Swansea Preview & More

Arsenal take to the field this afternoon at The Liberty Stadium knowing that only a win will do. Whilst Tottenham dropped points, no-one else above has yet to do so this weekend. To close the gap on third to seven points puts pressure on them, increasing their nerves in the process is no bad thing. As important is creating a small gap to sixth. This is a psychological game as much as the physical.

When Swansea visited The Emirates in September, an away win must have crossed their minds. Arsenal were after all struggling, reeling from the heavy defeat at Old Trafford. They played on that day much the same way as they have done for their other games; determined to pass the ball, to play properly, if you like. There may have been an element of surprise but I am not sure that is the case. This time, Arsenal are in better form despite the defeat at Craven Cottage, a club buoyed by the goalscoring return of Thierry Henry. And that is where I expect the Frenchman’s main impact to be this afternoon. Surely Arsène is not planning to start the club’s leading goalscorer, no matter if he is fitter than expected.

You can’t rule anything out.

To be honest, there would raised eyebrows if Henry was selected to start before Arshavin. The Russian’s form has been sporadic this season but Wenger has faith in the player evidenced by his comments on Friday. There were signs against Leeds that confidence was returning yet nothing can be taken for granted, Arshavin has a major opportunity with Gervinho’s absence to push his case for more frequent appearances. Hopefully he will take it.

Elsewhere the manager is waiting on bugs and illnesses to clear up before his XI can be selected. Thomas Vermaelen is Arsène’s big hope for the United clash next weekend. With Johan Djourou returning from suspension, Mertesacker recovering would allow the manager just the problem on the left to ponder. Swansea like to use the width of the pitch with no reluctance to attack either of the oppositions fullbacks from Sinclair or Dyer.

I would expect the line-up to be,

Szczesny; Djourou, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Miquel; Ramsey, Arteta, Song; Walcott, van Persie, Arshavin

No starting place for Henry but nice to have an attacking option off the bench. No place in the starting line-up for Oxlade-Chamberlain; his time will come and he did himself every favour with his instant rebuttal of media stories that sought to disrupt. His case is interesting from the supporters point of view; a promising youngster upon whom hopes are pinned more out of desperation through the opening stages of the season than his own potential. More from the desire for Wenger to spend than for want of the youngster himself. He has the potential, we have seen glimpses; he just needs the playing time now.

Elsewhere, Abou Diaby is globetrotting in his search for anything vaguely resembling match fitness. Fair play to Steve Stammers for correctly identifying the culprit, something that there is a reticence to do outside of the Gunnersphere. Portrayed in some as a latent genius, Diaby is more frequently held to be the bete noir, the epitomy of what is wrong with Arsenal. Personally, I don’t believe that to be the case; he is everything that is right with the club in their willingness to stand by a player who has severe injury problems rather than cutting him adrift with a free transfer or insurance payment.

Those hoping for swift action in the transfer window are possibly going to be disappointed. Arsène hates the January interlude, wishing that we revert to the old set-up or close it save for the summer months. The latter is the course of action proposed by Herbert Chapman eighty-odd years ago; nobody listened to him either. It is typically selfish of Wenger, thinking only of himself. If the transfer window only opened between June and August, what would the poor journalists do for a living? How many of them could earn a living?

Enjoy the match wherever you are watching it. ’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Coquelin is out I believe.

  2. Arsenal wil win this game

  3. I believe the game is going to be frustrating for us.swansea know how to keep the ball well.and we dont know how to pressure the ball all over the pitch. Add arshavin in the mix. . . .prepare to tear your hair out.with gervinho out,the next 4 weeks would finally convince wenger arshavin is not fit to be in the first eleven.btw, did a miracle happen to coquelin?he is out for 3 weeks the last time i checked

  4. Unfortunately w/o the services of young fran coq tomorrow me thinks.. C’mon you reds. Also, stoked on ‘afc on this day’ site. Thanks!

  5. Indeed he is out and the post amended…

  6. Coquelin is out for 3 weeks due to his hamstring but this is a game we should be winning in order to put pressure on Spurs and to challange for top 4 position. We want to go above Spurs also for the mere fact that Jack Wilshere wagered their fans a £3000.00 bet to see who comes out on top. We still need some additions to the squad for an impactful finish come May!

  7. Hello…..

  8. Off to Wales boyo…. Do i need my passport? Come on Arsenal!

  9. Looks like e.frimpongs loan move might have been premature. Now, no song backup..

  10. Givem hell. DEX…

  11. Asper. Usual, ace missrs the target. Arshavins a top player n has that ability to turn a game in an instant. We dont have many in the squad who can do that. Best to cherish him and dare i say, support him too? Oh i dare, i dare alrite.

    As for Diaby. Thats fucked up man. That pair of cunts, smith n robinson r to blame n no wonder Abou lost it went scummy barton tried to do likewise last season. Hope he gets himself fit, finally….

  12. Intend to Goonerkam! 😉

  13. Good morning all.

    Good read as usual YW.

    This is a perfect opportunity to close in on spurs. Many of the media match previews I have seen all put this fixture down as a score draw, but honestly, these are games we should be winning.

    I’ld have loved for 3G’s to be available for this one (not because AA isn’t up to it) because of his defensive covering which I guess young Miguel will need since Swansea play primarily from the flanks with Dyer, Sinclair and Routledge. I hope the Spaniard will have a good game.

    I’ll agree with your lineup YW, the King should start on the bench (not a bad option to have). I’m just a bit concerned, if BFG doesn’t recover in time, that will mean Squilly in CB *gulps*. There’ll be extra defensive responsibility on both Song and Arteta. Let’s hope Ramsey can deliver today offensively in his homeland.

    All in all, I expect a robust performance from the lads today. It will be a tight encounter but I think we have just the right quality to carry the day.

  14. I hope Park and the Ox get a runout as well. Would be nice if we can round up the game nice and early. It’s been a while since that happened.

  15. It will b a tight 4-1 win for the Arsenal!

  16. Well done Stammers. Bluesy, a journalist researching the root cause of a problem rather than just taking the media party line? Whatever next? Seeing through Twitchys BS?
    Won’t hold my breath for that one….

  17. Joel Campbell scored Lorient’s second goal against Nancy in the 81st minute. What should have been the winner was cancelled two minutes later. It ended 2-2.

    The guy’s having a good time in France, let’s hope he comes back and does great things with us. Maybe he’s the reason AW isn’t going for an attacker this window.

  18. The Spuds have become the first Premiership team to have conceded 1,000 goals in the Premier League. The only exonerating factor is that they are one of only seven teams to have played in all eighteen and a half seasons of the League so far.

    The other six ever-presents and the goals against to date are Everton (961 goals conceded), Aston Villa ((897), Liverpool (729), Chelsea (718), Arsenal (697) and Manchester United (648). It looks like these teams have a long way to go to catch up with the “mighty” Totts, somewhere between one and twelve seasons.

    Up the arse.

  19. swance 1,arsenal 2.Up guners.

  20. I am looking forward to the game this afternoon, but given the struggles we have had this season (and last?) against ‘smaller’ clubs, who many expected us to beat 4 or 5 nil, I have to admit that a scrappy 1:0 win would do very nicely.

    BigB, I have always clap and cheer when I see that you have won the race to be “first”! Yaay! 🙄

    Just for clarity, can you tell me if there is anyone else in the race?
    There are many other ‘racers’ on the LG blog — have you taken the wrong turn and ended up here by mistake?

    Just asking.

  21. I alway know that campbell lyk chamberlain will cum good but a di natale/cavani signing would had helped though wenger know the best

  22. The spuds real test is just beginning. They will be worth what they say are only after March, if they are in the same position then I will admit defeat and recognize that they can beat Arsenal this season.
    There have been wobbles all around, but we have to steady ours now or contemplate no Champions league qualification. The team has to step up and start making the easier matches count.

  23. Redarse

    What exactly is your problem, apart from the obvious? Who the fuck died and made u chief twat. Get off Big Bruvas back, he does a sterlin job and shows real dedication n commitment. I noticed u tried to hav a pop at people yedtrrday then tried to mKe out it was just a general post aimed at no one in partivular. Pffft

  24. i thought big brov was yw just stopping all the first chasers

  25. SA Goon
    The spuds will drop plenty points man, we just need to make sure we take full advantage, our next few fixtures aint the easiest either, altho the players shudnt need to look far for motivation vs manu next week.

  26. A or b
    Who really knows? Hes an enigma man.

  27. mattgoonerknight

    Morning all

    Tateezee, have you seen much of Campbell this season? Just asking as I haven’t and his numbers don’t look great: http://www.ligue1.com/club/fc-lorient

    I know there’s only so much you can tell from figures but if Joel is our next big thing I’d like to to think he’d be tearing up Ligue 1 a little more than he is before he starts running out in the Premier League.

    I think we need a front man who can genuinely come in and provide RVP with a rest, or God forbid, replace him for a sustained period if the unthinkable were to happen.

    If Chamakh doesn’t regain his form / confidence out in Africa then we have Park – Arsene didn’t deem a F.A Cup 3rd round home tie a suitable fixture to give Ju a run out so I seriously question his confidence in him to lead the line should he be required.

    Don’t get me wrong – I’m not calling Chamakh and Park bad players (barely seen Ju, so how could I) – I’m just not convinced that AW is even convinced that they are of the top standard which a club with our tradition and aspirations require.

    I understand we can’t get a RVP mark two; he is arguably(I think he is) the best “Centre Forward” in the world but there are players closer to his ability than those at our disposal; players that I hope would love to play for The Arsenal.

    Even if Joel Campbell was on fire at the moment, his return in the summer for me does not address this current issue.

    We’ll win today (fingers and toes crossed), but I’ve a feeling it will be tight!!

  28. with eleven players missing there is no assurance we should walk away with this game ,those who assume we should be winning these games should remember only manure have won there this season and with a depleated squad a draw is more likely , a win today would be a great result but certainly not a gimme

  29. mattgoonerknight

    So it wasn’t just me then yesterday Dexter!!! Good man.

  30. Dexter at 8:22,Dexter@8:22 “It will b a tight 4-1 win for the Arsenal!.” lol!!

  31. Diaby. Talk about the squad big only in numbers.

    You can’t blame him for injuries. However, his overproportional commitment to his national team shows that the priorities are not quite right. For example, in the summer he was involved in some meaningless international friendlies instead of working on his fitness and preparing for the season at the club. A similar attitude with Bendtner must have contributed to the end of his career at Arsenal.

    How do you deal with that? At some other big clubs players are expected to quit their international careers altogether. Drastic, but it works.

    I rate Diaby as a player, since my frustration.

    Something tells me today is the defining game of our season.

  32. anyone know if its true arts out today with a knee injury

  33. Bigbrover is a spud, no gooner can be that nerdy.

  34. mattgoonerknight

    I’m with you SV the “defining game” thing.

    The more games that pass, the fewer remain and the more importance there is on each given game. Win today and we make small gap between us and those behind while simultaneously reeling in sp*rs.

    7 Points looks like an achievable gap to close – 10 points as it stands looks ominous.

    I know, I know – its only three points difference, but I feel we must start making each 3 point count – from today!!!


  35. @KC
    spot on. On dinatalie

  36. Everyone should bring their A game for every game from now to the end. We can’t slip-up. Any time any place. here is hoping for a resounding win against the swans. But ill take a 2-0. To the ARSENAL.

    UP. THE. GUNS. !!!!!!!!!!

  37. I would start Henry or the Ox before the lazy Russian anyday of the week.His attitude stinks.

    Close game 1-0 win and TH12 to score the winner

    On Diaby the guy will retire this summer

  38. 2 goals or AA today

  39. Thanks for the link to the Independent article Yogi. I hope RVP reads it!

    What is the point of saying Arsene should buy Cavani and Di Natale? Napoli are in the CL and Udinese are fighting near the top of their league. Why would they sell their best players to us? It’s not like we are in a position to throw so much money at them that they can’t refuse.

  40. I suspect Big brover is a night worker and gets home at 6-00am

  41. DukeG
    Ha! Yeah maybe man.
    Not goin to get into the signings shenanigans again! Dont want to upset PaulN! But as far as Joel goes, he might come good, but as u say he aint tearin it up in France atm. Coquelin had a really good season there last year and has come back a much better player for it. Its a gamble with signin young players, it could go either way. But no, waitin for him isnt a valid reason not to try n sign a striker now.

  42. On the Kalou situation, I know Chelsea supporters who can’t wait to get rid,
    But he could fit in with us IMO

  43. Wenger says he wont sign anyone in january but what happens when Henry returns to the States?.We are stuck with Chamakh and Park again for the run in.Wenger is playing with fire with 4th place in doubt as Chelsea are now buying.
    Look what the signing of AA23 did for us when 4th place was in doubt in 2009.We cant afford to be out of the CL

  44. mattgoonerknight


    Yeah, I know I shouldn’t bleat on but we’re already half way through January and I’ve got a feeling nothing’s going to happen. If it we don’t sign anyone well, Arsene knows best, but I would just love it if we did.

    Right, I’m going to make a concerted effort to shut the fuck up about transfers…until deadline day! 😉

  45. Si know, seen a fair few chav blogs beggin Wenger to take him. Thankfully Arsene has said he isnt in for him, although he said he wasnt in for Arshavin, just before we signed him!

    Mate, why would u take AWs comments at face value? Hes havin a laugh man. He has been as busy as anyone in previouses imo. januarys. Dont like your negativity towards our players though. Chamakh always works hard when he plays. It cant b easy for him playin so infrequently. The acn could b the best thing for all part

  46. Sign a striker, sign a striker, sign a striker….ad nauseam.
    Seems many of us believe if you keep repeating it over and over it will happen, that mind over matter thing.
    Like Rip Van Winkle i have been asleep since the opening of this window. Can someone advise me how many good strikers are available on the market? As Passenal stressed please don’t bother with di Natale and Cavani. We have been over this already.
    Or better yet, tell me the strikers we have missed who have been signed by other clubs. Robbie Kean for example.
    But then again the easy answer is Arsene and his scouts don’t have a clue.

  47. Dex, I’m sorry to say some of my mates are chavs-bad eh?

  48. BTW: There are quite a few who find it clever and popular to knock Arsene and the club for the priority given to developing young players rather than blow ALL the cash on older established players in the transfer market. It was therefore heartening to read Wolves fans gushing over our own Manny Frimpong, even though he is still not the finished product:


  49. Spy
    Ha! Yeh half my family r chavs 2!

    We could sign that Etoo fellow. Wed only need to match his wages. Easy peasy.:)

  50. Shotta
    I am so happy for Frimpong man, especially after his bad injury. I read quite a few blogs sayin he wasnt good enough based on 2 preseason games.
    Signin yute from overseas is even more of a gamble tho. Just look at Wellington and Botelho. Pedros been away over 4 years now, not sure well get to c him in an Arsenal shirt, altho i 4t hed do well, still time for both tho.

  51. Jus read the wolves blog (got lotta time to kill!) Every one of em is positive! Loved the one how class a future midfield of Ramey, Jack n Frimpong will b! And the dude who was impressed with his positional sense, technique n basically stuff sum Gooners hav criticised him for! Theyre already sayin a bid of £10 mill to sign him! 🙂

  52. The Dan Smith tackle on Diaby was in stoppage time. On the half way line. They were 3-0 down. At least he`s no longer a footballer. Last I heard he was training to be a hairdresser. Nob.

    For today`s game I`d swap Kos & D’jourou as I think Sinclair is Swansea`s main danger. Personally I`d like to see AOC given a run but Arshavin will no doubt stay ahead of him for now. I don`t see many goals in this one & we`ll need to score first.

    Elsewhere I couldn`t help noticing how sparky Nikki B was yesterday. I`m not sure what O’Neill has said to him but he worked hard, ran in behind & busted a gut to get in the box. If he continued like like could we have our back up to RVP on our books already or has he already burnt his Wayne Bridges ?

  53. dexter, going to Spurs to scrap for a point and playing at the top of the club game in the European Cup are two completely different things. Frimpers had a disastrous game away at Olympiacos, but it’s all relative, that’s a higher level of football. If regular playing time can up his level some and he then comes back and pushes on to be the player we all hope he can be then great. At this point it was the right decision imho, Coquelin is much closer to the level needed to play for Arsenal, his injury is very unfortunate for the lad.

