The “Oh God, It’s Going To Be A Long Summer” Post

I had a birthday plan in June of last year. Champions League glory for Arsenal on my birthday, having won the Premier League title. Yeah, I am really going to enjoy today…

As the world prepares for the Champions League final this evening, Arsenal prepare for oblivion. That is the media angle and it is becoming warmly embraced by some. Robin van Persie’s failure to sign a new deal before he departed for Euro2012 is indicative of him not returning. In itself – and because of last summer – that is the signal of implosion. Theo Walcott has not signed a new deal and is apparently upset with Arsenal for not getting into negotiations before he departed for Euro2012. Alex Song is just about to enter the last year of his contract, all the good players are going, the bad ones are staying. The sky is falling in and there is a rush to descend into the madness.

Grow a set.

van Persie’s contract talks were scheduled for this week as was his departure for the Dutch squad. That left four days for Arsenal and the Dutchman to meet and discuss the contract. The presumption seems to be that it was a simple, “I’ll sign for this and three M’vila’s”; it is not that simple and with legal teams viewing the opportunity to relieve their clients of some funds in chargeable time, as unrealistic as expecting Arsenal to have completed their transfer business by now. The season has not even finished in some countries and getting players signed now, before the Euro2012 kick-off when their clubs eye the tournament as an opportunity for transfer valuations to rise, is unrealistic.

Yet still that was expected.

As for Walcott and Song, the smell of agent planted stories and journalistic creativity wafts through, luring the unsuspecting in with its decadent scent. Theo’s upset over negotiations not beginning before Euro2012? I doubt it but if he is, tough, it is his own fault for not starting them during the season. Alex Song is about to enter the final straight of a contract? And?

Agendas are being exposed.

That so many contracts are beginning to come to run their course is unsurprising. The players we are talking about have all broken into the first team around 2005 – 2007. Negotiations happened shortly after and new contracts or extensions signed. The continual process of having a young team means that these cycles happen, as opposed to buying ready-made teams of twenty-five year old – even older players – who have the contract they sign and perhaps minor extensions until their useful footballing life to Arsenal ends. If that sounds like players are assets, in the raw basics they are numbers on a balance sheet, assets that produce a revenue stream from the club’s core activity.

It does not mean bad management.

The result of the move to a new stadium, renewing the squad via a youth system means that this is the path that the club chose to tread reaching the merry-go-round at the end of the rainbow. This cycle of constant contract negotiations is going to become very familiar each summer as the deals and the players mature. When the club do enter talks and get contracts signed, they are criticised for even doing that before the focus turns onto the size of the deal. Arsenal are taking an informed punt, banking that the youthful promise will mature into an outstanding player. It doesn’t always work.

It is a process that the club cannot always control; Cesc would not have signed a new deal if offered, neither would Nasri and van Persie, Walcott, perhaps Song, are hedging their bets as is their right, waiting for a time that is beneficial to them to talk or sign deals or leave. This lays bear the hypocrisy of football supporters with claims that the loyalty shown by Arsenal to each of them in difficult times of loss of form or injury – or both – deserve loyalty from the players. Were you or I in similar situations in our own employment, I am sure that the same ‘tugs of the heart strings’ we might feel are felt by players. I am sure that the same feeling of looking after your own interests that the players feel would be reciprocated by us in our own circumstances.

Yeah, I’m a hypocrite. I expect that loyalty to exist.

I want the season to start so that there are genuine grounds for complaint, for the moaning to at least have some substance from events on the pitch. Please Mr Platini, let Arsenal enter Euro2012.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. As long as gazidas is there we will continue to lose our best players. He is not expieranced enought to pull off deals. He is also under instruction from kronke not to spend so our immediate future is to plod sling and get as much mula off the fans as possible. Until usimov and dein come back expect another season where arsene pulls off miracles with an average at best team

  2. Oh my god!

  3. Sure the sky isnt falling down. Sure theres no need to hit the panic button. But its a continuing trend we see every summer. Media fueled, no doubt. Interweb page hit driven, indeed. But the facts remain that we have lost big players nigh on every summer for the last few years. Sure Arsenal continues but it hampers growth of the team. Recent developments with RVP seem to suggest Poldolski is insurance for him leaving. If thats the case then at least this time we got a replacement before the player leaves

  4. The media.

    The “new stadium” which is nearly a decade old and generating £25m more than the old one per year after costs.

    Project youth.

    Nothing like getting in the excuses for next season’s failure in early.

  5. Sensational Arsenal

    seriously? you are the first post? God!

  6. BnT

    Be a good doomer and read the post before you comment.


  7. Sensational Arsenal

    @ Richard, BnT, etc. why dont you little shites go to Le Grove and stack up the negativity there.

    Yogi, i wish there was an IQ and sensibility test posters need to take before they are allowed to post for the first time. I think these imbeciles game the moderation by making decent first comments and then spout drivel in susequent comments.

  8. Sensational Arsenal

    Sorry, should have been clear. That was aimed at Richard being the first one to post a comment.

  9. arsenes’s dithering and gazidis ueslessness will cost arsenal

  10. Rotich Frankline

    Sincerely, Can we keep on loosing our best playes in the name of grooming others always? That means we would not be after trophies, If Van leaves, walcot, song,verminator, wilshere, ceszni, will follow.

  11. Yogi –

    I read the post, all the points made in my comment are references to your post.

    I even left out:

    Lawyers, really lawyers are delaying a deal to bill more hours LOL

    Unrealistic fan expectations, heaven forbid we have one summer that doesnt see our best player walk out the door.

    and my personal fav – We will do our business once other leagues finish……and the Euros finish too.

    Yada yada yada.

  12. The Real Stew Black

    Reading between the lines does this mean it’s many happy returns today Mr Warrior?

  13. The Real Stew Black

    I think the moderation may be on but the absolute raving lunatic filter is down.

  14. Good post, YW. It is indeed shaping up to be a veeeeeery long summer.

    @ Sensational Arsenal | May 19, 2012 at 9:07 am
    hear hear

    @ DeiseGooner
    What should the club do to counter the advances of clubs who offer to double our players’ wages, give them bigger signing-on fees and/or who have won trophies more recently? And how do we stop our players wanting to join these clubs?

    Frank, please would you clear something up from yesterday – are you saying that you have information that Kees Vos/wossisname wasn’t at the meeting with RvP, or that you don’t think they would have talked about other possible arrivals at that meeting if the agent was there?

  15. @ The Real Stew Black | May 19, 2012 at 9:20 am
    ha ha.

    Knew you wouldn’t be able to stay away.

  16. Speaking of players at end of contract, Craig Gordon has finished up at Sunderland – worth a punt as backup as Almunia and Fabz want out???

  17. After yesterday, can have have anyone with the words Cesc or Nasri in their posts, banned?

    Please YW,?!

  18. You missed the point of the post entirely BnT which was not, incidentally an excuse for next year. It was (a) stop whining and bitching for two months, (b) don’t believe the media are telling the truth, (c) what is happening in terms of contracts is part of the normal PL life because of the path chosen and (d) what’s the point, you don’t get it.

  19. Indeed Mr DJ, indeed. Thanks.

  20. Well thats the cunundrum isnt it fungunner, how do you stop such clubs coming in for our players. Well for a start those like Cesc on long term contracts shouldnt be let go on anything but our terms, not the buying clubs terms and not to be nice to the player. Those like RVP whos contract is 1 year from its end, well its all in the players hands there isnt it. And i applaud the club for not being held to ransom with the wage demands etc. But again i reckon the hard line has to be taken here too. The rot has to be stopped. The perception seems to be we are a bit of a soft touch when it comes to other clubs ‘bullying’ us into selling. I dont have the answers but im not paid millions to. Is the media ban on RVP a new hardline approach?

  21. Exactly how I feel.

    I wish he had signed. I think if he had it would’ve been such a positive summer…. but then we maybe do better when people aren’t expecting much.

    As per usual this year all the pundits predicted we’d be the most vulnerable to Tots, Chelski and a resurgent Liverpool…. whatever.

  22. FG

    Kees Vos was at the meeting; Darren Dein unsurprisingly wasn’t. Contrary to the popular myth, Dein is not RvPs agent.

  23. Happy birthday Yogi!

    Well at least we have the euros to help keep our idle minds occupied this summer. But you know and I know we will all still be hitting F5 on newsnow and footieroumours pages. 🙂

  24. mattgoonerknight

    First competitive match at Emirates Stadium
    v Aston Villa 19th August 2006

    Less than 6 years is now almost a decade: that’s sweet and sinuous at the same time.

    While we’re treating time as a mailable plaything, I better apologise to my better half when she gets home for not buying her anything for our 5th year wedding anniversary – we’re not yet married or even engaged but who knows, we might be in 5 or 6 years?

    Shit, while I’m at it, I better pop into town and buy my 5 year old son his birthday present (Arsenal kit I of course). I’m not a dad. My girlfriend isn’t and has never been pregnant.

  25. So the media are sharpening their claws once more. It is so boring and predictable – even in the closed season we are the best value for a witch hunt. I am so tired of hearing about our star players being unhappy blah, blah. We CANNOT have another summer like the last. I say nip it in the bud and tell RVP that he is not keeping us hanging for months, either sign or piss off! There are other players and life goes on. Arsenal need to stabilise and concentrate on the players who really want to wear the shirt and try for success. After all, there are only a limited amount of trophies which are won by a limited group of teams and sadly, the influx of petro dollars means that Citeh and Chelski will always have the upper hand until FFP rears its head. We need to be positive and look forward, not backwards to the pain of past summers. I’d rather us be as we are than be like Wolves or similar clubs. At least we do challenge and play decent football.

  26. YW – Nice posts as always.

    One point though, people had expectations that the RvP issue would be cleared up before the Euro’s……because the manager said as much.

  27. GA

    Poor PR on the club’s part as per normal. Can’t do anything about that but let’s be honest, you have to be incredibly naive to think that a contract would be signed in four days.

  28. Indeed goonerandy, so you would therefore surmise that the club wanted it sorted this week so they can move on. By all accounts no deal was signed. If no deal is signed then its still sorted really, as he has 1 year left to go. The club need to make sure they get on with other signings and just treat the RVP situation as done and dusted.

  29. YW – Yeah, I do agree with that.

  30. Deise – Ha, if only it were that simple eh? This will still be rumbling on when we kick off the next season.

  31. Yogi – signed in 4 days, how long is his signature? Come on, we dont really buy that the RVP camp wernt aware beforehand what kind of deal was on the table! 4 days of talks would surely be to iron out details – but thats taking into account how close both parties were to the money on offer.

  32. ClockEndRider

    It must be nice to live in the same world as BnT and his like. For theirs is a world where football clubs run as businesses can compete with those whose massive losses are subsidised by super rich owners. Those of us forced to live in the dull old world of reality have to accept boring truths like financial prudence and outgoings being matched by I comings. Alternatively we could just say “what the hell” and spend spend spend and generate the kind of lasting success recently enjoyed by Portsmouth. And Leeds. and Rangers. None of these clubs had sugar daddy owners. And they behaved as though they did. And now they’re all but gone.
    Still let’s not let reality get in the way……

  33. Being something of a realist, IMO Arsenal could well afford to lose Messrs Van Persie, Walcott and Song, provided they wish to leave AND steps are taken to obtain replacements early in the Window. This close season, unlike others, there appears to be a “buyers market” and if I’m right we should take advantage of it.
    Above all things we mustn’t keep unhappy players. Don’t let us have a repeat of last Summer when panic left us short at the last hour.
    No player is greater than the Club he serves and decisions (and ultimatums if needed) should be made quickly.

  34. Danish Gooner

    Personally, i wouldnt blink an eye lid if Walcott and Song left they are clearly not up to it.

  35. mattgoonerknight

    Can’t wait until the CL final tonight; once it’s over the transfer rumours and gossip should well and truly ignite; )

    As much as it pains me to continually read and hear speculation about our own players leaving, I can’t help but love to gaze through the transfer shop window, looking at potential bargains and players that I know we can’t afford, or don’t fit, but long for anyway.

    I must admit that I was naive enough to believe that we had done our part of the bargain by finishing 3rd, guaranteeing CL football next season, providing a solid platform to mount a genuine challenge this season.

