Give Us A Sign Arsène. Not That One. A Sign-ing Then?

To describe Arsène’s usual press conference as pre-match is at once factually correct and stretching the definition of the phrase. Monday night football is the merkin of the weekend’s fixtures. It will though be approached with enthusiasm on and off the pitch. Tottenham scent is in the players’ nostrils; they need to move into third to be upwind of our malodorous neighbours. They go into the Newcastle fixture in good heart with manager observing that their spirit is intact despite the disappointment of Tuesday night’s exit from the Champions League.

The team news is good with the potential to get better over coming days. Santos, Arteta and Benayoun are all likely to return this weekend with Diaby fit by next weekend. With everyone feeling positive over Jack Wilshere, there is a danger of the manager having an almost fully fit squad for the run-in; Ramsey and Mertesacker would be the major exceptions. All of which would put to the test the theories about how the season was wrecked by injuries.

Criticism of the club still abounds regarding last Summer’s transfer dealings. As I have said before, I think the club got it wrong in that they did not have the personnel in place before Nasri and Cesc left. It is still my view that not all of the activity which happened late in the day was panic buying; that is a lazy tag to hang on what was a difficult time for Arsenal. Some of it does appear to fit that criteria, particularly Benayoun who did not have a medical before signing. Whilst that seems risky, remember he is a loan signing so serious injury would have meant that he was returned to Chelsea. Not quite risk-free but certainly as close to it as a football transfer can be.

The compound effect of the barbs have taken their toll,

One day I’d like to write a book about last summer. There’s a wrong understanding about what happened. The club has been treated very badly because of that and I don’t think the club was guilty of anything during that transfer period. They can say they don’t like the players we bought, but the way it happened was not the responsibility of the club.

Last season it was not because of us, but because of players going out. We do not master when they go out, apart from some times you can say ‘no means no’. I was very adamant (on Nasri) but, at the end of the day, it was a difficult situation to manage. We do our best to keep our best players. If a player didn’t want to extend, where do we go from there? But we’ll see.

I am not holding my breath for the book, although as a chapter in a wider tome it would be most welcome. It is clear though that the feelings of those on the outside have had an impact but I do not think it is just from this season. If you look back at the longer term, there has been a gentle thawing in the manager’s relations with the press and fans for a number of years. The focal point – if you can call it that – was the AGM where Silvestre was derided; it stung Wenger and he is more prickly on some subjects than before.

He has always been hugely defensive of his players in public and that stance is often misunderstood. Not criticising underperformance through the back pages might not be what supporters want after a bad result but it is crucial in keeping his squad united and loyal to him until season’s end. No manager who berates players in the media lasts; talk of losing the dressing room in those circumstances would be correct. It does not reflect what is said in private but too often is the ill-informed view put forward that it does.

Thankfully Arsène is more astute, able to galvanise his players into a response on the pitch. This season has seen that, in spite of the setbacks of the Summer and Winter. Autumn and hopefully Spring will make the season end in full bloom.

But it was transfer talk that dominated the conference. Lukasz Podolski was rumoured to have signed already which emerged from rumours of a deal being agreed. Quotes have been taken out of context to prove the deal which is either being completed in “two or three weeks”, “the end of the season” or “we are not close to signing anyone” [delete as appropriate]. Nobody quite knows what is happening with Robin van Persie either. The manager appears tired of it all but is adamant that Arsenal will not be selling the Dutchman to Manchester City. Describing Wenger as being “cool” on his captain’s future conjures up the image of Arsène striding into Al’s Diner, bequiffed with a leather jacket, thumbs up emitting an elongated “Heyyyyyyyy!” to general whooping and hollering. Either that or he would tearing up the streets of north London in his muscle car, wearing a polar neck sweater under his jacket, all to an acid jazz soundtrack.

I am sure Arsenal do not want to sell van Persie but then he did not want Nasri or Cesc to go either. Robin van Persie is indeed not for sale but that is probably what Köln supporters were told a while back about Podolski. Is he a replacement, back-up plan, squad strengthener or dare you whisper it, season ticket renewal trailer? We shall see but as much as getting things wrong last Summer rankles, sorting signings out this early would be most welcome and deserving of praise. I won’t hold my breath for that either.

’til Tomorrow.


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  1. I agree with big bro.

  2. you know when a transfer rumour is true when wenger gives off a little grin.

  3. Get in there.!!!!

  4. missed it by that much. ….

  5. Unlike you YW, I am waiting for the book. I am sure a publisher inLondon has given Aw a big fat advance. Its a no-brainer.

  6. While im grateful for the extra rest afforded our players i do hate a whole weekend without The Arsenal. All i can look forward to now in the premier league is for City, UTD, Chelski, ‘Pool and Tottingerham losses 🙂

    That and some bundesliga matches on ESPN!

  7. Hoping Van Persie Stays. I think London is home to him and his family….When we get that top 4 spot we get Van the man. Top 3 here we come. Forward

  8. Limestonegunner

    Interesting post, YW. Almost seems parts are in response to points I and others raised yesterday! Perhaps our discussion and queries gave you some inspiration. I like the reference to his book–as I said yesterday, I’d love to read his revelations on this summer and other behind the scenes dealings, but somehow I doubt he would expose all this to view even after retirement. Too classy for that.

    I agree it is good to do the business early, unlike last year. But at least Podolski isn’t principally intended as a replacement, which is good news, at least to me. In fact, one could argue thy his signing might help convince him we have an proved chance to challenge next season.

  9. Limestonegunner

    One could argue that his signing might help convince RvP that we have an improved chance…. Autocorrect, arg!!

  10. Just as I am enjoying a good positive “piece” ,the old cynic raises his head.

  11. Maybe he has changed his transfer tactics. Before he waited until the others made their move so that they wouldn’t swoop in last minute ,like vultures, on his deals and targets. Now he is going first. The element of surprise. looks like this deal is a done deal. And we didn’t have to content we any of the usual suspects. A versatile player at his age hungry to play for us at the right price. I wish him the best of luck and welcome Lukas 2.

  12. CELENAVP, from your mouth to gods ear. I feel he will sign also.
    The BOOK will be a best seller , I agree. I’ll be the first one in line purchasing it.

  13. Limestonegunner

    Well, another way to look at it is that it isn’t early, rather late. It is obvious we went in for him in January but couldn’t close the deal or convince the player to come. Like Arshavin he was too worried about his place/prep for the Euros to come to Arsenal. Maybe the club held out to stave off relegation.

    I wonder if it would have been a help for the run in and adaptation for next season. Could we have used a goal scorer like Podolski v. Milan? On the other hand it could have Been disruptive–looks like Saha has unbalanced Spurs a bit as Harry plays him up front with Adebayor the last several games.

  14. WARNING!

    All men out there. Do not, repeat, do not, tell Irish’s jokes containing women to your wife/partner/girlfriend.

    If you haven’t learnt already, and I clearly hadn’t, they don’t share our sense of humour.

    Consolslel had put aside the large brown egg for my breakfast but on hearing Irish’s ‘jokes’ she kept it for herself.

  15. Yw, good morning. Something wrong with the link to the REM song. I think the feds are after you. 🙂

  16. hahaha, excellent BOB. funnier than. Irish ‘s lame joke.

  17. Yogi really, a ‘merkin’? A wig worn by prostitutes after they shaved their genitalia!

    I must say I’ve increased my vocabulary since frequenting ACLF. My favourite so far is ‘exeunt’. Now I’ll read the rest of your post!

  18. Good points LIMESTONE. I have a feeling he will do real well for us.

  19. “looks like Saha has unbalanced Spurs a bit as Harry plays him up front with Adebayor the last several games.”

