Newcastle Preview: Mind The Gap

The weekend’s football turned out quite nicely for Arsenal. Whilst it seems premature to write off a team on the basis of a ten point gap, the number of teams involved in the race for Champions League qualification seems to have reduced by one with Liverpool’s defeat. An eight point deficit will exist to Newcastle in the event of an Arsenal win this evening; motivation enough.

We are nine days shy of being three years since Arsenal last defeated Newcastle in a Premier League fixture, 3 – 1 at St James Park. The three goalscorers that day were Bendtner, Diaby and Nasri. How times have changed; of the starting line-up that day only Sagna, Diaby and van Persie are anywhere near the first team now whilst Gibbs, Djourou and Song were on the bench. The change at Newcastle is more profound; Michael Owen was a 65th minute substitute.

Tonight is about now, seizing the opportunities presented. The win over Milan a week ago maintained the winning momentum which had been built up in previous Premier League games, even before you start to think about how well the team played that evening. Newcastle present a different challenge, capable of expansive football but ultimately they are a Pardew team and will seek to stifle Arsenal.

They have outperformed expectations looking set for a top six place whilst hoping that Chelsea or Spurs win the FA Cup to free up a further Europa League spot. A win for them tonight would boost their chances of a top five finish which surely means they will offer more than his teams have in the past.

Injury news is good which means Arsène is able to rotate, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain seems most likely to drop to the bench based on comments made recently by the manager,

The problem when you have a talented player like that is that everybody wants him to play every single game. If you do that then he will be injured

Experience shows how costly that can be; Jack Wilshere is estimated to return by the end of the season although you wonder if the lengthy absence will keep him out of Euro2012. Not that I am complaining if he or Oxlade-Chamberlain do not make the final squad for England; a rest through the Summer will be beneficial to Arsenal.

This evening though I am expecting him to make way in the starting line-up for Gervinho. Whether Yossi Benayoun is fit or not is unclear but certainly there is no case for dropping Tomas Rosicky based on current form. He has been sparkling in the recent games he has played; is it coincidence that he has been playing centrally, the position in which he built his reputation.

The line-up I expect is,

Szczesny; Sagna, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Gibbs; Song, Arteta, Rosicky; Walcott, van Persie, Gervinho

A win will increase the pressure on Spurs in the upcoming fixtures, as well as boosting the Arsenal. It would also put a positive spin on news, The Heil has claimed this morning that the deal to secure Lukas Podolskis’s services at the season’s end has been agreed with 1FC Köln. The transfer will be announced come May. Perhaps it will be part of a glut that means all business – or the majority of it – is completed before a ball is kicked in anger at Euro2012.

But for today, a win will do. Matching the one at Arsenal On This Day would go some way to making up for having a Monday night kick-off. Is this the domestic equivalent of Thursday night Europa League football?

Enjoy the match wherever you are watching it. ’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Morning YW…A Win is a MUST…

  2. I have a good feeling about tonight. Not least because Pardew is Pardew and his smugness is one less thing to contend with.

    Finishing above Tottenscum is reward enough for the boys and I’m sure they know this is an opportunity to close that gap like a nonsens.

  3. I get the CL spot 😀

  4. Just Another Luke

    No more cup distractions. From a near hopeless position, we went for it against Milan last week. Tonight against the barcodes, all the more we should GO FOR IT, GUNNERS!

  5. I would play the exact 11 that started against Milan, if they are all fit.

  6. Grétar Steinsson has just been talking about Ryo Miyaichi. He’s comments are glowing and he says Bolton players are in awe of Ryo who is destined to become one of the top players in the Premier league.

    He’s compared Ryo to Li’l Jack and said they were wondering what all the fuss was about when told Ryo was joining them. Some had seen a game of two of his while on loan in Holland, but training with him every day is just great and to experience such skill from a young talent is great to work with. Steinsson says Arsenal are damn lucky to have a player of Ryo’s quality.

    And when Arsenal picked this kid up from high school in Japan, Wenger was being ridiculed for picking a player who’d never seen a professional league, let alone leave home for a weekend.

  7. Just Another Luke


    Pardew is classless. His goal celebrations and his altercations with his fellow managers are well known, including one with Wenger when he was with West Ham few years ago and a more recent one with Martin O’Neal in derby match when both clubs were charged by the FA.

  8. A must win game for a few reasons. 1.Catching spurs. 2. Knocking toon back out of the running for champs league spot. 3. We owe them a beating. 4. Gervinho can get back into form. 5. Making sure St Totteringhams day is continued to be celebrated. 5 Pardew is a classless cuntflap (even martin oneil thinks so) 6. Because thats the why. COYG

  9. I was content when Pardew (the ****) was down in the lower leagues. Then that fat owner of NUFC signed him up. Just another of many reasons to hate the barcodes.

  10. Just Another Luke

    Anirudh | March 12, 2012 at 9:43 am

    Give that CL spot to Everton. We are aiming for 3rd. 😀

  11. Oh okk…so I dont get the trophy then 😦

  12. On this day….. 27th September 1972, Arsenal played Newcastle at Highbury.

    As per the programme, ‘Topics of the Week’ bemoans the use of the term ,‘Lucky Arsenal’.

    “ There are not many reports of our matches which do not contain these words. We at Arsenal, believe very strongly in the freedom of the Press, and only in extreme cases over the years have we ever taken any action or even questioned what had been written about us”

    Clearly a nerve had been struck as the writer then takes several hundred words to explain the genesis of that phrase, a combination of the introduction of a ‘stopper’ centre half by Herbert Chapman in the ‘30’s and the propensity of Arsenal sides to play the full 90 minutes and thus score late goals against tiring sides. This Arsenal had done in their previous three matches.

    Elsewhere we are asked to ‘Please think…’ Apparently a number of complaints have been received from fans in the Stands annoyed at people leaving early. So, not just a new problem then.

    The Arsenal side that day was: Wilson, Rice, McNab, Storey, Blockley, Simpson, Armstrong, Ball, Radford, Kennedy, Kelly

    For Newcastle, it was: McFaul, Craig, Clark, Nattrass, Howard, Moncur, Cassidy, Smith, Macdonald, Tudor, Hibbitt.

    In 1973 it was still possible for Ken Aston, who was in charge of all referees in the 1966, 1970 and 1974 World Cups to write, in a column discussing how to make the game more attractive at a time of falling gates; “…the word ‘attractive”, reminds me that just after Christmas I was introduced to a young lady in Mexico City who in all respects could only be described as a ‘dolly bird’: my surprise when I learned that she had been sent from Guatemala to attend my referees’ course was only exceeded when I found that she had refereed a First Division professional game in the country only two days previously! Without doubt, the appointment of a few young lady referees in the League would swell the gates but whether it would be good for the game itself I very much doubt! The London Society of Referees have been asked if they will accept lady candidates for their training courses, and this they have agreed to do. I hasten to add that this is to cater for the needs of primary schools where often women teachers have to take boy’s games lessons, and at the moment I see no real threat to Norman Burtenshaw and Jack Taylor.”

    Well that’s a relief.

    We also learn that the club have now installed, due to the volume of enquiries from the public, ‘an answering service which can handle many calls simultaneously, and this is already operational.

    Give them a call on 01 359 0131

    Tickets for the next match were available by post for: 80p, £1, £1.35,and £1.70. Don’t forget to accompany your request with ‘..the appropriate remittance and a stamped and addressed envelope.’

    Technology had clearly not completely run rampant at our great club

    The programme of Music? Well that, of course, was provided by the Metropolitan Police Band conducted by Major W. Williams MBE, ARCM. And included “Saturday Sports”, “A Cole Porter Fantasy” and for the younger listeners “THE BEST OF THE POPS” including “The Song of Songs” (Vocalist: Constable Alex. Morgan).

    And here are yesterdays’ football results: Arsenal 2, Newcastle 2.

  13. I think you have the lineup spot on there YW, that’s the team I’d expect to see picked tonight. Hopefully Gervinho can step up his performances after his return from the Africa Cup of Nations, I doubt he needs any extra motivation tonight after what happened up there. I’d like to see him put a good run of form together for the rest of the season now.

    Darius, I was surprised and impressed to see Ryo taking free-kicks with his right foot on Saturday, I thought he was left-footed. A true two-footed player is a great thing to have, if he can tread the same path as Wilshere with his loan spell turning into a place in out first team squad then great. Nice setup for the winning goal too.

  14. Thanks Bob – a reminder of how things used to be … before the “want it all and want it all now” generation took over. When we couldn’t get to games, my Dad used to phone Jack Kelsey in the Arsenal shop for score updates!

  15. Starting 11?

    Bac Kos Verm Gibbs
    Arteta Song
    Theo RVP Gerv

    Fabz, Djourou, Santos, Ramsey, Ox, Park, Chamakh

  16. Yes indeed Yogi,
    Tonight is about now, seizing the opportunities presented.

    Darius @ 9:47,
    AW knows. Ryo’s all set (injury free please) to have a glorious future @ the Arse. No doubt
    Oh and I hope Bolton stay up. With Coyle there they’re fast becoming the perfect team to loan our untested players to.

    JAL @ 9:57,
    I’m with u..give that spot to Moyes’ Everton indeed. That’d be be righteous!

    (smells like a 3-0 or 3-1 tonight, Gerv brace)

    “11 games left, emptying all closets, things are too tight to be civilized!”

  17. If Santos played rather than Gibbs(in yogi’s team)would that be our first choice team?
    Jack and Diaby might be an argument,but it is near enough.

  18. Watching MOTD it looked to me that Ryo took practically all of Boltons freekicks and corners. He must have come in there and immediately been ahead of the other attackers with his quality.

  19. yes PG @10:22, for this season so far that would be our 1st team.

    (ps PG, methinks In less than 3 months AW’d have done the improbable)

  20. George Jack MIGHT be an argument????????

  21. opeyemi afolabi

    it do or die match in order to boost our morale.

  22. Deise

    noticed that ryo was taking the setpieces from a couple of games ago. speaks volumes, no? plus he is starting every game? and their players look to pass him the ball because they know he can do something with it. and this is only his 2nd year in europe. amazing.

  23. I have made the mistake of reading Arseblog this morning.He has decided,in his wisdom,that Gervinho has yet to prove his quality.That sort of thing is why I don’t like him.
    We will now have thousands of Arsesheep repeating it endlessly.Because a “respected” blogger says so.

  24. Yep Desie, i watched the game just cause of Ryo, he took most their set pieces.

    He had a fairly good performance, although i think he played better against Chelsea which i think it was because he played on the right wing and form what i have seen, i think he is better suited to cutting in from the left.
    Still a moment of magic from him to set up Klasnic for the winning goal.

    What ever happened to that other Asian player at Bolton? cant remember his name

  25. If Jack is fit then Jack is starting. I dont think theres an argument for him not (apart for a rest)

    I know its just speculation regarding Vertonghen but the chap would be ideal for The Arsenal. Im just watching the weekends Ajax game, where he started in centre defense but has been moved into centre midfield. Hes always looking for the ball. Hes playing as the holding midfielder and can really carry the ball forward and pick a pass. Plus hes got a bit if skill about him to skip away from tackles.And always tuned into any danger in his defense. Hes already scored their opener and looks dangerous every time he goes forward. Good shot too, great free kick power.

  26. Hope Santos can get a run in the game today, even if its just the last 10 minutes.

    If we win today, i think its going to be by a handsome margin like 4 or 5 goals

  27. pedantic george | March 12, 2012 at 10:36 am

    HEHEH yeah george ! i stopped reading that cunt when i saw him commercialising the blog and making money out of his books ( the repertoires of a drunk blogger) and i also got into a verbal dispute with him because i was tearing into the peasants who wanted to sack the manager…his wife didnt appreciate my language and tone…lol….

    respected my @ss ….. whoever commercialises his support for arsenal and splits it 50-50 for his “customer- readers” while also taking digs at the manager, players, club is a cunt. Is he really that stupid he cant figure out policy comes from the top of hierarchy? or is he just doing it on purpose so he collects the moaners in his blog too ?

    oh my poor arsenal…with fans like these huh….

    yeah lets make money like the media !!!! cuntz…..

  28. Jeff, CY Lee. He’s been out injured. Fantastic player.

    I really enjoyed the Klasnic & Jelavic goals over the weekend

  29. yeah, CY lee. thanks Aman.
    CY lee and Miyachi would have been exciting for them.

    Im really starting to like Bolton these days, mainly because they are helping develop players and are no more a Bogey team. Gosh, i hated Bolton under Fat Sam.

    Owen Coyle isn’t making them play Fat Sam’s football anymore and i think he did a good job at Burnley, wonder why he ever left them.

    Im now rooting for Bolton and Wigan to stay up. i wish there was a way the “honest” guys at Stoke could go down with their “honest” coach.

  30. Desie,out of interest who does Jack oust in your opinion?

  31. I think the arseblogger is pretty balanced with his views. He does have a point regarding Gervinho, who has indeed been quieter than usual since his return from ACN, and while he has been great in patches, its like we are always saying its consistent quality that is the target, and he has yet to achieve that. Let tonight be the start of that. 🙂

  32. Balanced?
    He is a tit.
    That is my balanced opinion

  33. deise yes but gervinho ..its his first season here … and has missed 1,5 months ….what does blogger want him to do ..score 3 and assist another 2 in every game ? lol..he wouldnt be at arsenal if he was that kind of a player …lol…

  34. @george – Jack would be ahead of Rosicky/Ramsey/Arteta depending on what position he would play. For me a trio of

    Song Arteta

    would be our strongest.

    But equally any of these combinations would be fine in my book.

    Song Jack

    Song Ramsey

    Song Jack

    Song Diaby

    Song Jack

    Song Rosicky

    Song Jack

    Jack would always be in there apart from when a rest is called for 😉

  35. Not for me.
    He has never given a performance like Rosicky did against Spurs.
    I think he will reach that level .but he is still some way off. And Arteta and Song are also better in their positions than he is .

  36. Rosicky just penned a new deal –

    Tomas said: “It’s a great honour to sign a new deal with Arsenal, I love the Club and am proud to wear the Arsenal shirt. It’s felt like home since I arrived six years ago and I couldn’t be happier to commit my future to the team.

    “The manager, my team-mates, the staff and the supporters – everyone plays their part in making this a great Club, and I feel privileged to be a part of it. I believe we have a really talented group of players and, together with the manager, the future looks bright. It’s always been my goal to win trophies here at Arsenal, and I will fight hard to achieve my dreams here.”

    Colour me one very happy Gooner at this news!

  37. I agree Jeff, Lee & Ryo would have made for great viewing.
    Relegation wise though as much as I like Martinez, Wigan do not look good right now.
    I suspect it’ll be Wolves, Wigan & QPR going down.

    QPR have a shiite defence. Barton’s a twat. Money talks rubbish sometimes. A season in the championship will tell us Fernandez is serious about the game.

    You have to build upon the guys that brought u up to the PL not go hire a truckload of mercenaries!
    Norwich & Swansea are doing a hell of a job.

  38. I think its fair to ask for more from a player of Gervinho obvious talent. But like you said its his first season and a large chunk has been away at ACN (will most likely be the same next year too due to the changes being made for ACN). Bobby Pires has a similar on off first season and i feel Gervinho can be as important as Bobby was for us.

  39. Why do I find it hard to believe that Hunter13 has been in a row with someone…

  40. Not sure Gervinho will be as important as Pires, not sure many players will ever have that kind of impact again.

  41. Poor 3Gs. He arrives, thrown straight in, proves an acknowledged asset down Arsenal’s left for 3 months, not a goal scorer but an able “lock-picker” and “bus navigator”, and proceeds to replace Arshavin as a regular starter and wins plaudits throughout as Arsenal rise from 17th to 5th place. He’s a away a month or so at ACN, and clearly still regaining his legs (ACN is hard) and form back in Arsenal over 2 weeks, and now has become “yet to prove his quality”.

    I see him as an “evergreen” type player.

  42. Give Gervinho a break guys, he has bags of skill and pace and for the first few months of the season was terrorising defences. It was unlikely he was going to reclaim that kind of form after ACN but he will get it back again.

  43. “TR7 FOREVER!”
    I said a few months ago that if it were up to me TR7’d retire a gunner.
    Glad, AW’s of the same opinion.

    He flicked on the ON switch a month ago & today has us all pretty happy he’s re-signed.

    Long may he wear the red & white.

    oh and Deise,
    my strongest CM trio:

    Song-Rosicky-Diaby……all day!

  44. Fantastic news on Rosicky. It is very important that we keep a player of such obvious quality and loads of experience playing at the top of the game. He can be a great mentor for Jack and Ramsey, who I hope will especially look at his fighting spirit. He’s 31 and still charging through midfield like it’s a stroll in the park.
    Does anyone know if he has been just given a one-year extension or if it’s more long-termish?

  45. In other words, few players have made the impact in the time that Gervinho has at Arsenal. He’s one of Africa’s finest, no doubt. I rate him extremely highly. A little more confidence in the scoring side of things and we would have a great player. Comparisons with Pires are not correct, different types of player entirely and different roles.