    I hope the lads play at full tilt fromt he start today, a good opening to the game is important (in any game), but Swansea will get great confidence if we stand off and allow them to play it around. A refreshed van Persie and Henry on cloud nine after scoring on his second debut will pose them all sorts of problems if we can provide some decent serivce. COYRs.

  54. @ Paulie

    Exactly..but hey, he is probably not that kind of player!!!

  55. “I don’t believe that to be the case; he is everything that is right with the club in their willingness to stand by a player who has severe injury problems rather than cutting him adrift with a free transfer or insurance payment.”

    Spot on.

  56. No Project Youth at Arsenal It is a Lie

    Arsene Wenger is a great CON ARTIST. I hate Wenger. What a confidence trickster. Anything to detract fans away from the mutiny in the dressing room.

    What is the problem with the January transfer window? Is this another excuse? Why should it bother him? Surely after spending so much time with the team he can say to them at the end of December or early January I have no interntion of buying anyone or I have the interntion of buying a couple of players. Simple as that. It creats no instability at all. And a window is just that. If you don’t want to use it then don’t worry.

    Secondly, another detraction to get us away from the truth that this team is just hopeless. The influence on TV on the game. Just another excuse. Talk about the biting off the hand that feeds him. How much money is Wenger on? How much of that comes from us watching the team on television? Fixture congestion? Another lame excuse. That is why we lost to Birmigham. Really. Not because the team play like old french lovers. Plenty of kissing but no penetration. In fact no virility at all. Just another insipid display. Just play triangles on the floor in a moving formation. But don’t swarm in attack and defence and do not rotate that triangle into the box from either in trangle itself or from a blind run ala Pires, Bergkamp, Henry. That is all. Simple. Except you need players to play in such a simple albeit sophsiticated way. Walcott, to Arshavin to Chamakh playing moiving triangles doesn’t seem to work. I wonder why?

    Also this project youth is such a lie. What project youth? We had Fabregas, Song? a little of Wilshire and Ramsay. Yes give me the Ox, Nico, Jenks, Coquelin. Still have not really seen enough of Frimpong (out of depth in Athens) Coquelin or Miyaki. Do not mention others such as Vela or is still too light but great, Walcott who is no footballer and Bendtner and other YOUNG players like Fabianski. But what youth team? Lansbury, Campbell, Vela, Merida, Randell, Muamba, Aliadiere, Nordtveit, Hoyte, Barazite, Watt, Gilbert, Sunu, Frimpong, Connolly, JET, Pennant, Owusu-Abeyie. A lie. Wake up. There is no Project Youth.These players never really starred for Arsenal. They just get cheap good young players and if one or two come through then great. That is all that has happened.

    And the only two in the last ten years have been Fab and Wilshire. (Perhaps Song)Simple as that. You know for a moment then I thought we would have 11 world class 20 years olds who would win everything. A mix of Holland, Spain and Brazil. That was a fantasy. The great con job by Arsene Wenger. Just get yourself a proper squad rather than carrying babies, the permanently injured (where is Diaby?), and general rubbish (Walcott, Arshavin, Djourou, Chamakh, Benayoun, Rosciky, Bendtner, Denilson, Vela etc). That’s 10 players. Basically another team.


    These excuses join the others like we are building a stadium, I believe in project youth (never had a project youth it is a lie), we are looking for players but they are hard to find, they are too overpriced and the recent beauty-we aere about to see massive depression and Arsenal need to be in good financial shape. You stupid idiot. If there is a depression then no matter how much money you have it will be worthless because all your opposition will be bankrupt. You can win the League by default. And even if you are in sound financial position what are you going to do with it. Invest it in the market? Buy a Boeing Business Jet for the team? Build apartments? Oh I know. Build a hospital at the training ground for your players. Wait even better, why not buy a player. You bought Viera, Henry, Pires. So go and buy some class players.

    I don’t care what you think about TV or transfer windows. That is the job of others. Tell me you are going to build a team and that you are going to beat Swansea. That is all. DO NOT CON ARSENAL FANS.

  57. NoProject, double your medication.

  58. Shotta, interesting link to Wolves fan site. They gushed over Frimpong for sure. It shows a couple things: the lad has charisma in addition to being a good developing player and the Wolves fans are not used to watching good possession passing, because that is an area he has needed to work on.

  59. Ace,please stop posting crap.

    People should read what “ARSENE” says about Andrei an realise that they understand less about the game than they thought they did.

  60. I thought Bendtner had a terrible game yesterday and wouldn’t be surprised if O’Neill gets additional help. The standout in the second half was MacLeen (sp?), the left winger. Bendtner did not work very hard, wasn’t in good position many times, lost the ball frequently or lost aerial duels and couldn’t control the ball in traffic, then he missed his good chance 1 v 1 with the keeper–it wasn’t an easy shot but a top striker would have forced a save or scored that.

    If he had, we would be playing to go into fourth with a win.

  61. Go on George.

  62. I am also looking for Ramsey to have a big game. We need our midfield to win the battle of possession and to penetrate Swans’ excellent defensive organization at home. Hopefully, Rambo be inspired to play well against his home club Cardiff’s big Welsh rivals and will score one and assist one to RvP.

  63. If Arteta is out, we have problems, but Rosicky can play there. Coquelin is injured, Frimps (though this wouldn’t be his kind of game) on loan, JW and Diaby injured. Looks a bit thin but Benayoun can also come on for Ramsey or Rosicky from the bench, so we are covered for today. I hope we are at greater strength for next weeks ManU match. We need a bit of vengeance.

  64. Secret Agent Frimpong did well yesterday.

  65. Limestonegunner

    Yes, Agent Dench accomplished his mission but Agent Bendt may have turned double or just not be capable.

  66. why is arteta out?

  67. Win today is a must. I hope TH12 starts, on the wing with RVP . I am of 2 minds regarding starting TW14 or AA but either way we look good. A comfortable win today would be nice. Great to see Frimpers doing well. I really hope he turns out to be a manster. We could use one of those in our side.

    Did not watch the game but read that the goal the Spurs conceded was a corner kick that should have been a goal kick and the goal Ade scored was really onside. Combine that with the points the refs cost them at Stoke and I guess the refs are now on our side as we try to catch Spurs. Unfortunately they have cost us points too, Refs cost United 2 points against Newcastle and knocked them out of the CC, Mancini is livid and thinks the refs are after him, same with King Kenny. I have not heard of the refs hurting Newcastle of Stoke so I guess the refs are really favoring them this season, but all the “small teams” have been saying for years that the big teams get all the breaks. Its all so confusing. I wonder if its all just random inconsistency by the refs?

  68. Bill,

    to be honest, i am that cynical about the media that when the media say a city, utd, spurs, liverpool or chelsea goal was wrongly ruled offside, i won’t believe it.

    i mean, no one really said van der vaart handled the ball before scoring against us. to them it was a great goal.

    so i am sceptical about their bias.

  69. not to forget, that no one bothered, when our goals get wrongly ruled offside.

  70. Block4
    You really are a miserable soul man! Why on earth did u feel the need to post that utterly negative tripe? So, he had a poor game in Greece so cant step up to the champs league? Erm btw, playin well at the spuds is a million miles from the CL is it? Hmmm, i think you were just desperate to put a downer on tings werent you. Shameful.

  71. I agree with els @ 12.38. You can’t buy dignity and class

    Yum. That was a tasty goal from Joel Campbell.

    Here’s another nice post from my misquoted pal, The Brain. It was written before the press conference, ‘Cant be arsed with halfwits with silly names’ would’ve enjoyed this quote:

    “Arsène Wenger has complete trust in the recently maligned Andrei Arshavin having played him in the most games for Arsenal last season.”

  72. Korhikage:

    Bad stuff happening to everyone I guess. Everything is a mess and there are bad calls every game, it all becomes very confusing.

  73. George

    Like a dog with a bone man! The eejit wadted his time typin up that much bile that took 2 seconds to scroll past.

  74. it all becomes very confusing.

    Only if you ignore why, say sports like Baseball, American Football regulate themselves much more efficiently. Why could that be? Why do they aid their officials? I mean, it’s not like players in Association Football are taught how to foul and how to play the ref from a young age, is it? Excuse whilst I go and wring my hands in confusion. Oh. Woe.

  75. No Project Youth at Arsenal It Is a Lie @12.42 “…..because the team play like old french lovers. Plenty of kissing but no penetration. In fact no virility at all.” LMAO!! but seriously dude,you need to have your system rejigged by whoever made you.a new software perhaps.

  76. Looking forward to the match, Swansea play some the good stuff.

    Wolves are not appaling when they play at home. I think those who are judging Frimpongs technique before he has even played five consecutive games at this level are, well, they are jumping the gun on the young Arsenal player.

  77. If the end of last summer`s transfer window is an indication of our transfer policy then the next two games will decide if we buy someone this month.

    If we get a couple or even one good result I don`t think Arsene will buy at all but a couple of defeats would heap the pressure on again & I believe at least one player would come in.

  78. Finsbury
    Precisely. Frimpong is out on loan to aid his development and improve as a player. He and Coquelin are cu rrently behind Song, it will.b interestin to see how they compete for places next season. Competition like that is great man.

  79. dexter, I’ve seen too many young players be lauded on message boards and then disappear without being the world-beaters they’re purported to be.He had a good game yesterday, great. Let’s see him put ten good games together and we might have a player on our hands. Not miserable me, I just don’t go in for building up players who have done nothing in the game.

  80. Cheers Fins.

    If Arty is out today, then TR7 is playing surely. Oh man do I miss Rosicky. I just can’t understand the lack of playing time for him.

    Tomas Rosicky the forgotten midfield maestro with added bite.

  81. Ffs dude! Dont compound things by hammerin ur ultra negativ point! No ones hypin him up. They were simply respondin to a post askin what they thought of him. Jeez, talk about a killjoy! 🙂

  82. Wading into the Frimpong technique debate. I doubt whether the ‘fans’ writing him off have barely seen him play. The boy has more about him than strength and commitment. He does that Vieira over the head run around you bring it down manouvere an awful lot.

    Also I bet the ‘fans’ whining and moaning are the same fans that slated the team for not having enough tough players especially in midfield.

    Well y’know ‘some fans’ just don’t have enough clues to fucking rub together. I think ‘some fans’ just like to piss and moan as it’s all they know. Let’s just wait a couple of seasons and we’ll see hat is what. I reckon we may just have Song mark II. Slated at the start of his career only to become world class. That’s literally world class, could walk into any team and do his job.

  83. Els
    Yeah playin Tomas makes all kindsa sense. Song, Aaron, Rosicky is a decent combo, imo.

  84. Interesting to see which of the promoted players are making names for themselves this season. You never can tell. Coquellin, Yennaris and Miquel really doing great stuff for a first season. I don’t think they would be the ones expected to have shone. Or is that just me?

  85. Now now els! You cant go around biggin up our young pkayers, thats not allowed u know!

  86. Dexter, that midfield line up is just great. I would love to see TR7 finish his career in our red and white. Perhaps the one negative of being a gunner is that you don’t see many players hang up their boots with us. That said with our newly found importance of senior players we may see it happen more. I vote for a 3 year extension for Rosicky. Nobody comes in and can be relied upon more than him so far this season. Perhaps Yossi but he isn’t our player and I’d choose Rosicky over him due to that.

    Anyway I’m going to leave my Rosicky blow up doll in the cupboard until I see the team sheet. Haha.

  87. Els
    Not the other 2 but ive followed Coquelin ever since i saw him n was really impresed a few years back. Glad he is gettin his chance, dm is probably his best position, but he wud do a job anywhere!

  88. Haha, trying to keep it to a minimal here Dexter. So what’s the negativity like around here these days? Doomers still running amok?

  89. Yeah I always try to keep a good eye on the youth. It’s the way to be a gunner me thinks. I honestly get more excited by the promotions to the first team pre-season than I do any transfer dealings. Far more rewarding. Especially at this club.

    Yeah coq is looking like the Eboue utility player needed. We defo have space for all the up and coming in the squad.

  90. Els:

    Sending Frimpong on loan so he can play regularly was a great idea. I think he will be a huge (literally and figuratively) player for us in 2 – 3 years. The team has needed someone like him for a while.

  91. Haha!
    I like Tom, wots not to like? Weve missed sum experienced squad players and now, thankfully he is fit, mostly, we shud definitely keep him around.

  92. What am I compounding dexter? I’m just giving an honest assessment of what I have seen.

  93. Yeah els, i love it when kids come thru. Frimpong is a year behind in his development, so Coquelins ahead of him atm. I can see Coquelin bein a great player for us (whoops, darn it, hypin up a young player!) We lost another kid to a longterm injury, a midfieler, forgotten his name! He wouldve been in 1st team squad i reckon otherwise. YennRis n Miquel r doin really well too.

  94. i thought frimpong was a monster against liverpool until he got sent off. easily the best player on the pitch for me. young players at the top level for the first time will always be inconsistent. the loan at wolves will do him good if he plays regularly, in the same way wilshere benefitted from his spell at bolton.

    i have confidence in frimpong, because he has shown he’s got the heart. he just needs to learn to channel his energies.

    the same people slating him off will be doing the same the moment AOC doesnt play well for ONE game.

    and you wonder why the world we live in is so screwed up.

  95. it is not even about keeping things in perspective, managing expectations, being patient.

    i think those people must have slagged henry off all those years ago, said he was useless. they probably said the same thing about wilshere. about koscielny.

    some people just know know talent when they see it.

  96. B4
    Ill try my best to explain it for u, tho i doubt it will register.
    Shotta posted a link to a wolves forum as a repiste to those who had written a young player off before hed played regularly and after a serious injury. Every single comment was positive, sumfin one would b hard to find, even on here! I highlighted a few of the comments.
    Then u decided to wade in by sayin he was crap in greece n the cl is way different to an away game vs the spuds!
    How was that relevant to anything sed by the wolves fans, shotta or me?, ill giv u a clue, it wasnt at all.
    Is he playin in the CL with Wolves? No, but you felt the need to find fault, even when it wasnt necessary or pertinent.
    I hope that clears things up now n we can move the fuck on!:)

  97. Korihikage
    Yeah man, i was at the game, he was the best player by a mile, altho everyone else was shockin! You are rite too about inconsistencies, Jenkinson was written off after the OT game as well.

  98. This will be a tough outing. If we do not capitalise when we are dominating the game this game will be another Fulham and we will return from Wales with egg on our faces. They are a team set for counter attacking blood and guts football giving a every good account of themselves at the Grove. However I think RVP would welcome the intelligence of TH14 as numerous times RVP creates a guilt edged chance which is squandered by Theo n Gervinho. Henry may not have the legs anymore but the skill n guile are still there and Im sure the sight of him in the box will scare any defence. It also all depends on which Arshavin turns up. When will the Ox get a run out. Heart says win but head says draw. Swansea are up for a good scrap. Hope not. Spurs cracking under the pressure. Chelsea and liverpool still unconvincing. COYG.

  99. How are you Bill?

    I think Frimpong is at the right team. He’ll see more action than Chuck Norris in that midfield.

    Dexter could it have been Hoyte or Eastmond that got injured. Think they both did. I thought Eastmond was going to do good things a couple of seasons ago but now he’s down the pecking order.

  100. Really afraid of Vorm. He just has it in himself to stop anything we throw at him. I am confident we will create our usual plethora of chances but more afraid than usual that we will end up with a scoreline that doesn’t reflect our dominance in that department one bit.

  101. dexter – you and els are doing a fine job on here today. Was it Conor Henderson the promising youngster you were referring to? Got injured pre-season if I recall?

  102. Els
    Nah man, neither of them. Think his names Henderson? Will hav to check later when im back in blighty n can b arsed!

    No doubtin itll be a tuff game, Henry cud well b the match winner again.

  103. Yep young Irish lad very promising.

  104. hope to see ox come on at some point, good player. I thought Arshavin worked hard last time out but is still not playing to his own standards. For me, Van P has had a rest so why rest again, this is too big a game to go into without our best goal scorer. Some might argue that he could get injured but that could happen to anyone at anytime . To continue to worry about something just because it has happened in the past and might happen in the future has a negative effect, the boss has said it many times that playing with the hand brake on has its problems, he who dares rodney, he who dares

  105. Ha! Thanks Steww! 🙂
    And yeah, thats the player! We do hav some rotten luck with injuries.

  106. Els
    No Rosicky! Benayoun in place of Arteta. Miquel at lb, arshavin n theo with RvP

  107. Els:

    I am excellent, thanks, hope you are the same. Wish you would come around more often. Blogging is addictive and you seem to be able to control the compulsion better then most. It takes a lot of time and energy. Anyway, always enjoyed your input so hope you stick around.

