A Spring In Arsenal’s Step Brings A Thoroughly Deserved Three Points

Arsenal 3 – 0 Aston Villa

1 – 0 Gibbs (16)
2 – 0 Walcott (25)
3 – 0 Arteta (90)

As London basked in Spring sunshine, Arsenal produced a performance that reflected that brightness. Although the passing was as crisp as the winter mornings now since passed, this is a time of hope and youthful promise. The challenge of finishing third in the Premier League is a realistic target as lungs inhale fresh air from the zephyr that crosses The Emirates at this time.

Whilst Arsenal’s zest cannot be suppressed in any assessment of yesterday, Villa were entirely ordinary. To describe their threat as blunted ascribes too much sharpness to their performance. They have too many points to be overhauled by more than one of the bottom five but it is not difficult to see why they struggle this season.

The match had not begun well for Arsenal. Laurent Koscielny had been due to perform defensive duties with Thomas Vermaelen but tendinitis precluded his involvement beyond a brief sprint in the warm-up. Whether it is more costly remains to be seen. In his place Johan Djourou proved an able deputy, some mistakes betraying his time out of the side but with the side winning and keeping a clean sheet, to pick holes in his performance is churlish. He and the Belgian have time this week to work on their understanding and giving the young Swiss international belief that comes through regular play.

Albrighton was unable to punish the attacking spirit of Gibbs, wayward and skyward in his finish before Arsenal found their stride. Vermaelen was first to threaten, clearing the bar where previously the net had bulged; Gervinho and Walcott contrived an opening from which Sagna skewed wide of Given’s goal. The pressure was building and having stretched them earlier in the afternoon, Gibbs breached the visitors backline. Gervinho toyed on the left edge of the area, Gibbs burst into space, took the pass and from an acute angle shot, his effort deflecting into the net. It was an ideal moment, settling nerves for the remainder of the afternoon.

Villa were subdued by Arsenal’s possession and punished for hesitant defending. Alex Song lofted a trademark pass into the penalty area; Robin van Persie would have struck it into the net on the volley, Theo Walcott deciding to take the ball under control before nonchalently burying the chance past Given. Arsenal’s vibrant attack was terrorising Villa, stretching them and taunting rash challenges. van Persie cleared the bar with an effort whilst Arteta forewarned Given of what was to come with a rasping drive shortly afterwards. A third goal beckoned and was only denied by the valiant Warnock diving through the air as van Persie bemused the visitors defence from a seemingly lost situation.

Gibbs tested his opposite number with a run early in the second half, his captain’s header wayward in the end with Rosicky testing Given. Gibbs would be replaced by Andre Santos but was a bright spark all afternoon. Some work needs to be done on the understanding with Gervinho and Arteta, spaces all too often apparent as the full back pushed forward yet the verve of his play was a joy to watch. Having test Given a couple of times beforehand, Arteta lofted his free kick just over the bar. With time running out, he rectified his aim to leave the Irishman grasping helplessly with a set piece that wafted through the air into the net. A thoroughly deserved strike if from a somewhat unexpected source.

Post match, Arsรจne’s praise for the performance was effusive,

I felt it was a very dynamic, fluent performance in the first half with top technical quality. It was a controlled performance in the second half, we controlled the game and managed not to concede a goal

It seems harshly worded in the light of day, it was not that Arsenal managed not to concede simply that they allowed Villa so precious little opportunity to create. Control though is the key word. I felt that overall the team played within themselves; bright, opportunistic but still with more tempo and energy to come if required. In short, they were comfortable in their command.

Where the recent games have shown a marked improvement is in goalscoring. Robin van Persie remains the focal point of the attack and media attention; others are stepping into the goalscoring shoes with a contribution that was missing earlier in the season. Undoubtedly the confidence of a winning run helps to free the mental shackles that poor form imprisons. It must be as liberating on the pitch as it is in the stands. It needs to continue; matches come on a weekly basis so injuries and niggles can be rested which leaving serious injuries aside, mean a settled side can be fielded. That will underpin the continued good form.

With the improved weather coming, the brightness of the here and now cannot be taken for granted with complacency as much a foe to be conquered as any opponent on the pitch. But that does not preclude anyone enjoying the winning run whilst it lasts. Another couple of months for that would suffice.

’til Tomorrow.



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  1. real early Yogi

  2. Great work as usual Yogi.

    You really are heaven sent to gooners worldwide.

  3. I’ll be damned. And was just thinking of going to bed. I suppose I’ll read the post then after I refill the glass with some Chablis

  4. Yeah he probably wrote it while the wife was busy watching reality The Voiceโ˜บ

  5. Villa were certainly ordinary, but then we made them look that way too. I’m not sure we’ve seen a better all-round performance from the boys all season. And what a rocket by Arteta to finish it off too. Third isn’t ours yet by any means, but the momentum continues … ๐Ÿ™‚


  6. Yogi’s is going in HARD!!! His got another post up now.

  7. Just Another Luke

    Seventh, like Liverpool!

  8. Light of day yogi? Damn. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. should have watched MoTD spuds-chavs part. insomniac at the moment. bet that would have helped.

  10. Arsenal need to spend 100 million, like liverpool. Wait…

  11. Iโ€™ve downloaded the full match to watch because i missed it, and iโ€™ve noticed something, since the game was on the Arsenal player, are these two cunts the Arsenal Player commentators, are you fucking serious? They are the most cuntish piece of turd i have ever heard speak. Its like they make it their job to dig into Arsenal at every opportunity.

    It makes me sick, and it begs the question, why do Arsenal still have these brain dead morons as commentators? its ridiculous.

  12. Moe

    unfortunately sometimes i think certain departments of the club just arent up to the level we expect. such as the PR, and like u say, the commentators. i personally don’t know much about the commentators, because i only watch those highlights.

  13. Moe,

    Welcome to the wonderful world of Arsenal player and it’s star Stewart Robson. Ex-Arsenal man. Lol

  14. re ex-Arsenal players

    i think keown is most respectful towards the club and arsene wenger, because of the fact that wenger brought him on in the dying minutes so that he could get a 10th appearance and hence a championship medal. i think it shows both the class of wenger and keown.

    that is why when things werent going well, you could see so many ex-players jumping at the chance to shoot us and wenger. but not keown.

