Liverpool Preview: Arsenal Chase Win To Put Pressure On Third

Twenty-one years ago today, Paul Merson flicked the ball past Bruce Grobbelaar to seal the demise of the Anfield dynasty. It was going to be the subject of this morning’s post on Arsenal On This Day until an altogether more quirky and record-breaking match came to the fore. That Arsenal did not take advantage is a litany of missed chances over the intervening decades; wasted opportunities with several extraordinary sides.

This afternoon sees no less an intense affair. Both sides need the win as the race for the Champions League places enters the home straight. Arsenal arrive at Anfield on the back of a 5-2 thrashing of Tottenham last weekend. Thrashing, mauling, destruction, annihilation? You take your pick. Liverpool meanwhile stumbled through to victory over Cardiff at Wembley. Arsène does not think that will have any impact on proceedings. I would have thought that the Liverpool win was the best outcome for Arsenal; losing to a lower division team might have given today’s hosts an added impetus to put matters right.

It is a fixture Arsenal have not lost in the past four seasons.  That equals the club’s longest unbeaten run in the league at Anfield, achieved in the 1930s, 1950s and 1970s. One more win gives this squad some sort of record. More importantly it gives them three points, putting real pressure on Tottenham ahead of their encounter with Manchester United tomorrow. A win for Arsenal reduces the gap to third down from ten to four points in the space of a week.

Whilst defeat for Liverpool would not be the recumbentibus to their Champions League aspirations for next season, it would make life extremely difficult. That is their motivation; the absence of Daniel Agger from their defence compounds their problems.

For Arsenal, the international break was relatively comfortable. Robin van Persie only played 45 minutes for the Dutch, an acknowledgement of Arsenal’s busy fixture list according to the manager. Only a Herculean effort on Tuesday is going to continue that so Arsène might not need to worry too much on that front any longer. A minor niggle exists I am sure, but van Persie miss today? No, I doubt it.

Thomas Vermaelen’s knack has or has not healed even though he was able to play for 90 minutes in a friendly that underlines why Uefa was genuinely scared of the European Club Association’s threats about the international calendar hence the deal brokered this week. There seems little point in Arsenal complaining to Fifa; they have long been abusing football and turning a blind eye to corruption so a national association abusing the rules is uniteresting child’s play.

[Cue theme tune from Dad’s Army]

Who do you think you are kidding Mr Wenger
When you say Abou can run

It was indeed the shocking news to emerge from the pre-match press conference yesterday; Abou Diaby fit and included in the matchday squad. The pleasure at seeing someone whose career has been blighted by injury, return to fitness is tempered by the fear that his career has been so blighted by injury that he may breakdown at any point in his comeback. Diaby’s potential remains unfulfilled; perhaps it never will be. Right now, we’ll settle for a spell of substitute appearances which provide an impetus in a long run of Arsenal victories.

Certainly I foind those who demand his sale on the basis of his injury difficult to fathom for they are the most blatant of hypocrites. It would, I venture, be something they would rail against most vehemently were they to suffer an injury, be unable to work and then be unceremoniously dumped by their employer. Yet the demand such callousness from Arsenal.

It is hard to see him being anything other than sub for the next few games despite the knock suffered by Alex Song. Surely this long a lay-off precludes that?

The line-up I would expect is:

Szczesny; Sagna, Koscielny, Vermalelen, Gibbs; Rosicky, Song (Djourou), Arteta; Walcott, van Persie, Benayoun

It is hard to see either of Walcott or Benayoun being displaced for today by Oxlade-Chamberlain or Gervinho; the performance against Spurs was too complete despite falling two goals behind. Certainly Liverpool will be wary of the threat from the wings, even if the end product is not always consistent. Last weekend’s brace highlighted the threat he possesses and is capable of delivering on the counter.

This afternoon’s priority is a win; if we remain in fourth that is an unexpected bonus; surely Chelsea will comnfortably win at The Hawthorns. That ought to take them above us this evening. Three points for Arsenal and defeat for Tottenham places considerable pressure of them; a week ago their lead stood at ten points. This afternoon dare we hope that the gap to Arsenal be four points. Avoiding defeat is key though; that keeps some semblance of control over the chance for the Champions League places.

Enjoy the match wherever you are watching it. ’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Morning YW…Onwards Forwards.. Good News re Diaby..Win a MUST

  2. 1sssssssttttttt…………….

  3. mattgoonerknight


  4. Technically third but second commenter. Is it strictly numerical in terms of the poster or comments? Are these rules made up as we go along? Who knows?

  5. Lets get ready to RUMBLE!!!! COYG
    POOL spanking. Time…..

  6. Who cares? Another mystery.

  7. CB

    Bigbrovarr cares! As to why, yet another mystery

  8. On this day, Wednesday 14th November 1962, Arsenal played Liverpool at Anfield.

    After 16 games Liverpool were third from bottom of the 1st Division and Arsenal were distinctly mid table.

    In their ‘Welcome to our visitors from Highbury’, it is opined that the description ‘Lucky Arsenal’ ‘is a misnomer because it was so often thoughtlessly applied to their victories when these had been planned on exactly the lines on which they were established’. The writer goes on to expound on the club’s glorious history ‘Five times in eight consecutive season’s between 1931 and 1938 they were Champions, including a spell of three successive title victories. During those seven wonderful years they also reached the Cup Final twice, winning once, and never finished lower than 6th.’

    ‘Though to the younger generation of football followers it may appear that Arsenal have always been a ‘glamour team’, this is far from the truth, and there are many folk who can remember when it seemed a toss up whether they would continue to function.’ He reminds readers that it was the appointment of Herbert Chapman in 1926 that was the turning point in the clubs’ development.

    Less well known perhaps is the history of the club’s management since 1945. In those 17 years the club had 5 managers culminating in the recent appointment of Billy Wright. Almost West Ham like.

    Injuries then, as now, weighed heavily on Arsenal it seems. First choice keeper Jack Kelsy was injured on International duty. Terry O’Neill had already had three spells of injury in the current season leading to his replacement at centre half being an ex amateur, Laurie Brown. John MacLoud, a ‘big money’ signing from Hibs was also missing.

    The Liverpool team that day was:

    Lawrence, Bryne, Moran, Milne, Yeats, Stevenson, Hunt, Melia, Callaghan, St. John, A’Court.

    Arsenal fielded:

    McClelland, Magill, McCullough, Snedden, Brown, Groves, McCloud, Strong, Baker, Eastham, Skirton.

    If you fancied a meal after the game you might have tried ’McConnell’s Restaurant’, which is situated ‘under the Law Association Rooms’ where ‘parties are catered for’. The premises are ‘fully licensed’ and your Licensee is Nora Lyon.

    For a beer, apparently, ‘Nothing Beats a Bent’s Sergeant Major’. A new one on me. If you were too idle to go out for your drink then apparently Threllfalls, another brewer, performed a “Right Away to your door delivery service”. I had no idea that any brewery anywhere at any time performed such a service.

    A quick read of the ‘Pen Pictures of the Arsenal Players’ revealed the clubs from which Arsenal recruited their players. These included Glentoran, Portadown who supplied two first teamers, an unnamed ‘Scottish junior club’, Bishop Auckland, Leyton Orient, Ards and Bath City.

    Here is yesterday’s football result: Liverpool 2 Arsenal 1

  9. Your standards never diminish YW.. Good post as usual 🙂

    Great news on the enigma, Diaby. I always had high hopes on him and I trust him to come good if he can put the injury problems behind him.

    We absolutely have enough to beat ‘pool, if we play with same intensity like we did against spurs. Key to winning this game has to be Arteta, Benayoun and Rosicky. The way they chased, hassled and hurried every spurs players last week was a joy to watch. I didn’t mention Song because I have come to expect a particular high level of performance from him. His job on Sunday was far easier due to the input of the aforementioned.

    We are a better team than ‘pool and we will show it today.

  10. With all the kerfuffle about RVPs contract we must not forget Song is at the same stage with his,
    And he is 4 years younger ,also still improving .
    He is as important as Robin to our future.

  11. mattgoonerknight

    Nice build up YW.

    Yep, in theory the priority, as always for us in the league, is a win although, I do feel that in a big game away from home that not to lose is almost just as important.

    We’ve had very few draws this season, which on the one hand is great when we’re pushing for the win and the Arsenal produce a late salvo but what is equally frustrating is when the tight games end in narrow defeats when securing a point would at times suffice.

    Don’t get me wrong, I know we don’t choose not to hold out for a point in such games and the irony / hypocrisy in revelling in stunning comeback wins and bemoaning lost points in close defeats is not lost on me, but we do tend to be an all or nothing team, (joint 3rd in the least number of PL draws, Citeh top, as they keep winning and Bolton second, as well, the opposite).

    I wouldn’t want to see our style change as we are unique in the way we nearly always “go for it”, regardless of whether things are all square, we’re behind or in front. I just hope that if things are to be tight today, we will be able to prioritise not losing over winning; keep a good shape and remain solid and recognise that a draw is not the same as losing – sometimes it is a point gained not two dropped.

    Look, I realise I’m kind of making a non-point here as a) We’re going to win today by hopefully doing the opposite to what I’m saying – going for it at 100 mph for 90minutes (everything crossed as to avoid getting jinxed) and b) teams can’t just decide whether to win, lose or draw – the other teams have their say in what the outcome of the game will be regardless our of set-up and approach. I just hope that if the need arises, we display the required, I don’t know, nous, to secure something, rather than overlooking the fact that you do get a point for not losing.

    Winning when playing badly is the clichéd stuff of champions – not losing when playing pretty well would be a pretty good knack to have also, as very rarely do we play poorly enough to merit losing.

    Can’t wait for kick-off.


  12. Quite right YW about the hypocricy of many when it comes to Abou. Loyalty breeds commitment. Ask Robin Van Persie and lately Tomas Rosicky.
    BTW: What’s happened to PaulN? Gotten tired of the never-ending stream of disloyal know-it-alls.

  13. mattgoonerknight

    Fucking hell, lighten up – its just a bit of pointless fun.

    Numerical in terms of poster, surely YW 🙂

    No, I don’t really give a rats arse but wouldn’t waste my energy moaning about it.

  14. He come here more than you do Shotta.
    And you are both sadly missed by me.
    I must say the moderation has made it a nice place to be recently.Did not see much room for improvement but Yogi seems to have managed it.

    Good to hear for you .

  15. “Fucking hell, lighten up – its just a bit of pointless fun.”

    What is Matt?

  16. mattgoonerknight

    There’s an article on Talkspite doing very dodgy player v player match ups on todays game – they basically do the tired thing of having every opposition player as better than ours except for RVP.

    I’ve tried to put it to rights without going too Arsenal-centric.

  17. mattgoonerknight

    The whole 1st, 2nd poster thing.

    I know it’s stupid nonsense but I think its also funny that people give a shit either way – just ignore it if you don’t like – that’s all.

  18. Big game (again) today. One of our main problems this season has been consistency. I good performance today will go some way to banishing that type of thing.

  19. If Song dosen’t make it for the match, What happens a diaby start??

  20. Matt – It is garbage eh? They have only picked a handful of players which suit their case. If they went through both starting 11’s the picture would be very different.

  21. Jeff – Good point. YW has put Djourou in, but I really can’t see Arsene doing that. And I would be very worried if he did if I am being honest. He could drop Rosicky further back and play Benayoun more centrally I suppose.

  22. You might take that point yourself MGK.

    Who cares was mine. Is that so very different from yours? If BB and others want to play, that’s fine by me.

    The things people find to argue about.

  23. YW should end every post with a “first” just to stop the fun and games.

    I agree with Bob though; not my thing, but meh.

  24. mattgoonerknight

    Well Bob, you’ve just given the bullshit merry-go round another push there, haven’t you?

