Deadline Day With Hopes And Aspirations

It’s a day where excitement will be barely contained; transfer deadline day is here, Sky Sports News understands is an even more derogatory term than normal. Their reporters though are in trouble as their major source is in the midst of a media lockdown. ‘Appy ‘Arry being unable to talk via the window of his Range Rover has robbed them of fifteen minutes of clips and stories each hour today about how they are constantly being linked with players who Arsenal were linked with several years ago, step forward this window’s contender, Marko Marin of Werder Bremen.

What will they do? Make up puns based on Thomas Eisfeld? I almost did with thoughts of a headline such as “Eis-py with my little eye” or “Eis, Eis, Baby“. Couldn’t quite work out how the more musically acceptable, “Eis-py for the FBI” was going to work which is when that came to a grinding halt.

Ivan Gazidis spoke with Fox News, stood tall, looked Warren Barton foresquare in the eye and made their ridicule look as puerile as it was. Barton – those of us of a certain age will recall was constantly lined up for an Arsenal move on the basis of being a supporter – tried to ingratiate himself with a section of the support by trotting out hackneyed half-wits about transfer spending. It brought a robust defence of the manager but the problem is he does not spend it on those whom his critics desire.

That said, investment is an ongoing process and a balance has to be struck between the here and now with the future. The Summer was badly handled; panic buying has become the byword to describe the late activity. Timing is everything and the timing of those signings lends itself to such a description no matter how wrong it is.

A crucial point is valuation and that is one that Arsène is constantly beaten over. His valuations are below the market, he should pay the extra £5m the selling clubs want, etc. Again, an easy finger to point but noticeably those critics have been very quiet over the transfer fee paid for Gary Cahill by Chelsea; £7m was the valuation Arsène put on the player to the derision of his detractors. He should, the received wisdom of the time was, go to the £18m demanded by Bolton. Would he have been able to prevent the bad start to the season? Maybe, perhaps not, an unprovable consideration.

New signings might not be needed. The cavalry has begun its’ charge over the hill, not entirely in formation and more in a sort of limp arrival. Nonetheless the return of Bacary Sagna is welcomed not just because of his abilities but also the confidence he seems to inspire in Theo Walcott. Whether the inconsistency of his recent spell is cured by having the French international behind him as opposed to a centre back trying his hardest to make the best of a bad situation, we shall soon find out.

Thomas Vermaelen hoped that the win over Villa would have an immediate impact on the Premier League form whilst Theo thought more of the trophy aspect,

This is a great opportunity for us because some of the big teams have gone out. But I think if we do start thinking a bit too far ahead, maybe we will be disappointed at the end of it.

This is a cup competition that we can win and we need to believe that we can.

You can tell that Theo has been around his manager constantly, offering the view that a top four place is more important than a cup competition. I understand that, the desire to compete against the best in Europe on a regular basis is something that a club of Arsenal’s stature should be targetting at the very least.

Yet players constantly talk of the need to win something, for medals and when cup competitions are ranked lower than fourth place in the Premier League, you question whether the players are focussed enough on a tournament to want to win it enough. Wembley last year was a point in question; a prime opportunity to win something and it went horribly wrong. Things went wrong on the day, injuries, they all conspired but there was enough talent to win it. Would the same happen at an FA Cup Final?

And it raises uncomfortable questions for us as supporters to deal with collectively. Is a season that ends in fifth with the FA Cup a failure or is fourth place with no trophy a better outcome. Personally the trophy would make it a successful season but it is difficult to reach a consensus on that with some observing that both are failures.

Both carry failure in one form or another and to be honest, Ivan observing we are still in three competitions is utterly stretching that point; we are not in the title race and have not been this season. There are but two competitions left for Arsenal to genuinely aspire to winning and the Premier League is not one of them.

Happier days on Arsenal On This Day with a thumping of Tottenham at White Hart Lane to enjoy. Interestingly, Arsenal’s two biggest wins in that encounter have both come at Tottenham rather than at home.

’til Tomorrow.


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  1. Duke – (Last post yesterday) – Yeah, I agree.

    Nice write up YW.

  2. will we see arry with his window wound down chatting shit to some prick on this deadline day.

  3. The sooner they ditch this ridiculous January window the better.
    Causes prices to rocket and panic to set in, how is that doing the game any good ?
    Perfect example Cisse to QPR, what is that all about ?

  4. andy your half german now , whats this Eisfeld like???

  5. YW, I agree that winning the FA Cup, regardless of league position (as long as we’re not relegated!) would be a successful season to me.

    I do think your logic is flawed over the Cahill fee though, the fee obviously goes down the closer you get to the end of his contract. In fact, Chelsea could have signed him on a pre-contract now for nothing, but they obviously feel they need him in their squad immediately. Wasn’t this exactly the thinking behind selling Nasri when we did (although a bit late in the wondow for my taste), we maximised the fee we got for him as he was still a year away from the end of his contract and City wanted him right then. If we had waited until now it’s doubtful we would have got as much out of them.

    It doesn’t look like we’ll be doing any major business, as expected, but it also looks like a quiet one all round, as you were everyone.

  6. good morning, just reading the report on arsenal signing Thomas Eisfeld from dortmund. So far the only info I have is from respectable and always accurate lol.
    We are paying £400K which sounds a bit suspect but supposedly he had a ACL rupture 2009 which hampered his progress. Sounds like it might be risky but knowing wenger might actually blossom nicely?
    Anyone know anything about the guy

  7. Should they ditch the January window, the same people will be crying to have it brought back.

    This is an opportunity for teams with goals and ambitions to secure their positions. Whether in staying in the current league or picking up awards at the end of the season. Our manager hates it because we are not a spending club, and others appear to have the advantage on us by bringing in reinforcements.

    The only way to combat that is by making certain your squad of 25 is truly quality backed by good reserves. Taking into account the injuries.

  8. Good day all.

    Nice write up YW as usual.

    I have totally lost all interest in the January window. Funny enough, I didn’t follow a ny transfer activity. Maybe because I knew AW wasn’t going to sign anyone. I wish the winter transfer market can be scrapped. Treams should dtick to whatever squad they started the season with.

    Block4 on January 31, 2012 at 10:20 am

    Well, it still doesn’t change the fact that Cahill wasn’t worth £18m in the summer. Even with the premium on British players, Coyle/Gartside
    were asking for way too much. At least we got an even better player, PM at a reasonable fee.

  9. Eis Eis, baby – very apt as the big freeze kicks in Yogi.

    Personally, puns aside, its the sort of signing I find intriguing; a bad injury delaying the development of a player for whom there were high hopes – exactly the kind of guy AW could work wonders with.

    One worth watching, for sure – our very first Ei-Player!

    A horror story unfolding north of the border – Rangers having sold FOUR years worth of season tickets, possibly teetering on the brink of administration.

    THAT’S the reality of unsustainable business practice is one message to those screeching for big name signings.

    Leeds, still paying the price, is a second.

  10. Top ten. I expect, without a shadow of doubt, for Van Persie to leave in June. We have laid the foundation for our seemingly unending depreciation and it will continue at the end of this season. Thanks to Wenger. We are not going to be 4th, let’s not deceive ourselves. We will reap nothing because we have done worse than not sowing…we are letting our seeds rot. I want nothing than for Wenger to get smithen or struck down with an incapacitating disease, because only then can we go further. He’s lost it, his testesterone has run dry and we don’t just have to sit down and watch. Do more than boo..stay at home, show some displeasure. My heart does thump-thump when we get beaten…its sad he runs theatrical lines for 7years, telling us to trust him and hold him responsible as season end, but nobody does. Sorry, just a doomer, or is it moaner. I’ve feckin had enough of Wenger and the board. And all who will call me twat because I dare speak out what they are only gutsy enough to think.

  11. thorough,

    what a thorough c*nt you are.

    oh dear you poor bastad how will you cope not seing us finish in the top 4 for the first fukin time. spoilt shit.

  12. Thorough –

    “I want nothing than for Wenger to get smithen or struck down with an incapacitating disease”.

    You fucking dirty cunt. Not wanted here. Go top yourself or something. Arsenal deserves better.

  13. Tateezee | January 31, 2012 at 10:40 am

    The fee quoted in the Summer may well have been over the top. However, it still doesn’t follow that £7m then was the “right” (not sure what the correct term is here) price then when he’s goine for that now. And from Bolton’s point of view, they get the same money having got several months more out of one of their better players, although looking at their league position it’s arguable whether he made any difference! Saying all that, I am also a big fan of The Sack though.

  14. Winning the champions league would mean a really successful season for the club.

  15. Mr Miagi looks to be heading to Bolton…..good move.

  16. Having looked at players Arsenal is bringing in, it clearly demonstrates that we are putting together a new team. Short term building programme NO!

    This is a long term investment. Trophy cabinet is put on hold, unless the current squad can play out of their skins. Wenger is a visionary! Shame the club could not find a way of making this know to the fans instead of allowing Bloggers n the media to feed us the regular transfer rumours to make us feel Christmas comes twice a year, in the Summer and in January.

    Bargain Buckets players I now see were only temporary, just to fill the gap, while the building programme moves ahead. Should Wenger and Arsenal get it right, many that now laughed at him will sing his praises. Could not imagine me saying this, because I like the bragging rights n silverware n quick fixes.

  17. Thorough 10.46:

    “And all who will call me twat because I dare speak out …”

    Yes, Thorough, we are through with you.

    You are indeed Twat.

  18. FranklyWenger signing another youth doesn’t surprise me. Is he ready for the senior team?
    The fifirst team could do with players for the present ie defence,midfield and attack.In fact if this guy can help the team to win games ,nobody will bother. The problem will come when the team starts faltering and young gun loaned out.
    There could be repercussions ifthe teams fails to get the cl berth. Bolton,buoyed by the win over Pool will be a tough game. lose and the cl berth will become more elusive. As for UFA”s ff forget it.

  19. I couldn’t care about the domestic cups but it would give our players a boost. Some indication that they are still part of a winning team. But from my perspective I wouldn’t swap the FA cup for a top four finish. Talking in terms of making fourth spot sells this team short tho. By the end of February we could seriously be talking about 2nd or 3rd. And looking forward to our next epic European tie, having blown Milan away!

    It’s unlikely with Arteta back but I’d like to see Rosicky continue in midfield against Bolton. Maybe both could start, give Ramsey a rest.

  20. BearMan must have posted that comment in 2005. Yogi, does your moderation take that long?

  21. I’ve been waiting for the Rangers collapse – they’ve been on the brink for years and are essentially owned by the banks anyway.

    That said I do dislike the fact that some argue against spending big by suggesting its a black and white situation. There is a very large space between bankruptcy and our current cautious, sensible but frugal approach. Time will tell if we dodged a bullet with Cahill – certainly they wanted too much but I think we could have got him for about 12 or 13, rather than 18 they started the negotiations at.

    There are examples of decent players we missed out on because we had our valuation and drew the line in the sand. I respect and admire this approach but sometimes it has cost us.

    The flip side of that is that it is rare that we get stung the other way round – overpaying for a player who turns out to be mediocre.

    Regardless the key point is that it’s not a fair argument to suggest (as some delight in doing) that if Wenger relaxed his rules occasionally and paid the market value that this would be the end of the club and life as we know it. There is a middle ground.

  22. Rangers are up against the wall alright.
    On 5live this morning, twas some shocking chitter chatter was about the changing times in the world of football transfers. Y’know, how clubs won’t be able to get themselves into to silly debt for some odd reason. That old trick is getting harder & harder now that the starving taxman wants his pounds of flesh (see Rangers above).
    Rangers used to be one of the richest clubs in blighty. I wonder what happened to all their moolah. And their fall coincides with ‘Arry’s demise. Yup. It’s the right time to spend all your reserves and spend some farking moolah? Right?

  23. BearMan – glad you’re changing your opinion and coming to the realisation about Wenger and the long-termivity (definitely a word) of this project, even though you are a sefl-confessed ‘now’ fan. Good on ya. Shame more haven’t followed.

    Duke – good move indeed. Did lil Jack the world of good. Has it been confirmed? if it has, Good luck Ryo!

  24. “I want nothing than for Wenger
    to get smithen or struck down
    with an incapacitating disease”.

    What the f#ck is wrong with you? That’s another human being your talking about.

  25. Block 4

    Bolton didn’t; they wanted £18m but Arsenal offered £7m. The opportunity cost is that Bolton had to wait for the transfer funds to be available longer.

    Have Bolton gained anything by keeping Cahill to now? Their league position suggests otherwise although he is not to blame for their relegation fight. Have they lost anything? Yes, his wages as they had already signed his replacement, Wheater, fully expecting Cahill to go.

  26. It will not surprise me if Wenger bids over £25m for one player in the summer????

    Because the player is right for the building structure he is aiming at.

  27. I can’t reacall any arguments against spending big. For example, I think many here were fans of Wiltord and Reyes.
    The fees paid for Wiltord are not comparable to the mark up appllied to players like Cahill and Downing. Blame the upcoming squad rules? Whatever. It is what it is.

    Today even Mancini is moaning about the power of the Agent. Jerry Maguire at your heart out.

  28. Thorough is obviously a spud – best ignored, just silly.
    As far as transfer windows and deadlines … I believe ‘meh’ is the popular term. We have an excellent squad as proved by the way we have coped with an utterly ludicrous run of injuries. And don’t tell me all teams get injuries as I bet they don’t all get as many in the same positions and at the same time.
    What still intrigues me most of all is what happens when all the defence is fit. Who the hell do you drop out of Per, Kosser and Verm? Impossible choice for me.

  29. YW, yes, they paid his wages. They also had a deeper squad with Wheater as aother option at centre-half. Swings and roundabouts I’d call that. And they seem to be on the verge of signing this American fella too, so it seems that Wheater wasn’t necessarily a direct replacement after all. You can spin it any way you want really.

  30. Steww – well said.

    I would have Kos and TV5 at CB. Kos has turned into one of the best, TV5 already was, and what better back up can you get than a player with 75+ caps for Germany with years to go before reaching his peak?! Great stuff.

    With Sagna back, and Le Coq & Yennaris looking like excellent ‘utility’ players, we’re in no need to sign anyone defensively that’s for sure.

  31. No Geo! I have been a true fan for years and so are the number who joined the booing ban, of which I have no a part.

    Our Club will do much better to take its fans along with it. In every organisation where management seeks to implement a new structure without having that filtered through the entire organisation there will always be anarchy.

    Do not expect supporters to see what’s going on in the managers head. That message has to be carefully relayed. That my friend will make better business sense.

  32. Good problem to have steww. A month ago I’d have said Koscielny-Vermaelen is our first choice pairing hands down. But the more games Per gets the better for us. In truth it’s a position that shouldn’t be rotated much but you get the feeling that Per and Vermaelen could easily rotate. Koscielny is number 1 tho.

  33. Looks like this Eisfeld, deal is already done. I was sounding the horn for new faces but, looking at it from outside the box I think we have to be careful what we wish for. This Eisfeld kiod is a huge talent that will become a house hold name around the world if he continues on his current form. But, what does this mean for Ramsey?