    I think we still have a lot of business to do, players both in and out, regardless of RVP.

    Can we all start playing ACLF Manager please? We could even pretend that RVP signs but gets a season long injury in pre-season, thus forcing us to look for a replacement anyway?

  36. Happy Birthday Yogi!!!!!

    Personally, i would not blink an eyelid if Danish Gooner left this blog, he is clearly not up to it.

  37. The reason the media targets arsenal is Because “the fans can and will read” the are an educated bunch hungry to be in the now just check the web statistic. on RVP, Theo and song well if the don’t sign two things:

    1. Arsenal should act early get capable replacement lined up on time its not about outstanding players its about an outstanding team

    2. well the club will become less patient with young players i don’t see ramsey, frimpong, afobe, aneke etal getting the kind of support RVP, theo and Song etc got.

    YW your right about the self interest factor : If cesc and nasri stayed and we brought in the OX , Per (and by some miracle ARTETA too) would Arsenal be viewed as inferior team to city on united? my answer is no, the two players basically said the team was not good enough (they were wrong) that was just their poor excuse (I HATE TO ADMIT IT WENGER’S BIG IMAGINATION WAS RIGHT HE ONLY OVERESTIMATED THE LOYALTY OF THE PLAYERS)

    As for the summer we will keep having speculations till ALL GUNNERS BECOME ILLITERATE

  38. mattgoonerknight

    Danish Gooner | May 19, 2012 at 10:21 am
    Personally, i wouldnt blink an eye lid if Walcott and Song left they are clearly not up to it.

    lol, that’s a good one. Any more pearls?

  39. The summer is going to be as long as we make it. RVP has been made an offer, and a good one, so let`s get on with the rest of the business and not keep fueling the fire it`s already bloody boring.

  40. Love this blog, and first time poster on here. Good point well made and it is clear that is the direction the club are going and making the academy work for them – interesting all the other clubs are following suit. Re Van persie – am I being naive to think that RVP actually has indicated that he is happy with the financials but wants more time? He is 29 and he has a big decision: can he win anything at Arsenal? Isn’t it more logical that he was told that there are a lot of targets but at the moment no guarantee that we have them? And he wants to wait and see how they pan out. And of course, there is the issue of whether we can get rid of players, some of whom will be playing in Euros as well, ie the shop window. He once said his fitness record means that he will never have achieved what he hoped. This shows a great self awareness and he must also know that Arsenal have been good to him. I think most people would agree, he wants to be the captain of a winning Arsenal team. He is smart enough to know that there are no guarantees in life but for the sake of waiting a few months, he can see if Arsenal make a balls up of the summer, get rid of players and get new ones in. I think that is what actually has been agreed between their meeting and what AW really wanted rather than a signature. He told them the financials are fine but he wants to see who else is coming in because it is his last chance to win something.

  41. RVP’s words “Whatever happens I love this club and that will not change.” Sent shivers down my spine. That said, if he won’t sign we have 2 options, force him to stay and prove he loves the club and lose him for free next season. Or sell him now and get done money. Personally we should slap at least 35M on him and if someone will pay it and he wont sign, let him go.

  42. mattgoonerknight

    nicky | May 19, 2012 at 10:00 am

    The problem is the “the replacements”. Who and where are they?

    If these players leave, they will be leaving to a club that is arguably a step up from our own – moving sideways or backwards would be pointless. Are we looking for gems lower down the table/s or taking players who aren’t cutting it the teams we are trying to compete against.

    Arsene is forever pilloried for buying young prospective talent, but the reason he does this is so he can mould them in to world class senior players. If they choose to jump ship, it’s very difficult to replace them as the majority of the players of their quality are either already at the biggest clubs, or are snapped up by them. Keeping our own talent in surely the key to returning to winning ways and competing at the very top.

    We cannot continually see products of our formative development play out the most developed, most complete years of their careers at other clubs.

  43. “Whatever happens I love this club and that will not change.” Many a player has said similar. It used to mean something but not any more. Its their job at the end of the day and they will move on. Its a fleeting love.

    The only people who will love the club no matter what happens are us, the fans. Its not our job its our passion. We dont move on. Hell we still live out the past great times of the club and drag further generations into it with us. Its a lifelong undying love.

  44. FG, I meant that there would have been no discussion about potential or actual signings with Kees Vos in the room.

    In my opinion the discussion was probably a ‘hail fellow well met’ type thing.

    ‘Now that that tricky end to the season is over….generally speaking Robin do you want to stay with the club for a few years and if so what are your requirements? We would like you to stay and see you as a very important part of the squad. In outline our deal would be xxxxx for xxxxxx seasons. Difficult time this with you focusing on the Euros etc. Btw we know that you are utterly sick and tired of the crap being bandied about by the press and media and other clubs, so we asked KNVB to keep the bastards off your back for the next few weeks…and they agreed it was in everyone’s interest. Have a great tournament, Robin, and we look forward to meeting again when it has finished. We will have a formal offer on the table for you to digest during your holiday….thanks again for this season and well done. Lets see if we can do better, together, next season. Aaaah you little bastard you’ve had all the chocolate biscuits. There was supposed to be one each ffs. The club is paying for these….’

  45. The Real Stew Black

    FG always here reading just avoiding the comments but as today is National Yogi day I had to pop in.

  46. All well and good Frank but Wenger said he wanted it sorted before RVP jets off for the euros. Plus if it was just an offer with no actual negotiations then surely that was already on the table all season long? How often did we hear from both parties that we will sit down and get a deal done when the season ends? We all know it aint easy to get these things done, especially when a player is in such a strong position but for the good of the club it really needed to be done by now.

  47. In their different ways the contract negotiations for the three players concerned are very interesting. For RvP it is “last fuel stop” in his career. This is the most critical contract he will negotiate and he has to get it right (taking his side). Perhaps he has one or two thoughts around that and the two parties must carefully consider the fine print. Having said that, there is no hint of a breakdown, just some careful talks. It’s different for Walcott and Song. Fair to point out that the careers of both are close to “take-off”, in contrasting ways; Song will be aware he is increasingly seen as top 2 or 3 in his role in EPL after a good shift in the last 2 seasons, perhaps top 5 or 6 in Europe. Is he being paid accordingly? At his age he may turn out to be the best in the world, and now – his agent and he might say – is the time to talk turkey with the club. Ditto Walcott at a slightly lower level, but he’s English and has the edge in England. A dozen clubs would take him tomorrow, and amongst those all of the other in current top 8 in EPL.

    But, all WANT to stay, and that’s the difference.

  48. Happy birthday Yogi and thanks fire another year of high quality blogging and balanced comment. Have a beer from us.

  49. Just Another Luke

    If Podolski was signed to provide the “RvP pls stay” package, somebody should pay if it fails to meet the purpose?

  50. @mattgoonerknight,
    Surely we have all read of the players via the internet who are possibly available. A striker (two-footed) a winger and a defensive midfielder would be needed. I bet our scouts (allegedly the best in the world) have had guys in those positions watched time and time again.
    As my Gran (who cleans at the Emirates ) is often heard to say “Needs must…….”

  51. I think we will all have big smiles fairly soon with a stunning side being rolled out in 2012/13, while retaining all the outstanding young players about to enter their prime in different ways. Certainly we are in for M’Vila or a Song#2 type, and probably close; a defender for Skilly; and a Wenger special. Last year’s strengthening has been a major success: Arteta, Santos, Ox, Gervinho and Jenks especially.

  52. mattgoonerknight

    “someone should pay”

    Sacked? Beaten with soap in soaks? Hung, drawn and quartered?

    No. I think Podolski was signed because he’s a very good player, the theory being that the more proven players that come in, the easier it is to convince those already here to stay.

    ‘“RvP pls stay” package’ lol

  53. The Euros will be interesting from the media perspective since the contracts for such tournaments invariably contain clauses that players are made available to face the press.

    I doubt the KNVB will be able to stop RvP talking to the media nor stop the subject of his future coming up.

  54. There is no reasoning with you, Deisegunner. You are determined to see the worst in the situation and so I must leave you to it. Suffice to say I disagree with you.

    It takes real focus to put in the performances that RvP has this season and to captain the side has been a huge responsibility. Contract negotiations would only detract from that focus. It also takes real focus to try to win the Euro 2012. Contract negotiations would only detract from that focus too.

    I am happy that discussions have begun and I will wait and see what happens. Meanwhile I would not be at all surprised to see or hear other announcements in the not too distant future.

  55. Notoverthehill

    Yogi, may I wish you a happy birthday! You cogitate, compose and script a nice article about remaining sane re a certain RVP. As usual, one or two fail to comprehend the message implicitly implied therein.

    As far as I understand it, one does not hire or employ Mr Darren Dein. RVP has according to some reports, retained Mr Darren Dein as a brief? At £1000 per hour, Mr Darren Dein is not some cheap football agent. He is a solicitor and solicitors, just like accountants, have their standards to uphold! So every “i” must be dotted and every “t” crossed and above all, every word and it’s history of usage, must be extensively examined.

    There is an article in a recent issue of The Daily Mirror, explaining that Mrs RVP does not wish to leave London and Mr RVP will consult his family to see if they stay in London, after he retires! John Cross. it is NOT.

    As to imply that Mr Ivan Gazidis is a non-starter, is ludicrous. When Mr Gazidis took over in 2009, The Arsenal lacked the fundamental American tools of management for a sporting enterprise. No general counsel, a director of communications, a human resources department, or a head of IT (Information Technology), etc., etc.

    Furthermore, when the financial markets imploded in 2008, The Arsenal had a big, big problem. Mr Gazidis rearranged the loans of both the stadium and new-build property.

    Mr Wenger’s position in the hierarchy, is easily explained by reference to the Companies Act 2006, specifically .

    Yogi Warrior, how do you retain your equilibrium?

  56. Hard as it may be to believe but we probably bought Podolski because he is considered to be a great player and will improve our performances. The idea that he was bought first and foremost to encourage other players to sign longer contracts is frankly utter bollocks.

  57. Notoverthehill

    Something happened, I do not know what with ! The reference was (Tesco’s v Nattrass (1972)). Let us see if this works!

  58. Notoverthehill

    Most curious, I must investigate the reason why? Is it WordPress?

  59. mattgoonerknight


    I’m aware of some of possible transfer targets that MIGHT come in, but not sure about those that genuinely replace RVP, Theo and Song.

    Like I said previously, we turn talented prospects into world class stars because its incredibly difficult and expensive to just “pick them up off the shelves”.

  60. Im not doubting the focus needed by RVP, but he has an agent that looks after contract side of his career, right? So surely he knew what was on offer? And if he was doing his job then so too did RVP. They take that on board and say we will talk after the season ends. Thats all im saying. I do not for 1 minute believe that this week was the first time the RVP party knew what the deal offered was.

  61. You seem to have concluded the worst with no available facts at all, Deisegunner. Well done.

  62. Good sensible post yogi first time reader will come back,happy b’day.

  63. happy birthday, Yogi.

    can’t believe those doomers are out in full force on your birthday no less.

  64. Whereas you have all the facts as judged by your little tale about eating all the biscuits……you have your opinion that it was a have a look at our offer FOR THE FIRST TIME type of meeting whilst i am of the opinion that this was already known and this was a negotiation. One that by all accounts no agreement was reached. Which is what Wenger wanted BEFORE RVP left for the euros.

  65. Paulie Walnuts

    Happy birthday YW

    Difficult as it may be I believe the club has to play hard ball with players with just a year left on their contracts regardless of ability. I would like to think there is a date in mind where if no deal has been signed they should be listed & replacements targeted.

  66. Footballers are greedy cunts, owners are dodgy cunts and the media are just cunts.

    Football is dead

  67. Here’s a thing, Deisegunner, I made the stuff about the biscuits up. The whole conversation I invented. Not a fact in it.

  68. Oh and a top of the weekend to y’all!

    Well, apart from the media fed fuckwit BnT.

  69. The fact is I have no idea what is going on regarding RvP, and neither does anyone else. With a lack of evidence to the contrary, I see no reason whatsoever to doubt the status quo, which is that he is an Arsenal player, Arsenal captain and an Arsenal fan with his home and family in London and thriving. If any of that changes I will let you know how I feel about it.

