Transfer Round-Up, Ramsey On The Future With Euro2012 Injury News

At this time of year – the lull between season end and competition commencement – that the media thrive on transfer gossip; who’s going where, when and for how much. That last question would be irrelevant had Sir Henry Norris managed to persuade the Football League that his idea were based on sound footing. No ‘Undisclosed Fee’ against the logs and records. But he did not and the game has imploded financially as a result. Or certainly transfer fees are a big factor.

It would not have changed the hullabaloo surrounding Robin van Persie’s future though. Whilst he was off galavanting through the Bulgarian defence to score in The Netherlands 1 – 2 defeat, the rumour mill was turning full circle but making no attempt to sort the wheat from the chaff. Arsenal it seems are resigned to the fact that the cheque book will have to be dusted off to convince the Dutchman that they will be able to challenge for the trophy. Suspicions remain that Arsène‘s supreme confidence that his captain will stay is based on something altogether more sinister with Paul McKenna caught sloping out the back window of the manager’s Totteridge home following the recent talks with van Persie over his future. Those suspicions were not put to rest with the Dutchman’s Foghorn Leghorn impressions every time he gets into a lift.

Having heard Bacary Sagna talk of van Persie’s future, Aaron Ramsey how the younger players perceive his importance to the team. Speaking ahead of Wales match against Mexico in New York, the midfielder was effusive in his praise of van Persie‘s individual achievements last season and in no way sought to underplay his contribution to the team. More telling was the Welsh captain’s assessment of his own season,

It’s been my first full season. I thought I started well and then had some ups and downs towards the end. Overall, I am happy with the way things have gone. From where I was with the injury that I had I think I’ve done pretty well. It was a long season and it was something my body has not been used to. It was quite obvious that I would get tired towards the end. To ask me to play to a high standard week in, week out in the Premier League when you think of the pace that goes with it, was very physically demanding.

People do forget how long I was out of the game and what happened.

No Aaron, I don’t think people do forget; in some cases, it is easier to ignore that because it suits their agendas. He is not daft and has picked up on the vibe surrounding his inclusion in the team. Criticism of him at times was harsh, Alex Song’s forays into the opposition half quite often left Ramsey exposed as the sole defensive midfielder. That was particularly apparent against Norwich where it quite often seemed that Ramsey was Canute-like in holding back the tide of Canary yellow shirts after sloppy loss of possession further up the pitch. The impact of his injury should not be underplayed; even now it will still be in the back of his mind as he goes into challenges. Too often, such psychological damage is ignored.

The speed of Ramsey’s rise has been overshadowed by The Shawcross Intervention. He has managed about two seasons worth of games in his career so far and that should not be forgotten; he is a young man learning his trade. Expectations though are unfeasibly high and my own view is that he was a convenient scapegoat for some to choose as injuries took their toll across the midfield. Still, he will have Stephen N’Zonzi for company next season. Yeah, I laughed as well, especially when West Ham are the only other serious competition for his signature. I suppose the benefit will be that the shirt printing team in the club shop will make inroads into the stock of ‘z’s’ which have been piling up in recent years.

Elsewhere Manuel Almunia may have cleared out his locker too soon with injury once more wrecking an Arsenal player’s summer, this time Lukasz Fabianski will not be able to use Euro2012 as a shop window as shoulder-aargh has forced his withdrawal from the Polish squad. Szczesny will have to stop taunting Spurs for five minutes and concentrate on his game instead. Tomas Rosicky meanwhile believes he is not going to be injured for long.

That’s it for this morning’s round-up. ’til Tomorrow.

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  1. mumbai gooner

    whenever I hear shawcross my blood starts to boil

  2. YW,
    Wise words indeed from you about Ramsey. Too much is expected too soon from the young in football. Ramsey is, as you say, still an apprentice AND not yet 100% recovered from a grievous assault.
    Next term he must be given full support from Day1, along with whoever Arsene selects for every game.

  3. I can’t fault szescney, he is young and says what all arsenal fans think, it might not be the best way to go but still better than so many cliche ridden comments from footballers *cough* walcott *cough*.

  4. The nzonzi rumour has agent double o cunt written all over it.
    As for ramsey, everyone on this blog took into consideration that ramsey was out for a year, regaining his best form was going to be tough but certain people have the reasoning capacity of a goat entering a lion’s den, i like to think of them as the assembly of cunts(piers morgan and legrove species), but notwithstanding i would prefer ramsey sent out on loan to a premier league club, we have rosicky, wilshere and hopefully a new attacking midfielder competing for his position.

