Chelsea Perspiration Stifles Arsenal Inspiration

Arsenal 0 – 0 Chelsea

A point which in the wider context of the season might yet prove crucial. It was not as is being seen in some quarters, the end of the world nor a signal that third place is out of Arsenal’s hands; that is patently not true unless Newcastle turn the goal difference delta around. And as spectacular as that would be, their run-in consisting suggests that it is unlikely. Thus Arsenal need to match their results; that is not to discount Spurs or Chelsea but with maximum totals between them of 72 points, again them finishing higher than Arsenal seems unlikely.

It was not a convincing performance, too laboured in the first half although this period contained the closest either side came to scoring with the woodwork caressed by van Persie as opposed to the brute force with which Koscielny rattled the crossbar. Either of those being a foot right or lower and Chelsea’s gameplan of containment with sporadic counter-attacks, would have been rendered impotent. But they weren’t and it was effective.

That was to be expected of the visitors. Twice in recent seasons they have played a style which might be construed as expansive; twice they have been on the receiving end of Arsenal’s attacking brutality. If nothing else, those lessons have been learned and it was up to Arsenal to find new problems to tease them with. Arsène nailed the fundamental problem post-match,

On our side I felt we had a very solid defensive performance. Going forward we didn’t find our quick passing game and the regret we have today is that we played offensively with a handbrake and not as clean technically as we can do

In part, this will have been a hangover from Monday with the players mentally aware of the price paid for being hit on the counter-attack. The gap between the back four and midfield triumverate was minimal. This was compounded by Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain’s reduced effectiveness when forced into the more central midfield role; searing pace is something which is hard to exploit in a crowded area of the pitch. More penatrative in the latter stages when on the flanks, the youngster will get more opportunities with the season-ending injury to Theo Walcott.

The opening phase of the match offered false hope but Chelsea soon retreated into their shells, van Persie reaching Walcott’s cross directing it onto the outside of the post with fifteen minutes barely passed. An early goal would have changed the complexion of the match entirely. But it never came and the remainder of the half disappeared into a glistening haze as neither side was able to forge the opening which would make the crucial difference.

That was until Oxlade-Chamberlain was fouled on the edge of the area as the interval approached. This time van Persie chose to deliver the free kick which Koscielny guided onto the crossbar; no-one in red followed up, principally because the chief goal threat had momentarily turned provider. It typified the first half and current form. Before the referee’s whistle would sound half-time’s arrival, van Persie forced a good save from Cech.

Hope that this flurry a resurgence in Arsenal’s attacking game faded quickly after the interval. Having ridden their luck, Chelsea were intent on strangling the life from this game in midfield, successfully as it turned out. Theo Walcott’s hamstring necessitated change with Gervinho coming on the for the stricken England international but it was introduction of Abou Diaby that gave Arsenal most direction. The tempo from midfield increased and the attacking impetus moved in Arsenal’s favour with the French internatonal almost capping his return to the side with a goal, his effort blocked before the net could ripple.

Robin van Persie was too often isolated according to his manager but this did not stop him creating a modicum of panic in the Chelsea defence to the extent that Gary Cahill clearly shoved the Arsenal captain in the penalty area. His failure to theatrically dive as a result meant that Mike Dean did not believe a foul had been committed. Cech produced another save from the Dutchman but there were few opportunities of note in the time which remained.

This is a point gained no matter how much it might seem like two dropped. At this stage of the season, games in hand are a useful commodity but points acquired already put pressure on the chasing pack. In terms of catching Arsenal, neither Chelsea or Tottenham can be written off; seven and six points can easily disappear in the space of a week but this presumes everyone will win their games in hand. And looking at the fixtures, that is a big presumption.

Time will tell but as it is, Arsenal’s future is still in their own hands.

’til Tomorrow.



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  1. Similar to ManU’s success being done somewhat to their challengers being a bit rubbish, Arsenal’s third place is a achieved partly by their challengers being a bit rubbish.

    Come on Arsenal & Newcastle!

  2. You read the post first, didn’t you Lincoln? Amateur mistake when faced with the BB onslaught

    Oh and PG, since you are missing him,

    The One, The Only...

  3. The point ensures that if we do not finish 3rd from here, we only have ourselves to blame…We absolutely could not afford to lose this, neither could chelsea, hence the cagey affair punctuated by chances predominately from set pieces.

    I thought Ramsey looked bright after Rosicky came off, subdued prior though…

  4. mattgoonerknight

    Great assessment YW

    The fact is all the other contenders for the remaining 2 spots would desperately like to be in the position we are in, so that in itself should breed confidence.

    As I said last night, QPR’s victory over spuds has made our 1 point seem more like 1.5 points, maybe even 2, and our goal difference does give our points total some extra weight – kind of like 65.5 points

    I think 5 points will secure St Totts (They’d have to win every game for 5 points not to be enough) and more importantly as YW mentioned yesterday, Newcastle, the major threats, will do well to get much change from Chelsea, Man City and Everton.