    That would be Harry,the tactical genius who has built a super team in white? The media’s darling and shoe in England manager?
    What are you saying Limestone?

  20. As for cynicism george, I share Yogi’s sentiments. We have heard stories about our transfer policy and keeping players before and while I am a firm believer that cesc engineered his way out, Arsenal were at least guilty of naivety in having no viable contingency plan in place.

    As for this summer, have things changed? We don’t know. Until we have a ‘good’ close season, we can’t know.

    What does seem sure is that after this summer we will know a lot more about how the club is being run and with what aim in mind.

  21. i think if we have signed podolski, then it is in the best case scenario, to strengthen the team (in which case he will play on the left). in the worst case scenario, he is meant to replace someone.

    clever, if you ask me.

  22. Whoever/whatever was to blame for last summers transfer window shenanigans lets just hope some lessons were learned and we can do it right this time!

    Early signs (if true) look promising (lu lu lu lukas podolski)

  23. @DG 9:49
    Fantastic article. Thanks for providing the link!

  24. Bob,I like to think Arsene is not a manipulator and wold not allow the board to manipulate him.
    Such is my respect for the man.
    So perhaps my blind faith in the great man prevents me from being cynical.

  25. Shotta

    It won’t happen until he’s finished here, don’t hold your breath. The only fashion statement that blue skin makes is “victim”.

  26. C’Bob – I would have imagined that a man of your stature would be wise enough to know which joke about marriage to share with his wife. The answer of course being none! The really funny part about all of this, is that you seem ‘suppliesed!’ (couldn’t resist, sorry!)

    On another note, I think you are right C’bob, scrambled eggs for breakfast it is 🙂

  27. So Poldi agreement before season ends. So we also have agreement to sign Lewis Holtby? I remember reading that somewheres a few months ago, about the time we actually signed that other german kinder Thomas Eisfeld………….?

  28. goonerkam, what link to an REM song? None in my post, they are all to newspaper articles.

  29. G’kam – And even more importantly, what do you mean by “Irish’s lame joke”?

  30. Women have a sense of humour now? 😀


  31. Paulie Walnuts

    Rooney wears a merkin on his head

  32. Jonny – Dangerous ground my friend, very dangerous ground!! FG and TS and FL will be on the warpath. Unless they have a sense of humour that is. And can see the funny side. I’ll get me coat!

  33. Paulie – LMFAO!!!!!

  34. Trust me Irish, I doubt I’ll notice the difference!

  35. Consolsbob @ 10.02 – school boy error my friend!

    Yogi, you don’t take into account the possibility that players wanted to see if we were in the CL before committing or that perhaps we needed the guarantee of CL income to underpin purchases? It’s also apparent to me that bids for our first choice players were not successful and we had to go for the next name on the list, which in most cases turned out to be for the best. It’s also obvious to me that Park came in because we could not get a WP for Campbell and then Afobe got injured in the Emirates cup. Also Arsene has said that he took Benayoun on loan once it was clear that JW would need surgery. Ultimately, I don’t see the point of continually harping on about last summer. We are where we are now and we cannot change the past.

  36. Passenal.I agree,I don’t think the club handled things anywhere near as bad as it is portrayed.
    If that is what you are saying

  37. Depending on out final lge position will have a huge bearing on our summer activities. If we finish in the top 4 RvP will more than likely stay and we can have a shot at getting some quality players in. Finish outside the CL spots and RvP may decide that now is reluctantly the time to move. I would be hard to attract the quality of player this club needs as well.

    But I think we will finish in the top 4 so I am not that worried to be honest.

  38. I have to say my favorite ‘merkin’ of all time was Anna Faris in “Scary Movie”

  39. Andy ,Do you believe RVP would be so minded?
    I think he is more than that

  40. Irish ,what about the one in “East is East”? That landed on the guests lap

  41. George – I believe he loves the club. But I also believe that he (as a top player) will want to be competing for the top prizes. He is 29 years old nearly, so this contract is the largest of his career. A year outside the CL could set us back a little. I think is looking for reasons to stay, not leave. But finishing outside of the top 4 would give him a huge decision to make.

  42. George – Ha! Good one I had forgotten. Yet I still love the visual of the bats flying out from…..shall we say behind the merkin?

  43. Wasn’t it George W Bush who was always proclaiming how proud he was to be “a merkin”?

    Probably something to do with his surname.

  44. Irish – and your second & third faves?!

    The mind boggles.

    We have our sights set on third and I cannot imagine us finishing outside the top four.

    I fancy Everton might provide Spuds a good game today, they’re unbeaten in their previous six league games and always pick themselves up for the big fixtures.

    Finishing in third would make Arsenal’s summer spending very much easier as there would not be the fear of a potential stumble at the qualification round.

  45. Why would anyone sell rvp now? Best would be to keep him one more year and let him go for free for one last huge paycheque abroard. It would be bad for buisness to let him go this summer regardless of new contract or not. Stan may not be a football man but he is a buisness man and he will do what generates most money in the long run. And that is to either make rvp sign new contract or let him run down the one he has. Being a bit cynical one could argue two seasons injury free at the age of 30 is probably about what his body can handle anyway…
    Letting a 30 year old that has served the club well go for free to say barca or real or juve when his contract is up is preferable to selling him for 50m to City IMO…..

  46. The fact that our summerspending depends on us finishing outside or inside top 4 just proves the silver from domestic cups are worth zero to the players really and that the biggest prize surly is to win the premission to play CL. Finishing 6th and winning CC or FA cup would not lure world stars. You need CL as a bread and butter and then cups are a bonus. But alone they worth nothing.

  47. In the end, what is the value of trophies? How many of the players of the Greek team that won the EC in 2004 are remembered outside of Greece? When it comes to the history of football, almost all those players won’t matter. In ten, twenty years from now, no one is going to think “Oh, Angelos Charisteas, what a player he was!”. So they might have won a trophy, and I don’t doubt that it was a highlight for them and one of the best moments in their lifes, but what does it matter now? On the other hand the Dutch team from 1974 is even now one of the teams that are most fondly remembered, even though they didn’t win the World Cup.
    To scale it down to player-size: someone like Adebayor might have won the Copa Del Ray with Madrid, and he might win another one or two trophies, depending on where his loan adventures take him next, but when he finishes his career, what will he have? Good memories, maybe, but he won’t matter one bit in the history of football. He has no allegiance but to his ego and money and he will live to regret it because when he is 40 or 50, he will be all but forgotten.
    Robin has the ability to avoid that fate. If he moves clubs in 2013 he will be 30 and will only have a couple of good years. So if he goes to Real, he might win the league or another one or two minor trophies before his career ends, but he will have forfeited his chance to become a player that will be remembered forever.

    Robin has only one decision to make: does he want to cement his place as a legend or end up as a mere footnote in football history? And I sincerely hope that having Thierry back will have opened Robin’s eyes for what the future has in store for him if he stays.

  48. i am more worried about whether we can finish third, rather than whether we can finish 4th.

  49. Evil – But that is very naive to a point. To a sportsman (the very top ones at least), success is measured in medals.

  50. “i am more worried about whether we can finish third, rather than whether we can finish 4th.”

    korihikage – thats the attitude! 4th is for Newcastle and Chelsea to fight over.

    Devoting my attention to our current squad and wishing them a stellar run in. Taking points in all 11 matches.

