Who would want to be an Arsenal fan right now?

I hate saying it, but you should hear them in the confessional. You would never imagine. Did you know that they…I’ll let Big Al explain this one.

I must say I’m warming to the idea. The last month hasn’t been great. Post-May the future might be a bit murky. But the now, and the coming months don’t look too bad to me. Truth is they’re quite exciting.

And just what have we got look to forward to, besides the presaged pain, humiliation and eventual grave?

Well, the trifling matter of the Champions League second round. Surely we’re not so decadent that we can’t get excited about the world’s biggest club competition. They say it’s going to be our last chance to dine at Europe’s top table for a while, so let’s go mental. Let’s gorge, belch and fart like it really is the last time, and take doggy bags as well.

But spare a thought for our compatriots who didn’t get this far. They’re outside, forlorn, looking in with their faces pressed against the window. It would be cold not to give them a wave.

We’re still in the FA Cup too. It might not have the prestige of old, but it’s a competition that conjures all kinds of powerful memories and still has the power to transport us. If we can avoid replays, a decent run could galvanise our slowly swelling ranks.

And though the league is suddenly looking tough, fourth spot is most definitely within reach. With a bit of luck we’ll have the personnel and form to handle the schedule, and make sure we put on a decent spread for any guests to the grove between now and May. We’ll also have a bulging hamper to pack for away days:

Francis Coquelin should return this week. In the next ten days or so, Arteta, Gibbs and Sagna will be getting there. And in around a fortnight we’ll see Wilshere and Jenkinson in full training. I understand that not all those names inspire euphoria among Arsenal fans, but at least four are important to our first team, and the others are the back up we haven’t had since November.

I should have been conditioned against feeling upbeat about injuries long ago, but something struck me this month – I’ve been getting quite bored. That’s to say, where’s the bloody football gone? Fixture-wise, it’s the quietest January for a good few years, and the quietest month of the season so far. At a measly one match a week our players have had plenty of time to recuperate between games – to the point where I’d guess they’re in better shape now than a month ago.

The scarcity of Arsenal action isn’t ideal for shivery addicts like you and me, but it’s good news for our assault on the home straight. In recent years we’ve looked capable battling through January, started to flag by March and collapsed face down on the tarmac like the teenagers in the Long Walk come April. Call me a dreamer, but I’d like to think that we’ve got that collapsing malarkey out of our system this season.

It’s hard to gauge the atmosphere at the club, but in a week of reports of internal recrimination at the training ground I’m picking up bristling, angry vibes rather than defeatism. Anger’s something we can use. One famous Gooner called anger “an energy”.

And there’s more good news. I think we can say that Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has what it takes. Obviously, he does tend to burn quite fitfully, and he could probably make life easier for his full-back, but he has the time and personality to work on what doesn’t yet come naturally. After wondering how he might cope with real Premier League action, Arsène must be thrilled by that performance.

I’m convinced he would not have been able to put in that kind of show against a side like ManU until now. Like most of you I’ve been watching him every chance I’ve had, partly because there was so little footage of his season in League One, and also because a couple of Charlton fans I know had really put him down when we got him.

What I saw in his u21 games was a player with a compulsion to take players on. He was devastating once he had a feel for his opponents, but also, I figured, lacking nuance and variety. He was terrifying against Israel and Iceland. Belgium were ready for him though, and pinned him to the touchline. He had a wretched evening. His teammates didn’t offer much support, and couldn’t get into the game, but I’m quite glad they didn’t. I think he needed matches in which his opponent was smart and prepared.

It leads on back to my Charlton supporting friends. They’d formed their opinion of AOC when Southampton visited the Valley in March 2011. All eyes were on this lauded 17-year-old, but he laboured for an hour with no joy before getting subbed off. So here’s the important part – in one of those England Twitter chats a whole half-year later, he named Charlton’s full-back in that match, Fede Bessone, as his toughest opponent to date.

There was something faintly thrilling about it. Obviously it means he remembered, and if he remembered then he was honest with himself and learned something from it.

What we know now is that he’s a first team contender. I’m sure it opens up all kinds of permutations and tactical possibilities, and gives opponents something different to plan for. But it’s also worth bearing in mind that his performance last weekend was fuelled in part by adrenaline. He was also a surprise – there’s no way Slur Alex would have been prepared for him,

So it wouldn’t be fair to expect to see that kind of level every week. Some manager down the line will come up with a plan to stop him, and he’s going to lose form at some point. But for AOC’s part, the signs are that he’s prepared to learn from the hiccups and keep improving.

Just a reminder to get your daily dose of Arsenal On This Day which tomorrow (27th January) ventures back to 1894. Yes, 1894 BC. That’s 1894 Before Consolsbob. ’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Say what?

  2. Say what? Say What????? Aren’t you supposed to go, “First” or something like, “ooooh BB’s slacking” or “Jonny didn’t last long at the top”. Yea Gods man.

  3. First!…

    I’ve always wanted to do this 😀

    I love my Arsenal and I’ll always be with my club.

    I just pray that things will work out pretty fine in the coming weeks.

  4. So I aint the first…

    Darn! 😦

  5. Sorry Yogi, I refreshed and was expecting to post on the other blog man! What gives? Bit previous aint we?? 🙂

  6. What makes it worse is that Dexter didn’t even mean to post on it…

  7. Its Big Brovva I feel for, to be honest. I messed up big stylee.

  8. is this tomorrows post?
    What will I read tomorrow?
    The Arsenal Universe has moved out of tilt.

  9. Nice post, Big Al. The whiff of optimism makes a refreshing change from some of the foul odours emanating from the comments section this week.

    Enigma, you took too long writing your victory speech! 🙂

  10. My favourite of yesterday (today) was when Evil posted to Jibber McTwatmonkey that started –

    “And just in case you are too thick to get it…”

    Aw such comedy, such timing.

    I think he said something quite good afterwards but, if I’m honest, I was too busy laughing at the exquisite understatement.

  11. Well atlest if we keep Arsh around until summer most of the booing will go his way and leave OxO relatlvley free..
    The fans will concentrate on making Arsh life a living hell*(what people like AA and Jabba get out of abusing him so much is a mystery to me.) and cheer on OxO. Im sure OxOs real test wont come until next autumn, when Arsha is gone and he will be the one that has to carry the burden..
    This year he is but a young refresihing player, next autumn he will like Jack now be one of the pillars of the team. That is when the preassure comes. That is when we will really see if he can swim or if he sinks…

  12. is it sttill freaky thrursday musci nightie.

  13. Jonny I thought it was sarcasm, as he knows very well that they are indeed too thick.

  14. so i take it everyone was down the pub tonight then.

  15. Duke ,I posted a tune for you,did you like it?

  16. true fans stick by their team regardless of results!! I’ve been wearing my jersey all day!

  17. george, yep you like yor american stuff dont you.

  18. If the whole squad was fit i would like to see this line up

    sagna koscielny vermaelen santos
    wilshire ramsey arteta

    fabianski mertesacker jenkinson coquelin diaby walcott gervinho

    however if we could make just 2 signings they would be.vertonghen and hazard coming in for santos and ramsey with vermaelen moving to left back and vertonghen alongside kos hazard playing behind rvp

  19. I would keep Santos over Vertonghen .
    All we need is everyone fit and an other striker that can cover RVP without a change to the shape of the team

  20. Ill always be an Arsenal fan in the good and bad times…who cares about the media !

  21. George – yes I was well aware of his sarcasm. That was my (approving) point.

    I’m just in from a date (and the pub).

    She likes ‘Made in Chelsea’. At which point every emergency light went off in the cockpit.

    I wasn’t even in a plane at the time. Pah!

  22. I like how it’s ten hours early, but given the rumours that have surfaced about Wilshere is still outdated.

    As far as I’m concerned it’s still Thursday.

  23. OOU really if the Jack stuff is right we will see some very unhappy people

  24. Hpoes were being pinned on him

  25. St. Louis Gooner

    Who wants to be an Ansenal fan? Me!

  26. Dukeyg, yep pub, like Jonny a date, altho mines went better by the sounds of things!

  27. FFS I’ve missed a whole day in my life. Can’t afford to do that at my age. Wait – there’s a February 29th this year. All is good. Carry on, nothing to see here.

  28. @bc. That’s an awesome team. I’d like to see that line-up too. It’d take a bit of re-organising to introduce half way through the season though so maybe next season. Who are we kidding, Arsene hasn’t changed the formation for about 10 years. Actually Oxlade-Chamberlain is a genuine winger, much more so than Walcott. The big problem is that the rest of the “wingers” are either not really wingers or not good enough. Anyway I think there is a possibility of Arsenal doing as well as three of the four teams above them this season. If United lose to Liverpool and Arsenal beat Villa then Arsenal will have a chance in three major competitions while both Manchester clubs will have a chance in the league and the irrelevant Europa League. The team will be better with Wilshere playing and genuine full backs too, we can guarantee that.

  29. So does the number of posts today suggest that we are no longer in a doom scenario?

  30. Just in from the pub myself Jonny(no date I am afraid to say) spent the night being gently mocked by four Mancs and a couple of Spuds. I couldn’t complain too much as every time I went to the bar I put the bill on Geoff’s (one of the Mancs) tab. I would have put it on one of the Spuds tabs but those fuckers are always broke!!

  31. OOU – you’re the weekly needed change of pace and today’s piece is filled with a tone…….180 from the past few weeks. Refreshing!

    Hoping Arteta returns sooner than later……would prefer to see the midfield partnership of
    Arteta – Song – Rosicky……AND

    a front line combination of
    Benayoun – RvP – Chamberlain

  32. Lol, BC before consolsbob, 🙂
    good write-up OOU.. IT AIN’T OVER YET.
    I’ll. Pass on the gorging, belching and such, but I’m on the ride for full duration. Hope,faith,AW. AND THE CREW. GOD WILLING IT WILL BE A PLEASANT AND EXITING. RIDE.

    Who would want to be an ARSENAL FAN RIGHT NOW??
    put me in front of the line please. It will be an. Honor.

    UP. THE. GUNS. !!!!!!!

    even to most ardent ARSENAL fan on his back. Give it a rest for f••• sake. Every one counting him down and out. JINXER GALORE. He just went through hell last Sunday. Leave him the hell alone.


  34. Love the optimism. However, even you hinted at a bit of negativity towards Gibbs … and bc did not even have him on the bench?? Come on you people, let’s not write of this STILL young man’s career off before he has a chance to prove his potential. Yes,he has had a run of injuries(not quite in Diarby’s league ‘bc’, yet you still have him on the bench?), but he has a good recovery time now. I fear there will be a collective intake of breath every time he goes for a tackle … That’ll do his confidence a world of good?
    In this spirit of optimism, give him a big cheer when he comes on, clap every every tackle like you mean it, and roar with enthusiasm with every overlapping run down and superb cross he puts in …. HE IS PART OF THE TEAM … SUPPORT HIM!!



    and this is what he said.

    Thank you, thank you very much..

  36. Nice Irish. You must be stoked about the Giants? Never underestimate the value of good ‘special teams’.

  37. What rumours about Wilshere?

  38. Quite – scrabbling for info on that myself Andy.

  39. Morning Jonny, you shouldn’t have been prejudiced with the chelski lady. Give it a go. One of my best dates was with beautiful. Yugoslavian manuret. or is it minaret. Nono, that up the road at shitty. ( 😉

  40. OOU – Nice post. On the subject of AOC, I do like the guy. Yuo can see he definatly has something special. We all can see that he has pace and can beat his man, but the side I like about him is his composure on the ball. He seems a proper “footballer”.

    There was an instance (in the Manure game I think) where we had a few players pinned in at the touchline. When the ball came to him he immidiatly switched the ball to the opposite wing. The way he did this was not a lofted pass (a la’ Fat Frank), but he drove the ball across the pitch (a la Scholes). You see very few players pass the ball in this way, but for me it is one of the signs of a very very good player.

    Plus he likes to shoot on sight, which is somthing we need to do more often. I reckon by the end of the season he will be a regular in the 1st 11.

  41. goonerkam – nah it wasn’t just that – she was a bit of a pain and, though pretty, no real click.

  42. Got it.
    Sorry you had a rough time of it.
    Fellows ,I can’t find any recent news or rumors on the net regarding Jacky. Hope it isn’t bad. News that is. He sure would be a good boost to the crew and AW.

  43. I have a feeling that Tevez would love to play for AW and ARSENAL.. 🙂
    He might finally find his home with us. He might even take a paycut to join, just to get back at those two gaffers hes has played for. ahhh
    maybe not.. he is a good player. I like.