    This may cause me to get slated hard but, I would put my life on it that if not for that bastard snapping Ramsey’s leg at that stage in his career none of our current midfielders would be ahead of him on the first team sheet. 60 yrd passes to feet, hard core crunching tackles and a engine like Freddie Berg in his pomp. Eisfeld plays in this role and can score goals too so what does this also mean for Rosicky, who as I said yesterday is rolling back years strutting his stuff especially in our last game. I can’t see Eisfeld coming to play in the reserves or sit on the bench for too long but, on the flip side competition for places can’t be a bad thing.

    arry’s dog is in the docks today isn’t he?

  34. Jabba's Delights

    This Rangers issue could indirectly have an absolutley massive effect on our future. I’m not sure about now but certainly about a year or 2 ago Rangers or the umbrella company owned 3% of Arsenal. If they havent already sold Usmanov could come lurking.

  35. Markus

    I am a big fan of Rosicky. He hasn’t shined on a regular basis but he has had a few impressive performances when the team needed it most. Was it the champions league qualifier when he played an absolute blinder… sliding all over the place, covering the whole pitch…

    Last season I thought his time was running out in the eyes of Wenger. I think he could well deliver a couple years more to the Arsenal cause. A good player to have around, and he has the ability to get his shooting boots back.

    With Diaby and Wilshire to come back as well, we will have a very strong competition for midfield places. If not this season, then next.

  36. Yes, agree, Steww – when fit, it’s hard to think of a better defensive ‘squad’ in the EPL and it is surely comparable with any non-EPL side (that springs to my mind at least). It’s precisely the reason AW’s not bought in that area this winter.

    Agree also, Finsbury, I don’t recall anyone arguing against spending big in principle if the player fits the AFC mould, so to speak. AW’s dilemma kicks in the moment any one of those theoretical hi-cost purchases fail to fit in and/or deliver.

    As a proportion of available funds, such failures would be vastly more expensive to us than to any club bankrolled by a Sheik or a gangster etc and they are, but that measure, much more risky. Far less risky to make rather than buy star performers. The longer you stay in the game, the less risk you want to expose yourself to especially if you intend sticking around to fight another day.

    Lost track of the number of supposedly big players that haven’t worked out for the buying club. Can’t prove this but I’m pretty sure the ratio is worst than 50:50; for every Suarez and Silva it feels that there is a Torres and a Carroll hovering in the wings …

    Would be interesting to know the ratio of young players that are sold on profitably or developed into the AFC first team against those that don’t make it. The 80:20 rule is pretty prevalent in business – but which way round this might be in our case I have no idea; certainly it’s a business within a business at Colney and a big part of what makes Arsenal such a special and fascinating club to follow.

    So is Eis the next Cesc, the next Wilshire or something very different. Whichever it ends up being (assuming he signs), he’ll be a low-risk/high potential addition to the club and that is both responsible and exciting, long-term and sustainable.

    And utterly beyond the comprehension of the average doomer, one suspects.

  37. finsbury | January 31, 2012 at 11:19 am

    Ahhhh… Wiltord. What a serious striker he was. Remember how he would he hit the ball so quickly on the spin and with so much power? I haven’t seen one player anywhere that had that ability like he did. On the other mentioned I watched him play the other night and it’s really sad to see how far down he has fallen. He was a house hold name of quality when he was with us and he must wake up from time to time regretting leaving us.

    Reyes, brace v Chelsea in the FA Cup is what I will remember him most for. We lost our car keys and had to walk most of the way back to New Cross.

  38. Sky report that Andrey Arshavin is in talks to leave Arsenal.

    Unconfirmed reports that specialists have been despatched to Blackburn on ‘suicide watch’.

  39. Heard news Arshavin is on the move. Any truth in this?

  40. Jabba's Delights

    finsbury | January 31, 2012 at 11:12 am

    Who talks about spending all out reserves???? Come on mate do the club a little bit of credit, spending the 50m of Nasri and Cesc doesnt put us on the brink. contractually with Nike 80% of that money MUST be spent on either new players or contract extensions.

    There arent amny players in the squad deserving of improved contracts so that money needs to be spent.

    In a downward pointing market it actually presents wonderful opportunities for well run clubs liek ourselves. As the idiots get weaker we should be getting stronger as incredible prudance in recent years should serve us in good stead.

    Reus is a great example of this. 14.5m he is movinf to dortmund for in the summer way before he has the chance to esccalate that price at the euro……what a bargain. they out there is you go looking, who needs hazard for 50m when we could have had him a player wenger has stated is of exceptional quality

  41. Andrew/Fins – I heard that argument plenty of times over the summer – I’m not inventing it!

  42. that russian club with all the money are in prelimerys with AA

    I’ll be sorry to see him leave but we could rake some serious money here..those guys are loaded…we could get back what we paid for him

  43. @The BearMan
    As you imply arsenal is a buisness, you as a customer can leave if you dont like the way the company runs its buisness. that my friend is how buisness works…. Fans are customers, you are a customer. Vote with your feet. walk out!

    Or is that not in line with your “buisness understanding”?

  44. Geo and Markus… I would have been tempted to stick with the defence as well. I am sure Wenger was looking for a short term option, but obviously the player we need wasn’t achievable early in the window.

    I hear Bridge is going Sunderland on loan, I wonder if Wenger looked at him.. Even if he did, whos to say they wouldn’t do a deal with us. City are never going to release a pretty decent LB to a rival who is in desperate need of one.

  45. @jabba 50M that covers wages and transfare? thats a 20m player on a 5 year contract no?

  46. AA to ‘Anzhi Makhachkala’.


  47. Is that where Eto went? That would explain it.

  48. Any reliable sources for the AA story ??

  49. Your mistaken describing Bridge as a pretty decent LB – he was once but those days are loooong gone.

    I wouldn’t have at Arsenal on a free.

    He’s paid 90K a week to date celebrities – good work if you can get it!

  50. Depends if you count SkySports as ‘reliable’! 😉

  51. lets all be honest(except george) will we miss AA if he is replaced?

  52. Don’t think he’s the same type of Cesc. That kid is a one off for me but, Eisfeld can score goals, make passes and put’s a tackle in…… and he’s German.

  53. mind you it is nice to have him on the bench its not worth letting him go and not bringing someone in with the same qualities and experience.

  54. Gotez, is the same age and has a price tag of around 25million.

    Eisfeld is the same age but, because the price tag is lower the media has labelled this as another kid coming in and Wenger not, wanting to spend to please them.

  55. chris, I think any time Rosicky has appeared in the first team (as opposed to a cup B-Team) he has done well.

    Also, Bridge was not well received on here at the start of the window as I recall. I certainly wasn’t raving.

  56. Jabba's Delights


    ”The longer you stay in the game, the less risk you want to expose yourself to especially if you intend sticking around to fight another day.”

    Wow i dont think, ive ever heard someone say such an appalling thing about the manager. Some people get shot down on here for saying that just maybe our reduction in performance might be due to the manager losing his edge due to old age and stubborness.

    Your saying in fact he doesnt do as well as by not making losses and keeping the bank man happy he gets to keep earnig 6m a year.

  57. Excepting the fact that he lost his shooting boots, Rosicky has been largely fabulous this season.

  58. I couldn’t give a flying fuck how much Wenger is paid.

  59. If the Arshavin story is true, I don’t think we need a replacement badly. We have AOC coming through, and also Yossi who I think has been terribly under-utilised. And of couse Gervinho will be back. So even though I would be happy to see a replacement come in, I wouldn’t be too fussed if that were not the case.

  60. Wouldn’t miss AA. Would feel more regret that he was never played consistently in his preferred position, and that we have been unable to extrapolate any form of impact from the little genius.

    We signed one of the hottest players in world football and have presided over his “form” years, and seen him depreciate consistently for 3 full seasons.

  61. Not signing a striker + a wing forward in this window is a ridiculous gamble IMO.

    I’m not suprised, I didn’t expect us to make any moves.

    Groundhog window.

  62. Steww @ 11.21 for me its Mertesacker who gets dropped, Kos has been awesome this season. For me Kos n Term are gin n tonic..

    Mert in his first season has shown he’s adapting well..

  63. Oh je publiez comme d’habitude cette une exceptional post ce matin YW..

    If I’m honest the contiunal bleatings from TW are starting to grate…

  64. Jabba's Delights


    Why would we be paying for someone 5 year contract up front?

    20m transfer plus 5m on wage makes 25m. next years wage get paid for next year. If the club do betetr becuase of the player his wage pays for itself with increased turnover thats not even adding in shirt sales. That is the hope when we sign a good player that arsenal fans would go out and buy his top as they are god forbid really excited by the signing. Not saying they are btu actually going out and buying a top. lets say 500,000 of our alleged 26 million world wide fans (2%) went and bought this shirt, that would generate 20 million. This is how a club like Madrid operates.

    Thsi is the idea of being ambitious. Specualte to accumilate but without trading the family silver while doing so. Lets not sniff at 50m. Its a fantastic amount of money and out manager who is no tactical genuis but is a genuis at spotting players. If he cant improve us significantly with that money then he sint the manager to take us forward in our present state, and they are the cold hard football facts.

    Will be sad to see Andrei go massive talent sadly the league wasnt quite suited to him and cant see that it helped being played out of position constantly. Failure to bring in a proepr replacment is a gamble to far

  65. Jabba,

    the FA Cup semi situation did not do his sense of belonging any favours either…

  66. Markus…

    Sorry, he WAS a decent LB. Probably the only 1 on the market it seems, which says a lot.

    Miguel played a couple games, Vermaelen played a few too at LB… could Bridge with no match practice have done better, nobody can really back that up.

    Wenger was keen on bringing in a short term replacement, it just never materialized.

    I think we will have more than enough til the end of the season now. We have several players to come back, it could get very interesting.

  67. Jabba's Delights

    goonerton | January 31, 2012 at 12:05 pm

    Our won manager said this weekend that top players break into their national team around the age of 18 or 19. This guy has been playign for hsi clubs u19. Lets not talk about him as anythign else apart from a no risk player with good potential upside.

  68. Poodle are you thinking of leaving?

    Bye my friend! Remember to leave the doors in tact on your way out! Hahahahaha

  69. Jabba's Delights

    Jonny | January 31, 2012 at 12:08 pm

    Rosicky has been ”fabulous” this seaosn…hmmm come on mate maybe we have differing standards but i wuld hope that the world fabulous comes out when talking about rvp and kosciellny not rosicky.

    You should care about what the manager is paid as you take such an interest in waht we cant affrod to pay players and how hard up we are as a club. The only person we’ve ever broken our ”stringent” wage structure for is himself within his own system……you cant make it up

  70. Jonny said that, but yeah I agree, he hasn’t looked interested in a while.

    Those AA stories are Sky trying to get people to follow their deadline day coverage. I couldn’t be arsed. Can’t see us getting rid of anyone in January, unless it’s the youngsters on loan.

  71. JD

    Point taken but, on the basis that he was about to break into the first team that suggest to me that it won’t be too long before he is banging on our first team door. Which as I said could prove good to have competition but, I hope it doesn’t make others feel that they are being replaced or upset the balance.

  72. What the fuck has Wenger pay packet got to do with anything?

    I bet you don’t even know how much your dad, mum, auntie, brother or sister earns per year do you?

  73. If we are signing the Eisel youngster now, I would be a little surprised if he doesn’t get into the first team this season. His contract is expiring and we could have got him for a free in the summer, can’t believe we are getting him for a rumoured 400k to play in the reserve for the rest of the season.

  74. Jabba's Delights


    Why are we able to talk about the perspective wages of players we cant afford and then not talk about the wages we can and do afford??

    Why are some of you so defensive when people talk about Arsene wage???

  75. Wenger certainly doesn’t decide his own salary. I would even venture to say that he doesn’t decide any of the players’ salary.

  76. On an aside, why is it that a manager’s salary is always quoted on a per annum basis, while for players it is always weekly? Is it something to do with the manager being white collar, and players being, nominally, blue collar?

  77. Eisfield is another player with a troubled injury history.

    I swear I’ve been here before…….

  78. If the gunners fail to clinch the cl berth,the blame should be on Wenger. Up to now he has not got anyone who can help the the senior team win games. The tw hasn’t shut but believe me the German kid is the only one in.
    So we have ten injured players coming back.Make sure they can ignite the gunners challenge. And please tighten up the dodgy defnce.

  79. Theres rules regarding wages we should clear up.

    1. No-one in the world understands what AFC players are on. There is no educated assumption

    2. Every wage qouted for players going to other clubs is nailed on fact. It is, of course,the only reason any footballer ever would either a) leave arsenal, or b) not sign for us

  80. Jabba's Delights


    Its an interesting question, no idea what the answer is.

    Wenger decides the wage structure at the club. He is the most powerful manager in world football with regards to control at a club. Some of you basiclaly give him credit for building the emirates but then dont admit to him having any power over his players wages.

    He and his agent will have negotiated with the club. He could have said no i dont think the manger shoud be better paid than all the players but he didnt he took the wage as most would. Its the fact that our player salaries when negotiated hit a brick ceiling that they cant get past which is interesting.

  81. Shahr of course the blame lies with Wenger.

    He is credited with the financial planning behind the stadium move, he is credited with the physical production of the stadium,so when our football team which he manages performs poorly, he must take the blame.

  82. Surely the russians should be in prelim talks with the club before they speak to the player? Unless the club have already accepted a bid…..!
    Im not buying this one.

  83. Suga3, what are you doing here? We won our last match. 😉

  84. Well done Jabba (12.07) – willfully reworking my earlier post AND putting words into my mouth.

    And you wonder why few take you seriously?


    So, tonight – another home win for Swansea, anybody? The Chavs have many key players missing …

    A win v Bolton tomorrow and the Jabba’s of the world will be all but out of a jab, sorry, job.

  85. Now Ivan says MC are jealous of Arsenal’s self sustaining model. Well if I am fan I would prefer MC. At the end of the season,Mc would probably have won the epl. As for the gunners they could finish anywhere from fifth to eight.MC would fight for the cl next season.
    Mancini would probaly be laughing at Ivan’s remarks. As for UEFA”s threat to debt didden clubs,wait for Platini to take action.

  86. I don’t care Jabba, because I believe he is the best man for the job and though the doom brigade try to paint a picture him being overpaid it is quite clear he would get far more if he were to move elsewhere. The club pay him very well because they believe in him and his ethos and want to hold on to him – you don’t believe in him or his ethos so you cite his salary as yet another stick with which to beat him.

    Rosicky may not be at the level of RVP but then for fuck’s sake, who is?! Bit childish to get hung up on the use of ‘fabulous’.

  87. Jabba's Delights


    Sorry big guy but unitl you go think about what you said you should take a breather. You said what you said………………sounds bad doesnt it. The manager not taking risks so as to ”fight another day” or take home 6m a year. I was always under the impression that getting bullied and being around for skirmishes but missing when the battle comes would destroy a true warrior but not in this case.

    Would you have spent 14.5m on reus a player who has ”unbelivable ability”? or are you going to be like George and tell everyone that there are no good players out there that poor little arenal can afford.

  88. @ Shahr

    “Well if I am fan I would prefer MC.”

    From that, should we conclude that you are not a fan?

  89. No, he is the proverbial shit that hits the fan.

  90. @Shahr 12.46

    Then why don’t you get the fuck out of here and support Man City? This is an ARSENAL blog.

