AOC Offers Promise For England & Other International Guff

The roles were reversed yesterday at Wembley. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain was in the starting line-up and Theo Walcott warming his seat on the substitutes bench. When the halfway mark of the second half was reached, the two exchanged places and at full time both could be reasonably pleased with their contributions to England’s victory. The youngster was a nervous Wembley debutant, eager to please and little rushed in some of his distribution but overall offered a lot of promise. Certainly his energy and willingness to run at the Belgian defence was in marked contrast to the lethargy and ponderous nature of James Milner’s play on the right flank.

He made several good runs but also supported Ashley Cole at left back, far better than more experienced players have in the past. No matter what you may think of Cole – and he does not rate highly with me as a person – as a footballer he is still one of the best left backs in Europe. Coming towards his century of England caps, he has experience that Oxlade-Chamberlain can learn from which both club and country benefit from. He won’t be in the starting line-up against France in all likelihood; Roy Hodgson will, I think, approach that game as he would have were in he in charge of West Brom before a match against Arsenal. Stifle and then hit on the break. Despite probably being England’s most penatrative midfielder, it will in all likelihood be a tournament too soon for the youngster.

Theo Walcott offered an interessting cameo, sharply combining to set Defoe free twice. These contributions are being overlooked as the fawning over Ashley Young continues unabashed in the media. I am unconvinced by the United player’s performances centrally and believe he would be more effective on the flank with Walcott supporting the striker. Either way 23 minutes is a tough time limit from which to make much of an impact and I think Theo can be relatively pleased with his contribution.

If anyone expected more, they misunderstood the nature of the match yesterday. Belgium had a point to prove, seeing the occasion as a chance to live up to their burgeoning reputation. England? Well, it was a warm-up, a chance for players to prove to the manager that they deserve a second thought in his starting line-up. Above all else, avoid an injury that rules you out of the European Championships.

Gary Cahill can be forgiven for wondering this morning what time kick-off is, the shove in his back from Mertens was unecessary but also marked the young forward out as having the necessary spite to perhaps make it in the Premier League; the Dutch tend have that tetchy side to their game in England as Messrs Bergkamp and van Persie have shown. As it is, like Wayne Rooney, John Terry has let the nation down with his behaviour off the pitch and now proceeds to do so on it by picking up an avoidable injury. No surprise there.

As for Thomas Vermaelen, he had next to little or nothing to do with such was the dominance of Belgian possession; home from home in fact, pounding the opposition and the losing a goal to a sucker punch goal. Still, it won’t damage his confidence such is the normality of this.

Elsewhere Robin van Persie scored twice as the Dutch thrashed Northern Ireland which is still not enough to convince some of his countrymen that he should be their central striker. Would that England had the same problem, a selection headache of choosing between the top scorer in the Premier League or Bundesliga. Wojciech Szczesny has been keeping clean sheets for his country in recent games which will do his lack of confidence at Arsenal the world of good.


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  1. pedantic george

    Theo theo theo!!!!

  2. Two great goals….bananas btw

  3. pedantic george

    I hope there is not going to be any falling out here today.
    Frank,don’t you think RVP is over hyped ?

  4. pedantic george

    Me neither Frank.
    I take it you missed last nights fun and game.?
    I was jesting.

  5. Yesterday Els listed the released players from the Premier League,

    Click to access premier-league-released-list.pdf


    If Arsenal are going to sell Mannone and loan Fabianski, I would say that Craig Gordon would be a good reserve, experienced. Progrebnyak would be a good squad player but as for the rest, I find them distinctly “Meh”.

  6. what about jussi whatshischops..?

    i suppose if we take the home grown rule into account it would be better going for after the british blokes..

    in that case it would have to be the scot..
    never rated rob green..

  7. i think england will nick it 1-0 against france.

  8. pedantic george

    The “Murphy” that Fulham have released is that Danny? Surely not? I rate him .A bit long in the tooth but still Premiership quality

  9. i think roys onto something and hes going to make england hard to break down first and foremost..

    for all this talk of england being shit, well yes, they are, grass roots hasnt been established in this country yet and just when the tide started to turn the sugar daddies came along and killed the academys that were just starting to come good, so its going to take a while for england to be able to produce 11 jack wilshires, but the one thing england do have is work rate and defensive nous..
    always had that..
    every now and then we’ll get a player like gazza or scholes or jack and people, especially the media think its brazil time..
    we always come unstuck.

    roys not trying to be clever he knows the players available to him and he knows what they can and cant do..

    it will be one nil all the way..

    then he gets to add rooney and we’ll see if more goals well as the clean sheets.

  10. Surprised at the inclusion of Rooney last night, bearing in mind he’s suspended for the first 2 Euro matches. Thought some other striker combo would have been experimented.

  11. nicky

    He needed to play. Season finished three weeks ago, two weeks before he plays again. A bit of sharpness required.

  12. PG

    It is indeed Danny Murphy. Don’t be surprised if he turns up at Villa or Norwich or somewhere of that level. Vastly underrated player.