  44. Do we really expect jack to ride up on horseback and save us all from the perils of doom??

  45. Duke – Yup.

  46. Sounds like he’ll be hobbling up on a makeshift crutch at this rate.

  47. anyone care to explain what rumours there are about wilshere?

  48. OOU, didn’t you hear? His leg’s been amputated but he’s going to play on. Won’t be able to get sent off for a two-footed challenge which is a bonus. Ha! Up yours, Mr Mike Riley.

  49. OOU – What is wrong with him? I can’t find anything on t’net

  50. korihikage

    Started last night, apparently he has a stress fracture. Will be out for an extra 2/3 weeks.Nothing confirmed or denied.

  51. Ehhh..yes..What are le rumours about our Monsieur Jack???

  52. Ohhh…thanks YW

    Hope not…

  53. Duke, nop. Jack will come back and do his thing. No miracles. Just his old self which was a pleasure. To watch
    He does bring a lot of energy to the team and his fighting will. He will give the crew a moral boost also.

  54. Hi GA, as YW says, apparently he’s had a setback. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s true – the crap twitter rumours come true far more often than the good ones.

  55. Hmmm, this really is turning into a TV5 injury. Our for a few weeks, only to miss the whole season. I wonder if this will effect our activity in the transfer market?

  56. Refreshing as always Big Al,

    “Who would want to be an Arsenal fan right now?”,
    with the likes of Oxlade-Chamberlain, RyoMiya, Nico-Yey, LeCoq, Frimp-O waiting in the wings plus a Lansbury, Sanchez-Watt, Afobe, Oz, Wellington, Aneke gaining valuable game-time experience & working hard to claim a place on the next 1st team incarnation @ the greatest club in the world?

    “Who would want to be an Arsenal fan right now?”,
    No other EPL team has anything close to the young talent we have let alone know how to use them. Like a Josh McEachran, who if Swansea give enough game time will make his parent club look foolish in their decision not to play him.

    Our wounded are returning, the fit are angry at January, and TR7, Diaby, Jenks, AA & Chamakh (who might be back before we know it) have the support of their gaffer along with a legend to help motivation….

    probably Jabba, Acrylic, Suga, & the doomers who just can’t stand the fact that ARSENE WENGER and not the Unidentifiable-Perfect-Manager is running “their” ball club.

    I take my hats off to all ACLFERs that have fought off the faithless all week.
    We march on…positively.


  57. Well that’d be just about fucking typical.

    What’s next?! Diaby has to have his head amputated?

    Sagna’s bones are made of pasta?


  58. CORR:
    I take my hat off…

  59. Where is Diaby? He always seems to be “2 weeks away” from a return.

    Is Wenger an advocate of the Kirk/Spock trick in “The Wrath of Kahn”?

    Mins = Hours
    Days = Weeks
    Weeks = Months
    Months = Years

    He must be.

  60. YW

    thanks for the info

  61. ..an extra 2-3 wks for Jack eh?
    ..sucks but we’ll manage
    greater rotation between Arteta, Song, TR7, Rambo, LeCoq & AA should be good enough
    getting Jack & Diaby back should be icing on the cake.

  62. Aman – That is presuming that it is 2-3 weeks. I can honestly see him missing the rest of the season. We have seen it before with a number of players, and this development really is no suprise.

  63. YES..i’d move AA to CM. Might as well allow our genius-pixie play more in his preferred position & middle-finger the haters.

    Benayoun, the Ox, TH12, Theo can cover the wings.

    just need Gibbs to come back soon (& strong) like Bacary

  64. Andy – try to stay positive. Jack is but a cog in the wheel albeit a special one.
    Blow the horns for the ready & able.
    It works

  65. Wenger obviously prefers a midfielder in that position. It would be quite a change for him to employ a forward there. As it goes I would like to see him try it though as it would give us more flexibility. AA would be more effective there, and if we got our hands on another decent stiker there would be the option to play RvP there (as I really think he is perfect for that role).

  66. Aman – Yeah you are right. It is a worying gamble though given our current situation.

  67. Well I’ve scoured the twitterverse and the rumours sound convincing (Jamie Sanderson is usually in the know and all he’s saying is ‘a setback’).
    The rumours are conflicting – some saying 6-8 weeks some saying 3. Some saying Wenger will look to buy, some saying not.
    More petrol for the bonfire of doom.

  68. Well, setback or not, nobody will know if Wenger intends to but now. If he does not it is a very big gamble.

  69. He’ll say no – and then try and nip in late doors when certain teams are trying to offload their surplus.

    That’s my guess.

  70. Jonny – Maybe, I am hoping (stupidly) that he will just use this as an opportunity to get in a top quality player. We don’t need surplus. Other teams suplus is not better than what we currently have.

  71. From what I saw of Gervinho last night (his shooting in particular) and the fans looking set to ‘do an Almunia’ on Arshavin, the Ox now has a great chance to cement a place on the left. Interesting thought on Wenger keeping him as a surprise for United, OOU. Very nearly worked too.

  72. Depends – Spurs managed to pick up VDV as surplus.

    Though yes, I agree, I hope the same. It certainly is much harder to find in January though.

  73. we might be a little short in midfield..

    we probably need le coq at leftback. and he is the cover for song anyway.

    then arteta, ramsey, rosicky.

    don’t really think benayoun can play in the middle.

    i don’t think we can rely on diaby coming back.

  74. Well, I spend the morning getting my steak and shallot pies in order while watching the Test, excellent, by the way, and then tune in here.

    What do I find? An early post, excellent as usual,, bad news about Jack and a gratuitous piece of piss taking by Yogi.

    Fine start.

    For you Al, you make an interesting point about the lack of football in January. Seems possible to me that Arsene looked at the fixtures and saw 7 points were readily available without reinforcements, given the returning players. Didn’t work out that way, but it probably should have.

    For you Yogi, a little bit of comedy from Arseblogger, given ‘arry’s confessed illiteracy, ignorance and stupidity.


  75. Great post

  76. Sadly, I can’t see the future, no matter how keenly I do look in that direction, but I can’t see that this season will be burned into our minds as one of failed expectation. (1) We will grab one trophy (2) We will cement a record of … will it be 15 consecutive years in CL (3) We will end the season on such a thrill (in terms of excitement) it’ll make last season feel like the nazis at the gates of moscow, and this like entering the outskirts of Berlin (the hoisting of the red flag over a burning reichstag takes place next season); forgive the odd warlike metaphor, I am thinking only of Andrei Arshavin. Come on lad, I say, you’ve reached your low point, now let’s see the revenge.

  77. well done bob. its a shame for arry , i mean he is missing out on great blogs of interest to him like le grove.

  78. I think it’s hilarious duke. Imaging going to court and your excuse for having £90k in a dodgy bank account is that you are disorganised and thick.

    What does the fact that he has never used a computer, or texted or faxed have to do with being disorganised? On that basis everybody on the planet before 1990 was disorganised, including Einstein.

    If I was the Board at the Totts, I’d be thinking very hard about that, whether he’s guilty or not.

  79. Its the full Monty!!!

  80. bob,

    he says he has never used a computer!!

    fukin looked like he knew what he was doing in them bloody adverts!!

  81. consolbob,

    to be fair, if i were the board at tottenham, i would be nervous, hoping that ‘arry doesnt spill on me..

  82. Jabba's Delights


    ”I’m just in from a date (and the pub).”

    Find her over the internet with that delicious pic of yourself??


    Have you got selective memeory, it was quite clearly stated yesterday how much disdain i’ve got for people who boo our players in the same way i think they are as pathetic as people who fiand it incapable to question the club they love.

  83. Jabba – Peronal insults via the internet? How big of you.

  84. aoc brings more to the playing field than aa23 and dare i say it,tw14.inexperienced? yes.but,see what aa’s vaunted experience is doing to the team.but the man himself said it all,aa is the captain of russia. . . .looking forward to seeing another experienced play from the russian captain on sunday.hope the other players get us a result.
    Fantastic piece btw oou.

  85. Jabba's Delights


    ”YES..i’d move AA to CM. Might as well allow our genius-pixie play more in his preferred position & middle-finger the haters.”

    Another point missed out yesterday as this is what a number of ”doomers” thought that wenger was going to do. Its many of these doomers who think that arshavin problem has been the fact that he has been played out of position for 3 years. We thought at the gorund that surely wenger will take Ramsey off and allow arshavin the chance through the middle.

    Remember doomers or fans who are worried are very much in the majority, boo boys and haters just like some of you blinded by love are very much in the vocal minorities

  86. Jabba's Delights


    Well what can one do. Read the post, scan a couple of comments and then there’s little Jonny name calling before a debate has been had.

  87. Good Point duke.

    Must have been Jamie pressing the buttons.

    Imagine the conversation: ” For Chrissake dad, get a bloody grip, three year olds play with these. No wonder you have to take bungs to make a living and manage a dodgy team like the spuds!”

  88. Szcz
    Sagna Kos TV/Mert Santos




    AOC Gervinho


  89. Jabba

    >it was quite clearly stated yesterday how much disdain i’ve got for people who boo our players> @11:26 am

    We thought at the gorund that surely wenger will take Ramsey off and allow arshavin the chance through the middle.
    @11:30 am

    Can we take the second post as a confession that you were booing at the ground, and lying through your teeth when you said that you disdain booing own players? Yes?

  90. here we go again…

  91. Ha! Jabba nice with the juvenile, personal insults – it’s thrilling to know I’ve gotten under your skin so much.

    Anyway keep ’em coming – if you found me attractive I’d know I was doing something terribly wrong.

  92. Jabba's Delights


    No you cant.

    If there is one thing about me Keyser other than ebing a twat to most of you is that im incredibly consistent.

    After getting back from the villa game last year having clapped the team off i was blogging on here saying how much i disagreed to boo boys. Ive stated repeatedly that le grove is the other end of the spectrum to most of you guys and how much i hate there chat. Whenever the notion of booing has come up ive stated i hate it.

    Im still as yet one of the only people here to say the worst thing that happened was the clapping and cheering of djouou subbing. As only people who were at the grounf were privy to this it doesnt suprise me that the worst act my a minority of arsenal fans wasnt commented on by some on here.

    Whether you booed or not EVERYONE still thought it was poor substition from the manager, maybe 5-10% decided to boo, the rest did nothing hence why is sounded loud.

  93. Jabba's Delights

    Just ever so slightly creepy poppet no more no less

  94. What is 11.30 like half past twat o’clock or something?

    All the termites come out of the woodwork to take a look at the damage they’ve caused and encourage others to join them?

  95. talk of a swap deal – arhsavin for mauro zarate from lazio. Source philippe au claire

  96. Is Ryo going out on loan?
    Pros & cons…any takers?

  97. Jabba's Delights

    We were linked to Zarate a couple of years ago.

    better age than Arshavin but im not so sure he is much more talented. Might be more suited to play on the wing than andrei though which is pretty crucial if arsene is reluctant to play him through the centre.

  98. talent without hard work amounts to less.

  99. Arshavin has been playing wide left for the best part of 10 years. Claiming his best position is central no longer has any basis in fact. And as for him having more of a free-role there, bollocks. Ramsey runs himself ragged every game. We don’t have a free role. This is the PL. The last player to have a free role was Ronaldo, and only because he scored twice every game.

  100. It’s come to my mind that the closest thing the Jabba’s and the Acryllics of this world resemble are religious lunatics.

    My main problem with the religious is that they see it as part of their duty to coerce ‘non’ and wrong-believers to their church, their mindset, their belief system.

    No doubt Jabba will, largely erroneously, claim we pray to Arsene. No doubt he will accuse many here, as he has, of putting the resident manager ahead of the club.

    It matters not. The habitual posters here do not feel the need to go and ‘spread the word’ as though they are ‘papal endorsed’ for a crusade. We keep to ourselves and welcome contributions from like-minded souls. We are not seeking to change minds or cause offence – if you don’t like the music change the channel. There is enough Doom-Metal out there for your ears.

    And this being the case, the question has to be asked what their intent is? Why does it matter SO much to try and convert us to their way of thinking?

    So Jabba & Acryllic – given that you are largely disliked because we don’t enjoy your negative thoughts and that we have heard all of the stuff you have to say repeatedly over and over again to the point we are stuck in an endless loop of irritation.


    The only logical explanation is that you enjoy being a pain. That you like to stick the knife in when the team has lost so you can say you were right all along. And for that my insults are completely justified.

    Behave like a cunt and get called one – seems fair, no?

  101. Plastic

    Valencia’s new stadium?

    What gems have you to entertain us with today?