  91. Fabianksi – Jenkinson – Djourou – Mertersakcer – Gibbs – Coquelin- Rosicky – Ramsey – Park – Chamakh – Gervinho

    The above is the artillery we hope to close out the most important season run in under Wenger, when all our first team are fit, which I see as:

    Scz – Sagna – Kos – TV5 – Santos – Song – Arteta – Wilshere – AOC – RVP – Walcott

    Deduce what you will – I’m however concerned of the lack of options and quality we have in the front 3.

  92. Urgently I believe Wenger should bring in a quality assistant coach and allow Rice to retire. {Someone,more tactically gifted}. I believe managers like Pardew, Fergie n O’Neil out thinks him in setting out their teams to play us.

  93. Reus at 14.5 is a ridiculous target to miss. Cant even hid behind some p*ss poor excuse of him earning £300k a week.

  94. I was thinking, if we made 5th and got a place in the Europa League (I think it is still called that), would we take the opportunity to play youngsters like in the Carling Cup? The only prize for the competition worth its salt is the Super Cup final should you win against the CL winner.

  95. @Luke

    If the man wanted to join his childhood club I don’t think even a 20 mil Arsenal bid would bring him in. Where have I heard a story like this before…seems familiar.

  96. From Arseblog –

    Arsene Wenger has given some insight into the immediate futures of Abou Diaby and Ryo Miyaichi.

    Speaking at his post-game press conference today, the manager was asked about Diaby, who hasn’t played since coming on as a 69th minute sub in the 1-1 draw against Fulham in late November. The French midfielder has only played 25 minutes of first team football this season and has been battling to save his career having suffered ongoing ankle problems.

    “He is coming back on Tuesday,” said Wenger. “He has been in a rehab centre and has worked very hard. We feel that when he comes back he will need three more weeks of training, so the earliest he will play will be the end of February.”

    Whether or not Diaby can remain fit remains to be seen. It’d be the most optimistic of Gooner who’d put any money on it, but with Jack Wilshere now set for a further spell out having another option in midfield would be no bad thing for the final part of the season.

    Meanwhile, Ryo Miyaichi is set to go out on loan to aid his development, and with the transfer window closing on Tuesday night, a decision is imminent with the player set to stay in England.

    “I will have a chat with him tomorrow and I have a little plan,” he said. “Oxlade-Chamberlain plays on the flanks now too, so if I can find an opportunity for him to play somewhere I will decide whether to do that tomorrow.

    “It will have to be in England because he will lose the homegrown [status] if he leaves the country.”

    The Japanese youngster has made two Carling Cup appearances so far this season but has yet to feature in the Premier League. A move on loan to a Premier League or Championship club would be designed to give him the playing time he needs to push for a first team place at Arsenal next season.

  97. Jabba's Delights


    Nobody is beating anybody with a stick. He is paid alot of money and witht hat money i dont think its unreasonable to expect the team to perform a little better each year in terms of points until the end of a cycle…………….am i wrong there? Nobody is talking tophies nobody is talking title challenges i’m saying that is it unreasonable to suggest that one of the best paid managers on earth who has total control of operations (he said he would leave immediatly if this was compromised) should improve the team in real terms ie points?? should he at least keep it at the same level????? Thats why wages are relevant, are we getting value for money from our manager, are we that much poorer than spurs, Liverpool, Newcastle and Everton that another manager couldnt keep us above them?? Hold on…..we allot richer than those clubs arent we?

    your joice in word is all we really have on here. If i called Wenger a cunt you would get hung up on it and rightly so. If you call rosicky fabulous this year im inclined to think that you dont watch any arsenal games bar hsi very good workmanlike perfromance on sunday

  98. Interesting Luke, you have both Walcott and AOC in front of Gervinho? I would be inclined to play Gervinho and AOC for a game or teo as starters to see whether their direct running would together or if it would leave us defensively worst from their back tracking.

  99. Ryo to bolton? Thank goodness, i can finally see him week in week out

  100. Imminent Diaby return used as a smokescreen to not supplement the midfield?

    We wouldn’t would we????

  101. Jonny, the Ryo loan makes sense just as the Joel Campbell loan did. I believe both players have immense quality and need consistent 1st team opportunities to kick on.

    I believe Joel has made around 19 appearance and netted 5 goals to date, though only 8 games as a starter.

  102. well, it just goes to show up your theory that I only show up when we lose…

  103. I agree with others that the Kos/Verm cb partnership is the preference and what a unit we would have with both first team full backs, very mouthwatering.

    Per too offers us good experience minus the heart in mouth moments a la Squid etc, I would however like Per to be more aggresive and assertive as esp against more agricultural style teams he could really dominate our box. He still seems a bit tentative at times.

    I also think this Eis guy must be decent as I assume he’s been scouted, assessed and probably watched for some time. For all we know he was looked at when 16 prior to the injury and maybe that’s the difference between now being 19 @ £20m or not…luck/fate or whatever you want to call it.

    If we had planned last summer better I might buy Gazedis’s latest comments but I still think we have to look at this in part as an admission that we sold Nas & Cesc et al as we needed the money, otherwise I don’t get why every summer/Jan we avoid paying the big bucks for the ‘super quality’ we hear about.

    Wenger said the transfer market is like buying a house and you don’t have to sell if you don’t want to, I agree, but if I’ve got a mansion in a desirable location with a pool and good schools then I expect to receive offers at market value…market value I’m afraid is what others are willing to pay. Given our transfer income then I think we can push the boat out for one of these ‘super quality’ players Wenger has in mind when making this declaration.

    If AA goes then we have cover but I still think we’re light on creative, technical quality in the middle of the park who can move the ball quickly. Ramsey is still developing, arteta playes a bit deeper and beyond the 1st team there isn’t a game changing player on the bench IMO bar Oxo when 3 G’s returns. That goes for striking opotions too. We always just seem to be one or two players short of a really strong team.

  104. yeah mr miagi to bolton, we can finaly get to see what he looks like!!

  105. I mean, this would be a suicide…

  106. Jabba, are you implying that Wenger is earning too much? Or that he actually cares about money? If that is the case why would he reportedly turn down Real, PSG or any number of cash-rich clubs who have come calling over the years. He could have doubled his wage. Thankfully we have a manager to whom other aspects of the game are more important.

    SUGA, did you stop watching the Villa game at half time. We ended up winning it so you can probably go now.

  107. Fuck me, the groaning shills are out in force on D-Day.

    So, any answers on what forms the divide between Europe & Asia (I’m conducting market research for my pal the bolshevik Ivan)? Now’s the time to get your answers in.

  108. Here’s a F.A.C.T (it was in the Heil. must be true) As manager of Portsmouf he made an easy £4.8M. That was years ago.

    Groaning shills seems like an apt term here…

  109. He = ‘Arry of course.

  110. That same site was running a story about CRonaldo switching to Barca for 95M.

    Looks like sky is parodying themselves?

  111. One of those {Insert Name Here} webpages. The pesky little scamps eh? Hardy har.

  112. Europe and Asia are divided within Turkey, by the Bosporus and the Dardenelles. These are both narrow waters, which basically connect the Black Sea with the Mediterranean. Within Russia, the division is along the Ural mountains in the north, and the border with Kazakhstan further south. Finally the Caucasus mountains also divide Russia from Georgia and Azerbaijan.

  113. Interesting post yogi: Very quiet transfer window so far. Never expected anything from us. I really like Arshavin but if he goes I don’t think it hurts the team. Ox, Theo and Gerv are clearly ahead of him in the pecking order now. If we could get a decent fee then I hope the club takes it. The only problem is what happens with the money we get for him. Probably ends up the the same black hole as the money for Kolo, Ade, Cesc and Samir.

    I hope we can get 4th and win the FA cup. Given the choice of one or the other I think 4th place is a bigger prize just from the financial perspective. However, we have the same issue with the CL money as we do with money we make from transfers. Since we don’t use it anyway what good does it do? Not sure.

    We need to start a winning streak tomorrow at Bolton. Next few league games certainly can be won.

  114. Nice one Jonny.

    In recent times, the last odd one hundred years that definition seems to have been the one that everyone accepts. Should add that it follows the course of the Volga river for a bit too.

    It’s safe to say there has been a fluctuating transcontinental region over time starting somewhere along the line of the Don & Volga rivers.

    I like to combine our modern scientific understanding with the old Tsarist maps, as this follows the rivers which oi reckon were important for people back in the day. So, I’d start off at Astrakhan, at the mouth of the Volga and end up in Archangel, following the Northern Dvina out into Dvina Bay.

  115. Jabba’s Rewrites (12.51 pm)

    You still here Jabba, reworking the world to fit into your peculiar outlook?

    Do you not think the fans of Leeds wish they could still be around to ‘fight another day’? Or Portsmouth? How must the Rangers supporters be feeling right now – very worried indeed, I’d imagine.

    If anyone could rewrite their history, I’m sure they would.

    Sure, as you suggest, spend £14.5 million on Reus and whoever. But how many times did those other clubs make similar signings with salaries to match? I’ve no doubt AW will spend big when he’s good and ready, should he find someone perfect for the side.

    Meanwhile, Citeh are about to ‘invest’ in a 32 year old midfielder, no doubt perfect for them …

    But I wouldn’t mind betting we’ll get more out of Eis than Reus in the long run.

    And that’s exactly what we are here for, Jabs, the long run.

    Or in your case, the long whine.

  116. I imagine that this is how the Ryo loan might have gone down:
    A short time after Bolton’s defeat at The New Arsenal Stadium in the diddly cup, in the Bolton dressing room.

    A Notlobian defender: “Fuck me boss, that kid was quick. I almost stained the green turf. Arsenal are spoilt for Pace this season*. Think about it boss. Think about it.”

    *And they’ve just re-signed some old geezer who likes to play on the left side who is rubbish. Why Weng? Why?

  117. Keyser, David Conn is a knowledgeable writer on the business side of football, but just reading the subtitle of the piece (“though we have seen quiet windows before”) tells you all you need to know, that is, it’s too early to tell. If over the next 4-6 transfer windows spending is down across the board then we can say that the FFP rules are having an effect. If not, then no. If I were to bet, I would say they will have little effect, City’s “sponsorship” deal has shown other clubs the way and they’ll take it.

  118. Interesting link Keyseroze – if it is true and the Financial Fair Play event horizon has kicked in then that can only be good news for the game in the wider world and excellent news for AFC in particular.

    Inevitably one or two clubs (Citeh springs to mind) may attempt to ‘stretch the envelope’ on this in the run up to FFP but if the industry is moving to something more responsible then that can only weaken the impact the sugar daddies can have on the game in the future.

    Anyone who happens to have paid off or nearly paid off a state-of-the-art stadium and are stable, within their means whilst continuing to compete at home and in Europe will be in with a good shout over the coming seasons …

    Have to feel for the Doomers, dontcha?

  119. just one significant flaw to your argument there, infrastructure (stadium, etc.) expenditure is not considered when submitting the books for the purposes of the FFP…

    plus, do you know what the sanctions for disobeying them are? it’s not like it’s an outright ban, you know…

  120. YW – good stuff.

    about Rosicky finding his shooting boots……I guess the same could be said for many others on the team. Agree with you about his performances……he certainly can run the show.

    For those that criticized your use of the word ‘fabulous’ to describe Tomas’s play, wasn’t that same person (only a few days ago) regretting the departure of Eboue? Everyone has their own vision.

    I don’t see any big changes happening at Arsenal. All this talk about an Arshavin move…..I’ll wait to believe it.

    Why do so many want things to be different? Just accept things as they are NOW.

  121. Jabba's Delights


    As Fabregas said Wenger wouldnt last very long in the job in spain where you are expected to win or else.

    The pressure on Arsene is less than at any other big club you or i know as it only comes from the fanbase. He has so little to none from the board its untrue.


    Whenw ill Arsene be good and ready to spend hopefully before we havent got any left. If we dont make 4th and the smart money is on us not at the moment, we will be 35m less better off than the revious year……makes that 50m shrink quite quick doesnt it

  122. It’s funny reading through a days worth of comments here and seeing Jabba dangling hooks, changing the bait waiting for someone to take a nibble. Earlier on no one bit and it was lovely. More of the same treatment and his type crawl away to another blog. As much as I enjoy seeing someone like arsenalandrew demolish his arguments with the grace and aplomb of an RVP volley I do thing ignoring him works best.
    He is after all only here to provoke Arsenal fans.

  123. AA @ 2:09 pm
    “Meanwhile, Citeh are about to ‘invest’ in a 32 year old midfielder, no doubt perfect for them …”

    You have to wonder what the morale on that squad is like at Citeh. Other than Ya Ya, Aguero, Silva, Hart, Kompany, (Ballotelli) and a couple more…….the level of insecurity, for the others must be a burden to shoulder.

  124. just one significant flaw to your argument there, infrastructure (stadium, etc.) expenditure is not considered when submitting the books for the purposes of the FFP…

    But they still need to be paid for. What is the flaw in that argument then? A paid off stadium puts us in a better position regardless of whether that payment is included in FFP calculation.

  125. @Arsesession, 2:36: I suppose the 100K a week they’re all on softens the blow a bit.

  126. Oh that could absolutely be applied to most of our players Arsession!

    Arshavin has a ratio of less than 1 in 10 over the last two and half years, Gervinho has already accrued a couple of contenders for miss of the season, Rambo’s target of 10 goals is surely being revised…I could go on but suffice to say the whole team (RVP excepted) needs to work on it’s confidence in front of the onion bag.

    Perhaps Derren Brown could help them..?

  127. Block4
    I thought about that…….and you’re right. But I imagine for players that have invested so much time in preparing for this career……and always starting or being key to their team’s success, it can only provide a source of frustration, sitting on the bench…….plus, reading and hearing about the club looking to spend more for established players.

    I had regrets seeing Clichy, Nasri, and Toure leave the club. I hope their decisions work out for them.

  128. Luke me old mate
    “On a side note, Keown is an absolute gun. Love him. Quality pundit, quality coach too considering his impact in 2006.”
    Crock of shit ! He was taking his coaching badges and did fuck all.No coaching,nada ,zilch,nothing.But idiots still want to credit him rather than Arsene and Pat.But why let the truth get in the way of a swipe at the current set up?

    what makes you think that Arsene would conduct his transfer business in Spain like he does at Arsenal.?
    You really are to stupid to talk to

  129. @Arsession, to you and me maybe yes. It seems to me that it’s becoming more and more prevalent (not a majority by any stretch of the imagination though) that players see it as a job rather than an occupation where you should wring every last second out of a fleeting, glorious career. Wasn’t it Assou-Akoto at Spurs who said recently it was just a job to him? Tevez doesn’t look too btohered about not playing, the infamous Winston Bogarde before that, Wayne Bridge has taken his sweet time finding another club, a lot of these players don’t play for the love of the game any more, just what they can get out of it and if they can get the rewards without putting themselves on the line every Saturday then it seems they’re happy to do it.

    I may be a total cynic though.

  130. Dont know the numbers but I think Ardrey is on one of the biggest weekly wage packages among the players on the club. Moving him makes a lot of business sense at this point I guess. Hopefully if he does go he can find a club that can use his considerable talent to its fullest.

  131. Jonny
    I’m sure most who follow the team prefer not to dwell on your stats. For many, there’s more enjoyment to target team problems on midfield, defenders, and (of course) Arsene.

