No Room For Cowards; Arsenal Have To Caine Milan

This is a night where something has to give.

AC Milan will either be the first Italian team to beat Arsenal in the knockout phase of any European tournament or they are going to be the first team to throw away a four-goal advantage in the Champions League. They have form, Deportivo eliminated them following a 1-4 reverse in Milan by putting four past them without reply at Estadio Riazor in 2004. We can always send them our own experience of throwing away four-goal advantages, perhaps with a note that says, “Go on then prove you’re better than us – concede five“.

Overturning the deficit would be no small feat but then who thought we would thump their city neighbours 5 – 1 at the San Siro in a different but no less precarious position. Another trend to be bucked is scoring against AC Milan at home; the two previous meetings have been goalless. Maintaining that record of not conceding is an absolute necessity if the faint embers of hope are to be rekindled into a roaring flame.

And I for one cannot wait for kick-off. It is a real ‘next goal wins‘ scenario. An early goal for Arsenal, followed by another before half-time? Doubts would surely creep in? A not-implausible scenario but one that requires everything to fall into place very quickly as soon as the referee signals the battle’s commencement.

The team Arsรจne fields is being heralded as the stongest available to him. Scouse shoulders have denied him the services of Arteta which has led to speculation that the team will play in a 4-2-4 formation. Or 4-4-2. Or 4-4-1-1. All of which suggests it will be in the usual 4-3-3. Oxlade-Chamberlain is likely to start in midfield alongside Rosicky and Song, an attacking option and one that puts a lot of emphasis on the defensive abilities of Song.

Defensively, the manager has his biggest conundrum. Whilst he is instilling belief into the players about them achieving the 5% victory, he has to be mindful of his already not insignificant injury list. According to reports, Kieran Gibbs is carrying a knock which begs the question as to whether he should be risked at all. With Andre Santos not likely to be back for a few weeks, can Arsenal afford to take on their next few Premier League opponents without a left bak should the worst happen? That said, there is a six day breathing space for the players until the visit of Newcastle so I suspect the manager will view it as a risk worth taking.

Whether the players entirely believe their manager’s kidology is another matter but it really is as simple as he says,

It is important we have a strong belief and that we show we have enough belief to make what looks impossible, possible.

Can the players do it? Of course they can, anything is possible in 90 minutes or longer. Do I think they will? No but as important as scoring the four or more required goals, is them trying, making the effort, playing for pride. To enter the pitch already defeated is not acceptable even when four down. A performance to make us proud of them is the expected outcome. Anything more really is just a bonus which ought to work in the team’s favour when it comes down to receiving our support from the stands, surely? Expectations of clawing back the four goal deficit must be minimal – expectations, not hope – so complaining is the footballing equivalent of kicking a man when he is down. Let’s rise above that, for one night at least.

The team for tonight is probably as already reported in the media.

Szczesny; Sagna, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Gibbs; Rosicky, Song, Oxlade-Chamberlain; Walcott, van Persie, Gervinho

There are few other options although putting Chamakh up front with van Persie might work? No, it’s not going to happen until the final third of the game. Substitute options are limited though and Park will surely get his Champions League bow for the club at some point tonight. It appears the final formation might be 2-2-6 which is attacking to say the least.

Enjoy the game wherever you are watching it. ’til Tomorrow.

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  1. My wish is to see beautiful free flowing football irrespective of the result

  2. Morning all,

    I thought Arsene’s comment summed up the view of many of ACLF:

    “I would like them to get behind the team and not think about the first leg,” he said. “Getting behind the team will give us a chance.

    “[Negative supporters] didn’t affect the players against Tottenham. They just kept going. A big part of the support was positive. You always have a small part that are not happy. You have to accept that.

    “In fairness as well, in the media when you have 60,000 people, 1,000 people shout against the team then the media reports on the 1,000. That’s the perverse side of the democracy today. The excessive people get more publicity than the normal people.”

    And so says all of us!

  3. A nice piece should set the mood for tonight

  4. Just Another Luke

    I would like to see at least a win, any score will do, even if it is 5-4! 5-0 would be perfect! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. My main hope is that we don’t do our normal and let an early goal in. If Milan score the tie really is over. Getting four is possible but unlikely. Getting six is really not going to happen.

  6. As long as the team plays its heart out any result would be acceptable but if a miracle was to happen and we end up beating them and going through that would be awesome.

    Spirit, fight and strong character is all we ask for tonight.

  7. Darren Dein is on a mission. Make money out of Arsenal by selling Arsenal players. Players he’s managed to convince to leave Arsenal include:


    Sources say he’s also plotting to sell RvP and Song

    He’s been exposed in the Daily Mail today

  8. “Arsenal Have To Caine Milan”!

    Very good Yogi, very good.

  9. Impossible is nothingโ€ฆbelief is all that matters.

    Good preview YWโ€ฆ well, I honestly donโ€™t think we will turn the tie. What matters is to go for it and earn a victory with a confident ฤ„ฯ€ฯ‘ dominant display.

    Any other thing is a bonus especially considering the injuries we have.

    Here’s to a memorable game.


  10. Nice Post, and reminds us all of the reason we support Arsenal and love football in general.

    —-We could concede an early goal and get a whupping.
    —-We could score an early goal and score again before half-time, then blow caution to the winds in the 2nd half and get caught on Meelan break aways.
    —-We could get 3 and be gallantly short.

    BUT — we could win by scoring 4 and then winning the pen shoot out!!

    Like you, I cannot wait for the game to kick off! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. I am wondering how much Pepsi have paid Wenger for using “Make the impossible, possible.” If we do manage this craziness tonight perhaps we can persuade them to part with some cash!

  12. Agree with Bob – priceless!!

    Well, we’re just fortunate that if anyone can score five in a match it’s Our Beloved. Nice long break until we take on The BarCodes so like many of us, I’m sure an early goal in our favour could cause a timely outbreak of mayhem.

    How Milan will react to the shock of a surface as green as it is true is anyone’s guess.

    I’m looking forward to going just to applaud Arsenal on to the pitch after the way they’ve handled themselves these last few weeks.

    Just an extraordinary side; more heart, spirit and raw courage than any club in Europe.

    Good luck fellas.

  13. GOOD MORNING. ALL. &. ARSENAL!!!!!!!
    historical day ahead. It will be possible but only if we don’t concede. I even fancy us in a penalty shoot out. WOJO. IS THE SUPERIOR GOALIE. I think those of us hoping for fast, dynamic and freeflowing game are in for a frustrating. Night. I think the Italians think they are home free if they don’t concede. They won’t attack. they will park the bus an I won’t be surprised if they start with no strikers. We have to play our best dribblers and surest of all ballhandelers to be able to keep possession and show emance patience. all the time being careful not to get burned on the counter. I hope they show maturity and make history tonight. UP. THE. GUNS. OF. ARSENAL!!!!!;
    Show them cheaters will not. Prosper.
    Oh and don’t be afraid to shoot from distance. Not all goals can be works of art. Just. Ask. MANURE. I count on some deflected. Goals tonight.
    Would have been great to have. AA. for this game. oh well. have a great one. Yall. coy GUNNERS. show me what you got. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  15. Frankly, I would like the team to play without handbrakes and take the game to Milan. If it doesn’t work out, fine. But give it a real hard try. There is nothing to loose, so come on Arsenal and remember, ‘Fortune favors the brave’. Good Luck.

    I will be watching the game from India and supporting my favorite team.

  16. Just Another Luke

    The Milan bus will be full of holes after the Gunners and through with them, if they so choose such a tactic. It will play into our hands to seize the initiative.

  17. Arsenal fan from Singapore here. Given that the match starts in the wee hours of the morning over in Singapore due to timezone difference, I’ve applied for leave just to catch the match. I have a feeling something special will happen tonight.

    On another note, been a follower of the blog for a while now YW, you have quite a few followers over in Singapore too! ๐Ÿ™‚ Support for Arsenal is growing in Singapore too; wish I did record the explosion of roars that followed RVP’s winner at Anfield.

    For those doomers (who might still be lurking in the dark recesses somewhere), be glad some of you have season tickets and a chance to be at the Emirates on a weekly basis. To you, it’s just a weekly routine; to us, it’s the dream of a lifetime.

  18. Just Another Luke

    Handbrake off… Handbrake off… until it is 5-0!!!

  19. do you believe in miracles? even if you don’t, today might be a good day to start.

  20. Aaaah Matt Monro. Takes me back. A Hoxton/Shoreditch man, you know.

  21. That should become our song after this game. Instead of that fucking stupid Elvis nonsense.

  22. But Frank, you’ve been touched by the Hand of Arsenal; don’t you feel like a King?

  23. A very fine post today YW, and you know I rarely say that (it’s normally excellent), but today seems better.

  24. Admirable support from Singapore btw – and welcome!

  25. Morning FRANK,
    Kokonanda. You and. Your. Gooner friends in. Far east. Need to post. Here. Regularly. promise .

  26. 6 – 1 to the Arsenal.

    Honestly a very big ask
    but anything is possible
    and if we succeed I might be buzzing non-stop for a month!


    “1-game test, emptying all closets, things are too crucial to be civilized”

  27. Did anybody watch the inter vs catania over the weekend at san siro? pitch looked very good, I still canโ€™t believe how they changed the pitch for Arsenal match.

  28. History will be made tonight I can feel it in my bones. I hope they have the red and white flags out and the Emirates crowd get behind the team.Milan are going to get stuffed!6-1 sounds about right. I think we should go for broke and have an ultra offensive team, a high intensity game running at Milan from the outset. The pitch will be on our side this time. Gervinho,Ox,RVP,Walcott, Rosicky from the word go. RVP hatrick! COYG

  29. R. . A. S. E. R. S. …….!!!!!!!!!!

  30. So many things have to click into place for us going though to even be an option. We have to be on top form and we have to hope that Milan have a bad day at the office. Milan are a very good team.

    To have to beat any team by 5 clear goals is a big ask. Even against a lower lge side. To ask the same against a team like Milan is a huge task. I just want to see some fight and pride restored.

  31. Why is everyone thinking 6-1??
    Why not. 4-0. Or. hopefully. 5-0. much easier to do than putting six past them.. I’m thinking it might go to pens. After na 4-0. full time score.
    And. WOJO to do us the honor of winning it by stopping a least one or two. ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. Hand break off.. from 1st minute please, this year we are not starting the matches as used to, on flip side we are finishing well as we did against marseille, spuds, liverpool and many more this year, and looks like same with our season we didn’t start well and will finish stronger.

  33. If I was Arsenal’s manager, I would be giving serious thought over which players I would have available and what tactics to employ in our next important game. By that I mean next Monday’s match against Newcastle and a clear chance for us to further our claim to take part in the CL next season.
    As far as tonight is concerned my sole object would be to avoid any further addition to our already lengthy injury list. To consider scoring at least 4 goals WITHOUT REPLY against a seasoned CL campaigner, with the decimated team we have available is, IMO, the height of absurdity.
    Some may be glad that I am not manager. To them I would say we MUST get our priorities right and at the present time and under present
    circumstances, further progress in this term’s CL is not a priority.

  34. I am sure we can win tonight but it will be very hard to progress any further in CL this season.

    I have hope that I am proved wrong. For me the team putting in a good performance will be enough to build more confidence for the PL run in.

  35. Whatever happens I think there will be a lot of goals in it tonight. Ironically our best performers are going to have to be the two centre backs. They will get little protection tonight, but it is imperative that we do not conceed.

  36. I didn’t know that Frank.

    Great voice and a terrific song.

  37. Nicky – I was also thinking along those lines, but Arsene has decided otherwise. So if we are going to try and progress, we may as well give it 100%. I am looking forward to the game though, that is for sure.

  38. Just Another Luke

    Dare to dream… This world has one too many Mourinho as it is.

  39. For me the team putting in a good performance will be enough to build more confidence for the PL run in.

    Exactly. This is the most important thing for tonight.

  40. @goonerkam I did post for a short while last year, but the doomers drowned me out, so I decided to just enjoy YW’s posts instead. Glad to see them all weeded out though…. and oh here comes another who does a “if I were Arsene Wenger”…

    Seriously, you’re not. Get over it and get behind the team.

  41. Just Another Luke

    โ€œImpossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they’ve been given than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact. It’s an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It’s a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is nothing.โ€

    โ€• Muhammad Ali

  42. goonerkam,
    6-1 = 5-0 = 7-2 = 8-3 = less intense than 4 – 0 + extra time + penalties.
    I prefer we win (or lose) within 90mins.
    we have 4th place to worry about…
    don’t need that much wear & tear on the few players we’ve got.

  43. maturks | March 6, 2012 at 8:03 am


  44. It undoubtedly makes sense, to some fans, to husband our resources and play a few youngsters tonight in preparation for next Monday’s game against Newcastle.

    But that sounds like Wolves putting out a weak team against Arsenal or Manyoo because they accept they are a poor team from a weak club with no hope.

    Not for me! We are Arsenal, we are capable of beating anyone on our day, and our philosophy must always be that we play to win — always!!

  45. Luke – It was actually John Maxwell who came up with that. Ali was just quoting him ;).

    Strangely enough I read about it last night in a book I am reading (Hitch 22). Wierd eh?