  108. 11 different nationalities today! We are the united colours of Arsenal today! 🙂

  109. Thanks for the thought felt comments. It’s my birthday today and I have done a marvellous job of breaking myself. My goal is to make it to the end of the game and then fall into a sleep almost unidentifiable from a coma. It’s good to have targets.

  110. Sriram – India have been so disappointing. No real pride. I think a good but hardly excellent Australia will roll them again. I wish it were not so.

  111. I feel like today is a great opportunity for a few of the players to shine that have not been living up to their expectations so far this season. A few goals from midfield would be wonderful today. I would like a 3 or 4 goal win, but my head tells me it will probably be a bit tighter than that.


  112. Team in full: Szczesny, Djourou, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Miquel, Song, Ramsey, Benayoun, Walcott, Arshavin, Van Persie.

    Substitutes: Almunia, Yennaris, Squillaci, Rosicky, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Henry, Park.

  113. I think Benayoun can really help with adding some additional drive from midfield. Perhaps Ramsey will be asked to play a little more simple, and controlled a la Arteta, so that Benayoun can go sniff out a goal or create…

  114. Really think Yossi is a good player. Hope he influences the game today. He should get more playing time.

  115. only Man utd have won at Swansea this season

  116. Need to up our finishing today. Vorm has been the best keeper in the league so far…

  117. One thing is for sure…there will be no lack of endeavor in the midfield today. Ramsey and Benyoun are full of energy…that bodes well.

  118. Are we going to see the “free” AA today?

  119. MJ…that had not occurred to me…I guess it is possible for him to be in the middle with Benayoun on the left…perhaps they will interchange a bit?

  120. Happy birthday Jonny,
    hope you make it to the end of the game and then fall into a sleep almost unidentifiable from a coma because we won!

    hope to see some TR7 alongside TH12 at some point.

  121. Yes, I guess its gonna be that way. Don’t think Benayoun has ever played in the middle ever in his career..?

  122. If he is on the wing and Arshavin is in the middle I will be really excited to see how it shapes up. Could potentially be some great link up between Arshavin and RVP!

  123. I guess the only real question was rosicky or Benayoun..maybe tomas stii has not got fully past the bug..great option of the bench though…

    1-3 to the Arsenal


  124. Jonny

    Happy birthday mate!!! have a great one…

  125. What happened to Arteta? His absence is slightly worrying. That’s when you realise that a player is good.

  126. I fancy Walcott to score one today

  127. Jonny:

    Happy birthday. Hope all is well for you. My dad had Parkinson’s disease which is a slow painful thing to watch someone go thru. I can certainly understand your concerns regarding your father. Good luck.

    Stay awake, should be a good game today. RVP for a brace. He should be well rested.

  128. I expect Benayoun & AA to alternate during the game.
    Should be fun.
    Pace is absolutely essential against these Swans

  129. Alright…Arsenal Jersey is on…Scarf around the neck…coffee in hand…it is fuckin go time. COYG!

  130. Vice..

    Hope its the lucky one 😀

  131. Lets hope the ref has a good game.

  132. My father in law just brought it home from his travels in England…it better be the lucky one!

  133. Any streams?

  134. What a move and what a goal!

  135. Fuckin beautiful…he is too good!

  136. Arshavin perfect fuckin pass

  137. RVP. The hero.

  138. Chocolate. I just opened a bar of chocolate and the choccy leg comes into play.

  139. Yes absolutely props to AA as well.

  140. That was a hard goal to score yet he made it look so easy.

  141. class!the vampire does it again

  142. Great start. Robin really has gotten good with that right foot of his! Great pass by Arsh as well. Really hope it’s a sign of things to come!

  143. RVP what a player. How many players in the world would have made that finish look so easy with their weaker leg. Amazing. Earlier, I said a brace perhaps a hat trick.

  144. Wow…the right Arshavin has definitely turned up. What a pass. Theres only one robin van persie.Arsenal playing like they mean business. Another goal needed though. COYG.

  145. Thanks steww. Great start

  146. Man Koscielny is fast…he never gets beaten for pace does he?

  147. I try!.My fucking stream just died.

  148. What the fuck…we look shaky as hell in posession and then give a way a pen….fuck!

  149. Obligatory goal conceded…check. Very cheap penalty though.

  150. just in time by the sound of things.

  151. allowing the opponents to pu us under pressure. again.

    more funny than sad really

  152. How the fuck did that stay out?

  153. Am I wearing red tinted glasses? This is one of the softest penalties I have ever seen in the EPL this year.

  154. missing arteta keeping the ball

  155. Go somewhere SV…you are more sad than funny really…

  156. A dive?. On the replay it looked liked Ramsey barely touched him, but no one really objected..

  157. New years resolution…must remember… promised wouldn’t argue on ACLF during games… must ignore negative anti support … must stay positive …

  158. The midfield looks a little confused right now…Benny and Ramsey runninng into each other’s space a bit…don’t look very fluid right now.

  159. midfield need to get a grip

  160. or put rosicky on

  161. It’s ashame we are giving the ball away easily in midfield, it lead to their pen.
    Come on Arsenal hold on to ball and don’t force it.

  162. They are just playing with more energy than us right now…lets hope that fades as the game wears on.

  163. Thought sure RVP would score. Just needed to lift it over the GK. I think we have another couple of goals in us.

  164. ramsey is too erratic today. tries too hard

  165. I just lost my mortgage. Put it on Robin scoring then.
    Anyone else noticed how good Benny is at intercepting the ball?

  166. It really would be terrific to have some fit fuckin full backs at some point this season…fuck

  167. Looks like the welsh fans have got to Ramsey. It seems to have affected his play.

  168. Yes SV yes that’s absolutely correct. What a great insight you bring to the game. Now be a good chap and help me keep my new year resolution will you.

  169. Steww…me too man ….me too…thought that was #2 for sure

  170. swansea are very good but we are making them look good

    we’re giving the ball away after individuals hold on to it for much too long

  171. Ramsay is a young man who occasionally makes the wrong decision. He always plays with great skill, great passion and never lets his head drop. I wouldn’t be without him.

  172. We need to see more from Walcott…not imposing himself at all right now…come on son…play with confidence and you will shine!

  173. No one expected this to be easy. A cursory glance at their home record told us all that it wouldn’t be. Let’s all stay calm and try to enjoy the game.

  174. Benayoun’s tripping me out with his anticipation …stealing passes all over

  175. Close again. Another brilliant attack.

  176. At this rate I am all for an early introduction of Henry or the Ox in the second half…

  177. Aman it’s almost spooky isn’t it?

  178. It’s been a good game, so far. Can’t tell which way this is going to go. Swansea will give up more chances. But can we keep them at bay.

  179. More brilliant passing.We are looking good.

  180. Miquel barely offside. I hate the way the offside rule is called. I know its been this way forever, but I think they should do some variation of the way hockey does it. Once the ball goes past a certain point on the pitch then there are no offsides. Sort of like the blue line. There would be more scoring and a lot less controversy and missed calls. Close offsides calls especially in the final 1/3 are a 50/50 guess at best.

  181. I think we are seeing what losing Arteta does to our ball retention with those posession stats…his job really is under rated.

  182. I like the way Swansea play too. This is a proper match.

  183. unfortuantely you cant have ramsey and beanyoun in the same team, they’re too similar

  184. closer to conceding than scoring

  185. I’m not arguing Moe – that would breach my NYR, but can I just point out you may have made an error as I am in fact watching a match and they are both in the same team.

  186. Another great interception from Ramsay this time.

  187. steww

    HAHA, oh stop it, you know what i meant

  188. Thanks for keeping us all informed as to what’s happening in the other match SV

  189. Moe I have just checked the rules and in fact as long as they have different facial hair they are allowed. They are only deemed too similar if their beards are the same.

  190. Song is fucking superb.

  191. I really think Wenger needs to bring Rosicky on in the middle to settle us and improve ball retention. Maybe bring on Henry or the Ox for Theo as well.

  192. Song is too isolated in our half, Ramsey needs to stay back a bit!

  193. so what happend to our pressing game? its like suddenly everyone els does what we do best better? when did the rest of the PL steal our trademark!!! hwo rude :p

  194. Steww, I would love to see Song do more of that. He is incredibly effective when in the attcking third. I think he is sensing that the midfield needs some additional drive and has decided to fill the void.

  195. I say get Rosicky in for Aaron

  196. steww

    I will not argue, that might provoke you enough to break your NYR over whether Ramsey or Benayoun have similar facial hair. What an odd conversation that would be! 😀

  197. Vice, that won’t be possible without Mikel covering for him..back 4 is too exposed

  198. Frustrating first half.

  199. Was it a penalty? I’m not sure. Looks like the ref got sold one.

  200. Good half..football played the right way…Rosicky, Henry, and Oxo definitely on the cards, probably Ramsey, theo, and Yossi to make way..We need to improve our retention to win this game IMO or maybe we just nick it in the end with a set piece, that would be a novelty though 😀

  201. Vice..

    Your attire is still on trial 😀

  202. This would be a perfect game for Wilshere. He would exploit that space and cause the defense to collapse and shift with his runs…Can we ever have a full fuckin squad? It would really do wonders for our overall game.

  203. If I was one of our players now, I ‘d have given one on the ref’s face

  204. Just saw the replay. NEVER a penalty. Basically, Dyer kicks Ramsey and then falls over. Awesome, isn’t it?

  205. Yes it is Anirudh…It has another half to prove itself…I am giving it a nice half time talk and things should be sorted.

  206. When Jamie redknapp says its not a pen..then its not a pen…

  207. poodle

    Unfortuantely there will come a time when the apprentice will be better than the masters. And we shoudl be proud that we inspired other teams to play such beautiful football at little cost.

    But sometimes the apprentices need to be taught a lesson

  208. looking at the slowmo’s defo not a penalty. Unlucky for AR as he seemed to get stamped on by Dyer. Hard for the ref – vut he did get sold by Dyer.

  209. Firstly Happy Birthday Jonny 🙂

    Secondly WTF!!? We are not keeping posession at all. Our game has improved ever since Song was released though, that is nice to see. Ramsey was trying to do everything and although he did well, 1 man in midfield is not enough. Benny is full of energy but not really making his presence felt. Theo as always is trying too hard, his first touch should be one to control the ball not hit and run.

  210. Take benyoun out put arshavin n da middle of the pitch and bring in Ox and pick up the tempo because Ramsey takes WAY TOOO many touches to play the pace Arsenal want to play

  211. The game really needs video replays. In real time it’s almost impossible to spot.

  212. Vice…

    The old hair-dryer eh???

  213. Half time replay shows Dyer actually stamping on ramsey but penaly goes the other way. Honestly video technology? No brainer. Swansea at home bouyed by the crowd so this is not unexpected. We just have to stay patient and make it count when we get the chance. \his gmae has goals in it.

  214. Ramsey lucky not to pick up a broken leg from that penalty – outrageous penalty decision, ref’s just make it all up as they go along. Twats. Dyer’s foot inches from snapping Ramsey’s shin – where he invents a penalty from that I’ll never know. Why the fuck were our lot not protesting?

    Jesus. Fucking. Christ.

  215. Wouldn’t take off Ramsey. He may be having a bad game but both Benayoun and Rosicky lack his stamina.

  216. Would love to see Rosicky, Henry coming on and thn wait to see if we need Park or the Ox.

    I do wonder why Yennaris did not start against Swansea as he is quicker than Djourou and he played very well last game.

  217. Our lack of width is really showing today. The way Swansea are pouring forward we should be punishing them on the counter. Arsha and Theo are getting crowded too easily. A proper run from a fullback would take some pressure off them.

    Djourou has to wake up. He was abysmal in the first half. He’s not pushing up and has left four or five players on side a few times. His support is also non-existent.

    If Ramsey settles down he’ll run this game.

    Miquel is doing well against Dyer, who is a tricky little player.

  218. The replay does show the pen was incredibly weak…in full speed it looked a lot different.

  219. So it is still a penalty if they foul us in our area. Excellent.

  220. Well i find it disturbing that we do not keep posession anymore. It used to be our trademark. Do we even have a trademark now? If we had swapped posession with scoring then ok, but we aint really are we?

  221. Well up the tempo in the second half. And our bench is stronger than usual. We can do it.

  222. OK, multiple slo mo replays show it wasn’t a pen, but at full speed and with only one look you can understand why the ref gave it, as it did LOOK a pen.

    More worrying is how poorly we have played, we need to be much better in the second half.

  223. @Gainsbourg69 showes the kid got potential yeh? 🙂 not the finished article but damn he got some raw potential.
    Him and Wilshere will be interesting together…

  224. Djourou does look really out of sorts out there. The thing that has been worrying me is the fact that he is struggling to trap the ball when receiving very basic passes. It immediately bobbles up off the ground to about knee height and kills the time he has on the ball to make a good decision or decent pass…

    Just let your mind wander back to when we had Sagna there…man it was glorious…I would love to see that again soopn.

  225. The last 10 were not too bad once Song pushed up. Ramsey needs Rosicky for support, that would also let Song be more selective about when he pushes forward, now he has too as Ramsey is very isolated in midfield. Djourou needs to start linking up with Theo on our right wing.

  226. Told ya. . .its gonna be a frustrating match

  227. heh did someone say Redknapp said it was not a pen? wow that must be the first time he ever sides with arsenal :p

  228. Is Henry going to come on and be our saviour again?

  229. make no bones about it, we were poor in midfield.

    Walcott is missing something, i just dont know what.

    Arshavin is back i think, but the fact that our players havent had the ball that much kinda limits how much he can do.

    Other than that we were OK.

    Arsene won’t make changes at half time, not his style, he will wait until 60, 65, 70 mark and make a change then mark my words

    A player has to be injured or playing extremeyl awful to be subbed at half time by wenger

  230. The ref was just yards away.


  231. Evil:

    “The game really needs video replays. In real time it’s almost impossible to spot.”

    Absolutely spot on. That pen would probably have been overturned with a video replay. Calls overturned all the time in American football with replay and it does not hurt the flow of the game. The game was stopped anyway with the pen. The clock should be stopped and a 5th official could be in the replay booth looking at the video.

  232. Come on Arsenal.

  233. Miqel is not that bad at all as a full back…

  234. This second half start is looking promising…

  235. AA should have at least hit the target there, but a lot better by Theo on the right this time.

  236. Great start so far.

  237. they got to up their game to avoid being subbed by henry 🙂

  238. Great cross by Miquel! He really has got loads of potential, doesn’t he?

  239. Their LB handling Theo’s pace, TH12 in the 60th minute.

  240. Kos playing quiet but very well

  241. why dont we got those curling crosses into the box? :p

  242. Walcott looks completely out of ideas…so predictable

  243. brilliant by Kos

  244. Frantic start to half number two

  245. Great improvisation from Rambo while on the floor. I love that he will not pass for the sake of it. Quick when he needs to be and holds the ball when nothing is on. Who could ask for more?

  246. they got well many shots off! i want more shotts off from us! Ramsey, Theo, Benny comon!!!

  247. More genius from ramsay the interception and incredible pass just short of RVP. You ramsay knockers must be bonkers!

  248. Arsene looks lonely. Where’s Pat?

  249. time is flying WOW

  250. Kos is just so quick, it’s incredible.

  251. Pat Rice I mean not Pat Butcher.

  252. Miqel been putting in some good crosses. But no one coming in on the back post.
    Standing still not moving or anticipating the cross, poor.

  253. comon arsenal! we cant let someone beat us with our own recipe. How can a little club like swansea have better front three than us(which they will have if they score from open play and we dont.)

  254. Fuck it.

  255. they play like Arsenal of old. its great play from Swansea..

  256. Blimey that was a good goal. We need to step up now.

  257. its free flow footy.it is what we should aspire to do..lol aspire to play like a mid table team :p

  258. You can see why they’ve only lost once at home.

  259. I hate to say it but that goal has been coming. Miguel’s passing has been awful. Fuck do we need Sagna and Santos. We are just not playing the way we should without them. It is no surprise that Theo, AA and Gervinho almost never score when they have such poor support from our FB’s.

  260. it was coming……..they deserve that,

    heres the question now?