    I think everyone should be feeling buoyant, not cocky (leave cockiness to the spuds, they are innately cocky after all), but rightfully bullish!


  5. Mancini’s getting his feathers ruffled.

    Copied from Untold Arsenal

    Roberto Mancini;

    “I am frustrated,’ said the Manchester City manager. ‘We have a saying, il tutto mondo e paese. Every place is the same. That means the rules are not the same for everyone. They are sometimes different.

    ‘When I was in Italy I always thought here had the best referees. My ideas have changed, probably.’

    Mancini, whose side play at bottom-of-the-table Wolves later tomorrow, said: ‘This is a situation that I don’t like because the rules should be the same for everyone, not for us or United or West Bromwich. They can’t change from one pitch to another. This is not good. The man on the pitch in a black shirt doesn’t have a blue shirt or a red shirt or a white shirt.’

    As well as the penalties Young won against QPR and Aston Villa, Fulham had a strong claim rejected for Michael Carrick’s challenge on Danny Murphy late in their recent 1-0 defeat at Old Trafford.

    Replying to suggestions of bias towards United, Mancini said: ‘No, no, I don’t want to say this. But when I watch some games there are situations I don’t like. Everyone can make a mistake but not like this. I don’t want to talk about United because they’re a top team, a fantastic team. But I think that every team should play with 11 players.”

    Asked if these kind of decisions even themselves out over a season, he added: ‘No this is impossible because there are some moments in the season when the mistake is more important.’
    Young won his penalty against Villa a day after City striker

  6. YW,

    “but it was introduction of Abou Diaby that gave Arsenal most direction. The tempo from midfield increased and the attacking impetus moved in Arsenal’s favour with the French internatonal almost capping his return to the side with a goal, his effort blocked before the net could ripple.”

    Spot on! I hope some of his detractors see grounds for reassessment. I believe that having him and Jack fit and ready for next season will have in larger impact than is currently being discussed – at least by those who only see progress with other unaquired players.

  7. Great review YG.

    Tentative display from the guys yesterday. No real penetration from the wings and middle. I was a little disappointed because chelsea were there for the taking. I agree though, this is actually a point gained if we consider the spurs result and run in for both newcastle and chelsea.

    Honestly though, between Gibbs and Santos, I don’t know who the better player is. Defensively, I always thought Santos shades it, but our best performances have been with Gibbs in the starting line up. Well, this must be another headache for Mr Wenger.

    A good performance against stoke should see us earn 3 points at the Brittania. Stoke’s play vs Newcastle was pathetic and another of such performance against us should see us carry the day. It just amazes me how these teams automatically raise their game when it involves The Arsenal. Let’s hope we can rise to the occasion.

    BTW, nice to see the meerkat again

  8. Alas the prospect of having Diably fit and ready for a whole season seem’s fiction and the thing of dream’s.

  9. pedantic george

    Alas the prospect of having posters with anything but tired shit seem’s fiction and the thing of dream’s.

  10. Fairly frustrating game yesterday – it had the hallmarks of two teams happy for any result other than a defeat. Both sides had key players missing but neither were exactly ‘B’ teams.

    The fact remains that, on balance, this was a dismal result for the mega-expensively assembled south Londoners against our lo-cost hi-value side.

    Talking of dismal results, Spuds did not disappoint and, again, given that this is supposed to be their best line-up in decades, has to represent little short of a disaster for ‘Arry. Their season is unwinding at a rate of knots – ‘Arry for England and Bale, Modric and VdV all bound to follow him out of the door. I hope their fans enjoyed the high-water mark they reached earlier in the season; I don’t see them repeating that for a while.

    But what WAS disappointing was the patchy support of the Emirates crowd. It’s not quietness that I’d look to condemn but the almost immediate barracking of our own players when things don’t go precisely to plan. So yesterday it was Ramsey’s tedious turn to take the brunt of the criticism of what can only be a minority of the home support – but it’s a noisy minority. And their negativity is contagious, carrying along waverers in the slipstream of their bile and rage.

    And if we were playing with the handbrake on, following Wigan, who could blame them? Talk about a double-edged sword. And they don’t seem to appreciate their venom would take down any new signing they might wish for …

    So, on balance a good point; probably a point more than sections of the support deserve but there you go.

  11. A point was good enough yesterday. Chelsea had other priorities in mind and just came for a point. I think they have three home games left so they were not going to come to the emirates and play expansive football.
    As for me, I can’t wait for this season to end. To say that this premiership season has not been a vintage one is an understatement and despite our current league position, we have for the most part, been pretty mediocre. It says a lot for the league this season that we lay in 3rd position having lost 10 games.
    Bring on next year

  12. Quite, PG.

  13. pedantic george

    Andrew,Can I have my Arshavin photo back please?

  14. Still drying your tears out of it, mate.

    How useful would he have been yesterday …

  15. we could draw the next three games and still probably finish third..

    it wouldnt suprise me if newcastle have won their last match..
    chelsea have too much to do and have harder fixtures than newcastle (these two still need to play eachother so someones dropping points there for sure and spurs dont know what day they are on….

    i reckon 0ne more win for us and we’ll be just too far ahead..GD is essentially an extra point..

