Lies, Damned Lies and Headline Writers

Damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t; when Arsène meets the press the answers in his pre-match conferences, the answers are invariably honest, detrimentally so in some cases. Rarely though are they as dismissive as ‘Appy ‘Arry when he was talking of Manchester City’s millions. What he thinks though is rarely relevant.

It is unusual to praise the press but The Mirror deserve some for putting the Q&A from Arsène’s Print Media Press Conference onto their site; you can easily see the context of the quotes selectively chosen and wilfully misinterpreted by both journalist and headline writer. The media’s hypocrisy was so wonderfully exposed,

If Pires once dived against Portsmouth, OK? For six months it was a story in the newspapers. Dyer dived on Sunday and nobody said a word. You cannot say it is exactly the same and it doesn’t matter. If it doesn’t matter when Dyer dives, why does it matter when Pires dives?

There is no argument against that, Pires brought forth a publicity-driven campaign for players to be punished for diving. There was no campaign to improve journalistic standards, no carrot for this stick. Football gets the journalists it deserves and vice versa.

The extent of that hypocrisy is apparent on The Mirror site where the comments regarding referees are utterly misrepresented. There is no conspiracy against Arsenal amongst officials which, for me at least, undermines a considerable portion of the theory that has long been held where Manchester United supporting referees are conspiring to prevent Arsenal success. Nonsense, according to the manager, they are simply rubbish. Well, they don’t get their decisions right as often as they get the big ones wrong which has been in Arsenal’s case, very costly.

On the transfer activity this Winter, the manager was defensive and I am not quite sure how else we should expect him to be. There is a groundswell of opinion that some new faces need to come in; Wenger was not of that view,

You’re resisted so far moving into the market. Are you convinced the squad is strong enough to finish fourth – or better?
Our squad is strong enough, yes [to finish 4th]. If the players come back we are strong enough. If we do not have the players back we will struggle.

Why not tempted to sign a left back on loan, you’ve looked short there?
Football is not a supermarket where you go in there and say: ‘give me a left-back please, and a right-back and a centre-back.’ We have to find the players better to what we have. When Vermaelen plays left-back, finding a better left-back for me is difficult. Vermaelen has missed two games, maybe another game Sunday.

But if you don’t sign cover it could cost you more in the long run. Is that not a concern?
You cannot every time buy a player when you have an injury, where do you finish? England is bankrupt, the whole of Europe is bankrupt and everyone continues to spend like nothing happened.

Some of the arguments are disingenuous. Whilst some are naively proclaiming that every injury needs money spent on a replacement, Arsène is open to a similar accusation with an expectation that the squad will remain strong enough over the remainder of the season. History is most definitely against him on that one. Equally though, what else is he expected to say? Positive comments about signings bring forth a slew of speculation and raised expectations on the terraces; this morning he finds himself chastised for his views on the state of football club finances. We know clubs are bankrupt, they have been so for decades. Despite this, there is no sign of the transfer market abating as Arsenal – either through the manager or board – proclaim. Quite simply, football is not subject to the same strictures of normal economic theory.

The transfer market is changing though with different clubs having financial muscle. Arsenal are a commendable club for managing themselves well off the pitch but there is rarely recognition of the opposite, rarely do Arsenal see their predictions of doom come true and certainly never at the level of the game that they occupy. As much as football needs to adjust its view of itself as a whole, Arsenal need to change their view of the opposition; they are not going bust. They teeter, the stumble but they do not tip over into the abyss.

But vocal sections of the support need to stop spending every penny before it is earned. And when it is earned, recognise that contract enhancements and fees come from the same pot as the transfer spend. So when you mightily proclaim that we have not spent Adebayor’s transfer fee, just recognise that you are utterly wrong.

As for Financial Fair Play, I’d rather pin my hopes on the tail of the donkey than the regulations having any impact. A more toothless sop you will never see.

The most contemptuous question received the answer it deserved,

Is [fourth place] a realistic prospect. It looks as if it could be a bad scenario after Sunday?
It could be as well a good one. In the press you are now educated to see everything in black. And I am not sure it has no consequences on your spirit, be careful! You are not the only people.

But it’s our job to also reflect the fans and that’s what we’re doing.
You reflect the fans’ fear but you create it as well.

Don’t forget to read today’s part of Arsenal history, Arsenal On This Day.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. “But it’s our job to also reflect the fans and that’s what we’re doing.”

    No, it’s your job to work at reporting actual news and provide some proper insight, not just copy and paste from Twitter.


  2. Bollocks to media hype. Are we going to get a striker who can score us some goals, what’s the team sheet for the big match and have we learned that we can reach dizzy heights when we defend as a unit.

  3. “You reflect the fans’ fear but you create it as well.” –

    This past few days – arguements/counter-arguements – the above statement says it all!

  4. Shizznit!!! Html tags?? My bad!! 🙂

  5. I agree with both views…(sue me)
    Not the end of the world…would be a “disaster” …for ONE year max
    If most of our wounded come back fully fit, we should retain our top 4 spot

    Games LEFT: (EPL 16, CL 2-7, FA 1-4)
    Feb: Bolton, Blackburn, Sunderland, AC Milan, FA 5th, Spurs
    March: Liverpool, AC Milan, Newcastle, Everton/FA QF, Villa, CL QF 1L, QPR
    April: CL QF 2L, Man City, Wolves, Wigan/FA SF, CL SF 1L, Chelsea, CL SF2L, Stoke
    May: Norwich/FA final, West Brom, CL final

    Tough but doable

  6. Well someone is deluded when the going rate salary wise for onuha to Q.P.R is 80 k a week.
    That’s insane money for an average player.
    How canUnited moan about wellbeck and Morrison wanting between 30-40k a week when they see onuha get offered 80. It’s not about trophies at all. It’s about money unless you adore ur club that is and very few are really fans of the club they play for. Most are just there for the money….

  7. Yogi, is it true that, to help prevent wild mood swings and temporary bouts of paranoia, you’re making today’s comments section Suga-free?

  8. the papers undermine and lie so do bloggers one team needs to sue some one for damaging the business

  9. “In the press you are now educated to see everything in black.
    And I am not sure it has no consequences on your spirit, be careful!
    You are not the only people”….AW

    This goes out to Suga, the Doomers & Doubters.

    Losing a football match or not winning silverware is not the end of the world.
    Learn to enjoy all of life’s experiences
    Protect ya spirits gooners!

  10. Oh to be a Chelsea fan, right? They buy William for 20M then 20m more salary.40M is nothin for them. They buy Cahill for7M then 23M salary. Another 30M out in the jan window. They bought Lukaka and Mata for 20M and 25M in the summer with additional 20M wage packages on each and will buy Hazard for 25M in the summer with wage of around 30M.
    In two windows they assembles the most lethal technical young team on the planet! They will be fun to watch, has exciting personalities with a young dynamic manager!
    All for measly 210M included wage and transfere.
    Its a right shame we only got 60 M in bank to cover both salary and transfere fee. That’s one Mata and a half Lukaka then we are back to broke.

    Even qpr pay better salarys.
    Say we got the spending power of Sunderland. We have punched way over our weight for a very long time. Money wise compared to manu Liverpool Chelsea and united should we’ve relly be a top 4 club??
    Honestly say we got 100m for next summer to cover new contracts and new players. Can one expect to be top 4 on that?
    Theo, song and Rvp is prob 50Mbetwern them in contracts. 50m to purchase 3 new players with salary??

  11. “quite simply, football isn’t Subject to the same strictures….”. Not sure I agree. A the top level they haven’t been. But at a time when Spain and Italy are teetering on the edge of economic meltdown at a country level, their respective governments and vested interests wil be quite simply less able to continue to move the financial goalposts as they have in the past. Fr instance, would the Madrid local government be in a position now to bail Real Madrid out of the wholly self imposed financial crisis they were in a few years ago where they managed to sell the training ground to the council and yet retain its use? Will Berlusocni, sooner or later likely to be impeached as Italy struggles to reschedule its debt, be in a position simply to pump more money into AC as his business interests come under increased investigation? There are only so many oil billionaires around to fill the gap.
    A large portion of our problems could be resolved by shipping put sub standard young and senior players (no names, no pack drill. We all know who they are), cutting the wage bill and freeing up money for reinvestment. It’s no coincidence that when we re last truly great, we had so many world class players and paid them top wages. Whatever Wenger says, the correlation is a strong direct one and getting rid of the dross would certainly help redress the balance.

  12. Some interesting comments last night. Looks like to some Arsenal before Arsene is fair game for ridicule both in terms of the team’s achievements and it’s players. Where’s the “must support the team at all costs” mentality in that then ? Certainly puts the comments of some into perspective when it becomes clear who supports Arsenal and who supports only Arsene.

  13. Remember a 5 year contract on 80k a week is 20M over 5 years.
    A 5 year contract on 180k a week is 47M over 5 years. That is what Nasri is getting at City.

  14. CORR: for yesterday’s post
    “I agree with both views…(PHW’s & AW’s.. sue me)
    Not the end of the world…would be a “disaster” …for ONE year max

  15. CllockEndRider

    Spanish clubs are still bailed out by the local governments and banks. If Madrid or Barcelona went under, the impact would be as big to Spain as a bank simply because of the industries that are built around – not just the football – clubs. Question: how many professional clubs have gone under since the current depressed economic conditions impacted normal life…

  16. Oh dear dfb, go to the corner and sit wearing the hat with the big ‘D’ on it.

  17. I think most of the Arsenal fans don’t understand economics. To satisfy them we need a sugar daddy. It’s the only way we can compete with the big guns.
    Compared to Norwich we are a rich club. Compared to city, united, liverpool and chealsea we are very very very poor.
    Money is all that matters in footy ATM.
    Everything can be bought city will prove that.
    Money = win , poor=loose.

    Accept this is an economic game now. Money decides who had the best stable…Money decides everything in football ATM.and that is wher we will loose out. As there is no room for the self sufficient man. He will perish. I’m sure of that.

  18. Dyer dived and became a hero.

  19. Why are we poorer than Liverpool, or manu for that matter given their debt repayments?

  20. mattgoonerknight


    Excuse my ignorance but who is William?

  21. Yogi,
    Question back at ya- how far are we through the crisis? I would posit we have a long way to go. Thus far the Euro governments have all been playing financial. Legerdemain games, tryi g to take the worlds eyes off the fact that the Euro is a concept with no economic foundations and blaming it on this easy bankers and hedge fund types. Ting is, all those nasty HF types are all positioned for global recession. You either believe that they’re right as I tend to, or do a bit of economic ostrich impersonation. When push comes to shove, the investment world want to see action taken and the days of governments spanking money up the wall for whatever reason has gone. They just won’t stand to see it doled out to loss making industries which actually produce very few jobs and whose main benefit is to generate a public feel good factor.

  22. Poodle.We have our own sugar daddy if that’s what you want,he already owns almost 30% of our club and is worth at least twice as much as Abramovich but Kronke won’t allow him on the board……Stand up Mr Usamov

  23. cbob

    Perceptionally we are poorer but in every financial measure, we are substantially better off than Liverpool. As for United, we are not poorer the board are simply not going to spend via debt. Which is right? History shows that United are not wrong. Whether the future will remains to be seen.

  24. I don’t think losing out on CL will be a disaster in any real sense. We can cope financially, as PHW has made us aware. I don’t buy the hype that we’ll lose our better players either. When did that ever happen? We will only lose the players that wanted to leave anyway. Look how many we’ve lost in the last few years, a period when our CL place was never in doubt.
    Can’t see it affecting the club’s reputation either. We won’t be less regarded for missing out for just one season, a fews consecutive seasons yes, but not just the one.

    It may however affect Arsene’s own reputation, and may well lead him to throw in the towel. Last straw and all that, especially seeing how disaffected he already is with the current transfer system, the toothless FFP, refs, agents, FA, etc

  25. mattgoonerknight

    This damning business of us potentially not qualifying for the CL this season is both premature and verging on hysteria.

    Let’s take Sp*rs.

    Not have they only held onto their prize assets but they are challenging at the very top of the table despite failing to qualify for the Champions League again since their inaugural run out last season.

    Now, they may slump down out of the top four (unlikely but please, footballing Gods) and go on to loose their top players (please, please) but as it stands for them not being in the CL has not been massively detrimental to the club.

    Least we forget that under Martin Jol the spuds finished 5th two years on the trot – in 2006 we needed favours from both West Ham and a dodgy Lasagne recipe to secure 4th above them – so they have previous form of challenging without actually qualifying.

    I understand people are worried that we are going backwards but it happens. To use the sp*rs comparison again, in 2008 and 2009 they finished 11th and 8th respectively – but they have bounced back and are now enjoying their best ever period in the league in its current incarnation.

    The somewhat convoluted point I’m making is that if we do fail to make the cut this season – so what. We are a far bigger and better team than sp’#rs in every department and there is no reason why we couldn’t regroup, strengthen and come back stronger next season and mount a title challenge, as they are currently doing.