  102. Sorry Jabba and Acrylic, had to scroll post ur comments today. The old record keeps spinning…

    The rest of you have put a nice gooner smile back on my face! So much to play for this season, we have some important players to come back – back-up and 1st teamers, 2 cups to enjoy, and a team with some very exciting and talented young and senior players.

    Our form hasn’t been great, but these injuries were always going to catch up on us. The defence had numbers early in the season and tool a while to gel, we managed to improve defensively by December and the injuries hit that department. That’s football and that’s Arsenal.

    In attack 2 sub players have failed to deliver, 1 due to confidence, another which is either down to quality or his 1 year required climatisation period! Wenger has obviously noticed we are too reliant on 1 striker, and brought in Henry who can offer us a real goal threat when needed.

    Now is the time for the likes of Theo and Arsh to deliver, and for players like Rosicky and Benayoun also to show their worth. Chamakh will have a massive point to prove when he comes back, and with the Ox to call on we are looking more dangerous up front. We have options.

  103. Scratch that.

    DNFTT? Please.

  104. It’s all kicking off in the cricket and the tennis.

  105. Very fair Jonny 🙂

    Maybe YW should divide the comments section. It will give the likes of acrylic and jabba a lot more satisfaction to be under the cunts area where they can all agree in harmony.

  106. Jonny | January 27, 2012 at 12:14 pm

    Where is this coming from?

    finsbury | January 27, 2012 at 12:14 pm

    They were buildong, weren’t they?

    chrisgoona | January 27, 2012 at 12:14 pm

    Hmmmmm, jumping the gun, are we?

    Seems like some people anticipate

  107. Lovely piece that Jonny. You can smell the excitement. An almost exact contemporary of mine, despite Yogi’s slur, many of my memories are his. It’s been a great 50 years.

    Here’s to a good few more.

    I shared the excitement of the ’79 Final in Delhi, listening to a radio borrowed from a shop with my girlfriend and a manc, in Connaught Circus with a monkey tugging at my trouser leg.

    Bloody great day.

    I was at the ’78 and ’80 Finals with my Dad. Not quite such good days but in retrospect, all part of the experience.

  108. chris

    brilliant idea.

    though they don’t have to come here at all. lots of other places to go to…

  109. Jonny, religious lunatics dont question, we do. As for AW, its been great having him, but 6 years going into 7 without a trophy shouldnt be acceptable. if you think that it is, fine, thats your choice (you wont see me going into an infantile rant as you and others do when someone else has a different point of view).

    Chris, Korihikage, and what good would it do this site? I’m guessing that while they are at it, the team also gets rid of all fans that want something better.

    Finally Chris, everyone has injuries, United have just as many injuries as we do each and every season, so what excuse do they have for winning stuff while we dont?

  110. The tennis is again incredible Djokovic just slammed Murray’s serve to nil for the 4th set.

    Fancy the final set’s going to be a ding-dong.

  111. you know acryllic..

    you are really boring me to tears.

    it was interesting in the beginning, because i thought you had some valid points, that you were open to reason.

    turns out i was wrong.

    now you are just a broken record.

  112. Fucking hell acryllic it’s an analogy – how can you miss the message – are you being deliberately obtuse or just dumb?

  113. acryllic

    if this can make you shut up:

    yes, you are damnnnnn bloooooooooooody right. we suck. we suck to the max. arsene wenger is shit. we should get relegated. then massive money will be pumped in, and we will be quadruple winners, because arsene wenger is gone, because shit players liek walcott, arshavin are gone. because shit fans like korihikage and co are gone.

    now will you please shut up?

  114. korihikage | January 27, 2012 at 12:36 pm

    Really? i dont listen to reason? dont make me laugh. i always back up what my point is with a well reasoned post. Cant say its the same for others, or true in your case.

    Jonny | January 27, 2012 at 12:37 pm,

    knew it was an analogy, just pointing out how misplaced it was, same as your rant above.
    But do continue churning out that stuff you do so well.

  115. “Markus | January 27, 2012 at 12:12 pm
    Arshavin has been playing wide left for the best part of 10 years. Claiming his best position is central no longer has any basis in fact.”

    I have been mulling over Andrei’s lost form and have come to an understanding.
    I am sure I will soon be told the errors of my way ,but here goes.

    Andrei has been in poor form for some time now.There is no disputing that.I have noticed a decline ever since people were demanding he “tracks back”more to cover the full back.
    Well he may not do it enough to please our resident “work rate”managerial experts ,but he does it more.To the detriment of his game.
    He has been asked to cover the leftback position sincs Song decided he was more Cesc than a holding player.
    I believe the DM or DM’s should be the ones to move over and cover the fullbacks.They can only do that if they hold their positions and don’t go on attacking jaunts.So when the ball is lost, and teams break,someone else has to cover for them.
    So in short I am blaming Song for Arshavin’s poor form 🙂

  116. Perhaps you can explain why is it is misplaced when others on here seem to think it’s perfectly reasonable?

    You complain at others for not responding to questions but then you duck plenty when it suits you.

  117. Guardian reports that Wilshere could be out for season!

  118. korihikage | January 27, 2012 at 12:38 pm,

    i wouldn’t want you to stop commenting on this section for the mere fact that you disagree with me, i would in fact encourage it. That is the reason as to why YW posts stuff and lets people discuss, to do otherwise would be to defeat the purpose as to why this site is up.
    That is what makes your request all the more baffling

    Secondly, i am yet to get a complaint from YW not only on this site, but on mail that what i post is disruptive, inappropriate and unwelcome………if and when he does feel that i shouldn’t post here anymore, i will respect his decision and move on.

  119. Jonny | January 27, 2012 at 12:45 pm

    Just did. its crystal clear, if you did not get it first time, i doubt you will get it second time around.

    But do continue, cant say your posts dont amuse.

  120. Acrylic

    I have engaged in several conversations with you. You do respond to comments. Problem is, you ignore most of the comment you respond to, and start a new rant topic. 🙂 Could be you are not doing this intentionally, but that is what I have felt. In a nutshell I have felt that you are a bad reader who is more interested in his own viewpoint than others’. That is not the recipe for a good exchange of opinion!

  121. korihikage

    They need to feel that they belong somewhere, call it the arsenal c**** or whatever area, as long as the badge is on it they will be happy. In fact stick a couple stars on the badge so they can pretend we have a few more trophies.

    That’ll make em happier!


    Your ship sailed a long time ago, its hard to discuss real issues with supporters who opinions are ready made up. When did you start hating Arsenal and Wenger initially, back when it was 3-4 seasons without a trophy ??

    Judge the team and manager on the current footballing climate, what we have had to deal with, and how we have taken measures to combat real issues. 6-7 years without a trophy isn’t the be all and end all. Grow up.

  122. Keysersoze | January 27, 2012 at 12:49 pm,

    Sorry, i comment on what i disagree on when replying to someone or when i feel that they are asking something that i already made clear. same as i just did with Jonny above.

  123. 2 weeks developed into a season! Either someone’s reporting skills aren’t too good or Wilshire is indeed crocked ???

  124. chrisgoona | January 27, 2012 at 12:51 pm,

    I dont hate AW, and i have stated that. All i have said and clarified upon is the fact that he has turned us into a small ambition team (did that yesterday and no one, absolutely no one had an issue with it, you included), and that he has diluted the talent in the team while raising the wage bill (something no one has been able to dispute because it is true).

    Could we do stuff better? Yes. Is there anything wrong with wanting better? Absolutely no, and i am yet to meet someone that tells me it is wrong, and can prove that it is.
    I am also yet to meet someone that has shown me that having an alternative opinion should be unacceptable, or why on earth it is a crime to have a divergent view. i would love it if anyone here did have a crack at it.

  125. Are you seriously suggesting “Jonny, religious lunatics dont question, we do.” is an explanation? It’s actually meaningless to the point I was making.

    Ignore the first half – how does that remotely answer this
    Why does it matter SO much to try and convert us to your way of thinking?

    Given that you are largely disliked because we don’t enjoy your negative thoughts and that we have heard all of the stuff you have to say repeatedly over and over again to the point we are stuck in an endless loop of irritation.


    The only logical explanation is that you enjoy being a pain. That you like to stick the knife in when the team has lost so you can say you were right all along. And for that my insults are completely justified.

    Behave like a cunt and get called one – seems fair, no?

  126. (ahem)..my name is YW.

    Acryllic Altair
    I feel your posts are disruptive, inappropriate and unwelcome.
    Please do not post here on ACLF anymore.
    Please move on!

  127. Djokovic unstoppable. Bollocks. Never liked Murray Mints much anyway…

  128. anyone wants to talk about important stuff like sunday’s game?

  129. Jonny | January 27, 2012 at 12:57 pm,

    Religious lunatics dont question anything, just as most here dont question as to why we are in decline, and have been for the past few years. the fact that anyone who does is a doomer, or has to be referred to using expletives. it was clear, if you dont get it, you never will.

    Do i enjoy being a pain? Why would anyone think that someone else is being a pain when they are offering their opinion same as they do? because they dont agree? that would be a pathetic line of thought for anyone to have.

    Do i think i am disliked? By some, yes, by most, maybe. but is that any reason as to why i should change my line of thinking when i am fundamentally right? If i am disliked for wanting more or to see the team have more ambition, whats there to be ashamed about?

    But do continue churning them hits out. the more you do, the more you make a fool of yourself. so, do continue.

  130. Jabba's Delights

    pedantic george | January 27, 2012 at 12:44 pm

    Its a good concept but in reality song needs to be able to cover midfielders breaking forward as well. Andrei has got to lock down their rb.

    When watching barca obviously with the ball they are incredible but im always more impressed by what they do without out it and watching the young dortmund side do the same. We might not have Messi but there is no reason why Theo shoundt work as hard as him to win the ball back same with Andrei vs villa or pedro.

    I would have liked to have seen Andrei played in the ramsey role in home games. We’ve struggled to score for a while and i think having such a talented but consistently unproductive player in the ranks it was very much worth playing him in home games there to see what type of combo he could form with rvp. It is afetr all where he played for Zenit and Russia in 2008 contrary to what Markus is telling everyone.

    We need more productivity from the top 4 players plain and simple. I was worried by Gervinho performance last night as his fininshing is just as waywood for his country as us. The commentators were having a field day with him and its zero good for his confidence. Hopting Chamack tears it up as he is our only backup come feb

  131. Wilshere incident happened yesterday.
    He felt pain in his ankle while running. He’s had a scan and will now see a specialist.
    Henry, Arteta, Coquelin and Sagna back fit. Gibbs back on Monday. No transfer movement.

  132. Song and Arteta should move across to cover .Not Theo and Andrei/Gervinho ,tracking back.
    No wonder we are not scoring enough.

  133. we don’t press well enough. that’s very right. our players need to know how to press together.

  134. By the way people,for all his faults Jabba at least wanted to talk football with me.

  135. Alex joins PSG for 4 million. thats one steal of a deal.

  136. george

    right about that. 4-3-3 is about covering the space, not nullifying the opponent man-to-man. i think we missed arteta in the last 2 games. he reads the game well and moves across and back to cover.

    to expect the 2 wingers in the modern game, pulsating as it is, to constantly backtrack is quite impossible. even in a 4-4-2, much of the width will be provided by one of the two forwards (look at how newcastle played against man utd in that 3-0 win), so the 2 wingers are able to get back more.

    so in our 4-3-3, the 3 midfielders should be covering the entire width. the two wingers should be pressing their fullbacks.

  137. Ohhh, don’t go there George. But yeah, people throw the not tracking back argument out there without considering that when he comes on we usually need a goal, and he is maybe instructed to stay forward. Then when he does track back, like for the second United goal, somehow he is still to blame. He is in Almunia territory now. The fans have made up their idiot minds so he can do no right.

  138. korihikage | January 27, 2012 at 1:14 pm,

    4-3-3 works immensely for Barca because they not only cut out passing lanes but they also press the man with the ball. Chesea have tried pressing, but the number of times they are late to the man on the ball is staggering. The reason we have had a decrease in the number of counter attacks is becuase Arteta does cover well, but he also has the discipline to stay back when Song is advanced, which is something we lacked in previous seasons.

  139. But yeah, the central midfielders need to cover the fullbacks too. They did it very well earlier in the season. But against teams like United, where the threat comes from the wide positions we didn’t see it enough.

  140. Jabba's Delights


    We dont score enough in my opinion as we dont have enough consistent finishers at the club and we allow teams to defend aaginst us how they want to defend in the most part.

    The dm has a free role in the defensive structure in that he should be in and around the area of most need. Aeteta must track a midfield runner but in the main arshavin has got to track the last running fullback.

