Double Dutch Gives Liverpool An Arsenal Hangover

Liverpool 1 – 2 Arsenal

1 – 0 Koscielny (23 o.g.)
1 – 1 van Persie (31)
1 – 2 van Persie (90)

Having been the victims of daylight robbery last Summer, Arsenal launched their own smash and grab raid at Anfield. Robin van Persie’s last minute volley past Pepe Reina brought three vital points back to north London and a record-breaking fifth season unbeaten at Anfield in the league. With Chelsea’s defeat at The Hawthorns, the turnaround in Arsenal’s fortunes in the space of four short weeks is startling. A month ago, aspirations for a top four place were ridiculed and derided; the odds on the top three are being cut now as a matter of course.

Liverpool dominated possession and in the first half, had chances to win the game. It gave the overall impression of a one-sided affair yet they only managed four shots on target, two of which came from Dirk Kuyt’s botched penalty attempt, the original spot-kick and subsequent rebound were brilliantly saved by Wojciech Szczesny. The woodwork intervened to prevent Suarez from scoring whilst Koscielny’s leg did the same; all in the first half, nothing of note in the second bar a Kelly air kick when scoring seemed easier. A one-sided affair indeed.

That is not to say Arsenal were vibrant. For a lot of the first half, Arsenal seemed under the sonambulist’s spell as Liverpool held the ball for long spells. It was Arsenal who had the first chance of note though. Jose Enrique beforehand was generous in his praise of Theo Walcott, the England winger’s cross-shot was saved well by Reina.

Decades beforehand, Bruce Grobbelaar took years to win over the faithful with his “sweeping” tactics, inducing many a skipped beat on the terraces. Szczesny rolled back those seasons with a timely headed intervention as Liverpool once more threatened. His next intervention was to be wrongly adjudged to have made contact with Suarez on the edge of the six-yard area. It was not hard too see how the decision was given as Suarez appeared to have been felled comprehensively. In fact it was hard for Mark Halsey to see so giving the decision was impossible; his assistant’s view was even more obscured. Halsey guessed and got it horribly wrong.

Much like Kuyt and Szczesny; The Dutchman’s kick was poor, his follow-up even worse. Szczesny’s initial firm palm sent the ball back to the taker, his athletic response to palm the rebound to safety would have more than made up for the initial error in how he saved the spot-kick. Any other team would have been deflated by the miss, Liverpool are used to it this season and continued pretty much as beforehand.

Arsenal tried to push forward and left gaps at the back, particularly on the left which Henderson exposed midway through the first half. His cross was met by Laurent Koscielny’s untimely intervention and the ball span ferociously into the back of the net. As much as Andrey Arshavin may reflect on his personal glory at Anfield, Koscielny may think somewhat differently having been sent off at the venerable stadium on his Arsenal debut.

The lead might have been doubled were it not for Szczesny’s save from Henderson and Suarez hitting the post with the rebound. As it was, the lead disappeared; Sagna’s whipped cross was met firmly by van Persie which left Reina with no chance of saving. Six years ago, Carragher’s lack of pace was exposed by Thierry Henry in an FA Cup tie; his heir exposed Carragher’s ageing footballing sense, out-thought, outmuscled and outfought in the battle to meet the defender’s outstanding cross. Marouane Chamakh must have wondered why no-one was able to produce such outstanding wingplay when he is in the side.

Liverpool responded; Szczesny’s had his Little Stevie Wonder moment as hisFingertips denied Suarez whilst Kuyt struck the woodwork which meant parity remained at the interval. The first action of the second half was the stretcherbearers taking Mikel Arteta from the pitch with concussion. It meant that Abou Diaby returned, a surprising choice of substitute with his injury record and that he had been out of action for so long. Sadly that proved correct, the Frenchman lasting just 18 minutes his hamstring succumbing. Joining them on the injury list are Gibbs and Benayoun although the manager’s injury pontifications before yesterday were not entirely accurate so let’s hope he keeps it up and the trio are fit for Tuesday.

Diaby had threatened to score on his return, forcing Reina into a save whilst Walcott spurned two decent chances to give Arsenal the lead. As the match headed towards a draw which with hindsight would have suited both sides before kick-off, Robin van Persie intervened. Alex Song made another marvellous dinked pass into the Dutchman’s path, the volleyed finish unerring in it’s path to the back of the net.

With Chelsea’s defeat, breathing space has been achieved, albeit just three points. However, this run of Premier League fixtures was deemed Arsenal’s most testing of the run-in and so far, they have come through with flying colours. This afternoon’s clash at White Hart Lane might make this a marvellous weekend if third place is within four points. The impossible is seemingly possible.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday. ’til Tomorrow.

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  1. damn.. beaten!! curse you george.. πŸ™‚

  2. congrats to my mate george for finally getting 1st. top man.

  3. At this stage of the season, it really is beautiful that we can dig in and win ugly.

  4. Well done George

  5. Posted by Yogi’s Warrior

    “Marouane Chamakh must have wondered why no-one was able to produce such outstanding wingplay when he is in the side.”

    – I genuinely feel for the young lad.

    “It meant that Abou Diaby returned, a surprising choice of substitute with his injury record and that he had been out of action for so long.”

    – Sadly- He was easily the best player when he came about. Here’s to him coming good thru’ all his tribulations. πŸ™‚

  6. Who gives a fat flying fuck who posts first?
    There I said it. Great write up, great win, all the stuff we have come to expect from Arsenal. Grit, determination,never say die attitude winning with sublime skill at both ends of the pitch.
    If I was a ‘pool fan I would have felt aggrieved at losing after creating so many chances and hitting the post. But hey – how many games have we lost or drawn when we created enough to win, so we were due.

  7. Darius – I very nearly used the same clichΓ© but when you look at our winning goal and the performance of our top Pole it’s impossible to describe that as ugly.

  8. steww | March 4, 2012 at 10:14 am

    “Who gives a fat flying fuck who posts first?” –

    Umm.. Big Brova does.. πŸ˜‰

  9. An absolutely important victory. The whole team put in a good shift in very difficult circumstances. Liverpool played a continuous pressing game and showed high energy levels. We were able to stay long enough in the game to grab it. Thank God we have Tech9 and RvP. Some terrific saves from our young Pole.
    What more can be said of RvP, he’s just immaculate.

    Alexander Dimitri Song….may your days BILONG!!! Wonderful pass from him.

    Let’s carry the momentum into the Milan and Newcastle games.

    Kinda depressed with the little niggles here and there, hope they’re just temporary ones. Abou Diaby!!! Well, hope he gets back soonest.

  10. steww, darius

    it wasn’t an ugly win.. it was the perfect crime. a heist so beautiful, the police had to applaud.

  11. korihikage, we’ve had Oceans Eleven and Twelve, perhaps this should be Persie’s Thirteen!

  12. I’ve thought about that Steww. Pool fans will take what solace they can, but our win was deserved on the day. I felt their tactics betrayed lack of ambition and reverted to the Allardyce Manual “How to Play Arsenal”, albeit the updated and revised edition. It didn’t work, that’s all. Physical dominance in the middle, speed down the flanks and terrific crosses whipped in did not win the day. Suarez histrionics and slithering about did not produce goals. Sideline rantings and tossing of toys out of prams and nose-to-nose with our players did not score.

    What won the day was two single epidoses of such breathtaking technical skill, accompanied by measured perseverance, that they should, and probably will be talked about for years to come. What complimented that was a goal keeper’s art of exquisite composure and lightning reflexes.

    I felt Liverpool made the terminal error of setting themselves up not to lose, and win if possible. They found a weakened Arsenal that made them look good. Finally they discovered a resolute Arsenal that went for the throat in the 90th minute of a very tiring game.

  13. Must admit that Kelly and Enrique had good games. Particularly Kelly who didn’t give Benayoun or Gervinho much space. But they still lost and that’s what matters!

  14. Wonderful match but there were times that I was clearly of the opinion that Arsenal were going to have an outcome that would be less than satisfactory. The commentary of the match were suggesting that Robin would be too much for Arsenal to manage in a fiscal sense since all the large clubs in Europe would be interested in signing him during the Summer. An anti-Arsenal commentary throughout the match which I found extremely annoying. Where did the unbiased commentary go in football matches?

  15. Liverpool an count themselves lucky Diaby did not play on. The 5 minutes we dominated it was Diaby shaking the game from side to side.

  16. Expecting a Kenyan Gooner to support manutd under ANY circumstances is pushing it. Beating spurs to third will take care of itself!

  17. As brief as his cameo was, I can’t get over how precise and utterly composed Diaby was. Him and Song in midfield would be such an amazing platform for Jack to work in front of if we can only keep them all fit.

  18. did anyone notice Halsey before awarding the penalty. He was moving his head from right to left to see what had happended and we he saw that Suarez was screaming and holding his knee, Halsey decided to award the penalty. Abosulutely he guessed and refs tend to guess against Arsenal in these situations…
    Did anyone see the ref last week against Spurs when Saha’s deflected goal crept over the line? Mike Dean was jumping in clearly enjoyed it

  19. At times Arsenal fans can be too politely accomodating. Oh, yes, we didn’t dominate possession as usual and have 17 chances of which 2 were taken, so we didn’t “deserve” the win on the day. I doubt that.

  20. highbury lament

    RVP player of the season bar none. To score all those goals in lets be honest not our greatest period is FANTASTIC !

    Poor old Diaby, the guy is cursed. Hugely gifted but he can’t put two games together, you just wonder whether the EPL is too much for him and that he would probably be better off in France where the rigours are not as severe.

