Arsenal At Euro2012: Robin, World Class Is Not All It’s Made Out To Be

Euro2012, Matchday 2

Group B
Netherlands 0 – 1 Denmark
Germany 1 – 0 Portugal

Group of Death. Whatever title you wish to bestow upon this quartet, tiers of boredom may fit quite well at some point especially if Germany and Denmark lose the next round of fixtures. I’ll bet it will be by a single goal if they do.

The Danes rode their luck spectacularly, permitting the Dutch over thirty shots on goal. Tellingly, only five were on target which was one more than their opponents. It was a bit like watching an Arsenal home game; opponents strangled through exclusive possession. Actually, there was a difference; the Dutch became ragged as the match progressed and their opponents became more comfortable in possession which increased their attacking threat. Oh…

It is ironic that Robin van Persie has demanded Arsenal sign more top quality players since his national team-mates are frequently cited as exactly that level of player. All except the defence that is. Stekelenburg was distinctly ordinary and an Arsenal goalkeeper beaten by a shot through the legs could expect crucifixion and damnation in a thousand barbs. van der Wiel made you wonder what the fuss was about whilst the two centre backs were positively anonymous. Willems? Add an ‘h’ and Jetro becomes the Dutch equivalent of the Cornish comedian.

van Persie on another day would score a hat-trick but when it mattered, he didn’t. Even then he was not the most culpable. And when the Dutch looked like they were about to break through, the referee ignored blatant consecutive handballs and theatrics which brought nods of approval from Olivier.

All of which seems to detract from the Danes; it should not. They were diligent, hard-working and able to compensate for sloppy passing from Nicklas Bendtner. Harsh since it was a mixed bag from him – some good shielding of the ball undone by poor lay-off – but it was too cheap a gag to turn down. Whilst he worked hard for the team, he did little to live up to the reputation he has given himself; too often he seemed to be outside of the area when a cross demanded he be attacking the ball. That said, he was aware of colleagues being further ahead of him and – I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt – was providing a body to complete the defensive barrier that had been built.

As it was the impressive performers for the Danes emphasised their defensive capabilities. Simon Kjaer’s youthful promise has diminished over recent seasons at Wolfsburg and latterly, Roma. There seems to be something about the Roman capital, overseeing Philippe Mexes decline but Kjaer certainly showed an awareness which might fit well in the English game. There was nothing simple about the Danish Simons; Poulsen was defensively diligent and aggressive in attack – a modern day Nigel Winterburn, especially with the wayward crossing.

The Portuguese tried to emulate Danish success but came up against a far better organised defence; teutonic efficiency indeed. Germany deserved their win, Portugal might have nicked a draw but it would have been undeserved. Ozil – whom Arsène was quick to point out only had eyes for Madrid or Arsenal when he left Bremen – prompted, Muller and Podolski primed and eventually Gomez found the net with a great header. Shame about the marking really.

Podolski worked hard against the hard-working Portuguese defence. Indeed he showed a willingness to shoot that Arsenal will soon coach out of him. Wait, they were wayward and off-target; keep it up, Lukas.

It all makes for a decisive next round of matches. If the Dutch do not beat the Germans, they can pretty much book their flights home, likewise the Portuguese need to beat the Danes. Actually, the Dutch have to beat the Germans otherwise Redknapp will actually look like he knows what he is talking about and that is just wrong. Plain wrong.

Today sees Ireland and Croatia as the side-dish to Spain versus Italy. I am looking forward to the first game, with Eduardo surely going to be showing the world what abilities were brutally kicked out of the Premier League. And the Irish side of the family will come to the fore as the boys keep their grandmother happy – had I possessed the abilities, Jack Charlton would have known I was more qualified for the Irish team than Cascarino. In fact I didn’t need to possess the abilities since Cascarino did not either.

Spain will no doubt pass and prompt but I wonder whether the Italians will be able to continue their hex over the Iberians? Spain have not yet scored in normal or extra-time in the finals of the European Championships. Apparently. And with Fernando Torres likely to lead the line, there does not seem to be much chance of that record being breached. Italy are much under-rated, their chances written off already. It won’t be a surprise if they qualify from the group, experience tells us that Italy do what they have to in order to reach the knockout round. From then on….


1. Spain

2. Italy

3. Croatia

4. Ireland

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. The Real Stew Black

    I think it can be a mistake to make valued judgements on one tournament. But I think people will. Nice piece YW.

  2. The Real Stew Black

    I was referring to Jack Charlton’s international management of course. Not Robin or LP. Or you YW. Never saw you play more’s the pity.

  3. pedantic george

    No Arsenal stuff?

  4. The Real Stew Black

    George he mentioned several Arsenal players and took a swipe at our ability to hold our shape whilst attempting to break down obdurate defences. And had a go at our ability to shoot on target. Or at all.

  5. pedantic george

    unfortunately Jabba has forced me to rethink my posting.
    He is correct,I stop posting and discussing football when idiots like him appear.
    Good debate and banter are replaced by the repeating of entrenched positions and petty insults.I am at least as guilty as anyone else for his dumbing down .
    It is tedious for others to have to read the bickering that goes on between certain people(mainly me I suppose).
    I cant help but think the site was much better for the last few months ,then I think that the “Arsene “argument can to applied here ,namely “Yogi knows best”
    So I apologise,and will try harder from here on in to ignore the useless bastards.

  6. What do you want George? Shall I make something up, a transfer rumour? Or perhaps tomorrow, not post at all if there is nothing to say on Arsenal? Remember, there is a month or so to go before pre-season. A lot of posts to be written.

  7. pedantic george

    People were waxing lyrical about “that” pass from Wesley Sneijder.for Huntelar.Well Song does that about three times per game.therefore Song>Wesley?

  8. pedantic george

    I suppose you have a point.

  9. Yep. Write a post about it. The Song bit, that is.

    I know I always have a point!

  10. Am not one to wish bad on any arsenal player but rvp was proper shit in front of goal.

    Hopefully that will show him that a team is more than the sum of its players.
    At arsenal he gets quality service all day long, whereas in the national team there are players with egos as big as his.

    Now am not ‘trying’ to use this as a stick to beat him with because he has mentioned the assists he gets from walcott and song but someone has to knock some sense into him.
    Wenger mentioned that last season half of the team wanted to leave, was rvp among them?, would he be looking for a transfer if he had more than 1year left on his contract? Jeez!

    I finally watched the matches and sneijder was the best dutch player by a mile while podolski wasn’t in the game much, looking forward to Germany vs holland

  11. The Real Stew Black

    When the Queen dies and they appoint me supreme ruler of the United Kingdom and all it’s petty vassal states I shall pass an edict that no one writes about football until there are actual matches taking place. Pre season tournaments and internationals will be acceptable. And any blogger who meets with my approval shall be paid handsomely for the summer months when they aren’t writing. And then we can all go out into the sunshine on our Raleigh Choppers and build dams and climb trees and give each other Chinese Burns and lo when the football came back it would feel fresh and new and exciting.

  12. Sensational Arsenal

    To me the Danes did play good football after their goal. When they had possession, which was not often, they were pacy, played good one two’s and counter attacked well. They were hesitant in the final third because they didnt want to give possession away, which they did. They also defended well.

    The Dutch did have possession, put players through in dangerous positions with passes, but didnt seem like scoring at any time. Many of their shots seemed wild.

