Arsenal At Euro2012: TR7 Still Moving Forward, Podolski’s Jubilee & Sunday Morning Gossip

Group A

Czech Republic 1 – 0 Poland
Greece 1 – 0 Russia

It was a bit like watching Arsenal. Overwhelming possession and obscenely high numbers of shots on and off target, yielding no end product. Your opponent has two shots on goal, scoring with one and hitting the woodwork with the other. Greece sat back and with Canute looking on enviously from the Heavens, turned back the Russian tide. Karagounis struck decisively before half-time for Greece and some people’s outside bets for the tournament will be wondering what excuse they can give to Putin on their return to Russia.

It means that Andrey Arshavin’s interest in the competition has been extinguished from the playing perspective and leaves him free to concentrate on his future. As hard as it might be to bear, the likelihood is that the only Northern Star he will look at next season is in the heavens, not just off Junction 4 of the M65.

Tomas Rosicky will be looking forward to meeting Denmark, Germany, Portugal or Netherlands. The permutations of the Czech’s next opponents mean that despite winning both of their games convincingly, Germany could be eliminated if they lose 1 – 0 to Denmark and Portugal win 1 – 0. For that reason alone, the belief that the Germans might take it easy are wide of the mark.

Lukas Podolski seems set to win his 100th cap and it is interesting how he has subsumed his personal desires for the greater good. Will that extend to Arsenal? His performances so far underline the attributes that Podolski will bring to the club; defensive concentration. That probably is not on the top of everyone’s list when they think of the German but this tournament has shown how willing and diligent he is in this aspect of his game; it will offer some more protection to Gibbs and Santos, particularly when the latter goes on a samba slalom in the opposition half.

And goals of course but I think it will be more akin to his record at Bayern than with Cologne, ten a season rather than one every couple of games. That of course, is exactly what Arsenal need from the rest of the team. If the central striker is going to deliver 20+ goals per season, double figures is essential from four other players or more. But too often we get lost in statistics, bogged down in how the goals are being shared out.

The crucial aspect is someone to provide that crucial goal when van Persie has been silenced by the opposition, a key goal scorer rather than just another goalscorer. Arsenal do need more goals from the rest of the squad, there is no doubt about that. The reliance upon van Persie is as unhealthy as the reliance upon Henry before him. When defenders stifle the main threat, there is no obvious outlet for the decisive goal. There are a lot of Arsenal players capable of providing that moment; none deliver consistently. In itself that is not bad, it stops the threat being predictable but by the same token it means that the players do not themselves know where to look for that moment of inspiration. It should be said of course, that they ought to be able to provide those moments themselves not rely on others but the psychology of the situation is a whole different post away.

One of those is the subject of this morning’s scurrilous transfer rumours. It has been coming; Theo Walcott’s contract talks stalled – amazing how often it is overlooked that he would not negotiate beforehand – and it flew under the nation’s radar. Having ascended to the Hero’s Throne, Theo is now the star of tomorrow’s chip wrapping which has brought his lack of signature on the contract to the fore. That situation allows all manner of links to be made, the funniest of which comes this morning from The Sun. Whomever Juve are paying as their PR is working his socks off as they are now going to swoop for van Persie and Walcott, according to the report, “favourites to land both“. You couldn’t make it up. Unless you work in the media, of course.

The club meanwhile, have been briefing their pet paper on the van Persie deal. Although I am not sure that Peter Hill-Wood will be happy at being called “The Daily Star Sunday’s Emirates insider“… Elsewhere, Christian Eriksen has joined the list of young players who interest Arsenal and Nicklas Bendtner interests Michael Ladudrup which will surely lead to specualtion of a transfer swap for Gylfi ­Sigurdsson, reminscent of the Clive Allen deal in the summer of 1980.

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  1. When you’ve read that, you can pop over to and read about Marc Overmars joining Arsenal, Frank Stapleton being banned and a whole host of other stories from Arsenal’s past.

  2. Good morning YW…great post as usual.

    Well, trust the media to always find something to write about The Arsenal when it comes to transfers especially outgoing.. Theo and Song’s contract situations have never been a source of concern for me because I believe they’ll sign extentions.

    I hope the dutch can nick it over the Portuguese even if history doesn’t favour them with RvP playing a blinder.

    Funny though, AW hasn’t really had any serious breakthrough with Portuguese players.

  3. Was so tired yesterday that i slept off while watching the Russia/Greece match.
    So, i wake up this morning and what do i see, Greece and czech republic qualify from Group A. I had a few to drink yesterday but surely today isnt April ist, right?

  4. and juventus might be put off by 250k a week! the only team that could afford those wages is…..not difficult is it? AFC will not be forced to ‘offload’ our best player just that we cannot afford a salary competition. nearly doubling a players wages should be seen as quite a progressive move, no?

  5. The scary thing about this German team is that they get better as they progress through the championship.
    Podolski, Muller and Ozil are yet to find top form although they are putting in a good defensive shift, imagine the possibilities when they click offensively.

    First match the Germans scored 1 goal, 2nd match 2 goals, i predict that Germany will score at least 3 goals today.

    Now am not gonna say i told you so, never in a million years, i won’t!. But didn’t i say walcott always performs well for England? (belgium/sweden ring a bell), so am guessing i told you so.

  6. Oops, my bad.

  7. I detest the head-to-head over goals difference rule!
    Who friggin’ wants to watch a team score then sit back and defend with 10 men????

    Karagounis is a melodramatic twat…head of a passionate group of fakirs

    …but are russians happy people?

    do they lack stamina w/o the enhancements of the 70s & 80s?
    how long does vodka really remain in dna?

    They had like 68% possession and drunken-style-pranced their way out of sync with the net.

    I see where AA’s seeming laissez-faire comes from.

    Their espana-style game is interesting BUT they needed that killer movement in the final 3rd. If they had it Greece would have been raped by at least 4 yesterday.

    Oh well, AA’s summer begins.
    As I expect Robin’s will by 10:15 pm today…

  8. The Italians were always great at ‘selling’ their clubs in the media by reporting the players they were gonna sign. The difference being that now they cant really back up their chat with the actual signings, like they used to.
    The Germans are indeed a machine, so great at building momentum at tournaments. And they do really have a very talented squad.
    Hard luck Russia, a good footballing team to watch but now a tricky game out of the way for any potential winners.
    And khalifha, Theo does not always perform well for England, lest you forget how often he is slated when he does turn in an under par performance (unwarranted and a bit over the top too, whereas other players seem to get away with it, Ashley Young for example) But we know Theo can be a game changer and a game winner.

  9. ..also think the beach is calling for Bendtner…like Sczesny yesterday.
    Let TR, Poldi, Mert, Kos, Ox, & Theo carry the cannon into the QFs and eventually Poldi & Mert in the Final.

    I FULLY expect Theo, RvP & Song to re-sign come August!

  10. pedantic george

    Less than a mile from junction 7 as it happens.But I am happy with “northern star”

    From yesterday can anyone give me an answer?

    pedantic george | June 16, 2012 at 10:21 am
    I think Ivan should stop teasing us .When will we be given this good news?

  11. While Theo was on the bench and out of the media spotlight we heard nothing of his contract situation. Now that hes the goldenboy again (until the next game at least) we begin to see the reports of him leaving popping up. Its so laughably predictable isnt it.

  12. Thought some might be interested to read into the real murky world of the Russian tycoon who once bought Portsmouth on fortunes from African diamonds and arms sales. I wouldn’t say this is the kind of money entering British football, but some of it for sure is swishing around.

    Angola diamond battle

    Meanwhile, elsewhere a London court has been given a glimpse into the opaque world of Angolan diamonds, in a battle between a Russian-Israeli tycoon and his one-time partner that has also thrown up how modern-day buccaneers are building fortunes from Africa’s resources.

    Former Premier League club Portsmouth football owner, businessman Arkady Gaydamak is seeking hundreds of millions of dollars in unpaid commissions and dividends from former partner Lev Leviev. Gaydamak says he had an agreement that entitled him to profits from trading and mining in Angola, where for years Leviev’s assets included a stake in the Catoca diamond mine, one of the world’s largest.

    Leviev – a trader and luxury jeweller who made his name and fortune
    challenging diamond giant De Beers’ monopoly in the sale of rough diamonds – disputes the agreement and says no deal was made. He is an Uzbekistan-born Israeli with a home in London.

    Both Leviev and Gaydamak are among a handful of foreign players that have made fortunes across countries like Angola, Congo and Guinea, securing positions of influence that have put their private companies or organisations in the forefront of the race for the continent’s riches, from copper to diamonds.

    The case, due to close on Monday with a verdict to follow, is also the latest in a spate of high-profile disputes brought to London by billionaires from Russia and the former Soviet republics, and has illustrated the complexity facing London judges more used to traditional disputes.

    “You are seeking to test this on traditional London (terms),” High Court Judge Geoffrey Vos told the defendant’s side on Friday. “The reality seems so far removed … from what we are used to that applying the same tests is unrealistic.”

    The court battle – which both sides suggest Angolan officials had sought to stop in order to avoid embarrassment in an Angolan election year – has seen Gaydamak detail his arrival in Angola at the height of the civil war in 1993, building relations through the sale of helicopters and other military equipment to the MPLA government.

    He later became, by his account, instrumental in setting up the Angolan Diamond Selling Corporation (Ascorp), a company with exclusive rights to market Angolan diamonds, aimed at stemming the flow of gems to the rival faction UNITA. UNITA was eventually defeated by President Jose Eduardo dos Santos’s MPLA.

    Leviev disputes Gaydamak’s role, saying it was merely to provide security in the early stages.

    The case has laid bare the opacity of the flow of profits made by Ascorp – a monopoly that ended in 2003 – raising questions over whether the bulk flowed out of Angola and over what role was played by Isabel dos Santos, the highly influential daughter of the president.


    At the heart of the case is what Gaydamak says is a written and signed agreement from December 2001, under which he says Leviev agreed to hold in trust their mutual assets, in particular their share in Ascorp, and any income from those assets.