  15. korihikage and Maria

    The worst thing about it is that the degrading comments from the commentators are so obvious its mind boggling. They attributed to every aspect of every goal we scored today to a mistake by a Villa player or poor play from Villa and almost wishing for us to concede, im falbbergasted as i have never watched the Arsenal Player and i knew people had told me that they were bad but i thought they just couldn;t commentate. Well its safe to say im never going to ever watch any Matches from the Arsenal Player. You’d have to be deaf not to see how much they hate Arsenal.

    And the thing about ex Arsenal Players is that maybe there is a bitterness about them i dont know. I don’t know enough old Arsenal Players to be honest to be able to comment much further, but its mind boggling that although they are in our pay, the commentators are despicable.

    I’ll stop watching the video now before i suffer an aneurism. LOL

  16. Bright and early YW. Not even 9 pm in the Caribbean. Still aglow after our noon local time demolition of the Villans. Like you, not yet jumping for joy for 3rd place. Still many plots and twists ahead.

    PS: Much respect to mi bredda PaulN and of corse his lovely wife for bringing a second ACLFer in this world. Ayana, I understand, means “beautiful blossom” May she be always be the flower in your lives.

  17. I’m watching the game on Arsenal player now and I think you maybe wrong. The guys I’m listening to are very, very positive. No Robson this week.

  18. Trademark Song pass = the passes Cesc used to make over the defence. Song is the complete midfielder.

  19. Actually Song makes passes over and through. Legend.

  20. ‘There has never been a doubt about the quality of Wengerโ€™s squad,’

    from telegraphs match report.

    rewriting history indeed.

  21. I’m listening to Mark Thompson and and Stephen Hughes.

  22. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2119714/Arsenal-3-Aston-Villa-0-Gibbs-Walcott-Arteta-help-Gunners-consolidate-third.html

    i really have to get used to the media praising us, when you consider all the vitriol they have been spouting all season.

  23. Early post Yogi but a good one. It’s funny, even though we are out of the FA cup, CL and now only have the league to contend with, I do not feel the same sense of loss(?) I felt these last few years. I think this maybe because, ironically, we were knocked out of all 3 comps earlier than usual which gives our walking wounded time to heal, giving us a much stronger squad than we are used to having at this time of year. I am sure there are other factors but 7 wins in a row (8 if you count the Milan game) and all of a sudden we are looking down on the spuds, chavs, geordies, ‘pool. Take a look back to not too long ago:

    1 (1) Manchester City 23 17 3 3 60 19 41 54
    2 (2) Manchester United 23 17 3 3 56 21 35 54
    3 (3) Tottenham Hotspur 23 15 4 4 44 25 19 49
    4 (4) Chelsea 23 12 6 5 41 26 15 42
    5 (7) Liverpool 23 10 8 5 28 21 7 38
    6 (5) Arsenal 22 11 3 8 39 33 6 36
    7 (6) Newcastle United 22 10 6 6 32 30 2 36

    Considering we had just lost the 3 previous matches, our 23rd match of the season would be a draw against Bolton (well played Fabrice) and although this finally snapped the losing streak, I doubt anyone saw this run coming. At this stage last year we were a broken wreck, although for some weird reason we managed to beat Utd 1-0 when it did not matter a dam. I get, and I think everyone else does too, a different vibe from the team this year and believe strongly that it had to do with letting the likes of Nasri and NB52 go. Do not get me wrong Nasri is a very skillful player, whilst Bendy certainly thinks he is, but as members of a team I would most certainly rather have Arteta and Gervinho.

    The whole point of this mini ramble (besides North Carolina moonshine ๐Ÿ™‚ ) is that I am in full agreement with AW. If we want to be challenging for the title next year then we have to finish this season as well as possible. By that I mean win EVERY game left. No small order true but definitely doable. If we do that then I believe all of our players will sign longterm contracts and the likes of Utd and City will be very worried about whom we may buy in the summer. And well they should be if you ask me, which you didn’t but I will tell you anyways, as this squad has the making of something really special. I remember we all said here on ACLF at the start of the season, when we crashed and burned almost immediately, that this might mean we finish strong, so far we are being proved right. Long may it continue.

    Now for some B.C. bud to go with this N.C. moonshine ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. Much prefer this table ๐Ÿ™‚

    1 Man City 30 50 70
    2 Man Utd 29 46 70
    3 Arsenal 30 22 58
    4 Tottenham 30 18 55
    5 Chelsea 30 15 50
    6 Newcastle 29 0 47
    7 Liverpool 30 5 42

  25. 25th,somewhere in the Championship division. Leaving on a jet plane Sunday for the UK. 8 days in London town.

  26. Arsenal have had 17 different goal scorers and people have the nerve to call us a one man team!!!

  27. MDG – Do not try and bring any of your Pastys with you as I do not think they meet the EU’s health codes ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. gunner4lyf – We are a one man team and that one man is Arsene Wenger ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. Wonderful tribute to FABRICES BRAVERY and solidarity with him. Pure class. Pure love.
    My favorite goal was THEOS. what touch. What finish. The kid thinks he is THEIRY. more power to you Walcott.
    Some off the dirty stuff pulled by VILLA in the second half reminded me of Birmingham and how they used to deal. With our passing. Real shame really. Thankfully they paid a heavy price at least on one occasion which was Artetas beautiful freekick. With shitty dropping two later in the day and undoubtedly manure scum succumbing in some of their games to come, we can’t afford to let off the gas pedal. As long as we take care of our business end, the two in front of us will oblige and dropp some points. Its that kind of year. We can at the very least scare the crap out of them as a great preparation for what’s to come next year for them and the rest of the supposed top six team.
    UP. THE. GUNS. OF. ARSENAL!!!!!!

  30. So, does Arsรฉne Wenger get the Premier League manager of the month award for March? His performance has been better than in February when he got the award.