  70. Frank

    I hate to have to say this, but unfortunately Deisegunner shat himself about 2 days after the season ended. His arse has completely gone, I am afraid.
    Shame really.

  71. oh really Frank, i didnt realise, i thought you were there! Jesus, come on fella i know it was you just stating your opinion, with no facts, just like i am. Where have i said i know these things for a fact. Im saying i dont buy that this week was the first time RVP et al knew about the offer on the table – to believe otherwise would be to believe that the club are really lax when it comes to dealing with multi million pound situations affecting the future of the club. It would also show similar lax attitude on the part of a paid ref of RVP and RVP himself regarding his future – no matter what is said in post match interviews

  72. Limestonegunner

    Happy B’day, YW and a level headed post–yesterday I was starting to feel like it would be a long, long summer and got sucked into the media-stirred frenzy about RvP’s contract and his media “ban”.

    I think there is so much business to do this summer, though, that we can’t judge it daily by whether there are positive signs or negative rumblings about RvP. I’d rather like to see us cutting the squad down to free up salary and seeing a couple players join Podolski in strengthening us while we work on Song’s contract.

  73. if true that it would be too much to expect a sign in 4 days then why have the meeting ? maybe it was just to get an idea of what player and club want and re start after the euros, i certainly dont believe the press reports, thats laughable. chelsea for me tonight, though its a dilema, if the situation was reversed i wouldnt want spuds to win and qualify, and anyway it is funny to watch em sqirm, my head says bm i think they will be too quick for them, last point on transers, out of the top four who is the team who has sold best players over the past few years ? i dont know, but i think the press think its us

  74. Limestonegunner

    Another thing to clear up from yesterday, Frank. One point you made was RvP was apprised of our plans now and so was in sync. In another post you suggested that the club wouldn’t have been going into detail with RvP’s agent there about our plans. Sounds like only general plans then.

    But I do agree that the reason we sign players is because we think they are good and will improved the team, not so others will sign their contracts. I hope we strengthen further because we have injuries and need, I think, to rotate a bit more to keep players fresh for the final third of the season when we have had flagged in recent seasons. I don’t know if they are tired but Song, RvP, Arteta play nearly every league and CL game.

    The benefit of doing this, though, is that some of our players who are considering their options might be encouraged even more about our chances to challenge or even win a league title. It isn’t the reason to do it, but it is a corollary benefit of doing so.

  75. I did not state that RvP was apprised of the clubs strategy and plans in the meeting on Wednesday, Limestone. I am sure that he has been aware of them for some time. My point was that the deepest inner secrets of Arsenal’s game plan for next season would hardly be discussed with Kees Vos.

  76. Signing certain players may provide some encouragement to players in the squad in terms of their own contracts. It might of course have the reverse effect.

  77. actually i was there at the meeting. rvp has signed. club just not announcing yet to screw around a bit with vieira and man city. oh and the journalists as well.

  78. yeah korihikage its a dastardly plan to mess about with man city to make em think RVP will sign for them but only then to double bluff them and sing na na na na na to their faces 🙂

    Look alls im saying is the club wanted it done and dusted already, as do the fans, who isnt sick of this already? Instead what we have is another summer of doubt. Thats not good for club or fans both. Wenger says wel keep him anyway even if he doesnt sign an extention – but we have heard this before right – its looking like the same pattern is emerging. Will this be different to before? We all like to think so but…….

  79. But surely footballers only want more cash for bookies, dogging, spit roasting, bottles of champaign, feraris and what not. Is it not right that none of the players have families? And unlike you and me they won’t provide for th and future generations comfort no matter what.

    I like my job, but if I was owed a payrisr

  80. @ YW and Frank
    Thanks for clearing up who was at the meeting. Happy birthday YW. 25 again, I expect?

    I have had a bad feeling about the RvP business for about a week now, so it’s cheered me up a bit, the point that the KNVB at least must see him as an Arsenal player otherwise they wouldn’t comply with our request for a media ban.

    @ DeiseGooner

    “shouldnt be let go on anything but our terms, not the buying clubs terms and not to be nice to the player.”
    In theory, yes – but when a player is disaffected, I think the question to be asked is, are you getting more from him than the money his sale would generate? That’s a judgement call, based on knowledge of the specific situation and the personality of the individual player, how important he is to the team and how much we are paying him to sit on the bench/injury table if he doesn’t want to play for us. (That mention of the injury table is not ill-advised, a member of staff at the new medical centre told Arseblogger that players *do* feign or exaggerate injuries when they don’t fancy a particular match, and vice versa when they really want to play.) When Arshavin came to us, it was a similar situation in reverse.

    Regarding the balance of power, I talked extensively with a football agent for an article and he was absolutely clear – in practice, if the player wants badly enough to leave, he’ll leave and the club just has to make the best of it. The buying and selling clubs pull in opposite directions and the player’s wishes are decisive. Having a lot of years on the contract or a high valuation can delay the inevitable, but it is only a delay if the player is determined to move.

    @ mgk
    lots of sensible comments, pleasure to read.

    @ steww
    ok, I see. I will be imagining you smiling benignly and chuckling as you read, then.

    @ korihikage
    ha ha

  81. Limestonegunner

    Fair enough, Frank, thanks. As far as players, if it has the reverse effect it would mean it is a player who doesn’t think he can compete with the signing. That isn’t really a great attitude. I can’t imagine RvP would fear competing with any other forward or striker (do you think he is happy or sad we have brought in Podolski!) and nor should Song be worried about any defensive midfielder joining the club.

    The sort of players we would like to keep are those who really want to win and believe that a strong squad will help them to do so. I can’t see us signing another wide player, with the Ox, Gervinho, Arshavin possibly returning, and Podolski signed, so any further additions to midfield or defence aren’t going to concern Theo. Kos, Merts, Vermaelen all have two or more years left on their contracts so an additional defender won’t affect their contracts. It doesn’t seem like a serious concern to me.

  82. Deise Gooner @ 9:35 am
    In reply to F/G’s question, what is your solution to other clubs trying to sign our best players
    You say “It is a conundrum” and later “I dont have the answers”.
    So why the hell do you continue to moan day after day, week after week, month after month.

    Now let me read all the other 70 posts in this thread.

  83. In the words of cyndi lauper;

    I see your true colours shing through….

    And they are a lovely yellow…

  84. Hey! I don’t know it is true or not but heard, that Arséne chasing Fabregas and Yaya Toure.
    I know it sounds strange but makes sense.
    Ivan Gazidis have this mantra year in year out that we really have that financial background.

    Go Gunners

  85. Sorry if this appears twice – I posted and it disappeared, so I’m re-writing.

    @ YW and Frank
    Thanks for clearing up who was at the meeting. Happy birthday YW. 25 again, I expect?

    I have had a bad feeling about the RvP business for about a week now, so it’s cheered me up a bit, the point that the KNVB at least must see him as an Arsenal player otherwise they wouldn’t comply with our request for a media ban.

    @ DeiseGooner
    “shouldnt be let go on anything but our terms, not the buying clubs terms and not to be nice to the player.”
    In theory, yes – but when a player is disaffected, I think the question to be asked is, are you getting more from him than the money his sale would generate? That’s a judgement call, based on knowledge of the specific situation and the personality of the individual player, how important he is to the team, how much we are paying him to sit on the bench/injury table if he decides to sulk. (The mention of the injury table is not ill-advised, a member of the staff at the new medical centre told Arseblogger that players *do* exaggerate injuries if they don’t fancy a match and vice versa.)

    Regarding the balance of power, I talked extensively with a football agent for an article and he was absolutely clear – in practice, if the player wants badly enough to leave, he’ll leave and the club just has to make the best of it. The buying and selling clubs pull in opposite directions and the player’s wishes are decisive. Having a lot of years on the contract or a high valuation can delay the inevitable, but it is only a delay if the player is determined to move.

    @ mgk
    lots of sensible comments, pleasure to read

    @ steww
    I get ya.

  86. There was a bit during the HT interval of a recent game and the pundits were talking about players signing new deals, or not and Alan Smith (I think it was he) was saying that the club would have been trying to re-sign the players since last summer. Yet when they stall, or say they don’t want to discuss the matter till after the season’s done, then, what the fuck are the club supposed to do? Drop the players?

    Everything’s in the players hands these days. There was a time when this was a positive thing and it still can be, as club’s and club owners used to hold all the cards and hols the players to ransom and they were almost 2nd class citizens.

    But that aint the case for the PL players now and something needs to change. So, thansk for all this shite Mr Bosman! 🙂

  87. @ korihikage | May 19, 2012 at 12:08 pm

    actually i was there at the meeting. rvp has signed. club just not announcing yet to screw around a bit with vieira and man city. oh and the journalists as well.


  88. “So why the hell do you continue to moan day after day, week after week, month after month.”

    I aint that bad but it keeps being brought up because it keeps happening shotta, does it not? And im not the one placed to combat it but it seems those who are also lack answers.

    Dex, thats the point im making. The meeting this week wouldnt have been the first time the offer was seen by the RVP party, nothing more.

  89. Someone used the example of Drogba, well, there’s no reson why we wouldn’t keep RvP as it’s a similar situation, unlike nASRI AND cESC, imo.

    And we should take advantage of the Bosman ruling when we sign a new back up keeper. Jussi or Craig Gordon would be decent free signings.

  90. For what it’s worth (eff all) my take is this; RvP is quite rightly taking his time over this new deal. He probably wants to stay more than leave, the fact it would mean he doesnt have to uproot his family is probably one of the major factors in that. But also, he needs to consider footballing reasons, as well as the financial package.

    If Arsene can show we will challenge then he will sign. Podolski is a good start, a few more quality additions and all this hand wringing will be forgotten.

  91. Hell, the the contract/transfer talk is boring. We speculate on speculation guessed at by cub hacks given the task by cyncial editors and senior writers eager to get out of the office and do something interesting “get out, search internet, whatever and find me something on Arsenal in crisis transfer talks, any angle will do, girlfriends are a good start, rumours are the best; yes, you dolt, make it up”.

    And people take it seriously. Meanwhile, some serious business is being conducted somewhere in confidence.

  92. Honestly, you’ll get more factual information reading a horoscope.

  93. Yea, whats going on with Deisegooner, looks like someone has entered the dark side or maybe one leg is in – come back the real Deise!

    Rvp is pissing me off, bigtime! But i don’t have it in me to say anything negative, love him too much – also wenger saying rvp’s contract should be sorted before the Euro’s was not bad PR, Rvp had 9months to to think it through, right now he is just weighing other club’s offers.

  94. Am all for pushing on for the league title but make no mistake liverpool won’t be as woeful in the league as they were last year, the two oil mafia will spend more, united remain the same and newcastle may or may not improve – the club should not fcuk this summer up, champions league qualification will not be a given next year. Notice how i left out spuds, i had to keep my sanity.

  95. Dont know where you get that from khalifha, alls i have been commenting on all morning is my views on RVP contract situation in tandem with previous summers similar outcomes

  96. Come on, Bayern! (Just practising for tonight.)

  97. Frank should be banned from commenting at all on the RvP situation 😉

    Last year he stated that he was 100% certain that Cesc and Nasri would be staying. The man is jinx I tell ya.

  98. I hope Munich Embarrass Chelea tonight.

  99. mattgoonerknight


    In case you haven’t noticed, our season has finished. What the fuck do you want to talk about? 🙂

    Earlier I suggested playing ACLF Manager but nobody was up for it; I’ll try again.

    Will we be happy if this M’Vila kid comes in? There’s been some debate on here re. the size of the fee, but if he is the real deal and want’s to play at the Arsenal, I for one can’t see the problem!

    Craig Gordon released today by Sunderland? Obvious replacement for Fabianski?

    £7million release clause on Demba Ba? If not, why not? Better here than at the sp*ds, right?

  100. mattgoonerknight

    wants not want’s….why do I do that!!!

  101. Bradys right foot

    Its not as if the club are trying to fuck up the summer, from the very little I could garner the club were incredibly dissapointed last summer not with the loss of Nasri or Cesc but with the ones that got away.

    Podolski imo is a fantastic aquisition he looks ready made for the premiership but well have to wait and see who else follows.