  13. JJ

    He’s off to West Ham according to reports with Rob Green supposedly leaving Upton Park.

  14. to win the

  15. Paulie Walnuts

    Classy bloke all round Danny Murphy. He likes to play football the right way & gave the likes of Stoke & Wolves a good slagging off I seem to remember.

  16. I am a massive fan of Oxlade Chamberlain but yesterday he didn’t offer very much going forward but he did defend very well. I still want him to start against France but maybe it is too early for him and he won’t be able to influence the game as much as we all hope

  17. pedantic george

    Yes Paulie ,And he took massive stick for speaking up.
    Proper bloke and proper player too

  18. fulham are going to miss murphy..

    im shocked theyve allowed him to leave willingly. especially with the futures of dembele and dempsey under question..

    i just hope we dont leave it too late with the keeper situation and totally balls it up..
    if fabianski and mannone are off then we might as well snap someone like gordan up now..
    no point waiting for the experienced keepers who are available for nothing to get pounced on by other clubs, only for our keepers to all fuck off a month later leaving us with regret we didnt do any pouncing ourselves and now we have to scour the lower leagues of countries to find buy another number two..
    probably end up with another almunia on a 20 year contract..

    whats manninger doing these days??
    although i doubt the black cloud he left the club under has totally been erased from memory
    so the chances will be slim even if he was available..

    to be honest though, if we are going to buy someone, i wouldnt look for a number 2..
    id look for another number 1..
    id take ruddy from norwich and let him and chezzer fight it out..

  19. The Arse in the Gamb

    To round off your worldy report, I was disappointed not to see Chamakh yesterday at the Independence stadium in Morocco’s WC qualifier at the Independence stadium in Banjul. Morocco seem full of skill, but possibly like our center forward, lack ambition or drive.

    A fun match to be present at (especially the bobble of the pitch) which would have benefited hugely from Arsenal’s player.

  20. arsenalandrew

    Still amazed at the decline of Boswingwa who was one of the few Chav players I genuinely admired a couple of years back. Think he got injured and came back to the chaos of the AVB months. Not needed by us, I’d say, but the kind of player who might go and do a job for the Spuds or equivalent.

    Needs hyping, obviously.

  21. Well, that England game was pretty depressing really. Having to play on the counter because we still dont know how to keep possesion well enough. Belgium were OK, dont know where the goal is otherwise they’d have won quite comfortably.

    AOC was OK, nothing more and I am glad about that otherwise the hype would have been terrible today.

    I think it’s hilarious that the blog’s resident (does he have a life?) special needs one STILL doesnt get the concept of hyping and player.

    Oh dear, how embarrassing. No doubt in a day or so, he will be on telling us all to stop hyping up Jack.

  22. From that free list, there isn’t much quality to pick from, apart from a keeper or 2 and I am not referring to Green there.

  23. Vertoghen playing out of position last night, first time I have seen him play, is he any better than our first choice centre backs?? he would not be happy as a squad player.

    Hazard, lot of money for a player type, they already have, glad we are not paying the reported wages and fee, time will tell if he is real deal.

    Would like to see Fellani in an Arsenal shirt,

    Ox and Theo both did well.


  24. Chamberlian played well so did Theo Walcot. Yet if England plays this way against France it will be a long night. Rooney and Defoe on the pitch at the same time should produced some results but didn’t. Walcot made some great passes but Three Lions can’t sity back and just counter attack against France.

  25. Thanks Yogi for an excellent summation of the match.

    Kept waiting to see something special from Hazard. Chamberlain seems to be the better

    Fellaini is an excellent multi-postion player. If he were from France, he would probably be a top target for Arsenal. 🙂

    Expected more from Belgium and not much to say about England.

    I follow Fulham and Danny Murphy is a quality player/person.

    At his age/stage of his career, the league has become too athletic (speed and strength). He was not effective in mid-field for Fulham, especially this season, as we remember him orchestrating their win over Arsenal a few seasons ago.

  26. We have been linked with N’Zonzi from blackburn, something which I would be against TBH, as I think he is a bit of a clogger. Fellaini on the other hand would be much more of an Arsene type signing and he brings the added bonus of a bit of steel and height (about 7ft 6″ including afro). If M’Villa proves too difficult a signing then goin for the big belgie makes lots of sense, to me anyways.

    I was really impressed with his touch and positioning yesterday. He has come on a lot.

  27. If only therre was someone who could post some stats to really seal the deal.

  28. arsenalandrew

    Fellaini would be a great shout for Arsenal; real steel alongside that height and the merchandising potential offered by his barnet is incalculable.

  29. Good write up Yogi.

    Pretty much how I saw it.

    I can’t disagree with your summary of the prospects. I think free transfers maybe a bit of a poisoned chalice myself. I imagine a lot of those guys are after a final pay day and will go to the highest bidder. Again getting any of these in may not be suitable to our policy.

    George have you calmed down yet?

