Pre-Tottenham Managerial Wisdom

Ahead of tomorrow’s match, Arsène’s pre-match press conference contained the usual wit and wisdom. His public persona is that which you would expect of him; upbeat, positive and caustic. Yet it is also something which it is also a stick that is used by his critics to beat him. Wenger, we are told, should be chastising the players; he’s too soft. I can’t escape the feeling that some would only be happy if he were to arrive for any public occasion in sackcloth and ashes, whilst self-flagellating to try and atone for his sins.

An insight into how this mindset affects him was contained in a small nugget from his press conference,

No matter what we say at the moment it will be printed in a negative way. So it is up to us to transform that in a positive way.

The only way to do so is to win on a consistent basis, starting on Sunday. God forbid a defeat and the meltdown which would surely follow. It has been a long enough week leading into this game as it is; another week with increased stressed levels and a definite need for a red alert to all medical facilities worldwide will be required to cope with the spontaenous combustion or stress-induced illnesses that would surely follow.

Putting the task into perspective, he bagan by observing,

You can’t complain – we are in a fantastic job and we have a big game in front of us. To feel sorry for ourselves would be criminal. We have a good opportunity to show that we have character, that we have the mental qualities to play for this Club and so let’s go for it.

It is as close to the up and ‘at em speech that so many wish he would make every game. Whether the players would respond is another matter. It does however, prove to be irksome when we are continually told that players don’t try at all. It is a vacuous argument and one that has no substance to it. A player may run out of hope, steam, effort when chasing a forlorn cause; that is a natural reaction in anyone in similar circumstances.

I understand that the root cause is that people believe players are overpaid, to the detriment of others who should receive more. I know it is driven by belief that the player is useless (in the critics opinion) and probably underpinned by some envy over the staggering sums that players earn. But it’s wrong; no player wearing an Arsenal shirt should ever enter the pitch beaten, drained of effort or energy. And in that sense I think it entirely wrong to claim such, to denigrate efforts in that way.

The manager is trying to put the season into distinct segments for the players. Each compartment contains a competition with sole hope that poor form in two will not impact on the third. His charges had just about got themselves sorted out in the Premier League following what can be at best described as an inauspicious start to 2012. The knockout competitions put paid to that. Arsène is putting them into the past,

We had disappointing results, especially in Milan. The Sunderland game was a bit unfortunate for two reasons: we played three away games on difficult pitches and the game was positioned on an impossible day for us after coming back from Milan. We lost a game against a team with zero shots on target, we scored two own goals…In the championship we have drawn 0-0 at Bolton and beat Blackburn with a good score. Let’s continue our run. 

Certainly that seems to be the case. The usual rumours abound that van Persie is waiting to see if Arsenal qualify for the Champions League before deciding over his contract. Talks, we are informed, have not begun. If the player has stated that he is waiting until May or beyond, to assert that he is awaiting the outcome of the season is stating the obvious. The Dutchman himself believes now is a good time for the match to come along, to motivate the players.

The last word on that goes to the manager,

Every game is massive now until the end of the season, but it is exciting. What is terrible is to play a game of no importance. What is important is that we enjoy it and come out with a good performance.

I doubt anyone would disagree with that. At least he avoided calling each game a cup final.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Up and at ‘em indeed.

  2. Every game is a cup final from now on….

  3. for now nothing else matters just beating the sppuds

  4. I hope you’re right YW and the manager gets the team to put the cup disappointments behind them and finish the season well. The evidence of the past few seasons doesn’t bode well though.

    Cue the Arshavin wailing.

  5. the match against the spurs is a must win game for arsenal. Wenger has been complaining about the pitch and also playing away three conservative matches for the defeat.For tomorrow i don’t think if he has any excuse.will it be the ref Mr mike Dean who will be in charge of the match..we need to focus on our game than a blame game every time we play.yes,sometimes it happened to us to fall in wrong decisions from referee but on the other hand we need to play and score no matter the situation.for instance to defend properly even if the opposition side were offside until the ref deicide instead of shouting to ref to see.that has been the weakness of arsenal and it had happened several times when they keep hands up for foul and the only decision we get from ref is to blew the whistle for the score than to listen to them.I do remember when chelsea scored thats after fouling Santos.
    lets wait and see the outcomes of the match and hope for the positive results…still gunners!

  6. “God forbid a defeat and the meltdown which would surely follow” is way over the top,IMO, and only adds to the unnecessary pressure on players and fans alike.
    If we lose the game, 3 important points are lost but nothing more. Arsenal will soldier on to the best of their ability until the end of the season, as they have always done. Then regroup for next term.
    Some misguided soul in Scouseland once said “Football a matter of life or death? It’s more important than that”. A greater misconception would be hard to find.
    Arsenal will continue to make history within our national game, long after this topsy turvy season has been forgotten. All we need to do is levy 100% support on manager and team until May. Then consider the rights and wrongs of the past season……not now.

  7. Agreed Nicky, spot on. I just feel sick to my stomach regarding AA and his loan move. Can’t seem to get motivated for the Sunday derby. Hell , I hope the crew do us proud and put in 100% effort out. I for one will try to be 100% in support. COYG. UP THE GUNS!!!!!!