  46. As far as tonight is concerned my sole object would be to avoid any further addition to our already lengthy injury list. To consider scoring at least 4 goals WITHOUT REPLY against a seasoned CL campaigner, with the decimated team we have available is, IMO, the height of absurdity.
    Some may be glad that I am not manager. To them I would say we MUST get our priorities right and at the present time and under present
    circumstances, further progress in this termโ€™s CL is not a priority.

    very pragmatic ..cant disagree with you really but i have promised and agreed to c that i will join this absurdity/fantasy and go for the KILL !

    ๐Ÿ™‚ would love to see ibra with his pony tail between his legs …hahaha ..

  47. 5 nil is a big ask. If we do it that’s like winning the FA and Carling cup on one night. I wonder if Milan will come to defend?

  48. Sounds like Rosicky may make it tonight. Arsene mentioned he and Song were the only fit midfielders. I reckon we will keep the same formation as normal wiht AOC playing as the advanced midfielder. We could always go 442 with another striker, but I think we will stay as per normal.

    As it goes I think that could well be AOC’s best position.

  49. I say whatever team put forth we should give it a proper go. We worry the next stage when we get past these guys. Two goals each half. This will be a chess match. We will have to be precise with our short passing to cut them to shreds. We have to be super patient. and we can’t concede. It is not an option.

  50. Go out and make history. This is not beyond us and I believe if we keep it simple and tight at the back we should be ok. We have a very quick back line I just hope the CBs don’t get carried away and concentrate for the 90.

    We got quality and much more speed than most teams going forward. Shock & Awe.
    The world will be talking about us for years when we pull this off.

    Come Out Fighting.

  51. I’m from the Philippines! And I already set my alarm at 3:30 am Philippine time (same time zone as Singapore, HK and China).

    I believe in miracles! Come on you Gunners!

  52. goonerandy | March 6, 2012 at 9:57 am

    “As it goes I think that could well be AOCโ€™s best position”.

    Too true mate. There’s a chance we might see him feature there. That would be dream and in the future would love to see that with Ryo to his left. Imagine that!

  53. Just Another Luke

    Thanks, Goonerandy

    I didn’t know that before.


  54. The stadium should be in full ROCK&ROLL mode. Put the fear of god into them. I want to see them soil themselves alma. Manshitty last year. Put them against the ropes and keep pounding for full twelve round. Viva Ali.
    We have to move like butterflies. And sting like bees(. Insert canons).

  55. Just Another Luke

    Monica from Philippines. I thought basketball is much more popular than soccer in the Philippines. It just shows how wide a following the EPL has. (I refuse to call it the BPL.) And of course boxing is very big there too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  56. yaay. Monica. FAR EAST IN FULL FORCE. TODAY. 330AM. that. Is. Devotion. ๐Ÿ™‚

  57. Cbob

    Not forgetting the reference to Noel Coward as well…

  58. Just Another Luke

    Googled it and confirmed:

    “Impossible is Nothing” was picked up by Adidas for an ad campaign with Muhammed Ali. Most people become confused when they see this quote on poster with Ali and assume that he said it first.

    And I am one of them confused one. ๐Ÿ™‚

  59. goonerkam | March 6, 2012 at 10:08 am

    for you

  60. I’d rather have Monica from the Philippines as manager ahead of Nicky.

    Having given it some very serious thought.

  61. AOC through the middle could be a stroke of genius with Milan likely to double up on the wings defensively.

  62. Luke – Definately the type of thing he would have said though eh?

  63. Just Another Luke


    How about this one? “Tonight, we dine in hell!”

  64. Fuโ€ขโ€ขโ€ขโ€ขIng. A HUNTER13. that is a proper war some. lol.
    That should do it. They will lose all heart before the ball is even kicked. Where. The heck is that.? I bet it’s eastern Europe? no?
    Tnx, by the way.

  65. Panatiniakos. Should have guessed. those crazy. Greeks. lol

  66. lol goonerkam if you can believe it ..thats the same ground the greeks staged their olympics …lol..ahahahahah they just trash everything they find in front of them… really crazy.

  67. Dgob | March 6, 2012 at 7:16 am

    Morning all,
    I thought Arseneโ€™s comment summed up the view of many of ACLF:
    โ€œI would like them to get behind the team and not think about the first leg,โ€ he said. โ€œGetting behind the team will give us a chance.
    โ€œ[Negative supporters] didnโ€™t affect the players against Tottenham. They just kept going. A big part of the support was positive. You always have a small part that are not happy. You have to accept that.
    โ€œIn fairness as well, in the media when you have 60,000 people, 1,000 people shout against the team then the media reports on the 1,000. Thatโ€™s the perverse side of the democracy today. The excessive people get more publicity than the normal people.โ€
    And so says all of us!

    Well said Arsene, and thanks Dgob for posting it. We simply can’t have 100% positive support, especially when having a bad run, and I’m pretty sure the boys know and accept that. There are always gonna be those obnoxious 1000 who whine really loudly when the going gets rough, but I think at Arsenal we have fewer of those than some of the other clubs, thankfully.

    It certainly doesn’t help when a section of the supportive 59,000 keeps obsessing about the 1000 whiners, and the media that reports them.

    I don’t care if we progress tonight. If I’m honest, I wouldn’t mind it at all (our priorities are to stay in PL top 4 and hopefully makes 3rd), as long as we give them a right proper scare by playing for pride. COYG!!!

  68. @ArsenalAndrew Seconded!


  70. Hey, Greeks don’t trash everything. I eat scones and drink tea……

  71. We have to BELIEVE its our destiny to go through. GO FOR THE KILL.
    this is no time to be civlized.

  72. Utter rubbish, Henristic. What are you going to do middle of the road them to death? Treat the 1000 to some serious fence sitting? It is the obsessives who are going to stop the fuckers….Get on the phone lines and blogs and tell it how it is. Sing from the rooftops. Embarass the booers. That is the only way.

  73. Hey, Greeks donโ€™t trash everything. I eat scones and drink teaโ€ฆโ€ฆ

    our green “brothers” certainly do and will do again on the 18/03…. ๐Ÿ™‚

  74. Treat the 1000 to some serious fence sitting? It is the obsessives who are going to stop the fuckersโ€ฆ.Get on the phone lines and blogs and tell it how it is. Sing from the rooftops. Embarass the booers. That is the only way.

    im all in for that. i pray it happens every day…a real gunner caught on camera smashing the jaw of a booer inside our ground …HERO !

  75. GEROGAKI, lol. that video hunter posted is the real deal. Proper atmosphere. drownout their fans and also the backstabber masquerading as gooners. Put them to shame.

  76. A ArsenalAndrew & Kokanaden,
    Very upset that Monica from the Philippines is considered preferable to me as Arsenal manager.
    What people will say just to receive a free invite to the Far East!
    I happen to know that Monica still doesn’t understand the offside law…………or the lbw rule either! ๐Ÿ˜ณ

  77. Yeah Frank, I can see how that will stop them. smh

  78. Frank – nothing will stop the booers but results – they are petty, small-minded people who measure value by trophy-haul and thrive in bragging rights. They are not even really football fans. Going and shouting the opposite is important but only because it provides balance but it’s incendiary also. Nah – the argument can only be won on the pitch.

  79. Andy – Christopher Hitchens again – he’s a recurring theme on these pages!

    Is the book good?

    Been itching to read some more of his stuff since ‘God is Not Great’, which, for me, is one of the most thought provoking books evah.

  80. Jonny,
    There really shouldn’t even be an argument. Let those who are of the right mindset support the team to their utmost, instead of allowing themselves to be distracted by the need to embarrass a few nutters who buy definition have no shame, and will only really thrive on the attention.

  81. Hunter did you really just encourage and champion GBH for the crime of booing?

    What the fuck are you on about?

  82. Well it does stop them you boring little cynic. Fuck off and snicker somewhere else, Henristic. We have shut at least three up in our little section alone because they have been shamed.

  83. maturks @ 8.03am

    Easy to call you a moron, but lets recap for your benefit.

    Nasri is nowhere near as good as the player he thought he was and was replaced by Gervinho who has already made more of an impact.

    Arsenal could have done with keeping Adebayor, but he will never again sell for the money we got for him. He was never a patch on vP other than vP’s injury record.

    Clichy was replaced by Santos who is potentially one of the most interesting and exciting players we have.

    Fabregas is the most complex of the players you mention, because we genuinely missed him and the money was not as good as he is worth.
    He was going to go to Barcelona at some point (whether people like you want to believe it or not) to say Wenger wanted to sell him is a disgrace to the club you claim to support and puts you with ignorant stirrers rather than a fan. Clearly it was better to move on and sell him when we did, the longer we waited the less Barcelona would have paid.

    You ignore the reality of what Man-Sour have become.

    You choose to pretend that at some point Cesc was not going to go.

    You ignore the fact that the other players you mention have been replaced by better ones.

    What little you have to say is put in a way that it is obvious you do not care about the truth. You are already wishing Arsenal ill so your beliefs are validated.

    As such you drink with the Tottenhots.

  84. hey jonny how are you ? who is gbh ?

    all i said is that i hope and pray for a real gunner to get caught on camera smashing the jaw of a booer ….. lol …. i agreed with frank …whats with your tone ? lol

  85. With so many players out and being 0-4 down, this game is about pride, really. They want to redeem themselves. A good performance is a must, a win would be nice and getting through would be a massive bonus. It’s unlikely, but then so are lots of things that happen every week.

    Yes, nicky, avoiding injuries is a factor in team selection, but not the only one, or even the most important one. RvP could get injured tonight or he could get injured tomorrow night reaching for the remote control. So the chance that a player might get injured is not a reason not to pick him unless the match is meaningless. I think this is a meaningful match, even though the odds are stacked against us – progression to the next round is at stake.
    Mind you, I don’t think Monica wants to be the manager anyway, so you’re all right there!

    @ kokanaden and Monica
    great comments. I hope the performance makes the early start worth it for both of you.

    @ henristic
    What a strange spin on AW’s remarks. Accepting the existence of something you cannot change is NOT the same as condoning it. He has been calling for 100% support. It’s not going to kill anyone to give it. And how can you not care if we progress or not in the Champions League? Why do you want to ensure that we finish in the CL positions, if not to compete in the CL?

  86. You need to get a sense of humour, Jonny

  87. Monica is sleep already. Need to be fresh for the game. Sweet dreams of. 5-0. Victory. ๐Ÿ™‚

  88. Hitchens was an interesting man. Fiercely independent. Antitheism was his bag, although I always suspected that it was just another expression of his libertarianism. His change from UK to US citizenship made me a little queasy. Nothing wrong with being American but the conversion from one to another was an odd move for a man of his background. Even his hero Thomas Payne did not make that leap, dying as he did in England. Hitchens died in his adopted country of course.

  89. Some people have had a bit too much caffeine by the looks of it…

  90. I have my finest. RED. &. WHITE S. on in. Solidarity. won’t take ’em off for a week if we go through. god willing.

  91. Jonny – Yeah it is pretty good so far. Only started it last week so I am only a qualrter of the way through at the moment.

    Frank – He did keep his British citizenship though.

  92. …and blessed are those who take the middle of the road, for they shall be squashed flat by the juggernaut of history, which is a bit like a Reliant Robin because it has a wheel in the middle at the front in case any of you try to get away by lying down right in the middle.

  93. Did he, Goonerandy? Hedging his bets then, I guess.

  94. Going to be a rush for me tonight. I am giving a presentation this evening, but reckon I will be able to get home just before kick off.

  95. Frank – Yeah, maybe so. I think he spent a good deal of his life over there. And you are right; he died in Texas.

  96. @ goonerkam | March 6, 2012 at 11:23 am

    “Monica is sleep already.”

    ha ha
    Like when I was little, Christmas Eve was one night of the year when I was happy to go to bed early!

  97. Caffeine. And. SCONES too, YW
    devastating. Mix there. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  98. I personally expect a win to restore our pride and anything beyond is a bonus.

    Like the idea of putting AOC as attacking mid behind Robin. To imagine Gervinho and Theo terrorizing from both flanks and Ox with Robin. Its gonna shed some blood. Metaphorically of course.

    Any way its gonna be a good day. Can’t wait the kick-off. Time difference really is a problem for us, Asians.

  99. You need to update your voice recognition software, goonerkam…that was a joke btw, I don’t believe in little yellow winky things. In fact I was rather hoping that some ingenious hacker would have invented a virus for them by now. Maybe make them explode causing the people who use them to be covered in itchy yellow spots.

  100. Morning FUNGUNNER, sweet memories. Which time zone are you posting from.? I like your outlook of the game tonight. We are in it. Lets go for it. Leave logic out of this one. This is personal…. hahaha

  101. Dangerous stuff that caffeine…

    Aw Frank, you’re such a road warrior! Grrr. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I feel kind of comfy that we have nothing to lose and so much to gain but sadly I’m going to miss tonight’s game because I promised a good friend I’d help him run his open mike night.

    Might try to sneak away for (some of) the 2nd half…

  102. @ goonerkam
    I’m posting from the UK. Where are you?

  103. frank , have you read hesse;s steppenwolf ?

