Manchester United Preview: Injured Pride And Injured Players

A weekend where, so far, results have gone Arsenal’s way. It is a vaguely familiar feeling when we say, “Win and the gap closes“. One which lesser opposition – no disrespect entirely, Blackburn excluded – have successfully screwed up previously this season. This time, with the Premier League’s second placed team visiting, the fidgeting when that thought fleetingly crosses minds is intensified when that is considered. How can Arsenal win today when previous chances have been spurned?

The contrary nature of football, of human beings, offers the solutions. Even with a team that was hopelessly out of form, Arsenal beat the soon-to-be-crowned Champions in the corresponding fixture last season. It was a stronger line-up, granted, but then so was the one fielded by United that day, compared with the expected starting XI today. Motivation is no problem, even before you take into account the feelings of revenge, stung personal and professional pride from earlier this season. As much as they might seek to play down such emotions, it is unnatural for them not to surface.

At his press conference, Arsène considered not playing Champions League football to be a “disaster” from a personal and professional point of view. I can understand his view that the opposition in other competitions is not of such high a standard and it is not. You expect every avenue to be explored in pursuit of that goal and to be honest, those who believe he is not doing so are fools. He might not be pursuing a course of action that coincides with your viewpoint but to claim he is doing nothing opens yourself to ridicule. Whether it is right or not, history will be the judge.

So to this afternoon. United are once more challenging for the title despite, once more, having a team that we are told is sub-standard, not a patch on previous ones forged by Sir Alex Ferguson during his reign. If this side is not up to par, it says much for the current state of football that despite all of the billions invested in playing squads, they are are still the second best in the country.

It serves to emphasize the gap between the two clubs and managers. Both have their strengths and weakness, have made undeniable and significant changes to the English game during the Premier League era. Yet only one of them has been able to forge consistent title-winning teams. Arsène has been bridesmaid more often than the centre of attention. It is hard, maybe impossible, to quantify why there is this difference in the silverware. Talent-wise, Arsenal have more often than had the better squad yet United have nabbed the trophies. Ferguson has been able to more readily identify and gel a winning mentality into his charges. How and why is unproven, subjected to conjecture but it leaves a sense that Wenger’s reign is how Revie must have felt when it came to his Leeds days. Except without the darker elements that pervaded those squads.

The ability to dominate teams at home has underpinned their success. Barring none, the home record in the Premier League is impressive. Claims of refereeing bias often overlook the reason for it; sustained attacking on the opposition area creates pressure on the referee who, in situations where a decision is required, will more often than not believe that the defender has erred due to mental and physical duress. Equally at the other end, borderline decisions are likely to be seen as an act of desperation to gain. It is not a conspiracy of United supporting officials, one where the Mancunian clubs have exploited human weakness.

Injury news for today is better for Arsenal. Thomas Vermaelen and Thierry Henry passed fitness tests yesterday which barring adverse reactions this morning, mean they will take their respective places in the squad. Even if there is a reaction, last weekend’s defeat at Swansea means that copious quantities of painkillers are likely to be injected into the Belgian in the hope of giving some stability to the defence. Wojciech Szczesny has been exceptional in his progress this season but culpability in goals conceded at Craven Cottage and Liberty Stadium identify him as not quite the finished product. Having a stronger defence helps that along the way.

Swansea identified a more natural replacement for Arteta and it is not Yossi Benayoun. The Israeli has always seemed to me to be more of a replacement for Arshavin or Walcott, in the wider midfield role. Tomas Rosicky has more technique in that passing role. Possession, Arsène is being surrendered as the team moves more directly in style which is at odds with the received wisdom that Arsenal are not a team transiting from one formula to another. Whether Rosicky can entirely compensate for the Spaniard is debatable, Arteta brings a steadiness to the central area of the pitch.

Otherwise, the team picks itself such are the paucity of options due to injuries and internationals:

Szczesny; Djourou, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Vermaelen (Miquel); Song, Ramsey, Rosicky; Walcott, van Persie, Arshavin

A win is essential. For too long we have been talking of taking advantage when Spurs slip up. They did last weekend, so did we. The gap widened as a result. Chelsea dropped points but have increased the gap between themselves and Arsenal. If that continues to happen, forget fourth. That as much as playing Manchester United ought to motivate the players. And motivated Arsenal players are capable of winning this fixture.

Enjoy the match wherever you are watching it. ’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Payback time

  2. Oooh me, me me!

  3. Dammit SWM – that was my podium moment.
    Oh life is barely worth living now.
    I just hope BB isn’t watching…

  4. “Knowing is not enough; we must apply.
    Willing is not enough; we must do.
    Let’s smash The Scum and close the gap”
    Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

    I HAVE REVANGE ON MY MIND AND IN MY HEART. hope it doesn’t make me a baaaad man..

    Up the guns….. !!!!!!!! :]

  6. I think that counts as third, mr muppet sir.

  7. I hope the team respond to your call to arms Yogi. I agree with your analysis. United have had the mental edge over this fixture for too,long, often with far inferior teams. However the difference being united have had a better TEAM belief and collective defensive awareness and always play to their strengths…stiffling the game, counterattacking, cheating.Whilst Arsenal have an inferiority complex which becomes a self fullfiling prophecy…i.e our inability to beat them or hold into a lead, we have a collective fear that the game is going to implode on us, heads drop, we concede and are proved right. United always BELIEVE they can overcome all oposition and have the EXPERIENCE and MENTAL STRENGTH needed to win titles. It is not only by luck that united have consitently won trophies. And it is not only bad luck why Arsenal havent. We have the players. We must Just BELIEVE. Vermaelen (the leader) Wilshere (the passmaster), Arteta (middfield stabiliser) and Gervinho and the fullbacks (widemen) are sorely missed and upsets the balance of the team and our ability to retain the ball.Untited will target our weak links the full backs. Saying that today feels like it would be a good day for 2-1 to the Arsenal.The team has regrouped and RVP is on fire. Alex oxlade chamberlain anyone!COYG.

  8. Let’s hope the crowd are really up for it today for 90 minutes even if we go behind. It is time to make some real noise and show these Mancs that the Emirates rocks.

    Gunners forever!

  9. Well done to David Price. 73 seconds to victory. Much like me in bed.

  10. Crowd and fan support will be essential in canceling out the effect M.DEAN (basterd) will try to have on the game. LETS TOCK THE PLACE SO THAT HE MIGHT POOO HIM PANTS.

  11. It’s another Million Dollar Question, isn’t it – just how have Manure been that much more successful under Ferguson than AFC under AW?

    How does, over years and years, one side seem to get the rub of the green, the bulk of the so-called dodgy decisions, the marginal calls where a decision could have gone either way?

    When answering this question in my own mind I always think back to that 50th match unbeaten and referee Mike Riley’s Finest Hour – or 90 minutes, to be precise.

    A 90 minute horror show where the Mancs were given carte blanche to kick their way to victory, free rein to do just whatever it took to beat us that day.

    This and the subsequent further blooming of Riley’s career speaks volumes especially when taken in the context of Howard Webb’s record at Old Trafford – a referee so good, he was called upon to officiate a world cup final, no less.

    And the answer all this provides me is not that there is corruption in the English game but perversion – perversion caused by fear, fear of Alex Ferguson and what might happen to even the country’s most senior referees should they get a decision wrong, be it a howler or a more marginal 50:50 event.

    This is a man allowed to take on and bully the BBC. A man who at one time felt able to challenge his bosses over the provenance of a race horse. A man who, over decades, has been allowed to bully anyone unfortunate enough to have to officiate a game involving Manure, to take on any referee with impunity and ultimately influence the outcome of matches to the extent that concepts such as “Fergie Time” have routinely entered the English language, the ‘knowledge’ that you won’t get penalties awarded against the Mancs – or not very many – becomes an unquestioned statistic.

    It’s not cheating.

    It’s not corruption.

    It’s not even cheating, per se.

    But it always has been perverse.

    It has always stunk.

    It’s still stinking today.

    Can’t see Riley getting into trouble with Sirralex over the choice of today’s ref, can you?

    Can’t see Dean getting into trouble with Sirralex either.

    But I sure as hell hope the crowd go nuts – and stay nuts – when the marginal calls start to go against us as they surely will, with this ref, against this team.

    I’ll be there and I’ll be going nuts, for sure.

    One of the highlights of yesterday’s games was hearing “Same old Chelsea always cheating” being sung to the Norwich rafters.

    Not certain the Chavs were in fact cheating.

    But they made the point and everyone watching and listening couldn’t ignore it.

    Go Gunners!

    Go the Emirates!!!

  12. 73 seconds and here I was thinking he was such a ladies man… 🙂

  13. Pay back time 4 utd, and see gunners beating them 2 1

  14. They love it GK. If you can’t say it concisely it’s not worth the price of admission.

  15. lol… spot on. AA
    F••• the red mancs and their pussy refs.

  16. WARNING.

  17. I must admit. It’s not worth the price of admission. 😉

    In better news – Ian Wrong-Wright says we should start the Ox. The Ox is ready.
    Bench it is.

    Arsenal Andrew – liking your posts. That day still haunts me. Injustice meted out on a cosmic scale. This is the price we pay for bargaining with the devil for a season unbeaten. He always exacts his toll.

    Mike Cunting Dean – an argument for abortion.

  18. Besides… the red wank basterds have outspent ARSENAL by at least. Twenty. To one in the past fifteen years. BOUGHT AND PAID FOR TROPHIES. ONE AND ALL. THE ORIGINAL. MERCENARIES.

  19. Was talking about you Jonny. 🙂
    How’s your dad?? tell him hello from me… 🙂

  20. He’s moved into a new house near Farringdon. This week I will move in too, I hope.
    Mostly he’s good I think – he’s a stoical sod so it’s hard to discern.
    A win today would be good medicine I imagine. 😉
    I’ll say Hi – no doubt he’ll look at me like I’m mad and not for the first time. Or without reason.

  21. lol… lets hope for his sake its a good game and a win… and your a good son, not at all mad. I bet he is super proud of you. 🙂

  22. I so distaste moving man. I bet it’s because. I move every couple of years. Its good to live light.

  23. Bloody good article that Jonny.

    Becoming an investigative journo, eh?

  24. Hope we don’t get the negative vibs. And the jinx’s talker at the comment. Today. They are such a drain on the spirit. ONLY ARSENAL. FANS ALLOWED. TODAY. the best and classiest. Since inception our 125 years ago. And always. FORWARD thinking.

  25. utd to get a pasting today..
    spurs to get their pants pulled down as well..

    come on boys lets make this one count..

  26. It’s ace, isn’t it? Who knew one of them could write something so balanced.

    They’ll get opposable thumbs next.


  27. defeats not even an option today..

    no team talk necessary…the script for this was written at the start of the season..nothing else needed..

    lots of energy lots of passion..lets see some bottle…

  28. Victory is rarely an option when dean is involved…

    Just watching MOTD Frimpong was fucking awesome.

  29. Insanity is making excuses over and over again for the same crimes.for instance,trying to ignore the effect of dean on arsenal matches.trying to ignore the effect of ferguson on the media.i think i also like the idea of calling it perversion.

  30. Claims of refereeing bias often overlook the reason for it; sustained attacking on the opposition area creates pressure on the referee who, in situations where a decision is required, will more often than not believe that the defender has erred due to mental and physical duress. Equally at the other end, borderline decisions are likely to be seen as an act of desperation to gain. It is not a conspiracy of United supporting officials, one where the Mancunian clubs have exploited human weakness.

    wow…so rooney who is known for diving ever since….. what? 6 years ago – 7? still gets penalties the same way. havent they figured out yet that this player is a serial cheat? because when we got the tag for being divers…i dont remember the refs still giving penalties to us.

    have the refs nto figured out yet that vidic and evra play wrestling when defending?

    has any united player been punished for running like a maniac to the ref swearing and demanding stuff ? no…. but as soon as song dares pull his hair out for the decission he sees the ref giving…automatic yellow.

    just last year vidic played volleyball in our area…the clearest HAND TO BALL seen since suarez in wc semi. the linesman in a straight line…

    no no no there have been far too many incidents to dismiss them as human errors by the refs.

    if arsenal starts exhibitting the aggressive manner, this desire to win all and take no prisoners like the united players exhibit you can bet that the refs will find a way to stop you like they did last year in newcastle..the momment you start clicking and gaining belief …bam! some crow with a whistle is right there to remind you that “this is england”…

  31. What has changed to the team in the last 7 days?the team didnt play well against villa, fulham,swansea,wolves and qpr. Arshavin is still there trying to show us being a lazy footballer is the new cool.walcot continues to hug the touchline and ramsey’s form is in the pits.nothings changed.n we are up against united and mr dean.prepared to be depressed.

  32. The England I know is a gentler place.

    Refs are poor. The FA is corrupt. manu get decisions that others don’t. It rains.

    Move on. Put the ball in the net more times than they do.

  33. Bloody hell Ace! Why get up in the morning?

    It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day and we are playing manu at the Emirates.

    This is what football is about. Anticipation, fervour, expectation.


  34. Brevity.

  35. Frimpong’s technique looked awful setting up that assist!
    Get well soon Frimmy.

  36. As my new role as investigative journalist, if you have the time, and are so inclined, I’d recommend this as being worth a few minutes of most people’s existence.

  37. Sorry, I meant setting up that goal! The box to boxish role seemed perfect for Frimpong atm, a little different to the role he played in his last couple of games back at HQ which was different to his earlier games this season (similar to Mick’s orders) but Shushhhhh, coz Arsenal don’t do tactical variations. Innit.
    I wonder what tactical variations the injury gawds will bestow upon The Arsenal today? Whispers in the dark, Vermaelan might start. Lets hope Slur Alex hasn’t been checking twitter again.

  38. Sir Alex Ferguson:

    “Barca have Messi. Real have Ronaldo. Chelsea had Drogba. Stop RVP and you can stop Arsenal. Every team’s like this”

  39. Van Persie’s goals come from an incredible 90 efforts at goal, with 62% on target. He has also put in 34 crosses and contributed 6 assists.

  40. Arteta will be missed big time. But we have belief. I’ll take any win. Even 1:0!

  41. Nice to learn more about Tatchell. Sounds a good man.

    Shame it was in the Guardian though, well, I suppose any paper really. That is to say, I despise all of them.

  42. YW – AA – Jonny……

    Seems everyone has brought their ‘A’ game to the sight this morning – as will Arsenal today.

  43. Time to see a city – spud draw today.

  44. LoveTheWayYouPlay

    I am going to f**king punch those condescending, winner licking, think they are funny and subtle retards at BBmotherf**kingC.

  45. Jonny on January 22, 2012 at 11:29 am said:

    Victory is rarely an option when dean is involved…
    Just watching MOTD Frimpong was fucking awesome.

    I watched the game Jonny, Frimpong was just spectacular. His drive from midfield was good to watch. Funy enough, he drove forward anytime wolves has the ball like an attacking midfielder and doubled up with Kyle Henry on the opposition whenever he had too.

    Funny enough, he showed those qualities we argued that he lacked such as his position awareness, shortpassing, drive and even pace.

    So sad bout the injury he sustained, he should have seen him joke about it on twitter though. Great guy.

    To the real issue at hand. I think we have enough to beat the Mancs today. My fear lied with Miquel, but with Tommy V passed fit to play, we’re carrying the day.


  46. Rumours of The Ox starting.

    Pinch me.

  47. Ian Wrong could be right: Rumour abounds that the OX will be unleashed.
    Can Ryo get on to the bench? If not today, then tomorrow? Please Mr.Wenger?

  48. Ha!
    Told you it was coming Jonny.
    A guess, it might be a ‘tactical’ manouvere?
    – From onearsenewenger on twitter, who used to post on ACLF sometimes:

    “Gunners Great Anders Limpar said on Radio 5 on Friday night that Arsenal should attack Utd full-backs as they are the worst he has seen.”

  49. No extra motivation needed for today. We need to get on them from the word go and not give them an inch. RVP hatrick is on the cards I think.Call it what you like revenge or payback. top 4 we are rright behind you.

  50. @Fins

    I doff my cap, sir – however let’s wait till the team line-up is announced!

    Presumably that Limpar quote includes that swirling bitchhole of ugliness, Patrice Evra – which, if true, is both brilliant and hilarious.

  51. Jonny (9.59) – that’s a GREAT link, thanks.

    Took me a good 15 minutes to read, mind(!) but fascinating to see the match-fixing surrounding Manchesters City (1904) and United (early 1960’s).

    Of course, it couldn’t happen today, could it?

    After all, the players are so well paid (although not well paid enough in Italy, it would seem) …

    On the other hand, playing devil’s advocate, what must it feel to be a relatively poorly paid ref or lino rubbing shoulders with football’s elite?

    Can’t bring myself to believe our beloved officials are corrupt but Jonny’s linked-article, above, shows how easy it can be to ‘make a few bob’ if you have the motivation …

    Well worth the read if you have a spare quarter of an hour.

    And who COULD be blamed for being a little suspicious when the ‘curious’ refereeing standards exhibited by the likes of O’Dowd, Dean and ‘even’ Howard “World Cup” Webb end up with the apparently skewed results that so often seem to scar our fixtures.

    And until the governance of the game is upgraded in ways that have been achieved in all the other major world sports, doubts will probably always remain about the integrity of biggest and most important one, rightly or wrongly.

    Right – I’m off. Hoping for a draw for the Spuds/Citeh, I find the sight of a wobbling Mancini disgracing himself with the invisible red card very entertaining. Good also for a few doubts to start entering into the psyche of our nearest and undearest.

    No idea what the result will be at the Emirates – could be anything, couldn’t it?

    But I’m fearing for RvP’s safety in all honesty; doubt Sirralex would have no hesitation in asking his side to pay ‘special’ attention to the Dutch Maestro.

    “Stop RvP and you stop Arsenal”, as he’s been reported as saying …

    And it wouldn’t be the first time a player has been targeted by them.

    Just ask Reyes.

    Good luck boys – COME ON YOU GUNNERRRRS!

  52. My flatmate (Leeds fan) watched the Wolves highlights and said “How can you not love The Frimpong”? True dat.

  53. Twitchy looks confident today.

  54. “wait till the team line-up is announced!”
    I can’t help it. If true, which side will he start on? On the left, with some switching? I’m getting excited about this game, even with all the players out. Rosicky will probably be playing a similar role to the one he performed so well against the Udines.