  8. After the booing of Andrei at the Arsenal Stadium it crossed my mind that he would never play there again. He is a class act and too proud for that. Gutted and frankly disgusted.

  9. I am really looking forward to watching us stuff the Spuds on Sunday. Can we trust the ‘fans’ though?

  10. Nicky, the meltdown I referred to was online. You’ve seen what’s happened over recent weeks. If supporters feel under pressure, they need to get a life.

  11. It’s over,live with it,your sites are going to be spurs only sites on Sunday come 3.30

  12. YW,
    I take your point but to imply a “nuclear disaster” for the failings of a football team is going a bit too far. You have little idea of the effect of your words on the more fragile and sensitive of your disciples.
    To keep matters in perspective, Arsenal FC will be prospering long after you and I (and those who comment on this site) have forgotten the result of tomorrow’s game.

  13. One thing seems obvious: we gooners are going into this match from the most negative position we have in many years. However, misfortune and timing apart, we remain the better club and are more than capable of turning over Appy Arry and his expensive bunch!



  14. Great blog. We will win tomorrow im sure of it

  15. I dont think there wud be an internet rage against wenger if we lose,most people have resigned to the fact that the board will never sack him,if there are people who still believe pep or mou will be at the helm, i consider them deluded fools

  16. Sagna on Hazard:

    “I watch the French League and Hazard is an excellent player. It would be a major signing for Arsenal, but it’s up to different people to decide his destination.

    He needs to reflect and make the choice of club for the style of football.

    If he goes to Spurs, he will be an enemy for me”

  17. “Let’s continue our run”

    I mean, really? Is he talking of our league form? (last 6 games = appauling) or our cup form? = appauling

    I hope the players are not preparing for tomorrow thinking they are the favourites for the clash, and turning up alone is enough for victory.

    VERY interested to see what sort of reaction Arshavin gets for walking out on the club right when we needed commitment, solidarity and performances from our senior players.

    When Wenger incorrectly took the Ox against United he came out in the press and essentially called anyone an idiot who challenged his decision, because Arshavin was captain of his country. What has happened since then? Like many players Arshavin has been let out the side door.

    It begs the question, what was Wenger doing in the aftermath of the United defeat? Was he genuinely supporting his decision? Or was he using it as an excuse to stop his detractors from growing?

    Fact is, Arshavin against SUnnderland and in the reserves has looked effective (playing more centrally in the reserves he was brilliant), now we an an attacking option DOWN, with no opportunity to strengthen, and we have, ONCE AGAIN, gone through a critical window and come out the other side a weaker squad.

    It defies logic to the nth degree. I dont care I have never managed a premiership game, anyone with half a brain cell can see that this Januray was again an utter failure.

    There is one man who has the power and ability too stop this continuing decline from happening, and he is the same man who doesnt think anything is wrong.

  18. Luke what does ‘appauling’ mean? Anyway he was completely clear he even mentioned the two games to which he was referring. You don’t really support Arsenal at all do you?

  19. The aa27 enigma:his first game for the club was this fixture at WHL back in 2008.aa27 was on the bench and saw eboue’s goal disallowed unjustly. And later saw eboue sent off unjustly.10 man arsenal held spurs to a goaless draw that day.aa27 leaves arsenal on the eve of the reverse fixture 3yrs later. Another coincindence is mike dean the ref.he was in charge 3yrs ago.and tomorrow too.he welcomed aa27 against spurs.he bids him goodbye against spurs.and to ice it all, phil dowd is the fourth official.the plumb ref who never gives a foul on aa27. One wonders if mr dowd is envious aa27’s ass.seriously!

  20. mj -guner – fucking brilliant quotes. Bacary is another great Arsene Wenger signing isn’t he?

  21. Absolutely, he’s one of our stars. Needs to be on his toes tomorrow against ‘the best player in the league’

  22. Arshavin has left because of the booing in the utd game. Thats what started it. It must of been horrible, why would you stay after that?

  23. Ace

    Try AA23

  24. When will our so-called fans learn. We have lost a great player, off form yes but still capable of magic. We have essentially weakened our squad with no way to make it better till the summer. Booing Andrei was disgusting and more and more I find myself disillusioned with the idiots that frequent the stadium.

    First Eboue and now Andrei, two players who had we shown more love could have made a real difference this season.

    This is a low-time for all true Gooners.

  25. Goodbye and Thank you Andrei….what a great little genius…and a fantastic pro, never said a word..Everyone who booed him at the united game and subsequently after, hope you are all proud..

  26. Anyone read James Olley’s article in the Standard last night? Compares Redknapp + Wenger since ‘Arrry took over when the Yids where in the drop zone.

    Wenger played 131 w70 d 32 l29
    Redknapp played 131 w67 d33 l 31

    Steww – Fuck off. Yes, you clearly have me figured out. I am not an Arsenal fan. Despite spending my weekends and money travelling all over the UK and Europe to watch, at the root of it, I don’t actually support them. Or like them. It’s all one big joke.