  5. Leave Walcott out of it.

  6. YW

    Do you really think we would keep Almunia because Fabianski is injured.It shouldnt make no difference.They should be both out the door
    We need a experienced back up keeper to push Szczesny whose form dipped when he knew there was no pressure on him from the other 2

    As for N’Zonzi tell me thats a joke.Its M’Villa we should be after

  7. Johm t… ”We need a experienced back up keeper to push Szczesny whose form dipped when he knew there was no pressure on him from the other 2” … Wow! so his shoulder injury had nothing to do with his form, it dipped cause there was no competition right?, yogi i think this aclf blog has found its very own einstein, i crown thee ‘john terri’ the first member of the battalion of cunts, you must be very proud.

  8. N’Zonzi does not seem like that much of a joke to me. Steve Stammers is a journalist with solid AFC contacts and N’Zonzi does have PL experience. He is also affordable for a club that has to manage within it’s own means.

    Szczesny is not a supporter, he is supposed to be a professional so he needs to grow up and start acting like one. He could learn a lot from Theo about how to conduct himself off the pitch.

  9. Heh, Alex song again!

    So song made the ref overtake
    ramsey twice! On the norwich
    counter attacks?
    So when ramsey was still our
    “creative” midfielder ahead of
    song and arteta it was all song
    to blame all those games? Talk
    about other people pushing
    their agenda – song you’ve
    been through it all your
    arsenal career, when you were
    poor even now that you are
    very good.
    So it was song when ramsey
    was deployed on the wings
    (ahead of better wingers!)
    And i don’t hate ramsey but let
    everyone carry their own
    Maybe song “made” ramsey
    look poorer than he is but he
    didn’t make arteta or rosicky
    look bad and considering the
    numbers then i would have
    song-mikel-tommy look good
    any day over trying to look for
    a player who will make ramsey
    look good. And song sure
    didn’t make fabregas look bad.
    And if he makes rambo poor
    then denilson is not to blame
    for being crap. It was song all
    those years. Sorry mr Nevez,
    come back, we get rid of song
    and you partner ramsey. Then
    we will have both denilson
    and denilson 2.0 on the field.
    That will scare barcelona!!!

  10. Khalifa

    You answered your own question.Wenger would rather play an injured keeper than the other two

    Just stick to making abusive comments

  11. I actually like N’Zonzi. If M’Villa’s people place too high a price on his services, then why not N’Z? Young, strong, mobile, two-footed, PL-vet, PV-esque tall frenchie, cheaper, huge potential under AW…..could work.

    Concerning Rambo, I must confess I was a lot more understanding AFTER the season. If we had missed qualifying for the CL he would have been my scapegoat #1 bar none which would have been unfair because he does not select himself to play. Maybe to get stronger he needed to be played outside his comfort zone? Only AW knows…

    Goalie-wise, time for new energy. Almunia should go. Fabianski’s shoulder just might delay his exit till January but I expect his wish for 1st team action to be granted this season. Ditto Don Vito.

  12. Shawcross – arrrrgggghhhhhhhhh!!

    Ramsey will be fine, just look to Arteta son, he will see you right. Aaron is an intelligent chap by all accounts, at least he seems that way from listening to him talk, so he knows he has to improve. And i reckon he will and be a mainstay in the team for years to come.

    A shame for Fabz for missing out on the comp on his own turf, but fit or not i reckon he will leave us, he wants games and the Szcz is ahead of him for club and country now. I love that Szcz is a fan and talks like one. Bac does the same.

    N’Zonzi, meh. Handy player an’ all but ill take the other ‘ player M’Vila please 🙂

  13. N’zonzi. yep that will show rvp. truth is we need to pull off a few big signings to keep rvp now…money is clearly not enough, we could offer him £300,000 a week it wont mean shit.

  14. van persie will never b praizd if he wanna leave he must go in peace not to bring panic in our team. y alwayz him? the problem iz that he z coward-anever held him teling arsene wenger direct if he want new faces. fabrigas was alwayz open, he once told the team if thy not bring experiance signingz he wil leave-arsenal did not manage off he went thats the leader we need not ths one alwayz hiding whats on mind. if he wish arsenal wel let him demand for new faces he want then if arsenal wil fell to bring them then he can go. its not that we dont want him to stay no but we r fedup with everythng

  15. what is wrong with szeszny saying what he said?

    i myself am not laughing at the spuds because i would rather see them in the qualifiers than abraomivc lifting that trophy he bought. but if some fans can stomach that to laugh at the spuds, go ahead.

    i think it is good that players are fans as well. for obvious reasons: loyalty, more passion.

  16. Having watched m’villa and n’zonzi play i know who i would prefer and its not the n’zonzi.

    Also, like i say, different strokes for different folks, so passenel although i would prefer if szescney was more proffesional i enjoy watching his off the cuff interviews and not the constant clichè ridden ones most footballers give, they almost sound programmed.

  17. I think the chances of us signing M’Villa are remote. Arsenal cannot and will not attempt to get into auctions with the likes of Man City, Chelsea etc. Just look at the Hazzard situation this week – “I will make a choice between ManU, Man CIty and Chelsea this week”. A few days later all of a sudden Arsenal are mentioned. This is purely his agent trying to increase his wages and trying to get one of the other clubs to panic and offer more.

