Arsenal Restore Pride And Belief In Champions League Exit

Arsenal 3 – 0 AC Milan

1 – 0 Koscielny (7)
2 – 0 Rosicky (26)
3 – 0 van Persie (43 pen)

Beforehand all that everyone could agree on was that the performance had to restore pride. That happened; my goodness me, how that happened. How anyone cannot be proud of the players’ endeavours last night is beyond me, beyond comprehension even.

It was a match that captured the essence of knockout cup football. Overwhelming obstacles almost overcome; hopes raised, belief instilled albeit in some cases just for the occasion. There were no first night nerves in this one night stand. It highlighted how perverse and tired the format group format has become.

As I mentioned in the preview yesterday, there was a sense of jumpers for goalposts about the match; the next goal wins. Milan score first and tie was over. Arsenal score and score early; dare to believe. And Laurent Koscielny duly obliged. Oxlade-Chamberlain’s corner was met by the Frenchman who had  found space in the area, delivering a calm and assured finish. It was the perfect start, the one that was required to drive the team and start to put doubts in the mind of the Milanese.

The momentum was building. van Persie’s shot might have been comfortably saved by Abbiati, the signal of intent could not be missed. Milan were not allowed to settle on the ball, forced into working hard to close Arsenal down as the hosts sought to use all of the width of the pitch.

Arsenal’s expansive passing and movement was underlining the impact of the decision to disrupt the flanks of the San Siro by relaying the pitch. A second goal before the interval would have made the second half interesting.

It duly arrived from a resurgent Tomas Rosicky. The Czech’s inspired form of recent weeks has seen him find the back of the net with the regularity that Arsenal have been missing from their midfielders. Theo Walcott put his head down and charged toward the byline, the cross was almost as aimless as Thiago’s clearance. Rosicky shimmied before caressing the ball into the back of the net, beating Abbiati at his near post. No haste but plenty of guided power in the finish.

The lid of the box of dreams was being pushed open, the Champions League desperate to be released.

As the half wore on the dream became more real, kicking and screaming it’s way toward freedom, an outcome that became believable as the interval loomed. Oxlade-Chamberlain squirmed and wriggled in the area but Milanese bulkheads blocked his path, illegally and suitably punished as van Persie buried the spot-kick, sending Abbiati the wrong way.

The half-time whistle came, too soon, unnecessarily. Milan were rolling as Arsenal rocked; the break enabled them to clear their heads, have the fug fully removed. Perhaps Arsenal needed it too; El Shaarawy drilled his shot wide when hitting the target was easier. Had it gone in, the dream would have been shackled and dumped unceremoniously away once more.

A lack of ambition had gone close to killing the visitors in the opening half, the second would see them attempt to press more. Arsenal reverted to a counter-attacking style, one that ceded impetus to some extent. Yet it almost bore fruit fifteen minutes after the restart.

And how the score remained at three is still a mystery. Gervinho’s shot was too much for Abbiati to hold onto, the ball fell to van Persie and Hollywood took over the world, spinning it at a slower speed as the Dutchman flicked his shot upwards and over Abbiati toward an unguarded Italian net. How the goalkeeper stopped the ball before it reached it’s apex is a mystery. It baffled him as well since he was unable to detect it’s location when his parry stopped the ball’s flight. Aretha might have said a little prayer but I would venture that i Rossonerri are offering as many prayers of thanks to their respective gods as is possible.

In hindsight, it was a pivotal moment. Had the ball finished in the next, it is not unbelivable that the final score would have been six or more. As it was Ibrahimovic nearly brought the mountain back to full size, seizing on slack distribution by Szczesny but firing wide.

The introduction Chamakh and Park brought no breakthrough. It brought home the iniquity of the transfer window; I wonder if the manager pondered for a moment over what might have been had Henry or Arshavin or both been on the bench to call upon?

Nocerino had two late openings in quick succession, Szczesny’s shotstopping qualities not in doubt with two fine saves.

But the goal to usher in extra-time would not arrive. The energy levels expended in the opening seventy minutes possibly meant that was welcomed by the players on a physical level but any thoughts of tiredness would have been banished by the mental boost of a fourth.

The match petered out but you could tell from the players reactions how close they felt they had come to making the impossible seem possible. Anguish and pride were etched on experienced faces; heroic failure on the football pitch. And a realisation of what might have been had the first leg not been cast into the four winds.

Many positives come from the result, not just in keeping a winning momentum going. After all, successive cup defeats had not negatively impacted on Premier League form. I think more will be gained from the comprehensive manner of victory; Milan were brushed away with ease. They may not have the calibre of Baresi or Maldini at the back but still they haunt the upper echelons of Serie A. Quality opposition reduced to distinctly average.

I hope this has a galvanising effect on both support and players. Knowing that such heights of performance can be reached should instill belief for the remainder of this campaign. Hope should never die.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. I have never been more proud of my club, the greatest in the world, Arsenal FC. For all they been through, I love this team especially.
    Long live the deadwood, Long live Arsene Wenger.

  2. Unlucky lads! Just go out and get us third! Thanks.

  3. Grotto, Frank? More grotty I would say. Especially in the context of a pasty ingredient.

  4. After reading another excellent post from Yogi, a proper Gooner I might add. Not surprisingly, after trolling through Newsnow last night and this morning and listening to those nincompoops on Fox Soccer, now more than ever I have concluded that most pundits and so-called Arsenal bloggers are a bunch of hypocrites and revisionists. As recent as before kick-off they wrote us off as a bunch of lightweights, mendicants on life-support provided by a soon-to-be-departed Van Persie. Today we are suddenly on the cusp of a world championship.
    The only pundit that has come out of this season with any credit, who was objectively optimistic about our chances was, of all people, a member of red scum of United, Gary Neville. A little too gushing over the Ox, perhaps, but the man almost willed us to a 4th goal. There is something to learn from this guy; he identified the opponents weaknesses and he urged patience and ruthlessness in exploiting the. Are you hearing Arsenal?

  5. First class post Yogi.

    For me, the night was a terrific success.

    I cannot but think that any fears for the rest of the season, in the players minds at least, have been eradicated.

    They must take enormous strtength from that result. If we hadn’t run out of players we would probably have finished the job. I was waiting for AA to come on!

    I am still baffled by his departure.

  6. Reading through YW review, It felt like I was reliving the match. Great post.

    This is the stuff champions are made of. Total dominance of such an experienced campaigner in the competition. Too bad the damage was done in Milan.

    We can only draw positives from the encounter all round. I always knew this team had it to produce performances like this, but doing it consistently has always been the big question. Well, I guess it has been answered. Three great results on the bounce. Let’s hope the run of results propels this team to even do better.

  7. Happy for Arsenal the lads played Exceptionally well. If we carry that spirit till season end then we can achieve top three. Sp*&s have a tight schedule those cunts play today then they play Everton Saturday and then nxt weekend they face chelsea but first we need to win our games but with Yesterday’s spirit everythin is possible.
    with champions legue footbal next season we can add two or three players and we will be home and dry. But then with Roscisky playing soo well, the OX emerging, Diaby back, Wilshere bach nxt season and the youths like the coq, Ozykub, and the german we signed in jan plus all the other Barca academy signings, I doubt we need to add a midfielder. Attacking is where we need to add, a striker and a strong wing player.

  8. Great post. The match reminded me of the movie “A bridge too far.” It was so close I could almost taste it!

  9. The injury situation this season at Arsenal is unbelievable. First we had all full backs injured. Yesterday we had all but two of our first team midfielders injured!

  10. highbury lament



  11. What a fackin game. What a monumental effort by the team. We just gave ourselves too much to do with the balls up of a first leg. Couldn’t have asked for more from the team last night.

    I just rue how our midfield has been hit by injuries. After the hour went by we could have done with a Ramsey or an Arteta to come on and keep the midfield ticking over. Once Ox went off and Rosicky had to drop deeper we lost much of our attacking verve. Rosicky was running the show. Oh but for his injuries this is what we would have had for the past few years.

    We still dont get mush credit from Sky sports though. All they can do is bring up a graphic of the past 7 seasons of no trophies and then lay it beside another graphic of the previous 7 seasons where we did win trophies. 11 in all they say just to show the gap – duely adding 4 charity shields (as if they actually count) – Cunts.

    I will say one thing for ESPN however – their pundit Januz (or whatever hes called) says perhaps all the snipers in the media owe The Arsenal an apology after the past few games as we have shown all the qualities they have said we dont have………..

  12. At the end of the day unlucky or not just like Barcelona last season we are out in the last 16 in the CL

    Last nights gave should not mask the truely shocking performance in Milan.You cannot give teams like Milan a 4 goal lead and expect to beat them

    And has any other team in Europe got a worse bench than we had last night.When you need that one goal all we had to choose was Chamakh and Park

    When the dust has settled.Its now 7 seasons without a trophy.The truth is without major spending this summer we will not challenge the top two

    One again gallant losers and there nothing that the British like better than a gallent loser

  13. ha thats great stuff Keysersoze – its so nice to have players who are fans too. Frimpong and The Szcz are also a great link to the team for the fans as they are as nuts about the Arsenal as we are.

  14. Well done Martin, you win the award for the first churlish post of the day. If you were an Arsenal supporter, you would know why our bench looked like it did yesterday.

  15. Here comes martin the oracle, the last bastion of truth, the seer, the visionary, with his pearl of wisdom. Yogi can close the blog now because he has said everything that needs to be said.

  16. Just Another Luke


    You have to be both cheerful and optimistic.. cos we won (the game), and we lost (on aggregate)

    “When we win, try to be more cheerful and when we lose? Well, be optimistic.”

  17. Just Another Luke

    I hate sentences that begin with “At the end of the day…” 😉

    Like nothing else need to be said in response to the wisdom just expounded.

  18. Martin, much like the pundits in the studio last night, saw only ‘the state of Arsenal’s bench’ with no interest, or apparently knowledge, of why it was thin.

    Piss poor punditry and piss poor support.

    ‘Churlish’, Yes, a perfect description, Passenal.

  19. If you can’t be happy after a win and a performance like yesterday, full of fighting spirit and great football, if you can’t be happy after our recent run and the way the team came back after two brutal defeats, I am really wondering what’s the reason you are supporting Arsenal. Might it be trophies and only trophies? Martin, I am going on a leg out here but I believe that the only aspect of Arsenal you “support” is the Arsenal FC trophy cabinet.

  20. And, much like the boys yesterday, I am in fighting spirit today. If you believe that now is the time to spout sh*t about our club, you better prepare to have your puny arguments dissected for the worthless, ignorant and unknowing drivel they are.

  21. I am a proud Gooner. We did almighty work last night.

  22. longblackcloud

    “Here comes martin the oracle, the last bastion of truth, the seer, the visionary, with his pearl of wisdom”

    Keysersoze – 4 attempts and you still couldn`t spell prick

  23. Haven’t been able to see the match yet, sounds like it was amazing to watch and i can imagine the emotions running through so many gooners’ heads. I wish i’d been able to see it in real time. Thanks for the write up Yogi.

    For fucks sake Martin, the first leg happened, we were written off, we have since had 3 of our central midfielders injured in a short space of time (including the supposedly innocuous assault on Arteta), and we had to battle against the corrupt Milanese groundsmen who stifled our game. I’m convinced that if we played on a normal pitch in Milan we would have scored at least one goal. As it is, our players worked their arses off, put their bodies on the line for the club, out played and outfought one of the best European teams of all time. It sounds like the referee was awful too, giving Milan everything.. Martin, we don’t want people like you anywhere near the stadium.

    Yogi, the ref wasn’t mentioned in the post, was he as bad as Wenger has said?

  24. Nice one Evil, bring em on!

  25. The bench – The introductions of Chamakh and Park weren’t effective, what we needed was a midfielder to try and get something of a hold on the game, but with so many out injured the manager’s hands were tied there. Even without long-termers like Wilshere or Diaby, having one of Benayoun, Ramsey, Arteta or even Coquelin might have made the difference.

  26. it was chamberlain’s fault …..15 million and asks for a sub in such a game ..what a pussy? ..i said last night 2-0 at ht then the third in 65th and then earthquake 87th and 90th …they didnt listen did they, them undisciplined slackers. wenger out. clueless in depth in bench ..gave frimpong and arshavin two players that were necessary last night. and this cheseny is a real idiot…trying to become friends with the fans huh…ok lets see how much you love arsenal wojo when madrid come and say “30m” . rosicky ..what a gutless pansy ….van persie passes to him first half and the ballerina was afraid to get in and shoot … them italians gave us a lesson in possesion and attitude. in the next home game we all stand up united in our hate for wenger and these awful players who do not represent the values we have about our club.. 🙂


  27. Neville made me laugh last night. He was ooing and arring over AOC all night. In particular when he said “it is bingo time on the right as their left back is rubbish…..get the ball out there”

  28. Geo, the ref was awful last nite. IMO not biased just fu*king awful. We all know the Italians are masters of “slightest touch . . . go down” and he fell for it over and over again.

    Martin, I would love to see trophies in our locker room but how anyone can be anything but proud of our team last nite, esp with all the injuries we had, must indeed have another agenda.

  29. Just seen Champagne Charlie on Slysports. He was going mental watching our game last night.

    Not like the little prick above.

  30. This banging on about the bench bollocks beggers belief because its bulls by brainless bafoons.

  31. Great post YW.

    Martin, your not an Arsenal supporter end of story.

    Regarding the commentary and punditry watched the Liverpool and last nights game without sound as I don’t have any German, it was great not having to listen to the usual lazy, hackneyed, cliche ridden rubbish that passes for analysis, it sticks in my throat to say this but I will exempt Gary Neville from last comment.

