Smoke And Mirrors In The Contract Battles

Players contracts always seem to occupy minds, perhaps inordinately so. Attention can be drawn to them but so much speculation surrounds anything to with football, it can be hard to discern the truth from fiction. Clubs do not help matters with signings made for undisclosed fees on contracts of indeterminate length, ‘long term’ being the current description a la mode.

Commercial sensitivity is frequently cited as the rationale behind these postures yet clubs miss the easy win scenario. We don’t have the right to know what players earn; we don’t. No-one can give me a reason that withstands any scrutiny for this information being in the public domain. Arguments that it is our money do not hold sway; we are consumers of the football product and are no more entitled to know such information as we are for any other supplier of our consumer products.

Clubs though are seeking to protect themselves from predatory advances for their assets by not divulging the information surrounding contract length publicly. But who from? Agents talk, players talk and eventually via one route or both, contract details find themselves nestling in the in-tray of which executive from whatever club wants to know the information. Which is roughly the same time that it ends up in the media. Notoriously unreliable they may be, journalists are not always wrong and certainly more informed that many who claim to be In The Know.

There is no real reason for clubs not disclosing fees or contract length. If they did, speculation would not be quelled but it would become easier to manage the fallout. The most recent example of this is Johan Djourou who from the observations I have read renewed his contract in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011 and 2012. May be he did renew in all of those years, in which case hats off to his Mr20% for being proactive. I am somewhat incredulous that Arsenal would renew so frequently on a player who was not established in the first XI. In this case though, Djourou’s contract is an irritant to his detractors. Like most critics, they are in the minority; a very vocal minority and Arsenal are not winning any PR battle which presumes they are trying to in the first place.

Discretion is Arsenal’s byword in these situations though. Vermaelen and Rosicky both renewed contracts without fuss or ado; the club probably hoped Walcott and van Persie would do the same. The loyalty of the former duo is interesting; all four have suffered through injury, surely that loyalty from Arsenal will be reciprocated? Yeah, I know…

Transfer fees are similarly shrouded in secrecy. I see more of a rationale behind it but perhaps a solution is to announce them via the Premier League once a transfer window has closed; split the fee and the moneys paid to agents out. It quells the complaint that Arsenal, for example, never spend their money; this time we would know that the money has been spent and where.

Transparency is this century’s buzzword and I find the clubs positioning unsurprising. On the one hand, they do not divulge much information at all whilst accusing Fifa of the same lack of openness, threatening to create their own game unless the ruling body becomes less secretive. You could not make it up.

Equally Uefa has a problem that is going to drag them into the same mire that Fifa is in, albeit from a different angle. FFP was seen as the saviour to the games finanicial mismanagement; it won’t be and will be exposed for the PR stunt that it is. Wages pre-2010 can be excluded from the profit calculations as can a whole host of seemingly football-related expenses. In other words, enough exclusions, inclusions and restatements will be available for Chelsea and Manchester City to be compliant. Uefa have to publish the returns by the clubs for FFP to be taken seriously; Besiktas may be an easy target and relatively few beyond Turkish borders are taking much notice of any disciplinary action. Change that club to Barcelona or Milan and the impact is greater. It is hard to see how some clubs can be compliant and without taking the initiative, the regulations will be derided and discarded very quickly.

On the Arsenal front, we have not signed any one else. I know because complaints are still being made about the lack of new signings. Answer those critics by pointing out that it is still May and the response is that this is a signal that last summer’s farce is to be repeated. Some are incapable of rational thought, such as the majority of players whom Arsenal should be targeting are at Euro2012. Talks with clubs and agents are no doubt happening but players? Probably not yet and certainly unlikely since few coaches are as laid back as Laurent Blanc. Action will happen in the transfer window, the club are not resting on the laurels; be hardy and patient.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Morning Dups,

    ‘ows it hanging?

  2. Good Morning YW excellent post another marvellous sunny day on the french riviera

  3. “be hardy and patient”

    Why do I think that will fall on deaf ears!

  4. Ras

    Pouring with rain here in Mayo.

  5. Clubs would have had to got in there early, with pre contract agreements and the like, or had a club like Koln, who were willing to do business early because they knew they would need the transfer money asap, so they could get about planning their next season right away in a lower division. There will be a few before the euros start but 99% will be put on the back burner until its over.

  6. Poland/Ukraine better have their act together. The whole world is watching and it would be a shame for a vocal minority of right wing neo Nazi bastereds to ruin the collective work and efforts of so many, giving their nations a black eye in the process.
    Hope the games are exquisite and our GUNNERS do us proud. DONT GET YOURSELVES INJURED. FFS.

    UP THE GUNS!!!!!!!!
    PS.. Way to go Tummy.

  7. The only deals that are likely to happen during the euros are for players not actually at the thing. But i agree with dups, the call for patience will fall on deaf ears, i admit to getting anxious myself during the transfer window, its unavoidable really in these times of the interweb

  8. I like ARSENALS zero or minimal disclosure on wages and/ or. Transfer fees paid. Truly, it is no one else’s business but the clubs involved and the player. Theoretically it reduces supposition and rumors, which can only be a good thing.
    I’m also of the opinion that any further business to be conducted this summer should be taken care of only after the euro 2012 tournament is over. I think the positives far outweigh the negatives..

  9. A friend made mention that only one thing surely to make rvp stays. He gets injured and put him off the transfer market and i’m kind of like thinking should we really wish that

  10. Did we sign rosicky before the world cup in 2006 or after?

  11. yes good idea,

    hopefully he gets jumped on by a bunch of polish thugs. they can just break a few arms and leave his ankles and legs alone.

  12. Love, erm, give me 2seconds to think about that, 1,2 No!

  13. Duke, stay off the shisha pipe.

  14. Very interesting article about potential problems for Real mardid caysed by the general financial meltdown in Europe.

    Oh and yogi, today’s oist wasn’t bad either. Thanks 🙂

  15. Over on Untold blog that is.

    Alex Song in 2nd place on the vote thingy.

  16. My top 5 players would be;

    1. RvP; 2. Arteta; 3. Sagna; 4; Koscileny; 5. Szczesny

  17. Top 5 players next season;

    In equal 1st place; Podolski; RvP; Theo; Gervinho; M’Villa 🙂

  18. So all these talk of arsenal fans not appreciating song was complete bollocks.
    Did anyone miss out > Rvp,Song,Rosicky,Arterta,Koscielny.

  19. Lew thanks.

    This is a quote from rosicky after the transfer was announced “I’m really happy to be here at Arsenal, it is a great day for me. This is the best club in Europe and I will give everything.” …. he is truly a man of his word. I also saw we were linked to torres. funny part tho, some comments by arsenal fans there stated that he was overrated(2006)

  20. Not a good post when you opinionate so gloomily on the success of the FFP Rules.
    With the mire surrounding both legislative bodies, the euro struggling to survive and the current economic downturn, football appears NOT to be the saviour it once was.
    During the dark days of WW2, many people in Britain, tired and weary with long working hours, food rationing , the blackout and the general malaise of a country at war, were buoyed up by the weekly visit to a football game, to take their minds off the day to day struggles of ordinary life.
    If, for whatever reason, the modern game goes to the wall, what recourse will there be?

  21. Why not a good post, Nicky? If FFP was to be the saviour there would no restatements, exclusions or recalculations. Instead it’s a political sop to be seen to be doing something but actually not doing anything at all.

    As for RM being troubled, haven’t read the article but when a bank offers a player as collateral on loans, it isn’t a good sign. But they won’t go under nor will any of the other Spanish clubs.

  22. Crickets Nicky. Crickets

  23. Nicky, i enjoy football more than most things in this world, even most people *cough* Dexter *cough* and i understand where you are coming from but i doubt football will go under anytime some, this ffp rule will only affect ‘the oil mafia’ crew and maybe the 2 spanish clubs, at least i hope so.

  24. Yogi

    The article includes quotes from the Sevilla el presidente saying 6 or 7 la liga clubs are basically in administration. Going by that comment, I think it’s increasingly likely at least one club could go to the wall

  25. If they only go after some clubs and not others, there will be lawsuits. They will look impotent if they trash FFP. and we all know they won’t go after their cash cows. A NO WIN SITUATION, if there ever was.

  26. I don’t know the full details but doesn’t FFP have to do with banning clubs from european competitions? I doubt there will be any other punishment.

  27. nicky

    Football lost its soul years ago. Sky, the premier league, agents, transfer fees, glory hunter ‘fans’, sugar daddies, corruption, dodgy owners, back handers, increasingly obscene wages and ticket prices, etc. All these have done and continue to put nails in football’s coffin.

    If nothing is done to halt this, I can see a time when I walk away from the (not so) beautiful game. And that will be a dark day.

  28. khalifha “Did anyone miss out?”

    Theo, Sagna and Santos.

  29. Upper Street Gooner


    I understand what you saying with regards to it only being June but you said similar things last summer. This summer we have a European championships. The club have expunged any leniency they have on this with the travesty that was last summer. The fact is we finished up with 2 more points last year than the year before which was Arsene worst as an arsenal manager. That’s hardly progress in the grand scheme of things. This summer we stand to potentially lose our captain AGAIN and our next best attacker both of whom scored over 50% of our goals in all comps.

    The finals finish on the 1st of July, players will be given a 2-3 week rest so your already approaching August before anything realistically is getting done. That brings us very close into last summers territory with regards to leverage.

    Its poor from the club to have not already got its business rapped up and presented the best possible case to RVP to stay. Some fans sit there and clap our magnificent season just gone by, but reality it was a self induced average season. Realistically i think we need one more outstanding talent at DMC for us to have a wonderful opportunity next year if we keep everyone. The fact that we clearly have a first choice target and have not gone and got him before a major championships where he is expected to excel is quite frankly a failure on the clubs part.

    We will raise some good money from sales this summer to add to the substantial money already available,……the price is only going to go up for M’Vila.

  30. Post of the day DEXTER. time to give back the game to the people. Or walk away from it. Most tournaments and leagues are lopsided anyways.

  31. Markus, in terms of our top 5 players of the season, santos?

  32. How anyone can look at last summer and lay the blame for the “travesty” squarly at AW and ARSENALS feet is frankly beyond me.

  33. Personally, i knew this FFP charade was bullshit. We are taking about the same people that gave wenger a bigger fine for talking to a ref than porto for racially abusing balotolli, clowns in suits i tells yah.

  34. AW ,the club and the players did AMAZINGLY well considering the hand that was dealt them. That is for damn sure. No one can or should take that away from.them.

  35. Upper East
    So in one sentence we should have signed m’villa before the Euros?, i thought you were smart 😐

  36. USG


    >the fact is we finished up with 2 more points last year than the year before
    >That’s hardly progress in the grand scheme of things

    Contradictory statements. More points is progress in brutal terms. 1 place higher is progress in brutal terms.

    >The finals finish on the 1st of July, players will be given a 2-3 week rest so your already approaching August before anything realistically is getting done.

