Arsenal Wait For Others To Falter Before Planning The Summer

This could be a pivotal evening in the Champions League qualification race. Tottenham face a team fighting for their Premier League life, Bolton would gleefully accept the point that would take them out of the bottom three with the added bonus that the loathsome Queens Park Rangers would replace them in the relegation placings. At the same time, a draw would be the preferred outcome in the meeting between Chelsea and Newcastle. All of which would leave Arsenal three points clear of fourth, three points from claiming third place as their own for the season. That’s an ideal world that in all likelihood will not exist with Tottenham likely to be a single point behind Arsenal with the same gap between themselves and Chelsea.

That the scenario exists with Arsenal looking over their shoulders is as much of their own making as anyone else. Chances to have all but sealed third have been spurned; it is entirely in keeping with the way that the season has panned out, not just for us but everyone else. The bottom of the table has been as turbulent as the top with only the mediocrity of the mid-table placings offering any semblance of normality. That was until Liverpool decided to spend extensively and disappear into a morass of their own making.

Their spendthrift policy offers a marked contrast to that pursued by Arsenal. Whilst the Liverpudlian model is not vindication of that pursued by Arsenal, it certainly underlines that the recklessness of some demands for signings is not a guarantee of success were they to be followed. It is about quality and this squad can be improved – every squad can – but any future success is not going to be bought by spending without thought or consideration given to where the genuine weaknesses lie.

Too often names bandied about are the result of reading the back pages and with scant regard to the realities. For example, Eden Hazard is often named but where will he fit in with Podolski, Miyachi, Oxlade-Chamberlain and (possibly although doubtfully) the loanees Arshavin returning and/or Benayoun staying? That is overloading the squad before considering the impact of these signings on competition regulations. Vertonghen’s versatility offers a basis for his purchase but these are just two of the names. I suspect that it will be some time before another signing is made given that there are a significant number of players on loan who must return to the club if their current employers are not minded to make an acceptable offer for their services.

Back to the Premier League. The appointment of Roy Hodgson has evoked much sympathy for Harry Redknapp in the media. The new England manager referred to his “empathy” with the Tottenham manager and from a selfish point of view, I hope that this does not give Tottenham some renewed vigour with which to end the season. Hodgson is multi-linguist which will not be of much use with the England squad or media; he needs to be good at drawing to be able to get his messages across to them.

Jack Wilshere has been a source of friction with former caretaker manager, Stuart Pearce. Hopefully Hodgson will be more mindful of overplaying the youngster. It is a hard temptation given that what remains of the self-styled Golden Generation is an utter shambles. Wilshere wasted no time in congratulating the new England manager although I am not sure Roy will have read the comment as soon as it appeared on Twitter. No doubt the FA employ a media clippings service; they probably rely on the Disciplinary Department for news on what is being said on Twitter.

That’s it for today, a quiet morning in the build-up to the visit of Norwich this Saturday. Tonight might offer clarity but may leaves waters as muddy as ever.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. morning YW,first?

  2. Seems so naija, seems so.

    When you’ve read this one, you and everyone else must pop over to Arsenal On This Day which only travels back to 1992 to say a sad farewell to the North Bank, Highbury and the old First Division. The Greed Is Good League was just months away.

  3. chelsea i believe a one bad result away from collapse considering the number of crucial matches they still have to play,hopefully they will draw with the barcodes and Ryo will inspire the trotters to spank the tiny totts….i hope

  4. Arsenal will be third, arsenal will be third, next year they;ll be better.

  5. Well said YW
    Many of our fans tend to forget d 25man rule thereby agitating for the signing of any name @ d back of the dailies. Hopefully we’ll be patient enough to see wat d manager’s plan for the summer is b4 ppl start to call him some unwarranted names again.

  6. Excellent. A numpty posted “COYS” anonymously and it went straight into the spam bin without any help from me.

  7. Come on you Supercod…?

  8. Excellent sensible post, YW. And well done to your spam filter.

    It occurred to me also that AW’s reportedly good relationship with Wodgson could make our lives easier when it comes to pointless friendlies.

  9. YW – You must have read my mind. Yes, the euphoria about the Poldi signing is normal and expected. But the over-analyzing and yearning for a slew of big name signings by many left me wondering if this is the same Arsenal that I support. Contrast our spending with Liverpool splashing 100 million on signings over the past year yet sliding to their 13th loss yesterday (in addition to 10 draws), 8th in the League behind Everton. Yet they have won a tin-pot tropy and another is possible. But no champions league football, again, and no hope of a new stadium; in other words no sustainable financial future.
    At this rate if Kenny is King themn Arsene is a deity.

  10. come on Bolton!!! Ryo to get the winner.

  11. Come on you Santos?

    As versatile as Vertongen is he doesn’t play right back (that I know of), the one area I’d like us to have more options in.

    With Roy gone from West Brom, maybe a cheeky bid for some of their talent is in order? Brunt, Long or Odemwingie perhaps?

  12. Muamba will be at the game. Might just give Bolton that extra edge.

  13. Pasties. Arsenal pasties for sale. Five pound a pair. One red one, one white one. Six pound if you want tassles….

  14. @YW 10:19 am
    And here I thought that you said you can’t be proactive about idiocy.

  15. Pasties. Arsenal pasties. Five pound a pair. Six pound for tassles. Blob of water-soluble glue free with each one……

  16. a bolton win tonight will suck villa right into the dogfight and they are the spuds’ next opponents.

  17. @ Frank
    ha ha ha
    Is the stall back, then?

  18. Limestonegunner

    Ryo to score one and make one. I’m happy with a draw between the other two. but if someone has to win, let it be Newcastle as they are likely to drop points to ManCity later.

  19. Romeo Oscar Bravo

    If you would have offered me 2 points from Chelsea (h) & Stoke (a) in January then I would have bit your hand off… Now we must finish the Jon against Norwich and WBA, who are both already on their holidays!!

  20. Arsenal is a big club and should not wait for other teams to falter. It is simple, they have two winnable games and must focus to win them irrespective of other results.

  21. Limestonegunner

    YW, excellent post again. JW’s tweet has now become the subject of old media newspaper articles, so hopefully Hodgson learns that he was first to welcome him and that this will mean some consideration for us ahead. I think Hodgson is much more worldly and cosmopolitan than the average British manager which should bode well for relations with AW.

    Yesterday, you brought up the accent, and I had wanted to query whether it was rather a venerable and accepted English variant pronunciation. Looks like someone has confirmed it and taken nickers to task:

  22. Limestonegunner

    Nickers=lockers; I’ve got to turn this autocorrect off!

