Bolton Preview: Wandering Stars Begin To Return

Arsenal travel to The Reebok Stadium this evening looking for an end to the recent run of dismal Premier League results and performances. No points during the month of January for the first time during Wenger’s reign is probably in keeping with the tortuous season so far; almost as if the footballing fates are determined that we should endure all of our suffering in one campaign. Will that be followed by sunshine or is the cloud to hang heavy until May?

Looking at this morning’s papers, you would certainly incline toward the latter. It is surely an obligatory character trait in managers that they be optimistic; Jack Wilshere’s injury last week was, Arsène determined, a setback which could not be quantified. He refused, publicly at least, to contemplate the outcome that the youngster might be missing for the rest of this season. Reports this morning suggest that this is the case, another stress fracture to the same ankle. Ill-informed accusations will no doubt fly that he was rushed back; we don’t and will probably never know if that is the truth; it is merely supposition to fit an agenda. It is nonetheless entirely in keeping with the way in which this season has played out.

It was surprising, should the reports turn out to be true, that no short-term recruitment took place. Squad limitations and a paucity of talent presumably inhibiting that outcome yet we have seen in the past month what can happen when injury strikes in certain areas, a consuming and degenerative effect. Thomas Eisfeld seems more about investment for the future than immediacy although you can never tell. Certainly you would hope his adaptive period will be considerably shorter than that of Park but the thought returns to comments that Arsène made when signing Jose Antonio Reyes; January signings are more about preparing the player for the following season.

The travails may not be over as the media machine in Spain cranks up to begin the linking of Robin van Persie away from The Emirates to Barcelona, the foundations of a tortuous and tiresome saga begin to be laid. The drip feed of stories has begun and it is entirely coincidental that his advisory team includes one of their favourite people for doing deals with. Still, it is vindication of his manager referring to him as “World Class“. One transfer that may still happen is Andrey Arshavin to Anzhi Makhachkala, the Russian transfer window open for another three weeks or so, apparently. Any truth? Nothing more than strong rumours as Arshavin heads to Bolton as part of the squad for the match.

Which let us not forget is the order of the day.

Chelsea almost repeated the Arsenal trick of losing at The Liberty Stadium but managed to find the equaliser that had been threatened. More dropped points that Arsenal must take advantage of. We have been here on several occasions in the past month or so; each time the outcome has been disappointing. Visiting the fourth bottom club in the Premier League, you would hope that the squad will manage to return with the three points on offer. Certainly, the comeback against Aston Villa will have buoyed them, confidence returning despite the initial setback of a two-goal deficit.

That willingness to concede goals must be curbed if victory is to be achieved. A clean sheet on the road is a rarity this season, happening just twice in the Premier League. And that is simply not good enough for a team which aspires to be among the country’s leading pack all of the time. We can point to injuries to full backs and how the opposition has been quick to exploit such weaknesses yet with full backs out, you expect those covering to learn from their mistakes. Problematically, injury to those covering means more learning curves have to be endured. Returning players might negate that but not this evening.

Indeed, it will be some surprise if many changes are made from Sunday. Fabianksi will be replaced in goal, Djourou in for Coquelin but elsewhere? I would suggest the only other changes would involve Arteta for Ramsey and possibly Arshavin for Oxlade-Chamberlain althought the latter is a risk if transfer rumours are correct and not least because the youngster has done well. The former is risky just because of the Spaniard returning from injury and Arsenal cannot afford to lose him for a longer period although the question can be asked of Rosicky, is he able to play two matches in a row? Perhaps a substitute appearance would be best.

The line-up I expect is:

Szczesny; Djourou (C0quelin), Mertesacker, Koscielny, Vermaelen; Ramsey (Arteta), Song, Rosicky; Walcott, van Persie, Oxlade-Chamberlain

A win is vital, confidence-wise as much as the points. Winning the odd cup game is good, slowing the seeping of the winning habit but that has to return on a regular basis sooner rather than later if European aspirations are to be met.

Don’t forget this morning’s Arsenal On This Day, tinged with sadness today.

Enjoy the match wherever you are watching it. ’til Tomorrow.

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  1. three points are imperative…..get within three of Chelsea and take it from there one game at a time.

  2. as for Eisfeld, welcome, all the best

  3. I really prefer Coquelin to Djourou in right back position because Djourou tends to forget he is playing as a full back. There is tendency for him to drift inwards thereby exposing the wide .area.The first goal conceded against Man U was partially Djourou fault, he should have blocked the cross from coming in, he just stood passively in front of Giggs. and when Djourou gets the ball in that position, he usually appears confused not knowing what to do with the ball. Another point is Coquelin and Nico appear to be more mobile in that position than Djourou.

  4. Wilshere out for the season, there’s a surprise…

  5. and club waiting for the TW to shut to announce this, you really gotta laugh…

  6. I agree coquelin is the best option.sagna can rest 4 some tym,DJOULOU not on my screen.

  7. Sp*rs are 13 points ahead of us. it’s getting frightening now, i must admit.

  8. Arteta and Rosicky combination would be fantastic..! just a little concern whether little mozart would start after playing on sunday.. Tomas Rosicky really shocked me with his performances.. everybody knows that his passing,vision,and touches was world-class.. but surprisingly,he still has so much pace,stamina and movement..

  9. sooo, just to summarise, the academy managed to produce a world class player in Wlshere and Wenger proceeds to run him into the ground in the first season, simply because the crown prince is sulking about going to Barca, you really could not make this shit up…

  10. Suga,

    Wilshere played a lot of games, Arsene admitted to it, but his injury woes this season cannot be linked to last season.

    I personally hope that he isnt out for the season

  11. We’re all doomed I tell you. Doomed.

  12. of course they can, it’s a stress fracture, where do you think he ‘stress’ came from?

    too much playing with the skipping rope in the close season?

    the injury would have occured at that U21 tournie, if we let him go there, there was hoping that a couple of months rest will do the trick, and it did not…

    Wilshere did not play ‘a lot’ of games, the expression you are looking for is ‘too many’, Wenger admitted himself that he was played ‘in the red zone’ while Fabregas was cotton wooled for sale WAY below his market value, as Wenger once again put an individual ahead of the club!

  13. YW,

    it’s not ‘we’re doomed’, I just hate being lied to, another fracture and Wenger apparently did not know he extent, what a lad of tosh…

  14. @Yogi,you are the one that is doomed. Football is just a game for God’s sake

  15. SUGA3 | February 1, 2012 at 8:04 am,

    He was on holiday for two months, and he has been out ever since the start of the season…..that alone defeats your argument.

    Secondly, we all knew that cesc was going to go to Barca this season, why do you thus act surprised? I would love nothing more than to have him playing for us this season, but that’s water under the bridge.

  16. You could not make it up. Hours after the transfer window is closed outr most offesnive midfielder is ruled out for the season. Only at Arsenal.

    Still, onwards. Big game tonight. With Chelsea dropping point and Liverpool winning a win (as ever) is a must. We have left ourselves no breathing space.


    Le Coq



    Sub: Fabianski/Sagna/Djrouou/Rosicky/Henry/AA/Benayoun

  17. Morning!

    Feels like a good day for a confidence bursting win. Is there a reason why we can’t start Sagna? If he does play, I would imagine a much improved defensive performance, and who knows, maybe even a clean sheet.

    Which two of Ramsey, Arteta, and Rosicky to play is toughie. I would prefer if we could rest Ramsey though. The boy has played way too many minutes this season already, imo.

    It would have been nice to get Taiwo on loan like QPR did, but I haven’t seen him play recently, and who knows how far his performance level have dropped from those hey days in Marseilles. He does have a wicked left foot, and could have added some much needed experience to our left side, in both defence and attack. He might have also freed either of Vermalean or Kos to play DM, which in turn, allows for Song to play further forward and allows us to rest Ramsey. Eish, playing championship manager is fun, eh?

  18. Is Arsenal cursed to have each breakout performers from the previous season suffer a long term injury costing them to miss an entire season? I hope the club will be honest enough to announce that JW is going to miss the entire season, IF it’s indeed true.

    The signing of Thomas Eisfeld is really Arsene-esque. He is young, most of the world don’t know who the heck he is, and cheap. I think he is signed for next season, and will be Tomas Rosicky’s replacement. I am not saying he is the next Rosicky, but he is the replacement.

    I guess every game is a must-win if we are trying to play catch up on Chelsea and pull away from Liverpool. I expect Le Coq to start at RB instead of JD. Rosicky had a great couple of games, so I am on for a Song-Arteta-Rosicky in the midfield. I would like to rest Ramsey. I know he is has a good engine, but the lad seems to be tired. I hope Bac will get a cameo, too.

    Any news on Chamakh? Rumours have it that he’ll rejoin the team by the weekend.

    On Ryo’s loan deal, I am glad that he is going to Bolton considering how Bolton helped the growth of Jack Wilshere and Daniel Sturridge. I guess, AW is grooming Ryo for the next season as well.

    Onwards and Upwards! VCC!

  19. YW,

    Your comments aren’t coloured in red anymore?

  20. LoveTheWayYouPlay

    kay, he was being sarcastic at SugaWeep

  21. er, no, it does not defeat my argument, it’s just as if you were to take the claims that they only knew the full extent of the injury this morning, so they could not react at the face value…

    like I said, what would be the cause of fatigue related injury if not playing about 50 games at the highest level in his first proper senior season?

  22. and Ramsey will be the same injury case next season, having played WAY too many games, wanna bet?

  23. Henristic – “He might have also freed either of Vermalean or Kos to play DM, which in turn, allows for Song to play further forward and allows us to rest Ramsey.

    Are you being serious?

    Sorry if you are joking, but you can’t always tell on the net 🙂

  24. *Feels like a good day for a confidence boosting win…

  25. @ Monica, Chamakh will join the team within the next 48hrs according to the web site.

  26. we all knew Cesc was a goner, my beef is that I reckon he was not entirely honest with his injuries just before he went…

    did not see the same happening to Ronaldo in his last season at MU, did we?

  27. Andy,
    What part of the sentence do you find preposterous?

  28. No doubt a must win game against Bolton, or else Arsenal are in danger of slipping to 7th. Liverpool are in ascendency and we just cannot afford to forfeit ground.

    Jack’s injury news is a blow; only Ros, Ramsey, and Arteta stay as creative mid now. Things are not looking good I am afraid. Need a win today, however, fatigued the team is from the FA cup tie.

  29. Henristic – Firstly, moving one of our CB’s into DM. Neither have played there before, on just because they are both decent on the ball does not mean they can slip seamlessly into the position. CM is a world away from playing CB.

    Secondly, Song further forward? Why? He is a very good midfielder, why push him into the advanced role (where he also, has never played before)? There is no reason why we would do that as his current role is vital, plus we have plenty of other players more suited to playing there.

  30. I agree with a couple of posters above, Coquelin should start ahead of Djourou at right-back, much more natural, much more attacking. And I am also suprised, like Henristic, that Sagna isn’t slated for a start anyway. I don’t see it as much of a risk to play Arteta either, we canonly assume his injury has completely healed otherwise he shouldn’t have been on the field on Sunday. His overall fitness shouldn’t have suffered, he’s only been out a couple of weeks. If these players can make it I’d go with:

    Szczesny; Sagna, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Coquelin; Song, Arteta, Rosicky; Walcott, van Persie, Oxlade-Chamberlain.

    Subs: Fabianski, Mertesacker, Ramsey, Benayoun, Park, Henry, Arshavin.

    Even though the Russian transfer window is still open I’d be surprised to see Arshavin go at this stage, without a replacement having been signed it would seem a strange decision. The only real disappointment of this window is the failure to strengthen up front, that’s the one position which really could have done with some attention.

  31. Block 4,

    I think Arshavin could be sold when Gervinho comes back.

  32. What would be the point of announcing that Wilshere was out for the season assuming Wenger knew of it beforehand after the 1st scan itself? It only helps foster the negativity around the club. Wilshere will be a great player,no doubt but he is not a messiah or our savior. Its pretty hypocritical for a lot of us to criticize Wenger for buying young players but yet expecting a 20 year old player to save our season. Wilshere was overplayed,no doubt about that for his age but so was Götze for Dortmund. Some young players get injured,some players don’t.

  33. We should not overplay Ramsey this season.Lesson must be learnt from what happened to Jack. The fighting spirit in Aaron is unbelieveable. He kept running thru out the villa game. I personally thinks he need a break or else he is going to burn out very soon. Lts keep him fresh.

  34. oh arsenal i would love a win but itd never assured now a days is it 😦

  35. Good morning ACLF.

    It seems we’re all out, bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready to bitch.

    Le moan du jour surely has to be the guy who released the wilshere injury news 27 minutes after Jim White washed off the slimy DDD jizz emitted from the skypad. Didn’t manage to watch – pray tell Goonerandy, how were Natalie’s knockers last night?

    Looking forward to the game tonight. January will teach patience and zero assumption about what Arsenal team actually turns up.

  36. Austerity transfer window? LOL – These fucking hacks are hilarius.

  37. At Block 4,i do not think Sagna is ready to start because he was out for over four months i.e Villa game was his first game in 4 mths. He can come as a sub in the second half to give some game time

  38. Andy,

    1. Where are all these players that are more suited to playing there? Ramsey is probably knackered, Rosicky maynot be able to play 2 games a week, and Arteta is just returning from a long lay off. Meanwhile we KNOW Song can find a pass in the final third. He leads the team in assists some of which Cesc himself will be proud of.
    You may recall that I’ve been against Song foraging forward before now, but that was because none of our other midfielders is good enough to break up the play like him. But if we have an otherwise unused Kos or Verm playing DM, then there would be no need for Song to rush back to cover so often. He could play alongside the fittest of the other three CMs in a 4-1-2-3.

    2. Good ball playing CB’s adapt rather well to DM. I know you’ve always argued against that, but more and more teams are doing it with some success (e.g. Pepe for RM, Jones for Manure, heck you can even argue that Song himself was originally meant to be a CB). I have no doubt in my mind that either of Verm and Kos would make stellar DMs. They have the mobility, intelligence, clean tackling ability and eye for a pass, required for such a role. Is Jones any more adaptable than our guys?

  39. Jack’s injury news is terrible, I am afraid en d of season we would seeing kids from reserves playing in the midfield with Arteta and Rosicky crocked.

  40. Thanks Kay!

  41. @Acryllic Altair, If AA is sold it still weakens the squad, no replacement has been signed. I see this as a complete non-starter, at least until the Summer.

    @kay, Sagna fair enough, we might want to nurse him back slowly after a lengthy lay-off.

    @Henristic, I wouldn’t call Arteta’s absence “long”, he’s been out for three weeks. And if you want someone to fill in for Song we have Coquelin. That is his natural position after all.

  42. Well, I’m looking forward to the game.

  43. @ Monica, you are welcome.

  44. Onwards and upwards. i suspect that Eisfeild boy was bought as some sorts of replacement for Jack maybe he would play some games this season i feel, Diaby really needs to get fit.

    le coq Kos Per TV
    Song Arteta Rosicky
    Theo Rvp Chambo

    Think song and RVp shouldnt play full 90 mins, they need some rest

  45. Henristic

    Good point about playing CBs as DMs, but then you have to have capable replacement CBs. Eventually if things get desperate with Rosicky or Arteta getting injured then Kos should be tried there, although we do not have decent back up for Kos. TV will be playing left back as soon as Gibbs goes back to the treatment room so JD and Squillaci are the only options.

  46. Sagna and Gibbs should be gradually introduced back to the game due to their lengthy absence, so I definitely agree with Block4’s statement.

    Any news of Jenkinson’s injury?

  47. Block4 | February 1, 2012 at 8:58 am,

    maybe, maybe not……….i hope we get rid of his huge contract sooner rather than later.

  48. Darius – Heh, I didn’t watch it either mate. I knew there would be nothing of interest so I played guitar in my cellar for a few hours. Had I remembered about that particular aspect (I forgot) of deadline day, I may have watched.

