Giroud – Defining Ambition? Theo & Other Euro2012 Thoughts

So Arsenal have signed Olivier Giroud. Well, when I say signed, I mean the contract has not been signed. Nor has a medical taken place. And the club has not paid Montepellier anything. And they have not confirmed it. Still, France Football say it is agreed and surely they have not relied upon the Sporting Director of Borussia Monchengladbach for their information, have they?

Giroud is quoted previously as having said that he wants to play in England but for a French manager. With Laurent Blanc apparently in the running for the Tottenham job, it is presumptuous to believe Giroud wants to sign for Arsenal; until it is confirmed anyway. His signature would be a clear indication that Chamakh or / and Bendtner have no future at the club – the phrasing in that sentence is deliberate since I think one of them might be held onto as third ranked central striker; used in Capital One Cup ties, for example.

That will still lead to the club being berated for perceived ineffective use of their financial resources but is not necessarily the case. We have seen how injuries can decimate certain positions during the course of the season and is it wise to rely on van Persie, Giroud and Podolski. Just kidding, that strength in depth is exactly what the club needs. It allows Arsène to use Afobe for example, in the domestic cups and for the youngster to develop out of the limelight, assuming he is not loaned out for the season.

If one of the two were to stay, personally I would rather it is Bendtner; confidence is not an issue with the Dane whereas the Moroccan appears utterly bereft of that quality; hardly surprising when you consider the turbulent time he has suffered at the club. I know it is of his own making to a certain extent but it seems he did not truly appreciate the importance of a fit Robin van Persie to the squad.

The Dutchman and Theo Walcott will presumably be the next two people on the club’s agenda, if Giroud is signed. Retaining their services is paramount now for stability. Signings bring van Persie more into focus. We are told that he wants the club to show ambition;  it is a vile little term to use. How do you quantify that? Signings? Attempting to sign someone? It is essentially a cop-out. For example, if Arsenal sign Giroud and M’vila, that would signal that they have identified flaws in the squad and rectified them. It shows ambition, wanting to challenge. But what if they are not the players he wanted Arsenal to sign? It does not show a lack of ambition, simply that his judgement is different from that of the manager.

Yesterday’s Sky Sports Transfer Centre told us, “Sky Sports understands a number of clubs are tussling to sign Walsall midfielder Lee Beevers” . I like that concept; not the Beevers bit but each transfer being a good old-fashioned tussle. It is high time that transfers were resolved in the wrestling ring. Each CEO of the interested clubs would be forced into winning by either two falls or a submission.

I can’t imagine that Ivan would be much good in this situation so KSE would need to move him to Chief Operating Officer and appoint Alisher Usmanov at CEO. It is more of a logical reason for his appointment than any other I have seen; they are all based on wishful thinking. Stop arguing about cash injections, just put the Uzbek in the ring with Rossell, Abramovich or Perez. I’d put money on Usmanov’s Big Daddy Splash or him getting Mansour pinned, with the City chief shouting, “Not the ears, not the ears” – ask your parents, kids – to emerge as a winner.

Group C

Croatia 0 – 1 Spain
Italy 2 – 0 Republic of Ireland

No great surprises in last night’s game, except that the paucity of Spain’s performance did not entirely merit victory. They did not deserve to lose but Croatia were, I thought, good for a point. They have done the minimum necessary to qualify for the quarter-finals where they will meet England, Ukraine or France. Italy meanwhile were their usual selves. Negotiating the group phase without setting it alight and suddenly opening up a semi-final place for they are capable of beating England, France and Ukraine. Equally, they are capable of imploding, losing spectacularly badly. The usual football contradiction.

It will be interesting to see which England team turns up against the co-hosts this evening. Roy Hodgson has already made it clear that unless Theo Walcott is fit, he will not start. That rare outbreak of commonsense from an England manager is welcome but also suggests to me that Walcott is unlikely to be in the first XI. As an impact substitute, he has done well; good enough in most circumstances for a place at the expense of Ashley Young, whose form has been less than impressive. Personally, I would drop Milner as well, giving Oxlade-Chamberlain the wide left berth.

Walcott’s biggest problem is Glen Johnson. His defensive positioning when England have the ball is suspect and I believe that is why the workmanlike Milner is selected ahead of Theo. Nothing can be done about it until Johnson matures or most likely, England find a decent right back. As much as you may dislike Ashley Cole, he is exactly the sort of defender that Oxlade-Chamberlain needs; experienced and constantly working in tandem with the youngster to help him settle in the side.

England can still progress as group winners; they have to hope that either France lose or fail to win by a sufficiently big margin to negate any goal difference that England may accrue. Presuming of course, that England win. Ukraine have had a mixed bag; they played well to win against Sweden but were poor against France. The Swedish result in hindsight was unsurprising given their form in the tournament which has been less than distinctly average. England have been the good, the bad and the ugly which is before we talk about Wayne Rooney’s 1920s throwback hairstyle. Actually we won’t bother with that at all.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. whether we have signed Olivier Giroud or not atleast this year the rumors are positive

  2. Yes Mumbai: I’m positive we haven’t signed him … yet!

  3. Top 4……….champions league guaranteed

  4. Arsenal wil surely sign him! Up gooners

  5. Does everyone remember last years big rumour? Mata! And look what happened to that one. If blanc goes to spur, don’t be suprised if giroud joins him. I’m not being negative just don’t think we should get our hopes up

  6. Upper Street Gooner

    Think he is an excellent signing. Is still learning, will feel priviliged to be at our club rather than looking at others and outstading value.

    The fact that both Podolski and Giroud transfer fees and probably most of their wages could be paid for by the sales of Vela, Chamack, Bendtner and Arshavin is even better.

    Lest hope Andrei stupid comments dont force him out of a move to Zenit. An england captain in days gone by would be assualted in the street for saying such things and from the looks of the russian fans at these championships they are cut from a similar cloth.

    He looks alot more powerful than Chamack and just from his 10min cameo the other night you could see he was confident as he was shooting from distance. I like that, i want my strikers to be slighty me first

  7. Great post, plenty to think about as always.

    I thought the Mighty Spain looked more than a little flat last night and were in danger of ‘doing a Russia’ in assuming they just had to turn up in order to win. Both theirs and, to a certain extent, the Italian game, could, conceivably have gone either way such was the degree to which neither side dominated their respective games. Obviously both sides have gears available to them in sterner tests but the question is – how many?


    The rumours surrounding Arsenal are a bit of a contradiction; incoming transfers are about as positive as we might reasonably expect or hope, potential out-going transfers a somewhat different matter.

    Sounds like most are agreed on farewells to Chamack and Vela. But what of the club idiot Bendtner? Had he not talked himself out of the club with his words – not to mention his imbecilic actions over several months – then he could quite reasonably have expected to carry on in the squad, fight for his place, develop his game and his career.

    And it now seems club conundrum Andrei Arshavin has supposedly queered his Russian pitch so he may be back by default rather than design. Not a disaster in my book although it’s a book with an admittedly short print run with only George actually owning the other copy, it seems.

    But it still feels as though we as a club are on something of a knife-edge.

    Should we lose Robin and/or Theo and/or Song then, regardless of the incoming troops, it WILL be another summer in which we have been unable to build on our strengths rather than simply replace what we have lost.

    The club is without doubt bigger than any individual or group of individual players and most of us with a true heart will continue to support through thick and thin.

    But, my word, how strong will we seem as a squad – how high our confidence – if those new names are truly additions to our main assets rather than mere replacements …


    Behind the scenes I can definitely see a place on the board for Alisher in the Big Daddy role.

    It’s all to easy to state the obvious (and someone has to do it) but WHO will be our Giant Haystacks, especially as Lady Nina Bracewell-Smith has been thrown out of the ring?

    Giant Haystacks?

    Now HE was World Class.

  8. Upper Street Gooner

    I thought the Croats were more than good value for a point. Endless spanish passing shows incredible control and intelligence but its boring to watch.

    Busquets has to be one of the most irrating footballers of the last 10 years.

    Would love anyone to beat them.

  9. USG,
    What comments did Arshavin make ??

  10. good post..
    many good points…

    i think many of us would have rather have kept bendtner over chamakh..and we said it at the time bendtner was released..
    chamakh got alot of stick but the thing with strikers is that even if they arent scoring, you dont really worry too much as long as they are still getting in the positions to score..missed chances can be frustrating but at least the player is still getting the attempts in..
    this is a perfect example of bendtner..hes very much hit and miss..but he still causes problems..
    chamakh totally forgot where the box is..not only is he not scoring, hes not shooting..
    which is a massive problem really.

    to be fair though, chamakh was never a goalscorer in france..and he hardley took any shots in that league either..i dont really know why we signed him when i think about it..probably the price had alot to do with it and wenger not having much money..

    jiroo (did i say it right ZP?) however seems a tad more lethal, a tad more physical and a tad more arsenal quality.
    and we shouldnt have any issues with podolski

    excellent news anyway if true..
    the fans wanted more goals the fans wanted more signings, so does rvp apparently..
    well AW has gone out and bought the best left sided striker in germany and the best central striker in france..50 goals and 30 assists..all for a package probably worth the same as what chelsea paid for transfer fee alone..

    how does it go again??

    one arsene wenger..theres only one arsene wenger..

  11. ”It will be great to see the arrival of Giroud. Although there is still an issue with creativity in the middle of the park, i think the long term view is that Wilshere, Song and Arteta can do this job. If Wilshere is fit and plays next season, that problem issolved as it will be one or the other. If M’Villa checks in, we may yet find Wenger doing a Del Bosque to see how many midfielders he can fit into the team with Rosicky and Cocquelin who, I think, has outstanding prospects.

    Then you have the whole Walcott, Podolski, Oxlade Chamberlain, and Gerviho conundrum. Only the defence(RB) and a decent back up keeper need tinkering with. If this statement of intent is not enough for RvP, he has other reasons, as these players are even player for player,as good as any in the Manchester teams and Chelsea”.

    That was a comment from an arsenal fan that best conveys how i feel right now.

  12. Upper Street Gooner


    what he actually said probably isn’t actually incorrect, but you should keep your opinions to yourself at such times and as a captain you certainly shouldn’t be saying such things.

  13. Upper Street Gooner

    Rumors that Juve are looking at other strikers which could only be good news.

    They are quite clearly the biggest threat to us with regards to taking our figurehead if rvp father is to believed.

  14. i still think arshavin will move..

    its ironic really, his dip in form with us coincided with russias failure to qualify for the last world cup and the russian public were really laying into arshavin and it seems he lost his mojo

    the irony is he went back to russia to get his mojo back..

    i dont think a spat with some fans will really stop zenit from pulling up trees to get him..nor will it stop him from wanting to return..

  15. robin wont move to fucking juventus..
    why would you wanna play in the worlds most corrupt league where theres a chance you can get your medals taken away from you..

    ask vieira…

  16. ArsHe should never have said that.
    As captain of russia the usual cliche ridden comments should have sufficed, instead of aggravating tension between himself and the fans with those remarks.

    There have already been calls for him to be stripped of the captaincy and banned.

  17. Don’t forget that we still have Joel Campbell … is it likely he’ll get the required permision after a year on loan? Oh, and Park, unless he’s had his conscription papers.

  18. Park has avoided National Service whilst Campbell’s future is unknown. Work Permits are more about international experience or special talent at his age.

  19. parks also been stripped of the captaincy, apparently..
    and dropped from the national side..

    we shouldnt have signed him either really

    maybe it would be best for the player to pursue his career somewhere else as we seemed to have messed it right up, but with the great arsenal tour of the east coming up shortly i dont see us selling him..

    not unless we flog him on deadline day to a team whos just sold half its dressing room and urgently needs players..

  20. I thought the croatians gave spain a real battle. The Spanish were fortunate to win. Italy did well. Lets see if the guys can beat the Ukriaine today. France and Sweden should be a win for France. this is a must win for the three lions

  21. JJ

    Anytime i see the name park, there is always ‘goal’ attached to it. He scored most of the time he was on the pitch ‘reserves,carling cup,national team’ so i doubt he is as bad as we feel. Maybe not first choice material but isn’t that what subs are for?

  22. campbells an unknown quantity..
    we have to be careful as well with the fact hes costa rican and hes in their first team..

    its another vela situation where you have this shit hot prospect but you never get to play him because hes jet lagged all the time..

    id leave him in france for a few more years yet and see if he can break some records..
    then we bring him back when we know he can handle the physical element of travelling around the world quicker than arsenal on tour and dealing with the french ligue..

  23. Giroud has said he want to play in England for a FRench manager, NOT that he wants o wait to see if another French manager is appointed somewhere, before deciding if the PL is a destination. Until officailly announced I am not jumping for joy, but the candidates at the scum are unlikely to have any affect – it may of course be a bluff that it is a French manager he is looking for.

  24. khalifa
    to be honest we hardly used him..
    not even as a sub and the one thing we needed last year was strikers..
    we had them..we just didnt play them..

    i feel sorry for him more than anything..his careers taken a nose dive and if last year is anything to go by it would be better for everyone if he left..

  25. I am a huge fan of beavers

  26. Upper Street Gooner

    JonJon | June 19, 2012 at 10:01 am

    I agree but in reality where else is he going to go.

    He would struggle to start at the 2 spanish giants and neither appear to be lloking for a striker.

    Inter are crippled financially and arent in cl.

    Milan have no money and dont need a striker.

    His father has stated he wont move to another cl club

    That leaves Juve who most certainly are in for a striker, PSG, Anzhi and Malaga as clubs who could smash our wages.

    Anzhi arent in the cl and Malaga wont be winning anything any time soon. So in reality that leaves 2 possible destinations.

  27. hes not leaving arsenal though USG..

  28. Frank

    Is that beavers in general or only those that Turkish Anal Whistles?

  29. Upper Street Gooner

    khalifha | June 19, 2012 at 10:19 am

    The guy is in the prime of his career why would he want to be 4th choice on a team that usually only plays 1 striker.

    From our perspective as well we also have 2 very talented young strikers who will need to play carling cup and then go on loan afterwards.

    Its been a disasterous signing from a marketing stand point in the Korean market. Apparently we were goign to try and arrange a friendly there but the ill feeling towards us for not utilising a national icon apparently is very very strong

    I think he was signed in desperation as we didnt expect Campbell work permit to be rejected. Campbell has played 75% of his countries games since so hopefully that wont be the case this year although i would like him to go on loan.

  30. Well said Jon-Jon. Gaah, did I really say that? 😦

  31. ‘It will be great to see the arrival of Giroud. Although there is still an issue with creativity in the middle of the park’

    khalifha..until recently i always thought that we needed another creative spark..
    but when you think about it, we have creative sparks in song and theo..
    we get about 30 assists with those two..
    so weve replaced cesc, essentially..

    i feel if we pack our front line with people who can shoot and we beef up our midfield with a player who doesnt let people run through it we’ll be quite something next year..

    podolskis in..
    jiroo looks like its happening..

    id add mvilla, get benny back and then see what the GK situation was and that would be my business done..

  32. Upper Street Gooner


    I would agree with you. Thats what i wrote a few days ago. If you look at his actual market and go through them all logically he hasen’t exactly got a number of brilliant options for him.

    Cesc had his dream club after him and at that point we had only brought in gervinho and aoc, it didnt look like we would be challenging anytime soon.

    Nasri was offered money and the promise of titles. It meant nothing to him to go back on his words. We didnt devlop Samir he has not particualr allegance to arsenal, why would he stay.

    RVP is a different kettle of fish. He was a problem child wanted by very few, it was Arsenal and more imprtantly AW who took him in and set him on the right path. He is loved and cherished by our fans and we look like we may well be able to challenge this year even more so if we can keep him. I think it would take a trully special offer from a remarkably powerful club to get him. For me Juve and Psg cant do that for him. That is if his father is to be belived

  33. JJ;

    Why would you leave Campbell in France, when you could loan him to an English team? He won’t be like vela in so much as he won’t have to stay abroad for 5 years!