  46. george – are you saying Jack has never played a game like Rosicky v spurs? Come on now! Jack played like he could have taken Iniesta’s place in the Barca team when we beat them

  47. Not sure if Gervs form has really changed since he came back from ACN. I still think he has a lot to prove but as Deise says let tonight be the start of something special!!

  48. I don’t really get the problem with Arseblogger, it’s hardly Le Grove. I’ve said on here recently that I hope Gerv settles properly next year which isn’t a million miles away from saying he needs to prove himself. He’s not been consistent and we’ve got competition in that position from Yossi and the Ox now, then also Ryo and the possibly returning Arshavin next season. It’s games like tonight where he’s really got to show us what he can do.

  49. Not comparing him to Bobby per se just that in this team he can be as important as Bobby was in that team. Bobby was all silky smooth skills feeding a speed merchant in Henry whereas Gervinho is pacey high tempo attacking feeding silky smooth RVP

  50. I think Gervinho has quite a bit to do to be mentioned in the same breath as Pires. I don’t have much of a question mark about his talent, quick feet, good pace, he takes players on, makes decent runs etc., but it’s just a bit of composure in front of goal and when delivering the final ball. If he can get that into his game consistently then he’ll be a great asset.

  51. @DeiseGooner

    The 1 name that in midfield that can’t be left out is Song which is exactly my same thought everytime we play. Its interesting to me how so many people were calling for his head for that stretch of 3-4 games where he just looked tired but marched on because he had to. I do feel like he is our best all around midfielder, if anybody needs any reminders just look at his last couple of outings where he toyed with the Spuds, defensively held down the midfield basically by himself against Milan(Rosicky and Ox where attack attack attack because they had to) and against Liverpool toyed with them as well before dropping that pass perfectly to RVP for the winner. Everybody is talking about how great Newcastles DM is but Alex Song for me is better. I’m feeling a 4-1 win today with Gervinho grabbing one RVP and Rosicky.

  52. Gervinho to score a brace tonight…any takers?

  53. I’m the happiest gooner today as TR7 is my favourite Arsenal player. Good to see dt AW changed his philosophy on 30+years players.

    On our best midfield combination, let’s wait till we see JW get on to d pitch again bt if it’s based on his performances last season, I think he’ll b a definite starter and who he’ll replace will depend on d opposition we r facing and d tactics we want to employ.

    On tonight’s match, I’m hoping for a spirited performance frm d guys n build on d momentum dtz been built. Hoping for a very convincing win tonight. COYRs

  54. was a good game by Jack .But lets not overstate his influence.
    I maintain,he is considerable behind.As of yet,that is.

  55. Robin & TR7 to assist for Gervinho brace…any takers?

  56. Interesting comments from Arsene on Belhanda from Sky today

    Unlike previous seasons, Arsene has been speaking about his targets to the media this season. Now that Belhander, Gotze and Podolski he has spoken about recently, what ever happened to Arsene carrying out his business secretly?

    Or perhaps, Arsene knows something we don’t know??

  57. we’ll beat newcastle..
    its no walk in the park playing them even at home but i think our momentum will take us through this one..

    as for jack, when fit, he walks into this first team..
    he forced his way into it when we had players like cesc and nasri as well as the players we have now so how do we come to the conclusion that hes no longer a starter now cesc and nasri have gone..?

  58. Gervinho will have his work cut out on the left if the little I saw of Ryo at Bolton the other day (v chelsea) is anything to go by. However 3Gs offers something more than pace and trickery to get crosses in from the goal-line, which is good; it’s that ability to go inside, enter the box and beat one or two that marks him out, plus a good defence work rate. He’s an especially effective duo with Santos.

  59. Oh and fantastic news about little Mozart signing a new contract, long live Mozart, a real leader and example for the rest.

    Hope to hear of more signing of contracts soon to end media speculations.

  60. …based on my expectations, next season we just might have the BEST central midfield in the whole “WORLD”


    do we even need EH?

  61. @ c – Song is always in there because we dont really have another player who can do what he does (maybe le Coq can) and Song suffers for that at times too, as we have seen when he just looked dead on his feet for a couple of games. Thats why Vertonghen makes a lot of sense to me…..

    Oh and nice one Rosicky for signing on – he does owe the club too for they way Arsenal stuck by him through his injury

  62. Yogi’s Warrior | March 12, 2012 at 11:08 am

    heheh yogi aint my fault ..they are the ones who dont accept simple things ..things which are proven to them even …

  63. Poor Arsene. How ever is he going to pick a midfield from Arteta, Jack, Diaby, Ramsey, Song, Coq and Mozart?

  64. Brazil has announced via his twitter page that he is on the bench tonight

  65. ZP

    At one point or another, half of them are out injured so it’s not much of a problem…

  66. ZimPaul – have you see our injury record?? 😉

  67. @DeiseGooner
    I understand what your saying and have watched Vertonghen from time to time at Ajax and i do agree he would be a perfect fit and like for like with Song(except Song has more quality in my eyes) but we still have Le Coq and Frimpong so then what would you do with the likes of those 2.

    Lil Mozart news is great honestly!

  68. Deise Gooner, yeah Jack was awesome that game.
    Great news about Tomas. Wish the announcement had come at the end of the season though. Usually we are told that player x is “purely concentrating on playing and is not thinking about anything like renewing contracts right now etc…” Tomas proves that both can be done successfully! As did our other Tomas. Having said that, I am not the slightest bit concerned over Song Theo and Robin. Maybe they were just waiting to see if TR would extend, before they followed suit! Expect Song, Theo and Robin to do the same in the next few weeks.
    I thought Ryo was good. But had no idea he was as good as those reports coming out of Bolton suggest.

  69. im sorry yogi i really am …but look at this mate

    look at this please …look…..

    Why Robin van Persie deserves better than failure with Arsenal By Ian Holloway

    im sorry ….who the hell is this guy again who will talk to us about failure ?

    i copy from his article …look here
    “Arsenal may still be the only team to have gone unbeaten throughout an entire Premier League season, but this season must surely have proved to everyone connected with one of the game’s greatest clubs that they’re not invincible any more.”

    question #1 . How big a cretin is this 40+ 50+ year old chap to just now realise that arsenal cant be invincible as they were when they were fielding world cup winners?

    question#2 . What kind of a cretin compares arsenal playing with 18 yearolds and at 15m budgets per transfer window, with clubs who field 27-32 world class players with budgets of 200m per window ?

    sorry yogi …but people like him give me every right to attack the mentality of the english on Arsenal. They are either stupid, in which case i can excuse them, or they are doing it on purpose in which case they are massive cunts and deserve to be beaten up in a street till they regret the momment they ever questioned arsenal and wenger.

    you see now why im so aggressive ? take no prisoners yogi..they are out to get us …!

  70. c,
    we add Vertonghen, we’ve got CB, DM & LB cover

    + LeCoq can play DM(CM), RB, LB
    + Frimp can play DM(CM), RB

    Its always a long season
    Injuries abound like who woulda thunk a team’d lose all 4 wing backs @ the same time??

    bring in JVert…he fits us like a glove!

  71. I had a weekend off from football. Delighted to see the results this morning. I’d go with that team too Yogi. Got a feeling Gervinho is due a big performance.

  72. Of the 2 Le Coq looks to have more maturity to his game, which is understandable as hes played more first team football (@Lorient) than The Frimp (due to injuries) So it would be beneficial to try get Frimpong a loan spell when hes back to get the benefit Coquelin got to bring on his game.

  73. I thought Ryo was good too.
    Why Wenger? Why? Why did you let the little nipper go out on loan? Whyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeee?

    It’s not like the OX could cover and play in midfield or the wide forward roles is it, or that Arshavin’s decision to go on loan was made in January.

    Weng. Sort it out

  74. According to Jamie Sanderson in the Metro, TR7 has got a two year deal.

    “…but it is understood that Rosicky will receive a small increase to his current £80,000-a-week wages, and is already being earmarked for a possible role within the Arsenal Academy, with Wenger impressed by his attitude and coaching credentials.
    The new deal will also see Wenger, who has a policy of only rewarding players over the age of 30 with a maximum 12 month extension, go against another of his proud principles, as the club continue planning for the future.”

    Read more:

  75. hunter13,

    “sorry yogi …but people like him give me every right to attack the mentality of the english on Arsenal”.

    Stupidity is rarely a collective thing.
    Spare “the English” and just stick to attacking the individual
    & sadly,
    you do have to take prisoners, can’t destroy them all..
    Geneva Convention = civility = the Arsenal way

    “11 games left, emptying all closets, things are too tight to not be civilized!”

  76. hunter – “..they are out to get us …!

    Get some tin foil on your head mate. You will be safe then.

  77. @Aman

    I do understand that he is great cover and all and like i said he does fit and would be a great signing but I was just looking at the other side. but i do understand he would be great cover and is a brillant player. Anyways enough talk about future transfers(unless i find something that intrigues me) I wanna talk about us against teh cretins of Newcastle. Press high play free flowing and the goals will come.

  78. & sadly,
    you do have to take prisoners, can’t destroy them all..
    Geneva Convention = civility = the Arsenal way

    🙂 ….. haha !

  79. ‘Bus Navigator’

    Heh. I remember being very impressed by what I saw at Home from Gervais against Stoke Non-Rugby League Club. He lanced his way through the clogging cabbages at will that day.
    Santos was not too bad either. Exhausted at HT, almost carried off by Sir Szcenzny (he actually did have a niggle that day, thought the ever reliable gr*tty realisits didn’t pick up on it going by their post match comments), Santos was not bad either. Tonight, I’m lucky enough to get to see Gibbsy and Gervais on the left. The first time in a long time if ever.

  80. aman…them lot deserve to have a keown chasing them around like he did to ruud …lol …

  81. no andy ..i will get them first 😉

  82. Great appetiser YW, put me in the mood for the match tonight.
    C’bob – love reading those names. Irving Nattrass, god that takes me back. Apart from Blockley I can clearly picture every name on the Arsenal team sheet. Happy days.
    As far as today’s new is concerned TR7 resigning fills me with joy. Always loved him and preyed for him to overcome his luck with injuries.

  83. Of course I meant re-signing not resigning. Unless they are spelled the same whilst meaning very different things.

  84. Jon Jon,Because Song,Arteta and Rosicky are better in the roles they are currently playing than he is.
    Which part of that are you struggling with?

  85. “I have made the mistake of reading Arseblog this morning.He has decided,in his wisdom,that Gervinho has yet to prove his quality.That sort of thing is why I don’t like him.”

    George I am with you on this one,his blog was my first arsenal blog to read and I will always be grateful to him coz I found ACLF through there but I stopped reading his blog a couple of seasons ago when he started saying some shitty things about Wenger and players.

    Gerv may not be at his best at the moment but when he is, even though he is not scoring he brings alot to the arsenal table. Same could be said of Wilshire, if stats were to be used in his case he’d turn out to be sub par but as we all know stats arent everything, he brought alot to our play even though he had very few assists and even fewer goals.

    Very good news about Rosicky extending his contract, hope the others (Song, walcott, V Persie) can do the same very soon. Also happy that the wounded are getting back just for the end of the season run-in.For a team that is often regarded as lacking in mental strength we have gained 16 points from losing positions this season, most than any other team in the league (thought I’d share that morsel of statics with the rest of you).

    Tonight lets beat the goardies, any win will do be it a tight 1-0 nil or a total annihilation of 3-0 or above goals.

  86. Can someone explain to me why Cardiff and Swansea are in Wales but are in the Championship/ league respectively?

  87. I agree with George that Jack is not as good as Rosicky in the advanced midfielder role, yet. He could grow to be one of the best there but at this moment he doesn’t have the same amount of “spark”. Actually at this moment we don’t really have anyone other than Rosicky who can play that role in the squad. While Jack, Abou and Ramsey can all do a job there, they are all better suited to a box to box or holding role. The vision and awareness is not at the same level.

  88. Can someone explain to me why Cardiff and Swansea are in Wales but are in the Championship/ league respectively?

    oh i hear you…

    i also cant understand why israeli and turkish teams are included in the european champions league …..

    lobbying… 😉

  89. George – ““I have made the mistake of reading Arseblog this morning.He has decided,in his wisdom,that Gervinho has yet to prove his quality.That sort of thing is why I don’t like him.”

    But its true. And it is not an attack on Gervihno either. Since his arrival (for varying reason) he has not yet been able to put together a run of productive games. No doubt he can do this, it is just that he has not as yet. i.e., he still needs to prove his quality. I don’t see what is wrong with that?

  90. Firstlady – this paragraph:

    “his blog was my first arsenal blog to read and I will always be grateful to him coz I found ACLF through there but I stopped reading his blog a couple of seasons ago when he started saying some shitty things about Wenger and players.”

    precisely sums up my feelings.

  91. I think Gervinho is yet to strike the same wavelength with the rest of the squad, which may be the reason he tends to hold on to the ball a little more. Dribbling is a good asset, but if you overdo it the opposition is prepared. I think with time he will learn to mix it up more and that is when we will see the best of him.

  92. GA – because taken in isolation it may appear innocuous but taken as a part of the whole it contributes to a climate of criticism, nitpicking and negativity which we as fans and the blogging community as fans ought surely to fight against rather than add to.
    He’s having a good first season. Simple. No need to go any further.

  93. I see no reason to comment about Arseblog. Yogi is the man.

    Elated to hear that Tomas re-signed with Arsenal. The epithet ‘lil mozart’ does not fully do justice to his total game.

    Agree with Aman……I favor the mid-field trio of Song, Rosicky, and Diaby. With a 60 match season, the depth of our squad is finally gelling.

    I’ve been following Bolton since Ryo went on loan. Another brilliant decision by Arsene, in addition to signing this player.

    This kid is amazing in every aspect of the game. As much as all of us have been impressed with Chamberlain’s overall game and maturity at his age………………………………….
    Ryo is in THE SAME CALIBRE.

    After seeing the impact in Jack’s game from his loan spell at Bolton, our 19 and 20 year olds need that opportunity of playing time.

    Excited to see the return of Ramsey and Santos.

  94. Steww – I think he is having a decent season as well. But not at the level which we know he can play. I am sure he will though once he is settled further in the PL.

    If we are now at a stage, where any comment that is not all flowers sunshine is frowned upon threr is no real point in having any blogs at all. I think hte comment was a fair one and an accurate one. So why not say it? It is hardly an attack on the player.

  95. Steww/ Firstlady/PG

    So we aren’t allowed to post any criticism of our manager or players?

  96. Toon fan here. We are not proud of Pardew’s behavior vs. Sunderland and he certainly heard about it. Can’t speak to his West Ham days, but he should know better by now. As for Arsenal fans calling him a c***flap on this blog, it doesn’t shine you in a better light. Also, Gervinho is a diver and got what he deserved. Hope you take 3rd, and hope we steal a point today!

  97. Whatever happened to Eastmond (when people are mentioning our growing talent in the midfield he is never mentioned). He did a good job for us last season when he was needed but I havent seen him since then.

  98. Yes JD Gooner. that’s exactly what I said. Well done.
    Let me ask you a question. What as an Arsenal fan do you hope to gain by public criticism of any part of Arsenal football club on an Arsenal supporters blog, especially given the climate of hate towards our club in the British media?

  99. George,
    I don’t agree Arteta is better than Jack in midfield. Yes he is more experienced, but much less talented, creative and unpredictable. I’d say Rosicky edges it a bit, but thats only just because he recently found his scoring boots. Problem of course is that Rosicky probably can’t play as often as we’d like because of age/fitness issues.
    Song on the other hand has a very different role. so it’d be pointless comparing them.

  100. GA – nope I disagree. I get a great warm fuzzy feeling from visiting a blog full of like minded Arsenal fans coming together to celebrate our great club. I get zero pleasure from arguments or reading people slagging off the club and players I love. It adds nothing to a blog.
    The best days at ACLF are the days where the moaners and doomers are absent. we have brilliant conversation.

  101. But this wasn’t critisiscm.

  102. Looking at previous comments, it seems I have a dirty secret: whisper it quitely but, I actually really like Alan Pardew.

    As an Englishmen I like to see an English manager with some passion and with relative success. I can see him getting the nod over Arry for the poison calice and I for one would welcome it.

  103. Steww is spot on when he says

    “because taken in isolation it may appear innocuous but taken as a part of the whole it contributes to a climate of criticism, nitpicking and negativity which we as fans and the blogging community as fans ought surely to fight against rather than add to”

    JD, critisise away.You usually do.In fact it is all you usually do.

  104. Well if that’s the case Steww whats the point isnposting at all. I’m posting on an Arsenal supporters website not in the national press. If we all lived by your dictate, freedom of speech, democracy etc. would be non existent.

  105. JD post your criticism as long as you do it constructively, plus some of these bloggers carry alot of weight to some fans so it would be nice for a change if they used their power positively. Do you know how many times fans have quoted to me stuff bloggers said as their source of truth and know it all? I have other reasons for not liking Arsebog, like his stupid pod for starters,it was funny at the beginning but got lame after awhile.

  106. Yogi:

    thanks for another good post. Its hard to wait this long between games.