  30. Watched an old season review last night when we had Eduardo, RvP, Bendtner and Adebayor (08-09?). All of them were knocking in goals possibly around the 10+ mark.

    I think we are possibly on the verge of that again. If we can keep van Persie with Podolski, Gervinho, Chamakh and Walcott we will be more equipped going into a season in that department than ever before. I’m including the Invincibles too.

  31. els

    We have the potential to score alot of goals, but I do think we need a creative spark in midfield to make those chances for the forwards. While some shooting practice is in order for a few of those listed too.

  32. Dexter yes possibly. That said, with Arteta, Diaby and the much overrated Wilshire all in the mix we will be in decent shape. I think the way forward is to let the wide players create a lot more too.

  33. So if Cahill is out who will get called up. I hope they have to go for Ferdinand. Ahahahahahahaaaa watch out JT!

  34. Did someone ask for stats?

    Fellaini has completed the most passes for Everton 841, the most tackles(top 10 in the league) and the most interceptions for Everton( again top 10 in the league), headers won, goals, assists etc also post good numbers . It is safe to say that he is one of the most complete midfielders in the Epl.

    Yogi you got to let me do a stat analysis, i got so much knowledge of these things man.

  35. els

    Arteta is a brilliant player for us and holds the midfield together, any assists from him are a bonus IMO. The other 2 are on the injury list and I do hope we don’t go into a new season hoping for the best with those two. If we can get games from them, then that again will be a bonus.

    I do hope Rio has to be drafted into the squad. I bet England training sessions will be the most interesting games to watch then.

  36. Knew you wouldn’t let me down Khali. Thanks man.

  37. Lol, The puppet and puppet master are back with a vengence, their performance is hyped tho.

  38. arsenalandrew

    Prognosis for both Terry and Cahill is good, apparently.

  39. Rvp is way better than huntelaar and should start

  40. That means alot, coming from the puppet’s gimp. 🙂

  41. khali

    The fact you don’t even realise you got schooled by george and everyone else last night is rather sweet though.

  42. AA;

    Yeah, I heard they will both be fine too man, shame that.

  43. Why all the interest in Fellaini?

    Dexter I’d be happy to go into a season with Arteta, Ramsey, Rosicky, Song, Coquelin, Eisfeld, Ox + potentially still recovering Wilshire and Diaby. I would admittedly like another experienced body in amongst but to be honest it would only be a bonus for me.

    If those lads can’t create goals then we will worry. Don’t forget we were 3rd highest scorers in the league. We have now added podolski and with Ox and Gervinho possibly more integrated we will improve. Let’s just get RvP signed!

  44. Wenger should sign up dempsey and fellani both re arsenal quality

  45. els

    The interest? Simply because we have been linked with N’Zonzi and M’Villa. He is a potential alternative DM, who is also versatile enough to play elsewhere and is PL experienced.

    I think we struggled in certain games to create man. A few spring to mind, QPR away, as well as the big games inclusing ManU at home. I think we haven’t replaced cesc (I don’t mean like for like per se, just that a top notch ACM would be nice!).I would love it to be Arshavin if I am honest. But that might be a remote possibility now.

  46. Fanks Yogi for being mainest bloggest geezer on ze whole planet. Me too is lookin forward to the Euros, cos checkit, England is the greatest country in the whole world, apart from Jamaica, and Holland and oh yeah Afghanistan where you can get all that good stuff that ye all know about and other stuff besides 🙂

    But seriously innit, we iz the country who taught football to the world and haz ze great players like Parker, Modric and Assoko Kettle.

    We iz the team dat they need to beat coz I fink dere is the great history to the England main men at the helm, like Taylor, McClaren and Brooking. These are ze geezers who put fear into the hearts of all nobodies in world football. Dey left a legacy of pass and move and give the most beautiful bodycheck when the referee ain’t looking – dig. We iz now confident of winnin the Euros cos we have the skillz and the vacumen. We listen to the pundits like Winter and Custis and me is confident. England iz performing on the big stage, and we iz also going to perform on the big stage, with 2 ounces of the finest chronic 🙂

    Me hope Wenga is wotching the Euros, cos he can get some ideas of some big players to sign for the Arse. Me is hoping for Messi and Vela to do well. Mebbe Gazidis can get some wonga from Usmanov. Dat will be beautiful.

  47. Dexter in my eyes Arteta is all the Fabregas we need. He’s not as dynamic as Fab but his passing is very good and he works harder overall.

    Yeah Fellaini is good but surely we have bob hope chance of him for next season. Dembele looked decent last season and had a good game yesterday.

  48. Yup, wilshere is hyped, szescney is hyped, vermaelean is hyped, ah got that off my chest. Lol, clowns.

  49. No Khalifha over-hyped.

  50. ”The fact you don’t even realise you got schooled by george and everyone else last night is rather sweet though”

    Lol, the man barely writes in English, the words ‘schooled’ and ‘George’ should not be in the same sentence.