    I think Glen Johnson is the real issue about who plays on the right of midfield too. That’s why I would stick Jones there, and put Milner in the centre with Gerrard; and AOC on the left.

  34. Notoverthehill

    A little kerfuffle at the Hotel Bristol at 2 a.m. in the morning, with a few inebriated Russian “fans”. Mr Arshavin was asked direct questions and gave his opinion in his usual straight-talking, no nonsense responses. Looking through the feed-back from the reporters involved, seems in favour of Shava. There is nothing to suggest that anything untoward was spoken by Mr Arshavin. Certainly comments have been taken out of context. On the contrary, it was the “fans”.

    On (Russian version), there is a full discussion by AA23 on the match and the future of the Russian International Football. As pointed out, a scapegoat must be blamed

    WE are ALL familiar with whom the neo-Arsenal supporters, blame for disappointments!

  35. dex..
    good call..

    yeah..england should be the preference..
    i suppose if hes settled at lorient it would be a factor in the decision but i agree we should find him a PL club if we can..

    and on the engalnd team..

    milner in the middle an change the defence up..

  36. Upper Street Gooner

    JonJon / Khalifa

    We dont have a top top draw amc but we have 3 who can share that burden.

    Rosicky is an excellent squad player and showed last year he still can turn it on on occasions.

    I fully expect Ramsey to push on. People give Rosicky time to get over 18 months out but in reality the mental hurdles for him are nothing comapred to Ramsey. The thought of challenges must be horrifying for him. Nevertheless before his injury he was starting to look like the real deal. Considering the amount of misses last year if he can sort out hist composure he is a 10-15 goal midfielder.

    I know that Wilshere is viewd by some on here as a useful young player but he is the most talneted midfielder in our squad by a country mile. He was excellent in his first year starting for us and it wasent unwise to think that like cesc he could add goals to his game in the second season. His work ethic is oustanding he, loves the club and he has ability with no ceiling. Imagine if he worked on his right foot as well….unplayable.

    Its a gamble going with these 3 as none have yet to show they are the man but all 3 compliment each other and 2 have the ability to nail down the role for years to come. That added to an increased ability up top and on our flanks makes me think we will be just fine in this department

  37. pedantic george

    Andrei was right to point out to fans with a sense of entitlement that it was their problem not his.
    He would fit in well on ACLF.

  38. JJ;

    Yeah, I am sure I read that Joel wouldnt need to stay away for as long as Carlos, that is why he is in France and not Spain. So, fingers crossed we get a visa for him this summer and he can be assessed, before a decision is made about his next steps; Championship or PL.

  39. i think rosicky can be like scholes for us..

  40. if you agree hes not going then why are we talking about his options..

    your kinda saying hes not leaving arsenal becuase of his lack of options, but hes not leaving arsenal becuase hes not leaving arsenal..
    hes not leaving london..

    chelsea would be the team to watch if you want to be worried..

    but im not..

  41. all AA did was tell a few fans who act like dickheads to go fuck themselves..

    the ones that act like dickheads are often in the minority..
    it depends what the papers make of it but after the russian fans humiliating the nation at the euros with all the fights and stuff i dont think arshavin has anything to worry about..

  42. JJ;

    You’d bring Benayoun back? Hmmm, interesting mate. Not sure I would TBH. I like him as a player and a pro. he didnt moan, worked hard and contributed too. But I think we only signed him due to Jack’s injury and that issue (please gawd!) looks to be resolved now. Although it still could be several months before we see him back to the levels he was before his lay off.

  43. Upper Street Gooner

    Notoverthehill | June 19, 2012 at 10:47 am

    Contrary to what you think the fifa vice president who is russian thinks what was said is serious enough to call for arshavin to be stripped of the captaincy.

  44. You’re on a roll today JonJon! 🙂


    What? YOU! Defending Arshavin? What the feck!

  45. Upper Street Gooner

    JonJon | June 19, 2012 at 10:55 am

    Rather than blindly saying RVP isnt leaving in the same way some said the same with Nasri and Cesc wouldnt leave last year i thought i would put a little bit more thought into it.

    Make no mistake about it, If the Spanish were interested or English clubs werent allegedly completely off his radar i would be very worried.

  46. Benayoun addition to the squad is a no brainer. A winner, a grafter, an experienced voice and available on the cheap. What more could Wener want.

  47. Upper Street Gooner

    Captains need to be more diplomatic than at i’m afraid.

  48. Why would anyone want to put that kind of thought into anything?

    Go through every club RvP could leave us for?

    Talk about masochistic. You truly are weird mate.

    Cant wait for the discussion about how the earth will be destroyed; I’m guessing bubonic plague. How about you?

  49. Upper Street Gooner

    Dexter | June 19, 2012 at 10:58 am

    Benny was quality but it highlighted Gerv first season struggles.

    I expect Gerv to be a much better player this seaosn for us. Him and Podolski batten down the left hand side just like AOC and Walcott the right. Diaby and Roskiy have also proved useful in those positions if needed plus Campbell and Myachi have a pre season to impress the manager

  50. i just like him dex..

    good pro..

    and we know what we are getting..depends on the price but yeah id like him back for a year or so..

  51. Upper Street Gooner

    Dexter | June 19, 2012 at 11:09 am

    Its not really though is it mate it shwos a level of logic that appears to be well beyond you.

    Rather than shout robin wont leave if my friends choose to ask me my thoughts i expalin in far more detail and intelligence as to why i think he will stay.

    Also if one thinks about it logically there arent that m,any clubs who could blow our wages out of the water.

    If there was ever a point which highlighted your ineptitude it was that one though.

  52. JJ; As I said, he did well and was a model pro too. But I aont sure he would feature as much next season and he wasn’t entirely chuffed about how much he played last year.

    I never thought Juventus were a serious option for RvP, same as last season when Milan kept telling Italian tabloids they were signing Cesc; Just crap to shift papers and big themselves up as a big time players, which they aint really. We can cling to positive stories (his Missus and mum) or negative ones (have a butchers at anything usj has posted), but we still havent got a clue.

    But you are right. He IS staying! 🙂

  53. pedantic george

    The fifa vice president who is Russian needs a scapegoat I suspect.
    Jibber,you just don’t like it that Arshavin is telling Russian fans ,like you, that they are actually stupid.And are entitled to fuck all.
    I hope he is sent scurrying back to Arsenal on a tidal wave of hate ,making him want to earn a contract extension and settle in London forever.
    I quite like him you know!

  54. Hahahahahaha! I love the fact you still try and pretend you are working at some high brow level jibber! All you do is repeat stuff from the net, OVER AND OVER AGAIN. God loves a trier and you certainly are trying man! 🙂

  55. pedantic george

    Morning Dexter

  56. Who could RvP leave us for?

    Suggestion seems to be no to Spain or England. In reality that leaves Holland and Italy. Both France or Russia would currently be seen as going down a league and Germany hasn’t even been suggested.

    Holland is where RvP has said he imagines being in the twilight of his carreer. Italian football is once again embroiled in scandal – as a result last time Juve were demoted and had 2 titles stripped from them, I haven’t got a clue who is involved this time. I can even imagine Serie A being suspended at the start of next season.

    So what are the options for RvP? He hasn’t improved his valuation in the euros, but by the same token his value at the Emirates hasn’t dropped.

  57. Upper Street Gooner


    Everything i’ve posted on RVP has been positive and whats more unlike you and some of your chums there is more than a hopeful wish and the idea that arsenal are the centre of the footballing universe as to why i think what i think.

    Your knwoledge of football is obviously slightly weak if you cant understand the allure of clubs such as milan and Juventus.

    Whats more both are in a completely different state. Milan are crippled financially juventus are in good health.

    Whats more there manager in his first seaosn just navigated an unbeaten season they have most of the italian squad in there side and are very much looking for a striker to spearhead their attack. Something that real, barca, utd, city, bayern all dont need. Its very easy to to see why he might be tempted by them as a club but the difference being i’m not sure they can blow us out of the water financially and liek i said i think he can envisage winning somethign at arsenal fior the first time in a while now. Once again a much more informed and thoughtful perspective on matters than you are able to bring to the table….i guess that makes me a cunt.

  58. hes going to qpr..

  59. Hey George, you good?

    I think we should cut jibber some slack. I’ve worked him out finally. He isn’t a doomer at all, he just has some serious self esteem issues, hence the real need to appear uber knowledgeable and therefore has to try and put down others and their opinions as inferior to his, in the process.

    Knew that A level in Psychology would come in handy one day.

  60. pedantic george

    Someone on twitter suggested we were trying to off load Diaby.Has anyone else heard anything?
    I hope it is bollocks.

  61. I strongly suspect that RvP is going nowhere and never was. Come home, Robin

  62. pedantic george

    What’s an “A” level?

  63. Upper Street Gooner

    pedantic george | June 19, 2012 at 11:18 am

    I like arshavin.

    Unfortunately for you its the consequinces of his actions which matter.

    If one attended games you would understand how beneficial it can be to have the fans on your side. Especially so if your an incredibly lazy inconsistent player.

  64. Dex @11.19

    You missed a letter out of your sentence. I’ll insert it for you:

    God loves a trier and you certainly are a trying man!

  65. The Dutch fans at Schiphol meeting the players arriving back in Amsterdam chanted ‘arsehole’ at RvP. What a fucking disgrace. Come home, Robin

    Robin Van Persie.clickclickclick Robin Van Persie clickclickclick….

  66. Jibber

    Did Milan sign Cesc? Juve won’t be signing RvP. It was never an option. You are just pissed off because I am saying the opposite to you. Hence the need to try and belittle again.

    Serious self esteem issues man.

  67. pedantic george

    That,s not what makes you a cunt Jibber,Its not you know.It isn’t.

  68. Upper Street Gooner


    I think you will find its quite often you who is the one trying to put down other peoples opinions.

    Yogi your ”regulars” are an intersting bunch.

  69. Upper Street Gooner


    I dont need to belittle you, your disdain for anyone who puts a little thought into there club is there for all to see.

    Sure what an fuckign idiot for trying to think through the reasons why Arsenal captain might stay….what a complete and utter fuckign idiot for not just saying. RVP will stay at arsenal just like cesc and nasri as we are are by far the best club side in the world.

  70. So, what are we saying then?

    Bubonic plague, meteor, alien invasion, glaciers melting causing floods and tidal waves, or boredom?


    I wish your “irregulars” were interesting.

  71. if we could get these transfers done i.e. M’vila, Giroud in good time, getting a backup keeper that would push Sczceszny should be the biggest priority should Fabianski and Mannone be leaving

  72. Upper Street Gooner


    I know i’m a cunt but it still doesnt change the fact that that is why he shouldnt have said what he said.

    If you could get your football understanding up to your levels of hatred you might be on to something.

  73. Upper Street Gooner


    What apects of football do you enjoy?

    It just that it becomes apparent that you dont really know that much or like football particularly.

  74. Those are some Serious self esteem issues on view there man

  75. Yes USG, they are. Quite educational at times.

  76. george
    i heard something similar about diaby a few week back..

    it was a comment from his agent saying hes unhappy and wants a move and a few turkish clubs wanted him..

    but agent talk is different from club or player talk

  77. Upper Street Gooner

    Acryllic Altair | June 19, 2012 at 11:39 am

    M’vila would just be an utterly awesome signing.

    One of the top players in the world in his position already aged 21-22.

    Think we would be done if we get him and as you say a backup up who can seriously push Szczesny

    Dexter George what are your thoughts?

  78. pedantic george

    Dexter .I have to side with Jibber here.You seem to display as little football knowledge as………well me really.
    I am off now to check on Champ man .which clubs will have offers for RVP accepted by Arsenal.
    That will show him

  79. the funny thing is USG is that i did say cesc and nasri would leave..

    and now im saying rvp wont..

    trust me 🙂

  80. pedantic george

    Dexter broke the internet.Again.

  81. Have I busted the blog again?

    Diaby was rumoured to be the subject of a £10m bid last summer. And apparantly his agent was quoted as saying he was ‘unhappy’ at the club. Quite what the happiness stems from is anyone’s guess.

    Perhaps he has serious self esteem issues as well?

  82. pedantic george

    Saying it JJ? Fucking saying it?
    Get some research done ,you lazy individual.

  83. George

    That’s complete and utter bollocks.

    No one knows less about football than you!

  84. pedantic george

    True enough Dexter.

  85. I was a close friend of the man who did most to bring beaver back to Britain. Brought them over from Germany interestingly enough. Without him we would be a beaverless country … appalling prospect. Nothing gets the blood pumping quite as much as the sight of a beaver.

  86. Five 6-foot-plus strikers is a tad excessive for a team that only starts one at a time, so if Giroud is inbound we’ll definitely have to lose one, maybe even two of the current 4 tall strikers (VP, Park, Chamakh, Bendtner).

    Can’t agree with you regarding Bendtner though, Yogi. At this moment in time I’ll take Chamakh’s temporary lack of confidence over Bendtner’s baggage any day. At least he (seemingly) wants to play for us, and to be fair he was starting to make an impact again toward the end of the season.

    Shame about Bendtner because he has obvious talent and a first class football education. He could be a big star. Just not for us, I’m afraid.

  87. “Rosicky is an excellent squad player and showed last year he still can turn it on on occasions.” – This blog is going bananas.

    This is a man who ran our attacking midfield for the entire 2nd half of our season and is the key player for the Czech Republic.

  88. JJ;

    What are your predictions for tonights scores?

    I’m going to say, erm, 3-1 England and 2-2 Sweden/France.

    More wishful thinking than a prediction there!

  89. Upper Street Gooner

    JonJon | June 19, 2012 at 11:45 am

    As did i, it was reasonably simple to do such things if people actually just read the quotes emanating from them both at the time.


    A basic knowledge of football can come from actually speaking to football fans who dont inhibit one particular arsenal blog. Funnily enough if you talk to enough people about there perspective clubs you can sift through the bull and get a general feel for how a player is viewed by the fans who see him week in week out.

    The fact that i’ve worked more than a day in sport and in particular football also helps a great deal.

  90. Really hope Diaby isn’t offloaded. We have Rosicky and Arteta (two players who don’t have many years at the top level left), Ramsey and Wilshere (players trying to regain their footing), Song and M’Vila? (Two defensive midfielders) AOC (young and upcoming)… Diaby is injury prone and I say all this with the hope that he gets over the problems like Rosicky and RVP… If the club feels he has to go, I’m afraid we have to sign more than Podolski, Giroud and M’vila apart from keeping Song, Theo and RVP…

  91. Markus;

    IF we do sign Giroud, then given the lack of playing time that Park was given and the burnt bridges of Bendtner’s own making, then those 2 look certs to leave, but I will need to check with the oracle to make sure I aint chatting shite again.

  92. Again with the real and urgent need to come across as superior. You would make a really interesting case study for any Psychology student jibber.

  93. Upper Street Gooner

    shotta | June 19, 2012 at 11:53 am

    ”When the facts on the gorund change i change my opinion, what do you do sir?”

    When i was speaking in January and lets remember those quote brought up none were rude of Rosicky they were just my general feelings on a guy who had been at the club 5 years and achieved very little. He was as woeful last year as he was good this year.

    Some seem to think 15 good games makes a gem. I think it now makes him a useful player to the match day squad. He has proved himself this year other unlucky midfielders haven’t again. The question is can arsenal fc afford non contributiors, after all we are incredibly poor haven’t you heard?