    Lets hope we see more players finding those shooting boots….and RvP continues his torrid form.

  132. Jonny

    They have rehashed news from Daily Star. I wouldn’t worry too much about this rumour.

  133. Yet….

  134. Ha! I wasn’t worried – if Wenger signs him I’ll accept the club have done everything they need to in order to reach that decision. My default position is to assume it’s all bollocks, until a deal is done.

    I have little belief we will sign anyone today.

  135. Block4
    Their certainly is a different breed of player today……as you mention Tevez ……but then I think of Ashley Young….key to Villa’s play not seeing any time at ManU….Stephen Pienaar – solid at Everton….and not on the radar at Spuds.

    Maybe more blame should be aimed at wily – guileful agents, taking advantage of their immature clients.

  136. Block 4.

    The game is about business for the players and the clubs. As the amounts of money increase and the agents get involved it becomes even more of a job. I think the players like Bridge would much rather be playing but how can he justify giving up more 10’s of millions of dollars when he could have a career ending injury tomorrow and become worthless. What does he have to fall back on if he does not make his nest egg while he can. Thats not cynical thats reality.

  137. Luke has moaned in every comment! lighten the heck up yo!

    now, let me get back to reading the rest of the comments?

  138. Ryo to Bolton…hopefully he can really kick on a la Jack Wilshere..

  139. Jabba's Delights

    Arsesession | January 31, 2012 at 2:27 pm

    Yup i was annoyed when Eboue who i thought was the best reserve right back in the league was sold and we brought in Charltons reserve right back. I thought it weakened our ability to compete here and now. I was crticised by some on here who watched his whoehearted performances aginst malaysis and thought woooooooow. Once again those idiots got proved wrong and the fuckign cunts on here who are usually right got proved so. Youn Jenkinson is what he is a nice little prospect with a big heart with no experience and he got torn a new arsehole by that shit team utd who and bought rubbish all summer. 8-2 later with george and frank still maintaining our brilliance hmmmmmm have a word.

    That has nothing to do witht he point about Rosicky being fabulous for us this year. Lets egt this straight so a guy with 9 starts and 11 sub appearances where he has scored precisly zero goals and one assist for a team that has lost roughly 1 in 4 this year has been fabulous has he?????????????? This is a guy 2.5 seasons removed from his injury who has scored 4 goals in 2.5 years in 70 odd games. This is the guy who that bastion of knowledge george said would pick up the flack from cesc along with diaby…………………you actually cant make this up.

    People on here get called a cunt for questioning a manger who has deliverd negative results for 4 years and yet one of those very name callers is saying that rosicky is having a fabulous season……………..YOUR FUCKING MAD

  140. @Arsesession, indeed, agents are parasites on the game and I agree with you, they are looking after themselves first and their clients a distant second. An ill-advised move at too young an age can kill off a promising career, those people have a lot to answer for.

    I thought Ashley Young’s disappearance was to do with injury, I could be wrong on that, although it would seem weird to drop out of the picture like that as he was doing fairly well. Pienaar’s move to Spurs never worked though, he hasn’t had a look in at all since he arrived there, so it’s hard to say whether he’s happy not playing or just not been able to force his way into the team. If he doesn’t play much for the rest of the season and doesn’t get himself a move in the Summer then we can say he’s happy to pick up the cash, but it’s maybe a little premature right now.

  141. Bill
    agree that the game has become more business…….

    “like Bridge would much rather be playing but how can he justify giving up more 10′s of millions of dollars when he could have a career ending injury tomorrow and become worthless. What does he have to fall back on if he does not make his nest egg while he can. ”
    You very nicely state the agents argument to the player (playing the fear card-imo)…..but I would guess (no facts to support) that players don’t believe they will suffer career ending injuries.

    They want to play not rust on some bench.

  142. Jabba, not what Fabregas said. Not biting today.

  143. @Bill, I’m not really having a go at them, I’d probably do the same myself, but it is a cynical attitude to what is notionally a game which people like me pay to play every week and play just for the love of it. I agree it is reality. The only other argument is when do they have enough? I mean, if you’ve been sitting on a fat contract for several years then you’re set for life, no ifs, buts or maybes. So at that stage it takes a cold heart to sit it out and not play at some level, after all those same players were once wide-eyed kids who dreamed of playing professionally one day.

  144. Re: Arshavin

    I would prefer him stay and shut people up. He was playing himself into form. If he stays, I hope he can put what has happened behind him.

  145. Jabba's Delights

    pedantic george | January 31, 2012 at 2:56 pm

    Poor little george it appears you dont understand your god as much as you would like. Have you bothered to read or watch moneyball yet some of us new that arsene was obsessed by value years ago as he said as much. That deosnt change, its his fucking ethos you complete turnip.

    You think he goign to start thinking Kaka is worth 55m becasue he is at real….my god if you do your even more stupid than you come across.

    Why do you think he signs so many players who have been interrupted by injury in their past??? Do you think its becuase he genuinly likes players who have suffered cruciate injuries or is it becuase he knows that their value has depreciated becuase of it and that with todays medical technologuy the actual player is just as good as he was but the perception of him isnt as good…….come on mate this is for kids every gooner knows about arsene and value????????

    If you think the manager will change his style just becuse he has more cash you knwo sooooo fucking little about the man who you blindly follow it makes me embarrased by you.

    he’s got money at arsenal and they are crying out for some help and yet he still deosnt spend.

  146. Jabba's Delights


    will help you out then here is what cesc had to say, same is true if he were at Utd, Chels or Liverpool

    ”If you went to Spain and said to [Pep] Guardiola, [Jose] Mourinho or Unai Emery [Valencia] that they would have three years without winning a trophy, it would be obvious they would not continue,” he said. “But here it is different, the manager is intelligent and the club value different things. That the team is always in the Champions League, that we compete until the end, that we have young players, economic stability.

    “But I imagine there will be a moment when you have to decide: do you win things or not? From 2007 on, I started to say, ‘We don’t win, but we play very well’. And, after that, you realise that it doesn’t work. ”

  147. Jabba….
    Eboue, when he joined the club, was a solid – focused defender. However, as his career extended at Arsenal his decision making on the pitch deteriorated……and he became a liability – a scapegoat for officials and opponents.

    No need to list the examples……but for evaluating a player on his performance (only), he was not showing any consistency as a defender.

    In your remarks above, you only mention goal scoring, which is a flaw many fans digress around. Look at the Arsenal team for the past 3 seasons…..there are few players with goal scoring achievements.

    Look at Hleb when he was at Arsenal……everyone complained about his lack of goal scoring, but the team was successful from his overall play at winning 50/50 balls, linking play, and leadership.

    I disagree with your personal view of Tomas and his contribution.

  148. Arsesession:

    Of course they would rather play compared with rusting on the bench but it depends on the difference in the pay package. I suspect today that most players would not give up a 20 million dollar 4 year contract sitting on the bench at Man City when the option is a regular spot for Sunderland and an 8 million dollar 4 year contract. If the difference between the 2 contracts is small then the they will go to a place where they will play but not when the difference is huge. RVP would probably rather stay with us if the pay package is reasonably close to his other options but would he or anyone give up an extra 20 – 30 million to stay at Arsenal? The fact that he has not signed a contract and is keeping his options open gives you the most likely answer.

  149. I don’t remember Eboue being a defensive liability prior to Sagna coming? Eboue was very good at RB from what I remember.

  150. @Jabba
    You never responded when I answered your silly questions the other day. Just to quote you: “The only question i ever ask but are never answered by jonny come lately fans like you are these.

    1) explain why the best manager in the world cant improve a defence not one, not even 2, not even three but 4 fucking years running.
    2) Explain why the best manager in the world cant improve the clubs points totla not one not 2 but 3 years running
    3) explain why the best manager in the world hasnt worked out that teams have worked out a very good formula to disrupt our game plan and changed it?
    4) explain why the best manager see’s mental strength where many other giants of the game see complete and utter mental weakneses.

    How about you answer those same simple questions without calling me a cunt and referring to a worldwide referee and media conspiracy.”

    I answered those questions comprehensively and since those are the only questions you ever ask, don’t you think, now that you have gotten the answers you demanded, it’s time for you to f*ck off?

  151. Block 4. I think most of these players like Nasri have enough of an ego to believe that they will play to wherever they go. Nasri left for more money but I am sure in his mind he thought he would be a regular starter at Man City. No matter how much we love our boss or our current job, how many of us would stay if someone offered you a lot more money to do the exact same job somewhere else?

  152. Jabba, He is saying that if the club chairman had sat one of those coaches down and told them the long-term plan for the next five years would probably limit the chance at winning silverware then the coach would chose not to continue in that job. That Arsene did and still choses to continue in his role shows an unusual amount of loyalty to the club, not generally seen in top flight management. It was a compliment, not a criticism.

    He didn’t say “Wenger wouldnt last very long in the job in spain”. Tit.

  153. This is the first tranfer window in a long while where I have not constantly being refrsfhing various pages through the day. We will be making no signings of note, today is a day like any other.

    Although I may watch some of Sky’s coverage when I get home as I find it quite funny how they attempt to make any hint of a transfer look dramatic. Can’t get too excited over the like of Wayne Bridge going to Sunderland exciting no matter how loud somebody shouts it at me.

  154. Bill – your points well taken.

    With your example…..of City’s package deal vs Sunderland…….not sure their wouldn’t be other clubs between City and Sunderland to offer a compromise option.

    RvP…….if he continues his shooting and overall play form…….the offers will be significant, and a big temptation.

    I think he will stay, IF (and its a big IF),
    – we qualify for CL
    – win a trophy
    – season ends on a huge run of good form by entire team……

    Hey Bill, do you know, if we win the CL trophy but fail to finish in top 4 of league play……are we allowed to defend CL trophy?

  155. The Spuds have made a “massive bid” for Loic Remy. Turned down apparently.

  156. Seems….Ryo Miyaichi has moved to Bolton on loan.

  157. @Bill, I’m not talking about moving to a club, the self-belief you talk about is a vital component of any top sportsman when deciding on a move, without it I doubt you’d get very far. It’s more those players who have made the move, find that they’re not being played for whatever reason and hang on for the big cash on offer anyway. It’s something that’s not right in the game from a aporting point of view imo, but that’s just the way it is.

  158. Just wait until one man shouting excitement machine Jim White arrives in his chariot of bullshit, Andy.

  159. @Arsesession, I believe the holders are allowed to defend the trophy, I think the rules were changes after Liverpool won it and didn’t qualify for it the following year.

  160. @Arsesession
    Saw the same thing and I am really happy about that. It’s important he gets PL experience and not just Championship experience. I really hope he can do well for Bolton. I’ll have to watch a couple of their games, I guess.

  161. Yes you are allowed to defend your CL title after Liverpool bribed them to change the rules.

  162. Ehm, wait … Bolton. Does it mean he can play tomorrow??

  163. Jabba's Delights

    Arsesession | January 31, 2012 at 3:34 pm

    To me he was still the best reserve right back in the league, a guy capable of coming in a playing aagainst any opposition on his day and performing. I wouldnt have been worried about him playing a 10 game stretch. Our manager weakened the squad by his move and its the one thing he’s not meant to do.

    With regards to Rosicky okay fair do lets not talk about goals. Lets talk about running a game??? How did we do with him in our mid week cup team last year?? was it not wenger who complained that fatigue destroyed our team and yet you gloss over the fact that we couldnt with rosicky captain get it done easily against hartlepool, leeds, ipswich, leyton orient and then got made to look like school boys against utd. This Rosicky??

    Or do you mean the rosicky that our manager refused to play in prem games as he didnt trust him, the same rosicky that wenger would play wilshere ”in the red zone” at all costs to prevent rosicky playing…….now i knwo what you mean. what a fabulous 2.5 years from our Tomas. Loved the effort he put in in the Utd game with those free kicks………… what a trojan!!

  164. @Block4
    Would love to see this Arsenal team hold up the CL cup…….would squelch the pundits, press, and naysayers.

    Would be a fantastic seasonal turnaround !

    Bolton first.

  165. Jabba's Delights

    Evil | January 31, 2012 at 3:40 pm

    Sorry mate, im on theblog when im on it and then i dont look at it again until the next day which usually means that days blog so i missed it. What day was it on and i will hunt it down.

  166. @Jabba
    Nice way of ignoring that the talk has been of Rosicky’s performance THIS season. And this season, I’ll spell it out so you can get it as well T-H-I-S S-E-A-S-O-N, which is 2011/2012, he was vital in our CL campaign and against ManU he did really well (or are you forgetting who played the pass for Oxo? Beside that he created several other chances), same as against Villa on Sunday and numerous other times he has been used this season.

  167. Evil

    Ryo will not be able to play tomorrow as players on loan are not allowed to play against their parent clubs, although I think there is a rule that if a player is signed on loan for a full season (buying a youngster and loaning him out to an oppo before the season starts) they could play against their parent club.

  168. Evil…..
    I now find myself NOW watching as many of the Wolves matches…..just to see Frimmy play. Its seems McCarthy likes the lad……as he’s started every game since joining and doing very well. Even their fans are showing appreciation for his talents.

    I hope Coyle will give Ryo the same chances he gave Jack…….a great opportunity for Ryo.

  169. “Or do you mean the rosicky that our manager refused to play in prem games as he didnt trust him, the same rosicky that wenger would play wilshere ”in the red zone” at all costs to prevent rosicky playing…….now i knwo what you mean.”

    So now you are clairvoyant.

  170. @Jabba

    In brief, I pointed out that point totals and goals scored have been going down for all 4 top teams (and goals conceded has been going up) for the past several seasons, so basically we are seeing a trend in the league that coincides with the fact that the Top 4 is turning into a Top 6 as the gap has closed. Therefore, pointing out us and Wenger as if it has only happened with Arsenal is clearly ignoring the reality of things.

  171. @Arsesession, I would love to see it also. I was near the edge of the Arsenal section in the Stade de France and seeing the Barcelona supporters celebrating up close was painful, really painful. I do try and not get excited about these things this far out though, there’s a lot of football to be played until that particular dream comes back onto the horizon!

  172. Jabba's Delights

    Markus | January 31, 2012 at 3:44 pm

    I love this notion that Wenger is this hard up guy who is doign this wonderful thig by staying at arsenal. He is paid an incredibly amount of money and is allowed free reign of the club, its hardly a bad postion.

    I completly agree unitl 2008 though that he did a great job Since then as the money has gone up i think his job has been very very average. Its these years when he should have been in real trouble. I know of no other sporting institution which would tolerate 4 years of decreased perfromance despite greater resources. Loyalty from our board is a good thing to a point. You guys will still be saying the same thing if we finish 6th this year and fowl up the summer, thats the issue.

    If you saw this goign on at another club you would laugh as the excuses are almost funny now. The club should look to increase its points tally each year as it goes through the cycle…..we havent and we arent you you need to ask yourself …..why is that?

  173. I think Rosicky is playing better this year although he has never been the player for us that I’d hoped we were signing when we got him. The injuries have hampered him a lot. If he can get back to his pre-Arsenal form then great, if not I see him as a decent squad player.

  174. How delightful!

  175. Don’t bite. Just yank the chain.

  176. I agree about Eboue, his sale was baffling to me, I can only assume he pushed for a move. There really was no other reason to sell him.
    Great to be back to winning ways, lets hope we can push on from here.

