the supporters.

  226. Nobody was saying AA should be a defender. But when he is not performing in the offensive third, it just highlights even more when he is not pulling his weight (excuse the pun).

  227. I like that too Billy. Missed it.

  228. pedantic george

    Fuck off Andy

  229. Everybody stop talking about Arshavin your pissing off George, and as the Bruce Banner says, “You wont like me when I’m angry”!

  230. Former spud c*nt Mido signed with Barnsley. Miss having him around for comedic value.

  231. George – No thank you. I am fine where I am you little scamp.

  232. I think george cares more about how poor aa is then aa does.

  233. pedantic george

    Where have you been Dukey.?

  234. gardening leave george.

  235. Billy's Boots

    Saw this popular beat combo last night at the Royal Albert Hall.

  236. Billy's Boots

    ‘Twas a good show, made even better by Steve Winwood coming on late in the concert and performing a couple of songs. Apparently, he was meant to come on earlier, but he got stuck in traffic (*boom boom*).

  237. oh thursday when we can be arsed music nights.

    for those that missed it. and whilst were still in it.

  238. Any Firefox users who got caught and found themselves following that Daily Heil link back there, don’t forget this great add on and never increase their hit count again.

  239. Billy's Boots

    Nice one, steww.

  240. pedantic george

    Boom Boom indeed Billy

  241. And in any case even if spag bol was invented in Italy it would be peculiar to Bologna and not all of Italy as the name tells us.
    It’d be like saying to someone from Kent “Oi Haggis face what’s the score”
    What? Oh we’ve moved on, sorry I’ve been out.

  242. But Steww, what if said bloke from Kent did indeed have a face like a Haggis? And also Scottish. I think that would be fair comment no?

  243. Ssh Yogi said we aren’t allowed – I was joking, having a larf.

  244. Paul -n that’s what the doctor ordered. Nice one.

  245. *whispers*

    So was I.

  246. arse or brain

    is anybody else having triuble getting on twitter

  247. pedantic george

    I am now off the Irish as well

  248. pedantic george

    It is fixed now A&B

  249. pedantic george

    or even or

  250. arse or brain

    cheers mate

  251. a or b – my mobile twitter on the phone has been screwy all day. Main one seems ok now.

  252. “my mobile twitter on the phone ”
    Gosh what a stupidly tautologous statement. Would hardly be the mobile twitter I use on my bath tub would it? Sorry everyone. I’m struggling a bit since starting back to work.

  253. You know George was saying how the videos bog up his thingy on his laptop? I wondered if div share might work?Just the audio. Shall I try?

  254. [url=]DivShare File – 1-06 The Sun And The Rain.m4a[/url]

  255. Nope. Failed again. Dag nab it.

  256. pedantic george

    Make it so No,1

  257. Must be a way of just embedding audio on it’s own. Other sites do it. I shall make it my mission in life.

  258. Yeh Steww, a good chune!

    I was listening to your show the other day and heard you play a Phyllis Dillon. To me, the best era of Jamaican music was that era, the Rocksteady era.

    Here is another one.

  259. see i just dont get how you can call something as delicouse as spaghetti bolognese spag bol!
    spag bol sounds like a disease or some kind of vomit. Then again my experience with the infamouse english spag bol is limited to student dolmio meals in the common kitchens.

    I can only assume that is as far away from the original lovley and sexy spaghetti bolognese you can actually get.
    conclusion must be that spag bol(english dolmio version) is as gray and sad as a rainy Manchester autumn day. while spaghetti bolognes is as exciting and breath taking as the italian alp on a crisp winter day.
    mmmmm πŸ™‚

  260. spag bol is like irish stew.. just weird…..

  261. Here’s hoping that all our players come back in one piece. I have too many griefs about our players getting injured. Rosicky does need that extra care, lets be hopeful his form continues for at least another season (injury-free ofcourse!).

  262. Has Jonathan Pearce been rigorously practising pronunciation of these Czech names?

    Yesh he hash.

  263. Ronaldo having words with his old team mate Howard Webb there.

  264. Poodle, spag bol is like irish stew except it is nearly unplayable

  265. are we allowed to mention some of Andrei’s um err imperfections yet?

