One Of Us Speaks – No More No Less

I don’t know. Our last three matches haven’t been great, but I reckon there’s been enough in each performance to convince me that we can get the job done on Sunday. And we’ll have an even better chance if we can combine the best of our last three matches together to create some kind of amalgamation. A perfect game wrought from three imperfect ones to get three points and third.

First we need to defend like we did at home against Chelsea. I think it’s clear that I’m not a football expert, but I do know there are different kinds of world-class defensive performances. There’s the heroic last-ditch stuff – usually individual defenders or the goalkeeper repeatedly intervening and saving the day after the team’s defensive structure has been breached. Less of that for me on Sunday please.

Far less likely to get us all committed are the lesser-heralded team efforts. Say, when a team like ours attacks for 90 minutes but successfully heads off the other team’s attempts to counter. Against us at home I think Di Matteo tried to copy Man United’s successful plan against by picking four fresh, pacy forwards to hit us on the break. But despite one or two hairy moments we remembered our defensive responsibilities and gave Chelsea few options and little space when we lost possession.

This shared appreciation for, you know, not conceding goals, could come in handy if we’re going to be attacking for most of the afternoon on Sunday – say if that first goal proves a little more tricky than we’d all like. Clearly a watertight defence can come at the expense of a productive attack, but as we hit the woodwork three times against Chelsea I’d like to think the margin between a controlled performance and a frustrating draw was exceptionally fine on that day.

On to the Stoke game, which was probably the best showing of the three. We all know our record there is a bit dodgy, but apart from an early goal and a scare from a late throw when Szczesny was momentarily lost in the shadow of five behemoths, we battled to make the best of it. Make no mistake, our game is in no way not suited to that place, but during the first half we cut them to ribbons. In the second half we relaxed a bit, but were never particularly threatened.

So while we didn’t get it together very often in the second half, but to wear out the fraying thread of this post I’d like to glean the team’s guts and bloody-mindedness from that match. That’s the courage to stay true to our footballing principles and not get drawn into a poop-throwing contest against simians, even if we know the conditions aren’t really in our favour.

Then finally I’d like us to attack the way we did in the second half against Norwich. Having tried to avoid most of the response to the match, I’m not sure if Gervinho’s showing has been recognised. In the first half he was as inhibited as anyone else, but I don’t doubt that the manager had a chat with him at half time because he was the player we need him to be after the break.

He’s got to be the quickest player off the mark at the club. It’s a characteristic that will take him past any player if he’s feeling confident enough, but after a demanding and not particularly fruitful ACN, and a return to a side in which Walcott was on fire, we haven’t seen the same form that I think helped the team up the table during the autumn.

Still, in the second half he was back to his peculiar best on the ball, and his final pass was more consistent than we’ve seen in a single match from him this season. If he can repeat that across 90 minutes then we might just have the combination to the vault if West Brom decide to keep things tight and try to catch us on the counter.

Bearing in mind that I’m only taking the second half performance with me from the Norwich, and purging the memory of the first forever, we could have scored five. That’s two penalties, added to the two goals we scored anyway, and the many opportunities that were either wasted or denied by what must take its place among the many classic performances from a visiting goalkeeper to the Emirates.

So who’s going to get into my amalgamated XI?

Unless there are any last-minute injuries, any dramatic changes at this stage of the season would be insane. But I will leave Aaron Ramsey out. And this isn’t because I subscribe to the nonsense that some of the crazies say about him, but a response to the manager’s comments after the match:

“He is very strong mentally and is going through a difficult period at the moment. But he will come off that stronger.”

That’s about as explicit as Arsène gets. Ramsey only had one hour against Norwich and, whether or not it’s a coincidence, our game improved after he left. I’d like to think I know what the manager has in store for him – he’s giving him mileage he needs to work out the kinks, which is going fine – but on Sunday it might be worth opting for more experienced players in midfield. I’m thinking we could bring Benayoun inside and pair him with Rosicky ahead of Song.

On the wings I’d have Walcott and Gervinho, at right-back I’d go for Coquelin. Gibbs starts at left-back, not only because I think he’s been a trooper there since his return (barring the odd slip), but also because he’s spent more time at the back with Vermaelen and Koscielny than André Santos in recent weeks. Factor in his pace and work ethic, and I think he shades his rival for this team.