    Well, I guess there is no point in turning up tomorrow then Steww, thank you for imparting such wisdom – You pathetic little WUM.

  27. Ma cryed a tear when ze news came thru of the midge man Arshavin who now gone back to the evil empire. Me no travalla but me know dat there are some wicked people in that neck of the woods. Me mean really wicked, with kalashnikovs and sh*t like that. Day don’t take no prisoners man, just shoot the brothas and ask no questions, dig ? Me say a silent praya for the midge man, and remember the day he was supastar and scored 4 goals against the dippers up where me lost me hubcaps.

    Ma got a fresh pair of pants for ze scum tomorrow. Meetin some brothas from ze projects b4 the game and will be doin some samplin of some of ze finest from Kanda Bar. Me ave a feelin dat dis is gonna be a tough game, so will be clenchin the back muscles.

    We eard on the grapevine dat we have £100m of readies in the briefcase. Dat is serious wonga man, and ma ope that we can do a deal wiz ze clubs who need to offload there best players, dig ? Coz we know day are wasted everywhere else. We ave 70 playas on the books, and dat cost some serious dough man. Dats like the national debt of the U.S.A ! Dat’s the biggest country in the Milky Way ! We asn’t got dat budget, so weze better get rid of all those playas so we can afford to put in a Johnny Mac in the stadium and buy Samba !! We serious now man.. the A.S.T brothas all convened in the week and were cool man, chillin cool wiz the mainest men Arse.. they told em dat they gotta pull ze finger out man for ze fans, and start handin out ze freebies, like some of me mexican brothas do, when they have special promotion of ze products on ze corna 🙂

    Enjoy ze game, remember life is the most precious thing that jar has given us ! 7-1 to the arse !!

  28. Hahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaarrrrrrggghhh…uuurrrgh..dearie me

    Briliant, Moopay

  29. Yesterday at 9:27am (BST) our own Pedantic George wrote:
    “I wish that fucking Russian transfer window would hurry up and close. I am at my wits’ end here.”
    I was hurriedly skipping through the posts before leaving home for work but it struck me and I wondered why the fook is my George so worried? Should have known better. PG is far wiser than me.
    Once again our own stupid fans have “helped” in the alienation of a player from our club. No wonder the genius Luke can be so “appauling” in his logic. One moment we need experienced players in our club, the next moment they boo the same experience they desire.
    I am stupid enough to believe that we need all our players united and committed in this last 13 game stretch with the supporters fully behind them. Experience tells me the latter is too much to ask for and that the players will have to find the mental strength to defeat their opponents with the Lukes of this world tearing into their flesh at every setback.

  30. Thank you,korihikage. That article was excellent.

  31. Muppet – Are you smoking Jamaican, Mexican or Afghani weed? Ha, Ha, Ha!

  32. I think it’s naturally occurring chemicals in the brain in Muppets’ case shotta. The man doesn’t need any external stimulus.

    Bloody brilliant.

  33. “We love you Arsenal we do
    We love you Arsenal we do
    We love you Arsenal we do
    Ooh Arsenal we love you”

    Some great posts yesterday (Frank’s ‘conversation’ with a booing match day doomer a particular highlight).

    But I felt sick when I saw the news about AA.

    Regardless of the particular circumstances, it just feels like a victory to the non-supporting fans who thought booing him at critical stages of key games was a good idea.

    And if I was Eden Hazard contemplating a move to North London, what would I make of the captain of Russia leaving his club at such an unconventional stage of the season?

    And if I was RvP, contemplating where to see out my remaining years, what would I think of the non-supporting fans and how they may turn on ME once I start to have a few off games and the goals begin to dry up?

    And if I was a talented young player just breaking into the first team, how much more nervous and inhibited in my play might I become having seen how the non-support turn on their own at the drop of a misplaced pass or an off-target shot too many.

    In life, as most of us know, we really do get what we deserve and right now sections of the Arsenal fan base don’t deserve all that much. The potential antics of the little army of match day Piers Morgans now make me as nervous for the outcome of our home games as any in-form opposition striker.

    When you have ‘Arry of all people coming out and defending AW against the Doomers on the eve of another key game you have to hope these same morons will finally take a good look at themselves, see the damage their conditional support is wreaking on the club.

    But if they can’t and they need a song to sing to reflect the hollow nature of their vacuous support they could do a lot worse than adopt the following as their shameful anthem:

    “We love you Arsenal, sometimes
    We love you Arsenal, sometimes
    We love you Arsenal sometimes
    Oh sometimes we love you”

  34. Well said Andrew, unfortunately these idiots don’t come on here that populate the shite le groan and pollute the airwaves of talk shite.

    I wish there was a way to expel these twats from the stadium and let supporters in for the next 13 games just to see the difference.

  35. Exeter Andrew? That’s practically in Dorset. Tamar valley boy myself.

  36. If you were able to be at the ground you’d realise it wasn’t Arshavin being boo’d. This has been discussed again and again.