  104. Yoda the Gooner

    Arsenal 6 Milan 1, force is strong at the emirates tonight

  105. FunGunner,
    OK Matey, you are prob right that tonight is still meaningful. But in my 80th year of totally supporting Arsenal, through triumph and disaster, all I can think about THIS season after such a terrible start IS QUALIFYING FOR THE CL NEXT TERM.
    Miracles DO happen. Passed my scholarship in 1935 and School Certificate in 1941. Now they WERE miracles! ๐Ÿ˜†

  106. Whilst Hitchens is on subject; something similar. Does anybody watch “The Big Question” on Sundays mornings? They normally have some decent debates on there, but on Sunday they had a woman on who actually believed that she could see and speak with everybodies “guardian angel”.

    I find is staggering that people who utter such nonsense are not assesed for mental health problems. And I mean that genuinelly.

  107. Hi FRANK. will try to keepem at a bare minimum. Emoticons help me convey a bit more of how I feel. How’s lay Nina?

  108. ‘Nicky’ would seem to be a little anachronistic, ‘Ernest’, ‘Harold’ ‘George etc might be more fitting

  109. what happens in the end when he snorts coke with pablo ? is it all in the theatre ? i lost it in the last 50-60 pages ….

  110. amd tim robbins jitterbug perfume that should be made into an epic “pulp fiction” movie …alobar and kudra ..

  111. Lady Neena is fine, goonerkam. Though Peter can’t be trusted, he nips women’s bums as they walk past, and then quickly looks away. Very embarassing for me and I have been crowned by shopping bags, handbags and baseball bats on several occasions.

  112. southern California. FUN. a bit anxious about the game. Can’t sleep. I guess it didn’t help that I just played football six hours ago. Still wired from the come from behind win. Hay. A good. Omen. Me thinks….

  113. Since we are on the subject…..I do have some leftover stock of pasta arsewhistles which might go down well tonight.

  114. Hahaha FRANK. gota teach him some manners . give them both a carrot for me.
    Are you sure it’s Peter and not you. lol
    Didn’t know Picasso snorted. That explains some of his paintings. Or is that Neroda?

  115. Canโ€™t sleep. I guess it didnโ€™t help that I just played football six hours ago.

    hahah i played yesterday between 7-9 and couldnt sleep till 3.30 -4 in the morning …rolling and rollling and then roll some more…..

    make a fat one and Zzzzzzzz on the sofa….with the tv on of course plus alarm

  116. FG,
    Clearly, you misread my post (no surprise there). I never condoned booing, nor have I said/implied that Wenger was. Would rather not get into an argument about this though, as my post was quite clear to begin with.

    About tonight, I mean that I’ve accepted that we’ll probably go out and that will not be a bad thing this season. I don’t know why anyone find that strange. Qualifying for the CL is very important for financial reasons, while progressing beyond Milan gets us much less in comparison, especially when you consider we may not be able to win the thing. Put another way, its way, way more important that we qualify for the CL than it is that we ‘compete’.

  117. Pretty excited about tonight’s trip to the Emirates! First CL game, and one that we’ll feel pretty free to “release the handbrake” and go for it. Aside from potential injuries, we’ve nothing to lose. Even placed a cheeky little bet on RvP to score first and to win 5-0 – make myself a few bob if we make it! Why the hell not, eh?!

  118. hahaha hunter. You know the feeling. Can’t do a fat one now. Got to be at work in three hours. But I will take extended lunch hour and see the game at the COCK&BULL. fish and chips callin.

  119. the lord has spoken

    “I have a gut feeling the players can do it and my job until 7.45pm tonight is to convince them they can do it.”

    “Basically I have only two midfielders, with (Alex) Song and Rosicky. That means we have to play with four strikers,” said Wenger.

    “But I can play six strikers if I want, I have enough, I have (Marouane) Chamakh, Park (Ju-young), Van Persie, Gervinho, Walcott and Chamberlain.”

    omg he has well and trully lost it :p …..he is really gonna go for it …..hahaha u legend…..

    ” but i can play six strikers if i want, i have enough” … LOL…..only you arsene ….

  120. Frank,
    Amazing.You must be psychic. My Christian names are Ernest Harold George.:oops:

  121. Delayed reaction … post. Yep, I’ve decided I feel a teeny bit sorry for AVB. He was trying to innovate under abram’s brief “make chelsea interesting, like Arsenal, and also win stuff”.

    It may have worked elsewhere. At chelsea, impossible. (and I don’t mean like over-turning a 4-goal deficit, but literally impossible).

  122. come on…:oops:

  123. I feel pretty good about this one.

    I think we’ll come very, very close, and if we do pull off this miracle, I think we’ll go on to win the thing.

  124. With you all the way Mike SA. all the way.

  125. And even if we don’t, it can only benefit the team by having a refreshed idea of what playing without the handbrake feels like again. For whatever reasons this season, the handbrake has been on to an extent. And that has been OK…steadying the ship, grinding out results, winning ugly etc… the only glaring exceptions being versus Blackburn and the of course the Tiny ones. But I think Arsene’s relishing the chance to remind the team how good it can feel. So I think Arsene’s played a pre-match blinder, imo. No half-way indecision, just clear unequivocal positivity.

  126. Park played against Marseille at home in the 0-0

  127. Surely some mistake. The UK doeasn’t like dual citizenship so I doubt he could have retained his UK citizenship if he took out that of the US. Don’t know their attitude.

    Noel Coward Yogi? Bugger, I’ll have to read it again.

  128. But I can play six strikers if I want, I have enough, I have (Marouane) Chamakh, Park (Ju-young), Van Persie, Gervinho, Walcott and Chamberlain.โ€

    I could truly see us really having a go at it and i know this might sound absolutely crazy and i made mention of it yesterday but i think at some point we could potentially see a 352 unleashed maybe after half and us really go for it. Wouldn’t be surprised to see something like this if we were to go up 2-0 by half.


    I have always had a strong belief that we dont just roll over even when shit has hit the fan, we merely wipe it off and hit the person(Milan) who put the shit up there. So I say AW has spoken and has never once claimed that we weren’t going to go for it. So I say we have a go and play teh beautiful free flowing football that we are accustomed to seeing and unleash the likes of Theo, Gervinho, Ox, Park, RVP and tell them to press high up the pitch and attack everytime the ball touches your feet. Song has returned to form and he is truly the key and there isn’t another DM i would put this responsibility on but i would tell him just sit infront of the back 3 and defend like the world class talent that you are. I can’t wait for this match, checking in from VA in the USA, I wore a red and white shirt to work today and decked my desk out in Arsenal red and white. Just tripped a Barca fan and made him spill his coffee(while yes it does sound like a jerk move, he told me we didnt have a chance in hell of winning) so I’m feeling good about tonight

  129. Henristic – presumably when we were 2-0 down v Spurs the other day you’d also accepted we were out of THAT game, as well? Or 0-1 to Liverpool?

    Henristic/Nicky – no disrespect intended to either of you but surely all sporting achievement starts with ‘belief’?

    Nicky – in fairness to the Sleeping Monica in the Phillipines, I’ve been wrestling with the LBW laws for 40+ years myself and reckon I’m only about halfway there, at best! As for offside, I gave up on that when the phrase “not interfering with play” was first uttered; what a load of nonsense – was it the Mighty Brian Clough (or ‘similar’) said a player shouldn’t be on the pitch if they are not interfering with play? Dead right.

    Hunter – GBH = grievous bodily harm. Which is still technically illegal in this country* but what you may be getting the online equivalent of from YW if you continue to conspire to commit crime through his otherwise august pages!

    * unless ‘playing’ football against Arsenal, in which case it’s absolutely fine …

  130. Bob – Maybe so, but that is what he did.

  131. Ah, of course. The heading. Blind and/or stupid.

  132. @ nicky
    don’t get me wrong – I know we have a mountain to climb. But there is gold at the summit, so it’s worth having a go, is all I’m saying. Even if the worst happens and we lose RvP or Kos for the rest of the season (spits over shoulder, strokes rabbit’s foot, wonders if four-leafed coriander is as lucky as four-leafed clover), it would not be fatal to our chances of qualifiying for the CL next year. We have other players who can score and this team could do enough – eke out gritty one-goal wins with the odd loss or draw away from home. So far, even the games we have lost, we really should have won, so looking at the competition for fourth, I feel fairly confident.

  133. Yes Andy. I just checked and it’s not as simple as I thought.

    You live and learn on this site.

  134. Just this once, we’re the underdogs.

    So, for those of us who have to watch at home, do you think that just this once the match commentators will be allowed to be on our side?

    To be honest, I’m more hopeful of reaching the next round than of this happening. But, as everyone keeps saying, this is a day for ยคiracles.

    (Perhaps somebody could let me know. I shall of course be watching with the mute button on.)

  135. Well miracles do happen! But to score 4 against an experienced Milan defense is a big ask. Especially since this match is coming 3 days after the Scousers game. A few players could be fatigued by the end which was not the case in the derby against Spuds.

    I hopeful that Walcott will make an impact but it is also equally important not to concede against the likes of Ibra and Robinho which is again tough. I think the scoreline would be 2-1 or 3-1 to Arsenal.

  136. Hunter โ€“ GBH = grievous bodily harm. Which is still technically illegal in this country* but what you may be getting the online equivalent of from YW if you continue to conspire to commit crime through his otherwise august pages!

    * unless โ€˜playingโ€™ football against Arsenal, in which case itโ€™s absolutely fine โ€ฆ

    LOL….come again ?…. what have i said this time ? crime ? august? i cant follow…. sorry ….

    are you trying to make me feel bad for wanting the booers to be harmed beyond recognition ?

    ๐Ÿ™‚ …they committed the crime first…treason…

  137. It’s very simple, whomever scores first will advance. Milan missed too many opportunities at home,

  138. @ arsenalandrew,
    Notice I carefully referred only to MONICA’S lack of knowledge.
    Otherwise,mate, I’M WITH YOU!!! ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

  139. Rankings

    I did not get you! we need to score at least 4 to get to penalties, one is not enough.

  140. @ FunGunner,
    EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I hope you’re right. It’s this appalling injury record that worries me. No sooner do we get a few bodies back, the whole process of losing bodies starts all over again.
    What is soul destroying is the example of Diaby (a favourite of mine) returning and beginning to shine, then lasting only for half an hour.
    It sure tests the patience and confidence of all Gooners.
    Supporting our great Club ain’t for the fainthearted! ๐Ÿ˜†

  141. ………………………………………..Young 80’s Idol

    Italian…………….Friendly Neigbourhood…..Future Destroyer of ………….Simon

    ………………………….Serge Gainsbourg on the Admiral of the Fleet

    Lenny Henry Based
    This Character on…………Mrs Robinson……..Eastenders Twin…………..This will Help
    Teddy Pendergrass……………………………………………………………..The Milanese Farmers

    ……………………………………..Only Fools and Horses

    Use the Arsenal players to find the answers.

  142. Let us go all out for it, 1st to enjoy our game, 2nd for pride, 3rd for a win and 4th just maybe to go through to the quarters. Stranger things have happened,who would have thought we’d lose 8-2 to manure this century huh?

    Too excited and nervous for this one!!!

  143. @ nicky
    you’re not wrong – injuries are a killer and as for Diaby, when will his (and our) nightmare end? that carpenter has a lot to answer for.

  144. Hunter – I recognise you’re just exaggerating and being provocative – I have to assume you mean it facetiously – but we have already seen a few fights break out this season at the Emirates. This is not a good thing and comments like this appear to tacitly endorse it.

    Booing Wenger/players is not treason – it’s stupidity. But so is encouraging people to be ‘harmed beyond recognition’, even if it’s not meant seriously.

  145. @fungunner

    If we Diaby was ever able to be fit for more than a match we would easily have the most talented midfield in teh EPL with him Song and Jack as 1st choice. As is such he isnt and the only thing that matters is 5-0 thrashing Milan is about to recieeve.

  146. No point in nerves on this one.

    If we field an attacking team it is a win/win situation. Lose and we tried, win and we….win.

    Field a defensive team and it is a nothing game.

    Field the regular team and it is a sign that you trust your system and players.

    I would go for the win/win option myself although I would admire the man who sticks to his young guns.

  147. Is that true, Jonny? Between our own fans? I’m not surprised. Just hadn’t heard.

  148. Hunter is a troublemaker who has brain of a child. Booing is not treason, you muppet!

  149. I hadn’t heard that either. A few rows, but no fisticuffs. Certainly no police in the stands. Think you might be exaggerating for effect, Jonny

  150. @Dhruv
    No, no. it’s supporting, right? Reverse psychology, tough love and all that?

