Return Of The Jack But Will It Be Scuppered In The Summer?

Morning all, no post from Big Al today. Some ropey old excuse about work or some such. I know it’s ropey, I pull it from time to time. The excuse that is.

Much of this season has seen Arsène fighting fires with injuries. A corner appears to have been turned somewhat with most players aiming to come back to fitness before the end of the season. Andre Santos is back and raring to go, sixty minutes in the reserves seems to have done him well.

A similar outcome for Abou Diaby against Liverpool would be positive although I wonder if he would be better served by a few weeks of playing an hour in a less intense atmosphere rather than recovering fitness in the Premier League melting pot. Francis Coquelin is another whose return has the luxury of being properly managed; there are sufficient numbers of fit midfielders for him not to be needed urgently whilst – touch wood – the first choice full backs are fit and raring to go.

Per Mertesacker will not, it seems, be one of them with the manager believing that the six remaining weeks of the season is insufficient time for full fitness to be regained. In his case a strong desire to appear at the European Championships is hardly surprising; in all likelihood this will be his last appearance in the finals. Likewise the next World Cup. I doubt that the club would disapprove of him participating provided he is fully fit. I suspect that even 75% fit would be enough from the club’s point of view although whether that is sufficient for the DFB remains to be seen.

An altogether different scenario exists for Jack Wilshere. Arsène is not saying much about young Jack’s fitness, save for he is not fit,

Jack’s scan was positive. There is no problem, it is normal evolution and he is continuing his progression. It’s too early to fix a date though, we go day by day with him.

His injury came about as a result of overplaying. Arsène admitted that he had played Wilshere when his stats showed that he was ‘in the red‘. His subsequent return was unsurprisingly unsuccessful; it is rare indeed for any player to come back after so long without ill-effect. Which is where the quandry comes in.

England have precious few talented individuals in the squad for Euro2012. They have a caretaker manager who has history in not caring whether a player is fully fit or if his inclusion will result in further injury. We should not fool ourselves that Stuart Pearce will care whether there is detrimental impact for Arsenal next season. Anyone who disbelieves that need only look at the case of Theo Walcott two Summers ago.

Of course Pearce might not be in charge but I find that hard to believe. Having acted with unseemly haste in their hunt previously, they are laggardly in their pursuit of anyone to replace Capello on a full-time basis. Pearce cannot discounted although he would most likely be the appointment if no-one else wants the job.

Fifa’s rules on injuries are clear; the national association has the final say over a player’s fitness. Clubs are powerless to stop international call-ups unless there is credible medical documentation that satisfies the association’s medical staff. But in Wilshere’s case, there is no provision for the club to refuse the call up to protect their asset. On top of this, pressure is being applied from outside of the game for players to be allowed to participate for Team GB at London2012.

Arsenal do see some benefit from his participation though. Wilshere’s match fitness will be ahead of pre-season training and friendlies but he will need to rest in-between the internationals and club season starting. A delicate balance needs to be found in a game not renowned for its commonsense approach to anything.

If the Ifab can take the momentous decision to force players to use tape the same colour as their socks, Fifa can surely redress the balance on injured players? If not, the fight that they have staved off by caving in on a reduction in international fixtures may spread to other areas relating to their area of the game.

’til Tomorrow.


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  1. Done.

  2. No gravetars still, which in my case is a blessing.
    WordPress – clusterbitches

  3. Sorry for the double post, but wanted this fresh for today.

    Zim @ yesterday

    You make a case about why the EPL could be laced with corruption which does not sit well with the English belief that, even with its ‘unbalanced’ administrators, they are above that kind of hanky panky.

    It could indeed be corrupt, but the biggest problem with the theory is that conspiracy level fraud is about hegemony which safeguards money, individual fraud is just about money.

    I don’t think the destruction of the beautiful game in itself is sufficient to justify either.

    Look also at other evidence such as the amount of goals now scored in the EPL. A different form of football is being played than the old style. I think it is less about hard men and more about attacking, more passing and that is Wenger’s legacy. Even the beloved 4,4,2 is in less demand from manager’s who want to win.

    Wenger has also started going English with his players and to a great degree, his ‘demise’ in the press has coincided with that – maybe they are all also supposed to look as ugly as Bale, who is a Welsh pony anyway! It is the time of Shrek not Beckham.

    The press like money, big fee transfers, they like scalps and they ‘like’ England. At the same time that they talk of the demise of AW at Arsenal they link him to the England job. That is schizophrenic, but maybe a little understandable when his honesty and integrity represent the ‘English’ values that they pretend to have.

    AW’s troubles have coincided with his stand against huge transfers, his investment in youth and salary caps, easy for morons to make a connection, and easy to see how he looks ‘old fashioned’ in the ‘modern’ game. Ha ha. It also might describe why he is not liked by those who are happy with ‘the excitement’ generated by Man-Sour and the Chav-nots ( nobody can invent quality, but the press can create hype – see Torres). Nobody wants to be called a Philistine, least of all the press, but Wenger’s success and position on subjects shoves up their noses the fact that most of them are – we all now know what beat their morals ‘phone’ tap too.

    I suppose if you wanted to prove a conspiracy therefore you could point to the desire of the game to be awashed with cash and cashed owners: look at the need of some to force us into the arms of Mr Blobbynov; look at the cash toilet Thifa has become; look at the lack of honesty from the top downwards which aligns with that natural press bias described above.

    ‘Everyone’ loves this new ‘owner’s appendage-size’ struggle of titanic proportions, and they don’t want to feel the stream of piss from Wenger’s ‘old Europe’ values trickling down their thighs and putting out their ‘bonfire of the vanities’.

    Thifa just loves the hype and the money it generates. We even have to sit in 55 degree belting heat in a country that has four soccer fans because of it. Now there is an unholy alignment of interests.

    I think I should have started with that statement.

  4. hunter13 | March 16, 2012 at 8:47 am
    if bilbao was in england …would they not get kicked around?..wouldnt the refs allow th eunited players to get overphysical so as to gain the psychological edge ?

    I remember Barca being kicked around by Madrid last year. The refs didn’t do much then either.

    I’ve never subscribed to the argument that passing teams will do poorly in the EPL because of the physicality here. My bet is that they’ll do just fine, if they’re able to master the other important areas required for winning.

  5. personally i am not in favour of jack and the Ox going to the Euros.. i know they would love to. but i would rather they stay and properly prepare for the next season.

  6. Nice write up YW, all fit and. Raring to go…. Good morning. ARSENAL..

  7. no arsenal this weekend again. siiiiigh.

  8. goonerkam | March 16, 2012 at 9:37 am
    Henristic, the didn’t view AW as a threat. In the beginning. Not until his third or fourth year did they realize he was gona revolutionize the game and the league. That is when the stumbling blocks placed in his way and the clubs.

    Like I said, Arsene started to revolutionize the game immediately, why did the establishment wait three or four years after he’d already succeeded in what he intended to do (i.e improve fitness and training regimes) and after every other club had started copying him? Makes no sense man.

    And with all due respect these things are done in the shadows and behind closed doors so don’t treat it as a court of law type of a deal and expect to see proof of this nasty around every corner. You just feel it in your bones or you don’t. Me? After watching so many campaigns and games where we got the short end of the stick, there is no doubt in my mind. none at all.

    You’d be surprised how often what we ‘feel in our bones turn out to be wrong, especially when the evidence points the opposite way.

  9. Henristic | March 16, 2012 at 9:51 am

    but thats an isolated incident my friend ..thats mourinho showing his amazing tactical ability …lol …..

    with arsenal its the norm ..not the exception.

    all the epl teams are allowed to get overphysical against arsenal and noone can deny it , only a blind person.

    and also lets not forget that wehn madrid players start kicking liek mules the ref give cards ….here they dont even give us the fouls …

    they mock arsenal;s right to equal and fair competition.

  10. Yogi, must be time to move over to your own server. Use instead and get all the benefits that this brings.

  11. Henristc, my bones or my sixth sense has been very reliable for me and I listen to them often. I’m sorry yours have let you down.
    Also, for me the year we went UNBEATEN was the year the alarm bells started for the powers that be. A feat never achieved in the history of the English. First division and/or EPL. has there been any team in any league that has achieved this? I don’t know, but I would place a small bet on NO. THERE HASN’T. and it won’t happen for many many more years. God willing…..

  12. i have a simple explanation for the media’s dislike of us:

    they are all Spuds.

  13. How often are people who suggest a slight bias against Arsenal and Arsene going to be accused of believing in the Illuminati.

  14. drew10

    Yep been putting it off but will have to look into it now.

  15. i think the media never fully understood(but then what have they ever understood anyway) the full extent of arsene’s revolution until a few years after his arrival, when it was apparent that it was working

    i do think he made them look silly. because when he first came, everyone was asking arsene who?

    and then he became the first foreign manager to win the Double.

    then of course we know the story of the invincible season.

    now that we are not winning, it’s payback time, and you would expect them to be gloating. fair enough. we made them look silly. and now we pay the price.

    and i think people creaming themselves over chelsea and city… is typical of society, no? money talks the loudest, and everyone wants to be fawning over those with money and power.

  16. but i think in the end, it is also down to sensationalism. they are looking to sell papers after all. and it reflects our stature(believe it or not) that they are so obsessed with us. they see us as the perfect opportunity to sell some papers.

    imitation is the best form of flattery.

    and if you are being hated, you must be doing something right.

    cheers, lads. 🙂

  17. @goonerkam, yes it has been done before. A long time ago, but it has been done. They were even called “The Invincibles”.