    And a point I mentioned late last night…

    What are the chances of City losing to Arsenal and United, and drawing 3 of the 6 remaining games? If this happens, and Arsenal win all their games to the end of the season, we will finish the season with the same points as Manchester City.

    I suppose some folk will still bitch that we had a shit season.

  31. “Abramovich has spent around ยฃ800m since his takeover in 2003. But, under UEFA’s new Financial Fair Play rules, which are unlikely to face legal challenges by the clubs after being backed by the European Commission
    last week, the Russian’s lavish subsidies of Chelsea will have to end, making Champions League qualification a must.

    Last year Chelsea made ยฃ37m from Champions League TV money alone, plus an estimated ยฃ25m from the matches. And next season looks like being a financial nightmare if they fail to qualify. Without that money there seems little hope of Chelsea meeting the criteria for UEFA’s new rules unless the naming rights of Stamford Bridge can be sold
    for a huge sum. Chelsea chief executive Ron Gourlay has said he is confident of a deal this summer, but ยฃ10m a year would be a generous valuation and UE
    FA have already said they will outlaw any massively overvalued deal that looks like a disguised subsidy.”

    When the chickens come home to roost, they really come in style. For one, Abramovich has a geriatric squad with old age footballing pensioners ready to be sent out to pasture. They don’t have a functional enough academy that supports the promotion of youth and have based their business model of buying shiny things off the shelf – folk like Juan Mata and Sideshow Bob. But all of this has been dependent on Abramovich lighting up a bonfire and throwing ยฃ800 million into a flawed project that defies stupidity. ยฃ800 million and for what? 6 trophies? At the cost of a club sinking into mid table mediocrity because their chase for fame in a reckless and unsustainable manner by a Russian tycoon who wanted a toy?

    Chelsea cannot buy a new squad any more and they don’t have a coherent strategy to replace the current squad. They wonn’t even be able to attract the right kind of players without Champions league football. Juan Mata must be wondering how stupid he was to snub Arsenal for Russian oil snake merchant money.

    And people – including some Arsenal fans – still berate and riducule Arsenal for running a football club properly. They want us to “spend the fucking money” and buy new shiny toys.

  32. Some people will complain no matter what Darius, because they were born under the bitch sign and there is no helping their entitlement complex. This team has achived what they set out to do and then some. As far as the pludits and awards and such, they can stick them where they filled their attacks and belittling articles and their venom. I could care less about their applause after going through months of their vitriolic nonsense.
    We can attribute the performance and the heart shown by this team to many factors. Lighter playing schedule since we are out of the other competitions. Perhaps a little. Being discounted and expectations lower. Maybe a little also. We have had the same bad luck with injuries and the referee calls as any other year so that can’t be it.
    For me the main reason for this resurgent team and their never die attitude is first and foremost , we have ride ourselves of three or four want aways that Sapp the team of its drive and hunger and desire. I hope they will, In very short time, kick themselves for jumping the ARSENAL ship when they did. They will cry to high heavens when they realize what could have been and what they traded for. If not this year, certainly in the upcoming campaign the word Juggernaut and ARSENAL will be synonymous.

  33. ROMAN scared me by brining on AVB last year and thank god he didn’t have the patience to see what a team with AVB s stamp on it would look like. The man was in the process of phasing out the old and buying younger players to keep this toy competitive in the top four. Their model demands spending and buying trophies. There is no other way fast enough to false glory. Ask united,shitty,pool and even totts this same questions. Pool should have gone to administration last year even before the king Kenny project started, if it wasn’t for the Yankee sucker who came in and bought this toxic asset.
    Given time only one model and one club will be standing in the end. THAT IS THE ARSENAL.
    Hope to see manure in some financial hot water very soon too. How much longer will they have to rely on their. Geriatric bunch to harness glory. Maybe next year they will recall the butcher Keane and dumbass Neville out of retirement to give them a hand. Come on fulham. Spank these scum come Monday. You can do it.

  34. I’ll be royally pissed off if Crouch Van Basten is given the goal of the season instead of Van Persie’s strikes against Everton or Liverpool.

  35. @ Darius

    I suppose the instantaneous comparison of Peter Crouch to Marco Van Basten got you too ๐Ÿ˜€

  36. Here is a nice stat for people calling Arsenal a one man team

    Total PL goals this season = 61

    RVP = 26

    Others = 35

    Entire Liverpool Squad = 36

  37. Great attacking verve from us yesterday. Gerv is getting sharper again hopefully he can share the goal scoring to keep us third but he worked his ass off yesterday. Re the arsenal player commentary – reason always looks at the negatives so he can show his tactical ability … Lol. But i have car to say yer man Dan is partisan as they come. An Hughes is always cheering on like a fan

  38. That should have read Robson looks at negatives

    Good news on kos he should be back for qpr.

  39. Bradys right foot

    Arteta Song & Rosicky really is a quality midfield triumverite, possessing skill, responsibility and hard graft. I don’t think there is a better midfield in the league at present.

  40. Bradys right foot

    Im on the naughty step Yogi.

  41. Good stat. Anirudh.

    Coming over to learn how to cook MD?

  42. Two things went wrong this season:

    1) the tranfer window. I’m positive that AW said years ago that May is the most important month of the transfer window. The signs are that he is getting back to that philosophy
    2) no fullbacks in December/January

    With both OK we might be challenging, with one OK we would be in a certain 3rd place

    Looking forward to next season, with one or two quality additions and Wilshere back.