    Come on The Arsenal

  32. Bob – “They must take enormous strtength from that result. If we hadn’t run out of players we would probably have finished the job. I was waiting for AA to come on!

    I am still baffled by his departure

    Yeah, same here. We ran out of steam but had no real alternatives.

  33. Very proud of the performance last night, we showed the media muppets that we do have fighting spirit.
    Despite our inconsistency this season, I feel that this latest crop at Arseanl have a real spirit about them and there are genuine warriors in the team.
    It’s such a shame that the brilliant result last night was ultimately fruitless and nullified by the result in Milan.
    Forward Arsenal!

  34. Charlie Nichlas was certainly goin mental on sky sports news during the game – well done that man 😉

  35. how dare you geo and evil ..youre no are the bastions and protectors of wenger;s continous failure ..shame on you …it is your way of thinking that holds us back keep as far away from arsenal as possible …

    they were there for the taking and we lacked the balls to finish them off …(ahahha)

    united players when they smell blood they go for the kill like sharks
    we are still kittens ..piranhas …. tsk tsk tsk but no real damage …… the milanesi had it easy …allegri was so cool on the bench he reminded me of mourinho

    🙂 … 🙂 … 🙂


  36. Geo – The ref really was bad. Not particulalry against us, but was simply just a bad ref. It does not help us as Milan broke up play by going down way too often.

    He was summed up from a Milan free kick in the 2nd half. It was obvious to everyone in the ground the the baall hit Bac and went wide (for a corner_. It wasn’t just a nik, but a significant defelction. The ref gave a goal kick. He was stood ten feet away with a 100% unobstructed view.

  37. He may be an ex-ManUre player but I have always thought of Gary Neville as a top professional. He exuded dignity, dedication, loyalty and an incredible work rate during his playing days. Now his commentary on Sky is top class. He is much more informative that most other pundits. This gooner makes no apologies to any other gooner who disagrees….

  38. Haha, like it Duke.

    Deise – copyng and pasting from Arseblog eh? naughty naughty!

    Cheers JD. Shame he was so gullible. Oh well. I’m slowly getting used to us having to fight against the grain in every match, surely it only makes them stronger…

  39. Hmm, thanks GA. Can’t wait to see the match this eve…

  40. How Passenal has the restraint to be so polite with Martin as to describe his shameless weak-kneed post as “churlish” is beyond me.

    How else does one explain or describe last night except as victory? Once in a blue moon, an achievement is indefinable. In the arts we call it “intangible assets”. It is very similar.

    That and Ox’s magnificent corners startled me. And as for Rosicky … I watched as he lay on his back at the end, no words needed.

  41. An excellent write up after an excellent performance. This Arsenal team believed and the fans and players fed off each other. The players gave everything and so too the fans. It was a most memorable night.

    There will always be ifs and buts. One thing is for certain – This Arsenal team never give up and that comes from the Manager. Spirit, passion and skill were there for all to see.

  42. Evil @ 9:59
    Share your mood Evil. I’m purposefully avoiding a doomer because I think I might just punch him in his stupid face for the crap he was spouting yesterday before the game. “Can’t see us scoring and we won’t keep a clean sheet”. He came in this morning and said “Close, weren’t we?”, big stupid grin on his stupid face. It was all I could do to not tell him to fuck right off.

  43. no markus you cant do that …punch a moaning wanker ..its not correct in our society…write a letter of complaint to arsenal customer services …


  44. Enough of the Neville love-in! He’s an alright pundit, but it only shows how shite all the rest of them are. He will say things that aren’t tired cliches about Arsenal, incredible i know, but it’s a sad state of affairs when he’s seemingly many arsenal fans’ favourite pundit. He is, and always will be, Manure scum. He is merely serving to highlight the other pundits’ deficiencies.

  45. has to be said ..i nearly shed tears when i heard the ground in one voice …ARSENAL ARSENAL ARSENAL in the 25th -30th minute , somethng like that …and thank god this time they were booing the opposition …we are learning 😉

  46. Yeah Geo, trying to get credit for no work done 😉 He just hit the nail on the head as to when and where we just ran out of steam to complete the job. Had we Arteta or Ramsey we could have kept our shape and added fresh legs to the midfield. When Ox went off our shape changed and we more or less lost the effectiveness of 3 players not just one – Ox himself, Rosickys attacking and RVP leading the line

  47. Great effort from the team last night, it’s a pity that injuries robbed us of a couple of more options off the bench whcih I think would have made the difference as the team looked out on their feet in the second half. Hopefully they’ll take great heart from the performance and push on for the rest of the season. If they can play like they have for the past few games then top four will be no problem.

  48. I don’t think we missed Arshavin last night, I think what we missed was Yossi. He would have been able to impose himself on the left flank the way he did against Spurs, and run riot in a way Gervinho just couldn’t. The Ivorian’s been flying around all the place in the last couple of months, no wonder he can’t make a real impact on the pitch for us again quite yet.

    What does the Ox consider his favourite position? A midfield of him and Jack with Song just behind has absolutely everything aside from height. We have so many midfield possibilities at the club now that it’s absurd, especially if we can keep Diaby fit. I can only see us needing to buy a couple of strikers in the Summer, and possibly a keeper if Fabianski confirms everyone’s suspicions and leaves.

  49. Oh, by the way, Rosicky was man of the match in my eyes by miles. Energy, determination, tidy play, prompting, a goal, everything.

  50. “It’s such a shame that the brilliant result last night was ultimately fruitless and nullified by the result in Milan”.

    Nice sentiments overall BigM, but the above sentence is wrong. Such a performance can never be ultimately fruitless, or nullified in any way. You don’t gain strength at all from easy victories, nor from lies in the form of false flattery. You grow only from self-realisation. That is what happened to a team last night. It’s a beautiful backstory if any print media hack could still manage an original thought. Arsenal.

  51. Fantastic crowd atmosphere – and great to see the team going for it from the start. When we take the ball and run at the opposition even the best “buses” fall apart – it changes the whole dynamic. Perhaps Arsene should prepare for each game by telling the team they are 0-4 down from a previous leg!

  52. Georgaki. Little George? You in Greece or here?

  53. Geo
    I’ll give credit where it is due. Always. I’m not into partisan bulls**t!

  54. Another thought. I’ve often heard complaints about “atmosphere” at the Emirates. Atmosphere is built through performances that live in memories. Last night seemed to me a massive step in that direction.

  55. Consolsbob

    I’m here. Chesterfield. Currently having a coffe break at work (in Buxton). Can’t contain myself after last night….can’t concentrate on ‘mathematical methodology for determining the temporal order of pathway alterations arising during gliomagenesis….’

  56. Ox said when he joined us that he was a central midfielder but had been used a lot (just before we signed him) out wide. Le Boss said centrally is where he will end up. He certainly showed last night that his game is suited to a central role.

  57. I’m not surprised Georgaki. You are Greek I assume?

  58. Fair enough Geogaki, I do agree with you that he one of the best. My point was that the rest are just really really bad. Savage? Redknapp? Even most of the ex-Arsenal players don’t have an original thought between them. But you are right, he does deserve credit for having the balls to say things about Arsenal that hasn’t been repeated without thought for years. I’ll only ever say that through gritted teeth though!

  59. “can’t concentrate on ‘mathematical methodology for determining the temporal order of pathway alterations arising during gliomagenesis….’”

    Why ever not Georgaki?! Sounds like a piece of piss to me 😉

    I lost you at ‘mathematical’…

  60. Aside from the away Milan debacle, could this be 19 goals in 5 matches? For a team crowding the medical rooms, this one is on fire.

  61. georgaki would you agree in calling ox a “baladofatsa” ?


    he looks the real thing ..a proper footballer ….

  62. Consolsbob

    Of Greek extraction. Born and brought up in Hornsey, London, 3 miles from Highbury….


    Redknapp junior! Did you hear his comment last Saturday. What if Liverpool had a £40m striker like van Persie? Can you believe it?

  63. In our last three consecutive games we’ve thrashed Spurs (allegedly the most attractive side in the EPL and ‘title contenders’), brushed aside Milan (3 points clear at the top of Serie A), and dug in and earned all three points at Anfield scoring TEN goals across those fixtures. If Newcastle have any sense at all they’ll be fucking terrified, we haven’t had this kind of momentum since before the Carling Cup final last year. It’s taken a full year to recover properly but man, Chelsea fans had best get looking forward to Thursday nights in front of the telly.

  64. Hunter

    I’m smiling. I understand fatsa but ‘balado’?

  65. I think Neville is a good pundit as he actually gives a bit of insight instead of just spouting the normal nonsense. I hated him as a player, but he is quickly becoming my favorite pundit.

    I get the feeling that he quite likes The Arsenal as well. Maybe we were his guilty pleasure.

  66. I want to stand up and congratulate the team for what was one of the most adrenalin inducing first half performances I have ever seen.

    Rosicky is proving all those who wanted him gone totally wrong, again! What a player and the way he drives the team forward is fantastic to watch. I hope he gets a contract extension at the end of the season.

    I would also like to mention the fans. The Emirates sounded like a true European football ground last night. If only we could create that noise week in week out.

    This is what can be achieved when we all stand together!!

    Victoria Con Cordia

  67. Lets hope for no new injuries for Mondays game against Newcastle and a few players back too would be nice. We owe Newcastle a spanking

  68. @Vince
    Nah, I somehow think Chelsea are going to recover. As Szczesny said, I think our neighbours are more likely to enjoy another Euopa League run.

  69. Geo

    I’m sipping ‘Ginger Bread Man Tea’ and reading this blog. I’ll get back to that stuff in a few minutes….boy is the Ox a good player!

  70. What was most impressive about yesterday is that Milan are in very good form. On the weekend they brushed aside Palermo away 4:0 and as far as I remember Palermo had the best defensive record in Serie A up until that point. And they still couldn’t score against us at home!

  71. Speaking of over-priced Liverpool strikers, I was amused last night by Ibra’s excellent impersonation of Andy Carroll

  72. I’m smiling. I understand fatsa but ‘balado’?

    how about μπαλαδόφατσα ? ( mpala = ball … translation is terrible i apologise…syggnomi)

  73. Georgaki – “What if Liverpool had a £40m striker like van Persie? Can you believe it?

    As much as I detest Redknapp (and I really do), I don’t see what is wrong with that statement. Is he not just saying that liverpool struggle to score, so if they had a player like RvP they would be much better off? Or am I mising something?

  74. “can’t concentrate on ‘mathematical methodology for determining the temporal order of pathway alterations arising during gliomagenesis….’”

    It’s more comprehensible reading it backwards. I might try upside down. Good luck little george.

  75. Kieran Gibbs said “When the stadium is like this, teams struggle against us because it lifts everyone, the place was electric tonight. After the first one went in we could sense that we could get back into it. We have to thank the fans for that because they helped us get our goals. Unfortunately, though, we just fell short.”

    Says everything we have been saying on here for so long.

  76. Goonerandy

    They spend £35m on Carrol and £22m on Suarez! We spent £2.75m on van Persie…..That is the point I’m making…

  77. Strangely enough at half time I was still really worried, as I thought there was still a good chance that Milan would score. I wasn’t concered that we would not score again.

  78. I agree with you Andy, it was Liverpool’s inability to finish the chances they created that cost them. We only needed to give Robin one and a half chances at Anfield and we left victorious! I also agree with you about Neville, he’s the only pundit on telly at the moment who points out things you hadn’t already noticed.

  79. Nice post Yogi. What more can be said? The atmosphere was electric, and the boys played out of their skins, fully regaining their pride and the faith the manager has in them, at least in the short term.

    As always the question is whether or not we can keep that form and attitude till the end of the season, despite the inevitable tiredness, injuries, and bad ref calls.

  80. Georgaki

    “mathematical methodology for determining the temporal order of pathway alterations arising during gliomagenesis”

    Bloody hell, Tesco’s have got a bit demanding…

  81. Martin @ 9:43 am

    Go find yourself a ‘winning’ team and kindly go to hell in the process.

    You know less than a gonorrhoea microbe.

  82. @GA
    Same here. I wasn’t really doubting that we would score enough, but I was fully expecting Milan to get one back. Funny, how in the end we kept a clean sheet but were short one goal.

  83. Georgaki – Ah, I see what you mean. I thought he meant in the class of RvP as opposed to figures. That said, he can never really tell what point he is trying to make on account of him being a bumbling bufoon.

  84. With arrival of Wenger Arsenal have earned the reputation of playing the most entertaining football in the EPL. The international profile of the teams through the years has given as much joy and entertainment to people all over the world as it has to us here in the UK. These international gooners identify with some of the players as their compatriots. That is why I love to hear from people like ZimPaul and KenyanGooner. Another reason I love Arsenal.

  85. Molecular Genetics of Gliomagenesis

    The p53 gene, a tumor suppressor gene located on chromosome 17p, has an integral role in a number of cellular processes, including cell cycle arrest, response to DNA damage, apoptosis, angiogenesis and differentiation. The p53 gene is involved in the early stages of astrocytoma tumorigenesis 1. p53 mutations and allelic loss of chromosome 17p are observed in approximately one-third of all three grades of adult astrocytomas, suggesting that inactivation of p53 is important in the formation of low grade glioma. Moreover, high-grade astrocytomas with homogeneous p53 mutations evolve clonally from subpopulations of similarly mutated cells present in initially low-grade tumors. The loss of astrocytic p53 function appears to facilitate some events integral to neoplastic transformation, setting the stage for further malignant progression.

    so easy …we were taught that in 3rd grade werent we ?

  86. Zim at 10:52 am

    Correction, they are not on fire…… they have burn’t down the medical centre.