    And so it is pushed and spins until someone feels they have had the last virtuous word.

    You started it 😉

  25. Theo and Song are both at the same stages but I for some reason feel very confident that they will stay. Both are younger that RVP and are unlikely to walk into other top CL sides. Theo has been tapped up away with England though.

  26. Alex Song has 10 assists 1 goal this season. Parker 0 assist 1 goal

    Says it all really.
    70s Superman is just a pumped up Mikel. Useless.

  27. mattgoonerknight


    Yeah, it’s really garbage – it’s not vitriol like that Steve Howard cunt (I don’t buy the currant bun, but can’t resist reading any footy write ups if they are at hand) but it’s just so lazy and ill informed.

  28. Laurent Koscielny – Bosscielny – YouTube

    The dirty Latino BNP leader needs to find his way into Kosh’s pocket ASAP.

  29. Maria,are you on a train with Ricky or is that another one?

  30. Nice to have Abou back. Maybe he’ll do an RVP and get over his injuries.

  31. ArsenalArsenalArsenal…ArsenalArsenalArseanaaaaalllll…ArsenalArsenalArsenal…Arsenal…ARSENAL

  32. Great video Maria. Koscielny is indeed The Boss. I remember when he first came and people were saying he wasn’t Arsenal quality. It just goes to show the The other Boss (Le Boss, if you like) knows who The Boss is.

    Koscielny is like a headless chicken with a head.

  33. Mattyboy,Yeh people like Merson,Nicholas,and there idiot like.
    We should remember that next time someone cites their opinion as a reason to accept some negative view that they are pushing.

  34. Laurent Koscielny is majestic.
    The best defender in the league,by a distance.

  35. Nah, George i’m still in bed.

    Watching Cahill for Chelsea and England has been laughable! What was even more funny was the best CB in the league, was left at home in the recent internationals. Blanc is clueless.

    I’m just hoping that TV and Kosh get a chance to build a decent CB partnership before the end of the season.

  36. “Certainly I foind those who demand his sale on the basis of his injury difficult to fathom for they are the most blatant of hypocrites. It would, I venture, be something they would rail against most vehemently were they to suffer an injury, be unable to work and then be unceremoniously dumped by their employer.”

    I agree however there are some very big differences between his situation and those of a normal job. In this respect I don’t think it is a viable comparison. He is on a very handsomely paid short-term contract and, through no fault of his own, he has been largely unable to contribute. We have stuck by him throughout which I support and completely agree with.

    I have never asked for him to be sold but I have stated that if we offer a new contract he should not be offered a pay rise.

    A lot will depend on what happens from here – if he suffers further injuries and rarely plays then I would be very sad, but surely he could not automatically expect a renewed contract, on the same terms, in those circumstances?

    When we decide whether or not to offer him a renewed contract, I’d say it would be perfectly reasonable to ask whether or not the money can be spent better elsewhere. This isn’t to throw a player on the scrapheap – he would either have to accept the club’s terms/offer or seek employment elsewhere. that’s normal – look at Michael Owen.

    I’m sure the club will handle it with all appropriate sensitivity and dignity regardless.

    Personally I hope he remains injury free from here and I wish a pox on the two players who banjaxed a player of such immense promise.

  37. I remember the reverse fixture at the Emirates, TV absolutely owned Carrol. He won all aerial duels against him and had him in his back pocket. We only lost that game because of the rush of blood moment from Frimpong. I smell revenge in the air. As for Suarez, Kos will take care of his threat definitely. These are the kind of matches we need two very mobile CBs.

    Song contract situation is a curious one. No mention of it by the club nor the media. Maybe, it shows that the club knows he’ll sign once contract talks begin.

    My concern also lies in the fact Song never seems to get any kind of rest. His performances have not dipped through the season, but surely he deserves rest at some point. Maybe with Diaby back this will afford us such luxury. Hope to see Le Coq back in the fold quickly.

  38. YW: recumbentibus?
    PG: kerfluffle?

    what’s this?…
    ACLF big words for a big game


    Kos to pocket Suarez?
    Gibbs to exploit Johnson?
    Mozart must play..
    Song might not?
    Diaby’s back?
    Gervinho to twisty-tie Enrique?
    Gerrard’s out?
    Yossi’s ready?
    Kos is the greatest!
    Reina loves conceding to the Arse?

    3rd’s there for the taking.

    “12 games left, emptying all closets, things are too tight to be civilized!”

  39. Andre Santos in FFT: “British food is unseasoned. Every week, Arteta, Sagna, Van Persie and I try to go to a different restaurant.”

    Bloody cheek😂😂😂

  40. Must be going to the wrong restaurants Maria!

    Food in this country has never been better. Diversity and quality is amongst the very best in the world – in fact the diversity is second to nowhere.

    Picky blooming foreigners! :0)

  41. Yogi, Djourou is injured and even if fit I doubt Arsene would use him in midfield.

  42. Abou being back made my day yesterday.

    Liverpool: Reina, Jose Enrique, Skrtel, Carragher, Kelly, Spearing, Gerrard, Downing, Henderson, Suarez, Carroll.

    Arsenal: Szczesny, Sagna, Gibbs, Vermaelen, Koscielny, Arteta, Song, Walcott, Rosicky, Benayoun, Robin van Persie

  43. Arsenal naming a unchanged side. A blessing.

  44. mattgoonerknight

    Has anyone else seen some of the bookies odds for today?

    I found one that has us at 3-1 to win; 3 to fucking 1!! Liverpool are evens??

    I’m not really a betting man and certainly don’t like tempting fate when it comes to us (I play super6 every week and hate predicting us as I feel as if I’m asking for trouble) but 3-1!

    I hope some braver gooners than myself will make some money today!


    NO. 1

  46. mattgoonerknight


    Agreed – a blessing indeed.

    Great news – great team!!!


  47. mattgoonerknight

    Sorry, Maria 🙂

  48. What the fuck is British food?

  49. mattgoonerknight


    Where have you found today’s line up?

    I can’t seem to find it yet.


  50. im just watching on espn classic the Liverpool v Arsenal title decider in 1989 that made me an arsenal fan


    A good omen i hope

  51. Maria | March 3, 2012 at 11:21 am

    Being Brazilian, he is probably used to a lot more spices in dishes than you would normally find in non ethnic restaurants in the UK.

  52. mattgoonerknight


    Great shout – missed the game but just watching us celebrating now!!!!

  53. True Passenal, but there are plenty of decent Latin American restaurants cooking authentic cuisine in our fine capital. There are at least 4 Brazilian restaurants I can think of off the top of my head!

    Perhaps he just needs some guidance 😉

  54. Hunter ,you have not quite got the hand of “music Thursday” have you?

    That would be posting music on a Thursday.Not a match day.

  55. ‘After the Tottenham game we reduced the gap to them a little bit. It is obvious that it is my ambition to finish the season in front of them… because I hate them’

    Another great SZCZ quote

  56. Limestonegunner

    Arsenal! Arsenal! Come on you Gunners!

    Welcome back Diaby!

  57. I saw the line-ups on Twitter Matt and why the apology?

    I agree with Johnny, UK has the best of the world when it comes to food. I doubt these boys are going to local cafes. Most 5* restaurants do all types of food. And you can find all sorts of food in London. It’s not like his in Manchester.

  58. There is plenty of British cuisine Frank! Just think of Bob and his legendary pasties!

  59. Great Soccer AM this morning Frimpong & his cousin Lethal Bizzle.

    Then Scz, Ox and Sagna doing Teammates.

    Frimpong revealed as worst trainer (he claims it’s Song), Arteta the best trainer along with TV, Song the vainest, Wilshere the longest in the shower.

    Oh and Rosicky likes Heavy Metal.

    Excellent, I love him even more!


  60. mattgoonerknight

    Maria – I spelt your name wrong, nothing major:)

  61. Johnny stop being defensive, it is the british (if there is such food) he doesnt like lol. 😀

    Yogi was Djourou in midfield in your line-up a mistake?I cant remember us playing him there, unless I count the pre-season game.

    In the curling cup I was impressed by Enrique, hope Walcott gives him a hard time today.30 mins to go.

    Come on gunners!!!!

  62. ARSENAL IN FULL: Szczesny, Sagna, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Gibbs, Arteta, Song, Rosicky, Walcott, Van Persie, Benayoun.

    Subs: Diaby, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Fabianski, Jenkinson, Gervinho, Chamakh, Miquel.

    We owe them a beating after their fortuitous and offside goals at our place.

    * * * *

    If he is going to a different restaurant every week, Santos must be well aware of all the different types of cuisine to be found in London. I always find it fascinating, who is friends with whom. Santos, Robin, Song and Arteta. I guess they have to speak English when they are out, but Santos’ English isn’t too good and Song isn’t fluent.

  63. It is 4am here in sunny California…ready for another great display from our squad to make the rest of my day. Can’t have coffee because the sound of the coffee grinder will wake up my sleeping beauty…

    Oh the things I do for Arsenal…COYG!

  64. @ firstlady
    I like Diaby’s beard as well, but for a different reason – he seems to play even better.

  65. Liverpool’s 1st 11 really does look. We have a miles better bench than them as well.

  66. I also love the fact that Rosicky listens to metal. It seems so fitting with his style of play. It is like he is running around with that music on in his head pulling the strings and turning defenders…lil mozart has always been one of my favorites.

  67. Diaby played best with his Afro.
    Oh how i long for Diaby to return to form, our own enforcer in the midfield a bit like Yaya Toure

  68. I personally think Liverpool are a really poor poor team. Epitomizes what is wrong with English football with their style

  69. FunGunner hope he makes a cameo today. The memory I have of him is in the Newcastle 4-4 game and he was superb that game. Hope he can pick up from there.If Rosicky can play 3 consecutive games hopefully one day Diaby can.

  70. Vice, he plays in a band too.and he is mean with the guitar., I remember seeing such a youtube video afew years back.

  71. Well there is certainly such a cuisine First Lady! 😉 but more broadly speaking British cuisine is everything. Our national dish is Chicken Tikka Masala!

    And in a sense that’s what so wonderful about London and why I can’t seem to escape it’s grip – its a polyglot, melting-pot.

    You can’t get decent Indian, Thai, Mexican and million other cuisines in the other capitals. Where they do exist it’s the exception.

    I’m not really being defensive (tone as ever is lost on e-mail!) 🙂 BUT, as one who has worked in the industry, I’m damn proud of the diversity and quality on offer here!

    Right! Game face on.

    Good luck everybody, stay strong we’ll get through this together.

  72. Can’t wait to see the energy of the Benayoun, Rosicky, Arteta axis again…getting anxious!

    And yes…Liverpool’s starting eleven is less than impressive to say the least.

  73. Diaby:

    Wonderful drive with the ball
    His too skill on the ball
    Has a good shot on his legs,
    Good at marking and tackling
    Power player
    His energy and strength
    His fury as Barton felt
    Good on the head
    Athletic physic

    What more do you want??

  74. He plays guitar too! Now I think I have a full on man crush…

  75. COYG from the middle of nowhere in Colorado !
    Looking at the line-ups, Liverpool are weaker for both players and coach …if we play well we will win. In our hands…

  76. Man I hate these away kits…give me back the good ol yellow and maroon over these any day.

  77. OK here we go ,good luck to everyone and may the Force be with you

  78. Benayoon to score the opener…got a hunch…

  79. Liverpool lineup looks poor, but they will still make it very tough for us. They will be well organised defensively and hope for a set play goal or a long range shot. I’m not sure they have enough quality in the midfield to play on the counterattacks effectively.

    If we stay tight at the back and do not concede, we’ll have a very good chance to get a result. Having said that, I would probably take a draw right now.

  80. @ firstlady | March 3, 2012 at 12:33 pm

    “FunGunner hope he makes a cameo today. The memory I have of him is in the Newcastle 4-4 game and he was superb that game.”