  13. You won’t believe some comments that have been aimed at rvp from the dutch fans, crazy!

    At arsenal he is like a demi-god but not everyone feels the same way. Example

    ”Defends him? He never ever plays good in the Dutch team a failure , send him home…And it also time that van Marwijk got sacked with his negative attitude towards the game..De Jong/van Bommel out and van der Vaart in..
    – wal, Amsterdam,”

    ”It was embarrassing. Van Persie isalways awful when he’s in the lineup, for some reason he just sucks when he plays for the national team unless he comes in in the second half. Robben shouldget his eyes checked out with his lame attempts at scoring” … These comments might be a result of frustration but it just goes to show that no player is above criticism.

  14. The Real Stew Black

    khalifa – you seem to have posted a link to the daily mail there by mistake. Best not to. Not everybody has kitten block and the link might actually cause them to give direct aid to the hideous right wing tabloid which is intent on destroying anything of any merit or value in this country.
    For further reading look here

  15. A general lack of patience is what I feel killed the Dutch. Even Sneijder lacks patience. They could do with a more spanish approach in midfield. Rhythmically changing speeds as required

    This is where the likes of Xavi, Silva, Cesc, Iniesta, Ozil, Jack, Goetze, Pirlo, Gilberto Silva, Song,Hleb, to name a few, excel.

    They just seemed too chill or too hurried, not enough guile.
    Sneijder & van der Vaart can pull the required strings easily.

    Maybe they played too many friendlies?

  16. Sensational Arsenal

    When i click on a daily mail/sun link, my browser crashes.

  17. well well well i was at an aunties 90th birthdayparty yesterday and it turns out i am part irish, my great grandmother was irish!! so this means that.

    a. i could now turn out for the ireland team if i wanted.
    b.i will now have to support ireland aswell
    c.i can now join in the st patricks day piss up for real.
    d. i now cant take the piss out of the irish any more.

    i always wondered why i could handle my drink so well.

  18. pedantic george

    Duke ,the new “PC” thinking is that only if you are Irish ,is it OK to take the piss.

  19. RvP is not a prototypical CF. Like Robben & Wesley he’s multi-dimensional
    Just feels like this multi-dimension created a conflict when things got tough.
    They all try to defer but it doesn’t work well.

    Soon we saw Sneijder and Affelay switching positions to no avail
    Might need simpler tactics like more standard wing play (Kuyt, Elia) to complement Robin’s game or just start Huntelaar?

    Were they just tired? It was a humid evening.

    If it had worked and they had scored say 3 goals would this conversation even come up?

  20. Robin is not comfortable in the Oranje side. He often has tension written all over him. The situation between him and KvH has to be sorted, they have to play together from the start. Two defensive midfield players both of whom have not one creative bone in their combined four feet is a mistake. Probably to paper over the weak defence.

  21. I see Young Mr Grace has disgraced himself again

  22. yeah nice one george so i can still take thee piss out thee irish then.

    right i’m off to find a ginger wig and a leprechaun outfit for later.

  23. but he only speaketh the truth Frank…

  24. hes FREE to do whatever he wants

  25. duke

    Get the guiness in, shamrock obligatory and a little pipe. Practice in front of mirror, screaming “Begorrah!” or a jovial, “Top of the morning”. Remember the letter ‘h’ after a ‘t’ is silent so three is pronounced tree.

  26. Doesn’t apply to the Irish pronounciation of Thierry …

  27. The Irish pronunciation of Thierry is ‘cheating bastard’.

  28. Gr*tty stuff from the Windies in the cricket.
    If anyone can access the BBC podcast for yesterday’s play, I recommend the interview with Marlon Samuals. Very funny.

  29. T’was good – lot of time for Marlon.

    Gutted for Tino. Still highest ever score for number 11 can’t be all bad.

  30. well said yogi what is headknapp doing there with rosie beside him.

  31. The Danes win was a huge upset. The Dutch couldn’t finish. They seemed to to be missing a step. The Portugal German match was tight but the Germans found a way to win. The Fake Ronaldo once again failed to show up and play. This has been his plight. Great regular season but stinks when it counts. By the way Argentina beat Brasil 4-3 in a friendly in New Jersey. Messi hit the hat trick. Brasil is young but if Menenes doens’t show improvement he will be gone. Brasileiros are a young side. 90% of the guys are under twenty three

  32. I did not see yesterday’s game, only very brief highlights, so do not know how RVP played in general. However, his presence in front of the goal and his useless attempts to shoot, looked symptomatic of the malaise that seems to get hold of players who are negotiating new contracts.

    I appreciate that he is playing for Holland and not us, but why should that make any difference?

    He is unsettled and that is reflected in his play, and seems to have done over the last few games of last season.

    I remember how Kanu became ruined as an attacking force because of a long protracted negotiation over more money.

    IN my view, it is not his busness to tell AW and the club who they should be buying and if that is the condition upon which he will stay, then goodbye RVP, there are plenty more fish in the sea.

    The truth is that we will never see again the sort of loyalty to a club that we have seen in the past. The players are getting too much money and the greed that accompanies throwing lots of money at relatively poorly educated people is that that becomes the main focus of their lives. Logic and reasonable thought go out of the window when people who already have considerably more money than they can ever need, feel the desire to have more.

    When you add to that the seemingly settled idea that the only teams that can win trophies are the ones that spend lots of money, then what hope have we got to keep on to our better players?

    Perhaps we will have to be satisfied with treading water, playing entertaining football, and remaining solvent, until moneybags and their evil influence go away and we can, once again, play on an even field with everyone else.

  33. No he doesn’t. It was a completely unnecessary statement.

  34. jjgsol

    I dont think any wrangling, or negotiating had any affect on RvP’s game yesterday. He played well in the friendlies before thie tournament. I just think, as with a lot of players, they play a lot worse than for their club sides. Just look at Ronaldo last night, he was piss poor.

  35. Err geeman, you can’t blame the ‘fit ronaldo’ for not performing when it comes to international football.

    It was pretty obvious that the portuguese were set up not to lose instead of taking the game to their opponents knowing fully well that they had the best player on the pitch.

    Portugal were at their most dangerous whenever ronaldo got the ball on the left wing, if anyone should be blamed then it should be the coach/team for the lack of ambition shown yesterday.

  36. Dexter, i think you mustah had your die ronaldo, die! glasses on gee.

  37. Ha! Maybe so, its just a point to emphasise the fact that many players dont do it for their national teams.

  38. I never take those glasses off.

  39. I am no fan of PHW, but as far as I have seen, all he has siad is, if money is the main motivator for RvP and his new deal, then we won’t be able to compete with the mega rich sugar daddies.

    In actual fact, the more I think of it, the more I think those words were very poignant and possibly even aimed to make certain other players (Nasri) look like greddy twats and RvP wouldn’t want to leave like that now, would he? 🙂

  40. Dexter,
    PHW got me all excited with ‘there will be signings, infact am sure of that’ yup somebody just entered santa’s good books.

    Them glasses looks good on you, all you need now is an evil grin, perfecto.

  41. Upper Street Gooner

    Despite our protestations to him being the best on the planet, there are indeed a handful of strikers who are all in a similar type of position in terms of how their own fans view them,

    The dutch have lots of creators they need someone to bang them in. Huntelaar has a better strike rate both nationally and domestically than RVP. Its easy to see why they divide opinion.

    Its like having Rooney and Shearer at the same time. Who is best, probe depends on how the team is set up and the opposition.

    If it can help Robin see how good of a thing he has with us i’m all for it.

  42. What do you guys think of arry leaving spuds? If it does happen we can cross the pork chops off the rivalry list and 4th place will be virtually guaranteed next season.

