Cheap Chatter To Forge A Siege Mentality?

A favourite tactic of George Graham’s was to build a siege mentality when he believed that his players had been slighted by the press; it happened quite frequently and invariably forged as much of a team mentality as the infamous lunchtime drinking sessions.

Fast forward two decades and the intrusions of the media are more frequent, immediate and from a wider variety of sources. The pundit culture has left more top players sitting on the sofa offering their views on what is wrong. Even the President of Rwanda knows where the blame lies and being a politician, it isn’t with him. Often their observations are no more insightful than those of the ordinary fan – sometimes less so – but sometimes it seems more hyper-critical; sales and hits are king.

There is nothing wrong with airing their views but too often because they have been heroes too much importance is attached to them. Let us be honest, are any of them genuine Arsenal fans? I would perhaps place more emphasis in that respect on the words of Charlie George, for example. However, their views are no less valid, just no more perceptive than you or I.

For Wenger, these interventions are tiresome. Privately, if he reads it all, he must wonder how these people are not top managers given that they know so much. Goodness knows what he thinks of Arsenal supporters; I wouldn’t like to hazard a guess after Sunday.

But it plays into his hands. This is an easy win in terms of galvanising the squad. A team meeting followed by training ground interventions by the manager; surely this will awaken the giant from its slumber. Mikel Arteta should be more positive than most, the new boy untainted by the cynicism of the Arsenal support. His words this morning surely reflect those of the whole squad,

All the players are supportive of Wenger — there are no divisions. When we’ve had bad results the fans get upset with the manager but that’s normal in football. Wenger has done so much for the club that he deserves the confidence of the fans.

Arteta is probably not aware of the scars which last season’s collapse; not fully at least. You wonder if those are resurfacing in some who were here last year or is that counter-acted by the return to training of Gibbs and Sagna or the knowledge that Jack Wilshere is not far behind.

Too many presume that the current run will continue to the season’s end. Surely that is too much presumption. What is undeniable is the wobble that took place following defeat at Eastlands. The victories over Aston Villa and QPR were unconvincing which with hindsight was a warning of the lethargy that manifested at Craven Cottage.

Defeat at Swansea was fallout from that; the win over Leeds with less than half the normal starting line-up in place may have helped individually but collectively, there was still uncertainty which showed in the defensive errors. What do the players do about this run? At this moment in time, a series of scrappy wins would do more good than a resounding thumping of Aston Villa in isolation.

With fourth place the target, back to winning ways immediately is required. Bolton and Blackburn have something to fight for and cannot be construed as easy matches; Sunderland too are on a comparative high following Martin O’Neill’s appointment, beating Manchester City whilst arguably unlucky to lose at Stamford Bridge and White Hart Lane. That’s before the North London Derby. How the world would look different were that to arrive on the back of five consecutive victories.

Football is a fluid environment, luck changing from one week to the next. Gary Player observed that the harder he worked, the luckier he became. If Arsenal’s players are working hard on the training pitch and in the ninety minutes, matters will change. As soon as possible though, Footballing Gods.

Still, if you think the current situation is bad, it could be worse as Arsenal On This Day reminds you.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Two for two morning all.

  2. I am the new Big Brovar it seems – that’s what happens when you get up to watch the cricket (whilst keeping half an eye on the tennis updates on the Guardian).

  3. Roll on Sunday.

  4. We’ll get over this hump as a team. Fans, manager and squad. 3rd place here we come.

  5. Jonny

    In response to your comment at the end of yesterday’s post. you’re quite right. In negotiations you sometimes get what you ask for. But if you only ask for what you expect to get, you’re probably a poor negotiator.

    And as for the cricket, it’s riveting. Going well at the moment (for we England supporters), but feels as though it’s on a knife edge.

  6. I believe the team would respond & bounce back but there is one question I have, what do they thrive on? Positivity or Negativity?……….do they have to wait for fans or media to get on their backs before they start winning games……..then there is the issue of rotation, the midfield has not really being rotated properly Ramsey has played lots of games as well as Arteta until the latter succumbed 2 injury…..this also contributes to their slump in form…….especially ramsey… I think we have the squad that can do this job, a player or two won’t be bad but if it does not happen we make do with what we have & hope we make the top 4…..

  7. melanie beresford

    Lady Arse had a good trick. Asked everyone who’d actually read the post to leave a banana. About 2/3 left a banana. The rest just jumped in with their usual negative stuff.

    My sense is that Man City, Chelski, Newcastle and Liverpool could be in trouble by the time FFP takes a grip. (I just spent the whole day reading the UEFA report, plus various bits from Forbes and Deloittes). Not that it’s easy to comprehend! Would appreciate clues from the more knowledgeable. Spuds desperately need a new stadium if they’re to keep up. Not to mention a manager who isn’t in gaol.

    If we can get our players back and keep them injury free we’ll be third or fourth this year.

  8. Quite so – a terrible miss by Pakistan to not review that clear LBW against Trott.

    It looked out in real time – one of those weird ones where no one got excited. Must have thought it was going over the top.

  9. Bob.I don’t think John Cross is talking to me ,because he is sulking and has not spoken to me for weeks.
    He had another go at Andrei last night.I am sure he is just doing it just to annoy me.If he is its working.

  10. I bet he is george.

    They are all out to get you!

  11. Melanie – for shame – your not suggesting I didn’t read the post are you? 😉

    I wouldn’t know how to ‘leave a banana’ if my life depended on it. Still, sounds awfully ‘fruity’.

    Federer takes the first set. Which is great news (not a Nadal fan) as someone on Twitter has just claimed the startling statistic

    “Nadal is 133-1 in Slam matches in which he wins 1st set and 15-19 in Slam matches in which he does not”

  12. You are not a genuine fan if you criticize your club or players.right. . . .where is thatcher to have words with them about patriotism for country equals love for club. With george bush to cap it all. . .if you are not with us. . . . In this climate fascism is very attractive SOME ‘genuine’ fans.

  13. Sanga back in full training. Excellent news.

  14. Ace ,don’t try to be clever ,we all know exactly how clever you really are.
    I would say stick to football but….well you know.

  15. Charlie is a top geezer and real fan but I’d place more credit on the thoughts of Charlie George if he, like the rest, didn’t toe the party line. Even Frank McLintock for example has strong views and for the public views.

  16. “Goodness knows what he thinks of Arsenal supporters;” – he should be grateful to us for paying his £7m a year salary whilst having no requirement to win anything and systematically reducing our team to the poorest in his era and probably the poorest since GG days with Hillier, Morrow and Selley as the midfield

  17. After you george?

    Not me. We’re on the same side.

  18. Frank McLintock has been a Harbinger of doom for some years now.
    I suspect we pick our pundits to suit our own agenda’s.
    Me? I like Charlie George.

  19. McLintock is Arsenal through and through; the fact that he does not think that all is rosey does not change that. The bloke is an Arsenal legend and knows the club well.

  20. Did I say any different Andy?
    Does not stop him being a miserable fucker though does it?

  21. George – Calm down mate, I wasn’t even relating that comment to anything you said. I was just saying that the bloke is a legend. Stop being so jumpy.

  22. Good clean article YW. I suspect that not only the players are scarred, even Wenger has suffered some damage last season.

  23. Just finished making a ‘Lazy Kate’ for consolslel. Very pleasing. A ‘Niddy Noddy’ next off the blocks.

    I know it’s nothing to do with Arsenal but the words ‘lazy’ and ‘niddy noddy’ struck some resonance, with me at least, with some of the recent posters on here.

  24. good piece YW……..except for the real fan bit. great piece though

  25. George – Don’t worry mate. I will give you a “virtual” stroke of your meerkat like bonce to calm you down 😉

  26. Consolsbobbin

  27. Arsene Wenger has failed to rally the troops for seven seasons…..and we will be deluded to think he will do it this time……..There are no easy games in the EPL these days and as long as the players remain average …..mid table is all we can hope for.. The only player we have who can do special things is RVP… Wenger just needs to start spending on quality ……

  28. Certainly knows how to spin a yarn, that bloke

  29. You’re on a reel there Frank.

    Consolslel is a spinner.

  30. What were we saying?…lost my thread now

  31. Every comment about crap fans needles Acrid doesn’t it?

  32. Acrid will never see eye to eye with some of us

  33. Best to throw a blanket over him Frank.

  34. will you tell me why these fans are crap? and as to why you think we are a big team. Give me a good answer and i promise never to have a negative thought ever. and you can hold me to that.

  35. Don’t let him pull the wool over your eyes though.

  36. Hang on, was it Charlie George or our very own (pedantic) George who got a rise out of John Cross? Whoever it was keep it up.

  37. Um, fans that boo our manager/player/team or whatever during one of the most important games of the season makes them pretty crap.

    Having one of the best stadiums in the world, with one of the best managers of all time, having great history, traditions and a great future.

    Is that ok Acrylic Altair?

  38. Geo,well it will do for me

  39. It was our George.

    Altair why the do you need our explanation? We just have a different mindset.

    And who says we think we are a big team? In honest truth we never have been but thanks to Wenger we have a chance in the future. The fans are crap because they don’t get that.

    Anywho – I explained no more negative thoughts ever again.

    And say thanks – after all there can be no greater gift! 😉

  40. Federer just save 4 set points but still lost the tie break.

    2-1 Nadal. Bollocks.

  41. Is Federer doing an Andrei.
    Fading and losing his support

  42. They’re both playing very well – could not be more evenly matched.

  43. Is this the queietest transfer window to date?

  44. Bananas … did somebody mention bananas?

    So what is a question to the answer “Yes, we have no bananas”. Well, that one’s boring even me by now. Cancel and delete.

    Decent football analysts, like modern football managers, so very rarely arise from yesteryear’s football greats, so one assumes there is a good reason. There are some very cool exceptions though and I bet the majority are Wenger enthusiasts, or at least closet fans (since you cannot say anything good about him, not in public anyway). Frank (the other one, McLintock) is neither. I mean really. What do you say as an old (or not so old) codger, once a huge star, about the contemporary, except. “Rubbish! In my day … bla di bla bla”. Did I say codger? So sorry, I meant respected great player who contributed so much. Yawn.

    It does amuse me that old players won’t shut up and think because you were once able to head the ball marvellously well, you have a fast track to some santified inner wisdom on modern teams and management.
    Beam me up, Scotty.