  16. A quick survey of (Anti-Arsenal) Arsenal blogs simply demonstrates the sheer gulf in quality between them and our own Yogi. What rubbish they write?bish. That Chesea XI is probably the most expensively assembled second string on the planet. And as the incorrigible Ian Darte on ESPN (US) and his co-commentator gleefully reported they were very much the old Chelsea, compact which in plain English means they were boringly negative. In past years they would have coaxed us into a careless attack and catch us with a fatal counterpunch. Absolutely a point gained.

  17. rant in 2 minutes …

  18. So many issues, but where to start?. First : walcott, he is a 23 year old player who i have defended always but no more, he is one of our senior and most used player in the squad, so what is his stats, played:32 goals:8, assists:8. If reports are true and he is asking for a pay rise in the range of 80-100k per week then he can get the fcuk out of my club. I mean we have waited patiently for 6years for walcott to step out from mediocrity and yet he repays that with this?. I will prefer ginger bread man or even john ‘the defender of justice’ terryon the right wing than walcott. Rant over but to be continued….

  19. pedantic george

    Chelsea had “ZERO” chances to win.
    I love how Arsene puts it.

  20. chelsea came for the point..
    if we’d have beaten wigan then this point would have been easier to take but i think becuase of our tendancy to collapse at the end of seasons and the fact that weve taken 1 point from our back to back home games, its given the wrist slitters a chance to wrist slit..

  21. pedantic george

    Says Jon Jon,our resident part time wrist slitter.

  22. The fact of the matter is we really could have scored three goals yesterday. Our performance, however, was lacking its usual passing accuracy. It seemed that many of our passes were at times outright give aways in our own end. Chelsea were pressing us in our defensive third and made coming out a tad difficult. We seemed slightly wary about the pressing and our penetrative passing was off and often give aways to the Chelsea midfield. The introduction of Diaby and Santos into the midfield seemed to help the problem. We then appeared to play Chelsea on to their collective back foot. I agree Yogi that third place is ours to give away, which, I do not see happening. It was comforting to see Diaby back in the side and this comes at a crucial time of the season for us. It is also comforting that we have an able substitute for Walcott in Chamberlain.

    Out of interest is there an intention to offer our midfield maestro another contract? He is an absolute wonder and seems to be speeding up with age. His technical virtuosity is sumptuous.

  23. i dont wrist slit, george..
    i tell it as it is

    more like your resident know it all 😉

  24. Newcastle have Three away games left season Wigan Chelsea and everton..their only home game is comity and with auger and tevezgone mad i can’t see them getting much tbh! We have stoke and west brom ! Stoke have nothing to play 4 anymore nd looked like they were on holidays! Norwich is our only home game remaining with a fit thomas rosicky ill and diaby and kos returning we should have enough really! Win our next two games nd I honestly think that’s enough!

  25. pedantic george

    But I do JJ.
    “tell it as it is” is that the same as a realist?

  26. Spelling mistakes due to iPod!

  27. pedantic george

    We could go an entire season without a penalty at home.

  28. thats why we get along george.. 😉

  29. Paulie Walnuts

    I thought Gervinho looked very bright yesterday. I expect him & Yozzer to start at Stoke RUFC. I also liked the way Ramsey refused to drop his head & was always available.

    It`s impossible to predict any results this season , although the media have moved on from `Arry to `Pards` as their new darling & are already getting moist over the possibilty of the Toon making the top four. Let`s see how THEY handle a bit of pressure then.

  30. pedantic george

    Pardew for England?
    Paulie,I thought Aaron showed great character in the second half.A lesser man whould have gotten worse ,yet he visibly improved,Well done that lad.

  31. Yogi – nice write up/excellent heading.

  32. Nice post. Mertersacker, Arteta and now Walcott gone for the season. Wilshere’s never began. And yet it happens every season. I’d prefer a 18 team league with one match a week Bundesliga style. And yet it feels like I’m asking for too much!

  33. khalifha | April 22, 2012 at 11:18 am

    No need to further continue your rant.

  34. I thought Gervais looked sharp as well. One run on the left hand side of the pelanty box where it looked like he ran in to the RB which would have had the Gnashers chomping and a groaning. Ramsey’s stats from 7am’s bythenumbers describes his performance better then I can. Not bad at all. The spectacle of Chelsea pumping long ballz for Mata to contest against Sagna will live long in the memory. Hilarious. There’s no need to moan at your own players all the time when the opponents can be so entertaining. Just my humble and insignificant opinion.