    Henristic – We have to agree to disagree on both points mate. If we are forced into playing our CB/DM as our advanced midfielder, there in itself is a great argument that we maybe should have been more active in the transfer market.

    I am not not a fan of CB’s (in general) playing in midfield. The skill set is completeyly different. Sure you have to be able to tackle and pass, but there is much more to it that than. Spacial awaeness is key (at CB the game is generally in front of you) with a requirement for 360 degree sight almost. The pace is faster. You have to be comfortablet taking the ball from the ball 4 and moving quickly. Tactially you have to be better. You have to be fitter. And could go on, and on.

    Plus, Kos and TV are great defenders. Is this team able to be sacrificing our better defenders to a different position bearing how many goals we leak? It smack of just trying to squeeze them all in the team (TV5/Kos/Mertesacker).

    Just my opinion of course. 🙂

  49. Maybe even start Benayoun ahead of Theo, i prefer him out wide than centrally. He was got for moments like this

  50. Coq is not yet ready to take Song’s place, he might have good spells in the match but he is prone to mistakes, which is understandable this being his first season. Also, I head a comment somewhere that Coq needs to bulk up to become an effective DM, right now he is too lightweight. But yes, he is okay as a backup DM/FB.

  51. So am I Bobster, so am I. Not least because I hope – don’t expect mind you – that the confidence of winning against Villa, combined with the recovery of a two-goal deficit, will be the beginning of a long unbeaten run.

  52. ‘why would I spend money on the club if it does not get reinvested and only serves the purpose of fattening the pockets of some Gash Toupee Wearing Yank, eh?’

    Well Suga, you might want to support your team I suppose. Not every Arsenal side has been brilliant in it’s history. Some of us still managed to toddle along and shout ‘Arsenal’.

    Things usually improved.

  53. YW & Bob – Agreed both.

  54. Must get 3 points tonight.

  55. Waaah not fair the club are lying to me Arsene has destroyed the only player ever to come out of project youth waaaah I didn’t get the transfer I deserved waaaah everyone hates me waaah snot fair waaaah
    etc ad nausea.
    Still a match to look forward to tonight for the football fans amongst us. Despite results going against us the performances have been nowhere near as bad as everyone would have us believe and so every reason to look forward to this evening.

  56. Andy,
    My suggestion was based on having either of Kos or Verm. I was projecting that if we had acquired an LB (e.g. Tawio), Verm wouldn’t have to play there and we would probably often have either him or Kos on the bench considering we have dependable Per, you get?

    I would like to keep all three of Per, Kos and Verm on the pitch as much as possible, and one of the many possible ways to do that is to play one of the later two as DM.

    I understand all you say about spacial awareness. From everything I’ve seen from Kos and Verm, I’m sure they have that quality in abundance. You seem to disagree?

    Coq is a good shoult for that position but I’d wager that Kos and Verm could be just as effective (defensively), and perhaps even more dominant.

  57. I fancy a 3-1 win tonight.

  58. Don’t forget this morning’s Arsenal On This Day, tinged with sadness today.

  59. 3-1 is a fancy, you are right. Eeking out 2-1 would just do fine for me with someone like Henry scoring the winner. But anything is possible.

  60. *My suggestion was based on having either of Kos or Verm unused

  61. cbob,

    OK, I still watch the games, feel joy when I win and pain when we lose and I shout ‘Arsenal’, I just don’t put any money into Kroenke’s pocket, plain and simple…

    this is the only way the will listen, the will not care one bit about booing or protests outside the ground and ban anyone who dares to unfurl any dissenting banner inside the ground…

    I agree, the things will get better eventually, but for this to happen, the club’s policy must shift, as we have been in decline for the last few years, the last season to write home about was 07/08!

  62. haha at “you couldn’t make this shit up”, its Arsenal, story of our lives.

    But we are fans and we support.

  63. We gotta start with our strongest available lineup. This means starting both Sagna and Arteta. Id keep Rosicky in the starting lineup too as he had a good game on sunday and Ramsey looks like he could do with a breather.

    Sagna Kos Per TV
    Song Arteta Rosicky
    Theo Rvp Ox

    Bench – Fabz, Djourou, Le Coq, Ramsey, AA23, Henry, Yosi

    Try get the game tied up as soon as possible so we can use all 3 subs. Henry for RVP. Yossi for Ox and Le Coq for Theo.

  64. steww,

    can you be any more boring and repetitive?

    I mean, give it a go, you can do it 😆

  65. Desie, Sagna just came back after 4 months out, think he should be eased in rather than bombarded with games

  66. Yogi,
    Just had a look. if that report had been written any time in the recent past, there would be much brouhaha about the media’s favouritism for the Mancs.
    It would seem United’s being the hack’s darling decades before our favourite frenchman got here.

  67. And Coq is doing pretty well so it is not an emergency situation. Last thing we want is a recurrence.

    The fullback curse is almost over

  68. I’m really glad we didn’t sign Hazard, in light of all this expert opinion that’s emerged about Wilshere’s injuries. Hazard’s been playing at least 40 games a season since he was 17. Must be ready for a cataclysmic body failure. Götze? Ticking teutonic timebomb mate.

  69. Jeez! I’m not gonna even bother correcting that, but I hope the message got through.

  70. Henristic – “I would like to keep all three of Per, Kos and Verm on the pitch as much as possible, and one of the many possible ways to do that is to play one of the later two as DM.

    Sort of my point mate. Simply trying to sqeeze players into the side is not a good idea (IMO). Square pegs in round holes does not work.

    I understand all you say about spacial awareness. From everything I’ve seen from Kos and Verm, I’m sure they have that quality in abundance. You seem to disagree?

    Don’t know. Never seen them in midfield. The fact they have not played there so far in their careers (both in their mid 20’s) would suggest that none of their managers including Arsene has seen evidence that they are suitable to play there either.

  71. OneofUs

    What a positive spin on the situation, you must be from marketting.

  72. Kindly remove right-back Johan Djourou from your predicted line-up please, YW. Very bad for the health.. grumble grumble… Coquelin, Yennaris or Sagna please!

  73. OOU,

    I highly doubt Hazard’s early seasons were full of 90 minute long appearances, I’d bet that he was kind of eased into the team, ditto Goetze…

    Wilshere was asked to carry the whole team throughout the season, as Cesc was sulking and getting ‘injured’ left, right and centre due to being denied his dream move!

    see the difference?

  74. Beware, James – there is sarcasm at work in OneOfUs’ post (thought you of all might get that…) – and he’s right to be… people who blame Arsene Wenger for a stress fracture are fucking idiots.

  75. History is full of 20 yr old footballers playing 40+ game seasons. Nothing new at all.

  76. …See…

  77. Eased into the team? You mean something like playing a handful of matches over a few years, going out on loan for half a season, before stepping it up?

    I agree SUGA, we should have learned from history. All those Ajax teams that wrecked young careers by making teenagers “carry” the team. You know, maybe if his early days had been better handled, Clarence Seedorf might still be playing today.

  78. but it is not necessarily full of cheapskate managers playing these players knowing that they are on their last legs…

  79. anyone got a clue why spuds bought Saha?

  80. OOU,

    Seedorf is a freak of nature and we could also do with Milan’s medical and fitness staff at the club…

    besides, is Erdevisie or Serie A anywhere near the intensity of the Prem? the fuck it is!

    there are players who ca take it and there are players who can’t, take Rooney for example, an absolute animal, different species altogether…

    Jack strikes me as a better version of Joe Cole, but not without the inherent ‘weaknesses’…

  81. ZING!

  82. …Aw god…. he’s just such an arsehole…

  83. Limpar – “History is full of 20 yr old footballers playing 40+ game seasons. Nothing new at all.

    Exactly. Jack did play a lot of games, but so did plenty others. He has been unlucky with the injury (as have we).

  84. You know, srsly, if Henry hadn’t played 500 games already we’d’ve beaten ManUre.

  85. No, no, no, you’re not going to get suck me into the logic vortex. I’ll look up from the computer and it will be night time. Have a good day.

  86. Thank you, goonerandy. Some would have you believe AW practically hobbled the poor sod with a ball-peen hammer…

  87. …driven him into a tree in a golf buggy…


  89. The Logic Vortex is a right cunt to get out of. In fact he’s a right cunt.

  90. er, no, you plank, but his fitness was mis managed, simple as that…

  91. Ok LimparAssist, I give it you, you did understand OOU better (than me).

  92. The dude at arsenal tv said exactly the same during the villa aftermath though. That he had another hairline fracture…….so it should not come as a total surpise. the club feared it ever since he had the setback….
    I guess that is why we drafted in the young german this windown instead of waiting…

  93. Mind you means he wont go to EC and will have full preseason instead, ready to rock from next season. Good for us… Nothing is worse than half a injured player getting whiskerd off to EC just to make the injury worse…
    Atlest he will be fresh next season now…

  94. Can’t realy know if Jack was “run into the ground” but I hope Wenger has learned from hindsight as regards to Ramsey, because I’m starting to think he may be playing too many games these days.

  95. Are your mates on the le grave not awake this morning, suga3? Please refer to Limpar Assist’s post @ 09:47.

  96. Andy,
    “Don’t know. Never seen them in midfield. The fact they have not played there so far in their careers (both in their mid 20′s) would suggest that none of their managers including Arsene has seen evidence that they are suitable to play there either”

    That Arsene hasn’t played them there yet doesn’t mean he’s seen no evidence that they’re suitable. he just hasn’t made those choices yet. You wait and see.
    I recall you saying at the beginning of the summer that Verm shouldn’t play LB but he’s played a couple of games there already and could play quite a few more.
    Something tells me we WILL see either of Kos and Verm in midfield at some point in their arsenal careers, with great success I might add 🙂

  97. Henristic

    We could see Verm and Kos as CBs this season itself, once Gibbs comes back. AW sees Per as more suitable partner to TV but he has to rest Per at some point. All evidence points to them forging a good partnership as they are capable players. They do sometimes tend to make mistakes here and there, so quickly developing an understanding would be important.

  98. Oh really suga, you know that for a fact do you? How pray tell are you privy to this information?Apart from anything else his medical treatment is as confidential as anybody else. Honestly you are such a sad excuse.

  99. Henrisitc – Maybe, maybe not. All good though eh? 🙂

  100. Yeah yeah, nobody wants Djourou at right back because he has a tendency to drift in leaving the flank exposed like for the first United goal. Everyone conveniently forgets that Vermaelen did exactly the same for the United second. So we want proper full-backs in those positions do we? Well, Yennaris and Coquelin aren’t, so that makes no sense. Not that I’d be against starting both of them. Bolton are hardly renowned for attacking from the flanks under Coyle though, so I’m quite happy to let two central defenders play on the wings.

    Did anyone watch the Wolves match? I only saw highlights but it looked like Frimpong was just not interested. But then I’m told the entire Wolves team weren’t interested last night. Strange.

  101. steww,

    what I see are the effects and you have to appreciate that it looks pretty damn likely, doesn’t it?

    sad excuse? do yourself a favour, sweetpie, I guess you are another one of these who allow the suits at the club to spit in your face and you are still jizzing your pants about the nice little bit of rain 😆

  102. It’s very sad for JW, if true, and he is top quality, but he hasn’t been a key member of the team this season for the reason that he hasn’t played. We have five fit midfielders for three positions – Song, Coquelin, Arteta, Rosicky and Ramsey. And if Diaby gets on well with his fitness training, we will have six. Plus Benayoun, although I think he’s better as a wide forward. So numbers-wise we are fine and can rotate.

    Looking forward to tonight. I hope they’ve all had a good rest and a good massage.

    @ steww | February 1, 2012 at 9:19 am
    ha ha!

    @ fanboy
    Ramsey’s injury was caused by Shawcross’s tackle, not by overplaying. Before then, and since his rehabilitation, he has seemed remarkably robust.

    @ jeff | February 1, 2012 at 7:50 am

    “Tomas Rosicky really shocked me with his performances.. everybody knows that his passing,vision,and touches was world-class.. but surprisingly,he still has so much pace,stamina and movement..”

    I know! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw him just accelerate away from the Villa players.

  103. Of course Andy 🙂

    Gibbs coming back could certainly see them both at CB as you say, for the odd game. But CB’s are able to play more games without rest than other more forward positions, so Per will rarely be rested this season imo.
    But who will be the main CB pairing when everyone is fit? I don’t know. I’m not even sure Arsene himself knows at this point.

  104. @steww did you not know? suga is a member of mensa, has his own mulitmillion corporation where he is the boss, he frequently contribue to various political blogs and has contact with most of the senior establishement at Emirates.

    His word is law and he is never wrong. His trade is actually retoric so even when he is wrong you will NEVER beat him with words. And he really enjoys that…

    How can you have missed all this info on Suga after reading this blog for that long 😛

    my question therfore is, what is the point in enganging in conversation wtih him in the first place? all he wants is to whine you up and trap you in his crazy mazes with words..
    really is it worth it for anyone els than Suga himself?

  105. heh you noticed that every player we signed of recent has been arsenal fans? we basically sign the most skilled individuals of our fanbase..

  106. You need the full detailed history to understand the cause of a particular stress factor. They usually occur in weight bearing bones and can be caused by overuse, in which case the ability of a particular bone to recover after prolonged work is unable to keep up with the constant damage. But it can also occur after a period of reduced exercise e.g recovering from an injury and even if you walk sqounk because of blisters etc.Similarly if you have muscle damage the resulting imbalance during recovery can cause undue stress on a bone.

    The key to all this though is that stress fractures can creep up on you and symptoms only appear when it is too late. Tricky stuff and more down to bad luck than anything I would imagine, but as there are so many unknowns I guess you can write your story depending upon the outcome you want to achieve.

    In other words the way you interpret the situation Jack finds himself in tells us more about you than about Jack or the club.

  107. One of the problmes that we have had this season is that arguably our 3 most creative players of last season have not figured at all. Cesc/Nasri/Wilshere. They were out best players at retaining possesion, which is what our whole ethos was based on.

  108. poodle,

    no idea where you got that multi-million corporation nonsense or extensive contacts inside the club, but hey…

    now, now convenient it is to put the inability to counter my arguments down to the fact that I happen to have a degree in the use of words, how about you possibly being wrong?

  109. ..another problem is that unlike other clubs we have had six defenders out simultaneously

  110. Welcome, Thomas. I have a feeling you might just be something special in a while.

  111. I thought the whole point of building a squad of top quality players was to be able to cover for injuries and suspensions and also be able to rotate a bit when players need a rest, thereby having the team as near 100% physically as possible at all times and even reduce the possibility of getting injuries. On that premise, I find it odd that anyone would want to see any of the centre-backs played in midfield. We can have the three of them in rotation, giving rest where it’s required and maybe even playing horses for courses a bit, Koscielny and Vermaelen against a pair of small nippy strikers, Mertesacker playing against a big bruiser etc. No point inplaying them all just for the sake of it.

    If we had the quality in other areas of the field that we have a centre-back then we’d be a title contender right now, unfortunately there is still some work to be done before we get there.

  112. Probably due to sheer luck, our players do seem to be more susceptible to injury than others (I know our medical team claim otherwise). For this reason, one would prefer that Ramsey doesn’t play more games than he has to.

    We don’t know if Wilshere’s injury is related to the number of games he played, but I’d rather be overprotective with Ramsey and limit the number of games he plays, just to be sure. Recall that Arsene said he would have preferred Wilshere played less than he last season, but didn’t have much of a choice.

  113. Frank – Indeed.

  114. Frank,

    it’s all well and good to try finding the ‘better’ of the two explanations, but given how the club behaved with all the ‘we don’t know’ secrecy bollocks and only released the info once there was nothing anyone could do about it (i.e. hours after the TW was shut), you just can’t trust them and I don’t…

    I love the club, but the people running it are anything but beyond reproach in my book…

  115. Frank – My “indeed” was at your 11:01 post, not the one after.

  116. Aaaah would lark to think that way could bait Ballton ternaahht. Thray wun t’Arsenal is mah prediction.

  117. after the second half performance agin villa i expect an easy 3 points. I noticed, even in the poor fiorst half that players were passing the ball more quickly, though in a side ways motion. It has been the problem for us that certain players hold onto the ball for too long, get caught in position in the opponents half and then every one blame the defence which is not always true. The likes of song, arteta, djourou, diabi (when fit)and even rvp changed that pattern on sunday. In the second half we added pace which added pace to movement, we started to look like The Arsenal again. With sagna back and gibs travelloing i expect we can get back as we can push further up the pitch and group the team together better. I hope Jack (if runours are true) stays out for the rest of the season. I look forward to 2012. Wehave the basis again. This time it must be handled better though.