    Gaydamak says he sought to make Leviev his “front man” to keep himself out of the public eye as he and erstwhile partner Pierre Falcone had become embroiled in “Angolagate”, a French inquiry into illegal arms supplies. He was later acquitted.

    Leviev denies there was an agreement.

    The case has also involved millions of dollars in payments, which Gaydamak says are proof of an agreement. Leviev says they were made after Gaydamak intimated that he could use his influence in Angola to make Leviev’s life ‘difficult’.

    Angola is one of the world’s most significant diamond producers and has long been attractive for traders and buyers. Its gems fetch a premium on world markets as they are mostly alluvial, meaning they are found on riverbeds or on the shoreline, and are, to a degree, polished and sorted naturally.

  13. I watched the Czech Republic vs Poland game last night so I’ve only seen highlights of the Russia game. To not qualify after showing they are the best team in what is a fairly weak group is inexcusable. I’d go abroad if I was them, turning up in Russia might result in being sent to work in the salt mines at the behest of Mr. Putin. It might do something for that Meerkat’s fitness though. Sorry George 😉

    Good that the Theo has made his mark on the tournament, but I’m not sure he’ll start against Ukraine. Bringing him on at the hour mark against tiring defenders and midfielders doesn’t seem the worst ploy in the world. It’s a pity Gerrard took that pass of Chamberlain’s toe, it would have been great for the young man to get a first international goal. With Wilshere an automatic pick should he regain form and fitness it’s an interesting time for England fans who are also of an Arsenal persuasion.

    One for Deise – COME ON THE BANNER!!!!

  14. i can try pg…i expect it to go like this…(clearing throat)..

    reporter: mr gazidis wtf’s the good news for gooners?

    ivan: oh happy day…we sold Bendtner to Borussia for 10..fabianski for 8 somewhere…Almunia’s gone, Squilly too…Vela decided to up it to Spain, baled out for 11, Fat Sam’s picked up Lansbury for 6, Denilson’s staying in Brazil for 9…should go on?

    reporter: oh yes please ivan, please continue..

    ivan: well…Robin re-enlisted with us yesterday. Funny thing, while he signed with his right hand he had the middle finger of his left hand coated with blue shit stuck out the whole time..u should see the pictures.

    Theo came flying thru the door immediately after Robin left and put pen to paper for a further 5 years.

    Alex Song though beat them both to it. He had called after being attacked by some young thugs in Cameroun just to reiterate how much he loved the red & white. He extended his contract a week before Robin.

    reporter: thats great news for gunnerworld ivan. But what about Arshavin. How much did u get for him?

    ivan: for Andrey?…not much. Ever since the loss to Greece, the little hobbit’s been sleeping in my office dressed in his gooner ‘jammies waiting for the season to start. Only goes downstairs to work out, always dressed in red & white and claims he can’t wait to show those Nike designers the real reason behind the blue in our new home strip!

    (door opens)….
    ivan: “oh hello Yann, hello Oliver….and how did the photoshoot go?… where’s Hugo?”

  15. Perhaps one day FFP will also cover where the money comes from. Billionaires from poor countries spending their filthily earned gazillions in the West… Nauseating.

  16. @ DeiseGooner | June 17, 2012 at 9:45 am

    ha ha! yeah.

    @ ZP
    the people being ripped off again and the authorities colluding. Sickening.

    @ Aman
    Has Song really extended his contract?

  17. Ah, sorry Aman, didn’t read properly. I see what you were doing now.

  18. Swansea, Norwich, pool and Villa will all enter the new campaign with better coaching staff and management than last year. This worries me. Talk of AVB to TOTTS and/ or. Don Fabio is also very worrisome. Lets hope they don’t end up anywhere. There is a vacancy in the EPL.
    don’t be pulling any punches now regarding them damn Russians .you hear. Hahaha

  19. pedantic george

    ” the little hobbit’s been sleeping in my office dressed in his gooner ‘jammies waiting for the season to start. ”

  20. Greece qualified for the quarters? Blimey, how jammy. They couldnt win it again could they?
    Theo’s contract is suddenly hot news thanks to a brilliant cameo. Its like the hacks forgot all about it and him till friday night’s exploits, then dreamt up some transfer rumour.

  21. That link to the Daily Star had an interesting aside, said Podolski cost us £6mill. Even cheaper than we thought! Doesnt surprise me, as i remember there bein a clause if Koln were relegated. Brilliant business.

    George, the good news will probably be another signing. Not Giroud, but M’Villa i am goin to guess.

  22. I will lose even more faith in foothall and human nature if we sell RvP to man city. They dont even pretend to play by the rules since the humongous filthy lucre infusion.

    ZP, that story is sickening. Nasty robber barons fighting of ill gotten gains they robbed from yet another exploited african state.

  23. pedantic george

    If it is M’Vila.Will that shut the”spend some fucking money” halfwits up?

  24. Great write-up as usual.

    Interesting points on LPod’s defensive work – this would make him invaluable for me. Neither Gerv nor Arshavin offer anything much defensively – certainly far less than the industrious Walcott on the other side.

    When we got caught pushing players forwards a lot of the break-away goals came down that side – a wing-attack who can provide goals but also contribute a more rounded shift by balancing it with defensive discipline is, to my mind, just what the doctor ordered.

    Together with the return of Wilshere, I can already imagine significantly better protection for our beleaguered defence. I still suspect a new DM might be the order of the day but the primary problem to address is our shape and defensive discipline – and that starts at the front – which is especially evident given the comparative quality we have in our back 5 and the dichotomous quantity of goals conceded in open play.

    In short – anything that creates better balance defensively is a good thing – if he can score 10 goals a season at the same time then we are fucking laughing!

  25. pedantic george

    Jonny Jabba will be staggered to find you talking football.
    How will Jack help the beleaguered defence? Better than Song or Arteta? I think not.

  26. I think Gervinho’s all round game will be improved next season, making our options on the left really good.
    George. There will always be sticks with which to beat the club man. If we signed YM, Giroud, and all the other linked players, the contract shit would soon be the topic to slate the club with. Cant believe the fixtures are out tomorrow, btw!

  27. pedantic george

    Where can I get some Arsenal Jammies ?

  28. @zp sick and tired of these people still being allowed to steal all our wealth in Africa. Sickening. And I’m tired of all the MEN letting it happen time and time again.

    I found myself disappointed with the Greece win. The officials seem to be promoting a more negative style of football. The whole “well Chelsea did it argument”.

  29. I think Wilshere does offer a lot to the defence – he puts in more tackles than Arteta and he has the nous to drop into space when Song pushes forwards.

    Song has given up all pretence of being a DM anyway which became more of a problem when we had Ramsey slotting in. I like Ramsey but last season he gave the ball away far too easily and way too frequently – he was certainly no good as cover for Arteta – which of course JW is ideal for.

    However, for me, Wilshere is so good that, fitness permitting, I would not be surprised if he forced his way into the first team quite quickly. I’d happily see the three of them playing the midfield together (Song, Arteta, Wilshere).

    In those respects Wilshere offers quite a lot.

  30. pedantic george

    So Jonny Jack plays in songs position and Song in Rosicky’s?

    Poor if you ask me ,but interesting.

  31. That’s a very rigid way of looking at it.

  32. i never saw podolski as a worker to be honest, to me hes always been a goalscorer and his record kinda shows that,
    but this tournament hes really shown his ability to take one for the team and when we consider that lowe has gotze and rues available to him and he still picks podolski, it shows how valuable he is to the german machine

    im sure he’ll get on the scoresheet soon though, its only a matter of time, hes scored more than 1 goal in every other major tournament hes played in so unless him not scoring is part of lowes masterplan hes bound to show us his finishing qualities as well…

    as for mvilla, its no suprise the player is making was only a few week ago everyone in france was saying it was 99% done so it wasnt going to be long before the media was given something else juicy to report on the matter,….

    we’ll have to see though, i think we are close as i think we need some new signings and aparantly so does gazidis… i dont think moneys going to be a problem this summer, its looking more and more likely we are going to be able to sell quite a few of our unwanted players, whether people want to believe it or not, so we dont need an investor to sign these players, nor do we need to sell rvp or theo..

  33. pedantic george

    And before anyone says “rotate” or “all round MF” none are a patch on Rosicky in an attacking sense .Although at least Jack and Song are as ineffective in front of goal.

  34. Uh oh! Is there goin to be a Wilshere related argument again? I dont think we should assume with any player thats been out of action for such a prolonged period. Even more so given his numerous setbacks. I hope he comes back better than ever, but i dont feel we can confidently predict anything, especially given our injury history.
    Sorry to be a bit of a killjoy!

  35. “Where can I get some Arsenal Jammies ?”

    PG, u have to special-request them from Ivan.
    or maybe YW has the hook up…Yogi?

  36. I have heard he is already back playing with a football and pain-free.

    Not to assume anything with regards the future but IF he is fit for pre-season there is much cause for optimism.

  37. Try eBay for arsenal jammies

  38. I expect a lot more rotation & dynamism in midfield if we do get M’V & keep AA.
    abundant permutations well managed yield trophies
    …I see 2 trophies

  39. I wonder if Jack’s grown any taller since we last saw him…Jonny?

  40. jacks better than rosicky..
    he was before injury anyway..

    the only thing that keeps jack out is another injury..
    if hes fit. he plays..

  41. Don’t think so.

    He cancelled his Twitter account over rubbish cocaine allegations.

  42. Well, IF we are getting carried away, then i think a midfield trio of M’Villa (told ya i was gettin carried away), Ramsey and Jack is potentially devastatingly awesome.
    See, i can do it with the best of em. 😉

  43. I agree JJ (he’s one of the first names on the sheet for me) but it raises the question – who would you play him with?

  44. Dex I imagine it makes a nice change for you – normally when you get ‘carried away’ it’s by men in white coats. 😉

  45. Jack needs to improve his goal threat, scoring and creation for him to be considered for the AM slot. That means he will be competing with Arteta more than Song, imo.
    Now if he is seen as better than the spaniard he willhave developed shit loads, which is all good news for Arsenal.

