Blackburn Rovers Preview: Back On Track Or Derailed?

Blackburn arrive at The Emirates for the early kick-off, both sides in desperate need of a win for entirely different reasons. It seems barely credible that Steve Kean is still in charge of the Lancastrians given the criticism of his tenure by supporters; perhaps it is because the Rovers fans have not used the tried and tested method of black bin bags to signal their discontent? Arsène believes that this sideshow must not distract the players; that will test their professionalism if the negativity pervades the atmosphere. He summed it all up rather succinctly, particularly the joyless nature of the modern game,

It is not easy anywhere nowadays, but with the media and the opinions of everybody we live in a constant drama. But it is not like that. Football is a happy moment where people come together to watch the team they love. We have to stop making a drama of everything. There are much more dreadful things in life than that. We have to keep focused on the fact that we have a fantastic opportunity to play football and we want to focus on that with happy minds, not always to be in a drama

Whilst there is a right of protest, you question the intelligence of those who would do so whilst a match is in progress where surely the objective ought to be supporting the XI on the pitch at the time? Mr Dylan, you were obviously right.

So to matters on the pitch. Reaction to the point at The Reebok sums up the depths to which morale has sunk. A clean sheet and point which ends a run of defeats is on paper a positive result, particularly by comparison. Instead it is derided with more focus on an incident toward the end of the match with barely any reflection on chances created. There is no celebration as such – especially when overall the performance indicates that fundamental flaws remain – but surely a realisation that the corner is being turned must surface somewhere?

From that match, few injury worries emerge. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has a late fitness test on a jarred knee but other than that, the manager’s main concern is fatigue. Speculation earlier in the week over Robin van Persie being rested is not wide of the mark. Admitting that he is building the side around the Dutchman – essentially exacerbating his current problem – Wenger identified his alternatives, none of which fills me with confidence.

When you list them out, the flaws in the plan spring out more readily than the benefits. For all of the hype surrounding his return, Thierry Henry is no more than a short-term solution and his fitness remains a source of concern. The African Cup of Nations has hardly been the confidence booster for Marouane Chamakh that we almost begged for whilst Theo Walcott is no more a central striker at the moment than Andrey Arshavin – woefully out of form and love, according to his manager. Ju Young Park is well, Ju Young Park. It is not that they are bad players, simply not replacements for a goalscoring centre forward. The dependency on van Persie is a continuance of recent seasons; the move to The Emirates highlighted the reliance upon Thierry Henry in his prime. He passed the reliance baton onto Cesc…

It is interesting to see the change of positions, the shuffling of feet. Emmanuel Adebayor was widely derided for his spectacular ability in the offside game with many volunteering to drive him to whichever destination, anything to get him out of the club. Now he is the stick with which the manager is beaten, no-one has replaced the player that was no longer welcome at the club and who is now a great player apparently. In hindsight, revisionism is brilliant.

So to this afternoon. I don’t think Arsène will rest RvP; he will be hoping to give his captain a rest though and that will require a substantial lead to be in hand before such a switch can be made. There is little room for manoeuvre in terms of changes throughout the team. Kieran Gibbs is training again but surely not for long enough to warrant a start? That would leave Wednesday’s back four unchanged. In midfield, there is scope with Aaron Ramsey’s touch not at its best and probably leading candidate for a rest today with Tomas Rosicky slotting in alongside Arteta and Song.

I would expect the line-up to be:

Szczesny; Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Vermaelen; Rosicky, Song, Arteta; Walcott, van Persie, Arshavin

A win puts pressure on Chelsea ahead of their clash with Manchester United tomorrow; that is the only target at the moment. Closing that gap, overhauling it and taking the season from there. Small steps and until a winning run is put together, nothing else can be expected.

Today’s Arsenal On This Day, the only time an Arsenal player has scored a hat-trick and ended on the losing side.

Enjoy the match wherever you are watching it. ’til Tomorrow.

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  1. big brov

  2. Like you Yogi I too couldn’t help thinking Dylan Thomas had it right:
    Shall I, struck on the hot and rocking street,
    Not spin to stare at an old year
    Toppling and burning in the muddle of towers and galleries
    Like the mauled pictures of boys?
    The salt person and blasted place
    I furnish with the meat of a fable;
    If the dead starve, their stomachs turn to tumble
    An upright man in the antipodes
    Or spray-based and rock-chested sea:
    Over the past table I repeat this present grace.

  3. i dont understsand what the protest is about and bin bags on empty seats is that heaping dervision on the players the manager the board or the goverment and their mishandling of the economy . like i said cant quite see their rational , at least in the seventies scrapping with whoever was trying to invade the north bank via the schoolboys had a meaning. the club must be defended, it seems today the invaders are a enemy from within

  4. opps that should have been derision

  5. Really look forward to seeing Rosicky play most of the game.

  6. arse or brain – I thought it was a nice blend of derision and division.

  7. spelling never been strong point although im much better orally

  8. The protest is childish and pointless. The doomers would’ve booed the troops returning from Dunkerque…

  9. YW,

    good post!


    yes, the enemies are the profiteering owner and the executive team which is way out of their depth…

    as far as polarisation of fanbase is concerned, I’d expect the well educated readers to know the meaning of divide et impera…

  10. Nice write up..really enjoyed it…

    Brilliant quote by AW sums it all up quite nicely…

    Football and your football club should bring joy and is not the place for moaning, groaning, whining and generally being a miserable, joyless, twit..

  11. forget bad spelling, stewws right maybe its a good new word to describe the present civil war amongst fans

  12. Finn

    That and I get the feeling we will see Arshavin up front today…

    The line up today IMO will be..






  13. the quote from AW is anything but brilliant, it just represents how out of touch he is, happy to receive praise, but criticism, no matter how merited the criticism is?

    I am sorry but he is due to take some responsibility for this utter abomination of the season, not just dine off the past glories!

  14. Suga3,
    Rem acu tetigisti…….

  15. *but not criticism

  16. Excellent quote from Arsene, bringing people back to the reality of the situation. As for anyone who thinks football shouldn’t be a joy, well, sympathy, pity ought to be the order of the day, however I understand the vituperative censure with which these fools shall doubtless be met.

  17. suga, although i to hate the way the club is run as a business without any thought towards fans, you must consider most board members and chairman have always been in for profit and presteige nothing has changed there, it has just been more extreme with the event of sky and a worldwide market. when chairman bateswas trying to electricute fans he wasnt thinking about their wellbeing. if that is your beef this is the wrong protest at the time the team really need support. As the marketing has become more grotesque the support has also become worse in equal measure. without a dought this is the worst support I have ever known at the club no singing and a constant barracking of our players so much so if you close your eyes on match days you’d think you’ve been put in with a load of spuds perhaps the board should be protesting against you

  18. “the board should be protesting against you”
    I love it! Real fans and club united against the fifth column.

  19. Divide and conquer? The only one (in addition to the other clubs and their fans) who has anything to gain from the polarization of the Arsenal fan base is Usmanov. But instead of paranoid conspiracy theories, the cause is probably just ordinary stupidity, childish shortsightedness and lack of understanding of what supporting really means.

  20. You deliberately missed the point entirely Suga. It’s not the criticism he objects to, it’s the histrionics which accompany it.

  21. “ordinary stupidity, childish shortsightedness and lack of understanding of what supporting really means.”
    This is turning into a fine morning. Some excellent contributions.

  22. And no, ClockEndRider, he has not hit the nail on the head.

  23. Anirudh, AA up front? Could well be. For me, AW has always been a gambler with balls of steel. He could just go with something like that. My pulse rate is going up, already 🙂

  24. You speak forun then Yogi?

  25. YW,

    I have not deliberately missed the point, it is you who has deliberately taken the quote out of context of the whole interview, no offence 😉

  26. and it’s ‘divide and rule’, by the way, Wiki does not always replace eduation, FG 😆

  27. Morning gunners

    3 points in the bag today…hopefully

  28. for me song also should rest and give lecoq a run, he seems ready and has loads of potential, other than that. the line up is not off…. nice write up

  29. when arsenal win we should be happy and we are allowed to express that joy :D……. when we lose?????….. express the joy!!!!! its just a game they say

  30. Suga, whatever. The little I know of Latin is based on Asterix. I can’t think highly of educational systems that feature Latin. Or people who feel smug about dropping Latin quotes. Were you taught by Catholic Nuns, you poor fellow?

  31. It is matchday.
    Once again Yogi provides us with a platform for debate and conversation. Personally I think it is disrespectful if we ignore the post and just regurgitate our ,by now,entrenched stances. And I fully understand that I am more responsible than most for this daily state of affairs.
    So this is my plea to ACLFers.

    We know who they are .So don’t read their posts and if you must ,then don’t reply

    Bananas btw.

    I hope Arshavin gets a start today .with the OX on the other flank.
    Theo to replace Andrei on the hour.

  32. Finn.Asterix ? very good .

  33. I bet the Blackburn defence hopes Theo is rested too.

  34. Pedantic, you got it. Time for a nap, anyway. Victoria concordia crescit, everyone…

  35. @ fingunn a bit Joey Bartonesqe don’t you think? Recently he’s been throwing around all kinds of quotes at his twitter page. Trying really hard to come off as clever. I do not know if hes been doing latin yet . But rest assured that if he did he would do it i the belife that people would think him smart and taking him serious.
    Do you think it worked?:-)

  36. mattgoonerknight

    Hear Hear, FinnGun



  37. so..our away form is shit..
    our home form is all weve got…and ppl wana jeapodise that half way thru a season when we are still in two cups and are only 5 points behind our other cup..??


    i agree that something has to be done to make the ppl who run the club sit up and take notice..their are many questions that remain unanswered and the best way to get the attention would not be any silly black scarfs or ppl walking round dressed as bin men..but to just stay cleanses the stadium of the bad vibes at a crititcal time and the amount of empty seats will get the required attention..

  38. mattgoonerknight

    I meant VCC

    My fingers aren’t to harmonious this morning: )

  39. Steww.
    Is that a dig at me?
    I do hope not.
    Theo will run riot against tired legs.
    Blackburn a likely to sit back early on and he will be less effective.As he has been at home most games.
    Still what do I
    I must just have it in for Theo with that terrible criticism of him.Imagine suggesting he should come on rather than start.What a cunt I turned out to be.

  40. FinnGun,

    you, sir, are an idiot, you don’t necessarily need Latin classes to know the meaning of commonly used phrases, learning a bit of history should suffice!

    plus, it is a bit simplistic to say that teaching Latin has no use, first of all, most of the western languages stem from Latin!

    not to mention its use in medicine, etc.

  41. PG absolutely not. I just believe that he terrifies defences with his pace, opens up opportunities for Rambo’s passing and frees so much space for the likes of RVP to capitalise on.

  42. Don’t feed it folks

  43. JonJon,

    as far as these idiots upstairs are concerned, the games are sold out that way and the attendance reported to the league big wigs is in excess of 60K, so it will not have any effect whatsoever…

    and if the professionals paid millions can’t handle some criticism, they may as well do one…

  44. PG no need to apologise I can see my brusque response may have appeared combative but i simply meant if i was a left back or left sided centre half I’d breathe a sigh of relief not to see him. But I take your point too against tired legs he would be bound to make an impact.

  45. Let it starve people

  46. denial is not a river in Egypt…

  47. we had a team built around henry..then the batton was passed to cesc…now its in the hands of robin..

    sort of goes against the crap that gazidis was chirpping on about when he was claiming that we are a club built on team values and there are no individual superstars and its an inspiration to everyone in the world..

  48. In fact even better let them eat each other!

  49. JJ.He was right to say that.
    It should be the goal.
    But every team ,and I do mean every,has a best player.One who controls the play perhaps.or scores the Lions share of the goals.
    What would you have him say?

  50. Good morning Suga

    Greek is also very prominent in medicine, particularly in pathology. I thought you might appreciate this description of your views. Unfortunately, I had to use the character map feature to write it so it’s not quite perfect.

    Λέσ πολλέσ μάλάκίέσ

  51. I dont understand how we played Sunday then Wednesday and now the early kick-off on Saturday especially when the game is not on the TV.

    By comparison Spuds Citeh and Manure all played Tuesday and Manure and Spuds played Sat whilst Citeh were not playing.

    Citeh get the late ko today Manure play tomorrow the spuds and socucers play on Monday.

    Is it just me or do these fixtures seem a little stacked against us in terms of players recovery times? We looked so shattered at the end of the Bolton game.

