England’s Future Bleakens As Arsenal’s Brightens

Fabio Capello’s England reign is over; let the revisionism begin. Chastised in the past twenty-four hours for not having full command of the English language, the Italian may be surprised to see that Harry Redknapp is his media-annointed successor. This is the same Redknapp you will recall, who told a court under oath that he could barely write. Given that, it is inconceivable that the Tottenham manager can take over the national team duties. Unless of course, Redknapp exaggerated in court which might prick some interest in the CPS for possible perjury.

His probity for the role is conveniently glossed over by journalists in the same way that they forgave Venables his commercial misdemeanours. Redknapp, is after all, the best qualified English coach for the job. On what basis is not immediately apparent. A glance at his honours in the English game shows entrenched mediocrity at best. His one venture into the Champions League ended in a mire of tactical naivety in Madrid; hardly a ringing endorsement, especially with this season’s Europa League debacle.

It is not that I don’t rate Redknapp because he is Tottenham coach; I never have. I am not sucked into the media love-in with him, not so gullible as those who depend on his bonhomie for a living. That Redknapp is perceived as the best English coach at the moment sums up the biggest issue. Until such times as there is a genuinely excellent native coach, why should the Football Association bow to the nationalistic fervour of the media.

When Sky News hold up Jeff Powell as a worthy cheerleader for Redknapp, you know that the hatred of his Heil employers is going to be encapsulated into one football related segment.

As it is, the most qualified coaches in the country are not English and not interested in leading the national team. The FA need someone who is capable of managing the mix of youth and experience currently on offer, not a wheeler-dealer with no track record of European experience or tactical innovation.

Arsène Wenger’s – yes, OK, he was one of those I alluded to in the previous paragraph – view on the England job is well-noted; he believes it should go to the best man, who preferably would be English, but if he is not, Wenger does not want the role. He is too enamoured with Arsenal at the moment and as the season begins to turn in his charges favour, he is demanding more consistency,

We had a good week last week. We had a good result against Aston Villa and a good performance against Bolton.

We had the same number of chances [at the Reebok] that we had against Blackburn but we scored on Saturday. We still have real hope that we can finish the season the strongest. We have a good spirit and desire within the group – and we have quality.

We know that with the position we are in we need an exceptional consistency, so that is the challenge we have in front of us at Sunderland.

It is a quality that was absent to begin with, emerged and then disappeared as quickly with the arrival of Christmas. As much as players may claim that the win over Blackburn was for the manager, it was for themselves as well. They needed proof that they were capable of punishing teams as much the chances created deserved.

Whether the win was as cathartic as it should be will only be shown in the coming weeks. Consecutive tough matches at the Stadium of Light await; the trip to Milan is not a run of the mill matter either. Has form returned at just the right moment?

Certainly players are. Kieran Gibbs‘ recovery will allow Thomas Vermaelen and the central pairing to rest and rotate in this hectic schedule. Bacary Sagna, too, improves that situation with Coquelin perhaps released to share some of the midfield burden with Alex Song.

As well as that, Gervinho seems in relatively good form for his country; whether that applies to the returning Marouane Chamakh, one can only guess. Andrey Arshavin is going to stay at the club until the summer at least; OK, so those last two won’t necessarily fill many with joy but they offer a change. A change in the perception surrounding the club that is.

There is, it seems, good reason to be optimistic. Not generously so; there is still a fragility in the nascent unbeaten run. Three games does not a season make but on the back of three Premier League defeats, it is a descent recovery. Tough tests await in all competitions but with returning players, a fresh impetus can be injected into the business end of the season.

Today’s Arsenal On This Day is a local derby from 1905. That Arsenal had to travel to the West Country for such a match reflects the issues of that time.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Great post as usual. Long way to go yet this season but the history in 2011/12 season suggests the consistency required will be tough to achieve. I just hope we don’t lose Wenger and he is able to take this group with maybe one or two ins and outs into next season where I am convinced they will fulfil their potential. Still think we are a good shout for FA cup

  2. Our second half of the season is tougher than the common perception with big games at home and demanding games away with the cup ties in between. If judged by our form so far, a dramatic improvement will be needed to turn the season around. Anything less will not be enough.

    My concern is the away form. The feeling of going on the road and being confident of a victory has been forgotten awhile ago.Here is hoping we’ll start with a result at Sunderland who after a tiresome midweek should be beatable, with or without Martin O’Neil.

    Will Wenger rotate and prioritise the CL encounter feeling that the top four is out of reach? Will be interesting.

  3. if it was naivety that lost us the game in Madrid (id also say crouch’s madness probably attributed to our downfall then) then how about mentioning his tactical astuteness at the san siro against milan or at white heart lane against Inter.

    You cant just pick one game and say he is crap.

    Look at arsene wengers tactical naivety against Man U – you guys conceded 8 goals there….does that mean we should dismiss all of the good wenger has done in his career?

  4. i also guess it was his naivety that won us the game at the new library last year, 2 goals down at half time – manager changes it up a little and if im not mistaken……the score ended 2-3???

  5. dudu

    Yeah probably not good to hold a comparison between Redknapp and Wenger. I’m looking hard but I don’t see any Premier League titles or numerous FA Cups for Cor Blimey Guv’nor, You’re A Toff Redknapp.

    And if there weren’t so many to choose from, I wouldn’t have to highlight just the one incident of tactical ineptitude.

  6. It is nice to be going into a difficult away tie as the team who have had the greater rest, something that rarely happens to us. Sunderland having to go to extra time last night should help us if we can get the tempo right this weekend. I would start with the same 11 that started against Bolton.

  7. Normally Rednapp would not be qualified for the England job considering his a lack of trophies and international experience. His advantage is his recent above average period at the Tots as well as the fact that the previous manager was a foreigner.

    Still, Rednapp as any another manager will have a chance in Europe in the summer. Stranger things happened.

  8. Just Another Luke

    There again, the following weekend will see us facing Sunderland in the FA Cup tie having played midweek in Milan while Sunderland will have a week’s rest. That sort of even things out over the 2 games against Sunderland. Right, drew10? 🙂

  9. I’d venture to say based strictly on his tenure @ the Spuds, ‘Arry’s good enough for England. In fact he is THE perfect one for the the present FA.
    Capello’s done the hard work of re-jigging the team, ‘Arry can claim the “glory”, if there’s any at all come July.
    Really do not care

    Exceptional consistency’s waiting to be had by our team.

    Gerv’s in the ACN Final.

    Gibbs is back.

    Chamakh looks very focused (see the latest training pics).
    I tip him & Park to do some extra stepping up now that AOC’s upped the ante.

    TR7’s fully back in the mix. I hope AW keeps his minutes up where they should be.

    Rambo will keep learning & improving.

    AOC’s the truth, the whole truth & nothing but the truth!

    Henry’s got 3 games left. His presence’s been a bonus for the squad but from what I’ve seen he’s in wily fox mode & truly past it and should not be renewed past Feb.

    I was so happy to see Santos smiling in the snow (training pics) I’ve made him my screensaver. Can’t wait for him to come back and do his thing

    Diaby & Jack as well

    Its been a very POSITIVE week


  10. Same goes for you guys. I cant count the amount of articles i have read this year of Arsenal fans and football pundits questioning Arsene’s tactical decisions…..i remember about 100 last week after Ox-Chamberlain was subbed.

    Harry – for the first time in his career has been given a team of fantastic players and he has, in 3 years, turned us into the 3rd best team in the country. He must be doing something right?

    You’re correct that i shouldn’t hold a comparison, because a comparison is not fair. They have had VERY different careers – Harry mainly revolving around steadying a team who look doomed.

    Im not saying that Arsene is inept – just that no manager is perfect and if you cant just look to the bad and spin everything in a negative way


    His one venture into the Champions League ended in a mire of tactical naivety in Madrid

    you cant just ignore the fact that he got to the quarter finals on that first attempt and beat both Milan teams on the way. Its just poor journalism.

