Arsenal’s 007 Performance: My Name Is Bond, Premium Bond

Arsenal 7 – 1 Blackburn Rovers

1 – 0 van Persie (2)
1 – 1 Pedersen (31)
2 – 1 van Persie (28)
3 – 1 Oxlade-Chamberlain (40)
4 – 1 Arteta (51)
5 – 1 Oxlade-Chamberlain (54)
6 – 1 van Persie (62)
7 – 1 Henry (90)

Sent off: Givet (42)

Arsenal delivered their first Premier League victory of 2012 with an emphatic margin, over Blackburn Rovers. Post match, Arsène was keen to put the result into perspective,

I felt that recently we had quite good performances but did not get the results. Today we got the performance and the result, which is ideally what you want. I do not give much importance to the seven goals, it is just important we won and played well.

The second time Arsenal have hit seven at The Emirates, this is the biggest Premier League tally since Middlesbrough conceded a similar total six years ago at Highbury. Almost twenty years ago to the day, Sheffield Wednesday conceded something like six in the final half an hour; yesterday’s burst came with four in twenty minutes either side of half-time. Add in a well-deserved red card, it was little wonder that there was a goalscoring lull between the sixth and seventh goals. I am sure that there will be those who view that as a weakness.

Surprisingly given his pre-match comments, the manager chose to give Robin van Persie the full ninety minutes. Leading the media up a blind alley? Possibly, considering the mini-break that the Dutchman enjoyed recently. Certainly, if he was in need of a rest then a five goal lead in a situation where one can be given.

Thierry Henry provided the final act of the match with a deflected shot, with speculation this morning that Wenger is to contact New York Red Bulls so that the striker’s loan spell be extended to include the match against Tottenham at the end of the month. With the gap to fourth just two points before the rest of the weekend’s matches, the pressure point has changed; Chelsea, Liverpool and Newcastle have to win to effect change – none can consider that to be a given right.

The afternoon started brightly; van Persie swept home in the second minute following good wide play from Theo Walcott. The England international is reportedly ready to sign a new deal, something that will disappoint his detractors in the stands as much as it does other clubs. It was a display that highlights the infuriatingly inconsistent form he can produce; yesterday showed that the level of expectation placed on his shoulders is not unrealistic.

On the other flank, Oxlade-Chamberlain continued his impressive form, his brace of excellently taken goals ensuring that the hype surrounding the youngster will continue unabated. It will be of little surprise if he is included in the full squad for the upcoming friendly against Holland. His width was pivotal in stretching the Blackburn defence even before they were reduced to ten men. There was no argument for the apologetic Givet’s dismissal but even before then, the problems were apparent for the visitors.

That on the half hour Blackburn were level was barely credible. Pedersen’s free-kick was expectedly excellent; that it was their only shot on target in the first half sums up the luck enjoyed by Arsenal at the moment. That joy was shortlived. A replica of the opener came eight minutes later, Walcott on the right, van Persie found space to sweep home. The third came soon after when the Dutchman’s reverse pass was controlled by Oxlade-Chamberlain with a slightly heavy touch, Robinson was slow off his line and the youngster rounded him with ease to score. It must bring the total goals conceded against Arsenal close to a century by the goalkeeper; can we play you every week, indeed.

Rapid fire scoring commenced after half-time. Arteta added a fourth, deflected into the net from a corner; he might have had a brace but his van Basten-esque volley ended high and wide. Still, in his mind’s eye I am sure it nestles comfortably in the net! The fifth? Oxlade-Chamberlain deservedly scored again following more good work by Walcott, possibly the only Arsenal player that deserved a goal who didn’t get one. The van Persie treble came when Walcott permitted Coquelin to torment Rovers on the right, his cross once more gleefully swept into the net.

Coquelin almost added the seventh with an ambitious drive but it was Henry who somewhat appropriately added the icing to the cake. It topped off a joyful afternoon, old and new Masters of the Net embraced behind the goal. A fluffy feeling all round.

The truth is Blackburn were poor and the frustration of previous performances was taken out on them. The early goal settled nerves somewhat but there was a familiarity about punishment from the opponents rarest of chances. However, confidence was evident in the rapid response. The scoreline is at once freakish but in line with results elsewhere this season.

The important thing is to take this into the Sunderland match next weekend, quickly followed by the trip to Milan. Win at the Stadium of Light and that is four matches unbeaten, considerably better than two wins in five. Ultimately, it provides breathing space; a buffer against vehement criticism. Things still need to be put right and the lack of activity in the transfer window may prove to be costly; equally it might not. It is an imponderable until the end of the season. So, for now, enjoy the result, enjoy the win and stop moaning. For a few days at least, eh?

Over on Arsenal On This Day, Sir Henry Norris sues the Football Association for libel following an investigation into the finances of Arsenal Football Club. Day One of the trial this morning.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. It was just one win yesterday, but what a win! These are the days we live for as fans, and I’m still on cloud nine (or should that be in seventh heaven?) this morning. It will mean nothing if we don’t carry this forwards, but let’s hope this performance gives both team and fans the shot in the arm we need to march onwards. The season starts here? Maybe.

  2. 1st… Lol.. °̩ wish… “My name °̩s bond, premium bond” classic… Great write up yw nd and an absolute fantastic game… Waitin 4 d suga3’s of dis blog to come take a beating from d unrelentless Hunter…

  3. How good does le Coq look.

    makes me laugh how before the game people were talking about just beating them…a scrappy 1-0 win will do….and then now its…only shitty blackburn..pah.

    Oxo has the same look as rooney did at that age, he just looks like he has been around for ages.

    England will try their best to fuck him up no doubt now by taking him to the euros.I do think the fast tracked path to the national team does have a detrimental effect on players.

  4. Oxo has the same look as rooney did at that age, he just looks like he has been around for ages.

    ohhhh pepper in the dare you ..let oxo win a champions league first and a few league titles before comparing him to england;s messi ;p

    any black berets around ? got some garbage they can collect…….


  5. Its bloomin chilly

  6. watchitng them goals again…and what van persie does for ox;s first ( the 3-1) ……

    such a useless ten this robin….

  7. An excellent team performance.

    Every player in the shirt played well yesterday. It would be unfair to single out anybody.

    If we play like this until the end of the season we will be fine.

    A return to fitness fr some and to form for others.

    A lot of joy in that performance and in the enjoyment of it.

  8. 3 points and 7 goals all nicely signed, sealed, and bin bagged 😀

    Sorry could not resist that..

  9. Good morning all. YW maybe RVP was played the full game so that the substitution s could be used the rest players who where in need of rest more. . Kosher and song have played much and the ox is only 18 yres old. Lets not forget that and I hope he doesn’t get called up to the national. Team.

  10. nice sum up…… we did really well nope i take that back, we did awesome!!!!! cant want to see le coq play in mid…… somebody will somehow make way 😀 who? well thats still out… up gunzzzzzz!!!!, i aint mad at ya, get on form deal with AC MILLAN!!!!

  11. good post YW, reading the blogs today is akin to buying a bunch of newspapers after a cup win 😉


    I have watched their goal a few times and Szczesny set up the wall correctly, Pedersen could not have hit the ball much better than that…

  12. Blackburn. Was at the reviving end of a proper and well deserved butt whopping.. 😀

  13. muga3 shut up please ….you lack the experience and knowledge to talk to me about football. try somewhere else… 😉

    only if you come collect my garbage with your bbb will i accept talking to you….

  14. For me the positives are Arteta, Rosicky, Le Coq and Oxo in that order.
    One word that best describes the four of them, Tenacious.

  15. the AYE is still on.


    the ball went OVER the wall, not AROUND it, you plank, so how was is set up incorrectly?

    and seriously, you don’t want me to come around yours with a couple of bin bags, especially that you are what, 13?

  17. rahl for me the positives are that the black berets who wanted to perform their demonstration got wengers coq slapped right in their faces.


  18. why muga 3 what are you some rugby monster ? lol ahahha …listen its ok just because i disgraced you yesterday dont take it personal…its business as usual for me finding mugs like you and exposing them. i do it for my arsenal. 😉

  19. and oh, your little quip about driving me to suicide was really top drawer, almost as classy that little bit about Wenger turning a bunch of neanderthals into a top team…

    is this why you changed your nick?

  20. I think finally the crew are starting to gell together completely. I’m sure this is the start of a period where we will be seeing more self-assured. Performances. With the results from all the teams around us seeing regular up and downs, there. Will be points dropped by all and hopefully now the ARSENAL will capitalize. And pickup them points. Hears hoping and wishing we get our regular fullbacks in and healthy. We suffered much due to their absence. well done to the crew for the work they have done so far, against many odds.

  21. the only person you are disgracing is your good self and if you fail to notice this, then you are even dumber than I thought…

    almost impossible, I know, congratulations!

  22. Nice win frm d gunners,stl milking d performance n appears to me D Ox just ended arshavin arsenal career,i knw Ramsey works hard for d team but Rosicky kept d mdfield buzzin n dnt confuse others by gettin into dia space..n pls sm1 tell wenger d 7 goals matters a lot cos we av now a goal difference of +12 n jus 3 n 5 goals behind chelsea n spurs. COYGs

  23. class ? lol you dare talk about class little boy ? you come here like a peasant mocking one of the greatest managers weve ever had ? …….doubting him even …hahaha

    and its true ..he did turn a whole nation of neanderthals not just arsenal, lol, take notice at how he does things ..:)

    but then again i dont expect the little englanders like you to understand football like the people at ajax so obviously there will be a difference in interpretation…i go with the dutch of course…i believe they know better 🙂

  24. AYE, to paraphrase. From Phw., your sort isn’t welcome here. Sorry. It has to be this way. DIVIDE AND RULE. . !!!!
    Get lost please.!!!!

  25. AYE


  26. muga3 what are your predictions for your teams game tommorow ?

    can you do us a favour and beat liverpool ?


  27. seriously, you don’t possess enough intelligence to debate with me, all you do is yap, yap, yap…

    and you are still a cunt for calling pre-Wenger Arsenal ‘neanderthals’ you little Johnny come lately twat…

  28. this was their damned agenda all along. Backstabbers.

  29. we have dispatched Blackburn like we should have, this is what happens when you make an effort, the more infuriating some other results are…

  30. Great win yesterday with some great performances from RVP(as usual) Ox and Theo up front. Gervinho will have his work cut out when he gets back, and rightly so, we need that competition for places as everyone will need to be on their toes if we are to make a top 4 finish and maybe nab a cup. Going from past seasons we may need about 70 points – 10 wins from 14 games – a big ask.

  31. ARSENAL have a glorious history going back 125. years….

  32. goonerkam,

    of course we do, try telling this to our overzealous friend…

  33. who said i want to debate you silly boy …ahahahah

    you lost that chance yesterday when i realised what a clueless muppet you are on football matters.

    now go set up a company and when your employee does whatever he wants …remember you dont have a say…its all up to him..your opinion as owner /investor is completely irrelevant … 🙂 🙂 🙂

    dont bore me and stop trying to engage me in giving you attention …today is for arsenal fans only , not ungrateful gits with their bin bags… 😉

  34. Ox was incredible!with more performances like that,it’s more cement in the ‘hole’ arshavin dug for himself on the arsenal bench

  35. Tell the red mancs they should have dispatched Bb.

  36. Consolsbob,
    Got home alright then? Strangely found myself thinking of your journey as I hurtled in the other direction trying to get to east Kent before the snow last night. I would guess you think it was worth it.

  37. yes, they should have and they were poor in that game, hence the loss…


    care to allow me to drink from the fountain of your endless football knowledge and tell me how the wall was set up incorrectly for their goal, given that the ball trajectory was right over the wall?

  38. I will leave you to it, laters…

  39. One thing I noticed yesterday after the game, from the picturs of the Blackburn game was why Mertesacker wasn’t the last man on the left side in the wall? Arteta was the last man and eventhough he did jump the ball flew past his head. I believe that Mertesacker would have stopped that ball with his head. It was obvious that Pedersen would kick as far left as possible with at clean kick and if the ball flew past someone else’s head Chezny would keep it out…

    I hope you understand me….

  40. and oh, if the investor has no idea of running the particular type of business, is it not likely that the hired ‘man in the know’ can tell him whatever the fuck he wants and make is sound like gospel?

  41. I meant from the Blackburn goal….

  42. Great team performance yesterday. It would have been nice if everyone had joined in my chant of “you do know what you’re doing!” alas!

  43. It was Billboy, it was. East Kent? I went to university in Canterbury and lived in Whistable for a few years

  44. 3gs is going to come back to being third choice winger. hahaha.
    ACE ,I swear you are clueless regarding AA. Players like him don’t come along. That. Often. fact. He is an artist on the pitch. Player don’t become bad overnight. look for other reasons. Why he isn’t playing up to your expectations.