    I will say it again, if we are not on the TV why are we kicking off early? Is is just because of the tube problems?

  52. “but surely a realisation that the corner is being turned must surface somewhere?”

    With a goalless draw against 17th in the league who’ve just sold their best player? Come on, this is getting ridiculous.

  53. suga
    if they stay away permantly and there are signs that the stadium will not be full next season it will really put them up against the wall..

    much like our home form is all weve got..the revenues the stadium brings in will be all weve got next year if it all goes wrong..

    we already have poor sponserships and a wierd wage bill that hinders us financially..
    if we miss out on cl and we lose tv rights by not being in the PL elite as well then its left upto the stadium to bring in the money..we are facing a huge financial blow next year..

    if ppl really want to make their voices heard then shouting in this instance isnt going to do a thing..stay at home, watch the arsenal on the telly..they’ll realise theyve lost their grip and the lies dont wash anymore..

    they will shit themselves of the thought of a squad not capable of challenging for PL and a stadium that they cant sell out..

  54. JamesM – you don’t think Bolton were in a good run of form when we played them? Or you don’t think a clean sheet and a draw away from home is better than a straight run of defeats? You don’t think we outplayed them and were extremely unlucky not to win?

  55. Anyway bollocks to the miserable moaners there is a match today and I for one cannot wait.

  56. I’d have Walcott upfront if we rest RVP. Walcott is at most a decent winger but he will be a great striker and the process of moving him centre should start now.

  57. george
    he wasnt right to say it at all..his whole speech was laughable and he embarrased himself and id rather him say nothing and get on with the job hes supposed to do..

  58. Interesting idea Kenyan. OX and AA on the flanks and Theo in the middle. Jesus how fast and tricksy would that attack be??

  59. JJ,

    no, they won’t, as far as they are concerned, everything is just fine, the waiting list is long and it’s perfectly fine to increase the ticket prices again…

    they are also perfectly fine with a squad not capable of challenging for the PL, where have you been for the last few years?

  60. JJ I disagree.I thought he spoke well an made chumps out of the panel.
    I like him ..

    JJ please don’t engage the enemies

  61. JJ you are another individual who wastes his time posting pointless comments. Read Arsenal: The making of a superclub by Alex Fynn and Kevin Witcher. The club had to accept front loaded sponsorship deals in order to secure funds to build the stadium. It is better to be informed before you post your bitter guff. The debate cannot move on with ignorant comments…

  62. Apologies for the outburst Yogi. Quite rightly I was in comment moderation mode for it!

    These so called fans make my blood boil. I am a strong critic of the season so far. I think we have made many mistakes but you have to give the manager a chance to change things around given all that he has done for our club. He is an intelligent man who is also a successful man. I am sure he is as frustrated with events as every single fan who wishes to boo the manager.

    Arsene has guided us to this position but he has also guided us to successive trophies and transformed our club into one of the biggest in Europe. Do you not think it is a bit short sighted to suddenly turn on him when he goes through a difficult period?

    I really wish these so called fans would disappear. Completely.

    Support your team of f*ck off.

  63. Oh, what a surprise it was Suga that wrote that rubbish about poor sponsorship deals! Cherry picking again Suga?

  64. JonJon, if you really want to make your voices heard why dont you get down the bloody stadium and sing for the team?? It makes me fucking mad this whinging when the fans we have are probably the most spoilt kids of any team in the league. We don’t support the team any more, we seem to think we have some divine right to watch the best football in the land and for players not to desert our club, yet the moment things start to go against us we desert the players and the manager. We should be doing everything in our power to help them through this time not making matters worse with stupid protests that are going to be nothing but self-defeating. what is RVP going to think when he hears the fans booing and the greatest manager the club has ever known getting stick. What happens if he hits a run of bad form? Would we all get on his back? Why wouldn’t he want to leave? Listen to the noise that was created at Swansea by both sets of supporters that is the atmosphere that gets players playing, look at their home record do you think that doesn’t have an effect on the players. Likewise the opposite is true, negativity will bread indecision and nervousness.

    I personally think that all of you that don’t want to go any more should offer your tickets to fans who will go and offer their backing to the team and who can’t get in for various reasons.

  65. Lets have a day of talking about football and rejoicing at being Arsenal fans.
    How about that?

  66. Georgaki,

    seeing things again?

  67. “JamesM – you don’t think Bolton were in a good run of form when we played them? Or you don’t think a clean sheet and a draw away from home is better than a straight run of defeats? You don’t think we outplayed them and were extremely unlucky not to win?”

    2 wins, 1 draw, 2 losses in the 5 before they played us – hardly title winning form is it?

    Clearly a point is better than nowt, but we need to be winning nearly all of our games from now on – we can’t afford to drop points against relegation fodder

    Unlucky not to score (and wasteful) but could easily have conceded at the end.

  68. drew10

    It’s early because of tube works or something, on the Victoria Line, I think.

  69. Cheers Yogi, Damn that was a good conspiracy theory that was. The bloke that decides the tube upgrade plans must be a Spud in that case!!

  70. and oh, I am sure you can do better than the most commonly known Greek insult?

  71. I’d love to know how many of you superior posters on here actually are going today or regularly go to matches?

  72. @drew10

    “yet the moment things start to go against us we desert the players and the manager.”

    it’s been going on for years now. Could easily have won the league on a couple of occasions with one or two more players. The vast majority of the supporters have been able to identify our weaknesses in each of the last 4 or 5 pre-seasons, so why can’t the club?

  73. Suga

    No you did write that stuff

  74. Support the team, support the team…where the hell do you think their salaries come from? Government funding?

  75. care to point out which post?

  76. What Fayboy.If you buy a ticket it entitles you to victory’s What do the opposition fans make of that.Do the watch for free?

  77. As far as the Arsenal support goes, the quibbles over attendances just sums up how pathetic it is. Just pathetic.

    At Highbury, the attendance was the number of tickets sold in advance and on the day. Was never an issue there, no matter what revisionists like to claim now. It seems however, The Emirates must declare how many people sit in their seats. Now, if that is the case, the club must surely therefore only declare the income from those people who turned up. That is the only logical conclusion to that argument because, if the club has to declare all of the revenue, that means that the tickets were sold. And that is the attendance; the tickets sold.

    No matter what anyone may wish to argue to the contrary, to equate the attendance with anything other than the tickets sold is (a) fundamentally wrong, (b) entirely inaccurate, (c) changing the way in which all of sport and the leisure industry reports attendances and (d) just utterly stupid.

  78. Why do you deny it?

  79. fanboy, If you are paying the money why not get behind the team and try to help lift them. They are obviously short on confidence now, how is booing and negativity going to turn that around. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    I am sure most gooners can’t recall the pre-wenger era when we were really crap! The Scoucers have won more titles than us and haven’t won one for much longer than us yet they still support their team 100% whilst they are on the pitch.

    Some of the things I see and hear (or more to the point don’t hear) in the stadium makes me embarrassed to call my self a Gooner.

  80. Lots of doom n gloom in the blogosphere. But it was refreshing to hear from Ian-never-wrong-Wright that Wenger and not Mourinho should stay at the helm to bring the club out of the gloom. Last weeks game was disappointing but there was enough to suggesr the team is on the up. For thise with short memories do you remember what haopened to us the last time we visited the reebok with cesc and nasri…we were humiliated. We are turning the corner, showing lots more heart and deternination. Theos confidence has already improved with bacary sagna back and arteta back gives the team a more solid shape. Mertesacker pyt in a shift at bolton in the second half. Ox will learn to balance his attack with defence. Chamakh back apparently. He needs to deliver badly. But the team also need to play to hus strengths and cross the ball. And on the point of crossing how about sagnas cross to rvp. Blackburn are going to be stuffed. 4-0 today. It has been long overdue. COYG!!!

  81. Excuse me Suga while I place a black bin liner over my toilet seat

  82. Georgaki,

    because I want you to prove me wrong, you stupid twat…

    if I ever said the sponsorship deals were poor (which is a fact), it was never without acknowledgment of the reason why it is the case…

  83. It doesn’t entitle me to a victory, it entitles me to see the best people that we can afford on the team trying to achieve a victory.

  84. drew10,

    crap before Wenger? yes, we had our problems, but we had 10 league titles to our name and numerous other trophies and quite frankly, I would rather watch Graham’s team than this bunch…

    do you think this lot would be capable of repeating the Anfield 89 grand finale?

  85. No Suga, you wouldn’t want to watch 1994-95 again. Not if you saw it first time around.

  86. Idiots never know when they are wrong. So why criticise the sponsorship deals if you understand the circumstances under which they were struck? You are just bitter, which clouds your judgement. Anyway the Greek insult is a very mild one. Do you really know what it was?

  87. “It doesn’t entitle me to a victory, it entitles me to see the best people that we can afford on the team trying to achieve a victory.”

    Exactly. That’s something we haven’t had since 07-08.

  88. Drew

    The players being short on confidence is hardly my fault, is it?

    And I’m not one for booing the players (it is just plain stupid) but the manage(r)ment is another story.

    Don’t confuse my lack of support for how my club is being run with my support of the players 100% throughout the game

  89. “No Suga, you wouldn’t want to watch 1994-95 again. Not if you saw it first time around.”

    That’s one season out of 8 or 9. Would happily take any of the others over the last 2 or 3 years of the current team

  90. Georgaki,

    I am still waiting for you to back up your claims of me ‘cherry picking’…

    and yes, I know what it means, like I said, it is the most commonly known insult, mild or not…

  91. YW,

    I think James M responded to that 😉

    and given the disparity between the resources available, this season is more or less equivalent of 94/95…

  92. Oh dear this all started so well this morning and now slowly everyone is being sucked into the plug hole. Can you not see this utterly silly person wants you all to join his facile debate rather than looking forward to the match and enjoying the company of like minded people.
    I never read his posts but I see from your responses that he’s winning.
    Can anyone say they genuinely enjoy banging their head against this brick thick wall?

  93. I’d love to put a bin bag over Wenger, Gazidis and that wig wearing parasite kronke heads.

  94. Suga, We had one or two good seasons under Graham and yes do not get me wrong 89 at Anfield was the greatest footballing moment bar none. However I think you must be looking back through rose-tinted glasses. GG made more horrendous signings than Wenger ever has and there was a reason we were called boring boring Arsenal. We have been blessed with some of the greatest players to ever play the game thanks to Wenger and the football we have witnessed has been out-of-this-world. Why after everything that the guy has done for our club can we not afford him some unconditional support at least till the end of the season. We now can’t sign anyone so we might as well do everything we can to pull the team to be the best they can be.

    I honestly do not get it!

  95. YW a very nice and welcome write-up.

    Certain bloggers are worth their weight in words, e.g a Suga too many!

    Arsenal Holdings DID speculate to accumulate in the building of The Emirates. Within the terms of the fixed rate Bonds, the Directors are committed to maintain specified amounts on bank deposit as security against future payments of interest and principal. There is also the little matter of the Newton Housing Trust, at the last accounts 31st May 2011 was £4.5 millions. With £31.587 millions + Interest payable + Newton, the Directors are compelled to ring-fence circa £50 millions in the Budget! Ring-fenced means that this £50 millions cannot be spent on anything else!

    There is also was also £10.7 millions due to the Club for transfers.

    That is enough hard financial facts-of-life for today and thank you YW for this space.

  96. Suga give up waiting for an exact reference to where and when you wrote that stuff….You don’t have many sympathisers on here and you are well known for your deep rooted hostility to the current regime running Arsenal.

    Anyway, I’m proud that I can multi-task…I thwarted the wife who wanted to drag me off shopping, I’m cleaning the bathroom, and I’ve put a black bin liner over the toilet seat in your honour, and I corresponding with you….great isn’t it?

  97. Haha censorship

  98. drew10,

    no, he deserves all the stick coming his way for pathetic mishandling of a few transfer windows on the bounce…

    reap what you sow and all that…

  99. Georgaki,

    of course you can’t present any evidence of that because you are lying, must be a Greek thing, something akin to cooking the books to join the Eurozone?

  100. OOOOOh! Suga, you also have racist tendencies….It’s all becoming clearer. Maligning an entire nation for the faults of the few…..

  101. Mishandling of transfer windows? We lost Cesc and Na$ri when he thought Na$ri would stay. We all wanted Adebayor out of the club so he went also. We got a lot of money for those 3. Clichy went, again nobody was sad to see him go.