  45. Thanks George 🙂 you knew that already though…

  46. Zim – “So sorry, I meant respected great player who contributed so much. Yawn.

    Glad to hear you hold the history of the club in such high esteem.

  47. Just caught up with your last couple of ‘Arsenal, this day’ Yogi.

    I actually have the programme from that match framed on my wall. I’ll get it down and have a read I think.

    Of no interest to anyone here I’m sure but that Argyle side in the cup game had just been promoted from the old Third Division South.

    Before that for 6 seasons running between 1921 and 1927 they finished runners up, the next year 3rd, and the next 4th, before being promoted in the next. Only the winners got promoted in those days of course.

    There has always been a theory that the club deliberately chose not to win the title in those earlier years because a side chasing promotion drew bigger gates.

    There’s a tip for the money grubbing Arsenal Board!

    Jack Leslie, who played Centre forward in that match, was the first black professional player and rumoured to have been abiout to be picked for England before the selectors discovered that he wasn’t white. A very good player by contemporary accounts.

    Another link with Arsenal was a testimonial match at Home Park in 1972 for Bill Harper, the Argyle keeper in that 1932 match. He went on to play for Arsenal of course.

    Argyle’s opponents in the Testimonial was Arsenal! Bob Wall was key to agreeing the match. The programme gives a report of the 1932 game and claims that Arsenal’s third goal came at a time when an Argyle goal ‘looked certain’. It was also seen to be clearly offside. Argyle were also denied two stone cold penalties. Maybe things do even themselves up, we just have to go back further.

    This was the year after our first double and Arsenal fielded a strong team . My main memory of it is seeing a young Argyle fullback, a skinhead, kick Charlie all over the pitch.

    Can’t remember the score. First time I watched a match with conflicted loyalties.

  48. haha good post ZP.

    Most of the more intelligent ex-footballers are trying to express their expertise through coaching or managing, rather than punditry. Even the vaguest hint of charisma and/or football knowledge displayed by those who chose not to coach or manage, gets them fast-tracked to being a pundit. We’re left to watch/listen to those who either can’t be arsed to stay in the game, or are just too weak or stupid to cope with anything theoretical or tactical, let alone the mind games etc that come with being a manager… That’s how Gary Neville gets made to look vaguely ‘in-the-know’ – ffs.

  49. Zimpaul that’s what is so stupid (though not surprising) about the current arguments at Real. Some of the superstar, bighead players think they know better than the manager and took to adjusting his tactics in realtime without fear of response. When one of the players was asked why he was out of place and marking the wrong person, the response “was sometimes you have to be more fluid, you were never a footballer you wouldn’t understand”.
    I may not like Mourinho, but the list of great players who have gone on to utterly humiliate themselves in the management arena should be ammo enough to quell such idiocy never mind Mourinho’s personal record – which, in terms of results at least, is beyond reproach.
    Wenger could never really be considered a player and though I have not looked closely at the stats, I am sure the norm is that great managers were very rarely great players. It’s jurt a different, and probably conflicting, skillset.

  50. Gary Neville looks decent becuase he is not Robbie Savage or Jaimie Redknapp. I don’t mind him as a pundit as it goes. Strange because I despised him as a apler.

  51. Nice post.

    A siege mentality is certainly needed. Time for the players to stand up and be counted. More importantly, time for the fans to get behind the team.

    Creating a negative atmosphere at the Emirates isn’t going to achieve anything, well apart from push players out the door. Players which fans will be screaming at Wenger next season for having let go, using it as a stick to beat him and the team down once again.

    We need to make a huge push over these next few months. Everyone leave the bickering to one side and be proud to be a gunner.

  52. Jabba's Delights


    ”In honest truth we never have been but thanks to Wenger we have a chance in the future. The fans are crap because they don’t get that.”

    Steady on mate, there you go again just brushing over our history. We were the third most succesful side in English football beofre arsene and we are currenlty still that. Wenger was part of a team of oustanding people who delivered the stadium. Fans who boo the manager and the players are utterly useless there are no 2 ways about it, fans who want to see that ”chance in the future” start becoming a chance in the present arent useless whatsoever.

  53. i always have thought that how big any team is, how ambitious it is, can be measured by what it aspires to achieve at any moment in time, and how they go around their business trying to achieve the said goals.
    Take the following examples.
    1) If Bayern Munich were to win nothing at the end of the season, the question asked at the end of the season would be “Why did we not win anything, and what can we improve to ensure that it doesn’t happen again?” that is what you get from their top brass every season when they don’t deliver.
    2) What happens if United fail to win anything? They ask the same thing as Bayern do.
    3) What happens when Barca fall short? They will ask how on earth they have not won anything with all the talent that they have.
    4) Real Madrid knows that Barca are playing something sensational, that they have been fro the past three and a half years. but at the end of each season, the question you get asked is why they cannot close the gap, and why they cannot upstage the catalans with all the talent they have accumulated.

    If these teams were to fall short, they get the players needed, improve the team and have most of their players back for pre season.

    What happens when arsenal don’t win anything? We are told of how good fourth place is, how hard it is to get there every year (never mind it is harder to win every other year).
    We sell our best players and use the funds to overpay players in hope that they will deliver not paying attention to the fact that they under deliver on their current salaries. This season, we topped it all off by selling three starters and bringing in replacements after a thrashing at United.
    I personally would want us to win something, but winning for me is not as important as having the right mindset and the right mentality. Ambition is not defined by how big you spend, but how well you plan, and how one addresses weaknesses.
    Someone said this on twitter “getting any young player is not a problem, so long as we do not ignore the necessities.” He was right.
    We have not gone into a season with a team that was able to compete, or finish strong against opposition when it came to the business end; we have constantly downgraded the team while increasing the wage bill, and the hope and aspirations that the fans have that this team will contend (contend, not win) at home and in Europe has been traded for a small team mentality that Champions League football is better than trying to build something more solid. The fact that we cannot buy talent that is equal to what we sell or near to that is also alarming. Why sell Adebayor then rely on Bendtner?
    Why sell Toure and then bring in a stop gap player that is clearly past it?
    Why sell Cesc, and have no one come in as his replacement when we clearly needed someone else to come in even before he left and we knew he would leave three years before he did?

    We have a big stadium, big revenues, and a big name but one thing we lack is a big heart, big dreams. We have some players and the overwhelming majority of fans who aspire that the team can/should be doing better with the money we spend, just not the manager at current moment. A lot of people still believe that he is the man for the job, I still do. That does not excuse the reality that we have the same ambitions as a Spurs, Liverpool, Valencia, Sevilla, Braga, or Udinese. Teams like Schalke, Dortmund, Lille are smaller but have a bigger ambition hence they are likely to achieve more, and have mostly achieved more over the same time frame despite the fact that they don’t spend as much as many teams on their respective leagues.

    So when I see someone say that some people are not real fans because they simply want more and better (I am still trying to get to terms as to why this should even be seen as a negative) from the team, Manager, and Board whose salaries they pay, I get surprised.

    I personally believe that if one ever needed to see how low we look to achieve any season, and how low we are expected to see this team perform, they maybe should look at this site.
    I am still an AW fan and believer, just dont have the all rosy, always positive outlook i once had. that doesnt disqualify me from being a “real” fan, just makes me a concerned one. as to why the two are mistaken, is beyond me.

  54. Geo

    Have to agree. The standard of punditry is piss poor. We are the top league financially, meant to have the best standard of football, yet we got a bunch of ‘not cut out to be managers’ commentating 24-7.

    It seems as if they just get who’s available. There is no criteria to meet, its which ex-football player can we bring in. It leaves football watchers brainwashed by absolute drizzle, or ruining the experience for those who demand more.

    I have heard good things about punditry across some other European countries. There is no excuse.

  55. I am trying to think of great players who have gone on to become great managers. There is not many for sure:

    Ancelloti (decent shout)
    Manchini (too early to tell)
    Gullitt (a decent manager, but probably not great)
    Hoddle (see above)
    Blanc (????)
    Dalglish (????)
    Beckenbauer (decent shout)

    Can’t think of many at all. Even the ones I have suggested above are not really serious contenders, maybe Carlo Ancelloti aside.

  56. Never used to talk about how ‘big’ a club is in the old days. Didn’t seem to matter.

  57. When did I brush over our history before? Ever? Revisionist bullshit.

    I’m not doing that now either – it (obviously) depends on your definition of big.

    How many European Cup finals have we won? How big was our turnover?

    It is widely acknowledged at the club that it was Wenger’s vision and persistence that led directly to the new stadium – I think most acknowledge his hand was key.

    It’s so transparent you want to play down his contribution so you can further your jaundiced agenda.

  58. Jabba

    You still don’t get it do ya. The present would have been a lot worse had it not been for our club and Wenger thinking ahead.

    I won’t try to explain because i can’t remember if you even managed to hold a decent discussion when I use to respond to your crap. I may be confusing you with another troll…

  59. The tennis is now bonkers amazing. Crazily, crazily good.

  60. We are a big club because, by whichever measure you use, we are the 5th richest in Europe. Means little to some ‘supporters’ apparently, but this is what will give us the ‘chance in the future’.

  61. Altair – There are some decent points in your post.

  62. seriously speaking, Vicente del Bosque was meant to be a good defender. Not a bad record at management either.

  63. Frank – Yeah I did think about him. How long was he a manger for?

    Chris – Heh.

  64. Bastarding bollocks. Nadal gets the break.

    Insane tennis in the 4th set. Nadal is almost unplayable but Federer has been giving him the ammo to prove that.

  65. Andy, can you tell me what they were? I can’t be bothered to read his dissertations to find the occasional nugget worth my consideration.

  66. Guardiola is another one. But he is managing Barca so we have to make him an exception to the rule for now.

  67. I think we are a “big” club, and have been for a long long time. What we have also been in ahead of the curve and quite revolutionary. Firstly with Chapman, and more recenetly with Arsene. The (valid) arguments about us not being a top tier club is that we have never won titles back to back, and we have never really had sucess in Europe. Our record in the CL has been steady, but not spectacular (for a big club).

    The challenge in front of us now is quite new and unique. In decades geon we have not competed (in the periods when we have not) simply due to the ebb and flow of a football club. Now it is because we cannot complete financially with the likes of City and Chelsea. When the new stadium was hatched as “our way forward” the likes of Chelsea and City were not on the agenda. Whilst we have made progress as a club, the goalposts have now moved.