  43. It would be fucking brilliant if the tabloid hacks just came out and sad they were 10000000% wronfg and nope, Arsenal’s squad isnt worse than Stokes etc. Won’t hold me breath, although I wish a few would,

  44. Nice write up as ever YW. U are indeed a shinning light in the blogosphere.
    This team have a mark of greatness in it. If we manage to keep this team together and add maybe 1 or 2 players to supplement wat we already have and wit the return of some certain young players on loan, the future really looks RED and WHITE in England!
    Arsene is actually building a team with such flair and tenacity that the invincibles will b proud of and I dare say that this team can emulate them if they keep their hearts together and be ready to sail against the storm.
    Arsene is the greatest manager I knw. Arsenal is greatest club and we are dt in CLASS far beyond anyother club. We are actually MORE THAN A CLUB

  45. i know i had this debate a few days ago, (with i think jeff??? ), but did you notice how many times gerv tracked back and was actually behind gibbs? there were at least 3 or 4 times that all brighton took off that our ivorian winner caught him.

    the team played well, no doubt. villa i thought were shocking, especially in the first half – they looked terrified of us. what their defense was doing on our first goal i can’t guess. it looked like the defenders all told each other to mark gibbs, and none did……

  46. i suppose theres a few ppl who would have grumbled when JD’s name was read out, hes made a bit of a dent in his reputation this season by playing at RB but as a CB hes more than average..
    hes better than most..luiz cost 20 mil and hes first/second choice at chelsea and ive seen him play worse..
    JD was probably our standout man last year when TV was crocked and Kozzer was still settling.

    i have much more confidence in a 4th choice CB when hes more than just a a stop gap..

    Not to mention when the rest of the defence is settled and the rest of the positions are 1st choice, one change wont really affect the momentum..

  47. In the words of Chris Kamara, Fabrice Muamba’s recovery is unbeleivable man….

  48. nando

    Thats part of the game plan man, pressing the opposition to buggery…

  49. JJ

    Just look at yesterdays BBC live blog mate, utter anti-Arsenal bullshit man. Djourou was apparantly reason for Gooners to be wary of a win. Wankers only post anti-Arsenal stuff, try it yourself if you dont beleieve me….

  50. Djourou was our bestest CB last season, so why should we be questioning his inclusion? Really [isses me off TBH, same applys to the knee jerk Theo love in. Like he hasnt been doing it all season for us xx

  51. @jonjon 9:40
    We human are quick to forget thgs. JD was really outstanding last season until dt unfortunate injury against manure. I personally still hold him in high regard and believe he can do a job when he’s played in the CB position. I don’t knw if people will agree that TV5 wasn’t too great wen he played as a LB.

  52. If i am honest i did fret a bit when i heard kos was out and johann was in because of which johann we would get after him not playing for a while . Happily we got the surefooted and assured johann who had a strong game and not the hesitant and shaky one…

  53. Dex i beleive you..I seen merse’s reaction..

    lankylorde, JD came back from bad injury twice last year due to his importance in the team..

    i remember (was it the dislocated shoulder) injury and everyone was gutted..then a week later he was back in the first team..and i think that happened a second time with a knee injury

    he had a bad time at OT (didnt everybody who played) and he had a few groin niggles and had to play on the right for a bit so i dont understand why now hes become part of the clear out in some fans eyes..

    as far as TV was concerned, good point…
    i think he did a great job as a LB..
    but we dont play with LB’s..we use WB’s..
    hes not the best..
    JD had same problem..

  54. When wolves go down we could do worse than ppick up their keeper hennessey as backup – Almunia will be on the way im sure and will fabz stick around ??

  55. Michael Gregory

    How come Heskie was not booked for his unintentional elbow on our defender?The word unintentional shd be changed to deliberate. THat is why unless the ref punishes the bully boys,England will never win the wc repeat never win not not win.
    MC were undone by the physicality of Stoke city .One blue was nursing a head wound and the ref did not take action against such thugs.
    So when England to the euro12, I am sure they will be eliminated bfore the qf.
    Oh,I forgot the ref has handed the advantage to one red faced for the epl.So don’t be surprised he will be no1 in the epl but not in the cl.

  56. deise i think henneseys a good keeper but hes relatively young, we already have a few of those..

    i agree with dex about the keeper from bolton..jussi aint first choice anymore and he might be willing to sit on our bench for a bit more money in his final years..hes got abit more PL experience than most keepers and hes not a poor one either..

    i think the experience would benefit the squad more..

  57. JJ 10:04
    Exactly my point. Don’t know y some people were raging when the news oh his new contract broke out. I’ll rather have him as a 4th choice CB than have any of liverpool CB.

    Onto smthg a lil differrent: I think those dt were calling us a 1 man team will now see that the lack of proper full back was responsible for the narrowness of our game thereby restricting us to attacking from te central area. This made most of our goals come through RVP then. Now that we have our FBs back, we attack and score from all over the pitch. Our 2 LBs have scored this season

  58. Yeah jussi is a good shout. Hennessey is older than szcz but 2 or 3 years and has quite a bit of first team experience too.

  59. mattgoonerknight

    Why do I watch that the cretinous crock of crap that is Sunday Supplement.

    Instead of praising our resurgence they are back wheeling out the hackneyed ” [insert as appropriate] years without a trophy” line, insisting that a third place finish should be par for the course for Arsenal; that we “should” be above the spuds and be in at least third place and that despite our winning steak we are still 12 points behind the Manchester clubs.

    The anti-Arsenal sentiment is bewildering but in some ways edifying…we all know the truth.

    I made bets back in September (when we were 17th) that we would make top four and finish above the spuds and while I must admit that I always kept faith in our ability to grab fourth, I did start to think that the St.Totts day bubbly would need putting on ice until next season.

    While nothing is decided, it is now a fact that finishing in 3rd place, above the spuds and chavs, is in our own hands: a wonderful position to be in with just eight games to go.



  60. Lovely morning.
    AW’s remark in the presser that “we weren’t as bad as people said we were” struck a chord with me.

    @ IrishGray
    Lovely comments

    @ Moe
    The commentators while the match is going on are usually much better than the commentators you get on the on-demand video clip, which is the one Stewart Robson does.

    @ Darius
    UEFA have already said they will outlaw any massively overvalued deal that looks like a disguised subsidy.โ€

    Is that true? I really hope so! Does that mean City are in trouble after all, and if not, how did they get away with it?

    @ goonerkam | March 25, 2012 at 7:58 am and goonerkam | March 25, 2012 at 8:16 am
    Two great posts.
    This bit made me laugh:
    “Some people will complain no matter what Darius, because they were born under the bitch sign and there is no helping their entitlement complex.”

    @ Dexter
    Agree with just about everything you’ve said today!