  11. Just Another Luke

    One talent of Redknapp which will be wasted in the England job will his wheeling and dealing ability. Hopefully, HM Treasury will be kept safe during the Redknapp’s era. 😉

  12. Top post

    Redknapp, Hiddink, Mourinho

    That should be the shortlist.

    Spurs are playing great football at present, would be glorious to see an England team express themselves with such width and attacking impetus.

    Hiddink would be my personal preference, his major finals CV is outstanding, as his is European club exposure.

  13. Just Another Luke

    Frankly, I couldn’t care less who gets the England job. Shouldn’t dudu as a Spurs supporter rather keep him in charge of the club than the country?

  14. To be honest, i have been quite anti England for a long time. Poor football played by a bunch of over hyped over paid pre-madonna’s does not inspire me one bit.

    Harry would give the players freedom to play and i dont think there are many a better motivator out there.

    My ideal situation would be for Harry to manage at the Euro’s and leave it at that – come back to spurs afterwards.

    That way he has done his dream job and then can get back to his day to day

  15. Harry – for the first time in his career has been given a team of fantastic players and he has, in 3 years, turned us into the 3rd best team in the country. He must be doing something right?

    Am i seeing properly ? How dare you? ..the third best team in the country ? do you base that on this flash in the pan season which so far places you 3rd in the table? and only after arsenal had its worst start in years ? lol….

    lets see what tunes youre singing in may……

  16. Hope the use of ‘descent’ was just a slip….

  17. That might just be the funniest typo I’ve seen in a while: pre-madonna’s? What are they, foetuses? Or prima-donna slabs of primordial sludge

  18. its bin laden’s fault.the world was cruising in globalism mode with globosses doing their thing and along came 9/11.nationalism is now the mantra.the result?a morbid distrust of foreigners.and inevitably,a preference of shady,mediocre characters like twitchy harry to manage national institutions.its all bin laden’s doing.

  19. Dudu, I must say you put on some very balanced arguments.

  20. Very funny actually to see the media campaign for ‘arry go into hyperdrive.

    Very overated manager and man. Clearly a crook and/or a liar and guilty of serial club pauperisation. A very narrow definition of what makes a good manager sees him elevated to the second coming for England.

    Ramsey was a far more astute man as was Robson and Venables.

    Sven’s biggest problem was keeping his trousers on and Capello, statistically, was the most successful England manager ever but of course, was a foreigner, therefore doomed.

    In truth England will struggle under any manager until there is a pool of technically capable players to select from in all positiions.

    Might as well be ‘arry as anyone. At least he’ll come to be pilloried by his media chums in a couple of years, or maybe months.

  21. Redknapp might not be much of a tactician, but with his mental (!) skills at motivating players he’s fantastic material for a job like this. You don’t need your national manager to be a Mourinho, playing mind-games that go on for ages and testing and re-testing thousands of lineups and setups because they might just do the job. You need someone to deliver the spirit and the consistency it takes to get that one more goal when necessary. Redknapp can make it for sure.
    As for his current success at Tottenham, it has two major drawbacks: 1) it relies strongly on Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool experiencing a dip (sometimes a total collapse) in form; 2) it is bound to be short lived with a spine comprised in a significant part of oldies (30+: Friedel, King, Parker) and a loanee (Adebayor). Villas-Boas is having obvious problems with getting his team to play it right, and he’ll probably do until the very last game (one thing his players miss is fighting spirit). Wenger we know well to have had problems this season, and again, it’s of the club’s own making. Dalglish didn’t succeed in strengthening the squad, as only Adam is consistently delivering the grit he’s supposed to, while the rest of the new boys (Henderson, Downing, Carroll) are yet to make an impact. Redknapp is lucky to have retained Modric and v.d. Vaart, if he had lost but one of them, there wouldn’t be no Tottenham at 3rd. But that’s as far as it goes. Bale stayed of his own volition, Friedel turns out to be a wonderful replacement for the erratic Gomes, and Parker does everything he can to get into that England squad. A very lucky transfer window, and a very lucky season. If the Spurs continue to have as much luck, we might yet see them overcome both Manchesters. I wouldn’t mind the title coming back to London, but why must it always go seomwhere else?… Anyways, it’s only partly Harry’s own making. Let’s not forget about that before we start thinking of him as a possible replacement for Wenger…

  22. Could not care less who gets the England job. I find it strange that everybody seems to think that Redknapp is the best candidate though; despite his chirpy chappy outlook, he has achived almost nothing in football aside from leading a few clubs to financial armagedon.

    The last England manager the public wanted was Keegan, and that did not turn out too well either.

  23. Bob – Exactly.

  24. Who gives a f*ck about En-ger-land or Redknapp or S*urs, cant we talk Arsenal?

  25. Harry would give the players freedom to play and i dont think there are many a better motivator out there.

    would give them the freedom to play what? possession football? attacking football? tactical football? is he just going to say ” come on lads you can do it!” …and all of sudden england players will be playing like brasilians and with german organistaion and italian cynicism and dutch flair ? what kind of expereince does mr rednapp hold in dealing with different european or world football “schools” ? what kind of flexibility can he show when the players at his disposal will not be cultural or continental style players to have it in them as a second nature. The future possible appointment of rednapp as england manager is a definite step backwards.

    lol this is way to hillarious…..
    capello one of the best in the world and for some unknown reason people think that redknap can do better? …no wonder its the same people who trash arsene wenger….clueless. this move has more to do with keeping up with certain stereotypes and cultural taboos rather than football….

  26. I say give the job to Tony Puke-iss how funny would it be to watch every team shit themselves in the Euros as another long throw get bunged in for Crouch whilst the rest of the team go about systematically kicking the technical players off the park.

    I couldn’t be any more embarrassed to be English anyway and at least all the other countries could say, oh you don’t want to play England!

    The campaign starts here.

  27. You don’t need your national manager to be a Mourinho, playing mind-games that go on for ages and testing and re-testing thousands of lineups and setups because they might just do the job.

    mourinho copied rehaggel though. rehaggel showed how discipline and organistaion and a defensive minded strategy can even bring an average squad to the top. and the best part , he did it with 3-4-3 and in the final he played 442…mourinho plays 10-0 with budgets of 400m to do what rehaggel did with stelios and some other unknowns.

    there is simply no chance that the manager will not need to be tactically excellent for him to pull it off in such stages…

    maradona got tied in knots by joachim low……sentiment prevailed over pragmatism in the argentinians fa and fans minds and they got humiliated…..

    and delbosque might well look like a tavern owner but he knows how to control dressing rooms…tactically he doenst need to do anything..he just lets xavi and the rest get on with it. does rednap have xavis? no… does rednap have rehaggel or mourinho tactical nous? never did. can he motivate his players? sure ..but up to what point? enthusiasm takes you only so far…when the push comes to shove you need to show ability, whether its the manager or the player…..

    wilshere rooney wlacott etc are trained everyday by superior managers to redknapp, the players have faced situatuions in european competitions that arry aint got a clue about. even some players have more tactical experience than rednapp in dealing with continental style football. lampard gerrard etc have been dealing with the best europe has had to offer the last 10 years and more…harry hasnt. these players will secretely laugh behind the manager. it is more likely that the players will pull it off through their own collective expereince rather than harry pulling rabbits out the hat.

  28. Best excuse for Harry to talk about England now when things are rosy for Spurs. Actually Harry can use England coaching role as diversion when Spurs would have slipped down at the end of the season.

  29. Nicholson is a twat but, for me, this good on the England debacle –


  30. thank god this subject keeps media away from trashing wenger and arsenal

    under the radar ….3 points against sunderland…

  31. Nice one Yogi. Thanks.

    I just read an article on ‘Arsenal Truth’. Fuck me, what a pile of negative shit that place is. Spectrum’s on the comments, in his element it seems. My advice, don’t go there. It’s up there with LG & ANR in the cuntery stakes.