  94. Markus, if Giroud comes in i think Bendtner and Chamakh are out, the latter even if it is a loan deal.

  95. pedantic george

    Jibber .
    I have taught professional sportsmen .I can give names and prove it.I can be googled .Where I am and even the time of day I am there can be established.I make no claims about myself that can not be verified by anyone interested.
    You? Pfft.Worked in football my arse.

  96. Upper Street Gooner


    I just think the fact you came in and started being rude immediatly today says more about you than it does me. The fact that i do know more than you is neither here nor there.

    You are the one who wakes up and trys to put people down my friend. Its me who comes on a football blog and talks about football

  97. I can piss up a wall higher than any of you.

  98. pedantic george

    So a player who was regarded as the best of his generation and captains his national side ,at age 30 is yet to prove his worth and yet Jack can be considered “the most talented midfielder by a country mile” after one season and one goal?
    Jibber , you are a(fill in the blank)

  99. Upper Street Gooner
    What is the allure of Italian football.
    A President who is calling for the suspension of football
    A international manager who wouldn’t complain has his team been called back from the euros
    The fact that the Italian FA have handed out punishments to Serie B & Serie C teams (+ a team promoted to Serie A – i.e up from Serie B).

    The image, accusations and suspicions are very unlikely to stop.

  100. Upper Street Gooner


    Good for you.

    I used to play rugby with professional players for a professional club in my youth beofre like i said before knee injuries let me down.

    I work for one of the largest consultancy companies in the world in their sports division. Currenlty working with the NFL and how its best trys to export itself to the UK. I have done very similar work premiere with league clubs in a reverse role. So whilst i’m no expert on sporting matters i know more than most.

  101. Completely off topic, ignoring much of what you have written … except for the wrestling quote.
    Around that same era the was a Russian wrestler called Zaranov. When he retired, he and his wife opened a restaurant in Warwick called, appropriately, ZARANOV’S. The entertainment was something like out of Fawlty Towers, only without Manuel.
    Mine host would get progressively more drunk as he chatted to the diners. His long suffering wife got progressively more angry and abusive to him for not helping out more … all in front of people who might have come out for a quiet meal .. if they did not know better.
    Truly hilarious.
    I just thought I would share that with you, cheers

  102. PG

    Yeah and I fixed it. Again. FFS Dex 😎

  103. pedantic george

    Jibber,And I can take your word for that.?
    Because I sure as hell cant verify it..

  104. YW
    I was going to take you up on the use of decimate to describe our horrendous injury situation. Along with disinterested (when people actually mean uninterested) I have often thought it the most misused word on the net.
    Imagine my horrified surprise when I checked my facts before posting (some of us do you know) to find the OED says it means ” to destroy or remove a large proportion of; to subject to severe loss, slaughter, or mortality.”. In other words constant misuse, abuse and general inappropriate application of a perfectly good word has resulted in its meaning being changed.
    Decimate no longer means to reduce by a tenth. It actually means what everybody seems to think it means.

  105. Upper Street Gooner

    pedantic george | June 19, 2012 at 12:08 pm

    Problem is that Rosicky was regarded as many things 10 years ago but things havent played out liek that.

    He with a few others were the signings which nearlly crippled dortmund.

    He has been a good player for us in his first 2 years but i dont think i’m alone in saying i was hoping for a little more. The idea was we were getting a brilliant midfielder who was terribly injury prone. In reality we got a good mifielder who was horribly curtailed by injuries.

    In his ”golden” 15 game spell last year we were still very inconsistent. He managed to get 6 assists and 2 goals which is pretty much what he has averaged his entire career.

    With regards to Jack you will notice i spoke of his potential ceiling. Our best performance certainly in the last 4-5 years but maybe my whole arsenal supportign life in my opinion was the 2-1 vs barcelona. Jack performance in that game aged 18-19 was magical.

    I think he is better at that age than cesc was. Seeing as our whole formation was designed around a player of that ilk i think lest hand the keys to a player with tremendous upside rather than a guy who has shown through a long career that he is a good but not great player

  106. Limpar said:

    Under [George] Graham’s regime – it’s like saying you’d live in Iraq under Saddam [Hussein]. It was the same regime. He was disgusting, sick.

    I came to training one day and Graham called another player over, saying “come to my office”, but then they just stood in the open so that we could hear everything.

    Graham said: “I’ve sold you to Leeds”. The player said “I don’t want to leave” but Graham responded “Just pack your stuff and go”. Do you get it? What a pig.

    And this player was just – I’ve never seen [anything like it] – his tears were this big [gestures, 2m26s into the video]. You see this guy had been at Arsenal since he was 16 – and then suddenly he just had to go. I think it was to Leeds. He was just crying his eyes out, said goodbye to everyone, then went to the car park and left. Haven’t seen him since. He [Graham] is sick. Crazy, really crazy.

    It was the same with me. He sold me in April and my contract expired in May. There was no talk about an extension, it was just “goodbye”. I told him [Graham] I wanted to sign a new four-year contract [with Arsenal] and he said “that’s not going to happen”.

    I said: “I’ve won six titles for you in four years – is that not enough?”

    Then later on I went into his office with my agent and Graham said: “I’ve received a great offer from Manchester City for you, so you have to travel up there.” I said “thank you for the four years” [Limpar shows that he offered a handshake] and he just turned his chair around and stared at the wall. My agent just said “what the fuck?”

    Graham refused to shake my hand, after four years. I said “what now?” to my agent, and we just left.

    Halfway up to Manchester we got a call from Everton. So we talked to both Manchester City and Everton to see what they would offer. Crazy story.

    [The host then asks Limpar if he has met George Graham since that day]

    Oh yes, I have. He is the same as he ever was. Arrogant.”
    Woner what player he is referring to? Hmmm….

  107. Ha! Sorry Yogi. Won’t happen again!

  108. pedantic george

    I think he is better at that age than cesc was.

    Magical was Thomas against Spurs.
    Still,I sure if Thomas had a cockney accent he too would be magical.You know,to the real fans.The ones who drink in Arsenal pubs,with Arsenal mates and relatives.Proper fans who support the club properly.

  109. Upper Street Gooner

    pedantic george | June 19, 2012 at 12:23 pm

    The thing is that there are many instances on this site when i quite clearly know more than the person im debating with especially on american sport and its relationship with our sports. I was treated with disdain in the same way even though my words wer factually spot on.

    If you put aside your hatred for one second and just look at todays posts you would actually see that the comments are intelligent and show logic. I did nothing to warrent dexter attacks apart from highlight his own lack of understanding on a subject area.

    To say someone is cunt for wanting to understand a topic better and actually doign some research on it seems strange and rather rude. Considering you work in education you should see this.

  110. Upper Street Gooner


    Firstly Wilshere isnt from London so there is no Cockney accent there.

    Secondly i thought Rosicky played very well in that game but spurs came apart and we ruthlessly exposed them.

    Barcelona the ebst side on the planet played very well against us and yet we won due to a magnifecent team effort and wilshere playing against xavi and iniesta aged 19 was pheneomenal. If rosicky did such things i would say it but i havent seen him play that well for us over 6 eyars.

  111. Hang on, hang on. Stevenage is as near as dammit London and most of the population do have a London accent.

  112. …as to Cockney accent. Doesn’t really exist anymore in people of Jack’s age.

  113. Very thought provoking piece today Yogi with many points to think about.

    Most importantly of all though is Bendtner, a play that has obvious talents, tends to work hard when and goals for goal whenever he gets the ball but also is a complete and utter nut job who when not on a pitch should be in a straight jacket. I personally would want Chamakh because he does work hard and plays only for the team and was starting to turn teh corner and had a couple of really good chances come the end of this past campaign plus he wouldn’t give us all the headaches that Bendtner would.

    RVP, THEO AND SONG WILL STAY! Teach them how to Samba Santos nobody EVER can resist the Samba and that will really make them stay!

    Not sure whose going to go through today I would imagine it would be France and England but Ukraine if playing well Shevchenko can always produce magic on his 1st touch.

  114. I played a gig in Waterlooville on Saturday and our singer was moaning that the people there were all speaking in cockney accents when they’re from Hampshire. And then lo and behold when we actually examine his Lahndan credentials, transpires he’s from Surrey.

  115. Frank

    The Bow Bells stopped chiming in 1946, so no one’s had a real cockney accent since then. Well, thats what my ol nan used to say.

  116. pedantic george

    But Jabba,It is only you that seems to think your posts are anything other than repetitive drivel.Dexter shows an understanding of football combined with good humour and a pleasing disposition.
    Why do you think other ,much smarter people than me, like him and engage with him?
    And why do you think those same people shun you?
    Self praise is no praise at all.

  117. Went out in Reading once and they ALL thought they were cockneys too.

  118. I’ll tussle you for beavers anytime, anyplace Frank…

  119. Anyone south of Chorley is considered a cockney to George.

  120. Mind you none of the kids round our way seem to realise they’re in Somerset. It’s as if they all fell from space with some nondescript accent learned from listening to a Katherine Tate character.

  121. Diaby is a very interesting player for me, supremely talented with great touch. But the issue is he is always injured which brings us back to the whole RVP Mozart thing, do we wait it out and hope he comes good or release him and then bring in M’villa who would basically allow Song to take over what we wanted for Diaby and bringing in M’villa to take over DM and leading to a midfield or M’villa, Song, Mozart? I just had a thought, would a midfield of Song, M’villa and DIaby not be the most dominant multi-dimensional unplayable midfield in all of the PL. The Chavs can have their Mata, Hazard and Lampard I’ll take my M’villa, Song, Diaby!

  122. FFS Dex…apologize to all of us not just “one of us”?

  123. pedantic george

    Well they are Dexter.

  124. pedantic george

    And soft southern softies too

  125. …so hunter13 was right about Graham all along?

  126. Upper Street Gooner

    Very True Frank

    George you may well be right with regards to some arsenal fans viewing Jack in a special light due to him being with the club from such a young age. That also is because he cares more. Thats what the issue has been over these last few years at times. Its been a sense that some of these guys dont really care. Whether those feelings were right who knows but in reality results and the effort in some games show this to be true to a certain extent. I question how do you know how bad it really is to lose to spurs if your not from london or north london. Yes its bad but can you distinguish that defeat betwenn a chels or utd defeat. You could if you were brought up a gooner and from the area. Not a knock just a fact. you should stop hating on our local fanbase. If your from the area it means an incredible amount to have some homegrown boys in the squad as im sure it does to other not form the area but surely you must understand local fans love in particular.

    In the same way that soem might over hype jack due to his roots its quite clear that this annoys you and you will say anything to try and disparage and play down his talent for precisly these reasons.

  127. Personally, as much as I like “the other 2” six-footers, I’d sell them both swiftly.
    And Park too.
    There’s no reason for players at that stage in their careers be sitting on the bench losing chutzpah.
    We bungled it with Korea….we apologize & move on.
    we’ve got Ryo…

  128. Upper Street Gooner

    pedantic george | June 19, 2012 at 12:48 pm

    George we are debating on one of the most extreme arsenal blogs around.

    I could put my footballing opinions on other clubs blogs or nearly any other arsenal blog and would be treated with respect.

    Many of the ”regulars” on here could not do similar. That puts me on the minority on here but in a massive majority in real life.

    Thats fine for you as long as all your football debates are on this site, if they werent you would be in serious trouble as would some of yor chums.

  129. Going back to my 11:53 post: If jibber can, with increasing arrogance and conceit, spout so much gibberish, where the hell is G-69 to counter with some real footballing knowledge?

    (Off to work.)

  130. pedantic george

    “you should stop hating on our local fanbase.”
    Your ability to be so wrong if staggering.
    “and you will say anything to try and disparage and play down his talent”
    For your information ,Jack is my third favorite player.As I have said before.Had you been listening.

  131. Upper Street Gooner

    I suprised Montpellier didn’t go for chamck, maybe they did but would have been a good move for him even if it was on loan with a view to perm move.

    I think we should cash in on our Dane. The guy has quality but needs to be starting somewhere.

  132. pedantic george

    Jibber,I am sure you are right.If I struck up a conversation with others like you ,they would be equally annoyed at my utter contempt for them and their opinions.

  133. Upper Street Gooner


    If he was your third favourite player you wouldnt have said he was our sixth best midfielder.

    You say he is your third favourite player and yet you think Diaby has more worth than him.

    Come on pal who are you trying to kid.

  134. pedantic george

    Shotta,G69 has shotta his bolt.

  135. nice post, YW

    Good luck TheoX – I hope you both have great games.

    @ Frank | June 19, 2012 at 11:31 am

    The Dutch fans at Schiphol meeting the players arriving back in Amsterdam chanted ‘arsehole’ at RvP. What a fucking disgrace.

    Is that true? That’s awful! Are you sure they didn’t shout “Robben” rather than “Robin”? Because then you could understand it.

    @ JonJon and Dexter
    Good posts and quite a few ha has

    @ steww
    I feel your pain

  136. pedantic george

    I did not say I thought he was our third best player .Because he is not.Just like my favorite player has never been out best player.
    You really are stupid.

  137. Upper Street Gooner


    Maybe you should try it george. Maybe speak to some fans who arent on this site. Maybe if you actually spoke to some other fans from other clubs and other sites and allowed them to portray their opinion without you being able to just simply call them a cunt you might realise that not only are you in a massive minority but your that tiny minority are just as rude as they are wrong.

  138. steww

    Sometimes, just sometimes, I check that the popular use of a word is in fact the correct usage… 😉

  139. steww

    Nothing wrong people from Surrey. We’re the best sorts, generally speaking…

  140. Upper Street Gooner


    If you dont particualrly rate his talent and you dont think he should start and you also dont like where he is from ………….why is he your third favourite player, it doesnt really make sense.

    It sounds liek the guy who declares love for a bird who he neither likes, rates nor fancies, how very strange. What is it you teach?

  141. USG

    Why should PG talk to people he won’t like? I don’t go to speak to people at the local Conservative club, for example, because I know that no matter how enlightened toward their viewpoint I may become, I will still think that they are a bunch of tossers.

  142. Jibber

    Your arguments get smashed and you simply ignore it, as you did yesterday. You repeat the same shite over and over and think you are ‘debating’ with someone.

    Today you chose to list all of RvP’s ‘suitors’ based on nothing other than transfer speculation, to which I posted it was a bit of a masochistic approach to take. Where can a ‘debate’ like that possibly go? And what Gooners would find any interest or pleasure in discussing the potential sale of their best striker?

    “No, I think Robin will go to PSG.” “Oh no he wont, he is definitely off to that Russian club for £300 k a week.”

    You constantly have to portray yourself as superior to anyone who pulls you up about anything. Just look at the bollocks you are currently spouting to george about him not being a ‘real’ Gooner coz he isnt from the area.

    BTW; losing to the chavs or mancs is harder to take for me, but what do I know? Im just a 4th gen Gooner. (Shit, I am doing the same boring shite as you now).

    And you lie like a fucking politician.

    If you had anything about you, you’d go off to one of those oh so many blogs that respect inane and humourless ramblings.

    Its patently clear you have real animosity for most of the “regulars” on here and the feelings probably mutual. But you brought that on yourself I’m afraid. No one comes on this blog purely to analyse the minutiae of football. If that were the case, people wouldnt post tunes on here, or jokes. yet that, like almost everything else about this blog, is lost on you.

    Why do you bother?

    And more importantly, why the fuck do I? So I wont.


  143. What kind of trouble USG?

    Would they beat us up?

  144. Upper Street Gooner


    He shouldnt but in not wanting to here another perspective or any perspective that doesnt conform to yoru own a smart man, a man who is a teacher of men should understand that they arent enlightened in fact they know very little. Also there rudness and utter contempt for others reflects rather more badly on them thasn these so called cunts.