    Are we gonna fucking wake up or not?

  261. We are being taught a lesson in posession and finishing today. By Swansea.

  262. TH12 getting ready to come in. Need some magic.

  263. Oh dear…Fulham all over again. Come on Arsenal. Lets shut this game down once and for all. Get the ox and.Th14 on.

  264. When was the last time we played for an hour without winning a penalty?

  265. I’m glad I’ve got no commentary on my stream I bet the sky plundits are coming in their pants. I bet for one thing some fools are blaming Ramsay because of the excellent interception the Swansea player pulled off.

  266. no fullbacks is even wore than no centre backs. altest we scored lat year…

  267. Hands up, we are gettin out passed out played out thought

    Credit to them

  268. @honestly steww can you blame them? with our play?

  269. The central midfielders have let us down. The ball retention and through balls have been horrible. Cost us dearly.

  270. Kenyan – stop it you are doing it on purpose. Remember it’s only January don’t deliberately tempt me to break my resolution by pretending to be a complete arse wipe.

  271. Yossi, Arshavin & Theo all anonymous, need to change it up ASAP

  272. Nice Henry and Rosicky coming on for AA and Benayoun.

  273. this is just schoolbpy football..

  274. Two of the main culprits have been substituted.

  275. You can’t just blame the midfield, we have been coughing the ball up all over the pitch.

  276. 65th minute..want to see the Swans keep this up?

  277. poodle I love Arsenal I genuinely only see the good in our play and if it’s there the good in the opposition. If we make a mistake I forgive and move on if we play well I love it and revel in it. I can’t help it it’s just how I am.

  278. to be honest, we havent been scoring enough, but our results have covered up the cracks

  279. No they’ve intercepted and anticipated and closed down really well. Come on be fair give them some credit, it can’t be all your own teams fault all the time.

  280. As a team that prides itself on the amount of posession we usually have then I say we have to blame the midfield more than any other position. Specifically Benny as he was anonymous. yes Ramsey lost the ball a lot but I think that is more to do with a lack of support than anything else.

  281. Piss poor performance.

    Walcott is apparently ill but was asked to play?! If that is true Wenger should be shot.

    Ramsey is taking way too long on the ball, it’s wasting a lot of opportunities to break the defense down.

    We keep giving the ball away like we are a fucking charity. Swansea are way, way, WAY more hungry than we are, it’s a fucking disgrace.

    I don’t mind losing if the lads put in effort, but so far only Kos, Miquel, and one or two others look like they even give a fuck.

  282. Get in

  283. great for walcott! hope he gets confidence again

  284. Here we go…Theo!

  285. man utd use valencia and jones as fullbacks and they still win. We are just disappointing

  286. Theo. Well done boy.

  287. Fuck it

  288. wow we aactually are very very very poor today

    wow just wow

  289. And there you go. Put the razor blades away.

  290. WOW someone just FUCK ME

  291. oooops

    hahah well done walcott

  292. Only Arsenal.

  293. OK get them out again.

  294. Finally Theo scores again. Great job! First team to score 2 at their stadium. Come on Arsenal. We can do this!!

  295. What the fuck.

  296. Theo:

    Now thats exciting. If he gets to score we are completely different team.

  297. What a crazy game.

  298. well fuck me again

  299. I honestly think AW has to do something this january or we wont get no4.. No chance in hell

  300. Razors at the ready.

  301. Lack of depth in the squad proving to be a big problem. Not enough competition for places, not enough options.

  302. im laughgin

    this is unbelievable

  303. Come on boys. This is schoolboy stuff. Dreadful.

  304. Theres no shame in losing to any premiership club. However, the way weve played against fulham and are playing today, weve sank to new lows. This is pathetic.

  305. Well Well Well. I really dont see Arsenal playing in the Europa league as a bad thing. Might be a trophy able to bed younger players and build a team without the pressure of success.

  306. Moe I sure hop you have a lot of lube. It’s been one of those afternoons. Some great goals. And a non pen of course.

  307. You would not believe it. We tend to take part n many “exciting” games like that.

  308. goood god

    ok got my razors out LOL

  309. Szczesny was indecisive.

  310. i just cant belive that

    hope for a few seconds and then back to score one

  311. Get the ox on

  312. Fuckin hell Thierry – never was any good in the air.

  313. embarassing? stupid? incapable? enough of this shit…..3 million pounds fine to players….fuck off…. seriously…swansea..???

  314. Try to keep calm folks, and enjoy the crazy ride.

  315. That goal is way to much like the ones we were conceding for the last 4 years. ouch.

  316. We are lapsing into some bad habits once again. Our players have got to take responsibilty.

  317. Miguel is just awful at defending and not exactly brilliant at going forward either for that matter.

  318. cesc_ara

    dont be stupid, only man utd have beaten swansea at home

  319. Much better now that we have Rosicky on in midfield.

  320. It isn’t over til its over.

  321. Its not the players though, they are good enough its the tactics.. we just cant pull it off with the players we got atm..

  322. All credit to Swansea, they’ve been great. Its us thats stinking up the place.

  323. Seem to recall just before Christmas someone on here confidently predicting that we’d overtake Spurs within 6 weeks and push on for 2nd.

    Exactly the sort of blind optimism and disregard for all available evidence that was so prevalent in the summer. Big changes required in May.

  324. swansea play like we used to do 😦

  325. @yes james.. but it does not really make it better you rubbing it in does it?

  326. Hmm, is this wise? A lot of pressure on young mr Chamberlain.

  327. The players dug that hole for themselves; need to dig themselves out.

  328. This is a ballsy move by AW. I would have taken off either Djourou or Miguel but either way it is what is needed.

  329. James – when we said top 4 my the end of the year people like you were similarly dismissive.

  330. seriously, absolutely abissmal today

    no one can actually tell me im moaning, absolutely abissmal

    But we are better now but its too little too late

  331. AOC for BFG……Song @ CB
    Rambo’s been lame today

  332. Imagine living a life of blind pessimism?

  333. It’s MIQUEL. Not fucking Miguel.

    Bit harsh to blame someone making his first lge start. Has he really been solely responsible for all 3 goals?

  334. i rephrase: Ramsey’s been VERRY LAME!…now he’s dead tired

  335. its n ot miqel James its the entire team. they have not manaaged to score at ALL.
    Swansea can score as many as they want aslong as we score more. and we dont SCORE atm..

  336. Sadly all of you constantly reinforcing the myth that it’s us being poor not the plucky Swans having a great day will start to become the accepted truth. this is one of the issues I have with you all.
    Never mind. You’ll grow out of it I suppose. I was the same when I was a lad.

  337. Steww, what position are we in now? Let’s hope we do get top 4 at the end if the season.

    Fail to do it and Their and RVP will be doing some serious thinking.

  338. sighs

    ten minutes for two goals, and we’ve had trouble scroing all season

  339. Djourou’s been good today..

  340. Really nice header from Ramsey. The angle made it hard to get past the GK.

  341. Poodle – yep totally agreed. The entire team is responsible for staying focussed for the whole game. Where’s the leadership to make sure that happens?

    Seems like *most* of the first 11 have finally got the message but most of the rest of the squad can’t be trusted.

  342. aaah comon Arsenal salvage one point atlest!!!

  343. The most we can get is a draw today. Lets just play for the draw. I wouldn’t like to be in Henry shoes. A few years ago he looked around him and saw Pires, Viera n Ljunberg. NOW??????

  344. preassure game preassure game preassur swanse into doing mistakes and get the ball and score!!! how hard can it be?? we are Barcelona light right? we do that kind of thing! its our trademark!

  345. i dont think we will salvage a point even, swansea are too good keeping possession and we are too desperate.

    5 mins left aint gonna happen

  346. if only we had everyone fit. But then again we are not the only ones with this problem

  347. What’s bloody annoying is that swansea are actually playing positive football.

  348. @i cant belive it! we cant even hold posession no more!
    we cant score and we cant hold posession and we cant put preassure on the ball and we cant win second balls and we cant retain the ball when we got it.

    Can we do anything anymore?

  349. where is the fun when we can all see the formation is to hard for our players to fulfill? when we can see that even though we love them all they simply man by man were not good enough to beat swansea today?

    You can go through both team sheats and pick every single player and point to every swansea player and be sure they all played and did their job better than the arsenal lads.

  350. Well, no one can question our skill and commitment and effort. We have been so close. Could have been 5 – 3 easily. Proud of the way this team never give up.

  351. poodle

    The signs have been there, but we chose to ignore them to support our team, but we cant do anything about it

    only the manager

  352. I wonder what arsenes going to say after this game, in fact, I think I could make a good guess.

  353. Poodle:

    We scored 2 goals, perhaps not as elegant as the old days but we have end product today. Their pen was weak but we have to concentrate on the other end. Kos is brilliant but he lost focus on that their last goal. We can’t afford that.

  354. We have zero options from the best. Oxo has looked lively. Needs more gametime.

    We need a striker and a wingforward/am

  355. Wenger will keep on believing in his players

    Dont expect any changes

  356. Shit performance. Got what we deserved

  357. steww, just admit it we were poor!

  358. @ moe i know, i know.. but it horrible to watch.. Look at spurs, look at swansea. they play the ballgame we want to play.

    Arsene has to do something in this window. he has to do stuff he hates, he has to use big money to salvage our CL spot or it will be hard to get back to top 4.

    Is it us that will be the team that makes way for brilliant spurs atm?

  359. Fucking hell…conceding after we had just scored…fucking hell…

  360. The Swans have held on…totally deserved
    They’ve outhustled us throughout
    Deserved WIN for them

  361. Fucking embarrasing

  362. we scored two goals that is true, but we were still outplayed by a better team imo. If Swansea were arsenal i would be over the moon cos they played really exciting fun great footy..

    we just ran in between and scored ok we did but we were horrible to watch..

  363. Steww, with all due respect these are highly paid professional athletes, not giving up shouldn’t be rejoiced as a wonderful characterial attribute, it should and is commonplace

  364. poodle

    He wont, Wenger wont, i promise you that

  365. That one was entirely down to us…Ramsey had a shocker, why he stayed on, when arshavin was subbed only AW knows…Theo had bit of a shocker too..the goal was the only saving grace..

  366. Spot on Luke, its a comment made by losers

  367. Steww, shipping goals through lack of focus calls the players’ commitment into question in a massive way. Can’t understand why Wenger tolerates it so often.

  368. if we do another 8-1 next week we really are hitting rock bottom…

  369. We’ve been outthought, outplayed and outscored today. No complain.

    I think in the league we are in big trouble.

  370. Effort?

    Jesus fucking wept, there was effort from about 2-3 players, most of the rest played like they were the fucking corpses at a funeral.

    Shocking shower of shit that went on!

    Wenger fucked this up six love.

    If we carry on with this crap we will get shafted by 8 from manusa again.

    Serious wake up call required, especially for Wenger, he really has to look in the mirror for this pile of crap.

  371. I don’t think so Aman. When u score the winning goal from a non existant penalty, its NOT deserved. We were poor though..

  372. Jack maybe back in March, then he needs 1 month or so to get into shape. We cannot exactly expect him to be influencial until end of march can we? Same with Diaby.
    So we are really stuck with what we got in midfield and its not good enough for top 4.

  373. Okay then pen was not fair..but the 2 goals conceded were from ridiculous errors..yes they pressed but in all fairness, swansea are not barcelona whatever you say!!!

  374. Can we return Park unused and in original condition and get a refund?

    That transfer doesn’t smell right to me.

  375. Poodle:

    We were outplayed but still should win when we score 2. It does not matter if they looked better, its how many you score that counts and we got 2 today. Our Defense has been superb for most of this season but it let us down today.

    Agree completely about spending money in the window.

  376. @mikesa wow dude! you come on forcefully today. You are usually not this angry…

  377. Well done Swansea. We were absolutely shit. Ramsey, as much as I love him, was horrible. He gave the ball away all game long. Benayoun wasn’t any better. We got beat through the middle, again. No spark, no Wengerball and no cohesion.

    Theo showed what he can do when he’s given proper service.

  378. I thought we’d be able to ride the henry wave a little longer. Whats plan C?

  379. mj….they were better, period!
    interestingly painful game

  380. People, dont be stupid, Swansea were excellent and no one has beat them at home except man utd

    But the problem is we made them look good to an extent, we were incredibly poor, Swwansea are the team we used to be in terms of how we play.

    The major thing for me is that when we have the ball and we have alot of options, we cannot choose the correct one or we take too long to decide, our pace slow and lethargic, and this is the big problem, the player have no clue what to do in the final third.

    Ultimately we end up going backwards, and that kills us. we used to rely on razor sharp fast passing and speed of thought, but we dont have that anymore.

    I think everyone has realised that, but no one wants to say it or admit it to themselves incase it turns out to be the truth, which it is

  381. @MikeSA

    Did you feel the same way a couple of games back when we had lost just 1 in 12 and won 9 in that run of games??

  382. I rarely criticize the manager, but seriously, waiting till 70th min for brining on Rosicky was unexplicable. Everyonw could see there 2nd goal coming

  383. Wonder how bad Artetas knee is.

  384. Swansea were everything today that I admire in football.

    Hard working, creative, quick and determined.

    Faster than us, harder working than us and much, much more direct.

    I don’t think we played that badly, we’ll play worse and win but I think this side has been found out.

    It’s a better team than last years, works harder and doesn’t give up but it lacks the creativity that would make it a top side.

    I found myself watching Henry, Benayoun, Arshavin and Rosicky thinking, ‘this is an ageing team’, more Chelsea than Arsenal in that sense.

    I loved Henry scoring last week. I don’t like having him on the bench while players we bought to do the job carry on sitting there. Retrograde.

  385. Shit…fuck…bollocks…Another missed opportunity!!!!!squad down to the bare bones and it shows. Naive defending to concede the 3rd. We always new this would be a tough game. Too little too late in the end. Heroic attacking, defending and goal keeping ftom swansea. Not helped by the lack of bossing the midfield and left and right backs played out of position. Commentry creaming themselves about Swansea playing like Barca…honestly.I cant bear to listen to this shite.Back to the drawing board. Bring on united.!!!

  386. @moe i dont think ” we made them look good”, they were good.

  387. Trying to look for positives but can’t anyone seriously see us making up 10 points on Spurs?

    I have to say that it looked like AW made a mistake starting Yossi, TR would of been much better centrally.

    And starting Theo and Arsh when both are horribly out of form looked wrong too, that combined with no full backs and 2 slow CBs playing against 2 speedy wide players killed us.

    Work rate wasn’t great either.

    Very, very disappointing, we are now totally reliant on Chelsea and / or Spurs completely imploding. Not good.

  388. Bill, our defence really conceded only one goal today. Their third. And that was because of a careless give away as well. The other two were the peno and the give away from Ramsey which led to the Dyer goal. Koscielny and Mertesacker were solid. Djourou improved in the second half and Miquel, although left alone for most of the game, did pretty well.

  389. I dont know..we really need to look at playing Arshavin/Rosicky behind RVP, Ramsey works hard and should be scrapping for a place with Arteta in that position

  390. yeah, Aman but they did not deserve to score more than 2

  391. @consol great post just what i was thinking too…

  392. @Poodle

    The site says slight calf strain, hopefully will be back next week..

  393. Swansea, Newcastle and Tottenham are playing really good football this season. Arsene said this is a short term project so I really don’t know how to feel about such a performance. Nxt weekend we kick the champions in the balls.

  394. I wonder why nobody here will criticize RVP for that 1st half miss..

  395. @matt spurs play fun atm though, only seen 3 games with them this year and they are creative, strong, direct, they score they got fast great winger, they got solid midfield, they got every thing..

    feels horrible…

  396. poodle

    of course they were excellent, but only because we gave them the ball so many times it was emberassing. I guarantee you, the arsenal team last year would have beaten them, i really beilive that

    As someone has said already, we are a better team but lack creativity and out passing is horrid now

  397. Ramsey didn’t play well. Neither did Song either. I suspect he gave the ball away just as much.

    When we don’t dominate possession, we look at odds and lacking any control. We made far too many mistakes in our basic play today to win this game.

    I don[t want to be pessimistic, but unless our players come back quicker than anticipated and get back into the swing rather quick or AW has already lined up some cheeky buys, I think we’ll fall out the top 4 as I just can’t see Chelsea giving up so easily.

    Current line up just doesn’t have the strength to push on and we are going backwards a bit now.