  51. In the football world success is not measured in FA cups and cc Cups. It’s measured in CL games and league cups. Players sign for arsenal because they can play the CL not because they can win FA cups or cc cups. Then they may aswell sign for everton or Sunderland or even Birmingham. All clubs can win those trophies. Only the best can win CL or pl. the rest is ok but nothing more. You wanna win everything as a player but you wanna play CL above all…That is why it’s crucial to get4th. And that is why FA cup winning players gladly sign for top 4 clubs and sacrifice the possibility to win FA cup to join a top 4 club if they can. CL is everything. Just ask RvP….
    Only Gerrard puts winning cc higher than playing CL..

  52. Podle – Exactly.

  53. oops, Poodle I meant.

  54. Can’t believe the amount of vitriol Frimpong gets from some Arsenal fans – he’s a fucking hero – a young passionate Gooner & Gunner having a laugh.

    So far on Twitter today I’ve seen some Arsenal fans calling him a cretin and embarrassment – heaven forfend we have any players with character in the game…

  55. Wenger in Big Al’s Diner as ‘The Fonze’? Dear me.

    @Consols – Irish has always travelled with a health warning. As Passenal put it, ‘school boy error’.

    I get the sense that the narrative from now on will be “Will Van Persie sign a new contract”.

    It really doesn’t matter what the facts are. The suspense and chaos caused by the misinformation of whether Van Persie will sign a new contract is more valuable as a story than whatever Arsenal do. And believe me, they’ll ramp it up.

    The sort of misdirection and misinformation being carried out by the media conspiracy reminds me of the media manipulatio carried out by Jason Monk in one of Frederick Foresythe’s recent book – Iconn. Really shows you what you can do with the media if you want to.

  56. Hoping that chelski, mancity, manutd, spuds, pool and Newcastle all lose this soccer weekend.

  57. Passenal,

    Arsene brought it up, not me!

    Benayoun is a non-risk to me for the reasons I stated in the post. If he gets injured seriously, he’s back to Chelsea. As for Park, well, no-one knows why we signed him but he has been probably the manager’s biggest mistake. To be in March and find a new signing has not kicked a ball in anger is almost indescribable.

    Players weren’t waiting for CL qualification; Mertesacker was lined up for next Summer and the manager realised he needed more depth so brought it forward. Arteta they had been knocked back on before; he might not have been first choice but he was in the top three. As I said in the post, It is still my view that not all of the activity which happened late in the day was panic buying

    However, the replacement of Cesc was handled badly. They knew he wanted out and that decent money was on its way. Fundamentally there is no excuse for not having a replacement in situ before he left.

  58. Darius – “@Consols – Irish has always travelled with a health warning.” – Jeez!! You tell a couple of jokes and they slap ya with a label!! WTF? MDGunner’s pasties travel with health warnings, surely I am not THAT bad!? 😦 <———-frowny face sniff!

  59. Jonny – They say pets take after their owners. Having said that, I find it quite funny that your little pet bunny is munching on some weed! 🙂

  60. @ YW
    I am looking forward to the book!

    However, the replacement of Cesc was handled badly. They knew he wanted out and that decent money was on its way. Fundamentally there is no excuse for not having a replacement in situ before he left.
    I agree with Passenal and George. Replacements for world class players do not grow on trees and if the players force their way out at a time that doesn’t suit us, there is nothign we can do. Grimandi said we had replacements targetted but none of the clubs would release them. If Nasri and Cesc had been persuaded to stick around for one more year, perhaps the club would have been able to get their successors in this next window. We can make as many plans as we want, but we are still at the mercy of other people’s actions. What lesson can we learn from Mata’s people going to Chelsea? What can we learn from the fact that Chelsea and Man City can basically stick £10 million or £50,000 a week on top of any offer we make? Can we stop our targets talking about it in the media? Gag their agents?

    In an ideal world all our transfers would be done on day one of the window but we don’t control the timing. How long did AOC’s transfer negotiations take – 18 months or so? If we do get Podolski it will be the end of a process which started in May of last year. If it was just up to us, the player would have been with us last pre-season. It’s not just up to us.

    You can’t blame people for outcomes they cannot control.

  61. sorry – middle para was agreeing with Limestonegunner to goonerkam earlier.

  62. Now to look up these “jokes”. Be afraid, IG, be very afraid…

  63. I like the one about the efficiency expert.

    As to consolsbob telling consolsel the others, I can only quote Passenal. “Schoolboy error!”

  64. I’ve learnt my lesson.

  65. Jonny’s bunny is chewing weed? I suppose it’s an alternative to smoking the weed.

    Regarding transfers, I tend to think that we’re always at risk of being gazzumped by clubs who prefer to use our scouting system by proxy, or those like City and Chelsea who just want to avoid us getting reinforcements by ‘making them unavailable’.

    In such a difficult market, the most important factor for us is Arséne Wenger. If any players were in two minds about whether to come to us or go elsewhere – classic example being The Ox – the ones who come to us do so because of Wenger and his standing and reputation in the game. Manure tried everything to get The Ox and his father said Alex was adamant he preferred Arsenal to the Manure. 3 years ago, they did the same with Rambo who chose Arsenal over the Manure.

    As much as we can plan, I agree with the point of view that not everything is going to be within our sphere of control. We can do better of course, but I don’t think we should beat the club up too much. I don’t think the management would adopt and implement a flawed transfer policy with intent or be naive in thinking that it isn’t a hostile market out there. I just think we do what we do with the resources and influence we have. Beyond that, there’s mercenaries out there and there’s clubs willing to give those mercenaries a safe haven.

  66. My concerns are more to do with the ‘corporate’ management team and the intentions of the Board.

    The former haven’t exactly covered themselves in glory to date and we don’t know what the ambitions of the latter are.

    That’s why I think this summer will tell us more about the direction of the club.

  67. Great assist by Ryo… not having his best game down the right wing but he just showed his talent there.

  68. And Miyaichi has just assisted what is probably the winning goal for Bolton. Go, Ryo, go!

  69. Ryo leading Notlob to victory against the Oooze? Playing on the right today, great play in the last ten minutes rewarded with a sweet assist.

  70. Speaking of Irish’s jokes, who is more guilty?

    A woman wakes up from her sleep talk by shouting “Quick, my husband is home”, and at that moment, her husband who was sleeping next to her in bed, bolts up, runs and jumps out of the window.

  71. Blimey, yesterday it was the caes saga and today we are reliving the summer trasnfer bollocks! Woo hoo! 🙂

    Whatever really went on, whether or not the signings were last ditch or well planned, the fact is, we were piss poor at the brginning of the season and the over riding impression was that the club were in disarray. The fact we didnt have a ready made replacement lined up for Cesc wasnt a surprise, we’ve done that before; Vieira’s replacement was meant to be Baptista, when SEvilla didnt want to sell (or was it he didnt want to come to England?) we didnt bother signing anyone else. But things have turned round eventually and we are definitely looking upwards.

    It’s funny Wenger mentioned he could write a book about last summer, because I remember him saying that before, a few years back, when funnily enough he was getting stick for not spending money.

    I really think van persie will stay and yes I thought Nasri would, but then again, nasri wasnt at the club very long, wasnt a Gooner, unlike Samir and I really dont think Robin is as much of a bread head as the french twat.

  72. caes= Cesc!

  73. Paul texts: Have Chelsea fans actually watched Mata play? Bar the odd good goal he has been ordinary. Sums up Chelsea’s season that he’s marked out as one of their best players.”
    Hmmm, interesting, maybe us not getting Mata wasnt such a bad thing?

  74. @Dexter
    I believe that Wenger would’ve gotten the best out of Mata. He would’ve certainly played better for us than he has been playing for Chelsea.

  75. Evil;

    No doubt man, just trying to make myself feel better about us missing out on him, really! 🙂

  76. I noticed people were discussing who they wanted to win the league last night. Its a really horrible call as both clubs are reprehensible. However, it has to be ManU for me, I’m used to them winning shit and it would at least temporarily prevent the nouveau riche wankers from buying success.