  21. I like this new habit of ours of hitting back swiftly and decisively when we have gone behind. Long may it continue. Three seasons ago we would have to toil for ages before finally getting the late goal.

  22. We won this encounter only because we are the better team.

  23. some journalists are still adamant that there was contact. they claimed tv replays vindicated the referee’s decision.

    and then you have hansen and shearer saying suarez dived on MOTD.

    are we looking at the same replays or wad?

  24. @ YW
    I emailed you – did you see it?

  25. I feel bad for liverpool – they were positively arsenal like in their futility….all possession with little to show for it at the end. i usually agree with your analysis yogi, but in this case i think liverpool had more of the game than you admit – hitting the woodwork twice and missing clear chances wide may not count as a shot on target but they were clear chances regardless. as for the penalty – yes he dove, yes he is annoying, but yes it was a penalty – had he not jumped contact would have been made…..and I think some contact was made anyway.

    but it was still a good game in the end. sometimes you win with the better team, sometimes with the better keeper and striker. we had the latter this time.

    add for third place – spurs are a bubble waiting to burst. I would argue that burst has already begun. I expect them to lose to manure, and draw with everton and then chelsea. two weeks hence the talk will probably be of the incredible collapse of the great english hope – forget that of their starters they have only 3…..same as arsenal…..their manager speaks cockney…..that is enough

  26. mattgoonerknight


    I had this with dups and bob yesterday – why do people care who cares about being first? Harmless fun which shouldn’t impact on anyone who doesn’t want to take part – just saying πŸ™‚


    I agree about Diaby, his calm assurance, first touch, passing and pace were just remarkable for someone who’s been out this long – really steadied the rocking boat and looked truly like a new signing.


    Looks as if your dulcet Dad’s Army tones yesterday were sadly all too prophetic. Let’s hope the set back is relatively short term as a hammy isn’t related to his previous problems (I think).

    Cunt alert

    Listening to the hapless hacks on Sunday Supplement (I like shouting at the TV, a love/ hate thing) and the unashamed turn around in their views on where we might finish is startling.
    All the hacks, straight faced, are now saying we are firm favourites for 4th and playing for 3rd. Not one has admitted they may have been horribly wrong with their predictions; not one has praised Arsene or commented on the grit we have shown to come back again from behind to take the points.

    Oh, and of course, the rat that is Henry Winter, the vermin who prior to the 5pur2 game proclaimed that only RVP would get into a 5pud2 starting 11, rather then conceding that Arsenal are doing far better than he believed was possible, merely kept repeating that we’ll struggle to keep Robin in the summer and that he’d choose Madrid over Arsenal. I might make it my new habit to target all of his “articles” and ridicule him for the ill informed vindictive cunt he is.


    Ps Oh, and Horrid Henry thinks that Spurs should play CL (IF THEY GET IN) games at Wembley in a swap deal for ‘Arry’s services lol . I think he may have even said that England could play a friendly a WHL lol. What a cunt.

    Come on United! (mouth wash etc)

  27. SkySports had McManaman co-commentating. I have never ever witnessed more biased commentary.

  28. I did FG, will get back to you later today – sorry on the ‘road’ to a nephew’s birthday party.

  29. Those who say we were lucky to win yesterday, should remember this. On many occasions over the years, particularly in recent times, Arsenal have dominated play from start to finish. The opposing goalie has played out of his skin. We have done everything possible to score but little has gone right.
    And then, in the closing stages, the opposition has had a counter attack, scored and we have lost by the odd goal.
    On Saturday, the wheel merely turned full circle for once. What goes around comes around and it was our turn, for a change, to reap the benefit. πŸ˜†

  30. Based on the way the 2 sides played yesterday, it would be hard to argue we really deserved 3 points, but who cares.

    I have said on numerous occasions that if didn’t have any bad luck we wouldn’t have any luck at all so far this season, so it is about time a game went our way when we were not at our best and up against it.

    And so much for 1 man team, yes, Lord Percie of Islington is the best striker in the world at the moment but we also have a claim to best GK, best right back and best CH in the division.

  31. Just Another Luke

    This incident, reported by arseblogger deserves air time: “Halsey, who could not have seen the penalty, then saw Jay Spearing tackle Rosicky, planting his studs about halfway up his leg on the follow through. As Rosicky lay in a heap Halsey played on. That it wasn’t at least a yellow card was frustrating but to not even give a free kick was something else entirely.”

  32. 28th!!?

  33. I have a suspicion that Arsenal Player is preparing to morph into a genuine TV channel. The match replay clip used to be just that – now it’s a proper programme or with a highlights clip of the previous match included as a package. Similarly, the matchday show is back to being a proper studio-based programme. Perhaps it’s just wishful thinking on my part.

  34. Damn it, DelBoy, you beat me to it! I wanted to be 28th!

  35. highbury lament at 10:49 am
    Do not join the morons who blame our players for being too talented for the hatchet men who have been made to prosper in the EPL. Diaby’s only “crime” was to be too good for the likes of laboring teams like Sunderland. I remember like it was yesterday. Was it 2006? We were 3-0 up on Sunderland in the last match of the season, with both teams position already cemented in the league. Young Diaby was toying with them. Dan Smith came on as a substitute with apparently one instruction.
    And what hurts most is a player of Diaby’s potential is maligned day-in, day-out, as he seeks to recover from two subsequent assaults on the same ankle while Dan Smith world labors outside football as a carpenter.

  36. Just re-watching now. Love Sagna’s TV’s and Kos’s game face!

    Don’t worry, I won’t be wibbling on throughout the clip.

  37. Come-on United! God, I said it.
    I need a stiff drink.

  38. Thanks, YW.

    Have fun. (That’s to the nephew, not you.)

  39. highbury lament

    Shotta completely agree, i think he is an excellent player who has had awful luck but we can’t keep players who can’t play.

    He is a victim but we have to ask ourselves is he keeping another player from the squad who could make a difference.

    I don’t want to appear ruthless but the signs for him for the future are not good, i would give him one more chance to show his fitness before letting him go probably for his own good as well.

  40. Halsey is a kindly ref but that was yet another exercise in incompetence.

    I can forgive mistakes but his award of the penalty was based on guesswork.

    If you do not know, you CANNOT make a clear decision. His ONLY option was inaction.

    Deeply disappointing.

    HOWEVER – but for that poor judgement I would not have seen Scz spring like a cat twice and roar like a lion.

    A moment I will never forget.

    I think we have him for the long haul and we should celebrate that every day – he is putting the end onto a big leg.

  41. Shotta – well said.

    Diaby has no crime – he is just a victim. So sad to see him go off.

  42. Highbury – It is moronic to give up so easily on a player of such immense talent. The same morons in 2010 were demanding that RVP be given the heave-ho because he was injury prone. As for Rosicky, he should have been put-down like a broken thoroughbred, you English call it the knacker’s yard. I for one feared the worst yesterday when Diaby was substituted but lets hope it is just tight hamstrings.

    And, thank you Johnny.

  43. Great to get the win while not playing at our best. As the old saying goes, I’d rather be lucky than good! If Spurs lose today then third is on the cards, the next four games before the Man City game are all eminently winnable if the team can keep their focus and keep the confidence going. If we do, I think the gaps at the back will begin to close up a bit, we need consistency in performance and team selection if possible.

  44. Szcsezny i always had faith in u now u have increased the percent of that faith to 101% and i also think u deserved more than no1 in the team. And to Rosicky our only Mr Intellegent keep the good work up. Sagna and Alex Song nice networking. And to our Goal Machine the man him self RVP i hail you. I think if we play without fear on tuesday i have faith that we will win. Let all join hands and wait for our glory on tuesday agianst Milan. 4eva, wateva, weneva, wereva ARSENAL we d best. Before i go let me hail our father the Boss himself Arsene Wenger keep the courage on fire. Bye guyz 1love

  45. highbury lament

    Point taken Shotta

  46. I meant about time the post was up .I could give a fuck about posting first.


  47. “I don’t want to appear ruthless but the signs for him for the future are not good, i would give him one more chance to show his fitness before letting him go probably for his own good as well”


    Thank the stars you are not the gaffer Highbury Lament
    You would’ve sold off RvP, TR7, Pires way before their expiry dates!
    great talent does not grow on trees, mate
    U’re too impatient much like a Rafa Benitez.
    read up on our recent history…
    AW does not give up on great players that still have the desire

    “11 games left, emptying all closets, things are too tight to be civilized!”

  48. Erm, which bit was “lucky” about Arsenal’s goalkeeping yesterday? Which bit was “lucky” about the two goals? Which bit was “lucky” about the defensive work, and especially the shift Song put in?

    Is it “luck” when a shot hits the upright, or is it that it didn’t go into the goal? whena last gasp defensive lunge stops a goal? Close, yes, but luck, no.

    Is it “luck” when Kelly player misses? Depends really. I thought Kos OG was not our “bad luck”, but some ferocious attacking by Liverpool, but he might well have kept it out. We would have said “close”.

    What was rotten luck was the OG at Emirates by Miquel.

    So I insist, Arsenal are a better team, and won deservedly, with two of the handsomest and most skilled goals I’ve seen.

  49. Paulie Walnuts


  50. What only remains is humility. Did we play well enough according to our own standards? No, not at all, over the 98 minutes. On this occassion a half dozen flashes of brilliance were enough.

