Arsenal Show No Mercy In North London Annihilation

Arsenal 5 – 2 Tottenham Hotspur

0 – 1 Saha (4)
0 – 2 Adebayor (34 pen)
1 – 2 Sagna (40)
2 – 2 van Persie (43)
3 – 2 Rosicky (52)
4 – 2 Walcott (65)
5 – 2 Walcott (68)

As their season faced implosion, Arsenal’s players provided the character of which they are so often accused of lacking to expose the flaws in Tottenham’s Team of a Generation and the limitations that the Football Association can expect should they appoint Harry Redknapp as England national team coach.

It was far from the “perfect performance” that the manager thought afterwards; it was the perfect response, the perfect strength of character and the perfect way to galvanise the support, unite them. I doubt that will last, such is the fickleness that those who were berating Walcott would within twenty minutes of the restart, be hailing him as the lovechild of Cruyff, Eusbio, Puskas and Messi.

Even abominable cheating by Gareth Bale could not advance Tottenham’s cause. Saha had fluked the opening goal, taking full advantage of a cavernous gap in the centre of the pitch to see his shot deflect over Szczesny, a Brehme 1990-esque deflection over the Pole if you like.

Arsenal responded with an urgency that suggested they were not prepared to sacrifice themselves at the Redknapp altar. There were half-hearted penalty appeals before Sagna’s purposeful run down the right allowed van Persie to shoot narrowly wide.

It was not all one-way traffic. Adebayor pressured Gibbs and Szczesny into a hurried clearance that Walker skied. Arsenal pressed once more, van Persie’s advance curtailed illegally. The freekick from Arteta ended in the wall.

And then Bale intervened. Modric  sent him clear, Szczesny came out, appeared for all the world to have clipped him and Mike Dean obliged with the penalty. Replays showed it was a blatant dive yet the damage was done as Adebayor scored. We wait for the FA to take action on this deceit but I would not suggest holding your breath for something to happen.

Whether it was the sense of injustice, the match itself, two previous defeats or criticism around the club, Arsenal responded. Perhaps it was all of those in the melting pot that stung such a proud and defiant response.

The fightback began within five minutes; van Persie shot against the post, Arteta crossed and Sagna hurled himself at the ball, burying it past Freidel. Goals like that and referring constantly to Tottenham as “the enemy” are a surefire way to win friends of the red and white persuasion. And no, I’m not referring to the club’s Uzbeki suitor.

Arsenal were rocking; Tottenham were rolling. The equaliser seemed inevitable as the momentum built. The visitors defence was mesmirised as van Persie turned and squirmed into space, curling a delicious left foot shot into the back of the net. It might have been more before the interval but the ball never broke in the key areas.

Half-time allowed the Tottenham players to regroup. In the early stages of the second half, more of them looked like rabbits caught in headlights than had been the case in the first. Benayoun enjoyed a rare start, giving Arsenal’s passing direction and directness, forcing Freidel to tip a shot around the post.

Rosicky rolled back the years, the emotion of the game of his season came as Sagna whipped in the cross, the Czech nimbly nipped in to beat King and Freidel to ball and deposit it in the net. Having dominated the resurgency in the midfield, it was somehow fitting that the elder statesman of the side provide the springboard for a more emphatic victory.

Arsenal sought to lower the tempo; they knew that calmness was needed to consolidate their lead. They knew the visitors had to attack to equalise. Theo Walcott took inspiration from Rosicky. Anonymous in the first half, Walcott left the pitch to pockets of abuse. In the second he became King.

Rosicky found the youngster in space, Walcott advanced into the area and rifled a low shot inches past the post. Tottenham had been warned; they did not heed that warning. van Persie shielded the ball on the left, pulling all of the visitors defence and midfield toward him. Walcott exploited the space and the Dutchman found him with a perfectly weighted pass. As Freidel advanced, Walcott lifted the ball over him into the net.

The rout was completed minutes later. Song freed Walcott, his finish as unerring as the first. Tottenham’s dishevelled mess of a team had floundered in a match they could ill-afford to lose. Seven points is not that much of a gap to close.

For Arsenal it was the perfect tonic ahead of the trip to Anfield next weekend. Arsene’s summation was perfect,

Today we gave a performance that on the spirit side, the technical side, the drive of the whole team, on the style of the game we want to play everything was perfect despite a very bad start. I felt in the first five minutes Tottenham started well, after that it was all us for 85 minutes. 

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Fantastic that both Walcott and Rosicky – the targets of so much ire in recent months – contributed so much to the win. Let’s hope this gives the team the shot in the arm we need to secure 4th and chase down 3rd!

  2. Great spirit showed by the team yesterday after not deserving to be 2-0 down. If they play the rest of the season like the last hour yesterday then they’ll definitely make a Champions League spot and possibly overhaul Spurs while they’re about it. The goals for Walcott and Rosicky were very welcome, especially Theo, the confidence taken from a couple of good finishes will hopefully inspire him to more goals in the upcoming games.

  3. A 5 star performance from Arsenal, Hope it spurs us to an even greater thing. If Le Spuds can be beaten 5-2 then this guys are capable of beaten Milan 5-0 (or even 6) an amen to that 😀

    and em er I shouldn’t have gone for that coffee break
    – 3rd

  4. And we didn’t even need to unleash Park ju young on them.
    Myles fking Palmer won’t post for a week. Heh. The only non arsenal supporting arsenal fan who posts 90% of his content on man united and 10% he goes to town when we lose

  5. Great performance all round (after 30 minutes) Rosicky showed the player his performances have been promising lately. Yossi looked great too. Worrying that the boss spoke of injuries to both of our Toms after the game. Hope they are both fit for Scoucers next week.

  6. Absolutely brilliant, I am hard pushed to think of a game I have enjoyed more since we moved to The Emirates.

    It was brilliant to see Sagna show sheer determination to get us back in the game, and how the team responded to going 2-0 – simply brilliant.

    That is the reason why we all go – The tension, apprehension and excitement as you walk up Avenell Road, the atmosphere and sunshine in the best stadium in the country – the sheer joy at beating the old enemy.

    A day to be enjoyed, and not really a day to single out any player – but what a performance by Tomas Rosicky, getting better and better, and back to his best this season and he really deserved that goal.

  7. Your totally right B-4 – we didn’t deserve to be 2-0 – admittedely we were a little to gung ho at the beginning of the game and left too much space for the opener, but we were actually playing OK, and taking the game to them.

    Delighted to see no sign of Suga and his cronies – They have no right to enjoy today.

    If you cannot support during the tough times, you have no right to enjoy the good.

  8. What a shame Rosicky’s career has been blighted by that huge injury. He showed yesterday that he is a class apart. Even the £30M+ Modric looked not fit to clean his boots.

  9. hhhahaah wtahc rednapp’s face when the thrid goes in ….hahahahah..up your arse !!!

  10. maybe kroenke should roll into town more often 🙂

  11. I watched the game on the telly, envious of the fans in the ground. A personal highlight was hearing “He pays tax when he wants” Sung by the Gooners! Made me smile on a day when that smile just got bigger and bigger. Seeing that Gooner going totally fucking mental after the second or third goal was also a joy. The fans in the stadium did us proud yesterday, mostly!

  12. and when the fourth goes ..harry looks away like a lobster..ahahhhhhhahaaha


  13. After that performance can we finally put to rest the constant media question of why didn`t Wenger sign Parker even though he want to sign for Arsenal it`s a simple answer and has been most of the past 2 seasons – Alex Song is a far better player, offers more going forward and does at least as much for the defence.

    Did anyone else have the misfortune to have to listen to the game via Talkshite radio? I am sure i heard after Theo scored his 2nd and our 5th (yes I believe that`s correct our 5th) Alvin Martin said “The Tottenham bench must be sitting their wondering what Mike Dean is doing” Perhaps just a slip of the tongue or a Freudian slip, but made me smile

  14. We won inspite of mr dean.
    We won inspite of theo’s woeful 1st half.
    We won because tr7’s motm shift.
    We won because of theo’s excellent 2nd thats the tw14 i dream of always.
    We won because a class apart lad played for us;van persie

  15. wonderful fightback, absolutely wonderful………was watching a game with a red manc and he was stunned just as i was. third is a possibility.

  16. If you have the time this is a great read – ok so it’s in the blogs section but how marvellous to see a paper publishing some sense about our club for a change. How refreshing. Would be The Independent though!

  17. tomas rosickys best game in an arsenal shirt?

    no…rosicky was playing like this week in week out in the 07-08 season..
    we could do with him having a run of games will give young aaron less pressure as well..we can ease the lad in if rosickys back…

    we did really well without the ball yesterday..we pressed them and closed down the space and won lots of second balls..

    our attacks were devestating, but we earned the right to play first..

    brilliant…take this form into pool and toon and we are rocking..

  18. YW – I enjoyed reading that. Oh yes I did.

  19. It hurts me to say it but I actually quite like Gary Neville as a co-commentator. Oops I just threw up in my mouth!

  20. Sagna is the man. Against Milan he was undone by the poor quality of the pitch in the edges. Now that’s he is back in form the game is staring to look like it should.

  21. Yogi – Is there any news on the injuries yet?

  22. Theo’s game yersterday was about divorcing the touchline.he was rarely on the flanks and that brought a new dimension to his the 1st half he struggled, but i didnt mind as long as he stayed infield more where he can provide better outlet for van persie.more of that theo!

  23. To be fair to Benayoun I saw an interview with him a few months back where he said that his best position was wide. Until now we have played him centrally. If he continue to put in performces like that he could hold his place.

  24. Goonerandy, I think he will get more game time now that AA23 has gone. And after that shift you can see why we let Andrei go (although I still don’t agree with it) Yossi is class and I hope he tears his old team a new arse next weekend.

  25. drew

    i think neville is just relieved he won’t ever get to face rvp again..

  26. Korihikage – probably but for an ex-manc he actually seems to not totally hate Arsenal. Either that or his acting is far better than his beard-growing ability!

  27. I have been scoffed at for suggesting that Thomas Rosicky was world class and a better player than Modric.
    He had Cesc to contend with as competition when he returned from his injury to a new formation.
    Little Mozart? Fucking hey

  28. George – I have been singing his praises for ages too. Just think there are some idiots who wanted rid of him. I hope he is rewarded with a new contract at the end of the season.

  29. george,

    there is a reason why fabregas said his best friend on the team was rosicky.. or something along that line. because he saw what rosicky could do..

  30. Jon Jon
    “our attacks were devestating, but we earned the right to play first..”

    What have I told you about listening to Stuart Robson?

  31. Just need Tomas to start spanking ’em in for 25 yards again now!

  32. Just listened to a brilliant review of yesterday’s game by Andy Gray on Talk Spite. Very refreshing and supportive of Arsenal.

    In particular, he questions the misguided perception that Arsenal has lost its way yet they ripped Tottenham a new backside. He attacks those who claim Arsenal were wide open yet the first goal was a deflected fluke that Tottenham got gifted and the 2nd goal was a blatent dive. He also reminds folks that Tottenham haplessly let in 5 goals and no one is saying shit because Arry is flavour of the month and folks are burying their heads in the sand despite Spurs being woeful.

  33. Just read that Rosicky has been withdrawn from the Czech squad for the midweek game against Ireland due to a back injury. Let’s hope it is just a precaution!

  34. Arry couldn’t have got a better seat to start planning his England recruitment.

  35. Drew ,I am not sure his legs will ever be up to that.He may have to chip them in instead.

  36. Darius – Andy Gray said that?? He must be on a promise with an Arsenal supporting bit of totty!

  37. george, rosickys a different player to modric and cesc for that matter..

    they dictacte or dictated the midfield by passing into the space..tomas is the kind of player who creates the space…he dictates the game by driving with the ball..its like watching moses part the waves

    hes been looking sharp for a while now, yesterday he just hit full throttle..

    if those long range shots come back as well then weve got lil mozart back..

  38. So the Manc who said that our 2004 season was nothing special and who was the prime culprit in the assassination of Reyes is now ok is he? FFS think about it.

    Great shifts from Sagna, Rosicky and Song. Not often said that about the last one.

    The 3 in midfield totally dominated the game. But then the Spuds did try to play and it was an open game. unfortunately we don’t get many opponents like that. Should play them every week.

    Must go now. look at the time, it’s coming up for five to.

    top dogs? Ha , more like lapdogs BALE, you cheating diving chimp.

  40. george
    lol i havent heard stewart robson talk since i cut my ties with ATV some while back..

    i think everyone everywhere for the passed few years realise that one of our problems has been our attitude without the pretty sure robson wasnt the one who thought of it first..

  41. JonJon – You are right – Tomas was showing that kind of form on a regular basis in 07-08.

    Drew called it – what a shame he was injured for over a year – it just goes to show what a long absence like that can do to a player, and how long it has taken him to get back to his best.

    To be fair – he has been playing really well this season, and getting better by the game.

    A new favourite for you PG?

  42. Darius

    any chance of that on podcast or something?

  43. Billboy, don’t get me wrong his sins are not forgiven I just happen to think he isnt a bad pundit. Certainly better than most. I am now off to shower myself in bleach with a wire brush!

  44. Watching the spuds fans gradually sinking into their pints was the icing on the cake of what was a massive day for us!
    Did I hear right? Martin Tyler (I think) on Sky SPorts came out with the line yesterday, that made me do a double-take. It was so unexpected in its simple, wisdom! He said that The Emirates Stadium was the trophy for Arsenal in the years between their last trophy and their next one. And he meant it generously!