  23. Limestonegunner

    Drat! Mockers, mockers!!

  24. Very good post YW. By the way educate me – what is the origin of the “Paedophile” abuse thrown at Le Professeur?

  25. @UgGunner
    Because of our youth project and the focus on young players.

  26. @ UgGunner | May 2, 2012 at 11:26 am
    It was a totally fabricated rumour put out by (I think) Spurs fans when Wenger first arrived at the club. It is slanderous and libellous so don’t repeat it.

  27. Thank you @Evil and YW. That settles my heartbeat into normal rhythm again! I always imagined so @ Evil but just wanted to sure.

  28. ClockEndRider

    M. Wenger publicly confronted the media on the steps outside the Marble Halls shortly after his arrival and dared them all to reprint the scurrilous unfounded accusations. Even that collection of talentless, windowlicking, phone hacking lowlife knew it wasn’t true and so on pain of being sued for every penny they had, buried the story.
    Ever since they have had a collective agenda to get Wenger for the perceived humiliation of forcing them not to write a patently untrue story.

  29. Looking into it, the bit about it being printed was wrong so the comment is deleted. It appears that there was talk of the papers printing it but he fronted up journalists on the steps of Highbury – against the club’s advice – and warned that he would sue if they did print. No-one printed.

  30. I can’t worry about other teams results. All I want is Arsenal to win their last 2 games and overturn the woeful run of form we’ve been on the last few weeks. We take 6 points and 3rd place is ours regardless of what other teams do so why not only worry about Arsenal. Times like these I really would love to be fly on the wall in the dressing room to hear what is being said to the team. If we can’t beat Norwich and West Brom we have bigger problems to worry about.

  31. “No sooner had Wenger set foot in England than a grotesque rumour swiftly mushroomed on the internet that the new saviour of Islington had a highly deviant sex life involving not only women, not even just men, but also children. Without repeating the content of the rumour itself, newspapers passed on the fact that a rumour of a plainly damaging nature was in circulation.

    According to one eye-witness, Wenger was “incandescent with a white-hot rage” when he heard about it. But at least in France one of these rumours was in fact old hat. “During the seven years we were here we were always together, except at night, and people thought we were homosexuals!” says Jean Petit, his assistant coach at Monaco, and one of his closest friends.

    There was a home game for the reserve team that day. Fans were gathering outside the stadium, and they congregated around a group of press – some football writers, other news reporters, and a television news team – who were waiting outside the stadium for an official comment from within the club. Meanwhile, inside, it was made clear to a distraught Wenger that in England he could not simply sue the newspapers for libel unless they specifically published the charge made against him. He did, however, rapidly take on board, when it was explained to him, that he could sue for slander if any of the reporters outside could be persuaded to put a name to the rumour in front of witnesses. Against the advice of Dein, and to the alarm of the press officer Clare Tomlinson, whose own first day in the job this was, he went outside onto the steps of Highbury’s famous old marble hall and confronted them.

    This was an act of considerable bravery. According to Adams, Wenger “hates confrontation”, and here was a confrontation before he had taken charge of a single game. For all the press knew, he was about to resign. Instead, he asked them why they were there. When someone referred to unspecified rumours, Wenger said, “What rumours?” No one spoke. The journalists, feeling hampered by the presence of the fans, asked if they could come inside the stadium and have a private press conference. Tomlinson refused. Facing the realisation that they had nothing to go on, the press slunk away. Wenger had killed the story stone-dead.”

    Quoting from the Guardian.

  32. I just despise the red tops so much. Fucking cunts to a man.

  33. Nice work Evil. What a man.

  34. Him that is not you! 😛

  35. I guessed as much, Jonny! But yes, very impressive for him to confront the press, all those tabloids, like that on his very first day. It’s impossible not to admire Wenger more and more with every little bit you learn about him.

  36. Yogi – enjoyed the post. Thanks.

    Arsene and Pat are thoroughly aware of the team’s weaknesses, imho. RvP’s decision will weigh heavily on any other transfer action.

    Nick –
    agree that we must do our own business. To think that Bolton will take something from the match is wishful, but stranger things have happened against teams in or near relegation.

    Chelsea are on a confidence high like I haven’t seen in seasons. I’m not sure how they will prioritize this mid-week match with their FA Cup final this week end.

    1st priority: dispose of Norwich.


  37. Evil
    Many thanks for posting the Guardian article.

    There is only one Arsene.

  38. Hi,
    Not a contructive point here, but am looking to get three tickets for the Norwich game.
    My brothers are in town from Glasgow and fancy it.
    I can be contacted on 07955548025.

  39. Afternoon ACLF’rs. Win 2 games and it dont matter a jot what others do. In saying that i would still like for the chasing pack to drop points allowing us to secure 3rd spot with just 1 win. My nerves would be all the better for it 😉

    I reckon Roy is a better bet for Ingerland than ‘Arry ever was. Personally i dont care all that much but as a man deserving of respect you cant go past Roy and his treatment by the press is nothing short of disgraceful. But that doesnt surprise me one bit. To me it was the press throwing a strop because ‘their man’ Harry didnt get it. It seemed to me all along that the press thought that had some power in the hiring of the next manager, and they chose Harry but the FA has shown them up, so they are bitter. The press seem to enjoy their campaigns to get a manager the sack so maybe they thought they would try a campaign to get one hired.

  40. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Spuds stumble tonight – there will be nerves. :0)

  41. Wow I just thought the abuse came about because of he youth project! Really wish I coulda seen that interview! Would’ve been priceless

  42. A last couple of big efforts in the games against Norwich and West Brom will see us over the line, even though I think there will be draws all round tonight and a win against The Canaries will do it.

    I think Hodgson is an excellent choice, especially as the remit for the England manager seems to have expanded from just concentrating on the senior team to driving the development of all the under-age England teams at St. George’s Park. He strikes me as someone who will immerse himself in that rather than writing newspaper columns or giving interview from his Range Rover. Best of luck to him, the first thing he should do is ditch most of the under-achieving “senior” players and go with a mainly new side for the upcoming Euros (and newspaper hacks be damned!) to build into the next World Cup qualifying campaign. A team like Hart, Richards, Cahill, Jagielka, Cole, Wilshere, Rodwell (I know he’s injured at the moment), Gerrard, Walcott, Young, Rooney would be a good start with a mixture of some experienced players (Gerrard, Cole, Rooney, Jagielka) helping through some younger players (Cahill, Wilshere, Richards, Rodwell) with some in the middle (Walcott, Hart, Young). The likes of Gerrard and Cole might not even make it to Brazil depending on the development of Baines, Gibbs, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Cleverly etc. The likes of Lampard, Terry, Ferdinand and Parker should be firmly ushered towards the door marked “do one.” It would be interesting to see if he might pick one or two from outside the usual suspects who have impressed recently like Victor Moses at Wigan for example.