    But atm, i aint buying this ‘he walks straight back into the team’ stuff. Not a slight on jacks ability, just out of cautiousness due to his huge lay off.

  46. Ha jonny!
    There are times on here, when it gets oh so repetitive that a room with nice rubber walls seems a really attractive proposition!

  47. So who are you advocating for the AM role exactly?

  48. jonny
    the way i see it he can play with anyone..
    he was getting man of the match playing with nasri and cesc..keeping all the others out of the team
    and he was playing deep, which he never did in the reserves or the youth team, he was a 10..
    the boy can play anywhere

    personally id give him the keys to the team like we did with cesc and see how he does..

    in my opinion..he had a better breakthru season than cesc did..
    thats not easy to do, youve gotta be one hell of a talent to be able to make yourself a key player for club and country at 20 so for me, hes in..

  49. for me our 3 best options for attacking midfielder are:

    TR, RvP & AA …period!

    NONE of the others have the prerequisite tools…yet.

  50. “youve gotta be one hell of a talent to be able to make yourself a key player for club and country at 20 so for me, hes in..”

    the country being England though JonJon..

    He would not get in if he were spanish, german, italian or brazilian would he?

  51. JonJon – that’s pretty much how I feel about him. I think a lot of people have forgotten just how incredible he was during that breakthrough season.

    His potential is eye-watering.

  52. lest u also forgot Cesc, Diaby, TR & Rambo were in & out with injury…

    he had a fantastic debut but pls lets not do that curious “english” overhype of talent.
    Jack Wilshere HAS TO prove it all over again!
    A debut season like a hit album is just that a hit season UNTIL reprised.

    remember Guardiola praised him but said Barca had many Jacks in their academy. From what we saw of their youg ‘uns last season he was bot bullshitting.

    “Until Jack replicates, the world won’t validate!”

  53. Jonny

    I think that position is up for grabs man. Either by current players or a new signing. RvP or AA are my best bets with what we currently have. Although Arshavin’s future looks increasingly unclear don’t it.

  54. CORR:

    lest u also forgot Cesc, Diaby, TR & Rambo were in & out with injury…

    he had a fantastic debut but pls lets not do that curious “english” thing of overhyping talent.
    Jack Wilshere HAS TO prove it all over again!
    A debut season like a hit album. It is just that, a hit season, UNTIL reprised.

    remember Guardiola praised him but said Barca had many Jacks in their academy. From what we saw of their young ‘uns last season he was not bullshitting.

    “Until Jack replicates, the world won’t validate!”

  55. pedantic george

    JonJon | June 17, 2012 at 11:49 am
    jacks better than rosicky..
    he was before injury anyway..

    Is perhaps JJ’s most ridiculous ever post.And that is saying quite something.

  56. the club being arsenal though aman..
    an arsenal team containing a top spaniard and a top frenchman, as well as displacing a brazilian who didnt like losing his place..

    dont let the english thing cloud judgement..

    you only have to look at the way england are currently playing to see how much they need him back as well..
    you put jack in that midfield you dont need to use players like milner who tuck in to cover gerrards arse..
    jack will be doing it..
    which allows hodgson to go with proper wideplayers..
    and not carthorses..

    fabio capello was building his midfield around him..
    fabio capello isnt daft..
    neithers wenger..

  57. I dont understand this effect that discussing jack has on usually intelligent posters, and jonjon! 🙂

    The key issue is the humougous injury and subsequent incredibly long lay off, not his undoubted talent.

  58. pedantic george

    fabio capello was building his midfield around him

    Yes ,his choice was Jack of Henderson.

  59. rosicky was behind rambo in the order george..
    he was playing 20-25 games a season and getting no goals and no assists..

    wenger was letting in contract run down we didnt need him no more..

    and then we lose a load of midfielders..midfielders who could match and better barca..
    and rambo finds himself in..
    wasnt good enough
    so wenger uses 3rd choice rosicky who did ok..
    not great..
    our midfield was still missing something last season..
    and now your claiming hes a first teamer??

    come on dude..

    your just being pedantic…and its making you look daft…

  60. so our 3 in MIDFIELD’s essentially:

    >Attacking M – box-to-box M – >Defensive M ?
    >Attacking M – 2 box-to-box Ms ?
    >2 box-to-box Ms – Defensive M ?

    seems to me we will be alternating depending on the opponent for at least the first hour.

    if all my wishes come true, Arsenal’s about to become a dynasty!

  61. dex
    rvp and Tv are examples of important players returning from long layoffs and walking right back into the first team..

  62. Two really god matches. 1-0 wins sent the Greeks and the Cech’s into the next round. Let’s hope we can get the Walcott contract taken care of.

  63. Gripping to think that should, as seems somewhat likely, the Dutch go home tonight, tomorrow could see us waking up to very good news on the RVP front.

    Ivan’s no idiot and he knew he would raise the bar of expectation to extraordinary heights with his recent comments.

    It’s just possible loose ends have been tied up over the last couple of weeks making Robin’s new contract an exciting reality.

    Also think Arshavin did more than enough to rejoin Arsenal as a viable first-teamer OR be sold for a decent sum. Either way, well done him.

    Can’t quite say the same about Bendy as he foolishly closed the Arsenal doors all by himself but I could see a couple of sides being interested in his signature – including those of a ‘direct’ flavour, such as Stoke, for instance.
    Would love to see Per play tonight. The caps he and his new Arsenal team mate have garnered for Germany is actually pretty astonishing when you consider neither are that old and it’s GERMANY, for heaven’s sake, not some relatively obscure Mediterranean backwater nation.

    Very, very interesting times …

  64. No they aint JJ. Over simplistic assessment there.

    You are getting ahead of yourself, as others are, IMO. Jack had one season then a year out, thats a huge set back for a young player. RvP and Rosicky were older, Tomas much older so the potential developmental hiatus wasn’t as big an issue, nowhere near.

    Just as we have seen with Aaron and his development. He looked like being a certain starter and a real star performer till he was cut down. And there you were saying he isnt good enough now.

    We need to be careful and not put too much pressure on jack, he needs to be eased back and it may well take several months.

  65. pedantic george

    Too fucking right I am claiming he is a first teamer.
    From the moment his fitness and match rhythm came together he was our best player by a country,he was better than RVP from Spurs on in.
    He is the finest player of his generation ,coming from a football country with a tradition of producing outstanding talent.
    Jack may one day be as good as him.Perhaps ,if he fulfills his massive potential.
    Jeez if TR7 was English we would not be having this conversation.Because the wood already have assumed god like status.

  66. JonJon,
    I repeat: Cesc, Diaby, TR & Rambo were in & out with injury…

    Jack just started his career and he’s already better than lil’ Mozart?
    I’m sure even he doesn’t think so.

    “so wenger uses 3rd choice rosicky who did ok..”
    phooey!…rude…insulting..u diss TR like his injury was not THE factor?

    sorry, you are english AND are overhyping!

    and I do really really love Wilshere
    but JonJon, u’re letting your immediate environment’s creative insecurities in midfield get the better of u.

  67. pedantic george

    I agree with Aman.
    I usually do.He creates lovely images of pajama wearing diminutive Russians for me.Who else has done such a thing for me?Eh? Ask yourselves that my so called friends.

  68. pedantic george

    the wood=he would

  69. ‘remember Guardiola praised him but said Barca had many Jacks in their academy. From what we saw of their young ‘uns last season he was not bullshitting’

    Guardiola was foolish for making this statement, remember this is the same person that said he needs a rest to recover from the ‘stress’ of managing 6 world cup winning players and one of the greatest ever players in europe that just scored 73 goals.

    Now i will have you know that the player in their reserve he was talking about is Thiago alcantra, i don’t remember him winning any man of the match awards against world class opposition.

    Wilshere quit twitter because he wanted to concentrate on his rehab, not because of any cocaine rumour. When i read that report it just reaffirmed my opinion on how useless the media can be.

  70. pedantic george

    “Wilshere quit twitter because he wanted to concentrate on his rehab”

    Oh please.How long does he spend thinking up his occasional tweet ? Are you saying he is very slow ?

  71. What i don’t understand is why people feel we need to take one of the top 3 strikers in the world in Rvp and play him in AM or behind the striker, it gets funnier the more i think about it.
    So if am not missing anything, wenger should tell rvp ‘hey robin, you scored so many goals as a striker last season, but no more! We need different goalscorers, you are holding gerv and tomas back man, stop scoring all those goals you, you ,you goalscorer’

  72. Pedantic
    I am 100% sure about that, he closed his twitter account down with that tweet, all this talk of cocaine is baffling.

  73. Rvp himself wants to play and playing him behind a striker makes perfect sense, so no surprises you dont understand the thinking behind it khali. 🙂

    Having him there means we have a much bigger goal threat, as well as utilising his creativty even more. As he gets older, dropping him back will be the way to go.

    Do try and keep up man.

  74. pedantic george

    khalifha ,The point is that everyone and there alter ego all passing the ball for RVP to score may not be in the best interests of the team.
    Its not as if his conversion rate is that high ,is it?
    Dennis was ,IMO, at least as good a finisher as Robin.But we did not insist he play on his own up top.

  75. pedantic george

    Have a gold star for your efforts.

  76. pedantic george

    If he said he was closing down his twitter account to concentrate on being shit hot at FIFA12 would you have swallowed that as well?

  77. Also, if you bothered to actually read people’s posts, you’d see that RvP was named as a potential option for the AM position as the squad currently stands. But I do love the fact that there were many people, Gooners and pundits who waxed lyrical about how Robin wasn’t cut out for the lone striker role as he was more suited to Bergkamp’s role.

    Wenger and RvP showed those fuckwits up.

  78. On rvp, i get the idea of him as am AM to create more but his goal return will reduce.
    He scored 37goals last season with 11 assists as a striker, hypothetically next season he plays as an AM and scores 18 with 21 assists , that is a sum of 39goal contribution in comparism with 48 last season. Doesn’t make much sense.