    No, the final is on 1st July. For a significant number of players, the tournament ends on June 19th. No guarantees about who goes through. For example Holland and Germany may be favourites to go through but Portugal are capable of upsetting the apple cart. Likewise, Croatia can knock Italy out (maybe even Spain if they get off to a bad start). France are not guaranteed to qualify for the semis.

    Equally, losing quarter-finalists are home on 24th June, semi-finalists on 28th June so July does not in anyway become August; that’s just too stretched.

    To blame the club for not completing all of it’s transfer business now is ludicrous. Absolutely ludicrous. No club ever does. A lot of clubs who are selling won’t enter into negotiations now because a good tournament will inflate any fee they can demand. With Arsenal known to have more cash than most, it suits Montepellier for example, not to talk now but to wait.

    In these summers, it is a sellers market; tournament summers always are.

  37. I totally disagree with Dexter. For 11/12:
    1.Robin Hood (crazy nickname from a demented commentator but I think I like it).
    2.Micky Arteta
    3.Kozzamundo (you can swap 2 & 3 around if you want. I might.)
    4. Alex Song. Tricky one. He could also swap with Micky.
    5.The Legend of Sagna. Two broken legs. And that goal.

  38. People need to stop bitching about the transfer window dragging on. If the transfer window is Ebay, then the majority of deals do not have a ‘Buy It Now’ option. It’s an auction, and auctions go right down to the wire.

  39. Upper Street Gooner


    Who is blaming AW soley for last summer, certainly not me.

    The fact is you cant just gloss it over. The club should have had a better indication as to what their captain wanted, christ the rest of the world saw he wanted to leave why couldnt we.

    The club could have set a deadline for Samir and then gone about selling him immedetly.

    We could have worked on a plan B over the previous year for there potential departures, but it was fully 3 weeks before we got anythign done.

    70 points is good enough for 4th place in 99.99999999999% of years just. You can spin it any way you want but i would imagine you were one of those same people saying that we would have a good summer and challenge last year. It didnt happen again and we must stop making excuses as to why it doesnt happen each year.

    The main issue is failing to improve the squad in transfer windows and lack of tactical awareness not refes not cuntish ex players and not aliens

  40. Am sure m’villa, his agents or rennes would have had nothing to do with the negotiations, hell no!, when arsenal and wenger come calling you answer first then ask questions later. Doesn’t matter if inter or madrid are interested, or there is more money on offer elsewhere both for for player and club, this is arsenal for God’s sake, the best there is.

  41. goonerkam
    “I like ARSENALS zero or minimal disclosure on wages and/ or. Transfer fees paid. Truly, it is no one else’s business but the clubs involved and the player. Theoretically it reduces supposition and rumors, which can only be a good thing.
    I’m also of the opinion that any further business to be conducted this summer should be taken care of only after the euro 2012 tournament is over. I think the positives far outweigh the negatives..”

    Agree…… me I don’t want my competitors to understand how I run my business – deal with players; keep them in the dark – speculating with the fans.

  42. upper street gooner

    If we win the league next year, but do it with a record low number of points I expect you’ll be on here whing about that then?

    Give it a rest with the moaning, its not even June and dont give me any more bollocks about what happened LAST summer either.

    Get a grip of yourself.

  43. YW, I think we need to acknowledge that UEFA’s intentions behind introducing FFP are honourable. Of course, it will be very difficult for any football body to enforce major changes within a short period of time, we have to remember that this problem has been building for over a decade. They are partly to be blamed for not stepping in earlier but at least some steps are being taken finally and that can only be a positive thing.

    It is unreasonable to expect UEFA not to allow clubs some leeway in getting back on track because any arbitrary action would affect all clubs – even the ones compliant. I mean, do we really want to contest a Champions League bereft of Milan, Real, Juventus amongst others? Especially as TV revenues would be massively impacted by the absence of the big teams? How would a club like Arsenal benefit from this?

    So while we may see examples being made out of smaller clubs in the short-term, the bigger clubs will also run out of loop-holes to exploit in 5-6 years time. What I think UEFA is gamblng on is that the big clubs will make enough improvements over that time for the ruling body not to take a tough call. But if it’s one club at a time, I think they will enforce penalties.

    At least it’s a start. Although the plan is certainly not fool-proof, it is better than standing still, imo.

  44. Robin

    .for me….

  45. Finsbury

    I wouldnt call that completely disagreeing with me man! 🙂

  46. Another brillant post Yogi and very thought provoking I must say.

    Inregards to La Liga teams, weren’t they on strike at teh beginning of this season because teams were going bankrupt and couldn’t pay the wages to players so should we even be suprised that 6 or 7 teams are in administration, I for 1 am not! I wouldn’t be surpised if we see more clubs from more leagues going into administration. I think all this outrageous spending on players and the clubs evaluations of these players is getting a tad ridiculous and will lead many clubs to their own demise. I keep hearing that FFP is suppose to be cleaning it up but I look at it from this stand point: Say they do act and ban teams like Barca, Madrid, Bayern, Chavs, Manure, Manshitty, Milan(who spend like they have their own money printing press at the club), Liverpool(I know futbol wise on hard times but money wise still spending crazy) whats to stop those clubs from saying well fuck UEFA were going to start a super european cup. I think this whole FFP thing is going nowhere because they want to avoid the above situation but then are going to look like complete idiots if they dont enforce it. As goonerkam said earlier, NO WIN SITUATION!

  47. Upper street gooner, its safe to say you had a ‘moment’ of brain freeze, been there.

  48. Upper Street Gooner


    So in a summer that was very clearly seen as a huge summer for arsenal FC you think a 2 point improvement is a sufficent reward for a manager and front office who are amongst the best paid in football.

    As it was we actually finshed 7 points further away from the title.

    If arsenal finish with 72 points next year i will view that as a poor season you will view it as good season….is that what your saying. Maybe we should expect a little more. Yes i know we got absolutely savaged by 2 players who quite clearly looked like they were going to savage us but i think the blame can be laid on both sides

    I here all these ideas from peopel saying there is no value in certain windows blaaaaa bla bla , it gets proved wrong all the time.

    We put our first bid in for m’vila last summer we’ve had a whoel year to negotiate a deal for btoh parties. Dont forget we are emant ot have a great relationship with these french clubs

    Your correct about RVP and holland and that they could get knocked out in the groups but they could very well win it. For a club who just got raped last summer we should be doing more than we are to demonstrate to our only world class player currently that his future is with us.

    If RVP missed as much football as Gerrard or Suarez this year we would have comfortably finished below Liverpool

  49. The la liga problem is partly caused by real madrid and barca. If those two greedy clubs stop sucking the life out of that league by sharing the tv rights equally then maybe things will get better.

  50. Nice post. Off football I’m presently reading “People Watching” by Desmond Morris. It’s great and would recommend it to you all.

  51. Great post. Where rumours go I hope we get Nzonzi. And he comes cheap!

  52. Goal scorers usually grab the headlines and after match discussions, so its rare when a defensive player makes a fan’s top 5 favorite list.

    This year’s voting expresses many things (for me):

    – RvP, where would Arsenal have finished without his production

    – Appreciation by most for Kos’s development and importance in the back…..even over-shadowing favorite Vermaelen.

    – the midfield partnership of Song, Arteta, and Rosicky was recognized for their consistency and effectiveness.

    Much of the recent discussion has focused on the high number of goals conceded, but just as much a concern from my perspective was the lack of consistency in our attack from the other two forwards, whomever was in the line up, also reflected in the fan voting.

  53. C;

    Yeah man, la liga teams did threaten to strike over TV deals and pay outs I think. Not surprising given that barca and realk get about £100m each a season compared to the rest who get something like a tenth on average.

    Its sad that the media and most fans reactions to this crazy spending and dodgy ownership is to say well, if you cant beat them, join them. Instead of making a stand against this artificially inflated spending power, they absolutely cream themselves over it and suggest we need to have the same short termist approach.

    Its crackers.

  54. Khalifa at 12:27. I can’t agree more. Barca and Madrid are behaving like robber barons and not good capitalists. Even the Americans know that the money has got to be shared to have a real competitive league. Infact it’s such selfishness that gives capitalism a bad name!

  55. Upper street, i didn’t know you are in the know

    ”We put our first bid in for m’vila last summer we’ve had awhoel year to negotiate a deal for btoh parties. Dont forget we are emant ot have a great relationship with these french clubs”
    So we have put in a bid before, we also had a year to negotiate with a club that might not have been willing to(rvp/arsenal ring a bell) and we have a great relationship with french clubs, erm lille,rennes,montpellier? – i think you need a nap asap.

  56. @USG

    Personally I think that with M’villa is that he is clearly the best players on his team and the club knows that without this player they were sure to face relegation and have the strong possiblity next season unless they can cash in on him. Thus last summer they may have looked at it like well lets do everything in our powers to keep him regardless of the offer knowing that Euro’s was the following summer and knowing his demand will only increase if he plays even partly up to his incredible talent.

    Let me correct you, RVP isn’t our only world class player or have you forgotten about BFG, Lil Mozart, Podolski.

  57. USG

    And if Jack was fit all year, or Diaby we might have won the champions league. 🙂

    The window isnt even open and you are whinging about us not signing M’Villa, whio has already said (and his club too) that his future won’t be sorted till after the euros. You like me have no idea what happened exactly last year. I suspect players made promised they didnt keep and the manager was let down by the board and players alike. But thats ancient history now, well it should be.

    You are fast becoming too tedious for words man.

  58. Kenyan, and they try to justify it by saying most people want to watch real and barca, erm not me, watching the same 2 clubs fight for one trophy every year is not my idea of entertainment.

  59. USG
    we had our secondary targets scouted and talked to ,in my honest opinion.
    Its just that AW felt FABRIGAS and na$ri were essential to his game plan and he tried very hard to changes their minds. I would too if they were trying. To rip out the heart of our midfield in one blow. I would fight tooth and nail. In the end it was clear that $amir had less morals than a sewer rat and Francis had just lost his faith and the fight. I was truly upset at the unsettling of our players by shitty and barka. I can only imagine what effect this had on AW . it is the hand dealt to us. Unfair as heck. BUT TO OUR CREDIT, we came out and layer it on the line. AGAINST many odds we clawed ourselves back to where we belong. Much respect is due my friend, not more and more demands. The club is bigger than any one player. They will try again to outspend us and/or weekend us and we will still give them a bloody nose. Doing it our way, the RIGHT WAY. much respect is due.

  60. So, we have a great relationship with all french clubs? Hahaha! That’s too funny for words. Ask the president of Lyon if he likes us, or Lille for that matter.

  61. Cheers ARSESESSION..

  62. Good points there *cough* Khali *cough* fha *cough*

  63. Upper Street Gooner


    Is it moaning to talk about a topic which yogi brings up in the post???

    The funny thing is dex you said the same stupid things to people last year the fact is those moaners were right in main the club were being extremly poorly run last summer and lost every negotiation is had to make. Arsenal fans are right to question the club as only in a SMALL VERY VOCAL MINORITY was last years performance anywhere near good enough….excuses aside…can you do that just once leave your stupid fricking media bias, referee all hate arsenal, its unfair, injuries….to one side and just concentrate on our football club.