    PS that last piece about strengthening does not constitute transfer talk which I’ve vowed not to engage in until deadline day : )

  26. this all goes back to the wages thing..

    of course the likes of city and chelsea have made it harder for everyone..
    not only are ther wages ridiculous but pretty much everyones wages become ridiculous in an attempt to keep up with them..

    here lies the problem…we buy the prospects and give them all super wages rather than buying the proven thing..
    we buy the stop gaps and give them wages close to other members of the squad..

    in the end we end up with parts of the squad we cannot use or we dont like to use cos they are not ready or they are not good enough and it pisses money down the drain..

    money we then say we cant use cos wages and transfer come out of the same budget..

    a good example is that we gave 17 players contract renewels last year…how come none of them were the likes of rvp, song, theo, nasri,

    we spent years and years messing about with the likes of denilson and bendtner, it would have probably been cheaper just to buy somebody..and more beneficial to the squad as well

    every year our wage bill gets bigger and bigger and i just dont see how when we are not buying the top players in the market or even keeping our best ones either..somethings obviously flawed

  27. mattgoonerknight


    You posted while I was writing my mini essay – I totally agree with you although I hope the boss wouldn’t quit if we failed with our bid for 4th.

  28. Repost from previous thread:

    “For me, not making the top four would be a
    disaster,” Wenger admitted. “Because I want to
    play with the best. We want to play in the
    Champions League and anything else would not
    be good enough.”

    Very strong words by Arsene. Doesn’t look like he
    thinks much of the Europa League. I quite enjoy
    watching us play with the best too, but what
    happens if we can’t?

    Question for cesc ara, do you think Arsene’s
    saying this cos he believes it or that he’s just
    being a politician to make sure our 60,000 seats
    are filled?

  29. That was my point Yogi.

    We are richger than Liverpool and we are as rich as manu when you consider their debt repayments. I don’t class borrowings as wealth, they are debits and make you poorer.

    As for Arsenal waiting for reality to strike Chelsea and their ilk dead, well Beckett wrote a book…

  30. But it’s our job to also reflect the fans and that’s what we’re doing.
    You reflect the fans’ fear but you create it as well.

    heheheh tell ’em Arsene!!! Put them at their places….even though that should be the job of someone else.

    i will apologise to luke if at any point yesterday he felt i was swinging jabs at him, my intention was to shock. others use extreme negativity and doubt everything and everyone, i prefer to see the forrest behind the tree. obviously there will be points were one feels stronger than the other and defend said logic.

    You see, too many people prefer to create a negative picture about arsenal and thats not right. I understand it when it comes from rivals and media but from our own fans? lol..its sickening.

    Some prefer to look at it like this: 2005 -2012 = 7 trophyless years..i.e failure.
    hmmmmmmmm is that so? lol…..

    in the last decade 02-12 we have won 2 league titles (one of them unbeaten) 3 f.a cups and 2 community shieds ( ok not as significant). we have reached the final of the champions league and we have reached the last 4 and last 8. we have also built a stadium which is about 65-70% paid off. now you show me another club that has done something similar in a decade.

    if you want we can take another decade. from wenger;s arrival 96 till 2006, it makes even for a better reading, we have 3 league titles and runners up 5 times….. 4 f.a cups …and 4 community shields. a final in the champions league, a final in uefa and again we have built a 450m stadium. all this in a decade.

    of course you can choose to see it differently if you want to….like our rivals and the press.

    so if people prefert to bang about the last 6 years i will tell them to not judge as fast cause like we have said previously success in football = cyclical , therefore a span of a decade can provide a better look at what you have accomplished, in the al;most two decades that wenger is here noone can claim that the club has gone backwards. on the contrary we have managed to be very competitive even with building a new stadium.

    if we take th 02-12 decade we count 7 trophies …. thats 0.7 titles per year
    if we take the 96-06 decade we count 11 trophies…thats 1.1 titles per year

    now id like to see a hater do same for the decades wenger wasnt here and see if the previous managers of arsenal accomplished anything better , and lets remember they didnt have a 450 investment to consider.

    in the years wenger has had to think about generating 25 m surpluss per year and in the years where he fielded youngsters and had to repay a stadium there is a loss of 0,4 titles per year….

    keep bashing our manager all you want…nobody can convince me that this manager is bad for the club. and i prefert o use OUR numbers and not the numbers of the media and rivals want to throw around.

  31. Question for cesc ara, do you think Arsene’s
    saying this cos he believes it or that he’s just
    being a politician to make sure our 60,000 seats
    are filled?

    the clue to the answer has already been given to you

    ““Because I want to
    play with the best.”

  32. MORNING ALL! 😀

    Henry and Vermaelen both fit for Sunday according John Cross (not that I trust anything the press says you understand).

  33. Better a D than a W. Thanks for your kind words. Sarcasm’s cheap.

  34. mattgoonerknight

    I’m glad Arsene has said it would be a disaster even though I personally don’t think it would.

    For once he’s given the journalists the hyperbolic journalese they want rather than the pragmatism that has their heads spinning and editors baying for blood.


    I don’t think he either believes it or is acting as a politician – I just feel that for once he is taking the pressure off himself by pre-empting what they press expect him to say and giving them a mdia friendly answer.

    By overtly placing the pressure on both himself and the team it perhaps negates the clamour that would be generated if he was to suggest that us finishing 5th (or lower) was not a big problem, or a disaster.

    I can see the red headlines now “Wenger happy with 5th”… wouldn’t look good.

  35. i couldnt give a toss about finishing outside the top 4 to be honest..
    all it will do is give everyone a kick up the arse..
    theres ppl who have never known us to finish outside the top 4 it will be a good reality check..

    at the end of the day it wont be a disastor as such as long as we build a team thats capable of bouncing back..we still have lots of good players but they need building around with other good players and not just players to make up the numbers..

    my fear is that we will see a similar pattern that has emerged over the years and then we could be waiting a while…then it will become a disastor..

  36. Good post YW.

    I do not understand how some people can still believe the football media. It has been rubbish for years now with just the odd good article from people like Patrick Barclay..

  37. Henry and Vermaelen both fit for Sunday according John Cross (not that I trust anything the press says you understand).

    hehheheh they are doin it to raise our hopes ……evil

  38. wengers got to say that..

    we have the 4th highest wage bill in the league..therefore we need to finish least..
    anything lower is failure..

    for years weve been told 4th place is a trophy..if we stop winning that as well then what else is there to win??

    it will be interesting to see the reactions come the end of the season if we finish 5th but win the fa cup..

  39. Also hearing that 9 games all involving Bari were fixed last season in Serie A. That’ll be another bombshell if it’s true.

  40. Yeah Matt, just seen your post as well. I’m not one of those who believe the club will collapse when Arsene leaves, but I still fear that statements like that might become some sort of well, self imposed standard by which he is judged, especially by those relishing the prospect. What if we finish 1 point below the 4th placed team, or we miss out only on goal difference?

    I sometimes feel Arsene is way too naïve and needs a ‘media adviser’ in some instances. Honesty may ordinarily be a virtue, but not saying those word is no sign of dishonesty either. I of course see the irony in asking him to watch his words in the midst of complaints about Kroenke’s silence!

    Quite often guile is much better virtue for a man in his position. This lack of guile also sometimes impacts on our performance on the pitch, imo. I recall how we let Joey Barton take advantage of use in two separate games against Newcastle. Would Gervinho still have been sent off if he was warned beforehand of Barton’s antics? Song’s lack of guile also led to his subsequent suspension which may have contributed to our mauling at old toilet.

  41. You did blot your copybook cesc.

    The diatribe against Arsenal pre wenger was over the top and compeletely unnecessary to make your point.

  42. That would be shocking Jonny.

    We would be descending further into the world of WWF.

    Cricket and football seriously damaged.

  43. Really hope it isn’t true – so soon on the back of the last Italian football scandal – just seems so hard to believe. ‘Apparently’ one of the players has admitted as much to a prosecutor though.

    In happier news our Wellington tearaway is finally showing some Silva – hope this is a turn around in his fortunes and he plays regularly. If this is how he plays when he gets the chance it’d be madness not to play him.

  44. CER @10.53

    I don’t dispute the economic times with you but ultimately for a country such as Spain the institutions of Real Madrid and Barcelona hold enough importance economically, to require interventionist support should it come to that. It’s not the clubs per se but how much is made from them in the leisure industry on the back of their success in bars and shops, etc, close to the grounds and around the country.

  45. dfb, what’s up, can’t take it? Then don’t come on here and start making snide insinuations and comments. In these times, anything that is cheap is good…

  46. So we iz now told that there ain’t gonna be no signings in January so i nearly shat my pants. wot ope do weze have now.. we are eading for the apolcalypse, like that film, innit ? ze position is simples… spend da dough and sign a fooking full back.. me no wicked at arithmetic, but we iz of the opinion dat we need to get out there negotiatin for some of the mainest mans in the full back position, dig ?

    Me old geeza always used to sayz ‘look afta squids son, and dat will check afta da pennies’. We iz of da opinion dat from da quillions due our way from the Adebayor (respect!) and Eboue, we got a massiv bounty geeza. we can go shoppin in da arrods. but, john cross, da tabloid geeza innit, says we is shoppin in Tesco.

    Me crew told me da news dat we will play Man Utd and shat me pants again. wot ope do weze ave wiv da Rooney involved. Benayoon is a wallflowa and we aint got any weapons. he ain’t no wartime consiwhatsit. diaby, wilshere is in a coma and we will be seein special counsellors to advise on some of the finsest snow to wake them up…fook me. We iz not goin to need me supply of laxatives for the rest dis season might borrow up and go abroad. seriously, innit. we got us as much chance as a air on ray wilkins ead. if ze board as listened to da fans afta we went unbeatun da whole year, thun none of dis would be appenin. a massiv strika, another artic in front of da back 4 is in me dreams

    Me numba on ze waitin list is 993429034892384,but if lose to the Man U massive, we pull out in protest.. and then chant some prayers that mebbe we sign the Lord samba before deadline, cos geeza, i already place orda fa multi pack pants at next. da jury is still out.

  47. Cristiano Doni & I think some other players were arrested in Italy before Xmas.

    Could Arsene be upset with the direction football is taking as has been suggested? This is the manager who probably helped that shrinking violet Boro Primorac to take Tapie’s toupe from the top of his head.

    I think he has some gr*t.

  48. No exclusives to offer on Silent Stan. But this post from across the oceans was interesting, some cool comments too:

    A guess, but there could be some kind of new league in the future. Broadcasting rights might change. Maybe the clubs will stream there own broadcasts directly into the biochip embedded deep within my football brain?

  49. Haha Muppet, brilliant stuff!

  50. I bet Warnock feels like a right old plonker for having made Barton Captain.
    Maybe it wasn’t his choice?

  51. I say! Do chaps in London really speak like that?

  52. da arrods – marvellous!

  53. `before arsene YOU were a bunch of neanderthals playing for the 1-0 kicking people around..the fact that brought YOU titles doesnt mean shit im afraid …i dont think that ac milan and sagghi was really taking notice of what graham was doing in the muddy pitches of england , neither was ajax particularly interested in how arsenal played the game back then…neither was yoru team drawing comparisons with teams like barcelona and beating giant superclubs inside their own ground`.

    That could have been written by any opposition fan IMO.

    hmmm i sthat so paul ?

    lol or it could have been written by an arsenal fan who is honest enough to admit that the era others present as glorious wasnt exactly better than what arsene has offered. or to remind the moaners about where we came from. at no point in arsenal;s history has the club ever been held in same sentences as clubs like real barca milan juve etc etc….. at no point in its history has this club enjoyed 17 consecutive years being one of the top clubs going for the big ones and alwyas being thereabouts. and yes i will use strong language to get my point across. i dont offend anyone personally, but i will offend the way some fans think.

    i caught up with arsenal as a kid 2 -3 years before wenger came so obviously i hold him in the highest of regards for what he has done for arsenal. before him i was getting taunted by spurs for finishing above us with clinsman. i was blaming daddy for making me follow some losers collapsing on the pitch from drug and alcohol addictions. i remember holding an english newspaper to read about arsenal and all i could find was a sketch/ drawing with all our arsenal players collapsing on the pitch, taking the mickey out of us. Actually my friend when they asked me who i support in england and i said arsenal they looked at me as if i was an alien…”arsenal? who are they?”…so please allow to say that with regards to international acknowledgement the club was nothing before arsene wenger. and thats what i mean when i use the strong language to describe the kickbox of an another past era where footballers drinking beer before kickoff was an act of manhood…….and then beating wives…lol….yeah i love him too but i love him cause he is ours god damn it! if i take my sentiment for arsenal and our glorious captain out the way and is forced to see it objectively ……then lol…you might feel embarassed. its the same for henry…if i want to look at it objectively with the good and the bad ..then i could present him as a gutless p*ssy who failed to score 3 one on ones in the most important momment for arsenal , him and wenger and then effed off to barca so that messi xavi etc win it for him ….fast forward 4 years later and im caught crying at watching him with his statue…. so it all depneds on how you want to look at things im afraid, and what kind of emoitions govern your thoughts when you look at these things.

    concolbob i know that , but i also know why i did it. ive done it again with a member of the good era ..with wenger;s son henry…so its not a problem for me to do it for both.
    and just like the diatribe on wenger and current arsenal is too much, likewise my yesterday comment might be too heavy for some…

    if some want to play devils advocade for wenger;s regime i will do same for the past regimes…hehe…the moaners cant have it both their way ..can they? 😉

  54. Cesc ara,
    I ask because you were saying yesterday that Wenger’s previous claims that winning titles were our targets was just him being diplomatic, implying that he really didnt believe it. If you think he really means this recent statement, why would the other claims be different?

