The Great Arsenal Summer Clearout

The Great Arsenal Summer Clearout began yesterday with seven players released by the club. The impact of these departures is minimal, not even freeing up space in the Premier League squad. The wage bill is reduced and redistributed elsewhere – in theory at least.

Manuel Almunia was the most high profile – if you can say that – of the departures and I hope the Spaniard finds a club this summer. He was an easy target with his confidence shaken on a regular basis. Every conversation about him inevitably turns to Paris, the final lost because of the two goals conceded with no castigation of Lehmann or even Henry for spurning chances that were normally converted with a gluttonous haste. A convenient scapegoat for numerous occasions, Almunia’s recent performances for the first team featured some of his best with partial redemption coming against Barcelona in 2010.

Such exits inevitably turn attention to others considered to be surplus to requirements. Quite why Johan Djourou regularly features in these lists escapes me. There is a certain refreshing naivety in believing that Arsenal will be able to have four world-class centre backs at the club with two content to sit on the bench on a weekly basis. Perhaps we could phone Winstone Bogarde to see if he fancies signing up? We have four internationals at the club filling those positions; yes, Djourou is a Swiss international with thirty caps albeit gained mainly in midfield.

Taking a leaf out of Almunia’s book, I will be polite about Squillaci’s spell at the club. Unsuccessful, that will do to describe it. The usual suspects of Bendtner, Denilson, Vela and Fabianski are joined by Arshavin on the way out. None are surprising, most will depart with few tears offered. The Dane might be capable of much in his career but at this moment in time, it is hard to see him leading an Arsenal frontline – Dortmund are once more hovering in the wings – whilst Vela is ill-suited to English football.

It is a major clearout and Arsenal have a balancing act to strike. With players such as Campbell and Ryo returning from their loan spells, the wide forward positions have plenty of bodies. Reports suggest that Campbell has potential but is not yet ready for the Premier League; how true that is up to the manager decide whilst Miyaichi struck me as doing well at Bolton and is worth holding onto as a substitute.

We saw last season how injuries decimated the midfield and defence at times. The reserves have to be able to step in and to not replace any of these would be derilect in their duties; Arsène is certainly not that. Of course, we have our new signings Abou Diaby and Jack Wilshere coming back to strengthen the squad whilst Etienne Capoue  on the radar as back-up to Yann M’vila in case the Rennes midfielder decides that Eden Garbo’s decision-making timescales are a good example to follow.

Wilshere had successful surgery on his knee and his Twitter feed suggests that it went well with Jack seemingly in good spirits. Perhaps that is helped by Jermaine Defoe paying his losing bet to Cancer Research. In an age where footballers are regularly derided for greed and egotistical self-promotion, Defoe’s actions are a glimmer of hope although I am sure that the ubiquitous John Terry will take time out from saving the Euro to spoil it all.

The club described his recovery as not being ‘significantly‘ affected which all depends on how you define that word. The surgery itself suggested that something more serious was amiss than was being disclosed which is fair enough. Recent returns from injury for other players have not gone so well and caution with Wilshere is not to be criticised. It ends any vague hope that Stuart Pearce might have retained for him playing in London2012. Even if the player has recovered his fitness, is there any credible evidence that could be produced which would support him playing in tournament football with all of the intensity which that brings? I cannot see it myself.

Were Wilshere and Diaby to be fit for a season, the midfield would look strong. The addition of a purely defensive midfielder is seen as a panacea to all our defensive ills; there are other issues that I am sure will discussed at some point

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Long overdue clear out! Splendid.

  2. Er… First?

  3. 2nd & 3rd?

  4. None of the names on your “usual suspects” list is in the least bit surprising. The hope is that all business, in and out, can be done early so as to have a settled pre-season and make a much better start than in the season just ended. If we start well and get the confidence going early, who knows where it might take us?

  5. If you can stomach it, ACLF, go sprinkle some positivity on the miserable Gooner fanzine end of year review:

    It’s irritating and dumbed down and self-defeating and snarky – just like the hard copy! – but it does get read at the games so worth redressing the balance if you have a non-cunty view of how the club is doing, how it’s run and where it’s going.

  6. Haven’t posted in ages and when I do it’s a link to the online gooner… what a cunt. Sorry, Yogi!

  7. It will be hard to offload some of the players given their (reputed) wages. long overdue though. All decent players, but none (AA aside) with the quality to regularly represent Arsenal.

  8. Am a die hart arsenal fans from 96 til 2day i am grtful 4 dose players leaving pls what is remscy an chamak doing in d club? Big boys nt big name. Arsenal til i die

  9. I just completed The Gooner survey. Anyone who doesn’t put “Lionel Messi” when asked who they’d most like to see Arsenal sign must have something wrong with them.

  10. Major clearout indeed!

  11. “A new season awaits, emptying all closets, things must never be as tight ever again!”

    We finished 3rd.
    ‘Tis time to finish as championes.
    A well-determined clear-out coupled with quality buy-ins will make many a fan’s dream a closer reality.
    In the words of “the oracle”…..Arsene knows.

    Along with Shea, Almunia, Brislen-Hall, Hoyte, McDermott and Murphy, I expect
    Bendtner, Fabianski, Squilly, Park, Chamakh, Vela & Denilson to be sold or bought out.

    And a post-training camp exodus (or loan-out) for any of the following:
    Eastmond, Watt, Lansbury, Mannone & even Bartley.

    Henderson, Aneke, Afobe, Ozyakup, Eisfeld & Yennaris could be loaned out at different times in the season with some participation in the Carling cup due the worthy.

    A post-Euros discussion will finalize what happens with the great AA23. I hope he stays

    Also don’t see us not re-signing RvP, Walcott & Song…and Benayoun.

    The fresh faces we buy are anyone’s guess. My present lust-list includes the likes of M’Villa, Vertonghen, Rodallega, Jaaskeleinen or Gordon.

    May Vassiki Abou Diaby and Jack Andrew Gary Wilshere be fully fit and raring to go come August!

    We wait and we wonder..

  12. Completely agree Yogi with the list of those that are on their way to other locations. Thankyou for another season of posting what I consider one of the best blogs in the blogosphere. I read ACLF consistently everyday with an occasional foray into other locations. Enjoy the Summer everyone.

  13. Agree with keeping Ryo @ home this season. He’s ready.
    I hope Campbell proves he’s ready too during training camp.
    Oh and may Emmanuel Yaw Frimpong also make a full recovery asap!

    M’Villa’s the sealant we need in defence.
    It might be asking too much of Arteta to reprise last season @ his age, with his injury record.
    Truth is all our over-30s shouldn’t be expected to play @ optimum more than half the season. We’re going to need able deputies for MA8, TR7, AA23?, YB30?


  14. Jacobite Gunner

    If RVP decides to go and we get 25/30 mill for him then gr8, we will have done well out of it. We can use the funds to strengthen the 1st team and as an option, we could sell cham/vela but retain Nicky Bendtnar and have him as a credible back-up to poldi in the striker position. B52 does have talent and could quite easily score 15-20 goals for us in our team-we can use the excess transfer money to further pay down our net debt

  15. “A new season awaits, emptying all closets, things must never be as 2011/12!”

  16. ”Anyone who doesn’t put “Lionel Messi” when asked who they’d most like to see Arsenal sign must have something wrong with them.”

    Or maybe we’re just about sick of anything to do with that dirty Catalan club. Messi is just as much a cheat as the rest of them, it just gets glossed over because of his abilities.

  17. Methinks a specialist defensive midfielder would see more of our bench than anything else. Like DeJong found himself doing when City started actually playing football this season. Still, handy to have the option of bringing on someone to shore things up late on.

    On a related note, I wasn’t aware that Djourou played mostly in midfield for the Swiss. Interestingly he was used as an emergency shut-up-shop defensive midfielder a few times for us early in the season I recall. I wonder if he could do a job there. He’s usually on the bench as a defensive option anyway.

    But if a new midfielder is on the cards then this Capoue fella maybe makes more sense than M’Vila. Older and wiser (if the captain’s armband is anything to go by). And without the hyped price.

  18. No Jacobite, no RvP sale. He says no, he plays out his final contract year. Not going anywhere. We don’t need the dough like that .
    also, Forget Bendtner, he’s on that helium.

  19. Markus,
    a specialist defensive midfielder playing for AW will “suddenly” realize he’s more than just a DM and we’d be better for it.

    even De Jong’s been known to venture forward on the odd occasion

  20. summer clear out part two..
    what irks me is that players like almunia and squillaci havent been wanted by this club for a while and yet they refused to move and they saw out/seeing out their nice contracts they couldnt earn elsewhere..
    sounds like mercs to me..
    almunia irks me a person i liked him and was at the club a while so i dont blame him for seeing out his contract but i wont be polite about the other one..
    hes shite, hes a merc and he needs to fuck off so we can give his space to someone in the squad who deserves it..

    true about JD..hes a good player and ok for 4th will be difficult to keep 4 top cb’s happy without a season of injuries which is why its understandable JV may go somewhere else for first team football..

  21. i dont know what to make of almunia’s arsenal career. despite the support of most fans when he took over from jens, i felt his performance began to drop as a result of lack of concentration and over confidence. then his confidence began to suffer to a point that he almost lost all his confidence.
    i still feel he is not too bad for a third choice keeper but considering the performance of fulop againt us the last time, you would wonder if such a risk is worth taking.
    but to his credit, he respect our club.

  22. Almunia fully deserves respect in my view. He’s been of model behaviour throughout his time as a gunner. May his career continue well whererever he goes.

    Et Squilly aussi

  23. under most disappointing players, i put:

    1) The Doomers
    2) The Weak-Minded fans

  24. hehe yogi , you see how good natured people aint got a problem with my humour .. 🙂 bravo brady right foot, thank you !

    and although i voted your blog as the best ( irrespective of our misunderstandings) i have to admit…i came across this 7amkickoff and the guy speaks my language. i read one blog entry yesterday and then read anopther 6 or 7 in a row and i thought i was reading hunter thompson. needless to say thompson and arsene are THE mentors and defining influences in our approach to life, work, the world. the professionalism and integrity of an arsene with the totally biassed one sided gonzo assault on all cuntish behaviours we find in front of us! and with the conviction of a general! amen!

    and ….heheh to throw back at your your comment on xenophobia ….i see that the foreign legion of arsenal fans has ten times more respect admiration unity and belief in comparison to some local mugs who can not identify with what the club has evolved into. And yogi it aint the english players sufferign leg breaks from the dirty foreigners, its the other way round mate. Our players get smashed because of our foreign influence, and to deny it, tells me you aint got your eyes open. Now if it bothers you that i speak about it, it shouldnt……… you cant expect me to put/make a blind eye on all this, neither can you ask me to treat it as a small matter . We were going for the fucking title in 07 and the native bastards here didnt like it so they got aggressive and weve been paying it ever since …and what do the local arsenal fans do? turn against the manager …DISGRACE ….

    so keep up the good, work with your high literature standards but dont you even dare tell me about xenophobia mate when i see english players ASSAULTING our players. Not when our very own local arsenal fans attack the players manager and club, not when english journalists constantly beliitle and mock arsenal. If this is what this league is about then WENGER is twice the man !!!

    if the arsenal fans are too thick to understand that is their problem, dont make it mine. 😉

  25. Djourou is a liability I’m afraid, if we can get any money for him we should take it. Having 4 top class CB’s isn’t a bad idea if we went for someone Vertonghen – next year we’ll be competing in 4 competitions which leaves good room for rotation and if we have better quality used in the Carling and FA Cup we’re more likely to actually progress in those competitions, plus – Koscielny, Vermaelen and Vertonghen can all play as full-backs and defensive mids too – these are versatile players who can cover injuries and help form a strong squad instead of one incapable of winning anything. Football has moved on because of teams like City and Chelsea building such deep squads – while we can’t spend the type of money they do we can build a squad with more strength in depth – rather than only having inexperienced children to replace our first teamers – we saw how well that worked out at United when we lost 8-2.

    I don’t want a transformation of the squad, just add a few bits of much needed quality – 3 or 4 top players would make us far more capable of attempting to win things.

  26. The only ones I feel sorry for if you can is Almunia. His downfall is that he relies heavily on confidence far too much as opposed to a Keeper like Jens, who simply didn’t give a flying ****k how bad he played or how bad his decision making was on a particular match because he knew he was one of the best no matter how many bad games he had. Almunia, is a class Keeper and I think that we will see that when he finds a new home. Good luck Ally.

    Denilson, still has alot to offer to us and I’m hoping that he has gained some speed in his game and that he get’s another chance at Arsenal. I liked his interview where he said “I like here because I’m playing football but, I belong to Arsenal and if they order me back then I will have to go back and fight for my place”. You got to love that as Gooner for all his faults this guy is still very young.

    Squill, please in a polite way, just pack and go. No use whatsoever to the club and has got pretty rich at being no use whatsoever.

    Bendtner, I just cringe every time I hear his name in the same sentence or breath as Arsenal. Why is this fking clown still on the club books for I don’t know. A big clown on and even bigger off the pitch.

    A whole barrel full of shit players that we will be lucky to get eve 10% of what was paid for them so I can see a lot of them being paid off to go which in the long run will hopefully work out better because they will be off the books.

    But, I have to wonder because I am no specialist and don’t have the qualifications to do the job so how is it that a lot of fellow gooners and myself were calling for the same players to be moved on ages ago. Why do these things take so long at out club?

    Don’t we have a team getting paid very good money to foresee these things well in advance? That’s what really worries me about our club because all this should of been done time ago. I’m not saying all at one time but, moves should of made regarding certain players years ago but they have been just sat there getting paid 4 figure sums for months into years without playing in the first team. f-king nuts.

  27. the way the fan discuss the issue of joel cambell tells me that most fans have not been following his progress. if their any reason to be excited about next season, it’s cambell.
    aside rvp in that team, he is the best striker we have. infact he is the next rvp (without injuries) provided he is given work permitt next season, i’m certain he will score goals for us.
    this guy is strong, fast, can shoot and blessed with skill in aboundance.