    Our captain and only genuine world class player and the only player who stopped us fininshing mid table way well be about to leave. Every other time in recent years when we have sold a star player we have not fuckign once spent that money on a quality like for like replacement. Think about that for one second and then ask me what is more relevant to talk about as an arsenal fan.

    Is it me listening to Hunter or you talk about what a wonderful fucking place the club is in. Getr with the program big guy, fail to keep RVP and we are in serious trouble. Keeping RVP will take more than just money same as most players as unlike a small vocal minority of our fanbase he doesnt see us challenging in our current state

  64. USG, usually i get pissed off after reading an article or something of that sort , what is your own excuse? Did you read something on m’villa/arsenal that got you ticked off?

  65. I owe my fellow gooners an apology as it does not look like they have voted AOC into the top 5. I’m pleased about that.

    My top 5 would be RVP, Kos, Arteta, Song, and Rosicky with honourable mentions for Sagna and Theo just outside the top 5.

  66. Upper Street Gooner


    I thought it was pretty fricking common knowledge that we made a bid for him last summer. spotty internet connection in Freetown?

    So are you suggesting that Rennes are in the same boat as arsenal interms of trying to keep their star player. Are we on their level can we offer footballers no more than Rennes in terms of playign standards, living standards, money, potential to win things……thought so!!

    Yes Khalifa in the main we have a wonderful relationship with French clubs as our manager strangely enough is the most popular man in French football. Not sure how things work in your territory but if you have an incredible figurehead hugely respected in his own country it opens doors for you.

  67. USG

    Zzzzzzzzz. You glory hunters are all the same, you just dont know how to be a football fan and Arsenal supporter. Thats why even bothering to try and explain the real simple shit is pointless.

    Oh and if you know what i said last year, then how come? Did you go by a different name then? And if you have been here that long, then you know being a doomer is frowned upon.

    We all like to have a moan now and again, if, by August 31st we havent signed anyone and RvP is gone, then I will be the moaner in chief for real, as I was last summer.

    However, unlike you, my life doesnt resemble Groundhog day, just because something happened previously doesnt follow it will be repeated again. I also have a like outside of Arsenal and am aware of the terrible state of things in this world as I watch the news. Life is depressing for some and I genuinely feel for them. However, to get so worked up NOW, before the window is open, going on about what hasnt happened (oh if Robin was injured blah blah bollocks), like it was a fact, then I would be worried for that person’s mental health.

    Just hurry the fuck up and fuck off to one of the blogs that loves dooming FFS.

  68. Upper Street Gooner


    Thsi is what smaller clubs do this is how they progress. they spot talents make them stars sell them for incredible profits and then use the funds to better the team and the clubs infrastructure. Newcastle with vastly smaller resources than us ran us to the wire in essence becuase of the Carroll sale and having a good manager.

  69. Passenal, I personally think it’s absolutely mad that Rosicky is voted in the top 5. And madder still that Theo is not.

  70. Upper Street

    Woah, hold up brov, i didn’t know you had it in you, bravo! ….. on been a real shithead today.
    First and foremost, correction, rvp is not our only world class player but one of our world class players – we have an outstanding right back in sagna and a top class defender in koscielny, who based on stats was one of the best in europe and a new striker that has scored 45 goals in 96 games for the German national team, if that is not world class then i don’t know what is.

    Secondly, if rvp leaves it is not the end of the world, podolski can slot in easily. Besides wenger has qualified us for the champions league 15years in a row, rvp won’t stop him from making that a possibility again.

  71. @Dexter

    I agree with you 100% and people do need to realize that spending so much on players is actually doing more harm then good. I find it interesting that we consistently blame teh players for demanding wages and raises so regularly but we must also look at club evaluations of these players that are basically telling players “hey look, we think your worth 50M” so then naturally the player is going to look at other players valued at the same price and say hey their making 100k/week so I should be making 120k/week. I think thats the biggest issue, teh clubs valuation of players has drastically changed. You think 5 years ago a player like Henderson or Adams or Downing would be valued in the same breathe as players like Goetze, M’villa and actual world class players, HELL NO! They are being valued not at market value but at what the club values them as. FFP isn’t going to help that.

  72. Maybe we should ask if we can have M’Villa for free seeing as we have such a fabulous relationship with every single french football club.

  73. USG

    >So in a summer that was very clearly seen as a huge summer for arsenal FC you think a 2 point improvement is a sufficent reward for a manager and front office who are amongst the best paid in football.

    Yep for last season given how it started. I’d suggest you read the point I made the other day about points gaps.

    It is interesting reading your posts, there is an underlying theme: irrespective of whether matters are beyond their control, Arsenal are always to blame. Didn’t sign a player? Arsenal’s fault. Doesn’t matter if the selling club don’t want to sell, it’s Arsenal’s fault. RvP doesn’t sign, Arsenal’s fault despite the player refusing to sign a new deal. Ditto Walcott, I presume.

    Arsenal didn’t get raped last summer. It’s a fucking stupid comment.

    As for finishing lower than Liverpool, prove it.

  74. Yogi

    s/he just wants to moan, the fact that s/he keeps repeating the same shite regardless proves it. Oh that and the infamous well if RvP was injured, blah blah.

    Sounds like someone who used to post here not so long ago if you ask me.

  75. I tell you. C, the leagues are littered with teams that want to join the spending. Game. I call them the WANNABEES. most mortgageing their past and the future to keep up with the JONESES(. Chelski, shitty ,,r Madrid and the likes)
    Most are doomed. You can’t win planning the spend game against the likes of Roman and Mansur. Checkmate fellows. We are the only ones keeping pace doing it our way. The ARSENE WAY.

  76. USG, so wenger is one of the most popular men in france right? I guess he can just cherry pick the best players in that league anytime he chooses, money is not an obstacle’ never! Its wenger we are talking about.

  77. USg..i’m beginning to doubt you. Who were u REALLY before this “Upper Street” moniker?
    Exactly when did u begin to blog here on ACLF?

  78. Aman

    I smell a rat. A big fat dooming rat! 🙂

  79. Markus | May 31, 2012 at 12:59 pm

    It’s a tough one, but I would go for Rosicky because his second half intervention in the second leg at Udinese made a huge difference to our qualification in that tournament. Had we failed to qualify on top of our poor start in the PL, I hate to think where we might have ended up! In addition our Rosicky/Arteta/Song combo in midfield was the most effective in getting us back to winning ways.

  80. Jussi is leaving Bolton, he would be a very decent back up to young Szczhuzzbut. But if we dont sign him, then I will moan like a lil bitch till I piss everyone off.

  81. But glad to see USG has finally come out of his shell, too bad the content is rotten and appalling.

  82. Markus

    I thought Theo did really well for us this season, his goals and assists really helped us out, especially vs the chavs (away) and spuds (home). But he didnt make my top 5 either man.

  83. Spectrum, is that you?

  84. khalifha

    You win first prize!

  85. Upper Street Gooner


    ”We all like to have a moan now and again, if, by August 31st we havent signed anyone and RvP is gone, then I will be the moaner in chief for real, as I was last summer”

    So lets say that happens just like last summer and you have your moan. do you then forget about it and then repeat the same thing next summer…….

    Does that not annoy you inherently how stupid that is. To not get annoyed about the same mistakes being made by something you cherish with all of your heart.I I’m extremely lucky i live in the area i always have and all things have been Arsenal in my household since i was growing up a long long time ago. I expect from arsenal as i’ve always expected and that’s for us to do the best we can without mortgaging the family loo. I think the key weaknesses holding this wonderful football club back are 1) horrible institutional conservatism this is where we miss Dein he brought the ying and yang to board meetings. Its not about always being right but he could at least present the slightly more risky case to the table. 2) diabolical tactical understanding amongst the playing staff.

    For the last 2 summers and seasons at least some would say more i definitely don’t thsi is whats held us back. Its about time we did something about it. If you didn’t notice 2 clubs whose wage bill combined would only be 15m more than us nearly beat us last year….over 38 games

  86. I think I smell a JABBA. DELIGHTED to have conversed old friend.

  87. @USG

    So let me get this right. Your upset because RVP might be leaving(every Arsenal fan worldwide wants him to stay). Your saying that’s how smaller clubs are run but you do realize that unlike Barca and Madrid we dont have the backing of our government funding everything, or unlike Manshiteh, Manure, LIverpool, Chavs our billionares are spending and putting us into a significant amount of debt. Have we not spotted talented players and bought them(RVP, Henry, Bergkamp, Kos, Verm, BFG, Cesc, Pires, Toure, I hope you can get that point) and have reaped their talents time and time again and some have left when replacements where found(think Henry we have RVP and Adebayor) and they wanted to leave others fucked us over for various reasons(Cesc, Adebayor, Na$ri, Ca$hley) and yet we still keep getting CL football. Your saying Newcastle ran us but then you could say that we ran down the Chavs(I know they got hot and won the CL) or that we with a massively lower funds then Liverpool outdid them. Newcastle did nothing but do the same thing that we have been doing for years. Find exceptional talent aka hidden gems, then groom them and hope they dont fuck us over or get injured. Imagine what a healthy Jak adn Diaby would have done for this squad last year. Your talking the savior of English football and really the only player that could play any system and Diaby who is so brillantly talented.

  88. Upper Street Gooner

    Yogi’s Warrior | May 31, 2012 at 1:00 pm

    Why did last season start poorly?

    I dont think Arsenal is always to blame entierly i think we should definetly look at ourselves first before aportioning blame everywhere else though. Is it Arsenal fault that RVP doesnt sign…errr yup i would say most of the blame would go there. We have a huge wage budget its our fault that we arent ruthless enough to clear enoguh wage space to offer our deserving players what they need

    All i ever here from some on here is about how world class most of our players are and yet then i here those same fans blame everyone and everything bar these players and their coaches when we have average seasons.

    Signing players early this summer was just as important as last summer in convincing these sensible money grabbing star players that we do have chance of competing. I thought this would be obvious

  89. Kam

    I dont like the cut of her Jibb at all man.

    Upper Street Jibber

    IF the same happens? Please fuck off and come back on 31st August you autistic twat.

  90. The wages offered has absolutely nothing to do with how much we pay another player, there is a wage ceiling self imposed by the club. Which might get looked at because of the obscene wages offered elsewhere. Which for me, we shouldnt need to do, but thats how football is now.

    Of course there are also ways around the wage cap; signing on fees and bonuses etc.

  91. Well I thought it was a good post YW.

    One of the awful things about FFP has been watching Platini turn from a lion to a mouse on the subject. He is watching the goings on at Chelsea and MCity and yet we have not heard a squeak.

    I can only imagine he was seething as Chelsea won the CL.

  92. @goonerkam

    you make a brillant point about trying to keep up with the Jones. Its funny how teams fade in and out of obsrucity yet along with Roman’s Chavs and Fergie’s Manure the only other team to consistently perform is Arsene’s Arsenal(I swear God put him on earth to be manager of Arsenal every time i type his name Arsene, you just can’t make that shit up). So let Manshitty spend huge, the problem is they dont know how, Tevez captains them to their 1st trophy since the Pele was born not to mention joint top scorer and at times singlehandely got them into the CL and they tell him to fuck off right as this season but then realize they need him and he basically helped win them the title. its not only about how much money you spend but how you spend it and who you spend it on. Let them all rot in their massive debt hell!

