Awkward Interlude Ends As Key Anfield Trip Comes Into View

International Week is over, thankfully, and we now wait to find out which National Association has successfully buggered up Arsène’s plans for Anfield. It doesn’t appear to have been the Dutch which in itself is probably as much a relief as anything.

Otherwise it was a good night to be an Arsenal loanee. Joel Campbell sank the Welsh in the Gary Speed Memorial match whilst Andrey Arshavin’s contribution to Russia’s win is going to have George scrabbling the internet for the video highlights. Henri Lansbury’s brace for the Under-21s will no doubt have a clamour building for him to be reinstated as a member of the first team squad ahead of whomever is deemed to be the flavour of the month in Deadwood City. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain completed the rout of their Belgian counterparts.

Were it not so predictable, it would beggar belief. Thomas Vermaelen managed to play all of Belgium’s meaningless friendly so he is either fully recovered from the weekend or entirely wasted for Saturday. Presumably it is the former. Surprisingly the Czech Republic refused to provide Tomas Rosicky with a Zimmer Frame for their friendly in Dublin.

By the looks of things weeks of such meaningless anguish will be reducing with the ECA and Uefa agreeing that international fixtures will reduce from 12 to 9 each season. This still requires agreement from Fifa who will no doubt try to kick back on it; preferrably with used £20 notes in a suitcase, left at the corner of Fifasträsse under the loose paving slab beneath the bin.

Recent comments by Herr Rummenigge and Don Rosell leave you in no doubt that letting the clubs run football will be the same as living the lyrics of Pete Townsend. The new boss is indeed the same as the old boss; for Karl-Heinz read Sepp, reducing fixtures is for the benefit of the players.

Sandro added a swift knee to the ECA knackers by admitting that less international fixtures allied with fewer teams in the top flights mean that the Champions League can be expanded to fit in some meaningless club friendlies to generate more money for clubs. Arsenal are testing this ground with a friendly in Beijing at the time the Olympics is on and when the Euro2012 combatants will be returning to training.

Please note that none of this is for the players benefit; fewer fixtures domestically means paycuts all round in Sandro’s Psychedelic World. It makes you wonder if Fifa and Uefa are really that bad after all.

The Football Association is to introduce a licencing system for all of the professional clubs, apparently keen to stop the self-fulfilling prophecy of financial obliteration in football clubs. Like Uefa’s FFP regulations, it is not so much a case of shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted as closing it and finding that the horse in question was Shergar.

Almost as hard to find as the quondam nag is a successful Arsenal transfer that has happened through the back pages. It seems that one may be in the offing though although Lukas Podolski‘s contract is up for renegotiation so you have to wonder if an overly-active Mr20% has been talking to his buddies in the press too much. Even the profile of the signing is too convenient with the price likely to be lower due to the proximity of the contract’s cessation. It’s just too convenient. Mind you, with Arsenal’s record on negotiating transfers, it is probably wise to start now. Judging by how long it took to seal Thierry Henry’s loan for six weeks, we might just about see the German for the beginning of September…

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. 1sttttttt….MorningYW

  2. “preferrably with used £20 notes in a suitcase, left at the corner of Fifasträsse under the loose paving slab beneath the bin”

    Funny, but maybe very near the truth

  3. Nice post as per usual YW. We still have no word on Rosicky do we?

    Is the general feeling it’s not serious as we’ve not heard otherwise?

    From the end of yesterday –

    Eh Passenal – same level of support as who? (Genuine question)

    Dups – yes, the old ‘lampost, girl’ routine – always a classic.

    Can’t believe the Farrelly brothers have made a movie of this –

  4. By the looks of things weeks of such meaningless anguish will be reducing with the ECA and Uefa agreeing that international fixtures will reduce from 12 to 9 each season.

    Hoo-bloody-ray! It’s a start.
    And no reports yet of any injuries, fingers and toes crossed.

    It is a shame if TV played the whole game but maybe he wanted the chance to re-establish himself in the team, having lost the armband to Kompany?