  177. Evil no, you can’t play against your parent club.

  178. Jabba's Delights

    Evil | January 31, 2012 at 3:59 pm

    I get thats its this seaosn big guy.

    Has Rosicky been fabulous THIS SEASON

    Did we win against Utd? Did the better team for long periods of the game win?? yup.

    He played well on sunda but lets not go mental. He oput insome tackles (effort) god we love that at the emiartes someone actually busting a gut doesnt happen enough but my god we will trumpet your performance if you do. We played well for 20 mins against Villa are you saying rosicky was fabulous?

    For the rest of season he has been a bit part in a team thats havign a very averge year so far he has come on and influenced no game by winning it for us

  179. Black snoods are in the house, oh yeah!
    Wave your snotty snoods up in the air,
    Like you just don’t care.

    *woop woop*

  180. IMHO

    Our midfield play is very different this season as we are playing a midfielder in the middle (Arteta/Rosicky) whose job is to start the plays, make the passes and steady the team, not necessarily to get on the end of plays. Rosicky and Arteta have both been playing well in that role, although I would say Arteta seems to instil a bit more composure in the team (as when he came on at the weekend).
    My only concern is that we are missing the attacking midfield that would make this set up really work well, Jack Wilshere. We have been using Ramsey as a fill-in (no this is not a Ramsey bash), but I don’t feel he is really suited to the role which I think becomes clear when we look to break through midfield rather than the wings. Ramsey slows the play down because he is not as confident leading the charge, he would also likely prefer the role that Rosicky and Arteta are now taking up, the holding/passing midfielder.
    With Jack out for an extended period I am concerned that we are going to continue to struggle against teams where the midfield is packed, as we are too slow to break through the middle. Unfortunately, until recently our wingers have not helped matters with some fairly strange decision making in the final third.

  181. Jibbsy: “Its a fantastic amount of money and out manager who is no tactical genuis but is a genuis at spotting players. If he cant improve us significantly with that money then he sint the manager to take us forward in our present state, and they are the cold hard football facts.”

    Arsene is not a tactical genius? Look at the difference between the way we beat Barcelona last season and the way Manure got trounced in the final by the same team. You truly are a fat cunt.

    Luke and Jabba are cousins. They have the same mental disease. They think they know things eventhough they’re clueless.

    Jibbsy, Cesc is an idiot. Mourinho has only won the Copa del Rey while at Real Madrid. He’s got a full scale mutiny on his hands and guess who Real Madrid want as his replacement? Why Le Prof, of course.

  182. I love how the same morons who put Eboue on the list of dead wood we should sell are now calling him the best reserve right back in the league. Is this the line they’re trotting out at Le Shite, boys? You know nothings are hilarious.

  183. Block4, Rosicky was hindered by injuries. You are making it sound like he never lived up to expectations as a football player apart from terrible injuries. He was excellent when he first came.

  184. Welcome Thomas Eisfeld. If Le Boss bought him I have no doubt he’s going to be a star.

    One Arsene Wenger, there’s only one Arsene Wenger, one Arsene Wenger.

  185. Jabba
    After his injury, how has Eduardo’s career progressed?
    Ramsey and Diaby?

    Rosicky finds himself rebounding from the long path of recovery.

    Did you ever play and sustain a season long injury? Your comments suggests that Rosicky should be scoring on a regular basis.

    From my experience, scoring is the most difficult skill in football.

    So many healthy (good) players don’t find the net with any frequency. After such a long layoff (due from injury) to see Tomas out their effectively running mid-field is a statement to his talent and personal fortitude.

    You may insinuate that he is dead weight in the club, but our manager disagrees.

  186. There seem to be two types of folks who read and contribute to this site; realists who look at the decline in the last 6 years (!) and see no end given the present managerial style and ethos, and those who pretend that one or two players will right the ship that is Arsenal and we will sail off happily thereafter.

    Why is the latter group so blind (or stupid?). Every other team is improving around us so the bar is always changing in height.

    The French Emperor has no clothes my friends. I agree completely with Markus above.

    Let’s wait for the usual AKBs response.

    Here we go………..

  187. Evil, stop feeding Jabba cold, football facts. The only football facts he likes are the ones he pulls out of his moped riding, fat arse.

  188. Paul-N, try reading the post. This bit might have given it away “The injuries have hampered him a lot.” ffs!

  189. Glad to see Gibbsy is coming back. Soon we’ll go on a winning streak and we won’t have to hear from all these self-annointed realists.

  190. Gainsbourg69 | January 31, 2012 at 4:20 pm

    “Arsene is not a tactical genius? Look at the difference between the way we beat Barcelona last season and the way Manure got trounced in the final by the same team. ”

    “Mourinho has only won the Copa del Rey while at Real Madrid. He’s got a full scale mutiny on his hands and guess who Real Madrid want as his replacement? Why Le Prof, of course.”

    Couldn’t have said it better me self. Nah wait. I could. Come to think about it, nope I couldn’t.

    Good on you Gains! 🙂

  191. Block4, I suggest you read your own comment.

    “If he can get back to his pre-Arsenal form then great”

  192. @Jabba
    As I already mentioned he played a big part in our CL campaign. I think he played in all but one of those games ( the last one against Olympiacos as far as I remember) and was instrumental in ensuring our qualification. And there have been several games where he has played his part. Against Sunderland, for example, or just recently in December when we played Villa for the first time. It looked like a 1:1 draw until Rosicky came on and ensured that we kept them on the back foot until they crumbled under all the pressure. You’ll do hard to find a bad game by Rosicky this season (Besides OT, but then again no one can really be proud of what they did in that match).
    I would say that things have not been going a 100% for him,as he is stil struggling to score, which is something he did well and often before his injury, but in total I feel he has played his part very well and surely deserves to be rotated more often with Ramsey.

  193. Paul-N, you’re just looking for an argument for no reason I can fathom. You pull me up on not mentioning his injuries which I had already mentioned. I even said that if he doesn’t make it back to his best form then I still think he will be a decent player to have in the squad. I have no idea what your problem is, but rather than spell it out you engage in soem cryptic crap about reading my own comment.

    I’m done with this idiocy. If you reply to this don’t expect another response.

  194. Ok Block4, my bad. Understood.

    I am only saying that he was excellent at Arsenal also.

  195. Reality is that Rosicky has never been that prolific – it’d be nice if he chipped in a little more on this front – but to tar him on the basis that he’s not scoring is to overlook his larger contribution.

  196. Jabba's Delights

    Arsesession | January 31, 2012 at 4:24 pm

    Yes i used to play rugby to vefry high level. I know very well what its liek to be injured, to play through pain and all of these things. For every point you’ve just made about diabt, rmasey eduaro i can name you a player who has come back bigger better stronger quicker.
    It doesnt hold up. Even so if they arent goign to get there form back they need to be moved on. They were paid throughout their injury they are owed nothing by the club.


    Your right the leageu is getting stronger but thats where it ends.

    Liverpool and Chels have had different managers but even so lets look at chels. there standards have been so much higher than ours over the last 3 years that a drop off is impossible. Chels 2008-9 conceded 24 goals as did Utd we conceded 37. Over the next 3 years Utd defence has deterorated to 37 goals conceded chels to 33. Both teams have imporved their attacks considerably. Arsenal started off pump and has got wose. It wasnt trying to improve on being a wonderful defence . It was trying to improve on being a piss poor defence and it couldnt do it. Both there defence chels with a new manager again still look like they will betetr than our 2008-9 defence despite us having the world greatest ever manager dryign to address this for 3.5 years. Chels points totals ahve gone up and down and utd has dropped but within that time they have 100% of the time maintained that crucial 80 or above points that you need to challenge for a title. We havent once. Our started average and has ended worse. This despite having continuity the ability to actually build from the bottom and our incredible manager who is beter than all else can do it. Worse than that he cant even get close to doing it. We are on course for the worst seaosn of all of them this year chels with a new manager and none of his own players will be very close to our best season in that time.

  197. copernicus, you should probably read what you’re agreeing with first. Pretty sure I didn’t say anything close to something you’d agree with.

  198. @ copernicus | January 31, 2012 at 4:25 pm

    Let me re-phrase your words, though with a slight alteration:

    “realists who look at one or two players , will right the ship that is Arsenal and we will sail off happily thereafter.”


    “those who pretend -TO-KNOW- and look at the decline in the last 6 years (!) and see no end given the present managerial style and ethos,…” (the likes of you and etc etc.)

    That’s more like it! Now bugger of!

  199. How anyone can have a go at TR7 is a mystery. He plays hard and does everything needed when called on. He was someone who could score great goals but never scored all that many even at his best, but he was and still is a very valuable player. I doubt that he could be a regular anymore after all the injuries but he is the perfect squad player and should definitely have gotten more playing time in the first 1/2 season.

  200. Please dont respond to this guy anymore.

    We have not won the anything in 7 year’s and Arsene is to be blamed. He is stubborn and cheap, and has no idea about tactic’s.

    We get it, no need to say that same thing over and over again, a thousand different way’s.

  201. Holy oxes I agree with Bill!

  202. Paul-N, OK, I think we’re agreeing violently 🙂

  203. What was said in the Blackfriars pub to the black snood wearing crew from Blackheath when the laws of the beautiful game were written down?

    “If you want to play that crap game from Rugby, you can fark orf.”

    And the rest is history.

  204. People
    Please stop feeding Jabba.
    He says the same thing day after day month after month.
    I don’t care what you tell him or how often you tell him.He does not accept it.And its not his fault.He is stupid.So PLEASE PLEASE stop feeding him.
    It makes this place stink.It does .You are allowing him to ruin ACLF .
    Be more responsible and totally ignore the cunt.
    Dont read his shit.

  205. Yeh Block4! ha ha!

  206. Jabba’s Delights | January 31, 2012 at 4:50 pm

    “Yes i used to play [b]rugby[/b] to vefry high level.”

    And that’s where I’m gonna draw the line. Go figure!!

  207. mattgoonerknight

    Can’t find any decent gossip…

    What time did the Arteta transfer come to light in the summer window? Correct me if I’m wrong but I remember it being very late and seemingly out of now where (rumours were rife a couple of seasons before the last window but they seemed to have all but stopped and then bang, we had Mikel)

    Is there’s still hope of some activity?

    BTW, Eisfeld doesn’t count – Very young and cheap so worth a gamble but the transfers got a certain Amaury Bischoff ring to it…so someone else as well please ; )

  208. mattgoonerknight

    nowhere, not now where

  209. I sincerely hope the “Arshavin rumour” is not true! I, for one, would be thoroughly devastated!

    I remember (not -sure – who – said- it), but it was said during one of during Arsenal Vs (?) matches, –

    “Form is temporary, Class is permanent!” – and that’s all that there is to it.

  210. Matt – “BTW, Eisfeld doesn’t count – Very young and cheap so worth a gamble but the transfers got a certain Amaury Bischoff ring to it…so someone else as well please ; )

    Exactly. That signing hardly count towards out first team squad eh?

  211. matt, i don’t get this Amaury Bishoff comparison, which has been started by arseblogger. Bischoff was Arsene doing a favour for an injured young lad from his home town. Eisfeld is a young prospect from a top Bundesliga club who had a cruciate injury in 2009, which has held back his development and probably seen others get chances ahead of him. If another club was buying Connor Henderson, Benik Afobe or Emmanuel Frimpong, who have all suffered a long term injury, what would we be saying? I know some sensationalist bloggers are trying to make out that he is ‘injury prone’, but his signing hasn’t even been announced yet, so let’s give the boy a chance before writing him off. In football terms the costs are minimal and given his age, he’s got 2 years development before he needs to even be counted in the 25 man squad.

  212. Limestonegunner

    Regarding the FA cup/5th in league vs. 4th in league/no trophy question, I think perhaps we should try to win in whatever competition we are in and, as the manager might say, judge in May whether it was a successful season or not.

    It won’t help our league form to play dramatically weakened sides against PL level opposition in the FA cup and go out. With players supposed to return there will be rotation down the final stretch of the season in March and April to keep the squad fresh, so it doesn’t make much sense to prioritize in advance but rather to go as far as we can in the FA cup, Europe, and has high as we can in the league. We’ll see how it turns out and decide then, not on a hypothetical but on an actual sense of where we are.

  213. mattgoonerknight


    At what point does form (positive or negative / good or bad) turn permanent?

    If by temporary you mean 18 months then I’d perhaps prefer to see someone of less class who but who is in form. Shit, I mean, you could say that Demba Ba is not of the same class of AA but if he’s form carries on like it is now I dare say he’d be considered a class act.

    I don’t particularly want to see the back of AA but if we got a good (over inflated Anzhi) offer for a 30year old, I’d prefer it if we used the money to help fund bringing in someone bang in form.

    We’ve got a squad full of class and prospects for the future, for the rest of this season a player in form is just what is needed!!

  214. Apparently Lewis Holtby has signed and will arrive in the summer.

  215. Given that the buying club have denied it, I think we can safely assume AA is here until the summer at least. Lets hope he stays positive and really fights for his place. I like AA but his body language is perhaps the thing I struggle most with.

  216. mattgoonerknight | January 31, 2012 at 5:30 pm

    “If by temporary you mean 18 months then I’d perhaps prefer to see someone of less class who but who is in form. Shit, I mean, you could say that Demba Ba is not of the same class of AA but if he’s form carries on like it is now I dare say he’d be considered a class act. ”

    Show me a clip of Demba Ba scoring 4 goals in a tough away match – and I’ll eat my words. Just because a player is goinf thru’ a bad phase, don’t mean he’s thru’ – just got to have a little faith- 🙂

  217. mattgoonerknight


    Like I said, worth a gamble for the future but in no shape or form someone for now and perhaps will never be.

    I honestly haven’t seen the Arseblog reference to Bischoff (good blog, but I rarely read it) but it’s quite funny that we’re on a similar wave length.

    I think it’s just the combination of the price; age; German club; injury and relative obscurity that sprang the Bischoff comparison to mind – wasn’t a dig at the lad and certainly nothing sinister.

    I hope we sign him and he turns out to be the nuts….just want the excitement of a player coming in to add to the first team now!!


  218. Another transfer deadline day & predictably the place is littered with b*tches
    Apologies YW…

    Lets hope after tomorrow they go hibernate @ Le Grovel

  219. mattgoonerknight


    The Anfield performance was amazing and is of course legendary but we can’t keep harking back to that as a yardstick to measure “class”.

    BA was just an example. For us to label one of our own as “class” despite current indicating something to the contrary is pretty much the antithesis of what we generally strive to do – shun so called “world class” players who have been good in the past and have therefore got themselves a big name name and reputation for those who instead are less renowned for their apparent class but are actually playing good football that would suit our style.

    If AA stays I’ll support him like I do all of our players – but his time is definitely ticking one way or another – just the fact he is 30 indicates that it’s last chance to show us , or someone els, his class/ form/ whatever it is we’re talking about : )

  220. I still find it quite amsazing that anyone on this blog even engages with the likes of Jabba and Suga3. They are clearly just negative, miserable cunts, that only feel happy or fulfilled when they have something to bitch and moan about.