  398. I’m worried about our lack of presence in the midfield. We need a player who is can create and get us back to playing our passing game. Today we were pinned in our own half for much of the first half and we never maintained possession for more than three or four passes.

  399. For the first time since the beginning of this season, I am feeling quite negative about the team..We might have lost our 3rd game in a row by this time next week and be 7 points adrift of chelsea in 4th..cant see us clawing that back..we might even do a liverpool and miss out on europe completely..

    We will then be reliant on winning the CL to get into the CL..thats a scary thought…

  400. Nice one, consolsbob.
    Onwards and upwards.

  401. We need a fuckin midfielder whose fit. Lucho Gonzalez has openly said he wants to play for us gis team sed he’ll sell him to us and what does AW do, say no thank you. FFS sign him bring n competition n somebody who can score goals because if i have to watch Ramsey n Arshavin give the ball away time n time again Im going to drink myself to death.

    We should be playing Yennaris @ RB, Ox instead of pile of shit Arshavin out wide, Rosicky instead of Ramsey and leave everybody else then bring in Ramsey as a sub along with Henry and AW should buy somebody who can attack n the midfield and create chances.

    We missed Arteta terribly because Ramsey is a hard worker but thats about it

  402. @mj

    and SCZ for the goalkeeping error for the 3rd goal..2nd game in row hes made a costly error..if this had been Fabianski or Almunia all hell would have broken loose..

  403. Song played on the back foot today. Benayoun and Ramsey created nothing. Alex Song was constantly having to track back after a give away.

  404. @poodle He’ll bring in 5 players on January transfer deadline day after we’ve been thrashed by manure next week. 😉

    Jokes aside

    I remember someone saying yesterday or a couple of days ago, that this would be a season defining match and I completely agree. The pressure is really on for the manure game next Sunday. Three consecutive defeats in the Prem followed by a bunch of tough and rapid FA cup, league and CL fixtures is not a settling prospective. (Has anyone noticed we’re on the same amount of points as Newcastle and Liverpool are currently 7th?)

    That said I guess there’s no other option than to keep believing in the manager and the lads.


    /long time reader first time poster 🙂

  405. C

    The pile of shit as you refer to him probably played the pass of the game to set up our 1st

  406. GB – we have 2 players of that type, Arteta & Wilshere. Injuries played their part today..

  407. Limestonegunner

    I thought Theo had a penalty shout but he didn’t go down and kept scrambling for the ball. I think that time he admitted going down too easily and apologized for it last year might have affected him. If the ref gave it against Ramsey, he might have given it this time too.

    Otherwise, I think Henry played well, very intelligently. In general we were slow to find the right pass. The Ox looked dangerous. Miquel was a defensive and passing liability but can put a cross through quite nicely. Chezzer went down too quickly but it was a very good finish on the winner.

    It was a mistake to start Benayoun in central mid–that is Rosicky’s position every time. That to me was the key to our inability to control the game and hold possession. We were especially weak on the wings and that made things very difficult when we didn’t have our best central midfield either.

    Swansea outplayed us. They didn’t just outhustle us, though they did that too. They passed better and more quickly. Their skill players on the wing were especially good. Even if the pen was a bit generous, just look at the possession statistics, the passing statistics, corners, shots.

  408. @moe the arsenal team of last year were alot better. We do miss the kind of players Cesc and Nasri was. nasri scored alot last year. Cesc did too. Nobody has taken up the mantle!
    We dont score enough. we dont creat enough. We rely on Wilshre coming back but we cant expect him to do wonders. he is back maybe in March, has not played for 1 year, no preseason, he wont set the world alight. We will struggle with creativity for the rest of the season, unless AW uses his brilliant brain. and im sure he will…

    Atm maybe keeping hold of nasri and letting him go for free this summer would have been the best economical solution. Half a year with him in good shape, even if he did not last one entire season, he would have helped us win some games wich would have been the difference between 5th and 4th…

  409. Certain things clearer now:

    Ramsey’s style of play’s counter-productive against greyhound teams. Too cumbersome in movement. Unluckily TR7’d been ill all week. He should’ve started ahead of Benayoun.

    Without Arteta we’re vulnerable in defensive midfield. Too much work for Song to do, Ramsey’s not solid enough…LeCoq’s injured, Frimp’s a wolf.

    AOC’s the business. Definitely should play more. I’d even play him occasionally in CM to sub Ramsey.

    AA’s really best as a #10. Forget playing him on the wings. ALL EPL teams have figured him out completely. Assist-wise though, he is the best we have (bar RvP).

    We desperately require our CBs back. Djourou was good, Miquel just managed.
    I like Yennaris.

    Man U will be licking their lips…

  410. Terrible use of possession after we made it 2-2. I think he thought he was playing with the invincibles.

  411. @Limestone

    I thought Miguel played really well for someone who has not played regular PL football..Dyer away from home at the moment is probably one of the biggest tests for an PL left back

  412. Dissapointing performance. Noticed a general lack of belief and desire, which was par for the course last season, but was something I hoped the departures of Nasri and Cesc had removed this season.

    My hope these days is that we meet teams that are having offdays when we play them because I can’t see us beating any in-form and motivated team right now. Especially considering we find it hard to raise our game at this stage of the season, not to mention our injury woes.

  413. no moe…either the players dont realise the urgency or the manager is unable to make them understand that the most important thing in championships is to capitalise on your opponents hick ups…no excuses…. we are the better team, the faster the fitter the better technically the ones who should be urgent in making things up ..and we lose from some team that was in division two…some goat herders… i blame the team..all of them..you win as a team you lose as a team.. in the end of the day you dont need a manager to beat swansea….such games should be won on auto-pilot..if you want to be taken seriously. and my only criticism…..i wouldnt play 433 if i didnt have the right players for it….the three in the middle are not as tenacious…if song sits like anchor to protect back four neither ramsey nor arteta are iniestas to chase anything that moves in front of them, steal ball and create quick chance for our strikers….also in 433 the 2 wide forwards must find area…neither walcott nor arshavin finds area..only gervinho… who is in africa.. quick swithc 3-5-2 ..no messing round..yes its old style football but it brings results ffs and suits us a lot better. we allow to much space. we want three at the back ..one of them to sweep ( per) and forget the offside trap ffs…the other two ( kos and verm ) to kill anything that moves. weve got wingbacks..then play two destroyers at midfield ..one creator and two strikers…end of the story…if our game is close control and quick passing then what the hell are we doing playing with our players spread around unable to find eachother unless they carry the ball for 20-30 yards in whihc case they will likely lose it and allow opponent to ounter. 352..its not like we have any pace on the wings to play difeerently. neither do we have some midfield maestro with eyes all over the field to increase tempo with his accurate long/short range quick releases. we aint got world cup winners to play 433 like effing barcelona, we ve got ramsey theo song benayun arshavin etc etc etc..play a system that suits their attributes please……

    moe….swansea had 57-60% possesion…against…..arsenal…..i want to punch walls…swansea 60% possession against arsenal…….what? did swansea suddenly become better than fucking arsenal at keeping ball and passing it? no they didnt…they just wanted it more…and we were casual and complacent. whose fault is that?

  414. we do have better playes than Newcastle though, maybe that gives us hope? that if a club with that caliber playes can play that good then we can too?


  416. you do make me laugh though George 🙂

  417. I hope we can get our shit together by next Sunday. I have a feeling that we’ll be up for it against Manure.

  418. amazing game
    well done swansea..you were brilliant..
    we were outpassed and outclassed..

  419. Just some facts

    Ramsey wont be dropped, wenger likes to give players an overdose of chances before scraping them

    We wont sign anyone other than an emergency full back this month

    And our play is only efficient if we can get it to the wings quick enough or counter attack, we DONT open up teams like we used to.

    I have learned something today, and i think everyone should know this if you dont already know.

    We arent the same Arsenal, but we still play the same game with the wrong personale. And i think we’ve been gettin away with a solid defence and Robin Van persie.

    Its true

  420. @Aman

    Defo agree about the AA point..when he came in-field like he did for our 1st he looked a threat all the time..

  421. 1 brillant pass doesnt make up for the rest of the match along with him and Ramseys poor play that led to the 2nd goal along with his absolutely terrible work rate. AW needs to sell him n bring in some class midfielder ASAP because the way were going now not only will we miss out on CL football but also going to have a hard time convincing RVP to sign an extension

  422. @Poodle.

    Yes, I am hugely fucked off. As I have said many times, I don’t mind us losing if the lads put the effort in. There was fuckall effort in that. Swansea were hungrier, won 60/40 balls,, never mind 50/50s, absolutely piss poor beyond anything acceptable.

    That’s apart from when we actually had the ball and either passed it straight back to them or dawdled so long on it that we lost momentum (and the ball as well – Ramsey was fucking awfull, and it’s not the first game he’s been guilty of that).

    Wenger fucked this up with a shit selection and crap subs, and zero attempt to fix his abortion on the pitch.


    Nothing excuses an abortion like that performance. I wouldn’t expect to see such charity and lack of interest from our U16 team, and Wenger sat there with his thumb up his arse doing fuckall.

    So yes, lovely we had a good run, that’s why this bunch of cunts pissing all that good work against the wall is so annoying.

    All they have to do is try. If they then fail, so be it, but anyone coming up with excuses for what we just saw ………………. (best I leave it at that)

  423. @moe that is true and its worrying. We just cannot pull it off..

  424. That’s the spirit Skywatchingmug.

  425. Did anyone play well today?
    I believe that playing without fullbacks in this formation is the problem.
    Our three midfielders were all very poor for them.

  426. i wonder why we have not changed formation….

  427. this is one of those days that you want to sit down with theo and tell him if he wants a new contract he as to learn to play football first..

    the boys frustrating..it was one of those ‘throw things at your telly’ afternoons..

  428. Limestonegunner

    We didn’t look like the technically more gifted team today to me.

    Table looks ugly. 4 points back from Chelsea and in a three team scrap for Europa league.

    Lots of big games ahead. Hopefully we will be up for them but I thought we were motivated and working hard today. That’s what worries me. Even so Swansea passed around us. Good wingers are giving us trouble and that is what ManU has–Nani, Young, Valencia.

    Hope Arteta is back because our advantage should be in central midfield but not if Benayoun plays there.

  429. IMO we lost the game because of 3 things.

    1. We started Benayoun ahead of Rosicky which to me makes no sense. Benny is an intense player but I have never seen him form a ‘partnership’ with his fellow players the way a creative midfielder should. He was picked to fill in for either Arteta who is injured or for Ramsey who would then take Arteta’s role. For me it was Rosicky all the way, as was shown in the first hour when Swansea controlled midfield. It took Song to abandon his DM position near the end of the first half before we truly started threatening.

    2. Our FB’s were terrible. Djourou is either great going forward and cutting inside while abandoning any pretense at defending or is average at RB while almost never getting forward and supporting Theo. I do not blame him as he was playing out of position. Miguel however was just awful. He was caught out time and time again and gave the ball away countless times. Going forward he put in 1 great ball that should have been scored and 2 or 3 average crosses. Not bad you could say but his passing out from the back was truly awful. Slow too. He is not a sharp enough player for that position. The combination of him and AA leaves a lot to be desired.

    3. Teamwork. Or should I say the lack there of? How many times did Ramsey, Song, BFG or Kos win back the ball and then look for movement but find none? Twice I saw Theo with the ball screaming for support. None to be had from Djourou, who at the very least should be available for a backpass, if not overlapping with a run of his own. Benny ran around full of energy but to no avail as there was never any real build up play for him to be involved in. His running for the most part causes confusion in defenses but not so today as Swansea pretty soon realised that they could just ignore his runs, as even when he got the ball he had no backup.

    There are times when I just do not understand AW’s tactics. Today was one of those days. Both AA and Benny get a start ahead of Rosicky when we have no playmaker in midfield? Ramsey as usual takes it all on his own and after a while starts to get frustrated and sloppy with his passing. Truly awful display and yet we still scored 2 goals. We must be close to being the finished article, surely? Today I think it was the team selection that caused our demise. I think Yennaris should have started at RB, he earned it after his last performance. Rosicky should have started ahead of Benny(c’mon he is an impact sub surely?) At LB I probably would have started with Miguel too to be honest as what other choices do we have?

  430. if you were a top footballer in europe, would you join Arsenal atm?

  431. Aman, Ramsey’s style is not counter productive against teams that press like Swansea. If you see him as cumbersome it is because without proper FBs we have less passing options and teams squeeze us through the middle. Look at how things picked up once Miquel started making runs deep into their half. Ramsey looked a lot better offensively once he got some pressure taken off him. However, by the time he started picking up, Swansea scored a third and we were playing rushed.

  432. @ Moe

    Partially agree with you, we are not the same Arsenal

    We play 4-2-3-1 with a rigid set up with 2 sitting midfielders hence the defensive stability, with JW last season it was somewhere between a 4-2-3-1 and 4-1-4-1

    Do we have the personnel to play this way, I certainly believe so, just that as usual we have been banjaxed with injuries and this season, after the start we had, we left ourselves no room for mid-season dips in form, which accompanies a flood of injuries

  433. Fuck off, Poodle. You think a top footballer would join Chelsea or Spuds?

  434. I want the season to end now! – not felt this upset over a defeat since the League cup Final last year! 😦 –
    On a bit of a downer over this one……..

  435. @Irish

    To be fair, I think Rosicky was not fit enough to start after his illness..at least I hope that was the reason..

  436. Gainsbourgh, that wasnt the question though was it?

  437. Anirudh – Surely if Rosicky is fit enough to make it on the bench then he is fit to play? Benny is an impact sub, end of. Rosicky has the ability to link up play from Song to RVP, I do not think Benny does. Why not play Rosicky for the first 60 mins and then throw on Benny? To me it just does not make any sense.

  438. poodle

    The problem is we had somethings going for us before inspite of our lack of trophies, our incredible style of play that put the sword to anyone except barca even though we beat them. And also our financial stability and club stature and champions league qulaifications.

    Thats why players signed for us before.

    What possible reason could we give them now, apart from the financial stability?

  439. Hopefully we get the chance to field this team against united






  440. Limestonegunner

    Gains, I felt we were up for it, we just weren’t able to play well.

    This is a different Arsenal. Lots of good things about it: team spirit, determination, effort. I disagree that we didn’t try hard. We played hard the whole time. The problem is injuries to the fullbacks and a general lack of inventive, creative quality. No Fabregas, no Wilshere, and Arshavin is lacking sharpness. That ball for Theo for the breakaway and goal was there for more of the afternoon but we couldn’t find that sort of through ball which we used to see 4 or 5 times a game in times past. We made a lot of hopeful long balls over the top. And without Arteta we couldn’t hold onto the ball. I love Ramsey, but it is a big responsibility to put on his shoulders after a year out to a terrible injury at age 20.

  441. @Gains they join Chelsea all the time. Mata would have made the difference for us this year. Where did he go? Chelsea…
    Hes not the finished article right, but he would have been helping us more than Benny this year im sure..
    If tottenham stay top 4 and we dont, and they manage to retain their key players and manager, players will want to join them. Why not?
    CL footy is hugley important for the top players, they want to play in the CL as AW says.
    And Citys players for example even though they are out this year, will play CL footy next year. If the PL finished tomorrow so would Tottenhams players, but not Arsenals…

  442. “I believe the game is going to be frustrating for us.swansea know how to keep the ball well.and we dont know how to pressure the ball all over the pitch.” was what i posted earlier in the morning.i didnt bargain for depressing as well.

  443. @ Irish

    Im not saying it makes sense, just that sometimes maybe you expect someone to last just for 30-40 mins and not even 60 I guess, I can sort of see that possibility with an illness..

  444. Swansea were just the better team today. They pressed, forced mistakes, won possession, kept the ball, passed it around, found gaps, made runs, rolled in through balls and scored some beautiful goals, they should have scored more too and the goals they conceded were from sloppy defensive play. That is the Arsenal we know of the past few years. They beat us in our own game and we have never seen that happen except when we have faced Barcelona.

    We sorely missed Arteta today. He is the orchestrator for us this season. We were sloppy in midfield and on the wings. Ramsey, Arshavin, Benayoun and Theo had shockers. Djourou lost the ball too many times when put under pressure.

    Theo, apart from the goal, we should see more finishes from him. I really don’t understand why Theo is not able to get past the opposition full backs and whip in crosses like Valencia. Theo has the pace to do it, he is lacking in confidence.

