Spurs Preview: A Defining Moment?

The only thing you can say is that in the last 15 years Spurs have finished behind Arsenal.

Arsène Wenger, February 2012

Spurs arrive at The Emirates for the North London Derby, rightly confident that they can achieve a result this afternoon. No matter what your feelings are toward them, it is undeniable that this is their best squad for a generation with the Premier League table not lying. They have consistently taken advantage of the mediocrity offered by Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool.

For them, a win would keep alive the faint flicker of a title challenge. Avoiding defeat makes it difficult for Arsenal and / or Chelsea to catch them. For Arsenal, a win is vital to keep Chelsea and Liverpool at bay in the race for fourth as much as it might begin the gradual reeling in of third place.

What the result will be depends on which Arsenal turn up. The ones of the San Siro and Stadium of Light? Perhaps it would be better not to play at all. You would like to think that those two substandard performances have been resolved with the week on the training pitch. However much we might wish for it, that is impossible to take for granted. And if it was not sorted on the training pitch, then professional and personal pride must kick in to avert a meltdown of catastrophic proportions.

The contrast between the two managerial fortunes could hardly be more stark. Redknapp is riding high on a crest of a wave having overcome the taxman and been immediately installed as the buffoon Bernstein’s favoured son for the England job. His arrogance is such that having been one of those who derided any previous plan to jobshare, he immediately stated that he could manage the England job part-time for the rest of the season. The FA should be arranging interviews by now for the post; if Redknapp wants it, he fits in with their plans. To be honest, he is far from being the best coach in the world and if he is the best English coach, it sums up how low the stock of the national game is.

So to the match. 2012 has been horrible generally but in the Premier League one of the worst runs under Wenger’s reign. A mini-revival has taken place but the win at The Stadium Of Light a fortnight ago seems a dim and distant memory. We know that the first XI are a match for anyone on their day, the question is whether that day is today or some time unspecified in the future.

Team news is better than recent weeks. Laurent Koscielny is returning to the side whilst Kieran Gibbs is apparently fit. Perhaps that should be view relatively; Gibbs has been so unfortunate with injuries that being able to walk in the morning has at times seemed to be a major achievement.  With the pair fit, Arsène has what many would deem to be his first choice centre back pairing available. It is testament to the Frenchman’s continued improvement that he is recognised as such.

Midfield is where the manager’s biggest choice lies. Rosicky has not dominated matches in a manner that you would expect from a player of his calibre and experience; the mind is still strong but execution is awry. When he occupies the wider positions, he has a tendency to drift infield, into crowded areas making them even more congested. Personally,  I would go with Gervinho and Oxlade-Chamberlain to stretch the Spurs midfield and defence with pace. With that in mind and in spite of the fact that he has looked shattered in recent games, Ramsey is my choice for the third central berth for his ability to cover more of the pitch and a willingness to shoot.

The line up I would expect is:

Szczesny; Sagna, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Gibbs; Ramsey, Song, Arteta; Oxlade-Chamberlain, van Persie, Gervinho

I am not sure Wenger will omit Walcott though which leaves him a difficult choice between Ox and the Ivorian. In that instance, Oxlade-Chamberlain will have to make do with a place on the bench.

Recent Premier League meetings have not gone well for Arsenal. It has been two and a half years since we won a League derby against Spurs; that day saw a parting of the defence that we had come to expect from them. In truth Arsenal have had little difficulty scoring in the subsequent matches, just conceding far too readily. That win is only the 2nd achieved in the last ten league meetings between the two although four of the other eight have been drawn.

You have to go back to the early to mid- 1980s for Tottenham to have enjoyed such relative dominance in the results. Curiously enough, that run ended in the eleventh game. Win today and the psychological boost will be Arsenal’s, something that would go a long way to maintaining the manager’s proud boast.


Enjoy the match wherever you are watching it. ’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Great stuff Yogi. BIG day.

  2. How about playing Gervinho and Walcott and putting Oxlade-Chamberlain in the Ramsey position? Maybe not today, but I’d like to see it tried one day.

  3. Arsenal…Arsenal…Arsenal….Arsenal…


  4. Couldn’t sleep either, eh Frank?

  5. I think I read somewhere that Ramsey want available for the game.

  6. Never can we play these fuckers, Steww

  7. OK. Let me try that again…

    Never can when we play these fuckers, Steww

  8. I shall be in attendance, singing, supporting and making noise. What about everyone else?

  9. Given the media and THFC hypocrisy around racist chanting at Adebayor resulting in the fact that the Thought Police will be in massed attendance today, can any of the more musically minded come with some songs that won’t result in being slung out? Maybe a witty ditty about Arsenal player for a day and resident THFC cone man Allen and his predilection for handshakes, obviously Harry and his relationship with taxes.

  10. “We know that the first XI are a match for anyone on their day, the question is whether that day is today or some time unspecified in the future.” You must be joking! Apart from Van Persie, none of them is good enough for a place in our 1st eleven and maybe only a couple might make our bench. Get ready to weep later today.

  11. I’ve away from d site for a few days. Thanks YW for keeping the fire burning and the same to all the true fans who still support with their heart inspite of the recent setbacks.
    Sp**s may be riding high at d moment bt i believe we are going to put them where they belong this afternoon. The team needs d utmost support we can give today. We still have a long way to go before the end of the season and it starts with the game today. Up the GUNS of ARSENAL

  12. If Wenger ever faced a must win game it is today. Well actually, a “don’t lose” game. We must very rarely have faced a home game vs spuds with confidence as low. I would take a draw. A loss would really prove Harry has taken spurs past a declining Arsenal. A heavy loss and fan reaction will pass tipping point in regards the manager. However a scruffy win against the old enemy today would be disproportionately fantastic. Knocking their title bid, aiding our top four chase. Equally importantly, bragging rights restored to gooners who have taking a hammering this year. Come on you reds.

  13. Going out to burn a few calories and enjoy a rare bit of Somerset sunshine.

  14. Before I go I can’t let this pass “…Harry has taken spurs past a declining Arsenal” it would of course prove no such thing. We are having (by our very high standards) a relatively poor season they are having (by their mediocre standards) a blindingly good one. That’s all.

  15. Really Stew? I would say that the past 5-years have seen a closing of the massive gulf which definitely existed (past tense), between our great clubs. As true Spurs fans, we have been apprehensively believing that we are now emerging as the better team, but in the last few months, belief has definitey overcome apprehension. Today could truly provide a defining moment!

  16. Observations true as ever, but I worry over team choice. Not so much over Walcott v AOC, as both can make an impact from the bench. No more the choice between Rosicky and Ramsey? If you want quick passing going forwards then Rosicky would be my preference, but if you want to defend more … then Ramsey. Neither score enough to warrant being in the first 11 on that basis, but who else is?
    The bench will be interesting, because I cannot see Gibbs going the full 90 having only just come back, and you can be sure Bale will switch wings to exploit that? One possibility would be to have Yennaris ready and switch Sagna to LB? Clearly Benayoun will join one of above for the MF cover.
    It will be tough today, but if the team want the (whole) crowd behind them then they must attack at speed, defend as one, and be more clinical in front of goal. Because Spurs will be expecting to win, their attacking game could actually benefit us … if we are quick with the passing? Don’t let the ‘Fart or Parker have too much time on the ball, and watch for their overlaps wide, and the odd goal could win it? But let’s not kid ourselves, it will not be easy.
    Trust them to give it their best shot, so win lose or draw …SUPPORT THEM!

  17. Spuds roll on another half century with no big honours

  18. No idea what the result will be this afternoon.
    All I will say is that, historically, when Arsenal are playing a bit poorly and then meeting a team tipped to beat them…..that is invariably when their game is raised for some unknown reason and a victory occurs (e.g.Chelsea away, this season).
    The trouble is that in the next game against a bottom club they will play badly and lose…..again for no apparent reason.
    Supporting Arsenal is not for the faint-hearted.

  19. My concern is how long will we be without a maestro.
    Will Jack be that player and if so when will he be ready?
    A genius type(overused terminology I know)in midfield,is the difference between a good team and a great team.

  20. COYG!

    “13 games left, things are too tight to be civilized!”

  21. UP THE. GUNS OF. ARSENAL!!!!!!
    come on you red & whites.. destroy the TOTTedelers delusions of grandeur.

  22. Come on you mighty Gunners!
    I will be there with you.

  23. Er Nicky,
    “The trouble is that in the next game against a bottom club they will play badly and lose”

    Not to worry, our next game is against Liverpool.

    Also your words, “they will play badly” , speaks volumes about who u support.

  24. Good spot Aman.

    I am still lower than a snakes belly.How about you?

  25. I thought Ramsey was injured? Which is why I was most dissapointed Arsh was allowed to go on loan.

  26. I got worried when I read in Untold, that people were using up to 50 different identities …. does that mean only about 4 ‘real’ people respond on this site … Is it true that ‘Pedantic george’ and ‘Aman’ are one and the same …..

    Ooohh,spooky thought or what?

  27. Picking up the pieces, PG…healing very slowly

    hoping the boys help with a win today

  28. As if you read Untold! Le Grove seems much more likely to me Gary lemon

  29. Keep your multiple identities to yourself Gerry Lennon
    ACLF will not implode with such bile.
    Please tread really carefully here
    The callibre of firepower WILL tear you a new one..easily!

    “13 games left, things are too tight to be civilized!”

  30. @ClockEndRider

    For ‘arry, I’m hoping for a chorus of an old favourite: “You’re supposed to be in jail.” Not heard, I believe, since Jermaine Pennant’s first visit to the Emirates.

  31. YW

    I think Ramsey is out with an ankle injury…

    I would actually think about playing Rosicky in the Arteta role with Yossi in midfield today..

  32. It is a good team that you have suggested, with many options available from the bench.We also do not have the ‘trouble’ of other competitions and everyone should be well focused and rested.

    Generally I agree with Steww’s; the spuds having a ‘blinding season’ comment and would just add that they only beat a ‘new’ Arsenal team by one when we met at their place.

    Game on. Important match and a real opportunity to shut some of the idiots in the press up who think Aunty ‘Arry is the new messiah.

  33. If we loose the focus will be on how crap arsenal is. When we win the focus will be on those five fans who had vile chants towards adebayors mum…. Such is for world of the British press…

  34. Supporting arsenal is definitely not for the faint hearted but the truth is we havent been good enough in our last two outings. The players will need no extra motivation for this game..Adebayor returning (you just know he will score!)…the defeat earlier in the season..being ten points behind…the porspect of EUFA cup football….fans discontent….Spurs have rightly garnered the pundits plaudits for their performances this season ably assisted by

    1.Chelsea and Arsenals decline
    2.No energy sapping chamions league games sandwiched in between their Premier league games
    3. Key players remaining fit and having a confident offensive unit

    This game will either be the nail in Arsenes coffin the pundits are hoping for or the game that gets us back on track. I hope the latter. if Arsenal play this game in their heads and make it personal they wil come unstuck, we just seem to have no beleif when it matters of late. The emirates crowd need to make the emirates a fortress and get the team going. My heart is hoping for a spurs humuliation but my head says it is likely to be a drama a minute corker if the previous encounters are anything to go by. 3-2 Arsenal. Van Persie and Gervinho to put Spurs to the sword. COYG. We need that f@ckin top spot and make Spurs season unravel.

  35. as long as tr7 is fit,ramsey should be on the bench except we havent learnt anything in the past few games playing him ahead of tr7.tbh,ramsey is increasingly becoming like a less skillfull but bigger and stronger denilson.not good enough to play ahead of tr7

  36. A win today to get things back on track.

  37. Poodle

    I think it is a good day to be positive about Arsenal, with the team, the defence, players being fit, competition for places etc.

    Screw the press, screw idiot fans and screw the spuds. It is really clear what the players need to do and that is to have a good game, win, draw or lose. Keep the ball, dominate possession and create chances.

    Let us keep this season on the only track we have left. It is a tough match which is easily winnable with this team.

    And besides it is at home……far from being a ploughed bog the pitch will be immaculate – having the stadium we do always makes it a pleasure hosting our poor, deluded neighbours.

  38. Apparently once in the distant past, the Famous Tottnumb Hotspoor went to Rome to see the Pope. Wouldn’t have minded being a fly on the wall in that particular conversation.
    I wonder what he said?

  39. Only a win will do.Start the Ox and Ramsey

  40. The game will be won in midfield.Song has to follow Modric every inch of the Emirates.

  41. @Aman, I think you have difficulty in understanding plain English so I will explain my comment simply, especially for you.
    1. I referred to the next game we have to play against a lowly team in the League.
    2. Having supported Arsenal since the mid-1930’s, I would find it difficult to alter my allegiance after such a long time.
    3. Look up Arsenal’s record of bizarre wins and losses over the years.

  42. Steww 8.27 – you are bang on, as ever – if it were Arsenal in 3rd place some would point to that as evidence of a terrible decline and an unacceptable depth plummeted.

    However, as it is Spurs, they are ‘riding high’ and ‘Arry is the new messiah …

    Anyway, I’m expecting a really tough game for the spuds today against an immensely talented young Arsenal side chomping at the bit for a resounding result, fully capable of taking advantage of a pitch surface which is commensurate with their playing style.

    Fantastic sunny day here in London and heading off to the Ems shortly, can’t wait …

    Billy’s Boots – “You’re supposed to be in Jail” it is then!!! Nice one.

    And if we hear any booing, then “You’re supposed to be a fan” can be our back up number.

  43. Remember yesterday BLF asked who the idiot brigade would turn on? I suggested Ramsay would soon be getting the Denilson treatment and right on cue Ace proves my point .

  44. I would like to challenge all those who think todays encounter is only a game…only a game my @rse! COYG! Theres only one team in North London and it aint Tottenham.

  45. steww

    funny thing is that most of those people calling for rosicky to start ahead of ramsey are the same ones blasting rosicky over the past couple of years.

    those calling for rvp to be sold a few years ago are the same ones singing his praises

    those saying mertesacker is useless are the ones bemoaning his absence now

    those dismayed at the signing of Ox are the ones calling for him to start every game

    and those calling for arshavin to go are suddenly his fans now tt hes gone off on loan.

    we live in a wacky world.

  46. I would be tempted to play Yossi in the forward midfield role. Although Tomas works hard getting back, I think Yossi has more about him to unlock defences.

  47. Sod it lets really freak em out and go with Park and Chamakh with RVP in behind them! They will never expect that. We have been keeping Parks amazing goalscoring genius hidden for this moment to unleash him, you mark my words!!

  48. Drew10 wins post of the day at 11:22

  49. agreed, george

  50. i miss eduardo

  51. Charlie on SSN

    What a Legend

    Come on the ARSENAL!!!

  52. Matt Fortune ‏ @DMworldfootball

    Arsenal’s net spend in the last ten years = £19m. Tottenham’s in the same period = £208m. Do with that information what you will

    so cut the crap about spuds doing well on a shoestring budget.

  53. The emirates crowd need to make the emirates a fortress and get the team going.

    this is what should happen at derbies

  54. It is still early for the post of the day award, but it should go to the most positive.

  55. again…nIcky,

    “The trouble is that in the next game against a bottom club they will play badly and lose…..again for no apparent reason.
    Supporting Arsenal is not for the faint-hearted”

    “they will play badly” just doesn’t help anything but prepare you for a loss after today’s win possibly…?
    all i ask is that u please put the red flag stats on hold for a bit..s’all.

    Kudos to u sir for being a gooner that long!

    “13 games left, things are too tight to be civilized!”

  56. I’m not sure I’d put Ramsey in ahead of Rosicky. Rosicky drifted inside a lot when he was deployed in the left forward role because he shouldn’t have been playing there to begin with, but in the middle as part of a 3 I’d say he’s more capable of dictating the play than the Welshmen. Also Tomas likes a good tackle, and there’s going to be a fair few of those flying about today.