Finally, if I felt capable of joking about this match I’m sure I’d suggest an outlandish alternative to van Persie up front. Yeah, I bet you’d find that funny, you sick b*stards.

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  1. getting nervous now..

    i guess the team will be difficult to predict..
    a mixture of injuries as well as poor form has left us with not a right lot of options..

    chezzers apparently injured, although i dont know how true this is so even the GK position is under the scope this weekend

    id go for
    le coq—–kozz———TV———–gibbs
    theo—————MVP—————le ox

  2. Theo right left Gervinho, Coquelin RB Santos LBis the formation I love. When we had those two upfront wide with passes from the LB and RB we did look really balanced The midfield speaks for itself and if TV and Kos remember to always drop back when the Lb and RB move forward, then we will click again. Coquelin will track back Santos a bit slow but the midfield must between them drop back to defend not dawdle around. Theo and Gerv will I think put in a good shift and Theo can track back provided his confidence does not go astray. We have the Ox waiting in the back ground and overall I feel that RVP will be the lynch pin to make sure it all works. Come on lads lets show them. Go you Gunners.

  3. Good call on the team selection, I suspect AW will agree with you. Although RvP does need a rest, maybe we can give that new boy Poldi a run out? 🙂

  4. A great defensive performance would be wonderful.
    Can’t see it, though.
    It’ll be the usual ‘we’ll try to score more goals than we concede’ performance. (God, I hope we do)

    I hope the simian poop-throwers lose to Bolton.

  5. Gerry Lennon

    I think most agree with with 8 of your 11, it comes down to what people think the other 3 can offer. Coquelin at lb, no argument given he does pretty good ‘out of position’ there. I just hope Yennaris is on the bench to give the option of putting Coquelin into midfield should we need his drive and energy?
    Gibbs every time for me. He offers pace down the left, going forward and getting back.
    Midfield more or less picks itself, with Benayoun deserving to hold his place for what may be his final game? – I had a thought on that, if they gave him a 2 year deal, put him out on loan on a ‘instant recall’ basis, so he gets game time, we get a great squad player should injuries hit the squad in one area again. Result, win, win all round??
    Up front I do differ a bit.Too risky to start with Theo imo, because if he does have a recurrence you have lost an early sub option. I also think that Gervinho has played his best on the left side(prior to the AFCON). So I would have AOC start on the right. Even if they double up on him, it should leave more space for Rosicky to work in?
    So there you have it, Gibbs/Gerv with pace on the left, FQ/AOC with pace on the right, two linking midfielders to set up ‘Footballer Of the Year’ ….
    Leaving Song to play IN FRONT OF THE BACK FOUR!! Just in case the bollocking he got from last week slips his mind?

    Can I just add an end of season thanks for your splendid blogs.

  6. arsenalandrew

    I suspect the lessons of our games played without Arteta will have been well learned, more so given the must-win nature of this last game.

    I suggest whatever the personnel used, two roles in particular will be non-negotiable – someone to ‘anchor’ midfield (as per Arteta) and another to anchor defence (as per Per).

    The absence of those two roles have been the key part of what has left us vulnerable in more games than should have been comfortable, especially since the victory at Sunderland.

    My other prediction will be that this could turn out to be a low-scoring game – a nerve-jangling 0-1 to the Arsenal – as we focus on retaining possession in a low-risk fashion. True, we might pick off WBA as they try to attack us but these could be brilliant solo efforts from Theo, Gerv or RvP rather than the all out team assaults we are more accustomed to.

    It may look a bit odd, cagey, even.

    But the stakes are just too high for any other approach …

  7. Morning Gooners,


  8. Gunner From Nigeria

    The tension here is on the high side. Just hoping for 3 points irrespective of the team Arsene decides to put out tomorrow.

    Judging by our last two previous away performance in Wolves and Stoke, i believe the team would be up for it because we were more focus in these matches.
    It reminds me of the Udinese match in Italy earlier in the season. Since its a one off match with alot riding on it. Chances are we will do it.

    And talking of squad personalities here is a revealing interview given by Oxlade Chamberlain.