  93. USG

    >Is it Arsenal fault that RVP doesnt sign…errr yup i would say most of the blame would go there.

    Why? Surely RvP is to blame as much? He is the one who refused to accept his share of the responsibility for previous failures – he, like all the players, is partly responsible for that. It sums up the repulsive arrogance of players who tell clubs that they must match the ambitions of players without acknowledging that collectively, the team has not been good enough. It isn’t just the club to blame.

    >Signing players early this summer was just as important as last summer in convincing these sensible money grabbing star players that we do have chance of competing. I thought this would be obvious

    I’d suggest you go back through the summers where tournaments are held in Europe, check when signings are made by Arsenal in those summers. Then compare it to teams who are deemed to be peers. Hmmm, very few are completed before tournaments and certainly not by players of the calibre you demand. Even having completed the double in 1998, de Boer, Lizerazu, Trezeguet and Torrecelli told Arsenal to wait until after the World Cup.

    You’re problem is that you’ve backed yourself into a corner over last season and despite proving to you that the season was an improvement on the one before, you won’t admit to it. Thus your angle in this exposed.

  94. Here is a thought folks. Maybe just maybe RVP AND ARSENAL have reached an agreement. Maybe just maybe they don’t announce it now to keep our rivals off balance. is it a possibility?? Maybe.

  95. The transfer window has not opened yet… We cannot buy or sell anyone yet… Talking about things as if they have happened when they havent is weird as fuck…. Why do you keep repeating the same tired old bollocks when people keep pointing out the glaring holes in your ‘argument’?… RvP is not the only world class player at the club, but that is my opinion… We do not have a fantastic relationship with every french football club, thats simplistic nonsense… Have I missed anything?…The transfer window has not opened yet… We cannot buy or sell anyone yet… Talking about things as if they have happened when they havent is weird as fuck…. Why do you keep repeating the same tired old bollocks when people keep pointing out the glaring holes in your ‘argument’?… RvP is not the only world class player at the club, but that is my opinion… We do not have a fantastic relationship with every french football club, thats simplistic nonsense… Have I missed anything?…The transfer window has not opened yet… We cannot buy or sell anyone yet… Talking about things as if they have happened when they havent is weird as fuck…. Why do you keep repeating the same tired old bollocks when people keep pointing out the glaring holes in your ‘argument’?… RvP is not the only world class player at the club, but that is my opinion… We do not have a fantastic relationship with every french football club, thats simplistic nonsense… Have I missed anything?…The transfer window has not opened yet… We cannot buy or sell anyone yet… Talking about things as if they have happened when they havent is weird as fuck…. Why do you keep repeating the same tired old bollocks when people keep pointing out the glaring holes in your ‘argument’?… RvP is not the only world class player at the club, but that is my opinion… We do not have a fantastic relationship with every french football club, thats simplistic nonsense… Have I missed anything?…

  96. @Dexter

    Calm down mate your letting Jabba i ment Upper Street Gooner get under your skin.

  97. goonerkam | May 31, 2012 at 1:48 pm

    I’m really struggling for positive reasons for the RVP media blackout, so I’ll take your suggestion to heart!

  98. C;

    Oh you think I am angry because of the profanity man? Nah, just like using that one is all. 🙂

  99. Kam

    Yeah, it’s all just a ruse to let other teams think they have a chance of signing RvP man.

  100. Upper Street Gooner


    If someone was posting on here last summer and said 68 points was very poor for a club liek ours, most people will have agreed,

    Why then is 70 points suddenly an excellent achievment?

    So over the course of a whole summer with the benefit of having the same continuity amongst a coaching staff we as a club were able to get 2 points better off than the previous year.

    If a club with Spurs wage bill can succesfully compete for 65-70 points 3 years running would you not say its fair to accept that a club of arsenal stature, mega wage bill with the best manager in the world running the football operation a little more than them. Would it be fair to say that losing 26% of our premiere league games last year isnt quite good enough?

    Or shall we sit here pat ourselves on the back and congratualte ourselves on another miraculous year at the emirates.

    When you were an accountant Yogi, were you honest with yourself with regards to your own work or even if deep down you know you haddnt done a great job but were still praised that that was fine.

    Our manager often says he wants players to analyse their own game as that is the best way to improve. Are we harsh in oour own self analysis.

    Should we sit there and say yaaayyyy we finished above chelsea and look at all their money or do we actually critique that statement and say actually we were better than a average team who have no continuity in leadership and we only just beat them.

    We did everythign possible to not come third. We can either learn from it or not like previous years

  101. Passenal,
    In addition to the apology, I think you owe Jonny something as well?

  102. @Dexter

    Ok it looked like you were going off the deep end. The media blackout is interesting, here in the states big named athletes use it when negotiating or renewing contracts but I haven’t seen it deployed to this magnitude in futbol.

  103. C
    right you are mate. You can spend and spend and spend. Put a group of highly paid mercenaries together that should,on paper, win everything in sight. Why can’t they? CHEMISTRY, BROTHERHOOD, HEART.
    you don’t get that by putting a bunch of selfish individuals together to form a team. Roberto had to eat his words regarding TEVEZ. and the saga isn’t over. They will chew him out and spit when the right time comes. Teves made the deal with the devil twice and if it wasn’t for his wages being too high ,he would have been gone last year. One by one they will all realize they have made a mistake. How many games has KOLO played since he left?? Total. Why is there talk YAHYAH is seeking a move??

  104. and EDEN DZEKO… Etc.etc.etc.

  105. Say you are looking at 6 or 7 players, some quite surprising and under the radar. Say 4 or 5 are playing in the European thingy, and not ready to conclude serious negotiations anyway, although some club stuff has started (may we have a chat with your player X). Say you might take 2 players of the 7 being scouted, but still uncertain which final 2 are your top targets, and need to confirm one or two lingering doubts; and anyway not 100% certain of all positions you might have to fill. Surely, you wait. Watch and take the right decision at the right time. I would be flabbergasted if Wenger suddenly signed 2 or 3 players now.

    Anyway, as we are in this top five mode, taking overall impact on the whole season as the criteria …
    1. RvP (this is getting boring)
    2. Alex Song
    3. Arteta
    4. Chewie
    5. Kos
    6. Theo
    7. Sagna (would have been #2 but for time out)
    8. TV

  106. Upper Street Gooner


    Correct me if im wrong but didnt city win the league?

    They will get better and better, but also have the cl to compete with this year so that might not mean a points increase in the league. Our hope is is that the owners do what roman did and sack managers years after year. Without continuity these clubs struggle.

    If you give top class managers continuity very rarely to fail to improve the club year on year

  107. @goonerkam

    The biggest travesty while yes some inflicted was Tevez. For everything that he brought to them last year he was shown shit this year for Dzeko and Balotelli who while both ubber talented, neither have the talent of Tevez(look how much he impacted them). I know I’ll get crucified but I wouldn’t mind seeing Tevez at Arsenal. For all the shit he takes he also gets shitted on. But as you say Yaya is talking about leaving, Adam Johnson wants out, Hazard told them to fuck off so maybe Manshitty isn’t all its cracked up to be. O I think just as fast as the walls went up at teh Ethiad they will crumble just as fast, o wait they did this year, weren’t they suppose to challenge in all competitions with all their glorious money lets see how that worked out: CL, maybe next season they will get out the group. Europa, crashed out of that too. FA, O well maybe next season. CC, not that interesting but still crashed out. Shield, Manchester still painted in red! O well maybe the cracks are already showing!HAHAHAHAHHAHA

  108. Yogi

    I thought you binned jibber the autistic fibber?

    Well, if city will bget better anbd better (opinion, not a fact again BTW, getting soooo bored of pulling you up on this remedial shite) then there’s no point any team bothering next season as no one else in the world can compete financially. But that little irony will be completely missed by you.

  109. I’m not sure we’ll see any more signings.

    Would I love to see M’villa at Arsenal, sure, but I can’t see the club paying ‘the talked about transfer fee’ for someone that is considered a dm.

    Purchases last season of Per, Arteta, Santos, Chamberlain, Jenkinson are proving to be wise additions.

    Ryo had a successful loan at Bolton and Frimmy was impressive at Wolves b4 his injury.

    Podolski to shore up options up front.

    Optimism would weigh heavily on the healthy return of Jack, Diaby, Sagna and of course the re-signing of RvP.

  110. Arsession

    We will need at least one signing man; a back up GK.

  111. Upper Street Gooner


    We have players scouted for a couple of years before we sign them, very rarely does our manager take a major risk and for that im very happy.

    All we ever do is complain about the market and how unfair it is. The fact is we happily contribute to that market by offering wages to 16 year old which you could barely imagine.

    If we want to keep our stars we need to show more ambition very very very simple. The longer negotiations go with Robin the less control we have…very very very simple. If we are assuming that financials isnt his primary motivation then do you think it is in Arsenal’s interests to break from tradition and actually try and get our major deals done before a major championships kick off.

  112. USG

    >So over the course of a whole summer with the benefit of having the same continuity amongst a coaching staff we as a club were able to get 2 points better off than the previous year.

    Losing our best player(s) is ignored. Keep it up.

    >Would it be fair to say that losing 26% of our premiere league games last year isnt quite good enough?

    Not to win the title nope but we weren’t talking about that, we were discussing whether last season was an improvement on the previous one, which it was.

    WTF has my job got to do with anything?

    Alternatively, we could say, “Third was better than fourth the season before. It’s a stepping stone to a title challenge”. Or else we could go, “Fuck it where’s the noose shop. Let’s git ourselves a posse and run these varmints out of town”.

  113. Oops, insert Lil Mozart at # 7.

    USG, 3rd has been a fine achievement, very fine if you wish away the first few matches; not up to the club’s ambitions and possibilities and hardly anyone would think otherwise, but don’t mock it either. the degree of difficulty in getting third was high with such unprecedented movement of players in and out. In any event, you are puffing some stuff up to butress your somewhat facile and flimsy argument.

  114. Everyone, can you keep things very very very very very simple please? jibber gets really confused very very very very very very very easily.

  115. Yogi;

    Oh FFS man, make with the Ronseal already dude and make the doomer twat varnish! 🙂

  116. Gawd, if i want to be bored to tears, I will chat with George.

  117. Point taken USG, we do scout long and hard, and early. But still, what if Wenger decides he needs to watch a certain player on the radar play in a European game before taking a final decision; would that be unwise?

  118. MARKUS, seeing that we don’t want to join in the spend game with the moneybag teams ,it puts us at a distinct disadvantage . We also have found out that spending is not the only tactic used by them. They will use the darkest of arts to weeken any rival. Unsettle players ,even buy them when you don’t really need them to weaken the rival. All this is clear.
    I think a deal has been reached and I think it will be announced after our rivals have chased their tails for a while. AW has a few dark arts in his repertoire too. And he will use them to protect his project and his hard work. Therefore, the blackout. There is no other reason for it.