  145. Is USG actually Jabba? That’s amazing. If it hadn’t been pointed out I’d have suspected anyway by the size of those posts.

  146. My dad came from Surrey.

  147. c’mon USG,
    surely the words “favourite” & “best” do not best describe a guy’s feelings for a bird or beaver without the word… “absolute”?

  148. To Dex & PG…u’d make excellent firemen!

  149. pedantic george

    Jack has the potential to become one of the worlds truly great players.I like his dynamic forward bursts,his close control and his first touch is sublime.I love the way he always moves the ball forward.I admire his tenacity and spirit .And I appreciate that he has a genuine love for the club and love him because of it.
    But I still see him as 6th best midfield player as of today.
    Is that beyond your comprehension?
    I teach Martial Arts and self defence ,as you were asking.

  150. Talking of tunes, here’s one thats appropriate;

  151. OK, I’m struggling – can someone translate USGs post at 1.14pm? It doesn’t make sense to me.

  152. pedantic george

    I can Yogi .
    It roughly translates to “complete bollocks” I am paraphrasing of course.

  153. By the way Abou Diaby ain’t going nowhere
    Our druid believes in him beyond belief
    As do I
    AW will stick with him unless the player categorically states otherwise.
    Agents are b*tches, they only want their cut!

    see so far they’ve talked Djourou, Robin, Theo, Szc, Fabianski, AA, Ox OG..(Poldi beat them to it)…wonder who’s next on the rumour mill?

    can u guess ACLFer?
    ..Santos, Gibbs, Song, Arteta, Verm, Kos, Gerv, Park, Chamakh…?

  154. OK Yogi, enough’s enough, surely you have enough data for whatever sick and twisted experiement project you are working on. 🙂

  155. Billy's Boots

    Good posts, YW. I have been reading but not commenting over recent weeks. I admire your ability to fashion an enjoyable read of out of not very much news! The Euros have been OK but not as compelling (in my view) as in previous tournaments; perhaps that will change as we reach the knock-out stages.

    I have enjoyed the Jabba/Dexter/PG debate today. Jabba, stop digging!

    Speaking of Lee Beevers; it’s a little known *fact* that his middle name is Vito. Really.

  156. Billy's Boots

    OK, not really.

  157. Dex – Excellent tune.

    If we manage to retain RvP whilst adding Podolski, Giroud, and maybe M’Villa it will have been a successful summers work IMO.

    Heh, typically Wenger though; most people agree that we let too many goals in, so he signs two strikers. Gotta love him.

  158. pg, u forgot the qualifier, “absolute”

  159. pedantic george

    Andy ,I though most people agreed we were in the shit if Robin stubbed his toe.
    You cant help yourself ,can you?
    Gotta love you though

  160. George – ??? Help myself what?

    You seem to be under the impression that every post I make is some sort of barbed comment when that is anything but the case.

  161. GA;

    This close seaason has the potential to be one of the best for us in years man. Although it wouldnt need to be that good given past seasons!

    Thing is though, I think the main issue last season wasnt the goals conceded, but goals scored by something other than a certain dutchman! By addressing that and becoming more of a varied attacking threat, we will also asleviate pressure on the much maligned defence, imo.

    I also think that when Arteta was in the side, as well as having a settled back 4, the goals conceded column went down quite dramatically.

  162. Upper Street Gooner


    Because if its pointed out to you that said russian club weren’t in the champions league would it make you think that rvp might not want to go there. Or is rvp the sort of guy who cares little for this. Is he etoo and has won it all already?


    You say he has the potential to be one of the world best players and yet our manager says the best players start from 18, do you disagree with your lord?

  163. Dexter – All very true.

  164. AW likes the 1st one so much he went and got another one…dj’roo!

  165. pedantic george

    Jabba,He said “starts” he does not say “are” .Was Dennis the best player in the world at 18? Henry?
    You are not every good at this malarkey,are you?
    And again the use of “your lord” betrays you hidden (though not so well hidden)feelings.
    It is obvious I know more about football and can debate better than you,by a country mile.
    PS. See how stupid I look praising myself? Just a little pointer for you.

  166. thanks again for the Post Yogi. Always well written and interesting. How you can do that everyday still amazes me.

    Very excited about getting Giroud and Podolski this early in the window. I agree with what everyone else has said about M’Vila and if we could get him and keep all the players we have it will have been the best summers business in many years. I really hope we can have more flexibility with our formation and tactics and allow Giroud to play along with RVP.

    I am becoming a little more cautiously optimistic about RVP based on what his father said about potential destinations. I hope that was a real quote and I hope RVP sticks with that. Based on past history its a bit hard to imagine the club spending this much money on a back up striker and having this much money outgoing without significant incoming. No matter what happens we need to get all of this business finished ASAP so we can prepare for next season. If we keep all of our players, make the additions we are expecting and concede about 15 – 20 fewer goals we really will be challenging for a title. Go Arsene, Go Ivan.

  167. Bill

    We just need all the earth’s oil and other naturak resources to dry up in the next week or so and RvP will definitely be staying.

    It’s a small price to pay in order to keep a good footballer at the club. 🙂

  168. Last week when the Giroue rumours started flying I indicated that we’d still need to fund those transfers with sales of our deadwood (Bendntner, Arshavin, Chamakh) because the last several summers have seen us sell more rthan we buy. I indicated that it would be difficult for Arsenal to sell Arshavin at a decent price because of his salary. Some infantile poster insulted me and said I was stupid if I thought it would be difficult to offload Andrei. i’d really like this person to let us all know how much we’d get for Andrei and just who would take him.

  169. But, Arshavin’s staying though, everyone knows that.

  170. Philmar

    Do you and Jibber operate on a shift basis?

  171. YW
    I meant to cast no nasturtiums on either your research methods nor on anyone hailing from Surrey. I’m just disgusted that the herd can so despoil the fine history of such a proud word. If I remember correctly when a unit of the Roman army were to be punished for some serious dereliction of duty they were forced to draw lots. the loser was then beaten to death by the other nine. Thus the ten were decimated.
    I just checked and even Wikipedia has similar ideas so I must be right. Now then who can tell me the difference between disinterested and uninterested? Because plenty of people have asserted that Arshavin for example was disinterested when he played for us whilst i suspect that couldn’t be further from the truth. Check his tax returns.

  172. Depending on what reports are correct, we could have acquired Podolski and Giroud for a combined fee of £15.5m. Thats so typical! Doing it on the cheap!

  173. pedantic george

    Just last week West Ham were being linked to him,Zenit want him(well they did before his spat with fans)and that club that pay Eto silly money.loads of Arab clubs and the stupidly rich Chinese clubs would all have him in an instant.
    I doubt he would go though.
    Is that enough to answer you question?

    An infantile poster

  174. Philmar
    If you don’t tell us who the person is we can’t force them out and make them respond. I’m sure every one will be on you side. after all which of us Arsenal fans doesn’t just love reading our players described in insulting and degrading terms?

  175. Dex:

    “We just need all the earth’s oil and other naturak resources to dry up in the next week or so and RvP will definitely be staying.”

    Who needs cars and airplanes. Riding my horse to work would sure be alot more fun then driving 🙂 :).

  176. pedantic george

    Steww,I feel like a team of beaters are closing in on me.I might have to make a break for it

  177. No more cars, boats and plances Bill, BUT we get to keep RvP! No contest!

  178. George

    You bring it upon yourself man. I mean, you will humour these people after all.

    Wouldnt catch me doing that now. 😉

  179. Philmar, I think any technically gifted team in the world outside of the PL would love to have Arshavin.

  180. We will flush you out George. You can run but you can’t hide.

  181. Who’s beating PG up? Make him suffer boys.

  182. I was thinking of advertising my show for tonight, but on a football forum when there’s two matches on tonight – non starter really.

  183. @ pg, Dexter, steww

    Basically, ha ha ha
    You chaps are cracking me up today.

    I can’t be on the blog during the game so please give out some major TheoX manlove later on. Cheers!

  184. Someone else explain the word beater in the context in which george used it. i won’t talk to that poster.

  185. Steww

    Can’t you record it a la John Peel and play the tape whilst watching the match?

    If you want to listen to steww’s eclectic mix, Somer Valley FM between 8 and 10pm.

  186. Dex….

    “I think the main issue last season wasnt the goals conceded, but goals scored by something other than a certain dutchman! By addressing that and becoming more of a varied attacking threat, we will also asleviate pressure on the much maligned defence, imo.”


    Markus and C

    agree with your rationale for keeping Chamakh over Bendtner.

    Bendtner’s time at Sunderland has pushed him over the brink and he’s become too unArsenal.

  187. Still trying to provoke a response? Pfft , keep trying tho.
    There’s a good boy.

  188. I cannot imagine that ‘decimation’ was good for morale.

    ‘Hey look here comes ‘B’ troop back from the pub. Hi, guys, how you doing? OK? Looking forward to the battle tomorrow? Shove it up the Brits we will I reckon. Why so glum? Where’s, Nigel? …………You’ve done fucking what?

  189. ” Jibber,you just don’t like it that Arshavin is telling Russian fans ,like you, that they are actually stupid.And are entitled to fuck all. ”

    If the words had been uttered by John Terry would you have the same opinion?
    Now I understand how blinkered biased Chelsea fans can defend the indefensible.

  190. I’d rather have Chamakh too but tbh I think the best course of action is a fresh start for all concerned parties!

  191. Dex @ 2:37:

    Good call.

    The music isn’t bad, better then a most of the stuff that gets posted IMO. Still not something I would put on my Ipod but to each their own. I always thought I was “out there” when I used to listen to Pink Floyd and Aqualung. Still love Ian Anderson but haven’t listened to any of his music for many years.

  192. Haha Frank. Those Romans really were the master beaters.

  193. “Andrei was right to point out to fans with a sense of entitlement that it was their problem not his.”

    Sounds like something quoted by Arsene!

  194. If I had to keep one of Bendtner or Chamakh I think now I’d keep Chamakh. 2 years ago I’d have taken Bendtner. I’ve seen him come on as a substitute and turn a few games around. But he isn’t convincing as a starter – Arsene agrees and has bought more strikers. Having an ego as big as his on the team that will feel hard done by as a sub is not good for morale. He thinks he should start and his sense of injustice will eat at team morale. Only matter of time until another teammate of his (like Adebayor) takes a swipe at him.
    But once again – like Arshavin, how much would we get for Bendtner with his wages – and who would take him?

  195. Philmar

    Like Arshavin, I think there will be many clubs who’d want to sign him. Bendtner has had a pretty good tournament and done his profile no end of good.

    Germany may well be calling, likewise; Portugal, Turkey and Wales! 🙂

  196. Philmar.

    Bendther is starting to look like the real deal. International record of 21 goals in 51 matches, top goalscorer for sunderland, 2 in 3 at the Euro’s, damn!
    That cv looks better than most, there has to be clubs willing to buy him, surely?

  197. It might be the case that the club try to sell Bendtner, Park and Chamakh, along with Vela. There are strong indications that Montpellier will want Maraoune in part ex for OG.

  198. “Rosicky – This is a man who ran our attacking midfield for the entire 2nd half of our season and is the key player for the Czech Republic.”

    And what about the 2 and a half seasons PRIOR to that?
    Rosicky is a great crafty hard working vet but in the last 3 seasons that he HAS NOT sustained it for more than 25 matches.
    CONCLUSION: USG’s analysis is SPOT on.

  199. Bill

    Glad you thought the tune I posted was OK. I only really posted it as it has this lyric; “cant buy fuel again, horse and buggy comin back” 🙂

  200. Philmar;

    By that logic, the same must apply to RvP then. Time to get rid of both then? Possibly Ramsey, Wilshere and Diaby too.

  201. Guys – there is no doubt Arshavin and Bendtner are uselful players that would help many a team but unlike USG you guys don’t think the situation through and are hopelessly emotional. I like them both too but they are not happy and therefore of no use to a TEAM of players united in a common goal.

    Many teams would want them but WHO can afford them? Most teams can’t afford Arsenal wages. Neither of these guys is going to forfeit wages to play on another team like Arteta did to join us.

    I ask you – WHICH teams want, need AND can afford either of these guys and still would give us a decent transfer fee (which would be used to buy Mvila)??
    If Arsene could have sold either of them by now he would have – I don’t see any takers.

  202. Philmar

    There’s only one person on this blog with an emotional attachment to either of those players and he hasnt even commented on your demented posts yet! 🙂

    What hasnt anyone thought through? Arshavin is wanted by Zenit, apprantly, as well as a few other clubs that others have already posted and Fulham. Bendtner is apparantly wanted by Benfica, Dortmund, Galatasaray and Swansea.

    Nothing was ever likely to happen while they were with the national sides.

    You keep making antagonistic statements for some strange reason. As you have done since you started posting here, …. about the same time jabba returned…. Interesting.

  203. Dexter – which logic are you refering too? My analysis of Rosicky? if so, i think you need to reread it. I never said we need to get rid of Rosicky.
    I would keep Jack and Ramsey. i can’t opine about Diaby because i’d need a medical degree as well as access to his medical file to understand his situation.

  204. Arsesession @ 2:56:


    “I think the main issue last season wasnt the goals conceded, but goals scored by something other than a certain dutchman! By addressing that and becoming more of a varied attacking threat, we will also asleviate pressure on the much maligned defence, imo.”


    Wow, we have never heard that one before. “The best defense is a good offense.” Its a fun idea and was worth a try I guess, but I hope that the people who actually make the decisions and run the club have thrown that idea out with the trash.

  205. Philmar

    Oh, you arent referring to his injury record then? In that case your logic is flawed to buggery man! A fit Rosicky is currently a certain starter for me. Who plays ahead of him for you?

  206. ‘Rosicky is a great crafty hard working vet’

    Jeez philmar, that sounds like a description of milner.

  207. Bill;

    I know its not a black and white concept, so its natural you wouldnt understand! And tbh, Im not sure I can be arsed typing a full explanation.

    But try this;

    When relying on one main source of goals (RvP) it is easier for the opposition to negate that threat and it doesnt require as many personnel to defend against that threat as when you have several offensive options in a team. How many times have we dominated a game, huffed and puffed, had numerous opportunities to score, failed and then after exerting all that pressure, get caught by a sucker punch and lose/draw the game?

    Having less attacking threat puts a lot more pressure on the defence.

    Plus you purposely missed the stat about having Arteta and a settled defence. Naughty boy!

  208. I have only joined the blog recently and encountered a few rude people like you. I express my opinions and though they are not as optimistic as the overly emotional rose-coloured blinkered fans like you I get insulted. Yes, I point out flaws in my team. The inteligent managers see flaws and fix them. An intelligent fan can also see flaws. But only someone with an unhealthy over-emotional attachment to the team would call that antagonistic.
    Sorry if you feel I am trying to engage in a fight with you if i make comments about Arshavin and Bendtner that you do not agree with. they are comments about those players and do not reflect at all upon you. Why be offended and consider them antagonistic?

    My questions remain unanswered. How much do you think these teams would pay for Arshavin and Bendnter considering their wages?

  209. Philmar

    I never said you were trying to start a fight with me. Your opening gambit today was aimed at whoever it is you have the beef with about Arshavin. If you dont think they are antagonisitic, then maybe you need to drink less coffee? 🙂 Here, have another little look;

    Philmar | June 19, 2012 at 2:14 pm

    Last week when the Giroue rumours started flying I indicated that we’d still need to fund those transfers with sales of our deadwood (Bendntner, Arshavin, Chamakh) because the last several summers have seen us sell more rthan we buy. I indicated that it would be difficult for Arsenal to sell Arshavin at a decent price because of his salary. Some infantile poster insulted me and said I was stupid if I thought it would be difficult to offload Andrei. i’d really like this person to let us all know how much we’d get for Andrei and just who would take him.