  61. Limestonegunner

    One of my favourite moments from yesterday’s game: the look on WC’s face and shrug of his shoulders with 10 or so minutes left when he fumbled the ball tossed to him by the ball boy behind the goal–“silly me”! Oops!–and had to wait as the boy languidly picked it up and handed it to him. Priceless!

  62. Id like to see Gervinho try his luck with a shot more often…you just know if one goes in hes gonna take off

  63. Post of the day.. Maria @1214. haha
    Certainly an interesting. Picture. ๐Ÿ™‚

  64. blue@hotmail.com

    then both our Fullbacks have scored this season, or three of them to be honest. Sanga, Gibbs and Santos. That helps..

  65. hmm yogi i just posted with my email..lol can you moderate it away from the page please?

  66. Limestonegunner

    Deise, I certainly agree with that. He got into some great positions in and around the box but didn’t pull the trigger. It’s a confidence issue at this point, so hopefully his teammates and AW will encourage him to take a pop.

  67. and wow! has patric collins been unusually luycky with his overnight company or something this morning? Ive never ever seen daily mail publish such a nice article about Arsenal and AW ever before…

  68. maybe it ws because we had two english goalscorers.

  69. good morning. FUNGUN.
    when will the next ALFC games be?? Semis I believe. Or is it the quarters?? Do you think they can do it?? N
    YW AND/OOU. OR MAYBE YOURSELF should do a post in them . They certainly have earned it through the years and are part of the GUNNER. FAMILY. NO??

  70. Rosicky and RVP seem to have the near post corner routine down to a tee – there was at least 2 or 3 attempts at it yesterday

  71. oh, and CONGRADULATIONS to Gibbsy for what I think was his first goal for Arsenal in the EPL… everyone is starting to score now that the team has finally. Found chemistry and are on the same wavelength. hehehe.
    Our loaned out players did well yesterday. Even Nicky.

  72. and i do not unerstand how a person supposedly as smart as Mata with all his masters and bachelor degrees could be such a dumbass and go to Cheslea. I know im biased but Chelsea??
    Also how cool would it be if we got 3rd with this team? We offload Cesc and Nasri and do better without them! that would be awesome and a huge credit to the guys… They proven that football skills alone does not make champions. You need heart and desire too. Espeically now when it seems like neither Nasri nor Cesc will become anything but no2 with their respecitive teams this year.
    That would indeed be sweet. With no more cup action to interefere we should get enough rest between matches to keep this up.
    Chelsea will be so buissy with FA cup and CL that they wont have time to get back into top 4. If we manage to create 6 point gap down to Tottenham i would feel alot more calm tbh…

  73. I read somewhere that Joey the basterd Barton is benched by Hughes. And dropped from captaincy. Cicse is red carded and won’t play against us. We might be able to steamroll them.

  74. Most likely doubled his money poodle and his former team most likely doubled their transfer fee and his agent got a nice bit slice of that pie too.

    The Arsenal would have been a better fit for his talents but ……..

  75. I would get a ticket for that limestone. Might be a blowout. How did givens save from that rocket from Arteta sound to you guys behind the goal. ??
    I heard it all the way here in LA man. Shays expressive face was priceless after that one..

  76. Barton has reverted to his piss poor attitude on the pitch. His career seems to go from 1 good season, followed by a move to another club then a lazy season. And its his smug self important attitude thats at the heart of it. The git

  77. Limestonegunner

    kam, ticket for which?

    I’d love to find an extra ticket for QPR away and join the world famous Arsenal away support (maybe hang with Dex who seems to be a regular), but it has been sold out for a few weeks.

    Alas, wasn’t behind the goal on the North Bank, but happily saw two at close range from the Clock End–Gibbsy and Theos’ very beautifully taken goal.

  78. Limestonegunner

    But yes, that final goal was a genuine surprise. The guy sitting next to me got up and so our whole row had to make way as he went to the stairs, so our attention was distracted–why he was leaving before the final whistle is a mystery to me–but he got what he deserved. His back was turned as Arteta smashed it in and we all erupted in joy at the surprise of a last gasp extra goal.

  79. Yes limestone. The QPR game. Might be another comprehensive win. And hanging out with DEX.? awesome. We ssure to read about it the papers. Hahaha. That would be a blast….

  80. Don’t you hate when people di that?? Leave early?. Idiotic. And DEX. GOT all the local connection really. He probably can get you a ticket too ,he is so connected. Just don’t take the pink pills. Haha.

  81. Limestonegunner

    Good warning there, Kam!

  82. Dont be fooled. The media through their assorted hacks and journos have no love for the self-sustaining Arsenal FC and the genius AW who has made us the most compelling football club in the world. 7 wins in a row has simply forced them to rewrite the script. Any credit given is grudging at best. Themes that we are a one-man team, suspect defensively and short of world-class players remain in vogue. Damned by faint praise. Hypocrites.

  83. Did anyone else notice RVP grimace when massaging the back of his knee at the start of the second half yesterday? Then Le Boss mentioned worry about him getting an injury and that a rest was needed for him…..

  84. BTW: Its been mentioned before but worth repeating. We have a nother right-footed flyer in the making in the person of Ryo. At Bolton he is forced to play a traditional English winger but at his age he is miles ahead of Theo in that respect. Better close clontrol, better spatial awarenesss and effectiveness cutting inside. Technically most of Bolton’s midfielders and fullbacks are miles behind their peers at Arsenal. But on a better team running combination plays allowing him run behind the defenders or cut inside with support from an overlapping fullback Ryo could be MURDER. The main weakness I see in his game is defensively, doesn’t to do much tracking back.

  85. Limestonegunner

    Shotta, noticed that about Ryo in the Bolton game I watched a week or two ago. It isn’t just that he doesn’t track back that much but he is still learning about positioning and where to try to close down. But otherwise, he is devastating with his speed and control. He played on the left for Feyenoord. He is two footed enough to play either wing, I think.

  86. “Did anyone else notice RVP grimace when massaging the back of his knee at the start of the second half yesterday? Then Le Boss mentioned worry about him getting an injury and that a rest was needed for himโ€ฆ..”