  28. hunter

    Hung by your own words.

  29. Erm, good morning aclf bloggers, i want to run through the points in today’s post.
    Having watched Miyachi, i doubt he is ready to play for arsenal, he needs to iron out some of his flaws first and should be sent out on loan again with bolton. also, i noticed that we tried avoiding wilshere’s injury problems and subsequent surgery yesterday, lets keep it that way, please!.

    We have qualified for the champions league this year right, now i don’t give a shit about stadium payments, lack of money or what not this summer, the board must not, i repeat must not mess this window up. Look i know the limitations we have as a club, but we have become stagnant due to forces inside the club. Am talking about kroneke and hill-wood, those two shit heads are screwing us over, there is so much detail that i could go into but that would be for another day. Make of this what you will

  30. * sigh * insert favourite ‘bye bye’ song lyrics; corny works (I’m leaving on a jet plane; there must be 50 ways to leave yer lover; bye bye love). None of the players are quite good enough to warrant favourite lonesome blues song though, never mind Aretha soul number.

    All the players have served Arsenal, so nuff respect and friendship. Good luck, one and all, wherever you go.

    Attention switches to who is coming. A keeper certainly, identified already, ahem .. surely. A rock solid, proven DM-type (I detest both the acronym and it’s intended meaning, but still). A fifth CB, no, that would be Miguel, fair enough. Midfield looks strong, intimidating even, assuming Le Coq is in our plans alongside 7 others. But there is a fear and that is who deputises for Arteta, or what is the game plan if he is injured? Rosicky I suppose, or Wilshere? I guess that’s decent.

  31. An end of contract clear out (all of whom are completely irrelevant), Dick Law apparently trying to sell off 6-7 first team squad members past and present, media bans on van Persie and yet the silence regarding Walcott is deafening.

    Even the media who love to shit stir don’t seem to give one. How very odd.

  32. Almunia was never quite good enough to be Arsenal’s No1. A decent backup, sure, but he was on top wages for a keeper and apart from a few games he didnt do enough to be considered top of the pile.

    I reckon Ryo would benefit from another loan spell, why not in the championship? Id have Campbell in his place in the squad, work permit allowing, as hes just that bit older and has a full season in ligue 1 behind him

    I think it wise to move on Nic, Denilson and Vela too. For whatever reasons none seem to fit right at Arsenal, decent enough players all

  33. Pardon me because am fuming this morning – let me ask this, do we really think the board members are doing everything they can to make arsenal successful again? I mean wenger has been left out to take all the blame while some money grabbing cunt smiles off with an ever increasing bank account, if wenger was not the manager of afc we would be dinning with everton and aston villa’s of this league, but that is not my point. My point is that the assembly of cun.ts i.e kroenke and the board members have seen what wenger has been able to do with small amounts of cash and decided not to invest in the club instead sucking us dry, what happens when wenger leaves? I am not comfortable at all because it has dawned on me that the club i support is run by a scoundrels.

  34. Steve

    Walcott is in the England squad for the Euro’s – can’t destabilise that. It also signals how quiet his agent has been, as in not talking to the press.

  35. lol yogi hunged ? haha…its ok, its for a higher purpose..its for arsenal..wenger;s arsenal. the reason why we still follow the game …

  36. Deise

    Campbell is barely older! According to the reports, he is rawer than Miyaichi at the moment and equally inconsistent. Perhaps Vela is a better bet?

  37. Layksite…
    May your words come true

  38. what happens when wenger leaves?


  39. Yogi if im honest id loan both out again. Im just lookin at the recent storied on and Campbell has been getting some air time lately, leads me to believe he might be getting a shot ahead of Ryo.

    I just cant see Vela getting another chance and the noises from the player himself seem to suggest he doesnt want one.

  40. wengers arsenal is not the reason we follow the game..
    arsenal is the reason we follow the game, managers, players, fans all come and go..
    the club stays..125 years of an english club, in an english league with 125 years of english success and history which you seem to condense into 16 years and you wonder why people think your crazy..

    stay of the weed mate..
    weed can make you smart
    but theres nothing worse than a smart dumb twat…

    you need educating, your on the right blog,
    but you need to start listening to people and you refuse…

  41. And i was mistaken in thinking Campbell was turning 21 with Ryo just 19 – oops, both are 19 with just 7 months difference.

    Id love it if Vela broke through but it seems he may have found his place in Spain

  42. speaking of defense, are we linked with any defenders from Italy?

  43. I agree with Limpar

  44. Look, we cn’t just fold our arms and continue telling ourselves that FFP rules will come in then arsenal will live happilly ever after, complete drivel – those cowards at uefa cannot do shit, we are talking about the same people that gave wenger a bigger fine for talking to a ref than porto for racially abusing balotelli, are these the same people that will implement a rule which may result in the banning of elite clubs from the champions league, deluded much? – chelsea have just proven that money is the new power in football, forget about montpellier of france, psg are going to dominate that league as long as they are bankrolled by oil money – city signed a 400million shirt/stadium sponsorship deal, what will uefarce do? The whole point of this rant is that arsenal might remain in limbo for a while with and decline steadily if wenger steps down, you might point to the fact that arsenal as a club have always won trophies but it was because there was an even playing field *sigh* – something has to change or else the future may not be rosy.

  45. ‘wenger;s arsenal. the reason why we still follow the game …’

    Our Arsenal, the reason we will always follow the game!

  46. Rant 2.0 is coming up.

  47. wengers arsenal is not the reason we follow the game..

    no no you got it wrong ..before him we followed we supported but we werent in love… it was like hillwood getting his shares from his dad…we got the arsenal baptism from our dads too…and back then we were diabolical and known as boring boring arsenal….which person in the right frame of mind would ever approve of a bunch of thuggs winning stuff with negative tactics and bullying?

    enter wenger and the realisation later on that what this man is doing is not just good for arsenal but good for the game of football….

    if it wasnt for him i would have abandoned football and just followed the scores of arsenal…with him i have 24 hr interest in all things arsenal and a 24/7/365 constant hatred for all the muppets who want to do it the artificial way !

  48. Good heavens. The off-season seems to bring out the worst in our supporters. A few days ago, when describing RVP’s decision to take time in deciding on a new contract, YW described the attitude of many supporters as “hypocritical.” They claim they want the best for our players but the minute the player takes time to weigh what is best for them they demand they be shipped out of the club to the highest bidder.

    The situation with out of contract players is slightly different but brings the hypocrisy into the spotlight. These were servants of the club duly contracted, usually with great fanfare especially from those who lust for new signings whenever the window is open. But should these players fall out of favor for any reason they are slated as deadwood and as a drain on the club. It is the favorite sport of a certain website frequented by doomers and idiots. It is enough to hurt my brain cells.

    On that note I am proud to utter a word of thanks to Manuel Almunia. Good days, bad days, you were always a consummate professional. You had your fair share of high profile cock-ups but you were the convenient scapegoat for some rubbish defending that left you high and dry. Conveniently forgotten by the hypocrites and revisionists that called for your head is that in your last full season as GK in 2009-10 the club conceded 42 goals in the EPL compared to 49 goals conceded in 2011-12. Go figure that.
    I hope you find a new home Big Al that is more protective and supportive.

  49. I having been stating the problems, what i want to see is kroenke thrown into a ditch and pissed on, we all see that chamberlain has the potential to be a quality player, what happens when ‘a bigger club’ comes in for him? He will get sold while gazidis and kroenke are both on a yatch smoking cuban cigars while we get turned over and screwed! Am saying this because we have NEVER used the money gotten from selling a quality player with a player of the same quality, take for example van persie, if God forbid he leaves, how many people here thinks he is going to be replaced with a striker close to his quality’ it won’t happen, his replacement will be podolski, am fuckin sick right now. But this rant will be continued

  50. Our arsenal ? lol yes i see how the fans treat “their arsenal” ……… by attacking the manager who gave them the right to dream ……disgrace …..

  51. Well, if RVP really leaves, I heard Aston Villa have just released a top international striker who’s played for years at the highest level and is also quite comfortable playing alone up front.

  52. Hunter @11.38

    Utter crap.

  53. Hunter @11.57

    Utter drivel.

    Until the last para which might be how you feel.

  54. Hunter 12.09

    Given how you talk about the club – not the manager – the words “pot”, “kettle, “black” spring to mind.

  55. Aman 10:40 am, then why bring in a specialist at all if he will end up getting forward? We have plenty of midfielders who do that as it is.

  56. ‘before him we followed we supported but we werent in love… ‘

    complete and utter garbage

    look if you have these feelings for then man then fine but dont tell us fans of Arsenal we dont love the club

  57. Evil, i know we need an experienced back up keeper but heskey? I like keepers who score, lol.
    But evil answer this, why is it that we have never used the money gotten from the sale of a quality player to buy another player with equal quality? Thus my fear of rvp’s contract situation, kroenke is useless to our club and will do nothing to assist the situation. Remember the nasri saga, that grade one cunt that never watches any of our matches decided to show up in order to facilitate the sale of nasri so we don’t lose him for free next year, de ja vu anyone, rvp has 1more year left on his contract.

  58. DeiseGooner at 11:30 am

    Just made my point. Wrong on Campbell vs Ryo. Just as emotionally-driven on Almunia. He was one of many who heralded Szczęsny as our GK savior, long before he was ready, and now keep silent about his weaknesses.

  59. Shotta

    No, I said all football supporters – we place a loyalty onto the players that we wouldn’t expect from ourselves in our workplaces.

  60. Dispite varying disagreements with other posters here, most post good stuff worth of debatate. Hunter just posts inane shite. He is clearly an Arsene fan, and not an Arsenal fan.

  61. Am running out the bushes and coming clean, we can’t sustain with self sustaining policy – there i said it.

  62. speak for yourself

    ive always loved this club..
    and if you want my honest opinion we had more heart and soul back then than what we do now.
    if anything..we love the modern game less…
    but thats down to money, not native bastards..

  63. khalifha, selling Nasri on was the right call.

  64. no yogi what is utter crap is telling me that a bunch of thuggs who gave arsenal the tag “boring boring” are elevated to god like status whiel the true PIONNER an inovator of this club is getting abused and mocked by those who are meant to SUPPORT him !

  65. hunter

    You’re talking out of your arse.

  66. what do you mean at your post at 12.15 …

    can we not be critical of a negative ? or do we ignore the negative because it happend to be beneficial for a while ?

    can we not be objective ?

    gimme a break ……..since when should i have to value glorified sams or vinnie jones type players …. keep that shit away from my arsenal please …

  67. no yogi some others are talking crap …the ones who insiist on presenting an era of thuggery as a true reflection of this clubs ethos !

  68. maliki salihu

    mr wenger please save us from our rivals, u see man city they gain from the money they invest after 44years without title

  69. well deise ..maybe you like a bunch of gorillas beating people around for the 1-0 ….

    i want flair and positive football and technique….

  70. JonJon – Spot on.

  71. what do you mean is utter drivel yogi?…that what wenger is doing goes beyond being just good for arsenal but good for the game in general ?

    you see many other managers around giving chances to youth and building ?

    do you see many managers around trying to run their club in a sensible manner ?

    you see many managers around who stick to their principles and play the game as it is meant to be played ?

    i dont ……

  72. all i see is a bunch of cunts selling their own mothers to get their 15 minutes of fame ….

    arsenal = oasis …..thanks to wenger ..noone else !

  73. Hunter – All managers of top club get stick when they are not winning. GG was no different either. Even Sir Slur had the fans on his back a few years ago. Arsene is no different.

    You are right in that he has transformed the club, and for that alone his achievements are ground breaking. But top flight sport is about winnings things, and as long as any top club is not doing so there will be varying degree’s on unrest. Arsene is not expect from those expectations despite his impact on the club.

    Arsenal was here (and winnnig things) before he arrived, and will be so once he leaves. Get a grip of yourself.

  74. Excellent

  75. Hunter

    What is utterly apparent in all of this is that you do not support Arsenal, you support Arsene. And you are the first person whom I’ve seen that it actually applies to.

    Don’t seek to put your views as representing how others feel. Many – if not most – here appreciate the club’s history, enjoy it and appreciate what we have now. You are the only one who consistently derides the club.

    You may feel that you are on some sort of crusade but frankly you are making yourself look stupid.

  76. Regarding the incoming loanees, here is my take:
    1. Retain the following:
    Denilson -closest we have to arteta within our ranks
    Vela – the next RVP in my opinion (calm finisher,right age to start delivering consistently)
    Campbell- next Thiery Henry (composed finisher ,blistering pace,eager to play for us)
    Pedro -Decent cover at left back/ winger
    Ryo- still raw but has an x factor
    Arshavin- hoping he has regained his confidence
    2.The rest to seek pastures new:
    Lansbury- all hype but no application
    Bendtner- doesn’t really suit our style of play

  77. arsenalandrew

    Good post YW – especially your poignant remarks on Almunia; highlights yet again what a fickle bunch some of us can be.

    Wanted to also say yesterday’s postings were tremendous all day long, very interesting, thought-provoking and readable.

    For me, Paul-N was on to something in his posts at 3.05 pm and again at 7.30 pm where he essentially split the season up into several segments and assessed our defensive performance accordingly.

    Superficially, one of the great mysteries of the season was how on the one hand we have, by any standards, one of the strongest line up of defenders yet, bizarrely, a relatively poor defensive record overall.

    On balance taking the season as a whole, we looked inconsistent, which suggests a big clear-out might be sensible.

    But Paul’s assessment put that idea to the sword by isolating the bad patches. Without repeating what others have already said, the task facing AW will be to look at those dodgy patches and strengthen in the positions we clearly suffered in when injuries hit.

    Yes, simplistic (as usual) but my gut feeling is it’s not a million miles wide of the mark.

    Once we start looking at the role of Alex Song, the ‘style’ in which we play etc, I think we are in danger of over-working the problem. Time will tell but anyone AW brings in this summer will, I’d suggest, be acquired with the aim of strengthening the squad rather than replacing outright the existing first choice line-up. In other words, there’ll be no ‘throwing the baby out with the bath water’ – and neither should there be, in my opinion.