  119. c
    seems that wherever Tevez goes trouble follows him. West Ham, ManU, ManC……I admire his talent and work rate, but feel he’d be too much a distraction and unsettle the dressing room.

    Can’t see him finding any other club to pay his wages……let him destabilize Oil City.

  120. I’m quite certain that’s not all we ever do.

  121. Dex….
    GK: I think because of Fabianski’s recent injury he may not be leaving (just yet). If he does land with a new club, then you’re definitely right.

  122. History aside, character ignored, he would be a very useful addition for us now. I kind of miss Adebayor. Bad ZimPaul. Bad, bad, bad.

  123. Upper Street Gooner


    ”Losing our best player(s) is ignored. Keep it up.”

    We lost our best players as our club hierarchy failed to convince them that we could challenge nor could we put together a wage structure whereby the best players feel rewarded enough.

    We then failed to spend the money that their sales brought in, just like with Ade and Toure.

    We a club with financial clout and the best manager in the world improved 2 points and bettered 2 teams with a combined wage bill of 138m. Was last year an improvement when viewed in the context of 4 comps…….NOPE.

    I brought up your profession Yogi as i was asking you when you worked were you hard on yourself in order to improve or did you make excuses for everything

    At the moment we are acting exactly as last year and that wasn’t great. In order to get better we need to change how we operate. RVP just like Nasri and Cesc last season spoke of the club showing ambition.

  124. Upper Street Gooner


    Its weird nobody else is being rude round her bar you, its quite embarrsing. Just read your arguments from yesterday…… much anger in you even to people who seem to agree with you……troubled childhood?

  125. I do think Le Coq would slot into AW’s vision of what a PMWDA (proper midfielder with defensive attributes) at Arsenal does, and maybe he thinks 2 years, season after next, a bit like Song’s trajectory, and he’s ready for the big time, behind Song, but still. Now why would I buy one, for a season, when I have such excellence. Maybe better to find another way, or another Santos surprise if I can.

  126. I know Arsene is focused on not repeating last summer. Loosing Cesc, Nasri, Clichy, along with Jack’s injury left a large crevice in the starting XI and psychological scars.

    Except for RvP, aren’t Arsenal set with a returning starting line up? Podolski to shore up our attack.

    Options were found and did evolve.

  127. Well my mum left when i was 4 and i was brought up by an alcoholic grandfather who used to send us out to work and paid us by beating me with a crow bar.

    Wow, that’s such a weight off my shoulders. I wish i could be as well rounded and optimisitc and full of joy as you jibber.

    BTW; In case you hadnt noticed yogi’s the only one responding to your inane bollocks. Oh and zimpaul, but he’ll chat to anyone. 🙂

  128. Downer Street Groaner. That’s it.

  129. Zim
    “History aside, character ignored, he would be a very useful addition for us now. I kind of miss Adebayor. Bad ZimPaul. Bad, bad, bad.”

    Post of the day!

  130. @Arsession

    Yea trouble does follow both through fault of his own and others. I wouldn’t mind seeing a player like that brought here and realed in by the steadying hand of Arsene. Fergie did it for a couple years and then let him go after Tevez demanded more money. Manshitty just threw him out to pasture HAHAHAHA. Also winning also follows him!

    Either way he isn’t coming EVER so as my bestfriend says, 2 buckets of fuck it!

    A coworker of mine just asked me a interesting question(he is a Manure fan but thinks Arsenal play the beautiful futbol in the world outside of Joga Bonita). Are the Cups cursed? Daglish wins the CC even though every players not named Gerrard, Suarez and Skrtel underperformed and he was sacked. Di Mateo won the FA cup and CL with a squad that everybody even Roman wrote as old and not good enough and he’s not wanted in Chavs land, Mancini won the league and only Aguero has said he wants to stay and it seems every other day another 1 of his players wants the hell out of their. So say we do win silverware next season(we will if we can stay reasonably healthy) whats stopping us from having some sort of well we finally did it I’m out type of bullshit happen.

  131. What an odd little man you must be jibber. Hiding behind yet another pseudonym, repeating the same tired posts over and over again and then simplky changing the focus of your point when they get found out, only to come back with yet more jaundiced bitter crap dressed up as a debate. You hate the club, players and especially the manager, but are too scared to come out with what you really want to say.

    I asked you a question before, why on earth would you want to have a hobby that clearly gives you no enjoyment, unless you are a masochist?

    I think its rather telling you mentioning having a troubled childhood, very telling indeed.

    Hmmm *strokes chin and looks over half moon horn rimmed specs.* You unfortunately are a lost cause.

  132. “BTW; In case you hadnt noticed yogi’s the only one responding to your inane bollocks. Oh and zimpaul, but he’ll chat to anyone. 🙂 ”

    I can’t be bothered to answer his crap & I suspect YW has an ulterior motive

  133. Spectrum! What do you mean by no one else is being rude, i think you are a shithead, òu la la a very very very annoying shithead.

  134. C
    “Are the Cups cursed? ”
    I want to win silverware and will worry about the consequences later. If Arsenal did win CL, we might see Arsene retire.

    “I wouldn’t mind seeing a player like that brought here and realed in by the steadying hand of Arsene. ” I’m with you on that, and I trust Arsene and his scouts to do what they do.

    As far as attacking players, I’ve been high on Cavani and Lavezzi (Napoli) all year.

  135. Agree with some points about transfers but don’t understand the comparisons between FIFA and Arsenal over the issue of transparency. First you say that you find the “club’s positioning unsurprising” and then one sentence later you express surprise by saying “You could not make it up.” Which is it?

    Do Arsenal accuse FIFA of the “same lack of openness”? I am unaware of any complaints about FIFA’s failures to disclose the fees/contracts of any of their players.There are many transparency issues for FIFA to deal with before any of us can have any real faith in their competance or impartiality.

    Impartiality seems to me to be important for FIFA but if there is one thing in the world I hope Arsenal to be it is impartial. We should be on our own side and on our own side only. The transparency issues facing FIFA are completely different to any (possible) issues Arsenal might face (not that i can see any issues in that area for the club), which clearly reflect their status as completely and inherently different entities.

    To ask a business like Arsenal to operate within the same perameters as the world governing body seems so daft and beyond reason that i’m wondering if i missed your point entirely. Would love some clarification on that issue because that paragraph seems very confused.

    Anyway, transfers will be made in the fullness of time. I’m all for hardiness. I could be wrong but doesn’t the transfer window actually open TOMORROW?

    Top five players – 1-RVP, 2-Koscielny, 3-Arteta, 4-Rosicky, 5-Schezny.
    Song’s lackadaisical approach to the run in keeps him out. When the chips were down he looked like he felt he’d already contributed enough for the season. Can’t accept the performance against Norwich was anything near what he’s capable of and it nearly cost us big time. A shame, but he was definately resting on his Laurents!

    To Yogi’s Warrior- This is the first time i’ve posted (although i have read you on and off for years) and i seem to have disagreed a lot about an issue which isn’t really much to do with Arsenal’s real summer agenda.The club takes so much stick i guess seeing it from your generally positive mouth and over such an odd issue has sparked me off. Arsenal don’t sell much fresh fruit now we’re at it, or do much prevent hurricanes but surely grievances should be about real issues the club must improve on. When we start making up ridiculous standards for the club tto adhere to and pillorying them when they don’t then that leads down a bad path. All the way to some other ‘Arsenal’ blogs i could name, in fact.

    Generally i like your blog a lot. Offers a unique perspective on Arsenal issues from someone cleraly desperate to see the club do well. Realism and optimism, two things Arsenal need at the moment and both are to be found in abundance in these pages.

    P.S i know this was a long post and apologies if i have rehashed issues that others have mentioned, I haven’t read all the above posts. Cheers if you’ve managed to make it to the end of mine…


  136. USG/JABBA
    I distinctly remember discussing man united with you last summer. You saying, they have bought ,they have fortified ,they will be stronger this season. I told you they were a spent force. Well, their balloon burst all over the place. They embarrassed themselves in Europe. Now you say man shitty will conquer all. Yes they barely won the league this year when they should have swept the floor with their rivals. No cups and their European adventure was just as hilarious as the spudniks and manure.
    You jump the gun too fast. Wait and see if they will even keep Roberto. I personally doubt it. Count your chickens in fall so to speak. Not in spring time. There is more to a club than just buying player after player with blood money.
    If it wasn’t for these scum, we would have dominated the EPL these past seven years. I believe we will be a force this coming season and we will get at least one more signing. I just hope to god it will be a backup playmaker to help TOMAS. And we are good to go.
    Let the others have their managerial merry-go-rounds. The more the better. Latest installment, mr Rogers in the POOL neighborhood.

  137. @USG

    You speak of us beating out Newcastle and Spuds but didn’t we also beat out Chavs and Liverpool?!?!?!?!? You speak of us not doing better in 4 competitions but Manshiteh and Manure spend massively more than us and bowed out of both the Europa and CL before we got knocked out the CL. You speak of us losing our best players but Cesc was always bound to leave for Barca because well don’t get me started and we all knew that Na$ri wasn’t loyal to anything but his pockets. You say we couldn’t keep our best players but look at our core players of RVP, Theo, Song, Verm, Sagna, Jack all have been linked with clubs before yet stayed. I’m a firm believer that in sports in the modern day their lacks loyalty between clubs in players yet I find it stangley odd that RVP would actually agree to a media blackout if it wasn’t good news and have something to do with Song and Theo because at the same time the blackout was placed on RVP their negotiations haven’t been spoken of since. Is Arsene doing that voodoo that hedoo, I don’t know(any British media reading this, don’t try and spin it since I know you get most of your bullshit reports from well anywere) until pen is put to paper but this seems strange. Anybody who followed the whole Lebron to Miami thing, this has a similar feel the way the media storm was going crazy only for him to chose the team that many thought and him teaming up with his 2 best friends; could all 3 have already signed since we all know that Theo and Song are important to him re-signing and they just dont want to announce it until after the shitfest(even though I’ll watch every match) that is Euro’s.

  138. Upper Street Gooner


    but why so angry and rude for someone who differs in your opinion that’s what i don’t get buddy.

    You say someone is repeating themselves does that mean they said the same things last summer and the summer before. Did arsenal get enough points to be competitive last season or were we once again lagging 19 points off the best.. Are you one who now states that 70 points is awesome because this year we came third or are you someone who realizes that 70 means we were only ever so slightly better than the previous year despite all your useless chat over the summer to state otherwise.

    As an Arsenal fan do you actually want the club to be successful or are you happy that we will probably lose our captain and best player again and our next best attacking player. Are you happy with this situation do you just sit there and go, ”there is nothing we can do”.

    There is allot we can do.

    Couple more additions and some genuine tactical coaching and we could compete……lose RVP and this becomes terminal.