  57. Hunter

    Could you imagine that? It would be like the Emirates had been overtaken by aliens.

  58. TR7v Rambo debate, start with one, if it does not work or if they look tired switch. We have options and they are good options.

    Where is the problem?

  59. aman .That would put him in his ninety’s
    I doubt he is even 30 years old let alone been supporting since the 30’s.

  60. MESSAGE:


    remember we the less-lucky TV & Internet viewing gooners live the matchday experience vicariously through you.


    Lets kick some Spud arse!


    “13 games left, things are too tight to be civilized!”

  61. Good thinking SA Gooner.I like that

  62. 13 games until the real fan war starts.

    It could be bad this summer I fear.

  63. Steww 11.07 – yup, Tales of the Totally Predictable.

    I’m off – good luck everyone and COYGS!

  64. PG,
    I just took his word for it.
    There are way more important things to be worried about today.
    We can always go back to retrieve pronouncements made
    Yogi’s archives are top notch

    “13 games left, things are too tight to be civilized!”

  65. PG, I’m anticipating the collapse of the fence this summer
    We’re emptying all closets..

  66. It would be good if you could retrieve things certain posters have said without having to wade through everything.

    Like say key is

    Luke 1/1/20012 -3/2/2012 and everything pops up.
    As Jean-Luc Picard might say “make it so Yogi”

  67. “13 games left, emptying all closets, things are too tight to be civilized!”

  68. Hunter

    Could you imagine that? It would be like the Emirates had been overtaken by aliens.

    i dream about momments like that in emirates 🙂

  69. Great idea PG….yeah,

    “Make it so YOGI!”

  70. but only accessible to ACLF “regulars” methinks.
    YW can decide upon the criteria by which to validate “us”

  71. what this game needs is a van bomel, vieira, effenberg to tackle vdv or modric and send him 8ft high in the air and set the tone for what is to follow…….

  72. @Pathetic George,
    I happen to be 88 which makes me an experienced and totally loyal supporter of our great Club. More than many of the folk who pontificate on this site. Particularly those who cannot formulate a comment without obscenity.

  73. I expect:

    01 Szczesny
    02 Sagna
    03 Gibbs
    04 Vermaelen
    05 Koscielny
    06 Song
    07 Gervinho
    08 Arteta
    09 RvP
    10 Rosicky
    11 AOC

    SUBS: Fabianski, Djourou, Yennaris
    Park, Benayoun, Walcott, Ramsey

    Chamakh’s supposed to be nursing a big toe isn’t he?

    “13 games left, emptying all closets, things are too tight to be civilized!”

  74. respect

  75. Let be clear here.
    If any of our players go near Bale Modric or VDV they will be taking an early bath.

    I dont see us winning with this Ref.And that is not getting my excuses in early either.I honestly dont think it will be allowed.

  76. who is the ref pg?

  77. Hunter enough with the videos,I takes an age to refresh the page with all of them .

  78. Mike Dean and Dowd is 4th official

  79. Mike Dean and Dowd is 4th official

    ahahhahahahaa ….omfg……

  80. Dean/Dowd is a combination straight out of some of my worst nightmares. The only thing worse would be if Riley came out of retirement for one match to f*ck us over properly one last time.

  81. omg, Dean & Dowd spells doom & groan

    So “only” clear goals will win us this game today ?
    Long range shots best…cue Arteta, TR7 & RvP

    Might we get to see Park?
    heard he’s quite good @ free kicks

  82. Arsenal: Szczesny, Sagna, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Gibbs, Rosicky, Song, Arteta, Walcott, Benayoun, Van Persie.

    Subs: Park, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Fabianski, Jenkinson, Gervinho, Chamakh, Miquel.

    From @Arsenal on Twitter

    Strange that Benayoun starts over Oxlade-Chamberlain or Gervinho (or that Walcott’s form merits a start at all) and no Djourou on the bench.

  83. lol ..i dont even know if its worth wathcing knowing who the officials are ….

    doesnt arsenal have the right to complain of this appointment? or reject it? and ask for different referees?

    ivan..pull a finger out…

  84. ‘Stan Kroenke not at the Emirates today. Decided against watching Arsenal-Spurs in the end. He has sent a personal good luck message to team


    More wonderful leadership from our majority shareholder.

  85. ” Sorry , we wont be putting the team out today if the game is officiated by these refs, fuck your english premier league and fuck sky too. We are Arsenal and we demand referees with impartiality independance and above all integrity. Preferably from abroad so that we end this farce with these native neanderthal refs and their rugby rules. “

  86. well lew you can go with you 9 punds 50 and purchase the club and then we can critisise your leadership too … 😛

  87. Team in full: Szczesny, Sagna, Vermaelen, Koscielny, Gibbs, Song, Arteta, Rosicky, Benayoun, Walcott, Van Persie.

    Substitutes: Fabianski, Jenkinson, Miquel, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Gervinho, Chamakh, Park.

    Wow..no Djourou?

  88. is that retard lambert the linesman too ? thats a holy trinity ..ahhahahaa

  89. Looks like a defensive-minded line up with Rosicky and Benayoun looking for retaining possession. Walcott and Gibbs could be important with possibilities of a few quick counter attacks.

  90. hunter 13

    I couldn’t afford an quarter of one Arsenal share never-mind 67% of them.

  91. if you read untold it illustrates the % of bias these officials have against ARSENAL and in favour of the twitcher

  92. If you think Arsenal fans are nervous, how do you think the spuds are feeling right now?

    Most understand the hype. They expect to get beat or scrape a draw.

  93. 5:10 am here in California! I am going on about three hours of sleep and still kind of drunk. Perfect formula for watching a North London Derby…COYG!

  94. What’s with Ramsey? We don’t have a single midfielder on the bench.

  95. Ramsey did his ankle at Sunderland.

  96. On that beautiful pitch of theirs of course…

  97. Evil

    Injured in the last game mate…

  98. Agree with Aman

    Everyone at the game…cheer a little extra for all of us…Arsenal vs Spurs…The journey to this seasons St Totts begins in earnest today…

    Up the Arsenal!!!

  99. The only benefit to early kickoff is I am too tired and partially drunk to be nervous …I am hoping it bodes well. A win over the Totts would be a perfect way to start the day…

  100. Lets put all that none of the Arsenal team would get into the Spurs eleven stuff to bed the pundits are spouting right away…COYG!

  101. KG here. Better never than late.

  102. I am a little surprised we are going with Benayoun instead of the Ox or Gervinho as well. I hope we do not come out cautious in this one. We need to assert ourselves early.

  103. Benny the goon has looked hungry. Hope it proves master-stroke we all suspect it will be. Good luck everyone. Here we fucking go.

  104. Good to see Benayoun – against inferior opposition maybe but he was immense in the reserves t’other day.

    Have a great match everyone.

    I feel good about this one, we’ve got experience, we’ve got pace and WE’VE GOT RVP!

  106. @vice interesting choice indeed..We all know hes a great player though when hes at his best.

  107. We’re staring at you, we’re staring at you; Harry Redknapp, we’re staring at you!

    I wish I could be at the stadium! I’d bring a sign saying, “I wanted to make a sign insulting you, ‘arry, but remembered you can’t read.”

  108. Big game today. We need to stay solid in the back. Any sort of win will be welcome. Big surprise with the line up. Yossi in front of Gerv and Ox. No Johan on the bench. Hope it works out.

  109. that is a proper lol goal!

  110. What is going on in our back line to let Saha have 15 yards of space for that…great fuckin start…

  111. What a bizarre goal… Plenty of time yet.

  112. Bollocks..obligatory goal concede now for the proper game.COYG.

  113. sighs……..

  114. well it did look utterly stupid..

  115. They playing like a fucking pub team, Where the fuck is the defending?

    Another build up. Just some fucking pride is all we ask.

  116. Not really such a bizarre goal when the appear to be getting a little more frequent. I do agree however that we have a whole game to play yet.

  117. Why appeal. This ref won’t give us a penalty. Good fight back.

  118. benayoun best player right now

    good forward thinking

  119. they just dont shoot enough 😦

  120. if Rosicky and Benny find their shootinb boots though it would help alot…

  121. Lucky goal but where in the world was our central defense. We have to sort that out. I miss our BFG

  122. let the dodgy calls begin…no one touched monkey boy…fuck me

  123. Dean is already doing exactly what I was expecting him to do.

  124. The lack of understanding in our defence might just have a tiny bit to do with the four hundred different line ups we’ve been forced to use this season. Not excusing the chance we gave them, the goal itself was a deflection, could have gone anywhere.



  126. but we keep giving the ball away thoug which is a bit annoying.. we should be better than that…

  127. holy shit that was close…this is frantic stuff

  128. Well I think the ref has set out his stall. They get every shout. we have to hope.

  129. FUCK. Close indeed.

  130. Is this just not typical? Freak goall, stonewall penalty turned down. Come on you Gunners

  131. Unlucky Theo – good run.

  132. Get up Assou-Ekoto you bitch…

  133. theo ffs….show some balls…

  134. Damn near great goal from RVP…good take.

  135. We just need a break. We’ve rattled them at the back.

  136. Fuuuuuuuuuccccccckkkkkkkkkkk!!!! nearly again

  137. See they get a deflection it goes in. We get one it takes it wide.

  138. Come on Rosicky. Almost, almost …

  139. played well apart from that defensive blunder the equalizer will come

  140. why does our players not fire like Walked did there??

  141. Verm and Sagna attacking leaving us horribly exposed at the back

  142. Come on guys one last push.

  143. That’s the danger of our all out attack. We leave gaps. Great strength from Gibbsy again to stop whoever the fuck they have up front.

  144. Arteta is flying into tackles all over the place…

  145. Our boys are giving it their all!

  146. Way to attack the ball Benny!

  147. Benny looks really good.

  148. Great selection from le gaffer

  149. We are so much the better team. But as Steww says Saha scuffs his shot and it was going nowhere, our shot gets cleared. Grrrrr

  150. Totts diving all over the pitch

  151. parker you cunt!!!!!! with studs on ankles huh???? you cunt!!!

  152. 2 yellows for their midfielders…good news for us.

  153. Maybe this ref is just utterly utterly incompetent and not biased?

  154. he got a yellow for being pushed into a guy…nice

  155. How was that a yellow he was stumbling from a challenge?

  156. so Kos getting yelow card since Tottenham is faking?? damn!

  157. fusksake

  158. Where the fuck was Chezzer…took forever to come out for that…fuck

  159. Fuck me Kos was already falling when that ugly cunt stood in front of him. How is that a booking???

  160. so they get a penalty??

  161. fuck you dean ……..that was a fkn dive…

  162. nevermind last comment…if he sees red this is a fuckin joke…

  163. Dive. After a push on Gibbs.

  164. this is a fkn joke…. fuck english refs..fuck this league..

  165. that is it. we just goona loose out due Bale diving

  166. Well well well…the only positive I see is that the Totts look week at the back…one goal before the half and we are in decent position…

  167. Mike Dean is a c@nt. A dive from bale equals penalty …scum scum scum.COYG.

  168. now tell me what the hell is the point watching football when someone win due to cheating???

  169. There wasn’t contact but any player would have done that.

  170. Just not good enough.

  171. remember to blame the players and the manager …ignore the fact arsenal gets raped on the pitch by these fucking xenophobic little engladers referees….

  172. This sums up our season. Not tactics, transfers bad performances or any of the other shit. Deflections, dreadful decisions and score lines that do not reflect the way we play.
    A mountain to climb now.

  173. Refs, pitches, sun in our eyes.

  174. Never a penalty, never. If it was, why was there no card? Travesty

  175. Theo played that much too early…fuck

  176. walcott should have shot…

  177. we’ve lost today, due to the dirtiest referee ever

    we’ve lost the last 11 games mike dean has refereed for us

    tells you something doesnt it

  178. but rvp should gave passed it back

  179. No Gunnerjones it isn’t but some people will blame our players – can you believe it?

  180. Theo needs to shoot but it was Bales theatrics that nailed our coffin this day…
    He will be lauded a grat player for taking advantage of the game tomorrow…

  181. Moe – we haven’t lost yet.

  182. @Gunnerjones i what will you change for next game that makes us better? who will you buy in for next game GUnner that will change things for us?

  183. If these known characters(refs) decide to ruin the game and titling it towards the spudniks, my vote would be to tackle one of them and sending him 8 feet in the air. Accidentally of course. 🙂

    A statement of intent must be made, one way or another.
    Down with the spudnik wanebes.
    Fourth in the transfer spend table since. 2006.
    Shoestring budget. MY ASS.

  184. Theophile hasn’t contributed much thus far.

  185. come on!!!!!!!!!!

  186. O no it certainly isn’t Stew, excuses excuses exuses .
    Now that’s better Baca ! Back in it now.

  187. Sagna!!! Beauty!!!

  188. You have to be fuckin kidding me off the post….There we go Sagna…We will win this fuckin game! Turn this around boys…the Totts are overrated

  189. Come on. Perfect timing.

  190. Fuckin get in Sagna!!!!!!Game on.

  191. go go go go gog !!!!!! shame walcott did nto score though he needs his confidence back!

    With out that fake penalty we would be 1-1!!!

  192. Sagna…

    Come on boys. Please, come on…

  193. steww

    i know, its just the gloom of recent weeks is affecting my optimism

  194. F*ck yeah! Great, Sagna!

  195. Gunnerjones, I know it’s insane how some people blame us because of a deflection and a dive, but what can you do?

  196. ah bale is really cottonwolled by the refs. Hes untouchable

  197. Walcott…come on son…you re not doing yourself any favors with shit like that…

  198. Credit to Theo for the move right before the goal. Great pass to RVP and really unlucky that Robin only hit the post. And great Arteta cross, of course! We can do this, we can win this!

  199. Bacary Sagna.

    Thank you for showing the team how to attack the fucking ball.

    Good afternoon ACLF.

  200. Booya !

  201. wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  202. Fucking beauty!



  205. Fuck yeah RvP!!!!!

  206. RVP!!!!!! OMG

  207. optimism restored

    fucking come on you bastards you can do this

  208. Grit and desire in the face of adversity.
    Come on.

  209. and sorry for shouthing.. i apologiese for rude language and shouting…

  210. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH fucking have that you defeatist doomer scum.

  211. He was due one of those, wasn’t he?

  212. Told you they are looking ripe for the taking

  213. RvP!!!

    That’s how it’s done. That’s how you punish the miserable cheats.

  214. Thats fucking better! Gwan Van Persie.

    Can somebody tell Song to do what he’s paid for and protect the back four now ffl sake.

  215. Van Persie!!!!!What a goal. OMG. Who are ya.!!!

  216. Shut up Darius you doomer 😉

  217. goonerton – you seriously think that is Song’s role???

  218. We aren’t half involved in some dramatic games.

  219. Ade getting in on the theatrics now…bitch

  220. And ade is such a theatric ass! He does not deserve our fair play!

  221. Our goals are sheer glass and genuine. Spuds were lucky and cheats

  222. Poor old Ade. Hope he’s ok.

  223. Love those faces of the sc*m fans.

  224. Bale is dangerous

  225. If only Theo gets his confidence back and starts shooting he will be unstoppable! and we all know it.
    Its just very frurstrating that he is not blossoming fully yet.

  226. Love Walcott to score today

  227. Very clever professional play acting to take the sting out before half time by Ade. Just as we were battering them.

  228. Interesting change of formation with Theo and RVP both playing more centrally.

  229. That, I suppose is why we need to keep the faith.

  230. I love that Arteta is harrying the shit out of everyone…clipping their heels at every oppportunity. It really is helping disrupt their midfield.

  231. Come on Arsenaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllllllllll

  232. you just dont know which arsenal will turn up these days

    this is the arsenal i love, pace power, quick passing and also ALWAYS LOOKING TO ATTACK

  233. I think I saw an OPTA stat that Bale is the only premiership player to have bookings for “simulation” this year … hmmm?