  45. Suga, can’t you just shut up and enjoy what was a great performance from a team put together by our legendary manager, playing football inspired by him. Since the man has been at the club we play football “The Arsenal way” before him “The Arsenal way” was to boot it long.

  46. and oh, if the investor has no idea of running the particular type of business, is it not likely that the hired ‘man in the know’ can tell him whatever the fuck he wants and make is sound like gospel?

    so what you idiot…the advisor/consultant/ceo/manager will advise…the decission lies with the owner …always. its his call.

    the owner decides the club;s strategy and the club;s policy …not the employees….

    you lack fundamental knowledge in how corporate structures work kid ….. go play with your black balloons ….

  47. AYE 🙂

  48. I do love the irony that the day the noisy idiots started their little protest was a day when the team really turned it on!

  49. once again, if the advisor sells you an idea like something that is pretty much fool-proof and you don’t have a clue about the business, are you likely to against this advice?

    never said the decision did not lie with the owner in the end, did I?

    having trouble with comprehensive reading much?

  50. the picture has no 173

  51. Should have ,could have ,would have. Any team in the EPL can beat any other on a given day. Even the ones at the very bottom. If they bring their a game and catch the high fliers on an off day.

    By the way, I really hate that Barton basterd. Hope Frimpong is not severly hurt. I usuly don’t wish for any player to get hurt but ill make an exception with regards to this sack o shit.

  52. Cbob,
    As far east as you can go in kent. But it seems closer now you can get to St Pancras in 1hr20m. Not as quick as the old 659 trolleybus though. Get off at Finsbury Park and walk through. Would have been a more pleasant journey if we hadn’t had to go via Tot….m High Road. Don’t remember seeing too many 7-1 wins in those late fifties though.

  53. lol muga 3 the ball goes over arteta mate….why is arteta even there.

    he (gk) should have put arteta in per;s place, then an extra man to the right of arteta and per as last right. then he should have used his right back or whoever else and stick him in the goalpost ( like we ve done previously with either fabragas or arteta) since he wants to sit on the far left, and in the event he didnt want to use a player in his right post then he should be anticipating it to go left and make two steps and jump to strecth with opposite hand so in the case of a touch it goes over and not defeat his palm since he is stretching in a way where he cant use force in his spreading right arm.

    look stupid its about physics….when youre moving towards the right and extend your right arm..all the force you use is just for the the peak of your spread your right arm aint got the power/force to block the ball and send it over…the ball will “slap” the hand and go in.

    when you stretching towrads right and do your footwork correct the right arm makes the swinging movement that gives you the force to extent with opposite arm ( your left) which at th epeak of stretching will have the power/force to block the shot. remember that the big force was given in the right arm stretch ( like swimmers do) to push back with his right shoulder and right side of his back and dart to his corner with the left.

    in this manner the keeper avoids the ballarina rainbow dive where he dives as if forming an arch, that is a amistake. the keeper gets his footwork correct ( one or two steps max) and darts to his corners… an arrow…not like a badmington ball…

    anything else ? 😉

  54. nce again, if the advisor sells you an idea like something that is pretty much fool-proof and you don’t have a clue about the business, are you likely to against this advice?

    lol are you saying that friar hw fizman and all those guys didnt know how to run their business? didnt know what they wanted from their investment? ….lol…youve lost it buddy …

    so they just let this frenchman do whatever the hell he wants with their money without answering to anyone ?

    man i can not have such discussions…i feel im talking to an 8 yearold ….

  55. Is the weather so bad today that some games might be canceled????
    Just saying, someone mentioned it.

  56. A thoroughly enjoyable win and a confidence builder for sure. Scoring early always helps! Exciting times ahead now, I excpect it to be a rollercoaster as per usual.

  57. Almost twenty years ago to the day, Sheffield Wednesday conceded something like six in the final half an hour

    We signed Wrighty that night as well. Good day for the arse 😀

  58. drew 10 – It would have been nice if everyone had joined in my chant of “you do know what you’re doing!”

    Hahaha, nice one!

  59. hunter13,

    IMO, no one has a lot of control over Wenger since Dein was ousted…

    and by the way, it’s not like all the success is down to Wenger and all the failures down to the board: once again, you are trying to have something both ways…

    as for the freekick, can’t you just accept that it was well struck? the margins are very fine, swapping Per with Arteta MIGHT have kept it out, you would have to see how much it cleared Arteta’s head and how high was Per’s leap to ascertain that…

    and how often do you see a player on the post when a freekick is taken and it is for the wall to deal with it?

    and don’t lecture me about physics, of course the keeper will have a problem covering the ‘far’ post, again, the wall is supposed to block the shot…

  60. and oh, what would be the point in putting another player on the right side of the wall if the ball went over the wall as it was?

  61. ace,

    im sure you will be the first to tell us if the ox goes into poor form.

  62. guys guys cant we all just get along? 😉
    look at it this way, if RVP scored it would you be saying it was the fault of the wall or the keeper? NO you would be praising RVP for the execution after assessing the situation.
    A great free kick

  63. great performance from the team its incredible when we actually pressure the opposition when they have the ball. song arteta colquin set a wonderful tone for this. our attack lookscso much more lethal when we actually use width but also when we use the opposition having the ball at the back and midfield as a means to start our attack. when we win that bal our players are in better positions to exploit matchups. 10mins against villa and yesterday. long may it continue. great to see the protest fall flaton its face as there were a huge amounts empty seats.

  64. we accept the freekick of course but why is it wrong to hightlight a goal we possibly could have prevented. If Mertesacker and Arteta had swapped places that ball would have hit Mertesacker’s head and not even passed the ball.

    yes we won 7-1 and their goal didn’t matter but in a tight game it could mean the difference between wining, drawing and loosing.

    Not a critisism just an observation

  65. cem,

    the discussion is about hunter calling Szczesny a mug for setting up the wall incorrectly and saying that apparently it happened about 4 or 5 times this season…

    now, if the latter is the case, where is the coaching to iron this out?

  66. Jabba do you think RVP set the team up well yesterday and got his tactics correct?
    Why did he not rest himself when he was 5.1 up?

  67. mattgoonerknight

    SUGA 3, hunter 13

    Does it really matter?

    We won SEVEN -1 yesterday – this is a game to look at the POSITIVES, surely not the intricacies of how a wall was set up / if the keepers positioning was right or not.

    Hoe about a good old “agree to disagree” truce?

    Just a thought.

  68. and you would think that his old man (a former Polish international GK with five league titles to his name) would tell him something about that as well, wouldn’t you?

  69. He might be too busy plumbing.

  70. mgk,

    it does not matter for me a whole lot, I am just a bit of a Szczesny fan with him being my countryman and all that 😉

    been rooting for him to be a no.1 for some time before the situation made it happen and we never looked back since!

    ‘agree to disagree’ is mighty fine with me…

  71. muga3 – When you have finished telling racist jokes over at legrove, can you tell us how your protest is going? What a fucking miserable mess your life MUST be. And to think, you came 3rd in a music competition once 😉 Fuck off once and for all mate – your ilk is not welcome here, don’t care who you claim to support!

  72. I can’t remember the last time THE PRINCE scored from a free kick. He was so exquisite in the past. Denilson had a great free kick style also.

  73. Suga it’s a small detail and not all humans are good at details and maybe they are not even aware of it.

    Have you seen the pictures of the blackburn goal, it flies above Arteta’s head and if Mertesacker had been there he would have stopped it providing their goal had happened in the same way

  74. Cesc,what is the point of the rest of us saying “aye” and ignoring the halfwit,if you are going to feed him all day?

  75. highly doubt you would say something like that to his face george…

  76. It was a good free kick .Whatever we say

  77. battyboy,

    I told a joke ABOUT a racist and that’s a world of difference 😉

  78. “I went to university in Canterbury and lived in Whistable for a few years” me too consolsbob, but I lived in Herne Bay!

    The ayes have it pg, but he just won’t take the hint!

    Cem, I actually thought Szczesny was too far over to the right, knowing that Pedersen has a strong left foot. He was slow to move, and that was not the first time. As he has started to fill out, he seems to be less mobile and does not move his feet quickly when shots from distance come at him. Hopefully he is working on that.

  79. heheh no mattgiunnerking it doesnt matter to me one bit just educating this black bin bag fool here …the guy doesnt know anything about companies, or physics, or football ….yet he yaps and yaps and yaps ..poor thing… mommyy dropped him as a child a few times trying to get hold of her bottle of gin …ahahahah

    he is asking why put an extra man on wall if ball went over wall……lol cem gives him the reply and he still insists ….lol…


  80. Szczesny Sr. punched the lights out of a footy hooligan during a riot after a game in Poland and believe me, these are no feeble characters…

  81. The ox is really impressing me. I love his raw talent.

  82. Yes .by all means. This DIVIDE AND RULE shit doesn’t jive. With me for sure.

  83. AYE!!!!

  84. mattgoonerknight


    Forget about it!

    Maybe if the wall was set up differently, Pederson would have placed his free kick elsewhere and still have scored. Who knows?

    Teams concede goals and it’s invariably someone’s “fault” as this is the nature of a team game.

    If someone makes a howler, has a moment of perceived madness, stupidity or recklessness, then sure – let’s review it.

    If we concede from a wonderfully struck free-kick, isn’t it just what it is?

    We won SEVEN – 1!! I’d rather bang on about how good we were!


  85. yes george you are right ..but the scum wont accept he is wrong and shut up ….. youre right..enough talking with idiots… no more


  86. and I really don’t understand people who say we won 7-1 and forget the rest. It is thing the team can improve on and that particular detail could be more important in a much tighter game.
    I’m not complaining just highlighting a detail

  87. !!!! AYE !!!!

  88. hunter,

    again, can you bloody read you halfwit?

    and now you are insulting my mum, you little cunt? you would not say something like this to my face, believe me, I would knock you to the fuck out that very moment…

    and then put you in the bin bag like the little piece of trash that you are!

    over and out…

  89. muga3 – I’m afraid I don’t find racism funny and I hope that when you reflect on the joke you made, you will retract it an appologise. If not, then like I said – you can fuck off, regardless of who you support.

  90. !!!!
    !!!! AYE !!!!

  91. battyboy,

    I am not retracting shit you little bleeding heart…

    funny that you are not finding the references to the Polish plumbers equally revolting and asking george to retract it…

    double standards much?

  92. The crew , they all did an admirable job. For me. ROSICKY was. Motm. Followed by Theo. How many assists is that now…?

  93. Now now ,violence is not the answer.Trust me,I do know.

    I make that 257 “aye’s” and not a single “nay” .Not a fucking one.

  94. george,

    I am sorry, but I feel particularly strongly about this kind of insults and this is about the only reason why I would feel like tearing someone apart in an instant…

    not a naturally violent man, but I certainly possess enough ability when needed and it’s not pretty when it happens…

  95. Every polish person I have ever met was a plumber.
    And a noble profession it is.
    Its not my fault.I love Poles.
    And the girls who dance around them.

  96. “not a naturally violent man, but I certainly possess enough ability when needed and it’s not pretty when it happens…”

    Ever tried Immodium?

  97. The ox should be left out of the euros and go to the olympics instead. Hope Lansbury joins him there.

  98. muga3 – I didn’t see the reference to Polish plumbers. So you agree that your joke was racist then you scumbag. I won’t be conversing with you any more.

  99. cem | February 5, 2012 at 12:27 pm

    Ultimately it doesn’t matter, since it is the job of the coaching staff to review the game and identify short-comings and the things the team or individual players need to work on.

    I agree with mattyboy, let’s just enjoy the performance and the result without going OTT or becoming hyper-critical

  100. That’d be a nay then.

  101. the boy oxo is something else…hes quickly becoming our most potent wideplayer..

    and it seems to bring the best out in theo as well..we saw the signs in the villa game what destructive blitzing pace can do…it was only 15 minutes v villa though..

    yesterday it was all game…blackburn were poor they went down to ten men but we still needed to put away the chances which is something weve struggled with as well but it all came together nicely..

  102. The ayes have it.

  103. Chezzer set the wall prior to the free kick; Arteta checked with him and CHezzer adjusted through ARteta to his satisfaction. From what I remember, Chezzer was perhaps a tad slow in traversing and leaping to his right, even though he got his tips to the ball. I recount this with confidence because I sit behind the goal.

    Was disappointed that the rebel community initiative didn’t take place yesterday; what aa message it would have sent to other clubs that some of our fans love the club so much that they were willing to litter-pick. As much as I admire the selfless generosity of these fans, might I suggest that their future effort involve plungers, yellow rubber gloves, and industrial-grade cleaner to attack the bogs and urinals post-match?

  104. mattgoonerknight

    “and I really don’t understand people who say we won 7-1 and forget the rest.”