  81. Come on, Arsenal!!

  82. A strong selection by the boss. COYG!!

  83. Unlucky Theo!

  84. Phew.

  85. Scz! Great work!

  86. Our midfield hasnt really gotten a hold of this yet…still settling

  87. Fair play to Pool – stout defensive work so far. Need some patience here.

  88. I love the fact that Wenger is starting the same lineup as last week. There is real chemisty among this group. And chemistry on the pitch beats a very talented group of individuals most every time. I predict a nail biter 1 – 0 win for Arsenal.

  89. Liverpool not as naive as Tottenham in thinking they could play attacking football against Arsenal and not expect them to destroy you.

    Liverpool are doing what any other team with common sense would do when facing Arsenal

    Shut down and chase every ball!

    But we need to find a way through this

  90. Come on Chesney

  91. Should be sent off for feigning injury. Disgusting player.

  92. Chezzer got a lot of ball there …look at the replay…bull shit

  93. FUCK ME!!!!

  94. Fuuuuuuuuuuuckkkkiiinnnnggg EPPPPIIICCCCC saves

  95. Fantastic Sir Chesney!

  96. Hopefully that is our wake up call.

  97. Nyce one ref…that suarez is a diving cheating c@nt.Chezzer a legend.

  98. Fuck you Suarez.

  99. Szczesny. Legend in making.

  100. It was a fuckin dive. If Szs got his ankle how come he was holding his sheen. Suarez is a fucking cheat!

  101. They keep talking about Chezzer being sent off for that…he connecterd with the fuckin ball you twats!

  102. Oh damn.

  103. we are not playing good enough, too much time on the ball


  104. Come on…..fuck…how did he knock that in? no danger from that and an own goal…fuck

  105. Kos was unlucky.

    The amount of space we leave at the back is worrying though.

  106. We don’t like it easy do we…

  107. Liverpool are playing a very high tempo game – they’re all over us but they’ll never keep this up. Need to soak it up.

  108. What are we doing at the back right now? We look a proper fuckin mess…

  109. from high to low, surely not


  110. We are all over the place. Have to survive, take a breath and start building some attacking play.

  111. fuck me we are playing terrible in defence, this is atrocious

    come on guys fix it!!

  112. We just need to be calm and get the ball to the front three. COYG.

  113. We are exposing our defence too much.

  114. That was a fuckin foul on Theo…clear as day

  115. We need the win. We are playing like crap rght now against Liverpool. A great save on the PK. Then a stupid own goal is killing us. We are not attacking. The Reds are taking it to us. We need the “W”.

  116. We are the ones being pressed today…we need to turn the tables on them

  117. Fucking dive. And these idiots are talking red to WOJO. where. The hell do they find. These. Sob s.

  118. How the linesman ignore that foul Vice – it was under his fucking nose.

  119. This is what i meant about Arsenal

    You just dont know which Arsenal will turn up……..

  120. When our midfielders get the ball on the counter they look up and have no options right now…we need more movement…I think Gervinho might be needed here.


  121. Yeeeeeeees

  122. Captain van Tastic

  123. RvP. Sanga with a great cross. Come on!!!

  124. Perefect fuckin ball from Sagna…could not have been placed any better.

  125. Eat that!


    Great cross from Sagna!

  126. Just like that…bacary with the pass and RVP finishes with aplomb.

  127. Clerkenwell Gooner

    I love you, Bacary Sagna. Another assist. Keep ’em coming.

  128. fuck u liverpool


  129. That my man. BACARY.
    Steve. Manam is crying. 🙂

  130. We can always count on the vice president!

  131. RVP cant stop scoring…the guy is unplayable

  132. but we still not showing what we can do, if we play like we can

    we will destroy Liverpool

  133. That was a fuckin dirty tackle on Rosicky…how was that missed?

  134. ref is fucking blind. He was three feet. Away from that. lucky Tomas.

  135. Rosicky is not moving very well out there after that

  136. The Chezzer is on his fuckin game today!

  137. You can hear the pundits willing a Liverpool goal…it is so pathetic, but it is coming through in their tone of voice.

  138. Great half. WOJO.
    We need to wake up. We are sleep walking at times.

  139. Feels like a derby. So bloody intense.

  140. One word to some up whats missing today.


    We are all content to just stand there.

    Come on fix it lads!!

  141. Benayoon has been a non factor today…I would be looking at a half time switch of Gervinho for Benny…

  142. Suarez is in the wrong profession – a career in acting beckons. And I thought that match commentators were supposed to be neutral? Listening to Macmanaman and Darke is disgusting.

  143. Well, this has not been the most impressive half of football I have ever seen, but if we go in level I will be really happy with the result.

  144. Vice, got to agree. Benayoun has to step it up.

  145. Have to admit liverpool are playing way better, being fair to them

    but this is not us, we need to fucking wake up

  146. Lots of stray passes from our back four and midfield…weird

  147. Wow are we ever living dangerously


  149. i just saw five players upfront just standing there when song had the ball and was looking for a pass

    come on!!! Movement!

  150. Why wasn’t Benayoun playing?

  151. Very fotunate to be level…we need a change for the second half because we look out of sorts so far.

  152. No idea how we survived this half. We’ll lose if we do not improve.

  153. Gervinho on for Benayoon, this may be a game for Diaby to come on late seccond half andd provide some drive from midfield…we look really stagnant.

  154. Pretty poor so far. Hope we up our levels in the 2nd half.

  155. Fucking great goal though.

  156. HT: 1-1

    They’ve hit us with their best shots.
    For once the posts are on our side

    They tire, we bring on Gerv & Ox injuries, we score 2 more
    smells like a W


  157. SV, Szcsney kept us in the match!

  158. I really think we had so many players barely passed fit that they are just tired and not fully up for it…Vermaelen, RVP, and Rosicky barely passed fit…they are the spine of the team. This is the type of game that we need a huge contribution from the bench.

  159. unbelieveable!how is the game still level.we’ve being overrun all over.

  160. Gervinho second half.

  161. We’ve been very lucky, Pool very dominating…….taking advantage of so many poor Arsenal passes – from back4 and mid-field.

    Expecting the see a totally different Arsenal team in the 2nd half.


  162. Definitely liverpools half, lucky pen, diving cheating fuck…Great saves from SCZ..kept us in the game a bit there…

    Liverpool are doing what they always try to do at anfield..deny space, commit niggly fouls which dont get spotted..

    They played with such a high tempo and we are still level at the break..that has got to be deflating liverpool a bit…

    We need to keep the ball better no doubt…would not change anything immediately..we just need to weather an opening storm for the first 15 minutes, keep the ball, not concede and this game is there for the taking

    Come on Arsenaaaaaaaaaaaalllllll!!!!!!!!1

  163. West brom are a good team, i think they could get something against Chelsea but we need to fuckin win here today, COYGs

    The problem was the complete and utter lack of movement, unfucking belivable we were just standing there.

    I’d put on chamberlain instead of gervinho, gervinho has a bad tendency to lose the ball and we cant afford that in this game.

    and also i’d put in diaby later on.

    But we need to attack, our attacks so far have predictable and very slooooooww, liverpool had enough time to go get a cup of tea

  164. Bad half – Liverpool have been excellent though – really up for it.

    We look half asleep – think it will be a game of two halves though.

    Bad reffing – he could not see the penalty so he should not have awarded it, it was a dive anyway, Suarez should have been booked for feigning injury (though admittedly this was impossible as the ref could not see the incident), Walcott fouled under the linesman’s nose ignored, Skrtel should have been sent off.

  165. I predict a game of two halfs.
    We will batter them from here on in,

  166. Liverpool is playing with the same intensity we had against Spurs. We need to wake up because we allow pool to do what they please. This is why Liverpool is always a tricky fixture for any top team. No other team has that amount of effort as they do when they play the top sides.

    If we want to win this game we must give 110%. I hoped we’d be the ones working the hardest.

    Wake up Arsenal

  167. @ viceologist | March 3, 2012 at 1:37 pm

    “I really think we had so many players barely passed fit that they are just tired and not fully up for it…Vermaelen, RVP, and Rosicky barely passed fit…they are the spine of the team. This is the type of game that we need a huge contribution from the bench.”

    You’re probably right.

  168. We’re being out-hustled in CM but defending relatively well.
    Kuyt & Suarez operate a smash & grab so just keeping pace with them and not over reacting works well against ’em.

    TR7 & Yossi ain’t oozing last week’s energy level.
    Kelly’s not being exposed well enough yet
    Ox or Gerv to spell Yossi & later maybe AD2 for Mozart

    Its been a good one so far..

  169. This is a distinctly average Liverpool side as well. If we up our game they will not be able to live with us. If we don’t it will be a huge chance missed.

  170. I trust Arsene to say whats needed to the boys to wake up in the second half

  171. And I stand by my contention that the penalty may have been unjust let alone a sending off. The replays clearly show the ball hit Chezzer’s shin and Saurez’s foot almost at the same time causing the ball to shoot off to the side.

    Anyone with a pair of eyes and slow motion replay can see it. I don’t fault the ref because it was a tough one to judge in live action, but the fact that the commentators refuse to acknowledge what their eyes are shoing them just proves the ridiculous bias we have to deal with. It really is fuckin nauseating.

  172. We’ve been poor, but credit to liverpool they are doing what teams should do against us if they have any common sense, just shut down the space, deny the passing and pressure is extremely high.

    Doesnt take a genius to learn that tactic, its worked for years for sir Alex and other teams.

    But i think we need to be abit more direct, less of the dwelling in midfield and more to wings and fullbacks can attack

  173. I do not predict a team of two halves, as in I would be very surprised if we dominate this to the same extent liverpool dominated the 1st..but I do think we will match them and have enough in the end for a win…

    2-1 to the Arsenal

    Cmon you goooooooooooooners!!!!!!!

  174. but defending relatively well


    They have hit the post twice and carved through on a number of occasions. They have looked like scoring fairly regularly. We are not defending well, but for me that is down to the midfield, not the back 4. Gibbs needs to start cutting crosses out as well.

  175. Moe – agree with you about Brom……I see them taking 3 points.

    All of our attacks have self-destructed from pool management of the ball.

    Move the ball faster…….get Benayoun involved……we need to exert more pressure on their defense.

  176. Do you remember the days when people used to say (correctly) about RvP that he was not a great goalscorer, but rather a scorer of great goals. Now he is a great goalscorer of great goals! Unbelievably consistent.

  177. I would really have liked Gervinho to come on at half to give us more options.

  178. Subs after the hour will determine the outcome IMO…and we do seem to have a stronger bench…

    Up the Arsenal!!

  179. Our strikers need to press better. Midfield. With too many passes. To the wrong. Team. only. WOJO is up for this game and Bacary.
    Hope they up their. Intensity. Level.
    Come on you. ARSENAL…….

  180. “This is a distinctly average Liverpool side as well.”

    Perhaps,but they are playing distinctly well today.

  181. mattgoonerknight

    Hopefully our rope-a-dope tactics will come good second half – they way they just battered us must of taking it out of them.

    Definitely like a fighter waiting for the bell to go. Hopefully a few minutes on the stool and some work from the cuts man will have us back fighting for the second half.

    Need to stay covered up though for the first 10 minutes – avoid knock out blow early on.

    Ding Ding

  182. It’s not often Kos is having trouble marking a player but Suarez is tormenting him so far. Luckily we won’t have the sun in our eyes this half which is a plus because they’ve been alarmingly successful with long balls from the back.

    Hopefully we go up a gear and take advantage of RVP and Walcott.