    Frimpong26AFC Emmanuel Frimpong
    You lot should stop caring about me I hope petrov foot is on after hitting a metal face:)

  55. So what’s the news on Frimpong? Hope he is back soon to Frimpong some people. Really loving the guy, a proper Gooner.

    As for the small matter of beating Slur Alex later today. 3:0 with goals by RVP, Theo and the King.

  56. The reds at my joint fully behind the spuds.

  57. Gooner4life where was the motivation at Fulham and Swansea?Players playing for Arsenal shouldnt need motivating.

  58. Win or lose we stay fifth. Funny feeling about that.

  59. Loving that you can’t help it Fins. I’m jangling like a sack of crack-kittens.

    If you can’t get excited for this you might as well give up.

    Can only imagine the impending sense of doom Suga is simultaneously suffering and enjoying. He’ll be looking forward to defeat so he can prove himself the Crown-Prince oracle of dumbfuck.

    Just think what it must be like to piss on your own cornflakes. Tragic.

    Spudshitty game not really woken up yet.

  60. Today is a big day for American football supporters. This will be our very first EPL game broadcast on regular tv. Meaning that you don’t need a special “soccer” channel to watch today’s game. How far we’ve come after the 94 world cup, no? It only took them eighteen years. I’m looking forward to some stupid American dude breaking down the rules of the game for an audience which thinks football is a sport for girls.

    All I want is for the boys to have a go. I will not be disappointed if we lose, win or draw if the boys put in some genuine effort.

  61. The nerves are kicking in…enjoy the game gunners.
    We must win this one, just HAVE to…for pride, if for no other reason.

    I don’t even care about fourth I just want them put in their seats.

  62. going to the pub for OUR game, need a couple of calmers

  63. I’ll taking anything as long as it is not a loss.

    Cbob, it is not always possible to put the ball in the net moe times than the opposition.In such marginal instances refs not making stupid calls would surely help!

  64. Great post yogi:

    Happy to hear TV will be back on the left wing. Love Miquel but we will be stronger with TV. Arteta will be a miss and I agree that Rosicky will deputize. No reason we can’t play well with TR7 in the line up.

    Loved the post by Cbob @ 11:59. True wisdom comes from that keyboard. I think the Fergie conundrum is partly down to the fact that we spend so much time worrying about things we can’t control like the refs and forget that the way to win is to score more goals. A big part of mental strength is taking responsibility when you lose and fixing whatever caused the problem.

    If our defense and GK are spot on today we will win.

  65. We will win, there is no doubt in my mind about it! The boys will be up for it. I hope Rosicky does well, big game for him. Wouldnt it be a great day for him to rediscover his scoring touch?

    Loving the cornflakes line!

  66. Tepid first half in Manchester. I feel a 0 – 0 draw.

  67. You see?

    firstlady and Bill read the same post and give opposite reactions.

    Ti na kanoume; as they’d say in Greece.

    To be fair firstlady, my point was more an abstract one. Bill, I think, got the gist.

  68. I think Rosicky has played well every time the vicissitudes of life have permitted him to (and Wenger). In fact I think he’s been brilliant on several occasions this season. Just wish he’d find his shooting boots.

    I’ve offered to help him look for them several times.

  69. Is it true TV is playing??? I’m still sticking with a 2-1 to us today. plus a goal for the Ox, Haha talk about pressure.

  70. shooting this season has really been lamentable, Gervinho Ramsey to name byt two, surely this will improve

  71. I agree with Gainsborough, I am looking for a good performance. If we still lose, then, I will be disappointed, but sarisfied that the string of poor performances is over.

    What worries me about the suggestion that everything will be ok when we get our injured players back, is that that is what happened last eyar and, with the injured players back, we had a terrible run.

  72. Counter attack counter attack, we know what to expect

  73. Great finish. Not forgiven but he’s earnt my gratitude.

  74. fucking nasri!!!!I wanted mancity to win but not that bastard scoring!!

  75. The spuds are being slayed.

  76. Football is back on the menu! 2-1.
    Game on.

  77. Was Nasri really ready to sign a contract last xmas for us to prostpone it until summer? then he just went to City instead?

  78. Nice post, YW.

    Just passed the ground (on a pre-match errand). Not as much ‘atmosphere’ as I expected, but it’s still early. There was a camera crew from Asia. That’s not unusual for a big match, but it does highlight how the PL has ‘gone global’. It may be silly, but I enjoy knowing that the eyes of the football world will be on us.

  79. Bale equalises with a beauty.

  80. What a crazy game?

  81. kenyan, you spoke too soon!!

  82. i cant belive Tottenham can win over City.. then again i cant belive City can win over tottenham neither.. they are both horrible..

  83. What a game right now. Never thought they would be in it after 2 down. Have to say very well done.

  84. perhaps Spuds are the real deal

  85. This just turned into a decent game. Nice finish by Bale.

  86. Half way through the fight a game of football broke out.

    I have it on good authority Balotelli is wearing suspenders for today’s fixture.


  87. how can tottenhm have more drive than us?? they never give up do they? and their star players always preform(or have this season). They always give the team that little exta when it needs it most.. bleh..

  88. I guess if we just start to belive we will do the same…

  89. Firstlady, didn’t think city would lose a two goal advantage. No wonder Wenger rejected Savic.

  90. Hahahahahahahaha!

    The game got moved to midnight due to church programming in my market.

    While you guys watch the game I’ll be watching a Christian con artist.

  91. Kenyan it is good to know we are not the only 2 goals squanderers. time to sign off, naenda kuwatch game kwa pub na maji imejaa kwa tumbo.

    Arsenal please win today ..any win will do but even a draw wont be too bad if we cant beat them.

  92. Just who is your ‘authority’ Jonny?

    The mind boggles.

  93. Today is further proof as to why it’d be best for us that the potatoheads lose today.

    Assumption is the mother of all fuck ups.

  94. Looks like mancity will be hard pressed to hold the lead during the Africa cup.

  95. Poodle, have you been watching Spuds lately? They’ve been beating teams by one goal or drawing most of their games. Saying that their stars give them an extra push is a bit congratulatory. The only reason why they’re in this game is because City aren’t as good as everyone makes them out to be. They were Sussex out in the CL and are just know getting Sussex out in the league.

  96. Lescott and Balotteli should both have received straight reds.

  97. Balotelli stamped on Parker. Him and Lescott should face disciplinary action. I hope they are as strict with them as they were with Song.

  98. Come on the Ox!

  99. Arsenal XI Szczesny – Djourou, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Vermaelen – Song, Ramsey – Walcott, Rosicky, Chamberlain – Van Persie so its 4-2-3-1

  100. No OX,, O well

  101. Strongest spud team in a generation.

  102. Fuck that was close.

  103. GJ – look again.

  104. Howard Webb broke up with United?

  105. YESSSSS! Terrible tackle from King.

  106. I hate Balotelli.

  107. Defoe should curse himself.

  108. I can actually taste their tears.

  109. Now Man City are eighteen points above us, yeah! If they lost their lead would’ve only been twelve if we beat United. But, hey, if we beat United we’ll be seven points of third place Spurs. Our mathematicians are on a roll today.

  110. Nasty Jonny, very nasty.


  111. Great game, great result now to get the 3 points at the Ems.

  112. 4th minute into stopage, the old north London luck

  113. I think that if the Ox proves his ready then Arshavin is off.

  114. Gains you’re still the only Arsenal fan I know of who was rooting for a Spurs victory today.

    Never mind that no premiership team has closed a 12 point gap to the top of the table from this stage of the season. Never mind it’s entirely possible we won’t win today.

    But no, it’s everyone else who is stupid.

  115. @ KG
    Arshavin might give us something off the bench but in terms of next season I think he’ll be off.

  116. TV is our Mr. 100%. Always gives his all. A true leader.

  117. I was feeling sorry for Spurs…then I realised it was spurs. The fall from dizzy heights will be great. Well played all the same. Enough of this ‘payback’ thing lets get on with the football…The ox starts!!!!!

  118. You’re infected with a small club mentality, Jonny. Fortunately I’m not.

  119. ouch thats gotta hurt the spuds…fantastic result

    a win for us and its been the perfect weekend..


  121. I’m worried you might be infected with hydrocephalus.

  122. Desperately seeking stream links…

  123. Yeah, Jonny, in my balls. I have hydrocephalic testicles.

  124. Remonstrate, here you go.

    There’s a shit load of links there.

  125. Topman!

  126. A strong a team as we can field given the circumstances. If we play anything like we did at Chelsea…it will be a great day. COYG.!!!!

  127. Viewers in south Florida can watch the game on Fox Deportes.

  128. Pictures with words G69. 😉

    Right game on.

    Not many game changers on the bench but plenty in the starting 11. I like this team.

  129. Pained for Spurs but the force is with us this weekend..
    C’mon you GUNNERS!!!!!
    AA to come on to score the decider like Balotelli.

  130. Smalling, Evans in the middle of their defence. Let’s get at them.

  131. No love lost between RVP and that bastard Evra.

  132. Boom!!! Gunman signing in.Let’s get this rolling.
    Shame about spurs.

  133. I am about Duke.nothing to say

  134. these lot are there for the fukin taking!

  135. And Jones out. We have looked better so far, had a couple of decent half-chances. Ox has done well so far, though he is showing parts of the body language that always frustrates me about Arshavin!

  136. Good start.

  137. Sulking over AA?

  138. afternoon george you disrespecting git!!!

  139. They certainly should be, Duke.

    Still Man Utd are nothing if not determined.

  140. @Jonny
    No, just stating an observation. Two cases where Oxo could’ve had the ball if he had tried, but instead he let it trickle out. Same thing AA does. No need to get so defensive. 🙂

  141. living on the edge right now.

  142. Defensively sound today. Walcott isnt exuding confidence today.

  143. so the spurs show their flat track bully credentials.

  144. Evra done like a kipper…shame about the finish

  145. Stew do you have another good stream link?

  146. Awww, close. Great run by Oxo but a bad finish by Theo. Not the easiest of angles though, Theo’s body position was wrong for the pass.

  147. Ramsey should’ve just passed to TV there …

  148. just get it out wide man.

  149. Having sloppy Joe’s watching sloppy passes.

  150. not sure what this giving the ball away issue is all about, last week it made an ulgy appearance and this week is not much better.

  151. Evil – misunderstanding – that was my hello to George not meant for you at all!

  152. I know this may not be the place to say it but “all credit to the Spuds this season, they are just not giving an inch”.

  153. Rooney cunt bollocks.

  154. Sounds the radio as if Rooney dived?

  155. ON the radio!

  156. oh my fukin god you fat fukin diving fukin pubic hair on yer head wearing cunt.

  157. isnt it great watching a 98 year old dominate our midfield..

    it would help it song took the utd shirt off and put his arsenal one on and it would also help if theo remembered how to play football..

    rant over..

    come on arsenal…

  158. Gawd we have looked lacking in belief and verve so far. Definitely miss Arteta.

    Still think we are much better than the we have shown.

  159. Rooney would never dive! He merely stumbled! And he was running after the ref just to tell him that he is happy that the ref didn’t decide to give a penalty for what was never a dive but just a little loss of balance.

  160. nice hook from song on that sh@t rooney

  161. have we strung more then 4 passes together.

  162. oxos causing problems..
    just get the ball out wide..
    not to theo..

  163. We’re making Carrick look soooo good

  164. Fuck. It’s been coming.

  165. fucking pricks…

  166. Lets face it – they’ve hammered us so far.

    Dig deep boys and girls – I believe but they have to start doing the same.

  167. It was coming. We’ve been playing like shit.

  168. Time to head home. Can’t watch this anymore.

  169. Bollocks…obligatory goal conceded

  170. Last week Swansea always played the ball out of defence under pressure. I have never seen us hoof so many aimless balls forward.

  171. I admire the belief Arsene has in his players, the issue for me is that they don’t have the belief in themselves

  172. When a CB plays FB, sometimes he loses his co-ordinates….
    we’re not looking good AT ALL!

  173. Not a good half. They looked always more likely to score. Our right side has been weak and we lacked ideas offensively. Ox has been doing very well in attack, but at the same time has been very suspect defensively. Need a collective upping of the game in the second half, especially senior players like Theo and Song need to give us more.

  174. Watch Djourou in the build up to the goal. Fucking lazy. Watches the 2 against one develop, bimbles over to Giggs and does not even attempt to stop the cross.

    Ramsey holding onto the ball too long, and our only real problems is not getting back to front quick enough. Manure are doing which is why they keep manging to get Nani to isolate Djourou. AOC looking good and Theo needs to keep more width.

  175. Where is our tempo?? No urgency in our play. Very poor so far. Kicking long balls to Van Persie…
    Hope someone gets a hold of them at half time. Only bright spot is Ox. Walcott not at the races at all

  176. we look absolute mediocre. they have shit defenders and we cant even get through them. piss fukin poor….again.

  177. We’re getting beat out wide too often. Djourou has to mark two players every time they get the ball to Nani. Theo and Ox aren’t dropping back to help out.

  178. here we go again..
    for fuck sake get them motivated arsene..

  179. @GA
    Agree that Djourou has been the culprit. Ramsey even gestured to him to go and close down Giggs but Johan just waited too long.

  180. Honestly not a single ball up to rvp…we might as well resign hleb at least he could keep hold of the ball…midfielder who can keep and hold the ball and string two passes together needed. Arshavin might be the man after all.

  181. is ramsey sh*t or what?oh,i forgot, he is just 21.

  182. Djourou wasn’t lazy, Andy. That’s a pretty shit comment considering how he has been left alone most of the time.

  183. Djourou is out on his feet.

  184. We were never going to keep a clean sheet today. Now that is out of the way lets hope we can up\our game in the 2nd half and just out score Manure.

  185. why do we always look so weak against man utd?? is it tactics, we cant keep the bloody ball , its like our players are all miles away from each other whilst the mancs look like they are gathered in packs.

    in desperate need of a creative midfielder.

  186. Gotta be carefull here.
    This is set up for ManUre hitting us on the break if we pile forward too much…

  187. Difficult first half, midfield non-existent. The right flank of the defence is constantly under pressure.

    Here is hoping the second half will see more precise passing on our side. It’s not lost yet.

  188. Rosicky and Koscielny have been the best players in a red shirt today.

  189. No Arshavin is not the man for this.I mean we don’t want to create anything do we?
    What not with all the chances we are having.

  190. SV,

    coz fergie knows its our weak spot and has told his men to exploit it.

  191. Nani’s dilligently toying with Djourou…
    Walcott’s being bullied by Evra..
    Rambo-Song-TR7 not in sync
    Verm’s battling..just not a FB
    RvP hasn’t “touched” the ball supply
    but we are still very much in it

    Park, Benayoun. AA

    i remain POSITIVE!

  192. Determination, verve, belief. Absent so far.

    Spurs showed much more than this. *spits*

    The team comes out fighting in the second half or not at all.

    Harder, faster, better, stronger.

    I’d rather lose badly trying to win than watching death by insipid dribble.

  193. I cannot agree with anyone that seems to think one player is the issue atm, the squad as a whole is playing poorly. RvP is isolated but front and those lumping balls from defense in to the United half are pointless.

    I hate to say it, but perhaps missing out on CL football would not be the worse thing in the world. It just maybe the kick on the arse people around the club need to get back focused on the team and not making money every year. We are not competing for top transfer signatures and seem happy to buy average players.

  194. We are weak at the moment duke. It’s been a case of waiting for the cavalry in the shape of returning injured players for a few weeks now.

    We have just run out of players and confidence. The side looks fine on paper but still no full backs, a couple of youngsters and a couple of squad players.

    How many on the pitch have scored a goal this season?

  195. Agree, Gains. Koscielny doesn’t know what having a bad game means and Rosicky is putting forward his case for being played more often. Very tidy, great tackling, good in keeping possession.

    We need to be more solid defensively. Djourou needs protection, it’s obvious that Nani is quite the handful and with Giggs as well as Evra targeting him and how often he has been left alone out wide we need the midfield as well as the wide player on the right side to be patient and do the defending right first and foremost.

  196. it used to be that united waited for a counter attack.tday they are playing us off the park as well.

  197. Come on Arsenal. A bit of fighting spirit required… We can do this. COME ON ARSENAL

  198. I think we’ll do better in the second half.

  199. Limestonegunner

    Agree with Gains about Rosicky and Kos.

    Oxo and Walcott definitely have been suspect defensively on the right–maybe too much switching around and coming into the centre. Djourou has been isolated and found wanting, looking confused.

    Treated to Piers Morgan hyperventilating about how it is AW’s fault for not getting a fullback. Have to say, though, this is exactly what I fearfully expected from the wings. Valencia, Nani, Giggs doing us in.

    The Ox was bright at the start going forward but he needs to up his intensity defensively and stop expecting the ball to be passed to his feet. He’s supposed to be young and hungry and full of energy and pace. I’d like to see him help out defensively more and use that pace and vision to bring the ball forward more quickly. We’ve been slow in our movement and passing.

    I agree that I have never seen us hoof the ball out of the back so much and once in a while when under pressure is fine and even necessary. But it seems to be a habit we are falling into now without confidence to bring the ball out through midfield.

    Generally, though the defending has been strong. We’ve just been exposed by lots of crosses. More troubling is how we can’t hang onto the ball and go forward quickly. We don’t seem to have that many ideas after our good play in the beginning of the half didn’t yield more than a couple tame shots on goal.

    With no Ferdinand or Vidic, I’d hope we could get RvP in positions to exploit their backup backline.

    What changes? I am not sure AA for Ox just yet, maybe for Theo. Mostly, the team just needs to remember how we play and raise out determination to make some chances.

  200. Gains @ 5.03 – easiest prediction of the year. I hope to God you”re right,.

  201. Djourou twist ankle!

  202. Evil, it seems like we did a lot better when Ox was on the right and Theo on the left. I don’t think it’s a matter of the wide players getting back as much as it is a failure to pin Manure back.

    Yennaris in for Djourou. I hope he has a good game.

  203. Yennaris on for DJ

  204. Let’s win this match.

  205. AA for Ramsey. Be bold Arsene, be bold.

  206. Ace, ramsey just should not be playing every game at his stage and it isnt down to injuries as we always have young apprentices playing regulary in our fist team,

  207. rambo off..
    AA on..
    tell song to stop trying to be the playmaker and to cover the zones with the fullbacks..rosicky too..

    no point asking theo and oxo to track back cos thats leaving us with rvp on his own and desparation hoofball

    keep the postive play..use the pace on the flanks to attack..tell the midfielders to defend..

    yennaris is a good move..