    We were linked with Stefan Radu yesterday as were Man City. On paper he sounds like a great signing but what ever we offer in wages Man City will just blow us away. The players we need to go after are a little more off the radar. Go back to what Wenger has always been great at signing players that other clubs are aware of but ignore because they are not a superstar name and then turn them into a star.

  18. duke,
    there’s only so much the Arse can do concerning “big” signings. AW will make the best possible signings within the club’s best possible wage structure. RvP’s been with us long enough to know how it works. If Rennes want 20million+ for M’V, he won’t be in r&w next season period.

    Do I have a problem with that given the economic climate?
    NO, as long as we have an adequate replacement. N’Z works for me.

  19. One thing that has not been mentioned regarding RVP and a new contract is his injury record. He was phenomenal last season and it can’t be a coincidence that this was his 1st season without injury. Was last season the start of things to come or a freak 1 off?

    If RVP sign’s a new contract (and I hope he does) then spends part of the season injured the anti Wenger brigade will then start to slag him off for wasting money on someone they always new would be injured.

    Wenger can’t win either way.

  20. What constitutes big signings? Would pods, m’vila and vertoghen (*spelling) be enough. Or are we talking hazards and the kagawa goats, native to the german grasslands?

  21. Aaron Ramsey:

    Most Arsenal supporters have too high expectations for every Arsenal 18, 19, 20, and 21 year old players. In football your consistency usually improves by a player’s number of starts (club and/or national team) and with age. BOTH.

    Many need to be reminded that Ramsey returned from his injury in late ’10/’11 and started and scored the decisive goal against ManU at the Emirates.

    Maybe that match (& result) influenced everyone’s expectations that he had fully recovered and was ready for the ’11/’12 season.

    This season Ramsey gets high marks for his durability. There is no doubt that he has an engine to compete at any level of football. What was missing as the season progressed was consistency, a flaw for most his age.

    Some matches his technique and decision making deserted him. For his midfield play, his linking passes and losing ball possession (in our middle third, not attacking third) needlessly, magnified as the season progressed. Others here have commented that he holds the ball too long and slows down our play.

    All of the above issues are quite normal for a player of his age.

    Much will depend on who is fit for the start of next season, but at the moment Aaron is low man on the pecking order of midfielders.

    Sitting on the bench and being in our training sessions will only slow his development and dampen his spirits.

    It’s likely that Aaron has never been anything but a starter, so a loan appears to be a wise investment for his continued development.

  22. N’Zonzi is a donkey, a typical fat Sam signing; a big clogging lump. No wonder wet sham are in for him.

    Can’t see us being interested TBH.

    John T

    How do you know Szczesny’s form dipped specifically because he knew there was no competition? Thats a load of bollocks, your usual post then.

    Almost every number one knows they are guaranteed a starting spot.

  23. Most of us salivate for Jack’s return, but selectively fail to recall that for all the minutes and starts in the ’10/’11 season (as a 19 year old), Jack had a poor return of goals and assists.

    Similar stats as Aaron, except Jack’s ball management and linking play was consistent.

  24. Arsession

    You will have to keep that kind of chat to yourself man. There’s a few on here who think jack will simply walk back into the team and be a goal and assist machine! He said himself after last season that he needs to produce more, in terms of goals and chance creation.

  25. I think the trials and tribulations of this season will only make Aaron a better player. He seems a really intelligent and level headed person to me. I think he will be better again next season, with us, so I don’t see any need for a loan spell.

  26. Dex
    Certainly agree about Jack’s talent……..but there are also a few here who are more realistic about year long injuries and temper his return with caution.

    Even lately there was another medical procedure. I believe Arsene will guard his playing time.

  27. els, Podolski+M’V+Vert are big enuff for me way, no loaning Rambo. The more games the better like Theo. Same for Jack, Ox & Coq. They are our future.

    Dex, i disagree completely about N’Z. I say u recallibrate your critical meter. N’Z+Hoillet+Yakubu+Samba were the best of Blackburn. The Venkys really messed up. Thats a team with more than enough to stay up. Kean was not just the right gaffer for them.

  28. Good round up YW.


    I think deep down people don’t expect too much from Ramsey at this stage. We all know he’s a bit special at his age and that pre-injury he was managing great performances. That said when judging these performances we were taking into account his age again.

    He looked great for 19, was it? Now he’s back and it’s as if he’s been on the books for ages, so your first reaction is to want him to be consistent. But as everyone above has said when you think about it you realise it’s his first full season. And that’s the thing it’s only when you think about it. But when you are watching a league game at the business end of the season you don’t think do you. You use your heart and when people aren’t threading though defensive cutting passes with every touch or tackling back to win the ball effortlessly Vieira style you get frustrated.