    The only think worth pondering upon as far as I can tell is this right sided bias. Instinct, planning, a bit of both? There was plenty of space for Gibbs and AOC, definitely in the first half. Sometimes TV5 would turn and direct play in another direction when he’d have the option, once or twice Gibb acknowledged a teammate who’s run was not found. I suppose if the team was playing more ‘spontaneously’ to quote the gaffer they would have exploited other areas of the pitch when the opponents seemed to be more concerned with the opposite flank. Harder for a rookie to move infield and demand the ‘ball’? I think it must be.
    So Theo’s injury provides a nice opportunity – a lucky thing the arsenal have a squad, where did that come from? Gervais prefered the right at Lille I think, and at a guess so does AOC. So who will get the nod on that side? Against Stoke both can start somewhere (sorry if that isnt very helpful) and play well. Alas, Ryo is still on loan *sobs* and is being asked to accommodate the veteren Petrov by also playing on the ‘right’ *groans*, when you’d imagine that situation should be the other way around. The senior player accomodating the rookie? It’s up to their manager i suppose but I know what I’d do.

    Koscielny was good again eh? What. A. Player.

  35. Nice write up Yogi:

    Excellent game from of our defense, especially the Kos. Always happy when we keep a clean sheet and I hope it portends more performances like that on the defensive side of the pitch. I do think we have shown an improvement defensively this season and I am optimistic for the future. Now if we can figure out how to be consistent we will have conquered our single biggest demon from these last 5 years.

    It was sort of a tepid game. Presumably Chelsea played their best team vs. Barca and they made 8 changes so in theory 8/11 of their team were not their “best players”. We also know from experience that playing tough CL games affects your mental edge and they are going thru a very congested schedule with league and cup games. All of that meant that Chelsea should have been there for the taking so I am a little surprised that we played with the “hand break” on. On the other hand if you look at the table and the remaining schedule avoiding defeat was probably all that was needed to hold on to third place so in the end I think we have done enough. TBH had someone told me in September that we would finish 3rd this year, I would have been overjoyed. Pragmatism is a good thing.

    Hopefully we can finish these last 3 games with no hand break and we can really build up some momentum for next season.

  36. Well it is now 4-all at Old Trashford. I am expecting at least 5 minutes of Fergie time to be added.

  37. So said, so done.

  38. Game done to blow wow!

    Bill, some great defending, innit?

  39. PaulN – what a game indeed. You can always depend on Everton to finish strongly. That Jelavic fellow is very tasty.
    Leave the name calling to me. Right Bill?

  40. Paulie Walnuts

    Surely we should hear all about the Manc`s mental fragility now shouldn`t we ?

  41. PaulN – Can you imagine if United was up and the ref added 5 minutes? Demotion to the championship for the 4th official would be very kind.

  42. Shotta.

    That’s exactly how much arsene time we got against Newcastle and wigan. Amazing how consistent the refs really are isn’t it?

  43. Fergie forgot to send in his payment this week. Great job by everton. What a strange season.

  44. manu chocking it. sweet sweet sweet

  45. Bill

    We have debated this many many times…NO penalties at home…we have had a couple of decent shouts havent we?? or maybe in your view that is just my rose tinted view of the situation?? but surely surely we should have had a couple dont you think??

    And when was the last time United had such a stat?

  46. Limestonegunner

    AA, I’d say Newcastle are an even better example of a low cost, high value side. Their wage bill must be half ours. Very impressive season so far. Hopefully they run aground in that tough final series of fixtures they have. But some might leave them after next season. It is hard to do what we do year in, year out.

  47. Arsenal will probably finish third but I think it wasn’t only Chelsea that played defensively, it looked to me as though Arsenal went out with a must not lose mentality and a draw would be a good result which in fairness it is

  48. Pedantic George 10.07am

    Talking to yourself again Pedantic? First sign of madness 🙂

  49. Limestonegunner

    Good report, YW. Chelsea played a “b” team, but one full of established players other than Bertrand and Sturridge. They are silly to credit a point unless they think they will overhaul Spuds or win the CL. The latter seems to be their strategy. Perhaps they’ll get lucky and go to the final but I think either Real or Bayern will win.

    More close to our concerns, Newcastle play three away (Wigan, Chelsea and Everton on the last day) and host Man City. Depending on the Manc Derby, if City is still in the title race, that could also be a very difficult game. Hopefully Wigan plays as well against them as they did against us.

    Spurs have on paper a very straightforward run in but those sides will have hope against them. Blackburn, Bolton, Villa and Fulham. Will Fulham and Villa have anything to play for?

    Still looks good for us, as Mattgooner, said. But with injuries and a tough game away to Stoke, we could use a big win to carry us forward for the final two games even if points can be dropped at Stoke. We are starting to look like we are running on fumes. I hope Diaby can play well and his debut was somewhat promising. A draw will keep us on track but might sap confidence and momentum and turn Norwich and WBrom into very pressure-filled must wins–luckily against two teams without anything other than pride to play for.

  50. Good afternoon ACLF.

    What the hell just happened at Old Trafford?

    Anyway, yesterday’s game was a bit cagey and folks didn’t really come out to lose. Chelsea would have taken the point under the circumstances, and Arsenal had no option than to put on the handbrake after 2 break away goals for Wigan – goals I might add were a direct result of Arteta being incapacitated by his ankle injury and Arsenal not able to get Rambo on the pitch fast enough.