    Let us not forget Gervinho and ramsey missed so many chances, both players are good at getting into goalscoring positions but right now are not the best finishers so i think it is more a question of personel not formation or game plan.
    If ramsey and gerv had taken half their chances we would be talking about 15 goals return from the two of them.

  79. PG

    That would have been more believable for me mate. 🙂

  80. I beg to differ with you on Guardiola, RvP etc..tell me if Thiago Alcantara was english playing for Liverpool would Capello not have built his midfield around him?

  81. I love TR7 and I think he is very valuable member of the squad but if he is to be our first choice AM then surely, to borrow from Dex, he also “needs to improve his goal threat, scoring and creation”?

    TR7 = 4 assists and 1 goal from 28 (9 as sub) appearances in the league is hardly better than Wilshere provided in his breakthrough season – 8 assists and 2 goals from 41 games (4 as sub) and that’s whilst Wilshere was required to play a more defensively-minded role.

    @Andrew – AA – had a decent tournament – but no more than that. He certainly provided fuel for both his detractors and and his acolytes. When he is brilliant, his deftness of touch and passing are sublime but…well we all know it’s a double-edged sword.

    It’s just a question as to whether you think one mitigates the other – what’s difficult is that his disciples brush over the downside altogether creating a jaundiced picture of a hugely ‘wronged genius’.

    There is also a wider issue as to whether Wenger will ever deploy him in the AM role anyway. Everything we know thus far points to ‘NO’ which makes the continuing discussion of it redundant and tiresome. Also AA as an AM only works if we have a proper DM which, at present, we do not.

  82. Khali

    If RvP played the AM role and produced those numbers, that would be fantastic and just what the team currently lacks. As long as the dude infront of him scored a fair few too! 🙂

  83. Dex @ 1.00 very good, but RVP was one of them himself!

    Wenger had to show him too!

  84. True, the likes of Gervinho, Ramsey Rosicky, basically everyone bar RvP, Theo, Vermealen and Arteta need to up their game in terms of scoring. I mean, when was the last time Szczesny scored FFS?

  85. pedantic george

    “On rvp, i get the idea of him as am AM to create more but his goal return will reduce.
    He scored 37goals last season with 11 assists as a striker, hypothetically next season he plays as an AM and scores 18 with 21 assists , that is a sum of 39goal contribution in comparism with 48 last season. Doesn’t make much sense.”
    Well it would if your main striker got 25 goals and 5 assists as well.

  86. “TR, RvP & AA have the most prerequisite tools to play AM…Jack, Song & Rambo are still learning.

    can u name said tools, khalifa?

  87. Dexter and George, am trying to be on good behaviour, ease up guys.

    Wenger also said rvp was a combination of bergkamp/henry (mighty praise indeed but true). Rvp has the best movement of any forward in the league and is one of the best finishers ( 52 in about 70 league matches)

    There is a reason he was moved from the AM/Behind the striker to the main striker in a 3 man attack.

  88. dex..
    i recognise those fears..
    and i dont think my arguement is really that simplistic..
    a more simplistic way of doing it would be to just say who’s your first coice midfield when everyones fit..
    mines arteta song jack

    aman and george

    im not over hyping at all, stop talking rubbish..those players were not all injured at the same bloody time, your making it up..

    i think the reverse is true and you guys are underhyping just because he his english..
    i get the feeling if jack was spanish or brazilian or anything else but english, he would be in your first teams..

    which is unfair..becuase wether you like it or not hes a good player..
    in that one year i know what i saw and it wasnt a one season wonder, nor is he average…

    this seems to be a wierd debate..i feel we are somewhat dragging the boy through the mud a little

  89. Khalifha – it’s been in all of the main newspapers. His girlfriend also closed hers and they called the police. If it wasn’t true the police would have denied and the papers would have probably been done for libel.

  90. Jonny

    RvP’s allowed to have a few doubts, the fuckwits aint! I am sure Henry had a few doubts about being the main focal point too.

    On Rosicky. I think he is a classy player, brilliant, with a great engine and for me, his best position would seem to be the one that Arteta and Wilshere are vying for!

  91. If the Greeks are so awful then what to say about negative England with Hodgson packing his
    defence and trying for a quick counter-attack,from deep in their own half,time for another dre
    ary team to go home,the Paddy,s already have,being the most inept of the lot,what price the
    Pommies, who like their current Rugby Union side in South Africa talk a good show but certai
    nly don,t perform it,up the Ukraine,bye bye England ?

  92. JJ

    It has got nothing to do with Jack’s nationality on my part, but everything to do with his age and where he is, or should I say, was, in his development. If he was 25, with 6 or 7 full seasons behind him and missed a year then I would say, sure, he can walk back into the team when fit, but he isnt man and that’s why I dont want to indulge in bigging him up before he has even played a minute for us again.

    He is only one serious injury away from where Frimpong is. I mean, Frimpong’s development has been seriously curtailed by nasty injuries and he is now in real need of yet another loan where, if he had been luckier, I think we’d be chatting about him like we are M’Villa and Jack, of course!

    Now I am hyping up our english players. 🙂

  93. pedantic george

    Khalifha ,Ease up in what way?
    I have not been rude once.What you feel the need to insult us because we rubbish your arguments?
    Listen ,if you have to be rude when someone defeats your thinking,this is definitely the wrong discussion board for you.I know ,because I have been made a monkey of many times.

  94. pedantic george

    samuel ,what the fuck are you trying to achieve with that utter utter nonsense?

  95. Nice bit of bigotry there samuel, thanks for your (warped) musings there.

    Who gives a flying fuck about rugger BTW? Silly pointless game. 🙂

  96. So woeful Walcott scored 11 goals this past season and so many assists (sic ) but in how ma
    ny matches, when both Arteta and Ben-Ayoun got six each,from how many matches,facts ple
    ase not bs ?

  97. pedantic george

    Who gives a flying fuck about rugger BTW? Silly pointless game.

    Is what all big girls say

  98. I have to say – now that he has made the striking position his own, I am not sure how keen RVP would be to play second clarinet. Perhaps if we played a variation of 442 but it would be a big adaptation for him to drop into the AM role in a 433 – is that what people are really suggesting..?

    Something like this?

    Song Arteta
    Walcott Gervinho

  99. Jonny,
    we really don’t have a clear first choice AM
    we rotated btw Rambo+TR with input from Song & Arteta.
    Now we have Podolski, who’s understudied by Gerv, move AA for added AM dimension
    Add an M’V reduces Song+Arteta ‘s workloads, increases their offensive input
    and allows Jack+Diaby a less stressful recovery & expectation + a higher standard to work towards.

    Couple the above with Theo, Ryo & Ox and we become THE MOST BEAUTIFULEST CLUBSIDE on EARTH!

  100. khali

    Its true, George’s been made to look an idiot loads of times. I never got at you man, just completely smashed your point in less of a derogatory way than you tried to dude! No problem my end man, it’s all good

  101. pedantic george

    Samuel,if you are looking for a fight ,put up you dukes or fuck off.

  102. pedantic george

    Err ,thanks Dexter.


  103. Who the fuck is this Samuels twat? Doesn’t even know what sic means or how to use it.


    Sounds like a bitter Aussie to me.

  104. Aman, no way man. Alcantara would not make it in the premier league at the age of 18, he lacks tenacity and the steel to play wilshere’s role successfully.

    Jonny, if you say so. What i am sure of is that wilshere tweeted that before all the cocaine rumours started.

    You are so frustrating, now you come up with ‘rubbish my arguement’ – i just stated that rvp is one of the top 3 strikers in the world and should not be moved into the AM role, i would like to see you rubbish that arguement.

  105. how did the vagrant get in YW?
    where u on a piss break?
    Go away Samuel, u’ve got the wrong address…google legrove.

    I agree with Dex @1:14.
    JJ, its not about Jack but about you being english…
    really though, its not about nationality here just a statement of fact that one of the greatest strengths of the british empire was HYPE..and it waxes strong today

  106. pedantic george

    pedantic george | June 17, 2012 at 1:05 pm
    “On rvp, i get the idea of him as am AM to create more but his goal return will reduce.
    He scored 37goals last season with 11 assists as a striker, hypothetically next season he plays as an AM and scores 18 with 21 assists , that is a sum of 39goal contribution in comparism with 48 last season. Doesn’t make much sense.”
    Well it would if your main striker got 25 goals and 5 assists as well.

    Get it? or
    “If RvP played the AM role and produced those numbers, that would be fantastic and just what the team currently lacks. As long as the dude infront of him scored a fair few too!”

    “khalifha ,The point is that everyone and there alter ego all passing the ball for RVP to score may not be in the best interests of the team.
    Its n
    ot as if his conversion rate is that high ,is it?
    Dennis was ,IMO, at least as good a finisher as Robin.But we did not insist he play on his own up top.”


  107. Jonny

    The question was who do we currently have in the squad who could play as an AM, RvP has been posited as an option. Not sure anyone’s saying it should happen next year,?

    But I dont think it would be seen as a demotion man, quite the opposite. David Silva is as revered as any citeh striker IMO.

  108. pedantic george

    Anyway,how do we know JJ is English? We only have his word for it.
    I think he just has a thing for Jack.

  109. pedantic george

    DB10 was quite revered as well.

  110. George

    Maybe I am wrong, but rugby seems to exist just to give an excuse for men to grapple with each other and not have their sexuality called into question.

  111. jacks shit hot and its as simple as that.

    hes in my first team..

    gibbs is in my first team too…

    am i now going to get into debate with the people who prefer santos saying im overhyping gibbs..??

    get a grip 😉

    personal preference aint it..
    when everyones fit i know what would be my ideal 11 and jacks in it..

    rvp’s in it too and its not becuase hes dutch, so i care not for passports either, i just know a good player when i see one 😉

  112. pedantic george

    No Jonny it is far more likely that he cant spare the time to do a couple of tweets per day. Isn’t it?
    I mean “rehab” is a 24 7 thing ,right?