  9. Gunner From Nigeria


    Subs: Fabianski, Djourou, Santos, Chamakh, Ramsey, Walcott*, Jenkinson

  10. Samson adekunle

    Arsenal have to work hard for the next champions league

  11. interesting comments from arsene about the state of europes finances and the 25 man squad rule. its no the first time…

    maybe just preparing us for the summer incase nobody else can afford the players hes trying to offload and it limits us to who we can bring in..

    i always thought we as a club wouldnt really be affected by the 25man rule due to our policy of young players but it turns out its a curse..

  12. The Real Stew Black

    Thank you so much OOU – finally a commentator rising above the steaming herd and pointing out that just because we didn’t win against Norwich doesn’t automatically mean we played badly. I swear some people only see the score and none of the preceding match.
    Anyhoo that aside I’m so happy and looking forward to tomorrow. Of course not happy to be fighting for third rather than first but after the start we had to be in pole position to be the third best team in the entire country is not too shabby.
    It’s just great that our season has gone to the wire, certainly one of our more memorable seasons in recent times and lots to be excited about for next year. Not much more a football fan can ask is there?

  13. This is going to be a terribly nervous encounter, particularly for Arsenal. By now, the squad will be aware of the vital need of 3 points in order to gain certain entry into the CL next term. WBA are in mid-table and have nothing to fear. They would like to finish the season with a farewell win in honour of their departing manager Roy Hodgson.
    Our band of away fans will have an important role to play in this match……100% support for the whole 90 minutes (plus added time!).
    For the rest of we Gooners, unable to attend in person, it will be a nailbiting afternoon. All I can advise is to keep calm and confident. After all, it’s only another game of football ……….
    but it isn’t really, is it!!

  14. not that i give a shit who WBA’s key players are, on our day it matters not, but im hearing chris brunt is out
    thats a massive loss to them

    hes their arteta..

  15. Arsenal On This Day today is that day in 1979. You couldn’t have planned Pat Rice’s retirement any better.

  16. all i have to say today is ….eff you bertomeu you corrupt catalan THIEF …

  17. i really don’t like Benny playing in the midfield, ill start him out wide all day, everyday

    Jenks TV Kos Gibbs
    Song Le Coq
    theo RVP Benny

    With Gerv, Chamack and AOC playing some minutes depending on the scores.

  18. damn that 10 players. Put Rosicky just ahead of Song and Le coq

  19. Well done, Big Bird. I love the idea of picking out elements from the three matches and transferring them into a performance that will get us three points. It wouldn’t suprise me if AW’s team talk covers the same ground – ie you’ve done it in bits, boys, now put it all together.

    We’ve all got to try and stay relaxed, so to those fretting about who’s going to start (which secretly includes me, obviously), can I recommend Dgob’s clip? Hilarious anecdotes from Mr Ray Parlour, and they ring so true.

  20. I’d put Rosicky in alongside Song to do the Arteta thing, I think he’s the nearest we’ve got to what Mikel provides. Assuming everyone except the definitely injured are fit:

    Walcott-Van Persie-Benayoun

    The key tomorrow is to play without inhibition, easier said than done in our situation though.

  21. meant to say “picking out three elements from the three matches and transferring them into a performance that will get us three points.”

  22. Morning all.
    13 HUNTER 13. what did he do the Catalan dude??

  23. Limestonegunner

    Block 4, you said it: key is to play without inhibition, without nervous fear–the dreaded handbrake. Hopefully they can look back to Udinese away. It was all or nothing then and we came through. It’s that kind of game where it is CL or possibly no CL.

  24. Limestonegunner

    Three elements from three games? Whatever it takes to break out of this somewhat poor form for the last 4 games. Anything we want to take from the Wigan game?! Or are we trying to forget that one?

    What about Chezz v. Fabianski? We need a reliable GK performance but it seems a big risk to change if Chesney can play.

  25. goonerkam hi …this catalan thief is the CEO of Euroleague Basketball and he gave the final qualification to the russians (cska) through his refs …zelijco won the trophy in barcelona last year disqualifying his little team in last 16..he didnt like it..and this year he screwed us over in constantinople f4…

  26. Gunner From Nigeria

    Foster always seem to have a blinder anytime he plays against Arsenal. If truth be told, it applies to virtually all the goalkeepers. Thing is, i don’t know why they always choose that Arsenal is when they would raise their game?
    Hoping Foster has a bad game tomorrow.