  87. But people have to really feel for Daeglish! He was thinking he could revolutionise football, by reverting to a 80s/early 90s combination of a little guy and a big fella up front. He indentified Carroll as the big fella and paid through his nose to get him. Unfortunately for him, football has evolved a bit since he was last in the game. And obviously, Carroll is not really a good striker!

  88. Yogi

    You’re correct. I do ultimately answer to Chris Grayling……

  89. So proud of the boys, fantastic effort & deserved to go through but not to be.

    What more could we have done? Well, I thought Walcott could have done more to expose their weakest link on the pitch, and agree with the point made in the post – OK Henry was never an option as he was only ever going to be available for a month or so but the loaning of Arshavin was a dreadful decision and had he been on the bench he may well have been able to tip the balance. The boys had run themselves into the ground and just needed an injection of impetus and that was never going to come from the rubbish that is Chamkh & Park.

    AW is a very lucky man that RVP has not only done what he has done this season but also been able to do it by avoiding injury. Can you imagine where we’d be in the league without him? The debacle of last summer (Ox aside of course) must be corrected – no more cheap dross Wenger. You must re-sign RVP no matter what it takes and ship out Park / Chamkh / NikB/Denilson/Vela and replace them with 2 or 3 REAL “top top quality” players.

    Let’s hope the boys can keep this remarkable upsurge in form going and get fourth (or even third!) If we are to do it players like Rosicky need to be ‘flat out on their backs’ after every game not just after a showpiece or two. Fingers crossed Ox will be back for Newcastle – what a player he is!

  90. “events integral to neoplastic transformation,”

    the wonders of medicine.

    look how accurately they describe the ungrateful arsenal fans

    neoplastic transformation……EPIC !


  91. Good God Hunter!

    Have we started a new strand for this blog? Yogi will put us in the sin bin at this rate…..

  92. Oh, Hunter, be careful you may be accused of plagiarism if you don’t cite the reference from which you made that quote!

  93. in yogi;s place you can get educated on anything really arena for mind expansion

  94. Goonerandy, don’t be too hard on poor old Jamie R – remember that he comes form a simple and illiterate family…’s a miracle he can speak at all

  95. Hello everyone!

    I woke up at 350 am (in my time zone) just to watch this match. When I turned on the TV, Arsenal was up 1-0. I totally missed Koscielny’s opener. The lads were playing a high octane game, and press on vs. the Italians.

    Rosicky has been great this past few games. I remember when we signed him in ’06, I was smiling from ear-to-ear because he was one of the best midfielders in Europe and we got him cheap. And AW’s faith on Rosicky was paid.

    No wonder Ibrahimovic did not go with AW’s tryouts because he is prone to offside traps. How many offsides did he had last night? Does anybody have a stat?

    Arsenal fought valiantly and gallantly, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. This is the very same team that were thought (primarily by the media) of not getting through the playoffs (vs. Udinese). The media even counted as out when we were grouped with the Greek and German champions and the French runner-up. We topped that group and proved them wrong!

    Now, that they are out. I hope the lads will eye on securing the 4th spot by defeating Newcastle this Monday (Tuesday in my part of the world), and hope for a Spuds and Chelski slip-up in the weekend.

    Securing 4th, then on to third.

    Come on you Gunners!

  96. I thought Chamakh did okay when he came on. He was battling and holding the ball up and linking play quite well.

  97. Georgaki | March 7, 2012 at 11:13 am

    oh ok ….ill do it like in uni

    my previous was taken from here …

  98. Ok Chaps. I must get back to those oncogenes…..adios!

  99. i gave a seminar there about 3 months ago … 🙂

  100. Is it true that Jan Vertonghen was at the Grove last night watching the match?

  101. A real shame Diaby was missing. I honestly believe that having him as an option would have won the game for us. We saw hte damage Rosicky was doing when he drove at the Milan side. Diaby would have offeed us the same. Plus it would have allowed us to play AOC on one of the wings as Theo and Gerv didn’t really affect the game that much. Their left back was really there for the taking last night.

  102. @ Monica, getting up before 4am to watch the Gunners. It goes to show just how committed Gooners are no matter where they hail from. I love blogs like this for brining Gooners together from all over the world.

    Where exactly are you?

  103. Ah, so you are English George and Hunter, with his use of ‘3rd Grade’ is presumably from the USA.

    A polyglot lot on here, so we are.

  104. Hello Drew10! I’m from the Philippines! We’ve got a handful of Gooners here scattered in the archipelago! ^_^

  105. Big Johan – “Goonerandy, don’t be too hard on poor old Jamie R – remember that he comes form a simple and illiterate family…’s a miracle he can speak at all

    Heh, very true.

    I can’t stand the bloke. And as a pundit he genuinelly offers absolutely nothnig about from soundbytes about his mate. With a small amount of media training most fans of the street could do a better job. I will never forget him almost sobbing when Terry missed the pen in the CL final “but, he is a leader of men….sob..sob”. Plank.

  106. By the way did anyone see who vomited all over the Arsenal bench? There was one huge stain behind and to the left of Wenger……….. 😉

  107. I’d guess it must’ve been the Milan left back after getting turned over time and time again by Theo and Oxo.

  108. By the way – those pics of Jenko in his old bedroom are just priceless. We need more players who live and breath the club.

    If you look at the squad – RVP followed Arsenal as a kid, Per did also. Wilshire, Jenko, Frimpong, Chesser all claim to be fans of the club. Hopefully we can keep all these players and build a team that KNOWS what it means to each and every one of us when they pull on that shirt.

  109. @Monica bet the weather is better there today than it is in London!

  110. As well as the ploughed field, the difference between the two matches in personnel was largely being able to field a top back line. We were very stretched in the first match and it is true to say that where we have been stretched to field players at the back this season we have lost matches.

  111. All those who keep saying we need rid of Diaby as “He is always injured” need to look at Rosicky and recall them saying last season “he has to go. He isn’t the same player and he is always injured.”

  112. heheh consolbob ..polyglot yes but no not usa..much closer… uk – london – highgate ..peter sellers hometown ..legend

  113. Yeah, andy/Georgaki I see the irony of Redknapp wishing Liverpool had big money strikers “like Arsenal”. Idiot. Regarding the pundit debate the only two I consistently have any time for are Souness and Strachan. But I agree Red Nev brings some freshness to the lazy hack punditry we’re fed on a regular basis.

  114. @Drew10 The Northwest monsoon is now gone, so we’re welcoming our summer season now! I hope I can watch the guys play vs. Citeh during the preseason this July. I know it’s in China, but it’s just a plane ride or 2 away.

  115. Ray Palour on TalkSport ( said he went into the changing room after the match and spoke with the Ox who told him he was sick before the game. Maybe Alex chundered all over his manager?

  116. @ Monica I have been to the Birdsnest stadium and would love to be out there for that game. It is an amazing place and Beijing is a brilliant city! Well worth the trip if you can get there.

  117. It is a hard call on players like Diaby with his constant injuries. On one hand he is obviously a talent and when fit a valuable member of the squad. On the other hand having a player who is injured so often takes other options away from the squad as he occupies a place. A good example was our bench last night (not his fault of course, but still a regular contributing factor).

  118. Markus – Yeah, Souness is pretty good as well. It always makes me laugh when Redknapp tries to talk over him and Gullitt. Players who have won everything. Redknapp is such a tool; I hope one day he speaks over Souness who in turn has a flashback to the mid-80’s, stips to the waist,and rips his spleen out live on air.

  119. Can’t believe the poison that is Myles Palmer ( Now I must get back to work……oh I am tempted to watch the highlights on Arsenal TV online…but it’s an open plan office…..

  120. “Redknapp junior! Did you hear his comment last Saturday. What if Liverpool had a £40m striker like van Persie? Can you believe it?”

    Haha, yup, I can believe it! He must have forgotten that they have spent well over £40m on strikers who were supposedly going to take them into the top 4, but turned out to be one dirty cheating scumbag, and one lumbering overrated oaf… I love the way that they’ll say things like that without criticising the piss poor transfer negotiations at Liverpool, yet Wenger gets slated for the (free!!) signing of Chamakh (who has scored more for us than Carol has for ‘pool) or for paying £15m for an 18 yr old unheard of, who just happens to be turning out to be one of the best young English talents since the scouse shrek…

    I hope that these things get looked back on accurately for generations to come, and that Wenger goes down in history for everything he’s managed to achieve, against all odds. It’s the least he deserves.

  121. Shame we didn’t have AA on the bench last night. That type of game was set for him.

  122. YW – another posting gem.

    The boys seem to have found themselves. Three sensational wins.

    So much pride in everyones’ posts.

    Chamberlain is amazing and another Arsenal youngster with tremendous talent. His productive effort in mid-field was critical to our effort.

    Credit to our back 4 and Szcz – a must clean sheet.

  123. Just wanted to stop by and check out what the general mood is like. Turns out, everybody is as proud and happy as I am! What a performance!

    YW, fantastic post today. Really captured the feeling of the moment. Favourited so that I can come and re-read when I’m feeling glum.

    Really was so pleased to have been able to go to the game last night. Without a shadow of doubt the best atmosphere I’ve ever experienced at the Emirates. Could sense the togetherness we all shared and you could see it had a positive effect on our team.

    Pleased to see Rosicky finally getting the plaudits he deserved. Absolutely gutted he was robbed of his “best years” to injury. For a 31-year-old, he’s got some acceleration on him too!

    Bit of a mixed bag for Song. Managed to make up a lot of ground and covered well, but his distribution was poor. Far too many loose passes when a simple one would have sufficed. Maybe overconfidence of recent assists combined with the urgency of last night’s game?

    There were a few times I felt Walcott could have used his pace a little better. Ran in to trouble too many times for me.

    Criticism of Gervinho a little off. Always looked dangerous and was brilliant at helping Gibbs out in defence. Could see he was really up for this game and was chasing everything down.

    Chamakh made some nice passes and held the ball up well. Not really enough time for him or Park to make much of an impact.

    In isolation, 3-0 against AC Milan is a fantastic result. Just can’t help but be gutted that we came so close to getting something from the game. Really feel we will take heart from these past few performances and catch that other team from North London.

  124. to be honest, i am absolutely gutted because we were closer than we think, than we expected.

    thinking of what-ifs. what if we didnt have 7 first team players injured (a milan fan i know was commenting that this is the first time milan plays a team with a longer injury list than theirs)

    what if the ref hadnt given a foul each time their players fell (in the latter stages of the game, i was chanting ‘dive dive dive dive’ whenever their player got the ball, to the bemusement of the other arsenal fans and the other pple in the pub)

    what if milan hadnt ploughed up their flanks. if they draw barca, will they plough up the whole field then?

  125. i am very very proud to be a gooner.

    it is amazing that this is our worst team, our worst season in 15 years, and yet we have managed to create 2 fantastic memories, got the Ems rocking on 2 occasions.

  126. Piles Palmer is nothing more than a grape hanging from the ring of the Gooner world. He thinks that the Ox is the best English winger since Darren Anderton!!! Honestly how does this guy even write a post about Arsenal?

  127. deise,

    regarding the espn commentator janusz:

    do you have a link for that, or was it on tv?

    i think the media owes arsenal and arsene wenger an apology. big time.

  128. I had an interesting night last night…

    As I said yesterday, I couldn’t see most of the game as I was helping out a friend who runs an ‘open-mike night’ in Crystal Palace. I did manage to duck out, down the road for the end of the 2nd half. I was filled with pride for the way we played but also the Arsenal comradeliness and spirit.
    A good day to be an Arsenal fan – regardless of the outcome. We were singing proud at the final whistle.
    After that I returned to the help finish the show and then sprinted to get the last London Overground train from CP to Shadwell.
    After a couple of stops I looked down the train (London Overground trains are unique as they don’t have individual carriages separated by doors and so you can see from one end to the other) and noticed about half way down the train I could see a body on the floor. His trousers had slid down and most of his fat, naked arse was on full display. It was not a good look.
    About three people were filming/taking photos on their mobile phone.
    Interested to find out what the story was, I wandered down to investigate.
    Predictably he was just paralytically drunk. He was lying in the recovery position, which was a good start, but I noticed he’d trapped his wrist under his hip, and his hand was turning a very nasty shade of purple. I was told by the gathered people that they had all tried to wake him but could not.
    I shook, slapped and shouted but he was absolutely out of it. So I rolled his weight over using my foot on his hip and then tugged free his arm and rolled him back in recovery.
    He snored quietly on, totally oblivious.
    Then, I spoke to a woman who said he had been already on the train when it arrived at CP (going the other direction). She said the driver KNEW he was there! Incredible.
    A few stops later with more passengers piling on, and the situation becoming a source of attention, genuine concern & comedy – the train came to halt at Victoria station and the driver came down the train to assess. The train was then held up for 15 minutes and morel people wrestled to wake him to no avail – he was almost immovable and the driver having shouted and shaken the guy looked him over (with his medically trained eye) and decided it was best dealt with at the end of the line and he’d be alright, he was just drunk.
    A strange call, I thought, probably the right one as he was breathing steadily but, had it got serious, the driver would have been in a lot of trouble I think. There was now about 15 people and I had kind of been designated to keep an eye on him – no one else had any medical knowledge at all.
    Anywho it then occurred to me that I knew a way ‘to wake up the unconscious’. I had never tried it but my sister did it to me once when I was a teenager. She had learnt it at some advanced first aid class. I wasn’t unconscious at the time and I was in the back of mum’s car – it hurt so much I hit my head on the car ceiling as it made me spasm in pain.
    I said to my mate I think I know how to wake him and my flatmate and the onlookers encouraged me to try it. I was probably going to look like a right fool – I’d never done this after all – and they were all sceptical, to say the least.
    Anyway, it worked! The guy blearily opened his eyes to see 15 faces peering at him all laughing, cheering and chatting excitedly.
    He took a few minutes to make sense and he was rather confused why he was going in the wrong direction. He seemed nonplussed about the whole incident.
    Before I got off the train I managed to ascertain that he had just been at the Emirates and after that the pub! I laughed and said well if there is one night you can be forgiven for getting in such a state it’s probably this one.