    Lets look at recent transfer windows. We have signed, Ramsey, Arteta, Vermalean, Kos, the OX, Mertesacker, Gervinho. We also Signed Chamakh who looked like a brilliant signing for a few months as did AA23. You are right that Wenger should have been able to see into the future to see that these players would come off the boil so badly. We have also signed a couple of decent squad players and a couple who look good for the future.

    Yes amongst those there are players who haven’t yet made the grade but apart from losing a couple of huge players I don’t see why we are so down on the transfer policy. Injuries and players in poor form have been more to blame I would suggest.

  102. having got some tripe about Polish plumbers, thought it was OK to be mildly racist on here?

  103. I saw nbtag pedantic George being racist towards sugar on here the other day.
    people in glass houses ………

  104. Polish heh! I love pierogies and bigoss. Are those spelt correctly…

  105. drew10,

    the only people who thought Nasri would stay was Wenger and his blind followers, the choice between keeping an uncommitted player to let him leave on a free in year and pocketing more than twenty million was a no-brainer, surely?

    riddle me this: if Wenger thought it was OK to piss that much money down the drain, then on the flipside it must be OK to spend that much on reinforcements?

    and I am talking earlier windows here, where we needed an striker a CB, a DM,to push us over the line, but Wenger would not lift a finger…

  106. more or less, it’s ‘pierogi’ and ‘bigos’ 😉

  107. Anyway. Assuming some of you Arsenal fans will be here and not this ragbag motley of haters and depressives I’ll see you during the game.

  108. george
    we have never agreed on certain issues and we never will on this one..

    gazidis reads from a script..

    hes paid to sell the club..but its hard to sell something when you dont speak the truth..

  109. We bought TV5, and Kos, yes admittedly we bought sylvester which was an abomination. We also brought in a full France international centreback, who should have been better than he is. No manager has an unblemished signing record. Red nose bought plenty of shit over the years.

  110. Suga

    You’re doing it again! There’s so much certainty in your words. That’s why you are so volatile. You can only speculate about who knew when Nasri would go. I speculate that when Wenger claimed top clubs don’t sell their best players he felt he might keep Nasri and Cesc. Then he had a meeting with Cesc and realised the lad was pining for home. Cesc has since hinted that Wenger persuaded the board not to play hardball over the transfer fee….and board compromised and said then we sell Nasri for as much as we can get….Cesc has nothing but love and respect for Wenger…just watch his interviews and it is quite clear. It’s on this basis that I speculate the above. It is also consistent with the complete respect all ex-Arsenal players have for the man. Even Ashley Cole was clealry thankful and full of admiration. Maybe that’s the problem. Wenger retains too much humanity in his dealings…

  111. full France international CB, you mean Squillaci, right?

    what could possibly be the reason for such rapid decline in value? hmmm,let me think, perhaps him being fucking shit?

  112. SUGA …at 9 o clock you blame the “profiteering ” board , and at 9.15 you blame the manager saying he has lost his touch.

    Do you think you can pick one? cant be both mate…..

    Companies have structures and the ultimate decission making always lies with the OWNER.

    If i open a restaurant and have no idea about cooking i will hire a chef. the chef knows how to make food, i dont. i just have money and want to invest it somewhere. Its me, the owner who will decide whether the chef makes italian food, chinese food or brasilian food. not the chef. It is me the owner who will decide whether the restaurant is a canteen, a beer house with suasages and stakes, or a high class wine-bar-restaurant, or a fast food joint.

    Arsenal is owned by people who dont necessarily know how football works. That why they hire Arsene Wenger as their manager to take care of the football side of things. However the club;s policy is not decided by the employee. The club;s policy is decided by the owner. the one with the money.

    iF THE OWNER OF THE CLUB WANTS HIS CLUB TO DOMINATE THEN HE SHOULD PROVIDE THE MANAGER WITH THE MEANS TO DO IT. its the case for manchester united , its the case for chelsea, its the case for city, its the case for barcelona, its the case for real madrid. So then arsenal owners, what is it you want arsenal to do? the arsenal owners want a club that is self sustainable. the hows of it they aint got a clue about. here is where wenger’s technical know-how steps in. Wenger can only propose, wenger knows how to work with youngsters, and wenger has an amazing ability to spot talent, potential and value. he is also very good at producing teams that play spectacular football.

    The policy to build a stadium so as to become self sustainable, and the subsequent need to go with youngsters until its repaid is not a decission made by Wenger. This decission is made by the Owners. Th eowners then told their manager that they want to be a self sustainable club. the manager proposes what he knows. The decission lies with the owenrs, not eh manager. They just happen to have the best man for the job they have in mind, therefore it makes sense to play it safe. If you remember correctly Dein aint got problem with wenger, Dein has problem with the board and the current ownership structures.

    Wenger , out of all the top teams managers has the most difficult task of all. Besides being burdened with further responsibilities and jurisdictions than he should have he has the tough task of dealing with production lines. Do you know what production lines mean ? Do you know how this system works?

    When youre dealing with production lines , you aint just focusing on one player or one position. you focus on whole generations for the whole 11 positions. the 12y.o will push and compete for place and get it from the 14y.o. The 14y.o will do same and compete for place and push the 16y.o to do better. the 16y.o will do same to 18y.o and the 18y.o will push the first teamer.In such a process to get the balance right you must enter the matrix and find the connection points of these waves (generations) and integrate them. We are talking tons of info here with fitness, psychological and ergometric tests. Wenger;s brain must operate like a computer, he sees numbers and patterns while we see 11 men wearing shorts kicking a ball. His emphasis is to make all of them play in a unified way, his way. Its not about the faces but its about the numbers. when the first teamer cant participate in the match for whatever reason, the youngster will step up and he already knows what to do football wise, its just the pshycological barrier of pressure and exposure in front of million viewers he has to deal with.

    OK one will say ….so how come ferguson gets it right with his production lines ? or barcelona ? Ferguson has had a jumstart of almost 10-15 years to what arsenal are doing first of all. The previous owners of united ( the irish) wanted local domination and global expansion and provided ferguson with funds to do that. the owners of united wanted their club to be the best in england. Ferguson has been breaking transfer records and buying anything that moved from aberdeen to cornwall. he set up his deals and his partnerships with europe too ( kenyon) and was spenidng tons of money left right and centre to get players of all ages , for the youth teams and the first team. the transfers of the youth team we dont really hear about. When the glazers took over they wanted global dominance and found schemes to provide fergie the funds to do so. the amount of money this club has spent on young players is outrageous. fergie spends handsomely to keep his production lines. fergie has made deals under the table with his son. Lippi did the same in italy. Both are terrific managers, both are dodgy as f*Ck. The irish tycoons once asked ferguson about these deals. fergie went in hidding. when mourinho came chelsea knew how to hit united for local dominance. they got kenyon. and united and chelsea got their thighs tangled over the obi mikel affair…remember? hehehe

    fergie is connected and like a mafia boss. do you know how many youngsters from ages 12 to 18 arrive at manchester from clubs all over the world? machedas and rossis from italy…brasilian twins…portuguese conenctions….scandinavian connections, yugoslavian.balkan connections. He is everywhere. he is not a fool. he has unbelievable power. Why do you think wenger has had to focus on french market and then seek for players in africa and uganda? Cause that was the only available field to get players from. c.ronaldo, ruud van nistleory and smallin are the easy examples i can remember about ferguson pi55ing over wenger targets and outbidding him. Ferguson can keep his production lines cause buying teenagers at 17m a piece will obviously be better players than wenger who finds them for 1,5m or 2.3m. The difference here is quality and when the difference is quality its because you got what you paid for. Nonetheless even with this significant advanatge fergie has ( money) wenger has made a fool out of him and vice verca. for every bebe there is a toure and for every chickarito there is a bendtner.

    barcelona now, again here it was the president laporta that defined barcelona;s policy. in one year he made 11 world class transfers, spent billions and demanded that the prevailing laguage in training sessions is the catalan. It wasnt raijkard….. raijkard doesnt care if he communicates to ronaldinho in catalan , english, brasialian, dutch or whatever else. The owner decides. The owner wanted titles , champions leagues, to disgrace madrid the whole lot. When he left and rossel took over rossel could not believe the amount of spending that had taken place. they couldnt pay their own players in one summer. Barcelona;s production lines are taken care of by johan cruyff who is there the last 4 decades setting down the football “tones” of total football. pep is the ballboy-player-manager who is the right man for the right club and who knows EVERYONE in there and EVERYTHING. yet they still spend heavly on macheranos, snachez ibra previously, villa, alvez….heavy investments, investments for global dominace.

    you have got to understand. its the owners that decide the policy of the club. not the managers. In the case of arsenal now, the policy is to become self suastainable and go with youth till the stadium is repaid with aim to remain competitive enough as to enable the club to make money and pay back the loans faster. current;y the ownership structure is in transition within an already massive club transition and the aims are not clearly defined. dont forget that kroenke;s men and a possible new policy and direction can not be decided until the first 12 months are over.

    so many complicated things that you have no idea about…so lets keep it simple….do you love arsenal? then pull a finger out and start supporting.

  113. Shit or not he was a full France international who had just played at the World Cup.

  114. No you wouldn’t James. As it is 92/93 was saved by two trophies but the football in the league was appalling. 1993/4 was dire save for the European campaign. You would have bitched and moaned like hell every week except for the cups. Which is about 14 games out of 60.

    Let’s be honest here. No-one detracts from winning the trophies, no-one and those who believe Arsene’s reign is Arsenal know nothing about the club. Those who claim that Graham’s era was better are no better. The past always seems better when the present is not what you want.

  115. Resources mean nothing, Suga. If we finish 12th, it’s the equivalent. If not, there’s no comparison.

  116. Georgaki,

    Cesc asked Wenger for a transfer on the last day of the season a year earlier and was uncommitted in his last season here, if Wenger thought he could keep him, well…

    and like I said, Nasri was either leaving this year for 23M or in a year on a free, plus, he was not really all that…

  117. and care to remind us how did France fare in that WC?

    and let’s not forget that Domenech is a complete mug of a manager, shall we?

  118. “Suga, We had one or two good seasons under Graham”

    Only one or two? Do me a favour. They were boring for maybe 3 of the 9 seasons but won 2 leagues, 2 league cups, an FA Cup, A Cup-Winners Cup and 3 golden boots, despite being outspent by half the old first division.

  119. moderation? what did I do now?

  120. Right, I’m tired of the bickering. Moderation is going to be turned on for individuals without explanation, suffice to say the reason being I find them tiresome.

  121. Just testing a generic setting, Suga, for several people. And it worked. You’re out of moderation for the moment.

  122. suga @11:29 , rather wath gg sides than todays sides are you sure did youwatch the last few years of gg total crap . thats the worst comment ive read on any blog unbelieveable and confirms your position however intelligent you think you are generally you are a football dunce still cant belive that coment i nearly crashed cashleys car

  123. YW,

    thank you, sir 😉

    of course the resources do matter, and the decline we are witnessing is unacceptable, but then again, it’s just my opinion…

  124. Hunter

    My word that was a stunning piece. Brilliant, thanks!

  125. another fine example of owners policy is ac milan …..carlo ancelotti won the champions league BUT SILVIO said ” yes but i want my team to play with two strikers: …… and carlos was out …. 😉

  126. yes geogaki !!!! the good must prevail !!!!!!

  127. aob,

    personally, I find it amusing how you can’t see any analogy between the last few years in Graham’s reign and what is happening now, but each to his own, I guess 😉

  128. Good post YW.

    Come on Arsenal

  129. Right chaps off to listen to the game

  130. hunter,

    we have a massive wage bill, a number of players on ridiculous wages if you consider their (lack of) ability and we get played off the park by Swansea…

    I support Arsenal first and foremost, I consider this season to be a complete failure, so I voice my discontent, simple as…

    and oh, how stupid must these people who were rooting for Kroenke calling him a ‘great sports fan’ feel now, eh?

  131. Szczesny, Coquelin, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Song, Arteta, Rosicky, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Walcott, Van Persie.

  132. Subs Fabianski, Sagna, Ramsey, Benayoun, Arshavin, Henry, Park.

  133. its not the team i would have liked to see picked but it should do the job today..

    it needs to do the job today..we need a win take a 1-0 in off theos arm again..we just need the points..

  134. Nice lineup. Off to my joint now. COYG!

  135. theo and song need big games today..