    I think we will beat the bar codes tonight. 3 – 1. I predict, a brace from captain fantastic.

    Fabulous news about TR7. I don’t really think he can play every game if we have our usual fixture congestion but he is the perfect player to have on the squad. He has been brilliant as of late. If its true that he got a 2 year contract then I am even happier because it shows that the club does have a little flexibility in the way it does business. We will need to be a little pliable in the upcoming round of negotiations with RVP, and Song. I don’t know what the true number is, but if TR7 is really on $80,000/week and we have all those other midfield options then what is RVP worth to the club? Frightening thought, but hopefully it will all work out well.

    1 point behind the Spuds after tonight and they are sinking fast. Happy days.

  107. On more important issues I think we will win 3-1 tonight.

  108. Henristic,
    It appears then that you dont understand Artete’s role in the team them.He is doing what Jack did last year ,only better.Much better.
    He keeps the ball better.He scores more ,he assists more .So what is less talented about that?

  109. Firstlady, thank you. I don’t criticise my club very often but I feel it is an option that should be available to me.

    “JD, critisise away.You usually do.In fact it is all you usually do.”

    I no intention of getting into a debate with a moron who makes such sweeping statements without checking the facts.

  110. “Do you know how many times fans have quoted to me stuff bloggers said as their source of truth and know it all? ”

    Firstlady.Isn’t that the truth

  111. Jeez, some people really need to relax. I can’t believe how touchy people are about anything short of adulation of our players. Saying someone is yet to prove their quality, in no way implies said player is crap, or does not add to the team. Its simply a challenge for him to pull his socks off and work harder.

    We are playing well, all reasonable fans are happy with our recent form and results, the doomers have gone temporarily quiet, so in order for some people to feel good with themselves, they have to nit pick and moan at every perceived criticism. And to think we’re supposed to be positive people on here? Happy thoughts guys, we’re doing great, but the team as a whole are yet to prove their quality consistently. Yeah, I said it!

  112. George – Well that says more about the fans than the Bloggers. Bloggers don’t hold some esteemed position you know. They are fans just like the rest of us, and are simply putting their opinion out for people to read and comment on. The key word in there is opinion.

    Some are really really good (like ACLF and Arseblog) and some are really really crap and seem to be written by 12 years olds from their bedroom.

  113. couple of things, im glad wenger is realising that playing young players all the time leads to injury duh.
    If Gervino has given all he is going to give the arseblog is right, if he doesnt get better then we should keep him ? hes been ok nothing more nothing less, i compare to pirez when we had one of the best teams in the world and he is no pirez so maybe arseblog looks at it like that, have to win tomorrow a draw is not an option for positive thinkers, be tough but all the players know now how to win, hard work

  114. Bananas. Good post, YW. I am hoping for a convincing victory, but I have a nagging feeling that it may not be so easy. The chance to close the gap to a single point (with equal or better goal difference) and to get some measure of revenge for the August screening of “Barton: Fink” should provide ample motivation. It would be poetic justice if 3Gs were the match-winner tonight, but that is really a sub-plot – the main thing is to get the three points.

    On the Arseblog debate, maybe it would have been more balanced to say that although Gervinho has clearly shown his quality, he would be even more valuable if he can produce that form more consistently.

  115. George,
    Wenger (I think) said something recently about needing an accelerating force in midfield, to turn defence rapidly into attack, without the use of a long ball. Jack is the man for that. That is one of his main strengths. Arteta’s role is different. At the moment, Rosicky is providing that. But when he returns from injury, Jack will compete with Rosicky. Both have other strings to their bows of course…and then there’s Oxlade-Chamberlain to eventually find something to do in midfield too. But I’m not sure comparing what Arteta does really well, with what Jack did at times last season, is the right comparison.

  116. So we aren’t allowed to post any criticism of our manager or players?

    but my friend order for you to exercise criticism on something as highly sophisticated as wenger;s arsenal you must be in a position of undisputed knowledge authority and expertise ….lol not even johan cruyyf dares critisise wenger;s work , so how can some poxy little englanders do it from their espresso newspaper magazines ?…. or the dumb public?

    i dont think there is anyone in the world who qualifies as a good enough professional or knowledgable enough on football and finances so as to exercise critique on arsene wenger.

    hey jd..dont you consider yourself too small to be critisising the work of pros like wenger?

    i for instance have no shame at all in admitting that when it comes to running football clubs, in the year 2012, in the toughest most expensive league in the world i know f*ck all….therefore why not trust the superior knowledge and experience of the pro who is there already the last 16 years ?

    why is it seen as a negative to cast our trust on wenger and let him do whatever he wants. we know already that this guy is the finest manager around…so why not let him do his thing? who are we to judge him ? lol……

    its not like his motivation is to put us in the second division….his motivation is obvious to everyone..he wants to cement arsenal at the very top…only he wants to do it properly..with no short cuts..the right way. with his own players and his own football and he wants to do all that for us ..for arsenal!

    {respect & praise x a million }

  117. Very glad to hear about the Rosicky deal. Does this mean he is “like a new signing”?

  118. henristic ok …but who the hell is arseblogger or any blogger for that matter to word or place challenges to our players ? lol….

    “Its simply a challenge for him to pull his socks off and work harder.”

    im sorry ….is the arsenal fan the judge of whether gervinho works hard or not? …does gervinho not have people monitoring him and his performances , training sessions etc etc….

    is the fan the judge? no ….

    gervinhos trainers/coaches are the judges …….. they will place challenges for him ..not some blog.

  119. there are 3 types of Arsenal fans

    1) The unconditioned follower of Arsenal and Arsene that see no fault whatsoever eg. Steww, Frank, P.G,

    2) The objective/realist fans, the fans who praise and offer constructive criticism of the club and manager while offering avenues for improvement eg. YW, GA, JonJon

    3) The non-believer (doomer) fans who are not objective as they think they know all and hate Wenger eg. no point in calling names

    There is nothing wrong with being 1) or 2)

  120. Henristic @ 12:59:

    The stress of fighting doomers all these years has taken its toll. 🙂


    I finally got my new avatar. Thats my beautiful blonde Norma Jean. When we got her, she must have been homeless for months and was incredibly thin and her hooves were so overgrown and cracked she could barely walk , her teeth and her coat were a disaster. Fortunately someone called animal control and she ended up in the SPCA facility which is where my wife found her. Whats amazing is despite all that she never lost her disposition, sweetest girl in the world.

  121. Jeff

    And apart from these their is a fourth type represented solely by Piers Morgan.

  122. * there 😦

  123. hunter13

    Do you not see the inherent contradiction in your views? You won’t allow anyone to challenge Arsenal because they are not qualified to judge them (in your opinion) but you challenge others.

    Remember your judgement is of someone’s opinion. If someone opines that there is a challenge, that is there view. If you don’t agree with it, fine but do not set yourself up as the judge and jury of whether someone is able to offer an opinion because you aren’t qualified to do it (my opinion).

  124. Yogi’s Warrior | March 12, 2012 at 1:29 pm

    no there is no contradiction….

    i do not judge or critisise the manager or the club or anything.

    i challenge , tell off, mock, abuse, those who have a chip on their shoulder and think they can critisise wenger and arsenal.

    there is a massive difference. can you not see it ?

  125. the way I see it, Jeff:
    1) The unconditioned follower of Arsenal and Arsene that see no fault whatsoever eg. Steww, Frank, P.G,
    is that they are not unconditional, and see no fault. They are just in it for the journey and are loving every minute. I’d put myself in that group. But I wouldn’t say I saw no fault whatsoever. Just that the journey is everything.

  126. Woo-hoo! Tomas re-signs. Two-year extension, excellent Very interesting that he could be on track to join the coaching team. Very interesting indeed.

    @ Darius Stone (@DStoneArsenal) | March 12, 2012 at 9:47 am
    Thanks, DS. Always a pleasure to hear one of ours getting praise.

    Three starts plus one sub appearance, one goal, two assists.

    @ ormer | March 12, 2012 at 10:20 am
    Thanks Bob – a reminder of how things used to be … before the “want it all and want it all now” generation took over. When we couldn’t get to games, my Dad used to phone Jack Kelsey in the Arsenal shop for score updates!

    What a lovely morsel of information, Ormer. Keep them coming

    @ pedantic george | March 12, 2012 at 10:36 am
    Bloggers have a lot of influence and they should act responsibly. But I also blame the people who swallow whole everything they read on a blog because they like the bloke who writes it, despite knowing next to nothing about him.

    @ JD Gooner
    We’re talking about a football club, not the constitution.

    @ jeff
    Type 1 does not exist.

  127. Oh and there is a type 5 too, Myles Palmer, who is not an Arsenal fan but writes a blog about Arsenal.

  128. Free speech is a bitch eh!

  129. whether someone can offer a opinion or not ..weve been through that before

    do i take that opinion seriously? or do i treat it like another f@rt in the wind …?

    well heres the catch ..if the opinion comes from someoen deemed an expert whose opinion on such matters holds VALUE ..then i will accept it.

    But opinions coming from holloways, sams , rednaps and geoff and katie no i cant take them seriously for they hold NO value .. just the ramblings of disappointed people and people who obviously havent got much to do since they can sit and moan all day about a football club…..LOL.

    whose opinion would you hold as serious and valuable enough on lets say ….ancient roman history?…the opinion of the hot dog dealer outside madisson sqr garden or the opinion of a Dr. Massimo Alejandro de Laurentis , dean of the university of Roma…? ( for instance )

    its the same with wenger ….here is the numero uno in the world when it comes to football
    and finance and then you got jamie rednap telling him how to run the football club ….

    isnt it a joke ? of course it is and you know it .

  130. So hunter – Wenger or the club haven’t ever and never will make mistakes and therefore cannot be criticized? mmmmmmm …..

  131. Yogi @ 1:29:

    I hate to break this to you, but its hopeless.

    The guess its still worth trying because there are probably other people who will read what you say and actually think about it. 🙂

  132. Coyle played Ryo on the right and he did well there. Interesting.

  133. But hunter, it’s your opinion that those who criticise the club are not in a position to do so. That’s your opinion. It isn’t a fact. No matter how you might like to spin it, it is not a fact.

    Because of that, there is the inherent contradiction; you are offering an opinion on someone else offering an opinion.

    What was it you said? Oh yes, “can you not see it?”. Seemingly you can’t.

  134. FG,
    Well maybe you’re right, they see the faults and don’t want to crtiicize as not to “contribute to a climate of criticism, nitpicking and negativity which we as fans and the blogging community as fans ought surely to fight against rather than add to”, as Steww said

    Perhaps Type 1 should be changed to those who see the faults but keep quiet and enjoy the ride then.
    However if everybody was like that it would be really hard to have conversations on here, probably have like only 50 comments or say a day out here, except for match-days.

  135. FunG,
    Type 1 does not exist.

    You will always rock FunGunner!

    (its like u have the DNA of that person that kept Moses from adding an 11th commandment to the list ’cause he was a football fanatic!…lol)

  136. MIngus,

    Ryo has played more on the left for Bolton. it was a good performance nonetheless but he played better in other matches (Chelsea, Millwall, Man City) where he was out wide left.
    The thought of him running with all that pace and skill with an option to cross or cut inside to shoot has to be scary.

  137. But some peoples opinion have value and some have none.
    If my opinion is that Messi is shit ,they I am in the same camp as people who say Arsene is shit.In other words,I am a shit.
    If it is Hunters opinion that someone is an idiot,because they say idiotic things,then chances are his opinion is valid.
    Arseblog on the other hand ?

  138. PG

    >But some peoples opinion have value and some have none.

    In order to come to that, we must offer an opinion on whose opinion is of value.

    >If my opinion is that Messi is shit, they I am in the same camp as people who say Arsene is shit. In other words, I am a shit.

    That logic is proper mental.

    >f it is Hunters opinion that someone is an idiot,because they say idiotic things,then chances are his opinion is valid.

    No wait, that logic is proper mental. The one before just got relegated to nuts.

    >Arseblog on the other hand?

    Has a right to his opinion, the same as you or I.

    But WTF do I know, all of the above is my opinion.

  139. Yabba Dabba Dooo!!!!!!!!

    “Andrey Arshavin tells RT: “Of course I will return to Arsenal”

  140. >“Andrey Arshavin tells RT: “Of course I will return to Arsenal”

    Only because he hasn’t cleared out his locker…

  141. Now I am confused .Am I nuts or mental?

    I think I would choose nuts.Or is it just my opinion that I would choose nuts?

  142. In a curious way, perfectly sane. Irrational at times but on the whole sane.

  143. Surely it is not just ‘who’ has an opinion but ‘how’ they have it… I’ve always hated experts who expect you to take their word for it.

    jeff, your type 1 examples all contribute regularly and well. Take my word for it.

  144. “Only because he hasn’t cleared out his locker…”

    Do you mind keeping that opinion to yourself Yogi.
    Talk about being gentle!

  145. So hunter – Wenger or the club haven’t ever and never will make mistakes and therefore cannot be criticized? mmmmmmm …..

    is that what i said ?

    i dont think so …. please try and read more carefully …my logic is bulletproof.

    i did not say they dont mistakes neither did i say you CAN NOT critisise them ..

    all i say is that for any criticism/opinion to hold value it must come from someone who is better than wenger at football and finance and no such person exists in this room , country, continent, earth…

    even if they ( ownership and management) do make mistakes i doubt im the one or you or anyone to point it to them……lol…

    also….the general mistakes that may or may not exist in the structure of arsenal fc or in their operational procedures are not the sole responsibility of the manager ( employee).

    if this simple concept was understood then those with the opinions would be a bit more controlled in their outbursts

  146. But hunter, it’s your opinion that those who criticise the club are not in a position to do so. That’s your opinion. It isn’t a fact.

    Ha caught you yogi !!!!

    of course its fact

    its 100% fact that wenger is a more knowldgeable and succesfulmanager than all the cretins who critisise him and his work

    it is a 100% fact that all the moaners who complain about money havent understood that the club has to generate surpluss 25m per year.. 😉

    it is 100% fact that wenger is rank #2 in world managers and the ones who critisise him are rank # 5,898,981,634


  147. “better than wenger at football and finance and no such person exists in this room , country, continent, earth…”

    therefore infallible and immune to critisizm !!

  148. hunter

    Have you ever criticised a film? a poem? a book? anything?

  149. Yes George but your opinion of whose opinion is valid and whose is not is just an opinion in itself. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

    YW @1.29 – provided a perfectly pitched and thought-through explanation but I fear his time could be better spent.

    Jeff @1.16 – I concur.

    And as for ‘there is no type 1’, 🙂 that sounds suspiciously like a textbook type 1 response.

    Criticism is important – with it comes contrast and debate but obviously it must be tempered with respect and strive to be objective. This blog has vastly improved with the removal of Jabba and his ilk because they offered no objectivity whatsoever – just coming on each day to grind the same old axe repetitively.

  150. Opinion in itself is nothing. The standards for having an opinion are so low that nowadays everyone can have one! Madness, I know.
    Anyway, when it comes to opinions, you have two varieties: qualified opinions and the rest. Unfortunately, it can be quite hard to distinguish between the two, but in the end it all comes down to the arguments that are on the base of an opinion. If those arguments are not grounded in rationality and fact, they will usually fall in the latter category. However as Arseblogger didn’t provide a 12 page essay on why Gervinho should still have to prove himself, I find it hard to pass judgement on if his opinion is now qualified or not. And, to be honest, I believe on the eve of a very important match that could see us close the gap to just one point to the team sitting in 3rd spot, there are more important things to discuss. Though that is just my opinion!

  151. Or for that matter, have you ever criticised an opposition manager? An opposition footballer?

  152. Finngun @ 2.11 – I totally agree but then those point were never in dispute.

  153. Desie.Have you ever critisised someone for doing something and then when you learned all the fact realised that it was in fact you who were wrong?

    What do you think the chances are that if you and Arsene are both being given all of the revevent information,that he would make the wrong decision and you the correct one?

    All criticism by the likes of us is done from a position of ignorance.And as such is of very limited value.

    In my opinion

  154. Yabba Dabba Dooo!!!!!!!!

    “Andrey Arshavin tells RT: “Of course I will return to Arsenal”

    Arshavin’s going nowhere (else)!
    Arshavin’s going nowhere (else)!
    Arshavin’s going nowhere (else)!

    He’ll be back to fulfill his final year
    If he has a great Euro tourney, he’ll be back with a vengeance!

    PG, I believe AA’d like to retire a gooner too.
    Mozart’s extension seems quite the catalyst?

  155. Though having stated that this debate is pointless and now is not the time to be having it, I am going to completely go back on that and instead fuel it on!

    Let’s compare Gervinho to the chinless wonder in his first season with us. So far Gervinho has 19 apps in the league, 4 goals and 5 assists. Na$ri had 29 apps, 6 goals and 2 assists after his first full season. To me it looks like Gervinho has certainly performed above par, considering that he has already contributed more than Samir in his first season after just 2/3 of the games.