  51. Imagine placing one’s hopes on United. Should be a good match. Must win for both, but more for United.

  52. This side we had Fowler doing the post-match. Is it the same there? He was all but “lost for words” regarding van Persie (and Song). When you lose to a goal like that, you can’t really complain.

  53. I am really looking forward to the Man Shitty game @ the Emirates.
    With a fit squad I know we can take them out.

  54. Luck be damned, we took them out.
    I agree with ZimPaul

  55. “Did we play well enough according to our own standards? No, not at all, over the 98 minutes. On this occassion a half dozen flashes of brilliance were enough.”


    Shotta,I don’t think some people appreciate just how much talent Abou has.
    I honestly believe that an (un)assaulted Diaby would have been one of the best midfielders in the world by now.He still could be.

  56. the great escape is beginning to unfold..

    yesterday wasnt pretty, you know youve been outplayed when your goalkeeper is man of the match..chezz was awesome and the back 4 did really well seeing as though our midfield hardly touched the ball..

    very much smash and grab..thoroughly enjoyed it..

  57. Great post Yogi

    Let’s be clear here, only one team had all the good luck yesterday and it wasnt Arsenal! Liverpool were gifted a penalty (the fact halsey didnt even yellow card Szczesny proves he didnt have a clue if it was a correct decision or not) and our player Koscielny gifted them a goal, when 99 times out of a 100 he’d have cleared it to safety.

    So Arsenal were not lucky, they weathered a first half storm and as the away team that isnt exactly surprising, came back into the game even after losing players to injury, one of those injuries coming about thanks to a very ‘interesting’ challenge and scored goals to win the match. We also had more shots on goal than them as well.

    Lucky my Arse! πŸ™‚

  58. The last two games have been like a righting of wrongs for me. A cathartic experience which has made me realise once again why I love football so much. Right now I couldn’t care less about trophies or finances or anything else. I shall just watch the highlights of the last two games and remind myself that revenge is a dish best served Van Persie.

  59. I’m glad Diaby’s cameo has helped a lot of forgetful gooners rediscover why he’s one of AW’s faves and will not be so easily discarded.
    Vassiriki is a MAJOR talent who’s just 25.

    His best years are just about to kick in so smartly AFC patiently assists him get back in shape. For another season is not too long in my opinion.
    Look at TR7 now!

  60. Dexter,Have a word with yourself.

    If we can be unlucky ,then equally we can be lucky.
    We were w little bit lucky for once.
    Dont be silly

  61. MGK at risk of sounding like a love in – great post @10.55.

    FG @10.49 agreed. Someone yesterday said we made Liverpool aware of how Arsenal regularly. I think that is spot on. How many times have we dominated, hit the wood twice failed to close the game and conceded goals with the only chances presented? Not quite the same but you get my point.

  62. How were we lucky Goerge? Did we get a penalty that wasnt correct? Did the scousers score a goal for us?

    Please, enlightenen me, I am all ears, you know, like you are all man boobs. πŸ™‚

  63. fuck united and fuck tottenham too…im happy with a draw .. and lots and lots of injuries to both !

  64. an aside:

    God-willing by the time AW’s done, Arsenal would have demystified the Real Madrids, Barcelonas, AC Milans, Man Utds of the game.

    Football is a business like any other that must operate as fairly & as honestly as possible.
    Live & prosper within your limits

    Spend what you earn and always understand that NOBODY makes a billion pounds/euros or dollars without cheating a whole country-worth of people
    Its a reality of life we accept but must never give up on re-addressing the imbalance.

    One “right” way to do things is
    ..we give youth a chance at Arsenal (like Ajax & some others)
    Its one way to ensure you keep living (& giving)

    f’give my digression,

  65. Limestonegunner

    Liverpool have a chronic difficulty scoring and got lucky that our player finished their move for them. So we already knew we were the better team, I’d say, even though we mostly didn’t play like it apart from some moments. Great win!

    But I am concerned that our midfield was somewhat lethargic, which I’ll put down to exhaustion, and our defense very porous. The latter was genuinely worrisome. I haven’t seen a team open us up like that with such mediocre attacking players, so I can’t explain it. Milan at least gas some gifted players, whereas apart from Suarez Liverpool lacked on the afternoon.

    I hope we can play like we did v. Tottenham without conceding first!

  66. .. and lots and lots of injuries to both !??????
    No hunter, never wish that
    may we all be as fit as possible

    Arsenal succeeds regardless

  67. the media in this country ……. wtf is the ibra story doing there first instead of our anfield win ?..bunch of cunts..always have it against arsenal… fuck them all arsene ..make them all have to read french and african names when they search for english football records ..

  68. Dexter,behave.
    You are so into promoting yourself as positive fan you are blind to the truth.

    (ha ha fucking ha,did I just say that?)

  69. Spend what you earn and always understand that NOBODY makes a billion pounds/euros or dollars without cheating a whole country-worth of people
    Its a reality of life we accept but must never give up on re-addressing the imbalan
    That is soooo true Aman, well said.


  70. George

    Ha! We have been lucky in games before, the FA cup win vs the mancs springs to mind, yet I dont think we were all that lucky yesterday, we had more bad luck than good; wrong penalty awarded against us, own goal, injuries and a benevolent ref for the home side.

  71. Aman | March 4, 2012 at 12:49 pm

    nonono …the old nazi who said ” to beat arsenal you have to kick them” a moto which has been followed like dogma by the rest of neanderthals in england will not get any sympathy from me …city all the way!!! tevez with the medal and fergie ready to explode from anger… as for the spuds…lol….even if they all die in a bus crash on their return i wouldnt mind at all… πŸ™‚

  72. haha chelsea ……..lost again ..ahahhaahah them poor blue smurfs ahahahah

  73. Great game yesterday. No team can play well every game and you have to be able to “win ugly” to have any chance of real success in the PL. Top game yesterday. Now if we can play with any level of consistency the rest of the season we will be in the CL next year. This years team seems to be made of a tougher fabric then last seasons squad.

  74. ” to beat arsenal you have to kick them”

    It was Arsene who said that

  75. 58th?

    It’s rare that an Arsenal victory can be overshadowed by some other off-pitch event of greatness but seeing PG come in first today was something else and I’ll always remember where I was when it happened. Certainly Darius summed it up perfectly (10.08):

    “At this stage of the season, it really is beautiful that he can dig in and win ugly.”

    ‘Nuf said though one fears for Big Brovar’s composure, talking of burst balloons …


    Only just watched the telescopic Match of the Day highlights having been restricted to listening to the second half on the radio and reading comments here, there and everywhere and can only agree wholeheartedly with ZimPaul regarding perceptions of luck and good fortune.

    We were hardly lucky either to concede yet another penalty, the award of which was based purely on the guesswork of a referee. We were hardly lucky to lose a key player to a hospital inducing ‘incident’ about which the Liverpool Mafia dominated Match of the Day hierarchy strangely refused us the chance to make up our own minds.

    Not surprisingly, so much talk is about His Royal van Percieness as his now ‘routine’ habit of scoring the hardest of all goals is becoming pretty much the norm. But watching another stunning cross come in from AS – this time in slow motion – is a thing of absolute beauty as the camera, located behind Song, captures perfectly how RvP sees the cross come in, checks the position of goalkeeper, posts and bar, before switching to his on-board computer.

    You can almost see his incredible footballing brain making the necessary calculations – positioning, balance, angle, velocity, timing, – the binary streaming out of his ears.

    Aside from RvP and the fact that it was on any measure a MASSIVE win, away from home and on the back of one of the most testing sequences of games of the whole season, the one performance that stood out for me (aside from the welcome return of Diaby) was that of Chesney.

    Ironically, with the exception of the brilliant penalty save (which required a follow up effort from him covering nigh on the entire width of the goal), every save he made was significant not just from the initial save but from the fact he never failed to clear the ball away from play. There were countless occasions where a great save could have ended up with the ball pushed to a Scouser but (from the highlights I saw), this he never did. Many other supposedly ‘great’ goalkeepers routinely fail to do this and it’s another vital feature of his game that is setting him apart from the rest.

    It’s true, as his detractors will no doubt rush to point out, he is not yet the finished package. But neither was Schmiechel at 21. However, in my view, Ches is showing many of the key attributes that the Great Dane had – and he will only ever continue to improve.

    All of a ‘sudden’ (although of little surprise to most readers of YW’s brilliant blogs), we appear to have a genuinely world class spine – Ches, TV, AS, RvP around which we have a scarcely believable amount of talent to hang.

    And that is why we can not be said to have been ‘lucky’ to beat Liverpool yesterday. We were – and are – quite simply, a much better team than they are. As we are 5pur2 and the Chavs according to the table that never lies.

    And the sound of pennies dropping in the studios of Sky, the BBC and beyond is becoming deafening. That this noise will be drowned out by the continued hiss of the air escaping the 5pur2 balloon is almost as predictable as, well, Chesney’s next great save, Song’s next sumptuous cross or maybe, even, RvP’s next world class effort.


    As an aside, does anyone know how many penalties we have been awarded this season?

    I had the evil little thought that Liverpool have now missed more penalties (8!!) than we have been given. But I could be wrong.

    As some might put it – ‘just saying’ …

  76. TomΓ‘Ε‘ RosickΓ½ with two pre-assists? A tasty pass to Sagna for the first goal.

  77. to beat arsenal you have to kick them”

    It was Arsene who said that

    no i t was ferguson and it was at the match in highbury ( perhaps a decade ago) where in the first 20 secs scholes fouled vieira from behind with a kick in our half in our right hand side corner flag where patrick is protecting ball … i remember it like yesterday and then it happened gain two years later when reyes joined us he reminded neville of how to beat arsenal again…..