    On RVP he would realise more than most how a protracted transfer saga will damage the club in the summer,if he wants to go let him. I’ve known hes been our most talented player for a number of years and barring his injuries I think we could have nicked two titles in the last 5 seasons, just in the same way that I think if we have had Mikel Arteta over the last few years we could have been champions. RVPs shoulder high volley against Charlton will hopefully flash through my own highlight reel just before I leave this mortal coil and of them all Henry, Viera, Brady it will be his loss that I feel the most.

    However football goes on and Arsenal will go on if RVP leaves, we were third this year and despite our own shortcomings only fell 7 points further behind City and Utd after the Blackburn away game. The fans are desperate for signings to calm the collective nerves but as Yogi has already said grow a pair gooners.

  102. mattgoonerknight


    I’m working tonight so finding out that Chel$ki have lost after an excruciatingly tight penalty shoot out will do me! Maybe Ca$hly could miss the 5th pen to settle it in favour of the Bavarians!!

    A thrashing would be embarrassing, demoralising even, but losing on penalties would be heartbreaking… mwahhahahahaha

  103. Happy birthday mister Yogi – have a marvellous day.

  104. Yogi – happy birthday and today’s post is so appropriate……but

    since this is a blog site, many find love in rehashing speculation, while others live too close to their fears.

    Arsenal are bigger than any manager and any player(s). Whatever transpires, I believe Arsene and/or the club will assemble a squad that will improve on last season and give us fans many positive talking points.

    I admire our current players but not infatuated.

    Today my attention is on the CL final. Regardless of the outcome, one of our chief rivals (Chelsea or Spuds) will find that the can of worms has been opened.

    Wishing everyone a great day.


  105. mgk – Very true. Maybe Munich’s winner being at least 2 feet offside in the final minute would also be funny.

  106. Gunner From Nigeria

    Its not a must that we must sell RVP. He is still under contract albeit for one year. I know age factor plays alot in contract. He would be 29 by the start of next season and, if he chooses to reject our offer, then for once we should as a club play some hard ball and insist that he must see out his contract.
    The talk that if he doesn’t sign, he should be sold is not a good one because it sends a wrong message to the squad and other clubs that they can always pinch our players whenever they can even with the a modicum of pressure.

    Arsenal should not allow the media to set the agenda of our summer as it has been at the end of every season instead, the club should employ some good PR mechanism to counter the non-stories of the media.

    The silence that has preceeded RVP’s contract talk this week isn’t a nice one as it gives room for all manner of speculations. The club should say something.

    For me, i feel Walcott and Song would sign new deals but, i doubt RVP would sign.

    Happy Birthday Yogi.

  107. Great Post YW, it’s a pity some people don’t know the first thing about the business, that is football.
    According to Jamie Jackson of the Guardian Mansour are keen to offer RVP somewhere between 250,000 to 300,000 a week and break their club record for wages using this logic they must be prepared to pay over 30 million for RVP, and apparently this is the talk of the City dressing room. If this is true I would put a blue ribbon around RVP and have him on the first plane or helicopter or whatever to Manchester to sign for them.
    So lets see the math as they say in the good old USA 300,000 a week on a three year contract that’s over 45 Million in wages plus 30 million transfer fee well if he worth 300,000 a week he must be worth 30 million so they are to spend 75 million on a player who has been fit for one full season out of eight.
    Even Mansour are not going to throw that sort of money at an injury prone player who is turning 29 in August .
    So of course the guardian article is a load of bollocks, as is all the speculation in the press. Financial circumstances in all but a few clubs across Europe are tight and the banks are not in a position to fund indebted clubs further. As you say the season hasn’t finished in some places so relax a little people and let see what happens.

    Arsenal need to strengthen the squad if they want to compete and not just to please RVP, or Theo or anybody else and nobody is more aware of this than Arsene Wenger

    If RVP leaves, well that’s life, RIP, he will be replaced

  108. @buckagh
    Generally I’d gree with you, but it’s Man City. They play by their own rules. They paid a crazy fee and wages for Adebayor who they only properly utilised for one season before loaning him out. This season they bought Dzeko who was good enough for half a season before being demoted to a bench role. There is no doubt in my mind that they are ready to pay whatever is necessary to turn Robin’s hea, clearly showing that as far as FFP goes, they just aren’t bothered.

  109. Actually I wasn’t really surprised when Cesc left, GoonerAndy. I wanted him to stay but I had no idea how much he was missing his mummy. But I was surprised that Nasri left. I had him all wrong. What an arsehole he turned out to be. I don’t know if RvP will leave or not, but I see no evidence of it at all at this stage.

  110. Thanks for the post Yogi. Its going to be a very long summer. No idea how it will turn out but history argues in favor of those who are concerned that it will not be that good for us. However, your point that there is nothing at all we can do about it is correct, so I guess we just go about our business and wait. Myself I know without a doubt that my feelings on the subject do not have any affect on the outcome whatsoever, so it seems more logical to take the path of leaning more towards the pessimistic side of the equation (since that seems to be the one that is correct more often then not) and then you are not surprised if things do not go the way you want. I don’t sit around thinking or worrying about it. I used to want to throw things at the computer screen when we had discussions like this or when we used to talk about our team defense but I then realized how silly that was. Whatever happens we will all still love the team in our own way and want them to succeed. To each their own I guess.

  111. Bananas and…er…happy birthday and many happy returns of the day, YW

  112. IF he does leave – it has to be on our terms.

    I still think there is a good chance he will stay – the speculation will persist regardless. Buying into it is it’s own punishment.

  113. Just Another Luke

    Pre-mating ritual going on. Who will bed down RvP eventually?

  114. Yogi -first and foremost, happy birthday buddy!! No trophies this year but all things considered finishing above the chavs, spuds, toons and pool surely must point to good things ahead. Either way , I agree with your post. It will be a long summer indeed. Have a great birthday mate 🙂

  115. pedantic george

    We have only lost players we wanted to lose to Barcelona and the Oily rich of City and Chelsea..
    It is not as if they are sloping of to Liverpool or the Spuds,is it?
    The fact that we never used to lose our top players ignores the fact that Chelsea and City have changed the game completely..
    I hard reality is that with their wealth there is nothing,nada,ziltch,fuck all we can do about it.While these clubs are able to offer double and treble what we can afford to pay,the game is up.
    And the fact that City,Chelsea Blackburn and United have proven that titles are indeed bought,we can no longer offer a reasonable chance of trophies.
    What happens if City replace their second tier players like Barry and Milner with top tier like Silva and Yaya,plus our own RVP .And it is more than likely they will.For all our teams promise,we will be playing for second place ,like all the others,for the foreseeable future
    Unless we learn to enjoy the club for its style and ethos.I am afraid we are going to get no joy from the game.

  116. Ah shit, slipped my memory – Happy birthday Yogi.

    Oi Fergie, we having a Party, 🙂 .

  117. I would rather be of the opinion that our players will stay and eventually be proved wrong, than be of such a negative mindset, that assumes the worse case scenario every time.


    I’ll play with ya mate! 🙂

    Craig Gordon or Jasklenienen on a free as back up GK, M’Villa and Ba would all make fantastic additions man. I would (as I have said numerous times, sorry everyone!) an top class attack minded midfielder would also be awesome too. Not sure who that would be? Hazard is being hawked around like a crack ho, while we tried to sign a few last summer, apparantly, like Gourcuff. But I don’t know how he’s been doing, if I am honest. The Bilbao players have been hyped up to the heavens since they beat the mancs, yet they got schooled by Atletico, so what does that mean? 🙂

  118. Bradys right foot

    YW happy birthday btw. On the subject of a keeper Alan McGregor could be an option although he migtn’t be willing to be a back up.

  119. Pedantic, that is a very harsh reality.

    Dexter, there are some class players in that bilbao team, off the top of my head – susaeta, munian, martinez and llorente, they might not ring a bell but then again we are made to believe that bale’s left leg can cure aids.

  120. Another long summer.

    Don’t players only need cash for bookies, dogging, spit-roasting, owning horses and bottles of crystal? There not like you or I, if given the opportunity to get as much cash out of their employers would do so in the name of providing for families.

    After all they don’t have families, only hangers on and sycophants that all need to be kept in hoes and drugs.

  121. Evil@
    for me if the price is right take it and lets reinvest there are top quality strikers out there who would gladly come to Arsenal despite what the doomers say. It is quite possible that we could be in for a period of one team domination with Mansours spending power but it’s a challenge for the other top clubs and Arsenal are a top club to respond too, and I am confident they will. Is it in footballs interest to have a totally noncompetitive league for a sustained period of time?

  122. Khalifha

    I know the Bilbao players names thanks man! WE’ve been linked with at least 3 of them, just saying they have been hyped a la Hazard last summer.

    Liked your bale comment dude 🙂

  123. Happy birthday YW. Erm I need an avatar is gravitas supported?

  124. Would anyone have Dzeko as part of the deal for Van Persie if he was to join City?

  125. good post..

    i agree…i said the other day that the seasons not finished yet for certain players..plenty of time..

    the summers long anyway without the arsenal but we make it worse for ourselves by unrealistic expectations..

    i think a realistic expectation would be the period between the final game of the euros and the first game of pre season..

    a few of us said various times last season that we’ll know more about the direction we are going as a club when the summers over..

    3rd place was a remarkable achievement but it was also a platform to push us on to make us contenders again next year..

    i dont think the club will allow what happened last year to happen again this year, they aint stupid enough even though the priority over the years has been paper chasing..

    i will say though that if the worst comes to the worst, we need usmanov..
    i know that will ruffle a few feathers but if our policy of selling our captains and our other best players continues then we need a change of regime becuase we didnt move stadiums to be taken for a ride when the powers that be realised how much money they could make off the not a fan of the way we are run anyway, this summers the last chance im prepared to give for them to right a few wrongs, if it turns out the wrongs were deliberate, as ive long believed they have been, and we continue as is, i’ll be getting george to knit me one of those black scarf thingys because it will be finally obvious to everyone inculding steive wonder what they are using the club for…

    and no matter what way they try to spin it, it wont be acceptable anymore..

    wengers the glue that holds it all together, if these twats are still doing what they are doing when he steps aside we’ll be if they keep taking the piss we need them out…
    the sooner the better..
    but we’ll see what answers they have this summer…

  126. Thanks for the birthday wishes – sorry for delays in releasing moderated comments, will try to keep up later on.

  127. I’m not really fazed by Robin’s refusal to sign right now. We lost our window of opportunity to extend his contract when he first started gaining form at the beginning of last year (Jan 2010). AW was probably too focused on the prospect of loosing Nasri.

    But sentimental attachment aside, is Robin really worth the 175-odd-thousand being bandied around by the media as reasonable considering his season? That’s 9 million a year. That’s 2 Artetas right there.

    I’m sure he isn’t being unreasonable, but if he is, I say sell him…to the highest non-premiership bidder out there. get the £30M in and buy the quality goal scoring, off-the-ball focused midfielder we’ve been sorely missing this past season.

    I’ve got my eye on Marek Hamsik. Any player in his mould would do just fine for me. I’d just rather we didn’t spend 2 player’s wages on a single player.

  128. Oh my gawd. It’s going to be a long summer. With some sunshine I hope.
    The cricket is on.

  129. Dzeko is on £175,000 . Ha!

  130. Pfffft. Old glass knee’s McPersie is ready for the glue factory. Flog ‘im!

  131. The sale of RVP hasn’t happened yet-but we all know its part of an inevitable pattern-a pattern which gets played out at the end of every season and has been since Arsene Wenger arrived at the club. Is it co-incidence that after enhancing the performance and confidence of a small number of individual players the club has been disproportionately reliant on during the season-the club does not offer to pay them enough to stay? Every year?

    These players and their agents know they can get paid more-a lot more money elsewhere. This pattern began way before Chelsea and Man City arrived on the scene. They also know that Wenger and the BoD will let any player go-they know more than anyone that AFC is a selling club. Where is the evidence for this? How about: Cole, Veiria, Petit, Overmars, Henry, Hleb, Flamini, Adebayor, Toure, Clichy, Nasri, Fabregas. The BoD will sell to anyone with cash.

    The biggest myth in football is that the team could afford to lose these players when they were sold. The fact is Arsene Wenger has turned the club into a selling club-a money making machine for the BoD at the expense of success on the field.