  156. Evil, thank you. Was struggling to formulate what you just wrote.

  157. Fark off Jonny.
    You know very well what I was getting at.Obtuse is what you are .

  158. Just Another Luke

    This para is pretty innocuous. The emotions aroused by it is surely disproportionate and it is hard to understand the fuss. Gervinho has been pretty quiet since his return, and this being his first season with us and he was 1.5 mths away for ACN, surely it is justified to say that he has yet to convince everyone. I like him though.

    “The boss says Gervinho has learned his lesson after his red card on the opening day of the season but tonight there’s no chance of running into Joey Barton again as he’s too busy getting relegated at QPR. The Ivorian has been pretty quiet since his return from the African Cup of African Nations of Africa playing for a Cup, and if we’re being honest, still has some way to go to convince people of the quality the manager believes he has. Let’s hope he chooses tonight to do that.”

  159. George

    We might. Yes, that will not be the case 99% of the times, but not necessarily always. Also, it is not related to whether we make the right decision. Criticism doesn’t necessarily mean that I can do it better, which is why I brought up the subject of criticising films, books, poems, opposition managers etc.

  160. my logic is bulletproof

    Only is said bullets are made from balsa wood.

  161. oh of course george, he is far more qualified than us to make the right decisions (and has the trust of club and many many fans to do so) but he isnt infallible and immune to critisizm when a wrong is made – even from the likes us us cretins! 😉

  162. Arsenal will be up for it.

    Newcastle will be struggling.

    There is a strange circularity about the choice for the team today. At the beginning of the season it was this team that we had to get used to as the new Arsenal side. (maybe minus the verminator and plus the meat sack)

    Now we come again to it with some relief knowing that they can do the job.

  163. hunter

    In my opinion, your opinion of who has a valid opinion is just a load of bollocks as an opinion.

    Which raises an interesting question for you to ponder.

    Do you have a right to question my opinion on this blog since I write the posts 6 days a week. Therefore, by your logic, I am the best qualified person to comment about opinions on this blog.

  164. GA

    Or if he’s wearing a blancmange bulletproof vest…

  165. hunter – “all i say is that for any criticism/opinion to hold value it must come from someone who is better than wenger at football and finance and no such person exists in this room , country, continent, earth…

    Aside from the fact that you obvisouly believe Arsene shits roses, that logic hold no grounds whatsoever.

    You do not have to be more qualified than somebody to offer a valid opinion on a subject.

  166. YW – Heh.

  167. thats not to say we could do it better of course, just that we can identify whan a wrong choice is made – and we dont have to have won the world cup to qualify that….

  168. PG

    >All criticism by the likes of us is done from a position of ignorance.And as such is of very limited value.

    Very true in the respect of Arsenal and the practicalities of running a club on a daily basis. However in terms of allowing your mind to form opinions based upon (on the whole) cogent argument by others, it is invaluable.

  169. Also criticism is not binary. I might look at a great film, say a Kubrick, and find something not up to the mark, or something that could have been done better. That doesn’t mean that the film is shit, or Kubrick is shit.

  170. YW when did this happen?

    “This blog has vastly improved with the removal of Jabba and his ilk because they offered no objectivity whatsoever – just coming on each day to grind the same old axe repetitively.”…Jonny

    If true I’d like to make a request.
    Pls let Jabba back in in summer. His transfer passions are quite enjoyable.

  171. corr: His transfer passion is quite enjoyable.

  172. hunter – “But opinions coming from holloways, sams , rednaps and geoff and katie no i cant take them seriously for they hold NO value

    And here is where you contradict yourself 100% You dismiss their opinions, yet they are more qualified than yourself (your logic) in that field.




  173. firstlady @12.26pm

    It dates back to the days when there was no professional league in Wales. Since the establishment of a professional league in the principality, the clubs have been offered an opportunity to join the FAW League but declined on footballing and financial grounds. Uefa agreed to their continued presence in the English leagues. Wrexham and Newport County also participated in the Football League before descending into non-League football.

    It’s not unique. Liechtenstein teams play in Austria / Germany for example, San Marinese teams in Italy not forgetting Berwick which despite being an English town plays in the Scottish League. Interestingly, before they were elected to the English Football League in 1978, Wigan Athletic flirted with the Scottish Football League and seriously looked at the viability of playing professionally north of the border.

  174. Aman

    ‘His transfer passion is quite enjoyable.’ – about Jabba

    I think you have confused ‘enjoyable’ with laughable. 8)

  175. 1)

  176. “Do you have a right to question my opinion on this blog since I write the posts 6 days a week. Therefore, by your logic, I am the best qualified person to comment about opinions on this blog”

    Well yes,you were being flip ,but yes,you are the best qualified because you are the only one who knows exactly what you meant ,when you wrote it.

    I’ll get me coat.

  177. 9)
    Where are you little sucker?

  178. I know were having a discussion but last time i checked were talking about criticizing players and a manager that started off the season almost in relegation zone and now with a win today can be in striking distance of 3rd and can over take 3rd by the time the Spuds and the Chavs play. So fuck off with all this criticising or whatever talk and get back to talking about tactics and playing Newcastle and how Gervinho owes them

  179. It is my opinion that my opinion is the correct opinion. So there you have it.

    Come on Arsenal

  180. Anyhow,what score will we see tonight?
    I need some reassurance as I am beginning to doubt my opinion.

  181. I don’t really think the “who is qualified or not” to give an opinion on football holds much water to be honest. We, as fans are giving opinion on what we see with our own eyes. I am 36 years old and have watched and played football for the majority of my life.

    I like to think I have a fairly good grasp of the game and therefore can give a valid opinion on what I see. People may disagree with my opinion and some may agree. Both is fine as it is only an opinion anyway. “Qualifications” don’t come into it, I am not blind.

  182. Just Another Luke

    In a dictatorship, only one opinion counts, whether expert or not, right or wrong. In a democracy, opinions of the majority counts, even if they are not experts. But they only get to vote only during the poll, and in between, they are stuck with their chosen representatives.

  183. Dups – Nailed it.

  184. “I don’t really think the “who is qualified or not” to give an opinion on football holds much water to be honest.”

    Of course you don’t Andy.
    Why would you?

  185. It is my opinion that Dups opinion is the correct one as well .
    Unless it is at odds with what I think.Clearly.

  186. My opinion of all the opinions on the matter of opinions is that in my opinion we will keep a clean sheet tonight and Gervinho will score.

  187. Well said Keyser – this is the nub of the problem.

    I’m well aware that my opinions come from limited a place – I have frequently put myself down in this respect. I take it as read we all know that our opinions are unimportant – – yet it seems that some do not have this self insight (bullet-proof boy I’m looking at you). I love Wenger and have rarely criticised him to any extent at all but to some he has been raised to deity levels and to them I have caused offence. I think the excessive end of this adulation is both unfair on him and generally unhelpful: it exacerbates and magnifies the fanbase divide. In fact both ends of the spectrum have gone long ways to creating each others extremes.

    As in all walks of life we all take our own unique things from football – some believe that it is there right to behave in utterly partisan fashion as it is the one place in life that they can do this. However for others it is interesting to view football a little more holistically and not view everything solely through the jaundiced spectacles of pure Arsenal/Arsene bias. Neither is right or wrong and, largely speaking, the areas of friction can be an enjoyable thing. For some of us the sanctimony of those who seek to defend Wenger as though even remote criticism is heresy and blasphemy can be a little much at times and rather limiting.

    Right – that’s my ten cents all just the opinion of an ignorant stupid man you understand.

  188. George – Because it is bollocks I believe.

  189. Marco van Basten: “Arsenal are the most beautiful club in England. At Man City and Chelsea, they will never have that class and style.”

    Now there’s a man whose opinion counts.

  190. George:

    Genuine question. What do you see as the purpose of having a blog?

    Fans have always loved to talk about their club and questioning a managers decisions has been part of what fans have done for as long as there have been professional sports. None of us thinks we are better managers or smarter then arsene. However, I assume that he has not yet ascended to heaven and is still human and therefore subject to occasional mistakes in judgement. Arguing about which moves might be a mistake and which were brilliant is a huge part of the fun of being a sports fan for most people and its one of the biggest reasons people like to be involved with blogs.

  191. huge game tonight, win and increase the gap between us and Newcastle, also limits the gap between us and Spurs to one point

  192. What’s wrong with someone pointing out that Gervinho has been inconsistent? He’s a good player but he’s missed a chunk of the season and as a result his performances have been spotty. Nothing wrong with someone pointing that out.

    Seems there’s always a set of fans who are extremely positive, a few decent performances by a reserve player and he’s the next best thing since sliced bread. And then another set who are extremely negative, a few shoddy performances and he’s the worst thing since, well you get the idea.

    We should learn to find a middle ground, we are not where we want top be yet. We should judge the team when the season’s over but there is no reason not to question the performances of some players, there is nothing wrong with that, as long as we aren’t hurling abuse at them.

    When you or I fail to perform at our daily jobs, our performance reviews aren’t great.

    Anyway Up The Arse, here’s to a win tonight. 3-0. Gervinho on the scoresheet. 😉

  193. Bill .
    First of all I like the horse.
    “None of us thinks we are better managers or smarter then arsene.”
    Now you see that does not appear to be the case.Many state with absolute certainty that Arsene /IG/the board have made mistake and been incompetent.And seem to think things would be better done their way.(AST,Le Grove,Arseblog as examples)
    Yes .mistakes are made but we only see them as mistakes with the benefit of hindsight.
    For me the problem is that people say we should do this ,that and the other when they do not have a clue what the clubs position is.

  194. Bill ,here is an example of why we blog

    “Acryllic Altair | March 12, 2012 at 3:18 pm
    huge game tonight, win and increase the gap between us and Newcastle, also limits the gap between us and Spurs to one point”

    Such insight! Were else could you get it?

  195. @AA

    well said

  196. PG

    >Yes .mistakes are made but we only see them as mistakes with the benefit of hindsight.

    That’s true to a certain extent but there are occasions when you can see at the time things are not right.

    >For me the problem is that people say we should do this ,that and the other when they do >not have a clue what the clubs position is.

    A bigger problem arises when people portray themselves as being ‘in the know’ when the truth is that they know FA more than we.

  197. PG

    At least I know he read today’s post. Well, the first paragraph at least.

  198. I know there is sarcasm in 3:25pm. Not sure about 3:26pm tho…

  199. New article by The National on Robin van Persie. Comedy gold, absolutely hilarious.

    Anyway, can’t wait for tonight; edgy 2-1.

  200. “That’s true to a certain extent but there are occasions when you can see at the time things are not right.”
    Or what on the face of it ,given what we do know,appears to be not right.

  201. George @ 3:25:

    OK. I guess its no secret that we have a different idea of what we enjoy about a blog.

  202. Yes George but some of us think its fine to abuse Cesc, without truly having a clue what the position with that was either. I think there is, to an extent, something of a double-standard there.

    I think we all agree that Le Grove is beyond reprehensible. Even Jabba in his strange way hated them.

    I think Arseblog does go too far sometimes – I don’t read him often but I have never had much of a problem with his writing – he likes being a little controversial and to be more questioning than some would prefer. It’s his blog though and whilst I can imagine why he upsets the extreme left – just vote with your feet.

    Besides the water is much nicer over here.

    Well said Bill – I like your horse too – glad you got to grips with gravatar.

  203. Markus

    There’s been a lot of sarcasm today…

  204. Hey George – lay off the sarcasm, that was probably Acryllic’s best ever post.

    Cos it was fucking short! 😉

  205. George:

    BTW. I missed your sarcasm at 3:25 until Markus pointed it out. Duh. Good one. 😆

  206. PG, don’t you ever get tired?

    YW, havent yet read the post, will do that once i get some things done online

  207. But Jonny Cesc was an treacherous weasel.
    How is that not a fact?
    And a cunt I might add.If I was going to be honest.

  208. AA.Yes ,I get tired of you .

  209. @ Jeff
    Yes, that is more like it – and what mingus said!

    The preview on the main website is a little over-confident for my taste, so I am sending in my thoughts another prayer to Karma on the same lines as the previous one which worked (and not the one which didn’t quite work).

    Good luck for tonight, boys – work hard for each other. Good singing, Gooners.

  210. gonnerandy : You dismiss their opinions, yet they are more qualified than yourself (your logic) in that field.

    i fail to see how i contradict myself …..

    did i ever tell you i know more than wenger ? no

    does rednap and louise know more than wenger ? no

    so what do you do when you see a rednap critisisng a wenger ? you laugh my friend , because youre in the same position as jamie …in the field of football management in the year 2012 we both know fuck all…yet i aint the one crititising the pros though am i?

    i can not believe that you will accept amateurs critisising professionals …

  211. Great news about Li’l Mozart’s contract extension. I think he deserves it and Arsenal need him to remain the elderly statesman he has become.

    Not only will he be helpful and crucial off the field in showing leadership to the younger players and being a ‘big bruv’ to them, Rosicky is the most creative and visionary player we currently have in our midfield and it is imperative that we keep him. It’s pointless comparing him with other players as he offers something totally different in the squad. His finesse and sublime handling of the ball, his ability to conduct the midfield like an orchestra, his guile and determination and the “fuck it – I’ll grab this game by the scruff of the neck” attitude are just some of the attributes Li’l Mozart brings to the team.

    I don’t envisage that he’ll play every game of the season and it makes logical sense that Li’l Jack and Ramsey in particular will have the best sort of on-the-job training they can get from a midfield maestro.

    What is amusing is the almost collective surprise amongst some Arsenal fans and commentators about Rosicky’s revival of form. Class is permanent as they say and people easily forget why he earned the nickname Li’l Mozart. The only thing left for him is to re-introduce his long range thunderbolt goals.

  212. @Markus
    my post @ 3:26 wasnt sarcastic. What he wrote is actually the truth and on top of that, if we do win it would be absolutely hilarious(to me) to hear the same pundits who have been killing us all year reverse course or say that at the end we will fade.

    Yogi just speaking from the heart but: TO ALL THE PUNDITS, DOOMERS, CRETINS AND ANYBODY ELSE THAT I HAVE MISSED THAT HAS BEEN PUTTING ARSENAL DOWN ALL YEAR, YOU HAVE you have 2 choices either 1. Realize that you were completely wrong and that most of the time we played with less than 1/2 a healthy squad and that are recent performances are how Arsenal play when we can actually rotate players and player are healthy(this from most i just dont see happening thus #2) or 2. Kick rocks until your feet bleed and then kick some more and just when you think and feel you can’t kick anymore and i’ll throw salt on your wounds and you can still go fuck yourself.

    Arsenal victory today 1 point behind Spuds further away from Chavs and Newcastle and then Chavs and Spuds play while we play Villa(if i’m not mistaken)

  213. It’s a moot point Jeff and others. On the whole, fans and posters like Frank, Shotta, Ateeb, PG, Maria, others are usually interesting, and often factually right when people think they’re only Arsene-friendly. This is the difference between this “group” of opinions and the suicide brigade and look-down-your-nose types who tend to be sadly misinformed. It is not 2 sets of fundamentalists throwing rocks mindlessly, with some sane people in the middle watching like a tennis game, necks straining: left right left right. I would like to see Commissar Hunter talking more about football ins and outs though. Personally, I may be known as Wenger-friendly I suppose, but actually I love mainly talking football, tactics, players, strengths and so on as I suspect most do.

    You can usually tell immediately by comments on Diaby. Here I take my cue from the known facts. Diaby has been often injuted. Arsenal are not big sentimentalists and overall a lot of players get moved on over the years. So, I deduce there must be a damn good reason for hanging on to Diaby. Ditto Arshavin.

  214. The Cesc bashing is as pointless as it is surreal. I hope we get our trademark early goal tonight and then don’t leave too big a gap to the second one. While it’d be nice to come flying at them for the whole first half like we did on Tuesday, I don’t want to see us out of puff after 60 minutes again (despite the fact our bench should be a lot stronger tonight). A clean sheet would be nice, were it not for Koscielny’s tidy left foot finish at Anfield we wouldn’t have conceded a goal since the Adebayor ‘penalty’.

  215. Aside from the fact that you obvisouly believe Arsene shits roses, that logic hold no grounds whatsoever.

    You do not have to be more qualified than somebody to offer a valid opinion on a subject.

    obviously he does…. sorry if they dont smell as nice to you ….lol maybe you prefer the stink of merson …hahaha

    what logic holds no ground ?

    andy can you go and critisise the work of ross braun?
    what about the work of scorcese ?
    maybe you think you are big enough to critisise or have an opinion on how michael jordan won 6 nba rings too…..i dont …

    all i can say is i like it ..or i dont like it. …thats as far as my personal opinion will go.

    to start dictating to jordan how to shoot three pointers or tell scorcese how to direct films or tell ross braun what to do with fuel strategy or telling wenger how to run his football club is a bit stupid if you dont mind me saying.

    if you want to give your opinion as in killing time on the internet then do so ….but know that all youre doing is killing time and lets get on with it….. why should i take anyone’s critique seriously or give value to their opinions? what do they know? they know as much as i know…a big fat zero .. BUT you dont see me going up to wenger telling him he is doing it all wrong though do you ?