  183. What’s happened to Kos?

  184. That was fuckin dirty and no accident from Henderson…he flew in with his shoulder and hit Arteta in the jaw…I gaurantee you that was intentional you fuckin scouser cunts…

  185. Fucking ZERO. CONTACT. On their. Penalty

  186. The commentators have got me worried – serious injury?

  187. Of course Mcmanaman says “it was totally accidental” my ass

  188. mattgoonerknight

    Diaby’s coming on

  189. Henderson must be very happy with himself.

  190. I told you that was a weak pen let alone a sending off

  191. Limestonegunner

    Charlie Adam is a genuine thug. Abou Diaby to play the hero’s role.

  192. Fuck this is bad news – we need Arteta for this run in. Just hope he is okay.

  193. So it’s Arteta who’s been hurt?

  194. Basterds. Lets get these. Thugs.

  195. Hope Arteta will b ok. Looks like concussion. Abou on sooner than expected.

  196. He was knocked out…probably a week or so out by my guess…

  197. Nice and direct from Diaby!

  198. Diaby time!

    I hope Arteta has just been knocked out – my goodness we get such bad luck.

  199. @ viceologist | March 3, 2012 at 1:57 pm

    Thanks. Hopefully no damage to his neck or anything. Poor guy.

  200. Fuck no not TV. Jebus. Grrrr.

  201. These pool thugs are out to injure our players.

  202. TV giving Suarez what he deserves.

  203. Suarez really is a proper fuckin cunt …

  204. Not too often I condone that – but on Suarez its perfectly reasonable.

    Besides theyve been at it all game.

  205. Yeah we’re coming into this now.

    Arteta is okay! Phew!

  206. We really just look flat today…I said earlier in the week that I feared the energy may not be there today…unfortunately I am being proven right. If we pull out 3 points today it will be a proper smash and grab after this performance.

  207. God dammit. wake up.

  208. How long until we see Gervinhp or the OX

  209. Fuck . So close

  210. Jesus fuckin christ we cant keep getting injured…

  211. Arsenal…..find the character to pull out 3 points.

  212. too long to bring on Gervinho in my opinion…should have happened at half.

  213. Come on. 3. Gs

  214. Gawd this has been a right old battle.
    Time for some swerve and verve from Gerve.
    Overdue too.

  215. Chesney is having a blinder today.

  216. Take that you cunts.

  217. As much as I hate the cunts…that was no foul from Kuyt there…

  218. Kenny really is a classless bin-dipping cunt!


    pull it together and bag a winner!

  220. FunGunner – agree.
    So far a terrific performance by Szcz.

  221. Scz MOTM for sure.

    An Arsenal legend already and he’s only 12.

  222. no way Diaby already injured again…fuck me

  223. Limestonegunner

    Diaby off?! Hope for the best here.

  224. Come on ARSENAL. OX ON.
    stay strong. Knick it. fuck this shit team.

  225. fuck me, liverpool’s desire and relentlessness is astonishing

    they dont even look tired

  226. Charlie Adam really is an ugly fucker…good lord Liverpool deffinitely not winning any best looking squaad awards

  227. Anfield feels hostile and I’m thousands of miles away!

  228. I feel this may be the day we get that bit of luck and steal a winner…COYG!

  229. viceologist

    i agree , it feels like a war and im not even there

  230. really no yellow card for that tirade by Kuyt…are you fucking kidding me.

  231. Rockin Robin van Persie!

  232. Agaiin!!!!!!!! sONG TO rvp FUCKIN BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!

  233. Fuck you pool

  234. Another assist from Song.

  235. liverpool are a bunch of cunts, playing hoof ball at the moment

  236. Hold on now Gunners….Hold on!

  237. RVP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





  240. Van persie…gettttttttin..holy crap….what a volley. The best playet on the planet by a country mile. Now for the roller coaster.COYG.

  241. Prince of Persia!

    Got to play sensible now. To concede from here would be heartbreaking.

  242. close, AOC!

  243. Nice shot. The. Ox

  244. How many times is Song going to play those perfect balls in to people…he has been dropping those passes nearly every game.

  245. HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  246. Boys, you are amazing. Tired, injured, but you pulled it off.

  247. Van Perise the MOTM?!!! Madness. Don’t get me wrong great skills on the two goals but largely a spectator.

    RVP’s performance utterly irrelevant but for Scz keeping us in touching distance.


  248. Limestonegunner

    Bravo, lads!! RvP is the King!!!

  249. Absolutely Immense! There is no one better in world football right now than RVP…he is too good…it is not even fair for the other team, there is nothing they can do.

  250. Great character to pull out the points.

    Ugly win.

    MOTM – Szcz

  251. mattgoonerknight


    I posted this when the goal went in but my server went funny!!!!


  252. the whole squad’s MOTM Jonny………..who cares
    We WON!

  253. Such an important win. Even if Chelsea win by more than one goal and we drop to fifth temporarily, the fact that we have won away at Anfield under these circumstances is a huge boost.

  254. We are on your asses tiny totts…

  255. Songdinho!!!!!!!!!!!

  256. Yes.

  257. Now time to watch Ryo against Man Shitty

  258. I told you we would batter them second half ,Lol as Hunter might say

  259. That strike alone deserved a victory. Regardless of our ‘tight’ performance. Great pass from Song but the God’s strike was unstoppable.

    could have played much better. I’ll take this.
    Hope Arteta. Is ok. Looks like a concussion.

  261. Talk about calling it eh…..was that a prediction or what??? 😀

    Captain Vantaaaaaaaaaaaastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    We are Arseeeennaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  262. Talk about a smash and grab. You called it vice and you are right, Charlie Adam is an ugly sod and Kuyt should have been booked.

    Bloody brilliant result.

  263. Two quality passes and two quality finishes. Watch out Milan. What excuses now Jamie Redknapp? All your wishes for Arsenal to implode are failing spectacularly. 4 points behind Spurs now. Hope the get battered by the Mancs. Away support awesome as always.COYG.

  264. RVP can score those all day.

    I fucking love this team.

  265. The commentators finally pointed out that the replay shows Chezzer didn’t even touch Saurez for the pen…I guess they get a little bit of their respect back.

  266. mattgoonerknight

    How good in RVP?

    He’s ridiculous.

    Song to RVP – Everton was part 1, this is part 2!!!!!!!!!

    Merseyisde magnificence!!

  267. Absolutely fantastic win. RVP is amazing. I think we have effectively eliminated Liverpool from the conversation for 4th place. Lets hope Chelsea drop points today.

  268. Touch match, great spirit, perfect van Perfect.

  269. 11 assists in all competitions for Song, how many of those are in the prem??
    Surely he deserves to top the assists chats for those passes alone


  270. wow!!!how the hell did we?

  271. Macca is teary eyed on the TV!! hahaha

  272. HUGE result!

    The lads dug deep, these lads are coming to the party big time!

    Awesome, in some ways an even more impressive result than last week coming on the back of international week, away at a tough ground, not playing great.

    RvP is going nowhere.

    So proud of the team, great follow up. I’ve said before, our players are good enough, we just need the belief.

    Hope Arteta and Diaby are ok.

    Diaby showed us what we’ve been missing, hope he gets more time on the pitch this season and works his way back to fitness.

  273. Song seems to be the passmaster of this team…he also played that great little ball inside their right fullback to Gibbs that resulted in Walcott’s deflected shot…he sure knows how to pick them out.

  274. Is Diaby definitely injured? Desperately hoping that it was a precautionary substitution or just tiredness….please let it be that.

  275. Seperated at birth? Luke Spearing & Gollum.

  276. Come on WBA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  277. FG

    He seemed to be indicating tightness when he came off…hope its just a touch of fatigue and cramp from not playing in a long long time….

  278. Diaby has been cursed by some voodoo headshrinker shaman!
    RVP has been touched by genius

  279. @ vice
    AW said recently that Song sees himself as an attacking midfielder! It was just that his technique wasn’t up to it, and now he has worked on it. He is a marvellous all-rounder now. AND a decent CB if needed.

  280. mattgoonerknight


    I’m your biggest fan but fuck the MOTD!!!:)

    Agreed, Chezza was a beast and any other day but come on, two goals in a game of this magnitude, with the way we were playing, in the manner he won it for us…..amazing!!!!!!

    Ooh to, ooh to be!!!!!!

  281. @ Anirudh | March 3, 2012 at 2:54 pm
    thanks. Everything crossed that a massage and a bit of rest will sort it out.

  282. I would rather watch WBA v. Chelsea today, but it is not in HD and looks hideous on my tv…I will settle for watching Ryo go at the oil tycoons.

  283. come on west brom

    and come on miyaichi, show your quality!!

  284. Just Another Luke

    Sweet 🙂

  285. Remember that pool didn’t actually score.

  286. Arsenal captain Robin van Persie:

    “It means a lot to score at Anfield because it is a massive ground. We’re proud of the win and I don’t think we deserved it. Liverpool played better, but to nick it at the end is pleasing.”

    Very pleasing! Karma for the loss at home.

  287. RVP and Song love Merseyside

  288. 6 out of 6 from spurs and pool..9 out of 9 would be a truly fantastic effort…esp if the totts get 0 out their 9 😀

  289. RVP. MVP. 🙂

    now sign a new contract. LOL

  290. FG

    If that does not work there is always horse stuff 😀

  291. mattgoonerknight

    FG, everyone

    Is there another player in the league / world football who can play as a good premier league Centre Back; a world class defensive midfielder and as a fantastic midfielder providing assist after assist? If he found he’s scoring boots like had last season (I think) he’d be an absolute freak, he is a freak.

    Song is fucking awesome!!!!!!!!

    One Song!!!!!!!!

  292. @ Anirudh | March 3, 2012 at 3:01 pm

    “If that does not work there is always horse stuff”


  293. oh – horse placenta, you mean?

  294. I’m too happy!

    RVP’s strike was so good I actually stopped feeling ill when he scored the second.

    Just opened a beer.

    I’m currently blind baking a ‘victory tart’.

    Sun streaming in through the window.

    The smell of victory in my nostrils.

    And a fat grin just underneath them.

    Well done ACLF crewsters – no negative thoughts throughout.
    B 🙂 🙂 BS!

  295. Smash and Grab. Not the stunning comeback of last weekend but a welcome comeback none the less. Kinda evens up our loss to them at our place.

  296. tried to watch bolton against man city, can’t watch it, Bolton are gettin carved open its embaressing. miyaichi gonna spend most of his time defending

    Might as well watch chelsea west brom

  297. By the way…WBA look up for it…this may be a tougher fixture for Chelsea than we all think.

  298. How many games like the one liverpool played today have we not played in the past? dominating, but not testing the oposit keeper at all. Today we won ugly, did not play our best, took our chances and won against a better Liverpool side.
    Can one ask for more? even when we play crap we win…muahaha!

  299. mattgoonerknight


    I feel a bit ropey too and have been drinking tea throughout but I’ve just thought exactly the same thing….crack open a beer!!! lol

    Buzzing now and going to the Newcastle game week on Monday!!!!!!!!!

  300. Miyachi did well there…at least a shot on goal…

  301. @ poodle | March 3, 2012 at 3:09 pm
    Exactly! Time we had a lucky win to offset one of our unlucky losses or draws.

  302. Limestonegunner

    Shah of Persia!!!

    Come on West Brom, take some points!

  303. Fantastic result. I’m surprised that some people expected 5pur2 part two after an international break, away at Liverpool who have not lost at home until today, with at least 4 of our 11 carrying little injuries. I think that was a magnificent outcome under the circumstances and if it had been manure, no one would even mention the performance. To paraphrase AW, you can’t always have caviar, but when you are hungry, sausages are even more satisfying.

  304. The way this is looking I fancy WBA to get something…lets hope they can keep it up for the full 90…

  305. Sweet MGK – open that beer sir – a victory in the manner of today (almost Churchillian in terms of victory against the odds and with everything stacked against us) practically demands it.