  118. You appear to be suggesting that the club deliberately left it too late to release information for you to do anything about it, Alan, Alan, Alan?

  119. @ FunGunner

    I know what caused Ramsey’s injury, what I’m saying is – based on some opinions – overplaying kids causes some injuries like Jacks. If that’s true then it won’t be sensible to overplay ramsey who is just a year older, would it?

  120. i expect an easy 3 points

    Heh. Do some people never learn? 😉

  121. er, no, but if the fans were to know about it ahead of the Villa game, something could be done protest wise…

    it’s just cowardly to withhold such info, being scared of the crowd reaction, we have let the window fly past, gaining 0 (that’s ZERO) points in the league in January…

  122. You are a fool, Alan, Alan, Alan, and it there for all to see

  123. SUGA – “er, no, but if the fans were to know about it ahead of the Villa game, something could be done protest wise…

    Really? That would achieve the square root of FA. Aside from cause further unrest around the club. I also think we should have made moves in the transfer market as it goes, but we have’t. So now we need to give as much support to the club and team without the threat of booing and protests. There is too much at stake this season for anthing to detrail our puch for the CL places, and fans have their part to play in that as well as the players and management.

  124. It seems some are actively trying to diminish support on matchdays. If you find one near you in a game. Do us all a favour and knee the fucker in the bollocks.

  125. @ boomer
    I agree with a lot of that BUT no such thing as three easy points.

    @ fanboy
    OK – sorry. But we don’t know what his physical state is, or whether he’s in this much talked of “red zone”.

  126. Heh. Do some people never learn?

    Course not, Im an Arsenal fan lol

  127. Gairmal be ahhd

  128. Frank – Or indeed, the minge.

  129. funn gunner, my expectations are high and so are my dissapointments but thats me and i reiterate, an easy 3 points, i am confident . fact is we havnt done so well cause of injuries to key players, i dont blame anyone for that but it is a fact and sadly has been for some time, is it cause we buy young suttle bodies, is it the pitch too hard, is it the med staff, i dont know, but one thing is sure, the more young players we buy the higher the percentage compared to other teams of injury, but thats ballanced with having the best of youth, its a gamble but there ya go. Easy three points and if im wrong ile be back to say me sorrys

  130. Naaah. These are blokes. Seen em.

  131. From Frank, comment of the day so far
    “In other words the way you interpret the situation Jack finds himself in tells us more about you than about Jack or the club.”

  132. Block4,
    The window is closed and we have to make do with what we have, or don’t have for the 20+ games left this season. We have three experienced players at CB but can’t play them all in their main positions. I see nothing wrong in using them elsewhere occasionally, especially when you consider the alternative (Coquelin, Miquel, Gibbs) maybe be too inexperienced for what promises to be a tight and difficult run in.

  133. Does anyone think Eis looks alittle bit like Ramsey?

    Looking forward to tonight, seeing as we are currently no.6 on the table we need those 3 points like our lives depended on it.A win is a win is a win so any will do for me.

  134. Jabba's Delights

    OneOfUs | February 1, 2012 at 9:49 am

    The common miss conception about that early 1990s Ajax team was that i was a young side. Quite the contrary it was a hugley experienced side which integrated 3-4 incredibly talented young players into the mix who would go on to become house hold names making people think it was young.

    GK 1 Netherlands Edwin van der Sar
    RB 2 Netherlands Michael Reiziger
    CB 3 Netherlands Danny Blind (c)
    DM 4 Netherlands Frank Rijkaard
    LB 5 Netherlands Frank de Boer
    CM 6 Netherlands Clarence Seedorf
    RW 7 Nigeria Finidi George
    CM 8 Netherlands Edgar Davids
    CF 9 Netherlands Ronald de Boer
    AM 10 Finland Jari Litmanen
    LW 11 Netherlands Marc Overmars
    GK 12 Netherlands Fred Grim
    DF 13 Netherlands Winston Bogarde
    FW 14 Nigeria Nwankwo Kanu
    FW 15 Netherlands Patrick Kluivert
    FW 16 Netherlands Peter van Vossen

    Hardly a young side.

    Wilshere was knackered at the end of the season our own manager said he was in the red zone whether that led to the injury who know all we do know is that due to the squad issues wenger played him whilst there was a higher percentage chance of him getting an injury. He did the same to RVP over the xmas period

  135. Andy – it is clear there is a small minority of fans who want this season to be a properly abject failure so they can achieve their dream of ousting Wenger and forcing the club into an ethos-rethink. These are the scummiest of any fans. It’s just so hard to imagine that thought process.
    Seriously fucked-up thinking.

  136. Jabba, come on. Average age of that team must be in the low-20s. There are a few teenagers/20 year olds with key roles.

    Apart from Blind and Rijkaard even the “experienced” players are in the early to mid-20s.

  137. no one wants the season to be a failure, but let’s call a spade a spade here: it is a failure, and has been before it even started with the club mugging off the fans by selling the top players and increasing the ticket prices…

    and it’s only fair to have a rethink regarding the policy that just does not bloody work!

  138. The average age of that Ajax team (starting 11) was about 24 or so.

  139. @Jabba
    I find it really hard to call that side experienced. At least half of those players is not even 25, quite a high number of them aren’t even 20.

  140. and oh, fans have to do their bit, but so do players and the management, and the latter two are seriously lacking…

    I just hope we will not see any more of the ‘going through the motions’ shite, but there is fat chance of that happening given how there is no competition for places and the players are led to believe that they are world class before they can even kick the ball properly!

  141. @SUGA
    it’s a failure based on what? If we finish 4th, we will have overachieved (speaking relatively, considering that we are only 5th when it comes to the wages we are paying) and if we manage to get a good run in the FA/CL, I don’t really see how this season can be considered worse than, say, last.

  142. Jabba

    That is the team from the 1995 final. The age in 1995 in bracket

    GK 1 Netherlands Edwin van der Sar (25)
    RB 2 Netherlands Michael Reiziger (22)
    CB 3 Netherlands Danny Blind (c) (34)
    DM 4 Netherlands Frank Rijkaard (32)
    LB 5 Netherlands Frank de Boer (24)
    CM 6 Netherlands Clarence Seedorf (19)
    RW 7 Nigeria Finidi George (24)
    CM 8 Netherlands Edgar Davids (22)
    CF 9 Netherlands Ronald de Boer (25)
    AM 10 Finland Jari Litmanen (24)
    LW 11 Netherlands Marc Overmars (22)
    GK 12 Netherlands Fred Grim (29)
    DF 13 Netherlands Winston Bogarde (24)
    FW 14 Nigeria Nwankwo Kanu (18)
    FW 15 Netherlands Patrick Kluivert (18)
    FW 16 Netherlands Peter van Vossen (27)

    This is patently not a hugely experienced side as you have claimed.

  143. Did you by any chance get tricked into assuming that all these players were at their peak age of 27-31 when they played in that final? It may happen, because all of them have been at that peak age at various points, given that it was a match played 17 years ago!

  144. I think Sagna is a risk to start. He didn’t look sharp at all when coming on against Villa.

    Coq Kos Per TV
    Song Arteta Rosicky
    Theo Rvp Ox

    Rosicky deserves to keep his place. That’s if we can play the guy twice in 4 days. Sign him up for a couple more years!

    The Ox, what can you say, he is offering a lot more to the cause than Arshavin. Arshavin’s chances are running out fast, and that is with Gervinho unavailable. I feel sorry for him, not because he is playing in a wide role, but because he has always performed this way for us. The only difference is his magic is coming off for him anymore. He still has a good assist rate, and he hasn’t had a proper LB behind him for a while to do all the running so you never know what kind of influence he can have in games to come…

    With a Gibbs or Santos bombing up the touchline we will see a bit more end product from Arshavin.

  145. Wilshere apparently has a new fracture in his ankle, the old one is healing nicely. He could, Arsenal believe, return this season. Presumably not until April though.

  146. Evil,

    5th in the terms of wages paid? last time I checked, we were 4th, after Citeh, ManYoo and Chavs, what has changed?

    and if our league position is on par with wages paid, then it’s not like it’s an achievement, is it?


    would rather give it a miss and keep him home for the Euros…

  147. Jabba's Delights

    the average age of the starting 11 is 24.8 in terms of experience under their belts they were a hugely experienced side nearlly all of whom had been to major international tourn.

    its patently not an incredibly young side

  148. I’ve been saying this for while ramsey needs a rest. I don’t see a problem in
    playing or more offensive team especially at home. for christs sake we are arsenal. And to be honest he hasn’t been as influential as I would have hoped.

    But all this aside tonight he might prove me wrong and score the winner, here’s hoping…

  149. and the last season was absolutely poo, how is this a benchmark for Arsenal now?

    plus, we have not improved in the problem areas (defending, fitness, etc.)…

    I don’t buy the whole ‘bad luck’ thing…

  150. Jabba's Delights

    Great opportunity for us tonight to close that gap on chels. going to be a very interesting 3 horse race for top 4 with liv looking like they are hitting form.

    I wouldnt risk sagna from the start tonight. he is to important for us for the rest of the year. coq can do a job and then bring sagna on with 20 to go. we can win without him tonight.

  151. Further to what’s been said above, that’s just the team for the final, don’t forget Jabba – when van Gaal would have opted for a more experienced lineup. For instance, Kluivert was already a rising star at that time.

    Not really sure where this is going. Point is there are and always have been teenagers getting regular football all over the place, and playing key roles too.

  152. From Frank, comment of the day so far
    “In other words the way you interpret the situation Jack finds himself in tells us more about you than about Jack or the club.”
    The comment you call comment of the day tells more about you than about the commentor. Just saying!

  153. Suga it may not have been you but I have heard people hoping exactly that – some cunt posted something on here a few days back which was wishing for it because it was the only way they could see proper change.
    Regardless I’ve read it plenty of other places and not just this season either.

  154. Jonny,

    have to say that wishing a loss upon our own is just plain wrong and I will never understand this…

    yes, I fundamentally disagree with the club’s policies, yes, I think AW is no longer the man for the job, but if he turns this around, he can stay here for another 16 years for all I care…

  155. Well, wherever it came from it is crazy. No supporter worth his salt can want anythingg but an Arsenal win in every single game we play.

  156. Suga

    How do you define “turning this around”?

  157. @SUGA
    Since winter last year Liverpool have overtaken us in terms of wages paid. So if we finish 4th, it will be an overachievement of kinds. In terms of what is required for us to finish “on par”, last season was still just about cutting it. Past CL group stages, a domestic cup final, 4th place finish. That it is perceived as disappointing is primarily down to how we looked in February and how March/April played out.

  158. Keysersoze,

    actually competing for the league and other trophies domestically and hence laying the foundations to compete for the biggest honour, which is the CL…

  159. So I have to work late and the match isn’t on ANY channel tonight? Godammit.

  160. Evil,

    we were pretty much in relegation form for nearly a whole year and that included the second half of the previous season and that, my friend, is nowhere near good enough…

    the truth is that if the season ended 3 games later, we would be out of the top four and yet we completely cocked up the summer transfer window, which resulted in further embarrassments…

  161. Jabba's Delights

    SUGA3 | February 1, 2012 at 12:36 pm

    Firstly i know of only a few people on le grove who wish for arsenal defeats to speed up arsene departure and even they are treated with disdain on that horrible site.

    With regards to you comment about turning this round and allowing arsene to stay another 16 years. He would be turing around what is mostly an issue of his own making. Even if top 4 were to be secured this year some huge questions need to be asked of the manager in the summer. Whether that leads to a sacking or not i dont know but the fact is the club should ask questions as to why we are in the position we are in.

  162. Just to correct myself: Liverpool have not overtaken us, they have been ahead of us in wages paid since at least 2008. It’s just that Manchester City came in. Anyway, my original point still stands. We are having the 5th highest wage bill so finishing 3rd or 4th is disappointing from a personal point of view (and the expectations that come with that) but realistically speaking, it’s overachieving.

  163. One thing is certain, Arsene will never be sacked by the club. And I also don’t think he would walk away from his contract. If he is to leave the club at any juncture I think it would be at the end of his current contract.

  164. Jabba's Delights

    Evil | February 1, 2012 at 12:39 pm

    I’m sorry mate but you need to raise your bar. Liverpool sacked a manager mid season wenger has had 15 years to build a squad how he wants it. We should 100% be finishing above Liverpool this year plain and simple.
    The idea that qualifying from our group in the cl should be seen as par for the course i find completely ridiculous. Finishing 2nd in that group should be viewed as a failure as its the reason why we got Barca in the 1st round knock out stage.

    Cl qualification is the minimum target but even then questions should be asked when one only hits there minimum and anyone who works in sales knows this to be true. Losing to a relegated team in a cup final should be marked as a travesty not a plus point

  165. Suga: there’s no point discussing with most of them on here. You’re in cuckoo land here.
    Should check yesterday’s post, I’m pretty sure no one answered any of my comments…
    Why? Because they are just all happy to be fooled.
    The “new” stress fracture is exactly at the same place. Unrelated to previous injuries? Whoever said that doesn’t even understand the word stress.
    What’s the new shiny medical centre for if not to be able to follow our players better?
    Instead god knows where else Wilshere has been allowed to run.
    At least the smart ones among us will not be lead into believing stupid urban myths, like Wenger only discovered it at 11pm yesterday.
    The “new” accident happened during training.
    When you’ve got such a long time off, you’re gonna need actual reeducation before you can even run. Our medical team has no clue about football injuries. Wenger has his own agenda and lower the quality of the team while putting sh*t loads of money on the side.
    And to come to the actual content of the article, he’s just blindly regurgitating Arsenalnewsnet headlines…

  166. Jabba,

    …especially that we had the easiest route to that final…

  167. @SUGA
    This “relegation form”, as you are calling it, didn’t even last for half a year. Unless, of course, you are counting the summer break. But, in terms of games played, that bad run of form lasted for 18 games (and I am being very generous in that, starting from our series of draws that started in our 0 -0 against Liverpool until the 2-1 against Sp*rs — in total a run of 18 games in which we just gained 19 points.) so again, not “nearly a year”. But I have already gotten used to it that you always try to exaggerate negative aspects to fit your agenda, so there is nothing new in that aspect of your behaviour 😉

  168. Jabba's Delights

    goonerandy | February 1, 2012 at 12:47 pm

    Football is all about money. Arsene has survived very well despite average performance in recent years as the club was making a healthy profit.

    If we finish outside the top 4 this year which most experts think we will we wont be making a profit anymore and the club will have to spend vast somes of money to try and get back in to the top 4. That little bubble that arsene created for himself will have burst. Failure to achieve our minimum target after the monumental breakdown last year should lead to some very very serious consequinces for our manager.

  169. Evil – “We are having the 5th highest wage bill so finishing 3rd or 4th is disappointing from a personal point of view (and the expectations that come with that) but realistically speaking, it’s overachieving

    That is not quite true though. The lge table does not have to mirror the relative wage bills. If Liverpool choose to pay Andy Carrol £85k p/w, whilst we pay Arteta £50k p/w, does not mean we are overachieveing by finising above them. It simply means that they do not know the vaule of money.

    When you take into account some of the distincly average players that we have on big buck on our wage bill further emphasises that the vision of the wage bill against the lge table is horribly distorted.