    As others have already said – look at the games in which the defence DID perform well (against City, Everton and others); THAT’S the starting point.


    I see H13H is skating on the thinnest veneer of ice I have ever seen.

    Your habit, Hunter, of attacking part of the very thing you are attempting to defend is a pity and generally only distracts us from your wider and more relevant points.

    Occasionally I’m invited to dinner at places where not all the guests may be to my liking and the furniture can indeed be uncomfortable to sit on, but I tend to avoid offending my host by pointing this out.

    That may by hypocritical and shallow of me but I do at least get to visit another day …

  78. – All managers of top club get stick when they are not winning.

    wenger is not just a football manager ..he is an AUTHORITY on all football matters ..

    he is not to be subjected to questioning or doubting, mocking or abuse by ANYONE …only his enemies who are bastards anyway cause they are jealous of his work and success.

    yogi yes i dont support arsenal i support chelsea ..what a stupid thing to say mate …

    if its too much for you to understand where my appreciation for what we have evloved into comes from …then dont comment. let it be ………

    seek to put my views on others ? lol thats rich …last time i checked it was others trying to enforce their views that the broing noring arsenal was better than what we have..

    and whoever disagreed was not an arsenal fan ……lol busted !

  79. sorry i cant accept that …at which point have i ever offended or insulted the host ?

    havent called him anything..havent insuated anything about his intelligence or his comments, havent discredited his supoort or love or appreciation and i have not attacked him in any way or form….all i do is remind what were and what we are ..and for some thats maybe too much to handle…

  80. Upper Street Gooner


    Thanks for the post.

    Quick thank you to Manuel who was a loyal servant to the club. Not quite good enough for a cl team but is an excellent shot stopper who I’m sure could go on to forge a decent top flight career.

  81. our fans call the wenger project a failure ….they say it was for nothing.. that self sustainability is not right …

    is that so ? ok then why dont you all tell me what the fuck the club did before his tenor to place arsenal in the elite of footballclubs worldwide …?

    NADA ! ………. so yeah ill kneel before him and thank him and be forever grateful because he did it for ARSENAL …a club that was in shambles and known for being an aggressive outfit of bullies………the type we find in front of us today breaking our players legs …..

  82. always complaining about how I CHOOSE to describe the era of the boring 1-0 …

    if they looked to you like brasil 70 or ajax 71 then fair dues..maybe you need to go for eye surgery…..

    if a chelsea fan comes out saying “yes i enjoy our success but in fairness we are a shit club with no values and packed with mercenaries” will he be wrong ? no he wont. is he less of a fan? no again….

  83. arsenalandrew @1:10, Yes, we can look at the where injuries hit and look to strengthen, but after last season I think we could end up with eight full-backs if we follow that to its logical conclusion! 🙂

  84. Upper Street Gooner


    Even if you weren’t around during the GG error or before, to lambast an incredibly successful period in our history like you do isn’t going to get you anywhere. I think you have no idea how much Gooners loved the ”boring boring’ arsenal tag. We watched our side excel in the defensive arts to a degree that nearly no team in England has got close to since. That’s not to say i’m not happy with playing attacking football now i love both.

    I fully understand your love of Arsene but let us not put everything on his back with regards to making us a big club today. There are a huge amount of very talented people behind the scenes at Arsenal.

    Arsenal 91 title winning side was as good as any i’ve seen under Wenger and that is to be celebrated not ridiculed.

  85. I’ve written this before so I might as well write it again:
    It is a WUM.

    I could be wrong. I hope I’m wrong

  86. wenger is not just a football manager ..he is an AUTHORITY on all football matters ..

    You will be telling us he is Chuck Norris next.

  87. Anyway. Nice post Yogi.
    So. The position of D**M eh?
    Can I suggest Harrison Ford or Sean Connery(the Thunderball incarnation of course)?


    ” i love my club , i love our history , but lets face , we are a bunch of cunts, and our manager is the number one at it. we outbid all other epl teams, we have had a unique advantage the last 20 years or so, or until the arrival of abramovic, and although we have had massive players and massive victories and triumphs i cant ignore the biassed referreeing at times which makes our life easier”

    Chelsea fan

    ” Im in sevent heaven, chelsea, from the unknowns at the top of europe. what a fuking ride. However it should be said that if roman wasnt laundering money in our league we wouldnt be anywhere near that level. And yes im embarassed that our fans consider john terry a human”

    Arsenal Fan

    ” lets face it, we were a bit of b class or even c class football club before. i remeber our success but i also remember that we were a bit of a horrible side to watch playing football. Nonetheless that success belongs to a different era where footballers were still cavemen. Today i see a complete reconstruction and re-definition of my club in the 21st century and it feels me with great pride that we are the blueprint of how football clubs should be run and how football should be played. to ignore the influence of a certain arsene wenger in all this would be indicative of our ungreatful spoilt brat nature”



  89. Hunter

    Even if you weren’t around during the GG error or before

    well guess what ….i was around mate ..and i remember very well..thats why im angry when people are trying to twist things ……

    do you see me lambasting the success mate ?

    all im saying is the truth ……

    mourinho is also succesful ? do i have to honour his methods ? do i have to honour his negative philosphy and scopeball tactics ?

    no i dont …i accept he is succesful but i also recognise he is a bastard cunt at his job no doubt but a cunt..and thats all that matters basically.

  90. Can anyone else bothered to dig up the RVP quotes after Ade’s move? Because I can’t.
    The RVP to Money City will ebb and flow with the hacks bipolar cycles. Waching people flail themselves with such rumours can be interesting if you like sado masochism.
    It’s going to be a long summer.

  91. goonerandy | May 23, 2012 at 1:48 pm

    haha! lol…. thansk for making me laugh a bit at least 🙂

    cause your mates here are really pissing me off …

  92. arsenalandrew

    Block4 – I don’t really know enough about what was precisely wrong with our defence when we were wobbling at points during the season and if you say we need eight full backs then maybe that’s what we need! Some people might hate this but is there a case for saying the first thing any competitor should do when they take the stage is to not get beaten? If you say it’s 8 full backs (and I don’t know either way to be honest) then at least this means when the injuries hit us we will still not get beaten!

    For what it’s worth, I felt that defensively we were less convincing at the start of the season, BEFORE Per joined and in the latter part AFTER Per got injured. So, logically (or simplistically!), we need two Mertsackers (or their equivalent). We only have one but we seem to have terrific cover for the other defensive positions?

    Hunter – I wasn’t trying to suggest you have offended of insulted the host, I was trying to use a metaphor to get across the idea to you that your tendency to go after the English in the way that you do is unlikely to win you too many plaudits, regardless of how much we might deserve to be gone after! If I went after the French or the Germans or the Spanish in the way you pillory the English I’d expect (and deserve) a pretty hostile reaction. I just don’t think you promote or achieve your aims with these attacks and that’s annoying because overall your aims are pretty good.

    I’d also take issue with you that Arsene Wenger is beyond criticism because I’m certain he’d be the first to admit he has made – and will make in the future – mistakes that can be criticised. I’ve little doubt he’s his own worst critic. But just because he is human and capable of mistakes doesn’t detract from his greatness. The greatest of great men and women – artists, scientists, warriors – all had the occasional off-day and few of them were remembered for those days.

    AW is not so weak that he requires anyone to follow him slavishly and without question, quite the opposite.

  93. There are a huge amount of very talented people behind the scenes at Arsenal.

    like who? the ones who didnt knwo what to do with arsenal unless wenger presented them with an idea/ way ?

    if they had better ideas then where are they ?

    oh i know ….one of them had the great idea of selling the club to a rich billionaire …putting the clubs future in jeopardy ..that was his plan……

    the other ones were lauging when the above mentioned person decided to invest 250k -300 of his money in the club……

    and the glorified sam got sacked for taking money under the table and went to coach tottenham ffs …..

    and the toothless donkey was making beer celebrations as if normal people would ever connect with such an animal while others were throwing up in corner flags and others were in clinics or at courts.

    are you seriously gonna sit there and tell me that the above are the habits of a big club…youre mad then.

  94. >youre mad then.

    You’d be an expert on that, sunshine.

  95. Hunter – Just out of interest; where are you from?

  96. And as it goes, if you check through the ages, Arsenal have always been an ground breaking club and have always led the way with significant changes in football.

  97. Upper Street Gooner


    What about the smart people who went over to Japan who hired an unknown manager with a less than brilliant repuation when he left Monaco who couldnt win the league in Japan…..were they lucky or did they see something the rest of the world didnt?????

    What about the people who actually set up the stadium deal that got us a stadium on budget and on time??

    What about these same finace people which are helping the club to pay down this stadium debt at record pace whilst still allowing our amanger to have a gigantic wage bill.

    Do these guys get no credit.

    You talk of good football like its black and white. I know many fans who find Barcelona and Spain to be boring to watch.

    Football clubs change over time, if you only support arsenal due to the pretty football we play now how did you feel in 1998, 2002, 2004 where our football was much more direct and pacey??

  98. Great post yogi.

    Almunia was a good person a loyal servant but he probably was left to stay on as a first choice gk for 1 or perhaps 2 years too long. That said it wasn’t his fault and I hope he finds a new club.

    I honestly thought vela was going to be a superstar left sided attacking forward and I still think he could be good but I doubt for us. He belongs in Spain. He is the player from that generation that most surprised me with his lack of success. Goes to show just how difficult it is to build a team of young players since you really never know what you have.

    Nik B needs to go to Dortmund. Denison divides opinion on this blog but I doubt he divides opinion anywhere else in the arsenal world.

    AA23 could still be a valuable squad member but with apologies to George I think His greatest value right now to the club would be his wages which we could free up to give to RVP. Cant see the club keeping someone on his wages whose potential consistent contribution is questionable at best If he does come back he can potentially be a big asset to the team although if he doesn’t regain his touch he will be a big drain on the bank account.

    I don’t know what type of wage they are on but Watt, Lansbury, eastbound etc should be released to give them a chance to catch on with another club, can’t believe any will make the 25 man squad.

    Thanks again for yesterday’s post.

  99. I suspect hunter is having great fun winding people up with his OTT posts. He is probably best ignored.

    I’m glad to see there are a few decent human beings around who are willing to acknowledge and thank Almunia for his contribution to AFC. Heaven forbid a player should have personal probs and his form suffer for it.

    Patesc, I agree with you re Denilson, but sadly the lack of support from many ‘fans’ would make it difficult to persuade him to return.

  100. passenal why would i want to wind people up ? it makes no sense …i am honouring the change i have seen in my club and i attack those who take it for granted or those who try to twist it and present a past era ( no matter how succesful) as better or more inline with our ethos as a club ..

  101. I am beginning to think hunter is just a wind up artist. My vision is him sitting in a smoke filled room with a giant bong furiously pounding on his keyboard laughing hysterically and seeing how many people he can wind up. 🙂

  102. Passenal beat me to it. Great minds think alike.

  103. arsenalandrew, I was only looking at having four full-time full-backs out at the same time plus Coquelin (if you want to count him as a full-back for these purposes), that would men we’d need two more to cover those injuries plus another one I suppose. It was a throw-away line really, but tinged with a little bit of truth!

    I do agree that Mertesacker brought a lot of stability to the defence though. As much as his own play I suspect it was a lot to do with him organising those around him and having the authority to be listened to when he spoke. There’s much to be said for doing the simple things well. I would include Arteta in this category too, nothing particularly flash, but effective all the same.

  104. Hunter, buddy, amigo, matey, shut up!, I liked your comments yesterday but two major flaws in all your rants(some of which i love) is your abilty, or rather stupidity in insulting our past history in order to support your arguement is quite baffling, and secondly we know that wenger is the most important manager in our history so why are you trying to shove it down our throats? Think this through.

  105. Interesting thoughts on this post, a lot to be discussed.

    Almunia had an excellent season with us, had a familt tragedy and was never the same player. Skill wise he was infact good enough, I can remember certain players and ex players saying that he was the best goalie at the club. A true professional and fully deserves respect.

    I have said this before but again, it was injuries that hampered Denilson, he is a good player. Prior to his injuries, he (along with Diaby) were ones to look out for. A player with a natural flair and calm on the ball, a real talent. Based on the way Arsenal supporters treated him, I would not even want him to come back but he could be very useful.

    I think Vela can play in any league, if he works hard. A player I would love back at the club, given he will put his shoulders to the wheel. Am exceptional talent.

    Have a blessed day all!

  106. Upper Street Gooner

    Block 4

    Personally i think 4 full back is enough plus le coq backing up.

    We were hugely unlucky this year with injuries to that position but i would suggest our biggest reason for the slump was the fact that the cb’s who admirably tried to come in were still trying to play to the same tactics that our recongnized full backs were playing.

    There is no reason for us to be really poor defensively whilst playing TV5 and Djouou at the back.

    Prime example was the Utd game at home. Djouou was repetedly caught up field, why on earth we didnt change tactics only the players and coaching staff will know but that was our major issue.

    We cant have world class backups for backups. This is why i cant fathom why people arent happy having Djouou as 4th choice.

  107. Block4, I am not sure how we manage to have so many injuries in one position. I remember that happening to our goalies also. Strange!

  108. Paul – What was he tragedy?

  109. arsenalandrew

    Block4 – just to be clear, I wasn’t trying (in a snide way) to suggest you were suggesting playing 8 full backs on the pitch at any one time! But yes, if we need the cover for injuries, maybe the ability to shut out a game by always having (in effect) ‘first choice’ defenders available as back up, then that may be the area to investigate …

    100% agree with your 2nd paragraph btw.


    I think Hunter winds himself up half the time …

  110. Yea also, this is aclf blog not le grave.

  111. Not really sorry to Almunia go as he is just another surplus player drawing a wage.
    He’s a decent guy and I wish him well, but ultimately he was never good enough to ne number 1 for a team with prentensions of winning the premiership and champions league. Despite making some good appearances for us he was a good back-up keeper and Arsene persisted with him for too long.
    I have never understood why Bendtner gets so much stick as he as always scored goals for us. I would much rather have him in the squad than Chamak or Park.
    It’s such a same that he has such a high opinion of himself that he feels playing back-up striker is below him.

