1,2,3,4 – In Or Out?

Tottenham’s defeat yesterday indicates the impact of pressure on players. It is convenient how everyone keeps offering up the excuse of the England manager’s job for Redknapp and his crew to hang their hats on when purely and simply they are having a poor run of form with confidence dropping. For Arsenal the opposite is true with Robin van Persie (a truly incisive and in-depth interview, well done) and Thomas Vermaelen keen to increase that pressure by taking three points against Newcastle tomorrow.

The Arsenal vice-captain said,

We have got good results against Tottenham and ­Liverpool – and if we play like we did against Milan, I am not worried because we will be top four. We can beat any team. There are a few contenders – Newcastle, Liverpool, Chelsea. We will have to fight toe-to-toe for fourth, and maybe third. You never know.

We can have a lot of ­wins ­towards the end of the ­season.

The prize of Champions League qualification is seen as the basic requirement for a season’s toil. The next three Premier League matches might well be crucial in achieving that; Newcastle (H), Everton (A) and Aston Villa (H). Nine points is the expectation although it is not a forgone conclusion. Spurs meanwhile have Stoke (H) and Chelsea (A). Those final might be psychologically crucial; one goal separates the two sides’ goal difference and if a ten point gap also disappears, there has been enough of a collapse to suggest that Tottenham might struggle to finish in the top four.

Transfer rumour is grist to the footballing mill; this weekend has seen plenty emerging about Arsenal. And none of it is new in terms of the “targets”. Mostly it is surrounding Robin van Persie. Duncan Castles got the ball rolling by opining in The National that van Persie’s agent has agreed terms with Manchester City. Darren Dein is suspected of being the hand behind this and might be. Known to be the Dutchman’s commercial advisor, according to this month’s World Soccer his actual agent Kees Ploegsma is concerned that Dein is looking to takeover all of the captain’s affairs.

Any truth in Castles’s story? It would be of no surprise; in fact the only astonishment would be reserved for City being the only club his advisor(s) had agreed a contract with. That The National is an Abu Dhabi newspaper with undoubtedly closer links to City’s owners than is commonly known. It is, however, a world away from a deal with Arsenal being done and this type of story does little to abate the anger felt with the Mancunians over their handling of the Nasri sale. In a sense though, the welter of Arsenal-released stories and this a two sides of the same coin; negotiating stances are taken and if the moneys mentioned by Castles are correct then the club know the neighbourhood that City are in. At £210k per week, it’s a very nice neignbourhood.

Whether money is the defining factor remains to be seen. The Mirror has gone with the squad strengthening angle, enlisting the views of Marco van Basten that four players would be needed to get the captain to extend his stay. Very handily, they have listed the four: Podolski, Goetze, Vertonghen and in a belated attempt to recognise Manchester United’s conquerors, Javier Martinez of Athletic Bilbao. Woo and indeed, hoo.

Goetze is back as flavour of the month with The Heil reckoning that Arsène will ‘break the bank‘ to sign the German midfielder, helpfully telling him which players to sell to ensure that the funds are available to allow “World Exclusive” to be plastered over the signing story. It is not a hard position to suggest that Arsenal will look at strengthening with Benayoun probably returning to Chelsea and Tomas Rosicky more of a squad player. Yes, Wilshere will return but it gives the Arsenal midfield more quality and competition. In truth it seems more likely that the club would want a central midfielder than a wide player with Miyachi and (if true) Podolski enhancing the numbers at the club who can play there.

No goalkeepers mentioned which is surprising since Fabianski and Almunia are likely (or will) leave this Summer.

Anyway, the sun is shining over the dales so that’s your lot for today. ’til Tomorrow.

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  1. even ian holloway has joined in the fun of saying rvp needs to leave, deserves better.

    things are looking good for us, and everyone starts to come out and talk about everything else other than football.

  2. ”I’m suicidal really. We’ve lost away to Arsenal, away to Everton and at home to Manchester United and they’re always going to be tough games. Two of the games we didn’t deserve to lose, today and against Manchester United”.

    “”I’ve got people that can play off the left, Niko Kranjcar and Luka Modric, but there’s no one at the club apart from Aaron Lennon and David Bentley that can play wide right so it’s a problem”.

    “”Redknapp came in for some criticism from the visiting fans for playing Gareth Bale on the right wing for virtually the entire match. However, he defended his selection saying: “I switched him because we haven’t got a wide right player”.

    ..but ‘Arry you have a certain Giovani Dos Santos wallowing away on ya bench who’s a winger???
    & u want to manage England?????????

    …Dos Santos should be the suicidal one seeing u’d play Kranjcar instead of him on the wings!

  3. Why would we buy Goetez when we got wilshere and OX whih will both be a lot bette than him??

  4. I wish Darren Dein would take his slime and fuck off somewhere else. Supposedly an Arsenal fan, he is systematically disrupting our team year in year out. Prick!

  5. spurs have shit their knickers..

    If the club qualify for CL then that money weve been holding back for rainy days suddenly becomes transfer kitty so it wouldnt suprise me if we were looking into Gotze..
    Im not sure if a midfielder is a priority though..we have lots of midfielders and in much of a similar fashion to the defence, our midfield is pretty tasty and its the injuries that weve had there that has held us back..Gotze would be terrific but we are stocked in midfield..Even if Rosicky goes somebody would have to leave..