  234. ohn Cross ‏ @johncrossmirror
    Whole crowd turning on Walcott. Loud chants of ‘get him off.’ That should help a player struggling. #afc

    Fuck our fans I say.
    Looks like Theo has inherited Andrei’s fan base

  235. Aside from his flick to RVP in the build up to Bac’s goal, this is the worst I’ve seen Theo play.

  236. Can anybody say that we haven’t looked the better team past the 10th minute or so? I was really fearing for the worst when Dean gifted them that penalty — especially after he turned down two of our appeals on the other side — but the boys did us proud in the first half. Exactly the response needed. I think we will come out strong in the second half. At present it#s still Arsenal 2 – Tottenham 1 – Dean 1, but I can see us scoring another two without reply. We have it in us. Come on you Gunners!

  237. sorry – should have said two bookings for simulation!

  238. If we win today Tottenham are out of the title race and has to fight for their lives to keep no 3. As chelsea and arsenal are smelling blood!

  239. steww

    So what is his roll then? Is a attacking MD or defensive MD?

    1000s of Gooners worldwide are very fucking confused.

    When on the pitch you got your position but, you should also possess common fking sense to hang back a little in case things break down and your team gets hit on break.

    Seeing as it happens nearly every match 38xs a year it should click in shouldn’t it?

    So many fucking excuses these days.

  240. I also have a feeling Parker may see red before the day is up.

  241. PG – with his contract up for negotiation as well. Their timing stinks. I’d ban them from the fucking stadium. Graceless, ingrates.

  242. Some people. Styrength in adversity is what wins battles, games and titles.

    Giving up when you go behind is a sad refelection on how brittle is our support.

    Never give up. Never say die.

    This team didn’t. Bloody brilliant.

  243. But the thing with Theo is that he was doing quite a few good things, but his decision making has seriously let him down tonight. But he has been a constant danger nevertheless. Assou-Ec*nto is not comfortable playing against Theo and that will lead to more mistakes.

  244. We were much the better team but vulnerable to counter-attack and confused at the back. If we can shore things up and make sure not to concede we should get another goal or two.

    Soft penalty and a freak deflection. Hopefully Dean doesn’t have any more effect on this match. The yellows on Kos and Arteta could be a problem.

    I’d like to see Gervinho and the Ox get a chance.

  245. The biggst difference between the teams.
    Tottenham are prepared to cheat their way to a victory. We play fair..
    I know alot of fans hate that.

  246. that was really unfair ..0-2 with a dive from bale …dean = cunt..

    well done to the team 2-2 …now put walcott out and gervinho in please…enough…the kids can play in other games ..not derbies..

  247. The lack of any censure for the outright cheating for the 2nd spud goal from the commentators was just remarkable. Instead the banged on about the beauty of the pass the speed of Bale. On and on. Not a mention of the fact that it was disgusting, blatant dive from the only Prem player to have been cautioned twice this season for simulation.
    I’ll be interested to see Wrighty and Hoddle’s interpretation of it.

  248. goonerton, we don’t play a straightforward 4 3 3, I thought everyone knew that. The players interchange it’s total football man. Enjoy it. And plenty of people here understand it so I wouldn’t stress it.

  249. The next 50/50 penalty decision in their box is almost certain to go our way. Just need to keep the ball in and around their area. Bale is such a prick it’s unreal.

  250. Come on Theo..forget the moaning and groaning…just get on with it and win us the game…best way to shut people up…easier said than done I know..

    Milke Dean trying his best to be MOTM for spurs again…

  251. @goonerton
    You just do not understand the way our midfield plays, I am sorry but that’s the simple truth. It has been two seasons since Song’s role was to “protect” the back 4. Nowadays the midfield is usually rotating, two go up, one stays back to cover. Song has got as much right to attack as his partner in the centre.

  252. Just saw replay again…If that was Eduardo flinging himself to the ground there would be an FA investigation…I am sure Monkey Boy will get praises from all the pundits foe being “clever”.

  253. Frankly, that was a clear dive.

  254. @Jonny
    I liked your old picture better. 😦

  255. Exactly, Vice. He should be pilloried in the press for being a monkey diver.

  256. We were out of position all over the place for their first goal.

    It would have been nice for a midfielder to cover that run through the middle.

    Is that Song’s job? Well it’s either his or Arteta’s surely?

  257. I agree with Consolbob. As I hope my comments during the match bear witness.

  258. Stew = exuses

    Much better, showing that fighting spirit that we all know is there. Let’s let out the Ox with 20 to go and see how they cope.

  259. I wonder what on earth you might think you mean gunnerjones. Ah well I’ve got Arsenal fans to share the match with so I don’t really mind about you.

  260. Sublime finish from RvP. Tiny totts aren’t in this if we play our game. Let’s pour it on!!!!

  261. Bob – a decent portion of the Arsenal fans at the ground were singing damn loud after the 2nd Spuds goal – a good response.

  262. Johnny what’s that you’re smoking?

  263. @Steww – I’m keeping a low profile in this Anti-Arsenal pub I’m in. Only a few people have wondered why I keep jumping up and down and cursing out nobody in particular.

    How’ve you been my friend?

  264. You have your answer Jonny. Hoddle and Wright both thought it wasn’t a penalty but not a word about diving. Instead we get, well, why wasn’t the keepper sent off?

    Clearly Bale has reached the height in the stratosphere as Rooney and Gerrard. Whatever they do, they are not guilty.

  265. If we need a goal late we may see Gerv and the Ox come on at the same time…that would be terrifying for the opposition.

  266. What a fucking diving motherfucka chimp

  267. Cbob

    It really should have been Gibbs on the cover, getting caught that far up the pitch with the play on the opposite side was quite poor TBH..but anyway it matters not…come on you gooooooooooners!!!!!

  268. For Stew

    Excuses are the tools with which persons with no purpose in view build for themselves great monuments of nothing.  ~Steven Grayhm

  269. A fully deserved comeback. Total heart in that one. Crowd really need to lay off Walcott before he loses all confidence. Why are the home support doing this to our own players? It smacks of too many season ticket holders not going and being replaced by casual suporters who know best.

  270. Yep, noticed that steww. On your own though Mate.

    I agree about the fans in the stadium Jonny. I’m coming round to the view that it’s the internet fans who are the bigger problem.

  271. Is it OK to declare officially that Mike Dean is a cunt? This isn’t a one off, he’s got form.

    We already know Bale of Nazareth is a platinum diving cunt.

  272. On our feed we have, most unfortunately, Robson commentating. At least Curbishley and the other studio pundit both said it wasn’t a penalty and that Arsenal had played much better in the first half.

    But yes, Bale should be hounded the way Eduardo was.

    That is something Arsenal supporters should see to on the call in shows, 606 and on comments on the newspaper/football blogs and on twitter.

    A campaign like that would be good to shake up Spurs a bit in the run in. But it will never happen, the media love Spurs.

  273. It’s all good stew, just knowing you know I’m here is good enough for me.

  274. I hope our bench with Ox and Gerv will make a difference.

    And there will be a red card today. I hope it will be Parker, not Arteta. We’ll need to be careful.

  275. Yossi over Gervinho’s worked a treat so far, he works SO hard down that left hand side.

  276. Who are these people that just bitch and moan during the match? Looking for excuses? Surely anyone with eyes understands Bale is a cheating cunt and the ref was more than happy to oblige when he pulled off his Greg Luganis impersonation.

    And even with a complete defensive breakdown we still had a man in position for Saha’s goal and he shanked his shot, got a deflection and presto!, fluke goal. They are not excuses…facts are facts.

  277. Excellent atmosphere in the ground.

    Sandro on–see how we adjust in the midfield battle; we were dominating them there.

  278. we going to win this thing!!!!!!!!! whether dean helps them out or not….. we will win it!! COYG

  279. The half time comments everyone agrees it wasn’t a penalty but again no one uses words like dive, simulation, or cheating monkey-faced cunt.

    Was that in any way worse than Eduardo?

    Bale is somehow completely beyond criticism. What a surprise.

    I’m fucking disgusted. Ian Wright fucking annoys me – I thought I could at least expect him to call a spade a spade it’s about the only virtue he brings to punditry.

  280. He’s dived at least four times in the first half alone..

  281. Darius, not too bad. Fell off my bike earlier but Bac and RVP made me feel better. They have a rampant OX still to face as well later….

  282. look at them seducing the ref loool

  283. VdV on too. He’s been a danger man for us, but it is desperate times for Spuds. They know they are very lucky to be in it and not two down.

  284. “or cheating monkey-faced cunt.” ha! Thanks Johnny

  285. Benayoun!! Ah, just a bit more needed on that.

  286. Nearly…fuck…good play Benny!

  287. Close Benny. What a lovely bit of play. (sorry just me making excuses) Push from Friedel. Now that is actually a penalty (excuse)

  288. Benny and Rosicky are giving them hell…Oh wait…Walker has been shot.

  289. Spuds going to ground a lot, trying to kill the game already?!

  290. He barely touched that prick. ‘Arry must’ve told them to lie down and stay down.

  291. The Totts really are a bunch of Barca wannabe’s…diving…theatrics, general cuntery

  292. @ah goonerjones you have snatched that tactics from Joey Barton. The smartest footballer in PL…

  293. 2nd pen denied. Goalkeepers get away with murder at times.

    Looks like Yossi has hobbled Walker – that’d be a big blow. 2 subs down already.

  294. Thomas!!!!!!!!!!1


  296. What a first goal to get to end that drought.

  297. Rosicky AT LAST!!!!

  298. Get the fack in!

  299. Oh Fuck! Mr. Tomas Rosicky – our very own Li’l Mozart.

  300. Oooooooooooooooooooooooh yes

  301. Finally! Rosicky! YES!

  302. Rosicky. What a game to finally score.

  303. What beauty from Rosicky…2 years worth the wait.

  304. At last! Pride.

  305. Let’s get ore while they are stunned.

  306. Hell yea!

  307. Wouldn’t be surprised if he scores another today or in the next couple of games. What an important goal to score too – he must feel electric.

  308. More, that is. Important that we don’t concede either at this stage. Near thing there in the box.

  309. These pundits are fuckin trolls…

  310. Told them Rosicky is like a new signing! Always had faith in the Chek.

  311. What a glorious sweeping move. Sorry just making excuses.

  312. well thats Rosickys first goal in aaages! Hope he continiues!

  313. We shouldn’t sit back and just boot it forward. Need to keep up our passing and possession in their half. Come on lads, let’s see this out!!!

  314. They are bashing our defense yet we have scored 3 from open play…if our defense is shit , what does that make the Totts? Yet no mention of their “horrible” defending.

  315. Why does Wenger want us to play the highline when it always gets us?

    When we defend properly we look solid. Too much of gamble to play with guys filling in.

  316. RVP is dead wood we should get rid.

  317. Fuck!…almost had that far corner…great tackle/pass from Rosicky

  318. goonerton, when complimenting our most successful manager call him Arsene. It sounds more respectful somehow.

  319. So unlucky Theo. Keep trying son. He so deserves a goal.

  320. So close Theo. And great pass by Rosicky.

  321. We’ve been good in the air. Another thing, last half we were pressing them very well by working together to close down spaces and anticipating where the ball was going. Benayoun and Rosicky are good at this along with Arteta and Song, so hopefully we can keep that up.

  322. Foul called against Rosicky??? F*ck you, Dean.

  323. Theo looks like he hurt himself.

  324. That looked bad….please god dont be hurt RVP

  325. Fucking cunts. Excuse my language.

  326. Walcott might be injured. looks ginger. I’d have no problem with the Ox or Gervinho coming on now to give them something else to think about.

    Deserved yellow for Sandro. Robson saying RvP made too much of it. Can we fire this guy from Arsenal Player?! I’ve had enough of him.

  327. COYG…get another and put this shit to bed!

  328. How many times has Arteta been fouled?

  329. Theo!!!!!!!

  330. Hows that for Finishing you fuckin haters!!!!!!!

  331. Arsenal, Arsenal, Arsenal!!!!!!!!!

  332. Sit down you fat Spud cunts.

  333. That’s why Walcots on the field .

  334. Take that CUNT!

  335. Oh at last. well done Theo. I love that guy. Never gives up.

  336. Sandro for Parker. Rotational fouling of a different class.

    And here scores Theo. Well done.

  337. THEO! YES! No Koscielny needs to score and everyone I wanted to score has scored!

  338. Now let’s go on and spank them

  339. Theoooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!In your face Spurs. Who are ya.

  340. lets hope they can keep this up and win this match! after all Tottenham lost a 2 goal lead. We wont do the same!

    gogogo arsenal!!!!

  341. Well said viceologist. well said.

  342. Once again fantastic pass by Rosicky. he keeps getting better game by game, doesn’t he? Everyone over the past few weeks that criticised Rosicky should prepare for a massive serving of humble pie. “Fans” those people call themselves, but I usually just call them by their proper name: c*nts.

  343. Still lots of time so we have to keep up our defensive intensity, win the balls in the midfield and put pressure on their defence.

    We should try to get another goal through patient



  345. Just one thing, HAHAhAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  346. HUmilitation for Spuds!!!!!!

  347. I know we should shut up shop but we are so much better on the front foot. I say keep going at ’em.

  348. Wooooo!

  349. I love you all .

  350. Hatrick for Waclott!!

  351. HAhahahaha. Arsenal FTW

  352. Ooooh my good God. That one’s for you gunnerjones. Fucking love this team.


  354. Damnit Song…stick to your role….why are you making those beautful attacking passes?

  355. I mean Walcott for hatrick!

  356. The pass from Song. “Get back where you belong Song defending the back four” ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  357. Go for the hatrick baby!

  358. I am so happy that I have never ever given up hope in Theo. Always defended him on here … and now he pays back the faith. I love Theo! ❤

  359. Theooooo f@ckin Walcott.

  360. Walcott shit

    Wenger out

  361. Gareth Bale, almost made me cry today. Thanks you Arsenal!

  362. Back into 4th.

    Well if we don’t concede again.

    Absolutely, bloody brilliant.

  363. Great work. I thought Theo was injured!?! Awesome.

    Let’s take it further. We want the goal difference here too.

    There is still lots of time, so we need to keep up the defensive commitment as well.

    Redknapp looks as if he can read enough to see the scoreline.

  364. Remember 3 goal win puts us back above Chelsea…do not concede boys!

  365. Nice one Ade – you had a throw now we have a free kick ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  366. Good hands, Chezzer.

  367. That’s what happens when you give The Arsenal a proper surface to play

  368. Vice – I’d forgotten that. Shit. pressure still on.

  369. Coming back from 2 down in a single match is a bit like coming back from four down over two matches … isn’t it?

  370. Thanks Stew I also though Theo scored that goal just for me, thanks for confirming it.

  371. I want a DVD!!!!!!!

  372. Oh Robin, what the fuck was that? Dead wood. Get rid.

  373. Benny, Arteta and Rosicky have been immense

  374. wow Jenkinson?

  375. Jenks coming on!!! In the derby! Good for you son!

  376. One trick pony. Oh, I mean ass!

  377. Welcome back Carl…

  378. Welcome back Carl

  379. Still tackling so hard all over the pitch. Excuses excuses.

  380. How good is it to see our injured players coming back, just in time .

  381. That was almost a thing of beauty

  382. jenks up against Bale?

  383. Can’t wait till we release the DVD of this game.

    Oh no wait we have more class than that.

    Yay it’s OXO time! Lets make some fucking gravy!

  384. Great to see him back. His injury cost us so much when Bac was out, it’s brilliant to see him.

  385. Rosicky MOTM for me

  386. Ever seen us win so many headers from corners? While defending corners I mean. It’s incredible.

  387. good play Jenks! and the ref has been really really poor!