    Regardless – he is an eexperienced professional and its better having numbers than not, especially when quality and options has been our biggest downfall again.

    Woeful decision to sell him now – even more so if Wenger knew this would happen and refused (again) to strengthen when he could.

    Its not Arshavins fault that our management and coaching staff didnt have a f**king clue on how to get big performances from him.

    He got noticably worse at Arsenal.

  37. That’s proper Devon, Bob – own language down there and everything! Fantastic part of the world.

    I was at that game Luke, you twaut. And many, many others, besides. You really are a poisonous little git, aren’t you? Can you actually remember the day you stopped supporting your team?

    Nice one Muppet, never fails to put a smile on!

  38. with the AA thing..
    is kroenke back in the country?
    i had heard that AW wanted to keep nasri to his contract..I remember when AW said the club was in a financial position not to sell its best players and didnt want nasri to leave..but for 25mil the owner stepped in and gave the green light..

    It makes sense from a financial point of veiw, seeing as though for some reason we dont make profits unless we sell players…but my general point being, is AW being undermined in all this?

    Was this Stans call again??

    It seems from the outside in that we are setting ourselves up for a huge fall but as the manager observes it can be changed by the teams performances on the pitch..if we beat spurs then everyones talking about something else..

    We had a midfield of Arshavin, Nasri, Cesc and Jack, much less than a year ago so its obvious we are in a transition period, but its wierd as fuck to watch this all unfold..

  39. “If you were able to be at the ground you’d realise it wasn’t Arshavin being boo’d. This has been discussed again and again”

    That’d explain why Arshavin’s name was booed in the next game, when he was named as a sub. And the game after. An away game, where people were reported to be booing tv screens. I think someone might be lying. Can’t imagine why.

  40. Ohh Luke..

    And what about when his name was read out amongst the substitutes in the following games?? was that not booing??

    And even if the boo’s were for AOC going of, Im sure it filled Andrei Arshavin with confidence and a pride to be coming on for us in such a crucial part of the game eh???

  41. Essential reading before tomorrow – written before another derby but important historical writing nonetheless –

    From one of our best….

  42. I think he is JonJon.

    I wonder.

  43. Arsene has a fantastic ability to have his players play without inhibition in the North London derby.

    I think we will be quicker, cleverer and faster to express ourselves than Tottenham – who have been hyped to within an inch of their miserable lives. We always are. We are Arsenal.

  44. its all right to blame the booing fans but ask yourself,did he do much to help himself with his attitude.
    We are talking of a player of a player who had a cult following and in the space of 2 years squandered all the goodwill.
    He gave us some unforgetable moments and his career at arsenal is eerily similar to chamakh’s.
    I don’t know if it’s just me but it seems his dip in form coincided with the problems with his agent about the true nature of his pay package.
    So long AA, all the best.

  45. Colour me gutted about AA23, I have been calling for him to get back in the team. Oh well.

  46. A lot of tacky stories around this morning sayin gthat Arsenal ‘missed out’ on Bale because Wenger chose Walcott. The implication being clear.

    My memory is that these transfers were not actually at the same time. We also had Diarra then and, as the author of the blog posted by Limpar said at the time, “We’ve already got one dolphin headed cunt”.

  47. Haha.

  48. Bale just became good over night..
    Nobody saw Bales development coming he was shit for a long time, there was a period when Bale went about 50 games in a spurs shirt and they couldnt win with him in the team..

    Theo was the better prospect at the time and i even think he contributes more goals to us than what Bale does for Spurs..

    The stories about Bale dont bother me..

  49. Muppet you are a fucking legend my friend.

    BTW I think the ‘drugs’ are his kids – he has the look of a haunted man which only children can illicit.

    Good conversation yesterday re AA. I criticised him a little but only because I knew,as did he, that he was capable of so much more. PG is right to point out that he is a brave player – trying to find the best pass – I think perhaps this trait is poisonous because it operates at extremes failure is much more likely but it only needs to come right once a game to change the game.

    I won’t miss him as much as PG (who will?) but he’s a genuine credit as a person (rare in football) and I’m filled with regret that it did not work out as well as it initially promised.

    Dups – great hypocrisy shout.

    PG – hit something inanimate – my heart goes out to you.

  50. ‘Arry was an ace away from selling Bale at one point …

  51. Would Luke count as inanimate if he sat still long enough?

    Arsene has done the right thing in allowing Andrei to leave.
    Booing his very name basically made his participation in games very difficult.
    For such a player and man to be driven from us by people who are worse than dog shit on your shoe,is about as bad as it can get.
    Our own fans are doing more damage than they can ever understand.And they cant understand because they are to stupid to understand anything.
    These negative moaning booing bastards are libel to make good fans lose some love for the club.
    Some people might thing I am a poor fan and think that my ilk can swivel.And today I have to say that although I still love the team and manager ,my overall love for everything Arsenal is diminishing.And that is down to our own piss poor fans and nothing else.
    I can stomach bad results ,but not bad support.

  52. “I can stomach bad results ,but not bad support.”

    Hear, hear George

  53. or even here, here!