    I believe that he does mean what he says in both cases. He really believes his teams were capable of winning titles, and isn’t just saying it to put bums on seats as you claimed.

  55. “Quite simply, football is not subject to the same strictures of normal economic theory.”

    Yes, and so, what is your explanation/hypothesis as to WHY this might be? Just magic? Anything else afoot? Or is it: well blokes, got to turn off the gray matter here. Let’s face it Yogi, you’ve drawn a line there and don’t examine any further. Alas…

  56. mattgoonerknight

    Come one Norwich!!! Please!!! Something, even a draw!!!

  57. no problem henristic, im cool with whatever you throw at me. and of course he has to give his players belief that they can do it. does he genuinely believe it ?….why not he is a positive person after all. there is also the possibility that he believes that up to a certain point. in any case, whether he believes it or not he has to keep the aims and targets at a high level even it is for educational purposes to his young players or for marketng purposes , or even for calming the public and making them feel secure. thats what i mean by being diplomatic about these things.

    he can not come out and say ” yeah we will definately win it we will beat them all” nor ” we are shit and playing with inexperienced younsgters so titles are pretty difficult im afraid”….right or wrong?

  58. I have this horrible feeling that Torres is going to burst into life soon – he looked quite superb in their last game.

  59. Cesc_ara,

    No need to be so defensive, lol (to borrow your oft used expression). I wasn’t throwing anything at you, unless u have a problem with being disgreed with? Btw, I agree with much of what u say.

  60. I’ve no problem with you giving the moaners a dose of the truth cesc, more power to your elbow.

    However, the club does have a decent history. I don’t know if the blokes in the ’30’s and ’50s got pissed before a game, I doubt it, but they certainly delivered on the pitch. We were more dominat in the ’30’2 under Chapman than in the Wenger years.

    I think Wenger is a brilliant man for our times. Chapman clearly was for his.

    Comparisons are futile. Different times.

    I enjoyed watching Arsenal under Graham, I’ll watch Arsenal under other managers than Arsene in the future. I’ll still be in thrall.

  61. In theory, dumb people would understand economics when their club goes under. In practice, they still blame everybody else. Take Greece – anybody with brains can explain their crisis – and after all that, you think the Greeks understand the word “austerity”? Not a chance. Heaven help us if the club’s transfer decisions were given to the mob.

    My understanding is that football currently has a “coolness” factor for owners, justifying their investing millions they won’t get back. Will the coolness factor ever wear off? If so, that’s when all hell will break loose. Serie A was once a great league – the Premiership should look at what happens when it all goes wrong…

  62. At least I hope I will.

  63. Excellent from Arsene, excellent from Yogi.

  64. Excellent from Cb at 9.47 and excellent from Muppet. I shat me pants too when I saw de Rooney woz involved.

  65. Ah, Mr Cbob, Sir, if you keep your eye on Arsenal On This Day, you will find some interesting thoughts on the yesteryear and crowd behaviour in the coming weeks.

    And yhes, we did have as brilliant history before. Anything that soars to astonishing peaks, falls to deep troughs and rises and falls and rises again, has to be brilliant.

  66. It’s interesting because, whilst this season has been one of the best for the neutrals, arguably the best league in the world right now is the Bundesliga. If Shalke and Dortmund win their game in hand this weekend 3 teams will be on 37 points atop the table (Shalke, Dortmund & Munich) with Mönchengladbach 1 point behind on 36.
    Bundesliga has so much to admire about it and yet it is just not ‘fashionable’.

  67. It’s hilarious hearing Ian Darke and Steve McMannaman say that Chelsea are in transition at the moment. You can not be in transition when you have an unlimited cheque book and your squad costs upwards of 250 million pounds. Why not be honest and tell the truth? They bought a bunch of overhyped players without any idea how they’d fit in, their core is getting old and their go at the managerial roulette table didn’t pan out.

  68. Cesc Ara,

    You can`t wriggle out of what you said yesterday whichever way you want to dress it up or however many many lines (can`t say paragraphs) of dross you want to come up with.

    You`ve pissed on your chips & been shown for what you really are.

  69. Savage, I don’t think you have any idea about what happened in Greece. Also, if you think austerity is any way to pull out of an economic slump, then you’re even less informed than you let on.

  70. The Spanish league has devolved into something that does not even compare favourably with the SPL. The skill level may be high but as evinced in El Classico (again!) – the behaviour of the players is so morally repugnant it renders it almost unwatchable.
    At least the Scots prefer the game as opposed to the gamesmanship.

  71. Cbob, I tried writing some thoughts about what I want from Kroenke vs what I think we can expect but it went on and on and it just made me realise I don’t know the answer to either of those things…

    I have a dream (topical) / idea that the organisations to prosper in the next 10 – 20 years will be the one’s who put corporate and social responsibility and sustainability right at the top of the agenda. I think that’s what newly conscientious investors and a general public with a new window into the inner workings of big businesses will demand and want to invest in. Whether that extends to football I know not but I hold out a hope that Kroenke’s advisor’s tell him the same thing and he makes an investment that will last generations. It’s not about love vs profit – profitability in football as a business is a given (for a self reliant club like ours).

    Anyway… it’s happening again… me rambling and just pulling at a bit of thread that keeps unravelling the jumper but I’ll carry on regardless…

    I think part of the reason for Stan’s Silence is probably uncertainty. Uncertainty in the economy mainly, but uncertainty in the way the league is heading too with Man City’s carte blanche skewing the player market so wildly (would Gotze and M’Vila be £40M players without Sheik Mansour’s wallet on the table?). We all want assurances on the integrity of the investment and maybe we’ll get it over the summer but I think there’s a lot in the balance now and that’s the reason we’re still waiting.

  72. Come on Norwich city.

  73. I’ll go with that Limps. Like I said before, we’ll know more by the end of the summer.

    That 7amkickoff piece posted by Finsbury was interesting, if a little worrying.

  74. I hope you are right about the ‘corporate and scial responsibility’ business.

    As someone with a SIPP I have watched my ‘ethical’ investments’ fail to keep pace with my ‘other’ investments.

    Which is a double pisser.

    The trouble with that notion of ‘brilliant’, Yogi, is that to flatten the peaks and raise the troughs we would end up like Everton. All Arsenal fan’s nightmare.

  75. mattgoonerknight

    Random question for anyone who cares to share their views…

    If we end up playing on Thursday nights’ next season – were does the Europa League rank in the competition hierarchy?

    Obviously the Premier League is number 1(currently vying with the CL) but what about the F.A and Carling cup?

    Would winning Europe’s 2nd tier competition rank as more of an achievement than achieving success in the domestic 2nd and 3rd priorities?

    Would winning the Europa League in anyway placate those who feel that silverware has been long overdue?

    Just asking out of curiosity. That and the fact I’m trying to slowly adjust to what life MIGHT be like.

    Norwich still holding strong BTW

  76. no paulie …youre the one who wants to tag me or attach me to a description that does not fit me.

    wriggle out of what? lol admitting we were pretty much shit before wenger….that he civilised our club and brought it to the 21st century and got rid of the drinking culture and the unprofessional ways of many ? i have no problem with admitting that. lol..blame me as much as you want. im still telling the truth.

    then again i can see where youre coming from. you were used to big tough lads who couldnt spell their name but who would enter anfield and win the league irrespective of their vices. thats for that era. football has changed dramatically since then.

    again you can make what you want of it , its cool with me. i know what im saying and under which context, youre the one speculating and guessing cause im calling the past era a medievil one.

    you knw something mate..before wenger i doubt this club was drawing comparisons with MONSTERS like ajax and barcelona about our football…. the fact the stuff of ajax runs to watch arsenal playing whenever in europe is unheard off and should honour you yet very few understand and appreciate what wenger has done for arsenal.

    because the club that has won 3 champions league in a row and the club of one johan cruyff that has created 4 generations which have changed european football….when they say they pay attention to how arsenal plays football you just know youve done something huge. those guys are light years ahead of arsenal in terms of history and european pedigree yet they take notice of us and how we do things… reckon the people who run ajax would call wenger a failure like the english do? hmmmmmmmm ……..

    and i will say it even strongly …..before wenger = neanderthals playing kick and rush ( like der keizer would say) and thanks to the guts of some of them players we showed success. with wenger = a class AAA football club that wins because of its football being quicker and more precise to the rest. not because they can spned 55m on torres or 90 million on world class wonderkids at 30m and 17 m per position………. 😉

  77. Savage | January 21, 2012 at 1:19 pm

    In theory, dumb people would understand economics when their club goes under. In practice, they still blame everybody else. Take Greece – anybody with brains can explain their crisis – and after all that, you think the Greeks understand the word “austerity”? Not a chance. Heaven help us if the club’s transfer decisions were given to the mob.

    i dont understand that comment…lol what does an EU member being terrorised by the IMF to accept chains on their necks got to do with arsenal and wenger ? in other words..the stock of arsenal keeps rising and rising..the stock of greece keeps plumetting to new lows…what are we comparing here ?

  78. you really are fucking prick…

    bollox we werent shit before wenger. half of wengers first double winning squad were pissheads who couldnt spell their name…

    and for all the shit you chat about being up their with the likes of barcelona and such thats bollox as well cos weve yet to win a cl..just cos the way we play doesnt mean we are up there with them you div..are swansea up there with them as well??

  79. cesc_ara

    We weren’t shit before Wenger. As it happens, from 1986 to 1996 Arsenal were the second most successful club in the country. 2 League titles, the first domestic cup double in England, another League Cup, a Cup Winners Cup. Add to that runners up in the Cup Winners Cup and League Cup. We weren’t shit.

    To be blunt, in 1995-96 we were in transition. Remember, the 1997-98 double was won with players who were already here mixed with Wenger signings, all meshed together by the manager. We cannot have been that shit if more of the side were already at the club. They simply needed a new philosophy. The 1989 title winning team was a more rounded footballing side than many Wenger has put together and personally, I think the 1991 team was every bit as good as The Invincibles. To save you looking it up, they lost once that season at Chelsea and reached the FA Cup Semi-Final. Domestically, that is comparable to the 2003-04 side.

    You really do need to look more deeply into the club before making statements such as,

    .before wenger = neanderthals playing kick and rush ( like der keizer would say) and thanks to the guts of some of them players we showed success

    Because, frankly, for an Arsenal supporter to say that highlights ignorance of the past and is utterly shameful.

  80. Terrorised?! Cesc? I have no love for the IMF but the Greeks have no one to blame but themselves – they pissed it up the walls – a backwards, corrupt country behaving drunk student spunking his student loan in the first few weeks of term and having nothing to show at the end but a hangover.

    And savage is right, in as much as the Greek crisis IS incredibly easy to understand – that’s what makes it so tragic.

    Whether it’s a worthy comparison is open for debate.

    In other news good to see I bigmouthed Torres. Hold on tight now Norwich.

  81. I fucking loved that 1991 side.

  82. As I said yesterday lets go Norwich. Draw.

  83. That 1990-91 side only lost ONE league game…….

  84. it was shit..

  85. mattgoonerknight

    0-0!! Well done the Canaries!

  86. YW,

    clap, clap, clap…

    GG’s side was the one that made me start following The Arsenal in the first place, I will not have any of that ‘neanderthal’ shite either…

  87. Thank you Yogi & Jon Jon,

    I`m leaving it there on that subject (unless provoked again otherwise…)

  88. If we win or draw tomorrow we’ll still be in the race for fourth or third. Ideally both us and the Spuds would get a win, but I’ll be happy staying in and around fourth until our fullbacks return.

    Luiz, Mata and Torres, what a waste of fucking money. I’m glad Wenger passed on Mata as he is no better than Ramsey and infinitesimally worse than Jackie.

  89. My gran watched the Chelsea game with me and during the second half she had me rolling. Torres missed a sitter and she sed “50 million??? Really?”