    Although i agree with the point on the GK, which hadnt realy crossed my mind until you mention it, I think the priority is to sign a striker this summer..i think its been a priority all season long..Its something weve discussed on here over and over and AW has basically shut the other strikers out..

    It wouldnt suprise me at all if podolski was the first man through the door,especially at 11 million….and I dont know if we need all that much more after him, maybe a keeper 😉

  6. Poodle,that is a bit of a leap of faith.
    They might be .But he is a huge talent and ahead of them at the moment .I think.

  7. Changed days indeed Jon Jon.s.
    Only a few weeks ago we needed a complete rebuild.According to the realists

  8. i think we don’t really need anyone if we keep all the players we want to keep and have everyone fit.

    an addition or two would be nice, so people can shut up about us lacking ambition

  9. i would welcome götze and hazard. at least it keeps them away fr other clubs.

  10. sorry, not rosicky, benny..
    even if benny leaves someone else would need to leave as well

  11. The likes of Ian holloway failed as coaches of small team .I don’t expect his like to understand a big team and a big player

  12. 1,2,3 in

  13. I wonder what city can give rvp that arsenal can’t? The two clubs will finish as second and third best team in the league this year, non will have won any trophies.
    If that happens. Arsenal finishing 3rd with the worst team ever and city finishing second with the best team ever. The only thing city can give is money, nothing els. They proved that this year… I dunno but rvp certainly deserves better than city! That’s for sure!
    Holloway lost alot of respect with that article.

  14. If rvp goes to city then i will lose faith in football and go back to watching curling.

  15. Does anyone else think that podolski hasnt been signed because he be able to come for 5 mil if Koln go down. And to be honest, with him getting sent off yesterday (and probably a 3 game ban) is looking quite likely

  16. Rumours say green Is out of contract this summer. If fabianski goes maybe we will put in an offer for rob green as an second keeper until Martinez is ready to step up? He’s called green is he not? He west ham national keeper??

  17. how can we be a failure when pool and chelsea have spent much more with nothing to show for?


    liverpool won the CC Cup. holy grail for holloway.

    had lots of respect for him until this article. maybe he was just trying to be funny, as usual.

  18. when will they start his european league?? it would be great to see man utd get fukin relegated.

  19. It is time to do some business.What business.

    You know, buying and selling. Making some shrewd investments and preparing now for a future which is imminent. I don’t like the idea of selling vP before his contract runs out, he has been instrumental in this years ride. I also don’t like being told by ‘well wishing’ Liverpool fans that we would be nothing without him which may have inspired the thinking on the next bit.

    Here are the parameters. Man-Sour want vP and what happens when they want someone? Well it turns out it is virtually impossible for egos not to get inflated by the money on offer. (you are fool vP if you take it) We have one year left to hold onto him, before he is gone for nothing. So what are the choices.

    1) Play him till he is 30 and hope that Man-Sour don’t want him then.

    2) Let him go for a massive fee and strengthen the squad and replace him. Much like we did to replace Cesc. We are being just as successful without him – and more successful when we finish third. After this season he may go back to the half season we have been used to, this could be his peak.

    Well we know that Man-Sour has raped us in the past so it is time to take the Oily git’s money and move on, and I mean really take it.

    If we were to sell to anyone else he would be worth £60 million, but since $hiite-y keep offering our players double their salary I would lay it out to them that they should offer £120 million and we will consider it. Double to them. (if his value is £40m then £80, I don’t care the principle is just double)

    This is not a figure invented to put them off, it is an acknowledgement of who they are and allows themselves to really express themselves. For their owners it is a big dick competition and money spent is the measure of the member. So lets give Mansour an opportunity to flex his only ‘muscle’. (financial)

    It is an opportunity to show the world how massive his manhood is. Sold like that, the dick may well take it.

    Meanwhile all the other players we have been associated with should be bought regardless knowing that vP is off this year or next anyway. Or maybe the new signings will persuade him to stay.

    A dip in a years profits is worth it, although we might have to get rid of some of our much loved backup if we wanted to make it sustainable….shame.

  20. Yogi, I’m surprised at you giving credence to any of this media BS. It’s just a way of undermining the club and putting doubts in the mind of supporters at a crucial time in the season. I still believe RVP will stay, he would be giving up a lot for just money. But since worrying will not change the eventual outcome, I choose to think positively and believe that whatever happens will be for the best.

  21. If, if, RVP left, I don’t see him going to City. He would go abroad, much like Henry.

  22. Mr Rodger i think its got alot do to with everyone getting fit..
    We were all saying on our last run of wins that we were looking good, although there was still some more work to be done this summer the squad was strong with a better mentality.

    as far as this summer goes ive always thought that it would be better for the club if we got rid of quite a few more than we brought in..the squads got too big and theres abit of wastage..

    a major rebuild was never needed..we started the rebuild last summer..this summer was all about not allowing the same thing to happen again this time and adding the finishing touches to this squad..

  23. doesn’t anyone want to leave a legacy anymore?? rvp could go down as a great if he stays and maybe get a statue and always be remembered but if he takes the petrol dollar then he will just be another footballer.