  139. Upper Street Gooner


    Is it not a legitimate question being asked whether we are making the same mistakes as last summer

    You know how time went quicker and quicker and then suddenly BOOOOOOM you 8-2 down against your biggest rivals

  140. Oh Dexter. I’m a chatty guy, when it comes to Arsenal. But I’m certain I still hold the record for number of village idiots reduced to quivering wrecks in a single day. Well, OK, that would be Frank. Then Poliziano. Possibly Maria. Ateeb. Maybe 5th or 6th. Not too bad though.

  141. Yogi:

    Interesting post. In reality you are correct in saying that the public has no right to know player wages, transfer fees, etc etc. However, I don’t understand the need of the utility of secrecy. In the US all of this information is public and no one suffers because of it. I am not sure what the club gains. I do not follow other football clubs so this statement may be off base but Arsenal seems more intent on hiding its business and financial dealing then other big clubs. All of that feeds into the media and fan speculation. The whole thing has become a PR nightmare and as you have pointed out many times, and the clubs approach to PR has not been stellar. In my view all of this ends up hurting the club and its reputation and nothing tangible is gained. In the long run more transparency would make it easier for the club I think. We constantly complain about the media and fans yet it feels like the club seems to do everything in its power to give them more ammunition to fire at us.

    With regards to the transfer window, I am very happy that we got Podolski early. We always seem to get one player early and then wait to the bitter end hoping for bargains. Thats been our MO for many years and that MO has always been thought to be part of Arsene’s genius. I understand about the Euro’s and outside transfers but it should not affect our dealings with our own players such as RVP unless those players are negotiating transfers away from the club and the just like us the other clubs are waiting. Arsene obviously hoped we could have things done and dusted before the Euro’s for RVP but clearly thats not going to happen. The media gag order seems like another poor PR move and serves no real purpose IMO. Its going to be a long summer and all we can do at this point is be patient.

  142. @Arsession

    I am extremely high on all 3 of Napoli’s front men, Hamsik included. I think he would be the perfect AM for us: strong, can make the killer pass, tireless work rate, talented, shows steel in tackle, very good on the ball excellent futbol IQ(kind of reminds me of a younger version of Lil Mozart).

    Dont get me wrong I want to see silverware won as well. Shhhhhhh dont speak of Arsene retiring the British media will be printing that as a quote. I think if we were to win the CL, Arsene would make a giant splash signing.

  143. No USG, we lost our best players because we couldn’t afford them / he wanted to join his hometown club. The money? Get used to it, football clubs have finite budgets to spread across the whole spectrum of playing staff and Arsenal’s business model is such we won’t ever compete with the uber-rich.

    It’s interesting that you talk of reviewing our own performances. Footballers are singularly incapable of such analysis; they never accept their own contributions to collective failings yet the club are held to account.

    Try thinking of football like coffee. You either accept that instant is now, not particularly nice or worth it. Or you can have the proper stuff, where the beans have to be ground, percolated and brewed, It takes a bit longer but comes together in a cup that is stronger and a more satisfying taste to savour. You’re a Nescafe kind of guy, aren’t you.

  144. Dups

    >I can’t be bothered to answer his crap & I suspect YW has an ulterior motive

    Yes, I’m an educator.

  145. “Couple more additions and some genuine tactical coaching and we could compete … lose RvP and this becomes terminal”.

    Why do doomers always remind me of comedy genius and scripting? That line alone is worth a whole skit.

  146. When his troubles with Roberto surfaced I thought to bring Tevez over. I believe JONJON shot me down. He is an extraordinary player but he is also on extraordinary wages and to top it all off he has an extraordinary jackass for an agent.
    We can always make the Israeli our own PitBull Tevez. And he is content and likes to play for the ARSENAL.

  147. Jibber

    Come now, you must be used to people slating you? All your points have been answered, several times over, hence the animosity you engender in complete strangers.

    Tikme for you to fuck off back to le gruel.

  148. “As an Arsenal fan do you actually want the club to be successful or are you happy that we will probably lose our captain and best player again and our next best attacking player. Are you happy with this situation do you just sit there and go, ”there is nothing we can do”. ”

    Its interesting that you say again even though last summer we lost our captain only by armband to his boyhood club that he had publically said he wanted to join and publically campaigned along with his Barca cunts to leave the Arsenal. Na$ri(“our 2nd best player” a season ago HAHAHAHAH) left for the riches of Manc blue. Its funny how many times people say o well we could have paid Na$ri and he would have stayed but don’t want to pay Theo. Think about that? Do you have insider information on the negotiations because from your above comment you speak as though you were either a fly on the wall or 1 of the people that were in the room when negotiations are going down.

    Wait I’ve figured it out, your not Jabba, your RVP’s agent. You sly sly dawg you playing as an Arsenal supporter. Well not only do any and every poster on ACLF including Yogi want Arsenal to be successful and win silverware every year but we also happen to be realist. When you lose every FB for most of the season start off in relegation zone and yet finish 3rd after losig 2 of your best players I must say that is a good start. O lest we not forget that we beat Manshitty when they were fighting for the title but we also thrashed Spuds, beat Newcastle(who according to you we barely ran past even though Cisse and Ba were scoring goals like Roman spends money), beat Pool, trashed the Chavs then watched them park the bus (IMVHO out of fear) and should have beaten Milan in CL if it wasn’t for them deciding the much maligned Theo had to be stopped but resurfacing the whole right flank with shit grass and UEFA allowing it.

  149. @USG

    I’m giong to stop responding to your madness not because I disagree with what your saying because I do but because well your being very Jabba like and well he’s a cunt.

  150. Zimpaul

    Its the complete lack of irony and unintentional hilarity that get me too man. Perhaps it is actually intentional and we are dealing with the world’s greatest comedian?

  151. C;

    Its the blog equivalent of hitting your head repeatedly against a brick wall. there is zero point in bothering man.

  152. YW

    I expect that your ability to educate this particular suspect will be sorely tested.

  153. @goonerkam

    I think Tevez is extradionary and its funny because in South America from what I read they view him in higher regards than Messi due to him being able t replicate his club form for country unlike Messi. He is on an extradionary wage because of his talent. Lest we not forget when he did Captain Manshitty how basically he adn Yaya played every min. and produced not to mention helped them win a cup and get into CL. His agent is his biggest downfall, I wouldn’t be surprised to findout he is Na$ri or Ca$hley’s agent as well. When he does play he is always capable of a hat trick always!

  154. It’s a good job George wasn’t here today, or it would have been even more boring.

  155. “Or you can have the proper stuff, where the beans have to be ground, percolated and brewed, It takes a bit longer but comes together in a cup that is stronger and a more satisfying taste to savour.”

    Only issue I have with that analogy is that is assumes that fabulous cup is a guarantee at the end of the process. That great cup could be burnt, left to get cold, made too watery, a bug to fly into it, etc etc. Though I do prefer a cup of Kona to instant, that is for sure.

  156. “If, for whatever reason, the modern game goes to the wall, what recourse will there be?”

    Sadly lotto tickets and porn…and the old standby: ALCOHOL

  157. “If nothing is done to halt this, I can see a time when I walk away from the (not so) beautiful game. And that will be a dark day.”

    I won’t walk away. I’ll still watch because there’ll still be great players with sublime skill offering up great entertainment. I just won’t care passionately about which gang of mercenaries wins or loses.

  158. @Dexter

    I know but it was worth ago! O well guess all Arsenal supporters can’t be saved from themselves.

    On to other things. Not sure if anybody watched Brazil thrash USA last night(I live in right outside Washington D.C so it was great) but I realized that Brazil is far and away the most talented futboling country in the world. The team they put out last night could seriously have beaten any team in the world and that was their U-23 squad with Thiago Silva and Hulk being the only over 23 players and that was without Ganso who is better than Kaka at the same age and without a couple others.

  159. Upper Street Gooner


    ”No USG, we lost our best players because we couldn’t afford them / he wanted to join his hometown club.”

    Correct yes your right he did want to join his hometown club in fact it was fucking obvious to everyone bar our manager and front office that he was utterly desperate to leave. Still at least we managed to sell him on August 15th after the season had already started for the same money they were offering all along.

    Yup your also right with Samir. So wouldn’t it have been smart to draw a deadline and say after this point we are either doing a or b with you? o right we did do that but Nasri took that 1 aug deadline and rammed it down our throats he called our weak weak bluff. we sold him on aug 24th with 6 days to find a replacement.

    ”finite budgets to spread across the whole spectrum of playing staff and Arsenal’s business model ”

    Yup your right we do have finite budgets so its all the more important that we use every penny incredibly wisely. A club in this position would need to be ruthless with under performers would it not???

    ”It takes a bit longer but comes together in a cup that is stronger and a more satisfying taste to savour. ”

    Yup that’s right i want instant titles. I’m sitting here demanding titles.

    Nope, i’m sitting here actually asking our club learn from their mistakes. I’m asking our manager to install a collective team spirit in the team whereby they achieve defensive consistency. I’m asking our attackers to want to work as hard without the ball as Barcelona, Utd or Norwich players. I’m asking our club to get there summer shopping done as early as possible as contrary to some people stupid opinions last summer there is absolutely not one single advantage to getting your shopping done later, especially if your arsenal


  160. Philmar

    I know what you mean. It will be difficult to stop watching completely, it will be more an arms length affinity rather than hands on, by that I mean, I won’t spend any money to follow Arsenal any more.

  161. “If nothing is done to halt this, I can see a time when I walk away from the (not so) beautiful game. And that will be a dark day.”

    I would watch even more Brazilian League and all their tournaments. The amount of talent that is constantly put on the field and many of these teams are filled with players all under the age of 21 of like Santos(Ganso and Neymar’s team) they are all Brazilian play absolutely beautiful futbol and win! Check them out if you all get a chance.

  162. C;

    Saw a Brazilian league game earlier this week. Havent done so for a while, but it was cool man. Really exciting and full of talented, technically gifted nutters!

  163. Henristic – re Passenal she showed her trademark wisdom through avoiding actually putting her money where her mouth was!

    Looks as though my season’s winnings will not be enhanced.

    i hate betting against Arsenal fans anyway. 😀

  164. @Dexter

    Its amazing how even their worse players are so techinically gifted and at teh age of 17-18. I watched Santos play and while everybody keeps talking about Neymar, for me Ganso is just as talented. He controls the flow of the game, so elegant and graceful on the ball. I mean they are already saying that he is a better version of Kaka when Kaka was at his best! Fuck Hazard, Ill take Ganso, go watch even his youtube videos he is brillant and at such a young age.

  165. “Post of the day DEXTER. time to give back the game to the people. Or walk away from it. Most tournaments and leagues are lopsided anyways.”

    ONLY way it will happen is if people stop watching/going/buying. The organisations in charge of the game: the country football associations/EUFA and FIFA are awash in corporate sponsorship money. The broadcasters set the schedule and there are too many games for the players to play now. The quality goes down. The World Cup and Euros are often played by tired players in game destroying heat. But the hype will ramp up and we’ll all be enthralled.
    I can’t see FIFA or UEFA decreasing the number of games played since it takes away from their bottom line. I can’t see them implementing financial fairplay rules that make any real impact because in the end these rules will result in less profits. I can’t see businessmen making rules that ultimately decrease their own profits. Do the Wigans and Boltons of the world really resent sheik and Russian mafia money in the EPL? Not when it doubles the transfer fees they get for selling their players and brings in big money sponsorship.