  151. Jeeez. How did Frank McLintock become such a tosser?

  152. Booing your own side most certainly is treason

  153. Jonny | March 6, 2012 at 2:08 pm

    jonny if the booers were some children with no understanding of the game or the finances of football maybe i could forgive them for being a bit stupid

    but when its a group of grown ups who are essentially losers in their own lives and try to make up for that by identifying with a winning group and react like children when they dont see what they expect, then no! no fkn sympathy.

    i mean that person that even dares calls himself a representative of arsenal fans ..payton ..who is waiting like a weasel to castigate wenger and the club is not a real fan to me…this is the kind of guy you would smack first…

    bravo to those who smacked the booers..finally people who care and take action and not just blah blah……

    ” wtf are you booing at you little cunt ..thats wenger ..ARSENE FUCKING WENGER ! shut your trap before i kick you out you son of a bitch”

    yes jonny …TERRORISM ….. ๐Ÿ™‚

    dont forget that noone and i mean NOONE forced them to pay any money for any tickets.

    they are entitled to nothing

    you cant come in my restaurant without me ever forcing you to come in and you booing at my chefs my menus my stuff and my waitors and generally being an aggressive cunt ans spoiling it for the rest of my customers… ..i will kick you out sir and if you insist i will bring out them two schwarzenegger i keep at the back for such occasions.

  154. So my Spud friend who recently lost $200 to me when he wrongly thought those idiots from the Lane woud beat us, would like to make another bet with me. Surprise! Surprise! He wants a $200 bet that The Arsenal will/will not advance to the next round of the CL. Considering we have to win by 5 clear goals or a PK shootout, I replied it is only fair if he gives me 5-1 odds.

    The real bitch for him is that several mutual friends (his girlfriend being one of them ๐Ÿ™‚ ) have been telling me how disgusted he was that A) not just did we come back from 2-0 down B) nor was it just because he had to pay me but C) the day he paid me I took The Girlfriend for dinner and drinks and who did we happen to run into? None other than said Spud and what game do you think FSC were showing a replay of? Ar5enal v. 2puds thank you very much!!! I have to admit to never enjoying buying a Spud fan a shot and a beer as I did that evening. In all fairness to the lad he stayed and watched the whole game with me and The Girlfriend and several other people, some we knew and some we didn’t but each and everyone of them thought it was hysterical.

    I am waiting to hear back on whether or not he agrees to the odds and if he does am I placing $40 against his $200 or am I placing $200 against his $1,000? Pardon the pun but knowing the cheap bastard as well as I do, it is odds even that it will be a $40/$200 bet!

  155. What has McLintock said? He normally seems very pro Arsenal.

  156. I’m with Hunter on this one, in spirit if not degree. I dunno, cultural differences maybe? This side, booing of “one’s own” is quite a taboo, a serious matter. They would have to do something dastardly, criminal perhaps, like a thieving charlatan of a politican. But a sports team, I have never seen such. We have other means of showing our backs.

  157. Santos back in the squad for the Newcastle game hopefully. Excellent news.

  158. Hunter is a troublemaker who has brain of a child. Booing is not treason, you muppet!

    booing this manager certainly is .

    especially when it has reached the heights it has reached in the section of the ungrateful

    look we will never agree on this so dont bust my balls…. thank you ..and dont insult me . i dont think i have insulted you mister ……..

  159. Yep, booing is a treason, of one’s loyalties, that’s exactly it.

  160. Frank @ 10:43:

    “It is the obsessives who are going to stop the fuckersโ€ฆ.Get on the phone lines and blogs and tell it how it is. Sing from the rooftops. Embarass the booers. That is the only way.”

    I think you have been fighting the doomers for way to long. If it makes you feel better it does have some value. ๐Ÿ™‚

  161. Booing is also regarded as cowardly. When the chips are down doubly so. As YW said “No room for cowards” on the field, and I would say in the terraces.

  162. thank you zimpaul ๐Ÿ˜‰

    some pseudosenstive souls are telling me off for instigating violence through blogs ? lol….hahaha i praise their intelligence …. ๐Ÿ™‚

  163. I guess that Walcott is the other key tonight. Just a hunch. Him and Ox.

  164. How long is too long to fight doomers? Actually I think we are beginning to win the war against doomers. I predict a slow change, but a change nevertheless. Dooming is getting a bad name. Fence sitting is my new target.

  165. You look at some of the blogs out there. Bad article or rotten comment and people come in in numbers to launch a fierce rebuttal. Except the infamous moderating ones. It is a marvel. A modern miracle. We are turning round the shit and firing it straight back into their faces. Hurrah.

  166. arsenalandrew | March 6, 2012 at 12:59 pm
    Henristic โ€“ presumably when we were 2-0 down v Spurs the other day youโ€™d also accepted we were out of THAT game, as well? Or 0-1 to Liverpool?
    The answer to both questions is a resounding NO. Hope that’s cleared up.

    I would like us to play without pressure tonight, without getting too caught up on the result. We should aim to play with the handbrake off, and if we don’t qualify, its all good, imo. Its the performance that matters.

    If we somehow do manage to qualify, well… I can’t quite manage to find words to describe how I’d feel. In fact, I’d rather not think too about that outcome too much yet, as it makes me woozy.

  167. Henristic – That sounds about right.

  168. Frank | March 6, 2012 at 2:57 pm
    How long is too long to fight doomers? Actually I think we are beginning to win the war against doomers. I predict a slow change, but a change nevertheless. Dooming is getting a bad name. Fence sitting is my new target.

    Hahaha. Classic, Frank.

  169. Hearhear. ZIMPAUL. what else do you call the enemy from within. A treasonous basterd. I don’t advocate. GBH but calling them out and shaming them? By all means. Serves the two faced disloyal know it all. Basterds indeed.

  170. Genuine question. Why should people who commit treason be harmed, or as is the case in some countries, get the death penalty. Why should treason be on the level of murder and rape? Anyone care to give me good reasons for that sort of punishment in the 21st century?

    southern California is where. I live. If you missed my reply from before.

  172. @Frank
    I commend you for keeping and taking the fight to the Doomers and Fence sitters.

    Santos back for Newcastle is excellent new and thank you for the update.

    I think 2 major players that will help decide our fate will be one Alex Song and one Theo Walcott. Song is going to be key because if he plays like he did against Liverpool and Spuds then we will boss the midfield and we need him to defend because i have a feeling that it is going to be all out attack from the 1st whistle and we are going to leave the back 4 or 5(4 if we play a 352 w/Song holding firm or 5 if we play anything else) to defend and stop every attack. Walcott will help provide the width and is the 1 player other than RVP that teams dont have an answer for when they are focused. I know Walcott is up for it because he shows up in matches like this and shows every inch of his ability.

    Gervinho, time for you my friend to put in a match like you have never played in a Arsenal shirt. I want to see the Gervinho of last year in Lille where you were uncontainable, scoring goals, giving assists and using ur electric pace and unpredictability to destroy defenses.

    Back 4 I need you to defend and defend and defend. Verm and Kos, you 2 can individually destroy Ibra but together they dont have a chance.

    Fight on Arsenal!!!!!!!!!

  173. Join Amnesty International, Henristic

  174. It was mentioned on several different blogs and on Twitter earlier this season that some arguments had come to blows amongst our own supporters. I’d be amazed if I was the only one who read this? And who said anything about police in the stands?

    Obviously I didn’t witness it first hand but neither am I exaggerating for effect – why would I bother to do that Frank? Of course other people could have made it up but, again, I’m really not quite sure why anyone would…

    In fact it really doesn’t matter if it’s true, calling for people to be smashed in the face is just stupid. We should be encouraging fans to unite behind the team not to resort to violence.

    Treason! Chortle. What are you like 6 or something?

    Irish – that’s a joyous tale. If he offers odds take the 40$ bet – don’t give him the chance of claiming all of it back.

  175. Henristic – I agree completetly. It is out dated punishment. The death penatly itself is a debatable point; but if agreed on there are much more serisou crimes than treason to which it should be applied.

    C – For me, our most important two players tonight are Kos and TV5. We simply must keep a clean sheet. Getting four is already asking a lot. Getting six? It’s not going to happen is it?

  176. @ goonerkam
    lovely and sunny! Lucky you.

    @ dups
    ha ha
    That’s one groovy “Mr Love Mouse” mover. The ending is bit worrying, though…

    Karma Department (football section)
    Fates and Destinies Division
    Eternal Universe

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    I would respectfully draw your attention to the fact that AC Milan cheated gained an unfair advantage in their home game by sabotaging carrying out essential maintenance work on their pitch before the match. This represents a large withdrawal from the bank of Karma and surely repayment must be due tonight.

    Yours faithfully,
    FunGunner of Goonerland, UK.


  177. You look at some of the blogs out there. Bad article or rotten comment and people come in in numbers to launch a fierce rebuttal. Except the infamous moderating ones. It is a marvel. A modern miracle. We are turning round the shit and firing it straight back into their faces. Hurrah.

    YES !

  178. The death penalty is abhorrent in all cases and all cases should be fought tooth and nail

  179. Damn – strike though didn’t work! cheated

  180. In fact it really doesnโ€™t matter if itโ€™s true, calling for people to be smashed in the face is just stupid. We should be encouraging fans to unite behind the team not to resort to violence.

    lol your mistake is that you consider them “people”…they are not …they are scum.

  181. worked strikethrough out, so I’m reposting

    Karma Department (football section)
    Fates and Destinies Division
    Eternal Universe

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    I would respectfully draw your attention to the fact that AC Milan cheated gained an unfair advantage in their home game by sabotaging carrying out essential maintenance work on their pitch before the match. This represents a large withdrawal from the bank of Karma and surely repayment must be due tonight.

    Yours faithfully,
    FunGunner of Goonerland, UK.

  182. Merlot (1.15pm) – the commentators will start the game guardedly optimistic on behalf of the Gunners. However, they will trot out certain cliches in the name of ‘balance:

    “Mountain to climb”,
    “Worst defence in the history of Christendon”,
    “RvP will leave if they don’t win/and or qualify for Europe”.
    “Inconsistency has killed their season”
    “don’t like it up ’em”

    For this reason alone, Merlot, it’ll be worth keeping your mute button firmly deployed.

    Then, should we get an early goal another set of cliches will follow

    “Maybe, just maybe …”
    “Dare to dream” blah blah

    OR if we concede, they will adopt the air of all-knowing sages who were never going to be surprised by the ‘inevitability of the outcome’.

    Whatever happens, I’ll just be grateful to be in the stadium, regardless of the result.

    Hunter – I was just kidding you and think the non-support should be confronted at every juncture. And whilst I accept booing may not be a treasonable offence, it really does feel as though it should be. I’d not seen any trouble at the Emirates among our own fans either but full marks to anyone standing up to the Doomers inside or outside the place we call ‘home’.

  183. Serious fence sitting on the subject of Capital Punishment. Don’t tell me..those who are against it totally are extremists?

  184. cheers, Frank, I see you understood it the first time!

    I’m off. enjoy the game, people.

  185. ArsenalArsenalArsenal….ArsenalArsenalArsenaaaaal…ArsenalArsenalArsenal..Arsenal…ARSENAL

  186. Frank @ 2:57:

    “Actually I think we are beginning to win the war against doomers. I predict a slow change, but a change nevertheless. Dooming is getting a bad name. Fence sitting is my new target.”

    Just 3 weeks ago the world was crumpling and Arsenal had the worlds worst fans. Amazing what a couple of weeks of good results on the pitch can do.

    Good luck with those fence sitters. They are the worst of all because they try to pretend that they really are supporters.

  187. Death penalty? I don’t think the likes of Dowd and co should be given that much power to be honest. They can’t even get the normal ones right ffs..

  188. Great news on Rosicky and Santos ANDY. Hope we get good news on the rest of the injured bunch. Specially ABU DIABY.& JACKY.
    HENRY, I can’t believe I’m even answering your question. But here it goes. I’m not for capital punishment in majority of cases bit if I were to make the decisions, committing treason against ones country, specially in time of war, would be on the list of capital punishment deserving crimes. Again, I can’t believe the question was even asked.

  189. Frank – “Serious fence sitting on the subject of Capital Punishment. Donโ€™t tell me..those who are against it totally are extremists?

    I find it hard to see why the likes of Ian Huntly (for example)should not get the death penalty. There is no doubt he committed the crimes he was found guity of and they really were horrendous. He had no thought or remorse for those poor girls and the suffering it caused the family.

    Why should our tax money be used to keep him behind bars when he will never be released?

    I am by no means a campaigner for the Death penalty, but on the other hand I can see its value in certain circumstances.

  190. There have been some bloody good old positive Arsenal comments today. Lovely stuff. Nice one goonerkam, FG, Frank, ArsenalAndrew, Hunter etc.

    It’s doable, going to have to be at our very best, but we’ve seen already this season what that looks like. We’ve scored 7, and a couple of 5s in the very recent past in home games, and these guys know what we can do, they’ll shit themselves after a couple of first half goals… If we go out, we go out, but we won’t go down without a fight.


  191. @goonerandy
    I noticed watching a couple Milan games and even the 1st leg that Ibra more often then not plays and picks up the ball in the “hole” and plays on from there. If Song is able to play up to his world class level then he can take alot of pressure off of Kos and Verm by bossing that area thus taking away Milans biggest strength IMO which is Ibra be allowed to play in that position and many times against many teams roam free in that area

  192. C – Hopefully. We did not deal with him well in the first leg though, so lets hope tonight is different.

  193. Yah FUNGUNNER, SUNNY most of the time. To bad I like a little rain and/or snow some of the time. I like four seasons.
    MORNING IRISH, don’t take his bet. Let him suffer for a year or two. LOL

  194. I disagree Andy, name me a country that has the death penalty where it has not been misapplied. That’s the problem. Moreover it doesn’t even work as a deterrent – people like Huntley are dangerously sick – the supposed fear of the death penalty would have done nothing to prevent the crime.
    Is it worth killing him to save the money he costs the tax-payer safe in the knowledge that somewhere along the line someone innocent would undoubtedly suffer the same irrevocable fate?