    I think the reason that people (myself included, obviously) are saying this is because we haven’t won in the league since new years eve – so when you hit seven it’s nice just to enjoy it, I mean at least for the weekend, ai!

    I for one won’t be going into work on Monday and talking about how Wojo or whoever was at fault for letting in a brilliant Pederson free-kick. No. I’l be walking in with a big smile on my face and all of the football fans in the staff room will know why.

    Come on, can’t our enjoyment of victory be unadulterated for once, or do we really have to fine comb every performance until the point that even a SEVEN-1 victory is one where negatives are being discussed?

  105. battyboy,

    no, I think you are going over the top with the PC shite and that is why I am not retracting or apologising…


    do me a favour…

  106. Hahahaha GP. Stop stoking now. 🙂

  107. george

    i thought all the attackers prssured there the opposition much better today but i think the whole teams tone was set my song ateta an colquin who were always i high up the pitch when we lost it so could immedietly move pressure there ball carrier or number 1 option in to making an era. thiscwhat we can do when we work hard at this side of the game week in week out like barca dortmund type teams domestically. we will always concede a few goals it goes with the territory of being an overtly attacking team. the problem is the end product of that attack wasnt good enough but by prssuring them like we did yesterday like barca do every week you not only deny them posession but you create better higher percentage scoring opportunities yourself as there are more 4 on 4 3 on 3 type situations rather than 5 on 7 5 on 8 whiche we often find when we build from the back.

  108. Passenal – YES, enjoy it we shall! I for one am off out now, to make a big Arsene Wenger shaped snowman. I trust it wont melt as quickly as some of our ticketholders 🙂

  109. just for you, battyboy 😆

  110. Whats the point of a democratic vote if the eastern Europeans ignore the results?

    There was a unanimous result and he is still here.
    Yogi must take a hand

  111. mathgooner you don’t know me mate. I was in seventh heaven and still am. But I will NEVER close my eyes for improvements. Of course I’m happy we won after 4 games…
    Closing your eyes means your satisfied and Arsenal FC shouls ALWAYS try to improve

  112. More should of been made of our second goal, started with Szec and was a brilliant team goal.

  113. george,

    we Eastern Europeans have difficulties with this, given how the development of our democratic traditions was impeded by the noble westerners selling us out, despite the fact that you lot would be speaking German here is it was not for us…

  114. ALWAYS…. only starting after the wind. 🙂
    Onwards and. FORWARDS.
    UP THE GUNS!!!!!!!!!!!

  115. sorry, that was weekend not the wind.
    The rest is fine.

  116. finsbury | February 5, 2012 at 12:37 pm



  117. this was only the beginning..its a nice beginning but if we dont go on a winning run now it will all count for shit..

    one things for sure…as far as an attacking sence goes, young alex is going to be highly important in what we have to do this year….wenger was reluctant to use him, now he has no choice..

  118. mattgoonerknight


    Agreed, Arsenal FC should always try and improve and yes, I am satisfied.

    There is no causality between Arsenal’s improvements and mine or your analysis, so from time to time I feel easy in revelling in my short sightedness.

    Analyse away mate – your good at it but I’d rather chill out on a bed on contentment this weekend.

    At least we’re all happy!!!


  119. mattgoonerknight

    So guys,

    Are we supporting the spuds today?

    A draw?

    A Liverpool win?

    In some way we’ll benefit regardless, but I can’t figure out which result will ultimately be to our advantage.

    I’ve almost given up hope of catching the spuds but if they loose today….

    What y’all reckon?

  120. Gotta be hoping for draws all around mattgoonerknight, we want everyone to drop some points by not winning

  121. im definately supporting utd..
    dunno about the spuds though..

    i think a spurs win will benefit us more but i just cant get into the idea of hoping the spuds win..espeically since they are already so many points ahead of us..

    maybe a draw..

  122. well, a Villa win against newcastle, but draws for man u v chelski and totts v pool

  123. That Chris rock piece was just horrible. hahaha. shame on Chris. Shame.
    Can we hope for some good results for us today ,or is it asking too much.??

  124. I say draws all around. DRAWS.

  125. Deise,

    as much as it feels horrible, I would rather go for a ManYoo win, as the margins in the top four scrap may be very fine…

    a draw between Pool and Spuds tho, if I can’t have a mass brawl, flurry of bans and 10 point deduction, that is 😆

  126. mattgoonerknight


    Definitely Villa, but a Man Utd win, surely? We’re not chasing top spot any more – if chelski lose the gap is just 2 points – 4th spot would be again in our own hands.


    Know what you mean about the spuds – I think I want Liverpool to beat them just so they lose another game but a spuds win would perhaps be better mathematically.

    A draw then : )

  127. I dont appreciate the homophobia suga and if you have posted a racist joke, which I aint going to try and find, then you can fuck off.

    Oh and if you fancy acting hard, I suggest you save that for the playground tomorrow. You really aint covering yourself in glory today man. I am not going to get involved in any childish name calling, or virtual fights, but I think you need to chill the fuck out and cease the batty boy shizzle dude.

    BTW Chris Rock is fucking genius.

    And Jon Jon, spuds to lose, ALWAYS! 🙂

  128. With JJ on this one…

    However looking at their next 3 fixtures liverpool (a) Newcastle (h) Arsenal (a) could see zero points for the spurs and we could possibly be just 3 points behind and thats enough reason for me to say come on Liverpool today..

    Liverpool and Newcastle will drop plenty of points before the end of the season..still think it will come down to chelsea, spurs and us for 3rd,4th and 5th..

    St Totts still on the cards,,,

    Up the Arsenal!!!

  129. Oh and why the fuck are people trying to squeeze the joy out of yesterdays result and performance? Fuck me, talk about anal (no offence mattyboy!)!

    After traipsing back from the Reebok the other night, the game yesterday was the perfect tonic man. Enjoy it, thats what you do.

  130. Aye, Aye.

  131. Anirudh

    Exactly man, Toon and Pool will drop plenty of points, so I think we wont need to worry too much about them, as long as we take care of business that is! That means beating the spuds, chavs, northern chavs at home and Pool away. Tricky, but not impossible.

    And as Yogi said today, the lack of transfer activity, which is a massive bone of contention for me, needs to be forgotten about now and getting behind the team and manager is what we need to do.

  132. Dexter,

    I am not homophobic, one of my best friends is gay and I take pride in never having called him a poof in an altercation (and believe me, we had quite a few of these), it’s just a little ‘typo’, he called me muga3, I called him battyboy and that’s about it 😉

  133. and oh, Dexter, mum insults are straight out of the playground, so I have more than an excuse to cut my cloth accordingly here…

  134. anyway, I am off to watch some footy…

  135. mattgoonerknight


    100% agree

    SEVEN – 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  136. muga3 at his best

  137. Oh I dunno, I quite like mum jokes…

  138. BTW:We are all happy for such a decisive victory but Cem is right for observing Scezz’s continuing problems with setting up his wall in certain free-kick situations. This is the 4th or 5th time time this season he has been beaten in a similar manner.
    There is too much of a herd mentality in our support; certain players become flavor du jour and above criticism, others default scapegoats.
    Today is Andrei, yesterday was Denilson.

  139. I am not homophobic, one of my best friends is gay and I take pride

    PMSL…. ahahahha cough cough..ahahahah stop !!!! AYE!!!

  140. shotta,

    soooo, where is the coaching to iron this out?

    surely, this must be the easiest thing to eradicate, having nothing to do with physical abilities, you know, should be enough to tell him this once, maybe twice?

  141. Shotta

    I agree we shouldnt rest on laurels n shit, but to be honest, I didnt notice the wall was set up wrong and for me, it was a pretty brilliant free kick from a twat of a player. Szczesny is beyond reproach by any means, but I wouldnt swap him for any keeper in the league, save Hart. And the City keeper has fucked up a fair few times too. The thing with Szczesny is that he has the capacity and determination to improve man. I don’t think I am following any particular herd, although walking behind George can give that impression. 🙂

  142. hunter13,

    you must be 13 year old and a bit slow one at that…

  143. the number 13 is a holy number…dont speak if you dont know ….you remind me your mom who came out the toilet screaming one day after giving birth to a turd.

    ” it speaks !!!” poor woman cried …. i had to run to the kitchen and get her some black bin bags ….:):):)

  144. Heading to the game yesterday, having endured a few work-driven days of exile off ‘t’internet, I found myself mulling over the impact of the Bolton draw and pondering the likelihood of some kind of bin bag based protest spreading yet more shame over us all at the Emirates in the same way a farmer distributes muck across his fields.

    I found myself, rather than actively looking forward to a potentially lively and thrilling encounter that we had every chance of winning – and winning well – feeling resentful towards the small but noisy collection of Doomers who had succeeded in distracting me from imagining a triumphant last-ever appearance from Henry, that legend of legends.

    Could it possibly be that, in the same game as one Legend says his farewell alongside a Dutch maestro in full history creating flow, a new legend would possibly be seen to have come of age? That this potentially tricky game would in time be seen as some kind of 3-way footballing signpost pointing to our past, our present and our future …? A game that, regardless of the result, might live long in the memory for anyone fortunate enough to have been involved with it in any way, from any distance and any perspective?

    Though they may only be small in number and utterly irrelevant in the grander scheme of things, the gloomy Doomers had nonetheless succeeded, this one time, in putting me in a proper bad mood before a ball had even been kicked. I was worrying more about the effects a possible draw or (whisper it) a shock defeat might have on the stability of the club; for a few hours I. Was. Doomer.


    So how would the day turn out? Truth be told I was all but dreading it.

    As it happened, with the Victoria Line down, many thousands were caught out, with the early kick-off not helping matters. From my berth high up in the Clock End I didn’t hear any booing – Arshavin targeted or otherwise – and only saw mention of it in blogs following the game.

    All in all, it made me realise that things are rarely quite what they seem – the things we sometimes fear most get built up in our own minds and in the minds of others as being far more pervasive – sometimes, even, more threatening – than is really the case.

    Where were those supposedly angry bin bags? The only bags I saw came stuffed full of Arsenal goodies from the club shops.

    Where were all those fans, I wondered at kick-off, apparently boycotting the game? At home, in the warm? Watching telly? Or just delayed by some maintenance work on a tube line somewhere.

    The irreverent little choir of boo boys, their charmless ‘You don’t know what you’re doing’ refrains – all restrained by a mesmeric Arsenal display which may, for once, have given them food for thought.

    I’m not banking on it though; zealots rarely alter their mindsets regardless of the evidence in front of them. The banquet of footballing splendour they so readily eschew in favour of the empty tables of their imagination proved a telling counterpoint.

    Their very own barren pastures.

    Pastures chock full of their own muck, evidently.

    I agree with earlier posts – it WOULD be wrong to pick out names but I WAS especially pleased for Rosicky, Walcott, Per, Kos, Arteta – just some who have been subjected to the vile abuse of the Doomer Light Infantry. Well done them, but well done the whole side, too.

    Other highlights from the day?

    A bitter-sweet moment as those leaving early missed that magical seventh goal …

    I LOVED Muppet’s Match Report from yesterday (8.43 pm) – Doomers, go back and read it if you missed it.

    Re-read it if you’ve already seen it.

    Print it out and read it EVERY time you feel tempted to spread your muck on the green fields of this or ANY Arsenal supporting blog. It perfectly demonstrates how idiotic you routinely make yourselves look when attempting to disrespect the club most of us love.

    I thoroughly enjoyed Hunter making a pie of anyone anti-Arsenal yesterday – just now reading their mental disintegration was a real treat. More please.

    Above all else, I’m enjoying the realisation that I should NEVER let the Doomsters get under my skin in the way they did during the run up to yesterday’s game.

    Yesterday was the perfect demonstration of their irrelevance to us – and to the club.

    They say he who laughs last, laughs the longest.

    But it’s also sometimes fun to have the last word, too.

    Oh, Aye.

  145. OK

    Two have just been put into moderation; they now have to wait for me to release their comments and as I’m just about to go out this afternoon with the kids to the local rec, tough.

    Gentlemen, I am tired of reading the insults. Should they continue, I won’t even bother with moderation, it will be straight into the spam bin.

  146. mattgoonerknight

    2 efforts from Bent, 2 saves by Krul.

    3 time lucky?

  147. mattgoonerknight

    3rd time lucky?

  148. mattgoonerknight

    1 – 0 Newcastle

    Demba Ba , who else.


  149. Interesting remix there Fins, nice one.

  150. That Blackburn player; Hoilett is pretty good. Has great control, is pacy and young oh and is out of contract this summer. He would make a very interesting aquisition I’d say. Well worth a punt. I think we might see a few free signings this summer.