  112. I agree with USG. It seems to me that we should alter our style a little when we are hit with these sort of injuries. There is no way that Kos, TV and Djourou are just going slot in seemlessly when they have not been playing the position.

  113. Limestonegunner

    I try to remember Almunia’s game during our home 2-2 draw with Barcelona and not his errors. WS makes errors too–he’s young and confident in his approach so hasn’t suffered the abuse Almunia has. But he would benefit from having a veteran GK who makes good decisions, positions himself well and knows the finer points of distribution to have some competition and advice about improving. At least we could use someone whom AW is willing to use when WS has an injury, even if minor. Perhaps Some of these recent uneven performances were partially down to his physical condition. I love his confidence, physical attributes for commanding his area, leadership and passion, but he is young with much yet to learn and areas of his game that need development. Frankly that’s how it is with young players. He could use a mentor, maybe, so that he can gain greater consistency in all aspects of the position.

  114. GA,his mother in law was killed in a car crash.

  115. Vela is best left to go. Not sure if we’d get a decent price for him. I suspect he’s one who just can’t cope living in London. Or more precisely he likes living there with all it’s distractions for a young handsomehealthy millionaire. Not everyone can be a dedicated employee to their craft at such a young age. The minute I saw his tinted highlights sitting beside Bendtner on the bench I figured he was self-content. He consiudered himself to have ‘made it’. He was a success: young metrosexual millionaire in the big city. He fancied himself the nest Ronaldo. Difference is Ronaldo continued to improve, practice and increase his strenghth. Vela needs to play in a small Spanish town to refocus his attention on perfecting his craft. Less fancy restaurants and clubs and pretty young birds looking for a rich boyfriend. Of course I could be completelly wrong and maybe it is the food and the weather that is more to his liking.
    Problem is we won’et good value for him. He’ll probably go the way of Santos and tease

  116. Alumunia: 175 matches 70 clean sheets – kept a clean sheet every 2.5 matches. Enough said.

  117. Final world football club rankings of the 2011-12 season.

    Arsenal just missed the top 10

  118. I agree with upper street gooner. Other clubs use CBs as fullbacks with much more success then we did Not ideal and it does require some tactical adjustments, and recognition that your attack may struggle a bit but you should be at least equally as strong if not stronger defensively. We don’t seem to have a well developed tactical flexibility program in our hard drive.

  119. Philmar, Vela has been very good in Spain.Perhaps he has changed his ways?

  120. Vela should have gone a couple of seasons ago. It was obvious a while ago that he did not have the necessary attributes to make it in the premier league. Why does it take us so long to make these decisions?

  121. Great post Yogi!

    I do feel that Aluminia while in driving us all mad at times has served his club like a true professional. I do believe that Djourou is a very good talent that doesn’t quite cut it at RB but place him in the center or as a DM like the Swiss do and he is very good , strong on the tackle and quick. Squishy is simply a merc cunt, thats all i have to say and will waste on him.

    I have watched moments of Campbell and while an excellent striker filled with unlimited potential I wouldn’t mind him going on a a short term loan just to get his feet wet in the PL because he is blessed with so much talent but even in Ligue 1 it took him a little bit of time to adjust and we all know the PL is a different beast. Ryo I think is ready as a supersub winger and CC Cup starter. Watching him for Bolton he is very well suited for the PL and is great at both tracking back and going foward. I wouldn’t put to much weight on his shoulders but also could see him going out on loan and then coming back.

    I do hope M’villa signs but can’t see Vertonghen as we can’t guarantee him 1st team futbol and rumors are flying(yes I know just rumors) that everything is pointing to him being a Spud. I honestly wouldn’t mind seeing Vela back and want to see him back because I truly do think he could be a great supersub, the type of sub we have longed for that Henry gave us a sample of; coming off the bench stretching and then scoring, he has that type of talent and I have watched him many times for Mexico and whether he starts or doesn’t he always seems to be assisting or scoring with Chicharito.
    Mate I try and understand you(yes through my fault alone but I give every Arsenal fan atleast a chance) but you go absolutely mental sometimes. You claim to support Arsenal but say you only support Arsenal because of Arsene. You claim we were shit before Arsene but we were winning with a different style. We have won with Arsene but we have lost with Arsene too! I support Arsenal because I love the cannons, I love the red and white, I love the 125 years whether it be kick and go get it or beautiful 1-2 touch passing. I support the Arsenal because its the Arsenal not because Arsene is the manager. I’ll support Bendtner if he comes back because he is wearing the red and white (even though I still would call him worhtless). I would support Pep or Mourinho but only because they were manager of Arsenal.

  122. Paul – Nasty. Nice bloke, decent keeper, but in all reality shouod not have been a No1 at a top four club. Great back up, but no more.

    khalifha – It is not really as black and white as that though is it. If it were he would still be in the picture. The truth is that he made too many cock ups, and didn’t offer enough consistantly to compensate for that.

    Either way, I hope he gets another club and gets regular football again.

  123. Arshavin is another exceptional talent whose heart or mind isn’t in to it here in north London. He probably has given up hope playing as fulcrum on the side. He probably feels he’s proven himself (he did ‘save’ our season the first half season he was here.) He probably feels he’ll just go through the motions, collect his wages and he internalizes that it is Wenger’s loss if he doesn’t get the best out of him. Arshavin is supremely talented. Who knows what goes on at an interpersonal level at the club but I think there must be something Wenger can do to get him engaged and feel part of the team. It’d be great if rich boys Anzhi or Shanghai were to make a crazy bid for him. But I suspect they only go for out of contract name players.

  124. Chelsea are the number 2 team? lol! they should not even be in the top 10. They were dominated in the CL Final.
    If you don’t win your league, how on earth can you be regarded as the no 2 team in the world?
    Do you see how these cup thingys warp the whole thing.

  125. C, what has Squillaci done again?

  126. Yogi, earlier i said arsenal could not sustain a self sustaining policy but you disagreed – first off, try having a look at the link my first comment, i think you will find it interesting and more detailed. Now, what i meant by that comment was that we can’t sustain of hunger for trophies with the SSP not in terms of avoiding huge debts and administration. am afraid to say but we are the rule, and not the exception in the premier league, we have regularly been amoung the top 4 but it looks like we have started to stagnate, this can only change if there is a minor push or tug towards our aim of winning again, and this cannot happen with kroenke at the helm.
    Have we not become the ajax amsterdam of the league?, look at the vultures circling vertonghen and most of ajax’s best players, reminds me of our current predicament.
    Finally, rvp is our last truly world class player, what happens if he doesn’t sign? No player is bigger than the club right, wrong rvp is the difference between champions league and midtable, two more worldclass players will be the difference between champions league and league champions, Yogi i will reiterate this, we cannot sustain with self sustaining policy.

    Again i will come out of the bush, Open the gates for usmanov. There i said it.

  127. @Paul
    exactly outside collect his pay. The Chavs finished 6th and their “#2” in the world. I guess winning the FA cup and CL makes you #2 even though you pretty much got dominated in the CL and if it wasn’t for Drogba’s excellent header you would of lost(and to thank Drogba for basically winning the FA cup and CL you offer him a 1 year contract for less than what he makes when all he wanted was 2 years lol. Good Ol’ Roman)

  128. grisgrisagumbo

    A big thank you to Almunia for being a loyal servant to the club, for not mouthing off in the press about lack of playing time when he dropped down the depth chart, and for conducting himself with class through some rough years. The position is the hardest one to play, in my opinion, as any and all mistakes usually result in catastrophe yet you need to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and forget that anything bad ever happened. Good fortune in the future, sir.

    This hunter guy is pretty amusing, but I have not made it over to ACLF for a while so perhaps it’s just the amusement of something new for me. I get the sense he most definitely could talk himself out of a paper sack!

  129. Outstanding blog site.

    I may not agree with every poster, but civil debate is healthy for the mind.

    For those players leaving the club, best wishes on pursuing your footballing career.

    I remind myself that Arsenal pursued your talent and likely held the advantage in your wage structure.

    I can’t understand why some fans hold ill-feelings for their wages or roster slot, and have the same ill-feelings for players who don’t fulfill their agreements, by leaving early.

    Football is a business with inherent risks for club and player(s).

  130. You claim to support Arsenal but say you only support Arsenal because of Arsene.

    sorry c, but where the fuck did you ever see me say that ?

    i supported arsenal before wenger so cut it out ..

    am i over the moon that he took a qiosk and turned it into a megamall …? damn right

    am i honest enought to admit that a drinking culture and barbaric style with a corrupt manager ashamed me to be associated ? damn right! im also ashamed of my fat cousin when i go out, it dont mean i dont love him. it dont mean that i wont tell him to lose some fucking weight. it wont stop me from telling him ten years later after losing some that he looks a lot better than the previous version.

    i didnt know wenger before arsenal …bit like you lot …BUT I did know arsenal before him

    and we were shit and noone can change that cause its the truth….now if the words shit and neanderthal happen to be too strong for your liking then maybe you are the ones who refuse to look at it WITHOUT the arsenal veil covering your eyes.

    you dont need to put any arsenal veil to call wenger the man who changed it all. it aint a biassed statement. its a pragmatic one. it aint biassed to be grateful to the man. what is biassed is presenting an era of neanderthalism as being a true reflection of the club;s ethos.

    yeah fair enough it worked ….SO WHAT? mourinhos methods work too ? do you want him at arsenal then? do you want him to win titles for you while playing football like a cunt? cause thats what the others did……..

  131. I keep reading people’s posts stating we were unlucky this year and that without the injuries next year we’ll contend.
    Injuries are part of the game. You have to build a team with enough depth to withstand losses of players.
    Although we were down all FBs at one point we still fielded a decent side with Verm and Djourou on the flanks. I don’t think we were all that unlucky. ManU missed Vidic and Rio for large swathes of the season. They had other defenders down as well. I’ve seen Man U sides with Valencia or perhaps even Carrick in the back 4. They still almost won the league. Chelsea were down several defenders in the CL Final and still beat a Bayern team at home.
    Considering RvP’s propensity for injuries I’d say we weren’t as unlucky as is imagined here. If RvP had gone down for half the year (which is about par for the course) would we have still finished third? I think we were quite lucky, as this year could have gone completely sour if RvP encountered even half of his usual niggles and injuries. Years past we were too Cesc reliant and his injuries went a long way in determining where we ended up. This year we were Robin reliant and I believe one injury to him would have been more disastrous than all 4 FBs being out. I think we luckily dodged a big bullet there.
    Squad depth is the biggest weakness. We shouldn’t lose just because one integral player is injured. When Arteta was down we struggles to win. If RvP was not playing we struggled to win. If Song were missing we may have struggled to win. Perhaps we weren’t as unlucky as is described. It could have been far worse.

  132. What is he to do C, not take his pay?
    I am not following you. If a player is not selected for the first team, how is that his fault? If he is purchased but is not good enough but is under contract, what should they do?

  133. Markus @ 12:15,
    Specialist DM & then some after AW lays his genius on him.
    No one’s strictly 1-D.
    Would be doubly super!

  134. Is there any difference between usmanov and kroenke, no!.
    Kroenke is a scondrel only interested in making money, he has never invested in our club or intervened in contract disputes or sale of players(only when 24million is on the line from player’s sale), that rat bastard has seen that we have a manager able to use limited resources to optimise profit returns so our on field issues are of no concern to him. he has hit the jackpot, there is no need for him to invest in the club and yet we have accepted it – i would gladly accept usmanov as owner of our club regardless of his shady image, we are getting screwed by kroenke already.

    Goonerandy – i know alumunia was a calamity, i just posted those stats so that we could appreciate his contribution to the team.

  135. I would support Pep or Mourinho

    and thats where we disagree in our philosophy ….cause what youre saying is that you will love any manager who will bring success at arsenal …….. no matter how….

    i love arsenal a hundred times more than what i did in ninerties exactly because of the football style, the ethos of WENGER, not the club’s, the ability to produce miracles from budgets to laugh at. the overall sophistication and fuck the success ….. give me values over success any day ….. plus success aint only trophies…. taking a club that has never ever appeared in a champions league final 15 minutes away from the cup with ten players makes all the past IRRELEVANT….. 😉

    it is the general idea of wanting to do it the right way …..arsenal wasnt doing it the right way before him …we were sly, knicking games, kicking people, scopeball……and now we are a beacon of civilisation when it comes to football, an oasis….this change is not due to ian wright neither david dein nor lee dixon neither hillwood nor any of the other people you all elevate to equal or above status than the MANAGER.

  136. Philmar, did United have every single player in a particular position out at the same time, for almost two months? no, they did not.

  137. Hunter, read my comment at 2:57.

  138. I think people know where you stand with the pre Arsene culture Hunter and how much you appreciate Wenger. But all you are doing is saying the same thing the same way in every single post. It is adding nothing to the blog at all.

    I like some of your opinions and agree with much of what you say but this is tedious.

    What are your thoughts on the actual post?

  139. “Philmar, Vela has been very good in Spain.Perhaps he has changed his ways?”
    Clearly he has changed. Life away from London suits him or perhaps not hanging out with Bendtner is good. he can change. Doesn’t mean he can’t change once again and become a dandy boy around town if he returns. I don’t know. Wenger knows him better.

  140. Hunter – Where are you from (not planet, I mean country ;))?

  141. Honestly i was dumbfounded when i heard that we offered rvp 130,000€, is that a joke?, we were willin to offer nasri 110,000 and the third best player in the world for the past one and a half years 130k, i said it before and am going to say it again, let us not hope rvp is loyal, lets hope he is crazy!.