    Be that as it may – any point against Chelsea is a very good point. Let’s stop being greedy, the business end of the season is ruthless. Look at the Hottentots – No away win in 2012, haven’t scored a single away goal in 422 minutes of pitch time, have only won 2 out of their last 10 games and nobody wants to question why a manager displaying relegation form is being touted for England. At the moment, Pardew or Wily Ol’ Woy seem a better bet for the Don of St. Georges.

    I must say though – that young man called Laurent Koscielny is Godsent. World class defender he is, and it still says something when he doesn’t even get the credit he deserves.

  51. Bradys right foot

    A draw really was no good to Chelsea, I was suprised by their approach to the game I’d built the fixture up as the most important of their season, a win would have taken them back into the hunt for top 4. This is a blow to their chances yet its getting reported very positively.

    The Spuds were toothless yesterday had plenty of the ball but didn’t create very much. Newcastle are looking great, scoring goals and playing with confidence however their run in looks very tough. Its impossible for Chelsea and Newcastle to get maximum points out of the remaining games as they play each other. Yesterday was great for us as the QPR result meant we pulled a further point ahead of the Spuds. If we win the next three nothing else matters and if you’d have offered me this position in the second week of September i’d have bitten your hand off.

  52. pedantic george

    That Everton result is good for us.
    City will have to beat Newcastle now when they play.

  53. Just seen the manutd vs everton score. English has gone crazy. And Shrek Rooney is one goal behind RVP!

  54. Pointless poster of the day.

    Wiz fukin Khalifha…11.18am.

  55. BRF – Chelsea may not be a dumb as we think. Think of it this way. Winning the Champions League guarantees them a place next season at the cost of whoever will be 4th in the EPL.

    It’s not unreasonable for them to gamble and focus on 2 games against Barca and Real/Bayern, a move they’ve clearly identified as the path of least resistance to Champions League football next season.

    A very risky strategy I might axdd, but as Delboy always tells Roddus, “he who dares Rodney, he who dares”.

    I think they already know that their chances of making 4th the conventional way lie somewhere between slim and none.

    As for the Hottentots, the one player I wouldn’t mind Arsenal snatching from their implosion is Brad Friedle to act as an experienced backup to Tech 9 as he thinks of retiring – perhaps entice him with a coaching or back room role of some sort.

  56. It’s end of season football and the mighty are stumbling to the finish line. Today’s match at Old Trafford, Barcelona’s losses to Chelsea and in the El Classico. Arsenal now has only 2 wins from our last 5 and we are without Arteta and Walcott for the remaining fixtures.
    Probably the best thing one can say is that it will be an exciting finish. Typical of our recent past, we never seem to do things the easy way…

  57. Darius, I’d love to have Dos Santos!

  58. Everton v Manure, 4-4. Hahahahahahah…

  59. I would like to reiterate what i posted earlier, if walcott is expecting a pay rise then he has something coming for him, can you believe the nerve of that shawty, what in God’s name has he done to deserve a payrise? Pls i need answers, tickle my testicles and call me silly but i would rather play alumunia as a centre forward than give walcott a payrise, don’t take this the wrong way but it pisses me off. If anyone in that team deserves more money then surely koscielny will be top of the list.

  60. And considering Manure were playing at home? Ha-fucking-hahaha
    No refs to bail them out? Or is the establishment rooting for their sheik neighbours now.

    This title race is beginning to look like a real sport. Shame we not in it…

  61. Everton got their tactics spot on and on some occasions played yawnited off the park, david moyes today showed that he might actually be a very good manager, there was no parking of the bus rather he deviated from his usual defensive tactics and played a high pressing game that was entertaining to watch.
    But on to the real issue, i know moyes has been working on a tight budget but wenger has been doing the same yet the media give me constant headache with their love for moyes. Take a look at this and you will see why wenger was manager of the decade.
    # Nett Spend 92 – 2011 Purchased Gross Sold Nett Per Season
    1 Chelsea £744,440,000 £228,475,000 £515,965,000 £25,798,250
    2 Manchester City £649,180,000 £175,553,000 £473,627,000 £23,681,350
    3 Liverpool £552,205,000 £325,970,000 £226,235,000 £11,311,750
    4 Manchester United £483,150,000 £305,840,000 £177,310,000 £8,865,500
    5 Tottenham £412,050,000 £243,217,500 £168,832,500 £8,441,625
    6 Aston Villa £305,190,000 £177,075,000 £128,115,000 £6,405,750
    7 Newcastle £345,345,000 £245,525,000 £99,820,000 £4,991,000
    8 Sunderland £230,015,000 £126,030,000 £103,985,000 £5,199,250
    9 Fulham £149,781,000 £58,095,000 £91,686,000 £4,584,300
    10 Wolves £97,619,000 £40,595,000 £57,024,000 £2,851,200
    11 Everton £218,245,500 £165,270,000 £52,975,500 £2,648,775
    12 Bolton £130,970,000 £79,670,000 £51,300,000 £2,565,000
    13 Stoke City £79,615,000 £26,130,000 £53,485,000 £2,674,250
    14 West Bromwich Albion £105,280,000 £66,167,501 £39,112,499 £1,955,625
    15 Queens Park Rangers £51,547,500 £22,404,000 £29,143,500 £1,457,175
    16 Arsenal £341,090,000 £319,474,000 £21,616,000 £1,080,800

  62. pedantic george

    Perhaps.The Sheikhs oil the wheels even more than United.
    But that would be corruption rather than plain old bias.