    Looks like the days of the pre-season training camp in Austria and everything being the same every year may be over. AW will tear his hair out but perhaps the players will enjoy the excitement of travelling to exotic places. And I would imagine that we will learn how to manage the trips to maximise the benefit to the squad.

    Re Podolski – according to Bild, we actually started negotiating almost a year ago! We’ll see, anyway. Nothing can happen until the summer.

    Re last night, reposting:
    @cbob et al
    why, thank you, sirs and madams.

    @ dups, Passenal, Evil
    Quite right. I support every player who is currently wearing the shirt. And if Cesc came back (highly unlikely) I would swallow my resentment and start with a clean slate. It doesn’t change what he did, but it would be forgotten, if not forgiven, for the sake of the team.

  5. @ Darius
    And I don’t really watch Jeremy Kyle. Honestly.

  6. @FG
    Agreed. For Cesc to be forgiven, merely returning wouldn’t be enough. He would have to deliver the goods on the pitch.

  7. Thanks YW for a good post, as usual. It’s long since I posted anything here but have read each and every one of your posts during the last three years.

    I just wanted to comment on the way Arsenal’s attack has changed at least as evidenced during the Blacburn and Tottenham games. At any one attack foray in those games Arsenal had at least three players in the opponents’ 18. That is something that has been missing for so long now. That’s the invincibles demolished all and sundry.

  8. meant to say “That’s how…”

  9. Good morning all. Great posts from yesterday. Fungunner on cesc and also limestone spoke from my heart. I wouldn’t. Want him back in the club. He can stay with his BARKA buddies and forget about ARSENAL. this club is too good for him. All he cares is to match the lesser Ronald’s trophy haul. Sorry about some of the typos from yesterday. I can’t. Get used to these self correcting software being installed on computers. So no brides burning today. Lets talk about bridges. And no lovely lieutenants. lol. 🙂

  10. Hadn’t realised All our reserve keepers are out of contract come the summer Mannone, Fabianski & Almunia.

    Be interesting to see where Fabianski ends up.

    One has to assume we will be in the market then…

  11. More than Cesc returning I would be thrilled to bits if one of my favourite players to wear the shirt – Senor Jose Antonio Reyes; makes a about unlikely

  12. @Jonny
    Agree. I think Wenger would love to get Fabianski to sign on, but at the same time I believe that Fabianski will favour his chances getting the No. 1 jersey at a decent club in one of Europe’s top 5 leagues. Might probably be better for us in the long-term, because while I will fervently defend him — and I still believe that he is about as good as Szcz — he just isn’t number 2 material. He is the kind of keeper that needs the confidence of the manager and a run in the team to get properly “warmed up”. Coming in as some sort of firefighter for a game or two is not exactly his strength. So, unless we have got some great keeper coming through the youth system I think we should look at a elderly statesman type of signing. Maybe Schwarzer? He would surely be able to do a job when called upon as a number 2.

  13. Great read today! Many many times I long for swift knees delivered to official knackers. George will be delirious. Arshavin sinking the danes and a shout out for him on ACLF.

    Evil/Jonny, hope you are both wrong about Fabianski but I suspect we can’t really offer him anything that would tempt him to stay. He’s a great keeper (technically our best for me), but Szczesny has made the spot his own with his big personality and confidence.

  14. And that just shows how quick things can go in footie. One injury at the wrong time, and suddenly you find yourself benched instead of the starting XI. I am confident that if he hadn’t suffered the shoulder injury in January he would be our established No. 1 by now and we would probably be looking at a disgruntled Szczesny. But alas, it’s the reverse situation now. We are more or less “unlucky” to suffer from having two top keepers.

  15. I didn’t know that FIFA headquarters was on FIFA-strasse. They could surely have named the road after one of the greats of the game. I suppose it’s better than Blatterstrasse which I’m sure would have been Sepp’s first choice.

    Good that the international calendar is being managed a bit better (as long as FIFA don’t get uppity about it). The one-off dates around this time of the season and the one in August are the most contentious which I believe are the first ones to be done away with. Ideally, the FA would now mandate that Premier League games are played on these dates and a mid-season break introduced where no top flight games can be played, but as we can see from the licencing proposals they are a lame duck organisation in the face of the power of the Premier League.