  51. Thanks els … Verm, szes and wilshere are overhyped. Glad i got that off my chest.

  52. Els, we shouldn’t use ‘hard-worker’ and ‘good’ passer to describe arterta anymore, i can boldly say that him, modric, cabaye and toure are the best central midfielders in the epl i.e statistically . No other Cm comes close.

  53. But chelsea really screwed us over on mata 2nd most creative player in the league with 3.3 chances created per match, silva is first with 3.5 per match and yours truly Rvp is third with about 2.6 per match > the guy’s father was an artiste, creativity is expected.

  54. Dexter | June 3, 2012 at 2:32 pm

    I think the reason we struggle for creativity is much to do with the pace and the players not focusing. If we watch the Arsenal games you will have noticed a distinct lack of pace sometimes, in which players do not make runs and the movement sometimes is (as much as i hate to say it) none-existant. Now this isnt for all games but alot of the games we had this problem, a total lack of intelligent movement sometimes, couple that with the fact that we don’t play the first ball results in a very static midfield. By first ball i mean, when a run is made i have noticed players ignore it completely, that would have been fine for 1 or 2 but when we ignore the majority of the few runs we DO make then it becomes a big problem. Like i said players are content to just watch the player in possession try to do something with the ball without offering him attacking options, so the player in possession cant do anything and thus he goes back.

    Look at Swansea for example, not alot of talent you would say in the team but the way Brendan Rodgers has them playing is what is vital. Their movement is vital to mask their lack of wolrd class ability. A year ago our team had the movement, the runs and passes to go with it. Now we just stand still.

    So that’s the reason i believe our attacks have become ineffective and lethargic sometimes. We DON’T need a new midfielder, we just need the ones we have to start working as a team and be switched on all the time. And bloody hell someone pass the ball when they see a good run instead of ignoring it.

  55. the fact is that Wilshere hasnt return from injury yet. Im so frustrated that there have been some mysterious injuries the past few years, the likes of Rosicky, Diaby and Wilshere.
    Who should take the blame?

  56. I could see what everyone is raving about with Hazard yesterday. He was a player who, when he had the ball, was extremely difficult to dispossess. His creativity on the field was second to none. He would be a signing that would elevate Arsenal’s season.

  57. Two owls, you’re joking right?

  58. Hieuving, one could try blaming the Gods but I don’t think that they would give a hoot!

  59. Did you watch the game? He was a player of extraordinary ability. His pace was absolutely enormous throughout the entire match!!!!! The fact that England won that game was to my mind an exception not a certainty. Belguim had some extraordinary possession of the ball and made many threatening movements around the England goal. I really don’t know who on the English side I would equate with Hazard and it certainly was not Liverpool Stephen.

  60. Insinuation and letting people draw their own conclusions is much more satisfying..

    Hmmph.. Go figure.. dOh!!

  61. Providing, of course, they have an opinion that is worth considering. Otherwise, they should all be lined up and shot at dawn.


    Extremely good read, fully loaded with comments from past and present legends, lol.
    P.s the ox was not overhyped.

  63. pedantic george

    The Irony of someone saying I barely write in English,by starting his post with “lol”.
    You would struggle to make it up.

  64. I quite agree about the performance of Alex yesterday. He has a promise that is second to none in the England team. How fortunate we are in having a player with his extraordinary promise. That other chap, the media are so hyped about, while he is a decent player, will not be a world beater like Alex. I believe they referred to him as Young. Is that correct?

  65. Two owls, he hardly imposed himself on the match. He had some nice touches on the ball, showed a little pace but so did ashley young!. 80million for that?

    Heres some interesting stats > out of 20goals scored by hazard, 9 were penalties. Out of all the matches against the top 6 clubs in france and 6 matches in the champions league he scored 1 goal and had 3 assists – 80million pound player? Not in 80 million years.

  66. Lol, damn! i did it again, lol?

  67. pedantic george

    he scored 1 goal and had 3 assists

    Like Jack did in an entire season,against all teams?
    Oh sorry I forgot ,Stats.are only valid when they fit your argument.
    (Fish in a barrel Dexter)

  68. Two owls, now you’re talking, i like the fact that oxlade loves taking on the opposing full back with speed and skill consistently, best of all he is only a teenager!.

  69. How stupid can you be?, seriously how thick are you? – We are talking about a player that cost a combined total of 80million, i doubt you even know the defination of ‘hype’

  70. Having a conversation with a toddler is more educative than having one with you George, at least the toddler won’t pretend to be intelligent.

  71. @khalifha 4:40
    A nice article about the Ox. I strongly believe he will get his chance next season.
    Its very important he isnt overused this season. Arcording to the article, he is a good listener, and willing to learn. Im so happy.

  72. pedantic george

    Does it not seem strange to you that you think people are stupid and yet you have to resort to insults when you cant win a debate with these same idiots?
    Also ,the consensus amongst these very idiots is that you are the dimwit?
    Plus,not one person takes your side?