    On our transfer business this Summer, the first signing is a great example of where we should be looking to go, get proven, experienced players early on so that we can have a settled pre-season. Obviously it might ptoentially smooth contract negotiations with van Persie, Walcott et al if a bit of ambition is shown in the transfer market and while I agree that thowing money at it isn’t any guarantee of success, being overly-frugal can be very damaging too. As with all things somwhere between the two is the ideal, but if the signing of Podolski is the level we’re looking at then there won’t be too much room for complaint. We have quite a few players who will either be sold, released ot loaned out again next season, so I don’t see the 25-man squad rule being much of an impediment. It goes without saying that continued investment in youth development is essential also and if an exceptional talent like Walcott or Oxlade-Chamberlain is available then we should be in the hunt.

  43. Thanks for the link to the transcript, Deisegooner. I like the fact that Poldi has been committed to his Koln right to the end.

  44. He had a dig at the Koln board there too. Sounds like they promised him some major redevelopment when he joined.

  45. Nick; “Woeful run of form.”
    Bit melodramatic man, do you work in the media as well?

  46. Clerkenwell Gooner

    the first thing he should do is ditch most of the under-achieving “senior” players and go with a mainly new side for the upcoming Euros (and newspaper hacks be damned!) to build into the next World Cup qualifying campaign.

    Yep, Block4, I can’t say I’m that much interested in international football, but I do hope Roy Hodgson, a decent man by all accounts, is not being set up for failure here, that is, it doesn’t all go André V-B for him. Cynical old type that I am, I can imagine the FA’s thinking might go something like this:

    1. Get Hodgson in at short notice now after the kerfuffle over Capello, Terry etc.
    2. Hodgson has tiny window of opportunity to put his stamp on tactics, team formation etc. before Euros rock up, a matter of a few weeks basically (Ingerland’s first game 11th June).
    3. Ingerland do dismally at Euros, cries of “Hodgson out”, “wrong appointment” from ‘arry’s barmy army in the press corps.
    4. Hodgson eased out post-Euros, ‘arry eased in just as Sp*rs begin to disintegrate after several years of benefiting from his Midas-in-reverse touch, in time for two years of World Cup preparations. Trebles all round.

    LIke I say, I hope this wholly mistaken on my part, and wish Hodgson good luck. I prefer to see a manager with a track record in northern Europe, Italy and on the banks of the Thames at Fulham than have a self-confessed illiterate in the post, whose mettle has been tested in the wider world it seems only in respect of canine bank accounts in Monaco.

  47. Another well written post Yogi.

    The last paragraph of Block 4’s post at 1:13 says exactly what I was thinking but in a much more eloquent way then I probably would have said it so I will not repeat. Just read his post again.

    Right now we have 3 teams that can overhaul us for 3rd and 4th place. If Chelsea and Spurs win today we could end up in 5th if we don’t win the last 2 games and we will definitely end up 3rd if do win them. Lots of pressure. Hope we can handle it.

    Although I don’t care in the slightest, I think Roy Hodgson seems like a good choice for England.

  48. @Markus
    That’s exactly what happened. But the board did f all, and they’ve been in a relegation battle all season long. They basically looked to him to save them all on his own. So for me it’s understandable that despite his love for the club he wants to move. If he would’ve stayed there, I doubt that the board would wake up and realise that things need to change.

  49. Clerkenwell Gooner, that is a very cynical view to take! I think a major thought in the process of appointing Hodgson rather than Redknapp, even though Hodgson is clearly better suited, is that who knows what other skeletons are hiding in ‘Arry’s cupboard? He’s been implicated in high profile financial impropriety twice (I still can’t believe he’s not doing time after the tax case), I’m sure that the FA don’t want anything to do with that which is something that won’t change. I really do hope Hodgson does reasonable well in the upcoming Euros, at least getting out of the group, that will give him a little breathign space.

  50. arsenalandrew

    CG – I got the impression the FA are genuinely behind Roy and are very pleased he’s on board.

    Aside from being a

    straight forward, decent guy, his CV is the real deal.

    I hope the fans, in the light of the appalling media reaction, get even more behind the guy than might otherwise have been the case.

    I have a feeling there is much more anger with the media than the media realise. Many have had it with them in the same way the banks have ‘lost’ the public …

    Christ, these days Estate Agents and insurance salesmen are looking pretty good by comparison.

  51. Yogi:

    With regards to the 3rd paragraph of your post I agree that reckless spending is not a guarantee for success. Many of us, myself included, go a little over the top sometimes playing championship manager but that has always been part of the fun of being a fan. Despite your warning in that same paragraph, many have used Liverpool and players like Andy Carroll as vindication for the Arsenal model and that does a great disservice to our scouting staff and talent evaluators. The problem with Liverpool was not that they spent a lot of money but rather the problem was who they spent it on. Surely Arsene and his staff would have done a much better job then King Kenny.

  52. hopefully after tonight the waters will be very very clear.

  53. arsenalandrew @ 2:09

    Well said.

  54. @Bill
    I fully agree, the problem with Liverpool was not the spending per se, but the way the money has been spent. One “good” purchase, Suarez, who arguably decent quality for his money, was followed by a string of mediocre players that Liverpool clearly overpaid for. With Arsenal, i am just happy that when we spend money it’s almost always on players that will improve us without overpaying. I would be distraught if we at some point, even when our financial situations gets better, start overpaying for mediocre players in the same way Liverpool have been the past two years

  55. agree yogi we shouldn’t be looking over our shoulders.

  56. Suares has shown himself to be a rather despicable, vile serial cheating racist scumbag. So, not a good signing at al.

  57. @Dexter
    That is certainly true, but from a footballing standpoint he is heads and shoulders above everyone else at Liverpool, hence their desperate defence of his indefensible actions.