  170. @Jabba
    You just have to look at ManU’s group to see groups where finishing 1st should be guaranteed and what can happen if things are taken for granted. Furthermore those targets described where general — it’s what is the minimum for me each year. Of course things can change (if we reach a CL semi-final but get knocked out early in the League Cup, that’s obviously better than reaching a League Cup semi-final but getting knocked out early in the CL) but that is just what, for me, is “par” for us.
    And my general point is that, if we look at our constraints, we have always overachieved over the past several years. I agree that we should finish above Liverpool(and Chelsea), as anything but CL qualification is a failure in my opinion but one can’t deny that other teams have more financial power and we are still managing to do better than them.

  171. @GA
    It doesn’t have to mirror it, but it puts things into perspective. I’ll break it down for you so it’s easier to understand: teams spend more, but finish below us. I don’t see how, from any point of view, if you make a certain investment, and somebody else makes a bigger investment, but you get the higher return out of it (i.e. higher league position), how that is not overachieving.

  172. Jabba – I don’t disagree with what some of what you are saying, but I don’t think the board would sack Arsene. They back his vision, and they also have a manger who makes them money (you said yourself football is about money).

    They have budgeted from time outside of the CL (as any well run club would do). The problem as far as I see it, is not the lack of funds in the short term from CL revenue (although it undoubtably would make a hit), but the fact that it would then be harder to attract top quality players which would be required to break back into the top 4. It is a catch 22 situation in that respect.

  173. Evil: you know that your figure of 18 is just one game away from half a league right?

  174. IG,

    was about to say just that…

  175. @IvoryGoonz
    I do, but Suga said “for nearly a whole year”. I on the other hand said “not even half a year”. You be the judge whose testimony is right and whose wrong.

  176. Evil – True to a point; but are not players wages subjective? It is not as black and white as you are painting it. You could argue just the opposite; we are huge club, so currently we are underachieveing *Devils advocate*

  177. Of course, I am not sure if you guys went through school proper and know about fractals and other aspects of higher mathematics taught starting from 6th grade, but 18/38 is clearly still one short of half, while 18/38 is … I don’t really see how disorted your view must be if you are going to call that “nearly whole”

  178. Andy,
    There is a strong statistical correlation between wage bill and performance in most sports, not just in football.

    Of course its not as precisely predictive as some claim, but its clearly there.

  179. Evil,

    the fact of the matter is that time wise it was what, 9 months? 10 months?

    and the summer break has to be taken into the account, this is the time where you try to correct all the wrongs and if your team looked like a shower of shite for the large chunk of the season, this is the time for you to address it…

  180. and if the form is equally as shit after the summer break, then as far as i am concerned, it is not a new problem, but the old one continued…

  181. @Suga
    It was just short of 7 months, Suga. Once again, you exaggerate to fit your negative agenda 😉

  182. Jabba's Delights


    since 5th March last year we have played 33 prem games.

    44 points in that time: scored 54 conceded 48.

    Bar in mind the previous year to that we werent very good and one would suggest things have been pretty pony for a while.

    Arsene should 100% be under pressure if the rest of this season is anything other than very good

  183. Suga

    I think in the current situation competing for the league would be a massive overachievement. While we can always aspire for it, it shouldn’t be the benchmark. Qualifying for the CL will have to be the reasonable expectation for the next few years. Anything below will be a failure. But then again, failures also need to be put into a bit of context as at least 2 of the current top 6 will fall out of CL places every year.

  184. Haha Evil, you’re so.. evil.

  185. Henristic – Yeah, I do get that mate. But I don’k think we are overachieving by finishing in the top 4 (which was Evils point which I disputed). We can’t cry poverty whist we are eating Sainsbury’s home brand sausages. They may not be Waitrose sausages, but they certainly are not Aldi sausages either.

  186. I really wish a certain element of the so call “Doomers” would piss the fudge off. People here don’t not think that Arsenal have been poor by their own standards this year, however they are not consumed with the idiotic ramblings of morons who some how managed to escape their fetters and visit ACLF.

    Do us all a favour, find the rock in whioch you crawled out from under and stay there!

  187. Keysersoze,

    what I am saying is that I want to see the club back to where it was just a few years ago, you know, beating Sp*ds for a laugh, and actually being in with a shout for the league up until the late April, not end of January!

    I don’t want to see any more of these pathetic annual collapses, simples…

  188. Mmmm sausages. Back in a while!

  189. @Jabba
    The previous year to that we finished 3rd.

  190. And what if we don’t finish outside the top 4? Your ‘so called’ experts have been wrong about this every year.

    You may not actively want us to fail but you’re awfully ready for the outcome.

  191. And to clarify that again, Suga is right and not exaggerating.
    19 points out of 18 games is just couple points above what got Birmingham relegated.
    In case some didn’t notice, a lot of the mid-table teams and even promoted teams are now on level with us. In case people didn’t notice, teams like Swansea are not even afraid of us.
    Don’t kid yourself.
    We might not get relegated this season, but unless miracles happen, we will not be in CL next year.
    You can idolise Wenger for his steadiness, or just call it as it is. Stagnation.

  192. @SUGA
    On that I agree. I certainly hope that our annual collapse has come early this year(i.e. beginning of the season and now in January) and we see some of that form we exhibited from October to December in the next few months. Fingers crossed!

  193. Evil I know about fractals but I have no idea what you’re talking about! 😉

  194. Evil: Suga is talking trends.
    If you took the last 38 games, how many points would we have now?
    Just go on Arsenalist check the positions over time and then look at each of the top 6 fixtures list until may, you’ll realize we are far away from enough points considering all the home games we played, and the weaker teams we played. Tough times start now.
    Don’t expect our injury list to remain on 5 players for more than 2 weeks.

  195. @IvoryGoonz
    I was not disputing that that form is bad (but, just to put things into perspective, 19 points from 18 games is a point total of 40 for the season, and you have to go back 10 years to see a team with 40 points relegated), I was merely pointing out that saying that we have been in that form for nearly a year is wrong, plain and simple, no matter from which way you look at it, as, in real world terms, that form lasted barely 7 months (out of which where 2 months with no games played) or 18 games.

  196. Suga

    The Spuds thing is a bit of an anomaly so far, they are above us in the league for the first time aeons. While none of us are happy about it, it is not as if they have become better than us by virtue of half a season. And they are a little more competitive recently than a few years ago. They had a run in the CL last season, they are also above Chelsea and Liverpool apart from us.

    And correct me if I am wrong, but as far as I remember we were in with a shout for the title until quite late last year. Of course we kind of threw it away towards the end of the campaign, but that doesn;t nullify the good work that got us there.

    With the departures during the summer did you really expect us to challenge for the title this season?

  197. Andy,
    I don’t think we have been overachieving either, especially when you put it like that But we have been remarkably consistent over the years, which in football is no easy feat, no matter how much money you have.

  198. Johhny,

    You such a show off 😉 I think Evil meant fractions.

  199. Just to clarify: i don’t think that we have overachieved either, 4th is the minimum for me. I was merely trying to point out that other teams have had more resources and we have still managed to fight them off and stay in the Top 4.

  200. *Jonny, sorry!

  201. @Jonny
    Grah, caught me there! 😦 Fractions/Fractals …
    Can I use the “I am a foreigner, I don’t know English” excuse?

  202. There is no way of disputing that our form from March to September 2011 was nowhere near what it should be. But lets not call it half a season’s worth of bad form. It was a bad end to the last season and a bad beginning to this one.

    If for example we had ended up having a disastrous run from Aug to Dec 2010, reversed it from Jan to May 2011 to finish say 6th, continued that good form through Aug to Dec 2011, and slumped again in Jan to May 2012 to finish 6th again, would you buy an argument that we had one season worth championship winning form starting Jan 2011 to Dec 2011? I guess not. 🙂

  203. Henristic – “But we have been remarkably consistent over the years, which in football is no easy feat, no matter how much money you have

    Most definately.

  204. “Can I use the “I am a foreigner, I don’t know English” excuse?”

    I certainly do!

  205. Jonny,

    the thing is that until this season, I had very little doubt that we’d finish in the top four and if we do actually end up 4th or higher in May, it will be nothing short of remarkable, all things considered…


    the summer departures should have been addressed, failure to do so is gross incompetence, no less…

    we were in with a shout until the CC Final, which was in February, then the wheels simply fell off…

  206. Evil – “Can I use the “I am a foreigner, I don’t know English” excuse?

    Didn’t wash with Suarez 😉

  207. and no, the Sp*ds thing is not an anomaly, as much as it pains me to say this, Twitchy has assembled quite a team there…

  208. and competing for the league should always be a benchmark for the fifth richest club in the world…

  209. Short term gain SUGA. When Harry fucks off to the England job or porridge they’ll be back in mid-table, and with a decent chunk of debt probably.

  210. Oh dear oh dear oh dear

  211. I know they have a good team, I said as much. But let them finish stronger than us for 2 or 3 seasons before using that as a stick to beat ourselves with, that is all I say.

    I do agree that the league last season was ours for the taking, but we couldn’t capitalise. But we got into that position because we overperformed for a major part of the season. We should not ignore the positive and just dwell on the negative.

  212. SUGA3 – The Spuds first team is pretty good, but if they would have suffered the injuries we have I very much doubt they would be in the position we are. They would be much further off the pace.

  213. You give him too much credit, SUGA. I’d say he’s tripped half-blindly over a good team and claimed it was all a plan. He wanted Bale out a couple of years ago – told all the hacks he was available and is now taking credit for a player he didn’t buy, and didn’t trust. I’m sure the hypocrisy hasn’t passed the player by either.

  214. You married, Alan, Alan, Alan. Or did your wife kill herself by boring a hole in her own head with a hand drill to get away from you?l

  215. Pop quiz – without cheating – of the players to have played in the Premier League, who has scored the most international goals?

  216. This is going to be a crazy one isn’t it, Jonny. Davor Suker – maybe?

  217. Henristic – doh! My bad – I genuinely was confused.

    Evil – that sounds like a ‘twitchy’ defence! 😉

  218. Wild guess – Suker?

  219. Jonny – Hmmm, decent question.

    Henrik Laarson?
    Michael Owen?

  220. Surel;y it’s going to be someone silly, like Kanu or something.

  221. Oh, I looked it up. Nowhere near – even Robbie Keane’s scored more.

  222. the fact of the matter is that apart from he cup game where he fielded youngsters and we mixed it up a little more, we are yet to beat these cunts under ‘Arry…


    wife? why would I need all this trouble? there is plenty of fish in the sea, you know?

  223. OOU – it’s beyond crazy. I think I could have guessed forever and not got the answer.

    I have the top ten though and Davor Suker didn’t make that (though you’re right to think left field if you want the number 1. Or the number 3,4,8 or 10).

  224. It’s got to be someone who didn’t play int he Premier League for long, but scored a shitload for their country. Litmanen? Kluivert? Someone like that.

  225. @Jonny
    Is it someone who has probably only played half a season or so in the Prem?

  226. I’ll release the top 10 in 5 minutes or so. Lets see what you’ve got football brains.

  227. Jabba and Suga,

    Why do you two so frequently cite examples like: X came before Y, so therefore X caused Y? Given that one of you professes to have “a degree in the use of words” (interesting description in itself), surely you are both capable of grasping basic logic, “no?” Repeat 100 times: “Correlation does not prove causation!”

    Yesterday: the booing at halftime of the Villa match came before the comeback in the second half. Suga: “well, they got booed off the pitch on Sunday and it worked, no?”

    Today: Jack played a lot of matches, then he got injured. Therefore, his injury was caused by playing a lot of matches.

    Yes, it might be true, but you – and we – don’t know, so don’t say it is true. You are speculating – there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s pretty much what we all do. Just don’t imply – or state – that it is “fact”.

    Re the news about Jack being out for the rest of the season (if that is true), would it really be surprising if the club didn’t want that information in the public domain, particularly if they might have been looking to buy or loan a player?

  228. SUGA you tit face! Where were you the other night? Surprised you weren’t on here at half time along your bunch of other acidic wet rags. ACLF is not a pot of vinegar so go dip your chips in some other blogs where people will rub deep heat all over you and lap your shit up. Tired of seeing you post on here for christsake!

  229. @Jonny
    Maybe Donovan? I think he has scored quite a few for the US!
    or what about our own Park Chu Young? I remember him scoring like crazy the past few international breaks. Of course, those goals came against awful opposition, but maybe he is in with a shout?

  230. Awful opposition is the key to this one.

  231. Is is somebody like Shaun Goater or Paulo Wanchope?

  232. I think so OOU, that’s why my initial thought was Kanu before the standards in Africa shot up. He must have scored quite a few in the 40s 😉

  233. Kluivert was my first guess – not even a top 10!

    There are a couple of obvious top ten entries you could tick off – one of them played for us.

    The number 1 didn’t play for long in the Prem but more than half a season I believe.

  234. Henry got fifty-odd for France, so he must be up there. Robbie Keane has over fifty for Ireland.

  235. Shevchenko?



  236. Andy not a million miles away, that kind of level of player…

  237. may be some Aussie? They regularly trounced their oppenents in WC qualifiers before being shifed to Asia.

  238. Klinsmann?

  239. Yogi:

    Great post. I think we are going to go on another winning run similar to the one in Oct/Nov. The key will be to continue that hot streak until the end of the season. Like your line up with Le Coq and Arteta. Johan has struggled at RB and I would much rather see Le coq. I know Johan is a CB and I understand how he would struggle to provide much width down the right but he should be able to defend. Other clubs have used CB out wide with success. Ivanovich and Jones/Smalling as examples. I think Johan would keep up with those guys in a foot race so I don’t think the problem is simply a lack of pace. Will be happy when we get Sagna back.

    We looked really solid defensively during the good months but we have struggled of late. During the 3 game losing streak we scored 4 goals which is really a decent enough return and very similar to our scoring rate all season. The difference has been the number we conceded. I really thought the defense was fixed and I still am a long term optimist about our team defense. However, A line from a great Pete Townsend song says “We won’t get fooled again”. Lets hope Christmas/January is just a blip on the radar and not a return to the bad old days.

    You wrote. “That willingness to concede goals must be curbed if victory is to be achieved. A clean sheet on the road is a rarity this season, happening just twice in the Premier League. And that is simply not good enough for a team which aspires to be among the country’s leading pack all of the time.”

    Somehow that sounds familiar. Lets keep a clean sheet today and start a good streak that we can carry until the end of the season.

  240. Keane (2), Henry (5) and Shev (9). Better.

  241. My two guesses were Forlan and Klinnsman.

  242. No Klinsmann surprisingly, or Forlan.

  243. I reckon Suker would have got more international goals if there hadn’t been a crisis in his region. Stupid Yugoslav wars, foiling my quiz entry.

    Just kidding of course.

  244. Gullit?

  245. Thomas Brolin?

  246. Yakbubu?

  247. I’ll try the obvious one. Drogba?

  248. Aspirilla?

  249. stern john?

  250. Jonny

    Now give the answer. You have successfully diverted the discussion 😉

  251. Jack says – I have developed a stress fracture in the Heal [sic] now and I don’t want to put any time scale on it as I do not know how long it will take…

  252. Sahil is correct but I bet he looked it up!

    Keyserzoze bonus points for getting the real idea behind the quiz. 😉

    Your runners and riders –

    1. Stern John, Trinidad and Tobago, 70.
    2. Robbie Keane, Rep. of Ireland, 53.
    3. Jon-Dahl Tomasson, Denmark, 52.
    4. Hakan Sukur, Turkey, 51.
    5. Thierry Henry, France, 51.
    6. Didier Drogba, Ivory Coast, 50.
    7. Dimitar Berbatov, Bulgaria, 48.
    8. Jared Borgetti, Mexico, 46.
    9. Andriy Shevchenko, Ukraine, 46.
    10. Landon Donovan, USA, 46.

  253. “Stern John (born 30 October 1976 in Trincity, Trinidad and Tobago) is a Trinidadian football player and currently a free agent.”

    Get him Arsene, what are you waiting for?