  45. Billboy

    i disagree that Spuds tried to play.. it wasn’t as if the game was really end to end. it was all us. first 5 min them, then 85 min us, as wenger put it.

    i don’t know what they were doing, to be honest. got 2 goals out of nothing, barely deserved. truth was that even before bale dived, we already had 4 chances to equalise. they did have 2 chances or so as well, when they caught us on the counter, but aside from that, they were neither attacking nor defending till we got the 3rd goal. then they tried to play, and we just tore them apart on the counter. the 4th goal is just brilliant, how we won the ball back and then moved the ball up so quickly.

    we were carving them quite easily apart, i thought, but even in the first half, when we put them under so much pressure. their 2 forwards didnt track back enough. it helped them in the counter-attack, but helped us in our attack.

    i think the third goal killed the game. it ruined all their game plans(vdv and sandro on to shore things up). it killed them off mentally. it was coming, but it came at the right time.

  46. Mingus – yeah I heard that and yes it was a moment of clarity. Even I must confess that it had not even occurred to me but I hope it will reverberate with some of the support. We should feel proud every time we go to that stadium.

    In fact the first time I ever went there (a pre-season friendly just after it opened) I sat next to a guy who leaned over to me and said these immortal words…

    “You know what I thought when I first got into the stadium? Thank fuck I am not a Spurs fan!”

    Amen to that whoever you were!

  47. Stellar performance after 30 minutes yesterday; Super Tom doing the Doctor Who, Yoss’s dribbling causing bricking, Song/inho and Mik crunching and pinging, and the back four operating as a unit buoyed by Bac(‘s back)’s header. And then Theo and Cap doing three on the spud’s defensive backbone.

    Special mention for the sky cameraman/director who framed the ‘class is permanent’ banner. Big ups to the supporters who dug in behind the team, they reminded the ‘fans’ that the 12th wo/man needs to get behind the players in red and white on the pitch, not get on their backs.

    Interesting the c*** inn chief of the daily heil and the crack’d, lovechild of giant haystacks, samuel, and howard, respectivley, declined to shine their formidable powers of forensic analysis oon Master bale’s conduct. Samuel even has the brassneck to suggest Theo’s confidence suffers because of some fans’ criticims, conveniently ignoring the culpability of his and his peers in the fourth estate for expounding their half-baked pustulent irruptions influencing such fans’ expert views.

    Move forwards the Arsenal, move forwards.

  48. korihikage – I think if you go onto the Talk Spite website, there’s a listen again button. You want the segment after the 10.30 news bulletin. It’s a very refreshing listen especially since the first person he rips apart on the anti-Arsenal agenda is his co-host Richard keys. Actually, he might as well have bitch slapped Richard keys.

    The 2 things that stand out the most is that he’s not afraid to call Bale on the diving even if Mike Dean claims he hasn’t seen it – and also suggest that Dean’s hesitation and inaction towards Tech 9 suggest that he wasn’t sure and thus shouldn’t have given the penalty. He also talks a lot about the perception that Tottenham were better just because Arry is Englands favourite son but the truth is that Arsenal dominated them and tore them a new backside.

  49. spurs planned to just counter attack..
    it worked for a while and they got fucking lucky with their goals..

    but counter attacks only work if you stop the team from scoring first..and they couldnt do that, we were popping of shots like it was shooting practice and even when they did get it back they couldnt break becuase bale was being pushed back to his own corner flag by theo and sagna..

  50. Sorry, it’s howard of the scum, not the mirror. My bad.

  51. amazing what pressing with pressure on the ball carrier does. we play the way we did that second half without the ball, we are almost unplayable. Good defence always leads to fantastic attack

  52. Bacary sagna is a man’s man and a warrior. No celebrations, just picked the ball out of the net and ran it back to center circle.
    And in all the excitement I forgot to wish ADEYBAYWHORE a very happy birthday. don’t want to be. Rude. 😉

  53. Agree, DS – the first goal had a lot to do with Koscielny’s slip. Just bad luck – if he’d been on his feet Adebayor wouldn’t have had the time to find Saha.

    I know he’s meant to be unfit, but yesterday was one of the first chances I’ve had to really look at Kyle Walker. My word, he’s utter shit! Is this meant to be England’s future? Even if he isn’t right physically he should at least have half a clue where to stand. I hope he starts at the WC, just for the laughs.

  54. Euros, d’uh!

  55. And great post, YW. But that’s a given!

  56. Regarding Tomás Rosicky, I’ve always maintained that he is one of our most valuable players, and even more so as the elderly statesman of the team. Some have mocked this view for the simple reason that they haven’t seen Rosicky at his best due to any number of reasons, not least his injuries.

    Certainly in the 07-08 season, our flanks were graced by Rosicky and Hlebb and in these two players, we got some of the most exquisite wing play we’ve seen in several years. However, its ridiculous to suggest that Rosicky would lose his touch entirely. I believe the run of games that he has had contributed to his better form for good proportions of the season and yesterday was just one example of what he can do.

    Let’s not forget why he got the nickname Li’l Mozart. It will be wonderful if his long range thunderbolts come back. Me thinks it was his thunderbolts and exquisite play against Arsenal that got him signed by Wenger.

  57. Al, we are told Walker would take Sanga’s plane in a North London team.
    Really were do these people watch football?

  58. hhehe i went on to arsenal truth and pissed on the guy ..hahaha …

    we should all go there and crash it ….humiliate him….. shit on him ..thats right

  59. Yeah, even the Guardian lot were coming out with that, PG. Only RvP would get in etc. But those combined XIs are always a waste of time. Completely meaningless.

  60. OOU, Kyle Walker has been better for the better part of games that they have played this season, judging him on a game where the whole team struggled is of the point just as people who are currently saying that Modric aint good enough.

    Fantastic result yesterday, but it doesn’t give people the chance to take things out of perspective… would be like saying Theo is world Class, yet we have seen him struggle against teams that sit deep or double up on him.

  61. AA

    to be fair, sagna was out for much of the season.

    but i would pick sagna any day.

  62. Just curious – am I wrong to believe that Robin Van Persie has the misfortune of being the player that has hit the woodwork more times than any other player in the EPL?

  63. Fucking Darius floats in ,like he has never been away and starts talking sense!
    We we had to put up with nonsense in your absence Darius ,so think on.

  64. A tad harsh on walker Al! 🙂

    Not a great game from him or Ledley yesterday. Walker is a little overhyped but well he’s English so no surprise there. He’s pretty solid and, as we found out last Oct, has a very strong shot – I think he’ll be a good player for England.

    He’s only 21 after all and already about as good as Glen Johnson!

  65. Acryllic Altair you really do know fuck all about football.Why do you come here ?

  66. korihikage | February 27, 2012 at 11:26 am

    I would pick Sagna over any right back any day, but this talk of Walker being crap is utter tosh. Sure, some aspects of his game need improving, but he isnt as bad as people are making him out to be, and that is my point. Same as Modric and Rosicky comparison, or as someone else would say, Walcott being better compared to Bale. Perspective.

  67. Kyle Walker for sagna? What next – Beam me up Scottie Parker for Alex Song?

  68. Darius – he certainly had the most last season.

    It’s funny before him I used to think Paul Merson had the most uncanny ability to find the frame rather than the net. RVP seems to have taken this to a whole new level.

  69. pedantic george | February 27, 2012 at 11:31 am

    Keep making a fool of yourself. is there any point made in any of your replies to me?

    I wonder why you even bother.

  70. Funny Acryllic, most regulars here have been asking exactly the same question of you.

    I suppose on the plus side you have at least stopped writing 10 page dissertations.

  71. Wow – OK, OK, so he’s better than how he looked yesterday. Didn’t expect to ruffle any feathers slating a spurs player. Haha.

  72. Jonny | February 27, 2012 at 11:37 am

    And yet most cannot put in a valid counter point to debate.

  73. OOU, you are not raffling anyone’s feathers, just pointing out that you were wrong……….or is there anything wrong with that?

  74. Hunter – Got better things things to do with my time mate.

  75. Yikes. The lady doth protest too much.

  76. GA, im referring to the hordes that cannot see an alternative view or keep off insults. Personally, i think that you, YW and a few others can debate, correct, critique and even disagree in a mature manner. Cant say that for most.

  77. Jonny, whenever RVP hits the woodwork, I now default to the “for fuck’s sake” mode. I don’t know whether to be angry with him for being inconsiderate – LOL – or just count our blessings if they go into the right side of the post. But this habit is rivalling his assists.

    It’s like the corners and free kick thing with us. We might as well just play them out because I’ve lost count of the last time we’ve scored from corners or free kicks. It can get a bit frustrating when they don’t amount to much.

  78. If anyone has five minutes to waste then visit Le Grove and view the posts when the Sp*ds scored yesterday.

    This was the first time Ive ever visited the site and after the game I just wanted to see if the posts are as one eyed as people mention!

    Even taking into consideration the disappointment that we were all feeling at 0-2 the dogs abuse coming from the posts defies belief!

    Ten minutes later the same doomers are all making excuses when the boys are coming up trumps!

    Talk about fickle, I hope these people never ever visit the Emerites!!!

    Come on you Gunners!

  79. There was an Arsenal fan on 606 last night agreeing that the spuds had a better squad than us, aopart from RVP.

    Once the media start saying it, people start parrotting it as they are then ‘in the majority’ and safe from having to have their own opinions and defend them. T’was ever thus.

    I don’t know if every body has seen this already but Arsenal Fanshare released this from Gazidis this morning.

    1. Interim Financial Results

    We have today announced the interim financial results for Arsenal Holdings plc for the six months ended 30th November 2011.

    Please find below our announcement:


    · Group profit before tax was £49.5 million (2010 – loss of £6.1 million).

    · Profit on sale of player registrations amounted to £63.0 million (2010 – £4.0 million).

    · £74.7 million of investment in new players and extended contracts pushed amortisation charges up to £17.3 million (2010 – £10.1 million).

    · The resulting profit from player trading was £46.1 million (2010 – loss of £5.9 million).

    · Turnover from football rose to £113.5 million (2010 – £97.6 million) with increases from match-day (4 additional games played) and commercial income streams.

    · Operating profits (before depreciation and player trading) from football increased to £15.2 million (2010 – £9.4 million).

    · Period of minimal activity, as expected, in the property business with turnover of £3.2 million (2010 – £22.5 million) and operating profits of £0.5 million (2010 – £3.3 million).

    · Group has no short-term debt and continues to have a solid financial platform from cash reserves of £115.2 million (2010 – £110.4 million).

  80. When RVP hit the post yesterday I did briefly go into the same mode. More a sort of ‘not again’, not one THOSE days. Then Lasagna put that right seconds later and we were a juggernaut from there.

    It’s almost impossible to be critical of RVP however!

    Corners, yeah keeping it short and retaining the ball might be best all things considered!

    Just watched the highlights – Song’s pass for the fifth – sublime.

  81. Consols – just watch what you’ve done by posting those financials. They’ll start saying we have £115.2 million in reserve and a stubborn Arséne Wenger refuses to use it. You just watch.

  82. Wenger out! Spend the money!

  83. brillant!1!!! I watched the game with joy in my heart and alcohol flowing in celebration. i was even happier for Walcott. I had defended him and said he would come good with Rosicky and our midfield helping to pulling the strings and inspire and he did just that. showing the calmness infront of goal that we all knew was there. our captain simply put world class!!

  84. I really liked the way Sagna went for that ball with the “I’ll be damned if that fucker isn’t mine” attitude. Bale of Nazareth didn’t know what to do seeing as he usually isn’t pinned down his own corner flag by the opposing fullback. What was really different about that header is that Sagna wanted it and woe betide any punk who tried to stop him.

  85. Consols – I told you so – already from the Guardian:
    “For Arsenal, the biggest danger is that Tottenham work out their one true weakness: that they’re weak. Arsene Wenger will never let us know beforehand,
    but he must be dreading this, because there is every chance it could be another humiliation. More crisis, more boos, more questions, largely pertaining
    to where all the money’s gone. Well, that’s the thing, isn’t it. Unless there’s more to this than meets the eye, the money’s not gone anywhere, it’s just
    sitting snugly in the coffers, picking up interest or whatever it is that money does when it’s not being spent.”

  86. What a performance…the feel good factor hopefully is here to stay. Best of all it was a big f@ck you to the detractors. Arsenal showed everything the media has accused us of lacking..grit and determination, belief, pace and intensity,panache, attack and clinical finishing…..
    However this performance did not happen by accident. This eleven seems to have the perfect balance of experience and youth. The difference came from decision making all over the pitch firstly.
    intensity of attack was like the Arsenal of old. There is always a risk of counter attack however yesterday we were relentless
    Throughout the game the midfield of Arteta, Rosicky, Yossi and Song drove forward at every opportnity and never gave Spurs time to reorganise
    The return of Sagna and Gibbs gave Arsenal width such that when Arsenal attacked Spurs back four five players where in attack at all times.
    The team pressed Spurs high up the pitch double teaming and triple teaming on the player on the ball so much so that in the second half spurs couldnt spring two passes together.
    Arsenes tactics executed to perfection were spot on. After this performane the depth of the team seems suprisingly strong with Jack, Diaby, Mert, Oxo, Chamakh, Santos to come. Arsene Knows. Watch out Spurs we are behind you. Arry not so Appy. Next stop Anfield.COYG.

  87. JonJon made a good point. With Kroenke in the stands (OK. Executive Box) yesterday, he is likely to think that we don’t need to make any investments in the team.

  88. the remarkable moment for me came at the build up to the first goal. Arteta floated the ball into the box and there were FOUR arsenal players waiting for it!
    I just pray we sustain this new zest for playing wenger-ball the way it should.

    PS:also for the third goal both rosicky and walcott were rushing to get to the ball!great stuff

  89. Ian LeGroan is fucking hilarious, those pricks when we were 2-0 down are such nobbers I love the fact that they are all calling for Walcott to be sold then he bangs in 2 goals and they all love him… It truly is stupidity at the highest level. It would be brilliant comedy if it wasn’t so sad. Legroan should be renamed Le-care-in-le-community!