  24. highbury lament

    Arsenal don’t need the money as much as we need RVP next season, and Arsene will hold the player to his contract even if he did want to move, which i’m not sure he does as he loves life in London and his family are very settled.

    Whether we keep him for the following season when his contract expires depends on how we do next year whether we can challenge or not.

    I feel his respect for Arsene and knowing he does not want to sell any more players to City will prevent him from moving to an English club, if he does move i think it will be to Barca or Madrid.

    I personally think he will stay as he loves Arsenal being the top player and being captain, where else would he get that ?

  25. Its very stressing to see top players go each season whenever we are seem to be strong that wil bring lack of motivation to young lads who want to stay in club as for the clubs who wants our players shld have respect & stop unsettling the players mind just 2 get him for wenger the club is bigger than u just have a stand & tel any club who wants a player to follow the due process.

  26. Why are you peddling this fucking shit, YW? It is all a load of absolute bollocks and you are giving it the oxygen of publicity.

  27. You know the pressure is on because the hacks are in full force about RvP all of a sudden. They know we are after that 3rd spot and displacing their beloved spuds. Bollocks to the lot of em!

    Up the Arse!

  28. Man Citeh winning fuck all this season will also show everyone that their obscene spending counted for nothing.

  29. Dexter,

    perfectly summed up. they had humble pie stuffed down their throats after the 5-2 and didnt like it one bit.

    if we finish third and rvp stays, they would be suicidal. hence they are doing all they can and what they do best to stop us: disrupting the team.

  30. RvP will only leave if the club are chasing the papers..

    Even if he doesnt sign, i cant see him kicking up a fuss and demanding to leave with a year left on his contract..So we dont have to sell him to anyone..

  31. F’get all da shiitte talk, Robin’s going nowhere!

    Podolski will be a gooner next season.

    Arsenal will be 3rd.
    I expect the Spuds to be 4th.
    Chelski could win a european trophy for Roman next season (lol).

    Goetze prefers Spain
    (but should be wary seeing how many minutes his ex-team mate Sahin’s getting @ Madrid).

    Hazard & Vertonghen prefer the EPL but Hazard might miss out on us if he’s overpriced.
    Both will be pursued by Man Utd & the Spuds as well.
    we might just have a slight edge (Gerv & TV5) but money could talk louder

    If we get these 3 in (P, H & V), extend the contracts of Robin, Theo, Song & Mozart and are able to offload all those that have not made the grade we will be fully reloaded for all competitions w/o breaking the bank.

    What a season to be had in 2012/13, with Mourinho & Pep signing extensions

    First though we owe the Magpies a scalding! (4-4, blatant cheating, twats, et al)
    who’s the ref on Monday?

    oh & by the way…
    AW’s going nowhere!

    All doomers need to go get born again!
    (..support ya team ya losers)

    “11 games left, emptying all closets, things are too tight to be civilized!”

  32. Truth though is with the squad we have NONE of the 3 players (P, H & V) is an absolute need.

  33. C-bob @ 10:00am,

    “If, if, RVP left, I don’t see him going to City. He would go abroad, much like Henry.”

    I think there’s much of merit in that suggestion. “If” Robin does decide a change for financial or other reasons at this late(ish) point in his career is the way to go, surely his allegiance to AFC would make a move to another top European side his best option. I suggestion such an option might be ‘best’ because his game is not based around his physicality like say a Drogba. Yet, if given that contention he still shines amid the battleground of EPL football, just think how much more his skills would be suited to a continental side. That would of course depend on the team providing the levels of service that he has enjoyed here.

    Nevertheless, I doubt he will leave in any case.

    On an unrelated point, I see that (expletive) Pardew is now claiming credit for having found the Ox before Arsene and even suggests that he might have benefited more from a further year with Southampton. Again (expletive!).

  34. with the likes of

    waiting in the wings….how many new players do we REALLY need?

  35. I sent an email to the National, asking for an apology to van Persie, Arsenal and the Arsenal supporters if the story proved to be a lie. I also pointed out that Darren Dein is not his agent. got the following response:

    Thank you for your feedback. Firstly, can I point out that it says Darren Dein ‘represents’ Robin Van Persie. It does not state he is his agent.

    Secondly, the story says personal terms have been offered / agreed. There is a vast difference between a player agreeing personal terms in advance (which happens all the time) and clubs agreeing a transfer fee. Even if Van Persie stays at Arsenal, which looks increasingly unlikely, the fact he agreed personal terms is still a valid story.

    Interestingly there was a story in the Dutch press from van Persie’s Agent that Dein was trying to take over all van Persie business, he now only represents him in commercial deals. Easy to get all ‘conspiracy’ over this The National-mouthpiece of government which owns Mansour Citeh- ‘offering’ loadsamoney-naming Dein who is aiming to be agent of Robin.

    If only you could be a fly on the wall sometimes. Or maybe not, you’ll likely be looking into a bear pit of greed and nastiness.

  36. ‘Even if Van Persie stays at Arsenal, which looks increasingly unlikely, the fact he agreed personal terms is still a valid story.’

    that really got me into a rage.

    interesting how they are still the only ones saying this. given that it is such big news, you would expect espn, sky sports, and everyone else to pounce on it.

  37. mattgoonerknight


    Where’s that quote from?