  151. Shovel faced twat equalises for Villa.

  152. mattgoonerknight


    Keane 🙂

  153. Interesting. Demba Ba plays shit at the Africa cup and returns to Newcastle with a goal.

  154. If that Warnock tackle is not a red card.I don’t know what is

  155. Nice write up YW and a nice warm feeling today.
    Suga said he thought he was OK to use racist language because he read the word Polish on here. So in other words he sees nothing wrong with racism as long as he thinks someone else might be doing it. Like Matty I shan’t be reading his posts or mentioning him again I hope others will join.

  156. And lets have any more homophobia either.
    My boyfriend is gay, and I find it offensive.

    I know we should not go overboard,But someone was comparing AOC to Rooney at that age.
    I honestly believe he is considerably better than fat Wayne was.

  157. Interesting steww. I actually stopped reading suga3 because he’s naturally pessimistic and I’m an optimist by nature. Yet I still get what he’s saying as so many of us reply to his nonsense.

  158. George re; that tackle

    It was high and late (bit like me the other night) how it wasnt a red is anyone’s guess? Is Dowd the ref today? Tony Pulis was whining yet again yesterday as yet another of his loggers got sent off. The fact he didnt make contact was again used as the point of his whining. The fact that 18 stone Huth was going full stream at the player had no bearing on the red card as far as Pulis was concerned.

    The Warnock challenge was dangerous, reckless and 100% a red.

  159. And he’s also jinxed!

  160. Joey Barton is stupid no?
    “make me a martyr?throw me in jail?”
    why would they do that? Surly there are more efficient ways of keeping him quiet if one really wanted that. All they would have to do is take away his licence to play footy, make sure he nver plays again… And honestly that is not really worth it for a man which lives and breathes for footy…

    onces he is out of football, he will be forgotten. Barton has nothing going for him imo that indicates he will be a big personality after he retirs. Just like Terry. ones hes out of Chelsea who will remember him 10 years down the line? Unless you are a chelsea fan ofc…

  161. well what makes Schezney good is that he unlike some of his fans are able to reflect on the errors he does and are able to rectify them.

    If you ask Chesney he will 100% sure tell you he could have saved that freekick. He would have said he did not do a good job. And that realisation, that eagerness to do well is why he will evolve and become great.

    Imagin if he was like suga, brushing all his mistakes under the carpet.. good thing the kid has backbone…

  162. Dexter I am in full agreement.
    If i point a gun at someone and shoot it .It is life in jail whether I hit him or not.
    This, there was no contact ,rubbish is just staggeringly stupid as an argument.

  163. @Kenyan gunner

    “Never argue with an idiot. They drag you down to their level then beat you with experience. ”

    You follow a wise path my friend, a path that more of us should find and walk with you …..

  164. But George, there was no mallice and he isnt that type of player, honest guv, only one previous owner and he was a vicar, only used the motor to drive 500 yards to church once a week….

  165. Logic says that a manutd win would be good for us. But being a diehard kenyan gooner we always want manutd to lose. So I’ll be very happy if manutd gets thumped.

  166. Aye am confused – what’s suga doing on here? Did no one tell him we won?

  167. Damn newcastle 2-1

  168. logic also says that if Tottenham wins Liverpool wil stay behind us in the table….

  169. Oh why didnt we sign the 2 Dembas??? Dam you Wenger! 🙂

  170. poodle

    Unless it was the last game of the season and a spud win meant we won the league (as in 99) then any self respecting Gooner should want them to lose.

  171. you guys really worried about Newcastle? Surly they will loose matches.. its worse with Liverpool and Chelse right?

  172. Yesterday’s was the first game that I had gone to for a while. I wanted to see Henry for perhaps the final time and I wanted to to judge the mood of the stadium. I also needed to see a live game and it wasn’t a bad pick.

    My views are well known on here but when I step through the turnstile any misgivings I have about the team are left outside. I am there to support the team whatever the situation and have had numerous exchanges with stewards telling me to sit-down. I was very near the away supporters and Arshavin’s name was booed a by a minority which was terrible. I can’t remember the last time I heard an Arsenal player’s name booed.

    Other than that, the atmosphere around me was quite good. There was plenty of signing and the customary baiting of the away supporters. It wasn’t exactly terrace-loud but neither the morgue that the Emirates is often said to be. The upper tier was quiet however, but it was enjoyable in the lower-tier; the early goal obviously helped. There were a few chants about Harry going down. When Blackburn scored, people stayed positive.

    Watching RvP yesterday was an honour. The turn and through-ball for Chamberlain’s first goal was just genius. Dennis himself would have been proud of that and Ox’s left to right run and rounding of the keeper reminded me of Henry. Robin has really developed into the complete forward, with his passing, finishing, assists, link-up play and movement all being world-class. He isn’t the quickest but with technique and vision as good as his, its doesn’t matter. He is the best centre-forward/false-nine in the world and losing him would be catastrophic.

    Ox is brilliant. Alex is the real-deal I am sure of that. It was great to see him taking players on but also producing an end-product. He is the best teenage attacker we have had since Anelka. What a talent. He plays like he knows that he is good enough at this level not only to play but to beat whoever is in front of him.

    It was wonderful to see Henry score for maybe one final time and it made it the perfect day.

  173. Nice stuff again Asenal Andrew.

    My goodness I’m in a boss mood today and no mistake.


  174. *Arsenal* FFS! 😉

  175. Geeez, Alan McAnally is clueless, he literally has not got a fucking clue about football. And considering he is being paid to comment on football games, that is pretty dam well rubbish.

  176. What I find annoying with Newcastle is that their owner – what’s his bloody name – says that he’s copying Arsenal’s financial model. Annoying to have the pretender above the initiator in the table.

  177. Poodle – I know what you mean but I’d be wary of underestimating them. Lot of belief and a good squad with a sprinkling of real quality.
    Spat with Wenger aside, fair play to Pardew, he’s doing the best work of his career thus far and they are not bad on the eye either.

  178. Dex – you said it. But then there is a dearth of quality commentators. Wilkins must be the nadir.

    My word.

  179. Ha! Truely Jonny. Not much competition around man.

  180. only reason newcastle are still here is because of the poor performances of arsenal, chelsea and liverpool

  181. Wenger rates RVP at the level of Messi and Cronaldo. Sad to think that his injury jinx denied us what should have been a golden decade!

  182. My word young man.
    What do you mean Jonny?

  183. We have allowed the likes of Toon and scousers to stay around us. Nothing to do with any special form of these teams. We were well set up to charge away from them and fucked it up. The good thing is, there are still enough points to play for to do something about it. Starting with Sunderland on Saturday, where we have struggled for wins in recent times. Bout time we changed that.

    Really tired of the O’Neil wankathon anyway.

  184. Looks like Suga’s been black binned

  185. @Jonny agree with you about Pardew, hes a cunning manager. Selling the three most profilated stars of last season, Barton, Nolan and Carroll. Buys new and sings players on free transfare.

    Hes done great Pardew has…

  186. In fairness George, was it not Wenger who compared our magic Ox to fatty mctwat?

    The key similarities are the fearless confidence and the bustle and build. They are still chalk and cheese of course and the comparison is totally unnecessary but it was the prof what started it.

    Kenyan, logic is best – I’ll support Man Utd for 90mins, then I’ll have a bath and avoid my own gaze in the mirror.

  187. What do you mean what do I mean mister George?

    “Joyce is a poet and also an elephantine pedant” George Orwell

  188. Jonny

    Spat with wenger that even possible ??? 😀

  189. Bouldy as our next number 2, yes please. No offence to Pat, he is Mr Arsenal, but he deserves his retirement and I think the club would benefit from some freshening up. Its good to change things, keep people on their toes and other such cliches. However, I am not entirely convinced Bould wants the job, as he has distanced himself from it in the past.

  190. Passenal.

    I lived in Herne Bay too. Do you remember ‘Tamarisk’.

    When were you at Kent?

    I lived on Island Wall in Whitstable, most of the time, both as a student and later as a worker.

  191. well wouldnt you just know it, the usual fabianski protectors cannot wait to jump on any little mistake the secz makes…and a great free kick is all there is to go on! shame.

  192. Haha…elephantine, good word to have, followed by the right nouns it can be us to succinctly describe Pulis, Mcleish, Merson, Hansen, some Arsenal “fans”, etc..why waste time with unnecessary verbosity…

  193. Dex

    “O’Neil Wankathon” 😀

  194. Considering how dire, thick and lazy football commentators are, to be the co-pundit, a la Wilkins, McAnally, Smith et al, must be the equivalent of being a village idiot’s apprentice.

  195. You tell ’em DukeyG!

  196. Prediction;

    If Cahill has a half decent game, we will get a load of;
    “Y da fuk dint venga sine im FFS???”

  197. WTF has Natalie Sawyer done to her barnet??? Thats it, we are over baby! Finito!

  198. secz……that dont sound right!

    scez maybe.

  199. Wow, the chavs are missing a shit load of players today. Looks like an easy 3 points for the mancs.

  200. Roman has spent a billion pounds, and they have a bench full of dross.

  201. The thing is that if one looks at cricket the opposite is true – SO many enjoyable, erudite, characterful commentators. It can add so much to a sport – Aliss golf, Waddell darts, Walker F1 etc.
    What few commentators offer is insight and most do not realise that you don’t have to describe what the eye can see for itself. Less is more.
    Especially if you’re Ray Wilkins.

  202. Dex why were you looking at her hair?

  203. Wilkins is the most boring, uninformative ‘expert’out there.

    There are some who surpass him in their bias, ignorance and sheer unpleasantness but he is the dullest.

  204. Jonny

    I thought it was about time man!

  205. Newcastle’s not going away are they? Whomever wanted Bent to come to Arsenal should’ve watched today’s game.

  206. CBob

    I dont know, David Pleat runs him close!

    Waddell would be great as a football commentator!

    We need more like the insane Stuart Hall. If anyone’s not heard him on the radio, you have really missed a commentating collossus! He dont half wax lyrical!

  207. Consol/Passenal – I too am from Whitstable!

    Was living their when my Dad took me to my first ever game at Highbury in 1974 v Everton (we won). Still have family down there, a brother (ArsenalPhilip) in Herne Bay and I lived and worked in Canterbury too where my sister ArsenalLynda still has a house!

    Small world – one of my favourite pubs in the world remains to this day The Old Neptune on Whitstable beach and ArsenalPhilip also lived on Island Wall. Loved it down there but was always envious of AFC fans living close to Highbury; a certain inevitability in my now living five Piccadilly Line stops away from the ground …

  208. Gains69

    Dude, I am one of those man, I like Bent, always have done since he was at Charlton. Not 100% sure he’d fit at AFC, but still would get a fair few goals. He is very economical (ie he hardly touches the ball except when shooting). I also like Stephen Ireland too.

  209. Ashely Young diving? Who’d have thunk it?

  210. Hall is a legend.

    “When I first began, there were two engineers setting everything up for you. All you needed to do was talk into the microphone. Now, it’s DIY. You have to clamber to row Z in the stratosphere, hauling three tons of kit like a pack mule. I was at Turf Moor the other day and I had to climb so high I was in need of oxygen. Looking out over the grey roofs of Burnley, I could scarcely observe the football, but I was so high I could see the Statue of Liberty. The weather was appalling. The rain was borne on a terrible west wind. Down below me appeared to be a shoal of silver sardines, swishing about in the gale. A thought occurred that I should have been at home in my slippers filling my pipe. But why was I there? Because Burnley played pure football.”

    “I love words. Words like chocolate and custard and crystal and iconoclast.”

  211. Let’s see how accomodating Webb is to ManU today.

  212. Wow! I take that back, he’s just let Cahill off a dead cert foul which could’ve been a pen.

  213. consolsbob, it was a long time ago 78 – 81. I don’t remember too much about it other than living in a freezing cold flat on Avenue Rd!

    Duke, only the scapegoats get criticised normally, but since I sit behind the goal and I’ve seen his ponderous movement more than once, I’m not afraid to say it. Had someone else been in goal, you would no doubt be leading the chorus of criticism against them. It does not make him shit, but it does mean that he has a couple of weaknesses that he needs to work on, the other being his distribution.

    @ Dexter | February 5, 2012 at 3:40 pm

    Maybe he distanced himself in the past because he did not feel ready for it and enjoyed the development side. Maybe now that a few of the players he has developed for Arsenal are starting to make their mark in the team, he feels ready to take that step up himself. If it does happen, I wonder who would replace him as under 18’s manager?

  214. Webb must be happy with his old Mercedes.
    Or is he negotiating a new contract with United?

  215. Webb – living up to accusations of bias. Easy decision and perfectly placed to see it.

    Should have been red too. The card that is, not Webb.

  216. Well, i hope you sre right Passenal, as I think Bouldy would make a great 2nd in command.


    I think Webb is just showing ManU that he is open to offers from other interested (chav) parties.