    Bill agreeing with Frank there is an interesting manoeuvre! I imagine he’d include you amongst those with a splintered ass. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  195. Can’t believe we’re even debating it tbh… no-one should ever be given the death penalty. It costs plenty of tax payers money for all the red tape to push through a death penalty charge, and if anything, more money should be poured into trying to reform these people. If they don’t have remorse for such horrendous acts, they should be treated in a mental health clinic, not being ‘put to sleep’ (ahh, sounds lovely…). How we can decide what crime deserves death and what doesn’t is beyond me. I’m not religious at all, but many of the countries where this is still prevalent have strong followings in their respective religions, most of which strongly condemn killing another human being. That doesn’t make sense to me.

    And just because someone commits even the most horrific of acts, they can always change and be helped out of their obvious mental state, if given enough support. People will say otherwise, and in some cases they will be right, but how the fuck would we ever know that if we were just killing them and wiping our hands of the ‘problem’ – before even exploring other routes…

  196. @goonerandy
    Yea i hope so to but Song and Kos and Verm look like they are figuring out how to play together and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Just got to avoid those slips but we are playing on a pitch worth of CL play so it should be ok

  197. Jonny – Heh, I would imagine so. Although most who banter the phrase around on here don’t really seem to know what it actually means ๐Ÿ™‚

    I agree that it does not serve as a deterrent. And when discussing this in the past I have always maintained that those considered for the death penatly should only be those who committ the worst crimes and more importantly, those whose guilt is a certainty. Obviously how easy that would be to enforce is another matter.

    I can see both sides of the argument, so ironically htis is one area which I actually do sit on the fence. I can’t really make my mind up. Perhaps is jail time was more, well, unpleasant I would fall more firmly on the “no dealth penalty” side. I sure jail is not nice, but it does not seem to be the hell hole it once was.

  198. C – sorry missed you off the shout out ๐Ÿ˜‰ some nice posts from you today!

  199. Well it’s official!! $40 @ 5/1 it is ๐Ÿ™‚ Now hopefully that will be enough to pay my bartab at The Blind Pig if we win!!!

    ๐Ÿ˜’ ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿšฌ (maybe a ๐Ÿ’Š……nah)
    game kicks off
    ๐Ÿ˜’ ๐Ÿบ ๐Ÿบ
    RVP!!!!! Get in!!
    ๐Ÿ˜ƒ ๐Ÿป
    Theo!!!!! Beep! Beep!
    ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿป ๐Ÿšฌ๐Ÿบ (maybe now ..๐Ÿ’Š…nah)
    RVP fouled, looks hurt!!
    ๐Ÿ˜ฑ ๐Ÿšฌ๐Ÿšฌ
    RVP back up!!! Penalty The Arsenal!!!
    GOOOOOOOOOAL!!! 3-0 The Arsenal!! RVP!!!!!!!!!!
    ๐Ÿ˜ƒ ๐Ÿป ๐Ÿป ๐Ÿบ ๐Ÿšฌ
    ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿšฌ ๐Ÿšฌ ๐Ÿšฌ ๐Ÿšฌ (maybe now ๐Ÿ’Š…nah)
    Second half kicks off
    ๐Ÿ˜ โ™ฅ โšฝ
    `Rosickyyyyyyyyyyy!!! 4-0!!!!!
    ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿป ๐Ÿป ๐Ÿธ ๐Ÿธ ๐Ÿป ๐Ÿšฌ
    Hattrick RVP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Milan fucking sucks!!!!! AHAHAHAH!!!
    ๐Ÿ˜ƒ ๐Ÿป ๐Ÿป ๐Ÿธ ๐Ÿป ๐Ÿป ๐Ÿป ๐Ÿธ
    The Arsenal win!!!
    ๐Ÿ˜œ ๐Ÿบ ๐Ÿธ ๐Ÿ’Š ๐Ÿšฌ

  200. Cheers. GEO.
    enjoy the game. FUNGUNNER.
    between. Vermalen,kosher,and Alex. ,,Ibrahimobitch will be dealt with…..

  201. Geo – Yeah, all fair points. And I do agree with most of them. The reform bit is an issues unto itself though. There is little evidence that this is truly sucessful and another matter of ethics if they should be given the chance to do so.

    Take the guy who just raped his friends fiannce (in Bristol). She was weeks away from giving birth, yet he raped her and then stabbed her repeatedly in the stomach. Reform? I struggle with that concept if I am been honest. The guy made his choices, so for me he should rot without privelages for a long long time. Maybe for the rest of his natural.

    Crimes like the above are on a different level to somebody (for example) who has maybe killed somebody in a fight.

  202. Is there any more cold blooded, calculated, cruel murder than that committed by a state as a sanction? About as bad as it gets isn’t it?

  203. Hah, BILL doesn’t have splinters on his bum. Saddle burn maybe. LOL

  204. Frank – “Is there any more cold blooded, calculated, cruel murder than that committed by a state as a sanction? About as bad as it gets isnโ€™t it?

    No. I would imagine that being brutaly tortured, raped, and then killed would be worse. Especially given you were just going about your day as normal and was on the way to visit a friend/family member is worse. And more unfair.

  205. While i do like Robinho as a player and ecspecially watching him play when not against us(I must admit), he is still an obnoxious c**t. and to prove it i refer to a quote that he said about the match today: “Arsenal have improved since we beat them but it’s almost impossible for them to turn this tie around, We were superior in the San Siro – 4-0 was a poor return. Robin van Persie is a great forward but he couldn’t influence things. I don’t think he’ll play as well against us as he has in his last few league games,”

  206. I attended a workshop recently on Domestic Abuse (DA), stalking, and honor based violence. Very intersting it was, but more so as the lady taking the workshop was one of the UK’s top experts in this area. She worked for a long time for the met police.

    Throughout the workshop she was able to give quite graphic and chilling examples of DA which ended in murder. These instances were prolonged over years sometimes and the perps were pure evil and very calculating. She also gave some good inside stuff on the Ian Huntly case. These types of people don’t deserve the chance to reform. They have not made a “mistake” and knew full well what they were doing over a sustained period.

  207. Nicely said Frank.

    GA – rotting in prison is completely different to the death penalty. That’s what we were debating wasn’t it? My point is that during the rest of his life ‘rotting’ in prison, he could actually become a great man (no matter what retort you may have to that). I have worked with prisoners who have killed whole families for example, who have then gone on to become teachers, poets, musicians – and, believe it or not, good citizens. The person who killed a whole family is actually a family friend now and pretty much saved my life when I was in dark times at the age of 17. It took a long time in prison, looking deep into himself, psychologists daily, suicide attempts to make him realise his true value and that everyone makes mistakes (some much worse than others like the one you mentioned above), and by the same token, almost everyone who is not completely mentally ill can be reformed, if they want to be.

  208. Committing. High treason against ones country ,specially in time of war??
    No question about the punishment. No question at all.
    More so if it’s done for personal gain. Against the wall ,scum.

  209. Ok, so if they have ‘no chance’ of reforming, how long to you leave it to decide that they will never change? Or do you just say, “fuck it, kill em, they ain’t gonna change” right from day one?

    It can take 50 years before someone changes, it can take illness, trauma, anything to flick a switch in someone’s mind… But you are right in that it might never happen. But how do you judge that? You can’t.

  210. Geo – No “retorts”, I am just swapping thoughts. Not trying to “win” an argument. Like I said, I am not an advocate of the death penalty, but nor am I 100% against it. Your points are food for thought though, that is for sure.

    On the other side of the coin; what about somebody who serves their time (maybe even rehabiltated), gets released, and then rapes or murders again?

  211. I’m not patriotic at all goonerkam, apart from when it comes to Arsenal. England and our history is an embarrassment to me more than anything. Sorry if that pisses anyone off, hang me if you deem that a worthy punishment!

  212. This is all Hunters fault.

    But some fascinating posts, nonetheless.

  213. “what about somebody who serves their time (maybe even rehabiltated)”

    that’s an oxymoron, they would not re-offend if they were rehabilitated.

    But I’d say that’s the system failing and that they were either not given enough time in prison (i.e. life), or that they didn’t get incarcerated in the necessary mental health institution, and given the necessary treatment in order to ascertain whether they are likely to re-offend upon release.

  214. The death penalty is as primitive as most people now perceive slavery (in its worst forms), that remained common from pre-history up to the mid nineteenth century. The latter has been abolished in name, it persists but at least it is illegal. The death penalty remains on the statutes of countries that murder their citizens in other ways too.

  215. Geo – “Iโ€™m not patriotic at all goonerkam, apart from when it comes to Arsenal. England and our history is an embarrassment to me more than anything. Sorry if that pisses anyone off, hang me if you deem that a worthy punishment!

    That is pretty much my take as well.

  216. This can of worms should be exchanged for a can of whoop ass for that hunter13 scamp. Starts a fight then pisses off eh?!

    Anyway, I’m off to go lynch some Sp*rs fans.

    Up the Arse!

  217. Jonny @ 3:41:

    Me??? No way!!! How dare you, Frank would never think such a thing. ๐Ÿ™‚

  218. I agree with ZimPaul

  219. Lol, sorry GA, wasn’t picking a fight, I just can’t hold my.. erm.. fingers sometimes!

  220. @ Geo | March 6, 2012 at 4:20 pm

    Brillantly written

  221. Bespoiling the place with horrible yellow winky things should attract several months community service

  222. Some good points.

    One ethical question is; should the likes of Fred West/Ian Huntly/Ian Brady be afforded another chance through reform? Their victimns certainly were not. And nor are the families and friends left behind.

    These are not people who happened to have killed somebody. These are people than have planned in detail, conived, decieved and caused immense suffing on purpose to innocent indivudals. And all for thir own gratification. It makes my skin crawl.

  223. Johnny
    Sometimes you can be annoying (re;the hunter comment about booers).

    3 and a half hours to the game!come on gunners

  224. Not keen then, Frank?

  225. Geo – “Lol, sorry GA, wasnโ€™t picking a fight, I just canโ€™t hold my.. erm.. fingers sometimes!

    All good mate, me neither. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Like I said, I am not an advocate of it. Just sometimes the punishment does not seem enough for the most disgusting crimes and it does not seem that justice is done.

  226. my two pence on the death penalty is thou shall not kill, wouldnt it be better if someone spend the rest of their lives paying for their sins than just dying?

  227. Funny to imagine that one day, not so far away, this period in history will be seen by our descendants as horrifying, unimaginably cruel and implausibly ignorant, and chaotic.

  228. I guess you could shortcut all of that, goonerandy, and just execute people who make your skin crawl.

  229. I agree with Zimpaul again

  230. Agree with Zimpaul @ 4:17. Here in Texas they execute more people then in most other countries in the world put together and alot of people are actually proud of that. Makes me ill thinking about it. Its been proven that a at least a couple of innocent people have been executed and it still does stop not them from screaming for blood. Hard to believe sometimes.

  231. Yes it must be very hard to be proud to be Texan, Bil, or at least a resident of Texas. Not exactly a beacon of civilization is it?

  232. will the thrill

    milan get to fuck with the pitch when we come to town, maybe we should do something similar???? pump some diarrhea inducing gas into the milan locker room? oops ๐Ÿ˜‰

  233. Good evening ACLF.

    There’s a rumour that Jesus will be in Islington tonight to oversee a miracle.

  234. On ethics, a teaser. If one person kills another person as an act of revenge (let us say because that person killed someone else, like a family or friend), it is murder, certainly. Perhaps the revenge killer might be given leniency or psychological factors brought to bear because of an act carried out in trauma, but it is still murder. If it is more than one person then the crime of conspiracy is brought into the picture, and leniency is unlikely, since the act was ‘calculated’.

    We all agree, and this is what most legal systems will say. So the revenge murderer(s) is or are now legally put to death.

    Then why is the prosecutor, judge, warder and executioner not guilty, ethically? There is no ethical difference. They conspired to murder and the only plausible reason is revenge. It is hard to find leniency in such a cold blooded conspiracy.

  235. Frank @ 4:40:

    It can be a struggle. I enjoy most things about living here but the culture of violence is a tough one to deal with. You take the bad with the good.

  236. Kolo Toure compared this year ManShiteh to the invincibles and said “The quality is the same because we had 24 great players at Arsenal and here is the same, we also have 24 great players. Here you can change any player,” He went on to say “David Silva didn’t play [against Bolton], but we still won the game. [Sergio] Aguero didn’t play, but we still won the game.

    “In our time at Arsenal it was like this. Dennis Bergkamp was on the bench, Kanu was on the bench, but we still managed to win the games.”

    While a great player he is how dare he.

  237. One reason why I love ACLF is because of the melting pot of very intelligent and engaging participants who are ready to discuss any number of topics from police states to ecclectic music, from cultural banter to economic topics.

    I dare you to point out a group of fans from any other team who have such a rich mix of debate intertwined with the best discussions around the beautiful game.