  78. Bendtner looking dangerous today

  79. Exciting to see Chamberlain in midfield.

  80. @ Muppet | March 4, 2012 at 1:09 pm

    “song is shit”

    ha ha ha ha! welcome back, Muppet

    @ arsenalandrew | March 4, 2012 at 1:15 pm

    ha ha (directed at the first part of your comment)
    and *clap clap* at the rest of it. But how dare you leave Kos out of our top quality spine? I mean, how very dare you?

  81. Ade David, a Nigerian Gooner.

    Beautiful win. Keep it up.

  82. come on sunderland…hold out for 20 minutes with 10 men…we need Newcastle to drop 3 points here to help complete the perfect weekend.

  83. Clerkenwell Gooner

    Evil, you thought you were suffering, listening to MacManaman – I had to endure the pile of ordure that is Savage on 5live. Jesus.

    When Arteta went down, he bleated on about how Mikel had “got his studs caught in the turf”, had “gone over” on his ankle, and that it was a “nasty, nasty injury”.

    Only later did I learn (from print sources, via Internet) that Arteta had been knocked flat-out unconscious by an elbow to the jaw, and had left the field with an oxygen mask strapped to his face.

    Only later did I see footage of Henderson’s challenge. Henderson was invisible, as far as Savage was concerned.

    What is the point of listening to radio if those employed to provide commentary are incapable of describing even the basics of what is happening on the field of play?

  84. AVB has been sacked, that means yet another massive pay off for a manager booted out by the sour faced oligarch

  85. Fungunner – I don’t disagree!!

    I personally rate Per and Jack as having equal or equivalent value to the spine.

    The point I was really making is that the truly great teams have a great spine running through the team, starting with the goalie and ending with the striker.

    That we have several candidates for the other spine positions is testament to our overall strength.


    Did I read somewhere Sunderland have never won at the Sid James’ stadium? Or not for 80 odd years? Could be an historic result (unless I’ve just jinxed it).

  86. The chavs have spent Β£28m to sack Ancelotti and sign AVB! How much to sack the portugezzer???

  87. Hunter,He only said it in your mind.(Fergie)
    Arsene did say it.Out loud.

  88. Farewell AVB; you were fun whilst it lasted.

  89. Source, Dexter?

  90. Official announcement MJ.

  91. arse or brain

    di matteo plays nice football but chelski dont strange match hope it all crumbles

  92. Newcastle look desperate, hurling themselves to the ground at every opportunity.

    About as classy as the classless Suarez.

  93. I think the Henderson challenge on Arteta was premeditated. I have watched the replay over and over, and there is absolutely no reason that Henderson had to cut across Arteta’s path the way that he did so that his shoulder connected so cleanly with Arteta’s jaw.

    I am willing to give Henderson the benefit of the doubt in that I do not believe he tried to hurt Arteta, but he definitely intended to make enough contact so that Arteta felt it and didn’t like it.

    To me, this challenge was a much better concealed, and sneaky version of what Rooney did last yeat to Gardner(I believe, I could be wrong). Henderson just had enough sense to be very sly about it and mask it as a freak occurence of two players “coming together”.

    I know many will say that I cannot know what his intentions were, but I have been around sports long enough to know that players will do just about anything on a pitch if they think they can get away with it. Anyway, that is my take on the situation. I am waiting for someone to convince me otherwise.

  94. Great penalty save by Sunderland!

  95. Confirmed, I hope Hiddink isn’t back..

  96. The chavs will never achieve long term success, even with all the money Abramovich throws at them, he just doesnt get it, that to achieve long lasting success, you have to be prepared to give your manager and players time. He is like a kid playing FIFA 12 with the patience of one.

    I actually think AVB is a great manager in the making and he is decent human being too. No wonder the twats at Stamford Bodge didnt take to him.

    Its obvious, to me at least, this was player power, they have gotten him the sack because he didnt just bow down to their whims and tried to stand up to them.

    Good luck AVB, here’s hoping you get the chance to show what you are truly capable of.

  97. Way too soon to sack AVB but i wont cry any tears for either him or Chelski.
    Hold out sunderland, great pen save πŸ™‚
    We did ride our luck a little bit yesterday BUT ‘pool are also bad finishers as can be seen by only 30 league goals scored AND we were indeed on the wrong end of some bad decisions. Win when not playing well, ill take that any day….feck knows we have seen enough of not winning when playing great!

  98. Ade David, a Nigerian Gooner.

    Kenyagunner, we Nigerian gooners will be supporting Man U too this afternoon not bcos we love them but we want the gap btwn us and Spurs to reduce. I hate Man U as much I hate Spurs.

  99. AVB has been sacked, that means yet another massive pay off for a manager booted out by the sour faced oligarch

    ahahhahaha this true? … oh arsenal you and your crisis .. πŸ™‚

    ok george πŸ™‚ he never said it …. i was wrong..i apologise .. the united players just did it without intructions from the boss …. fergie aint that kind of player ..ehmm man … he is honest and with lots of dignity who only wants to win fair and with honour cause thats how he was raised .. hahaha …. that nazi cunt is responsible for all them butchers coming out breaking our players legs… a line of thought he promoted to the rest of the nation…doesnt have to be “on record” …we are no cia here lol…. we know who planted the seed .. πŸ™‚

  100. “I actually think AVB is a great manager in the making and he is decent human being too. No wonder the twats at Stamford Bodge didnt take to him.”

    I soooooo wish I had said that

  101. ahahhaha martin samuel up yours !!!

  102. feck you shola amiobi πŸ˜‰

  103. chelsea should hire martin lipton or martin samuel as their next manager …they talk too much …

  104. Hold on you fucking Sunderland

  105. mj
    Hiddink is managing anzhi currently.

  106. One can only assume Abramovitch is The Stupid Owner.

    The two greatest teams in the EPL have but one thing in common – as every schoolboy and schoolgirl will testify – longevity in managers.


    (Sunderland’s last win at St James was in 1999, just to clarify, and not again for another 20 years before that, apparently.)

  107. hunter

    Martin Samuel? Yeah, he is worth a slap any time, but is there a spcific reason behind your outburst against the hairy melon faced git?

  108. Di mateo is the chav coach till the summer. Maybe they will go for Brendan Rogers?

  109. @ arsenal andrew
    Wasn’t having a go or anything, I just think Kos is our best CB. I know others have different opinions.

    @ Dexter | March 4, 2012 at 1:48 pm
    “The chavs will never achieve long term success, even with all the money Abramovich throws at them, he just doesnt get it, that to achieve long lasting success, you have to be prepared to give your manager and players time. He is like a kid playing FIFA 12 with the patience of one.”

    Yup. Apt description.

  110. yes dexter ..that fat disgusting cunt only praises chelsea and mourinho and was against capello…as if the english managers are better than don fabio..what a disgusting fat creature… his love in for mou makes me sick …this reporter does not have any football values nor principles and the fact he writes for the bnp mail and kisses the ass of terry of the time , is a good enough reason to hate him and his articles.

  111. So Newcastle are 5 points behind as well. Now hoping for another draw for Spurs

  112. Hunter

    Yeah, Samuel is a vile hack to add to the list. Its far easier and quicker to number the good ones;

    Paddy barclay….. erm, paddy barclay then and possibly Steve Stammers.

  113. Ancelloti should have never been sacked

  114. The rate at which Chelsea burn through top class managers really is something to behold. If this doesn’t make people realize how great we Arsenal fans have it I don’t know what will. Can you really imagine supporting a team like Chelsea? It would just feel dirty and wrong in every way.

    Meanwhile, we have a manager that is single handedly bucking the trend of uber rich owners that just throw cash down a bottomless pit hoping that eventually they stumble upon success.

  115. James Herriot would not be able to get that Chelsea lot back on their feet

  116. AVB really had an impossible task. The problem is that he was given a team of players that are on their way down in terms of footballing ability. Those very same players have some of the biggest, most disgusting egos in the game.

    That is an impossible situation for a young manager with a footballing vision to come in to and assert his philosophy. He was bound to find resistance from all of the old heads in the dressing room. AVB will go on to manage another team and I am willing to bet that given the right situation he will do quite well.

  117. Limestonegunner

    I think Liverpool tried to play the old textbook English physical and rough style to knock Arsenal off their game. There was the challenge on Rosicky along with a number of other quite violent tackles that looked a bit gratuitous to me. The ref didn’t call any of them but gave us a soft yellow and RvP complained later when the ref only awarded a free kick for a worse challenge on an Arsenal player only moments later. Adam was a particular offender. That’s
    why I think the Henderson barge had more to criticize and replays show he was prepared for the contact (and didn’t need to smash into him so recklessly coming from behind where Arteta couldn’t see him) while Arteta was clattered rather helplessly without warning. I’m not saying he is a thug, but that was dangerous play without regard for his fellow professional and should be reviewed and possibly sanctioned. At least, I think we could raise the issue safely from a winning position to help prevent this sort of reckless disregard in future games. For example, Newcastle have tried to bulky and bait us in the past, and while most of the players we associate with this are gone, Pardew is getting desperate and might encourage a more physical approach.

  118. also ..watching that disrespectful tw@t kenny get stuffed was really great too…last year he said something to arsene didnt he ? the peasant …..-10 bye bye !