  208. apart from some tame finishing we didn’t do much wrong 1st half.

  209. Limestonegunner

    Interesting change, Yennaris for Djourou. Good idea, I think. But hopefully Ox and Walcott will help more.

  210. george,

    we only conceeded one so we can!!

  211. Limestonegunner

    Steww, I don’t think we created very good chances.

    RvP down; this is terrible, clutching his knee.

  212. bollox

    get up robin..please get up..

  213. RvP self-inflicts….Stadium v.quiet

  214. Limestonegunner

    Walking off, hopefully not really injured badly.

  215. Nico will be tested non-stop

  216. Limestonegunner

    Self-inflicts? Didn’t the Manc knock his knee while down?

  217. robin?????? 😦

  218. RObin misses a sitter!!!!!!!!!!!!

  219. Uffffffff!

  220. Come on Arsenal.

  221. we might aswell give up.

  222. Van Persie is off his gAme.

  223. When Robin misses those you start to wonder.

  224. its an unhappy face mr bob..
    i dont know how to do a gutted one..

  225. Limestonegunner

    hopefully the players don’t think like that, duke. COYG!!!

  226. ..i sense a slight erection in our play

  227. AOC to Rambo…Ohhhhhhhh!!!!

  228. come on arsenal…

  229. Limestonegunner

    Good play, Ramsey. This is more like it.

  230. We’re already better, Jonny. My prediction came true.

  231. AOC, what a fucking player!!!

  232. valencia 😉

  233. Limestonegunner

    Aman, would you like to rephrase that?!? 🙂

  234. do we practice shooting at the goal???

  235. We’re playing some beautiful footfall. Joy to watch.

  236. Nice to see Theo doing more defensively!

  237. Limestonegunner

    Agreed, Evil. Noticed that.

  238. That’s the spirit Limestone. COYG!

  239. Truly an oracle of our times gee.

    Anything you can do about our finishing?

  240. robin will get another chance…the next one goes in but we have to keep the tempo high
    they struggle when we attack with pace so come on boys..

  241. Limestonegunner

    Rosicky cursed or is that a handball!!????

  242. Fuck off Sugatits.

  243. Limestonegunner

    Not handball, I guess.

  244. Blatant hand ball. we are done again.

  245. Now that’s the Arsenal I want to see. COYG

  246. Come on!

  247. They crumble when we pressure them. Just need to keep it up and the goal will come.

  248. Rosicky couldn’t score in a brothel these days.

    Get the feeling if he got one he’d score a fucking screamer minutes later.

    Koscielny is more likely. What a player.

  249. erection Limestone…we’re stiffening!

  250. Limestonegunner

    Well, that period of play is starting to wane. Needed to make one of those chances count and change the character of this match. In a few minutes Fergie will pile in Park and some other defenders to clog things up and push and pick

    Alas, the OX! Close. Someone finish! Keeper was beat.

  251. Limestonegunner

    push and kick

  252. The ox has the making of a legend.

  253. growing into the game…oh no…BFG!!!!

  254. Much much better… It’s all about tempo…
    One of these is going

  255. Can’t believe I’m hearing shouts of handball – a little perspective people.

    Mert – legendary clearance.

  256. time for AA to warm up….maybe?

  257. It’s your avatar JonJon.

  258. Limestonegunner

    Chezzer is inured. This is disastrous.

  259. Limestonegunner

    Hang in there, Chezzer. Hopefully he can stay in.

  260. Limestonegunner

    Well done, Chezzer.

  261. irresponsible return pass to Yennaris from Rambo???????

  262. the best avatar in the world..
    even though he was a shit neandrathal pisshead who played kick and chase..

    we could have done with him today..

    come on arsenal…

  263. It’s still one nil only we can win it.

  264. RVP!!!!!!!!!!

  265. Limestonegunner

    We’re playing well, Just need to finish and keep up the intensity.

    Ox to RvP!!!!!!

  266. yeessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    fucking told ya…

    well done everyone involved in that…

    come on now boys lets win this fucker

  267. Limestonegunner

    Great play from Kos to rob the player and pass forward .

  268. sing Kos to a new 12 year contract plz

  269. How good was it…

  270. Van persie. Dont fuck it up lads

  271. Limestonegunner

    Now for more. Come on Arsenal. Koscielny has been our best player

  272. For his Granddad I guess? Genius pass by Oxo, but all the credit to the best defender in the Prem. Winning the ball perfectly and playing such a great pass to get us going. YEAH!

  273. Limestonegunner

    Lucky not to get worse than a red there! But he has been immense on both ends of the pitch.


  275. That was The Arsenal.

    At last.

  276. Why is it that RVP always scores those ridiculously difficult goals but can’t bang the easy ones in? Same at Swansea. Scored a really difficult but than 1 on 1 with the keeper didn’t put it away.

  277. Amongst the best goals this season.


    but come on AA

  279. Well done Ox. A real deal.

  280. What’s happening? Ox has been brilliant.

  281. Limestonegunner

    Why is the ox coming off???????? How does AA feel coming on with the fans disputing the substitution?

  282. Shite AW took out Ox for AA?????
    Should have taken off Theo

  283. AA better show up

  284. Not sure why Ox was taken off. He looked the most likely to create something. AA for Theo would’ve been the better option.

  285. Limestonegunner

    Would definitely have taken off Theo instead if anyone. I think we were playing fine.

  286. well us(some) aclfooters have been calling for the ox to be let loose havent we!!

  287. Did you see those little shits booing and shouting at arsene?

    Bloody disgrace.

    Who do they think they are, Blackburn fans?

  288. Arshavin will score the winner and scoles will concede the penalty.

  289. Limestonegunner

    AW must have had some concerns or fitness reasons?

  290. Can’t say I feel too sorry for Nani. One of the players I loathe the most.

  291. Limestonegunner

    Park Ji Sung on; for what reason? What’s Red Face’s game there?

    Come on AA!!!

  292. Awrgh, Park Ji Sung. He always scores against us, doesn’t he? Maybe we should counter with our own Park?

  293. im not sure if they were booing arsenes decision cbob or the fact nani was a fairy but your right when its game time let the manager manage…

  294. @LG
    The sole reason is that Park always scores when he plays against us.

  295. Limestonegunner

    Oh Theo!!! Good try. What happened to him?

  296. theo got knocked the fuck out..
    get up son weve got a game to win…

  297. Limestonegunner

    Impact on the ground. Hopefully he’ll be okay, no concussion.

  298. Theo’s knockd out…slammed his head on the turf sideways….DAMN, if only AW had taken him off earlier???
    Might we see our own Korean?

  299. He is getting up. Good. Started to worry there ..

  300. Limestonegunner

    He does; I remember that. But is he playing right back or in midfield? Is RedFace going for the win? Thought he’d be happy for a draw away.

  301. Great shift from the Ox. He had a lot of drive.

    Let’s just hope AA has been laying off the alcohol and is not anonymous.

    Theo looked out cold there. Awful.

  302. Limestonegunner

    Arshavin was faked out completely.

  303. Fuck!!!!!!

    Why the fuck was Chamberlain taken off?

  304. Limestonegunner

    That’s what we are all wondering about, Gains.

  305. bollox…

    wengers decision on the ox turned into a fucker didnt it..

  306. A cheap goal to give away.

  307. Nice goal by Arsene Wenger I hear.

  308. I knew wenger will pay for taking off the ox, he is going to get pelters.

  309. unfortunate to concede. Not defending well when needed.

  310. Here comes Park

  311. Come on Arsenal! Park to score.

  312. park to the rescue eh…

    last 10 minutes

  313. Redface always goes for the win.

    AA was a fucking disgrace there. Don’t tell me it’s not his job. That’s just not enough.

  314. Limestonegunner

    Very cheap. Ridiculous situation where Ramsey is cautioned for the elbow in the back when RvP has been mugged several times with no foul.

    Park makes league debut in biggest possible game. Who is going to play central midfield?

  315. oxlade had his foot on the mancs throat and wenger took it off.

  316. here we go again…..FB exploitation.
    Take out the Ox, reduce their fear of our LM, they take out Rafael bring back Valencia knowing he has no resistance from AA…..BAM!
    Valencia drives thru…Welbeck scores.

    wrong move AW!

  317. Limestonegunner

    Jonny, that is not true at all. Red Face very often in the past few years even at home has played at team designed just to stop us playing and hope to frustrate us and nick a goal on counterattack.

  318. AA’s days are now numbered!

  319. i remain POSITIVE!

  320. Limestonegunner

    Rooney is such a theatrical diver.

  321. I agree Aman, wenger has lost this one for absolute sure. he has no case.

  322. 3 poor finishes in the begining of 1st half were always coming back to haunt us. Cannot expect to beat teams like Manure without taking our chances.

  323. Limestonegunner

    The Ox was tearing up Rafael.

  324. What a cunt Evra

  325. its coming…

  326. Limestone, yeah fair. Head spinning at the moment.

  327. Limestonegunner

    5 minutes. COYG!!!

  328. Nani wasted five minutes alone.

  329. Limestonegunner

    The knives will be out for AA too.

  330. Just 5 minutes? Are you kidding me? What about the injury stoppages for Theo and Nani?

  331. Verm needs to calm down….we’re over reacting

  332. ^This isn’t Gridiron where the clock is stopped for every stoppage. Cut out the silly fouls, get the ball back and attack.

  333. Limestonegunner

    Mike Dean won’t punish the time wasting. But the momentum was interrupted by our substitution more than anything and Theo’s head knock.

    Good dribbling from AA. Hope he can help rescue this situation and earn some credit.

  334. Not a good day in north london.

  335. Fuck the first half – RVP aside we’ve been finishing like galahs all season. No surprise there. We deserved less than we got in the first half.

    Good work by Park there.

  336. Limestonegunner

    Mertesacker, but a pretty weak header.

  337. Limestonegunner

    We will run out of time, not quality of chances.

  338. Limestonegunner

    RvP sending a ball from deep for Mertesacker and Koscielny!!! This is helter skelter. Rooney faking another injury.

  339. Cmon Jonny RVp missed a one on one. To be fair to the team RVP’s been provided with proper service today

  340. No coming back for AA now.

  341. Suga3 must be very happy.

  342. This site is going to be inundated by cunts over the next few days – stay strong people. Stay strong.

    We are NOT fucking done yet.

  343. Good game. We played much better in the second half and were done in by an absolutely bone headed substitution from Wenger. Taking off the Ox when we were on the up, to put in a luke warm Arshavin was a horrible decision.

  344. Limestonegunner

    Well, what to say? RvP looks shattered–cold stare into the distance. Probably thinking about his sitter going wide. 3 losses in a row. Now we find out whether the team spirit and leadership is there.

  345. So we lost then. A familiar feeling of pain.

    Why did he remove the best player on the pitch?

  346. 3 defeats in a row, when did that last happen?

  347. Limestonegunner

    Gains, it felt like a good game until the 75th minute. The sub, Theo’s injury stoppage, Manc time wasting just spoiled what was well poised for an intense fight for the winner.

  348. Much better second half. At least there was a reaction.. First half awful. Think AW made a mistake in taking Ox off. Not sure what he was thinking.. AA not at it again… We had two gilt edged chances to score before RVP’s goal….

  349. The cunts have nothing to say. We played well. Nico Yennaris showed how much better our team is when we have a proper RB in the side. When we get our injuries back we’ll win ate it to fourth, no probs.

  350. A long way to go now. Fuck me this is hard work. A poor defensive show again. Andrei Arshavin fast running out of excuses. Lots of heart from the whole team again but not quite enough. Slim margins…very slim margins.

  351. MJ yeah he missed it. Exactly my point. Profligacy has been our worst enemy all season.

    Even RVP is not immune.

    I’m ducking out to lick wounds and enjoy life outside the green oblong.

    Do NOT give in to the dark side.

    We are NOT fucking done yet.

  352. Wenger’s set himself up for soo much negativity with that dodgy substitution. It gave Man U back the momentum.
    Even RvP was stunned…
    so wrong to also tag AA with more hateration

    I think AW needs a colonic!
    An aenema, a quick cleansing

    ..sorry Boss, u fucked up!

    But I still love u though.

  353. We aren’t finished yet. The Ox must have seriously cemented his place ahead of Arsh. Chelsea will drop points its on us to pick em up.

  354. Limestonegunner

    Piers is going wild on Fox now. Saying RvP was upset at the subbing of the OX. Is that true?

  355. Gah, much better 2nd half. But just not able to make it over the line.

    I can’t understand the AOC/AA substitution. I can understand AA coming on, but surely it should have been Theo or Ramsey to make way. AOC was out best player going forward (along with Kos).

    Bad form by the fans booing. Losing to Manure is no shame. We gave them a decent game, they are simply just better than us these days.

  356. I’m tired.

  357. ^Well, I am pretty happy with the way we played in the second half but this loss has to be put firmly at Arsene’s feet. There was no need to make a change whatsoever, Ox was being lively and tearing Raphael a new one. Bringing on AA was completely unnecessary and felt more like a substitution just for the sake of having made one. I am gutten because I feel that with Ox on we would’ve nicked another one.

    The first half has been god awful and well, we got what we deserved for that. We did well in the second and had the chances, but our finishing let us down. Blame has to be shared equally for not scoring the goals, as almost everyone in our front three and the midfield had at least one really good chance that they squandered.

    Positives to take are that Ox now seems definitely ready to be used more often in the league, even though his defensive liabilities could cost us. They almost cost us in the first half but we were lucky enough. He has still a lot to learn but I feel that he might’ve just moved ahead of AA in the pecking order. Both offer similar defensively, but Ox looks just like the player that is more likely to make something happen.

    Rosicky was very good throughout his spell and provided stability while Koscielny is once again proving why he is the best in the league. Yennaris had a promising debut and even though he is rough around the edges I feel that he might be a better option than Djourou out wide. Upwards and onwards, the fight for fourth is not lost.

  358. i wonder what the excuse is this time..
    i wonder if he says he fucked up

  359. Limestonegunner

    Nico did make a big difference going forward. His crossing wasn’t that great–a little too high arcing but he supported our efforts forward.

  360. I hope so Jonny, especially considering how shit Chelsea are at the moment. But I disafree with you, profligacy has been our worst enemy since last FOUR seasons…

  361. The pain fukin goes on, whats that 8 defeats in 10 aganst them..

  362. This is a tough time for Arsenal.

    Depleted side, games that could go either way, confidence shorn.

    Many of the fans are arses from what I saw.

    They were shouting ‘you don’t know what you are doing at arsene’.

    Absolute bloody disgrace. I don’t care we we get relegated. Support your team, Show some class.

    Leave the bollocks support to the lesser teams.

    You lot on here saying arsene lost us the game? I’m ashamed to be reading it on this site.

  363. Limestonegunner

    MJ, that’s certainly true.

  364. limestone
    we’ll know how rvp feels in the summer..

  365. Is AOC our best option in the wide berth’s?

    He looks to be.

  366. I agree with Remonstrate. Simply tired..

  367. Van Persie was pissed at Nani taking so long to get the fuck off the pitch.

  368. @GA
    Until Gervinho comes back, probably yes.

  369. Limestonegunner

    Arsenal lost that game. Lots of things contributed to it. But cetainly the critics will seize on that moment.

  370. Consols – Agree 100%.

    The AOC substitution is questionable though.

  371. The fans weren’t shouting a Arsene. All that transpired as Nani was coming off the pitch. Nani took three full minutes off the game. The fans and Van Persie were upset at the time wasting.

  372. As soon as we moved the ball back to front with any pace we scored. I have no idea why we did not do that more.

  373. The cunts have nothing to say? Yeah. Right. From a good, albeit obvious, prediction to the worst one ever…watch this space and decide if that’s true.

    We played well??!!!!! FFS. You sure that brain swell is in your testicles?

    Extremists don’t believe Euclid existed.

  374. Gains – I am not sure mate. They just showed it again. It seems plain that he is speaking at our bench saying “No”.

  375. good reaction in the 2nd half….

    Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is THE REAL DEAL!
    TR7 & Park should play more…
    Yennaris is good enough to cover RB till Sagna returns.
    AA must be removed from the wings, CM or bench!
    ..we really might have to buy a LFB!

    BUT clearly
    We are NOT fucking done yet!
    We are NOT fucking done yet!
    We are NOT fucking done yet!

    ..i remain POSITIVE ’cause @ least we showed some erection!*

    *this goes out to Limestone

  376. its the truth though bob, we are only saying the truth…were not asking to get rid are we or calling him bad names just the brutal hard to take truth. if ox satyed on we would have won that 100%.

  377. I still think we can get 4th even more now then before. just not with AA in the team!!

  378. fucking hell

    rvp was asking wenger what was going on…he was saying no…
    cant believe it…

    agree though cbob with you that the fans booing were a tad out of order…

    but wengers decision was wierd..

    i would say it cost us the game but it didnt help us…

  379. AW had probably planned from the off that the Ox would be substituted. Didn’t want him playing 90 mins in his first game. I still think he should have been left on, except of course there was an injury scare we don’t know about yet.

  380. I’ve been wanting Arsene to play Yennaris at RB in the PL games for, oh, some time now, but Wenger never listens to me.
    Yennaris for Djourou, Arshavin for the ox lad. Most will focus on the second. I’m out!

  381. No Gains. I saw the bastards shouting at arsene.

    No substitution ever lost a game.

    You never, never know what one action in a match might produce. Every single incident is relevant to the outcome.

    Do you want AA to contribute to the rest of the season. If he doesn’t then we really are struggling to field a side every week.

  382. Don’t wanna spread negativity around here, but I think RVP is a gonner…

  383. i wonder if wenger lost the dressing room today…
    when the captain starts to question you it doesnt bode well…

  384. I didn’t expect anything from this match, but I’m proud of the lads with the second half. Too bad Ramsey, Rosicky and RvP missed sitters.

    I think it was disgraceful with the booing at Arshavin but that said, I think it was a crazy sub.

    On RvP being upset with the subbing of Ox I’d like to think he’s impatient with Nani taking so long to get off the pitch (mouthes ”come on”).

    AOC is a bright spot from this match and I think and hope we’ll be seeing much more for the rest of the season. Yennaris did OK aswell.