  38. Bradys right foot

    Poodle | March 11, 2012 at 9:41 am

    Good shout, I think well beat City and that they’ll loose to Utd. That could be enough for Utd to pip City for the league. I honestly think we could garauntee 3rd place by winning the next 4 games. It’s going to be an interesting few weeks.

  39. from John..

  40. Aman

    I think the squad requires strengthening come the summer, but I am also excited about some of the youth players coming through. However, most of them are unknown quantities at this stage and may need to be loaned out; Miquel, Afobe and Campbell in particular, while I dont see Watt making it with us unfortunately.

    It will be intriguing to see how bartley does upon his return, I have been a fan of his for ages and really hope he is part of Arsene’s future plans.

    Frimpong and Coquelin have already shown enough for me, although Frimpong’s latest serious injury is really stalling his development. Ryo should be part of the 1st team squad though, I think/hope.

    Signing Podolski, Gotze and Vertonghen would be unreal business, which unfortunately, I cannot see happening.

  41. MGK

    Its a reply from the Man City mouthpiece rag to John’s email asking for an apology over printing their spurious baseless twaddle.

  42. today..Sunday, the day before Newcastle and we are discussing tis shiiittte on ACLF?
    …think I agree with Frank,

    “Why are you peddling this fucking shit, YW? It is all a load of absolute bollocks and you are giving it the oxygen of publicity”.

    why Yogi????
    your day of rest maybe?

  43. Basically, if personal terms would’ve been agreed, it would be clear tapping up and City would probably be looking at a hefty fine or — in the best case for football — a transfer ban. Therefore it can easily be assumed that such a story is nothing more but a very badly thought-out fabrication.

  44. Frank / Aman

    Why not? It’s out there to be discussed and ignoring it doesn’t make it go away.

  45. Dex,
    I’d be good with Podolski & Vertonghen
    Probably prefer Hazard to Goetze based on each’s league preference

    if just Podolski…i’m good
    & i think we’re good too

  46. we should report to the UEFA or FIFA this story. especially since they replied that it is a valid story.

    and i agree with Yogi. better to deal with it here, than to let people read about it and get crazy without a support group!

  47. Aman

    I think there is a greater need for a creative midfielder than another defender, especially if Bartley is considered good enough for the 1st team squad.

  48. Sooo – Media darlings Spurs and Pool both lose 3 on the bounce but they get off scott free. No scathing comments about their managers lack tactical nous! No cutting remarks of how their players are lacking in fight! No insightful transfer targets that NEED to be bought to save the club from crisis!

  49. Bradys right foot

    The squad, well we emerged from the recriminations of the summer transfer window with Santos, Yossi, Arteta and the BFG. We all seem to foget the “planned” early signings of The Ox Gerv. There wilI be a few comings and goings in the summer but I think well emerge from this summer with the best squad weve had in the last 7 years.

  50. YW,
    its tooooo easy to get carried away talking about this (see 4 out of my 5 posts already).
    There’s more than enough time after the season to do so why pander to the divisionists who are trying to get us (fans et al) to lose focus on NOW?

    we have a crucial game tomorrow against a team fighting for 4th as well
    we are not out of the doghouse yet
    we haven’t won anything yet but our basic pride

    can we discuss Newcastle?
    formations? how best to pay them back for red-carding Gerv?
    their recent forray into France for their excellent transfer activity?
    how best to nullify Ba & Cisse?


  51. @evil, I don’t think it’s a badly thought out fabrication at all, fabrication yes, but very cleverly though out. Read the article they’ve covered themselves from every angle. I read it as a pitch from Darren Dein to take over as Persie’s agent; join me and I’ll promise you loadsamoney. The Journalist was no doubt paid handsomely. I found it interesting that the first thing The National referred to in their reply was Dein, when that was just a side note in my mail asking for an apology.
    Of course I could be completely wrong.

    Please Wenger, write that book!!!

  52. As for the important things, like tomorrows must win game.

    Bac Kos Verm Gibbs
    Song Arteta
    Theo RVP Gerv

    And if at all possible lets come out of the blocks like we did against Milan

  53. Deise,
    the press is setting us up for the next fall and we’re flling for it discussing RvP, Podolski or whoever.

    forget their bs,
    we have to be focused for Newcastle.

    “11 games left, emptying all closets, things are too tight to be civilized!!!

  54. there u go,
    like ya squad there DeiseG,
    who’s on the bench u think?

  55. Dex@11:33, agree but lets freeze the transfer talk till the summer. F’give my participation t’day.

  56. Van Basten is right. I dont blame Henry, Cesc, etc for leaving. Wenger had a long term plan that some of the older players were not willing to wait for. If now or next season is the time for him to attack the Premier league then Van P will see ambition. It would be a waste in the eyes of Valmaelen, Song and Sagna to continue to hoard the money and buy youngsters. I am sure Van P has ask him, when?
    I still believe players like Van Persie and Diaby owe Arsenal for sticking by them when injured for so long. But a contract is a contract.
    Most players in the world would love to play for Wenger but not in this plan; he will only attract players like Goetze (hopefully Hazard) or the OX and Ramsey who both could of gone to other top clubs.