  68. goonerandy | January 26, 2012 at 12:12 pm

    Still waiting for Geo, Jonny and the rest to comment. hope they dont pull the same disappearing act they have mastered.

  69. Jabba's Delights

    Err we still havent won a european cup Jonny.

    And no im not trying to down play wenger. You trying to make out everything is due to him, im trying to say we’ve had some oustanding people behind the scenes as well. Your messiah my manager would claim that im 100% spot on right. You once again cant see anythign at the club bar arsene

    Chris get what? That arsenal were a succesful side before Arsene and will be after him. That the 1991 team was every bit as good domestically as the inviceables. I dont see what i dont get????? The things that you dont get that people are allowed say that arsenal football club won 10 championships before arsene and george graham had a far more succesful trophy hall in his time…………..shhhh dont tell anyone else, they all think we were brighton before he came in.


  70. goonerandy | January 26, 2012 at 12:21 pm

    Goalposts have moved, but surely does that have to limit us? at the end of the day, its eleven Vs. Eleven, if players have the right attitude on any given day, they win, if they fall short as we did against Barca, or on both occasions we played City, you look to their performance and hail it for the heart they showed and result that evaded us.

    Also doesnt stop us from trying to better our squad within our means

  71. Jesus AA, it’s non-stop with you. And still you don’t understand. ALL the teams you have just listed have sooo much more money than us it’s ridiculous to compare at this point. We will be in a position to spend more than we currently can, but not for a few years. Would you prefer that we got rid of 5 players to accommodate one superstar? We are already complaining about a thin squad… Real get money from the Royal Family in Spain, Barca was founded by Spain’s government, not to mention their massively unfair allocation of TV rights money in Spain. Man U and Bayern are 2 of the other richest clubs in the world. None of the other teams you have mentioned have taken on the hugely ambitious move to another stadium which is salivated over by almost all other clubs. Even Barcelona fans that i know would much prefer to have their team play at the Emirates. Wenger told everyone that there would be a long period of transition with Arsenal FC, but has still managed to get this team fighting and challenging for the majority of seasons.

    How many times does a similar comment have to be written to people who don’t understand the constraints Arsenal have had on here? I’m boring myself.

  72. Jonny – The thoughts about the relationship of being a “big” club and the ambition of the club are definetly decent points. Nothing wrong with the last 2 paragraphs as well.

    I do make a point on this Blog of trying to make comments on peoples posts, and not be influenced by who made the post. If I agree with something I will so say, the same as if I disagree. Regardless of who posted it. Whilst some people do go way over the top with heir particular brand of extreme, that does not mean that they can’t also makes decent points at times.

    None of the above was directed any anybody either (before I get jumped on), just my general musings. Whilst I really should be working 🙂

  73. Honestly speaking, I wish the “back against the wall” & “us against the world” mentality had come up after the 3-1 defeat at the Camp Nou to Barca last season. It’d have given us a push in the title race.

  74. Geo | January 26, 2012 at 12:27 pm,

    Where on earth have i made it about money?

  75. AA – No, it does not need to limit us. There is no doubt however though, that with the wages the likes of City are able to offer puts us in a more difficult position. They can’t buy all the players though. More concerning is when they decide they want our players.

  76. “Also doesnt stop us from trying to better our squad within our means”

    Hahaha! Yeah, we just don’t bother do we? What are the manager and board doing? Waste of space I tell ya.

  77. Jabba's Delights


    ”Would you prefer that we got rid of 5 players to accommodate one superstar? We are already complaining about a thin squad…”

    Thats the whole point mate we have a big squad but not many of them seem to contribute, so in answer to your question yer thats eactly waht some arsenal fan want.

    I think Diaby is a very talented fotoballer as i do Rosicky, but what in the last 2 years have either contributed along with Denilson. The fact is one never ever plays and the other 2 the manager doesnt trust to play. Take those 3 out with their wages you could get in one quility player and still have a midfield to choose from of Wilshere, Arteta, Song, Colquin, Ramsey, Bennayoun, Frimpong, Lansburry, ?????????

  78. Jabba

    A big club, yes, but we were hardly ever present at the top of the table challenging for the BIG honors in Europe and domestically before Wenger came in.

    Didn’t we finish 12th in 94, 10th or 11th a couple years earlier ?? Imagine if that ever happened post-Wenger’s success.

  79. AA – by mentioning all the clubs who are much richer than us, and saying that at the end of the seasons when they haven’t won something, they ‘do something about it, get in the odd player or 3’ or whatever you wittered on about. That was a fairly fundamental part in your whole point was it not?

  80. Fucking hell. Until you can make your points more succinctly, Altair, why should anyone bother reading what you write? You raise SO many points in your massive essays it’s impossible for me, or anyone, to respond without losing half the day. And why bother? You won’t hear the majority ACLF viewpoint because we are too far apart in our views.

    As I said yesterday – there is no point in discussion between us, your mindset is very different to the majority here, and your mind is totally made up.

    This is evidenced by the outright lie with which you set up today’s latest dissertation.

    Having suckered people into responding in the hope you’d go away you spout another torrent of negativity – and whatever good points you make are lost in something that is overblown, self-centred and deeply boring to wade through.

  81. Geo – thanks again for trying – we all take turns to point out the same thing eh?

  82. Jabba's Delights


    ”Hahaha! Yeah, we just don’t bother do we? What are the manager and board doing? ”

    I dont know mate but it doesnt look like much in the last 3 weeks. We’ve been pony on the field and we’ve brought in nobody despite having some MASSIVE holes in the squad that all the pundits and ex footballers in the world who know absolutely nothing can see.

    We are still quite incredibly one injury to RVP away from being a team who plays to a relagation standard and have been for nearlly a year and there is absolutely no statistic on this planet that can prove otherwise.

  83. Andy thanks for that – I just can’t cope with people who can’t make their point without writing the magna carter. I feel like I’m marking a history exam.

    Also I do get what you mean about judgement but I have little time for posters who solely come on to complain.


  84. Wenger raised expectancy, he raised our profile, and he put Arsenal firmly on the map. The introduction of City and Chelsea and the incapacity to attribute a value to players has like andy said, moved the goal posts. Its a different game now. You need a billionaire owner to buy good players, and you got to be willing to suffocate the club in huge debts.

    The strategy we are using has already paid off, and we will benefit from it greatly over the coming years.

    Just look at the squad of talented youths we have coming through. All with a strong desire to help Arsenal succeed.

  85. Geo – I think one the clubs biggest issues is that of PR. And I also believe that if they had handeled things differently the fans may not be so intollerant as they currently seem to be. And when I say PR, I mean directly in relation to transfer budgets.

    On numerous occaisions various members of the club have said that there is cash available should Arsene want it. If this is not the case, they are really hanging the bloke out to dry and stirring a big pot of shit where the fans are concerned. If they had said that things will be a bit tight for a good few years, then fans may have been more understanding. But they havn’t. If may have even helped us in tranfer dealings as other clubs might not have thought they have had as much leverage.

    If Arsene really is constricted by the stadium, then he is truely doing a wonderful job by keeping us competative. Of that there can be no doubt. If they are pots of cash availabe and he is choosing not to use it when the team has been struggling for a number of years (by our own standards I hasten to add), then it is questionable managment.

    Obvisouly fans can trawl through spreadsheets and come up with all sorts of wonderful figures on t’internet, but the truth is that nobody outside of a few important people at the club really know where we stand.

  86. Geo | January 26, 2012 at 12:35 pm

    Why do you bother replying? I also made the following points

    “We sell our best players and use the funds to overpay players in hope that they will deliver not paying attention to the fact that they under deliver on their current salaries.”

    “I personally would want us to win something, but winning for me is not as important as having the right mindset and the right mentality. Ambition is not defined by how big you spend, but how well you plan, and how one addresses weaknesses.”

    “Someone said this on twitter “getting any young player is not a problem, so long as we do not ignore the necessities.” He was right.”

    “That does not excuse the reality that we have the same ambitions as a Spurs, Liverpool, Valencia, Sevilla, Braga, or Udinese. Teams like Schalke, Dortmund, Lille are smaller but have a bigger ambition hence they are likely to achieve more, and have mostly achieved more over the same time frame despite the fact that they don’t spend as much as many teams on their respective leagues.”

    goonerandy | January 26, 2012 at 12:32 pm

    We made 22 million on Adebayor, 16 million on Toure, 22 million on Nasri, the one player they paid market value for was Clichy. if and when we do sell, we make good moany that allows us to get a good replacement………we have one of the best scouting networks around when looking for really good players that no one else has noticed. why not make use of it? And when we make use of it, why not close deals before someone else hears of it and signs a player that was offered at at reasonable rate?

  87. Jonny,

    You read them, reply to them, and when you’ve made an utter tool of yourself you make a point of how long they are. SMH.

  88. Jabba's Delights

    Chris Goona

    The problem is mate you only played cl football pre wenger if you came 1st, so in 15 years we would have played cl football 3 times under the old system.

    Graham in 9 years won the league twice and with one of those we were banned and in the offer we lost to a good benfica side.

    You say challenge for big honours but in 15 years how many times have CHALLENGED for the cl? twice? You cant tell me that reaching the quarter final reprsents challenging for the title.

    How many times since the emiartes move have we challenged for the title? By that i mean fininshed a 38 game season with enough points to give you a chance of winning the title on any given year….once?

    There is no consistency from us anymore we challenge for 4th place and are beaten by the better teams in europe.

  89. Of course there were outstanding people behind the scenes I did not say there weren’t – you just wilfully miss the point. You are so obtuse and agenda-driven you’d rather change the facts to get the club run the way YOU want it run.

    Well fuck you, you’re not the manager – if you want that to change then fuck off and do something about it. We could not care.

    I do not see Wenger as a messiah – any poster on her knows I am capable of criticism but it is tempered with the deepest respect for what this club owes to him. Furthermore I still trust him as the best man for the job.

    And when did I rebrush history before or rather were you talking about yourself?


  90. Chris goona -Didn’t we finish 12th in 94, 10th or 11th a couple years earlier ?? Imagine if that ever happened post-Wenger’s success.

    we dont have to imagine as its happening now !! we’ll be lucky to make top 4 this year, RvP will be gone, and as we have seen how hard it is to get back in it then how long till Jack and Scz want to move on. we will be begging for 11th by then

    a big club has big ambitions – we have no ambition
    someone wrote yesterday that a football club exists to succeed not to make money

  91. I give up. Acryllic you already admitted that you don’t think anyone can add anything to your points – so why bother discussing anything with you?