  119. Steve fucking Stammers???????

  120. pardew is gay

  121. Fungunner – Kos has been one of my favourite players since he joined and I hated the Doomers for failing to give him a chance to get right up to speed in the Premiership.

    For this season at least, Liverpool, Newcastle and the Chavs are a busted flush; another month should see off the 5pud2 …

  122. Pardew didn’t look too happy to me Hunter.

  123. I haven’t listened to commentary in English in ages. It’s just one big shell game that never ends. The commentary over here in the States is appallingly one sided, and most of em just roll out the same old Arsenal cliches over and over. Listening to guys like McManamen, Tony Gale, and Warren Barton talk about football and the Arsenal would be like listening to Rush Limbaugh talk about jazz or funk. It just doesn’t make sense.

  124. I mean really. S-s-s-s-s-steve f-f-f-f-fucking S-s-s-s-s-stammers

  125. Jerjus kerkerker can’t berberbelieve thethat enenenen anyone ker could perpraise Sir Sir Sir Sirssssteva sirsir stammersa

  126. Hunter @ 2:18….. AND?

  127. Pardew didn’t look too happy to me Hunter.

    maybe he hasnt had enough cocktails ..yet πŸ™‚

  128. @ viceologist | March 4, 2012 at 2:14 pm
    well said

  129. yes loomer ? and what?

  130. In a perfect world Roman Abramovitch would not be allowed anywhere near a football club
    but alas….

    my view is Fat Frank & Shagdawife Terry have Roman’s ear in their corner

    FFrank, Terry, Essien, Drogba, Cole & Malouda are done

    Mikel’s lost his confidence because he’s been played out of position his whole Chelsea career due to Mourinho’s need for instant gratification.

    AVB, being the sensible manager that he is, knows the old guard’s days are over

    In Cech, Ivanovic, Bosingwa, Ramires, Luiz, Torres, Sturridge, McEachran, Meireles, Romeu, Mikel, Mata, Lukaku, Kalou..they have more than enough to make the transition “back” into a top 4 team in ONE season if they lose 4th but they must go thru the pain…

    but NO…
    Roman wants to win the CL today!

    To our very own doomers & gloomers,
    this is what it looks like when a man hasn’t worked hard enough to warrant the kind of money he has in his possession.

    Dishonest earnings yield dishonest spending

    Lets hear it for the board of our wonderful club

    β€œ11 games left, emptying all closets, things are too tight to be civilized!”

  131. Robin Van Persie, Bacary Sagna, Alex Song, Woczieck Sczenzny were nothing short of amazing. RVP is surely the most lethal finisher in the world. It is interesting how Arsenals victory is described as daylight robbery and when we have previously outplayed teams and been sucker punched we were called ‘tippy tappy’ , ‘over elaborate’ and ‘impotent’…no such criticism or crisis at liverpool…united would have been decsribed as showing championship mettle. The gunners are on the way up what price a Tottenham collapse today and Milan getting dumped out of the champions league. We will have the fucking flags flying. COYG!!!!

  132. AVB learns the hard way what it means to work for a thieving cunt!

  133. check out this moron…(or was it the reporter)?

    we need to stuff Milan

  134. Tennessee Arsenal

    How about Chezzer lifting up Kos after the own goal? The image tells the story of the game.

  135. yes aman! yes !

  136. check out this honest pragmatic man (trying to solve a problem):

    doomers be glad
    AFC’s so way ahead of the mob!

  137. “How about Chezzer lifting up Kos after the own goal? The image tells the story of the game.”

    Yes Tennessee,
    I expect to see the Chezzer with the armband on for many years

  138. “I just think Kos is our best CB.”

    Me too FG. I think TV’s early goal scoring exploits have won him a bit more credit than he has actually earned as a defender.

  139. Who cares if Alan Pardew is gay?

  140. *FLASH*
    Q: who thinks AVB would be the perfect replacement for Pat Rice if Steve Bould opted not to take the job?*

    (* be gentle Frank…fantasy question)

  141. Whats so farkin wrong with old Stutter Stammers Fr-fr-fr-fwank??? He was the best I could come up with. Didnt want to leave ol Paddy B on his Jack Jones now.


    So, you won’t be interested to learn that Fox TV have a new series starting tonite called Get Funked Up with Rush Limbaugh then? πŸ™‚
    That Pobgryniak couldnt score for toffee in germnay and has got 4 in 3 games over here. The best league in the world??? Hmmmm.

  142. No thanks, Aman. Too many what if’s for me.

  143. Aman

    Not sure he’d be happy playing second fiddle man. But in a parrallel universe it would be a decent appointment.

  144. Who cares if Alan Pardew is gay?

    His wife?

  145. Happened to catch a bit of the hideous cunts convention that is the Sunday Silage Supplement. henry Winter’s contribution included such gems as; Arsenal signing Podolski would be good, but if we wanted to be considered a top side, we need to sign the likes of Cavani, who is wanted by Real madrid. What utter bollocks. This twit gets well paid to watch football all over the world and that was all he could russle up?

  146. Bradys right foot

    The cowardice of Chelsea, letting a group of over the hill badge kissers mug the club off.

  147. Aman,
    ABV will bank his Β£20 million pay off and go back to his homeland.
    Why would he take an assistants job?

  148. I think Alan pardew has a liking for the ol’ Bolivian marching powder. In every interview he always has a slightly nasaly blocked up hooter thang going on.

  149. viceologist | March 4, 2012 at 1:46 pm

    I found this posted by DeeDee on Untold

  150. BRF

    Treu dat man. Mourinho has a knack of leaving clubs with a load of aging players, so that whoever comes in has a massive job on their hands. Ancelotti deserves a load of credit really.

  151. Happened to catch a bit of the hideous cunts convention that is the Sunday Silage Supplement. henry Winter’s contribution included such gems as; Arsenal signing Podolski would be good, but if we wanted to be considered a top side, we need to sign the likes of Cavani, who is wanted by Real madrid. What utter bollocks. This twit gets well paid to watch football all over the world and that was all he could russle up?

    lol well said dexter ..listeing to these journalists critisise wenger and arsenal and telling us what to do and how to do it is like listening to paris hilton trying to pass advise to celine dion about vocals …. like apes telling nasa scientists how to build spacecrafts …. πŸ™‚

  152. I don’t like Henry Winter.I think he is poo

  153. Lol @ Dex. Is that some sort of hidden camera show where you see what Rush Limbaugh is really all about? How awesome would it be watch Rush Limbaugh ingest copius amounts of synthetic heroin to something like “Maggot Brain”. Throw in some prostitutes and you’ve got the makings of some good old fashioned American filth.

  154. What does she care, PG? She’s going to be rich!

  155. George

    He is a hideous self satisfied twat, they all are, well apart from the angelic Steve Stammers.
    These poo faced wankers slag off players, managers and clubs and then with straight faces do a complete u-turn the following week and act like they knew all along! They have zero accountability and can just just shit from week to week, completely contradicting themselves, but without any compunction to acknowledge it! Bit like me really! πŸ™‚

  156. Winter also suggested we need 4 top class players this summer.

  157. Dexter ,Yet he failed to mention we have got at least 3 on the treatment table currently.
    Yes, I feel he is deffo poo

  158. Talking of pompous c*nts, here’s Alan Green’s take on the AVB sacking (Green is a presneter on BBC Radio %Live, for those overseas);

    Alan Green on BBC Radio 5 live:

    “Don’t feel too sorry for Villas-Boas, because he will be leaving London with millions in the bank. Nevertheless, it is a victory for player power. The players that he needed to move on became key players for him. He has not helped himself. I don’t know him, but I thought he was arrogant.”

    Kettle, pot and black here! Green is an horrendously pompous and arrogant twat and for doing what exactly? Chatting shite about football.

  159. Bradys right foot

    I missed the transition from football reporter to esteemed gurus of the beautiful game. That the naked unashamed hackery of complete buffoons like Winter can pass for “comment” beggars belief. Smug self serving chancers gorging themselves on the beautiful game, a bunch of effing parasites.

  160. Wolves are doooooomed!

  161. Brf,so eloquent you are.

  162. R V P………….ClickClickClick

  163. Well, it looks like Jonny rests his case. Thanks for that, Passenal. Jordan Henderson is nothing more than a two bit thug.

  164. BRF

    It must be due to the fact they spend so much time in each other’s company (what a vile prospect that is, I’d rather spend 2 years in a Turkish prison a la Midnight Express!) that they become oblivious to normal, reasonable conversation and debate. They buff each other’s smugness levels up, its basically a school boys mutual masterbation society. Wankers! πŸ™‚

  165. Roman Abramovich thinks he controls the club, but in reality the players control Chamelessly Football Club.

  166. I missed the transition from football reporter to esteemed gurus of the beautiful game. That the naked unashamed hackery of complete buffoons like Winter can pass for β€œcomment” beggars belief. Smug self serving chancers gorging themselves on the beautiful game, a bunch of effing parasites.

    pure gold

  167. No monkey boy or van der Vaart for the spuds. Has Arry taken a bung??? “Oh hello Mr Redknapp can you just sign for this weighty brown envelope with a Trafford post mark please?

  168. is ourteta alive still? will he walk again? spine?ok?

  169. So Planet of the Bale did his hamstring did he? Karma’s a bitch, you diving cunt.

  170. He was released from hospital in time to travel back with the rest of the squad hunter. In good spirits too and should be fine for Tuesday’s demolition of milan.