  32. hunter13 – del Bosque won the UEFA Champions League more than once so tactically he is very well ahead of some of the managers you mentioned

  33. clay …….del bosque had seedorf mrientes redondo hierro carembeu anelka makelele cassilias zidanne figo carlos raul ronaldo lol…..pathetic players….

  34. It has been fascinating to watch all the people nodding in agreement that England needs, nay England expects an English manager. Even if you can wash over the valid question why? The ever present fly in the ointment has always been who?
    Well that is now easy, a saviour has been found who we can all nod about. Any cracks in the argument for him are no more worrying than the cracks in the wings of the new A480 Airbus.
    And so we are set to soar into the Euros with the greatest manager England can muster, a real test of all things Englishy, something to be praaad abaaat!
    And when we get knocked out at the quarter finals, has anything actually been proven and is it worth the ride?
    Learning to fly starts with a jump and ends up with passengers soaring 34,000 feet above the surface of the planet and you sure as hell want to know that the cracks aren’t going to cause your wings to fall off when you are up there.

  35. Hunter what does 10-0 mean re Mourinho? Are you suggesting that as his formation – as a criticism of his defensive work? I’m not a Mourinho fan but, for me, that’s more to do with his personality and his style of play.

    He is without doubt already one of the great managers in football history – his trophy cabinet is testament to that. The argument against that is that he has only managed with the wind of finance at his back but he is as yet only 47 and he has already won the CL trophies with inferior teams to those whom he won against. He may have borrowed from Rehaggel but he also brought in many new levels of analysis and whilst people talk about man motivation being Harry’s game Mourinho has had players prepared to do literally anything for him.

    I’m not here as a cheerleader for him and I CERTAINLY wouldn’t want him at Arsenal yet you seem keen to denigrate his success. Is it because he knows football history and has copied ideas that worked? In this postmodernist world it seems a bit funny to criticise someone for copying and adapting what they see around them!

  36. Jonny it’s because we hate him. He insulted our manager.

  37. Actually I agree with Ian. Enough already.

  38. yes jonny its a reference to his tactics

    i did not doubt his ability, neither called him a bad manager. he is very good at what he does, but what he does is not football for me.

    if you need to put players like lucio zanetti samuel cambiasso motta sneijder in your keepers area in order to win a match then the point has been missed.

    if football is all about the scope..then yes mourinho is your man. but for mourinho to reach his targets he will definately end the season at a financial loss.

  39. Jonny, that Nicholson article pretty much says it all. Great stuff.

    Now back to Arsenal… kinda. I got my hands on FIFA12 last night and the morons managed to leave Coquelin out of the game entirely!

  40. Steww, I guess this is one area where we’ll always differ – I can dislike other teams and their managers (and boy, do I!) but that doesn’t stop me from retaining perspective. I dislike Mourinho for many reasons, but ‘hatred’ is just a waste of energy. Whatever I think of a man, I don’t (consciously) let it occlude his achievements or cloud my opinion of them.

  41. Flint McCullough

    Thanks, YW, good stuff.

    Isn’t it just like the FA to make their manager’s position untenable. It is basically constructive dismissal. The press didn’t like him because he didn’t speak perfect English (like Harry does) & he wasn’t pally pally with his favorites. Quite how Harry squares it with his deliberate lie (unless he perjured himself) to a press interview, I don’t quite know but I am sure he will in his lovable old rogue way.

    He is clearly doing an excellent job right now for Tottenham & his achievements elsewhere have been fair to middling but very costly to the finances of the clubs involved.

    On purley football terms a lot of respect for Harry but in comparison to a man like Capello ??? Those Englandistas out there rejoicing must have a screw loose.

    Don’t know why I have spent so much time on this because I fully agree with Dudu about everything that goes with this England team. All credit to Dudu by the way for coming on here with valid points & without the na,nahn nahns that generally goes on from both sides.

  42. I have to say it because I think it is true, the CL is a cup competition and in that regard anyone can win on their day. I personally don’t like the man Mourinho, his attitude and behaviour annoys the crap out of me to be honest but I admire his successes. This said, I still say that the CL is an up for grabs Cup competiton where anyone can win a game. I think Liverpool demonstrated that notion rather well.

    Dudu, I appreciate some of your well thought out arguments. I think Harry has done a great job with Spurs to date, though comparing Wenger and Redknapp isn’t much of a comparison.

  43. Sorry Jonny in any other area of life but football support is for me the arena to be partisan and irrational. How else do we go from loathing Sol Campball to loving him?

  44. Limestonegunner

    Capello clearly didn’t fancy his chances this summer with this pile of rubbish. Didn’t help the cause when Jack had his set back and might not be available. He used Terry as an excuse to bail out.

    The only thing that concerns me now is to make sure that this works out poorly for the Spuds to increase our chance of getting up to third.

    What is better–Harry gets England now and Spurs have to find a manager? or Harry gets England but manages Spurs until the end of the season, doing double duty before the Euros? The worst scenario is the FA appointing an interim until the end of the season or through the Euros as it leaves him at Spurs. Hopefully there is lots of confusion and conflict and it destabilizes Spurs.

    We need to go on a run and our away form has been a problem. A win away at Sunderland could be the start of a recovery and springboard to AC Milan away. A good result in that first leg would be a big confidence boost going into our Spuds and other big games right on the horizon.

  45. Anybody who beleave Arry can do the job is a moron. Motivator?maybe tactical?hell no. Tots are having a flash in the pan season wit Ade, Parker, v.d vart, Bale,Modric playing how they want to play and having Parker in a decent back 4 with Friedel playing great. Give him the England job and the likes of Gerrard, Walcott, Lampard, amd Rooney would laugh at him and his tactics. Capello’s is 1 of the most successful English managers and he quits because the FA hates foreigners.

    But FFS who really care about Arry and the England job i care about Arsenal, this weekend Stadium of Lights get a result there while maybe resting RVP, Arteta, Rosicky, Song for Milan and maybe go with Ramsey, AA(yea im not the biggest fan but im sure he still has 1 magical game left in him) and maybe Chamakh upfront since he’s been getting a run and must be inform if he’s available and have RVP on the bench for a late goal if needed

  46. You have taken the very pinnacle of his nihilistic football as an example Hunter – but yes that was a bad day for ‘football’! It’s never been exciting but that was one end of the spectrum.

    His football ethos is not so different to George Grahams – near-flawless defensive organisation, attention to detail on set-plays, and incisive counter-attacks.

  47. I’d rather listen to dudu than Suga. Or Jabba. Or Acryllic.

    Christ what has the world come to.

    *goes for lie down*

  48. well jonny you see thats what angers me.

    when rehaggel did it ..he did it with an inferior squad, a team of nobodies …and he didnt park the bus to reach his aim/scope/target. sure rehaggel played football of the old ..but 3-4-3 aint defensive…nor playing portugal in the final with 2 strikers. when rehaggel won it the word was “the death of football” …when mourinho does far worse with players far more superior to what the old german had noone says a word. thast because they love mourniho;s profile in the media. he is an exceptional motivator and at rallying his men under a common cause but those men are usually already massive massive personalities and winners.

    if mourinho can only reach his targets while always being on the opposite end of the spectrum called decency honesty flair merit then ok……

    what i see is that he takes more advantage of his media profile, a profile he has builthimslef with his success and big mouth too.

    grahams ethos is closer to a srtict disciplinarian dictator…nothing to do with exprssing yourself, having flair, speed , percission. his ethos is for a past era where it was perceived as an act of manhood to kick people around and dominate like bullies in a playground…. nothing wrong with that ….but we cant call it football ….can we ? i dont know

    it depends on how each person views football..for me football is about maradona cryff wenger henry zidanne rbaggio zola pirlo maldini raul …for others it might be fergie graham keanne barton vinniejones pepe materazzi mourinho mihajlovic etc etc

    there are those who pay emphasis in the manner in which they achieve their success, and there are those who dont care at all about anything no matter how dodgy or wrong as long as they win…. i think thats the best seperation i can think of.