    Still this is no excuse for those taking that extra step. If you are still bitter about a performance of a young player after the match then you need to give your head a shake this is Arsenal and it’s due to these chances given to youngsters that we land the likes of Ramsey and Chamberlain over the ManUe’s of the world. If you don’t accept it you are in for a rough ride.

  29. Aman;

    Ha! OK man, will recallibrate! Recallibration complete…

    He’s still a donkey! 🙂

    I would take Hoillet from Blackburn if we are going after any from Ewood.Park.

  30. ok..gotit Dex…where do u propose we play Junior then?

  31. He can play wide left or central AM Aman. I just think he’s a very tudy player, good defensive awareness and hard working too. Primarily I think if we signed him, he would be a squad player, but could develop into a very good player, especially under AW.

    Plus he would be £4-5m.

  32. tudy = tidy

  33. Aman, I’d think so too. Also surely the captain knows enough about our rivals that he will not demand we sign a hazard or Kagawa?

    As far as your point goes on N’Zonzi, I’d be inclined to go with your thoughts on him. I think he could be a decent player for us. 2 seasons ago Wenger put an emphasis on signing more EPL experienced players. Since then we have got in Arteta and Yossi. N’zonzi could have a touch of truth to it. Just because a player has played at a club we deem unfit it shouldn’t tar them with the shit brush.

    But let’s be honest I don’t think vP is going to whoop with joy at that arrival.

  34. good post yogi hope shawcross gets diarrhoea that lasts for a year and stop taunting the spuds? your having a laugh.

  35. but @ whose expense?

  36. Get real N’Zonzi Kalou and Hoilett are not good enough for a team that wants to win the league

    Let Fat Sam have N’Zonzi again

  37. Oh the football genius has spoken I see. Hoillet had better stats than any of our midfielers bar Theo.

    Aman, if that was for me, then we dont really have anyone as a shoe in for position behind the main striker. Rosicky was played there and he played well, but he is more suited to a depper role I think. While the wide left position looks like Podolski’s, but he can also play as the central striker too.

  38. Well, unless Arshavin comes back and is played behind RvP. But seeing as how he;s not played there for us, I can’t see that happening, unfortunately.

  39. I’d like to see that;

    Sagna – Mertesacker – Koscielny – Gibbs
    Song – Arteta
    Theo – Arshavin – Podolski

    That’s a great looking team for me and with out any room for Jack, Rosicky, Ramsey, Oxo kid, M’Villa!

  40. Yo Dex, you won’t believe the stats i saw on song, he has better attacking stats than David silva, that was not a typo, david silva!, okay the most important one which is assists is silva-15, song-11, buy still that was really surprising. Check out 7amkickoff for the complete review.

  41. Also, i don’t know if you have seen m’villa play but am telling you viera would have been proud. One moment he is putting in a slide tackle, two minutes later he was giving fabrègas esque through ball, players like that don’t sit on the bench, ya digg.
    I also noticed you chose gibbs over santos, smart man.

  42. Dex i like Junior but his inclusion threatens Theo, Gerv, Ryo, Ox & AA. He’s no Iniesta. AW’s loyal to his young players. He’s no Mancini.

    I’m just praying AA kills it at the Euros and forces AW to reboot his gooner career as a 10.
    I dig your line-up +’- M’V in place of Song or Arteta

  43. khalifa,
    Vieira’s pride would be counterproductive for us don’t ya think?

  44. Khalifha

    We haven’t signed Y. M’V man! Thats why he wasn’t in my line up dude!


    I think the squad is strong, but could be stronger, particularly in the AM dept. Hoillet is a versatile player and can play several positions, so he wouldn’t be killing anyone mate. I am sure there are better players around, but he is young, PL experienced and out of contract.

  45. Lets see Dex, with all probables in place?

    1 Szc-Gordon?-Martinez
    2 Sagna-Coq-Jenks
    3 Gibbs-Santos-Frimp
    4 Kos-Per-Bartley/Vert?
    5 Verm-Djou-Miquel
    6 Song-Diaby-M’Villa?
    7 Theo-Ox-Yossi?
    8 Arteta-Jack-Rambo
    9 RvP-Campbell-Odemw?/Hugo?
    10 Podolski-Mozart-AA
    11 Gerv-Ryo-Hoilett?

    33-man killer squad.
    Expensive but…
    Martinez, Frimp, Miquel, Ryo could be loaned out?

    Swiss manager advises Djourou to leave us for regular action..would help if Bartley or Vertonghen pans out.

  46. I think adding M’V practically annuls the career of Frimp.
    same thing for Miquel & Bartley if we bring in Vertonghen
    and Hoilett threatens Ryo & Ox

    why bother with Junior though. Its not like he’s that much better, is he?

