QPR Preview: Take A Bus, Take A Train, Take A Boat, Take A Plane…

Eight straight wins in the Premier League. Arsène is not targetting Manchester City and his notorious myopia is returning; he is not seeing anything beyond Queens Park Rangers. Some believe this is a match where turning up will garner three points; not the manager, not the players if his words are an accurate reflection of the training complex,

We are in a position that nobody expected us to be in and we want to strengthen that position from now on. That depends on our performances.

I see us fighting like mad on Saturday to win the game. That’s all I see, I don’t see further. We are focused on QPR, believe me. We know that is always a tricky game for everybody and that is what is important to us. After that we focus on the next one and our capability to finish the season in a strong way depends on just how much we focus on every game.

This is a more testing afternoon than Arsenal have experienced for a while; they are the only ones with a tricky encounter, Chelsea and Spurs have what you would expect to be relatively straightforward wins. Recent weeks have mostly seen the other two London clubs with tougher fixtures but this should not detract from the achievement of turning around sixteen points since January to overhaul a deficit and establish a lead in the race for third. There is no sign, publicly at least, of arrogance or complacency from the players in their efforts for the remainder of the season. The experience of the earlier fumbles are etched into the souls,

Things can change very quickly. Our sport is fragile and we have learned something this season from a very difficult period. Urgency and focus are vital to keep your level up.

QPRs travails are not surprising but the good performances of Norwich and Swansea underline that money cannot guarantee success. Rangers have a tough run-in and look likely to drop unless Bolton or Blackburn stumble more. They have shown fighting spirit coming back from two goals down to beat Liverpool. That tells you everything you need to know; The R’s are there for the taking but will make you fight for the win, give them an opening and they have the players to take advantage and Liverpool are a pale imitation of their former selves.

Previous campaigns have floundered at this stage, when the pressure was on. There was a lack of spine in the squad, the pressure of injury and/or expectation too much. This time the manager does not believe there will be a repeat of that collapse,

I don’t believe in coincidences. Certainly it is impossible to measure but they have certainly been an influential part in that with many other players who have a good spirit as well. The captain is the leader of the team and of course they have played a vital part in that. I believe that the whole team dynamic was very strong, very positive and that had a massive impact. We were going through difficult periods and we recovered because the players never gave up in the dressing room and that was a vital part.

I feel overall this has been one of the best seasons in the dressing room. We will see where we finish but I am sure of one thing; we will give our best until the end of the season.

There he has said it, admission that the previous dressing rooms have lacked leadership. It is a failing in choosing captains that has been rectified this season; star players are not always the best choice, they need character as well. Robin van Persie has that and is willing to ruffle feathers if performances are not up to scratch. Combine that with other senior professionals who are new and the cosy coiterie that was previously ruling the dressing room is seen to be too cosy to be effective. That is not say disharmony exists, far from it, simply that too friendly can be as negative as internecine quarrels.

Disharmony is of course, something that the manager is an expert on, his relations with European referees is once more in the depths. The ban he received was expected, a similarly low expectation exists over his appeal. Quite why he approaches referees is beyond comprehension. He knows that they will stand there squealing like a young teenage girl seeing a friend for the first time in half-an-hour. What is the point? The bans are ineffective, Arsenal perform as well as required without the manager on the touchline. Perhaps Arsène felt he might need an imaginary foe to create a siege mentality. Hmmm, a Frenchman with a siege mentality…elderberries and hamsters anyone?

So to the team news which is good. It is amazing how not having midweek games reduces the stresses and strains, players recover for the next match with seemingly little side or after effect. With that in mind, you would think that the team which faced Everton will be the one that starts today,

Szczesny; Sagna, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Gibbs; Arteta, Song, Rosicky; Walcott, van Persie, Ramsey

A win gentlemen, please for that is what you have proven you are capable of.

Finally, my thoughts go to Stylian Petrov and his family at this moment and wish him all the best in his fight against his illness.

Enjoy the match wherever you are watching it. ’til Tomorrow.


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  1. 1-0 to the Arsenal that will do me anyday

  2. Just Another Luke


  3. Fucking gravatar.
    Good post, hope we win!

  4. Articulate post as ever
    This is a very tricky game that needs maximum concentration and real intelligence to deal deal with. I hope Mike Dean will b level headed enough to allow an even playing ground. We r more than capable of taking 3points if we play at our best and if there are no dramas frm mike dean and that barton fella. I believe we’ve learnt our lessons against him.
    Enjoy the match wherever u are watching.

  5. So, now we have leadership.


    The rest of the season will tell us a lot about the team. We have had high expectations, perhaps higher than we should have had, of past, recent teams.

    I wonder if this side is on the verge of success.

  6. Cbob

    I tend to agree with that assessment of the leadership issue, it has been quantitatively proven at least thus far, however you are right, the last 8 games will tell us much more than the first 30, a bit like the last 5 ab crunches 🙂

    I have said this many a time before, but that is precisely why I have no difference in my feeling of ambivalence towards both Cesc and Nasri..For all his great games unfortunately his display at the Nou camp was the most insipid display of captaincy I have seen in the face of defeat of that nature..At least Nasri had some passion in that game..

  7. COME ON YOU GOONERS!!!!!!! go get em

  8. Id go with Gervinho in place of Ramsey – Szczesny; Sagna, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Gibbs; Arteta, Song, Rosicky; Walcott, van Persie, Gervinho

    Go at them from the start and try take a lead into the second half, then bring Ramsey to shore up midfield to see out the game – thats the ideal situation but this is football ….!!

    I should hope there is leadership with the likes or previous club captains and international captains to back up a man who has really settled into the captain of the club. RVP has done well and the likes of Verm and Rosicky know what its like to be the captain. Sagna and Arteta or no shrinking violets. And youngsters like Szcz and Jack have a bit about them too for the future captains

  9. Limestonegunner

    Just back from a conference in Cambridge where I met Simon Kuper, the Soccernomics co-author. Apparently all his family are Arsenal supporters, but interestingly he immediately began chiding me when I mentioned being an gooner and said something like “So now AW is great again, isn’t he, all of a sudden.” I responded that I had kept faith with him and he was surprised because all his family and associates had wavered and that was his impression of the supporter base. I told him that it wasn’t as widespread as the media made out and that there had remained a core of support. Interesting. In any case he thinks AW always out performs expectations. He doesn’t seem to call himself a supporter but he does admire AW.

    We talked wage and transfer spend effects on final league position and he acknowledged that a total gross spend (wages plus transfer) would be a useful index but not a total net spend (wages plus net transfer). It was an enjoyable exchange.

    Off later to find a pub to watch the match. A win would give us extraordinary momentum.