    We should have started with Rosicky, but hindsight is a beautiful thing. Rosicky was sharp and you could see after he came on, he brought something to our midfield. RVP missed an easy chance by his standards. Swans should surely have been punished. But the miss means we are only left to think with “what if”!

    Kos could have done better for the 3rd goal. I felt he was a bit tired and BFG’s illness showed throughout the match as we failed to play our offside trap to perfection.

    We are lacking in squad depth and too many players are just out of form. And the position we are in the league at the moment and the position we want to be at the end, means we can’t afford to slip up. Some players have to really turn up for us this season.

    If we put ourselves in positions like this, then top 4 becomes a bleak possibility. But, all is not lost until the last minute of the last game this season. We just have to return strongly in the next match. RVP needs to fire up his battalion from next match on.


  445. True, Anirudh.

    I just hope TommyV & Arteta are back next week

  446. besides Chelsea may be full of old goats but they seem to get those crucial wins, they have that little extra that one percent that we struggle with. that one percent extra that we would have gained had we had a creative midfielder this yeaer that would work the entire year.

    im sure that Wilshre when he gets back mid march will not make us that much better. Hes been out for 1 year with no preseason!

    its a bit much to expect him to suddely make our midfield tic no?

  447. Tricky game this football, with HALF A FUCKING SQUAD. Anyway RvP kept up the scoring. So we still in for the golden boot trophy as a team.

    Bill if you are on, I do mean to get on here but been super busy trying to start a business. Don’t have time for the negativity, if it could be filtered to only show comment on your wave length then I’d live here.

  448. And one thing about Rosicky- For such a forward looking player, he hardly ever loses the ball would have been perfect for todays game as a starter..like I said earlier I assume he was not fit enough to start..

  449. Either way, fair play to the Swans. We are where we deserve to be in the league and nothing more. I think it is about time we stopped slagging off the 2 Manc teams for playing in the Europa league as that could truly come back to bite us in the ass. I still believe we can achieve 4th, possibly even 3rd at best but not if we keep getting our team selection wrong. AW has to start being more ruthless IMO. I admire his loyalty to some of our players and yes it has paid dividends in the past but overall it is all too much like the band that kept playing as the ship went down. I know I will get some slack for saying that but seriously I think we really need a little something extra. Henry is a bandaid and a bloody brilliant one at that but still a bandaid.

  450. Irish

    Rosicky and BFG were ill before the match

  451. Well lets say we will sort the wheat from the chaff as far as supporters go.
    We did not play well ,but we were missing 6 nailed on starters.
    But really,it is the fullbacks that are the problem.
    Can we try something novel .????

  452. @els look at many they got every defender out. we are not the only ones missing fullbacks.

  453. Anirudh,

    If Man Utd turn up next week then Theo, Rosicky and Arshavin will not be good enough to beat them.

    Moving Arshavin out of the club should be a top priority if wenger can’t manage an upturn in form by the end of the season.

  454. positives today was that Theo again started scoring though. If he starts to find his form like that we may take some preassure off RvP.
    And that can only be good

  455. manU ofc not mny…

  456. Heh, you know we are desperat for a creative midfielder when we go for Ravel Morrison! the wifebeating cheater that goes around mugging peopple with knives!

    bleh this is way depressing…

  457. Irish, it’s not about tactics, we were just outplayed today, Swansea have an excellent home record and we were not good enough to break em down, good effort but nowhere near the class required

  458. we need some players back..
    but one of arsenes weaknesses is that instead of adapting the formation to the players he has avaialble he sticks to the same formation and expects the players to adapt to it…

    doesnt work consistenty…never has…

    but he still does it..

    he said at the start of jan it would be silly to lose points cos we have no fb…were half way thru jan, a fb still hasnt come in weve stuck with the same formation and weve lost two games on the bounce…getting played off the park in the process…

    i love arsene to bits but theres times id like to give his nuts a kick..

  459. Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger on his side’s defeat by Swansea: “I still don’t understand where the referee found the penalty [for Swansea’s equaliser], then we defensively made some mistakes that we should not have done. When it was back at 2-2 we knew we could score a third but it was important not to make a mistake. But in the last games we have made mistakes that are difficult to explain. It is unbelievable, it happened at Fulham the same and again today.”

    inconspicous and vague, i think he needed to say how terrible we were.

    I agree with irishgray, wenger will beilive in his players till the ship sinks

    its not in his style to drastically change anything or drop players, he will keep supporting his players till the end.

    I cant decide if thats a good thing or a bad thing?

  460. @JamesM

    I have never understood nor do i think will ever understand comments like that..in his last 2 starts he has set up 2 goals for RVP..what more do you want from a creative player..and please look at the distances covered stat before commenting on the effort..

  461. Poodle – But look when Theo scored, right after Rosicky came on and started linking up with him. Djourou does not do that. Yennaris will and he is quicker, if he does not get the nod ahead of Djourou against Utd(providing he is healthy of course) then I can see Nani ripping us a new one. I am not really knocking Djourou as he is playing out of position. TV at LB for us aswell will give us a huge boost.

  462. Just watched the interview with AW after the game, he’s making no excuses.

    He blamed “massive mistakes” for the 3rd goal, and said that he feels we can get 4th place but not if we play like we did today and like at fullham.

    He looked shattered.

    Best he takes a long, hard look in the mirror and has some very harsh words with some of the players (and himself).

    We are one more performance like that from 8th place or worse.

  463. Irish

    These patch up work could have worked while our midfield was buzzing and were outplaying everyone. But not this year, this year we are a wholly different team. We are in a transition.

  464. BTW united come on the back of 3 points in 3 games and so do we..not such a huge difference in form, and we play at home..so I still am confident of a decent result..

  465. Limestonegunner

    If Rosicky was ill, I understand why Benayoun started. I picked Rosicky to replace Arteta with Benayoun on the bench before the match, so it isn’t just hindsight.

    You can play CB’s at fullback for a while but it is taking its toll at both ends now. We go into ManU game full of injuries again. But hopefully Merts and Rosicky will be stronger, Arteta will be back, Vermaelen will be fit.

  466. to be honest i think weve had a brave attempt this season but its not looking good now…

    by the time we get our injured back and get them firing again we could be too far behind..

    same happend at the start of the season…before the reinforcements came we were already effectively out of the title race…

    its looking the same situation in this month..lack of players, the teams struggling, by the time anyone comes back we could be effectvely out of top 4…

  467. Limestonegunner

    where is the AW interview video?

  468. We lost today because we conceded 3 goals. Swansea was the better team but how many times have we been the better team but still lost. No one wants to be outplayed but despite that we still scored 2.

  469. No Sagna, no Santos, no Gibbs, no Vermaelen, no Arteta, no Wilshere and no Gervinho ? Ofcourse we’ll lose a game or two !

  470. So I assume we’re talking league games here because he did nothing except spank the ball into row z against Leeds from a chance that a genuinely top class player would’ve buried.

    How many goals has he got this season?

  471. Yennaris seems much better than Djourou. Has got pace and can pass.

  472. JJ

    I agree its been a brave effort this season and we may not get CL football at the end of it, might not be the worst thing in the world if we can somehow keep theo and RVP, and get a good full squad before next season, this team has the determination and the discipline to give the title a real go for the next few seasons

    Keeping players is paramount though..

    Glass always red and white and half full 😀

  473. Limestone-

    Yes Rosicky was ill and if he wasn’t I would have picked him ahead of Benayoun.

  474. James

    Yes, he has set up RVP the last 2 times, makes a huge difference if an occasional starter is thrown in as a part of an entirely second string side or as a change in the 1st team doesnt it…

  475. Kenyan gunner

    People are talking about the deterioration of our style of play, not our lack of squad depth

  476. i think wengers pride or ego is stopping him from admitting the truth about ramsey.he is not a creative midfieder and can never be one.at best he is going to be a lampard.though he was the most hardworking player on the pitch,he was also the architech of our defeat.and he played the full 90 minutes to emphasis wengers misplaced trust in him.
    here is a thought,rodgers used largely average players to teach us a comprehensive footballing lesson,does that mean he is a better coach than wenger?

  477. And just lookin at stats of our shooting accuracy outside the box, and we are woefull

    none of the team bar van persie look like scoring from outside the box

  478. @ace

    We beat barcelona at home and should of won away except for shocking refereeing..are you willing to accept we are better than Barca??

  479. ace..

    also since Swansea are better than us..and we better than barca..do u think Swansea are better than Barca??

  480. At least I now remember why I love this site ,and in particular why I like some of the regulars so much.

  481. Limestonegunner

    Yes, very difficult to win after conceding 3. Ok a soft penalty but the other two were because of genuine errors or poor defending.

    Scoring two is actually good for us. How many games recently have we managed that? Not since Wigan, Dortmund, Norwich matches in early Dec. and November, a month and a half ago.

  482. i agree wit most of cesc_ara @ 6:14.

    as a CM ball retention & quick one-two’s are the basis of your game. Ramsey over-embellishes unecessaril. Against a Swansea quickness & accuracy are absolutely essential. They really are not that hard to score against but u need to be quick off the pass always.
    Ramsey was not good enough…

  483. Moe

    Are the two entirely disconnected?? deterioration of the quality of play almost certainly stems from injuries IMO

  484. Limestonegunner

    Hopefully, Theo scoring will spur him on. He gets up for the clashes with big teams.

  485. Now we a getting silly.
    1)we are better than Swansea
    2)Barca are better than us.

  486. Sorry my post was for G69 not Limestone

  487. Rusty Shackleford

    Long time reader – love the tenor of ACLF and the nature of the discussion…
    First time contributor – since today was the culmination of something I’ve been thinking of saying for a month.

    I do not want to see Arshavin in an Arsenal shirt again. My father is tired of me talking about it. It’s a matter of effort, of course, but also the lack of attacking balance that adversely affects Theo and his space, the lack of judgment, the lack of will, the mindlessness of the ruddy jogging when he feels he needs to paint a picture for the supporters. It’s also a matter of product. A lovely assist now and then in not enough to change my mind. Frankly, if you’re included in the Arsenal attack, there is a baseline of production. Arshavin in near or below th baseline. Others will give us something as well.

    All I’ve said is a usual refrain. Where I what to add something is the assumption that, should he expend the effort, Arshavin is world class and has top level technique. I don’t think he does. He has flashes. He used to have more. I wonder now about those Euros and my excitement that we’d snared him. Where did it go wrong? Well, it was some time ago. The form has fled, the class was never there.

    And Swansea exposed today that the occasional supporters’ supportive over-evaluation is a problem in the squad.

    Ramsay is the anti-Arshavin, all bustle and determination. But at times not much else. We wouldn’t be as high in the table without his self-belief and personality. But we’d be in the top three if his touch was better. He should have a double figure tally.

    I’d dump Arshavin and keep Ramsay near and dear. But neither really reminds me of Barcelona, Brazil, and a consistent touch of class. Gervinho and Walcott are hit-r-miss in this regard as well. Truly dangerous. To themselves and others. Walcott regularly takes a livewire moment of danger and turns it humdrum.

    So, in the past, the Arsenal played for poetry, lived for beauty. Or they used their young legs to press the issue with Flamini and a bit of cheek. What now? Passed off the pitchpaying their style. Arteta and Wilshire make a difference. Others as well. But we need more class in the squad, whether by window or wither reserves.

    Too often we are up a goal when it should be three. And if we can’t make it three as we have in the past, if the Swansea wingers outplay ours, we may need to commit to a more determined mien, a hard commitment to keeping the ball, and the imperative to boot the ball from the box. I’d rather we find a way to make it three!

    And that for the love of god means the end of Arshavin.

    I do like Miquel.

  488. all three goals came from mistakes
    the first was a ref mistake…
    the second started by rambo giving the ball away
    the third started by henry giving the ball away and then finished when it looked like someone was playing fifa with ches and hit the rush out button by mistake..

    some horrible mistakes..but it doesnt take anything away from the fact swansea played us off the park..

    they absolutely deserved to win…

  489. Didn’t see much wrong with Miquel. We lost too many balls in the midfield. They played a pressing game.

  490. Rusty Shackleford | January 15, 2012 at 6:59 pm
    Long time reader – love the tenor of ACLF and the nature of the discussion…
    First time contributor –

    Do me a favour and make it your last as well.
    Your Dad needs to give you a beating .IMO

  491. Limestonegunner

    Agreed, Aman. But we have no one else who can play in that position in the team regularly except Rosicky, and he was ill. If he had been fit, he would have played, but probably in Arteta’s position rather than up top. Ramsey has been given the reins and he drives the coach now. Those who say JW will help here might be right but that is a month off, really, and he is untested at this level in that position and coming back from a long injury layoff. It may make for a stronger midfield in mid-March for the run in. Hopefully we will be close to 4th.

    This is a transition year, as someone above mentioned, but unfortunately given the intensity of competition for top 4 now, we may pay a price for laying this big burden squarely on Ramsey’s shoulders. Generally, I’ve thought Rosicky should get some games, but he’s also been a bit inconsistent.

  492. Anirudh@ – Ace
    That’s a silly analogy and u know it

  493. On an other day, we wouldn’t have conceded any.

    But from today, I have begun to like Swansea. I hope they finish top table, such a showing of positive football deserves such a finish.

  494. anirudh
    my fear is that if we dont get cl this year our squad will again be reconstructed and change for next season..and if the wrong players leave we can forget about titles for a while….

  495. I think AA has take some of the blame for the second, he gave Ramsey man and ball. And he sort of bottled the tackle. Which you could kind of understand after what he has horned to him.

  496. Its no secret that this team is not as technically creative as past teams. When we had our good run this season it was RVP’s brilliance and great defense that carried us. Today we had RVP and even Theo chipped in which is more then most games in the last few months. This team is not going to play teams off the park, and the only way we have any chance to save top 4 is with defensive solidarity. Today we lost our concentration especially after Theo scored.

  497. JJ

    But they pressed hard and forced those mistakes. They showed us off the ball work ethic. We give teams too much space, still!

  498. we can forget about titles for a while….

    JJ,that’s just the way of the football world.
    If we don’t get CL we will do much better next year with more focus from the off

  499. George – Be nice mate!! 🙂

    I would emphasise that Ramsey usually has 2 players supporting almost everything he does, Song and Arteta. Today it was just Song and he had his hands full with a team that loves to charge forward, they played most of the first half with only one CB with the other(Williams?) staying up front for large stratches. For those saying Ransey is not good enough, give me a break as every single team in the PL would have him in an instant. We missed a play maker today and it showed as midfield was overrun again and again. We all agree our FB’s are simply fill-ins at the moment as our 4 starters are injured, so not much doing there.

  500. You know Nasri and Cesc combined score over 24 goals and have 24 assists between them.

    That is what we miss this year… Nobody has replaced that. Nobody.
    nasri scored 15 goals and had 5 aassists. Cessc had 19(!) assistas and 9 goals!

    How the hell do you replace that??

  501. I won’t call for signings coz Arsene
    doesn’t work like dat. Lets just throw
    Wilshere, Afobe, Campbell and Ryo into the mix nxt season and let them play their way to prominence.

  502. And honestly I feel it was a penalty. The only reason one may feel aggrieved is because of the lack of penalties that has gone our way.

  503. the year before cesc had 19 goals and 19 assists. in one yeaer(!)
    its insane.. but honestly. those 24 goals and 24 assists that those two plaeyrs proveded last year is what divides us from the top 3 this year.. really…

  504. We can go on calling Nasri a cunt but he was immense for us last season. We lack midfield support among the goals.

  505. Another poor away day. I thought there was a general malaise & an acceptance that I`d hoped we`d seen the back of … but apparently not.

    Having said that another joke decision went against us yet again. We`re too easy to ref – nobody ever complains – just a shrug of the shoulders & oh well , never mind. I`m not advocating a surrounding of officials whilst screaming obscenities style but a few appeals & some passion would not go amiss.

    Fair play to Swansea. They looked like the team with pedigree today.

    As for individuals , the position where Arshavin picked the ball up for RVP`s goal is where he should be playing. He`ll continue to struggle out wide.

    His goal apart Walcott had a shocker. Ramsey too. Benayoun was anonymous. We appeared to have no midfield at times. I thought Miquel did OK actually & Kos was excellent (as usual).