    Coys – Can Only Yearn Success.

  43. the Dutch aren’t a cohesive team, imo, that was clear last night just look at a player like Robben, he was so greedy, always trying to shoot instead of pass. Sneider is the only creative type player they had on the pitch. Playing with two defensive midfielders is hardly the sign of an offensive team. Even so. They created enough chances to win the game

  44. If they get a decent manager they could be more dangerous – Harry’s achievements have been grossly exaggerated. He totally fucked their season up with his reckless January transfer shenanigans.

  45. USG

    So holdup, is it safe to say that if nasri, arshavin and cesc were still in the First 11 he would not have been able to score the same amount of goals?

    It seems like RVP prefers a more direct approach or maybe am imagining things and i secretly pray he reads this blog.

  46. Maybe Harry’s taking over from Mancini?

  47. Gmoes was awful last night too, but got a bit fortunate and managed to score a goal. He ais quite prolific for his club side and not so much for the nationals. However, he is so different from RvP, hardly moves from the penalty area, doesnt have a trick in him, but is efficient, strangely for a German! 🙂

  48. pedantic george

    Yes Jonny.He should have taken note of how Le Boss conducted his January business.
    Went out and spent big because of the terrible cock up he made the previous summer.Saved our season with big money buys,he did!

  49. Upper Street Gooner


    no doubting that harry has done a great job, but the club is heading in the right direction and have a collection of excellent players. domestically bar martinez i think they have missed out on the 2 guys who would be perfect for their project in lambert and rogers

    can def see spurs, liv and potentially the toon all potentially being around the 65-75 point area if they have good seasons. Up to us whether we are meddling around in that area again

  50. Old Twitchy McBung is playing with fire in terms of him wanting/demanding a new deal at the spuds. he, as usual, has been very public and going on about how dangerous it is for a manager to be in the last year of his deal, as it could undermine the players! I hope he stays too as he is not aanything to worry about.

  51. Jonny, man i beg to differ, it was his easy going style of management that got them 3rd place in the first place, if he gets criticised for fucking their season up then good ol’ arry should get praise for raising their expectations.

    Then again that 5-2 loss must have messed with their phschy – they mustah been thinking ‘we must truly be shit’, ‘arsenal is too good, they allowed us to get a 13point lead, honeymoon over’ … Am just saying.

  52. The Spud’s and more specifically Levy don’t have a great track record in appointing managers in the last 10 years or so.

    Redknapp is massively overrated because the press love him, he gives them stiff to write about so they don’t have to do any real work.

  53. Upper Street Gooner


    no but rvp is so much more than just a finisher. i thought bar his finishing he was actually excellent first half yesterday. 2 beautiful passes to set up good chances for teammates .

    they dont necasairly need someone involved in the build up as much as rvp likes to do.

    I would always start him, but i can see why a number of dutch people would want huntelaar over him considering what they both excel at

  54. The dutch need to……….oh I’m tired of the friggin’ Dutch…
    … If they get it together and play, if not…great…
    ..RvP can have a longer summer, Bendtner can up his transfer value, Mert can get some game time (oh how I love that Hummels!) and Podolski can show us more of what he’s got.

    then hopefully the germans win.

    for today’s game we have no Arsenal player on any of the 4 teams
    …so do I give a..?
    ..oh yeah, the Irish
    Trap’s band of spirited fallas
    good luck vs Croatia

  55. Just as I wouldnt want us to sign a player based on a good showing in an international tournament (although we did get lucky with Gilberto!), I wouldnt write off a player based on a poor showing either. Jeeez, the england national team would be plying their trade in the Conference if that was how they were getting judged. 🙂

  56. Dexter – I don’t think conference clubs would touch any of the England squad based on recent tournaments.

  57. Aman

    I have a bit of a soft spot for Croatia man. Not just due to Eduardo, but from 98. I am tipping them to get out of the group. And I am half irish! 🙂

  58. Nice post YW, no matter what de Pedantic One may tink.

    Duke – Welcome to de family! 🍻

  59. Everyone’s got a bit of Irish in them. 😉

  60. To be sure jonny, to be sure.

  61. USG,
    Spuds always find a way to f**k things up.
    ‘Arry overplayed his 1st 13 last season. They had to dig deep to make 4th.
    The moneybags are dangling currency at Bale & Modric
    Who knows who else might be tempted by the PSGs & Old Lady’s..
    1 or 2 key losses and they’re fighting for 10th
    Newcastle on the other hand look a picture of stability

    I worry not
    Once Robin reboots and Theo & Song follow suit
    The sky is the limit
    2013 just reeks of a double
    2 Arsecheeks of silver
    O, shiver me timbers!!!!!!

  62. Upper Street Gooner


    You say he is massively overrated but since he took over 4 years ago he has presided over 122 prem games same as arsene he took over spurs after 8 games of the 2008-9 season with them bottom on 2 points. In that time he is 17 points behind our total. He has a much smaller wage bill and took over a team who were bottom.

    Whilst i feel he has many faults as a charchter he has done a great job with them to a point where there starting 11 looks like is compete with anyone now.

  63. Dex,
    I dig Croatia too but I’m rooting for heart & passion on this one
    The Irish usually give their all every time

    ..what the world needs now
    is love, sweet love
    show me some soul
    take it to the max–imum!!!!

    pure passion…pure unblind passion bro!

  64. Someone’s been bust a ‘googlin’ innit. 🙂

    Lets see how the souds look come Sept 1st man. Not sure about their wage bill being loads less than ours as AFC always seem to put every fucker in the wage bill totals. Add to that the spuds very shadowy benefactor (no ownder Arry feels at home there!) and I wouldnt be surprised if we didnt know half the story.

    The signings and subsequent laying off of Nelson and Saha smacks of yet more dodgy dealing too.

  65. USG, you were doing good until you brought up the wage bill, you definately lost form there.

    Why didn’t you mention that spuds are 5th on the list of net spend in the premier league era and arsenal under arsene is 16th.

    Arry has done good, but he is not punching above the club’s weight at 4th/5th.

  66. USG,
    Levy held out on Modric last year
    No way he’s holding out if 40m was dangled again
    refusing that type of dough twice is a tad anti-semitic!

  67. Upper Street Gooner


    No i agree and would love them to drop into nothingness. however Levy has learnt allot from us. He understands the blueprint to becoming a big club in an organic way. The road ahead is hugely difficult as we have proved but it is nevertheless achievable.

    Anyone living in London can attest to just how well supported they are here and in the surrounding counties.

    The fact that they have tremendous assets to sell is good. This is how nearly every club bar the very biggest operate. Sell a star player for huge amounts and then utilise those funds to strengthen the team. Look how Newcastle did last year on the back of selling Carroll. With that they picked up Ba, Cisse, Cabaye, ben Afra and challended us chels, spurs for top 4.

    Selling a player like bale for 40-50m would be genius for them. Look at his actual production. its around Theo level which is very good but imagine what you could pick up with that extra money. With a good manager you can term major sales to your advantage.

  68. That ‘wage bill’ remark was just a live bait man, so fucking juicy – Could.not.resist

  69. Upper Street Gooner

    khalifha | June 10, 2012 at 3:48 pm

    it depends how you look at it. Net spend drops significantly after the top 2 -3. So lets say his net spend was 25m a year if our wage bill was 50m bigger than theres that year which it has been every until this year , who has the advantage?

    It also must be said that he took over a team struggling hugely and had to bring in his won players. Arsene had moulded his squad for the previous 12 years.