  388. Would love if the Ox can get into the game and taste the North London derby and make sure Theo doesn’t aggravate anything of his little knock earlier.

  389. Take that ,you twatingham loving. Scum. ARSENAL has character and metal. take your refs. And theatrics’. And get the fuck out of. Here.
    Delusions. of. grandeur. hahaha. Cheating mercenaries. time to get your. Check book out. ARRY. lol.

  390. Typical Arsene. We all scream for the Ox and we get Jenks!!

  391. Steww, yes I noticed that earlier that we have been very good in the air.

    Jenks is looking very good.

  392. Now Neville tells us that the spuds have disregarded their manager’s instructiuons!

    So thta’s why they are losing. Not ‘arry’s fault. No, of course not. What the next Engerland manager? Never!

  393. So glad to Carl back. love him to bits.

  394. I reckon we got at least one more in us

  395. Here comes the Ox!!!!!

  396. Here we go! Get your first Derby goal Oxo

  397. amazing what a difference a decent pitch makes eh?

  398. Theo…Theo….Theo….Oxo…Oxo…Oxo….!!!!

  399. Tough call – Rosicky, Theo, Lasagna, Yossi have all put in excellent shifts today.

    The real motm must be Arsene – unshakable belief in his team and methods. Nuff respeck.

    Ah Oxo’clock at last!

    Woop! Woop!

  400. And all those whining why did he buy Benny, what was the point, panic buy etc etc etc … boring.

  401. Hope the Ox is okay.

  402. And still Arsene looks upset!

  403. If we play with this conviction from here on out 3rd may be a realistic finishing place come end of season

  404. Important thing about this as well is it gives game time to Kos and Verm together at the back. I know it’s an easy game against pretty lousy opposition but it still gives them a run out together.

  405. Call me greedy, but I’d like to see us score one more goal.

  406. And now the tv director is told to do the no trophy thing… must have got a call from Old Red Nose.

  407. Parker deserved a straight red for that.

  408. That is ugly!

  409. Hope Verm did not break any small bones…

  410. So my prediction comes to fruition…Parker off!

  411. Parker was crap this game. But supposedly we should have bought him instead of Arteta who has been class all afternoon.

  412. LG – just the one?

  413. Lucky Arsenal squeeze past 10 man Totenham

  414. Full Marks to the boss for selecting Yossi over 2 out of form players

  415. Surely that will be the headline Deano…lol

  416. Is this not the exact same numbers we beat Cheslea with?

  417. Haha, Jonny! Okay I am being mildly acquisitive rather than greedy!

  418. Here comes goonerandy to tell us Parker is class and would of done a job for us. Lol

  419. Looks like fourth is our again!

  420. LG – true but he has been the spuds best player this season. We don’t need him but it was a decent purchase at decent price and, but for the quality we already have, he would have been capable of doing a job.
    Ah who cares too busy enjoying this marvellous, marvellous game.

  421. Great. We should have won that 5-1 at least but for a dive from monkey boy.

  422. shows that Blaackburn was not a fluke! Who cares about Milan? we got Bigger fish to fry and that is chasing 3rd!

  423. What a way to start my morning…Fuck the Totts…put them back in their place for a while anyway. Great effort all the way around. Fighting spirit, quality play, great goals…couldnt ask for more.

  424. Parker was shown up today, no mistake. As were all the haters doomers spuds and plundits. a glorious day for all of us who never lose faith.

  425. ROFLMFAO @ Jonny. Spurs best player this year? Over Ade, VDV, Bale, and Modric huh? Right.

  426. and how can a title challenger loose a 2 goal lead?????

  427. @Loomer
    And then he is going to talk about how Theo is not a footballer!

  428. Give Arsenal a surface they can pass the ball on…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………and they will pass the ball on it

  429. Fucking yesssss!!!!

    Fuck of you doomer shiite…and to spurs who are yaaaaaaaaaaaaa?????

    so theo should have been subbed eh???

  430. I love you, Arsenal, I do.

  431. Stupendous!!!! The Spuds have been placed back in the ground in favour of an Arsenal dish.

  432. Anyway, marvelous victory. Probably the best of the season, even better than the beating we gave Chelsea. As far as I can see Tottenham are going to have to go to ManU next … I have a feeling St. Totteringhams Day might still be on …

  433. hundreds of sports journalists are desperately looking for their 5 year old scripts to replace the ones they had prepared

  434. We were comprehensively better today. For the whole 90 minutes we were better.

    Rosicky was clear man of the match. Special talent.

  435. Our neighbours should really make the most of their moment in the limelight, because we have shown who’s king in North London. They won’t have a season like this next year.

  436. If we carry on from her I think we will finish third.

    No reason why not.

  437. And yes, Rosicky man of the match. It sucks that it took him so long, but I feel today was probably the first time over the past 3 or 4 years, that he has been back to his best, more or less. I think he will be very important for us until the end of the season.

  438. scoring 5 unanswered is glorious…

  439. Actually, I’ve no idea how she got into that sentence or even who she is.

  440. Oh and can we please just go out and give him and Theo new contracts? I really hate it when the contracts of our players are running out …

  441. Is it true that RVP is out next week for a fifth yellow card?

  442. A rollercoaster season I said back around the start of the year and on it rolls. Now if we can avoid conceding against Milan, go in 2 – 0 up with the confidence flowing… well who knows.

  443. 7 points…we can do it……come on Arsenallllllllllll!!!!!!1

  444. Imagine how good our midfield would be if we had Parker ,Modric,Bale and VDV instead of the useless lot we had who totally dominated them

  445. we were so good today

    It was like watching Tottenham

  446. Well if anyone ever doubted this team they should be ashamed.This performance was for all the doomers.. The much criticised Walcott..Rosicky…Sagna..who would of thought it!!!!!! The performance of the season. Yossi , Rosicky , Song and Arteta formed such a formidable partnership.,Top four and 7 points behind 3rd spot. We are behind you Spurs. How the pundits have hastily retracted all thier words… none of the Spurs team would get into the arsenal team i tell you. A very spirited performance. MOTM Rosciky…never stopped running and scored the goal that cemented the victory. Van Persie the best striker in the world. Now for 5 goals agaisnt Milan. COYG

  447. Aunty ‘Arry can take his bag of spuds home.

  448. Special mention to Bacary Sagna, immense throughout the game, he started the comeback. We have missed character & fight in the team in his absence.

  449. Arsenal 5 – 2 Tottenscum
    Ladies and gentlemen, normal service has been resumed.

  450. “Andrey Arshavin ‏ @AndrArshavin23
    Well done gunners. Аmazing game! Оnly 7 points to catch them”

    Even my sweetheart is happy

  451. in all seriousness

    What a magical footballer Tomas Rosicky is.

    He has been very good for a while now, but today he was back to his best and seeing him score filled me with joy.

    The sun was out, the pitch was pristine, nothing could stop us, not even Mike Dean.

  452. Loomer, it’s not my opinion – I haven’t watched enough of their shit to judge – ask the spud fans – my half brother and family are spud ST holders and that is what I am told.
    Talk about overreacting. Jeez!

  453. No Parker against United next week for Spurs? they gonna loose tht match. We have to win against Liverpool and then its only 3 points up to them!
    We can go third! we can go third!!!

  454. Great character indeed, mj, from Sagna against the team that saw him go out injured for half the season. He hasn’t been at his best, just getting back to playing matches, but this was a sterling performance defensively and especially on attack.

    Great crossing and terrific header. Most important goal of the match really.

  455. FG, it does feel like the universe is getting back in balance.

    On for third!!

  456. how the hell can anyone call into the arsenal tv and moan today??
    that must be some miserable soule…

  457. What was heartening about this game is that our big players stood up and demanded to be counted.

    Bacary Sagna started the come back by demanding that ball and wanting it more than anyone chasing it.
    Van Persie clearly said “fuck all this shit, I’ll be damned if I’m not scoring up in here
    Tomás Rosicky broke his neck after starting the move that gifted Sagna a clean ball to cross for him to guide past Friedle
    That ‘No brain’ Walcott couldn’t do a damn thing today, could he? Wait, he bagged himself a brace
    Vermaelen was resolute and efficient
    Koscielny was tanacious and dogged
    Alex Song was Alex Song – Good old fashioned Songaldinho
    Mikel Arteta was simply efficient and kept the engine moving

    Well done Arsenal – I love you, I really do.

  458. Just been reading the posts during the match.

    Steww………you really called it ……and kept the faith.

    You are the number one fan.

    Shortly followed by voiceologist.

  459. Reality restored.
    we smacked ’em…..
    i had tears running down me face
    t’was a joy beyond all joy
    had to really chill to keep the bp in check
    A defining moment?……oh yes indeed. We hope

    “hundreds of sports journalists are desperately looking for their 5 year old scripts to replace the ones they had prepared”

    We smacked the whole f*ckin’ establishment
    the dooers, gloomers, jabbas..etc

    Energy level was exactly where it needed to be
    TR7 scored!…i almost passed out with joy
    Arteta, Sagna, Yossi, TR..oh TR, Song
    Kos, Verm, RvP, Theo
    they ALL kicked ass
    Its been a long time coming
    We beat their asses up!

    “12 games left, emptying all closets, things are too tight to be civilized!”

  460. Schez –

    Szczesny celebrates

  461. MJ, good point again. Very good selection from the boss to play Benayoun. I had real doubts about that one, but it came so good as he was a vital player.

  462. ‘Normal service’ lol

  463. PG: “….hundreds of sports journalists are desperately looking for their 5 year old scripts to replace the ones they had prepared.”

    According to Jon Campion at the beginning of the Fox broadcast: Spuds are in ascendancy while Arsenal is in decline. Nary a word of dissent from our in-house Arsenal man, Stewart Robson.

    Talk about stuffing the script down their fookin throats.

  464. I am in shock, almost.

    It is a long time since I have seen us destroy another team like this.

    Well done to all the players and the fans.

    Seeing as the media is so much in love with Bale, no doubt they will congratulate him on his achievement.

  465. Ah SA – lots of proper Gooners here mate, you’re very kind.

  466. Yeah, I was also having doubts about Benny, but he has proven me wrong. Great selection by Arsene. If he is usually criticesed for all the subs etc. he makes, it is only right to praise him for getting the team selection absolutely spot on and not making any rash changes at half time.

  467. Rooting now for Cardiff in the Carling Cup. Could be a good football year for Wales with Swansea doing well in the PL and Cardiff in a Wembley final.

    A win could give Liverpool a big boost in the race for 4th and we play them next week away. How much better would it be if they stumbled in the final. It certainly did a number on us last year.

  468. Harry Redknapp, Gary Lineker, Phil Cornwell, Adele, Jude Law – we gave your boys one hell of a beating!

  469. that is a great picture, mj-gunner!

    I love this squad and I love this club. I didn’t post on here while the game was on, because I didn’t want to jinx it, but I woke up this morning with a strong feeling that they would score first and then we would spank them. Admittedly I thought it would be 4-1 not 5-2 but hey, I’m not complaining.

  470. Oh Bobby, that just breaks my heart..was he even booked today?

  471. Dont play that game with me, Jonny. You were the one who went overboard, mate. If you haven’t watched him why would make such a ridiculous statement?

  472. Rosicky was great today but Alex and Arteta was the reason he was able to play as great as he did imo. They were both massive today..

  473. I just don’t have anything left in me to watch the CC final. Our match has left me completely exhausted. But I do hope Cardiff win it.

  474. MOTM – manager and players

    Red card to all those booing Theo at anytime.

    We went after them for 90 minutes and scored 5 solid goals vs their 2 flimsy excuses.

    THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR EXPERIENCE as we fought for every loose ball and our ball possession in every third was superb.

  475. I really do think we should take some time out of our joyous celebrations to make sure Bale is condemned publicly for his shameful cheating dive.

    That could help us overhaul him if he were to suffer some lack of confidence going from being declared the wunderkind to being questioned for diving.

    I know it will never happen, but we should make the point that there was no contact and he was looking to dive for the penalty all the way.

  476. Anyone doubt Carl’s committment?
    Carl Jenkinson's old bedroom

  477. I have always liked Benayoun. He’s a very talented player, especially out wide, he has a bit of trickery, a turn of speed, but more to the point he works like a dog and he never gives up. It tickles me that a man who looks like my niece could take him in a fight, is so tenacious and determined.

  478. Steww, why would anyone doubt Jenks’ commitment? Everyone knows he is a proper Gooner!

  479. lol but im mostly happy for Walcott and Rosicky. They really deserved their goals tonite 🙂 Especially rosicky! Hes had a cople of shoots of latley but now, he is on fire!

  480. MJ

    think he was…but not sure if the 5 card rule starts again from january…

  481. Rosicky is deadwood? eh eh eh ?
    Is he you dooming miserable gits?
    Aesene knows best,he does you know

    “Jamie Sanderson ‏ @YoungGunsBlog Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
    Mikel Arteta pass master: 93% accuracy, 1 assist, 4 through balls. First Premier League player to 1500 accurate passes this term.”

  482. Absolutely agree with you, LG. Disgrace to football, these guys can never call themselves a team which plays ‘beautiful football’

  483. Wow. i fucking love this team.
    Lil Mozart is back

  484. Walking on air. 200ml of red wine has gone into the venison bolognaise for tonight, but the rest of the bottle is going down my neck. Cheers!

  485. happy birthday Emmanuel Adebayor…lol.

  486. What did i say ages ago about Rosicky, best midfielder we have in the team and on his day on par with a certain Mr Fabregas.

    And a special mention to Yossi Benayoun, i thought he was excellent.

    This Arsenal team should play against Milan.

    But one thing i dont undertsand is, how can we look so magical, fast paced football, no constant backwards and sideways passes, every minute we looked like scoring and other matches we are lethargic.

    Anway absolutely delighted, i was down earlier but i am only human after all, and Arsenal is attached to my heart 😀

    I salute those of you who kept the faith, you are better men than i.

  487. @Steew Carl was fantastic!hes really grown since he came to us. He will be our own Charlemagne in not very long!

  488. No question, PG. Arteta was very good in midfield today. He helped set up the attack. The only one who didn’t have a superb game really was Gibbs who was settling in at the start. He got better as the game progressed but it was a good move given his injury situation to sub him for Jenks who was excellent on his weaker side.

    It is very heartening to see Jenks coming back which gives us a bit more depth in the fullback position.

  489. my god rosicky backinjury and Vermaalen ankle knock? thats not good 😦

  490. Moe, the pitch made a difference to our passing and confidence in our passing. Plus it was the derby and the players, supporters, everyone was really up for it.

  491. Poodle, where did you hear about that?

  492. No it doesnt Anirudh, its 5 for the seaon. So, Chamakh it is against scousers!

  493. Moe the inconsistentency seems to be more when we are away from Home, 9-2-2 at home 5-2-6 away. If you look at Sunderland the pitch was a mire and that doesn’t suit our game either, smart teams prepare there grounds as best they can for their style of play.

  494. Steww,
    You called this one, i wished i had watched the match besides you. I was so unlucky to watch the match doomers who claimed to be Arsenal fans.

  495. so happy, just keet impulsively bursting out laughing ,great for our confidence, great to keep the spuds quite and great to keep the doomers quite and arry twitching big time what a great day

  496. Did anyone spot Clive Anderson after the game? I heard he was caught weeping in the toilet down the tunnel.

  497. Jeff
    We’re together in spirit.

  498. Perpetual pressure’s the name of the game.
    Go all out, pressure the ball
    Don’t give your opponents too much time on the ball

    Arteta-TR-Song-Yossi-Sagna-Verm-Kos were magnificent today
    So intense

  499. Steww, you are too modest.
    You are an inspiration mate ,You really are.
    I think of myself as positive but you are the epitome of what a fan should be

  500. Clever Wenger. He realised that the problem has been when we go two goals up; so instead, today we give them the two-goal lead and watch as they crumble. Fantastic result. I hope it proves to be, as YW hinted, season-defining. Just shows what the team is capable of. More of the same, please!