  18. I have done everything Yogi and WordPress have asked ,and still no Meerkat.
    I believe it is a conspiracy.

  19. Block4

    i think milan or ajax have also done it before.. but the preston northend did it when there were less games (less than 20 teams in the league at that time)

    and of course our own Arsenal Ladies have done it before as well. 😉

  20. “An increasing number of players are using excessive amounts of tape externally on their socks. This can be a multitude of colours and, as can be seen from the following slide, it completely changes the look of the sock. This can cause confusion particularly for assistant referees who may need to look at the sock to determine who last played the ball before it has gone out of play.”

    The more you know…

  21. While im sure Ox and Jack would like to go to the euros me being a gooner i would rather Jack not go and just focus on getting fit for us and the Ox not go so that the media dont hype him like they did Theo. These 2 can be in there for the world cup qualifying games.

  22. YW – Nice post.

    Henristic – “I’ve never subscribed to the argument that passing teams will do poorly in the EPL because of the physicality here. My bet is that they’ll do just fine, if they’re able to master the other important areas required for winning

    I agree 100%.

    All – Please don’t let the posts today degenerate into discussion on conspirecy against Arsenal and how “the powers that be” contrive to make things difficult for us. I don’t think I can take it.

  23. YW – Nice post.

    Henristic – “I’ve never subscribed to the argument that passing teams will do poorly in the EPL because of the physicality here. My bet is that they’ll do just fine, if they’re able to master the other important areas required for winning”

    I disagree 100%.

  24. Nice to see Park can delay his military service. Might be able to recoup some of the money we spent on him.

  25. kohri i agree on the sensationalism part

    funny how it was chelsea who first fielded an all foreign first 11

    de hoy lebeuff, dessailly, babayaro, petrescu , poyet, andre flo etc etc

    manager …..vialli …..

    even in their sensationalism they get it wrong ..hahaha

  26. Have finally read todays post, excellent as always, YW. I don’t mind Wilshere playing at either the Euros or the Olympics. The experience of playing on such a big stage is vital, even if he has to suffer proximity with JT and so on to gain it.

    I don’t see that his readiness for next season’s campaign would be affected, at least no more than all the other footballers who would be taking part in those competitions and and then play for their clubs next season.

  27. GeorgeRodger – Are we not a passing side? We seem to do pretty well. Do you honestly think the likes of Stoke would be able to get anywhere near teams like Barca? Really? They can be as physical as they want, but if they can’t get near the ball it matters little.

  28. korihikage at 10:42 am

    Ajaz played a 3-6-1 formation during their unbeaten season where they also won the Champions Lague unbeaten. Interesting.

  29. All – Please don’t let the posts today degenerate into discussion on conspirecy against Arsenal and how “the powers that be” contrive to make things difficult for us. I don’t think I can take it.

    lol but …thats the only subject. its the reason we havent won the league…its not our ability or our football but the boobytraps they set on us ( fixture list, refs and their bias and then injuries which are the result of the “get stuck in” mentality)

    and to be honest its a subject i would expect the arsenal fans to take very seriously and protect their club, team, manager and players from enemies external and internal.

    id rather see arsenal fans fighting against the establishment for the injustices our team suffers rather than booing the manager who built us a new home … 😉

  30. Markus

    i know 3 defenders seem to be slowly getting in vogue nowadays, but i think it doesnt work. and the fact that biesla (well known for playing with 3 at the back) played with 4 defenders against utd shows that at the highest level, 4 is the number. more important is the characteristics of the defenders that you have.

  31. Markus

    but that Ajax team is still legendary, when you look at the players they had.

  32. They can be as physical as they want, but if they can’t get near the ball it matters little.

    thats not true … the first instant a stoke player assaults a barca player the ref will either caution him with a card or tell him thats not acceptable and he is out in the next one.

    compare that to arsenal were stoke players are allowed to kick us whenever they want and when one of our players turn to ask for a foul the ref tells him to get up and get on with it.

    lol ..there is no chance the ref would tell xavi to get on with it after some thugg went through him like a bulldozer …

    evra was using arms and hands to mark david villa…after the thrid time villa turned towards the ref as if telling him ” are you gonna allow this for much longer then?” ……evera never used his arms again.

    put an arsenal player in villas; shoes …would the ref here give him the same respect ? like fuck he would..hed let evra do his thing all match long.

  33. georgerodger | March 16, 2012 at 10:25 am

    How often are people who suggest a slight bias against Arsenal and Arsene going to be accused of believing in the Illuminati.

    Hahaha, George, no one does the ‘exaggerate for effect’ thing than you..
    You’ve conflated two issues there, intentionally, I imagine. Most agree there some kind of bias. the issue is whether the bias is due to a grand conspiracy, like Darius believes. Which camp are you?

  34. surely one of benfica, barca and ac milan will be good enough to send chelsea out?

  35. Henristic

    if you care about my 2 pennies worth,

    i think there is bias. really don’t think the FA, the media are capable of conjuring any grand conspiracies, sad to say.

  36. If you think about it the centre back could have almost been considered a sweeper with the regular back 4 ahead of him (full-backs and two defensive midfielders).

  37. Do you honestly think the likes of Stoke would be able to get anywhere near teams like Barca?

    Yes Andy ,I do.

    Henristic ,I am of the opinion there is a slight bias ,which is allowed to exist,and even encouraged,by the establishment.

  38. @korihikage, I didn’t know it didn’t count if less teams are in the league 😉

  39. @pedantic george, well done, you’re up there with Andy Gray for insight.

  40. hunter13 | March 16, 2012 at 10:10 am

    but thats an isolated incident my friend ..thats mourinho showing his amazing tactical ability …lol …..
    with arsenal its the norm ..not the exception.
    all the epl teams are allowed to get overphysical against arsenal and noone can deny it , only a blind person.
    and also lets not forget that wehn madrid players start kicking liek mules the ref give cards ….here they dont even give us the fouls …
    they mock arsenal;s right to equal and fair competition.

    It doesn’t matter if Mourinho did it once. The point is, it’s not just the EPL where refs allow it, as you seemed to imply. Its just that most other people have worked out that overt physicality doesn’t work very well in football, especially against good teams, as Mourinho discovered. It may work as a shock tactic once or twice, but no more than that. It’s why Stoke never wins anything.
    I can’t really even remember the last time anyone was successfully against us purely by getting physical. We stopped having that problem in a couple of seasons ago. These days we give as good as we get, or you could say we ‘manned’ up.

  41. Hunter – I am not being rude, but I don’t want to get into that debate. It is not like we are differnt pages of the book in regards to this, we are not even reading the same book, or even in the same library. Personally I think it is mental, whilst you think it is likely. We should just leave it at that :).

  42. pedantic george | March 16, 2012 at 11:16 am
    “Do you honestly think the likes of Stoke would be able to get anywhere near teams like Barca?”

    Well, you’re wrong (not for the first time 😉 ). Even teams like Bilbao will be too quick for Stoke.

    Reminds me of the argument that EPL teams plays at a faster pace than La Liga teams. I hope those who believe that watched the Bilbao – manure game yesterday, or any of the other games where English teams play Spanish opposition.

  43. My 1st ever post awaiting moderation 😦

    YW – Can you let me which part of the post caused this, so I don’t do it again? Cheers.

  44. Yogi, Email me on and I will give you the name of my hosting company (they are brilliant and cheap) and any help you need in moving over.

  45. Block4 | March 16, 2012 at 11:20 am
    @pedantic george, well done, you’re up there with Andy Gray for insight.

    If you give me a clue which post you are talking about I will expand.For the less perceptive among us.

  46. hoksilatowitko

    I like the Chavs nice little busy schedule… tough for the oldies, lots of illegal substances needed…
    And IF they can get passed Benfica, 2 games against Barca before and after a visit to the Emirates, nice 🙂

  47. ga

    I have found if, if you don’t mention hunter it helps.

    oops….I have done it again, time for the sin bin.

  48. Ha ha

    It really is h@nter’s name that gets you in trouble. Lol

  49. The comment below is a repost of an earlier attempt was moderated, presumably because of html tags I used.

    hunter13 | March 16, 2012 at 10:10 am
    “but thats an isolated incident my friend ..thats mourinho showing his amazing tactical ability …lol …..
    with arsenal its the norm ..not the exception.
    all the epl teams are allowed to get overphysical against arsenal and noone can deny it , only a blind person.
    and also lets not forget that wehn madrid players start kicking liek mules the ref give cards ….here they dont even give us the fouls …
    they mock arsenal;s right to equal and fair competition.”

    It doesn’t matter if Mourinho did it once. The point is, it’s not just the EPL where refs allow it, as you seemed to imply. Its just that most other people have worked out that overt physicality doesn’t work very well in football, especially against good teams, as Mourinho discovered. It may work as a shock tactic once or twice, but no more than that. It’s why Stoke never wins anything.
    I can’t really even remember the last time anyone was successfully against us purely by getting physical. We stopped having that problem in a couple of seasons ago. These days we give as good as we get, or you could say we ‘manned’ up.

  50. What a silly c@nt.

  51. Really happy about park I think he could have been useful if used more this season.

  52. GA

    Amongst other things, you triggered a moderation setting for a contributor who is gradually acclimatising to the blog rules. I wonder if I mention Hunter, do I get moderated?

  53. SA Gooner | March 16, 2012 at 11:37 am

    You may be on to something there. My 11.20am comment was moderated, probably for that reason.

    I’ve just tried to repost it so if you’re reading this, YW, can you kindly delete my second attempt.

  54. Cool, I don’t. Hunterhunterhunterhunterhunterhunterhunterhunterhunterhunterhunterhunterhunterhunterhunter

  55. Oops, too late!

  56. YW – Ah, right are. I will just call him “Bloke” in the future.

  57. @pedantic george, Mr. Gray is the one who first came up with the Barcelona struggling at Stoke stuff. Utter rubbish of course.