  171. Oligarchs should be banned and not just from football.

  172. oh thats good dexter ….i thought the worse…christopher reeve scenarios …. yikes..get well soon mikel..yes you are a kitten at midfield but youre ok …decent..very decent professional.

  173. Great 3 points yesterday. We played poorly (by our own standards) and the fact Liverpool are pretty shite in front of goal helped. Also the other fact that we have an excellent goalkeeper.

    Great 2 goals by RvP and what a cross by Bacary Sanga (who was also excellent yesterday).. Shame to see Diaby pick up another injury. Gibbs as well apparently (who would have thought). Suarez is a diving cheating cunt and Halsey simply made a guess for the pen. Dalglish is also a huge cunt.

    I feel dirty saying it but I really hope Manure get the 3 points later.

  174. Aman said it perfectly; anyone who has accumulated the obscene personal wealth that Abramovich have, has not done so without screwing, hurting, exploiting a shit load of people. It is a fucking sad indictment of capitalist society that this can occur, especially given how many millions scrape a living on peanuts, or worse.

    And the latest Portsmouth chairman to fleece the club has just appeared on SSN. Good timing.

    Political rant over, lets not go there!

  175. Dexter,

    I hate to point out that what you call a “sad indictment of capitalist society” is actually nowhere near what capitalism actually is. An oligarch by definition is someone who acquires their wealth through government privilege and connections and is much more closely related to fascsim than capitalism.

    Unfortunately the definition of capitalism has been perveted to the point that no one distinguishes the difference between people that earned their wealth legitimately (without the help of a corrupt government), and those that used their political connections to exploit others and amass unearned fortunes.

    True capitalism would require no government intervention into the marketplace, allowing for no “cozy” relationships between business and government. Anyhow, my political rant is now over as well.

  176. Well, I wouldnt expect a yank to defend capitalism now! What a surprise! πŸ™‚

  177. Viceo

    I see your point, but just change oligarch for someone like Gates, or any multinational conglomorate. My biggest beef is with the distribution of wealth really. Something that is killing football and making clubs desperately close to extinsion.

    But anyway, lets leave it there buddy!

  178. Apologies to Passenal. Just watched the short video she posted on Henderson hitting Arteta. Don’t know if calling it premeditated is the correct word, he had the chance to get in a cheap shot and he took it. Hope he gets a retrospective punishment and a reputation as cheap shot artist. Good eye from Passenal on that one.

  179. Dexter,

    I totally get your point. I also totally get that going to the “yank” card as an attempt to slander me is pretty pathetic. Especially given the fact that what we have in our country is nothing resembling free markets and is already completely morphed into a fascist state, but I digress.

    When discussing politics people tend to get rather emotional, so I would expect nothing less.

  180. That Viceologist has got star written all over him.

  181. Looks like Bill has finally gotten something right, too. What a great weekend this turned out to be.

  182. Lets stick to football…much more fun that way…we have 5pud2 to root against after all.

  183. Vice

    Lighten up dude, the yank comment was meant in jest. You seem very enlightened and intelligent, so nothing like a ya…. hahaha! Chill man! πŸ™‚

    Football it is.

    Come on you filthy yanks, erm I mean Mancs.

  184. Sorry Dex…

    Hard to tell if something is said in jest using a keyboard and computer screen. I guess I need to pay a little closer attention to the emoticons…lol. No hard feelings at all…now back to football it is.

  185. Cheers Vice, same here man. We are all Gooners man. its a brilliant weekend so far, lets hope it continues.

  186. Watching United and Spurs it strikes me the neither are very good.

  187. manu are playing crap.

  188. George

    Its a piss poor game so far.

  189. Vice,you are too forgiving.HE WAS HAVING A DIG AT YOUR NATION.

    Come on ,retaliate.

  190. The same thing struck me George…I am always amazed at the fact that the Mancs pick up so many points with this unimpressive squad of theirs.

  191. lol…thanks for playing instigator George.

  192. You dirty rat bastard PG! πŸ™‚

  193. Fuck me, the spuds will win this. United are pants, truly woeful. Then again, if they manage to get a result the media will tell us that winning like this is the mark of a great team.

  194. De Gea nearly punching Rooney in the face…that would have been classic.

  195. Haha! πŸ™‚

  196. Lol @ Ade. What a clown.

  197. Loomer @ 4:06:

    “Looks like Bill has finally gotten something right”

    Even the great ones do get it wrong occasionally.

    What I am really waiting for is you or anyone other then George to admit when I get it right. I suspect I will have to wait a long time for that one. πŸ™‚

  198. Spuds are all huff and puff, while Utd are just puffs πŸ™‚

  199. Adebayor; Once a Gooner…

  200. United are crap. How they are where they are in the league is absolutely mind boggling.

  201. Manutd playing like shit but they play like shit and still tend to win?

  202. Ha! Typical

  203. Fact is Utd are where they are because of his use of tactics to counter the fact that a lot of his players are not that good. AW on the other hand puts more trust in his players abilities than in their tactical nous. That IMO is why we are so often the better team when we play Utd but often lose.

  204. Just as I write that!!! Horrible defending!

  205. Not gonna lie people, I did a tiny little air punch when Rooney scored…

  206. That’s utd for you. Play shit but still score!

  207. Spurs were closing them down incredibly fast all over the pitch, they won’t be able to keep it up for an entire game. Utd will keep doing their thing right until the final whistle, it’s why they get so many late goals.

  208. Never imagined I’d ever be happy to see Screwney score for ManU.

  209. No joy with that Rooney goal in my joint. We hate the reds.

  210. THis has been a really poor game. How many mislplaced passes and inept defending? Garbage as we say in France.

  211. I would like to see a draw. A very ugly one aswell with a few red cards thrown into the mix for good measure. Basically a game that does neither side’s confidence any good and also sees both of them dropping 2 points.

  212. How could you not, Vince? It feels dirty, but it is quite hilarious.

  213. Walker hesitates…Rooney nicks one!
    How unexpected?

    Sandro & Livermore are pissing all over Scholes & Carrick.
    Its been so one-sided but its S&G weekend…Rooney’s aware

    Watched Fulham put 5 past Wolves earlier
    Jol has quietly assembled a strong team
    They are breathing down on Liverpool on the table
    I tip them for a Europa spot

    PG, re: my AVB asst manager question earlier
    With the millions he’s got he could afford to learn from a master.
    If I were him I’d beg to join the Arsenal staff & work for peanuts.
    I kinda like the lil’ dude.

    I wonder if ‘Arry’ll play dos Santos in the 2nd half?

  214. I just want Spurs to lose, I think utd are out of our reach and it keeps the title race interesting for a while longer. The psychological impact of the gap between us going from 10 points to 4 points can’t be understated too. I reckon Chelsea will be a more cohesive team playing for a guy they actually like, so the sooner we cement ourselves into third (fuck having to play the qualifying round of the CL again) the better, let everyone else scrap for fourth beneath us.

  215. and our resident D&Gers clamour for Usmanov??

  216. You have to love AW’s seemingly endless belief in our team:

    Six of Arsenal’s last 19 home wins in Europe have been by four goals or more and that is the kind of information that gives Wenger hope – even if Milan score an away goal.

    “I love these statistics!” said the manager. “We can score, we can have a good edge in our game, so let’s just go for it.

    “We have it all to win because the result is written before we turn up, but we can change it.

    “Nothing would be fatal [if Milan score]. If we have the attitude we had against Spurs then nothing is fatal, so we will just go for it.”

  217. Irish @ 4:56 and Loomer @ 4:50

    We have been having the style vs. results debate for years. Everyone has their own thoughts on which is more important. I don’t think its a matter of trust in players, its a matter of tactical flexibility and pragmatism and that undefinable “mental strength”.

  218. Vince

    Couldnt agree more man.

  219. With that in mind, what do you guys think the line-up will be?

    Personally I believe that when we play without a DM, that is when we are at our most lethal attack-wise. Our one and only victory over Barca came about when Song was removed for Arshavin.I would love to see this team, if they are all fit:

    Sagna Vermaelen Koscielny Gibbs

    The Ox Rosicky Benayoun

    Theo Robin Van Perfect Gervinho

  220. According to the commentators at the start of this hack fest, we were about to watch “a contest between the two best footballing sides in the league”, so we were apparently “in for a cracker”????????????

    Excuse me for missing a few minutes when a lurched off to the bog for a quick hurl…………

  221. Some demon likes utd. Playing shit and 2:0 up.

  222. If Guardiola cares more about money than football chelski will make him a very rich man indeed. But what roman forgets is that Guardiola inherited a system set up by his predecessors and is benefitting from the maturation of that project. Chelski need new players, so unless they have billions more to throw at the problem, even Guardiola will not be able to turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse overnight.

  223. mattgoonerknight

    Thank you Ashley Cunt!

    Are you switched on, are you concentrating 5pud2!

    Come on! What a weekend so far!!!! Keep it up United!

  224. Manutd is Lucifer’s team.

  225. Irishgray | March 4, 2012 at 5:29 pm

    I would swap Benayoun for Arteta

  226. Very true Passenal.

    Similar to a quote from the movi top gun, chelski’s old boys egos are writing cheques their bodies can’t cash.

  227. The Scum are being taught a lesson…in goal scoring.
    Now ManU are defending with two banks of four (TBOF).

  228. Passenal – i do not think he will be fit for the game but if he is then, yes i agree

  229. Bloody hell!

    Just saw that clip on the Arteta assault.

    How blatant was that?!?

    He braces himself and drives into Arteta!

    That’s as blatant as it gets!

    What a despicable piece of shit!