    When it comes to top salaries the club is non-competitive – out of choice. It pays top dollar to kids-most of whom do not make it -the ones that do are sold off.

    Do you think that Arsene Wenger, a really intelligent man, does not realise that he cannot keep a world class talent like RVP by offering to pay him at least 50% less than what he can get paid from at least 6 other European clubs when he is at his peak earning years?

    Podolski was always brought to replace RVP- not to play alongside him. Since when has this club ever brought more left footed strikers than they need?The Wenger model has only ever had 11 good players in the squad at best.

    How Anyone could say we wanted to lose the 4 players to City is beyond me- who are the we? The Board of Directors or the fans? I am sure the BoD were happy for the club to pocket the 70m plus they received in cash for these players-the trouble is this money was not spent on replacements – for a very good reason-the club does not pay high enough top salaries to attract players of equivalent ability or stature who could really be considered as replacements.

    Next people will be arguing we haven’t missed Nasri or Fabregas this year. The naivety of some gooners is staggering.

    The club are going through the motions with RVP-they have no intention of paying him or any one else a competitive top salary in European terms, or of spending what it takes to acquire a truly competitive squad. Spending what it takes does not necessarily involve increasing the total salary bill-it means getting rid of at least 11 over paid non-performers-and paying those who do perform what they are worth.

    Arsenal fans get spun the same falsehoods about buying players by the club each year-at the same time each year-and we will continue to be mugged off whilst there are enough myopic Arsene Worshippers who refuse to recognise that the club is not being run to achieve success on the field-its being run to generate money and increase the BoDs share value.

    Fans have no say-most of the time key business is conducted in secret by the BoD with the result that speculation is rife. All players are- assets to be flogged off to the highest bidder in the cynical American business model. The fact is Arsene is the perfect manager for Arsenal’s BoDs, the only manager out there who would ever buy into such an approach and of course the minority of hero worshiping sycophantic fans who have completely brought into the clubs self-sustainability propaganda have convinced themselves each year that failure to win any trophies is really success as long as the balance sheet shows a surplus-they don’t care how much they pay to watch a bunch of kids trying to become stars.

    The hard truth is for all Arsene Wenger’s posturing to the contrary, the club does not want success on the field-it doesn’t want to pay the cost in increased salaries. As the club falls short each year, it can flog off an asset-this year RVP, next year Theo, year after Jack and so on.
    Its a shocking way to run a football club-but just like Chelsea and City the club is an oligarch’s play thing-except our oligarch does not invest any money in the team.

  132. @JonJon | May 19, 2012 at 5:02 pm







    ^ Exclusive list of the clubs we’ve lost our best players to over the last 4 years.

    I’m hurt by the anguish of standing by players while they grow to world-class quality, but I wouldn’t exactly fault the board for loosing players to either of the most dominant team in recent history and the richest.

  133. Thanks for the post Yogi. The contract issue is clearly the biggest issue for the club this summer and since we are all addicted to talking about the club its going to be the overwhelming topic. Myself I have always thought that looking at historic precedent is the best predictor of what will happen in this case, although not fool proof that usually works more often then not. In that case it seems logical to hope for the best but prepare ourselves for the worst. The lack of news prior to RVP leaving for the Euro’s and the gag order are not a definitive indication of a bad outcome but its certainly not positive. Obviously we can’t keep up with Man City in wages. However. I want to believe that we could come a lot closer if we were willing to move away from the “flat wage ladder” that we have built over the last multiple years. Perhaps thats wrong but I know that we will not be able to compete for titles if we can’t pay our best players close to market rate, so I hope I am right. Either way no matter what happens it needs to happen quickly and I hope RVP understands this and makes his decision either way promptly for the good of everyone. The similar problems with Theo and Song are also important but RVP is a much bigger issue for the club since its much more difficult and expensive to replace a top goal scorer. The other 2 are important but much easier to replace. In the end, if RVP stays or we add someone else to replace him then we are clear cut favorites to maintain our CL position, but if he goes and we don’t replace him then I suspect we will be in for another season that top 4 finish will be considered a great achievement. Either way we will have Arsenal football to enjoy next season.

  134. pedantic george

    FFS JJ My 3.12 post could have been especially for you

  135. mattgoonerknight

    Thanks Dex, I was beginning to feel like that kid in the playground who wandered around aimlessly on his own, shit, wait a minute….

    pedantic george | May 19, 2012 at 3:12 pm

    “Unless we learn to enjoy the club for its style and ethos.I am afraid we are going to get no joy from the game.”

    Really good summation PG. If gooners believe we are going to be on the cusp of dominating again, part of an all-conquering duopoly, à la the teams between ’97 and 2005, they need to wake up.

    The landscape has been bulldozed by we know who and we will have our work cut out if we are to maintain producing a good yield on our lovingly and carefully tended patch.

    It’s not all doom and gloom though; for the very reasons that PG as alluded to. Because of our style and ethos, despite what most non-gooners will have you to believe, we aren’t (and never have been) a million miles away, and with each passing year the decision to move abode will begin to look increasingly in earnest.

  136. Thing is, Bill, the ‘flat wage ladder’ is there to stop our up and coming players from having their heads turned by other clubs with similar payscales to ours.

    Don’t know about you but I feel it’s better to have 1/2 clubs pursuing our ‘Best’ players (like RVP), than 5 or 6 declaring open season on our up-and-comers like Szczesny because he’s still stuck on the £15,000 ‘long-term’ contract he signed pre-breakthough.

    That’s how Monaco lost Adebayor to us (spits!), and we lost Flamini to milan. It has its cons, but it also has it’s pros considering are ideology of in-house development

  137. but it also has it’s pros considering OUR ideology of in-house development

  138. mattgoonerknight


    But surely we could offer more money IF other suitors came in for our up and coming talents, and if they did come in, the players in question would presumably be performing at a level that merited a pay hike.

    I think some, and to a degree I’m one of them, take umbrage to players being rewarded on potential, paid for their loyalty before we are sure whether their loyalty is, well, worth it.

    I know that’s a bit simplistic; but to have a player such B – £52,000 A WEEK, not live up to the billing, to such a degree that we could struggle to sell him due to the ridiculous amount he is being paid, is reason for a re-think.

    You should reward excellence and loyalty – not the promise of it.

  139. mattgoonerknight

    such as

  140. “Don’t know about you but I feel it’s better to have 1/2 clubs pursuing our ‘Best’ players (like RVP), than 5 or 6 declaring open season on our up-and-comers like Szczesny because he’s still stuck on the £15,000 ‘long-term’ contract he signed pre-breakthough.”

    Well not really. Because its the likes of RVP,Cesc,Nasri,etc in their prime that will give you a better chance of winning something whereas we could always buy back the up and commers when they mature – just like Barca did……

  141. YW,

    Spot on. But those of weak character and/or intelligence will buy into the hate filled negativity: as usual. You’ve said it all and those repetitive and unthinking responses only reinforce the validity of your blog.

  142. many happy returns mr warrior..

    thats very true, city have snapped up alot of our players
    and coincidently won the league with a few of them..
    thing is though, i think we take advantage of clubs like city for the cash, every top club has sold a player or two to another top club but none do it at the rate or quantity that we do.
    which is worrying..

    george..same aplies to what you said me old fruit..
    arsenal have always been a well run club, weve never gone stupid with the cash, but at one time we had ambition, when we needed to, we would….we paid players higher wages at highbury and we are like the 3rd most successful english club in history..i would expect us to be able to hang onto our captains for longer than a year or two these days….and its becoming more coincidence with our own ‘brand new’ policies
    thats somethiing else which is worrying…

    we’ll see though, like i said i dont think they are that stupid to try and mug the club off twice in successive i still think we’ll see some positive activity once the euros are out of the way..

  143. Sixtay:

    I understand the idea behind why we started the flat wage but haven’t its long term consequences and problems become obvious in recent years. Even for a team like us the percentage of young players who become critical to our success is very low. The risk of losing a break thru young player appears to be less then the inevitability of losing our best players if we keep the flat wage. If a young player breaks thru and becomes as important as Wojo and he is on a low wage contract then you tear up that contract and give him a better one. That seems rather straight forward and isn’t it how most “big clubs” hold on to their break thru young players. No?

  144. pedantic george

    JJ instead of saying we did in the Highbury days ,why not realise that you should have said “in the years BC(before Chelsea).
    Arsene still buys like he did .We just cant keep them
    And the reason we lose more than others is because he brings more great players through,In other words we have more great young players who mature and are coveted by the Mega money clubs.
    You can’t see that?
    No ,you would rather blame the custodians of the club” Sad that is mate.

  145. Clerkenwell Gooner

    I don’t know it is true or not but heard, that Arséne [is] chasing Fabregas

    *head explodes* – please god, no! How could our nerves stand another summer of that?

    RVP is 29, and historically injury-prone. If he goes to another club, one or other or more of the youth will step up.

    The contract I’d really like to see wrapped up soonest is Alex Song’s. ‘Cos I kind of love that boy somewhat.

    As for tonight, very torn, like in 1999, when I watched the Final with a Spud and Citeh fan, both of whom cheered fanatically for Bayern throughout. Couldn’t quite bring myself to do that, and thought the last-minute goals hilarious (always had a bit of soft spot for Sheringham, having lived off the Old Kent Road for a while, not far from Millwall), but might be able to tonight. Neuer, Gomez, Muller, Schweni – they’re worth supporting, yes?

    Also, many happy returns, Yogi.

  146. But see that’s the thing. Man City HASN’t offered RVP anything yet. They can’t under EPL law. That hasn’t stopped the media from bandying around ridiculous figures as being exactly what’s on offer at city.

    RVP won’t get to know that figure until he’s taken the gamble to reject our contract offer…and when that happens, it would have been the lure of vastly improved pay, and not anything concrete, that would have influenced his decision.

    You are quite right though…paying Bendtner the alleged £52,000 rubs me the wrong way. As things panned out, he turned out underwhelming on the pitch, and disappointing off it. But he still has a better one-season scoring record than Theo – consider that.

  147. pedantic george

    Bendtner may or may not be on £52k per week.
    I would bet he isn’t though

  148. Ugh, just the sight of scrofulous John Terry – captain, loverat, bellend – is burning my eyes. Can you please lose, lose, lose. Ta. Bayern are in r+w so it’ll be just like cheering for Arsenal.

    @ mgk

    The reason why we paid our youth more than they could get elsewhere was because we were dependent on youth. We couldn’t afford the transfer fees and even higher wages of proven 25+ talent by and large, so we had to take a punt on kids. That being so, we had to make sure that we attracted and retained the very best kids to give the youth policy the greatest chance of success. It’s easy for gooners to say with the benefit of hindsight that Bendtner or Denilson wasn’t worth it, but they were brought in to the squad because they showed promise *at the time*, and the goonerverse. As is the way, most of the youth didn’t fulfil all the hopes AW had for them. But on the other hand, they did put in a decent stint over the last five or six years.

    Interestingly, some blogger did a comparison of how AW’s buys have turned out – the proper youth – that is, 16-18 when we bought them – hasn’t fared that well, with the exception of one or two like Fabregas (talking purely footballing talent here), but the hit rate for players who were in the 20-24 age bracket is stunning. Nevertheless, the kids who haven’t set the world alight have still turned out to be decent footballers, some for other clubs or in other leagues.

    @ ku_lac | May 19, 2012 at 12:29 pm

    Hey! I don’t know it is true or not but heard, that Arséne chasing Fabregas and Yaya Toure
    If I wanted to start a rumour to get loads of hits on newsnow, that is exactly the sort of rumour I would start.

  149. mattgoonerknight | May 19, 2012 at 6:31 pm

    “You should reward excellence and loyalty – not the promise of it.”

    The awkward thing is how much of a 2-edged statement that is

  150. Sorry – ignore “and the goonerverse”.

  151. but UTD bought their titles right?
    so how comes we took titles off them and we never sold them any of our players?
    how comes with the likes of real, barca, milan, UTD around they still found it harder to take our players?

    city and chelsea come along..
    so just adds two more to the list of european giants who spend money whatever whenever and have done for how many years??
    we didnt flog our players before with such ease so why now..

  152. @pg: I’m with you on that. But I do remember 19 year old him banging them in for Birmingham and earning them a promotion as a result.