    My team looks like Yogis but I’d play the Ox or Gervinho over Ramsey. Probably the Ox.

  10. It’s been so long since the last game, I can’t wait for 3.00 pm. The beers in the fridge, the wife is out all day, and the highlight of the day is to see a hungry Arsenal attack that lot at Loftus Road with gusto. I really don’t mind who plays, it’s going to be great.

  11. The scoreline i’d love most is Petrov 1-0 leukaemia. After that, its Arsenal 4-0 QPR.

  12. ACLF is my best friend.I love this place.
    I suppose that makes me a little sad.
    Perhaps the loss of my beloved Meerkat has made me overly sentimental.
    I am hoping for a comfortable 2 or 3 nil win with a very early goal to settle my nerves.
    I would like to see the eleven that started against Spurs.But that might be because I am feeling sorry for Yossi.

  13. Blackburngeorge is back. So the meerkat cannot be far behind.

    Mike Dean makes me nervous but I am convinced that this Arsenal squad is stronger mentally than the Cesc-led group. I expect a clear but hard-fought victory from our boys.

  14. Looking forward to seeing Abou, on in 60.

    Alex to Abou to Theo to Robin = GOOOOOAAAAL!!!!!

    Here we go, here we go!!

  15. andrew

    Dont think he is in the squad mate..

  16. Andrew,
    He felt some pain in training and will not be risked

  17. My thought today are with Petrov and his family, its a reminder of David “Rocky” Rocastle whom we lost 11 years ago. What a player!


  18. On the one hand it’s gutting but on the other at least it keeps him away from Thuggy Barstard (who with any luck will get relegated out of the division in a few short weeks, never again to be seen round these parts).

  19. Where the hell has Frank gone?

    He is becoming a bad weather fan

  20. Just Another Luke

    Post of the Day for me is this

    Chinmay | March 31, 2012 at 10:50 am

    The scoreline i’d love most is Petrov 1-0 leukaemia. After that, its Arsenal 4-0 QPR.

  21. Just Another Luke


    Why are you waiting for 3 pm when the game is on at 2 pm?

  22. Just Another Luke

    I would love to see QPR implode and Mark Hughes explode…

    And then Wenger extends his right hand to shake his, with the other arm going for his shoulder in consolation…

  23. I’m not high yet – the Arsenal calendar on my computer says 15:00 hrs at Loftus road.

  24. Good morning yall. The long wait is at an end.
    Speaking of leaders in this team, CONGRADULATIONS TO BACARY SAGNA. ON HIS 200TH GAME AS A GUNNER. if he played today.
    You are the best.
    YW ,I agree with you that AW approaching and complaining to the match officials, even though correct, has become utterly counterproductive. The result is always the same with THEFA.
    I think ARSENAL must lodge any and all concerns or complaints through official club channels. We cannot afford these touch line bans. The team and p.RICE have performed admirably in AW s absence from the couches box but past performances is not a guarantee of future success. This way our voices are heard and also AW is protected. Honestly, I felt a one game ban was more than sufficient if not an altogether dismissal of charges against AW. THREE SEEMS OVER THE TOP.
    and finally, for PG S sake I hope the game is decided for ARSENAL early and in an authoritative fashion. I would say 2-0 to the. GUNS.
    LIMESTONE, so sorry you weren’t able to procure a ticket for this game. They are sure to miss your true support. And thanks for standing up for all of us who have not now or ever waivered in our support for the club, team or AW through the roughest of storms with that Simon fellow.

  25. Just Another Luke

    Interesting stats of the weekend:

    RvP has taken more corners, 110, than any other player in the PL. Followed by Pedersen (109), Adams (107) and Mata (104).

    Arsenal has 2nd highest number of headers on target (33), behind Norwich (36) and ahead of Liverpool (30)

  26. Oh ,and I hope mr. DEAN puts a leash on that racist dog Barton. We cannot afford anymore long term injuries.

  27. Just Another Luke

    Interesting to know would be which Arsenal player contributed to the most headers on target? Kos?

  28. Just Another Luke

    Pardon me Darius. I’m non UK resident and looked at GMT time.

  29. Wow. That’s right. Its the anniversary of ROCASTLES PASSING. I hope the away support remembers this today and do us proud as always by singing his name out load. DEXTER this a job for noone else but yourself mate. Long live the away support……..

    another post of the day.

  31. The Real Stew Black

    Yawns, stretches – is there a match at last? Blimey feels like a long time. It’s like hibernating these days isn’t it? Shows how utterly spoiled we’ve been in recent years by having midweek matches almost right up to the end.
    I used to have a soft spot for QPR as they seemed to use my local team Bristol Rovers as a feeder club. Needless to say the presence of Hughes and Barton has changed that forever.

  32. JAL – no biggie. I must admit, I struggle to keep up with whether we’re GMT or not. Even more baffling when they refer to it as Zulu time.

  33. Interesting morning so far – heard Frimpong’s song with Bizzle. Very funny.

    Then my flatmate walked in covered in blood – having come off his bike and split his head open. I had to wash the wound in the sink – its a small cut but a huge graze. The sink was crimson.

    Now I have to go an buy an art print for my friend Rajaa’s 30th birthday.

    But first I have to finish my Goan pork vindaloo and eat it.

    I think we’ll either destroy QPR or it could be a tough one – they’re not great but they are a little unpredictable. I’m going for destroy.

    Have a good day y’all.


  34. Seems like today is RVP s. Wedding anniversary too. Congrats. Captain.

  35. It sure does feel like a long time since the last fixture. It is like every week is a mini international break. If we keep our fluid passing and movement going like we have had during the majority of this win streak then QPR will not be able to cope.

    My only concern is avoiding the antics of Joey Barton that have seen him draw red cards and bans for our squad over the last few years…the fuckin cunt. COYG!

  36. Great post. COYG!

  37. Oh and great post YW as is the norm

  38. Talking of destruction Jonny, mind how you go on the Goan Pork Vindaloo – sounds lethal!

    Just wondering how safe King Kenny is – can’t see them winning at the Sid James tomorrow; just a question of whether Loserpool’s US owners will continue to say “Carry on” especially if Sunderland go above them courtesy of an admittedly unlikely looking victory at the You’vebinhad.

    So, 0-3 to our boys this afternoon?

    Ooh to be a Gooner!