    Eventually the smaller clubs will have to adopt an Arsenal model and live within their means.

  166. Philmar

    Here in the US we went thru all of this teeth gnashing and hair pulling and hand wringing about how money would ruin the game and how everyone would abandon sports. It started first in baseball in the mid 70’s. Money does change the game and it makes cynics of all of us. Free enterprise and player freedom of choice demands the lack of iron clad controls and that inevitably leads to escalation of wages and ticket prices and huge influence of big money. It would be great if that were not true but in the end just like in the US the sport will evolve. Hopefully European football will be more like American football where they have been able to enact some type of team salary cap because the players unions have not been as strong they are in baseball. That has helped level the playing field to some extent but in the end the rich will continue to get richer and a few clubs will fail, but people will continue to love the game and most stadiums will fill and the cycle will continue.

  167. Philmar- How many players have Wigan/Bolton sold to Mancity or Chelsea dude? The oil clubs are buying the best players who (non coincidentally) are foreign.

  168. “Saw a Brazilian league game earlier this week. Havent done so for a while, but it was cool man. Really exciting and full of talented, technically gifted nutters!”

    I attended a match in Rio between Botofogo and Sao Paulo in 2001 when Julio Baptista, Luís Fabiano and Kaká were the stars of Sao Paulo. The crowd were completely bonkers. Botofogo drew it fanbase from a poor Rio neighborhood and they hated and taunted the travelling well-to-do fans from wealthy Sao Paolo. They taunted them with chants and some were urinating in balloons and throwing them at the traveling SP supporters. I was more enthralled by the crowd than the match (only because I worried for my own personal safety as I was naive enough to bring an SLR camera with me.

  169. My top 5 for this season.

    1. RVP
    2. Koscielny
    3. Arteta
    4. Rosicky
    5. Song

    It was really hard to select that top 5 because I feel that Theo and Sagna deserve a place in there, too. And with more game time Mertesacker and Santos would’ve been deserving of a mention as well, while Benanyoun will get a special shout-out for his professionalism and his vital contributions when it really mattered.

  170. “Eventually the smaller clubs will have to adopt an Arsenal model and live within their means.”

    okay that is bogus. It seems to me like you are saying that financial doping is acceptable and that the teams spending half a billion pounds can keep doing what their doing!

  171. “the middle class needs to change and start spending wisely. The mega rich bankers can keep losing billions of dollars.”

    that doesn’t sound right.

  172. @Bill

    I live in the states as well and not only in baseball but also with the most recent strikes in the NBA and NFL. I think the biggest key to sports nowadays is the fact that there has to be some sort of cap whether it be on the actualy amount of a contract or fee or how much the club can spend. I have watched the NBA, NFL and futbol for years and my greatest fears are coming true in that they are all being run by money pushers who don’t care much about the actual game itself but about whether or not they can make money. Yes sports have always been run by the wealthy but as somebody who was born in Pittsburgh, PA and grew up watching the Steelers w/Mr.Rooney and his family having ran the Steelers since the beginning and seem to be the model at which Arsenal were built: not going above market demand for players, if a player believes they are worth more than off you go, pick hidden gem and great players time and time again, great coaches and loyal players and legends but have won the most superbowls ever. These are the types of owners that should be running futbol teams not rich cunts like Roman and the Spanish government.

  173. Just read C’s earlier post and it gives even more compelling reasons why fairplay rules with teeth will not come around: the rich clubs will form a super league. Excellent point.

    Which begs the question: would we be happy in a superleague where we finished midtable every year because we still can’t compete with petro-money and mafia money?

  174. @Philmar

    Yea every team in Brazil hates Sao Paulo for that very reason because they are the Roman of Brazil but not every player wants to play for them. If you want to see a true rivalry want Fluminense vs. Flamengo, I mean the fans hate each other the players hate each other but they do it respectfully, filled with songs, dance chants, taunts, everything you want in a rivalry not to mention some of the most beautiful futbol you will ever see filled with talented players, I remember for like 3 or 4 straight yrs whenever they played each other their was always a match-winning goal scored in the last min of play. They think a tie is a loss.

  175. Jabba unveiled!!!

    =USg the grouch, AW-hater, perpetual doubter, whiner, doomer…

    why bother when u know how we feel about you?

    There’s no blog like ACLF is there?

  176. @Philmar

    I wouldn’t be happy at all if we were mid-table in a superleague.

    just as important would be would it make us rethink and start to spend like they do?

  177. Silver Gunner

    Guys give USG a break he is right on one major count last summer was quite frankly a shambles. which is why I was so happy the podolski deal was done early imo he will be RVPs replacement should he decide to leave, come on your all thinking it and so is the club thank god but if we are going to move forward as a club we need to start doing all we can to keep players like him otherwise we will continually end up playing catch up.

  178. “Philmar- How many players have Wigan/Bolton sold to Mancity or Chelsea dude? The oil clubs are buying the best players who (non coincidentally) are foreign.”

    Well Cahill. It isn’t limited to those 2 teams. You were supposed to generalise to all smaller clubs. Aston Villa alone has lost a lot of players – Barry, Young, Milner.
    The presence of the sheiks and Russian mafia still drives up transfer fees. The EPL players are over-priced. Ask Wenger about this.

  179. “Here in the US we went thru all of this teeth gnashing and hair pulling and hand wringing about how money would ruin the game and how everyone would abandon sports.”

    Very true Bill. However one thing the US adopted that European football did not is the great equaliser of the draft. Shit teams get first pick and rights to the best young players. That makes a BIG difference in helping to create less of a comepetitive discrepancy.

  180. Philmar- okay I was being a bit pedantic

    I’m just trying to prove that inheriting massive debts though player transfers doesn’t really do much. Liverpool finished only 5 points ahead of both Swansea and Norwich!

    On the topic of a SuperLeague, I think the gunners would do just fine. It’s not like we beat ManCity and Chelsea this season. On either of those squads there is one player who cost as much as the entire Arsenal squad. That is seriously f**ked.

    Maybe we should push for a European Sensible League…

  181. and good point about the draft. It makes a huge difference in USA sports.

  182. In futbol it is actually the best (see: financially doped) teams who are getting the best young players. That only works to increase the gap in quality between sides.

  183. Yogi, your articles always produce an assortment of views that are, in the main, insightful.

    Unfortunately, there are always one or two who fail to agree to any other opinion that conflicts with their own self-inflicted barrier to self-improvement?
    For instance, to compare The Arsenal as a company with the likes of that lot on the wrong side of Tottenham, Newcastle, Liverpool etc., shows a singular lack of business common sense. All the stadia for a start, have different seating capacities, different facilities, different agendas. THE ONLY COMMON FACTOR IS – 19 Home Games in the English Premier League, and the revenue from these games are ALL different for ALL the clubs in the EPL.

    If I may defer to your superior wisdom, I would also pity them for their ignorance of The Arsenal WAY!

    BTW, the last game was on the 13th May 2012, and RVP has not invoked Article 17 of the FIFA Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players. NOW all together, Hip, Hip, Hip, Hoorah!!!!

  184. C @ 4:50:

    I agree completely but how many owners like the Rooney’s are around? The Steelers were able to win championships because American football did have some control over players wages. Wage caps are not really fair to the players since it artificially limits their earning ability and inevitably puts a much bigger share of the money in the owners pockets but it makes the sport more competitive and give more chances for smaller teams to win things. In baseball Tampa Bay has done a remarkable job with limited budgets but they haven’t won any trophies. Arsenal has done an amazing job of staying competitive despite its limitations which is 100% related to Arsene. I still believe we could have done even better had we not gone overboard with the frugality thing but thats irrelevant other then it makes good fodder for blog discussions. As an Arsenal fan I would love to see some sort of wage cap and other restrictions placed on European football that evened the playing field between us and ManU, Chelsea, City, Barca etc etc but allowed us to keep our big advantage over the rest of the PL and smaller clubs in Europe. Not very fair or sporting to the smaller clubs but tough on them. Time will tell how it all works out.

  185. @Philmar

    Not as much as you think. Because you can draft somebody and say they become great but want to play for another team they just go sign a contract. The best thing the US adopted for me is teh salary cap; teams can only spend so much on a team and players can only make so much. That is the best thing IMO. It allows for teams to still be great teams but doesn’t allow them to stock pile players like the Chavs or Manshitty do.

    Imagine it like this, Manshiteh last summer would have had to release players or pay players alot less. For me that levels the playing field so that teams can’t make expensive mistakes without paying for it. Most of the time in the US if you release a player you must still pick up his wages for the rest of the season or whatever thus not allowing teams to just freely sign and release players. Do I honestly think it would work in futbol, probably not but I wouldn’t mind seeing it tested but the salary cap would have to be big enough to compensate for a full roster.

  186. Silver Gunner | May 31, 2012 at 5:07 pm “last summer was quite frankly a shambles.”

    That is one of those things I’ll never agree with, no matter how many times people pass it off as fact or how the media chose to cover it. It was what it was and couldn’t have been any different.

  187. @Bill

    The wage structure in a capped sport though does allow for the best players to make the most and is based solely on market value and not value to the team. Now with that they could also incorporate which is inplace sort of a trade type of transfer to allow for more player movement not just funds movement. But like I said it would be rather difficult because of the amount of money that is already on the table..

  188. Philmar:

    I agree about the draft. It would help to level the playing field a bit, but the downside is that it would bring the smaller teams closer to us. Its a double edged sword in that regard.

    A draft would be a good thing for futbol but it would be very difficult to administer because of differing labor laws in different countries etc. The pool of talent is so international and the clubs involved come from the entire world and have such an increbible difference in resources? Do you think Leo Messi would sign a contract if he was drafted by Blackpool? If you postulate some sort of super league then the smaller teams would get even a smaller share of the pot. Its impossible to come up with fair solutions for everyone.

  189. my question is this? How much money is guarenteed? How much is up front. How much is back loaded or front loaded. In the NFL contracts are signed for six years. X amount is upfront. lets’45 million. Then the contract is x amount per year. Usually at the end of three years the club will re do the contract or fire the player.

  190. Don’t mean to go off topic but I was reading something and found it to be amazing. Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez is 1st on 23 yrs. old and his goal scoring for Mexico is fantastic, damn I wish we had him: 23 goals in 34 international appearances

  191. C:

    I agree that some sort of wage cap has to happen in futbol, but tough to administer over the multiple countries and multiple FA’s involved

  192. Markus @5.53 I’m playing devil’s avocado on this but there seems to be those who decry the summer as a mess and those who argue to the opposite – that it was no one’s fault, we don’t know the full story or just that it was unavoidable.

    I do feel confident that those who reduce it to being solely ‘a shambles’ are guilty of being simplistic regarding the difficulties that were faced. Ditto those who state, as if fact, that it was ‘unavoidable’.