    How exactly Wenger could have foreseen his change of attitude following his marriage to royalty is beyond me.

    We’d probably have been able to sell him if we put him up for transfer before is final season with us, but that’s just old pal hindsight talking

  153. Happy Birthday!

    George, we will win again, I have no doubt. We played the two big money teams and beat them both convincingly.

    I think we will dominate The PL for a period because we have a golden generation coming through the ranks.

    As far as RVP, I hope he signs. Not going to worry about it at all.

  154. Happy Birthday to Yogi, that is.

  155. i dont know if its 52..
    but he did once say in interview that hes on 50..
    something to do with footballers deserve it becuase he cant go skiiing or some shit like that..

    thats how the 50k thing started
    bendtner started it..

    the B52 thing is just something ppl have assumed due to the word about his wage spreading..

  156. pedantic george

    JJ because United could not offer three times the wages .City can and do.
    Sometimes I think you are just on a wind up.
    You really don’t see the difference between City and your so called European giants? Really?
    Which other club in the history of the world has been able to lose £200 million each and every year?
    Or even just the £100 million PA Chelsea lose?

  157. JJ, the money is bigger now and Arsenal have not won for a little while, I think that’s why players are leaving with more frequency,

  158. pedantic george

    Paul,we will not have a period of domination with things as they are.
    It is not even a possibility.

  159. @JJ: Man Utd has never been able to double our wage offerings. Real Madrid stole Reyes. Barca has been cherry-picking our team since Petit, so yeah.

    But consider this. In the first season of the Arab takeover they target the players from Everton and Aston Villa, 2 teams lurking beneath the Big 4. By the time it came to weakening Liverpool, they’d already imploded.

    It isn’t just about strengthening their team, it’s about weakening their competition. Dear I say the only reason they’ve not poked at United is because their fans wouldn’t take to kindly to buying rival players.

    That’s the reality man. It sucks no end…but it’s the reality regardless

  160. pedantic george

    Paul to rearrange you words .Arsenal have not won for a little while and players are leaving because the money is bigger elsewhere.

  161. City are the worse thing to happen to football. Its as if they buy some players to make sure they don’t have to worry about playing against them.

  162. @ Sixtay
    “It isn’t just about strengthening their team, it’s about weakening their competition.”

    Absolutely. In addition, they aspire to play like us, so nicking our players makes even more sense for them.

  163. pedantic george

    They would have bought Rooney if United had not stumped up £250k per week to keep him .
    He is a one off for them but City can pay all 25 at that level if they have too.

  164. A very superb birthday to you Yogi.

    On beyern’s side tonightI see chelsea are already plating the 10-1 formation and hoofing the ball to drogba

  165. And it’s not just that ManUre didn’t pay double what we did, it’s also that now we have to fight off vultures from Man City AND Chelsea AND Barca..

    Useless Robben. What the hell was he doing there?

  166. Actually hyenas, not vultures. Vultures perform a necessary function. Hyenas are just nasty ugly, unscrupulous thieving bastards.

  167. oh come on.

    you all know whats been going on..
    what happened to the moving to the new home arguement??

    real madrid had to sell off their training ground and be bailed out by the spanish government due to the debt they had run up buying all their galacticos..

    how many galacticos were ex gooners??
    anelka?? and that money was spent on what?

    now we ship them out ten to the dozen whenever a team shows some cash and where does the money now go??

    in the bank..
    things are alot different now to what they used to be becuase we choose it to be that way…

    dont forget the facts just to win this arguement…

  168. Yes, that is correct George. Had the players not jumped ship, we would have won. I think we would have been the best team in the world.

  169. pedantic george

    JJ you are talking absolute shit.
    Who has bought a player we didn’t want to sell ?
    City, Chelsea and Barca thats who.
    So where are the player going to Liverpool or United or Spurs or any club paying its own way???
    Come on .

  170. pedantic george

    So do I Paul.But it happened and will continue to happen if City and their likes are not shackled in their spending

  171. arsenalandrew

    Pressure building on the Chavs, just a matter of time, methinks.

    Happy Birthday YW – I trust Mrs Warrior is taking you somewhere nice tonight. I’m sure we all would if we could as thanks for a year’s outstanding blogging – here’s to the next 12 months.

    Cheers Yogi.

  172. Sorry JJ, but I don’t get what you are saying.

    So the team “wants” to lose the best players?

  173. @ JonJon

    “how many galacticos were ex gooners??
    anelka?? and that money was spent on what?

    The new training centre and Henry.

    If we hadn’t moved, the disparity in financial muscle would have been *even* greater.

    We have the fourth or fifth highest wage bill in the league, we just built a new medical centre, that’s where he money goes.

    Do you understand that £225 million a year in turnover and £30-50 million cash gives you a lot less buying power than £20 billion?

    Don’t say stuff like that, arsenal andrew – jinxes it!

  174. arsenalandrew

    Sorry, FG.

  175. @ Paul-N | May 19, 2012 at 8:07 pm

    Sorry JJ, but I don’t get what you are saying.

    So the team “wants” to lose the best players?

    When you spell it out, it’s easy to see how crazy it is, but this is in fact what the people who try to make JJ’s “argument” believe – that the board is selling players in order to pocket the money. The fact that they don’t pocket the money is deemed irrelevant to this viewpoint.

  176. Lets hope so George, because it is a huge turn off. Even worse is that supporters who believe that a few teams are the norm and demand that we keep up.

  177. george its not often i say this but sometimes you come out with the most hand in the sand comments ive ever seen..

    ok then mate im talking shit..

    ive made it all up, its all citys fault..

    we never sold off the invincibles and weve had one captain ever since..weve sold nobody for prices we wouldnt pay ourselves, we didnt move to a new stadium and hide behind it longer than we needed to and we havent made a profit on transfers over the last 5 years..

    its all a myth…

    man city are the real culprits for our lack of success on the pitch..

    even though we are a club worth a billion quid, when a club with money comes along we dont stand a chance..

  178. pedantic george

    “Sorry JJ, but I don’t get what you are saying”
    Of course you don’t Paul,that because for some reason tonight JJ is posting utter bollocks..

  179. So how has Bosingwa excaped a yellow card, may I ask?

  180. arsenalandrew

    ‘Cos he doesn’t play for Arsenal? Is that it?

  181. pedantic george

    Not when that clubs owner is worth 500 billion JJ.Did you get that,500 fucking billion.
    So come on who have we lost to other than those 3 clubs who we didn’t want to sell?

  182. @ JJ
    So we are worth one 20th of Sheikh Mansour’s personal wealth. Think about that. One 20th of the personal wealth.

    Saying that we are worth £1 billion means that is what it would cost for somebody to buy us. It doesn’t mean we have £1 billion in the bank or that we earn £1 billion.

  183. FunGun, I see! the board members are lining their pockets.

  184. mattgoonerknight


    Yep, agree with all of that, and I like I said, I was being a over simplistic.


    “The awkward thing is how much of a 2-edged statement that is”

    Could you elaborate?

  185. arsenalandrew

    Chel$ki finally burst into life, working the Bayern goalie …

  186. @ arsenalandrew | May 19, 2012 at 8:18 pm

    ha ha

    Good guess!

    Oh gawd, Chelski getting closer

  187. @JonJon

    Hey…you are on the interwebs right now. Pop over to deloittes for a minute. Hell, the swiss ramble will surfice. You see that discrepancy in merchandising revenue? That’s the ‘stadium arguement’ you speak of. And there’s little we can do to change that until re-negotiations are held in 2014.

    Sure, we can turn the screw during negotiations to take the unfairness of the previous deal into consideration. but it would be irresponsible to assume that Emirates Airlines would factor that into the new sponsorship deal.

    Real madrid sold a patch of land for £400 million, effectively share the La Liga TV proceeds with Barca, and, lest we forget, is the highest earning football club on earth.

    If your argument is that we need a sugar-daddy owner like Usmanov, well tuff. FFP rolls in next year. No amount of cash injection from investors will help us now if we don’t increase our revenue streams.

    Fact enough for you?

  188. pedantic george

    FunGunner ,we are worth one five hundredth of his wealth.

  189. Bayern are driving me to drink. So many chances. Don’t do this to me!

  190. @ pg
    Well, makes the point even more, I guess.

  191. FFS. Gomez. What the hell.

  192. arsenalandrew

    Well, I’m holding out for a hugely satisfying winner from the SPLENDIDLY named Contento!

    BM are playing with the Chavs, just to keep it interesting …

  193. If only the better team on the day won games, Beyern would have this wrapped up by now.They are really playing very well,hope they score in the second half.

    Gomez getting numerous chances but not using them well, hope he wont rue them.

  194. The idea of keeping all of our young players and a flat wage seemed logical at the time we did it, and the problems with it were not easy to see prospectively, but in retrospect it has hurt us over the longer term. If it did or did not help us initially is debatable but clearly what has happened shows that it is not the best thing for us going into the future. I think we need to transition away and hopefully we can pay in the neighborhood of the market value for our top players. I really think RVP will stay if we are in the proper postal code with his wage offer.

  195. mattgoonerknight


    We’d have won virtually every game over the last 15 years if that was the case 🙂

    If only….

  196. FG

    If you feel bad about the Gomez miss how do you think that lot down the road are feeling. 🙂

  197. Half Time, Bayern v Chelsea. Attempts: 16-2. Attacking third passes: 78-29 Via @StatsZone

    Typical Maureen Yo style from the chavs

  198. If the neighbourhood of the market value is set by the manchester citys of this world then we have no hope.

  199. you guys just watch the football and dont really follow anything else..thats the only excuse i can give you guys…

    be careful goerge, ive proved you wrong on more than one occasion..

    those questions i posed were rytorical?? is that the word
    i already know the answers mate..i didnt really expect an answer but well done anyway..

    i already know about the sponsership whatsit..thats why i said we hid behind the stadium for so long..that was long peoples arguement until it turned out the stadium was paying for itself and it was our sponsers that where shit..

    as for le swiss ramble hes the bloke who said we had 50mil transfer kitty before we sold cesc and nasri so whats your point??

    and no sixtay, i never said we need a sugar daddy
    we already have two..the problem is we fund them..
    or one of them anyway..
    if he turns out to be a proper cunt then we cant do much worse going with the other one..

    but we’ll see what minerals stan has this year and we’ll see if gazidis has the football nous to pull these deals off…
    didnt go too well last year did kinda exposed for the amatuers they are didnt they?

    oh no i forgot its all citys fault..

  200. I don’t agree with Bill, the plan was great but some of the players were soft, impatient or greedy, or all of the above. All of the players that left were well paid. A few clubs hike the pay and we think it normal and suspect Arsenal to keep up.

  201. @mgk

    You should reward excellence and loyalty – not the promise of it.

    That statement can be made by just about every leading player that decided to leave us for other clubs. I’m pretty certain Ljundberg and Pires had friends in the team when they were flogged to other teams after giving us everything.

    Picture this, imagine Szczesny got injured mid January- Almunia came in and played absolutely brilliant for the rest of the season (think rosicky). Would loyalty have anything to do with negotiations?

    Better yet. Consider the number of players that have lost their place in the team while being out injured or at an international tournament (Denilson, Diaby, Gervinho). Where’s the loyalty on the path of club to these players. What of players like Ramsey and Diaby who got injured under our watch (arguably because of our style of play) and now have fans clamouring for their removal. What of Walcott and Song whose contract situations are being snubbed right now?

    Those are when a club gets to show their loyalty to players. Considering we haven’t won anything in a long time, why should any of our players show any loyalty?

  202. arsenalandrew

    Although it’s not the best game I’ve ever seen it’s by no means the worst.

    Just imagine if either (or both) of the two Spanish sides were present; it would be a dive-fest, pure and simple …

    Close, getting closer – correctly disallowed goal for BM.

  203. JJ, but you have not said anything. Its not all about City, but there has been a big shift in football since Chelsea starting paying foolish money, City have made it worse. All of the team that players have went to are bigger clubs.

    If you think it is the same it is you who are void of facts..

  204. bigger clubs, money wise, that is.

  205. You were talking this sort of know it all things when you thought we would not buy any players last season. Unless you are on the board, I don’t know how you know so much.