  63. Everton has a higher NET SPEND than arsenal and dont get me started on “we have a better squad than arsenal” scumbags

  64. 4 points from Chelsea this season? Would of taken that in August.

    3rd is vital to remove any chance, remote or not, of Chelsea taking the 4th place by winning it, the thought gives me the horrors.

    6 points should be enough, Stoke away is massive now, they will raise their game against us for sure, so it willbe really tough.

    Time to show what we are made of.

  65. Funny that in England the team facing imminent relegation always have the most fanatical supporters!

  66. Matt. There is the possibility that Stoke players are already “mentally” on holiday.

    But then again, Pulis is a platinum cunt who will get a hard on from spoiling things for us.

  67. pedantic george

    Darius,why have you not been on twitter?

  68. Khalihfa

    Walcott has 8 goals and 11 assists whereas the best player in land Gareth Bale has 10 goals and 11 assists. David Silva has 6 goals and 15 assists. So what are you rambling about?

  69. George,
    They surely took thier time to get into the corruption racket. You would think they would have wrapped things up by now considering how much oil they have available to lubricate those wheels. Or maybe the Sheiks just like to live on the edge; case in point, the Wolves-City game currently being played. They perhaps would like their supporters to believe the victories were hard won, I suppose.

  70. Sahil, am not just spouting drivel here, i don’t believe walcott deserves a pay rise and he should be ashamed for demanding it. Look he is not even an england regular in a team than contain wingers like young, johnson and mr its all about me sturridge.

  71. pedantic george

    Henristic ,there was talk that they got gifted 8 points last year to get them into the CL.But as Spurs were on the receiving end it went unnoticed by Arsenal fans.(Well,other than the likes of me of course)

  72. Yeah, English football is completely corrupt Henristic, because Arsenal are cheated out of the title every year.
    What planet did you live on?

  73. Damn! reading my last post i give the impression of a doom and gloom merchant but i cn’t put my head around arsenal giving him a pay hike, if he wants to leave he can be my guest.

  74. Na$ri just scored, i he has a face like the devil himself, no mother can love that type of child, but good news, west brom just scored liverpool, ah the joys of life

  75. Looks like an El classico coming up at the Etihad on Monday.

  76. khalifha

    I do not care what Walcott does for the English team, he has given a fair share of goals and assists this season for The Arsenal. He has improved a lot this season and there is no reason why he would not improve further next season.

    As far as the increase in pay rise is concerned we are not sure what is going on between the club representatives and himself, now are we? And even if he is asking for it i think every young and promising player would ask for a pay rise while negotiating a new contract.

  77. Thank goodness for the likes of you George. Where would we be without your ever watchful eyes.

    Let them use their corrupt money to buy the title this time. I’d rather that, than for united to win another title with the crap team they have.

  78. pedantic george

    You will get rather short shift if you nibble at Theo on here.
    Lets be honest,you don’t have a scooby how much he is on or how much he would get if he moved.
    In fact you seem to know very little

  79. pedantic george

    Henristic.Do I denote a touch of sarcasm in your tone?
    Surely not.

  80. Sack Dogleash. He’s taking ‘pool to the dogs!

  81. Wolves have gone to the wolves!

  82. No way kenyan, he is the King after all.

  83. pedantic george

    If Liverpool win the FA and CC but finish 10th,will they have had a better season than us?
    Who would swap?
    And who would demand Arsene’s head?

  84. George – work and family commitments – will be back soon enough

    I don’t know whether to laugh or feel sorry for Liverpool any more. Dalglish should be fired very quickly. Clearly, carma is a bitch when Wily Ol’ Woy comes back to Anfield and bags the 3 points

  85. Sahil, lets agree to disagree.

  86. pedantic george

    sahil sehrawat (@sahil_sehrawat)
    Very noble of you old sport.
    You have him on the ropes

  87. King Kenny would give his right bollock for CL . The cup’s aren’t even on the same stratosphere as CL football

  88. Pedantic george, walcott will not be in our first eleven once podolski arrives and you can quote me on that.

  89. I do not remember Podolski setting the world on fire down the right flank.

  90. pedantic george

    He is 23.
    An age where he is only just coming into his own,
    How much impact was RVP making at his age?
    He came into the game late and is making huge strides.
    Is football your second sport?I have you more as netball kind ?