    Regardless of that i think where we really really really lack is winning the ball earlier. We dont need to worry about the above if we win that ball in their half and this is where i think our forwards could work much harder and that goes for all of them. I think our pressing game is the poorest part of our game and really makes the defence look worse that it is. RVP, walcott, andrei all trot aroudn but never really put huge pressure on the opposition

  141. AA is not in Almunia territory Markus…
    ONE world class move assist or goal and he’s getting babies named after him…
    Forget that, he’s a creative ATTACKER, the whole field is his domain not a stay-within-18 yards goalkeeper!

    ..idiot fans are like hookers, pay them with some goals and they’ll gladly bend over!

  142. Jabba’s Delights | January 27, 2012 at 1:21 pm

    Barca do it well because even the likes of Messi Pedro and Villa/Alexis have bought into the culture of working without the ball. even then, they dont get right all the time hence the fouls they give to break up play when two or three passes get through.

    But pressing is an art form they have mastered, the one team that presses anywhere near to their level is Dortmund.

  143. Oh I agree with Jabba @ 1:21pm….makes sense.

  144. Plastic.

    “Finsbury | January 27, 2012 at 12:14 pm

    They were buildong, weren’t they?”

    What, like the proposed renovations to the crumbling Camp Gnu?
    If you choose to interpret a CGI render as a building site, there’s not a lot I can add.
    Though if a buildong is a term used to describe a potential building site (a plot of mud, perchance? A crumbling old stadium?) then, it all makes sense!

  145. AA the new AIC. DNFTVI.

  146. finsbury | January 27, 2012 at 1:26 pm,

    SMH, you could surely do better than that. they had started work on it and stopped because they did not have the funds to continue working on it.

  147. http://www.valenciacf.com/contenidos/Actualidad/Noticias/2011/12/Noticia_33160.html?__locale=en

    The least you could do finsbury is to look up their official site. SMH.

    The wonders of google

  148. hate to say it, but another one bites the dust.

  149. Acryllic

    Actually religious lunatics do question they question why others do not think the same as they do.

    I don’t begrudge you your rights to think whatever you like of this Arsenal squad and manager what I am questioning is why you feel the need to try to coerce others who disagree to thin the same way you do?

    How you can keep missing fundamentally simple points which are quite clearly stated is beyond me.

    We ALL know what you and Jabba think but we find it boring and don’t want to discuss it over and over. There have been so many attempts to explain our various opinions but you are blind to hear them. You would say the same of us but then we are not coming to you with these complaints and questions – you are coming to us.

    I don’t want you to change your thinking – you think you are fundamentally right. Brilliant. Very happy for you – but why do you feel the need to change our minds?

    Would it not be happier for everyone concerned, if you found another blog that is more sympathetic to your views?

    If the answer is no it can only be because you like annoying people – unless you can explain otherwise – you KEEP dodging this question.

  150. Nerver mind that the project’s been fraught with difficulty, including fatal accidents etc, has come at a huge cost to the club’s performance and status, and, as an empty shell, two years from completion, in a gloomy market, has a far from certain future.

    I’d be very surprised if it isn’t put on hold again.

  151. Acryllic

    For example you ahve posted here

    I dont hate AW, and i have stated that. All i have said and clarified upon is the fact that he has turned us into a small ambition team (did that yesterday and no one, absolutely no one had an issue with it, you included), and that he has diluted the talent in the team while raising the wage bill (something no one has been able to dispute because it is true).

    3 days ago you were asking the same question. And there were a lot of responses citing the financial equation, emergence of sugar daddy financed rivals, why we can’t spend more on wages, why we pay more for potential etc. As it is, you have chosen to ignore all of that and have continued asking the same question for 3 more days. As I said, you seem more interested in your own viewpoint than others’, and that doesn’t make for meaningful exchange of opinion. You may not tire of asking the same question, but you can’t blame others for getting tired of repeating the same answers.

  152. You’re missing the point Jonny. AA is a brilliant comedy. Better than AIC the more I think about it.

  153. OneOfUs | January 27, 2012 at 1:49 pm,

    The point being?


    What the hell makes you think i want you or anyone one for that matter to change the way you think? I dont, and i have stated so, what i wouldnt mind is a bit of maturity or the acceptance that people are different, have divergent views, and when it comes to supporting a team, have different expectations.
    Will everyone agree with me? i dont think so, neither do i expect it. so i beg the question, why is it so important to you that everyone else that supports Arsenal agrees with you?

    As for me annoying everyone. i already answered it.

    If you are going to rant, make it worthwhile the read. as i see it, you have everything you need in an earlier post. if you see nothing stated there, feel free to ask, otherwise, dont bother asking in a different manner

  154. Zimpaul – my sense of humour nodes must need recharging.

    OK then! I’m bored of banging the drum – roll on Sunday.

    *signing out*

  155. thus the problem with with 4-3-3 is that you must press higher up the pitch to win back the ball and keep the pressure on the other teams back 4 while they are in possession and then when there back 4 does pass through teh midfield, our midfield players should be pressing them as well but it also requires your “wingers” to track back and cover. thus i feel is the problem with the 4-3-3 is that it does better suit a team that patiently passes through the midfield.

    @george, i do agree with you about Song needing to cover the width but the problem with that is it does seem that at times(not last couple of games) but i think what would better suit us is a 4-1-2-3 which is nothing more than a slight modification to our 4-3-3. this would allow Song to cover the width but also allow for Arteta and Ramsey/Jack(hope the scan goes well)/or whoever else to make up for the space behind teh “wingers”

  156. Well written post again Big Al. Thanks.

    Terrible news if true about JW. Stress fractures are a very difficult injury to deal with. Nothing to do but prolonged rest. Unfortunately they can occasionally become a chronic problem. Anyone in the US who follows basketball will probably remember Bill Walton and more recently Yao Ming as examples. If we have to shut down Jack for the rest of the season then best to bite the bullet now rather then threaten his career.

    I know its a pipe dream but we really need to add a forward who can play across the front 3 and score consistently and a creative midfielder. We need help this season but may be even more important it would be nice to have them adjusted and ready for next season. We have very talented players but right now we have no idea what sort of form we will get from Gervinho, Arshavin, Theo, Aaron, Chamakh and we don’t know how Jack will come back from his injury. Ox is a true monster in waiting but if history is any guide he will struggle with inconsistency at least for a while. Having a couple more players would allow us to rotate the players who are short of form out of the side until they can work themselves back into form, and cover in case of the “unusual” event of injuries. Seems like such a complete no brainer.

  157. Not sure, but I assume someone used Valencia as a good example of a high profile European club developing a new stadium. Which seems laughable to me.

  158. Keysersoze | January 27, 2012 at 1:49 pm,

    I have not ignored anything, i in fact stated that we waste a lot when it comes to wages. We waste more that 20 million on some players that we dont either need, or dont deliver.

    Almunia and Arshavin earn 150k, add Squillaci on that list and you have 200k per week.
    In a single year, that amounts to 10.4 million.

    You have Chamakh on 60k, Denilson and Bendtner collectively get 90k. thats 150k, if you were to add the likes of Vela, Lansbury and Wellington Silva, you are over 200k. thats another 10.4 million plus.

    Add the fact that theo thinks he is worth 80-90k per week. That question i have answered so many times its not even funny.

  159. Reports that AW thinking about bringing in Lucas Barrios from Dortmund…I hope the reports are true because he was part of the reason they won the league last year and is a prolific goal scorer

  160. OneOfUs | January 27, 2012 at 2:08 pm,

    And why is that? they are using the same model as we did, and on the european stage, hey have been come closer to winning the CL on more occassions than we have. Currently, we have the same ambitions, whats laughable in that?

  161. Think a kind of Rising Damp without the lecherous side, more “great bores of today” (a la private eye or whatever that column was called), than sit-com, where the main character has a redeeming quality, like self-deprecation. The hook is in the monologues and attempt to “engage meaningfully”, but all smirk and no sweetness (nice variation on little Ronnie which is a bit of a cliche), but needs a few more twists and turns, a little darkness, or madness. I like your “religious zealot” approach though, could make a great episode. And he’s got the duo-thing working with Jabs, but without all the “In Arsene we Rust” repetition, that was funny at first I admit, but basically a lazy script. All in all, an improvement on AIC, with a genuinely funny “I don’t need to be liked” thing, some sharp dialogue, and that’s the key to the script.

  162. What, other than the fact the stadium still doesn’t exist, despite being announced something like seven years ago? Guess that might be a drawback.

  163. Everybody Sing!!

    “‘arry Redknapp’s Illiterate,”
    “He aint got no tax certificate”
    “Send him down like Lester Piggot”
    “The tax evading bastard”

  164. I seem to remember some clot coming on here and claiming that stress fractures were nothing. He was a rugger bugger and liked to play second row and he got stress fractures in his back from taking it up the…from being rammed hard from behi…from the number 8 pushing him from behind into the bloke in fronts arse.

    He was wrong of course.

  165. Acryllic

    Almunia and Arshavin earn 150k, add Squillaci on that list and you have 200k per week.
    In a single year, that amounts to 10.4 million.

    You have Chamakh on 60k, Denilson and Bendtner collectively get 90k. thats 150k, if you were to add the likes of Vela, Lansbury and Wellington Silva, you are over 200k. thats another 10.4 million plus.

    I am not going into the veracity of those figures, I don’t know how much anyone earns, assuming that you somehow do.

    But you have included 5 players here who are on loan. Do you think we are paying their wages? I am not sure. Secondly Almunia is one of the goalkeepers in our squad, likewise Squillaci a defender. Both of them have been in match day squads this season. So to keep these players we need to pay them wages, what is your suggestion? I wouldn’t even go into Chamakh and Arshavin because they are important part of the first team squad. I don’t even know why you brought them up.

    On an aside, any comparison needs to be against a benchmark. Can you name me another top team that is 100% efficient in paying wages, who don’t have a single player in their book who doesn’t play a lot, who don’t pay over the top wages for a single player? No you can’t. So I don’t know what standard you want to achieve here. Yes there may be a few cases where we are overpaying wages, or even have players in our book who we could replace. But that is part and parcel of the running of any club. That in doing so we don’t overshoot our income is extremely commendable. Unless you can give me figures and back them up from authentic sources that prove we are being run worse than what is the industry standard, I won’t take just your word for it for the reasons I have explained above.

  166. OneOfUs | January 27, 2012 at 2:17 pm,

    Some projects take more time than others, some clubs undergo difficulties not faced by others……..its the way of the world. cant see why on earth someone cannot see that.

  167. Poor old Jack. Get well soon.

  168. Holy shit Acryllic, do you actually think Almunia earns 150,000?

  169. Plastic,

    The last time I checked the Mestalla was still standing.
    So they hadn’t even got onto demolitions. If you can list what works were carried out, I’ll accept they made into the construction phase of the project.
    The tinies have spent tens of millions of pounds, and they still don’t know what they are talking about, or doing (though there is a criminal investigation in progress. No, not the one invloving ‘Arry). Do you what you are talking about?

  170. < Do you know what you are talking about?
    Don't bother answering. Ta.

  171. Or do you mean Almunia and Arshavin combined?

  172. Keysersoze | January 27, 2012 at 2:20 pm,

    Other than they are not delivering, have not delivered for some time what is there new in your post? Onto that list i could add Diaby, Park, Djourou and a host of others on our team.

    As for the loanees, we are paying part of Denilson’s wages just as Chelsea pay some of Yossi’s and City some of Adebayor’s……..dont have anything on the other deals and how they are structured.

    Who said that to keep players we need to keep paying them wages? Is that even a question worth asking? What im saying is we are paying a price for the way we structure wages.
    Welbeck is earning 15k at united, they want to give him 50k per week which he is turning down for something like 60k. he is a better player at current moment when compared to Theo, NB52, MC29, but he is earning way less. United are also structuring his wage the way they structure all others i.e. a player delivers and the wage goes up, but not too high that it gives them issues when it is up for renewal.
    Take TW14 for example, he wants 80-90k per week, AOC, Gervinho are better players and have more to their game than he does. Gareth Bale, Junior Hoillett, Aaron Lennon, Nani, Valencia, Sturridge are players who mostly earn less than what he is on right now and less than what he is asking for yet have more to their game.

    I was shocked to hear that Diaby earns more than Modric………………we have a broken wage structure. why the hell is it do you think we are loaning first team players? i will tell you its not because they are fantastic, but because no one was willing to get them for what they earn, and we are hoping that they deliver when they are out there (something most are not).