  206. @ dupsffokcuf | May 19, 2012 at 8:41 pm
    ha ha. put a smile on my face thinking about that.

  207. ok so who thinks that rvp will leave for money??

  208. arsenalandrew

    It’s possible JJ, he’s human, after all.

    I’m more intrigued by the alleged media ban Arsenal are said to have placed on him. On what basis can they do such a thing?

    Unless Robin is willingly going along with the ban?

    So, just to turn the thing on it’s head – let’s imagine RvP has agreed a new contract with Arsenal, how might it then help our club to have him not announce the signing? Could it be that we are on the brink of signing one or more new players and we don’t want to alert other clubs to our position?

    Pure supposition of course but it’s an odd thing, this media ban.


    Nearly as odd as Chel$ki still being in this game at 0-0. Are they starting to tire or is that wishful thinking on my part …?

  209. @ JJ

    as for le swiss ramble hes the bloke who said we had 50mil transfer kitty before we sold cesc and nasri so whats your point??

    Even if SR is correct in his estimate, and even if all that amount is available for player transfers or wages, you must see that £50 million is a lot less than £20 billion?

    i never said we need a sugar daddy
    we already have two..the problem is we fund them..
    or one of them anyway..
    if he turns out to be a proper cunt then we cant do much worse going with the other one..

    We do not fund either of the millionaires who are our major shareholders.
    Neither of them has ever offered to put *their own money* into the club.

    At least Bayern can defend.

  210. Booooorrrriiinnnggg game. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  211. Don’t like the look of this.

  212. arsenalandrew

    There you go – had been coming for a while.

  213. mattgoonerknight

    Muller, the man that broke English hearts in South Africa 2 years ago…………


  214. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Now for God’s sake hold on!

  215. arsenalandrew

    Great opportunity for Torres to win a penalty or summat.

  216. I paused earlier so I’m on a one or two minute delay. How nice that it was a soft goal, makes it more satisfying.

  217. still a terrible final though. I don’t think Chelsea have even had a corner.

  218. They have had a couple, but they’ve done their best to bore Bayern into submission.

  219. mattgoonerknight

    Fucking hell

  220. arsenalandrew

    Dear oh dear.

  221. Oh God. they;ve equalised, haven’t they? I;m on a delay.

  222. pedantic george

    JJ ,As if you have ever proved me wrong.

    So I repeat.
    where are the players going to Liverpool or United or Spurs or any club paying its own way???
    Come on .

  223. do they not pay themselves salaries??
    what about the share price?
    isnt that what its all about?
    the last baord didnt put a penny into this deal either but they all walked away with millions…

    if the shares are what they are at now..imagine what they’ll level out at when we renew the sponsers and have enough money in the cash reserve to cover the mortgage?


    as for the wages, your correct again, the kitty is used for both and i can understand why we use up alot of our funds on renewing contracts..

    but whos contracts are we renewing?
    it seems over the years weve taken a rather awkward approach to this and its kinda backfired..

    you said earlier you’d rather have 2 players for one players wages..
    i disagree..when its your best players id rather kick chamakh and park in the bollox and give their wages to rvp for example..

  224. The way Chelsea played to reach the CL final was a bad advert for top class football.
    This is just advertising anti-football.

  225. arsenalandrew

    Dire, isn’t it?

  226. mattgoonerknight

    Funking hell

  227. mattgoonerknight


  228. Shit that was disheartening!!!Drogba misses the whole game and scores to take them to extra time.This game is usually exciting but sometime so unfair..lets see what unfolds in extra time.

    Bayern turning into us, they cant score a corner to save their lives 15 corners I think while chelsea get their first and score it!!!!

  229. Fungunner muller looks alittle like our man Mert

  230. As exiting as Portugal v Greece in 2004 another advert for anti-football

  231. arsenalandrew

    Torres already getting his first penalty shout in …

  232. The reason why contract negotiations take longer than you think….

  233. mattgoonerknight

    What a soft one

  234. arsenalandrew

    Here we go!

  235. Interesting stat

    In the last 3 CL games involving Chelsea, there have been 100 shots, 82 of which have been by their opponents

  236. Drogba was silly though, Cahill was right there.

  237. arsenalandrew


  238. @ Firstlady
    Ooh! I wish I’d paid him more attention now.


  240. what a crap pen kick.

  241. FFS

  242. Robben does not like to pass, does he?

  243. I do not believe this. Come on football gods, this is heresy! Do something!

  244. I actually Bayern will still win it.

  245. @ Paul_N
    I think he is quite a selfish player.

  246. actually think…

  247. I notice that Fun; once he is in a “shooting ” position, he lets it fly.

  248. @ JonJon | May 19, 2012 at 9:31 pm

    do they not pay themselves salaries??

    No, they do not. Neither Usmanov nor Kroenke are paid salaries by Arsenal.

    what about the share price?
    isnt that what its all about?
    the last baord didnt put a penny into this deal either but they all walked away with millions

    Nobody is paid a dividend on their Arsenal shares. The share price is only relevant if they sell, in which case the money the investors got/would get comes from whoever buys their shares, not from the club. The financial health of the club keeps the share price up becuase of the theoretical possibility of making money for the shareholders by paying out large dividends, but it is only a theoretical revenue stream for the shareholders, since we don’t pay dividends.

    if the shares are what they are at now..imagine what they’ll level out at when we renew the sponsers and have enough money in the cash reserve to cover the mortgage?

    See above.

  249. we pay our own way george,
    nothing wrong with that..
    but that doesnt mean we are skint..

    look man, im just saying if the worst comes to the worst..
    i happen to think that podolski is a good start, and apparently weved handed him a 100k contract..
    so i reckon weve offered robin 150k ish..
    not a problem he’ll sign, but i think hes waiting for other things to happen which is why i say after the euros..

    but there is a blatent power struggle going on behind the scenes and it is fucking up what we do football wise..

  250. “What do we want?” “An end to Tourette’s!” “when do we want it?” “Cunt”

  251. arsenalandrew

    V good Dups.

  252. @ JJ
    Nobody is saying we are skint, we are just pointing out that we are a lot less rich than the owner of the richest club in the league.

  253. @ dupsffokcuf | May 19, 2012 at 9:56 pm
    ha ha

    relieving the tension, thanks!

  254. Looks like Chelsea are destined to win this, Bayern look knackered but I cant blame them seeing as they were the only team playing for 90mins.

    Terry on the sideline cheering is quite nauseating.

  255. Robben is very annoying. If there has ever been a a player that deserves to be called one trick pony, it’s him. He never passes and 9 out of 10 times he’ll run down the flank, cut inside in front of the penalty box and try to curl it into the corner with his left boot. Even a school boy could mark Robben out of a game if he knows how he plays.

  256. dont get ya fun..
    i thought i said the same thing in my previuos?

    and the thing is..they did sell. didnt they..all backstabbing eachother in the process..

    and the problem with that is they took a loan out in the clubs name to do it..
    made a mint.
    left the club lumbered with the loan though..

    even though they sold up for 750mil none of it went to paying off the loan they took out..

    very clever wasnt it?

    and we’ll see if stans game is the same as the summers roll on..

  257. What power struggle is that JJ? Is that just your opinion or do you know it to be so?

    I love how Arsenal is being run. If players want to leave, peace the hell out.

  258. ‘Nobody is saying we are skint, we are just pointing out that we are a lot less rich than the owner of the richest club in the league.’

    same can be said for every other club in the world but they dont provide them with a steady stream of players do they?

    is it just me or is this getting silly, because i dont get how some of you refuse to see it..

  259. mattgoonerknight


    Please retract your last statement and reissue it with the word “quite” removed, preferably with another word in its place. 🙂

  260. There Robben goes again with his greedy self, putting the ball in row z.

  261. mattgoonerknight


    I think a schoolboy, like us all, might know what he’s going to do, but stopping him would be somewhat more difficult.

    I’d have him at our place!

  262. mattgoonerknight

    He’d have to learn to pass to RVP, though ; )

  263. pedantic george

    JJ i have already told you why we are raided more.Because we have and produce more top players.

  264. @mgk
    I wouldn’t. Him instead of Theo? You got to be kidding me.

  265. mattgoonerknight

    Florent Malouda’s playing

    I used to envisage him as an Arsenal player before he joined the Roman Empire.

    Oh well, he had one good season for them.

  266. This is going to penalties,damnit!!!

  267. yes paul the american holds the cards but the uzbek holds the americans bollox

    weve basically gone from a boardroom struggle to shareprice war between the two biggest kids in the playground and neither of em are currently giving a toss about anything over than the shareprice and that leaves us pretty much against it as a team..
    constant changing

    one of them needs to make a stand and seeing as though stans currently the man the spotlights on him…

  268. That Robben needs a football brain. Useless wanker

  269. Please Bayern, stop throwing this away.

    @ JonJon | May 19, 2012 at 10:01 pm

    dont get ya fun..
    i thought i said the same thing in my previuos?

    and the thing is..they did sell. didnt they..all backstabbing eachother in the process..

    and the problem with that is they took a loan out in the clubs name to do it..
    made a mint.
    left the club lumbered with the loan though..

    even though they sold up for 750mil none of it went to paying off the loan they took out..

    very clever wasnt it?

    So what if previous board members sold their shares? Doesn’t affect the club financially. The shares and the club’s money are totally separate. The loans were taken out to build a stadium and flats for the club. The stadium belongs to the club and all the profits from the flats go to the club. And why would the money made from selling shares go into the club when it didn’t come out of the club in the first place?
    Where do you get the figure of £750 million from, out of interest? That sounds more like the total worth of the club and its assets, I don’t think that represents the value of shares which have been traded since we moved.

    I suspect you know deep down you’re talking tosh, you just don’t want to admit it.

  270. arsenalandrew

    Ooh, penalties; what a terrible way to lose a cup final.

    Nearly as bad as missing out on the league through goal difference …

  271. Why do you guys indulge JJ,he talks alot of crap most of the time,thinks whatever he says is fact and rates his opinon quite highly!

  272. If Bayern don’t win now I will go to Munich and personally kick the backside of every single player and their manager.

  273. This is horribly similar to the ACN, Firstlady.

  274. arsenalandrew

    You and half of North East London, Fun.

  275. I hate penalties!!!

  276. mattgoonerknight


    Theo’s Theo. He’s ours, been with us for 6 (?) years, he plays our way, feeds our main man regularly, so I love him and so you’re right, I wouldn’t swap him.

    But on the grand scheme of things, like him or not, Robben is an elite player.

    Bayern are a massive club, traditionally and in contemporary terms, and he is one of their biggest stars. I’d take him and worry about who’s playing where later.

  277. Got it JJ. If I am not mistaken, Stan just became majority share holder. Since our “struggles” have been a few years, I am not sure how it lines up with your facts.

  278. george
    weve always produced top players..stretching right back to 96 its not something new weve always had quality players in the squad
    we dont have as many nowadays though..
    weve got lots of money to show for it, however

    i guess we’ll always see it differently but in my eyes its not a poilcy i think does us any favors..

  279. this is so messed up!!sorry bayern

  280. This is not real!

  281. How is this happening?


  283. the worse CL champs ever.

  284. fuck this!!!I should have gone to bed!!Chelsea is the luckiest team in the world!!!

  285. mattgoonerknight

    Oh well, good job we come third.

    Bye Bye Spuds!!!

  286. arsenalandrew

    So now Roman has to sack the manager and get rid of his victorious players.

    Unlucky Spuds; BM threw it away.

  287. Oh bollocks. Right, where are those hobnailed boots with spikes in the toes?

  288. Tottenham out of the champions league HAHAHA 😀

  289. well, the Spurs are out.

  290. Tottenham out of the champions league HAHAHAHA 😀

  291. dear lord
    where have some of you been?

    ive never seen so much bullshit written in one night by so many fucking people..

    short memories..
    or gluttens for punishment i dunno which..

  292. Cold comfort, Paul_N

  293. arsenalandrew

    This is really gonna hurt Spurs.

  294. Modric, Van Der Vaart & Bale all packing their suitcases now.

  295. Still hate to see Chelsea win it, they were terrible but Bayern did it to themselves.

  296. people i respect..may i add
    but its still bullshit..

  297. Jon Jon

    You are correct. You have written some bullshit tonight.