  77. Yes or ‘hay’ Irish. Actually strictly speaking that’s my flatmates rabbit ‘Clementine’.

    ‘Wilberforce The Great’ is too busy for photos.

  78. Terry still knows how to do that old skill where he just falls over when chasing the ball with a striker right behind him. I loved it when he did it against us, too bad Stoke couldn’t score now.

  79. Limestonegunner

    Agree with most about how we are at the mercy of many forces we xan’t control, but it certainly helps our situation if we try to have decent replacements ahead of the game whenever possible.

    And Cbob certainly raises some important questions/concerns at 2:29. Typical wisdom for which his joke telling is the exception proving the rule on his judgment!

    First Darius, now Cbob! Men of ACLF in the doghouse. Will watch myself at home today in case this is a wider pattern!!

  80. Just Another Luke

    A Miyachi assist pushed Mark Hughes team, one that includes the detestable Joey Barton towards the relegation zone. How delightful!

  81. JAL;

    Yep, sweet indeed, and we play QPR on my birthday and I will be there to watch us open up the relegation trap door for them!

  82. Limestonegunner

    Di Matteo seems to have lost a bit of weight and upgraded his wardrobe since his discharge from West Brom. Standards to uphold at Chelsea no doubt!
    Unfortunately Stoke red card on Fuller and down to 10 at 25 mins, lucky Chelsea.

  83. Stupid, stupid Stoke.

  84. What was the red card for?

  85. Also, Gary Neville just keeps going up in my estimation as a pundit. How come a red Manc is the only one talking sense out of dozens of pundits?

  86. @Dexter
    Ricardo Fuller just kicked Ivanovic in the stomach after he felt he was tripped.

  87. Limestonegunner

    Sunderland pitch looks poor but much better than when we played them.

    Arsenal-less weekend makes for grim football watching where such stray observations are the most interesting things about the games, alas!!!

  88. Limestone;

    Yes, in an ideal world we would’ve had replacements already lined up. But we did make bids for several players, albeit unsuccessfully.

  89. Thanks Evil.

    And yes, Gary Nev is good man, like his no nonsense style and honesty, wonder how long before Sky try and knock that out of him?

  90. Limestonegunner

    Sex, ir’s a fair point and puts you in Jonny’s camp (how about that, eh?!), but either case is pretty unhappy.

  91. Limestonegunner

    That’s Dex! Sorry, autocorrect!!

  92. @LG
    Well, I am not sure if I should be cynical about it or not … I wouldn’t put it beyond them to have left the pitch in a dismal state on purpose for the two matches against us and now got it fixed up.

  93. Limestonegunner

    Evil, the cynical suspicious part of my mind was triggered which is why I mentioned it. Certainly possible, to my mind.

  94. I am really dreading that we will have to play Stoke again. Some of their players look like they are only on the pitch to hurt someone.

  95. Ha! Thanks for clearing that one up Limey! 🙂

    I think it’s more than likely Sunderland purposely messed with their playing surface in order to unsettle our rhythm.

  96. What was John Terry actually suffering from to keep him out of the game for so long? AVB syndrome? He seems to have had a miraculous revival since AVB left last week.

    It’s kind of amusing when teams like Sunderland and AC Milan have to resort to tampering with the pitch in order to defeat the Arsenal. That kind of sabotage is really pathetic, particularly in the case of AC Milan. The Sansiro seems to have a pristine pitch since we were last there.

  97. Limestone and Dexter.

    Will you both stop trying to be diplomatic and cautious. Sunderland and AC Milan deliberately fucked up the pitch with the sole purpose of interference. They know the worst thing you can do is let Arsenal play their slick passing on a smooth surface. I don’t know why folks beat around the bush on this one.

    If it smells like a duck, looks like a duck and quacks, it ain’t a fucking chicken.

  98. Though AC Milan are certainly chickens for not daring to face us over two legs on a proper football pitch.

  99. Um, didnt think I was being diplomatic there Darius! I basically said Sunderland intentionally messed up their pitch because they were playing us!

  100. Can’t see Stoke holding out for another half. Hopefully they can get a goal themselves, somehow.

  101. Ryo Miyaichi set up 7 shots for Bolton v QPR (including the winning goal) – more than any Arsenal player in a PL game this season.

  102. Darius hard to know for sure but certainly wouldn’t rule it out.

    The bigger worry is that given that it worked they will repeat the trick and that other clubs might try the same thing…

  103. Awesome stats there Jonny! Marvelous

  104. I see there is some controversy as to the result in the QPR v. Bolton game. Bolton won it 2-1. However, during the game QPR did actually manage to score a second but it was never given even, though replays clearly show that the ball crossed the line. Bolton then went on to score a late winner, with the assist going to RYO :). What everyone of course is forgetting to mention is that QPR’s first goal was blatant off-side, so what the hell they are really complaining about is beyond me!!

  105. Yw, your last comment on yesterdays post leads to a page in your site, today tunes,. when downloading the tune of the day, an REM song, feds stream in to warn about the shutdown of the site MEGA UPLOADS.

  106. Jonny.

    My problem is that people are going out of their way to give the benefit of the doubt when the evidence is blatantly staring us in the face. It’s almost a case of disbelieving that Sunderland or AC Milan would have it in them to do so.

    People have been sent to death row for less circumstancial cases than the transformation in the quality of pitches after Arsenal has played. Why else would the Sansiro groundsmen plough strips of the flanks and not the middle of the pitch.

    Stoke RFC do the same anyway – since Europa league matches force them to extend their pitch, but for Premier league and local matches, they compact the pitch to give them and their catapult slinging Rory Dilap an advantage in a smaller pitch.

    Cricketers get hang out to dry for tampering with the ball, which shouldn’t football clubs be prosecuted for manipulating a game by tampering with a pitch.

  107. IRISH, no one appropriates you. Hahaha.
    @DARIUS, what are your. FACTS, proving that Sunderland and. AC messed up their pitch to nullify ARSENALS, strengths. Don’t you know, you can’t present the evidence before your eyes and under your nose. As. FACT. PREPONDERANCE OF EVIDENCE. that’s the ticket. Unless you have facts, facts and more facts don’t present what is your opinion only as FACT. JEEZ, feel like I’m in court of law.

    I do agree with you on your opinion,though. 😉

  108. Sets the mind racing ahead to delights of next season eh Dex?! *salivates*

    To think we have 5 new signings ‘in the loosest sense of the term’ already.


    And then young players looking to step up their game to the next level
    Maybe Bartley?

    And then all those other players who will have had a season to settle
    Arteta, Gervinho, Santos, Mertesacker

    This is not meant to be exhaustive but I feel more confident about the balance and depth of the squad for the next season than I have in years.

    Provided we have RVP of course!

  109. JAL @ 3.23 I also wish that QPR goes down but also pray that none of the promoted teams would take Joey “the thug” barton

  110. Chelsea have only won 3 of their last 12 league games??? WOW – that’s really bad.

  111. Btw. Bendtner has done us a favour now. Scored against L’Pool! Not that I see them as a threat anymore, but I just love the thought of them not even finishing in the top 6.

  112. that goes for you too DEXTER.

  113. Thank you NB52

  114. LOL goonerkam

    Like I said, people have been sent to death row for less burden of proof in murder cases.

    Fact 1: Pitch is OK before Arsenal game
    Fact 2: Pitch is worse than Derrick Trotter’s allotment in Peckham during Arsenal’s game
    Fact 3: Pitch is OK again after the Arsenal game.