    My old Granny used to have a saying “everyone is marching out of step,apart from our Jonny”

  73. two owls…

    Hazard was shite yesterday, Mertens looked better. he also has 21 goals in 33 games for eindhoven last season and a shit load of assists.

    i’m not impressed with this fellaini.. i think he is an above adverage ordinary player, too ugly for us.(i mean his football).

    what is it with these over rated over hyped belgium players. i was expecting more from them after all the media love in for all their players but they were not all that at all were they.

  74. pedantic george

    Duke Tom Watt and John Cross said that for 29+ million we would be better with Fellaini rather than M’Vila!
    Unreal for me.

  75. hieuving,

    yeah i heard the ox was willing to learn and is a good listener, i have been told i’m a good listener…at least thats what i think they said!

  76. don’t expect me to say things twice…i said don’t expect me to say things twice.

  77. Khalifha….Yes that is correct. In fact, my wife has been known to refer to me as being a little ‘on the thick side’ as you call it. But, let me tell you about your stat about goals being scored from the penalty spot. The stat did not overwhealm me with surprise! I was wondering who was the ‘thickest’ using your language. Tell me. How many of Robin’s goals were scored from the penalty spot this past season. You make mention of this as if it somehow disqualifies the efforts of a striker when nothing could be further from the truth. The player still has to place himself in the position of someone fouling him and preventing a try on goal which may have been scored without the penalty.

    In so far as the definition of hype. In my mind the term merely applies to the current darling of the media. As such the player tends to be on the receiving side of a bit more good press than otherwise would be the case.

  78. Two owls, comeon man, look i feel bad that you even thought that comment was aimed at you.
    Trust me George is the knukkle head here.

  79. George! Even unintentionally your stupidity makes me offend other people.

  80. ”Also ,the consensus amongst these very idiots”

    Again with the plural George, yesterday you used the word ‘people’ – who are these imaginery friends you speak of.

  81. george,

    really? so that says m, villa is shit then….or those two are talking bollocks.

    dick kite has left the scousers.

  82. pedantic george

    Again with the plural George, yesterday you used the word ‘people’ – who are these imaginery friends you speak of

    Arsenal Andrew,Sensational Arsenal,Dexter ,Els,Duke,Albert,dupsffokcuf all scoffed at you last night.
    And in you corner was ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,Oh,it seems no one was ,sorry.

  83. pedantic george

    Duke ,really ,they both said they would rather spent £20 million + on Fellaini rather than M’Vila!

  84. Pedantic, now i know who to avoid when i come here, thanks for ratting them out:). I never trusted dexter tho.

  85. If I spouted as much bollocks day in day out that khali did, I would at least be a bit more humble and not try and pretend I was some sort of football know it all simply because I could copy and paste a few random stats.

    Plus, the fact you STILL havent got your head round what everyone else was going on about when they said Jack was being over hyped!

    This thing could run longer than the Mouse Trap.


    Here’s a tip, you should rather post less and let people think you are an idiot, than post loads and let them know you are one. Truth is, you’d be a welcome addition here if you just stopped trying to win unwinnable battles, you need to know when you are hopelessy out of your depth.

  86. DukeG;

    Given we are chatting about John Cross, I think we are talking the latter here man. How much did they say for Fellaini??? £27m???

  87. George! Even unintentionally your stupidity makes me offend other people
    That really is so unintentionally funny. We aint dealing with a potential cure for cancer here are we.

  88. So Cahill is out and some scouser gets called up instead of Rio. Roy’s first big mistake was to choose the racist over Ferdinand in the 1st place. Now it’s left England with a much weakened CB roster.

  89. Liverpool just reconfirmed their cluelessness by letting Kuyt go.
    King Kenny really destroyed his morale.
    The ONLY player to operate at the Gerrard workrate, score important goals and give his all on the pitch was benched for the likes of Henderson & Downing????????????

    So far they don’t look like a team to worry about.
    Especially with so many of them playing @ the Euros.

    Deluded Scousers.
    How I wish someone would properly invest in the Toffees!

  90. pedantic george

    Who has got Kuyt?

  91. Haha love all this shit.

  92. Dexter, ‘welcome addition’, you poor deluded fool, am here to comment/argue/debate blah blah, on football matters not for a popularity contest, so you or George saying shit when am not here is of no importance to me.

    Now, of course i understand the point/nonsense you and George are trying to say but i don’t agree with it, why can’t you wrap your head around that fact, different strokes for different folks gee.

    You say wilshere is over hyped, i think it is deserved praise. Let me ask, was rooney over hyped when he was 16( scoring ‘that goal’ against arsenal/seaman), we heard he was the next gascoigne, 2 years later he was sold for 30million.
    Was walcott( bashing time 🙂 ) overhyped when he was 16? Yes but he is improving (put the knives away).

    Now all am saying is that i see wilshere falling into rooney’s category so therefore his ability is not overhyped.

  93. Fenerbache pg….Fenerbache…

  94. pedantic george

    You say that now Els,but yesterday you were advocating mercy for him.Even offering a tag.