    Transfer fees are what you value a players talent at, wages, are what you value their contributions at. there is not a team that is 100% efficient when it comes to wages, but there is hardly a team that lives within its means that is as wasteful as we are (that is a statement that has no ifs, and no buts). How Tottenham play better football than we do this year on a wage bill almost 40 million below ours and are closer to City than we are is amazing. also amazing is how our wage bill has gone up when we sell world class players and replace them with potential world class players.

    Try again. but why you will even try is beyond me seeing i explained my views already (was even told i write volumes). but feel free to do so

  173. Markus | January 27, 2012 at 2:31 pm,

    combined, they earn 150k.

  174. Well spotted ZP, for a while I thought he was AIC, but he doesn’t froth at the mouth under pressure like AIC did.

    Moving on, it seems that all AA wants us to do is agree with him that we can have divergent views.

    Well, I’ll sign up to that if it means his needs are satisfied.

  175. Poorly disguised hooks. What a bitch.

  176. Ummm, where do you get this info Acryllic?

  177. Keysersoze @ 2:20:

    Excellent point.

    The bigger issue is the flat wage structure I think. It was a great way to stock the club with a large number of talented young players and help to ensure that we did not have too many repeat Flamini’s since we tried to bring as many players as possible into relatively generous long term contracts. However, it also has downsides which were probably not as evident prospectively. Criticizing what we did in retrospect is not really fair. The important thing at this point is that we learn our lessons from past mistakes. It will take a BIG contract to sign RVP. Letting the contracts of NB, Denilson, Almunia etc run out and the signing of RVP will hopefully signal the end of flat wage structure.

  178. finsbury | January 27, 2012 at 2:31 pm

    SMH again. try looking up the specifics…….they had started work, but it stalled due to a lack of funds. Secondly, why would they demolish Mestalla before a stadium being bult on a new site is completed?

  179. Markus | January 27, 2012 at 2:44 pm

    Would you believe it if i told you?

  180. Plastic.

    I might be bored. Yes, it wasn’t a demo. Oops. How wrong of me. You raised their project yesterday, in 2012. They’ve been freaking out about the debts in Valencia since, oh, about 2010.

    If you want I can provide you with a spade, you can get to site, and start digging!

  181. From FIFA 2012?

  182. Cbob @ 2:42:

    Good one. Wisdom again comes from your keyboard. It a worn out cliche but respectfully agreeing to disagree would be appropriate sometimes.

  183. The project was actually announced by Calatrava’s office in the middle of the last decade.

    So. They’ve made a lot of progress since then. And speaking to people from Spain waving to me froma few meters away, who aren’t going back to work on construction projects in Spain anytime soon, well. They can’t imagine that project or many others being completed anytime in the near future.
    Shall I mention that Valencia sold off a lot of players before they even built the damn thing?
    Or would that be too obvious for our groaning troll?

  184. Acryllic

    Valencia is just about the worst example of a club building a new stadium that you could have chosen. A bit like observing that Leeds are bastions of financial conservatism. Whereas Arsenal were probably an object lesson in how to do it, Valenica took that example, ripped it to shreds and went headfirst into oblivion as a consquence. They were consumed by debt to the extent that a minor fire sale was held. When Villa went most of the money went to keeping the club afloat and during that time, the Spanish construction industry has plummeted.

    They might well be in a new stadium in coming years but they’ve already mortgaged their future.

  185. finsbury | January 27, 2012 at 2:50 pm,

    And against wisdom, everyone jumped on me while not having the facts. wouldnt be the first time. As for their debts, try having a look on how the deal is structured and how it will go down once the project is done.

    Markus | January 27, 2012 at 2:55 pm

    LOL. you wish.

    Gotta go, duty calls

  186. AA

    Where’s your proof that Almunia, Squillaci and Arshavin earn a combined £200k per week.

  187. *Yawn*

    Nice article OOU. thanks. I most certainly would never yawn at your contributions by the way.

    AA man, you’re offering nothing new, and as Keysersoze says, you only read small parts of people’s replies to you and respond to that. You then miss fundamental counter-points that people make in reply to your posts, and continue to rant on thinking that there is no other person in this world who could be right other than yourself. At least Jabba talks football and tactics sometimes and you can see that he has intelligence. AA comes across like some selfish, wound up 14 year old who’s just started supporting Arsenal and is entwined in a football manager/fifa love-in session. Imaginary management is probably be the only other thing he does in life apart from coming on here regurgitating the same, but slightly differently worded rants every day (even at different times throughout the day!). The endless knowledge about players’ wages, transfer fees and standing within the club should be applauded. We should feel privileged to have stumbled across such a fountain of arsenal-related knowledge. I wish I knew as much as you. It must feel great. But it seems that this outstanding knowledge is only making you more unhappy, the complete opposite to the happy, yet ignorant, Carl Pilkington…

  188. Zimp @ 2.12 😀

    Thanks, I just needed a better perspective than mine.

    Very funny indeed.

  189. Well said Geo (again).

    It’s an extraordinary skill to be able to cherry-pick the bits you want to reply to and ignore the central tenet of the argument completely. It gives it a freakish, hypnotic never-ending quality to it.


  190. Hahaha! thanks Yogi and finsbury. Hopefully he’ll start to realise that he’s been talking utter bollocks for some time now. Oh, actually…

    “Markus | January 27, 2012 at 2:55 pm

    LOL. you wish.”

    That mature retort actually means – ‘yes Markus, how did you guess?’

    Shortly followed by:

    “Gotta go, duty calls”

    i.e. – *puts down keyboard* *picks up Playstation controller*

  191. 🙂 Jonny, “It gives it a freakish, hypnotic never-ending quality to it.” Very true!

  192. Acryllic

    As for the loanees, we are paying part of Denilson’s wages just as Chelsea pay some of Yossi’s and City some of Adebayor’s……..dont have anything on the other deals and how they are structured.

    Which basically means you had no clue about what you were saying.

    Welbeck is earning 15k at united, they want to give him 50k per week which he is turning down for something like 60k. he is a better player at current moment when compared to Theo, NB52, MC29, but he is earning way less. United are also structuring his wage the way they structure all others i.e. a player delivers and the wage goes up, but not too high that it gives them issues when it is up for renewal.
    Take TW14 for example, he wants 80-90k per week, AOC, Gervinho are better players and have more to their game than he does. Gareth Bale, Junior Hoillett, Aaron Lennon, Nani, Valencia, Sturridge are players who mostly earn less than what he is on right now and less than what he is asking for yet have more to their game.

    Welbeck has just broken through into the first team, that is why he is earning less. He is asking for more see, and not happy with what he is ebing offered. Well that also blows your argument that “United are also structuring his wage the way they structure all others i.e. a player delivers and the wage goes up, but not too high that it gives them issues when it is up for renewal” completely out of the water.

    You may think that Welbeck is at a better lvel than Walcott, I don’t. But that is opinion which cannot be debated so I will leave it at that. But do you realise the player development is not an exact science? Tell me which other team gets it 100% right in terms of player development or identifying potential? Also since you specifically bring up Welbeck and cite and example that suits your hypothesis about wasting wages, let me ask you about Berbatov? Owen? Evans? Fabio? (he is their Diaby, always injured). Hargreaves last season? Mame Biram Diouf? Anderson until he showed flashes this season? I won’t even go into Bebe. All hanky dory right?

    See the problem is you cite what you think are Arsenal’s weak points, and stack it up agaianst the strong point of other teams. That is not fair. That is why I asked you for a benchmark, and the fact that your example of United has more holes in it than a golf course, means you still haven’t given a benchmark that I can accept.

    there is hardly a team that lives within its means that is as wasteful as we are (that is a statement that has no ifs, and no buts)

    And you still refute my earlier statement that you are only interested in your own viewpoint and not others’?

  193. I do want to see your sources for the salaries you are quoting when Arsenal FC does not communicate on contract length, salaries paid, bonues,etc.

    And if you say it is quoted regularly inestablished newspapers as the sun daily mirror, and other tabloids, I would remind you that 90% of the exclusive and from a source close to the club articles are a just fantasies. The 10% that are in the end true are just true because by claiming a thousand exclusive per day you are bound to be right sometimes.

    And your claim that you always back-up your post with good argument shows that you are just not worth listening to!

    “I estimate we are wasting 20 millions on wage on overpaid players” you must have tremendous insight in Arsenal FC to claim this when salaries are not made public.

    “we cannot get rid of Bendtner, Denilson, Almunia because they are on such big wage” please show us one valid source to show that is the reason we haven’t sold them (no the sun and le grove are not valid source). As firstly like said above no salaries are made public and secondly not one club supposedly linked with them said that negotiotion broke down because of this. To claim this is as ludicrious than claiming Bendtner chose the 52 number because it is the amount of his salary!.

    “Bayern built a stadium and are still competitive while we claim we are broke” the Allianz arena, like the other stadium built or modernised recently, has been done thanks to the organisation of the WC which saw them awarded subvention to built the stadium and the ground on which it was built cost them nothing compared to the millions Arsenal had to pay to get the ground.

    And as for Valencia FC stadium claims, knowing a few people living in Valencia, it has been a disaster and is one of the dozen construction site that has been untouched since the property business bubble burst a few years ago!

  194. Yogi’s Warrior | January 27, 2012 at 3:01 pm

    it came up as a debate on which teams are building stadiums, i chose it because they fell into that category.


    My current assignment means that i go to work at around this time on a daily basis, my checkout times on this site are roughly and hour minus this time except on weekends.

    YW, i talk to insiders, just as you do Darrenarsenal1.

  195. Keysersoze | January 27, 2012 at 3:15 pm,

    You could try harder than that. our salary is structured wrong, and it is biting us at the moment. its common knowledge

  196. finsbury | January 27, 2012 at 2:50 pm,

    And against wisdom, everyone jumped on me while not having the facts.

    What facts are these? The fact that Valencia do not have a new stadium. Hang on. Checking…Google earth isn’t showing me much. Bing maps draws a blank too.
    No, no it isn’t not there. I’m sure many would like it to be there, but it just isn’t.

    However, it was entertaining when you referred to their non-existant new stadium in your, erm, your ‘argument’, yesterday. Very funny. Thanks!

  197. £200k is, on my understanding, about £50k too high.

  198. Acryllic

    You could try harder than that. our salary is structured wrong, and it is biting us at the moment. its common knowledge

    Thre. You are right and we should bow down to your knowledge. If that is your argument don’t complain if people ignore or abuse you. Bye. 🙂

  199. Keysersoze | January 27, 2012 at 3:15 pm,

    United have their injury prone players, they dont seem to hold them back, do they? And yes, they have a guy like Owen, who is on a low base salary with bonuses on appearances and performance. as for the rest, Berbatov was an integral part to their play last season, as was Evans.

    As for Valencia, give it up, Valencia started work on a new ground, it stopped, and they will restart soon……is that not exactly what i have been stating all along?

  200. finsbury | January 27, 2012 at 3:23 pm,

    Good luck, you made an idiot and admitted you were wrong, move on.

    YW, that’s your understanding, i heard different. may well be different when other things are factored in.

  201. guunerluc – nice one. I didn’t know that about the Allianz Arena.

    AA – you’re back! lost a game and reset the consol eh? You’re only cheating yourself…

    “I talk to insiders” that’s the best bit of evidence to ‘back up your argument’ that has ever been produced on here. I take everything back. What a ‘source’ you are.

  202. Keysersoze @ 3:15:

    More excellent points. Clearly we have made some mistakes but its impossible for any club to avoid all mistakes. No realistic way to quantify but I think our record is as good as any club.

  203. Keysersoze | January 27, 2012 at 3:24 pm,

    Could you ever prove it isnt holding us back? Nope, Never, Nada.
    It is a point i have explained so many times over the past few days that if you cannot be bothered to read my posts over the past few days as you keep taking small portions and keep asking me questions, i will cease taking you seriously.

    Work calls.

  204. You haven’t answered about Valencia’s stadium by the way. What exactly was your point yesterday about them remaining competitive whilst building a new stadium? Completely useless statement seeing as their stadium move is only virtual/proposed. Also, we were very competitive when we were still at Highbury (while our new stadium was being built), probably moreso than Valencia have been. We have performed incredibly well in the most competitive league in the world in fact. Theirs will end up being a long drawn out fiasco, while our transition has been very smooth, and we will reap the rewards in years to come. Valencia will be fucked going far into the 2020s…

  205. Geo | January 27, 2012 at 3:30 pm,

    why dont you ask YW where he gets his info from? He has understood my point, moved on too, why cant you? it isnt any of our fault that you dont know where to get stuff, is it?

  206. Geo | January 27, 2012 at 3:34 pm,

    i gave a link from Valencia’s site where they state they have secured funding to continue construction of their stadium. from my limited english, i understand that to continue is to resume from where one stopped, not to start.

    secondly, you are taking it out of context, my views as expressed yesterday are clear for anyone to understand…..after all, i back up everything i say with a reasoned debate behind it. move on.