  91. Damn! Have a look ata these stats. Eden hazard, Games played:31 Goals:16 , Assists: 14, i guess i was mistaken this guy must be a genius. If only …
    Sahil and george hear me out, apart from injuries the problem arsenal suffers from most is consistency, when we win against a team like man city and face a middle table club we are always nervous i.e the fans, why are we nervous? Cause we dn’t know what to expect from arsenal. There is a reason for this and that reason is THE WALCOTT SYNDROME. Walcott embodies everthing about arsenal, he can be phenomenal in one match and utter shit the next. Every match we lose walcott will always be the biggest flop, milan, fulham,swansea,man city away, even our reserve matches . How can we move forward when wenger has to work with players like this, i really feel for him, i

  92. Bollocks Wiz. your talking absolute shite. I’m pissed off with ungrateful gooners jumping on this media led Theo bashing. now there is a player who should fuck off from all these spoilt gooners and play for fans who appreciate his class..

    get your coat your lame brain opinions are not welcome round here.

  93. Pedantic george, look i love walcott because he is an arsenal player and i have learned to live with him but you keep churning out the fact that he is just 23, he has played in the first team for over 6 years alongside world class players so experience is not the problem, the problem is that he is 23 years old and looks less talented than 18 year chamberlain. He cannot keep improving in our first eleven for goodness sake thats what loans and reserve is for. But i promise you his inconsistency is holding us back in terms of our overall performance and options during games.

  94. Khalifha, when Hazard can produce those stats in the EPL come back and talk to me. Arsene Wenger clearly sees Walcott as a first team player. Football is a team sport, so how you can pick out one player to blame is beyond me. Are you just trying to prove you are not a band waggoner by choosing a different scapegoat to the current doomer favourite?

  95. Kahlifa – Are you Ace in disguise? What is your obsession with Walcott and his pay raise? At the rate you are going YW might soon take of the problem many of us are having with your mindless rants.

  96. “take care” that is.

  97. Dukegoonem, yea, like i give a shi.t what you think, i have formed my own opinion based on what i see not from the media, look walcott is too inconsistent and should not be in the first eleven, walcott is a luxury player, most definately.

  98. Passenel, the only reason am going on about walcott is because of the reports of contract dispute, i just can’t stand it, if arsenal gives him a payrise then i deserve one also, cause he has done fcukall to deserve it, but if its just speculation then …. So be it. After the nasri saga i just can’t stand shi.t like that.

  99. Passenel, the only reason am going on about walcott is because of the reports of contract dispute, i just can’t stand it, if arsenal gives him a payrise then i deserve one also, cause he has done fcukall to deserve it, but if its just speculation then …. So be it. After the nasri saga i will be disappointed if we are held ransom to his demands.

  100. @khalifha
    Theo is posting about the same numbers as Bale is, who is supposedly “world class” and “one of the best players in the league”. Having a return of ~10 goals is quite good for a winger in the Prem and I don’t really see where you are coming from with your criticism. Even yesterday, on an evening when his performance was rather subdued, Theo still managed to create our best chance.

  101. dnftt

  102. RvP will tell anyone all they need to know about Theo.

  103. Sacarsm George? maybe just a bit. Dead serious about manure and the league title though. I’d take anyone, even spurs, over them.

  104. Look evil, the only suitable word i can describe walcott with is efficient, we have ambitions of winning a trophy next season and to do that we will need to be more consistent, so i think we can find a middle ground and admit theo needs to do more, my problem is that we rely on theo too much, and he is ‘not ready’ and does not have the quality yet to spearhead our attack alongside v.persie, stop comparing walcott with bale! Everyone knows the media overrated ‘bale of nazareth’, i guess its not walcott’s fault we are bereft of goalscorers, his major problem is performing against a well drilled defence. All in all too much, too soon 4 walcott besides why so defensive people, its just arsenal fans here, you all know i am making valid points instead of dismissing them with ‘he will get better’ … I believe he will but i would prefer someone more consistent than putting my hopes on walcott and allowing him to develope IN OUR FIRST ELEVEN, wilshere,ramsey,coquelin can develope not walcott pls.

  105. khalifha,

    I agree with the masses regarding your take on Theo. You add nothing to criticisms that have already and frequently been addressed in the past on this site. Your logic seems faulty and your hatred misdirected.

    Do yourself a favour and just drop the attack or try it out somewhere else!

  106. pedantic george

    Dups has nailed it

  107. Bradys right foot


    I will never grow tired of watching this. Whats get the feck out of my way in French.

  108. Dgob, come off it, i will reiterate this again, i love theo but it is not blind love, whether you agree with me or not is your choice but take off your arsenal tinted glasses. Besides, i love this comment section, thats why i decided to air my views here.

  109. Pedantic george, you know what i noticed today in the comments posted? There has hardly been a mention of theo’s injury, we are all ‘disappointed’ that he will miss the remainder of the season but subconsciously we are not too unhappy about it cause we have chamberlain in the wings, what does that say about you, dgob and the others. Lol

  110. Can we expect the media to hound Man U for a 4 – 4 result (as they did us vs. Newcastle)? No, I thought not. And Liverpool have won just 5 games at home this season, so the Mighty Kop is no longer player #12.
    Celebrating current third place by baking a batch of Essex scones amid relief that my tax preparer made an error (that I spotted) of $10,000.