  92. Chrisgoona @12:40 pm
    I agree with you. No disrespect meant to ex Arsenal greats ,I’d hardly call those players “world class” or can barely find a mention of them in any greatest 100 players of all time list.
    During the time AW was succeeding, only clubs like Real Madrid were paying sky high fees for players, all those were of course,great players except maybe Beckham:D.
    Chelsea blew the market open and then came Man city. Now because the EPL is such a goldmine of money,almost every little bitch of the canine family of footballers & football clubs portray themselves as alpha wolves but are nothing more than annoying poodles. And as they say ,poodles are high maintenance but useless in doing their jobs most of the time.

  93. Jonny,

    Do you ever add anything?
    Have you ever replied without going into insults because you dont agree with someone?
    have you ever disputed anything i say with a good counter argument?

    on all three the answers is no. A good question is not as to why you are giving up, it is why you ever bothered in the first place.

  94. Jabba's Delights

    ”You need a billionaire owner to buy good players, and you got to be willing to suffocate the club in huge debts.”

    Chris thats such a misconception. Lets look at a group of players who in the last 2 years have moved for under 20mill which i would say is a fair figure.

    Kosciellny 8m
    Ozil 13m
    Sahin 12m
    Reus 14m
    Hernadez 7m
    Boateng free
    Johnson 7m
    Jones 16m
    Smalling 12m
    freidel free
    ba free
    Hummels 5m

    thats took me 2min. all of those players are quality and all were bought by clubs bar sahin and ozil who are run properly. There are lots of good players out there and this is wenger biggest skill, he certainly isnt paid what he is for his tactical ability.

  95. Jabba’s Delights | January 26, 2012 at 12:56 pm

    Onto that list, you can add

    Oriol Romeu
    Yohann Cabaye
    Ricardo Alvarez
    Stephane Ssensgon
    Gary Cahill
    Jose Enrique
    Arda Turan

  96. Morning everyone…
    Maybe bigbrovar jumped
    Nice reading as always YW.. AS ALWAYS..
    don’t let them feel as if you are not as one and they have only partial support. They need you now more than ever.
    Stop with the mudslinging. Leave it till after. The season is over. God willing, there won’t be any reason for it after all. After THE ARSENAL TAKE CARE OF SOME BUSSINESS ON THE PITCH.
    Don’t give the basterds in the media any more ammo. Show the class that is ARSENAL.

    UP THE GUNS!!!!!!!!

  97. Why are we listing players with prices next to them? Whats it for?

  98. goonerkam | January 26, 2012 at 1:00 pm,

    No one gives the media the ammo, if we get the results, they will go quiet. simples.

  99. Good luck Yogi with your delusions that a couple of meetings can turn everything around. Like many Arsenal fans these days, you are clutching at straws. The fact of the matter is that almost any team in the Premier League or Championship jogging on to the pitch against Arsenal fancies their chances. There is zero fear factor for any team playing Arsenal anymore. I will be pleasantly surprised if we beat Villa this weekend. They will be fired up to the nines ‘cos they know the next round is well within their reach. I expect a loss 1-0 or 2-1. How the might Arsenal has fallen……

  100. Jabba's Delights


    Chris Goona said

    ”You need a billionaire owner to buy good players, and you got to be willing to suffocate the club in huge debts.”

    Thats quite clearlly not the case.

  101. “we have one of the best scouting networks around when looking for really good players that no one else has noticed. why not make use of it? And when we make use of it, why not close deals before someone else hears of it and signs a player that was offered at at reasonable rate?”

    Why would anyone respond to things like this? I mean if that’s the level of understanding you have of how things work what’s the point?

    I might as well go and have a chat with my dog.

  102. What’s the point in listing those players without listing all the players bought, who have been a huge failure? Its just retarded.

  103. Certainly costs a lot of money to buy players and pay their wages as proved in your list. I notice you have Cahill there. I understand that he wants a salary so large that even Abramovic can feel the pips squeaking.

  104. Jonny | January 26, 2012 at 1:13 pm,

    Maybe because you overlook the fact that we could have signed Smalling and Ricardo Alvarez but we were too busy haggling.

    You continue to shoot yourself on the foot. the amount of tongue in cheek moments you keep churning out continues to amaze me. do continue.

  105. Just out of interest, how old are you Jibber? 25? 30 maybe?

  106. Jabba the Hut and the Acrylic fan

    You both forget there is the small matter of bonuses, signing on fees, and wages. Smalling and Jones are hardly bargains. Man United paid premium rates for them, it reflects in there wage bill too, and the money they are paying I hear is far greater than we are willing to go for youth players.

    We shifted a lot of players last summer – dead wood in many fan’s eyes. We brought in adequate replacements, and more changes than any club should plan for in one window.

    You not happy with the recruits ??

  107. Sorry just back from lunch…

    AA – The reason i reply is so you can’t taunt me with that quip about disappearing acts.. Incredibly funny by the way. (He had me in stitches Frank and Consols)

    Trust me AA, you dont need to copy and paste all that again… I also said about none of the other clubs (liverpool valencia etc etc) having to move stadiums, but you must have missed
    that bit…

    Jabba – re thin squad etc – Then what happens when the injuries kick in and we have to play Djourou or Miquel in DM or whatever? You would be complaining that the squad isn’t big enough. But hey at least we’d have someone like Torres to plug the gaps…

    Andy – i agree it is bad PR. Our hopes get raised by the bumblings of PHW & Gadzidis. But they can hardly come out and say “sorry chaps, we’re a bit fucked at the moment because of this stadium move, bear with us for a couple of years, we’ll do our best, but be prepared for a year at most on Europa League.”

    I’ll be back in a bit… Not disappearing AA, work calls…

  108. Also saying a player has worked out somewhere else and citing that as a reason to buy them is so simplistic as to make no sense whatsoever.

    Do we need player in that position? Are they better than what we have? Do they fit in our system? Are they interested in playing for us? Would they settle in the UK? What are their salary demands? Do they have unsuitable off-field habits?

    You might as well do clinical trial test of a new drug’s efficacy by saying,

    “Well I gave it to patient a and she showed a 100% improvement”.

    So that’s that then –

    “The drug works! Lets put it on the market for everyone!”

  109. Great post, YW – here and on the sister site. Tommy Caton was well before my time. Had no idea he died in his early-30s.

    A bunch of those players listed above had special clauses or just a months left on their contracts. Quite rare situations, and no doubt they’re amply remunerated partly because of the savings on the transfer fee.

    Isn’t Thursday music day?

    This feels appropriate:

  110. Jabba @12.48

    Benfica weren’t good, Graham was outmanouevered by Eriksson tactically. Arsenal were the better side on the night but got caught by the Swede’s counter-attacking plan.

  111. @AA
    I respectfully disagree. They thrive on this discontant.this disunity.
    In the middle of the season, support your team UNCONDITIONALY.

  112. chrisgoona | January 26, 2012 at 1:19 pm,

    Where are you getting this from? United players get paid for their performances hence the reason they can dispose of any player they so wish.

    Their wage bill is huge because they have the Wayne Rooney contract, they still have huge contracts for the likes of Rio, Evra, Berbatov, Vidic, and all the contract renewals they gave to their midfielders last year. their younger players only get raises when they perform, not before which is the case with arsenal.

    i mean, we cannot seem to get rid of contracts to NB52, Denilson (who are playing like crap mind you), we still have Squillaci, Almunia, Diaby, Arshavin, Vela et al.

    we lose in my estimate (my estimate) at least 20 million each year paying this underachieving lot.

  113. Gosh some of you guys have wonderful memories. Sorry whe n I say wonderful memories I mean you know you can remember stuff which is wonderful, especially if you remember wonderful stuff.

  114. And why the fuck would we want Smalling when we’ve got Koscielny and Mertesacker?

    Yes he’s better than Squill but all that aside Smalling WANTED to play for Man Utd, above all else. Do your homework.

    It’s so simple for you this transfer ‘game’ isn’t it?

    I reiterate what is the point conversing with a man who has already stated he knows everything. For a man who has said this, you seem surprisingly incapable of answering.

  115. Geo | January 26, 2012 at 1:20 pm,

    Bayern did. and Valencia are building a stadium. just saying.

  116. ..wonderful ability to remember wonderful stuff. Yep thats it. Now where were we? Nope. No idea.

  117. Jonny

    “Why would anyone respond to things like this? I mean if that’s the level of understanding you have of how things work what’s the point?

    I might as well go and have a chat with my dog.”

    Haha Don’t worry, I started long ago! Some people just can’t understand, they pick up the paper, read and believe… Now with the internet making people a lot lazier, the herd of idiotic sheep is growing.

    What fans would boo their team 1-1 at home to United… no wonder we went on to lose.

  118. Per, Thomas and Laurent are about to be recognised as the best centre halfs in Europe.Why do we want another one?

  119. Valencia? They’re stadium’s been on hold for ages, because it would drive the club into the ground. It’s been a depressing concrete shell for years now.

  120. Jonny | January 26, 2012 at 1:26 pm,

    Why would i want smalling? maybe for the mere fact that we needed a defender when we made a move for him. Did he want to play for United? i guess we will never know who he might have chosen, we never got to the valuation fulham had anyway.

    There is the wonder of closing deals early. but do continue.

  121. fFantastic head of hair that young fellow has, Jonny. What does it say at the top there? Royal Variety Show? Really? I bet the Queen and her brood and her clan loved it.

  122. i truly and honestly believe that it is not that we don’t want Wenger or even truly want a new manager its just the fact that we want to see our beloved Arsenal Football Club be ambitious and not afraid to cut lose ends(i.e. Diaby only due to injury not skill) and spend when need be(like now for a striker as EVERYONE has said time n again). Do i believe that Wenger is the right man for the job, I do but at the same time we are a club that enjoys, wants and will win. Winning and silverware is what we judge managers on (as noted by how “greatness” is defined) and while yes the Emirates is beautiful(thank you AW), I find that many people are just trying to make their case that we dont want to become known as the club withthe beautiful Emirates that settles for 4th every year.

  123. Last one from me!

  124. OK boys and girls, there’s an opportunity to pose some questions to Lee Dixon on Monday. Let’s have some and I’ll send a dozen or so over.

  125. Yes but we get in to loads of deal early – you’re just citing one to suit your needs. Man Utd could still have blown us out of the water anyway.