  47. Aman, i doubt m’villa and viera have the same personality.

    Dexter, it looked like you had m’villa, wilshere, rosicky e.t.c on the bench @2:39

  48. Aman, we are on the same page, i don’t think hoilett is better than chamberlain but he is one of the best dribblers around and that can only be a good thing if added to our squad.
    Then again i don’t see the need for him.

  49. if we add Hoillet why bring back Yossi?

    would RvP be satisfied enough to re-sign if we bring in:
    M’Villa, Hoillet, Odemwingie, Gordon + Podolski +/- Vertonghen?????

    would you be satisfied Dexter? Khalifa? ACLFer?

  50. khalifa, i meant Vieira would hijack him & sign him for Shitty. Isn’t De Jong leaving them?

  51. I doubt we will re-sign Yossi TBH. Ryo and Miquel will most probably be sent out on loan. Bartley hopefully will be given a chance to show the boss what he is made of.

    I don’t know if Hoilett is loads better than Oxo kid or Ryo, but he has a shit load more experience and did really well in a struggling team, plus he isnt afraid to put in a defensive shift. He’d be a decent squad player, the notion he would threaten Chamberlain’s playing time doesn’t make sense to me, as they could both play at the same time.

    If we are signing players purely to convince RvP to stay, then that’s not really the way forward IMO.

    A back up GK, Hoilett, Podolski, M’Villa and a top class AM should impress him though! 🙂

  52. I’d be fine with “just”: M’Villa + Odemwingie (or Hugo) + Gordon (+ Podolski)… and if AA leaves because AW refuses to play him in CM, bring back Yossi!

    my (cough).. final word!…(cough)

  53. Haha! OK Aman, I will remind you, you said its your final ‘cough’ word man!

    Not sure Odemwingie’s an option man, prefer the Giroud rumours if I am honest, or indeed Dempsey (who can play in any forward position).

  54. Just realized Hoillett, Odemwingie & Hugo are essentially the same veteran 3rd striker/winger position its been said we need.

    ok Dex, I agree.
    That top-class AM is where we’re light for options. Damn Hazard!
    I say we wait another season, use AA there & make enemies feel the wrath of a pimped out Jack ‘n’ Abou, the magic of Mozart, the steely art of Arteta & the uber-poignsncy of the Ox with a splash of welsh wizardry to boot!

  55. hadn’t stopped coughing Dex..(cough)..(cough)…my cough’s been known to last 3 months the way
    poignsncy = poignancy

    Giroud?…naah, I’d rather an EPL-vet than another fickle garcon

  56. Haha! O ‘cough’ K then man.

    I just mentioned Giroud as I’d rather him than Odemwingie dude.

  57. Seriously don’t know why but i still can’t believe we bought a player of podolski’s quality, i haven’t felt this good about a signing since arshavin – so this is how chelsea and city fans feel during the summer’ rat bastards.

  58. Aman and dex, i think you guys need to go see a doctor, you might be having a serious case of whooping cough.

  59. lol’s to coughing all the way to the EPL & CL titles in 2013!

  60. To be honest at this point I don’t even think we’ll sign anyone. Every year we get carried away by paper talk. How the flip do they know that RvP has stated we need to make signings for him to re-sign. I’m sure he wants improvement yes. But can anyone show me a direct quote of him stating signings are needed?

  61. I say, clear your throat there els old chap…what do with the CASH from selling the 6-11 redundant players on our books?

    *cough*….we mos def will be making some player purchasing…*cough*cough*

  62. ‘cough… cough… cough’ I agree with ‘cough… cough… cough, cough’ Aman ‘cough’

  63. lollllllllll

  64. It’s not the cough that carries you off it’s the coffin they carry you off in.

  65. pedantic george

    Els,I think Duke has had the nod from RVP.He has told Duke he wants big signings or he is off.
    Duke is 100% on this it seems.I always believe Duke .His word is good enough for me.

  66. i’ll go when we do the double next year dups

  67. Football tonight

    Mexico v Wales
    France v Iceland
    Soccer Aid

    We have current or ex players in all those games.

  68. george,

    So you think rvp is just after the pat cash then???

  69. M’Villa doesn’t start for France, Cabaye of Newcastle does.

  70. Aman @6:02, cheers to that *raises glass*

  71. george your worse then my wife sometimes i tell ya, just like to make an argument for the sake of it.

  72. dex,

    lets buy Cabaye then.

  73. I was thinking that Dukeg! And Ben Arfa and Ba while we’re up north shopping.

  74. Well we shall see at the end of the window chaps. Let’s just say that if Wenger gets Pods a £20m+ player for £10 he’s not thinking “Sacrebleu! I have £10m to spend here.”

  75. I think we should sign that Will Farrell dude, he looks sharp.

  76. Dex, Duke while your “oop north” pop into Sunderland and get Mclane and Sessegnon.

  77. And that Craig Gordon on a free too.

  78. pedantic george

    Duke ,Are you saying you now don’t know exactly what Robin wants?Because you seemed too before.
    Me? I don’t have a clue whether he wants money,players, a 5 year deal .a statue or a fucking seat on the board.But I never said I did.
    So why ask me?