  58. henristic i did not imply thats its only in england that rough play exists ….im implying that its only in england where such a systematic violent pursuit of injuring arsenal players would be tolerated and allowed.

    rough play exists elsewhere too….but i bet a significant amount that the refs in those countries do not punish the teams that try to play football, like dowd and dean do here to arsenal.

    here the refs encourage our rivals to stop us from playing by allowing this overphysicality. fletcher can kick arshavin all he wants he will never see a yellow…….

    it is viewed here that since the stokes cant play the game like arsenal then an alternative negative anti-football tactic is allowed for the scope of the win and not for the ethos of the game itself.

    if you cant play football like us then shut up and lose my friend pulis ..why kick us ? and why call us names when we bring up this violent play our players experience?

    we are told to stop complaining and thats its a mans sport ..well men dont kick out at their opponents using the pitch as an arena to relase their frustrations.

  59. Well h@nter bloke….its better than being called c@nt. I suppose.

  60. andy what is mental?

    do you think the english like being schooled on the game they discovered right inside their country?

    cause thats what wenger has been doing to them.

    how would a roman architect react if some guy from york went telling him about structures ? lol

    the thing is that the english aint as good at football as the romans are in architecture to feel as arrrogant about it as the roman would feel about architecture.

    here we have the roman arhitect going to york and laughing his @ss off with what he finds there and when he opens their eyes the locals hate him for it.

    thats the big clue.

  61. what did i do ?

  62. Still laughing at Yogi’s 11.45

  63. Re Park, maybe Wenger knew about the military service thing all along? Arsene does know, eh?

  64. lol i dont know yogi im a bit confused ….does my username get people banned ?

  65. Hunter – “do you think the english like being schooled on the game they discovered right inside their country?

    I Liverpool side of the 90’s may disagree wih that.

    andy what is mental?

    That you only think we have not won the lge in recent years due to plots against the club. That is what is mental. But like I said, there is no point debating this as we are that far apart on opinions it is worthless. It is like a Christian appealing to an Athiest.

  66. Just moderated Boo Boo

    Remember it is only yellow.

  67. Block4 | March 16, 2012 at 11:52 am
    @pedantic george, Mr. Gray is the one who first came up with the Barcelona struggling at Stoke stuff. Utter rubbish of course.

    And that is because your opinion is more valid than mine,and Mr Gray’s it seems?
    I suppose they could also defy the laws of physics and play their passing game on ploughed field like that at Sunderland?

  68. I agree with Hunter.

    Liverpool played better football because they bought all the best players.Pass and move my ring piece!

  69. hunter13,

    How would you know it won’t be tolerated elsewhere? The evidence shows that any team can decide to be very physical against anyone else if they chose, in ANY league. Most teams won’t do that of course, because as I pointed out, it doesn’t work very well, and it can be risky, AND, its a generally distasteful tactic, so few professionals at the highest levels would want to do such a thing consistently, even here in England where it is more culturally acceptable.

    As to the rest of your ramblings, well, we have stopped complaining and have manned up, so few teams bother trying kicking us anymore, compared to before when we moaned more. Isn’t that true?

  70. Damn it YW, it has happened again.

  71. Yogi, my response to h@nter was just moderated again. You sure its not his name doing the triggering?

  72. I Liverpool side of the 90′s may disagree wih that.

    the 90;s ? why what did they do in the nineties ?

    “that you only think…” …

    only ?


    no thats not the only thing…but it has played a significant part….much bigger than our youngsters inexperience….

  73. @Block4 10:16 am

    Preston Northend are the only other club that has gone unbeaten in a season in the early 20th century. At that time, the 1st division had 12 or so teams.

  74. Henrictic – I reckon it is as well.

  75. @Darius, I am well aware of who and when. I was just pointing it out to someone who said it hadn’t been done before. Is their achievment any less valid than ours?

    @pedantic george, by definition I think my opinion is more valid than yours, that’s what opinion means. How do you like those pedantic apples? 🙂

  76. Yogi:

    another great post. I know I say the same thing every day because but I have not figured out a better way to say it. You are still and always will be the best.

    You have to build up to full strength slowly after a stress injury and the heat of battle in a tournament is certainly not the type of environment that encourages someone to build up endurance slowly. England can’t afford to have Jack a 3/4 speed if he is going to help the team, so I would expect Jack to try to push too hard and fast if he goes to the Euro’s and risk reinjury so I hope he stays home.

  77. Hey SA, I like your post, it’s balanced. But you know I never used the word “corruption”, nor do imply the football establishment is corrupt. I don’t think there is any match fixing in the EPL. I think the refs do their job (badly), but do it. I think the media does it’s job (very badly) but does it. I think football has progressed, like you. I also think Wenger is widely appreciated and quietly praised by many.

    No, my case is entirely different. Corporates, bankers, financiers, agents, club owners, managers, “interests” and of course players, variously represent a multi-billion dollar industry. The growth of EPL as a global brand is so phenomenal I wonder why there isn’t a study on it. It is a huge financial and “entertainment industry” success. It is not that long ago (Pat Jennings era maybe, 70s) that a six-figure transfer fee (100,000) was a world or at least English record. Bergkamp was a world or English record fee as I recall at the time.

    The simple fact is there are syndicates, cartels, group interests in this, a lot of shinanigans and vast amounts to be made. There is also a financial bubble. Unless the football industry has some extraordinary moral sway on its inhabitants, it is riddled with deals, fixes, schemes, attempts to influence, manipulation and all the usual goings on of big business, and rich and powerful people.

    Mine was a question. Let me re-phrase. Are there people in positions of influence who would prefer Wenger does not succeed, because they don’t like him? Would they dislike him enough to gang up, a little? Is it plausible there are rich english people who don’t really like too much continental influence in their country, sport, industry? That Wenger might represent something to them a little off-kilter because he is so oddly Frenglish? That they believe in some traditions? Like some things are kept in the bloody family?

    In my limited experience, the some of the most influential decisions are taken at golf courses, race meetings, posh drinking clubs, on yachts, and sunday afternoon after-lunch whiskies. That is how ‘that’ world runs. Or so I am led to believe.

  78. I see the conspiracy theory argument still rages on.

    It was interesting that the Premier league Chairman on a haunt in Doha, felt it fit to remind the world of the arrogance and self-righteousness of a very old school establishment. I bring this up because I believe that this sort of arrogance and disdain to anything alternative to a football establishment still in the stone age is very illustrative of some of the issues faced by an establishment in self preservation mode.

    I gather the chap has apologized to the world, UEFA and FIFA for supposedly stealing football from England and for being ungrateful fucks for not recognizing that the English brought the beautiful game to the world. Of course he thought he’d dramatize the point further by trying to drown himself in a fountain and get Phil Gartside (he of the “Gary Cahill will cost £18 million – how dare Arsenal offer £7 million in insult” legend) to save his life.

    I suppose its possible that people don’t see the arrogance and contempt that is endemic within the establishment when the Chairman of the Premier league decides being a stubborn Yorkshireman is a good enough reason to display the ugly side of the establishment.

    Now imagine how far that establishment will go to protect its way of life.

    For those who argue that there is no conspiracy (if we take ZimPaul’s second definition of the term from yesterday’s comments), I think it will be fair to say that we won’t get to a stage where defining the conspiracy is about being black or white.

    Some like Bill and Goonerandy will want us to catch the football establishment red-handed with their trousers around their ankles and stroking it’s proverbial dick outside a nursery or day care centre before declaring that there’s something wrong with the picture.

    The case for recognizing the anti-Arsenalism isn’t one-dimensional.

  79. oh dear god..
    not this again…i guess you can tell theres no football for a while..ppl are making up stories about how arsenal are picked on by everyone in the world…

    nice post yogi..
    from an english point of view i want theo gibbs jack and le ox all to go with the england squad..its been a while since i enjoyed supporting england…with those guys in the team it will be fun again but from an arsenal point of veiw id like them to all have the summer off..

    and as far as jack goes, yes he played one too many games but didnt he originally pick up the knock in his ankle playing for england?

  80. On the topic of does a passing team excel or would do good in the EPL, last time i checked we were such a passing team similar to the style that is played predominently in Spain with quick 1 touch passing free flowing high pressing. For anybody who thinks a passing style wouldn’t work just go to the Emirates and watch us play or go watch the replays of the Spuds, Chavs, and Milan(i know not in the PL but have a similar physical style).

    On the topic of overphysicalness, I am a firm believer that British refs tend to favor a kind of contradiction in the fact that they are ok with phyical play when to teams play physically like a Stoke vs. Sunderland but when it comes to teams like a Stoke vs. Arsenal to where 1 team plays physical just because and the other team actaully wants to play football that the ref favors the more physical team and the other team is not allowed to be physical. I have watched time and time again where Rosicky will get hammered by a “physical player” and no foul or maybe a foul gets called but then Song may go in for a clean picture perfect tackle and will get yellow carded. I think the style of play dictates how a ref calls fouls. I can make a case even for Swansea(so as to not make this a conspiracy because i dont believe in them more bias’s), I watched a match of there’s recently of them playing Stoke(can’t remember the exact team) but the Stoke defender completely took out the Swansea midfielder in true illegal fashion yet nothing was given but later in the match a Swansea defender made a clean hard tackle and got booked for it. This is just my opinion on it.

    Great post by the way! Glad to hear the calvary are arriving and even happier to see Santos even though i do think Gibbs is quite the player. Santos has always been a player i enjoyed and thought when properly fit could be 1 of if not the best LB in the PL. Can’t wait for the return of Diaby, to watch him and Song boss the midfield with Rosicky pulling the string would be something I’m sure God himself wouldn’t even want to miss.