    No, but I did notice in the pre-Villa training pics that he was wearing strapping around his calf. He also did not look quite right towards the end of the game yesterday. I hope it’s just minor and that a rest against QPR will have him fit for the blue mancs.

  87. Well its 1 week to the QPR game then another week to the city game. In that time spurs will have played 3 games, 1 cup game and 2 league games. Then its 3 games in 10 days for us. So while RVP rest might be nice i dont think we can afford it. We gotta cement 3rd spot as soon as possible

  88. goonerkam

    the ladies play today at 1400 uk time against everton in the fa cup. grudge match, really. i think we have won the fa cup 10 times in the last 11 years. that one time we lost it was in 2010 to everton. last year we beat them in the first round.

  89. Songaldinho surely the best ‘defensive midfielder’ in the world….pass to Theo for the goal was world class. How dumb do the journos feel now…mind the gap indeed….liverpool and chelsea in the proverbials…now theres a real crisis. Arsene knows. COYG. Whar price a Citeh collapse and Arsenal to win all games and take 2nd? This team is going to win the league next season.

  90. @G4L
    A City collapse would be very much what I’d like to see. And to be honest, we are playing them and they are playing ManU soon. So if we take a win and they lose that match, the gap will suddenly be at just 6 points. Unlikely, but not impossible, I say.

  91. are bolton gonna continue in the fa cup? there was talk that they might withdraw.

    please don’t. win it for fabrice.

  92. needed to go on a run and have done just that. it has catapulted us to third and if we continue it will give us a much bigger separation with our nearest competitors dropping points. COYG

  93. “So while RVP rest might be nice i dont think we can afford it. We gotta cement 3rd spot as soon as possible”

    It’s not a matter of affording it Deise, if he is in the ‘red zone’ we might have no choice if we want him fit for city and chelsea.

  94. alex song is the best all round midfielder in the country when he plays like this
    i watched a load of you tube vids of our players not long since and songs been perfecting his trademark for about 2-3 seasons..
    theres plenty of attacking players and plenty of defensive players but theres not many who can do both..wenger likes his complete midfielders doesnt he? we have quite a few but song on top form is worldclass..hes up there..

  95. For stat lovers
    Luis Suarez 106 shots, 7 goals. Mikel Arteta 42 shots, 6 goals. Yaya Toure 51 shots, 4 goals. Luka Modric 65 shots, 4 goals.
    That’s accuracy

  96. For the stats lover
    Luis Suarez 106 shots, 7 goals. Mikel Arteta 42 shots, 6 goals. Yaya Toure 51 shots, 4 goals. Luka Modric 65 shots, 4 goals.
    That’s accuracy

  97. Just a quick question for someone to answer if they can, what is the record for most wins in a row in the EPL? I mean if we win our remaining 8 games (I do not see why not the way we are playing) we will have won 15, that must surely be up there? I would not be completely shocked if we were to do that and then next season follow it up by starting strongly and maybe even matching/surpassing the invincibles? I know it is a stretch but the way we have been playing fills me with so much confidence I think we can. Loving this team and how they play, both in general and for each other. Gervinho and Theo are tracking back like madmen, tuly great to see and a real joy to watch. Also loving the positive comments and camaraderie on the blog. YW as always doing a fantastic job, really makes the weekend so much more enjoyable ๐Ÿ™‚

    LSG – Very jealous of you if you manage to get an away ticket man ๐Ÿ™‚ but in a good way. Fingers crossed you will get one but like G’kam said don’t take any pills man! Especially ones from Dexter!

    I have asked my cousin back in Dublin to check out the odds of The Arsenal finishing second above citeh and if it is worth putting a few Euros on. Confidence as they say is everything and this team is flowing with it. I keep laughing when I look at the table and see that ‘Pool are only 1 win above 12th place!! $140 million they spent this season on players and have only managed to score 36(I think) goals! Fucking rediculous really. And yes I fully agree that AW should get Manager of the Month again, hell considering how we started the season he should get Manager of the Month.

    Now it is time to get back on the road and it is off to Nashville for a night ๐Ÿ™‚ Looking forward to it. I have to admit though North Carolina monshine gives you one hell of a hangover!!

  98. The Real Stew Black

    Watching Ajax/PSV.
    Ajax play a lot like we do. Nice to watch.

  99. Also, there is this funny thing on Twitter going on where people are trying to get #BanPiersMorganFromArsenal to trend. So if you are on Twitter, do your good deed and include “#BanPiersMorganFromArsenal” in your tweets. He thoroughly deserves it!

  100. The Real Stew Black

    Nice seeing Dennis on the bench in his suit.
    Very cool.

  101. Irish

    I think it is 14 wins in the PL. A record we already own.

  102. Limestone

    If you are on twitter try, @arsenal_tickets to see if you can get a QPR ticket.

  103. Nice one FG! ๐Ÿ™‚

  104. pedantic george

    this wordpress stuff seems to have fuck the job up.

  105. Limestone

    I’ll be at QPR next week, should be a good craic man and no, I won’t be offering you any pills, I’m way too selfish and greedy!

    Ay oop George ๐Ÿ™‚

  106. Thanks Kori for that info . Ten fa cups on eleven years is true dominance. Add to that the league title s and the ladies European exploits and they are the proverbial juggernaut. The tv folks should probably televise the final. No??
    Hope RVP S knee or calf issues don’t keep him on the bench as I can see his competitive spirit won’t allow it and he won’t be too happy. The QPR game comes just at the right time, it seems.
    Time for park and/or chamack to earn their pay some more and help us gain those three points. I think they have enough to pull it off. By the time shitty comes the gap will be single digit. lets all pull for fullam do deliver a psychological battering on manure this Monday and then it’s. GAME ON.

  107. I really like that campaign to get Stew Robson out and get someone else with red/ white in his veins. Someone a bit more upbeat and less critical. Hope it succeeds.
    We can start another for getting the genius ruski back summer time.