    He has done a very good job in his time at spurs. If we are to say Arsene has done a great job in those years its fair to say arry has done a good job as well in those same years so isnt overrated

  70. Upper Street Gooner – You have just bought in to the media hype regarding Redknapp. Yes they were 2nd from bottom but the players they had, who had been assembled at a huge cost were massively under performing. Yes he got them playing together but that his his limit.

    Let’s see how he copes when the vultures are picking over his best players, let’s see how he copes when he has to cope with no money because the Spud’s are building a new stadium (not that I expect that anytime soon).

  71. Upper Street Gooner


    I think 40m is great money for him.

    In a side like theres i think they need more goal and assist production from their key attacking link. Utd could use him to just purely set their tempo and allow others to score, spurs need more form him.

    can they replace his production with 40m?

    Aslo remembering we arent talking about spur having a title challenge. we are talking about them making themselves competitive for 4th which means aim for the same sort of point total this year traditionally.

  72. This would be the same Arsenal manager who you routinely criticise but your wasting time comparing and defending that sack of spudshit instead.

    Good to see your true colours.

  73. USG,
    U don’t sell a player like Bale till you’ve played in the CL back-to-back.
    By that time (with the right coaching), you would have changed completely how your team is percieved, picked up some other great players, upgraded some of your reserves & youth (Dos Santos, Coulibany, Rose), got rid of some duds & increased overall revenue.

    What they do this summer will verify if Levy really gets it.
    …an EU recession’s looming again
    we wait & see

  74. pedantic george

    How come when some other manager sells his best players and invests in lesser players ,that is good business .
    Yet when our manager finances the build of a new stadium by doing just that,and keeping us in the CL year on year despite it,he is a senile old French has been?

  75. USG, 40 is fantastic for Luka. But I don’t think anyone’ll pay that this summer. Chelsea’s got Hazard now, Utd got Shinji for 17……only Shitty, PSG & Anzhi can spray out that typa mulla this summer and Modric had better be the player of the Euros for that to happen.

    I really like Modric though..a super player.

  76. Aman – Modric’s value has dropped from last year. He has a year less on his contract and made it clear he wants to leave, refusing to sign a new contract in the process. Unless Man City or Chelsea are more stupid than I imagined they will be getting closer to £25 – £30 million for him.

  77. c’mon USJabbs, xplain yaself…jonny & PG request an explanation!

  78. Aman – Your dead right all you need is back to back CL football and great players are easy to sign especially if your a huge club like Tottenham. That’s why everyone wants to leave that nasty little club Arsenal.

  79. pedantic george


  80. Arry is good at dumbing down tactics and man management. If he had his way inzaghi, giggs, ferdinand, seedorf would be at spuds on a five year contract, the man has done good but he is doing what is expected of him with the players at his disposal – only parker and adefuckface were brought into the club by arry, he is a lil limited at managing a club, ask porthsmouth and bournemouth or southampton.

    Dexter, you are right man, arry is one dodgy fucker. He always looks on edge and suspicious, am sure he could do an usain bolt if he heard police sirens nearby.

  81. Aman – I’d happily do without one to be honest.

  82. Upper Street Gooner


    Yes they did have some good players but he also got the best out of them. Bale was a hugely expensive flop unitl he took over. Its a skill to get the ebst out of under performing players.

    You talk of media hype but ive just shown you that over 122 games including starting 2nd bottom after 8 games that he is only 17 points behind us.

    I agree that moving stadiums will be hard for them but can you not see that buy having assets such as bale and modric which can be sold for massive profits that puts them in a strong position to be able to still compete.

    You dont have to be a great side to compete for 4th place traditionally. 65-72 points or so is tremendously achievable for well run sides who have some luck, newcastle proved that this year. There wage bill was 70m pounds less than ours last year and they finished 4 points behind us. Spurs will never be so disadvantaged

  83. Where’s rosie?

  84. PG in fairness Harry was heavily criticised in several corners of the media for his disastrous January dealings – quite a few correctly pointed the finger at that as the real reason fro their capitulation.

  85. Spain playing without a recognised striker today.

  86. USG

    Get the best out of bale? … He was about to send him on loan to a championship club before their leftback got injured and the rest is history.

  87. Upper Street Gooner – Redknapp is portrayed as a good man manager and I would agree with this to a point. Problem is that point is the sharp end. Around January He’s making comments about being in the title race and let it go to the players heads. The Spud’s should have easily finished above us this season but they massively blew it. If he’s so good why does Levy and many Spud fans seem so eager to be rid of him?

  88. I also forgot re the advantage they will have because of the money they will make out of selling star players. Won’t he have to balance against the £16 million on Bentley and the money he lost in selling Robbie Keane and then buying him back for £6 odd million more a few months later first though?

  89. pedantic george

    “You dont have to be a great side to compete for 4th place”

    Really ,So apart from Everton one year ,which well run sides who have some luck have managed to finish 4th.?

  90. Time to go get some breakfast and then off to the bar for what I hope will be a great day of footie 🙂 Enjoy it wherever you are watching it. I swear I can already hear the ‘Fields of Athenry’….weird!

  91. USG

    Comparing arry to wenger is an insult to le boss and thats where your arguement lost credibility.

    Wenger has consistently finished above spuds/arry in terms of points total and league placing despite losing first team players every summer so that comparism doesn’t sit well with anyone on here.
    Didn’t some quack journalist say only rvp could get into the spuds team, what happened?

  92. pedantic george

    khalifha , you are doing it again.

  93. PG, again, my favourite hobby.

  94. pedantic george

    khalifha ,well stop it ,Start posting some nonsense so I can look as if I had called it right.

  95. Upper Street Gooner


    Its a shame some choose to call the manager senile

    You see i love the way we have paid off allot of the stadium George. However a little arrangement we have with nike whereby 75% of any proceeds generated from player sales MUST go back into either strengthening the team by additions or by contract renewals.

    Now considering what the toon did with their one off 35m from carroll and 70m less in wage bill i dont think its that unfair to ask did we do that well out of the Toure adebayor sale considering it was spent on contract renewals for 17 first team players some of the most high profil of which wont be at the club anymore. It also must be said that the performance of many of those players hasen’t significantly improved in that time.

    We await to see what happens with Cesc, Nasri and Clichy money but i certainly dont expect us to be walking around in the high 60s to low 70 points area again.

    My main issue with the manager has been with his continued in ability to bring any sort of improvement to our defence over 5 years. I expect progression with continuity.

    Despite playing the formation for 4 years our team can still not apply the fundamentals of the formation with any consistency whatsoever and that to me is an issue.

    I love our manager i just dont worship him. I think we should see real improvements to the side rather than perceived ones. I’m fully confident last summer and last year was rock bottom and the manager and fornt office learnt some very harsh lessons. If learn form them which any good company should i see no reason why we cant challenge

  96. Upper Street Gooner

    khalifha | June 10, 2012 at 4:16 pm

    what is the same way szczesny wanted to leave until injuries got him in the side?

  97. Torres is starting then Dex? 😉

  98. Upper Street Gooner

    pedantic george | June 10, 2012 at 4:22 pm

    your missing my point about being a great side. were newcastle ”great” this year in the scheme of being great? i dont think they were. i think they were a good team they got 65-66 points. i dont think ”great” teams finish with 65-75 points.

    You are taking a position to mean greatness. if there is a 100m race and 4th finishes the race in 10.20 does that make him a great runner?

  99. Jibber if that is what you call love, I pity those close to you.

  100. Upper Street Gooner

    khalifha | June 10, 2012 at 4:23 pm

    How else can you compare?