  266. The Ozark valleys are indistinguishable from those in Devon, even the people…..

  267. As we are all reminiscing about the fabulous 07/08 season, what has Flamini been up to recently? Seemingly Milan don’t rate him so highly, so he is now out of contract:

    But I am sure Barca, Madrid, the English top clubs etc. will all be queuing up for him. The biggest transfer story of the summer awaits.

  268. Why is everybody hating on Irish stew all of a sudden? I could understand if it was made by MDGunner but seriously, on a cold winters day there really is nothing better!!

    And I see PG is off the Irish as of 7:07pm. Trying to remember him being ‘on’ the Irish. Weird.

    Word of the day has to go to Steww – “Tautologous” – Jonny is still trying to pronounce it πŸ™‚

  269. pedantic george

    I used to giggle freely at Terry Wogan.But your vicious attack on the Tsar as made me resent the lilt.

  270. If by ‘vicious attack’ you mean ponting out the obvious and by ‘Tsar’ you mean Arshavin and by ‘lilt’ you do not mean the tasty and refreshing fizzy beverage beloved by millions but rather my charming Irish accent, sometimes referred to as a ‘brΓ³g’, then resent away my good man. But we both know I am right πŸ™‚

    I now have this weird vision of PG curled up on his sofa, wearing his favorite comfy pyjamas, giggling like a little schoolgirl at Terry fucking Wogan!!

  271. pedantic george

    Arsenal Jammies ,as recommended by Steww

  272. Well of course Arsenal jammies, sorry for leaving that out my bad πŸ™‚

  273. pedantic george

    “brog” hmm.sounds like a foot in the mouth sort of a thing.
    No I am sticking with lilt.

  274. Either one is better than ‘lanky’ πŸ™‚

  275. Was disappointed to not see Ronaldo crying his eyes out. At least Tomas will now be well rested for The Arsenal I suppose.

  276. From le Boss himself: “”Giroud didn’t play much, but he’s going to be an Arsenal player 90 per cent next season. I think he has exceptional potential and will integrate very well in our collective and our way of playing. He’s a real team player and knows how to combine with other players and I’m sure he will do well with us.”

  277. Tautologous?

    To be sure.

    To be sure.

  278. Lilt? Do they still make that? Mind you anything is possible in NY.

  279. MDGunner – Indeed it is, I even managed to grab a bottle of Lucozade on Tuesday when I was walking around downtown.

    Jonny – keep trying mate, you can do it!!

  280. Is Jonny hatng on the Irish. Good job Yogi’s in bed

  281. The Irish are the best at tautology

    “He was a simple, dim, thick eejit living in New York but I think he came from the right side of Dublin”.

    Great Irish band alert –

  282. MD – I am fucking Irish – well one side of me anyway. Used to live not far from Irish.

  283. When I say I am fucking Irish AND I used to live not far from him…

    What I meant was… Ah bollix!

    [enter own joke here]

    lol! πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€

  284. “The Irish are the best at tautology.” – If ever a statement could claim to be tautologous, that has to be it!!!

  285. Eh yea…WTF!? You should really proof read your posts Jonny. Wait til PG sees that, we’ll never hear the end of it.

  286. Oh c’mon you remember that magic day when we stood together admiring Bob’s cock. πŸ˜‰

    And no comment on A House?

  287. pedantic george


  288. Jonny – That was you and Dexter mate. I know because he told all on twitter πŸ™‚

    PG – I thought you might find this interesting :

    And on a seperate note, if any of you are thinking of renewing your membership with The Arsenal, read this first:

  289. Moderation!! Moi!? Mon Dieu! Sacre Bleeeeeh!! 😦

  290. I don’t know why but I just love this ad:

  291. Two links mon ami, the cardinal sin.

  292. This is a ploy by players to give them leverage in negoations with clubs. The players know the deal. In the end RVP has to take care of him and his family. This puts pressure on management to to either give into his demands or force a club to pay the transfer fee. Portugal escaped with 1-0 win over Cech’s. Too many missed chances by Ronaldo and the boys.

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