    Even Judge Judy would slam dunk this one.

  115. Our GUNNERS ON LOAN are taking care of business. nice.

  116. Just Another Luke

    Stupid stoke just caved in

  117. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if Tottenham folded and both Arsenal and Chelsea overtook the fuckers?

  118. @Darius
    I firmly believe that that is exactly what will happen. They are having a proper wobble and I just don’t think they have what it takes to go onto a proper end of season run. It’ll be back to Sp*rsdays for them next season.

  119. well done necklace.

  120. NB52 stretchered off. Looks serious. Or maybe he justy feinted after he realised he may have scored the winning goal!!

  121. Hope Bendy isnt injured too badly, we need him to stay fit, so that some club will want to buy the fucker!

  122. Does that mean Bendtner is being shipped back to London Colney? At least he’s done a job to piss on Liverpool from a high ground.

  123. Fuller really handed Chelsea the points today. If that clown could have kept his head I think they would have gotten at least a draw from Stamford Bridge. Oh well…if we handle our business it doesn’t really matter I suppose.

  124. Finger and toes crossed for an Everton victory today!

  125. It is however amusing to see how Chelsea are struggling to take apart a 10-men Stoke side at home. They are definitely past it. Really looking forward to the Napoli match. Chelsea will get ripped a new one, I am sure of that.

  126. Well done NB52!! Sunderland have 1 shot on target the whole game and end up with all 3 points, yet they still call him ‘King Kenny’! King of what? King of the Flops?

  127. Why would you want the chavs to overtake the spuds? I definitely would rather the chavs miss out on CL football, whereas the spuds have never been able to cope with the exertions of handling european and domestic football. Arsenal to finish 3rd, the spuds 4th and the chavs 5th.

  128. Irishg

    He is the scouse Messiah! Although serious questions are being asked by a fair few Pool supporters.

  129. Fucking pool. They did a Henderson on benndy.

  130. @Dexter
    It would still mean a lot of extra $$$ for the Spuds, which would allow them to stay a part of the top 6 for some more time. I’d rather see them go back to being a mediocre mid-table side as soon as possible.

  131. WOW!!! Villa nick it in the dying secods! I thought Fulham were going to walk this game as Villa have no strikers? I mean that is what all of the pundits said, isn’t it? I mean Lawro, fucking LAWRO!, said Fulham would nick it!? The world’s gone mad I tells ya, mad!!

  132. Evil

    It wont make much difference to the spuds, they probably would fuck up the qualifying game anyways! having the extra burden of Euro games will hamper their league form and the chavs wont have the carrot of CL to try and poach all our transfer targets!

  133. Chelseas next 3 PL games

    City (A) Spurs (H) Villa (A) and they have a CL and FA cup tie in the middle…difficult run for them

    For us its Newcastle (H) and then nearly 10 days after Everton (A) so we get some more time to recover and for injured players to get fit..

  134. IrishG

    I was kinda hoping Villa would lose TBH. Wanted them to get dragged into the relgation mire.

  135. goonerkam

    I actually emailed the FA about the henderson incident! They replied as well. Told me they were confident it didnt warrant further action as it wasn’t deliberate. I told them they only go after things that Sky make a big issue of.

  136. Dexter – I still believe and hope they will too but in all honesty can you see anyone but Wolves, QPR and Wigan being relegated? At least Blackburn have some fight about them. if anything I would like to see Wolves rally and send Bolton down instead as they are just such an annoying club.

    I hope Sunderland keep doing well as that may mean they will buy NB52 🙂

    I also want the Chavs to finish in 4th and have to play a round of qualifiers at the start of next season, which I obviously hope they go on to lose, as that would be a crushing blow to their confidence right at the start of a new season with a new manager. Whomever that turns out to be!

  137. I want Wigan to get out of the bottom three though. martinez team play football, unlike Wolves. Its a pity Stoke arent in the mix. They have the worst set of fans, a twat of a manager and some thugs for players.

  138. King Kenny has spent over £100 million on boiler plate players like Henderson, Carroll and Downing – and for what – to get 7th place? The hacks and plundits say Liverpool is moving up the world like George and Whizzy, but their position on the table looks nowhere like the deluxe apartments in the sky on the East side.

    But wait, he’s won the Carling cup and is in Europe – so he must be a success. Go on King Kenny.

  139. How low the BBC has sunk. Employing an ignorant doofuss like Savage FFS!

  140. Don’t forget Charlie Adam, another idiot that the press tried to convince us was worth millions!!

  141. Stuart ‘world class’ Downing with no goals and one assist. Incredibly bad signing from King Kenneth. Same applies to Henderson and carroll, although I thought Carroll was a decent striker up at Newcastle. never ever even worth half the fee they paid for him though.

  142. @Dexter…in answer to your question about why it would be preferrable for the Tottenscum to miss out on 4th place – I refer you to the lyrics of the title song of “The Wire”: You’ve gotta put the devil down in the hole.

    I just hate the punks – and that’s good enough for me.

  143. Darius

    The chavs, the spuds, both scummy little clubs for me. The chavs need CL football more than the spuds though. Thats why I’d rather they missed out.

  144. Dexter, I’m married to a Chelsea supporter so I’ll take one for the team for the sake of world peace. Tottenscum it is.

  145. As for Savage being employed by BBC – I think they’re in a difficult position. as a publicly funded organisation, they have a legally binding obligation under the disability discrimination act and the equal opportunities legistlation to ensure that they don’t discriminate on the mentally challenged when it comes to employment opportunities. How else would you explain them hiring Robbie Savage as a pundit and ‘expert’.

  146. That’s what I love about. The. FA . THEY ARE LIKE ME. they need. FACTS, FACTS AND MORE FACTS. anyway Hemderson is a nice young man
    not the sort who would resort to shit like that on the pitch.
    Good effort though. DEXTER. at least they see that people take notice of shit like that.

  147. Dareius Ha! Fair enough man. Half my family; cousins and uncles are chav fans, but sod them!

    Kam; Thanks buddy!

  148. Dexter .That is spot on,Chavs to finish 5th will make buying new players more difficult

  149. Blackburn, Birmingham, stoke. And wolves would be my choices to go down.
    And shitty over manure in the other poll. Yuke

  150. what about the fair play league?? its fulham for me rather then wigan.

  151. Really Duke? Now you see I have Swansea down for that.

  152. Thats how I see it George. They will really struggle and Roman wont be a happy Oligarch either. All good.

    DukeG; 🙂

  153. I don’t and haven’t taken the spudniks seriously for years. Hate yes. Give em credit for doing. Well?? Nah.
    They are fourth on transfer spend tables. Net.
    Just a wanebe moneybag club, with not much money. Haha.
    Let them go to Europe. So Roman can spend so more or the Russians hard earned money.

  154. HAHAHA, DARIUS on r.savage. Hahaha. horrible footballer, shit commentator and now mental disabled. Brilliant.

  155. Come on the toffees

  156. goonerkam – being mentally challenged for Savage isn’t mutually exclusive from his other occupations.Abramovich has already wasted north of £800 billion on his Chelsea project. He might as well have lit a fire in an oil drum round the back of the train station and thrown the money in it.

    Anyone who spends that amount of money on a football project that isn’t sustainable is a platinum idiot. The argument that he’s a billionaire so he knows what he’s doing is just plain stupid. Running a toy factory producing plastic ducks is a different league from running a football club and throwing ill-gained money (facts, Darius, facts – I hear goonerkam saying) from the big Russian heist of the 90s when the underworld took over the fallout from Gorbachov’s Soviet Union breakdown.