    Please quit responding and they will go away. It is beyond tiresome…

  221. MGK I was about to tweet sounds like a similar gamble to Bischoff and saw someone had just tweeted it (not Arseblog) so it sounds as though we were all of a similar mind… 😉

  222. viceologist,

    how funny, people respond to certain other people when willing to exchange opinions, some on here seem to think that conversing with one of the ‘infidels’ is something to be ashamed of…

    don’t worry, you will be as ‘pure’ as you were before 😆

  223. Totally agree, Pass. Manu Frimpong not only suffered a long term injury he suffered the same exact injury as Eisfeld. Shrewd buy from Le Boss.

  224. Let’s be honest AA’s 4 goal thrilla was literally exceptional. He’s had some good games for the club but has proven inconsistent. If he left now how would appraise his time here? He himself has, on a couple of occasions, lamented his form and said that we have never seen the best of him.
    No doubt some will say he was never played in his preferred position but I don’t think that works – he has had plenty of time and opportunity to adapt his game.
    Not that I am maligning him – I think he is a decent player and a lovely guy but if I was asked for my appraisal of his time here I would say ‘good but never quite fulfilled his abundant promise’.

  225. Jonny ,I hope you are not of a similar mind to Arseblog.Because he is a prick.
    I wont mind if Andrei does go now.We don’t deserve him.

  226. Well you are not being asked .Are you Jonny?

  227. he is, I am glad to hear an opinion on a player different to ‘best in the world, blah, blah, blah’

  228. mattgoonerknight | January 31, 2012 at 5:57 pm

    “The Anfield performance was amazing and is of course legendary but we can’t keep harking back to that as a yardstick to measure “class”.

    I agree with you Matt, but isn’t this is what football is all about?? I mean- the likes of “class players” – though they have been over their prime – (as in the recent goal of Henry, against Leeds ) – the excitement, the joy, sometimes a tear- to know that all is still not lost?? or the recent turnaround – pre – Aston Villa?? Does it matter we don’t finish up fourth/third/second/first?? Does it matter we go another year without a trophy?? 🙂

  229. mattgoonerknight


    What’s your appraisal on AA’s time at Arsenal?: )

  230. Heh Passenal ~ great post as usual. Arseblogger has a thing about Amaury B (Private eye) – not malicious; but how absurd is it that we’re commenting on a yet-to-be-announced transfer, and already making silly comparisons?

  231. mattgoonerknight


    Not sure anyone was really disagreeing with Passenal in the first instance – although I certainly think the comparison between a club taking a punt on Frimpong, which in my opinion isn’t a punt, and Bischoff / Eisfeld is stretching it a bit.

    Furthermore, how do you know (think you know) it’s a shrewd buy?

    Like I said earlier, young and very cheap so nothing to loose – appears a good gamble (gamble being the operative word) – IF we buy him, that is.

  232. The comparison is meant innocently from this quarter and I think MGK’s – I’m not implying I think that it will end the same way, just that, as MGK noted – there are some surface level similarities. Chill.

    PG – sorry if I didn’t blow enough smoke up his bum! Heaven forfend I might express my own opinion without consulting the editor of ‘The Arshavin Arse-Kissing Daily’

  233. Forgot the smiley face 😀

  234. Well Suga, linking to the Express take on the Gazidis interview showed you up.

    Nowhere did he say the mancs were jealous, just pointed out that they would love to be in three competitions.

    The rest was opportunistic journalism aimed at destabilising our club through taking in dim supporters.

  235. It matters Albert but its not the be all and all.

  236. consols,

    we are in three comps where we have a chance (an outside one) of winning just one of them, just like City, although their is a bit bigger than FA Cup…

    opportunistic journalism? nonsense, just an interview with an useless overpaid suit with a big fuck off calculator sticking up two fingers to the mugs who happen to pay his wages…

  237. “I hope we sign him and he turns out to be the nuts….just want the excitement of a player coming in to add to the first team now!!”

    I understand that matt, but what if the player does not settle immediately? If Arsene finds someone for the first team, great, but remember someone also has to go to make room in the 25 man squad. Personally I think it’s more important that the players in the squad who are already acclimatised to the club and league, find some form and fitness.

  238. mattgoonerknight


    Do certain people, players or events in life not remind you of other players; previous events etc?

    When we first signed a tall, relatively unknown, bald, black, French guy in centre midfield did he not initially “remind” you of anyone?

    Like I said (broken record but, hey) Bischoff just sprang to mind – is that so silly, really?

    I hope we do sign him because he’s young, cheap, Arsene obviously see’s something in him and he could potentially, just maybe, turn out to be our greatest ever player….or Armaury Bischoff ; )

  239. Jonny | January 31, 2012 at 6:31 pm

    “It matters Albert but its not the be all and all.”

    Why Jonny?? { Btw, I mean , no offense, just asking 🙂 }

  240. mattgoonerknight

    Sorry Jonny,

    I didn’t see your last post – should have left it to you 🙂

  241. I don’t mind the signing of this lad, but is is a just a signing for the future. It should not merit discussion on deadline day really.

    I see the Spuds are about to sign Saha. They already have 3 decent strikers, but yet get another one. We have one and do nothing *weeps*

  242. matt, I wasn’t comparing Eisfeld to Frimpong, I’m not really in a position to do that never having seen the former play. It’s just the ‘young academy prospect recovering from a long-term injury’ comparison that I was making.

    This seems like a fairly balanced article. Let’s just wait and see.

  243. andy,

    it just goes to show that the players are out there, Defoe is off to Pool, apparently, we should start looking over our shoulder if true…

    don’t mind tho, would rather finish 7th than play in the wank Europa League…

  244. Somebody like Defoe would score a ton of goal in our side. We create plenty of chances, and although he is a Spud cunt, he is an excellent finisher. The problem would still be our formation though, is he suited to playing a lone striking role if RvP is out. And if RvP is not out, Defoe would only be on the bench as I don’t see him playing wide.

  245. Matt, why are you comparing Eisfeld to Bischoff? Why not compare him to any number of youth prospects from Barcelona that we’ve bought or Frimpong or even Ramsey? The only similarity between Bischoff and Eisfeld is that they played in the Bundesliga. Other than that no one knows how things will trun out. He’s been scoring goals in Dortmund’s reserves and is a player that has been scouted carefully. That’s about all that’s known. If that doesn’t satisfy those who want a big money signing, then tough shit.

  246. and this is the problem: Wenger’s lack of tactical flexibility and pig-headed sticking with his Barca wet dream…

  247. That should include Jonny.

  248. Consols, I love it that Ivan took the piss out of Barton and company by having a dig at the way City has been bounced out of all the important cups.

    Andy, you’re weeping about Spurs buying Saha? How sad are you?

  249. mattgoonerknight


    I suppose I’m like a kid who want’s a new toy – better of playing with, appreciating and ultimately mastering the ones they’ve already got. They haven’t even got around to playing with half of their toys but still they nag poor mum and dad for a new one very time they go into town.

    I guess it’s kind of comparable to your feelings regarding “class” players, Albert. I know it probably doesn’t make business, squad or whatever other kind of sense, but isn’t the excitement of new signings part and parcel of the game, the things you remember years down the line?

    I just hope we don’t end up choosing to play with the cardboard box, pretending it’s a rocket, and then realising that it’s just a cardboard box after all ((it’s rather analogous around today)

  250. It matters Albert because ultimately that’s the aim of a football club – to win things – and because if those aims aren’t fulfilled soon Wenger will have to leave one way or the other.

    Thankfully most posters on here recognise there is much, much more to enjoy than collecting silverware but we should not forget that the purpose of competing is always to win. I’m quite sure from Wenger’s anguished demeanour when we lose and the toll on his poor water bottles thathe has not lost sight of that fact either.

  251. Gains – No, I am weeping as other teams ahead us are still strengthening whilst we are not. The fact that it is the striking department is just rubbing it in a bit. Saha would be a better bet for a goal then Chamakh or Park.

  252. GA

    Defoe? Not a team player, never has been. Wouldn’t want him near Arsenal.

  253. Dan, heh very good. A swap deal with Messi maybe. Or that midfielder bloke, Cesc (or something).

  254. Jonny | January 31, 2012 at 6:59 pm

    “Thankfully most posters on here recognise there is much, much more to enjoy than collecting silverware but we should not forget that the purpose of competing is always to win.”

    Thanks Jonny! Nicely put!! 🙂

    And thanks to all the the ACLF’s – for putting up a brave front ! COYG!!

  255. mattgoonerknight


    Read my earlier posts directed to yourself, passenal and ponyboy.

    Jonny also echo’s many of my thoughts, so maybe read his posts as well.

    It’s really not complicated, sinister or a swipe at anyone and I’m very surprised how provocative the notion has turned out to be…

  256. Dups – Yeah, maybe not. Still he think would score lots for us though.

  257. This must be some kind of joke. Arry robs the tax-man but spuds get taxpayers money to fund stadium rebuild.

  258. I will take on full doomer status now and predict within 2 weeks of the window closing RvP will pick up an injury. You just watch.

    *Hopefully a reverse jinx*

  259. mattgoonerknight

    Thomas Eisfeld everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!

  260. We have recalled B52,Vela and Denilson.
    Arsene shows 2 fingers to the boo boys

  261. George – Heh, that really would send people over the edge.

  262. “How much first-team football he has depends on him. Basically we planned to get him at the end of the season but we got him a bit earlier because he was at the end of his contract. We will use this period for adaptation.”

    Interesting point on Eisfeld from AW. I wonder if the purchase was brought forward because of the JW set back? I also wonder now if there is truth in the other rumours of player acquisitions already in train for the summer? It looks like you may have to wait until then to open your other toys matt!

    I totally understand that excitement about signings matt, I’m not oblivious to those feelings, but I seem to recall excessive excitement about the arrival of Arshavin. Look at how that has turned out. It appears that the ones who were the most excited by his arrival now seem to be leading the calls for his departure. I think the new toy analogy is really apt as the modern child does tend to cast his toys aside very quickly these days and is always eyeing the bigger and shinier toy belonging to his rich friends in West London or Manchester!

  263. I usually ignore your posts GA, but I really cannot believe that you claim to be an Arsenal supporter and then post shit like you did @ 7.14 pm. If anything happens to RVP, I will hold you personally responsible for wishing it on him. Any decent supporter would be hoping for the exact opposite.

  264. And so it begins. That idiot is now in the Sky Sport Studio acting like he has just been greased up and dropped in the Playboy Mansion. Only in reality the aforementioned Playboy Mansion is full of Camila Perker Bowles lookalikes.

  265. Pas – You didn’t notice the line at the bottom? It was a joke mate, chill out and go back to ignoring my posts if you can’t read them properly. Jesus.

  266. Jesus what empty lives must some cunts have. Constantly on here, even though they chat shite, support manu and obviously like being called a cunt.

  267. Pas – You think I am hoping he gets injured? Seriously, read my post again. That is mental.

  268. @Jabba
    They haven’t improved their attacks. They are all down on goals scored.

  269. Unfortunately Andy that is a big possibility,,,,, At this stage we cannot afford to not play Robin and we all know what happens tp players who are pushed to hard. Weather you said it or some one else does we are taking one hell of a risk..

  270. George @ 7:18:

    Good one 🙂

  271. Gunnerjones:

    “we are taking one hell of a risk.”

    What a shocker!!!

  272. mattgoonerknight

    He’s yet to play a senior league game – surely he’d have to do something seriously good in training to be considered even for the bench; we’ve got no more “easy” CC ties or CL dead rubbers to test him out – definitely one for the future, maybe go out on loan.


    The first 6months AA was here he lived up to his star status and price-tag and had a massive impact on us over hauling Villa for 4th.

    While it is nearly always the simplest toys / gadgets that are most reliable and provide the greatest longevity, you sometimes have to go hi-tec not necessarily to keep up with the Jones’s but to add to what you’ve got – even knowing that the new shiny thing may break after the warranty runs out and you’ll have to buy the upgrade because your current device /tv/phone etc is now out dated and effectively had it’s day…

    Think I’ve exhausted this analogy to death…



  273. I don’t understand how certain players, particularly Chamakh and Park have been written off by some. Form and confidence can make a world of difference. Don’t perpetuate the myth that we are a oet back one man team and don’t underestimate the probability of a striker (or any other player) regaining their form. We will need them both if we are to continue to fight on three fronts.

  274. I agree with Passenal.
    Cant go far wrong doing that

  275. Matty – it is understandable that fans have lost faith – as long as Wenger plays RVP for the full 90 and doesn’t show faith in Chamakh and Park how can we be expected to?

    Wenger is complicit in creating the image of one man team.

    Hopefully we will be 3-0 up at half time against Bolton and Park will get a run out.

  276. mattgoonerknight

    mattyboy (hope I haven’t “bitted” your gravatar – we’re pretty similar what with our names and all)

    Just playing devils advocate – would you like it if Wenger brought in another striking option?

    This question is not loaded, as in I’m not trying to get you to write off Chamakh or Park, but do you think we should / could get someone else in to challenge for a starting spot should RVP be absent for any reason?

  277. Not having another top striker/forward has been an issue since last summer and it doesnt look like being resolved now, which is a real shame.

    Gazidis’ comments, well some of them are pretty embarrassing too.

  278. I think i might write off this Eisfeld, i mean we dont have a danny who he is and he is as cheap as chips…its not like thats ever worked before.

  279. But that shouldnt detract that some of the posters on here are twats.


    Afobe tweeted today that he isnt going anywhere this window and was still not quite match fit. He might be in the 1st team squad soon then.

  280. Frimpong is back for Wolves tonight.

  281. Dukeyg

    Oh that German werent even meant to be signed till the summer anyways, so best to forget we’ve even signed him!

    Haha! SSN must be gutted, they big up this day, have dozens of hacks standing around training grounds all over the country, freezin their arses off and the biggest ‘coup’ is Bobby Zamora.

  282. 1 0 swansea

  283. Inside back cover of the Evening Standard.

    ‘Twelve months on from the worst transfers ever: Torres & Luiz. Approx.£80M’
    (not inc. wages)

    Scott Sinclair scores against his old club!

  284. Jonny – I dont think arsene has shown a lack of faith in either of the players. It appears that you have interpreted it to be the case for the reasons you have stated. I cannot agree with your assertion that arsene has created the image of being a one man team!

    mgk – It appears we have similar tastes in road signs as well as aliases! I don’t see any need to bring in another striking option, unless we play a different system. Chamakh has proven to be a capable challenger for the starting spot in the past (albeit a while back now) and I believe he can do so again in the future. Park has yet to prove he can do like-wise, but I have certainly not written him off just yet. Form and confidence.

  285. I was watching the Moroco game before and thought Chamakh was on, but it was this other geezer called Younes Belhandy or something like that. Spitting image he is.

  286. Penalty to ManU…. What a shocker.

  287. GoonerAndy “weeping” at 6.45pm

    I don’t know how excited Spuds fans will be over the Saha non-coup; their greatest anxiety, by all accounts, is how to replace Adebayor when his loan cameo comes to an end. I think you will find them demanding a bigger fish from a bigger club than the Evertonian reject.

    Evertonians on the other hand are indeed weeping. For joy.

    Nice to see Citeh struggling v said Evertonians although Nasri just missed out on scoring a contender for goal of the season.

    And the Chavs struggling against those magnificent boyos in the valleys …

    Could be a good evening!