  501. Question: What’s the difference between a circus and a poker game between Steven Gerrard, Wayne Rooney and Gareth Bale?
    Answer: One has a cunning array of stunts, and the other a stunning array of diving cunts.

  502. @ Limestonegunner aparantley AW said it in his press conferance.. but it does not mean it has to be serious…. And its a week until next impoertant game against Liverpool.

  503. Hey, Loomer nice to see you back as well.

    And come on, Cardiff!

  504. I didn’t see the penalty, was it a true on dive?… please we completely honest and not one eyed

  505. If they’ve taken a knock it means they won’t have to travel to the meaningless friendlies mid-week?

  506. @ Billy’s Boots | February 26, 2012 at 4:11 pm

    Clever Wenger. He realised that the problem has been when we go two goals up; so instead, today we give them the two-goal lead and watch as they crumble.

    ha ha ha!

  507. You’d need facebook for this one.

    YW, I hope I am not breaking any rules..

  508. @limestone
    Arsenal.com runs live twitter feed from the pressconference….

  509. But trust me its worth it!

  510. Miami – he pushed Gibbs then just took off. No one saw any contact including Glen Hoddle.,

  511. Darius


  512. TV and Rosicky have a week to get over their injury. Hopefully that’s enough.

  513. As fluke as it gets Miami, Chezzer moved his hand away

  514. Harry Redknapp for England

  515. @Miami
    Well, Bale and Gibbs were shoulder on shoulder, Bale kicked the ball away from goal, Szczesny didn’t touch him (or at least I didn’t see any contact in several replays) so he went down from the contact he made with Gibbs — but that was really a case of both players pushing against each other. It’s the kind of challenge that usually doesn’t even get a free kick, so giving a penalty for it is very harsh. All the credit to the chimp, though, because from the angle Dean could impossibly see if Szczesny touched him or not. But the assistant had clear view and should’ve known better.

  516. I hope the media do then have a go at him for the diving, I personally like the kid and he is an outstanding talent but cheating is crap.

  517. Loomer – so in spite of the fact that Spurs fans have said it you cannot understand why I would repeat it? You can say you disagree but I’ve explained my point and ‘why’, I have no need to justify it further.
    ROFLMFAO – is just pathetic text speak shite for teenagers.

  518. Scousers go 0-1 down HAHAHAH

  519. Miami I concur – a definite dive. Appalling, shamefaced cheating.

  520. Evil

    Yep…that could very well be the case…

  521. Jonny, I truly believe that divers should be sanctioned upon video evidence to prove they dived… my hope is were that the case then we would see much less of this horrible aspect of the beautiful game.

  522. A quite brilliant win.

    The first half an hour really was concerning, and their first goal was an awful one to concede. That cheating money looking cunt dicing for their 2nd.

    As soon as Bac scored there was only one team in it. The spirit and fight was great to see. Rosicky and Benayoun were superb and Song and Arteta provided a solid platform. Kos and TV5 were very good as well.

    I must admit at half time I was hoping we would bring Theo off. He was a complete passenger for the first half. Different player after the break though; really worked hard and was a threat. Two great finises as well.

    If we can play like that for the majority of our remaining games we will have no problems whatsoever. A great day 🙂

  523. Come on Aaron Ramsey’s former club!

  524. Arsene’s got a stinking cold.

    I can’t help sniggering – Chavski must have thought “job done” when they beat Bolton 3-0 yesterday. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

  525. Enjoy ACLF. These are the kind of days that make it all worth.

  526. Your arrogance knows no bounds, Jonny. As for my textspeak, oh well. It’s easy and fast to type and allows me to get back to other stuff quicker. We can’t all be Oscar Wilde every comment, you know.

  527. Miami – I have been saying the same for years. It would be SO easy to implement and were it up to me the sanctions would be pretty draconian. A clear provable dive would carry a maximum 10 match ban. Even worse if you feign injury to encourage a ref to send someone off. I think people would be inclined to stay on their feet if the penalty was big enough.
    The lack of condemnation is what aggrieves me most of all. Staggering inconsistency in the reaction of the media.

  528. The great thing about tonight was how the boys shouted a collective fuck you at all the refereeing decisions that went against them. This victory should set us up very nicely for a strong end to the season.

  529. I’ll say that the first time I saw it, I thought Chezzer might have caught him. But on replay it was quite clear as a dive. The linesman had a better angle that the original TV camera shot so should probably have seen what happened because Bale left his foot in and Chezzer pulled his arm away as he slid past.

    Tough for the referee but he took a lot of time talking with the linesman so that should have been cleared up. There was plenty of time to have looked at a replay during that period.

  530. Arrogant about what? I genuinely don’t follow.
    It’s not that it’s an abbreviation that makes it annoying – it would have been simpler to say you strongly disagree. Instead you opt to choose a response which makes it sound as though you think my comment was imbecilic. Well as I said surely spurs fans are better placed to judge – even if they disagreed none of them would have found the idea as ridiculous as you seem to think it is. As I said I know enough spud fans to have first hand opinion – which explains my point.
    Anyway this is a stupid & unimportant disagreement on a subject I care little about.
    Far too busy enjoying the glow of the day and you should be too.

  531. Keyser, that is the great thing. Bad penalty and a fluke goal. But the lads knew they were playing better and could get at them. Once Sagna got that delicious header by attacking Arteta’s cross, it was there for the taking. We could have had three or four in the first half and five or six in the second half.

    We were that dominant and I think the whole team will take a lot of confidence forward knowing that the ref can make bad decisions but we have the spirit and the quality to come down from that with a decisive and comprehensive victory.

  532. Bac set the tone with his header.

  533. 1-0 Cardiff at HT

  534. “…Television replays suggested there had been no contact but referee Mike Dean pointed to the spot…”

    Fucking bastards. Why can’t you just say the cunt dived.

  535. Superb game, fantastic result. Spuds exposed today.
    Some poor support from goonerton and gunnerjones. Going to bake a batch of Essex pasties for Spuds fans.

  536. Jonny, for some folks fighting with other gooners is more enjoyable than anything else. Best to just steer clear unless there is a genuine point to discuss.

    7amkickoff said it well: 2 types of gooners, those who love to hate the team/players/manager and those who love to hate other supporters!

    On a day like today, we should be united and celebrating together a fantastic Arsenal victory, the utter humiliation of Spuds, and our retention of 4th with a realistic gap to 3rd.

    If we win v. Liverpool and they lose to ManU next weekend, the margin will only be 4 with 10 games left. That will certainly put the cat amongst the pigeons and we’ll see how well they cope then.

    That’s why an anti-Bale campaign now would be so helpful.

    I think tomorrow’s Arsenal blogs will be celebrating the victory but should highlight Bale’s dive.

    Then there could be follow up stories on Tuesday. We are all over the web as the most connected fans online. We should use this now.

  537. EXACTLY Darius – it’s a sin of omission to not point out the obvious.

    Nobody wants to taint the saintly Bale. Same as we have seen over the years with Gerrard.

    Both of them are media darlings.

    Wenger has too much class to point it out but I wish that he would more often. The final score renders it irrelevant but on another that’s a game winner.

    By fucking cheating.

  538. Come on Cardiff! This would be good for us going into our match at Anfield next week.

  539. Limestone – saying it was a bad pen and a fluke goal is just making excuses …. apparently!
    Ah I’m sorry, forgive me baiting the negative Nellies, but it’s one in the eye for the enemies, both outside and inside the camp.

  540. Jonny, moreover, such a bad decision when 4th place is so close and currently decided on goals scored means that that goal could be a difference maker between us and Chelsea or Liverpool.

  541. Apart from the early going, there was a terrific atmosphere in the stadium today, in some ways better than in the 2-1 v Barcelona. To come back from 2-0 was amazing enough, but to keep on scoring (particularly with Walcott getting the last two, when so many would have been sure he would miss) was wonderful. Joy unconfined! Since the move to the Emirates, I have not seen so many people holding up scarves and signing as there were today after goals 3, 4 and 5. Quite a sight.

    I thought it was nice that the crowd heeded the warning about the offensive anti-Adebayor chanting, instead preferring “What’s the score, Adebayor?”

    As some wags were chanting after the match, “Saha got lucky, Bale dived, two-nil down, we scored five!”

  542. Bale dived, there is no debate about it. The chimp looking cunt.

  543. Hah, Steww, I can’t begrudge you a little joy today, you know!

    The main thing is that we can see there is good reason to be confident for the run in. We have to pull together and change the vibe around the club.

    That’s why I am asking for an anti-Bale diving campaign and pulling for Cardiff in the Carling Cup final. Immediately the story will put Spuds on the back foot heading into the ManU clash and run-in and the “club in crisis” moniker would shift to Liverpool. That would give us some breathing space ahead of some tough fixtures: Liverpool, Newcastle, Milan. With a bit of confidence we could rescue the season.

    A performance like today says there is some hope, however faint, vs. Milan. I congratulate you for keeping up the position that it isn’t over. I agree. It isn’t likely, but so what? Many were saying we should rest and rotate for that game. I say no way. We need to go get a victory at Anfield and have belief. Imagine turning that around or at least making a good showing. It will help us fight in the league as well.

    3rd is possible and that should be our target.

  544. @Darius 4:49

    because Bale isn’t Eduardo???

  545. Beautiful stuff Billy! What I wouldn’t give to be in N5 today! I can’t wait for next month when I get to visit for the Aston Villa game. We might be challenging for 3rd very seriously at that point.

    I’ll be overlapping with the quarterfinal round of the CL. There is even a chance of us still being in it if we play like we did today.

  546. @ GoonerAndy

    “That cheating money looking cunt dicing for their 2nd.”

    As Dinah Washington nearly sang, “What a difference a ‘k’ makes…” 😉

  547. PG, it’s good to see that Andrey is still following our games. He is obviously not bitter towards the club. Once a gunner, always a gunner.

  548. So Rosicky and Vermaelen out for midweek and big doubts for saturday…fingers crossed…

  549. was it only meeor did Tottenham go missing in the second half? I don’t think they even worried us at all, we were all over them like white on rice.

    For me, our two best players today were Mikel Arteta and Tomas Rosicky with MOTM definitely going to Li’l Mozart. He conducted that midfield like a nonsense.

  550. Tomas Rosicky was a man possessed.


    if he doesnt get man of the match, a tragedy to football

  551. Well said LG. The fact the ref didn’t book Chezz showed doubt (according to the studio) but if that’s the case you cannot award a penalty. It was bad refereeing. Personally I thought it was blatant cowardice – not the first time I have accused this particular ref of that either.

    Why are there so many empty seats at the half way line at the cup final at Wembley? It’s a fucking disgrace – amongst the best seats in the stadium too. Bet they went to sponsors.

    Fuck. I hate the ugly side of the beautiful game.

  552. Limestonegunner, yes, we spilled out of the stadium as if floating in a beautiful dream. If we play against Milan like we did for most of today, it is game on! If Newcastle can do it in forty-five minutes, surely we can do it in ninety!

  553. “We had a great spirit. I must say the way we want to play football depends on the pitch and this was the first time in three games that we played on a football pitch that is really a football pitch. That helps as well.”

    And what a difference it made today!

  554. Moe – RVP got MOTM.

    Frimpong – “As a footballer you sometimes have to make decisions, and I think going to Wolves was probably the best thing I could have done,” he said.

    “They may not have been doing too well, but the manager [ex-manager Mick McCarthy] was very good to me – I think it’s very important to go to a manager who likes you, and he showed belief in me.

    “Playing every week at Wolves convinced me that I can compete at the highest level.”

  555. To be fair to the ref in real time it looked like a pen. Only a replay highlighted what a cheating fuckwit Bale had been. No idea why he didn’t show a card though.

  556. It is a beautiful sunny clear day here, bright snow from yesterday on the ground, but what a joy it must be to be a Gooner in London right now!!

    Darius, I’ve left the position in the office where I had the Spud boss a few weeks ago but we are at the same institution. Now might be the right time to reveal myself as a gooner for a bit of gloating! Not much opportunity here typically.

  557. Damn, Liverpool equalize.

  558. It’s obvious who the official website thinks should get MOTM, just have a look at the picture next to the feature. He’s currently way out front with 69% too!


    Per Mertesacker
    ‘Super Super Result !! Well Done Arsenal #ProudArsenalPlayer”

  559. So far this is following last year’s script. Hopefully with a similar ending.

  560. That should read “… holding up scarves and singing” We tried “signing” once, but people decided singing was better.

  561. I’m having a blast, Jonny. It’s too bad you lack the humility to just admit Scott Parker isn’t as good as what we already had and we didn’t need him.

    Ridiculously silly comment from Limestonegunner, too.

  562. LSG – You should wear your Arsenal jersey into work tomorrow and revel in his displeasure!! What a fantastic win from the boys today and hats off to the guys and girls at The Blind Pig as they never stopped believing, singing and chanting all through the match. And Cardiff leading the scousers, should be a great week 🙂 Congrats to Sagna, RVP and Rosicky and a big cheer for Theo, God knows his confidence needed this. COYG!!!!!!!

  563. Limestone.

    The best way to unmask yourself if your dress code allows it is to go into work with an Arsenal shirt. That will really piss off the punk.

  564. Dam didn’t see ‘Pool equalising, booooooo!!

  565. When it comes to the Spuds, Arsenal fans really need to remember that a loaded cannon will always blow a miserable cockerel out of the game.

  566. Wow. What a great game. Super effort to come back from 2 down. We owed them a game like that. Hope to see more of that arsenal for the rest of this season.

  567. Yeah, calling for us all to support the team and enjoy the day rather than squabble would be silly. I retract that comment, hopefully you and Jonny will continue your edifying argument.

    I think the shirt is the way to go. At least a scarf, it is winter after all!

    Second best place to be if not in N5 is surely the Blind Pig in NYC, Irish!

  568. All I can say is… What a fucking result and what a performance. Rosicky put in a performance that shows what a talent he is. Hopefully this will cement his place in the team. Whilst I love Ramsey Tomas can now really take the pressure off his young shoulders.

    Scousers next away and if the Spuds lose to Manure and we turn over the mugs then the gap is only 4 points.

  569. LSG – Would have dearly loved to be in the Emirates for this one, although I will agree that The Blind Pig is a dam good substitute. Definitely wear the shirt, scarf too if you have one and maybe throw on a hat to top things off!!

    Really want Cardiff to win as I do not want to play ‘Pool coming off a cup win.

  570. Agreed Andy though he failed to follow the rules of the book in not carding – the question is why and my contention is the same as the studio’s supposition – he was not sure it was a penalty at all.

    Spectacular sunset going down in London town. I think a few more beers a film and a beef and mushroom risotto to crown this glorious memorable day.

    Well done to all the ACLF crew, even those who wavered, I think a few dark thoughts were understandable, if perhaps better kept internal. Keep the faith.

    Been a hell of a season eh? 😀

  571. PG – Like fuck it was!! We were 2-0 down and, dare I say it, my confidence was not the highest. Fantastic result, thought Benny was awesome, Rosicky too.

  572. Yes Irish. Good bet. Did he give you odds?

  573. Essex pasties for spuds.

    Do you actually put any spuds in them MD?

  574. Jonny, beef and mushroom, eh? I prefer veggie risottos myself, maybe topped with some shrimp. It’s my specialty–practically the only nice meal I can prepare on a special occasion!

    The good part for us North American gooners is that with a win from an early game we have the whole day to enjoy in a bright and wonderful mood.

    The bad comes when you have to try to forget a bad loss all day and can’t just sleep it off.

    Enjoy the evening!