  39. OTOTBAG.

  40. Contrary to popular belief a Vindaloo does not have to be hot. And get this technically it’s not an Indian dish but Portuguese. Vinha d’alhos it originally consisted of Pork in Wine vine (vin) with garlic (alho) potatoes. The Portuguese converted Goans to Christianity which meant they had no problem consuming pork. They found the dish to bland and lobbed in loads of garlic and chillies. The name change to vindaloo (aloo means potato in India). So strictly speaking a true Vindaloo should be a spicy pork dish with potatoes and wine.
    But when it arrived over here in restaurant form, it changed because the restaurateurs were not Goan. Pork went out and so did wine the potatoes went later though I’m told some vindaloos still have them over here. The version we think of is made with vinegar instead of wine with lots of chillies and so should be sour and hot.
    The version I made, if you are still reading and care at all, was made with pork, a single scotch bonnet pepper (one is enough!) and beetroot vinegar. It was hot but not evil.

  41. The Real Stew Black

    Oh thanks for this YW – going to dedicate it to you on Tuesday night

  42. In coach speak its always one match or one game at a time but in reality the players and coaches do look ahead. There maybe some pressure from management. Spurs can beat City this would tighten the gap. Chelsea needs to win as well to keep pace with us. QPR is fighting for their very lives and the Hoops will come out swinging for the fence. This will be a war but we should come away with the big “W”.

  43. YW had the team correct

  44. Great post Yogi.

    I love the energy and enthusiasm of this team. Its something that the previous teams lacked. We all knew there had to be problems in the dressing room but no one wanted to admit it.

    I would love to see any sort of win today. Its great that we seem to have found our shooting boots recently but over the long term the key to our success and most important our consistency will be our team defense. Love another clean sheet.

  45. Blimey, LimestoneGunner, are you still here? Cambridge is lovely, isn’t it?

    Very excited. Indulging in a bit of light screaming before the game, which I will only be able to follow on the BBC Sport website, cah. Will it be a repeat of Clean Sheets All Round on JDTV? Or the Return of Kosmaelen The Destroyer? Either way, come on you gorgeous gunners – feet on the ground, fight for the right to partaaay. And let’s hope Joey Barton gets sent off for being himself.

    See you after the game.

  46. Cambridge is my home town – where are you watching the game LG?

  47. Great post yogi

    This years team has a strength of character and an enthusiasm and desire that prior teams lacked. We all knew there had to be issues in the dressing room, nothing else could explain some of the performances. It’s just not the sort of thing anyone likes to admit. It’s safer to tell the truth now that we seem to have won that battle.

    Another win today please. Our recent pattern has been to grind out tough away games and that is what we need to be able to do consistently forever. Top stuff. It’s great that we seem to have found our shooting boots recently but over the long term the key to success and most important consistency will be our team defense. Another clean sheet today please.

  48. Holy fucking porkers….
    In addition to the three game touchline ban, THEFA has fined AW. 40000 euros. True fucking pigs. Basterd.

  49. No surprise there that Sparky has put Joseph Barton straight into the team apparently to “ruffle our feathers”. Tut tut. Barton is a cunt hair away from a red card against Arsenal.

    Come on you gunners.

    They should make that into a banner

  51. Is it true that Wenger actually told the ref to fuck off after the Milan 2nd leg game?

  52. gonna be a battle today hughes will instruct his players to kick them off the park so we need to be calm but strong and let our football do the talking id settle for a one nil win and no injuries and kos not getting booked

  53. The Real Stew Black

    Darius – no. He said “You’re sir are a cunt of the first water”

  54. The Real Stew Black

    *You, not you’re

  55. Cool. Add SPIKE LEE to the vast ocean of ARSENAL supporters.

  56. The Real Stew Black

    And Osama Bin Laden

  57. PARTAAAAY. fast approaching kickass time. Ranger ass.

  58. Steww – that photo of Osama years ago with an ashley Cole Arsenal jersey was a dead give away.

    For €40,000 – I do hope Wenger used the word cunt. It’ll be a waste if he didn’t get his money’s worth.

    are you sure STEWW?

  60. how much would the fine be if lets say you kicked that idiots ass? I wonder.

  61. The Real Stew Black

    Setanta showing some horror tackling from QPR players. Making me a tiny bit nervous

  62. The Real Stew Black

    gonerkam, very famous gooner. Not any more of course.

  63. Where are you watching Shitanta Steww?

  64. The Real Stew Black

    Darius – via Sopcast. Great picture. Sadly Setanta comms. The only two Sopcast foreign language channels I found had poor pictures or poor sound.

  65. The Real Stew Black

    Come on lads, lets do this for Rocky.

  66. The Real Stew Black

    Song given the ball away twice, Walcott still hasn’t scored. this is a disgrace. Wenger must GO

  67. The Real Stew Black

    Tony Adams been teaching us the offside trap? Once again it’s so tight and organised.

  68. Flint McCullough

    Any streams please?

  69. The Real Stew Black

    Very early obviously, but we haven’t got into our stride yet. Lots of misunderstandings leading to passes going one way players running the other.

  70. The Real Stew Black

    QPR Committing quite a few players forward then everyone rushing back to park the bus when they lose it. Not a bad tactic from their point of view, but leaves us the chance of fast counter.

  71. The Real Stew Black

    You have to say that was coming. We’ve given it away a few times and not fought for it. Come on now lads, wake up let’s get stuck into them.

  72. Including Rosicky AND Ramsey in the same team has always been a contentious thing, i dont have a problem with Ramsey, i just hope have that decision doesnt backfire on Wenger

  73. The Real Stew Black

    I wonder about Rambo on the wing. He looks like more of a central midfielder to me. Unusual selection which is leaving us without our usual threat down the left.

  74. The Real Stew Black

    Looking better now. Closing them down and moving faster.

  75. My commentator is genuinely struggling not to say that Dean is letting them kick us off the pitch.

  76. i genuinely despise Mark hughs, i dont know why, its just he seems like an arrogant classless manager

  77. QPR’s work rate is quite high – don’t think they can maintain this for the whole game.

    We need to be patient and play our game – we’ll get there.

  78. Hughes?? Well what do you expect from a former manure player.

  79. That stupid Theo – no brain at all.

    Rosicky is running this show and great assist with that stretch from Van Persie to buy Walcott the space.


  81. The Real Stew Black

    Well done Theo. Much better.

  82. chamberlain or gervinho second half, purely for tactical changes and changing the dynamics of the play

  83. Good young Theophile does it again!

  84. The Real Stew Black

    Evil you watching an Irish broadcast? Because my comms are also suggesting the ref is lenient towards Zamora especially.

  85. @STEWW
    well at least osamma knew his football.

    Dean has to gain control of this game. We can’t get kicked like this all game,ffs.

  86. Ramsey is out of this game out there on the left. The Ox or Gervinho for sure seems a better bet.

    But lets see what Rambo can do.

  87. The Real Stew Black

    That goal all started from Alex Song closing them and nicking the ball. More hard committed work off the ball and we’ll be ok I fancy. Like Darius says, patience.