    Nice to see some Arsenal players (even if they are mostly on loan) get on the scoresheet last night. Scoring in games can only build confidence.

  16. It’ll be interesting to see – I think he’ll have a good career just not sure he’s going to make it at the very top level.

    Needs to overcome some of the doubts in his mind – as a keeper he has plenty of time on his side.

    I think Scz would have ousted him regardless – he just has a winners aura and mentality about him.

  17. George gets a mention ‘in post’.
    Won’t get his head through the ACLF door now…

  18. hoping for a win at the weekend coupled with a spurs loss

  19. I am not gonna lie I would absolutely love to Podolski ibm an arsenal shirt.

  20. hoping for a win at the weekend coupled with a spurs loss

    haha ..even if we get 3rd youll still find something to complain 🙂

  21. Anirudh, Reyes needs to return before Phil Neville retires! Send him on his way…etc..
    You must have read this.

  22. (Oh and now Henri Lansbury gets a mention in International round-up)

  23. got two tickets available for the Milan game, lower tier north stand.

    what do people think would be the going rate for these?

  24. What Yogi said. You’re not a tout after all.

  25. Romford, you ought to be ashamed. Coming on an Arsenal Supporters site and looking to make a profit out of fellow fans. Shame.

  26. Ever wondered what is was like when we always gave 5pur2 a headstart and won 2-1 all the time? Go to Arsenal On This Day and see how the club’s 100th League Cup match was won.

  27. @FunGunner – I’m glad we cleared that Jeremy Kyle nonsense – hehehe

    George, have you been to John Lewis and got your yellow ribbons? If you need help wrapping them round all the trees in Blackburn with the “Desperately Seeking Andrey Arshavin” sign, give us a shout.

    On the question of Cesc, I think those who are still pissed off with him will remain pissed off until the question of him coming back arises. If its ever a possibility of him coming back, most people would probably act the same way they would with a handsome or beautiful ex-lover. They’ll bang them for old times sake.

  28. Wait – is arsenal dead? Someone is asking Wenger to prove Arsenal is alive. Am I missing something?

  29. Thanks for the moralising JD.

    Im not selling the tickets to a gooner I am selling them to rich businessman from italy.

    Face value isnt going to happen!

  30. Great post Yogi, even though I don’t expect anything less!!

    On Cesc, I honestly wouldn’t want him back he is where he wants to be and there is no doubt about it. If he loved Arsenal the way he says he did then he would’ve honored his contract or not signed his contract and left, but he signed and told us stories of love and trophies and decided to leave for his 1 and true love Sparca(Spain and Barca) and jilt us. So Cesc leave us with the memories of your greatness and don’t ever come back because I for 1 don’t want you back.

    On Podolski, I would love to see 3 of the most talented players who all happen to be left-footed dominating the EPL and winning us trophies over the next couple of season(Captain RVP, Podolski, Jack). I’ve heard that a deal with Podolski is done but we are now negotiating with Cologne who is asking $15M and we are starting at $8-9M but Podolski has been told by Cologne in the German press that they will not block a move and will do what they can to help expediate a move to Arsenal since that is where he says he wants to play.

    George is probably somewhere shedding tears as he probably has already found the video of Arshavin’s goals and is cursing anybody who says that Arshavin was finished.

  31. I’m one of those who want Lansbury to be given a chance. We do need a player who can bag them in from 35 yards!

  32. I have felt all along that the pre-season in the far east was one of the main reasons for the bad start to the season.

    It looks like they are going to fall into the same trap, prefering money, to proper preparation.

    Apropos of nothing in particular, do you all remember a Liverpool game a number of years ago, when a penalty was awarded against Seaman for allegedly bringing Fowler down and Fowler remonstrated with the ref, to no avail, that Seaman did not touch him.

    In the end the penalty was given and taken and he hit the post (deliberately?) and they scored from the rebound. That was the only goal of the game.

    I respected Fowler for his honesty then. Unfortunately it is unlikely that we will ever see such a thing again from a footballer (what about Dicanio as well?).