    Like Arsenal he’d so nearly made it home but had fallen at the final stretch, he’d shown his Arse to the world and now he was ready to walk home with pride.

    I left the train to a round of applause, which was delightful and silly – it all made for a very interesting journey home!

  129. Jonny – Nice story. And it appears that you have met Hunter 😉

    A question though; what was your technique for waking him up?

  130. A night to be proud of.
    The force is back & strong with us.
    Through thick and thin, in sickness & in health..
    We fought,
    Players, fans, stadium & staff alike
    The Arsenal spirit was on full display for the world to see
    They felt it..the magic of possibility…of dreams

    This is what gooners are made of
    This is why we support our team
    Win or lose we give our all
    We love you Arsenal, oh yes we do
    We love you Arsenal, this much is true
    We love you Arsenal, oh yes we do

    Now its time to refresh and reboot
    For whats left to be done
    In this mother of all seasons
    A season of truth.

    COYG & RASERS!!!!

    “11 games left, emptying all closets, things are too tight to be civilized!”

  131. Jonny, what a fantastic story! May I ask, what was it that woke him up?

  132. goonerandy | March 7, 2012 at 11:52 am


    hahahah nice one !

    cheers jonny !!!!

  133. dont tell em jonny ..thats between us 😉

  134. I’ll tell you later (maybe!) – have to dash out the door to help my dad empty his old house.


  135. who the hell is myles palmer?

  136. i think the media owes arsenal and arsene wenger an apology. big time.

    many years now …

  137. Ah Hunter. It is your usage of US idiom that fooled me.

    By the way, Spectrum now posts on ‘Gunnerblog’ Same old bile, same old misery. I feel sorry for them and grateful to be protected from his ‘insights’ by YW.

    Gawd Bless You sir.

  138. Jonny, you can’t tell a story like that and leave out that part!

  139. i feel for gunnerblog bob …i think ill pay a visit and deal with this spectrum lad …if gunnerblog lets me that is …im off to assist like song … 😉

  140. I know what you mean Hunter old stick, 11.08 this morning, fine analysis of the game, but I thought you could have made mention of Rosicky’s goal; now that was one helluva temporal pathway.

    and then …
    “… high-grade astrocytomas with homogeneous p53 mutations evolve clonally from subpopulations of similarly mutated cells”.

    By which you can only mean Ibrahahahamovich and his Ponytail clone (or impersonator as Big Johan would have it) at Liverrrrpool. Them both got the evil eye.

  141. i will tear him to shreds bob i promise .

  142. The spelling on ACLF is atrocias. There’s only one Sprectum.

  143. lol zim !!!

  144. Myles Palmer? THE Myles Palmer? Clairvoyant, horoscopologist? Yeah, makes the stuff up, makes him mad.

  145. The noise made by the crowd as that first goal went in was very loud. Awesome.

    Forget about Henry and arshavin what about Ryo! Would Song have turned from passing to Ryo like he did with Park? Would it have made a difference? Do I care? Not really. Ryo will be ready for serious first team action next year.

    Shall I gloat as the experts like to do? Ok, i will! My non-footballing brain forced me write here a long time ago that it’d take TR7 some time to regain the conditioning of a PL player after years out the game. The tendonitus might mean no more screamers from fourty yards, but if he can finish like he did last night, every now and then, I can’t imagine there being many complaints. Why would anyone who follows football have not wanted a player like TR7 around for AOC and others to be coached or learn from? I never got it. Worth every penny.

  146. Go for him Hunter.

    We all stand four square on that issue!

  147. i also found him in mean leans site …that piece of shit has made a list of all the blogs that are positive and is going for the sabotage …i wont let him. 😉

  148. you know, after the 5-2, after last night.. it is difficult to imagine rvp not wanting to stay. it is difficult to imagine any of the players not wanting to stay.

    i just hope for once, we keep all the players we want to keep.

    a big factor to that would be bouchra van persie. and rvp’s bloody agent.

    i read that article on dailymail about darren dein. and about how ian wright famously never looked at his contract. he hasnt always said nice stuff abt us since retiring, but THAT is just legend.

  149. Still buzzing despite going out of CL. So so proud of the boys!!!If there is falling in love again before falling out of it with the same person it happened to me last night.

    Georgaki, what? If Consols hadnt beaten me to it I would have said is that greek or something? (often in Kenya people associate “greek” with things they cant comprehend)

    Big johan Ibra was on a mission to enter the guiness book of world records in two categories (most offsides in a game and for tripping on air).

    The whole team and the fans at emirates were all men of the match.

  150. Highgate is not a town

  151. ok how should i call it then ….? a suburb ? ahhh they do call it highagte village but it ist a village is it…

  152. Highgate is most certainly a village and has always been known as such.

  153. Btw Alisher Usmanov lives in Hampstead Lane, Highgate. You might look him up his house is called Beechwod.


    This one is a nice post on the tactical variations (the players!) that we can see in the 433/451442/424/244ish type thingymajobby formation that the Gunners play in.

  155. bloody hell….the houses on that road are just ..pfffff poor …lol…

    nah mate hes gonna have an army outside his house…lol…kgb agents as security….

  156. Apparently he is quite personable and drinks on his own in The Flask on Sunday lunch times after taking the dog for a walk and taking a peak at the ladies in the all female outdoor pool on the Heath through a hole in the hedge. Youngs ordinary is his tipple.

  157. the flask huh …too posh for my liking…i go the other one the red lion i think its called …on the street with the schools a bit northern

  158. you know the narrow alley where you think youll just crash your car …jackson.s lane it is … that way … lol..

  159. goonerandy 2012:
    “It is a hard call on players like Diaby with his constant injuries. On one hand he is obviously a talent and when fit a valuable member of the squad. On the other hand having a player who is injured so often takes other options away from the squad as he occupies a place. A good example was our bench last night (not his fault of course, but still a regular contributing factor).”

    It is a hard call on players like Rosicky with his constant injuries. On one hand he is obviously a talent and when fit a valuable member of the squad. On the other hand having a player who is injured so often takes other options away from the squad as he occupies a place. A good example was our bench last night (not his fault of course, but still a regular contributing factor).

    It is a hard call on players like van Persie with his constant injuries. On one hand he is obviously a talent and when fit a valuable member of the squad. On the other hand having a player who is injured so often takes other options away from the squad as he occupies a place. A good example was our bench last night (not his fault of course, but still a regular contributing factor).

  160. Posted this earlier but I thought I would post it again as it was so good

  161. Nola – Yup, I get that. But the point still stands. You could argue that because of our lack of options in the years you mentioned has cost us as well. I like Diaby as it goes.

  162. 0.37 …..he;s lost it there …haha

  163. A 3-0 scoreline was beyond my expectations, so well done lads. It would have certainly helped if we did not have injuries to Benny, Arteta, and Coq, but I am happy nonetheless.

  164. Agree with most people’s sentiments. Such a bittersweet feeling today. I am so proud that even with such an attacking line-up we didn’t let anything in. The referee – appalling. Not up to the standard required.
    Now everybody rest up and nurse your knocks, ready to take any lingering frustrations out on Newcastle.
    Up the Arsenal!
    @ YW and consolsbob

    We had no choice about letting Henry go. He’s not our player. And I felt what we needed in the second half when Milan came back into it was a midfielder like Arteta, not an all-or-nothing striker who is low on confidence.

  165. Yogi:

    Great post. When it went into half time at 3 – 0 I really thought we would push thru but it was not to be. Great effort and a great game. Really happy that we were able to keep a clean sheet. We have been scoring alot of goals lately but that always seems to go in cycles. The defense should always be there and last night when we really needed to keep a clean sheet we did it. Hopefully a springboard to a strong finish this season.

  166. Abou coming on in the last 20 would have made a difference…he is going to be a monster for our club soon.

  167. Frank – I agree with your first point, but the 2nd will be dictated by inruries I thni think.

  168. I’m interested as to whether Arteta would have started yesterday if he’d been fit. He’d have been ideal to bring on when The Ox came off and we started to lose the midfield battle, but I do think he’d have been detrimental to the momentum we managed to gather in the first half.

  169. korihikage – i saw it on TV last night but i managed to find it on espn website

    …about 7 mins in

  170. Can’t believe RVP missed a sitter! Shocking.

  171. Vince – I reckons Arteta would have 100% started had he of been fit. AOC would have no doubt strtaed on the bench. If he keeps putting in performences like that though it can’t be long before he breaks into the 1st team. I would wager that it is Theo who is most in danger of losing his place.

  172. Not a big fan of the idea of “moral victories” or finding positives in a loss but yesterday certainly turned the 2 leg tie into a moral victory for us and hopefully a performance we can build on.

  173. I agree about Henry, Fun but the AA business went beyond my understanding!

  174. The Huffington post showed how Chelsea lack class by posting one of their tweets “There’s only one team in Europe by the way – Arsenal are out. #cfc ” ( I couldn’t resist but respond to Chelseafc as follows: “Yes of course and you have no class, you are a crude bunch, you are struggling, and all for one billion pounds and counting…” They are morons!

  175. Well people said the same of RvP, Goonerandy. I reckon 26 – 32 will be his golden period.

  176. Frank – I hope you are right as he is an excellent player. The differnet seems to be though is that RvP really was just unlucky with injuries (many of which were impact). Abou picks up lots of pulls and tears (many of which possibly stemming from his horrendous injury) which is not good news.

  177. Cbob @ 2:18:

    Don’t you think the AA move was about money. He was on one of our highest earners and not playing much and this was a chance to unload his wage.

  178. @ consolsbob
    I don’t find it too mysterious that AA wanted to go back to Zenit for a bit – he was not getting playing time, some of the fans were on his back and his confidence was rock bottom. So going “home” to get more minutes and rediscover his mojo makes sense. It was his choice. AW said very firmly that if it was just up to him AA would stay, but that it also depended on AA himself.

  179. Not a big fan of moaners or pessimists but…

  180. Courtesy of Carpenteraaaaaaa11:

  181. The Arshavin thing was about the fans chasing him out with their ignorance.And Arsene putting humanity before all else .As it should be in any walk of life.

  182. Bill, maybe, but we needed him in the squad.

    Fun, maybe, but we needed him in the squad.

    george, maybe, but we needed him in the squad.

  183. Fun – “AW said very firmly that if it was just up to him AA would stay, but that it also depended on AA himself

    I think that you will find as manager of he club it was very much up to Arsene who goes on loan and who doesn’t. A player can’t just decide he is going on loan.

  184. But what’s the point in keeping a player who is clearly unhappy?

  185. Great post as always Yogi. While many will call the ref a c**t which i completely agree with(how could you give Song a yellow for not touching Ibra but not give Mexes a yellow when he tries to destroy Verm or any defender that consistently tackled Walcott late all nite), and talk about how if we had had 1 midfielder able to come on we would have won (i agree with that too). I want to focus completely on the sheer amount of pride and joy i felt watching the game and after the game from my living room in the States.

    I watched my much maligned manager field a team that followed his words and was pure attack because he had unbelievable amount of belief that oozed and was felt and inspired even the doomest of doomers to believe. I watched the greatest Captain Arsenal have had since Viera lead this team with an unwavering joy and passion tracking back to help out the midfield inspiring player after player play after play throughout the whole nite to the point of utter exhaustion in his walk when the final wistle blew. I cheered loudest(even had the neighbors banging on my door making sure everything was ok) when scored adn attacked like many of us have been calling for with quick passing attacking wings and sensational finishes.

    I cheered as Walcott, Ox, Rosicky, Rvp, Gervinho time adn time again attcked with unbelievable pace, movement, passing and timing that gave every Arsenal fan from the Emirates to the States adn worldwide belief that we were going to pull it off. I made a comment on here before the match that Song was going to be key in teh midfield as he would have to man it defensively almost by himself and shut down Ibra’s movement there and to watch Song boss the midfield defensively last night was the reason why IMHO he is the best DM in the EPL. Lil Mozart and Ox were simply brillant last night starting attack after attack pressing high with the 3 up top and showing why our midfield will be just fine without the likes of Cesc and Nasri.

    Our back 4 who is as much maligned as any, people say individually they are brillant but can’t play together and they showed last night what true excellence looks like. they understood there task to defend and know they will get little support becasue we are going to go for it and they were absolutely tremendous. Gibbs and Sagna making lung busting run after lung busting run up and down the flanks put in a match that was truly inspiring and put me at ease for years to come. Kos and Verm were world class shutting down Ibra and Robinho time adn time and time again.

    RVP, Walcott and Gervinho showed when healthy and playing free how truly devasting they can be. I watch Walcott(1 of my favorite players in the EPL) make run after run behind the Milan back 4 running at players and anybody who doubts his ability in my opinion can kick rocks and die(I’ll be more then happy to help you with that). Gervinho running at players turning them inside and out with unrelenting runs. RVP our Captain of Captains was defending and pressing and again showed why he is 1 of the 5 best players on the planet. Yea people were talking about his sitter but Abiate didnt have a clue what was happening and was absolutely lucky to get a hand on it and shouldn’t be scorned for it. His penalty was a beautiful sight to see power and true class, no keeper in the world would have saved that.