  90. Is that why you bitch about this current squad and manager, Suga?

  91. hehe you see…..if the right buttons are pressed ….

    yogi you say it first…….in your first sentence even….second IN THE COUNTRY….. england is not the world. i know what im saying and under which context and i know its harsh but i have to do it. what happens here is for the microcosmos of the island. arsenal has spread it wings and is followed supported and loved by millions who do not neccessarily approve of bangers and mash and tough lads stickign their foot in. by millions who have a totally and complete different outlook to football than what is held here. if you go outside in any sophisticated football nation and start telling them the cr@p you talk to eachother here about arsene they will look at you in disbelief. the higher and superior football culture that is held in places like holland and france and italy and germany and spain would laugh at you all for considering this period a bad one.

    i would accept if instead of accusing me of anything you all admitted that that its the old guard that cant identify with what the club has evolved into. its no more a local arsenal corner shop to only care about the domestic “customs” and perceptions of football.

    that period you identify as transition…93-94-95-96 ..well what can we do ,…thats when i started supporting them..and back then we were shit…ending 7th and 12th

    for those who think we are shit now…i will ask why was it then that arsenal was much much worse in 93-94-95-96 when they did not have a 450m investment to consider and they were not facing sheiks and dodgy russians who spend with no control ?

  92. I know Greece pretty well Jonny.

    You are correct in what you say but it’s not so starightforward.

    1. The Greeks cooked the books to join the Euro. The Germans and the French knew that but let them in because of their ‘vision’ of a utd Europe run by them.

    2. The Greeks borrowed far more than they could afford and again, the Germans and the French knew that must end in tears. They did nothing. Prior to the Euro it was very expensive to borrow money there and very few did.

    3. Lots of individual Greeks also went on a spending spree with their shiny new credit cards. Lots of BMW’s on the streets, lots of new ‘businessess’ like children’s clothes and wedding shopos. All bollocks.

    4. The vast majority of Greeks in the countryside, and it is still predominantly a peasant economy, neither borrowed money or spent more than they could afford. Decent people working hard. They are picking up the bill for the corrupt politicians and the twats in shiny, if a little dented, BMW’s.

  93. Zack Whitbread to Arsenal? I was very impressed by him.

  94. mattgoonerknight


    “Ideally both us and the Spuds would get a win”

    Don’t follow? Spurs surely must start loosing not winning.

  95. mattgoonerknight

    Sorry, Sp*#s

  96. @ gains
    He must have been man of the match. He cleared every ball. Chelsea really look like they lack a cutting edge to their game. Good game by Norwich though.

  97. Jonny | January 21, 2012 at 2:26 pm

    ehm no jonny thats the surface and im pretty shocked that you who has otherwise pretty sophisticated views to hold such a simple one for a “game” which has been going on for ages between government- states-banks cartels. all over the world i would add. not just europe. yeah sure the greeks overspent but its france and germany selling them weapons and america the f-16’s …lol…anyway thats a compeltely different story and non relevant.

    if he meant that the chelseas and cities and uniteds are doing a greece ( by spending money they dont create through their revenues) and they will get punished for it then yes i agree 100% percent…and we are the ones forcing them to spend on f-16 now and whatever the hell else to marginally beat us, while we work hard for a future, unlike them.

  98. Thank you, CBob. I think it’s horrible how the Greeks have been painted as lazy, irresponsible, money squanderers.

    I’d like to add something to what you said. The tax collection system in Greece is as bad as Haiti’s.

  99. @Cesc you really are boring

  100. how did norwich not get a freekick at the edge of the box when meireles blocked the ball with his hand? what must you do, to be given something for handball? catch it in your hands?

    and what a miss by torres. thought that was it when he got the ball at his feet, about to pull the trigger. had to look at the scoreline twice to make sure it was still 0-0.

    ruddy would have been my motm though.

  101. but this game just shows you that there are no more easy games in the premiership… unless you are man utd and the ref is doing all he can to give you the win on the silver platter.

  102. City is fifteen points clear of us. I rather them drop some points before Yaya Toure gets back than stay so far ahead of the pack. If we beat United we would be only nine points behind. Beating City, Spuds will still be ten points ahead, but their fixtures are more difficult and you can always count on them being them. There are still 18 games left in the season. If we can keep close and put a decent run like we did in September and Novemebr, then we can finish third or fourth quite comfortably.

  103. Damn Ríçhîèé, your grandma too???

    My granny kept saying:

    “If Fernando Torres is worth 7 Demba Bas…Arsene knows, Arsene really know’!”

    every 5 mins.

  104. G69,

    give me these ‘neanderthals’ ahead of Walcotts and Diabys any day of the week…

    I don’t ‘bitch’, you plank, I criticise, which I am entitled to…

  105. matt,

    yup, hoping that city thrash spurs like 10-0 tomorrow. sounds like making a pact with the devil, but that’s the way it is.

    i would gladly give city the title now. whoever gets 2nd will be the real champions in my eyes. no way i am gonna let spurs get that.

  106. Gainsbourg69 | January 21, 2012 at 3:01 pm

    thats the spirit

  107. oh, France and Germany were selling weapons to Greece, were they?

    and the Greeks just could not say ‘no’, eh?

    it’s like blaming the drug dealer for anyone becoming a junkie, ridiculous…

  108. It’s interesting that in most seasons, the consensus has it that the Xmas period is a crucial one but Sirralex himself has said the next six weeks or so will define the season.

    So, assuming that six week period has just kicked off, it’s heartwarming to see the Chavs drop ANOTHER two points.

    And the reason the Xmas just passed hasn’t been so season-defining (as previous years?); because EVERYBODY dropped points!

    So, with 17 odd games to go, top four is absolutely wide open. With the players we have coming back it really is game on.

    Plenty of time for the Spud’s annual slide to begin, Manure’s patchiness to continue, Citeh to carry on lamenting the unexpectedness of the African Nations Cup (“Hello?!”), Chelsea to lament a £50 million investment – so much spent, so little return …

    I’ve no doubt everyone employed at AFC are fully aware of this – just hope all our fans are on board, starting again, tomorrow …

  109. Suga, so Cesc is not entitled to label pre Wenger sides Neanderthals?

    You do bitch, you cunt. You also show zero respect for one of our most successful managers. Funny that you single out Theo and Diaby, though.

  110. cesc_ara,

    450M investment to consider?

    paying it off is perfectly manageable, yes, 20M annual repayment is mostly interest, but we should not be shooting ourselves in the foot by underinvesting the sporting side of things to pay it off any quicker…

    once the properties to sell are gone, football is our only source of cash, be it the gate receipts, kit deals and other sponsorships…

    we have commercial deals to renegotiate in just a coupe of years, no one will give us good money if we are in decline, yes, Liverpool got themselves a good kit deal with a second choice provider, but Adidas told them to fuck themselves, yes?

    and it’s not just results on the pitch hat count towards it, it’s the overall image of the club, you can harp all you want about how we are the ‘good and proper’ club, but will this be reflected in the money we get?

  111. Ha! Loved AWs answers to those final Qs there! I dont see why we cant win tomoro. We better had an all!

  112. mattgoonerknight


    Sorry, but must say I completely see it differently.

    The spuds need to start losing sooner rather than later- if they’re not losing to the likes of Citeh than where are they dropping all of these points from?


    Agreed – forget Citeh, they’ve brought the league so let them have it and may they beat all of our rivals on the way to it.

    Lets stay ahead of Liverpool and Newcastle and overtake Chelsea and / or Spurs – forget Citeh.

  113. Andrew, 50 million investment? Try 110 million investment. Mata, Luiz and Torres are a package of shit. Don’t forget their horrible decision to drop a decent Ancelotti in favor of AVB.

  114. G69,


    of course he can, he is just not an Arsenal, but Arsene fan in my eyes and I have zero time for these cunts…

  115. Sugu literally hav no fuckin shame man. Nowhere to b seen untill a couple of games r lost! Havent read any posts, are people even engagin wiv u, coz i fuckin wont b?! No offence

  116. give me these ‘neanderthals’ ahead of Walcotts and Diabys any day of the week…

    yeah you can keep them ..give me cesc van persies sagnas henrys pires ..heheheh

    what you dont get is that the walcotts and diabbys are temporary in the long scheme of things…while the neanderthals were the norm, the rule…. so have some respect for the person who civilised you , built you a stadium, and made you dream about champions leagues and dominances ala liverpool ajax milan barca….because never ever in your past did you ever come close to anything wenger has come close to achieiving for arsenal.

    and instead of supporting this dream of a manger you have you complain and cry about trophyless years ? lol ahah as if you were madrid in the past…

    no i insist and the more i press the button the more i get the point across.

    arsenal before wenger = a traditional club in england, london, most famous for its bithcing with tottenham

    arsenal with wenger = a quality and sophisticated international superclub that is getting shit for not winning the champions league and league titles with 20 21 22 23 yearolds ..

    lol….”wenger is taking us backwards” ….” we used to be winners”……lol…some of you want to rewrite the history books

    porto – 2 champions leagues
    norwich – 2 european champions cups
    united – 4

    even hamburg has more than us…..

    and villa and eindhoven…lol

    so i ask again…..before when you did not have wenger…… and you did not have 450m investments to consider…. when you had all them legends …lol……WHY DIDNT ARSENAL DOMINATE like the above…not even once? how strange……

    did anyone win back to back titles domestically at least …oh yep we did…in the 30’s..when football wasnt even professional.

    does it hurt? good …cause thats how it hurts to listen to “other” people calling wenger clueless directionless and with no leadership and tactically naive and all the idiotic things the media and rivals taunting have stewed in your brains…..

    now lets fuck manchester united with thier referees.

  117. I’m less concerned about the Spuds, Matt. Their current form has been sketchy and they’ve played the majority of these games at home.

  118. cesc_ara

    >i know what im sayin

    No, I don’t think you do but you prove my assertion late last night that Arsenal fans are making an Olympic sport of disappearing up their own arseholes at a rapid rate of knots whilst typing on internet forums.

    Mid-90s? So that’s 17 years support. Hmmm, quite a few on this board beat my 38 years. I wouldn’t go round proclaiming to be more superior to people on length of service since those of us with lengthier service saw football more turgid than anything served up in 1994/95. Personally, I though Rioch had put together the nucleus of a good side and no matter what revisionists might like to claim, it was he who was in charge when Platt and Bergkamp arrived. Those two put Arsenal into the big league on a pan-European basis, drawing attention back to the club as one that could attract world class players. Add them to Adams, Keown, Bould, Winterburn, Wright, Dixon, Seaman, Parlour and you have a sizeable portion of the key players of the 1997/98 double winning side.

  119. Cesc

    Stop, your making a fool of yourself:

    >norwich – 2 european champions cups

    Brilliant. Absolutely priceless. Delia will love you for that.

  120. Cesc is gone, you halfwit, he became fed up with the bullshit served by Wenger, remember?

    and Wenger has never won the European trophy and never will, so do yourself a favour, you idiot, how old are you, 14? another cunt Wenger fan, fuck off…

    we don’t dominate these days either, do we?

    and who told you that we had to rely on 21 year olds?

  121. So you’re a George Graham fan I take it? What’s the difference between you and him? He said he started supporting Arsenal as a kid and the manager was Wenger, you started supporting when Graham was the manager. Why should he have any time for you anti-Wenger cunts? Just because you are an older supporter doesn’t give you a right to be such a twat.

  122. Some of the ogher comments by the manager were less encouragin tho, siunds like theyve tried n failed to get a cheap loanee lb. I wont even mention the striker! Sorry Pauln! 🙂

  123. G69

    To whom was that directed?

  124. G69,

    but it gives me the right to be up in arms when some Arsene fan is talking complete bollocks, doesn’t it?

  125. Gainsbourg69 (3.17) – agree 100%, mate – I was just referring specifically to transfer cost of Torres, alone, having just watched him do bugger all against Norwich just now.

    Swapping Ancelloti for AVB was the prince of cock-ups par excellence, even by their tragic standards …

  126. SUGA3 | January 21, 2012 at 3:06 pm

    it aint my fault you aint got a clue how the world works sugapie.

    obviously u.s foreign policy isnt one of your strengths…..

  127. mattgoonerknight

    G69, seriously!!

    They’re 10 points clear! 17 games remaining.

    By tomorrow evening it COULD be 13 points clear with 16 remaining.

    Beat Manure and a spuds defeat would reduce the gap to 7 points – now that sounds a lot better than 13!

    Their top 4 threat is very real and unless they start dropping points soon, ideally starting from tomorrow, then overhauling Chelsea is our only hope of CL action next season.

    I’m not evening thinking about how many points Citeh are clear.


  128. Yeah, Suga. Where we’re you about a month ago when we were tearing though the league? Wait, I know where you were. You were at Le Shite, seething in anger about seeing no end to the Wenger era. You’re a sad, sad piece of shit.

  129. In the football two surging runs from Frimpong in the build up to Wolves taking the lead against McLeish’s Villans. 2-1.

  130. cesc_ara,

    I am sorry mate, but you are not in position to lecture me on how the world works, I happen to know a bit about Greece and what a bunch of freeloaders they are, they simply had it coming for some time…

  131. tearing through the league?

    please, keep them coming, you are hilarious…

  132. At Suga, Yogi. I’ve only seen Arsenal with Wenger and Rioch. I don’t have an opinion with regards to the older teams. I just find it funny how Suga calls Cesc a Wenger fan, but he gets upset about being reminded that Wenger is every bit as important to Arsenal as Graham or other managers were. Perhaps even more so.