    All i’ve done is compare 2 exact records. Its not my fault that over that time we have finished on average 4 points better off over that time per season than a manager from a club with a much smaller wage bill.

    If you say he is shit and a mug well then that doesn’t reflect brilliantly on us. City finished 19 points above us just this year our wage bill was 50-60m more than ours, thats what spurs have competed with each of those 4 years bar this one.

    Its you who chooses to say aaary has been poor, its me who points out that his record is very similar to ours in that time. No more no less

  101. ” Bale was a
    hugely expensive flop unitl he
    took over. Its a skill to get the
    ebst out of under performing
    players.” .. And my rely was

    ‘Get the best out of bale? … He
    was about to send him on
    loan to a championship club
    before their leftback got
    injured and the rest is history’

    And …. USG
    ”what is the same way
    szczesny wanted to leave until
    injuries got him in the side?”

    Err, what’s your point man.

  102. Upper Street Gooner


    I think the manager does a great job in certain areas and not such a great job in others.

    I love Vermalan but do i think he could improve in certain areas…yup

    what about song….yup.


    My wife….yup

    It goes back to that whole love thing and if it becomes an obsession. The manager must to better at improving the defence……would you agree? To say yes would mean you dont like the manager apparently

  103. Upper Street Gooner


    Bale is now an extremly affective winger. He wasn’t before. You say Aaary should get none of that credit as he was selling him.

    Right then our manager would get none for Scezesny becoming our number one (which many on here site as good decision form the manager) as he to was about to leave and was stuck behind mannone, fabinaski, almunia before there injuries.

  104. I never said arry was poor man – prove it.
    It was naive of me to to think i could explain why comparing wenger and arry was not right.

    Instead of listening you decided to post a fresh batch of shit, i give up okay *White flag in the air*

  105. Your comparison is as invalid as it is pointless.

    I’d agree we have misjudged our wage structure but wages are not the sole barometer by which success should be judged against. It’s a simplistic fallacy to reduce things to that.

    You defend Harry stoutly whilst pissing on a man who will rightly go down as the greatest manager of Arsenal and one of the most respected, coveted and admired managers the game has ever seen.

    Neither Harry nor Pardew will ever have statues built of them.

    (Though I’d quite like to see one of Rosie outside the shit hole of the lane!)

    You may resent that some fans treat Wenger reverentially and, to an extent, I understand that but your misunderstanding and lack of appreciation of what we have is abhorrent and twisted.

  106. pedantic george

    Wenger would improve if only he was a smart as you ?
    And just did what he is good at,plus listen to your recommendations.
    He may even reach the dizzy heights of what Harry has achieved.

  107. Why is there no striker in the spanish team, cesc is useless.

  108. Why am I even an Arsenal fan?From what I’ve read today, it seems like Spurs are so much better than we are. They even have the better manager!

    Excuse me, for I will now hide under my table laughing. And whoever has his head firmly stuck up ‘arry’s head, please, for the sake of being self-respectful and all that, just don’t post today anymore.

  109. pedantic george

    Or better still ,ever again.

  110. thanks irish,

    there was a big contingent of irish at this do and true to form they drank the place almost dry before taking whatever alchoholic beverages there were left with them.

    god spain are fukin boring, tip tap…tip tap. come on italia.

  111. ‘arrys head was supposed to read ‘arrys arse. But then again, I always find it hard to differ between those two.

  112. USG @3.41pm

    The number of points HR has gained is utterly meaningless. It’s interesting how that is used as a benchmark for him but for AW it is the league position. Here’s a better comparator of their records:

    2008/09: Arsenal 4th, Tottenham 8th
    2009/10: Arsenal 3rd, Tottenham 4th
    2010/11: Arsenal 4th, Tottenham 5th
    2011/12: Arsenal 3rd, Tottenham 4th

    Do you see the theme, us higher than them. That is the sign of a manager’s ability, that is the benchmark for comparing two squads. No other. I don’t care if their wage bill is £50m lower than ours or £50m higher. The end of the day, that is a facile comparator since it is already accepted Arsenal by finishing above fourth, overperform.

  113. Surprisingly the italians are playing good football, spain have been unable to dominate possesion as they usually do.

    How can barca/spain take the most creative player in the world and use him as a striker? There must be a highly mutated monkey behind all this, its all a big, fat ugly(am not talking about sam allardyce) joke.

  114. USG @4.52pm

    It is interesting that people constantly harp on about AW and the love for him. Even more obsessive are his detractors.

  115. Great, my favourite non Arsenal striker scores for Italy! I hope they can hang on for the win.

  116. Damn those Spaniards!

  117. Upper Street Gooner


    Right so we have finished above spurs, utd have finished above us so have city. You would say that is due to there massive advantages because of ability to spend both on transfers and wages.

    Utd point differentual in those same 4 years is +59 on us and chels is +19. our wages over spurs in that time has been a much bigger disparity than ours to utd.

    I merely point out that the guy who some on here are calling a shit manager who on average has produced a team 4 points off ours over the course of 38 games for 4 years despite huge advantages to us in the ability to offer wages maybe he isnt such a bad manager.

    Ferguson who has 15-25m advantage in us over wages in that time has brought about a 59 point difference.

    I have never said anything against our manager today i have just pointed out that in real terms we haven’t done that much better than a man who is apparently not very good.

  118. pedantic george

    Jibber ,in case you missed this post,as you usually do when you chat shit
    ““You dont have to be a great side to compete for 4th place”

    Really ,So apart from Everton one year ,which well run sides who have some luck have managed to finish 4th.?”

  119. pedantic george

    Our wage bill is not the measure as it includes many youth players and tea ladies,
    I doubt that there is much of a difference in the wages of our first team squad and that of Spurs.

  120. Upper Street Gooner


    Why is it someone saying they are better. Its someone pointing out that over the last 4 years there has been very little difference in points taken from epl games between arsenal and spurs. You can choose to see that fact any which way you want. Some on here choose to see it as that there manager is doing a terrible job and ours is doing a wonderful one.

    I would suggest it means a little more that he is doing a good job as is our manager. Yet that seems to be really troubling for some to understand.

    One cant say that on the one hand arsenal do fantastically well to average 66 points over the last 4 years including only 30 games 2008-9 with our issues with money and then say that team who has averaged 62 points with even less money and less continuity are bad.

    If you dint like the facts maybe you should change your perception on either redknapp or arsene slighlty

  121. Ha! YW – when you have a mind to you are ruthless and concise in shattering a flawed viewpoint.

    You’d have made a good barrister – if you didn’t have a soul.

  122. pedantic george

    My questions seem to be invisible?
    Not unusual.Standard actually.

  123. USG

    >I have never said anything against our manager today i have just pointed out that in real terms we haven’t done that much better than a man who is apparently not very good.

    So by inference you are having a pop at the manager.

    Wages are important but not in measuring managerial ability. This benchmark has been continually pushed by one individual until it became an ‘important’ stick with which to beat the manager, apparently being a guide as to how the team should perform. Except it proves that Arsenal are performing exactly as they should be.

    If you want to defend Redknapp whom I happen to think is a useless turd who should be spending time at Liz’s pleasure, you do that. But don’t be surprised if on an Arsenal blog, you get some grief over it.

  124. Jabba is that you!? Where the hell is usg.

    Times like this i miss hunter.

  125. Passenal

    I think Di Natale would be an awesome signing for us. Thought that for a while now. He is ‘very experienced’ and would (I think) be happy to play infrequently.