    Fourth place is going to be one almighty struggle now even if we we start picking up points on our travels

  506. P2 – L2………what a friggin’ crappy way to start the year.
    def hope to see Arteta & Verm against Sir red nose
    Hats off to Swansea today.

    is it to be 4-4-2 or do we stay 4-3-3?
    will Henry start with RvP?
    will AOC play?

    profligacy sucks!

  507. Poodle

    What shall we do to change that? Gervinho and Theo were expected to step up and provide better support this year and so far they have been lacking in goals, though both have a fair share of assists.

  508. Just received a text from a friend of mine asking an interesting question: ” With Rosicky ill and Arteta injured, why did AA not start in midfield behind RVP, with Benny on the left and Theo on the right? ”

    I have to say she has a point, as that is AA’s preferred position. Plus it would allow Benny to provide extra cover for our LB. It would also add some much needed creativity in midfield and relief for Ramsey and Song at the same time.

    Hindsight’s brutal isn’t it?

  509. Rusty Shackleford

    Ramsay will be great. He’s 20. But he’s not good enough, often enough, right now, in a setup like today’s, to be the fulcrum of an attack that climbs into the top 4. I love him. But it’s the difference between hope for the future and worry about this year’s table. He has too much on his plate without Arteta.

    I’ll pass the parenting tip along to Pops.

  510. Cesc Fabregas is the best midfield player in the world.Our team was built around him.
    To say we miss his is rather stating the obvious.
    But this is a good team.But we are not seeing it because only half of the first team is playing at the moment.
    And yes,other teams have players missing .Look at City,they are struggling with just 3 first team players missing ,that’s half as many as us.

  511. @sriram we cant do shit except say we really miss them *cry* and that it is a shame that whoever we saw as their replacement were not ready to commit to us this autumn. Cos they may not even wanna join us next summer if we aint in the CL.

    AW knows, hes not stupid. Hope he comes up with something as i know he sees the same as us,i know he knows the same as us.
    Just hope he drags us through this. As some has said all year.
    IF AW manages to drag this team to top 4 its the achievemet of the century and his biggest achievement as a manager. And IF anyone can do it its him.

    But i feel resigned today, totally lost all fighting spirit and hope. This match was just so so so so bad. out played, out witted, stipped down to nothing by a good Swansea team.

    We did not make them look good, they were good.they played like their idols barcelona. We played like we did in August…. and that does not bode well really…

    But again if anyone can drag or transition team into top 4 is AW. I really dont think any other manager would have a chance.
    We got to put our trust into that… we really cant do anything els…

  512. Game Statistics (Swansea vs Arsenal)
    Goal Attempts 9-14

    On Target 5-9

    Corners 9-2

    Fouls 9-0

    Yellow Cards 0-0

    Red Cards 0-0

    Possession 50%50

    A look at the possession and the shots shows that we weren’t actually outplayed. But most of the rejuvenation was after conceding the 3rd goal and when we were chasing the game.

  513. Spy..

    The silly analogy was made to point out how ridiculous ace’s point was in the first place..

  514. george
    i can feel that point but how well do u think we are gonna do if we finish outside top 4 and some key players walk away..

    im not fussed about theo to be honest..il be annoyed if he leaves but ive gone through about 9 tellys and 4 laptops since he joined and then i watch performances like today where he cant even do the basics and i just think fuck it…weve got better options in the squad if it came to it

    if we lose robin though we can forget about titles and top 4…

    we lose robin we aint got nobody to step up..

    songs a worry as well…

    robin and song walk away and we can forget about top 4 for a while as well

  515. George..

    Sometimes does feel like talking to a wall when responding to people slagging off Arshavin doesnt it???

  516. Irish

    Arsh doesn’t start in midfield because he loses the ball many times and we lost today’s match because we lost the ball in midfield.

    Anyway, what do you guys think about Joe Allen, Sinclair, Dyer and Graham. All decent players and could go right in to our set up.

  517. I believe too much is being asked of RamsEy. His second half performances very often dip owing to his efforts early in games. We saw likewise with JW last season. I agree that he overplays a little , but that will improve with experience. People forget he`s very young & obviously has much still to learn.

  518. Ambition to make the top four is one thing
    Arsene has always set out to win the league that I have no doubt, but is his expectations outweighing this teams abilities

  519. Sriram – Fouls should read 9-9 🙂 We are not THAT innocent or fair!! LOL

    Enough of this shite, it’s off to the pub for me to catch the end of the Baltimore v. Houston game. Hopefully Baltimore can come out on top of that one (trust me it will keep The Girlfriend happy!!). Then it is my NY Giants v. Grenn Bay Packers. The weekend would really suck if the Giants lost too.

  520. JJ If we sell Robin there will be another striker or two who will come in,there always has been and there always will be.
    Song has played 4 consecutive poor games.He too can be replaced.
    Arsenal with Arsene will always be able to compete.

  521. anirudh,
    barca outplayed us.swansea outplayed us with average players.

  522. JJ

    Exactly my point, keeping players is paramount..if we do that, then finishing outside the top 4 one season may not be such a disaster..

    If we dont then well..Arsene needs to pull a Henry, Vieira, and a Pires out of the hat otherwise it could be a long few seasons..

    Whatever happens In Arsene I well and truly trust!!!

  523. Rusty Shackleford


    It’s the same broad wall Arshavin missed hitting with his first time flick…

  524. Irish

    Haha, I stand corrected 😛 Typo!

    Good luck with that game mate.

  525. The possession stats discussed in the AW interview was 55% to Swansea.

    Before we made a push for it at the end (by passing it around like we had a week instead of rapidly diminishing minutes), the stats flashed up with Swansea on 59%.

    If that was 50/50% possession I’ve got a zol tree growing out my arse.

  526. JJ,

    Yep, that`s the key isn`t it – keeping RVP. I`m hoping he`ll stick around even if we don`t make top 4 (which will will of course) but you really never know.

    A long way to go yet though. The clouds are already lifting – alcohol can be a thing of beauty.

  527. ace…

    barca outplayed us to the point that it was 3-2 in our favour after 150 mins yes 150 mins of football home and away eh???…okay I have absolutely no reasonable response to that!!!

  528. Surely this blog must not be talking about missing the top 4. We are not going to miss the top 4. Arsene will ensure that, he knows the importance of the top 4 for Arsenal.

  529. Sriram ,Arshavin did not lose the ball in midfield.He does not get caught in possession.
    He loses the ball trying to create something,usually in advanced positions.
    He is capable of 100%pass completion when he goes down that road(as he did recently).
    You know diddly squat.

  530. Rusty

    He was the only player who missed the target today right???

    He made one on the two goals today, he made the winning goal against QPR the other night, he got us 3 points against swansea at home..all when he is not even starting regularly..do I think he is playing to the best of his potential..no of course not..but is he playing as badly his detractors are saying,..absolutely 200% not..

  531. Loving the excuses their shirts were too white,the grass was too long,the floodlight were too bright

    Swansea beat us at our own game playing football.some of their short passing reminded us of us at our best.They didnt kick us they didnt hoof it.Their football was played on the deck

    The difference between both teams was our defending was poor the 2nd and 3rd goals were down to mistakes.What was Szczesny doing for the 3rd goal.Mertesacker is too slow

    Song and Ramsey had shockers

    Its now looking grim especially as Wenger says he wont buy.Cant believe so many bought into the theory than Henry can do it in the prem.He cant.

    Why was Wenger sitting 8 yards away from Rice?.Bizarre

  532. George

    Yes, even I am talking about trying to create something too. Without the discipline of Arteta, we can’t afford a player who tries something and loses the ball in midfield. Even Ramsey for that case, today.

    Rosicky is a much better player in that category because he has a quick turn and dribble.

    Just because I am talking about Arshavin, who lost the ball so many times today and criticising him for his mistake. It does not make me someone who knows diddly squat!

  533. oh well.. a win against united will be a strong result tbh.. if we can pull that off we are back on track imo…
    The win against Chelsea lifted the spirit remarkably and we are always better when underdogs..

    We win and tottenham loose and we will all be alot more happy comes next monday 🙂

  534. Sriram@
    With respect we know the importance of top four, but should not our ambition to be to win the fucker

  535. And you should have watched some other match if you don’t agree that Arshavin was caught in possession so many times today.

    Their 2nd goal had equal blame of Arshavin on it, as it had of Ramsey.

  536. Pedantic George

    If RVP goes we can always look forward to the worlds best striker coming back from Sunderland in the summer

  537. anirudh,
    stop making silly analogies.or you end up looking ridiculous.i’d rather you refrain from picking on me.we lost a match today and we are all hot under the collar.i am a proud akb but that doesnt stop me from saying it as it is.good night.

  538. george
    no thats not how arsene does it..

    he replaces them with unearthed gems or young players and we start from scratch again..

    in the space of two summers we face the prospect of losing cesc, nasri, song, and rvp…

    we couldnt even win titles when we had them the team still wasnt strong enough if we lose them all we can forget it all together…

    arsene never replaced cesc or nasri and we are suffering…ppl can say all they want we are better off without them but the truth is we are not..

    the only reason we have been scoring goals is cos robins stayed fit…take all three of them out of this team and we are are struggling..

    rvp wont be replaced like for like we’ll end up using joel campbell or chamakh or the saurez bloke…

    same happend with nasri and cesc..wenger was planning to use rambo and jack..

    we never replace top players with top players we go thru transitions but the competition aint as weak as what it was 2-3 years ago..it practically a top 6 now and we will struggle if we dont keep our top guys….

  539. You cant even read ,fuck off

  540. Aman, I personally think Aaron was crap today. However, I think he’s an awesome player with bags of skill and good vision. Let’s not forget that we’re just off fourth place and into the second round of the CL with him in our team. In fact, I see him becoming a hell of a lot better once Jack comes back in the team. If he looks cumbersome at times it is because he’s developing and not because he doesn’t fit into the team.

  541. Poodle

    That’s the only hope


    We should be trying to win everything that is in front of us to be honest. But our poor start to the season dictated that we atleast get top four. At the moment, Top 4 is the only realistic target. At best top 3.

    If we finish up there, and we keep hold of our players, then with some additions, we can challenge next year. Atleast thats what our hope is.

  542. I’m watching the Milan v Inter game. Since we won’t be playing Thursday nights in Bratislava, it is wise to have a look at our CL opposition.

  543. @spy one needs to have REALISTIC ambitions though and atm we CANNOT win the league..
    so why pretent that is our ambition? its not. This year, our ambition is to get a top 4 spot…

    Its no point having unrealistic ambitions is there?

    @mark hehe 🙂

  544. George

    Even Arsene has told a couple of times that the reason Arsh is not playing in the middle is because he loses the ball at times.

    You of all people, know that I like Arshavin and support him to do well. But that does not mean, a player is above all criticism. They are paid professionals and should always be open to criticism.

    I’m not arguing further on this. No use digging this hole. I hope he does get back to form in the next couple of matches.

  545. @Gains is Aaron not suppose in the future to maybe hold the Arteta role? while Wilshere is pushed forward as the creator? I dont think Aarons long time posission will be up there. Hes strength are better suited other places, but in the absence of Wilshere and i guess due to the fact arteta has more routine this is how we play atm….

  546. ace

    haha brilliant..you called a manger who had beaten us at home once 3-2 better than Wenger and now I am the one making silly analogies..

    anyways cheers and good night..

  547. What a load of moaning whinging bastards there are when Arsenal does not match their personal requirements .

  548. JJ

    I consider Nasri well and truly replaced with Gervinho..He has been excellent for someone in their first 6 months..Cesc well..remember we have been replacing cesc and jack this season

  549. Nice response Sriram

  550. @Sriram

    I agree with you. But why do you even bother trying to defend your point of view after getting responses like ”You cant even read ,fuck off”?

  551. JJ

    We are having a new look team every couple of years with more youngsters joining the fray.

    Apparently, we lined up Goetze to replace Cesc and from discussions on this blog, Gervinho replaced Nasri.

    We missed out on Marco Reus. Goetze should be top priority for us this summer, but everything depends on our position in the league come May.

  552. @Sriram

    Point well made about criticism..however I felt that AA was one of the few players above criticism today and was really surprised when he came off..I expected Ramsey to be replaced…

    and with AA in particular the unfair criticism, not you but generally is really annoying..

  553. Poodle@ pragmatic as ever.
    Least let me dream ha

  554. Dane and Spy

    Thanks! And Dane, Just for the sake of the discussion.

  555. Rusty Shackleford


    Fair enough. I went for a good line on the wall comment. Arshavin isn’t the reason we lost today—three defensive mistakes, the keeper’s positioning, and so on—and this isn’t the right moment to make the argument.

    But I do think we leak more goals with him out there. Gervinho makes defensive plays in our box. I think we struggle more to keep possession. Over the last year, possession tends to end with him. And I think our shape in attack suffers. Anyone in an Arsenal shirt playing in the front three will be a part of good movement and goals. It’s what he’s doing the rest of the time, watching proceedings from 20 feet away.

    In order to play the way he does, you need to make a habit of changing and owning games. Your thunderstrike needs to find the net. You need to be Bergkamp. Arshavin was that when he arrived. he hasn’t been that for a long time. And we’re forced to look for silver linings in the occasional assist from an attacking player and the odd game where he seems interested.

    He’s lost me. And there isn’t any other player in the squad I’m asking to go. I like Chamakh. I love Wenger and think he has worked wonders. And I’m a long-term thinker who likes the positive energy on this site.

    But I don’t think Arshavin is part of the eventual answer. the Russians will pay tobring him home. And we probably need to add creativity, some shrewd incisive play, as well as finishing and class on the ball.

    Or hope Wilshere needs no time to find his form and continue his ascendency. And the young wingers ass something sooner rather than later.

    The other day I daydreamed about bringing Bendtner back. I think that means we’re not yet where we need to be.

  556. Sriram

    I get the feeling that just like Ade, Reyes, and AA, Gotze might be our January signing this season..

  557. Sriram,I have always said the AA will lose the ball more often than we like and that if we are looking to play possession football then he cant play in the middle.
    But that is not because he cant keep the ball if he wants to.It is because that is how he plays his game.
    You dont marry your wife and then ask he to change,do you?
    If he is to produce he must be allowed to play his game or else we dont play him.Simples.

  558. Anirudh

    He did try his best. But the team really struggled because of many players on a poor run of form. We need the players to step up.

    I am not blaming AA for the result. Football is not a simple game where you can put the result on a player’s head. But collectively as a team, we lacked composure.

    Arshavin is much better than that. The Arshavin of last season would have stuck the ball in to the net, from the Ramsey through ball, 47th minute I guess.

    I was just talking about the deficiencies of playing Arshavin in the central midfield role mate.

  559. Rusty

    The other day I daydreamed about bringing Bendtner back. I think that means we’re not yet where we need to be.

    Haha…certainly…but I do not think its quite that dire yet 😀 we still cant deal with his greatness, we need to be much deeper in it, in order for him to use his enormous talent to dig us out 😀

    About AA I guess because of a great number of debates in the past, let me just say lets agree to disagree and be done with it 🙂

  560. No George ur wife marries you and asks YOU to change

  561. George

    I think you caught me wrong on my argument. AA tends to try things and lose the ball at times, because he is that kind of player, that is just the way he plays.

    I just said that AA is not suited to be in the centre of midfield, i.e. current Ramsey role as Irish suggested.


    Yes mate. I hope so too.

  562. Sriram

    Agree mate..he is still short of his best, but that will come with game time and confidence he gets with assists like today..but still felt AA and Mert were actually some of our better players today in my reading of the game…and I still am quite puzzled about why he did not complete the 90…

  563. Arshavin helped us when we were chasing Aston Villa for the top 4, a couple of seasons ago. Let us hope we bring in someone who can help us this season.


    Optimism to the core!

  564. What an abyssmal performance it was today, but tbh with the current injury status our squad isnt better.

    I cant beleave we hold on to a player like Diaby no matter how much we feel with his situation. He is supposed to be the 4th or 5th midfielder in the squad, but is more or less allways injured.
    Rosiscky at best can play a game every 2 weeks and Gibbs is very injury prone aswell.

    Beside that we have players in the squad that is to poor for PL action. Djorou and Squid is the 2 that comes into mind first. Both are very erratic in their play with a fairly good performance every 10 game, but for the rest they are mostly rubbish.
    And then there are the “unmentional” goalie from spain…..It bugs me that he still is at our club. Buy out his contract and let him sod off.