    I hope and pray that Jack and Ox don’t go to the Euros just because Ingland feels they NEED them. While supremely talented both of them are I do believe that Ingland has a history of “overpressuring” a young talented player to play with the likes of our very own Theo a perfect example and then not given the proper time to mature and then are mashed and bashed in the papers when they have a poor game by their very own high standards of play.

  81. Now I am in moderation for mentioning”that” name in a post WTF?

  82. George @ 11:16:

    I agree that with your comment regarding a slight bias, but I think that it has less effect on our results then you do. I also think that we exagerate the level of “anti Arsenal” bias among the refs just because we tend to focus on our own team. I don’t believe the refs and the FA have any real reason to hate us as much as we like to think.

    TBH I think that the biggest bias that exists in the league is a Big team and especially a ManU bias. The “top team” and top players (Michael Jordan the best example) in almost any sport in any league in the world tend to get subconscious preferential treatment. Same with the heavy weight champ fighting and unknown challenger. I also think the real effect of that bias is small in terms of what it actually does to the Red Mancs results. Unfortunately the challenger always has to play a just a little bit better then the champ to take away the crown. Thats sort of an unwritten rule in all sports and I suspect it will never change.

  83. an englishmen making a fool out of himself because he was pissed is nothing new..
    and its not half as bad as all the foreign members who actually run the game taking bribes and putting money in eachothers pockets to get the world cup played in fucking qatar…

    if people could see beyond the english thing for one minute the guy was actuallly making a very good subconcious point that the people who run the game are a set of cunts….

  84. With apologies to GAndy, naturally, and my last word on the matter. It’s just an interest I have, that’s all you know, how things work.

  85. @Jonjon

    Yes Jack did get it from playing for England thus while i have even more disregard for him playing for Inglad. they will try adn push him and play him like he has been fit all season and thus show again their total disregard for players and their future

  86. Zim – Good post. And I don’t doubt what you wrote for one minute; the elite live a very different life to us normal folk. But Arsenal and Arsene Wenger are no threat to the elite in any way, which discounts any need for us to be the victim of any wrong doings by said elite group.

    I am sure there are loads of dodgy dealings going on in the football world, but I just don’t believe that any of it is particulalry directed against Arsenal any more than other clubs on the pitch.

  87. why do people complain that the PL is over physical?

    errmm..the last time i checked the PL is the best league in the world..and im pretty sure its popularity is not entirely down to teams like arsenal and swansea attracting all the fans..

    id rather have a physical league than a league where we watching 22 grown men rolling round on the floor tryinjg to get eachother sent off every game..the el classico is supposed to be one of the biggest games in the world and its become a pile of shit to watch because nobodies allowed to fucking tackle…

  88. Darius

    Late 19th century, Sir, 1888-89 season when they completed the double, winning the FA Cup without conceding a goal.

  89. The funniest thing about Our Dave was him complaining about no alcohol being on sale at the World Cup and how the Qataris ought to confirm to the rest of the world view before he fell face first into a swimming pool because he was pissed, proving all at once that they may not have the wrong idea after all.

  90. I don’t know if the PL is even more physical than other lgs. It seems to have been spouted as gospal for so long that people just take it as a given. I have seen plenty of bad tackles and overly physical matches in plenty of other lges (even spain).

    The fact that our teams play a percentage ball much more than other European lgs means our games can be somewhat faster and more hectic.

  91. JJ

    Don’t get me wrong, England will be much stronger with Wilshere but not at the expense of his club next season. If he goes, I don’t think O-C will. It would be nice to be proven wrong but I don’t think Pearce or whomever will take that risk.

  92. PG

    No, he’s in moderation!

  93. “why do people complain that the PL is over physical?”

    Oh I dont know JJ ,But I could ask Ramsey,Diaby or Eduardo.They might have some useful insight for you.

    The best league ?is it? with one representative in the last eight of the CL! How so?

  94. El Classico for me comes down to protecting the Barca brand, I have watched the past couple(I’m a fan of Xabi Alsonso and Kaka) and if you watch often times they tackle the same way but RM gets the cards. Another thing that i think is working for Barca in Spain(minus this year because Madrid are scoring goals just for fun) is the fact that Barca is basically the Spanish National team in different Jerseys. I mean you have so many players that start of Spain and Barca: Xavi, Iniesta, Villa(when healthy), Pedro, Busquets, Puyol, Pique, Cesc(that was my 1 alloted for the day). Thats 8 of Spain’s 1st choice XI on the same team with Spanish refs who are being paid by the Spanish government. At the same time if you watch Iker Casillas does get protected as well.

  95. Zimpaul:

    I completely agree with your idea that there might be people in power who do not want Arsene to succeed but who cares about them unless they can somehow put piece together a method for hurting Arsenal. I would love to know your actual theory regarding how this is happening. These influential people have to convince a lot of other people to follow the plan and not tell anyone about it. That usually means a lot of money changing hands under the table. It assumes that someone hates Arsene enough to take some large and illegal huge risks just because they don’t like his philosophy. Taking that next step of actually putting together the machinery to influence our results is the part that seems a bit hard to believe.

  96. European fanny rules!

  97. We have no idea (or at least I don’t) how many leg breaks (for example) are suffered in other lges in Europe. So we can’t really proclaim our lge suffers more than the others without seeing the figures can we?

  98. And just in case I didn’t mention it, No – I don’t think the anti-Arsenalism I talk about is the reason we haven’t won a trophy for 6 years.

    That has more to do with us having to compete in a tougher environment where there are those with more financial resources than we have. We have built a stadium that is considered one of the best in the world and have no option but to pay for it and live within our means. Yes, we got a ‘not so good’ deal with sponsors, but we needed their money to front load paying for the stadium and we have to live with that until we can renegotiate in 2014.

    I get bemused with those who demand that Wenger ‘whip out the checque book’ as if it was his choice to lock it in the strong room. They say he’s a stubborn tight arsed French man who’d rather go shopping at Aldi than at Harrods. But is he really?

    It’s sad when people don’t recognize that Wenger believed in and was carageous enough to to take on this project knowing full well that he will have to make do with ‘building a team’ by developing and promoting youth for most part and supplementing that with affordable purchases. This isn’t an experiment from an egotistic maniac who doesn’t know when to stop. The way Arsenal has run its transfer policy is more of a necessity to cope with the cost of moving stadium.

    Granted, maybe Wenger could make some different decisions within the scope he has – but to suggest that he’s lost the plot because he is courageous enough to work with a straight jacket and keep the club competitive is just ludicrous. Very few managers would have kept Arsenal at this level bearing in mind the circumstances.

  99. @PG

    Yes the PL is the best league because the wealth of excellent talent is on the top 3 teams in the league rotting on the bench. Yes Spain does have Bilbao but from top to bottom I see the likes of Swansea being stronger than a Mallorca and so forth and so forth. I mean our bottoms teams can on the right day beat the top teams, just ask Manshiteh but in leagues like Serie A and La Liga and even the German top flight the bottom teams hope the score doesn’t get to embarrassing. Yea we only have 1 team left but 2 of the teams left are Barca and Madrid(who has Sahin rotting on the bench and he was the and is a great talent and led Dourtmund last year), Milan, Marseille Benificia, AEOPL all those teams are at the top of their repective leagues outside of the Chavs and Marseille

  100. ahhh george
    your usual pedantic self..
    mate..the PL is the best league in the world..not having a PL team in the CL final is a shit yardstick..god help us if we get an el classico final..

    and yes weve had a fair few leg breaks over the years..but so have manutd..
    smith and valenica have both suffered shattered legs over recent years due to bad tackles..

    the only reason why ppl think its over physical..because arsenal stopped being a physical team when the invincibles were dismantled and since then we havent had the players to go to war…until now …it misleads ppl down the path that we are picked on but its more down to the fact that when it starts getting physical we didnt get physical back and when a team sees a weakspot its expolits it..

    i agree the refs have a job to protect but if you cant protect yourself then it makes it harder..

  101. Bill – Exactly. I am sure some don’t want Arsene to do well. I am equally as sure that there are people that don’t want Ferguson or Manchini to do well also. Horses for course and all that.

    But to take the next step and believe that said person indulges is sinister and shady goings on to stop Arsenal is just Hollowood thinking. I don’t like that stupid advert with that fat bloke that shouts “Wonga” at everbody. But you know what? I don’t go out of my way, to attempt to ensure it is taken off the TV.

  102. Darius – Yeah, I agree with that pretty much.

  103. To be pedantic C, the Spanish refs are not being paid by the Spanish Government. If they were, most likely the Government would be doing everything in their power to make sure that the pesky Catalans were subdued and put in their place rather than promoting their well-being.

  104. YW
    i agree
    i cant see both jack and Ox going..
    and i think jack should just write this season off to be honest..weve rushed him back twice and its backfired..
    rosickys in form so hes not needed and ox has only been playing since jan so if hes not got any niggles he should take jacks place in the team..

  105. I can’t wait to watch Chelsea face Barcelona. The prospect of Sideshow Bob and the new Chelsea manager John Terry handling Lionel Messi is mouth watering.

    And the game against Arsenal at the Emirates is between Chelsea’s first and second legs against Barca.

    What are the odds of Sideshow Bob getting a straight red or 2 yellows, or of manager Terry slipping and tumbling down whenever Messi whizzes past the punk.

  106. @Yogi

    My bad for throwing unfactualy info i was on a tangent and i truly do hate everything Barca thus my tangent

  107. c,the bottom teams can beat the top teams because the Referees allow it to happen.
    If they applied the rules evenly and consistently,it would be more like Spain.But that would spoil the “Premiership Brand” and so it does not happen.The Illusion that it is the most competitive league must be maintained for the gravy train to keep trundling along.