    I imagine it must be killing jibber/usg to have to be so reasonable when all he really honestly wants to do is denigrate and slate.

    Fair play to him for holding off those primeval urges! 🙂

  126. Well played Italy, a defeat for spain would have been well deserved IMO, as the manager Del Bosque completely took the piss by not playing a recognised striker. It is telling though, that I didnt even know half the Italian line up. Been a few years since thats happened.

  127. I’d give it a rest for today USG, Mr Warrior’s got his stick out, fully extended.

  128. Dexter, nail.on.head. Personally i thought he had multiple personalities, one minute he is making a valid point, the next minute jabba can not resist the urge to comeout, lol its kinda like ah hulk/league of extraodinaire gentlemen movie flick – usg were you exposed to gamma rays? Your power of posting atomic powered bullshit sucks to high heavens.

    What i would really like to know is why you continue to come here when you know fully well that most people disagree with what you say on a consistent basis – i can imagine you smoking your shisha pipe with a big fat grin on your face right now. You must be enjoying this attention, aren’t you?, aren’t you!?

  129. Don’t miss Hunter. Just get a bigger gun.

  130. khali;

    Your posts can be so funny man, can just see the ol gamma rays working too! 🙂

  131. pedantic george

    Hunter is 100 times preferable to Jabba.
    And I don’t care who he disrespected.

  132. The 3-5-2 formation used by italy was close to perfect, although they began to tire a lil bit towards the end it was a perfect mix of defensive stability with attacking impetus. Are you watching portugal…ese…wankers.

    Jelavic starts for croatia, i guess Eduardo must be on the bench.

  133. Hunter would not last 5 mins in any pub near the emirates, he’d get a slap or two as soon a s he opened his disrespecting xenophobic trap. fukin somehow lasts more then 5 mins on an arse blog though, only coz yogi has the patience of a saint.

  134. Dexter, lol its so obvious, usg, am sure your catch phrase is ‘You won’t like me when i talk shit’.

  135. pedantic george

    I call that bold talk for a one cannoned fat man

  136. My optimisim for ireland diminished some what upon seing the italian display today as i thought they were all in disarray but they can clearly play.

  137. who was your last comment aimed at george?

  138. pedantic george


  139. Get in there!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  140. pedantic george

  141. really george.

    cant say i ‘m suprised you defending a wenger fan, i hear mugabe is a stouch wenger supporter, i suppose youll defend him aswell.

  142. this is more like it. A good old feisty tussle…1-1 and “we’re” looking good Irishgray

  143. pedantic george

    I am just saying who I would prefer Duke .
    Just because he pointed out the sort of football that was player pre Arsene ,he is xenophobic?

  144. pedantic george

    Was he not once hailed as the saviour of Africa Duke?Before people knew better?
    Strange parallel now you mention it

  145. Upper Street Gooner

    Yogi’s Warrior | June 10, 2012 at 7:07 pm

    its not me who is pooping on harry achievments, i’m the one saying he is doing a good job. Its others who are saying he has done a bad job (62 point av) and arsene has done a great job (66 point av).

    If you dont like the fact that our manager isnt doing a huge amount better than harry is then maybe you should say actually arry is doing a good job as well or maybe our own manager could be doing a little better, maybe both.

  146. …”we know all your moves luka”

  147. pedantic george

    Hey Jabba
    “You dont have to be a great side to compete for 4th place”

    Really ,So apart from Everton one year ,which well run sides who have some luck have managed to finish 4th.?

    3rd time of asking

  148. Nope. However. The comments he made against the English were racist; ga they been made by an Englishman against another race / country, I would never have heard the last of it.

  149. pedantic george

    I was not offended by them Yogi.Were you?

  150. YW who the h**k is this pedantic fellow? Keeps repeating the same question over and over. Is he a stammerer?

  151. I agree with yogi.

  152. damn this toffeee croat!!!!!

  153. USG

    You ate tiresome. The basis of you’re points are so flawed that they are embarrassed to call themselves a cohesive argument. The only measurement is league placings. It’s nonsensical to try anything else as a basis. How about goals scored or conceded? That tells us how good a defensive or attacking coach they ae.

    Oh and can you answer George please. He’s been waiting patiently for a response off some time.


  154. pedantic george

    Aman,repeating the same shit endlessly is the way forward ,Just ask Jabba.

  155. Upper Street Gooner

    do you not see the insecurity of it all.

    What have i pointed out to you other than that over the last 4 seasons we have got 17 more points than spurs a team who YOU are saying has been poorly managed.

    We finished 19 behind utd just this one season. 57 in total. The disparities in a financial terms between us and utd is much smaller than that of us and spurs and i dont know how you can put a plausible argument to suggest otherwise.

    If that means you have to swallow your pride and say actually that Harry despite being a cunt has actually dont a very good job at spurs or it means you have to temper your adulation of arsene job then so be it.

    Either way until you come to terms with the statistics of it all which cant really be argued with there is no hope

  156. how was that NOT offside??
    here we go again….
    UEFA smelling like FIFA!!!!

  157. ..damn..u bit george?

  158. that was BS, Platini…absolute BS!!!

  159. george he was winding up every englishman on here.

  160. USG

    Drop it – you’re arguments are lunacy, utterly nonsensical. Nobody agrees with you, even fewer are listening. Now answer PG please

  161. and offending.

  162. pedantic george

    Although Dukes bad jokes offend me.I have to admit.And he is Racist ,sitting there in his ginger wig and a leprechaun outfit .Yet he point his finger at harmless icke Hunter.

  163. is Khali rubbing off on u meerkat?

  164. Upper Street Gooner

    george i responded 4 hours ago

    pedantic george | June 10, 2012 at 4:22 pm

    your missing my point about being a great side. were newcastle ”great” this year in the scheme of being great? i dont think they were. i think they were a good team they got 65-66 points. i dont think ”great” teams finish with 65-75 points.

    You are taking a position to mean greatness. if there is a 100m race and 4th finishes the race in 10.20 does that make him a great runner?

    Its about standards George. You choose to believe that because we were 4th or 3rd we were a great side. I choose to look at the team form a standpoint of other teams who get similar points totals. Were we great this year for coming 3rd 1 point above spurs, does that make them great. what about spurs when they made cl with 70 points were they a great side

  165. george,

    im off out but i will respond to your bullshit later.


  166. pedantic george

    That is not answering the question.
    I did not see the teams you mentioned who got 4th,Oh wait ,you didn’t because there are none .Are there ?
    So your statements were nonsense as usual.

  167. Usg

    You dug yourself a hole yet you keep on digging, trust me you will bury yourself in there.

    You still haven’t answered PG’s question or did newcastle finish in the top 4?

  168. This is utter tedium.

    Bottom line Arsenal need to win something, till then those of a certain disposition will repeat ad nauseum the kind of crap I have had to trrawl through today.

    Although why a supposed Arsenal ‘fan’ would envisage sticking up for a spuds manager on an Arsenal blog would be an interesting a well received topic of debate is fucking beyond me. 🙂

  169. Upper Street Gooner

    Spurs twice. by getting 70 points and 69. 2 of that IDIOT incompetent idiot Harry Redknaps 3 full seasons have led to them being good enough to secure 4th place..

    now george here is the hard bit for you, are spurs a great side???