  27. arsenalandrew

    Would it be a greater risk not to change, LimeSG?

    Chesney’s performance, compared to the rest of an otherwise excellent season, was not to his usual standards last week. If he IS injured then AW may have little choice in any case …

  28. Danish Gooner

    Odemwingie will tear us a new one.Remember how we tried to sign him but lowballed him on wages,it is karma baby.

  29. Limestonegunner

    It’s not very pleasant hearing AW talk about how Europa League is a good competition! Hopefully this is the last time he’s asked about it and we win.

    But I say that mostly because of the monetary difference and the huge number of games starting so early in August. If we were in it, though, I’d hope we went out and won it. Last season Liverpool, Spuds, Mancs red and blue didn’t win it so it clearly isn’t easy and there are lots of good teams in the competition.

  30. Limestonegunner

    AA, my impression was that he had the injury before Norwich. I could be wrong, but it might not be debilitating and he can play. Just not as well. That’s the scenario I am wondering about. The defense was pretty disorganized. Can Fabianski do better when he hasn’t played? I rate him, it’s just such a nervy game. Tough decision for the manager if WC is on the borderline.

  31. arsenalandrew

    Yes, tricky.

    Who’d be a manager?!!

  32. Bird
    such a calm and clear flow to your thoughts, bravo.

    In agreement with andrew, that it looks like were in for a cardiac afternoon.

    For Arsenal, there is monumental pressure with so much on the line for CL qualification. WBA finds itself safely positioned in the league table, with nothing to play for except their appreciation with Roy.

    I don’t know what Theo’s fitness is at the moment. It might me too big a risk to start him and then 15 minutes into the match, he has a recurrence that forces an early substitution that might limit options in the last 20 minutes.

    Personally, I would select the best in form and/or experienced players.

    Santos – Kos – Ver – Gibbs
    ——- Song—————–
    Gervinho ———- Benayoun

  33. @ Gunner From Nigeria | May 12, 2012 at 8:39 am

    Thanks for that link. What a star Thierry is. It backs up what many have been surmising about the additional psychological benefits of his loan period with us.

    Regarding opposition GKs having a blinder, I think it’s because we take so many shots. They get in the zone and it’s always easier when you are continually having to pull off a save as opposed to when you have nothing to do for ages and then are suddenly called into action.

  34. pedantic george

    Odemwingie will tear us a new one

    What a stupid comment .There is something wrong in Denmark

  35. Something rotten, you mean. Smells like a troll. Or a eunuch with halitosis recovering from a lobotomy.

  36. arsenalandrew

    Nice gravatar Finngun; presumably a tight call between Bubbles, Rick and Randy?!

    Quite a game being played out in the League One play off final between MKDons and Huddersfield.

    Not the most skilful of games (but by no means entirely neanderthal); I’ve not seen the tackling currently on show for a long time in the higher leagues. Players are going down left right and centre but then, guess what?

    They are all getting up again. And the watching 000’s are being spared the spectacle of grown men spinning around, clutching their faces etc etc.

    Really quite refreshing …

  37. What is the saying?Squicky bum time? Not a position most of us would have expected four weeks ago but it is here and we need to hang in there and win tomorrow’s game.I would be lying if I said I am not nervous about tomorrow, alot of things can happen tomorrow, too many permutations to think about.

    I think if Chezzer is not fit then there is alot at stake to play him, put Fabianski in the poles he is due a great game and this may be it.

    Whichever team the boss puts on the pitch let us finish the season on a high by winning our game and finishing third.It will be quite an achievement considering in September we were already ruled out of the top four.

  38. mattgoonerknight

    Nice analysis OOU.

    It’s time to string the good patches together and learn from the lapses of last week.

    On the subject of GKs

    Unless Wojo is seriously impeded by his back he plays.

    Fabianski is a good keeper but unfortunately you cannot make the number of mistakes he has between the sticks as the consequence is a goal for the opossing he needs a clean, blunder free slate.

  39. mattgoonerknight

    I didn’t mean to hit send on that unfinished, misspelt gobbledygook: oh well, you get the point. For the record – opposing.