  79. george,

    i’m not listening, i’m in the spare room with me headphones on now.

  80. I think George is still upset coz you came home a bit worse for wear last night Dukegoon!

    Iceland just taken the lead vs France, Evra was piss poor and Stewart Robson gave him a load of stick.

  81. I think Robin wants trophies pg….silver f***ing trophies….and he’d play with Vern Troyer if he could simulate Messi, score 100 goals and hand AW friggin’ shiny silver trophies!!!..right duke?

  82. pedantic george

    Yes very good Duke.
    But I think you get my point.

  83. France losing 2 nil now and Evra once again at fault, along with Mexes. Whoever scored the goal for iceland, we should definitely sign him. RvP would like that.

  84. george,

    i’ll let you have the last word! i like an easy life!

  85. I don’t you’ll be getting any later unless you apologise man.

  86. pedantic george

    Yes Arsene had better match Robin’s ambition.I mean or else he might leave us .And then where will we be?
    A relegation dog fight,I will wager
    I mean he has carried us for the eight years he has graced us with is presence.And for a mere pittance I might add.

  87. Definitely no hanky panky for ya dukey judging by the foul mood she’s in tonight.

  88. It’s OK PG, Arsene said Robin’s definitely staying so no need to worry.. Remember how worried we were that cesc and Nasri would go and the boss eased our fears about them leaving.

    Hang on a minute…

  89. pedantic george

    I love Robin,But if he does not want to put his shoulder to the wheel.Fuck him.
    He is no Andrei Arshavin after all

  90. Dexter | May 27, 2012 at 8:39 pm

    I’m half watching it with the sound off since it’s Robson on the commentary. Iceland are doing the old 11 men behind the ball and pressing routine. I wonder if they can keep it up for the full 90 minutes?

    Small nations like Iceland have the advantage that with so few players to pick from, they probably play the same core of players on a consistent basis and probably play to a very simple game plan. The French players seem like strangers to each other and are either getting in each others way or leaving huge gaps while they all go to the ball instead of moving to receive it. Either Benzema is a bit selfish or the French players are only looking for him for goal scoring opportunities. They need a bit of variety in their play if they are going to pull this back.

  91. I watched Joel Campbell play for Costa Rica against Guatemala this morning where he was clearly man of the match. He assisted for two of Costa Rica’s three goals and he dribbled past defenders as if they weren’t even there. Now, I know Guatemala aren’t an exceptional side, but they are no slouches either. They’re competitive in CONCACAF and often finish just behind the states and Mexico. Also worth mentionioning is the fact that Costa Rica were down to ten men for forty minutes of the second half. They managed to beat Guatemala 3-2 because Campbell was left up front on his own and kept three defenders busy. He was direct, his passing was possitive and he was pretty good at leading the line on his own. He didn’t do a bad job of playing the lump when he was on his own upfront. Personally, I think that Wenger can make him as good as Van Persie.

  92. Passenal

    I wonder how seriously they are taking it TBH? Doesn’t seem like they are particularly bothered. Spain have a lot of players to choose from, yet they tend to stick with the same 11 every game don’t they? They play like a club side because they all know who will be doing what and where on the pitch, etc.

    I think France have slipped back and are just 11 individuals thesedays. They have some excellent players mind.

  93. George

    If only RvP was as selfless and committed as Arshavin man.

  94. Erm where to start
    Oh.kay, first off france has a star studed squad, i thought their golden generation all retired? De ja vu baiby.
    Now am trying so hard to enjoy the match but they keep showing nasri’s face, have i done anything to deserve this?, although, after catching a glimpse of bosscielny on the bench my mood improved, the man gives me joy.

    I know there was a time when wenger had to choose between ben arfa and nasri, obviously the 24million we got for nasri means wenger made the right decision, but ben arfa looks like the more talented player, he just needs to sort out his attitude.

  95. pedantic george

    Exactly Dexter,exactly.

  96. France score, good work by ben Arthur Mullard.

  97. Oh, and thanks a lot laurànt blanç(real mouthfull) for fuckin up my 4th scouting mission on m’villa.

  98. M’vila is not playing because he is with AW signing a contract.

  99. Time to check out Giroud, donkey or …… I will let him fill the gap.

  100. I do hope Arsene has remembered to ask Robin if it’s OK if we sign him dupsff!

  101. Afobe scored for England U19s

  102. Dupsffocuf, yup thats what i was thinking, not!

    Ribery still on the bench and nasri off.

  103. pedantic george

    Yes Dexter,Still I am sure he gave Arsene a list of his transfer targets to be working on while he is at the Euros.