  54. You were right the first time, Passenal. As was pedantic george.

    Thanks for the link to the article, korihikage.

    Great comments, arsenal andrew.

  55. We are Arsenal, by far the greatest the world has ever seen


    We are also Arsenal with some fans being amongst the worst the world has ever seen…

  56. So…Chelsea, Newcastle and Man City to lose today, please. Thanks.

  57. Bradys right foot

    Its only the spuds at home, 3 points while not garaunteed should be very attainable. Spurs have been incredibly lucky in the derbys recently scoring a list of incredible goals from long range and given the spanking they’ve taken for the last 16 years a bit of Karma kicked in.

  58. Bradys right foot

    Is it young Ryo v Cashley today.

  59. andrewarsenal @ 10:25
    nail on the head ……stuff !

  60. Oopss…..@ 10:55

  61. Nicely put PG (& Passenal) – bad results v bad support ANY day, for me.

    And I never thought Arsenal would turn into one of ‘those’ clubs with impossible to please fans.

    You know the kind.

    The ones that end up becoming a laughing stock in front of the whole footballing nation.

    The Newcastles of recent years. Blackburn this year. Their spotty callow youth captured forever on match report video mouthing “You don’t know what you’re doing” at managers doing their best in impossible situations.

    At once classless, clueless and contemptible.

    “No matter what we say at the moment it will be printed in a negative way” – AW

    Arsene aimed that comment at the media but he might as well have been talking about the non-supporters.

    Non-supporters who were once like you and me, George, but had their heads turned by our own success.

    Never again to be happy until we replicate what went before, and more.

    And then more often.

    Forever spoilt.

  62. OfficialBWFC:
    BWFC: Bogdan, Steinsson, Wheater, Ream, Ricketts, Muamba, Reo-Coker, Pratley, Miyaichi, Tuncay, Ngog

    Might watch Ryo today.

  63. FunGunner | February 25, 2012 at 1:31 pm

    I realised afterwards FG, but you know once you start to doubt yourself, even the most basic skills seem to desert you! Now I wonder where else I’ve seen that recently, not too far from here?

  64. Kind of bitter sweet regarding Arshavin. I wanted him to stay because he is a brilliant player and was coming back to form but to see a man abused the way he has been, I am happy for him to be away from that. It also must be difficult for a man of his talent to be 3rd choice.

    I wish him the best!

    Luke, you have to do better sir. Terrible comment earlier.

  65. I feel your pain George. These people such the joy out of you at times.

  66. Another good post Yogi

    Sorry to see AA move. From a business standpoint I understand why it was done but I don’t really understand the timing. Why wait until now. I suspect this move was in the cards in January but we knew that we could wait until now so we wanted to keep him as long as possible given the relatively busy schedule in early Feb.

    He was a great player for us at one point and his dip in form is much harder to understand then almost any player I have seen in a long time. He is not that old. He was a seasoned professional who was considered one of the better players in the world at one time. I don’t believe for a second the whole idea that he could not prosper on the left wing. He was too great a player to not be able to adapt to a change in position. Sometimes a change in scenery will reignite things for a player. Hope things go well for him in Russia and I hope he does very well for his country in Euro 2012.

    Fortunately none of the teams around us playing for 4th place are playing great football so no matter what happens in the game we are still in decent position mathematically. The game does have a big psychological impact and I think if we play up to our capability we can get a win. Any sort of win will be fine. Lets get the season back on track and finish well.

  67. Bradys right foot

    Luke | February 25, 2012 at 9:47 am

    Never has one post so laid bare the bankrupcy of the doomer analysis. Luke your so oblivious to the enormity of the contradictions that you posted that I fear if they were explained to you it would cause a quite destructive cognitive episode for your own sake i’ll leave you in ignorance.

  68. “The game does have a big psychological impact and I think if we play up to our capability we can get a win. Any sort of win will be fine. Lets get the season back on track and finish well.”

    well spoken Bill !

    A victory tomorrow will settle emotions, get the pundits and media off our backs for the moment…….more importantly give our players an injection of belief.

  69. Will be very interesting to see who plays in the wide forward positions for the game tomorrow. I suspect we will start with Theo and Gerv with Ox on the bench. I really hope the KOS is fit. I really miss our BFG. He lumpiness was such a beautiful thing but I think the Kos and TV will do a great job in his absence. We need to get our defensive solidarity back. The other question will be TR7 or Rambo. I think we have been a better team recently with TR7 in that position.

    Would be great if Ryo tore the Chavs a new one.

  70. Thanks for posting that, LA. Fuck knows why I didn’t have Frank’s blog bookmarked earlier. Sure glad Frank is back from his little hiatus. This place is far warmer when Frank is around. Good to see Passenal and FG around, too!

  71. Bolton playing mainly down the right. Ryo not in the game yet.

  72. Watching Bolton v. Chelsea to see Ryo. Dire stuff as Ryo has had hardly a touch so far. Hopefully he’ll come into the game and show some flashes of his devastating speed and good crossing.

    Great stuff from Frank–erudition and wit, a brilliant combination!