  108. They have to get past Benfica first mate.

  109. Wouldn’t Jack gain a bit of fitness from being involved in the euros? But then again, if he had a few problems which were not be handled properly, they might break him again. Difficult one.
    Diaby is going to play a reserve match next Tuesday night as part of his preparation.
    Can’t wait to see Santos again.

    Managers say the PL is more physical. Players who come from European or South American leagues say the game here is more physical. You’ve only got to watch a European ref overseeing a champions league game or watch an international competition to know that English refs interpret the rules differently and allow more physicality.

    And now to see if I can post that….

  110. On the principle of the double reverse jinx with triple twist and one-footed landing, can I be the first to wish Chelsea every success in the next stage of the CL?

  111. George – “the bottom teams can beat the top teams because the Referees allow it to happen

    George, has somebody hacked your account? The George I know normally is quite sensible and makes good posts, but today’s George is spouting some most odd stuff. Perhaps too much tin foil on your walls is affecting your judgement.

  112. @Darius

    you will only see that if Benficia dont beat them 1st. but i think if they play Barca it could get ugly for the Chavs. I would love to see Xavi and Iniesta playing pass as Lampard Mata and Essien chase them around like a fat kid chasing a ice cream truck he know he can’t catch. Can see Mata now asking Pep in the middle of the match can he switch teams.

  113. Goonerandy – I really want them to get past Benfica and Barca past AC Milan. The drama will be better all round when Messi bitch-slaps them.

  114. Fun – I don’t believe in Jinxes and the like, so the polar opposite of your post; I hope the stadium combusts the moment Terry next steps foot in there.

  115. george is just in pedantic mode, andy…

    it makes it worse that some fuckers stole his meerkat… 😉

  116. Darius – I like you thinking. If that is the theme, I would even like them to get to the final. And for them to be 2 nil up with a minute left on the clock. Only for whoever they are playing to equalise and take it to pens again. And then for Terry/Lampard/Cole/Drogba/Some other loser/ to all miss the spot kicks. And Terry starts crying whilst being interview after the game.

  117. Andy.How can you not see the huge financial benefits of a world wide audience “thinking “the Premiership is ubber competitive?

  118. @PG

    Yea that is the craziest thing I’ve heard. The refs allowing the bottom teams to beat the top teams. Swansea beat Manshiteh on a late goal that had nothing to do with the refs(for example). Normally i hear you complain that the refs are biased towards the bigger clubs thus not giving the smaller clubs a chance. Are you drinking or something at the present moment?

  119. George – I can. But maybe it is ubber competative, simply because…..well, it is. Why does there need to be some underlying sneaky reason why?

  120. The bright side of missing out on the quarters, it could have been us again playing against barca and we all know the establishment would do something to eff up our chances. That is my first conspiracy theory of the day!

  121. Because if you look at the player that the lower teams put out ,you would think they should never win a game.And unless I am seriously underestimating the skills of such Genius managers like Tony Pulis and /or the consistent appearance of Lady luck on their team ,it makes sense to me.

    Money is the overriding influence in all businesses.An “The Premiership” is just that.A huge money making business.

  122. Firstlady – Tongue in cheek?

  123. C.I don’t think we should enter into a battle of “wit”
    Read the post again .And try to understand it.

  124. the LAD that is Bobby Pires


    Have yuou ever thought that the fact that the premiere league evenly distributes its tv money compared to all other leagues might have an effect at diminishing the gap between top and bottom.

    You’ve obiously never played sport to any level to know that

    ”And unless I am seriously underestimating the skills of such Genius managers like Tony Pulis and /or the consistent appearance of Lady luck on their team ,it makes sense to me.”

    This has nothing to do with sport.

  125. George – “Because if you look at the player that the lower teams put out ,you would think they should never win a game

    Ah, come on mate. That is not how football works I you know it. There are so many things which affects a result, simply having the best players is only onew part of that.

  126. @PG

    I have to disagree with you. This is the difference in modern football because often times the bigger clubs will push adn push and push further up the pitch and can be caught on the break if the team knows how to make a couple of passes. Another way is through ball possesion i.e. Swansea who play a passing game which shortens the game and allows for their to be fewer chances if they can retain the ball. For me it is similar to basketball as to where a dominant team will try to rush a poorer team into take rushed shots so that they can play at a faster tempo to have more possesions thus allowing for the bigger better team to have the chance to score more which generally happens but their are those few times when the poorer teams can slow down the game run their offense and knock down 3 pointers. Do you get what i’m saying?

  127. if the PL wasnt highly competitive nobody would watch it and it wouldnt make the money it does…

    its a multi million quid business that sells a product everyone likes…

    manipulations a tactic in any business but you cant manipulate everybody all the time with a shit product can you…

    anyone in the top ten can end up in europe and anyone in the bottom ten can end up in championship..anyone can beat anyone and theres 3-4-5 teams all going for the title at the start of the season…

    theres no other league like it..none…

    the closest league to ours is the bundesliga…

    spains a pile of shit…its like scotland…only with world class top two teams

  128. @PG

    i might have some craziness in my writing because i’m working and posting so it might be rushed at times

  129. Have a word with yourself Andy.
    Why do you think Fat Sam and his shit kickers could stifle the game enough to get a result?
    Who is the only person who can stop it happening?

  130. and your subjected to watching 15stone 6foot world class players falling over blades of grass…rolling from one side of the pitch to the other holding their face in agony and as soon as the red card comes out they are back on their feet doing shuttle runs up and down the pitch hence making a miraculous recovery…

    and that the football thats the most attractive is it???

    if you can call it football…

  131. JJ ,so you have bought the spin it seems.
    Never had you down as feeble minded .
    Btw,I feel you know more about my missing Meerkat than you are letting on

  132. Jon jon, me watching the premiership has got nothing to do with its competitiveness. If Arsenal wasnt playing in this league I’d probably be a follower of Laliga but with the time differences between Kenya and Spain i doubt I’d catch that many of their games.

  133. JJ ,All they are doing is protecting their product .It is “El Clasico”and the competition between the two that sells their league.

  134. George – “Why do you think Fat Sam and his shit kickers could stifle the game enough to get a result?
    Who is the only person who can stop it happening?

    Err, yeah I do. Simply because they have in the past. To differnt teams with different ref’s

    Who can stop it? Well, in our case us. If you take the games where we used to come unstuck against the likes of Fat Sams Bolton. More often that not we spurned a million chances so would have won if we had not been so wasteful.

    Your theory falls down comletlty and a good example was last years CC final. On paper we were far the better side, only we played poorly and a cock up saw us lose. As it was the ref actually made a call in our favour as our keeper should have been sent off within 10mins. Shit happens in games and the team with the better players does not always win. I can’t believe we are even discussing this.

  135. Andy,
    What fucking theory falls down?
    I talk about the “Premiership” and you rebut my argument with the CC.Guess what?

    “Err, yeah I do. Simply because they have in the past. To differnt teams with different ref’s”
    Which is the point I am making .Thanks for your help.You have made my argument for me.Yes ,different Referees allow the same shit to happen against better teams to make it “competitive and sell-able”

  136. Goonerandy maybe? Infact picking barca 3 times in a row would make a conspiracy on its own, so we dodged a bullet 😀

  137. George – “What fucking theory falls down?
    I talk about the “Premiership” and you rebut my argument with the CC.Guess what?

    “Err, yeah I do. Simply because they have in the past. To differnt teams with different ref’s”
    Which is the point I am making .Thanks for your help.You have made my argument for me.Yes ,different Referees allow the same shit to happen against better teams to make it “competitive and sell-able

    You were saying lower PL teams should not be beating better sides without the help of the ref. I gave you an example of a really rubbish PL side beating us with no help whatsover from the ref.

    “The same shit”? If you mean defending really well and (normally)hitting teams on the break or making use of what set pieces they manage to win, I don’t see why a ref should put a stop to that. Or do you think that a ref should try an insist that the opposition play a nice expansive game so we aer able to tear them a new one? Maybe that would be “fairer”?

  138. Firslady – Heh, maybe. I am not sure I could take another 2 legged tie against them. I was a nervous wreck by the end of it. 🙂

  139. Jonny – No5 should be No1.

  140. Andy .What about reducing the game to about 50 minutes with as many restarts as possible to get your shape back?
    Rotational fouling?
    The Referee allows that and that is what gives them their increased chance of winning .
    That and over physical assaults ,again that are the referees domain.

  141. PG

    Just sent you a DM on Twitter.

  142. What do you propose refs do about rotational fouling? You can’t book a player for a minor foul simply because the rest of your team have done the same. I don’t know if you have noticed, but we now commit more tactical fouls than in the past (which is a good thing). It is part of football, and we do it also. Teams do it more to us simply because we have the ball more.

  143. I’m free.
    Very Grace Brothers

  144. George – Also, what you are ignore id the numerous times all of the things you mentioned happens, yet we still win and smash a number of goals in. We have beaten Stoke (for example) plenty of times, yet their tactics have been no different. That just illustrates that if we are on our game we will win. If we are not we run the risk of their tactics paying off. Nothing to do with the ref. Or any other shadowy figure sat on a leather soaf stroking his cat, belly laughing every time we drop points.

  145. You warn them and their team mates that you are onto them and you are not stupid.
    So cheating is part of “your” game is it Andy?

  146. firstlady..
    ifs and buts…
    you do support arsenal therefore the PL has attracted you..

    george im not feeble minded… ive just got my opinions on things that differ to yours..

    maybe you should write to mr gazidis and ask him to swap gunnersauras for a giant fuck off meerkat..i think you’d get a fanclub going..

    and while we are on arsenalisation we can change the emirates tune to eye of the tiger…

  147. George – You can “warn” them all you like. But if a foul does not warrant a yellow card then you can’t give it just because player “a” has been fouled by your team mates.