    I’m looking forward to what Yogi, PG et al are going to say about Arsene Wenger and Arshavin after today, we all know what the media will be saying…

  385. sorry that should say ‘wouldnt’

  386. I have no idea what the score would have been if AOC stayed on. Neither do any of you.

    Finsbury is right about Yennaris. No one commenting on that?

  387. No evidence I saw that RVP was questioning arsene.

    Utter bollocks. Don’t believe it.

  388. @ Henristic

    Agree with you that the Arshavin sub had been planned by the manager before the game. He still has faith in Arshavin for some reason, or is it part of the strict hierarchy of players?

  389. @Henristic
    Exactly, that’s what I thought as well. But when a player is having such a good time out there and being dangerous all the time, maybe he should’ve just thrown the plan made beforehand to the wind and kept Alex on for a bit longer. I certainly feel that the sub has made a negative impact and even though it’s obvious that one decision is never going to cost a game I think it’s evident that it was a mistake by Arsene and one that in the end proved to be a major one as well.

  390. Of course the substitution did not lose the game, that is ridiculous. But there is no doubt that AOC looked out biggest threat going forward.

    Yennaris had a very good game when he came on; Nani was noticeably quieter in the 2nd half.

  391. I agree with Johnny. Watch out for the stupid cunts the whole week to Saturday. Stay strong gooners as the shit hits the fan.

  392. disagree bob, we had them on the ropes, ox had rafeal in a right old spin. as Aman earlier pointed out once ox went off their rb then attacked more, it changed the whole dynamics of the game how could it not have an affect on the score?

  393. ..overly cerebral decision by AW
    but at least we now know we are good enough.
    for 4th (..whimper)

  394. Bob – He didn’t throw a hissy fit, but it did look like he was questioning the bench. Understandable in a way as well. We were on the up, but just took of our best attacking threat.

  395. It does not matter if we are good enough for 4th. We have to hope that Chelsea or the Spuds really have wobble and we are playing well enough to take advantage.

  396. yennaris and ox were positives…

    its a pitty we havent been using them more recently

  397. rvp knew it was a bad move by wenger just like we all did, what you dont think rvp will question any decision by the manager in the heat of a game ….bulls.

  398. mj_gunner:
    “Don’t wanna spread negativity around here, but I think RVP is a gonner…”

    ..I think you meant gunner, son!

  399. Looking back, it seemed that their Park was brought on by Ferguson about a minute or two after we brought on Arshavin. Cleary they intended to counter Arshavin by putting someone on the right who will run the flank up and down, therefore putting our left side under a lot of pressure..

  400. Just a fact for people here who are calling people who question Wenger “cunts”

    Arsenal have 36 points after 22 Premier League games this season. The worst total at this stage of a season under tenure of Arsène Wenger.

  401. rvp knows the ox is a player he can play with and was probably having some fun out there with him and rvp knew we had the mancs on the ropes, cant blame him for being pissed off upon seing oxo going off.

  402. No arguments from me that the better team won today but after the City game earlier, we have seen how small margins make the difference.

    We simply cannot play without our full backs, it is killing us.

    The reaction of the fans didn’t help at all but for me, taking off Chamberlain looked a strange decision. He was our best offensive player on the pitch and was growing in confidence after his assist.

    Before this game I said that this game isn’t really going to shape our season, although a result would have been huge for us but now we can start getting our players back, especially Sagna and Gibbs. That will allow Vermaelen to partner the best center back in the league (Koscielny) and give us our balance back. Arteta isn’t far away and now it looks like we have a real talent in AOC who has had his Arsenal career door opened.

    There are a few players out there who need to take steps forward, I am thinking Theo and Ramsey. It will be easier for them to improve once we start to have a team that looks somewhere near our strongest.

    Hard to stomach today but we have time to turn the corner, we just simply cannot crash many more times.

    In other news, if there was any doubt as to whether Spectrum was a Gooner or not, it was pretty much confirmed today.

    During the match, ol’Speccy was responding back to old comments on AV (I get alerted on my phone when comments are posted) long winded comments about how everything is doom and gloom. I am not talking few sentences but long posts. Obviously not watching the game at all.

    I guess he had to take out his frustration as his team cocked up earlier in the day.

  403. Wenger has to answer for that dodgy sub I am sorry there was no excuse for that, completely lost our impetus RVP reaction said it all when the Ox was subbed.

    Wonder whether he will come out to speak to sky sports?????

    Absolutely gutted…..

  404. @GA
    Well, it’s not like Chelsea have been running with it, have they? They’ve been having that wobble for a couple of weeks now. We rather have to hope that we an snap out of it before they do.

  405. No Aman..gonner, in the summer..

  406. ive looked at it again and again..

    at first i was in agreement with gains..the fans were booing nani and rvp was questioning the delay…

    but after seeing it again the fans were giving arsene grief and robin was questioning him as well…he was talking to the bench saying something like ‘oh come on’ looking rather confused..

    its all on tape anyway so theres a chance if its not true the captain will come out and deny it and say it was over nani…but it looked like he was talking to wenger..


    Video of “The Substitution”

  408. much better this time round, played well, but utd fans were relieved when Oxo went off and no threat came on

  409. Evil – Hopefully. 5 points ahead of us at the moment. Shit, we are not even a shoe in for a Europa lge place at the moment.

  410. A big loss for the heart but a huge (and statistically probable) victory for mathematicians and pragmatists the world over.

    Part of me just died whilst I wrote that.


  411. No one likes to lose.

    Keep some perspective

    We are 5th, not 15th.

    A long way to go.

  412. This game was there for the taking, we missed a trick.

  413. RVP is no shrinking violet, anyone who thinks he doesn’t say what he thinks to the manager at all times is hoping for the worst. How brave.

  414. i know mj_gunner…gunner in the summer..

  415. Limestonegunner

    We shouldn’t forget that it was AW that decided to start the OX.

  416. I don’t mind a season without UCL. What would devastate me is RVP & Song leave us..

  417. We lost today’s game, because:

    1. We missed gilt edged chances in front of goal. If we continue to miss, we are going to get punished.
    2. Wenger made a big mistake by bringing on Arshavin for Ox. He was our biggest threat and Ox pinned back their right back.
    3. Our failure to invest in full back position was exposed brutally today.
    4. We are very very slow on the counter. Lack of urgency is a criticism which has been levelled against us for some time now.
    5. We continue to give away goals in a cheap fashion, their 2nd goal was a mockery. We had so many players in the box and Valencia just glided through.

  418. The way AA got skinned for their winner will compound the feeling around the substitution, but that would be a red herring. Was was noticeable was that the threat from the left disappeared almost immediately. So much so, Manure took off their right back.

  419. Limestonegunner

    Cbob, I praised Nico Yennaris’ play as did Gains, earlier.

  420. Sriram – Agree with your points except the one about full back. To have all four full back injured at once is pretty much unheard of. Only Gibbs is one that you would expect to be injured.

  421. at least we know weve got a player in ox..
    he gotta play more now..
    gervinho being away is his chance..
    arshavin wont be here next year anyway so theres no point using him..

    we can still do it but lets start using our resources within the squad better..
    id rather see arshavin ‘protected’ than the ox..

    i can see why wenger wants to take it easy but wenger signed him..we need he has to play..

    he just tore manutd to bits..i dont expect to see him anywhere but in the first team for the next game…

    and if sagnas not back either then yennaris in at rb as well..might not be as experienced but at least it looks more natural..

  422. Finsbury @ 6:13pm,

    “Yennaris for Djourou, Arshavin for the ox lad. Most will focus on the second. I’m out!”

    Jonny @ 5:58pm,

    “This site is going to be inundated by cunts over the next few days – stay strong people. Stay strong.

    We are NOT fucking done yet.”

    Too true

  423. RvP’s dutch..they’re known to have minds of their own….he clearly disagreed with the sub….like the fans @ the stadium did.

    big picture though, everybody errs… sometimes…(R.E.M-esque)

    We showed enough hunger & determination in that 2nd half to make me feel really positive.
    There’s plenty to come from this group
    Arsene just needs to get that colonic asap!

  424. Cbob

    We never ever give up. There is always the next game, May is still a long way to go. But we could do with better from our team. COYG!

    We haven’t had comfortable victories this season other than at Wigan and against Bolton.

  425. arsene wenger
    one tactical mistake cost us the game..

    fair play..if hes referring to what i think hes referring to…

  426. i was impressed with Merts goaline clearance though he is not as slow as some would believe

  427. @Sririam
    4. All too often we wait too long on the counter until all the good opportunities have disappeared. But we have shown today that we can do it the other way as well. Koscielny to Rosicky to Ox to RVP to Goal. We just need to speed it up more and I feel very few teams will stand a chance against us.

  428. Goonerandy

    We have been having the same problems since the start of January. Wenger himself stated that it would be criminal for Arsenal to lose matches due to lack of full backs and that he is looking for loan signings.

  429. Heh, Arsene just expertly dodged the inevitable question about AA getting skinned.

  430. & all this blame game reminds me, why nobody is after TommyV’s life after allowing that first goal?

  431. Evil

    We had many more chances when we slowed down and allowed United to get organised. The one counter on which we came at speed, we scored. We need to up the tempo.

  432. I know LG, I know.

    It just seems that people are just waiting now to turn on Arsene and a few players -AA in particular.

    Now we are told RVP will leave because of a substitution. Last year it was cesc, before that, and so on.

    We’ve fought battles on here over this for years.

    A player wears the shirt, you support him. The team is on the pitch, you shout for them.

    You lose, you look to the next game.

    People need to grow up.

    Remember earlier in the week after that guest post? Every on here loved that quote. It’s on the masthead.

    ‘When we win, try to be more cheerful and when we lose? Well, be optimistic’.

    So now Suga was right?


  433. fair play wenger has come out and told of his tactical mistake but defends taking of the Ox

  434. bringing on Park is just plain stupid,cause he is not even Npower material

  435. The positive was Yennaris showed again he should be our 1st choice RB at this moment because he was able to provide support for Walcott and still defend. The Ox was absolutely a terror up until Wenger took him off(changed the game negatively) and hr should be our 1st choice winger opposite Walcott. Our CM while werent great played well and both showed there class while under constant pressure.

    On Walcott, you could consistenly see him running by Evra and begging for the ball to be played beyond so he can run and get it but our midfield absolutely refuaed to play the ball. Again Arteta’s presense was missed in this aspect.

    The negative, Djorou was terrorized by nani and Giggs when they would come down the flank and applied little to nopressure on the ball ultimately leading to Giggs assist. Our midfield was overran again and while Song helped protect our back 4 we need a midfielder who can boss the game when we were in possesion.

    On Arsene, i feel as though his plan and halftime adjustments were brillant outside of his taking off of Ox…if he wanted to bring on AA then take off Ramsey or Rosicky. Please allow Yennaris to start at RB and spend money because while it did show we can play with anybody when were up for it we are clearly lacking in the midfield and we are clearly more dangerous with proper LB and RB.

  436. I guess Cbob, that comment was directed towards me. I said right after, that its the failure to qualify for CL that makes me fear RVP’s departure.

  437. Mj Gunner

    Verm was a little shaky today. Both our goals came from the left hand side!

  438. we have seen one of the biggest injustices in the world of football today. why you remove your best player whwen you have a winnable game is beyond me. Worst substitution i have seen in ages, worst substitution.

  439. @Striram Verm played well, look in other directions

  440. TV back, Kos becoming the trojan we have been awaiting, Dj finally dropped from RB, a new young RB shines, RVP scoring again, and the unleashing of the Ox.

    If we can add Wilshire, Sagna, and a transfer coup to that, and have a better fortune of injuries in the run in then top 4 is still going to happen.

    It is time to quietly put a run on, with the scalp of Milan along the way….

  441. I think the match answers the question why has Ferguson’s tenure been more successful, YW, it isn’t any rub of the green, he’s simply the better manager and it hurts like hell to say it.

  442. We had a lot of positives today. We are just hit on our heads because of our poor run of form. We have to work hard and turn our season around. Chelsea are wobbling too. So we better show up, before they do. Come on you Gunners!

  443. @Spy

    Valencia had one of his best games against us today.

  444. bob, no one is turning on wenger. people are just pissed off to see us after taking so many beatings off them take our foot off their throats. there was only one winner untill ox went off…….on AA lets be honest now would you be disapointed if he went to st petersburg next week??.

  445. Consolsbob

    AA23 has been shit for 2 years.Its nothing new.To take off the player who was our best player and had just made a goal was madness.Not one person in the ground could belive it.RVP showed what he thought of it.Was anyone who watched Utd’s 2nd goal suprised at AA23’s defending.

    Fergie gave Wenger a lesson in tactics,We went for the jugular by targeting Djourou.And Djourou wad murdered by Nani.

    The Cx showed again what an idiot Wenger is by not playing him in the last 2 games.He is a million milesw better than Walcott will ever by

  446. that’s the problem SV, some fans just refuse to be objective

  447. yes Manure have it over us at the moment just like we had it over the Chavs in the 80’s

  448. Limestonegunner

    Good words, Cbob. This is a big test for the players and the support. Can we refocus and march on? Lots of games left but we are in a tough spot, no doubt about it.

  449. & I am talking about you!

  450. Sriram….

    Lot of positives done by a great negative, we can have all the positives we can ever ask for, we are not going to win anything as long as the negatives persist.

  451. Yes i agree Sriram

  452. Limestonegunner

    Evil, that was an interesting point on the Park sub–that’s the sort of thing I was wondering about. Looks like it was a way to target the left after having had success until Yennaris was there on the other side.

  453. Really pleased with the second half showing. Passion , guts & pace added to technical ability – true Arsenal.

    That said, the first half was poor & there were some negatives that I`m sure will be picked over for the next week or so.

    Plenty of positives though. Kos has to be one of the best centre backs around & Rosicky was splendid too. Star turn up front was AOC who has that knack of expectation every time he has the ball.

  454. Onwards and Upwards.

  455. Kos has so much pace, really happy with his play

  456. The biggest injustice is that someone let you open your yap altair.

    Acryllic [sic] is a type of plastic isn’t it? How appropriate.

    Also Silver – yeah – imagine Wenger defending his tactics. Disgusting. Amazing. Anyone would think he had more of an idea than YOU about the game. What a poltroon.

    It’s STILL not over.

  457. chelsea are wobbling but they aint losing three on the spin..

    their wobble is still getting them daylight between them and us so its time we stopped the wobble and put a run together again..

    theres no point in other teams dropping points if we are going to keep letting them off every week…

    chelseas draw against norwich is now a point gained..

    to be honest i think although its still possible we can kiss goodbye to top 4..
    it will be february before everyone starts to come back and it could be too late to make up the difference..

    top 4 aint even a trophy..dont mean shit..lets go for the real trophies..two still to play for..

    even in grahams latter years and the fluid football stopped we still picked up silverware so theres no reason our PL position is an indicator of our chances in the two actual trophies we are still in for..

  458. Kos was immense.

    I’m still waiting for the pundits to catch on to this and tell us what we already fucking knew.

  459. appreciate you spirit, Jonny..

  460. The team played fine. Given the injuries to our full back. Was glad to see Yenaris instead of Djouroue, who I would never like to see again playing at right back.

    But come on, no one should be defending Arsene’s absolutely ridiculous substitutions. You take off the only player who was playing at his best the whole match? What the fuck? Should have taken off Theo if you wanted to bring on Arshavin(who shouldn’t have been brought on frankly knowing how crap he is at tracking back). Absolutely horrid decisions by Arsene.

    We’re in a lot of shit. But I think we will manage the fourth spot if we start playing good and get our full backs back soon. And I actually do think, that playing the OX for the rest of the season might actually turn the season on our side.

  461. AW concedes his error like a man…good, honest & responsible.

    in 10 days we have a chance to reboot @ the Reebok.
    all questions for me have been answered today.
    and things are, for the most part, quite positive.

    anyone got any info on that Omani LB we’re considering loaning-in?

  462. jonny wenger admitted to making a mistake there is nothing cowardice about questioning the sub IDIOT!!!!!!

  463. Kos really did have a good game. His contribution to the equaliser was amazing.

    Still, no good a defender having a good game if the team still let in a couple.

  464. anyone got any info on that Omani LB we’re considering loaning-in?


  465. That sucked. Ox was doing well…not pissed at Wenger …pissed at arshavin. He just does not seem to care anymore. Really frustrated right now.

  466. loved it when Spudface nipper got elbowed by Song, well done son(i do not condone violence)

  467. Jonny, Wenger cost us, simple as.
    I have said it for some time, ge rid of Arshavin, and start playing Chamberlain.

    As for the people championing positives, what positive can one take after we were undone by our own manager? Everyone knows Arshavin no longer has it, everyone knows that he is suspect on defence. does it suprise that we looked worse in attack and for the first time in the second half they had a fullback actually create?


  468. It was a real disgrace the way fans booed aa when he came on.i really felt bad,though i don’t like him.

  469. In fact I was commending him on having the guts to admit to his mistake…..

  470. Billy’s Boots

    Phew, who would be a manager?! Make a change that works out well (Yennaris for Djourou), and people say, “Why did he play Djourou in the first place?” Make a change that doesn’t work out well (AA for AOC), well, let’s just say that virtually everyone I passed after the match on the way out of the stadium was questioning that substitution. Lots and lots of grumbling. The crowd (I can’t say “fans”, were definitely booing AW and AA. It was a puzzling decision, given how well AOC was playing, but it would seem, at least to me, better to support the team. I don’t see what’s to be gained by booing our own manager and player.

  471. Cbob – is it just me or do you also find it impossible to take criticism remotely seriously when the person doing it can’t even master basic spelling?

    JJ – hold strong brother. 2 wins and things will look different again.

  472. ace,

    do you like anyone??

  473. Ace,
    Dont think they were booing AA23, but the decision to take off best player for someone they knew has not been great for us in a long while

  474. Nigel Winterburn hit the nail on its head. He said that we are back to our panicky defending like last season, & the back 4 is not to be blamed for that. The midfield is not protecting the defence enough.

    IMO, Arteta has had an immenase impact on our defence, makes himslef available for a pass every time we are under pressure. Ramsey needs to be given a break, Rosicky proved good enough today..

  475. Well that was fucking disappointing..

    1. The sub cost us the match, no two ways about it, as encouraging as it was to see AW make a positive half time sub he cocked it up big time, with Valencia at RB it was so blatantly obvious what was going to happen next, it was so obvious it was not even tactical, just common sense, and I even quietly told my friend that I am afraid Valenica will catch us on the break..and it happened.