  104. I remember people here asking for gourcuff, the man has lost his form and confidence badly, arsenal is not a rehab centre.

  105. And I also heard that RvP has demanded that darren Dein be made the agent of all Robin’s transfer targets too.

  106. khalifha

    He’s been f**cked by injuries I think man. Looked a class act at Bordeaux.

  107. He just got booed off when he was subbed.

  108. Dexter, the Spanish team is basically barca minus Messi, so it has to help their understanding! The French have a lot of talented individuals but they lack an orchestrator to pull it altogether on the pitch. They seem to have picked things up a bit second half, but Iceland are doing a lot of last ditch defending and cheating, which is not getting picked up.

  109. Dexter, he has lost form for the last year and a half, sounds a lot like torres. The french fans are not a very nice bunch, they are giving him a lot of stick.

    For all you pro giroud transfer here’s what i have noticed from a tactical point of view
    *Giroud+malouda = crossing the ball
    *Giroud+malouda= carroll+ downing
    *Arsenal=sexy football
    *Giroud=carroll football
    *Arsenal+Giroud=chamakh. I rest my case.
    Well there you go, the abc’s of giroud and arsenal, now who says tactics are complicated.

  110. Well if Blanc is going to persist with Mexes as his 1st choice CB, then I don’t give them much hope of doing anything. I thought England would struggle to win a game, but they will fancy their chances if this is a true reflection of what france have to offer.

  111. Ha! He just did a very sexy one two with Ribery for the equaliser Khalifha and the commentator’s loving Giroud’s work man.

  112. Ribery saves face for France!

  113. And another assist for Giroud!

  114. Was that Giroud’s assist? Khalifa I know it’s not to be relied upon, but check out Giroud’s goals and assists for Montpellier last season. There is more to him than you give credit for.

  115. Well there you go again, ‘and a knock down from giroud for adil rami’ – now where have i heard that before (lightbulb flashes) Carroll alert!

  116. pedantic george

    khalifha .What the fuck are you posting?
    I am a mathematical mastermind and I don’t know

  117. Oh carroll could only wish to do what Giroud can man, such as 21 goals and 9 assists last season.

  118. Khalifa, a striker who can link up play, give assists and score? What’s not to like?

  119. Pedantic, one moment please, let me go look for the sign that says fuck off!

    Passenel, there was a time that carroll scored goals too, yea those days when tv was still in black and white. But seriously, giroud looks exactly like carroll, carroll scored 11goals in the league before liverpool traded their brains for a bar of snickers and spent 35mill on him – my point is giroud won’t fit our game.

  120. I do get your point Khalifha.

    I like telling george to fuck off too! 🙂 No, seriously, the point about the similarities with the geordie piss head lump. But I just think Giroud looks a bit classier and loads more technically gifted.

    Then again, Dalglish was stuck in the 1980s in terms of his team tactics and formtaion, so Carroll could still come good.

  121. pedantic george

    Carroll wont come good.A bit like khalifha I think.

  122. Dexter, any striker that can make ‘john t’ look like a fool is a good player in my book. If he had stayed at newcastle that season am sure we would be talking about 20goals, ‘giroud looks a bit classier’, duh? He comes from the land of wenger.
    And yes, telling pedantic to fuck off feels so damn good.

  123. Bradys right foot

    The M’villa love in is puzzling me, im sure he is a very good player but he’s still very young and will have to adopt to the prem will he be the difference next season? If there talking 18 million why not just go and buy the best Dm in the league Lucas from the Scousers, tactically impecable, a ball winning machine and criminally underrated.

  124. A bit more maths for the annoying one
    Pedantic+aclf = Good times.

  125. Bradys right foot

    The “Lucas Law” is actually a wonderful tool in football discussion, put simply anyone who thinks he’s shit knows feck all about football. after a few stella in the sun i become quite omnipitent lol.

  126. BRF, we’ve tried to do business with Liverpool before – Alonso, Reina and got our fingers burnt. I can’t see us going back a 3rd time. It’s especially hard to buy players from a team without a manager.

  127. Jacobite Gunner

    In a fantasy land of arsenal signings but taking into account who is also relatively realistic, with potential to become much better and therefore add monetry value to the squad (I mention that because we still have 100 mill net debt and because of that we really do need to buy players who will become better and increase in value)

    Defensive Midfield

    A DM looks like a pretty obvious gap in our team, once arteta got injured, we lacked a midfielder with defensive discipline. I understand that some people believe song has neglected his defensive duties but I honestly believe this is for one of two reasons which are either (after the loss of nasri and more importantly Cesc) wenger told song to contribute more going forward or Song has taken on the responsibility upon himself to be more attacking, which if song did, I think is fantastic.
    A DM would get at least 30 games in his first seasons for us (allowing for settling in period as well) . I believe one is needed for the following reasons:
    -Frimpong will need to go out on loan again when he’s injury free
    -Coq still learning and will get 20-30 games a season because he can fill in both midfield positions when we are thin on the ground and he can also fill in both fullback positions (looks a fantastic prospect)
    -Song will probe b away for the ACN this jan and feb (if cameroon qualify that is)
    -lastly, song consistenly plays injury free season after season and you can notice sometimes that he gets tired after the new year period and could do with a bit of rotation.