  90. Darius

    the best part was really how sagna went to grab the ball and headed straight back to the centre. showed how much he wanted it.

    before the game, he was talking on the website about the derby.

    he walked the talk indeed.

  91. In the programme yesterday, it said that Martin Keown is back at Arsenal doing some coaching.

    Does anybody have any details of this?

    If he is doing some work with the first-team defense, it would be great news. If so, I guess he has just started, as there wasn’t a lot of evidence yesterday that things are sorted.

  92. @ drew10 | February 27, 2012 at 10:20 am

    I watched the game on the telly, envious

    of the fans in the ground. A personal

    highlight was hearing “He pays tax when he

    wants” Sung by the Gooners

    ha ha – me, too!

    Random list of fantastic things about that match.
    1. Arsenal 5-2 Sp*rs
    2. Rosicky MOTM. The experienced replacement for Cesc is right under our nose. Takes pressure off JW.
    3. Theo scored a brace
    4. All the goals were quality finishes
    5. Midfield working (and I mean WORKING) as a unit, most balanced that I can remember, showing the advantages of using three all-rounders
    6. Our first choice CB pairing winning everything in the air
    7. First goal not scored by RvP
    8. Bac is Back.
    9. Jenks played LB creditably – increases our options
    10. The home fans – see what can happen when we unite behind the team? No more groans and booing individual players, please.
    11. Blood and guts fightback – we were warriors to a man.

    Anyone care to add to the list?

  93. I particularly love the comment – and I think I’ve seen and heard it in a couple of places –

    “The result yesterday is proof that Wenger must go”


    Am I missing something here ?!

  94. @drew10 12.13pm – Exactly !!

  95. We were getting plenty of men in the box in our attacks yesterday. I have not seen us do that for a lomg while and we looked much more dangerous for it too.


    1. Denilson

    2. Almunia

    3. Walcott

    4. Rosicky

    5. Gibbs

  97. Walcott’s first was amazing to watch. I like your description Yogi. The black-hole of van Persie sucking in all Spud matter. I think when van Persie received the ball Theo was defending in his own box! Fantastic effort and understanding between the two.

    And just when I think the Boss is too reluctant to change the starting 11, he starts Benayoun. Don’t think anyone saw that coming. Was Ramsey injured? He wasn’t even on the bench.

  98. “We had a great spirit but I must say as well that the way we want to play football depends on the quality of the pitch and it is the first time in three games that we have played on a pitch that is a real football pitch. That helped.”



    1. Piers Morgan

    2. Myles Palmer

    3. Geoff from Le Grove

    4. Boris Mellor (Arsenal Times Blog)

    5. Emmanuel Petit

  100. TR7 is the player that makes all the difference in our speed of play. I just love the way he turns the player that is right behind him and then streams forward. He does it so often that whoever he is playing against must feel like a total mug after the fourth time it happens.

  101. What’s left to be said after such a joyous, uplifting performance?

    I hope the fact that I don’t particularly revile our opponents of yesterday (describing them as rivals would be to overstate their significance) doesn’t disqualify me as a lifelong Arsenal supporter. But the media’s adulation of their quite modest abilities and the deification of the irritating, garrulous Redknapp have been hard to take. So the demolition did have a particularly spicy flavour.

    But the real joy was five sumptuous goals – and some brilliant individual displays which, despite the denials of the detractors, were always waiting to happen.

  102. If ever proof were needed that I have too much time on my hands – here is the run-in for The Arsenal, Spuds and Chelski which I just painstakingly put together.
    Some dates are prone to change, as denoted below.

    Looking it through I wonder if our exit from the FA Cup might now be viewed a blessing.
    If we end up stealing third that will certainly mean more to me but I understand not to everyone. Not least for me because I would win a decent amount of money from my beginning of the season bets!

    March 3 Liverpool – Arsenal (12.45)
    March 3 West Bromwich Albion – Chelsea (15.00)
    March 4 Tottenham Hotspur – Manchester United (16.10)

    (N.B. Chelsea replay at Birmingham on March 6
    Spurs replay Stevenage in FA Cup on March 7)

    March 10 Chelsea – Stoke City (15.00)
    March 10 Everton – Tottenham Hotspur (17.30)
    March 12 Arsenal – Newcastle United (20.00)

    March 17 Everton – Arsenal (15.00)
    March 17 Tottenham Hotspur – Stoke City (15.00) (N.B. This fixture will move if Spurs beat Stevenage as they will then be playing at home to Bolton in 6th Round of FA Cup)
    March 19 Manchester City – Chelsea (20.00) (N.B. This fixture will move if Chelsea beat Birmingham as they will then be playing at home to Leicester City in 6th round of FA Cup)

    March 24 Chelsea – Tottenham Hotspur (12.45)
    March 24 Arsenal – Aston Villa (15.00)

    March 31 Queens Park Rangers – Arsenal (15.00)
    March 31 Aston Villa – Chelsea (15.00)
    April 1 Tottenham Hotspur – Swansea City (16.00)

    April 7 Sunderland – Tottenham Hotspur (12.45)
    April 7 Chelsea – Wigan Athletic (15.00)
    April 8 Arsenal – Manchester City (16.00)

    April 9 Fulham – Chelsea (20.00)
    April 9 Tottenham Hotspur – Norwich City (15.00)
    April 11 Wolverhampton Wanderers – Arsenal (19.45)

    April 14 Arsenal – Wigan Athletic (15.00)
    April 14 Chelsea – Newcastle United (15.00)
    April 15 Bolton Wanderers – Tottenham Hotspur (13.30)

    April 21 Arsenal – Chelsea (12.45)
    April 21 Queens Park Rangers – Tottenham Hotspur (17.30)
    April 21 Arsenal – Chelsea (12.45)

    April 28 Stoke City – Arsenal (15.00)
    April 29 Chelsea – Queens Park Rangers (13.30)
    April 29 Tottenham Hotspur – Blackburn Rovers (16.00)

    May 5 Arsenal – Norwich City (15.00)
    May 5 Aston Villa – Tottenham Hotspur (15.00)
    May 5 Liverpool – Chelsea (15.00)

    May 13 West Bromwich Albion – Arsenal (15.00)
    May 13 Tottenham Hotspur – Fulham (15.00)
    May 13 Chelsea – Blackburn Rovers (15.00)

  103. Bale’s role sadly came too late for the Oscar ceremony last night.

    Here’s the Guardian’s description: It was difficult to see that a touch from Szczesny or any defender had prompted the tumble but, on the other hand, Bale may claim to have felt contact, whether he initiated it or not.

    On the other hand?!? You have to replace the word Bale with the word Eduardo to appreciate the true hypocrisy. Though they’re not exactly comparable, because Eduardo was actually tripped.

  104. As Jonny’s fixture list shows, next weekend will be tough.

    Chelsea have what they will regard as a winnable fixture at West Brom. Our bedraggled guests from yesterday entertain ManU: they will be chastened by their annihilation, but strengthened by the absence of Parker. And we have what’s always a difficult match at Anfield. We can’t reasonably expect to reach yesterday’s heights, but Liverpool are not strong, so a good performance and a reasonably run of the ball could see us home.

  105. And there shall be no gloating.

    It falls to people, an Arsenal team perhaps, to take upon themselves a thankless task. Tottenham have been visibly Twitching long for a Hartfelt thrashing to put to rest those mocking demons summoned up by an Adebayorisation of ego, in a rather Moderic if not Leaden-King environment, silently suffering bouts of gastric Bale-force wind and Bad-Feeble omens as they fought manly to Walker the path of Myles with the Dean of a Generation, and Parker the ball in the backa of the net with a generous Sa-flection here and a dive worthy of a duck there.

    Free! Unfettered, unchained, oh liberty, freed from the Vanatics, from der very Vordtex of expectation, from an Okottarie of snobbery Daily Mailing the Lane with “there’s only only one team in London”.

    And which idiot said this last week: I paraphrase “I’m worried about this weekend. Man for man, Tottenham look far better than Arsenal”.

    Own up, dear sir, and free yourself too.

    I couldn’t resist. But seriously, it’s not about them at all. Well done Arsenal. This one you richly deserved, one and all.

  106. Who’s the referee next Saturday?

    I wonder why Michael Jones, who gave us two penalties in the Cup against Aston Villa has not been allocated to referee any of our EPL matches this season?

  107. And a question for the pot-hunters.

    Where would you rather we’d been playing yesterday – at Wembley, labouring to beat an honourable Championship team and winning a minor trophy, or at the Emirates watching scintillating skills and the total destruction of a team which the media has hailed as our nemesis?

  108. Alex Song showed how dominate he could be in the midfield when he is focused and enjoying playing football. A DM by trade but his game is still evolving into that of so much more. I thoroughly enjoyed watching Arteta, Rosicky and Song boss the midfield and go foward looking to shoot and score. Thank you Theo(after the 1st goal just like Sagna everything clicked and dominated there side) and Song for playing great and up to the level that we know that you have in you and that oozed out of your every pore yesterday.

    Benayoun, what more can be said that hasn’t already been said. Vastly underrated player with class and a work rate that can rarely be matched. I thought his tireless energy and pure dedication to everything Arsenal showed Kyle Walker how football is supposed to be played. His linking and passing was that what you expect from somebody that is truly talented.

    Sagna and Gibbs showed there class today. I for one have had doubts due to injury concerns but he showed that he belongs in the red adn white by harrassing Bale and showing his own class. Sagna, we missed you, simply put. The confidence alone that you give to Walcott is supremely valuable but your consistency, work rate, lung busting runs for 90 mins along with your tireless defending was a joy to watch.

    I watched the game with my wife(who i must admit doesnt know much about the beautiful game but hears and watches every Arsenal game with me) and she said that player from Spuds(Bale) and his diving antics should be banned for 2 ro 3 games because he is cheat and a C***T. Then she went on to say that Arsenal was simply beautiful to watch and she has now fallen in love with Arsene Wenger.

  109. I think Liverpool will be a hard game. For some reason they quite often have a bit of a jinx on us. That said, if we play like yesterday we have no fears.

  110. No way Bob – I’m following you into retirement ;-)!

  111. Now that was a performance worth savouring!!Still amazed that I didnt lose my voice yesterday because of all the screaming and shouting I did after we equalized and for each goal afterwards.

    I almost gave up when they scored the penalty (my reasoning was Dean would ensure we lost) but thank God the team didnt take my view and went on to show us they still have a fight in them. Thank you Arsenal players and the manager for that performance.

    Acrylic it would be nice if you accorded Theo the same respect you seem to have for Walker, it is comments like yours that make people wonder which team you really support. As Steww put it not so long ago being a fan means you are 100% partisan.

    Did anyone else enjoy Song toying with Adebayor whenever they were going for the same ball? It is like he was saying you cant take this off me or you wont get past me.

    Henristic(re:comments not being many when we win) Most of the comments were from the regulars, note; when we lose most of the people spewing BS dont even come here regularly.

  112. C – sounds like a smart woman that wife of yours.

  113. This minute by minute of yesterday’s game from the Guardian is hilarious in its arrogance and its covert humble pie eating.

  114. FunGunner | February 27, 2012 at 12:20 pm

    12. Song’s bossing of Ade was a joy to watch.
    13. Sagna when healthy is easily the best RB in the EPL.
    14. Benayoun is clearly 1 of the most underrated players period.
    15. Arsene Wenger got everything right.
    16. Lil Mozart is back. Our midfield(when healthy) potential has the likes of Jack, Rosicky, Arteta, Song, Le Coq.
    17. When we press high with high pressure added with our pace, we are not only beautiful but almost unplayable.

  115. I simply loved that quote that the stadium is Arsenal’s trophy between the last and the next. It’s beautiful actually. Who was it? Barclay? One hell of a trophy and one hell of a quote.

  116. @ C – great additions (hope you don’t mind me saying point 16 repeated my point 2)

  117. Pretty sure United will take 3 points off Spuds. Parker is missing for that one and they don’t have anyone else who covers as well. We just need to work our balls off at Anfield to close the gap even further.

  118. @Jonny

    You have no idea. Other week she called Pier’s Morgan a C***T too, what more could i ask for hahaha

  119. @Fungunner

    I know i was going for the emphasis on your point #2. Your list is fantastic to say the least

  120. That fixture list is tough Jonny.

    I especially don’t like the look of April 21st when we have to play Chelsea twice at the same time.

    For fuck’s sake, the FA really do have it in for us.

  121. @consolsbob | February 27, 2012 at 1:00 pm – A real six pointer there! 🙂

  122. And may I say thank you: the team, its manager and staff, and all the fans who never succumbed to the vileness of defeatism. I raise my glass. Enjoy. It’s a performance that needs to be backed up, sure, but is etched in memory already. It is the finest all-round performance I have seen for some time; and the best is that the architects-in-chief, Rosicky, Walcott, Ben have been labelled sportingly by a few of our own as “rubbish”, Gibbs as “perma-crock”, Kos as “who?”, Jenks as “you must be joking”, while Sagna has been injured. It’s called poetic justice.

  123. Just about to post this

    “April 21 Arsenal – Chelsea (12.45)
    April 21 Queens Park Rangers – Tottenham Hotspur (17.30)
    April 21 Arsenal – Chelsea (12.45)

    CB beat me to it.

  124. It was actually Tyler on Sky ZP.

    After we atrated roasting the spuds he came over all soft on us and started talking sense and eulogising our sensible approach. Neville then joined in saying the club did things the righty way and the decisions they were making meant that the club will be at the top for a very long time.

    Maybe the script is changing. Once ‘arry goes to the England job the knives will start to come out for him and who are the spuds without ‘arry?

  125. @ consolsbob | February 27, 2012 at 1:00 pm
    ha ha.

    @ C
    Fair enough. Expanding on a theme. Very nice.