  217. Waddell:

    “Bristow reasons . . . Bristow quickens … Aaah, Bristow.”
    “Jockey Wilson . . . What an athlete.”
    “That was like throwing three pickled onions into a thimble!”
    “He’s about as predictable as a Wasp on speed”
    “Look at the man go, its like trying to stop a waterbuffalo with a pea-shooter”
    “The atmosphere is so tense, if Elvis walked in with a portion of chips, you could hear the vinegar sizzle on them”
    “Big Cliff Lazarenko’s idea of exercise is sitting in a room with the windows open taking the lid off something cool and fizzy.”
    “It’s like trying to pin down a kangaroo on a trampoline”
    “Well as giraffes say, you don’t get no leaves unless you stick your neck out”
    “His eyes are bulging like the belly of a hungry ch.affinch”
    “That’s the greatest comeback since Lazarus.”
    “It’s the nearest thing to public execution this side of Saudi Arabia.”
    “His physiognomy is that of a weeping Madonna.”
    “He’s as cool as a prized marrow!”
    “Under that heart of stone beat muscles of pure flint.”
    “He looks about as happy as a penguin in a microwave.”
    “The pendulum swinging back and forth like a metronome”
    “His face is sagging with tension.”
    “The fans now, with their eyes pierced on the dart board.”
    “He’s been burning the midnight oil at both ends.”
    “That’s like giving Dracula the keys to the blood bank”
    “As they say at the DHSS, we’re getting the full benefit here.”
    “He is as slick as minestrone soup”
    “There hasn’t been this much excitement since the Romans fed the Christians to the Lions.”
    “The players are under so much duress, it’s like duressic park out there!”
    “This lad has more checkouts than Tescos.”
    “John Lowe is striding out like Alexander the Great conquering the Persians”
    “When I see Steve Davis I see two letters… C S… Cue Sorceror”
    “By the time of the final on Sunday he should be fit to burst!”
    “There’s only one word for that – magic darts!”
    “Keith Deller’s not just an underdog, he’s an underpuppy!”
    “I don’t know what he’s had for breakfast but Taylor knocked the Snap, Crackle and Pop outta Bristow”
    “Even Hypotenuse would have trouble working out these angles”
    “Steve Beaton – The adonis of darts, what poise, what elegance – a true roman gladiator with plenty of hair wax.”
    “If you’re round your auntie’s tonight, tell her to stop making the cookie’s and come thru to the living room and watch these two amazing athletes beat the proverbial house out of each other”
    “When Alexander of Macedonia was 33, he cried salt tears because there were no more worlds to conquer….. Bristow’s only 27.”
    “Eat your heart out Harold Pinter, we’ve got drama with a capital D in Essex.”
    “If we’d had Phil Taylor at Hastings against the Normans, they’d have gone home.”
    “He’s playing out of his pie crust.”
    “They won’t just have to play outta their skin to beat Phil Taylor. They’ll have to play outta their essence!”
    “Darts players are probably a lot fitter than most footballers in overall body strength.”
    “There’s no one quicker than these two tungsten tossers… ”
    “Look at him as he takes his stance, like he has been sculptured, whereas Bobby George is like the Hunchback of Notre Dame.”
    “He’s playing like Robin Hood in the Nottingham super league”
    “Phil Taylor’s got the consistency of a planet … and he’s in a darts orbit!”
    “The atmosphere is a cross between the Munich Beer Festival and the Coliseum when the Christians were on the menu.”
    “Jockey Wilson, he comes from the valleys and he’s chuffing like a choo-choo train!”
    “He’s like D’Artagnan at the scissor factory.”
    “Steve Beaton, he’s not Adonis, he’s THE donis”

  218. Well Passenal I was there from 73-77 and again from 80 to ’84.

    I was a Keynes man.

    Andrew, I lived almost tight behnd the ‘Neptune’ and earlier, in the house next to the boat that was perpetually being restored. I loved Whitstable, Canterbury was a good town in the early ’70’s as well. Shagged up now of course.

  219. Looks like the Mancs are seriously baffled as to what happened to their pet ref Webb.

  220. Jonny; Brilliant man!

    I remember one of his that went something like this;

    “Eat your heart out William Shakespear, romeo & Juliet took three acts to complete, this game is over in 2.”


  221. Dex, Bent gets on the end of stuff, but he creates zero for those around him. Even our much maligned Chamakh works more for those around him than Bent does.

    I am not going to criticize either of our keepers. They’re both very good goalkeepers and are bound to have an off game every now and again. With regards to Pedersen’s FK, he scores those types of goals for fun. Yesterday’s snuck in under the crossbar and the side bar. In Latin America we call that spot the place where spiders live. Tec9 could’ve placed his wall immaculately, but that shot was unstoppable.

  222. Isn’t Webb a cop?

  223. 1-0 to the chavs 😦

  224. Strange game as it doesn’t appear to have any form. Strurridge goal – formless.

  225. “I was a Keynes man.”

    I was at Darwin

  226. Ah, opposite ends of the world then, Passenal.

    Mind you, I liked that liilte bar behind Darwin and used to play ‘Bat and Trap. down at the Beverley.

  227. Here’s a couple from Stuart Hall, although not the best by any means;

    Reporting on a Liverpool home match: “And here we are at the Coliseum, with a match of titanic proportions about to take place. Will the gladiatorial figurine of [Michael] Owen add to his mighty goals tally?”

    On Egypt player Amir Zaki’s absence from the Wigan lineup for a tie with Arsenal in April: “Zaki’s still away with the pharaohs …”

  228. Evans held his hand up knowing that no penalty would be given. He did not count for an own goal though.

    How could we have lost to this shit of a team?

  229. I bet Passenal was hot.

  230. I forgot EVans was playing, he makes Squilacci look like Baresi.

  231. What do you mean “was”???

  232. SV

    Its a mystery mate, then again, we have been the architects of our own misfortune this season.

  233. whoops.. got my tenses mixed up 😦

  234. Ashley Young is a hideous snide diving cheating twat of a player. He might be a Gooner, but I am fucking so glad he doesnt play for us.

  235. Muppet; 🙂

  236. We had a chance to beat them in the second half until the crowd turned on their own players!

  237. ManU plan for today’s game: get the ball, run fast and dive. Fergy is a tactical genius.

  238. Hot stuff; Dont blame the crowd!

  239. Well, I was quite pleased that our time didn’t quite overlap Muppet. I mean, it crossed my mind that I might have gone out with her or met her at one of those dark, and frankly ripped, parties I attended.

    Imagine, and not knowing and now her knowing now!

    Er, it gets a bit complcated this ‘time’ business.

  240. I think I’m a lot better in your imaginations, but thanks for the ego boost!

  241. Yes, in terms of the dark arts, Manure doing a more than passable impression of Farcelone; credit to Webb, he’s not falling for their falling (so far). Should be booking some for dives, mind.

    Torres looking laughably bad – one shot in particular went so tamely wide it’s hard to imagine him surviving out in the wilds beyond west London …

    Still reckon Manure will come back to win 1-2 – hope so, anyway.

    Consol – the local pub to end all pubs! I bet there were one or two ‘lost’ afternoons in there?
    (My Mum used to work at the University, too!)

  242. Does not look a good day for Arsenal so far.

  243. AVB has had to convert Torres into a winger obviously!

  244. Hats off to Torres and Mata.

  245. 2-0 to the Chavs. Brilliant goal by Mata.

  246. United looking all over the place.

  247. Jeez, what a cross from Torres – one of the goals of the season, tho it pains me to say it.

    So much for 1 – 2 …

  248. Essien has made Giggs look his age.

  249. Oh dear 3 nil, jabba won’t be happy

  250. WE knoew it wasnt going to be easy, nothing’s changed, we HAVE to win all our games.

  251. Well if they have to lose they might as well get a thrashing if only to see the expression on Ferguson’s face.

    Even Webb’s intrigue can’t save them now …

  252. Wow, ManU have been turned over properly.

  253. See now I’m still adjusting to the fact you’re a woman Passenal. No clue to gender in your name and my default is that it’s mostly men that obsess about football.

    Here’s a weird thing though I though Deise Gooner was female. It just sounds feminine.

    I’d quite like it if we all had little profiles stating gender and location. Maybe a little flag next to your handle.

    I’m still struggling with the fact that Bob looks nothing like his photo and Graham isn’t from Jim Henson’s workshop.

    Irish Gray better not have any colour.

  254. Fergie hairdryer in operation after the game !

  255. Ah the diver-in-chief is off.

  256. David Luiz, no ManU defence in existence.

    I have to decide what I hate more, ManU or missing out on top 4.

  257. Wow,, Chelsea ripping man u a new one !

  258. Chelsea has as many important absences as United does.

  259. Ripped university parties in a hazy dark house – I remember it well.

  260. That was no penalty

  261. Frimpong’s last 3 tweets – what a fucking legend.

    Terry Hugging Ramires….Well done John You learning

    Having scan on monday hopefully aint serious like my cruciate last year.three times I’ve been frimponged in the last week #deeeeench loool

    I need to start Frimponging People instead of me being Frimponged KMT #3points needed today #wolves GoodLuck AFC too

  262. Game on!

  263. I thought Deise was a lady gooner too!

    So is Dukegoonem not a member of the English aristocracy?

  264. How did we ever lose to this United lot? They are getting a right pasting at the bridge. Well as predicted this top four thing is going right to the wire, Looks like we must beat Chelsea, Liverpool and Tottenham to ensure we give ourselves the best chance. Lets hope yesterdays performance is not just a one off but a turning point for the team. Ox is a revelation and certainly looks every bit the player Wenger has told us he will be. COYG!!

  265. Good to see Manu lose but do we want them to come back and draw??

  266. Webb: hello, I’m still here! Here is a pen.

  267. Evra is slinging himself into the path of Sturridge. Not a penalty in my opinion. But whatever, if ManU come back and it’s a draw, that’s a good thing for us, isn’t it?

  268. Sturridge is such an egoistical player. Really annoying to watch.

  269. Always delightful to see purple nose in this kind of situation!

  270. As per usual, there is no continuous replaying of the dives and non penalty that would follow if it were Arsenal.

    And people say there is no agenda!!!???!!!??? 🙂

  271. they will certainly not win the league looking like this.. PL belongs to the sheiks and russians from now on i think…

  272. If it has to be a Manure defeat, I hope it turns out to be another 6-1!

  273. mind you one more penalty and they can still win this….

  274. Another Webbpen

  275. I thought Manure looked quite lively at the start of the match but not looking too clever at the moment; luckily for them Webb’s never too far away.

    Course what would really help the Mancs now is the home crowd turning on their own side …

  276. Chelsea can’t defend against Howard Webb!

  277. Webbe gives United this penalty. What do you expect?

  278. FFS! Every time I leave the room, Webb gives United a pen!

  279. Chelsea will be robbed by this clown Webb. what an outrageous pathetic dive even Sergio busquets puts on a better show. Then again we want to get as close to the pensioners as possible

  280. Webb is earning his corn now

  281. Well, the first was a dive, the second very soft. ManU, huh?

  282. Does Webb get to keep the match ball if he gives another ManU penalty?

  283. howard webb hatrick anyone??? 😀

  284. Can he give them 3 without a stewards’ inquiry?

  285. Dexter | February 5, 2012 at 5:29 pm

    I would prefer if you could go out of the room once more. :d

  286. they really got one more?? haha thats unbelivable! i am happy for once that United win though. It must be so demoralising for CHelsea to be robbed like this. Hope it makes them loose more matches so we can grab 4th..

    I know its horrible to think like this and it goes against all moral fibers in my body.. but still. I want that 4th!

  287. goonerdesi DesiGunner
    Excellent comeback by Howard Webb after a terrible first half. Shows why United paid big money for him!

  288. i bet this is why Fa and the press are clinging to City nowadays. Everyone sees how Manu is going down so they push forward City as the new PL Flagship!

    wonder if it will work. Will people really love overpaied, arrogant, brattish young boys like that?

  289. can’t make self want man u to do well… trying… can’t do it

  290. Hope Webb scores another one as I want a draw

  291. I wonder what the referee apologists wil say after this game. This should’ve never even been close.

  292. come on utd

  293. I want Chelsea to lose points.

  294. WOW!!! Now my second wish is for the Giants to win by 9 or more 🙂

  295. Oh here comes the manU tongueing…. Magnificent? They’ve been gifted 2 pens FFS! Do me a favour, you brown nosing sky mugs!

  296. I see Sideshow Bob still has no idea how to defend a cross!!!

  297. Chelsea is shit they don’t deserve to finish above us.

  298. Chelsea should’ve really scored more goals. Chelsea melted down like we did at Newcastle. The ref had no influence on this game. None at all.