  95. pedantic george

    “not for a popularity contest”

    Just as well me thinks.

  96. Aman

    True mate, Kuyt was a very effective and hard working and hard running player for them.

  97. Our chief tormentors are packing their bags.

    Kuyt is gone, Drogba is gone, darren bent? – Good times

  98. pedantic george

    Fuck me!
    We all see the potential for Jack to become world class.
    I give up .
    Really I am done .
    He is more dimwitted than Jabba.

  99. Yep, this thing could run as long as Coronation street. You have no idea what the point was, yet you still go on with your self. Funny as fuck, but I should follow the advice of better people and not mock the afflicted.

    You have no idea what people mean when they say over hyped, STILL. It is truly the most cringe making thing I have seen on this blog.

    But please, keep digging. I’ll get the chips ready.

  100. Well, re Kuyt. I heard that he reject an offer from his previous club b’coz they cannot afford his 80k salary. They wanted to reduce 70% of his current salary. Such a ridiculous offer!
    Oh wait, have the Scousers just sold/lost their most hard-working man? Haha

  101. George

    Oh that is a low blow man, even worse than that autistic socially inept miserable wanker?

  102. Besides, George’s minions are always on patrol for anyone who defiles the name ‘Pedantic George’ not forgeting queen dexter, always by his side, jeez!

  103. pedantic george

    Dexter You nearly rolled out “dywfwts?”
    Long time passing

  104. Ahh are you feeling a bit persecuted now khali? I mean, it’s not as if you have brought it all on yourself now is it? You have got to be the easiest to wind up poster on here.

    Talk about highly strung.

    My chips are ready, thanks

  105. George; Haha! nearly man. 🙂

  106. hieuving

    I never liked Kuyt much as a player, but he always put a shift in and tended to do well in the big games too. He was over looked by Dalglish for inferior players.

  107. Dexter, for the last time, i don’t think wilshere is overhyped, don’t you get that? Are you the love child of tony pulis? – so many questions.

  108. But do you get the point? Do you really? Jack is overhyped. It’s a non-disputable fact and anyone who disagrees is a certified dumbfuck with zero football intelligence. It’s black or white, simple as that.

    Take your time, the deep fat fryer’s not warmed up yet.

  109. Seriously tho, dexter and george deserve eachother, so much chemistry, so much stupidity, match made in heaven, lol.

  110. pedantic george

    Train wreck posting hits an all time high

  111. ”It’s a non-disputable fact and anyone who disagrees is a certified dumbfuck”… Dexter 8:05
    …Thats definately what your mates say when people call you a cunt. Hahahaha

  112. pedantic george

    Well to be fair you have spotted my deep affection for Dexter,
    I admit it,I love him.
    Oh,outed by the intellectual colossus that is khalifha.
    The shame of of it.
    New identity time perhaps.

  113. George, again vermaelean is over hyped, szescney is over hyped, song, santos, they’re all overhyped. There you go.

  114. He still doesn’t get it!

  115. I just like to stick my ore in George. Stir it up!

  116. Enough banter for now, back to Football.

    ”I do believe that a time during the last season, especially when Arteta was pulling the strings, we were really solid defensively. I looked into the number of goals we conceded while Arteta was playing (~23 in 29 games) and when not playing (26 in remaining 9 games)..also remembering the fact that 4 of those 23 goals were conceded at Blackburn which was early days for Arteta at AFC means wehave been really solid as a defensive unit”
    Desi gunner has some quality stats also, this is a comment from a blogger there, it just highlights the importance of Arterta. If we get m’villa or another defensive midfielder will wenger drop him?

  117. To be honest I’m with Khal, George don’t be dumb just apologise.

    Khal what stand are we taking here. What’s your point? We can fucking win this thing. *high Fives Khalifha.

  118. pedantic george

    I am going to stop kicking him now .It is becoming embarrassing.Its just bullying.

  119. You always were a better person than me George..

  120. Steve bould has gone on record as saying szescney can be the number 1 for the next ten years. People on this blog have said santos is brazil’s best left back, i have seen comments saying that song is a world class defensive midfielder, is that over hype? – szescney’s stats don’t justify such hype, song has not held the Dm position on his own for a year and santos is not as good as marcelo of RM, Do you see me saying they are over hyped, no because i know what is and whats not. End of discussion.

  121. You still don’t get it.

  122. My problem is pedantic and dexter put themselves on a pedestal with comments like this.

    ”I am going to stop kicking him now .It is becoming embarrassing.Its just bullying” – keyboard warrior comes to mind. You say shit like that when you can’t even string meaningful sentences together george, think about that.
    Dexter is the funny one, i have seen how he gets aggresive with some posters here like usg and bill, thug comes to mind #lovechildoftonypulis.

  123. I did not see what Two Owls saw in yesterday’s match from Hazard to be honest. He may have some pretty touches but he did not dot impress me at all. He was not dangerous.