    Cheating is part of football full stop George. Very naive to think it isn’t. We indulge in it as well you know. How many times have teams broke on us, only to have somebody like Song or Koscienly to trip or block somebody so we can get ourselves set? And quite right. Have you never played yourself?

    I can live with that type of “cheating” if I am being honest. It is the rolling around feigning injury and trying to con the ref by diving which I think is bang out of order (Lisburn last night a good example of this).

  148. refs are either incompetent or corrupt. i think it is more incompetence. the game is being played at such a high speed that i don’t think refs can keep up anymore.

    another is the inconsistency of application of the rules. i think sometimes the rules leave room for interpretation, and refs interpret things differently. so you don’t get consistency in decisions between games.

    within a game though, there should be consistency. if there isnt, then it is down to maybe the psychology of the ref. sometimes they get influenced by the home crowd. sometimes they get so riled up by the home crowd that they subciously go against it. in the sense that they might be thinking: they are biased, so they are wrong, i am correct, i should stick to my decision. and that riles up the crowd even more.

    the other thing is that sometimes i get the impression that they are trying to balance things out. and as the old adage goes: two wrongs don’t make a right.

    players diving is of course a big problem. to me, bale and suarez dived against us. penalties were given. but i wont blame the refs, because they were conned. i think there should just be retrospective punishment, to deter the players from doing it.

    i think the standard of refereeing in england is not very high. but it isnt any higher in europe, to be honest. i dont think there is ref corruption in england. just down to sheer inconsistency and incompetence.

    not so sure refs in the champs league are squeaky clean though.. to be honest, i dont really think highly of uefa. and unlike the fa, i think they are more capable of conspiracies.

  149. time wasting for me means taking the ball to the corner flag and holding it there. if you can hold it there, then fair enough, i hand it to you. but taking your time on throw-ins, corners etc is just…..classless.

  150. korihikage – Yup, I agree with every word.

  151. exactly korihikage..

    the games changed, the rules and the number of them have become a burden to the officials..
    22 atheletes charging up and down a field, with a set of rules which encourages fast game play, leaves it too open to interpretation and thats even if the referees can even keep up with the also makes it a playground for cheats a divers who take advantage of the rules and con the refs..

    they need help..everyone in the game is pretty much banging on the video replay drum..

    the game has been designed to make it fun to watch but the officiating has become poorer as a result…

  152. George – You are testing.

  153. Still 5 days to the Everton game. *sighs*

  154. @tateezee

    I 100% agree

  155. Kori @ 3:29:

    Absolutely spot on. The game is impossible for the refs today and I don’t think they are really incompetent but they are completely overwhelmed.

    I don’t know if refs are any worse today but now with multi angle slow motion replays we know just how many mistakes are made. 20 years ago no one in the world would have known the Bale and Suarez both dived. Both looked like legitimate penalties in real time.

  156. “the LAD that is Bobby Pires | March 16, 2012 at 2:22 pm

    You’ve obiously never played sport to any level to know that”

    Having considered your post,Why don’t you go and stick your assumptions up your arse.

  157. maybe you should write to mr gazidis and ask him to swap gunnersauras for a giant fuck off meerkat..i think you’d get a fanclub going..

    I might.

  158. Bill’s alter ego

    well i sometimes feel sorry for refs, because whatever they do, they are gonna get stick.. but then i remember what a comment a mate once said (he is a brilliant forward): refs are people who cant play football but want to be on the pitch as well..

    why do refs become refs? i don’t know.. ego? i know it sounds absurd, but sometimes the attitude, the vibes of the ref don’t help their cause in my eyes. and it also doesnt help that you absolutely arent allowed to question the ref’s decisions (just look at wenger being charged again)

    i think if refs and their association hold their hands up and say they got something wrong, have more transparency, people would be able to live with their decisions better.

    the problem is that there is absolutely no transparency, no freedom to ask questions.

  159. interestingly, i have got a neighbour who is a ref at amateur level. maybe i should interview him regarding the psyche of refs.

  160. Kori @ 3:29 and 3:54:

    All good points. A virtual tip of my hat to you.

  161. In my experience of encountering Premier league support abroad, I got the sense that most supporters were only interested in the ‘elite’ teams – Arsenal, United, Liverpool, et al.

    I think people are still embarrassed for example to visibly support City because they’ll be seen as mercenaries. In this case, I would hazard a guess that support for the EPL can be easily mistaken when it really is support for the elite teams regardless of the competition these elite teams play.

    I think you would struggle for example to find a pub full of supporters indulged in a Blackburn v Stoke game. Most would rather watch La Liga or Bundesliga games instead.

    SO I can understand when First lady says she wouldn’t be bothered with the Premier league if Arsenal wasn’t playing in it.

  162. Bill’s alter ego


  163. Darius,

    i come from singapore, though i have been living in germany for the past 4 years.

    most people support the big 4 (united, arsenal, liverpool and chelsea). in fact i think the number of chelsea supporters only increased after abramovic came in..

    i do know a guy who supports villa, and 2 spuds. but most people i know support united arsenal and liverpool.

    was talking to a friend still there, and he was saying that he expects to see a couple more city fans among his friends next season.

    but outside of england, lets be honest, it is rare to find supporters of smaller teams.

  164. George:

    To follow up on Andy’s point, I remember distinctly a game in 2005 in which Patrick Viera was getting beat for pace several times by C. Ronaldo and whenever was getting into trouble he committed a “professional foul” that stopped the Red Manc’s momentum. The guys who were describing the game on TV were giving him loads of credit for his smart thinking. I worked quite nicely for Patrick and every team uses it, even us. Jens Lehmann was a mad man and I still love him for it.

  165. korihikage – Where about in Germany are you?

  166. GA


  167. @Darius

    but thats just the way it is in any sport and fans abroad generally speaking. they champion the “elite teams” because for the most part people are wired to be winners in everything that they do in life. Unless they happen to come from that area and have love the likes of Swansea or West Brom they wouldn’t follow that team or fall for that team hence they fall for the elite teams and the winners.

    Not only that but abroad we dont necessarily get to see the smaller teams to because thats not whats on the tube. I live in the states and happen to have every soccer channel available but to those who dont but still love soccer they chose the teams that they see play on the Tube on a regular basis which is the “elite” European teams you speak of. Me I was lucky that my soccer coach(from London and his father followed Arsenal) loved Arsenal since the drunk, kick and run days and loved AW to the point that he modeled us playing that way and watching everything Arsenal. I then fell in love with Arsenal at the age of 7 but my love was from the way my coach talked about George Graham and the boys and I then went back and read and watched anything I could about Arsenal and fell even deeper in love with the club. But if all they show is the “elite” then others not like me will only cheer for the “elite”

  168. korihikage – Ah, very nice. I am up in Paderborn.

  169. Korihikage and C.

    It’s always fascinating experiencing support of English/European teams when abroad. About 5 years ago, I was in Phnom Pehn and wore my Arsenal jersey on a match day. A few of the staff were quite excited to visibly identify a Gooner and we got talking to the bell boy about the game that afternoon (night time for them). He invited my colleague and I to watch the game with him at a bar in town instead of watching it at the hotel.

    When we got to that bar, I might as well have been at the Tollington on Holloway Road. It was Arsenal wall to wall – and I’m sure any United fans were lying low like a razor blade. Even though we couldn’t speak the language, Wengerball was enough for us to communicate and the atmosphere was out of this world. The local talent was fine too.

    I’ve also witnessed a bar brawl in Nairobi from an innocuous argument between a Man United fan and a group of Arsenal fans. Kenyan Gunner or First lady might know the place – a bar called Old School in Doonholm. It was surreal. One minute, you’re sitting on the tables outside the bar soaking in the sun and enjoying a cold beer and another minute, the table next to you is a shouting match about who is the more successful club and why. It quickly descended into bragging rights, how much money and class Manure have over Arsenal or vice versa, style of play and inevitably outright insults.

    The bottle’s started flying without any notice and the punches rolled with folks being hounded under the table, the bar staff screaming and calling the ‘soldiers’ (security guards are called Soldiers) and a full “duck and Dive” procedure went in motion.

    I tell you – football is a mad game to support. And there’s just something about Arsenal and Man United fans that makes it necessary to separate the two camps particularly on match days.

  170. outside of spain it would be hard to find large support for levante or any other of the spainsh teams outside of the top 2..
    just as much as it would for the likes of stoke to find a large following than a local one..

    the elite teams do get the majority of the support, but some would argue that the PL has more elite teams than a league like the spanish one for example at this moment in time..

    barca and madrid take all the money in spain..
    in england its distributed evenly related on performance in the last season..

    england has a 4 tier system..with no A,B or Z teams to fastrack..the PL is the cream of the crop….the number of foreign players has made it so…which is why i find it ironic that a league made fantastic to watch becuase it is dominated by foreign players would be frowned upon simply because its an english league??

    englands a more competitive league..and the side affects are that it raises the profile of the league on a global scale..
    it also raises our expectations of the national team..but without the ‘foreigners’ the team aint all that, and the foreigners also stop ‘our kids’ coming through..

  171. So much Bolshevik its not even funny. Keep your heads stuck firmly up the sand and while your at it, stop claiming you have love for the ARSENAL and its players. Its obvious all you care about is winning pieces of metal for your trophy cabinets,for your bragging rights. At what cost?
    Lowering the standards you set for your game and play brutish football just to get the refs. Off your back. And cheat. In subtle. Ways. But no matter what, just win the damn metal piece.
    Then open your mouths with insults and degrading comments about being illuminates and/or mental. Shame.shame.shame.
    And then ,it is the illuminated ones who go into moderation and the sin bin. super fair that.