  254. Jonny – Never mind that rubbish; who was it?

  255. Did Sukur play in the PL?

  256. Andy was really close at one point.

  257. Guilty as charged

  258. Wow, I haven’t even heard of him. For which team did he play?

  259. Who is it Jonny

  260. OOU – I was thinking abuot World Cup Qualifiers and went for Goater/Wanchope as I think that Caribian sides play in the Oceanic Qualifiers? Somthing like that anyway, and they are obviously all crap. I would have never guessed Stern John though.

  261. Good stuff Jonny. I asked the question in the office and after revealing the answer we somehow have got round to bad injuries being sustained (Trautmann, Batiston etc.) and seriously cynical tackles, Willie Young on Paul Allen being chief among them!

  262. They were both good calls, GA – goals to games ratio would have seen them near the top if they’d played more. I don’t think I’d have ever got it.

    Must say though, Stern John was a beast on CM3 98-99. Cheap as well. Other good players still around were Etherington, Simon Davies, Kim Kallstrom and Clint Hill.

  263. As I said, I could have had all the time in the world and I’d never have got there – even though I knew of him and was trying to think laterally.

    Wanchope was nice thinking, Andy.

    He was fun wasn’t he?

    The prem’s lost something now we don’t have these lazy geniuses like him and Le Tiss.

    Suppose we have Arshavin! (My mission, to wind up George, shows no sign of abating).

  264. Good stuff Jonny, Thanks.

    Sounds like we need to shut down Jack W. for the rest of the season. Whats the use of trying to get him back this year. No way he can really contribute significantly if he starts playing in late April/May. I suspect it would be best to have him start fresh next season.

  265. Southampton’s Le Tiss was a genius… there was a player who suck with a club he loved. It is a shame in the modern era that the pursuit of money outweighs loyalty, the modern mercenary is the new standard.

    Le Tiss, 540 appearances for Southamption and 210 goals throughout his career.

  266. opps… *stuck 🙂 my bad

  267. More trivia!!!

  268. Sug3

    No way to know if over playing Jack last season was the cause of this injury. Lots of players in the league play lots of games and very few develop stress fractures. Even if Jack was starting to feel pain and starting to develop a stress reaction/fracture last season it certainly did not show with his play. There is no way for Wenger to know that a player is hurting unless the player tells him. Do you really think Jack W. is the sort of player to tell someone that his leg has been hurting and he wants to be shut down? No chance of that.

  269. Another good quiz is to try and name every team that has every featured in a PL season. I can’t remember the exact number (obvisouly required for the quiz) but will find out.

    Anyway, on that note I am off home to find a stream for tonight.


  270. I’ll start with Arsenal 🙂

  271. @miami Arsenal

    i agree its a shame that 1 day your kissing the patch and saying how you love the club and can’t and won’t leave teh club but then somebody throws a little more money and your gone. Good ole Ade! haha

  272. Keysersoze

    Are you sure Kanu was 18 in 1995? hahah i kid of course 😀

  273. Chance to close the gap on Chelsea. Hope we start a ten match winning streak!

  274. so, Jack did not show the signs of fatigue last season?

    I beg to differ, at least two last months of 10/11 was when he was clearly jaded and in the need of rest…

  275. You’re wasting all your talents here Suga. You should be managing a top club in Europe frankly. Stop wasting your time on blogs, get a managerial certificate and compete with Arsene. Surely, within a season you can oust him. And given how complete your knowledge is, the club that hires you can benefit financially by firing their medical staff, since you have clear grasp on injuries and related matters.

  276. Wilshere got injured and that is that. Move the heck on.

    It is not even official that he will be out for the season but some with better information that the folks at Arsenal (obviously) have stated it as fact.

    We have a deep team, that went on a excellent run without Wilshere. With our injured getting healthy we are looking good to start another good run. I would bet on it.

  277. Forget the debate of if playing a lot of games causes long term injuries, the fact is that Ramsey has looked tired the last month or so as he covers a lot of distance, i think he needs some rest to get back to form

  278. Arteta also looked tired but his injury gave him time to rest.

  279. Common Arsene give Benayoun a starting spot on the wing, he deserves it

    Coq Kos Mert TV
    Song Arteta Rosicky
    Benny RVP Chamo

  280. Paul N,

    what excellent run?

    call 8 defeats in 22 ‘excellent’?

    *mother of all facepalms*

  281. From today’s mediawatch – ONLY SPURS…

    A Terrible Idea
    Possibly as both chairman and manager seem to regard transfer deadline day as Christmas, Hanukkah and both their birthdays rolled into one, Spurs picked Tuesday to launch a new official club website.

    One of the shiny new features on the site is an automated link to the comments on each story from their Facebook page, meaning the thoughts of everyone are displayed for all to see.

    And as we know, such comments are not always the most positive, especially on a day when they signed a 32-year-old with injury problems who has only scored once all season.

    Some choice comments available for the world to see included:

    – ‘1 goal in 18 games this season… We might as well have signed Tim Howard’
    – ‘What the f**k? Exactly what we DIDN’T need, another old, lazy, injury prone striker! We need to bring in more young talent if we seriously want to compete as a top team.’
    – ‘terrible signing – might as well have signed Rebrov’
    – ‘@arry trying to prove to the jury he is mad. what sort of marquee signings are Saha and Nelsen? Will they keep Modders and Bale happy? Rubbish’
    – ‘not sure what’s going on here…. at least he’ll give ledley some company in the gym during the week!’

    We suspect they’ll be having a word with their web designers this morning.

  282. sczy
    Le Coq-Mert-Kos-Verm


    We get a couple early goals get up 2-0 or 3-0 with about 60 mins left and make the following subs.

    Bring on Ramsey for Arteta, Sagna for Le Coq and Henry for RVP. This will allow us to get the result and still get some rest for our main players.

    March to 3rd and FA Cup silverware started sunday and an unbeaten run follows!!

  283. Can you get a brain fracture?

    overusing your brain to chat rubbish.

  284. Park out wide? you need some pace to play there, this is a signing I will never understand…

  285. Paul N,

    no idea, but you are running a serious risk here if it is possible 😆

  286. only the Spuds!! they are 1 injured Modric or Bale from collapsing and we all know that Bale fades fast at the business end of the season

  287. Our team went on an excellent run. With players coming back we will finish the season very well.

    I love this team! our depth is great!

  288. the Earth is flat and that is final!!!

  289. Oh, I didn’t say.

    It’s not that interesting, but I was walking up the street this morning and a business card blew into my path, maybe out of a car. I noticed the Charlton Athletic crest, picked it up and the card read:

    “Bert Dawkins
    Head of Academy Recruitment”

    With his details etc.

    Told you it wasn’t that interesting.

  290. Sug3:

    Jack was one of the best players during the last couple of months of last season, certainly one of the most consistent. I would agree that the whole team looked mentally tired which you can blame on Arsene’s lack of rotation if you like but Jack certainly did not look more tired then any other player on the squad. He gave no indication that he needed rest more then anyone else. If he was developing a stress injury he would have felt pain but the only way for anyone to know would have been for Jack to tell them, and I seriously doubt he told anyone.

    I have no heartburn with blaming Wenger for things, but blaming him for Jacks injury and the this whole idea that idea that Arsenals medical staff is somehow incompetent is absolute rubbish and totally over the top. I understand you have an agenda and some of your criticism is understandable but you are way off base with this one.

  291. @Suga

    this would be a perfect time to play him and rest the Ox but i gues you would play and start him for the 3rd time in 10 days but weren’t you the same person who just said that part of teh reason Jack got injured was because he was fatigued. But you know better than all of us because as we all know you are better than any medical staff in the EPL and rivaling Arsene in terms of mangerial expertise.

  292. Yes, I really like this team.

    With all of our player’s healthy we are the best team in the PL.

    I hope that Sagna, Gibbs and Diaby stay healthy. If that happens we will be in very good shape, not only to make that push for the top 4 but also for the FA Cup and CL Title.

    Get well soon, Santos and Wilshere. Get them back and what a bam bam!

  293. C,

    first of all, I did not actually say to start AOC, merely stated that Park out wide is a piss poor idea…

    secondly, 3 games in 10 days is not the same as nearly 50 games (plus internationals) and the kid is built like a tank…

  294. CL title?

    Diaby to stay healthy?

    fuck me, I will have some of that shit that you are smoking…

  295. so then who would you start outwide, Benayoun, the problem i have with that is he doesnt stay wide thus making us more narrow. Henry who is just returning from injury and prior to that only made sub appearances.

  296. I am looking forward to seeing this new kid, that he is has tried to pattern some of his game after Rosicky can only be a good thing.

    I wonder if he will get game time if Wilshere is not able to come back this season. I would also like to see Coquelan play in the mid, if Wilshere is not able to come back. That kid is a beast!

  297. well, quite frankly, if Henry does not play, what was the point of this loan in the first place?

    so, he gets injured, not like it’s our problem come March, is it?

  298. I’d push Song forward if we need an extra attacking midfielder. But then we’d need to compensate for that deeper.

  299. I have a feeling that Bolton will try some of the short corner’s. I am sure the team will be more focused.

  300. so Henry gets hurt again and Park doesnt play. Here’s the great thing about March its still a month away and last time i checked we play some pretty important matches between now and the time Henry leaves. So would you rather have a healthy Henry or Chamackh( your saving grace with him inability to play out wide).

  301. C,

    Park is not a wide player and has fuck all pace, he is a central striker with good eye for the goal, but not a lot of strength, think of Eduardo, just physically weaker…

    so, if not AOC then Benayoun or AA it is…

  302. my apologies to the mangerial genius which is SUGA! Benayoun and AA have ilghting pace that rivals that of our own Theo and Ox

  303. I would be doing cartwheels if Park turned out to be even close to Eduardo. Not likely to happen, Playing him now just for the hope that he will somehow find good form or to try to justify buying him makes no sense. We have Henry and chamakh to back up RVP and we have 3 -4 options for the wide forwards. Can’t see any reason for him to play unless we have a bunch of new injuries.

  304. Probably way off the mark but can’t help but think there is a link between the news of Jack’s setback and the very late signing of Eis.

    Yes, he’s young, at 19 but he’s not 16.

    He’s had a good season so far, scoring six and with six assists across twelve games he’s clearly in some kind of form. The descriptions I’ve heard of the style of his play is certainly Jack-esque (“attacking midfielder”).

    Ramsey is playing his heart out every game but AW must be wary of Aaron doing a Jack and ending up in the ‘red zone’ of burn out.

    Will be interesting to see his squad number and at what point Eis makes an appearance; suspect it will be sooner rather than later …

  305. C,

    dude, have you seen Park play? I have and I can tell you that both Yossi and AA look like Usain Bolt compared to him…

    comparing them to AOC (who you want to rest, but he’d be my first choice) and Walcott (who played way more games than AOC, yet you are somehow not concerned about his fitness) is a bit weird, but knoc yo’self out 😉

    but first and foremost, he is not a wide player!

  306. Hi arsenalandrew – not sure but I assume he’ll be in the reserves tonight. Might be worth following that a bit later. Not on the first team page on the site, but that probably doesn’t mean much.

  307. As someone said earlier if the news of JWs injury was withheld the likely reason is we were bidding for a player and you never let them now how important it is to you. I’m always excited to see a new player. Out of preference I prefer seeing that new first team player develop through the ranks, he just feels more ‘Arsenal’ somehow but I welcome anyone who puts on the red and white.
    Anyone know when the new boy is eligible?

  308. I agree with Bill, it would be a joy to have a goalscorer with Eduardo’s flair. I can’t begin to tell you how much I think his injury cost us, he looked different class to me. If it’s Park then I’ll be surprised – not that I don’t rate him but I don’t know how anyone could match the kind of style that Eduardo brought to the game, it was unique..

  309. Right I’m going to treat me and my boy to chips tonight then settle in to watch the match, see you all later.

  310. Enjoy the game, Steww, and the chips

  311. Agreed about Eduardo, Steww. The deadliest and coolest finisher. How terrible injuries have robbed our team of accomplishing greatness. There is no doubt in my mind if not for his injuries this team would have been at the top.

    What a crying shame!

  312. Chu-Young Park is reported to have blistering pace. He seemed very quick when I watched him too.

  313. blistering pace? what nonsense, saw him live in two games and whilst he has a good footballing brain and an eye for a goal, pace is not one of his attributes and his shots appeared a bit tame…

    saw him against Shrewsbury and Bolton at the ground, watched him pretty closely, wanting to know what he is all about and no, he is anything but pacey…

  314. with JW out, we cannot afford another injury in midfield, nothing medium term, nothing long term.

  315. OneofUs (5.36) – yes, top tip! Will keep an eye on the reserves – it’s his squad number that I think might give AW’s plans away and I can’t see any mention of it on the AFC site so far although there IS video footage of Eis in an unnumbered Arsenal shirt.

    Don’t suppose there is anything unusual in that – unless AW hasn’t yet decided on the number because there may yet be outward bound transfer activity …

  316. If he is quick enough and has an eye for goal with a footballing brain why not play him and allow outwide( its not like AA tracks back). His link play is good and maybe just maybe he does the unthinkable for players not named RVP and scores

  317. read again (slowly): Park has no pace!

    and he is a central player, didn’t you say that you would prefer not to play Yossi out wide, as he will not stay there?

    what makes you think that Park will?

  318. pace and quickness are 2 different things. how do you know he won’t. wait i know how you know because your all knowing!

  319. I have to say I’d be surprised to see Eis play this season – just sounded like one for the future rather than for now.

  320. C:

    No one really knows what Park can do because we have not really seen him play much, and we have never seen him out wide. We already have Theo who has scored twice recently and is hopefully regaining some form and Ox with Gerv coming back along with AA. Its possible Park could do well but the time when we could afford to experiment by giving him a few games just to see what he can do is long past I think. If we were going to experiment then Henry out wide would be a much better shout.

  321. C,

    I have just asked you, what makes you think that a central striker will stay out wide more than Yossi who in fact has some (not a lot, but hey) experience playing out wide?

    I am not all knowing, but it is you who appears to have some problems with simple logic…

  322. Jonny | February 1, 2012 at 6:17 pm,

    Personally hoping we could see something from him this season e.g. have him travel with the FA cup team, and slowly ease him if we are way ahead in a game.

  323. I have to say I think you’re right Jonny (6.17); it was just the lateness and the unexpectedness of the Eis signing that stuck out, for me.

    I’m probably deriving 3 from 1+1 but equally I’d love it if Arsene has landed a coup so far ahead of the curve that no-one is really talking about it!

    Partly ‘cos I’m sick of all the criticism the guy is getting from all and sundry; it would be the perfect way to give the finger …

    Wishful thinking, no doubt (for now, anyway).

  324. Read this again. Chu-Young Park has blistering pace.

    Careful Alan, Alan, Alan, because I predict that you are about to make a mistake involving nuance and context which is surpising in one who boasts a ‘qualification’ in ‘words’, possibly even a GCSE in English.

  325. I have had it with Wenger.
    Look at this useless bunch of perma crocks he makes us suffer ,
    Sagne,Vermealen,Santos,Gibbs,Jenkinson,Rosicky,Ramsey,Diaby,Wilshere,Van Persie.

    That’s a full fucking team that hardly ever plays,
    I know for a fact that we pay those spongers,in total £570,000 per week.between them.
    They give Wenger 20% of that you know!(I cant tell you how I know this, so don’t ask).
    Every single one of those players should have been released when they first showed signs of being brittle.
    We have,because of Wenger and his broken players and kids policy, not won the league for eight years.
    My mates are United fans and they laugh at my all the time.
    I have had enough.

  326. Frank,

    I have the national equivalent of A level in English as a foreign language and the qualification in use of words I referred to in response to poodle’s post is a degree in PR…

    Alan, Alan, Alan? is that really all you can come up with?

    blistering pace? I am yet to see him outrun anyone, so do yourself a little favour 😉

  327. george,

    seriously, you are so dim, it’s amusing, keep them coming…

  328. and you chat so much rubbish?

  329. Suga called me “dim”.Now that is irony.

  330. yet to be proven wrong by any of you?

    note: blind faith does not count as an argument…

  331. An A level? Very well done.

    PR? Really?

    Doesn’t really matter what I call you, young man, you have told us all we need to know.