  88. And theres Theo…no football brain that theo…should have passed it. COYG

  89. So Theo gets double digit goals and double digit assists this season. Brilliant.

  90. eff you Ace!

  91. Is ox and 3g injured or something? Maybe AW feels Aaron provides better cover for the left back?

  92. The Real Stew Black

    One huge factor in this game will be confidence. We are confident we can come from behind, they may well lack confidence given their league position. However the Liverpool result ought to keep us frosty.

  93. Why is Aaron on the wing today? any theories? is it because its an away game and we are more defencive or something?

  94. THEOPHILE???

    1-1. game back on. Come on ROBIN. BOUCHRA is waiting for her anniversary goal gift.

  95. Steww – you can see Song and Arteta are already taking care of the midfield – they’re asserting themselves better. We’ll build on that.

  96. As i thought we used Benny for that, maybe Aaron is the new benny…..

  97. The Real Stew Black

    Quite agree Darius. Also TR7 helping out more on the left where Rambo drifts infield.

  98. DUKE @341
    another post of the day.

  99. Tony Gale must be one of the most bitter anti Arsenal pundits on tv. Even my 80 year-old mother sitting in front of the tv was moved to comment why does that commentator only has something negative to say about Arsenal.
    Out of the mouth of a totally innocent bystander.

  100. Just Another Luke

    Bendtner just scored!

  101. This game definitely needs Gervinho or The Ox to stretch the other wing. This pitch is quite narrow and it works to QPR’s advantage. Maybe we can also increase the pace.

  102. The Real Stew Black

    QPR started well first half -credit where it’s due – but we just stuck at it confident our chance would come.
    Need to carry on steadily tightening the grip and all should be well.
    Always different when you head the pack. Chasing down the Spuds was one thing now we have the others behind us we need to find a new incentive. Hope they don’t think Man City are out of sight!

  103. Great goal by Bendtner.

  104. Just Another Luke

    Sack Mancini!

  105. B52 having a good game against shitty.

  106. Theo is so fukin frustrating isn’t he. why cant he score all the time!!

  107. Great finish by Theo. Looked simple but it was quite tricky.

    Can’t understand the thinking of playing Ramsey on the left when we have 2 perfectly good wide men sat on the bench. We are playing OK, QPR working really hard to deny us any space. Hopefully they will run out of steam and we will be able to take advantage

  108. Poodle

    I believe its a lot to do with the width of the pitch, not much natural width anyway, Ramsey makes it a tight 4 in midfield rather than the 3 allowing us to dominate that area…my theory at least 😀

  109. The Real Stew Black

    Man City 1 – Sunderland 2
    If that doesn’t motivate us nothing will.

  110. The Real Stew Black

    Just watched Theo’s goal again. So utterly cool, so calm, such precision.

  111. Duke

    He scores when he wants 🙂

  112. I hope the Black Cats keep it up. If City drop points this weekend … 2nd won’t seem so far away with the match coming up next week and everything.
    But first we need to do our part. COYG!

  113. Yeah this cunt commentator on Sky Sports is shamelessly willing QPR on to beat Arsenal. Offering all sorts of advice on our weaknesses and making countless negative comments regardless of what is happening on the pitch.

    According to this jack ass, Theo was really lucky for the ball to come off the post right back to him…no mention of the fact that he was incredibly unlucky to have struck the post in the first place after a well taken strike. How do they let these biased cunts keep their jobs?

  114. Scorers for Sunderland Sebastian Larson and Nicklas Bendtner.

  115. Ramsey really seems lost, poor guy. He drifts in and keeps asking for the ball, players seem to be not ignoring him but not to see where he is

  116. For me this game is more made for AOC than Gervinho, so if at all there is a change on the left, I would probably swap Ramsey for AOC

  117. I think we need to remember we’re playing an away derby with a team that has 2 cunts in Joseph Barton and Mark Hughes. That alone guarantees that this game is not going to be easy in any shape or form.

    I think we just need to be patient, play our game – increasing tempo when we need to and Song and Arteta in particular controlling the pace and we’ll wear them down slowly but surely.

    Bendtner’s goal has thrown the cat amongst the pigeons at Man City. Let’s see what happens that side.

  118. It really does feel as if we have nothing going down the left hand side of the attack with Ramsey out there. I think Wenger is just offering Gibbs some hard-working support. I fully expect a change to Gervinho or the Ox at he 60 minute mark.

  119. And yes…I have never heard a more biased pundit in my life. This cunt for Sky Sports is shamelessly willing QPR on to beat us. Nothing but negativity towards the Arsenal regardless of what we do on the pitch. I really am amazed that these useless cunts can keep their jobs as pundits. It is laughable…

  120. good to see us not panicking when we went one down! even Moe!!

  121. I could understand if we were playing a better side; Ramsey would offer Gibbs good protection. But we are playing QPR. And in any case, Gervinho good offer good protection so can’t be the reason.

  122. If theo comes even close to 15 assists and 15 goals this season he is quickly filling the gap after Fabregas. stat wise anyway… RvP is right, he can be a 20 goal a year player….

  123. I do see QPR tiring as the game wears on. It will be perfect to introduce some stunning pace late on. Here we go! COYG!

  124. Just Another Luke

    This line up was predicted by YW. He knows why Ramsey and not Ox or Gerv

  125. Is it true to say that the Arsenal squad probably has the most stamina in the top flight – able to sustain a high paced game for longer than most opponents.

  126. dukegoonem

    Because i realise we’re the better team and i feel as confident as the team.

    Oh and maybe its also down to the first 9 solid hour sleep i’ve had in ages.

  127. nearly from Gibbs…

  128. here is my expert guess as to why Ramsey is in. coz QPR will be going all out hustling us and will tire late on so Wenger will bring on a fresh legged Ox to piss all over em.

  129. The Real Stew Black

    Sheeit. Gibbsy was close then.

  130. The Real Stew Black

    Moe – sleep deprivation is a terrible torture, you have my sympathy. Glad to hear you feel more confident!

  131. The Real Stew Black

    Is it me or has Arsene sent us out to play a little within ourselves? It’s as if we’re playing to contain them rather than batter them…

  132. The Real Stew Black

    Pitch is cutting up. You see that bobbling all over when Theo tried to cross?

  133. The Real Stew Black

    thank you, yes the sun does look abit brighter 😀

    And i think he just told the players to retain possesion, make them chase and get tired and then send on chamberlain for tired legs.

  134. That’s Taiwo’s third hand ball ..

  135. Great assist B52

  136. The Real Stew Black

    Fuck. Just lost my house. put it on RVP to score right there.