  108. Just like the spuds looked to be out of reach a few weeks back, so Villa propbably thought they were too far away and had too big a points difference to be dragged into the relegation fight. But, they are well in it I think and looking at their next 4 fistures, they could find themselves in the bottom three. Any team managed by McLeish deserves to be relegated, which would be quite sad given the traditions of the club, however, i wouldn’y shed any tears as it would be perfect justice for some of their ‘fans’ singing that hideous song about Eduardo.

  109. Kam

    Hello mate! Yes, getting Robson off the commentary team’s well worth the effort! He is currently doing the Juve vs Inter match. God his voice is soooo droning!

  110. ‘Any team managed by McLeish deserves to be relegated’


  111. Hay DEXTER, hope you are well . I got a little hangover and my ears are still buzzing from last nights club music. Getting Robson off should be priority one. People want to watch and enjoy their team play, not feel anger everytime the commentator opens his mouth.
    Can’t believe VILLA fans lowclass in making fun of what happened to Edvardo man. That shit had no place in sports. Not acceptable. Lowlives in every fan base, seems like.

  112. pedantic george


  113. After the butt spanking he received yesterday, he probably wished he was still with Birmingham in the championship.

  114. Can’t believe VILLA fans took to him after the initial protests. These two teams are supposed. To be blood rivals.
    Kind of like graham going to spuds after getting laid off. By us, after the bung hits.

  115. DEX, did you see how Suarez tried using his hand to score against wigen yesterday. What surprised me was that he got yellowed for his troubles. Hahaha. Some much god given talent and he still cheats like his life depends on it.

  116. This was a huge win for Gunner nation. We have an outside shot at second place. City has stubbed their toes again. Still third place is okay. It was good to see Theo Walcott score. Arteta fired a bomb. Gibbs first EPL was a wonderful sight. All in all a good win for the guys.

  117. Kam

    No, not seen any action from yesterday man. Doesnt surprise me though. He should play for the chavs given how utterly c*ntish and despicable he is.

  118. Joe Cole also thanks Arsene Wenger for bringing England in to 20th century by nurturing the first ‘real boss’ in midfield in Jack Wilshere

    Re Cole’s Wilshere comment, he says ‘You created Makelele & generation of real bosses like Mavuba, MVila. Thanks to Arsene we have Wilshere’

    Cole says 15 years ago Wilshere would be full back bcos of size. ‘We wouldnt have wanted him. Now these guys r catalysts in modern football’
    Quotes from @mattspiro I found them quite interesting and felt to share.โ˜บ

  119. Also am I there only one who didn’t know Arteta spoke French fluently?!

  120. It was the hand of god all over again Dex. Hahaha. Its in his fooking cooking. He can’t help it. And then he chewed Downings ass out on tv. The two of them were going at it full out. King Kenny is got troubles in the pack. They bottled it. Pool did.

  121. Maria

    Those quotes from Cole are really interesting and props to him for syaing all that. I always thought he should have been the main man for England, he was the only English player with technique and talent, but was never utilised properly by his club or national managers, IMO.

    And you can add me to the list of people who didnt know Mikel spoke frnech!

  122. Newcastle played really well today, which makes our demolition of them (in terms of possesion, and dominance) all the more impressive. Their away kit is effin awful though!

    Ben Arfa is playing well, not sure if he is consistent enough though?

  123. What have I told you about posting stuff about Elvis Dupsff??? ๐Ÿ™‚

  124. Dex, if I remember correctly it was Ben arfa we were after a few years back. When that didn’t happen we settled on that idiot Na$ri.
    Didn’t know Arty spoke French, but I’m not surprised. We have some excellent leaders on the team now. Gentlemen too.

  125. Kam

    Yes man, we were heavily linked to Ben Arfa for ages, if I recall. He is a decent player no doubt.

  126. Irish is in Nashville presently. He can say hello to him for you guys and pickup some amazing pills too. Love me tender baby. Ma.n, its raining meerkats and dogs here in LA. WHAT A BLESSING. ๐Ÿ˜

  127. yah, then they broke his foot.

  128. @JonJon is that not the same qualities Mvilla posesses? and that is why we want him? Three complete midfielders in Song, Wilshere and Mvilla.

  129. @goonerkam if i remember right we opted for Nasri instead of Ben Arfa back in the day. Shame really as Nasri turned out to lack the mental ability for us anyway.

  130. Henry in action with the red bulls against col. Crew. Ahead 3-1

  131. now 4-1.

  132. Ha, Thierry couldn’t beat the goalkeeper from six yards out.
    Yah, Ben arfa was expensive . We backed out and went for the whore.

  133. Haha! Nice one Kam! ๐Ÿ™‚

  134. Gibbs said of Walcott: ‘I really looked up to him quite a lot. He’s an outstanding player, a joy to play with. He’s one of my close friends here: a top, top boy.

    ‘If anyone wants to idolise someone it should be him. He’s very professional. He’s a really nice guy. I wouldn’t like to be coming up against him if I didn’t play for this team.’
    Interesting stuff from Gibbs, IMO.

  135. Goals and assists from wingbacks
    Goals Goals and assists from centerbacks
    Midfield starting to chip in with both. A center forward. To die for. And pace and trickery galore by our wing forwards.
    Shoot, this is getting as close to TOTAL FOOTBALL as it gets. Any player would be a fool to leave this team now. Even for shitloads o money.

  136. Kam

    I said it the other day and I will say it again man. I think RvP should be rested for Saturday. Put him on the bench and play Chamakh or Park. The fact we have goals coming from all over the pitch should encourage the boss to consider resting captain fantastic. His form has dipped ever so slightly, which is understandable. I know we dont have a heavy work load of games, but I am just a bit concerned about the likelihood of a Mark Hughes managed team having instructions to ‘do’ RvP. And IF that vile attention seeking cigar in eye stubbing twat barton is playing, well, its almost inevitable that someone will either be injured or sent off.

  137. More importantly, it is a sequence of results which suggests that Wenger is quietly developing a team that could again challenge to win the Premier League.