    So Wenger is the plan to far for Van Persie

  57. As for Ba and Cisse, well Kos and Verm kept Ibra and Robinho pretty quiet (until we tired) last time out so id be confident they can do the same tomorrow. Arteta should be fresh so him Song and Rosicky should be able to take control of midfield. Its up to the front 3 to make our chances count. Gerv needs to get over his post ACN funk and what better opponents to do it against than Newcastle.

  58. After Ade’s move to the norvan chavs RVP was quoted as saying that he would never move to that club. Shall I dig up the quotes? Do I really need to? Be brave, trust your memories not the blue faced hacks.
    I’m off to do something more useful with my time, have a nice day all. Arsenal.

  59. Agree with u Deise @11:49

    Gerv to score a brace against Newcastle…..any takers?

  60. Shall I mention the game where the city player tried to stamp on RVPs face?

  61. Fuck it, time to head down to the bookies, one that sponsors a PL team I guess.
    RVP will not move to City. Easy money.

  62. This is all news to me Finsbury.
    Who was that player.
    Is he paying for it now?

  63. George,
    You ever heard of a city reject called adebayor? Arsenal gave him a chance to be a top player once but he chose to run around like a donkey for Maureen and ‘array. Except the spurs fans are moaning that he isn’t running about that much anymore. ‘Arrys famous man management skills don’t seem to be working.

  64. “Why not? It’s out there to be discussed and ignoring it doesn’t make it go away.”

    What’s out there? unsubstantiated hack “exclusives”, and the constant drip drip drip of the bullshit machine. Is that something we should give credence to now? Has RVP said he’s leaving? no.
    Until there’s something worth discussing it would be healthier to concentrate on footballing matters.

    I don’t wish to sound pompous YW. You do a sterling job here and I loves ya baby. I really do. Just feel your pandering to the c***ts by throwing even a cursory glance in the direction of this RVP to City crap.

  65. Very disappointing

  66. An outright, cold blooded pack of lies. Not one single fact. Someone needs to sue the arse off these lying fucking cunts.

  67. good points made in the post, worthy of debate, listened to on sky this morning. Personally i havnt read , seen or heard anything to make me even consider rvp will be off, sunday suppliment this morning tried to make something of wengers ” outrage ” at the end of the milan game, glad to say that not one bought into it, common sense being used. i feel the same about the rvp situation. if anything he has always indicated he will stay, simply by his actions. speculation is one thing but its a stocking filler as far as im concirned

  68. also in the papers today we are having quite a few new players, so thats sorted

  69. f**k the papers Dr Nick… & f**k Sky too.

  70. Hear hear Harry Flowers @ 12:14pm

  71. Bouchra van Persie ‏ @Bouchra_
    Rumours, rumours, rumours pfff getting tired of them. Please don’t believe anything unless it comes from @Persie_Official him self.

    From as near the horses mouth as you are going to get.
    Mrs.Horses mouth in actual fact.

  72. way to go Bouchra!

    maybe the media have given up hope on spuds and pool? they are all secretly arsenal fans and want us to stop the two mancs. and see us as the only hope. hence they keep trying to get us to sign players because like some arsenal fans, they think the squad needs improvement.

    that is the only way to explain their obsession with us!!

  73. i think we should look to control the game tomorrow. newcastle relishes playing direct, end-to-end football (that was how they beat utd 3-0). i think we should play a patient game but ready to up the tempo when the chance arises. draw them out, then play those little passes between the fullback and centre back for theo to latch onto and fire across.

  74. What has surprised me is that these pathetic hacks havent started the “Alex Song will leave Arsenal band wagon”. Luckily, Thomas Vermaelen has already shut them up by signing a 4 year contract and publicly stated that he’s here for the long haul.

  75. oh Darius, they are gonna start. every time they talk about darren dein, they mention that he is also an advisor for song.

  76. George my dear. I would suggest that Bouchra is more than Mrs. Horse’s mouth.

    She’s the boss. If she wants to stay in London, Robin ain’t going anywhere.

    Also, 2 weeks ago just before the international friendly with Holland, a reputable Dutch journalist was asked about Van Persie’s supposed move in the summer and to paraphrase, he said: Look, Van Persie sat down all the Dutch hacks and told them he’s a Gooner and they really need to understand what being a Gooner means. He said the team’s focus is to finish the season in the strongest position and then he’ll sit down with wenger and Hill-wood, they would all have a cup of coffeeand then discuss a new deal.

    The Dutch journo then asked the unsavoury English radio host “Does that sound to you like someone ready to leave Arsenal?”

  77. darius

    what did that unsavoury english radio host reply?

  78. Why are we even discussing rvps future before the end of the season? Surly we got more pressing matters? ??.

  79. He and his wife love London, he’s the captain of his team, commands the total respect of his colleagues all of whom seem to genuinely like him, he has total faith in Le Boss, he’s got kids in school, he’s enjoying the form of his life, whatever contract we give him will be enormous and he’s a football purist. There is no chance whatsoever of Robin leaving, it’s bizarre that there’s even speculation about it.

  80. I am certain that RVP is staying. He is very different than Cesc and Nasri. I see RVP as someone who does want to leave a legacy and has no intention of bailing on the team when we are on the cusp of putting together a title winning side for next season’s run.