    What is worrying is that diving is rampant (even being found anmongst our own players, unfortunately, although the worst culprit, Eboue, is no longer with us).

    It seems as though players who do it on a regular basis, Rooney, Gerard, Bale, are almost feted for being so good at it and getting away with it.

  33. Billy's Boots

    Good post, YW.

    It’s been a rare international week that I haven’t really minded. It’s partly that it was only a mid-week match and therefore a short break, but primarily because the lack of any mid-week top-flight club football allows the wonderful memories from Sunday to linger a little longer. That truly was an extraordinary match. As Jibber might have said, “you couldn’t make it up”. If the match had been a film, it would have been panned for being too far-fetched. I struggle to think of a more enjoyable plot than we saw played out in the February sunshine. Let’s hope the great performance and atmosphere are replicated when Milan come to town next week. How to top Sunday? Maybe spot Milan a goal, and then score six?

  34. longblackcloud

    I didn`t realise all 3 of our back-up keepers are out of contract come end of season, will be intersting to see what happens. Alway thought Almunia was a goos no 2 back up keeper, just not up to being 1st choice, what odds Al being the one who stays? Mannone to Hull and Fab to Italy/Spain where less need for him to dominate on crosses
    On the subject of experienced back up keeper and returning ex-players how about a return for Alex Manninger?

  35. Ha I was just about to defend you Romford – the match won’t be sold out anyway – and I thought you *might* instead be wondering how much you should offer as a discount.

    I am sure you can decide for yourself how much you want to try to take him for, hopefully he’ll realise that it’s not a sell out and never do business with you again.

  36. Belated credit to you george for your comment on cesc. It did sound very ZP like.

  37. jjgsol @ 2:01 pm – Arshavin did do something similar last season (I think). A player was being booked for a challenge on him and Arshavin tried to tell the ref that it wasn’t a foul. Actually come to think of it it may even have been a penalty too.

  38. I think Wookash will choose to leave Arsenal at the end of his contract for the simple reason that Tech 9 is at least 5 years younger than him. Chances are that Tech 9 will grow stronger and stronger and if Wookash wants to play regularly and even challenge Tech 9 for the Poland jersey, then he has to play regularly.

    It’s hard to see how the situation with Almunia will be repaired but stranger things have happened. I’ve said on here before that the way Arsenal fans and the media treated Almunia was nothing short of a disgrace or a public lynching. Even murderers get more protection from the criminal justice system than what humiliation and character assassination that Almunia got during his final stint as Arsenal’s No. 1.

    He may not have met the grade, but he is still a human being with feelings and emotions, with a family who feel his every pain and get to witness his live lynching, and setting aside what he achieved or didn’t achieve on the pitch, he has acted very professionally and with a hell of a lot of dignity. Whether he stays as Arsenal’s No. 2 or finds another club, the least he deserves is to be happy and for him to have the chance to ply his trade and take care of his family.

  39. Yogi:

    Internationals always cause me to yawn. Just hope no one got injured.

    I read your comment to me late last night. Thanks for trying but it still all seems like smoke and mirrors.

    I still a lot of genuine questions. If we only made 3 – 5 million profit last season with the CL revenue are we completely screwed if we miss the CL for a season or 2? What happened to all that profit we made in the last few years on player sales if it is kept seperate for accounting purposes? Where did Swiss Ramble come up with the figure of $50M transfer kitty last season before we sold Cesc and Nasri? Ivan basically confirmed that the $50M was a reasonable figure last year at an AST meeting. I remember because we had a discussion about whether it was a smart move to tip your hand like that in a public forum. The boss and PHW have been saying for years that there was plenty of money for any sort of transfer they wanted to make. 3 -4 years ago PHW threw out a figure of $30M and that was before the sale of Ade and Kolo. Supposedly we made some high money bids for players, were we ever really willing to spend that sort of money? It seems like PHW, Ivan and even Arsene himself have done their best to throw themselves (mostly Arsene) under the bus. Do they got together over several bottles of expensive wine and try to come up with the best way to piss off the most doomers?