  216. PG,

    Then ignore me, its silly trying to pick a fight whether we agree on something or not. if you have something against what i have posted raise it, have a mature debate (I may be wrong and there is nothing better than seeing the error in ones ways) but this constant niggly infantile behaviour is silly.

  217. hear hear Darius Stone @ 3:49pm

    Class is indeed permanente
    here’s to TR

    ps: may u repeat the last paragraph replacing Rosicky with AA sometime soon, Darius.

  218. im out…..wishing the lads all the best tonight

  219. and andy …

    if there are still individuals who like to kill their time by sitting down and pinpointing to arsenal football club how it should be run…LOL….. then i will read it and i will pay attention to the arguement said person puts up…….but an arguement must take into account both sides…and must be free of emotion….and has to keep a perspective

    and those who want to argue about arsenal and start their arguments ” we used to be this and that ” are the first i will oppose because frankly speaking before this guy (wenger) we were a bit sh*t if you dont mind me saying…..

    the next guy who will argue that ” oh we have money like city , why dont we buy like them” , deserves to be mocked

    and the next guy who goes ” where is the ambition?”, he is a freaking idiot …for if a 60,000 seater in the middle of london doesnt indicate ambition i dont know what does ….

    andy …people cant wait …thats the only issue….they just cant wait ….

  220. Jon @3:31 pm – do you have a link of the new article by the National?

  221. Zimp – I would never compare the two extremes to each other as binary opposites. I totally agree that they are frequently right and I think they offer enormous value in that theirs is a positive outlook.

    The only problem I have and I suspect for some others is that some of them (at times) don’t have room for the middle ground at all. I have spent many a long hour arguing with doomers and extolling Wenger as the greatest club manager ever but that can be completely overlooked by some because I have at other times dared to give my own opinion which does not tow the AKB party line. It’s annoying to be tarred with the same brush – being lumped in with the doomers is a horrifying thought!

    I’m closer to an AKB by a country mile but I try not to allow myself to be limited or blinkered by idealism and I find the idea of being 100% partisan, if I’m honest, a little childish.

  222. I don’t get this Gervinho “inconsistent” though. I haven’t noticed at all throughout the months except that he looked jaded after ACN. We’ve noticed this before with ACN. It’s a very tough competition physically for teams that make it through to the last 4, and often without the range of facilities taken for granted in richer locales. In fact the most striking attribute of Gervinho, overall, seems to have been consistency (as in: ability to often do well what he does well). That’s why I think he’s probably the “evergreen” type, in contrast to perhaps Walcott who seems to be a little more more the “confidence” type. I don’t think Gervinho will necessarily improve hugely either, except in team link-up play which improves collectively as players get to know each other better. He’s at his best slaloming through the edge of the box causing mayhem. A better last pass is needed, but those players often don’t look up, and others need to anticipate their movement.

  223. My opinion is that it would be boring if people didn’t have opinion’s.

  224. @darius 4.08: I got it from Arsenal news now, should still be on the front page.

  225. AA.You are a tedious cretin,but at last you have had a good idea.
    I shall do my best to ignore your pathetic ramblings.

  226. It was much more fun when we were just discussing exotic fruit.

  227. if you have something against what i have posted raise it, have a mature debate (I may be wrong and there is nothing better than seeing the error in ones ways)

    lmao…this is what i mean ….

    so every idiot out there is gonna write his cr@p and automatically its a statement that deserves responce and a mature debate ?

    lol..the fact that you think yourself as a person who can debate technical, financial and policy details of arsenal football club is a joke …….

    yeah ..ok after i have my sandwich.. lets debate the palestinian issue too…. on the internet of course…;)

    come on guys ….see….open them wide up ….. that guy (wenger) is at level 100 in these subjects ..and all of us are at level -3,000

    🙂 who the hell are we to critisise anything? …….. enjoy the ride, like someone said …the driver/pilot is way more experienced than us..he knows where he is going…he has been there before…

  228. Hunter13

    >an arguement must take into account both sides…and must be free of emotion….and has to keep a perspective


  229. Great news about TR7 signing a new contract, over the last few weeks he really has been superb, and has regained the form of the TR we signed, and that he showed in the 08/09 season.

    He really is a classy footballer, and it can only be good to have him in the squad.

    I am not sure who mentioned earlier, but I was thinking about the summer and where we may need strengthening and the midfield is a really interesting area.

    The name of M’Vila is banded about a lot, and having seen him play a reasonable amount this season, he does look an excellent player, but should Song stay and Coquelin develop further I am not sure where he would fit – not forgetting Frimpong who will hopefully recover and be available next season.

    Out wide is also interesting – Even if AA makes his move permanent, he will have Theo, a more experienced Chamberlain, Gervinho with a whole PL season under his belt (and we saw what good that did Pires) and potentially Ryo and Podolski (who can play wide).

    Up front – if Podolski comes in and RVP stays and Afobe fit to play a few games when needed we look strong too.

    And with everyone fit – our defence also looks strong.

    It is hard not to be excited about the way the squad is developing.

  230. Hunter – I don’t have time to pick through your post mate as I am going home to have tea, have a snuggle with the wife and enjoy a couple of beers whilst we thrash the Geordie mob.

    If you don’t see how you have contradicted yourself, I will just leave that with you. Raging Bull was a masterpiece as was The Daperted as was his reworking of Cape Fear. However, if you look closely his eyebrows seems remarkably large and are striking black against his grey hair. Just a thought.


    (3-1 tonight)

  231. Truth is a big part of the problem within Arsenal is broad unpopularity with the media and assorted punditry. It’s changing by a degree or two of late and many were honestly amazed with the Milan performance. Quite a few are talking abour Ryo now, and of course Ox. It’s shocking how many fans form their opinion only from media.

  232. us arsenal fans should be the most comfortable and carefree fans in the world ..

    our manager wont bankrupt the club, neither will he allow the standards to deteriorate. if wenger dont give you security …then who does? mourinho? he needs 200m to win titles and a team of wrestlers. ferguson maybe? he needs to give clubs assets as collateral to the banks to win titles. benitez ? who is better than arsene ? NOONE.

    this is a fact ..this aint an opinion….wenger can do what the others doing..the others can not do what wenger does.

    wenger can win titles and reach finals on low budgets ..he has proved it!

    what about the rest ? 😉

  233. the driver/pilot is way more experienced than us..he knows where he is going…he has been there before…

    I bet that is what all the tourists thought on that Italian ship as well 😉

  234. no i dont see it ……when you have the time im all eyes … 🙂

    enjoy the game !!!!

    p.s ..were you critisisng martins work or facial features ? lol …….its two different things yeah…

  235. Jamie Sadnerson from Young guns blog reported that Conor Henederson is back in full training. Good news that is, it hasn’t been easy for the young lad

  236. jesus you aint got a clue about football and you want to talk about shipping now and insurance and collisions, safety at sea protocols and naval engineering?

    have you worked for many shipowners then ? 😉

    i have worked for three in my life …maybe you know better in this department too …

    oh i know lets listen to the kathreens who phone up the news to tear into italian authorities without having a clue …yep thats logical….

  237. Jonny @ 4:09:

    Sounds like a fence sitter. 🙂

    TBH, If you say what you think and can present a reasonable explanation for why you think it, then you have done the best you can and who cares what others opinions about your opinions are?

  238. Ok Hunter, you’ve drawn me into your madness. Let’s make this simple. You are making one huge assertion, with no evidence whatsoever: Anyone who offers criticism of ANYTHING that another person (Wenger) does in their job must be better than that person at their job AS A WHOLE.

    If we accept this premise, all conversation simply stops. Students would uncritically drink in everything their professors said. Only great directors could be movie critics, if even that — maybe one would have to be a director/producer/writer/actor to pass the Hunter Test of Validity.

    I happen to be an expert in my field. My students know far less than me about what I know. But they can and do criticize positions I’ve held and sometimes they’re right. In the case of football, we all have equal access to resuts, the performance on the pitch. Wenger’s opinion is worth more than all of ours put together, but there will be times when we are nonetheless correct.

    But if I meet any aspiring cult-leaders, I’ll drop your name. They love people like you.

  239. That’s great news about Conor – a thoroughly lovely lad too – articulate and rather atypical for the usual English footballer.

    I really hope his career blossoms injury free from here.

  240. Bravo Nola, bravo.

  241. OK Hunter, time for you to stop now. This is all becoming very tiresome.

  242. Speaking of opinions – my opinion is that the media and punditry are either by design or by omission of journalistic integrity involved in a massive conspiracy to undermine Arsenal and Arséne Wenger. It is strategic, systematic, deliberate and in most cases malicious.

    Some will argue that we’re paranoid, but it doesn’t mean they’re not out to get us.

    And my opinion as to why there could be a conspiracy is simple. The success of Arsenal in running a club within its means, playing a brand of football that is ecstatic and mind-blowing and winning trophies challenges the very fabric of the football establishment, an establishment that still lives in the stone-age and remains arrogant and contemptuous about what they think their standing is in world football.

    And the most dangerous thing about all this is that the media have the power to reach millions of people who’s opinions will be shaped by the faecal matter they write and broadcast with impunity.

    For this reason, the media and elements of the football establishment like the punditocracy are a direct threat to the very existance of Arsenal. I will continue to hate them and fight this until the day we get a fair crack at the whip. Unfortunately, the media and establishment are in self preservation mode and that makes them even more dangerous.

    Make no mistake my friends, we’re in the trenches, and we’re in the trenches for the long haul. I have no time for doomers who don’t understand that when we’re in the trenches, we need to work together and not bitch at each other.

    I kid you not, there’s people on here and on other blogs that I will not hesitate to shoot to kill because they’re a liability in the trenches. I’d happily light a cigarrette and celebrate capping the bastards.

  243. c at 3:51 pm.

    Okay, it was both true and well said…

  244. Back in the box youngster.
    Even I have become jaded by it

  245. mattgoonerknight

    I’m going to my first game tonight since last seasons 101st minute robbery against Liverpool last (my salary is PONY hence the gap)

    Sooooooo, excited – just hope this one doesn’t have the same disastrous ending.

    Any type of win will make me immensely happy.


  246. Zp,

    ‘Arsenal are not big sentimentalists and overall a lot of players get moved on over the years. So, I deduce there must be a damn good reason for hanging on to Diaby. Ditto Arshavin.’

    Exactly. If anyone has seen Diaby play once he should appreciate what that player is capable of. If we had a fit Diaby, we have a phenomenal player in our hands, who like RVP, TV, Wilshere, Theo, and Ox is capable of changing the games dynamics on his own. Which of course, he can only prove once he has an injury free season. Which frankly, is what we have with RVP for a season now. Everybody knew how brilliant he can be, but he’s just proved why we have persisted with him for so long. I think that is one of the reasons he will sign as well. To return the club with his performances next couple of seasons. We’ve had some ship jumpers of late, but Cesc was determined to go, while Nasri to me at least is an exception, given the time of his career.

    We lose some and we will continue to do so. But we will keep much more. Enough to challenge consistently for the title. It’s difficult to win titles when your best players are out for a long time. Which is where we have suffered, with the likes of RVP, Cesc, Wilshere, TV, and Theo. Very unfortunate with injuries, but I think our squad depth is growing with the likes of Gervinhio, OX, and hopefully Podolski who I rate highly. Perhaps much more than the sensation that goes by the name of Hazard. It’s exciting as well to challenge for the 3rd position. Why not? There are many ‘top’ teams which are doing exactly the same. Says a lot about the league and reality in general. Which Arsenal fans are really bad at understanding.They tend to live in an ideal world and construct their opinions according to that, rather than how things actually exist. Regardless, I am excited about today’s match as much as I was for matches when we were challenging for the title last season. Say’s a lot about me and the team as well. Excitement!

  247. will the thrill

    As my friend George once said…”that guy is crazy. the good kind of crazy”

  248. Ateeb, very good comment. When the season starts we are excited at the prospect of winning everything. if we lose ground in the title race or get eliminated from a cup competition we reset our sights and move on to the next target.
    this season has come down to a straight out fight with the Spuds for third. A little while ago it was a tilt at fourth. Expectations can be reset upwards too!
    I am excited about the run in because I can see a clear goal and it’s one I really want. Also a good solid run in might (I say might) stand us in good stead for the start of next season.
    None of this means I don’t want to win the league or am ‘happy’ to settle for third. I am realistic that’s all, and third is now a realistic target.

  249. will the thrill

    “None of this means I don’t want to win the league or am ‘happy’ to settle for third. I am realistic that’s all, and third is now a realistic target.”

    well said Steww. Lest we forget, after the first month of this campaign people would have laughed if we said that a top 4 spot was still plausible. Oh well, truth is, most of us (here) are fine with watching the team and enjoying the ride. Yes, we do want to win the league. Sadly, only one team can win the league each year. It won’t be us this year. The pleasure of St. Tooterinham’s will still be felt.

  250. “The pleasure of St. Tooterinham’s will still be felt.”
    I’d say felt all the stronger, will the thrill, by being harder won. It’s always more satisfying when a weak and irritating opponent actually puts up a fight. The only thing makes me cautious is how positive i was when we did the impossible and got top four by the end of last year. Many said we couldn’t us realists knew we could but I allowed my optimism to run away and the Gods turned on us in January. So I’m cautious now but i bet the team haven’t forgotten either.

  251. will the thrill

    At the end of last season, the team was sputtering to the finish line…aimless attacking, the team gave the impression of lacking desire to win.

    This year it will be different. We have RVP leading the way. Not an injured spaniard with no intention of hanging around.

  252. If we finish 3rd (and improve on last season by that!) after losing the best central midfielder in the world as well as who was probably at the time the best left-back in the league, that surely must mean something, right?

  253. will the thrill

    @evil…it means that, if we kept said players, we would have won the league this year 😉

    sorry i couldn’t resist.

  254. Finishing third would be SO huge.

    It really will feel like we have overcome huge odds and would be a poke in the ye for the myopic media and those prematurely crowing, half-baked spuds.

    I’ll take fourth but, this season especially, third would be a trophy and then some.

  255. Limestonegunner

    What a terrible time for a football game–Monday night and middle of the workday out here!

    Let’s hope we have benefited from the longer layoff to rest and re-charge. I especially hope we haven’t lost any of our edge and intensity from the good run of results.

    This Newcastle has banana skin associations for me because of recent history. I hope we buckle down and put it away with a good performance and a clean sheet.

    Gervinho has definitely demonstrated quality–he just has been inconsistent and nervy in his finishing. Because he has been away, he is rebuilding his understanding with the other players and recovering from a very tough tournament and travel. Adaptation to this league is taking place and we have real expectations that his second season will be an excellent one for us.

    Enjoy the match, everyone.

    And Bill, I love the horse!

  256. “Harry Redknapp has doubts over England job”

    LMFAO – more like someone has told him he’s not a shoe-in for the job? Tactically, Wily Ol’ Woy could be a better manager and is out of contract at the end of the season. Woy is more experienced and has managed an international team at a major tournament.

    Maybe the ‘wise men’ at the FA really know the virtues of not listening to the media and pundits.

  257. will the thrill

    I’m excited to watch the team zip the ball along the carpet that is the Emirate’s pitch. I predict the first 10 minutes to be hectic. Arsenal will settle down and pass the ball around for a few minutes, looking for the opening. Tomas will get the ball, put it on thru to Theo, and RVP will put away the cut back. 1-nil tidda Arsenal!

  258. sat here processing through my pre match rituals it feels like a massive game. The adrenalin pump is on and i keep getting a spurt or thing to focus on now and thats top 4. I think the players have had a decent rest and others are back. I hope we play with the same intensity as we have been and i think we will. Newcastle, and the importance of getting three points should do that. so good luck to the team hope we all go to bed happy

  259. Notoverthehill

    Yogi, a very nice article and a really damn shame that your article in Andrew Mangan’s book has been completely ignored.

    A scallion is attempting to turn Cesc Fabregas into a non-person, in fact remove Cesc from the pages of the history of The Arsenal.

    The father and sister of Cesc Fabregas, will know far more about the saga of summer 2010, than any of we bloggers! Carlota Fabregas is very close to her brother Cesc., and she had close contacts with the Catalonia press. Cesc helps Carlota. Q.E.D.

    Research is so important and I have a file in Catalunya, Spanish and English on a former Arsenal player, whose exploits will not be erased by self-appointed “Politbureau commissars”.

    As for Andrey Arshavin, his son attends at Hale End Academy. He has a very nice house which did appear in one those glossy magazines. Gael Clichy and Samir Nasri were his closest team mates. FACT PG. AA23 and his son attended the birthday party of RVP’s son. FACT PG.

  260. Notoverthehill
    They may be facts .but the shit you claimed as FACT the other day was in fact just shit.
    As proven by yours truly.

  261. Are there any feeds that are reasonable for this game?

  262. @Evil and will the thrill

    I agree that 3rd is very much ours to lose at this point and am very confident in saying that because we have RVP as our Captain of Captains and he is mentally tough due to all that he has gone through with injuries and is now showing his true world class quality. I wouldn’t want anybody leading this group other than him. Thus we will gain 3rd and baring summer injuries go into next season with not only an abundance of confidence but also with an even bigger abundance of dominant game changing world class talents.