  113. lol george

    yes thats it..
    much like your bromance with AA

  114. Theo got 8 goals and 8 assists in 32 PL games, thats a very healthy return.
    Juan mata (£25m man) got 6 goals and 13 assists. David Silva; 6 goals and 15 assists, Ashely Young; 6 goals and 7 assists.

    If we had those kinda returns on both wings and AM, we would be larfing, larfing like hysterical loons I tells ya. Mwoohaahaahaahaahaahaahaahaa,*cough*!!

  115. pedantic george

    Jack makes my all time greatest ever world player starting 11 .No question.Its my opinion and I am entitled to it.

  116. On rvp, i get the idea of him as am AM to create more but his goal return will reduce.
    He scored 37goals last season with 11 assists as a striker, hypothetically next season he plays as an AM andscores 18 with 21 assists , that is a sum of 39goal contribution in comparism with 48 last season. Doesn’t make much sense.
    ….Well it would if your main striker got 25 goals and 5 assists as well

    PG, don’t forget that this is all hypothesis, how many strikers can score 25 a season in the Epl/all comps and rvp is not guaranteed to play well in the Am role.
    Rvp contributing 48 goals as a striker is based on raw facts.

    “khalifha ,The point is that everyone and there alter ego all passing the ball for RVP to score may not be in the best interests of the team.
    Its n
    ot as if his conversion rate is that high ,is it?
    Dennis was ,IMO, at least as good a finisher as Robin.But we did not insist he play on his own up top.”

    Berkamp was a good finisher but did he ever score more than 20goals a season? No, therefore his best ability(playing like a creative god) was best suited to a role behind the striker.

  117. JJ;

    I know you were replying to aman, not me, but I don’t think the point has got across. Jack is an awesome talent and I hope he does come back and show us again what he can do, but there’s a lot of big ifs and huge buts right now and I aint referring to george’s enormous fat arse either.

  118. Nice post YW. As always but do you have to make it seem so bloody simple, I honestly don’t know how you do it every day. Came across this while surfing the interwebby-thingy:

    With 30-odd shots and about half on target, Russia really should have scored. Greece on the other hand did the snatch and grab before and ended up winning the entire thing! It was still a fantastic clearance by that Greek defender to head that ball out of goal like that, the most exciting play of the match I think.

  119. I mean even you > PG should be able to understand this.

    Yogi, that was just a nibble.

  120. Jack had an excellent debut full season for us, but it can be argued Ramsey was looking the better player until that fateful night and he hasnt managed to capture his early form for us yet. I think it will come, but it just goes to show that, with young players there are a lot of variables to consider and it isnt a gimme they will simply flick a switch and play like they did, or better than before the injuries.

    That’s it, I promise, no more on this topic, well till next time! 🙂

  121. pedantic george

    Berkamp was a good finisher but did he ever score more than 20goals a season? No, therefore his best ability(playing like a creative god) was best suited to a role behind the striker.

    He would have had he played at his peak in this team last year.

    What about RVP’s average strike rate(all be it average among great players)?Most good strikers will score 20+ if the play in that position in that team.Even Emmanuel Adebayor managed 24.

  122. Jon jon, no need to stress your point man, you rate wilshere very highly and so do i, but it is taken as overhype.

  123. kha;i

    But, do you not think you have basically made a huge climb down from your first post about RvP playing the AM role? Where you were laughing your knackers off at the mere thought of it. 🙂

  124. I think Dexter is overhyped 🙂

  125. i know there is dex..
    theres always ifs and buts, but i think i replied earlier when i said i understand those fears..

    i just think hes an important player and if hes fit weve got to play him..

    its like a few years ago when cesc was out for 4 -5 after alonso broke his leg and we had a midfield of denilson, song diaby, eboue and we were pretty much unbeaten for 21 matches..

    did it stop wenger bringing back cesc?
    it didnt stop him from buying arshavin either..

    the essential thing is we have a squad that enables us to bring him back slowly and not have to play him 50 games a season, but in my opnion hes a key player for the club and key players are put in the first team as soon as they are fit and thats what i think AW will do with jack..

  126. One only has to look at how Theo’s stock has risen in the media from one cameo performance to see how hype operates in this country. To them, he was shite before that game vs Sweden, thats how simple a level they operate on and so do most punters, sadly.

  127. Limestonegunner

    RvP has a great finishing rate which would have been incredible if not for the dip late last season.
    Rosicky is a wonderful player who showed when in form is the best current option to run the attack. But he hasn’t proved much of a scoring threat and even the assist numbers are low. The concern is whether he can stay in form and fitness through the whole season especially through the parts of it when we are playing twice a week for three months in 4 competitions. JW and Ramsey aren’t up to that standard yet or haven’t shown they can be the first option in AM.

    For that reason, if we are bringing in another striker with Podolski, RvP could play some games (not necessarily start there typically) in a slightly withdrawn role behind Podolski or Giroud. The way to set up for that is not for him to be the AM like Rosicky. You will have to sacrifice some defensive work and keep him higher up the pitch. So I see a 4231 with the two behind being Song/Arteta/M’Vila who can allow RvP to stay forward more.

    RvP loves to score and to create. He can do so anywhere across the front four because he has the skills, intelligence, and mentality to adapt and advance team play. He had a super season and a half, but as he gets older you can’t expect him to keep up that dynamic rate of conversion and movement up top. Even next season, he is bound to be knackered. I am not expecting 30 PL goals. I will be thrilled if he has 22-25 for us and 10-12 assists.

  128. he was motm against sweden and hes been ours on many occasion
    we need to keep him dont we..

  129. How long was Cesc out for? And wasnt cesc being considered for the 1st team aged about 16 was it? He had a few years behind him because he was such a precocious talent (and we had sold off every one! 🙂 )

  130. Pedantic, adebayor was complete shit. Rvp, cesc, hleb, rosicky were feeding him through balls throughout the season, he can’t even tie rvp’s show laces. Why do you think he has not been able to replicate that form again?

    Rvp has scored more than 55 goals in just two seasons as a striker, his role in the team should not be changed, rather other players should step up with their goals input – Gerv and ramsey missed so many chances last season, remember us saying that if they can get their finishing act together we should expect more goals?

  131. Limestonegunner

    As far as Jack, he’s a wonderful talent but at his age and loss of a year of his development with so many injury setbacks after playing far too many games because of injuries in midfield…. well, you can see why Dex and George are urging caution and suggesting it is easy to exaggerate his standing in the team.

    We’ll see how he does in the early stages of the season. Perhaps he will be back to his best and develop more goals and assists to make his bid for the AM position this next season, but I think we’ll have to wait a season before he is regularly in contention for that position. Either way, he will be excellent to have back and make a major contribution if he stays fit to our season. Someone else will get injured and he’ll have plenty of games on his return season.

  132. JJ;

    Yeah, we must keep hold of Theo man.

    If Jack is fully fit and in similar shape and form to before the injury, then he is definitely in with a huge shout of starting. But that IF is humoungous right now (shit, I said I was done with this debate!)

  133. JonJon, you are on my ACLF first eleven and its not because you’re english!

  134. Being online seems to rob many of any sense and sensibility. Take this quote from jj:
    “rosicky was behind rambo in the order george.”
    I thought Rosicky was out of contention for most of 2010-11 due to his injury and numerous setbacks in his recovery. When he made his several unsuccessful returns from injury he was usually played wide right, usualy in MF, alongside Cesc. Comparing him to Jack is like apples to oranges except that the apple is fully matured while the orange is is promising and full of potential.

  135. Being online seems to rob many of any sense and sensibility. Take this quote:
    ”rosicky was behind rambo in the order george.”
    I thought Rosicky was out of contention for most of 2010-11 due to his injury and numerous setbacks in his recovery. When he made his several unsuccessful returns from injury he was usually played wide right, usualy in MF, alongside Cesc. Comparing him to Jack is like apples to oranges except that the apple is fully matured while the orange is is promising and full of potential.

  136. Thanks Irish! Loving your work too man. 🙂

  137. Dexter, ha it was a little funny man, admit it.

  138. Limestone;

    Good points man. When RvP scored the other night was he playing on the right, or was he behind Huntelaar? Either way, it shows he is still a goal threat playing a more withdrawn role. He is quality, I would be happy to see him play wherever, as long as the striker(s) infront of him were quality.

    Although khali has suggested we could have a shit striker and still have them score 25 goals a season!

  139. khali;

    You crack me up on a regular basis mate.

  140. Losing Theo would be awful. It’s not something I can even consider as a possibility.

    Theo represents a large part of the club for me.

    I love the guy – if a guy such as him gets his head turned by money then what hope have we retaining any of our best players?

    Simply not happening.

  141. Although khali has suggested we could have a shit striker and still have them score 25 goals a season!

    Didn’t we try that with Bendtner?! 😉

  142. pedantic george

    “Pedantic, adebayor was complete shit. Rvp, cesc, hleb, rosicky were feeding him through balls throughout the season,”
    And you can not see how your own words defeat your own argument?
    And lets be clear here .RVP is a fantastic striker.But if a shit Ade can get 24,any good player woulld do at least as well.
    For a striker it is conversion rate that counts.What makes RVP special is the assists and all round play.

  143. pedantic george

    Bendtner would score 20+ goals per season if played as the main striker for us and frrd like Robin is.But few assists.

  144. Jonny

    I hope the noises about Theo’s ‘people’ demanding a massive hike in salary being behind the delay in him signing a new deal aren’t true. He does deserve some sort of parity as he is an important player and almost certain starter, but like you say, if he is being tempted to either demand huge inflated wages or want to earn even more elsewhere, then that is a sickerner for real.

    That makes him and AOC being away with the creme de la menthe of arrogant selfish money grabbing ego maniacs for several weeks even more worrying than it would normally.

  145. george
    What makes RVP special is his beautiful delicate balletic style of play draped elegantly over a structure or razor edged steel.