    RVP now 27 from 28 (is that right?) touching distance of the prem league record off 34.

    Any news of his injury? Scary stuff.

  306. Second week in a row we have come back after conceding the first goal. I don’t want to jinx anything but do I dare say the words MENTAL STRENGTH. Long may this live.

    We were not really the better team at least for most of the game so we can also use the words winning ugly. I love it. :):):):)

  307. How many goals did Rooney score in his super season for United? Was it 40? i think RvP will score more! he is that good!

  308. @Passenal

    This was definitely a great result given all of the things you mentioned. Midweek I had all of those concerns and thought it would be a tough fixture. This year we seem to be turning a lot of corners overcoming situations where we would have folded in the past.

  309. Ryo’s looking dangerous.

  310. Bill – also 2 week in a row we get done by the ref for a pen that never was

  311. I think it is a no brainer to leave RVP out of the clash with Milan at home. He has to get a rest and I think it would be the perfect time to do it. I know we would all like to see something historic in that fixture but my head is telling me we should double down on the premier league run in and prepare for great things next year.

  312. Give RVP all he wants and more. He continues to win matches on his own (Cesc who? we’ve only got one Song) and he should be a magnet for any good player.

    I love this club.

  313. What a blow wow win!!! I knew we would get it done.

    Exhausted and injury riddled and we still win.

    Suarez dived big time and then behaved like he was injured!

    Feel sorry for Arteta (foul looked intentional) and Diaby. I really hope Diaby doesn’t have a major set back!

    How humble is RVP to acknowledge Song the way he did. The guy is class.
    Many said we lost our best player in Cesc but our best player was RVP lase season and maybe before.

    Shotta and George, I am still here. I have been a little busy the past few days!

  314. Limestonegunner

    They would mention the performance but talk about their character and belief born of history making up for it all. We are showing our character and building up a nice history of coming back this season ourselves. No one has won away at Anfield besides us, which is impressive to say the least. Watch out Milan, watch out Newcastle! A win v. Newcastle would eliminate them too, if they aren’t already. If Chelsea drop points we will have a grip on this ad they have to play us at home and we’ve already beaten them handily away.

    Great stuff, Arsenal. We’ve been poor away this season but have gutted two difficult wins away at Sunderland and Liverpool by 2-1 scores. Very fine work!

  315. Deise:

    Lets not go there today, we have done this more times then I can count. No way to get that one right in real time, you know that as well as I. Not an easy one even with slo mo and multiple angles.

  316. Alex Song has more successful through-balls this season in the premier league than anyone else … including Silva/Modric etc.

  317. Last 4 Premier League games : 4 Wins with 16 goals !

  318. So what have we learned? Song should just stay back and play his role as a destroyer. He either fancies himself to be Messi or Cesc, that’s not good for us!

  319. All players healthy we have the best squad in the PL!

    Thought I would say that again.

    This is a better side than last season. You are going to see them play at another level next season. The newer players will have a season of Wenger ball under their belts, we will have our injured back and our youth will be that much more mature.

    What a blow wow team!

  320. Jonny : 25 League goals, 31 Season Goals

  321. Best thing Cahill has done in his career so far: elbowing Sideshow Bob in the face.

  322. Miyachi again…nearly

  323. Come on, Ryo!

  324. Jerome Thomas is mighty impressive with his footwork for WBA.

  325. It’s also nice to see that a 19 year old Japanese kid with no PL experience whatsoever comes into an established PL team and is instantly the best player in that team.

  326. FG

    Yes, but I was eating at the time 🙂

  327. The way the commentators go on about our one man team is damn annoying. But as RVP himself acknowledges, he needs the good supply from his team mates. Those two passes for the assists were stunning and in a tight game you thank goodness that the ball falls to your MVP who happens to be in the form of his life. In a more open game others have shown that they can contribute too.

  328. @ Anirudh
    got you.

    Come on West Brom!

  329. I really hate Suarez, what a cheat.
    it takes a special kind of ass to make me side with Evra

  330. Paulie Walnuts

    So so performance (who cares) & a great result.

    Wins like that should give the lads great confidence.

    RVP ? Different class. Great ball from Song for the winner.

    I thought we did well to stay in it under the a constant barrage of poor officiating, theatrical diving & incessant whinging. King Kenny has finally created in his own image.

    Brilliant to win like that.

  331. Sturridge shows proper Torres instinct to miss an open goal from 10 yards out.

  332. He scores when he wants, he scores when he waaaaants, Robin Van Persie, he scores when he wants

  333. Walcott, Ox, Gervinho, & Ryo – Next seasons 4 wingers who can cover for each other.

  334. He saves when he wants, he saves when he waaaaants, Wojciech Szczęsny, he saves when he wants

    – you know the photo.

    (Sorry, everyone needs to write the headlines sometimes even if it is only for the Sun on So’meday. Aka the Turd of the World)

    If we have had lows of this season, this week has been the high.

    I have never supported ManUre but nothing will stop me shouting for them tomorrow.

    Come on the baggies!

  336. Man City very wasteful. As long as Bolton can keep this to a one-goal deficit, there is a chance. Sorry to spout cliches, but…

  337. RVP is class extraordinaire today he proved the goal against barca last season was no fluke.
    Beyond questionable doubt Song is the best defensive midfielder, what an appalling array of assists the lad has.

  338. Almost all players that signed for us this year have been arsenal fans in their youth. Its like we only sign fans now. that is cool 🙂

  339. Luiz is SO stupid as a defender. Shielding the ball 5 yards from his keeper waiting for the goalie to take (while he is being pressured) instead of just clearing it. Too bad WBA couldn’t capitalise.

  340. We were tired and outplayed for a good part of the game, yet we came a way with the all important 3 points. How is that for ‘grit’?

    Well done boys, well done Arsene. So good to see Diaby again. Did anyone else notice his first 10 or so touches were all one touch plays followed by a quick accurate pass, almost Arteta like. Imagine if he developed that part of his game? I shudder to think of the type of player he could be…

  341. Clerkenwell Gooner

    Renew Alex Song’s contract now, please. Stat. Pronto. We can’t let passing talent like that go elsewhere. Give him his own coiffeur, chauffeur, whatever. I seem to remember he is very attached to AW, who gave him his big break (when AW bought off some nth division Corsican team? memory fails, sorry), so there is ground for believing he’ll stay. I am praying nightly to appease the God of Transfers, though, just in case. Don’t leave us, Alex.

    With Sagna, Song, and Szcz in it, this is a team.

  342. hah! also we did provide all the goals in this match. Liverpool did nothing.

  343. Crisis what?

    Funny how things turn out.

    Wenger with the manager of the month award after being widely criticized and ridiculed after the San Siro debacle.

    Dismiss Arsenal and Arsene at your peril.

  344. Henristic, I would say we were outplayed because we were tired.

    The funny thing is Liverpool looked dead after the 2nd goal. Only Arsenal looked likely to score from that point on.

  345. Guys what happend to Diaby? did ayone see a limp or big signs of discomfort when he left the pitch?
    Its a shame he did not play some reserve games just to test the fitness before he started for the 1st team.
    If he gets a proper pre season and can start next year with fresh legs and no injuries he will do a RvP. he will become the player he was suppose to be.

  346. gazidis must go tommorow to buckingham palace and evict the queen ..thats van persie;s house from now on game Szczęsny! hard fought victory ! and at last a bit of luck..luck? anyway …is arteta alive?

  347. Frank

    It seems an age since we didn’t have a goalie. 2 Poles to the good – you could say. Lol

  348. Limestonegunner

    Song has played almost all of those balls from fairly deep positions which has allowed him to maintain good defensive position. His goals are down as a result but he has created more for the team overall in attack this season while strengthening our defensive organization. It also gives us a genuinely different way to play than our speed on the wings/ crosses from wide or our dribbling/short passing through the middle. Today our midfield buildup wasn’t great so we needed this other dimension

  349. Poddle//

    He certainly showed some discomfort when he spoke to the bench. I hope it wasn’t serious because it’s now or never for him.

    We can’t keep him in the squad if he never plays.

    Thought he looked surprisingly good after such a long absence and I always hope any player with that kind of attitude succeed.

  350. Poodle

    When Diaby came on his touch seemed to change the belief of the rest of the team. He seemed to lose that after 20 mins and when he went off he gestured that his hamstrings were tight.

    Maybe it was precautionary, maybe he is still not good. His impact looked immense.

  351. What a funny old game. We looked second rate for large parts of the game early on, but I thought we kept possesion alot better after Henderson’s disgusting hit on Arteta. We couldn’t string two passes together whilst Arteta was on it seemed. That game was screaming Denilson’s name in my opinion. His ability to calmly collect and distribute would of been a huge plus for us today.

    What can you about van Persie at this point. He’s simply on another planet right now. What a legend.

  352. Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger on Mikel Arteta’s injury:

    “It was precautionary for the spine. We had to be cautious and take him off but we hope we get some good news from the hospital.”

  353. @Chappers you mean like we could not really afford RvP to go injured all the time?

  354. We are indeed blessed, SA Gooner

  355. Love this squad. Favourite Arsenal squad ever.

  356. In the emirates era I’d say Song is AW’s most improved and metamorphosed player into world class pedigree nearly from scratch.

  357. FunGunner | March 3, 2012 at 4:06 pm

    hmmmm nasty…

  358. @ hunter 13
    Yeah. Neck injury could be nasty. But we don’t know anything for sure yet.

  359. Henristic @ 3:48 on AD2.
    What u described is elementary for Diaby.
    It seems since he’s been out for so long u’ve forgotten how good he really is.
    Lets hope he’s alright to remind us of his better qualities

    Hope Arteta’s going to be ok

  360. Chappers, AW will keep Diaby as long as he still has the desire.
    He really rates AD2.
    So do I

  361. We had an ex pool player as co commentator on our feed here in SA.

    Played at pool ’83-’89, apparently nearly signed for Arsenal at some point.

    Must say, that’s the most fair, neutral co commentator I’ve heard in years.

    That pullock Stuart Robson could take a few lessons on how to avoid being a complete twat.

  362. Diaby when he manages to keep fit for more than 10 matches in a row will give us the same type of boost that RvP has done.
    he is that good. And that is why we keept RvP for so long even when he was injured as we knew he was a world class player when fit. That is also why Diaby has been kept and was given a huge contract, because ones he gets injury free he will be a key player.

  363. ‘Abou Diaby will do an RVP next season’ Amen!

    Best thing I have heard today.

  364. I did say Reina is an Arse-man earlier.
    Concedes some beauties to us he does.
    what a goal!

    “11 games left, emptying all closets, things are too tight to be civilized!”

  365. I don’t agree with anyone who says today that liverpool deserved to win today. Any team with a cheating cunt like Suarez dont deserve to play, let alone win!

  366. WBA are carving Chelsea open time and time again but just can’t get a shot away at goal.

  367. Looks like mancity will try buy another two players from us.

  368. Four massive league wins in a row – aside from the points, the pressure we are putting on all around us immense.

    Who’d be a Spuds, Scouse or Chav supporter?

    And we’re supposed to be the ones with all the problems?

    L. O. L

  369. On a different note, why do people want Oil City to lose today? Do we really want to see manure scum winning the title?

  370. Diaby against milan if fit, could prove very beneficial in scoring goals. Hope he’s fit by Tuesday.
    Come Tuesday it is possible to pull an Italian job on milan ac, inter can bear testament. As long RVP, song, theo, AOC, gervinho, abou, vermalean, rosicky prod ACmilan’s box with sizzling pace n ferocious tenacity off taut, cool, collected thoughts.

  371. @ mj_gunner
    Just want Ryo to score, is all.