  157. Very late to respond to you Bob I think you posted this morning at about 10.30 but please stop repeating the tosh that we had nothing in place if Cesc left. We had a ready made replacement but no one could possibly haver predicted him missing a season through injury.

  158. Well said DARIUS,
    meanwhile there was footage of Ruski pennsioners walking the streets for a handouts to survive.
    Like IRISH. SAYS, its mad I say, mad.

  159. Abramovich has already wasted north of £800 billion

    Lol even The Oily Arab could not afford that much .

  160. Yeah Jonny, glad Ryo is an Arsenal player aren’t ya

  161. Darius – $800 billion huh? Me thinks you made a little mistake in your math somewhere mate 🙂

    Steww – You are absolutely correct in that JW was Cesc’s replacement. AW said as much when he was asked about the RVP situation.

    “‘I can only let people talk. We want to keep Robin Van Persie, that is clear, we will do everything possible to extend his contract, that is clear.”

    However, Wenger made the same vow about Samir Nasri last summer – and the France attacker eventually ended up at the Etihad Stadium ‘I was very adamant but at the end of the day, it (Nasri) was a difficult situation to manage,’ admitted Wenger.

    “We had the players and we felt that [Aaron] Ramsey and [Jack] Wilshere could work. Would we keep Robin even if he doesn’t extend? Yes, of course.”

    So yes, I think we had his replacement but did not foresee him being out injured almost all season. Also AW had faith that Diaby would return too, so you could argue that we are missing 2 first team players. Come to think of it we actually jave an excellent midfield, Frimpong too will be a monster in another season or two.

  162. Hence this question. How much value do the trophies bought by chelski ,since Roman arrived, are really worth??
    and why are there some idiots amongst us that are clambering for the worthless method to be implemented at ARSENAL. VIA the. Uzbek??
    Same breed as savage . Mental.

  163. Pensioners? I doubt if the pensioners hold the monopoly on Russian poverty goonerkam. Between the corrupt government officials, the collective mafioso and the oligarchs, I’m afraid pensioners in Russia aren’t the only victims of the great heist.

    The irony of course is that our perceived saviour i n Alisher Usmanov is actually wealthier or cash richer than Roman Abramovich. They see the bonfire Abramovich has lit with his £800 million and they scream and shout while gagging for Usmanov to wait for this – ‘put his money where his mouth is’.

    It’s bemusing when you get people in the media insisting as if it were fact, that the reason Arsenal doesn’t sign ‘big name, big money players’ is because Wenger is stubborn. Not even a stingy tight arsed Frenchman – no, a quintessential stubborn bastard who doesn’t want to listen to anyone but himself.

  164. Of course I meant £800 million…for fuck’s sake – LOL

  165. Darius – Watch your mouth young man!! There is no need for such obscenities 🙂

  166. I’ll be sure to wash the mouth with soap and water my dear Irish.

  167. Irony of all ironies. The only team in EPL with not one but two potential sugerdaddies and we don’t use them. Its mad l tell you, just mad. Hahaha.
    Evil laugh there.

  168. Nice to see that ‘onest ‘arry is a man of his word. He brought on Saha despite having a gentleman’s agreement with Moyes that he wouldn’t use him.

  169. Goonerkam @ 5:34pm – “Blackburn, Birmingham, stoke. And wolves would be my choices to go down.” In as much as it would be hilarious to see the back of Stoke, it would be even funnier to see Birmingham relegated as they are already playing in the Championship having been relegated last year!! 🙂

  170. Who knows what we might have achieved had Wilshere and Diaby been fit all season? Its real a shame man.

    Hold out Everton!

  171. What a surprise, Bale going down ‘a bit easy’… Who’d have funk it?

  172. Yea come on Everton is right. If they do hold out and we win on Monday we will have the gap down to 1 point and goal difference will be at the very least the same. And yet the media say we are crap and the Spuds are awesome. MEH!!!

  173. They haven’t lost yet and we don’t play until Monday.
    Calm down Irish

  174. Late replying to you too steww, been planting a new hornbeam hedge and my back is killing me.

    I don’t see cesc and jack as similar players and if he was to be cesc’s replacement he is too young, plus, isn’t it a matter of record that we did bid for players but couldn’t land them?

    We could argue about specifics but the fact of the matter is that we ended the summer minus two creative players.

  175. Don’t you sleep Irish?

  176. Yeah Evil, who would imagine Arry doing something dodgy eh? 🙂

  177. I dispute that Bob.
    I only count One

  178. Feck – Spurs are throwing the kitchen sink here.

    Incredible achievement if the Toffees hold out.

  179. CBob

    We certainly did TRY and sign a replacement or 2, that unfortunately failed to materialise. for whatever reason. We are not privvy to the goings on of course, but the overwhelming impression was not good.

    I also dont see Jack as cesc’s replacement, maybe in the future he might develop into a more creative player, but it would have been a huge jump and massive pressure for him to have to try and fill those size 9s.

  180. I agree with Bob – we tried and failed. Expecting Jack to fill Cesc’s boots was always a big ask!

    Still we miss him terribly.

  181. George – Calm as calm could be mate, just cannot wait to put the Spuds back where they should be and that is anywhere below us in the league.

    C’bob – You got me there mate, as I have always had weird sleeping habits. 4-5 hours a night for a few nights in a row is fine and then I will grab a good 10 hour marathon of sleeping when I can fully recharge the batteries. I have been doing it since I was a kid and don’t envision ever changing 🙂

  182. I do miss Andrei though

  183. You don’t miss JW?

    5 mins stoppage?! Give it a rest.

  184. WOW!! Saha off the inside of the post and then it hits the Keeper but somehow doesn’t go in!! LMFAO!!

  185. Tottenham SUCK!!

  186. Limestonegunner

    Yes! Spuds go down to Everton. Come on, Arsenal! Win v. Newcastle–let’s go!!!

  187. Just Another Luke

    Moyes is a genius!

  188. Haha yessss..spurs lose…despite Bale’s best diving antics

  189. Football is so amazing. Saha’s shot off the post was just poetic.

  190. IRISH, teams like Birmingham can’t get relegated far enough out of my site. To square blue bet with them.

  191. Sorry Jonny,I meant I don’t miss Cesc.
    Of course I miss Lil Jack

  192. The ref gave the spuds all the help he could, every 50-50 decision seemed to go their way, while Bale’s diving is getting ridiculous. Who said the refs would be aware of his cheating after his high profile dives?

  193. Lets hold fire on the gloating.We are at Everton soon

  194. Bradys right foot

    Spurs played well in the second half but Everton hung on, have to say Jelavics goal was very good. This is it now put the pressure on, we win our next four games and were gauranteed 3rd.

  195. Do me a favour george! Jeeez, you been taking the same depression inducing meds that Andy’s on?

    We should be well rested with hopefully one or 2 more players back from injury by the time we play Everton. While the toffees play Liverpool Tuesday, then the FA cup and then us. It could well be that they are a bit jaded by the time we play at Goodison. Plus we have done well there the last few seasons. i have good memories of trips there.

  196. Almost time to start drinking in your part of the world, again, Irish.

  197. Fuck off Dexter.
    I am still down from the theft of my Meerkat.Give me a break will you?

  198. Yeah cheer up you miserable old git George – enjoy it while you can – and them when we beat Everton laugh even harder. 😀

  199. wenger was praising moyes. moyes must have been listening! now please roll over on 21st march when we come visit!

  200. Yogi:

    Great post as always.

    Looks like we could end tomorrow only 1 point behind spurs. Happy days. 3rd place would be brilliant.