  58. The only decent signing Kenny has made, IMO, is the Spanish LB.

    I am not going to even bother trying to predict any results tonight. I wanted Everton to win the FA cup, barca to get beat by Bayern in the CL final and City to drop points Monday, while the least said about my 3 all score line for the Stoke/Arsenal match the better. Although it was a draw, so… 🙂

  59. Hodgson is an astute appointment, more consistent and sensible in every way, and importantly for the job in some respects, English. I pity him. As for EPL, it’s so topsy-turvy as YW says. Newcastle have the proverbial crossing of the rubicon this week, and so unlikely to come out on the other side, but if they do …! Totts now look the biggest threat and useful goal difference too if it comes down to that, but who knows, Bolton will throw everything at this one, Davies’ elbows will be busier than ever. Then Totts have to do it all over again at a soon to be desperate Villa. As everyone says, let’s just win and so not worry. We now cannot afford any draw, not at all. Even so, come on Ryo !!!!!!

  60. Evil

    Of course, that applies to any club that has had serious problems with their players. Some get backed to the hilt (the very good and therefore expensive ones) while others are discarded (the rubbish ones).

  61. Very cool interview from Podolski, sounds like he will be a perfect fit for us!

  62. Evil:

    “I would be distraught if we at some point, even when our financial situations gets better, start overpaying for mediocre players in the same way Liverpool have been the past two years”

    You just have to be a proper fan and have complete faith in Arsene and our scouting staff like I do. 🙂 🙂 .

  63. I think Hodgson was appointed because the FA traditionally go for conservative appintments and there is just way too much baggage with ol Saggy faced Redknapp. Unintentionally, probably, they have got the right man though and as a bonus, have had a hand in fucking up the spuds season and stringing Twitchy McBung along into thinking he was a dead cert, abley assisted by his hack pals, who now look even more foolish than they did when having to backtrack about Arsenal this season.

    I mean, the amount of journalists who have pieces that say; “In some media quarters, the talk was of Wenger being passed it, etc…. As if they never published articles of that nature and it was all some other hack.

  64. If Ryo scores/makes the winner or snatches a draw tonight he’ll become an Arsenal favourite even before his first “proper” appearance for us. That sounds about right at so many levels. It’s Tottenham after all, slip-slidin’ away. It’s Bolton after all, the evergreen kings of physical last-gasp draws, and wins with one break-away chance. It’s Ryo after all, and a future Arsenal star.

  65. Dexter “The only decent signing Kenny has made, IMO, is the Spanish LB.”

    I wonder if Enrique is wondering if he made the right move right about now? I mean if Liverpool lift the FA Cup and Newcastle fail to qualify for the CL then maybe not. On the other hand he has to see Kenny Dalglish’s face every day.

  66. Pardew certainly deserves a lot of respect for what he has achieved. Carroll, Enrique and Barton all moved to either “bigger” (Liverpool) or “more ambitious” (QPR) clubs. Funny how that turned out.

  67. Zim…..

    relish in your thought about Ryo; sounds like a hollywood script.

    on your other comment:
    Hodgson is a great organizer, focused in the importance of preparation with the players understanding their (and teammates) responsibilities.

    His discipline style will be effective with whichever players make the team. I think his spell at Pool prepared him for any media drivel.

    The England squad will over achieve.

  68. Evil

    Don’t forget Nolan who went to the Appy Ammers to play on the big stage, erm, I mean, for loadsa cash.

    I still have hopes for the Toon to nick 4th from the chavs and spuds. In that case Enrique will feel rather gutted I imagine. Here’s hoping.

  69. That 2nd paragraph was a response to markus comment, sorry.

  70. Clerkenwell Gooner

    Block 4, arsenalandrew, others – good if the FA are serious about Hodgson’s appointment (haven’t followed much of the media coverage 1. can’t bear it 2. have been out campaigning for the mayoral election this Thursday – novel experience!)

    And yes, Ryo to score tonight, please. Would also like to see Aaron Ramsey get one before the season ends.

  71. We just need to concentrate on how Arsenal do in these last 2 games, anything else would be a bonus. The fact that we don’t play tonight obviously makes that really really difficult! 🙂

    But although my recent predictions/hopes have been wide of the mark, i am going to stick with my long standing one, which is that 3rd place will be secured by the Gunners this Saturday after a resounding victory.

  72. I know many of you are hoping for England to do well but i just don’t see if happening, yes they’ll play well and inspired but the problem is who is going to put the ball in back of the net. Rooney is out for the 1st couple of games, Welbeck may not be fit after his injured against Manshiteh. The 1 thing i do agree with is that Gerrard should captain the side and many others including Lampard for the Golden Generation should be put to pasture

  73. pedantic george

    Enough with the England shit.Its been 3 days now.

  74. on that note back to Arsenal. 2 games left Podolski signing a huge emotional and moral boost now lets go thrash Norwich.

  75. Hoping for a win and a boost to the goal difference just in case. I’d like to see us start with Chamakh up front and VP on the right. Maybe Benayoun on the left.

  76. I wouldn’t mind seeing Chamakh upfront with maybe RVP on the left and maybe Ox on the right or Gervinho on the right with us just playing Song as the lone DM and Benayoun and Lil Mozart playing more advanced.

  77. pedantic george

    C ,You might see it but only on FIFA 2012

  78. @PG

    I know and actually i play with Lil Mozart and Jack in above Song with RVP upfront and Walcott and Gervinho outwide

  79. Next season, FG. Got my ltraders licence back.

  80. The Real Stew Black

    With two of our most consistent players out injured the last two games will be trickier than they otherwise might be. However we should all be confident going into the final battle, after all we The Arsenal.

  81. pedantic george

    Still banging that drum Stew

  82. Thanks to Frank I will never look at pasties in the same light again.

  83. George @ 4:55:

    LOL. You are awesome!

    C: I don’t play very often but Chamakh is my leading scorer on FIFA 11 and 12. The person I play against defends the middle of the park very well but leaves the wings more open and I send in a lot of crosses and get headed goals.

  84. @Bill

    Its amazing how brillant Chamakh is on FIFA 11 and 12. I bring him on as an impact sub at about the 70th min and throw cross after cross in and he always wins the crosses and scores goals in bunches. Wish the he would do that for us and i think he can just has to bring the work rate.

  85. Inter offered me 35 million for Chamakh 🙂

    Ashamed to say I took it and bought Higuian for 20. His scoring record has paled in comparison… Come back Chamakh.

  86. See all of you skeptics that say Chamakh is worthless, with the work rate he can be prolific

  87. C:

    I know, although not realistic, I start Chamakh and he is incredible at winning headers. I struggle whenever I try to work the ball thru the middle of the park.