    Ohh and then we have Arshavin aswell. He is very very good when inspired, but he hasnt been that for 2 years now. On top of that he is a luxury player and in todays football you dont have room for that. Especially not in England.

    Well I know I get flamed for this, but tbh its really hard to look aside from these problems on a day like this. It starts to remind me to much of the Terry Neil days and I absolutely dont want that back.


  565. Anirudh

    AA doesn’t always play the 90, Arsene always substitutes him on the stroke of the hour.
    Mertesacker looked a little tired to me because of his illness. He was as good as usual, but he is the commander at the back, he holds the line, he calls in the shots at the back, but today, the leadership was missing at the back from him. We struggled to maintain our offside trap today.

  566. gervinho replaced bendter..wenger wanted to keep nasri and play them in the same team…but then we had to reshuffle..

    nasri and cesc were never actually replaced..rambo and jack were to make the step up and personally i would have thought we would have looked stronger with those, gervinho and nasri all in the same squad ….why do we always have to lose a good player before we get one why cant we have two or three…sort of helps with squad depth but hey ho..

    we wanted gotze to replace cesc but even though we sold cesc for 30+mil but we wouldnt part with it all for his replacement so we pocket the cash and go with youth…

    rambos working hard but its not happening..maybe its not his position?? so its upto jack…

  567. Fuck me ,who next to post?

  568. JJ

    As I mentioned earlier, I think we are reluctant to spend because we are trying the close out our debt by 2014-2015. We are a meagre amount away from achieving that.

    Yes, Nasri would have been better if he stayed. And our biggest bad luck was losing Jack till Feb at the start of the season.

    Wouldn’t Nathan Dyer be a good Gervinho back up?

  569. JJ but what if we cant get Gotze ?
    What if we tried and failed?
    What if Jack is better?

  570. You would love it George(next to post)

  571. The season is not yet over. We need to forget about today’s game and move on. If we focus, work hard and win our next game against United. It would give us a boost of confidence, I think that is what we need to put a consistent run of form, at this moment. That with the injured players returning will surely spur us on this season.

    17 more games to go and I am sure we have every chance.

  572. Wouldn’t Nathan Dyer be a good Gervinho back up?

    What about SRP?
    My Aunt Fanny?

  573. chamakh replaced bentdners central position the year before…
    nik was used wide but was shit so wenger got a proper winger instead..

    ox came in for vela
    arteta for denilson
    BFG cos we needed him anyway and tv had an op

    benny came in cos jack and diaby had ops

    joel came in cos gervinho had to replace nasri so joel replaced nikki but we didnt get a permit so park came in for joel..and to sell shirts.. 😉

    in the meatime we tried to bulk up the midfield with players like mvilla and courcuff and gotze but gourcuff was crocked and we wouldnt pay the money for the others but if your replacing a top player whos worth 30 mil then its kinda standard practice that if youve identified someone whos as good as him hes also going to cost around the same amount..

    we dont pay it though do we..just take it..

  574. PG 8:18

    If we don’t get Goetze, then we have to look for suitable replacements elsewhere. Jack with experience would become one of the best. But, it would be good to have both in the ranks. Goetze can play wingforward like Nasri used to, just that he is better than Nasri.

  575. the pitch was bad, but swansea played their game, because we didnt press them at all. our pressing was shocking.

    i am really shellshocked. we were really just shit. and i feel absolutely gutted. i thought the players would be up for it. their penalty was never a penalty, but we had no excuses. this was a game we should relish. no opponent aiming to kick us off the pitch. just a team trying to play the ball. and what did we do? we let them play.

    i am really disappointed by the performances of many players today. we missed arteta in midfield. the sooner we get a proper right back playing, the better. djourou has been an accident waiting to happen, not because he is bad, but because he cannot focus for 90 minutes.

    what happened today was that we made one or two tiny positional errors or misplaced passes that put the whole team under pressure. and the whole team just got nervous, lost the composure and let swansea into the game. it has pretty much been the story this season as well.we look comfortable, then throw it all away.

    song had a shocker. sczesny, i don’t know. he seemed pissed off, i hope at himself.

    miquel, i will give him the benefit of the doubt: it was his league debut.

    overall we were just bad. if we had played our game, we would have played them off the pitch.

    5th, 4 points behind. 17 games. this is the first time we are chasing a 4th. in previous seasons, we have always been 2nd or third and then contrived to throw it away, slip to 4th, and end up just about clinged on to the 4th. i hope the players are up for the fight.

    this is the first time in a very long time i feel that the players are in line for some hairdryer treatment.

    we are in a position where there is no room for error, where there is no time or space for feeling angry at yourself because you played badly. there is only time to f***ing do it.

  576. george
    to be honest i think jack and gotze are the same player..

    we just havent seen jack play the position yet..so im making a big call here but jacks gonna come back and sort it out and save our season 😉

  577. korihikage ,We pressed like mad until we scored .We were all over them like a rash,Even AA was closing the keeper down.
    Then it all went to shit.
    I really cant explain it

  578. I’ll tell you one thing Park will never be an Arsenal player, and Mr Miyaichi has just got a part in Karate Kid five

  579. Not sure if JW will come back and save the season JJ. A player coming back from an injury like that rarely have an effect untill next season ( I really hope I will be prooved wrong)

  580. I don’t believe we didn’t get them because we would not pay JJ.

  581. Anyway guys, I’m off, cheers and good night.

    George- Chill out mate. Its just discussion and we can have our opinions. At the end of the day, we bleed red for the classiest team in the world, Arsenal.


  582. george , i believe your aunt fanny plays more as a central striker and so couldnt replace gerv !

  583. george,

    you are right. we pressed and really played. but only for the first 10 minutes or so of each half. what happened after that, i don’t know. i really cant explain it, and thats why i am so angry.

  584. ash jw is ready to play now and chomping a the bit but the coaching staff dont want to put him back to early

  585. arse or brain
    You are right of course.Her legs have gone.But that is to be expected ,she is 84 now.

  586. JJ

    I have to agree with George..I do not believe the stories where someone said 17 AW said 14 they said 17 AW said 14.2 take it or leave it and we lost X player..Transfers I guess is a complicated business nowadays with so many parties involved..

    At this point before the inevitable argument, I do not know how we signed 5 players so quickly at the end of august…

  587. Kori

    Wenger said in the interview with sky before the game, that he was going to mix up pressing and staying back, away from home you need to do that to finish the game strongly, so I guess it was a bit of that…

  588. Arse or brain

    Well thats good news indeed. I had heard he was far ahead of schedule with his injury but that he was to be fit allready is really good news on a day like this..:)

  589. Anirudh,

    i don’t think we stayed back at all. when we didnt press, we just stood flat footed in the middle of the pitch and let the ball go past. we didnt kill off the space. the midfield was running around like headless chickens, if there was any running at all. the discipline was just lacking. and that allowed swansea’s passing to have any meaningful result., to create any meaningful pressure.

    if we had stayed back properly, ie killed off the spaces, they would have all the ball, but could do nothing with it. positioning and tracking back were just lacking. when the player who is supposed to provide that played possibily his worst game of the season, there is just no hope, is there?

  590. Our probelm today was that we lost possession too easily and had too many misplaced passes.

    Song and ramsey were the main culprits here.

    In the end Swansea were simply more accurate with their passing, and should be congratulated for that.

    Yet, we had many more shots both on target and off and, in truth, Scezny had no saves to make, other than the shots that went past him and one shot from Dyer, that went straight into is hands.

    In my view, the penalty was not one, but we have seen that too many times this season.

    If we play like this next week, then I cannot see us drawing let alone winning.

  591. Yes he did mix pressing and staying,
    It’s called stessing and praying ha

  592. Thank you George, that’s a real complement from you

  593. having taken a few hours to calm down I dont think it was our worst team performance today,however you can only cover for a certain no. of players before things crack. 12 players out aa and walcott lacking confidence and form, young players coming into the side, players playing out of posistion,and coming back from illness and ramsey who normally gets through so much work and drives the team having a absolute shocker .Really most teams would get nowhere near a result.After all that said, I said a few weeks ago dj on the right stops us going forward and we would still have won the game if we hadnt made bad errors at important times in the game. AR looks tired and his tendancy to reciece the ball take a touch look up have a cup of tea before passing means our breaks are slow and he gets caught on the ball more often. right now I cant see us celebrating st totterings day this year and so must take what we can from the season, I think we will have to resign ourself to only winning the champions league this year.

  594. This is the season where more or less we have to prepare for next year without champions league football and this is the kind of game that proves it.
    When you play like the way we did and fail to take advantage then it’s inevitable that the misfortune of others will only take you so far. You have to take your chances and make your own luck. It’s all too familiar fulham, wolves and now Swansea in succession, needlessly loosing points and falling further behind.
    There were no surprises with Swansea, we knew how they would play yet we seemed incapable of adjusting and taking control of the game.
    Some may have it exciting but for me it was a poor poor show, too open in midfield, defence exposed time and again. Poor finishing upfront and lack of cohesion when pressing.

  595. arse or brain
    Good post,a light among the……..well you know

  596. this is actually to be expected early on when the season began last year, I mean the performance of Arsenal, knowing that we’re without the creative spark in the middle. But really the best games in which we played as a cohesive unit were last season’s games when we won against Barca, the second encounter against Manu and we won. This season I’d say the game against Chelsea. What I’m trying to explain is that if Arsenal realizes its up against stronger opposition, everyone works harder with that extra bit of strength and determination, which means its all comes down to the attitude of the players. I won’t point fingers to any particular one, they all make mistakes, but given the right attitude you compensate any weakness within the players. We all love Arsenal, we can urge and cheer the players on the field to make run that extra yard or two. But at the end, its up the manager, the coach, and the players themselves to realize its more than just one moment of brilliance or one game if they aspire to stay at the top of the league.

  597. anirudh
    i dont know what stories your talking about but as far as im aware (with or without stories) weve sold quite a few players over the years for over 20 25 30 mil and weve never ever ever bought one..

    i think its more to do with the price more than anything..it puts us off, its obvious..apart from when were selling 😉

    we sold cesc for 30 odd mill we needed a replacement but you aint gonnna find one of that quality for 5 or 10mil……its either pay up or wait 5 years to develop one..

    and there wont be an arguement on that mate, i think we covered the 100 players in the last seconds of the window thing over the last few days..

  598. maybe we need to change the physio team. we have too many injuries and the squad players are being asked to play too many games and they just get exposed

  599. jonjon ,
    the problem is every player is a gamble no matter how much you scout them e.g veron, kaka,
    torres etc so its not just 20 to 30 mil plus wages for five years but the fact you lose a developing player or players and have to pay out again for another player to come in, or play a misfit for ages.I would love us to buy vertogen and hazard but there still gambles at the end of the day

  600. Aaron Ramsey has always looked more like a Frank Lampard then a Cesc type player even before his injury. We can’t expect to play the way we did when Cesc was here. You don’t need to completely dominate the midfield to score and win. Chelsea scored 103 goals 2 seasons ago without a creative midfielder. No team has scored that many goals since the 1960’s. United has outscored us 5 seasons in a row without a true creative midfielder other then a declining Scholes. We need to adapt and we have not. Even with Cesc and Nasri we struggled in the last 1/2 of last season and we were not exactly playing teams off the field even during our good spell earlier this season. I wish we would come up with some alternatives to the current 433.

  601. It does not wash with me the old chestnut
    ‘if and when the right players become available we will be interested’ fuck me I go with JJ here, there are hundreds of clubs and if the scouts can’t sort it sack em

  602. SPY .there are not hundreds of player like Cesc.In fact there is only one.
    Bill.we don’t agree on much ,but that is a good post.

  603. This team really needs another top player or 2. Those don’t come cheap. We have the best scouts and talent evaluators in the world. Certainly any transfer is a risk but now that our finances are improved the risk of ending up with a bust are not prohibitive. Given the talent in our front office I suspect we could avoid someone like Andy Carroll. The reward if we can get a really good player is huge. I know its a pipe dream but its time for the club to take the risk. We really need something extra this year and it would be nice to have another goal scorer now and someone who is already adapted to the league starting next year if RVP is playing somewhere else.

  604. George I’m being pedantic, I said clubs,
    But I’m in agreement with you about Cesc
    For me he is one of the greats, and yes I’ve shed tears.

  605. Cesc is played as a centre forward, across the front, at Barca when Villa Is out injured and he scores lots of goals. Shows you what a great player he is. Of course there’s no lack of quality passes to make those goals happened. A great team will have that in a consistent manner and not just one single moment of brilliance and then lots of poor passes and decisions.

  606. George:

    I am sure you won’t like the next post.

    Regarding the post at 9:20. I really do think we need to change our style of play to fit the players on our roster rather then try to change the player to fit the system. Probably not going to happen any time soon but it seems to make sense to me. Other teams have been able to score buckets of goals without midfield creativity and we don’t really have the players who can dominate the midfield anymore.

  607. If we beat Manure and get Wilshere back before Milan, I’ll be very happy. With all of the injured players coming back, I’m confident we’ll finish in the top four and go far in the CL. With a few good acquisitions next season, we’ll be back challenging for every trophy.

  608. bill it aint never going to happen mate

    most ppl thought it was going to happen last summer when we sold cesc and nasri..

    the clubs been banging on about the financial shackles being off for a few years now and the board was banging on for ages about how the money from the property would be banged straight back into the team we just had to stay patient…

    we made 60mil profit in 2010 once the property came to fruit but we saw nothing..if it didnt happen that year and it didnt happen after selling cesc and nasri it will never happen..

    we know what route we are going down..we moved to emirates and set up a property portfolio to compete with the superpowers for income..that doesnt mean we were going to spend it..but we’ll have to if we miss out on cl cos thats about 50mil income gone right there..so expect higher prices and more player sales next summer to make it up..but depending on the players who are sold we might not make cl next year..the competitions too great now..

    and we can forget about sponsers..if we aint succeeding on the pitch when the sponser renewals come up we wont attract much more than we are getting now..

    the balance of being a ‘well run club’ is on the verge of tipping in the wrong direction..

    double edged sword aint it..money dont buy success but saving it dont get u success either and you only have to spend it anyway in the end to make up for lack of success…

    decisions decisions…

    worst case scenario is if we go on a downward spiral and keep selling our players and miss cl year after year all the 150mil weve saved will be gone in 5 years..

    we’ll be like everton..only with a 60thou stadia..and wenger wont be around either

    we’ll be begging for usmanov..and he knows it..which is why he aint going nowhere…

    all imho of course 😉

  609. Poodle, Ramsey is Cesc’s replacement. Jack will sit and create from deep.

  610. Some fans make me sick. Some daft cunt called @arsenalwinner on twitter abusing Ramsey and sending him death threats.

    It’s a fucking game for crying out load.

  611. il take finishing outside the top 4 for a year..
    as long as we win fa cup and cl..

    il take that deal..

    fuck…. spurs can win the league for all i care if we do that..we piss all over em two to one on the trophy count so theres no shame 😉

  612. dups you have to be fucking joking..death threats??

    pitty im not on twitter..

    go get him george

  613. JJ:

    I don’t think we are in danger of turning into everton soon but I certainly don’t understand what is happening with the club. Like you I believe that the pendulum has certainly swung way to far towards the conservative and it is hurting the club. Double edge sword is an understatement.

  614. JJ

    He has been reported to the twitter police already and Ramsey is trending due to other decent fans sending him tweets.

  615. ‘ I guess I’ll never know the reason why you love me as you do, that’s the wonder, the wonder of you’

  616. @amearing

    @Arsenalwinner mate u don’t know football. He’s one of ur best players. Really gifted and I’m a spurs fan #idiot @aaronjramsey

    Even spud fans having a go at that moron.

  617. That’s nice of you to say that Spy.

  618. You know what Dups, when I go to the Emirates and they play that tune I get so Emotional( it’s my favourite song) I once serenaded my girlfriend at karaoke with it,
    But did not let on Arsenal connections(what a romantic)

  619. that guy really sounded like he’s lost it.

    ramsey wasnt even our worst player to begin with. never a penalty. and their second goal…well could have happened to anyone.it wasnt as though he was dallying on the ball and got robbed, if i remember correctly.

    we were just poor as a whole. even koscielny made a few mistakes.

  620. I quite fancy a go at that Europa League.
    We will see loads of the youngsters.And Jack & Aaron will be a year older .
    I can wait a couple or three years and enjoy the wait.

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