    I should do the research and educate myself but I don’t have the time or energy and my education is as far from the business and financial worlds as is possible. I wish the club would actually tell us whats going on in layman’s terms that everyone could understand. Whats the point of trying to hide things when in all of our books are open to the public and in theory there is no way for us to keep secrets without falsifying the records. I guess we will talk about all of this stuff a lot more when the transfer window reopens this summer.

    Any sort of win at Anfield would be great. We have used up all of our wiggle room and we can’t allow mental letdowns, bad pitches or parked buses to get in our way any more.

  40. Consols – I didn’t see George’s comment on Cesc? Which post was it on?

  41. So – Portsmouth are in trouble again and won’t even be able to complete the season. They don’t have any more money and the game seems to be up.

    Really sad. Pompey fans deserve better.

  42. It was yesterday Darius. He called him ‘quite the politician’, or close to that. He didn’t mean it kindly!

  43. I wish the club would actually tell us whats going on in layman’s terms that everyone could understand.

    hallo, we have built something which cost us 450million and we are using whatever we make to repay it. it could take two or three more years of this. within a decade arsenal will have paid off its stadium. that is where the focus lies mostly. of course you cant ignore the first team completely but then again you cant have a first team with established world class players because their wages and fees are at a level where arsenal can not meet them right now. So they will build, and focus on cheap youth with aim to develop and when the break even points arrives they will be able to spend more. so far so good i say, they have built a nucleus of homegrown players from which the manager can base his team and he mixes it with purchases that dont catch they eye at first instant but witha bit of working they become regulars and integral parts of the team.

    what would you like the club to tell you ?

    what is it that isnt clear enough ?

  44. Hunter13 – unfortunately, that narrative of Arsenal’s situation doesn’t sell papers or advertising enough. ‘Arsenal in crisis’ sounds better.

  45. ‘I have to do my dishes by hand’: Outrageous quotes of Wall Street bankers struggling to get by on $350,000 a year”

    I wonder how long before footballers feel the crunch and start living like these hapless Wall Street punks.

  46. true darius doesnt sell papers …but i thought the gunners were sick of the media and did not pay attention to them since they reserve a xenophobic attitude for the french manager and his foreigners…

  47. Hunter13 – you under-estimate the power of stupid people in large numbers.

  48. Gerrard and Agger out for the game this weekend…

  49. @jonny
    i was just getting ready to post that. any update on lil Mozart

  50. Agger is a big loss. He and Skrtel are a great partnership. Sort of wish Gerard would play though, the form he’s been in…

  51. Great post as ever YW. A win @ Anfield will be a real booster for d guys and fans as we prepare for Milan. I still believe milan can b torn apart at the emirates if the guys plays to their maximum and the fans equally give their all. But before then, let’s give the scousers the walloping they deserve after what happened early in the season at the emirates. Hoping everybody is back from international duties unscathed.

  52. C – still being assessed apparently. I’m working on the ‘no news, is good news’ theory – if it was serious, I think we would know already.

    And here is the wonderful little bastard showing just what a good player we missed out on over these years (not that I ever doubted it).

    In your face Jibber.

  53. I am glad some of you find my misery amusing.

    Anyway , ribbons abound .Not sure the local Park keepers are too happy all the same.

  54. Agger is a massive loss for them as not only was he realiable in the back but have had many surging runs from deep and is 1 of their top target men on teh corner. While Gerrard form has been great i honestly would care either way. it will be intersting to see who starts on the left for us: do we put Benayoun and let him do the job like against da Spuds Walker since Johnson loves to push foward and play as more of a wing back or do we put the Gervinho or the Ox and let them exploite the space he leaves open and let them run at the bigger a significantly slower and less mobile Carragher.

  55. @Jonny

    Yea no news is great news, can’t wait to see him toying with Pool’s midfield and defenders as though they are cones in training.

  56. ‘I have to do my dishes by hand’: Outrageous quotes of Wall Street bankers struggling to get by on $350,000 a year”

    He should move to Ireland or the UK. He could get someone on the workshare scheme for free labour.