    Even with Chamakh heading in goals I almost always lose. Ironic as it seems with my obsession, I am a terrible defensive player and always end up out of position and give up a lot of break away goals and I really struggle to stay goalside of a player who is running at me with the ball.

  88. Markus:

    I have never gotten into the manager mode. No time or energy. It sounds like a lot of fun.

  89. Certainly having RVP on the wing and Chamkh in the middle could have it’s merits … and not just on Fifa 12! RVP is a very good crosser of the ball, Chamakh is very strong in the air. But last season we often tried to bring on Bendtner late in the game but he was always confined to the right flank to cross the ball for RVP. It’s something that I would’ve really loved to see in a real match but unfortunately I don’t think we will be given that opportunity.

  90. “2 games left, emptying all closets, things are too tight to be civilized”

    Hey Yogi, P.George, Frank, ACLF Rasers…..its been quite the season.

    Really hope Bolton beat the Spuds & survive the drop @ the expense of QPR.

    A very warm welcome to the prince of Cologne on his arrival at the Arse. Hope he’ll be a hit for us.

    Norwich & West Brom will fall!

  91. Bill, May 2, 2012 at 2:23 pm.

    A nice effort Bill, but apart from that horrible Real Steww Black ( hi steww!) I can’t recall many squealing at the prospect of a player being signed by AFC. Au contraire Monsieur Sagna, Koscielny and friends have been appreciated from the very beginning. It’s not the same as appreciating how, say, Liverpool signing Carroll for 35 big ones and Henderson for 20 odd priceless ones before July last summer skewered the entire summer market last year, when the Arsenal were sniffing about. Is it? Uh, did I just skewer myself?

    P.s. I don’t really care how many bazillions Lady Brou Ha Ha has made out of the club. And nor do I care or imagine that the rest of the board spend their spare time caressing their wads whilst whispering to themselves ‘look at my beautiful money’ before they hurl it all at the manager screaming ‘spend some farking money will you. FFS.’ Just a hunch, but I think it’s an unlikely scenario.

  92. Moving swiftly on I hope that the Arsenal Connection (Muamba and Ryo) helps Bolton and Arsenal celebrate the blessed St.Totteringham’s day this Saturday.
    Ryo has lost his left wing spot to the veteran Petrov which is just about fair considering their situation. Still, he managed to have an impact from the bench in their last victory, again playing in a role where has almost no experience ( I think- on the right).

  93. Good post, YW.

    It seems like if results tonight go the right way and we win on Saturday, the post-match ‘lap of honour’ may also be a celebration of St. Totteringham’s Day and, more importantly, third place.

  94. Bah, thought I could sneak in the first mention of St Tott’s day – finsbury, I hate you 😉

  95. Evil | May 2, 2012 at 3:09 pm

    Pardew deserves many things but respect is not one of them.

  96. Finsbury @ 5:41:

    Sorry you didn’t like what I wrote @ 2:23. I was sort of proud of it. Shows you how much I know. Thank the maker you are here to keep me honest.

    btw. I stuggled a bit to understand where the 2nd paragraph of your post came from. Perhaps a bit over medicated today??

  97. Pardew has done a decent job at Newcastle and some of their signings have really worked out, but yeah, he don’t deserve no respeck man.

  98. Bradys right foot

    Got told today that ANR ( I know) have outed a Stoke fan boasting of giving Le Boss some paedo chants at the Brittania on twitter. I honestly can’t bring myself to look at ANR but does anyone know if he’s been reported to the police.

  99. Billy's Boots

    Interesting transcript, DeiseGooner – thank you for the link. I was initially surprised that a player would sign without visiting the club or meeting AW in person, but I guess it’s understandable in his situation. I look at it as a plus that Poldi had faith in The Arsenal and that he didn’t want to be seen to be associating with another club.

  100. Billy's Boots

    Ah, got my capital letters back – what a relief!

  101. Newcastle could beat Chelsea tonight although it is unlikely but they will be motivated to not let their season just die out after losing heavily to Wigan. Arsenal will finish third and they should do it comfortably and a massive well done to Wenger when he was getting slated earlier in the season he remained calm (as well as the board) and has guided the club to their highest possible position in my opinion

  102. Bradys right foot

    James Whittaker ‏Espns Stoke correspondent thinks its tragic smiley laughy face, that a Stoke fan is getting stick for openly boasting about calling Wenger a paedo at the Brittania. Some people are just idiots and then they go on twitter.

  103. Reserves playign their last game of the season now – updates on Twitter via, if anyone’s interested.

  104. The Real Stew Black

    Watching Ajax. Nice football.

  105. @ Frank | May 2, 2012 at 5:04 pm

    Glad to hear it.

  106. @ steww
    shecksy football, you mean.

  107. The Real Stew Black

    113 mins gone 1 – 0 up and hit the post twice.

  108. The Real Stew Black

    FG Hah good point. And that should read 13 not 113. I’m only watching for a glimpse of DB in his suit and open neck shirt.

  109. Reserves game:
    Martinez, Angha, Boateng, Miquel, Meade, Wynter, Ozyakup, Eisfeld, Rees, Roberts, Ebecilio.
    Subs: Monteiro, Shea, Bellerin, Neita, Hayden.

    I will be rooting heavily for Chelski and Sp*rs tonight (double reverse jinx etc).

  110. Good Afternoon/evening folks!

    My boy Vela scored again today. I would love him back at Arsenal!

  111. Enjoy, steww.

  112. The Real Stew Black

    Hi fins – your post earlier made perfect sense!

  113. Arsenal 0-1 Everton. Against the run of play. Come on, baby Gunners!

  114. And now they have a dubious penalty as well.

  115. Bill,
    You seem to have trouble reading. Let me help.
    You wrote, and I paraphrase, that people who refer to Carroll don’t seem to trust the Arsenal scouts. Which is a misunderstanding.
    Because as far as I could tell most references to liverpool’s splurge early last summer have only been made in reference to the effect that this may have on Arsenals summer. I can follow that, and if my addled mind can, then surely so can you? It’s not about being right or liked but it’s good to know that you care. Bill on May 2, 2012 at 2:23 pm said:

    Btw I thought you didn’t like what you refer to as nasty or snide remarks. Well, it is reassuring to see you are still at it. To know how things have changed. No need for any revisionism here! Almost funny. But not quite. I can but applaud the effort.