    “The pleasure of St. Tooterinham’s will still be felt.”
    and even I even take more pleasure in knowing that we started it with a 5-2 thrashing!

    Onward Arsenal roll those cannons…I see Newcastle coming, all cannons fire away and what is left a mess of slop after we rolled over them!!!

  263. But don’t take you posters of Cesc down .There is mileage in them yet

  264. Limestone:

    clean sheet it is then 2 – 0.

  265. On the pitch Clichy and Arshavin weren’t ever very close!

  266. One of his facts was true George! 😉 😀

  267. George..
    we’ll have to agree to disagree on the jack debate from earlier..
    i think hes our most complete midfielder..none of the players you mention were standing out like jack is at jacks age….

    besides i dont think the midfield have set roles, it benefits the system better by being more diverse…jack can play anywhere in the midfield..centre, wing, in the hole, in the deep two..he can play all of them and i struggle to think of another player who has that versitility…

    i think the midfield three should be arteta, song, jack..

    weve got plenty of good options though when the majority are fit so i can understand why you would not agree…

  268. which one ?
    The others were shit .
    So does that make it ok?

  269. Jon Jon I am not disputing Jacks potential .He is not as good as Rosicky now though.

  270. Agree Ateeb. I have the strangest sensation that Wenger is in the final but one stage of building something more ambitious than we have conceived and Diaby is part of that plan; he is a “dominant” player, Arsene’s type. I also think Wenger is deadly serious about Hazard, as well as Podolski. I agree with Darius on the media and football establishment fear of what Arsenal could do. He’s treading on toes.

  271. I much prefer these arguments.

    This Arsenal player is the best.
    No that Arsenal player is best.
    He’s great but the other guy is a bit greater.
    No I insist my guy is even greater.

    Excellent – that’s two fans arguing. Personally I can’t choose between the impetuosity and precocious talent of one and the proven genius of the other.

  272. I think what many people forget is that Jack is completely unproven in the advanced midfield role.He never played there, as far as I remember, always playing just behind Cesc or Aaron, where Arteta is currently playing for us. I am not really sure if we should burden him by pushing him straight into that advanced role.

    Furthermore, I think it’s awesome how at the beginning of the season Jack was a very obvious starter for us, but now if he came back, he’d probably have to fight for his place.

  273. @Zimpaul
    I agree that Diaby is a dominant player and his powerful slalom runs through the middle of the park are something that we are missing and would add a whole new dimension to our squad. I also think that Wenger is working extremely hard to sign Podolski before the PL season is over if not within the next couple of weeks. While we do understand that their is a plan, if we are healthy next season with the likes of Ryo and Afobe at disposal we can seriously challenge for 3 pieces of silverware next year without exhasting our core players.

  274. Jeez PG – I’m just ribbing! You have gotten tetchy since the meerkat left!

  275. I dont know how much of the first half I can catch…have a dinner to attend 😦

    But anyway 4-1 to the Arsenal

    Cmon u goooooooners!!!!!!!

    As far as the earlier debate on opinions two penneth contribution to that debate is that as long as you do not take your opinion as sacrosanct and unquestioningly true (which none of us I guess can, since we are/were not/never were at the pinnacle of football) then there really is no problem, and the debating can be fun..Well thats my opinion then 😀

    Opinions are like arseholes and all that…

    Hoping for a great win

    We are Arsenaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllll….

  276. i dunno mate..
    rosickys games changed a bit but he is in good form…
    thing is…those little bursting runs that rosicky does, jack was doing them all last season..

    rosickys been shit hot for 3 games…jack was shit hot for the best part of the season last year..
    the reason why certain players, like rosicky, didnt get many starts for the team was because jack was keeping them out and theyve only got the chance to play now because hes now injured..

    i know hes english and i know hes 12 but i think you under rate him.. 🙂

  277. Anirudh yes but some people’s aresholes are saggy, unkempt dank places with old shit hanging off them, while others are pristine well maintained and beautifully puckered.

  278. Dare I say you sound obsessive NotovertheHill. Anecdotal facts out of their context can show or prove almost anything, and that’s a fact so I hardly understand you. I still like Cesc, he looks good at Barca too, more attacking, but really … who cares? Bye bye Cesc, good luck, see you in the final next year. C’est tout. Arsenal have moved on. I barely think of Cesc. I think he may have made a error of football judgement, but OK, I prefer the current Arsenal team and spirit anyway.

  279. Man Steww!!!…thats my dinner done then…. 🙂

  280. What I meant was you effectively wrecked my dinner..hehe..

  281. I can’t believe those who are rating Rosicky ahead of Jack. I love Rosicky, but he’s in a rich vein of form…for the first time in YEARS. Jack has had more high impact games for us over the last two years than Rosicky.

    At this time last season, it was definitely Song-Jack-Cesc as the top midfield combo. I agree that putting Jack in the AM position (w/ Arteta as CM) would be newer for him, but there was a great article last year on how the Song-Jack-Cesc midfield was in fact a rotating triangle, where any of the three could bomb forward based on the defensive shape. This would work in a Song-Arteta-Jack midfield, as all 3 are comfortable in all 3 roles.

  282. evil..
    did you ever watch jack coming through the ranks..??
    hes got number ten written all over him..

    the position he played last year was a totally new position for him and he owned it..

    speaking of which, i also think le ox can play in midfield so in a few more years i can see a scenario of us doing away with the ’10’ role that cesc developed and we go with a 5 man attack with Le ox and Le jack as the attacking two in the centre with Le coq holding in in place….

  283. UK peeps if you look out to the west and quite high right now you can see Venus and Jupiter just about right next to each other. Brightest objects in the sky.

  284. It seems unlikely to me that Jack, a fabulous talent by any measure, will play an ‘advanced’ role as touted by pundits. I rather admire his combination of driving runs, passes to the flanks and excellent tracking back; which places him more into Arteta’s role, the pivot. Diaby and Ramsey on the other hand are genuine attacking midfielders. I imagine Ramsey will end his career with a good goal-scoring record.

  285. will the thrill

    saggy, unkept, dank…..pristine, well-puckered…. which one are you?

  286. If Jack and Diaby do play together there will be so much interchanging IMO that it will be very difficult to actually attribute different roles to them…

  287. anyway, good luck tonight. Have fun!

  288. @JonJon

    I understnd what you say about Jack and do agree he has potential to be a world class player sooner rather than later but lets not forget that Rosicky has been injured the better part of the past 2 seasons not to mention that right now at this moment Jack is the unknown because while we do know his class we also dont know how long it will take him to regain sed class on the pitch as to right now Rosicky might i dare say has completely changed our season in the fact that he does many things that nobody else on the team other than Song would attempt. I hear moaning when he tries a through ball or lil flick and it doesnt work but when it does work people say its absolutely brillant. The brillant part is the fact that 1. he actually has a big enough football IQ to think bout it 2. he has the quality to pull it off flawlessly 3. regardless of whether it was pulled off that time he will try it again. that is what makes him brillant and that is where Jack must get to before he displaces Lil Mozart.

  289. @JJ
    I know and I am very confident that he will end up there. But at present he is unproven in that role at the highest level, while he has done a really good job just behind the most attacking midfielder.

  290. isnt jupiter the biggest one and the one with all the moons?
    and isnt venus the one where women come from?

  291. will the thrill

    “I hear moaning when he tries a through ball or lil flick and it doesnt work but when it does work people say its absolutely brillant. The brillant part is the fact that 1. he actually has a big enough football IQ to think bout it 2. he has the quality to pull it off flawlessly 3. regardless of whether it was pulled off that time he will try it again. ”

    …ummmm. Arshavin?

  292. @will the thrill

    I was speaking about Lil Mozart but come to think about it, it does apply to Arshavin

  293. Jupiter is the big gas giant and has over 60 moons.

    I don’t know where women come from but they sure do look nice through my telescope*. 😉

    *I do not have a telescope

  294. YG thanks for interesting blog as usual,
    regarding Hunter and Arseblog. I read both blogs and have often noticed the similarity of the opinion and content offered by both authors, (not making any inferences out of this) the blog is free and is his opinion and as such is subjective. As for the commercial side well fair play to anyone who can make a few bob from whatever source. Hunter could step up to the plinth if he is able. I am often tempted to indulge in some personal abuse of Hunter but it would be a waste of time and energy but then again Hunter you talk a lot of bollocks most of the time

  295. C
    i like rosicky and think hes a great player but i also think jacks a better player..

  296. Harry Redknapp is shitting a brick right about now. Got away with bungs and players diving…you cant hide from the Arsenal. A win and watch the spurs slide. COYG.!!

  297. Jonny

    66 to be exact out of which the 4 largest were discovered by Galileo – lo, europa, ganymede, and calisto

  298. Notoverthehill
    I can’t believe that you cant believe those who are rating Rosicky ahead of Jack.
    One of the proven best attacking midfielders of his generation ,or a 21 year old with no top flight experience in that position.
    Then again I look who cant understand it ,and low and behold,I do understand.
    Do you understand why I understand?

  299. hasnt saturn got a few moons as well??

    or did jupiter half inch them all…

  300. That was for Nolagunner not Notoverthehill

  301. Anirudh – no one is sure of the exact number – they keep discovering more!

    Just like the used to think earth only had one moon.

    I think Wilshere will go on to eclipse most players…

  302. FFS sake can’t we just enjoy our players without playing top trumps?

  303. Szczesny
    Sagna, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Gibbs
    Song, Arteta, Rosicky
    Walcott, Van Persie, Oxlade-Chamberlin

  304. Szczesny, Sagna, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Gibbs, Song, Arteta, Rosicky, Walcott, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Van Persie.

    No Gerv – Arseblogger’s opinion was right he does need to improve!! 😉

  305. will the thrill

    re: Jonny @7:08…..not when ol’ George is around.

  306. Interesting! Looks like Wenger played us all again.

  307. will the thrill

    If anyone could find a reason to yell at the clouds, i feel that PG would be the one to do it.

  308. Strong team. Surprise to see Ox start but love the pace and directness he adds – plus a much bigger goal threat than Gerv. Gerv from the bench is a lovely option.

  309. Those alto cirrus are no way as good as the cumulo nimbus. 😉

  310. OK time to reboot the pc crack open a small cup of tea and settle back for the pre match ritual

  311. FFS can we not have a discussion without some modern day Neville Chamberlain sticking his beak in.
    Fark off Jonny

  312. Hmm. That lacks a certain something.

  313. The positives (type 1 fan) wouldn’t be so aggressive, if it wasn’t for the constant disrespectful whining. It’s the doomers’ (type 3) fault, I tell you. I’m serious.

  314. Clerkenwell Gooner

    Lovely horse, Bill, by the sound of it.

    Our midfield is shaping up to be awesome after a distressing period of injuries and setbacks.

    The difficulties of losing Cesc and Na$ri were obviously compounded by the long-term injury to first-teamers Jack and Diaby, and also, IMHO, the loss of Conor Henderson, who might have got a run-out if he too had not been crocked. (He played alongside Miquel at some point early on, IIRC.)

    I hope the resurrection of RVP and Rosicky (nice contract, BTW, is it new?) from repeated, long-term injuries serves as a stimulus to the youth fighting their way back to full health.

    In other news, the resurrection of Tevez is not quite so fun, prolly just in time to play us as well. Bastard. Mancini’s days must be numbered, surely? How can such a degree of insubordination be tolerated from a player, and the manager retain his post? I don’t see it myself, although evidently some heavy lawyering must have gone it to his return.

    But let’s nuke the Newcs tonight, and then we can wish upon stars. Jupiter and Venus looking very fine for this purpose, as Jonny has pointed out.

  315. What the fuck are you guys on about moons and Jupiter and Saturns. I can’t even cope with Super frigging Nova and you guys start talking about that shit pre-match…LOL – Get off my screen – it’s nearly kick off time.

  316. hmm any streams guys_?

    Lets stick it to the barcodes!

  318. Clerkenwell Gooner

    Darius, have you seen Melancholia yet?

    A new planet enters the solar system, and flies by the Earth. Stuff ensues.

  319. Alright grumpy bollocks – I’m farking off – but lighten up pal!

    Have a great game everybody.

  320. AOC starts!
    Come on you gunners!!

  321. LOL @Clerkenwell Gooner

    I would much prefer to watch the galaxy of players that is the Arsenal as they whizz past a bunch of bar codes.

  322. ah my bad, thought it started at 2030 and it was not until 2100

  323. Jonny ,all in jest my friend.

  324. @ poodle
    And I thought it started at 1945 our time.

  325. “Tampax will sponsor Tottenham next season,a Tampax spokesman said “To sponsor a bunch of cunts going thru a bad period is what we do best”


  326. But seriously, is it only me or does that “the wonder of you” song get on your tits. Maybe its about time the DJ changed the tune.

  327. For those here in the USA the game is supposed to be on ESPN3 which is a great high quality computer link. Unfortunately I don’t think that one works in Europe.

  328. Earlier today I thought this would be a bit of a canter tonight; Newcastle actually have a very good starting 11. I still think we will win, but I now think it could be a bit of a banana skin. Maybe just pre-match nerves?

  329. @ DS
    It used to, but it’s grown on me now.

  330. So far so good, my Dutch Sopcast link is working. I love the word ‘Arsenal’ with a heavy Dutch accent.

  331. GA – I get that every time about now. You start remembering games where it went wrong, and imagining the worst. Just let it go, we can’t control it so lets try and go with it I say!

  332. Thanks Bill. I could watch on the TV, if I could get the grandson off the Wii, but I also need to work, and now can watch it on the second monitor linked to the laptop. I hope Norma Jead is wearing a red and white rosette?

  333. will the thrill

    F**k. Steve Macca and Ian Drake again. God i want to stab my ears whenever I hear Drake talking

  334. Steww – Very true. If we play like we have in our last 2 matches it will make no odds anyway. We can beat anybody when we are on our game.

  335. God to see Santos on the bench. Tough on Benny to not start he’s done well lately but I guess the boss wants to unleash crazy speed attacks on both flanks.

  336. oooooooooooooh!

  337. Nice and direct.

  338. Great cross by Theo ..

  339. Fucking Van persie. deadwood. His poor finishing cost theo another assist.

  340. Oh no. that’s Son and theo’s amazing assists used up and no goals…

  341. When it comes to commentary, I’ve lost all faith in all public commenttary and only listen to Dan Roebuck on the Arsenal feed. at least he’s shamelessly tribal about Arsenal.

  342. Alex does one superb through ball or over the top per match. Now he has to do it again.

  343. Darius – my Dutch comms are just great. They get the players names right every time. The rest? Couldn’t tell you. Perfect.

  344. why is walcott walking funny??? that should not be done by any of our players until June imo!

  345. injury should be a summer activity clearly 🙂

  346. poodle – bang on the hip bone I think.

  347. that was a sloppy goal!

  348. Intelligent running from Theo. he looks well up for it.

  349. Oh shit. You lot are obviously a long way ahead of me it’s still 0 – 0. I’ll have to stop reading here while I watch.

  350. Oh dear again. LOL – this game is fucked up.

  351. He obviously didn’t want to earlier!

  352. Typical Arsenal! Theo to RVP!

  353. Hmm. Wonder if we can come back as we usually do?

  354. We like to come back from behind. Thank f**k for RVP. Defence please take note.

  355. Ah yes. Of course.

  356. waclott is on fire tonite!

  357. RVP!!!!!!!!!!….Fuckin gettinnnnnnnn!Theres only one Robin Van Persie..!COYG

  358. Why do my commentators have to talk about RVP’s contract situation? There is a match to describe FFS.

  359. We are pressing and pressing them into mistakes.

  360. i go for a Arteta goal !

  361. My Dutch guy just said in clear English, “He scores when he wants” I like this guy.

  362. jeezes, not a bad word about the arsenalplayer commentators but jeeez they do talk alot of fluff! almost so they forget to talk about the game….

  363. Evil, they’re paid every time they mentioned Van Persie’s contract. A bit like parking atendants who get paid depending on how many tickets they issue

  364. imagin Chamakh in there for all those crosses 😮 bet he would score.. shame we dont play two strikers….

  365. and someone should shoot soon :p

  366. WT??? thats the ugliest tackle i seen for a long time!

  367. That should’ve been a red. Howard Webb, as usual. England’s BEST referee!

  368. Good for you Ba, I like people who know what is right. Bale wouldn’t do that

  369. That Webb didn’t even call a foul shows how awful he is. Why do we still get him to referee our games?

  370. hope somone stamps Ba out of the game, obviousley behind the refs back so they cant get carded :p that is the way to go in the PL it seems..
    Cheat is the new law….

  371. Can you get sent off for fouling the ref, a sly one like…..? 😉

  372. I like watching Arsenal now. My life has slowed down and therefore I must be getting older…slower. They scored at 13 minutes I thought it was 25 Now it feels like half way through the second half. Butterflies in the stomach.