    If it was that obvious to a rank amateur like me sitting in a pub with a guiness it should have been to AW and that is disappointing. The first time I felt like using words and phrases like stupid, moronic, and you dont know what ur doing in connection to wenger.

    2. Arshavins time is well and truly up. I must admit that with a heavy heavy heart. I think this was AW giving him enough rope, and he hung himself better than the best hangman could have.

    The 2 people I have defended the most AW and AA cost us the game and that was the manure icing on top of the shit cake that the defeat already was

    3. With all the clamour for a full back, I think we have slightly missed the need for a winger. Theos form is a bit in the toilet, and AA is gone, which leaves Gervinho (not present) and AOC, so it is bit dire in that position.

    4. At least spurs and liverpool lost and chelsea drew..silver lining

    As Jonny said..we must stay strong and behind the team as supporters

    Gooooner forever…Up the Arsenal!!!

  476. Limestonegunner

    Think of how Arshavin must have felt hearing the boos. The cameras caught him hearing them–not good at all. If RvP was questioning the decision, that’s a bit of a lapse in leadership at that time. Hopefully he can bring the team back together. We are still going to need Arshavin and he’s in the squad. Who else can we have coming off the bench for Theo or the Ox? It is a shame Henry wasn’t fit. That also would have been interesting.

    Where can I hear the post-match interview with the boss everyone is referring to?

  477. Theo and Ramsey are really holding our forward play back at the moment. Too ponderous.

  478. BB,
    Support the team, but dont be blind or a silly sheep. everyone was suprised at that change ad fans showed their displeasure. i was at home and i was shouting WTH. RvP looked perplexed, why then would fans at the stadium not be shocked or worse, not show their displeasure?

  479. At least we managed to injure 2 United players and hassle Rooney a couple of times(i do not condone violence)

  480. Billy I think they were booing the decision. Still counter-productive idiocy though.

    I don’t think RVP rates AA too highly.

    George must be hurting today.

    Hope you’re okay George!

  481. Never believed i’d see the day ramsey would be outrun by a player almost twice his age. Maybe he allowed giggs to toy with him out of respect to the ex welsh captain.
    Rosicky showed he is still better than ramsey.but im betting arsene will drop tr7 to the bench when arteta comes back.

  482. jonny stop deluding yourself, Wenger gave the pass for it, the sub was,is and will always be questionable.
    my reaction to the sub was- What the Fuck???!!!!

  483. Jabba'sDelights

    Gains 6.09

    How the fuck do you know what the FANS were doing whilst your 3000 miles away. 100% all of the fans who booed were doing it at the manager for taking off our best player. The manager was then subjected to abuse as he walked back to the seat.

    They were the better team for all bar 25 mins once again they knew exactly how we would play and we most certainly got outcoached.

  484. Limestonegunner | January 22, 2012 at 7:20 pm

    Lapse in leadership? He saw our best player on the day, a player that created his goal taken off for someone who everyone knew was inadequate.

    AW aint no God, we are trying to get fourth, playing catch up and he makes that change?
    I am suprised he didnt walk to the touchline and tell his manager, WTH.

  485. Disappointing result.They were better in the first half and we were better for most of the 2nd half. In the end none of that matters other then the result. Ox looked great with the ball at his feet. Mert was immense in the first half to stop all the penetration from united in the first 1/2.. Kos was immense in the 2nd half. In the end the better team won and we need to pick ourselves us. 16 games left to save 4th.

    good game from the Mike Dean

  486. I still don’t think that the fans and RVP turned on Wenger for Ox’s substitution. We were 1-1 and were piling on the pressure. Van Persie knows what Arshavin is capable of doing and knows that the manager knows his shit. As for the fans, it’s not like we were getting our asses handed to us. Some may have disagreed about the Ox substitution, but I highly doubt that anyone would question Wenger’s judgement in that situation. I still conclude that the fans and RVP were pissed at Nani taking so long to get the fuck off the pitch. I wasn’t even there and I was pissed at the time wasting. I can only imagine how the fans at the ground. Anyone trying to make this situation seem like discontent either didn’t see things properly or is shit stirring.

  487. Jonny are you going to ban the dyslexic from this site—–Grow up!

  488. if rvp thinks he is better than the team, that the team let him down, he can jolly well leave. everyone is free to go. song, walcott, whoever.

    don’t point fingers. rvp missed a sitter. on his left foot. no excuse.

    song gave at least 2 cheap passes away that put the whole team under pressure in the first half. and after that, we started looking nervous. always the same innocuous mistakes from the likes of song and djourou. they arent bad players. they just cant focus for 90 minutes. song recovered to play well in the 2nd half, but his first half, like his game against swansea, was shocking.

    vermaelen made mistakes in defence.

    rosicky and ramsey were as guilty as song. don’t even want to talk about djourou.

    everyone made mistakes that contributed to us losing.

    don’t shirk away from the responsibility. take responsibility as a team.

  489. Oh, look who is back from Udine, Jabba the fat fuck. Hey asshole if you saw it on tv, then you were as close as I was.

  490. Spy – you’ve met me, you must know there is no chance of that happening.

  491. Anirudh@7.18,im surprised at your called me names last week for questioning arsene after the swansea match.i think you’ve lost it.wenger is a genius.some players simply ain’t repaying wenger’s faith in them.

  492. Hear Hear Korihikage!!! Well said mate..I think fans and the media focus too much on individual players being happy,sad, disillusioned etc..fuck it, We are the Arsenal, the club is bigger than any individual, when will we ever learn that lesson???

  493. Billy’s Boots

    @Acrylic (sic)

    Yes, it was a surprising decision. Show surprise, by all means, if you need to.

    You may have a different idea, but, to me, it is counter-productive to boo a player on our team (or even to boo at the decision to bring off a player). The match was still in the balance, and AA could have made the difference. He didn’t. The substitution backfired. If there is a time for anger or booing, it’s after the match, not while we still have a chance to win.

  494. Anirudh, the introduction of Yennaris, a proper RB, saw us improve dramatically out wide. All of a sudden Nani was contained and we were pinning them back. See what a real RB can do?

  495. sorry Jonny its just that ive worked with kids with learning dissabilities, no offense

  496. Billy’s Boots

    Sorry, should have been Acryllic (sic).

  497. I wholeheartedly agree with everyone who thinks the substitution was crap. See, doomers, even us AKBs question Wenger. The difference is that we don’t get melodramatic about it.

  498. None taken. Bet many of them could put forward a better argument though.

    Mess with Cbob and you mess with me.

    Not that he needs any help.

  499. Billy’s Boots

    @ G69

    I was there – people around me were screaming abuse at Wenger and booing. As soon as the PA announced that AOC was coming off, the crowd cheered him. When the PA announced that AA was coming on, the booing started again.

  500. Stop kidding yourself. we all know that Arshavin has not replicated the from he had when he first came in here, we know that he is a liability on defence.

    For someone that i have seen post quite well at ZM, it is shocking that you dont notice that Ox had Rafael pinned back, zero overlaps. AA23 comes in and they take off Rafael and take Valencia to RB simply because they knew AA223 would not track back or defend astutely. they also knew we were losing something on the offensive side, and they gambled and won it on that one decision.

    AW, has taken blame for the change……….as for the fans, there was a cam shot of fans and people were ranting mad, not at Nani, but at the change. i am talking to united fans and they were all shocked.all Arsenal fans i was watching the game with were livid.

    AW is being taken to task for his decisions, and that is a positive.

    BB, we were in the ascendancy, united did not have an aswer for Ox, AW took him off and gave united the room they needed to get a result. that change weakened us and it gave them some room to operate

  501. Ace

    I do not think I ever call people names, and I have basically said the same thing- the 2 people I have defended more than anyone else were at fault today and I admitted that..

    Wenger is a genius, I would never call him anything else, I just said what I felt when the goal went in, and that it was the first time I have ever felt that, which I guess is a normal reaction to a decision you felt was wrong in the first place

    The fact that it was the first time in 15 years that I have felt that way even instantaneously I guess says enough about how highly I rate him, and how consistent I am in my support, which is why it was even more disappointing today.

    I still proudly say IN ARSENE I TRUST!!!

  502. Gains – You are clutching at straws mate. Why would the fans boo time wasting in the middle of a substitution? Play can’t continue. They were not booing AA coming on, they were booing the decision to take AOC coming off. It is not even debatable really, it is obvious that was hgappening.

  503. What part did dean play in our loss today?funny thing though,we’ve now gone 11 straight matches without winning under dean.awsome stats.
    But,dean had a fair game tbh.

  504. I liked our team today. The first half was horrible, but we bounced back and almost took all three points.

    I want Wenger to try out Arteta and Rosicky in the next match. It would be criminal to put him on the bench after such a good display.

    Doomers, other than Wenger’s substitution and the fact that Djourou is not an RB, what the fuck do you have to complain about?

  505. Yeah righto Gains, very impressive, how’s that ‘big club mentality’ working out for you?

    Or is one ‘massive’ climbdown enough for the day?

  506. @G69

    Yes exactly, which was why the AOC sub was truly bamboozling..cos we had pinned them back on both flanks…

  507. Gains,
    we had a winnable game changed on its head by a wrong change, to say that anyone that questions or makes noise about it is a doomer is myopic.
    6 years and counting without a trophy, teams around us all dropped points, and our manager rather than leave a team that was playing well changed it.

    sorry, but get off that high horse

  508. Gains,

    i think you might be interested to know that yennaris’ natural position isn’t RB.

    but yeah, i would take him ANYTIME over djourou at rightback. it’s not that djourou is bad. it’s just that he can’T focus. and that is a liability. he can play for one game as a backup. but the problem is that he has been playing there for the past 5 games or so, and his lack of focus has been horribly exposed with time.

  509. when arshavin came on, and everyone around me went: what?

    i was thinking maybe he would score the winner. i was hoping that he would.

  510. Did anyone notice Wenger struggling to name an Injury when he was asked if the Johan Djorou sub was tactical??? Quite funny 😀

    Love the way he defends the players and takes on criticism..brilliant..

  511. the real question to ask is why Arsenal was so lethargic in the first half and came back flying in the second ? What happened during the interlude ? Was it something Arsene said in the dressing room which motivated the team ? it clear to me its not a problem of fatigue or injuries (though there’re many) the prime reason for poor performance is one of confidence and each player has to pick up his own responsibility and a bit more and don’t just sit and wait for other team mates to do the job for you.

  512. Gains – “Doomers, other than Wenger’s substitution and the fact that Djourou is not an RB, what the fuck do you have to complain about?

    Err, I am no “doomer”, but we just lost our 3rd match in a row. And fell further away from the 4th place we desperately need. Hardly a bed of roses at the moment.

  513. Andy, Nani came up limp after an inocuous tackle and spent the next three minutes on the pitch. Given how we just scored and the fact that Nani is a cheating cunt, it’s not hard to conclude that the fans may be pissed about him stopping our momentum. Did you hear how the crowd reacted after we were given only five minutes of added time? Straws, Andy? I think not. I think you’re just at your shit stirringest best tonight.

  514. I do not get the Ramsey criticism today, he did as well or better than his opposite number in the same position Rooney IMO..

    Koscielny MOTM irrespective of the result..he was just massive

  515. i was really worried about jenks back injury..i expected him to leave sagna manning the post alone for pretty much the rest of the season…
    when sagna gets back that is
    but then we uncover yennaris..and suddenly im not so worried..

    i really wouldnt blame AA for wanting to leave this window either..
    when the crowd act like that its probably best for both parties if he did i suppose..and i also hope george is ok…

    maybe it would be better to let AA go back to where he is loved and use ryo and oxo while gervinhos gone..

    and anyone who ‘abused’ wenger back to his seat should have been the ones 3000 miles away instead…maybe??

  516. Andy, you saw no possitives come out of this game? Personally, I saw the emergence of two fine, young players tonight and the re-emergence of Rosicky. We could’ve won this game eventhough we hid against our last two opponents. I think you need a better sex life or something, dude. Seriously, one can’t be this fucking negative all the time.

  517. Arshavin may not have scored the winner but he assisted it!!

  518. Hmm, strange how it is only you that thinks this Gains. Maybe everybody else is wrong?

    Either that, or you simply refuse to see what obviously happened. I will leave it there, it makes no odds anyway really does it? Strange how our fans waited until AOC’s number was held up to vent their fury an Nani though eh?

  519. Guys,
    The Ox was substituted because he had cramps and was fatigued, according to Wenger’s post match interview. It wasn’t a cock-up.

  520. Dy, our resurgence was thanks to Yennaris. The game changed entirely after that. Our shape was more compact and we went forward a lot easier thanks to having a proper RB.

    JJ, this booing nonsense is just a misunderstanding.

  521. gains………….some people refuse no matter what to see the obvious. amazing

  522. Fuck off, Andy. You keep on sitting on that fence and following conventional wisdom.

  523. where’s Cesc tonight? I have not forgiven him for dissing our history and i never will,
    i am so dissapointed with the lack of backing for our past glories on this site

  524. @positivegunner

    “So apparently Eden Hazard watched the game at the Emirates today, What player would want to play in a stadium that reacts like that to a sub?”

    Couldn’t agree more.

  525. Gains – Heh, your post makes absolutely no sense at all. Do carry on.

  526. well pointed Duke

  527. Read the post above you, Plastic. The Ox had cramps. Until proven otherwise I will maintain my position. The crowd was booing Dean and Nani, not Wenger or Arshavin.

  528. My appologies to Arsene. Thanks Henristic.

  529. Of course RvP and the crowd couldn’t have known this at the time, hence their reactions.
    What’s important is how we bounce back from this.

    Arsene also repeated that he is not looking to the transfer market this window. I think that is a mistake. I think we should suprise folks by bringing in maybe even 2 players, one in attack and the other in defence.

  530. mattgoonerknight

    Positives +

    Rosicky was awesome today – seems to have found and extra three or four gears.

    Koscielny excellent – can’t wait to have him and Verm together at CB for a run of games

    OXO brilliant – great first touch, speed, power – looks a real player

    RVP – does what he does best – forget the missed sitter, scored a far more difficult (only other?) chance

    Nico – did well – no reason not to start against Villa / Bolton

    Wojo – solid after a few mistakes in previous 2 league defeats

    Negatives –

    AA – as soon as he pirouetted rather than defended (showed the line / tackled / committed a foul etc) I feared the worse. Awful defending.

    Johan – He’s a centre back so….but has got the ability (I definitely used to think) to do better. Think Nico has earned a chance – what’s the risk?

    Rambo – looks tired in my opinion. When Arteta returns, I wouldn’t mind seeing Rosicky start instead – we’ll see.

    Next three PL games: Bolton, Blackburn, Sunderland


  531. worrying isnt it dups..

  532. “Maybe everybody else is wrong?”.

    Definitely, and not for the first time today.

  533. lol @ gains.
    there is no way we prove he had cramps, is there? seems like AW is making stuff up.

  534. Sure is JJ

    No need to boo anyone in the red & white. Save that for the guy with the pubes on his head.

  535. Acryllic Altair

    Can you prove he didn’t?

  536. Andy, if anyone is grasping at straws and being a shit stirrer it is you.

  537. Transfer_not gonna happen Henriestic

  538. Gains reminds me of Chemical Ali.

  539. Arteta was missed today.

    Song has entirely escaped censure for a mediocre performance.

    I still think we will finish this season strongly.

  540. Ox made his debut today. How many debutants have you seen come off with cramp?

  541. Gains

    The fans DID boo Wenger for the substitution.We are not mugs.What are we supposed to do sing “One Arsene Wenger” when he brings off our best player on the pitch for the lazy Russian?We were not playing well but after we scored Utd were rocking.But we handed the momentum back to Utd by bringing off the Ox.It wqould have been like Fergie taking off Rooney

    By the way Chelsea gained a point on us this weekend

  542. thats the beauty dups.
    Wenger messed up big time, excuses are a norm with him, so i wouldnt put it beyond him.

  543. Song wasn’t mediocre, Jonny. He wasn’t incredible, but he wasn’t mediocre either.

  544. I’m assuming that the crowd and Rvp were in fact reacting towards Wenger and not ref as Gains seem to think. Its a reasonable assumption since Gains was like me only watching on tele, whilst people like Billy Boots who were actually in the stadium confirm the booing was at Arsene.

  545. Dan, I feel your pain. I thought taking Ox off was criminal. But as it turns out he had cramp. Perhaps we were wrong, no?

  546. shit Gains, he plays for the reserves, played CC games, played in the CL, this isnt a player coming off his first game, he is a player that has been there all season, practicing and playing.

    You try to make people out as numpties, maybe you need to realise that maybe, just maybe you are wrong.

  547. @UberFacts

    “Hostile people are 25% more likely to develop heart disease.2

    Best to calm down people. 🙂

  548. Yennaris is definitely one Asrenal should use the next few games instead of Djourou as RB, quicker feet and turn and doesn’t look to be ‘frozen’ at the bigger stage. TR7 did fine too today,( I always feel he’s underused.) If now is not the time to let the youngsters gain their experience on the field under pressure, then when ? I have higher hopes on Le Coq, AOX, Miguel, Yennaris and Ozyakup, hopes for the future.

  549. amazing that AW takes him off at around the same time every game he has played………cramps my foot, it looks like its a scripted change.

  550. Well, I may have been wrong, but whomever is trying to turn this into an RVP is unhappy with Wenger storyline will be sad. It turns out Ox had cramp.

  551. Conspiracy theory-
    1 All booing was directed at Manure players
    2 Park is a Prem player
    3 Park is a Prem player

  552. This was ox’s debut, plastic. When has Wenger taken him off before? And if he has taken him off in a game at the same time, what makes you more able to assess his fitness than the guy who wat,Che’s him train every day?

  553. song had a utd shirt on..hes been off colour since before the turn of the year..4-5 games now..

    when that boys on form hes world class but when he stinks he really does stink, theres no inbetween…

    i hope its not another contract issue problem..

    something happens in regard to their contract and they dissapear up their own arse for the rest of the season…seen it many times before…i hope its not the case with him

  554. Acrylic.
    Happy to make excuses for Maureen and then not believe the Arsenal manager?
    Interesting philosophy.

  555. I think he was good, JJ, considering how poor we were in the first half.

  556. lol..too bad….the ladies team would have shown more cojones…, konscielny ox and rosicky to a lesser extent fought. but anyway, the damage was done in previous two, not this one.