  116. Billy’s Boots

    Sorry : (

  117. The Real Stew Black

    Biggest compliment I can pay Ajax is they look like Arsenal.
    Dennis looks good in his suit too. He’s look good sat next to Arsene when Pat retires.

  118. The Real Stew Black


  119. The Real Stew Black

    Like Arsenal they should be about 3 up by now but aren’t.

  120. 123rd??

  121. @Paul-N

    I would love to have Vela back as well but he would have to be able to cope with going from being the main man to a supersub

  122. Newcastle 1-0 Chelsea. Good start!

  123. Yikes!
    Cisse with another fine finish. Chav$ 0 – Newqy Brown 1

  124. papiss cisse scored.

  125. Still rooting for Chelski (double reverse jinx)

  126. Sweet goal right there.

    C, I think Vela has to skill to cause Wenger problems as far as team selection. If he worked really hard, that is.

  127. Evil | May 2, 2012 at 1:48 pm
    “@Markus That’s exactly what happened. But the board did fall, and they’ve been in a relegation battle all season long. They basically looked to him to save them all on his own. So for me it’s understandable that despite his love for the club he wants to move. If he would’ve stayed there, I doubt that the board would wake up and realise that things need to change.”

    It’s weird how familiar this sounds.
    I wonder what sort of conversation is going in Koln fan forums and blogs. I’ll probably get stick for this but I think your view above will likely be the doomer version. Along with less thought out stuff like, ‘sack the board’, ‘fire the coach’, ‘we’re doomed’ etc.

    Some other fans are probably saying things like, “maybe the board were hamstrung by finances, etc?”. Others saying “good riddance, the other players can now step up, instead of playing through Poldi so much”. Or, “he’s gone to double his salary playing for a club that hasn’t won anything in 7 years, of course he’s leaving for the money”. “He is part of the problem, he could have done more help avoid our relegation”. Etc, etc.
    I wonder what their fence sitters would be saying. Do they have their version of ACLF, le-grove and so on?

    Seen this way, it’s an amusingly predictable world that football fans live in, isn’t it. Same strokes for different folks 🙂

  128. Limestonegunner

    If someone has to win, it is probably better mathematically for us if Chelsea wins. However, since Newcastle has to play ManCity, it might be better if they win. Still the best outcome is probably a draw. Hopefully a late equalizer that demoralizes Newcastle and gives Chelsea little lift to barely get a draw at home against a team they need to overhaul.

  129. The Real Stew Black

    2 – 0 Ajax. Patience rewarded.

  130. Finsbury:

    I have never enjoyed it when the blog degenerates into name calling and when the 4 letter expletives start flying from both sides of the fence. Spectrum, Suga3, Cuervo, Jabba and the like used to bring that sort of stuff. Once it started it tended to snow ball and take over the blog and I never thought that was much fun or very useful. Don’t ever remember you getting involved. Thanks to yogi and the spam bin we have not seen it in a while.

  131. Lovely, steww.

  132. arsenalandrew

    Agree Bill, much improved and the spam filter clearly playing a blinder today!

    Where’s George tonight?

    About the England manager’s job …

  133. Reserves still 0-2 but playing well and having shots on goal.

  134. I agree with Limestone. A draw is best. If there is a winner then I hope its Newcastle. Can’t see them winning against Man City. Either team probably needs to win all 3 to catch us, and I suspect Chelsea could easily do that if they win today. Cisse has been an incredible find for Newcastle. I would love to see them take 4th and us third. I suspect they will not be in the top 4 very long after they start selling their best players.

  135. Ben Arfa, intelligent player.

  136. The Real Stew Black

    The fact that there are so few instances of name calling, swearing and personal abuse is testament to the patience and self control of most of us.
    Some posters seem to do all they can to provoke it.

  137. Hear, hear, steww.

  138. @Paul-N

    I agree but the thing is that his finishing is very very good and he could come in and score goals adn cause problems. Imagine him coming in say the 70th min for a midfielder causing RVP to play in the “hole” with Vela uptop and Podolski and Theo on the flanks. Thats 2 players that are world class goal scorers with 1 player who is extremely skilled (Vela) at scoring and 1 player who can provide that quality ball into the box and scares everybody with is unhuman pace(Theo). Damn as soon as i get off work going to play FIFA and make that dream come to life HAHAHAHHA

  139. arsenalandrew

    Well Spuds look quite dangerous when they come forward but they are certainly not dominating the game. Could go either way at this stage …

  140. Steww:

    I agree. I blame Dexter. Paul N is also very confrontational. 🙂

  141. arsenalandrew

    And out of the blue Modric scores. Follows a handball by Spuds seconds earlier.

    Don’t think Bolton will give this up yet; best part of an hour to go.

    Tots will be buggered when Mod leaves in the summer.

  142. Yeh c!

    Some good stuff there. You have it all figured out there bro! ha!

    lol @ Bill.

  143. I thougt grabbin a players shirt in the pen area was a pen?

  144. arsenalandrew

    Not according to Mike Dean …

  145. AA, that was a muggin to be honest!

  146. arsenalandrew

    Half – time – Spuds flying close to the wind here; have got lucky with the ref on several occasions. Unconvincing …

  147. Mike Dean is a spurs supporter, I’m surprised (not) that he is allowed to referee their games!

    FG – reading the texts from the reserves, it sounds like Tomas Eisfeld is getting a lot of the ball in dangerous positions. I wonder if he will join the first team next season?

  148. arsenalandrew

    It was, Paul.

    Often wonder to what extent the Refs find out if they’ve made mistakes during the first half during the half time break …

  149. Just got home. Where is Ryo?

  150. Passenal

    The rules are quite clear, Dean is not allowed to referee any Tottenham match if he is one of their supporters. I suspect he probably supports someone like Gillingham but is in fact no more than an unbelievably crap referee!

  151. I think Eisfeld could well be a CC player. Another German for Per and Poldi to hang out with .

  152. 0-2 final score. Such a shame.

  153. arsenalandrew

    He’s a sub so far Jonny – could be a good platform for him to come on in 2nd half.

  154. So Ben Arfa was the better choice than Nasri?

  155. arsenalandrew | May 2, 2012 at 8:52 pm

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they do Andrew since Untold’s analysis shows a difference between first and second half performance, which suggests either tiredness or attempts to even things up.

  156. @AA
    in all honesty I’ve seen it often happen that when a referee has made a massive mistake in the first half, he will, for example, give a soft penalty in the second.

  157. Yogi, I was referring to his delight when the spuds scored against us at Emirates – the clips were floating around on the internet at the time. Looked very much like the unguarded reaction of a fan.