  210. A fit Jack would start over a fit Rosicky. i said before I don’t think there is a starting XI. Horses for courses and squad rotation. I’d get Rosicky in about 60% of the time considering his age and durability. No starting XI – I would have a squad that rotates players. that’s what Purplepuss face does at Manure and you can see the results that has garnered.
    Considering Rosicky’s past, his age, i wouldn’t build a midfield around him. I’d make him an integral part of one though.

  211. @Philmar
    So you’d let an unproven youngster (Jack might already be accomplished at central midfield but I don#t think he has ever played for us in the more attacking role) start over an experienced international?

  212. yes Dex – my first post was a plea for that person to tell me just who would take Arshavin and his salary and at what price. I imagine many a bar fight has started with those words.

    Should i start combing the posts and look for one where you call people cunts? And you label ME antagonistic….ok.

  213. YW
    I went down at 7.30 am to record it when the studio would be free and the station is broadcasting from a computer. I got an hours worth of amazing improvised brilliance recorded and there was a power cut wiped out the whole town. Lost the recording the station ceased brioadcasting, when the power came back I did an impromtu breakfast show until 10 am when the pointy heads managed to fix the computers by which time it was too late for me to start recording it again as the studios were in use. Grrrr.

  214. And to be honest, saying that people have an over emptional attachment to the Arsenal and saying they wear rose tinted specs will probably be seen as a compliment to most posters on here.

    The fact you weren’t aware of that maight lead to you wanting to find some other blog to post on. That’s just friendly advice BTW. I dont agree with much of what you say, but you generally say it with some funny shit too. 🙂

    As for how much we’d get for the 2 players? (Sorry, only saw the who would want them bit)
    Aroung the £6 – £8m each.

  215. Yea but only if you remove the words ‘great’, ‘crafty’ and ‘vet’ and replace them with ‘mediocre’, ‘obvious’ and ‘naive idiot’

  216. Philmar, would you care to tell me how much Arshavin and Bendtner are taking home in wages and exactly how do you know how much they are getting paid?

  217. Philmar

    Jack? Who hasnt kicked a ball or proved any kind of fitness for over a year and who hasnt played the more advanced role for Arsenal as yet? You would stick him in infornt of Rosicky?

    That makes very little sense to me.

    Can I call you a c*nt yet? 🙂

  218. “Philmar, I think any technically gifted team in the world outside of the PL would love to have Arshavin. ‘
    then markus please name one and tell me: do they need Andrei, can they afford Arsenal wages and would they pay an amount even close to what we paid for him? Will this help fund a Mvila purchase.

    i think what I am stating is that selling off our deadweight AA, Bendtner, Park, Vela will be difficult unless we sell them on the cheap.

  219. sahil;

    You meam you werent sent the email with all the players’ wages on?

  220. Philmar;

    I think the plan is to sell several players this close season. people can speculate who might buy them and for how much (as I and others have) But repeating the same thing over and over again won’t make it happen!

    Are you sure you aint related to jibber? 🙂

  221. READ Dex, read. I said a FIT Jack. Tomas had been MIA for 2 and a half years and he came good. So will Jack. but this highlights the need to rotate the squad. Andrei, Theo, Jack, Rosicky, Aaron are lightweight (not big bruisers) and need time to rest and recuperate. So Rosicky would be played more in the beginning of the season and when jack is fit he’d more likely start.

    feel free to call me a c*nt because that would make you a hypocrite after suggesting that I was being antagonistic.

  222. “Philmar, would you care to tell me how much Arshavin and Bendtner are taking home in wages and exactly how do you know how much they are getting paid? ”

    Few people are privy to the exact amount and i am not one of them. But the EPL team wages are public knowledge. Arsenal have the 5th highest in the league. The EPL wages are higher than the other leagues due to the TV rights. One can infer that their wages would be higher than most other teams in Europe could afford.

  223. I dont think you should comment on Jack any more Philmar.

    You seem way too emotionally attached to him.

    Seems a bit overly sentimental of you to just assume jack will come back fine. Plus he hasnt played the more advanced role as yet.

  224. Dex @ 3:44:

    Haven’t we used some version of that same type of reasoning (if you get the attack right somehow the defense will take care of itself) for the last 6 years now? Look at the goals conceded column in the league table and tell me how well that has worked.

    With regard to Arteta, I agree we are more solid with him in the game, but if our defense implodes with the loss of one person then we are in trouble.

  225. ” I think the plan is to sell several players this close season. people can speculate who might buy them and for how much (as I and others have) But repeating the same thing over and over again won’t make it happen! ”

    Conversely, I think the plan is to buy several players this close season. People DO speculate who we might buy and for how much. And repeating the same thing over and over again doesn’t make it happen yet it doesn’t stop us from talking about it. So talking about what players need to go and for how much is also fair game. Don’t be offended by it or consider it antagonistic.

  226. Sunderland -H (Aug.)
    Stoke – A (Aug.)
    Liverpool – A (Sept.)
    Southhampton – H (Sept.)
    Man City – A (Sept.)
    Chelsea – H (Sept.)

    With all the debate as to whether we start JW or Rosicky, Theo or OX, Gervinho or Podolski, I think the real importance lies in having them all available. If we could win these 6 fixtures at the start of the season, it would IMO be the best start to a season for almost a decade.

    I really do not care if AA comes back again or not, Bendtner too. Chamakh came on a free so might as well keep him for another year and then sell him. Park is an enigma. He only had 4 starts (came on twice as a sub) but did manage to score a very well taken goal.

  227. “You seem way too emotionally attached to him. (jack) ”

    not at all.

  228. Limestonegunner

    Nice to see Billy Boots making a cameo–hope all is well.

    YW with another very fine post. This is the time of year when you really earn your corn, so to speak. Somehow still interesting thoughts and stimulating of conversation.

    What’s the argument today? Oh well! At least there is the soap opera of Ingerlund to talk about today.

    Still concerned about Theo playing. He pulled up in the Sweden game, immediately I thought it looked like a hamstring strain, but he went back on the pitch. Then a day or so later we hear he couldn’t train because of a tight hamstring and now has been ruled fit. Pardon me if I would prefer some caution exercised here. He’s already saved England’s bacon by absolutely turning the game around with his brilliant appearance versus Sweden that deserved a goal and two assists, if Gerrard could have shelved his ego and allowed the Ox onto the shot on his strong right foot rather than wrong footing it straight into the keeper’s chest. He’s done his part and should be rested for a possible quarters at best. Boy has praise for him stuck in the collective craw of English punditry (looking straight and you brainless Chris Waddle!). It’s Rooney’s turn for some heroics–let him try and singlehandedly carry England. Let the Ox run riot if needs must but let’s keep Hero Theo genuinely fit.

  229. Dex, I think Arsene and the board would jump at any offer of 6 million for bendtner but considering what they paid for Arshavin the board might want more for him. That’s the conundrum.

  230. Dex, i am not as privileged as philmar it seems.

    Philmar, Rosicky was on record saying that many Chinese clubs offered him way more money than Arsenal. And that Russian club Anzhi can easily double what Arshavin is being paid right know. Zenit have shown interest. If Arshavin really wants to go finding clubs wont be a difficulty.

  231. Why is there now a question as to who can afford AA’s wages, when for the last couple of years all I have been hearing is how The Arsenal do not pay there stars enough and that is why players like Mata sign for the Chavs and not us? Will people please make their minds up? You can’t have it both ways peeps! I mean how much is Carrol earning at ‘Pool? Compared to him Bandtner had the season of his life and yet people are trying to say we cannot offload him due to his wages? I say bollocks to that, he wants to play first-team football and that is why he is leaving The Arsenal, if he was given a decent offer by a club he wanted to play for he would gladly take a pay cut.

  232. @LG

    I completely agree with you about Theo except since I don’t care about the England squad outside of Ox and Theo I want him to rest so whatever it is isn’t nagging him come start of the season. Hamstrings are a tricky thing and just when you think they are heeled booom they are injuried again.

  233. Limestonegunner

    Irish, paradoxes of the “flat” wage paradigm, my man. Either that or inconsistent and contradictory logic of posters. Take your pick!

  234. I suspect the club may have to accept reduced fees in order to move on some of our players. One does not have to know the exact wages of these players to be aware of the fact that we pay well and have perhaps got the balance slightly wrong with regards paying too much for potential.

    But the thing is so what? What is your point Philmar? Why do you care so much about what transfer fee we might get for these players?

    The club, I believe, have already alluded to there awareness of the need to adjust our pay scale. Are you just looking for another birch to beat Wenger and/or the club with?

    There is no blame to be found here – there is no blueprint to what our club is doing – we are walking a different path – a sustainable model and there aren’t other pioneers whose footsteps we can follow. There are going to be mistakes along the way it’s just a question of appraising and reappraising as we go.

    Ours is by far the trickiest path to navigate – we do not have the luxury of infinite funds and yet we have to compete with those who do.

    You would do better to revel and marvel and say thanks at what has already been achieved in the face of staggering odds but no you’re much happier scratching around with your deliberately divisive yet strangely pointless questions. Your question is merely a tool – a irritating pre-amble which will open up to some D&G whingeathon about wages and transfers and your dissatisfaction and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  235. Limestonegunner

    Me neither, C. I am not an England fan but because we see all the England players in the PL, I feel familiar with their brand of mediocrity!

    My priority like yours is that our players come through this tournament with their bodies and spirit intact: fit and confident but not too tired out. Heralded England sub who saves tournament but doesn’t play in final group game out of injury caution which leads to England going out of the tournament in ignominious fashion and to Rooney, Young, Welbeck, Terry, Gerrard, Parker, and Milner’s shame sounds about perfect to me! Hoping it affects their club form and confidence!

  236. Limestonegunner

    Jonny? Jonny? JONNY! Wake up! The blog needs you!

  237. @LG

    HAHHAHA but I completely agree. We already have RVP back(I know its bad but thats just how I feel), hopefully Mozart, THeo, Ox, Podolski and Mert all come back safe o yea and the lil Russian too if Arsene doesn’t ship him off.

  238. I thought Philmar was one of USG’s multiple personalities? Looks like he might be Bill’s alter-ego instead!

  239. That’s different though Irish – they want us to have paid £35Million BEFORE we start lavishing large wages on a player.

    Conveniently overlooking the fact that we can only afford to pay the wages we do by not wasting those kinds of sums on transfer fees.

    They want the moon on a stick.

  240. Limestonegunner

    Bill, how you doin’ out there Texas way? Your Rangers are looking mighty impressive before the all-star break. But so are Irish’s Yanquis. Could this be the year? Has it been too hot to go to games or are you enjoying your seats in Arlington?

    I miss that–no team other than the Blue Jays in their godawful stadium within driving distance. I loved when as a graduate student I could hop on the BART train and go three stops to the Oakland Coliseum on Tuesdays for half price seats and dollar dogs and enjoy a late summer afternoon watching the Bash Brothers and later Billy Beane’s young talents and overachievers. In the Bay Area we are ecumenical, so even as a Giants fan, I could appreciate the A’s. That was never the case in NY where I enjoyed following the Mets but was required to hate the Yanquis for the pleasure of rooting for Bobby Valentine’s exciting nearly men.

    Is anyone watching the NBA finals. I must say I find OKC Thunder a very attractive young team and Durant a stellar and mature young talent. But I haven’t watched too many basketball games with the Euro match replays on at night.

    Just waiting for the hammer to come done in our exciting transfer anticipation and contract extension summer season.

  241. pedantic george

    Philmar.which part are you struggling with?

    “pedantic george | June 19, 2012 at 2:28 pm
    Just last week West Ham were being linked to him,Zenit want him(well they did before his spat with fans)and that club that pay Eto silly money.loads of Arab clubs and the stupidly rich Chinese clubs would all have him in an instant.
    I doubt he would go though.
    Is that enough to answer you question?

    An infantile poster”

    Now I have been here in the past with other stupid people.If you keep asking the same question ,I will keep posting the same answer.
    Now turn your head to the side and tell Jibber you are rumbled.

  242. “If Arshavin really wants to go finding clubs wont be a difficulty.”

    Just because there are Arab gulf and Chinese clubs offering high wages doesn’t mean they’ll go there. those options are NOT realistic. You forget that the player has to agree as well as Arsenal FC. Arsenal need a fair transfer fee. Remember Arsenal is a proper business being run here, not a fantasy subteo league.
    And what makes you think Andrei and Bendtner would agree to a move to the Shanghai Donkeys? Get serious please.

    Why do i care about what price they would garner. Wow – Bizarre question. Um, the price they garner will help determine whether we can afford Mvila. I’ve watched people here for weeks talking about their starting XI with Yann Mvila in it. Are they clueless as to how his purchase will be financed? The board has many dreamers but even they must realise that the team is run as a proper business and this summer selling our deadwood is as important and to a large part determines who we can afford to buy.
    I think it is fair game to discuss this.

  243. Limestonegunner

    Oh good, your awake… Now you can start tangling with Passenal…!

    Passenal, Philmar doesn’t seem to fit the “Bill”, as it were, imo. Bill’s alter-ego would be rude, insensibly optimistic/romantic about Arsenal, and erratic in writing and style of expression. Can you name any possible contenders on this blog?! 🙂

  244. Limestonegunner

    Your=you’re, sorry-auto correct!

  245. pedantic george

    Passenal, Philmar doesn’t seem to fit the “Bill”, as it were, imo. Bill’s alter-ego would be rude, insensibly optimistic/romantic about Arsenal, and erratic in writing and style of expression. Can you name any possible contenders on this blog?!


  246. Basketball is one sport I have never gotten interested in – and I’ll watch just about anything!

    It always looks to me as though it’s gotten too easy – like the hoop needs to be higher up, now that players average over 6″5!

    Still the cricket is going well today…

  247. Philmar, so you choose to focus on the Chinese clubs and not Anzhi and Zenit, whom i also mentioned in my comment. Cherry picking to support your arguments?

  248. Limestonegunner

    Haha, PG… it was an open question, but if you feel the shoe fits–we must find out Bill’s size!

    Jonny, I used to enjoy it much more but it does seem the court is too small and the basket too low. College basketball, especially the NCAA “March Madness” tournament, is still more exciting. Hockey, now that I am “trapped” in Canada, is the real conundrum. It’s the big passion of Canadians, but I really don’t enjoy it and find it gratuitously violent. I’m dreading my son wanting to play so he can fit in with his friends, but I’ve got him wrapped up in “soccer” right now. His U4 season is in full swing, week 4, and he is so far ahead of the others that it has become silly. The biggest advantage he has is that he has watched lots of Arsenal videos already and wants to be RvP. Hopefully he keeps this interest up but it is a summer sport in much of North America and our summers this far north are rather short! What to do during the long, cold, icy winter?!

  249. Limestonegunner

    Unfortunately, I’ve never developed the culture to follow cricket or watch it. I did enjoy playing it on occasion as a youngster. I am told I had a mean “googly”.

  250. Limestonegunner

    Is that right, “googly”?

  251. “Can I call you a c*nt yet?

    lol…classic, Dex

  252. Not at all. Sorry I assumed you’d been reading the board lately. If you read my posts from previous days just before the Euros i have written that I was hoping Andrei had a glorious Euro so that Anzi would take him off our hands. i doubt Zenit will pay the transfer fee the board would want. but i hope I am wrong.
    When you only have one suitor for a player that doesn’t augur well for a large transfer fee.
    I guess if King Keny were still on his throne there’d be hope Liverpool would want yet another overpriced midfielder…and they’ve still got memories of him at his best.

  253. Cancelled the show, the repeat they put out will still be better than the commentary on the match but I just wasn’t up to it. Sorry to all of you who were counting down the minutes until you heard my dulcet tones.