  207. The only think that matters to this guy is winning trophies. I feel he would be for Mourihno managing and sugar daddy pumping money into Arsenal, as long as we win some trophies. He care’s not for the principles that Wenger has been trying to instill in the players.

    Again, mi suss him out long blow wow time. 100% glory hunter.

  208. excuse the grammar, but you get my point.

  209. don’t you be late for work now Acryllic.
    Don’t want you defaulting on the loan that paid for that ultra-flexible back of yours.

    off ye go son..ciao

  210. haha! No, you’re right, it’s not your fault that I’m in awe of you and your ability to ‘get stuff’ as you put it (trust me i am fairly good at getting the ‘good stuff’ but that’s for another blog)…. I don’t claim to know more than the average fan. I know a lot about the playing side of things being a fairly high level player my whole life, but alas, I am not privvy to the unprecedented ‘Insider Knowledge’ that you claim be about arsenal’s inner runnings.

    I was involved in the ‘debate’ yesterday about stadium moves. your point was that Valencia are in a better position than us to be competitive despite also moving to a new stadium. You were slating the Arsenal management and wage structure (and all the other things you’ve repeated over the last week), and someone (may have even been me) came back to you about the massive transitional implications that come with moving stadiums, which you countered by giving Bayern & Valencia as better managed examples of this.

    Please see gunnerluc, finsbury & yogi’s replies above. They may help you realise that your argument is fucked. It’s wrong. It’s negative bullshit manipulated to fit your arguments. What are you trying to achieve by all of this? To try to get people who support Wenger to turn on him? To join you in your crusade, your quest to push arsenal as low as it can go so some oil barron takes pity on us and buys Ferndando Torres to solve all our problems? I don’t get it man. the more people like you who are around spreading the negative shit, the more people who will jump on the bandwagon and boo our own team against our biggest rivals, possibly costing the club as a whole dearly. Is that the plan? Sounds great.

  211. AA the difference is most other people with make an estimate based on rumour, whilst conceding that the estimate may not be acurate. You are presenting the info as fact and using the auumption to damn our squad players. Then… well I’ll just recount our conversation.

    AA: “Almunia and Arshavin earn 150k, add Squillaci on that list and you have 200k per week.”
    Me: “Ummm, where do you get this info Acryllic?”
    AA: “Would you believe it if i told you?”
    Me: “From FIFA 2012?”
    AA: “LOL. you wish. Gotta go, duty calls.”

    LOL indeed.

  212. Aman, by work, he means virtual management. Damn good at it too. But he’s his own boss, so he can make up the time before school tomorrow..

  213. the people feeding the fucker need to stop it .
    This has been the most boring week ever on ACLF.
    It deserves better.

  214. Finsbury have you been making idiots again? (Acryllic 3.29)

    Fins I thought we spoke about this? Making idiots is not to be taken lightly. It’s dangerous work exposing yourself to that much raw stupidity.

  215. Geo,
    “Please see gunnerluc, finsbury & yogi’s replies above. They may help you realise that your argument is fucked. It’s wrong. It’s negative bullshit manipulated to fit your arguments. What are you trying to achieve by all of this? To try to get people who support Wenger to turn on him? To join you in your crusade, your quest to push arsenal as low as it can go so some oil barron takes pity on us and buys Ferndando Torres to solve all our problems? I don’t get it man. the more people like you who are around spreading the negative shit, the more people who will jump on the bandwagon and boo our own team against our biggest rivals, possibly costing the club as a whole dearly. Is that the plan? Sounds great.”

    (so many words)…let me help u summarize, mate:


    (the 4-word troll-off)

  216. “You are presenting the info as fact and using the auumption to damn our squad players. ”

    Markus – facts all gained through his ‘inside connections’ at the club. Very privileged fellow is our Acrylic Altair.

  217. PG – please intervene sooner next time! I get carried away… I’ve wasted a lot of time on this today 😦

    Well said Aman. Succinct.

  218. True dat George!

    I do get the need to want to shut him up, but unfortunately, trying to do that is like throwing gas on a fire.

  219. Ha! I just realised, going back to the comment about our papal crusaders and having re-read my last comment, it looks as though I’m actually quoting passages from the bible – “Acryllic 3.29”.

    Well, lets face it, his posts ARE about long enough to have put a religious book together, so it kind of works. And we shall call it “The Bible of Dumbfuck”.

    “Here endeth the lesson. I was right you were wrong. Ner na-na-na ner ner” Acryllic17.6

    *No offence meant to religious people BTW*.

  220. I thought at the time that Squillaci was an excellent squad addition for us as it goes. Kinda still do.

    It’s difficult to please everyone to be sure. We have a spot on the team for another defender. The fans want someone with proven quality. Wenger has a look at Squillaci, who has won back-to-back titles, has much experience is in his twilight years and is prepared to come play for us as fourth string defender for a fair wage. Decent shout Arsene? No!

    “Why are we paying this old codger who doesn’t play 50,000 a week?”

  221. United have their injury prone players, they dont seem to hold them back, do they?

    That is beside the point we were discussing. It is another debate, and one I am sure has been done to death by somebody here already. 🙂 See, you again demosntrate what I said earlier, that “You do respond to comments. Problem is, you ignore most of the comment you respond to, and start a new rant topic. ”

    And yes, they have a guy like Owen, who is on a low base salary with bonuses on appearances and performance. as for the rest, Berbatov was an integral part to their play last season, as was Evans.

    Again, you apparently know not just Arsenal’s but United’s wages also. But if Berbativ and Evans were integral to United last season, so were Chamakh, Arshavin and Djourou, whom you have been cribbing about. At least apply the same standards to United and Arsenal players, you know our guys are not our stepsons.

  222. Have we read this? Things are on the up!


    on Bacary Sagna…
    Bacary Sagna is back in full training. Many players who are not specialist right backs have been playing in this position so we are relieved to have Bacary back.

    on Mikel Arteta…
    He is very close to full training, Thierry Henry as well.

    on Kieran Gibbs…
    He will be back to full training on Monday. He will certainly not be involved at all on Sunday.

    on Francis Coquelin…
    He is back in the squad, he is available. That makes him, Henry, Bacary and Arteta back in contention for the squad.

    on Jack Wilshere…
    He has had a little setback that is under investigation at the moment so I cannot give you how long he will be out for. At the moment he is seeing a specialist and as soon as we know more we will communicate. It sets him back a little bit but for how long I don’t know. It is the same foot but a different problem to the injury he had surgery on back in September. But is it an inflammation? We have to wait a little bit.

    on Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain…
    He is alright, it was just fatigue. His calf was not gone or anything like that, he just started to tire a little bit. It is normal for a guy who plays a game at that intensity. But health-wise he has no problem. He will be involved on Sunday.

  223. Markus – I’d have Squilly over Silvestre any day. Squillachi was awesome a few years ago, just not quite up with the pace of the prem. Great player to have in the squad as you say. I wouldn’t want him playing too many games against the big boys though!

  224. Acryllic

    Could you ever prove it isnt holding us back? Nope, Never, Nada.

    Since you have made the claim, you need to prove it dear. That is how it works. You can’t claim something and ask others to prove you wrong. 🙂

    It is a point i have explained so many times over the past few days

    Again, explained, not proven.

  225. “Again, explained, not proven.”

    Keyzer – it makes me laugh that he even thinks it needs explaining as if it is some new insight or pioneering thought of his. We’ve heard it all before from the Jabba’s & AIC’s of this world…

  226. Jonny, overall, pretty funny.

  227. Bill

    It is unreasonable to say that we have been perfect. Mistakes have been there, improvement is possible. What gets my goat is people like AA who are always ready to blow smoke up our rivals’ arse, while highlighting only the negatives about our club.

  228. All clubs make mistakes because they are ran by people. We move on, we support, no need to rehash things over and over. Fact is, we can only see result’s but have no idea what went on behind closed doors that could have attributed to an outcome not going the way we would have liked.

    MOVE ON!


  229. Try this,
    Andrei Arshavin comes to the club,he is our record transfer and is payed top tier money from the off.
    For the first two years everyone is happy.
    12 months later some are saying he is a waste of space and a drain on our resources.
    What should we have done so this situation did not arise?
    Offer him a shorter contract when he came?Just in case it did not work out?
    OK lets say we did that.So after the 2 happy years we have to offer him an extension and a wage hike,no doubt.So at this point he would have 2 or 3 years left,instead of one.
    Why do idiots think they see a magic solution to problems that highly paid ,highly skilled professionals some how miss.
    I know,I answered my own question when I called them idiots.

  230. the people feeding the fucker need to stop it .
    This has been the most boring week ever on ACLF.
    It deserves better.

    Well said George

  231. Also,will people stop call that idiot Acryllic Altair “AA”
    When I scan down and see “AA” I think someone is talking about my little darling,and then I disappointed.
    Try to give old PG a bit of consideration,please.

  232. Keysersoze, come off it! The burden of proof does not apply to them.

  233. On a different note, Arsenal/USA.com’s online shop is crap!

  234. Some good stuff but the selection is nothing like the UK site.

  235. Keysersoze:

    You clearly made all your points very well. You humiliated him much more effectively then just calling him names. AA needs to learn when it time to cut his losses, put his tail between his legs and run away.

    No team can avoid all mistakes and overall I think we have done quite well. I suspect part of the thinking with many of the poorly performing contracts that we gave were meant to avoid repeats of Flamini. No one in the world could have forseen how important he would be in that 07/08 season. If we had tied him up earlier, alot might have been different. All those (including myself at one time) who criticized wenger for the Flamini episode conveniently forget that. Its very easy criticize things in retrospect.

  236. Arsene

    “Gibbs is back in full training on Monday, and Vermaelen can [also] play left back and he is fit. [Andre] Santos will be fit in March,” he said.

    “Three left backs, plus Sagna – who can play there – is four. We are not [shopping for a] left back.”

    This should get some people fuming.

    ha ha!

  237. Paul,you know that the lack of choice is due to us paying silly wages to Diaby.
    Fact and no prof is required.A source told me so

  238. Bill, it seem’s Flamini was not true to his words, given what I remember Arsene saying. Arsene fully expected the guy to sign on.

    The thing is that contracts are worth very little anyway. That should be something that the football assocition’s look into. If you sign a contract, you should not be able to pressure team’s into selling them so easily.

  239. Diaby earns 190,000 a day and a bonus when he doesn’t play. Wouldn’t you like to know where my information comes from.


  240. By the way George, I am not sure if you are aware of this, but Bill is on 150 grand per month.

  241. Just ignore the kid.


  242. Paul, overall, thanks! I think. 😉

    Dups, that’s a great idea in principle but every time it has been tried someone carries it on. Takes a level of coordination that’s nigh impossible to achieve.

  243. gunnerluc?

    In the absence of any dissenting voices I look forward to seeing you before the Blackburn game for a beer or two.

  244. Markus

    I’m sure you really meant 190,000 per week + bonus for keeping our medical team in jobs.

  245. Jonny

    I know it is difficult to ignore those people. I find myself ready to answer them but remember my NYR. ‘Don’t mock the afflicted’.

  246. Seriously, I cannot believe some of you even acknowleging the existence of the manc twat on here? I thought some of you were intelligent, George excepeted obviously. He can’t help being northern.

    Jack having a setback is sjust too fucking obvious man. I glad we aint signing a left back, no point really, as long as we sign someone for a different position. Ahem.

  247. lol @ Jonny!

    apart from the 4 letter words my friend.

  248. Would that be DM, Dex?

  249. Paul @ 4:37:

    You are right about contracts being nearly worthless.

    Paul @ 4:40:

    I’m worth every penny of it too!!!


    I finally got to watch “In Bruges” last night. My wife looked at me when it was over and said “interesting but a little strange”. Sort of my feeling. Did you really like that better then “The Dark Knight”? I guess my tastes are more mainstream.

  250. You are so hurtful Dexter.
    I am sitting here,quietly eating black-puddings,doing no harm to anyone .And I get savaged by a Cockney Superlect.(I just made a word up 🙂 )

  251. Bill ,you didn’t think it was funny?
    Black humour at its best mate.
    Perhaps it is a British sort of thing.
    Sorry you didn’t get it.

  252. “In Bruges” is the best film I have seen in 10 years.
    Perhaps it is just me.

  253. PaulN

    Who is DM?

    George I like superlect, you should copyright it!


    In Bruges is strange, snortin coke with a fascist midget is pretty random I’d say! Ralph Feines character is genius. Not a fave by any means.