  142. @hunter

    Read your post mate, you speak of everything Arsenal before Arsene like it was all shit like everything pre-Arsene was crap. Do i love and enjoy everything that Arsene has done, Absolutely but I’m not going to shit on 125 years of Arsenal FC. Your saying we were shit but did we not win. O because it was beautiful futbol its shit, who cares. Your words from your own post
    “wenger;s arsenal. the reason why we still follow the game..” But your wrong, we follow Arsenal because its Arsenal, its the club we love. So speak for yourself when you say that because many of us actually from what I read most of us follow Arsenal because its Arsenal. Yes we played kick and go get it and they were drunks but it was also part of the time they played. They drank but they were Arsenal, just like now that was a chapter in Arsenal’s history and we will remember the good and the bad. So just chill out a bit, smoke some weed and enjoy life.

  143. Upper Street Gooner

    khalifha | May 23, 2012 at 3:51 pm

    The difference between the 2 for me is that one of them has a long track record in owning sports franchises and the other doesn’t.

    Kroenke has shown himslef to be a long term investor who believes in putting the right people in the right places and allowing them to do their work.

    He doesnt claim to be a master of everything what he can do is put a structure in place which enables his franchises to be succesful over the long term.

    Does that guarantee ttiels absolutely not, what he can do is promise to make sure that his teams compete and have a longer cycle than might be the case with others in charge.

    The Nuggets always compete and look to be building an extremley talented young side despite being a smaller market team.

    The Rams despite horribly lean years look to be making the right decisions in order to come back to prominace including a brilliant draft operated by kroenke new GM and coach.

    We are what we are which is a sustainable business model. We can 100% do better with getting more out of that model than what we currently are.

    Wages could be better spent and tactics could be better developed

  144. Haha, i have been going on a different tangent from the post ala hunter, but i want people to know what kroenke is about and SSP can only take us so far.

  145. Upper Street Gooner


    I remeber him saying Sudan or Somalia a few months ago when i was just a casual observer

  146. @hunter

    No denying that Arsene is taking us through and is the most influential manager in Arsenal history up to this point nobody is saying otherwise. But the issue that I’m having is your completely and utterly disrespecting the history of Arsenal(no matter how they played or whatever its still history and they still won),the same way that you are raging against Arsenal supporters, nobody on here denies Arsene’s value and we truly appreciate everything he does, who speak negatively about Arsenal.

    how do you feel about Yogi’s post. You spend day and day defending Arsene and bashing the history when nobody even brings it up. Honestly did you play for the pre-Wenger managers and hold some true resentment for them or did you apply to work at the Arsenal and they didn’t hire you but Wenger did. I don’t get it mate and probably never will.

  147. “Philmar, did United have every single player in a particular position out at the same time, for almost two months? no, they did not.”

    Of course not. They had different injury problems but their problems would have also decimated us. They coped despite playing Valencia and Carrick in the back 4. We wouldn’t have coped as well if we had long term injuries to our 2 top CBs.

    We didn’t cope whenever one player (Arteta) was out. They almost won the league despite their top 2 CBs being out for most of the year 9and a new young GK to break in).

    I think it was easier to cope with missing our 4 FBs for 2 months than it would have been to cope with much longer term injuries to Kosc and Merts.

  148. Khalifha,I have not read all of your comments (a bit depressing) but are they not all speculation?

    You want people to know what you believe to be true. If doing it the right way will not bring you joy, we will all have to deal with it but I don’t believe that we should dismiss our beliefs for the sake of winning things.

  149. I disagree Philmar because we have 4 good CB’s, plus song can do a good job.

  150. All this stuff bout Djourou not being good enough is hilarious doomer bollocks. The guy was doing just fine until Bac knocked his shoulder out of his socket, and where on earth do you think we’ll find a better fourth choice CB who’s happy to come in and do a job? We don’t need new players, we need new fans.

  151. Yes, the nuggets are a very good team. A huge upside.

    What Arsenal have that his others team may not have is a great manager. That makes a difference. It is no coincidence that the likes of Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant won titles only after being managed by Phil Jackson. I believe Arsenal will get back to the mountain top with this self sustained model. Exciting times ahead!

  152. United in talks to sign Baines.

  153. @Paul

    I disagree, George Karl is a great manager, just past couple of years his mind has been preoccupied with his own battle with cancer and chemo and his son’s battle with cance and chemo.

  154. The other possible explanation for hunter is that he is working for WordPress. I have no clue how they make money by hosting blogs but I suspect it has something to do with how many hits there are, and how better to keep up the hits during a long summer. Gotta love the conspiracy theories.

    Yogi how does wordpress make money? No advertising on the blog but they have to make their share somehow. I know you don’t get any money for your efforts which is remarkably unfair for WordPress to make money off all your incredible effort. I hope you don’t burn out.

  155. Bill

    They charge for extras – noticeable by their absence on this blog – but also for hosting sites. They do advertise surreptitiously via adwords.

  156. “Honestly i was dumbfounded when i heard that we offered rvp 130,000€, is that a joke?, we were willin to offer nasri 110,000 and the third best player in the world for the past one and a half years 130k, i said it before and am going to say it again, let us not hope rvp is loyal, lets hope he is crazy!.”

    Crazy is the word. He’ll be offered almost double by Shitty. If he were loyal to the extent he’d have to be in order to forgo doubling his wage I daresay he would have signed by now.
    On my first post on this board I suggested Podolski was a replacement for RvP and I was shit on by many as being an ill-informed naive know-nothing. I was shown the door and directed to read an Arsenal history book before I returned. I still think RvP is going. Wenger is making all the right noises and statements but they don’t differ from the same reassurances he uttered before the departures of Henry, Cesc and Nasri. I’m still not convinced we’ll sign both Song and Theo. We might but it isn’t certain. We’ve lost 2 important players at a time and still finished in the top 4. These guys all have agents whose self-interest revolves around the player’s pay packet, not their self-happiness that comes from a nurturing environment. The agents agitate for a move or ridiculous wages. They won’t suggest staying under the tutelage of Wenger because the agents don’t profit from that. They don’t get 15% of a player’s happiness but they do get a cut of ridiculous wages and sometimes a bit of a transfer fee.
    NOTHING the Arsenal board has done suggests to me they are moving away from their spendthrift business model. They only sign players on the free or at their cheapest price (i.e. entering their last contract year) Chamakh, Park, Podolski, Mertesaker, Gervinho, Arteta ect. Yes, this is good business but it suggests to me that the Board isn’t going to spend what it takes to get us to the next level. It suggests to me that they will let their established players go when they command wages beyond a certain ceiling, replacing them with good players but only when they can be bought on the cheap.

  157. C, thats kool. Maybe he needs better talent then. He did take the nuggets to the finals one year. I would not regard him as great all the same.

  158. @Paul

    It was the Sonics mate but nonetheless. He actually reminds me alot of Wenger. A coach brillant tactilly, always speaks his mind and get the best out of his players. You look at his team this year and while very young and talented they were thought to be a year away. He is constantly in the playoffs and built a team around a single suprememly talented player(Carmelo Anthony) and had another extremely talented player(Nene) and they both left him high and dry or so they though. Its funny because the Cesc fiasco was so extremely parallel to the Carmelo Anthony fiasco. Paul, Khalifha you might be right about Kroenke, the more I think about it the more I’m convinced.

  159. Yogi.

    Who pay the hosting charge? I hope not u.

    Do they get paid based on hits?

    What are Adwords?

    None of this really matters but I do find it interesting. I am glad for noticeable lack of extras on your blog. Thanks again.

  160. Philmar, the wages are misleading. We can sweaten the deal with loyalty bonuses, etc, whilst maintaing our basic wage structure. Although with VP I doubt very much it is about money anyway.

  161. *sweeten

  162. Did Arsenal, RVP or his agent disclose the amount that RVP was offered?

  163. No Paul, it’s complete speculation I think. There could only have been 4 parties present at the meeting, none of whom would have reason to reveal details to the media.

    Media are reporting 130,000/week plus 5 million signing bonus. Not sure if the signing bonus is also supposed to be a loyalty bonus of some kind…

  164. @Paul

    The media from what I’ve read. That part doesn’t make sense to me. We all know Arsenal doesn’t do business that way and then ask RVP not to say anything, his agent mite have(most agents are weasels who only come out of their crevis of evil in situations like this but only for their own good not saying RVP’s is just generalizing) but I even doubt that. For all we know me or you could have made that amount up and sold it to the media hahahahahahah. More great British media.

  165. arsenalandrew

    Markus/Paul – I find the £130k figure bandied around the media and beyond remarkably precise.

    Given that it is, as you say, complete speculation.

    Where did that figure come from? Why not £150k or £100k? It (the £130k) seems low in this day and age and yet that is the figure everyone’s settled on.

    It’s a conveniently low figure for a media body with a well established anti-Arsenal agenda, don’t you think?


    I’m STILL intrigued by RvP’s media blackout, supposedly imposed at the behest of the club. Presumably, this would be impossible to enforce unless RvP was willing to go along with it.

    This blackout is the single reason why I don’t think his departure is anything like a done deal.

  166. Markus.

    No way to know but I would suspect we have long ago made RVP offers that were within our wage structure and the lack of movement so far suggests that money does have a lot to do with it. Can’t imagine that money is not the main issue I doubt he is holding out for us to make some big time signings because of the vaugeries of the transfer market. If he is holding out for some new players and we end up missing our targets because of valuation issues or any other reason then this will be dragging on all summer. Dont see us making 2-3 big signings anytime soon. Hopefully we will be surprised but I doubt he will resign without us changing the wage structure we prefer for our top players.

  167. Eden Garbo….. love it.
    If he ends up signing for one of the 3 favourites let’s hope the tarty little temptress finishes with this Garbo quote;

    ‘It is bitter to think of one’s best years disappearing in this unpolished country’

  168. @arsenalandrew

    I think part of the figure being so low is to make Arsenal seem like we are cheaping the pot, as it is pure speculation I feel as though it can only be a ploy to make other teams feel as though they can have him. I also think part of the media blackout is RVP’s own decision as well because he truly feels that the Dutch can win the Euro’s and wants to focus everything on the Euro’s and not have deal with the Arsenal contract everyday.


    You make a very good point about him holding out for us signing big players. I doubt that is part of it but I do think that the way Arsenal treat Song and Theo’s contract will play a major role because RVP has said that they are a huge reason for him wanting to remain at Arsenal and has constantly praised them(in my estimation more than any other player) for their value and loyalty to Arsenal. I think all 3 are moreorless intertwined and those are the signings along with M’villa that should be the focus and we should want to get done prior to Euro’s.

  169. C, it was I.


    Thanks all, I figured it was all speculation.

    If it is nothing concrete then why are some getting so worked up about it?

    AA, it only takes one to say it, no? I dont think they (the media) have agreed, its that they all jump on the same crap.

  170. But are contracts usually that easy to iron out. They met for all of one day according to what we know.

    I will wait and not assume what the issues are, that is if there are any.

  171. @Paul

    Thanks for telling us who the media’s “source” was. lol!

    People get worked up about it because well either they believe it to be absolute truth(knowing British media then you should take it with a grain of salt) or either their high when reading it and thus think its a done deal. Etiher way HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHa

  172. Yes, this is good business but it suggests to me that the Board isn’t going to spend what it takes to get us to the next level

    and what if we dont need to spend to get to that level ? ever thought of that ?…we have wenger remember ? the others dont have a wenger ….they have money ! fake money as well…all on paper …

  173. C @ 5:46

    Perhaps you are right, who knows. In my experience in sports it’s very rare that the critical issue in the case of star players is not money. American baseball players long ago gave up the idea of making other excuses. RVP is a great player and a fantastic leader and I doubt he would go off to Russia to play in obscurity, , but in the end, I suspect money will be the deciding factor. Hope I’m wrong but I have said before we need to be in the ballpark of his market value. If we really can’t afford that and stan is going to do nothing then may be do need some of usimov’s cash. However there is no guarantee that he wil throw anymore of his money in the pot and he certainly is a vial creature. Interesting times as always for our club.

  174. Thank goodness Almunia has gone He was awful, and I am surprised at some of the supportive comments he is getting from some people. I know of no other Arsenal first choice keeper that made fans look the otherway whenever the ball got near him. Yes he made some good saves but I can never forget the lunacy I witnessed, when he went on one if his forays outside the penalty area. Shades of Seaman and Kelsey. I think not. Wat to do about Fabianski is now the question.

  175. Bill, if it is about money we are screwed. On that note, I will not fret about it.

    His market value seems to be linked to what City and Chelsea can pay him. The “market value” is therefore skewed.

    If Yaya Toure is getting 200 grand/week at City, RVP should get about 250 to 300. To me what Arsenal offer will be fair.

    The sport is crying out for some kind of cap, some sort of financial restraints. For real.

  176. @Bill

    I tend to agree with you and ecspecially on the Baseball thing but even in baseball their is/was hope in players like Posada, Jeter, Rivera, Chipper Jones where the team was in the ball park and the player felt loyal to the organization along with teh fans and their wives/gf’s wanted to stay. I dont I guess in my heart I feel that loyalty and staying with a club adn becoming a legend it still apart of futbol but my head is saying just wait and see because nobody knows anything except the parties that were in that room.

  177. Shotta – “Wrong on Campbell vs Ryo.” How so? I was wrong on his age but its just my choice of Campbell over Ryo. Nothing has been proven on either.

    “Just as emotionally-driven on Almunia. He was one of many who heralded Szczęsny as our GK savior, long before he was ready, and now keep silent about his weaknesses.” Yes Szcz is a better keeper than Almunia and will be far syperior when he matures. Sure he has weaknesses, like all keepers do but hes a still the more gifted keeper. And as for Al being a convinient scapegoat for some rubbish defending ahead of him, i dont buy that. Al wasnt up to it. We have had our fair share of rubbish defending this season too but Szcz doesnt fall to pieces and most people recognise that. And going by this seasons appearances it has been recognised inside the club also.

  178. @Paul

    I agree there does have to be a cap but with the likes of Roman and the Oil Gang not to mention the Spanish government spending cash with no regard to normalacy or depression or bankruptcy there wont be. Ultimately it has to come from FIFA and UEFA and we all know that wont happen(dont count on the FA because we all know there driven by money and money alone).