  254. sahil sehrawat (@sahil_sehrawat) talks a lot of sense.

  255. Quite ya stirring LSG! I’d rather avoid tangles thanks very much.

    I’ve been looking at the odds for next season and thinking about this years gambling strategy. I have (a still staggering) £464.94 in my account having placed c£100 worth of bets last year. 🙂

    Here is the burning question having never been in this flushed position before, just how much of my ill-gotten gains do I reinvest this year?!

    Arsenal are a healthy 12.5 for winning the PL that’s much better than this time last year when it was circa the nines.

    Top 2 is 4.2
    Top 3 is 2.7

    and Top 4 is 1.5.

    This fucks up my betting model somewhat as the odds of finishing 3rd and especially 4th have shortened. The bookies are trying to entice me to go long recognising that every time it looks as though Wenger’s top 4 record is in danger he pulls it out of the bag.

    If I bet it all on another top 4 finish I would gain £257.02.

    Hmmm – time to go away and do some maths…

  256. Limestone:

    Thanks for asking. Doing very well.

    Rangers had a great April struggled thru May and early June and let the Angels back in the race and now seem to be playing better. The Dodgers have played way above their heads so your Giants have an uphill battle on their hands to make the playoffs, but they did beat the Angels last night so tip of my cap to them. Matt Cain has been awesome.

    Your stories about going to the games at the Oakland and SF sound great. I grew up in South Dakota so there were no big league sports anywhere close. However, I went to grad school and post grad training at Washington U in St. Louis. I would go the the Cardinals games and get there when the gates opened. I loved to sit in the front row of the left field bleachers with my glove and try to catch the home runs they hit during batting practice. Great times those were.

  257. “You would do better to revel and marvel and say thanks at what has already been achieved in the face of staggering odds but no you’re much happier scratching around with your deliberately divisive yet strangely pointless questions. Your question is merely a tool – a irritating pre-amble which will open up to some D&G whingeathon about wages and transfers and your dissatisfaction and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    clearly you did not eat all your veggies, jonny

  258. Beautifully succinct on twitter too. His response to Kevin Pietersen on twitter earlier was a joy.

  259. LSG – didn’t realise you were in Canada.

    Yes ‘googly’ is the right term – though that being what were actually doing is somewhat unlikely! It’s a disguise delivery that is designed to look like a leg break but behaves like an off break.

    Helpful eh? Oh.

  260. You call some of our players deadwood and then you expect them to command huge transfer fees, strange logic. And Kenny only takes overpriced English players.

  261. Do repeated pointless questions not put you to sleep Aman?!

  262. pg,
    “Now turn your head to the side and tell Jibber you are rumbled. the jungle of ACLF!!!

    someone’s trying to sell you off as deadwood.
    I thought you’d be difficult to offload but i’d really like this person to let us all know how soon you’d get far from here and just who would take you?

  263. From today’s Fiver



    3.40pm, today: Croatia fined €80,000 by Uefa for their fans’ r@cist abuse of Mario Balotelli last Thursday.

  264. And another century for Cook. Very pleased.

  265. sahil – amazes me how hard these people find it to be a fan.As you have demonstrated it really is simple. Stay positive, get behind the team, don’t insult your own.

  266. Upper Street Gooner


    Actually if you ever bothered to read another blog untold arsenal refer to him as lord wenger in their intro. They are the most pro wenger blog.

    Difference is with that blog its the likes of you who would be banned from writing on there.

    They encourage debate on the site and want nothing to do with people whose tool of choice is insults.

    Also refering to him in that term when speaking to a fan who has readily admitted they support arsenal becuase of him and have shitted on all of arsenals previous history I think is absolutely fine.

    Enjoy the game tonight if you bring yourself to watch it seeing as no arsenal players are starting.

  267. I tend to sniff close to the root, jonny
    once the scent is nailed, it becomes mere amusement

  268. ..a nice untold parting note there, george
    will u tip the postman u ungrateful sod!!!

  269. Limestonegunner

    Must have been an arch description of my left handed leg break to a right handed batter. Must ask my cousin if he can remember why he dubbed it that 35 years ago!

  270. Sahil – they ARE deadwood. Andrei for all his skill scored HOW many goals last year? How many groans did he elicit from the paying fans at the Emirates? Their wages are a millstone for the club. Getting rid of them for a decent transfer value will finance players like Mvila and Giroud. Of course I still want a decent transfer fee for them, don’t you? And don’t you think we’d be a stronger team with Mvila and Giroud?

  271. Cooks average as captain is in the mid 50’s – amazing.

    Ah and he’s out – 112 from 120 balls – another marvellous knock.

  272. LSG – The Yankees are doing very well at the moment. I was just in DC for the Nats – Yankees series and managed to take in Sunday’s game. That now makes it 3 sweeps in a row – Braves, Mets and Nationals. I am going to Yankee stadium tonight aswell, playing the Braves, so all in all a nice weekend and an even nicer start to the week 🙂

  273. Yogi,
    can u let hunter in to play once or twice a week pleeeeease?
    variety is the spice of life…they say

  274. Upper Street Gooner


    “Staggering odds”

    I think your confused with winning the lottery. I think you would be staggeringly disappointed to see the odds at the bookies of us finishing 4th most seasons even when we wre 17th.

  275. ” Philmar,
    someone’s trying to sell you off as deadwood.”

    Who is that?

  276. Jonny – I never took to basketball either. I do appreciate their athleticism but the game itself bores the hell out of me.

  277. pedantic george

    That boy with the bad knees is the most consistent idiot I have ever encountered.
    I post regularly on “Untold” and have never been told off ,let alone banned.

  278. Favourite sport outside football has to be long tennis. Favourite sportsman’ Roger Federer – This guy is a legend, the greatest ever tennis player! Absolute of class *puts on cap again*

    Now look away if you’re sensitive.
    This is what cesc had to say to arsenal fans after leaving last season
    ”I am sorry I couldn’t say anything for the last two and half months, Arsenal would not allow me to talk, I was disappointed and upset about that but it had to be like that” – tra la la la la.

    Last season we saw the fight, togetherness and determination we have been looking for from arsenal players.
    There is no doubt that the players sent on loan and the ones sold last summer are talented individuals but there is a reason they left.
    No one can say if they had a negative effect on the team but the fact we finished with a higher points tally and league places says a lot, but not about their contribution to the team.

    There was a good team ethic among the squad last season and i would like it to remain that way. So whoever was sent out on loan(campbell apart) or not involved(injuries apart) should be part of the squad next season.

    There you go.

  279. Bill | June 19, 2012 at 4:18 pm
    Bill my man, NO we havent been trying that these last 6 seasons. For me, we havent had a decent keeper since JL left. Now we do, we havent had a settled quality back four either, now we do. We also have Arteta and Song who, despite the revisionism that Song cannot play as a DM any more, can protect the back 4.

    THAT is why adding additional goal threats makes perfect sense. 🙂


    That post beofre was world class man.

  280. I think Untold put the words ‘Lord’ and ‘Wenger’ together in their title simply to piss off the doomers.

    Looks like its working.

  281. Jonny – Ha ha ha!! You said ‘balls’!!

  282. And now off to start moving apartment, just another one of the enjoyable things to do in life 🙂

  283. This is what happens when i talk about Roger ‘absolute of class’? – Wtf.

  284. Copied this from the BBC website;

    “In response to some spurious comments on an utterly pessimistic and overtly negative Arsenal blog, Andrei Arshavin’s PR representative has had this to say about the Russia captain’s accusations that he is ‘deadwood’; “Arshavin is a lout and a boor,” another former international, Valery Reingold, added more forcefully. “If he’d had a coach like [ex-USSR striker] Viktor Ponedelnik he’d have given him a kick where it matters and sent him back to Arsenal, or wherever he plays.”

    Hahahahaha! Erm, sorry george.

  285. pedantic george

    khalifha ,how old are you?
    Not being cheeky,but it would help me understand you position on thing which are not Arsenal related.

  286. Limestonegunner

    Interesting this business about Watford being taken over by Udinese owner. Some time back OoU did a column on youth development and discussion turned to the B team model that Barca and RM have. Given the problems doing that in the English league system, I suggested that Arsenal should buy a lower division team in Spain or France or first division side in Belgium or Holland and use it as a way to bring in South Americans, Africans, Middle Eastern, North American and Asian players who can’t get a work visa to England but could get European papers in a few years allowing them into the UK as well as our young European targets who aren’t ready for first team action. This would be a competitive Arsenal B that would play our way and help us develop our younger players. At the time nobody really agreed with the suggestion and few engaged the idea at all. But I suggest it as clearly more possible than I fantasizes. Udinese has been doing this now for a few years apparently with Grenada and now are going to buy an English club to further this strategy.

    Honest, I think Arsenal should look to buy A small club in a different, smaller European league. Ryo, Campbell, Vela, Wellington and so on would be playing together and developing, getting visas sorted to join Arsenal if they make it. Think of all the Arsenal supporters who would follow the team and go for the odd game and help boost it commercially as well. Getting foreign fans to help pay for the costs of their development more directly as well. Wins all around!

  287. @LG
    It’s actually a fantastic idea and I’d be over the moon if we’d do that. Especially because it would give me two teams to follow each week!

  288. ” Last season we saw the fight, togetherness and determination we have been looking for from arsenal players.
    There is no doubt that the players sent on loan and the ones sold last summer are talented individuals but there is a reason they left.
    No one can say if they had a negative effect on the team but the fact we finished with a higher points tally and league places says a lot, but not about their contribution to the team.”

    I agree 100%. And so does Arsene. I doubt he’d have loaned these players in a year where we started out so poorly. Hopefully we’ll get a good price for the deadwood. But I am not optimistic on that front as some of the dreamers here. But clearly we can agree the rich Chinese and Arab teams are NOT realistic options.

  289. Philmar, Of course i would want any Arsenal player leaving to have a good transfer fee, but since you call them deadwood why do you expect a big transfer fee. I think Andrei is class so if he leaves i would expect a decent fee but you so clearly believe him to be deadwood why do you expect a big fee.

    steww; it amazes me too, why do they even bother?

    Jabba; The only people i have ever seen getting insults and rightfully so on this beautiful blog are the ones who make snide remarks at the manager and the players. That only you and a handful of others get insults from the majority, may be you should look at yourself. Aren’t you the one who once called Arsene senile?

  290. pedantic george

    “Honest, I think Arsenal should look to buy A small club in a different, smaller European league”
    Would that be possible?
    A great idea if it was.

  291. Philmar..
    I think the seller is some dude named Ramlihp.
    do u know him?

  292. Limestone

    WE already own a small club in a foreign country. Its called manchester! 🙂

    Seriously though Udinese have one of the best international scouting operations, bringing in young players from south america and elsewhere and then selling them for big bucks. If we could set up a B team somewhere else that would be good, but for me, it would still make loads more sense to have it in the country we play in. But that will never happen. Or could it?

  293. Whats up folks!

    The only reason we have not gotten the best of Rosicky was due to injuries, the same could be said about RVP, that seems to have been convenienty forgotten.

  294. USG…
    see Johnny @ 4:37pm

  295. dex..
    as it goes ive got a wager on the england game..
    3-1 🙂
    great minds dude..

    got it at 20’s and put a pam on it,so fingers crossed for wishful thinking that could also get me a nice little return..

    also, i got a little wager going on at ascot this week..
    a double on frankel and black caviar to win there respected races with a combined distance of at least 12 lengths..
    apparently frankels smashed his race by 10 lengths today
    so its looking good..
    just hope this black caviar is the real deal and takes the jubilee stakes on sat by at least 2..

    lets just say if it happens im fucking off on holiday for a fortnight 😉

  296. h-e-l-l-o P-A-U-L–N.

  297. JJ;

    Nice work mate. I too hope she does you proud man. If all the hype is to believed, then you will be quids in!

    Apparantly, no Theo tonight. Carroll is the only one making way for Rooney. Not too surprised given Roy’s track record and the fact Glen Johnson is no Sagna! 🙂

    Hope you clean up dude! 🙂

  298. George @5.59 – I think you can just assume ‘missionary’.


  299. Hey Paul N; Good to seeya bro!

  300. hahaha jonny

  301. regarding udinese buying another club

    seriously?? i thought they don’t have a lot of money.. how can they afford to do that? and it seems illogical when their best players are leaving every season. they seem more like a feeder club..

    i think we have a watered-down version of this trick. we have clubs like lorient whom we can loan to…

  302. @Dexter

    No Theo is a GREAT THING!

  303. jonny….@6:11,
    would that make it doggy for all things Arse-related?

  304. Paul-N
    hows the baby? Miss your perspectives.

    How about that Theo single handedly carrying England over Sweden?

  305. C;

    It is bitter sweet for me man. I want Theo fresh and fit for next season, but I also want him to do well for England too. But Rooney is back and he is bound to score a hatrick tonight.

  306. no theo altogether or no theo in the starting 11?

    it wouldnt be carrol id be dropping either.

    but we only need a draw..

    english mentality suggests thats what we’ll be going for i suppose..

  307. long tennis khali?
    i prefer the shorter kind meself…

  308. It’s rumored that Arsene knows something about economics, so I’m going to rely on his working out these club and player issues.

    LSG –
    like your idea when you originally posted and its certainly worth a replay.

  309. Just not starting JJ.

    So, you didnt go for my double of 3-1 England & 2-2 France/Sweden then? 🙂

  310. @Dexter

    As somebody who really doesn’t care much for England’s national squad I only want Theo and Ox back fit and fresh to start teh season.

  311. JJ;

    I hope we don’t try for the draw man.

  312. Sahil – Of course they are deadwood at Arsenal. They may prove to be useful to someone else. Thierry henry and Patrick Viera were once viewed as surplus by Milan and Juventus. Yet they proved useful to Arsenal. That there is deadwood here does not preclude some other team seeing these as useful players to their team. They are talented players but Arsene didn’t see them as integral first team XI players and loaned them out. Are you of different valuation from Arsene and see them as useful squad players? I happen to think the team is better off without them and that if we get a decent transfer fee we can use it to strengthen the squad with the likes of Giroud and Mvila.
    I just don’t see where the decent transfer fee is gonna come from.
    If that offends you and others, and if that is anti-supporterism in your eyes, so be it.
    Arshavin was loaned out long before Chanmpions Leage qulaification was won. I don’t think Wenger wants them around – do YOU?

  313. supersub then??
    il take that..
    let young keep making a cock of himself and theo keep coming on to sort it out..

    to be honest i was thinking of going with a draw for the french game but footballs doubles are alot harder to hit, especially when you try guess the score with it..

    kept it simple and went for the single..

  314. C;

    I know you are completely disinterested (or is it uninterested?) in how England get on and TBH, my levels of interest have disapated over the past few years, but I still like the idea of us doing well internationally and Roy is a decent bloke and a good coach. The complete antithesis to Twitchy McBung.

    I am also hoping that after the tournament, Roy really tries to stamp his authority on the next squads and gets rid of the deadwood (I am sure philmar won’t mind me borrowing his word de jour!) and bringing in the likes of Richards, Sturridge, Wilshere (give him a fucking chance!) etc.

  315. Philmar – The transfer fee is irrelevant to be honest. As far as squad improvement goes the priority is freeing up squad spaces and also a move will get them off the wage bill. If you are actively trying to sell sometimes you just have to take what you can get.

  316. Philmar

    Thanks, but I think we’ve all got it now; you really dont know where the decent transfer fees are going to come from. But could you keep on saying that on an hourly basis just to make sure it hits home? 🙂

  317. Aman – To be fair, Wenger is going to say that. He wasn’t playing for a reason remember. With the arrival of Podolski and maybe Giroud he is only going to play less. Also the emergence of AOC and hopefully a better 2nd season from Gervinho is going to see his chances very limited. If he does stay he will have to take any chance he gets with both hands.