  146. Pedantic, rvp is scoring goals without the assists from cesc,rosicky and hleb. If adebayor was our main striker last season we would still be mourning now.

    How many strikers can score volley’s like rvp ( the goal against everton was the difference between 3rd and 4th). The man is the best centre forward in the world, maybe not the best striker (gomez), so until he starts to decline(in his late fourties) i see no reason he should be put in a more withdrawn role.

  147. my ACLF 25-man team (as sent to Gazidis):

    Pedantic George
    Big Al (OOU)

    Gainsbourg 69


  148. Khalifa,
    Adebayor scored some pretty damn amazing volleys in the red & white….

    e.g, vs Spuds @ WHLane
    and one in the CL away (our opponent escapes me)

    its the system silly!

    ps. sorry JJ, I rate Passenal higher. U’re first off the bench though.

  149. pedantic george

    Steww,I agree.
    khalifha,just like the other day with the Jack debate ,you miss the point with monotonous regularity.

  150. Not embarrassed to be in the second squad there’s some real quality there, but could be a tense changing room is all I’m saying.

  151. RvP has stated many times he ‘just’ puts away the chances others create for him. last season it was mainly Theo and Song (11 assists).

  152. See what i did there >center forward/striker, there has to be a difference ….. Right?

  153. I take it George is in goal Aman? Good choice, there wouldnt be much room, if any for a football to get past his vast frame.

  154. Dexter – as exquisite as some of Songs assists have been (and they have) RVP is incredibly modest to describe his role as ‘just’ doing anything, isn’t he?

  155. lol steww..i’m sure they’d calm down in your presence.

  156. You can’t make me compliment adebayor aman, i won’t, Ne…..ver

  157. True steww, I am just trying to point out the number of chances that players have created for our fantastic striker.

  158. lol Dex, never have I seen such a chubby meerkat. Must be his 3-D moves that spreads his proportions so.

  159. thats ok Khalifa,
    Ade’s still laughing all the way to the bank
    off of how his life changed via AW

  160. I have a cast iron reason why Theo, Song and Robin will still be with us next season;

    None of them have a good/orignal song.

    Nasri, Cesc and Adebayor all had cool songs.

    So, it doesnt look good for Arshavin then does it?

  161. imagine if he stayed though khalifa?

  162. I agree Dex totally I just find his modesty endearing .

  163. Dexter, he is being modest, no ordinary striker ‘just’ puts away the lob pass of song(everton,liverpool) or the cross from walcott (newcastle)

  164. arsenalandrew



    Maybe I could come on for the early rounds of the Carling Cup?

    Pre-season friendly v Barnet (first half?).

    Please yourself.

  165. “who needs a song when your name is Arse-shavin?”

  166. Aman;

    If he put in the efforts his game requires he’d be indispensible. But he is a lazy selfish mutha.

  167. Adebayor I meant, not Arsenal Andrew! 🙂

  168. oh my lawd, i forgot arsenalandrew!!!!!

    muppet’s here only once in a while..he wouldn’t mind…
    right…you’re in for muppet andrew, my good buddy…


    Pedantic George
    Big Al (OOU)

  169. khali;

    Yes my brother, those were exquisitely finished goals man. But he also had a fair few put on a plate for him didn’t he?

    Like I have said, this is something that along with midfield goals, needs to improve. Which makes the players we have already signed and are linked with understandable.

  170. George, i see the whole idea behind playing rvp in a withdrawn role à la bergkamp but i smashed your arguement in one sentence ‘there is no need to move one of the best strikers in the world into the AM role’.

  171. What about Limpar Assist? 🙂

  172. now thats a mighty fine cultured eleven.
    I’d take on ANY blog ANYWHERE on planet Earth!

    ps. JJ, you’re still first off the bench unless PG gets hurt, then muppet gets the nod.
    Our very own Tyton, that muppet

  173. Dexter, yes to everything you said @ err, let me see 2.41? 2.42? 44?, yes! @2:46, song,walcott and rvp all benefit from each other.

  174. oh Dex, u trouble maker u..Limpar Assist most definitely makes the team.
    I’ll have to send G69 out on loan like YW did.

    RESERVES revised:

    Gainsbourg 69
    Limpar Assist.

  175. arsenalandrew

    No, you’re right, Dexter, I AM a lazy selfish mutha.

    You’re very kind Aman; trouble is, I’m a confidence poster – who knows which way the rest of my tournament will go now?


    Now if we are talking game-changing impact subs Muppet HAS to be your man!

  176. oops sorry jjgsol,

    ACTUAL RESERVES revised:

    Limpar Assist

  177. Any predictions for the holland/portugal match.
    Germany winning is a given, except i sleep off and wake up on april 1st again (hangover 3 i think) but am rooting for ronaldo and rvp so 2-1 holland win.

  178. (f’give an old man Yogi).. again….

    ACLF Top 26
    (as presented to FIFA, UEFA, Gazidis & YW)

    Pedantic George
    Big Al (OOU)

    Limpar Assist

    out on indefinite LOAN: Gainsbourg 69, hunter 13.

    Thats it finnito

  179. I expect Germany & Portugal to go through.
    Need Robin back in London asap.
    There’s a more important matter pending.

    Also no one wants to see Bendtner’s ass-crack “again.”

  180. Of course the germans are massive favourites today, but so were Russia last night. It would be a huge upset though.

    As for Holland? Gawd knows how they will do? They have massively disapointed me, but the fact they have not done well in a tournament is what I have expected of them in recent times. Getting to the final 2 years ago was the exception, which is a shame as they always have such great players and they’ve been my 2nd team for ages.

    So, here goes;

    Germany 3 Denmark 2
    Holland 1 Portugal 1

  181. Hahaha! Good effort there Aman

  182. pedantic george

    Aman,Gainsboug69 now plays for Coventry.
    Thanks to Jonny,or so FunGunner would have it.

  183. shotta..
    seriously? you wont believe how wrong you are..

    rosickys been giving this club around 30 games a season since 2010..hes just been rotated because hes not a first teamer..

    he wasnt injured last year..he just couldnt get into the team..
    rambo was our biggest casualty 8 games played, then diaby who got 20..even cesc got 36 games
    the rest were fit.. rosicky 34 and denilson 32..they just couldnt force their way passed nasri 46 song 42 and jack 50..
    theo got 38..
    even AA got 50 appearances but like the rosickys and the denilsons he couldnt break into the team and they were mostly sub
    they were all fit though..just down the pecking order..
    behind the over hyped jack, what was wenger thinking??

    rosicky got his chance again when we sold cesc and nasri, had jack and diaby crocked, denilson pissed off and rambo couldnt make the step..

    stop dealing in myths and work with facts..
    theres plenty of sense in there…

  184. pedantic george

    JJ,are you familiar with the word “gormless”?

  185. Yeah, Ramsey didn’t step up thanks to a long injury lay o…. Oh I aint getting into it AGAIN! 🙂

  186. pedantic george

    “Artur Petrosyan ‏@arturpetrosyan
    Arshavin to Russian fans in the airport: “It’s not our problem we didn’t meet your expectations. It’s your problem”. ”

    That is why he is my sweetheart.

  187. Aman, i enjoy watching bendther embarass himself in public.

    Dexter, without hesitation i can boldly say the holland/portugal match will not end in a draw, too much at stake.

  188. either way I want Robin back in London asap, damnit!!!

  189. gee tanks Dex @ 3:11pm

  190. I can see the crouching tiger will soon be signing for the spuds, will they qualify for the champions league,can they win another milk cup, can they win the league? …… relegation it is then.

  191. One thing Rambo definitely did last season was step up. Full of respect for him and his contribution. No one thinks we’ve seen the best of him of course but nothing but respect for his courage and effort.

  192. I smell an implosion if they don’t get the right new gaffer…friggin’ Spuds.
    Just when I was beginning to enjoy the competition

  193. hear hear steww

  194. Khali

    The fact that there is a lot at stake could well negate both team’s attacking intent. They might cancel each other out man. It depends how the dutch line up and if they can play as a team. But their defence is really poor too. It could be another defeat thinking about it.

  195. I think Ramsey showed plenty last season to give us hope he is coming along nicely. I think, like the team overall you could say, its his consistency he needs to improve on. It will come.

    Cannot understand the stick he gets from some Gooners? Baffling.

  196. pedantic george

    Dexter Is there anything you DO understand?

  197. Dexter they are (the moaners, the weak) in the main impatient and short sighted. They can only see as far as the scoreline for the match they are watching and can only appreciate a dramatic or startling piece of skill. Long termism is anathema to them and development a dirty word.
    There appears for a reason I am at a loss to comprehend a constant need for a scapegoat. I recall TR7 being routinely described as Rosicknote and Deadwood. Also Robin we were told had had his chance. They never understood Deni and certainly don’t get Rambo.

  198. George

    I understand that if I consume lots of hallucigenic substances your posts become very interesting and illuminating.

  199. Yep, steww, I remember RvP constantly being referred to as glass ankles, now those self same fools will slate AW and the club if he leaves.

  200. The daily star comments sound rather bold. I wonder how much is Wenger and how much I’d the board? I sometimes feel Wenger takes a lot on the chin for the board that is not always his fault.

    Come oncte gunners

  201. ‘If he leaves’???? Has he said he wants to leave? I’d not heard this. When did he come out and say he might leave? or has someone at the club said it? Shit that’s awful news. Can’t believe I hadn’t heard about it. Has anyone a link to the interview?

  202. Dexter
    Lets wait and see. But as you mentioned holland don’t have a good defense, they need to win by two goals, ronaldo and nani on the counter, this match has 6-5 written all over it.

  203. As far as actual events go, I will watch Germany tonight. I know the fun will be seeing the lesser ronaldo and ninny get knocked out – not to mention RVPs hattrick, but I just love watching this German side.

  204. steww, you funny fecker! 🙂 I have already stated he is definitely STAYING and given iron clad reasons for that.

    However, I was merely making the point about the fickle minded nature of certain fans.