  575. Aargh! So close!
    Come on, Aaron Ramsey’s former club!

    @ Billy’s Boots | February 26, 2012 at 5:22 pm

    That should read “… holding up scarves and singing” We tried “signing” once, but people decided singing was better.

    ha ha ha!

    @ Loomer
    well said.
    And gooners who pretend that they don’t bait or bitch about other gooners – they’re the worst.

    @ Limestonegunner | February 26, 2012 at 4:54 pm
    Jonny, for some folks fighting with other gooners is more enjoyable than anything else. Best to just steer clear unless there is a genuine point to discuss.
    You didn’t call on them to stop squabbling – you had a dig at Loomer. Just saying!

  576. Does anyone have a link to the clip of the goals today – I hear there’s a response from an Arsenal fan after the second goal worth watching. Also, I hear the Gooner in Martin Tyler came out after each of our goals.

  577. C’Bob – No odds my friend but $200 will pay for myself and The Girlfriend to go for a nice dinner and a movie, which she could use as sadly she lost her Father to longterm illness a week and a half ago. It will taste all the better knowing it was paid for by a Spud 🙂

  578. Darius – Go to Arsenalist.com

  579. Let it go Loomer

  580. Extra time…can only be good for us..

  581. Wellity wellity well!!! Phase one of my predictions came off…. Now just thesmall matter of putting 5 past Milan!! What a fuckin comeback!!! Well done boys!!! All of them!!!


    I feel for your girlfriend man, had my Nan’s funeral this week, her passing coincided with our results vs AC & Sunderland. Today, she came through for me!!! 🙂

  582. 12-game winning run. We’ve done it before (I think) and if we did it again…who knows? Come on the Arse.

    Extra time. Pool to lose on penalties please and I really hope I haven’t jinxed Aaron Ramsey’s former team by saying that.

  583. Limestone stop being ridiculous. And silly. 😉

    Moving on – is the Blind Pig the name of the pub in which you failed to find Irish? If so that’s marvellous – not that I’m suggesting either of you are pigs you understand…

  584. Enjoy the rest of the day fellow Gooners. I am off to the pub for some darts and some nice cold cider(s) 5-2!! Fucking love it 😀

  585. I am sure any talk of injuries is just so that we dont have to release all our players for the midweek rubbish friendlies.

  586. Fun

    Taking the long way around; calling them “Aaron Ramsey’s former club” 😀

  587. Sad to hear about your GF, IrishGray. It’s always a horrible shock, even if you know it’s going to happen.
    Dexter, the first half of your wish/prediction has come good.

  588. Jonny, I’ll try, honestly I will.

    Blind Pig–yes it is! Oh, the ironies!

  589. @ Anirudh
    It’s my way of expressing the reason why I take any interest in them!

  590. Dexter – Just saw your post mate and I am sorry for your loss, it’s never easy is it? I was just hapy I got to know her dad before his illness became so advanced he rarely recognised anyone. It was very sad towards the end, so at least we have the benefit of knowing that it was for the best that he passed so quickly.

    Jonny – yes the very same pub 🙂

  591. Dexter – That is what I was thinking as well.

  592. The former Arsenal striker Eduardo da Silva has condemned critics of Arsène Wenger, whom he believes should be given time to turn things around at the troubled club. “Sometimes people don’t have patience, and they think they must win everything all the time,” he said during an interview here, where he plays for the Ukrainian side Shakhtar. “You cannot come first or second every year for 10 years, I don’t think fifth is such a bad place for Arsenal.”
    Really interesting from Eduardoooooo!!! Once a Gooner….

  593. Condolences to the GF, Irish. Glad today could bring you some joy.

  594. FunGunner – Thanks cutie 🙂

  595. Irishg

    Yeah, true man.


    Thats what I am hoping anyways!

  596. LSG – Thank you buddy 🙂 and now i really am off 🙂 laters!!

  597. Extra time. Cardiff have been pretty brave. Hope they can still pull this out.

  598. Irish – I forgot about your bet it must have added a soupçon of relish to the fixture – marvellous stuff.

    So sorry to hear about your girlfriend’s loss.

    Stay strong fella,


  599. Likewise, to you, Dexter. Did you actually predict 5-2? Good one!

  600. He is still in touch with many of his former team-mates, he says, and treasures the goal he scored for Shakhtar on his return to the Emirates in 2010, a consolation strike in a 5-1 defeat. “It was so emotional when I scored, and I got such a good reception from the Arsenal fans. That’s a memory I will tell my children.”

    That’s a good memory for me as well. I was very proud of the gooners in the stadium who cheered and celebrated his goal. Arsenal class.

  601. Dex – condolences to you also.

    Also nice quote of one of my favourite Simpsons moments.

  602. What a bunch of numbsculls are those hacks during Wengers post match press conference! One dipstick asked Arsene, how can you claim that you defended well after going 2-0 down after 30 min? Didn’t he see the team improve dramatically throughout the game? We won every single defensive header in the second half. I’ve not seen us so dominant before! I enjoyed my Sunday dinner I can tell you……

  603. No doomers today?
    Fec me ,I wonder why?

  604. Well Hello there my fine people! What a splendunctious day!

  605. Anyone else think that most of these football chants sound wrong in the mouths of other supporters? Especially the “greatest team the world has ever seen” chant. Has to be Arsenal.

    @ Dexter | February 26, 2012 at 5:56 pm
    Sorry, didn’t see this post which is why I repeated what you said about your prediction. And of course, my condolences about your grandmother. Were you close?

  606. Liverpool going very close. Hang on in there, Aaron Ramsey’s former club.

  607. 2nd half of extra time.


  609. Weird, unseasonable summer’s day in February…. North London glistening…

    There’s only one team in London!
    One team in LONDAAAAN!
    There’s only one team in London!

  610. Thanks guys. Fungunner; yeah, before she became ill, we saw loads of each other.

    Now, if we can turn over the scousers, keep up this winning league run and carry it into the CL game, well, anything could happen.


    I love the Simpsons man, sooooooo funny. Genius.

  611. Where’s SUGA3 and Jibber Jabber?

  612. Fun

    I just imagine that the fans of all the clubs are so impressed with arsenal, that they actually sing we are Arsenal, the greatest the world has ever seen 😀

  613. Magical Golden Wonder Day….

  614. Drat, Kuyt with the go ahead goal.

  615. Scouse twats! Ahh, they’re be on the piss all week, so wont care what happens next week.

  616. Prepare the ceremonial crockery and fine wines….. hoist up the Arsenal colours…

    North London is Ours

  617. NO problem, we’ll go and rain on their parade with a victory at Anfield.

  618. “And gooners who pretend that they don’t bait or bitch about other gooners – they’re the worst”. I couldn’t agree more FG.

  619. Yeah – where’s jiberry jabbery bollocks?

  620. Calm down, calm down, ya’ now heh heh!

  621. Georgakos,Jibber is binned.
    On Thursday I think .There has been much merriment since.

  622. Gareth Bale walked over to applaud the Spurs fans at the final whistle. But nobody was there.


  623. Great shout, Passenal. My vote is cast. Utter fucking hero Tomas Rosicky. Tour de bloody force. So deserved a performance like that. So, so deserved…

  624. It feels as though all our recent fixtures against the spuds have been fucking mental one way or another.
    Great to see the boot on the other foot this time – the away fans looked utterly shellshocked.
    Schadenfreude indeed.
    Evening Limpar! Welcome to the party. 🙂 😀

  625. ‘Arry for England.

  626. ‘appy birthday Ade.

  627. @ Anirudh | February 26, 2012 at 6:20 pm


    I just imagine that the fans of all the clubs are so impressed with arsenal, that they actually sing we are Arsenal, the greatest the world has ever seen “D

    ha ha
    They know it’s the truth!

    @ LimparAssist | February 26, 2012 at 6:16 pm
    and LimparAssist | February 26, 2012 at 6:23 pm

    @ Jonny
    Glad to hear it.

    Bloody Kuyt.

  628. Jonny

    Schadenfreude!! That is the word to describe it…

  629. PG it’s a pity in a way I was looking forward to shoving his words regarding TR7 down his throat. He HAS been excellent this season, culminating in a pivotal performance today.
    I could not be more delighted for him.

  630. Fuck yes go on Cardiff

  631. Blimey Cardiff equalise.

  632. Yes!!!!!!!!!!! Come on Aaron Ramsey’s former club!

  633. Well I’m in no mood for my yoga class tonight…..Hah Cardiff have equalized……

  634. Well done Cardiff! Penalties next?

  635. 2-2 Hahahahaha

  636. Excuse me guys, I was bang out of order. How dare I gloat like that. I ought to be ashamed of myself. Jonny and LG are never wrong, and Scott Parker really is a superb player.

  637. Ramsey must be enjoying today!

  638. Ach, and the irony was lost. 😉

    Fucking great cup final. Bring on the pens!

  639. late goal from a soft penalty for ARFC is what I’m rooting for. Please hold on at least.

  640. Cardiff just equalised!!

  641. I’m sure he would have enjoyed it more if he weren’t injured for the derby, but maybe Cardiff will win in penalties.

  642. @ Jonny
    on you.

  643. Penalties..

    Gerrard to do a Beckham and sky it??

  644. Stevie Me to miss by miles? Who’s with me?

  645. Loomer – jeez mate why are you still spoiling! Move on. Enjoy the day FFS!

  646. Come on Cardiff!!!!!

  647. OK, correction – who’s with Anirudh? Me!

  648. Fun

    and with ARFC!!

  649. Gerrard, you mug! haha! great keeper.

  650. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haha!

  651. 0-0 still! These guys need to watch the African Nations Cup.

    Adam skies it unbelievably!!!

  652. Fuck me – compare this with the ACN

  653. Blimey! This is like a photographic negative of the ACN Final penalty shoot-out.

  654. Adam with the Waddle tribute

  655. Great minds Limestone!

  656. Just shows what pressure does to you.

  657. Can’t recall the last time i saw a pen hit the post. Now two.

  658. Oh no! Two shots on the post for Cardiff. All tied.

    Looks like several of us with the same thought there, Steww!

  659. Shame. come on, Cardiff!

  660. Oh bollocks.

  661. Terrible for poor Cardiff. Didn’t deserve to lose.

  662. they really did not deserve to win Liverpool. So so so poor…

  663. Time to put the kettle on……….

  664. Unlucky…brave effort…

  665. Right you lot. You’re all very knowledgeable. I need a few song recommendations. From the fifties, unusual, little known, quirky please. Not obvious Elvis, buddy holly etc etc.
    Any ideas?

  666. kinda annoys me that we did not win last year as now Liverpool has a trophy.
    The comfort must be that comes the end of the season we are still one of Englands 4 best teams while Liverpool will still be on pair with sunderland and Newcastle…

  667. Its encouraging that pool needed pens to beat Cardiff…

  668. Bollocks.

    Kenny is still a shit manager and a man of small character.

    It may be clichéd to say 4th is a trophy but I’ll still take it over a CCwin any day of the week.

  669. What was Darius looking for on the highlights. I watched the Ade penalty and all I saw were Spuds bizarrely waving an Israeli flag wildly but no Arsenal supporter response.

    Anybody have an idea?

  670. Poodle

    but they have 35 million worth of striking talent in Carroll

    40 million worth midfield talent in Adam, Downing, and Henderson..etc etc 🙂

  671. Liverpool did win CC but will end up no 6 or 7, Cheslea winning FA Cup and becoming no 4 and we grabbing 3rd in PL and Tottenham ending 5th, loosing their manager and playing Euro cup next year…

  672. You’re just getting your due from all those hairs us unwavering Arsenal supporters pulled out whilst reading your frequent gushing over the tremendous qualities Scott Parker possesses and would bring to the Arsenal. Sorry for interrupting the interweb party.

  673. Steww – I’d suggest anything by Fats Domino, Screamin Jay Hawkins, Muddy Waters, Drifters or Johnny Cash.

    What’s it for?

  674. Good luck with that, steww. I won’t be much help I’m afraid. What I’m good at is listening to other people’s suggestions and then looking blank. Then going, “How does that go?” Then “Oh, yeah I know that one!” Then “Actually, no I don’t, I thought it was something else.”

  675. Matt Scott, the Telegraph’s gooner hack is on ESPN’s ‘Talk of the Terrace” as I write. He called for Wenger’s head last week and expected the Arsenal to suffer 5-0 malling ala Newcastle….

  676. An article that appeared as a preview before this fixture today.

    Kings of north London – Is Robin van Persie now the only Arsenal player good enough to get into Tottenham’s XI?


  677. I’d echo Jonny, those are good suggestions! Some Howlin’ Wolf, Carl Perkins, Chuck Berry, Billie Holiday (Lady Sings the Blues album including “Strange Fruit”)? Blues and Jazz would be where it was at, I think.

  678. Johnny – I do a radio show and I have a feature which includes a song from the fifties each week. Trouble is I’ve been doing it for ages and I’m nearly out of ideas.

  679. @ steww | February 26, 2012 at 7:03 pm
    How exciting. You’re not Ed Stewpot, are you?

  680. Of to listen to some Billie Holiday. thanks guys…

  681. Fun – the very same…. well no actually. Can you imagine. bark bark, get down Arnold.

  682. Dex! ha I like it.

  683. Not a big fan of 50s music, and not sure some are too on the nose, Steww, but:

    Link Wray – Rumble (or anything)
    The Ventures – Walk Don’t Run (1960)
    The Fabulous Wailers – Tall Cool One
    The Royal Teens – Mad Gass
    Bo Diddley – Diddy Wah Diddy or anything
    Anything by Little Richard, Duane Eddy (Rebel Rouser!) or Chuck Berry

    Inspiration, see also hilarious 50s exploitation movies about teenagers – The Violent Years, Girls Town (young Mel Tormé and Pul Anka!), Teenagers from Outer Space, Teenage Crime Wave

  684. Steww, you’d know far more than any of us. Billie Holiday is brilliant enough to play again!

  685. For the best hope I have. O, do not wish one more!
    Rather proclaim it, Westmoreland, through my host,
    That he which hath no stomach to this fight,
    Let him depart; his passport shall be made,
    And crowns for convoy put into his purse;
    We would not die in that man’s company
    That fears his fellowship to die with us.
    This day is call’d the feast of Crispian.
    He that outlives this day, and comes safe home,
    Will stand a tip-toe when this day is nam’d,
    And rouse him at the name of Crispian.
    He that shall live this day, and see old age,
    Will yearly on the vigil feast his neighbours,
    And say ‘To-morrow is Saint Crispian.’
    Then will he strip his sleeve and show his scars,
    And say ‘These wounds I had on Crispian’s day.’

  686. I just knew you guys would come through for me.

  687. Come to think of it, you’ve probably been through most of that Joe Meek stuff.

  688. So so glad theo got his brace our fans need to back him up hot get on his case, he will be our next overmars trust me on this.

  689. stew anything by the soul stirers when sam cooke was with them or julius cheeks

  690. Thanks Big Al. That Link Wray stuff is exactly what I’m looking for too.

  691. Bradys right foot

    TR7 wonderful, piroetted, glided and danced through the spuds midfield left Parker looking like a dog chasing his own tail.

  692. Look I don’t want to miss anyone out so a general THANK YOU. Wow – wasn’t expecting so many ideas. Sorry YW!

  693. Cab Calloway is just too cool for school (whereas Jonny’s too school for cool!)

  694. An excerpt from IF by Rudyard Kipling…Quite apt for Theo’s second half performance

    If you can keep your head when all about you
    Are losing theirs and blaming it on you;
    If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
    But make allowance for their doubting too;
    Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
    And – which is more – you’ll be a Man my son!

    He certainly was today…brilliant stuff..

  695. AW post-match confirms that “the crowd” was getting on Theo’s back. That’s the only negative of the day as that is poor from us. Happily, AW kept him on and Theo blazed us into delirious happiness.

  696. Ha, Cab Calloway!

    You’re doing the show again, Steww. What day and time?