    Have you seen SExy beast Bill? Not sure what your missus will make of that one man!

  254. Dexter the midget on Ketamine is just too much

  255. George:

    It had some parts where we chuckled. To each their own. Thanks for the recommendation. 🙂

  256. Have you seen “The Sound of Music” then Bill. A bit more serene that one.

  257. George @ 5:00PM:

    For me that was a case of trying hard to be funny but just not quite making it.

    Dex @ 4:58:

    Given the name I think I will probably preview that one when my wife is out of town before I try to get her to watch it.

  258. aah…life’s back to normal in the ACLF village.

    I propose we abbreviate the troll’s name to AAA, as in Acryllic A. Altair.
    Pls feel free to be creative with the middle A

  259. Dex @ 5:02:

    Ha Ha.

  260. Bill

    Haha! It isnt a porno dude, its got Sir Ben Kingsley in it! And Ray Winstone and Ian McShane and the gorgeous Amanda Redman

  261. I watched ‘In Bruges’ on your recommendation
    George, it was excellent.
    We have all waved to someone only to be blanked-Colin Farrell-‘ fucking little cunt’

  262. You don’t know karate

  263. Anyone seem The Guard? I found it funny.
    (I live in the west of Ireland and some of the stuff is true)

  264. That’s just out isn’t it Dups?
    Have u seen Mickey Bo and me?

  265. Geo | January 27, 2012 at 3:51

    I think the hint for you and anyone else was when i replied to YW and my latter response that he has moved on.
    He understood that there was the issue of signing on fees: at arsenal, if they are significant, they are spread over several years. Cesc had one that was stretched over the duration of his contract, and his 90k per week salary became 110k.

    AA23 has one that was also spread, and Squillaci also had a signing on fee. our fees differ, not that any of us is wrong, just depends on what you factor in or leave out. there are too many clauses involved in contracts and even when they do come into effect, they are almost always paid out across a season so as not to effect cash flow.

    if you want to make a fool of yourself, feel free. if you think im wrong, just ask YW to check with his source as to whether i am right or wrong.

    Keysersoze | January 27, 2012 at 4:08 pm,

    proof is in the pudding. we have huge contracts because we started paying these players huge salaries early. look at Wes Brown, the biggest base contract he ever had at united was 55k per week. you also make the point that Welbeck is on the first team this year, true, but he has gained the raise only after he has started performing. and he is a better player compared to Walcott when one looks at the fact that he can play either wing, up front, can finish better, can beat his man. today TW14 wants 85k per week, why would he want that? because he sees AA23 earn around that much and sit on the bench.

  266. YW, there is something wrong with my last comment……….dont know why the user name changed

  267. Acrylic/ there is always something wrong with ur last comment ha

  268. I thought you were all talking about the old B&W film ‘They flew to Bruges’.

    I was shocked by the reality.

  269. Ha! Sorry CBob! Bill’s fault tho, blame him!

    Kind hearts and Coronets is one of my fave films, if that helps?

  270. Spy

    Not seen that yet. Will look out for it.

  271. Only if it’s the original Dex.

    Alec Guiness. There was an actor.

    Him and Clint.

  272. CBob

    Is there a remake? Even if there was, no comparison! Same applies to Ladykillers, St Trinians, School for Scoundrels and loads of other British classics. Pure genius!

  273. Well I could have sworn there was a recent American abomination.but I can’t find any sign of it on ‘t’web.

    Agree absolutely about all those old British comedies. Never surpassed.

  274. Dups its a couple of kids in Northern Ireland, during the troubles, one Catholic the other Prod
    they form an unlikely friendship
    ,get up to all sorts (funny and sad)

  275. Ah Bob, think you are thinkin of the Tom effin hanks lady Killers. Yuk!

  276. Spy n Dupsff

    There are some brilliant Irish fillums! The Snapper is one of my faves. And theres one with Colin Farrell before he went all hollywood, think its called Interference?

  277. Ah, is that the same basic plot?

  278. And the General too. Same dude whose in In Bruges.

  279. Dex is the snapper about a pregnent girl?

  280. @ dups

    Did he say “I’m Irish sir, racism is part a mi country”?

  281. 6pm So just opened a bottle of Ridley’s ‘Old Bob’ in defiance of Yogi’s cheap stereotyping.

    Lovely drop of beer.

    Come on the Villa game.

  282. Spy

    Yeah, the snapper is the cranky dad whose always erm snappin! Comedy gold, well worth checkin out.

  283. Haha! Nice Bob, think I may have to imbibe myself!

  284. Anton Ferdinand’s been given the bullet at QPR, literally. And I do mean literally.

  285. thats it Bob you have started the Drink in

  286. Paul N

    That’s what he said. Bloody true in some parts here.

  287. Dex

    I saw about Ferdinand getting sent a bullet in the post. A sad situation. And that idiot AVB did a Septic Bladder saying him (Ferdinand) and Terry should just shake hands.

  288. Dups- Off to see ‘Van the man’ in Belfast on the 3rd feb, cant wait.

  289. Roll on the day when Mourinho takes over AFC.

    Wenger is no motivator of men. With the players he used to have available he didn’t need to be; the last 5 years have been very different.

    Blame it on the refs!

    That’s why Ferguson’s teams keep on winning and we don’t.

    Can you imagine???!

    Dream on.

  290. Haha! There we were talkin about comedies and up pops the blog equivalent of a fake dog turd.

    Brilliant! Timing is everything in comedy.

  291. well said Dex just when we were chilling out

  292. Nothing fake. That is a real dog turd.

  293. copernicus I agree.
    What else do you think?
    I am sick of these superlectual AKB’s on this site .
    Delusional sheep I say!
    What say you mate?

  294. @ OOU (or have you reverted to Big Al?)

    Great post again. I’ve been thinking that this could be the year that we finally have a better 2nd half than first half. Big shame about Wilshere’s setback, though. I wonder how Diaby is getting on? He wasn’t mentioned in the injury updates.

    I agree with your assessment of AOC, especially of the caution against expecting consistency too soon. And my goodness he is hugely improved from the player who arrived last July. I really like that Twitter anecdote because one sign of a top player is that he is clear-sighted about his and other players’ performances.

  295. More like a rabid dog with an upset stomach’s final turd

  296. @ spy
    Big fan of Van Morrison (I assume you mean him and not RvP), Brown-eyed girl and Have I Told You Lately are two of my favourite tracks in the world. Enjoy the gig!

  297. Cbob – I’m one of Clint’s biggest fans (seriously) but he could hardly be described as a great ‘actor’.

    Amazing presence, a living legend, the greatest movie star ever but as far as acting goes he does only ever play Clint Eastwood. I think it was Don Siegel who said,

    “He doesn’t act he just is”.

    He did a bit of acting in Play Misty for Me and Million Dollar Baby but can’t think of too many other examples…

  298. Jonny,you could equally say that about The Duke,or Robert De Niro or Jack Nicholson

  299. That may be true Jonny, but he can’t really be as sensible, ruthless and capable in real life surely?

    He has been in and made some of my favourite films. If there was a real Clint, we need more of him. We all know this, It’s why he has been so successful.

    Alec Guinness could act though.

    I remember reading an article recently about one of those Americans who act ‘in character’, you know start ‘living the part’. Some English Grand dame, who was in the film with him said ‘why don’t you just act darling, it’s so much easier’.

  300. Check out ‘Bitter Moon’ a grown up tale of jealousy and passion, ok Hugh Grant is in it but dont let that put you off, Peter Coyote’s portrayal of a tragic lover is one of the best bitter and twisted characters i’ve ever seen. set in Paris.

  301. Just skimming, haven’t got time to read back, but these caught my eye.

    @ Markus | January 27, 2012 at 4:04 pm
    Good comment – also shows how good you have to be to stand out at Arsenal.

    @ pedantic george | January 27, 2012 at 4:18 pm
    ha ha!
    Some people judge with hindsight, AND they can predict the future. Why they are all not Lottery millionaires I will never know.

  302. “ArsenalPolls Arsenal Polls
    Poll update: Reason started supporting AFC: 20% – family 10% – geography 25% – style of play 45% unique reasons (other)”

    45% style of play eh?
    And people tell me that the “win at all costs” is the way.
    Well it appears I was right all along.(not for the first time I might add 🙂 )

  303. Right, ‘Old Bob’ sunk. Shepherd Neame ‘Spitfire’ next. One of my favourites.

  304. Fun/ never accured to me, yes Van Morrison, the godfather of Irish R/B

  305. Tell John Cross that george.

  306. George

    Seriously man, you can’t say De Niro plays himself mate. Thats daft (sorry, forgetting the northern thing again!) Him and Nicholson are brilliant actors. Clint isnt.

    Michael Sheen is great at protraying specific characters; Kenneth Williams, Tony Blair, David Frost and Brian Clough! That Damned United is an ace little film. And its football related! Bonus ball!

  307. Bob,Tell John Cross what?
    I am in his bad books.

    Dexter ,Richard Burton said Clint was the best “film actor he ever worked with.
    But what did he know?Not as muck as a Cockney Superlect,I will wager

  308. Clint Eastwood is a quintessential film actor. Genuinely possesses mystique and charisma on screen. He does’t have an enormous range, but he conveys depth of his characters with great economy and without the sort of affectation which irritates me about Jack Nicholson. His presence can be intense or laid-back, cold and heartless or warm and humourous. I rate him very highly as a director – Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil being a notable achievement in my book.

  309. Not being picky mr george but it is 25% style of play, 45% other!!!!! (thats how u have written it anyway)

  310. I agree with FunGunner.
    (nothing new there then ,I hear you all saying)

  311. He’s a very limited actor, doesnt mean he can’t read someone else’s words well. Saying he does it with economy is funny FG! Have you seen Dirty Harry? Talk about ham! And Gran Torino. Similar to Michael Caine really, he gets called a film actor, but I think he’s really good, especially in harry palmer films and slueth (the original)

  312. Thanks Basil.you are right.
    But it is still more than Family or geography.Which it would never have been 20 years ago.

  313. By your reckoning Fung, then Stallone and Arnie are quintisential film actors too. Maybe throw in Jean Claude van Damme too for good measure! 🙂

    am not sure you know the meaning of the term actor? Clint doesnt ‘act’ per se. He has a presence. Steve McQueen was the king of that. Now that dude was cool man.

  314. Dexter are you saying you recognise acting better than Burton?
    Your arrogance is staggering.

  315. Taste in film actors is highly individual and although its great fun to debate there is no right or wrong answer to the question of which is better ( with a few exceptions). Part of Clint Eastwoods brilliance is the intelligence he shows to take roles that he knows will work well for him.

  316. Clint Eastwood was always going to be stereotyped aftrer great hits like the Dollar series,
    there is no denying his great screen presense,
    but i would not rate him as a great actor.

  317. @ pedantic george

    regarding what Burton said about Clint, I can well believe it. I would have loved to see him stretching himself more because I’m sure he had it in him.

  318. I think Brad Pitt is a great actor(a river runs thru it) and he is a good looking bastard.

  319. As for Van Morison, never been a fan, liked Them but since then? One or two songs, ‘Brown Eyed Girl’ is excellent, but ethe rest is just a bit dull to my ear.

  320. Bloody wireless keyboards, rubbish.

  321. Thanks dups! I must admit, that scene had me crakin up!

  322. FunGunner,when they were doing “Where Eagles Dare” Burton was adding dialog and Eastwood was putting lines through it.ack
    He told Burton he was wasting words when an expression would do.Burton was taken aback.Then realised he was right

  323. George

    Burton never said he was a great actor. Anyway, he probably wanted to jump his bones thats why he buttered him up.

  324. Ooh lazy bastard as well as a shit actor then George. 🙂

    Yeah fuck the to be or not to be scene, I’ll just grimace. That’ll do.

  325. spy

    Brad Pitt is funny as fuck in True Romance (love that film man) as a pot head.

  326. Spy

    Brad Pitt as the pikey in Snatch was very good.

  327. “Yeah fuck the to be or not to be scene, I’ll just grimace. That’ll do.”

    Not like you to be funny Dexter.But that certainly was.

  328. Spy:

    I have never been a Brad Pitt fan, probably because of all the tabloid headlines he gets. I think ones idea of who is a great actor and who is not is just as individual as your taste in music or art. Had a friend who was an art history professor and he hated everything Claude Monet painted. Said is was commercial stuff only an under educated person could like. No depth or soul. I know nothing about art but I love to look at his paintings.

  329. “That may be true Jonny, but he can’t really be as sensible, ruthless and capable in real life surely?”