  299. Gainsy – ha!

  300. Love the shot of the Chav fans leaving, it’s 3-3 FFS!!!

  301. Webb is on fire!

  302. nice to see Cahill come in and tighten up the chelsea defence! god i hope he turns out to be a calamity signing and prove us aclfooters all wrong a!

  303. Alan Smith is a wanker, cannot ever bring himself to be this gushing about his former club, yet has no problems doing it for a team who have been gifted an easy route back into a game where they have been shite and now its Rooney the saviour, give me effin strength. 3 all will do thank you very fucking mucho.

  304. Whole weeks Andrew. Whole weeks.

    Mind you, I used to play most of my darts in the Middle Wall and table football in the Bear and Key.

  305. duke – not all of us wanted him remember but i do agree with the rest of your post

  306. i want utd to hit a winner

  307. Oh my god,the commentators are jizzing themselves over Manure.

  308. @Duke
    I hope so, too. I was always against Cahill, and I really hope he can prove me right.

  309. Total dive by SideshowBob

  310. the only thing that can ruin this for united now is DeGea making one of his usual blunders. Not even Webb can save them from that….

  311. Irish, any good pointers for a good punt on Superbowl Sunday?

    Woa! De Gea can stop some shots hey?

  312. that Suga is what a great shotstopper does on great freekicks 😛

  313. agree poodle – fantastic save from DeGea.

  314. meh think ARsenal should concentrate on signing up some refs instead of new players this summer… with the refs in your pocket you can always rely on getting a couple of free penaltys when needed…

  315. now now poodle. dont use the great one and only chezzer the er… a tool in your beating of the hapless suga.

  316. Is Smudge a Man Utd fan? Never heard him this sycophantic about The Arsenal.

    Overblown love-fest all round.

  317. A draw would be fantastic for us, but Manure don’t deserve to be in this game let alone about to win it. When Howard Webb retires Manure will be a mid table side.

  318. You could not make this shit up…

    United and Fergie unhappy with Webb at half time, and boy did he deliver in the second half..not that I am complaining 😀

  319. just one sentecne:


  320. Can’t believe webb didn’t go for the hattrick when Torres stopped with his chest.

  321. Lest we forget, Sky have spunked billions on the premier league coverage, therefore their commentators, pundits whathave you HAVE to overplay the drama, quality and sxcitement of the league and certain players and teams. Even when our eyes tell us differently.

  322. What was the final score? I’m watching the ACN – Gabon were 6 minutes away from the semi final, and now there is extra time

  323. omg, if i was a chelsea fan i would be so fuckign angry right now. that was robbery, that was insane…. And everybody sees it…

  324. David Luiz never has been and never will be a defender. He is appallingly bad.

  325. great game..great result..would have prefered a chelsea loss but the league tables looking better

    i beleive with newcastle, liverpool and chelsea still to play the chance to get into top 4 is in our own hands again..

    we aint relying on anyone to drop points its entirely upto us if we qualify or not from here..

  326. Feeling better Irish?

    Thought we’d lost you the other day.

    3 all Pass.

  327. Final score was 3 all, foxy mama!

  328. @ DEXTER
    on the Warnock tackle. He came in high and late, kind o like me man the other night.
    Hahaha. Priceless. Glad you feeling a bit less despondent. You were bad off after the Swansea and Manure games. Red mancs are pour kaka.
    How did we loss to this bunch?? Indeed.

  329. @jj true but it would be very reassuring if they did drop some points on the way though…

  330. Jonny – Of course I am going for a NY Giants win but I put a long shot on them also winning by 9 or more points. I am afraid most of the neutrals are going for a Patriots win but the way the Giants defense have been playing in their last 4 games makes me think they can stop Brady. Should be a good game either way 🙂

    3-3 draw was the best result for us, Webb will be kicking himself when he realises he did us a favor!!!

  331. JJ

    Yes man, thats why I wasnt arsed about a win for the mancs, a draw is perfect. Now its back to focusing on us!

  332. @ SV

    “ManU plan for today’s game: get the ball, run fast and dive. Fergy is a tactical genius.”

    Wow, did you hit the nail on the head!

  333. Good enough for us, especially in the circumstances – and both sides looking beatable.

    Consol – saw to my horror Bear & Keys now a Prezza or something, give me strength.

  334. You can call it a Webb come back.The ManU diving tactics are not so funny after all.

  335. Thanks Kam, I think it was the 2nd half vs Fulham that sent me under mate. Had too much in common with the collapse of last season about it. Thing is, ewven with our shocking start to this season, we could’ve been in the title race.

  336. the chances are they will poodle..

    i just hope we dont blow it..we did ourselves proud yesterday and utd did us a favour today..

    its back more slip ups..

  337. I’ll settle for a draw. Let’s see what presents we get tomorrow!

  338. C’bob – Better yes, still not the happy camper I would like to be but definitely better 🙂

  339. Steww, right on queu Warren Barton comes up with this; “Chelsea were 3-0 up at home. They should’ve seen the game out, but fell apart.”. No mention of the two non-penalties. I’m sure it’s just as bad in England as well. Now you know how the idiots formulate their opinions.

  340. dex i wanted a manc win to be honest..

    utd dropping points serves no purpose to us at this stage..could have done with chelsea not getting anything at all from this one..

    being 3-0 up as well to begin with and losing the game would have messed up their heads a little over the next few weeks.

    drawing 3-3 might still mess them up but its still a great result for us nonetheless..

  341. The great United comeback. Hahahaha!

  342. Torres must be feeling some heat in that dressing room surely? I mean several times he had chances and fluffed them all. Just as I am typing this Fox show THAT Torres miss!! lol

  343. At 3 nil down in the 2nd half, I think a draw is all we could have hoped for JJ and it will definitely fuck the chavs up!

  344. 15 more minutes for someone to win this or it’s the dreaded penalty shoot-out!

  345. F*cking c*nt. Is there a person on earth more hypocritical than Joey Barton?? One of his tweets: “Feel some sympathy for @djibrilcisse1 can understand his reaction after 2 broken legs in the past”
    Really, I have no words to explain what I feel for this man right now. I wonder if he felt sympathy at St. James Park last season.

  346. Our team for Saturday;

    Sagna Koz TV5 Coquelin
    Song Arteta
    Theo Rosicky Oxo

    The line up’s getting stronger all the time, thankfully!

    Some players will need a little breather at some point though, imo.

  347. well yeah
    at 3-0 i was thinking oh bollox..

    at least they didnt win..

  348. Alex Song just posted on FB that he was unhappy with Webb’s officiating. Now he’s removed it after some fans suggested that he might be bannded by the mighty FA

  349. Fergie slating the linesman! Apparantly he gave 2 pens at OT in TWO YEARS! And he is pissed off? Northing but praise for Webby though, he’s celebrating with the players in the team bath as we speak.

  350. Do the English commentators take the rest of the world for a bunch of lemmings? Martin Tyler I am looking at you. Great, stirring comeback by ManU, my backside. They had a great dose of assistance by Howard Webb.
    But then the EPL is the greatest league in the world and so must the flagship product Man Utd. How can you criticize the product when Sky and Fox tv are reaping such a great bonanza selling snakeoil to the rest of the world.

  351. @mj
    And that’s exactly what is wrong with the system. Referees are untouchable. They can’t be criticised, and even if you say that you disagree with a decision it’s already a tight-rope you are walking because else the FA is going to put a mighty fine on you. On the other hand a referee can f*ck up as much as he wants and he is not accountable to anyone. The worst punishment I’ve seen handed out to a referee (for a bad performance, not for some form of unsporting conduct) has been last season for Phil Dowd, who got to do one week of Championship duty for the St. James debacle. One f*cking week. He should’ve been demoted to the lower leagues at least until the end of season and then his performances reevaluated. It’s either the roboref or putting more pressure on the human refs if the powers that be really want to improve refereeing in the game.

  352. shotta

    I really think that constant drooling, simpering, cringemaking adoration of all things premier league and ManU/City etc has an affect and people buy into it. Its like a drip drip effect, akin to the constant mentioning of WMD before the illegal Iraq invasion. (soory for mentioning politics!) But thats the closest example I can think of.

  353. Piers Morgan propagating the Chelsea falling apart line.

  354. Shotta,
    When I put it that it was in the interests of the establishment that United be seen as the flagship team .Most people laughed at me.
    You are right 100% my friend.
    Where have you been?

  355. here we were wanting utd to take points from chelsea and we still find the time to moan about how they did it…

    didnt we need two pens to comeback v villa?? 🙂

  356. Yes JJ ,but they were pens

  357. And wewrent they cast iron pens after we’ve had fuck all from refs for years JJ???

    Do you want us to gloat about a united comeback FFS dude??? 🙂

    I see it as a beautiful thing, what we wanted to happen, happened and we can still bitch about the team that did us a favour!

  358. IRISH!!!!!!!!!!!,
    glad you are back man. Thought you got deported or what not. Giants all the way man .fuck the patriots.
    Something tellfs me though it won’t be plus nine. The real factor here is the coaches. The Billacheck fucker is worth his weight in gold. Still not as good as AW THOUGH. haha

  359. jj – we hate United. Simple.

  360. Good analogy Dexter ,If the invasion had been illegal.
    It was not though, so ……………………

  361. Awful about the Bear and key Andrew. Part of my youth gone.

    The landlord of the pub opposite, can’t recall the name, The Cumberland? used to play for Villa.

  362. That six goal `bonanza` papers over the (lack of) quality.

    Chelsea are very ordinary & without Cole , Terry & Lampard to shout at the officials I`m amazed they got a point.

    Match ball & a new hot tub for Mr Webb no doubt.

  363. I agree pg and shotta – manure will not be allowed to fail as long as fergie is in charge.

    Penalty shoot-out about to start, can the hosts and underdogs get past Mali?

  364. so were utds..

    well the one sturrudge gave away was suspect but young should have had one in the first half cos his shirt was blatently pulled and welbeck was tripped so that was a pen as well..

    whats the problem?

  365. Gabon 1, 18 year old Bordeaux player scores!

  366. Mali 1

  367. Gabon scores!

  368. when u put it like that dex 🙂

  369. “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the Sky can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the Sky to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the Sky.”

  370. Mali scores, goal keeper guesses right again, but unable to save

  371. George

    It WAS illegal, but let’s leave that shizzle.


    Fuck off, are you taking the piss?

  372. Gabon again, some really good penalties, right in the corner or high into the roof, well out of the reach of the goal keeper

  373. 3 all now

  374. Dont agree JJ pulling a shirt only is a pen he falls in the direction he is being pulled.He fell forward ,so if anything the defender was trying to help him stay upright 🙂
    Welbeck was not tripped he kicked the leg of the Chav.
    A you Jabba in disguise?

  375. Steww

    Was that quote from Donald Rumsfeld’s memoirs?

  376. I know. Dec. We all were concerned. Hats off to AW and the coaches though. Special Y PR. They have done well and the players too to be here. thanks to our wanaways our the summer, we had lost a good part of the nucleus of last years ARSENAL team. I’m with you though. I think the corner has been turned.
    God willing.

  377. Tonight is going to be a long night for me. First the league decider for the National Gridiron League and then afterwards some good old cricket. AND I have to work right after the Cricket, but thankfully just for a couple of hours!

  378. I knew he was going to miss, the hero for Gabon so far misses, now Mali are ahead 4 – 3

  379. Ha! George said it alot more diplomatically than me there. 🙂

  380. Dexter – Goebells. Obviously I inserted ‘Sky’ for ‘State’

  381. What a cheeky penalty for 4 all, but Keita, cool as you like puts Mali through to the semi-finals for the 5th time in 7 appearances!

  382. Fuckin ell Steww.
    What does that mean?
    You doing a Joey Barton on us?

  383. Steww; Thanks

    Those 2 were cut from the same cloth! Could throw in a bit of 1984 too I reckon!

  384. I am sure Goonerandy & Bill will come here tomorrow stating how every team gets unfair decisions against them..

  385. Oh they all even themselves out didnt you know mj?

  386. Thanks passenal for the updates.

    And I see, JJ is playing goonerandy today!!

  387. Sure did even out today Dex. Cahill should have been sent off IMO in the begining!

  388. mj the ball was gone an it was not a goal scoring opportunity,therefore it can not be a sending off.
    Even Webb would have been pushing the boat out to give that

  389. It was outside the box too. Freekick, yellow card; yes, anything else? Nah.

  390. Free kick & a red, I thought. I dont think the ball had gone away. Anyway, good result for us, that’s all that matters!