  372. Sturrige has missed 2 sitters today. I find hard to believe that its Theo who gets all the stick..

  373. “I don’t agree with anyone who says today that liverpool deserved to win today. Any team with a cheating cunt like Suarez dont deserve to play, let alone win!”

    Absolutely and let’s not forget thuggish filth like henderson. He probably targetted Arteta because he is ex-Everton, but had that been the other way around you can bet that the commentators would be clamouring for action. I will not hold my breath waiting for the FA to investigate. Meanwhile a player could be seriously injured as a result of common assault on a football pitch.

  374. I want that too FG! I hope its a 4-3 with a Ryo treble!

  375. @ mj_gunner
    ha ha – we can dream!

  376. mattgoonerknight

    Any news on Diaby? Was he injured or was it tactical?

    Sorry if I’m asking the obvious or missed an update

  377. Playing RVP against Milan or not is a really interesting debate. I say we should play him for first half & see where we stand..

  378. West Broooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  379. mattgoonerknight

    1-0 WBA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  380. Bye Bye Chelsea!

  381. Do you think it was intentional Pas? I have looked at it a few times and while it was unnecessary for Henderson to run that line passed Arteta it seems more bad luck that Arteta just happened to turn his head just as he went by.

    Wooo Hooooo WBA

  382. And WBA score! Yes!

  383. Bye Bye AVB….

  384. Woo-hoo! West Brom 1-0 Chelsea.

  385. mattgoonerknight

    Bye Bye AVB!

  386. RVP ways of captaining this squad is outstanding beyond comparison with any other in the emirates stadium era.

    Does anybody know what is RVP’s number of goals contending for goal of the season.

  387. Poddle

    Exactly. Any player who isn’t shown the door when he struggles will remember that when he does come back. Look at RVP and Rosicky. They never complain and you feel that they are where they belong. If we could only keep our best players without having to rebuild every summer, I firmly believe we have every chance of bridging the gap to the Manchester clubs.

  388. Chelsea is an example of what happens when a club is owned by a thieving cunt!

  389. come wba hang on here

  390. passenal @ 4:29:

    Thats a touch over the top don’t you think.

  391. I would happily take a Chelsea draw

  392. It is official! We are alone in 4th spot…onwards and upwards.

  393. You are getting sacked in the morning!

  394. mattgoonerknight

    What a day!!!!!!!!!!

    Come on Man Utd, make it a perfect weekend! tomorrow!!

    Yes, buzzing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  395. This is working out very nicely.

  396. Yesssssss full time

    Chelsea lose…3 point cushion…

  397. Now we just need the totts to lose tomorrow and this will prove to be a fantastic weekedn of football.

  398. I would guess that Mr. Van persie would be in the neighbourhood of 120,000 pounds per week in order to be resigned this summer. Pull out the cheque book! He is the top striker in the world!!!!

  399. Is Luiz/Cahill the worst defensive pairing Chelsea have had in the last ten years? Two utterly average players who really wouldn’t get a sniff at our starting XI if they were playing for Arsenal.


    We REALLY need to win against Newcastle now, Spurs play Everton away next weekend. I’d say they’ll drop 4 points at least!

  401. It’s not just a 3 point cushion, but we are also two to the good on goal difference. So even if we would, say, lose 1:0 to Chelsea in our direct meeting in a couple of weeks, we would still stay ahead.

  402. I concur, Evil

  403. “passenal @ 4:29:

    Thats a touch over the top don’t you think.”

    No I don’t, Suarez is scum and the ball was no where near Arteta so there is no excuse for henderson. I don’t live in the perfect world you do where no one has an ulterior motive. I think he knew exactly what he was doing.

  404. What a very pleasant Saturday this is turning out to be.

  405. I agree with Passenal

  406. mattgoonerknight


    I personally think we should rest as many regular starters as we can mid week – literally play a good old fashioned Carling Cup team.

    We’ve now got Arteta, Diaby (?), Song, Vermaelen and RVP all carrying knocks or injuries of some description, not to mention the other long term absentees, Le Coq, Jack, Santos etc. With the Newcastle game not until the Monday night, there’s a real opportunity to give some or all of these players the best part of 8 days off, which surely would do them the world of good.

    I think we should put the possibility of heroics to one side and really focus on getting back in the CL next season. I’m not even thinking of A.C, I just can’t wait to play the Toon.

    Knowing our luck, if we do play a strong team on Tuesday, we’d amazingly turn the result around but loose 2 or 3 key players in the process – I don’t think it is worth it.

    We’re 3 points clear in 4th – our destiny is firmly in our own hands!!!!!!!!!!!!


  407. Diaby is still young, he will make it with us yet and be immense.

    He was so calm, assured and direct today for the short time he was on the pitch.

  408. I agree 100% with you MGK, but I think Arsene will play a lot of first teamers

    And I agree with Passenal.

  409. You gotta love watching the Chavs nowadays. They really are a treat aren’t they? What a genius Arsene Wenger is.

    Now come on, Man Utd.

    *washes mouth out and brushes teeth*

  410. I just can’t imagine Wenger as the kind of man who would be willing to go into an important match prepared to more or less throw it away. It would probably be the “intelligent” thing to do, but Wenger is not a loser. He will go into Milan putting a team out that has the ability to turn it around. And if they really do it … that would probably deserve a whole chapter on it’s own in the History of Arsenal. I just hope it won’t end up costing us the advantage we currently have in the league.

  411. He dives when he wants, he dives when he wants, Luis Suarez he dives when he wants.

  412. he can cross when he wants, cross when he wants, Bacy Sagna he can cross when he wants.

  413. For fucks sake, Bill. It’s a fucking beautiful Saturday morning, man. There’s got to be something funner to do than play devils advocate on the internet.

  414. mattgoonerknight


    In yesterdays press conference, Arsene alluded to how no-one will play 5pud2 Sun, international Wed, Liverpool Sat and A.C Tues – I think most of our key men have played all of these fixtures to date, so he may use this as his rationale for resting players, if he were to be questioned on his decision. If the fixtures had not of been so congested, I feel a full strength side would played.

    It’s all speculation and guess work on my part, but from what Arsene said and the position we now find ourselves, both in the league and fitness / injury wise, I think we can expect to see some rotation.

    The boss knows best but I would be happy if he named a weakened side Wednesday.

    Bring on the Toon (I haven’t been to a game for ages, so I’m getting really excited about the 12th)!


  415. I miss Jabba, Suga, AIC, Spectrum & Acrylic Arsetear….too many AKBs here today..(sigh)

  416. As I said days ago…..I’m not ready to throw in the towel to Milan.

    Wins over Spuds and Pool……Arsenal are gaining momentum. We’ve seen this team score a rash of goals when they have momentum, confidence, and belief.

    I can see Theo and Gervinho getting in behind Milan – all night.

  417. Limestonegunner

    AW, I suspect, will play a strong team because Europe means a lot to him and we were thoroughly embarassed at San Siro. Unfortunately Milan is cruising away to Palermo with Ibrahimovitch scoring a hat trick in the first half, 10 minutes still to go in the first half.

    It is important for momentum, belief and pride that we have a good showing against Milan and at least make the leg, if not the tie, competitive. Our players love playing in Europe, so I don’t see a complete change of 11 but some rested or on the bench at most.

  418. @Aman
    I would very well imagine that by this point in time they have stopped following the Arsenal (following is probably the most positive word I can find to describe what they are doing). There is just no point in it, as they won’t get the satisfaction they crave, i.e. losses and dropped points so they can go on a moan-a-thon, from this team.

  419. I need replies ACLFers:
    After every win i say:

    “I miss Jabba, Suga, AIC, Spectrum & Acrylic Arsetear….like I miss..FILL IN THE BLANKS.?

  420. @Aman – Luke, the one with the green Avatar

  421. I don’t know what the weather’s like where you are, but here the sun started shining at 2.36pm.

    (And a beautiful sunset began at 4.47pm.)

  422. The chances of Wenger fielding a weakened side against Milan are very slim, imo. He’s gonna go for it, as he always does. Wenger is definitely not averse to taking risks and I think we’ll have the pedal to the floor from the start.

  423. If RVP gets the Golden Boot and Arsenal finish third, I will win in the region of £600.

    I am mighty poor at the moment and it would be a welcome boos financially.

    However – none of that enters my mind at all.

    This season has been SO rewarding. I honestly I can’t think of many I have enjoyed more.

    I’ve never been more impressed with our manager our club and ethos.

    I’m genuinely just rubbing my eyes and enjoying the ride – I would pity those who can’t do the same but you reap what you sow.

  424. I agree Limestone & Arsesession,

    we’ll field a strong team but with all the new injuries don’t really fancy seeing my beloved
    6-1 come to fruition.

    Wouldn’t want to see anymore players injured..
    We must be ready to inflict as much pain as possible on Newcastle.

    “11 games left, emptying all closets, things are too tight to be civilized!”

  425. lol mj_gunner, nice one

  426. mattgoonerknight

    I wonder if our key players are actually up for the A.C game?

    I know it’s the Champions League and A.C Milan we’re talking about, a fixture many professional players would love to play in regardless of the 1st leg score, a fixture many of us are hoping still can be rescued, but will RVP actually wan’t to be risked for this if he is carrying a slight strain / tear?

    When we played Leeds in F.A cup, Robin was given a short holiday due the amount of games he had played; so that he could come back fresh for the league – maybe RVP and a couple of others would want to take the opportunity of eight days of r & r? TV5 looked half broken by the end of today.

    It’s time to play Chamakh and Co. let them have a run out in a low pressure situation. We are all but out anyway, so the pressure should be off and no-one could blame him and the other support acts for not turning around the scoreline. I think the crowd will really get behind the team as the mountain to climb is so high – we will be an underdog of mastiff proportions and our home crowd seems to become galvanised when we’re not fancied from the outset (Barcelona springs to mind).

    I think sometimes, you have to pick your battles.

  427. We are just going to tell Park that it’s some Arab nation he’s playing against and he will duly score 4 against Milan.

  428. Excellent day of football.

    We played poorly, but still won. And then Chelsea fucked up.

  429. “Arteta has been released from hospital and should be fit to face AC Milan!”

  430. It’s a tough one to decide. We need to maintain our momentum, so throwing the Milan game is not an option. However, with the injuries starting to pile up again, what are the options? I think AW was hoping that a little run out for Diaby might have prepared him to face Milan on Tuesday, but I’m not sure he’ll be ready for that even if he hasn’t has a setback. We owe Milan some payback after their cheating at the san siro, and we do have a good break until Newcastle at home next Monday. I’m just glad I don’t have to make the decisions, even for what Arsene gets paid, I would not want that level of pressure!

  431. That’s hilarious Evil

  432. “maybe RVP and a couple of others would want to take the opportunity of eight days of r & r? TV5 looked half broken by the end of today.”

    I doubt it. Professional pride is such that they would want to prove that the debacle in the first leg was an abberation and that they can play much better than that.

  433. massive

    Just keep it going boys, and we’ll be fine.

    Some jokers on Talk Sport are saying that Liverpool need a 35 mln striker. Well, do you know what? They already have one.

  434. Passenal @ 5:05:

    OK: no way to prove it either way. Accusing someone of trying to take out an ankle is one thing but accusing someone of intentionally trying to cause a head or spine injury when you really have no idea is something else all together. Henderson never played against Arteta in a Merseyside derby so there is no reason to think there would be bad blood. I hope your wrong.


    No team can play well every game and you can’t compete for the top spots without being able to win games like today. Hopefully DB10 was watching.

  435. Also very happy to see the progress Chelsea are making. I wonder when Roman will realise that AVB is probably a closet Gooner and that the “project” Villas Boas is talking about all the time consists of destroying Chelsea from the inside so that they can return to the mediocrity that birthed them.