  136. good thing that Ramsey finally gets rested…

  137. COME ON YOU GUNNERS……. come out blazing!!!!!!,

  138. If anyone uses Sopcast to stream the game channel 100804 looks good. Also Dutch comms so players names and crowd noises all you’ll understand, no need to scream at the anti Arsenal comments all through the match.

  139. For those of you using sopcast, the best channel is 106723

    It is crystal clear

  140. @Suga
    You support Arsenal but wouldn’t mind if a suger daddy came in that would make us his plaything? Quite rich, huh? I bet if you were a Manc supporter, you wouldn’t be seen swinging a green and gold scarf.

  141. im watching it right now, and it is amazing, the guy who runs this channel is a spurs fan but who cares? LOL

  142. You can hear the morons boo when AA’s name is read out. Makes your heart sink.

  143. Oh again Arshavin gets jeered when his name is announced? Wow, so it is really a battle of the classless bunches, I guess? Our supporters or Blackburn’s, who’s worse?

  144. Come on, Arsenal! Brilliant start!

  145. I am sorry for generalising. I am very well aware that not all the people in the stadium are “that” kind of supporter. It’s just very annoying that one of our players get boo’ed for weeks and weeks instead of the support he deserves.

  146. And Theo shows his class! 1:0 Robin!

  147. Great work from Le Coq and Theo

  148. The mandatory goal for Robin van Perfect.

  149. Yes!!!!

  150. With you all the way Evil

  151. I guess that Theo decided to stay onside must’ve been “instinctive” and has nothing to do with his football brain, huh?

  152. nice read by Coq……and excellent read/run and cross by Theo….

  153. awh arsenal player down again. forces me to lsiten to the twatts at telly :p

  154. Jenks will have to fight hard to grab that sub spot from Nico i recon. Nico has grabbed his chance with both hands here…

  155. All coquelin that was

  156. poodle download and install sopcast use the link I put up earlier it’s perfect

  157. Love the way the Ox isnt afraid to shoot on sight . Great start now to build on it.

  158. So close – Ox reads Theo’s runs so well. He did against Bolton the other night on a couple of occasions.

  159. steww

    are you using the one i posted?

  160. Arteta looks better every game to me. It’s as if he believes he’s an Arsenal player now.

  161. steww try that one its picture perfect

  162. Didn’t see which one that was Moe. It’s a Dutch channel 100804

  163. Late on Arteta. Cunt.

  164. Don’t want to switch now Moe I’ll have a look at half time

  165. this one steww, its like watching it on tv


  166. The ox is an intelligent lad.

  167. we look a different side to the one that played against bolton

  168. Moe – what language are the comms?

  169. So maybe AW wasnt so stupid after all? Oxo to replace Nasri and Wilshere to replace Cesc when he finally gets back..

  170. Ox was afer all a very xpensive teenager…

  171. Wonderful disguised pass from le Coq to Theo there

  172. steww

    hahaha i see where you’re going with this, they’re english unfortunately

  173. bt that chesney thing does not look good!

  174. poodle – I was just thinking how Arsene’s transfer activity is a stick often used to beat him with and yet his key signings (Per, M.A and Ox) have been superb.

  175. @Steww
    Don’t forget Gervinho! Looks top class, just needs to work a bit on his finishing.

  176. Moe – Ah, I’ll stick with my Dutch pals. I’m sure one of them just said Arsene Wenger is the greatest manager in the clubs history and any Arsenal fans who boo at the Emirates are a bunch of ungrateful bastards who don’t deserve to be there.
    But I could be wrong.

  177. Shit Evil – how could i overlook the Gerv. Once he’s settled he’ll be a star I have no doubt.

  178. Blackburns secret weapon, Fatty Robinson’s clearances.

  179. Steww


    Arteta is just an absolute beast, amazing player

  180. The biggest differece between Arsenal and other clubs: if another club had Sanga out they would buy a new rightback,we create Nico!

  181. RvP makes his tap ins look so easy and simple. Sign of a genius.

  182. Well played again Theo.

  183. Rosicky is making such a difference ,

  184. @Sv i do hope Oxo Or Walcott score a nice goal or soeone from the midfield.. we need that..

  185. Poodle and of course let’s not overlook Le Coq who is doing a good job there today.

  186. Rosicky changes the whole dynamics of our play

    faster play, faster mentality

  187. The Ox changes direction at speed in a way that makes your eyes go funny.

  188. Encouraging that rosicky took a shot.

  189. Two so far FG

  190. I might end up putting my underwear on my head and dance throughout the house if Rosicky finally manages to score! I so badly want him to get a goal.

  191. Fuck me – I didn’t know Per was allowed to head the ball

  192. fukin hell, this is a siege of corners

  193. Evil remember that screamer he scored for his country just after his signing was announced? Was it the Euros? I’ve been looking forward to a few of those ever since.

  194. @ Evil | February 4, 2012 at 1:25 pm

    “I might end up putting my underwear on my head and dance throughout the house if Rosicky finally manages to score! I so badly want him to get a goal.”

    Make sure you post a picture of it on here.

  195. Just waiting for someone to worry that we haven’t scored the second yet.

  196. ‘makes his tap ins look so easy and simple’

    ha ha ha ha

  197. Moving the ball quickly. Good.

  198. TR7 close control there remarkable.

  199. steww

    the funny thing is, when we play like this, i have the utmost confidence that even if we concede we will still win

  200. RVP poor first touch. There’s a comment for the scrap book.

  201. Feels good today doesn’t it Moe?

  202. suga shut up dont know about the club structure nor its decission making process. you have no idea of wenger;s responsibilities and jurisdiction and last time i checked you were saying something about the greeks.

    lol….when the greeks were forming civilsition and calculating the distance between earth and sun your grandpa was climbing trees to avoid the beasts of the forrest 😉

    your ignorance on european history and finance is a lot bigger than your ignorance on football or arsenal so stop embarassing yourself and making my hair drop out with the crap you type please…

  203. Ah. Fuck. (Jinx?)

  204. I’m worried , we need a second before the usual sucker punch.

  205. O wait thre it is right on cue,

  206. and schezny is a mug …… they have done this to him 4 or 5 times this season…..

  207. you just knew they would score from that

  208. One shot, one goal. How many shots have we had?

  209. Blimey… To be level after this half will be a travesty, but here we go.

  210. i think i may have inadvertendly jinxed it

  211. still calm, cos i know blackburn will be in for an absolute pounding, we just need to put away the chances

  212. Can’t fault Penderson’s execution.

  213. Saturday Quiz: A team have none of the ball and score with their first shot on target. Who is the team they are playing against!

  214. No it was Stew not you Moe.

  215. Would be typical our luck to give away two frekicks and they score on bouth.. great freekick though….

  216. lol chesny …wrong wall..wrong position..wrong stretch… ffs lad…2mtrs tall and cant dart to your corners?

  217. Listen to Moe everyone stay clam. Don’t blame Szezzer – I jinxed us it was down to me.

  218. Clam? Stay clam? I need to clam down a bit myself.

  219. Time wasting starts now?

  220. Glad to see us dishing it out to Blackburn . Though there should have been a free kick leading up to the one they got.

  221. Well read Szcez. He could see that guy was offside so left it.

  222. Oh Szczesny .. lucky us!

  223. steww

    when we’re playing like this, its only a matter of time

  224. hunter13,

    what do you know about the club structure then? your opinion is as good as mine, so…

    I am very well educated, so I know about Greek history you plank, but what does that count for? do you know how many times they went bankrupt as a country thus far?

    and Szczesny was not at fault with that goal…

  225. hehehe song !

  226. RVP can’t shoot for toffee. Suga and Jabba and JonJon were right when they called on Arsene to get rid last season- dead wood.

  227. To be honest I can’t remember a proper howler from Szczesny yet. There has been the mix up in the CC final and some other smaller mistakes, but no proper howler yet. He is due soon, I fear.

  228. Wow…..what ball movement to lead up to the goal….

  229. That’s the response we been looking for ,, get it there !!!!!!

    Take a bow Alex Song.

  231. shut up suga you know nothing ….i wrote you 7 paragraphs and you couldnt even reply came back with three twosentenced paragraphs…either you cant get what i told you or you got it and youre hidding like a turtle…..

  232. woooooooooooo hoooooooooooooooo

  233. what did i say?


  234. THEO! ROBIN!

  235. Another Rvp’s tap in. As I said. Genius. And his partnership with Theo works.

  236. no suga it wasnt chesneys fault…it was wengerl;s fault …pmsl…

  237. my god. the reason why Walcott aint scoring is because he giftwrapps em all to vP! and thats a fact…

    But we should learn to score without

  238. Theo made a very difficult pull back look easy.

  239. And Song Fabregas, obviously!

  240. Oh, Robin. you lovely lovely man.

  241. in your arse suga! 15 million chamberlain !

  242. Moe – I bow before you.

  243. That just made my day ,, the Ox has officially arrived.

  244. OH YES> What a finish

  245. I remember a 6:3 against them 2 years ago. Another one?

    Alex is a star………..

  246. yeah go on the Ox

  247. What did i say again?


  248. Fuck you Jabba fuck you Suga Fuck you AIC and all the rest.

  249. look you stupid cunt, you wrote seven paragraphs of bile, two paragraphs was just enough t respond to that, quality over quantity and all that…

    and Szczesny got a hand to it, you idiot, why slag off the best GK we have in ages?


  250. My god it feels good

  251. come on lets hear it suga!!!! dont hide …………….

    shouldnt schesny have an extra man in the right side of his wall? …since he is situated in the far left should he not have in his mind that the first thing a left footed player will do from that position is send it to his right ?

    like i said…you are ignorant !

  252. Fabulous – my connection went down and then when I get it back we’ve scored another!!

  253. The thing with Alex is that he can dribble. It makes finishing for him so much easier, compared to Theo.

  254. good thats ugly!

  255. Is Robin OK?

  256. dont you swear at me you poor relative of rooneh and barton …. leave my arsenal alone !

  257. @steww
    I fully agree with your statement at 1:42 pm, sir.

  258. This is just what we needed!!! Hope we can keep it going. Would love to see us get a few more.

  259. what the hell is wrong with the blackburn players??

  260. can anyone recommend a live stream?

  261. oh no RVP fucked???

  262. How dumb do those twat fans who didnt bother to turn up feel now. RVP hatrick and Ox on fire…right out of the TH14 finishing school.

  263. Red Card for Blackburn

    They are now dead meat

  264. phew hes ok

  265. Stupid, stupid Givet.

  266. I hope we just sub Robin at half time. This game is wrapped up. Give Park some game time.

  267. @Suga
    So Szcz can’t be criticised now? Wow!

  268. One more then give RVP a rest. Let Park have a run.

  269. slagging off??? lol can i not mention the football mistakes and goalkeeping mistakes of our players…did i say that chesney is cr@p keeper you to55pot? no ididnt..i called him a mug cause people have done that to him 4 – 5 times this season…that wasnt roberto carlos..that was pedersen….

    his position was wrong and the touch he got was wrong he should have stretched with opposite hand, not dance like fred aster and dive like a rainbow..quick feet jump and dart to your corner !

    god why do i bother are totally clueless..

  270. Hark at me telling Arsene what to do….

  271. @suga cos he made a mistake and is entitled for the exact same kind of criticisism as all our outher players?
    Chesny is far from perfect… but he knows that and thats why he is evolving. but hes NOT excempted from critique….

    Or should we give Chezney special tretment jsut because his polish?

  272. I think Vermealen is enjoying his time at left back.

  273. Oooh my God. Close…

  274. steww | February 4, 2012 at 1:42 pm

    right on !

  275. Song brought his boots today

    Wise move

    And then vermaelen almost makes it four

    i love arsenal when they play with speed and pace

  276. Ref’s taken a slap has he?

  277. And now the ref is wasting time …!

  278. What happened to the wanker in the black? Um, blue.

  279. er, nothing to do with him being Polish, Fannyanski is Polish too, remember?

    Pedersen always had good dead ball skills on him, but you may wish to ignore that, knock yourself out…

    Szczesny saved us more points than lost and that is a fact…

  280. suga its ok we are winning …dont cry !!!!!!!! ahahah what a mug ..seriously how come all you here havent singled this loser out and embarass him to the point of considering suicide..he knows sweet f.a about the game or anything else.

  281. oi suga production lines…go learn your lesson first.