  391. im not bothered what you call me..

    im glad chelsea dropped points and i dont give a shit how it happened to be honest..webb could have give utd 10 penalties and i wouldnt be crying over it like some of you are..

    spend all day wanting chelsea to drop points and then spend all night claiming conspiracy when they do

    unbeleiveable…should hear yourselves…

  392. Right on Steww. I think.

    Thought the Cahill tackle was outside the box & Welbeck pushed it away from goal so no pen and / or red card. The Young shirt pull – seen `em given this season (Theo at Villa) but not enough to be `stick on`s`. Sturridge on Evra, yes, probably but not deffo & the Welbeck pen no way , but HW was on a roll by then.
    I think he gets more decisions wrong than right. I`m surprised he doesn`t f&ck up the coin toss to be honest but as he`s a robust rozzer from Yorkshire who shaves his head he has that `air of authority`. Or summat.

    Chav fans calling for Maureen to come back on the radio. Seems AVB has had his chance.

    The good thing for us is that they look in disarray. Not sure I can cheer the Spuds on tomorrow but we could do with Pool dropping points.

    Onwards & upwards !

  393. Lighten up JJ.
    You having a bad time of the month.

    No one is complaining about the result as far as Arsenal goes.
    But it does rather back up those of us who consistently say United are helped.
    If you cant see the difference ,perhaps you should up your medication.

  394. AyeAye, to hell with red mancs and ferret face Ferguson. They have enough help from the FA and their refs. For us to wish them a win also. Nevermind that they have spent shitloads o cash to buy them there Trophies. They have been weak as fuck past two years at least. Only letoffs from the likes of us saw them walk away with the titles.

  395. this result could be the one that sends chelsea into freefall for a few weeks

    if that happens and we end up 4th il be sending a letter of thanks to howard fucking webb..

  396. Bradys right foot

    JJ I hate the Chavs too mate delighted the Mancs got the draw but Webb could be reffing a game near you quite soon.

  397. You are missing the point JJ and taking things too seriously man.

    We wanted chavs to drop pointds and they did. The fact it was mainly due to the ref gifting united 2 penalties is something we can harp on about. If it had been against us, we definitely would be chatting about it now! 🙂


    Same again tomorrow man, throw in a few injuries and red cards too mind.

  398. Check out the dude on Another Arsenal Blog. He sees things rather more worryingly regarding the refereeing situation in this country. The fact Mike Riley is the cheif of refs can not be understated IMO. Very disturbing that he has the ultimate say on who refs what games.

  399. It did though Dexter at Newcastle.And people said we were making excuses.
    Well I am not making excuses now for the fucking Chavs,I am being consistent and saying the the ref can gift results, no matter what the score is when he has a mind to step in.

    And all the shit “just score more” apologists don’t get it .

  400. Agree with JJ – we really needed the Manx to do us a favour and the way the Chavs squandered that lead will prey on their minds until season end, I’ve no doubt.

    Got to say also, our first choice 11 looks better than theirs – and they may well know it. It’s all pressure after all and despite my almost pathological loathing of ALL things Manchester, today was just one of those days. That Webb continues to favour Sirralex is nothing new, let’s face it.

    Consol – had no idea about the Villa connection down in Whitstable but I did leave home in 1980. Around that time The Harbour Lights was a ‘lively’ haunt and full of character if a little dangerous at times; last time I went in it was some kind of Gastro-monstrosity, smart and utterly without character, sadly. Ho hum …

  401. Very very disturbing. Hate that tosser with a passion. Can’t forget the travesty of the 50th game unbeaten he reffed. That son of a bitch cost us Reyas.

  402. The PL refereeing is a disgrace. Video tech now!

  403. Bradys right foot

    Dowds performance at Newcastle last year was a tipping point for me. Before that day I had generally accepted that the incompetant baffoons with the whistles were winging it and that a ref conspiracy was wholely unlikely. The descision by Dowd to give a pen against TR7 changed that, it was the descision of someone who wanted to give a penalty, it was the descision of someone who was corrupt. it was a penalty only in his mind and it sent alarm bells off in mine. Whatever you think of UA or AAB they have certainly put a spotlight on referrees and in UAs case been incredibly accurate in some of their predictions.

  404. The fact that so far there are different views of what the ruling should have been penalty/freekick/yellow/red/no foul/public hanging/community chest/free boobs/chinese burns for everyone speaks volumes. We saw it in slow-mo from different angles and still there is no consensus on the what the right decision should have been.

  405. @goonerkam
    Words are not enough to describe how much I wish only the worst on him. But he got his well deserved promotion for what he did in that game and well, at least he’s not reffing our games anymore.

  406. EPL refereeing is incredibly inconsistent in it’s application of the rules but the consistency with which Manchester United are awarded officials with a statistically demonstrable bias in their favour is nothing less than scandalous.

    Aside from threatening the credibility of the English game, it undermines everything we hold dear about it.

    Notions of fairness, fair play and justice disappear out of the window of governance – a window that was cracked many moons ago thanks to the bullying grip Alex Ferguson has over the game’s administrators and their inability to rein him in.

    Until a degree of objectivity is introduced through some form of reviewable video-technology – even if it’s only retrospective – most neutral observers will likely agree that something has gone wrong with the game. Chances are Sirralex will have to exit his post before anything much changes …

    That Blimey O’Riley and Phat O’Dowd have a connection with the game at any level is probably the greatest scandal of all.

  407. ignore me chaps im just swinging my handbag… 🙂

  408. Bradys right foot

    Lol JJ you swing a mighty handbag sir

  409. Bradys right foot

    Im all for community chest cards Jonny, just think of the time and money saved by sending JT straight to jail.

  410. My Try at a corny headline…

    But when it came to MATA, Howard spun his webb with a superb second half brace…

  411. Jonny.It does not matter what everyone says.
    I have told you what it was .
    Surely by now you know I am always right.

  412. Jonny @ 7.45pm

    That was ONE decision that wasnt even given and the consensus was it was a free kick anyway.

    The 2 actual pens have been deemed soft at best and not a pen and that was Gary effin Neville’s view. 🙂

  413. Dexter.
    Jonny has made an illegal comment .If you ask me.

  414. BRF

    I was at St James Park last season and have never watched any replay, so cannot comment on Dowd’s performance man.


    That is the worry for ma; the allocation process of referees is not transparent and is open to scrutiny. That certain refs are given the same teams to ref against, time and again . THis aint even an Arsenal issue, it’s a football issue.

  415. George

    I concur *thumb down Caesar stylee*

  416. 🙂 its got a brick in it..

  417. The fact that Dowd was fourth official today just adds to the whiff of subterfuge.

    I bet you don’t read words like that on Le Grove

  419. On refs. I think bias is very real but I feel (and hope) it is not deliberate or done with ‘malice of forethought’. I thoroughly agree the standard of officiating is execrable but there is a big leap from there to ‘victim mentality’ conspiratorialists (made up word) who see a shadowy agenda through their goggles of paranoia.
    I stopped reading Untold for precisely this reason.
    As ever, I shy from the polar polemicists. They argue more vigorously than the rest, sabotaging middle ground, common sense, pragmatism and reason as they go. They see only black or only white and ascribe acidulous passion to bolster their arguments.
    Well that’s what I think anyway. 😉
    Giants by 10. That might be my £5. Never liked ‘Patriots’ anyway.
    P.S. George – you’re always right but then we all are. Aren’t we?

  420. All the best things are illegal George.

    How long till you tell me off for using long words..? 😀

  421. Hearhear EVIL. how do these fuckers look at themselves in the mirror is beyond me. And video tech. Will not be implemented. Take my word. AW got away with showing up the teams in the EPL the first few years he took over in the beginnings. But afterwards the machinery has been put in place to stop him and his team and his innovations to take hold in the league. They will be damned if they will allow this man to show them the RIGHT way to play and the right way to conduct. Oneself as a club and manager. Sometimes I really fear for his health considering what happened to Houlier. The irony is that some of our own supporters , some very intelligence ones at that, are completely. And utterly clueless. As to what is going on.

  422. Jonny

    Thats how people get away with shit man. By accusing the accusers of being loony paranoid mentalists! I would hope too that the reffing system is fair, but then again, we live in a complete unfair society with the meerest veneer of democracy and fairness, so why not the same thing with regard to a multi-billion dollar industry? There’s a lot of money at stake and in my experience, thats enough motive for fraud and corruption.

    It has happened in France and Italy to name 2 countries, to think it’s not possible here is pretty darn naive if you ask me. But like I said, I hope it isnt true.

    If Mike Riley wasn’t the chief twat, then I’d be more reluctant to think something was rotten.

  423. Ghana v Tunisia currently 1 – 1, but a very tight game with 20 minutes to go

  424. george,

    not on the mata or the ox situations though!!…to name two!!

  425. Currently watching Uncle Buck and with 20 minutes to go, Buck is just about to bust his neice’s boyfriend’s head in and thus win her affections finally.

  426. JJ ‘S HEART IS IN THE RIGHT PLACE THOUGH. THIS I KNOW FOR A FACT. As opposed to some others with the DIVIDE AND RULE mentality. Completely. Mental. If. U. Ask. Me.

  427. Webb of intrigue at the Bridge of Sighs, leaves Villas-Boas constricted and seeing (non existent) spots

  428. @DEX
    fuck Gary the butcher Neville. Reyas certainly showed him up for the shit footballer that he was. Same goes for Roy the cunt Keane.

  429. gKam

    True, as players they were indeed all those things. My point is that if Neville thinks the pens werent even valid then hell man! They can’t be right calls!

  430. Duke ,yes those as well
    Even more as it now turns out Mata got £7 million signing on fee

  431. Jonny, you know I like you and respect most of what you say but ffs how many more of our guys have to suffer broken limbs and career ending injuries. For you to wake up and smell the coffee.
    Two maybe three more. How many??

  432. Dexter @ 8.35

    Very very funny.
    Who thought of it?

  433. It’s certainly far from impossible Dex, and we should be alert and aware to the possibility. However, I prefer to look for evidence than live in paranoid suspicion and dress it up as certainty.

    It’s not xenophobic or jingoistic to point out we are neither France nor Italy. Certainly if I was Italian I would expect corruption – in fact, the Italian’s I know certainly do.

    I’m not suggesting us English as paragons of virtue but I have far more faith in our institutions than I do either of theirs.

    When there is evidence I’ll condemn but I have yet to see a significant trend that adequately suggests a rotten apple. As a repeated caveat this is not to say personal bias does not exist or that referees are remotely approaching mastery of a deeply unforgiving task.

  434. gk – thanks for the compliment – not sure I get your point though?

    How does the absence or existence of referee corruption relate to broken limbs?

    Not being obtuse – genuine not sure what you mean.

  435. Jonny .there is more money in the EPL and therefore more incentive for corruption.

  436. Jonny,I suspect crossed wires

  437. George

    As my muse, you have to take some of the credit! Ooh err missus!

  438. True DEX. Money is the root of it all and we are talking a shitload here. Well, I hope to fuck they choke on it, if they are on the take. For Aarons, abus,edvado and Freddie J sake. God willing.

  439. Extra time in this game as well

  440. Jonny, you know I like you and respect most of what you say but ffs how many more words can you cram into a post.

  441. Jonny

    That smacks of good ol British arrogance Jonny! The British are well versed in underhand skullduggery old bean! If we can prop up dictarships while denying any involvement, we can certainly arrange for a few decisions go the way of a football team we have a vested interest in.

    And again, calling it paranoia is demeaning man. Next thing, you’ll be suggesting man has actually walked on the moon. 🙂

  442. if the refs can be paid off why then are shitty not getting anything go their way? is it just a case of utd knowing the protocols and the right ways of getting to the refs and are experts now in how to bribe them and city need to learn the ropes in bribing??

  443. Dex you actually think the moon is real?! #oneborneveryminute


  444. Duke ,they did ,they got 4th last year thanks to 10 points donated by referees
    Do keep up.

  445. Ayew scores following a gift from the goal keeper

  446. it would be mental though for a ref to be “neutral” with all the money that currently is in the game. Especially when there is so much room to be biased and get away with it.

    I tempting to go so far as saying you must be stupid to be neutral today as a ref. stupid or just enjoy living in powerty and take shit from the audience for free..

    Everything els in Footy is shady, the agents, the wheeler dealer mentality, the chairmen, the owner, even some players. Why should the refs be any different?

  447. DukeyG

    I am not saying it happens, I am suggesting it COULD man and that we shouldn’t be naive to think otherwise is all.

    @ Jonny; 🙂

  448. Jonny, in Webb’s case I don’t think there’s corruption. But he does tend to break his neck to even things out when he feels he’s made a bad call against United. I think that not calling a pen for Welbeck’s dive early on was in the back of his mind. The penalties he awarded were the dodgiest I’ve seen in a while. The contact on Evra was extremely minimal and Welbeck looked for Ivanovic’s leg. Webb should’ve let United get back in the game through their own merits and not given in to the pressure of seeming biased.