    As it stands, I would have Wilshere every day of the week. If Wilshere comes back from injury well, I believe he can become one of the best players this world has seen.

    Mexico 2-0 Brazil.

  124. sensationalarsenal;

    That was funny man. And a nice distraction from the village idiot baiting.

  125. Dexter, yes shithead, you keep drivelling on about wilshere being overhyped, i don’t speak ‘stupid’.

    If you call wilshere overhype, then others members of our squad can be termed overhyped, do you agree.

    George is just plain dumb, its so obvious. You were trying to use the fact that wilshere scored only 1 goal and 3 assists as a stick to beat him with but what your peanut sized brain forgot was that modric and iniesta combined don’t score up to 10goals in their respective leagues, modric has 4, yes 4 assists this season, think before you post a comment.

  126. PaulN

    I don’t there’s any doubting the fact that Jack could very well be the best player ever.

  127. Paul N, takes cap off.

    Don’t worry dexter, its not pulis’s #lovechild.

  128. There is a comment that some people make that I really hate, when people talk about Arsenal “showing ambition ” to keep RVP. It seems ambition is buying some high profile player. Well RVP was not that when he came to Arsenal, was he?

  129. pedantic george

    Sensational Arsenal
    In a good way?

  130. Just tuned in, can’t believe mexico is 2 up against brazil, and hulk is not yet green, isn’t he supposed to be angry?

  131. Sensational Arsenal

    Glad it worked.

    Go easy on the guy though. He is one of us. He is not like Suga3 and other imbeciles.

  132. ‘Rvp scored a header against holland, that definately shows his hunger and desire to impress and leave arsenal, haha.
    Affelay also scored 2 goals, we need to buy him so that we can show rvp we are ambitious’

  133. Agreed Dex. I have not rated a young player so highly in a very long time. Any kid that can take it to Barca the way he did…you get my point..

    Talking about Barca, I watched the CL 2nd leg when they beat us 4-1. Surprisingly, we were not bad at all, especially in the first half. The problem was that every mistake was punished and not so much by Barca as a team but Messi. Barca as a team were not that good.

    The turning point of the match was when Diaby did not pass to Walcott when he was wide open. No doubt he would have been through on goal. Messi tied it after that.

    It was a game that one or two different decisions could have made a world of difference.

  134. Sensational Arsenal

    Yes George. Refreshingly good. Compare this piece with the shit you see everyday. I saw a piece on team guide in the Guardian today and apparently, Mertesacker had a difficult season with Arsenal.

  135. pedantic george

    Perhaps Khalifha has fooled us all,sort of done a Muppet on us.
    He may just be pretending to be a dimwit.
    He may be laughing last.

  136. I just read that Giggs was named the best player in EPL history. If Giggs is as good as Henry or Bergkamp, I am too.

  137. Sensational Arsenal

    Did Muppet ever have a conversation with Suga and others similarly minded? Would have been hilarious to see those guys agree earnestly with him.

  138. PaulN

    There were a few all time PL teams published by a few hacks and ex-pros and henry didnt feature in quite a few of them. Tells you all you need to know.

    Sensational Arsenal;

    Yeah that peice was refreshingly good and pretty dam on the money in terms of the state of punditry. I aint too into cricket but its pretty obvious their pundits and hacks are far more intelligent.


    Hahaha! Yeah, maybe that’s what is happening dude!

  139. pedantic george

    “If Ryan Giggs is worth 20 million, Dennis Bergkamp is worth 100 million.” — Marco Van Basten.

  140. Paul N, do you remember them giving him the PFA player of the year award or something like that about 3 seasons ago? The guy is good but too much sentiment involved when it comes to giggs

  141. ”khalifha.I make it a rule not totalk to idiots.
    You and I are done talking”.
    By pedantic george on June 2, 2012 at 8:19 pm

    You don’t need me to make you look like a fool George, you are doing fine yourself.

  142. van Basten knows his shit. And he isnt too bad at judging footballers either.


    I agree with you, Giggs winning that was all about sentiment and the fact he is still around playing. he has never been consistent and his final ball invariably goes wayward alot of the time. I would say he is better now than he ever was, but can’t play more than once a fortnight.

  143. Cue reply from minion.

  144. You REALLY dont get it do you khali?

    You want me to explain it to you, AGAIN?

  145. Sensational Arsenal

    Khalifha, ease up man.

  146. Sensational

    It’s cool man, funny really.

  147. khalifha,

    i think you should offer george and dex a virtual pint and cut out the bollocks.

    although i think george drinks a pimms with rasberry and elderflower punch on the rocks with a few of them brollies in it!

  148. Sensational, lol man, personally i thought it was banter between me and dexter before with a few profanities here and there but now i think i would rather talk about free flowing football with sam allardyce than talk to that son of a pulis, for now tho.

  149. Hahaha!

  150. I don’t even see why i got to be the one ‘easing up’, the dynamic duo of keyboard warrior and thug seem to enjoy this shit, weird really.