  40. It is has been confirmed on the official site on the preview that the Chezzer is fine so he plays and some good news that Walcott may be back.

  41. mattgoonerknight

    I wonder how the spuds are feeling? No, hear me out.

    Do you think they are as nervous as us? I hope they are but feel that the may not be.

    I only ask as it seems the toon are just happy to be here and are now a long shot, so you’d imagine that nerves are not an issue for them. But sp*rs do have a real chance but equally need to win to stand any chance; a draw would surely be no good them.

    I work with, and despite their unfortunate shared infliction, talk to several spuds every day. They seem to be excited about Sunday rather than nervous. I wonder if that is indicative of spuds in general: always talk themselves up as a big team but in reality are also just pleased to be here like the toon.

  42. Arsenalandrew, not really. Bubbles won hands down because of his personality and photogenic qualities. Now off to get seriously zonked.

  43. odemwingy will only tear us a knew one if we throw everyone forward and leave kozzer and chezzer to sort it out..

    but that wont happen..

    TV will stay with Kozzer and they will only go forward for set pieces..

    song will protect kozzer and TV..and hit those lob passes from deep and not camp outside their box doing it like its a practice match..

    we will win..

    and we’ll keep a clean sheet doing it..

  44. mattgoonerknight

    Good work firstlady

  45. mattgoonerknight

    Good work jonjon

    Let’s all be positive, if only for our own collective sanity!

    I must stop biting my nails…

  46. WBA aint all that much they dont have the players to play sexy football so its park the bus and counter attack..
    if we keep players back we wont be counter attacked as easily and if Theo is back to help robin then we will score..

    2 or 3..

  47. What i would like to see in tomorrow’s match is szescney going forward anytime we have a corner kick to help us get an early goal.

    Am glad oou and the comments today recognise that Gibbs is the better leftback, i still hope santos does the samba from the Bench when we score. Cheers, to Gibbs – better than santos.

  48. Oou, you mentioned how good our defence was against chelsea compared to the norwich game, maybe if vermaelean remembers he is not the 4th attacker and alex song stops acting like a diva then maybe it will be all good – don’t know if anyone here read tim stillman post on arseblog but he mentioned that he was seated close to gibbs position(something like that), while vermaelean was bombing forward in the first half, gibbs was screaming at song to cover for him, but nooo, song ignored him and kept going forward – 2 conclusions to that: either he was getting angry with verm’s forward forays or he had his head up his arse, i just hope he doesn’t get too arrogant.

  49. Dgob

    That video was hilarious but not as funny as Danish Gooner’s attempt at trolling.

  50. gibbs is the better left back simply becuase santos aint no left back

    but santos is the better player..

    eitther/or im never fussed but i like gibbs becuase hes fast and full of beans..

    and english 😉

  51. Lay off the angel dust, Danish Gooner. And stop using baby like that it reads/sounds really stupid.

  52. pedantic george

    “Gibbs starts at left-back, not only because I think he’s been a trooper there since his return (barring the odd slip), but also because he’s spent more time at the back with Vermaelen and Koscielny than André Santos in recent weeks. Factor in his pace and work ethic, and I think he shades his rival for this team”.

    Perhaps I am a bit dim,but how the fuck can you read that and say “Am glad oou and the comments today recognise that Gibbs is the better leftback” ?

    I have not seen one person .other than you khalifha, who has said Gibbs is a better player.
    I have seen many however who think and say the opposite.

  53. oh. Thanks HUNTER . Sorry he played politics with this issue. People like this don’t belong in sports . Period.
    Better luck next year , I suppose.

  54. By and by HUNTER , cool video posts from you the past couple o days. Nice job.

  55. arsenalandrew

    Is it just me or does today not really feel like a Saturday?

    Also, what’s with all this sunshine. And warmth?


  56. i still cant get over how sagnas broke his leg twice in the same season..

    i mean the first time he broke it i think it was an over the top shoulder barge v spuds and he fell awkwardly as he wall tumbing into the sponserboards..
    shit happens
    second time some daft sod stands on his plates as hes laying on the floor and it shatters his leg again.

    am i wrong?

    how fucking unlucky is that? did we sell our soul to build the new stadium or did we build it on a sacred buriel ground?
    whats going on..