    Don’t listen to any of the nonsense. RVP is a gooner and will be for years to come.

  81. Nearly an opener for WBA there…close! They look well up for it again. They may just surprise the Mancs like they did the Chavs.

  82. korihikage

    Even after such a robust and first hand account of Van Persie’s intentions and actions which the Dutch press witnessed, the unsavoury radio host simply went into a commercial break and after the break, they continued with the narrative that Van Persie was surely bound to leave Arsenal because Arsenal couldn’t afford him at the top of his game.

    In short, they shamelessly ignored the Dutch journo because his views didn’t fit their strategic narrative of undermining Arsenal at every available opportunity.

    Mind you, this is a radio station that cannot go an hour without discussing something negative about Arsenal or Wenger. Their xenophobia and latent racism masked as banter knows no bounds. They even have a feature called “The Arsenal” on one of the shows designed to fuel their hatred for all things Wenger and Arsenal and they have an active policy of only letting the likes of Spectrum and rectum and Suga 3 on air to prove that fans out there really want to get rid of Wenger.

  83. Darren Dein is selling him to the highest bidder. For the Deins, Arsenal is another business opportunity. David made millions from the club and now the son wants to do better. His objective is to sell at least one Arsenal player a season.

    Darren is the manager for Song and so no surprise Song is stalling on a new contract.

  84. Who says Song is stalling?
    You have made that up.Well,either you or some other fable minded dimwit

  85. RVP has a lot to be grateful to AW and Arsenal, who stood by him for so many years, when he was injured again and again.

    I know , nowadays, so many footballers are only interested in money and trophies, and not loyalty, but, I suspect that RVP is not one of them, but a rare one for whom gratitude comes for gratification.

    Undoubtedly he will be well rewarded for staying, but will he bite the hand that fed him like CF?

    I would be surprised.

  86. dukegoonem | March 11, 2012 at 9:12 am

    10, 7, 4, 1..+2, +5, +8



    i just woke up …what time do we play ? …lets fuck tottenham !!!!!

    such a perfect day …..

  87. RVP could stay for another 8 years.Slipping into midfield almost like Dennis did

  88. George – didn’t you know? John Cross sat down at the Bricklayer’s Arms and decided Song was stalling. How else could he explain the fact that Olivia refused to put his call through to Song? Isn’t that stalling?

  89. 23/29 …you the man zelico !

  90. adjectives used by commentator on distinctly average manure move: fantastic, wonderful and sublime. nationality of player british. sound henceforth off.

  91. It was painful enough watching Manure against the Tottenscum, I doubt if I can bear watching another one of their games. I had to scrub myself with steelwool and cillit bang because I felt so dirty for willing the Manure to beat Tottenscum

  92. wba play well. hodgson has really good great job.

  93. @John 10:50 am

    The response from national including their pre-emptive strike of insisting that they need to clarify Darren Dein’s position is proof enough that the story is cooked for propaganda reasons.

    This quote here is what really nails it: “…Even if Van Persie stays at Arsenal, which looks increasingly unlikely…”

    The thing is this. If the paper’s sources were solid and the story was true, why would they make such a “hopeful” statement. Their sources would not have unleashed the story if they were not sure Darren Dein has agreed terms on behalf of Van Persie. And they seem to be clutching straws by hoping Van Persie and Arsenal would be destablized hence the “even if he stays which is increasingly unlikely”.

    Unlikely doesn’t sound like anyone with factual knowledge or anyone who was in the room when a deal allegedly happens.

    Sir Harry Pearce the spook wouldn’t have come up with such an elaborate plot of misdirection and misinformation.

  94. HAhahaah that $hitty fan crying was priceless.

  95. city lose…feel terrible saying this but I’d prefer united winning the title after the Ade and Nasri sagas

  96. As usual proceedings this weekend are offering much needed perspective. Swansea are a top, top side at home and have probably outpassed every team they’ve faced back in Wales. We are still the only team to have scored more than one goal at their place.

  97. RVP stuff is nonsense and I am not even entertaining it.

    @DukeG much earlier – I get you so much on this, I’m in love with my football but it’s a fragile affair, and survives in spite of the petri-dish of bacteria that is ‘athlete’s foot-ball’. Ha. sorry crowbar analogy.


    RVP were to go, for mercenary reasons, I could almost walk away. What is the point? (kids himself)

    The most amazing thing is that, by serendipity of seemingly cosmic magnitude, I inherited club that is so different to the the rest. I’m always baffled by that.

    I really wonder if I would bother if I had been unfortunate enough to have inherited a club that turned into a rich man’s train set.

    There are so few admirable clubs in the world – even Barca – who I want to love, and feel inspired by, instead mostly disgust me.

    Principles matter (too much to me it’s apparent).

    We are blessed with this club.

    I guess that’s why we are so richly discursive and passionate.

  98. I still have to ask. Dowse rvp really have more chance to win stuff with city than with us? Look at our seasons this year. Has city achieved anything we have not?

  99. Oh and btw the source for the story is Duncan castle. Go look at his twitter. Wonder who paid him to write this….

  100. It’s March. You guys sure you want to start speculating over RVP’s future already?

  101. good post Yogi.