  57. I had a huge argument on twitter recently with some plumb on twitter because I said Rosicky was a better player than Merson.
    I don’t know how we got to the point where people forgot how truly world class he was,and is IMO.
    The same as I don’t understand how people think Diaby is anything other than a huge talent.
    I understand how some of the old timers are held in high regard,but some of them would get nowhere near our first team now.(others 100% would)Merson and Campaign Charlie,for example.

  58. I liked Gerrard playing against us. He had a nice habit of back-passing to TH14 to score

  59. “Harry Redknapp’s horse killed in fall at Taunton”

    Good job it wasn’t his dog. Who’d have signed the cheques?

  60. Bit of strange comparison if you ask me George. Difficult enough comparing players between two very different eras let alone two such different characters.
    We have no idea how Merson might have turned out in the modern era but for me he was very, very special talent. He had incredible ‘vision’ in the way that very few players do – a pity he wasted so much of his talent.
    Wenger thought exactly the same (I recall that he told Merson he was one of the most talented players he’d ever worked with) but knew he was wrong for the club and for his vision.

  61. That link I posted at 3.39 is well worth watching for an idea of what a MOTM performance that was from Tomas. So much drive and effort.

  62. He was shown the door at the very first opportunity Jonny.
    “Wenger thought exactly the same (I recall that he told Merson he was one of the most talented players he’d ever worked with)”
    If Jibber had said that I would have shouted BS.
    But as it is you I can only say that I doubt you powers of recall

  63. No takers for music Thursday? George you showed up just in time for me to crash your laptop… Okay maybe I’ll just post a link instead.

    I’ll be celebrating the birth of this legend tomorrow (and all weekend if we beat Liverpool :)).

  64. I expect great things from Joel Campbell when he finally joins the squad. He reeks of a yearning for greatness. AW’s tutelage should get him there.

    I hope TR7’s fit for Anfield. He is crucial.

    Carragher replaces Agger in their back 4 & Charlie Adam for Gerrard probably.
    Did Kos play against Germany? Sagna?

    Verm slipped in the build up to the Greek goal..bad pitch I believe but I hope its not becoming habitual.

    AA against Denmark was just being himself.
    Forget Cesc returning I hope to see AA back in August.

    On to Anfield with vengeance on our minds.
    They haven’t deserved their last 2 wins against us.
    Refs cheated us & made a villain of EE27…we gave them the W @ the Emirates
    hoping to see Gerv take on Enrique

  65. corr:

    1. Ref cheated us & made a villain of EE27…
    2. we gave them the W @ the Emirates

  66. My understanding is that one of the reasons Merson hates Wenger’s guts is that he was the first person shipped out of Arsenal when the opportunity came.

    Speaking of music Thursday’s – I’m looking for a grovelling song to get me out of the dog house.

    Don’t ask me why, but I didn’t say happy anniversary this morning to the missus. I’ve pleaded temporary insanity for not thinking of the wedding anniversary first thing in the morning, but I don’t think that’ll cut the mustard. I’m about to be seriously shaken down and maybe a bit of a romantic few days will get me out of jail.

    For the record, I didn’t forget, I was just pre-occupied with paying the bills.

  67. With Gerrard out they will probably play a midfield of Charlie Adam, Downing against our Song, Rosicky and Arteta. If Song plays like he did against Spuds then he alone will be able to boss the midfield with Lil Mozart and the slick haired Arteta providing the preverbial icing on teh cake

  68. Saturday is going to be a tough affair at Anfield. HIstorically we have always had a bit of a struggle in away games following these pointless Internationals. If there is a team that can overcome this hurdle it is this year’s Arsenal squad.

    I do like our chances to dominate the midfield against Liverpool. The real question for me will be whether or not we can keep the energy levels up for the entire 90 minutes.

    If we take all 3 at Anfield and the Spuds lose to the Mancs, I think the corner will have been turned and that 3rd spot for automatic CL qualification is in our grasp. I can’t wait for Saturday!

  69. Admittedly it’s second hand information PG and you can read into that what you will, but a friend and ST holder, told me (at the time) that this was what Merson was told when Wenger broke the news his services were no longer required. He shipped him out for numerous obvious reasons and perhaps Wenger was being kindly but I can only say what I was told.