  557. No worries Gains.

  558. Right on, dy. that’s what I’m talking about. We feel bad for the defeat, but we’re looking forward to the next game. Good man.

  559. once again AOX shows he has the ball control technique and body turn to hold and pull away from the defenders, much better than Walcott in that respect. What he needs now is gaining more experience and composure will come with it.

  560. not make excuses for anyone. Ox comes off at around the same time every game……..does it mean he has cramos every game?

    Do i believe Wenger? Hell no, and thats a personal stance, he messed the game up and is covering it up. how many times has he taken off AOC for AA23?

  561. That should’ve read for the defeat we suffered today. Pressed return too fast.

  562. Oh fuck here we go. RVP’s had enough. Song’s off (Ok today, fine…).,
    Wenger is lying to me again.

    Where are my razor blades?

  563. Two obtuse angles make a right angle, Henristic. Me and you, we’re the right angle.

  564. dy, agree with you, but in all aspects not as good as Theo yet…………..

  565. “How many times has he taken of AOC for AA?”
    Oh dear. The gr*tfall is getting deeper. Noseplug ready, wellies on:

    Well, for starters, they both started against Olympiacos…

  566. Gains,

    How many times has AW taken off AOC when he was having a good game at
    1) around the same time.
    2) How many times has he taken hiim off in favour of AA23?
    3) Does it mean he has cramps every game?

    Sorry, but get off the high horse, fans everywhere question that sub, still question it across different sites. are they all wrong ad you are right?

  567. the sub of park was for ….marketing….

  568. Fin, the doomed mind can’t stand pressure. It’s only good or bad for them. There’s no middle.

  569. there was a young lad wearing a jacket screaming ” you dont know what youre doing” to Arsene Wenger …….amazing…

  570. Fuck me i agree with you Cesc

  571. Cesc_ara/plastic = WUM. Not a new one.

  572. Matter of opinion Gains – and so far today yours have looked the wibblings of an increasingly deluded man.

    You wanted Spurs to win so we could challenge Man City for the title, you think we played ‘well’ and you think the booing was aimed at Nani. All through tinted spectacles and in face of the plainly evident. Your binary world has occluded the middle ground – what most refer to as common sense.

    We are in a shit-fight for 4th (nothing’s changed there), I normally love the heart to rule the head but jeez, open your blooming eyes. Go on just a little. 😉

  573. good Wenger. lol.

    I love the guy, always have said that he is the right man for the job.
    Perfect? far from it, Today showcased that.

  574. It doesnt matter anyway, van persie can’t complain he missed an absolute sitter.

    Wenger was wrong and he knows it.

    But seriously we all know there is problems in the Arsenal squad, we do not have the same quality as before. We used to scrape champions league spots before, so now that we are weaker in my honest realistic opinion we won’t get champions league this season.

    Wenger is waiting for something to change, a change of luck or a change of form, or just injured players to come back and provide him with a boost.

    Here’s the big question, what if none of that happens? Then we are utterly screwed

    Will forever support, but slowly losing hope

  575. just an observation, when we see Kos carries the ball and running up the to the final third you know he’s on fire and he shows real determination and guts to help the team. I love that. You would never see him make a faintest bit of smile on his face during the game, almost devoid of emotion, I like that even better. A warrior through and through.

  576. Yeah JJ,
    Song hasn’t been playing up to his own standards in the last few matches. Truth is that we rarely get the best out of our better players at this stage of the season, this has been the case for a few years now. RvP and Kos are notable exceptions, but they can’t win us games by themselves all the time.

  577. Gains – Just for the record; I have just watched a couple of replays of the substitution. In regards to the fans reaction you are as wrong as could possibly be. You carry on with your fingers in your ears mate 😉

  578. All the results went for us this weekend, expect our own. Small mercies. If the Spuds and Chelsea had won we would be too far behind. If Liverpool and Newcastle had picked up points we would be even further down the table.

  579. i want to know who was sat next to titi in the stands..
    not the sexy lady but the dude sat on the other side..

    i only got one look but i thought it was wiltord..

  580. Has George gone away?

  581. Plastic, how many times has Ox played for the first team, Carling cup, EPL and CL included?

    You’re trying to find a pattern that simply isn’t there, my dude.

  582. someone said this on another site.
    “Wenger took of one of our best players on the day and brought in one of our worst performers of the season”

    That comment summed it up for me. as for people slating RvP for questioning the decision, maybe you have a point. but for me, as proffesional as these players have to be, they are humans. and for that one moment where he questioned, he showed leadership that i have not seen in a good number of captains.

    Yes, he missed a sitter, who doesnt? but that moment when i saw a perplexed gaze on the screen summed up a player that wanted a win, a player that saw a bad substitution made and reacted to it. ill take that any day over some moronic tool that says yes to everything the manager says.

    Today, RvP for me showed that he cared enough.

  583. Not having Sagna was a big loss today. They killed us down the left. Djourou was clearly not up for it against Nani but we did not do anything to help him. They took advantage of our weakness and we were not able to take the same advantage of them missing Vidic, Ferdinand, Jones and having a dodgy GK and a 38 year old as their only creative midfielder.

  584. Arsene is really counting on the the injured to come back and play properly as a team. I’m just worried it’ll be too late for any challenge on anything. But to look at matters at a broader angle, it doesn’t matter where Arsenal will finish this season, the primary goal is for the club and manager to rebuild a team for the future. So we lost a booth in the CL nest season, bad as it is, burden will be taken off while a new team will regroup. For a great club like Arsenal, its more than what’s at present but always plan for the future. Uncertainty yes, give up, NO.

  585. JJ

    Was it henry next to the lady..did not notice 😀

  586. The sooner Gervinho gets back the better. Him and AOC are our best bets in the wide areas IMO. I am getting a bit sick of “hoping” that Theo and AA produce only to disappointed.

  587. Jonny, keep it up. When I make you look an asshole don’t turn around and complain.

    The evidence is inconclusive. The crowd may or may not have booed Wenger. RVP may or may not have been complaining about the substitution. We’ll see in the coming days.

  588. mattgoonerknight

    Can’t wait for us to get good again…I miss the good Arsenal 🙂

    Just kidding but I just pray that when the casualties return they aren’t replaced by more injuries.

    With Jack, a left back, Verm back at centre back and Bac back at right back we’ll get our mojo back!!:)

  589. I said the same shit, Plastic. Keep it in house.

  590. “Jonny, keep it up. When I make you look an asshole don’t turn around and complain”


  591. I dont know what to make of walcott anymore.

  592. thank you spy, it was worth the wait then …;)

    too much fear tonight..the players…very sad to see this cr@p united winning so comfortably…cunts…and that old fart getting up clapping…. simon says : roll the next one

  593. Moe – The guy just does not produce enough to warrant a 1st team place. AOC seems a much better “footballer” already.

  594. Walcott made a wonderful play early in the second half that he cacked with an awful pass to the Ox. He plays much better coming in from the left.

    Andy, we’ll see. What I’m wondering is what side of the fence you’ll fall on when I’m proven right.

  595. Moe, i suggest you look at the runs he makes, assists and tracking back to defend, any clearer?

  596. Walcott was probably against the best left back in the EPL. It was a tight contest, which unfortunately Evra won.

    If Rosicky can play like that for the rest of the season, I wouldn’t mind not getting a creative player.

  597. And the rest Gains? Chortle.

    It’s all good – you take the piss as much as you need to mate. You’ve hardly been shy in this area before.

    As I said it’s not fucking over and at least the one area we can agree on is that the gloomers can fuck right off.

  598. Gains,

    Calling me plastic aint going to get me riled up.

    How many times has he played for the first team?
    Arsenal Vs Shrewsbury – taken off at 90 minutes
    Arsenal Vs Olympiakos – taken off at 67 minutes
    Arsenal Vs Man City – taken off at 87 minutes
    Arsenal vs Bolton – taken off at 73 minutes
    Olympiakos Vs Arsenal – full game
    Arsenal Vs Leeds – taken off at 68 minutes
    Today? Taken off at 74 minutes.

    4 out of 7 games he has come off with 15 minutes to go, played and completed a game against Shrewsbury and he was our best player against City, taken off for Arshavin.

    Kid can complete games, cramps????? For me an excuse.

    If you want to put AW into god status, feel free. if you think that he should be beyond question, have that as an opinion. but to think that anyone that questions is a doomer or a plastic when we have a huge amount of players that have underdelivered for a team that has underachieved for half a dozen years, you are far removed from the reality that is fans want to see this team win something. we are not competing for the league, probably wont win the CL. best hope may be the FA cup and try to challenge for our top 4 place.

    Sorry, we are not the elite team we used to be, not the elite team the wage bill demands.

  599. finsbury | January 22, 2012 at 8:29 pm

    Cesc_ara/plastic = WUM. Not a new one.

    lol…..pi55 off u cunt…

  600. Gains – Honestly mate, it is hard to take any point you make seriously. You come out with so much drivel that any decent point you make is likely to get missed.

    If you do prove me wrong on this one, you are right I am likely to fall over. In astonishment.

  601. Gains – And when you start throwing the “plastic” name around at fans who quite obviously care about the club (hence their concern) you may want to look closer to home. Somebody who just believes things that are alright all the time seem far more “plastic” to me than someone who shows obvious concern.

  602. Sorry, we are not the elite team we used to be, not the elite team the wage bill demands.

    lol…look altair when we won ti unbeaten we reached level 10….united was on level 8,5

    then we went back to level 0 while united stayed at 8,5 and chelsea hit 10

    ever since then them two have remained between 8 and 10 and now city is in play etc etc while we are somewhere at 5

    yet all these past years weve been competing as of from levels 2 and 3 and 4 and 5 with teams that are at level 8 9 and 10….

    my next example will include playmobil and pictures…

  603. CA – I don’t think things are quite that bad. We are not a shite team by any means; in fact we are a fucking good team. We are just no longer in the top tier of teams in the country. Not at the moment anyway.

  604. @GA
    Who’s in the top tier?

  605. Arshavin has struggled for ages & yes, the subbing of AOC was difficult to comprehend (from the outside) but anyone booing their own is an imbecile. Totally counter productive.

    Get behind the team & if you want to moan do it afterwards.

    I think it was Errol Brown next to TH , Jon Jon – singing `I believe In Miracles`

  606. cesc_ara | January 22, 2012 at 9:06 pm

    Chelsea have outperformed us almost every season since Roman took over
    United have outperformed us ever since our last trophy.
    Both have consistently outperformed us for the better part in Europe and when it comes to domestic honours, not just PL.

    We are pissing off millions in wages every year on players that dont deliver for the team.
    Upfront – Chamakh, Vela, Bendtner, Arshavin.
    Midfield – Lansbury, Denilson, Rosicky (he has been fantastic this season), Diaby.
    Back – Almunia, Squillaci.

    howe much do we waste in wages on these guys?

    Funny thing, is that i have friends that support united, they see negatives on their team, and they have been a dominant force ever since the premier league age, they have outperformed us the past 6 years, yet we have arsenal fans that see only positives when we have nothing to show over the same period of time.

    Amazing, aint it?

  607. i didnt say we were shit i just said we are at level 5 of the project …lol while the others , the ons we compete against are pretty much finsihed articles and ready teams were th emanagers just make additions with lots of money. we are still working at things…defence ..midfield combinations..attack…etc etc experience…today for instance the first goal they score is schezney;s fault

    we are at minute 46:10 the refs has given 3 mins and schezny has ball in his arms and throws is quickly to ramsey with two hands… …hold it…bounce it on the ground a the time..fall down and ask for the medic to do a check..anything…. oh well…..

    then djourou allows a 38 year old to take the time he needs to whip in a cross…mmmvery nice stuff…and valencia is coming like a train unhindered nobody marking him….ahh children when will you learn ?

  608. His name is acrylic, you dumb fuck. It’s a play on words. Take your righteous indignation, fold it neatly and stuff it up your butt.

  609. Cesc, is this so e kind of weird extremist shit? Because if it is, then I get the joke.

  610. Evil – Well, I suppose Manure and M City at the moment. Chelsea? Maybe. We are on the same level as the Spuds and Liverpool IMO.

  611. Yes i agree Cesc and Andy but until a real change in direction whether being manager or board the status quo will exist

  612. Gainsbourg69 | January 22, 2012 at 9:15 pm

    ”I can understand that the fans are upset about the substitution, especially when it doesn’t work”

    That was AW. and yet you think that it was all aimed at Nani. SMH

  613. Andy, at least I pull for my side. You’re constantly on the fence and no one knows what Andy they’ll get. Its only your opinion that no one takes me seriously.

  614. but altair …chelsea has had players like drogba essien ballack lampard when they were doing them things…you think them pl;ayers are cr@p? no theyre not ..thats why they cost 25 million each minimum. united the same big and expensive players.

    we have been playing with players that cost far less than that

  615. Gains – I “pull for my side” too mate. Does not mean I can’t see what is wrong with us though. you seem to get the 2 confused. I say it like I see it. That is not too confusing is it (maybe for some).

  616. Anyway, off now.


  617. Billy’s Boots

    @ cesc_ara | January 22, 2012 at 8:25 pm

    “the sub of park was for …marketing…”

    @ Paulie Walnuts | January 22, 2012 at 9:12 pm

    “I think it was Errol Brown next to TH , Jon Jon – singing `I believe In Miracles`”

    Funny:) The laughter helps to soothe the pain!

  618. if we want to be honest…..its all about the players not having enough belief and confidence to come out and rip the oppositions heads off…thats all

    wenger should cultivate their sporting ego.

  619. and per mertesacker has got to work on his jumping ….there is a difference of half a metre almost between him and rooney…

    konscielny = armband

  620. CA,

    if we paid our younger players what they were worth, we would have more money to go around.
    People always complain about how we dont have money to spend on players. if we reduced the underdelivering players from the team, restructured the pay structure and had players earn a salary comensurate to their performances, we would have enough to bring in the three or four players that can make us a force.
    Suga wants Red and white to take over, but truth is that we have a broken system and it hold us back rather than launch us forward.

    Do we need to spend big to get some of these players? i dont think so. We have one of the best scouting systems, but even when we spot a player however good they are, we are always limited by the immense wages weighing us down.

    our problems? self inflicted.

  621. Cesc-ara @ 11.35

    “you can bet that the refs will find a way to stop you(Arsenal)…”

    Not the first time particular typo has been noted.

    Case closed.

  622. < Not for the first time this

  623. I think we’re a great team but not a great squad. There is clearly an element of transition to where we are at present.

    The players on the pitch today are so much better than we saw. The Scum played more like a team than we did.

    If we can hold together get back a few more players and steal fourth this could yet be one of Wenger’s great achievements.

    However I’d now say the crucial imperative is that this HAS to start the very next game.

    Either direction is available to this team but they have to start to show more guts, determination and belief if they want fourth. As Andy has alluded we got away with fortuitous results this weekend – it’d be foolish not to see that as a warning.

  624. You must admit it was funny when Spudface got armed by Song

  625. ah is that why youre crying fins? lol about the us or you or my i might use ?

    hehehe what a mug ..yes my friend im a tottenham fan in disguise getting sad cause THAT filth from islington lost from manure…lol…..

  626. aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh kiss me……
    touch me baby…

  627. Although I thought we really missed Arteta today, his replacement TR7 was one of the plus points.

    I hope it`s the sign of him him getting a `second wind` for us. Probably because of injuries he`s never really done it consistently but I`d start him in front of Ramsey right now who looks like he needs a rest.

    The fullback area is always crucial against Man Ure because of the way they play & I thought Yennaris did very well under the circumstances.

    Not so sure what to make of D’jourou`s 45 minutes however but Arsene needs to find out who took him out on the piss last night.

  628. altair i would agree with you if arsenal was run by a strict dictator whose number one priority is the title …but as things stand we are run by a liberal who wants to build and do it safe.

    i will support him and his methods cause his football has made arsenal a club renowned for worldwide and not that dysfunctional oufit of alcoholics it was previously, because frankly if he goes i think i will abandon football as a sport as it is full of cuntish teams playing scopeball. ok so things have been fucked up a bit ..most mostly becuase cesc left and the style of play has to change. and that has caused many problems i will admit.

  629. Cesc_Ara

    I never wrote or even implied that you were a Tottenham fan. Interesting reaction.
    Why are you still here?

  630. well now i switch and im a city fan …. 🙂

  631. come and join my fin or else risk having these losers players and wenger dragging you to the 3rd division..ahahahhahaha

  632. ive been saying for ages that rosicky is the one to come in for arteta..
    his bal controls still good and he gets stuck in…his creative games gone though so take him out of the attack and play him deeper..
    he looks good there..its when he gets forward he pisses away the possession with shots that hit the corner flag and passes that go to nobody..

    rambo aint much better attacking wise either hes like a younger version of rosicky with less capability to hold onto the ball…

    we really need jack not even counting on diaby anymore…jacks the one..if jack dont do it then we need a creative mid in the summer…

    whats happening with JD is simple..hes a big lumbering CB being used at RB…and hes getting fucked..its wierd though..if wenger trusted JD to play CB more maybe he could switch JD and Kozzer round but i suppose with TV having to play LB we need at least one of our two best CB’s actually playing at CB..


    Oh look, Arshavin left one on one with one of the best right wingers in the league. Obviously the Ox is known for his great D-Fence. Arshavin may have thought he was at the St.Petersburg opera house but there isn’t much of a guarantee that in similar circumstances the Ox would’ve stopped him.

  634. JJ,

    You were right about tr7, many would’ve agreed with you. He was sick last week, though some might not believe that!

  635. CA,

    Even with Cesc, we won nothing. we have a good foundation to build on, but we might never get a team that can go the distance because of the wages being pissed off elsewhere.
    There hasnt been a season these past six years when we had a complete team, and we dont have one this year.

    Will we win anything with the new players? No one knows, we probably may not. but it will give fans the satisfaction of knowing that we fell short not because we were not appropriately equiped, but because we were not good enough. that is something i have not been able to say in years. We need a winger, a forward, and an extra midfielder. what are the chances we get them in january? what are the chances we get them in the summer?

    Players on the other hand, delivering players, are leaving because there is so much wage commited somewhere else and limits what we can pay them, but more importantly, limits our ability to bring in the talent that can compliment them.

    i had no issue with Cesc leaving, and if RvP were to somewhat come in and say that he is leaving because he doesnt see himself winning anything with Arsenal, i wouldn’t blame him.