  57. sunshine good
    no football bad

    get used to it becuase the summers here..

    glad we got the euros..might even force myself to watch a but of the olympics as well..
    have a few barbques.
    maybe sneak in a holiday..

    should fly by until the season starts again but saturdays are bollox without the arsenal..

    they break our hearts but lifes not complete without them..
    i hope the send off is a good one

  58. Paulie Walnuts

    Jon Jon,

    I think the same thing happened to Wrighty at Palace with two breaks in quick succession. Very unlucky though. Cruciates are worse however & they very often happen in twos.

    Looking at Arsene`s comments on Ramsey I wouldn`t be surprised if he starts him on the bench. Maybe Jenks at right back & Le Coq into midfield. Benny to start wide left for me. I don`t see a change at left back (even though I prefer Santos) especially as we have to make one at right back.

  59. its a clean break though so he should be back soon again, right??

    speaking of le coq and jenks..
    at the start of the season we were looking at the le coq and frimmers battle..
    now its le coq and jenks battle..
    i think he makes a good winger as well, got a few tricks..
    this le coq kids abit good isnt he?

  60. JONJON
    Bacary had his leg broken because he is such a pivotal and inspirational part of our team. And if the other teams can get away( as they have been able to ) with it, they will keep doing the dirty deed.
    What worries me is the break is very close or in same location as the last on and that might make it more tricky to heal this time around. SHAME ON THE BASTERD THAT STEPPED IN HIM. crapy ,inconsistent, and often very biased referees have been our curse for the past six or seven seasons and its our players paying the price. Another interesting point is that I don’t see the same outcry from gooners this time around, which is a shame. Maybe they have resigned themselves to the conclusion that this is our lot and nothing can be done about it.

  61. arsenalandrew

    I normally start coming to terms with the absence of football over the summer about 24 hours before the season abruptly restarts!

    Barbecue eh JJ? Admire your ambition – or were you planning on going on holiday in order to have the barbie?

    Our hallowed stadium is built on the site of a waste incinerator so not previously sacred ground as such, although obviously now …

    The Spuds still play in a tip.

    On a clear day from the Emirates you can still see their dreams going up in smoke which helps mask the stench coming up from the river over to the west of the city …

  62. Hopefully this time tomorrow, we shall be celebrating ST. TOTTERINGHAM DAY with gusto.

  63. And a STELLA

  64. arsenalandrew

    The relative absence of outcry over Bacary’s recent assault is very puzzling, Goonerkam, I agree.

    Essentially, the Norwich player got away with one there partly, I think, because he was well away from Sagna when he went down the second time. I was close-ish to the play and I must admit I assumed he’d caught his studs in the ground and twisted his knee; he certainly went down as if he’d been shot – but well after the play had passed by from the original stamp.

    Couldn’t bring myself to watch the game again on Match of the Day partly because the programme is really winding me up these days but mainly because I doubted they would bother covering something so minor as a possibly career ending incident …

    Now had it been the granny shagger, Stevie G or Frankie L, I’m quite confident we’d have been getting half-hourly hospital bulletins and we’d all be quite expert on the prognosis by now.

  65. Jon jon, haha, your comment on us selling our soul was too fucking funny man.

    Pedantic george, whatever makes you sleep well, your right and am wrong.

  66. Limestonegunner

    Not enough attention to the Sagna break. He even suggested it was deliberate, which is quite rare. We are used to it now and the rest don’t care about the issue it seems. Perhaps even happy England’s Euro group rivals are weakened. Travesty.

  67. that there be the swamp..

    i hope to catch a few rays in good ol blighty..
    i can have a barby in any weather, got a canopy and a george formby..
    but i will blow the dust off the old passport and get myself to a nice beach where they love volleyball..

  68. i dunno about the sagna thing
    i suppose we are used to it, when you see such breaks like we saw with dudu and rambo you kinda get thick skinned over it..

    its still not on though

  69. Andrew and limestone
    Spot on. I may add the luck has nothing to do with this. It is a travesty and it is very frustrating to see no outcry from the gooner base. I thought this is when and how the support can show that they are truly behind their team. Like I said, the final result is now it will happen even more since there won’t even be retrospective punishment. Truly sad for BACARY. He doesn’t deserve this shit. Not that Aaron or Eduardo or Abu or Freddie deserved it. Pissed me off no end.