  126. All my work and you pick out the one mistake Bob! Damn you! 😉

    Does anyone in the team show how much they care and just how much they want it than Scz? He’s the epitome of passion. The poor ball-boy looks as though his bones are being crushed!

    More of a forward roll than a somersault!

  127. @ ZimPaul | February 27, 2012 at 1:10 pm

    excellently written and so very true!

  128. GA (@10.26)

    I think YW enjoyed writing today’s post almost as much as we enjoyed reading it!
    Thanks YW.

  129. To quote the much missed Kitchen Sink:

    ‘Tick tock…’

  130. Amazing vid Dups – sums it all up.

  131. YW, another top post. One of the more pleasurable posts to write, I would imagine.

    @ FunGunner (and C), good list. May I chip in a few?

    18. Four different goal-scorers
    19. When the chips were down, we did not fold. (Yes, variation on your point 11.) Too often in the past, when things have not gone our way, the players have not been able to change things. It was even more encouraging that the fightback started during the first half (ie on the pitch, not needing a half-time team-talk).
    20. We have scored a total of twelve goals in our last two home games. What odds against eighteen in three following the Milan match?

  132. I keep saying it, but will do again – Suga and all his cronies at LeTwat have no right to celebrate today, none whatsoever.

    if you cannot support during the tough times, you have no right to enjoy the good.

    Weasel’s – the lot of them.

  133. When will the politicians learn to stop meddling in football? On the radio this morning, they said that UN delegates were considering their response to the on-going violence in Serie A. Shouldn’t they be spending their time on something more important, like sorting out the situation in the Middle East?

  134. @drew10
    and even then it was flukey

    @billy’s boots
    great additions, and WHEN we play like we did yesterday against Milan, #20 will come to pass

  135. The best headline I’ve seen today:
    “Spurs star admits: Arsenal have ended our title dream”

  136. Great come back performance yesterday, that is the spirit this team needs let hope they continue that mental drive in to the rest of the matches this season 🙂

    I thought Theo’s finishes were excellent, that said if the score had been 2 nil down at the half I would not have argued him being subbed. I love the kid he plays for us, but by god I want to see much more of the 2nd half Theo and not the first.

    Lastly, I want to comment on redknapp who to my mind handled himself brilliantly at the end of the game in his interview with the BBC. There was no under tone of anything excuse even when the BBC interviewer tried to use the England job as the reason his team was perhaps not focused. His response that well we beat Newcastle 5 nil under the same spot light was bang on and it is a credit to him.

    Lets stuff Liverpool next 🙂


    We delivered…

    Had to really calm down yesterday during the game
    I was vibrating like a tuning fork gone awol
    Couldn’t hold back the tears when TR7 scored
    Really really proud of the team & the fans @ the Emirates

    “Do you see what all-out support can do for your team doubters?”

    Well done to all RASERS at the game
    Stuffed ’em proper we did
    Made ‘Arry look like his old self again

    On to the next one hopefully w/o new injuries

    “12 games left, emptying all closets, things are too tight to be civilized!”

  138. @ Billy’s Boots
    more great points, keep ’em coming!

    @ drew10 | February 27, 2012 at 1:37 pm
    ha ha witty

    @ Matt
    You’re assuming they would be celebrating?

  139. B******s! I can’t concentrate today….I need to focus….I have much work to do….but I just want to watch a replay….Rosicky was majestic, Theo responded as he should have…Sagna has the warrior spirit….Myles Palmer is a t**t!

  140. FG – I have no doubt they are on their website today self-congratulating themselves for their loyal support that clearly had a direct influence on us winning.

  141. and… big profit (for football at least) announced by Arsenal for the 1st 6 months of the year.

  142. Where did you see that headline Darius? I want to copy and paste it to some ‘friends’.

  143. @ Matt
    ha ha – yes, no doubt – it was the abuse beforehand wot won it.

  144. Exactly FG.

    The celebrity weasel’s appearance on Sky Sports on Saturday spurred us on to victory.

  145. Matt – it’s on the News Now feed after the first batch of Arsenal financial headlines. Just scroll down in the last hours headlines.

    Needless to say, I didn’t bother reading the story.

  146. Cheers Darius – You won’t be surpised to know it is from talkShite.

    Classic – It is VanDeVaart – he will have to remind us what title challenge that was.

  147. Matt

    I saw the weasel (f*ckin twat that he is) on Sly Sports, he said we should of got rid of AW 3 years ago.

  148. Apparently Spurs fans are confused about yesterday’s result – and I ask “only about yesterday? They’re just confused, period.

    Still laughing about the propostorous suggestion that Kyle Walker is a better fullback than Bacary Sagna and that Asu-Okoto is better than the Brazilian left back Santos.

    Next they’ll say Redknapp pays more tax than Wenger.

  149. Zimpaul nice one.

    Muppet you forgot Ramsey and Arshavin. They seem to be the flavour of the week.

  150. Today is a day where I could have done some Jabba baiting .
    Not that I want him back or any such thing.

    Song’s ball to Theo for the fifth goal was a thing of beauty,was it not?

  151. @dupsffokcuf

    Which weasel was this on Sly Sports? Couldn’t watch it from where I am.

    @Matt – not surprised at all. Just you wait until ol’ Adrian Durham hits the air waves and starts his anti-Arsenal jizzing.

  152. Can’t believe I’m about to post this link, but that Andy Gray commentary that Darius mentioned earlier is now available on Listen Again. Think it’s after the 10:30 news?

  153. @Darius

    Its hilarious to me that al of a sudden Bacary Sagna isnt’ better than Kyle Walker just because he was out injured for a couple months. Asu-Okoto isn’t nowhere close to being a better player than Santos. Asu-Okoto wouldn’t even make the bench for the brazilian national team

  154. It’s hilarious the way Sly Sports News and its punditry are trying to interpret the £115.2 million reserves. Cue – “Arsene Wenger is a tight bastard who doesn’t want to spend money”.

    These guys have the IQ of a fence post let alone the ability to interpret the tariff on a gas bill – and they’re proclaiming themselves to be financial gurus who know why Arsenal is holding financial reserves yet most 92 clubs are operating in hapless debt.

  155. Asu-Okoto wouldn’t even make the bench for the brazilian national team

    I should hope not. With him being not Brazilian and all that. 😉

  156. Matt and FG.
    The celebrity weasel from le grove’s mate, AkhiL(he was sitting beside him on that Soccer Saturday item) has fallen out with me because I called the Le Grover a toxic weasely cunt.
    He says he is a “top bloke” .
    I am not having that

  157. I’m still scratching my head as to why Stewart Robson is the first person these media folks call when they want to speak to a former Arsenal player. Why not Dennis Bergkamp or Thierry Henry? Surely, that’s better stock than Robson.

  158. Every goal was a thing of beauty…it was a case of beauty and the beast yesterday epitomized by spurs bungled deflected and dived for goal vs the pure artistry of Arsenals 5 perfect goals. Arteta’s perfectly lofted pass for Sagna’s header and Van Persie’s dummy and curler whilst surrounded by Six players at 2-1 take a lot of beating though wouldnt you say pedantic george. Milan will have nowhere to run on a proper pitch. We will bring the flags out and make the Emirates a sea of red and white and they will be punching the ground like Sammy Kuffour when we make mugs out of them.

  159. Keys: “Arsenal were getting a bit of stick at half time for being wide open”
    Gray: “Hold on! ARSENAL were getting stick? For being wide open?”

    Que Keys backtracking like a stupid cunt. Quality.

  160. @goonerandy
    i was making the point that:
    1. he is not better than Santos.
    2. If he was brazilian he wouldn’t even make the bench.

  161. #13: Stay aggressive, keep pressing

    Yesterday was as powerful a confidence boost as I’ve seen all season
    More than any other win this season
    Yes it was a derby but the Spuds have been one of the PL’s best this season
    I can’t wait for Ibrahimobitch, Boateng & Van Bommel

    Someone said its because this was one of the few times we had a fit eleven all in their actual positions…with just the Jenks sub the anomaly.

    May the gods be kind enough to allow this continue

    Special mention goes to Arteta for the harrying of Modric especially
    He did a Parker on Parker’s team…no, no
    It was like watching Vieira or Gilberto in R&W
    It was so effective.
    Set the tone for others early

    Constant pressing is a key component of every great Arsenal team
    Keown might really be back in the house
    Knowing we can do this while still playing our game completes the education for this team.

    “12 games left, emptying all closets, things are too tight to be civilized!”

  162. C – I know mate, I was joking. And I agree.

  163. C, Andy was just ribbing you – note the winky smiley!

    Sagna is the best fullback in the Prem for me, Jenks is not far behind Walker and is certainly a more exciting choice. Akkotu never thought much of him. Consistent, mercenary honest if not especially likeable.

    Santos in a heartbeat. I like Santos.

  164. Darius

    there was no title challenge to begin with.

  165. Darius

    I should imagine that the last thing Henry or Bergkamp would do is give their mobile numbers to some numpty hack in the UK…

  166. If we could play all our games like that we’d head the league table in the manner RVP is leading the scorers table. It might actually be coming together – finally!

  167. korihikage, me thinks that lot up Seven Siters road clearly thought they were challenging. not surprising though considering they also thought a cock has a chance against a loaded cannon.

  168. Jonny – I didn’t see your post mate. I was ribbing “C”. 🙂

  169. On a different note:

    Can anybody make any recommendations for Amsterdam. We and the wife are going for a few days. A quick break and to watch The Mark Lanegan band.

    I know the place fairly well, but always struggle to find somewhere decent to eat. We prefer rustic not posh. 🙂

  170. @goonerandy
    honestly just read through it completely missed the winky smile.

    Yea i know missed the winky thing in my quick readying of posts. I do agree that Sagna is the best fullback in the EPL. Not only for his true class but also for the confidence that he brings out in Walcott. I think Jenks has a bright future but going to be kind of tought with our current fullback situation. Bacary RB and Santos LB. Gibbs and Jenks are great backups with loads of potential

  171. YW – true. They might actually end up talking to Jim White or Alan Brazil only to be asked why Wenger won’t spend some money.

  172. C – 🙂

  173. ‘Song’s ball to Theo for the fifth goal was a thing of beauty,was it not?’

    Not to mention the silky shimmy-shammi to step away from two or three Tiny warriors.
    Class class class.

  174. So GA, your eating policy is a lot like Arsene’s transfer wishes – cheap and cheerful.

  175. Darius

    they have been inhaling too much smoke from our cannons.. messed around with their lil heads a bit

  176. the moment that summed up the match was when RVP took the ball in the middle of the pitch on the 82nd min or so, and just played his way out of 4 Spuds, one of whom really lunged in, but rvp just shrugged and carried on.

  177. YW – Ha I suppose so.

    I am not bothered by price, but I (we) prefer somewhere with a bit of personality. I really don’t like upmarket places. Add to that I pretty much always dress down (jeans/cargo pants & t-shirt.) as well so rustic places are more comfortable.

  178. Loved the time Gibbs showed some samba footwork. I live for such moments!

  179. on ladyarse

    Ive been a spurs fan for 25 years and as much as I hate to say it – you were quite frankly awesome yesterday. Your lot showed us what real desire is to go out their and pick yourselves up and get the job done. While I’m never gonna like Arsenal – I have to give credit where its due! Well done.

    Wenger is a dead man walking. This is a timely reprieve, a stay of execution for him. It was a great win for us however over the hated tiny Totts. Was it guilt that motivated the lads to show some pride for this match ? They owed us, didn’ t they ?

    didnt this Spectrum use to come here?

  180. Great writing today, YW.

  181. RVP is simply put the best captain we have had since Viera was bossing the middle and being a great captain. RVP rallied the troops(might have said a few words in the locker room) and said follow me I will lead you with my play and passion. Everthing he did out there on the pitch is what you want from your captain, whether it be passion, mental touchness after we went down 2-0, strength to continually hold up play, world class talent(his goal showed off his amazing touch in traffic and his beautifully precise left foot), understanding of the situation, beautiful touch and understanding of your teammates(that beautifully weighted pass to the lung bursting run of Walcott).

    You can have your Cesc as captain i’ll take RVP

  182. Kyle Walker is a pile of steaming wank of fullback.

  183. Fucking hell …Still haven’t recovered here…

  184. I listened to that, Markus. Andy Gray had it spot on.

  185. Have people started saying BEWARE OF THIS (fantastic game of football) PAPERING OVER THE CRACKS! yet?

    The end of the world is nigh!

  186. I genuinely believe that Robin van Persie can score when he wants.

  187. @YW – GA’s eating policy seems to be more Lidl than Waitrose – some would say apt during these times.

  188. @mattyboy
    I agree

  189. people can point to our defending in the first 20 minutes, but the fact remains that koscielny slipped, giving adebayor the space and time to pass. that can always happen.

    and they played with two forwards. we took care of that when song dropped back to help out the two centrebacks.

    overall i think it was a fantastic performance. we played with lots of heart.

    if people want to take anything away from our performance, they could say: well, it was only the Spuds.

    but wait, they can’t..because all season, they ahve been saying this Spud team is the best team in the world.

    so what are they going to do?

  190. Darius – Heh, I must admit, I am a bit of a food snob. When back in the UK we normally shop at Waitrose or Sainsubury’s. I like nice food but don’t like posh places.

  191. As much as Sagna’s goal and desire started the come back, it was the venom and ruthlessness of Van Persie’s equalizer that lifted both the fans and the players. How best to show we mean business by Rosicky grabbing the midfield by the scruff of the neck and busting a lung to get to Sagna’s ball.

    And was it only me or was Theo in our half when Van Persie started playing footsie with Kabul and King?

    5 goals without reply in 29 minutes of game time. Now that’s what I call a coupon buster.

  192. @GA – I must say that nowadays, we go where the budget takes us. Lidl does have some really quality stuff for very competitive prices and it makes no sense going to Sainsbury’s, Tesco or Waitrose esp if money is tight.