    We ended up getting Kos who is 20 times the player Smalling ever will be.

  126. Why does any club haggle over transfer fees? Because if we start paying people what they want, other clubs will hold us to ransom. Yes, we have missed out on quite a few great players due to this but in our own way we have discovered little gems.Not every player who succeeds in another country can succeed in England. Same applies for the players doing well here but failing abroad. Does that imply that they are bad players? Hell no!!! Going by that definition Bergkamp shouldn’t have been success at all here based on his torrid time in Italy. Players like Ozil prefer La Liga because it probably suits their game.Same for Sahin.

  127. Whilst we’re on the subject Man Utd were first in for Bebe – how did that work out?

  128. Acryllic people MIGHT read more of you and Jabba’s stuff if it wasn’t so fucking massive. You really can make your points in less than 10 paragraphs. TRUST ME. Any time I’ve read one of your big posts It’s never that complicated.

  129. Jabaa and AA

    Why dont you guys list appearances, goals, assists, clean sheets, and trophies won next to each and every one of them

    Only Hernandez, Kos, Hummels, and maybe Ozil immediately jump out from that list..

    So Sessegnon, phil jones, gary cahill etc are all “world class” now??? That was as bad as Jabba claiming Wenger does not know how to win trophies yesterday..

  130. Jonny | January 26, 2012 at 1:34 pm,

    No, we ended up with Squillaci, a player that will never get any closer to what Smalling does.

    And what deals have we done early of late considering how many have taken ages to get done, or the number that have been done late? Just asking.

    But do continue.

  131. Jonny, Geo, Frank, Chris

    Great work guys!! kudos…

  132. Dear Lee – I recognise it is not your job, but do you have any players you particularly admire and have you ever recommended a player to Wenger?

  133. Anirudh | January 26, 2012 at 1:38 pm,

    All you need is players that deliver on any role they are given in the team. Arteta may not be considered world class, but there is no overstating what his contributions to this team have been. get some world class players, and surround them with players that are willing to do the hard work. United have Rooney, Vidic, and maybe Nani, but the rest are people who know how to get the job done.

  134. Nice post, YW.

    AA, interesting point about Bayern.

    It’s always dangerous relying on Wikipedia, but I don’t have time to look elsewhere.

    “The cost of the construction itself ran to €286 million but financing costs raised that figure to a total of €340 million. In addition, the city and State incurred approximately €210 million for area development and infrastructure improvements.” [According to the same source, the Emirates cost £470m.]

    “The arena was commissioned by the Allianz Arena München Stadion GmbH, founded in 2001, and was owned in equal parts by the two football clubs that call it home.” [Bayern Munich and 1860 Munich]

    “In April 2006, FC Bayern Munich bought out TSV 1860 München’s 50% share in the arena for a reported 11 million Euros [bold mine]. 1860’s managing director Stefan Ziffzer stated that the deal prevented insolvency for the club.”

    You are correct in saying they built a new stadium, but’s it’s not really a fair comparison, is it?

  135. AA – yeah ok Bayern the exception, but they were already by far the richest club in their league, meaning almost guaranteed CL football every season, attracting players who ‘want to win stuff’ or are just greedy buggers, in a much wealthier position than Arsenal was before we started our stadium build. And as OOU says, Valencia’s stadium has been put on hold for fecking ages – and by the way, what have Valencia won recently? How close have they come to winning La Liga?? A fair few points behind the truly rich teams in their league funnily enough… Just saying.

  136. So you rate higher Cahill, smalling, and phil jones better than Vermalen, Per, and Johan Djorou..This is exactly whats wrong…

  137. Regarding the repeated comment about AW not having sorted out a Fabregas replacement, I thought AW bought Ramsey with a view to him growing into that role. I think Cesc himself said his replacement was already at the club: Wilshere.

  138. shrek2be | January 26, 2012 at 1:35 pm,

    No one is asking the club to pay 20 or 30 million for any player. What is silly on the contrary is that you lose a player whose value could easily double on a single season because of a million when you need them rather than want them……….something that is rather consistent with Arsenal.

  139. You slate me for not answering your questions and then repeatedly ignore mine.

    Koscielny, Santos, Jenkinson, Campbell, The Ox – as far as I know we were first in best dressed for all of those. Deals just take longer to complete these days ALL managers admit that.

    Man Utd signed Smalling 6 months before we signed Kos – you can’t even get basic facts straight.

  140. Dear Lee – What is your opinion on playing a 3-6-1 or 5-4-1 system with wing-backs with our current set up, giving us the chance to dominate midfield and close quicker when we lose the ball?

  141. Thanks Billy’s boots, didn’t have time to look it up!

  142. Anirudh | January 26, 2012 at 1:44 pm,

    Where are you getting that statement from?
    but just so you know, nope, i rate them higher than Squillaci and Djourou.

    Geo | January 26, 2012 at 1:44 pm

    You do notice that Bayern did not win the league last year, and while they are favourites, their standing in the table does not mean that either Schalke or Dortmund might not win it. both teams on lower spending.

    AS for Valencia, i said we have similar ambitions to them, they sell their best players and care about CL football.

    AS for the rich teams, last year Lille and Dortmund won their respective leagues on lower wages, lower transfer fees………..not having the gazillions to spend is not an excuse for not having any ambition.

    just sayin.

  143. “So you rate higher Cahill, smalling, and phil jones better than Vermalen, Per, and Johan Djorou..This is exactly whats wrong…”

    Nice one Anirudh – but you missed out Koscielny who I now think is out best defender! But looking at the compared players, it smells a little bit like media-driven xenophobia to me…

  144. @ geo and AA

    I was just referring to the list posted by you (AA) and Jabba which included only Koscielny from our current back line, but included other defenders from other clubs, and AA’s subsequent response that the other players mentioned do a job around world class players (kos in our case-since he was one of the players mentioned)

    hence my question do you rate the others higher than the defenders at our club?

  145. Speaking of defenders, what about the defence for Sunday? We could potentially be facing a front 3 of Agbonlahor, Bent and Keane…

    I’d go with Yannaris and Coquelin at full back for starters.

  146. Geo

    Agree entirely

    In my opinion we are actually very lucky to have 3 truly “world class” centre-halves (kos, per, and TV) and a truly “world-class” right back

    Which is why it really irritates me when pundits and fans trot out the old “arsenal need to buy defenders” line

  147. Jonny | January 26, 2012 at 1:47 pm,

    What question have i ignored?
    Secondly, how many times have i said i dont care who comes in so long as they deliver?
    How many times have i said that i dont care where a player comes from and the level of play in him so long as he has talent, wants to grow, and will work hard at it?

    We were both in for Smalling, we needed him more than United did, were in for the deal sooner than they were, yet they closed it.
    Fergie this week (or was it last week) said that they considered signing RvP, but that they had not seen enough of him……….had we delayed he might have never been a player for us. as for Kos, we signed him and let Gallas go, are you telling me we would not have been better off having Smalling in the team? The guy we signed, and is earning a bigger salary is Squillaci, bargain buy gone wrong.

    Truth is that we take a lifetime when it comes to completing deals and if someone else comes on board, they are likely to get the player……..Mata, Alvarez, Smalling are the most recent, others litter our history.

    Not getting the facts right??? LOL

    But continue trying, cant fault your effort.

  148. AA

    What makes you so sure that we have not done the same?? i.e. competed with other clubs and successfully signed players who went to become legends..

  149. Anirudh | January 26, 2012 at 1:57 pm,

    I was pointing out that there are players that have gone to other teams for reasonable fees, (some absolute bargains) in a bid to make a point that you needn’t spend big to get quality.
    Nothing against any of the players we brought in.

  150. @Anirudh

    its not that we want to buy a RB or CB but LB up until now for me personally. I love the way that Santos plays and while he may not be the most explosive he certainly creates havock on the left with Gervinho going foward. A back 4 of Santos, any combination of Mert, Verm, Kos, and Sagna easily forms 1 of the best if not the best back 4 in the EPL and easily one of the best in the world.

  151. Markus | January 26, 2012 at 1:57 pm

    is Coquelin going to be fit??? think he is out, but not sure

  152. I think our signngs have been very good. My only probelm is that more often than not our signings are reaplcements for outgoing players, thus making our squad stand still. We need to add to our talent, not simply replace it. That is when we will move forward.

    For arguments sake, can you imagine if we had made the additions of the summer but managed to keep Nasri and Cesc. That would be a much improved squad.

  153. Um, yes i did notice that AA. So you’re telling me that the favourites might not win the league every year? Wow. That’s insightful. You’re also saying that Bayern spent more and won less than Dortmund? Wow, similar things happened to Real Madrid and Man City last year didn’t they? PSG & Lille – Lille happened to have 3 players who all had amazing seasons in Gervinho, Sow and Hazard – again a rare occurrence – like the Sp*ds this year.

    Bayern are the only club to have worked through a massive stadium move, which was much less restricting than ours (money wise) while having far less competition in a league where they were the best team by miles already. Different kettles of fish entirely. Wenger has done amazingly to keep us where we are with all these things considered. The EPL is the toughest league in the world remember.

  154. AA – To be fair, if us and Manure go for the same player, more often than not Manure will get him. They are a bigger club, pay better wages, and win more trophies. We need to accept that. Not all the time, but certainly the majority of the time. That is not a negative relfection on Arsenal, that is just the way of the world.

  155. Geo | January 26, 2012 at 2:08 pm,

    No, im saying Bayern spent more but Dortmund won the league last year, still spent more yet they are on a level playing field this year despite Dortmund having lost their best player in Sahin.

    You seem to be making up stuff, asking questions on statements i have not made. just sayin

  156. AA – Further to my last point, one of the major draw’s for us as a club for a player is the manager. We should not forget that.

  157. @ C

    I did not mention Santos in the “world class” category for which I believe consistency over multiple seasons is required, but he certainly will be in a little while im sure of that..

    Gibbs if he does get a run of games could come good too..we need to look no further than RVP for proof of that..

    I agree with your point though..The player I would like to see is Verthongen personally..cos he is competition/backup for both song and gibbs and even at centre half is required..

    Our need for me right now as far as signings are concerned is probably on the wings, preferably left footed, however there is a paucity of affordable talent in that position..