  179. Off on a little jaunt tomorrow. Going to Koln to watch Tom Morello, and then onto the first festival of the season in Holland (Pinkpop).

  180. khalifa , hi , on your 2:57 ….mate i get all that ..and i aint shoving anything down peoples throats…on the contrary it is others who are trying to shove down our throats that the self sustaining model is b/s, that wenger has lost it tactically, that our players are pansies, that we need to buy this , buy that etc etc… is others who come out in the media as ex employees dishing the club, disrespecting what we re doing. always critisising, always moaning.

    in the last 3 years or so i have seen supposed “legends” ATTACKING arsenal like mcleish and sam allerdyce would…paul merson lee dixon alan smith ian wright goerge graham…THEY ALL HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY DONT THEY?

    fuck them i say…and if they have an ounce of dignity they will remember who gave purpose in their lives again.

    why isnt parlour saying a fucking word? because he RESPECTS arsene. because ray realised he was wrong and wenger rejuvenated him and gave him a new outlook in both his career and life in general.

  181. @GA

    When you go to Koln thank them for nuturing Podolski and making him into the feared striker that he is and tell them that we will take good care of him and will always appreciate them and glad that they didn’t get relegated.

  182. His is the only top people wear there. He really is a legend in that city.

  183. arsenalandrew

    So, Alex James (6.06 pm), Arsenal fans looked the other way whenever the ball went near Almunia?

    While you witnessed some good saves and some forays out of the box?

    These things you presumably saw whilst you were supporting the opposition, given that all Arsenal fans were looking the other way?


    Enjoy Koln, GA; remember, pace yourself!

  184. arsenalandrew

    GA – possibly leave your Arsenal shirt at home …!

  185. Yea i was reading something before about a major reason why the deal wasn’t announced earlier was for fear that they would riot and all that. Thats the type of player that he is too, loyal to Koln and thanks them for all of his success and for making him the player that he is.

  186. billturner90

    tom morello!! that will be awesome. That guy has quite the inventive ear when it comes to guitar tones.

  187. pedantic george

    I agree with Hunter.

  188. pedantic george

    Well mostly I do

  189. Figure of speech arsenalandrew. First went to Highbury in 1958. My father and grandfather were supporters before me. So,it is pretty obvious that I am Arsenal through and through. As far as I am concerned, Almunia is amongst the worst keepers I have seen in Arsenal colours, and I have seen a few turkeys in my time.

  190. @PG

    What do you agree with he spoke alot?

  191. C

    Not justice. He should be in prison.

  192. 12 games, thats fine by me but where is the swift kick to the testicles punishment as laid out in the rules for this offence ‘once I’d been sent off, one of our players suggested I should try to take 1 of theirs with me…’

  193. arsenalandrew is quite funny.

    see 6:33pm.

  194. arsenalandrew

    Fifteen years before me, Alex.

    I have to say I think being goalie is one of the toughest positions on the pitch. If you’re a striker you can do nothing for 89 minutes and still end up a hero by knocking in the winner in the 90th. Defenders get exposed and can blame the midfield or other defenders. Your goalie, on the other hand, short of saving penalties only really gets judged positively on the back of a clean sheet. They are expected to make the save. To always be in the right position, to know exactly when to come out. Or stay back. You make a mistake, the whole world’s on your case.

    They always, rightly, give kudos to the guys brave enough to take penalties. But I reckon trying to save them is just as worthy of respect.

    I’m not sure Almunia was blessed with the best defence playing in front of him that Arsenal ever had but people rarely make that point when assessing him.

    For me he was a decent guy who never bitched or complained when things didn’t go his way, when he dropped down the pecking order, became the forgotten man.

    If he was one of the worst goalies you saw play Alex, that’s your call.

    But I think he deserves a wider appraisal of his time and his performances between the sticks, that’s all. He was certainly capable of some terrific performances and someone earlier referenced his game v Barcelona.

    Not too many real turkeys play well against Barca.

    They tend to get slaughtered.

  195. “Squishy is simply a merc cunt, thats all i have to say and will waste on him.”

    I am very disappointed by this comment C. Squillachi is an experienced CB who has won things in his career. It’s unfortunate that he did not really adjust to the pace of the PL, but he was only bought as an emergency back up. He was never meant to be first choice. While he made some mistakes, he was not as poor as some made out and I recall watching him win 3 points for us the season before last when he scored the only goal in a game against Stoke at the Emirates and then helped to defend that one goal for a classic 1 nil to the Arsenal. To describe him as a ‘merc(enary) c*nt’ is completely out of order and totally uncalled for.

  196. yes we dont need superb centre backs, like thiago silva, but better than djouru, he always makes terrible mistakes, thats simple we need a good cover, because verma and kosci can be easy injured…

  197. Yea I agree I’m fine with 12 matches and a large fine. I wouldn’t have minded more but I also dont forget that I’m dealing with the FA who charged Suarez rather swiftely but Terry not so much.

  198. @Passenal

    Yea i was a bit harsh after i had reread it and put more thought into it. Just was never a fan and for me he always seemed content just playing the occasional match and collecting his wages. Now idk what went on behind the scenes but I’ve never been a fan and will never be a fan of a player that just collects his pay and doesn’t seem to fit. Yes he did do well in that Stoke match but he never set right with me.

  199. I agree with Passenal @ 7:19.
    Squilly’s a pro not a merc…
    This is ACLF not Le Grove
    Apologize ______ !

  200. I did apologize my apology.

  201. ok are forgiven.

  202. I appreciate that.

  203. Paul N, if there was a summit of all cunts in the world, kroenke would be the spokesperson, none of his clubs in the u.s have been successful, someone mentioned carmelo anthony, well he got sold, his denver nuggets team never wins – kroneke is a business man first and foremost, he does not invest in his clubs, am telling you arsenal is a goldmine. quality manager, stadium, history, players, but that scumbag is doing nothing to improve, there are only 2 board members left from 2005, peter hill wood and some other bloke. Hill wood is a Pr mess and a calamity, we have employed gazidis who knows nothing about improving on pitch performances only the business side of running a football club – can you see where am going with this, we don’t have football men running the club anymore, just fcukturds like kroneke. Forget about his business model, all the model aims to do maximise profit, we are running a football club not walmart, there is a reason his clubs in the u.s are not successful, he is not willing to put his money where his mouth is, everyone can see we need a push from somewhere, liverpool have owners that are willing to invest in the club to make them successful again but that doesn’t mean they are buying trophies, they have earned the right through their history to spend like an elite club, same with arsenal, but we have turn into a mac donalds, finger fuckin licking.

  204. Good on you C.

    what about you JJ?

  205. arsenalandrew.You make some fair points; and perhaps we were spoiled with Seaman and Jennings.You are certainly right that he is a decent guy and I do wish him well, despite my overalll opinion of his goalkeeping capabilities.

  206. @Khalifha

    I only mentioned Carmelo because if you follow th NBA his situation was so similar to Cesc(he wanted out and to go to New York). Carmelo’s nuggets were the same as Cesc’s Arsenal. Both with enough talent to constantly tease you with great performances and great futbol and basketball respectively only to fail in the end. Same type of saga though to get out of town. Kroenke did have a similar message after ousting both of them, “we are better off without them and the talent I have is better collectively without them then with them.” I and you have to give him atleast that, both teams have been better without the man we in teh states call Melo(by the way not only nuggets fans but every NBA fan calls him a cunt just like they did with Cesc and the Knicks performed actually worse since they got him just as Barca did once they got Cesc).

  207. No you don’t George @6.54, you agree with the comments that get through. You’d be embarrassed by the ones that are deleted.

  208. I mean the cunt, sorry kroenke doesn’t even watch arsenal matches live, am not expecting him to act like a fan but it just shows you that he is not interested in whats going on, football wise. If city start showing their undies towards arsenal for rvp then kroenke will be the first person to take them off. now gazidis is whole different type of cunt, he keeps lieing to fans as if we are kids by telling us that wenger has money to spend, if i ever met him in person he would get a blackeye, i wouldn’t piss on that arsehole if he was on fire – last year wenger was talking about his admiration for javier pastore of psg while he was still a palermo player but said he could not buy him because we don’t have the money!, we need to invest, not crazy money, just invest in the football team, forget about buying trophies, we have earned the right to spend. Start by giving v.persie what he deserves, give song and walcott what they deserve *cough* 60,000k *cough*.

  209. Sorry but the St Louis Rams were a great team, one of the best offenses ever to grace the NFL and they went to back to back superbowls which is very difficult and they won it. The Avalanche (Ice Hockey) won the Stanley cup, the Colorado Rapids (The real football) won the MLs Cup.

    The Denver Nuggets always play well but there are other teams that are in bigger markets that players would prefer to go to. It is not easy in basketball and many times players want to play in certain markets.

    In sports you have ups and downs, especially in the US since you have salary caps(apart from baseball). Only a few teams have always been at the top and really it is only the Yanks that are there year in and year out. The Celtics have had some really lean years as did the Lakers.

    Liverpool? the worst team to use to defend your case. What is the point of spending a lot and not even win 50% of your matches?

  210. arse or brain

    reports from rb from the sun that rvp has signed new contract

  211. pedantic george

    When someone puts a contract in front of you .Is it yor fault if they have made a misjudgment?
    After 12 months if it turns out you are not the player you were thought to be should you tear up the contract and hope another club decides to offer a “failure”some sort of a decent deal?
    Would JJ or c do it?
    We bought Andrei Arshavin,one of the most dynamic and creative players in the world ,and then complain he is a drain on our resources because he is not a water-carrier like Parker.
    If someone expected AA to run up and down the wing and cover the FB then a serious error of judgement was made.
    No the “cunts” are the likes of Fabregas who can be all that is expected of them and choose to let us down .Not people who are what they are and never knowingly let the side down.

  212. pedantic george

    oh I am sure you are right

  213. pedantic george

    The Sun,!!!!??????

    Oh Ok,

  214. Limestonegunner

    If the rumoured 130K/week offer that has been floated around in the press is lower than the actual and that RvP has agreed to the media blackout because he is seriously thinking of signing up later in the summer, then this is great for us. It means Song and Theo can’t make outrageous demands thinking that RvP is mulling over 130K.

    Those are the two contracts we should be working on–especially Song who doesn’t have the Euros to worry about. Plus England might not get out of the group, so Theo’s contract can be settled early too, hopefully!

    Let’s make lemonade from the media lemons!

  215. arse or brain

    yeah i know rob beasley aint reliable but rvp and his wife does follow him on twitter and are apparrently friends maybe ive just been had by wishful thinking

  216. We can’t be havng Irishgrey post links all the best videos:

    I missed most of that as I was at the game.
    Did I ever bore anyone senseless with the tale of my first Arsenal game? I went to my first Arsenal game way back when with my mate Æthelred the Unready. We missed the kick off.
    *ba dum tish*

  217. *ahem* < links to…

  218. This was an interesting game. Lots of good ‘defending’. However the ‘attacking’ was crap. Should’ve been at least 3-0.

    Courtesy of a fellow devotee. My faviourite edit of a players performance this season. The sdequence right at the end was nicely done.

  219. pedantic george

    I don’t believe our glorious captain is a friend of that prick Beasley.I just don’t.
    The only prof is that some no mark on twitter claimed because they followed him they were friends.
    I follow 81 people .not one of them tells me any personal stuff or calls me a friend.(although I would like to think I am)

  220. khalifa,
    where exactly did u come from?
    your Kroenke rantings reek of genius mate.
    Are you a Rhodes scholar or something?

  221. C, i agree he got it right with that decision, am just trying to show people the nature of his cuntness. we are turning into ajax 2.0 but the people in charge just sit and watch. all we need is a minor push, an investment in the football team, no one is willing a take a risk, if van persie is the difference between the champions league and midtable mediocrity, imagine what two world class players would be 4 us. Unluckly, cesc and rvp never played together for a full season but thats the past.

    Paul… “In sports you have ups and downs, especially in the US since you have salary caps(apart from baseball)” – well there you go, football in england is a whole new ballgame, the only salary cap in existence costs 250k with kiss my ass written on it.
    You also said ”Liverpool? the worst team to use to defend your case. What is the point of spendinga lot and not even win 50% of your matches?” … Excuse me but Liverpool is the best team to use to defend my case, they are a big club and have earned the right to spend money, the fact they failed to spend wisely has nothing to do with our owner investing in the team.

  222. Interesting threads about Sir Szczesny in recent days. Wasn’t he having injections of sort? I’m no physio, but I imagine a physio not used to working with professional athletes would have told him to take it easy. From my parochial vista he looked very uncomftorble for that second goal against Wigan.
    Was Fabianski who could have played another player who has been dropped after he asked to leave/’his head was not right’. Something like that? I don’t know. Oh, I won’t throw rotten vegatables at the No.2 Keeper who lost his position to injury as he leaves. The No.2 keeper was not the Captain!

  223. george,

    If i was on twitter i’d follow you.

  224. Me too.

  225. Liverpool = a big club that has earned the right to spend money??

    .sheer genius…definitely a Rhodes scholar.

  226. Khalifha, you are something different today. No one and no team earns the right to spend someone elses money, that is what you are missing. Arsene and the whole blinkin club has said that they don’t agree with spending “artificial money”, SK has said he wants the team to be ran the same way and yet you are angry because of it.

    I am sure that if you send them some money they will spend it, just as Wenger said about Sol Campbell.

  227. @PG

    I agree with you on the contract thing and if you read I did apologize to Squishy if he’s reading about the merc cunt thing. Calm down mate!

    If RVP has resigned that is great news and really does mean Sogn adn Theo are going to sign. I have read many quotes that RVP’s decision is also based on Song and Theo not to mention how much he raved and gushed about needing them this season. I sure hope this is true but then again I wont truly be happy until Arsenal and RVP announce it because I dont trust an British media and in fact the only people that know the truth were in that room, RVP’s wife and family. So lets all simmer down until we get it from Arsenal, Arsene, RVP or his agent.