    The only thing I am sure of is that that we don’t know the full story.

    That said I have little doubt many mistakes were made and that if Wenger and co had the opportunity they would do it in an entirely different fashion. Such is hindsight.

  193. @Bill

    Yea I know that’s the issue but I think it would hav to come from FIFA and we all know that those fuck thwats are so greedy that it would never happen.


  194. Jonny @ 6:02:

    Truth is always somewhere in between the 2 extremes, which why fence sitters have evolved. 🙂

  195. Great. Also regarding the last paragraph does podolski not count for some?

  196. pedantic george

    Jibber was binned and the place was much better for it,
    Now he is back and as big a tedious cunt as ever.
    Do us all a favour .You know what needs to be done.Just do it,
    Pretty please?

  197. ‘Are more evolved’, you mean Bill. 😉

  198. pedantic george

    Markus .I agree.
    Last summer we did well in the end.all things considered.

  199. Jonny @ 6:36:


  200. I quite enjoy Banfield’s review of the youngsters who caught his eye the past season.

    I agree with coach.

  201. JD might be on his way to Juventas lol I’ll believe it when I see it.

  202. Notoverthehill

    Yogi, with your daily output you generate a lot of thoughtful people into responding , with a dozen or so as if they are Mr Wenger.

    There are one or two who, even YOU cannot educate! FACT!

    The only constant for ALL 20 clubs in the English Premier League is the fact that they all play 19 home games. All the stadia are not equal and therefore the matchday revenues differ. Therefore to compare one club with another without eliminating the differences, is Sporting Intelligence pseudo-scientific hogwash! A certain Judge gave a prime cachet to their findings, by awarding a Ben Collett, damages based on their “research”. The Professional Footballers Association will by the very nature of human grievances, have a wealth of data based on BASIC earnings in the lower leagues. BUT not the English Premier League salary structure which comprises, Basic, Age, Appearances, Bonuses, International selection, First Team Squad member, hotel expenses, team suits, track suits etc.

    As for the gripe about last summer, Diaby, Wilshere, Gervinho, Song, Jenkinson, Koscielny, Gibbs, and I do not remember who else, were not available. In other words, for a certain fixture in Manchester that gone down as a game of shame in the annals of The Arsenal, it was a SCRATCH XI that could not include Clichy, Fabregas or Nasri. The sequence of the games in August 2011 are ALL available on, and other Arsenal dedicated sites.

    It does take a very ignorant person to evade the necessary research into WHY!

    It would seem that RvP has not invoked Article 17 of the FIFA Regulations on the status and Transfer of Players.

  203. When exactly do The Arsenal start back? It is just not the same without them…

    @Goonerkam – No, I will not be making it over to Poland/Ukraine. The Girlfriend and I are instead going to Ireland/Greece/Turkey in August and unfortunztely we cannot affor both.

  204. My telepathy isn’t what it used to be but I would have imagined that if there are any regrets for the season 10/11 that they do not focus on the summer holidays but upon decisions such as who should be Captain after the last WC. There were many threads here upon the topic, many which some agreed with, some which I did not agree with*. So I don’t really need to bore anyone to death with the fascinating details. Despite the convictions of the residential martyrs you can indeed find some various critiques of some stuff going on at the club at various times such as at the beginning of the 10/11 season in the aclf archives. Don’t get me started on the lack of trees in the Grove. Criminal. Wait. I forgot the statues. They’re good, are they not. Adams’ posture is a little treeish. Entish I suppose. Works for me. Sorted then!

    *Sshhhhhhhh! Apparently no one ever disagrees upon this blog. That’s why I feel some sympathy for the Jibbering fool. In truth, that last bit was a lie.

  205. M’vila must have signed for us. He just injured his ankle in a friendly.

  206. LOL Dups 🙂

  207. Le french looking impressive…bugger.

  208. What you worried about Duke? Woy has called on Henderson so everything will be fine. 😦

  209. Watching the france match also, i don’t think it is a coincidence now that le blues are keeping a clean sheet with Koscielny in and Evra, mexes shouldn’t even be on the team ahead of kosser, cabaye also looks good.

    Now time to scout Giroud, to be or not to be. Did i mention nasri looks like a cunt?

  210. What’s the score dudes?

  211. “Chelsea really wanted me last summer and paid a lot for me but after a while I thought, are you just throwing money around?” Lukaku seems to know the score.

  212. tell me about it dups, what the feck has henderson done to warrant an england call up this season.

  213. dukeG

    I posted my England lineup last week. It was the best I could manage with the lack of quality on offer. Henderson??? Oh jeehayzusss, that player from Wigan deserved a place in front of the god awful Henderson.

  214. Dexter, 2 – 0 france winning.

  215. Much obliged Khali

  216. I don’t understand why the english team refuse to call up carrick, he is a far better player than both barry and henderson combined!

  217. That is Jabba to backside.

    Snake in the grass style to blow wow!

    So more points and a place gained in not improvement? I wonder how ‘Arry feels about that one place?

  218. What about Carrick?? i know he has a face you want to slap but he is a very good player. i hate to say it.
    couldnt woy dig scholes up. fukin i’d rather Barton, at least we will go down fighting!!

  219. Saw this before Khali;

    Carrick told the FA he did not want to be a bit part player – unfortunate for Hodgson that 2 experienced central midfielders have gone down. @philmcnulty 3 hours ago

  220. Notoverthehill

    Yogi, for the AA23 loyal fans!

    I have been scrolling through the Russian site, finding out the truth about AA23 in the friendly game.

    “Аршавин пытался в одиночлу спасти Отечествою”

    “Хотя он много бегал и боролся”

    The first refers to the fact that AA23 alone tried to save the Fatherland! The second refers to the fact that he ran and battled throughout the game.

    This is culled from the site. From a St. Petersburg site, one dissident, said AA23 stood around like a tourist watching the game!

    Some silly billy tried to wind PG up with some tripe from a Daily Heil jobsworth! My suggestion is that PG should embellish his industrial badinage with something like “quim” or “go and point your Percy at the porcelain somewhere in Outer Mongolia”.

    The same word time and time again as an insult, seems to have a life of it’s own in the U.S.A., or is that the “wetbacks” slang?

  221. No *cough* pro *cough* blem. Aaa chuumm, Excuse me.

  222. beat me to it khalifha, khalifha you come up with some very intelligent points sometimes you know.

  223. Dexter, strange comment from carrick, err who the fcuk does he think he is, scholes?

  224. hart
    richards lescott cahill baines
    oxo gerrard parker young
    theo defoe

    this would be my england team, obviously Richards isn’t there for some fucked up reason.

    looks good , no cole, terry, rooney, lamps..its very supportable.

  225. Duke, even though you sound surprised i will take it as a compliment, thanks.

    Guys, am shitting my pants here, koscielny has entered bosscielny mode, am telling you he is manning the central defence alone, mexes is just a spector.
    Am talking about 3 interceptions in a row!, headers, tackling in the first half, the serbian striker must think there are 3 clones of kosser in that fuckin field *takes in deep breath* sigh.

  226. His awesomeness had to get out sooner or later. I can’t believe Mexes is even in the squad tbh.


    Swap Jones for Richards and Carroll for Defoe and that/s my lineup from the present squad. Although I have them playing a 4-2-3-1 formation as they is the style of the time.

  227. Theres only one koscielny, sing it with me, theres only 1 koscielny.

    Duke, this is what my england lineup would look like, realistic and has a little quality.

    Johson Terry Jag A.cole
    Parker Gerrard Rooney
    Theo Carroll Young/Ox
    After rooney’s ban of course

  228. later on could put wilshere in for parker and gibbs in for baines and thats 4 gooners in there, that will get the aclf masses getting behind england eh!!

  229. Dexter, wenger has done it again, kosser looks too damn tasty.

    Defoe has to be an impact sub, i would play rooney in the No 10 role, but carrick or scholes would have been perfect as a deep lying playmaker.

  230. some more impressive drowning stats,

    england stats.

    played 34…goals 0…assists 0…crosses….230

  231. Laurent Koscieeeeeeellllnnnyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  232. I think it sucks that both Swansea and Norwich are set to lose their impressive managers to two bonehead teams like Liverpool & Aston Villa.

    I was looking forward to how both teams would to perform in their sophomore seasons.

    Lucky for Kroenke he invested in the best-run club on the planet…damn Yanks!

  233. ‘I can only imagine he was seething as Chelsea won the CL.’


    not quite sure… maybe abramovic slipped him a few grand?

  234. a champions league without real madrid, juventus, barcelona certainly doesnt feel right… but a champions league with chelsea and man city feels wrong too.

  235. Hay IRISH GRAY, sounds like a great vacation next summer.
    DEX, that Lukaku kid is very bright. It only took him one season to figure out he is Romans trophy wife. I mean player.

  236. So Roman’s just spent another 38 million on Hulk to add to the 32 million for Hazzard. Good to see he’s worried about FFP.

  237. Mata, Hazard, Hulk and Torres. £140+ million

  238. According to Theo’s brother Theo is now on twitter.


  239. It looks like a contest between mansir and roman as to who has the longest shlong. Anyways, they can only play eleven at a time. All they are accomplishing is putting some players careers into hibernation. Do they care?? Not a jot.the whole thing is insane in the membrane.

  240. Forget that about Theo on twitter. It’s a false account AGAIN. What is wrong with people.

  241. why would theo go on twitter and get slagged off by a bunch of cunts.

  242. to think of it i dont know why george goes on there.

  243. pedantic george

    who are you calling a cunt?

  244. lol.

  245. so this hulk signing for chelsea……i suppose we will have to feel green with envy!

  246. yeah that gag can look bad.. i meant you getting slagged off by cunts george not you being the cunt that slags people off!

  247. pedantic george


  248. pedantic george

    Hey ,you got your cannon back

  249. no chance of getting out of your black book now is there george??

  250. I saw Hulk play when Porto got beaten by four or six goals at TNHOF.

  251. pedantic george

    You have never been in it Duke.
    You are nothing if not genuine.

  252. nice one george, i can sleep a wee bit easier now!!

  253. pedantic george

    You see I offer you my virtual hand and you do a Tim Lovejoy on me.Schoolboy error on my part

  254. Awww, kiss and make up,

    Pedantic, any chance that i could get out of the blackbook? :-/, not my favourite colour you know.

  255. pedantic george

    I get the impression you don’t care one way or the other .

  256. Ah George, you know me so well 🙂

  257. Again FFP ruling my arse, so chelsea are paying 32 million to lille for hazard, a salary of £200,000 per week, adding up to 10.4 million a year for a 21year old player from lille. Not to mention, his agent will be paid £6m for brokering the deal, madness!
    According to reports, chelsea were the only club willing to match hazard and his agent’s terms, figures. Why else would he choose chelsea that just finished 6th in the league ahead of man city’s millions or man utd success, same reason na$ri chose city, for the ££££££££ and uefa can’t do shit about it.

  258. RVP

  259. The Arse in the Gamb

    FFP – Political Sop, Financial Fop or just more regulations from people and organisations who only know how to milk the cow?
    Go Shitty Go.

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