    The longer RVP waits to negotiate with Arsenal the more leverage he has. Not only does the waiting make everyone nervous, he can use the other “offers” he has to put pressure on Arsenal. Its probably going to be a matter of how much money he is willing to give up to stay. If he can get 225/week somewhere else and the most we offer is 150/week then he will probably move. His value in the open market will never be higher then it will be this summer and this will be his last big contract so its hard to fault him for maximizing his income. Based on everything he has said he clearly wants to stay and probably will resign if our offer is at least in the neighborhood of what he can get elsewhere. Its just a matter of how big the neighborhood will be. Hopefully, whatever happens it will be resolved early in the summer.

  102. Looks like the City championship liner has sprung a Leek!

    Go on the Boyos of Swansea, there’s loverlee and other racist clices…

  103. No he fucking won’t probably move Bill. based on what? Bollocks is what.

  104. Fuck off. He is not going anywhere. End of.

  105. “will resign if our offer is at least in the neighborhood of what he can get elsewhere. ”

    It wont be ,cant be and shouldn’t be.
    I don’t think it will be more than £120k PW.
    That should be enough for anyone.
    We should not allow an oil rich Arab Nation to set the wages in our club.It is the road to ruin.And if that means we lose RVP ,then so be it,Much as we all love him.
    Having said all that .I believe he will stay until he hangs his boots up.

  106. pedantic george

    that is the thing, although I am not sure whether it should be 120 or 150 or something else. But it definitely should not be dictated by what he might get at City.

  107. Well said Evil. I really admired Swansea and the way they played us and am not in the least bit surprised by today’s result. In fact I hate losing and usually hate anyone for daring to beat us but that’s one game where I just took my hat off to a team that played better on the day.

  108. Bradys right foot

    Darius Stone (@DStoneArsenal) | March 11, 2012 at 2:09 pm

    Durham made a comment about payments to Le Boss, they were talking some shit about Harry and stuff but Durham made an off the cuff and ill advised comment relating to dodgy payments from transfers. It wasn’t that long ago end of January start of February. I remember thinking to myself he’s really fucked there.

  109. felt exactly the same, steww

  110. George:

    OK. As the amount of money has increased in football for both clubs and players it has become much more of a business for both sides. Expecting the club to make its decisions based on business principles and the players to think in only terms of loyalty and love of club is not fair expectation for the players. No matter how much we dislike it, the business thing goes both ways and how can you blame the players for wanting to maximize their incomes for as long as they can. Arsenal can not insulate itself for whats happening in world football, My hope is that we do what is needed to keep RVP and I don’t believe that it will lead us down the road to ruin. If necessary, we need to adjust the way the wages are distributed to the rest of the squad.

  111. Bill,You mean if necessary to allow City to set the standards?
    I say No.
    What if they offer him £300k? or £400k if they don’t win the league this year and want to make a statement,as they say.

  112. George:

    At some point we have to throw up our hands and accept that we can’t keep up with City. No idea what the that number should be. I just hope we don’t go down the path of righteous indignation about the state of world football and draw a line in the sand at $110 – 120.

  113. Bill,I hope that is exactly what we do

  114. Bill ,why have you not got an avatar yet.I want to see this horse

  115. Well, another weekend of pretty good results for Arsenal. Couldn’t have hoped for any better really, I dont think.

    Now we have to make sure we don’t take our foot off the gas tomorow; no sluggish apathetic start, expecting to roll over the Toon. We owe them and pardew massively and we have done pretty well in terms of revenge this season, time to add Newcastle to that list.

    BTW Duncan Castle sounds like a northern working men’s club comedian. George has probably seen him in the flesh a few times.

  116. Bill

    Not every club pays their stars £200k a week man. If that were the case, then clubs would be going out of business every other week. We have a ceiling and while I think there is room for it to be raised, I would be gutted and disgusted if we were held to ransom like United were over the fat brillo pad syrup wearing scouse granny shagger last season.

    £120k a week with a pretty sizeable loyalty bonus should be more than good enough. If not, then money is the prime motivator and we do not need players like that at our club. And I really do not think Robin is driven by greed a la nasri and Adebayor.

  117. i think RVP would be truly a great man if he says: ok give me 100k. the rest, use it to bring in another player!

  118. you know, i am now reconsidering my stance. maybe i would prefer united winning the league.

    then we can all say: city spent this much, we spent this much, and we won the same number of trophies this season: NOTHING!

  119. Wishful thinking there mate! But would be nice.
    What if we gave RVP $200 k a week and next season goes back into crock mode? What would people say then ? Wenger fucked up?
    Probably , the man can’t win either way.

  120. Darius Stone @ 1:35 pm

    “What has surprised me is that these pathetic hacks haven’t started the “Alex Song will leave Arsenal band wagon”.”

    Actually Darius they have.

    Michael Essien and Alex Song on Juventus Radar

    J. Samson

  121. Korihikage

    United winning the title makes all kinds of sense to me man.


    I know english isnt your mother tongue, but ‘goes back to crock mode’??? Have you any idea how disresctful that comment is?

  122. *disrespectful

  123. Darius

    Mrs Horse’s Mouth? WTF has Ruud van Nistelrooy’s wife got to do with it.

  124. Darius Stone @ 1:35 pm

    “What has surprised me is that these pathetic hacks haven’t started the “Alex Song will leave Arsenal band wagon”.”