  137. The Real Stew Black

    Come on, someone let the players know the City score…

  138. Tony Gale is such a neutral. Just willing QPR to victory. Get into em, indeed.

  139. The Real Stew Black

    Barton just lay down there.
    Cheat. Diver. Poor sportsman and all round bad egg.

  140. The Real Stew Black

    The fuck just happened?

  141. Really unfortunate slip there. Thes pitches are fuckin garbage. And that finish was not that difficult, but this pundit is acting like it was a wonder goal

  142. The Real Stew Black

    We have made this difficult for ourselves here. Now we’ll be attacking all out and leaving space behind.

  143. Come on Wenger…time to switch it up…

  144. Poor decision by TV to go for the tackle. Show the man to the dead ball line.

  145. oh oh,

    Come back kings!!!! We can do this, I beilive!! Come on you Gunnerss!!

  146. damn it . Put them to the sword. Can’t drop points today.

  147. The Real Stew Black

    How many ofour players have slipped over today? Weird.

  148. The Real Stew Black

    Fucking well said Moe. Come on lads you can do it.

  149. Great save by Koscielny.

  150. get in
    villa have equalised

    come on lads we cant lose to qpr

    a draw at least should see us through this weekend..

    not long left though..kitchen sink time…

  151. Come on you Gunners.

    There’s enough time to score 2 goals. Let’s keep the pressure up. Arteta and Gibbs off.

  152. We just seem to be lacking some spark today. I really can’t put my finger on it, but everything seems very slow and methodical. Come on Ox and Chamakh…make it happen!

  153. The Real Stew Black

    Villa have fought back. We really need to find something here.

  154. Villa drawing with Chelsea, Sunderland killing ManCity … come on boys, this is our chance!

  155. The Real Stew Black

    Come on. Man city losing, Chavs drawing. Come on lads someone be a hero.

  156. bollox…
    fuck sake..

    chelsea back ahead..

    stop the tippy tappy and start going after em..

  157. come on marouane

  158. Expect maximum cuntery from QPR to try and see this out…

  159. perhaps he is really hurt…nonetheless, still a cunt.

  160. Doesn’t look hurt to me.

  161. Just out of sorts today…fuck…can’t play a blinder every game I suppose

  162. Hands up. I predicted a win. Jinxed my team.

  163. The Real Stew Black

    I thik given what happened to Fabrice, Joey Barton’s disgusting play acting is in even worse taste.

  164. the goals are flying in everywhere..

    unfortunately we are not contributing to that..

    will someone please fucking shoot….

  165. ah well gotta go for the draw now, too late for the win!

    Come you gunners

  166. The Real Stew Black

    Last gasp but not over yet. Who’d have thought an RVP miss would cost us.

  167. 3-3
    Shitty had tied

  168. Well, we all knew the run in would be tight…seems we are intent on making it interesting to the end.

  169. The Real Stew Black

    Days like this I never know whether to be relieved that our rivals fucked up as well or pissed off that we didn’t take advantage.

  170. Huge fuckin let down after the run we have had. Fuck…

  171. Fuckin hell…

  172. We didn’t play too well today.

  173. Big chance missed today. Just not at the races unfortunately.

  174. Mike Dean…something about him…

  175. If Tottenham win by 3 goals or more, they go above us tomorow


  176. Fuck losing to Mark Hughes and his cunts. This isnt even funny.

    Ah Well, we pick ourselves up and get ready for Man City.

    Nothing we could do about the 2nd goal, but I felt Wenger could have at least started with either the Ox or Gervinho. Keeping Ramsey on for that long didn’t give us enough width on the left. Very frustrating to lose to QPR.

  177. Only saw the last half-hour, but it didn’t seem like we were playing with the same energy we have in recent matches. Was the pitch a bit rubbish?

  178. * as we have

  179. Well was it the old complacency slipping back?
    It looked like that to me.

  180. Now we have to get a result against city…

  181. I thought we would have a draw or 2 in this run in but not that. Surprising lack of urgency. The race for 3rd and 4th not dusted yet.

  182. I thought the mid was too slow and our play too narrow. I am shocked Gervs or The OX didn’t start. You can’t win them all but I thought 2 speedy wingers was our thing.

  183. Cannot understand that starting line up at all. No penetration down the left for 70 minutes before he did something about it. Sometimes AW is a total mystery.
    Well, let’s hope that wakes his ideas up.

  184. i feel wenger lost the game even before we started! Why change a winning team?

  185. QPR set out to spoil the play at all costs. I’m disappointed that we let them succeed and this will be a wake up call to the team that this job ain’t finished at all.

  186. we forgot our game today..

    theres nothing wrong with a reality check every now and then, especially after 7 straight wins but id like to know what wenger tells the boys everytime we come up against a barton team becuase it seems we leave alot of our strengths in the dressing room and the players play within themselves..

  187. FUCK
    FUCK. SON OF A ……….

  188. The good thing is 4 out of the last 7 games are at home…

  189. George, It was just poor play to me. Our passing was off big time.

  190. i dont know about complacency from the players, george..

    i think it may well be that wenger got his team and tactics wrong today and we played too narrow against a team who was never going to allow us to pass it straight through the middle..

    maybe wenger misjudged this one..made it easier for hughes to apply his tactics..

  191. Unfortunately Vermaelen had an absolute, unadulterated shocker…

  192. We only have ourselves to blame. We knew we’re playing a team managed by a cunt who specializes in the dark arts when it comes to Arsenal. That we let them apply those dark arts is making me really mad. Their game plan was never going to be a surprise.

    In mitigation though – they got some luck with Vermaelen’s slip, there’s nothing you can do about that. We could have done something about their first goal, Van Persie’s miss and their collective cuntish behaviour. How many fouls did they commit in the last minutes of the game just to go anti-football on us.

    And what’s with Joseph Barton trying to pretend he’s collapsed like Muamba. That’s fucking sick.

  193. I suppose we better open the flood gates and let in the doomers. Tis days like these they live for.

  194. i find it difficult to grumble too much after the way we have been playing recently but when i see us chasing games like that and we are still trying to piss about playing 5 yard possession football in the middle of the pitch like we are the ones who are 2-1 up it really grinds my gears..

  195. I agree with you JJ.

  196. never really got going today but if you gift the opposition two goals your always going to struggle having said that we had the chances to win it

  197. Our biggest problem was allowing them rest on the left wing. Gibbs was a non factor going forward because he had to stay back more. Gerv’s or the OX open the field up because the oppositions RB has to stay at home.

  198. the positive news is that bendtners looking like fecthing a few quid this summer..

    if he carries on like this we could be looking at least 10mil for him 😉

  199. That’s it. Wenger out. Sell Van Persie, he’s useless, can’t even score a goal when we need one. And that Vermaelen too, he’s cost us 2 goals today, not forgetting the Fulham own goal and his crappy play.