  170. Upper Street Gooner


    Its talking football. The blog likes to think of itself as level above many others due to the intelligence of its debate and freedom of expression

    Is the rule lets only talk football but arsenal need to be painted in a better light or rivals must be pillared unfairly thats hardly intelligent argument is it. I talk like that to my mates who support other clubs. why would arsenal fans talking amongst themselves bullshit themselves

    The fact is i was defending the job done by arry as i believe he has done a good job at spurs. This is shown in by the fact that we now average only 4 points more than them over 4 years per season. It hurts some of you that that statistic doesn’t fit with your arguments.

  171. oh….f**kOFFFF!!

  172. pedantic george

    But Spurs have spent heavily .They don’t meet you criteria of a well run side.They have spent hugely.
    And can you point out where I refereed to a “great side”? No? Because it is another thing you have made up .Just like me saying I only watch Arsenal.
    You cant just make things up you know.I have pointed this out to you many times.

  173. Jacobite Gunner

    Perisic has looked a very good ATM in this game

  174. come on ….you irish!

  175. pedantic george

    Jabba.Do you want a bet that we finish more than 4 points above them this year,And less than 19 points behind the champions?
    Even if RVP does one

  176. USG

    Brilliant. You don’t see how you’ve defeated your own arguments.

    I’ll summarise it for you:

    1. You surmise that Redknapp is a good manager because Tottenham get close to winning the same number of points as Arsenal
    2. You then state that clubs who finish the season with less than 75 points are not great.
    3. That being the case, Tottenham are not a great club and their “achievements” are not worth commenting on
    4. You are saying that Arsenal are no longer a great club but they are better than Tottenham
    5. Which means that Arsene is a better manager than Redknapp
    6. If Arsenal are not a great club, Wenger is not a great manager
    7. The rung below that is good so Wenger is a good manager
    8. He is however better than Redknapp which means that at best, Redknapp is distinctly fucking average.


  177. There’s certainly no hope for you jibber. The fact that you vehemently defend the spuds, yet fail so easily to do the same with the team you are supposed to support. Oh I forgot you are a season ticket holder (yeah right mate).

    Dont you get how boring your point is. Its taken you all day to spout the same thing over and over again man.

    The simple facts are, that Arsenal have consistently been in the top 4, the spuds havent and FFS are you seriously spending your sunday evening, on a fucking ARSENAL blog defending Arry effin Redknapp?

    Can’t you see the sheer folly of this bollocks?

    Arry was lauded to the heavens all season long, particularly when we were in the shite, the spuds were on the rise, we on the wane big style, the spuds were gonna win the league and take over north London.

    Yet that never transpired did it? So, the worse team under Wenger outshone the best soud side in a generation and still you want to big up the spuds manager? What on earth do you expect? I dont know ANY Gooners who would give anything other than a cursory nod of approval for them winning back to back titles and a champions league, yet here you are defending the cunts for finishing below us…. AGAIN. 🙂

    No wonder you get abused on here.


    Hurry the fuck up man.

  178. Upper Street Gooner


    In the last 5 years spurs net spend per year has been 19m , ours is plus 5m. so thats a 24m difference.

    Our wage advantage over them per year is more like 40-50m per season.

    Like i said before if you combined spurs and newcastle wages this year its not very much more than ours in total.

    So now that we know that what are your thoughts on harry job.

    i think he has done very well, i feel our manager has done well as well. Tell me where is the stupidity in what im saying.

  179. Upper Street Gooner


    Have i ever stated at any point today that i think hary is a better manger to arsene. listen to your insecurity.

    You just dont like it being pointed out that a manager who you think is a cunt has actually done a good job at spurs in helping them compete with sides with allot more.

    You try and make it out that im saying those things to hide the the fact that all ive said is that harry has done a good job at spurs.

  180. pedantic george

    Jabba ,did you miss this as well
    “Our wage bill is not the measure as it includes many youth players and tea ladies,
    I doubt that there is much of a difference in the wages of our first team squad and that of Spurs.”

  181. Its talking football. The blog likes to think of itself as level above many others due to the intelligence of its debate and freedom of expression
    Talk about damning with faint praise there Yogi.

    Jeeez, If I thought this blog was full of intelligent debate, I’d be out the virtual door in a flash man.

  182. Upper Street Gooner


    Why is there wage bill different?

    Why when swiss ramble releases wages is ours including everyone employed by the club and everyone else is just there 1st team squad.

    Is it one of those famous conspiracies again???

  183. pedantic george

    For the record I have not commented at all on the job Harry has done.
    If you want me too I would say he has done a good job.

  184. USG

    Insecurity. No my problem is that I don’t suffer fools gladly.

    You’re arguments are stupid. Utterly stupid yet when the flaws are pointed out, you deny making them. Hmmm.

    I never said that you “stated at any point today that i think hary is a better manger to arsene”. You’re on a slippery slope. People who try to put words in my mouth don’t last long. All I said is that you couldn’t see that Harry is “distinctly fucking average”.

  185. pedantic george

    No but when you have a huge youth team set up with all the wages of players and coaches,and others do not ,then it is Apples and Oranges.
    The wage comparison should be between first team squads.Or do you not agree?

  186. USG

    Wages are meaningless when Arsenal employ twice as many people as Tottenham. So comparing wage bills is utterly pointless.

  187. @ USG, scanned your ‘one-eyed man is king in land of the blind’ malarkey; one question hangs about rather like the noxious smell around your debate, what does MRts USG have to say about the notion that shee needs to improve? More to the point, does Mrs USG feel that her husband has a reciprocal obligation to improve, too? These are the questions that need, nay, demand answers, sir, not the pointless contention that ‘arry is a worhty equal of ARsene, when a Mori poll of Gooners would indicate that ‘arry is not the equal of ARsene, but is however the equal of a three day old dog turd on the BOurnemouth promenade.

  188. Upper Street Gooner


    I’ve pointed out that harry has done a good job at spurs as his side have finished with 17 fewer points in total over 4 seasons than arsenal. Thats amounted to arsenal picking up an extra win and draw per 38 games.

    Its you who choose to say one has done great things and the other hasn’t despite all the statistics showing that there has been very little difference between those sides over that period. we came 3rd this year spurs 4th and that was enormously important. However depsite that one position being so important we were only seperated by 1 point over 38 games. That does not make our team significantly better than theirs in the scheme of things. Nor does it make our 70 point 3rd placed team this year significantly better than tottenham 70 point 4th pace team 2 years ago…..

  189. pedantic george

    But “this team ” was only formed after 7 games.
    From that point ,with these players .we are better than 1 point ahead of them.

  190. USG

    You’re not getting it and it is tiresome to keep reading your points. You are listening, so now I am not reading them. Take your points to a Tottenham blog; they will love them.

  191. Upper Street Gooner


    In an ideal world but unless you have those to you we will just have to use the measure that everyone else seems to use with regards to clubs wages. Why are we changing now to try to suit an argument.

    Swiss ramble stats have been good enough for all arguments on here before

  192. I doubt you’d actually have any mates left to talk to if this is what you consider an interesting ‘debate’ man. Jeeez, you test the patience of a spud. 🙂

  193. I know, lets take the wage bill as a % of turnover, thats bound to attract loads of interest in this reivetting debate we are enjoying here tonight.

    Arsenal win again; 48% to the supa soaraway spuds 56%. End of discussion, oops, sorry everyone. 🙂

  194. pedantic george

    Well I am saying its not right .As is Yogi.
    Why would you want to compare apples and oranges .Because it suits your argument.That is why.