    As i watched the game and heard the final whistle i cried because I truly felt so much pride in the red and white and stood up in my living room and gave a standing ovation.

    Lets push on and take 3rd from Spuds and destroy Newcastle!!!!

  186. Bob – I agree with you here. Last night simply highlighted this.

  187. Sorry for the essay just had alot on my mind

  188. Cbob:

    “Bill, maybe, but we needed him in the squad.”

    No argument from me on that. However, if we use that money for a signing bonus and/or for RVP’s wage package then it will be a very valuable penny saved.

  189. If we had 1 healthy midfielder we would have won easily but we just ran out in the end

  190. But what’s the point in keeping a player who is clearly unhappy?

    So that if we get injuries we still have options. If he puts in the performces he will get more game time and be happy again. Letting him go on on loan with no opportunity to replace him has been to the detriment of the squad.

  191. Good morning YW and a great write-up. I specially like the last paragraph. Yet no mention of the Slovakian ref. So proud and yet very heartbroken for the crew ,AW and all the supporters. Only one way to react after this.


  192. does anybody have any updates on Theo and OX injuries?

  193. goonerandy | March 7, 2012 at 1:54 pm
    The same could have been said about van persie and rosicky. I like Frank’s thinking.

  194. Righty, out of here.


  195. As i watched the game and heard the final whistle i cried because I truly felt so much pride in the red and white and stood up in my living room and gave a standing ovation.

    thats right!

  196. @C

    According to the young guns blog on twitter

    Theo Walcott has a dead leg and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain flu after #Milan game last night. Both should be fit for #NUFC.

  197. I believe that the ref was Slovene, goonerkam. Many Slovenes speak Italian now that they are free from the yoke of Yugoslavia.

  198. C, you are a star

  199. @tateezee
    Thank for the update and that is great news that we will have them for Newcastle ecspecailly after the way they have been playing.

    Damn right!

  200. @frank
    Just wanted to show my appreciation and how i felt watching our Arsenal play their hearts out last night

  201. NIce read as always. Thank you.

    I have only one observation to make after that game. I’ve got sore knees!

    Doing a slide across the floor of your local as the 3rd went in is neither sensible nor becoming when you’re 48

    Well done gents,you were a joy to watch to the man

  202. yes c when i saw you admit to that i realised i aint crazy. i do the same thing everytime. 😉

  203. @hunter
    definetly not crazy just passionate

  204. Szczesny, “That other north London club can see our results and know the momentum is with us, they should be looking over their shoulders.”

    Hahaha!! I love this guy. He hates the 5pud2 passionately.

  205. goonerandy at 2:31 pm
    For heavens sake g/a you are blaming the victim for being injured by a series of assaults on his ankle starting with Dan Smith and the latest being Paul (?)Robinson of Bolton, a seasoned hatchet man.
    Get a grip man and give the man some support instead of always moaning as if it is his fault that he suffers from recurring niggles, pulls etc.
    AW spoke some time ago the difficulty of getting back the full range of motion in your feet after an ankle injury.

  206. Hunter @ 11:08

    Are you working in a lab that is doing oncogene research or was that just something random you picked up on the internet?

  207. lol bill….georgaki made the initial reference and i was just humouring really …yes of course i picked it up elsewhere…


    i have two hamsters im tormenting in mean leans lab and gunnerblogs …guess who? ..hahahaha

  208. One fine day, before this season is over, we may see Jack, Santos and Diaby play together for the first time, perhaps with Song, Kos and TV, and mighty Sagna. Robin will be up front. Perhaps Ox will be left for a change and Theo right, and Chewie between the sticks.

  209. Hunter:

    I missed that part with georgaki. My bad.

    I will say a short prayer for your hamsters, God only knows what you might doing to them. 🙂

  210. Paulie Walnuts

    Monumental effort from everyone last night. They played with their hearts AND heads & gave that team of posing prima donnas the fright of their lives – Pride restored.

    TR7 was irresistible, Kos was immense & The Ox just astonishing.

    If any of our summer transfer targets were watching they shouldn`t care too much about the money. It`s never dull at Arsenal.

  211. @ ZimPaul | March 7, 2012 at 5:14 pm

    That day will be a truly beautiful day for all Arsenal fans worldwide. I would even love to see Rosicky, Diaby and RVP on the same pitch for 90 mins since those are teh 3 players that have been most scrutinized over the past couple of years for being most injured.

  212. I do also want to thank all the fans at teh Emirates last night for cheering and supporting and creating a truly magnificent atmosphere

  213. Arsene was right to allow Andrie to leave on loan.
    And if we went out of the CL because of it(and we might have) then it is the fault of the people who booed him.Them alone.And they are cunts to a man ,By the way

  214. thanks deise!

  215. will the thrill

    since when did it become acceptable to cheat!!! are we supposed to just take it on the chin and say “oh well, it’s a part of the game.” that is completely f**ked. That oaf IBRA is a disgrace. He jogs around the pitch, his fat ass too lazy to bother getting onsides. Then he goes around tripping on air molecules. This is the biggest, bulkiest man on the pitch. God that was so frustrating to see.

    Anyways, big ups to the team. Most of us here know what the squad is capable of. All we can do is keep the positive support flowing. (getting aggressive towards the doubters like martin should also be a priority. Hunter13 I am with you….ps. If i ever see IBRA in real life, i will take a hammer to his feet and kneecaps. If not literally, I will at least give him loads of verbal abuse.)

  216. pedantic george
    I hate to bust your bubble but the boo’s were not against Arshavin but against the withdrawal of OX.

  217. pedantic george | March 7, 2012 at 5:47 pm

    well said george

    their plan is simple

    make the fans doubt the team
    make the players doubt themselves
    make the manager doubt his selections/decissions etc
    make the club doubt its policy / operational procedures …


    a club that has lost its way

    automatically they create an image of arsenal needing assistance, guidance, leadership etc etc .

    who is smart enough, capable enough and powerful enough to influence media and public like this ?

    the fkn balls on wenger to remain cool, modest, humble and support this whole organisation called ARSENAL on his own with his class and intelligence when speaking, means they are made of titanium.

    He needs the assistance of the good arsenal fans, and we owe it to him big time. with whichever medium i can find to do so.

    to hell with the spastic crying doomers…make them suffer wherever you find them.

  218. Hunter. Good stuff. Pleased to see you making your, excellent, points without upsetting those of us who treasure our history!

    How did you get oin with Spectrum?

  219. i have just seen the transworld video arseblog has put up on our goalkeeper …..

    not only do we teach them football we educate them to become respectful human beings…schesney was crap at school he says and now he is thinking of doing part – time uni..

    van persie came as a problem child nas is a leader , married father top quality as a person too without ever meeting him.

    we dont breed thuggs, we dont breed cunts….neither do we encourage problme childs to remain problematic

    fucking hell mas que un club …fuck barca we are THE ARSENAL!

  220. That is rubbish, smudge. The crowd were booing AAs name at the next game.

  221. consolsbob | March 7, 2012 at 6:25 pm

    LOL check gunnerblog and ml .. i have said things which i cant say in here ..yogi will kick my butt… 😉

    got him deep in my pocket that miserable w@@$er …him and his mates….. hehehe …

  222. Smudge, his name was booed when the team was read out at the next two games .So what the fuck had the AOC substitution to do with that?
    So you are wrong and its your bubble that is burst.
    I am rarely wrong BTW.You must be new here

  223. Did anyone else notice Ox’s fabulous corners, low, fast and dangerous? They remind me a lot of thingy, you know, podgy fellow, alcohol issues, troubled england international, striker, played in the 90s I guess, good feet, a wanabee great who had a few terrific moments.

  224. Ah, I’ve just read Gunnerblog.

    A sad state of affairs over there. A shame.

    Good work.

  225. well said hunter.

    @will the thrill
    Diving and all forms of diving should be outlawed in the game and a firm believer that it should be met with a straight yellow. What makes it even worse is the fact that the c**t refs applaud this bullsh*t by giving them free kicks but let somebody the likes of RVP and Theo and Verm not dive but get truly fouled and hacked and try to stay strong and not immediately go to ground until they are actually hammered to the ground like they were time and time again last night and throughout the season and not so much as even a whistle blown. What can i expect when its widespread in Spain and Italy and ecspecially in the CL where many refs come from those leagues.

  226. i dont think anyone can knock the club right now..
    the energy is positive and it should remain that way..

    beating newcastle will make the table look very easy on the eye, so I’m trying not to get myself too over excited until monday..but what we have achieved in recent weeks with the performances weve had, has given the confidence that we need at this stage of the season..
    what we achieved last night didnt just make them local heros but the lads have been getting praise up and down the country..

    wengers manager of the month..the media are up our arses..we do spurs, liverpool at anfield and we do milan on the bounce…weve got a striker whos arguabley in the top 3 players in the world..and lttle mozarts back..

    we are on the cusp of going on a big run in the league, the signs are there..the positive momentum that has engulfed the club has snowballed into a bit of a monster and it will be hard to stop..

    i dont think its a good time for newcastle to play us, i’m confident of a home win, and if we do win i think spurs will be caught by the end of the month and come may we’ll be wondering what we were getting a little worried over.. 😉

  227. As if booing can be justified. It’s like the thug who said “There were two of ’em and I meant to crack the other fella on the head with the crowbar, so I is not really guilty … am I?”. Idiots.

  228. RVP Captain our Captain and Captain of Captains(we have some international captains and they all look for leadership from RVP). Best we’ve had since Viera was roaming the park destroying everything and everybody.

  229. will the thrill

    @C. I feel exactly the same way…I know many here don’t buy into the anti-arsenal stuff, but i am going to try and plead my case.

    You have undoubtly watched the recent liverpool match. Did you take notice to how ‘pool plays tough, bullish defense. When our players would venture deep into their half, they were pushing and shoving, with no whistle from the ref…

    Keeping this in mind, take notice of Rosicky when he plays defense. He does the same thing, closing down his man quickly, and giving him a little push. Rosicky gets yellow carded instantly…

  230. Seriuosly getting tired of UEFA’s governing body already. Guess who they just opened up a case against again for comments? Any takers, well dont let me spoil the suprise but AW.

  231. will the thrill

    enough whinging on my part…

    the arsenal never left. They merely had to find their footing for a couple of weeks. Was there a crisis? nope. Just some weak minded ijiots who jump at the prospect of the Arsenal failing. If the past 3 games (spuds, pool, milan) aren’t enough to convince you of the class of Arsenal, you can f**k off.

  232. @will the thrill

    I’m not going to take it as far as an anti-aresenal thing but you do make vaild points. like I said before though if you watch ANY spanish league or Serie A match you see constant diving and players falling over their own spit and the refs give them free kicks. Its complete and utter bullsh*t

  233. Pedantic

    I am not new to supporting Arsenal and I will repeat that the booing started with the withdraw of a player who was tearing the United defense apart at the time.
    Any subsequent booing that may have been directed at Arshavin was out of order.

  234. will the thrill

    You are right C. I have (forced myself to) watch some italian league games. The technique is better, but it is sooooo pedestrian. I will have the pace, power, and determination that the EPL showcases any day of the week.

    I guess it falls down to this question, “does the end justify the means?”

    if yes, then tip your cap and praise Milan’s teamwork (standing around in one spot), organization (f**king up the pitch to gain advantage), and work ethic (get caught offsides over 10 times in one game because your striker is a lazy sh*t)

    if no, sit back and enjoy this arsenal squad. Simple as that.

  235. You are wriggling, smudge

  236. ‘There you go, your ladyness, you are now offically the Honorary Vice President of the club’
    ‘Oh thank you, thank you, that is most marvellous indeed. What an honour’
    ‘Entirely deserved, m’lady, entirely deserved’
    ‘I am so so pleased to accept this most magnificent of gestures. Does this mean that when the President is unavoidably detained then I step in’
    ‘Oh hold on do we have a President?’

  237. @will the thrill

    It is truly a great thing to watch this club play football.

  238. Just some weak minded ijiots who jump at the prospect of the Arsenal failing. If the past 3 games (spuds, pool, milan) aren’t enough to convince you of the class of Arsenal, you can f**k off.

    you know how snooker players tap the queue ( spelling?) on the ground as if admitting ” good shot” for their opponent.

    im doing it now …tap tap ! great shot !

  239. Paulie Walnuts

    The Arshavin loan is a really tricky one. Take away the booing issue & the pros & cons are pretty evenly balanced.

    On the plus side he gets game time with the possible outcome either a permanent deal somewhere in the summer or comes back to us with a bit of confidence & zip about him.

    The down side is even with only a dozen or so games left & several players seemingly above him in the current pecking order he`s one hell of a talent to have around.

  240. It is truly a great thing to watch this club play football.

    hehe if it wasnt for arsenala nd WENGER ( i stress that) football wouldnt be interesting any more…a bunch of speculative cunts selling their mothers to purchase silverware for their own vanity and self exposure ( abramovic, perez, ferguson mourinho moratti mancity c.ronaldo bleeeeahhh……jesus fuckin christ thank god for wengerball)

  241. Arshavin was unfortunate in that he was only getting 20 min’s here and there and was alway’s played out of position. If he had played consistently in his favourite position (AKA Rosicky) he would still be a first choice.

  242. i didnt understand the timing of the arshavin loan either.

    but it has to be said that since he left the atmosphere around the club has been much better and so have the results..

    it can be debated that we needed him last night but for me it doesnt matter..

    we got to 3-0 with the squad we had..

    we lost the tie becuase of what happened in the first leg, we didnt lose the tie because we didnt have a strong bench last night..