  288. I have noticed that Hleb’s contract has been termianted by Barca. What a sad ending to what could have been a terrific career had he not been so greedy.

    Chances are that Na$ri will be following him into oblivion.

  289. mattgoonerknight

    Well Jonny, I was playing devil’s advocate but then I read your post and you’ve basically just said what I should have.

    I would love us to sign a striker primarily because it does now seem blatantly obvious that Arsene himself, for whatever reason, is unable to trust the back ups we have. I trust the boss, so if he doesn’t trust the players, well….

    It’s not even really a question of the status, the price, God forbid the name of who we will bring in, it’s simply a question of whether or not they will be actually trusted to start a PL/CL game.

    Hands up who sees Park starting any game from now on?
    Chamakh on his return from the ACN?

    If the answer is NO, then I feel wanting a new striking option now is justified. This isn’t writing players off, if they’re respectively settled or regained confidence in a few months time then great – but what about now?

    It could be an over inflated 20million or we could get an over the hill free – who knows (except Arsene) but whoever comes in needs to be trusted to occasionally play – we can’t just depend on one centre forward for an entire campaign, surely.

    Before I get bashed, I’m a fully fledged IAWT / AKB member, 100% but I would like a penny for his thoughts regarding the striker issue, because I think it is now becoming an issue.

  290. Well he hasn’t shown enough faith in them to start or even have an impact from the bench thus far. I can understand why fans are nervous of an RVP injury.

  291. Some idiot has handcuffed themselves to the goalposts at the Man City game!

  292. Dex, can you quote Gazidis’ embarrassing comments? If it’s not a problem?

  293. Saha hasnt gone to the spuds.

  294. And someone has just handcuffed themselves to the goalposts at Goodison Park!

  295. Don’t encourage him Paul!

  296. mattgoonerknight

    Massively jumping the gun and thinking wishfully but….

    If Chelski lose / drop points tonight and against the Mancs at the weekend…

  297. IG: Well, nobody has a job for life! And of course our objective is always to win trophies, and it is this year as it has been before. We’re in three competitions this year. You know, Manchester City would *love* to be in three competitions. They’re not. [Warren laughs] You know, so, money is not, is not everything in this game. I don’t disagree that it’s important. But we do things based on a value system. We’re about creating star players, not about buying them. We’re about what happens in a team, between players, not individual superstars. And I think that’s an inspiration to people around the world.

    Oh Passnal FFS! Gazidis isnt a Gooner, he gets a wedge to chat PR smoke and mirrors and shmooze for a living. That bit baout City being jealous is just too much of a stretch I’m afraid. If I was being disingenuous, I’d say we were in 1 competition. But in a cup, you never know your luck, although we have a fairly tough draw in Milan.

  298. One of the scariest things MGK was Wenger saying Gervinho could play anywhere across the front three – decent player Gerv, but he is not, and never will be, a striker.

    I think we will see more of Park – Wenger certainly said we would – so I can only assume he still believes he will come good.

  299. Dexter is embarrassed because IG speaks such sense and he has been kicking the shit out of him for 18 months

  300. Passenal. I was wondering if there was something apart from the Fox interview, which he handled with class.

  301. Gervinho has played upfront for Lille. Check out his stats.

    Jonny, your comments are getting increasingly doomerish, Passenal should concentrate her ire at you man.

  302. Dex, can you post that quote, where he said City were jelous.

  303. We’re in two competitions. Technically we are as close to the relegation zone as we are to the top of the table.

    Silly thing for Gazidis to get drawn into.

  304. George

    Awww, Passenal’s little lap dog, how cute. 🙂

    I’d expect him to be a decent public speaker, Blair was and he is the spawn of satan, but atleast he had a bit of charisma yeh.

    He chats PR bullshite, does it really well mind, but its still bollocks. 3 competitions George, has the FA introduced an inter-club scrabble tournament I am unaware of?

  305. I haven’t written anything doomerish, stop painting things in black and white.

  306. Gervs is trying too hard to score. In pre season he took his goals with ease. If he can relax he will score.

  307. PaulN

    YOu are boring me, take the ‘love to be’ comment to represent the fact they are jealous. Please remove the large stick from your anus, it is causing you extreme discomfort and obtuseness.

  308. ne of the scariest things MGK was Wenger saying Gervinho could play anywhere across the front three – decent player Gerv, but he is not, and never will be, a striker.
    He has played as a striker, you thought the fact AW said that was ‘scary’ Like you know better, well that my son, is doomer talk where I come from. 🙂

  309. Wasn’t Saha was it, Jonny?

    WE know joining the Spuds is a fate worse than death but handcuffs smacks of desperate measures …

  310. Dex I could care less if he’s played there for Lille – seen his stats before and seen his shooting ability for the Arsenal neither impressed me much.

    Happy with him as winger but that’s where he should stay for me.

    Thats not doomerish – it’s just my viewpoint.


  311. Dexter .you know how much I love you XXXXXX but you are wrong,He made his point and shut up the twat Barton.
    He has show class and composure .
    More than you are doing,I might add.

  312. Don’t understand the Gazidis love-in tbh? I was initially rreally impressed with him and even though george would like to paint a diffeent picture, I have only become less so with ivan in the last few months. Seems that george is in need of attention tonight, so can you all make sure you all acknowledge his exisitence for once please.

  313. I love Jonny as well.But he can be an awkward twat at times as well.
    Where is JonJon ?I am on a roll here

  314. Scousers 2 up. WE needed to win tomorrow anyway, so no point saying we really need to win vs Bolton, is there?

  315. OHHHHH .holds imaginary handbag to his chest

  316. Jonny

    His shooting ability wasnt in question in France though. His lack of goals, composure for us could be seen as part of his settling in period. Look at Chamakh for a reversal of that; couldnt stop scoring from day one, now cannot get a goal.

  317. Dex, you are chatting rubbish and I feel no way in saying that. I think it is you with the stick inna fi yu batty! straight!

  318. George;

    Oooh, I’ll scratch yer eyes out! 🙂

  319. @Suga
    “don’t mind tho, would rather finish 7th than play in the wank Europa League…”

    Don’t be so deluded as we will finish 3rd or 4th. No need to worry about playing in the Manchester Thursday League.

  320. im at work 😦

    but i agree with dex 😉 ..IG’s just a glorified salesman..
    i could go through his comments and pull it to bits line for line theres so much bullshit in there but i know it will upset too many ppl so i wont bother..

  321. Don’t come off on me mi bredrin. I have shown you nothing but respect.

    Out a blow wow order!

  322. PaulN

    You knew what the jealous comment was, yet tried to be George (pedantic) about it. And to say we are in 3 competitions was just embarassing man. I am sitting on a spike here, not a stick I will have you know.

  323. PaulN

    No disrespect meant, I just thought the stick up bum comment was funny man.

  324. Spuds steamrolling Wigan Gareth Bale has 2. Liverpool ahead by 2. Good news is Chelsea losing. Go Swans. They are certainly to play at their ground.

  325. 3rd?

    ‘scuse me

    bwahahahahahahaha, hahahahahahahahaha, hahahahahahahahhahahaha!



  326. David Luiz is the new Vidic. And by that I mean that he is comitting fouls all the time and just keeps getting away with it.

  327. My yute, I had no idea what the heck you were on about because the man said nothing embarrassing, so I figured you were talking about something else.

    Hope that clears it up.

  328. Mike Jones has given 2 penalties to Yoonited tonight and I thought he was our friend after the Villa game.

  329. @Suga
    That is exactly the same reaction I had at your suggestion that we might be playing EL soon 🙂

  330. @dups
    Well, as he has given us two, he has to make that up somehow. You know, the balance between good and evil, right and wrong etc.

  331. Dex he was renowned whilst in France for lacking composure in front of goal and being profligate. I posted an article on here when he was first signed citing exactly that. Several people didn’t like it because it was deemed negative but it was an honest appraisal by a journalist who follows French football and did not have an axe to grind.
    I did not let it form my opinion – I’d give everyone a crack of the whip but the words look pretty prophetic now. Of course Gervinho can improve and some of it could be down to settling but he does not look like a natural finisher. It’s not just the chances he has missed but the type of chances he has missed.
    Thankfully he brings lots of other things to the party.

  332. Kool Dex, but you at me wrong bro.

  333. suga

    Why do you post here? You dont seem to get any enjoyment out of football, or ‘supporting’ Arsenal. You disapear when we are doing well and only return when we lose. You seem to enjoy spouting the same negative shite all the time, in fact we could just ask Yogi to have a few of your posts on a random selector that get posted every few hours and you wouldnt even need to actually be here in person. I have issues with some of the shit at the club, but I just dont get what the point is for you? Where is the fun, humour, banter, commeraderie? You are just come acroos like a sad twat man

    Will you be at the Reebok tomorrow? I will buy you a pie if you are mate 🙂

  334. Evil,

    there is no chance we will finish 3rd, we are 10 points off the third placed Sp*ds, no way they will drop 11 more points between now and the end of May!

    ditto Mancs (both)…

    we are in with a chance for 4th, but we are anything but favourites…

  335. NO JONNY!

    He was not renowned (another doomerism there dude) for being profligate, he was known to scuff a shot, like any striker, dont over play it FFS. Jesus, now you are on one to prove what a fucking shite player he is. Oh dear.

  336. Dexter,

    I enjoy a debate with people that are not necessarily like-minded and have thick enough skin to handle a few muppets who have nothing to say for themselves besides calling people cunts, trolls and all that shizzle…

    besides, we have just won, remember?

    Reebok tomorrow? I am boycotting the games and not buying merchandise until something changes here…

  337. PaulN

    Sweet man

  338. I think we want a proven striker if we buy one. A proven striker capable of scoring alot of goals, that can play all across the front three and that will really lift the team.

    Now belive what you want but a proven striker that can do all that does not come for unde 30M in the January window. No way, and we wont use 30M. which means we have to wait until summer to buy that player.

    Maybe even wait until end of August..

  339. Ha! The old ‘boycotting’ excuse. As in I am boycotting paying my licence fee until BBC stop showing Strictly Come Dancing.

  340. Dexter You should not be taking the piss out of me tonight.Jonny has put me on suicide watch.

  341. My apologies still Dex.

  342. Evil

    I felt we had a massive chance to finish 3rd, even 2nd. However,m I am having to revise my thoughts after that poor run man.

  343. City are trying not to win the PL.

  344. Lol,Dexter ,he has never seen a live game of football.His Mum doesn’t allow it

  345. George

    You can handle it mate. I think Jonny might be needing the watch, his comments are getting well dark! 🙂

    Chavs 1 nil down and Cashley off.

  346. george,

    that’s a bit fucking rich, I’d wager I went to more games this season than you did…

  347. omg imagin if both the manc clubs implode.. and spurs win..

  348. Hleb’s signing for Olimpiakos.

  349. @SUGA3
    I’ve seen bigger and better teams than Spurs give away leads like that. I’d even bet that they will drop more than 11 points until May, probably more like 20. But the question is if we will be able to capitalise. It’s just an outside chance, but a chance nevertheless.

    On the other head why are we “anything but” favourites for 4th? Who’s favourite in your opinion to grab 4th? And why?

  350. Poodle

    WE had all summer to identify and sign a striker and ended up with Park man. Not holding my breath for that to happen this summer.

  351. the word “troubled” that is frequently used about Ravel Morrison. isnt that just a nicer way to say hes an absolute ass?
    Just as “his heart is no loger in it” means hes just an absolute greedy bastard that only thinks of himself and not the club?

  352. Evil

    WE would need, imo, to go on a 10 game winning streak, at least. Not impossible, but pretty hard!

  353. @ Dexter we probably did idenfity him just he was not ready to move yet. Players are a bit silly in years before big tournaments….

  354. What a prick Merson is. Kept on saying he couldnt see chavs scoring and they fucking score.

  355. @Dex
    Rather, we need Tottenham to go on a spell like we had at the end of last year … or even to replicate what the Invincibles did in their last 8 games or so: draw as many games as possible.

  356. So…all them fukin manc cunts moaning last week calling for fergies head and now they could be top….worst fans in the prem by a country fukin mile.

  357. Evil,

    I think Chelsea edges it, but only just – would be a bit calmer if we had Wilsheres and Sagnas hitting the ground running, but the truth is that our squad is paper-thin, no matter how much you try to twist it…

    there is a number of players who will just never cut it at this level, and no, it’s not form or confidence, that’s their lot…

  358. Billy’s Boots


    “in fact we could just ask Yogi to have a few of your posts on a random selector that get posted every few hours and you wouldnt even need to actually be here in person.”


  359. Lose the word renowned and put described as. I think the article described him as wasteful of memory serves – hardly better is it?

    Look I don’t rate him as a striker if that’s doomerish then that would mean I have to view ALL Arsenal players through rose-tinted spectacles and they’d all be equally brilliant at everything.

    Anyway blah blah blah Dex! 😀

    You do know you can mix those two tins of paint you have and get shades of grey? 😉


  360. @Suga
    Chelsea just edges it is quite the opposite of saying we are anything but favourites. I agree that it’s close between us and them, but realistically speaking it’s not like we have been in form … but they haven’t either. And looking at how they have rather weakened themselves this transfer window and we are boosted by the return of Sagna, I feel that momentum is on our side. Of course, If we do a fourth in a row tomorrow it’ll look a lot worse but a present they have dropped two points and the ball is in our court.

  361. Duke @ 9:38:

    good one.

  362. ‘Reebok tomorrow? I am boycotting the games and not buying merchandise until something changes here…’

    Amen to that! And good for you too.

  363. Billy’s Boots

    I just read that we had two or three deals that were about to be signed off, but the AFC top brass pulled the plug at the last minute. Typical. Something about an unexpected hole in the club’s finances…

    “I am boycotting the games and not buying merchandise until something changes here…

  364. WE are getting players back now, so things may well be on the up for us. I’d start Henry tomorrow at Bolton and rest, yes REST Robin.

    Sagna Vermealen Per Coquelin
    Song Arteta
    Theo Rosicky Arshavin

  365. Looks like City going to drop 3 points. Pogba looks very good.

  366. BB

    Ahh dam those pesky boycotters stopping us signing top players! 🙂


    Just doing a McLeish man and deflecting dude! 🙂

  367. Chelsea equalising with a third minute of stoppage time own goal. Bastards.

    At least Cole had the decency to get sent off.

  368. i do wonder also what the signing of young Eisfeld will mean to Lansburys future. Where will Lansbury fit now? Maybe he will take over Arsh squad player spot on the left side?

  369. Evil,

    this is exactly what the situation was in the previous round, and they gained a point on us instead of losing two…

    speak to you tomorrow, yes?

  370. Aw Dex you’re all like barbs and everything. McLeish?

    Low blow beatch, low blow.


  371. Henry has already cost us 3 points .

  372. WE will need to beat the chavs, northern chavs, spuds at home as well as getting something from away games vs Liverpool, Everton, sunderland as well as tomorrow night.

    On present form that doesnt look too likely, however, when we were in form before xmas, I’d have said yeah man! So, with players returning as well as form (hopefully) it basically means we are going to the wire with this one I reckon.

  373. Jonny

    I’m the mcLeish in that post! AS in I was deflecting shit onto you man! 🙂

  374. Poodle

    I’m a massive lansbury fan, yet most on here reckon he aint good enough. So, who knows?