    Ps. How many more broken legs and twisted knees is it going to take to have your eyes opened. MUPPET. FOOLS.

  172. Paulie Walnuts

    I wouldn`t want to see tackling virtually eliminated from the game despite us being on the end of some horrors.

    Good tackling should be encouraged. We`ve got some great exponents at Arsenal right now – infact our recent improvement has come about partly because we`ve put our foot in in my opinion.

    Spanish football doesn`t have the variety of the English game yet I find it watchable enough.

    Wouldn`t mind Javi Martinez either.

  173. @Darius

    I completely agree, Football is a beautiful passsionate game for both fans and players alike

  174. Notoverthehill

    Yogi, once again you have the “crew” all chiming in with their “insightfulness”!!!

    Centuries ago the vassals, serfs and peasants knew the value of “shit”. The uneducated inner city unfortunates who have been betrayed by the “progressive” education system, are completely ignorant of the value of “shit”, i,e, in the animal and bird bowel discharges of excreta.

    Before the advent of the poly tunnels, horse manure from the mucking out of the stables in winter; was used for forcing the early cultivation of fruit and vegetables.

    Mucking out the byre or cattle winter quarters for the benighted city dwellers, was, is and will be excellent fertilizer for the next summer hay meadows. For the main potato crop the cow dung should be placed at the bottom of the trench, the seed potatoes placed at their equidistant spaces and the trench then filled in. Human excreta can also be used and is excellent for the production of cricket and larger sized potato tubers.

    Mucking out the hen house also produces an excellent fertilizer, which I highly recommend.

    Some 20 years ago, Paignton Zoo sold their lion’s dung, as a deterrent to deer for honest home gardeners. On a croft on An t-Eilean Sgithlanach (I need to check on my Gaelic!), I can confirm that this dung did not do what it said on the bag! When was the last time that a lion hunted deer in the Scottish Western Highlands?

    For those who know no better, you MUST specify what type of “shit” you wish to disparage!

    Yogi, I could go on and on! Galapagos!

  175. Bill,well Patrick should have been yellow carded,
    It is called a “foul” for good reason.

  176. I was listening to the Bilboa game against Manure last night in the car on my way home and it was really aamusing that Phil Brown formerly of the legendary Hull FC was the summarizer. At one point, I kid you not, he willed Rooney or any United player to dive for a penalty and be clever about it. It was almost like he was suggesting that strikers are trained to “go down” rather than focus on scoring once they’re in the penalty area and they smell any defender.

  177. up the ARSE!

    “10 games left, emptying all closets, things are too tight to be civilized!”

  178. Glad someone knows the value of shit, hillbillie . Why not have some for your. Supper tonight. it might do your condescending personality do good. By the way, engineering masters on this end, so plug yours up.

  179. i am all for physical and tackling… but there is a difference between proper tackling and wild dangerous tackling, as arsene pointed out a while back.

    sadly, most people don’t know the difference. and that is the real problem.

  180. Not surprised DARIUS. Brown is a lowlife.
    Well ,like others have helpfully suggested today, if you can’t beat them the right way, join them in playing the beautiful game,THE WRONG WAY.
    how else to get the fucks on the media, fa and referees ASSociation. Just win the damned piece o metal at the end of the campaign.

  181. will the thrill

    did we just receive a discourse on shit?

  182. George @ 5:55:

    I don’t actually remember but he probably did get a yellow card at some point in that game. If memory serves he was always in the upper echelon of yellow card recipients in those days. I think the teams he was on were always high on the red card list also. I don’t think Arsene tried to rein in Patrick or Lehmann etc in those days because it helped us win games.

    Just like you I would love to see the rules interpretted much more strictly and consistently because it would help us now. However, I also think that you have to be pragmatic and realize that its not going to happen anytime soon. We have to be able to give what we recieve. My traitor son the Red Manc fan honestly thinks we are a dirty team and Song and Kos are both bad tacklers. We knocked Nani and Rooney out of action in our game at the Emirates and he thought both were bad tackles. I don’t remember either being unfair. So much of it depends on who is looking at the incidents.

  183. Paulie Walnuts


    I think a lot of people DO know the difference – they just choose to ignore it.


    Why oh why did you have to mention the Tango man ? Him being on a managerial gap year doesn`t mean he still can`t rate highly on the c*nt-ometer.

  184. Bill,my heart goes out to you.
    Does he still live with you.?

  185. Ha, who gives a crap anyways,KORI. Football. Is just another. Blood sport. And these players?. Commodities and pieces o meat. A few broken legs and limbs, just part and parcel of the game . And if a playing career is ended by a negligent nay criminal assault on a player ,it just makes the game more exciting and fun to watch. Don’t you think?? cruel Basterds that we are as spectators. The players get shiploads. Of money anyways. Their compensated. Same as the construction workers that dealt with asbestos years ago. They suffer now but they were compensated at the time. 10•20 bucks an hour. Plenty.

  186. You into geardening not over the hill?

    I can confirm that nothing dters deer except a 6ft fence or a high power rifle, by the way.

    ‘Zoopoo’ definitely does not work.

  187. Bill .As soon as you get you avatar the whole system goes tits up

  188. George:

    No he doesn’t live with me but we talk about football endlessly. Really is a great way to keep us bonded. I mentioned this the other day but he became a football fan in his early teens and choosing the Red Mancs was a subtle but highly effective form of non-conformism. Fantastic kid but I want to poke his eyes out sometimes when we talk football.

  189. Have a read of this ….

    Pardew is such a 2 faced crybaby and Krul seems to be learning from the master!
    Onfield banter between 2 players after 1 players windup tactics blew up in his face and then was on the recieving end of another players windup! So what does he do, go running up the field crying about it and then get his manager to continue to winge about it a week later and then have the cheek to ask for an apology! I dont see any coming from Pardew for his antics nor Krul for his part! MAN UP the both of ye….

  190. George @ 6:44:

    I guess its my f*****g fault.

  191. The only one who doesn’t seem to have “moved on” is Pardew. Twat.

  192. Paulie Walnuts

    Pardew rates fairly high on the c*ntometer.

    Another non story from Sky Sports

  193. They will be waiting a while for an apology from Robin ,me thinks.
    He is quite some guy,is our Skipper.

  194. Haha bill, thread carefully. I have heard of many family bust-ups when it came to football. Mainly in the pool-Everton. Rivalries. Even physical violence.
    I have got two days of rain and thunderstorms to look forward to here over the weekend. Happy,happy happy. Finally. Some. Proper weather…..

  195. Fat chance they will call him a whiner like. AW for complaining. I’m just glad. RVP didn’t get sent off and red carded. Thank god for ARTETA stepping in and separating them when he did.

  196. Goonerkam @ 7:07:

    We really have a lot of fun with the rivalry and its been a great thing to keep us together during his teens. I have had a lot of fun this year with the Red Mancs bombing out of the CL and then Europa league. That has been absolutely priceless. 🙂

  197. goonerkam:

    Was it you who talked about skiing in Utah earlier this year. Have you been there this season. Colorado has had one of the worst seasons in a long time. The troughs of the moguls are scraping bare dirt and rock. My poor skis have taken a beating as has my body. I rarely fall but I have taken a couple of head over heels spills this year when my ski caught on an unmarked obstacle. Yuk.

  198. Agreed on the Manchester teams bowing out of both European competitions. PRICELESS. they should hang their heads in SHAME.
    And yes, UTAH had the best snow. In the world. Try. Free valley. Or. Heavenly. So sorry about your falls and damage to the skies. It is only a six or seven hour drive. From Colorado through some of the best country landscape god ever created. Good folks those Mormons when they aren’t trying to convert you. 🙂

  199. and no, haven’t. Been to Utah this year. Only Tahoe and mammoth lakes ski resort by Yosemite national park. Another beautiful and holy ground. Fantastic trails to hike. Nature in its full glory.

  200. I won’t get to ski any more this season but I may try it next year. Wife and I get season passes at Vail/Keystone and Breck and the skiing is usually excellent so I have never had the urge to try Utah.

    Hope you get up there this summer and do some fly fishing. I have not really learned how to do that with any efficiency but I hope to learn someday soon. I spend most of my time in the summer hiking of riding bikes on the paved trails. Have successfully resisted the urge to try off trail mountain biking. I enjoy skiing but the summer is absolutely the best time to be in the mountains. It truly is the definition of God’s country.

  201. 2 of muy brothers are arrogant fucks when it comes to supporting United. I love them to bits but there’s just something about the Manure in them that makes your skin crawl.

    Like Bill, Manure’s latest fortunes (or lack of) in Europe and elsewhere has been ample fodder to shall we say “get our own back” with them Manc loving fuckers.

    I remember how bad they turned on us (my dad and one other brother are Gooners) when they tanked us 8-2. We were humble and we gracefully took what abuse came our way.

    When they were hammered 6-1 by City, both the Manure punks were nowhere to be found. One even removed the sim card off his phone and went into self imposed exile. I even called his wife and she was pissed at hell because she was the de facto grief receiver on his behalf, yet she only follows the Manure because her husband does.

    If there’s one thing I detest most about the Mancs, its the arrogance of their supporters. My brothers have learnt to be a bit more humble, especially after Blackburn tanked them at Old Trafford and they exited the Champions league with their tails between the legs.

  202. I lived in San Diego years ago and I went to Mammoth a couple of times but didn’t really enjoy it as much. I was just learning to ski so it was not as much fun. On the other hand Squaw and Heavenly in Tahoe are truly awesome. The views of Lake Tahoe are spectacular.