  111. pedantic george

    Theo is a valuable player.
    You are an old friend I suspect

  112. no Kos in the PFA team of the year. pfff bollocks

  113. pedantic george

    Jeff,bollocks is right

  114. No doubt the fall out from the draw yesterday has been way over the top I imagine. I am glad to have been up to my eyeballs with essays, rather than have to suffer some of the shite I’ve briefly scanned today.

    We will win our last three games (even though we won’t need to) starting with the neanderthals next week. 3rd spot will be cemented when we beat Norwich.

    Oh and Kalifha’s clearly some one on a wind up! 🙂

  115. Bill

    Your simplistic notion of the bias is rather sweet!

  116. Congratulations RvP Player of the year.

  117. pedantic george

    Dexter,are you studying for something special?

  118. To be as funny, clever and witty as you George.

  119. Well done indeed to RvP for winning the player of the year gong. He needs to score a few more to make sure of the golden booty now. Next week would be a good place to start I reckon.

  120. pedantic george

    Yes but are you?
    I always thought you were a bit of a smarty pants(in a good way) Ever since you did that wonderful post about Arsene in the dark days of last summer.
    I know you will think I am taking the piss.But I am not.

  121. Ha! Cheers PG! I’m doing a Masters man, killing me it is! Trying to balance work, essays, football, and partying is not easy I tell you!

  122. pedantic george

    I bet its not Dexter,
    It takes me all my time to balance Twitter and ACLF .

  123. Vermaelen on Koscielny
    “He has done amazing this season and I don’t understand why a lot of criticism was there in the first season. The first week I saw him you could tell he was a great player and now it is all coming out in his second season. I am really happy for him,” the Verminator concluded.

    Worth reminding that in 2010, according to the media pundits, the AAA blogs and Jon-Jon, Koscielny was a lightweight from France and would never make a good defender especially after being sent off at Anfield in his first game. Always said he was going to be a great player from day one. Defender of the season for me. F*ck the PFA team of the year.

  124. Premier League team of the year:
    Joe Hart (Man City); Kyle Walker (Tottenham), Vincent Kompany (Man City), Fabricio Coloccini (Newcastle), Leighton Baines (Everton); David Silva (Man City), Yaya Touré (Man City), Gareth Bale (Tottenham), Scott Parker (Tottenham); Robin van Persie (Arsenal), Wayne Rooney (Man United).

    And Spurs are odds on for Europa. You’ve got to laugh when you see rubbish like Kyle Walker and Scott Parker on the list.

  125. So Parker in but no place for Song? Coloccini over Koscielny? If they really wanted to include a Newcastle player, surely Krul would’ve been a better choice. And Walker, well, he’s young and English, but next season it’ll be Sagna again because the novelty of Walker will have worn off.

  126. Not to mention Arteta, who has been massively underrated.

  127. Good Morning Darius? Bloody pissing down here and we are off to Cornwall for a few days.

    Glad of that as I spent yesterday wheelbarrowing 7 tons of soil between the showers.

  128. So the awards have been handed out and the fa managed to fcuk this up, have they been suffering from amnesia these last few months? Scotty parker over song, songinho and alex dimitri bilong?, even tiote has been better this season. For the young player of the year szescney was not even nominated. Its a joke i tells yah, a fuckin joke.

  129. kahlifha

    It was the players who voted, not the FA. Probably helps to abuse the right people.

  130. shotta
    i fail to comprehend why you like to throw my name in the mix every now and then..
    yeah i remember what i said about kozz..
    i remember saying that signing him and squillaci wasnt the answer to our defensive problems and it turned out it wasnt..
    squillaci never got going and should have never wore an arsenal shirt to begin with and kozzer was too inexperienced to be thrown straight into the PL..
    especially since we’d just lost gallas and our most experienced CB was TV who’d been with us only 12 months and was fucking injured.. or did you forget??? in the space of 12 months we’d got rid off our entire defensive needed re building and we just papered over the cracks..
    thats what people were actually worried about..
    we needed experience and we needed depth and we had to wait for them to get experience and we didnt get the depth until this summer when we finally signed another CB in BFG..

    and by the way..hows denilson doing??
    according to you he was going to be great as well..
    i suppose though if you say the same thing about every player who wears the shirt your going to be right occasionally…

    for the record i called it on arteta..i was on this blog the minute we signed him and i was one of the only ones who got excited about his signing..
    even after the first few games there were people on here questioning him and i was defending him and in a season he proved me right.

    denilson proved you wrong for about 4 seasons…
    so i wouldnt sniff my own farts if i were you..not at my expence anyway..

    you dont see me making random comments targetting you saying isnt it a good job we told denilson to finally fuck off and we spent some cash on a proper midfielder..

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