  49. Good post, YW.

    If England do anything other than go for the best man for the job, regardless of his nationality, they are idiots. Whenever England have gone for the “popular choice”, eg Taylor, Keegan, McLaren, it has ended in tears, typically with them being shown to be not up to the task. Mind you, when they have gone for others, it has also ended in tears! They have all been “a little bit short,” in the words of Keegan (no, he wasn’t talking about Sven and his lifts).

    My guess is that they will give the reins to ‘Arry for the Euros. If he does well, then he’s seen as a genius and can stay on or return to the Tots. If it goes poorly, he can be seen as having answered his country’s call and can return to the club without too much shame, because, after all, it was all Capello’s fault, innit? If nothing else, he should be able to keep the players amused during their downtime. The national role does not seem to play to his strengths as a wheeler-dealer. Also, they would have to put him on a pretty good salary to compensate him for losing out on a cut of transfer-dealings.

  50. Agree with Andy. News about the English national team is a yawner. Harry has proven that he can manage at the top level so he is as good a candidate as anyone.

    Agree with Jonny at 12:46 and 1:07. Winning the CL not once but twice with teams that were clearly not the favorites and a load of league trophies says all that needs to be said. His skill set is different then arsene and Jose would never have been able to survive at arsenal the last 7 years but he is certainly one of the best in the world at what he does do.

  51. It’s all football – sounds a bit too elitist to me. The game would be awful if we did not have both light and dark. Just awful.
    You can’t encourage certain groups of players to play expansive free-flowing football it would never work. AVB is struggling, in part, for this reason trying to reshape and remould the rigidity of his predecessor (though signing Luiz didn’t help!).
    The game needs variety.
    Oh and though only tangentially relevant, it’s worthy of mention that ‘Tika taka’ can be just as boring as the bolted door of ‘catenaccio’.

  52. Can’t see this as ‘constructive dismissal’. There is only one thing that makes these extremely high paid managers (or footballers) quit. Being offered huge amounts of money to be elsewhere.

    Capello was already out the door and could not give two flying farts about John Terry, Arry Redknapp or the FA. He has been offered il wad massivo, enough to ply his trade somewhere else and ciao il tabloid and hello ……… watch that space.

  53. Well Jonny, Nicholson’s piece was alright but just said what I did in a lot more words!

    Bloody plagiarist.

  54. Everyone uses more words than you Bob! ;-P

  55. hoping for a win against Sunderland, they seem to be a good defensive unit. Get a good run of games coupled with a few teams at the top dropping points and we will be in a very strong position.

  56. Agree with Andy. News about the English national team is a yawner. Harry has proven that he can manage at the top level so he is as good a candidate as anyone.

    Agree with Jonny at 12:46 and 1:07. Mourinho is a master of getting the best performances from his players. How many managers could have won the CL with his Porto and that inter team and how many could have won as many titles as he has? His skill set is different then arsene and Jose would have been a disaster at arsenal the last 7 years I suspect.

  57. Pre-Madonna there used to be some pop music of passable quality. That prima donna has a a lot to answer for musically, not even counting a disturbing encounter over the going price for a Malawian orphan. Now it’s all prime (pronounced prima) donner kebabs after too much beer, and rubbish on the radio. OK, that was pitiful, but I tried.

  58. Wow. All lists are divisive but this is ridiculous – http://equaliserfootball.com/manager-series/
    NO Wenger! NO Cruff!!!
    The funny thing is that it’s all very well written – the Herbert Chapman acknowledgement is informative and detailed – but it’s a VERY idiosyncratic list nonetheless.

  59. Islington gooner

    What can’t a gooner agree that the Twitcher is the right choice now capello has stepped down??? Just because i think he would be a better choice then say woy hodgeson or pardew,that makes me less of an Arsenal fan??

    After Capello served up the worst world cup showing i have seen,shouldnt a English manager be given the chance???

  60. *Cruyff*

    PG – on the same site I found this for you to get in a pleasurable foam about.

  61. Islington Gooner – just no. Capello had the best win record of any England manager ever. Disastrous WC yes but still infinitely more suited to the task than Twitchy. It’s not even a debate.

  62. Sorry didn’t know that almost the same thing posted twice. Thought the first one was lost. My bad

    We need to get at least 4 points from the next 2 games. 6 would be ideal. Seb Larsen one of the best free kick takers in the league so minimizing fouls around our box is crucial. They are a tough defensive team and have responded well to a new manager. However we are the better team and if we play well we should win.

  63. next 4 games are hugely important….we get a run in there and we are placed extremely well

  64. Islington gooner

    Johnny you go on about win rate,but are you telling me that no other manager could have achieved the same results against the teams that were in England’s group??
    If England had not got through that group then they didn’t deserve to be there.

    Capello is a man who couldn’t give a toss what happened to our national side and bailed out on us after supporting a racist captain.I’m sorry for wanting a English manager in a English football team job.

    Even if i think guus Hiddink is a better manager than harry.We need someone to lift the nation and if harry does that,i support it.

  65. “Entrenched mediocrity.” A very Yogist statement. That’s made my day!

  66. Islington – no one is saying you can’t want ‘arry. You can want whoever you like. Many are saying they don’t give a damn either way and many are saying he is far from the best choice. A non issue for a hell of a lot of us.

  67. Great post, YW. Sorry, don’t have much to add to the England situation. Saw a bit of the press conference and wondered just who these people were.

    This is pretty immediate –

  68. Holland has been the pinnacle of football innovation for the last forty years. This is because the Dutch look at a problem and aim to solve it with their brains. They don’t let ego or arrogance stand in the way of success. England doesn’t do this anymore and that’s why you’ve got Harry Redknapp as the only viable alternative for England manager. Also, for a major footballing country it is ridiculous that you can’t produce managers who are better than Martin O’Neill and Alec McLeish. That’s fucking sad if you ask me.

  69. Islington

    You’re taking an imponderable as a fact. You don’t know if another manager would have chosen the same line-ups or made the same substitutions at the same time. If you say “Let’s say they would”, its (a) unrealistic and (b) an admission that Capello did a good job.

    His win rate is all that matters to the press, everyone. When he was in the job, England winning was all that mattered, nobody batted an eyelid about his linguistic skills. To say he couldn’t give a toss flies in the face of evidence – he missed his own son’s wedding for starters – and is pretty much a ludicrous statement to make.

    The FA were the architects of this fiasco, short and simple. Bernstein as much as admitted that they undermined him. To be honest, I think John Terry cares less about England than you deride Capello for. If Terry had an ounce of respect for the captaincy and national squad, he would have stood down not just from that position but also international football whilst it is going on. But he didn’t, his ego would not let him.

    As for Redknapp, his appointment flies in the face of footballing information. He has had one good season and even that was unsustained. The jury is still out on this season; Tottenham have won nothing and finished nowhere yet. If it implodes between now and May, will he still be the media darling? Yep. Is it irrational? Yep.

    Redknapp’s career has been underpinned by wheeling and dealing. He has a narrow gene pool now and no, I don’t think he is up to it. Nor do I for one second believe he is going to lift the nation. It’s essentially the same group of players that screwed up in South Africa, just older. For some that’s good, it’s brought experience. For others, it’s just ego to keep going.

    There is nothing irrational in wanting an Englishman to manage the national team. The only time it is irrational is wanting an Englishman at the expense of better managers.

  70. Niklas Bendtner is a waste of talent.

  71. What Yogi said (again).

  72. How long left on Bendtner’s contract? He’s going to have a lot to regret at he end of his career. Same goes for a couple of other players in his generation at Arsenal actually.

  73. The saga of england manager over the years must be the single most boring subject a large group of people has ever felt it necessary to pretend to care about. It is really just the story of a group of players who themselves don’t really care, and whoever get’s that job will be sitting in slabs of primordial sludge, to borrow a Yogism.