    Actually Darius they have.

    Michael Essien and Alex Song on Juventus Radar

    J. Samson

  125. No disrespect in that unless you looking for there to be.
    It’s not like I called him a permacrock or waste of space. Fact is before this season the poor guy was always injured.
    Dont know why I’d disrespect my favorite player on the planet right now. ?

  126. George:

    I signed up with gravatar.com yesterday but have not had a chance to change my avatar. I hope to do it tonight.

    George @ 7:13: To each their own. I hope we figure out what the max we can really afford and pay him that much. Drawing mythical lines in the sand anywhere below that number just because we don’t want to be held hostage is terrible for the club and its fan IMO.


    If $120/week is the most we can afford then so be it. If so then we are not ever going to be able to keep our best players and I hope thats not the case

  127. YW – LOL

    Blame George for the Mrs Horses mouth moniker.

    There’s a rumour going around that Man City and their money couldn’t beat a lowly Welsh team. Is that so?

    With the Manure leading the table with 10 days to go and a Manchester derby to come, I really don’t see how City will win any trophy this year.

    I’m convinced we’ll finish 3rd and you have to ask whether all that money City spent was really worth it.

    And did folks see Appy Arry twitching like fuck and losing the plot on MOTD last night? Priceless.

  128. Bradys right foot

    korihikage | March 11, 2012 at 7:46 pm

    I started dancing with the devil months ago hoping Utd win the title at Citys expense. When it comes to Arsenal I can be small minded, petty even and the thought of bit part player extrodinaire and financially compensated bench warmer, Samir “here to win trophies” Nasri doing fuck all at Man City fills me with an enormous sense of well being. A man who put his development as a footballer second to his already incredibly healthy bank balance.

  129. gunnerjones

    Just an unfortunate turn of phrase then. I am a bit sensitive about people refferring to our players as crocks, with balsa wood limbs etc.


    The wage ceiling might not be close to the chavs, mancs and manc chavs, but that should not mean we cannot keep our best players. Sol could have earnt more money elsewhere, but signed for us, while we are not averse to giving players a 7 figure signing on payment to sweeten things.

    If we ever have to go down the obscene chav city route, football will be dead to me.

  130. I agree with Dexter.
    Despite being off him

  131. We dont have to get along, to get it on.

  132. Im sure dex can turn you on again george.

  133. Dukeg

    Leaning against the washing machine is enough excitement for George man.

  134. Hey cheeky fucker .We still have wash boards and mangles up here .None of that soft mechanical guff.

  135. Clerkenwell Gooner

    If Sir Ferg defeats the Blue Mancs in the derby and wins this year’s league, will he retire?

    Who will the Glazers take on in his stead – José or Josep? Or is Ferg Jnr going to step up? Keane? Hughes? Bruce? Paul Ince? ‘Arry, when he fails to get the Eng-er-land job?

    And what is happening to the Red Manc midfield? Are Giggs and Scholes signed up for next season? I see the team going into a long, slow slide unless they revamp extensively there. They are papering over the cracks at the moment. Are they really too broke to buy anyone decent? Is Snijeder ever likely to be tempted?

    It’s a measure of how nuts things have been this year that they are at the top of the table tonight. I look forward to Bilbao dispatching them from Europe shortly to make up for it.

  136. @bradys right foot

    never dance with the devil. you always pay back double. i backed barca against chelsea in that fateful tie. (hey i was naive at that time!) and see what happened to us?


    big win indeed. wednesday champs league tie coming up.

  137. that Sian massey..what a good lino she is, we really do need more women assistants as we all know they see everything.

  138. @bradysrightfoot whenever I hear the phrase ‘enormous sense of well being’ I get Blur’s Parklife stuck in my head.

  139. how the fuck are them wancs top.

  140. if we keep rvp then we will win the league next year i will bet on it but if rvp goes…well , i wouldnt give a fuck anyway coz i’ll be watching the west sussex clippers in the curling championships.

  141. @dukegoonem
    I share your sentiment. If we keep RVP, we’ll be challenging next season (Podolski is a done deal).
    I think ManU will be hammered at City. But with their easy run in, they may win it in the end. A terribly overrated and dull side.

  142. I hope Gerv exorcises his demons tomorrow against Newcastle

  143. I expect a solid win tomorrow. Will be interesting to see who starts.

  144. Just Another Luke

    I want United to win the league if only to deny the Arsenal alumni at Money City the satisfaction of winning trophies after quitting Arsenal for more money, and then trophies, in that order. Guess this goes for many of our supporters as well.

  145. Just Another Luke

    I love Everton’s hectic schedule ahead of our game against them at Goodison Park – Merseyside Derby tomorrow, then FA Cup Q/F against Sunderland on Saturday and then us on Wednesday. Whereas we play tonight and then have 9 days to prepare for Everton. It is not so bad to get knocked out of FAC afterall.

  146. JAL @ 3.10

    That would be a lesson to “top of the league mate” nasri

  147. another fantastic weekend, Spurs lost, Liverpool lost and Miyaichi was once again impressive. We win tonight and we are a point off spurs who look like they will crumble under pressure.

    Anyone know how Campbell is doing in France????

  148. Very quiet this morning.


    That’s better.

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