  697. Anyone seen O Brother Where Art Thou? Top fillum;

  698. I was expelled from school Dex!

  699. Limestone

    Thats a sad reflection on some of our glorious support man. They feel justification in slating players, the hypocrisy over Arshavins departure shows how fickle they can be too.

    I got to say your posts are always inteliigent, well thought out man, not at all like mine! And Viceologist the sage yet again predicted the result and a red card for Scotty “world beater” parker! 🙂

  700. That was a triumphant “ha” not a scornful one btw. Blues Brothers etc.

  701. Love that Cab Calloway. I already love the Soggy Bottom Boys. I haven’t heard the track but with a name like they have to be good.

  702. Yep that’s on the list johnny.

  703. This is ’62 and irrelevant, but the man sounds like he’s about to combust – and the guitar plucking sounds a bit like mortars being fired.

  704. Ahh Blues brothers is a vrilliant film too. John Lee Hooker’s Boom Boom is a tune too.

  705. SBB really good. Thanks. Are they quite an influential group? There’s something quite “ur” about their sound.

    @ LSG
    Agree with Dexter about your posts. On the whole. 🙂

  706. Cool – used to be Wednesdays, right.

  707. Oh, right, ha ha! I see they are not even a real group!

  708. How about Larry Williams? He led a fascinating life of drugs, violence. Threatened to shoot his mate Little Richard because of drug debts, and died of a gunshot to the head at 44. Suicide? Maybe.

    Plus the song title amuses me.


  709. You have a good memory Al. Yes I got kicked off for the abusive comments I made during the news. It was Sky news. I used to interrupt the broadcast and accuse them of being lying mouthpieces of the extreme right. That kind of thing.

  710. Haha – that’s mad. How did you get back on then?

    Girls Town trailer:

    Ha, at the Larry Williams title. There’s a garage track from the 60s called “Beaver Patrol” – and they’re not talking about wildlife. It’s as rubbish as it sounds.

  711. I found myself reciting the triumph/disaster/imposters line to myself shortly after going 2 nil down, Anirudh.

  712. accuse them ? i thought they openly admitted being lying mouthpieces of the extreme right

  713. Can’t go wrong with The Renegades, steww. I had to make sure they were 50’s. They rule so hard.

  714. Stew Black Rides Slow and Dirty–nice! If I can stream it, I’ll try to listen!

  715. Renegades – check.
    Al – I promised to be good, they knew they couldn’t cope without me.

  716. Great, I’ll give it a listen this week. Anyway, homemade lasagne awaits – no joke.

  717. Listening via stream to Collymore’s call in show since 606 was taken by the cup final going to penalties. I don’t think anyone has mentioned Bale’s dive–even the gooners!

  718. OoU, haha!, that’s what I’m making tonight, in honour of the day!

    St. Totteringham’s Day? Perhaps still to be celebrated this season…

  719. Dex, nice words, thanks! But cannot hold a candle to your “I drunk” post! 🙂

    FG, much appreciated coming from a poster like yourself whom I greatly respect–for the most part! 🙂

  720. Spuds screaming that Aaron Lennon needed to be on the pitch. As if that would have made even an iota of difference. Get a clue, scum, you were destroyed and didn’t deserve your two goals. Should have been 6-1 at best.

  721. It was never in doubt!

    What a win!

  722. What a fucking great spud roast fest.

  723. hopefully all those TWATINGHAM loving dopes that post here even. In the middle. Of the games will go on and piss off. LOOKING AT YOU LITTLE DOGGY. HAHAHA.
    @irishgray, you are rich . Even money enough for kids college and some mushees even… hahaha.

  724. @ LSG
    Ha ha – touche.

    (picks up swing coat, drapes it over one shoulder and sashays out of dark and smoky bar, bumping into door jamb and swearing on the way out)

    See ya, people – what a great day for the Arsenal. May it be the start of a record-breaking winning run!

  725. Steww, how about The Champs’ “Tequila”? Seems somehow appropriate for the day …

  726. We were the better team by a distance, even down 2. The Spurs were not the better side but for 3-5 minutes.

    Big ups to Gibbs. Many, even on this site act as if Walker is way better than Gibbs but I did not see that today, In fact Gibbs was the better player. Gibbs was excellent at the back and quite good when he took on defenders. An Arsenal great waiting to happen!

  727. Have a good rest of the night, FG!

  728. … or perhaps “Mr Sandman” by The Chordettes. I think we will all be having sweet dreams tonight.

  729. Ok I’m about 50’sd out. Here’s one from one of my favorite new bands. Can’t wait to see em next month and finally atone for missing them with Radio Dept a while back.

  730. hope everyone enjoyed the win tonight.

    and cheers to a week without jabba and his ilk

  731. Just got back from the game. What a perfect day. If players and supporters can remain in harmony for the rest of the season, or eternity for that matter, we will not go far wrong. I really love this squad. My favourite Arsenal squad ever.

    Not the 50s, but since someone mentioned Sam Cooke, I thought you might want to hear this from Sam’s best friend. And if we can stand by the squad and manager, maybe they can achieve what this fellow did…

  732. Interesting that there is an Eduardo article today. Especially since his return from a thuggish tackle that ruined our 2007-08 title tilt was further marred as he was essentially drummed out of English football for what Bale does routinely and spectacularly today. Bale is a serial diver with two yellows this season for “simulation”. Yet no one in the professional punditry/journalism world has called him out as a diver during or after this match.

  733. I watched Theo’s first goal again. It’s just incredible how fast he is. When Robin turns around to look for the pass, Theo is just at the half way line. Five seconds later the ball is in the net. Incredible

  734. Welcome Frank! Yes, if supporters can pull together and shelve some of the pettiness to encourage the team, we might do big things in the run in.

    Ali was the greatest. “When we were Kings” was such a wonderful documentary, with a very fine soundtrack as well. No 50’s songs though, I think. Didn’t know he had such a fine voice as well–is that really young Cassius?

  735. Oh and I tuned into 5Live to hear how Cardff got on. It was over of course and the phone in had started. I could not believe my ears when I heard an Arsenal ‘fan’ from Brighton call in to complain about AW. Today. The day we shoved it up the Spuds and showed our class, this prick…it beggars fucking belief.

  736. @Limestone

    Jack Wilshere did on twitter though 😀

  737. Steww – I was also going to suggest Link’s “Rumble”, but I see big Al beat me to it.

    If you have play Blues anything by Son House hits the spot. “Death Letter” is my favorite blues song of all time I think. Genius.

  738. I’m just wondering why Dudu hasnt gotten the Hunter13 treatment yet for his “Arsene Wenger made Arsenal” comment. Dudu may have put it a bit better, but he’s essentially saying the same thing Hunter was attempting to say.

  739. So let me see if I have this right. It’s ok to talk about biased refs and diving when we’re winning, but when were losing you’re a paranoid batshit crazy nutjob. Weird stuff from Lg. You’re normally one of the ones (along with Bill, Jonny, and GA) trying to usher the psychos onto a new topic, citing the opinion that that sort of convo takes away from more pressing matters like today’s game. But now that said big game is over you’ve all of the sudden flip flopped and are now quite willing to discuss such matters. Very odd.

  740. I don’t think the ref had a bad game to be honest. He got the pen wrong, but in real time I can see why he have it.

  741. Does anyone know if Spurs have already put out the DVD for today’s game in their memrobilia shop? I’m willing to shamelessly venture onto the wrong side of Seven Sisters road just to get this one.

  742. However if it is the fifties, ths is my favourite. Steps four five and six are the most important steps for getting to heaven, but we won’t go into that….

  743. @GA
    Honestly? I guess you missed all the 50/50 decisions going against us in the first 30 minutes or so? Or Koscielny getting booked for being pushed into one of their players by Adebayor? As well as the rotational fouling policy employed by Sp*rs in midfield that went unpunished for the most time.
    Dean did “settle in” after he gave a penalty for best play-acting like it’s a damn Oscar, but even after that, his performance was quite a way from being “not bad”.

  744. frank @8:33 ive got that 45 as well, brilliant track this is when Cc, sam cooke,and malcolm x were all best buds ,great choice

  745. I don’t know what to think about Mike Dean. He’s the sort of ref who if he was a girl or guy offering sex, you wouldn’t want to sleep with lest you get burnt with an incurable STB. when he refs our games I get a cold chill up my spine simply because he has form. Out of the last 12 Arsenal games he’s refereed, today was the first one we’ve won.

    Where I come from, Mike Dean is a bad omen.

  746. “In real time I can see why he gave it”

    Because he’s an Arsenal hating cheat, right?

  747. Darius, what were you looking for in the highlights earlier? I went to Arsenalist but didn’t notice anything.

  748. STB being a sexually transmitted bastard of course.

  749. Really nice watching the Theo-Robin interview

  750. Darius – They have. It is only 30mins long though.

    Evil – Good point about the Koscienly booking. How can you get booked for falling into somebody? I thought he let us get away with a few tackles, but yeah you are probably right. Maybe not a good game, but I didn’t feel hard done by. He was equally bad. Was fuming when I saw the pen replay, but more so at Bale.

  751. evil 100 % correct deans performance was again disgraceful just we won in spite of that and it shouldnt be forgotten

  752. Limestone – it was the reaction after Arsenal’s 2nd goal, not the Spud penalty.

    Martin Tyler was apparently also animated with every goal. I suppose it’s the Sly Sports feed that we’re looking for.

  753. Agree with you, arse or brain. (Sounds like a psychotic conversation). The late fifties early sixties period was an extraordinary time. But CC/MA….nothing more to be said

  754. It doesn’t take but a quick glance at Dean’s record against us to realize the guy has got little red horns popping out of his head.

  755. @GA
    As I said, he did get “better” after gifting them the penalty, but his first 30 minutes where the kind of performance by a ref that would usually see our players lose confidence and get frustrated because they would start — rightly — believing that the opposition can get away with anything while we are reprimanded for even going close to one of their players. It’s only thanks to the mental strength of the team, that we didn’t collapse.

  756. What a brilliant day, probably the best since we moved to The Emirates.

    The whole team played well, didn’t deserve to be 2-0 down but showed just what we can do.

    TR man of the match.

    Just one thing – the likes of Suga and his cronies from that other blog really have no right, and don’t deserve to enjoy today – if you don’t support through the bad times you have no right to enjoy the good. Weasels.

    Anyway – what a game, that is what going is all about – the excitement, apprehension and sheer joy.

  757. A real shame Goonerandy. I suppose the edotir is under strict instructions to preserve Tottenham’s history against Arsenal….

    …which is ironic considering that Tony Adams in his Arsenal career alone has won more trophies than Tottenham Hotspur in their entire history.

  758. Martin Tyler did sound quite excited after RvP’s equalizer. Tbh, his co-commentator was gushing too. How could you not be? It was a goal of genius.

  759. I am so pleased to see…TR showing us the player he really is, Yossi proving that AW can always pick a player, Carl Jenkinson shoving it up the critics with a short display that is so full of promise.

  760. YW

    Was your moment defined well enough?

  761. Darius – Is that right (about TA)?

    It is only 30mins, but you get some extras too. They have included a extend version of their warm up

  762. Some of that stuff we were playing today was as fluid and incisive as I’ve seen. Just an absolute joy to be able to behold something so beautiful, working so well and naturally. Very proud to be a Gunner right about now.

  763. @Loomer
    Wenger’s Arsenal MK 5 (I think by now?) is finally starting to gel and click!

  764. Moved the ball back to front much faster when we won the ball, and looked miles better because of it.

  765. LQTM Goonerandy – the fact that you even have to count TA’s medals vs what that lot have won is amusing. Though I’m sure someone at the Spurs historical society might want to argue a case against something they would see as propostorous.

    Another thing they should look at is the stats of Bale of Nazareth v our No brain Theo – they’d be shocked to see who was the better player in both goals that matter against big teams as well as assists.

  766. What’s our favourite goal today? Bac’s header to break open the game, RvP’s sublime strike to equalize, the lovely movement and passing for Rosicky’s burst into box and touch over Friedel to put us ahead, Theo’s first on a long run to join RvP or Theo’s second from a brilliant ball from Songinho over the top for Theo to control and fire with precision into the far corner again?

    Each one really merits praise and admiration. Bac’s gave me belief and is such an atypical goal. RvP’s was a technical masterpiece and just stunned the hell out of the Spuds–a collapse was evident now. Rosicky’s was great because it put us ahead, was a beautiful team goal, and because TR really deserved it. Theo’s first gave me a real confidence that the game was in hand now and despite the second touch that made it go wider was really felicitous as it tricked Friedel to come out. Theo’s last was a delight because it shows what he could do if he played centrally as a striker; it was ornamental but made the Spud humiliation complete.

    My vote–Rosicky. Sentimentally meaningful, a team goal, and the winner.

  767. Mikel Arteta was successful with 93% of his 81 passes, created 3 chances, 1 assist & won the most tackles of any Arsenal player…

  768. mattgoonerknight

    “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” GA 🙂

    Daft Punk, or Kanye, take your pick


    Absolutely buzzing!!!

  769. Darius – Heh, my bad I suppose 🙂

    I just genuinely have no idea what they have won in their sad little history, mainly on the account of not giving a fuck. My favorite (non-Arsenal) memory of the Spuds is Keith Houchen’s diving header.

  770. Wow, 800+ posts. Did we lose, have 10 men sent off, sign Jabba and Suga on frees?

  771. Thanks Frank. Wouldn’t it have been sung by Cassius Clay in 1963?

  772. Limestone – Can’t pick one, they were all great goals. Bacs set the tone for the team though.

    It was noticeable that we got more bodies in the box than normal today, and looked much more dangerous because of it.

  773. OK, I looked it up. Well he certainly has more league titles as we all know, 4, their 2! But they do have more FA and League cups (8, 4) than TA (3, 2) and equal in Europe with a cup winners’ cup each. So it’s a close call! Would you trade four FA cups and two league cups for 2 league titles? I didn’t think so. Tony Adams is the winner!!! More significant honours that a whole London club that fancies itself our rivals.

  774. Well, if we combine Paddy and TA together I think we pretty much hammer them. 2 Players Vs an entire club history.

    They really are a bunch of cunts.

  775. That’s an excellent point, GA. We certainly did attack the box more and it paid off. With Bac, Jenks and Gibbs back there might be more crosses coming in.

    The other thing I noticed today is that we were very dominant in the air. Adepaywhore was totally ineffectual in the air.

    We still don’t have our best back line available as I would rate Santos ahead of Gibbs. Look at his numbers for the 8 games he played. They are absolutely terrific. He is a beast in the air, strong in tackles and we know about his ability to pass, cross and shoot the ball. But it is a major relief having fullbacks around again. Jenks was outstanding during his short time on the pitch on his weaker left.

  776. Evening MGK. 🙂

    LG – TR7 for me too – that’s the one that had me shouting the loudest – I love the guy and I have long felt once he gets a goal we’ll see more goals. I’m fancying/hoping he’ll belt in a screamer in the next couple of games.

  777. TR7. I was just so over the moon for him that he scored … and then such an important goal as well!

  778. Theo’s first was him all over. Pace, mis-control, good finish. His 2nd was a quality finish.

    I also liked Rosicky’s, it was a fact an incisive piece of football. RvP’s was just pure class. Everybody knew exactly what he was trying to do, yet nobody could do anything about it.

  779. Theo’s 1st goal for me…I just felt so good for him

    TR7 close second…

  780. heheheh fuck you dean, fuck you rednapp and fuck you tottenham…glad to eat humble pies form theo, i wanted him out in first half. song was phenomenal and fuck all the wenger haters too. i wonder if arsenal was 2-0 and fucked it up what the news would say…hahaha…up yours english media…your boy ‘arry got teared a new one tactically didnt he?