  203. Darius:

    I have often used the term to describe myself but my son is the definition of a trophy slut and his other favorite is Barca. We have a lot of really good natured fun with it and it is a great way to spend time together. Thats worth all the grief I have to take from him. However, I don’t know if I would feel as generous about my siblings, alot more about rivalries with them compared to your kids. 🙂

  204. I’ve seen it suggested that both manc teams threw the Europa thingy so they could focus on the PL

  205. P.S. anybody with access to Arsenal Player should definitely check out the ‘close up’ feature on TR7. That is a happy man and great words of wisdom for any up and coming players. I’m so glad Arsenal extended his contract. He must be a superb role model for them.

  206. Hahaha DARIUS, ‘ with their tail between their legs’ is right on. With all due respect to dogs, .
    Your brothers need to man up and take it like they dish it out. Shame to put your wife as the primary defensive wall but then what do you expect from manure loving delusional scum. They are so proud of having bought every trophy in site. Them and chelski. And now. Shitty and pool. Delusional souls. Glory hunters.

    Bill, right you are. Not much fan of fly fishing though. I get more action from the trout with spinners and salmon eggs. And garlic bates, believe it or not. Tried mountain trail biking once or twice, and suffered soreness for a whole week
    . One tough sport. But fun.

  207. Yes, Tahoe is amazing and it also has more nightlife and BLACKJACK TABLES. hahaha

  208. ‘Giving & receiving’

    ‘Manning up’

    No gr*t.

  209. It occurred to me that ‘certain’ parts of the English establishment are happy with Wenger’s morals at the National level, but – for the reason previously stated- it goes against what they want to see happen in the ‘moneyed’ game.

  210. Passenal @ 8:07:

    “I’ve seen it suggested that both manc teams threw the Europa thingy so they could focus on the PL”

    Who knows what they were really thinking and who cares. I know the odor quite well and that rationalization smells like a large pile of horse dung to me.

    I can’t really believe a footballer would actually throw a game like that. If Fergie had wanted to throw it he would have played his second string, he doesn’t need to care what anyone would say. The Blue mancs certainly played all their best players.


    I will give the spinners, salmon eggs and garlic baits a try. Lot easier then learning to cast a fly. Riding a mountain trail bike is craaaazy so it better be fun.

    Have a good weekend everyone.

  211. ‘We have no idea (or at least I don’t) how many leg breaks (for example) are suffered in other lges in Europe. So we can’t really proclaim our lge suffers more than the others without seeing the figures can we?’

    The above makes no sense. Because there are no equivilant stats for another top flight team. Fulham had one last season. And, er, yes, some other team had another. They did! Find a similar statistical anomaly and prove me wrong if you can. Good luck. Bon voyage.
    If we exclude accidents, falls and injuries like shoulder to shoulder barges (Sagna, Na$ri) and just focus on flying kicks aimed halfway up an opponents leg I’d add Gardner on Cesc F-word to PGs earlier list of casualties. He was certainly a casualty after that kick give or take a six month period where it looked like he might choose to, er, ‘man up’! Fuck I’ve done it now. Not only am I deluded., delusional and seeing illuminations everywhere (the lightbulb is swithed on I’m afraid) but I a’m a bitter arsenal famn too. Dammit. I’m doomed.

  212. Hahaha, how else would they try to save face. Going out to Sporting and Bilbao . Same story with the spudniks when they exited uefa cup earlier this year and yet their fans expectations does match their clubs ambition.
    Agree with you on little. Mozart. A true mature talent and a great role model.

  213. To quote a master plundit, quite ‘literally’ no gr*t. What happened to my gr*t!


  214. Y.W

    Notoverthehill @ 5:54 pm.

    Offensive, rude, picking an unnecessary fight with members. Where is the consistency?

    I am hoping it will be the first time anyone has been moderated for using the word manure.

  215. I like tackling.
    I liked Rosicky’s tackle (behave. please!) that got a standing ovation the other night, though I couldn’t quite appreciate it from the angle/view I had.
    I liked Diaby’s kick of JT’s head.
    RVP liked Diaby’s foul that took Sneijder out for six months. Just kidding! Tbf snjeider is still walking, Diaby was a little OTT, but fortunatley the tackle didn’t follow on from a fifteen meter sprint. Almost as if he knew what he was doing, like:
    Tiote on Alves in the last WC: Nasty, late, should’ve been a red. But controlled. A lack of tension in the limb at the moment of impact (otherwise Alves would probably still be recovering) means that Tiote knew exactly what he was doing. You could argue it was a good foul, that wound up the opponents up successfully. No need to attempt to ruin an opponents career, like the worst kind of coward.

  216. England would surely have been contesting for national honors if only the establishment had followed the ARSENAL model these past fifteen years.
    1). Force clubs to establish proper youth programs.
    2) set limits as to how many foreign players are brought in.( granted, not ARSENAL MODEL)
    3) AND self imposed financial prudence guidelines. SELF SUSTAINABILITY.
    even the euro championship on national level would be achievable.
    Their loss. let them hang on to their outdated philosophy and ESTABLISHMENTS.

  217. Have a great and blessed weekend Bill. Same for all you leftists.
    Up the GUNS!!!!

  218. hahaha FINSBURY, I certainly is a very painful. Club to support, if one truly loves the club and each & everyone of its players.
    But, we shall overcome. In spite EVERYTHING. It will be done. And it will be true grit and truly sweet.

  219. “Of course Pearce might not be in charge but I find that hard to believe.”

    Noooooooooooooooooooo! Who can forget the Doom of Mancienne.

    Do you think the FA might have heard of Biesla? I’m hoping they are a little more sophisticated then your average Groaner. Biesla, the worlds second best manager, never made any groaning shortlists being hawked by the those brave BBBs at the beginning of the season.

  220. Have good weekend yourself goonerkam!

  221. you know, it is really amazing how wenger is so… defiant and in your face.

    everyone was saying a few years back arsenal isnt an english team.

    and now, you have to consider the possibility that the spine of the future england team will be arsenal. ox, wilshere, theo, gibbs, maybe jenkinson as well. and we still have other english youngsters waiting

  222. KEANE COWARD. a disgrace to manure. And the beautiful game.
    Should be a life time ban on him. Should be civil action against him. Butcher, not a footballer.

  223. i would say it would be more fun to participate in an oympic team than to go to EC. Ec coms around all the time the Olympics is a u21 tournament and you get to for once in your fooball life share facilities and venue with other athleets.

    Absolutley everyone that has ever participated in either winter or summer olympics and represented their country have always talked very warmly about it. About how it is very special to live side by side with the best athleets in the world not only from your sport but from different sports.
    Even the snowboarders that are not the best friends with FIS(international ski federation) were superstoked over the olympic village and the experience of that.

    Spain will send a strong team, Brazil will send a strong team. Messie cried his way into the Argentina squad 4 years ago even though barca really did not wanna let him go.
    Its a ones in a life oportunity(for most anyway though i think teams are allowed a certian amount of players above 21 too).
    Its probably the only chance you will ever have to share quarters with your oposit team. live side by side with your “enemy” and have some fun at the same time as you play an important tournament.
    Team GB could even get a medal in this tournament. While i really do doubt the England team will get anything but criticism in the media from the EC.

    Id much rather our young guns go to Olympics, win a medal and have some fun than go to EC, be scrutinized by the media, develop a “hate” club in England for not living up to potentian and going out in the quarter finals…

  224. Good point about the Olympics Poodle and if there was a choice I would agree with you. But after what happened to Theo, I wouldn’t put it past them to expect the players to appear in both!

  225. SA

    At 5.54 I was quaffing the first of a couple of bottles of Old Peculier. I’m guessing that you understood NOTHs comment; I didn’t. It was too full of shit.

  226. Just to keep everyone up to date on the commenting issue.

    It seems that from Twitter exchanges and other posts elsewhere, that a senior geek at Google had his identity stolen and it seems, was used to make false comments on a WordPress blog. Accordingly, WordPress became scared shitless and their knees jerked so quickly it seems they might have St Vitus Dance. They haven’t and instead of providing solutions, they are not commenting at all. A lot of bloggers are unhappy and to be honest, if that’s the reason pathetic doesn’t even begin to describe it. FFS, the trustees of Elvis’ estate are certainly going to be chasing everyone which is before you consider any beneficiaries of the image rights held on Che Guevara or Napoleon Bonaparte. In short, it’s bollocks.

    Which is before anyone considers why a Google geek hasn’t been sacked or resigned for having his identity stolen online.

    Over the coming weeks, the blog is likely to move to its own site. There’s a bit of research to do on it but it is coming; just not that quickly, as those who’ve asked for things on the site will attest…

  227. Billy’s Boots

    Thank you for the continued good posts, YW, and for keeping us up to date on the case of the mysterious disappearing gravatars. I wouldn’t have guessed that they would make such a difference, but without them, it feels like we’re in North Korea!

    By the way, YW, is the gap between your 10:29pm and 12:51am posts some kind of record for the longest time without anyone posting in the Comments section?

  228. @jonnyneale | March 16, 2012 at 2:57 pm

    That’s fantastic, thank you.

  229. Interesting. I seem to be already logged into my WordPress account this morning. Other days I have had to do it manually.


  230. So a GOOGLE geek is responsible for the kidnapping and ransom demand for our beloved MEERKAT AND NORMA JEAN AND RUSTY AND PERCY AND OTHER INNOCENTS.
    bloody hell, and they say there ain’t nothing to conspiracies and the dark side. How do you explain this then.
    I bet if Dig a little deeper we will find. Ferret face Ferguson’s. Fingerprints all over this. And the FA.

  231. I’m not using my wordpress account but instead using the Twitter account which works just as well. I think it’ll also work if you logon using your Facebook account though for the life of me I don’t know why anyone would.

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