  158. interesting side note, but Arshavin has stated that he will not make a decision on coming back to Arsenal until after the Euros. Which to me means we have seen the last of the lil Russian

  159. arsenalandrew

    Passenal/Evil – I’ve often thought maybe I’d imagined the ref’s trying to ‘even’ things up in the 2nd half if they have cocked something up in the first; but do they have a monitor in their dressing room or are they finding out through other routes?

    Regardless – Spuds had better watch out in the next 45 mins.

  160. @ C | May 2, 2012 at 9:01 pm

    Don’t tell George, he’ll top himself.

  161. arsenalandrew

    I think even George has given up on Arshavin, probably to concentrate on things England, what with our new manager and everything.

  162. The Real Stew Black

    Congratulations to Dennis and Ajax.

  163. P.S. being a man u supporter didn’t stop Riley getting their games either – he’s come out of the closet now that he’s retired, but where his sympathies lay were pretty obvious even before.

  164. Bradys right foot

    Ahh the Mike Dean factor poor Bolton. An obvious handball which he could not have missed, if that had been a Bolton player he’d have blown. C’mon you trotters would love to see them nick a point just to see the look on Jr’s face.

  165. The Real Stew Black

    Someone badly hurt at the bridge? Stretchers and medics on the pitch

  166. Pass

    I remember something about Clive Thomas years ago being caught on camera with a ‘fanlike’ reaction – he wasn’t a fan just observed that at the time he was caught up in the emotion of the moment.

    For those of a young age, Clive Thomas was ‘infamous’ as the referee who in 1974 (or 1978) disallowed a Brazil goal vs Sweden from a corner as he’d blown the whistle before the ball crossed the line. AKA Thomas The Book. A 1970s Graham Poll, if you like.

  167. hahahahahaha

  168. Limestonegunner

    Tiote has been down for 10 minutes; seems pretty serious concussion from Mikel’s elbow. Frankly his elbow was very high but I don’t think even a foul has been called, when it really should have been a yellow or worse.

  169. Bradys right foot

    Take that Dean lol

  170. arsenalandrew

    Fantastic equaliser!!!!

  171. The Real Stew Black

    1 – 1 at Bolton…

  172. Limestonegunner

    Bolton equalizes. Come on Wanderers!

  173. The Real Stew Black

    Limestone, he also fell pretty hard. Nasty whichever way you slice it.

  174. Should have been a straight red, Lime. Clear act of revenge.

    No matter how much a Chelsea goal would benefit us right now, I just can’t stand seeing those cunts celebrating. They deserve nothing out of this one.

  175. Chelsea is going to score.

  176. The reverse jinx is working! Come on, Sp*rs and Chelski!

  177. @FunGunner

    Yea i know i just hope he doesn’t read that part later tonight or tomorrow. Hurry Yogi delete my post from 9:01pm i gotta keep George alive.

  178. arsenalandrew

    Spuds are sooo on the backfoot …

    Odious situation having to ‘support’ the Chavs …

  179. Another dirty foul from a Chav

  180. Scores in the 2 games looking very tasty right now. If Chelsea can get an equalizer we are in even better shape.

  181. Where’s Ryo?

  182. The Real Stew Black


  183. arsenalandrew


    2 goals against the run of play, lucky old Spuds.

  184. 3-1. damn damn damn

  185. The Real Stew Black

    Dennis speaks Dutch like a native. Some bloke just asked Vertonghen about Arsenal or Spurs he just said “or maybe Barcelona!!”

  186. whats the scores as i am still stuck at work since its only 4:24pm over here in the states

  187. arsenalandrew

    1-3 in Spuds game and 0-1 in Chav match.

  188. Spoke too soon. Thought Bolton could hold. Can’t see Chelsea getting 2 so at least that game will go in our favor.

  189. Damn, it’s going to the wire – we know what we have to do now – dig deep and win nothing else will do!

  190. tots 3-1 bolton
    ches 0-1 newcastle

  191. arsenalandrew

    Still a good half an hour + to go; Bolton could still come back.

  192. The Real Stew Black



  194. 4TH from the whore

  195. Don’t panic. Just win our last 2 games and 3rd is ours.

  196. Bolton get mash up!

  197. arsenalandrew

    Ricket’s dropped a ricket; think Spuds have got this at 1-4 …


  198. Limestonegunner

    Oh well.

  199. DAMNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!! o well spuds still gunna finish outside top 4

  200. Keeps the task simple.

  201. The difference is that Bolton had to go for the win given their precarious situation, which allowed the spuds to beat them on the counter

  202. WOW

  203. Passenal

    Bolton are just crap and have been most of the season..

  204. Chelski sixth. That’s extraordinary. 5 points behind Newcastle.

    I hope this stops Chav momentum.

  205. Limestonegunner

    Cisse is unbelievable. Lit up the Bundesliga and now the PL.

  206. arsenalandrew

    You’re right Passenal, disappointing, nonetheless.


    Chel$ki really not that good and have a less than zero chance of winning in Europe.

  207. If only he played for Bolton.

  208. Limestonegunner

    Required scene of fat topless Geordie jiggling in delight.

    Well at least now we can forget about Crouch’s cross that accidentally flew into goal.

  209. arsenalandrew

    At last; Ryo takes centre stage!

  210. Limestonegunner

    Cisse limping off and Tiote out for City game, so hopefully they drop points back at home.

    Chelsea ate through and now we don’t have to pay any more attention to them until possibly the CL final. That’s a relief as I can’t stand watching that crew.

  211. whats the score of the Chavs game

  212. arsenalandrew

    So, a job to do on Saturday …

    Night all.

  213. arsenalandrew

    Newcastle won 2-0 …

  214. Great strike or hit & hope

  215. Limestonegunner

    Spuds run in is quite amenable and now they’ve won two in a row. Our task is pretty simple. Win two games. Remarkable how many teams right now at the end of the season still need to do just that besides us: Newcastle, Spuds, ManU, ManCity, Bolton, Wigan, QPR, Aston Villa, Blackburn

    10 teams still with a great deal to play for.

  216. I don’t think he meant that – it looked like a ‘hit and hope’ to me!

  217. pedantic george

    You reading my tweets Dups?

  218. PG

    Not been on twitter a lot today. Have I missed something?

  219. Give the guy some credit, he was going for goal and it went in, what more must he do?

  220. What a blow wow goal!

    What is more impressive to me is that he had the confidence to try it. Most players would have controlled it and tried something else.