  282. oi suga ….its snowing in italy ….its wenger;s fkn fault !!!!!!!

  283. Arsenal are really a jekyll and hyde team

  284. Time to enjoy football (I’m not to quick to relax am I?).

  285. Steww, I’d rather have RVP on a hatrick before subbing him.

  286. hunter it’s snowing here in Somerset – I’m going to put a bin bag on my chair.

  287. no, you tosser, it’s your fault, now go jizz all over your Arsene poster, will you?

  288. Three beautiful “Arsenal” style goals, one very good free kick for them, totally against any run of play. AOC looks very, very good but how long before certain people start criticizing and saying that he is being overplayed?

  289. georgaki not only is MUGA3 α λες πολλες μαλακιεσ person , he is a genuine malakas…ahahahaha yeah i picked that up too in some summer holidays. malaka3 his name from now on. pmsl…

  290. @Georgaki – just google firstrowsports and follow the links. Up to six streams there.
    What a game so far!!

  291. Cutting blackburn to ribbons.

    Then cutting those ribbons to smaller ribbons before finally feeding it the humungous apetite of Oxlade and Rosicky

  292. haahah stew …;)

    im gathering with the MALAKAS3 protest group and preparing our complains to wenger for the melting of the icebergs…

  293. oh, how smart, did it take you long to figure this out?

    what a mug…

  294. @suga i dotn CARE how many points hes saved if he does a crap job he makes a mistake he makes a mistake. end of.

  295. OK Kenyan. Just after he took that knock I got all scared. And Park needs time on the pitch.
    Anyhoo. What a signing the Ox was. And how superbly managed by Le prof. Brought in just at the right time.

  296. besides “cunt”? Now that is a tad immature no?

  297. Is 3-1 at HT, with tons of possesions, lots of corners, multiple shots on goal, etc enough for the booing fuckers??? Are the Arsenal doing enough for you????

    Oh and sorry for that superb free kick from which we conceded, Im sure that caused you people inconvenience for a few minutes

    Despicable, useless morons….

    We are Arsenal!!

  298. Can I take this oppertunity to say Steww was right and I was wrong.
    Go on Theo.Good lad .Credit where it is due.

  299. malaka3 does it bother you that i can tell the difference and explain to you where a company;s policy comes from ? does it bother you that i can see the diffisulties and differences between clubs policies ?

    dont cry ….get used to it…cause mugs like you are my breakfast…..

    now take that black bin bag and cover yourself cause thats what black bin bags are for….garbage !

    ox – 15 million ….do you have a problem with that? do you seriously? lol..hahahaha

  300. @SUGA
    I believe you are sufficiently intelligent to realise the irony in you coming on here and pretending that criticising Arsene is not allowed, while at the same time you are shooting down a valid attempt at pointing out a mistake of our keeper.

  301. Malaka3.. heh

  302. I’m beginning to feel sorry for Suga now. Hey, in his own way he is a gooner…Anyway any good live streams I feel frustrated just listening. The internet is awful at the moment Arsenal TV online keeps on buffering…………

  303. poodle,

    that was deservedly aimed at cunter13…

  304. Walcott is an amazing asset when the right balls are played in. When we play with speed and width

  305. maybe this is a good game to introduce Park?

    what is a malaka?

  306. Rosicky is running the show today

  307. i will grill you you s.o.b …. 🙂

  308. “where would we be without RvP?”, where would City be without Silva? whre would United be without Rooney and where would poor Liverpool ever be withouth Gerrard or Chelsea withouth Drogba(mind you they prolly have won the CL, did he not have one of the worlds worst tantrums after that loss against Barcelona?)

  309. Evil,

    I see that when one of ‘yours’ calls an Arsenal player a mug is perfectly fine and when it is one of the so-called ‘doomers’ that does it, it’s irrational, etc.?

    you really can’t have it both ways, sunshine…

  310. I’m beginning to feel sorry for Suga now. Hey, in his own way he is a gooner…


    i asked him about production lines and the mug didnt know what to say back ……..

    chesney tap dances and dives like a rainbow …concedes a goal….and when i mentioned his mistake he came telling me why do i slag of one of the greatest keepers we ve had in years


    why are you malak3 slagging off the greatest manager wve had in years ?

    no answer of course …he wants the whole pie and to eat it too…..FORGET IT !

  311. but neither can you sunshine….

  312. and how convenient indeed….MUGA3 comes here allday complaining about finances and what wenger is on and how the poor people with tickets are getting ripped off…pmsl….are you at the stadium young lad? …is it your money going down the drain while wenger eats fillet steaks in his villa in acapulco ?

    lol….i will disgrace you MUGA3 ……

  313. cunter13,

    well, thank you for enlightening me with regards to the fact that it is the owner who is calling the shots in the business he owns!

    thought this much was obvious?

    but did the owner tell Wenger to extend contracts of players we now can’t sell?

  314. Watching highlights of Dortmund Nuremberg at ht. I like Dortmund. They play a bit like us.

  315. @SUGA
    I didn’t say it’s fine. Calling our players names is not fine. But I just chuckle at you, the self-styled crusader of political incorrectness when it comes to Arsenal, with all your acting as if the manager can’t be criticised, getting your panties in a bunch because someone points out a mistake made by our keeper. I don’t agree with the way the criticism has been uttered, but that you are the one to jump to make the save, you who’d love to let half our players burn, it’s just too funny.

  316. I am boycotting the games and the club merch, you mug…

    are YOU at the game? the fuck you are!

  317. And to celebrate an excellent first half I just learned the bass line to Hey Little Rich Girl by The Specials

  318. “Chelsea captain and Englan defender, John Terry has been caught playing away for the 9th time in the 7 years he has been with long suffering fiancee Toni Poole.A 17 year old girl is alledging that she met him in a car park and gave him a blow job following meeting him and asking for a photo with him, in his home town of Esher, Surrey.”

  319. damn right i will enlighten you MUGA3 …but before enlightment you need to step in the dark for a while so off you go with your black bin bag and throw yourself inside 🙂

  320. @steww
    I really hope that when Wenger hangs up his coat — in many, many years hopefully, I might add –, Klopp will be there to pick the mantle up. He seems to be in favour of doing things the right way and loves to play attacking football. I’d rather have him over Coyle, the special one and whoever else is thrown around.

  321. Poodle, the etymology of the Greek word malaka is the description of something that is ‘soft’. You may have heard of the disease ‘osteomalacia’ which is when bones are soft. People with this condition have twisted fingers and toes etc., It is also a term used by the Apostle Paul to describe homosexuals (1 Corinthians 6-9, effeminate abusers of themselves). The latter “abusers of themselves” in modern Greek is a reference to a wanker…..

  322. Great movement off the ball by Theo to open the space for MA to pass

  323. what production lines, what the fuck are you on about?

  324. hallo pedantic george …!!!! how are you mate ? feeling good i hope!

  325. malaka3… heh

  326. were we not in for nzonsi a couple of years ago?

  327. I am boycotting the games and the club merch,

    escellent ..we dont need losers like you neither your money …all 37 pence of it …you can keep it to download some torrent on club policy …ahahha

  328. Szczesny was not at fault for this goal, which was well struck, end of…

  329. youre boycotting arsenal? ahahahahahahahahahaha funniest thing ive heard ……

  330. you did not answer if you were at the ground…

  331. poodle – he’s certainly their best player today

  332. yes ok mr dasaev ……schesney didnt put his wall up correctly but yes lets praise the opposition …that was pederinho there you see …..

  333. Getting a bit ahead but this could be an excellent weekend. Expect Chelsea and may be Liverpool to drop points. Hopefully newcastle too.

    More of rosicky in the forward mid field position please. Not sure why we waited until now to use him there. Better late then never

  334. I really must remember that I have HD channels and an HD TV to watch them on.

  335. you havent answered about 20 of my points MUGA3 …you have no entitlement to any answers im afraid …..

    at least i aint boycotting ….pmsl….

  336. Arteta………………… loves scoring against this lot.

  337. Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo yes

  338. If only we had other players who could score!

    Nice one, Mikel.

  339. Arteta!!!! Yessss…

  340. Arteta

    I love this guy

  341. Arteta! 4:1! Loving this, absolutely loving this!

  342. Does Kos get an assist for that?

  343. Haha, my first thought as well. I think he does, he was the last one to touch the ball before Arteta.

  344. 4-1 what the heck is RVP still doing on the pitch?

  345. Be nice to wait for the hattrick but I’d like Park to have a confidence builder against this lot.

  346. cunter13,

    OK, that does it, this is pointless…

    but how funny that you have changed your name, creating impression that there is more of you? desperate much?

  347. Arteta!!!!!,Mr dependable

  348. Fucking hell this is joyous.Theo – proving all the doubters wrong. Again

  349. just fuck me

  350. Ox is enjoying a day out today.

    Time to improve the goal difference.

  351. Oh yes! Feed the Ox and he will score.

  352. Great play by Theo! He can’t beat his man, no football brain blahblahblah. Hattrick of assists for him.

  353. Who’s gonna get the hatrick ? RVP or Ox ? Both ?

  354. OK, who is the first to get the hattrick, RvP or AOC?

  355. And some even wondered why we spent big bucks for this 18 year old……..

    turning into quite a contributing player…….

  356. I might even start watching England again once ‘arry picks Theo, Ox and jack I the same team.

  357. The pre-match meet up went to plan. Cbob and Muppet located without fuss.

    The fifth goal streaks in whilst I type. Theo to Ox.

    Sublime barely covers it.

  358. Credit to Ox as well and obviously TR7. Great pass for Theo. I am really loving seeing him play like this. Rosicky is really speeding us up massively.

  359. all of our shots on target have gone in

    Wenger has done some shooting practice with the players i see

  360. Theo has got this whole assisting thing down pat, hasn’t he, Evil?

  361. Don’t like the look of this….

  362. I can’t remember who it was but not long ago some idiot was on here banging on about sending Ox on loan for the 2nd half of the season. What a mug that guy was. 🙂

  363. He’s up. Dare I suggest a tactical injury to avoid a booking…

  364. Steww, maybe we can take off Van Persie and let the ox go for the hatrick!

  365. Plenty of them know more than Le Boss, Bill. Even you and me both shouting for RVP to come off.

  366. What a run and pass. The OX now confident is tearing them up.

  367. Alex is a player you will go to the game to watch.

  368. AOC looking real class, sometimes you just have to give youth their head..

  369. I have a big Grin

    Oxlade, man love

  370. Thats why we paid 15million for the ox. Watch out Milan. Nothing wromg with Theos football brain. Oxlaide Chamberlain…believe the hype.

  371. oi MUGA3….black bin bag …quickly !!!!!! pmsl …

  372. hurry up RVP and get the get trick so you can come off

  373. OK then. A hat trick. Replace him now.

  374. Oh my good god. Goal of the season?

  375. wayhey off you go RVP and bring the ball with you

  376. Oh, Robin. Robin, Robin, Robin. What more is there to say?

    Who got the assist?

  377. And RVP won the race!

  378. Let’s not overlook Le Coq in that goal.

  379. @FG

  380. @ Evil
    Yay! Good boy.

  381. Watching that poor guy trying to outrun the Kos. hahahahaha

  382. Robin van persie…..what more can one say.

  383. Now it has to be safe to take off RVP. This is good for our goal differential which may turn out to be important. Let’s start a virtual chant. Park. Park. Park. Park

  384. Off off off , get RVP off. Park needs game time.

  385. This is going to be great for our goal difference.

  386. muga3 is boycotting the joy of supporting arsenal !!!

    ahahahahahahah i warned you …i will disgrace you !!!!!

  387. Poor Theo – really rooting for him to score today.

    ha ha
    just remembered it’s Paul Robinson in goal.

  388. That’s the problem with Wenger’s teams they get 6 – 1 up and start to take the foot off the gas. We need to step it up I’m worried about conceding again.

  389. No Park today then. Maybe Yogi is right and the boss don’t trust him.

  390. No break for 22 goal RVP?

  391. the speed of passing

    my god, this is the arsenal of old

  392. Sensible substitution again.Still easing the Ox into first team life.

  393. hahaha rvp through ball for per inside area..ahahah per like a giraffe…

  394. I don’t get that sub .

  395. Is Sagna at LB?

  396. Nice to see that the Kos is getting some rest. But what about Robin?

  397. I think you have a little problem with comprehensive reading, some people like the sounf of their own voice, you seem to like what you write and disregard what others do…

    what I said was that I am not going to the games and not byuing merchandise, not boycotting the club you dumdum, sheesh…

  398. Hang on, who is playing where now? Bac at left back, TH12 on the wing and Per at centre forward??

  399. @ steww
    Could also be that he’s trying to make use of th12 while we have him?