  436. Not good news in terms of injuries!

    “The bad news of the day is that Diaby is injured and did his hamstring. Benayoun has a small hamstring problem, Gibbs has a problem. We look decimated after the game. I don’t know who will be available on Tuesday night. Maybe I will play with six strikers as we have to score goals!”

  437. “The bad news of the day is that Diaby is injured and did his hamstring. Benayoun has a small hamstring problem, Gibbs has a problem. We look decimated after the game. I don’t know who will be available on Tuesday night. Maybe I will play with six strikers as we have to score goals!”

  438. Great minds mj_gunner!

  439. hah, beaten!

  440. Bill – Yeah, I agree 100%. All good teams have the ability to have an of day but still come away with the job done. Especially when you have somebody like RvP in the side.

  441. mattgoonerknight


    We know they can play better, they are playing better! The point I’m making is that these players are carrying knocks and still playing every few days – if they were fully fit, of course they’d wan’t to correct the wrongs, but they’re not.

    We were debating yesterday whether RVP and TV5 would even be fit for today – they both played the full 90 minutes!

    As I said earlier, the boss knows best so if it’s full strength, it will be because he thinks its for the best, which is good enough for me but as it stands, I think now is the time to get the squad back to full fitness ready for the Toon.

  442. the good news is that:

    Szcz, Sagna, Verm, Kos, TR7, Song, Arteta, Gerv, RvP, AOC, Theo, Jenks, Miquel, Fabianski, Chamakh, Park, Yennaris,…should be fit to play on Tuesday.

  443. Bill at 3:25 pm
    There you go again….How many times are you going to give the cheats and con men the benefit of the doubt and put-down the team you claim to support?

    Suarez is a cheating, diving scunt? Did you see how he somersaulted,rolled around and held his shin, feigning, injury after the most minimal of contact with Schezzer, to win the penalty.

    Get a grip man and grow a pair.

  444. Welcome back PaulN. Busy myself, mi bredda.

  445. Bale in the last game, now Suarez. This diving shit is getting tedious. Talk about bringing the game into disrepute. Leaves a foolish taste in my mouth even though we won. And the media reaction – or rather lack of it – doesn’t make things better. Makes it all the sweeter when we shove humble pie down the establishments throat.

  446. That would be a ‘foulish’ taste in the mouth (damn you autocorrect) 🙂

  447. I agree with Passenal at 5:05 pm and before then.

    Suarez is a cheating, diving cunt and Henderson was simply following a premeditated pattern of rotational fouling started from the 1st half.

  448. Pleeeeaaasssee Stay, Robinnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  449. Yessssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!! Brilliant day today, amazing!!! 🙂

    Suarez is without question THE most reprehensible footballer in the league and the premier league contains c*nts of the order of Terry, Rooney, Evra, Gerrard, Drogba, Barton and Cole!

    Hopefully there are no serious injuries from today. Diaby limping off was such a massive disapointment, that fella must be jinxed.

    I wouldn’t risk any players who are carrying knocks and any that played the last 3 games could probably do with a breather, but there is no question of throwing this game, no chance!

  450. FinnGun

    And there was Ibrahimovic’s dive too man.

  451. Matt, I’m not really disagreeing with you, but most professional football players would play on one leg to get the chance to participate in a game against a European giant like AC Milan. The point I was making is that if any players are rested it will be the manager’s decision rather than the player wanting to rest.

  452. Pass – I totally understand your anger and I agree it is definitely possible that it was deliberate. But to say one knows, one way or the other, is not possible.
    For one to assume a recently signed youngster, with no history as a dirty player, has chosen to assault an opposing player is to me speculation at best.
    The player in question grew up in Sunderland and was at Coventry learning his football. He’s greener than Kermit in the orthodox of Liverpool’s bitter rivalry.
    I think it highly unlikely that he has grown an ingrained dislike of (ex) Evertonians, in such a short space of time, to want to commit such a malicious act of assault.
    Regardless – my feeling is that he deserves the benefit of the doubt (it is a basis of our society!) – to my naked eye it did look completely accidental and, given the person in question has no previous history (it’s wasn’t Bellamy or Carroll after all), I think we cannot paint guilt with a big brush and disregard the objectivity of admitting the lack of surety.
    However I could be completely wrong – maybe he wanted to ingratiate himself to the fans. Maybe it was young stupid and, spur of the moment, reckless. Perhaps it was even worse and was premeditated. I have in the past been guilty of assuming the best in people – so it would hardly be a first!
    With that caveat I think, in this instance, leaning towards the former is the most honest response.

  453. I would rest RvP, Song and vermealen for Tuesday and also check on Sagna’s fitness levels after his long injury lay off. Hopefully Gibbs is OK to play and Jenkinson and Miquel can come in. Oxo, Gervinho, Park and Chamakh should also be good for a start I reckon.

    But never mind Tuesday’s game, I am still buzzing from today!!! 🙂

    Up the Guns!!!!!

  454. mattgoonerknight


    Cool, agree with that.

    Off out to bore all of my non-football following friends and family with what a great day I’ve had – I don’t care if they’re not really interested, they’ll have to hear it, because I’m buzzing!

    He scores when wants, he scores when he wants…..

  455. Ey up Dex! How are you fella?

  456. Jonny, I didn’t say I know, I said I ‘think’, which means that is my opinion. I’m sure he didn’t intend to seriously harm Arteta, but that is why players need to avoid reckless acts on the pitch because they risk causing more harm than they might have intended. Emotions run high during the game and players do sometimes barge, kick, push whatever to make a point or in reaction to another player getting the better of them. If they had both been going for the ball and there had been an accidental coming together, I would not be suspicious of the intent. In this case I am.

  457. Shotta:

    Nice to see you back. You said you have been busy, I hope its a good busy.

    Not sure where you thought that I said anything bad about our team in that post. I said my peace on that last week, Suarez is a dick and he dove today and I suspect that almost any player would have tried to do the same thing in that situation. No way for the ref to get that one right.

    Today was a brilliant day and the last 2 weeks could be absolutely crucial. The mental strength we showed to come back from the bad results in Milan and Sunderland and the negative press and win the way we did against Spuds was massive. Last years team completely collapsed after a couple of disappointments. This week we at least temporarily exorcised our other major demon of not being able to win ugly. A long way to go but these last 2 games have been by far our best of the season. This years squad could have collapsed completely after the bad start or after the tough Jan and the Milan game but these guys seem to be made of stronger character. Lets hope they can keep it going the rest of the season. We are really in the drivers seat for 4th.

  458. Agree with Dexter regarding Suarez, ever since the Uruguay/Ghana game in the WC, and even those syncophant commentaors had to admit that there was no contact for the penalty. But I bet that there will be no hounding like there was of Eduardo.
    Also agree with Passenal – I watched the replay of the Henderson attack, the fence sitters can say what they like, there was no reason for Henderson to be running in that direction, it looked deliberate to me, and I forgive Bill’s innocence but I guess he never saw Leeds in their heyday.

  459. will the thrill

    f**k suarez. Seriously that man has made a living off being a cheater. Granted, he has some skills as a striker, but the feigning injury puts an asterisk over any of his accomplishments.

    I really hope that Diaby isn’t out for another *3 weeks* (cough cough 2 months)…he has always had the skill to play one touch passes, do you not remember? I think it was at the end of last season when Diaby, Chamakh and RVP all combined for a quick little 5 pass move ending in an RVP goal. Diaby is class.

    BRING ON MILAN…I am hoping that KOS will silence that big oaf, Ibra.

  460. “Suarez is without question THE most reprehensible footballer in the league and the premier league contains c*nts of the order of Terry, Rooney, Evra, Gerrard, Drogba, Barton and Cole!”

    Now that is a fact.

  461. I am good Jonny thanks man. Been a hectic week, but all good this end. How’s it going, erm, your end?

  462. Jonny’s end is stuffed ,Dexter.

  463. No need to ask how your end is George! 🙂

  464. Rosie’s brother thought it was a penalty.

    Really Jamie?

  465. Diaby looked extra smooth when he was on the pitch.
    How many goals has Kos scored this year? 🙂

  466. Pass, my bad, and, as I said, I could just be too naive. Your previous comment sounded more determined and was less well defined.

    Still, to my innocent eyes, it looked accidental and even if it is only a thought, written down it becomes a statement. I prefer to assume the best unless there is sufficient cause for supposition.

    If it had been Bellamy I’d have no doubt.

    If, in the future, Henderson shows his character to be questionable, I’ll be on the anger-wagon with you.

    I cannot accept it as a definite (as some have) that’s just the way I work – but I do see your point.

  467. PG stay away from my end.

    Dex – life sucks but I’ve had a decent week. Sorted a few things out for my dad and in love with my football.

    I am currently being inveigled into clubbing in old London town. Something the kids call ‘Techno’. Sounds inadvisable at best.

    I am 37.

  468. Jonny

    Ahh man, I hear ya. Hopefully life will blow for you soon. I am assuming blowing is a positive to sucking’s negative!

    Get down the clubs man, Not sure Techno’s my bag, depends what sort we are talking about really. But let yer hair down, have a happy pill! 🙂

  469. ‘Planatery Assault System’ are headlining.

    I’m being shouted at now. “If you can do it, you should do it”

    The children chant.

  470. I agree with passenal and everyone else who thinks Suarez is a despicable person!He was quite a handful for our defence but still chose to cheat to win his team a penalty.

    Jonny dirty players start somewhere, it looked intentional to me, I hope Arteta is ok and that he will be back soon as the injury looked serious.

    It is fun for once to play poorly and get a win, when did that happen to us last? Liverpool were so vibrant, you coudnt tell they played extra time the other day but I guess them having less international players helped.

    How unlucky for Diaby, the first 10mins he was in the game were our best of the game, hope it is nothing too serious and he will be coming back soon. We seem to be picking plenty of injuries lately, please football gods smile on us, we need our players for the home stretch.

    At this rate as Wenger joked we may have to play 6 strikers coz we are running low of midfielders and defenders.My take on the Milan is to put out the best team available.I am sure Wenger will assess the situation and decide what is best.We cant give up on the game, a miracle can still happen.

    Chezzer definitely man of the match, that double save was sumptuous,followed closely by Van P for scoring 2 very nice goals,that 2nd (the pass from song to the goal) looked alot like the one from the everton game. What can I say I love this team, they made me so proud today for managing to win ugly.

    LIVERPOOL welcome to our world, that is how we usually feel when we are the better team but still end up losing which is quite often.

  471. LIverpool have had no european games to further depleat their ranks or sap their energies, they also have spent over £115m in just over a year and for what? The carling Cup and another 7th place finish. If it wasnt for the fact of his past, the scousers would be screaming for the manager’s head. Dalglish is a dinosaur, he has no tactical know how and instructs his players to use antiquated concepts such as ‘reducers’, which quite possibly is what henderson thought he was doing to Arteta.

    I hate Liverpool just as much as I despise the mancs, chavs and spuds.

  472. Wow! That is some dark shit there Jonny! Good luck man!

  473. Thanks Dex – if I don’t reappear you can assume the worst or best! 😉

    First – I have so much hate for Suarez, I could mould it into a sculpure and call it captain cuntface.

    Dirty players do start somewhere. As I said, “If, in the future, Henderson shows his character to be questionable, I’ll be on the anger-wagon with you”.

    Until then – ‘Presumed Innocent’ is fair.

    IMHO natch:-D

  474. Dexter

    i hate liverpool, because they think they ahve got some divine right to win due to their history. they always bring that up. and to be fair, that’s the only thing they have got to talk about.

    they have always spent a lot (under the benitez years). and where have they been? nowhere.

    they have just been living on the goodwill of their history. and event that, with the fall out of the suarez thing, looks threatened right now.

    and of course, i will never forget how gerrard dived against toure in 2008.

    i hate gerrard. you can tell me he is a brilliant player, whatsoever. but he is first and foremost for me, a diver. just like suarez. and bale. and rooney.