  205. Might also be worth watching Germany vs Denmark game to see how Bendtner does against some german CBs seeing as how he fancies his chances of a move to zee Bundesligaaaa.

  206. Oh I see. Sorry I assumed if people were talking about a player leaving or staying there must be a reason. Obviously once a player leaves then it’s worth talking about but boring idle speculation doesn’t even help pass the time. I mean if we’re going to speculate let’s make it about magic flying shoes or men from other planets visiting from a different time or you know something exciting and interesting.

  207. pedantic george

    Dexter ,you can be very hurtful sometimes.
    And those smiley face thing are just a disguise you hide behind.A nasty piece of work.
    From now on I will talk only to the more pleasant posters ,like khalifha,Jabba and Luke,thus avoiding your vicious ilk.

  208. Thanks but no thanks PG, no one deserves the torture of having a conversation with you, not even jabba your highness.

  209. But, I didn’t use any smiley faces though George. NOT on the posts directed at YOU.

    Mwoohaahaahaahaahaahaahaa…. *Cackle* *Cough!* *strokes imaginary cat*

  210. Are the three of us back together again, in loving harmony. Beautiful. 🙂

  211. How about me and my flying magic shoes? Can I join in?

  212. Oh decisions decisions. England ladies play Holland in a qualifying match while on ITV4 Escape to Victory’s on! Wonder if Fungunner knows the chicas are playing?

    Oh and for George, Dirty Dancing’s on channel 5.

  213. Haha! Course steww, but I am not sure you’d want toget involved in the bickering me, George and khali like to engage in! 🙂

  214. It never ends well Dexter.
    Someone always ends up half naked in a pub in blackburn with an arshavin tatoo on his butt cough *pg* cough.

  215. That just sounds like a normal friday night for our PG man.

  216. I don’t bicker. I dismiss with contempt.

  217. phew still made the cut! thanks Aman! 😉

  218. OK, sho I fink tha dutsh will line up lyke dish; or shoood I shay, itsh how I fink day shood line oop.

    Well – Ropey – back – 4
    De Jong
    Sneider – VanderVaaaart
    Robben – Klaaas Huntelaar – RvP

    Pretty (amster)dam sheckshy yesh?

  219. steww, sorry buddy, you will be of no use to us then, we bicker like a fish wives convention. (No offence to any Arsenal supporting fish wives out there)

  220. I’ll leave you to it then.

  221. pedantic george

    Not sure

  222. I do hope that, IF England dont win the Euros (Stop laughing) that someone other than Spain wins. I do like this German side too steww. They have developed into a really attractive looking team. They have some really good players, like Ozil, Gomes, Bastian (am I the most german sounding name ever) Shweinsteiger, Podolski and BFG, obvs. But for me its Lahm who has been outstanding. He would be an amazing player to sign as he can play equally brilliantly on either full back position. Not that we need anyone there, just saying. I think he is top top notch.

  223. pedantic george

    Not sure I would care to be dismissed with contempt.

    Seems I have developed a stutter.

  224. Not sure about what george? What to watch on TV? If there are any AFC supporting fish wives on the blog, or if that team is dam sheckshy?

  225. Oh right, THAT.

  226. Ha! Dexter, don’t forget the handbags.

    Holland 4-3-3


    V.d wiel- heitinga – blah – willems

    De jong shall grow.
    V.der vaart – Sneider

    R.v.p huntellar Robben

  227. pedantic george

    I have been watching programs about the Germans recently.
    Strikes me they can be a greedy lot.Swallowed up half of Europe one summer.Not sure they are the type I want to win the “Euros”,they had their chance and over played their hand.Or that’s how I see it anyway.

  228. pedantic george

    Just need JJ for a full house of piss taking fun.

  229. Isn’t that basically the same team man? Although I like the 4-1-2-3. Just have De Jong sitting infront of Jan Well, Arjen Ropey, Johan Back and Wesley Foor. And let the fron FIVE go nuts in attack! Sorted. Job done. 5 -2.

  230. 10 out of 11, not bad. Or sneijder in place of affelay on the left, a leftwinger/playmaker.

    Dexter, i have never seen lahm have a bad game, he is as consistent and dependable as sagna.

    Buying the bayern captain is a little impossible but if we’re talking about fullbacks then the french right back debuchy is real quality. no fuss, good technique and a real professional.

  231. Ha! Yeah George and Dukey too then. 🙂

  232. khali;

    I am sure Affalay is better than what we have seen of him so far, but he has done zilch and I can’t see him starting. I think serious Qs need to be asked of the manager as he started every game with 2 holders and waited till they were losing to change things. He needs to start with the best and most offensive team. Can’t believe he is dutch! 🙂

    Yeah lahm is a pipe dream mate. Never happen, but I just wanted to give him his dues man. Great player. Liked the look of Hummells, who I know JJ bigged up ages ago. Him and Subotic have some serious suitors. Would be a real shame if that Dortmund side got dismantled by europe’s rich vultures. Us signing mario Gotze is completely different though!

  233. Dexter, ha! signing gotze? i like dortmund but i don’t like them that much.

    Am not surprised the dutch coach has played has played with 2 holding midfielders. holland defenders are not ze best and their attackers don’t have a defensive bone in their body. But the holland/spain final at the world cup was just an embarassment. I can never forget de thug trying out his bruce lee moves on alonso.

  234. I seriously thought he was auditioning for a martial art movie,

  235. you’re in like flint, korihikage

    Dex, I’m not much of a Lahm fan. Too lateral for me. Me likes more direct FBs.

    I have no Eu predictions till the QF 8 are definite.

  236. Home to Sunderland. Can’t wait.

  237. Maceo

    Is that a sneaky peek at the first Arsenal fixture, or do you live in the northeast and you felt compelled to tell us about your travel plans?

  238. Aman’ Its all about different opinions man.

    But I do think you could try and make a prediction for tonight’s games! 🙂

  239. Dex,
    zGermans 2 – zDanes 1
    Portugeese 4 – zDutch 4


  240. random thought of the day… i’ve not seen Giroud enough to prefer him to my Hugo!

  241. i’m off to youtube to see what OG’s made of,,,will be back shortly

  242. Looks like Theo has picked up a hamstring injury recurrence in training today; not bad but enough to make him a doubt for Tuesday.

    This is where one hopes they play Looney and the Ox and make do without Walcott until the following game at the earliest …

  243. Theo’s injury means Roy can stick with the same too defensive, cautious and boring lineup he started the Sweden match with. But with Rooney starting in place of Young I’d guess.

  244. Then again, wouldn’t surprise me if Welbeck had to make way for Rooney.

  245. ok, i’ve seen what OG’s about….nice!
    hope we sign the b*****d!!!
    2-legged, 6ft 3.5, pretty boy, strongish…
    should sell some shirts..
    score some goals…
    could help us win that double

    I just want to make Nasri, Cesc & Clichy cry profusely after playing the Arse
    apologize to the fans….come lay wreaths @ TH’s statue!

  246. The Oxlade Chamberlain device was programmed for an extreme tennish/forward frequency against Sweden. There may yet be a place in next seasons league squad for Ryo though this Poldi fellow might get in the way. *curses*.

    Holland v Portugal or more Podolski?

  247. Q: what do you get when you cross Chamakh & Vela with the best of Bentner?

    A: an original gangsta…… OG..Oliver Giroud!

    I guarantee its over for our competition if AW pulls off the signing of M’V & OG, we re-up Robin, Theo & Song & keep AA!

    …a new dynasty begins

    Fergie will swiftly retire!
    Mancini will be sacked!
    Di Matteo will be sacked!
    Barca will bring back Guardiola!

  248. If jibber can make it back to ACLF, why can’t my bwoy G-69?

  249. Thanks so much for putting me in the first 11, Aman. I’ve worked hard in training and I’m determined to sieze my chance and justify your faith in me.

    I notice you have modestly not put yourself in the squad. What’s that you say? You’re the Director of Football? Got ya.
    Some Arsenal Ladies featured in the squad for the women’s game this afternoon. European qualifier v Neths. We won 1-0, scorer Rachel Yankey of…Arsenal! Yay. Sneaky free kick while the Dutch were setting up their wall. Very nervy in the first half but dominated in the second. Ellen White – another Arsenal player – came on in the second half and terrorised their CBs, scored but was unfortunately offside. Everybody was better in the second half, though. One more win means they qualify for the Women’s Euros. Well done England.

    Now which game do I watch? Aaaargh!

  250. Fins;

    I’d try and watch both simultaneously, left eye Holland/Portugal and right peeper; Germany vs Denmark.I am placing 2 TV sets next to each other right now.

  251. And Wodgson, fgs don’t play Theo if he is not 100% fit.

  252. Stekelenburg, Willems, Mathijsen, Vlaar, Van Der Wiel, Van der Vaart, Nigel De Jong, Sneijder, van Persie, Robben, Huntelaar.

    Is that my line up then?

  253. Portugal v Netherlands

    Portugal: Rui Patricio, Joao Pereira, Bruno Alves, Pepe, Fabio Coentrao, Meireles, Veloso, Joao Moutinho, Nani, Postiga, Ronaldo. Subs: Eduardo, Custodio, Almeida, Quaresma, Nelson Oliveira, Ricardo Costa, Rolando, Ruben Micael, Varela, Miguel Lopes, Hugo Viana, Beto.

    Holland: Stekelenburg, Willems, Mathijsen, Vlaar, Van Der Wiel, Van der Vaart, Nigel De Jong, Sneijder, van Persie, Robben, Huntelaar. Subs: Vorm, Heitinga, Bouma, Van Bommel, Kuyt, Schaars, Strootman, Luuk De Jong, Narsingh, Afellay, Boulahrouz, Krul.

    Denmark v Germany (19:45 BST)

    Denmark: Andersen, Jacobsen, Kjaer, Agger, Simon Poulsen, Kvist Jorgensen, Eriksen, Jakob Poulsen, Zimling, Krohn-Delhi, Bendtner. Subs: Lindegaard, Christian Poulsen, Rommedahl, Bjelland, Okore, Schone, Silberbauer, Pedersen, Wass, Kahlenberg, Mikkelsen, Schmeichel.