  221. pedantic george

    george rodger ‏ @Blackburngeorge
    Why is a hit and hope the goal of the season?Did he mean it? Did he fuck.

  222. Yeh, he tried a thing and it worked. He most probably was not trying to do what happened but he was fearless. Big ups for that!

  223. haha George. Just a speculative effort that went in. Just like skeletor’s for Stoke RFC did the other week

  224. pedantic george

    So no better then Crouch or Walker? Just a wing and a prayer shot

  225. Add Danny Rose and 1 or 2 others to that list.

  226. Billy's Boots

    That’s the difference. RVP meant to do exactly what he did on both his goals (v Everton and Liverpool). The other contenders, with the exception of, as King Kenny calls him, “Louise” Suarez, hit and hoped.

  227. Just think, back in September we never dreamed we would be in a position that winning our last 2 games would secure us 3rd place.

  228. pedantic george


  229. BB

    That’s why they never seem to be able to repeat those strikes. Unlike RVP. His volley against Charlton was amazing.

  230. Wash your mouth out George.

  231. Billy's Boots

    Yes, he gives the impression that he could hit those pretty regularly if the same pass were played.

  232. Billy's Boots

    Let’s hope RVP comes up with a few on Saturday. He needs the goals to fend off Rooney’s late rush for the Golden Boot, and we need a win to pile the pressure on Spu#s and Newcastle.

  233. Billy's Boots

    So, George, what do you make of this Hodgson business, eh? Blackburn folk must be very proud.

  234. If we cannot beat Norwich & WBA then we only have ourselves to blame. It’s all about who wants it the most now.

  235. pedantic george

    I want it the most Dups.No question about that

  236. I would honestly love nothing more than for Gervinho to put in atleast 1 before the end of the season because i think he just needs confidence not to mention we need somebody to pick up Theo’s slack

  237. Limestonegunner

    At least Cisse was trying to score, unlike Crouchie–I still think he was trying to cross it.

    No one compares to the technical skill of RvP in the PL. That’s not even up for discussion. The only mild weakness to his game is heading the ball and even there he is well above the average footballer. Touch, close control, balance, strength, finishing ability with either foot, accuracy, power, imagination, audacity, leadership, passion, maturity. It is all there from a physical, technical, mental, and emotional perspective.

    Scores two versus Norwich. Sets up two, one for Gervinho and one for Ramsey.

  238. God Merson, should have been retired to a distant paddock once he was no longer capable of contributing on a football pitch.

    “They Don’t…They Don’t Speak For Us
    Paul Merson on the Sky Sports website: ‘The whole country – and I mean the whole country – wanted Harry Redknapp…he’s going to be up against it straight away because everyone wanted someone else…they’re not listening to the country – otherwise they’d have given the job to Harry…’

    Once again, Mediawatch must re-iterate that we do not know a single person who wanted Harry Redknapp as England manager. Maybe this is because we chose our friends wisely. Or maybe, just maybe, it’s because the ‘whole country’ did not want Redknapp after all.

    That aside, why does Merson think Redknapp is the right man for the job?

    ‘Firstly, he’s brilliant with the press and you need to be able to have a laugh with the journalists.’

    Firstly? So it’s official – having ‘a laugh with the journalists’ is more important than the small matter of football.

    What about international experience? No need, according to Merson: ‘His son has played for England’. We kid you not.

  239. Who cares who gets goal of the season?

    I think it’s best just to be astounded at what Cisse has had the nerve to attempt and the ability to execute. I’ve honestly never seen a goal quite like it and if he gets goal of the season I don’t see why anyone should complain.

    It was a properly astonishing goal – that it didn’t come from RVP’s boot makes it no worse.

  240. Limestonegunner

    Interesting to see how the hacks are making the Glazers the scapegoats for ManU’s possible second place finish. Crying poverty for a club that spend 60 million last summer but nothing on a decent central midfielder?! Cry me a river… What a joke. If it was anyone else who gave away an 8 point lead so lamely just before the end of the season, the story would be about what a choke job it was and how poorly the manager handled the run in. Instead it is the evil Americans who have starved the poor little street urchins running on a shoestring.

    Why do we never get such sympathy for financing our own stadium with out any public assistance?

  241. Limestonegunner

    And this isn’t to say that the Glazers haven’t been funnelling cash out of the club. The problem is that Fergie doesn’t know how to choose his big money splurges very efficiently. In the past they could absorb these errors without thinking.

  242. Billy's Boots

    In all the title-decider hype, there’s been very little mention of Vidic’s long absence. One would think that if he had not been out for most of the season, Utd would probably have won the league by some distance – even if they are far from a great side.

    There have been altogether too many matches lately where I don’t want either team to win! Perhaps I should follow Steww’s lead and watch the eredivisie.

  243. Billy's Boots

    @ jonny

    You’re right – on one level, the goal of the season is pretty meaningless. From a selfish point of view, I’m hoping that RVP wins it – and the Golden Boot – to add to his PFA and FWA player-of-the-year awards. Even if the club aren’t winning any trophies this year, at least he is.

  244. He better win the golden boot – that is important – I have money riding on it!

  245. arsenalandrew

    But Jonny (11.03 pm) – Cisse’s shot was going wide, how can it have been any good?

    Mind you, the fact that RVP’s bog standard wonder goals are repeatable (by him) lie at the crux of the matter.

    But that’s never been up for debate, surely?

  246. The Headhunters live on the remind me of one of the reasons behind my special feelings for Chelski:

    My only fear is seeing some of their ilk occupying seats at the Emirates

  247. Andrew you’ve lost me there – how was Cisse’s shot going wide?

    It didn’t touch anyone on the way into the goal – therefore it was on target…no?! 🙂

  248. Goal of the season is often more about an outrageous moment – a moment of wow! I’m not convinced repeatability is a criteria for assessment or that they even have a list of criteria. It’s usually down to the the MOTD panel – isn’t it? Just one more reason why it’s so spectacularly unimportant.

    Also, the fact is that, as there is only one prize, lost of incredible goals have to lose.

    How do you compare a run the length of the field beating 4 players and finishing, against a volley like RVP’s, an overhead like Rooney’s last year and a strike like Cisse’s??

    The temptation from some seems to be to write off Cisse’s attempt as an H&H – seems unfair he went for goal and executed it amazingly. His other goal was nay bad either.

    I wonder if it had been RVP scoring the Cisse goal and vice versa how many people would be arguing a different case altogether…

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