  70. Travesty sums it up for me. But I gave up on wishing the media reported matters pertaining to Arsenal fairly years ago, LG.

  71. Don’t forget Diaby, jj

  72. yeah theres been a few loomer..

  73. arsenalandrew

    How ironic that the Dubious Goals Panel have just ruled that one of Thierry’s goals v Blackburn was in fact an own goal having taken a slight deflection off a back tracking defender.

    That there IS such a panel is the irony given that we don’t yet have a Dubious Tackles Panel, a Dodgy Referees Committee or even a Rubbish Offsides Group.

    We also await, possibly in vain, for the welcome formation of the Diving Judges, the Simulation, Excessive Rolling Around & Face Clutching Review Board, not to mention the Tackling Time Wasters Sub Committee.

    No, it’s just the Dubious Goals Panel, so far.

  74. Its really sick too when it seems some Arsenal fans would sooner question Wenger’s training methods than condemn the nasty unsporting behavior that has been dished out to Arsenal players on a seemingly weekly basis

  75. Funny stuff, aa

  76. Haha. Careful LOOMER least your line of logic leads some of those same gooners calling and labeling you offensive to their sensibilities. And their cause.

  77. Anyhoo, off to play the beautiful game on a not so beautiful artificial turf. I hate the bounciness of it and always afraid I may turn an ankle.

  78. @AA
    Haha, too true! But what I find even more puzzling is that they need three months to make a decision on that. Couldn’t have anyone just made a video of the goal on the Monday after the game for the “Dubious Goal Panel” to judge it?

  79. good post birdkamp our defence has to be switched on from the start and throughout no mistakes.

  80. pedantic george

    I think if we score lots of goals tomorrow and keep a clean sheet.we will win.
    Next week I will give my similarly well considered thoughts on transfer policy.

  81. “It is a travesty and it is very frustrating to see no outcry from the gooner base. I thought this is when and how the support can show that they are truly behind their team.”

    Why would they, when they are more concerned about being labelled crazy as the one website that does, is? It seems the Stockholm syndrome is alive and well and living in the Arsenal fanbase.

  82. pedantic george

    Good point Passenal.

  83. FG and dupsffokcuf,

    Thanks and I think we all need a little relief in the prolonged wait for 3:00pm tomorrow. It will not be easy with our potential nerves and the nature of the occasion for the baggies. However, we can win it and I think Danish should then be hung (out to dry) of course!


  84. Have you got a link to the Ray Parlour clip, Dgob? I’d like to repost on another blog and I don’t know how to transfer it as it is. Is that what is called an embedded clip?


    It’s easy to stop people kicking up a fuss. All you have to do is assert or imply that highlighting an injustice is moaning or playing the victim and therefore weak. They then lose sight of the original injustice and become concerned to show that they are not weak/a victim by distancing themselves from the legitimate complaint.

  85. pedantic george

    why are our lady posters so smart?

  86. FG

    You can (normally) right click on the video & copy the URL. Then just past that in the comment section of the blog.

  87. Bloody WP changed my login emal again.

  88. It has taken me the better part of the last 3 or so years that I’ve been commenting on this blog, but I’ve finally realised that dups’ nickname means. Talk about being slow!

  89. Should add.

    If your using that awful IE browser just click on the youtube logo at bottom right. Then when youtube opens copy the URL from the address bar and paste that on the site

  90. Evil

    People are not used to reading reverse text. Bit ironic really as most spuddies probably can’t read anyway

  91. Evil, I always have to write out his whole name, because the shortened version is just wrong for a true Arsenal supporter!

  92. Does this picture make all Gooners a little ‘warm’ ?

  93. Passenal

    Just ‘dup’ should cause no problems. Rather partial to some pud meself.

  94. Ooh err what is Emperor Eboue up to

  95. Ooh err missus indeed ‘dup’ – RVP tweeted about the game earlier. He was watching his friend Eboue. I’m glad for him that he has managed to enjoy some success with his new team.