  228. eh, me too George. Most def

  229. i miss Arsenal already. towards the end of the season, i was thinking that i would be glad to see the end of it, with us safely in third. but i also knew that come june, july, i would be regretting this. didnt expect it to hit me before june!

  230. What the heck does that mean even, how do you quantity having the right to spend money?

    So the team that is never won anything and that is struggling financially does not have that same right.

  231. re RVP signing and british media.

    to be honest, i would be surprised if they were spreading rumours of RVP signing instead of RVP leaving.

  232. we are turning into ajax 2.0

    and since when is it considered a bad thing to emulate a club that has won 4 champions leagues and is a point of reference for how football should be taught…i wont go on mentioning the PLAYERS that have come from their academies who have changed european football….way too many….

  233. Limestonegunner

    Fins, that’s nothing, I was singing on the terraces with the Venerable Bede. You can read all about it in his Ecclesiastical History of the English Peoples and their Greatest Club Royal Arsenal FC. He’d take a boat from Northumbria and a barge up the Thames and meet me where St. Paul’s Cathedral would later be built for a walk up to Old Highbury. He had this lovely song he taught me that came to this cowherd gooner up north named Caedmon in a dream, because he never got to watch Arsenal in person. It was a bit before the Sky TV revolution and as a monk he didn’t have a satellite dish to begin with. The song was a really great ditty about Frea Allmectig who managed us during our title winning season of 671 CE over the pagans of the era and built the first heaven-roofed stadium for the club. Tremendous guy, Venerable Bede–knew everything about the club, even more than Tony Attwood.

  234. Paul N, what is so hard to understand when i say ‘earn the right’, compared to chelsea or man city who do you think have ‘earned the right’ to spend someone else’s money? – look if we keep going in this fashion we will remain in limbo, our competitors will not disappear because of ffp bullshi.t, you actually believe it will be implemented, yea right.if we sell rvp then gazidis will be hearing from me. 130,000k ha, its a joke i tells ya.

  235. Campbell seems like he is ready to come back adn fight for a place:

    “That’s what I’m hoping for to play for Arsenal next year. I think I’ve got the ability to do it. I’ve got every confidence in my ability to go to Arsenal and play.”

    “I have learned how to live with other people in a different country to mine, to be here living life outside football, to learn about training and the intensity of the game in Ligue 1. That’s all helped me to learn things so I can continue my football career with Arsenal and I hope that’s going to happen.”

    “I think I can bring alot of things to the Arsenal attack – I can contribute goals and assists. I want people to see what I can do. I alwways think big, so I want to go to Arsenal and play as many games as possible. I have to give everything I’ve got, train hard and have faith in my abilities, to never doubt them and keep moving foward.”

    Sounds like he is ready to fight for his spot and when called upon do a job.

  236. You win Khalifha.

  237. pedantic george

    C ,what makes you think I am not calm?

  238. Something is wrong when we think a footballer needs to earn more than $130k/week, they deserve it even. That thinking makes me want to puke and give football a permanent break.

  239. Premier League ‏@EPLStuff

    Referee Phil Dowd has failed a fitness test which would allow him to continue as referee next season. He officiated 38 matches last season.

    Hooray. Piss off you fat useless twat.

  240. But wait, if anyone hear thinks am talking oil money, then you are mistaken. When i say ‘invest’ two things come to mind, wage structure and player transfer.
    Lets see what happens during the summer, am tired, i have made my point.

  241. pedantic george

    Dont jest Paul.He wilk believe you

  242. i am a bit shocked that arsenal fans would snub AJAX ……we got nothing on them …i mean we are boyscouts and they are sas…. please check what theyve won please before making my hair fall out …..

    lol man they way you said it is as if its an insult for arsenal to copy ajax …. aahhh bless you …you are definately taking the pi55 …. 😉

  243. pedantic george

    Hooray. Piss off you fat useless twat.

    Post of the day ha ha ha

  244. korihikage

    The same reason why they said before we had already signed M’villa, because they heard some fan talking about it and took it as solid hahahahaha. Didn’t Paul-N tell you that he is the British media’s reliable source, go back and read his confession Paul-N | May 23, 2012 at 5:48 pm

  245. @PG

    are you ever calm hahahahahahahaha

  246. pedantic george

    Always c,always

  247. @PG
    ok I believe you

  248. Thanks C

  249. oh George, i would call u a friend.

  250. pedantic george

    🙂 Good .that is what I would like to be called

  251. Hunter, turning into ajax 2.0 is not a good thing, getting screwed in every postion is not a good thing, improving players for oil mafia like city is not a good thing – i could go on but you get my point.

    Paul, no player should be earning that amount of money, what can we do. But van persie is not just a player, the guy is a genius. carmelo anthony,lebron james,michel phelps,ronaldo,messi,v.persie all these individuals are the best in their respective sports and deserve to be the best paid, don’t you agree?

  252. George, I love the Arsenal but man, these figures are so loosly used like we are talking about people earning minimun wage. 520k/month is more than most will make in their entire life. Some perspective please.

    Its possibe that If the players didnt earn so much, the club would not have to charge so much and the common man would not have to pay so much; less people priced out and all that.

  253. @hunter

    The problem with Ajax 2.0 is the selling of all their good player, while yes it is great to say yes Arsenal produced loads and loads of world class talent but if were not reaping the benefits then it doesn’t matter. Its easier to do that in the “lesser leagues” but doing that in the PL is most difficult and will eventually lead to a downward spiral where year after year were selling our best players and finishing 3rd and being glad to make it to the CL now win the CL.

  254. pedantic george

    RVP is not Dennis Bergkamp.
    We should not allow Oily Arabs and Russian mobsters to fix Arsenal wages.

  255. Aman @8:46, why don’t you stop acting like a daft cunt and address me directly instead of posting snide remarks , i dislike your type.

  256. I miss the boys already too Korihikage
    its going to be really interesting with us, a Drogba-less Chelsea, a new CM fitted-ManU, a hyped up-Shitty, an even more french-Newcastle, a Modric-less-Spuds and “that big club that’s earned the right to spend money that needs to come down from their expired high horse and have a long term plan+manager” all consolidating & rejigging their squads for next season’s showdown.

    ….oh and no Phil Dowd

    Summer’s always eventful albeit non-stop theoretical speculation
    its fun


    clearest sign that chelski and co changed the rules (click on matchday revenue)

  258. ok khalifa, you are a bit of a rude juvenile twat who thinks money grows on trees.
    U sound like someone who’s NEVER had to work hard to survive.
    Your take on things is extremely black or white.
    there’s little you say that we haven’t heard before..over & over & over
    stick to your tabloid take on reality somewhere else
    You just might be on the wrong blog.

    … such a bore

  259. I must admit I for 1 am happy that Drogba has decided to leave teh Chavs because he always seemed to be able to turn it on and off whenever he damn well pleased and when he turned it on, well just as Barca and Bayern and Liverpool what happen. A hyped up Manshitty might be a good thing because then when they come crashing down they will fall fast.

  260. “….oh and no Phil Dowd”

    Hopefully they don’t replace him with someone worse!

  261. shed a tear watching this.

    not sure if you guys seen on soccernet chelsea blog, ‘chelsea immortals made grown men cry’. didnt read the bloody post of course. but. dont. f***

  262. Pedantic, do you honestly think v.persie is not as important to this team as bergkamp was to the invincibles? Without rvp the next 3 years would have been horrible, no champions league money, no investment,loss of players,e.t.c rvp is the doing what henry and dennis used to do, scoring shitloads and assisting, 3rd best player in da world, he is a genius.

  263. A comment on that Henry vid says and I quote, “5 Irish people watched this”.

    5 dislikes

    Thats funny!

  264. ok, c and kohri has it not crossed your mind that wenger is fully aware of that ( ajax selling all their talent ) or that he is trying to combine ajax philophy in terms of playing style academies and scouting with the commericality and brand expansion of a united …… i mean it is fairly obvious that wenger /arsenal would try to copy united in some respect and ajax in some other respect……the bitch of it all is that laporta/cruyff decided to do it quicker so now it is barcelona that has combined the ajax philosophy with the dominance of a united…but they had the real deal there the last 40 years…and it still took a mad president to make it all click and some really special talents….

    i understand your fears of becoming what ajax is now currently but i dont think wenger is in for that….neither would he accept it. and to snub 31 champions titles together with 4 champions leagues 2 intercontinentals and 2 uefas just like that ? i dont know….its a bit too much for me to pretend that we as a club know better than them.

  265. hopefully if you have seen the link i posted regarding the accounts of the english clubs, you will realise what we are really up against.

    but don’t think i am throwing in the towel. don’t think arsene wenger is throwing in the towel.

    i know arsene wenger is doing his utmost to make us win, even without those obscene fake money.

  266. Quite often I find myself shocked at how the stance at not rocking the boat and agreeing with what the presumed Arsenal media line would be on these matters is taken. Does anyone else find this or is it just me?

    Djourou has had his chances to cement his position as a 1st choice Centre-Back, he has not done so and thus fallen down the pecking order. Instead of growing stale and his value decreasing he needs to go to a club where he can realistically compete for a first team spot. We need the highest competition places in our weakest area – we have got close to shipping 50 goals this season – dear me. I don’t expect any world class player to be happy sitting on the bench. But if you are a club of Arsenal’s calibre who are competing with other clubs who do that – hey – it happens. Arguing for less strength in depth is a sure way to stop us challenging for trophies – simple as!

  267. Aman, finally you open up, doesn’t that feel better than hiding behind someone’s back and making snide remarks?, now you called me a ‘rude juvenile cunt’, well said – I am tired so kindly fcuk off.

  268. I think it is just you CP. When Djourou started last season he was immense. Did you think he would start ahead of TV and Kos.

  269. also you both might be ignoring that arsenal as well as ajax have built new stadiums in the past decade……. so naturally both would have to painfully sell even their best…but the thing is that if they keep doing what they know so well to do they will produce world class talent again, and again …and by that time they wont have a stadium to consider and forcing them to sell their talent…..

    of course the dutch have abandoned all romantce and are strict businessmen, very clever nation, i call them the jewish of europe….its all about the money for them….i mean they are p[ractically below sea level and have devised plans to hold back the sea….unbelievable things…anyway…so yes i do agree they will sell and sell even when they dont need to sell. However …as we witnessed in 95 …one of their generations won it. some of them were still playing regular till last year ( vds, seedorf). I owuldnt feel as bad if we could win a champions league with one of our generations like they try and do. whwther we sell them afterwards thats a completely different story. here is where the owne decides to go for dominance and continuation or sell and do it again.

  270. listen, Khalifa:

    RVP is a fantastic player. it was clear back in his first days. i will always remember the goals he scored against blackburn, villa and charlton.

    he was out so much (no fault of his). and we see what he can do when he is fully fit.

    one and a half seasons of consistent brilliance.

    and you want to compare him to bergkamp and henry?

    don’t get me wrong. i want rvp to stay, to lead us to glory. THAT would be the perfect story, perfect fairy tale, don’t you agree?

    i personally feel that if it was down to him and his family, he would have signed long ago.

    not so sure about his agent. so if he chooses to listen to his agent, to listen to money, and so-called ‘ambition’, so be it.

    for me, if you have ambition, you would want to lead a club that does things the proper way, to glory. THAT WOULD BE THE GREATEST VICTORY.

    p.s. i am not against rich people, rich clubs, as long as what they have, is what they earned, what they deserved.

  271. Where are the 4 world class central defenders at United or any other team. Only City and Chelsea stock piled players and I not even they have 4 world class Central defenders. Not to me atleast.

  272. hunter,

    i dont know how i got involved in your posts. but mostly i actually agree with you, except when you go on your rants about the ‘englanders’

    and i am not even english.

  273. So instead of giving Ba a little better contract since he was simply the 2nd best striker in teh PL for much of the season you risk losing him. Interesting Newcastle really interesting. Should Arsenal sign BA for 7 million?

  274. Paul

    precisely. i think vermaelen, koscielny, mertesacker and djourou are as good a first team quartet as it gets. as it has been pointed out, the problem isnt the defence, but the midfield and attackers doing their part in defending. we were vulnerable in the past few games because arteta wasnt there to kill the space

  275. sorry sorry kohri …i got it mixed up…..i was replying to c and khalifa re: the ajax2.0 bad ..

    and as for the other thing … every family has its rotten apples….. 🙂 it just so happens some rotten apples here want to savage my football club….and i expected the good/light to prevail, not the dark.

  276. Korihikage, no, no, don’t get me wrong, henry has a statue outside our stadium, i would not dream of comparing rvp to him or bergkamp, i am saying that rvp is as important to our current team as birdkamp was to the invincibles, that is the basis of my comparism. A little blasphemy tho, i think v.persie would have played ahead of birdkamp in this form, hehe.

  277. Paul-N

    No mention of his performances this season…. right…. oookkk.

    I didn’t think he would start ahead of Kos and Verm…. errr…. that was my point….!!!

    You are arguing against strength in depth, competition for places again…… slaps head…. dear me and additionally another point with our consecutive injury list each season.

  278. korihikage

    Ok i’ll take your point about the other outfield players needing to do their part as it is a valid one.

    But even so those four defenders have been part of a team that has shipped just under 50 goals. I don’t think the issue can be laid at just the midfield and attack.

  279. Hunter, you fail to realise that ajax won all those trophies when they were able to keep their players, not during the oil mafia era. now they have become an academy for bigger clubs, even arsenal screwed them over with vermaelean hehehe. Hey, but imagine if they had kept v.der vaart, sneijder, hunterlaar, vermaelean together with v.der wiel, vertonghen, erickson and stekeenlburg, wow! That would have been a team, i feel bad for them.

  280. pedantic george

    RVP is not the third best player in the world.
    He is not a essential as Bergkamp was or even the cowardly Fabregas.
    He is a great player but nor a genius in Bergkamp’s class.
    Not for me anyway.
    You khalifha think far to highly of your own opinion.And are quick to tell people who have proven their knowledge and worth to fuck off.

  281. “Should Arsenal sign BA for 7 million?”