    And that Tomas Rosicky, what the hell is he there for. These are the games why we should have bought Scott Parker and Gary Cahill. They wouldn’t have caved in like we did.

    Enough is enough – this club has no direction, no leadership and piss poor tactics from a tired manager who needs to be moved on.

    *Am I doing a good enough Muppet?*

  200. JJ

    Live by your style of play, and perish with it I suppose..I do not think there are too many teams that can fundamentally change the way they play

  201. Darius…

    That was a piece worthy of LG mate 🙂

  202. and Darius..

    You forgot Chris Samba…

  203. anirudh..
    i agree our style of play is a possession game but theres two types..

    negative and possitive..

    negative possession is just time wasting..the 5 yard tippy tap just keeping the ball for the sake of keeping the ball..
    positive is the cut and thrust quick unpredictable passing..

    it was negative today..no tempo..accuracy was off..we kept it too narrow..you wouldnt have thought we were the ones chasing the game…

  204. JJ

    Agree with you on the tactics though..I guess it worked at everton, which was why it was tried again..

  205. JJ

    Yep I agree with did not have much penetration today, but away from home, there will be times when it does not happen, those are the days you need the clean sheets, for me today offensively I do not have complaints, 1-0 would have been a great result..unfortunately we conceded two terrible goals

  206. if only Arsenal could wake up and smell the coffee – we could have had Schwazer in goal, Baines, Samba, Cahill and a proper right back and not that cheap £7 million chap from Auxair, Scottie parker in midfield and Darren Bent, a proper poacher up front. What a useless team this has turned out to be.

    And that brainless Theo Walcott – he’s not even fit to wear an Arsenal shirt. He should not even be offered a new contract. And don’t get me started on Diaby.

  207. I also found bringing Gibbs off while bringing Chamakah on absolutely strange..you would fancy Gibbs and Sagna to have some room to deliver balls in the box with Chamakh on..

  208. anirudh
    totally agree

    wenger went with it at everton..it worked becuase we took the lead and then we made them chase us..defended well..

    too many mistakes today..our tactics went to shit as soon as they took the lead..

  209. To be honest, Wenger needs to take some slack for not starting Gervinho or the Ox up front to spread the opposition and give us good and proper width. The Loftus road pitch ain’t that big anyway and QPR were bound to crowd us out and go for a Mark Hughes type of cuntish anti-football.

    What’s disappointed me is that QPR’s tactics were not or at least didn’t need to be a surprise. They were so predictable and we played into their hands.

  210. agree again..
    no point bringing on your ariel threat and taking off one one of the players who will feed him

    strange decisions today by the manager…

  211. just one of those games darius..

    i think wenger will be upset with himself tonight..

  212. Didn’t see the game, but I suppose its to be expected at some point in our run. We are not the finished article as a team/squad but even if we are, we really can’t play amazing , effective football every game. 3rd spot is still ours to lose.

  213. Was Ramsey playing on the left? Strange. Wenger picking the players according to thier rankings, not positions. Nothing new.

    A lot of work to do yet, and I would take the 4-th right now.

    When was last time we had a convincing performance away from home? At Wigan in November?

  214. Anyone know the fitness levels of Gerv and Ox? Maybe that had something to do with the selection?

  215. Nothing was said prior to the match, Henristic.

  216. i think wenger will be upset with himself tonight..”

    And so he should be – and the players should feel angry and disappointed and responsible.

    And they should report promptly to London Colney on MMonday morning and explain what they’re going to do to remedy the situation by beating Man City.

    And then get on and do it.

  217. precisely…

    i think TV will be struggling the most out of all the players… but hes had some exceptional performances recently so a bad one was due at some point, but he wont be happy he made squillaci look like tony adams today..

    lets hope hes fired up for next week..
    lesser defenders weve had over the years would have folded..

    im confident TV will win us a few more games before the seasons done..

  218. Will be telling how we respond the next game. One bad game does not cancel out a great run, but we can’t afford 2 – 3 more bad games in squeaky bum time Mental strength and strong leadership seem to be a fragile commodities.

  219. “When we win, try to be more cheerful and when we lose? Well, be optimistic” – YW

  220. Playing a Derby away from home with a team that has Joey Barton was always going to be difficult. Arsene tried to contain today and would have been successful bar to 2 errors from TV.

    Could have been different if RVP had tucked that one in, Common RVP we need you to smash some records

  221. Did anybody else see Balotelli being stupid again today??

    That kid is an embarrassment to his talent

  222. It was disappointing to say the least. Unfortunately TV just wasn’t up for it, though I feel that in the build up for QPR’s second goal Szczesny could’ve done better when a wayward QPR pass came into the box with no opposition players near it and he just stayed on his line and therefore forced Koscielny to make an unnecessary clearance. If he had gone out and just claimed it we would’ve had the initiative instead of being forced to stay on the back foot.
    Kos was otherwise really good again, Sagna solid, our whole midfield trio a bit subdued because QPR didn’t let us settle properly. Ramsey was a strange inclusion but it worked a week or so ago to have him on the flank … not this time though. Feel we should’ve played a more attacking formation, i.e. Gerv or Ox on the left wing. Still, I doubt that our neighbours are going to score 4 against the Swans without reply, so our position is still relatively secure. But this was really points we shouldn’t have thrown away. Even worse, in the end those 3 points could be what keeps QPR in the league. I am still hoping they get relegated and a proper side like Wigan get to stay up instead.

  223. highbury lament

    We were due a bad day at the office, only way to put that to bed is respond by beating City.


  224. Paulie Walnuts

    Didn`t see the game but regarding team selection – Arsene used the same midfield at Everton & nobody complained as we won the game.

    That would surely explain why Ramsey started today.

    Disappointing result all the same & comments concerning complacency are a worry.

    Still, we`ve had a good run which had to end sometime so back on that horse & bring on Citeh.

  225. Why are people questioning Arsene’s tactics?
    Did he tell the player to pass the ball slowly and give hem time to press?
    Did he tell TV to be useless?
    Did he tell Robin to have an off day?

    The tactics would have been fine if the players had applied themselves.
    I am not saying anything other than we played poorly ,and that happens from time to time.

  226. come on SUGA where are you

  227. I agree with george, we were complacent and piss poor and got the tactits totally wrong..

  228. Paulie,he used the same set up against Spurs and nobody complained that day either.Except it was Yossi rather than Aaron.

  229. pedantic george

    And this wordpress shit is pissing me right off

  230. anyone know why Wenger is holding the ox back again??? 10 mins against a shit qpr defence! tut tut.

  231. Paulie Walnuts

    Good point George, I`d forgotten about Yossi & the Spuds game.