  318. I was starting to get a bit worried about the spuds as there was some serious talk of them getting AVB as their new boss.

    Turns out I needn’t have worried, as the likes of the spud players (through the Sun tabloid) have made it clear they dont want him. And good ol Butch Wilkins has also poured cold water on the idea.

    He would be an excellent manager for them IMO.

  319. Arshavin’s loan had a lot to do with him wanting regular first team football to get into the Russian squad. Dick Advocaat had said he wanted to see Arshavin play regularly before selecting him. That is why i believe he himself asked for a loan. Had it not been for the Euros i believe Arshavin would not have been loaned out. And after the getting booed maybe Arshavin wants to leave himself?

  320. Is it Make Fun Of The Handicapped Day?

  321. Andy,
    somehow I follow the other path
    the one with the very rare pretty red & white flowers…

  322. Aman.
    I enjoy playing tennis, but love watching the longer un.

    PG, ha! you trying to look into me soul now?
    Sorry but I will never tell.

  323. (add to my 6:37 post)
    ….that only AW waters.

  324. Aman – Other path? We follow the very same path my friend, we just see things a little differently sometimes 🙂

    AA wasn’t playing because he was not performing, simple as that. With added competition I don’t think he will be here next season. Just my take on it.

  325. Huge fan of hodgson but Young, Milner, Parker? – surely these players were not picked based on form.

    This tournament has proven that parker’s style of play is outdated. There is no need throwing yourself at shots when most teams pass the ball into the net.
    Parker is a good DM but England are not playing with one, i would go with dexter’s idea yesterday and play milner in the middle alongside Gerrard. He will offer defensive stability and aid the attack.

  326. Limestonegunner

    Thanks Evil, Arsesession, PG, Dexter et. al.,
    I think the football league (and maybe the FA and PL) would have objections, but clearly it is possible since Udinese have had an arrangement with Grenada and now the owner is buying Watford. Ideal is in the same country but why should it be? We couldn’t get some of these players in the country, which is the first problem–they all are having to play elsewhere in Europe for 3-4 years to get their papers sorted unless they qualify as a “special talent” exemption or whatever it is. L’Orient is helpful but we only have one player currently there–the others are ex-Arsenal. So our future is not playing together. Wellington here, Campbell there, Ryo over there… Having them together would develop them together and make it easier to monitor their progress. Plus we could talk about how that team is doing on ACLF and have another team to follow–future Arsenal players getting competitive matches in the right circumstances. No more loans out where we can’t control whether they get playing time and so on.

    Kori, Udinese is a selling club–they are doing what we do but on a lower scale, except that they have developed some market niche through the greater efficiency of using Granada and soon Watford. The club may not have much money, just like we are always operating at close to break even levels, but their owner is the one buying. So the obvious question, is would Kroenke go for this? I think he is more likely to go with buying a team on the cheap and raising its value through association with Arsenal than any other scheme! It’s what he has done with the Colorado Rapids and on some level his other sports/media ventures all stand to benefit from association with a club and globally recognized brand like Arsenal. What exactly Arsenal benefits in having Kroenke as an owner has always been a question to me, but something like another developmental club would actually help Arsenal and possibly attract the interest of Kroenke from a profit/investment perspective.

  327. Uninterested. Disinterested is misused very frequently – it means impartial.

  328. Limestonegunner

    Dex, I thought the same about those AVB rumours. Hope they go for the cheap Moyes option. Sad they aren’t keeping Redknapp.

  329. Billy's Boots

    @ Limestonegunner, why, thank you, sir! All is well – a little busier than I would like to be, but c’est la vie! I hope you are doing well, too. I, too, didn’t realise you were north of the border. Take off, hoser!

    I used to play ice hockey in my youth but went off it when it became too much like professional wrestling (an actual allusion to today’s post – how did that happen? Forgive me, YW).

    Re basketball, yes, I watched a couple of games in the Celtics/Heat series – disappointed that the Celtics went out. Looks like that team will be broken up. I managed to catch the second-half of Game 2 of the Thunder/Heat (useless trivia of the day: apparently, there is more heat in Oklahoma than in Miami, and more thunder in Miami than in Oklahoma). Oklahoma City had a nice Dennis Bergkamp-testimonial coloured-T-shirt arrangement going on in their arena! I agree, generally the NCAAs are more interesting as the players don’t all seem like they are super-human. As for keeping your son away from ice hockey, how about skiing (cross-country or downhill)?

  330. the other path* reckons that AA..
    in his preferred position, will be here next season
    and playing brilliantly.

    *…of the rare ones

  331. Limestonegunner

    Yes, I was going to commend Steww on pointing out the distinction. But I have to say, this is hardly the worst of the recurring poor diction or grammar crimes among posters.

    Much more cringeworthy is the “of” for “have” as in “would of”–horrific!

  332. @Dexter

    Honestly its both HAHAHA. I do agree Roy is a decent coach and all that you said but for me, I would rather Theo not play than for him to play mess up the hamstring and then you just never know injury wise with Arsenal. My wish is that we get off to a great start and that requires our key players to be in the red and white(re-signed to new contracts) and their healthy(no nagging injuries).

  333. pedantic george

    khalifha.Just wondering if you are old enough to remember James Scott Conners ?

  334. Limestonegunner

    BB, I took him skiing once last winter not far from us–2 hours–and he took to it quite readily. It was my first time too, so I don’t know how much I’ll enjoy it but my wife is a skiier, so that sounds like the best option. It’s expensive though but so is ice hockey!

    Thought you were in England! Didn’t you attend several matches this past season and go to some pre-Arsenal pub meet up with Jonny, Cbob, Darius et. al?

  335. Limestonegunner

    Gotta love Connors, McEnroe, Borg–great era. But Federer is supremely classy. Surprised, PG, that you don’t recognize him as the Bergkamp of tennis!

  336. Aman – To be fair, Wenger is going to say that. He wasn’t playing for a reason remember. With the arrival of Podolski and maybe Giroud he is only going to play less. Also the emergence of AOC and hopefully a better 2nd season from Gervinho is going to see his chances very limited. If he does stay he will have to take any chance he gets with both hands.”
    Correct response. Arsene is going to talk up any player he has, especially on the team web site. you guys are comical. Why would he bad mouth someone he is about to sell? To drive the transfer fee down? Good lord. Why would he slight someone he can’t sell and knows he will have on the team? Get serious.
    Proof is in the pudding, not on a corporate website where content is vetted extensively for public relations. He RARELY saw the pitch last year even when the team was in the second half of the table. And if he is such a big part of Arsene’s plans why did he buy Podolski on the left. You have Gervinho and Ox….sounds like surplus deadwood to me.

  337. This tournament has also shown that spain are coming towards the end of an era.

    The spaniards are no longer as dynamic in possesion as a team. Their best defender ‘Puyol is getting older with constant injury problems, xavi is not getting any younger, their strikers are not as good as previous years and fabregas has ‘striker.

    If Portugal or Germany get their hands on spain then its curtains for them.

    Again, Prediction – Germany Euro 2012 winners with john terry lifting the trophy.

  338. pedantic george

    Oh I do LG .I do .
    But Jimmy was just special.More grit and fight than any player I ever saw.He was the Frank of tennis.

  339. I hope AA does stay and perform to his optimum level. I just don’t see it happening.

  340. Thanks for the correct meaning Jonny.

  341. Thanks Jonny glad someone has been paying me attention today. It’s has no interest in, as in has no stake in as opposed to not interested in as in couldn’t care less.

  342. I bet Andy is well smug seeing as his response to Aman’s comical post was the correct one.

    Sahil’ I too felt like that man. If the Euros werent happening I dont think he would have gone either. he needed to play more and he wasnt at Arsenal. Time will tell what the future lies for him.

  343. Limestone,
    life is best served within limits.
    there’s a whole historical respectfulness thrown away once a club starts buying other clubs.
    For profit or for development, it all begins to smell foul after a while.
    Does the other team’s supporters not have a right to immortalize their history?
    Can they retain THAT warm feeling with “foreigners” in their midst?

    Because u can doesn’t mean you should
    I’d rather a football club goes belly up with pride than be a feeder team for some superpower G14 or global brand leading goliath!

    Let the italians, spanish, etc keep fouling up ethics for profit
    May Arsenal NEVER do such a thing!

    ps: the new youth league we’re participating in this year should offer enough viewing of our prospectives…

  344. Ha! Very good Steww! 😉

  345. Billy's Boots

    LSG, the skiing can be tough to learn as an adult, but if you persevere, it can be a great life-long family activity (you can’t say that about ice hockey!).

    Yes, I’m in London. Don’t remind me about the meet-up! I spent longer than I care to remember wandering around a crowded pub trying to guess who was an ACLF-er. Turns out, none of them were! It was billed as a pre- and post-match meet-up, but I couldn’t make the former and, unknown to me, the latter was cancelled.

  346. Dexter @ 5:50:

    The names have changed but the idea that “next year will be different” has been the same every season since the days of Sagna Toure Gallas Clichy and Song. If you keeping saying the same thing in perpetuity the law of averages says that eventually you will be right. Just like every season I hope that after next season you can tell me “I told you so”. Hope springs eternal.

  347. Dex – Pftttt, come on man. I am not siding with any of the warring factions on the great AA debate, just giving my point of view. It is hardly some off the wall dooming view is it?

  348. comical post?
    off with thy typing fingers Dex

  349. Limestone;

    The reason I wouldnt want us to have a B team abroad is that I really am not happy about the idea of us signing players from different continents who need to play abroad for 3+ years in order to earn a work permit.

    It rarely comes off and it also means that player is not playing for his employer (obvs I know), is living in a different country, with a different language and the chances of them having some affinity with the club will be remote to say the least.

    I also think it is morally dubious aswell.

  350. Pedantic, ah i see. As a ‘tennis fan i know who conners is, former world no1 right? but unfortunately i wasn’t priviledged to watch him.
    What do you think of the current crop, nadal & djokovic look like they want to send roger into early retirement.

  351. In America do people say “I could care less” when in fact they mean “I couldn’t care less”? Or is that just some parts of the states?

  352. Hahaha! I managed to upset the 2 people who werent the intended targets of that post! Sorry dudes! 🙂

    I found it funny how philmar called Aman’s posts comical and stated quite caregorically that Andy’s reply was the ‘correct’ one!

  353. @Khalifha

    I agree with you about Spain and about Germany winning the whole thing.

    The part that baffles me though is that Llorente has been unplayable the whole season yet can’t get a match because he favors Torres. I think the problem is that he tries to keep all his midfield players happy at the expense of the strikers. Even in the possession game but either way Germany are going to win it so fuck all to everybody else I suppose!

  354. Bill,
    the name has changed but eventually is he ever right?

  355. ” the other path* reckons that AA..
    in his preferred position, will be here next season
    and playing brilliantly. ”
    Interesting take. I’d like your opinion on why Arsene didn’t try that last year when the team was languishing in the bottom half of the table when Jack and Diaby were out and prior to Rosicky’s February renaissance.

  356. Bill;

    Once again, NO! Just because you choose to believe this idea that we have simply been repeating the same things each season, dont try and imagine you can convince me. 🙂

    We have not had a number 1 worthy of the name since Lehmann, IMO. We have not had a quality back 4 and cover either and the addition of Arteta has simply been a brilliant one.

    The squad has not been strong enough, now we are getting there.

  357. meerkat,
    ask him for who sang “Two Tribes”?

  358. I agree with Dex.

  359. Good points to bill Dex. Also it is obvious if one actually sits and calmly watches the matches where the defence allegedly imploded that it was almost always a failure to close down, harass and cut off the opposition much higher up the pitch that was at fault.

  360. pedantic george

    @Khalifha.Yes ,sadly his day has gone.Wonderful player ,And I believe there is a good argument that he is one of the very best.
    I like Jimmy because he was a personality,a true entertainer.Interacted with the crowd like no other.
    I suggest you watch some of his clips on youtube.

  361. But then that was what I said last season.

  362. Billy's Boots

    On the feeder club idea, didn’t Manchester United do something similar a few years ago with Royal Antwerp of Belgium? I’m not sure what the financial arrangement was, but I think they used to (maybe they still do) send them young players who needed some playing experience, either in general (didn’t Wallwork attack a referee there? maybe not what they had in mind when they sent him) or specifically to help gain a work permit.

  363. C, the Germans have an extremely solid spine to their team with ‘Neuer, Hummels, Schiewsteger, Gomez – the strongest in this competition. Def favourites.

    What surprised me about the spain squad was the absense of soldado! Top spanish goal scorer. And you are right, llorente is quality.

  364. pedantic george

    Aman ,I will relax and think about who sang it

  365. Exactly Steww.

    This back 5 and the quality, familiarity and experience of their back-ups (once we have a new keeper sorted) is the root of my optimism this coming season. Factor in the wing-back crisis and the unsettled start we just need to address ‘the balance’ in the middle of the park and I think we sill see a very much more stingy team next season.

  366. PG, will do.

  367. Philmar,
    he hedged his bet on Ramsey & Arteta with contributions from Song, TR & Benayoun.
    Best to get more involved to build chemistry over the long haul.

    AA’s swashbuckling style requires a more stable unit thats used to playing together OR extremely talented partners like the 2 sellouts we lost in the fall. The team was too fragile then.

    He did play him as AM in some matches (CC & FA I believe – ask Dexter) and I do believe he excelled.

    AA was bored playing LW. It might be a russian thing ’cause of what was on view @ the Euros from the likes of Zhirkov

  368. i think coaches have their preferences, players whom they trust.. like löw with podolski. löw could easily have gone for schürrle or reus but chose to stuck with podolski who has been with him for the past 6 years and always done the job löw gave him..

    moreover, a good player doesnt necessarily has the chemistry with the other players. it may either be natural, or simply down to lack of time together..

    so these two factors might explain some selections…

    maybe del bosque thought llorente doesnt have 90 minute chemistry with the other players? i mean it is one thing starting the game, and another thing coming on in the last 20 minutes to change things, shake things up.

  369. Let’s know when u wanna come hither, PG

  370. Arsenal had a feeder club relationship with KSK Beveren between 2001 and 2006. We bought Eboue from them and we offloaded Stepanovs on them.

  371. @Khalifha

    Yea not to mention they are easily the most talented squad in the tournament. The main difference though is that for as good as Xavi, Inesta, and Xabi Alonso are Schweinsteiger, Ozul, Khediera are just as good but alot more active.

  372. I expect Del Bosque’ll know between now and 2014 how much they need to really incorporate the non-Barca players into their national setup.

    The Xavi – Iniesta combo will be milked till the last drop…but my they have a good pool of young talent waiting

  373. pedantic george

    Oh ah misses

  374. CORR: AA was bored playing LW again in 2011/12.

  375. Dex:

    TBH. even I have to admit that the defense really did show more good things last year then at any time in the past 5 – 6 years. I am still a very surprised how many goals we ended up conceding. I think there is probably more hope for a turn around and a significant reduction in the number we concede then at any time since our last trophy. However, the idea that our defense struggled because we only had one consistent goal scoring threat and that it will improve next season because we added Podolski and Giroud is a solid bit of rose colored rationalization. Someone in our club needs to take charge and do something to fix the problem and adding a couple of new strikers is not the answer.

  376. Okay huddle up guys, this permutation will knock you off ya feet.

    If England end up playing a draw with ukraine and France lose by enough goals to equal the goal difference with England, there is going to be a coefficient rule used, wha? It means the performance of both teams in the last two tournaments will be used to decide the group winner. England have the better ‘coefficient.
    Err Dexter/PG, why don’t you lie down for a bit, that is a lot of info for you guys, you know. :-“

  377. Aman and Dex, wadup?

    Arsesession, the young lady is doing well, thanks!