    So my pick would be M’villa or this Capoue boy (who also looks a beast) and was in the french team of the year this season.
    M’villa Cost 15 mill
    Capoue Cost 10-12 mill

    Attacking Midfielder

    An AM is an alternative or even as an addition to the DM purchase because if we signed an AM then Song could be rotated with arteta in the DM role and wilshere could play in the other CM role. Rosicky was gr8 last season but I have my doubts with him playing gr8 or injury free all season and I do not believe that ramsey is good enough (YET) to play this role consistently (gr8 bench option tho imho) therefore if we do not bring in a DM, an AM is a must with my pick being Belhanda. Wilshere and ramsey can be benchers and slowly develop into 1st team players with both playing in the the other CM role that arteta played but also the AM role-please note that since wilshere was out injured all last season therefore he cannot be expected to play in the first team like dynamite straight away, this should be noted due to the pressure put on ramsey when rosicky got injured earlier in the season.

    AM-Belhanda who has lit of ligue 1 this season, even on par with hazard! Cost-10-12 mill

    In the other positions……we do not need a back up gk yet because fabby nor mannone have left yet.
    Hoilet or left winger, mmm, not sure, if wenger lets RYO go out on loan again, this would be a nice move but may be based on how much hoillet would want per week. I mean, he might demand 50 k a week although he wouldn’t be a first team player so he’d never be worth that.

    Striker, Giroud looks a good 1, but we do not need him at the moment either.


    I believe we may sign 1 more player but after that we will only sign another player if we can move on a couple of players and remove their contracts (I know we can all name a few of these guys).
    If we sign a player it will not be for silly money either and I agree with arsenal on this stance as well.

    We cannot just pay more money for players and more wages just because Man city/U/chelsea/PSG are skewing the market to ridiculous levels. We are still a club who is paying of over 100 mill of net debt (source: Swiss Ramble), anyone who wants a good read of arsenals financials, google swiss ramble or go on the Arsenal Untold site and look at their financials section. By 2015 we will be able to flex our financial muscles with our debt played off while the the tots, liverpool and chelsea will have to invest in thier squad while paying circa 400 and more to build a new stadium, ahahahahahahhaha-stuff them!

    In arsene we trust!

  128. Brady’s right foot, lucas may be the best DM in the league but m’villa is something else – there is almost no risk in signing him because he is already a star player. Take for example david silva, although he took a season to fully adapt to the league his quality shone through, that is exactly the type of player m’villa is(in terms of quality in his position), i promise you this guy is better than the best and has too much talent to fail in the Epl.

  129. Jacobite Gunner

    khalifha, good to c u on arsenal vision sticking it to that spud in disguise spectrum

  130. pedantic george

    And especially as they were shit without him last year

  131. Jacobite Gunner

    Aye dex, Giroud looks a much better player than Carrol, much more technically gifted with better anticipation and movement off the ball (a third of the price if we go for him too 🙂

  132. Jacobite, lol at the new stadium comment, that will drive arsenal fans crazy.
    Also, great rundown on all our transfer rumours and team needs. I havn’t seen capoue play so i cn’t comment on him, but having seen m’villa and belhanda i am convinced that they will be quality additions to the squad for the reasons you stated.

  133. For Khalifa

  134. Jacobite @10:31, if talks like a cunt, acts like a cunt and writes like a cunt then it is a spud – spectrum does not fool anybody, he has no love for arsenal.

  135. Jacobite Gunner

    ken khalifha, he’s a complete fud jockey, arse-banditing bawbag

  136. If RVP leaves this will kill us. He is the reason why we finished in third place. He lead the tema in scoring. Without RVP we’d be near the scrap heap.

  137. Jacobite, i couldn’t have described him better.

    Passenal, maybe i was been too harsh on giroud, he is an upgraded version of carroll. But i still maintain my stance, his game would not suit arsenal and we will not play to his strengths, don’t you agree?

  138. I’ve no idea if he is right for AFC, I just thought you were a little harsh on him as there seemed to be sufficient variety in his goals and assists to suggest that he is more than just a French Andy Carroll.

  139. A French Andy Carroll. What an awful thought.

  140. Frankie Boyle ‏@frankieboyle

    Oxlade-Chamberlain and Walcott’s families aren’t going to the Euro’s because of racism. Can’t John Terry just stay in another hotel?

  141. i honestly think giroud is an all-round player. same as llorente.

    and i don’t think carroll is all that bad. wenger did rate him highly.

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