    I will never understand why we did not bring in BFG, Arteta, Santos earlier. If those guys were not “panic buys” then we could have gotten them sooner. If they would have had a preseason with us then the bad start probably would not have happened. We knew that we needed a CB after the end of last season and Clichy was a known loss in June. Traore was never going to make it with us so what was the reason to wait for BFG or Santos. Even if Jack had not been injured, we still needed the depth that Arteta brought so why wait for him? That does not even start to talk about not have a contingency plan for Cesc and for the flier we took on Park. It was indeed a mismanaged transfer window. Hopefully we will have learned a lesson. Hopefully RVP negotiations will be concluded early and we can have a good summer.

  201. Clerkenwell Gooner

    I ❤ Ryo. (And Song. And Sagna. And Everton.)

    And we have an André back in the squad for Monday, if not the Meerkat himself – our energy-efficient, environmentally clued-up Brazilian:

    What a change from all the macho Clarkson bullshit big-dick substitutes improbably remunerated footballers usually drive. I think I ❤ Santos too.

    (PS While I am firmly in the "savage Savage" camp, it's an insult to the truly mentally disabled/challenged to lump him in with them. A friend has a 10 year old who is severely autistic, and she's having a hell of a time as services get cut under Cameron's zombie economics austerity bollocks. Instead, I suggest give Savage the boot, and use the cash saved to fund support for those who really need it.)

  202. I miss JW19, AD2 & AA23!
    Welcome back Santos
    Can’t wait for to see you all back on the pitch

    Everton were resolute..the Spuds gave it their all…alas..

    We’re really looking good for 3rd now.
    All hands on deck: Players & fans alike!!

    Oddly enough think I’d rather see the season end with us @ 3rd, Spuds 4th, Chelski 5th.
    Would be universal justice to see that moneybag team out of the CL
    u know what…
    I predict…SHitty win the PL. Utd 2nd, us @ 3rd, Spuds 4th, Chelski 5th

    who’s left in the FA cup but we still have to play in the PL?

  203. Grumpy george

    Just because you are hurting because your man love is unrequited, dont take it out on us who want to do a spot of gloating after the spuds latest defeat. Get a grip of yourself, because the lil Russian wont!

  204. C’bob – The Girlfriend and I are going to a party at 7pm, plenty of time for drinking then mate 🙂 Right now I am just enjoying sitting on the sofa and watching all the footie I can before The Girlfriend gets back from Brooklyn. It’s been a good day so far, Stoke lost, Liverpool lost and now the Spuds showing their true colours. Fingers crossed the Mancs, both red and blue can drop off in form tomorrow as well and really make my weekend.

  205. Clerkenwell Gooner

    I agree with all that man, nice one.

  206. Speak of the Girlfriend and she appears!! Laters peeps 🙂

  207. Aman

    Chavs, Everton

  208. Newcastle, Everton Villa, QPR???
    Shitty (Europa), Wolves, Wigan, Chelsea, Stoke?????
    Norwich, WBA??

    “11 games left, emptying all closets, things are too tight to be civilized!”

  209. everton play in the fa cup next weekend. that’s why our game with them got pushed back till the following wednesday.

  210. honestly, what good has winning the CC done for liverpool?

  211. Thanks Dex

  212. My, my, the wheels are really coming off, aren’t they? Best Sp*rs team in a generation and they are succumbing to defeat after defeat. At that pace they can be happy if they manage to stay in the Top 5. I really hope that all those in North London that are unfortunate not to be Arsenal supporters enjoyed this season, because it’s the most successful the Totts will have in a long time.

  213. Oh that’s Dexter,you kick a man when he is down.
    My heart is broken and you seem to be taking some sort of sadistic pleasure from it.What a cunt you turned out to be.

    Oh Andrei,Andrei,Where fort art thou Andrei.!!!

  214. Liverpool could even get overtaken by Sunderland AND Everton. That would be funny and I would go on about it and perhaps even gloat a tad, but the gloating police are in full force tonight.

  215. @kori
    Europa League football next year. They really don’t seem like they would be able to qualify through league position alone.

  216. wherefore art thou ,even

  217. George

    You should change your foto to one of a bulldog chewing a wasp, or possibly a pan of piss, as I imagine thats what your face resembles at this sad time for you!

  218. droopy dog has only won twice in 30 matches on mersyside. losing 20.

  219. Evil

    would be funny if liverpool falls to say 8th, and qualify for europa league via the CC

  220. That’s right Dexter ,you just keep kicking.

    You can go off people you know.

  221. to be honest, every game from now is going to be tough. teams fighting for their lives, teams fighting for european places etc. there are really no easy games in the premiership nowadays.

  222. i am confident about our team, but i am not taking anything for granted. no one is going to do us any favours by letting us walk all over them. we have to fight for it.

    and i am sure if we fight for it, we will get the result we want. beginning on monday.

  223. I am sorry george, your pain will ease mate, time is a great healer, as are recreational drugs.

  224. I thought you already went off dex george.

  225. Korihikage

    This is true my friend. No easy games and its all the cliches come into play; we need to take each game as it comes, dont look too far ahead and dont expect anyone to do us any favours, particularly the refs and linesmen!

    I hope Gibbs is fit for Monday’s game as it would be asking a bit much to expect Santos to be match fit enough after such a long lay off.

  226. I am hard lining Dexter .Such is my depressed state.

  227. Duke

    So did I man. He is soooooo fickle that one and a right bitch.

  228. I’ve got a bunch of LFC fan friends who think they should just play the kids for the rest of the season, as they’ve got a European place secure and nothing to play for.

  229. Ahh, the hard stuff george? Injecting Domestos are ya?

  230. Have I Duke?
    I have forgotten.Its the smack you know.

  231. them spuds are shaking like paul merson in a bookies.

  232. Vince

    I dont think they could do any worse. I watched You’re On Sky Sports for 2 minutes before and some scouse fan rang in to say Liverpool needed to ‘spend big’ in the summer. Can you believe that shizzle? Isnt that exactly what they have been doing???

    Fucking clueless media fed sheep, spend big spend big thats their answer to everything. That and having Mourinho as manager!

  233. @Vince
    And it’s too true! CL places are far out of reach, and finishing fifth really doesn’t matter. In that sense winning the Carling Cup is probably as much curse as it is boon, because it leaves the players with really nothing to play for.

    On the other hand: aren’t Everton doing surprisingly well? They lost Arteta to us, sold Saha and they still look like they could end up above L’Pool in the league! Probably for the first time in who knows how many years. Though obviously this Liverpool side under Daeglish is probably the worst Liverpool team in a generation!

  234. Miyaichi was astounding again, set up a goal as well.

    Future looks bright for him

  235. Ha! Good un Dukeg

  236. Liverpool being shit is funny.

  237. Thats the spirit George!

  238. i like everton. i have lots of respect for them. more than i have for liverpool

  239. i will like them even more if we beat them.

  240. korihikage .What have I ever said which would make you take anything I say serious ?

  241. george

    good point 😉

  242. If we manage to finish 3rd this season it proves
    We are a better team without cesc and nasri. If we finish 4th it proves we did not get worse after selling cesc and nasri.
    What does that tell you about cesc and nasri?? Arsenal sell their two best players and manages to to equalise or better their league position from last year.
    Only of we finish 5th one can say our level of ambition has visibly dropped. Els we are on status quo or better this year compare to last…

  243. Also notice that AW always said we are in the market for 12-18m players. If we buy podolski he will be true to his word. That’s our price range. Let’s hope Hazard goes to City and squeezes out Nasri. Would suit Nasri right!

  244. So it’s not only Onest Arry’s face that wobbles.

    Mind the gap

  245. “Sunderland 1 Liverpool 0: Reds in freefall after Bendtner strikes again”

    Isn’t that a lovely headline? Bendy does do a job for us now and then.