  332. this is because all you can come up with is this ‘hilarious’ piece, full of exaggerations and stuff absolutely no one has ever come up with…

    the only freeloading cunt from that list is Diaby, so to speak 😆

  333. As a student of language, Alan, Alan, Alan, you do of course realise that PR is an acronym for Per Rectum….and you have a qualification in it? Well, well, well

  334. talking rubbish is less of one

  335. and what is it that you need to know, Frankie boy?

    and what cuckoo theory will you come up with now? that I have an agenda?

    of course I do, I want this club to do well, using the resources available!

  336. Run along to your usual site and have a snicker at how you embarassed us all, there’s a good boy.

  337. As I pointed out. We don’t need to know anything. You spilled your guts.

  338. one can say a lot about a person by the way that person is insulting others, underlying rectal issues much?

  339. The stage is yours…entertain us

  340. Paul N,

    prove me wrong, I dare you…

  341. the stage is mine when I want it, Frankie boy…

  342. sagna starts

  343. Prove me wrong.I dare you.

    Try this
    “Arsene Wenger is the best manager in the world in my opinion”

    See the stupidity of your statement now?
    No,I thought not.

  344. “I dare you”


  345. george,

    how do you want to be proven wrong? by stats alone or in the form of an essay?

    but as they say, an opinion is like an arse, each has his own…

  346. if one is so adept and educated in the english laguage surely they must know when they talking nonsense.

    I know what, he is lying.

  347. On you go then…

  348. Paul N.

    yeah, that’s all you can come up with, thought as much…

  349. Arsehole..the term is ‘arsehole’.And not everyone does have one.

  350. Some have much more than one, and no matter how ridiculous they wear them like stripes.

  351. Yes, you are liar. Have to be.

  352. of course I am a liar, what a plank…


    thank you for correcting me, I am foreign afterall 😉

  353. Foreign to what?

  354. He is a polish plumber Frank,fact

  355. Yes, I admit I am a plank.

    But you could not be as well educated as you claim. I don’t see it.

  356. I am uneducated, that is my excuse for chatting crap.

  357. george,

    oh, now you are showing your true colours, fucking little Englander cunt…

    Paul N,

    I really don’t give a flying fuck what you can or can’t see, seriously…

  358. Suga: “OK, I still watch the games, feel joy when I win and pain when we lose and I shout ‘Arsenal’, I just don’t put any money into Kroenke’s pocket, plain and simple…”

    He feels joy when “he” wins and pain when “we” lose. A bit of a freudian slip isn’t it?

    Suga, in that interview Gazidis gave FSC he clearly states that all the money the club makes is reinvested and not payed out in dividends. You should’ve listened to it instead of mocking it and facepalming the way you did.

    Jonny, completely agree with you about Wanchope. Those few seasons he played at Derby county were some of the best dribbling I’ve ever seen in all my time watching football. Faustino Asprilla was another non-Arsenal player I used to enjoy watching as well.

    This is going to be a tough game. Bolton seem to be on the ascendancy now that they’ve gotten over the uncertainty of Cahill leaving. They’re passing the ball around better and Reo-Coker seems to have stepped it up a gear in their midfield. I think if we manage to keep the ball and impose our passing game we’ll beat them Whatever happens it looks like we’ll have an entertaining game on our hands. So good luck boys.

    Almost forgot. Bill, I like it when you’re possitive and defend the club. Long may it continue. I

  359. What about my fucking radiator?

  360. Oh Frank, you fillet these pricks with such grace. It’s like watching Denis turn a lumbering defender inside out. Thank you for making me laugh at him instead of being irritated by him.

  361. Interesting bench for today’s game. Le Coq is the only back up DM or Defender. Sagna is obviously going to have to play the whole game.

  362. He’s not a plumber, George. He tastes spunk for some EU outfit. Only three people in Europe have the taste buds and MENSA intelligence levels necessary for that job.

  363. george, oh george,

    go on, embarrass yourself a little more…

    why don’t you ask Szczesny?

  364. Jesus fucking Christ, another genius, go spend a few more thousand bucks on the club merch, there must be something you have not yet bought 😆

  365. Its cold at the top.I told you 2 weeks ago.I am still waiting

  366. what does the starting lineup look like?

  367. Paul N,

    of course you are uneducated, it takes intelligence…

  368. Szczesny

    Bench:Henry, Rosicky, Benayoun, AA, Park, Fabianski, Le Coq

  369. Suga, where’s that photo of you with the huge ears and those ridiculous wayfarers?

  370. Gains,You can be in MENSA,taste spunk and still be a plumber.They are not mutually exclusive.

  371. thanks……off to watch it. hope we win this rather handsomely.

  372. I just heard Tommy Es just got an assist already against Swansea?

  373. mj_gunner

    Hope its true.

  374. Yogi must be proud of you lot 😆 😆 😆

  375. Frank, why would you think Suga is even married? Last I heard women don’t like insufferable pricks.

  376. Yes, I admit I lack the intelligence but I can spot your bull. Trust me on that.

  377. Gains,My wife does.
    Think on mate.

  378. you can’t, you are seeing things, you are not only uneducated and unintelligent, but also a bit cuckoo…

  379. George, he wouldn’t waste his intelligence being a plumber.

  380. oh well, someone has to work to pay your benefits, eh george?

  381. Suga I am a retired millionaire.

  382. I think the work you are looking for is ‘retarded’

  383. Yes, I am all of those things, but with what little sense I have, I can clearly see that you are not all that you think you are.

  384. millionaire?

    and you are trying to cheapskate hiring immigrant workers instead of allowing he local lads earn a honest living?

  385. I made my money selling fake Degrees to Polish plumbers in the late ninety’s.
    Many of the went on to be successful EU employees

  386. Anyway, the fact is you are not as educated as you claim because if you were you would not chat such tripe.

  387. That’s how you become a millionaire Suga. Exploitation rules.

  388. G69:

    “Almost forgot. Bill, I like it when you’re possitive and defend the club. Long may it continue.”

    I say what I think. Suga’s idea was completely full of dung.

  389. Paul N,

    well, it takes intelligence to understand more complex issues, lack of understanding is bound to trigger the dismissive stance you are taking…


    phew, good job I have done mine in the noughties 😆

    and it’s ‘nineties’, by the way…

  390. Eboue's Boutique

    Why are you people talking so much about how we need to rotate now?

    In my opinion, prio number one is to find stability and get the 3-pointers rolling. You dont get that by fucking around.

    Sagna and Arteta back is great for us. Hope they can stay fit and that Ox (and the rest of the team ofc) continues to get better with every game.

  391. I know you an an English scholar and all that but complex does not mean childish babble.

  392. * * *

    That was a top, top quiz earlier.

    * * *

  393. Oh well, just twenty minutes in an Arsenal shirt! And I forgot to mention, he has 6 goals & 6 assists in 12 reserve appearances for Dortmnund..

  394. Strongest lineup available starts, as it should be. Theres champs league place to be played for and we will need all the big guns from here till the final game.

  395. mattgoonerknight

    Anyone trying to listen on

    Coverage should have started 20mins ago but they’ve just got an annoying eurodance track looped over and over?

    Don’t mind missing the pre-match babble but kick-off’s any second now!

  396. mattgoonerknight

    right – sorted now!

  397. its a preatty good bench to now we got players back…

  398. I can’t believe you’re still feeding the trolls. There’s a game on.

    Reserves game started at 7pm and we are 2-0 up at half time at Swansea, Eisfeld doing well, according to Arsenal live tweets.

  399. Great start

  400. the day ramsey starst sto score he really will be one of the brightests stars in PL.

  401. Close twice. Very close.

  402. Make that three.

  403. 3 great chances already, we cant keep missing these, playing well, need goals to show for it

  404. agree with desi… the goals are important..

  405. I think we can already see how much better we look with Sagna back. Our right side is threatening all the time.

  406. how cold can it really be up there?? since they mentioned it no more than 5 times already in the atv

  407. Bolton creeping back into this. Come on lads get stuck in.

  408. Ngog… Talk about a let off.

    we need a goal.

  409. Looks like we are completely dominating.

    Hopefully Ox will work on heading the ball. He already looks like a total beast but if he could add heading to his game he could really take it to another level. He reminds me of Rooney with his close control, pace and strength for someone his size. I think he will be great anyway but he could be even better if he can head the ball into goal.

  410. Our best defender has been struggling slightly against N’gog. I hope he can focus and keep him out. Come on Koscielny!

  411. ooh, Theo

  412. Ooh Theo so close. Cracking game so far.

  413. you cannot moan about not winning game if we dont set those chances…

  414. Lucky not to be 1 down then Walcott misses a sitter……come on guys get it to gether

  415. Oooooh Theo! So close

  416. Watching Theo with this kind of chances is sometimes surreal. You think it’s a fake, so unbelievable it is.

  417. And now Merts … if he had gotten anything on the ball that would’ve been a goal.

  418. Good chances at either end. Theo and the Ox look to have an understanding already. Shows promise.

  419. SV the keeper saved it

  420. Oxlade continues to amaze me

    Looks like hes been in the team for years

  421. Well he did score some nice ones last year Theo did. I think with Bac back he will get into more poisisons and thus get used to being in a scoring sitution again…
    But it is frustrating to se players do EVERYTHING right just to do the last vital part wrong…

  422. A few nervy moments but we look good!

  423. Theo is too honest sometimes. Anyone else being held like that would just fall down.

  424. I love Arteta. We are so much more solid in the middle with him.

  425. Every now and then Ox betrays his lack of familiarity with his team mates but generally a very good player. Old head and all that.

  426. too many side ways passes the way i see it, we need to take more risks

  427. Did the Verm even touch him? No.

  428. What a top class dive. Anybody seen Foy’s glasses?

  429. Surely it was a dive, not a yellow for Verm?

  430. He is fucking livid as well.

  431. Now book that prick too.,

  432. I like the design of the new BBC site.

    Come on boys, goal before half time.

  433. Watching the Ox reminds me of the late Bobby Robson when he said of Gascoine’s England debut – “we need two balls on the pitch; one for him and one for everyone else.”

  434. As it stands we drop to 7th, newcastle are winning. Come on guys we need to win this one. and to be fair we should be

  435. Oxlade comfort in playing in the team and not being fazed reminds me of a certain mr wilshere

  436. We are doing ok but it’s all got a bit scrappy.

  437. Strange half. We created enough to be in front, but also were a bit shaky at the back.

  438. they will come out stronger after half time…

  439. Not sure if its because of injury but NB52 not even on the Sunderland bench. Anyone know if he is hurt?

  440. we seriosuly need to start scoring more from open play

  441. We had the chances and we didn’t take them. But at least we have played much better than in previous weeks. A bit worried that Koscielny has looked slightly off the pace, I hope he comes out better in the 2nd half. Both Theo and Ox have been doing very well and as it stands I am very confident that we will score at least a couple in the 2nd half. Come on you Gunners!

  442. We were good for 30 mins then got a bit sloppy and scrappy. Still we have created some great chances (and got away with one at our end). We need to keep the tempo up and the passing crisp.

  443. A shame we didn’t put at least one of those away but in fairness they came really close with one chance too. We’ve moved them around the pitch chasing the ball nicely, which hopefully will start to tell in the second half, tired legs and all that..

  444. we create chances and possesion but we cant shoot, arteta has helped with possesion today which is vital but we are being very wasteful and the thing is we cant afford to be

    in the past we created such a ridiculous amount of chances that it didnt matter we missed most of them but now ee cant afford that

  445. Have to say Diese you sum it up rather well.

  446. Just watched the replay of Theo’s shot when put through. The keeper knew nothing about it – just shaved it against the inside of his leg, very unlucky no blame to TW.

  447. oh and stick the little white round thing into the bit white rectangle thing where that ginger is standing…… 😉

  448. Now I agreed with your earlier analysis diese but you just got far too technical for me.

  449. “can you be any more boring and repetitive?”

    “I mean, give it a go, you can do it ”

    Quote of the day on here, from you know who.

  450. Well the re-designed BBC web site is ‘different’, very bright and brassy, not so well laid out though. And still reported that TV was booked for fouling the cheater Davies.

  451. Kos has looked a bit out of sorts, same as in the previous game. Perhaps he needs a rest? He’s played many games this season, some as RB which has to have taken some toll, especially for someone not used to the position.

    We will score, of that I have no doubt. We just keep plugging away and one of those chances will go in. Worried about our defending though…

  452. Over to Le Boss to do that thing he did at halftime on sunday to get the players to do what they did after the break.

  453. DeiseGooner

    I love your in-depth analysis, keep em coming, better than bbc pundits put together

  454. Please please don’t let us on this site join in repeating the myth that we played badly first half against Villa. The second half was a real continuation. The half time scoreline was just a jaw dropping matter of disbelief. we dominated them both halves.

  455. so tw14 wants to be a cf.nonsense.stick to what u know best.hugging the touchline, outrunning defenders and forgetting your brains at home.arsene,please remove ramsey.

  456. Steww, I agree with you about Walcott honesty. He tries to stay up and all it does not get the call’s. When he gets fouled, he needs to make the ref aware of it.

  457. Anyway I do agree we stepped up some and could do so tonight as well.

  458. As long as we can keep a clean sheet I am confident that we can get a goal. I feel a moment of brilliance by the great RVP.

    Need to stay focused at the back. Kos is one of the best all around defenders in the league and probably will be one of the best in the world if he keeps improving. Perhaps just my imagination or my obsession with defending but it feels like he has been trying to get forward more the last few games. Taking on the responsibility of helping up front. He scored at Fulham and helped create some chances and got the pen last game but even he can’t cover both ends of the pitch at the same time. I overdosed on that with Gallas.

  459. fuck off ace this is a forum for Arsenal fans.

  460. Christ that davis is as big a cunt as Jabba

  461. And you may be interested to know that the final score at the reserves game in Swansea was 2-0 to us.

  462. nice passing ox and song

  463. Close again. lovely move. Ox really reads Theo’s pace well.

  464. anyone got a decent stream?

  465. Oxlade is leagues ahead of his time, probably because of his dad’s tutoring

  466. does Fabianski distrubute faster than Chesney? Its almost like we are quicker out ofour own half whne he is in goal…Fabianski strikes me as more accurate to in that department..

  467. Jesus how was none of that a foul on Bac?

  468. And yet somehow Theo just blew one of them over???//

  469. You use sopcast george?

  470. This commentator is as negative as you can get. Dire!

  471. Szezzer. Ice cool.

  472. yeah poodle fabz seems a lot more hyper when he has the ball in his hands and is always lookin to get someone running so he can lob it out to them – more experience i guess, hes got 5 years on SZCZ

  473. when gervinho comes back, he will be surprised to find out that he is not a certain starter.

  474. Paul I had to search so hard to find a non English one!

  475. The Polish Cruyf hahaha

  476. Good SV we need more of that

  477. gervinho can come in for walcott based on current form

  478. Chaos and panic in their defence.

  479. arrrrggghhhhhh RVP hits the post

  480. how the hell have we not score just now???? is just insane….. i think the football god hates us 😦

  481. Fuck a duck what a shot. Pressure really building,.

  482. fuck me, chamberlain cant be 18, really he cant

  483. RvP’s post…

    This game will be won or lost by spirit.

  484. @moe he as such a babyface too 🙂

  485. @ poodle | February 1, 2012 at 9:10 pm

    does Fabianski distrubute faster than Chesney? Its almost like we are quicker out ofour own half whne he is in goal…Fabianski strikes me as more accurate to in that department


  486. poodle

    so has wishere

    i see a pattern emerging here……………………..

  487. Come on you Gunners!

  488. Henry coming on

  489. aaah. Rambo will be slated but Verm and RVP drifted into the same space

  490. chamberlain comes off for henry


  491. Wise move Ox was drifting out of the game.

  492. Kos earned his corn there.

  493. fuck off ace you fukin little cunt.