  133. We were the in form team of the league for most of September and Novemeber. Back them you were nowhere to be found.

  134. and oh, I am not a Graham fan,a Wenger fan or a fan of any particular paid employee of the club, I am an Arsenal fan!

  135. Matt, I’m just not too concerned about them. I rather the top four stay more compact until we get our injured back. That means more pressure for them and everyone around us.

  136. form team of the league? one spectacular win against Chelsea is hardly a reason to call us that…

    apart from them, the only team worth mentioning we played against during that period were Sp*ds and we lost, correct?

  137. don’t really see the point of much of the stuff being debated here about wenger, graham, who knows more etc.

    we are in a difficult position right now. think it would make more sense for everyone who loves the club, be it the players, the coaching staff or the fans, to come together, to stay united.

    if you really want wenger or any player to be out of the club, surely it would be more effective if you were to send a death threat, go to the training ground to hound them?

  138. Suga is a genius, so back off Cesc. He knows about Greece, eventhough he’s Polish, he knows about Physics, Computers, speaks like eight languages, but works as a Spunk taster for the EU. A highly specialized job only three people in Europe can do.

  139. We amassed more points than anyone else during that run, you obtuse cunt. It wasn’t until the injury to our last good fullback that we started to wobble. A fact that hasn’t escaped you since you were saying something positive about Eboue the other day, remember?

  140. with the kind of fans that we have got, we don’t really need enemies.

  141. I can see you are back to your normal level, ‘spunk taster’, got some underlying issues?

  142. mattgoonerknight

    Anything but united, Korihikage 😉

  143. more than anyone else? and what is that ‘more’ margin over, say, City or Sp*ds?

  144. Andrew, as bad as Torres was I thought Mata was worse. He arrived in England being lauded as the next great thing, but he’s no better than Ramsey and Jackie makes him look like Rory Delap. I don’t know if you were here back in the summer, but the realists (doomers) got very upset that Wenger didn’t sign him.

  145. and the injury to the last fullback has to be laid at Wenger’s door, so is buying Jenkinson to replace Eboue, who I would love to have in the mix right now…

  146. I’m not the one lying about knowing everything, twat. In fact, I’d wager that you know as much about Greece as I know about perma culture farming, which is fuck all.

  147. Yeah, you twat. It wasn’t Jenkinson, it was Santos. You want to blame Wenger for that as well? Fuck off back to your boyfriends at Le Shite.

  148. I’m not the one lying about knowing everything, twat. In fact, I’d wager that you know as much about Greece as I know about perma culture farming, which is fuck all.

    hahaah excellent

  149. From Arsenal Report:
    “Good first half from Frimpong. 3 shots, 1 assist, 2 dribbles, 2 tackles, 3 interceptions, second most touches.”

  150. listen, you stupid cunt, I don’t think this is the time or place to discuss the Greek national sport of tax evasion that makes ‘Arry look like a saint, and yes, you generally know fuck all about stuff, so it is fairly probable that you don’t know anything about perma culture farming (whatever the fuck it is)…

    it was Santos who should have been rested against these Greek shitkickers with a lot to play for, only logical, but hey!

    and Jenkinson replaced Eboue, yes?

  151. matas been good in his first season
    hes one of a few players only second to david silva in assists.

  152. whos gettng frimponged today

  153. JJ,

    yeah, but Ramsey makes him look like Rory Delap and so does Jack, even though he has not kicked a ball this season 😆

    *mother of all facepalms*

  154. “I am sorry mate, but you are not in position to lecture me on how the world works, I happen to know a bit about Greece and what a bunch of freeloaders they are..”

    Wow. A statement of such profound ignorance it would make even a few Tory backbenchers wince. Allow a loud mouth fool run to his mouth off and he’ll usually hang himself. And as far as fools go your a particularly obnoxious specimen Alan. I usually enjoy reading YW’s posts and by extension the comments section, I don’t always agree with everyone here (or YW for that matter), but there’s a damn sight more intelligent (and funny) Gooners on here than anywhere else on t’internet. It’s sadly predictable that after the Swansea debacle Alan should rear his head again, and now spreads his poison on a daily basis (always with that liberal use of the word “cunt”, the mark of the man).

    Don’t engage with him, he’s a nasty piece of work. After all….when the going is good again you won’t see hide nor hair of him. And that says more about his motives than anything else

  155. SUGA3 | January 21, 2012 at 3:58 pm

    haha i dont know where you get your information from buddy but them freeloaders happen to be working the most hours in europe…lol…( guardian, der spiegel, bbce) …lol….other kind of “games” are being played out there…things you aint got a clue about…just like with arsenal…

  156. frmpongs injured

  157. Petrov just kicked Frimp in the face. Serious injury…DAMN!

  158. hes been down for ages..
    gone off on the stretcher…
    lets hope hes ok…

  159. Frimpong is a tough one, he’ll be alright, I hope. Would just suck for him to be injured after he has started showing so much promise. With him having half a season under his belt at Wolves he would be an excellent option for our midfield next season. Together with Jack, Aaron, le Coq, Arteta and Song … that’s quite the midfield right there!

  160. Really don’t know why people like arguing in the comments everyday. So u have divergent views. So what??? Let it rest. All of a sudden grown men start insulting each other for no good reason.

  161. @Ríçhîèé Waweru
    Well, it’s usually down to extremists coming on here and trying to provoke people. Catch this website on a week after we haven’t lost and those extremists won’t be there and therefore the whole conversation will be friendlier and more meaningful, too.

  162. “i would accept if instead of accusing me of anything you all admitted that that its the old guard that cant identify with what the club has evolved into. its no more a local arsenal corner shop to only care about the domestic “customs” and perceptions of football.”

    You are really pushing yourself into an indefensible corner now.

    “the higher and superior football culture that is held in places like holland and france and italy and germany and spain would laugh at you all for considering this period a bad one. ”

    You talk to people on here like this is LeGrove. Most posters here, and I mean the vast majority, have been supporting the clubs policy and Arsene for years against the likes of the twats that you started on before moving onto all Arsenal fans older than 25.

    A large number have been supporting the club for a long, long time. Warts and all.

    I love Arsenal under Wenger, warms my heart to see what he is doing and has done but don’t think yoiu are the only clever sod capable of understanding it. Very tiresome.

    I support Arsenal. They wear Red and White. That’s all she wrote.

  163. Don’t want to talk about 4th until after tomorrow but are there really people on here who think that Chelsea are a shoe-in for the last CL spot? Borderline delusional, I’d call that!

  164. In fact, even under Graham we were known to play some “good” football. We only turned into that ultra-defensive team that most people associate with the Graham-era past ’91.

  165. Fulham 4 – Newcastle 1??

  166. most hours in Europe, which is how many?

  167. @ Evil
    If thats the case then that must mean there exists a pattern. Why don’t people just ignore these ‘extremists’?

  168. C’mon cesc_ara,
    show a little more respect
    respect the history
    it’s a non-negotiable principle
    here on ACLF
    to AW
    & to our beloved club

  169. Damn I just saw the laziest striker of all tym, Shola Ameobi. I would even wish him on our worst enemy.

  170. but consolbob what i say is not for you who belongs to the group of people who appreciate what wenger has done…these are the buttons i use to those who insist on telling me that before wenger things were better..they were not..they were different but in no ways better. in the heat of things i will admit that i downplay the english style of kick and rush and favour the continental style that wenger has installed. i.e bringing civility and 21st century ideas and principles , but up to there. i dont see why i have to be a hypocrite about it.

  171. Haha. Great Post Muppet.

    Good luck to everyone who will be dealing with Suga3 for the rest of the day!

  172. “…would laugh at you all…”

    Maybe it’s a language thing then cesc.

    Only yesterday I was applauding your posts along with most others.

    I’ll say it again, Arsenal played football under previous managers. In the ’30’s English football was probabaly the most advanced in the world and who was the leading English team?

  173. @Cbob – re Greece, yes I agree my comment was simplistic but having lived out there briefly, in the countryside, amongst those ‘peasants’, I would not be so quick to call them ‘good people’.
    The way they treat women, animals, foreigners, the mentally handicapped – to a man – was as eye0-opening to me as it was appalling. I found the level of corruption startling and as commonplace as breathing. Even doctors – all of them – accept cash bribes on a daily basis. Most I met were remarkably lazy and treated women like pets – but then it is a very patriarchal country.
    Their hatred of the Turks – whilst to an extent understandable – is deep rooted and bottomless. There was a big earthquake in Turkey whilst I was there and the entire bar cheered and danced and sung all whilst watching pictures of the wounded and dead.
    Athens is of course much more progressive and cosmopolitan and I know that there are positives about the Greek people also but it’s difficult to ignore the things they seem all too happy to. Yes, it’d be fair to say, as a 23 year old, Greek countryside life left something of an unpleasant taste for me.

  174. Gainsbourg69 (3.47) – Mata probably was worse than Torres!

    But was that due to our already low expectations of Torres not being disappointed?

    For me though, given that Mata is still new to the EPL I’d give him (and anyone, for that matter, pardon the pun) the benefit of the doubt.

    Something that can’t be said on Torres’ behalf …

    That’s some hammering down by the Chelski bus stop!

    Interesting, as well, in terms of form …

  175. @Cesc ara
    Your argument about neanderthals is flawed.
    You can not blame Arsenal of GG era for not being a European force. English clubs were banned from the European competitions until 1991. We simply do not know how the 89-91 side would cope in Europe given a run of games.

    Ever heard of the cult of personality?

  176. Why would anyone not want Man City to win tomorrow? It’s the mother of all no-brainers.

  177. Must remember to ignore rumours about Frimpong’s injury till tomorrow.

  178. mattgoonerknight

    Newcastle thrashed and Chelsea drop 2 points at Norwich.

    I didn’t even consider that Newcastle could go further behind us after this weekend’s fixtures (albeit, it may be only on goal difference)

    Really good day without even going to the office!!

  179. mattgoonerknight

    I reckon Bolton can steal a point!

  180. Does it grate on anyone else that the guy called ‘bigbrovar’, does that ‘first’ bullshit, then doesnt say anything else?

  181. heheh aman im treading a fine line intentionally…united fans hold roy keanne as their legend too…he is nothing but a criminal that had it not been for football he would rot in some prison. same goes for barton , terry . same goes for some of ours in the past….but they are ours so we will show them the respect for honouring us when wearing the shirt right? so why isnt the same respect applied to the manager who has worked his nuts off and carrying arsenal the last 17 years in the elite salloons of football ? changing our projectory for ever.

    since some ( i repeat…some) are willing to ignore what wenger has done for this club and judge him with the eyes of a rival trying to find flaws and present that as “objective”, i will do the opposite to them, hehe,

    when youre dealing with extremists you have to become an extremist too. the person who wants to present wenger as a failure will have his past presented as failure and the numbers can prove the second part rather than the first. the choice of words and however colourful isnt important …the results are.

    the emotional outbursts of a few who cant take it that the club is in its biggest transition in its history and has to make do with youngsters and cr@p players for a while are threatening to make it all go kaput. i dont want to see that happen to arsenal…. why should i? so yeah..wenger all the way….best transfer for arsenal ever dont get rid of managers like that lol…neither do you doubt them…lol. some doubt the manager a lot more than they should doubt the press…its laughable.

  182. I recognise some of what you describe Jonny but not all.

    It’s mainly Crete I know and they are curmudgeonly old bastards for sure. Still I have been treated with much kindness by many there.

    I don’t admire the Greeks, there is much to be wary of but, for me, It’s the Germans and the French who bear much responsibility for the current crisis, not a country whose only real export is olive oil.

  183. mattgoonerknight



  184. And there I was wondering what I had been missing all week? Fucking Suga3 and his cronies showed up at last huh? Well I cannot say I am surprised, disappointed and annoyed yes but not surprised. Glad to see the Old Guard (and indeed some of the relatively new) not letting them get away with insulting our great club. As C’Bob said above: ” They wear red and white. That’s all she wrote.”

  185. Stanley M – No.

  186. because we want both of them to lose Jonny.
    I’d love for Spurs to beat Shitty, then go on to lose their next 4.
    Every team above us could do with a little dent in confidence till our wounded return & are re-acclimated…

  187. Bolton, Blackburn and Wigan have scored more goals than Liverpool this season. How limited is Carroll’s play. He can only score using his head or a power drive shot from outside the box. My money’s on Bolton today.

  188. Bigbrovar does post occasionally. Never got the first thing. There is no prize for being a computer nerd.

    Cbob – my understanding is that the islanders are rather different to mainland Greece – that notwithstanding I would concur that I was mostly treated kindly during my stay – I just couldn’t reconcile that with what they were prepared to turn a blind eye to under their noses.

    I do get your point regarding France and Germany but the Greeks could have used the money well and improved infrastructure and attempted to do good, instead they partied like mad on free money. Bus drivers earning 50K a year, back-handers and pay-rises left right and centre. It was ruinous on our part to entrust them to be responsible but they didn’t do anything to help themselves (other than to help themselves!).