  298. Media lockdown until Euro 2012 starts.

  299. Robben and ribery were so selfish that gomez had no service whole night

  300. JJ, It takes a big man to admit that they are talking rubbish. My respect for you has gone up one hundred fold.

  301. Does any other sport fuck with one’s emotions like football does? The beautiful game eh? Imagine if Arsenal was playing tonight? I don’t think I could have handled it.

    Fuck chelsea, and ha-fucking-ha to spurs

  302. Blimey… It had to be the Chavs, it’s like a curse. They just had to turn out today.

    I still think this cup will not help them to stop the decline. I hpe the Tots lose some important players now.

    But, really… It’s quite incredible how much luck they had.

  303. Sorry about the video. It was always shit anyway.

    Which ever way this evening turned out we were going to both win and lose. I think it turned out for the best in the end. No Spuds in the Champions league. Personally I have never cared one way or the other about Chavski….another planet.

  304. mattgoonerknight

    dupsffokcuf | May 19, 2012 at 10:33 pm
    Modric, Van Der Vaart & Bale all packing their suitcases now.

    Just hope they don’t get too much wedge for them – I know ‘arry would just splash it around like it was monopoly money, but none of the above are on the last year of the contract so they’d fetch a fair amount. I’d prefer if they stayed, as they ‘aint that good!!!

  305. MG I tohugh in the first half Gomez got afew chances which he could have put to good use, so Drogba takes out Bayerns’s best player and goes on to win chelsea the CL.It would realy have been nice if they had lost,having put all their eggs in one basket and seeing how negative they have been in this tournament!!!

    That’s it for me guys back to watch prison break which if I had known how this game would turn out I’d have been enjoying and just read about the results later.

  306. Damn! Good job we managed to get 3rd in the end. Sadly this was the outcome I feared as I thought Bayern might choke under the pressure same as they did against manure a few years ago.

  307. pedantic george

    So the 6th best team in England is the best team in Europe.How does that work?

  308. Arjen Robben has a real problem.

  309. mattgoonerknight

    We should be buoyed by this.

    We are a better team than Chelsea and they have just won the biggest price in club football.

    Let’s win the CL next year. Why the fuck not!

  310. Jacobite Gunner

    Anti football prevails. It almost made me want to let chelsea to lose and give the spuds a chance of qualifying for the CL, oh well. On the upside, it might mean that roman A keeps di matteo as a manager, keeps their ageing players meaning they will play shit anti-footy next season and battle it out with Liverpool for 5/6th place

  311. I agree with Passenal. Bayern were toothless.

  312. Any team can beat any other at the moment. In the EPL and across Europe.

  313. mattgoonerknight


    What an undignified lift of a trophy – brilliant!

  314. Yep, it was a big time choke fest add to that Robben’s apprehension to pass the ball to players in better shooting positions and this happens.

  315. Must be quite heartbreaking to lose a final but to lose it on your home ground,they are devastated.

    I feared for the worst once Robben missed the penalty.

  316. “But on the grand scheme of things, like him or not, Robben is an elite player.

    Bayern are a massive club, traditionally and in contemporary terms, and he is one of their biggest stars. I’d take him and worry about who’s playing where later.”

    I would not take him if they paid us to take him off our hands – especially if RVP is still with us. His selfishness and unwillingness to pass the ball to RVP in the last World Cup, cost his team in the end.

  317. i guess Chelsea just ruined YW’s birthday. Curses

  318. ‘take him off their hands’ I mean!

  319. I agree with Passenal

  320. Robbens shooting was off all match, he had no right to take the pen. He is too full of himself.

  321. mattgoonerknight

    I don’t really care about tonight.

    When we were losing against Brom just 6 days ago, I thought for a moment that we might be facing Thursday nights in Europe, with four teams above us in the league, and an under-performing Chelsea behind us.

    But we beat Brom, we came third, we’re in next years CL, and if this lot can win it, so can we.

    Doesn’t do the old Uefa co-efficient any harm either, you know, should we finish 4th any time soon 😉

  322. I know cup games can involve large slices of luck, but you’d like to think that quality counts too!

  323. And how Cahil and Mata are not Arsenal’s players I still can’t comprehend. With the same result we could just transfer our scouting budget directly to Roman.

  324. So FG, while you are at Munich kicking the Bayern players, please give Robben a special kick for my sake.

  325. Bale, modric and van der vaart have just booked a one way ticket to #getmethefuckouttatottenham … Never heard of it? Well me neither.

    Damnit tho, john terry and cashley will be celebrating tonite> some prostitute will be having their kids soon, be sure of that – but that won’t ease the pain of me breaking my tv screen after drogba take off his shirt. But on a lighter note lets all laugh at tottenham, hahahahaha, don’t stop, keep laughing.

    Paul N, remember what i said after chelsea defeated barca? ‘It is written’, it was so obvious.

  326. pedantic george

    SV because Cahil is not as good as our players

  327. Completely agree with Passenal. When Robben,and Sneijder too, plays for Oranje, RvP never gets a sniff.

  328. mattgoonerknight

    @ Passenal,

    CC Frank, Evil

    Cool. You all don’t rate Robben.

    I think he’s really good, but like I said, I l wouldn’t swap him for Theo and he’d have to learn to pass to RVP – did you see that post?

    I like Ribery as well, and Muller, and…:)

  329. Don’t you worry Jeff, Robben has been “volunteered” to take the kicks for the whole squad and a couple of slaps for good measure.

    Paul_N, talking of selfish players, in that video clip of Robin that you posted last night he talks about how selfish he was at 18, and that he had to learn that football is a team sport. Robben obviously didn’t learn that lesson.

  330. @FG – I wouldn’t bet anyone to learn that when they start their career at Mourinho’s Chelsea..

  331. Btw I would expect a big sale at Bayern now. Their execs will not forgive that.

    Whom would we take from Munich? I would take Schweini, but he is likely to stay at Bayern.

  332. @ Paul_N – might not have been last night, but recently. the one in two parts where he is watching footage of himself.

    Oh God, it’s not a horrible dream. Bloody Chelsea have still won the CL.

  333. I am convinced after tonight that there is no God..

  334. @ mj_gunner
    ha ha

  335. What a strange season. The 2 PL teams that were out of the CL first came 1st & 2nd in the league. The 6th best team wins the CL. Having said that cup tournaments are mostly luck on the day anyway.

  336. PaulN, I’ve just seen this from yesterday’s post.

    Paul-N | May 18, 2012 at 8:48 pm
    “Should we start the Cesc thing up again? the
    comments have died down ever since I put
    Henristic in his place and dropped it the

    Being so quick to big yourself up like this is petty and I would have thought beneath you man. I’m disappointed to be honest as I’ve always imagined you a better man than that.

  337. We can win this cup and any cup, but ut just seems that we don’t treat the big games ad big as we should. But i really belive that we are the 2nd best team in the world, i really do. The way we CAN play and if we bring our game on the day then we literally could crush ANYONE. But something is missing, maybe conviction, maybe a sense that we MUST win this game, a seriousness or i dont know what to be honest. Our team is better than all the teams in the league, i truly believe that, its just we have a Cavalier attitude to some things we do that may need to be reigned in. Theres no point in me rambling, because i can’t put my finger on WHY we haven’t won a major trophy but we will, we will.

    Keep everyone healthy next year and i KNOW we will win something, we are too good not to.
    I just feel so jealous, because i know we are better than both Bayern AND Chelsea, i know it so it makes me even more frustrated that we haven’t challenged.

  338. Ashley Cole just did a Nasri, “That’s why I came here, to win trophies!”. And who can deny them. It just makes me sick. Will we ever compete? I don’t think Arsenal could ever defend like Chelsea. Cahil and Luiz were excellent. But through my rose tinted glasses I still could see that Arsenal are a much better team technically than Bayern and Chelsea….

  339. @Alex_OxChambo: What I’ve witnessed tonight has inspired me to try and help both club and country achieve great things

    @Alex_OxChambo: I’m honoured to be at a massive club like Arsenal and to have been selected for my country and have the opportunity to win things with both

    I can’t begrudge him winning for his country, but hope he focuses much, much, more on club!

  340. Dreadful result for football. So undeserved. I actually feel sorry for Spurs. Really. Hopefully that’s Chelsea’s share of luck for the next 20 years at least.

  341. Georjackass, shut up and go drown in shame with your fellow spuds.

    Speaking of spuds, heres a lil something to cheer aclf bloggers up, spuds fan’s and their reaction after bayern’s loss to chelsea:

    Discospurs : It surely only can get better. Never can we have a season like this again…even for Spurs fans this was tough.
    Surely. Someone?

    Steveo Reply:
    You must be a young’un then…

    Bruxie Reply:
    It will get worse.
    When you see the dismantling of our side by the new Chavs, Manure and Citeh.
    The worst is yet to come. It’s called the close season!

    Steveo1987 Reply:
    And on that cheery note I bid yougood night!

    david Reply:
    Don’t go Steveo, let’s all suffer together.

    Steveo1987 Reply:
    I just canna take any more..were doomed I tell yer…

    david Reply:
    Step away from the razor blades!

    Mitchellthomas Reply:
    Aye lad. This is what being a Spurs fan really feels like.

  342. This is more like it Jack!

    @JackWilshere: Arsenal fans how good would it be of we won something next year? Let’s do it #together #gooners

  343. Well well well. The mercenaries pulled it off. I am not letting this get me down at all. Looking forward to next year eagerly. Hope the chavskis keep most of their geriatric players due to this.

    UP THE. GUNS!!!!!!!!!

  344. It’s funny how ex-players can’t stop talking about Arsenal. I have lost count of how long it’s been since Cashley left, but the first thing he says on winning the CL is how this justifies his decision to leave? Sounds like a guilty conscience. If he really believed what he is saying, he would not have to say it. On a night like tonight, Arsenal should be the furthest thing from his mind.

  345. Henristic, oh gosh mi bredrin, I was just joking.

    My apologies again. I would hate for you i to fall out over this.

  346. Moderation?

  347. Have I done something wrong, Yogi?

  348. @ mj_gunner – I am convinced after tonight that there is no God..

    If anything it proves there is a god and hes a chelski fan !

    ha ha ha ha ha

    Fuckin chav cunts almost spoiled my cider

  349. Couldn’t disagree more with the main thrust of editors comments. Firstly if this club does not start winning very soon-it won’t get the leverage in any markets to increase commercial revenue. In big markets like Asia and US the EPL gets massive media coverage now-people don’t want to associate with a team that doesn’t win-and for the most part we no longer play the attractive football we once did.

    No one made the manager and BoD sell 4 first choice players to Man City-they especially the manager chose to. Petro money is the only big cash out there-and this club is under capitalised-was before the Emirates and is even more so now-and will sell any player for a large dollop of cash. Arsenal have benefitted to the tune of 70m+ of petro money-and only a proportion of that money has been spent on replacements.

    Is it coincidence that the pattern of end of season chronic media speculation concerning our best players started the year Arsene Wenger arrived-way before City and Chelsea were owned by Oligarchs.

    The fact is selling our best players each year is as much part of this set up as buying kids, paying them more money then they are worth and finding you are stuck with a huge wage bill and as many as 11 mediocre players you can’t shift-if even some of them were shifted we could pay our best players enough to keep them. However, I am not at all convinced that the club wants to keep our best players. The ones that make it have always been sold off. The list is a very long one, starting with Anelka. It is sheer nonsense to argue that we have got rid of these stars when we wanted to for example-we have never replaced Veiria-and he could have played another 3 seasons with us-while we were bringing on young midfielders. He would have made a huge difference.

    Why don’t you face facts about this regime-the club would rather sell our best players each year and screw fans to the limit than issue more shares. The club is run by oligarchs and people sitting on so much inherited wealth they don’t have to work. The only difference between our Oligarch and those of Chelsea and Man City is that ours do not put any of their wealth into the team. Do you honestly think FFP will prevent City and Chelsea from continuing to do so?

  350. Paul-N @1.19

    You went into moderation because the email address entered was invalid, no other reason.

  351. thank God for success season but there still a lot to say to “Prof Wenger” and so called board, if Arsenal to win any silverwaer next season thire should sign player if they sign player the present player will sure extend they contract lot stop all this story

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