    Sadly he pretty much is – directs films with the most minimal fuss – usually just two takes per shot, he flies helicopters, is good at golf, jazz pianist and composer, he composed the music for both Iwo Jima, Letters, Mystic River, Grace Is Gone, Changeling, and J. Edgar, and the original piano compositions for In the Line of Fire. He also wrote the beautiful music at the credits of Gran Torino.

    He has directed a stunning breadth and range of films (as alluded by FG) all of this when he wasn’t setting up his own production company (Malpaso) or being a politician with an eye for small business interests and conservation.

    He has seven children by five different women and he has married twice (though why he married Sondra Locke is a total mystery).

    Apparently he also ‘acts’.


  330. Actually George, Burton and Eastwood are the 2 types of actors we are, well I am, chatting about. Eastwood is a movie/TV actor, whereas Burton is a ‘proper’ actor; technical, stage experienced, all that shizzle. Not saying Eastwood isnt good, he just isnt a great actor. You pedantic bastard! 🙂

  331. Bob / please check out Moondance,Van Morrison(you will be pleasantly surprised)
    I know you to be a man of impecable taste

  332. Honky Tonk Man. Watch that and you will laugh your knackers off at Clint’s performance! He ‘sings’ in it and everything. Hilarious!


    I know, must’ve been a glitch that, me being funny!

  333. spy

    Moondance is a tune and a half. First heard it when I saw American Werewolf in London. Another top film!

  334. @ Dexter
    They are film actors in the sense that they would never have got anywhere if all acting was done on the stage, but as actors, Stallone and Schwarzenegger are not in the same league. Clint Eastwood had a recognisable and commercial speciality. He was very good at certain types of role and men both identified with and revered him as the epitome of a kind of masculinity. But it was all underpinned by a more than decent talent, which Stallone and Arnie don’t have And he is highly intelligent, I believe. Your later post shows that you do in fact know what I mean by “quintessential film actor”.

    I initially dismissed him as a one-trick, chauvinistic pony, but after seeing a few of his less typical films I began to see him as a very good actor when not plying his familiar stock-in-trade.

    @ pg
    What Burton was saying shows that Eastwood really understands films, is how I would interpret that. No wonder he went on to be such a good director. On the subject of not wasting words, Exhibit A: Monsters Ball. Whether you like or dislike that film (I love it), there is not a wasted shot or word in it. The script is probably about 20 pages long!

  335. FG

    Did you just copy that off Wiki? 🙂

    Dont ge me wrong, I loved some of Clint’s films, although I have to say they dont do it for me now. Paul Newman is another great actor and I’d say he could be put in either camp too.

  336. Spy:

    You bum. I will not be able to stop signing Moondance in my head for the rest of the day. Great great song.

  337. Bill/ Art is the most subjective of things, I love impressionist artists(Monet,Cezanne)
    but to others it leaves them cold

  338. And “Unforgiven” is a staggeringly good film.

  339. I agree with George about Unforgiven

  340. The Outlaw Jose Whales.Best western ever.

    Fuck me Dexter are you calling him “camp” now?

  341. @ pedantic george | January 27, 2012 at 7:31 pm

    Funny you should say that, becauseUnforgiven was the one which made me start to re-evaluate him.

  342. Dups/ you Irish love a western fillum ha

  343. Shit! What am I on a bout?
    High Plains Drifter…. THE best WEstern ever. Sorry George (no Im not)

  344. Every Which But Loose….. Genius!

  345. Another actor who only plays himself; Morgan Freeman. Even when he played God, he still came across as the wisen old black dude.

    Anyway, time to open a Landbeer and cheer on Watford.

  346. William Munny was a great character.
    I know someone like him.Although he has not killed women and children and just about anything that moves

  347. Not to disagree with any of your larger points FG, but Stallone (and this is not suggesting anything of his acting directing abilities or otherwise) is one of the most intelligent people in Hollywood. Reported IQ of 160.

    But he’s also an Everton fan so he can’t be that bright. 😉

  348. No John Wayne fans out there?

  349. Dexter – Agree about High Plain Drifter. Amazing film. Strangely enough the begining to Gimme Shelter by the Stones always reminds of of the music in that film.


  350. Well yes and “Any which way you can”
    Oh yes and “Hang em High”
    Yes I will concede some real Turkeys.

  351. Jonny,He also married a woman 12 inches taller than him.That has to display a lack of common sense ,at very least.
    160 IQ my ring piece.

  352. Guys..if a film was made about AW, who’d u pick to play him?

    …eh, Willem Defoe?

  353. You are forgetting the best western ever made ‘Once upon a time in the west’ (sergio leone)

  354. If you’ve never seen this you haven’t lived

  355. Spooky guitars GA! For a spooky western.

    Are the spuds playing tonite? And they play next Monday week too. Hmmm, Wenger has a point doesnt he. Extra days rest and prep.

  356. I talk to the trees, thats why they put me away,

  357. ‘Hereafter’ was seriously awful.

    Love most though.

    Watching ‘Rango’ with grandchildren. That’s pretty good.

  358. Spy

    I’m English (London born & breed), just live in Ireland at the moment.

  359. “Stand up if you paid your tax”

    Nice from the Watford fans

  360. Dups/ I live in Sussex, my girlfriend lives in Belfast, i travel out at least once a month

  361. I hadn’t realised Yennaris is a bona-fide Gooner. Top stuff.

  362. High Noon. Now that is a proper western. 🙄

  363. i’m a Cockney

  364. Jonny

    Yeah man, he’s a local lad. Him and Afobe and Aneke and I dare say a few other yute dem.

  365. Hellaair, we’re cockerneys…

  366. The Good, The Bad & The Ugly was voted best ever western.

  367. Brilliant soundtrack Dupssff. As for the actual film? Nah.

  368. Not by me Dups,not by me.

  369. Sergio Leone rules, end of.

  370. Oh yes Bob, high noon a Classic

  371. I know they are London lads but don’t know that Afobe/Aneke were actual Arsenal supporters though?

    Afobe is from Dagenham and played for Spurs briefly too until we nabbed him back – I spoke to him briefly a few years back when I wrote an article on him for Untold.

  372. Kurosawa. The source iof many of those early Clint films and absolutely brilliant.

  373. yeah gran torino is clints best film.

  374. yes Bob Yojimbo was a Classic

  375. c’mon gambon knock out morroco so we can get Chamakh back to our attack.

  376. Jonny

    Oh, I thought you meant local lads, not actual Arsenal supporters man. Me bad.

    Laters, time for dwinks.

  377. Looks like Chamakh cold be home early. Gabon 2-1 up.

  378. Crashed into a lemon tree on the way home, now feeling bitter and twisted!

  379. looks like chamakh will be back now! …no wait..pen!!

  380. spy,


  381. Is that tumbleweed Duke?

  382. is Chamakh even playing today?

  383. Poodle he has had food poisoning so was only a sub

  384. Gabon look way happy, that is pure joy they show out there…
    What i feel with the africa cup is that people go there to have fun… pure joy….
    its been a while since ive seen that in the audience of any pl team…. they are all to anxious and think to much about transfares and money to actually enjoy the game…

    Arsenal last year did bring the joy back to the game in the first half of the season imo.. and when arsenal are on top we still do.. We make the game into more than money really…

    And taht is what City and Chelsea takes out of the game, the joy. The joy totally drowns in all the zillions they flash around..

    Look at Gabon, the only time you see that pure joy in footy anymore is with lower leage teams…

  385. It’s not helping him to get some form back though.

  386. unused sub poodle. what a cracking game. also how about using some of these (acn)refs in the prem.

  387. yeh i kinda hoped for him to sscore a goal or two before he came back.. would have done him the world of good…

  388. Duke get with the program, were talking about films here

  389. @ poodle | January 27, 2012 at 8:59 pm

    I hear you, poodle!

  390. Come on Watford, get it done!

  391. I am not too much into Westerns but Maginificient 7 is the business.

    As far as my dad is concerned, Shane is the best western ever.

  392. Some would say the best western was Star Wars.

  393. Get ready for D&G overdrive.

    Latest rumours are that Wilshere is out for the rest of the season. Transfer window closes in 4 days.

    Fail for 4th AND fail to make a signing and the story will write itself.

    Actually the story will have written itself by tomorrow.

    Courage mon braves, courage.

  394. Bin a long time since i Rock n Roll

  395. If Wilshere is out for the season do we think Arsene should buy? Personally I do, our midfield is not contributing goals wise and sometimes lacks a little bit of guile in the final 3rd.


  396. Watford giving spurs all they can handle, hope they can get the goal(s)

    Watford Tottenham Hotspur
    Shots (on Goal)
    20(8) 5(3)

  397. Looks like Frimpong was asleep on the pitch when they marked out the lines.


  398. this is getting boring, come on Jonny

  399. Fuck me, the Spuds are really riding their luck.

  400. Paul N

    Arsene will say we have plenty of cover in midfield (which we do). But we all know what happens next. The window closes and we get hit with injuries in midfield.

  401. http://www.arsenal.com/news/news-archive/wenger-stadium-vibe-must-come-from-us

    This guy is too classy.

    Love this part.

    “I will live forever for the values I think are right in football. One or two lost games or one or two bad reactions will not change that.”

  402. lets talk art

  403. Ce n’est pas un pipe

  404. even with all our midfielders fit i still think we need another one. someone who will score some muverfukin goals!!

    Romper stomper now thats a film.

    chopper. another great film.

  405. @dupsffokcuf he said he was gonna colour his hair pink if we did beat Chelsea.. i dont see no pink! 😛

  406. I agree with Duke @ 9:33 and Dups @ 9:30, but mostly with Duke.

  407. Cbob – Ridleys? Thought they closed years ago. Absolute shite. Like Westerns..

  408. Andy @ 9:15:

    “Some would say the best western was Star Wars.”

    If Star Wars can be counted as a Western then “The Empire Strikes Back” would be my all time favorite Western. Have spent hundreds of hours watching Star Wars with my kids when they were younger. Lots of bonding and many great memories. If we have to stick with real Westerns, its almost impossible to pick out 1. “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” has not been mentioned yet.

  409. Bill – Yeah, I would agree that Empire Strikes best was the best film from that particular run of films. Darker (and therefore better) than the rest.

  410. It got a mention in my top 5 last week Bill

  411. evening george, i thought you might be interested in this.

  412. I didn’t remember that George. good call. I like Westerns but never my favorite genre so I have not thought about them nearly as much as you have. I have spent most of my time with movies that my kids liked over the last 10 – 15 years. Now I have young grandkids so it will start over. Hopefully sometime we can talk about animated films especially the Pixar films. The first Toy Story is one of the greatest films of all time, The Incredibles and Finding Nemo are true classics that will live forever.

  413. The lead slapped me upside the head. Dinning at the Champions League table. Gorge belch and fart? I love it. irony is dripping from your pen. Yes, the guys are in dire straights. We are in ehap big trouble. We are still in striking distance of another Champions League spot.

  414. Best animated kids film is ‘My Neighbour Totoro’.



  415. Geeman have you been drinking diesel oil?

  416. That lad is a bit special.

  417. FunGun, say what you want to about arnold schwarzenegger, but Kindergardon cop was real!

    hee hee!

  418. A flim I can watch over and over is The Green Mile.

    Cry Freedom is another one.

  419. Jonny:

    I will have check that one out. Thanks.

    Great weekend to everyone.

  420. Duke Guess what? You guessed wrong

  421. Bill – if you do please report back. I don’t have kids but it makes me feel like one (not a big step admittedly).

    Good night good people – my God, what a difference it makes: the absence of eejits.

  422. I’m still here Jonny 😉

  423. Jonny

    It’s a benefit of moderation. A pain in the arse to administer but hey, no pain, no gain.

  424. I wondered where george went earlier!

  425. Van Persie is giving Arsenal some hope.

    He has plenty of talent, one of his goals made it on my top 50. Let me know what yall think.

    Web: http://shrt.fm/y0msL8

  426. being an Arsenal FC fan, is not about trophies, it’s about commitment to a squad that’s full of class, does not dive (Barcelona FC), appreciative of a team who competes on highest level w/out breaking bank (Man City), and does not cheat in order to win (Man U-first loss after undefeated season run in 04), and though Wenger drives us all mad at times, w/out him-we are outta CL 2 or 3 seasons ago, and the real problem is our board (Peter Hill-Wood and the rest of the corporate lot) whom are content with making profits, while never realizing or even attempting to, the wishes of the fans who still make Arsenal FC top five most popular teams in world… About time these morons pack their bags (Chelsea FC ), and get on with it, life long Gunners deserve far better, but love our squad regardless (Arshavin)!

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