    I seem to recall plenty of positive comments after Ramsey played left side at Everton too.

    Arsene looked well p&ssed off. We`ll see a difference in attitude next Sunday

  232. George.

    Just irritates you when anyone questions the boss. Throw the players under the bus but never arsene never makes a mistake. :).

    In truth we had plenty of talent to win that game no matter who started out wide on the left but the boss probably should have made some changes sooner. Don’t quite understand the logic in rotating when we have 1 game per week and we are playing great yet we rarely rotate when we have 2 – 3 games per week and we are not playing as well. Seems like the latter is when we should make changes to your line up not the former. The boss gets credit when his tactics work and we play well but he also gets to share the blame when both he and the players had a bit of a stinker.

  233. Dont expect to see any doomers! yogi has binned them all…

  234. pedantic george

    Bill.How is it his fault?
    Did he make TV fall on his arse?
    It was the players who let him and themselves down.
    We had loads of possession.And that is why we played an extra midfielder.

  235. pedantic george

    Duke ,fear not .I will take up the slack.

  236. I also think its bang out of order yogi binning the dog gravatars aswell.

  237. OK – so Ramsey started at Everton and it worked. We got an early goal there and could contain. But here it patently wasn’t working, so I don’t understand the delay in making changes. Gervinho came on in the 70th minute FFS. Then Chamberlain came on in the middle. Baffles me sometimes Mr W. It’s like he’s thinking, “In theory, this should work, so let’s persist with the theory.”
    We needed width to get around that packed defence and we didn’t have the players out there to do it – simple as that.
    Still, next week’s another game and City don’t look like they’re on top of their game at the moment.

  238. george we can blame wenger for not playing the ox and also when is gervinhiho going to be able to play his way back to form?? come on george join in the wenger bashing man!!

  239. talkin of binning maybe i souldn’t throw my black bin bags in the bin.

  240. good points george
    i dont think the tactics helped the players though..

    for weeks we were saying no fb’s were costing us points..

    today i it looked like we were playing a 442 with 4 central midfielders..
    square pegs again isnt it??

    i know we used it at everton and it worked but to start using square pegs for more games than just a one off and the results might not be consistent..

    qpr have a small pitch anyway..we made it smaller by having no width for 80 % of the game..if we’d have scored first then maybe it would have worked but we were chasing the game for the majority..

    today it looked like a 411111…wasnt effective..even the goal came against the run of play and theo had lady luck with him..

    best to put it behind us and concentrate on another mini run..

  241. George.

    Saying arsene got something wrong does not mean the result of the game is only his fault but even he makes mistakes that sometimes contribute to a bad result. Plenty of blame to go around today.

  242. and to be fair we hung on to that 0-1 at goodison as well..
    we played well for about 10mins and then we just let everton take over.

    sort of the same thing happened today but we didnt have a lead to hang onto..

    so im not that convinced that the rambo/rosicky thing when we have wingers fit and ready is that great an idea..i wouldnt like to think its going to be a regular occurance, its more a needs must..

  243. bill
    theres two sides isnt there..

    if you say the tactics were fucked then its wenger bashing
    if you say the players were fucked then its complacency and we need another 100 signings in the summer as well as a major clearout of players who are mentally soft..

    cant win.. 😉

    the truth is always in the middle but nobody likes a fence sitter,,especialy on here 🙂

  244. I agree with JJ.

    we were lucky to get out of goodison with a win. the fact is ramsey is still an apprentice and at the moment he does seem to slow our play down. fuck knows why he doesnt play either the ox or the gerv on the left. i think when we have looked our best this season one of these has been on the left with theo on the right and roslicky in the middle. ramsey should play in the center if arteta or song are out at the moment.

  245. pedantic george

    Oh yeh because Theo was running riot giving us width on the right.
    Oh wait…………………..

  246. pedantic george

    When a team is conceding possession and letting you have the ball in tour own half,the key is to move the ball quickly when you enter the territory where they are going to close in on you.
    The players did not do tat .It was slow slow and more slow.Arsene would not have told them to do that.

  247. again george, good points, i think wenger did not tell them to play like denilson for 90mins 😉

    but, i dont think its out of the realms of possibilty that in tactically leaving our wingers on the bench in favor of more central players, AW increased the chances of us playing like we did..

    the players mistakes eventually cost us the game weve all seen Tvs stinker but i think we went in too defensively and maybe we should have been more pro active against a team like qpr and play with some pace and trickery and go for the kill..

    i think we went in to stop barton and qpr and we ended up stopping ourselves..mistakes killed it off..

  248. pedantic george

    JJ.It was the midfield slowing it down.Song was well off and Arteta did an Arteta.

  249. JJ @ 7:53 pm
    you nailed it in your post……

    No threat at all down the left…..allowed them to pack it in down the center – no room for
    Theo or RvP to find a gap in their back line.

    I thought our boys worked their tails off and we had no greater # of wayward passes than normal.

    A tough match against a determined side.

    Manager takes the blame for his player selection, tactics, and delay in adjusting to the match flow.

    Bring on City.

  250. anyone know anywher one can get into a good mass debate?? fukin dead as the arsenal deadwood on ere!! twitter is where its at a.

  251. pedantic george


  252. pedantic george

    Twitter is also dead Duke.

  253. pedantic george

    Duke .You could try posting some debating points rather than punch lines.

  254. er. yeah…ok..how about wenger then george, what was he playin at today??

  255. yes the players played like spurs but fukin c’mon wenger was the one that unbalanced the side.

  256. are we all going to watch motd?? i will have to move me jerry cans out the way of the tv then.

  257. pedantic george

    Duke , the midfield was dire. Rvp was dire ,Theo was dire TV aspired to be dire .
    The set up worked fine against Spurs.
    So tell me again how Arsene unbalanced the side?
    If playing Aaron Ramsey ,rather than AOC/Gervinho on the left unbalances the team to that extent then we a fucked

  258. they played slow ..i agree
    but wenger picks the team..
    he packed an already packed midfield in attempt to go to war with barton and we isolated our attacking threats..
    the midfields option was to keep possession and knock it about until there was a gap..
    with no width..those gaps are small..plays restricted..

    it was a poor performance by everyone..the manager, the players…

    i dont think we underestimated qpr..so i dont think it was complacency..
    i do think we over estimated them and lost focus on ourselves.. just a bad day at the office..
    we prepared for this game well..the manager was emphasising it through the week..we did our homework but it was one of those days where your homeworks wrong..

  259. george
    our pitch is big..we played wider v spurs

    we had lots of space to play into and spurs are not a dog of war team who hassle you and close you down
    spurs like to attack with power these days.. the NLD was open warfare..
    it was you attack we attack..
    it ended 5-2..

    the comparison is the everton game if any..