    Funny thing is that you now tend to see a lot of folk you never thought would go bargain hunting shopping at Lidl too as needs must. But there’s some things they don’t have that you would want to go elsewhere. The best part of shopping for me is the farmers market every Friday when they bring their produce down the main car park in town. Really fresh fruit, veg and meats for very good prices. I would never buy that in a supermarket any more.

  193. Theo was not even near the half way line. When RvP looked up to see where the support was Theo still looked to be ambling a bit. As soon as RvP started heading inwards Theo took off, it was funny seeing Parker reasliing (too late) what was happening and tryig to catch him.

  194. Darius – Agree 100% on the market. Most Sat mornings I walk or cycle into town and go round the weekly market here. Loads of fresh produce and a Bratwurst to walk home with. Good start to the weekend.

  195. Theo’s lung busting goal showed me everything that Theo can be. unrivaled pace and desire(came from OUR 18), touch and finishing….wait those are the qualities(outside of pace) that so many have questioned and complained about his consistency and even many on here have called for him to be sold but again in the biggest games he steps up and plays big.

  196. So happy, so hungover and sooooo late for work!!! It’s a good job I am self-employed or I would be unemployed 🙂 I really enjoyed spending that Spuds money. Nothing like good sushi and sake on a Sunday night, followed by some ice-cold ciders while we watch the game on replay and truly get to enjoy, nay revel, in watching Arry go from grinning like the numpty he is to looking like the tax man had just said he wanted to have a chat with him again!

  197. A beautiful result, straight from the Gods of Football. Recent North London derbies have tended to be goal fests and this one went our way.
    Spurs play very open, like Chelsea have been doing this season and its no coincidence that we stuffed them too. It’s the packed midfield and defenses we struggle against.
    The passion and workrate was immense, but we really need to see more of this verve over the season, not just in odd games.
    One thing you can’t say about this Arsenal team are predictable though! we can hammer
    a top team one week then concede 4 to Blackburn. We really are bloody good fun at the moment.

  198. Everyone having a happy Monday?

  199. Aman – watch TR7’s goal straight after watching him willing the ball into the net for their goal. He is in a very similar position and just points to the half way line. No jumping up and down like a little boy about to get his birthday pressie.
    You can’t disguise unconscious body language like that. Bang to rights.

  200. Steww – I wonder what Dean’s excuse is. Short of pleading that he had an involuntary orgasm, I don’t know how he can get away with that shameless act.

  201. I seem to remember a game where a ref was accused of celebrating a goal (can’t remember the ref or game, sorry) and he said it was because he had played a good advantage earlier in the move which enabled the play to go and ultimately led to a goal. I don’t remember any such advantage in the build-up to that one, although a lot of beer has been drunk between then and now.

  202. Sorry – a bit late here!

    Darius – It was Peter Wood (Pedro) from LG who was on Sky on Saturday – talking his usual bollocks.

    PG – to be fair, Akhil didn’t seem to bad, and maybe he took exception as Peter is slightly less toxic and cunty than his sidekick Geoffrey.

    The fact that Sky allowed these moron’s to go on TV and speak on behalf of AFC supporter’s show’s the level of intelligence they use when putting together a piece before the game.

    All about the hits for them, so will say anything outrageous to get on air.

    Fuck them – days like this should be for celebrating a great win, although it irks me that they should celebrate at all – they don’t deserve to after all the shit they peddle.

  203. Block4 – the referee was Mike Reed at the Liverpool 5th round FA cup. Clearly he was a Liverpool fan and was stripped off the Everton v Newcastle 6th round tie. Maybe because they thought he’d gift the barcodes the game.

  204. Matt – considering it was Sly Sports, I’m not surprised. Why would they bother getting a level headed or moderate blogger who has perspective. It doesn’t fit the script.

    The narrative is being peddled to fit the “Arsenal is in Crisis” agenda. You should have heard them this afternoon discussing Arsenal’s finances and pontificating as if they actually knew what they were talking about. Intellectual masturbation at its highest. As I said earlier, some of these guys at Sly Sports can’t even comprehend the tariff on their gas bill, and they’re talking as if with authority about how Wenger should spend the £115.2 million in reserves or else they’ll peddle the fact that he’s a tight French bastard.

  205. I have the celebrations gallery from on a continuous loop. Still brings a tear to my eye. As for these cunts on that other site. If you know where they sit, sort them out.Let them know whow you feel. Make life very uncomfortable for them.

  206. “Chelsea defender David Luiz has insisted his critics cannot ‘kill’ him because he has endured much worse in his life than their abuse. Luiz has been made
    one of the scapegoats for the Blues’ stuttering season.”

    Is it only me or wasn’t Sideshow Bob heralded as the second coming of the messiah while Laurent Koscielny was treated like a reprobate from the other side of the railtracks. A year is truly a long time in football.

  207. Matt ,Akhil was not at all happy that I called Pedro a toxic weasely cunt.
    Me?I don’t give a fuck what he or anyone else thinks.Because that is exactly what he is ,except I missed out “self-promoting”

  208. I wonder if we could sign Messi if we offered £115.2M?

    Fuck it – do it you tight french bastard.

  209. Darius ,If I Email you my gas bill can you tell me how much I am paying?It would be a big help.

  210. aah ,good observation there Steww.
    hope Untold’s sleuths are on this one

    as long as we keep bangin’ them in though we can’t be denied.
    Even the most crooked ref has to protect his job.

  211. I wonder if they will let a gloating “George from Blackburn” on the Fans Forum tonight?
    I have some humble pie to distribute

  212. Matt – I don’t think the transfer fee is the problem. I’ll even bet that some of our sponsors will contribute to it.

    It’s the wages that will kill you.

    But then again, its easy for people to forget that we’ve got a mortgage to pay for the stadium. Maybe we should buy Messi after we’re done with that.

  213. Yesterday seems to have been a day of surprises in many quarters – the Spuds and their fans were caught out, the media, wrong-footed, forced into hasty rewrites galore and the poor deluded Doomers had a day of disaster despite their early hopes being raised by a deflection here and a dive there.

    I for one won’t forget the look of surprise on the Arsenal players faces as, for the first time in three games, passes from ‘A’ calculated to reach ‘B’ actually reached ‘B’ and did so on time and without divot caused deviation. That none of their colleagues were carried off with pitch-related injuries must have felt a welcome bonus.

    Looking back through yesterday’s posts on this site, however, it’s evident that not everyone was surprised by events. Many of us predicted before the game that Spuds would find it tough and particular match-long highlights for me was Steww, calling it right all afternoon and someone (was it Billy’s Boots?) predicting very early on the dismissal of Parker way before it happened. Although generally good, yesterday HE didn’t look good enough to play for Arsenal and yet again Bale was eclipsed by Walcot as all over the pitch every Arsenal player won pretty much every 50:50. It certainly felt that way, at least.

    Just imagine how well we’d have played if only AW could just get the hang of tactics, eh?

    It felt surreal at one point to be at the Emirates watching a game in which we were 0-2 down yet ‘knowing’ we were the better side. I could only imagine what might be happening in Blogsville with the Doomers in full swing at that stage but I was grimacing more at the treatment being meted out to young Theo each time he failed to do whatever he was supposed to do; it certainly seemed that the more the crowd got on his case, the more nervous he became.

    Overall, the crowd WERE fantastic but up until Bacary’s fabulous first (LOVED the way he hung back waiting for the cross), there was a nasty undercurrent in the ground (at least where I was) and it really did feel as if the afternoon could have gone one of two ways.

    That AW kept faith with Theo and that Theo never gave up despite the venom in the heckling was remarkable especially as half the world and their dog would have gone for Arsene had the team not turned things around …

    That took courage, awesome courage.

    And exactly how good were Arsenal?

    Well, quite simply, as good as many of us here have been saying for many months.

    In defence, midfield and attack, we looked capable of beating anyone and it’s no coincidence that as players return from injury, teams start getting on the end of a walloping. What’s more, there’s more where this came from – and we all know it.

    You’d think the Doomers would start to take the hint, wouldn’t you?

    When Arshavin was booed in recent matches, a line was undoubtedly crossed.

    It was being crossed again yesterday by morons emboldened by numbers to make complete twats of themselves. Not only did the side have to overcome a poor ref and the supposedly ‘high-flying’ Tots, but they had to beat at least some of their own fans.

    The non-supporters.

    That they did so by turning the game on its head by a performance that was as tenacious as it was committed, skilful and brave was probably more than some of us deserved.

    My hope is that the majority of decent Arsenal fans WILL now get back in the groove and support, no matter what. My fear, however, is that the poisonous bile frothing around just beneath the surface will again break surface the moment we have a set back.

    So yes, we DO seem to have a problem.

    But it ain’t the team, stupid.


    Best goal? All five. Each and every one of ’em.

    Man of the Match? The whole friggin’ team.

    THAT’S how good they were.

    Personal highlight?

    Just being there.

  214. Me too Frank…TR7’s celebration pics just keep “tearjacking” me…(sigh)

  215. George – why would I want to do something as stupid as figuring out the gas bill, the missus does that. I stick to taking out the trash and handing over the pay cheque.

    Do you think they’ll let you on Fans Forum….LOL – esp if John Cross is the studio guest?

  216. Just Another Luke

    Who is this Bile that Curbishley keeps talking about? 😉

  217. Darius ,John has also fallen out with me,He says I swear to much and abuse people.(how the hell did he find that out?)

  218. Well said, Andrew. I agree with all of that. Actually for once the West Upper was not too guilty of hounding a player. People moaned a bit about Theo in the first half but it wasn’t at a nasty level, for once. No booing and no concerted ‘get him off’.

    12 goals in two home games.

  219. Messi might be a bit old by then Darius.

    PG – Do you know what I think if Akhil wasn’t happy about you calling him that? Fuck him too.

    He should of known better than to sit next to the weasel.

  220. Did anyone notice the scummy bindippers wearing Suarez t-shirts yesterday. When will they ever learn.

  221. Matt,that’s what I told him .I said “Akhil ,you missed a trick,he was close enough for you to knock him clean out ”

    He said I should have a day off and no one cares what I think.(which I have to say I agree with)

  222. George and Matt – don’t be harsh on Akhil. I know many men who’ve succumbed to their misguided attraction to a cunt. Maybe he was just sitting next to one because he was horny.

  223. Hey guys and girls…keep on feeling good! I sure have been real happy for the past 24 hours…

    Dean did a similar little jumpy thing during the CC final…one can say he wants to jump in order to get a better view of the play, but even his scrawny arms are bouncing up with joy.

    Oh well, f**k them all.

  224. A marvellous, handbrake off performance. Pretty much from start to finish.

    We really got our passing going & will take some stopping if we can do that consistently between now & the end of the season.

    Although it`s difficult to single out individuals I`ll have a go.

    TR7 was absolute class & Sagna was inspirational. I loved the work ethic & know how of Benny & Arteta & the centre backs were majestic. Song got his mojo back & Theo shoved an awful lot of pie down peoples` throats. Great to see Gibbs get going & that RVP`s not bad is he ? Oh yeah, Chezzer … brilliant rant at Ade before their pen ! Not to mention those young superstars of the future we brought of the bench.

    Great day – to be enjoyed for a long time

  225. @ Markus
    Have I walked through the airing cupboard into a parellel universe? Andy Gray was speaking so much sense it’s frightening. It was highly amusing to hear Keys niftily adjusting his tone of voice, and no doubt his comments, from anti-Arsenal to fair.

    @ arsenalandrew
    Hear, hear. Great stuff.
    I was glad to hear Arsene’s pointed remarks about the effect of playing on a genuine football pitch for once.

  226. Ha ha – I think you might be right Darius, sounds like a plausible explanation.

  227. Somebody made the point yesterday that not one of the Tottenhots would make the Arsenal team.

    While they have a good player or two, they were totally outclassed. All the stats, all the possession, maybe it was pure hype and Arsenal nerves that drove them to a 2-0 lead after 34 minutes.

    Other than that you can see why they have not topped Arsenal in the League for so long.

    Am going to look at the games, but 7 points at this stage against a team that still has many of the best teams to play looks achievable.

    As for us? We can beat the teams we have left.

  228. Correction regarding Sagna. He is the best RB in the world.

    This team is special. We have our ups and down, mainly due to an ever changing back four but to me it is easy to see that this team, if kept together will be great.

    Theo is my boy,as we all know, but it is Gibbs who warmed my heart yesterday. He played really well. He has goals and assits him him, they will come. Mi proud ah di yute!

  229. Will wonders never cease – following on from Andy Gray’s performance this morning (and he really DID turn on his ignorant co-presenter) now Adrian Durham has been singing Arsenal’s praises on Talksport – and slaughtering Bale for cheating, pointing out his two previous bookings for cheating and complaining that everyone is ignoring what a cheat the cheating Bale is.

    Face it fellas – we’re all still asleep, dreaming …!!

    (C – your missus sounds awesome – oh hang on, I’m dreaming that too, aren’t I?!!)

  230. Yogi, The Arsenal 5 and the Redknappers 2, pure magic! You have excelled yourself.

    This takes the cake!

    Page 17 of the Arsenal Holdings interim financial statement for November 2011.

    Notes to the Cash Flow Statement, paragraph (d) Gross Cash Flows at 30th November 2011:
    Player registrations:

    Payments for purchase of players minus £50,299,000
    Receipts from sale of players plus £50,698,000

    Cash to bank £ 399,000

    Mr Gazidis, for the uninitiated please own up and show us the cash!

  231. Sagna has been the best RB in the Prem pretty much since the day he signed for us – I can’t think of anyone else who even comes close.

  232. I just read this

    “I would like to give a high 5-2 all Arsenal fans right now”

  233. That definitely did look like Dean celebrating. He really couldn’t contain himself for all to see. If that is not what he was doing, I would love to hear his actual explanation.