  373. @DeiseGooner lol maybe song could “accidently slide into Webb.he has the same sock color as newcastle after all. Hard to see the difference…

  374. Theo excellent so far.

  375. Looks like Webb just has to allow at least one judo kick in each game he officiates. He must be some kind of martial arts fan. Perhaps he should be reffing kickboxing or WWE.

  376. Coming from you, GA, that actually means a lot! But I agree, he has done well on his flank. He should’ve had several assists by now!

  377. Evil – I will always give credit where it is due, he is doing really well and looks confident. Him and Bac are linking up really well.

  378. Some scouse twat was all about Arsenal being nothing without vP, minus 25 goals what would we be -Liverpool have only scored 30. I forgot to defend with the obvious ‘we only play with one striker, whoever he might be’ The idiot just got all offended that I did not accept his point that Arsenal would be less without him. Duh.

    Where have we seen this before? That wanky northern oil slick cherry picks our side every year and we are left with crumbs. But we are not , we continue to have the best in the world, last year Cesc, this year vP, next year Wilshere? Song? You name it. Lol

    Gerv could come on I think, the Ox could take a rest. Probably 70 mins if I know AW.

    C’mon lads.

  379. Of course I had to miss the goals..could anyone tell me how the possesion stats are in favour of newcastle?? I watched the last 20 minutes of the half and we seemed to almost completely have the ball…

  380. Theo very bright. TR7 exceptional. But they are a tough nut to crack. Interesting half to come.

  381. walcott has been given drugs, or he decided hes had enough of people bashing him in repeatedly.

    and im guilty of doubting to be fair, but its his inconsistency that i have a gripe with not his obvious talent.

    van persie is a demon simple as that.

  382. Very calm and perceptive play from Gibbsy as well so far. A partnership with the Ox which could run and run.

  383. Why do they have two physios and we only one? Wenger, get out the damn cheque book!

  384. These folks are really giving Koscielny a hard time with the battering and bruising. And they say we don’t have ‘ard men.

  385. Another near assist from Theo. Shame they don’t count.

  386. TR7 is absolutely everywhere, the total midfielder.

  387. Why don’t $hiite-y buy Ben Arfa and keep him on the bench?

  388. oooooooooh!

  389. I can only assume RVP didn’t want to score.

  390. TR7 – a godlike performance thus far.

  391. The Ox is definitely getting into it.

    oooooooh. Close vP

  392. this is the arsenal i love, power pace and scaring the shit out of teams

  393. Excellent play by Rosicky. Great tackle in the box as well!

  394. I agree with Jonny.

  395. so Rosicky is finally sh*gging his maid then!!!

  396. we will get that secong goal! we will get it! and we will win! the brutes of Newcastle has to be sent home emptyhanded! they dont deserve to win. they really dont…

  397. fucking hell rosicky, this is the player i always knew you were, hope u have put your injury worries behind you mate

    Simply world class, unbeilivable

  398. This game requires patience. Sllowly slowly and we’ll get there.

  399. hope the crowd boos newcastle to hell… xcuse the language…

  400. Ox cutting inside was good.

    Hope for some fresh legs from the substitutions.

    All in all, a tough game against motivated and well organised opposition.

  401. They would take the draw right now. They know we are looking for the win and they….are happy.

  402. Good performance all around. Just need the final ball.

  403. hope AW works his magic with a decent change..

  404. oooooooooooh. Again

  405. pressure is so high from us, lovely to watch, i actually do not care about the result, i want us to get the 3 points but this performance is giving me belief


  406. ah TR7! what are you doing?? lol you have scored there before this year…

  407. Unbelievable move and TR7 who deserves a goal more than anyone just fluffs his lines.

  408. unlucky TR7. Woolie needs the weight

  409. Great play by Rosicky … too bad he didn’t score. But he has been massive tonight.

  410. Who called it? Someone said 70mins and that change. well you were right.

  411. How many tackles has Rosicky made? It’s incredible.

  412. fuck me, Rosicky is phenomenol today MOTM for me regardless of the result

  413. well chamberlain didnt do anything…can we start slagging him off yet???

  414. Rosicki is a beast today.

  415. When does vP miss those bring downs?

    There they go on about ‘options’, when we knew the Ox was going off at 70. Sounds like they know what they are talking about….but they don’t

  416. the ox is feeling grumpy, needs to be careful, the media are like vultures

  417. If anyone doubted (and this is not an opinion), Howard Webb is a platinum cunt. These punks are just injuring our players.

  418. we cant draw this game, we just cant after the effort we put in


  419. They have done nothing. We need to keep playing and it will go in.

  420. Cmon Rambo.

    Not happy, but making the most of it.

  421. hmm what will the reason be for this swap?

  422. changes at the moment not looking better.

  423. then again, Ramsey is known to shoot hard! he can find the back of the net.Lets hope he does!

  424. that’s better

  425. My nerves won’t take much more. Come on, we know we can.

  426. Tiote off. As bigger change as any I have seen. I would buy him.

  427. Ben AR–Fuckoff

  428. omg! 3gs!!! what you doin??

  429. Gerv…

    One of those today I suppose.

  430. is the goals in France bigger or something? he seems to always shoot one foot outside 😦

  431. Nerves Stewwwwww?


  433. this is insane! have you ever seen a team as lucky as Newcastle???

  434. its not gonna happen for us it is..????

  435. Krul has the game of his life though, thats for sure….

  436. Kryl or cruel?

  437. ah we can still do it, 5 mins addon! comeon!

  438. im sick of keepers playing blinders against us!

  439. I would have taken 3 extra. 5 is a dream and they deserve the goal.

    Cmon boys

  440. oh cabaye cannot walk, how convenient…


  442. yeeeeaaah!!!!!

  443. wayay petal

  444. i fuckin love The Verminator


  446. Oh my fucking good God.

  447. Arsenal have broken a Premier league record and have become the first team to win 4 straight games from a losing position. Excellent.

  448. Truly comeback kings.

  449. And you. Can take that to the bank motherfuckers.

  450. Hats off to Theo who never stopped running all night. But what can you say about this team? They just never give up. Now we just need Webb to calm the fuck down and blow his whistle.

  451. Vermaelennnnnnnnnnnnn…………………..Yessss. Get innnnnnnnnnnnnn!

  452. I wonder how upset the ref is right about now ? The baldy ballbag

  453. If the Newcastle keeper wasn’t such a cunt, the game would have been over by now. I bet he didn’t expect the time wasting he indulged in to be added at the end.

    Robin Van Persie, well done Captain Van Perfect. Some would call that passion. You should have punched the cunt, but we need you for the rest of the games.

  454. I wonder will Pardew stick around for a glass of wine with le Boss?

  455. LoveTheWayYouPlay


  456. That’s huge, well done.

    Massive result. And we deserved it.

  457. Now that is the definition of mental toughness. Fantastic result. Wow. All hail Arsenal.

  458. fuck off the barcodes.
    we love you….

  459. if anyone wonders why we want Theo to sign a new contract i think he just showed it right now!

  460. Hahahahaha……just love the spirit in the side….brilliant……

  461. I will give credit to Webb for giving 5 minutes added time. Newcastle basically started time wasting in the first half and got what they deserved. Great performance, Theo was very impressive down the right flank while Rosicky MOTM in my opinion, even though he didn’t play the full 90. But he was excellent offensively as well as defensively. All around great performance. I don’t think they really had a proper shot on target after their goal.

    So, next weekend we will be 3rd, then?

  462. RVP…….Click Click Click
    ARSENAL….Click Click Click

  463. oh and look at RvP, look at his passion! does that look like a man that wants to leave??

  464. The time wasting began in the first half. Nice to see it punished.

    The result was fully deserved.

    Cue cuntish comments from Pardew with a face like a smacked arse…

    Great night all round!

  465. I must confess I had one of those awful creeping feelings that we had missed too many. Proof if I needed it that you never give up on this side.

  466. That was what upset me about Cesc at Camp nou last year…a captain shows that kind of commitment….truly captain Vantastic!!!!!!

    Well and truly over all Jupiters moons 😀

  467. @Evil how great is it to be able to swap quality Ox and quality TR7 with quality 3g and quality Ramsey? Our bench is beginning to look increasingly strong 🙂

  468. vP slots his home like nobody else

  469. That was fucking mental. Amazing (but deserved) win!!!

    Look at the desire of the players at the final goal; we must have 5 bodies in the box. Something has definitely changed in that respect. Bodies in the box for crosses, and we are reaping the rewards of it.

    Rosicky MotM, but Theo and Sagna were also excellent.

  470. And RVP risked a booking but boy did he and the crowd make sure Webb couldn’t ignore the time wasting.

  471. we gunning for 3rd, we gunning for 3rd tottenham beware! we gunning for thirt! woohooo!!!

  472. Rosicky MOTM for how many times in a row?

  473. Brilliant pick-up in midfield again by Song to spread it out to Theo.
    And what a run forward by TV5 – he really motored to get there.
    Fabulous win.

  474. Yes !!!! mental strengzzzz

  475. Well fucking hell that was … fan fucking tastic

  476. Once again I had the pleasure of simply bing impresses by the footballing intelligience of the brainless Theo Walcott. Take that you Geordie scum

  477. Theo got MOM!! great going Theo! and imagin that boy has no

  478. Rosicky my MOTM

  479. wonder if it hurt for Sky to give him that

  480. I hold my head in shame when I confess, Gary Neville is a really good pundit. Credit when its due.

  481. A good 10 day break for the players get refreshed and start again……

    Up the Arsenal!!!!!!!!!!!

  482. 99% of the posters on this blog have always supported and believed in this team. Big up your chests! We were told player x is not fit to wear the shirt. We were told we lack leadership. We were told we lack passion etc etc.

    True gooners support the team through thick and thin. True gooners stick by their players and club. True gooners deserve nights like this. Credit to YW for keeping at it and setting the tone for what is a great blog!

  483. Bliss….

    Rosicky my MOTM

  484. Steww – 10.03 – how rare sir! You’re always the granite of belief. I know what you mean but we were like an Ali onslaught – relentless indefatigable. We wore them down.

    Oh boy.


    Half way through some cunt said ‘Rosicky great tackle, not noted for that!’ – shows the ignorance of the football voices. I’d say he is one of the best tacklers in the Prem and has been for ages. The antithesis of Scholes in the tackle.

    What a season. What is to come yet??!

    This team has more spirit than Smirnoff.


  485. I love this f@ckin team. The much maligned Theo walcott rightly MOTM. It proves how shit England really are. No strikers eorth thier.salt. Two brilliant assissts for two beautiful goals. What a turn around to the season. A valiant effort from both teams. Who are ya. And a record to boot.

  486. Darius – Yeah, he really is.

    I wonder what was going on with RvP and Kroll. It can’t have been a disagreement about time wasting. Maybe there is history between the players? RvP was definitely gloating after we scored. And quite right too.

  487. @Anirudh how come 10 days?
    and look at tonights scorers Captain and ViceCaptain. Damn we got some proper leaders in this team!

  488. Is there a new rule about yellow card counts starting afresh from Jan 1st?? Does anyone know??

  489. Poodle

    Our next game is Everton on Wednesday the 21st, next weekend is the FA cup…9 days to be exact not 10..

  490. Darius he’s decent but only in contrast to the embarrassing paucity of quality that surrounds him. The cock stroking adulation he has garnered is out of all proportion.

    He does the basics well but lets not lose perspective.

    I’d trust many posters on here to do as well in most areas…

  491. Mattyboy

    Well said sir..

  492. Mikel Arteta v #NUFC: 94% pass accuracy, 88 passes, 110 touches, 4 key passes, 6 long balls, with 100% accuracy

    Theo Walcott: 78% pass accuracy, 8 crosses, 5 key passes, 1 through ball, 1 assist

  493. @Anirudh thank god we are not in the FA cup. Hope Tottenham goes to the semies and then gets turned over by some scum team. That should keep them occupied for a while and will make them loose that 3rd..

  494. RVP said to Kroll when the goal went in “waste time now you cunt”
    Nicely done Skip

  495. hunter

    Have you ever criticised a film? a poem? a book? anything?

    no …i have either liked it …or not liked it ….but i dont know about cameras angles to judge , neither do i hold a phd in literature to critisise poems ..

    i comment on whether i like it or not.

    critisise? …lol….

    and as for andy saying ” well im sure that what the passengers thought in the ital;ian ship”

    hmmmmm in that case i dont think arsene should listen to those who sank the titanic..puahahaha

    hey alan pardew …did you like that? made in belgium!

    massive LOL to all the chelsea and spuds who believed we fluffed it ! thank you for watching..

  496. Poodle

    They will lose 3rd anyhow and have a battle for 4th on their hands IMO

    St Totts is not far away 😀

  497. will the thrill

    How many times does the back 4 have to shut out the opposition before the pundits stop saying “they are still suspect at the back”

    How many shots on goal did newcastle get ?? 1? maybe 2.

    well done!

  498. After all the doomer gloating we had to endure during January, I am almost (and I repeat almost) sad, that none of them are allowed around here anymore. Though I think that after a night like this, they’ll be too miserable to visit these shores.

  499. Hunter you bring that up now…jeez man let it lie!


  500. Credit where credit is due Gary Nev knows about football!

  501. @Evil suga must be crying hismelf to bed now….

  502. Jesus Hunter, FFS. Who gives a flying fuck?

    A mention for Arteta as well. We gave a masterclass on how to run a midfield tonight.

  503. hunter, just let it go mate, let it go, you will feel better 😉

  504. hehehe jonny wait till next year or even two …heheheh …and you will see …we will rule the lot …then you will all realise .. 😉 barca … who are they? …arsenal ! let the man work…he knows ..

    hahahah pardew …u cunt !

    as for robin..lets face it ..if that was rooneh id be throwing up ..but you need attitude in top sports and robin certainly got it ..not like that pussy cesc…

    and a word for webb…do we really have to wait for 62 mins for a newcastle player to see a yellow card u utterly useless complexic failure of a policeman …

  505. Jesus Hunter? Is that a new movie goonerandy? Im there

  506. My fucking heart cannot take this epic rollercoaster effin ride we are riding…. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! I loves it reeeeeeally! Un facking believable! Amazing and just gutted I couldnt make it tonight. I thought we were going to drop 2 points, but the players, all of them, never gave up. Awesome Arsenal!

    And I think Jonny has a bit of a crush on gary Neville! 🙂

  507. Some of us who said this was a great team with fullbacks have been proven right,
    I feel a big smug gloat coming on.

    And I will tell you what.If Jack is better than TR7 he must be he best player in the league.

  508. Limestonegunner

    Missed the game but caught the very last seconds–Vermaelen goal and Newcastle acting like punks.

    Fantastic!! This is becoming an extraordinarily wonderful habit of going down but coming back to win!

    What this means is that no team will ever feel safe playing us now. They’ll be nervous and we’ll keep fighting until the end with the confidence that we can pull out a winner no matter what. Delightful!

    Can’t wait to watch on Arsenal Player.

  509. o kok andy my bad ..i apologise i was just being honest ..i just got in and saw them all so took them one by malice..were all good… 🙂

  510. Jonny, its the first time I’ve really listened to him so I’ll quickly stop hovering around his cokc.

    The best part of the game for me was RVP giving Krul grief. We don’t see enough of that. Scenes like that take you back to the tunnel fights between Vieira and Keen even before the game started to the point where referees had to threaten cards before the game started and stewards in the tunnel had to earn their money by separating Keen and Vieira.

  511. Deise – Heh, very good. Sounds like a plan though eh?

    George – Good point. I am a huge Wilshere fan, but if Rosicky maintains this form he is a definate starter.

  512. I have a bit of a crush on Jonny.

  513. @pedantic george who cares whos best? just enjoy the fact we got both. Jack and Tr 7 with one of them and Ramsey and Diaby on the bench.. WOW!

  514. Hunter really mate – you’re unhinged.

    I’ve been bigging this team up 99% of the season and salivating at the prospect of the next.

    “U will see”? “U will all realise”? Bow to the oracle. Eh?

    Read Mattyboy’s post and stop congratulating yourself.

  515. Hunter – Good man.

  516. Poodle I don’t care .It was just my way of saying how good TR7 is.

  517. Hunter

    Button it. You are beginning to become an unwelcome nuisance.

  518. Darius – Exactly. Like Neville said, that is what you want from your players. Who gives a fuck if opposition fans don’t like for it. I don’t want opposition fans to like our players.

  519. Darius 10.36 – yup – fucking ace. That got my blood pumping.

    Passion. Ya can’t beat it.

  520. I remember Henry goading the Wigan keeper after we had scored a late late winner because the Latic stopper had time wasted for 75 minutes!

    That hairy palmed Day Time TV cast off Richard Keys kept on and on about it to his co pundits, demanding that henry be castigated for his behaviour, even saying a public apology was in order. Fuck that shit!

    Proper captain’s reactions there! 🙂

  521. hear hear goonerandy – you know you are doing something right when opposition fans hate your team, it means they are scared of them!

  522. Dexter – Yup, I remember that as well. It was Kirkland.

  523. 2-1 is the new 1-0 to the Arsenal

  524. Dex don’t forget the Chez on this front. A real mindfuck-merchant.

    This team has what I believe the Australians call ‘spunk’.