    Not too sure C, since he has dodgy knees I have a funny feeling he will turn out to be a one season wonder. There is also another ACN tournament next season, so presumably he would be another player lost to that competition at a key point in the campaign.

  282. khalifa

    the only reason why ajax cant keep their players is because of the relative weakness of the dutch league.

    that is why the players left after 1995 and 1996,

  283. CP, TV has had quite a few blunders last season, why didn’t you mention him?

    ahh, we have to have a scapegoat, innit?

  284. @Passenal

    Yea true but thats what everybody said about him prior to this season. Just a thought though my friend. Imagine if he was just a supersub able to restrict wear adn tear on his knees and as he has proven he can score with the best of em.

  285. My point is that no team has 4 world class central defenders. The only world class Central Defender at City is Kompany to be honest. If there are others, it is news to me.

  286. pedantic george

    Arteta for Captain?
    If Rvp slopes off

  287. Ohh… please stop Paul-N this is my exact point! i.e. competition for places I don’t think his starting position is/or should be assured.

    Although I rate him higher than Djourou.

  288. @Paul

    Dont you know, TV is aloud to have blunders but its ok.

  289. pedantic george

    Paul ,how many world class defender do we have?

  290. is he 2nd best George?

  291. Pedantic, rvp is not messi or ronaldo level but the level below which consists of mario gomez, aguero, rooney, benzema – out of all those players none have reached rvp’s level in the last 1 and a half years, so therefore he is the 3rd best player in the world.
    Secondly, on fabregas, we just finished 3rd with a higher points tally without cesc and you say he was more important *scratching head*, am confused, are you joking?.
    On aman, the reason i was rude to him/her is because he/she was trying to insult me, what did you expect me to do george?

  292. pedantic george

    If we had that Messi fellow on the bench ,that would keep RVP on his toes .
    Eh CP?

  293. George, right now I would say two being Kos and Sagna. TV has dropped off a bit because he doesnt stay home when needed. If he calms his forward runs, I will regard him as such.

    I love Santos, but I have not seen enough of him to give him that rating as yet. With time, I think I will.

  294. I don’t think it is unrealistic to bring in another proven Centre-Back George.

  295. sigh. i miss Arsenal.

    boring boring boring here. same old same old.

  296. Korihikage, and lack of money, the french league is not the strongest but expect more players going to PSG. well my point was football has changed, now money is the most important commodity, its hard to keep hold of one’s best players regardless of the league quality.

  297. pedantic george

    Fabregas was the best player in the league ,bar none.
    The whole team was built around him.Not RVP.
    Do you think we would be 19 points behind City and United if he had stayed and we had bought the players we did .If he is slotted into this team?Really?
    And I cant stand the disloyal little git.

    I don’t expect you to tell him to fuck off.But you do have form.So perhaps I should have.

  298. pedantic george

    I agree Paul ,
    Those two .I would not swap for anyone.

  299. Santos looked good against west brom, i was very impressed, but gibbs made ”the tackle”, who do we go with tho, aargh over to you wenger.

  300. To be honest I always thought RVP was a better player than Cesc, it was just that injuries hampered him. If RVP was injury free, to me he would be mentioned with Ronaldo and Messi today (some people do actually). Bar them two, from the players I have seen, there is no better player.

    Last season it was RVP who was getting it done when the walls were falling in on us, not Cesc.

  301. khalifha | May 23, 2012 at 10:24 pm

    lol , dont feel bad for them, they will produce such players again and maybe they wont have an ajax amsterdam arena to repay then…thats the point. we will do what we know to do best ( create wrold class players and groups/teams/generations/cycles) and when the circumstances allow it we either knick it under the noses of the idiotic morattis abramovic sheikhs berlusconi perez ( who know no other way) or we set our foot down and say ” right i feel like fucking these mugs up for a while”. but that needs balls from the owner most of all.

  302. pedantic george

    Paul ,you know I agree with you about how Cesc let us down .
    But some people say Rooney is as good as Messi and Ronaldo.He is not and neither is Robin.
    I will ask you the same question .
    If you slot Fabregas into this team ,is it better?

  303. when i talk about knicking it i mean the champions league of ocurse…i have the domestic league a certain fact for arsenal within the next 2-3 years…its the other one that bugs me…wenger deserves at least 3 if that mug di matteo got one and heynckes was going for a second…ffs..taking out muller ahhhhh…

  304. Ah george, am very consistent. But comeon, the team was built around cesc, agreed, rvp was always injured remember – i cant believe we are having this arguement, v.persie has scored goals and assists that cesc can only dream of. Remember stoke(2goals from the bench), dortmund, sunderland(early goal and freekick), chelsea hattrick, everton volley, liverpool away, norwich away, these are just the matches he won for us.
    Remember cesc was playing during a certain cristiano ronaldo period, so how was he ‘the best player in the league’

  305. Pedantic george, think this through – who do you think is a better player v.persie or cesc? I honestly think rvp would be a better attacking midfielder than cesc, no need to discuss goalscoring.

  306. pedantic george

    When did Ronaldo leave?
    I think you will find a two year period where he was gone and Cesc had not.
    You think Fabregas could only dream of making assists like Robin? Really? You are barking mad.

  307. Limestonegunner

    We seldom had the chance for Cesc and RvP to play together because of injuries and Cesc’s departure, which is such a shame. They combined magnificently. If Cesc had stayed and been committed and had only his one hamstring this season for Arsenal, I am quite sure we would have been a more talented team. However, would we have bought Arteta? Would we have brought in Benayoun on loan? I doubt it. That has sort of been the problem. Besides, talent alone hasn’t been enough. Cesc would have remained captain, and I for one believe RvP’s captaincy has been worth some points this season.

  308. pedantic george

    What a better AM than the player who created more chances per minute than any player in top class football.
    I give up

  309. Limestonegunner

    Cesc led the top European leagues over a five year period in assists. He was the best attacking midfielder in Europe. Now he is a cog in the Barca machine and who knows how well his career will develop. He is still an excellent player. But the match between him and Arsenal was extraordinary for his career and development into a truly world class player.

    PG is right about Cesc’s quality but not necessarily about how much better we would have done because the whole scenario is unrealistic.

  310. pedantic george

    don;t get me wrong I would not swap Robin for Cesc,
    I am happy with this team .And Robin as Captain.
    But if a fit Cesc was playing in this team ,with Robin as skipper ?.I will not have it that we would not be considerably better.

  311. Pedantic, lol i was just playing mind games with you so that you would give cesc some compliments, indirectly tho – how does that make you feel? 🙂

  312. pedantic george

    because the whole scenario is unrealistic.

    No arguement from me .As you pointed out.We would not have bought and Robin would not have been captain.

  313. Limestonegunner

    RvP, however, has always been my favourite player since the departure of Bergkamp and the final season of Henry, when he wasn’t at his best from a variety of perspectives. It’s the quality and the passion/spirit he has shown. He plays with a bit of spite.

  314. pedantic george

    Compliments like this you mean?
    “And I cant stand the disloyal little git.”

  315. cesc vs ronaldo

    hmmmm …i would approach it this way…

    cristiano is a winger/forward, therefore assists and goals is what i expect. does he get enough? yes. the winger/forward will have to beat his opposite man thus i need him to be a good dribller and fast, thus i want a good athlete with good strong legs and top physical condition and the personal ego to enjoy “beating” people in front of him and score. rating 10/10

    cesc is a central midfielder and playmaker. from him i expect positional awareness, organisation, vision, passing, and ability to get out of tight midfields while keeping ball or playing one – two, eyes all over the field and telepathic communication with wingers runs and target man. i expect assists and the odd goal every three to five games. most of all i expect composure with ball and good passing statistics, i also need him to control the tempo of the team and i need him to think two or three passes ahead in the play. i need him to move and create space and i need him to also close down and initiate attacks and/or counters. rating 9/10


    who is more important for my system? the winger ( my bomber) or my computer mainframe /motherboard/ HAL). isnt the playmaker more important than the winger ? i think so. and in term sof creating that special momment of magc that can win a game, ronaldo scores more or cesc with his through balls and assists? what does the manager value the most ? then the influence in the squad…both would carry their teammates , at various degrees and levels, but i believe cesc had it harder than ronaldo in that respect.

    they are both exceptional and it all depends on what positions within your system you consider more important….or which position you prefer the most or which position you think has the most of responsibilities and difficulty factor. for me the playmaker is always more important. give me pirlos sniejders xavis cesc scholes every day …wingers i dont like them that much cause theyre flashy c0cks ( quaresma, ronaldo, robben, vicente ).

  316. bonjour meine amigos..

    passenal, paul, george seeing as though its you guys i will also apologise you if took offence to my squillaci comment earlier..
    only the merc part though as i didnt say he was a cunt..
    i said he was shit and im not going to apologise for saying that becuase he is shit..
    if i apologised for that as well then i wouldnt really mean it so theres no point me saying it.

    listen, between the lines of insanity your spouting theres a kid in there who knows a little bit about football..your full of ammo but you shoot from the hip and you spray random..
    personally, i’ll talk to you all day long about ajax and i’ll talk to you all day long about tactics and european superpowers and the way arsene wenger has transformed this club…
    ….as long as you shut the fuck up and let a few of us take you on a little journey through the archives of this club and we’ll relive some memories and warm some cockles..

    i’ll even spend the half an hour it takes to get my rocky avatar working again and we’ll chat about some of the best nights in our history..from the invincibles to the the 91 team..

    anfield..?? 🙂

    everyone loves to talk about that night at anfield..

    i dont remember much before the late 70’s without having to open a book, but have a few chats with the likes of george and frank and cbob and yogi and we might even learn something about woolwich..

  317. Joke apart pedantic and limestone, cesc was the best am, agreed. But rvp’s vision is as good as cesc’s and he has better technique, i am sure he would have been a quality AM.

  318. pedantic george

    How many shit players get 20 cap for France JJ?
    He has been less than adequate for us .
    But to call him shit? I think not.

  319. But fabregas and van persie in the same team would have been a dream and yet it was a reality for arsenal.

    I don’t know if anyone here knows this but the best players in a team are always on the same wave length e.g pires/henry, birdkamp/anelka, torres/gerrard, modric/bale, the list goes on and on, so anytime i get frustrated with walcott i remind myself of this connection walcott/v.persie, i think this is a sign that walcott will be a great player in our team – off topic i know, just something i wanted to share.

  320. Pedantic, lol, i admire your loyalty, but why are you defending squillachi, i can’t even remember what he looks like.

  321. paul has a good point about rvp
    hes scored over 100 goals for this club..they havent all come in the last 18months though which shows how important he has been to this club over the last 5-6 years and not 1-2.

    that 07-08 season faultered big time..we should have sown it up that season..
    all the talk goes to dudus injury and gallas and rosicky..
    rvp hardly gets a mention and he should have done becuase robin was injured for alot of that season with dudu and ade was on his jack..
    rvp stays fit that season we win the league regardless

    cesc was top class..its pointless i think in comapring..
    captaincy yes
    importance to team is harder..

    cesc was the missing link last season just as rvp spent alot of the time being the missing link when cesc was here..

    you want them both really..

  322. pedantic george

    I don’t know if anyone here knows this but the best players in a team are always on the same wave length

    I suspect some do.It’s news to me though.Thanks.

  323. pedantic george

    you want them both really..

    Is the correct answer JJ.
    Have a gold star

  324. No biggy.

  325. him getting 20 caps in a french team struggling in transition is nothing to shout about..

    weve got kids in the reserves who look better than squillaci whats the point in banging on about squillaci like hes some sort of defensive god who contributed greatly to this club..

    i contributed more when i bought the new kit..

    seriously though lets not do this, i said i was sorry i met you half way, its better than the sweet fuck all and the two fingered salute i normally give you..


  326. Hunter my friend, shame on you. Ever heard of Liam Brady? Did you see him play? Dennis Bergkamp? Marc Overmars? Graham Rix? Ian Wright? Frank Stapleton? O’Leary in his prime? Seaman? Rocky? Paul Davis? SuperMac? Pat Jennings? Just some random examples. Wenger is on record, many times, stating how privileged he feels to have found such a club with such a tremedous record of achievement, players, innovation, tradition and class over the decades. He got it right you see, and is a humble man when it comes to Arsenal tradition. Ironically you belittle Wenger, whom you respect.

  327. pedantic george

    Did you slip Overmars in as a test?
    I think even Hnter will admit Arsenal were a class apart.But a class apart from some dross really.
    His point is that Arsenal is now a top European side.An established “seeded” team.Something it has never been regarded as pre Wenger.
    And I think that is fair enough.
    As for the rest .?


    Today’s post

    PG – Seeding didn’t exist in the pre-Wenger era. Nor did four teams qualifying for the Champions League either which is the qualifier he forgets to add in his pot-strewn posts.

  329. thank you george, someone who can understand at last.

    zim you have misunderstood me. i have nothing against the past i just get a bit angry when a few try to present it as if we were right up there with the teams we currently are. it is that simple.

    but when people dont get what i want to say, i will use emphasis to put my point accross. and for the sake of objectivity i wont mind speaking about some of the nasty traits that had given us a bad name.

  330. I agree on your point that one can’t expect Arsenal to have 4 world-class level defenders on the books who are happy to split time with one another, but the fact is that we only have 2 any-class defenders! (3 when Mertesacker is healthy) I know he often played out of position at RB, but Djourou is clearly not good enough to play in the Premier League. He was often beaten for pace, outmuscled, or duped into a sloppy tackle inside the penalty area. His propensity to come up with a hamstring or groin injury every 50 minutes doesn’t help his case. Squillaci is equally terrible and at 32 isn’t going to get any better. I would be fine seeing these two move on and for 1-2 new players brought in as cover. I’m not expecting someone like Vidic or Skrtel or even Vertonghen, but maybe Hangeland, Jonas Olsson, Scott Dann, Jagielka, or another player on that level. In an ideal world we would have someone pressing Vermaelen for his place alongside Kosc. (Yes, I think the frenchman has surpassed TV5 as our #1 choice CB)

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