  234. “I would like to give a high 5-2 all Arsenal fans right now”

    Paul, i’m gunna send you an internet high five right now! GO!

  235. I’m gunna send an internet high five to anyone who wants it actually. Worldwide high five…GO, NOW!

  236. Oh happy days…..

  237. @ arsenalandrew | February 27, 2012 at 5:28 pm

    Will wonders never cease – following on from Andy Gray’s performance this morning (and he really DID turn on his ignorant co-presenter) now Adrian Durham has been singing Arsenal’s praises on Talksport – and slaughtering Bale for cheating, pointing out his two previous bookings for cheating and complaining that everyone is ignoring what a cheat the cheating Bale is.

    Blimey. That seals it – I have definitely stepped through the airing cupboard.

    @ notoverthehill
    You’ll have to explain…please.

  238. It’s a big call Paul – he’s up there for sure.
    Depends, to an extent, on what you want from a full back – how it fits your team.
    Sagna might well be the best in the world defensively but few would put him in the same bracket as the best right backs in an offensive capacity (Alves for start – he’s offensive in every sense).
    I think many would say Maicon is the most complete RB, but one could equally argue for Lahm or Ramos.
    I’m more than happy with who we have (hate Alves!) but whilst I cannot see anyone as good as Sagna in the Prem – I’d say you could argue a case for any of the names I have mentioned, plus a few more I undoubtedly haven’t thought of.

  239. @Arsenal Andrew and FunGunner – all that’s left is for Stan Collymore to pick up on the disgrace of Mike Dean celebrating the Tottenham goal. That’s the wrap.

  240. Presumably we need to factor in VAT

  241. Jonny, and you can lose that argument also! ha!

    Sagna, the best!

  242. I heard a fellow on the radio suggesting that the first 20 minutes of the game were owned by the other lot. Utter bollocks.

  243. Righto Paul!
    *throws up hands in surrender*

  244. Spurs were on top for the first 5 minutes.And not at any point thereafter.

  245. dupsffokcuf | February 27, 2012 at 1:23 pm

    why did you do this to me?

    watching sagna in slow mo picking up ball and screaming with his fist pumped…..tears goosebumps….beyond epic….
    its the damn music;s fault..

  246. Why are our ex-players so quiet at moments like this?

    I can understand turncoats, like Merson, keeping beneath the parapet but it’d be good to see a few more Arsenal ex-players building some real weight on the Bale diving issue, the media hypocrisy and generally getting behind Wenger and applauding his achievement.

    Smudger goes out of his way to be impartial – get none of that with Lawro & Hansen.

  247. Frank – take it you’re talking about that Spud loving Barnsely supporting former cricketer. 20 minutes – my entire arse.

  248. Why are our ex-players so quiet at moments like this?

    because most of our ex-players who moan are dein;s people.

  249. Jonny – they tried using Jens Lehmann and he put them to shame in the pundits sofa. I doubt they’ll be calling him back to give an opinion about anything Arsenal.

  250. Bradys right foot

    pedantic george | February 27, 2012 at 4:33 pm

    I wonder if they will let a gloating “George from Blackburn” on the Fans Forum tonight?

    Cross is running scared PG lol

  251. Aw I missed that Darius – sounds ace.

    Gotta love a bit of Mad Jens.

  252. @arsenalandy

    Yea she just texted me and told me that she just bought a RVP Arsenal jersey, so now i have to do something special for her which will be well worth it

  253. @ arsenalandrew at 4.34pm

    Great post. I cannot take credit for the red-card prediction (I didn’t post until I was home from the match). I think it was viceologist who deserves the credit as top soothsayer (SV gets an honourable mention).

  254. Hey, Maria
    Where have you been hiding?

  255. @C – stop being slow. The only thing you need to do is give her a good going over while she’s wearing the RVP jersey. No need for you to whip a wallet out for anything special, just take the hint…LQTM.

  256. Bradys right foot

    “Wenger has fielded 26 different starting back four combinations in 41 matches, involving 14 players and nine different central defensive pairings. In the circumstances, their defensive vulnerability is hardly surprising.”

    The penny seems to be dropping with some.

  257. Sagna is the best fullback in the EPL and Kos is growing and in the arguement for best centerback in the EPL, we have Santos who is 1st choice leftback for Brazil(no easy task) and Vermelean along with Mert. That is true class in our back 4 on an international level for their respective national teams and we can’t seem to get them healthy at the same time. Yet i keep hearing people say our defense has to be upgraded and point at the SPuds games, if it wasnt for luck Arry would be locked up, Saha wouldnt have scored and Bale would’ve got carded for being such a diving flailing c***t.

  258. @Darius
    That was already going to happen trust me.

  259. All my favorite people are here today!

    I just wanted to say that today is a truly beautiful, shockingly gorgeous day…enjoy gunners.

    Screw it, I’m watching it again… 🙂

    “Man, I’m so happy I feel like break-dancing!”

  260. I hear you Axis, when i get done with class i am logging into Arsenal Player and watching the replay. Up the gunners yall!

  261. C – Hmmm – something special, let me see … why not buy your Missus a video of the match from the Spuds shop? Maybe along with footage of Bale’s audition to join the Olympics Diving Team. As late as it was enthusiastic.

    Apologies to Viceologist (thanks Billy) – it was a brilliant and almost uncanny prediction.

    Viceologist: HE knows.

  262. Catharsis. That’s what it is.

    What makes me happiest about the good press is that I suspect it is happening because the media like to back a winner.

  263. Markus & C,

    Both spot on about Benayoun. It’s weird how many of those on the doomer hate-list proved that Arsene ‘might’ just know more than them on footballing and AFC matters! Even the Chavs have came to realise (View the supporter comments).

    On to Anfield and more of the same, please

    What a day, I’m still recovering but not in the same way as my Spud aquaintances!


  264. “If it wasn’t for luck”?

    If luck were a lady we’d have had not so much as a kiss in the last 6 years and have spent most of our time nursing bruised plums, broken hearts and fractured egos!

    Luck’s been actively cruel, never mind absent.

  265. lol…Arsenal Andrew…my powers of prediction have been pretty spot on lately. I think I should give some online betting a try and put my money where my mouth is. Could be lucrative…or incredibly stupid…either way sounds like fun.

  266. Two more goals and theo will be on 10 goals this season in addition to all his assists. not to bad for a player out of form is it?
    If he manages double digits in both goals and assists id say hes had a preatty good season over all…

  267. I feel Song is not fully recognised for the role he is doing in filling the Cesc gap (just watch his decisive passes this season and consider the attacks that we heard about his distribution) in addition to his defensive role.

    Thomas R was the dog’s and all the others were great. Just a joy and, I feel, one that Arsene is more than capable of bringing us all over the coming seasons..

    Thanks and COYG

  268. @poodle

    I’m glad you have come to the light with Theo. Countless chances and is 2nd on the team in goals yet according to most he should be sold because he is useless.

  269. @poodle, Robin is backing Theo for 20 goals (scored + assists) I think he is well on his way….

  270. More on the topic of Theo…don’t you just love it when he breaks free on the right side then slots the ball in the far netting right past the keeper? That has become his signature finish!

  271. now this is a result worth celebrating!!!

  272. Give us a shout Vice before you place your next wager – give us ALL a shout!

    How about the lottery – will it work on numbers?!

  273. muga3 ….lol..what are you celebrating ?

  274. @will

    so very true, and 1 of my favorite sights is him breaking free period or watching defenders like Parker see a blur blow past them and then watching them try and catch up like they really have a chance in hell

  275. i always liked theo. hes got imo a great personality and is on the road to become a huge star. He is only 22 atm, same age as Cleverly. And cleverly is still regarded a young player. Milner won young player awarda at 24.
    people that slag of theo just does not know their football.
    Bale and Theo are very similar imo. Both very direct, a trick or two up their sleeve, both pacey, both capable of scoring, the difference is Bale i think is not going to become any better than he is today.
    Walcott will become much better than he is today. Walcott is also faster. And will benefit in the coming years from playing in imo a better team 🙂
    WIth better passers and better technical players. Onces our midfield starts feeding Theo with balls again he will score alot….
    And again, how many football stars do you encounter with the personality of Theo? Always polite, always friendly, well mannered and humble? Hes easy to like that boy, hes also very easy to pick on for the media. Hes way to nice for his own good. But i do like that 🙂

  276. did you see how happy the team was for Theos second goal though? they all took a second tumble just to celebrate it one more time hehe…

  277. Ah, Sugarcane3 is here! Still upset about Wenger’s tactics or transfer policy?

  278. Shit – did I just wake up from a dream?

    Suga’s here, we MUST have lost.



  279. BRF, Henry Winter is a sphincter. You see – it even rhymes. Well almost

    Our back four ? individually they`re all top notch. Unfortunately the days of fielding the same unit week after week appear to be long gone & not just for us I would have to say.

    You only have to look across the EPL & see the standard of defending isn`t that great.

    For me the crucial thing for us is work rate. Yesterday all XI were prodigious & we just wore the spuds down allowing the back four (apart from a couple of early breaks) a comfortable afternoon. We`re so much better when we press , win the ball then get Theo or RVP in behind early.

    Oh, & we were the better team for 85 minutes yesterday.



  281. I agree i think Bale has hit his ceiling and is what he is as to were Theo is still learning football. the thing that Theo for me brings that Bale doesn’t is toughness, if the wind blows Bale is flailing like a lil school girl as to were you watch Theo and he takes hit after hit and keeps going rarely falling and if he does then he bounces right back up, just ask teh Chavs. When you do see Theo complaining it is because he is taking punishment and not getting the call. Bale is a c***t simple as that. Theo is going to continue to grow and i think has potential to be world class

  282. I know Jonny, my heart sank ‘n’all but Sugabeet’s been beat.

    Anyway, Viceologist, those lottery numbers, what d’ya say – would the first be, hmm, five?

    And the next … how about two?

    Five Two.

  283. Comes may i think it will be either

    I dont think Liverpool got a chance and it would be delightful if Tottenham lost the next match and the chase was on again… its very possible. Kinda demands us beating Liverpool though. But we have to beat them to keep them behind us. I think the players will be pumped up for that game too. Then rest players for Milan and concentrate on 3rd.

  284. Poodle & C – agree totally.

    Theo has the heart of a lion.

    And mental toughness accrued from years of growing up in the full glare of an expectant and largely unforgiving footballing world.

  285. *ignores hunter13*

  286. will,

    I would still prefer a few tweaks here and there, but I somehow don’t think this is the time to discuss this…

  287. Bradys right foot

    Hunter calm down m8 everybody knows the guy over at “Arsenal Truth” is just an unhinged keyboard warrior, he’s just a nastier version of mad Myles albeit with better punctuation and a spell checker.

  288. Hunter, you are a hero. First you got Luke to ignore you, now Muga. Just Jibba and Plastic Altair left!

  289. so whats up with Lansbury? SHould he not be a clear first choice for West Ham at this time? Back from injury, in a team that is chasing promotion.
    Surly he should be good enough to get into West ham?

  290. Bradys right foot | February 27, 2012 at 7:19 pm

    well he needs to be put at his place though … cant have morons like him poisoning fans spirit with his bullcr@p…

    his latest gem is that wenger deserves no praise…that it was the responce of the players that saved us…lol..well who picked them , who brought them here? who trains them? …isnt it funny that when players dont respond the blame is on wenger but when they do respond wenger gets no credit ?

  291. ANOTHER victoire for le magnificique Huntre.

    I make that at least 5 – 2.

  292. i know Piers Morgan is an ass but you cant help but laugh at his tweets though :

    “May have to pull out of #Oscars parties tonight – was just lying by my LA pool when Charlie Adams’ penalty hit me in the face. #Carbiffed”

    “Yes @Charlie26Adam – you had 2 wins: 1) the much coveted Carling Cup 2) single-handedly relaunching the NASA space program. Congrats!”

    Dont like him at all thogh. just sometimes hes rather funny….

  293. Hes actually rather evil Piers Morgan is and im sure adams did not deserve that. Tough it still made me laugh….

  294. C – yeah I’ve said the same before. Theo has a chance of being world class. I could imagine it going either way though. Not that I think he’ll regress but he clearly needs players, like Robin, who believe in him implicitly. He’s a confidence player and no mistake. because of that us fans play a big part in his development – if the damage of booing should ever be apparent it is now.
    If you can’t understand how what we do affects young players struggling for confidence – those who booed him on Saturday (particularly at the ground) should truly hang their heads in shame and take a long hard think about what it means to be a fan.
    Ultimately he needs to overcome his doubts and find self-belief but the damage of the doubters has I think helped to instil the fragile self-confidence of a young man who is still finding his way.
    It’s not the whole story but, for me, it’s part of it.

  295. Managers , players , fans. We`re all in it together.

    Sometimes we can all do better

  296. Evil | February 27, 2012 at 7:21 pm

    hehehe 🙂

    its a dirty job …lol..but someone has to do it.. and believe me i have no shame in what i tell them

    cheers andrew! ive set my target on that mug in a.t now … 🙂

  297. Bradys right foot

    I mentioned TR7 a few days ago and the bravery he was showing at Sunderland, trying to turn, move and be progressive in between the rotational fouling, against 11 men behind the ball and a pitch worse than Wigans was three years ago. Thats bravery, thats charachter, still trying to play still taking responsibility. Cattermole got man of the match for working hard on a bad pitch, TR7 was castigated because in the words of Cattermole, “We wanted it more”.

  298. I second that about Theo (or fourth it?) – he isn’t always full of confidence but he never hides. Comes good in big games.

  299. On the serious matter of what it would take to beat the spuds in the EPL this season.

    Out of 12 matches remaining we need to make up 8 points or 7 plus a better gold difference. Which is minus 5 at the moment in the spuds favour.