    Senegal is also looking for a coach. Even that’s more interesting, and that ranks pretty damn low on fascinating topics of the day.

    But wowie, Zambiaaaaaaaaaa! Chipolopolo, what a wonderous result for them! And who cannot like Zambia. We are all Zambians at heart.

  74. Islington gooner

    Yw Come on that group was weak and demanded at least Qualification for the huge sum England had invested in him.I’m not saying Capello wasn’t effective.
    but he tried to get England playing the italian way and it was never going to work in my opinion.I also base the fact that under Capello that was the worst showing i have seen and you can try blame the players,but even Sven got more out the team then he did.

    Ok maybe i was going a bit over board about him not caring.but why stick your neck on the line for john terry when he would knife any one in the back.
    I just feel Capello has given up too easily and wormed he’s way out with excuses.I hate john terry so he’s not my issue.

    A foreign manager may be better,but in the last two times we went down that route,it hasn’t worked???

    Also what would be intresting to see if the harry loving would flop if he failed massively in the summer??

  75. We’ve only won one important tournament in 82 years. And that was on home turf with dodgy decisions.

  76. …and with players far superior to the ones we have now.

  77. Superman, Einstein, Fidel, Mandela, Churchill, Andy Flower, Martin Luther King and the Pink Panther combined couldn’t lift the England football team. It would take, potentially, visitors from another galaxy with more special powers. Worth a thought for the FA. The job description might be beamed out from a row of a big satellite dishes. Wanted inspiration for slabs of primordial sludge. Apply to earth.

  78. I hope Arry gets the job. Spuds will die with him and England will get a manager with no tactical sende but lots of motivational abilities.
    Spurs got to the quarterfinal in the CL, so what? Plenty of managers around has done that in first attempt. Just they are not English. The fact he’s the best around says more about England then about him really….

  79. Islington gooner

    Anyway gooner’s,we have more issues of our own to sort out and i hope all them distractions with Harry f*** em right up!!!

    “In Arsene we trust” Even if some don’t 🙂

  80. Hiddink would be my choice for the England job but I think he is far to intelligent to take it.

    Harry has a problem though. He will not be able to fill in the application form.

  81. The England players taste club success, because, for the most part, they’re cogs in machines. All the imagination and nous is supplied by the foreign players, while the English players get the mechanical work. Chelsea’s a classic example. Look at Lampard – no real creativity or appreciation for the game; it’s about repetition, passing the ball to the same area, arriving at the edge of the box at the same time.

    Obviously I’m generalising a little here.

  82. Islington

    Hmmmm. English managers have such a good track record. Tell me, do the names McClaren and Keegan mean anything to you?

    The media will turn on him, no doubt. In fact, some of them are probably ready to go for him at the first hint of anything less savoury, following his “revelation” that he lied to Rob Beasley.

    As Spurs, what worries me is that if they get a tactically astute manager, they might do rather better than they are now.

  83. Zimpaul

    Might be boring for non-English people but it beats the shit out of us talking about the weather. That is the singularly most boring topic going says he watching the snow fall.

  84. Agree with zimpaul @ 3:41

  85. If the FA and authorities could be persuaded to make give the job tax exempt status, ‘Arry might be tempted. But even he’s not that needy or twitchy. It’s a fast track to the middle of nowhere. Look at the other glittering careers post England manager. A whole country despises you, a media sharpens their forked tongues for you, a whole world sighs (in boredom) and chortles in embarrassment.

  86. And you have to talk to John Terry.

  87. Best comedy post of yesterday. From SPY.
    leave it to an Italiano to abandon a sinking ship.
    I hope they leave our players out of this circus.
    Sunderland is ripe for the picking. Dead tired. Come on the RED AND WHITE ARMY. Trample them black cats this Saturday. Should be a good prep. Match for the AC. BUT, one game at a time. COY GUNNERS.

  88. Ah, the weather. Yes. Indeed. Quite so. Lots of it too.

  89. Capello would make a good Pink Panther. Can he act? He’s got a great unflinching “serious look” through those glasses, this way, then that. “I am observing” the look says. “I have no clue why, but it must be done”, the look continues.

  90. Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, England Manager. Starring Twitchy. John Terry. Wayne Rooney. “Funnier than Hangover 2” says Critics Choice.

  91. Three faces that were made for the high-definition big screen.

  92. Wengerball from Wengerball…I think.

  93. I read a couple of months ago that the best alternative to redknapp was Tony Pulis. He’s welsh no? But still, Pulis as england manager?

  94. Paul-N | February 9, 2012 at 2:37 pm (on yesterday’s post)

    I disagree with Matt.

    “I hope you get to read this….Though all players want to play, It will never even out because the prestige and money will always pull the best players (it is what it is), but still the first intent of the player is to play, if not, it will not go well for them.

    I never mentioned anything about being a nailed on starter”


    What convoluted point are you trying to make in order to disagree with me?

    The fact that the league will never even out because of the lure prestige and money is exactly the point I am making!!

    Of course players would like to be first choice at the greatest clubs in Europe but only 11 players are on the pitch for each team at a time; only seven are named on the bench and only 25 (let’s put aside the intricacies of the home-grown rule) are in a first team squad.

    Most players would prefer to win things, or at least compete at the highest level (Champions League etc) and play a contributing role in a successful team than being a first choice at a mid / bottom of the table team.

    The problems arise when the players in question are either usurped by new arrivals (whether promotion within the club or transfers in) or are starved of any action at all, thus effectively freezing a career.

    Park for example, as it stands, would not not feel he has contributed to anything (not his fault) so his desire to leave in order to get game time would be perfectly justified. My original post however (way back early yesterday), was regarding Daniel Sturridge and how he would be a great number two to RVP and that we could accommodate his ambitions to play and achieve while still remaining behind RVP in the pecking order.

    Sturridge in my mind has two choices at this stage of his development: stay where he is or move to club of a relatively similar standing and remain a first team player but not the main man up front; or go back further down the prestige / league ladder and be top dog there.

    Maybe he’ll go back to Bolton in the summer so he can play every week and be the main man? Yeah, sounds unlikely doesn’t it.


  95. Al – Bendtner is under contract till end of season 2013-14.

    He’s said he’ll never come back but the way he is headed it’s hard to see who’ll want him – unless we subsidise his wages.

    Sad ol’ state of affairs.

  96. YW – Yeah, that is my concern as well. If Redknapp takes the job, I am starting to get a nasty feeling that Mourihno will take the vacant Spuds post. And that would not be a good thing for us. Say what you like about the guy, but he has a history of turning teams into winning teams. Plus he will have cash at his disposal at Spurs.

  97. Come on Jonny, you sound like my gran. He got caught speeding, was allegedly involved in a fight and damaged a car. Hardly out of control. Bendtner could be an excellent bargain for the right club. Maybe Germany or Italy would be better destinations tho. Can’t see too many teams in the PL wanting him. Maybe the likes of Stoke. Doesn’t look like he’ll get many games under O’Neill. Then again Emile Hesky did at Villa…

  98. I dunno Andy, my brother informs me The Spuds are actually extremely stretched financially.

    That said, I’d trust Mourinho to do better with what’s there than ‘arry.

    Regarding Capello’s departure – “I agreed on behalf of the board that this was the right decision,” adding that “principles” are important, and that Stuart Pearce would be taking charge for England’s upcoming fixture against the Netherlands.

    That would be the same Stuart Pearce who in 1994 had to apologise to Manchester United midfielder Paul Ince for alleged racial abuse made “in the heat of the moment”…

  99. If they’d really get Mourinho, that would obviously be a huge boost. I think that their players that are on the fence, i.e. Bale, Modric would stay with Mourinho on.

    But on the other hand, why in god’s name would Mourinho want to manage Sp*rs? It’s not like they have prestige like Madrid or money like Chelsea. Besides, he is on the verge of winning the league with Madrid, why would he want to jump ship now?