  70. I do feel like we can keep the energy up because we do have the possiblity that if Arteta or Rosicky do start to tire, we can bring on the Ox or Le Coq or Benayoun depending on who starts.

    I feel as though 3rd is ours

  71. Give her all your CDs, Darius, tell her she can have your clothes as well…and buy a motorbike.

  72. This is my tune of the day – LCD Soundsystem – Dance Yerself Clean.

    The video it’s been set to is what it’s about though – do we have any skiers or boarders amongst the ACLF crew..? I always knew skiers were cooler and now there is proof.

    Unbelievable Tekkers

  73. Le Coq is out is he not ‘C’?

  74. Limestonegunner

    Worrying times at Stone Cold homestead. Already we are in a fight with Chelsea for 4th. You probably needed to stay on your best behavior as it was, Darius! You might have to buy her a cute Villas Boas raincoat and a Torres away kit to cheer her up!

  75. @jonny
    true my mistake. Have you heard anything on Ramsey?

  76. Limestonegunner

    Btw, Happy Anniversary!

  77. Jonny .That would make it Chinese whispered hearsay ,at best.
    If Arsene did say that to Merson then he is full of shit.And he is not so……………
    Did Merson tell your mate?Or did a mate of your mate get it from a mate who knew Merson’s bookie?
    You get my point?

  78. Or fuck off again for another 2 months Darius.
    That should do the trick

  79. Ah, you’ll need to bring out the big gun Darius. Did you have a wedding/first dance song (not sure what you call them)? Ask someone who was there and sober what it was!

  80. Yeah – I have heard that he’s def out for the Liverpool game but only rumours nothing concrete yet.

  81. Billy's Boots

    @ Darius at 4:33 pm

    How about this? (even if the “got you on my mind” part might not always be true ;))

  82. Darius I don’t think a song is going to help you here – are you not taking her out for dinner or something? 🙂

    Mind you don’t get advice from me I’m going through a divorce at the moment!

  83. Jonny | March 1, 2012 at 5:13 pm

    He shipped him out for numerous obvious reasons

    such as ?

  84. Jonny | March 1, 2012 at 5:40 pm

    We will still be ok in teh midfield because Benayoun, Ox, Rosicky, Arteta, Song can all play there

  85. George no, I believe he read it in an interview at the time – it’s not like he had reason to make it up is it? And this was pre-internet blog and bullshit rumour days too. It’s unimportant anyway – I just remember it distinctly as it was at the time a small salve for losing one of my favourite players.

  86. Jonny ,It does all seem a bit vague ,Does it not?

  87. And by the way it was about the amount of talent he had not how good a player he was – and I don’t think it is so unlikely or so ridiculous that Wenger could see that or might have made the comment.
    Merson skimmed his true potential whilst Rosicky has undoubtedly worked hard maximising his.
    As I said a pointless comparison to start with – no need to compliment one by comparing him with, a completely different, Arsenal player from another era.

  88. But my point stands.Rosicky is world class.
    I don’t think Merson ever was.

  89. @ Darius
    If it’s not too late for all this, my suggestion is – do the cleaning, or do one of the jobs you’ve promised to do around the house. Explain honestly why you forgot to say happy anniversary and then play her the track.

  90. And so does mine, George –

    “Merson skimmed his true potential whilst Rosicky has undoubtedly worked hard maximising his.”

    Lets move on, you argumentative old bastard. 😉

  91. I will if you stop laughing at my anguish

  92. On Ramsey, an interview with him from just before the Sp*rs annihilation:

    He says it’s a couple of weeks … so I think, I hope he will probably be ready for Newcastle at the earliest.

  93. @Evil

    Thanks for that.

  94. George:

    Wish we could have known how good the real Rosicky could have been without all the lost time.

    Podolski sounds like a good addition if the stories are true. I suspect he will upgrade the back up central striker position and give us more depth at the wide forward positions but I doubt he will be a game changer for us. Hopefully the rumours about Hazard are true since he might be a real “impact player”. If we can get Podolski on the cheap we can save whatever transfer funds we have left. I think we are set in defense and the back 2 midfield positions so in theory we spend whatever cash we have on a top quality attacking player since we don’t have any other glaring needs.