  400. Is Sagna at LB? I am listening to the ATVO commentary, not watching

  401. wenger playing robin till the end of the game and then probs resting him the next game

  402. Is that silly twat still whinging on? As the rest of us revel in the match. All you need to know really.

  403. TH on, Ox off. RVP still on the pitch? Perhaps there is some brilliance by the boss hidden somewhere in these moves that I cant understand but If someone can help me figure it out I would appreciate the insight.

  404. Benny coming on – Park has no love from Le Boss…..

  405. No matter what Theo does, it’s a goal, corner or throw-in for us. He has been awesome tonight.

  406. So, RVP will not be substituted today. Quite strange this one.

  407. Simple Bill. He knows more about his players than all of us put together.

  408. Im in love with arteta

    No homo

  409. @ steww
    Took the words out of my mouth.

  410. If Holland had picked players who passed to RVP occasionally I doubt Spain would be world champions now.

  411. muga3 keep boycotting…put that black bin bag on your head and keep marching fool.

    haha …

    and when you learn a thing about football or two come tell me anything you want …..

  412. Moe I have a similar crush on Kos.

  413. Come on Yossi – combine with Theo or TR7 for a cheeky 7th.

  414. heh talk a bout good day to held a protest eh? 😛

  415. moe you big gayer 😉

  416. How long since we scored? Not good enough. Boycott time.

  417. Yea I’m with you Bill. Can understand the subs coming on but why o why take a risk on RVP at 6 -1and him having got his hatrick.
    Also don’t see the point in using the emergency loan player just for the sake of using him when we have a squad plater who needs time on the pitch.

  418. @ steww
    It will be interesting to see if Robin’s form alters the power balance in the Dutch team.

  419. Steww @ 2:34

    No doubt about that. Still doesn’t make the move any easier to understand. Oh well.

  420. @suga
    “I think you have a little problem with comprehensive reading, some people like the sounf of their own voice, you seem to like what you write and disregard what others do”

    im suprised you really react to behaviour like this, after all this has always been a favourite tactic of yours…

  421. Oooh lala Thierry getting pissy

  422. rvp will come collect ball from cheseny any minute now…. das fusball ist mein…

  423. want



  424. maybe RVP hs asked to stay on and AW has granted that wish… as its not that often he gets to run riot like this. not this season anyway…

  425. Would be nice for Rosicky to score today.

  426. Bill, we can never be privy to the bosses plans. He cannot wrap players in cotton wool, he cannot allow himself to panic about injuries. If they happen they happen. We are scared as fans he is a confident knowledgeable football manager we just have to trust him.

  427. Thought for a minute that we were going to get the pleasure of seeing Evil wearing his pants on his head.

    @ Gunnerjones
    You may have an arguable case. Still doesn’t alter the fact that AW knows more about his players than any of us do.

  428. 6-1? Meh. :p

    I want RvP to score one more from outside the box. A trademark leftfoot thunderbolt. Haven’t seen one of those from him that was on target in a while. Am I being too greedy?

  429. no fungunner you are wrong 🙂

    …MUGA3 knows a lot more about our players than arsene or anyone in here…

    🙂 .

  430. Agreed Fun gunner . Some minds are just more inquisitive than others, I like to try figure things out, understand them.

  431. Boring boring Arsenal

  432. Well, if we weren’t up 6 – 1 that would’ve been a penalty.

  433. Steww @ 2:44


    Great game today. Hope we can maintain the momentum next weekend at sunderland. Hope TR 7 keeps his place.

  434. Fair enough, Gunnerjones. I am the same!

  435. We should have a black bag protest every week

  436. Arteta + Rosicky + Song= Midfield domination

  437. Come on, boys! make it seven.

  438. @ MD Gunner
    ha ha!

  439. Finally one of our players manages to hit Robinson with the ball. they’ve been trying all afternoon.

  440. Henry does it!

  441. Nice, we are winning 6:1 and people are leaving early. Proper supporters, those!

  442. Heeeeennnnnnnrrrryyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!

  443. Hahahahahahaha for you Moe

  444. ahhhhh the cherry on the pie ….TITI !!!


    thats how wenger replies to ungrateful s.o.b’s

  445. They missed Henry scoring!

  446. TH!!!

    great play too!!!

  447. Evil – just what I thought. leave early and miss a collectors item.

  448. wow Rosicky did make a diffrence did he not?

  449. Well….how was that for some clinical finishing. Funny ol game really…cant buy a goal on Wednesday, but today we can’t miss…lovely footy today, thoroughly enjoyed that!

  450. Ah that brought tears to my eyes. Legs are gone but still the same.Thierry Henry. COYG.!!! Move on up.

  451. TH12. We needed a game like that

  452. steww

    I have tears hahaha




  453. 6 goals on our goal difference. We needed a win like that – cathartic.
    Absolutely fantastic, boys. Well done.

    Moving the ball quickly. It’s our thing.

  454. Right who shall we watch now? Is Frimmers playing?

  455. Gervinho better watch out…the Ox is hot on his tail…I also like the idea of Gervinho and the Ox on the wings of Theo needs a rest…that will be hell for a defense.

  456. And here is the icing on the cake.

  457. Suga, I hope you stay away from the stadium for a looooong time. The fewer people like you at the ground, the better.

    Agreed. While most people will settle on one of our front three for man of the match, for me Rosicky steals it. He might not have assisted, he might not have scored, but the job he has done just can’t be quantified that easily in one or two numbers. He has significantly sped us up, always looking to play it quick to Oxo or Theo on the wings. Also done very well in keeping possession and working defensively. A proper shift from him and I really hope he gets to keep his place. He is almost back to his best, just the shooting needs some work. And I think at his age, Ramsey really won’t suffer too much from being rested.

    Great result, all around happy.

  458. Or does Ryo start for Notlob?

  459. bin bags are a lucky charm!

  460. We played free fast and and unleashed our wingers pressed high and showed that we are Arsenal!!_! Great win and great to see Walcott and Song playing brillantly again and the whole squad played brillantly. What can you say about RVP that hasnt been said!!!!

  461. steww frimpong is indeed playing

    just checked, just for you, because i feel happy today

  462. Though if you really insists on going again, Suga, might I suggest you put one of those lucky bin bags over your head? So you can protest and still be in the ground at the same time! That way your “boycott” might even help the team.

  463. @evil agree, Ramsey is not a bad player, but hes very young. He will come good but atm i think he benefits from a rest for then to come back stronger.

    But OxO man he blows you away! him and Wilshere and Ramsey will be huge for us next campain…

  464. Assuming Chelsea lose to the red Mancs we are only two off the pace for fourth…onwards and upwards!

  465. Evil,

    all well and good to comment about choices you are not even in position to make, eh?

    and where did I say the bin bag protest was such a brilliant idea?

  466. it appears ryo isnt even in the team for bolton


  467. happy happy joy joy
    SEVEN – 1

    well done & congrats to all

  468. Henristic,

    why does RVP need to rip one from outside the box when the team is serving up goals on the platter for him? people rave about RVP scoring. great finishing, great positioning, full credit. but great service from the team. the team is playing for him, making things easier. and he knows it.

  469. Hopefully the results this weekend will cleanse this blog of the pathetic parasites that have been clinging on lately.

  470. Vice…….
    totally agree

  471. will the protesters stay away? brilliant. when they stayed away, I got my Arsenal back.

  472. After today both the Ox and Rosicky should have the manager scratching his head over who is a bang on starter . To me Rosicky made the biggest difference but Ox is giving us every thing we have been missing on that left side.

  473. Vice,

    agreed. looking forward to a parasite-free week here.

  474. hahahah evil …well said re: muga3…we shouldnt let him rest …i aint showing any mercy ….i will give him the same treatement he gives his club…BOYCOTT !!


  475. You could see the love RVP has for Theo in the goal celebration. He knows how good he is. Thanks Moe I’ll take a look at wolves.

  476. will the protesters stay away? brilliant. when they stayed away, I got my Arsenal back.


  477. Hate to put a negative spin on anything after a great win, but I can’t see Arshavin getting a sniff of that left hand spot if we have a fit Gervinho and Ox ready to go. It looks as though this summer will definitely see him go back to Russia to finish out his career…he may still have a part to play in the cups however…

  478. @ korihikage
    hear hear

  479. would have wanted arshavin and park to come on to get some confidence today. but nice to see henry get a goal. he and rvp were almost arguing over who should score!

    didnt wenger said 2012 would be Ox’s year?

    arsene knows.


    Did anyone else notice a couple of spicy dribbles from le Coq? Including one leading to an assist.

  481. Arsene and Andrei having a cuddle at the end=nice to see

  482. You know, ,like it or not, but for us it would be good if spurs beat Liverpool and Cheslea,cementing their top 3 spot while we cement the top 4. OR they loose to both and to us and we go for 3rd… i dunno, but if Tottenham does their job and we do our job then we will be in a good runin for 4th spot.

  483. Aaaaa you such a softy George!

  484. Dane – yep. He had a very good game.

  485. @poodle
    Tomorrow I am going to uncharacteristicly “cheer” for ManU. I really hope they can give Chelsea a proper spanking. Their goal difference is still 3 better, so I want to see that go down!

  486. Suga said we can’t pass the ball anymore.
    Very good spot.
    Oh ,hang on……………

  487. I would imagine Arsene and Arshavin have an agreement that he will be free to leave this summer. In exchange Arshavin has probably assured Wenger that he will be a team player every step of the way until that time. I expect the parting of ways to be done with class, as is the usual Arsenal policy.

  488. Interesting, poodle. Would be nice for them to inadvertently do us a favour, as long they subsequently implode!

  489. korihikage……
    I (also) wondered why Arshavin didn’t get come on b4 Benayoun. Anyway there are many matches left in the season and I’m sure the entire squad will make their contribution.

    Today’s result will give us a needed mental boost.

    Excellent performance from everyone, especially our midfield and wingers.

  490. Hmm. Frimps is down injured right now.

  491. Frimpong down, damn.

  492. Looks like he done his knee.

  493. Looks bad I’m very sorry to say.

  494. being happy with the emphatic win is all well and good, but fucking hell, how about some perspective, this is 10 man relegation fodder playing without their best defender and with Paul fucking Robinson in goal we are talking about here…

    and oh, cunter13, if you think your verbal diarrhoea is affecting anybody, then you need your head examined, seriouslym don’t flatter yourself…

    that will be all…

  495. frimpong has gone off

  496. Frimp’s knee..FAAACCKK!!!

  497. I don’t believe it. Poor Frimpong.

  498. I was just about to say how long before some misery comes on to say that we shouldn’t celebrate as b’burn are rubbish. Right on cue some dickhead tries to spoil our party.

  499. emmanuel-thomas scores for ipswitch


  500. Off , no point watching anymore . I’ll take my leave , surf is calling. Nice watching the games so early in the morning, gives me the whole day to be buzzing.
    Peace y’all .
    George, of yours you are flower! ( smily face)

  501. Anyone who would like Suga 3 to fuck off for ever ,say “Aye”

  502. @Suga
    I’ll gladly put things into perspective for you: Manchester United 2 – Blackburn 3.

  503. Wooohooooooo

    What a result

    Hopefully the start of another great run….

    Up the Arsenal!!!!!

  504. who the fuck said we should not celebrate?

    I am over the moon, given how the 2012 looked thus far, ffs…


  506. aye !

    tell him not to forget his black bin bag !!!! ahahah

  507. to put things into perspective:

    we won despite the gutless fans we have.

  508. I am hoping for an “AYE” from YW

  509. @vice i think arsh will be good to have for CL tbh. He has a habbit of playing very well when we meet the really big kahunas of European footy. Like last year when he got that goal againsst Barcelona.
    Its almost like its only thos really glorious occations that gets out the best in him. But he can be a game changer from the bench in those crucial matchs imo…

  510. Suga

    How depressed must you be when you cant even be happy just for an afternoon?