  158. Lot of rumours “linking” us to Hazard..

  159. goonerandy | January 26, 2012 at 2:12 pm

    Man United dont offer better wages to players that are young, we do…….that is why Ramsey chose us over them. What they do is they can offer a bigger transfer fee than we do. sometimes as in the Ronaldo case, one can understand for the mere fact that they paid way above anything we could offer, but when it comes to fees at a region we can compete with these big clubs, it rarely makes sense being beaten when the asking price is reasonable, and if we were the first team to get into negotiations.
    Smalling is one case, Alvarez is another player some teams like Roma and Palermo passed on because they thought the valuation was beyond what they could afford. WE were in for him for almost two weeks before Inter entered the fray, haggling for something like a million pounds. Inter signed him in three days IIRC.

  160. goonerandy | January 26, 2012 at 2:14 pm,

    True that, like AOC. what im saying is that before we ever get to discuss personal terms with a player, a deal must be struck with the team. Sometimes never go the distance.

    Cool debating with you, duty calls, gotta go.

  161. We are an above average team not a top team anymore. The end of last season and the results this year have shown a trend of things to follow and yes I will be called a doomed but I just think its realism. We have not got the squad to challenge for the epl. I however don’t subscribe to sacking wenger as we will then become a mid table team. the man has been performing miracles year after year with a steadily diluted squad. I think the question to be asked is how long will this dilution continue for. The key is if we manage to hold onto the likes of walcott & rvp and whilst doing so add genuine quality to the squad.

  162. Beckenbauer – World cup as a player and coach
    Cruyff – Won Barca’s first European cup, and led Holland to 2 world cup finals
    Capello – won the European cup as a player and coach
    Rijakarrd – European cup as player and manager
    Zagallo – probably Brazil’s finest coach won the world cup in 1960 then managed the 1994 team
    Gaurdiola – won all the domestic and european trophies as a player/coach

    but you’re right not many.

    Coming back to Arsenal. I think the problems come down to several arguments involving the players, staff punditry and fans, I’ll try and explain my point as easily as possible.

    Something is lacking massively this year from our team. It wasn’t long before we were the envy of the premier league, we played the most stunning football, and carved out chance after chance and the fans were on the team’s/Arsene’s side. I even remember a season ticket holder saying to me once that it doesn’t matter if we don’t win trophies we play “amazing” football. Teams set up differently to deter our attacking flair, pundits and journos rallied together and questioned our ability if teams got stuck into us. It worked when we lost our unbeaten run at united when Reyes was literally kicked out of the game the other PL teams knew how to set up against us.

    Tactically no-one questioned Wenger, we played the best counter-attacking football in the country, had pace in Henry, Skill in Pires and solidity in Vieira. Those three departures changed the shape of our team. We opted for possession football in the opposition half and built our team around a young play maker that could pick pocket the best of defences with his passing and timely runs.

    The 07/08 season was the season we should’ve won the league. We played a 4-4-2 system. The four in midfield Flamini, Rosicky, Hleb and Cesc were able to move around the final third as they wished. Up top we had Adebayor, Eduardo and RVP. All great finishers and in defence we had Sagna, Gallas, Toure and Clichy, all fantastic athletes. It’s amazing to think that we only lost 3 league games all season, was only 5 points off the eventual winners Manchester United, were seconds away from reaching the Champions league semi finals, reached the semi-finals of the CC and got knocked out of the FA cup at Man U.

    But what’s gone wrong since then?

    Some of the players still represent the core of the club, Sagna, Song, Walcott, Diaby and RVP are still here, but the system has changed and players have left some may say not really replaced (this is definitely the case with Cesc and Nasri). We now have younger less experienced players, good on the ball, but not necessarily good at getting the ball back. We now play with one striker and two wide players. In attack mode the two wide players have to offer support and width as well as skill and speed.

    Tactically we’re not set up correctly IMHO. We’ve lost our two most creative players (let’s not throw Wilshire into that category just yet) so getting the ball forward quickly and accurately is a huge problem for us.

    Our wide players act like centre-forwards, there’s no tracking back or defensive cover, they stay high up the pitch so to keep the opposition full backs in their own half, This often results in our full backs (makeshift full backs) left one on one with the opposition winger. In the last game this was cruelly exposed, but even moreso when Man U’s full backs kept bombing forward to get the 2nd goal out wingers didn’t track back at all.

    Lack of pressing: We don’t press high enough up the pitch to win the ball back, we’re currently having to play Mertesacker who lacks the pace to chase a ball over the top

    No variation tactically: We never change the system to counter attack the team we’re playing.

    Homework: It’s well known that Wenger watches a lot of world football, but does he do his homework on the upcoming opposition. I don’t think he gives them that respect, instead he’s will to trade punches with the team and the first one to get knocked out is the winner. Man U have set up the same way against us for years now – I think with the counter attacking system they have won 11/13 which is a phenomenal record.

    The fans have a right to be unhappy with the manager but this is the manager that puts every inch of faith in his team to play the best football they can. I don’t think for one bit deserves the stick but I do believe that we need to change things up tactically, just tweaking the system slightly.

  163. AA – “Man United dont offer better wages to players that are young, we do…….that is why Ramsey chose us over them

    Really? I have no idea what Manure offer their players in wages.

    I do take you point about our haggling for players. Lots of our bids to seem to be drawn out affairs, but then, we only know about what we read in the papers/on the internet so how reliable is this info? Don’t get me wrong, our transfer dealings do irriate me at times, but we (as fans) rarely know any of the workings behind the scenes do we?

  164. How the fuck do you think you know so much about the ins and outs of the Smalling deal? How do you know his agent wasn’t already speaking to Man Utd? The fact that you have just suggested we offer more in wages would suggest that Smalling as was said by most at the time had his heart set on Utd. Once they showed interest we had no chance. Maybe we tried everything and still failed – it happens.

    And what about Bebe? They got in pretty quickly there.

    Wenger is sometimes too cautious and too careful – as a result we sometimes miss out on players I get that and sometimes it’s frustrating but stop pretending you have inside knowledge behind transfers or even remotely understand the complexities and difficulties involved.

    I certainly don’t but them I’m not as hung up about it as you.

    Anyway who cares, Wenger is here to stay for a while yet and is till widely lauded as the best in the transfer market by his peers. we have gained players like RVP, BECAUSE of the system Wenger set up. The fact that everyone has copied us and mad our job all the harder is only testament to his brilliance.

  165. @ Anirudh

    I agree with you except on the Gibbs thing, servicable and capable yes but “world class” no. I do wish that we would go after and sign Verthongen due to his being able to play any of the back 4 as well as, even though not needed, DM and cover for Song(except we have Frim and Le Coq). If i had a choice between a healthy Gibbs and a healthy Santos, i choice Santos because he is solid in defense but gives more attacking than Gibbs due to him being a natural wing back and being brought up to play like that for Brazil.

    I also think that we need just an attacking player that is versatile. Just for argument sakes say we do sign Hazard(Gervinho is best friends with him but I doubt that happens), I personally think he would start over Ramsey in the AM role but would you prefer Arteta or Jack alongside Hazard and Song?

  166. @ C

    I personally would go for an out an out winger…

    As far as Jack is concerned, I would play him behind RVP and not with Song..We were not defensively solid enough last season with Jack in that position..

    With the 25 man Squad we basically can have 2 players for every position (3 for GK, 3 for forward, and 5 centre halves) so for me its Song/Coq; Arteta/Rosicky; Ramsey/Jack, Theo/AOC, Gerv/Arshavin

    If Diaby comes back..fingers crossed, he would slot in alongside Song

    IMO our best 11 is






    How often have we been able to put out that 11 this season??

    Exactly ZERO times…something which is very conveniently ignored..

  167. @AA
    I bet you were one of those that were dismayed when we bought Koscielny instead of Cahill. Just suck it up, will you? We got the best central defender in the league and Cahill at Chelsea will soon be found out for what he is: a mildly above average CB.

  168. In other News it sucks that Roger is out. It really looked like he could go all the way. Still, that’s the best form he has been in for the past few years. I think he will add to the 17 this year.

    But at least England have got their Mojo back it seems. Great patient innings by Cook. But losing four wickets in the last session was rather cheap. Hope they can add another 100-odd runs tomorrow to keep their chances up.

  169. @AA
    To me it seems that you are still dismayed that we didn’t buy Cahill and instead went with the cheaper option in Koscielny. Laurent is now one of the best defenders in the country while Cahill will soon be found out for what he really is: a slightly above average CB. So suck it up, will you?

  170. @ Anirudh

    I have not overlooked the fact that we have been ravaged by injuries and that our 1st choice 11 havent played at all all season. i do think that Jack adn Arteta of our current squad are the 1st chioce with Song as DM. I actually prefer to rid ourselves of the 4-3-3 and think that we would be better off playing a 4123 but think that either way the biggest thing that we are currently missing is a midfield that plays quicker which is to our strength. We saw some of it against Manure with Rosicky but think Arteta and Jack would play quicker and more fluid than any of our others

    IMO our best 11


  171. @ C

    When I mentioned the overlooking I certainly was not referring to you..

    Our best 11’s are virtually the same except for TV and Per, you prefer the 4-1-2-3 and I prefer the more defensive 4-2-3-1 for which the experience of Arteta and Rosicky is required to play alongside Song IMO…

  172. Jabba's Delights


    How often does any team get to put out their first choice starting 11, thats the whole fooking point of a squiad system. We’ve been unlucky with injuries to full backs so have other teams in other areas. Utd had to put carrick and fletcher at cb for fooks sake…………….they beat ful away 5-0.

    TV5, Wilshere and Sagna are the only people who have missed time really. Sagna started the season, tv5 came back right afetr he got injured.

    Wilshere has never played in the position which you have in down as before i still see a huge overreliance on RVP goals in thats side.

  173. @Jabba
    Just as an example, last year Man City fielded their first XI in 11 matches. We were only able to do it once.

  174. “No, im saying Bayern spent more but Dortmund won the league last year, still spent more yet they are on a level playing field this year despite Dortmund having lost their best player in Sahin.

    You seem to be making up stuff, asking questions on statements i have not made. just sayin”

    For a start, Sahin was not their best player. And secondly, have we not been on level playing fields in the last few years despite spending tens of millions less than our rivals? If not for late capitulations, we have been right up there for most of the seasons in the last few years. The gap between Dortmund and Bayern financially compared to us and Citeh/Chavs/Manure are completely different. We are some way behind our rivals, whereas there isn’t much between those 2 in Germany. I haven’t made anything up, I have merely summarised your rants into concise statements, then questioned them accordingly.