  525. What.

    Side note – if you stuck 11 Dutch players in 11 separate rooms how many arguments would break out?!

  526. Vermaelen ‘i must break you’

  527. @Jonny spunk?? you sure? as that makes me think of totally different things…..

  528. Billy’s Boots

    Justice has been done! And so have Newcastle! Victory was all the sweeter for the winner coming so late!

    Tough match, fantastic perseverance to come through, more by sheer force of will than anything. For much of the second half, Newcastle looked to be gaining the upper hand, but they just could not break through the Arsenal defence. Ben Arfa’s goal was a terrific strike, too good for Sir Chesney; apart from that, there was not too much danger. On the other hand, RVP could have easily scored four. Walcott looked like a man reborn. Rather than trying to beat the defender for pace every time, he varied his play, often stopping short and letting the defender(s) run past and finding him in space. For me, he just edged MOTM from Rosicky.

    Curious fact: Pardew is an anagram for warped. Credit to him for how well his team are playing; blame to him for how annoying they are.

    ‘arry must be praying that the FA offers him the England job before the wheels come off completely for Spu#s. He won’t look like the Messiah when they end up in fifth place and the Europa League.

  529. Only Nani, David Silva and Ashley Young have recorded more PL assists than Theo Walcott (15) since the start of the 2010/11 season.

  530. why would rvp want to leave this club.

  531. @DeiseGooner – fantastic pic!

  532. Vermaelen was scoring goals in Belgium before Belgium was Belgian

    That was either a piece of ingenuity derived from the stella artois advert, or an epic failure


  533. YW


    Please don’t ban him as well. On nights like this we miss Jabba and the dicks, don’t tell me we have to miss real fans as well.

    Even really single minded and arguably misguided ones.

    Take a chill pill and live the moment.

  534. you know Walcott has had a good game when the mirror writes this

    ” Having grilled Davide Santon on toast throughout the first half, he went out and did the same to James Perch after the break, two left backs both destroyed by Walcott’s pace, invention and determination.”

  535. Santos lookin lean – just look at him go!

    Andre Santos out in front

  536. Poodle it means something very different over there!

    Threw me at first!

  537. This may not be our finest hour, but it is one fuck of a season.

  538. I can’t sleep. I’m still pumping with adrenaline and have been told not to bother entering the bedroom until I’ve comed down.

    It’s not worth mentioning that Chelsea are behind us and it would be beautiful if they drew their game with the Tottenscum a week Saturday. No, I wouldn’t be that cruel even to my missus.

  539. Andrei would not have missed that chance.
    He will be back you know.All the stars will align and the Universe will be balanced.

  540. SA – in some ways I am enjoying this more the the invincibles. I know that sounds crazy but this is drama, theatre. There are long story arcs of redemption, resolution and triumph from despair.
    4 comebacks in 4 games. 17 goals to 4 at home!
    Ecstatic madness.

  541. SA Gooner | March 12, 2012 at 11:01 pm

    I agree. It’s sad when an Arsenal supporter gets short-shrift because he can be a little OTT in his support for the team, when Anti-Arsenal non-supporters like rectum, sluga 3 and Jabba were better tolerated, with some posters even suggesting that some of them ‘made good points’!

  542. It seems a certain Spanish ex-player was at the grove tonight. Has he got fed up already.

    What a match. Barcodes only had 4 shots and the daft commentator was saying they looked dangerous,

  543. Dups they have to say that so the neutrals don’t turn over.
    Also he is a cock

  544. You know what.
    We deserve a place like this to come and share our joy without the miserable bastards that try to suck the life out of us.
    Everyone who kept the faith deserves ACLF.

  545. Anyway, on a brighter note, I’m just back from the game. What a game and what a result. I was just starting to wonder if we’d ever score or if it was going to be one of those nights, but the players never gave up. I’m so glad that Krul’s time wasting got punished in the end, that’s why he was so pissed off at VP. I loved seeing that passion from RVP, he really cares about this team.

    I’m really glad to see Theo getting some credit for an excellent performance, although the bloke next to me spent the first half constantly haranging him and every player in a red shirt. I lost it and for the first time told him to shut up and support the team. Fortunately he did, and didn’t clock me one!

    I also thought Rosicky and Sagna were the other stand out players today. Sagna seems to have taken his game up another notch, he won a lot of headers from Szczesny’s goal kicks, which set us on our way attacking wise and there were also a couple of sublime forward balls that had me wondering where on earth they had come from! Such a shame Rosicky didn’t score from that chance, but attacking and defending he was excellent today. And finally, Koscielny was outstanding at the back once again. He was really in the wars and took a lot of punishment for the team, but he’s added yet another forward to that little collection in his back pocket!

    Supporting The Arsenal is definitely not for the faint-hearted, but if you can just go with the flow, it’s a marvellous ride.

  546. Also he is a cock”

    Who? The commentator orr the Spanish player?

  547. Passenal .Faint hearted you are not.You have never wavered.

    Darius,don’t get me started with that weasel again.You will get me in trouble.

  548. Effen Krul needs to be told where to get off. Had to adjust his socks, tighten his laces, pull his shirt and fix his shorts before every kick. Just another classless Pardewite.

  549. I lost it and for the first time told him to shut up and support the team.

    next time tell that guy to button it


    p.s :that sounds right to me…i dont think you lost it..well done.. if i were near i would have aprroved and clapped

  550. Bradys right foot

    Darius Stone (@DStoneArsenal) | March 12, 2012 at 11:18 pm

    I can’t sleep. I’m still pumping with adrenaline and have been told not to bother entering the bedroom until I’ve comed down.

    lol Mrs Stones loss

  551. Here, enjoy the master troll that is RVP:

  552. i thought we did well, controlling the ball. always felt that was the way to go, considering how newcastle would relish playing direct. i was quite surprised they stuck with 1 up front (and in the end, demba ba cut a desolate figure, really.)

    when you think about how they had the ball in our half for 3 of the 5 added minutes, and we got the winning goal, it is quite amazing, really. full credit. i thought it was going to be one of those days.

    but this team… it just refuses to give up. fantastic.

  553. theo finally got the credit he deserved. has been putting those kind of balls in the whole season. but no one’s ever noticed.

    rosicky is my motm though. fantastic performance. attacking and defending. yes, he missed that goal…but hey. look at what he has done in the whole game. he was everywhere, pulling the strings.

    some of the passes that he has made…are just superb you know.

  554. I had to get somethng finished and could only follow the score. We Are Fabulous.

  555. to be honest, i was so engrossed with the game that i didnt notice what krul was doing.

    i was surprised that 5 minutes were given, and thought they were given for the injuries and all.

  556. Korihikage, his time wasting was evident at the game and the crowd let him and the referee know it with all the whistling everytime he strolled upfield to take every free kick in their half, for all the good it did them!

  557. Passenal,

    to be honest, i always felt that if we play our game, we would win. and at half-time, 1-1, i was still very confident. i never gave much thought to what they were doing. just focussing on what we were doing.

    and like i said, at the end, i started having doubts. that what we have done, hasnt been quite enough.

    but right at the end, we got that goal.


    relief, exhiliaration? i don’t know. just know it’s 3 points. that’s all that matters.

  558. Thanks Billy’s Boots and Passenal for summary and flavour. We are like a pack of wolves with the scent of third place in our nostrils.

  559. Glad to hear what Robin said to Krul – hope it’s true.

  560. ARSENAL VERDICT: Momentum is a vital commodity in any sport and Arsenal have it in abundance all of a sudden. Having come from behind four times in succession to win in the Premier League, they are now firm favourites to claim third sport after a revival not even their most blinkered of followers saw coming.

    from soccernet.

    WOW. we are suddenly favourites for third?

    they never even gave us a chance for 7th.

  561. Jack is legendary on Twitter:

    “Can’t say we didn’t deserve it! Why is Tim Krul crying as well? Obviously don’t know about RVP’S temper! Don’t mess with the captain!”

  562. And another case of hitting back quickly.

  563. Poor Tiote, Rosicky left him spinning once too often. I think that’s why he was subbed off. Dizziness.

  564. Goodnight.
    was it not?
    Goodnight ACLF

  565. Limestonegunner

    Great day all around. TR7 signs new contract and continues his top form. We take 3 vital points to pressure Spuds and keep a lead over Chelski in a thrilling, record-setting come from behind win at the death! RvP shows what a captain he has become. Emirates rocks with genuine intensity for the third big game in a row. Arshavin says he plans to return.

    It doesn’t get much better! Ooh to be a Gooner!

  566. Wooooooohooooooo.
    The day 12 points became. One. Well done the crew and AW. we showed a lot of patience and class in unlocking their bus and not falling for their thuggish tactics. In the end, it paid off.
    Well done Theo. If all others had converted your great crosses and passes, you could have had four or five assists.
    Well done Rosicky. Spirit of a warrior.
    Speaking of warriors, hail Sagna. He must have won 90% of all fifty fifties. Great way for Verminator to redeem his earlier slip-up with the winning goal. HAIL HAIL THE NEVER DIE SPIRIT….
    it isn’t always the easiest on the heart but I’m loving these. COMEBACK KIDS. ten more games. Third spot IS OURS. pool and barcodes out of the picture. Only the Chaves to watch out for.
    So sorry for the predicament you find. Yourself in ,DARIUS. hahaha. You must have seen the coming of days like this , which are unfortunately followed by nights like this. Hahaha. See if you can convert her. Talk to your priest or rabbi.
    Great news on AA looking to come back and continuing his exploits.
    Great news on Rosiky’s contract extension. And so happy to see Santos on the bench. Looking good. ARSENAL. perfect position to make a very strong finish to this season. I hope the appearance of CF in and around the team and stadium. Doesn’t become a distraction.
    UP. THE. GUNS!!!!!!!! COY GUNNERS…

  567. Just Another Luke

    5 mins was added because of Tim Krul? Your time wasting was your undoing. Justice was done.

  568. mattgoonerknight @ 4:50 pm

    “I’m going to my first game tonight since last seasons 101st minute robbery against Liverpool last (my salary is PONY hence the gap)

    Sooooooo, excited – just hope this one doesn’t have the same disastrous ending.

    Any type of win will make me immensely happy.


    You picked yourself a right good one mate 🙂

    As Limestonegunner said earlier: “What a lousy time to have a match!?”. Middle of the day on a bloody Monday over here but thank God for DVR!!!

    Having already warned The Girlfriend, I knocked off the phone right before kick-off, worked all day on site with my buddy Pete from Arizona who if asked would swear Maradonna was a famous popstar-turned-whore from the 80’s, then met The Girlfriend with the romantic greeting – “DO NOT MENTION ONE WORD ABOUT THE GAME!! AND KNOCK OFF YOUR I-PHONE AS I KNOW YOU GET THE RESULTS AND I DON’T WANT TO SEE IT ACCIDENTALLY-ON-PURPOSE WHICH WILL MEAN YOU CAN GET OUT OF HAVING TO LET ME WATCH IT WHEN WE GET HOME AFTER DINNER- I LOVE YOU BABY HOW WAS YOUR DAY?”, we then had dinner with some other American friends who knew even less about soccer (let alone football!!) then Pete, had 2 quick ciders in a bar purposely picked because I had never been in it before (a minor miracle according to The Girlfriend) and therefore hoped I would not meet anyone I knew ( I didn’t! Success!), generously paid for a cab instead of getting the subway (once again to avoid ‘Friendlies’), avoided my Spud neighbor who I still owe $40 (HAHAHA), had even remembered to leave I-Pad upside down so I would not see the result plastered all over the screen with auto-update-thingy!!

    And then……turned on TV to watch The Arsenal and started to walk back towards the sofa, only to hear Fox Soccer Report come on!! Like some weird cross between a Ninja and a Gunslinger, I leapt over the coffeetable, did a rolling dive for the remote and came up zapping furiously on the MUTE button, all the while roaring “FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!”

    And do you know? I did it! Allbeit by almost giving myself a heart-attack, a hernia and tennis-elbow all at the same time. But I fucking did it!! And all the while The Girlfriend is standing there looking at me like I had grown 3 heads and my name was Gervinho. And I realised there and then that, although the vast majority of Americans do not (and never will) get football (although some of them do get soccer, whatever the fuck that is?) The Girlfriend will never get either one but she gets me and that, my fellow ACLF’ers is good enough for me 🙂

    That plus in the 96th minute TV decided enough was enough and made a 60 yard run because he knew after watching 278 crosses get sent into the box, that unless he was in there we would not score! Dammed if he wasn’t right!! Take a bow son, take a bow!

    Theo MOTM for me with a huge shout-out for Sagna and Rosicky.

    And some more good news, our very own FunGunner has posted an interview she did with an unnamed agent over at my girl Sian’s blog —-> @

  569. Nice narrative IRISH. you certainly are bunkers, as am I for the beautiful game. For beautiful ARSENAL. by the way, don’t pay $40 to Pete. As you already have. Bring on the toffees. I hear their wanker of a coach is a fucking genius. Hehehe. One point to spudniks. Hahaha. Arry will be at maximum twitch next Wednesday. I would pay to see that. (:-P)

  570. Great result and the season finale couldn’t be much more intriguing. Walcott’s game has simply matured and I cannot believe that any gooner disagrees with Arsene’s post match assessment of his performance. Tomas also continued to show why the Boss has kept fiath throughout his injury hit times.

    Sore head and tired but a very happy bunny right now.


  571. Just Another Luke

    Surely the case to have a go against Milan had been proven by this spirited win over Newcastle. Well done Arsene and Arsenal!

  572. SA @ 11.01pm

    Interesting that you should mention Jabba and Hunter in the same sentence. They are peas in a pod; both are one-eyed and with one argument. Once that argument is exhausted, posts are repetitive, abusive, boring and increasingly incomprehensible.

    I honestly don’t understand why he comments on blogs. He seems to think that no-one is qualified to offer an opinion on the club since none of us are professionals who have won the title or any trophies. So, why would he mix with people he hates?

    Anyway, off for this morning’s post.


  573. do you really want to talk about it yogi …or is it a case of you just saying and me not having the option to reply back ?


  574. Make is snappy YW. I am looking forward to this mornnings offerings.

  575. Make “it” snappy I meant 🙂

  576. Just Another Luke

    Of all these negative qualities – “repetitive, abusive, boring and increasingly incomprehensible”, the one that merits yellow or red card is that of being abusive. As for the others, we should be able to live and let live, agree to disagree, etc. That’s my humble opinion.

  577. haha moderation huh ? ok then …..fairness above all !

  578. Yeah I’m fair Hunter but you’re tiresome. Without fail, you will turn to abuse someone who doesn’t agree with you. The trouble is, you are singularly incapable of discerning what is constructive and what isn’t.

    So here’s the gig. Either you play nicely or you will be gone. And moderation stays until you can prove you can play nicely which will take several weeks. So you cannot say you haven’t been warned.

  579. sorry yogi ……..but i do not use expressions like “button it” . 😉

    i always play nice …..

    as for this : “Without fail, you will turn to abuse someone who doesn’t agree with you.”

    well it depends ….if the person is a jabba spectrum etc and doesnt get it then definately yes.


  580. as for who is incabable of what …dont make me laugh

    others grasp perfeclty well what i say/type and under which context.

    just because you have chosen to play hardball doesnt make my posts bad …. 🙂

  581. No Hunter, even in the moments after a crucial win, you still picked a fight. And the person is of no consequence to you. You didn’t fight anyone away from the blog; they were moderated off. FFS, give your ego a rest.

  582. Of all these negative qualities – “repetitive, abusive, boring and increasingly incomprehensible”, the one that merits yellow or red card is that of being abusive. As for the others, we should be able to live and let live, agree to disagree, etc. That’s my humble opinion.

  583. Can’t make your posts any worse.

    This isn’t up for discussion any more. The moderation stays.

  584. Oops! posted before my comment.Very well said Luke even though sometimes being abusive is warranted!

  585. Just Another Luke

    Looks like hunter13 just got red carded?

  586. Just Another Luke

    No worse than van Persie’s!


    Enjoy the moment. We won last night in dramatic manner. All’s well with Arsenal.

  587. I love Arsenal.

    In Wenger I Trust!

  588. the big thing about this is that in the last three games weve taken the points against the teams around us..
    we won all of the 6 pointers and its shaped the top 6 of the table in the space of three games

    i was delighted with the way weve been performing recently and i felt newcastle was the key result that would really get me excited..

    i think we’ll go unbeaten now until the end of the season and third is where we’ll finish…comfortabley…

    questions about the manager, players and even the finances have all been answered recently and we are on the crest of a wave..

  589. rosickys on fire..
    he was excellent again..

    i also think someone else whos been playing well is gibbs..

  590. Shame loads of people had already left the ground by the time TV5 scored the winner. Their loss.

  591. Hunter.

    Or can I call you Tim Krul?

    Looks like your time wasting got under the referees skin.

    Lucky it was the last minute of the match or you could have seen red.

    Hope you are going to behave yourself between the ‘Posts’ in future.

    We are all on this whacky Imperial Cruiser and Lord Wenger has put us in warp drive.


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