  246. Duke

    Did you see who the idiot was who wrote that.

    Duncan (I ain’t got a clue) Castles

  247. abu dhabi media…

  248. i guess this is how all things start. someone dreaming up a story. and then being latched onto by all the others.

    anyway, isnt this called tapping up? i mean, the club has to agree to let the player talk to someone else.

    from what i understand, the deals that are announced on the first day of the transfer window go like this: the clubs have yet to agree on a fee, but the selling club has given the permission to the buying club to talk to the player

    i honestly doubt we would give them permission right now.

    does that guy think he has credibility because he is working for the uae newspaper? and we are supposed to believe that sources close to the arabs fed him that info?

    seems like it is a state-run propaganda campaign to unsettle everyone, and to try to make things happen by talking about it (you know like in financial markets. if enough ppl believe it will happen, it will happen. )

  249. There in goes the lesson of not reading shit from the internet. Who is this Duncan Castle fucker.

    His story has nothing new, it’s a jumbled up aggregation of stories that have been peddled without any credibility whatsoever, and to top it all off – both Wenger and Mancini are quoted in his article declaring that Van Persie will stay at Arsenal.

    Short of this guy sitting in a bar and concocting this story to make sensational copy, this has to be the worst piece of lazy journalism you’ll come across designed with the full intention of shit stirring.And you thought the English tabloids were bad.

    Really sad, especially since its evident that it is a non-story and it has nothing new save from supposition.

  250. ‘king hell. Earlier it was animals, now merkins?

    “In Europe, the term has also been in common usage as a jocular term for an American since the 1960s, as it sounds like the half-swallowed pronunciation of “American” by some Americans, particularly Presidents Lyndon B. Johnson and George W. Bush. The OED reports that the term has become common internet slang for Americans or American English.”

  251. Just Another Luke @7:28pm – Moyes is a genius!

    Just saw this from earlier, are you serious? The guy is a twat! From the horse’s mouth as such – : “We’d clinched Champions League qualification by beating Newcastle and I decided to take the boys out on the Sunday to celebrate. I knew we were playing Arsenal on the Wednesday but we were the first side outside of the ‘Big Four’ to qualify for the Champions League and I felt the players deserved it.
    I was thinking differently halfway through the game, though. I had to take responsibility for the performance. I said afterwards I was embarrassed and I regret the way we lost, for the fans if nothing else. It brought home how you always have to be professional.”

    Just for the record The Arsenal creamed them 7-0. This was May 11, 2005 and yet here is a manager taking his ENTIRE team out celebrating getting into Europe, three days before a game against The Arsenal. Genius? Most certainly not. Tactically astute? Definitely. A good manager of players? Again yes but he is NOT a genius of any sort mate.

  252. Evening neighbors, fellow merkins.
    Ha ha ha …

  253. That story is a transparent attempt to unsettle RVP and Arsenal Football club.If Man City have agreed a deal with RVP without first obtaining written consent from AFC to speak to him,they will have broken FIFA’s tapping up rules,and would face a ban excluding them from doing any business for at least two transfer windows (judging what Chelsea were facing when they were accused of tapping up Kakuta). It is no coincidence that as Arsenal’s league form has improved,more and more Van Persie contract stories keep appearing in the media.From what Arsene said yesterday,there is no way City are getting their grubby little hands on RVP.If Arsenal are as rubbish as the media likes to portray,how come the richest club in the world keeps wanting to buy our players?

  254. To be honest, I get amused when George Bush pronounces his middle initial as “Dubya”. I can so see him say ‘Merkin’.

  255. Whoop ,there it is. whoop there it is.
    A good day of football. Good results. Lets hope the mancs follow through their amazing ,extraordinary European form tomorrow and for the rest of this season. I wondered where. All the tottenham and manc loving so called gooners are today. Hehehe. Pool in freefall. Hehehe. Spend big king Kenny. Spend.
    We have to take care of bar-codes on Monday. I think we will. I think we can. Coy gunners.
    George, don’t be depressed. AW had no other options. He can’t have his team take to the pitch to the boos of stupid asshole fans every week.
    AA might be back after this loan. I see it as a distinct possibility. I really do.
    Does anyone. Have any updates on Benndy??
    Can’t believe we lose two players to pool thuggs in less. Than ten days. Arteta playing in the CL game could have made a difference for us. Fucking Henderson. Jackass galore.

  256. Actually, I have just realised how far from a genius Moyes really is. In that quote he states that they had just qualified for the CL when in fact they had not, they still had to play Villareal over 2 legs to progress. They lost in pretty shitty circumatances, which probably set their team back a few years. Unfortunate but the man is not a genius.

  257. My good fellow merikan, IRISH.
    I second your sentiments regarding d.moyes.
    Used to like and respect him before he opened his mouth on AW with a lot of Bolshevik.
    I thought gf was back. Jiffy.

  258. Irish

    Another thing that annoys me with Moyes is how the media always go on about how he does so well with little money. No such praise for AW though who has done exponentially more.

  259. I should add, that is not Moyes fault. Just he is given so much leeway.

  260. Classic video of Appy Arry the Twitch losing the plot. Brilliant.

  261. That Pepe Reina chap looks like a really average keeper these days.

  262. Hilarious. Awesome.

  263. Duncan Castles!

    Eto’o and Henry going to City (2009). Sneijder to United (2011) Arteta to Arsenal deal dead.

    Knows a lot this guy.

  264. So basically this Duncan donuts fellow is. A pen for hire, a rumor mongering mercenary writer. Cool gig if you can get it and are able to live with yourself.

  265. How about this doozy from Ian Holloway. Not only does he feel The Arsenal have been letting down the likes of RVP (whilst at the same time building a state-of-the-art stadium, competing in the CL every year and reaching cup finals!) but in the same breath he hails Moyes as “miraculous”! Why? Because he managed to get Everton into the CL and an FA cup final. AW on the other hand, has Arsenal in the CL every single year!! Even reaching the final where if a certain Thierry Henry had kept his nerve when clean through on goal we could have won but I digress! How is achieving one cup final and a two-leg play-off which they went on to lose to Villareal, followed by a horrible run in the UEFA Cup compare to AW’s record? No wonder Ian Holloway is more comfortable playing with his chickens in their coop then giving press conferences, he is fucking retarded!!

  266. Just Another Luke


    I would call any manager of a team who has just beaten Spurs a genius. Get it?

  267. Just Another Luke

    Just a hyperbole…

  268. “”I’m suicidal really. We’ve lost away to Arsenal, away to Everton and at home to Manchester United and they’re always going to be tough games. Two of the games we didn’t deserve to lose, today and against Manchester United”.

    “”I’ve got people that can play off the left, Niko Kranjcar and Luka Modric, but there’s no one at the club apart from Aaron Lennon and David Bentley that can play wide right so it’s a problem”.

    “”Redknapp came in for some criticism from the visiting fans for playing Gareth Bale on the right wing for virtually the entire match. However, he defended his selection saying: “I switched him because we haven’t got a wide right player”.

    ..but ‘Arry you have a certain Giovani Dos Santos wallowing away on ya bench who’s a winger???
    & u want to manage England?????????

    …Dos Santos should be the suicidal one seeing u’d play Kranjcar instead of him on the wings!

  269. Tnx for this post IRISH. looks like Ian has done a 180. he used to be so complimentary of ARSENAL AND AW. another one of those I used to like, gone bad. Written. In the ‘mirror ‘. no less.
    On the other hand Archie Wilshire looks the proper footballer and cute too. Just got back from a concert. Was a proper zoo. 🙂

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