  195. Ireland look really out of their depth.

  196. Eduardo’s on, finally.

  197. Unlucky not to get that first penalty claim earlier; had that Croatian not been feigning near-death up the other end of the field I think he’d have given it. Ref lost his nerve. 2-3 very different from 1-3 …

  198. Just thought I’d pop in and say “Hi, hugs and what part of more employees = higher wage bill don’t you understand”

  199. Smelly Left Sock

    I think Harrys done a very good job at Spurs,, docent absolve him of being a dirty, illiterate cunt.
    USG or Hunter ? Hmmmmmmmm thats a tough one,, Im leaning towards USG. That hunter prick really rubbed me up the wrong way.

  200. Arsneal Andrew

    I dunno, the amount of diving Doyle got through tonight, not sure they deserved that pen man. 🙂

  201. Dexter, i can’t see them having any chance to through with italy and spain to come.

    Eduardo: Appearances 47 Goals 23, for croatia. That is about 1 in 2.
    Where the fuck is that brummie player? Does he even play football anymore.

  202. “Ireland look really out of their depth.”

    It’s a shame, but team spirit can only take you so far. Croatia have more technical quality at their disposal.

    Good to see Eduardo looking fit and healthy – it would be nice to see a bit more of him in the coming games.

  203. Upper Street Gooner


    So the compartive with Utd then.

    Whose wage bill with all employees last season was 131m in 2011.

    Ours was 114m.

    So with that 17m difference they finished 12 points in front of us just that year. over those 4 years when our total wages has been about 15-22m less than theres they have achived a 57 point difference.

  204. Passenal

    I think Ireland have gone as far as their world famous team spirit can take them.

  205. Oh jesus, look, we have got a brand new amazingly interesting and completely unrelated and different angle to explore now. Ooh i was going to go to bed, but no chance of that now, this is too good to miss.

    Count me in.

  206. Maybe, Dex, but they were a bit unlucky as well especially given Given’s own goal.

    I just felt had they got that penalty the momentum might have turned in their favour at such a critical stage of the game.

    Didn’t see the Spain game as I was traveling but sounded on the radio like they were almost the victims of their own lack of ambition much like Portugal the night before.

    Could have done with USG explaining how the Spanish tactics were in fact a roaring success 🙂

  207. pedantic george

    So you are saying wages are “THE” measure?
    Transfer spend is inconsequential?

  208. Upper Street Gooner

    I’m saying it all needs to be viewed. But i think spending allot on wages with the opportunity to develop your own team over a number of years presents advantages.

    Its not as if harry had to take over a club in 19th with none of his own players.

    We are agreed though george we think harry has done a very good job at spurs. I shouldnt have to go to a spurs blog to say such things

  209. Smelly Left Sock

    Yogi ! I want a Avatar too.
    How do I get one?

  210. Unlucky Irish. For what it’s worth the greens were denied a penalty and I don’t know what to say regarding the Croats second goal. I understand the rules but that looked offsides to me.
    Great tactics by Spain going in without any strikers playing and what cam you say about di Natalie . a dream striker. I bet his chances to goals ratio is damn near 80% or better. What a finisher. Watch and learn MARIO.

  211. If you understand the rules GK maybe you could do me a favour and explain why that second goal wasn’t offside; the guy only got to the ball first as a result of being offside during the first phase of play. The second phase interpretation clearly gave him a perversely unfair advantage …

  212. Louis Theropux is a genius. Maybe he should be our next manager. I bet he could get the spuds into the Champions League.

  213. Has there been any news on Bergkamp being Swansea’s next manager?

  214. pedantic george

    Andrew,he was on side.According to the rules as they stand

  215. Absolutely right Andrew. What can I say. A good referee should probably have given that as offside and i would too. But technically it is a back pass . I think it should have ended 2-2. I hope the Irish take the game to the Spanish. The games are getting better with each passing day. But i still miss my ARDENAL. 😐

  216. Woops, blasphamy. That should be
    MY. ARSENAL……. 🙂

  217. Ardenal? Ahh, I bet if Arry managed them, he’d do a brilliant job.

  218. Where the fuck is Duke? I’m waiting for him and George to have words.

  219. DEXTER, this racism baloney is getting put of hand. I am thinking they might bring in the national guard in the Russian/ Poland game. I’m really glad the Croats left their pighead fans at home this game against the Irish. Them again the Irish don’t have any players in their team that can be regarded as brown and/or black race. How come there are no arrests and how come they are denying there is an issue and tackling it head on. jeeeeez.

  220. pedantic george

    Racism is pure ignorance.There will always be ignorant stupid people ,Ergo ,there will always be racists.

  221. pedantic george

    I will box Duke’s ears if he starts,Dexter.

  222. There you go again George, endlessly using the facts against me.

    Don’t be too rough with Duke.

    Night all.

  223. Sweet dreams of ARSENAL GOALS ANDREW.

  224. yeah yeah george.

    you could fold me in two and make a swan out of me… mr oragami expert. comparing a few jokes agaisnt one man/boys repetitive real views is just clutching at straws.

    i know you get upset when anyone slags off your mate hunter but tell me is he not disrespectful?? yes of course he is, is he xenophobic? yes he is to the point where he should have been banned from using the word english, and how many times did yogi bin him for it and thats only the comments we have seen fuck knows what comments are in yogis spam bin aswell. so why get the forrest with me pointing this out.

    and tell me if anyone went into a local arsenal boozer and started slagging off our past and calling the likes of adams neandathals tell me how long before that guy will get a good old slap eh?? not really a bold statement is it.

  225. by the way george did you see how many irish fans were dressed up in ginger wigs and leprechauns??

  226. you keep yourself in hunters xenophobic corner matey.

  227. pedantic george

    Chill Duke.
    I have censured Hunter myself for his posts and his lack of respect for history.
    I simply don’t see him as the enemy.
    I also think he is repetitive and a royal pain in the arse.
    But I will take him over Jabba all day long.Which is mostly all I was saying

  228. i’m sure he needs a sponging down now george.

  229. pedantic george

    Duke are you saying you are so easily upset by a hyper poster,that you are going to fall out with me over him.?
    Because I much prefer you to him.I just refuse to dislike him.

  230. oh, i was ready for a verbal tear up george now you have completley difussed the situation.

    this jabba is a real fukin bore though…no character waht so ever just a drone so maybe hunter would be better. who goes onto an arse blog and only ever praises mour fukin rivals. oh just the locals down at le groan

  231. nah george we wont fall out, we would have fallen out already by now!!

  232. pedantic george

    Glad we settled that Duke .The last thing we need is more paper swans.

  233. Just for the record Mugabe is not an Arsenal or Wenger fan. Mr. Biti however (Minister of Finance), from the democratic opposition camp, is a life-long Arsenal supporter, who famously – in a local sense – can name the entire 95-99 squads. Mugabe is a Chelsea supporter.

    Hunter v Jabba? Hunter made some excellent points, over and over and over, and absolutely loves his Arsenal, the one that began with Wenger. Jabba is an odd fellow who tirelessly nitpicks Arsenal’s considerable failings, without reference to its strengths and accomplishments.

  234. Cannons of Rhetoric

    I don’t really post on here that often but, it seems to me like that UpperStreetGunner fella is a fifth-columnist…
    If he wasn’t, he would know that anything associated with the lily white scum automatically becomes shit. The only thing that Crooknapp’s good at is twitching like a loon. And stealing money from the clubs he works for…

  235. Jeez! Am here thinking there mustah been claws and biting between George and Duke but what do i see? Hugs and kisses. yup, fucking hugs and kisses! – Talk about anti-climax.

    Am pretty sure if i was involved PG would have been trying out his bruce lee moves on me.

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