    Just for this afternoon, just be happy

  511. he could make a parachute of them black bin bags and drop from a helicopter with aim to land on the centre of emirates in next game…:)

  512. to put things into perspective:

    we won despite the gutless fans we have.

    hohoh o now were talking !!!!!!

    the gutless ones are sewing up black bags for their parachute exhibition in the next game…ex sas all of them… 🙂

  513. PG

    lol…some people are only happy when wallowing in negativity…let him wallow…it really is a hell of a way to go through life…oh, and nearly forgot to include my “Aye”.

  514. the black berets pmsl..ahahahah ..

  515. I want this Arsenal to turn up for sunderland

  516. Paul-N…..
    Theo was magnificent today……I know you’re beaming!

  517. Aye aye aye aye aye aye!

    Hope that’s clear, but just for the avoidance of doubt…aye!!!!

  518. You could see our form was coming back from the Bolton game (Moe we were not poor in that game). It was just a matter of time before this happened and I fully expect It to continue.

  519. I think the key to keeping this type of form is the Rosicky, Arteta, Song axis…they play off of eachother really well. The pace is entierly different when the little Mozart is in there running the show.

  520. Keep them coming ayeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  521. The Ox is the real deal. He had an awesome game against United, then again at Bolton and today he got a brace. And he’s just 18 too. Nasri fucking who? Alex makes Nasri look like a slow, shitty player.

    Today we got all the goals that we should’ve scored at Bolton. The form is there we just need a bit of luck. I still think we’ll nick third away from Spurs.

  522. loads of fans using their bin bags to carry shit home with them, great display today from the players at least

  523. Kenny Sansom is talking a lot of sense on ATVO.

  524. I feel Ramsey just needs the smallest bit of refinement to his game and he will be able to run the show in a similar fashion.

  525. Arsesession, that kid can play. Inconsistent, I admit, but when he is on, he is something else!

    I will continue to say this but if we have a fully fit squad, we have the best and deepest team in the PL.

    We have been playing well since the Villa win. We left our shooting boots at home midweek, but again, the play and movement was very good. If you only looked at the scoreline, you would have missed what was quite easy to see.

  526. I wonder if the protesters still protested after that

  527. Frimpong came off with a knee injury after a collision with that cunt Barton.

  528. Joey bloody Barton.

  529. Its all right you lot celebrating ,but what am I going to do with all these fucking bin-bags? Its a disaster.

  530. The most promising thing to me about the Ox is the fact that he seems to be a natural finisher. Icewater in the veins in front of goal…just what we have needed from our wide attackers.

  531. Well “aye”, of course, though there’s a dark corner of the mind which whispers that his increasing desperation has added to the sheer joy of the afternoon.

    Could we all file away his phrase “how about some perspective” to quote back whenever he appears?

  532. vice,

    what i like about the ox is that he seems to be making all the right decisions, coming into the middle to play the passes. and he is what? 18?

  533. The thing with walcott is that he needs to make an impact when the right balls arent played to him. Walcott is a world beater when we had fabregas with his fantastic passing, when people see his runs and play the right through ball he is deadly.

    What he needs to think about now, is staying after training, him and ramsey maybe, and concentrating on dribbling and close control and shooting. The ability to make an individual impact. The team wont always play this well.

    Ramsey needs to slow down his running with the ball, he has an urge to run with the ball without close control and ends up losing it. So close control whilst running for him, and also looking forwards all the time, releasing the ball early.

    The only reason Ramsey isnt as good as rosicky, is because Rosicky in his mind is calm and his play methodical. Ramsey seems to think he needs to always be running, but when he gets to the final third he pulls play back thus slowing down attacks.

    Today’s game demonstarted that we are NOT a possession team, such as barcelona are. We still have the majority of the ball, but our speed of play and through balls, and being able to play THROUGH teams are our best assets.

    Too many tiimes, in recent games we allow teams enough time to get back and have a shape. And then to make matters worse we try to cross into the box whilst none of our players are there or few.

    But today we play in tight spaces, in the middle, at the heart of Blackburn. Then once we are close to the edge of the area, our wingers can surge in.

  534. AYE x 10n

    enjoy the rest of afternoon good arsenal supporters !

    the mugas and the jabbas …….wenger replied to you …a tout a ler ….ahahahahah

  535. Increasing loving the look of Le Coq as well. He really looks like a classy player and always gives 100%. I think he had a key role in three of our goals. Very happy.

  536. Suga

    Surely not.This win is still not enough for you against 10 men? If it was 1-0 or 2-1 then yes, but 7-1?


  537. Rosicky was great, the Ox was great, Theo was great, the Defence was great (special props to the Coq, and Kos, of course, and Sagna is back!), RVP is RVP and Henry…

    But above all, steww’s Dutch commentator said the truth:
    “Arsene Wenger is the greatest manager in the clubs history and any Arsenal fans who boo at the Emirates are a bunch of ungrateful bastards who don’t deserve to be there.”

    I bow my head to The Oracle and burst into song: “Oh Say, Did You Did You Did You Bring Your Bin Bags?”

  538. Oh, aye.

  539. Am at The George – who’s here and where are you?

  540. I was too broke to go to this game but met Cbob and Muppet for several looseners just for the hell of it. I feel the fool now but I’m too thrilled to care too much.
    I know a game doesn’t make a season but this must count amongst the worst timed protests ever, surely?

  541. anyone know anything about this Arsenal forum that shut down due to its anti wenger abuse??

    now who was it that said the ox wasn’t ready for the big time?? i can’t bloody remember, bleemin memory!

  542. Well what can I say that has not already been said about that game! AYE I have it. Not a bin bag in sight.

    See what I did there.

  543. Steww great support there, as usual.

  544. moe, hundread % right ,ramsey can put play some brilliant passes but at the moment he always takes one touch to many and rarely passes first time and this slows us down. he will however get better and better but rosicky is still the little motzart and runs the game,we need to keep him fit and if he can find his sweet strikes on goal again he’ll be great.
    great day loads of positives although the last half hour was frustrating but who cares

  545. LoveTheWayYouPlay

    This one is for you suga – Aye.

  546. Hey Jonny – I’d have swapped places with you happily! Nice to have met those guys. Which one is the sexy one?

  547. Agree with this also

    Hopefully the results this weekend will cleanse this blog of the pathetic parasites that have been clinging on lately.

  548. “But it was only Blackburn with 10 men, you know. How about some perspective?”

  549. i think the protesters should be made to do a litter pick on their way home and make some fukin use of them bloody black bin liners….cunts.

  550. Cbob and Muppet – are you still around?

  551. @Orbinho

    Arsenal have had 14 different scorers in the Premier League this season – only Man Utd (15) have had more.

    1 man team?

  552. C’bob has a twenty six hour canal journey back to Devon. Won’t see him for a while.

  553. great performance from arsenal!,
    agree with above, song, rosiscky and arteta had really good games both individually and collectively.
    There were numerous positives from the game including the performances of the Ox the tormentor chamberlain and RvP.
    Boys really turned out today and hopefully its a victory that can be built upon with an extend run of wins!

    …… did anyone else just know pederson was going to score another free kick vs arsenal lol.

  554. was that 3 assists for Theo today!! how about that ace!

  555. Suga – ignore them all, this blog needs some balance – too much bright optimism we need the dead weight to remind us why sense isn’t common.


  556. you dont get a better response than that..

    its probably fair to say that our first win of 2012 was worth the wait…

    something positive to build on now and go on a little run that will make chelsea worried..

  557. Billy – I think they’ll both be long gone mate.

    Sorry not to catch you before the game.

  558. Come on, Fulham.

  559. Oh dear egg on my face. I had to remove the black bin liner from my toilet seat!

  560. Steww the sexy one is Maria (where has she gone!).

    Bob is engaging but looks nothing like his photo (it’s of someone else, he just likes the photo).

    Muppet, aka Graham, is delightful.

    I can honestly say it was easy natured, unbroken chat from start to finish, I left grinning at small fears dispelled.

    I love this blog.

  561. its amazing what one single game can do

    2 points behind chelsea, ahead of newcastle, and only 9 behind tottenham. Up to fifth.

    We just need lady luck tomorow for a man utd win and an aston villa win

  562. its only blackburn ? i thought they had been on a good run and had results against some top sides anyway how many times did we score seven in the unbeaten season. seven is always a good result

  563. seven-one…………; not the championship but a small statement eh. we can still get above Chelsea and the spuds! And my 14/1 bet on RVP for top scorer is looking fucking good. Looking forward to spending my 1400 euros winnings.

    I’ve got lots to say about previous games but not the time here, George, don’t read this part: ………….. The Ox to replace the Arshole Russian……. there, it’s said……. sorry mate, I know you love the little fucking ruskie, but he needs to go. 🙂

  564. JJ

    Chelsea, liverpool, spurs and we have some tricky games in February, could be a massive month in the race for 4th,

    I get the feeling the big sp*rs collapse is nigh…their next 3 fixtures..Liverpool (a), Newcastle (h), Arsenal (a), if we beat sunderland away and sp*rs at home, we might very well be just 3 behind the sp*rs

    Chelsea..united (h),Everton (a)

    With some results going our way we could be in 4th just 3-4 points behind sp*rs by the end of February..hopefully this result will give us the confidence boost needed

  565. We can have our differences (and we probably should) but most of the posters on here are positive (or want to be). You’ll live better, longer lives for this.
    Negativity is the worst kind of tivity.
    Cracked record I may be but the song remains the same.

    This ain’t over yet. :0)

  566. jonny,

    that date went better then the last one then!

  567. i wonder what the results would have been if le boss was using oxo earlier in the season..

    im glad hes been sticking with him recently though the kid is on fire..

  568. I thought bob drove a tractor!! still a long way back either way…like the dedication.

  569. Stew/
    Hope Bob’s got enough coal on board

  570. JJ,

    we would definitely have more points..

  571. Thanks Duke – it was a success, but the amount of sex was precisely the same on both counts. Different expectations abound but when we mentioned Chelsea it was for very different reasons and we all agreed they were fat cunty fucktards.
    Bob’s words not mine. 😉

  572. Jonny – I am not in the least surprised that they turn out to be good people. You can tell. Mind you I hide how nice I am quite successfully.

  573. my sister in law has just bought my nephew a chelsea shirt!! fukin stupid cow. she knows about as much about football as suga and said she liked the colour! poor little sod…i hope this doesnt do any lond term damage to him….he likes Arsenal.

  574. The Ox was not ready defensively and lacked urgency with the ball. Him not playing until he was ready was the best thing for him. Not sure we would have had more point’s, if he didn’t cover the left back.


  575. The first line is what Wenger said,

  576. dukegoonem

    Burn it 😀

    or pretend it got lost in the washing

  577. “she knows about as much about football as suga and said she liked the colour! ” love this line
    Paul-N once more is spot on. Look how long Arteta took to really play with confidence, it was a good few games and he has bags of Prem experience. Arsenal is a fucking massive club it takes a while to settle and get to know the ropes. Le boss eased him in just perfectly.


  579. Stew – no offence meant but yes, you do rather. I admire the fact that you’re unflinching, obdurate and aggressively positive but you are a prickly sod. 😉

    Bob was not as I imagined but an absolute joy nonetheless. As you allude I was not surprised.

    Graham I had met before and is almost exactly as you might expect – though a little too humble for his own good.

  580. Billy’s Boots

    Thank you, Jonny and Steww, for confirming my hunch that no-one was there. I couldn’t make it before the match due to a quick trip to Kent(!) in the morning.

  581. Billy’s Boots

    The bar-staff in the pub were especially helpful, even lending me a phone as the battery in mine had died.

    The patrons also seemed friendly. I kept asking, “Do you know where I can find a Jonny?” and they kept directing me to the toilet, “Three for a pound, mate, right in there.” Puzzling.

  582. artetas been playing well since the start..

    its still not an ideal position to be in relying on teams to drop points but this win papers a few cracks..

    i think we need to win the next 4 games and the situation will become clearer in regards to the other teams but today was an excellent start..we just need to make sure we keep it going..

  583. brilliant, watched on stream, easy 3 points, score may be lower if 11 men but not much, so what happened today ? no seriously

  584. same players but turned on today we needed this it this doesnt help confidence nothing will. special mention to oxo, cock ola, rvp, theo, song , no bad performance on the pich, well done AFC

  585. Adam Johnson dive, penalty for Shitty.

    Steww I had a feeling Maria was a hottie.

  586. Paul N,
    Arteta has been playing pretty much the same way since he started for us. Many including me thought he’d take over more offensive duties with time (as sort of cesc replacement) but it turns out he’s a better version of Denilson.