  100. Bendtner is proving so may people right. There was always the thought that his ego far outweighed his talent, and he has done nothing to dispel that myth since going on loan.

  101. Evil – Decent point, but if he does jump shit and comes to the PL in the summer who else would he go to. There is always the possibility that M City will get rid of Manchini if he does not win the lge I suppose. Don’t think Fergie will step down in the summer and Chelsea looks unlikely. If the Spuds finish in the top 4 why not?

  102. Markus the off-field stuff is NOT the big problem.

    But clubs do take it into account when it is coupled with a high salary and a very low return in goals

    18 games, 16 starts, 3 goals.

    Reputed 50+K salary a week and comes with free front-page headlines.

    Maybe he is on less, who knows, but given that so few clubs were interested last summer (even on a free loan) it stacks up that he is on big money.

    Few clubs will be interested in paying unless he takes a serious pay cut or starts performing closer to the player he thinks he is.

    At least he sounded suitably humbled and recalcitrant in interview today…

  103. @GA
    But the big question is why? He is earning 13,5 million € a year at Madrid, got virtually limitless funds, so why should he choose Tottenham? And how would Tottenham afford him? Buy him out of his contract and meet his salary demands.

  104. Evil – no one expects Mourinho to stay beyond the summer – the civil war and the fact all the press have sided with the players has put the writing on the wall him.

    Spurs are a team he has a decent chance of taking forward – but would they want him? The fans would have to sacrifice the notion of themselves being a pretty football team that’s for sure…

    Mourinho at Spurs – that’s a scary old thought and no mistake.

  105. Yeah, the player must realise that nobody wanted him, maybe the root of his problem. Agree tho, performances are the only way to change his situation.

  106. @Jonny
    Funny thing is, just a year ago or so there were strong rumours about him possibly heading to Bayern etc. But this past year has massively damaged his career prospects.

  107. As I am already talking about Bayern: they didn’t win the league last year, and it looks like Dortmund might snatch it this year as well. Considering how successful Bayern usually are domestically, two seasons without winning the league, I am not sure if that is tenable. So if you want to guess where Mourinho could end up, I feel that Bavaria is a much more realistic proposition than North London.

  108. Maureen will 100% not go to Spurs.
    They have no where near enough money for him to win anything.
    He can and has only been successful when he has had way more money to spend than his domestic rivals.
    He won the CL with Porto courtesy of a piss poor linesman lino at Old Trafford.And somehow getting lucky enough to win with 20% possession (and it is luck if you get battered and win)
    Plus he is a horrible example of humanity.
    Jonny ,thanks .

  109. Maureen won’t go to spurs. Not enough money or prestige.

    Neither manu nor Arsenal would have him.

    Chavs or blue mancs.

  110. Thanks, Jonny.

    What cash would Mourinho have to work with at Tottenham? They’re not exactly rich – the poorest team he’d have managed since Porto I reckon.

  111. I would love Maureen to go to Spurs.
    His myth would be destroyed in no time .
    Wanker that he is

  112. mattgoonerknight

    Mourinho to Citeh
    Mancini to Chelsea
    AVB to DHSS

  113. Its the Blue Mancs Bob.
    Can only be them.

  114. Jonny @ 5:05.

    I would be surprised if we were not subsidising his wages now. Every club has some underperforming contracts especially the bigger clubs. We seem to have at least as many as other clubs but we are less able then others to suck them up without affecting transfer budgets and our ability to reward the players who deserve big contracts. It’s difficult to know with younger players who will ultimately become impact players. We were probably overly aggressive with contracts to players like NB so they wouldnt get poached. I guess that’s a downside of the way we do business. Hopefully a lesson learned.

  115. Mourinho to City would fit hand in glove. Especially because their team is already more or less ready for Mourinho and he would just have to instil his “philosophy”. They already showed last season at the Ems that they can play the Mourinho way.

  116. Evil – If (and a big if) we walks from Madrid he has already said he wants to come back to the PL. They would be the only club who finish in the CL places as a realstic opion I suppose.

    George – I read earlier, that net he has only spent £50M(ish) at Inter and Madrid. At Porto it was £20M (ish). Chelsea was a law unto themselves at the time he was there.

  117. Evil – Good call on Munich. Is there enough glamor there for him though? Who cares in the end though eh? The guy is a huge cunt.

  118. Andy 20million ish was a huge sum in Portugal in those days

  119. Thanks George I never said I thought it would happen – Andy raised it as a possibility.

    I just said it was a scary thought.

  120. @Andy
    You still haven’t explained why Tottenham would be a realistic option. He would have to take a massive pay cut and Tottenham would have to buy him free from Madrid. That alone would mean he would have minimal finances to work with.

    And while he spent “little” at Inter (massively boosted by the Ibrahimovic sale nevertheless) and equally “little” at Madrid, those are two clubs already established with lots of top players. There just wasn’t the need to spend big and he still managed to probably outspend all his rivals in the domestic leagues.
    The situation at Tottenham however would be more comparable to the situation when he first went to Chelsea, they would need probably between 5 – 10 new players as their squad is just too thin to be able to compete both in CL and league at the same time.

  121. Am I alone in being totally disinterested in the England Manager vacancy and indeed, the fortunes of our national side. I know that 80,000 or so still attend Wembley games but, to me, Club loyalty and support has, for one reason or another, largely ousted the following for England. I find that even TV viewers are becoming selective in watching international games…..something impossible to imagine a decade or so ago.
    What has happened, IMO, is not so much a deliberate lessening of national pride but rather a distinct preference and concentration on following a football side closer at hand. I would be interested to hear the views of others on this matter.

  122. I don’t know why Arsenal fans have a downer on Redknapp for England,think of the positives.The England team will be full of spuds and they can get crocked and knackered this summer instead of our boys.Given the tendency of arsenal players to pick up long term injuries playing international football(JW,Theo a couple of yrs back when he was flying,and ,correct me if i’m wrong coz can’t be bothered to look it up,didn’t Gibbs pick up the 1st of his myriad of injuries on international duty?) i would prefer them to all have a nice rest this summer and come back next season furious at not being picked and determined to show that b*****d Redknapp he was wrong .Selfish i know but hey ho.

  123. Evil – not that I think Spurs will happen, but Mourinho may yet just walk away from his current post – it’ll be interesting to see how it pans out, that’s for sure.

  124. Does it actually matter who gets the england ,job they all face the same big problem……a team full of overated under talented english players who will not win anything.

    but no doubt if arry gets it the media and fans will again think we can win the world cup only to then see arry end up walking out of the fa head quarters in a straight jacket and into oblivion like all the other ex england managers. if arry wants to retire after the england job then he should take it.

  125. Been meaning to share this one for ages. I think this is the sort of player Capello had hoped JW would become under him for England.

  126. Evil – Just to echo what Jonny said; I am just discussing it as a possibility, thats all. Hopefully it won’t happen either way.

  127. Jonny I meant thanks for the Arshavin stuff

  128. talking of ex england players going into oblivion….how about capello for spurs??

  129. yeah can only see mournio at shitty, fits all the criteria..lets see.
    1. a desperate club willing to throw whatever it takes to buy a piece of silver!

  130. Yeah I figured that out just after – thought you were being a sarky sod at first! 😉

  131. Flint McCullough

    My disinterest stems from the zenophobic hype around what has become a sterile, boring version of the game, in England’s case mainly played by & reported on by cretins.

    At international level all they do is wait for the other side to make an error.There are signs that Germany are producing a team that attempts to play in an attacking club style but not many teams hold my interest, not even Spain or Brazil.

    On top of that there are so few competitive matches played between teams of a similar level. eg why England v Andorra – there really is no point.

    capello to TOTTdlers ? Please. Bite your tounge.
    Jeez, I hope not. He is ten times the manager ARRY will ever be. 🙂

  133. @ Flint Mc.,
    Thanks for that. You only confirm what many are feeling, I’m sure.