  243. will the thrill

    @hunter…i have had enough of trying to sympathize with those w@nkers. Yes, wenger has made mistakes, but those mistakes led to this squad. The squad that beat Chelsea and Spuds. The squad that just showed to the footballing world what “fighting spirit” looks like. AC MILAN just put in such a terrible showing. Top tier of Serie A? I would rather have played against a league 2 side, they would actually show ambition.

    speaking of ambition, will those people who think Wenger and the Arsenal lack ambition please take notice of what happened last night?? please? pretty f**king please

  244. @ consolsbob
    A confident and in-form AA, yes. But we’re not short of options now that 3gs is back and AOC has come good.

    What did you think of Gibbs? He seems to have matured. Makes mistakes but he seems to be playing with his head.

    @ Tateezee | March 7, 2012 at 4:11 pm

    According to the young guns blog on twitter

    Theo Walcott has a dead leg and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain flu after #Milan game last night. Both should be fit for #NUFC.

    Best news of the day, thanks!

    @ jon | March 7, 2012 at 4:30 pm

    “Doing a slide across the floor of your local as the 3rd went in is neither sensible nor becoming when you’re 48”

    Ha ha ha!
    I run from one end of the flat to the other, jumping and punching the air… What is everyone else’s favourite and age-inappropriate celebration?

    @ will the thrill | March 7, 2012 at 6:03 pm

    since when did it become acceptable to cheat!!! are we supposed to just take it on the chin and say “oh well, it’s a part of the game.”

    Agree – it goes beyond gamesmanship.

  245. yes will..the wankers who complain about club ambition are so stupid they consider a 60, 000 seater producing 3m revenue per matchday as not ambitious enough… ahahah

    they are all lost, confused and plain effing stupid .. no more being nice to them . no more tiring myself trying to explain to them simple things …abuse, mock and more abuse

    and now i will drop DAS BOMB

    what has england got to show to the rest of the football world with regards to football the last …..30 years or so……

    manchester united ….thats it

    so i ask ….me and my limited understanding of lobbying… it impossible that the ones who discovered the game ( a huge source of pride )and have been eating pie after pie in their faces that they would protect, promote, cuddle, elevate, hype, excuse, the one venture that can make them hold some modicum of respect when they talk to the germans, the italians, the dutch, the spaniards etc etc. ?

    arsenal is suffering because as a football style they are more european than english and without wanitng to sound a jerk or anything, the english take pride in doing things their “own” way…( however right or wrong their ways may or may not be) …so to me it aint completely illogical that the old establishment hates arsenal….and does not view arsenal anymore as a typical english side due to the continental or multicultural philosophy wenger has installed.

    isnt it a very bitter pill to swallow for the english old guard that a frenchman with a bunch of foreigners can make them a historical point of reference without adhering to the typical english traditions of a united, a liverpool etc etc. do you think it doesnt hurt them to read that the record breaking invincibles are french germans ethiopians or ivorians or whatever else ..with one englishman in it who proved to be a massive cunt……..

    i know i might get misunderstood..thats the price i pay for picking such sensitives strings …but to be fair …i see this anti-arsenal mentality on the news, on our rivals on the media…..lets face it…it mostly comes from here..from england

    i think that they dont like us….and i cant believe it that they dont like our football is something else they dont like…i would gladly listen to an english person who can understand my frustration at watchign the english behaving so nasty to arsenal in general…. i really would…

    i simply dont get it… is it patriotic? is it simple bigotry ? is it jealousy ? is it cuntism ? am i seeing things that are not there? i dont know ……….. yogi as an elder can you help ? am i being irrational ? is it only usmanov and dein? does it go deeper perhaps ?

    help me understand…why the hell is a club that produces youngsters ( new blood for the sport) and plays spectacular football with no intention to harm anybody and with ethos and dignity gets such repulsive treatment.

    then you have a club like chelsea which is a circus by all accounts…and i wont be afraid to say it…the only reason they get good press or not as venomous as arsenals is because they got the trio stouge john frank and ash;ey …who play for england.

    but its arsenal who is producing the future generation of england…not chelsea, neither united, nor liverpool nor tottenham..

    it is so strange…..

    i dont know how else to put it ….and ive tried to say it nicely without offending is very evil the manner in which england treats arsenal. the refs , the media, the opponents…everyone has a go at arsenal. and it is my opinion (lol) that even our worst enemy , ferguson, has realised it hence his comments that day in august. If you note his post match inteview there is a momment where the journo asks him about arsene and how it feels to see him under such pressure. and the old dog, the most unfavoured of candidates utters the words ” ave a lot of respect for that” and gives a glaze/stare to the reporter like never ever before……he meant it….. and we are talking about al capone here…the man who controls his backyard ( english football) like no other.

    i also believe that wenger can sense it , hence his turn in producing english players, but that needed time..and he had to get them from a young age so that he educates them the “foreign ” way…away from bangers and mash and the pubs. as a transition, to teach a group of kids from the english culture to switch to arsenal;s continental style would take years of course …and its slowly paying dividends for arsenal as well as england..nobody else.

    van persie scores the winner at anfield….will he stay or leave in the summer?
    arsenal scores 3 against milan ….another failure crashing out the champions league
    arsenal pulverised totenham…..just a lucky day
    arsenal gets fourth……where is the ambition
    wenger buys foreigners …why dont you trust the english players
    wenger plays english younsgters … why dont you buy world class players

    sorry for the long rant and sorry if i have upsetted a few, never my intention…stricly arsenal.

  246. arse or brain

    german newspaper bild reports poldolski signs for ARSENAL for 10.8 mil four year deal

  247. arse or brain

    hunter13, not a long rant just a rational for all the doomers to hang themselves by !

  248. I see the Sp*ds diving monkey faced one is upto his old tricks again!

  249. Hunter

    Your argument is at the flip side of the coin from the doomer’s. The reality , as with most thing.s in life, lies somewhere in between.

  250. Billy’s Boots

    What a great match! And what a wild night! After the match, some friends and I visited a local pub. I stayed for a while celebrating (maybe a little too enthusiastically), but then I realised I had to catch my train. After that, things got a little blurry. The next thing I know, I’m lying on the floor of the train, being woken up by a guy smelling faintly of food, and being greeted by a bunch of people cheering. I’m not sure what the fuss was about, but it seems like some of them had maybe rearranged my clothes while I was napping. Anyway, I got off the train and walked home after that. I’m not sure why my hand (and some other body parts) hurt so much, but hey, what a match!

  251. i dont know if its serious or formal enough to constitute an arguement lol..more like an emotional anathema and my observations on the treatment the club receives..i think it lacks any argumentative process to be honest (if i want to be strict with myself). just what i see or sense. i dotn know.

  252. Billy’s Boots | March 7, 2012 at 9:07 pm

    ah yeah jonny told us he saved you you know !!!


  253. @hunter

    I would tend to agree with much of what you say and i truly believe that if you do offend somebody it is due to them not understanding the message. I have watched the treatment of AW and Arsenal and do find it strange that we try to play beautiful football without diving and we never get a free kick called for us. I’m not saying its an anti-arsenal but your assessment of english FA just might be spot on.

  254. I love it, Hunter! instead of the usual rent-a-whinge who call up Talk-Shite and Five-Live, can you become a regular and Talk-sense. Like what you just wrote. Effing passionate and (even tho it’s bleeding obvious to all us ACLFers… well as to 99% of Arsenal fans,) to the rest of the football-interested public it is not obvious. It needs to be said. Durham and Collymore and Green etc….need to hear it.

  255. Billy’s Boots

    @ hunter 13 at 9:14pm

    Sorry, I haven’t ready any of the comments today. Did I miss something?

  256. yes c and it aint only the free kicks ..its how they refuse to protect the one club that plays football yet they protect every other thugg who comes out to play anything else ..besides football.

    lets take what happened to diabby and barton last year…how come no person in the F.A came out and put that ex inmate serial troublemaker at his fkn place…why did dowd pretend as if he didnt know what barton had done….why was dowd so eager to fuck up arsenal by giving two non existant penalties and smiling about it…….

    when gallas was late on a tackle a few years ago was all over the news…constantly..the same gallas who went to tottneham was then praised together with arry and wenger was pillored for letting him go when a few months back they were all mocking wenger for making gallas captain and throwing his toys out in b’ham…it makes no sense at all.

    i wont even go at the eduardo ramsey incidents …to me those two events proved beyond doubt that english footballers first learn rugby and then football. Here is a foreign lad whose ankle is hanging from the thread of his sock and the english are calling us cheats and divers and that taylor didnt mean it ….. that is a reason to take the team and remove it form the epl until a european tribunal sorts out the english f.a …i cant invest money to make your league attractive and you bringin out animals to destroy my investments….there is a lot we could do but i m worried it would alienate us even further.

    there is a serious misunderstanding. for some reason it is considered an act of manhood to step on the pitch and kick people, elbow them from behind snap at ankles etc. that since i cant beat them at football i will use dirty tricks. i do not mind commitment..i do not mind tacklin ..whe n its on the ball but i do mind dirty play with aim to hurt and injure. thats for cowards.

    last year robinson sees diabby coming in and he is already pumped up to kick him and he does it with a criminal tackle with his studs right on diabby;s knee …did the whole of england miss that?

    this is what i mean by demanding we get some kenyon type bulldog to protect our interests on the pitch and against the neanderthals who dont like arsenal….

    wenger dares speak about it and its all ” shut up you soft pansy ..this is england graahhh..thats hwo we play aint gonna tell us arsene…”

    thats not right…..whatever complexities and frustration the english have for being left behind in world football they release it through evil means on arsenal

    i hope ive worded it ok…

  257. I wonder who that Kenyon type bulldog could be, Hunter?

  258. Its a long wait until Monday.

  259. and the funniest part …..the one who will help and do the outmost so that english football come close to the europeans again is wenger …not ferguson…not arry…not hoddle….

    gibbs, jenkinson, wilshere, walcott, chamberlain …and the list is growing

    would you be shocked if i told you that we scatter our players out to english clubs with a lot more frequency than united …

    a couple of years ago i challenged a manure fan to give me a list of the players fergie has provided english football with and how many wenger had …. ( we were on the debate of whether wenger offers anything to english football) my stats stop at season 2010

    here are mine (players under arsene management transfered to english teams only):

    season 96-97 : 13 players
    richard goddard – brentford
    ben smith – reading
    kevin davies – brentford
    roy o’brien – wigan
    paul dickov – man city
    eddie mc goldrick – man city
    david hillier – portsmouth
    paul read – wycombe
    andy linigan – c.palace
    john hartson – west ham
    matthew rose – qpr
    paul merson – mid/bro * (now i know why merson hates wenger……he never got taste of success)
    lee harper – qpr
    10/13 were/are at 8 epl status clubs in last 20 years….correct?…1)reading, 2) wigan 3) mancity 4) portsmouth 5) c.palace 6 ) west ham 7)qpr 8)mid/bro

    season 97-98 : 6 players
    paul shaw – millwall
    ian selley – fulham
    jehad muntaser – bristol c
    vince bartram – gilingham
    peter clark – carlisle
    richard hughes – bournemouth
    1/6 players in epl status team… 1) fulham

    season 98-99 : 4 players
    ian wright – west ham
    isaiah rankin – bradford
    jamie day – bournemouth
    william huck – burnemouth
    1/4 ….west ham

    season 99-00 : 12 players
    steve bould – sunderland
    jason crowe – portsmouth
    michael black – tranmere
    dave livermore – millwall
    luis boa morte – southampton
    omer riza – west ham
    stephen hughes – everton
    narad bernanrd – bournemouth
    nigel winterburn – west ham
    davor suker – west ham
    tommy black – c.palace
    julian gray – c.palace
    9/12 players here

    season 00-01 : 5 players
    jay bothroyd – coventry
    brian mcgovern – norwich
    rhys weston – cardiff
    paolo vernazza – watford
    james harper – reading
    2/5 players at epl status clubs 3 if i count norwich..can i do that?

    season 01-02 :1 player
    greg lincoln – stevenage
    0/1 here

    season 02-03 :13 players
    rohan ricketts – tottenham
    richard wright – everton
    jo kuffour – torquay
    stuart sidwell – reading
    matthew upson – birmingham
    david grondin – dunfermline
    david noble – west ham
    matthew rouse – fisher
    carlin itong – kettering
    michael gordon – mk dons
    ben chorley – mk dons
    graham barret – coventry
    david seaman – man city
    7/13 epl status players

    season 03-04 : 10 players
    oleg luhzny – wolves
    john halls – stoke
    moritz volz – fulham
    jerome thomas – charlton
    micky nicholau – southend
    lian chilvers – colchester
    ashley roberts – rochdale
    craig holloway – farnborough
    alex bailley – chesterfield
    dean shields – hibernian
    4/10 in epl status

    season 04-05 : 9 players
    martin keown – leicester
    ray parlour – mid/bro
    nwuaku kanu – west brom
    francis jeffers – charlton
    stephen bradley – dunfermline
    john spicer – bournemouth
    rami shaaban – brighton
    matthew hislop – qpr
    dominici shimmin qpr
    6/9 here …

    season 05-06 : 9 players
    olafur ingi skulason – brentford
    adam birchall – mansfield
    dean mcdonald – ipswich
    stuart taylor – aston villa
    daniel carbasyoun – burnley
    jermaione pennant – birmingham
    frankie simmek – sheff wed.
    david bentley – blackburn
    mark howard – cardiff
    5/9 players here

    season 06-07 : 12 players
    michael jordan – chesterfield
    graham stack – reading
    ryan smith – derby
    sol campbell – portsmouth
    ashley cole – chelsea
    anthony stokes – sunderland
    lauren – portsmouth
    sebastian larrson – birmingham
    fabrice muamba – birmingham
    mart poom – watford
    jeremie alliadiere – mid/bro
    peggt lokando – southend
    8/12 here

    season 07-08 : 5 players
    freddie ljunberg – west ham
    ryan garry – bournemouth
    joe o;cearuill – barnet
    matthe conolly – qpr
    lassana diarra – portsmouth
    3/5 here

    season 08-09 : 1 player
    justin hoyte – mid/bro
    1/1 here

    season 09-10 : 5 players
    abu ogondo – dag & red
    james dunne – exeter
    emmanuel adebayor – man city
    rene steer – oldham
    kolo toure – man city
    2/5 here

    * for transfer season of august data found yet …waiting for year/season to end.
    * and i have excluded all the loans who also helped a lot of clubs..the list above contains TRANSFERS only….no loans

    totals : from 1996 till january 2010 wenger has provided english clubs with 108 players , 60 of them to epl clubs

    *fyio :the number of players wenger has loaned out during his reign is :105

    * if you want to add them it gives us a traffic of : 213 players in 13-14 years

    fergie has been at united nearly double the time and the manure fan couldnt continue in this arguement…he put his tail between his legs and run out…..