  189. a soldier in the trenches doing his RASER thing:

    “the emotional outbursts of a few who cant take it that the club is in its biggest transition in its history and has to make do with youngsters and cr@p players for a while are threatening to make it all go kaput. i dont want to see that happen to arsenal…. why should i? so yeah..wenger all the way….best transfer for arsenal ever dont get rid of managers like that lol…neither do you doubt them…lol. some doubt the manager a lot more than they should doubt the press…its laughable….”

    I dig it ces_ara…LOL!

    Arsene’s going nowhere!
    Arsene’s going nowhere!
    Arsene’s going nowhere!
    (rpt till hoarse)

    ..(sigh) wish you were here last summer thru the Aug transfer period

  190. Cesc era is ill advised to dismiss Arsenal’s previous in the manner he does.
    But ,come on, he is not allowed to critisise GG yet absolute cunts like Suga3 and Jabba bad mouth Arsene.
    Anyone who is calling Cesc era anything more than “somewhat disrespectful” needs to be having a serious think about who the enemies really are.

    The hypocrisy is stunning

  191. Aman – I get that but I’m only interested in what best benefits our club.

    Hoping City lose tomorrow is mathematically the definition of stupidity.

  192. Jonny ,have you got a hangover?

  193. yeah Jonny, really have u got a hangover?

  194. The Greeks were milking the EC for years before the Euro fiasco Jonny. I don’t know a port in the country that hasn’t got a marble quayside or a village without a new ‘square’ built from the finest stone -all apid out of EC money -which means basically Britain and Germany.

    Cesc is reaping a bit of what he sowed george.

    I wish him well, his hearts in the right place, but he has just got some things wrong.

    Sorry cesc, you’ll get over it!

  195. Not even slightly – in fact I’m in an excellent mood, waiting for my friend, and fellow Arsenalista, Bendy-Wendy, to arrive from Mexico. Just opened a bottle of wine having finished the prep for tonight’s dinner.

    Why am I sounding tetchy or something?!

  196. Just gone through all the posts. Suga3 is annoying. Bet he wants us to lose tomorrow so that he can continue bitching about Wenger.

  197. Sleepy Scousers don’t look they areat the races (so far) …

    Maybe Jonny not the only one with a hangover?

  198. A city loss does nothing for us.

  199. True Cbob – al the more reason why we should have been watching them like hawks.

    Frankly I wouldn’t have let them in in the first place. I can’t see what they add. they do have the world’s best olives though. Definitely.

  200. Face it fellas, it’s draws we need (for those above us in the league).

    Lots of lovely draws.

    Every point dropped = rattled cages, anxiety and uncertainty …

  201. The rumours about Frimpong aren’t great but I’m still ignoring them.

  202. Gutted for Frimpong

    From the Twitterverse
    “CONFIRMED: Frimpong’s injury is thought to be a broken cheekbone. Estimated time out = 2-3 months”.

  203. bravo aman !! thats the spirit… in aug when we ;lost cesc i was crying and a rival mate a manure fan told not to worry ..things will be better cause the team wont have to rely on cesc and new heroes will emerge and thwy will all ply with different freedom…a few days later they raped us 8-2 i wanted to kill him ….cheers george i know you can see where im coming from when i say them things. cant get them all right ….lol… 6 or 7/10 i think its a good score…lol…

  204. I’d agree with that Jonny!

    Just cooking our curry myself with a nice bottle of Doom Bar. Very good, and the scousers are losing.

  205. But George that is why they are called cunts! Cesc is doing just the same but to our last manager, a very successfully one who brought myself and many others on here lots of joy. He gave us pride in our club and prestige amoungst our peers. Therefore he is just as big a cunt.

  206. There are 18 games left for us, Jonny. Yaya Toure gets back in February and they will not be dropping too many points after that. I rather they drop as many points as possible before he gest back and have confidence issues going forward. Mathematically speaking there are 54 points left to play for. It is the height of stupidity to be that short sighted when the season is only half way through.

    I agree with George about Cesc era. Bitching about the manager as if he were an enemy is no less disrespectful than what he says about our older teams.

    Mata has been shit for Chelsea thus far this season. He came in as the next great and has failed to produce. For £30 he has been the crappiest buy of the off season.

    Suga, at least Rory Delap has a long throw.

  207. GunnerJones
    I don’t see it.
    He was pointing out the state a English football more than anything else.
    Still its not my job to defend him.
    But I will say this much.”He will do for me”

  208. mattgoonerknight

    2-0 Bolton!

  209. “pedantic george | January 21, 2012 at 5:27 pm

    Cesc era is ill advised to dismiss Arsenal’s previous in the manner he does.
    But ,come on, he is not allowed to critisise GG yet absolute cunts like Suga3 and Jabba bad mouth Arsene.
    Anyone who is calling Cesc era anything more than “somewhat disrespectful” needs to be having a serious think about who the enemies really are.

    The hypocrisy is stunning”….

    I wish I could add more.. { But } Cesc_era and our loveable “Pedantic George” couldn’t have said it better.. re( yesterday).. Hats off to both of ya!!.. 🙂

  210. No george, he wasn’t.

    But as you say, it’s not your job to defend him.

    I doubt he cares what anybody else thinks.

  211. G69 @3.36pm

    Sorry not to reply, had to go to No.1 son’s FC for a parents meeting. Totally agree. Each manager of this club has an area that makes them most important to the club in some respect. Even maligned souls such as Billy Wright, who was in charge when a number of the 68-72 team were taken on as youth players, or more senior.

  212. Feeling like the octopus. First Norwich then Fulham now Bolton. I’m calling tomorrow’s games Arsenal n a draw btwn the richboys n the wankers.

  213. We might not be in form at the moment, but are there really people around that believe that 4th is out of our reach? It’s not like all the teams around us are setting the world on fire, is it? Even if we drop points tomorrow, 4th is still achieveable because, from the looks of it, neither Chelsea nor the teams below us have it in them to go on a proper run.

  214. Fair enough George but I must say I feel very differently, if we can’t question why about the now why should people be just fine when they ridicule more success full times. And before any one jumps on my back I’m not suggesting Grahams reign to be better than Wenger at all.

  215. Well it’s great that you’re optimistic G69 but given the choice between the advice of a pessimist and and optimist I’ll take those of a ‘realist’ every time.

    If we come fifth, within 3 points of Spurs and Man City had lost tomorrow, your optimism will look severely misplaced.

    Yes there are plenty of points to play for but we are as likely, if not moreso, to drop quite a few ourselves. Blithely assuming that Spurs will falter is not wise, even if later turns out to be correct.

  216. As the most successful manager in the history of the club, Wenger has deserved to be forgiven for a bad season, or two bad seasons, or three bad seasons.

    There is no need to move the posts in assessing what is success, or to create an image of an infallible genius who is not understood properly. It does not do the manager, the club or the fans any favour. A bad season is still a bad season.

  217. mattgoonerknight


    Check my earlier posts @G69 – I’m in 100% agreement – 100% no-brainer!


    So you think we can still win the league?

    We’re 15 points behind Citeh, 12 behind UTD.

    Let’s focus on the mere 10 and 5 points that we are behind the spuds and Chelski, respectively.

    Your entitled to you opinion but can you not see that it’s a little far fetched?

    Not trying to rude to you but I think we should surely all be cheering on Citeh tomorrow (and anyone else playing sp*ds or Chelski come to that)

  218. newcastle and chelsea both drop points..liverpool struggling at bolton..

    it all amounts to shit if we dont beat utd

  219. TBH George, SUGA and cesc are mirror images: one is so anti-Wenger that he refuses to see any hope whilst the other is so pro-Wenger he refuses to acknowledge any despair. Most recognise that the balance is somewhere between the two at this moment in time.

  220. @Cesc ara
    Your argument about neanderthals is flawed.
    You can not blame Arsenal of GG era for not being a European force. English clubs were banned from the European competitions until 1991. We simply do not know how the 89-91 side would cope in Europe given a run of games.

    Ever heard of the cult of personality?

    look i think you have taken great offence to the term nenaderthal which applies to the general kick and rush you find in england and not only in pre-wenger arsenal. a few days ago i exlained how wenger changed the face of the premiership with his professionalism. by upgraidn arsenal he also upgraded english football. scouting, nutrition, training. many areas. concepts in which english football was lacking not becuase of some european ban but because of wrong methodology.

    i have a made a simple question to those who bash our manager and use the idiotc ” we were better before ” and those who think we are going backwards.

    since we were better before why didnt the club reach the heights wenger is striving for?

    wenger has won titles, brought us to the top and has kept us there 17 years running AND has built a new stadium….before him the club was on 10 league titles…. on average one per decade….so even if we look at it this way ( trophywise), how has wenger failed??…at worse he;s kept it at equal levels and still has credit for another decade…

    if those people cant see that wenger is arsenal;s ticket to greatness and that we should thank our lucky stars that such a devoted professional and clearly superior manager to the rest is in charge of the club, then i will be harsh to them…oh yes…

    and we simply do not know what kind of run we would have if our young players were allowed the time to mature and develop before swearing at them and booing the manager and calling it all a failure and essenatialy playing right in to the hands of our rivals and a section of the press that represent xenophobic little england.

    and in the end of the day….if wenger was dominating the epl and wininng champions leagues with children and while building and repaying a stadium liek the emirates then the rest should have retired out of embarassment and go home to grow tomatoes as old pete would say… expect too much too soon..barca has been working 4 decades, manure 2..etc etc

  221. G69 – Mata would be beyond reproach for you, if we had completed his signing. He’s made a decent start to his Chelsea career – again, your black and white viewpoint does you a disservice.

    Denigrating him as ‘shit’, quite apart from being patently untrue, is lazy and simplistic.

  222. well said yogi …neither black or white …the truthis somewhere in the middle

  223. spurs to lose tomorrow as well
    what do we gain exactly from them getting a result tomorrow..

  224. Cesc aura

    You are crediting AW as the only reason for the international development of Arsenals brand, well, that leaves a few key aspects out:

    1. No English clubs in Europe for 5 years prior to 1991
    2. David Dein and the negotiation of the sky 5 contracts
    3. The winning of the CWC, beating Italian gaints in the final, scoring bags of goals on route
    4. The arrival of Bergkamp + Platt

    The natural globalisation of sport accelrated the international reach of all clubs, sky, internet, mobile phones etc, have all contributed significanttly to allowing cornes of the previously blind globe to view foreign domestic league games

    We have won (and rightly so) international plaudits for the football we have played under wenger, but i suggest you dont insult the intelligence and arrogantly categorise all english posters on here

    Early 90’s Englands international reputation was high, B Robsons team and that night in Turin was founded on great attacking football.

    Dont forget the era you refer to neandarthals, the british isles had thier most successful exports, hughes, Keegan, robson, platt, gazza all legends in thier respective clubs.

    As for Arsenals current great football? Well, we have regressed in the last 3 years, and have just had our ass handed to us by lowly swansea, full of british players, who made more passess, had the better teritoiral advantage, had more possesion and bossed us,

    Do you know that Leon Britton has a better pass completion rate this whole season than Xavi?

    Do you know how France is viewed by the innternational football world? How was thier WC performance? What about Holland trying to kick Spain out the final, criticised by thier greatest ever player?

    You ignorant little sh*t.

    You’ve proved nothing apart from the fact if Wenger leaves, then so will you, which will be a massive upside when this controverisal final chapter of his reign comes to a close.

  225. old pete?

    Look cesc, if you want to be a lone radical and convert people, go to LG. It’s fertile ground.

    Here you are really just wasting your ammunition. There are people who have now sublimed who made your point here years ago.

  226. There are a few posters more ‘left-wing ultra’ who’d serve as a better mirror than cesc IMHO, YW.

  227. If it’s well said, take note of it.

  228. That said TBH – have barely read anything cesc has posted – I can’t stand the punctuation and sheer length of the posts!

    Brevity is good. *He says chuckling at himself*

  229. Well from ‘ole talkative’ himself….

  230. Jonny ,don’t start again.

    I believe that Arsene Wenger is a genius and the best manager in the world.
    And no one ,least of all a imbecile or several,will convince me otherwise.I don’t even see how it can be open to debate.
    It just seems to me that without hindsight his detractors would have no argument.

  231. Ah yes MGK – quite so, well said.

    TBH I can’t believe it’s even up for debate.

  232. Sorry George – this hangover is murder. 😉

  233. getting into 4th will be the maximum of our season I fear, chat of the title is beyond fanicful. Chelsea keep on giving us chance after chance to take 4th spot, but we dont seem to want it.

    We have to win tomorrow. 2 pts behind chels, with them still to come to the emirates, advantage arsenal.

  234. Hey Cbob – at least I’m aware enough to be self-deprecating! 😛

  235. mattgoonerknight


    I wouldn’t say that mate – if anything they’ll probably pissed off knowing that they’ve fucked up by not taking advantage of us potentially not taking any points tomorrow.