  134. @Basil are there actually any englishmen left in spuds nowadays? they all seem to be either welsh or croatian or Togolese or french…
    gee it feels at times that even Arsenal have more englishmen in their lineup than Tottenham… i can only think of Walker, Dawson and King….

  135. Shame on you Poodle surely you haven’t forgotten Scott e Parker!!!!

  136. @basil ah yeh the “new england captain” that has 10 caps to his name and has never ever played a high end international game. how could i forget him…

    MInd you if Redknapp does become manager im sure that Parker will become captain…

  137. Either him or nephew Franky Lamps.

  138. OneOfUs, you should’ve read the comments from Madrid fans after we beat Barcelona last season. Most of them demanded that he be bought at once and because he reminded them of a more aggressive Redondo. I don’t doubt that Wenger makes Jacky boy watch old tapes of old Fernando. He was a beat of a player.

  139. What the hell, let’s try that again:

    OneOfUs, you should’ve read the comments from Madrid fans after we beat Barcelona last season. Most of them demanded that Jack be bought at once since he reminded them of a more aggressive Redondo. I don’t doubt that Wenger makes Jacky boy watch tapes of old Fernando. He was a beast of a player.

  140. I agree with Gainsy

  141. And who could Gainsay that, Steww?…sorry

    Ah, that’s cool then, G69. He’s the kind of player I wasn’t really able to appreciate at the time, so I’m grateful for youtube etc. Couldn’t think of anyone better for JW to model his game on though.

    Here’s more:

  142. mattgoonerknight

    Speaking of Jack, has there been any update on his set-back?

    Is there a date for any results or assessment announcement on whether we’ll see him again this season?

  143. Thanks YW.

    Stuart ‘Psycho’ Pearce in charge for the game against Holland/Netherlands.

    Let us revisit the highlights from last years U21 tournament:

    The D**M of Mancienne.
    No much sight of players like Albrighton (already 21) even less sight of players like Mcecheran, and no sign at all of the young player who impressed against the Mancs in that FA Cup game last season*
    Lansbury who really was England’s most dynamic player (you can blame the ruby goggles if you like, but that’d be out of jealousy) rarely starting.
    And the list goes on.

    *The reaction of many who booed Arshavin the other day at some point during last summer went a little like this: “What? Squillions on a youth who wasn’t even in Psycho’s team? Wenger. What are you doing? Why Weng? Why?”

  144. < McEachran

  145. Re:Bendtner.

    Conversely Jay Thomas has started to bang in some goals. Long may it continue. Hope he makes it, along with Freeman who is/was another interesting player.

  146. Skip along to about 1.20 for JET’s goals against the ‘ammers.

  147. Matt, your point and my point is not the same but it is not that important. Lets move on.

  148. Paul,I love it when you are dominant.

  149. What a shot by JET!!
    tnx Finsbury. God ,how I wish some of our reserves would have made it at ARSENAL. I hope he does well in his career.

  150. Hey George, I would rather talk about Chamakh and Park doing well for us. Forget Sturridge He cannot do anything for us right now. If he comes to The Arsenal next season, I will be in his corner.

  151. Limestonegunner

    Gains, looks like Bayern has landed Shaqiri and not for very much money really.

  152. What the heck is up with Fabianski?

    “I know people have their own opinions on the subject (goal line technology) but for me, football is football. It is a game of mistakes and that is part of it.

    It’s a game of mistakes?

    I wonder if he would complain if a goal was awarded wrongly when he was in goal?

  153. Typical, blooming typical rewriting of history as per usual by the media. Capello; a man who has won everything there is, a fucking collossus of a manager, someone the FA stalked and near enough bribed toi be england manager with the contract they offered, as they did with Sven, yet now he is a loser??? Fucking wankers, deserve to win nothing. Whi cares? I dont, not since they rail roaded Robson and even Hoddle (he wouldve probablt been a great england coach actually, his religious views notwithstanding!)

  154. I rate Daniel very much. I think he is one of chelskis better players and I can see why he is angry . Him not playing is just political. I would welcome him to ARSENAL if that move would come to pass.
    The only why we will get Marvane and Park to contribute to the team more is to REST RVP IN CERTAIN GAMES. I really believe that. Same goes for our wingers and mid-field players.
    Give them some time to play together and I GUARANTY THEY WILL START PROUDUCING.
    What was the fee for Shakire Limestone??

  155. Is it that bad for people to have religious views? blow wow!

    I did not know Hoddle was a Christian. That is a beautiful thing.

  156. Can you pay 50 mil for a player (apart from wages) and have him ride the bench? I guess they have to play Torres in the hopes that he will come good. Its hard to admit that you wasted so much money.

  157. Its not so good when you are counting God as a squad member Paul.
    Then there is a problem.
    What if the other side have a bigger God in their squad?
    Now I am worrying myself

  158. PaulN

    It wasnt the christianity man, it was his belief that disabled people were paying for sins of a past life, or some such shite. Although christianity is pretty kooky like voodoo mate! To be honest, I think he got ‘done’ by the media (what a surprise!) as he wasnt cosying up to em like Venebakes and droopy McBung. Thats the thing, if you aint a friend to the hacks, they will turn on ya.

    Hoddle had all the makings of a quality england manager and the hacks fucked it up. They played the best football Ive ever seen under an England coach and despite his spudness, I would say he wouldve done stuff. Same applied for Peter Taylor at U21 level, he was brilliant. The thing is, England and the english at senoir managemetn level are clueless, old boy network dumb assess. WE are fucked, as a footballing nation and in general.

  159. Torres is a good player.
    He is having an “Arshavin” moment.
    Class is permanent.He is not worth £50 million,but he is a class player

  160. Kam.Have you been over to Scotty’s place today?

  161. Please, can we desist with this chat about how IF we sign a player (whether its for 2p or £100m) they will have to be happy sitting on the bench pleae? As far as I am concerned, the only position that might be true of, is the goal keeping positions. Dont tell Passenal! 🙂

  162. George

    When Torres came to Liverpool, I thought he’d be an expensive flop, as he’d never been prolific, but fairs fair, he was just that for the scousers and he looked like he was made for the english league man. His fall from grace is astonishing really. Or maybe he has just gone back to how he always was and his time at LFC was a blip? I dunno.

  163. Beautiful how? As part of his faith he expressed the belief that the disabled, and others, are being punished for sins in a former life.

    He has raised a lot of money for disabled charities – but there is nothing beautiful about those sentiments.

    Religious views would be absolutely fine if they kept temperate counsel.

  164. Dexter ,He is a good player .You know he is.
    Anyway,how are you matey?

  165. Jonny

    Thats the thing, Alf Ramsey could have been a fascist and kept his powder dry! Hoddle was naive and stupid, but thats not a surprise giving how egotistical he was with the players and his awkward media dealings/ Shame really. We live in an era where people can be complete wankers, as long as they have good spin doctors and its all brushed under the carpet!

  166. temperate counsel?
    You just do it to wind me up Jonny.
    You know I am a bit limited with my vocabulary.
    You are trying to make me Google’s best customer.

  167. Are you saying I need a spin doctor Dexter?

  168. George

    I am good my friend, looking forward, with some trepidation to the game, but expect us to win. But in the big scheme of things, a football match hardly registers tbh.

  169. You are beyond a spin doctore George, you need a regular doctor man

  170. The FA are to draw up a shortlist for the vacant managers job.

    How many ways can they write

    Twitchy McBung
    Droopy Eye bags McDodgy
    Appy Arry

  171. I don’t think Harry will take the job.
    No international transfers means no bungs,simples.

  172. Hi George, Scotty hasn’t posted much lately and therefore not much going on there. Lots o TOTTdelers and Super cese. He is a good guy and I really. Liked the way you talked to him .lile an older brother . Its just that he is very frustrated. And truly clueless. Its like going in circles with some of them. Brainwashed by tomuch crapola readings. Younger generation man. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR ME LATELY. gimegimegime. Nownownow. So entitled. I’ll visit later tonight to see Scotty’s. Site. Again, nice job.