  449. Furthermore the actions of a country doing what is deemed in national interest, even though reprehensible, is a very different thing. You have to ask what is to be gained and what the risks are. PL refs are far from unimpeachable but the risk of being caught – as shown in Italy – is rather high and I have yet to see trends that convince me of corruption.
    I hope there are impartial people looking for such trends – but Untold’s conclusions reads like global warming research funded by Exxon.

  450. i hear ya decks.

    depends how much refs get. any one know the weekly wage of a referee??

  451. Agreed G69.

  452. @DUKE.
    last I checked. Shitty is owned by an ayrab and coached by an i-talian. Go figure why manure is still the poster child.
    name me another EPL team that has suffered as many broken feet and ankles. At the most critical point of the campaign. It just shows the rest are allowed to take it to the limit with us as opposed to the other teams. and no. There are no effin crossed wires here old chap. 😉
    I’m all there.

  453. Tunisia down to 10 men now, handbags all round

  454. Gk,

    why?? man utd are owned by yanks and managed by a sweaty sock(sorry george). whats your point?

  455. Aint they on £50k a year basics?

    Can’t say I read Untold Arsenal Jonny. For me, the fact that Mike Riley is the chief is just plain fishy, just like we used to get accused by every other team of getting away with murders when Dein was on the FA board. The fact Riley has been shown to be a ManU fan, yet was allowed to ref THAT game and is now the one who decides who refs against them would make me feel rather uneasy if I worked at the PL and gave a shit about seeing to be clean and unbiased, which they clearly don’t.

  456. Ghana win it 2 – 1 in the end to face Zambia in the semi-finals

  457. if a ref wants a leather briefcase stuffed of used bullseyes to buy his mistress a new pair of tits he is hardly going to care if its arab or american cash. unless your alluding to the fact its the fa or the prem that are paying the refs off and not the actual clubs and the fa or prem dont want arabs to win shit!! now that is as far fetched as any Steven Segal film.

  458. You raise an interesting point actually which is that Webb does not live in a bubble. He must know and live with the certainty that everyone thinks he is biased towards the scum. EDangers abound from this knowledge – one could easily imagine him having an unflinching attitude towards decisions (I must not let this influence my thoughts) and/or to overcompensate (I don’t want to seem biased so I’ll err on the other side for safety).
    Much of what refs do is in an area of calculated guesstimation – frankly I think the modern game is largely beyond them and they should be given all the help they should get.
    We lose so much trying to enshrine the referees authority. I could not give a blind fuck if they are undermined by technology – for me the right decision is preferable every time.

  459. DukeG

    Sky need to hype up their product man, constantly tell us that the EPL is the greatest ‘product’ in the world yadda yadda. By doing so, they will hype up the teams in that league. Not all of them of course, just the ones with a) big history, b) big international fan base and/or c) huge finances behind them. Basically ones that earn them the most corn.

  460. Thanks for the updates Passenal.


    The job of a ref is a fucking thankless task, the game would be screwed without them, so we should back them when ever possible otherwise the standards will just drop off even more. The reasoning behind not using technology is one that could be held up us being potentially dodgy too. Not sure why it isnt used personally?

  461. Dex, is it your contention that Riley was deliberately appointed as head of referees in the knowledge that he would manipulate the league by appointing referees who would appease the correct team(s)?

  462. Imo DUKE. THEY would much rather tilt the scales a little, when. The appropriate. Time arrives, towards a yank owned team with a Scot for a gaffer, than an Arab. Owned team with an Italian coach. At any rate, there is so much that they could do before the stench overtakes the sport. I think manure days are over as contenders. Oil money has even kicked the asses of those teams that indebted themselves to the tune of almost one. BILLION to procure trophies and false. Glory.

  463. Jonny

    Nah man, he probably just made friends with the right people, wormed his way up the ladder.

  464. Is there anybody who gets the rule that ‘if the ref saw it and made a ruling then it is sacrosanct’? It’s a fucking pathetic rule, which tries to protect the ref at all costs. Why? Who cares?
    SURELY we would all rather see justice meted than have a situation like we had last season with Rooney assaulting someone and the FA claiming they were hogtied by the laws – and that in spite of precedents existing, which showed this to be fundamentally untrue.
    Cocking cowardly bollocks.

  465. You talk a lot o commen sense DEX. pretty sharp instincts as well.

  466. “Thanks for the updates Passenal.”

    I wasn’t sure anyone was interested, but since I was watching, I thought I’d share. Ivory Coast/Mali is the other semi final, so if things go according to plan it should be a Ghana/Ivory Coast final at the weekend. Then we get our 3 G’s back after a short holiday. He might actually find it hard to get back into the team if our current wide men can keep this form going!

  467. IMO , Webb let go a nailed on pen and later evened it up with a let’s say soft one

  468. However, Riley makes the calls and some of the decisions are pretty consistent. Dowd for me, is a complete bottler AND a homer, same could be said for a few more. Atkinson received the Fergie hairdryer over a year ago because of some decisions that went against United and he hasnt reffed a manU game since. This doesnt suggest any corruption, but it calls into question the transparency I think.

    I just fucking detest Mike Riley man! And will never forgive the twat! 🙂

  469. Ahh, Steven is super martial artist and my favorite. After Bruce. But I digress. Yes ,imo it goes beyond just the refs. Anyways, we all know how retarded and baised the ruling body is. At least I do. 😉

  470. also have to consider whether a ref can take the punishment of getting caught. i assume you could get a custodial sentence. could you see Mr Webb doing time?? he likes a bit of fergie time but her majesty’s time…….

  471. “I just fucking detest Mike Riley man!” and here we find our area of agreement!

    There is no fucking moon though! The tides are caused by fish breathing in and out.

    FACT (as George would say).


  472. Dex/ let’s face it no one likes authority, from the pedant parking warden to the keep off the grass park keeper, but I do not think for one moment Webb is bent.

  473. Ahh, its the lil fishies then! 🙂


    Haha! Yeah, there is Fergie time and then there’s HM time. You know what, I doubt it would even be a custodial sentence mate?

    Thing is, if you knew the refs were a) homers and/or b) incompetent, then you’d know you could send em to certain games and they’d do a job for you! 🙂

  474. Spy

    Thats the thing, I dont think Webb is bent per se, he is just very consistent in his decisions for certain teams! 🙂

    Whereas Mike Riley was (and is) 100% bent as a 9 pound note.

  475. My theory regarding video tech. Is that it won’t be implemented. Why? It would reduce controversial calls and make the playing field more fair. But who the fuck cares about that. CONTROVERSY SELLS. FACT.
    and it creates new fans. Money is the name of the game. Speaking of games , in off. The drinks. Before the Superbowl kicks off await.
    Have a great one , everyone.

  476. RASERS!!! Kam! 🙂

  477. I wish the Superbowl would hurry up. Grumblepants.

  478. nice to see Cahill feeling straight at home at Chelsea, watching the ball fly in the back of the net…chelsea booed off again. tut tut.

  479. Dex, ur right about Riley sometimes refs court controversy and never quite shake off the tag

  480. you said it bro.


  481. Dukeyg

    Haha! Yep, just like old times for Cahill!

  482. Forgive me for my naivety but what are these RASERS. What do they want/do? Where can I get one?

  483. Oh off topic a bit but I saw Van Morrison fri night (Belfast) happy to report to all fans out there he is still in great voice and is prob the greatest R/B -jazz singer on the planet. IMHO

  484. I thought Cahill had a decent game against Manure. This being said, there’s no fucking way I’d trade one of our CBs for him.

  485. Jonny

    To be honest, I aint too sure, but I saw them at the end of posts by Kam (mostly) and thought they looked cool, so took one the other night and it was great. I would just ease yourself in mate, if you havent tried it before though.

  486. Up the Guns!!! Is another one I like.

  487. Half a RASER it is – I’ll wash it down with a microdot and come up smiling in time for work.

    Thanks for the advice.

  488. Not even Squill on a swap Gee?

  489. Arsenal RVP Ox
    Minutes Played 90 68
    Ground Duels Won 100% 75%
    Aerial Duels Won 100% N/A
    Pass Accuracy 78% 85%
    Successful Dribbles 2 5
    Total Crosses 7 8
    Cross Accuracy 14% 38%
    Chances Created 2 3
    Assists 2 0
    Shot Accuracy 60% 67%
    Chance Conversion 60% 67%
    Goals 3 2
    Minutes per Shot 18 23
    Minutes per Goal 30 34
    Minutes per Chance Created 45 22.7

  490. Cahill would hav Bern a great signing for us, I stand by that

  491. well done jonny….statto of the day award coming your way.

  492. Mata, over hyped then chaps?

  493. i’d rather have oxlade thanks spy! although mata is quality but as george has investigated he is a greedy git with no morales, would not get on in our dressing room!!

  494. Well Duke, as Georges tentacles do not extend much further south then Watford I will go by my opinion of Mata. I still rate Cahill

  495. Why is Ox/Mata an either/or?

    We don’t know what happened with the Mata deal if Chelsea were in the agents ear we had no chance but I never saw it as remotely related to AOC deal.

  496. Jonny/ I don’t think Duke meant Ox or Mata, crossed wires perhaps

  497. sorry just watching the begining of this sport on bbc 1 with a load of bikers in tights throwing a ball and nodded off.

    yes jonny i just meant as in they have One Mata and we have the ox and i’d rather have the Ox. with the Ox , theo and gervinho and even dare i say the russian we have an abundance of quality out wide…just an attacking mid we need now and were sorted.

    seriously though on american football its that sport which you can only watch when your on holiday/vacation anywhere in america or near america that are obsessed with it and its on the tv all day.

  498. Yeah Biker’s in tights,- brilliant and is that the game if u make 10 yards in three plays you get a present

  499. Hey cheeky buggers
    I have an insider in my pocket.
    Dont you say I don’t know stuff.
    when you are a millionaire like me, doors open.
    Lol,did you see me telling Suga I was a retired businessman.Well If he is claiming to be in MENSA I must have licence to fib a little.Eh?

  500. Sorry George I could not help it, I know ur contacts are everywhere ha

  501. @ consolsbob, passenal and arsenalandrew

    What a coincidence! All it needed was for ooh, firstlay to jump up and declare “And I was that identical twin sister!” and then we’d have had a picaresque novel….

    Draw good for us today.

  502. Come on GIANTS… for my friend. IRISH’S. SAKE…. break Brady. In four pieces.

    @i pity the fools that are Sunderland. I pity the fool ohkneel. can’t wait for the next game. I believe it will be another butt whooping, errrr. A dominant performance.

  503. YAHHHHHHH,, go on Irish, party hardy. Like its. 19999. 😛

  504. Kam – I just got in from the game, brilliant!!! I will have a few tomorrow as I need to be up and out by 6am in the morning 🙂 Still a great win for the Giants, New York City will be hungover tomorrow!!

  505. hah, right you are. Work calls. Hope you made a bundle. I feel so down and inadequate with my RAMS. CANT WIN THEM ALL. come to think of it my LAKERS ain’t shit this year .at least it doesn’t. Look like it. have a good one bud. Cograts

  506. Harrypotter's Arsenal

    I think the important game is tonight… when Liverpool play “the one that will not be mentioned”

    We need Liverpool to win so as to keep that gap to 3rd as 9 points. Every one else around us (Chelsea, Liverpool, newcastle) are Just about 3 points away and we still have to play them. Therefore our destiny for 4th is still in our hands.

    Whereas, we need 3rd to begin to loose games starting with tonight and 2 more games or draw tonight and 4 more games before our destiny for 3rd is in our hands.

    And that would make this year st. tots day the most beautiful one ever. A guy can dream fingers crossed…

    Come on you rip roar reds!!!

  507. Surprise, surprise. The season is not yet over but apparently in our hands to make of it what we will. Now that’s what I’m talking about.

  508. Huge performance – best we have looked for ages. Width and pace of attacks was immense.

    Arteta is such an important player for us. At the heart of everything.

    Great day on Sat, alarming how empty it was – hopefully the convincing win will put bums on seats for the visit of the Yids.

    Paul Robinson was getting so much stick from the CE lower, ruddy hilarious.

  509. Couldnt make the middle section of an Arteta song: (same tune as Eduardo/Torres)

    He came to us on deadline day Mikel, Mikel
    Samir Nasri can go to hell, to hell

    Da da da da da da da

    Mikel Arteta, Arsenal’s number 8

    Any help?

  510. If you own a season ticket and your seat is not filled for three matches running then the privilege should be withdrawn and the ticket offered to the next person on the season ticket list…and before any lying bastard starts making out that there isn’t a list, I know of at least five people who are on the list and waiting.

  511. OR if you don’r fill your seat three matches running, a local youngster gets your seat for the next match for free, whether you turn up or not.

  512. ..AND that should apply to all levels.

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