    I think we need a good performance tomorrow as much as the points. What for me was really disappointing in the last two games was that we didn’t play well enough.

    I’ve seen us lose many games when the performance deserved much more – not these games. But even if we were playing on top, winning form a game against manure is not one that you can earmark as a win.

    We’ve got a good run of games coming up after this and hopefully some 1st choice players coming back.

    I just hope we have a proper go and leave everything and more on the pitch.

    If we lose, the rest have done us a favour by making it almost a non event by wasting their opportunities (hopefully including liverpool and s”@rs )

    If we get a point or win – massive bonus!



    3-1 Bolton!!!!!

    Just spuds to drop point now!!!

  236. Luke
    Cesc era has told us he was a fan before Wenger(as us so disrespectfully call him) So why do you think he will stop supporting after he leaves?
    I will answer that for you if I may make so bold.
    It is because it suits your agenda of what constitutes a “real fan”
    If anyone is displaying “ignorant little shit” tendences.Its you.

  237. mattgoonerknight

    mattgoonerknight | January 21, 2012 at 6:41 pm

    ” think we need a good performance tomorrow as much as the points”

    I obviously wouldn’t give a shit if we were utter pony and won (that would be lovely) – I just meant that it would be great to see us playing well again even in the face of a defeat.

  238. mattgoonerknight

    Mark Davis…having a great game in midfield!!

  239. when did i say anything about real fan george?

    also I called him ignorant because the high level of ignorance shown in his assessment of all things arsenal + english pre wenger.

    so i fail to see any point that you are making.

  240. yogi take note of what? ..maybe you havent took note in which context i said them things and to who they referred to….

    i am reading the comments of last night and i see that george and duke and aman understand quite perfectly what i mean about the pre wenger methods ..

    so if they can see it then how come you dont?

    can you seriously not see that it is directed at the muppets who present wenger as a past it loser who must go and use the previous eras to back up their claims? you disappoint me…

    duke & george re fergie and his horses + magnier 100qnaire…spot on! hehehe…plus …them horses and them labs….ronaldo and his square jaw..rooney with his amazing recuperating ability…

  241. where are you from cesc?

  242. Cesc era,Duke was not seeing anything your way last night Read on and you will see,
    Yogi will understand what and why of what you are saying things ,He just does not agree with how you are saying it.

  243. It’s alright Jonny u don’t have to be SELF

  244. Yes Cesc because if you don’t drink in an Arsenal pub before the games your opinion is invalid.
    Is that not right Luke?

  245. Whats got your goat George?

  246. Damn, Bendtner also got kicked in face today vs the Swans???
    ..have to check up on Lansbury, Bartley, Vela & Wellington now…

  247. Luke ,the way Cesc has been attacked for no more than a minor mistermena.
    Whilst some real pricks get given a hearing.

  248. this is more like the bolton of last saeson..alive & playing some good stuff.
    I guess Coyle should have sold Cahill earlier

  249. or is it the Ngog factor thats got them hyped up?

  250. Yeah, I am loving the irony that Bolton look a much better team after they have sold Cahill. I am still so happy that we haven’t got him. He would be fifth choice in our team probably.

  251. so that gives you the right to have a pop at me?

    cesc has ruffled a few feathers, some which are never ever ruffled, i think he is old enough to clarify/defend his position

    as for the pricks you refer to, which i can only assume i am one of, everyone hangs around to defend thier view, the jabba’s / sugas of this world dont need thier hand held do they?

  252. relax guys 3 wins and suga will fuck of down in his cave again. we all know the guy cannot stomach a win. hes poven it before, and he will prove it again…

    its always the same with him.. why anyone bothers to read him i dunno..

    His only goal by coming here is to wind people up something he manages well… But it takes two to tango… Suga is only suga due to the respons he gets…
    No troll can survie without food…
    Suga is only taking advantage of the community to get what he wants.
    If people did not want to discuss with him there would be no discussion. simple as…

  253. oh is he been banned or something? i cant see any comments from him xcept on top :p

  254. Yes Cesc because if you don’t drink in an Arsenal pub before the games your opinion is invalid.
    Is that not right Luke?

    haha… does living in highgate count at all ?….lol or is it too far away to feel any connections to the club …lol…

    i was a t them pubs in finsbury when we won the league in 02..i fit counts ….whoever was there will remember the kebabs and pints thrown at the r.i.ot police which came to clear up the streets for the traffic. promise!


  255. Luke ,you assume wrong,you are not one of them.
    But you said this to Cesc “You ignorant little sh*t.”
    IMO he is anything but “ignorant”

  256. “I chose number 26 because Nicklas Bendtner had that before he got the 52.” Frimpong said

    “He has said to me that it is a bad luck number so I wanted to prove to him that I can turn that number into one with goodluck.”

    blimey..then they both get face-smacked on the same day?

    is the number 26 jinxed?
    would the curse be reversed if it were spelt out instead?

    TWENTY-SIX..the letter Z….

    well done Bolton

  257. george, have a good evening, I’ve stated why i called him that – on reflection, unecessary, but i stand by him progressing ignorant views on england and arsenal pre wenger, few points i made to support that, along with other posters, and he has failed to add anything intelligent in response.

    talk to you monday most likely

  258. George ur in danger of suffering from ‘Cesc Envy’

  259. Fantastic post today. Well written and objective as always.

    Great that all the teams we will be fighting for 4th place dropped points today. All 3 looked poor. Now we need to take advantage. Need our defense to keep a clean sheet and RVP to get a goal or may be 2.

  260. Good results today. It reduces the pressure on the team before the game tomorrow. I hope for a good performance, and the positive result will come.

  261. no yogi you misunderstood me comment of well said is for the one where you put suga in one side and me on the other side of the spectrum suggesting the truth is somewhere in the middle hence my comment re: grey

    it was not a respnce to your headmaster style lecture of morality and history you attempted there.

    i have no issues with your harsh manner. this is your place and if i said something which upset you or is deemed as exploiting your hospitality then fair enough.

    but keep it for those who aim to harm the future of arsenal with the b/s they type instead of someone who is trying to open their eyes by drawing comparisons. even if i use the wrong words perhaps or i enter areas which are too sensitive for the old guard, at least i do it with good incentive and not to disresepct but to counter the ridiculous attacks the current regime gets.

    good night and good luck tommorrow.

  262. Spy as long as “lol” ,”pmsl” and “Rrofl” dont creep into my posts

  263. cesc_ara’s downplay of arsenal’s achievements before arsene wenger is not justified.

    why we condone suga’s backstabbing of the current team isnt justified either.

  264. good results today
    we need to change our january around tomorrow..

    if we are a win within chelsea and only 7 points behind spurs this time tomorrow then we are in a better position..especially with ppl like sagna set to return for the next match..

    its also a confidence thing..a fortnight ago we were in 4th..a defeat tomorrow and its three defeats on the bounce..and if its another humping and then we see players come in for the second time in one season i will be gobsmacked..

  265. i hope we show up tomorrow and take advantage of today’s results and make it the perfect weekend.

    but i don’t know which arsenal will show up. i am nervous about the game, as i have been all week. but today’s results give us a very good opportunity. let’s hope we grab it with both hands.

    let’s get behind the team.

  266. No, Jonny. Mata is not a player that I liked at all, to be honest. If there’s a player I would’ve liked us to nab, who I think is way better than Mata and plays for Valencia, it is Sergio Canales. Besides, he went to the scum for an inflated fee so he was never going to come here, since he liked the way his farts smelled in that stratosphere.

    As far as our chances of winning the league, I am not ruling it out. This being said, all I care about is staying in and around the top four and that no one pulls away too much. And since Spuds have never been that high up in the table in the premier league era, they are bound to have problems coipng with the pressure. Therefore, I would rather that City have a twelve point lead on us rather than a fifteen or eighteen point lead.

  267. I’m prepared for any result tomorrow.
    Hoping for the best but ready for the worst.
    February’s redemption month for us in my view.
    10 out is a lot to cover for..


  268. Anyone who thinks we can still win the league should be admired ,not derided.
    I wish I did.

  269. agreed, george.

    i myself believed we could still win it till the fulham and swansea games.

  270. Jonny: “Denigrating him as ‘shit’, quite apart from being patently untrue, is lazy and simplistic.”

    I watched him at the Euros last summer where he was Spain’s oldest player. He wasn’t that good. He doesn’t create much and doesn’t have the personality to lead on the pitch. In that respect I think Thiago Alcantara and Shaqiri ran rings around him in that tournament. In Spain he was a young promise, but never really made that much of an impact. How’s that for lazy and simplistic? Is it as simplistic as calling Fabianski crap after Olympiakos scored a goal which wasn’t his mistake? By the way, did you watch Mata in Spain or anywhere else before he came to England? Because saying that it’s patently untrue that he’s shit is quite easy to do just like it is to call David Luiz a good player just for being at Chelsea. And if you watched the game today you would’ve seen a Juan Mata devoid of ideas, hogging the ball and tackling no one. Don’t forget he’s Chelsea’s number ten and they’re having the worst season in a decade.

  271. Haha
    cesc_ara, keep this up and george will start getting jealous of all the attention you’re getting.

    I don’t think you’d be able to keep it up though. You sound like the sort that will run out of steam before long, kinda like that Joshua fellow (good
    spot limestone)

  272. So you admire Wayne Rooney then George ?

  273. Paulie Walnuts | January 21, 2012 at 8:13 pm
    So you admire Wayne Rooney then George ?

    I am sure you have a clever answer so I am giving you the opportunity to say it.

  274. Henristic | January 21, 2012 at 8:12 pm
    cesc_ara, keep this up and george will start getting jealous of all the attention you’re getting.

    Now was there really any need for that?

  275. Who knows eh? The two manc teams could implode, and we go on a winning run that sees us taking the league.

    This is football, so unlikely as that sounds, it could well happen.

    We are fans, we can and should have such dreams. I’m pretty sure though that Arsene would be looking for Spurs to lose. Its the more pragmatic view, given current realities.

  276. You know it’s true though, george!

  277. Clever answer ? not really , I`m not clever – Rooney stated yesterday that Arsenal can still win the league

    You obviously weren`t aware.

  278. If you say so Henristic.

  279. Paulie,

    really don’t see the point in your comments.

    you don’t think we can win the title, you don’t want us to win the title, so be it.

    what’s the point of bringing rooney in. to discredit someone cos he ‘admires’ an opposition player?

    get a life.

  280. G69,
    Theo didn’t too well as one the older players at a similar international tournament a couple of years ago. I wouldn’t use the under 20 euros as a yardstick for judging Mata’s talent, unless he showed similar poor form during his time at Valencia.

    Have to say I’ve not been particularly impressed with the player myself, the few times I’ve seen him play, but if Wenger wanted him, then there must be talent there.

  281. this article actually supports the feeling that Mata would have made the difference for us this year. Mata and Nasri creates most chances pr played minute in the PL this year… Suggesting that if one of them were with us we would have done alot better. Our best creator this year is RvP which also happens to be our best goalscorer…

  282. and Frimpong out for 3 months?? that boy has no luck does he….

  283. G69 – What I actually said was “Mata would be beyond reproach for you, if we had completed his signing” which you have conveniently sidestepped so you can argue along a different, though seemingly identical, line. It’s a neat trick and one you perform repeatedly and adeptly. My original point stands true, in spite of your slippery machinations.
    I had seen him before as it happens. I’ve also seen him this season and though he has been patchy, placing the blame at his door for Chelsea’s stumbling form is as convenient as it is (again) simplistic. None of which does anything to obviate my original point.
    I’d go further and say your the only person I know of who thinks Mata has had a ‘shit’ season. Not that I am suggesting you are one of them, but equally many people wrote off Pires as ‘shit’ in his first 6 months. If it was on a scale I’d say he’s middleish in terms of his season. I think you just like being black and white in your opinions and deliberately provocative.
    As for calling Fabianski ‘crap’ – I never did. Revisionist self-serving bullshit. Your impassioned, aggressive defence of his is just further proof of the ‘schizo’ bias you have once a player is wearing red and white. Even though I didn’t actually say Fabianski was crap you were prepared to call me every insulting name you could find. If Mata was having a similar season for us he too would be beyond reproach that you have just levelled. He plays in blue so he’s open game to your hyperbole.
    It must be a bizarre world: justifying all this in your admittedly partisan, yet speaking from ‘the summit of the burning truth’, head.

  284. poodle .he may not be

    “SkySportsMobile Sky Sports Mobile
    Wolves on-loan midfielder Emmanuel Frimpong cleared of head and spinal injuries but faces further tests on a heavily bruised eye.”

    Here is hoping

  285. Korihikage.

    I was merely having some gentle banter with George (who is known for a sense of humour) so where do you get that I don`t want us to win the title from that ?

    I`ll admit it wasn`t the funniest line ever & you didn`t `get it` but you`re too quick to get your guns out here.

    Besides, if George takes exception he won`t need you to tell me.