  173. Theres always the bungs from Nike, adidias, reebok for pickin their players George

    Angles, its all about the angles.

    How do you think some of them Brazilians ended up in the squads in 98? Nike baby!

  174. Fa has made a huge error of undermining Cappelo. They should try to get him back. Only I don’t. Think he is coming back. I think he was looking for an excuse really. I’m so glad. AW isn’t this sensitive and stays the course with all the jerks around disrespecting him. HE WILL SEE HIS PROJECT THROUGH.

  175. Hey Kam, Rasers!

  176. In completely unrelated news to the Redknapp tax evasion scandal, erm I mean trial, Portsmouth are bracinf themselves for administration yet again.

    Did anyone see that documentary where Bryan Robson was the figurehead of some far eastern consortium that prmised would be investors they could get their club into the premier league?

    Dodgy all day long, yet we are supposed to not worry bout it? Never mind the fact more and more championship clubs are teetering on the brink of extinction.

    Everythings great!

  177. Hay you REBEL ROUSER. going to the stadium of lights OUT this weekend??
    Let out that rebel yell bro. And no more trepedising, .you hear. Something tells me, ITS IN THE BAG.

  178. Hahaha! Yep, Im going to the lights out Kam! Wont be going to the FA cup game tho. So, we better win this one!

  179. We better win both. I have high hopes for the FA cup this year. LONG LIVE THE BLOODY AWAY SUPPORTERS!!!! as a matter of fact the only way I see to drown out the bin baggers at the EMS. is to allocate enough tickets at cut rate to the away supporters so that they can raise some hell. Shut them ungrateful. Basterds every time they start booing. Said it last April. Saying it again now. No more of that ” library”. Bullshit.

  180. good post..

  181. not sure if englands future is that much in touble..we havent been much cop for years..

    but if alex jack and theo become englands key players i think maybe we might be interesting again at national level..gibbys got a chance as well if he can stay fit

    i hope arry takes the job.it’ll fuck spurs up totally..when arry jumps ship modric and bale are going to be off as well..i would have prefered him to have gone down but fuckit if he takes the england job then who cares..it fucks spurs up..i’ll take that deal..

    besides with the shower of shite we have at the minute then no managers got a chance becuase they are all shit..i fucking love england but i detest watching the likes of terry and lampard and cole and gerrard..with endless other never has beens…it needs a shake up..

    as far as deserving the job goes i think stuart pearce should be given a chance to take over..
    hes a total bellend but he does work with alot of the younger generation and hes been behind the scenes taking the kids around the world in cups..
    if he kicks some of the shite out and brings in half his baby team then i think we can do well in the summer…maybe not win the thing but at least have an impact on the cup, abit like the germans did under lowe..

  182. Not like you to be succint and to the point JJ! 🙂

  183. i know were in the the age of shortening every fukin word or just saying the first letter now but the Ems!! c/mon sounds like a shit night club.

  184. no thanks george me got work tommorow!!

  185. Da Grove is fine….

  186. never been the type to beat about the bush..

  187. Hahahaha! I havent! 🙂

  188. George

    I’ll have some!

  189. or is it around the bush?

  190. what are they , not none of this mixed up ketamine shit i hope!

  191. Anywhere near the bush works for me JJ.

  192. JJ,

    pearce has no tactical nouse whatso ever as he is english!!

  193. a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush i think jj.

  194. Stuart Pearce? Fuck dat shizzle! Did you see the way he had the U21s ‘playing’? Awful old school, avoid the midfield by hoofing it rubbish.

  195. JJ, I would rather not risk any of our players playing under harry nor Stuart. Hope we keep them out of the circus. When a proper manager is chosen then yes. By all means. But not with these jokers.
    And the TOTTS are only doing better now due to the fact that since harry came on board they rank FOURTH in transfer monies spent. Its not due to harries tactical genius. He is just a low grade mourinuhor. Spend ,spend ,spend. Flash in the pan. One year wonders.

  196. you forgot our appaling injuries aswell Gk, had we had more players they would not be above us.

  197. Much as I hate dem, gotta say they have stayed in form all season really, we havent been able to say that for a while.

  198. Predator Instincts:

  199. no coincidemce that when we had our strong team out we were on a good run, injury ravaged and lack of players at the begining then the run then injuries now we got the wounded back i ‘m convinced we can go on another run.

  200. dukeg

    I think we can too, its just a shame we got hard games coming up, wouldve been nice to ease our way back into form as well as easing the players back too.

  201. Quite right DUKE, and we have all these wonderful EPL refs. To thank for most of these injuries. Woops ,another. Abbrev. Must forgive, as I’m trimming some bushes in the GARDEN as I’m texting . 😉

  202. i see no reason why not either duke..

    with chelsea playing so badly i think three wins on the spin will be enough to get 4th..

  203. Im not even thinking about other teams at the moment JJ, we need to concentrate on our own form and results.

  204. I think if we win vs Sunderland, it will be massive for us and the rest of the season too. Come on Arsenal!!!

  205. Thats typical, George gets the E’s out then fucks off.

  206. of course..i can see why you think that dex..
    i wouldnt say weve had a great season and we are somehow still within a win of chelsea..
    at least weve given ourselves a chance..4th place is basically back in our own hands as long as we dont slip up.

  207. sunderland played extra time didnt they?

    a win at sunderland and at least its something to build on..1 win becomes 2..2 becomes 3..


  208. i would think we have the players to do it..

    alot of players in good form as well..

  209. Yep, true and I hope that happens, obviously. But we havent had the best of luck up there and that was with bruce in charge. Not a gimme, but we really should win this, but we should’ve beaten Bolton too. Lets see anyways.

  210. No real point contemplating the result, just need to look forward to another game and hopefully, another game closer to others returning from injury and no new ones!

  211. Think I’ve already picked my team, but here it is again;

    Sagna Koscielny Vermealen Coquelin
    Song Arteta
    Theo Rosicky Oxo

  212. That team looks strong to me, anyway, should be good enough to beat most teams tbh.

  213. i think thats the form team..

    id go with that..

  214. Nice one for Rocky…

  215. Yep JJ no point resting anyone right now, play the best we have and see what happens, we can always bring on Arshavin, Benayoun, we still have options.

  216. I love everyone .wow ,Just like 1987 all over again.
    You were right Dexter You can get good E again

  217. Hahahahahahaha! See George, you just have to pay a lil bit more for it! 🙂

  218. you were right Dexter.
    I will never again question you on matters of illegal substance abuse. Or indeed any type of abuse,for that matter.

  219. that’s a good lineup DEX and I know that we have to take one game at a time. ,BUT we have to take into account the CL game coming up and try to rotate our mains so that they will be fresh for that game. As such, my line up…
    . WOJO

    . SONG.


    that is if chamack is back. AW to rotate first entry in each position for the second at 65 min. As he sees fit.

  220. True Kam, but they’ve had a week off, they can rest for the following weeks game, whoever it is you actually want to rest!!

  221. Yeh Dexter ,How much fucking rest does Andrei need?
    Lazy little bastard.

  222. Ahh true George, now that fat fucker should be in a sauna 24/7 losing that timber

  223. AW”every game from now on is a cup final”
    Ideally DEX, I would play RVP, SONG and KOSHER the first half. Hopefully by the start of the second we would be two to three goals ahead of this tired bunch and pull our mains out in favor of PARK ,BENNY AND BFG to see the game out. IDEALLY. Lets hope all goes well. We have to be fresh against AC.
    Nice work at the OPINION George. Nice work. Hope this time it does some good. I left an entry too.

  224. Well, if we are playing Kosher, we better had play Benayoun then Kam.


  225. HAHA, best believe it DEX. kosher and Benny is the way . Areevedechiee and bouenas nochee. (;-o)

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