  238. C – Kolo’s comments are flawed. They’re not like the invincibles, and they never will be – they’ve already lost games.

    He should talk when they go unbeaten all season.

  239. @Darius Stone
    Thats my point, they are not even close to the Invincibles and he of all people should know that. Not only have they lost but lets not forget how truly dominant they truly were. and Manshiteh is simply not

  240. My sincere apologies First Lady – it’s not my intent to annoy you but I am pretty sure I’m not alone in being a bit annoying sometimes. Hunter has attracted plenty of opprobrium himself!

    You probably think I should ‘lighten up’, but then I’ve worked in A&E and operating theatres and seen more assault than most. 2 years ago my flatmate was assaulted in broad daylight in north London and he had his jaw broken, lost two stone through having his jaw wired shut and suffered depression and psychological trauma. I helped him through that and it was awful to live with and watch.

    I know we all at times say stupid stuff for effect but for me suggesting someone should be punched until they are unrecognisable was a bit far – frankly I find it funny that you think the bigger problem is me calling him out on it.

    On a lighter note, for those who live in London, this looks set to be a second staggering sunset in 2 days.

  241. Last word (two in fact) on the Death penalty issue. And it is one which will sway anybody with doubts I believe.

    John Terry.

  242. Darius @5.20 – spot on.

    There have been some brilliant debates and contributions to an enormous variety of subjects over the years. In many ways this is what most makes it stand out from other Arsenal blogs.

    As for other team’s blogs – no team even comes close. I had not realised until I did some research for UA – the sheer quantity of Arsenal blogs – dwarfs all other clubs from what I looked at.

    As for quality…nuff said.

  243. I think Kolo has a left over pair of rose colored glasses from his last couple years at Arsenal. ๐Ÿ™‚

  244. Didn’t mean to start a debate about the death penalty. I was only trying to figure out why treason is still classed along with murder and rape. Makes sense in a war, but in peacetime?

    Re the death penalty, I oppose it, as there is little evidence that it works as a deterrent, and there is always a chance the wrong person could get killed. It may be more expensive to keep the really serious offenders in jail for life, but not if they are made to work for the state whilst in incarceration. Yes, bring back the chain gang I say, or its modern equivalent.

    A couple more hours to the match now. Trying to keep my excitement in check but failing big time …COYG!!!!

  245. will the thrill | March 6, 2012 at 4:45 pm

    heheh …acid in their lucozade ….freak-outs in the middle of the pitch in front of 60,000…only seedorf will remain cool..he knows..

    ladies & gentlemen i have been out in the real world for a while…thinking…and i have to say we , and i stress that, we here, are all crazy….. ๐Ÿ™‚



    sure why not?! ARSENAL ! 2-0 aat ht! then a 3rd in the 65th after a lot of hussle and hard work and then in the 87th and 90th …..earthquake !

    jonny dont be so sensitive ๐Ÿ™‚ since you have the intelligence to spot that through exaggeration and graphic descriptions points can well be made and that the truth always lies in the middle why are you letting it frustrate you ? .. heh.. ๐Ÿ˜‰ you are the quiet philosopher ….not me… im more direct… calling me out? lol..

    funny that youre more interested in calling me out on anything rather than the morality of booing this manager ๐Ÿ˜‰

  246. Hunter, the morality of booing the team/manager has been done to death – especially by you – my views have been made very clear. Don’t understand it or condone it, never have.

    Perhaps I am too sensitive on casual brevity regarding assault but at least now you know why! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Rather focus on the tonight’s game…

    Can’t believe I’m missing the damn thing.

  247. I’m not going to plug my radio show this week as I’m guessing people have more important things to do tonight. Suffice it to say spare a thought for me trying to present a live broadcast and watch football at the same time. Without letting on.

  248. Bill,
    Whatever differences we may have had your post at 4.38 speaks volumes for you as a person and I am heretofore recanting my ill judged criticisms of you. Even if you do seem to like Chelsea a bit.

  249. I agree with Hunter .Chin the boo boys.

    No death penalty.Because f they are so bad as to deserve it ,better to keep them alive and torture them.
    Bring back torture, say.

  250. Steww

    You could always do a commentary of the game.

  251. Forget the death penalty just force them to watch reruns of Stoke games for the rest of their life.

  252. But plug the repeat Steww – great show last week – is it Friday night it’s re-played?

    Just leaving for the ground now, nervous excitement, ready for a couple of beers to line the stomach …

    Jeez, been murder all afternoon trying to concentrate – oh dear, what have I just said!?!

    Good luck everyone – Go Gunners!!!

  253. But plug?

  254. Hello from Hong Kong! Very nice post YW, have been following your post for years, this my first time to blog here!

    For those concern about next match vs N Castle, I dare to say whatever the outcome is, give a go tonight with our strongest team with heart, passion & spirit!

    I can still remember few years ago what happened to M O’Neil fielded a weaker team in the Europa League during the semi final, it totally demoralized the players after the match and they got kicked out of the top 4 of BPL afterwards!

  255. Rather focus on the tonightโ€™s gameโ€ฆ agreed

    Perhaps I am too sensitive on casual brevity regarding assault but at least now you know why! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    it has nothing to do with brevity , assault or anything casual ..they are disrespecting the man who is responsible for what they see around them ..smacking sense to them is not an assault ๐Ÿ™‚ its our duty.

  256. george take cover theres gonna be an earthquake at 11:30 tonight ….ill be out in the open getting drunk preparing for the vanpocalypse

  257. Szczesny – Sagna – Koscielny – Vermaelen – Gibbs – Song – Rosicky – Walcott – Gervinho – van Persie – Oxlade-Chamberlain.

    Subs: Fabianski – Djourou – Jenkinson – Miquel – Ozyakup – Park – Chamakh

  258. Thanks Consolbob…I’ve been feeling like a prat all day – woke up imagining Wednesday Headlines:

    Arsenal’s Italian Job!!

    …glad I wasn’t the only one… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  259. Jonny @5:34 …that’s because the fans of other teams don’t read very well.

  260. Good luck boys.

    Just show them how to play positive football.

    ……and remember, it’s the best arena in Britain, they are lucky to be going to the Emirates.

    We are lucky every week.

  261. @axis

    Everybody all day has been dreaming the same dream as you except we have come to the realization that IT WILL BE TRUE!!

  262. Sorry Steww. It is not often Tuesday though.

    No pressure, but hope you will be able to keep us going through the match.

  263. You’re welcome Axis but Yogi started it.

  264. …from your lips to God’s ears…c!


  265. thank you axis!

  266. Looking at that team line-up and subs bench, we really have run out of midfielders, haven’t we?

    Fuck it! We’re the Arsenal.

  267. @darius stone
    “Fuck it! Weโ€™re the Arsenal.”

    There are such few things more well said then that.

  268. Bugger. Missed the death penalty discussion because I had to help my daughter with maths. Great blog, this.

    Geo @ 4:06 that’s wonderful, terrible but filled with hope.

  269. Oh yes, COYG!

  270. 7-1 to the Arsenal!!!

    Cmon u goooooooooooonersssssssss!!!!!!!!!!

  271. @C – Enough with the half assed, venomous and biased intellectual masturbation by the plundits and hacks suffocating us on all manner of TV and radio stations with their so called expertise.

    Start the game already – we’ve got an Italian job to complete.

  272. Darius

    Well said…mighty eloquent ๐Ÿ˜€

  273. Dups, is that the team for tonight? Fucking hell, Arsene’s really going for it isn’t he?

    We could be killed on the counter with only Song as a proper CM/DM. Or maybe Milan might not sit back as most expect?

    Either way, promises to be a game to remember. I can imagine the crowd will be buzzing tonight.

  274. The interchangability with AOC, Gerv, and Theo should be interesting to see…

  275. The US does not object to dual citizenship as long as you use a US passport to go in and out of the country. Not that I can be bothered to learn the whatever it is of allegience

  276. @darius stone

    fuck it start the game already so we can get to thrashing Milan.

  277. Thanks for the link Clay – have to be on a conference call during the first half and so can’t watch FSC

  278. Ox starts in midfield. Let us do this

  279. Come on You f@ckin gooners…greatness and 11 statues await….who are we…attack…attack…attack!

  280. the pace and free slowing that we have to and will play with will be a true joy to watch. Everybody wants the Ox to play through the middle and now he is and the best part is Lil Mozart is going to be pulling the strings and making Van Bommell and Seadorf run around each other liek retards

  281. Game on!

  282. Koscielny…you should know by now!!!!!

  283. 4 more of those please

  284. As regular as clockwork – 5 more goals to go.

    Come on you Gunners.

  285. Remember my dream?

  286. somebody has to keep give me randon highlights because my boss is being a c**t and not letting me leave and these damn government computers wont let you stream anything

  287. @Steww did you drem we won? And are you one of em true dreamers? ๐Ÿ™‚

  288. Refs a joke

  289. Excuse my ignorance, but what happens if after 90 mins it’s 4-0?

  290. woohooo!!!!!

  291. Oh my word.

    2-0 up.

  292. Limestonegunner

    Lovely, lovely Arsenal!!!!!

  293. Rocket rosicky…fuckinnnnnn get in!!!!!!!!!

  294. Somehow, watching this team play – right now – I feel as if all the parts are starting to click together. The tide is turning with a vengeance. Among the fans as wellHOLYFUCKING YESSSS amadeus, my darling boy. Oh to be…

  295. UP THE ARSE!!

  296. Limestonegunner

    Home crowd has been brilliant as well.

  297. well roscicky finding his form back has been brilliant for us. suddenly we got the cretivity we have been missing.

  298. whos on the bench tonite? anyone knows?

  299. Milan not sitting back as much as they could, which makes for a much more open enjoyable game, but the same time way more nerve wracking.

  300. ugly italian tackle!

  301. I am not surprised!

  302. 3 goals that is!

  303. poodle…not one midfielder

    21 Fabianski
    20 Djourou
    25 Jenkinson
    49 Miquel
    53 Ozyakup
    09 Park Chu-Young
    29 Chamakh

  304. arsenal need to concentrate now….

  305. I was, am and will remain, a believer.

  306. Robin Van Persie……!!!!Who are ya. 3 more in the seconf half.

  307. going to the break with 3-0 and we got a chance!

  308. I feel privalidged in so many ways

  309. OMG!!!so lost for words,those that were clamouring for resting players now do you understand what we were on about?Anything is possible

  310. Please. Somebody please tell me I am not dreaming

  311. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me…

  312. The best team in the PL!

  313. steww we said 2-0 at half time didn’t we?

    We have to put our hands up we got it wrong

  314. This has a chance to be something truly special. Wow.

  315. I dreamt a RVP free kick just before half time to make it 2 – 0 and I got a pen to make it 3. I’ll settle for that

  316. my looks like we in the same dream!!!

  317. Hahaha,hahaha. do you believe. Now. DO YOU FUCKING BELIEVE. NOW??

    Blast these cheating. Modus.

  318. Limestonegunner

    What a dream half!! If only we had put away the Rosicky to RvP chance earlier and we’d be all square!

    I hope Milan don’t change their left back!

    Defend well and at least we should get a good chance to get to extra time penalties or even win this outright in 90!

    No matter what happens, Arsenal have shown their class!

  319. Phew….catch a breath. Believe!Yes we do. COYG!!!!!

  320. Deano, Ozyakup.

  321. My godddddddddddddd its onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!

  322. We should not be surprised, we are that good.

    It was only a matter of time before we started clicking. The talent is there in abundance.

  323. You underestimated us, Steww!!

  324. Only concern is Gibbs and Sagna on yellows with this card happy ref

  325. Well said Paul N

  326. Can’t somebody just tell walcott not to let them pass him so easily.its so frustrating seeing this nonsense in everymatch.

  327. Are we all in the Dream within a Dream within a Dream ๐Ÿ˜€

  328. Unbelievable. Before the match I thought to myself, if there ever was a chance for Arsenal to make a comeback they would have had to score3 goals without reply within the first half. And they did, while shutting out Milan completely.

    The tingling feeling is there. This is going to be Arsenal’s greatest night ever. Feels like a 5-0 or a 6-0 to me. Impossible is nothing!

  329. Oh Dear. MD on a conference call and missing the first half.

    Pasty Karma.

    There’s a good chance that I’ll be a bit pissed by full time at this rate.

    In all seriousness though, job’s done.

    Whatever the final result, this is a victory for aArsenal’s season already.

  330. streams pleAAAAAAAAAAAAAASE!!!! 3:30am in Saigon and its not on the telly!!!!! Christ almighty

  331. RVp, Gibbs & Gervinho need to up their game, have been a little off! Caaam on boys!!

  332. We need to more to go through!!nothing is impossible. I think I will be hearing from my landlord coz of all the noise i am making for the neighbours but I dont care!!!!wooohoooo!!!

    I am so excited am literally shaking,and my nails are no more!!!!WOW.Arsenal I love you!!

    Those who boo their team take note, proper booing of the opposition players and it seems to be working as milan have been timid!!