  286. @Jonny
    You make it sound like it’s a bad thing to defend one of our own players …

  287. i hope hes ok..he really needs the gametime at this stage..

    ive got a feeling that song wont be here next season so we will need frimmers and le coq to step will help if they have got a bit of experience under their belts..

  288. @Jonny
    And I hope the irony is not escaping you that you are usually passionately defending players that are NOT playing for us like Pato or Mata, but don’t offer much when it comes to our own players being abused.

  289. Evil if it’s done to the extent that no criticism can ever be broached, even calling Bentdner out for being a twat after he’s gone on loan AND slagged of our club, then IMHO yes it fucking is.

    No one should be above criticism – calling a fellow fan a fucking cunt just because he thinks Arshavin is lazy is no more correct than the original poster.

    Black and white opinions have no place in a world of shades.

  290. Evil I thin thats unfair I have slagged Suga off repeatedly for the last few days – I am passionately defensive against the right quarry. I just think you can be red and white without being so biased you have a distorted viewpoint altogether.
    I don’t love ever Arsenal player unconditionally – why should I?? It’s a fucking childish place to start any balanced viewpoint from.
    Repeat after me. They are not your children. 😉

  291. I think Bendtner has been criticised here a lot over the past few weeks, especially after he went out and smashed some cars up with Cattermole. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone on here defending him.

    Name calling is never a good thing, that I fully agree on, but I think that you yourself are entering the dreaded kingdom of hyerbole now.

  292. Furthermore I didn’t defend Pato especially, but again, if someone intelligent dismisses such a well-considered player simply as ‘shit’ it is irksome nonsense.

    It doesn’t add anything other than suggesting that the person who said it thinks SO much of their own opinion it’s not even worth extrapolating.

    Everything here is opinion so at least try and add a little humility and respect along the way.

  293. @Jonny
    I noticed what you have written to Suga, obviously, but I just notice that you are on such a massive crusade to bring a balanced point of view to this heathen land, when you would kind of expect some sort of bias from fans.
    What is wrong with liking all our players? I like them all, unless they disrespect the club, irrespective of the way they perform. Of course, they could all improve. Arshavin could start working more, Gervinho could learn a thing or two about scoring goals, Robin could start banging in the easy ones as opposed to always scoring some ridiculously difficult goals, Theo could become more consistent in his performances etc. etc. etc. but none of this stops me from liking our players.

  294. Evil – I’m citing the Bendtner thing precisely because it did happen.

  295. Paulie,

    i apologise if i misunderstood you.

    tired of some of the stuff being posted here in the absence of football. my bad.

  296. JJ,

    why wouldnt Song be here next season?

  297. It did? I didn’t notice it, but then again with Suga and co running around I wasn’t reading every day. My mistake, apologies.
    I just know that I wrote some negative things about him and it seemed like no one took exception to it, so I didn’t expect that criticism of him would cause such a big fuss. I mean, Bendtner is still technically our player, but the way he has behaved makes it clear that he is probably not the right fit for our club. He should be grown up by now and if he can’t stop getting into scandals off the pitch and obviously the way he has talked about the club over the past 12 months, I doubt that he has a future at our club. And that’s something I am not sad about. …

  298. Evil,

    i must admit i don’t like all our players.

    but when those i don’t particularly like are playing, i am behind them all the way. mostly with my fingeers crossed that they play well and don’t make a mistake.

  299. Quite so, I like them all as well, my only crusade is to point out that attacking fellow fans for being critical of players (so long as it’s not unpleasant or unthinking criticism) is no better.

    I prefer it when there is better bonhomie and less division in the ranks and I freely admit to disliking the extreme ends of anything – especially society.

  300. @korihikage
    Song’s contract is running out soon (same situation as RVP and Theo) and he just recently hired the son of Dein as his manage. The same guy who engineered the moves for Cesc, Clichy etc.

  301. Jonny,

    when i read what the media writes, when i see people like suga, it’s hard not to be an extremist.

    i would love for everyone to stay together, backing this team we all claim to love. but is that possible? i am not optimistic

  302. Evil,

    thanks for the info.

    to be honest, sometimes when i look at song’s body language, i don’t feel he’s happy. i don’t know.

  303. I think when people like Suga post it’s all fair for people to go in all guns blazing but the same attitude is used by some against more moderate posters (and I am not just citing myself).

    I have no problem with bias per se but it should be tempered with respect and reason.

  304. Korihikage,

    No problem mate – I understand & we`re good

    Serves me right fo trying to be a smart arse !

    Really wouldn`t want Song to go. I see him as a future captain

  305. Right time for dancing. Gnight y’all. Peace out.

  306. Paulie,


  307. This business of criticising players seems to ruffle a lot of feathers. The problem is that people get emotional on both sides. Sure, you have to call a spade a spade, but too often we hear knee jerk opinions expressed in frustration. The other problem is that extremes of opinions get put across for both praise and criticism. I saw one blogger raving about Benayoun in a recent game – was it a CL game ? Then, after the Fulham game, he was “not fit to wear the shirt”.

    A similar case with Arshavin. Pedantic George rang the fans forum, and remonstrated with the hapless John Cross. He pounded him with kidney and head shots, whilst he, Cross, sat there and squirmed. John Cross was saying that Arshavin “wasn’t fit to wear the shirt”. Now, certainly, I recognise that Arshavin is not the same player than the one that had the after-burners switched on in his stint that kept us our champions league place. But the problem is the extreme view. It might be that the player just needs a small break. It could be a case of fine margins. He may regain some of his touch. But of course, a lot of fans give up and want a replacement. The argument as well was that the player doesn’t make an effort, and therefore he should be dispensed with. Well, we don’t know that. He could work his nuts off in training, so who is right to say that ?

    I am not necessarily defending players, I am just saying that the language is rarely objective. One player may need just tweaking in terms of tactics and his application to the game. Too often, we just want to throw away the player and a replacement bought in. People have lost their patience with Arshavin, Rosicky, Chamakh, Benayoun (already) and Squillachi. Ok, but we have a squad of 28 to 29 players. 5 are now scapegoated and are seen to be underperforming. This has to be the case in any squad, surely ? Actually – I’m baffled about the criticism of Rosicky. He came on against Swansea and was very good.

    Also, the problem is the relentless competition. It’s not about the best XI any more, it’s about the squad. People are criticising our squad, saying it is too thin. The point is not that it’s too thin, again, it’s about fine margins. Our squad is marginally weaker than Chelsea’s at the moment, given the league table position, but to say it’s thin is doing us a disservice. We need to look at the resources to other clubs and then assess if we have a good squad for our budget. Whether our budget of course is enough, is another argument entirely.

  308. if anyone wants to go, he can go…

    my favourite player has always been dennis bergkamp. after bergkamp retired, fabregas filled that void for a while, partly because we are of the same age. i always like to say: i grew up watching adams, bergkamp, henry, but i grew up with fabregas.

    after all that has happened over summer, and frankly speaking the past 2 years, if you ask me now, who is my current favourite player, i won’t have an answer. of course there are players i really like (sczesny, vermaelen, koscielny, wilshere, rvp)

    but i won’t have an answer, because i don’t know who is going to stay.

    i don’t think i can bring myself to wish anyone who leaves well. because the players who are likely to end up leaving are probably the players we don’t want to leave. i can’t wish someone well who is ditching our ship when we need him to stay.

    even if he might be right in wanting out.

  309. mattgoonerknight


    Where do you think Song might be going?

    Not disagreeing, but the thought hasn’t even entered my mind.

    Can’t picture him anywhere else – to good for anyone below us and can’t see those above us (in the table) either wanting or getting him.


  310. matt

    wont be surprised if city comes in.. they seem to have got this policy of signing other teams’ best players to put on their bench just to weaken the other teams.

  311. well said, muppet

  312. jonny:

    The idea that there is only one right way to be a fan and if you don’t toe that line then you are a bad fan is silly.


    I agree with you that the way to get Suga to stop posting is to ignore him. His whole purpose is to see how many people he can wind up. If no one played along he would very quickly get bored.

  313. mattgoonerknight


    Are you taking the piss about PG being George from Blackburn who called the fans forum?

  314. No – it was him !!



  317. mattgoonerknight

    How do you know Muppet? It just doesn’t match up? lol : )

  318. I speak to him on Twitter mattgoonerknight. I asked him when I made the connection and he confirmed it. Actually, I made the connection between his twitter account and the guy on the fans forum. I was surprised when he said he knew who I was, as he revealed he had been on ACLF for the last 4 years.

  319. Our squad is only thin due to injuries. If all our players are healthy we have the best squad in the league.

    People can talk crap and denigrate certain players but I love this team, even the players who may be out of form. I trust they will come good.


  320. George often calls the Fans Forum to wind up John Cross (among others)

  321. mattgoonerknight

    korihikage, JonJon

    I somehow forget about the whole ex-Arsenal mercenary contingent at Citeh (how? I don’t know)

    Well, firstly if he want’s out – fuck him. I love Song and bang on all the time about how good he is but if he can’t see that he wouldn’t be half the player he is without Arsenal than good riddance.

    Secondly, if it was to be Citeh (I still don’t think it will happen) I think a cash + swap offer for De Jong (obviously cash to us) would make for good options in the DM role what with Mr Dench and Le Coq Sportiff vying for a starting spot.

    But anyway, I really, really hope he doesn’t go and I’m skirting dangerously close to my own self imposed transfer talk ban – so I’ll leave it there!!

  322. Jonny: “G69 – What I actually said was “Mata would be beyond reproach for you, if we had completed his signing” which you have conveniently sidestepped so you can argue along a different, though seemingly identical, line. It’s a neat trick and one you perform repeatedly and adeptly. My original point stands true, in spite of your slippery machinations.”

    No I did not. My post is right above, written in English, with sentences and paragraphs included. I don’t think Mata is a good player and I wasn’t cheerleading for his signing. I don’t know where you get off saying that he would’ve been above reproach had we signed him because you obviously don’t know how I rate players. FYI, there are plenty of players on opposing teams who I think are very good. I’m blinkered, but I think I’m fair when I assess other players.

    As far as picking on him because he wears blue, it goes a bit beyond that. Those in a blue shirt cost many millions more than players we have, who are of better quality. And not only are they better players, but they have proven it at the highest level beating teams in the CL and in the most competitive league in the world. Mata is an overhyped, busy, little player who doesn’t play good enough for his price.

    With regard to Fabianski, you said that he should be sold immediately after we conceded a goal through no fault of his own. I bet had he been in a blue or red Manc shirt you wouldn’t have said that.

  323. matt,

    before you get carried away, there has been absolutely nothing. just jonjon having a gut feeling. and me thinking too much.

    before you know it, the media will be publishing an exclusive on how inside sources reveal song wants to leave.

  324. Henristic, Theo went to the NT at 17. I don’t recall having ever seen him in a U-21 tournament. I think he played a couple qualifiers and then got called back to the senior side soon after.

    Those youth tournaments are good yardsticks because you see those youngsters playing against players their own age. In fact, Cesc, Merida, Djourou, Diaby and a score of our youth players were bought after good showings in such tournaments.

  325. Pato is shit. The only reason he’s at Milan now is because he’s buggering Berlusconi’s daughter. He’s just like Mata, overhyped because he went to a big team at an early age.

  326. Capitalism’s influence on football is interesting. Reduce the player’s quality to the exchange value or if you may, the quantitative aspect of the exchange. Player reduced to a commodity. Modern Football!!

    I like Pato! Back off man!

  327. Matt, it is now well known that our George is the Fan Forum George on this forum after I figured this out a few months ago, to George’s surprise. The style of his comments gave it away, though he is much blunter in language on the blog! I enjoyed his last round with John Cross as well, Muppet. He had him pinned down in extreme discomfort.

    However, George, you’ve gone overboard–best thing to happen in months?!? Hopefully both he and Suga disappear in a few days or take their little round and round to some other comment section.

    Henristic–thanks, I thought it an apt comparison! But I would actually read and debate with Joshua, who could really write and knew how to punctuate. Can’t bother with Cescy. Standards are slipping–one advantage this comments section has had is the literate character of comments. It is not something to throw away!

  328. Bradys right foot

    Looking forward to the game tommorrow. A few much needed faces back in the next two weeks and some great results for us on Saturday.

  329. G69 – I just woke up, to read your latest revisionist bullshit.
    I did not say he should be sold immediately.
    Go back and check the pages if you don’t believe me.
    You are inventing your own version of the world.
    Yes! That’s the ONLY reason the “one-dimensional” (and that only dimension is speed BTW) Pato is playing top-level football. He’s having anal bumsex with Berlosconi’s daughter! It’s so fucking obvious now you say it! That and because he went to a big club when he was young. Much like “Cesc, Merida, Djourou, Diaby and a score of our youth players” who also went to a big club when they were young (are we a BIG club? Please clarify?).
    Well, assuming ‘we are’, they must be shit also or does that only work if they are buggering B’s daughter?
    Hmmm. This is complicated stuff. Best left to experts.

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