  475. Also First – Chezzer definitely man of the match, that double save was sumptuous,followed closely by Van P for scoring 2 very nice goals,that 2nd (the pass from song to the goal) looked alot like the one from the everton game. What can I say I love this team, they made me so proud today for managing to win ugly.

    LIVERPOOL welcome to our world, that is how we usually feel when we are the better team but still end up losing which is quite often.

    Yes. Yes. Yes.

  476. firstlady,

    i agree with you. i am not the greatest fan of diaby, but he did very well when he came on. gave us what we needed. possession. that took the sail out of liverpool’s game. and we started putting together some nice passes. and i think that eventually gave us the confidence that we could nick it.

  477. 4 straight wins in the league. 3 points clear in 4th. would you have believed it back in january?

    don’t lose the faith.

  478. InSuarezwedisgust the guy is absolute flith. A racist to bo

  479. Korik – I love and hate Gerrard. Mostly hate. Incredible player at his best but that just makes the cheating SO much worse. So sad.

    “Cheating to gain an advantage is one thing, cheating when you have one is another cunt altogether”


  480. Hooray I broke t’internet.

    Sorry YW.

    *runs away*

  481. They say things happen in 3’s.

    1. The Arsenal show the scousers just how a proper heist is executed.
    2. The Chavs get a nice reality check.
    3. And best of all my close friend Josette was told today she has won her 4 year battle with Cancer.

    Hope all is well with all of my fellow ACLFers. Weare planning one hell of a party tonight. If the Spuds lose tomorrow that will be the proverbial icing on the cake!!

    Sczezny MOTM but RVP is definitely MVP

  482. Irish you live an interesting life my friend – you’ve been through a lot.

    Please buy Josette a drink from me – I’ll pay you back in The Blind Pig next time I’m across the pond. That’s from one fine Dublin man to another.

    What a great day. Ha!

    B 🙂 😀 BS

  483. B 🙂 🙂 B S ……………possibly one of the greatest words in the English language. Any language for that matter!! Feel better Jonny mate and yes I look forward to having a few cold ones with you one of these days, til then UP THE ARSENAL!!!!!

  484. Congratulations. Again to the. ARSENAL…
    nice smash and grab from these fools. Sorry. Pools. we looked tired and deflated. The curse of the internationals. Of course, pool did press well and pressured us but they are still thuggish. And Suarez. Is a cheating basterd.
    First Bale now this sob. ARSENAL. MUST MAKE AN ISSUE OF THIS. We can’t overcome bad calls like this week in week out. It sucks.

    A great big shut of approval. To. WOJO. you kept us in it mate your amazing. What a double save from the non-pen.
    And a great shut of approval to BACARY . this is the second time in as many weeks that he has spearheaded us to a come back win.
    UP THE. GUNS!!!!!!!!

  485. What a nice Saturday. Hope for a similar nice Sunday & even better Tuesday.


    Planetary Assault Systems sound like an up to date Hawkwind.

  486. Ive actually got an old PAS tune on some old Fabric compilation. Pretty minimal techno shizzle man.

    Enjloy Jonny boy! 🙂

  487. I wonder how fit Diaby actually was and if it was really worth the risk including him in the squad today. Surely Benny could have dropped into Artetas position with either Ox or Gerv coming instead of Diaby? Its le Boss’ call i know but it just seems a risk to risky……….

  488. DeiseGooner

    Diaby had to be tested sooner or later. If he was on the bench he should have been fit enough for half a game. The guy just gets no breaks (no pun intended)

  489. I get that dubs but it kinda came from nowhere that he was ‘fit’ again. Maybe a runout in the reserves to get a bit of game time might have been of benefit. Im just gutted for the chap and want to see him play, for his sake and ours.

  490. Dex – you and I could talk some music man! Wasn’t ‘Lone Swordsman’ something to do with Sabres of Paradise?

    Dups – I have a story about a Hawkwind gig that would blow your mind. You are a man of few words – though always good. Forgive me for asking but would you tell me – where you are from and how old you are? Old enough to know Hawkwind – a fascinating journey of a band.

  491. Re Diaby – I really think the boss just thought he was ready. It’s probably muscular – part of the long journey back.

  492. Sorry for slanting font world on a Saturday night.

    Bad timing – I’m awaiting Yogi’s belated admonishment.

  493. Does “FFS” suffice?

  494. Its a hamstring for Diaby I think

  495. Jonny

    I am from Hayes, Middlesex originally. Now living in the remote wilds that are Mayo, Ireland. Getting close to retirement age but on days like today feel much younger (my daughter says I act like a kid anyway, she’s probably right ).

  496. MOTD time soon. Hope to see Hanson squirming.

  497. YW – yes,as a repeat offender, anything but sin bin is good – mea culpa and thanks!

    May I ask, how did you enjoy the game sir?

    Dups – thanks for the info – always love to get a better picture.

    My family, mum’s side, are from Carlow. She was one of 9, my aunt was the mayoress – ooh get me showing off.

    As for County Mayo – incredible landscape, friendly people – I genuinely love that part of Ireland.

    I ‘toured’ there with friends 6 years ago and have abiding memories of happiness and some great photos.

    ‘The Neale’ is interesting for me as this is my dad’s surname (though he is English) mum is Geoghegan and we grew up near Irish Gray in North Dublin.

    Anywho – brevity is wit so I’m testing patience.

    What a great day – smiles to y’all ACLF crewsters, minus the doom patrol.


  498. Jonnny

    I used ti live near the Neale (Ballinrobe) but my favourite part is Cong. Wish I owned that little place there called Ashford Castle.

  499. Yeah Jonny, Sabres of paradise man…

    Just watched MotD, fucking cowards didnt even show the Arteta incident and what a surprise! Hansen also said van Persie is off in the summer, bitter old twat!

  500. Ah poor fellow

  501. DUPS – fucking ace – I hate that biased bastard.

    Ashford Castle is the bomb. My wife said Jonny can we buy this and live here.

    I said ‘no’.

  502. My wife said Jonny can we buy this and live here.

    I said ‘no’.

    And look where that has gotten you .You should have at least told her you were thinking about it

  503. George

    I imagine you are no stranger to writing stiff letters of complaint. Can you compose one about the BBCs refusal to show the Arteta incident dude please?


    Concerned, Kentish Town

  504. Jonny

    If my head permits, there’ll be a relatively early post. Many take a result at Anfield as “Meh”. For those of us who have reached a certain age in life, a win at Anfield remains a footballing triumph well-worthy of a fine bottle of wine and several beers which may be referred to as Old Peculier.

  505. Dexter my complaint about stiff is the marked lack of it

  506. Billy’s Boots

    What a result today! Recorded the match and have been living a sheltered, Likely Lads-scenario existence today (no TV, radio or internet) until I could watch. For such a rubbish team, Liverpool played surprisingly well, although I imagine our fatigue made them look better than they really are. Our passing, particularly in the first half, lacked the sharpness of last week.

    Boy, that Suarez – what a piece of work! Nice that the karma police were on the scene today to make sure he went home unhappy (as he seemed to be for the whole match).

    Cracking own-goal from Kos. It didn’t look possible when the cross was played, but he found a way. He’s obviously been watching too much RVP and TR7! Good recovery after that; he made a number of important interventions.

    Speaking of RVP, what a finish for the second goal! Top, top class. That was jaw-droppingly good. Song better be careful or people are going to realise that he is, in fact, an excellent player.

    Long may our ‘run of revenge’ continue!

  507. If I remember correctly YW is a Smiths fan, right?

  508. Billy’s Boots

    The Stylophone is making a comeback!

  509. Billy’s Boots – Eh, no dude, no it’s not.

  510. Just saw this in my email, sent to me by an old friend now living in Alaska (I think as he moves around a lot):

    A Spud fan walks into the doctors and said his body hurts wherever he touches it.
    “Impossible!” said the doctor. “Show me!”
    The Spud fan takes a finger and pushes on his elbow and screams, likewise he pushes on his ankle and screams. The Doctor scratches his head, completely stumped.

    “Maybe you just have sore joints, try poking some other part of your body .”

    Reluctantly, the Spud fan begins to poke random parts of his body:
    He pokes his ribs and screams in pain.
    He pokes his lower back and almost passes out with the pain.
    Tears streaming down his cheeks he looks to the doctor but the doctor tells him to continue.
    He pokes his thigh and goes pale from the pain.
    Gritting his teeth, he pokes his hip bone and almost blacks out.

    “Enough!!” says the doctor.
    With a huge sigh of relief the Spud fan stops poking himself. After a taking a few quick breaths he looks to the doctor, “Any idea what it could be?” he asks as he wipes the tears from his face.

    “Yes” says the doctor. “Your fingers broken!”

    “Your not really a Hammer are you?” Well no he said “im actually a spud” “I thought so,” the doctor said. “Your finger is broken.” Just a few there, can anybody do anymore.

  511. A spud comes home to his Mrs and she says “I’m sorry love, I’ve got a case of gonorrhea.” The spud replies: ‘Thank God, I was getting tired of chardonnay.”

  512. Just finished watching the match on Arsenal Player. I was out all day yesterday so had a media blackout hence my absence during the match.
    Jesus. What a ride we’re getting this season. Rollercoaster goes up. Rollercoaster crashes down. Rollercoaster soars again.
    First things first how very overdue is it that we get a win when the other side didn’t deserve to lose? It’s happened to us over and again. Hats off to Alex for another stunning assist and the same to Bac.
    Teasing cameo from AD2 we looked a different side when he came on.

  513. To continue irish’s theme:
    A young boy goes to social services and tells them he has nowhere to live. “What about your parents?” asks the social worker. “No, they beat me,” says the boy. “What about your grandparents?” says the social worker. “No, they beat me even harder!” says the boy. “Well … where do you want to stay then?” replies the social worker. “Tottenham,” says the boy. “They don’t beat anyone.

  514. For RVP to share with his cohorts with their coffee….. 😉

  515. Is this what the English might call a latter day “Robin Hood” moment. If so, the truth of the myth is resolved. Robin is a 29-year old Dutchman and Friar Tuck a 23-year Cameroonian with mufushwa hair.

    Liverpool disappointed me. The histrionics, arm waving, haranguing of officials, Kenny visibly shouting “Aaaarg fek orf”, emulated by many of his players, the physicality, brutishness, Henderson moments, Suarez crumpling to the ground holding his knee/arm/head etc every time an Arsenal player came near him, and that pickpocket of a penalty.

    Tactically, they played a very English game, nose to nose with Arsenal in the middle, speed down the flanks, crosses whipped in, massed ranks of infantry in defence, long accurate passes, and came out second best.

    This was a deserved Arsenal win, although in their humility they will say otherwise. Breathtaking skills and perseverance, not least the art of goalkeeping, overcoming boorish mentality by injury time. Love it.

  516. Umm… Yogi.. not to disrespect you or anything like that.. and I know you’ve been extremely generous and all ..but.. it’s ..umm.. time for my daily blog of ACLF.. 🙂

    I’m twitching like ol’ ‘arry now..

  517. Albert ,don’t push it .He comes up with some sob story about putting his family first.And you end up feeling guilty.

  518. pedantic george | March 4, 2012 at 9:27 am

    :-).. Hillarious.. That made my day, or what’s left of it. Hats off to ya, dear sir.

  519. @ dupsffokcuf | March 3, 2012 at 11:02 pm
    ha ha
    Shame Lawro wasn’t on MOTD – they could have cried on each other’s shoulder.

    @ Billy’s Boots | March 4, 2012 at 12:37 am
    ha ha. Great comment
    “run of revenge” – love it.


    Oh yeah, Baby, it’s here and it’s groovin’. Now let’s see how many fail to spot the tongue which is firmly planted in the cheek.

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