    6 of the matches are against the same opponents. We have home advantage against Villa and the Chavs. Tottenham have home advantage against stoke, the other matches with shared opponents are the same.

    Out of the 6 remaining matches Tottenham have the easier draw: we are both playing one team above us, but their teams are lower in the league than ours on average. (I added up each team’s position in the log and whoever had the lowest number has the hardest matches: Arsenal 63 Tottenham 73)

    They are still in the FA Cup which will have a drain on them.

    But the good news is – as shown yesterday…….we are by far the better team.

    If we stick to it play our football and don’t lose concentration we will make up the ground on them, and if we do, we will leave Chelski behind too.

    The Chav match will be a corker, but an early start – a win against the pool and a loss for the spuds against Man-Ure on the weekend will really kick this off. If that happens, stats won’t matter, it will be too close.

    Let’s win ours.

  300. Yes, full focus on the match against L’Pool. I just hope that none of our players return from the internationals crooked. What was the thinking behind this anyway? League matches on the weekend and an international fixture in between? How are you supposed to prepare your team for the next opponent in such a case.

  301. Sugafree…”tweaks” …lol…your doomer is showing…can’t you just enjoy it for one day?

    Christ! We got it right for crying out loud. Saha got a fluky deflection and Bale cheated horribly – it’s basically a 5-0 win over SPURS! Surely you can enjoy that for a DAY without some negativity, yeah?

  302. Paulie – I wish the fans were a little more ‘in it together’.

    We know the truth when the results go the other way. I’ve deleted enough names from my twitter TL of late. Regrettably Le Grove is only ever a click away etc.

    But YES I do agree we could all do better!

  303. Re:Walcott

    What about that sweet touch to RVP when RVP hit the post? and that was during his poor first half.

    Di bwoy bad!

  304. axis,

    like I said, this is not the time to discuss this, I have merely responded to will’s question, that’s all..

  305. @SA Gooner i think if they loose to United they will get proper nervouse and its only 4 points suddenly. We got to do the job though, if we do i think we can catch them. And if we can catch them so can Cheslea and suddenly being Spurs becomes a very very nervouse affair indeed.

    And arsenal alays plays best when they meet a proper oponent. This is good for us.
    If we win against liverpool and Tottenham looses to United the boys will smell blood and a proer Spurs scalp.

    Chelsea did that to us last year, surly we can do taht to Tottenham, if we just ignore the Milan match, send out out youngsters and sacrifice the CL.

    It would be ironic though if we nab 3d this year. Last years team was so so so good. This years team is so so so “crap” some say. Yet when end of season comes they will be at the exact same spot if no 4. Better if we get no3.

    And i just cannot see us not getting atlest 4th, which is also the goal i would imagin.

  306. hope Rosicky and Vermalen are back for Liverpool though.

  307. Sp*rs are a massive collapse just waiting to happen. Their “good” run has been going on far too long and they are just a couple of bad results away from losing all belief. It’s obviously different if you have a bad result at the start of the season with everything to play for, but if they manage to lose two on the bounce it will certainly start eating at them, feeding the self-doubts. And when they realise that rather than being up there on merit they have merely had a once in a lifetime run where everything went their way, they will fall apart. Like some already echoed, I think it is very likely that they will finish outside the Top 4. AVB is a better manager than ‘appy ‘arry and I think it’s more likely that Chelsea are going to go on a proper run than Sp*rs.

  308. Fans’ Forum caller George asks: “When will people realise boss is a genius?”

    Now I wonder who that could be!!

  309. Fuck off, Suga3. You lily livered cunt.

  310. Yes, Evil, just as important as our win is two defeats in a row for Sp*rs.

  311. SUGA, it is easy to gloat after a victory, just as it is easy to magnify mistakes after a loss.

    Doesn’t it feel strange to be socializing with a tribe of people who will go from bashing Theo to praising him in a matter of minutes?

    Instead of, “Aww f**k it Theo. c’mon son step your game up!!”
    it’s all “That c**t couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn door. F**k you theo!”

  312. I would also like to say that I was here posting during the game, and even though we were all distraught at the way the game started, everyone here on the blog remained upbeat and kept the faith. It was quite refreshing and it really demostrates why so many who genuinely love this club come here as their bastion of sanity.

    This place is a must have for an American Gooner like me that is up watching games at 5am, alone, and with no one to celebrate with.

    So, thanks to everyone here who keeps the positivity going, and thanks to YW for providing a great place for true fans to discuss all things Arsenal. The race for 3rd is on…COYG!

  313. `We know the truth when the results go the other way `

    Very true Jonny – been a tough 12 months alright. Hopefully yesterday can see a direct opposite turn around to the one that happened following this weekend last year.

    Theo – he`s no different to almost every striker (except maybe RVP) around in that he needs good service.

    I`ve always rated him as a finisher, particularly in that inside right channel – so we`ve got to get him into those positions with the ball more often.

    Hugging the touch line with back to goal isn`t his game. You can tell he`s worked hard on improving his touch & movement & when he gets it right like his second yesterday, he`s pretty much unplayable.

    Like a lot of younger players, particularly forwards, confidence plays a huge part in their displays. We saw an almost instant change yesterday & I think he`ll improve steadily over the next few seasons to the point where he`ll be good for 15/20 goals per season.

  314. One game at a time guys. No good looking to far forward.

  315. For me the CL match might be a real turning point. AW has said we will try to overturn the deficit, but I am not sure if that is what we should do. I believe that we have a genuine chance to score 4 or more past Milan. We have shown at various points this season against top teams that we know where the goal is, how to create chances against good teams and how to put the ball past them into the net. But I believe that if we go out there, score, say 4 or 5 goals without reply and then concede a late one and therefore go out, this could really end up damaging the confidence of our players beyond repair. I’d really like to see us play a youngish team against Milan. At present I’d much rather focus all our resources on the league and trying to nab 3rd from them instead of taking the massive risk of being sorely disappointed in the 2nd leg and furthermore weakening ourselves for the match against Newcastle the weekend after.

  316. Well said Vice. Ditto those sentiments.

  317. @ Evil
    I’m not so sure – I think we need the pride which scoring some goals against them would give us, even if we do go out.

    We need the fans to give wholehearted support to the whole squad. That’s what the fans and the players being in it together means. Why don’t you try it, Suga? Just get behind the team for 12 games. You might find you enjoy it.

  318. Yogi, you are a hard taskmaster having Sir Ernest Gower’s Plain English in easy reach!

    I believe Jabba’s Delight’s mother tongue is Polish, as he acquits himself so well in English I suggest he is given some leeway?

    As for some of the others that always seem to trawl for the negatives, why waste time on their missives.

    Read YW’s well-scripted epistles of faith and enjoy.

  319. @Evil i think its more important to focus everything on the PL this year. Its wort it in the long run to be able to compete again next year. The autumn just aint the same withouth group play in the CL. It honestly just aint. Its a tradition now and one does not break traditions does one?

    Huge games this year has been. Win over Unidese, that was a huge achievement, win over Chelsea got us on a great winning spree, win over Tottenham. Tottenham win will give us the extra energy and determination to give all in a last push for top 3-4.
    We know we can now. And its in our own hands atm the no4 spot.

  320. Paulie was he not 6 from 6 at the start of the previous season, before the ‘luck bitch’ came and give our knackers another quick visit to stiletto town?

    Yes the channel is his area for sure. That’s why a fit Sagna/Jenks will be so valuable to – to draw the opposition LB wide for the overlap (Jenks unbelievable delivery then comes into play) thus freeing space for him to run at the CB/sprint for the byline and to get those shots away.

  321. theo is 1 of the most feared players due to his pace and understanding with RVP. 2nd on teh team in goals countless assits and shows up in teh big games when needed most. Look at Barcelona, Udinese(to get us into the group stage), SPuds, Manure, Manshiteh. Confidence at times he does lack but when he is told(i assume) by RVP i got your back and they go out and play he is almost unplayable.

  322. Yogi, is this permissable?

    The November Half-Yearly Report just published on states that:

    Player Registrations

    Payments for purchase of players was £50,288,000
    Receipts for sale of players was £50,698,000

    Cash positive flow of £ 399,000

    Page 17 if anyone is interested!

  323. will,

    of course it’s easy, especially that it is that smelly lot from down the road…

    but then again, what do you expect me to do? pick holes when I should be celebrating?

    damned if I do, damned if I don’t 😆

    it will be interesting to see where we go from here!

  324. but then again, what do you expect me to do? pick holes when I should be celebrating?

    damned if I do, damned if I don’t 😆

    what kind of holes could a charlatan like you pick when you dont even understand the basics in football ?

    the nerve on some people ..

  325. Keys: “Arsenal were getting a bit of stick at half time for being wide open”
    Gray: “Hold on! ARSENAL were getting stick? For being wide open?”

    Que Keys backtracking like a stupid cunt. Quality.

    Richard keys is an unapologetic arsenal fan. He was just playing devils advocate. That’s the one show I listen to all the time. Intelligent and they are never nasty about arsenal just balanced.

    Fantastic win. I’m still so happy. Let’s hope we can keep it going.

  326. I am not prepared to enter the debate with someone with the mental age of 13, do you understand?

    or will you continue trying to troll me out?

  327. I feel like the little kid who no one wants to pass the ball to. ha!

  328. mattgoonerknight


    Great posts today – the Andy Gray comments (I know, crazy) and the Independent article were a great listen and read respectively – top stuff and highly recommended for those who haven’t yet clicked.

    As some have mentioned, Sagna’s goal and subsequent non-celebration was fight-back personified. I used to play right-back as kid in colts league and once did the exact same “celebration” after scoring; just waved everyone away and ran with the ball under the arm back to the centre spot – that’s how a committed defender celebrates!!!!

    Amazing result that has pretty much made my season – everything else feels ever so slightly less important now!!



  329. @SUGA
    That’s rich coming from you, talking about the mental age of someone else! 😀

  330. From the Guardian today a line in an article discussing Bale’s dip in form

    “Bale is unlikely to beat David Silva to the award again this year”

    Excuse me? At just what point Silva become the automatic accepted choice? I expect most Arsenal fans to take umbrage at that, but almost all of my non-Arsenal football supporting friends favour RVP over Silva.

    This isn’t a great season he is having it’s a phenomenal one.

    Lil respeck.

  331. suga3 he outguns you hopelessly.
    There is nothing you could argue with him that you could win on.
    Apart from plumbing perhaps.

  332. @ Paul-N | February 27, 2012 at 8:21 pm

    I feel like the little kid who no one wants to pass the ball to. ha!

    Diagonal chip from the edge of the D over to the right wing…

    @ pedantic george
    did your stuff again on Fans’ Forum, then! Funny, you don’t have a Blackburn accent when you post comments on here….

  333. I am not prepared to enter the debate with someone with the mental age of 13, do you understand?

    or will you continue trying to troll me out?

    what debate ? lol …. no 13 aint my age ..13 are the “slaps” ill give you in any debate of your choice kid 🙂

    troll you out ? so everytime i make a mug out of you, you will accuse me of your favourite routine ? 😉

    is this a ” it takes one to know one” momment for us then ? 🙂 🙂 🙂

  334. seriously, this is pointless…

    now, do you see what happens when I appear on here after we win?

  335. george,

    bought yourself a Zenit shirt yet?


  336. 1. Watching the team you like win is fantastic. Watching the team you like win after coming from behind is even more galvanizing. But when your three favorite players score the first three goals… well, that’s when you begin to suspect that the rest of the day will also go well.

    2. To all the punks who talked smack about Tomas Rosicky: suck it.

  337. now, do you see what happens when I appear on here after we win?

    what makes you think your appearance is wanted ? …lol ….

    dont i have the right to an opinion? to be objective and fair ? …its my right isnt it?


    stop swearing at proper arsenal fans please. ..if you cant take the heat dont make appearances

  338. Attaboy George, you protect your new found leader!!!!

    Lying in a hotel room in Rome dying from a fairly punchy hangover – well worth it!!

    Lets keep the intensity up for the rest of the season.

  339. Bradys right foot

    “Can Arsene Wenger realise why his team played badly and why his team played well.”

    Stuart Robson

  340. I don’t classify Wengerites who openly and consistently criticise our past, previous managers and previous successes as anything close to being Arsenal fans.

  341. its ok luke dont cry ….


  342. and i dont classify anti-wengerites who openly and consistenly ignore the unbelievable things this manager has done for us, as arsenal fans either


    you works both ways..hehe..

  343. Ah it’s been a great couple of days here. Like the Viceman I can’t be anywhere with other gooners matchdays so it’s brilliant to share with you guys.
    But now luke and Suga have come crawling through the back door uninvited the party has lost it’s atmosphere so I’m off.

  344. I don’t like to give up any matches even lost causes like 4-0 to Milan.

    It is a 6 day rest from Tuesday when we play Milan to the following Monday when we play Newcastle. There is always the possibility of injuries and probably internationals in between (which won’t affect Newcastle much) , but I like that fixture timing.

    After all, we scored 5 yesterday on a proper pitch

  345. Those who constantly criticise the current team are Arsenal fans to di bones, innit?

  346. Suga

    You chased away the man who at 2-0 down yesterday was stating that we should remain calm as it was still early.

    Take some note of him Suga he is the best fan on here and the reason why every one is complaining at you is …….you are not even close to being a good one.

  347. Ok, lets take this 12 goals in two games a little further….anyone fancy 17 goals in three?

    I fucking do

  348. Alan, Alan, Alan couldn’t chase anyone off here. I doubt he could chase his own tail. He does have one you know…a tail I mean.