    I have been a little busy of late!

    My boy Theo was excellent, wasn’t he?

  378. I recall AA playing AM in at least two games – one of them he was good the other not so much.

    Even if he did stay, which would surprise me, I don’t think it is an experiment AW will look to repeat.

  379. Entertaining match so far.

  380. looking @ the French starting 11,

    Ben Arfa

    Samri has a free role with 2 DMs behind him in a 4-3-3.

    If we sign M’V doesn’t that point to the fact that AW might just be paving the way for the AA as AM option, along with other possible formations?

    I think Arsene seeks maximum flexibility this season and is not going to get rid of any of our resident geniuses whether or not they are injured, overweight, out of form or booed by the pea-brained. Only if a player is adamant on leaving will he be allowed to.
    Arsene is no George Graham.
    He’s of a stubborn, loyal intelligence.

    this is why we kept TR, RVP…why he tried everything to keep Cesc..& Samri
    …why he never gave up on Song
    …why he just could not let Cashley leave w/o snagging Gallas in exchange
    …why Hleb did his best to get back into the club
    …why Henry would risk his legacy tarnished and come back like he did
    …why Mad Jens loves the man & London
    why its in Arsene I Trust like most gooners..

    F**kit, i’ll say it again
    I expect Andrey Arshavin to be in the red & white of Arsenal come August 17, 2012.

  381. Limestonegunner

    Aman, valid concerns but how about we say Kroenke buys the club. How is that different? These supporters don’t seem to object when a rich Qatari, Russian or American does so. We have both ourselves. They don’t complain when they see improvements to their club which an Arsenal/Kroenke take over would actually do–it would add technical and scouting and player value to their club. Plus international friendships would be formed between supporters and world peace the Arsenal way would ensue! Do you mean to deprive more people in the world of the Arsenal way?!? How about we register a new club in the decision the FA there allows? In a year or two we’d zoom up into competitive levels without damaging anybody’s history, as if association with the greatest club the world has ever seen wouldn’t be a benefit to any of the clubs we are talking about!
    Dex, see above, but as far as England, if The football authorities improve or UK immigration laws change, you have a point. But after two or three years are you going to say Joel Campbell shuoldn’t join our side? Doesn’t make sense to cut off access to global talent but UK doesn’t let us recruit globally which is why the youth set up at Barcelona is so good, getting a Messi when he was twelve. I don’t see your objection as all that relevant to what is happening g in a globalized football world. It isn’t 1969 with all Glaswegian Celtic winning the European cup!

  382. Can’t parker pass the ball forward, where’s milner?

  383. Naaah Limestone,

    I view clubs as I view individual identity
    be it human, dog, flower…each species is its own unique thing (brand, the preferred word these days)
    u lose the magic once u cross-pollinate or rebrand
    its the analog vs digital debate

    the arsenal way?
    its spread without ownership
    via special, unique individuals like YW

    Ownership is overrated
    would ACLF be the same if we had to pay a subscription?

  384. U just can’t tick every box, every desire…we are mortal
    Leave the illusion of immortality to the Jabbas & Abramovichs of this world.

    u are one of my educators here Limestone
    I trust u understand

  385. Golden opportuinity missed by Rooney, improved performance from Young and Parker still can’t pass forward.

    Oh, and where’s Milner?

  386. This game is a bore. Can we now have Theo and Oxo please?

  387. come on england..

    it looks like we are playing for the draw..
    understandable but very dissapointing..

    theo to come on and win the game though..

  388. Limestonegunner

    False analogies Aman. But if you insist: Individuals marry, become friends, enter into partnerships, create contractual relations like service agreements and so on.

    If history was so isolating and static, why have several clubs, influenced by the Arsenal way under the visionary Herbert Chapman, adopted our kit colors and the name Arsenal or nickname referring to Arsenal?

    Forget about it as a relationship between clubs, why doesn’t Kroenke buy a club and develop the synergies? What would your objection be to that? He’s already purchased Arsenal to add to his collection of sports teams, including the MLS Corado Rapids which uses all sorts of Arsenal tie-ins for their marketing and fans and so on! He’s already affected the history and identity of Arsenal and Rapids, what’s another football club to him?!

  389. corr:
    the arsenal way?
    its spread without ownership
    via a highly respectful philosophy passed down & well managed by AW + the board, and further disseminated by unique individuals such as our very own YW.

  390. Limestonegunner

    Cheers, Aman, you ate a pleasure to discuss with and have your own intriguing perspective that I quite appreciate!

  391. England need a creative spark or just bring Carroll on and send some crosses in.

  392. Limestonegunner

    Ate=are! Poor typing today!

  393. Boring? seriously.

    Gerrard looking good tonight. Glen johnson is a RB that can’t defend but is good at attacking? Righto.

  394. Limestonegunner

    Ukraine have looked more lively and inventive. Game is quite a bore–considering switching over to France–how’s that game? Anyone watching it?

  395. Limestonegunner

    Already more entertaining–Nasri shanks a ball badly and pretends he’s injured himself out of embarrassment. Still grimacing as he half limps off the pitch for halftime; what a fraud!!

  396. Limestonegunner

    Scouse Pele, Rooney the savior?! So far not looking very impressive and teammates waiting for the false messiah to produce the miracles.

  397. Partnerships are cool. The good ones are beneficial. Like a good marriage.
    Outright ownership is rarely good. The Chelski, Shitty approach has to keep winning to

    has Kroenke really affected our history & identity?

    History is never static nor isolating, and clubs adopting our colors, name etc serves tot buttress my point that owning what u don’t fully understand usually negates the other’s story.

    Its another version of colonialism and we all know how that ended up.
    If u don’t maybe you’ve only read the colonizer’s (his-)story

  398. Ditto Limestone.

  399. Nothing will make me watch France tonight, the mere thought of watching nasri’s walk around like he owns the place does my head in.
    Try looking out for m’villa tho.

    I know i may have criticised Parker but i will give him one thing, the boy has guts. This is the 2nd time i am watching him try to tackle the ball away from an opposition’s feet with his head! Ha, that is one crazy mutha.

  400. MOTD’s Mark Lawrenson in Donetsk:
    “Glen Johnson has been brilliant defensively, not just tonight but in all three games. He has made some superb interventions.”

  401. Limestonegunner

    Aman, I am a non-western historian professionally and by sympathies a firm Fanonian. But it’s a false comparison in capitalist globalized football that nonetheless imposes national immigration and labor restrictions. We are looking for a way out that allows Arsenal to apply its principles at the developmental stage. Yet we are prevented by various barriers from doing so. What is wrong with Lroenke furthering his current strategy by acquiring another club in a smaller but strategic market to exploit the synergies. He already wants to do this with the Rapids and it’s relationship to Arsenal–it already has happened, my man! If you don’t want another club taken over and subordinated to Arsenal, why can’t Arsenal/Kroenke sponsor a new club to grow in one of these leagues–call it a child offspring club.
    I think you are taking the supposed ethical transgression in a somewhat exaggerated way, especially as you accept Kroenke as our majority shareholder/owner.

  402. Limestonegunner

    Well, not a false messiah after all. Totally out of the blue but a good ball in from Gerrard.

    So much for my scoffing!

  403. Limestonegunner

    Serious luck, the cross deflected and GK missed it so it comes through to Rooney with an open net before him!

    Luck of the English?

    Hart is England’s best player, wouldn’t you all say?

  404. pedantic george

    Good ball that took 3 deflections before their GK threw it to Rooney

  405. Come on England.

  406. Limestonegunner

    Milner, what a poor attempt. Just think if Theo had broken on that counterattack with Rooney? Game over.

  407. Limestonegunner

    PG, clearly it’s better to be lucky than good!

  408. its already happening i agree but at what expense?
    The gap should not just keep increasing should it?
    bail out the poorer and there’ll be less of a gap, more respect and diversity.

    Kroenke can do whatever he wants (for now) but not The Arsenal.
    “They’ve” taken the soul of America already why give themm the rest?

  409. Ha! PG, i couldn’t have described that goal better.

    Looks like that granny rooney decided to shag was lady luck.

  410. Come on England. No one likes us, but we don’t care.

  411. Bring on your good players hodgson! They have rested enough.

  412. Limestonegunner

    If AW oversaw the project, I’d trust it to be done in such a way to protect the other club’s culture and ethos and in fact to enhance it as he has Arsenal’s.

  413. Fukinel blatter, Where the hell is blatter.

  414. Limestonegunner

    Talk about luck!! Nice Uncle Roy must have done some deal with the Devil. Ball was over the line before the walking scandal, Terry, kicked it back out.

  415. Useless. Those additional referees are so useless. UEFA, video tech, now!

  416. Limestonegunner

    Sweden leading France so England could top the group on points rather decisively if this luck continues.

  417. Limestonegunner

    Must say it has gotten exciting though!

    Still think something sinister, unnatural and be romantic going on here.

    Theo on. Stay healthy, young man!

  418. He’s going off, he’s going off, james milnerrr, he’s going off.

  419. Theo on! But I doubt he will get much service tonight. England will be in full-on defensive mode.

  420. Limestonegunner

    Sheba on too. This is getting full drama now!

  421. Limestonegunner

    My goodness, Ukraine deserve more from this game. You’d think home crowd for hosts would give them the luck and officiating help, but England leading charmed life and have a good GK!

  422. Limestonegunner

    I’d like to see Ukraine get a goal and then have Walcott or the Ox, as sub, score. Draw ok for England but to top the group through an arsenal player’s goal would be nice.

  423. Yes they do LSG, but I think England also deserve more than one goal (Rooney missed an absolute sitter) also and Ukraine’s cleared ‘goal’ was offside in the build up.

    Been a good second half.

  424. pedantic george

    Its like watching Stoke v Stoke reserves.
    Absolute shit

  425. Funny old game, France are two down now.

  426. This could be a clever move from France – I think Italy might well prove tougher opponents than Spain. Certainly tougher to score against.

  427. Haha, lets all laugh at nasri. You can’t have that level of cuntdom in a team without consequences.

  428. pedantic george

    Jonny, clever?

  429. “Passenal, Philmar doesn’t seem to fit the “Bill”, as it were, imo. Bill’s alter-ego would be rude, insensibly optimistic/romantic about Arsenal, and erratic in writing and style of expression. Can you name any possible contenders on this blog?!”

    That is really weird! I posted earlier from my Iphone and I swear they both had the horse avatar, hence my comment! It’s not there now so I have no idea what happened?

  430. Im just happy walcott and the ox will be fresh for the new season, i don’t see them starting games under Woy due to his defensive tendencies, not that walcott and the ox can’t defend but he obviously prefers the workhorse that is James Milner.

    On another note, however terrible england are, the fans and the people of England really do have too much to say for themselves, everybody in england has an opinion, we think ourselves football Oracles. It’s actually pathetic. Other countries aren’t like this im sure, and if they are then not to this degree.

  431. Last eight, baby. Now the tournament starts.

  432. Alright pedant, might turn out to be a clever move – I’m not convinced by Spain. Weak at the back one misfiring striker and a pretty poor team performance in their last outing.

    Italy look like a tough proposition.

  433. pedantic george

    I cant stand listening to those scouse halfwits churning out cliche after cliche.

  434. Good from Evil: “UEFA, video tech, now!”

  435. Well Roy certainly has a bit of luck, which has been missing from previous campaigns, thats for sure.

    I thought after a shakey start, Yiung improved greatly, gerrard was our best player, I do like Welbeck and thought Rooney should have gone off instead of him. Rooney was rusty as hell, looked well out of form and maybe thats why Roy left him on. Pity tho as him staying on means no passes to Theo.

    Carroll was excellent in his brief cameo and TBH, deserves on current form, to be ahead of Rooney. Welbeck is our best striker atm.

    Cashely played really well, as did Lescott. Terry, apart from the over the line clearence is a liability now and needs to be dropped. Johnson was johnson; average.

    My England expeectations have more than been met, I am just worried that the media are going to go way overboard yet again.

  436. Looks like that granny rooney decided to shag was lady luck.
    Haha! Very funny Khali!

  437. Bout time you posted a photo of yourself Frank!

  438. Remind you of anyone?…think, think, think. Nope. Something vaguely familiar but….

  439. Is it some northern follically challenged frequenter of grandmother’s boudours???

  440. AKA Wazza!

  441. just got back from a pub with full of ingurland supporters… as milner walked off the pitch my friend richard starts singing “are you heskey in disguise, are you heskey in DISGUIIISSEE!” so true.

  442. as milner walks off the pitch my INGURLIND supporting friend starts the song… “are you heskey in disguise, are you heskey in DISGUUUUIIISEE?”

  443. and yes, the extra officials are honestly useless. That guy was 5 yards away from the goal, looking straight down the touchline…. I can understand that it happens fast and it was a close call, but the guy doesn’t even signal for ANYTHING. He simply stands there like nothing happened.

  444. Hair Quack . ‘ I can promise you Mr Rooney that for a mere £125,323 and 23 pence, ex VAT, I can have you looking like a famous British actor. A very distinguished one at that. Oscar winner in fact…..’

  445. Limestonegunner

    Agree with Jonny; might strangely for England be more likely to get past Spain by holding defensively and either nicking a lucky goal or winning on penalties. Italy are more solid defensively though perhaps less so with Chiellini out. Still, it sounds a little too clever to prefer Spain to Italy!

  446. Yeah he was useless but the signal for ‘play on’ IS to do nothing! 😉

  447. Forgot to mention….the Ukraine attacker was also clearly ahead of the last INGURLIND defender, by a few feet. It wasn’t shoulder to shoulder, or anywhere close to that.

  448. Limestonegunner

    Passenal, must have been some sort of iPhone illusion–don’t think Philmar has an avatar. But the whole world is screwy–England just topped the group over France and rode incredible luck this game and throughout the tournament so far, so clearly anything can happen or there is some rift in the space-time continuum!

  449. LSG – I called it before the tournament! When the Mayans talked about ‘the end of the world’ I think this is it! I just had a feeling after chelski won the CL and Greece have managed to 1 nil themselves to victory in the past, so nothing will surprise me.

  450. Bloody hell it was tiresome going through some of the posts on here today.

    Time to revert back to the old catchphrase I think.

  451. England topped Group D on the back of teamwork and effort. And earned me a nice pay day from William Hill. That will go on, helping to pay off the season tickets.

  452. This is not about the England win, but just about the incident which leave the door open wide (if there’s a door at all) to FIFA’s desire to hold complete power to the outcome of results and sometimes tournaments.

    “There were three officials watching it, the linesman, the official by the goal and ref Viktor Kassai but none of them spotted it.”

    Come on, fuck off….didn’t spot it? Or, didn’t want to spot it? Or, were afraid to spot it? Or, were told not to spot it? There are probably a few more reasons why they didn’t spot it….. until GOAL LINE TECHNOLOGY in the 21st century FIFA….You stone age village idiots.

    6 Referees in the game and no one spotted it? Save their wages and buy a “Short Circuit #5” made out of cheap Chinese transistors.

  453. Limestonegunner

    Haha, good one, Passenal. Indeed does seem like there is some sort of “disharmonic” convergence at hand!

  454. Ha Ha…Hayley’s Dad, yes I see it Frank. Sorry to be so late to game but I have to tell you about Beaver Town…………..Frank? Are you still there?

  455. Mexes suspended for the quarters…good opportunity for Koscielny.

  456. Sorry, Number10. I was out at work

  457. Roy saw Theo and Oxo as a pair of ‘impact subs’ in the game. I can see them perfecting that role for Ingerlund in the last 20 minutes of each game.

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