REVIEW: Uefa Euro 2012 (Fifa 12 Expansion Pack)

Fifa12? You know all about it, a lot of us play it including myself. [Shuffles uncomfortably at keyboard] Purely with the children of course, none of this online malarkey for a grown-up of advanced years such as myself, you understand.

An expansion pack that is like Ronseal, it does exactly what it says on the tin (or download page in this interweb era). Fifa12 is expanding to encompass the imminent Euro2012 tournament. According to the simulation which EA Sports ran, Poland kick-off with a 1-0 victory in today’s encounter with Greece. In our tournament, the Hellenic defence collapsed faster than their economy in a 4-0 romp for the joint hosts.

Suffice to say, England were their usual disappointment, eliminated in the quarter-finals and depending upon which team Number One Son had chosen to be, invariably that nation were triumphant. Spain and Germany were the two before experience taught me that youth was going to win every time. Football it seems, is a youngsters game on the pitch and on the Xbox.

Huntelaar wonders if van Persie took recent jibes about being included in the team in good heart

The game itself is more of the same, Fifa12 afficiandos will be well versed with look and feel which is hardly surprising given it is an expansion pack. As it is, the pack brought Euro2012 closer to us and with the tournament upon us, a bit of pre-match tension.

Following the route to European glory UEFA Euro 2012 presents all 53 UEFA member national teams, the tournament’s eight official stadiums and the full selection of the over the top fanfare associated to the international sporting event. Online modes allow competition against friends for tournament glory.

Get that trophy winning habit out of the way before you join Arsenal, Herr Podolski.

Lead your country to glory in EA SPORTS UEFA EURO 2012, available to download now on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Visit for more information

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  1. Video games are not my thing. On the computer is bad. Play station is better. Greece and Poland tied one all

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