  151. That is a joke Dex. How on earth could Henry not even feature!

    Watched a liitle segment on Foz soccer, where they were asking some PL manager (current and ex) the same question, who is the best PL player ever, two said Shearer (‘Arry being one), Fergie said Zola and Zola said Henry.

  152. That laughter was for Duke’s post before anyone get’s their virtual knickers in even more of a twist.

  153. Sensational Arsenal

    Dexter, explaining to him is a lost cause.

  154. Talk about a persecution complex. 🙂


    Yeahl, the little englander brigade strikes again, while fergie would never say an Arsenal player was best.

  155. Sensational;

    I know man, can’t believe he still doesnt get it. 🙂

  156. pedantic george

    There is no doubt who the best PL player ever was ,
    Dennis Bergkamp.By a country mile,and then some.

  157. Sensational Arsenal

    Add a few nautical miles too

  158. Okay, okay jeez! Enough already with the side talk sensational arsenal, its enough, i get it.
    Keyboard warrior and thug are correct, can we move on now, lol.

  159. PG

    Best post of the day. By a country mile, and then some.

  160. khali

    I like the way you can conveniently forget the shite you say, or just simply do a complete u-turn!

    I suppose you dont remember calling me loads of names and saying you wanted to bitch slap me?

  161. What! Did i post that? … Oops.

  162. Hahaha, who doesn’t dexter?

  163. Yogi

    George posts like a million times a day, it’s about time he earned that accolade.

  164. You havent used fuckturd for a while. Is it because I said it was a stupid one?

  165. pedantic george

    Bitter is all

  166. Quick question guys, if rvp around during the henry/berkamp era and in this current form do you think he would have gotten a starting role ahead of bergkamp? or … no i can’t say it. Think about it

    You don’t have to remind me iceman is a god, am sure it would have been tricky for wenger.

  167. pedantic george

    He would have played with them in place of Freddie

  168. It would definitely be a nice problem to have

  169. Not in a million years, have you forgotten about ‘balance’, we had a right footed pires on the left, a left footed rvp on the right? . Wenger usually played a playmaker/speedster? duo on both wings.

  170. “After Jordan Henderson’s call-up last week, the inclusion of Kelly means England will leave for Poland and Ukraine with over a quarter of their squad made up by Liverpool players whose performance was so bad last season that manager Kenny Dalglish ended up being sacked”
    lol only England would ever do such a thing… oh well atleast its more chance for the rest of europe with the real stars and characters to win.
    It would be an embarrasment to the entire world if England got anywere near the trophy with a team full of mediocer liverpool players.

  171. I still don’t get what it is that khalifa doesn’t get.
    If you get what I mean.
    Sort of.

  172. dkgooner

    Shhh man, we are making some real progress here man!

  173. Crap. I had a few quid on Mexico to win 1-0! 14/1 n a’ll

  174. Poodle

    It truly is embarrassing that’s for sure.

  175. We also had Overmars on the left though, before Bob. I am sure we could accomodate Pires on the right, RvP wide left with henry and DB10 up top? Or maybe even push bergkamp back into midfield with RvP in his 10 position.

  176. Okay so am the only one with the cajones to say this, Wenger once said rvp was a combination of bergkamp and henry so i guess rvp in the other two deadwood out.
    Wenger also said denilson was a mixture of gilberto and rosicky, what happened? Lol

  177. Dexter
    Sorry to inform you that Pires, Bergkamp, Overmars and Henry are all either retired or a little long in the tooth.

  178. Denilson is a mixture of Bluto and Donald Duck.

  179. Ah, I didnt get that bit.

  180. So, we can play RvP behind Cliff basten, with Drake on the wing and Wilson in goal then.

  181. That formation was perfect dexter, get your hands off it.
    Yea comeon, you know you want to put rvp ahead of dennis, say it, say it.

  182. pedantic george

    I saw Bergkamp play a one two with Rooney and score a screamer recently.No way is that man retired.

  183. “So, we can play RvP behind Cliff basten, with Drake on the wing and Wilson in goal then.”
    You’ve forgotten Jon Sammels.

  184. There’s some thing about denilson that makes me want to say, ‘get your lazy ass off the pitch you hybrid’.

  185. You never lose it george, Dennis is the master

  186. Good night ladies, wish i had something nice to say, but the word bastards and imbeciles keep coming up in my head, o well….

  187. good job rvp was’nt around in 91, he would never have got in in front of smithy, merson and campbell!!

  188. pedantic george

    The Master of Wit and Repartee has left the building

  189. I look forward to khalifha’s much awaited stint on the after dinner speaker circuit.

    He would make an absolute mint.

  190. Chuck Norris ‏@ChuckDamnNorris

    Chuck Norris told Wiz Khalifa what it is.

    Even he knows

  191. Articles in grauniad, torygraph and indy today on AOC.
    Is he getting overhyped?

  192. It just occurred to me that AOC is what you see on good bottles of French wine (short for Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée).
    Maybe he’s getting overdrunk 🙂

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