    And that fucking ‘just sayin’ bullshit – Grow up mate. You may as well add ‘in Arsene we rust’ as if that’s some amazingly witty closing line.

  175. @Anirudh

    I do prefer the 4-1-2-3 because it does allow you to take advantage of speed if you have it which is the case with us in teh likes of Walcott, Gervinho, and AOC but it allows for pressing high with the fowards and midfield which we did so beautifully before and that is missing now. It also creates quicker counter attacking and more fludity in our linking between defense midfield and fowards. I still believe in Wenger and his beliefs and what we both are looking at is simply a slight modification to the 4-3-3 that IMO sometimes gets to flat in the midfield and thus we struggle to find that link between defense midfield and fowards

  176. @ Jabba

    With so many references to united, maybe you forgot that this is an Arsenal blog..

  177. Evil – you mean Mert over Cahill?

    The tennis was amazing – best game since US the open final. Gutted for Fed – not sure Nadal is beatable in that form. Fed threw the kitchen sink at him but the balls kept coming back with added interest.

    Cricket was as I thought it would be; once one wicket fell we would be in trouble. Still think we should be able to post a 1st inns lead and win the game but it’s not going to be easy!

  178. @C

    Agreed..that is the one thing I hope Ramsey changes..he does drop in there to make the midfield flat allowing teams to defend with 2 banks of 4 or 4-5

  179. @ Anirudh

    Thus one of the reasons why i feel that we more need an AM player or to move Arshavin to this position because i feel as though Ramsey takes to many touches and drops and makes our midfield too flat more often than not. IMO Ramsey is playing out of position and it should be Arteta/Ramsey and Jack/Arshavin(when he decides to play). With the 4-1-2-3 it would also force Ramsey(until Jack gets back) to play higher and have more of an attacking influence and link play better.

  180. Jonny said
    “Do we need player in that position? Are they better than what we have? Do they fit in our system? Are they interested in playing for us? Would they settle in the UK? What are their salary demands? Do they have unsuitable off-field habits?”
    Showing an understanding of football,management and economic reality.
    Then we get

    Acryllic Altair | January 26, 2012 at 1:25 pm
    chrisgoona | January 26, 2012 at 1:19 pm,

    Where are you getting this from? United players get paid for their performances hence the reason they can dispose of any player they so wish.

    Their wage bill is huge because they have the Wayne Rooney contract, they still have huge contracts for the likes of Rio, Evra, Berbatov, Vidic, and all the contract renewals they gave to their midfielders last year. their younger players only get raises when they perform, not before which is the case with arsenal.

    i mean, we cannot seem to get rid of contracts to NB52, Denilson (who are playing like crap mind you), we still have Squillaci, Almunia, Diaby, Arshavin, Vela et al.

    we lose in my estimate (my estimate) at least 20 million each year paying this underachieving lot.

    Showing no understanding of anything ,including the English language.

    Again read this and try not to dismiss him as an absolute twat

    “we lose in my estimate (my estimate) at least 20 million each year paying this underachieving lot.”

    You couldn’t, could you?

  181. @ C

    I have no doubt that if Arshavin had recovered form earlier or rediscovers it in the near future that change could happen..Arsene probably feels that Ramsey in that position is better than an out-of-form Arshavin because of better defensive shape and stability with Ramsey playing there,however the pluses with an in-form Arshavin would have made Arsene take that risk..

    I for one hope and would love to see Arshavin there..but with the arrival of Jack imminent, I think Arshavin needs to find his touch quickly to get his chance there..

  182. Doomers seem pretty down today.

    Might it be the realisation that despite all the headline mega-buys, Citeh remain a poor advert for the ‘if it moves buy it’ approach to football management?

    They must feel very let down the morning after another set back for the club with a scatter-gun approach to team-building – a club whose players have clearly become the poster boys for the anti-Wenger/anti-Arsenal Brigade.

    Again last night, Citeh continued to promote the suggestion that they are not much more than a collection of talented individuals managed by a spendthrift with little idea of how to make them work as a team. It’s not even February and they are out of more competitions than they are in …

    Chelski are not exactly cheap either. But STILL the now aging poster boys for those who would have us buy our way to success can’t convert the almost countless squillions of invested petro-dollars into cast iron cups, season in, season out …

    Just two reasons why I can’t understand how the Doomers can continue working their naive and tedious little ‘arguments’ urging AW to open up the club wallet and get buying.

    Or maybe the Doomers are down because its slowly seeping into their collective (un)consciousness that they – or their brethren – in the Boo Quarter of the Emirates on Sunday played a very real part in lifting Manure out of the shock of conceding an equaliser, that THEY helped drive them on to a narrow win and assisted them in hanging on to that oh-so-slender lead as thousands of them vacated the ground even before extra time had been signaled.

    I wonder at what point they will start booing against Villa; presumably in their minds they’ll be able to blame Wenger for the game starting at 0-0 and get on to his case right away?

    They blame him for everything else, after all.

    And all this whilst claiming to ‘care’ about the club.

    Oh dear.

  183. Forgot to be witty ,sorry.
    Just saying 😉

  184. Agreed Yogi! good stuff, yet again.

    I wish people would stop talking about our team as if we are lagging behind in talent. We are not. We had a rough start and injuries to too many players in the same area got us when we were climbing, An injury Arsenal with most of it’s player’s is the best team in the PL.

    Sure we are not the most talented team if you look at names and cost but we were the inform team, we were the team that people were getting very afraid of. Once our players return, it will be the same. Sunday is a new beginning!


  185. @ Anirudh

    I agree but then I think that Ramsey is struggling to allow Walcott and Gervinho through on teh flanks which is part of the problem

  186. Jabba's Delights


    They are a tremendously well run club that competes on a consistent basis that puts a huge emthasis on youth development. They got started at we are trying to do now 15 years earlier witht heir stadium and marketing themselves abroad. I would prefer them to win things than chels, spurs, or city for those reasons.


    what was Citys starting 11 last year whats ours currenllt if everyone is fit. This whole notionof a starting 11 is 10 years to old. Its a squad system you need 17-18 players who are good enough to start. God forbid that some players are more suited to play aganist some opponents than others???

  187. @C

    To be fair he does do a lot of good things creatively during a game..We just need to look the number of scoring chances Gervs has had 😀

    As far as Theo goes, its his form which is more the concern, maybe Sagna returning will help him immensely..This is the reason I would love an out and out winger but like I said genuine paucity of affordable talent in that position esp left footed, to allow Gerv to move to the right..

  188. Jabba's Delights

    Anirudh | January 26, 2012 at 3:43 pm

    Funny you should say that about arshavin playing in the centre.

    I genuinly thought Arsene was going to play him through the centre when making the sub on sunday. Ramsey had been poor we needed a spark. The russian has suffered for a few reasons but i cant help but think the biggest one being that he has been played out of postion. I thought sunday was a great chance to play him there in a big one with 15 mins to go

  189. haha George!

    Nice one Andrew!

  190. @ Jabba

    Apart from Giggs and Scholes, Rafael maybe.. Im sorry I cannot spot the talent developed from a youth level by united, if you can then you have rose tinted glasses (the united red)

    Well run..well if massive debt is your definition then by all means..they have a skewed wage structure which depends on continued success..just watch what a little barren spell (inevitable for every club) does to them..

  191. arsenalandrew at 3:43 pm

    You have a way with words!

    Great stuff, mi bredrin!

    “Or maybe the Doomers are down because its slowly seeping into their collective (un)consciousness that they – or their brethren – in the Boo Quarter of the Emirates on Sunday played a very real part in lifting Manure out of the shock of conceding an equaliser, that THEY helped drive them on to a narrow win and assisted them in hanging on to that oh-so-slender lead as thousands of them vacated the ground even before extra time had been signaled.”

    I wonder if they get that? The confidence that they gave to United.

    Though it is Thursday, I still cannot wrap my mind around the stupidity.

  192. Jabba

    You say that now..but if Arshavin had been played there and we had conceded you would have criticised player and manager alike saying we became defensively fragile because of that sub..

  193. @Arsenal andrew

    Top Top post!!!

  194. Me neither, Paul-N.

    Me neither.

  195. What’s this moderation malarky Yogi? Stepping up the securitah?

  196. Jabba's Delights


    Probably one of the most pointless posts on here.

    Them losing to Liverpool last night and Liverpool having a wonderful chance at winning some silveware in their first season under a new management is an awful advert for what your trying to say. Least we forget that city won the fa cup last year and for me and the bookies still favs to win the league…….would you take actually winning something or have you been convinved that quarter final exits in the cups and 12 points off top in the league is better??

    You again make the mistake of painting every fan who is worried as someone who boo’s. Lets be clear about this Andrew as you obviously dont attend the games, its a small but vocal minority of idiots who boo. There is a majority of fans who are worried with our current situation all of them to dithering degrees but make no mistake about it they are worried. You are very much in that small but vocal minority on the other end of the spectrum to the boo boys…………..both groups are idiots.

  197. Jabba – from where i was, it was the vast majority who booed. I was in the North Bank, where were you? It was shocking on a grand scale. Not saying you are one of them, but to flat out say it was the vast minority seems off the mark from where i was standing…

  198. Why are you still engaging with the WUMs? Ignore them.

    Another good post YW. You should have a rule that no comment should be longer than the post. My scroll wheel works overtime after a loss.

  199. I like that dups…

  200. Jabba's Delights

    Anirudh | January 26, 2012 at 3:58 pm

    Come on mate this is like taking candy from a baby.

    Let me disect your stupid response.

    1)”Apart from Giggs and Scholes, Rafael maybe.. Im sorry I cannot spot the talent developed from a youth level by united, if you can then you have rose tinted glasses (the united red)”

    Firstly you stupidly bring up their golden generation i mean if you had said in the last 10 years i could beat you with a club round the face but as you’ve stretched back that far i may as well decapitate you.

    Have you ever heard of the Neville brothers, Beckham, Butt, Sharpe, add that to Giggs and scholes and that seems like quite a decent generation to me…

    Lest not forget O’shea, Brown and Fletcher as well.

    Right recent times Evans, Rafael brothers, Cleverley, Welbeck, …………they’ve got a very good youth system big guy.

    2)”Well run..well if massive debt is your definition then by all means..they have a skewed wage structure which depends on continued success..just watch what a little barren spell (inevitable for every club) does to them..”