  230. Spuds getting rimmed!

    3 nil, roflmao!

  231. 3-0.

    I think third place is ours for the taking. Totts’ confidence is going to be shot to hell.

  232. Hilarious! Come on mancs, get a few more goals!!!

  233. mattgoonerknight

    Thank you Ashley Cunt!

    Are you switched on, are you concentrating 5pud2!

    Come on! What a weekend so far!!!! Keep it up United!!!!!!

    Goal difference could be important come May!!

  234. The spuds are even bigger cunts than the reds!

  235. Listening to the lament by the Sky commentators of the plight of the poor 5pur2, it seems the hacks have to rewrite their script of the rise of glorious King Harry, born to save the kingdom of English football.

  236. There’s only one goal innit MGK.

  237. Fucking 3-0!!! Spuds suck ass man! Yea ‘Arry for England alright.

  238. KNowing the fickle spuds, they will be calling for Arry boy’s head come the final whistle.

  239. Re: the Arteta injury.

    In hockey, where you can hit people as hard as you want, and punch someone repeatedly in the face without being ejected, Henderson would be given at least a 3 game suspension for deliberately targeting the head.

  240. mattgoonerknight

    I like Smudge, but please someone tell him there’s being being neutral and there’s being a twit.

    He’s just said that Tottenham have got a 3 goal come back in them.

    There’s 20 minutes left, against Man United

    Game over.

    Come on United, score a 4th, just to put it to bed πŸ˜‰

  241. mattgoonerknight


    That’s excellent news. There’s still 4 points to make up so the more goals in their against column the better; that and the fact that a 5pud2 humiliation is always sweet, regardless of whether it has an impact on us or not!!!

  242. As the gif above [] confirms, Henderson squared-up to make contact. Simply no attempt to avoid Arteta. Such a nice choir boy, not a bad bone in his body eh?
    When “king” Kenny stands up for a racist, diving, cheat like Suarez, tells you the entire fish is rotten from the head downwards.

  243. Wouldn’t it be a perfect week if the Spuds lost in their replay against Stevenage too πŸ™‚ ?

    Personally speaking I cannot wait for the Milan game as we really have no choice but to come out all guns blazing. Love it when we have to do that πŸ™‚

  244. Irishg

    Yeah man, lets go for it Tuesday I say, maybe, just maybe stick RvP on the bench though, in a Nike bubble wrap suit for good measure!

  245. This had me cracking up πŸ™‚ Love RVP!!!!

  246. mattgoonerknight

    Shit…never mind

  247. Dex – I hear ya man but we will need him on the pitch if we are to have any chance, no matter now impossible it may seem.

  248. mattgoonerknight


    lol I noticed that on Saturday – I was worried that the ref might of seen and booked him or something.


  249. mattgoonerknight

    It’s only four…

    It’s only four…

    It could have be ten, but it’s only four..

    Come on!!!!!

  250. I’m all for having RVP on the bench for the first half. See who else can step up. Then if we’re up 2 at the half, bring him on.

  251. Irishgray, Benayoun also picked up an injury yesterday whereas Arteta reportedly returned to London ‘in good spirits’ with the rest of the team.

  252. Spuds are sinking fast. πŸ™‚

  253. Limestonegunner

    Irish, agreed–no pressure and we can let the cannons roar!

  254. 1 Man City 27 50 66
    2 Man Utd 27 39 64
    3 Tottenham 27 19 53
    4 Arsenal 27 17 49
    5 Chelsea 27 15 46
    6 Newcastle 27 0 44
    7 Liverpool* 26 5 39
    8 Fulham 27 1 36

    * Liverpool have a game in hand V. Everton

  255. What a magical weekend.

    Trying hard to think of a downside. Oh, yes – I know – when we beat ManC on 8 April we might be helping ManU to win the league.

  256. LSG – Absolutely mate. I do harbor a small but growing belief we can turn it around but basically, so long as we give a good account of ourselves I will be happy enough. I just hope we can keep up our league form, as that has been most impressive the last few weeks. Plus I really do not want to have the team play qualifying games at the beginning of next season for the CL.

  257. Limestonegunner

    I don’t think the Chelski players have much respect for di Matteo, necessarily. Pep would at least have credibility for winning with Barca among the Chav player mafia. But as Passenal says there is no magic solution for the failure to develop young talent, so unless the Oiligarch wants to shell out another 100-150million (but hopefully without CL to offer!!) there is little chance to rebuild their squad to any major level.

    Hopefully the turmoil continues there and 5pur2 continue their implosion v. Everton and there is a Chelski-5pur2 draw while we defeat Newcastle and continue our good league run.

  258. Limestonegunner

    Absolutely, IG. 3rd would really give us a boost going into the summer on so many levels!

  259. Limestonegunner

    I’d be fine with Newcastle making 4th behind us in 3rd (hoping of course we defeat them) because of all the teams in the mix, they have followed our pattern of development more closely on their return from the Championship. Giving younger players a chance, finding continental bargains and playing a bit of attacking football from their midfield forward. OK, it is not like I like them or think they are doing things the right way fully but compared to Chelski and Liverpool spending and 5pur2 being who they are, this would be the most acceptable outcome. Can’t do much about United and MoneyCity.

    Long way to go but light is there shining brightly at the end of the tunnel for us!

  260. kenyan gunner spot on. United are indeed Lucifer’s team. Why? because they are called the red devils.

  261. The next 5 games in the league:

    The Arsenal – Newcastle (H), Everton (A), Villa (H), QPR (A), Man City (H)
    The Spuds – Everton (A), Stoke (H), Chelsea (A), Swansea (H), Sunderland (A)
    The Chavs – Stoke (H), Man City (A), Spuds (H), Villa (A), Wigan (H)

    It should be an interesting few games then πŸ™‚

  262. Looks like all the contenders have some tough games there Irishgray. Arsene is right that it will be down to which team can be the most consistent for these next few games. Let’s hope it’s us!

  263. Oh spare me the inane ramblings of yet another bitter old scouser! Sounness labouring the point that Arsenal will rely on RvP, while the spuds can still finish 3rd above us. Bitter much Graeme???

  264. Chelsea v Spurs is going to be fascinating, obviously I’ll be rooting for the standard goalless draw with a 22 man brawl and points deductions for both sides.

  265. I usually like Souness.But that was shit punditry.
    Fat legged prick

  266. scottish cunt…………souness that is!!

  267. Limestonegunner

    What a bottler Abramovitch has proved himself to be. Lost his nerve entirely and debased himself and his club, which is quite something to manage to achieve given how low he and Chelsea were already in dignity of any kind.
    Pathetic. And I doubt it is going to work.

  268. Come to think of it I think City have the hardest run in of everyone, they still have to play The Arsenal, the Spuds, the Chavs and the Geordies.

    Well I am off for some BBQ and Beers with The Girlfriend and her family, laters peeps πŸ˜€

  269. I predict if we beat City we will finish only one place behind them.
    So their billion pound investment will net them about an extra million from the Premier League,which will be a good return,NOT

  270. Hated him as a player, but Gary neville is fast becoming one of my favourite pundits! Behind Keown obviously. That was hilarious then when he slated the sky bet (yep, Sky Sports are pushing betting onto their mug punter subscribers too, as well as exorbitant subscription prices) Funny fucker!

  271. I’m with you there Georginho!

    And you too Duke

  272. i disagree with georgias.

    but i predict us catching then overtaking them title challenging spuds to 3rd..they are quaking in their pony boots..

  273. Clerkenwell Gooner

    Re: Henry Winter, ineptitude could be because he’s MI6, masquerading as a football columnist? If you read John Le CarrΓ©, he has a character like this during the Cold War period in one of his novels (can’t remember which, sorry), since sports reporters had plausible cover for travelling the world behind the Iron Curtain, and hence were apparently made use of by the security services.

    Or maybe he’s just inept. I have no idea since I avoid the Barclay Brothers’ rag like the plague. When they start to pay tax in the UK, I might reconsider. For similar tax-and-VAT non-payment-plus-corruption-of-our-entire-fucking-political-life reasons, I avoid Murdoch’s Sky too, which is why it’s so painful for me the lack of quality on 5Live – except for Pat Nevin, and there’s a Scottish woman (whose name escapes me, sorry) who reports on Scottish league and whose depth of knowledge of the teams she covers is Motson-level. Astonishing.

    So please, 5Live, take a leaf from Chel$ki’s book, and start the long-overdue process of refreshing your commentary team. Show Savage the red card, first up. His audition is over.

    (PS If Pep takes the oligarch shilling at the Bridge, I shall cry. I want him to take over from Wenger, and bring Cesc – and bonus Messi – with him. Hey, I can dream, can’t I?)

  274. Arsene is only 62 years young.
    I think another 8 years is not unreasonable .
    We don’t need Pep or any other person to take over.
    And then Dennis will take the helm
    (Hey, I can dream, can’t I?)

  275. Clerkenwell Gooner

    Haha! That was brilliant mate, that could well be the case with Winter! He does stick out a bit with his plum in the throat posh voice compared to his barra boy peers.

    Pep would be a dream signing when the big man hangs up his tracksuit, although I’d be interested to see how someone like Brendan Rogers does over the next few years too.


    I really don’t see Arsene managing Arsenal in his 70th year. For a long time, I thought this was going to be his last, but I think he has 2 or 3 left in him, before he retires.