    Well, if RvP playing loads we are a one man team, then surely Silva at City must make them a 1 man team then.

    City lose. They are dropping like a stone man. It can happen to anyone.

  375. @dex its the Nasri syndrome hehe.. all clubs he plays for does that :p

  376. Evil

    Can’t ignore Liverpool anymore. When Suarez gets back and Gerrard gets into shape they could be a handful. They scored 3 today at Mollineux without either in their lineup.

  377. Dear footballing Gods

    Please please please fix it for Gibbsy to stay injury free till the end of the season! Jack to come back by the end of Feb would also be peachy! And I know its asking way too much, but if you could just go that extra bit and help poor Abou to kick a fucking ball again, some time this decade, ta.

  378. Spu#s next League fixtures:

    Liverpool (A)
    Newcastle (H)
    Arsenal (A)
    Man Utd (H)
    Everton (A)
    Stoke (H)
    Chelsea (A)
    Swansea (H)
    Sunderland (A)

    I would be impressed if they are still as high as third after that run of matches. Game on!

  379. Bill

    That’s because the Wolves’s defence is rubbish. I know that to be true because the pony-tailed pikey scored.

  380. Bill

    They want their manager out, havent won in ages and the defending was abysmal. BTW I was describing Wolves there, not Arsenal!

  381. Looks like Maureen Yo will be the next Citeh manager. I can’t see Mancini lasting if they fail to win the title.

  382. Billy’s Boots

    If they get more than 9 points would be impressive.

  383. Duppsff

    Those 2 are made for each other man.

  384. Fuck Dex – don’t be so hard on yourself! That’s George’s job.

    When he’s not editing the AA fanzine that is. 😉

  385. Ha! Jonny

  386. Our squad is paper thin? that is not true.

    With our unjured coming back, we are very deep.

  387. This just in from Sky Sports News: Man City, having lost tonight, have decided they need to strengthen for the run-in. Apparently, they have just bought FC Barcelona.

  388. Next 3 PL games

    Bolton (A)
    Blackburn (H)
    Sunderland (A)

    I think we need to win all 3 or it will be goodbye CL next season.

  389. suga,

    did you think our bench was shite on sundy a?

  390. mattgoonerknight


    Just looking at your team for tomorrow.

    Would pick Per over Koscielny as a first choice or are you resting Laurent?

    Just asking

  391. lol “carrol plays up to price tag?” the guy has been WORSE than arsharvin this year. MUCH WORSE! still everyone supports him….

  392. Dupsff

    Yep, 9 points required, but thats definitely possible, although our record vs Sunderland hasnt been too good of late. But with players and form returning, there’s reason to feel we can do this.


    Haha! That probably is something the Sheiks have considered man.

  393. Jonny: “Wenger is complicit in creating the image of one man team.”

    No he isn’t. Van Persie is the first name in the team sheet for a reason. The drop in quality when he doesn’t play is visible, but that’s because he’s been incredible this season. In fact, any team would see a drop in quality in their attack if they had Robin and he was out for some reason. By the way, City have lost two without Yaya Toure in the squad. Is Mancini complicit in making them look like a one man team?

    Suga3 is going Gault. His boycott is endangering the team. What a fucking muppet.

    Jonny, you do sound like a doomersih cunt. Just sayin’.

  394. MGK

    Exactly that dude, gotta rest one of TV, Kos or Per imo. Thats all. So am not too picky which one it is, although Koscielny has been immense.

  395. the big test comes when we meet Tottenham. That may well be a match that will decide wheter we break even of if they will be 6 points infront of us. Maybe even the game for 4th spot.
    Gonna be a massive game that is… derby, cl everything at ones…

  396. duke,

    you know full well that most of that bench would be on the pitch in normal circumstances and we did not exactly set the world alight with the XI we had on the pitch, did we?

  397. poodle @ 10.17 pm and that will be when we need the supporters to step up and back the team to the hilt. Any indication of lack of faith from the crowd is the last thing the players will need if there is that much riding on the game!

  398. G69,

    first of all, unlike you, I have the choice, whereas you just overcompensate by being a ‘holier than thou’ type…

    secondly, the only way the top brass at the club will listen is if you hit them in their pockets…

    why would I spend money on the club if it does not get reinvested and only serves the purpose of fattening the pockets of some Gash Toupee Wearing Yank, eh?

  399. So lovely to have you back after you scuttled away G69, having been shown to be a liar.

    Your comparison with Man City is so weak I could drive a bus through it but I really can’t be bothered with you and your prevaricating ways.

    Big yawn.

  400. Spuds have it hard for the upcoming months. I think they’ll drop way more than eleven points from their upcoming fixtures.

    Bill, I hear what you’re saying with regards to Liverpool. They just beat City and Manure so they’re definitely on the up right now. It will be interesting to see what Chelsea do against Manure next week-end. If they draw we’ll be one point behind them and then they have Everton away. Another tasty fixture will be Liverpool against the Spuds. Hopefully they draw and we can pull into fourth with a bit of room to spare. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We have Bolton and Blackburn next. If we win both games and everyone around us drops points we’ll be a lot more comfortable.

  401. Passenal,

    well, they got booed off the pitch on Sunday and it worked, no?

  402. Good luck with your one man protest, you sad fuck.

    Jonny, when did I lie? Man City is dropping points in the league and they’ve been bounced out of every important cup. Drive a bus through my comparison if you must, doomerish little cunt.

  403. #thfc injury update from Redknapp: Walker groin, Van der Vaart calf, Adebayor hamstring.

    I wonder if VDV’s calf will take more than 3 days to heal this time.

  404. G69,

    one man, is it? I know it must be VERY hard to assess the situation properly from the distance, but…

  405. gains, i take it you still dont like jonny!

  406. Yes, it was the fuckiwts who jeered that won the game for us, I was sooooo proud. Brought a tear to my gran’s glass eye it did.

  407. mattgoonerknight


    Personally I think TV7 and Kocielny are our first choice so I’d say it’d be resting Kos if he was to be on the bench, as oppose to Per being picked ahead of him….if that makes sense 🙂

    Think RVP has to start, again. If we’re looking comfortable (in the lead will do) in the second half, get him off. Still hardly seen TH since his return so it’s hard to imagine him starting through the middle form the get go.

  408. Well we all boo you Suga ,and you have not upped your game.
    What time does your Mum allow you on the computer ’till ?

  409. Dukeg

    Now, I am verry sensitive to these things, almost psychic in fact and I am definitely getting the feeling, call it intuition if you like, but I would suggest that things bewteen Gains69 and Jonny are just a touch, erm, lukewarm.

    I know, I know, its a gift and a curse.

  410. george,

    more than yours, you plank 😆

  411. George is consistent, I will give him that, what ‘that’ is, is anyone’s guess mind.

  412. RvP is for us this season what Rooney was for United a couple of seasons ago. yeh the year he scored 42 goals in a season for then to implode in the WC….

  413. Rumour has it that Freddie Ljungberg has signed for MKDons

  414. well, you can’t expect the fan to cheer on what they saw in the first half, can you?

    it takes a lot for the Ems crowd to do this, so it is my belief that it is beneficial if not overused, just like corporal punishment, the subject becomes numb at one point if you go over the top…

    fuckers should count their lucky stars that we are past the era of thumbs and lions…

  415. 20 minutes for us to sign all those players.

  416. G69 @ 10:27:

    Yes this will definitely be squeaky bum time until the end.

  417. “When did I lie” could you be more disingenuous?

  418. WE didnt play badly first half, definitely didnt deserve the boos. Yet given how some booed during the Emirates Cup, you can hardly say it takes a lot for some of our oh so wonderful fans to start on the boos now.

    And given that you dont go to games, then you cannot really comment, you cant have it both ways. Belittling overseas fans for not going to games, when you dont go.

  419. suga you are a funny cunt.

  420. funny like George is dukeyg? THAT kind of funny?

  421. Dexter,

    I have stopped going only recently and I am not ‘belittling’ anyone, just responding to the tedious cunt that goes under the name of G69…

  422. Well even though this banter is just too much fun, I am out of here.

    Those hoes won’t pimp themselves you know.

  423. and of course we played badly in the first half, did you actually watch the game?

  424. I am going on hunger strike until we sell Diaby. Anyone wanna join me?

  425. I have never figured out why you guys like to use the word cunt in such a negative way. I have always been quite fond of all of the cunts that I have ever known. Responsible for my 3 kids and many very happy memories. Couldn’t we come up with a better word.

  426. Spuds have signed Ryan Nelson & Louis Sahahahaha. ‘Arry must have been given a large brown envelope to pay his fine after getting those has beens.

  427. I am not buying another Arsenal coaster set until we sign Hazard.Even though I broke one at the weekend.
    Mattyboy,I would join you but I am already on a diet,so I feel I would be sort of cheating.

  428. Trial aside – because we know he’ll walk – I think Harry’s luck’s about to run out. He’s blundered his way into moderate success so far – thinking back to the attempted Bale loan with option to buy to Forest in Jan 2010, and the brinkmanship with Modric that nine times out of ten would have blown up in their faces. Charmed life. CL qualification or not, gravity’s about to take over on our high-flying neighbours. Saha and Andrews aren’t even good cover for a side at their supposed level.

  429. arry dodger has to get some funds in to pay his upcoming tax fine.

  430. Big Al

    Did they let Pavleothingymebob & Bassong go?

  431. That’s meant to be Nelsen of course.

  432. Not sure, dups – funny as they’re better players.

  433. George – The coaster set boycott is enough of a sacrifice on your part! Hit them where it hurts, thats what I say.

  434. Seems Bassong going to Wolves on loan.

  435. George

    You can always do what Suga does. Boycott games by turning your back on the TV screen.

  436. But I would be confused then Dups.Because I turn my back to the TV when we score.

  437. Ah, then you should join the Citeh lot. 😆

  438. seen your team dex

    i dunno..i agree we need to start changing it up a bit..
    id go for
    ——–le coq——–arteta
    theo————————–le ox

  439. Bradys right foot

    Shoogs your optional and conditional support will be sorely missed. How will Arsenal survive in the shame of not fulfilling your sense of entitlement, or rewarding that part of you that accessorised our football club, ahh cognitive dissonance the bain of the modern consumer, go shop somewhere else. “Victoria Concordia Crescit” thats the Arsenal way can’t live up to that then let the latent Chav out and take your optional conditional support to the Bridge why not pick up a plastic flag on the way you completre and utter consumer.

  440. I’m not boycotting the peppered steak pies at the Emirates, they are fucking yum

  441. Fuck me spy .what sort of a protester are you ?
    The board will never toe the line if you keep chomping on them there pies.

  442. Bradys right foot

    SUGA3 | January 31, 2012 at 9:24 pm


    I enjoy a debate with people that are not necessarily like-minded and have thick enough skin to handle a few muppets who have nothing to say for themselves besides calling people cunts, trolls and all that shizzle

    Total lies, pick a random thread on Le doom and see the real Shoogs. One person two different online personalities. The immature vile poster who revels in and contributes to the offensive posts against the manager and certain players or the attempt at a sentient doomer who wanders over occaisionally to ACLF. I know what you are I’ve read your bile at least try and be consistent, a social chameleon is the lowest form of lizard.

  443. consumer, funny that you don’t see any irony in what you are writing here matey…

    so, what is it that I have been hiding recently? that I want the manager’s position to be evaluated, based on the results? that I don’t appreciate being lied to?

    my wishlist is (in this particular order) for the club to do well and failing that for the responsible parties to take the ultimate responsibility…

    if Wenger manages to steer us out of the trouble (which he won’t, but hey), he can keep the job for life for all I care, failing that, I would prefer someone with fresh ideas to take over at the helm…

    whether I trust the bunch of clueless muppets at the top to appoint a good manager is a topic for another discussion…

  444. and oh, my support is not ‘conditional’, you are confusing things, I just don’t spend money on the club, just like majority of posters on here don’t anyway, but they are full of ‘holier than thou’ shit…

    talk is cheap, plain and simple!

  445. talk is cheap, plain and simple!

    Amen to that you, shit spouting fucker.

  446. as I said a few days ago, I thought you were a bit better than that, but you are just another AKB sheep, suits at the club spit in your face and you still think it’s raining…


  447. Bradys right foot

    SUGA3 | February 1, 2012 at 12:29 am
    so, what is it that I have been hiding recently?

    I laughed until I cried when you copied and pasted a post of mine from here to le doom on Alex Song, you added a little strap line of your own. Your probably a bit keener on Song now though as the heavyweight “Groupthink” fermenting over at le doom has informed your understanding and determined your new position. Like being programmed by a cult, admittedly not the brightest cult, what would seem a new reality can take along time to impact ideology.

  448. Bradys right foot

    Oh by the way Shoogs before I forget I’d like to remind you that you are a cunt 🙂

  449. BRF,

    cult? once again, I see that the irony is lost on you…

    and oh, you may want to have a look at there threads again, I think you will find that I was one to rate Song for ages when no one else did on there, so please be a cunt but don’t be a lying cunt, will you?

    yes, I may have criticised him, but only when he played below the level I expected him to, given that I rated him, ffs…

  450. oh, worry not, the feeling is mutual 🙂

  451. The Eis Man cometh.

  452. Suga, the EPL wouldn’t be what it is today if it weren’t for its global reach. And even though I live leagues away Manure and Chelsea come to my backyard every summer to whore themselves out. How wild is that?

    As far as me spending money on Arsenal, you should see all the children in my family and my friends’ families whenever Christmas or a birthday roll around. They are all decked out head to toe in Arsenal gear. If I were to add up all the money I’ve spent on Arsenal, I’d say that $10k is a very conservative estimate.

    Jonny, stop flirting with me.

  453. Le Grove is not a cult. They all just repeat the same shit by accident.

  454. welcome to arsenal thomas eisfeld

  455. Yogi it’s me Colney, i’m just commenting with my twitter handle now, no need for moderation? lol 🙂

  456. DM is reporting that Jack is out for the season, maybe that’s why Eisfeld was purchased.

  457. What is certain Serge, si je puis me permettre, is that Jabba’s Delight used an example of shirt sales earlier which was taken from my own comment on le grove.

    What most of you deluded fools can’t even realise, is that when you come on le grove, you accuse us of aggressing you. Just look at how you treat your fellow gunners. With the same disdain Wenger talks to the fans.

  458. @poodle:11:xx
    50 million that’s what we got for fee. Add to that the lighter wage bill, and the percent of cash on account freed.
    At the end of the day, if you sold 2 players for 25m each, both on big salaries, you should be able to at least replace them by equivalent.

  459. @goonerton at 12:28
    The difference it makes?
    I don’t pay my mum, why should I know what she earns?

  460. @Dexter at 10:00pm
    Well, you see, looking at your requests, and the results, I’d say you’re praying the wrong Gods.
    Wilshere is off till end if season.
    3rd or 4th? Ok, you bet we finish 3rd, and you put your money where your mouth is. I’ll just bet against whatever you say I’m sure to win.

  461. Now looking at the overall comments, I’d say some spend their time here for nothing.
    Join us on Le Blog of Love 2.0.
    There’s only rosey tainted glass people to still refuse to see through the excuses.

  462. Chelsea dropping points, hope we get a good win against Bolton and get a boost to goal difference too.

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