  260. yeah we had bennygoon that day though who had a stormer of a game. I dont think QPR deserved the respect we gave them, we should have just gone for their throats with a very attacking line up, i know its hindsight but when i saw the team i thought he should have played either the ox or gerv. as jj pointed out we kind a got away with it v everton and didnt look comfortable at all, we look best with our most attacking line up.

    do you think it wasnt a selection error today then just we didnt turn up???

  261. see i think it was the selection against this team in these circumstances that made our players look bad…..if what you say is true then that must cast a shadow over our players mentality again??? i’d rather the former.

  262. pedantic george

    .if what you say is true then that must cast a shadow over our players mentality again???

    george rodger (@Blackburngeorge) | March 31, 2012 at 5:00 pm
    Well was it the old complacency slipping back?
    It looked like that to me.

    Suit yourself what you make of that.

    We battered Everton first half JJ.

  263. It was a good enough Arsenal side to beat QPR. (any Arsenal side should be good enough)

    It didn’t, therefore the players did not perform to their best ability.

  264. George.

    The players are the ones who get complacent but it’s the manager who tolerated that complacency for those years. If the players can’t motivate themselves then the boss has to do whatever is necessary even if it means kicking the crap out of them or getting rid of them if nothing else works. Do you really want the old is Wenger losing room stuff to start again. It was a poorly planned and poorly played game. Having ramsey on the left and playing narrow did not give us the best chance to win and we should have made a change sooner Even with the tactical mistake had the players played well we would have won so the blame goes to both sides. I think it will be a one off and we will be back next weekend.

  265. ok then george why did the players get complacent then…again?? who let that happen??again??

  266. pedantic george

    OK Duke


    Happy now?

  267. pedantic george

    Bill,you and the other geniuses say it was a “tactical mistake”.I have some news for you.That does not make it so.

  268. There was no tactical mistake. It was players under-performing for some strange reason.

    Maybe that bastard Barton scares some of them. Maybe they thought it was only QPR. Whatever the reason we did not play well enough to win.

    Move on.

  269. Should re-sign that Henry fella. He got a hat-trick today.

  270. Bradys right foot

    Its Ramseys fault, its Wengers fault, we moved the ball too slow, blah blah blah. this is the first points dropped in 8 games man the fuck up gooners.

    As much as I hate Hughes and Barton the truth is that we were poor today not in terms of application or workrate but in execution and credit goes to QPR for impersonating a team today stifling us and taking their chances. The length of the grass and dry pitch where more of a hindrance to our play than any tactical mistakes.

  271. I don’t really think it’s “complacency”. Rather anxiety. It is always hard to focus when a big game is coming up. It’s naive to believe that the squad went out there thinking “Oh, it’s just QPR, at home, in a tough relegation battle — I am sure they’ll just roll over!” but at the same time it is almost unavoidable that players will be looking ahead to next week. Fans have been doing it and that highly competitive sportsmen will do the same is not a revelation of shocking proportions. In the end it was an even game any way you look at it with two crucial defensive mistakes at our end and one glorious chance not taken at their end.

  272. No tactical errors. A narrower field and a parked bus is what it was. We just couldn’t break them down more than once. We have problems breaking down parked buses.
    What we shouldn’t have done was concede stupid goals at the other end. But everyone is entitled to have a bad day once in a while. Doesn’t make. TV a bad player. Just too much overcommiting and slipping to get back into position.
    Sad part is I would have wanted QPR and its cast of cunts relegated and we gave them not only the three points but also belief that they are any good and can hack it in EPL. lets hope they still have that belief when playing against manure.

  273. pedantic george

    The length of the grass and dry pitch where more of a hindrance to our play than any tactical mistakes

    Well that could explain a lot.It is nor possible to move the ball quickly on a pitch like that.

  274. pedantic george

    The length of the grass and dry pitch where more of a hindrance to our play than any tactical mistakes

    The did say on the commentary however ,that the pitch had been over watered

  275. ha ha ha … really , the pitch!!! oh ffs.

  276. so thats it then were fucked, all a team has to do is doc the pitch a wee bit before we roll into town and were up the johnothan creek..

  277. pedantic george

    No Duke the pitch cant make a difference ,can it?
    We saw how easily we managed at Sunderland and in Milan.
    Pffft pitch eh?
    They should just kick the fucking ball harder .Eh Duke?

  278. pedantic george

    In fact now I think about it .Why do we bother spending all that money keeping our pitch pristine.It make no difference .May as well sack the ground staff and give their wages to RVP

  279. george yes milans groundsmen screwed us as did sunderland but now if the whole of the football world has dot cottoned on to it we really have to learn how to play on a bog dont you think or we realy are scuppered.

  280. pedantic george

    Yes Duke .I do agree.
    I was simply saying that my gripe with the team today was the speed they passed the ball around.Now if the grass was long that explains it .
    That is all.

  281. Come to think of it there was a game we played at old turdfort last year or the one before where our players were slipping and sliding all over the place. Old ferret face Ferguson does teach his underlings very well. This is becoming a norm now. To nullify ARSENAL and their speed passing consult your friendly neighborhood groundskeepers. Fucking hell.

  282. Bradys right foot

    dukegoonem | March 31, 2012 at 11:42 pm

    We didn’t play particularly well but in no way where we outplayed today, This wasn’t like the swansea game ffs. In isolation two defensive mistakes cost us the game in what was a very evenly fought and contested game.

    The point I was making was that the tactics had less of an effect on our performance than the length of the grass, it slowed our game down. We mightn’t have won on a slick pitch but we would have beem able to move the ball quicker.

  283. Rugby pitch, long grass, claustrophobic stadium. All true, but come on guys, the players have to own up. They let AW down today; not enough invention. Playing away from home, needs lots of bottle first and foremost

  284. I think that in the past couple of days someone on this thread posted comment about Ramsey removing some of the impact of Tomas when he is played. I think yesterday suggested that there is merit in this suggestion and I also feel that Aaron can take too long on the ball and slow things down at times. I’ve taken that as a consequence of his need to demonstrate how good he is in order to secure a stronger role in the first eleven but that might not always be best for the team, maybe!

    I am not blaming him here but it led me to make a few other partnership comparisons. For example, the skill sets and physical stature of TV5 and Kos is so similar that I wonder if we would not be better off playing one of these with one of the other two bigger lads (JD or PM) as a general rule – particularly on days lilke today where the aerial threat and long ball game can be anticipated. And I’m not saying this because TV5 had a ‘mare yesterday, although I suspect that is how he would assess it.

    Onwards and upwards and with Citeh on there way over we’d better get our place in order over this coming week. They (and our renegades) deserve a special treat.


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