  781. Right lets see what they make of this on MOTD

  782. parker …red..ahahahahha ..” arsene should have got parker” ..ahahahha..

    had to laugh with liverpool too….the league cup and they were acting as if they won the world cup..thats what starvation does to you i suppose …heheh ..and only at penalties..

    a shame that ferguson got saved by the geriatric duo…shame really…

  783. You been drinking GA? Your language isn’t usually so strong. tut tut.

  784. Hunter – Same here (about Theo). I hope he would be subbed at half time. He was pretty awful in the first half. And that bit where he just fell over had me screaming at the TV. Arsene should make him watch his 2nd half performance on repeat. “Just keep doing this”. Worked hard and had end product. Good lad.

  785. Right lets see what they make of this on MOTD

    a team going for the title with its strongest team the last 20 years losing 5-2 after being 0-2 up ?

    ohhh …..i expect the same strict and harsh criteria they would reserve had the scoreline been reversed

  786. RvP just held the ball amidst Spuds all around him several times during the game. Setting up Theo’s goal then in the late stages he came deep for the ball and had 4 or 5 players chasing around him for the ball for 30 seconds around the centre circle before he passed it away. I could hear him getting a big cheer for that. It was one of those games where his class was so evident.

    He’s a fantastic captain as well. This no leaders thing is getting old.

    Jonny, nice point about Arteta–he’s the first player, PG posted above from Jamie Sanderson, to reach 1500 accurate passes this season in the PL. Excellent game.

  787. Steww – I post mainly at work. I tend not to swear as out filters at work may pick it up. They are pretty tight.

    Anyway, cut me some slack. I am posting about the Spuds after all.

  788. And that bit where he just fell over had me screaming at the TV.

    lol so true..you mean when he fell on his arse before bacary made the 2-1 dont you? yeah i slammed the desk too…i had had enough by that time…..how little do we know..lol

  789. Wish I could stream MOTD live, but will have to find highlights later.

  790. Very clever…

  791. I think so. He ran a bit with the ball. Stopped in front of 2 defenders, then just fell backwards whilst they walked away. I really was begining to think it was not our day.

  792. Found a stream. Dixon, Paul Robinson (GK), and Pardew. Sort of a B team here. I missed the Spud goals. Any mention of Bale diving?

  793. @piresrobert7

    There is only one team in london

    Good old Bob

  794. The only downside of today’s victory is that Ramsey is probably going to go up quite a bit in the scapegoat rankings. I am obviously one that thinks that Rosicky should get to continue his run in the team — but that is no sleigh on Ramsey.
    Ramsey’s development was seriously halted and he would’ve been a different player if he would’ve had another full year under Fabregas. Now I hope he is going to take the time to watch Rosicky very closely, because while Ramsey is already quality I think he will profit from learning from Lil’ Mozart.
    But after browsing some blogs I noticed that he was already getting some abuse. Are people really so blind that they can’t see that he will come good? I think yesterday someone suggest that Ramsey might be in for the Denilson treatment and judging by what I’ve been reading on other sites … that might very well come true.

  795. Bradys right foot

    Jonny | February 26, 2012 at 9:43 pm

    Mikel Arteta was successful with 93% of his 81 passes, created 3 chances, 1 assist & won the most tackles of any Arsenal player…

    Panic buy Jonny

  796. “jens lehmann ‏ @lehman_official
    A few spurs fans sending insults.does that make London white?! Blood is red,so is North London #coyg #afc #thsfc”

  797. Yes, Steww. The Youtube click is inaccurate. I don’t suppose the guy who put it together was around in ’63. Presumably at least one of his parents had a Roman thing going when they named Cassius Marcellus Clay. No this is not a cue for ‘Life of Brian’ quotes…

  798. How the fuck can anybody be abusing Aaron?
    FFS he didn’t play.
    I despair at some of our fans ,really.

  799. Oh dearie me what the fuck is a ‘click’? I meant of course clip. You will have to excuse me, I dropped in on a few friends on the way home, and they were very hospitable.

  800. This very evening I myself have heard ‘fans’ from N17 predicting that their team will not be in the top four at the end of the season. Penny has dropped..

  801. i think it was an easy game after we settled down. we started horrendously.. but their first goal came about, because koscielny slipped, and that opened the space up for that pass to be played. if koscielny hadnt slipped, he would have put pressure on that guy.

    i guess we have to get used to playing on a proper pitch again 🙂

    we had 4 great chances before bale dived. what a dive. the fact that no cards was given showed that the ref and linesman knew they got it all wrong, but didnt want to embarrass themselves in front of the whole world.

    anyway, it was all us. we just overpowered them. great tackles from our lads. we showed that we could play physical. and of course, much has been talked of the spuds’ physicality when you see the players they have got. but i think we outmuscled them.

    we were unlucky to go down. but we really went for it. we showed real guts, combined with class. and in the end, for once, we were rewarded.

    we utterly destroyed them. and this is supposed to be our worst side, and their best ever side. WOW.

    Form is temporary, Class is forever.

  802. This Aaron abuse thing is nonsense. Utter nonsense.

  803. It is just the maddening logic of some fans that if one player is doing really well, another one has automatically to be the exact opposite. Mind you, the people that leveled the abuse at Ramsey are the same ones that probably would’ve asked for Rosicky to be sold in the January transfer window ’cause he is deadwood

  804. before the game, the pundits were saying 4 or 5 players on the spuds bench would walk into our first team.

    yeah, when our whole squad is out injured maybe.

    people don’t realise we have played half the season with only half the squad available. and we are still 4th.

    ahead of chelsea and liverpool

    so maybe our squad has got quality after all. you ask any other team to play half the season with the kind of injuries we have got, where would they be now?

  805. This is clever

  806. @korihikage
    The Guardian preview talked about how out of all our players RVP would be the only one who would get a spot in the Sp*rs XI. Obviously, the writer has been proven wrong. I am not even sure if any of the Sp*rs players would get in OUR XI after tonight.

  807. mattgoonerknight

    Good evening Jonny; what a day, ai?

    You’ve been conspicuous in your absence recently, and given your comment, perhaps I have too.

    Been a bit down given recent results and found that my penchant for moderate talk may’ve be taken negatively in some quarters so I thought I’d best shut up until the happy days returned (hope there’s not a stigma attached to only posting when we’re doing well….a case of antidoomersycophantitis or something?)

    Really buzzing today that we continue to be bewilderingly inconsistent…a betting man’s nightmare!!!

    3rd place is officially on!!!!!

  808. Some good pics on twitter tonight

  809. Evil

    some humble pie has been dished out today. i bet many reports were written before the game, and on 34th minute, most journalists were sitting there smugly.

    and then it all went horribly wrong for them.

    they have already written our orbituary. what they didnt realise is that we will be around longer than them.

  810. mattgoonerknight

    Just want to make it clear that I always (despite the odds) back us!!

  811. MGK – you’re all good mate – but yeah the prudent thing is not to moan, keep the faith or keep your counsel. As you’ve seen it can be dimly viewed!

    The Ramsey abuse has started already, seen a bit of it on my TL. Amazing some cunts can’t even let the dust settle on one of the great days of our club before having a totally unnecessary dig.

    Ramsey has faded a little – but it’s not surprising and really I wasn’t expecting much of him this season. Still learning and of course getting over the appalling injury – great stuff to come.

  812. As far as Ramsey, we’ve discussed here how he has been put in an impossible situation by the needs of the team. He’s played so many games despite his youth and return from a horrible injury. He lost over a year of development and now he is having to play further forward than he normally would at this stage. And at the beginning of the season it seemed Rosicky was not especially fit or in form and Arteta has not been filling that creative Fabregas role but rather a deeper possession and defending role than might have been anticipated. Ramsey has been immense and courageous; I’m glad he has had a little bit of a break. Rosicky has a back problem of some kind now so he would be a doubt for Liverpool. Ramsey will start and hopefully Rosicky will be ready for Milan. Right now, Rosicky is the best option but that is no sleight on Ramsey who I am sure will develop into one of the best midfielders in the league in a year or two.

  813. Just Another Luke

    Is there a Wednesday fixture?

    “Unfortunately we had some bad news for Rosicky today, and Vermaelen as well. Vermaelen has an ankle problem, and Rosicky a back problem. I don’t think they will be available for Wednesday, whether they are available for Saturday is a big doubt.”

  814. International fixtures in mid-week.

  815. I’ll be very curious to see if the Redknapp-for-England saga develops this week. Something tells me he may be interested in committing to the job sooner rather than later, particularly if the wheels fall off over their next three League matches (Man Utd at home, Everton and Chelsea away). On the other hand, the FA might decide to leave things for a while, perhaps thinking they may be in a better negotiating position if Spu#s falter (further).

    a true team effort and win. As such, it is very difficult picking. Motm or. GOTM.
    Bacary s. Goal started the party so ill give him the gotm. Makes it so much more special since he is coming back from a serious injury. Welcome back sir and welcome back Carl.
    Motm is a toss-up between Tomas. And Mikel. Hats off to you both. I suppose. The usual two faced suspects are too busy eating their humble pie to have the decency to congratulate the team and manager on a fantastic display of the beautiful football. We all know the GUNNERS are capable of. WELL, WHO NEEDS YOU. not even the club. Its not the manager that is sh••. It is you, the wishy-washy flip-flop yo-yo type supporters. Time to clean out the closets with you . Time to teach the cheating Italians. A thing or two about. Integrity and winning the right way. Stuff them ac-millions up your you know what. Time for payback the doomers,gloomers and the cheaters of this game. I AM LOOKING AT YOU BALE. DISGRACEFUL display from a club with no class.


  817. This is one of the things that makes me just adore RvP–good captain. Watch at the end how he takes a moment before the interview is over to really praise Theo and give him confidence against the criticism.


  818. Sorry, you have to look further for the video on that link–“Derby delight” for RvP and Theo post-match interview.

  819. The most rewarding thing about today’s game for me is that our key players went into the “fuck it” mode and grabbed the game by the scruff of the neck. I think it really helped that it was Tottenham we were playing, otherwise it might have been difficult to channel all our anger and agression to such a positive response banging in 5 goals without reply in 29 minutes of play.

    Credit has to really be given to Song, Arteta and Rosicky who literally run the game and on the one hand gave Benayoun, Theo and Walcott the platform to attack, and also protection to the back 4.

    As for Digger Matt Scott’s conclusions about which Arsenal players would get into the Spurs team or vice versa, let’s remember that if these hacks were any good, they’d actually be football managers. They wouldn’t be writing sub-standard shallow articles on football and continuing a career in a dying trade that is newspaper journalism.

    The fact that none of these hypocritical cunts can’t even bring themselves to condemn a blatent dive by Bale of Nazareth simply tells you of how xenophobically biased and prejudiced they are. I mean, the only other explanation of their selective amnesia when it comes to Bale of Nazareth’s dive is that they’re incompetent hacks. But they’re just biased cunts – no point in sugar coating things.

  820. The interview with RVP and Theo is worth a watch. Robin manages to pull out both of his middle fingers and blatantly wave them at the “doubters” on national TV. Good man!

  821. It’s no wonder that the conspiracy theories exist…the only question that needs to be asked is this. What is the difference between Eduardo and Bale. Or Bwayne Brooney.

    I say screw those w**kers, there is still a chance to beat Milan and overtake the spuds…

    The game with Milan will be different at the Emirates, you can be sure of that.

  822. RVP is leadership personified. I really hope we clutch 3rd, I don’t think he will be able to turn down a contract in that case! Tie him up for 10 years on whatever he wants per week and make sure he has a coaching position after his career written into it as well.

  823. LSG – A very late reply but the dinner and movie that my Spud friend(sorry but he is) paid for took a bit longer than I thought 🙂 You asked for your favorite goal, all of which I loved, so I would like to point you to the Arsenalist.com’s clip of RVP dribbling around 4 players in midfield. The goals were great, in and of themselves but to see RVP in and around the centre circle, that was amazing to me. People, I was one for a while, questioned his choice as Captain but when you see him doing that it really raises your belief. In both him and the other players.

    As an aside, I will miss AA but not his inconsistency. A great player capable of greatness, which we saw on several occasions. ‘Pool 4 goals and that was an actual bad day playing wise? Genius!! The only goal against Swansea was only something he could do. (Let’s face it any other player would have been running back and would never have been where he was!) I wish him nothing but the best. However, why did we not sell him in the transfer window?

    Discuss!!! 😀

  824. 862 comments? There goes the theory that people comment more when we lose.


  825. Anyone noticed the ref’s action on the 1st goal, seems like he Celebrated Saha goal!!!!

  826. immense comeback yesterday, looked like Spurs could not contain us even with Harry looking to plug the midfield after we got our first two.

    Lets go on a run, if we beat Pool this weekend and United thump the spuds, we are only four off them and third a reality.

  827. Carib – Dean reacts exactly as a fan would. You can’t hide unconscious body language.

  828. Irishgray – Yeah, that RvP bit of skill in the centre circle really was amazing. I must admit, I was waiting for him to get crunched as he did it though. It was like the best kid at school dribbling round a load of fat kids in the playground.

  829. Yesterday was a good day…was in the pub and in the 1st half everyone was shouting for Theo to come off and even some of his defenders had given up. Come 2nd half every one was now shouting for Theo to be passed the ball ;-). this week am taking time off no more bitching for a week and just enjoy…

  830. It was a dream! It was a dream…….I know that I imagined the whole thing, but the BBC tells me this morning that I didn’t dream it while I was asleep – the real world was feeding my senses as I imagined a stunning comeback, some class goals by class players… and vPs turn and shot in a crowded crop of spuds. The crest fallen spud u-likes…I could never have created that site with my imagination alone.

    What a match. Well done lads.

    ‘Pool may not be easy, but it is not a hard match either and I don’t think the team we played yesterday will do well against the Red compost.

    They should leave attacking the North to those that know how to play the beautiful game.

  831. Oh and that comment by the spun-dit…..’The Arsenal have as good as ended their North London rivals title chances’.

    Anyone got a song for how good that makes you feel.

  832. Bradys right foot

    Carib | February 27, 2012 at 7:03 am

    Anyone noticed the ref’s action on the 1st goal, seems like he Celebrated Saha goal!!!!

    Wait til the guys at Untold see that lol, never seen a ref do anything like that ever.

  833. Just Another Luke

    What shall we do with the clueless Wenger? 😉

  834. AHAHAHAHAHAH – GLORIOUS. Great day out.

    Rosicky’s best performance for years, played very well with Bennayoun. Everyone was pumping. Atmos was great – always is if we feel victimised by the ref (Bales dive)

    Too much Kings Ginger yesterday – Head thumping, heading to Gatwick for some conference I need to attend, Well worth it!


  835. i just read the guardian’s min by min, and the preview that came with it.

    interesting thing: the bookies had us down as favourites, not the spuds. only the media and the spuds thought they were favourites.

  836. “Rosicky is the best option but that is no sleight on Ramsey who I am sure will develop into one of the best midfielders in the league in a year or two.”

    Very well put Limestone.

  837. “interesting thing: the bookies had us down as favourites, not the spuds. only the media and the spuds thought they were favourites.”

    It expose the total incompetence of the Soccer Saturday panel.

  838. george,

    as a friend once told me: look at the odds. because the bookies are putting their money on it.

    talk is cheap you know? when your money is on the line, you know what you are doing.

    having said that, it would appear that liverpool are the favourites for next week’s game.

    are we missing RVP and Kos? they picked up their 5th yellows, but someone was sayin that yellow cards before christmas get rescinded.

  839. https://aculturedleftfoot.wordpress.com/2012/02/27/arsenal-show-no-mercy-in-north-london-annihilation/

    Today’s balanced and objective post which is in no way at all gloating about Sunday’s win.

  840. van persie …what a fucking goal….control, turn, touch and bang! parker you useless tw@t..hahahaha

    ohh how beautiful …

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