  276. I really think Chamakh and Park should start on Tuesday, it is the perfect game for them. We are considered dead and buried so there is zero pressure on them. I think with Sagna whipping in crosses, Chamakh has a great chance of banging a few goals in, while we really do have rest the boy wonder now and again. I would go with, injuries and fatigue permitting;

    The (Number) One and Only
    Sagna Koscielny Miquel Gibbs
    Arteta Rosicky
    Gervinho Oxo Park

  277. Dexter , Gibbs is crocked

  278. Not sure if that’s confirmed yet George?

  279. If Gibbs is injured, then swap him for Djourou as he should be fit for Tuesday.

  280. I have just confirmed it to you .
    Stop being cheeky.

  281. Or Jenkinson

  282. Ha! I bow down to thee oh great oracle.

  283. Fack orff!

  284. Dexter ,you need to be on twitter.Seriously you do.

  285. Limestonegunner

    Start Jenks then. He looked pretty good v. “the Enemy”!

  286. I’ll give it a go once I’ve finished writing my memoirs.

    I think Arteta will definitely want to play the Milan game, after all, I bet the lure of CL football was one of the driving forces behind his move. Can you imagine if we got a couple of goals without reply? That would really make things interesting. And it would be awesome to do it with RvP on the bench.

    I just think/feel in my water (or is it a kidney stone?) that we will see something special Tuesday night.

  287. yes twitter…where there are even more fukin know it alls.

  288. Hahah! Duke πŸ™‚

    Is benayoun injured KIAG?

  289. What is your twitter name then Duke?

  290. From the BBC website;

    So Tottenham will be four points ahead of Arsenal after this one – it’s been a fine fortnight for Arsenal, who were as clinical at Anfield yesterday as United have been today.
    I’ll go along with that.

  291. Bloody hell, Paul Scholes looked every one of his 154 years today i thought.

  292. Claudio Ranieir is making a right pig’s ear of yet another club. Why do people keep giving him the opportunity to make a twat of himself? And dont even get me started on Benitez as favourite for the chav job, I mean, Benitiez???

  293. Clerkenwell Gooner

    From this – – it would seem that after the player rebellion on 12 Feb – thanks, Β’a$hley! the gift that keeps on giving – AVB had had enough, and took steps to get his cards handed to him 1) by leaving rebels on bench vs Napoli 2) going for broke vs Abramovich previous failed signings on Portuguese radio and 3) transfer policy as a whole at subsequent press conference.

    Very smart moves by AVB, IMHO, which have liberated him from the maw of Abramovich several million euros to the good, win-win for him, lose-lose-lose-lose for Roman.

    AVB’s not going to need to get down the Job Centre for a while with that lot, and so can find himself a decent club worthy of his youthful talent at his leisure.

    Meanwhile, I believe $ven is the experienced type of manager to sort out Frank Jnr & co.

  294. Vicelogist,

    ‘I hate to …. nowhere near what capitalism actually is. An oligarch by definition is someone who acquires their wealth through government privilege and connections and is much more closely related to fascsim than capitalism.

    So you’re talking about an ideal form of capitalism that never existed? The capitalism of Adam Smith and Ricardo? There never existed such capitalism and neither can it for it is economic determinism on their part. If you really want to talk about acrually existing capitalism than that my friend is exactly what one feature of capitalism is i.e. Oligarchs. And for that matter, Fascism as a crude form of capitalism.

    ‘Unfortunately the definition of capitalism has been perveted to the point that no one distinguishes the difference between people that earned their wealth legitimately (without the help of a corrupt government), and those that used their political connections to exploit others and amass unearned fortunes.’

    What do you mean by legitimately? You mean the capture of the means of the production by one particular class? In today’s rhetoric the 1%? You shouldn’t really be talking about legitmecy, you should talk about political economy. Secondly, why shouldn’t the government help the people earn it’s money? What exactly is the state there for? As for political connections, why talk about ‘just’ political connections? What about the very structural corrupt reality that we find ourselves in? Where your fate lies outside your very own hands.

    True capitalism would require no government intervention into the marketplace, allowing for no β€œcozy” relationships between business and government. Anyhow, my political rant is now over as well.

    True capitalism is what drove capitalism to the pit hole it finds itself in at the moment and having dragged human beings along with it. It is too dark inside this pit hole for you to either see or make sense of the dialectical reality that you find yourself in. The ideology of capitalism has abstracted your consciousness. Hence, the fetishtic need for a ‘true’ capitalism. Read political economy, and you will know that we’ve always existed in ‘true’ capitalism that has historically taken on different forms. Most recently the form that you are so begging for (i.e no state intervention in the market), neoliberalism, effectively removed significantly the state’s form on the market (if ever it had any control or intervened in it if not for the sake of its internal logic of profit making and state power and control). The financial crisis was a result of that and nothing else. No wonder, the first response was to bail out the banks and then ‘try’ to put some leash on them, which they hardly managed, because the state itself is capitalistic, it is not in opposition to it.

  295. That’ll learn him…

  296. anyways i doont know why we are all so appy. walnutt is back to his ol crapy self, diaby has probably been put down now, we are a one man team, chelsea have handed us 4th on a plate. we can only play on lawns. the refs hate us….wel thats what i have read.

  297. And we dont like it up us.

  298. Dexter @ 6:40pm

    What Souness said was that if 5pur2 maintain their present momentum they should come 3rd.. (His co-commentator confirmed his neutrality by revealing that he hopes that 5pur2 come 3rd.)

    What I think Souness meant was that if 5pur2 maintain their present momentum they should fairly comfortably avoid relegation.

  299. Thanks for clarifying that for me Merlot! πŸ™‚

  300. He scores when he wants…. He scores when he wants…. Robin van Persie, he scores when he wants!!!!

  301. Ateeb | March 4, 2012 at 9:59 pm

    because the state itself is capitalistic, it is not in opposition to it.

    Please forgive my ignorance, But, isnt the government/state already owned by capitalists. The state has no choice. Its already in fascist mode. The state is not allowed its own economy/money. It is not allowed to print its own money ( especially a federation of states like u.s.a or europe ) or produce its own goods, you are not allowed to grow your orange tree, water it , grow it, cut it and consume the fruit of it ( the idea of capitalism being getting rewarded from your labour/creation/work). You borrow money from the banks to go buy it from the neighbor state/federation. The private corps have taken away the state’s ability and freedom to print its own money. They have forced governments to borrow the money they print with the issue of bonds thus creating the debt which forces things to work, get produced get consumed. A currency is a means for financial understandings between buyers and sellers in the market. Not printing money to release in a dying market is like having a man dying of blood loss and refusing to inject him with fresh blood while our reserves are infinite. We can keep printing if we want to. But wheres the profit in that unless its controlled somehow..hehe…the complaints about the creation of inflation are ridiculous because the market/patient is already bleeding. If you got to the hospital and youre found in top condition and they still pump frech blood in you you will get a blood supercharged in the veins / heart and bang cardiac arrest…inflation…cargando. Basically the loan sharks have won and they trade in lives, countries, continents, planets …..

    but why bother with such cr@p its not like it affects us …. πŸ™‚

    come on arsenal !!! fuck them all!!! hey whats wrong you aint winning trophies …MARCH!!!

  302. Just Another Luke

    Arsene Wenger said:

    “We want to make the impossible possible.”

    Muhammad Al once said this too:

    “Impossible is not a fact. It’s an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It’s a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is nothing.”

  303. I am glad that Arsene is going for it on Tuesday. Got a funny feeling about that match actually.

  304. fantastic weekend, only four points off third, and have some breathing space over our competitors for fourth. We are on a run, and if we keep it going we might well nick third in a few weeks time……only bad news is on the injury front

  305. Just Another Luke


    I’m sure that the final line up and team news will reveal how we will “go for it” on Tuesday night against Milan. We may have to discount a little of what Wenger said. As usual, I’m looking forward to reading YW’s take on the matter today or tomorrow. πŸ™‚

  306. A weekend to demonstrate why some sage invented the lingo ‘LOL’!

    lololololololololololololololololololol !

    Lollies all around.

    I felt that if we reduced it to 4 points no statistics will matter – each game at a time, on the day….Game on.

  307. Go on AW give all your strikers a blast on the Park come Tuesday.

    They all want to play CL and nothing to lose.


    Sag …………..Kos …..Tommy


    Theo .Diaby/Arteta/……Gerv

    Cham……..vP…… Park/Ox

    I like balance!

  308. If you use Song as infill back line, sweeper and general boot of God, you can put Benayoun, Rambo, Arteta, Rosicky or Diaby (if any are fit), in the middle and surround them with speed and finishing, all of them can pass too, its what Arsenal do.

    Vp can also drop back a tad if we need a ‘dominator’ helping in the midfield.

    This time we have wings instead of ploughed fields and we need the goals.

    Turn the whole game on its head and replace the ineffective midfield with attacking width.

    I would love to see what happened.

  309. Chelsea want pep….ahahahahahah ….

  310. for the milan game, contrary to popular belief, i would advise that joke of a manger ..this french alsatian whatever ..this vengah fella to forget any hopes of progressing and do not risk the safety and form of the first team. field the under 18s ..all of them and let them surprise milan…youth with no fear..not the first teamers …i dont want to see van persie sagna and song stretching themselves for 90 minutes to achieve the impossible. let sanchez watt and yennaris do that.

  311. A very fine weekend and some sunshine today. Lovely stuff.

  312. Billy's Boots

    A Monday riddle: when is Emirates Stadium not Emirates Stadium?

  313. Billy's Boots

    Bah, posted in wrong tab! D’oh!

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