    Aside from that, agree with you, an excellent win today. Next game seems to far away now.

  587. Bradys right foot

    7 fecking 1 thanks Arsenal, now I’ve got a bin liner full of black scarves disgruntled and disappointed doomers everywhere, where has my black bin liner thing scarf protest gone, dooooooooooommmmmmmmmm pmsl.

    Just imagine if we put a run of wins together we could get rid of these “supporters” for good.

  588. korihikage | February 4, 2012 at 3:07 pm

    why does RVP need to rip one from outside the box

    err… because I asked? Seriously though, I didn’t say he NEEDED to do anything.

  589. For the first time in many games, I can’t think of one single player who didn’t play well today. Ok, if I’m being picky, maybe Kos shouldn’t have conceded that freekick, or maybe Szc should have saved it, but really, credit has to go to that Pederson fella. He really couldn’t have placed it better.

  590. Great win today, playing like it was a ‘cup final’. Hopefully we see the same amount of concentration and imagination for the remainder of the season.

    Oh! and no more corners to turn please

  591. I agree with Arsene

    “I felt that recently we had quite good performances but did not get the results. Today we got the performance and the result, which is ideally what you want. I do not give much importance to the seven goals, it is just important we won and played well.”

    It’s hard to pick a MoTM today as almost without exception everyone played well. Rosicky really makes us tick in midfield, Theo deserves more credit for his 3 assists and there are no superlatives left to describe RVP.

    I really hope this is the start of big things for this team. The talent is there, the willingness to work hard is there, just a shame the support isn’t.

  592. Henristic,

    you took my first line too seriously…

  593. i agree with wenger as well, that we havent gotten the rewards in the other games. so nice to see soemthing come off for once.
    hope start of a great run.

    anyway, why do i have this nagging feeling that not every fan is happy with the result today? specifically those hoping for a defeat just so they could say: i told you so?

  594. From
    “Wenger – I’m considering resting Van Persie”
    Arsène Wenger is considering how best to utilise his striking options ahead of Saturday’s match against Blackburn – and that could mean a rest for Robin van Persie.

    Yet he not only played RvP, he left him on the pitch for the whole game, even though we were cruising. Mind games by the wily old fox?

  595. korihikage

    Hahaha, here was me thinking the same of you!
    All good bro.

  596. henristic


  597. Passenal,

    Were the crowd cranky today again? I didn’t notice any negative stuff on the tele.

  598. Pass, my MOTM was RVP followed closely by Theo.

  599. korihikage | February 4, 2012 at 6:16 pm

    I’ve not been on the internet much this week so I had no idea about this black bin bag business. I didn’t see any of that at the ground. Obviously, Robin’s early goal killed that one! There were no empty seats around me and in fact, I got talking to some really nice Arsenal supporters who regularly travel down from Bristol for the games. Spending too much time online in Arsenal blogs can seriously skew your perspective on Arsenal. It’s good to be reminded that it’s not all doom and gloom out there in the real world.

  600. Theo returned to from at home(he has never been off form away imo)Gervinho wil return from ACN,Ox is looking more than ready.All we want now is for my little Ruskie to find his form and we are up to our necks in options.

  601. SO where’s Suga the cunt tonight?!

  602. mj

    he was here earlier.

  603. I also agree with Arsene that the treatment of Arshavin by some Arsenal ‘fans’ is downright disrespectful, but sadly he is now getting the Denilson experience. Once a young Englishman is threatening the position of a favourite scapegoat, his days are numbered.

  604. mj ,he has been voted out

  605. Pass ,he and Arsene were having a cuddle at the end.

  606. think i am off. enjoy the weekend, people!

  607. Jonny – I am actually considered to be too soft and conciliatory for my own good by everyone, a complete pacifist – only ever been in one fight in my life and that was because I saw a bloke beating up his missus so I had to.
    On here I come across as prickly because I love Arsenal and in a forum for Arsenal fans I feel it important to defend the club. Also the written word strips our verbiage of irony, gentle sarcasm and deliberate humorous hyperbole.

  608. Henrisitic it was me made the Arteta comment. Agreed he has played well from day one but he only played really well after a month or so at the club. His performances now and just before injury were way ahead of his first games where understandably he played it a little safer.

  609. Game over – plastic mercenaries 3 – 0

  610. George, it’s not so much that Arsene wants to drop him, but it’s hard when your confidence is low if you are not getting the support from the fans. You need games to recover, but how does the manager risk picking you against that backdrop?

  611. Ah, ok steww (sorry Paul N). I still think he’s been solid from day 1, but its a non-point really.

  612. Pass,he doesn’t
    I believe Arsene is surprised at how well AOC has done ,and has painted himself into a corner ,with Andrei..
    Even I cant justify AA starting ahead of him at the moment.

  613. Steww,I have had enough fights to cover us all.

  614. Players go in and out of form from time to time. Arsh’ll be fine. The fans will get off his back now that the manager doesn’t have to play him every game. I bet most of those that booed are bashful about it now, and that incident will probably not be repeated again, unless (God forbid) we go on another really bad run.

  615. Henristic,his name was booed again today.

  616. im not sure if good old Scotty Parker would have had as big an influence with us as Arteta currently has.

    Arteta really is a great player for us…

  617. Awh it would be great if Bale to Barcelona became a huge saga this summer. If they went for Bale im sure they would leave RvP alone.
    Comeon Barca! buy Bale!

  618. @dukegoonem the Ox was never ready until AW deemed him so… thats the bottom line here.. he WAS never ready until AW decided he was….
    And AW decided he was a couple of weeks ago…..

  619. which means claiming the ox was not ready in December was totally understandable as the boss said so. Claiming the Ox is ready now is also totally logical as the boss has said so…

  620. George,

    Really? When did it happen, he wasn’t even a substitute?
    I didn’t hear anything but depressingly sad if true.

  621. Poodle,
    Parker and Arteta are very different players

  622. Hmmm, Bale to Barca as replacement for Alves is not a bad shout.

  623. Henristic when the announcer called the team and substitutes.

    I would feel sick no matter who it was .Let alone my little fellow 😦

  624. Limestonegunner

    Where is Alves going? Bale can’t defend either so perhaps, but does Bale want to play that far back? Anyway, I hope it happens and RvP can stay with us.

  625. Didnt they put a price of £150 million on monkey boy?
    Barca best do a bone marrow transplant on him .he needs some Catalan DNA for them to afford him


    Loads of empty seats which was as per the decline of the club. Not much to report really. Wenger keeps baffling us with these substitutions. Ox was ripping everybody apart and we were scoring every 10 minutes with him in the team. But as soon as the replacement came on we did nothing for 20 minutes against a team of 10 nobodies from lancashire.

    Wenger is losing it. Case in point – Park. Where was he ? We’ve got to lose him to steady the wage bill. As for Walcott ? Do me a favour ? Football brain of a peanut. Walcott reminds me of one of those big wind up toys that you wind up and wind up and then goes crashing into a wall.

    Look forward to reading all the nonsense from the AKBs about how we are now going to win the world cup. Personally speaking, I’m looking forward to the summer, when Wenger goes and a proper manager comes in, a la Hiddink or Mourinho. Had enough of the calamity accountant clown from Alsace who has turned my club into a circus. Taxi for Wenger.

  627. Muppet.
    I disagree.
    He has ruined this club,he should be made fucking well fix it.

  628. LG,Alves is almost 30, I would imagine they’ll have started thinking of his replacement by now.

    The way Barca play, Bale, like Alves won’t have to hang back often. Hope it happens and hope it costs them a bundle so that we have one less suitor for RvP.

  629. What a muppet 😉

  630. If Robin goes, and I am still hoping he gets to stay, I don’t care where he goes as long as it’s not England.

  631. Great result – hoping for another 14 of those in the league and 4 more in the Cup.

    Shows the Bolton performance/result for what it was.

  632. Yes JamesM
    Unfortunate,we made almost as many chances as we did today.

  633. How is it that people cannot see that the team played well against Bolton?

    Strange to blow wow!

  634. @Henristic thats what im thinking too which means its silly for any fan to compare them and claim “if we had parker instead of arteta we would do so much better”.

    I think we bought Arteta instead of parker for a reason. And that is Arteta fits the arsenal play style alot better. Not saying parker is a crap player because he is not, but my claim is that FOR US, for the Arsenal team, Arteta was the better option.

  635. Paul N ,because they know as much about football as I do about being diplomatic.

  636. oh and is it just be or has “big Sam” just shrinked substantially over tha last two years???
    Has the man turned vegetarian or something??

  637. Poodle ,you are a diplomat.
    Arteta is a better player than Parker,in any team .

  638. @ poodle | February 4, 2012 at 8:07 pm
    Exactly. AOC is hugely improved.

    @ Muppet
    Hilarious. How I have missed that. Did you have a good time in the pub before the match?

    @ Paul-N | February 4, 2012 at 9:24 pm
    Apparently there was a committee meeting which we both must have missed. It was the same meeting at which it was decided that bringing on a creative, exciting, experienced but mercurial Russian international captain to replace a creative, exciting and inexperienced England youth international was the act of a madman.

  639. Limestonegunner

    Bale plays left side, Alves right

  640. Vela has scored against Barca. Where were you when we needed you last season? 😦
    And Busquets looks like has got his knee done in. Can’t say I feel any sympathy for him at all.

  641. @Evil i dont think robin will be sold even if he refuses to sign. I think he will be allowed to see out his contract for then to move freely in one last huge moneytransfare.

    in two years time he will be 30 years old. if he signs a new contract its great, if he does not its not a catastrophe neither due to his age… And he can go to Barcelona, a less physical league and see out the last 2-3 years of his carres. It does not reallymatter as we for sure got his best two years anywa… And then you will see him come back aged 34 for a cameo just like Henry did tonoite

    nah really he wont be sold even if he does not resign. Hes a legend in the making, and he really is mr. arsenal.
    One does not sell mr Arsenal. one lets him run down his contract so he can leave on a free aged 30 to go to a less physical league to sort out his pension.

  642. and again id rather united win the league than city. even though i do dislike united i do enjoy them being our arch enemies.. and i do hate the way citys owners has ruined PL togetehr with Chelseas owner….

  643. hmm maybe alot of the matches will be canelled tomorrow due to snow?

  644. Hi FunGunner,

    Yes. Went to The George pub off The Holloway Road. Met up with Jonny and Consolsbob. Jonny couldn’t make it to the game, so it was just Consols and I who returned after the game.

    Billy’s Boots was looking for us after the game, but I was not aware of it, so sadly missed him.

    But it was great to meet up with Consols and Jonny who were both charming company.

  645. Muppet

    Did they bring their bin bags?

  646. Football is a happy moment.

  647. oh the irony. tomorrow we got to cheer for Spurs and United. If they both get the job done we will still be no 5 ready to climb the ladder and secure a decent 4th spot…

  648. ofc unless you go for a total spurs melt down and they go on loosing 4 matches in one go.. then we can go for 3rd spot. but realistically its safer if Spurs win this one and keep Liverpool behind us in the tablee

  649. or a spuds draw.. that may be even better!

  650. Limestonegunner

    Dups, exactly right. So it really has nothing to do with Alves.

    Anyway, main thing is hands off RvP. We should have put a 100 million buyout on Cesc, not that it would have made a difference in the end probably.








  652. Kam

    Take your caps lock off. No-one reads rants with them on.

  653. dupsffokcuf,

    Ha ha.. didn’t see any bin bags. Load of nonsense.

  654. We were thinking of you guys during the match Muppet. Hoping it would pan out exactly as it did. Personally I was disappointed with our shooting. It took about 80 minutes before one of our players managed to hit a target the size of Robinson.

  655. Sorry YW, will do. Just got a little emotional . When will we hear the answers from mr. Dixon??

    By the way, congratulations to ARSENAL on a nice win and a proper buttkicking applied to bb. And the same to AW AND ALL PROPER ARSENAL SUPPORTERS.

  656. Terrible wasn’t it Steww. Empty stadium and shooting with the accuracy of a scud missile.

    Pub was good though.

  657. Well that was a good match.

    Nice pint too. Tell you what, the cider’s pretty good at the Emirates.

    Thanks for the company, my fellow drinkers.

    Sorry we missed you Billy. We were there when you were looking but my phone is circa 1977.

    Not a bin bag in sight.

  658. We have to show patience today.

  659. To the tune of an old-fashioned waltz: Did you – did you bring – your bin bags

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