  494. The advantage of the away games is that Wenger does not risk a reaction for his decisions.

  495. So close… AGAIN

  496. 15 mins to get a goal to get us back to 5th place – come on lads

  497. now im starting to panic, really

  498. Ooooooooooooooooooo

  499. Hit the post hit the bar hit the keepers left bollock – our luck has to change

  500. now we hit the bar!! FFS Unlucky RVP
    Theo should have done better with his shot
    Not lookin like our night guys

  501. Why do refs so often prevent our quick free quick? It surely benefits the opposition?

  502. RvP’s bar… Seriously.

    Knowing that a top four finish is unlikely, in a way I enjoy our football more than ever without the pressure of the results.

  503. From Anon: “I really don’t understand why arsenal are playing without the thrust they had… We were a force now we’re spent. Sad times.”

    i agree

    and hats off to sagna, what a player

  504. Now may be the time for Kos to push forward.

  505. we are missing a center midfield creator.

  506. Yeah duke bigtime.

  507. We are playing with guts skill and determination.

  508. thanks fuck for SZCZ … phew

  509. Great save from Szesser. What a team. Never say die.

  510. wow what a fuckin let off

    we dont lack determination or grit, we just lack quality at the moment

  511. Last gasp stuff now. Come on lads, late winner….

  512. although it might have been a pen!!

  513. away support= amazing

  514. “We are playing with guts skill and determination.”
    Well not enough skill or composure if we are honest…

  515. i know we create world class players but for once i really wouldnt have minded AW bringing in a player like Lucho Gonzalez for teh rest of teh year since Jack’s 2nd stress fracture was known prior to deadline. Late Winner lets go get it

  516. why wenger never got in a center midfielder i dont know.

  517. In fairness off to Bolton they’ve made a game of it. Sure I know they’ve been phenomenally lucky to keep a clean sheet, but they’ve battled – although outclassed.

  518. SIGHS………….

  519. Strange how we did not raise our game in the second half. Tiredness after the FA cup tie?

  520. What is wrong with you Duke? Arteta was magnificent in CM. Jesus man.

  521. Were going to go 7th methinks 😦

  522. Chances missed. They should’ve probably had a penalty. Not happy at all. Still, the gap to Chelsea remains the same. Nothing gained, nothing lost.

  523. we got desperate in the end, stopped playing our style of football.

  524. steww

    Arteta is there for protection and possesion of the ball, hes not the main creative player in the middle 3.

    It seems ramsey has been given that responsibility…….

  525. No Evil, Schez made a very good save..Walcott is the culprit for me today. Easiest of chances & he hits straight at the keeper..
    Can’t just sum up how I feel right now..

  526. Well a point is better than nothing. A huff and puff -performance. But that performance by sagna shows exactly how he has been missed. Even walcott is more efffective. Once gervinho is back. We will be unstopppable. Two words for RVP…absolute class… those two chances were right out the top drawer. We are getting stronger. Hang in there folks.

  527. Billy’s Boots

    Paul, I agree. The last few minutes, it was a real role reversal. We were hitting long balls, while they were playing better short passes.

  528. Absolutely agree with you Paul, Henry can only REPLACE rvp in this system

  529. 7th place it is then – Oops
    Terrible second half. We really needed to score one of those early chances.
    15 games left to salvage something worthwhile from this league season.
    This season is reminding me of the seasons just before Wenger came. Have we really fallen back to that? On this form its looking like it.

  530. oh Arsenal….. keep breaking my heart.. sadistic

  531. We created enough chances to win. We kept a clean sheet (only our 12th of the season so far I believe) and Sagna is bac.

  532. What has happened to us?

  533. Really sad to hear about the rioting and deaths in Egypt after a football match there. Its hard to make sense of it. Such a shame.

  534. we have song and Arteta all i feel like were missing is that creative AM that Rosicky was last game that Jack is and that were really missing right now. Ramsey is a good player but is more suited to play the role that Arteta is playing. IMO(even prior to the match)if we are to start Rosicky were Ramsey is playing and then bring in Ramsey as a super sub we would be more fluid. FFS can we spend the next training time on shooting on target.

    We will come back and get a result this weekend!!!

  535. We were a great team then the summer transfer made us a very good solid team that is unfinished but if we can find our shooting boots we can still get 4th and the FA cup!!!!

  536. @Suga3

    Everybody knows we are in big trouble.

    So, like stating trivialities, surely dooming mast have lost part of its appeal.

    When your club is down, the best is to smile and not to show weaknesses to the rivals’ fans.

  537. There are now 4 horses entered for the race to 4th place not just 2. 12 points behind Spurs. Ouch.

    We need to find someone else besides RVP who can score. He can’t score in every game and we can’t win when he does not score. We have needed another scorer all season.

    Credit to the defense for keeping a clean sheet and saving a point. I am sure Bolton fans will be mad about not getting a penalty. If there is such a thing as Bolton blogs I suspect a lot of moaning about how Arsenal and the big teams get all the breaks.

  538. 73 people killed in Egypt!

    My God!

  539. steww,

    i’m talking a midfielder in the nasri, cesc mould…we haven’t replaced them have we? all we need is that goal scoring flair midfielder. suprised wenger didnt bring one in. ramsey is the apprentice and is totally burned out although he will always give us 100% he is not at the stage where he can make the difference.

  540. SV

    Yes that is true but there will come a point if these results continue that, (much as people would like it not to happen) fans (however trivial) will demand something done.

    Its as simple as that, while some fans are true and can stay strong but the simple reality is most people are not ideal fans. So the simple fact of the matter is once these majority fans get disgruntled (also having to pay the highest prem tickets i remind you) then Arsenal will really have a problem

    Will wenger do something?


    He has an a view on how he wants he’s team to be and who he wants in it. Whether it is pride or sticking to his guns i dont know.

    Im just hoping for him the faith he places(or misplaces in some players cases) on his players and team does not backfire.

  541. even if we had wilshere back….he isnt a goal scorer…worrying why wenger hasnt addressed this issue. defence is the best we have had for a lond while, the wings look dangerous, attack is solid enough just attacking midfielders is weak.

    4-3-3 isnt working with these players either is it.

  542. Nasri?
    behave Duke.
    Are we going to have to suffer miserable cunts(dont mean you dukey) from now ’till next season kicks off?
    Theo’s miss was bad .Perhaps others were as well because I only saw his on my shit stream.
    Oh well.I can always watch mt “Legends Bergkamp”DVD. That usually cheers me up.

  543. The reason why we drew the game is because Wenger did not do something. He played the OX who the whole word said should play and wehave Henry on loan.

    People are something else. The thing’s you ask for has been done.

    It was a good display but we got the jitters and lost our way at the end. That is frustrating, because we had a better chance of scoring the Arsenal way than wayward long balls.

  544. Can’t wenger see that ramsey can’p cut it.yes,he is tireless, but so what?play tr7 ffs.

  545. george when you told us we would be 4th by christmas..why didnt you let us know we would be 7th by feb!!

  546. Duke:

    Other teams score lots of goals without a great creative force in the midfield like Cesc. He was one of the best in the world at what he did but when he left we needed to adapt our tactics. The system has to be modified to fit the players you have and not the converse. RVP has tried to save us but he can’t do it alone.

    On to the next game. I really thought we would start a winning streak today.

  547. The reason why we drew the game is because Wenger did not do something?
    I forgot the question mark!

    Come on Duke, we created enough to win this game. You cannot zero in on one area. We failed collectively.

  548. I think Wenger is being cautious with Rosicky.

  549. i like theo as he offers something different and does have skills in his locker but these misses are worrying. for me i just hate the fact that with every miss , gooners like ace will be chomping at the bit to lay into him.

  550. SV,

    it’s not ‘dooming’, it’s seeing thing for what they are!

    ‘We told you so’

    that will be all…

  551. George

    Walcott’s miss after RVP hit the post was the worst. He just seemed to panic when the ball came to him. I would have thought, with all the games he has played, a little more composure in front of goal would have been available.

  552. I reckon its because we can’t shoot. Really we cant

    Not for a lack of trying, but i see teams below us just smacking the ball in from outside the box like they do it all the time (they probably do, in training)

    So when i see one of their players take a shot, there’s a 70% chance it’ll go in.

    But when i see one of OUR players take a shot, no expectaion whatsoever, well i just think it’s to make the stats look good 😦

  553. Bradys right foot

    Hugely dissapointing result but a carbon copy of many before when we have spurned glorious chances to take the lead. The game should have been over in the first half, but footballs not about chances its about goals. Im sure that miss will haunt Theo who will probably needs to sit it out when Gerv returns. TR7 seems to be enjoying something of a renaisance, i think he moves the ball quicker than Aaron whose form has been indifferent of late I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets the nod over the young welsh man at the weekend. Song looked exhausted thats a real concern. Alot of frustration at tonights result we really should have scored. The performance wasn’t terrible but was ordinary , the big Pole had one thing to do and did it very well making a great save. We controlled the game up until about the last 15 but we missed that dynamism that was on display for 25 glorious minutes against Villa at the weekend. The BFG put his face on the boot of Davis in the dying seconds nice work son, committment is not in short supply but our goal return from our wide forwards and midfielders is. RVP is the point of the attack in a team that creates chances, he’s meant to score and is doing us proud somebody else needs to score its not like other polayers arent getting the opportunity to put the ball in the net. I’ve said to my Manc mate that over the last few years the major difference between Arsenal and Utd is their efficiency infront of goal were making the goal look very small at times.

  554. Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger on whether his side can qualify for the Champions League after picking up just one point from their last three games: “The belief is there, the desire is there and the confidence is there. We have come through a difficult period and we have of course a fight in front of us but we are ready for it.”

    Well cant blame him, what else was he supposed to say?

  555. More from Arsene Wenger, now, talking about his side’s 0-0 draw against Bolton: “When you create six or seven clear-cut chances, it is difficult not to win and we do have regrets but the positives have to be that we didn’t concede. We have to hope that the fact we didn’t lose gives us confidence.”

  556. suga,

    you got any self aweareness of how fukin annoying and obtuse you are? serious question here…i mean are you really this pesky in real life.

  557. i think like many that a change in system would be ideal for the players that we have so just like Wenger changed from a 4-3-3 post Henry and into the era of Cesc i think he will change to a 4-4-2 variation post Cesc and into the era of RVP.

  558. The whole team is trying to hard to score. Too much anxiety. I don’t know what to do about that but they need to calm the heck down. They are all better than this. They can shoot!

  559. If we had lost tonight we would be in 7th place. Oh wait…..

  560. C

    Wenger wont change anything drastically, nothing, nada, zilch. Not knocking him for that, just saying its in his character, thats just how he is

  561. Typical mid-winter, mid-week, away game in the north-west. Let us please try to conduct ourselves with at least a degree of decorum. In the bag but for our finishing. Of course the people trying to destroy Arsenal will see murder and mayhem in every pass and tackle.

    We will achieve top four this season precisely because of this result. Bacary Sagna was excellent and the the back four looked much more balanced. That is significant.

  562. duke,

    like I said, that will be all…

  563. Duke, don’t get mad at him. he simply doesn’t know any better. He thinks he is cute and endearing.

  564. Except it won’t be all Alan, Alan, won’t be all at all

  565. Duke is right btw.
    We have no one creating from midfield if TR7 is not on the pitch.
    And 40000 managers have decided our most creative midfielder is not up to scratch.
    The window is closed ,Jack is a mere dream.It has to come from within.Anyone got any better ideas?

  566. @moe

    I understand and i have been saying since Cesc left that Wenger is going to have to change systems and to be honest if he does want to continue to play teh 4-3-3 he has to find a creative AM player because Arteta is a more mature composed Ramsey and Ramsey for all of his good qualities is playing out of position. Do i think that AW put to much at stake with Jack’s injury and not buying a AM, yes but at the same time Rosicky is playing and controlling the game like the Rosicky of old so why not start him in that role and then if you want to be cautious with him bring in Ramsey at say the 60 min mark and then let him run and run and run like he does. Yes Theo is a completely different completely more confident player with Sagna behind him and i truly believe that next game he will be brillant and score. the whole team needs to train on shooting or just take a deep breath during the game

  567. Bradys right foot

    Frank, Sagna is a huge player the guys first game back and it looked as if he was never away.

  568. I agree frank the clean sheet is a good thing at least. this could still be the start of an unbeaten run…

  569. BRF:

    “I’ve said to my Manc mate that over the last few years the major difference between Arsenal and Utd is their efficiency infront of goal were making the goal look very small at times.”

    They create a lot of easier chances. They tend to attack at speed use cross field longer diagonal balls and get more players into the box before the defense sets up. Lots of tap ins on low crosses. They are also much better at heading the ball. Chelsea’s last title team scored 103 goals without a creative midfielder and without much pace. Even when we had Cesc we tend to move the ball more slowly thru midfield and give the defense a chance to set up. I think we make it harder for ourselves to score because we let the defensive team have time to set up, we don’t get players into the box when we do attack at speed and we can’t head the ball to save our souls.

  570. Its a 7th place finish then

    Some comments are saying this result was out of the blue.It wasnt we have gained 1pt out of 12.

    Walcott is a poor poor finisher.When he has time to think he fucks up

    I feel so sorry for RVP a truly great player carrying this shower.If he doesnt score we are fucked

    Wenger really has lost the plot

  571. ‘Lack of creativity’ ? …Surely not. We could have scored 9 or 10 goals tonight. How many more chances do you expect a top class side to create? Finishing boots is all we lacked. It will come and we will be where we need to be come the end of the season..

  572. Oh please fuck off, Dan. Go and confess or something. You will feel a lot better.

  573. @Bill

    i totally agree with you and when we do attack with speed, look at what we did to Villa, its completely devasting because of our pace. Unfortuanely we can’t head the ball because we are built to play on the ground and RVP,Ox and Theo are headers of the ball

  574. moe

    1pt from are last 3 games.Fulham Swansea Man Utd Bolton.I make that 4 games

  575. “At least 73 people have been killed and about 1,000 injured in clashes between football fans in the Egyptian city of Port Said, state TV reports.”

    And we worry about our draw.

  576. A seven pointer followed by a win against the Spuds, 3 points off Chavski and 3 points off Liverpool. 3 points off the little mancs. Tough but achievable.In the middle a win against AC Milan. Looking forward to it. Even with some ‘supporters’ trying their hardest to ruin the home games for the rest of us.

  577. wenger chat is just pointless. he says scoring early was key, eell we had that vs swansea and lost. tge fact is the team cant score unless rvp does we knew that for the final 3 months of last year. at least we have a transfer window coming up to sort things out……o wait

  578. Frank | February 1, 2012 at 10:55 pm
    ‘Lack of creativity’ ? …Surely not. We could have scored 9 or 10 goals tonight.

    I stand corrected.
    Well sort of.
    We used to create more in games like this.

  579. And Jibber chat is not pointless????

  580. Frank

    For one face the truth and stop burying your head in the sand.This is not a good Arsenal team.Wenger has made so many mistakes in the last 12 months.Without RVP we wouldnt even be top 10.We are 12 points behind an average Spurs team.When was the last time that happened?Wenger is like a latter day Brian Clough in his final days at Forest.A once great genius who has lost it

  581. I think we hit the woodwork three times etc etc. Football has always had the habit of kicking you in the nuts when you have just been kicked in the nuts.

  582. The Ox used Steinsson as he would a cone in practice. Turned him inside out every chance he got.

    We were unlucky tonight. We should’ve been up three or four by half time. Ramsey was a bit tepid tonight. Perhaps he should come off the bench for a few weeks.

  583. @ Paul-N | February 1, 2012 at 10:39 pm

    “The whole team is trying to hard to score. Too much anxiety. I don’t know what to do about that but they need to calm the heck down. They are all better than this. They can shoot!”

    Very much the sense that I get, Paul_N.
    We don’t lack creativity. Just finishing.

    We’ve stopped the losing streak. We kept a clean sheet. It was a good performance – two points dropped but you can’t win them all. Blackburn will have to feel the heat of our wrath at the weekend.

    ‘Night all.