  73. Get it to the Japanese phenom, Bolton! What a plodding game. They have a weapon they may not understand how to use. No midfield creation from Bolton and constantly working the right flank. Chelsea with a fairly high line, so why not diagonal into space for Ryo to run onto? He’d burn a path to the byline or cut centrally.

  74. Ryo’s going to have to win the ball himself, Bolton are so dire in possession and haven’t once managed to pass it to him.

  75. Limestone I was thinking exactly the same. He’s not even taking corners is he?

  76. Cannot believe the shit being spouted by all the Arsenal haters and appy arry’s bum chums in the media.

    Only RvP apparently would get into the spurs team! One “journalist” obviously felt that was more than just a little incredible, and conceded The Verminator might also have a chance.

    What absolute crap!

    Despite all the shit being flung in his direction, and despite the fact that I think Walcott is a very specific talent to be used in specific circumstances, he blows that Aaron Lennon shower away, just take a look at their respective performances!

    And to think that Parker is better than Song, or Arteta clearly indicates a stupidity that deserves full scientific research on its own.

    The Kos makes any one of their CBs look like the last choice in a school pick up game, and Baccy is on a totally separate planet to anything they have drooling around their squat.

    I could continue, but this is indicative of the insidious, drip, drip, attack on everything Arsenal.

    Our own supporters have turned into the greatest drain on our resources, their constant deriding of our own players forcing their values down, reducing fees we would be able to recoup to restock with.

    As many have mentioned, why would an RvP want to stay when the “supporters” are of the ilk of “ace”, who wants to “get rid” of players, who claims “one down, nn more to go” when it’s announced that one of our most talented players, Arshavin, is leaving?

    I do have questions for Wenger, but I suspect he was showing his humanitarian side in letting AA go, and I doubt he cares a jot about the arsewipes who booed AA out the club.

    We probably do deserve the team we get, and base on “support” from pond life like “le grove” and “Arsenal truth”, we don’t deserve much at all.

    That doesn’t mean I approve of some of the radical pro loons who post either, we do have real issues, but I don’t personally believe that our players and squad lack quality, I believe we are miles better than the scum, our performances are just not up to par at times, and that is an issue that does need to be addressed, but our “supporters” who have a go at individual players are truly the arseholes of the whole mess.

  77. Look at Ngog trying some Zidane shit!

  78. When is Diaby back? I really hope he can get a run of games and start showing what he can do again. Can’t wait to have him back.

  79. Mike – you were doing well until “radical pro loons who post”. I’d have thought a supporter was radically pro by definition.

  80. Essien makes a grab for the man’s shirt so the man falls down as all Prem strikers would. But the Bolton man gets booked. Hmmm.

  81. Ryo goes and gets it himself and immediately makes something happen.

  82. Dreadful entertainment at the Bridge these days. I never really watch anyone except Arsenal but this opens my eyes as to how spoiled we are.

  83. Any links?

  84. This is one of those must win situations for us. Spurs are fighting to win the EPL while the guys are in a fight to keep the final spot in the Champions League. My Gunenrs are not playing very well. RVP hasn’t scored in a while. We need to step up an d win this sucker.

  85. Bollocks. Sideshow Bob miskicks the goalkeeper gets a bee in his eye and a freak wind blows the ball into the goal. 1 – 0

  86. Thanks, steww. Reo Coker, you’re shite.

  87. Of course I’m biased but our little man’s reactions seem about 50% quicker than the rest of the rabble on that pitch.

  88. Lol. He’s got Arsenal written all over him.

  89. Loomer it was like a shot from our own dear departed Gael wasn’t it?

  90. Wolves very nearly equalised. Damn.

  91. The fight for number four looks harder than number one.

  92. Game over at the Bridge I fear. Dogbreath slipped on a dog turd, the ball bounced off the back of his head as he fell, the goalie fainted from the smell of the Stamford Bridge toilets and a wayward pigeon knocked the ball into the net. 2 – 0

  93. Steww, amazingly they didn’t have Ryo taking corners and whoever was taking them from the left corner was awful in his delivery. What a waste!

  94. That’s it from me can’t watch any more Wolves Newcastle. Terrible football.
    We are spoiled.

  95. Our players shouldn’t need much motivation for this derby following on some dispiriting results they will want to turn around. But the fevered pitch of these journalists should certainly wound the pride a bit.

    I do think the home support will rally tomorrow. During some of the dark days at the beginning of the season, despite the hand-wringing and concerns in every forum everyone came together in the ground to help the team in a difficult spot.

    It is the derby and I expect there will be defiant non-stop chanting and singing. The scum have become so arrogant that the only response is to show our pride. Come on you gunners and come on you gooners!

  96. Steww, your avatar reminds me of Helmut Kohl.

  97. “We are spoiled.”

    I think people forget that and the claims that they would settle for that kind of ‘entertainment’ on a weekly basis as long as we are winning, is the biggest lie of all. We’ve all seen the online bleating when we’ve won a game without playing champagne football.

  98. Ooh wolves now 2-2. At least get one back, Bolton, please! Ryyyyyyyyyyyyyo!

  99. oh dear. 3-0. Gah!