    Your loyalty to Wenger may be admirable, but one has to know that these players want to win something, and want to earn rates comparable to what other teams will pay.
    As i’ve said, we can live within our means by cutting the fat and having an efficient framework that we currently dont have.
    So long as we have neither, are willing to do neither, we will continue to lose our best players and rather than get stronger at the start of each year, we will be rebuilding.

    I have seen the rebuilding occur for 6 seasons, how many more? how many more can RvP take? how many players follow the Cesc route, the Henry route?

  636. I do wonder what makes AW think we can grab 4th spot with the players we got ATM. Does
    He expect JW to pick up 20 assists and 10 goals when he returns after. Of having played for6 months?
    Does he expect Gibbs and Sanga to instantly play like champions after three weeks without matches? Does he expect the same from jenkinson and Santos?
    Usually when you have vacation it’s 4 weeks and you have preseason.
    He cannot xpect those players to win us 4th spot. They are 3 weeks away too that’s 9more points.
    Jack will NOT save the season. Believing that is just stupid.

  637. jonny

    The Invincibles were a great team this team is nowhere near a great team.Average is the word.Great teams dont finish 5th

  638. Finsbury,

    Im sorry but i am of the opinion that AW noticed that he so royally messed it up tactically, that fans thought he was wrong and showed their displeasure (something that has never happened). he noticed that his change was the gamechanger that took our impetus away and gave united the room to operate. cramp? Fatigue? SMH, SMH

  639. yes altair but cesc was our hardrive…all our play was based on his vision and passing ability. he could spread games or keep them tight, increase tempo or slow it down. phenomenal player. today we had ramsey and rosicky. mercenaries will always exist in football. lets just say that the wilsheres might be willing to show more loyalty than the clichy nasri etc…

    look some of these players have to roll their sleeves up and play for the manager the club and last but not least the fans….

    as for rvp or others leaving..i think i heard or read gazidis say that the arteta per santos beni transfers was step one and to be continued next summer…so who knows maybe arsene is ligning up goetze m;villa and gourcyff.

  640. @Altair
    Arshavin’s only bad season was this year, so why are you acting like he has been “a waste” for years and years?

  641. CA,

    How long did Barca court Cesc? three years, and over that period he made his feelings known. We knew he was going to go, why not have a player lined up as a replacement?

    As for loyalty? These players came from other teams and came to Arsenal because we offered them a bigger payday, a bigger stage to showcase their talent. it doesnt shock me that some will leave. what does shock me, is the fact that some people think they owe this team or the manager some loyalty when they moved here from somewhere else.

    These are things that one anticipates. but our wage bill gets bigger and bigger while we continue to lose talent, while not really improving the team

  642. It’s quite probable that the Ox had cramp however that doesn’t excuse the performance of AA. Ferguson sized it up in 30 seconds and moved a right winger to right back. As a player that’s downright fucking insulting.
    When I was clamouring for Oxo to get some ‘sub time’ I was repeatedly told he wasn’t up to the job defensively. I accepted that, but I did question why, if that was the case, we allowed AA who offered nothing defensively. ‘Experience’ seemed the only plausible excuse.
    Today all of those excuses ran out – well for me anyway.

  643. with the players we have at the mo no we havent got a chance but AW was hoping we could ride the storm until the players weve got injured come back.

    once we get a proper solid back line in place and extra bods in the midfield we should have enough to go on a run again

    ive got worries over gibbs but sagnas a warrior once hes back hes back..

    if gibbs can last until santos returns and we can actually get kozzer and TV back in the middle for a good 10 games it will make a world of difference..

    its just the damage done in the meantime..wenger took the risk..could have used january but didnt bother so now weve got to dig deep and hope we dont leave ourselves with too much to do with a pointless month..

  644. Evil,

    Arshavin was not that good last year. he had the stats for goals and assists. but how many balls did he needlessly give away, how many balls was he too lazy to follow up on because they were a bit heavy? How may times did he show a nonchalance when it came to defence?

    This guy lost his position to Walcott because he want good enough. what enabled him to get those figures was the fact that he had a better possession team around him, a more talented team that could withstand his weaknesses. this one cant, and he looks worse.

  645. @JJ
    But that’s the problem, isn’t it? If there is no one decent on loan available, what are we supposed to do? Buy some left back for 10 – 20 million and suddenly have three of them on the books for the foreseeable future?

  646. Dan, nice going, you’ve completely missed the point – the team doesn’t finish 5th.

    IF that’s where The Arsenal finish it’ll be the squad that finished there.

    Try and keep up.

  647. well altair i agree that wenger shouldnt be as naive on cesc, but what can we do ? the man thinks and works in a positive way and felt he could convince him for another year maybe.
    for the subject opf loyalty ..though i would expect a player like clichy to be amongst the most loyal …lokk at how he jumped ship…and as for cesc …he is catalan…ubut wilshere and ramsey and walcott and frimpongg and many others are brittish and should naturally have more loyalty than others…yet even in this example you can have cunts like cole….. its tricky. whats sure though is that all of them shoudl be loyal to the manager who gives thema chance.

  648. Stop blaming arshavin people

    wenger put him on, he has to be accountable for that.

    And for those of you still defending walcott, im not saying he’s a bad player, but his inconsistency is such that the merit of his contributions is lost.

    And in this game, walcott was poor. FACT. And those people spouting nonsense about him playing against evra, i watched the game, oxlade and walcott changed wings all the time and oxlade still contributed as much on the right if not more than walcott.

    Everybody should support their team in the matches, give them belief and strength, but that isnt to say that a team’s failings should be covered up and excuses made.

    If your team was poor, or the manager was poor, or the tactics then people need to awknowledge that and not make excuses.

    Im not talking about all out doomerism(hmm new word i think) that would be idiotic, but it is best to analyse and say exactly what needs to be said.

  649. @Altair
    He lost his place to Nasri, just to correct you on that. And we saw how much Nasri was worth in the second half of the season, didn’t we?

    And as for the other stuff: but isn’t the end product what matters? Isn’t it more important that he scored those goals and got those assists (btw. he has scored + assisted more than either Nasri or Walcott last year. So he was, just on pure endproduct, the best of the three)? Especially as he scored 10 times and assisted 17 times. I just don#t think that you can claim that Arshavin has not been delivering in his spell with us. This is, realistically speaking, his first bad season with us, so your argument defeats itself.

  650. Taiwo was available for loan, ends up in QPR. Chances are that Milan would not have loaned him to us, but trying would have been fantastic.


    if you buy a player from another team, chances are that they may move, and you having a british player or a player that came through the ranks doesnt mean they will forever be thankful to you. if a good deal comes, they will move. that is the world of sports, it has been like that for years and why some people think that Arsenal should be an exception is to be out of tune with reality.

  651. evil
    thats also the problem isnt it..
    by going for only a loan we limit our options..

    santos is out for a while, and gibbs has never strung more than 5 games together (thats not a figure of speech either, theres a fact flying round somewhere) so whats the point of getting a loan…its just another henry situation, that being when the loans up the problem isnt fixed, its just papered over.. we are right back where we started..

    so why not just sign someone on a permanant deal…and when and if they are all fit its a better problem to have than having nobody to choose from at all isnt it..

  652. You last few commenters, with the exception of Finsbury, just jumped the shark. I can’t wait for May.

  653. why wouldnt milan have loaned him to us?

  654. @JJ
    But that in turn creates an unsustainable situation. Why not sign another right back when we are at it, too? And maybe some CB’s, because we currently just have 4.
    We simply aren’t City that we can afford 3 or 4 players for every position in the team. I think you will be hard pressed to find any team that has got more than one back up per position. Who’ve got Spurs on the left after Assou-Ekotto, Chelsea after Cole, ManU after Evra, etc. etc. etc.? One starter, one back up + utility players, that’s the norm. We are just especially f*cked cause all our full backs decided to get injured at the same time. With just one of them back it’s a completely different situation.

    So long answer short: we just can’t afford it and even richer clubs don’t seem to be able to.

  655. 000’s Voiced the truth today….



  656. @JJ
    We play them next month! Why should they loan him to us and strengthen us for a crucial CL encounter if they can just send him to another club?

    And how do you know that we didn’t try? You know the way Arsenal operate. We don’t do things publicly. Just because there is no big news announcement on Arsenal.Com saying “Arsenal have inquired about the availability of Taiwo” doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

  657. Evil, the club is allowed to sell players too, you know. If you have three LB’s you could try to sell or loan one out.

    Cesc ara, Gazidis did say in September or thereabouts that we were not done rebuilding the squad. He didn’t say we would buy in summer, however. He kept it open. I see no reason not to try to use the January window, if possible.

    Our slip ups have come this season while the window is open. Last summer we brought in players after a terrible beginning. Perhaps there is a chance for reinforcements before this window is over. We could really use a boost now. Top 4 is possible but genuinely a big fight.

    As Poodle pointed out, there are a lot of things you have to gamble on going our way with our injury returnees. Plus we will have more injuries to our squad as always in the second half and you can expect niggles to Diaby, Gibbs, JW, Sagna and Santos as they try to come back from being off long term.

  658. Evil,

    We almost always started Nasri and Arshavin. when he couldn’t cut it, we started Walcott. it had been like that for the previous season. Nasri had always been a starter from when he joined us.

    As for stats, they can be misleading. AA23 lost his place on the team because his weaknesses by far outbumbered his strengths. We had a player that could lose the ball on countless occassions and not defend only to pop out with a goal or an assist.

    AW noticed that and decked him…………..stats? lol.

    Secondly, and probably to drive the point home, there was a season when RvP wasnt scoring, wasnt getting the assists. but he constantly pulled players off position and enabled players to get in behind. Hleb, never got huge on goals or assists, but how many times did he get the pass that released the player that got the assist? people that look at the final pass that sets up the goal, or a goal and hold it up as the end all be all lose a lot when it comes to perspective.

    Cesc created more chances compared to Xavi, doesnt mean he is a better player. Arshavin could have done more than Nani on minutes played when it came to assists and goals, doesnt mean he gave more to the team.

    Arshavin????? great when he came, he at least had a drive that has been lacking since.
    Bottom line is that although he had

  659. Nevertheless, even if nothing happens this window, we have a fighting chance. The key is whether the team can recover from this bad string of results. We need the leaders to step up now.

  660. Everyone will write us off again. Maybe we can do what we did this Fall and grind out some results.

  661. some mug in f365 is asking whether “wenger is losing his authority”…ahahha sensationalism ala sun…

  662. Evil,

    Because Wenger said he would assess his options on defence after this game.

  663. @LG
    But having one LB on loan doesn’t help you if the two at the club are injured. Last year we had that situation, where we had 3 LBs with Traore out on loan but what if Clichy and Gibbs had been injured at the same time? It’s not like we could’ve recalled Traore, because as far as I remember we usually don’t put that clause into the loan agreements.

  664. 40,000+ booing the man who made us who we were. A tragic thing to witness indeed. The utd fans were clapping Wenger for subbing Alex and bringing on Arshavin. How times have change.

  665. Cesc ara, Gazidis did say in September or thereabouts that we were not done rebuilding the squad. He didn’t say we would buy in summer, however. He kept it open. I see no reason not to try to use the January window, if possible.

    yep i thought i heard something about stage one and stage two of transfers …

  666. 40,000+ booing the man who made us who we were. A tragic thing to witness indeed.

    so ungreatful.

  667. Poodle, wha yu ah deal wid bredrin?

    IIt will make a huge difference when our players come back. They may need some time but it will push on better with them in the team.

    I don’t trust Acrylic. He came on here with all of this objective bull for the last few days and look at him now. Knifes out.

    Cesc, are you serious with your comment about the women’s team?

  668. evil
    how does it? its not like gibbs is on 100k a week..neither is wouldnt need the city model at all
    why do we need a rb or a cb?

    weve got enough cb’s and sagnas pretty reliable so the lb is the weak spot..

    and your point about other teams squads is a mute one..
    who have we got after robin?? compared to other teams?

    we needed one or two players this window..why do we have to use the sugar daddy model every time we come to a transfer window..

  669. lol paul – n in some respects yes…of course i exaggerate again…girls dont have if they did they would have shown them …to my eyes only ox kons and to some extent rosicky showed them…the rest were disappointing i would say….

  670. goonerton,

    he made a decision that baffled even his biggest fans (me included). he took off our best player when we wanted to win the game and brought on a player that has done delivered not for us this year.

    if anything, i love that people are finally standing up to him. amazing that united fans can find negatives on a team that continually wins while our fans shouldnt find anythign wrong with a team that cannot seem to win anything come the end of the season. all this when we have the most expensive ticket in world football.

  671. taiwos already played for them in europe
    hes tied..
    it wouldnt have made fuck all difference if he came to us or not..
    we just werent interested..
    we pretended to be to ease the fans mind but then out came the usual script..

    doesnt matter anymore..
    we took the risk weve got zero points from point bringing in anyone now might as well wait for the injured lads to come back..

  672. the behaviour and excuses that allow people to say AW cannot be questioned are astounding to say the least. he makes millions every year, and he is paid to get it right more than he should get it wrong. i make a mistake at work, and i get what comes to me. why should anyone else be immune?

  673. jonjon,

    what do you think of the Henry deal?

  674. Evil, I am talking about doing something temporary right now. Then in the summer you sell or loan one out and go back to having two. Right now the window is open and while I am not calling for buying wildly and think now that Vermaelen seems fine it wouldn’t have been the worst thing to get a fullback and deal with the overload in the summer, would it?

    AW is the one himself who said it would be stupid to drop points because we didn’t have any fullbacks. Frankly, if we are playing so poorly in attack because of the lack of fullbacks then it isn’t ridiculous to consider an extra fullback a terrible solution for a few months.

    Personally, I am more in favor of bringing in a creative attacking midfielder and/or someone who can play in the front 3. But I recognize it might not work out.

    Hopefully the Ox can help us out up front and RvP stays healthy. It was a scare seeing him down clutching his knee.

  675. If Arshavin was in fact booed, why did anyone expect him to perform well? has to be the dumbest thing you can do during a game that is there to be won. You may not like the change but use your blasted head.

    The guy has actually put in a couple of good shifts recently.

  676. @AA
    So, to condense what you’ve been writing: despite scoring 10 times last year and assisting 17 times — and as you rightly pointed out, him not even being a starter and probably playing less time than Theo or the money-grabbing lesbian mercenary — he didn’t deliver in your opinion? I agree that football is not just down to scoring goals or creating them but I think you’d have to go a long way to describe Arshavin’s season last year as “not delivering”.

    As for the matter of who displaced whom, I concede my mistake. I had forgotten that Nasri was out injured for a season and therefore thought that ever since then we had started primarily with Theo/Arshavin on the wings.

    It’s not about the wages, it’s about the transfer fee. Good LB’s cost at least 7, 8 million (if you are terribly lucky) … more like 10 – 15 if you aren’t. Add the January premium and less we go for some Omani LB we would’ve have to pay 20 million for someone who might be third choice in half a years time. I think that paying that much in the faint hopes that it will lead to us making up one spot in the table is faint.
    And we have cover in numbers at least (which is what my argument is based on) for RVP, it’s just the quality that is lacking.

  677. I meant, now that Vermaelen is back the need is less pressing but it wouldn’t be the worst thing to have an extra fullback.

    Hopefully Yennaris will do well. I see him getting a run of games until Sagna is back.

  678. Arsene decided to sub because we’re level at 1-1 at that time, he’s guilty of being conservative and made the wrong judgement of a draw would be the final result. It didn’t matter who’s in who’s off. The question is why Arsene thought its over with a draw with some time still to go. But we all know Arsene isn’t the greatest tactician on earth, previously AA was brought on to either to try to get a goal if we’re losing, or he’s on to keep possession. Sadly in this game, at 1-1 momentum was on Arsenal side, no desperation to bring on AA for his last minute ingenuity, nor the OX was taking a beating that he couldn’t handle. I think Arsene was mentally ‘afraid’ of losing this one point. A draw would seem to be a great result to his mind. He forgot that the enemy was SAF and his boys. You can dislike Manu and all but you also know they’re ruthless and would not show mercy. Their re-deployment of the players were pinpointed and got the result.
    This’s my objective analysis of the situation.

  679. @LG
    Well, we could — in theory — take a risk on some unknown guy, maybe from the French leagues or the Bundesliga who is not established and even if he turns out the be sh*t, we would’ve just pissed away a couple of million.
    But if we want proper international quality, someone where we are sure he will deliver, we have to look at a price of 10 – 20 million which in my opinion is just not worth it.

    I still would’ve liked to see a short-term loan signing, just like we did with Henry, but well .. now it’s too late, isn’t it?

  680. im with jj over here. lets work hard and hope for the best. come the end of the season, get rid of the fat and bring in the required players. i’ve said it, we have Arshavin, Chamakh, Vela, Bendtner, Denilson, Lansbury, Diaby, Almunia, Squillaci as players that currently offer us nothing. To that list, add Benayoun whose contract is running out, and Rosicky who has his contract also expiring.

    thats such a huge list considering we need a CF, winger, Midfielder and possibly a left back.
    let the contracts that are expiring, expire. sell some of these players low because cutting losses is more important than making a profit and

    1) get some money that can be added to the transfer kitty.
    2) get the wage bill down.
    3) be in a better position to buy needed players
    4) send the right message to players that anyone that doesnt cut it will be cut.

  681. henry was brought in to paper over cracks..

    what else is there to say..

    maybe a hint of PR and a slither of income generator but mainly to paper over the cracks

  682. @DY
    Don’t agree. I think if Wenger wanted to be conservative, he would’ve brought on Yossi. Hard working, chasing every ball, exactly what is needed to protect a point. Arshavin has never been used for his ball keeping skills which I think are non existant.
    By bringing on Arshavin he was hoping that he would replace like with like. And defensively he did, because both offered us nothing. But offensively, well, that’s an entirely different story.

  683. Nonsense, that Wenger is not good at tactics. If he was not good he would not have lasted so long.

    If player;s score the easy chances, then tactics are great, if they don’t everyone else knows more than the manager.

  684. Not wanting a argument but, Arshavin has been playing shit long before getting booed by his own. This isn’t a trait used on a regular by Gooners but, I can tell you for sure there;s a lot of pissed off gooners from here to Jamaica. Pissed nah rass.