  333. We’re clicking. Oh yes. On and off the pitch, the good guys are winning. We are the greatest of teams. By far.

  334. Hahahaha, welcome( bein venidos). To the the heartbreak hotel. You Basterds.

  335. Around my parts we have a word for players like Rosicky: world-class.
    I was hoping that we would score a goal or two before half-time, but we have been anhiliating them. This could very well end 5-0 or 6-1, everything is possible. I just love this team to bits. Come on you Gunners!

  336. Completely surprised by players reaction after every goal, they look business. You can see it in there eyes.

  337. their*

  338. REMONSTRATE Have you tried Gunning Hawk they have a few usually.

  339. The fucking radio station internet can’t cope with me streaming the footy, their broadcast keeps going down. So keep me informed please tweet address @stewblack

  340. ” Arsenal should stop dreaming” – Robinho

  341. Tactically in the second half we should………..ahhhhh fuck it!!!!

    We should win it 10-0

    Come on Arsenaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Whatever happens..proud as punch

  342. People saying we need to get world class players

    Song, Sagna, TV, Rosicky, Kos?

    If Kos, Walcott and Gervs are not, they are blasted close.

    Blow wow idiot dem!

  343. Come on Arsenal.


  345. If the Ox, Walcott…

  346. Limestonegunner

    Milan will try to regroup and will probably attempt to attack a bit more. Maybe they’ll chance their LB–he has been awful. The Ox was so smart to sense his weakness and just take him on with a bit of pace and some close control–brilliant technique and even more brilliant mind!

    They are shell-shocked but we need to create chances for RvP and watch that we don’t give up a goal because we’ve lost our shape at the back or because we dive in and get a second yellow/red and go a man down. That to me is a big danger–this ref is very unpredictable and we are lunging in to press and get the ball back, so we have to keep our heads and play our game.

    Our game is move the ball quickly, make good runs and reward them with good passes and put them under pressure from the speedy wings.

    We’ve got this, come on Arsenal!!! You have to absolutely love this team!!!!

  347. I envy those at the ground.Anirudh this is definitely a dream within a dream within a dream!Just happy to be part of it. 2nd half here we come.

  348. CBOB watching the game – just on the computer. American colleagues not understanding why I shouted three times.
    This calls for a curry pasty

  349. HOLY MOSES.
    sorry. FRANK

  350. KILL ME, left work just before the kickoff but my carpool let me down, had to take the metro, entire first half without internet signal, then I get home and hear this!! now just have to find a working stream… GUNNERS!!!!

  351. i wish Walcott would find the confidence to shoot more. he would score so much…

  352. what the hell?? that was a dive from ibra!

  353. OMG!!! that was our win …cry!

  354. OHHHH RVP you’ll get our winner!!

  355. we really need to get momentum back. cos ones we get that next goal we can go through….

  356. OH LORD, this can’t be good for my heart. Come on guys, watch it in the back. Put them out of their misery…. lets go…..

  357. he falls easy for such a big man Ibrahimovich does. Dirty fuck!

  358. And now is the time we get a power failure in my area!

  359. this is the moment it would be nice to have Arsharvin to put on.

  360. oh ozzy coming on!

  361. fihope mexes is out for the rest of the season for that! he deserves it!

  362. What is wrong with the ref!

  363. Maroune to score the winner!!!!

  364. wow we gonna go all attackers for the last 10. can see this be interesting!

  365. Is this ref a Milan supporter?

  366. this sucks! hope walcott isnot seriousley injured

  367. Limestonegunner

    Ref is just plain out of his depth.

  368. eish Song can infuriate at times!!!!!!!@

  369. We fought a good fight!!so proud of the team,that ref had it in for us,gave almost all 50/50 chances to milan and that diving cunt Ibra!!!

  370. There is no better way to get out of CL.

  371. Oh well..brave effort…brilliantly done lads….

    Absolutely proud to be a goooooner!!!

  372. I’m a believer

  373. I cannot believe the ref’s at this level..he was shocking…

  374. Not that it probably made any difference to the result, but that referee was piss poor. Great first half, frustrating second half

  375. Am still absolutely sure that video tech for the referees is the only way to go. There is a reason why they use it in other sports.

  376. Can’t win without midfielders on the pitch..

  377. ooooooooohhhhhhhh to be a goooooooooner!!

  378. I don’t think we could have asked for anything more from the lads. Fought bravely but tired out. No shame.

  379. Don’t focus on the negative (ref), absoluetly great game by the boys today

  380. Proud, proud proud. A gallant performance, but we tired badly towards the end, expectedly. The subs couldn’t do much, also to be expected. Happy about the clean sheet though.

  381. Down but not out…..I love this team, we gave totally everything,…so proud….london pride restored……Milan will get shat on in the next round. How good where we today. 4 goals was a bit of an ask. Bring.on Newcastle.

  382. We all can hold our heads high though

  383. GUTTED!!!!We deserved to atleast take em to extra time!!

  384. They needed a fucking farm to squeeze through this tie…

  385. walcott was completely rubbish. Gervinho too.
    well done,robin,ox,gibbs,sagna,.we are damn proud of you guys

  386. Limestonegunner

    That’s exactly what I was thinking, MJ. In hindsight, was Ozyakup available? We couldn’t hang onto the ball and keep them under pressure.

  387. Hope theo and AOC are fine…

  388. and the Oscars for best acting by a fairy in a football shirt goes to Van Bommel & Ibrahimovic… I think Ibrahimovic got a free kick every time he fell over today

  389. Proud of. Each and everyone of yous. Fantastic. Effort. All winners in my book. UP THE GUNS!!!!!!
    remember, these bunch of mercenaries that is MILAN was put together with 20 times the resources. As our. ARSENAL. and they still had to reach for their dirty bag of tricks to get past us.
    Shame,shame. Ac Milan.
    Long live. The. Cannons. Of ARSENAL…..

  390. absolutley fantastic performance

    ooh to be a gooner

  391. I feel for the players, I really do. They deserved another goal.

    The upside is that this will boost the morale of the team, and push them on towards securing a Champions League spot, and even 3rd place.

    I hope injury to Walcott isn’t too bad.

  392. Credit due to Milan for their second half though…they really did re-organize and kept the ball well..

  393. So we only lost due to an offside goal and a dive?


  394. Brilliant Arsenal.

    Couldn’t ask for anything more.

    Mission achieved.

    Goodnight MD. Plenty of cumin, I suggest.

  395. ACE not fucking tonight you asshole!!!We get it already that you hate Walcott!!G’night people it is almost sleep if I am to be in up early.

  396. Anirudh, agreed, Milan were organised much better in the 2nd half. The only issue I had was the play acting of Ibrahimovic, everytime he fell over the ref awarded them another free kick, reflects poorly on the player and the ref.

  397. Fantastic performance. Proud of each and everyone out there. Thank you, boys!
    I think we really suffered when Oxo, and to a lesser extent, Theo went off. After Theo’s substitution we never really managed to attack their flanks and couldn’t create the chance we would’ve needed. Still, impressive performance, continuing the momentum and showing that we are no pushovers. On any other night Milan would’ve probably scored one or two — but we would’ve as well and the match would’ve easily ended 6-1 or something. Also very happy to see us keep a clean sheet. I just hope that the boys won’t be too disheartened. They fought like lions and they should only be filled with pride after this night. I love you, Arsenal!

  398. MDGunner, the ref slowed us down by calling fouls on us every minute.

    Milan’s plan was to drop every time a player touched them.

  399. Sensational effort.

    Proud of our players!

  400. Here’s a funny thing … been off the beer for four months today … yet my veins appear to be more full of London Pride than ever!

  401. “reporter says ref ran off down the tunnel shouting “Don’t touch me! Don’t touch me!” at Wenger.”


  402. I agree with PaulN. I also think a half decent ball player like Ozyakup might have made the difference in the last 20 min.

  403. Miami

    Absolutely..the ref’s ineptitude was glaringly obvious…

  404. I’m sooooo proud being a gooner!

  405. Did you see how Kos and TV were responding to the ref and his crap calls?

  406. First lady,what kind of language is that. Remove the ‘lady’ from your name.i repeat theo and gerv were the missing cogs in what could’ve being a perfect wheel.

  407. Arteta, Yossi, Diaby, Ramsey, and Jack…How come we get injuries in the same positions at the same time??it was the same with our full backs…frustrating luck…

  408. ace you really are a fukin c*nt.. its priicks like you that make blogging fukin annoying, why the fuck do i have to read your fukin shitty moronic comments.

  409. Oh and Coq and Frimp too

  410. The ref was not just poor, he was downright biased.

  411. Great game. Rode our luck a little but its always great to keep a clean sheet.

    I hope Theo and Ox are able to go this weekend.

  412. ace, please grow up or leave. This is not the time for your nonsense.

  413. And for the record – just in case eanyonedares forget, clearly Arsenal players read ACLF and they heeded Yogi’s headline today. There were no cowards and they fucking caned the Milanese.

  414. Our next game is on monday, so almost a week to work on the niggles, aches and strains

  415. Bill, luck my foot, that was football at its best.

  416. Paul

    Disagree mate..I think he was just shocking, and that affected us more cos we were the team pressing and pushing forward..

  417. And he fell for Ibra’s tricks

  418. dammit! Hope tr7 is ok.that lad was just awesome.

  419. Anirudh, why against one team and every call?

    he is biased.

  420. Hahahaha, you tell him. First lady.
    In the words of the immortal rock&roll. Song.
    Hold your head up, ohhhhhh
    Hold your head up ohhhhhh
    Hold your head up. Ohhhhh
    Hold YOUR HEAD. UP………

  421. Play it steww. Play it .

  422. As for the referee … he just wasn’t good enough for a game of this magnitude. FIFA and UEFA either need to ensure that the national associations produce better referees, which, when we are looking at UK for example, seems highly unlikely — or they need to introduce video technology to assist them. There is no way past it.

  423. And the trash-talking team barely escaped from the Emirates. If there was such thing as a luck quota in football, Milan probably used up 2 seasons’ worth in this match.

    How I would have loved to see Ibra eating his words about Arsenal.

  424. Paul,who made you sherrif here?leave if you can’t stand my nonsense.moron!

  425. Brave brave effort! If we keep on performing with passion, then 3rd place is ours…

  426. @ace
    You are just being a nuisance now. We all know that you hate Theo’s guts, so no need to talk about he is “rubbish” in your opinion every second post.

  427. You calling me a moron is a compliment.

  428. You can tell Ibrahimovic is dishonest

    Just look at his face.

    Ref had a shocker for sure, still think it was within our grasp to win and although im proud of us and excited for the future, I feel a bit deflated because it was there to win.

    2 non-penalties awarded against us before this and we overcame that, this could have really been the peak of the crecendo. We all sensed it was.

    oh well, onwards and upwards. We battered the top team in Italy today and should have exeded the arrears despite being massivley depleted.

    Also Rosicky is looking like a world beater again.

  429. Really surprised the ref gave the was clear he was reluctant to give us was like he had two sets of for us.the other for got really blatant in the 2nd half.

  430. Paul

    Im talking only about today..not the general bias we have discussed earlier..

  431. Anirudh, I am talking about today too. Its like he tried to even it up because he gave us a pen. If we touched a Milan player he blew the whistle. It was blatant, just look at how Kos reacted, in disbelief.

  432. @ace fistlady is just trying to replay on the same level as you post. but its really hard as i dont know anyone but you that are so far down in the gutter….

    I assume you must be very unlycky with the ladies to Ace as you expect them to behave niceley towaryds you even when you are a dick… either that or you must pay your way, as no true lady would ever think of joining your company for free, not with that mouth of yours.
    It would be social suicide. and who wants to commit social suicide to hang out with someone who clearly is socially akward??

    But i guess ladies is of no interest for a true “keyboardwarrior”. aslong as he gets to whine up his fellow blogger that is as good as scoring with a birds right? ๐Ÿ˜›

    and you must admit your views of Arsenal is totally deluded. you got no clue what so ever, and you feel angry inside if the team plays well…

  433. Limestonegunner

    MJ, that’s what I suggested at 9:42 in response to your good point that a midfielder was needed.

  434. Paul

    I agree there were shocking calls made today..a lot of it went against us, cos we were the team pressing and tackling just not sure it was bias rather than ineptitude..cos he gave a goalkick for milan from a free kick which hit Sagna in the wall…it was clear as day…

  435. Evil,
    let me explain something to you because you seem like a civil human being.i don’t hate walcott.i HATE THE WAY HE PLAYS.he has not earned the right to be exempted from my criticisms.

  436. Apparently AOC had the Flu…so I suspect it was cramp in the 2nd half…

  437. @ace i feel excited about the fact that everybody with the power and the right football knowledge disagree with you Ace. Its evidence for the fact you do not know football hehe,…

  438. @ace
    Then learn to live with it, because Wenger clearly wants him to play that way and as long as he is with us, and as long as he stays as vital a member to the team as he is currently, you’ll get to see him play in this way a lot of times. You clearly have a choice now: get off his back “for the way he plays” and start supporting him or continue what you are doing. As an Arsenal supporter, I wouldn’t pick the latter, but that’s obviously a decision for you to make.

  439. Limestonegunner

    AW’s hands were tied. Devastating injuries to central midfield so we had the Ox playing there and then he got injured winning us the penalty. We could have used Ozyakup to come on for him rather than Chamakh or at least for Theo when he had to come off. But AW had no options.