  100. Funny stuff, steww. He’s a proper Wenger player isn’t he? I love him already.

  101. (Moderately) entertaining quote from The Daily Mash on Pearce’s England team selection:

    Questions were asked why Stewart Downing was picked over Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain despite the fact the latter is a talented, exciting prospect and the former has failed to find a teammate even when passing them the ketchup in the canteen this season.

    Pearce said: “Alex. Bugger. I’d forgotten about him. Give me that bit of paper, let’s have another go.”

  102. Have to beat the spuds by three to go back to fourth!

  103. I would love to see this lineup at some point…probably wishful thinking, but it would be interesting nonetheless:

    —————-The OX——————

    I think this is probably more realistic as The Ox matures. I would still love to see it!

  104. You probably will one day viceologist, but not yet!

  105. PG, AA23 went back to Zenit as Danni, the playmaker has a long-term injury. AA23 needs to play in order to perform in the Euros-2012.

    Zenit will now pay Arshavin, until the end of July! This means that AA23 from 6th April 2012 until 31st July 2012 (?), will in effect have a nice pay rise. He will not be paying PAYE at 50% on his £80,000 per week salary. Over 5 months, that should amount to quite a few roubles more and AA23 and from March 1st AA29, can oversee his business interests in “Peter”

    Do not cry for me, Arsenal, 20,000 fans will meet me in St. Petersburh!

  106. I wish him well They love him in Zenit.

    I will be supporting Russia in the Euros.

  107. The good thing for AA is that his return to Zenit on loan is probably similar to TH’s return to Arsenal. He will have no shortage of love from the supporters out there.

  108. And they will not boo him ,that is for sure

  109. well well well… totally shocked Andreiy has gone…..poor management again george maybe what do you think?

    so no replacement for him and we all know what will appen now…yes somehow we will find ourselves in a position where we are light on the wings, with Wengers injury hoodoo i would not bet against it, well we hope on..

    weekend has started badly, the taffs and the cahvs win.

    george, well you cant support your own boys can ya!!

  110. George he will probably be so lifted by the reception that he will re-discover his best form and make a huge difference for them. As hard as it must be for you to see him go, it’s probably best for him

  111. Had a good afternoon people? I’m just back from Argyle where I took No.1 grandson to his first footy match. Shades of my first match which was a 0-0 against Rotherham.

    For him, against the mighty Dagengham & Redbridge and it was also 0-0. Oh, the glamour and excitement. Actually, I find all live football in the flesh exciting, TV just doesn’t cut it.

    The pub full of fans, the noise and smell on the way to the ground, the buzz when you get there. A pasty for lunch.

    Mind you Argyle are so poor these days they’ve got Darren Purse in the side. Talk about a brick shithouse 11. Not exactly the Emirates but it is their 125th birthday as well.

    He enjoyed it, as did I.

  112. No Duke it is good management.
    If his head had dropped .and who could blame him for that,he would not have been good to have around the place.
    Arsene has done right by all parties.
    Dont let that stop you having a good moan up though.

  113. The little Russian leaves us eh? Strange piece of business that, especially at this stage of the season, where one would think we need all the the help we can in the push for 4th.

    I will miss him, for sure. Hope he’s better able to hold his place in Zenith, although I fear his best is past him.

    Not surprisingly, some supporters seem to be blaming fans for Arshavin’s exit. Is this a confirmation of fan power? Some fans booed Ebuoe, then he left. Arshavin was booed and now he’s gone too. Who next? Song?

    I don’t accept that a professional player will seek to leave his club just because he is being booed. That will be a very lily-livered thing to do; we should think more of our players than believe such nonsense. What’s more, I think propagating the idea is actually bad for the club, as it might embolden a few nutcases to boo players they don’t like in future, erroneously thinking that it could cause the targeted player to leave the club.

  114. “In the Premier League this season, he has scored the winning goal against Swansea and provided 3 vital assists, most notably against QPR when he won man of the match. Why Wenger has been willing to let him go at this stage of the season when he can still make an impact as evidence as recently as the game against Sunderland where he placed a pinpoint ball on the top of Henry’s toe, one can only guess at.”

    My guess is that the fans put in a transfer demand for him.
    Why would a player like him want to stay at Arsenal and be booed by a bunch of ignorant cretins?

  115. Nothing wrong or strange about Arshavin going. He is a human being after all and it is obvious that he wanted to go. Given the circumstances that George laid out, how can it be anything but right. Ayway, now The OX will have to get it done, I thought that is what everyone wanted?

    What is strange is most singing a different song regarding him all of a sudden.

  116. It is what it is, Henristic. You can slice it however you’d like, but it seems there’s definitely a correlation between booing and the eventual subbing/benching/loan/transfer of said booee.

  117. “I find all live football in the flesh exciting, TV just doesn’t cut it.”

    I agree consolsbob. I’m a late comer to watching live matches, but I just cannot enjoy football on TV anymore, especially with the crap commentary that it comes with.