  260. @hunter

    you worded it brillantly and have also spoken what many fans and people within the club have said that if Arsene does speak on anything he gets the harshest of punishments or charged with bullsh*t. I do wish we had somebody to speak up for the club but we dont and thus is teh problem.

    Let’s go Arsenal football club, 3rd is in our sights and were back to the beatuiful free flowing uptempo football that we play and Newcastle is about to catch a thrashing.

  261. mingus | March 7, 2012 at 9:47 pm

    why not thierry henry ? they will respect him thats for sure..plsu he has the attitude and arrogance to step in and tell them al lto shut the fuck up cause they are clueless and he loves arsenal …not like dein who only loved the value of the arsenal shares ……

  262. cheers for bearing with all this c….great lad !!!! yogi will see all this in the morning and rape me …i think i best shut up for a while ..ive been very naughty

  263. The morning?
    You underestimate the man Hunter.
    All seeing eye,he is

  264. I love Henry, and there’s no doubt he loves the club. But I suspect he loves himself the most. Perhaps as much as Dein loved the value of the shares! No. I was thinking perhaps you could be that tenacious Kenyon-type bulldog.

  265. @hunter

    I understand your frustrations and the truly enjoy your passion for everything Arsenal it is very refreshing.

  266. Bradys right foot


    “last year robinson sees diabby coming in and he is already pumped up to kick him and he does it with a criminal tackle with his studs right on diabby;s knee …did the whole of england miss that? ”

    That was one of the worst tackles I have ever seen on a football pitch. A truly horrible moment for football. Why it escaped attention is quite simple like everything that cunt Robinson tries to do on a football pitch he’s simply not good enough to execute, whether thats trying to control a football ball or remove an opposing players foot from their leg.

    The word cunt is bandied about very loosely in modern parlance but this guy is a proper old scholl cunt, but even that word drawn from the pit of your stomach projected through through a larynx with the gusto of Brian Blessed and the mockney sneer of Ray Winstone would fail to convey the utter cuntdom, of the cunt that is Paul Robinson and what he in his infinite cuntishness he attempted to do to Diaby.

  267. You underestimate the man Hunter.
    All seeing eye,he is

    no no no i dont underestimate him …i just consider him way too serious to ignore the c.l. games to bother with what i write …. 🙂

  268. BRF has a wonderful way with words.

  269. Bradys right foot

    Bad speller though PG lol

  270. hahahaha..

  271. hunter13

    When you produce lists as long as the ones you have, there are bound to be errors along the way. One or two. Or in your case monumentally huge. I might be wrong but I think paul dickov, eddie mc goldrick, david hillier, andy linigan, paul merson, ian selley, ian wright, steve bould, luis boa morte, stephen hughes, nigel winterburn, davor suker were all established players before AW’s arrival. No, wait, I’m not wrong; they were all established players before AWs reign.

    WTF has it got to do with the price of eggs if he sold them? He didn’t produce them and in all of those cases bar Suker and Boa Morte, they had played first team football at Arsenal under George Graham. All AW did was get rid of perceived dead wood. That’s not providing the English game with anything in the meaning you tried to apply to their careers.

    I was going to go on with the list but I’d lost the will to live.

  272. omg apoel…omg ….STANDING OVATION !!!

  273. No, wait, I’m not wrong; they were all established players before AWs reign.

    OOOPSSSS ..hold it yogie..i did nto see players wenger produced ..i talked about traffic of players from arsenal to rest of english clubs under wengers tenor …and traffic of manchester players to english cliubs in fergusons reign ( twice the years) …

    please read more carefully .. ….. without wanting to be a dick about read it wrong……its not about homegrown established or produced …but players wenger and ferguson have given to the rest of english clubs to determine who does more for english footbal in general….

  274. say* instead of see…. 😉

  275. and that some of them may have been deadwood for arsenal doesnt mean they werent useful for the middlebror readings or whatever ..i also make a distinction betwenn epl clubs and rest as well as loans….

    dont be so eager to put me down …… i know youre testing me…. 🙂

    thank you 😉

    bravo apoel !!! fkn well done to them!!!

  276. the dudes crazy

  277. hunter

    It’s an idiotic argument to have with someone. So what if Wenger has sold more players to English clubs than Ferguson but let’s be honest, if you were talking to a United fan who couldn’t name a list full of reserves and ageing first teamers as yours is to 04/05, then they weren’t much of a fan.

    So what if Wenger sells more players? “without wanting to be a dick about it” all you are doing is giving ammunition to someone who wants to make the argument that Wenger got it wrong more often than Ferguson in the transfer market by having to sell more players.

  278. and if you hadnt read the list till the end then i can forgive you for missing the “traffic of players” …

    easy now …… steady ……… all watching eye and could you miss that …..;)

    Bradys right foot | March 7, 2012 at 10:10 pm

    thats exactly what i mean … a bunch of cunts as you described are allowed to run amok in the pitches of england injuring arsenal players …wenger hasnt be able to field his best eleven due to all these assaults and the muppets in the stands boo and demand changes …its sick…..

    see what i mean…lol …do you now understand my agony ? 🙂

  279. JJ

    Ain’t that the truth.

  280. george if you want something to do to from now until monday then read hunters list.. should at least get you to sunday.. 😉

  281. i suspect that the use of drugs should not be ruled out..

  282. yeah george..
    hearts in the right place, quite funny to read..

    completely nuts though…

  283. Dups

    Gotta be honest, he doesn’t need the magic bit. I think he’d be off his trolley eating Sainsbury’s Organic range.

  284. JJ

    You can actually read his diatribes? As in make sense of them? Worrying.

  285. lol yogi and jon jon ….hehehe you cant catch me guys ….. listen to george …he knows…

    why jon jon you have a problems with drugs ? …i didnt understand your comment……

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ………………..itchy trigger fingers huh ? i forgive…i forgive… 🙂

  286. Jebus why can’t people just type normally? Since when did an ellipsis (or three dots) become a normal way of writing?

    I simply cannot read Hunter’s writing, it’s like trying to read Homer’s Iliad in Swahili.

    Meanwhile, I’m hearing news from my friends at the Beeb that the Podolski deal is sowed up.

    In other news I just came back from the NHS rally – in Westminster a terrifying place this Tory coalition government are leading us – it’s a total car-crash of a health-bill and it’s been slid past us with barely a ripple.

    Just 2 weeks to make a difference people. If you live in England, ignore this and do nothing at all, not even sign the petition, than frankly you’re an ignorant fucking fool.

    Tolerate this and your children will be next.

  287. While his heart is in the right place, I wish his pen would run dry after the 1st paragraph of his dissertation(s).

  288. Jonny

    I’ve been following @nhs_supporters on twitter for updates.

    Did you see the video of Lansley’s visit to the Royal Free?

  289. @DrEoinClarke

    The NHS Bill is nearly 300 pages of complete gobblygook. U were never ever supposed to understand this NHS Bill. Politics Tory Style

  290. Dups I met the woman who accosted him tonight. She got a standing ovation.

  291. Jebus why can’t people just type normally? Since when did an ellipsis (or three dots) become a normal way of writing?

    but it so is …it is used for abstract connections of ideas delivered in written form…

    how else do i demonstrate to you in writting the pause of thought ?

    with dots of course ….writting is a continous stream of ideas …

    we can get really philosophical about it if you want …. 🙂

    did you mean jesus or jebus when you complained about people typing normally ? 😉 haha..

  292. i read most.. lol
    i didnt read the list though, im too tired to read that, i was actually suprised you attempted YW

    and even though i read most it doesnt stop me from having the opinion that he talks shit most of the time 😉 thats why its funny..ive been biting my tongue for a while seeing as though everythings so good right now but seeing as though you asked..!!..

    soz hunter mate..stay off the shrooms got some good ideas but your execution is clumbsy…

  293. She will not give up it seems. Good thing to.

  294. As mad as a bad of ferrets.
    Yet I find him uplifting.

  295. As mad as a bag of ferrets.
    Yet I find him uplifting.

  296. never mistake a bag for a bad

  297. execution ? lol jon where are we ? in some lecture theatre delivering presentations?…

  298. PG, I did once [shudders at memory]

  299. The atmosphere there was marvellous the whole of the NHS is 100% united against it (except the RCS – cunts) but it looks as though Cameron will ignore them all anyway and plough on. What do they know about it anyway?
    It’ll be the end of the Tories for some time ultimately – this will be a fuck up of monolithic proportions and we’ll spend the next 6 years trying to put it right.
    The Tories are making an error of judgement here so massive it is beyond belief but they don’t know how to climb down and save face.
    The public will not forgive them this – I think the next election will be a Labour landslide – though getting rid of ‘Millibland’ would help.

  300. Yogi’s Warrior | March 7, 2012 at 10:33 pm

    what?! so the numbers that show wenger doing more for english football than ferguson by giving players left right and centre for the whole of english football to go up a notch, you will interpret them as wenger’s mistakes ?

    yes sure that makes sense ….

  301. nah mate im not talking about this with you, i got no beef with you ive got nothing else to say.. i’ll talk with you about football though if you want.?

  302. “how else do i demonstrate to you in writting the pause of thought?”

    Errrrr. You don’t have to? This is one of the differences between writing and speaking.

    No wonder what you write just reads like a stream of consciousness.

  303. if you mean that only a crazy arsenal fan would waste time making that list oh then yes im guilty and i dont care …you make a blog for arsenal you telling me you aint obsessed ..that there is no madness involved……

    does arsenal pay you ? i dont know …i figure out you do it because of your own “madness” with our great club ..

    bad form yogi ..bad form..i disagree with all your attacks on my posts the last half hour or so…. respectfully of course ..

  304. Errrrr. You don’t have to? This is one of the differences between writing and speaking.

    what difference ? can you not deliver the effect of thinking in written form ? i dont have to ? lol…. what if i want to ?

    my conscious is fine dont worry

  305. Hunter

    Wenger doesn’t sell players through altruism, it’s because they aren’t good enough for Arsenal or they want more money on offer elsewhere. It’s got jackshit to do with giving to the English game.

  306. hunter

    What are you wittering on about. As I’ve told you on many occasions before, do not press the post comment button until you have re-read that which you’ve posted and are sure it makes sense.

    Your posts don’t make sense – that’s why you’re finding holes picked in your arguments.

  307. Hunter
    When you are becoming tedious to the good guys,its time for a deep breath and a bit of reflection.
    And good guys.Lecturing someone on their writing style is a bit rich on a football blog.As long as it does not contain too muck Text talk,people should get over themselves.

  308. You can do what you please Hunter, it just makes your writing very hard to read, and/or take seriously. Especially when it is coupled with posts that are usually 6 times longer than the lead article.
    A little concision goes a long way.

  309. Hunter, how did you get your avatar? Seems too appropriate for it to have been assigned at random.

  310. Yogi,Do you have a dog?
    Because sometimes I just let mine keep the stupid piece of rope.

  311. Wenger doesn’t sell players through altruism, it’s because they aren’t good enough for Arsenal

    i already told you that yogi ..what isnt good for arsenal might be good for middlesboro. i stand by my words .

    you havent read it and youre giving me shit ?

    nice one mate …………… goodnight ..

    did that make sense? lol…i havent checked you see …

  312. Hunters outpourings are for me no better than text speak George. I find them very hard to read.

    I’m with YW – some judicious editing would make a huge difference.

  313. and dont piss me off before i start finding holes in your sentences

    Wenger doesn’t sell players through altruism


  314. Bradys right foot

    Jonny only here could that shower of shite get elected. How can a group of Toffs and failed public school boys represent ordinary people in this country, it is paradox that can not suprise even the most politically ignorant. We have a cabinet who if they travelled back in time would not be out of place in the 19th century House of Lords, yet enjoy the privelige of governing this country.

    Every generation needs reminded of how truly horrible the Tories are unfortunatelty that means having to experience them in power.

    – I warn you not to be ordinary

    – I warn you not to be young

    – I warn you not to fall ill

    – I warn you not to get old.

    Those words have more meaning now than they did 30 years ago.

  315. I like Hunter. I, too, prefer his shorter posts.

  316. Does it upset you sensibilities Jonny?

  317. Wenger doesn’t sell players through altruism, it’s because they aren’t good enough for Arsenal or they want more money on offer elsewhere

    That was the whole sentence Hunter. Try reading it. Don’t piss you off? I beg your pardon? Are you seriously stupid enough to threaten me. Seems that way…

  318. Nah. I honestly rarely read what Hunter posts – far too much like hard work.

    BRF – it’s not just this country that – plenty of other countries have voted in even more right wing.