  96. Me too Passenal. Eboue had his faults (like ALL players) but he was more of a Gooner than some of the fans.

  97. Nice post OOU. Big game tomorrow sort of like a cup final. Clean sheet and a brace from RVP. Top it off with some burnt spuds and Newcastle taking 4th and we have a great day

  98. pedantic george

    Dups,if that had been a tweet I would be retweeting it

  99. Maybe I should tweet it George.

    Naw to old news now. Now there’s an oxymoron.

  100. Cut & Paste George – that message needs to be out there!

  101. Passenal

    Trouble is those fans we want the message to reach would ignore it. Idiots like ‘rectum and Danish Gooner would not even read it. They post their bile f*ck off and the come back with more bile.

    Best if they’re ignored completely.

  102. Can’t wait for tomorrows game, just frustrated that it is the last game of the season. Looking forward to winning a nice steak dinner for The Girlfriend and myself from my spud supporting friend. I also have put a few dollars on RVP beating Henry’s single season PL scoring record, figured may aswell go all-in on the last day. As for who plays ahead of who, I really could not be bothered so long as we win. Gibbs over Santos? Depends on the opposition and how they set up shop, something we will not know until the game has started. Which of course will mean the usual hindsight-loving Doomers will say “I told you so” but fuck’em! is what I say. AW picks the team, end of. Le Coq has played very well when he has been called upon and I would like to see him start. I would also like to see Chamakh play as he changed the game when he came on last time, deserved a goal for his efforts but of course RVP stole the headlines again (greedy bastard!)

    Anyways, just to annoy FunGunner, I am going for a 4-1 Arsenal rout. With the woodwork bruised and battered with all the chances RVP fails to convert in his search for a season-ending hattrick!

  103. Bill – I have decided that I want the spuds to get fourth and for the chavs to lose. Just think of it, right at the beginning of next season the spuds have to squeeze in 2 extra games, both of which they will lose!! It will demoralise them and their retarded fans and give us something to smile about for at least a week 🙂 What could be wrong with that?

  104. On a seperate note, it was nice to see Eduardo is back to his winning ways claiming his first league title with Shaktar Donetsk. It will go along nicely with the following:

    Croatian League Winner 2006, 2007.
    Croatian Cup Holder 2004, 2007.
    Croatian Super Cup Winner 2003, 2004, 2006.
    The Best Croatian Player 2004, 2006.

    It always did piss me off when idiots like Hansen et al would say that we lacked players with “winning mentalities”. Very few strikers in the world could boast a resume such as his when we bought him and it was not his fault that he had his leg broken and his career at Arsenal broken along with it. Well done Eduardo and thanks for the memories, especially this one:

  105. And for those Arsenal fans in the NY area the game is being shown live on MSG+, Ch48. FSC are not showing it live but will instead be showing the spuds game. Man Citeh v QPR is being shown on ESPN2, with coverage starting at 9:30am.


  106. Hay IRISHGRAY, its the pub for me. Last game of the season and all, I want to be around a whole bunch of gooners at the. FOX&HOUND and have a good English breakfast and maybe have a pint too ,to celebrate. Talk about Eduardo, did you hear Eboue also won the league withe GALA in turkey. And then there was an impromptu riot. I’m glad he is happy and doing well. He is the one lifting Eduardo up in your clip. Great technique on the goal scored. The pass wasn’t bad either. Guess who made it??

  107. Limestonegunner

    5 premier league games on cable simultaneously tomorrow, including our thankfully. Can flip between us and Spud game. Lads are going to do us proud.

  108. Limestonegunner

    Irish, going to the Pig? Definitely the place to be this Sunday at 10am in NY!

  109. Limestonegunner

    I’ll be at home making breakfast for the wife on Mother’s Day. Would be a nice gift, an Arsenal win equals husband happy to do nice things for everyone, spreading good cheer and so on…

  110. Limestonegunner

    Dempsey out apparently. Nothing for it but to go and win.

  111. FG,

    Apologies, but my daughter suddently needed my ‘immediate and undivided attention’ and so I am only just returning.

    Anywho, here’s the url:

    Fingers crossed for today


  112. Whoo Ha! We did it! But being a Gooner is not for the faint hearted. My ticker can’t take this.

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