    Paul N, it does not surprise me in the least that the very people who were crying for him to leave are now crying because AW has let him go.

  118. PG: I think the reason he left was that he wanted playing time before the summer and knew that with his current form he wouldn’t get it at Arsenal. Arsene has obviously been very understanding to his situation as why else would we let him go at this stage? I think it’s a shame he was never given an extended run in his real position but his form for us has been going downhill for a while and he hasn’t looked happy, so this is probably a good move for everyone. I would have liked to have him available for tomorrow but I hope the move kick starts his game.

  119. Happy Birthday to the “Quiet One”.

  120. That is indeed all that we need, to put the dissapointments behind us and finish the season within our playing abilities.

    I noted in the Canadian Sports pages that the hockey team that Mr. Kroneke owns in Denver has a degree of upset associated with the players. There is a claim that many of the players want out of the organization. The criticism of the Denver situation has existed over the past two or three years. I am not aware that this is necessarily a critical stance about Mr. Kroneke as much as the management that he has in place in Denver. Nevertheless, there has been some terrible press about the Avalanche hockey team, coming from a player that has just recently been traded to Detroit. As well, I have heard other critical comments from retired players who do not understand what is happening with the hockey team. Mr. Kroneke’s mantle of unsullied ownership is being frayed somewhat with respect to his sports franchises!

  121. Just watching the AC Milan v Juventus game. Strange how quick the pitch has improved.

  122. haha, dups, good point!

  123. It’s playing so much better and the sides are practically indistinguishable from the rest of the pitch. It is not a perfect pitch but is incredibly improved.

    There really ought to be a UEFA inquiry–the club ought to be sanctioned. Home pitch advantage is one thing but ruining the conditions for the top table of club football with the world watching is quite another.

  124. I will not hold my breath waiting for UEFA to do anything constructive.

  125. I bet Milan wish they had goal line technology though. That ball earlier was a yard over the line. hahahaha


  127. Try again

  128. Bradys right foot

    speaking of pitches, Sunderland found out on a decent pitch? WBA apparently moved the ball “quickly” something near impossible to do at Sunderlands ground, nullifying the up and atom approach from the mackems. If the pitch is a deliberate “tactic” by O Neil he really has no grounds for complaint when his players start getting injured.

  129. Bradys right foot

    With AA gone who is the next Doomer Poster boy. Is Kozzer in or out for tommorrow?

  130. BRF Djourou is already in the frame and there’s the old standby Theo waiting in the wings too!

  131. Is it calcio or karma Dupsffokcuf?

  132. I think they’ve lined Theo up for their next target but Ramsay has been quietly gathering a lot of hate too. I think they’ll give Ramsay the Denilson treatment and Theo the AA abuse.

  133. I find it funny that West Brom can put 4 past Sunderland but we could only manage 1 goal in 180 mins of footie. As BRF says, what a difference a decent pitch makes. Is there honestly no standard that the FA (I know!!!) holds teams up to when it comes to the condition of the pitch? Sour grapes is one thing, and yes I have plenty of them, but seriously! I have seen farmer’s fields that look and play better than the one at the so-called ‘Stadium of Light’. Hell. I have played in said farmer’s field in the west of Ireland and they were better tham that sorry excuse for a pitch. Still I wonder how we only scored 1. I admit to feeling very frustrated and disillusioned these last 2 weeks or so but I will be at The Blind Pig roaring my head off as usual tomorrow, hangover in tow.

    What really annoys me is the fact that there is still a possibility that fucking Bendtner may get an FA Cup medal because of a shitty pitch. World’s greatest striker my sexy Irish arse!!!

    Fuck the Spuds!!
    Up the Arsenal!!
    And off to the pub I go!! 🙂

  134. I just got reminded that I bet $200 last night on The Arsenal beating the Spuds tomorrow. Apparently it was around the 2am mark and I was, how can I put this…….yea….DRUNK!!! My stupid obnoxious ignorant Spud neighbor is holding me to it, dam the lot of them I say!!! But a handshake is a handshake, even if it was with the Devil himself. Ah well, there goes the kid’s* college fund! Again!! COYG!!!! 😀

    * There is no kid by the way, he was sold years ago for really awesome magic mushrooms 🙂

  135. Tomorrow is our cup final guy’s! When was the last time we won a cup final?

  136. tomorrow is big guy’s big for you know who!

  137. Hahaha, magic mushrooms. you bad. No results our way today. We have to come out all GUNS ablaze. come on the red & white.
    Show me what you got.

  138. Fucking Diaby on 5m a year what a prick 5 time’s more than me!!

  139. For the Arsenal yes I’am gone to be the man who you know what’s


  140. OK Arsenal Men let’s enjoy A few song’s before the Cup Final that tomorrow

  141. No it’s not goodbye to Arshavin its goodbye to Jane!!!

  142. For you guys lets fucking do it

  143. somehow I thinks too high for you

  144. A cluture left bollock!


  145. Before you throw my heart back on the floor

  146. YB a fucking wenger joke!

  147. f##k gary neville why are all these manchester c#nts commenting on arsenal games!

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