    The kicker this time is the Tories are trying to mess with our heritage and a uniquely British institution – and they got in by repeatedly promising there would be no top-down change of the NHS.

    18 months later and they have thrown a hand-grenade into its heart.

    They’ll regret this.

  319. Yogi – I honestly don’t think he works in sentences.

    As George said, it’s best give the dog the rope sometimes.

  320. Trouble is Jonny, never know what the dog will do with the rope. Although it’s not difficult to see where this one’s going to end.

  321. Clerkenwell Gooner

    Agreed, Jonny. Glad you were at the rally.

    Here’s the link to the e-petition, created by Dr Kailash Chand OBE, urging that the Health & Social Care Bill be dropped, if any Arsenal supporters on here want to sign up:

  322. Bradys right foot

    We can’t all be surgical strike teams,.Hunters well he’s a bit different, I’d describe him as an unrelenting albeit often inaccurate balista, attacking the mighty doomer stronghold of Wehatewengerium, but Jibber and Shoogs haven’t put their heads above the parapet recently have they? lol.

  323. Thanks CG – can I just urge everyone to sign it, tweet and forward to post on Facebook profiles and ask all of your friends to do the same?

  324. threat?

    lol..nevermind … obviously you win….. 😉

    great to see you telling me to read the whole posts when you admit you never read the one you first critisised 😉

    no im not stupid …thanks for asking 🙂

  325. Hunter – quit whilst you still can.


  326. BRF they’ve all been banned!

    Along with gains and a host of others, who never made it out of the ‘eternal spam bin’.

  327. Bradys right foot

    lol theres only one sheriff in Yogi town.

  328. Bradys right foot

    Jonny i’m reading some stuff about Podolski, how well informed or more importantly how close to the club are your beeb sources. I’m thinking Podolski could be great for us.

  329. And what a purgatory that must be Jonny.
    Imagine being stuck anywhere with that lot!
    I have spent some time on in that there bin.It is fucking horrible/
    So think on Hunter.Never abuse hospitality ,or take hospitality for granted.
    This really is the best party in town.

  330. Not close to the club but being the Beeb they (usually) only confirm when it has credible source.

    They were pretty damn accurate for me last summer.

    George – I hope I never find out!

  331. Why are you all ganging up on Hunter? You may not like his style, but at least he is an Arsenal supporter. You’ve already chased off one passionate Arsenal supporter. if you’re not interested in what he has to say, just ignore him. I’ve seen more tolerance on here of some people who are clearly not Arsenal supporters.

  332. Bradys right foot

    Can’t wait til Monday, might be a good thing given that we seem to have alot of Arsenal knack going around. Need to get some sleep i’ll leave the night shift to PG and Jonny.

  333. “There are worse ways to end the day than to think about how connected we are to the universe, literally”

    Night, night ACLFers

  334. george i havent abused anything …only the cunt doomers 🙂 ….while yogi’s digs have included …madness, drugs and then asking if im stupid…. lol…..not that i take offence obviously but i could if i wanted to 🙂

    and all this because he interpreted a list, which was designed to shut up a manure mug in defence of our manager, a bit wrong…

    ok his place his rules but lets know what were talking about …..telling me to read the whole posts – when he hasnt read the one he critisised me for? ..thats what doesnt make sense …

    anyway cool… 🙂 that cunt cesc gave 3 – 4 assists i lost count …

  335. tell em passenal !!! haha u star u !!! 🙂

  336. Passenal I did not chase off Gains – in fact his ban has precisely nothing to do with me.

    I warned Hunter to be careful just a few moments ago – I was genuinely encouraging him to not dig a bigger hole than he already has for fear he would get himself banned – surely that’s the opposite of what you are saying?

  337. im done with it jonny dont worry 🙂 hope he is too…

    but i will still use dots….lol…

    i thought of putting up the cheese of cheesiness ” gary moore – oh lord please dont ….cant even say it ..too fkn cheesy …lol

    anyway …humour..or else without it we wont make it…. 🙂

  338. Crikey that was a pathetic dig Pass – bet you can’t be bothered to even try to back it up.

    Right – I really am going to bed now.

    Podolski eh? This WILL be interesting…no idea how that will work out but I trust Wenger to make the right decision.

  339. Just Another Luke

    Agree with Passenal on hunter13

    I’d rather have a supporter who does no more than a truth distorting doomer.

  340. Just Another Luke

    Gervinho’s movement to draw a defender away from the near post for the Oxlade Chamberlain corner – Koscielny’s headed goal seems to have gone un-noticed.

  341. Just Another Luke

    Head turning headline

    Mancini eyes up RVP: City boss to anger Wenger again with £220,000-a-week offer

  342. Excellent posts everyone. Specially. HUNTER13. way to put that manure piece. O shit fan in his place. Way to go PASSENEL and GEORGE. Our good. GREEK ISNT mad. Oh no. He is pissed of as hell about the club he loves…………. 😉
    Say way I have felt since. 2006.
    Disrespecting the ARSENAL is not even the least of it.
    They have green lighted our players.
    Put every obstacle possible in our road.
    Disrespected. The manager.
    Allowed the takeover of clubs like city,manure, chelski. And pool so as to offset the scales financially.
    Etc……etc…. Etc….
    Signed…… a pissed off true. Supporter
    They rest of yous,,,,,,,,, keep your heads in the sand.
    We will get to the summit. AW & his crew. With the. True. Supporters. In tow……..
    UP. THE. GUNS;!!!!!!!!,,,,!,

  343. Passenal

    Gains got banned for an abusive comment towards me, no-one else.

  344. Well, no one will read this at this time so it’s safe to write it.

    I thought Hunter was fine last night in particular and the last few days in general. His 8.42 was like a summary of one particular debate on here held over the last 5 years oir so. Almost monumental.

    Granted it’s as much mental as monu…..

    I’ve given him more stick than most on here in the past but I can’t take exception to his belief in Arsene and Arsenal. Now he’s given up bashing our history.

    I bet the likes of Spectrum find him really annoying.

  345. top of the morning to you. YW. I don’t know what transpired between you and gainsbourg and if he personally insulted you in anyways. If he did then he woreout his welcome at your blog. I believe that maybe he felt he wasn’t treated fairly in being put in moderation along with Jonny. As such it is possible that maybe he lost his cool and spoke rashly. Anyways, no one can accuse gainsee of having the best of manners at times. He was knowledgeable about his football and super passionate regarding the club. We all knew his personality.
    Bravo on the work you do on this blog and for ARSENAL in your way. Much appreciated.
    I wonder if today’s subject will be podolski. And/or the latest ethifa witch hunt of. AW..

  346. Not how i remember it.

  347. Hunter 13 struck me the wrong way in the beginning too. As a racists and an English hater and someone enamored with AW and not much of. ARSENAL prior to the great man. He has since retracted some of his wrongly worded comments. And qualified them. I believe now that all this misunderstanding was due to his poor command of the English language and poor understanding of the game and EPL during the decades before the. Wenger. Revolution. I just hope he keeps. The. Lol. to a minimum… 🙂

  348. good morning first lady &. Conslsbob.
    Hell of a goal your boy scored against. Meeeelan, first lady. Heck of a player. My favorites. Are. SAGNA. AND. VERMALEN.

  349. None of us know what goes on in emails between YW and posters firstlady.

  350. Just Another Luke

    No place for being abusive. If we are ordinarily not abusive to others in person as hurt feelings could lead to fights, why should we be abusive to another online?

  351. The subsequent ban may have been because he abused Yogi but it didnt start there!!Not that it is any of my business anyway.

  352. precisely Luke. Difference of opinions can and should be resolved in a civilized manner. Our supporters. And players( specially the injured ones). Deserve much better than abuse. Save the abuse for the nonbelievers. Yah, that’s. The ticket.

  353. Shotta @ 5:05 – Read my post again mate. Properly as well. If you do you will see that I am not having a go or blaming him in one bit.

    Glad I missed all the Hunter frivolity last night. I can’t read the guys posts as they make my head spin.

  354. Just Another Luke

    I can empathise with YW the difficult role of blog moderating, Goonerkam. There is such a diversity of opinions and characters to deal with and possible styles (big stick or light touch) of managing. Ultimately, YW’s authority should be supreme.


  355. On hunter 13, I agree with Passenal as well. And goonerkam and firstlady.

    @ hunter 13
    I get what you are saying about the English players – IF those players were educated at Arsenal before being released or sold, then that is a contribution to the English game, at whatever level, because it increases the technical level of the leagues overall.

    And I second what consolsbob said – great work on the Gunnerblog and Arsenal Vision websites. Some Rectum ass well and truly kicked!

  356. So Goldi Poldi might be a done deal eh??
    Not that he can do anything for us this season but an exciting signing for next no doubt.

    Wenger charged by UEFA – well theres a shock – expect a fine and ban if we make it back to champions league next season

    Diaby 10 days away! Jesus H Christ, will we ever see him fit?

    At least we have til monday to get a few players rested and fit again!

  357. I am equally abusive face to face as I am on line.
    I would never say something I was not prepared to say looking someone in the eye.
    That, Just Another Luke,is the difference between an honest fellow and a coward.
    And you are right,It can lead to fights.But it is a poor do if you have to not call a spade a spade for fear that some abusive halfwit might take it upon himself to swing one at you.
    Unfortunately , mathematics effects even a conversation with a moron, the lowest common denominator sometimes has to be found.

  358. Nice of the Stevenage fans last night to remind 5pur2 about our game by singing, “5-2 to the Arsenal.

    Good stuff

  359. Fun – If you like watching 10 year olds fight it is.

  360. Just Another Luke

    pedantic george – I guess you weigh in at 14 stones adn stand at 6 ft 6 ins.

    What you say is true. Courtesy is merely civilised hypocrisy.

  361. My boy Hunter seems to be dividing opinion.
    But ultimately it is only the opinion and patience of Yogi that matters here.

  362. Podolski is just the type of signing we need. Somebody who can fill in for RvP when needed, but is equally capable on playing in the side on a regular basis so will still get game time. I hope it is true.

  363. Fun. From last night.

    Yes. I agree, Gibbs does look a more mature player.

  364. Just Another Luke


    And Dawson facing a long time out…

  365. Just Another Luke

    This diver said that? “Gareth Bale admitted he was not sure the penalty he won should have been given”

  366. George – Personally I think he types a lot and says very little of substance. He also appears to be an Arsenal fan and not necessarily and Arsenal fan. That said, I have nothing against him, he just seem to be a little too hysterical. He needs to take on board some of your calmness (and layout of posts) and maybe his point would come across better?

  367. Agh, I meant Arsene fan and not necessarily and Arsenal fan

  368. Yes Luke ,and there are of course limits to how far you can take face to face honesty.
    Any man who claims he say what he wants, to who he wants, when he wants, is either a liar or completely nuts.

  369. JAL

    Lemon also has a hamstring injury. They’ll be lucky keeping King fit for the duration as well.

  370. Having said that wasn’t monkey boy supposed to have injured his hamstring? Yet he played last night

  371. Just Another Luke

    I agree pedantic george. Without any statistical backup, I would think that there has to be more living liars than there are living lunatics…

  372. Dups – If it wasn’t so frustrating it would be funny. Players at other clubs always seem to come back early from injuries. Ours are predicted to be out for 10 days and end up missing the full season. It is weird

  373. Just Another Luke

    Szczesny is a smart boy. No way Spurs will finish above us…

  374. Yes all those Spurs players ,even VDV, seem to recover from Hamstring injuries overnight.
    Cecs was out for a month with every tweak.

  375. Whats the news on the BFG?

  376. “On hunter 13, I agree with Passenal as well. And goonerkam and firstlady. ”

    should have read
    “On hunter 13 and G69, I agree with Passenal as well. And goonerkam and firstlady.”

    @ consolsbob
    While Santos was playing, I would have said he had become the clear first choice, but I think Arsene has a dilemma now. Perhaps it will boil down to who complements Sagna best?

  377. There are lots of different levels of hamstring injury. I think Nasri got over one in about 10 days. Mind you that is the only instance I can recall of an early recovery.

  378. yes FunGunner, and he was not the same for the rest of the season.

  379. I think Santos will be first choice.
    He is simply class

  380. Wojo says this
    “”We have a fantastic manager who knows how to run the club. All the players believe in what he’s doing, as well.

    “Sometimes things don’t go our way, but we believe in the way the manager runs the club, the way we want to play football, and doing that we know that even if things are wrong we’re going to turn it around and win games.

    “We’re all even at this club. We have the boss, and we know who is the boss in the dressing room, and that’s Arsene Wenger obviously, and the skipper Robin van Persie who is the leader in the team.

    “But we’re all even in the dressing room, and so I can’t really say anything about it (player power), I’ve never experienced it.”

    Now perhaps the lack of disparity in wages is not all bad .as some experts (chuckle) think?

  381. Cheers. FUNGUNNER. and good morning.
    Hail hail STEVANAGE FANS. We will real the SPUDNIKS one game at a time. I heard the deal for podolski was for. 10•9mill. As opposed to 18mill they were asking a few months ago. I also heard he will be on 100000/wk.
    Not a bad gig if you can get it.
    As far as Hunter 13 , I understand. His posts completely. Specifically his theories,which I subscribe to and believe in for years now. How can one watch the games and not reach the same conclusions. Sometimes it is so blatant and obvious the job they do on our club and manager and players.
    Its like we have to play to a different set of rules than the rest of the league. It is so clear. Its on all FRONTS. We do have a mountain to climb and playing the games is just the half of it. No doubt.

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