    RvP didn’t have his best game nor did Gervinho up front and yet we scored 3! It was a brilliant first half for us, but the game stuttered and started with the Milan diving and ref’s inanity. And, our inability to command the midfield after the emotional and physical exhaustion of that first half took its toll. We worked so hard to close them down and win the ball by pressing everywhere that when we couldn’t keep possession and pressure in their half in the opening 15 minutes of the second period, we dropped a bit.

  440. Ace@10:19

    “he has not earned the right to be exempted from my criticisms”

    I am sure Theo is so upset because of this…I am also certain it will be number 1 on his to-do list…

    Theo’s to-do list

    1. Earn the right to be exempt from Ace’s criticism

    2. Buy milk

    etc etc

  441. Limestonegunner

    Milan’s trash talkers got a scare, but justice would have at least forced them to play another 30 minutes. We deserved 4 in the first half alone.

  442. Limestonegunner

    It just hurts to think that with an away goal we would have gone through!

  443. Is it just me or is ace a cunt?

  444. Ace

    You make an interesting point,

    he has not earned the right to be exempted from my criticisms.

    Similarly, you have not earned the right to be exempt from mine. It seems you cannot be civil to anyone so go and play somewhere else.

  445. what a tedious guy.

  446. Limestonegunner

    Oh, well! Momentum remains with us and we should be up for Newcastle at home and a charge to capture 3rd in the league while holding off Chelsea.

  447. I’m almost speechless! 3 – 0 with that makeshift team is astounding. Let’s hope the players and more importantly the part-time supporters remember what this team can produce on their day. Keep the faith.

  448. Theo going off was the turning point, we lost all our width after that. Park & Chamakh didn’t seem to be sure what their roles were in a positional sense and we ended up with too many players in the middle. Almost a full week to pick ourselves up and recover for the Newcastle game, it’s so nice to feel like our usual end of season collapse has been reversed for once! Let’s finish strongly (and above THEM), pick up a couple of great signings in the Summer and blast straight into next season.

  449. I would put forward the argument, that this years team, “the worst ever under Arsene’s tenure” is probably on par, if not even better than the one we had last season and the season before. We might’ve lost Cesc, but this team has gained something else in his absence: self-belief, incredible fighting spirit and the ability to come back from almost any set back you can imagine. I’ve really fallen in love with our current squad.

  450. …also, I hope whoever Milan get in the next round really fuck them up. What a horrible team of play actors.

  451. Was good to see so many fans stayed to the end. Superb performance until we tired. Considering the injuries and illness it was a miraculous effort.

  452. Limestonegunner

    Amen, Vince! Don’t forget: extend RvP, Theo, Song and Arshavin’s contracts too!

  453. Vince

    There are a lot more play actors left in the CL along with Milan.

  454. And to think Jack & Santos will be back soon.

    Onwards & upwards

  455. I am minding my Ps & Qs that’s for sure.

  456. Its a team sport ace. A team effort. It was THEO cross that THOMAS converted for our second. Man you have weird ass timing with your Bolshevik. Done by the pitch on first leg, by the jackass ref. In the second.
    What else is new. We still came within an inch of progressing.

  457. Limestonegunner

    We always seem to be drawn against the season’s great theatrical performers. This year is was a tragicomedy performed by AC Milan starring Ibracadabra–watch me fall all by myself but make it look like I was tripped– the master illusionist. Last year is was Barca farce starring Alves, Bousquets, Pedro and others.

    How nice it would be to play a team that wants to contest the match on a proper football pitch by pitting skill, technique, imagination, and discipline–not who can kill the game by flopping around and conning the ref.

  458. Wenger: “Give some credit to Rosicky … he was again outstanding … he does not always get the credit he deserves.”

    To bloody true. It proves (along with RVP) you don’t get rid of players because of injury.

  459. Agreed Evil, this is an excellent team. We really don’t need new signings, we need to be healthy.

  460. The best memories of Jabba I have are when a month or two ago he was talking about how Rosicky was not good enough, never won us a match and just should be offloaded for he is “deadwood”. I wonder if Jabba is now as fat as his namesake because of all the humble pie stuffed down his throat.

  461. Limestonegunner

    Dups, that’s good news for Diaby. If he had been fit, I believe we could have turned this tie around. He played brilliantly for 20 mins before getting tight hamstrings.

  462. When people wonder why many on here are advocating us to keep Diaby, just look at Rosicky, look at Van Persie. When Diaby finally gets what he is due — an injury free run spanning more than a couple of games — he will undoubtedly do us all proud by proving what he is real quality.

  463. Ah, don’t pine for Jibber Yogi might get a twinge .And we don’t want that now ,do we?

  464. Also, Arsรจne, I know you usally don’t do this multi-year-contract nonsense for players over 30, but please, could you make an exception for Rosicky? A two or three year contract is clearly what he deserves.

  465. LG

    I would have loved to have seen Diaby come on when oxo tired.

  466. what is it with ace, no other blogger pisses me off like this pilchard. you’d think after theo’s heroics against our bitter rivals he;d cut him some cilla black but no theo still gets ace’s full on asinine bollocks..

    i’d rather have jabba or suga back please.

  467. Head up big man

    picture, thanks to arseblogger

  468. The future is bright

    Oxlade-Chamberlain and Theo Walcott

  469. So so proud, happy and devastated right now. The guys restored pride and won with honour without resorting to cheating (take note Milan!). So close but yet so far. God I love Arsenal, especially on nights like this despite losing the tie. I’ll be pulling on my shirt on Monday cheering on the team and willing Everton on to win on Saturday.


  471. Duke,He is a prat .But come on .The other two are horrible

  472. PG

    That’s the chap, lead by example.

  473. Also I really hope Theo, Song and the Ox are ok. It would be horrible to lose the tie AND have more injuries heaped on us. I hope Milan are torn to shreds in the next round. We could have scored in Milan if they had possesed a ‘real football pitch’ at the time.

  474. Yes Yogi, I have cleaned my twitter act up also.
    I am told I am “eloquent”
    Cant quite see that, but still.

  475. Cesc posted this on twitter a little while ago:

    “Very proud to be gooner in a day like today! That shows you what passion can do in the world of football… Arsenal fans were immense!”

  476. nice one cescy…dont worry we are not all bitter and twisted about your departure!!

  477. Cf can go and do one. We are still paying for some of his antics and selfishness from last year. Yah, piss off.

  478. A quote from somewhere else:

    Final thought of the night, Arsenal have beaten the German Champions, French Champions, Greek Champions and Italian Champions all in this year’s Champions League.

    Feeling very proud of the guys. Didn’t let us down. Now that we don’t have “distraction’ we might just get that 3rd place. No more qualifying round for the Champions league.

  479. so close…..well done The Arsenal….so close………smash it robin

  480. Hah. Right you are chagiss Jan.

  481. Cesc should not say anything, i don’t want to hear his so called gooner talks. He bailed on us when we needed him most and made Barca insult the mighty Arsenal. Fuck him i say, makes me more annoyed that i have 5 jerseys with his replica number.

    Oh to be a Gooner, well done boys, marvelous effort.

  482. So close hunter. Sooooooooo. clooooossssseeeee.
    Hold your head up…….

  483. 5 Jeff?
    Should have spread the risk mate

  484. Bradys right foot

    Take a bow Arsenal, staff players and fans.

  485. Wenger said it all, we truly saw what happens when we play them on a good pitch

  486. “How nice it would be to play a team that wants to contest the match on a proper football pitch by pitting skill, technique, imagination, and disciplineโ€“not who can kill the game by flopping around and conning the ref.”

    They know how dangerous we can be, so they will not chance it LG. I will be cheering on whatever team is drawn against them in the next round.

  487. PG,
    i know right, i’ve surely learnt my lesson. Next 5 are going to be, 6, 5, 17, 14 and 10. Also hoping Diaby can stay injury free so i can get a no. 2.

  488. Agreed. Relaying the flanks has been one of the most despicale things I’ve seen a team to do right before a big match. And today we saw why: their left back, probably the Pakistani cricket captain in disguise and not a real football player, just didn’t stand a chance against our wing play on a proper pitch. We surely would’ve done better at the San Siro if a proper pitch would’ve been available to play on.

  489. If Milan meet Barca in the next round the win will be by 3 falls to 1.

  490. @Jeff
    Good choices all around! I myself am really torn. Got me a RVP10 away last year, and a TV5 the year before (and CF4 before that …) but for this season, I am really not sure which name and number to get. We just have too many great players at the moment.

  491. jeff, dont get a rvp one!

  492. @dups
    If Milan meet Barca I am sure UEFA is going to intervene against any pitch relaying. Can’t have the Catalan’s playing on a bad pitch, can they?

  493. Bradys right foot

    Tr7 sign him up Arsene lol.

  494. Right you are EVIL. which make me come to this point. Knowing we could do well on a real pitch, we should have gone to damage control mode in the first leg. Kept it at 2-0 for the second leg. Ahhh, having said that ,don’t look back.

  495. I too will be cheering on whoever they get in the next round Passenal. If it’s Barcelona though…

  496. Hahaha! That’s brilliant Dups!

  497. Even if it’s barca London Gunner, that pitch stunt is unforgivable!

  498. Nearly witnessed a miracle in Islington tonight. Fantastic. Just fantastic.

  499. Limestonegunner

    Me too, Passenal, with the possible exception of Barca as their opponent!

  500. I know I know Passenal but I really really hate Barca and wish them all the ill will I can muster! To think only a few seasons ago I loved Barca just slightly less than I do Arsenal! If only they could meet and both get knocked out by each other. If they meet I’ll refuse to support either. I also hope neither win the CL or any other trophy they are currently in contention for.

  501. @London Gunner
    Same for me. A couple of years ago (and that was AFTER the CL defeat!) they were my second team somewhat, but nowadays for me they are utter scum and rank just slightly below ManU and Sp*rs on the list of teams I hate. About on par with Chelsea.

  502. CBob – I had to Google cumin. I thought it might be something like santorum

  503. Tennessee Arsenal

    Just got done watching it.

    Proud. Proud. Proud.

  504. Just walked in the door, have never been so happy with a losing team!!!

    Love The Arsenal!!!

    nuff said ๐Ÿ™‚

  505. words cannot describe the effort we had yesterday……….i am speechless, proud, happy and joyous. We fell short, but my word…..lost for words

  506. We did Caine them..we Michael Cained them, well called YW.

    What a highlight, what a joy: self-respect, pride and passion the boys took it all and left the Milanese Mafia looking like they had been Italian Jobbed’ on the night.

    Just a pity the ending was more Get Carter than Zulu .

    Don’t point……..that bloody spear…….at me. (to the sound of Gatling guns)

  507. Arsenal’s response to a 4-0 defeat at Milan was sensational. Rosicky’s personal response was something more. I don’t have the word. The club and fans could not ask for more. He led and gave everything.

  508. I think the midfield injuries killed us today. If we had any one of Diaby, Wilshere, Ramsey, Benayoun or Arteta available to replace Ox we would have scored the fourth. Bringing Chamakh on changed the formation allowed Milan to control the midfield with strength in numbers. Keeping Ox on when he was clearly struggling also allowed Milan to do the same, although looking at the options on the bench you could understand why Wenger kept him on.

  509. “We can beat anyone in the country and in Europe so it’ll give us a lot of confidence,” Szczesny said. “It hurts because it wasn’t enough and we got knocked out, but there are a lot of positives.
    “I wouldn’t settle now for fourth place. We’re four points behind the other north London club, we can challenge them, Chelsea can challenge them as well, and I’ll be really pleased to see Tottenham in the Europa League next season.”

    You just must love our Pole in goal.

  510. So unlucky. We really put in a performance and just ran out of steam at th end. We had no real options on the bench, if we had maybe would would have been able to maintain our tempo.

    Rosicky MotM for me. Outstanding game. AOC also had a great game. Really mature and proved that he can easily play in our midfield if needed. Really mature performance and had Red Nev (who is actually a very good pundit) purring about him.

    We should take plenty of confidence from this and into our lge games. If the players continue in this manner we will have no problems for the remainder of the season.

  511. TR7 – deadwood, injury probe, drain on the wage bill.
    Even in defeat this incredible collection of players can shut up the doubters and haters. Hope they can lift themselves for the battles to come. Overhauling the Spuds now number 1 priority.

  512. Rosicky was superb and really ran the midfield. The Milan players could not get near him.

  513. ..and there’s the difference between us MD. I had to Google ‘santorum’.

  514. Its a grotto, CB

  515. Rosicky stood out but the whole team put up a man of the match performance. Van P could have done better with his chances, any other day he’d have had a hatrick. Team did us proud!!!

  516. I have never been more proud of my club, the greatest in the world, Arsenal FC. For all they been through, I love this team especially.
    Long live the deadwood, Long live Arsene Wenger.

  517. The Ox stood out for me. What a night for him, me thinks he will be deadly.

    Rosicky’s resurgence demonstrates why patience with Diaby is so important.

    Maybe it is the influence of this young German we have brought in, he was singing about Rosicky. It might have lifted his confidence a bit. Got him to remember how good he is.

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