    Much will depend on contract negotiations this summer with Robin van Persie and Theo Walcott but, with the ยฃ11 million signing of Lukas Podolski likely to be announced this week and Jack Wilshere due to return from injury next month, Arsenal should improve again next season. Van Persie and Walcott are having the best seasons of their career, Alex Song is developing into a world-class holding midfielder and Tomas Rosicky is suddenly doing a passable impersonation of Cesc Fabregas in behind the main striker. The additions of Mikel Arteta and Per Mertesacker have also added an experience and know-how that has made the team better at grinding out results. Add in Podolski, Wilshere and Abou Diaby, who will be available to face QPR next Saturday, and it is difficult to pinpoint an area of weakness.
    These hacks have no shame do they???

  138. I hear you and agreed. This Saturday is a good time to give the captain some rest. Its a big ask to have park and chamach come in and produce right away in their first game but I have faith they will come good. And I have a feeling Barton has fallen out with Hughes. That said if he is playing keep away from that toxic piece of crap. I feel so bad for Frimpong . Two knees in two years. Last of the injuries. Courtesy of that racist punk Barton. Am I wrong??

  139. hehehe, Dick Cheney is got himself a new heart. He is recovering from surgery now. Somehow I think his brain is going to reject the new organ as I don’t think the new heart is going to carry out that brains orders very well. At least not in the beginning..

  140. Haha! Pity it wasnt a brain transplant Kam. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Dont think it was barton who crocked Frimpong man?

  141. I think signing Hoillett from blackburn would be a great bit of bizznizz as ol twitchy Mc Bung would say. A free agent and a quality player = right up Arsene’s strasse imo.


    Up the Guns of Arsenal!!

  142. True true. First eleven is becoming a dream team. I have a feeling. All three of song,rvp and Theo. Will still be with us next. Year. And our backups in every position are very good deputies. Everything is looking up. We will also get back the Meatsacker next year from injury. Good crew all around and lots of headaches for AW as to who to play. JUGGERNAUT.

  143. Laters bro. Stay out of trouble.

  144. “Don’t think it was barton who crocked Frimpong man?” It was!

  145. I knew it. Thanks Passenal. That fink has accumulated quite a few gunner scalps what with cards and inflected intentional injuries. I wouldn’t mind seeing him green lighted by someone. To bad AW isn’t that kind of manager. Still, this guy is a disgrace to the game of football. Can’t believe there were some asking for him to come to ARSENAL this past summer. Absolute scum bag.

  146. Bradys right foot

    I love Jack i do, he will go on to be a truly great player, but even if fit he wouldn’t be starting for me. Song, Arteta and Rosicky are awesome together.

    Infact Mikel “panic buy” Arteta is a player weve needed, a total team player. Devoid of footballing ego a quality so vaunted by the media that it blinds them to its obvious dangers displayed at time by great players like Stevie G and our very own Cesc, Arteta is the Yin and the Yang and that my gooner friends will get us trophies. Jack will learn an awful lot from Arteta, the last player weve had with a similar mindset was Gilberto.

  147. Limestonegunner

    Thanks for the tip, Dups. Hopefully, I’ll find one.

  148. will the thrill

    I get a laugh out of our supposed defensive weakness. Did Villa even have a shot on goal???

    Our goals against number is not that great. 7th or 8th place in the league. But, take away the 8 goals from Old Trafford and the only teams with better numbers are City, Utd, Liverpool and Everton. City’s numbers are f**king dynamite I must say. They have a +50 ratio (!!) 72 for, 22 against. wowsers.

  149. I hope Limestone enjoyed the experience at THOF, although it was not one of our most excting games this season!

  150. And heartiest wishes to PaulN for being blesses with an angel

  151. Up d gunners… Nd Long may dis Run continue…lolzz can still rememba wen we were supposed 2 b relegated dis season..m wonda wat dose headless chickens @ le grove will b on about nw… Nd Yogi.. U do write some excellent posts nd ยฐฬฉ hop u thinkin bout a book r smtn… Hv a gr8 week y’all..

  152. Darius Stone @ 7:47 am

    The marketing rights as set out by Man-Sour have to come to such a large figure that an external bid will not be possible – Abramavich will have to stump up the money himself.

    ‘Legitimately’ that would be ‘Stalingrad Oil’ or whatever name he has for his fatuous oil company.

    Since Etihad cannot possibly argue that they get value for money for their deal (400 million would sink practically any airline) they don’t have to argue legitimacy and they could try and get away with something ingenious and go for an ‘individual’ donation so we could have something based on Abramovich personally like:

    Romanesque Folly – I think that is worth half a billion.

    Other suggested names if he was a bit publicity shy and wanted to have a foot in the past and a speculative one in the future could include:

    Mourinho Heights.

    But my absolute first choice for money well spent would be:

    The Bates Motel

    Oh mother!

  153. Just saw this stat and felt I had to post it:

    Arsenal have conceded less than half as many goals per game when Gibbs has played in the league this season (0.7) as when he hasn’t (1.6).

    Now in all honesty that surprised the hell out of me. Way to go Gibbs, take a bow son ๐Ÿ™‚

  154. Anonymous – “The Bates Motel” – Now that is funny!!

  155. Dexter 9:48

    JD was our best centre back last season?

    He seemed to have had a few games that went well early (according to legend) he was injured for a significant period and when he came back he was a disaster…….and has pretty much remained so this season featuring in all our defeats and all but one draw whilst only playing 58% of matches.

    …..and then often bit parts.

    If there is any truth in your statement it must be because the competition was injured.

  156. Irish,

    Think about the skeletons in the ‘closet’

  157. @ Brady’s Right Foot 1:14…. Re Arteta: I agree.

  158. Mingus I also agree with brf. Top comment. That was.

    Finsbury’s survey of the delights of London N17:

    Well, whilst most of you had your attention focused upon sunny North London poor old Finsbury had to wade into the midge infested murky effluence that flows out of Middlesex that is known as Tottenham.

    Two things In noticed:
    – White Hart Lane Stadium is very ugly. Really ugly.
    – There are lots of banners spread out over the area, procaliming that one should ‘Love Tottenham’. It seems people have forgotton how to love Tootenham, and they need to be reminded everywhere they look.
    These banners are printed in red letters upon a white background. Just an observation.

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