    Hunter @ 2:51:

    I think I have heard that somewhere else before but I’m not sure. Thanks anyway for the insight.

  95. Spuds 1st major injury happens at a perfect time for us. Gareth Bale out atleast 3 weeks with torn hamstring while on international duty

  96. hunter13 | March 1, 2012 at 2:51 pm

    Yes that is a good take on things,given what we know.
    But as we don’t know everything,that is all it is .”a take”.
    If we are going to tell people that they are stupid for telling Arsene what he should do(and we do ,don’t we?)when not is possession of all the facts.Then we should not pass of our “take” as fact.
    People will dismiss you if you start passing opinion as fact.No matter how factual it seems ,on the face of things.

  97. @ PG

    Regarding hunter’s post, I think it would be truer to call it a rational explanation which, in the absence of a better one, should be accepted because it accounts for and accomodates what we do know, even if we don’t know everything.

    And that’s a FACT. 🙂

  98. FunGunner,I agree with you and with Hunters take.
    I am just pointing out how if we become dogmatic about things it can ,and does,become irksome.
    I should know………………….have I ever told you how we should have played Andrei Arshavin in the middle ……………………

  99. No, I don’t recall you ever mentioning that.

    Oh wait. Yes I do.

  100. Off out now. Back for the game on Saturday, I hope.

  101. George @ 7:06 and 7:21:

    You have turned you into a diplomat. 🙂

    If I re-read some of the stuff that I posted (especially about our defense) for the last few years then me trying to tell someone they are redundant and a little too dogmatic is the pot calling the kettle black. TBH, I should have thought a little longer before hitting the send button. Today had to be one of the slowest days on the blog this season. I guess that means things are going better. See you tomorrow.

  102. Music Thursday I believe. A bit of Neil Young perhaps:

  103. Apparently they pulled the original and this is the best I could find. Sheer genius!!!!

  104. GA & Irish check out the video and the music for my 5.27.

    It’s a little bit special.

  105. Bill you ,i>would think that you have the most entrenched views of any of us.


  106. Not bad Jonny. A bit slow for my tastes. I am more of a snowboarder myself, never took to skiing. Although I must admit it has been a while since I was last on a board.

  107. Jonny – Nice vid. Not a bad song either, although I do prefer my nice and distorted guitars.

  108. Believe it or not?

  109. Music to help you sleep

  110. I’d recommend the mute button for that Ryo link.

  111. Great video, Jonny. Was skiing near Turin the week of the Milan match. Decided it would be crazy to miss out on the chance to see the Arsenal at the San Siro, so ended up doing a side-trip to Milan. It was a fun adventure, shame about the match itself!

  112. Nice clips Fins 🙂 I especially liked Ryo’s backheel clearance off the goal line from Sideshow Bob’s header, pure class!

  113. Gah – only half the track. Stupid people hawking their crap on youtube.

  114. luckily I cant load any of this music.
    Thank heavens for small mercies ,eh?

  115. Yes, thank heavens indeed!!! 😀

  116. nice result
    USA. 1. – 0 italianos
    guess we don’t have to worry about them bunch at the euros.
    So happy about ARSHAVIN and them rest of the crew during the internationals. And no injuries. Thank god.
    Can’t for the game on Saturday. Pool. Will be spanked and put in proper. Place..

  117. Sandi Sheldon is a poor choice.This is bettter if we are going with Okeh

  118. One of my favorite bands

  119. To The Arsenal, you have had me wrapped around your finger for so long now, this is the only song that really sums us up!! Sniff!! Sniff!! Now stop breaking my heart and win every fucking game between now and the end of the season!!!!! DAMMIT!!!!

  120. For Darius 🙂 IDIOT!!!!!!!!

  121. possibly the funniest thing I have seen in a long time!!

  122. The key is to get the team fired up for this game like we were against spurs.we need to play with confidence and belief.i hope rosicky is fit I have always liked him and had hoped he would rediscover form and some goals.come on the gunners!

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