    Germany: Neuer, Bender, Hummels, Badstuber, Lahm, Khedira, Schweinsteiger, Muller, Ozil, Podolski, Gomez. Subs: Wiese, Gundogan, Schmelzer, Howedes, Schurrle, Klose, Mertesacker, Kroos, Gotze, Reus, Zieler.

  254. Is that two Bellends I spy in the Denmark squad.

  255. fully deserve your place FunGunner. Yup, DoF thats me.

    c’mon Germany!!!!
    c’mon Portugal!!!!

  256. Vande Faart puts Hollan 1-0 up

  257. There’s a shock – Robben passes, Holland score …

  258. Will laugh myself to sleep is Ronnie gets through another game without scoring.

    Life a little tougher outside the friendly Spanish league …

  259. And our Prince scores!

  260. Poldi scores for Germany

  261. Addition to Aman’s 25

    ” Catering by MD Gunner”

  262. And another million added to Bendtner’s market value.

  263. 1-1 Holland Portugal. Cronaldo.

  264. Ronnie finally breaks his duck.

    Arsenal have had a good tournament so far in the re-evaluation of our wantaways/border line wantaways … AA and Bendy will be worth an extra couple of million or so between them.

  265. Did Bendy provde the assist?

  266. Holland’s problem is that van Bommel can’t attack and VdV can’t defend.

  267. @FG

    Podolski has been doing really well offensively so far. Two great crosses, but both wasted by Müller and Gomez respectively.

  268. ArsenalAndrew, please tell me you’re watching the portugal/holland match, this is what i call entertainment man.

    I am wetting my pants here(PG style), what a match! End to end, beautiful goals, most importantly in arsenal style. Who cares about defending? This is how football should be played.
    Prediction: Porugal 4 Holland 5.

    I also have to mention that rvp has been shit in the AM role.

  269. I hear podolski has scored, good to know.

    Walcott, Rvp, Podolski – can you smell that? It smells like goals, bucket loads of them.

  270. Holland have really faded since the equaliser.

  271. PG, Steww thought this was for you! It’s the post caught in moderation earlier – YW

  272. Yes, watching the Holland game but going to pop over to watch the Germans such is my disappointment with the Dutch. Talk about a group of talented individuals rather than a team (remind me of the true nature of $iteh).

  273. Fungunner, yes portugal have taken control and ronaldo is causin havoc.

  274. AA, the holland coach has been unable to strike a balance in terms of team selection today.
    Faart,sneijder,rvp,hunterlaar and robben make up half the team but they can’t defend.

    Also, what do you think about Rvp in the Am role today.

  275. Nice pyjamas – from the plans it looks like they’re available as an Airfix kit?

  276. ” Catering by MD Gunner”

    lol, MD gunner….most definitely.

    There’ll be a review of the top 26 in August.

    Thank u so much steww
    Pls hook us up with the 2012/13 edition when u source them!

  277. Something tells me we are in for shock of Germany not qualifying. Just two goals, and they are out. The Danes are where they want to be, and the Dutch may give up soon.

  278. I think I dig this Krohn-Dehli chap.
    Too bad he’s 29.

    The dutch have no really good CMs
    wtf is Sneijder always on the left wing??
    who else is on the bench apart from Van Bommel??

    They should bring on either Affelay or Kuyt and move Sneijder’ass back to the middle..
    or else they are going to lose
    (though I’m expecting a draw)

  279. As FG says, the Dutch have faded since the equaliser, their morale is fragile at best.

    I wouldn’t want to make any judgements about RvP playing in this kind of company to be honest.

    I guess I’m hoping for Denmark to win now if only to send home the Portugeezers (and specifically Odious Ronnie who looked far to smug with his equaliser).

  280. Phew! close. Germany survive.

  281. Khali;

    RvP is playing wide right, NOT the AM role man. Just have a look at MY formation earlier to see what I mean. 🙂

  282. The dutch have been woeful, but they could still pop up with 2 goals from nothing.

  283. Dexter, i watched the whole of first half, rvp is definately playing as an AM/free role, robben on the right, sneijder on the left.

    2nd half, rvp playing on the right.

  284. On second thought, this 2nd half there is no formation, every man for himself.

  285. German dives to try and win a pernalty. Muller light on his feet there.

  286. Not sure they have a rigid formation thing going on. 🙂

  287. Portugal 2-1 up.

  288. So that’s Portugal and Germany going through as it stands- Germany as group winners?

  289. Now, if the Germans concede, they are out.

  290. Germany through.

  291. Portugal will play Czech Rep.

  292. Well, if RvP is done at the Euros, we’ll finally get a resolution to the contract situation. and Robin will get a rest before pre-season.

  293. mattgoonerknight

    Evening all.

    So, does this mean that all will be revealed sometime this week?

  294. I kinda feel bad for rvp you know. after all he did for us last season he now has to go through this sort of disappoinment, damnit.

  295. mattgoonerknight


    You posted while I was writing; I hope you are right!

  296. Scored exactly when the pressure started piling up. Hope Podolski bring some of this attitude to Arsenal.

  297. If anyone deserves this it should be fabregas, to hell with football, i hate it.

    Who’s playing tomorrow?

  298. If RvP hoped to increase his negotiating power with the Euro, he miscalculated.

    So, who could theoretically buy him? Spain and Italy are going bust, so I doubt he will end up there. PSG? Their profile is not high enough.

    If he has half a brain, he will sign a new contract soon. But brains refuse to work sometimes when money starts talking.

  299. @ mgk
    I wasn’t predicting – just hoping for the best outcome until I know different. Quick resolution is all I ask.

  300. See ya, folks.

  301. FG, the VP’s are supposedly on holiday next, so the resolution may not be as swift as we hope!

  302. It doesnt mean there can’t be a decision made. They will still be in phone contact, unless they are holidaying in the deepest recesses of the amazon jungle! 🙂

    Let’s all cross stuff and hope for the best.

  303. pedantic george

    He has look useless of late .Dexter.
    Perhaps we should take the City shilling and buy some tall handsome Frenchman.and pay off a bit of the Stadium debt.

  304. I say we sell him and just replace him with bendtner George, saving us even more dosh.

  305. pedantic george

    Or Park.

  306. Clerkenwell Gooner

    Great goal by Poldi, but a miserable Dutch duck. RVP does not pass go, does not collect etc. Did he just put a somewhat sizeable dent in his valuation? Good job Arsène doesn’t rate international football.

    @ ZimPaul – some teams such as Portsmouth now seem like rotten carcasses for the vultures to fly in and pick over the bones of.

    Another case in point: Rangers, whose erstwhile owner, Craig Whyte, has form when it comes to asset-stripping and dodging tax, yet he still managed to get hold of the club:

    And the PL had no compunction in handing over rights yet again to BSkyB, despite Murdoch’s ongoing spot of bother chez Leveson.

  307. What a fucking miserable night of football. Come home, Robin

  308. “They will still be in phone contact, unless they are holidaying in the deepest recesses of the amazon jungle!”

    I’m sure Mrs VP will be thrilled about him spending the family holiday on business! Besides, I think he probably needs some down time to not think about football at all. He’s had a long, hard season with Arsenal, followed by a majorly disappointing tournament with his Country and I’m sure the knives will be out for him back home.

  309. I agree with Passenal

  310. pedantic george

    Passenal,there will be plenty of knives to go around.None of them justified their big reputations.

  311. You misunderstand, George. A fair proportion of Dutch fans hate RvP.

  312. Frank is right – fans and pundits alike were blaming RVP after the first game and calling for Hunterlaar to replace him. But football is a team game. Despite the ‘one man team’ allegations levelled at AFC, the reality is that we have a good team that plays to his strengths. His individual achievements were only possible because of the context in which he was playing. the manager made poor decisions, the Netherlands do not have a good defence and the quality attacking players do not complement or play for each other. Too many egos fighting for the upper hand rather than fighting for the team. Hopefully RVP realises how good he has it at Arsenal and that there is a greater risk that moving to another team loaded with mercenaries will turn out to be like playing with the Netherlands.

  313. pedantic george

    I do misunderstand them Frank.
    How or why would Dutch fans hate Robin?
    What is too dislike about him?
    Huntelaar was dire.They are so far apart that comparison is stupid.

  314. @Passenal
    This is the one hope I also have. Robin is a top class striker, but it’s the environment that he has at AFC, the players around him, the way the team is set up that allows him to reach his potential. Out of all the other teams in the world, maybe only at Barca he could be so productive as he is now. If he would go to say, Manchester City, I don’t doubt that he would score 20 or more goals, but at the same time I can easily see him suffer the same fate Dzeko has suffered. I just wish for Robin to realise that AFC is probably the only team where he is going to be that special player.

  315. Surprisingly PG a lot of Dutch fans don’t see RVP as a striker and wanted Huntelaar because he scored more goals in the Bundesliga last season. RVP is an all round better footballer, whereas KJH is a goal getter.

  316. Pass – Huntelaar was crucial in qualifying. They should have been played together from the start.

    You are a voice of sense.

    Still, on the other hand, Dick Advocaat was amazing for Russia no?


    Dick. AND Advocaat.


  317. Gee, thanks boss Aman for putting me in the first eleven. As it happens footbalistically I learned my trade at right back, and ended on the left wing (number 11). Maybe it is the same in ACLF.

    The thing about the Portsmouth case and the Russian gangster Arkady is that as football becomes ever more desperate for quick-fix financial solutions, if only to keep up with the salary madness, so clubs will be more prone to criminal (easy) money. It’s bound to happen. The criminal money itself looks to investments that legitimise the money, rather than make profit. In and out of an EPL or Scots football team is not a bad method, 2-3 years, asset strip if you can. And behind the legalese in the Arkady case is a tale – not of murder – but actually slaughter.

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