    There massive debt has nothing to do with the actual business of Utd which is brilliantly run. Their wages to turnover is 10% lower than us at 44. Very very very very very healthy. They sing players buy using existsing funds and sales. There only debt is paying off the interest for the loan bought to buy them…..not thre fault. Its terrifying what they could do with that extra 70m per year if the Glaziers were to be bought out. Ther wage structure is paid for by there huge revenue………… complete donkey the same thing we are trying to do.

  201. “You are very much in that small but vocal minority on the other end of the spectrum to the boo boys…………..both groups are idiots.”

    Pure rubbish to say the least.

  202. Jabba’s premise is a simple one.
    If you go to the stadium ,paying your money to the ungrateful club,this gives you a greater entitlement to expect tin cups and bragging rights.
    If you drink in proper Arsenal pups,with like minded dimwits no doubt,then you clearly are a more knowledgeable fan.

    Why do we engage the cunt?
    He and his new crony(Acrylic the Eclair or something),simply ask he same questions ,day after day.
    Steadfastly refusing to accept the answers that a multitude of more intelligent and better informed people tell them.
    Then he resorts to playing the poor me,I am being picked on card.
    He even once accused me of being a racist, because I suggested he had the intellect of a Chimpanzee.

    Please stop feeding the twats .

  203. @Jonny
    No, I consciously meant Koscielny. I still remember when we signed him two years ago a lot of people saying why we went for him when we could’ve had someone like Cahill for just a couple million more. But Mert is a good example as well. In a summer when everyone wanted us to buy a part-time international, we went for the anchor in Germany’s defence. Nevermind that the latter cost probably half of what the pricetag would’ve been on the former.

  204. Sorry George & dups, I find it very hard to ignore… I will try harder 😦

  205. Jabba's Delights


    Clock end. You see i think it was just a vocal minority who choose to boo with all therir might at a time when nobody else was singing including the away fans hence why it sounded louder than it was.

    Either way it was a fooking disgrace but like i said yesterday i more disappointed with the ironic cheers and clapping when the announcer said Djourou had been sub off. The same people who boo would do that to Djouou. That behaviour makes my blood boil

  206. Yea i agree walcott’s form will come back as Sagna comes back i have said that in the past and truly believe that. Gervinho, if you watch most of his runs, they start at midfield or he tracks back then goes flying up the wing and then misses lol. If you followed him @ Lille last season though he had a great track record getting assist as he has created many of chances for us. I do feel thouvh that jack or Arshavin do have a better feel in the middle and thus could provide more goals from the AM position. I thought Rosicky was providing that what we have been missing and would love to see him play there

  207. Jabba – one of the most pointless posts on here?

    Takes one to know one I guess.

    You won’t have the stomach for the pointlessness of it all but if you re-read what I wrote – I actually said:

    “Or maybe the Doomers are down because its slowly seeping into their collective (un)consciousness that they – or their brethren – in the Boo Quarter …”

    “O R T H E I R B R E T H R E N .”

    Just to spell it out for you.

    And in case you’ve missed the point I clearly failed to make with you – it’s the mentality behind the booing I’m highlighting, not just the booing.

    The constant attacks on the club and its staff by you and your anxious pals on blogs, on radio phone-ins, in the pub, anywhere – all create the environment in which a number of people (I don’t care whether it’s ten or ten thousand), feel they can justify booing their own players.

    You don’t get it, do you?

    Oh and just so you know – I’ve been a season ticket holder for years; that photo next to my name is my view of the ground from where I sit in the Clock End. It was taken some time after a game one summer.

    No doubt you’d have been long gone …

  208. I see you are on another a live chat thing tonight YW.

  209. am I the only one glad that mourinho got his comeuppance yesterday (from Barca, again) ?

  210. Jabba's Delights


    You complete nutetr good to here from you. Stop lying saying you’ve ever answered anybodies qustion on here. You were calling me a cunt in the summer for saying exactly whats happened to us this season.

    What did i hear form you in the summer

    ”Clichy is the best left back in the league.
    Rosicky and Diaby can more than make up Cesc production
    We dont need another quality striker.
    We dont need another cb (before we got mert)
    No way we will come 5th we are to strong.
    You know fuck all about football we have the best defence in the league form open play”

    the list goes on and on and on and on.

    The only question i ever ask but are never answered by jonny come lately fans like you are these.

    1) explain why the best manager in the world cant improve a defence not one, not even 2, not even three but 4 fucking years running.
    2) Explain why the best manager in the world cant improve the clubs points totla not one not 2 but 3 years running
    3) explain why the best manager in the world hasnt worked out that teams have worked out a very good formula to disrupt our game plan and changed it?
    4) explain why the best manager see’s mental strength where many other giants of the game see complete and utter mental weakneses.

    How about you answer those same simple questions without calling me a cunt and referring to a worldwide referee and media conspiracy.

  211. Redknapp

    “I completely forgot I had a bank account in Monaco. I was clearing numbers in my phone when I spotted a name and remembered it was from that bank”.

    Poor ‘onest ‘Arry.

  212. @Jabba
    You know that a lot of those questions you have asked could be asked of ManU as well? Defense keeps getting leakier, point total has been going down for the past 4 years, etc. etc. etc.
    And then look at Chelsea: point total going down, more goals conceded year after year, etc. etc. etc.
    What about Liverpool? EXACTLY THE SAME! Oh my f*cking good, how can that be?

    Now what might this point to? Maybe a trend in the league? Could it be??? Oh my god no, there goes Jabba’s basis for all his arguments.

    Please, Jabba, come again when you have watertight arguments to offer.

  213. Jabba,just this once

    ”Clichy is the best left back in the league.
    Rosicky and Diaby can more than make up Cesc production
    We dont need another quality striker.
    We dont need another cb (before we got mert)
    No way we will come 5th we are to strong.
    You know fuck all about football we have the best defence in the league form open play

    You lie.Off all those things the only thing I said was
    “You know fuck all about football ”
    And that stand by.

    And you did accuse me of being a racist,did you not?

  214. @Jabba
    And just in case you are too thick to get it, a short condensed version: all major teams have suffered from exactly the same symptoms you seem to think only affect us, which is simply a testament to the gap in the league closing and the top 4 turning into a top 6.

  215. BTW
    Gain is a very good LB
    Rosicky and Diaby are very good players
    We did not need another CB,Just not Cahill and Samba that you were spunking over
    Why would I mention 5th?

    Jog on you Manc cunt

  216. @ Jabba

    Your reply contained so much stupidity that I actually had to pick a place to start..

    I was obviously referring to the successful youth products in the current United team which giggs and scholes are a part of..just to make it clearer I mean the 2011/12 United team..i..e the present team which play week in week out..clear enough for you????

    last I checked Phil neville was at Everton, Gary neville is at

    If you consider Welbeck, Evans, etc successful but continue to criticise our players then I can only assume you are more enamoured with man united players than you are with ours and maybe a united blog might be a better place to sing their praises than here..dont u think??

  217. Oh please arsenal win this weekend and next so Jabba and AA crawls back in their holes. They usually get so upset when we win they simply don’t manage to post here. And that feels like heaven….

  218. @Poodle

    U forgot- and please keep do winning for a while 😀

  219. Some people an arrf…

  220. Dedicated to Frimpong.

  221. Nd those same people will

  222. Mine did not fit the theme at all. I’m not sorry.

  223. Arsenal will bounce back from the defeat against us. I have no doubt in that.

  224. Is this an ACLFer? Quite good…. I would have written something similar if I had the time…

  225. Thanks, Utdweekly17!

    I think Utd will continue to be miserable in the league and possibly fuck up the Thursday night thingy too. My main reasoning for this is Danny Welbeck but there are others…

  226. Ooo Musical Thursdays!

  227. Nice one, Limpar, that is very good.

  228. I meant the article! 🙂

  229. This one goes out to Jackie Wilshere…

    OK music spam bot will stop now…

  230. Something that happened today in the German football world:

    Bayern Munich announced yesterday that they will present a major new signing on a Facebook-exclusive press conference today at 1 pm. Fans obviously have been craving for another offensive player after their bad start to the second half of the season and missing out on Reus who went to Dortmund instead. The internet was afloat with speculation, all the main German media outlets were reporting about it … turns out the new signing was a special Facebook app that showed a picture of the user’s and a jersey with the user’s name on it. You can surely imagine the sh*tstorm going on in the Bayern community.

    So whatever our PR team does … we can always remind ourselves that other clubs still manage to do worse!

  231. See, Wenger’s so useless we don’t even have our own Facebook App!

    If we were a truly ambitious club we’d have had one month’s ago.

  232. Geo

    As much as possible. The ones who get through have been given the rope. They’ll hang themselves eventually.

  233. Jonny/ check out ‘Boot Led Zeppelin’
    Saw them at Half Moon -Putney, great
    Night. Also’ Limehouse Lizzy’ another great tribute band.
    Off to see Van Morrison in Belfast 3 feb
    (the real thing this time)

  234. Gervinho through to the quarters.

  235. fukin el maybe we need to knock this music thursday on the head. clearing the fukin place.

  236. Ivory Coast is one talented team.

  237. Nah Duke, I think people have been wearied by Jabba and Acrylic.

    It has been a tedious few days!

  238. you maybe right Paul, they do stink the place out whith there constant repetitive repetitive on and on whinging.

  239. ‘dont put me down Guv’nor i cant read nor write can i’
    ‘please sit down Mr Redknap’.

  240. Isn’t that the truth!

  241. I have a mate who is a spurs fan(I know) and he was pleased to finally know why he never got a reply to his email he sent to his idol Arry Redknapp!!

  242. Billy’s Boots

    It appears that the storm of hot air may have blown itself out. On the other hand, maybe the temporary calm means we are in the eye of the storm!

  243. Yogi, just curious.., Whats up with rumors of Jack Wilshere having a setback? Are we really looking at Draxler & Holtby from Schalke?

  244. shrek2be

    Last Updated: 20 January

    Jack will be expected back in action around the middle of February Speaking on January 19, Arsene Wenger said: “There is positive news about him because he is back to running after he had a little setback with the inflammation of his bone. He is able to go outside and practice but he is a few weeks away.”

  245. Isn’t tomorrow the pre-match presser? Guess we will know by then …

  246. LA

    I like your posts, hate yolur music taste, but hey, whatever 🙂

  247. Right tomorrow’s post is up today which means I must have royally fucked up but hey, can’t be arsed to sort it.


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