  584. Try original thought, Dan. Set yourself free if it is not too late.

  585. pedantic george

    Thats the whole problem george, before our ratio of chances to goals was alright because the amount of chances we used to get was ridiculous, but now dat that ratio has gone down, that means little to no goals at all

    sad but true

  586. frank enough fucking excuses itjust goes on and on. it was so obvious to so many people we needed a spark this window nd the manager failed o deliver. this is an average arsenal side missing 2 or 3 starters. the pkayers are tired asthe squd is weak. the manager is the issue he just spouts turd out after every game. everything you predicted hasnt happned everything the cunts said could happen has happened. there is nobody else to blame, no more refs no more medi no more fans , its the manager

  587. Dearie me. Perhaps mass suicide is in order. Next home match. Could be a first. Lace the beers, pies, cokes and stuff. Maybe some could throw themselves off the top of the stadium.

    Better idea though. Lets get behind the team. Perhaps they need us.

  588. gains

    look at our scoring record this year, tell me thst yourvsuprised we diddnt score or win a game that rvp didnt score in

  589. If I am not mistaken you seem to have lost a space, Jibber?

  590. Oh and transposed an s. Too much booze does that to you, you know. Pretty soon no-one will know who you are.

  591. I don’t know what you’re trying to ask, Jibber.

  592. its about the only time wevve agreed on something, apologies.

  593. ………Wojo…………
    Song .Arteta.(Jack/Diaby/TR7)

    I dont care what anyone says .That fucking IS a good team.

  594. So according to ‘holic, the problem is we failed to spend big in the window when there is so much “value” out there like Bobby Zamora, So 7 goals in 26 appearances year-to-date vs Theo Walcott 6 goals in 29 appearances. H’mmm.

  595. Stick your fingers down your throat and chuck up, drink lots and lots of water and go to sleep, Jibber. Extra hour in bed, Orange juice with 1g of Paracetamol in the morning and right as rain and ready to doom away to your hearts content with your identity in tact.

  596. shezs
    sags kos tv coq
    walcott arteta song oxo

    i want this formation please wenger.

  597. we cant compete with newcastle..

  598. Bradys right foot

    JabbaDelights | February 1, 2012 at 11:12 pm

    Jibber stop getting aroused its unsettling. We didn’t win enjoy, would a 2-0 result have flattered us tonight, no not in any way. For those who understand, no explanation is needed. For those who don’t, no explanation is possible. Its football sometimes the ball doesn’t get over the line seen it before garauntee i’ll see it again blaming the manager on this occaision is like crediting him for the big poles save. Oh i forgot its your MO shoehorned for any Arsenal result.

  599. On my way to Costa Rica for 2 weeks, just changed flights and jumped on here to see what happened . You can tell by the amount of posts that are that things did not go well. Don’t even need to read on. But did anyway, all I can say is thank fuck we didn’t lose. Clean sheet is a positive too. Not buying a goal scorer is going to cost us big this season.

  600. I like that Duke.
    JJ do you want a wager that we finish above Newcastle?
    No? thought not. So stop being silly.

  601. @Evil: how many points were Birmingham relagated with, remind me?
    not far away from 40 right?
    Apart from West Ham at 33, the teams above were at 39-39-40.
    40 avoided relegation, just.
    again, considering our harder run from now til end of season, and added cup matches, and strengthened opposition in the transfer markets compared to us, that is relegation form.
    Being paid 7m a year, I’d expect Wenger to at least manage 8th with current squad.
    but I can’t see any CL next year.

  602. Fuck me Wenger’s salary has gone from £6 million to £7 million in a day.

  603. Not pouncing on your formation there Duke, but there was a really good article about AA by someone who’s watched his whole career. He said the loss of form can’t be put down to where’s he’s playing, as he started many of his games for Zenit from the left, with freedom to cut in like at Arsenal. He just sees a player who’s lost his enthusiasm – temporarily or permanently he’s not sure.

    Not trying to put him down, just trying to deal with this idea that AW’s wrecked him, which is BS of course.

  604. wenger really has to change our formation. but he wont this 4=3=3 only works with gervinho. when the fuck is he back??

  605. george

    i agree on paper that looks like a talented bunch of plyers but the fact is they arent performing like that and thats been the case for a while. statistics show that for 4years this squad has been a 4th place competing team. its not looking that good this year. the club must be more proactive at trying to arrest that problem. i fully understand that getting players of the calibre of sagna, santos, wilshere and diaby back can have a galvanising affect on the squad in thevsecond half of the season BUT those players lsst year were fit and playing for this sme arsenal stide that struggled mightily at the business end of the year minus nasri and cesc. surely if we were doing all we can in a self sustaining way we would have tried to bring an x factor which could lift the whole club from top to botom in order to better our chances of reaching our MINIMUM target. fine lets not be aggressive if we are happy hitting our conservative target each year in these crazytimes with city money around. surely however if that conservtive minimum target is in doubt he club should aggresivly set out to maintain that.

  606. OOU.I saw that article.
    It is not right.AA did not play in a 433 so how is his starting position for Zenit relevant?
    TH started Left and drifted in field.He did not play in a 433 either.
    Do you get my drift.?

  607. yeah i dont think aa has spent alot of time in a 4-3-3 formation. truth is most of our players are suited to the old 4-4-2. arteta, ramsey or song in the middle. then oxo , aa, walcott out wide , gervinho , ,rvp or chamkh up front. really can’t see why we dont go back to 4-4-2.

  608. Bradys right foot

    I think there could be a simple reason for AAs loss of influence and form in that he simply isn’t just quite as quick or sharp as he was two or three years ago. However he hasn’t adapted his game to suit or maybe he hasn’t actually noticed. He’s still playing the same way but in those lost fractions weve lost the player we saw scoring four at Anfield forever.

  609. BRF, I used to like you grrrrr

  610. Bradys right foot

    George Arsh has still got alot to offer, but im looking for answers as to why his influence on the pitch is waning. This is the guy that Craig Bellamy said that it through studying that he learned to play the wide left forward role in a front three. Bellamy at the time said he was the best player in the world in that position that was only three years ago.

  611. Great find, BRF. AA was outrageous that first year or so – still can be. That post’s ammo for the next time PG comes at me.

    Joking of course.

    Say, what’s cooler than being cool? Eis-cold!


  612. Next time you wont see me coming

  613. Have the game taped, is it even worthwhile watching? Seriously, fucking 7th in the table? And we did not buy anyone in the transfer window!! Seriously having a crisis of faith here. Not a happy Gooner and have not been for a long time. This fucking sucks 🙂

  614. For fucks sake indeed but, all you can do is continue to support. At least the the rot has stopped and Chamberlain looked awesome.

    Big respect going out to Darren Bent on becoming a Centurion last night. That is a special thing to do in this tough arse Premier League. Personally I think he should of been purchased before he went to villa.

    Very happy to see Cisse, back and scoring after such horrific injuries.

    We need to carry the momentum v Sunderland because they are on fucking form right now.

    74 football fans dies last night after clashes so don’t be too pissed that we drew a game.

  615. Clint Dempsey, is that Freedie Ljunberg type. Find us one of these again Le Boss!

  616. taking AOC off when he was playing well and leaving Ramsey in when he had a shocker still confounds me. these perplexing subs will do us in, we again fail to make ground when a team that we ought to be catching up to has dropped points……….seems like staple for three or four years.

    i personally dont think that we will make top 4 come the end of the season

  617. We will achieve top four this season precisely because of this result

    A perfect example of the delusion that some fans suffer from. When the season ends and we miss on out a CL spot (if that happens) they will probably deny the season has even finished and we can still make it.

  618. Ramsey playing as playmaker? SMH. piss poor ball retention, he takes ages to make the simple passes, and wants too many touches on the ball.
    The sooner he notices that he is more effective just receiving the ball, lifting his head up and looking for a pass, the better we will be as a team, and the better his contributions as an individual player and team player.

    At the moment, he isnt the answer to our midfield issues.

  619. We did create enough chances to win the game last night. But this (again) just highlights that if RvP is not going to score, we don’t have any other realistic players who will take up the mantel.

    And for those that think Theo could genuinely be a central striker. Phft…., the guy only looks like scoring in one position (i.e, when he latches on to a through ball and does not have to much time to think).

    Great that we got a clean sheet, but lets not forget who were were playing. It is not like we have just shut our Barca. Another chance to make up ground gone begging. For months I have always thought that me will make 4th despite everything, but I am really starting to question that belief now. I will support either way (goes without saying), but am starting to get worried now.

  620. GA,

    that is not the issue, our midfield doesnt create, and that is telling for a team that is built around a dominating midfield game. AOC was once again our best player, followed by RvP………so why remove him with more than half the game to go?
    If we are to make top 4, AW has to make the hard decisions and make the substitutions that make us a better team rather than make changes to appease players. we managed to do that when we had better talent, we cannot manage that at current moment.

  621. More than half the game to go?

  622. sorry, meant to say more than half of the second half to go

  623. Really, really believed we would score yesterday. Gutted, because I thought we played ok, considering. For a few good minutes I couldnt get over the fact that Rvp’s chip didn’t go in. What a goal that would have been. Its the second time he’s had an attempt like that hit the bar. Fucking unlucky.

    Next up is Blackburn at home. I hope we get better luck, or we will be approaching a crisis.

  624. AA – I agree that we are missing a creative midfielder with the departure of Nasri and Cesc, and also with Wilshere being missing. But, we created enough to win the game last night but we don’t really have enough goalscorers in the side. If RvP does not score there is nobody you would put your hat of scoring.

  625. Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger claims every Premier
    League game is now a ‘cup final’ after his side’s
    goalless draw against Bolton.

    What the heck is that supposed to mean??? We lost all the cup finals we played since ’05

  626. Andy,

    Theo could be a good striker, ALL strikers miss that type of chance from time to time. He is certainly better suited to that role than Gerv, who rarely has composure in front of goal.

  627. Moan. moan, moan.

    Just at least try and develop some maturity.

    The juvenality of some posters is worrying for our future. Not Arsenal’s, the world’s.

  628. People will stop moaning when they don’t have a reason to

  629. GA, we have never been a clinical finishing side, even with the likes of Cesc, Nasri and Wilshere, we made a living creating tonnes and converting extremely few. we are creating even fewer. we are 17 points, 17 points behind city with 15 games to go, does anyone surely believe this is a position where we should be at?

    i said this on another site, i will personally not blame RvP should he choose to leave come the end of the season.

  630. Henristic – I have always gone with the notion that Theo could play as a main striker in a partnership in a 442, in fact I have always though it as a given. But I am questioning even that now. I have seen very little to suggest that this is actually true. I have seen him miss hopelessly more than I have seen him actually look like scoring.

    Running onto a through ball one on one with the keeper he generally looks very good. But that aside he rarely looks like scoring. Is that enough to be a striker? Especially in our side?

  631. They certainly don’t have a reason to moan.

    Oxo and Theo need to be more clinical in front of goal. That will come. RvP was unlucky.

    Every game does need to be like a cup final and as supporters we need to treat it that way. Get behind the team and stop bitching.

  632. Why would RvP choose to leave at the end of the season? And what makes you think he or anyone else cares whether you would blame him if he did?

  633. I suspect that RvP is a bit like AW in the sense that he will move on only if he does not in his own expert judgement believe he can make a positive contribution.

  634. Frank – “That will come

    Firstly it may come. Secondly, we are not really in a great position waiting for this to happen are we?

    I really hope that RvP does not leave at the end of the season, but this is going to be his last big contract and he will be in demand at the end of hte year more than any time in his career. CL Football is going to be a must for him. I think he could leave 😦

  635. Tell me now, should I accept that Arsenal is now of the same calibre as the likes of Everton and Villa? If so I can now adjust my expectations like you have and say that 5 points from the likes of Swansea, Bolton and Wolves is not bad.

  636. Frank
    “I suspect that RvP is a bit like AW in the sense that he will move on only if he does not in his own expert judgement believe he can make a positive contribution.”

    You mean like Cesc?
    Of course RvP still has a contribution to make next season. How could he not?

  637. Frank,

    have you learnt nothing? how many players have we lost because they thought they could win somewhere? Why should RvP be different?

  638. Well Cbob,
    The world’s future is fucked anyways, didn’t you know?

  639. I believe if RVP were to go it would be after signing a new contract. Just like Henry that would give Arsenal good value for his sale. After all RVP is a gooner as well.

  640. CB

    The world ends this year you know.

  641. dups, could be, but if he does leave, will we replace with similar talent?

  642. If you think that RvP’s character or circumstances are similar to Cesc’s then your opinion is hardly worth reading.

  643. Just for starters. His mentor is DB10, his kids are culturally English and are at school in England. He has no desire to go home to live with his mummy and daddy.

  644. Well, the world may be fucked Henristic but that doesn’t mean that we should tolerate idiots pissing on us while it’s burning.

    People like ‘fanboy’ , half right name anyway, will always find something in their life to moan about. Well, you would wouldn’t you?

    “..should I accept that Arsenal is now of the same calibre as the likes of Everton and Villa? ” Well, it might help you in your development if you adopted this position. Then any improvement by Arsenal will bring you joy, not the misery that you are experiencing now.

    Real fans, of course, just support their club and take the lesser times with the good ones.

  645. Frank,

    Nope, never said anything like that. but you have to wonder, will he sign for a team that has been on the decline, unable to keep its best stars and unwilling to get the talent that allows them to make the next step?

    I would love nothing more than for him to stay, but ask yourself why on earth has he not signed an extension? is it because he is waiting to see how this season turn out while weighing offers that may come at the end of the season?

    Loving a club, a player, a manager is one thing……to be openly blind that not everything will go as planned is on the other hand folly of the highest order.

  646. No Frank, its you seem to think that way, because “I gave everything, have nothing more to give arsenal” was one of Cesc’s excuses, IIRC.

    I think RvP is different to Cesc, for one he clearly still has plenty to give this club. I’m not the one making anticipatory excuses just in case he leaves.

  647. It makes me laugh as Cesc is now painted as some unscrupulous bloke after he has left. If RvP leaves the same suspects will no doubt start slagging him off as well. Cesc was also a supporter when he was at the club remember. As it goes he still seems to follow the club very closely so has genuine affection for the club.

    Where supporters go wrong, is assuming that players have the same affection for a club that we as fans do. In all liklihood they don’t. After all it is a career for them, and their ulitmate goal as a sportsman will be to win things. If RvP see’s his best option away from Arsenal to do this at this stage in his career, why wouldn’t he leave? Especially as he will no doubt be offered more money elsewhere.

  648. Frank | February 2, 2012 at 8:44 am,

    Has any of that ever mattered? if it did, no footballer with a family would ever move. its a self defeating argument. i would love for him to stay, i would love for us to make top 4, but i am a point where i notice that neither may happen.

  649. I know Consol, just trying to make light of the fucked up situation. It would probably help if you ignored comments like that. Its reactions like yours that gets them coming over here whenever we lose. DNFTT.

  650. Well, that’s normally my approach, H. Sometimes though a little bitch slapping is theropeutic.

    Food for the soul.

  651. Real fans also don’t sit back and just accept it when their club gets on the highway to mediocrity

  652. dups, so many players want to play for the clubs they support, but they also want to win things while at it. Cesc was a fantastic player for us, but he saw so many players leave so they can win?

  653. Cesc was not an Asenal fan though AA

  654. dups,

    player turnover is a norm these days, you rarely see a Giggs, Maldini situation. money and a need to win fuels most moves and in our case, a need to make money

  655. Who nicked my r from Arsenal?

  656. Real fans also don’t sit back and just accept it when their club gets on the highway to mediocrity

    NO they support their team.

  657. dupsffokcuf

    They support while voicing concerns.

  658. Its kind of like your home country; just because you don’t like the way its being run doesn’t mean you are not patriotic.

  659. I’d make a very strong bet with anyone that RVP will 100% leave this summer.

    Once again, lack of quality & options in the final third. Once again we have money to spend. Once again the window has closed.

  660. Thinking RvP won’t leave as Arsenal were his “foreign team” whilst a kid is really clutching at straws. He is a top sportsman, he will want to win things before his career ends.

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