  349. The thing with you Suga is that you are a fairweather supporter. There is no other way to call it. Because, for one you hate Wenger because he doesn’t do what you want him to do and you only ever show support for the team when they are doing well. I would argue that the team needs support more when they are doing badly than they need it when things are going their way.
    I can still remember you ripping into Wenger after THE SUBSTITUTION, but how come I haven’t read even one positive word from you about him keeping Theo on when you probably would’ve hacked your own leg off to see him stay inside at the beginning of the second half?
    How come you say “oh what a great victory” but don’t rightly praise the players that were responsible for us winning on that night. Why don’t you go around and eat some humble pie on players like Rosicky, Walcott or Jenkinson. Players that you are known to talk about like they are the worst the club has ever had in it’s books since 1886 but players that have been playing well even when you refused to acknowledge it and players that have busted their arses yesterday to deliver us this glorious victory.

    So, to summarise. You don’t support the manager and you only show the slighest glimpses of support for the team after a victory. So what exactly is it that you support in our glorious club? The Arsenal FC trophy cabinet?

  350. sug 3, loose yourself you have no part in this victory, your place in time will be when we have a new manager and a new board and a new manager unless you are just someone who complains about everything regardless

  351. Arse or brain,now here is a man who saw the reason for Benayoun starting whilst I was to busy moaning about the loss of Andrei.
    By the way folks .the Meerkat might be back.It seems Arsene has let him go to rediscover his form and play every week leading up to the Euro’s.
    Very decent of you too Arsene.

  352. Great stuff Evil – wasted breath no doubt but heartening to read anyway. 🙂

  353. why do we even bother with suga.

  354. Good stuff re AA, I guessed as much.

    It was the only reason that made sense – that he was doing what was in the best interests of the player. Let’s hope it works out.

    But, if it does, I doubt he’ll really want to come back.

  355. btw, i am still buzzing from yesterday.

  356. Jonny .I believe he was happy here.
    And Arsene loves him.(not like I do ,but you know)

  357. @ pedantic george
    By the way folks .the Meerkat might be back.It seems Arsene has let him go to rediscover his form and play every week leading up to the Euro’s.

    ha. I said as much.

  358. what has happened to Gadget?

  359. FunGunner,It is a Wigan accent if you don’t mind/

  360. Clerkenwell Gooner

    IMHO Bacary Sagna won that match for us yesterday.

    First, his Ramos-esque header for the start of the comeback, then the one-two assist at a bajillion miles an hour with Rosicky to put us in the lead.

    Welcome back Bac3, indeed.

  361. CG, he did have a stormer. I just watched the highlights to revel in it all over again. I had to laugh: after the final whistle, Sagna made a point of making sure that his hair was in order!

    To do list:
    1. Defeat the enemy
    2. Check hair

  362. what has happened to Gadget?

    Must have just been a passing fad.

  363. @ PG
    I beg your pardon.

    @ Billy’s Boots | February 27, 2012 at 9:59 pm
    ha ha.

  364. Very disappointed that nobody took the bait on my 1.39pm post.

    When will the politicians learn to stop meddling in football? On the radio this morning, they said that UN delegates were considering their response to the on-going violence in Serie A. Shouldn’t they be spending their time on something more important, like sorting out the situation in the Middle East?

    Probably the wrong day to try it.

  365. Conversation overheard on the Tottenham bench yesterday (with apologies to Muppet):

    ‘Arry: Oi, Kev, lemme tell ya, this geezer from the FA, right, ‘e’s tryin’ a tell me, right, that if I want the job, I have to farkin know the countries there are. He says ‘e’ll help me if I givvim the number of my tax man! Farkin ‘ell, I won’t givvim that. Anyway, ‘e says there’s a country right, that’s got the same name as a football league.

    — Kevin Bond: Geddaht, mate. ‘e’s ‘avin’ a larf, innit?

    ‘Arry: Nah, he means it. An he dahn mean, like, the farkin’ English Premier League’s go’ the same name as English, er, England, nah, he dahn mean that!

    — Kevin Bond: Farkin’ ‘ell ‘arry, wot does ‘e mean? Like Bali? Or I-ran? Or that place, wot wozzit, where The Arsenal went las’ summa? You know the one, near Singapo’… M-L-a-S-ia? Beckham plays there, innit?

    ‘Arry: Nah, Kev, Beckham farkin’ plays in outer space, innit, innuva farkin galaxy. He did sumfink for that beardy Branson geezer, and he got himself a farkin rocket, innit? Nah, this FA geezer’s tryin’ a tell me, tha’ there’s a country, right, called Serie A. Can you Adam an’ Eve it?

    — Kevin Bond: Wot, like in Italy an that? Where they got that Burlesque-ony bloke an’ pasta an’ Gian-fran-co Zola an’ all?!

    ‘Arry: Nah, he farkin said Serie A! Wivva tanks an’ that! In the farkin Middle East!

    — Kevin Bond: Wot, like near Chigwell?

    [fades to black]

    Good luck, England!

  366. Why cant you be more like Piers Morgan Suga? You seem to share alot of his opinions but hes so much more fun to read….

  367. I saw it Billy’s boots, but that one went right over my head! I thought it was genuine, since politicians are not shy about getting involved in things that shouldn’t concern them!

  368. That was in reply to your 10.05 pm post Billy!

  369. @ Billy’s Boots
    Funny thing is, I read it as “Syria” first time around anyway!

  370. The funny thing is, I really did hear it on the radio this morning (admittedly, not listening too closely), and I heard it as ‘Serie A’! I concluded that I have been thinking about football too much lately!

  371. Has this been posted? What I liked best was the way Benayoun, Arteta and Rosicky all interacted at such high speed. They were luck football hummingbirds or something.

  372. Passenal, yes, probably too close to the truth!

    FG, bah, sorry, not trying to trump your “funny thing”! Power of suggestion!

  373. Lol @ suga’s crocodile tears. Poor suga3.

  374. @ OOU, great video. TR7 finds angles that nobody else does. As well as his near-miss from the corner in the first half, he did a nice front-post flick-on from another corner routine. In the second half, I noticed another routine that had all the hallmarks as coming from the training-ground. Goals from Sagna and TR7 – the next thing you know, we’ll be scoring from corners!

  375. i wonder how thierry felt about the game. why didnt anyone interview him??

  376. @ Billy Boots
    no worries – my “funny thing” wasn’t funny at all, yours was.

    @ OOU
    lovely bit of vid. Best balance in midfield that we’ve had all season. they fit together so well.

  377. Rosicky is such a quick thinker.

  378. Yeah man, BB – pressing, crazy set-piece routines, and short corners as well. We’re on an incredible journey into the unknown. There were murmurs about the pressing, but the rest came out of nowhere. One thing’s for sure, it’s about to get weird for other teams.

  379. Yeah, what can anyone do against two or three midfielders who are so switched on, FG? Gibbs and Song were also on the wavelength. Especially the former. It really surprised me how well he read what his teammates were going to do after being out so long. Hope we can keep that up.

  380. OOU, yes, it’s a wonderful thought that, rather than fading at this time of year as we have done in the last few years, we are getting stronger. I think FG alluded yesterday to the run we had back in 98 where we just kept winning. It could happen. It seems like the team found their mojo yesterday in a big way; now we have to make sure we don’t lose it! The Liverpool match is HUGE.

  381. Exactly – if we can take that kind of football into the Liverpool game, and get a respectable result against Milan (at least make them worry) then it could get interesting. In some ways it’s frustrating now we know what this team’s really capable of.

  382. “In some ways it’s frustrating now we know what this team’s really capable of.’

    I think Milan knew, hence why they felt the need to sabotage their pitch before our game!

  383. the one thing this result should do is galvanize the support..

    we should all be happy with that result and if we can keep this positive atmosphere into liverpool it would be helpful, maybe…

    that was probably our biggest game of the season and we just bent them over..

    the salt in the wounds is that spurs are getting shagged in the media as well…harrys face looked like a slapped arse when he was slumped watching his team getting torn to,, Gotta be said that watching the game a few times you could actually understand why wenger said we were perfect..wenger tactically fucked harry in that one and ive seen a few quotes today on other threads that said it was spurs best team for 50 years and our worst and we took them, and we shook them and we kicked the shit out of them..

    think george hit the nail on the head earlier when it was mentioned that spurs had a good few minutes but other than that they got lucky with their goals, bales a big eared cheating twat and spurs got one for free from both us and the ref..for best part of 90 mins we just tonked them..

    gotta be happy havent we..

  384. Billy’s Boots (9.59) – Very good; Bac’s To Do list might just stay with me until the end of his career!! Maybe next season his list will read:-:

    Win League.
    Check hair.

    Night all.

  385. wow, watched that rosicky video.

    he really made the difference, didnt he? he was everywhere, always the extra man in attack, offering the short option. then his sublime close control could always get him out of tight situations. he was linking everything up.

    we played with real intensity. fighting for every ball. much has been made of the spuds’ physical presence, but we actually beat them physically as well. we looked like we had more men on the pitch because everyone was fighting. that’s really great to see.

    and what a difference it is having sagna back. even in the first half, theo was going into the middle. it was almost as if we were playing with two forwards, sagna moving up to right mid. rosicky everywhere, and benayoun just dropping into space.

    we were throwing bodies into the box. not often we see that. that really pegged the spuds back.

    i wonder if we will see theo alongside rvp more often. rvp drops deep to get the ball, theo drifts inside, then makes the run. i think that will be very very interesting.

    it wasnt even about tactics in the end. it was about desire and quality. we really just ravaged them after our poor start.

  386. Yes, it is frustrating on the one hand, exciting on the other in that, really, we are not far away if we can keep everyone healthy (a big if) and add wisely in the summer. For many the matches we have left to play, there is a strong theme of “payback”: Liverpool, Milan, Newcastle and Man City. Stoke for past indiscretions. Even QPR with Joey GBH Barton and Wolves for their jammy draw after Christmas.

  387. @ AA lol!

  388. @ JJ Yes, Mike Dean looked almost apologetic when he sent off Parker, as though he was saying, “Sorry, I know it’s not supposed to be this way, but what else can I do?”

    @ korihikage You are spot-on about desire and quality. They could not live with us. We clearly were so much more up for the fight. The bar has now been set very high – have to aim for that level every match now. It’s great that this win came after our cup disappointments rather than before.

  389. That must be especially annoying for AW, Passenal. Knowing how much it affected us – especially the league game against Sunderland, which took out PM and clearly wrecked the rest of the players – but not being taken seriously. AC Milan cheated, plain simple. The quality of the pitch is a crucial factor but gets lost in the post-match nonsense – “AW’s making excuses again”.

    Obviously I’m only bothered because it affects us, but I’d love to see fines for sides that can’t offer a decent playing surface. It harms the spectacle – the reason there’s so much money in the game these days. Almost impossible to enforce though. One for the distant future maybe.

  390. imagine if eden hazard was watching the game.

  391. There’s really no excuse for a top team to have a pitch like that OOU and when a pitch is strategically re-laid on the eve of such an important match you have to question the motivation. Arsene knew exactly what they had done, but he was smart enough not to say it directly because it would have been characterised as excuse-making.

  392. those pictures of dean ‘celebrating’ the spurs goal were hilarious..
    ha what a wally..

  393. Korihikage, Alex Chamberlain was at the Barcelona game and said that he was so thrilled by what he saw that night that it helped to make up his mind to sign for Arsenal! If a player can see beyond his salary and wants to play exciting football, that game was a great advert for us!

  394. Passenal,

    i agree, especially when you just see the pure emotions. fantastic. i still get goosebumps watching the highlights, seeing the outpouring of emotions with all the goals.

    if i were a player thinking about moving, if i see what was on display yesterday, the quality, the emotions, i think i would be very excited.

  395. korihikage, I meant to say both games showed what we can do when everything clicks. Nobody does it better!

  396. Fair play to Adebayor for not celebrating.

  397. I loved how Adebayor stopped grinning at some point in the match. In the beginning he always had this cheeky grin on his face, be it when he was straying offside or fouling one of our players. But then we came back and he had to realise that there was no way he stood a chance against Koscielny/TV5. And his expression changed to pure doom & gloom. Really enjoyed seeing that on his face, just serves him right.

  398. Great write up Yogi. Fantastic game yesterday. 4 goals from someone not named RVP was the best part. Now we need to see some consistency. 12 games to go. Lets do it.

  399. If Spurs had won, Adebayor would probably being interviewed. Ill like to know what he has to say now

  400. Running his mouth before the game about how we sell all our big players and him feeling sorry for us. Bleh, feel sorry for yourself

  401. History-wise, the record books point to a few notable moments with Tottenham as a pivotal point in a chase of some sort. I think Henry will be delighted. Did his spell cast a little sunshine on he team? No saying, but it doesn’t seem to have harmed us.

    All in all, it is true that Redknapp, Adebayor (as if they had choices mind) seemed subdued and respectful in a shocking degree of defeat. I like the fact that Tottenham doesn’t go out to play dirty, although that tackle on Vermealen was off the radar. So, due credit. I wish them well, so long as they are behind us. Until then, we have work to do.

    And Jack, and his bet?

    I am fascinated to see how our team now responds. The commentators were all agog, calling the first half the best first half in the EPL this year, true derby stuff 2-2 going in. The second half was even better, although they were too entranced to say that.

    We’ve stuttered here and there, and then a team produces something like this. Not the result, but the dominance and spirit. When you know what you are capable of, as a team, it’s bewitching. But for those closely following this squad all season, are we all that surprised by the level, because glimpses have come all season, and the management has mentioned once or twice that this is a very fine squad; but without the obvious caveat that it needs time to find itself as a collective.

    Well, let’s see where we go from here, and support developments on and off the field. It won’t be easy, you see, this battle for 4th.

    On another note; anyone notice that our Ryo put up quite a sparkling show against Chelsea, the brightest of the lot in Bolton colours? People are talking about him.

  402. Love the way Ryo basically rapes Cahill and Ivanovic at the same time. Should’ve passed it earlier after that, but he is still young and the amount of promise he is showing is incredible. Really can’t wait to see him with us next season!

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