  685. But we all know Arsene isn’t the greatest tactician on earth

    no he isnt very good tactically indeed …unbeaten 49 games. defensive record in champions league , and the only manager to have beaten this barcelona without catenacio or taekwondo. its a bit different when your tactics are applied by vieira and pires and henry and quite different when its walcott song and ramsey….

  686. Evil,

    for me, football is more than stats, thats what i am saying. Arshavin had the stats, but ill tell you that i never wanted him to get a run in the team………he had and still has too many weaknesses to cover for his stats. that is because football is more than stats, its about having the right balance and AA23 doesnt give us that.

    I dont think we have ever had Nasri out for a season. may be wrong, but a season??? dont think so.

    lastly, can we depend on players like Gibbs and Diaby to be there for huge parts of any season? i said this a few days ago, Gibbs injury woes never came to bite us because Clichy was always fit, they have come to bite us because Santos is out long term. for a player that has never been around for 5 games, is having only two leftbacks enough? having TV play LB might work, but it is a serious waste of his talent, and it adds to team fatigue at CB with less rotation.

    Get rid of all these players on huge wages that do nothing, raise some cash, and get the few players we need to complete the team.

  687. To boo the man is plain stupid. Self defeating.You want to give your player confidence regardless.

  688. Sagna, Gibbs, Coquelin, Arteta & Henry should all be back for our next PL game.

  689. CA, stop living in the past, what he did in the past is in the past. i will always remember it, appreciate it, but what we need from the boss is that he not only gets it right at present, but that he and the board make the right decisions if not now, in the summer.

    If we get on a good run, we get a top 4 place, but right now, i dont think we will make it. and it has nothing about me being a doomer……..we have tempted fate so many seasons that i personally dont think that this season we make it.

  690. i think your clutching at straws evil to be honest
    qpr have just found one on a loan with a view to a permanant deal for less than 5 million..
    hes got decent pedigree as well..hes no wayne bridge..

    weve got many many many scouts in many many many leagues watching players all the time..

    we just werent interested…we were never interested..we just rolled out the usual script and produced the same results

    its been the same for the last 3 years…we need a striker..didnt come..we need a defender..didnt come..we need a fb..hasnt come..

    all wengers words when the jan transfer window came but the same results..

    theres no point going on about it anymore we dont like the transfer windows wenger said it himself and if the reason being that the squad is too big than thats just self admittance that arsene has created a monster he cant fix…theres players on the books we dont need who weve tried to get rid of but we cant cos nobody values them at the wages we have given them and its stopping us from doing further deals…

    but i let it go weeks ago..i just want to win the next game..and the game after and the game after and if we are going with the players we have then so be it..

    lets do it…

  691. SUGA’D SHIT.

    Wrong time to face United. Too many injuries and the squad is exposed. Just like the beginning of the season except and this is the only positive we only lost by one.

    AA was unlucky to be involved in defending so quickly, but he is of pensionable age and it is time to move on.

    AW should put his hand up on that substitution and just apologize. We know he loves his 70th minute replacement therapy, but 40,000 and the captain can’t be wrong. We all want to see the Ox, that was a big game and we needed all the game changers we had on the pitch.

    At least the spuds were mashed.

    Mind you I don’t think Ballotelli stamped, I think he tried to stay on his feet so I am just delusional.

  692. living in the past?

    Any manager who can accomplish going undefeated knows what they are doing. That is no fluke,. so to say the man doesn’t know tactics is ridiculous. That is the point.

  693. “but i let it go weeks ago..i just want to win the next game..and the game after and the game after and if we are going with the players we have then so be it..

    lets do it…”

    Can’t argue with that JJ

  694. exactley dups..
    lets rock and roll..the damage is done we cant go back and stop it happening but we can go all out to fix it..

    a proper back 4 and arteta…

    time to bounce back..

  695. Love that statement also JJ.

    Let’s do it!

  696. like i said, it didn’t matter who’s in and who’s off. My theory is Arsene was “satisfied” with a draw or else it couldn’t possibly explain the substitution. AA is always the first priority in his sub selection, but why, I’ve long given up any argument for this.

  697. Paul-N

    what have we won the past half dozen years? nothing.
    Looking at the glory years of old is just that, looking back. for some people, it soothes them and helps them ignore the present. for me? hell no

  698. i dont think balloteli stamped either..
    if it was any other team then yeah it was a fucking blatent stamp but parker tripped ballotelli with his face in this instance..

    dirty spud cunt…

  699. @UberFacts

    “If you fart consistently for 6 years and 9 months, enough gas is produced to create the energy of an atomic bomb.”

    Wouldn’t want to be on a train with that guy.

  700. JJ

    And there was me thinking you liked Parker. 🙄

  701. So if you don’t win a trophy you are not good at tactics?

    I would call that being a glory hunter.

    There are many reason’s why things have gone the way it has and it is not all down to the manager.

    Joke to blow wow!

  702. i used to..
    but theres something about wearing that shirt that puts me off players..

  703. well wenger made a mistake but he knows he did and it was just that…a mistake.. we move on to the next game but i have a feeling he wont be pulling him off again if he is having a blinder. i really hope we dont start using this as a stick to bash wenger with,

    ok he got it wrong and fukin wrong it was but as long as he knows he can play oxo now we should climb back up the table with tv back, in fact i think i might take a trip to the bookies tommorow to lay some shillings on us getting top 4.

  704. “AW should put his hand up on that substitution and just apologize. We know he loves his 70th minute replacement therapy, but 40,000 and the captain can’t be wrong. We all want to see the Ox, that was a big game and we needed all the game changers we had on the pitch”

    Very powerful words SA Gooner. Although I think we have more chance of hearing the board say there’s money to spend before you hear an apology.

    Fed up to fuck.

  705. I hope george comes back on. i feel he has shamed himself with his backing of cesc aras slagging off of our past. its ok george we might forgive you, you can come back!!!!

  706. Please tell me Wenger didn’t say that Alex was showing signs of fatigue. That has be bollocks media shit.

  707. dukegoonem | January 22, 2012 at 11:43 pm

    That’s what worries me. Wenger isn’t known to back down to any sort or change his policy just like that. Don’t count on seeing him feature in our next fixture. The kid should of been playing months ago.

  708. Paul -N

    You’d better get used to hearing 000’s booing Wenger, it’ll continue. He’s destroying the club.

    Many of the the players haven’t ‘beleeeved’ in him for some while & that came from a players wife straight after the Swansea game told to my pal.

    Seeing RVP’s reaction seems like he’s one of them.


  709. was a bit of a shame to see the captain visibly question the managers tactics in front of the on coming player during the match- wonder how the dressing room was like between the two.

    The fans booing the decision is one thing but if arshavin seen van persie then must have effected him.

    still he has to do a bit better against valencia – i mean valencia strolled by him

  710. “Many of the the players haven’t ‘beleeeved’ in him for some while & that came from a players wife straight after the Swansea game told to my pal.”

    That comment can only come from a kid or a very immature adult.

  711. goonerton,

    i agree he should have been playing well before today. fuck knows why he didnt play against the likes of fulham and wolves when we were struggling to create any thing. AA’s days are numbered now and if oxo doesnt play on the reg now then maybe the rumours of appeaence fees could be true! he is a starter now no question.

  712. @AA
    Wasn’t he out in 2009/2010? Maybe not for exactly a season but I think he broke his leg or something and was out until Feb/March at least?

    The thing with Gibbs is that Wenger has faith in his players, and I don’t think it’s exactly misplaced. Gibbs wouldn’t be Englands No. 2 (when he is fit) at LB if he didn’t have some quality.
    And with Diaby I think I am not the only one that feels that he is just this little bit of consistency away from being a top, top player but whenever he comes back from an injury he’s on the field for 10 minutes and then he is limping off.
    At some point losses must be cut, but I am not sure if that moment has come for either of them. Gibbs, I feel, is still young and has enough promise while with Diaby it looked like had gotten rid of his injury troubles, staying relatively injury free from 2008 – 2010 but now he is back out on the treatmeant table more often than on the field and at 25 years of age it’s not like time is exactly in his favour.

    The question is … just a couple of months after buying him, why would Milan be so keep to get rid of Taiwo again? That they are even putting in an option to make the transfer permanent should tell you that there might be a catch or two with Taiwo. He couldn’t even displace Antonini who is not exactly one of the best left backs in the world. And with the other one vying for the left back spot being 34 years old and clearly on the down, you have to wonder why exactly it is that Taiwo doesn’t have a perspective in Milan any more and if he doesn’t have the quality to do it for them, if he would have the quality to do a job for us? Might not be exactly Wayne Bridge, but that he failed so utterly at Milan makes you wonder if he would be so much better. Bridge would at least know a thing or two about the English game!

    It also tells us that we are damn lucky to have gotten rid of Traore considering that QPR didn’t even take 6 months to decide they can do better than that.

  713. Apology accepted YW …

    dfb | January 21, 2012 at 10:19 am
    Some interesting comments last night. Looks like to some Arsenal before Arsene is fair game for ridicule both in terms of the team’s achievements and it’s players. Where’s the “must support the team at all costs” mentality in that then ? Certainly puts the comments of some into perspective when it becomes clear who supports Arsenal and who supports only Arsene.

    Yogi’s Warrior | January 21, 2012 at 10:34 am
    Oh dear dfb, go to the corner and sit wearing the hat with the big ‘D’ on it.

    Yogi’s Warrior | January 21, 2012 at 2:25 pm
    We weren’t shit before Wenger. As it happens, from 1986 to 1996 Arsenal were the second most successful club in the country. 2 League titles, the first domestic cup double in England, another League Cup, a Cup Winners Cup. Add to that runners up in the Cup Winners Cup and League Cup. We weren’t shit.
    To be blunt, in 1995-96 we were in transition. Remember, the 1997-98 double was won with players who were already here mixed with Wenger signings, all meshed together by the manager. We cannot have been that shit if more of the side were already at the club. They simply needed a new philosophy. The 1989 title winning team was a more rounded footballing side than many Wenger has put together and personally, I think the 1991 team was every bit as good as The Invincibles. To save you looking it up, they lost once that season at Chelsea and reached the FA Cup Semi-Final. Domestically, that is comparable to the 2003-04 side.
    You really do need to look more deeply into the club before making statements such as,
    .before wenger = neanderthals playing kick and rush ( like der keizer would say) and thanks to the guts of some of them players we showed success
    Because, frankly, for an Arsenal supporter to say that highlights ignorance of the past and is utterly shameful.

  714. I can’t see what positives were spoken about before the decision to take Alex off. I haven’t heard one from either utd fans or any gooner. Just reminds me of he times when he use to always sub Theo for munber 52 to come on as wing man. Crazy times.

  715. utd fans clapping us for taking Alex off and clapping more for Arshavin. A shit memory that will last the test of time.

  716. I don’t think booing is productive, nor would I ever boo in the stadium. I can however sort of understand why it came to that. We were still in the game and had a chance of getting somethnig against a team which normally turn us over. Rivals at that. Plus it really was a must win game. And we took of the one player which looked like he could turn the game in our favour.

    That incident alone didn’t prompt the booing though. I would argue if our season had been “on track” the substitution would not have brought that response. It is a real shame that things have come to this.

    I think a team of:





    Will hold its own with any side in the lge, but how often will we get to see that side play together?

  717. Poor opa Wim…

  718. Everytime peewee RVP scores his goals get cancelled out. Peewee must be thinking opa Wim i dunno what the hell else to do!

  719. Evil | January 23, 2012 at 12:03 am

    We need another player to come in at LB……its that simple. we have been going on several seasons with Gibbs as the second LB and we have always been thin at that position. this season, it has caught up with us.

    As for Diaby, he has never been a great player for us even though he has the tool set to be a great. How many games would he get at a United, Chelsea, City, or even spurs with his bad performances, average performances and handful of good performances? He wouldn’t make the cut in any of those teams.
    Yet, we have continued to give him a good run in the team and excuse his performances down to injury or one thing or another. AOC, Wilshere, Jenks, Yennaris (every game i have seen him), Coquelin, are all players that play at a consistently high level with every opportunity that comes their way.

    Diaby and Gibbs may come good, but i have been holding for that hope for seasons………..getting rid of some players and adding competition in these two areas is hardly the worst thing that can happen especially with these two as almost permanent fixtures in the injury room.

  720. Whether arsene made a mistake or not is a really disturbing debate. The fact that Arsenal fans worldwide are debating the sub points to an increasing lack of faith in the manager. Really sad to see though.

  721. ohhhh Mean Lean you write here too!!! excellent…my regard to them spud cunts colesy and the rest hehehehe …i bet they re bombing your forum calling wenger original….


  722. Richie,

    there is nothing sad in it. he made a mistake and people are rightly pointing it out. lets not treat him as a god.

  723. dfb and the rest…do come off it…. if you cant grasp the context under which i say them things i say and what buttons i push then dont bother mate.

    ill give you another clue …englihs football -= neanderthal kick and rush

    wenger;s football = a divine gift

    and youre giving me sh*t for acknowledging the progress and change in sophistication wenger has brought to arsenal? lol…do you think i hold players like merson in higher regard than gilberto fucking silva ? lol…..yeah i bet arsenal used to have many BRASILIAN captains in their squads in the 50, 60, 70, and 80,s …pmsl…

  724. CA,

    Wenger killed out momentum. tactically, he removed a fast skilled winger that had kept his man pinned back and inserted a player who has been one of our worst this season.

    Fergie sat, thought and made an immediate change. he removed Rafael and brought in Park, had park play narrow hence taking TV5 off the wing. and he took his best crosser at RB gambling on the fact that with TV manning Park they would for once get something from Valencia who had no meaning cross the whole game.

    The game changed on this decision. Fans all over the world questioned the sub when it was made, fans in the stadium too did, and our captain (ill forever admire him for that) questioned it. they cannot all be wrong, can they? could they be wrong seeing how badly the change took the impetus from out attack and handed it to united?

  725. @ Acrylic
    I believe he made a mistake but the arguments questioning his reason for the sub indicates how low trust in him has fallen. I look at managers in lower positions in the league, such as Moyes, enjoying wholehearted fan Support n say to myself “That used to be Arsene”

  726. no altair..the crowd killed the momentum. by becoming judge and executioner for a decission that aint even their authority or responsibility to make.

    look my friend the arsenal fans have lost the plot

    whenever i see the emirates i collapse and cry realising the magnitude of wenger;s work for arsenal…and these fkn peasants think they can boo his decissions ? no way man.

  727. There is no way to predict what would have happened if the substitution had been differnt, and it can’t really be said that it is what lost us the game. But we certainly lost our momentum once AOC came off. He caused Manure problems every time he ran at them.

    the fact AA got skinned for their goal is unfortunate for Arsene really. It compunded the substitution, but in all honesty AA is not know for his defensive work so it was no real suprise. It was horrendous defending mind, by any professional footballers standards.

  728. the horrendous defending goes also for allowing wellbeck a free shot huh…not only the russian ….

  729. Heh, there were so many typo’s in my last post I won’t even bother “amending” them.

  730. cesc at 9.59. Absolutely correct.

    As for all these fans ,worldwide’ questioning Arsene’s decisions. Well, either they are tactical geniuses or the TV pictures and pundits gave them a good idea of how to be in ‘the majority’ and stick their knives in.

    Me? I trust Arsene on football matters moree than i trust myself and more than I trust the Alan Smiths and stupid fans.

  731. I agree with u on that point, the crowd had lost the plot (me included as the substitution left me for a moment in disbelieve!). However booing the decision with its ramifications on the player that has just come on isnt going to do anything for his confidence especially when it is already low.

    I think the first half performance was poor and at points arsenal played as it they where the away team. Looks like ramseys being asked to play a more advanced role but even then in my opinion, the midfield doesnt support RVP enough.
    I think ramseys going to be a fine player one day, but that will come some day,….right now he should be learning his trade and starting from the bench because rosiscky offers a lot more in that arsenal midfield.

  732. CA,

    These players are supposed to play in hard circumstances, if you cannot play beyond boos or criticism, then go play for a smaller club. AA23 has been extremely way below par, people expected that he would weaken us rather than strengthen us, and he did.
    CR7 was being booed by madrid fans for never appearing when they play Barca, he scored against them……….AA23 is older, more experienced, should have a tougher skin.

    Arsenal fans have lost the plot??????? nonsense. we see some overpaid players underachieve every season, a manager that puts way too much trust in them and is unwilling to change a philosophy that not only pisses away huge wages each season, but one that limits players that we can bring in. we have a huge wage bill, an expensive ticket (the most expensive in club football) and all you look to is the managers past?

    Wenger earns more than Fergie does, yet, we have more dross on our team than they do in theirs. they can get rid of almost any player they so choose because they (players) are rewarded for performance and not future potential, because players know that if they dont deliver they are off the team. How many games before we say we have had enough of Diaby? How many more seasons wasted due to injury on two underdelivering players in Diaby and Gibbs before we bring in players that can compete for these two positions?
    How much time do we dedicate to the russian captain, and how much more weekly wages on a player unable to not only deliver, but unwilling to work hard for the team?

    This team is littered with those examples and yet to you wenger is god? unquestionable, untouchable even in areas where he royally messes up? i love him as a manager, but we are where we are because he has broken wage system, immense trust on underachieving players, and yesterday, a substitution that was wrong on so many levels.


    even in Kenya, united fans cannot believe that he made that change, i have been to a good number of sites and there is not a single united fan that doesnt think that his decision to deck AOC gave them the impetus. Moyes has the support because he does a great job on a non existent transfer fund. at arsenal, the broken wage system that has us losing tens of millions every year is a hindrance. we are where we are more and more because of the way AW has run things over the past 8 years that has seen us lose our best talents while gambling on young players. Some have worked out, but we have a huge number of players that have not.

  733. @ cbob
    Why are turning it into an us vs them scenario yet we are all supporters. People questioning the manager’s details decision isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Dnt run around sarcastically refering to people questioning the decision as tactical geniuses. Kindly grow up as man is to error.

  734. Ha! G69! You precious, petty little liar, I never said that.

    I said it was a matter of opinion. Hilariously it was YOU that decided conclusively that the booing was aimed at Nani and the majority of people who thought otherwise were fucking dissenters and idiots.

    I can’t bothered to deal with this – it’s SO pointless – you repeatedly lie about things I have supposedly said. But here’s the thing, who cares about this most pointless irrelevant of things??

    It’s really not important enough to go around calling people dumbfucks and cunts.

    Says more about you that you get so stupidly worked up about proving you know everything.

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